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Earl's, Maidstone

Must be a new chef here, I shared a chateaubriand with a pal and it really hit the spot.

28 Dec 2012 13:38

The Cavendish, Sheffield

Happy to report a reasonable selection of craft beers were available on my latest visit - I had a couple of Dogfish Head beers and although they were somewhat pricey, they were a delight. Review upgraded.

27 Dec 2012 19:35

Bia Hoi, Sheffield

Bia Hoi has been subject to numerous changes of name and has had various refurbs but luckily for me and my CAMRA chums I would now classify it has a real ale paradise, a welcome addition to the Sheffeld scene. Its now open all day and a beer terrace has been installed on the roof, perfect for the summer (although not ideal right now!!). 3 unusual guests were on offer on my latest visit, but I selected the always reliable Barnsley Bitter which I quaffed within 15 minutes before heading for a Subway. Yum.

27 Dec 2012 19:33

The Source, Maidstone

Decent pub this, went in last week and was pleasantly surprised to see 6 ales being dispensed. I plumped for a pint of Landlord and it was top notch.

27 Dec 2012 19:26

Bricklayers Arms, Larkfield

Sorry, it was alright! Pretty basic but clean.

25 Feb 2011 20:19

Bricklayers Arms, Larkfield

It's friday, and regular readers know what that means - time for another Sharp pub review. This week I selected the Bricklayers Arms, owing to its proximity to my workplace in Kings Hill. I left work in good spirits, and decided to stop off at Tesco on the way to fill up my car for a trip to Wigan tomorrow. My fuel gauge was quite low but nothing to be alarmed about, until about 300 yards from the petrol station/Tesco and my car died from beneath me. As luck would have it, there was a cheeky country lane on the left handside that I coasted into and pulled up, seething and cursing. With no petrol can in the boot, I set off for Tesco, praying that they would stock one. I will not entertain anyone who has a bad word to say about supermarkets, for their provided me with one at a bargain price (of course sneaking through the self checkouts to avoid the obvious shame). I waltzed over to the petrol station and, wanting to avoid detection once more, attempted to figure out the pay at pump screen. After several failed attempts, I filled up my petrol can, spillages all over my hands, but it worked all the same. I went into the kiosk and begged the lady to let me wash my hands in the staff toilet - after denying me at first, she finally relented, after I informed her there is the strong possibility that I would shortly be on fire. I then set off, petrol can in hand, for the walk of shame back to my car. I filled up with relative ease and tentatively made my way back to the petrol station - the sense of relief when I arrived was amazing. After being relieved of 80 (at the pay at pump of course, to avoid the sneers of the lowly Tesco worker), I set off to the Bricklayers. The car park was pretty busy but I nailed a lovely reverse park with ease. Stressed, I stormed into the pub, barging my way past the locals hanging around the back door, smoking. As is the theme in Kent, the selection was somewhat disappointing - T.E.A, one of my least favourite ales, was off, so I had to settle for a Courage Best (3.05). This pub, in my opinion, has had a very tasteful makeover - the clientel are very much of the working class, Kent locals who offer you a warm welcome in their own special way. I sat down in the "restaurant" area, where there are nice leather seats and light wooden tables. Very plush. However the tables were somewhat spoilt by Stella Artois beer mats on each one. Never mind. There is an excellent bar billiards table here, as well as a darts board with a proper oche. I wouldn't go out of your way for this one, I was glad to get home if I'm honest. Still, could be worse. 5/10.

25 Feb 2011 19:47

Monks Head, Larkfield

To mark my long awaited return to BITE after a short hiatus, I decided to call in at The Monks Head for a swifty after work today. Parked up in the Morrisons across the road and felt obliged to make a purchase as I can't stand people who freeload in supermarket car parks. Anyway, I bought 8 hot and spicy ribs and devoured them outside the boozer, before entering with my cajun spiced chicken leg in my jacket pocket ready for post-pint sustinence. I always thought this pub was quite rough, but it is actually very pleasant and "old" inside, lots of interesting things on the walls and a massive open fire that looked like it had been used recently. 1 small room, Nice and cosy inside, especially on an evening. I sauntered to the bar and was disappointed to see only Greene King IPA available on cask, but I was gasping for refreshment after the wings were spicier than expected so ordered it without hesitation. While stood at the bar, I was badgered by what I assume is the pub dog; I don't have any time for dogs really so I have no idea what breed it was, however I don't mind pub dogs as a rule so didn't make a fuss. This hound wouldn't leave me alone though, and I realized it was because of the chicken leg I had in my pocket - the dog was going bananas. I fooled the dog and quickly made my way over to a welcoming table, wedging myself in so it couldn't get near me. My pint was very enjoyable in fact, something I rarely say about Greene King IPA, and I supped it in about 10 minutes. It was time to leave, and I am happy to report that my chicken leg was quite superb.

11 Feb 2011 19:48

The Plough Inn, Trottiscliffe

Not been to the Plough for some time but ventured over there last night for a game of darts. I was being a lager sheep however Adnams Bitter was available - can't comment on the standard as nobody seemed to be drinking it. Small, traditional pub with 3ish rooms, one seemed to be laid out suggesting that they do evening food, lunchtimes certainally however. We took over the back room - this happens every Tuesday apparently as a very successful darts team plays out of the pub. The ceilings are a bit low however! Decent, proper pub though.

15 Sep 2010 19:13

The Spotted Cow, Larkfield

This needs removing - the pub has been demolished!

21 Jul 2010 17:15

Doggetts Coat and Badge, Southwark

Only a 4.5 out of 10? Very disappointing. Nice pub set over 4 levels with decent views over the Thames if you get a suitable seat. 6 ales were on offer, 2 interesting ones - having been at University in Sheffield, I opted for the Jaipur, which was fine. Enjoyed a spot of lunch in here which I can also reccomend. Not really much to say about this one, other than it was a proper, non-pretentious pub. Gave it a 10 in order to pull the ratings up a bit as obviously some people have a bit of a problem with this place, realistically more a 7.

18 Jun 2010 09:56

Founders Arms, Bankside

Visited the Founders Arms last weekend, and its alright. To be honest I don't really see the huge attraction of the outside seating area - you'd be just as well off parking yourself on a bench looking over the river and buying some beers from the off licence. The prices are scandalous - over 4 for lager, 3.50ish for the Youngs London Gold, which was pretty ordinary. Because of weekend engineering work, we had to leg it all the way over to Embankment to get to our next port of call, which is another negative. Its very pleasant though if money is no object.

18 Jun 2010 09:53

The Brown Bear, Sheffield

This pub is full of session drinkers and drunks, and that's why I love it. Nipped in for a few pints on Tuesday and the pub was packed in the middle after the noon, the average each of each punter being at least 50 years old. Some top banter with Dave the landlord and other regulars, I felt at home here. The OBB has reached a staggering 1.50 a pint - at least this means you don't have to mess around carrying too much shrapnel. Pubs like this make me love the North.

10 Jun 2010 01:06

The White Horse, Parsons Green

What an unusual pub this is. I was looking for somewhere to go drinking before a Harlequins RL match, and with it being Sunday, its fairly slim pickings in comparison to during the week. Anyway, a friend had reccomended me this place and ensured I enjoyed it. It is indeed a piece of case to reach/find, only taking me 30 minutes from Kings Cross after a train journey down from Sheffield; very pleasing at the time, owing to the fact I was gasping for a pint. Fairly impressive range of ales, but it would appear looking at previous reviews that they keep the same guests - Moorhouse Black Cat and Itchen Valley Godfathers were both on when I visited alongside some other fairly uninspiring choices, but I reckon I just got unlucky and a lot of ale had been supped during the week.

Very extensive beer menu, far beyond the obvious Belgian bottled ales - even a locked fridge containing some seriously impressive continental beer. I switched onto the lager as it was a hot day and enjoyed Veltins, Staropramen, Budvar and especially, Brooklyn Lager - at 4 a pint this stuff isn't for the feint hearted, but it was an absolutely superb pint, a wonderful find (I've had it before in bottles but never on draught in the UK).

I felt a bit out of place here, the clientel is very upmarket - dress smart casual or you'll look odd. This was probably enhanced by the fact there was some sort of polo event nearby, so the pub was full of pompous socialites. Anyway, I still enjoyed myself, a very trendy and comfortable interior, plenty of seating, I will be returning next week perhaps.

7 Jun 2010 17:51

The Commercial, Chapeltown

5/10 is a shocking score for this pub, especially considering some of the cesspits nearby. Pretty rough and ready locals pub dispensing several Wentworth ales. It was pretty quiet when I visited, even though I went on a Saturday lunchtime, however a few older patrons were enjoying a chat and some basic lunch. I myself opted for food, which was great, especially the home made chips, which were some of the best I've ever had to be honest. Ale wise, I selected the Wentworth Summer Lovin and the Burton Bridge Stairway to Heaven, very tasty pints, especially the latter. Perhaps the only criticism is this pub could do with a bit of a clean and a tidy up, but then again, that gives this place its uniqueness. I don't think this pub is a 9/10 and to compare it to the Kelham Island Tavern would really be pushing things, but a solid 7/10 for me. Plenty of potential, especially at the rear of the pub - if they were to seperate the small beer garden from the car park, it would be fantastic.

7 Jun 2010 17:44

The Bay Horse, Scholes

Excellent country pub 2-3 minutes off the main road. It was a very warm summers day on my visit so I elected to sit outside. 4-5 cask ales were available, but only 1 particularly took my fancy, the Daleside Old Leg Over. It was in a decent nick. The pub was empty inside, owing to the warm weather, and I elected to enjoy my second pint, this time Thornbridge Jaipur, watching the cricket next door - an excellent setting for a few beers in the summer. The landlord was pretty friendly, and I think this pub would be excellent for quiet conversation and relaxing during the Winter. Worth a visit.

7 Jun 2010 17:40

The Rutland Arms, Sheffield

I bowled into the Rutland this evening, having been meaning to go for ages. Superb example of an ex-pubco pub come good - fantastic, traditional interior with a nice mixture of seating - comfortable tables and chairs, along side various sofas. The beer I had was spot on - elected to try the Acorn Blonde, an unusual move for me since I normally tend to avoid Acorn beers nowadays - but it was a delight, as was my Cottage Brewing Normans Conquest. There were at least 4 other ales on too, it is a shame that I had to leave. It was pretty quiet when I went in on a Sunday evening - people will probably complain of the quiz machine/jukebox, but I think this pub achieves an excellent balance. Food menu looked tasty, and I will eat on my next visit. Beer garden looked appealling.

11 Apr 2010 20:41

Sheffield Tap, Sheffield

Fairly sterile attempt at a station pub - I love station pubs, but this is probably the least favourite. Why I hear you bellow? Well, the selection of beers is great, especially the bottled selections, but I just didn't really like it here for some reason. Usually being young (relatively) doesn't bother me, but I felt a very much "after work" sort of atmosphere here, which I didn't enjoy. It was very busy, and very small, but I managed to get a seat at the bar to enjoy my beer, which was great, no faults there whatsoever. But since, I have found no reasons to go back, and I cannot quite put my finger on it. I prefer something a bit more homely, I think. This place is never a 9/10.

11 Apr 2010 20:38

The White Horse Inn, Maidstone

We popped in here the other day and I was pleasantly surprised - one of my mates had just taken down the placepot at Newbury so got a round in - (not one to be swung by such generosity of course) the Sharps Doombar I had was first class. Harveys Sussex Best was available too, things seemed to have picked up here. Pleasant atmosphere on a Saturday afternoon, the pub was steady and we enjoyed a few games on the quiz machine while another sidekick of mine rinsed the fruit machine for 70 on his second spin. Happy days. Rating altered!

31 Mar 2010 23:24

The Hoodener's Horse, Great Chart

After slogging around the local (waterlogged) pitch & putt for the previous 90 minutes, this 19th hole was warmly welcomed by our small party (me and my mate). Fairly typical "country" pub inside, dinner service was in full swing, and the smell of Mexican food inside a pub is a very pleasant one. 5 ales were on offer, including one of my favourites, Sharps Doombar. I elected to sample the Ansells Mild however, while my cohort plumped for the Harviestoun Old Engine Oil - mine was excellent and my accomplice reported the Old Engine Oil to be superb. A little in the pricy side however, with the round weighing in at a shade over 6. Seating to the front and the rear of the pub is available - worth seeking out, especially if you are looking for some decent tucker.

31 Mar 2010 23:19

The Brickmakers Arms, Maidstone


25 Mar 2010 22:07

The First and Last, Maidstone

I feel that I must update my review of this place. This is one of my favourite pubs - it doesn't have a massive selection of ales, but there is just something about it that I really like. Landlord, Adnams and Ringwood Best are the 3 regular ales now - pricing in this pub is fairly simple, pretty much everything is 3 which restricts the need for change. I don't mind paying a premium for traditional boozers, and this place is always top of my list of pubs to visit when I return to Maidstone. Ken's Barbers is still opposite for haircut seekers, while the Spar has encountered a bit of a refurb since my last review. One of Maidstone's only "must-visits".

25 Mar 2010 20:30

The Malta Inn, Sandling

The Malta has just re-opened again after yet another refurb. It is extremely classy inside now, I actually felt a bit uncomfortable just going in as a drinker. Its very dark and atmospheric, more geared towards the food side of things, which was understandable. It's pretty quiet at this time of year, so I had no problems getting served. Only Hobgoblin was on (Spitfire was off), and it was excellent to be honest, and a reasonable 2.86, I was expecting over 3.00 - but a very clean pint. Looking forward to visiting regularly over summer. Note, the footbridge over the river appears to be closed at the moment, so check in advance if walking down!

24 Mar 2010 20:29

The Old Fish Market, Bristol

Interesting Fullers pub that boasted the usual suspects on draught. We'd had a long walk from our hotel and I was parched so I didn't fancy an ale - went for the Aspalls Cider to refresh myself, which was fine. It was very busy indeed in here, perhaps due to the Koln vs Borussia Monchengladbach clash that was being shown on the TV. Last time I visited this place they were showing the Rugby League - not this time however. Not much to report really, even though it was busy it was mostly simpletons in their Lyle and Scott v-neck jumpers drinking Grolsch standing up, so we had no problem finding a relaxing pew. One twit dropped his Corona (including lime) by the quiz machine, so we had to be wary while we played PDC Championship Darts. Probably go back again.

21 Mar 2010 20:14

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

Spacious Wetherpoons located on a particularly busy street in Bristol. Sadly therefore, this place attracts plenty of muppets on a Friday night, and it was rammed. The bouncer demanded ID from me and my associate, interesting considering we are both 22. Anyway, once inside we swept past the cretins enjoying their bog-standard lagers and woeful cocktails and I sampled the Warwickshire Churchyard Bob, which didn't exactly blow me away. There was plenty of choice for the discerning drinker, however it was getting late and we wanted to catch last orders in the Bag o Nails.

21 Mar 2010 20:08

The Brewery Tap, Derby

Hmmm. Not sure what to think of this place - it's a bit gastropub for my liking, which seems to be the current trend for brewery taps - reminds me very much of the Brewery Tap in Leeds, which I prefer. It was predictably full of suits when we arrived on Friday evening, but we managed to snaffle a table. The selection of guests was a little disappointing so I tried the Derby Old International - very tasty indeed. How can people like mtaylor40 say they would rather have a pint of Bass? People in Derby are mad!

13 Mar 2010 12:11

The Old Silk Mill, Derby

We were making our way towards the Brewery Tap only to walk past this place - it wasn't on our route, but the signage claimed that this place was a "specialist real ale pub", so we decided to risk it. We were greeted by at least 12 ales, taking into account the handpumps and those available directly from the barrell at the seperate bar. Interior was fairly basic but the clientel very friendly. We only had time for a swift one so went for the Purity Pure Gold - it was OK, a bit dry for my liking, but will return here in future and sample a few more beers.

13 Mar 2010 12:07

Ye Olde Dolphin Inn, Derby

I concur with previous reviews. Very unusual layout and a tiny bar - it really does smell of fish and chips. Bowled straight to the bar and was disappointed with the range - how does a pub like this get into the GBG when the Old Silk Mill just around the corner doesn't? Landlord, Adnams Bitter etc were all available, the only interesting beer on was Foundation Stone from the Lymestone Brewery - my pint was OK, but my comrade reported that his was unpleasant. We quickly supped up and left. I'm marking this pub down 2 points because I cracked my swede on one of the low beams - no warnings or anything. Fortunately I was relatively unscathed but didn't exchange any pleasantries with the bar keep on departure.

13 Mar 2010 12:00

The Flowerpot, Derby

Kicked off my pub crawl around Derby here yesterday and what a delight. It's quite a long walk from the train station so we took a taxi, only cost a diver. The place is absolutely massive, one of the biggest pubs I have visited, with several rooms and 2 bars. The main bar consisted of perhaps 12 handpumps, with all sorts of offerings from various breweries and microbreweries. I enjoyed pints of Parson's Nose and First Bloom before sampling one of the beers from the cellar bar, with a further 8 ales available - I plumped for the Bishops Farewell, a favourite beer of mine, and I wasn't disappointed - all of the beers were in excellent condition, and the barman was very friendly. The prices were a little steep which surprised me, pushing 3 for a pint. An excellent pub, I can heartily reccomend a visit - plan to stay for a couple of hours though, its worth it!

13 Mar 2010 11:54

Admiral of the Humber, Hull

Me and 2 fellow members of the Harlequins Rugby League Firm stormed this pub before our recent visit to the KC Stadium. We found it to be busy, plenty of FC fans were in so we had to keep our coats on in order to avoid a ruck. Large, single room Wetherspoons that was pretty standard and inoffensive. Plenty of ales were on offer, but I elected for an Erdinger instead, which was at the upper end of the Wetherspoons prices, and sadly nowhere near cold enough. Decided to sneak out undetected afterwards. There is nothing wrong with this place, but I prefer the other Wetherspoons in Hull. They also show Sky Sports here, somewhat unusual for a Spoons.

9 Mar 2010 23:08

The Old Grindstone, Sheffield

Enjoyed a couple of pints of Guinness in here a couple of weeks ago. Current landlord is making a big effort by the lookings of things - a bit tatty around the edges but friendly enough. The food seems to have switched to a more value-based approach, i.e. 2.99 meals. Seeing as the Noah's Ark is closed (again), hopefully this pub can improve, offering a better selection of real ales, as when I was last in, there was either 0 or 1 (I can't remember).

9 Mar 2010 16:11

The Hind, Leicester

Decided to slide into this ale house before my train home to Sheffield. Upon arrival, I was greeted by the young friendly barman who efficiently dispatched my Deuchars. Sadly the ale selection was somewhat limited - alongisde the previously mentioned pedestrian ale was Marstons Pedigree and Wells Bombardier. No guest ales available which was disappointing, even with a vast selection of pump climps adorning the walls. The pub was lacking in atmosphere - I represented one third of the clientel, with 1 drunk playing darts and another angry man from Hull shouting at the barman. The pub itself though is pleasant, and has plenty of potential, but I wouldn't visit again unless I was particularly thirsty.

3 Mar 2010 10:49

The Emmott Arms, Rawdon

Looks like this pub has now had the re-furb that IKB was calling for. No longer tatty, this pub was warm and welcoming on my recent visit, and felt like one of the Sam Smiths pubs in London, rather than one of the grotty Northern outlets. It was steady on a Saturday afternoon with a few locals enjoying a quiet drink. It was clean, tidy, and I was served promptly - my OBB was fine, and at 1.45, still very reasonable. My associate assured me the Alpine was up to scratch too, and we left satisifed. I didn't see the darts board though? Maybe that's gone.

1 Mar 2010 19:02

Red Lion, Sheffield

What a huge disappointment this place was. I believe it has been in the GBG in recent years, but has now slipped out. Unsurprising, seeing as looking at previous reviews, the beers never change - and are uninspiring, in Deuchars, Black Sheep and Moonshine. My Moonshine was pretty ropey to be honest, and its not often you get a bad Moonshine in Sheffield. The only positive was the conservatory area which was pleasant to sit in. The barman seemed pretty concerned about asserting how mad his weekend had been to his friend who couldn't seem less interested in how "f****d" he was over the weekend. Perhaps the barman should consider getting a haircut and acting in a more professional manner in front of customers.

19 Feb 2010 19:38

Bar Fringe, Manchester

Bowled into this cosy bar after a few pints at the nearby Crown and Kettle. I don't think I'll bother leaving the former next time I'm in Mancheser. Tacky interior which a collection of random articles on the wall - seating was very limited, and to be frank, by Banktop Bad To The Bone was very disappointing. I browsed the Belgian beers, and nothing really jumped out at me, so I switched onto the Thatchers Katy, an unusual sight in the North of England. Wouldn't rush back.

14 Feb 2010 14:01

The Crown and Kettle, Ancoats

Bowled in here on a Tuesday afternoon. Predictably quiet, I plumped for the seat next to the radiator and didn't vacate my perch for about 2 hours. I sampled the Darkstar Hop Head, which was excellent, as well as a tasty mild from the Empire brewery. There was a very reasonably priced food menu, traditional pub food and from what I saw, it looked like pretty decent tucker. Food served 12-4 IIRC. Friendly woman behind the bar, this pub will be a true treasure once the restoration is complete (if it is ever complete).

14 Feb 2010 13:58

The Walnut Tree, Maidstone

I've given this pub enough chances now. Went in yesterday for a pint and a game of darts. The soccer was on 3 TV's (via an illegal stream). We got our darts out, ordered our pints (an absolutely farcical 3.40 for a Kronenbourg - how can pubs get away with this?). Once we had paid we were informed we couldn't use the darts board while the football was on the TV as someone might throw a dart at the TV?!?! I've got a photo and will upload it soon, but the board was miles away from the TV and I've never come across any chucker who could throw their darts so far away from the board that it would even come close to the TV. I protested with the lady behind the bar, and offered to show her I could throw a dart straight - she refused and said rules are rules. We supped up and left in disgusting. Instead we walked down to the Admiral Gordon and me and my party recieved a warm welcome as usual.

29 Dec 2009 12:53

Arcadia Ale and Wine Bar, Headingley

The extension is now in place, both upstairs and downstairs.

27 Dec 2009 22:22

The George, Temple

I've walked past this pub several times over the years and never bothered going in. It was so cold yesterday though that we needed to find a stop off on our trek along the Strand, so we decided to pop in for a swifty. I was very impressed - excellent atmosphere and pleasantly busy, there were 5 guest ales on IIRC - I enjoyed the Sharps Nadelik which was tip top while my associates played it safe on the Gales Seafarers, which I was informed was fine too. I will probably return here, as like someone has mentioned, there aren't too many decent boozers around here.

20 Dec 2009 11:33

The Mash Tun, Victoria Station

I have been visiting the Mash Tun on an infrequent basis since I was 17, so for nearly 5 years, and it has become tradition to visit here on occasions for nostalgic purposes. I have yet to find a pint of London Pride anywhere in the country that is in better condition than here. I went in again earlier this evening, the first time for about a year, and once again the Pride was superb, and at a fair 3.25 a pint (for station prices, not too bad). No problems with the staff, perfect for a quick pint before a train.

17 Dec 2009 23:54

Goose On Hotel St, Leicester

Slipped into this disgrace of a pub yesterday to get out of the rain. Complete Wetherspoons imitation, but done very badly. I went to the bar, stood there waiting to be served, only to be informed by one of the strange looking locals that you have to queue. This involved forming a single file line at the end of the bar, and you waited your turn. They couldn't understand why I thought this was odd. So anyway after collecting my pint, a Shepherd Neame Christmas themed guest (not the Christmas ale), I tried to find a table that wasn't covered in beer. This proved a fruitless task, so instead I opted to stand. My pint was horrible, warm dishwater, I quickly supped up and left. AVOID.

6 Dec 2009 18:32

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

How can I have forgot to review this place? An absolute gem of a pub. Perfect in fact. Great selection of ales, nearly all from microbreweries, and some decent cider available too. Their pricing policy is interesting (you'd know about that if you stay for a few). If people comment on another pub and say the landlord/landlady was welcoming then they know nothing until they have been to this place. I have never known 2 more friendly people running a pub. An absolute credit and I hope this places goes from strength to strength. I visit Bristol only once a year but a visit here is top of the list of my priorities. It is very unusual for me to award a 10, but I cannot fault this place.

12 Nov 2009 23:56

Bia Hoi, Sheffield

Found myself in Bia Hoi, lost, confused and baffled last week. Anyway, I recall enjoying a Becks Vier, which was in decent condition (haha). The place was completely empty and the only plus was the barman elected to serve us (it was well after 1am and there were literally 2 customers). The DJ played a few drum and bass tunes for us as well which cheered me up somewhat. I have upgraded my previous rating of 0 to 1.

12 Nov 2009 23:34

The Grove Inn, Huddersfield

Huge range of real ales in this freehouse but I was less than impressed by the pub itself. This fits into CAMRA theme pub territory for me. It does indeed have more handpumps than you could sample from in 1 day, but I found this pub was lacking in atmosphere and generally a bit rough around the edges, but not in a good way. Having huge lists of foreign beers doesn't impress me much either - anybody can do that - its more difficult to create an environment that is enjoyable for drinkers, which I didn't think was present here. A little disappointing. Don't get me wrong, I will probably go back here again and its better than the vast majority of pubs, but it didn't live up to the hype for me, and I would rather go to the Kings Head or the Rat and Ratchet. Over-sized pint glasses a plus.

12 Nov 2009 23:31

Sportsman, Huddersfield

Surprised there is only 1 review of this place. Sportsman is one third of the "Ale Trail" that also incorporates West Riding Refreshment Rooms in Dewsbury and Cellar Bar in Batley, all 3 in close proximity to their respective train stations. We graced this pub on the afternoon of the England-New Zealand so it was pretty busy but there was still seating available as plenty were happy to stand. I thought it was perhaps a little dull inside and there isn't a lot going on. Its just plain. Anyway, we plumed for the Riverhead Liquorice Stout which was in tremendous nick and for only 2.50 a pint, a delight (5%). We debated staying for another but made our way to the Kings Head. I will return next time I am in Huddersfield though.

12 Nov 2009 23:27

The Rat and Ratchet, Huddersfield

Spacious Ossett house in a somewhat odd location just outside the city centre. If walking from the town centre, take care on the bizzare road junction that you have to circumnavigate to reach the boozer. Looks fairly similar inside to what you would expect, wooden floors, wooden tables, and generally quite pleasant. I think I saw a pinball machine and a juke box. Plenty of Ossett beers were available and owing to Ossetts fascination with Silver beers, I forget what mine was called. It was fine though. We only stayed for a swifty as it was dead on a Saturday afternoon and there were no ticks for my comrade.

12 Nov 2009 23:21

The White Horse Inn, Maidstone

Phew, its a good job I have arrived. 7.5 for the White Horse? Crikey! Seeing as there is only 3 reviews I shall have to vote very low to get it down to the 5/10 that it deserves. Very very pedestrian pub - not a lot going on of note here. I suppose its pleasant enough on a cold winters evening but I cannot think of another reason to frequent this place. Had a reasonable pint of Pride on my last visit but quickly scarpered. Don't get excited!

3 Nov 2009 19:00

The Wheatsheaf, Fitzrovia

This is the kind of dull pub that the world will not miss if/when it closes. There is literally nothing remarkable about this pub. How can people say this place has character? Complete nonsense. Generic shell which offered 2 ales on my visit, Adnams Bitter and Spitfire. My Spitfire was fine, no complaints here, but there was no reason to stay for another. Not one to seek out.

22 Oct 2009 16:17

Canal House, Nottingham

Great pub near the train station in Nottingham. I won't waste all of our time describing the interior etc. I visited on a Thursday night and it was pretty quiet. The food being served looked very nice. Unfortuantely though, the beers were a bit of a let down. A reasonable selection but mostly Castle Rock (obviously). The barman serving me was friendly and was giving me the Castle Rock discount even though I had no card. The selection of Continental Beers was OK, but not great - nothing unusual on that tempted me. I'm off to the Devonshire Cat. Cya.

21 Oct 2009 13:57

The Ape and Apple, Manchester

Further to my view from March, I must update. I went in a couple of weeks ago - this time I drank the Holts Mild. I am a big fan of the mild normally (and the price), but I didn't enjoy this pint at all. The bitter was no better. Watch out.

21 Oct 2009 13:52

The Cask Bar, Castlefield

PS my spelling is awful. FEW TABLES.

21 Oct 2009 13:50

The Cask Bar, Castlefield

Cask Bar is one of my favourite bars in Manchester, and I was gutted to read the review from March that this place had closed. Me and several drinking colleagues slipped in for a sly one on a Saturday evening - I was expecting it to be heaving, but it was in fact pleasantly busy, and we scored one of the view tables available. My heretic lager drinking associates informed me that the Cruzcampo was on top form. I was enjoying the Abbeydale Brimstone, a beer I am very familiar with, and I can happily say that it was tip top, and I was distraught when it ran out, only to be replaced by Abbeydale Absolution. Great bar - also, there is a chippy next door - it might not look amazing but the food is decent and you can eat it inside the pub. 10/10.

21 Oct 2009 13:50

The City Arms, Manchester

I have to admit to being slightly disappointed by this place. The ale selection was reasonable - there were plenty of guests, but only 2 or 3 more unusual ones sourced from decent microbreweries. It probably didn't help that my visit was at about 9pm on a Friday night - and therefore it was packed, and I didn't see much of the pub (the bar was very small). We managed to find somewhere to perch outside though - nice to see somewhere where pavement drinking is allowed and tables are provided for standing drinkers. The service was friendly enough, but I won't be rushing back.

21 Oct 2009 13:46

The Nottingham House, Sheffield

Tired and disappointing battle cruiser full of annoying students. Woeful ale selection - despite having at least 6 handpumps, only Deuchars, Black Sheep, Landlord and sometimes Old Peculiar feature. I reluctantly plumped for the Deuchars - 2.70 a go and the worst pint of the normally reliable Deuchars I have ever had. I quickly enveloped said pint and was on my within 5 minutes, not to return. Beware, this pub is a focal point for University socials - so avoid on all weekday evenings, for there are idiots everywhere.

21 Oct 2009 13:43

Pitcher & Piano, Nottingham

This is not a boozer, its a bar, a disgrace turning such a lovely old building into a Pitcher & Piano. They should feel ashamed of themselves. 0/10.

16 Oct 2009 14:08

The Cock and Hoop, Nottingham

What a delight this place is. People here don't seem to realise this is a hotel bar, and not a pub, strictly speaking. There is a cocktail bar and a 40+ room hotel at this location too. But forgoing that, I still have an excellent time here - it was like sitting in the front room of a stately home, with plenty of comfortable seating available for drinkers, with a seperate area for diners. It was fairly quiet when I visited but the barman was extremely friendly and professional. The previous reviewer mentions a limited beer choice - this is a HOTEL bar, how many hotel bars have you been in before with 4 ales on? Jennings Snecklifter was on at a ridiculous 2 a pint, but its too strong for my tastes so was supping the Cock a Hoop, which was a sensational pint at a very fair price. I will be returning here if I ever have the misfortune of finding myself in Nottingham again.

16 Oct 2009 14:07

The Keans Head, Nottingham

Fairly trendy boozer masquerading as a gastro-pub. I'm not such a fan of this place to be honest - its too small and pretentious for my liking and it seemed to focused on food and less on being a decent pub. The food did indeed look nice, but if you are just drinking and want a decent pub, then I wouldn't reccomend this place. 3 Castle Rock ales were on but as I don't really have a lot of time for this brewery, I went for the sole guest available from the Ossett brewery, which was perfectly acceptable.

16 Oct 2009 14:04

The Shakespeare's Head, Leicester

Agree with previous reviewer, the Barnsley was ridiculously cold. I went for the Old Tom just before leaving - a sensational beer, that I will drink next time. You almost feel embarrassed when buying a round in here, such are the low prices.

9 Oct 2009 01:03

The Brunswick Inn, Derby

Very acceptable boozer close to Derby station. I went for one of the Headless beers which was very enjoyable and for a decent price. Loads of seating all around the pub, friendly staff - I was annoyed I only stopped off for a quick one as I could easily spend a whole day in this place. 8/10

9 Oct 2009 01:01

Swan and Rushes, Leicester

My previous review still stands to an extent but the bloke behind the bar needs to remove his head from his backside. I think he was the landlord, and he decided to berate my mate for ordering a lager - now I am very much a real ale man, but I don't bear a grudge towards lager drinkers - this bloke clearly does. Why doesn't he have the guts to take lager off the menu if he has such a problem with it? No doubt the Yawnion crowd is too important too him to take such a step.

9 Oct 2009 00:52

The Criterion, Leicester

Slipped into her earlier with a pal and was a little disappointed. My previous review indicated this boozer was closed when I visited - this time it was open however. I plumped for one of the guests - and it was OK at best - served in an oversized glass which was nice, but like previous reviewers, I must say it was a little warm. The interior irritated me some what - far too much going on for my liking. Loads of posters and the like. I probably won't rush back.

9 Oct 2009 00:48

Sloanes, Leicester

"The Pub" has now opened on New Walk and is a trendy ale bar next door to what appears to be a closed down burger joint. The listing here needs to be edited though. Same bloke running the place by the looks of things - there are indeed 15 handpumps - but only 6 or 7 ales are on (not that this is a bad thing!). Unbelieveable selection of European beers on draught - I counted 13! I never went into Out of the Vaults but I really hope this place catches on, as I think it is the future of real ale establishments. 8/10

9 Oct 2009 00:45

Fishermans Arms, Maidstone

Well the Shamrat is an awful Indian so ignore alexboorman. Went into the Fishermans last night for the first time in years - used to be a prime under age haunt but its really sorted itself out now. Small Shepherd Neame boozer with a low ceiling - a recent refurbishment has worked wonders though, its now relaxing inside with a light wooden interior, comfortable seating and Sky Sports. To the rear is a small garden. Standard Sheps prices but I will be making a return for sure.

2 Sep 2009 13:57

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street

Unsure why this place is getting a slagging off for being a tourist trap. What do you expect in London? Madness. A lot of bitter people out there. This is one of the best pubs in London - not for beer selection, but I can get over that and enjoy the brilliant atmosphere at night and have a great time with good company. You deserve all you get if you see this as a foody pub - no point. Go to the McDonalds up the road if you want some food. The OBB was tip top as usual and on my last visit, somewhat unusually and a first for me, the downstairs bar was open instead of the Cheshire bar. Absolutely brilliant, staggeringly good in fact - this is an absolute must visit when in London for this bar alone (I visited on a Saturday so it was quite busy, I would imagine that the downstairs bar might not be open during the week, as it is vast).

24 Aug 2009 18:55

The Pilot, Maidstone

I also feel the need to comment with regards to the nosedive in standards at The Pilot. Previously this was one of my favourite pubs in the country but now, I cannot see me revisting in a hurry. The new landlord is particularly unfriendly and the beer on my last visit was extremely average, and for sky high prices. This might have been in the GBG for years, but I honestly expect it will drop out sooner rather than later. Go to the other end of town instead, as there is now no reason to drink on this side of Maidstone.

24 Aug 2009 18:51

Harrys Bar, Wakefield

Sensational ale hole - difficult to fault? Try impossible to fault. Beers listed on a chalk board featuring at least 6 real ales. A nice mix between modern and old, the interior is very pleasing and there is a small seating area besides the pub. A large selection of fruit beers and various other bottles including WKD Cider (first time i've seen it, thank god!) and Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger beer which was a lovely drop. With regards to the levels of patronage, I had no problems getting a seat at 5.30pm on a weekday and the pub was comfortably busy. I will be seeking out this pub the next time I happen to go anywhere near Wakefield Westgate, and will add it to the list of fantastic pubs in Wakefield including Boons, Red Shed and Fernandes.

13 Aug 2009 13:32

Airbrau, Munich Airport

Brilliant contrast to the overpriced Wetherspoons we have to endure in England. After deciding to swerve the garish Halloween themed Spoons at Gatwick, I landed in Munich and dashed to this gem. With handbaggage only and typical German efficiency, I had a beer in front of me 10 minutes after I landed. Follow the signs for Munich Airport Centre - its right in between Terminals 1 and 2, in a semi covered, vast shaded space. The garden surrounds an artificial pond which is very pleasing and there are a huge number of tables available as is the norm in Germany. I food menu looked decent and the beer was spot on at 2 euro 30 for a half litre - about a euro cheaper than in England. Put it this way, I would consider flying out of England early in the morning, spending all day in this remarkable pub, and then flying back in the evening. It is that good! 10/10.

13 Aug 2009 13:28

The Flower Pot, Maidstone

My first visit to the Flower Pot was in 2005-2006 and to be honest it was a bit of a dive. However, after hearing the recent news with regards to the CAMRA awards, I had to visit - and I am very glad I did. What a transformation this pub has recieved - the garish interior has been completely replaced with comfortable seating and tables in the upper level, with some further seating and a pool table in the lower section of the pub. As previously mentioned, there are 6 guest ales available - on my visit, these were all from micros with no national beers - fantastic. I forget what I sampled but I went back for seconds and thirds thats for sure, and it was fantastic, and at a very reasonable price. I can see me returning on a regular basis if the standards remain this high!

3 Aug 2009 17:08

The Bowling Green Hotel, Wigan

First visited this marvelous pub 2 years ago - and had a great time. Vintage interior with a circular bar. I was a little disappointed with the real ale selection on my most recent visit however - only 2 or 3 were available, but at a very reasonable discounted price. Most of the pubs were unused - but a sensible move by the landlord, better having 2 or 3 beers being turned over than 8 beers sitting there. As previously mentioned, it appears there is a "sale" on at the moment and many drinks are discounted. I worry this place is struggling somewhat - the first time I visited on a Friday afternoon this place was buzzing - when I went in last friday, it was empty. A crying shame if so. Beware, opens at 4pm. A must visit still however.

5 Jul 2009 23:21

Anvil, Wigan

Sensational pub - boltonbloke's review is most embarrassing considering what is on offer in his home town. Visited this place twice over the weekend - fantastic pint of Allgates Caskablanca, and for bargain basement prices. Comfortable interior, and a lovely outdoor seating area. Best pub in Wigan by far.

5 Jul 2009 23:18

Hen and Chickens, Bolton

Decent boozer this, my Titanic beer was lovely. We were looking for another pub and the landlord was kind enough to help us out. Nice tradtional interior. Solid.

5 Jul 2009 21:17

The Man and Scythe Inn, Bolton

Decided to pop in here when doing a crawl of GBG pubs around Bolton. Lovely exterior and interior - we were greeted by a friendly bar man who made us feel welcome, a somewhat unusual occurance in Bolton. I was in a cider mood so went for the Thatchers Gold, and noticed the majority of punters were drinking the full strength Thatchers - as mentioned by others, very unusual indeed. Its a little bit of a rock pub so if you have a problem with that then I would be a little wary. Ale wise, I noticed Hobgoblin was available, but can't comment on the quality. The prices were embarrassingly low too - 2.10 for a pint of Thatchers Gold I think. If I ever return to Bolton (which I doubt), it will be to here.

5 Jul 2009 21:14

Spinning Mule, Bolton

Reading previous reviews it seems this place has been a bit hit and miss. I slipped in here for a quick one before catching the train home and I must admit I was impressed. Having sampled some pretty poor Wetherspoons pubs lately, I thought this one was well above average - and my guest ale was lovely. Can't comment on the food unfortunately, but decent if you fancy a pint.

5 Jul 2009 21:11

The Sweet Green Tavern, Bolton

How this pub gets a 6.7 is beyond me. Close to the station, I arrived here with great hopes having read its positive review in the GBG. The barmaid (what I assume was the landlady) was very rude towards us, and generally unpleasant, presumably due to the crime of visiting this pub bearing a Kent accent. Anyway, went outside to the admittedly pleasant beer garden (after playing on the ancient fruit machines). My guest ale, one of the 7 or 8 available, was absolutely shocking - undrinkable. I have never had a pint like it before. Because of the previous altercation at the bar I elected not to bother taking it back and took my custom elsewhere. AVOID.

5 Jul 2009 21:09

The Green Room, Sheffield

I visited here for the first time since their move away from being a "draughtless" bar. I had a pint of Erdinger and my head nearly exploded when I was informed of the damage. Christ. Its OK in here, the seating isn't particularly comfortable unless tiny wooden stools are your thing.

14 Jun 2009 23:28

The Old House, Sheffield

Decent bar that gets extremely busy on evenings, especially the weekend when its nigh on impossible to get through the doors. They are perhaps most famous for their stunning array of cocktails - ask them to make it, and they probably will be able to oblige. I tend to visit for the 2 Staropramens served between 5pm-9pm Monday-Friday (maybe Thursday, I can't remember). There are also other "after work" specials. The food here is also of note, with excellent value and large portions being the order of the day. Addlestones cider is also served, and quite nice.

14 Jun 2009 23:27

The Crown and Sugarloaf, Bride's Lane

Finally got to visit this pub on a recent visit to London. Tiny! But very pleasant indeed. I can imagine it to get very busy but luckily when we called in at about 4pm, it was steady and we were served quickly and efficiently by the bar maid. I will be returning for sure.

14 Jun 2009 23:10

Barley Mow, Leicester

Slipped in here and was a little confused. There seems to be a lot going on in there and it seems cluttered with all kinds of rubbish adorning the walls. Wasn't overly welcoming. I had a look at the food menu and it seemed very cheap, including a very reasonably priced steak. I had the Everards Sunchase which was OK but I fired it down as I say little reason to stay.

14 Jun 2009 23:03

The Albert Hotel, Tamworth

Bloody hell, terrible news.

14 Jun 2009 22:59

The Hare and Hounds, Maidstone

It has indeed reopened. Going to try it out this week.

14 Jun 2009 22:51

The Greyhound, Maidstone


14 Jun 2009 22:44

The Red Lion, Lenham

Fair free house situated within spitting distance of the village square and Dog and Bear Hotel. Not sure I agree with previous comments - warm welcome from the landlord and a range of clientel inside. The food menu looked very nice with some interesting dishes. I drank the Sussex Best too which was OK, but I thought this was Harveys Sussex Best as K&B got taken over ages ago??? It did come in a K&B glass though - i've read up on this and I have got terribly confused on the situation. Something to do with East and West Sussex though. Nice interior, real (I think) wooden beams etc. If I had time for 1 pint, I would choose this place over the Dog and Bear.

19 May 2009 19:56

The Dog and Bear Hotel, Lenham

Reasonable Shepherd Neame pub in the heart of Lenham. The pub is divided into two - on the left is a restaurant area that serves lunchtime and evening meals. I didn't get a decent look at a menu. Fortunately, this pub hasn't totally been taken over by foodies like many other pubs in Kent have, with the otherside of the pub being for drinkers. A menu of light snacks, sandwiches etc is served all day - the sandwiches looked very nice, although pricey at 5-6. The pub has Sky Sports and it was a pleasant atmosphere during the Man Utd-Arsenal match. Beer wise, usual Shepherd Neame range but it seems that Hurlimann might have been struck off in favour of Asahi, which if true is a great disappointment. Masterbrew and Spitfire were the ales. Not bad.

19 May 2009 19:53

Three Pigeons, Halifax

Called in at the 3 Pigeons after the Mayfest beer festival just down the road. There was a beer festival on in the pub too with 10+ ales spread over the 2 bars. I cautiously plumped for the Oakham JHB, one of my favourite ales, and it was in sensational condition. I should make the effort to visit here more than once a year as it is a warm, comfortable pub with friendly staff, and also a tasty real cider on handpump.

10 May 2009 14:58

The Fernandes Brewery Tap and Bier Keller, Wakefield

bradwan's statement is very inaccurate and I hope it hasn't put off any prospective visitors- it opens every day, 4-11pm during the week and up until 1am at weekends depending on how busy it is. The Bier Keller opens Wednesday-Sunday IIRC.

28 Apr 2009 19:33

The Kings Head, Bristol

Aesthetically pleasing old pub that evokes mixed feelings for me. Fantastic, traditional interior indeed but very small and the only seating available was cramped. Additionally, 2 pints of Bob and 1 pint of Fosters was 9.40? Disgusting price. Left after one and won't be returning. Milking their heritage status for all its worth.

16 Mar 2009 13:06

The Ape and Apple, Manchester

Larger than average Holts pub that was pretty busy with the after work crowd on Friday. Usual Holts selection available to enjoy in a pleasant environment with plenty of seating. Got chatting to a few friendly locals who also gave me directions to the next pub. Nice.

7 Mar 2009 13:06

The Briton's Protection Hotel, Castlefield

Decent former Tetleys house. As mentioned previously, beer very expensive but my guest ale was nice. The 3 rooms are all fantastic and this is a proper traditional pub worth looking for. The pies sound delicious and next time I am in Manchester I will endevour to eat here.

7 Mar 2009 13:02

The Paramount, Manchester

Standard Spoons with a selection of 4 guest ales available. I had a Phoenix beer which was light and refreshing as described on the clip. Second time i've been and both times its been very busy. Could do with some more bar staff to tidy up at busy times. They have reduced the prices of the real ales to 1.79, so with my 50p voucher, I only paid 1.29, I almost felt guilty.

7 Mar 2009 13:00

The Cask Bar, Castlefield

Very pleasing little bar. Huge range of bottled Belgian Beers, Cruzcampo and a few German Beers. There were 2 guest ales on, mine was lovely and at 2.40, a very reasonable price. This place feels very continental and is quite small but at the same time intimate. Friendly barstaff, only downside is the toilets are ridiculously small (but not a problem).

7 Mar 2009 12:58

The Old Monkey, Manchester

Fantastic traditional Holts pub convieniently located. Holts brew one of my favourite milds and at 1.81 for a pint I had no room to complain. It was delicious, perfectly poured, right temperature and its obviously being turned over regularly which is often a problem when it comes to milds. I went in on a Friday afternoon at about 3pm and it was quite busy which was good to see, with most supping mild. A must visit.

7 Mar 2009 12:56

The Lass O'Gowrie, Manchester

I was very unimpressed with this pub. Its a mess inside, too much clutter and it doesn't really know what it wants to be. They seem to be desperate to appeal to the students and these space invader tables and keyboards on the walls look ridiculous. Seating is very poor with the majority of it being stools and benches with no tables. When I visited there were no guest ales on (advertised as being a reasonable 2.40) so I had to settle for a 2.85 pint of Olde Trip, which to its credit was in reasonable condition but isn't something I would buy out of choice. Also on were Black Sheep and Greene King IPA both also at 2.85 which is too expensive, especially given the pubs location. The food was extortinate too, but I didn't partake. Not worth going out of your way for.

7 Mar 2009 12:54

The Hare and Hounds, Maidstone


3 Mar 2009 13:05

Mr Foley's Cask Ale House, Leeds

Been in a couple of times over the past few months including at the weekend. This pub REALLY smells unpleasant and I have no idea why. You can't get away from it. As a result, we left and went elsewhere. It was unbearable.

3 Mar 2009 13:03

The West Riding Refreshment Rooms, Dewsbury

Sensational pub that deserves higher than the 7.4 that it currently recieves on here. How can anyone rank this any less than an 8? Beyond belief. A superb range of ales with 3 Taylors regulars and several guests, as well as a decent range of lagers. We went in on Sunday the Sunday dinner option is a roast meat (I believe this changes week to week) in a breadcake served with gravy and roast potatoes for a fiver. Amazing value, it was turkey when we visited and although i'm not usually a huge fan of turkey, this was perfect and far better than messing around with a roast dinner. MUST VISIT!!

3 Mar 2009 13:02

Wetherspoons, Sheffield

Agree with previous 2 comments and I have revised by rating. Had an argument with one of the pillocks working behind the bar too.

28 Jan 2009 16:40

Wetherspoons, Sheffield

Agree with previous 2 comments and I have revised by rating. Had an argument with one of the pillocks working behind the bar too.

28 Jan 2009 16:40

The York, Sheffield

All previous reviews of this pub should be wiped. A former O'Neills and Scream pub, it has been restored to its former glory. A huge refurbishment in 2008 turned The York into a proper pub with a decent selection of real ales and a vintage interior and selection of rooms. It would be difficult to fully get across how much this pub has changed - check out their website at Anyway, I went in last night expecting not to like it as this pub has been taken over by those who own the Dove and Rainbow in town, which I dislike and often find has a poor selection of ales. It is a rock pub too, which isn't my style at all. Anyway, I was very pleasantly surprised by this traditional pub with a decent selection of 6 ales, including a mystery ale. I had the Ghost on the Rim which was in sensational condition and is the best pint I have had in 2009 so far. Nice dart board, fruit machine and plenty of space - I will be returning.

18 Jan 2009 16:35

The Ypres Tavern, Sittingbourne

Decent pub. Went in here for a quick pint before my bus - Spitfire was on offer which was good to see but I wasn't in the mood for a real ale so had something else. Comfortable, traditional interior, reasonable prices and the football on the TV was at a pleasant level. Best in Sittingbourne I would imagine (not hard).

4 Jan 2009 23:05

Globe and Engine, Sittingbourne

Absolutely disgraceful Shepherd Neame pub which has no positives whatsoever. I was with Leebs on the afternoon in question and quickly rued choosing this pub over buying 3 cans from the Kent Mart 100 yards away. xfoxyx MUST be the landlord or has mistaken this place for somewhere else. Grotty interior and unpleasant clientel first struck me when I stepped into this shocking boozer. Master Brew was available but I can't stand it so plumped for the usually reliable Oranjeboom. 4 pints, 12 lighter and all 4 of us are practically chundering in the yard at the back (accessed by crossing over the oche for the darts). The most unpleasant pint I have ever had, a very odd colour too, not dark enough to be proper Oranje, there was clearly something wrong. On the way out I noticed the other 3 or 4 people in were drinking Hurlimann.


4 Jan 2009 22:51

The Hare and Hounds, Maidstone

The situation when I went past yesterday was very similar to that of rpadam. I have heard all these whispers of a new landlord, an ale lover, billboards outside etc, and I know they did a beer festival back in August (I didn't go, a prior commitment saw to that). Anyway I was going to sneak in here for a libation - instead of 4 handpumps I believe there were 6, but every one was off. Ridiculous. Avoid.

23 Dec 2008 11:39

White Rabbit, Maidstone

I've been going in the White Rabbit for a couple of years ago and for a Vintage Inn its very nice. A refurb a couple of years ago means a comfortable interior, a perfect pub for the winter, while the beer garden at the front of the pub is vast and is a sun trap (although its quite close to the road, you don't really notice because there are bushes in the way). 3 ales are on offer, Pride, Spitfire and Harveys Sussex Best. The prices here are very reasonable, its quite remarkable. The Harveys was just 2.40 - look from the outside and you'd be surprised to get changed for 3. Guinness is just 2.80 as well, a bargain in todays climate. One of my comrades enjoyed a Mulled Cider too off the bar, which was very tasty. The food is decent too, but not that cheap.

23 Dec 2008 11:36

The Pilot, Maidstone

2.90 a pint :(

17 Dec 2008 11:34

Fagan's, Sheffield

Perhaps some what daunting from the outside, Fagans is fantastic inside, warm and friendly with a traditional interior. I had a pint of Addlestones Cider which was extremely nice and the other member of my party had the Moonshine, which he tells me was one of the best Moonshines he's ever had. I must give the food a try sometime as the menu looked very tempting and good value.

14 Dec 2008 17:02

Dog and Partridge, Sheffield

What can I say, a magnificant pub, one of the best in Sheffield. Excellent atmosphere, comfortable seating in a proper pub. You can sit back and imagine you are in Ireland. The music last night was very relaxing - only 2 ales on, including Abbeydale Temptation which was in perfect condition. I will be returning regularly.

14 Dec 2008 17:00

The Orange Tree, Havering Atte Bower

Stopped off at this hole when making my way to the local Labour Club. I think i'll bypass it next time as the conversation at the Labour Club is 10 times better and I recieved a warm welcome, even though I am a staunch Conservative. Anyway, back to this disgrace of a lager barn - there was 1 real ale on (I think, couldn't see any others) - I sampled it and it was vile - I took it back, and the disgruntled barman swore at me. I decided to cut my losses and leave - I needed to use the gents however, eventually found it (no signs), got into the toilets and slipped over on a puddle of urine. I left in disgust. AVOID THIS PLACE.


5 Dec 2008 16:34

The Sun, Maidstone

Its being run by someone new/old now, I can't remember. I think they've stopped doing food as well.

25 Nov 2008 18:54

The Globe Inn, Tamworth

Escaped from the Sir Robert Peel only to find this place full of Villa Supporters watching the football as well. Nice pub inside however, not many beers on though. Can't remember what I had as by this stage i'd had about 20 pints so I was quite loosened up. Not the city bar I was expecting.

24 Nov 2008 15:55

The Sir Robert Peel, Tamworth

Had a reasonable pint of something unremarkable in here. Full of people watching the football so quickly left.

24 Nov 2008 15:53

The Market Vaults, Tamworth

It may have taken them over 2 years but the beer in here was OK. Worringly quiet for a Saturday evening however, I had the Banks Original which was clean and enjoyable. Unusual to find a pub like this on what I assume is the High Street.

24 Nov 2008 15:52

White Lion, Tamworth

After a distressing experience in the W*therspoons, I had high hopes of the White Lion after reading a positive review on here and of course spotting it in the Beer Guide. Imagine my absolute disgust when I arrived here on a Saturday night at 7pm to find that the WHOLE PUB was closed for a private function. Raging, I left and found somewhere else to enjoy my custom. 1/10 simply for being there.

24 Nov 2008 15:49

Bole Bridge, Tamworth

Atrocious Wetherspoons. Went in at about 2pm on a Saturday afternoon, reasonably busy although plenty of staff and tables. Had a quick inspection of the taps and couldn't see a single guest ale (there had been one on and it had gone off when I went to the bar). I spoke to the Team Leader who confirmed there were no guest ales on and wouldn't be for a while - she blamed the beer festival - that had finished 1 week earlier. I cut my losses and forced down a bottle of Lech before storming out.

24 Nov 2008 15:45

The Albert Hotel, Tamworth

Traditional little boozer within stumbling distance of the station. Reasonably friendly staff, I sampled the only guest on offer - Jennings World's Biggest Liar which was more than acceptable. A TV was showing the Rugby League highlights of Australia's collapse at the hands of New Zealand which was an added bonus. Worth stopping off at.

24 Nov 2008 15:42

Henry Boons, Wakefield

The pub could do without rogues such as ChrisP87 visiting. Nice pub though, I had the Clarks Henrys Harvest Special which was also on offer at a scandously low price. Before I knew it I had supped 2 pints of it and I had to say my goodbyes. Will grace this pub with my presence one day shortly however.

13 Nov 2008 23:11

The Fernandes Brewery Tap and Bier Keller, Wakefield

Sensational. That is all.

13 Nov 2008 23:06

Richard III, Leicester

Called in here on Wednesday afternoon. Pub was empty which was a shame. Warm welcome from who I assume is the landlady - went for the Everards Beacon which was in good nick, felt guilty leaving in the end. Traditional backstreet pub, friendly but as pointed out before, the seating layout is somewhat odd - if I was them I would lose the pool table which dominates the whole pub and takes up most of the space.

13 Nov 2008 22:58

The Ale Wagon, Leicester

Agree with previous reviewer. Rude woman behind the bar. Pub was near enough empty on a weekday lunchtime. Wide selection, I plumped for a 3.8% guest (I forget the name, it was a long day), huge disappointment. 2.40 as well, unacceptable. Will not be returning.

13 Nov 2008 22:55

Swan and Rushes, Leicester

Fantastic boozer located near the hospital. From what I have read the lease has been taken over? Well you would never have known, the two blokes running things behind the bar were friendly and knowledgable. 6 or 7 real ales that I could see available, I enjoyed a Tollgate offering and a fantastic pint or 3 of Oakham Bishops Farewell. Not just the standard selection of Belgian Beers either with numerous small bottles and also many unusual 750ml bottles that I haven't come across before. Was gutted to leave in the end, especially as the Bar Billiards table had become free once more (we had played several times earlier in the evening). We were invited back to participate in a tournement. Might just do so.

13 Nov 2008 22:52

The Criterion, Leicester

Visited Leicester for the day and was furious to find this place closed during the afternoon. No explanations.

13 Nov 2008 22:46

The Shakespeare's Head, Leicester

Easy to spot this interesting establishment. Agree with all previous comments, this pub was refurbished in 2004 but still retains its 60's charm. Enterting the pub you would not realise it is in fact 2008. Was fairly quiet when I sneaked in for a quick pint - 6 older gents watched me like hawks as I ordered the Barnsley Bitter, which was in remarkable condition, a lovely pint which I quaffed in 15 minutes, before I sadly had to leave to meet some aquaintances. Worth seeking out.

13 Nov 2008 22:45

Dutton Arms, Becketts Park


18 Oct 2008 17:44

The Rutland, Chesterfield

Excellent pub. Had a win at the bookies so treated myself to a couple of pints and some tea. The Batemans Combined Harvest was in brilliant condition and I quaffed 2 pints of it. Food was decent and excellent value. Friendly landlord, music at a decent level and good music too, this is the future of pubs - 7 ales on today.

16 Oct 2008 20:57

Spa Lane Vaults, Chesterfield

Called in here for 1 and stayed for 2 this afternoon. Was pretty quiet as previously mentioned but very clean and tidy inside, one of the better Wetherspoons that I have visited. Only 2 guests were available which was a little disappointing but the Derventio Barbarian was fantastic and made up for this.

16 Oct 2008 20:55

The Frog and Parrot, Sheffield

Has indeed been refurbed.

30 Sep 2008 14:56

The Brown Bear, Sheffield

Apparently there is a new landlord and they are ironing out licensing issues.

30 Sep 2008 14:54

The Brown Bear, Sheffield

Walked past this 2 weeks ago on Sunday. It was 10.30pm, but was still disappointed to see it closed. Thought nothing of it until I went down on Monday. Closed. Must be permanent. Shame. Anyone got any news?

29 Sep 2008 15:35

The Crown and Sugarloaf, Bride's Lane

Not open on Saturdays - not a huge problem though, Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese up the road.

14 Sep 2008 16:03

The White Horse, Hampstead Heath

After a day visiting other local pubs it was refreshing to finally find a pub with decent beer. Sharps Doombar was in superb condition and enjoyed by several members of my party. A clean, friendly pub that offered what looked like very tasty Thai food. Reccomended.

31 Aug 2008 21:30

The Garden Gate, Hampstead Heath

Very very busy when I called in. Nothing available in the spacious beer garden but finally got a table inside. Think I had a pint of Youngs in here, unremarkable whatever it was though.

31 Aug 2008 21:29

The Roebuck, Hampstead

Stopped off at this pub after noticing a sign saying "we sell beer now" or something. Wasn't sure if it was a joke or what not so went in. Fantastic garden in the back made up for a disappointing selection of ales - only Adnams Bitter and London Pride. The Adnams went off and we were told they were putting a new barrel on - the barmaid came back and informed us there were only 4 pints left - the worlds smallest barrel. Anyway, returned to the bar later and asked for the Adnams again, and was told it would be 45 minutes to change it. We reluctantly selected a Pride - after 3 out of 4 Prides had been poured, another staff member appeared and said the Adnams was back on again!!!!!!! Very annoying. Pub itself is a bit poncy.

31 Aug 2008 21:27

The George, Belsize Park

More typical Greene King pub. Youngs Original, Special and London Pride were available. The Pride was mediocre at best but the Youngs was just about acceptable. Barman didn't have a clue how to pull a pint though and I was usually left standing for 5 minutes while he struggled to pour 2 beers. Wouldn't rush here but not a huge amount in the area. Not cheap. Food was good though, especially the pie of the day.

31 Aug 2008 21:25

The Knights Templar, Chancery Lane

Arrived here at 10.50am waiting for pub to open. Duty manager was shocked to see about 20 blokes waiting outside - told us its normally dead at weekends and they only open because head office say they had to. Anyway, even though we were the only people in there practically there were 6 well kept guest ales on - all sampled and all decent. Fantastic interior as already noted. Will return.

31 Aug 2008 21:23

The Knights Templar, Chancery Lane

Arrived here at 10.50am waiting for pub to open. Duty manager was shocked to see about 20 blokes waiting outside - told us its normally dead at weekends and they only open because head office say they had to. Anyway, even though we were the only people in there practically there were 6 well kept guest ales on - all sampled and all decent. Fantastic interior as already noted. Will return.

31 Aug 2008 21:23

The Quebec, Marble Arch

Walked in here, no ales on, quickly left.

28 Aug 2008 11:51

The Three Tuns, Marylebone

neddy191234 must work there or something.

Went in yesterday for some lotion, 3.09 for a terrible pint of Old Speckeled Hen. The staff were rude and kept hastling people sitting down nearing the end of their drinks, asking if they wanted another, pressuring many into buying. I got in at 5pm and sat at a table reserved for 7pm - by 5.20 a worried staff member had summoned her manager to check I could read. Will never be returning. Generous 1, simply becuase it had some ales on.

28 Aug 2008 11:50

The Frog and Parrot, Sheffield

Not sure what is going on here. It has been completely gutted - judging by the time of here it is probably a refurb for when the students come back, although not sure.

25 Aug 2008 12:53

The Ball, Sheffield

A very pleasant surprise. This is a rare Greene King gem - looks a bit rubbish and theme-pub-esque from the outside and its pretty standard inside. Big, spacious, TV's, pool table, darts, sofas etc. But then on my visit there were 10 ales on which was stunning. 3 Kelham Island beers, Ruddles/Abbot/Old Speckeled Hen/Sun Dance and a couple of guests. Had 4 pints, all in top condition and reasonable prices. Will be returning.

21 Aug 2008 18:36

Britannia Bar Cafe, Rochester

A warm welcome from the friendly landlord here. Went here for a quick one but ended up staying for 4. Goachers Light (?), Everards Tiger and Everards Sunchaser were on offer - I stuck with the Sunchaser as the weather was fantastic and it went down well sitting in the sun in the beer garden. Beer was in good nick. Worth seeking out.

1 Jul 2008 11:55

The What the Dick Inns, Rochester

Huge disappointment. Only bitters available on my visit were London Pride (which was nice to be fair) and Worthington Cask. The pub was empty at 7pm in the evening, we quickly supped up and left.

1 Jul 2008 11:52

The Man of Kent Ale House, Rochester

Unbelievable pub. I think there were 9 ales on all from local breweries. I had the Goachers White Star which was in top condition. Plenty of ciders and European beers available as well. Unusual layout and very interesting interior, with a spacious garden at the back. Reccomended.

1 Jul 2008 11:51

The Good Intent, Rochester

Fantastic pub. Arrived to be greeted by a friendly barman, selected one the ales from behind the bar, the barman informed me of another ale that wasn't displayed so I had that instead and it was perfect. I can't recall the name but they had 3-4 guest beers on. Barman was in fact the landlord and had a good chat as he said he'd never seen us before (we'd come over from Maidstone), gave us some directions to the next pub and invited us to the beer festival on Friday. Will be returning soon for sure. Lovely big beer garden as well.

1 Jul 2008 11:50

The Muggleton Inn, Maidstone

rpadam is right. Used to be able to get a different selection to that of Society Rooms but not any more. Don't get excited if you walk in and it looks like there are 5 guests on, policy usually dictates that ales that are off should not have their clip turned round. A joke.

29 Jun 2008 23:32

The Chicago Rock Cafe, Maidstone

Prices seem to be falling rather than rising which is always good news. If you are passing during the day and fancy a pint with your mates then this is a reasonable option - pints are all less than 2.50 I believe including Guinness and Becks Vier. No ales obviously like.

29 Jun 2008 23:29

Earl's, Maidstone

Small refurbishment outside but still the same dump inside. Where is the good beer? Always seem to have a Nelson beer on and this pub wins the accolade for the single worst pint I have ever had.

29 Jun 2008 23:27

The Swan, Maidstone

Tiny pub, the prices are a disgrace as well. Live music most Saturdays means you probably won't be able to get in the door because the band takes up half of the pub.

29 Jun 2008 23:24

The Duke Of Marlborough, Maidstone

Friendly town centre boozer. A warm welcome from Paul the landlord and his wife is guaranteed, a friendly place where everyone is mates. Pool table and darts available, Boddingtons is only 1.80.

29 Jun 2008 23:23

The King and Queen, East Malling

Dull beer garden? Hmm. Ernie seems to have a bit of a chip on his shoulder when it comes to pubs in East Malling. Lovely beer garden is the pubs best feature. The beer was however very disappointing, Youngs Special and Black Sheep last time I called in.

27 Jun 2008 11:34

The Rising Sun, East Malling

The Riser is a fantastic pub.

27 Jun 2008 11:32

R Bar, Maidstone

This place has totally died now. Been taken over and now will be known as "R Bar".

22 Jun 2008 15:59

The South Sea, Broomhill

Horrendous establishment. Walked in here one afternoon and it was dead. Shuffled to the bar, no beer on, went for a Guinness which was over priced. Horrible. I have heard this used to be reasonable but now it is awful. Don't bother.

22 Jun 2008 15:33

Three Tuns, Sheffield

Sneaked in here for a sly one when walking down to The Kelham Island Tavern to meet friends. Bearing in mind this was at about 7pm, I was very surprised when I walked in and the pub was literally empty. The bar-maid was in the cellar as well. I awkwardly plumped for the Landlord which was enjoyable. Took some money out of the fruit machine, quickly finished off my pint and made an exit. Shame really because its a reasonable pub.

22 Jun 2008 15:28

The Horse and Groom, Great Portland Street

Lovely pub, friendly bar staff, very nice dartboard and the scran looked nice.

22 Jun 2008 15:24

The Fox, Maidstone

I believe there is a new landlord here? I think the 2 posters below are a little harsh. Its alright.

22 Jun 2008 15:22

The Walnut Tree, Maidstone

Unbelieveable prices here, especially for its location. 2.90 for a Greene King IPA and 3+ for lagers. Disgusting.

22 Jun 2008 15:21

The Farm House, West Malling

I've not been in the Farmhouse for a while. Its alright, pricy mind.

22 Jun 2008 15:19

The Five Pointed Star, West Malling

Called in here last night for the first time in a few months having visited many times over the past couple of years. Nothing much seems to have changed. Standard boozer, relatively traditional but gets very busy. The beer is nothing to write home about - I had a 2.90 Ruddles County which was below par. It was either that or Green King IPA/Old Speckled Hen. Hurray. Won't be rushing back.

22 Jun 2008 15:19

The Farm House, West Malling

<sigh> in my disgust I wrote the comment below on the wrong pub.

22 Jun 2008 15:18

The Farm House, West Malling

Called in here last night for the first time in a few months having visited many times over the past couple of years. Nothing much seems to have changed. Standard boozer, relatively traditional but gets very busy. The beer is nothing to write home about - I had a 2.90 Ruddles County which was below par. It was either that or Green King IPA/Old Speckled Hen. Hurray. Won't be rushing back.

22 Jun 2008 15:18

The Joiners Arms, West Malling

Went in last night and it was packed (there was a soccer match on). 3.05 for a pint of Spitfire is a disgrace but sadly it is becoming standard for Shepherd Neame to rip off their customers. This used to be a favourite haunt of mine but not any more.

22 Jun 2008 15:16

The Lobster Pot, West Malling

Slipped in last night for a swift one. Was much quieter than it used to be which is a worrying sign. Sampled the Cornish Knocker which was in excellent condition. 2 other guests were available and 3 regulars. Only 2.70 for a beer which in todays marketplace is very reasonable. Will be going back.

22 Jun 2008 15:14

The Varsity, Sheffield

Varsity should be closed down. Shocking chain bar, no reason to go in here at all i'm afraid.

16 Jun 2008 22:20

Swim Inn, Sheffield

Beer is always in excellent condition here and a good range of guests is guaranteed. The Beer and a Burger is still only 3.99 here - the cheapest I have ever seen it (everywhere else is 4.59). Quite a few old gadgers but never any problems in my experiences.

16 Jun 2008 22:16

Bia Hoi, Sheffield

Another horrendous example of a soul-less modern bar. This one is particularly rubbish.

16 Jun 2008 22:15

The Red Deer, Sheffield

Over-rated establishment - usually busy, ale selection is very disappointing - Deuchars, Black Sheep, Banks and Adnams Original I think. Very exciting. Not. Don't bother, walk down to the Dev Cat instead for a selection of guests.

16 Jun 2008 22:14

Bungalows and Bears, Sheffield

This is a fine example of how it is still possible to open up a modern bar but retain the characteristics of a proper pub. Comfortable seating area all round, good atmosphere during the day - a wide selection of premium lagers on draught, Abbeydale Moonshine and sometimes 1 other ale and best of all, Schneider Weisse on tap. Lovely.

16 Jun 2008 22:09

Yates's, Sheffield

Good news everyone, its closed.

16 Jun 2008 22:06

The Sportsman, Sheffield

Nice pub and its a shame this is next to Wetherspoons. Lease was up for sale last time I walked past which isn't a very good sign as I would be surprised at someone wanting to take this one on. One of the only sources of Magnet in the city centre.

16 Jun 2008 22:06

Wetherspoons, Sheffield

Solid Wetherspoons. Usually a good selection of 5-6 ales including local guests. Always in excellent condition. The tucker is hit and miss but the drinking patio is very good when the sun is out.

16 Jun 2008 22:05

Old Monk, Sheffield

Dire execuse for a pub. Avoid at all costs.

16 Jun 2008 22:02

The Brown Bear, Sheffield

Reasonable boozer although not brilliant. Good for a swift one when passing by. OBB is cask and is always in good form. 1.38 I think. Friendly staff.

16 Jun 2008 22:02

R Bar, Maidstone

Maidstone's newest gay venue.

12 Jan 2008 10:20

Cherry Tree, Huddersfield

Fantastic by Wetherspoons standards. I think they had at least 8 guests on and a comprensive list of beers in the cellar and those that are racked. Very reasonable prices as well for a Wetherspoons, 1.59 for the guests, which were in good condition. Very busy on a lunchtime.

28 Dec 2007 16:10

The King's Head, Huddersfield

Pub has reverted to its former name, "The Kings Head". Fantastic pub, had at least 10 rotating guests on when I visited yesterday, and the beer was in excellent condition.

28 Dec 2007 16:07

The Brown Bear, Sheffield

Currently closed. Being refurbished I think.

21 Dec 2007 11:32

The Frog and Parrot, Sheffield

Gone badly downhill it would seem, transformed into a student pub. All of the cask ales bar 1 have gone (Ruddles County), and as previously mentioned, the Roger and Out is no longer brewed. Very disappointing.

8 Oct 2007 15:08

The Roundhay Fox, Roundhay

Above average Vintage Inn. Had a lovely meal in there the other night but it isn't cheap. Usual Vintage Inn drinks range that were fine. Perfect for the drinker with family in tow

8 Sep 2007 18:05

Arcadia Ale and Wine Bar, Headingley

Very rude staff. Gets ridiculously busy at times and its impossible to get near the bar because of the design of the pub. Can't fault the range here but not cheap either.

8 Sep 2007 18:02

Woodies Ale House, Headingley

Very average, sterile Greene King pub. Wouldn't bother going out of your way for this one - Deuchars and Ruddles Best (!) were on and were average. Tacky and uninspired.

8 Sep 2007 18:01

Whitelocks, Leeds

Spent yesterday afternoon in this pub and had a great time. Nice outdoor seating area greets you as you walk up the alley. Very unusual inside with a restaurant area on one side of the pub and a drinking area on the other side. As well as the beers Ordinary listed, 4 guests were available: Harvistoun Ptarmigan, Tom Woods Bomber County, Dr O'Kells IPA and Milestone Loxley Ale. I had all 4 and they were all superb, especially the IPA which I can reccomend if available. All priced at a very reasonable 2.50 a pint, excellent value for such a central pub.

8 Sep 2007 17:56

The Maltings, York

TBluewinkle clearly has no idea what he is talking about - what a load of rubbish! Personally I don't visit pubs for the quality of their toilets like he clearly does. Anyway. Maltings is one of the best pubs in York, fantastic for the real ale fan. The interior of this pub is fascinating, and there was an excellent atmosphere in there when I visited on 2 consecutive weekday afternoons. Available for selection was Green Tye Cascade, Grafton Blondie and York Guzzler, as well as 2 others that I forget. The Blondie was very nice as well. Must visit pub.

8 Sep 2007 17:53

The River Bar and Grill, Maidstone

No cask ales. No draught beer at all most nights. Under new ownership though and will be known as Bar 11 I think. Many fun drinks promotions and is "gay friendly" apparently. Not sure why its even on this site anymore.

26 Aug 2007 20:55

The Stile Bridge Inn, Marden

No cask ales were on offer on my last visit. The food menu looked appealing and the garden was nice but the Green King IPA on tap was undrinkable, so we made a swift exit.

19 Aug 2007 22:42

The Spotted Cow, Larkfield


19 Aug 2007 22:40

The Harp, Covent Garden

Very interesting and vibrant pub. Loads of guest ales were available, gutted I could only stop here for one. It was packed when I went in but had no problems getting served by the very friendly barstaff, presumably the landlady, who made us feel welcome. Had a pint of Woods Pot O Gold which was fantastic.

1 Aug 2007 20:50

The Coal Hole, Strand

Surprised this has got such poor reviews. Lovely little pub, good atmosphere and wasn't too busy when I went in at about 5pm. Had a nice pint of Adnams Explorer which was enjoyed. The food around me looked fantastic and generally a very pleasant experience.

1 Aug 2007 20:48

The Porterhouse, Covent Garden

I must have got lucky when I visited last week. It was my birds 18th birthday so we embarked on a crawl around Covent Garden. Got in there early evening, welcomed by the friendly bouncer, no issues at all. Got inside, and they were having an absolutely fantastic Belgian Beer Festival. McChouffe was on draught, as well as the predictable Fruhli, a long side 3 or 4 other interesting belgian brews (my memory is somewhat hazy). I sampled Timothy Taylors Landlord and it was excellent. Good atmosphere inside and on the terrace at the front, I will definitely be visiting again to investigate the rest it has to offer.

1 Aug 2007 20:47

The Pilot, Maidstone

Can someone please confirm/dismiss whether or not the Connect 4 and other board games have been in fact removed?!

1 Aug 2007 20:41

The Chequers, Laddingford

I can understand what earlydrinker is saying. I have just got back from a couple of pints at The Chequers. It was OK. Very disappointing to see it is now an Enterprise Inn, meaning the cask ale selection is very dull. Adnams, London Pride, Harveys Sussex Best and Black Sheep were the usual suspects on my visit. They were alright, although I would hasten to say the Harveys was no-where near as good as it usually is. The garden is lovely though I must say, the pub itself nothing that special though. Incredibly expensive though, I couldn't believe that 2 pints of Best and 1 medium white wine cost nearly 9 quid! Startling. Wouldn't go out of your way.

14 Jul 2007 19:40

The William Web Ellis, Twickenham

Not bad for a Wetherspoons. Good prices and an excellent range of real ales.

11 Jul 2007 21:59

The Cabbage Patch, Twickenham

Went in there last Saturday after reading some reasonable things. Where do I start?! I plumped for the Deuchars, which as someone else has previously mentioned was in shocking condition, warm and odd tasting. They haven't got a clue how to look after their ales it would seem. And the worst part about this whole fiasco is that I got charged 3 for it!!!!!! Absolutely DISGRACEFUL. I wouldn't expect to pay that in central London for a cracking pint of Fullers Discovery or something. Farcial. The pub itself was a dump as well, 4 pool tables (terrible cloths) charing 1 a go. This pub obviously has had trouble in the past as you have to pay a deposit for you cue and chalk. Its like a youth club or something, they even have a pinball machine. On the other side is a lounge area which is a bit better, but still, avoid.

11 Jul 2007 21:57

The Druids Arms, Maidstone

One of the only town center pubs that serve drinkable cask ale. Last time I went in there was a selection of 3 available (the names escape me, all unusual though). They were very drinkable as well. Gets very busy on Saturday nights (they have a band on).

11 Jul 2007 21:52

Lashings, Maidstone

Fun place this. During the day I have been told its perfectly respectable with good food. By night though, every single punter is bladdered, dancing on tables, dancing around etc. Can be packed. Sometimes a top night.

11 Jul 2007 21:43

The Walnut Tree, Maidstone

Prices steadily getting even higher, sadly. Walk up the road and take the first left and head down to The Fox as an alternative.

11 Jul 2007 21:41

The Five Pointed Star, West Malling

Best pub in West Malling by some distance. On my latest visit, Old Speckled Hen was available alongside Ruddles County, both were fine. The food menu looks very interesting although i've never really got involved with that. Gets incredibly busy on Friday and Saturday evenings, to the point where you can't even get in the pub, never mind get served!!

11 Jul 2007 21:38

Mackenzies Cafe Bar, West Malling

Informed that its closed.

11 Jul 2007 21:36

The Lobster Pot, West Malling

On my last visit to the Lobster Pot, I was disappointed to find a very boring selection of ales. Usually they have 2/3 guests from far away, but last time it was bog standard Youngs etc.

11 Jul 2007 21:35

The Little Gem, Aylesford

Lovely little boozer right in the middle of Aylesford. On my last visit I sampled Fullers London Pride, Adnams Broadside, Wells Bombardier and the guest cider that was on draught. All were in excellent condition.

11 Jul 2007 21:33

The Wateringbury, Wateringbury

Is the person below kidding? No real ales when I went in last, incredibly over-priced as well. Some gypsies sitting outside as well drinking cans.

9 Jun 2007 17:12

R Bar, Maidstone

Interesting pub with an excellent range of food. They have claimed to be an ale house in the past (I'm not sure if they bother with this anymore) but on my last 3 visits they have all been off. Carling is ridiculously cheap in here for some reason but everything else is quite expensive. Loads of TV's, Fruit Machines etc and it gets incredibly lively on a weekend as its right next door to The Loft, a popular nightclub. Might be worth a lunchtime visit.

9 Apr 2007 21:37

The Counting House, Bank

Fantastic pub. Full Fullers range was available for consumption. Chiswick was in good condition and reasonably priced. Quick service at the bar and with a smile as well. Food looked very expensive but have been assured it is very tasty. Cracking atmosphere in this pub, worth going out of your way for.

31 Mar 2007 01:31

The Crosse Keys, Bank

Impressed by this compared to the terrible Wetherspoons we have to put up with in Maidstone. Quiet when we went in as it was mid afternoon. Good range of guests were available, had a pint which I forget which was unremarkable. Food was average and the experience a positive one.

31 Mar 2007 01:29

The Swan, Bank

Belting little pub. Landlord was friendly and cheerful, good Fullers range was available. Had a quick pint of the Chiswick which was in excellent condition at a very reasonable 2.50. Will certainly return soon.

31 Mar 2007 01:27

The First and Last, Maidstone

Funny opening hours though. Doesn't open on a weekday lunchtime?

26 Mar 2007 23:14

Lowlander, Covent Garden

Absolutely rammed every single night. No room to stand at the bar either really. Beer second to none though and a cracking atmosphere.

16 Feb 2007 12:05

The Coach and Horses, Soho

Wasn't aware this pub had any history or anything. Had 5 good ales on, Peetermans Artois, Lowenbrau, loads of other beer etc. Nice atmosphere, superb crisps, really expensive though. Old fella behind the bar was a little odd though.

16 Feb 2007 12:00

The First and Last, Maidstone

Good news, will be sure to make a visit soon, especially for the new dart board. Will they still be carrying 2 guests?

5 Feb 2007 22:58

Zebra Bar, Maidstone


25 Jan 2007 20:22

The Flower Pot, Maidstone

Distinctive little pub a 10 minute walk from the town center. Its like having a bar in your front room here. A darts board and pool table in the lower end, with plenty of room elsewhere for relaxing. When I visited I think I saw Youngs Special as well as another beer on draft. I imagine they have a few bottles available as well. Also on tap is Budvar, the only place in Maidstone that this is available. A good pint as well in authentic glass. Well worth a visit.

25 Jan 2007 20:20

The Dragoon, Maidstone

Good, solid Shepherd Neame pub just outside of the town center. Very spacious and roomy, the Dragoon has the usual Masterbrew on tap, occasionally Spitfire and there are a few bottled ales. Only Shepherd Neame licensed lagers are available. There is a pool table at the top end of the pub as well as a darts board in its own area, which is excellent. There is another board down towards the front of the pub as well. Prices are quite reasonable and the bars taff are friendly.

25 Jan 2007 20:16

Ye Olde Thirsty Pig, Maidstone

Under-rated pub, the Thirsty Pig has sorted itself out recently. An excellent range of bottled ales ranging from Hobgoblin to Tanglefoot. Also a small selection of Belgian beers such as Leffe, Duvel, Chimay Red and Hoegaarden. These are very reasonable priced as well, with a bottle of Leffe costing only 2.20. Good atmosphere upstairs, although can be a struggle to carry 3 drinks up the steep stairs after a few pints.

25 Jan 2007 20:11

The Pilot, Maidstone

Best boozer in Maidstone. TWG has said it all and over-consumption did not skew his review. Harveys Best, Old and Armada are available and seasonal draft ales are also present.

Note: NOT open all day. Closes at 3 and reopens at 6, during the week.

25 Jan 2007 20:09

The First and Last, Maidstone

Just a quick note. This pub was closed for a while due to a change in ownership. It said it was going to reopen in November, last time I walked past in December it was still shut with the same sign on the door. I'm not sure if its reopened yet.

25 Jan 2007 20:05

The Walnut Tree, Maidstone

Lovely little boozer near the Oakwood Park complex on the Tonbridge Road. I thought this used to be a Courage pub but they serve Greene King I.P.A as well as Courage Best and last time I was in they had someone from Greene King in for some reason so who knows. Anyway, a very friendly and cosy pub. Barstaff are very friendly and there was a wide range of clientel. Being located near to 3 schools and 1 college mean it gets quite busy on a lunch time, but they are quite strict on ID which is good. As well as the two bitters, they also have Miller on draft which is in excellent form, even for 2.90 a pint. There is a good jukebox, 2 fruit machines and a dartboard with electric scoreboard (complete with a dodgy 8 button for the "Away" team). Overall, a lovely pub, well worth a visit for a pint, especially in the summer for the small sun terrace.

25 Jan 2007 20:03

The Halfway House, Brenchley

Sensational pub in the middle of no-where. Incredibly friendly bar staff, lovely atmosphere, traditional fittings, this pub is perfect. There were 6 beers on the menu when I visited and 1 cider. I had 4 pints and all were in superb condition, straight from the keg. Make an effort to visit here!

8 Jan 2007 23:15

Style & Winch, Maidstone

Not a bad pub. Friendly bar staff but the clientel are mostly 30+. Pool table at the front is reasonable, although not much room to manoveur your cue. Courage Best and London Pride still the two casks and are always reasonable. Recently stocked Gaymers cider but have now switched to Original Bulmers which is a huge disappointment.

Beer garden towards the back is a plus though. Table football is available for free which is always a good laugh.

2 Oct 2006 13:56

Earl's, Maidstone

A bad pub. Only redeeming feature was Olde English Cider on tap which has vanished in the past few months. Rude, unfriendly staff. Average beer with nothing out of the ordinary available. Kareoke night is appalling. Full of weirdos spending their job seekers allowance.

2 Oct 2006 13:54

The Druids Arms, Maidstone

One of the better pubs in Maidstone but quite expensive. A menu of ales but they are never on when I go in there. Lovely pint of Heineken is available. Busy at the weekend - very friendly customers and bar staff. Great atmosphere in the courtyard beer garden, with a heater for the winter.

2 Oct 2006 13:52

The Muggleton Inn, Maidstone

Wafty pub full of tools warming up for Moons and Ikon. Used to be alright but now its crap. The "refurb" was a huge waste of time. Turned into a horrible Lloyds now. Awful music playing on Fridays and Saturdays at ridiculous volumes. Takes about 25 minutes to get served because of all the idiots standing at the bar.

Handpumps are off 90% of the time. Good range of ales otherwise, although all served far too cold and in dirty glasses. Only redeeming feature is a wide range of bottled beers and cider. Reasonable food.

2 Oct 2006 13:48

The Sun, Maidstone

Really rubbish, boring pub. They have Tavern Snacks which is a plus point though. Seems to be open very late (been in there after 12 and got a pint in). You get stared at if you go in there and are under 25.

2 Oct 2006 13:46

The Coopers Cask, Maidstone

Average, dull pub. Pretty tacky all round but the beer was alright. Whitbread Best Bitter was available as well as the usual range of lagers. Pool table available - I forget the price. Not the most pleasant clientel but was alright for a quick pint. Lots of fruits and other various games.

2 Oct 2006 13:43

The First and Last, Maidstone

A small, friendly pub located in the rough area of Fant in Maidstone. Only about 4 tables, last time I went in there were about 6 old men sitting there watching Countdown. Reasonable selection of ales - Adnams and Harveys Sussex Best have been sampled on recent visits. Youngs beers also available. As pointed out, beer quality varies greatly. Harveys was in reasonable nick but the Adnams was shit.

Theres a Spar nearby if you want some snap. Also Kens Barbers opposite if you can fancy a haircut.

2 Oct 2006 13:41

The Admiral Gordon, Maidstone

Traditional Courage pub with friendly staff and clientel. Busy with college students during the day, with a more "grown up" crowd as they day wears on. Cheap, but good quality pub food served between 12-2.

Pool table - only 50p ago, reasonable selection of cues. Chalk available.

Darts - 2 boards. One day time use board in its own little room leading onto the beer garden. Good board with chalkboard to the rear of the oche and an overhead light. 1 deposit for the darts. Also a league board in the main room at the back of the pub.

Jukebox - old school jukebox plays the classics. 1 gets you 5 tunes.

Fruity - changes every couple of months. Recent ones have been Coronation Street and Deal or No Deal. Popular at lunch times in particular with the college students.

Beer garden - excellent in the summer. Shade for those that want it, but also in a great position to catch the sun.

Beers - London Pride and Courage best occupy the two hand pumps. In reasonable condition. Scrumpy Jack available for the cider drinker. Fosters, Carling and 1664 are all available for the lager drinker. Small selection of other bottled beers and cid

2 Oct 2006 13:36

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