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Comments by strangetorpor

The Fletcher Moss, Didsbury

This is a beautiful, wonderful pub. The people of Didsbury are very lucky to have such a perfect local in their vicinity.

Quite possibly, the best pub in Manchester (certainly in South Manchester).

21 Sep 2018 20:09

The Anchor Inn, Tideswell

Good range of well kept ales in this very unspoilt and traditional establishment. The Sunday lunch was bloody lovely. Very nice indeed, nice to know that places like this still exist.

21 Sep 2018 20:06

The Grange, Ealing Common

Smart. Pleasant. Competent. Good pint of Young's. Artificial flowers in small vases.

All present and correct. Bit dull.

21 Sep 2018 20:00

Swan With Two Necks, Stockport

An absolute gem. There are some good pubs in Stockport but this is perhaps the best. Characterful, small but perfectly formed and beautifully maintained.

I was served two very nice pints of Robinsons by two very pleasant young lads who seemed to be running the place. What is more they refused to serve the inebriated racist standing at the bar spouting his hate filled views ever more loudly, telling him he had had enough.

Bravo lads! Great pub!

19 Jun 2018 19:55

The Royal Hotel, Hayfield

Idyllic Village, Beautiful pub! Will return!

19 Jun 2018 19:45

The Leather Bottle, Earlsfield

Beautiful beer garden. Wonderful place to spend a summers day. Trouble is, spent most of it waiting at the bar to be served at the bar. Wasn't even particularly busy.

19 Jun 2018 19:43

The Pig and Whistle, Earlsfield

That rare thing a modernised pub with character. This is quite simply a very pleasant place. Particularly liked the selection of books in the corner. Perfect pint of Young’s. Recommended!

27 Feb 2018 23:59

The Pilot, Chiswick

Very smart, very modern, very souless. Clearly a pub with history, it’s obviously had an extensive refurb and the clientele seemed to comprise of wealthy looking Americans. Tables all ‘reserved’. Maybe this is what pubs need to do to survive these days.

27 Feb 2018 23:55

The Rams Head, Disley

Vast, rather beautiful establishment in this alluring village. A warm welcome, good beer and comfort is to be found here..

22 Jan 2018 18:41

The Coppermill Tavern, Walthamstow

Nice traditional local with a warm welcome and good beer. The pub seems very much part of the local community and is something of a classic of its kind. Why can’t there be more locals like this?

22 Jan 2018 18:27

King William, Wilmslow

Cosy, warm and inviting with very good beer. A pub with character in soulless Wilmslow. Has to be the best pub in the area.

22 Jan 2018 18:22

The Birkbeck Tavern, Leyton

An absolute classic. There aren''t many left like this gem. The beer garden is amazing. Go and see for yourself what I mean. 9/10

10 Sep 2017 17:57

Marquis of Lorne, Stockwell

Basic, unpretentious back street boozer, likely unchanged in years. Very much a locals pub. Landlord clearly takes pride in the quality of his beer and rightly so.

10 Sep 2017 17:54

Marquis of Lorne, Stockwell

Basic, unpretentious back street boozer, likely unchanged in years. Very much a locals pub. Landord clearly takes pride in the quality of his beer and rightly so.

10 Sep 2017 17:53

The Station Hotel, Didsbury

Very characterful and welcoming with cosy corners. I like this pub a lot in spite of the photos of Wayne Rooney on the walls...

16 Jul 2017 20:18

The Pineapple, Stockport

Lovely tradional haunt with a perfect pint of Robinsons to be enjoyed. A pub for people who enjoy pubs.

16 Jul 2017 20:15

Victoria Hotel, Withington

Large, somewhat dark interior but nice to see a traditional pub with plenty of customers during the day. Decent range of beers and friendly service.

13 Apr 2017 10:34

Greystoke, Ealing

Very smart looking pub with a wide range of well kept ales. Gives the impression of been a well run establishment offering pretty much all you could want in a local. Good place.

27 Mar 2017 17:10

The Royal Ship Hotel, Dolgellau

Lovely hotel bar in a rather wonderful town. Beer was perfect, clientele and staff welcoming. Do try all the pubs in the immediate area. You can't go wrong.

27 Mar 2017 17:07

The Kings Arms, Saffron Walden

Very characterful, friendly pub in keeping with the rest of this alluring town. The perfect spot for a relaxing pint after a long walk. The kind of place where you will soon find yourself in conversation with strangers. Nice.

27 Mar 2017 14:32

The Hendon, Hendon

Massive, somewhat soulless pub in unlovely Hendon. Strangely high tables meaning that a well kept pint was virtually facing you at eye level. On the positive side, whoever chose the background music has excellent taste. Functional and if I lived here I'd use this place for want of anywhere else.

2 Feb 2017 09:24

The Swan Hotel, Staines

Fabulous.. The setting, the interior, the service, the beer and the food. One of the best pubs I have ever been to...just go!

11 Dec 2016 12:23

The Kings Head, Chertsey

Rough and ready for Chertsey but a warm welcome. Pub seemed to be in a state of gents toilet..! Beer a bit ropey, but the place has a sociable fee..

11 Dec 2016 12:17

The Chequers, Chipping Norton

I tend to appreciate 'cosy' small pubs but blimey it is so dark in here you practically need a bloody torch to find a table. Clearly a thriving pub though as it was absolutely packed on an ordinary THursday evening. Beer good.

11 Dec 2016 12:13

The Beehive, Grantham

This really is a lovely, classical back street pub. Has the feel of a real local pub with a somewhat terse who are you and what do you want type of Landlord. Nonetheless, its a place you could be happily happily enconsed over the course of an afternoon.

11 Dec 2016 11:31

Nags Head, Brampton

Walked in here an observed a large group of youths standing around a pool table, one of whom squared up to another of his number accusing him of 'disrespect' as I waited to be served. Brampton is a lovely town but there is a tendency for drunk locals to ask in a rather hostile manner 'where are you from mate?'. Would however heartily recommend the Shoulder of Mutton across the way. A warm welcome and an absolutely superb pint of Boddingtons is assured here.

18 Aug 2016 12:41

The Wibbas Down Inn, Wimbledon

Smart but ultimately forgettable pub in the Wetherspoon's tradition. Might be the best pub option if you live in the somewhat derelict South Wimbledon area.

19 Jun 2016 12:36

The Fox and Goose, Ealing

As previously stated, a very pleasant pub in an area of quite outstanding ugliness. Like a lovely village pub in the middle of a vision of hell.

9 Jun 2016 21:52

The Swan, Hammersmith

This is an attractive pub, but feels as if it was once beautiful and classic before falling victim to chain homogeneity. Good range of ales and my pint of 'Knight of The Garter' went down rather well. A solid 7 out of 10.

9 Jun 2016 21:49

The Bush, Cockermouth

Smart ,likeable and friendly in keeping with the rest of the town. A warm welcome is assured here and the beer is A+. Recommended.

30 May 2016 15:04

The One Eyed Rat, Ripon

As a former resident of this lovely town, it was an absolute joy to revisit and find that The Rat remains an absolutely class act. Superb range of ales, cosy and welcoming interior, pleasant locals and friendly staff. Go!!

30 May 2016 15:01

The Rifle Drum, Northampton

Basic. Old fashioned. Harsher folk might even call it 'rough'. More discerning pub conniseuers might however find the mid afternoon red faced choir singling along to Lionel Ritchie's 'Hello' to be an uplifting experience in these plastic times. Interesting.

13 Apr 2016 14:09

The Gatsby, Berkhamsted

Am unable to complete this review having suffered a coronary upon receipt of the bar bill.

29 Feb 2016 21:16

The North Star, Finchley Road

Dark and in decay. Tatty tables and a wipe your feet on the way out kind of feel. Not a place you'd be inclined to linger. Dissapointing pub owing to apparent neglect.

29 Feb 2016 21:15

The Still and Star, Aldgate

Loved this pub from the moment I walked in to see a large cat seated at the bar on a barstool. Tucked away in a side alley opposite Aldgate tube station, this is a pub for people who loves pubs. Great pint of Young's and a really characterful spot. A hidden gem indeed.

19 Feb 2016 18:54

Black Bull, Northallerton

Smart, welcoming pub in the centre of town with excellent value food. Beer good.

9 Feb 2016 14:55

The Ranelagh, Bounds Green

Bounds Green is unspeakably dreary. The Ranelagh is a decent refuge from the unremitting greyness. Limited range of ales but very pleasant ambience and friendly service.

22 Jan 2016 10:28

T J Duffys, Northfields

Pleasingly unpretentious Irish pub with a welcoming feel and a courteous barman. Obviously a great pub to watch sport. The pint of Kimberly was 'ropey' but at £2.49 I musnt grumble. Decent.

13 Nov 2015 16:00

The Railway Hotel, Hebden Bridge

Great beer, great locals, great town. Top drawer.

12 Nov 2015 11:12

Spaniards Inn, Hampstead Heath

Mercifully, unchanged over the years, this is a quite unique and beautiful pub. But do check your bank balance before arrival as this is quite possibly the most expensive pub in London. Which is quite a statement.

29 Oct 2015 17:07

Oddfellows Arms, Caldbeck

Fine range of ales, all of which were enjoyed. Pleasant and welcoming staff and locals at what is a fine example of a proper community pub. Only slight downside was the endlessly cheesy background music played on a loop inflicted upon us courtesy of Magic FM. I now find myself unable to get 'Zoom' by Fat Larry's Band dislodged from my brain.

11 Oct 2015 11:22

The White Hart, Cheddar

Can only endorse the previous review. Great location, character,beer and food. Best pub in Cheddar.

11 Oct 2015 11:16

Brendon Arms, Bude

Not perhaps as characterful as many of the pubs in this wonderful part of the country but has good beer decent food and jolly staff. The beer garden is a very nice spot to while away a couple of hours.

11 Oct 2015 11:14

The Cobweb Inn, Boscastle

This is one of my favourite pubs in the entire UK. It's a proper community pub and a real ale drinkers heaven. But above all it has character in abundance. 10/10.

1 Oct 2015 10:53

Port Gaverne Hotel, Port Gaverne

Wonderful place. Gorgeous location and interior. Great service and great food. Beware only of the 'Proper Job, leading only to a proper hangover.

1 Oct 2015 10:49

The Golden Lion, Port Isaac

Perfectly in keeping with the character of this wonderful village. Small and welcoming, with fine ales and decent food should you wish. Worth hanging around till after dark for a view of the harbour. All you could wish for in a pub.

1 Oct 2015 10:45

Greenes, Neasden

'Strictly Members Only'. Please yourselves.

30 Sep 2015 18:49

The Dove Inn, Hammersmith

Characterful and friendly with a wonderful riverside setting. Good range of ales and the food is excellent. Quite possibly one of the best pubs in London.

10 Aug 2015 13:09

The Navigation Inn, Buxworth

Cannot think of a finer place to spend a summer afternoon than the canalside beer garden at this idyllic spot. The pub is characterful and historic and is all you could want from a village pub.

7 Jul 2015 21:52

The Hanover Arms, Kennington

Perfectly serviceable booster, fairly unremarkable but a very good pint of Youngs. Convenient for a pint after watching that Pietersen character annihilate the Leicestershire bowling.

11 May 2015 20:11

Noel Arms Hotel, Chipping Campden

There aren't many 'proper' pubs in this lovely village but this hotel bar is an exceptionally cosy and relaxing place to enjoy a well kept pint from a wide choice of real ales. Probably the best option in the area.

31 Mar 2015 18:53

The Blue Boar Inn, Chipping Norton

Fine pub. Unspoilt, characterful and friendly. Good range of ales and food was excellent for the price. Recommended.

31 Mar 2015 18:49

The Shoulder of Mutton, Hebden Bridge

Looks inviting from the outside but inside it has 'nowt about it. Disappointingly characterless in such a characterful town. Sparse inside, with a couple of leather sofa' s (might need a hoist to get some of the more ample customers up from these). The ubiquitous John Smith's was very well kept.

6 Feb 2015 09:58

The King Edward VII, Stratford

Lovely, well preserved pub, serving ropey ales while playing Christmas music very loud. But certainly worth a visit fir it's character alone.

12 Dec 2014 20:30

Lauders Bar, Inverness

Unpretentious, decent central booster with a mostly male crowd and a big emphasis on the Celtic game. The beer served was bloody great.

20 Nov 2014 15:13

White Swan, Hebden Bridge

Service a little dour, but this is a proper pub that hasn't been ruined. Lovely place to while away an hour. Good pint of Lees.

28 Oct 2014 19:29

Royal George, Todmorden

Shabby, bare and basic. But the locally brewed Pendle Pale Ale was bloody superb.

28 Oct 2014 19:26

The Heather Park, Wembley

This pub is in a truly desperate state, literally falling to bits. Not a place you'd want to linger, a bad pint of John Smiths was served. Can only assume it survives because of its proximity to Wembley. Passing trade ain't happening.

17 Oct 2014 11:58

The Sawyers Arms, Deansgate

Large, fairly typical city centre boozer. Good for watching football, if you can tolerate the crass behaviour of those around you. Wood flooring means its very noisy, so this is a good opportunity to brush up on your lip reading skills.

Functional, acceptable, but hard to love.

18 Sep 2014 18:39

Hunters Bar, Ealing

Now called The Ashbourne, this is more of a bar than a pub. Located amidst the chaos of unlovely Hanger Lane, it was lurid orange walls and a sticky floor. Functional at best.

29 Aug 2014 10:14

The White House, Guildford

Pleasant and civilised place for a relaxing pint before the train back to 'the smoke'. Waterside beer garden very appealing, offset slightly by the couple french kissing at an adjacent table.

26 Jul 2014 17:59

Horse and Farrier Inn, Threlkeld

Simply beautiful village pub with reasonably good value food marred only by a rather surly senior barman. We walked miles to get here so thanks for the warm 'welcome' mister...Other staff very pleasant.

16 Jul 2014 16:53

The Overdraft, East Ham

Basic, unattractive and a little less than fastidious in its maintenance of hygeine.

Nevertheless, I was greeted most cordially and served a fine pint at a most agreeable price while remaining thankful not have departed from this mortal coil shortly after entering the premises.

29 Jun 2014 15:28

Charlie Chaplin, Elephant and Castle

Indescribable. Just Indescribable.

26 Jun 2014 08:03

The Coach and Horses, Kew

Resembles a traditional old pub on the outside but alas more like the hotel bar it is on the inside. All very nice if you like that sort of thing, with cakes and coffee freely available for the old dears. Pint of Youngs was ok, but this isn't really a pub.

20 Jun 2014 12:16

The Antelope, Belgravia

This is a really beautiful pub with good beer. Enjoy.

1 Jun 2014 11:36

The Ferry Boat Inn, Ullapool

Great News!! (hopefully). According to the Website was simply closed for refurbishment and should now be open again. Would be great to hear from someone on BITE that this is in fact the case as I live some way away!

4 Apr 2014 17:28

The Baron of Hinckley, Hinckley

Busy, clearly thriving Wetherspoons in the middle of the town. Simply cannot criticise any establishment that has pleasant service, good beer and unbelievably low prices. Fair do's.

4 Apr 2014 17:19

The Pigs Ear, Chelsea

Characterful and relaxed interior, good range of well kept ales at reasonable prices, pleasant and efficient service and nice food.

In my opinion this is a fantastic pub. Recommended.

4 Mar 2014 14:19

The Green Man, Edgware Road


Good pint of Wainwright.

Reasonable price.

Friendly service.


It's a dump.

28 Feb 2014 12:46

The Eight Bells, Putney Bridge

If only there were more pubs like this around.

Cosy, characterful and friendly pub with a traditional feel and a great range of ales. If I lived in this area, this would be my local!

18 Feb 2014 10:26

The Alexandra, Wimbledon

Plush, comfortable and indeed very inviting pub handy for the station. Good range of ales. Would be an absolute class act were it not for some of the clientele who's 'banter' included expletive ridden suggestions about the barmans sexual preferences and behaviour, repeated ever more loudly and repetitively as their pints were guzzler in the early afternoon.

30 Jan 2014 15:49

The Goose, Walthamstow

Certainly worthy of more than 2.6/10!!

It's spacious with a very good range of ales and a reasonable atmosphere. Has lots of corners in which to have a quiet pint or is ideal if your with a large group.
Seems to have retained some character following an obvious refurb.

Very friendly service if somewhat disorganised and chaotic around the overly small bar area. Convenient for a quick getaway at the nearby station.

Would return.

19 Jan 2014 09:48

The Stubbing Wharf, Hebden Bridge

Fine range of real ales in this straightforward and welcoming pub by the canal. Worth seeking out if in the area, especially in decent weather.

16 Jan 2014 16:54

The Bricklayers Arms, Fitzrovia

Cosy, friendly and welcoming, if a little spartan in the Samuel Smith's tradition.
A hidden gem, well worth checking out if you appreciate traditional pubs.

9 Jan 2014 15:46

The Imperial, Soho

It's a bit non-descript but pleasant enough. The Tribute was the best pint I had all Christmas.

9 Jan 2014 15:43

St James Tavern, Piccadilly

Good service, with none of the problems encountered below. Beer fabulous and the pre-Christmas atmosphere was great. Certainly one of the better pubs in the area.

9 Jan 2014 15:39

The Salisbury, Leicester Square

Beautiful pub-a must see for the interior alone. Add to this very friendly and efficient service and a good range of very well kept real ales and you have the best pub in the entire West End.

9 Jan 2014 15:35

The Ferry Boat Inn, Ullapool

Desperately sad to read about this. This was one of the best pubs I have ever been in and I have had many great nights in here. As mentioned the last incumbents seemed to have no feel for the soul of the place but they couldnt mess with the location and the views.

If pubs like this are closing there really is no hope for those of us who enjoy social drinking. May as well just buy a load of tins and drink them wherever we are permitted to. Crap times.

22 Dec 2013 17:24

The Old Red Lion, Kennington

Feels like a country village pub. Not unappealing, but the real ale hasn't travelled well and the Christmas meal was, er..rather hit and miss!! Not a bad pub in this impoverished age however.

19 Dec 2013 20:57

The Prince Albert, Brixton

Perfectly decent, civilised place for a quick pint if in the area. Good range of ales and pleasant service.

27 Nov 2013 15:37

The George, Belsize Park

This is a smart, stylish revamp of this pub in keeping with the local area and generally seems a committed enterprise.

The food was great as was the draught Wainwright, quite a discovery around these parts. Very good range of ales.

Really rather good.

9 Nov 2013 13:21

The Crown and Anchor, Manchester

Great city centre boozer. Not particularly characterful interior but more than made up for by the convivial atmosphere, good beer, friendly Mancunian service and an opportunity to watch the only football team in Manchester net seven.

Rather good.

8 Nov 2013 21:40

Lamb Hotel, Eccles

Great pub that doesn't seems to have changed much over the years and is all the better for that. Beer very good and very cheap and there is safe and relaxing atmosphere.

8 Nov 2013 15:44

Little John Hotel, Hathersage

Well, well, an inner city hell hole in the middle of the beautiful Peak District.

I don't mind a tatty and depressing interior nor do I have a problem with the place becoming a slightly menacing bear pit on a Monday evening.

What I do mind is the hard faced barmaid making a totally unprovoked and nasty comment about me as I left the pub to her baseball capped mates. My crime? Having a quiet pint on my own while my wife got ready to go out at the hotel across the road.

Others might like this place. I don't.

I'd strongly advise visitors to Hathersage to use the Scotsmans Pack instead. It's much, much nicer.

0/10. The wine was unthinkable by the way.

8 Nov 2013 15:37

The Hereford Arms, South Kensington

Smart, stylish looking place.

Barman with a voice like David Cameron.

Beer utterly disgusting.

4 Oct 2013 17:24

The Stanhope Arms, Kensington

The Stanhope is a good solid pub. Pleasant staff, nice decor, good beer and a relaxed atmosphere. Perfect for a post work pint.

4 Oct 2013 17:21

The Woodman, Highgate

This is a lovely pub really with a really nice location but oh dear-the service.

On a hot summer night and a full beer garden the bar is simply to small to cope and the staff seem overwhelmed. The food ordered turned up after lengthy inquiries just before last order for reasons unexplained meaning that The Strange Torpor had the inevitable five pints on an empty stomach feeling. Their card machine had broken down leading to a mass procession to the cash point across the road.

Still a nice pub though!

4 Oct 2013 17:17

The Sheepwalk, Leytonstone

Dark, slightly sinister feel to this pub and you wouldn't necessarily feel that relaxed in here when it is busy. But the barman is welcoming and the beer was good. Now renamed as The Crown.

4 Oct 2013 17:10

The Tea Clipper, Knightsbridge

Very likeable smallish backstreet pub with character, well kept beer and decent service. Will return.

21 Aug 2013 19:51

Bradleys, Fitzrovia

Given all the good reviews this place was a real disappointment for one reason alone. The gum chewing ignoramus of a barman, baseball cap the wrong way round on his head, could not even raise himself to a grunt, never mind a thank you. The minimal amount of change from a fiver for a pint of Budvar was literally chucked into my hand.

Maybe having rude staff is all part of the deal here. But I ain't coming back.

12 Aug 2013 11:43

Bradleys, Fitzrovia

Given all the good reviews this place was a real disappointment for one reason alone. The gum chewing ignoramus of a barman, baseball cap the wrong way round on his head, could not even raise himself to a grunt, never mind a thank you. The minimal amount of change from a fiver for a pint of Budvar was literally chucked into my hand.

Maybe having rude staff is all part of the deal here. But I ain't coming back.

12 Aug 2013 11:43

Bradleys, Fitzrovia

Given all the good reviews this place was a real disappointment for one reason alone. The gum chewing ignoramus of a barman, baseball cap the wrong way round on his head, could not even raise himself to a grunt, never mind a thank you. The minimal amount of change from a fiver for a pint of Budvar was literally chucked into my hand.

Maybe having rude staff is all part of the deal here. But I ain't coming back.

12 Aug 2013 11:43

Bradleys, Fitzrovia

Given all the good reviews this place was a real disappointment for one reason alone. The gum chewing ignoramus of a barman, baseball cap the wrong way round on his head, could not even raise himself to a grunt, never mind a thank you. The minimal amount of change from a fiver for a pint of Budvar was literally chucked into my hand.

Maybe having rude staff is all part of the deal here. But I ain't coming back.

12 Aug 2013 11:43

Bradleys, Fitzrovia

Given all the good reviews this place was a real disappointment for one reason alone. The gum chewing ignoramus of a barman, baseball cap the wrong way round on his head, could not even raise himself to a grunt, never mind a thank you. The minimal amount of change from a fiver for a pint of Budvar was literally chucked into my hand.

Maybe having rude staff is all part of the deal here. But I ain't coming back.

12 Aug 2013 11:43

The White Hart, Waterloo

Characterful backstreet pub with a superb range of ales and lagers and proper food at reasonable prices. Is understandably popular and so can get a little crowded and loud as the suits get drunker.

It is, nonetheless, first rate.

25 Jul 2013 19:54

The North Star, Ealing

Smart, appealing pub with an excellent range of ales. Ideal for a pint before the tube. BUT-ludicrously expensive even for London.

25 Jul 2013 19:48

Ye Grapes, Mayfair

Nice, unpretentious small pub with a decent range of ales and efficient service. Certainly one of the better pubs in the area.

24 May 2013 15:09

Dandy Lion, Bradford on Avon

Not quite the the cosy authenticity one might expect in a such a lovely town, but here was to be found a warm welcome, a very good pint of Wadworth and a superior food menu.

Very pleasant.

15 May 2013 16:31

The Coeur de Lion, Bath

Exactly the kind of characterful pub you would expect to find in Bath.
As is so often the case, the best pubs a city centre has to offer are to be found in its backstreets. Here is a good example. Small but perfectly formed with very nice beer. Recommended.

15 May 2013 16:28

The Railway Tavern, Chelmsford

Smart, welcoming pub with character and an ultra efficient barmaid.

A perfect pint of Sussex and a cosy and appealing interior.

The perfect stop for a quick pint before the train arrives.

Liked this pub a lot.

1 May 2013 11:32

The Courtfield, Earls Court

Was probably a good pub in days gone by, but was today a frankly appalling experience.

No ales on whatsoever-only lager.

Waited twenty minutes to be served to no avail.

During this fruitless wait, looked along the bar and observed bar staff fingering the contents of sandwiches to discover what they were.

One of the bar staff seemed not to know how to open a bottle of wine and spent at least ten minutes trying to do so.

A boorish, suited,loud and arrogant crowd in here, some of whom seem to think they own the place.

Zero stars.

24 Apr 2013 17:26

The Dog and Bone, Lincoln

Tucked away in an unremarkable backstreet in a slightly neglected part of town, this has always been a great pub. Having visited for the first time in a decade it was great to see that if anything it is even better these days. Beautifully kept Bateman's beer, a cosy and relaxing atmosphere, lovely beer garden and very pleasant staff.

A fine pub in a fine city for pubs.

21 Apr 2013 12:49

The Ship Hotel, Maryport

A wonderful pub in an isolated, yet lovely part of Cumbria.

Great beer, great staff and friendly locals.

Well worth going out of your way for.

16 Apr 2013 20:54

The Clissold Arms, East Finchley

Ridiculously over priced in every respect. If you are going to pay a fortune for a meal you might at least expect more than mediocre food served after quite a wait while unruly upper middle glass children throw darts at the window by your table.

A sad sign of the times; the old Clissold is much missed. The new overload of Kinks memorabilia is merely an attempt to compensate for the loss of this pub's soul.

16 Apr 2013 20:51

Gertie Brownes, East Finchley

Adam, I am certainly a regular. Why? Because its a great boozer!

Each to their own I guess.

16 Apr 2013 20:39

The Angelic, Islington

Lively, fairful typical Islington haunt and clientele with with a range of well kept real ales and a relaxed, uplifting atmosphere. Bar staff were good eggs and the food was every bit as good as it was expensive.

There are worse places for a man to spend a saturday evening.

15 Apr 2013 20:01

The Brass Monkey, Victoria

Reasonably relaxing and pleasant small bar near Victoria Station. It doesn't have a lot of character but it is definitely one of the better places in the area for a quiet pint after work. Good pint of Doom Bar-but NOT cheap!

22 Mar 2013 14:08

Bank Tavern, Keswick

A good and welcoming pub. The ubiquitous Jennings Ale (Jennings seem to have a complete monopoly in Keswick) is something of an acquired taste but there is a pleasant atmosphere and a warm and welcoming feel to this old town centre pub. The ideal place to find shelter from the Lake District weather and relect on the days walking.

17 Mar 2013 15:43

The Stair Inn, Stair

Lovely place to stay; the perfect get away from it all break.

A cosy retreat with exceptionally good food, a very genial owner and some very well kept ales (particularly enjoyed the Northern Light). Pleasant countryside all around.

Highly recommended.

6 Mar 2013 11:34

The Tam O'Shanter Inn, Ayr

Wonderful town centre pub. Great atmosphere and history, the crackle of the fire and the truly exceptional locally brewed Pale Ale. Service friendly and efficient.

A winner!

6 Mar 2013 10:57

The Flask, Highgate

Great to see that this lovely old pub hasn't had its personality destroyed like so many other gastrofied neighbours. One decade on this pub remains as inviting as ever.

The pint of Seafarer served by a young woman of rare beauty was good; mind you, so it should have been at that price!

3 Feb 2013 20:27

Cinque Port Arms, Rye

Friendly, basic looking local but good beer and definitely the kind of place for a civil chat with locals.

3 Feb 2013 20:18

Mermaid Inn, Rye

This is, as mentioned, more of a hotel bar than a pub. It is however the most beautiful hotel bar I have ever set foot in. Get there early in the winter months to catch a seat by the fire. Order a good pint of Harvey's frontage jovial bartender. And relax.

3 Feb 2013 20:15

The Constitution, Pimlico

My favourite pub in Pimlico (with The Morpeth Arms being a close second), The Constitution is a welcoming, traditional one room pub with good beers, friendly and down to earth staff and a mixed and interesting clientele.

The kind of place where, once you have entered, you don't want to move on from there.

23 Jan 2013 20:13

The Charlotte Despard, Archway

Curiosity brought me here owing to memories of a fine pub being here a decade ago.

The whole place gave the impression of a place still in the middle of being redecorated. Excessively bright lighting, nowhere comfortable to sit and a barman who's body language does not exactly exude welcome to our pub. A good range of ales however and The Wandle was in fairness well kept.

Overall a mildly depressing experience for a passer by, I'm afraid.

17 Jan 2013 21:13

The John Baird, Muswell Hill

Best pub in Muswell Hill by a mile (not that theres too much choice). The main reason this pub stands out for me is the courteous service. It's also an attractive pub and just the kind of place where a man can relax in the knowledge he is in a civilised place. Great range of beers and a good place to watch footie without all the usual boorishness that this can entail. The Thai food is excellent.

Nice one.

The Strange Torpor.

9 Jan 2013 20:09

Dog and Gun, Keswick

Great pub with history, a traditional feel and very drinkable ales.

It's a very dog friendly place (in fact at one point the dogs seemed to outnumber people) and the relaxing ambience may become a tad undermined by the incessant barking and yelping etc. Super pub though. Would also recommend the George Hotel across the way.

9 Jan 2013 20:02

Tweedies Bar at Dale Lodge Hotel, Grasmere

If seeking shelter from the inevitable downpours in the beautiful village of Grasmere, this is the place to seek shelter. Here is to be found a simply unbeatable range of well kept real ales, cheerful and good humoured staff and decent food. They've introduced London prices to make us londoners feel at home and the interior is a little spartan. Nevertheless, a winner!

The Strange Torpor

9 Jan 2013 19:58

The Hollywood Arms, Chelsea

Classy gastro pub with attentive, thoughtful staff. Good food at reasonable prices. Well kept pint of Youngs. A find!

9 Jan 2013 19:52

The Five Bells, East Finchley

A nice relaxing local, particularly during the week when its a littlemore tranquil. Beer always well kept and I doubt if you'll find cheaper prices anywhere in London. Young and (mostly) cheerful bar staff. THe less said about the food however, the better.

The Strange Torpor.

9 Jan 2013 17:57

The Tiger Inn, Haxby

Basic pub in the Sam Smith tradition, this pub has a somewhat cliqueish feel. What you cannot argue with however, is the good beer at quite astonishingly low prices!

6 Jan 2013 12:49

The Holly Bush, Hampstead

This is quite possibly the best pub in the world. Gorgeously preserved, intimate atmosphere, friendly and relaxed service and the second best pint of Seafarer ever to be tasted.

If you only go to one pub in Hampstead, this has to be the one.

6 Jan 2013 12:42

The White Hart, Whitechapel

Nice enough pub with great beer in a slightly bleak part of London. Only real downsie was that the gents toilets were, at the time of my visit, utterly disgusting.

6 Jan 2013 12:00

The Alexandra, East Finchley

Unfortunately, on my last visit to this pub it seemed utterly moribund. On the basis that first impressions last you really wouldn't go out of your way. Like walking into a funeral parlour.

6 Jan 2013 11:55

The Fox and Hounds, North Hykeham

This pub has improved beyond all recognition since my first visit six years ago. It is now seemingly being run by a mother and daughter both of whom seem lovely people. The beer is great and the locals are, as ever around Lincoln, friendly, open and chatty.

A local really deserving of support.

6 Jan 2013 11:39

Bar 100, Northallerton

A vast and truly horrible bar with hardly any seating areas and one unbelivably rude member of staff. Seems to exist solely for the purpose of getting drunk enough to contemplate going to the meat market upstairs. A blight on an otherwise fine town.

6 Jan 2013 11:36

The Keep, Guildford

A real discovery. Delightful interior and decor. That rare thing a modern looking pub with personality!

A welcoming little pub that is clearly a civilsed place for civilised people. Lovely.

6 Jan 2013 11:32

The County and Station, Matlock

Given the loveliness of Matlock Bath and the surrounding area, upon entering this pub the somewhat austere and bare appearance might be something of a dissapointment. But, no matter. The landlord ia a gentleman and the beer is great.

6 Jan 2013 11:28

The White Horse, Shepherds Bush

Somewhat dark, dingy, unrefined, vaguely unclean and down at heel feeling in this pub with lots of daytime solitary drinking going on. That said here there are very pleasant and kind hearted bar staff along with a great atmosphere pre the QPR games. Good beer.

Likeable pub, all told.

6 Jan 2013 11:22

The Three Tuns, Uxbridge

I call in as it's the nearest pub to the station before my train is due. There is a long queue at the bar. The guy before me orders a sandwich. The one barmaid on duty then walks away to make the said somewhat dodgy looking sandwich while the queue watches on. Having made the dodgy sandwich she then ignores the rest of us and serves her mates who have just walked in.

After a twenty five minute wait to get served I finally sit down with my pint. A loud drunk in a football shirt is becoming increasingly loud and agressive and proceeds to shoulder barge a completely innocent stranger (ie me) sitting at a table minding his own business reading the paper.

You can draw your own conclusions. Hope your experience of this pub is better than mine.

6 Jan 2013 11:13

Gertie Brownes, East Finchley

Brilliant pub. Mystified by previous comments. Here I can go alone or accompanied and feel at home and amongst friends. Great place to watch sport and beer always well kept. Its a pub with a heart and a soul.

The landlord here has done a brilliant job in transforming the place into the first class watering hole it now is. And far from all this 'Dirty Gerties' nonsense the place is always clean and immaculate and the regulars are some of the most civilised people you could wish to meet. My wife and mother both confirm that the wine available is superior to any other pub in the locality.

This is everything a community pub should be. Bravo!

6 Jan 2013 11:02

Argyll Hotel, Ullapool

Totally endorse the comments about the Quiz night. It is just any old quiz night, its actually a really good laugh and visitors are always made to feel welcome by the locals. The beer is locally brewed and simply wonderful while the curries are not to be missed.

A wonderful pub in a truly wonderful place.

6 Jan 2013 10:49

The Golden Lion, Romanby

Comfortable, if a little bland, this pub is remarkable for its bizarre 'library' wallpaper. Generally attracts a good crowd on a weekend. On such occasions it is not unknown for the barman (who is, by all accounts a 'character') to join you at your table to chew the fat over the issues of the day.

A decent enough local.

6 Jan 2013 10:45

The Kings Arms, Sunderland

This pub, a mecca for fans prior to a football game, is an absolute cracker. Always friendly, patient and tolerant service, a great range of real ales and lots of cosy corners. The kind of place you call in for a quick pint and end up staying all night in good conversation with strangers.

A cracker.

6 Jan 2013 10:40

The Pineapple, Kentish Town

Relaxed clientele, welcoming, wonderfully kept real ales, this characterful pub is a veritable haven from the trials and tribulations of London Life.

Really is worth tracking down. Wish it was my local.

The strange Torpor.

6 Jan 2013 09:54

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