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BITE user comments - rpf1955

Comments by rpf1955

The Royal Oak, Exeter

Popped in for a pint on the way back to hotel. Proper Job did not taste as it usually does in other pubs, and at £4.10!!!!. Live speedway on the TV was it's redemption.

24 Sep 2018 22:30

Richard I, Greenwich

Popped in here for lunch over the Easter weekend. Food was good, but the beer prices were way over the top, Young's bitter £4.15, Beavertown Neck Oil £5.50!!!!
Large Glass of Pinot £8.20. taking the piss or what.
When we arrived the bar person cleaned the table, but just wiped the food onto the floor to join the the bits already there. Liked the pub but not the prices or cleanliness.

17 Apr 2017 10:39

The Rugby Tavern, Clerkenwell

Went in here for lunch during the week. Fish and chips were ok, nothing to shout about. The Whitstable Bay was expensive at £4.40 for a 3.9% beer. Much too expensive. Marked down for beer prices

17 Apr 2017 10:31

Shinner and Sudtone, Sutton

last Saturday the cask ales were served much too cold, therefore not much taste.

25 Jan 2017 16:06

The Narrow Boat, Islington

Good canal side location, more restaurant than pub. This seems to be what Young's are up to with most of their pubs these days. We did not eat here, only had a few drinks of the usual Young's beers. By now anything tasted reasonable.

15 Dec 2016 15:51

The Island Queen, Islington

I liked this place and so did everyone in our group. Nice high ceilings with pillars holding it up. This what a Victorian pub used to look like, with all the mirrors as well.
Not a good selection of cask ales, but a varied selection of "Craft Ales".
We would go again.

15 Dec 2016 15:47

The Earl of Essex, Islington

No clips on hand pumps, all beers listed on large board and i glad to say with prices clearly marked, they need to be as they are quite steep. A half decent pub for all that.

15 Dec 2016 15:42

The Charles Lamb, Angel, Islington

Rammed on a Friday at 7pm. Started to clear a bit by 8 and managed to get a table.
Good place to go, with good beers and atmosphere.

15 Dec 2016 15:37

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

First visit after the refurb'. It has changed, there seems to be less seating and the background music was loud, not at all background, with a few people stumbling around to it. I would be hard pushed to go back now and going by the small amount of people in on a Friday night others could be feeling the same.
Good selection of beers still available.

15 Dec 2016 15:30

The Kemble Brewery Inn, Cheltenham

Open again after a sensitive refurb in the early part of the year.
Not much has changed as far as i can see. Stroud brewery Tom Long was a decent pint.

15 Dec 2016 15:22

The Beehive Inn, Cheltenham

I liked this pub, not so sure now. Bar staff appeared a bit sniffy and locals first seemed to be the order of the day. My colleague and i both ordered pies, mine was fine but the other one was cold and was returned and replaced without question.
I had to ask to get the beers topped up, served well short. got to mark it down.

15 Dec 2016 15:17

The Old Fire House, Exeter

Always worth a visit, beers on gravity. Came in here two nights on the trot. Good pub/bar

15 Dec 2016 15:10

The Fat Pig, Exeter

Full for quiz night, so unable to get a table to eat. Just as well as the menu seemed very pretentious for a pub. What's happened to pub grub? Everything looked liked it was smoked, including the beer. Their own Smoked Porter was reasonable.
Came here in the summer and the menu was a lot different, more pub food orientated. Still a good place to drink and socialize, if somewhat pricey.

15 Dec 2016 15:07

Lyttelton Arms, Camden

Average pub that does not stand out in Camden. Trueman's Zephyr £4.15.
The sort of price you expect to pay around here, just seemed too expensive for this pub.

15 Dec 2016 14:58

The Newshouse, Nottingham

Been here quite a few times in recent years. Now the beer selection has got even better and the prices are very reasonable. You can also get Craft beers here if that's your thing.

15 Dec 2016 14:53

The Keans Head, Nottingham

Back again. Tiny Rebel Cwtch was on fine form at £3.80.

15 Dec 2016 14:49

Crafty Crow, Nottingham

Large pub serving a large range of Beers and Ciders. Magpie beers seemed to be dominating the bar on my visit. Beers i tried were good.

15 Dec 2016 14:46

The Barrel Drop, Nottingham

Still a good place to visit when in Nottingham. Blue Monkey-Harpers £3.20

15 Dec 2016 14:42

The Duke of York, Salisbury

Looks a bit souless from the outside and did not seem much better when i went in.
More books than Waterstones everywhere. Inside walls were white once, now just grubby. The beer was ok, Bravo Single hop £3.00.

15 Dec 2016 14:38

The Pelican Inn, Gloucester

Changed for the better since my last visit in 2009. Now much better decor and more real ales and lager not sold.Friendly staff and customers.

15 Dec 2016 14:27

The Blue Anchor, Brixham

Called in for a beer and some food. it was ok, nothing more. Dartmoor Jail Ale at £3.50 was below par.

15 Dec 2016 14:15

Shinner and Sudtone, Sutton

A typical Antic pub," Shabby Chic". original tile flooring and walls 4 real ales on all at £4.00. Long narrow bar with a raised area at the rear. Plenty of seating and not too crowded at the moment. But once the word gets out it will be.

16 Oct 2016 14:20

Windsor Castle, Marylebone

HORROR!!! pub closed on 16th August to make way for luxury flats.
Is nothing sacred anymore.
This used to be a fantastic pub with loads of knick knacks to keep you occupied.

16 Oct 2016 14:16

The Mochyn Du, Cardiff

Not a bad place, eating area and a drinking area are 2 distinct parts of this pub.
Mainly Vale of Glamorgan beers were are kept in good nick. Sports memrobillia on the walls and sky sports, but not intrusive.

2 Aug 2016 11:58

The Cricketers, Cardiff

Good pub worth seeking out. Have been here twice this year whilst working.
Evan Evan beers and good food. Very comfortable and relaxed in the front, less so in the rear. Warrior £2.90 and very good it was to.

2 Aug 2016 11:49

The City Arms, Cardiff

Lots of beers on again, and Ciders .Usual busy crowd mixed with tourists, made a good mix. Barry Island-Pale Ale, Rudgate-Dick Firkin, both £3.45, were good, but not very good.

2 Aug 2016 11:42

The White Horse Inn, Beverley

OBB still £1.80. Great atmospheric pub still lit by gas and candles. Endless warren of dark and welcoming rooms. I will not repeat what others have said. Just visit and see for yourself.

2 Aug 2016 11:36

Chequers, Beverley

A breath of fresh air pub, Good non national beers on at a decent price.Staff are up for a chat. Outside seating also available. Tapped Brewing Co-Torpedo and Hawkshead- iTi, both at £3.40

2 Aug 2016 11:29

The Hopbunker, Cardiff

Nicelight and airy underground bar, lots of real ales and craft ales. Friendly bar staff and very unusual toilets, well the gents were.
London Fields-Hackney Hopster, Hopcraft-Red Mist and Hopjacker-End of Days were all £4.00.

2 Aug 2016 11:23

The Gravity Station, Cardiff

Now moved to Womanby Street,upstairs inside the Moon Club.
Went here last Thursday for the comedy night. Beer was good as it always has been.
Comedy was average to good, but was ruined towards the end by the so called owner of the Moon Club and her hangers on, who's behaviour towards the act was out of order and uncalled for. This totally changed the relaxed atmosphere. A lot of people voted with their feet and left. The gents toilets were terrible, they need sorting out. As i said the beer was good.

2 Aug 2016 11:11

Mr Foley's Cask Ale House, Leeds

Must remember not to go into High Street city center pubs when working away.
Large York Brewery pub. Very different to their pubs in York. I found it to be Bland and souless with not many customers, but then it was pouring with rain.
York Guzzler tasted off and was changed no problem. Ended up with a pint of York- Otherside IPA which was not that good either.

27 Jun 2016 09:29

Whitelocks, Leeds

I did not find this pub as delightful as previous reviewers. It is a great historic old pub, long and narrow with fantastic mirrors and tileing to the bar. Service seemed a bit short and sharp. Not a pub you would stumble across, you have to seek it out.
Worth a visit. Bad Seed Brewery- Cascade, £4.30. London prices again.

27 Jun 2016 09:22

Crowd of Favours, Leeds

This pub dominates 1 side of the short street it's situated in. All windows which lets the light into a somewhat gloomy interior which in turn is created by the dark wood decor. Decent food served in the evening. Pint i had was Helmsley- H!PA which was good but at £4.30 it should be.

27 Jun 2016 09:15

The Midnight Bell, Leeds

Another good pub in Holbeck. the usual wood floor and furniture and serving the range of Leeds Brewery beers. My Yorkshire gold was off, no problem either have a different ale or wait whilst the barrel was changed. I waited and it was worth it £3.40
I had food here which was also very good.

14 Jun 2016 16:08

The Grove Inn, Holbeck

Traditional West Riding -Style pub, 4 rooms off a corridor which has the bar that also serves the room with the dartboard. Great old style rooms with real fires for the colder months. Good bar staff who poured my pint and straight away told me it was off and offered another ale straight away. Music not on tonight as the band had gone sick. My Ridgeside stargazer@5% was £3.80.

14 Jun 2016 16:04

The Cross Keys, Holbeck

Went here on a Monday eve in June 2016. No food due to a new extractor being installed in the kitchen. My pint of North Prototype was very good and at £3.00 was good value. Do not know if that is a Monday price or not.Nice decor with wood floors and furniture etc which seem to the norm these days. Staff were as they should be attentive and polite. What a difference from the previous comment, but that was 4 years ago.

14 Jun 2016 15:56

The Well House, Exeter

OK tourist trap pub, did have decent beers on. Otter Ale, which was in good condition. Quiet on a Monday evening.

8 Jun 2016 22:27

The Ship, Exeter

Typical Greene King pub with only a few beers on. nothing to write home about.
Would not visit again.

8 Jun 2016 22:24

Beer Cellar, Exeter

Plenty of these bars in London, so to try one outside just seemed the same typical hipster customers and prices to match. cant remember what i had but it was only 3.8% and cost me £5.70 for a pint. It was nice BUT if you pay these prices you just perpetuate the problem of silly prices. So i will not be doing this again.
Marked down for excessive prices.

8 Jun 2016 22:22

The Rusty Bike, Exeter

I liked this pub. Only about 4 real ales on, but they were nice. Very friendly staff and very good food was presented, a tad on the pricey side. A tucked away side street pub that should be sought out.

8 Jun 2016 22:12

The Old Fire House, Exeter

All real ales seemed to on gravity, good selection. Powder Keg - Speakeasy, £3.30.
Then get a Camra 10% discount. Good friendly pub would go again when in town.

8 Jun 2016 22:04

Port Royal, Exeter

OK pub, Beers not bad, Otter Ale was decent, food was pretty good.
Sat outside in the sun next to the river. Only 1 staff on duty and he was doing everything, Bar duties, food orders, food deliveries and collecting glasses.
So you can imagine his stressed attitude did not come over very well.

7 Jun 2016 23:13

The Hour Glass Inn, Exeter

So far this week this has been the best pub in Exeter, went here twice in one night.
Good beers, Nice decor and surroundings, friendly customers and staff. Food looked good.

7 Jun 2016 23:08

The Ship, Rotherhithe

Went in here in December 2015 and found it to be a good locals pub friendly staff and plenty of seating. Unlike the Mayflower which is always rammed with ok ish staff. Will be returning April.

29 Mar 2016 10:43

The Lamb and Flag, Oxford

Good pub for a few tonight. Attentive bar staff, not like the last visit here.
Palmers Best £3.20, Box Steam Brewers Blizzard £3.30

14 Jan 2016 18:26

The Eagle and Child, Oxford

Have been here many times and it has been a good experience. Today was ok ish, I ordered food and a beer. So far so good, then the food was just plonked on the table without a word. The guy behind the bar really needs to want to work here and gain some customer skills. After all, the customer pays his wages.

14 Jan 2016 18:23

The Old Duke, Bristol

Otter Ale still £3.90 , a tad expensive, but you do have a band for free, so no complaints there. Not many in on a Monday so you could move around with ease for a change. Still a good music venue pub.

14 Jan 2016 18:18

Sandford Park Ale House, Cheltenham

Another good pub in Cheltenham. felt very comfortable here so we stayed all night.
8 real ales, 2 ciders and 16 craft beer/lagers. Why would you want to move?
Church End -Goats Milk £3.10, Castle- Kings Reserve £3.20, Darkstar- Revalation £3.60.

14 Jan 2016 18:11

The Jolly Brewmaster, Cheltenham

Back again here as well, twice this week. All beers £3.30 - £3.50. One of the best pubs in Cheltenham. Good mix of customers who are up for a chat.
7 Brothers porter £3.50 and Arbor Tripple Hop £3.30, i had to have 2 of each.

14 Jan 2016 18:06

Harry Cook Freehouse, Cheltenham

Dark and gloomy, just how i like pubs to be. Wooden floors and bare walls, you know the sort of place, hipster pub/bar. Food was fine beer was average except for the price. Hook Norton Lion £4.20 and Munich Helles £4.80. Way too expensive.
marked down for price i'm afraid lads.

14 Jan 2016 18:00

The Exmouth Arms, Cheltenham

Bit off a bland pub. Nothing special. ordinary beers. Extensive food menu and a huge garden which on a summers day would be heaving. Donnington BB, £3.60

14 Jan 2016 17:55

The Brown Jug, Cheltenham

Locals pub with large screens, football on when i was in.
A surprise was the skittle alley downstairs being used for a match, you would never know it was there. Wadworth beers were nothing special, 6X £3.60

14 Jan 2016 17:51

The Beehive Inn, Cheltenham

Back here again, really nice back street corner pub good food and beer. Exmoor Fox and Moles Auld Lang Syne were good. Pity the logs for the fire were damp, it was just about alight.

14 Jan 2016 17:47

The Swan Inn, Nottage

Locals pub that has sport on the TV and a ladies darts match on my visit.
Friendly staff and the Hobgoblin was £3.00.
Looks old from the outside, but it's fairly modern when you enter.

18 Nov 2015 17:15

The Rose and Crown, Nottage

Pub/Hotel was having a refurb on my visit in Nov 2015. Room was fine, Brains Bitter £2.95 was good as was the food. Olde worlde type of place with 3 separate bar areas served by 1 bar and a restaurant.

18 Nov 2015 17:13

The Sultan, South Wimbledon

Went in to try the microbrews, but it seems the brewer has left the building.
Had the Hop Back beers instead and very nice they were. Not busy for a Saturday night.

11 Oct 2015 10:38

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Nottingham

Took a work mate here for a look around as he had not been here before. I was not looking forward to a night of Greene King beers. But to our surprise they had a mini beer festival on, at the same time as the Camra Robin Hood festival in the castle above. Beer taps and stillage in the garden. I had Thornbridge Jaipur and very nice it was too. Barmaid was a bit frosty at first, she soon warmed up after she dropped a glass and it exploded into a thousand pieces and went everywhere.

9 Oct 2015 16:12

The Keans Head, Nottingham

I like this pub and always get in here when in the town. This time the Castle Rock Red Riding Hood did not live up to it's reputation. My mates beer was fine, can't remember what it was. Will try again on my next visit to town.

9 Oct 2015 16:02

The Dragon, Nottingham

This pub was as i remembered it from before, long, narrow and dark but a good atmosphere. The Harvest Pale that i had was lacklustre and just a shadow of it's former self. It tasted much better in other pubs in town.

9 Oct 2015 15:57

The Cross Keys, Nottingham

Had food and drinks in here. Good friendly staff and the food was very good. It's a pity the Navigation Golden Anchor was a bit bland in taste.

9 Oct 2015 15:54

Canal House, Nottingham

Two visits here this week. Wednesday night they had some good beers on, but i thought Thursday's offering were not as good. Also had a lot of craft ales on at crazy prices. Up to £8.00 a pint. even more expensive if you had multiple 1/3, 1/2, or 2/3 measures.

9 Oct 2015 15:51

The Barrel Drop, Nottingham

Good "Micro Pub" tucked up a narrow alleyway. About 14 ales on which were gravity fed. Good atmosphere and a friendly landlord. A must visit when in town.

9 Oct 2015 15:45

The Gatehouse, Nottingham

This souless pub was closed when i passed by on 7th October 2015.

9 Oct 2015 15:09

White Swan, Chesterfield

Ok sort of pub, high tables and stools with a few sofa's. Quite a few locals at the bar and people meeting before a function upstairs. Food was decent, but i would rather it did not come on a board. What has happened to plates?
Good selection of beers on tap.

28 Sep 2015 11:39

The Rutland, Chesterfield

First visit here, decent ales on, Thornbridge Jaipur, £3.80. it did seem a bit of a transient place with lots of meeting up then moving on. Plenty of people eatng so the food must be ok.

28 Sep 2015 11:34

Chesterfield Alehouse, Chesterfield

Small "Micro pub". Used to be a shop, the bar is up steps where they serve 6 real ales various ciders and lots of bottled beers. Friendly staff and atmosphere. Open till 10pm. A must visit if in Chesterfield.

28 Sep 2015 11:30

The Plume of Feathers, Greenwich

Another infrequent visit to this good locals pub. Service a bit slow as usual.
HopStuff Single on tap along with the Brockley Brewery, Harveys and Damned Doomed Bar. Had the Local HopStuff which was good.

29 Aug 2015 16:28

The Yacht, Greenwich

TOOOO expensive. Pint of Sambrookes Junction, £4.80. Not too many people in on a Friday night. I wonder Why? 10% discount for Camra members brings the pint down but still over £4. moved on to The Plume of Feathers.

29 Aug 2015 16:22

The Three Legged Mare, York

Tried this pub before open mike started and had a York Terrier £3.15 was a good price and certianly done the trick. It's a stripped pub with the usual wooden floors and stools etc. Nice small garden at the rear. Light and airey bar.

19 Aug 2015 20:56

The Golden Lion, York

Run of the mill Taylor Walker Pub. I was running ouy of options for food so i ventured in here. Food was OK. Not a good selection of beers, Greene King and Fullers London Pride. I tried a Camerons Strongarm £3.55, again it was ok nothing special.

19 Aug 2015 20:52

The Phoenix, York

Excellent Pub tucked away behind the city wall. Front public bar with wooden floors etc looked original. Rear of the pub had a band on and was lit by candles on the tables. Good bar staff,Wold top Brewery Wold way £3.00 was a good pint.

19 Aug 2015 20:47

The Wyndham Arms, Salisbury

"Step into my house", you might think as you go in the door, it's just like a house that's been turned into a pub. A complete selection of Hop Back beers served in a friendly atmosphere. Could have stayed all night, but had to go and eat. We did come back again later for more. Lightning and GBF, both very good and £2.55 each.

19 Aug 2015 20:35

The Winchester Gate, Salisbury

Nothing special about this pub on a Monday night. Asked for a taster of Three Castles Thunder and deceided to have a pint, £3.40 with a 20p Camra discount.
Pool table only 50p.

19 Aug 2015 20:28

The Spotted Dog, Digbeth

Popped in here on Tuesday, which is Jazz night. This is a great pub in Digbeth.
2 roomed bar and an equally fantastic beer garden. Decent beers on and some are discounted on Jazz nights. Friendly bar staff. Holdens Black Country Mild £2.10, not discounted.

19 Aug 2015 20:12

The White Swan, Digbeth

Tried to get in on Tuesday 18 August about 8:30pm. It was shut, it was open earlier when i passed on my way to the Spotted Dog.

19 Aug 2015 20:07

The Anchor Inn, Digbeth

Not been in here for about a year and nothing has changed, a good selection of beers, 15 i counted, great juke box, but it was low on footfall. I ordered a pint of Banks Mild which was undrinkable, another beer was offered without question. I had a Gloucester Brewery Citra £3.20 and very nice it was too.

19 Aug 2015 20:04

The Craven Arms, Birmingham

When In Birmingham I usually pop in here. this time 2 nights on the trot.
Friendly barman, I presume the owner. Good knowledge of beers that he's happy to pass on. Church End Porter £3.80 was very good. Squawk Gallena Centinal
(i think) £3.80 and Fixed Wheel Chain Reaction at £3.40 were also very good.

19 Aug 2015 19:58

Bacchus, Birmingham

Just popped in for the decor, which is as stated by previous reviewers.
Service was painfully slow and when i asked about food, there was a 1hr wait.
The bar was nearly empty so i can't see where a 1hr wait came from.
Average beers on, Marston's Pedigree £3.20. Nicholsons pale and the dreaded Doomed bar. Worth a look.

19 Aug 2015 19:51

The Lamb and Flag, Oxford

Bored staff reading the paper. When a customer asked for a bag of pork scratchings they were not handed to him but dropped on the bar from what seemed a great height. Must be boring working a Monday night in Oxford.
Palmers Best was good, £3.20.

11 May 2015 23:52

The Gardener's Arms, Oxford

Have been to this pub many times and always found it to be a very good pub, friendly staff and customers. But tonight the guy behind the bar was more interested in his laptop, which was on the back of the bar. Therefore most of the night was spent with his back to the customers who were wanting to be served.
Seemed like a don't care attitude. Do these people not realise that the customers pay their wages. Got to mark it down for this.

11 May 2015 23:45

The Sun, Carshalton

Second best pub in Carshalton. Allways busy with drinkers and foodies.
Good garden in the summer. Good selection of ales on and a decent selection of the fizzy stuff.

25 Mar 2015 20:13

The Royal Standard, Croydon

I like this tucked away pub. Fullers ales on and kept well. Its looking a bit tired inside now and could do with a spruce up.

25 Mar 2015 19:57

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

Small bar with approx 4 real ales that are not mainstream. Wood floors and furniture with 3 cats laying on the bar. Mallisons Kohatu £2.50. Real fire keeping us all warm on a wet night. Will visit again.

25 Mar 2015 19:47

The Old Duke, Bristol

First visit here. watched some band with a female singer. Not sure what music you would call it, Jazz it was not, and as my mate said just average. Otter Ale £3.90 a pint, and then the staff come around asking for money for the band!!! Pub was packed and friendly.

25 Mar 2015 19:43

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney

A better experience this visit. Lots of people in on a Saturday late afternoon.
Good choice of Milton beers and others. large pizza is about £9-10. Good relaxed atmosphere. What is painted on the walls? they would be better in a plain colour.

25 Mar 2015 19:36

Half and Half, Croydon

Small bar that looks like ex shop premesis. bit scruffy and rough and ready.
Only 2 real ales on, Hophead served too cold and a Cronyx.
Lots of European beers on, which probably attracks that crowd at the weekend.
Total lack of atmosphere.

25 Mar 2015 19:26

The Princess of Prussia, Tower Hill

Nice looking pub outside and in. Front bar has wood floor and tables and chairs,
back room is carpeted with bench seats and stools with tables. Friendly staff and good Shep' Neame beers. My Spitfire was £4.00, more than my local but i suppose the price you pay in central London.
My only DISLIKE was putting up the stools on the bench seats before last orders. I think this should be done in the 20 min drinking up time at the earliest, and when a table became vacant, it was cleared and sprayed with a cleaner which smelled strong. Not what you want when drinking beer etc.

7 Mar 2015 09:57

The Teign Brewery Inn, Teignmouth

No real ale on my visit.

25 Feb 2015 21:11

Ye Old Jolly Sailor, Teignmouth

Have been here two or three time now. Always had the Dartmouth Jail £3.40 and good it was too. Also had food on my last visit which was good and plenty of it.
Large fish and chips is 2 large pieces of fish. Too much for me.

25 Feb 2015 21:10

Ye Olde Jolly Sailor, Teignmouth

Have been here two or three time now. Always had the Dartmouth Jail £3.40 and good it was too. Also had food on my last visit which was good and plenty of it.
Large fish and chips is 2 large pieces of fish. Too much for me.

25 Feb 2015 21:10

The Ship Inn, Teignmouth

Have visited this pub twice now. The last visit was on Thursday quiz night,which was entertaining. Beer has been good on both visit's. St Austell Proper Job and Otter. Both £3.60.

25 Feb 2015 21:06

Dicey O Reilly, Teignmouth

The overpowering smell of bleach and a real ale I have never heard of.
I had a Guinness which was fine. A very football pub.

25 Feb 2015 21:02

The Turf Tavern, Oxford

Not that hard to find, it's just not on a road. Plenty of people in, so it can be found. The outside area is larger than the inside. very popular venue. 2 bars.
On my 2 visits here the beers were not up to scratch. UBU Purity and Bridestones Bramling, both at £3.70. Extensive food menu gives the game away, it's a Greene King pub. I would only go back to show it to someone who's not been there.

25 Feb 2015 20:55

Royal Blenheim, Oxford

Popular corner pub, quite large. Dart board, TV on but no volume.
10 Handpumps, six were in use on my visit.Beers sold in 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 1 pint.
Titanic Plum Porter was really good £3.70. Seems to going rate in Oxford

25 Feb 2015 20:49

The Alexandra, Wimbledon

Nice pub, but the prices are a rip off. London Fields-Love not War £4.45!!!
Half of London Stout £2.30. Will not be hurrying back. Marked low due to beer prices.

3 Jan 2015 19:45

The Coopers Arms, Chelsea

Not too bad a makeover by Youngs. Used to be a lot better berfore they purchased it in 1990 than it is now. Food was fine, but the beers were a bit expensive, Youngs Ordinary £3.95 and Sambrookes Wandle £4.25. Chelsea prices i suppose.

31 Dec 2014 15:55

The Horseshoe, Clerkenwell

Popped in Friday lunchtime before Christmas. Plenty of people eating.
This is a very darts pub with a board downstaira and a sign saying more boards upstairs, also darts on the TV. Still seemed a friendly place, Harveys Best, £3.70.
Christmas decorations were very 80's. Could this be a retro pub of the future?
It seems to have bucked the trend to move with the times and seems better for it.

31 Dec 2014 15:47

The Gunmakers, Clerkenwell

Popped in on a Friday lunchtime just before Christmas. It was crowded with groups having lunches etc, so standing room only. Customers were a wide range of ages. Seemed a friendly sort of pub. Did get a pint served short but was topped up when asked. Purity Mad Goose £3.90

31 Dec 2014 15:39

The Pakenham Arms, Clerkenwell

Went passed on Sat 29 Nov 2014. Closed and boarded up with hoarding around the building.

30 Nov 2014 16:48

The Post Office Vaults, Birmingham

Another visit to this good pub with great beers, if you can get to the bar to see what they are. Clouded Stout was very good, it tasted a bit like Titanic Plum Porter.

14 Nov 2014 15:45

The Craven Arms, Birmingham

I Had not visited this pub since 2010 It has changed for the better, a range of Black country ales and 4 guests i think. A nice touch is the landlord has written tasting notes for the guest beers and put them next to the pumps. Good music was playing which could be a bit loud for some. Top pub.

14 Nov 2014 15:41

The Mansion House, Kennington

Bit like an "All Bar One" with loud background music. Did not try the food, only had beers. It might have been me but the beers did not seem like Oakhams I have had in Cambridge. Not my type of bar

10 Nov 2014 10:58

The Grapes, Sutton

Drains still chucking up last night. Empty pub, I wonder why?

29 Oct 2014 10:33

The Mitre, Paddington

Bit of a gastropub by Youngs but still good for drinkers. Guest beer - Mad Goose was expensive at £4.24. Youngs Bitter £3.74 was an acceptable price for the area. Crisps were £1.30!!!
What do they say? " people are not interested in guest beers so we will not stock them." We are interested in them but not at that price.
Seemed a very transient place with tourists coming and going, not many staying for the night.
Overall not a bad place to spend an evening.

26 Oct 2014 17:02

The Salmon Inn, Leicester

Another visit here and found friendly customers and staff. Not busy, but it was a Monday evening. The House ale brewed by Eric was ok, the staff would not tell me what brewery it had come from, but informed locals reckon its from Dem Bones Brewery,£2.95. Raw - Anubis porter was good, £3.20

23 Oct 2014 12:25

Kings, Leicester

Second visit here and found a good selection of 7 ales, 2 ciders and 2 craft kegs.
Real ales ranged from 4.2% - 5.0% with prices from £2.80 - £3.00.
Tried the Black Country - Pig on the Wall, a chestnut brown mild, £2.80 and tasted good.

23 Oct 2014 12:20

The Globe, Leicester

Came back again as i remember the food was good on my last couple of visits.
Food menu had shrunk to burgers or sharing plates which was disapointing. I had a chicken burger, it was ok, not good just ok.
Beer was Castle Rock - Carl Froch £3.60 which was fine.

23 Oct 2014 12:14

The Rose and Crown PH, Oxford

Popped back in again on my way back from the town centre. Not busy for a Thursday night so i managed to get a seat. Friendly staff serving tonight.
I was surprised that the prices here are a lot higher than the city centre about 50/80p, i had not noticed before. Shotover Scholar £3.80.

10 Oct 2014 16:37

The Lamb and Flag, Oxford

Busy pub on a Thursday night. sat at the bar as the only seat available. I don't like doing this as it stops people getting served. Turn right as you go in is the best advice, as there is more room. Only had 1 pint as i wanted food and they only serve it at lunchtimes. Palmers Best Bitter, £3.00 and was very good.

10 Oct 2014 16:31

The Eagle and Child, Oxford

The front and middle patrs of this pub are the best. the rear is an add on.
Friendly and helpful staff. Good food served in the evening till about 9 i think.
Brakspear bitter £2.90 was very good and Caledonian Autumn Red was not quite my taste, £3.35. Overall a good pub.

10 Oct 2014 16:26

The Lamb Tavern, Leadenhall Market

Went in here on a Saturday, when the market is usually shut. It was Open House weekend so that might be the reason the whole market was open. A Youngs Vertical drinking experience. Bitter was £3.79 and tasted fine the food was pretty good as well.

28 Sep 2014 17:12

The Rummer Tavern, Cardiff

Busy city centre pub, but swift service. Hancocks HB £2.89 was a decent beer.
Lots of ales on and not a Brains in sight.

28 Sep 2014 16:57

The Packet, Cardiff

Locals pub, which is surprising due to its location. Wood floor with tiles around the bar, chairs and sofa's etc. Does have nice leaded windows with the pub name and brewery incorperated. A group of loud locals were conversing with the loud barmaid when i was in. Brains SA £3.00 was ok.

28 Sep 2014 14:57

The Goat Major, Cardiff

I was led to believe this pub had a good selection of guest ales and on entering the abundace of pump clips on the walls echoed this. On going to the bar all that was available was Brains beers. The bitter i had was ok, nothing more. BBC news on the silent TV and background music. Not many in just made it seem souless.

28 Sep 2014 14:50

The City Arms, Cardiff

Best pub in town, lots of real ales on, 12 I think and a couple served from the cask. Also 2 ciders on tap.
All pints consumed were good. Prices ranged from £3.25 to £3.65.

28 Sep 2014 14:44

The Cardiff Cottage, Cardiff

OK pub, not very busy on my visit. Looks quite old and is very comfortable.
Looked like they had the full range of brains beers.

28 Sep 2014 14:38

The Nags Head, Great Malvern

Possibly the best pub in Malvern. They had 14 handpumps and 2 ciders on when i visited. Lots of nooks and crannies to sit and hide in with 2 gardens. Very popular pub and as we had warm evenings the gardens were full but the pub inisde was very comfortable. Beers i had ranged from £2.09 - £3.20.
The only downside was a rouge dog came in sniffing around and peed on a post next to where i was sitting, and then went into the back garden. When he came back into the pub he was dribbling pee allover the wooden floors.
They did say they were aware of this dog and said it would be cleaned up. It was.
This is no reason to not go back.

6 Sep 2014 18:07

The Morgan, Malvern

Old pub with a stripped out modernish interior. Only Wye Valley beers on tap but they were served in good condition. Visited twice whilst working in the town.
Butty Bach £2.90, Bitter £2.60. Very popular beer garden and well used.

6 Sep 2014 17:57

The Yacht, Greenwich

Again another Greenwich pub i have been meaning to go into for years.
Very busy due to the firework display on the river. Getting served was a chore, but just after i sat down the bar cleared, it was then i saw the Camra 10% discount sign, alas to late. It would have bought my Windsor and Eaton Conqueror at £4.35 down to a reasonable ish price. Food looked good and plenty was being served.

6 Sep 2014 17:46

The Plume of Feathers, Greenwich

Good pub in the back of Greenwich. Have been passing this pub for years but never had the opportunity to go in. Changed that last night. Friendly place but service was a bit slow, must have been due to a small rush of customers after the firework display on the river.
Harveys Sussex Bitter was good £3.90. Pride and Damned Doomed Bar were the others on.

6 Sep 2014 17:36

The Albany, Great Portland Street

Decent gastro pub. Empty on my visit on Saturday lunchtime. Not surprised as the Sambrook's Lavender Hill was £4.10 a pint.

13 Aug 2014 20:30

The New Town, Sutton

Now has a planning application attached. To demolish the building and replace with 6 x 2bed and 3 x3 bed flats. Well done Youngs you've done it again.
The Youngs tour of destruction grinds on , closing any pub they can get a quick Buck for. John Young is spinning in his grave, I can hear him from here.
I can't think why I would want to go into a Youngs pub again.

2 May 2014 18:45

Rose Villa Tavern, Birmingham

Worth the walk from the city centre. Fantastic original tiling from the early 1900's
has a great tiled fireplace that you can sit at. Cental bar so you can walk around the pub to see the tiling. Beers i tried were, Wye Valley, Butty Bach £3.30 and Redwillow, Mirthless £3.25. Both were good.

23 Apr 2014 17:42

The Post Office Vaults, Birmingham

Basement bar with entrances on two streets. Lots of room downstairs. 4 ales on tap I think, loads of ciders also on tap and many foreign bottled beers. Walls lined with foreign beer bottles.

20 Apr 2014 14:48

, Digbeth

Typical Birmigham Red Terracotta corner pub. Very much a locals local. Pool table and a good juke box.
8 ales and more than 10 ciders on the go. Hobsons, Stout £2.85.

20 Apr 2014 14:46

The Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

Large ornate building, inside and out. Looks like it might have been a bank or similar. Fullers Ale and Pie pub. Food was good, fairly quick service for a busy evening. Castle Rock, Harvest Pale £3.90!!!

20 Apr 2014 14:43

The Seven Stars, Bristol

The position of this pub stops this being a through road.
In front of the pub is a narrow path and benches. Inside its small with a pool table and a corner set up for music. A very rough and ready pub.
8 Hand pumps on the bar all in use and you can bring your own takeaways/food in to eat. Tickety Brew-Stout £3.00 .

24 Mar 2014 14:29

The Kings Head, Bristol

A CAMRA heritage pub from c1660. A very narrow pub with a seating area at both ends of the pub at each entrance. The entrance from the Churchyard has the Tramcar seating area and the Victoria Street entrance has a much smaller seating area. Mainly a vertical drinking bar. 4 ales on tap, Skinners-Betty Stoggs £3.60. Good place to go with friendly staff and customers

24 Mar 2014 14:27

The Hatchet Inn, Bristol

No real ale on my visit

24 Mar 2014 14:24

The Cornubia, Bristol

Entrance is through a car park. 2 adjoining rooms served by 1 bar. Walls and ceiling covered with pump clips also with a selection of patriotic memorabillia on the main wall opposite the bar. Real fire for those cold days in the main room. Many hand pumps in use. Saltair-Amarillo Gold £2.95

24 Mar 2014 14:22

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

Typical Spoons, large, loud and cheap. Nice building and very busy on a Saturday afternoon. Well kept beers as usual, Great Western-Edwins Ruby Porter, £2.20

24 Mar 2014 14:20

The Bank, Bristol

Small one bar pub hidden in the city centre. Mainly wooden fixtures and fittings. Friendly place on a Saturday Afternoon. Otley-02, £2.65

24 Mar 2014 14:16

The Charles Lamb, Angel, Islington

Well worth a visit. 4 Real ales and a real cider on the bar. One ale ran out and was quickly replaced with something else straight away. Plenty of food being served and appreciated by many. Camra discount of 10% to card carrying members. Windsor and Eaton Windsor Knot £3.15 and Shamblemoose Smoked Porter £3.15, both with discount.

19 Mar 2014 17:17

Isaac Merritt, Paignton

Usual spoons but you get used to it. Well kept beers as usual with JDW. Dartmoor Jail Ale £2.30. Just wish so many people would stop swearing loudly. It seems to be the thing to do in all spoons pubs.

19 Mar 2014 17:08

Henry's Bar, Paignton

Bit like a spoons but not as tidy. Had some decent ales and a real cider on.
Exmoor Stag £2.50, a decent kept beer at a decent price.

19 Mar 2014 17:04

The Inn on the Quay, Goodrington Sands

Visited on a Monday eve in March. Fairly busy for that time of the year. Could be the Mexican buffett that was on. Again as mentioned, slow service and the food kept running out. Only 1 real ale on, St Austell Tribute, was not good.

19 Mar 2014 16:48

The Lamb Inn, Burford

Cotswold type country pub with uneven stone floor. More a hotel and restaurant than a pub, but ok. 2 hand pumps but only 1 ale on. Hooky £3.50 ok.

27 Feb 2014 17:55

The Golden Pheasant, Burford

I used this pub/hotel when i stayed in town. Don't use it as a hotel, report on another site. Small bar with a bland seating area, again given over to food. Greene King at the bar so had the Old Tripp, which still tasted ok, considering Greene King now brew it.
large fire to keep you warm

27 Feb 2014 17:53

The Cotswold Arms, Burford

Nice open fire with a large dog lying in front of it. Nice pint of Loose Cannon, Abingdon Bridge. Front bar is the best place, the rest of the pub seems to cater for the tourists and food.

27 Feb 2014 17:48

The Angel, Burford

I found this pub to be ok. Very friendly staff, in fact over the top friendly, they need to tone this down. Beer was Hook Norton Old Hooky which tasted a bit tired. The food was good and so it should be at tourist prices. 1 beer and 2 courses food £22.
Judge for yourself.

27 Feb 2014 17:36

The Queens Hotel, Swansea

A quality locals corner pub and busy early week. Theakston Best and Old Peculiar on tap, at £2.80 and £3.20. Friendly punters all having conversations. How pubs should be.

27 Feb 2014 17:30

The No Sign Wine Bar, Swansea

One of the better pubs in Swansea. Long and narrow. Not a wine bar at all. Decent ales on, i had Mumbles Lifesaver and Hop back Crop Circle. Both at £3.20, but come down to £2.88 with CAMRA discount.

27 Feb 2014 17:27

The Harrison, St Pancras / Kings Cross

Used this pub at lunchtime approx 12:30 and as you would expect it was quiet. It did start to fill up a bit later for lunch time food.
Uninspiring beers. The ubiquitous Doombar, Pride and Landlord you seem to get in London pubs these days. I had the Landlord which came up hazy and was just ok. Food was good and plentyfull.

14 Feb 2014 11:11

Paxtons Head, Knightsbridge

Had the Youngs beer in here. It was not good and certainly did not taste like Youngs. Pub seems to be going down hill fast. At closing time the staff were trying to virtually herd and push you out the door

16 Dec 2013 11:11

The Fox and Hounds, Belgravia

Have visited this pub many times and always found it to good.
Very small and cosy and very busy at 7pm on Saturday but became comfortable at 8pm. The barmaid really had to work hard when it was busy and she did this very well and cheerfully.

15 Dec 2013 18:13

The Grenadier, Belgravia

This is a nice pub but the prices just keep going up. This showed on a Saturday night with not many in the bar. Timothy Taylor Landlord £4.75 and Woodforde's Wherry £4.00

15 Dec 2013 18:08

The Nags Head, Belgravia

Last ventured in here approx 3 yrs ago and vowed to give it a wide berth. Tried again last night, Surly barmaids, no please or thank you and to top that Pints were £5. now that is taking the piss. Again at time they wanted you out NOW.
I don't think i will ever bother with this pub again until the management changes.

15 Dec 2013 18:04

The Golden Eagle, Bond Street

Went here on Friday for the sing a long with the Piano, which is advertised for, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 8.30 till 11.00.
The guy was there playing the piano, just sort of random background music, the sing a long did not happen, so we left.
Skinners Cornish Knocker was decent, but the price £4.00!!!!!
Its only a low ABV. Too expensive.

23 Sep 2013 20:31

The Cock and Lion, Bond Street

A nothing pub, indifferent service and Black Sheep bitter £3.90, not very good, not bad enough to take it back, but not good.

23 Sep 2013 20:26

The Holly Bush, Hampstead

Nice looking pub inside and out. Plenty of corners to hide away in.
It's a pity that on my visit i was asked if i wanted a table for 2 as i ordered drinks. They seemed to be pushing the food angle at you.
I had the Butcombe Bitter which was only just average. I have had better. Still a nice pub to visit though.

28 Aug 2013 19:51

The Town of Ramsgate, Wapping

Having just had an awful pint in Turners old Star, i thought the tatse was still with me when i had a pint of Bath Ales Gem, £4.00. I gave it just over half a pint to see if i had another bad pint. Yes i did, the mentioned pint was not that good. I commented on the way out and was told that if i had said something straight away they would have replaced it. Fair enough i said. But i should have heeded the previous comments. 2 bad pints in 2 pubs in Wapping on 1 night.
Not a good night out. The Mayflower did just about make up for it.

9 Aug 2013 18:10

Turners Old Star, Wapping

Friendly boozer but the London Pride at £3.50 was really awful.
It was replaced with no problem at all, but the replacement Pride was only a little better.

9 Aug 2013 18:02

The Mayflower, Rotherhithe

Food and Beer very good in this atmospheric tourist pub.
4 pints, 2 starters and 2 main meals, Just under £50. Not too bad a price. Service was also good.

9 Aug 2013 17:59

The Old Shades, Whitehall

Adnams Explorer at £3.90 was expensive. The food was ok, small portions and took an age to serve. Not too many people in here, could be the "please wait to be seated" sign puts people off. The interior is nice. Not a pub to frequent.

28 Jul 2013 11:22

The Kemble Brewery Inn, Cheltenham

Hard to find back street local down a side street that looks like an end of terrace house.Before that it was a butchers shop. Back garden is a paved patio. Quirky bits and pieces adorn the pub. I.E. a train advert for Skegness, saying, " its fucking shit". Plain Ales, Inn the Sun, £2.80 tasted fine. Re visit Wed 10 July, Hobsons Town Cryer £2.80.

15 Jul 2013 17:27

The Jolly Brewmaster, Cheltenham

Approx 8 real ales and 3 ciders on draught. Mid terrace pub in a side street. Curved bar with friendly service all real ales £3.00. Quite a large pub for the area. Maiden voyage £3.00.

15 Jul 2013 17:22

Bell Inn, Cheltenham

Bit of a dive really. Poker in the rear!! Music and TV in front bar. Adnams Broadside £3.20. Not one for a re visit.

15 Jul 2013 17:19

The Beehive Inn, Cheltenham

Back street corner pub. Wooden floors and furniture, small garden at rear and front garden/patio not to be used after 9:30. Bath Ales Gem £3.30. Must be nice in winter when the large fire is roaring. Bar food was ok

15 Jul 2013 17:17

Adam and Eve, Cheltenham

Donnington Gold was on when i visited. Skittle alley in use as well. Pub is very dated, a mish mash of bar stools and furniture. Not my type of decor, not a pub i would search out again.

15 Jul 2013 17:13

The Sudeley Arms, Cheltenham

Closed on Monday 8th July when i went past, with To Let signs outside. Is it shut for good??

9 Jul 2013 18:28

Marquis of Cornwallis, Bloomsbury

Lunchtime visit was very food led and had plenty of people eating. Beer prices expensive and 1 reason I have been cutting down on consumption.
Stonehenge Ales, Eyeopener £3.95!!! It did taste good, and so it should at this price, or any price come to that.

26 Jun 2013 16:09

The Lamplighter, St Helier

Could be the best pub in St Helier. 8 real ales and 7 ciders on when i visited. Rugby on the TV's. Lots of Pewter jugs hanging from the ceiling. and an unusual shaped bar counter that is pewter covered. But it was so hot in here at lunchtime.

22 Jun 2013 13:09

The Earl Granville, St Helier

Passed this pub on Sat 15 June 2013 and it was closed. If this is permanent i do not know.

22 Jun 2013 13:04

The Peirson, St Helier

Tourist pub, does good food. 2 real ales on Bass and Liberation, £3.20.
Popular location and busy at lunchtime with quick and friendly service.

14 Jun 2013 15:29

The George IV, Kentish Town

Nice exterior and not bad inside with lamps on every table. Food was ok and reasonably priced. Real ale is no longer available. So i had to have Guinness, which was good. Have to mark it down for the lack of real ale.

1 Jun 2013 19:08

The Masons Arms, Caerphilly

Back again 2 weeks later. Skinners Betty Stoggs in great condition. Best pub found in Caerphilly.

23 May 2013 21:11

The Cedar Tree, Caerphilly

Yet another food led pub in Caerphilly. Next to a Premier Inn, again this says it all. Complete with sticky tables, even after i asked for it to be wiped. Wye Valley- Butty Bach, was spoilt by being too cold.
Most of the food led pubs in this town serve their real ales too cold.
They seem to treat then as lagers.

23 May 2013 21:09

The Nightingale, Sutton

visited here on Friday night to meet some friends and see a band.
Nice friendly pub, but the real ale was awful. had to try all 3 of them.
Timothy Taylor landlord was the best but still not good. Youngs Bitter was truly awful and Fullers London pride was equally as bad. Why does this pub have Cask Marque accreditation? has to be marked low due to the awful real ale.

19 May 2013 18:24

Pontygwindy Inn, Caerphilly

Yet another food led chain pub in Caerphilly. 2 meals for the price of one is a good deal. The Brains Bitter was also good.

9 May 2013 22:36

The Masons Arms, Caerphilly

So far this has proved to be the best pub found in my 3 nights in Caerphilly.
Back street local that looks like it might be closed, but it's not. Go in and try it.
3 real ales on, all under £3.00.

9 May 2013 22:33

Crossways, Caerphilly

Food led Brewers Fayre , next to Premier Inn. The usual bland pub.
But the Brains SA did taste ok.

9 May 2013 22:30

The Court House, Caerphilly

Food led pub with a good view of the castle, from the outside terrace.
Brains SA, beer was much too cold and did not taste like Brains at all.
Must be a tourist trap in the summer. Could pass for a Wetherspoons, if you like that kind of thing.

9 May 2013 22:25

The Queens Head, Limehouse

Good solid backstreet east end pub. Frendly staff. How Youngs pubs used to be. Worth a visit if in the area.

21 Apr 2013 16:56

The White Hart, Dorchester on Thames

Looked like a nice place. But Sky tv and kids at the bar put me off.
This and the price of Hook Norton, Hooky £3.85 will not allow me to darken their door again. Central London price for beer is taking the biscuit.

11 Apr 2013 17:34

The George, Dorchester on Thames

Looked to be the busiest pub in Dorchester. Will try and stay here on my next visit. Wadworths 6X tasted average. £3.20

11 Apr 2013 17:29

The Fleur De Lys, Dorchester on Thames

Nice country pub and the room i stayed in for 1 night was as you would expect in an old building. Sloping floors and low ceilings.
Beers i had were average, Portobello Pale £3.10 and St Austell Tribute £3.30

11 Apr 2013 17:20

Swan and Rushes, Leicester

Good pub. Front bar had wood floors and furniture and Bar Billiards. Back bar looked very large, but most people seemed to be in the front.
Approx 5 ales on and some had changed on my second visit.Also stocked a wide range of foreign bottled beers.

24 Mar 2013 13:14

The Salmon Inn, Leicester

Ex Banks pub, now a Free house. Nice back street local with 7/8 real ales on. Coal effect gas fire added warmth on a cold night.

24 Mar 2013 13:13

The Rutland and Derby, Leicester

Decent pub, quite large. Wood floor and seating. T lights on the tables and low lighting. Seems like it's trying to catch the All Bar One crowd and it probably does. Decent Tiger for £3.25

24 Mar 2013 13:11

Richard III, Leicester

Very locals local. Pool in the front bar and a darts tournament in the back. Very sporting pub. Everards Yakima was in good nick, at £2.75, March 2013.

24 Mar 2013 13:10

The Pub, Leicester

Long narrow pub, friendly staff on my visit.14 real ales on that tasted good, not that i had all of them, and plenty of foreign bottles in the fridges. Wood furniture and sofas.

24 Mar 2013 13:07

The Globe, Leicester

Good pub. Friendly staff and punters, had a good conversation here. Good décor. Enjoyed the Guest beers and the food was good.

24 Mar 2013 13:03

The Criterion, Leicester

A pub of 2 halves, front bar had dominoes matches playing. The back bar had a rock music quiz going on. Nice beers on.

24 Mar 2013 13:01

Barley Mow, Leicester

Bit empty on a Monday eve. Decent enough pub. Average bar staff. Wood and tile floor. Could not see any ales other than the usual Everards

24 Mar 2013 13:00

The Ale Wagon, Leicester

Wood panel bar.Wood and tile floor. Needs a tidy up.
A bit souless on my visit. I thought the Hoskins Hob bitter was only average

24 Mar 2013 12:57

The Talbot, Evesham

Previous post was for the Trumpet Inn, on Merstow Green.

24 Feb 2013 17:49

The Trumpet Inn, Evesham

Hook Norton pub with plenty of real ales. Real fire on a cold night was welcome. Woefully quiet on a Tuesday evening.

24 Feb 2013 17:45

Ye Olde Red Horse, Evesham

Bland run of the mill pub. Brew XI was ok, nothing special.
OK if passing, would not make a special effort to visit again.

23 Feb 2013 12:13

The Talbot, Evesham

Hook Norton pub with plenty of real ales. Real fire on a cold night was welcome. Woefully quiet on a Tuesday evening.

23 Feb 2013 11:57

The White Lion Hotel, Aldeburgh

The bar as we used to know it has gone. the restraunt and bar have been refurbished and moved to the bar end of the hotel.
Not a place to drink for the night. Its just a place to have 1 before you use the restraunt.

20 Nov 2012 15:08

The Roebuck, Kennington

Hidden in the back streets of the Oval. 4 handpumps with no real ale was a disapointment. Could be a gold mine. Friendly staff and locals.

7 Oct 2012 17:18

Victoria, Oxford

Marstons guest ale ,EPA 3.35. Pub on 3 levels, main bar and a balcony area upstairs. Small downstairs bar area. Again a stripped pub with subdued lighting. Friendly staff on my visit.

25 Sep 2012 16:32

The Rickety Press, Oxford

Arkells pub, modern stripped out style but well done. Nice and warm. Wiltshire Gold 3.20 and good. Food menu is prominent, plenty of people eating. Attracts a certain clientel who can afford to eat out. Strange crossroads outside, everyone has to give way.

25 Sep 2012 16:30

Jude The Obscure, Oxford

Greene King, Olde Tripp 3.15 ok ish. Food could be hotter. Large bland pub with Film posters on the wall.

25 Sep 2012 16:28

The Bookbinders Ale House, Oxford

Greene King. Farriers best 3.40 and good. Very nice inside, beer tap badges on ceiling beams. Even a train set attached to the ceiling. A collection of plastic lighters above the toilet doors. Good food menu, restaurant food at pub prices. Plenty of people eating.

25 Sep 2012 16:26

The Thomas Farley, Thornton Heath

Started an evening crawl here and found they did not have any Real Ale on.
They only have it when CPFC are playing at home. Nice interior, just a shame it's dead.

6 Jul 2012 13:51

The Railway Telegraph, Thornton Heath

Went in here on a Thursday evening. Not many people in and poker being played in the back. The Youngs Special i had was awful.

6 Jul 2012 13:48

The Calthorpe Arms, Holborn

Nice Youngs pub like they used to be, with a comfortable relaxed atmosphere.
Not the usual Youngs gastro refurb, thank goodness.

25 Jun 2012 20:52

The Queens Head, St Pancras

Good pub with good beer, like the decor plain and wooden.
Will get back for the music on Sunday afternoons

25 Jun 2012 20:49

Royal Oak, Bovingdon

This pub has been repossed and is now closed.

14 Jun 2012 20:48

The Duke of Kendal, Marylebone

Great pub for a piano sing a long on a Sunday night and good food. Does get crowded.

7 May 2012 11:14

The Lamb, Bloomsbury

Bloody expensive beer. Redemption Hopspur 3.95 a pint!!!
Have to mark it down for this.

26 Apr 2012 19:38

The Queens Head Hotel, Alnwick

Food not bad and we entered the quiz for local people. Friendly place

27 Mar 2012 13:13

The Oddfellows Arms, Alnwick

Disgusting pint of Deuchars IPA in a soulless pub waiting to die.

27 Mar 2012 13:12

The John Bull Inn, Alnwick

The pub in Alnwick, open late and busy with good ales and loads of whiskys. It's a house up a side street.

27 Mar 2012 13:11

The Hairy Lemon, Alnwick

Seemed alright on the night. A few rooms to sit in. olde worlde inside.

27 Mar 2012 13:10

The Bear, Oxford

Very popular and busy Fuller's pub. Lots of ties in display cases. Not cheap i grant you. 3.60 for ESB would be a bargain in my local in South London. Wood floor and fittings.

27 Mar 2012 13:03

The Kings Arms, Oxford

Young's gastro pub with their usual high prices which seems to happen when Young's spoil a pub. John Young must be turning in his grave seeing what Young's are doing to his pub's. This was totally against his ethos. Wood floor and fittings.

27 Mar 2012 12:59

The Grapes, Oxford

Only used lunchtime but seemed fine. Wood floor and fittings.
Food good. Thank goodness for the guest beers so that you can get away from the usual Greene King suspects.

27 Mar 2012 12:54

The Chequers Inn, Oxford

Below par Nicholson's pub. Down a side alley. Wood floor and fittings Tables littered with glasses and plates and the cleared ones were sticky. Chairs up at last orders.

27 Mar 2012 12:51

The Gardener's Arms, Oxford

Hard to find if you don't know it. Good beers and the food seemed very popular. 2 rooms with 1 bar with prompt service. Wooden floors and furniture. Top pub.

27 Mar 2012 12:45

The Gardeners Arms, Oxford

What a contrast to the Rose and Crown over the road.Very quiet, 70's dcor with a lot of clutter that you would find in your attic. St Austell proper job at 3.60 was expensive.

27 Mar 2012 12:41

The Rose and Crown PH, Oxford

Small pub made larger with a covered garden. Front and rear rooms and corridor all with bars. Wooden benches and tables, good beers and reasonable food.
Started to fill up with the braying hoards in their gowns and fancy dress form a Uni, on a pub crawl. returned to normality when they left.

27 Mar 2012 12:34

Cheshire Yeoman, Little Sutton

Pub seemed quiet on a Tuesday, then most do these days. Had a quiz on which put the number of punters up. 1 real ale on, but for the life of me i can't remember what it was.

1 Feb 2012 23:10

The White Swan, Great Sutton

Quiet pub, friendly barmaid and locals. Football on TV with sound turned down. 1 real ale on. tasted ok.

1 Feb 2012 23:04

The Bree Louise, Euston

In here last night. Walked in the door and the smell from the toilets was foul. They had a problem and were fixing it. Yes it did get fixed but the smell remained. Sat at a table full of chairs that could do with replacing. One chair that everybody avoided looked like it was Farther Jacks, disgusting. I had only ever been here a lunctimes before and it seemed ok, but in the evening it just so bright. The beer was good though.

27 Nov 2011 10:41

Mabel's Tavern, Euston

Went in here last night (saturday). First off they had no Spitfire on.
Next visit to the bar they had only 2 ales from the the 5 hand pumps. Had they run out of beer? No i was told they wanted to clean the pipes so they were not going to put any more beer on. This was at 9 pm.Saturday night in a busy pub!!! Amazing.

27 Nov 2011 10:32

The Square Bottle, Chester

Usual Spoons pub. Had steak and Chips. The steak was good but the chips were of the instant mash variety, just mush inside.
The first 2 beers i asked for had run out so not a good start there either.

20 Nov 2011 18:25

Red Lion, Chester

The usual Nicholsons presentation which is good. Good beer, good food, good staff. Keep it up.

20 Nov 2011 18:22

The Pied Bull, Chester

Good beers but bland interior and seems food orientated. Nice outside. Chester Pub of the Year!!!

20 Nov 2011 18:21

The Oddfellows Arms, Chester

Midweek visit. and it was very quiet except for the TV which the barman was watching. A group were having a quiz in the back part and had to ask for the TV to turned down. It was, by about 2db.
Only beer on was Blacksheep at 2.00 a pint.

20 Nov 2011 18:17

The Albion Inn, Chester

Visited again whilst working in Chester. I only went in for 1 but ended up chatting to a fellow drinker and the barman and stayed for 3. Top pub for a chat and beer. In Chester, you must visit.

20 Nov 2011 18:11

The Salisbury Arms, Cambridge

I Liked it here. 2 distinct bar area's and a seperate room if i remember. Oakham JHB was very good. I wish i had eaten here instaed of the Devonshire. It looked great.

20 Nov 2011 18:07

The Live and Let Live, Cambridge

Good back street local, Good beers and also plenty of reading material.

20 Nov 2011 18:02

The Kingston Arms, Cambridge

Midweek visit in July, the Jaipur was very good and dear. but that's the ABV tax for you. Lots of food being served and looked very good.

20 Nov 2011 17:54

The Free Press, Cambridge

Very small pub with a dining area. Greene King but with guest ales. Most people had fish when i visited and the smell was lingering which is a bit off putting when you first walk in. Worth a visit

20 Nov 2011 17:50

Elm Tree, Cambridge

Top pub. Lots of real ales and a fantastic list of Belgian beer on a menu with descriptions on all the tables. Great decor and very comfortable.

20 Nov 2011 17:47

The Devonshire Arms, Cambridge

Midweek visit, nice interior and the beer was first class, but the mash with the sausages was very lumpy, it seemed like it had been microwaved left overs from lunchtime.

20 Nov 2011 17:42

The Cambridge Blue, Cambridge

It's worth finding this pub. Lots of real ales and friendly service from an owner that enjoys what he's doing.

20 Nov 2011 17:37

The Baron of Beef, Cambridge

Used this pub for lunch time midweek. Usual bland Greene King beers, but the food was ok and the service was prompt.

20 Nov 2011 17:33

The Alma, Cambridge

Found this pub near to my hotel. Order for food and Real Ale was taken by a friendly young lady at the bar. Food and ale were very good and it started to fill up just before the Football started.

20 Nov 2011 17:28

The Nell Gwynne, Covent Garden

Great pub tucked down an alley. Trouble is too many people find it.
Its very small but perfectly formed.

6 Nov 2011 18:45

The Marquess of Anglesey, Covent Garden

This pub has suffered from the usual Youngs Makeover, ie make a comfortable pub into an uncomfortable venue that wants to be a gastro pub. Youngs have lost the plot, they used to have great pubs, but now they are making them souless

6 Nov 2011 18:43

The Edgar Wallace, Temple

Great pub to be in between lunch and the evening commute home.
Lots of good ales and a treasure trove of Breweriana.

6 Nov 2011 18:35

The Coal Hole, Strand

Get too crowded to be enjoyable.

6 Nov 2011 18:32

The Coach and Horses, Covent Garden

A great place to spend a few hours. Its small with only stools around the walls so you might not get one to park your weary self.
Great Guinness. A very comfortable pub to be in, in Covent Garden.

6 Nov 2011 18:30

The Brewmaster, Leicester Square

Very busy on a Saturday night so the service was slow and no seats available. Usual Greene King suspects available.

6 Nov 2011 18:26

The Skinners Arms, Kings Cross

Quiet on a Saturday night and if i remember it closed early but i could be wrong on that point. Usual uninspiring Greene King ales.

6 Nov 2011 18:22

The Rugby Tavern, Clerkenwell

Lunchtime visit again and found the food and Spitfire in tip top condition. A really comfortable pub. A pity its shut at weekends.

6 Nov 2011 18:19

Queens Larder, Bloomsbury

Went in here for lunch midweek and had some uninspiring food and beer. There are better pubs a short walk away.

6 Nov 2011 18:17

The Plough, Bloomsbury

I liked this pub. Came in from the rain and it was warm and dry.
Had a few good pints. I wanted to stay but i had to venture out into the rain again.

6 Nov 2011 18:14

The Lord John Russell, Russell Square

Sparten interior, floorboards and wooden seats. Standard ales on but you do have a choice so you can avoid the ubiquitous Doombar that seems to be the standard ale in London.
Good pub with friendly service.

6 Nov 2011 18:11

The Lamb, Bloomsbury

I have been in here a few times and allways found it too be a good pub for a quiet beer and a chat with friends, no TV or Muzac
and you can always get a seat. All with good Youngs beers and a guest ale.

6 Nov 2011 18:06

The Coach and Horses, Carshalton

Went in here and thought a live band was on the music was so loud. Hobgoblin was ordinary. Lots of clocks. Nice location and could be much better.

6 Nov 2011 17:57

The Friend at Hand, Bloomsbury

Impersonal place to meet friends and swiftly move on. Lots of TV screens and not much room to move about due to all the tables and chairs. Handy for Russell Sq tube.

6 Nov 2011 17:51

The Duke (of York), Holborn

Tried my luck a second time. Met my daughter for sunday lunch here. Food was ok but the beer was still expensive 3.70 a pint.
Bar person / waitress needs to want to work here and cheer up.
It does have a very nice 1940's interior.

6 Nov 2011 17:48

The Dolphin Tavern, Bloomsbury

Went here on a midweek just after lunchtime. Fairly quiet, so able to get a seat. Good beer Adnams i think. Yes the Stopped clock is still there.

6 Nov 2011 17:43

The Eight Bells, Bolney

Good food at lunchtime outside in the sun. Also has a non smoking outside terrace.

23 Oct 2011 18:34

The Red Deer, Sheffield

Decent ales on and food not bad either. Busy for a Wednesday night.

21 Oct 2011 17:05

The Grapes, Sheffield

Only 2 real ales on. I had Tetleys which was ok nothing more. Very blue dcor with some very good ceramic tiles inside.
Musicians from the Dove and Partridge seem to have moved here.

21 Oct 2011 17:03

The Kelham Island Tavern, Sheffield

Quiet on a Monday night but a quiz looked like it might be starting. Much busier on Thursday. Good selection of ales.
Nice decor and feels very comfortable.

21 Oct 2011 17:00

Harlequin, Sheffield

Good selection of Ales, food and Open Mike night. Very attentive staff. Handy for 1 on the way to/from Kelham Island.

21 Oct 2011 16:58

The Gardeners Rest, Sheffield

Not a bad pub in a run down industrial area. Sheffield Crucible best 2.00. Only 1 beer over 3.00. Worth the walk.

21 Oct 2011 16:56

The Fat Cat, Sheffield

Monday night Kelham best 1.30, usual price 1.99. Also curry night and a free quiz. As you might guess it was busy. Rightly so.

21 Oct 2011 16:53

The Bath Hotel, Sheffield

Old style blues on Wednesday, good but I had to leave it was just too cold in here. The blue decor in the small bar just made me feel colder. Light the fire please. The other bar was just fine. I have to mark it down because of the cold.

21 Oct 2011 16:52

The Riverside Cafe Bar, Sheffield

Small selection af Real Ales. Food good and live music. Very busy on Thursday. Handy for food on the Crawl around Kelham Island area.

21 Oct 2011 16:47

The Sydney Arms, Sutton

Now Closed

12 Jun 2011 10:26

The Plough, West Sutton

Went in here on a Saturday daytime and the Youngs bitter was only just about usefull for your chips. The worst i have tasted in a long time.

12 Jun 2011 10:23

White Horse, Abingdon

Nice large pub but woefully slow service. Some of the beers had run out but what they had was fine.

15 Mar 2011 17:10

Brewery Tap, Abingdon

Went in last night and the food stops at 3pm. Went to the Broadface to eat but came back here to drink. Welcoming bar staff and comfortable bar with a real fire.

15 Mar 2011 17:06

The Broad Face, Abingdon

Now has the original pub sign hanging outside. Certainly a Gastro pub. 14 for steak, not too bad a price. I would not go here just to drink.

15 Mar 2011 16:59

The Cock and Bull, Sutton

Never had a decent pint of Chiswick in here. It's allways nearly flat.

6 Mar 2011 09:44

BRB, Sutton

Closed and now boarded up

5 Feb 2011 18:08

The Lass O'Richmond Hill, Richmond

Visited just after Christmas. I found it to be expensive, Pint of bitter, Large glass of Shiraz and a bowl of nuts, 12.10. Nice pub but too expensive.

28 Dec 2010 16:59

The Dolphin, Sutton

Freehold now for sale. Can't see this pub staying open, but you never know. Even though you might not like this pub it's sad to see any pub up for sale or closing.

17 Dec 2010 18:19

The Sydney Arms, Sutton

Freehold now for sale. Can't see this pub staying open, but you never know. Even though you might not like this pub it's sad to see any pub up fpr sale or closing.

17 Dec 2010 18:18

The Edinboro Castle, Camden

Went in here for a family meal 8 of us. ! real ale on 2 off. Staff were putting the other 2 real ales on at closing time.
Ordered food only to be then told that they only had about half the items on the menu, would have been good to be told that beforehand. To top all that the smell of drains wafted through the pub twice during the evening. it would take a lot for me to go back here.

13 Nov 2010 19:11

The New Town, Sutton

This used to be my local in the 70's and 80's and it was a great pub. Get in by 8:30 or you had to stand even on a Monday.
Old landlord left and the pub went downhill and stayed down for a long time. Now with new management it seems to have got a lot better. Live Music on Saturday nights. Trimming the Velvet an Irish band consisting of 2 members was not that good, billed as the best Irish band in London was a lot off the mark. Titanic Dance Band were very good for a pub band. Keep up the good work.

1 Nov 2010 20:02

The Queens Head, Beddington Corner

Now closed with the fittings being removed

14 Oct 2010 15:36

The Three Kings, Mitcham

This pub is now a Chinese buffet restaurant.

14 Oct 2010 15:28

The Ravensbury Arms, Mitcham

Now closed you will be pleased to hear.

14 Oct 2010 15:25

The Duke (of York), Holborn

friendly bar staff, great decor, fixtures and fittings 30's/40's style.
even the pub phone has the correct ring. The downside is the price of the beer, Black Sheep Bitter 3.60. Just too expensive, even for central London. So i only had 1 pint and left.
Get the prices down and you will get more customers.

5 Oct 2010 20:15

Three Tuns, Sheffield

welcoming pub, good Tetleys. Wooden decor with Art deco lamp shades. Would go again

30 Sep 2010 16:26

Dove And Rainbow, Sheffield

No live music on the Thursday i was in. DJ playing decent music and a couple of decent pinball machines.

30 Sep 2010 16:22

Dog and Partridge, Sheffield

Slightly worn out pub but serving good Tetley beer. Musicians in on the Wednesday i was in, Playing in the Kennedy room, a memorial to JFK. They were in no hurry to ask you to leave.

30 Sep 2010 16:18

The Devonshire Cat, Sheffield

12 Real Ales on including a Raspberry Stout. Blue Monkey was very good. Excellent food, very busy.

30 Sep 2010 16:14

The Brown Bear, Sheffield

4 of us went in had 4 pints of OBB 6. Cant get 2 pints of London Pride in my local in South London for that. Good boozer and decent service

30 Sep 2010 16:12

The Pub on the Park, London Fields

Good food, Good Beer, Great service, Adnams in an Adnams glass. Good pub. A tad pricey, but overall, good.

30 Sep 2010 16:03

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney

Went in on a Saturday lunchtime, only 3 real ales on and then the draught cider ran out after 2 halves. Food looked unapertising. Had 1 drink and left.

30 Sep 2010 15:55

Smollensky's Metro, Sutton

Closed and now a French restaurant

4 Sep 2010 16:33

The Woodman, Sutton

Has been up for sale for some time and now has a sold sign outside.

4 Sep 2010 16:30

The Old Angel Inn, Nottingham

Felt a little bit out of place here, not enough tattoos and not having coloured hair. no one else seemed bothered.
Come and play your CD's for a while seemed to be happening. some good music some bad. Beer ok, toilets were terrible.

23 Jul 2010 14:48

The Old Contemptibles, Birmingham

largeish corner pub in the typical Nicholson decor which is good with exceptional toilets. Quite a few beers on tap at the usual city centre prices about the 3.00 mark.

23 Jul 2010 14:36

The Lord Clifden, Birmingham

Ignore the area, go in this pub, good beer and food, relaxed atmosphere. large beer garden with outside bar mostly covered with table tennis at the bottom of the garden. Great place to relax.

23 Jul 2010 14:31

The Jewellers Arms, Hockley

Went in here on a monday evening. Dead and souless, 1 real ale on and not that good.Would not return again

23 Jul 2010 14:28

The Leather Bottle, Hemel Hempstead

OH dear, whats happened to this pub? A few years ago this used to be a very good boozer. I would take customers here for lunch and sometimes an evening meal if they were from abroard and wanted to try a typical English pub. Went in here on the evening of 22 June with a European visitor. The beer was horrible with a hint of vineger, it was changed for a beer equally as nasty. The manageress said she did not drink this beer so did not know what it tasted like!!! Rough bunch of customers and children in the pub. Seems to a CHAV overspill from the pub next door. Won't be going again and have informed everyone in my company that would use it.

24 Jun 2010 21:17

The Red Lion, Southampton

Now under new management; He is trying, he asked what real ales i could suggest he put on as he only had Ringwood Best.

2 Jun 2010 20:37

Hamptons Deli and Bar, Southampton

Walked past on a Tuesday night, heard the music (heavy metal i think) and went in. No real ales, had a decent Guinness and heard a good live pub band.

2 Jun 2010 20:30

The Alexandra, Southampton

Good comfortable back street boozer, friendly staff and good beer. Ringwoods best.

2 Jun 2010 20:26

The Angel of the South, Southampton

oh dear! we went in here recently, approx 10pm, there were babys in the pub!! and the interior looked dire we just walked out again. Never to return.

2 Jun 2010 20:24

The Vigo Inn, Vigo

Looked open in March 2009. That's the date of the photo

18 May 2010 15:57

The Bear and Billet, Chester

Good beer selection and well kept, but the place seemed souless to me.

5 May 2010 19:52

The Albion Inn, Chester

Got in here on a Tuesday night at approx 7pm. Black sheep bitter was good once it had settled. Had the Turkey dinner, also very good and everything home cooked not your processed rubbish. Great war memorabilia and old metal signs throughout.

5 May 2010 19:50

The Brewery Tap, Chester

Great Beers and atmosphere. The food looked good.

5 May 2010 19:46

The Little Windsor, Sutton

Back street pub with High street prices. A Recent 6%-8% price rise on beer has made this an expensive pub. Pride 3.30, Guinness and ESB at nearly 4.00 and Stella at 4.00, but that's what you deserve for drinking lager. It is a back street local after all. The only good thing is that high prices keep the riff raff out.

3 May 2010 18:27

The New Bell Inn, Harwich

Quite busy for a Monday night in this popular Harwich pub. Well kept beer.Friendly locals and loads of snow globes!!!

20 Apr 2010 16:43

The Hanover, Harwich

I was in here early evening so it was very quiet. Beers kept well. Friendly sort of place.

20 Apr 2010 16:40

The Billy, Harwich

Closed due to trouble

20 Apr 2010 16:37

The Prince of Wales, Birmingham

Good local near the NIA. lots of hand pumps and good company.
Even got talking to me, a stranger in their midst. If the locals read this i had the Uni scarf on, from debenhams.The wing commander asked which Uni i was from.

16 Apr 2010 11:48

The Wellington, Birmingham

16 hand pumps when i was in,all different. What a choice. You can take in your own food and they will supply you with plates and cutlery. Get a take away currey and go in!! Keep it up.

16 Apr 2010 11:44

Victoria, Birmingham

Large dark place from what i can remember. Beer seemed to be kept well. Poker was running in the large bar.

16 Apr 2010 11:42

The Shakespeare, Birmingham

Staying in the Holiday Inn so had to go in here. Blacksheep at 2.50 very reasonable. Seemed a transient place when i was here.

16 Apr 2010 11:40

The Queens Arms, Birmingham

Stripped out pub with a great outside facade. Tends to attract those that like stripped out pubs with lagers and a token cask ale presence. 3 screens showing football when i was in.

16 Apr 2010 11:38

The Old Fox, Birmingham

Very quiet when i went here midweek food and beer ok.

16 Apr 2010 11:35

The Lamp Tavern, Birmingham

The Lamp shines in the gloom of this part of rundown industrial Birmingham.

16 Apr 2010 11:33

The Gunmakers Arms, Birmingham

Still Closed

16 Apr 2010 11:31

The Craven Arms, Birmingham

Nice pub with friendly bar staff. 2 TV's, one with cricket and the other playing a music channel. Got here at knocking off time, so there were quite a few workers in here. Please lads take off your fluorescent jackets i needed sunglasses. Marstons and Hobgoblin on tap.

16 Apr 2010 11:30

The Bull, Birmingham

Nice back street local.Quiet and comfortable with just the ticking and chiming of the clock to listen to. 3 ales on tap, Marstons,Adnams and St Austell. Only down side is the quality of the food does not match the high price. Would go again but not to eat.

16 Apr 2010 11:19

The New Inn, Gloucester

Had an evening meal in here and it was awful, the beer was warm and flat. I felt like throwing up and going somewhere else to eat and drink.

26 Mar 2010 18:07

The Union, Gloucester

Karaoke on when i went in,it was awful. Not a memorable pint. Doombar i think and quite expensive for Gloucester.

26 Mar 2010 18:04

Linden Tree, Gloucester

Ignore the outside, just go in. Great selection of real ales, all on the blackboard with prices. Worth the walk from the centre.

26 Mar 2010 17:56

The Kingsholm Inn, Gloucester

Had the Fullers London Pride, it did not travel well. Guinness fine so was the Shed and the Doombar. Good place to watch the football. Also has a skittles alley still in use when i was in last. I'd go again.

26 Mar 2010 17:53

The Imperial Inn, Gloucester

Decent ale, scary locals playing darts. Nice exterior

26 Mar 2010 17:50

Fountain Inn, Gloucester

Only ever been in here early evening. Relaxed, calm with decent ales. Will visit again when in the area.

26 Mar 2010 17:48

Englands Glory, Gloucester

Does it say best pub food in Gloucester outside? I had a burger that was paper thin and resembled cardboard, but the real ale was good.

26 Mar 2010 17:46

Dick Whittington, Gloucester

Visited this pub twice. First time good beer and food. Second time, food advertised outside but none on when i enquired inside also most of the real ale had run out. New manager taken over i was told. He had not yet learnt to wipe the blackboard advertising food. Better luck next time i hope.

26 Mar 2010 17:21

The Deans Walk Inn, Gloucester

Well what can i say! Real ales advertised but none on, had Guinness instead. very old music on the juke box reminded me of a 70's wedding and the locals singing along loudly. Made me smile. :)

26 Mar 2010 17:16

The Cross Keys Inn, Gloucester

Normally ended up in here on a Monday evening, as you would expect it was very empty. the local at the bar and the then owner were friendly. have not been back since it changed hands. Guinness was fine

26 Mar 2010 17:13

Cafe Rene, Gloucester

Beer was good on my visit but the food was not that good. Quite a handfull of strange characters loud and drunk and old enough to know better.

26 Mar 2010 17:10

The Plymouth Inn, Okehampton

Good friendly local crowd. Real ales from the barrel. Reasonable food at a reasonable price.Will visit if in the area again.

26 Mar 2010 17:03

The Kings Arms, Okehampton

Full of kids,beer tasted below average Doombar and Spitfire.

26 Mar 2010 17:01

The Nags Head, Belgravia

just got around to posting this. I have used this pub many times and taken friends and work collegues here. Went in with some friends on a Friday night some time last year.The women behind the bar were surly and did not seem to want to be there. At last orders it was made apparent that we had to leave NOW. Will give this pub a wide berth from now on.

19 Mar 2010 20:22

The Black Lion, Hammersmith

I agree, expensive

19 Mar 2010 20:02

Simeon Arms, Ryde

Best of a bad bunch on a Thursday evening.Ladies darts on 1 of the 2 boards. Beer ok.

13 Mar 2010 20:57

The Solent Inn, Ryde

Surprisingly dead is not the word, i was the only person in the bar on a Thursday evening. More life in the local graveyard.

13 Mar 2010 20:55

King Lud, Ryde

Very transient pub opposite the ferry/bus and hovercraft terminal.
Nice pint of Goddards special. Not a place to spend all night in.

13 Mar 2010 20:53

Castle Inn, Ryde

Went in here on a Thursday afternoon, age of customers 60+. Horse racing on the TV. If it has had a freshen up it must have been dire before. HSB was ok but nothing more.

13 Mar 2010 20:50

The Dolphin, Sutton

Walked past last week. Had a sign in the window. Closed.

2 Jul 2009 21:47

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