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Comments by kevmac

The Garibaldi, Redhill

Really sad to see the pub boarded up, we can't afford to lose another local asset.

Gamboozler, I really hope you are right and this pub can re-open as a community pub. More power to your elbow, I for one will make sure I visit it on a regular basis going forward if it able to keep trading.

13 Apr 2017 20:56

Rack of Ale, Dover

What a cracking bar this place really is. Went in with a group of fellow Bristol Rovers fans before and after our game at Dover and was really impressed. Firstly the range of ales and ciders was extremely good and everything was very well kept. The prices are also very good as well, £3.60 for a pint of 6% Legbender scrumpy is very reasonable.

We had some really good banter with the Dover fans in the bar and the welcome we received from all the staff was simply top class. I have never been in a pub which provides the amount of free food as the Rack. In the afternoon we were treated to pork pies, scotch eggs, nuts, crisps etc in very large quantities. Post match we had plates of lovely snails and followed up with probably half a dozen bags of chips they brought in from the local chippy.

The guys at the Rack are doing a fantastic job, all too often football fans are tolerated rather than really welcomed, however the warm friendly welcome we received and the hospitality was superb.

I can't recommend this place too highly and should I ever be in Dover again this will be without doubt the pub of choice for me. Thank you for looking after us so well, this is the first time I have ever awarded a ten, it is richly deserved.

19 Apr 2015 20:16

The Door Hinge, Welling

I can only echo what Lezford has said about this place.

Went on Saturday for pre and post Bristol Rovers v Welling game and loved the place and ended up spending almost fice hours in the place! Pre match the pub was packed out with mostly Rovers fans and some local. Post match it was a mix of Rovers and Welling fans, drinking together and having a good laugh and chat with not the slightest hint of any problems.

It is quirky, especially the small lounge at the back which is more like someone's front room! Also don't get caught out, the pub only has ONE toliet, which did cause some long waits during the pre match spell!! And it is not the largest pub by any means.

From memory there were about five or six ales on and three ciders. The Kent Pale and Hophead I had were on very good form. One of group was loving the Winter Cider, I had a couple of pints of a 6% cider at the end of the evening which were also good, can't for the life of me remember the name of it!

The owner an ex-London cabbie is certainly a character (might not be too everybodys taste), there is no music, no TV and mobile phones very frowned upon, as the numerous mobiles nailed to the wall will testify.

Will certainly visit this pub again if I am in the Welling area, might even make a special trip out to as well. Highly recomended.

7 Dec 2014 11:16

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

Do like this pub.

The quality of the beer last night was spot on, clearly has been very well lopked after.

Me and mate were drinking Mad Goose and Special and were priced aroud £3.80 each which is not out of order at all. And despite other posters on here the pints were all full and served by genial bar staff.

Will be using this place again.

8 Nov 2014 15:18

Ye White Hart, Barnes

Sorry for the multiple posts, bloody iPhone is doing my head in

29 May 2014 22:15

Ye White Hart, Barnes

Not really a pub, just gastro.

I am used to paying London prices as I work there, but this place is a total rip off for beer. As for the food prices and quality, do not even get me started. It's no wonder pubs are shutting when they rip people off like this.

28 May 2014 23:04

Ye White Hart, Barnes

Not really a pub, just gastro.

I am used to paying London prices as I work there, but this place is a total rip off for beer. As for the food prices and quality, do not even get me started. It's no wonder pubs are shutting when they rip people off like this.

28 May 2014 23:04

Ye White Hart, Barnes

Not really a pub, just gastro.

I am used to paying London prices as I work there, but this place is a total rip off for beer. As for the food prices and quality, do not even get me started. It's no wonder pubs are shutting when they rip people off like this.

28 May 2014 23:04

The Nags Head, Belgravia

Wow this place is really an eccentric throwback, and I mean that in a good way.

In terms of decoration etc I can only relate it to the Canny Man in Edinburgh. Decent range of beers to boot.

Yes it's quirky and yes I wouldn't pick it as my local but for a visit every now and then, just do it.

23 Apr 2014 23:17

The Grenadier, Belgravia

Good beer, great history, all in all a lovely back street boozer.

What is there not to like???

23 Apr 2014 23:12

The Foresters, Horley

I used to seriously dislike this pub, however I have changed my views somewhat.

Having used the pub during the day I have to say the beer is now okay, the prices are not too shabby and the barmaid is pretty good to look at as well.

18 Apr 2014 20:22

Air Balloon, Horley

This is possibly the worst pub in the whole world.

Full of sreaming kids and parents who don't give a sh*te, as for the beer or food, don't even go there.

18 Apr 2014 20:18

The Bricklayers Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

Walked past this pub after a recent game against the Wombles.

Considering I am ex-army and a football fan I am hardly a slow in coming forward shall we say. However I did not even bother to enter this pub as it was packed outside with what appeared to be the local foul mouthed chavs who were shouting, swearing and abusing all who walked past.

Much better pubs nearby, as for the "recent" comments about this pub they would appear to me to be nothing more than a total work of fiction.

16 Apr 2014 20:05

The Greencoat Boy, Victoria

Catbert, I have no idea what SilkTork is banging on about. The Greencoat Boy is not a family pub and all the better for it. Kids don't belong inpubs so perhaps SilkTork would be better off going to a cafe or wacky warheouse and leave pubs for the adults.

Anyway to the pub. I went in to the Greencoat Boy for the first time this weekend as I am working round the corner in Westminster.

It is a decent sized boozer with very friendly staff and a decent range of ales (four from memory) on cask. Personally went for a pint of Aspel which was very good. Looked at the pints being poured for other punters and they all looked in good condition.

It was a bit of fleeting visit as I had to get a train from nearby Victoria but will visit again when I have more time. All in all one of the best pubs in the Victoria area, a pat of London not blessed with the best boozers.

Will give it a provisional 7.

23 Mar 2014 14:21

The Ram, Tidworth

Yo have got to laugh, no posts in almost four years, then suddenly three gushing reviews in less than an hour!!!!!

Poor, very poor attempt at bigging their pub. Frankly I would give it a wide berth just for using this kind of tactic.

27 Feb 2014 13:50

The White Bear, Hounslow

Is the blow job worth £20, might have some of that :-)

16 Nov 2013 16:43

The Red Cross Inn, Reigate

Have witnessed this too Mandraker.

Pubs are for adults not for kids, will not be going back to this kindergarten.

5 Nov 2013 21:56

Ye Olde Mitre Inne, Barnet

Can't stand Trolls and consequently will visit this pub to enable me to put a honest review of the place.

It's a pity we have to put up with their crass postings.

20 Oct 2013 13:25

The Trout Inn, Wolvercote

4 out of 10???? To say that rating astonishes me would be an extreme understatement.

Very nice location to sit in the garden whilst quaffing a few pints of Aspel cider, we found it a lovely way to spend some time. Sure the beer selection was not the widest but I have a very soft spot for Aspel.

Okay it is food orientated but to slag off an establishment for that in the current day and age when pubs are closing at an alarming rate is in my view totally out of order.

I sincerely hope people are not put of visiting by the stupidly low rating (the packed car park did indicate this was not the case). Very nice pub that I will certainly visit again when in the area, regardless of whether I am having food or not.

8/10 from me.

24 Sep 2013 18:12

The Dolphin, Betchworth

Annabee, it's called a pub.

If you want to take your offspring out try a cafe, coffee shop or a Wacky Warehouse. Leave the pubs for the adults where we can get respite from noisy kids and their usually self centred parents.

9 Sep 2013 20:17

The Panther Inn, Reigate

First time I have been in since the change and I have to say I am impressed.

The Aspels was good and the place has a good chilled out atmosphere. Only had time for a quick pint but will certainly be back.

8 Sep 2013 15:38

The Bulls Head, Reigate

Popped in on Sunday for a quick pint and a sandwich, the Aspels was good and a lot cheaper than the Creche sorry Market Stores down the road.

Good honest pub.

8 Sep 2013 15:36

The Market Hotel, Reigate

What the hell is going on here?

Was going to pop in for a pint on a Sunday lunchtime only to count more prams and buggies in the pub than punters. Total joke, it is meant to be a PUB not a crappy creche.

Walked on to the Bull for a nice pint and a sandwich. If this place does not sort it's act out and bloody quick it will have the for slae signs up.

This could and should be the best pub in Reigate sadly the clueless muppets are trashing the place.

8 Sep 2013 15:34

The Hung, Drawn and Quartered, Tower Hill

Been meaning to visit this place for a while now and finally managed a quick pint on Friday evening whilst heading back towards London Bridge.

Because it is so close to the Tower of London it is always going to get a load of tourist but it also gets plenty of suits which makes for an interesting mix.

It has a decent selection of beers, I went for the Aspels cider which was good but expensive at circa £4.70 a pint.

Will go back for a longer visit.

6 Sep 2013 22:35

The Alma Tavern, Wandsworth Town

Made my first visit today for a swift four rounds with a mate, have to say impressed. I had the Aspels cider which was great, my mate tried a couple of different beers including the Pale Ale which all very good.

It was a Sunday afternoon so the pub was constantly busy, sky sports was being shown in the corner with the sound off so it was not intrusive.

I can't comment on the food as we didn't eat but certainly the food that did get served looked good. Sure the pub is gastro but then you have to do what you have to to survive in the pub business, certainly prefer that to a pub going bust and becoming another supermarket.

Having said it's gastro they certainly welcome drinkers and I have to say I found the bar staff very good. I do agree with the comments about the beer price, I know it's London but £9.40ish for two pints in Wandsworth is taking the piss a little.

Have to say the yummy mummies in the pub were rather easy on the eye.

1 Sep 2013 21:20

The Wheatsheaf, Borough

Decent selection of beers and the pub has a great vibe.

The cracking sexy barmaid helped matters too.

31 Aug 2013 22:09

The Craft Beer Co, City of London

This pub was not what I expected at all, the place is much smaller than I had imagined. Having said that it is still a nice pub in a off the beaten track location.

Great range of beers, ordered the Rum Cask Cider however it was off but was changed straight away by the barman and had the Pheasant Plucker instead which was good.

31 Aug 2013 22:04

Euston Tap, Euston

A really excellent range of beers and bottled beers.

Sure the pub is cramped and quirky but hey I actually like that. Jazz music playing in the background only added to the atmos.

31 Aug 2013 22:01

The Bree Louise, Euston

Visited for the first time recently, really impressed with the huge range of beers (16?) and ciders 11.

The Old Rosie was on top form. All in all a proper old boozer, will certainly be back.

31 Aug 2013 21:58

The Prince Albert, Southwark

Cockneylass - A little gem????

You either work there or have total mistaken this boozer for somewhere decent.

23 Aug 2013 20:34

The Bulls Head, Reigate

Ryogasan not sure you were even in the right pub.

The Bulls Head is a decent pub serving good beer and some decent cheap food.

16 Jul 2013 10:20

The Prince Albert, Battersea

Decent range of beers and ciders, the Aspel's was very god.

It is very Gastro however drinkers are very welcome. Not bad at all and will visit again when in Battersea.

16 Jul 2013 10:14

The Rocket , Putney

Came across this pub by accident whilst doing a stage of the Thames Path, very impressed.

Nice building, excellent views across the Thames and none of the brain dead loud mouthed chavs that all too often ruin a Wetherspoons.

My only criticism would be that having just 3 ciders on when the festival trumpeted up to sixteen is poor, the Jack Fairman in Horley managed 9 or 10.

Having said that it is a very decent pub to while away a few hours and unlike so many other Thames waterfront pubs they don't stiff you £5 plus a pint for the privilege or serve up substandard beer. Will be back.

16 Jul 2013 10:09

The Market Hotel, Reigate

Tempest, why bother with the snide comment, TWG has done a very good review of the Market. If you don't like his reviews why bother reading them?

Back to the pub. Visited yet again recently this time on a Sunday afternoon and I have to say I still really like the pub.

The beer selection is still one of the best in Reigate, had a very enjoyable day on the Aspel cider. The pub remains busy with a decent clientel and joy of joy they seem to have taken notice of the comments about the food. The quality is still good but the quantities have IMHO increased and represent much better value for money.

For my money the Bull and the Market are now really good estableshments to spend time in Reigate.

18 Jan 2013 16:27

The Priory, Reigate

Been in here once for an indifferent cocktail served by a pleasant enough young lass who did not have a scooby about how to make cocktails, which is strange as that is what they are meant to be all about.

As previously mentioned the place is very rarely busy and an urgent re-think is needed before it all goes tits up.

18 Jan 2013 16:15

The Shipwrights Arms, London Bridge

Good pub situated very close to London Bridge station.

It's certainly old school but nothing wrong with that at all.

10 Nov 2012 10:55

Ship, Monument

Excellent little boozer tucked away off Gracechurch Street.

10 Nov 2012 10:53

East India Arms, Fenchurch Street

Cracking little boozer.

In an area overloaded with pretenious crapholes this is a real stand out old school pub, will certainly be back.

10 Nov 2012 10:48

The Home Cottage, Redhill

Went back for a proper visit on Saturday night and came away with mixed feelings.

The pub was very busy with a decent selection of beers, we went for the Aspel cider which was good. The pub itself had a good atmosphere with plenty of bar staff so no waits to be be served.

The food was where the mixed vibes came from, my steak was good but the steak and ale pie that Mrs Kevmac had wasn't great with the meat being chewy, I would have sent it back put the other half doesn't like to complain.

The prices for the food was also a bit naughty with my personal pet hate of charging for all the side dishes. Come on guys that is out of order, stop trying to make your meal prices look reasonable then sting your punters for chips, veg etc it's a naughty trick.

I will be back for drinks but don't think I will bother for food.

5 Nov 2012 19:20

The Garland, Redhill

Finally made my first (brief) visit to the Garland on Saturday evening.

Vary good range of beers, I decided to go for the Addlestones Cloudy cider and it was excellent, much beeter then the Strongbow/Blackthorn rubbish too many other pubs flog these days.

It's a big old pub with two dart boards and a bar billiards table which is something you don't see very often these days. THe pub itself had the feeling of a proper local pub and the bar maid / landlady? was very friendly.

Will certainly be back for a longer visit.

5 Nov 2012 19:13

The Market Hotel, Reigate

Went back on Saturday to spend an evening in the Market Stores instead of a quick pint. The pub was certainly busy early during the evening and by 9:30 was very busy indeed, with a good atmos I will add.

Had dinner in the upstairs bistro and the food was very good despite an initial mix up with the starters which did take too long to be resolved, but not a major issue.

But I have to say it is far too expensive, whilst my scallop starter was very nice I do think 3 scallop's for 9.50 is over the top. Like wise with the mains the food was good but by the time you add your side dishes on top (a nasty practice that too many places use) the average price for our mains was 21 each.

Now I don't mind that in a good restaurant but this is at the end of the day a gastro pub and I did feel this was OTT. However as we had 50% off vouchers for the food this did soften it somewhat.

In summary it is a very good pub and a big improvement on what went before, good range of beers and ciders and a decent vibe in the place. Happy to eat there in future but I will be limiting it to the lunch time menu.

If your watching Fullers do something about your value for money, the bistro was not full on a Saturday night, not a good sign.

15 Oct 2012 12:33

The Inn At Kew, Kew

Oh dear a little girly hissy fit there oaktreedog.

You don't have to read my posts, LIVE with that!!


5 Oct 2012 17:51

The Inn At Kew, Kew

Sussexfox "beer and skittles" might be your world but it is not mine.

I actually don't have an issue with Wetherspoons policies on kids simply because most of them are new venues adding to the choice available. I hasten to add that with only a few exceptions I tend to give them a miss as the pile it high sell it cheap is not my bag, but that's a personal view.

I am not sure what the most profitable group has got to do with it, that's like saying the Sun is a great news paper because it sells by the bucketload.

Of course I go to kid free pubs but I object to having my choice reduced by the year simply to allow bad parents to ruin what had previously been a good pub with their boorish manners. It's not the kids that are the issue, it's the parents.

5 Oct 2012 14:51

The Inn At Kew, Kew

Blackgander if you want to sit in a crap hole of a kindergarten overrun by screaming kids with parents who couldn't give a shit about anybody but themselves, then good luck to you.

I prefer a damn sight more civilized environment to have a few bevvies and a meal.

It's just a pity so many pubs are happy to pander to the lowest common denominator.

5 Oct 2012 11:40

The Inn At Kew, Kew

Oaktreedog it is really not difficult to understand,

Pubs are for adults end of.

There are a millions of places for parents to take their off spring where they can annoy like minded people. All that is happening is the great British pub is being killed by alowing ill mannered parents to inflict their ill behaved kids on adults out looking for a quiet pint.

4 Oct 2012 17:48

The Inn At Kew, Kew

We are clearly not going to agree on this so there is little point us boring the rest of the posters.

2 Oct 2012 12:38

The Inn At Kew, Kew

I certainly do, I have walked out of many pubs before ordering because of screaming brats running riot.

I do object though to having the numbers of pubs available to me restricted because of selfish parents who couldn't give a monkeys about anybody so long as they can inflict their ill behaved off spring on to everybody else whilst trowing booze down their necks.

1 Oct 2012 17:09

The Inn At Kew, Kew

Pubs who do this sort of thing should be boycotted, with any luck they will go out of business.

To the selfish self centered parents, go to a wacky warehouse or a cafe. Leave pubs to the adults.


1 Oct 2012 15:09

The Hatch, Shaws Corner

Cracking pub, nuff said.

1 Oct 2012 01:49

The Market Hotel, Reigate

I have certainly slagged the old Market off in the past, but not anymore. Fullers have done a cracking refurb which has transformed the place.

Definitely gone upmarket and managed to lose some of the old punters and frankly they will not be missed.

Good wide selection of beers. The bistro up stairs looks really good, didn't eat there but will soon put that right. And at long last the garden is back open, such a waste it never used to be open under the old regime.

All in all a very welcome addition to the Reigate pub scene, well done Fullers.

30 Sep 2012 09:39

The Venture Inn, Reigate

A long time since I was last in and can't work out why it has been so long.

Really like the place especially as they have Aspels cider. Not sure what the last poster was on about regarding the bar staff, found the young who served me to be very friendly.

Good selection of wine and malt whisky.

Will certainly be back soon.

30 Sep 2012 09:28

Old Oak, Reigate

Almost like stepping back 20 years to what local's used to be like, and that's not a criticism.

Very old school but friendly will certainly go back.

30 Sep 2012 09:20

The Elm Shades, Redhill

It is a bit old school but there is nothing wrong with that.

Bit difficult to judge the pub too much as it was very quiet on the Saturday lunchtime when we popped in. Spitfire was in good nick.

Beer garden was quite pleasant and staff friedly.

30 Sep 2012 09:11

The Silver Cross, Whitehall

Viennajack that is clearly illegal, do not be intimidated by this muppet and report it straight to your card issuer as incorrect/illegal charge.

16 Sep 2012 16:17

The Home Cottage, Redhill

Popped in for a quick pint whilst waiting for my train and I have to say impressed.

This is the first time I have been in since the refurb and IMHO they have done a really good job. Sat outside on the very pleasant heated patio area with a nice pint of Aspel.

Unlike some places the refurb does not put drinkers to the fringes which is always good. The dinning area was quiet but then it was a Monday evening after all.

Will certainly be back when I have some more time to spare.

11 Sep 2012 18:01

The Red Cow, Bedminster

Whilst I don't wish to see any pub close, I do not think this one we be missed by many (if any).

11 Sep 2012 17:47

The Leg of Mutton and Cauliflower, Ashtead

Where have all the previous posts gone??????????

11 Sep 2012 01:11

The Old Star, Westminster

Nice pub, it's not cheap but it's central London. Will certainly go back again.

As for leone34's comments, it's a pub take your kids to a starbucks and leave the pub to the adults. The sooner screaming obnoxious kids and their parents are banned from pubs the better.

11 Sep 2012 01:05

The Sanctuary House, Westminster

Decent boozer.

Good choice of ales and good staff, hard to fault it really.

11 Sep 2012 00:57

The Sun, Redhill

He does seem to be a moaning barsteward.

However this really is a shit pub :-)

26 Jul 2012 22:38

The Market Hotel, Reigate

I trust closing to have a refurb and not shutting for good.

I wonder which pub is now being ruined by the TV mob.

26 Jul 2012 09:22

The Volunteer, Bristol

Disgracefull, hanging's too good for em.

23 Jul 2012 19:06

The Mudlark, London Bridge

Polopony, why accept that sort of behaviour. If he would have tried it with me he would have had back with both barrels.

This people are bullys and will continue to act in this way unless they are fronted out. Complaining on a forum after the event is hardly likely to worry them.

19 Jul 2012 17:16

The Priory, Reigate

Still closed with the builders in.

8 Jul 2012 13:27

Wetherspoons, Victoria Station

Typical station venue, get's really busy as you would expect but it is fine to while away some time whilst waiting for your train.

Inside is a bit dingy but sitting outside right by the departure boards is fine.

One thing the management really need to sort out the toilets as they are disgusting. Yes they get very heavily used but they are a disgrace.

8 Jul 2012 13:26

Browns Cafe Bar, Coventry

See the crappy bar has had to close on Armed Forces Day, pity it is not permanent.

Apparently the owner "is absolutely flabbergasted by the response" well it's a pity you choose to follow such a disgusting policy in the first place.

30 Jun 2012 16:57

Browns Cafe Bar, Coventry

So you think your above not serving people in uniform, utter joke.

One British squaddie is worth a thousand times more than some squalid boozer which bans them.

Avoid avoid avoid.

27 Jun 2012 18:14

King George VI, Filton

Never been a good pub, always a bit dodgy.

Would be surprised if it has shut though esspecially with the possibility of Rovers new ground opening just half a mile away.

16 Jun 2012 18:14

The Market Hotel, Reigate

Calm down, all that negative emotion is not good for you heart or soul.

As far your comment "if you arent happy with the market then dont whinge about it.... drink some where else" I for one did that ages ago. I have no plans to cross the threashold again until Fullers turn this crap hole around.

15 Jun 2012 08:10

The Cage Wine Bar, Reigate

"the local horsey set" oh dear oh dear.

Inverted snobbery is never an attractive attribute in somebody.

Decent pub.

15 Jun 2012 08:07

The Market Hotel, Reigate

If that's the case then I am bloody glad I was not on the guest list.

13 Jun 2012 20:10

Bankes Arms Hotel and Country Inn, Studland

Have to agree with some of the comments below. This used to be a great pub in a lovely location and it should be a simple job for a decent owner/manager to make this a fantastic pub and a potential gold mine.

However it appears they simply can't be bothered as they have a captive audience. Shame.

Please get this sorted.

10 Jun 2012 18:24

The Champion, Fitzrovia

Not topping up a short measure is not acceptable and I would have made a real issue of it.

However I would suggest it is totally unacceptable to simply plug your phone in for free juice, the barman was totally right. It is common good manners to ask first before helping yourself to free elkectricity.

8 Jun 2012 18:15

Ye Olde Six Bells, Horley

Food quality was not bad but the portions were hit or miss, Sunday roast was good however I do expect more than 8 chips with a 10 burger.

On arrival I was greeted by my pet hate "please wait here to be seated" sign, never a good introduction esspecailly as the place was almost empty. To make mattes worse we had a noisy family group with 3 kids seated next to us, this is meant to be a pub not a branch of bloody Starbucks, kids should not be allowed in pubs.

Beer wise I stuck to the excellent Apsalls although I did notice a dinner having to send his very cloudy pint of Doombar back, which was in fairness exchanged for a Pride with no questions.

To be honest I was very disapointed having used this pub for the last 5 years I don't expect to back anytime soon. It is not a pub whatsover anymore, it is simply dedicated to food sadly drinkers do not appear to be welcome here any longer. As they have loads of Gatwick hotels and B&B's close by they do not have to try very hard to get punters.

A real crying shame as it is a lovely building and it used to be so much better. Vintage Inns, thank you very much for totally screwing up a good pub.

3 Jun 2012 21:57

The Priory, Reigate

Drove past last night and it certainly seems to be a pretty substantial refurb going on.

Not sure what this will mean for the chances of getting a decent pint but it could be a good addition to the Reigate scene.

29 May 2012 12:41

The Ship, Folkestone

Good decent boozer.
Visited Saturday lunchtime and also early evening. Both times the pub was doing good business, bar staff very friendly and efficient.
Beers were Black Sheep, Pride and Abbott. Enjoyed a few pints and frames of pool,
Nice location overlooking the harbour and some seating outside. Would certainly have this as my local if I lived in Folkestone.

20 May 2012 16:27

The Nightingale, Sutton

Cockney Paul, why are you shouting?

7 May 2012 15:29

The Arkle Manor, Betchworth

Went in for dinner just before Easter and have to say I was disapointed.

The whole place was very quiet which never used to be the case. The menu was very limited edging more towards what I would class as bar meals compared to what it used to offer.

It is certainly not a gastro type establishment anymore and it certainly needs to up it's game again if I am going to return.

Get your act together.

21 Apr 2012 09:14

The White Lion, Redhill

Made my first visit on Saturday and have to say was impressed.

Plenty of ales on offer although I can't comment on them as I was on Stowford Press. Landlord and bar staff very friendly and efficient. Didn't try the Thai food but will certainly put that right in a future visit.

The pub itself is far enough away from the centre of Redhill to avoid the chavvy excess of the town and is all the better for it. Nice old building that I will certainly be coming back to.

15 Apr 2012 10:13

The Tower, Redhill

Such a "nice" place they now have to have trained door staff just to keep their licence.

Don't think I shall be bothering.

6 Apr 2012 18:02

The Willy Wicket, Downend

Oh dear oh dear.

What can I say, a typical new estate pub which thinks it serves good food, wrong.

It is the typical hell hole that is filled (certainly during the day) with screaming kids and parents who could not care less who their delightful offspring annoy.

There are so many better options.

6 Apr 2012 17:44

The Leap, Downend

Don't bother, the place is a hole.

6 Apr 2012 17:39

The Beaufort Hunt, Downend

It is a horrible pub with a very dodgy bunch of Punters.

OK if you fancy a fight otherwise avoid.

6 Apr 2012 17:37

The Bulls Head, Reigate

Visited on a Sunday evening, the makeover works quite well and is an improvement on what went before.

Didn't check out the jukebox myself but the selection that was playing was pretty good.

The bloke with the dog was there and didn't cause any issues from where I was sitting. As for Sussexfox claim about the scam, how can it possibly be a scam if someone chooses to buy someone a beer?

5 Apr 2012 08:55

The Gate House, Monmouth

reedrider - I suggest you widen your "food Knowledge" a bit further than Wikipedia.

Of course a club sandwhich has bloody cheese in it. Nice to see you have slaughtered a pub for no good reason whatsover.

28 Mar 2012 21:33

The Market Hotel, Reigate

Nice to see that they take notice of sites like this.

I really hope this pub is turned around, I have nothing against the place or it customers whatsoever. It would be great to see such a high profile pub as the Market restored to a former glory.

21 Mar 2012 21:38

The Bunch of Grapes, London Bridge

I only use this pub 3 or 4 times a year but I have to say that i find some of the cooments about the staff to be very wide of the mark.

Good solid boozer.

11 Mar 2012 20:14

The Brewmaster, Leicester Square

Love you to tempest

5 Mar 2012 15:13

The Brewmaster, Leicester Square

I have to say mprince that is one hell of a bizarre post.

Is there any chance you could re-post and,

a) Use coherent language

b) Stop shouting in your posts, it makes you look a complete muppet

4 Mar 2012 22:22

Pheasant Inn, Chippenham

Sorry you lost me at "Carvery Pub".

4 Mar 2012 20:34

The Arkle Manor, Betchworth

It's really quite simple unless we are talking about a Wacky Warehouse kids should be bloody banned from pubs.

There is nothing worse then going out for a few beers and a bite to eat only to have it ruined by illmannered spoilt brats running riot or screaming the place down because their self centered ignorrant parents could not care less.

4 Mar 2012 13:48

The Long Bar, Bristol

Ian.S - it was not meant as a slur, it was my understanding that it was a gay bar.

If it is not then I happily retract my comment.

21 Feb 2012 18:39

The Devils Dyke Hotel, Brighton

Couple of facts.
1) I am not old
2) I am certainly not sad or twisted
3) Pubs are not for lids regardless of time of day

Take your offspring to a wacky warehouse if you must, leave the decent pubs kid free.

19 Feb 2012 12:23

The Bell, Reigate

Popped in on Friday, busy and very hospitable.

Keep up the good work.

18 Feb 2012 19:39

The Arkle Manor, Betchworth

The Arkle is a great gastro pub, but the previous poster is spot on about the loos.

Get it sorted management.

18 Feb 2012 19:36

The Devils Dyke Hotel, Brighton

Cheesy chips WTF???

Anything that keeps the little brats out of pubs gets my votes.

Take you offspring to a cafe, coffee shop, hell anywhere but a pub. They are for adults not screaming ill mannered brats.

18 Feb 2012 19:35

The Bulls Head, Ewhurst

Ladies, ladies, ladies.

Will you all calm down and get a sense of perspective.

9 Feb 2012 22:07

The Maytree, Bedminster Down

Oh dear god.

Go here only if every pub and off licence in the whole world is shut.

4 Feb 2012 23:01

The Miners Arms, Bedminster Down

Avoid at all costs.

The pub is like the punters (mostly BCFC "fans") very low brow.

4 Feb 2012 22:59

The Market Hotel, Reigate

Fantastic news!

Fullers might not be everybodys cup of tea but they should be able to turn this woefully underperforming pub round very quickly.

4 Feb 2012 10:24

The Long Bar, Bristol

Blackthorn, I think you will find the punters are mostly male as it is a gay bar.

24 Jan 2012 21:00

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

10 out of 10 to any pub that does not allow kids in.

I am sick to death of going in to pubs which allow kids in esspecially as most of the parents could not care less who thier kids annoy as long as they are left in peace.

Pubs are for adults they are not a creeche.

15 Jan 2012 13:10

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

knash170 I think you are missing the point here.

I am sure "lots of people with children enjoy a pint" but I can assure you that the vast majority of people enjoy having a pint without the fruit of your loins screaming the place down or running riot.

If you have kids take them to a cafe or a wacky warehouse, leave the pubs to the adults.

14 Jan 2012 23:28

The Royal Oak, Brockham

Great review Roverbetokens, just one problem.

The site is called beer in the evening so it would have been nice to have a review of the ales etc. I am very gald you had crackers, different coloured tissues, christmas flowers and plants, candles on your table but sadly you have missed the whole point of the website.

10 Dec 2011 17:53

Running Horse, Bracknell

It's a hungry horse, what do you expect.

THe crapest of crappy holes, I avoid them like the plague

10 Dec 2011 17:43

The Bolt Hole, Cannon Street

No draft beer but a great selection of wines, busy with a good vibe.

Like the place a lot but they could do with refurbishing the toilets, Mrs Mac was not impressed with them.

3 Dec 2011 09:32

The Bell, Cannon Street

Cracking little boozer right by Cannon Street station.

It's a really old building with a lot of history attached to it. Very busy on Friday night with loads of drinkers outside. Decent pint of Tribute, only downside for me was the heating was on full blast and boy was it hot.

3 Dec 2011 09:30

The Cock and Woolpack, City Of London

Lovely little London boozer that is well worth seeking out.

Pub was well packed on the Friday afternoon I visited but still managed to get a seat. Great pint of Spitfire, will return.

3 Dec 2011 09:28

The Crosse Keys, Bank

Decent spoons in a lovely building in the middle of the City.

Great range of beers and decent prices considering the location.

3 Dec 2011 09:26

The Inn At Kew, Kew

It's very very simple.

Pubs are for adults, end of.

If you want to take your screaming, shitty, noisy little brat somewhere I suggest you go for a cafe, or a "Wacky Warehouse" type hell hole.

Just leave the pubs for adults, simples.

26 Nov 2011 18:51

Ye Olde Six Bells, Horley

I have used this pub on many occasions and have given it good reviews in the past, however I will have to mark it down in future.

The service is still goos, however whilst the food itself is OK the quantities have become stupidly small and not worth the prices charged.

I really think this pub has to seriously up it's game if it is to do more than pick up the trade from nearby Gatwick.

22 Nov 2011 22:25

Herne Tavern, Forest Hill

In fairness why not just refuse to pay the service charge, they have no right to enforce it on punters.

20 Nov 2011 17:12

The Ship, Eastbourne

Just like your spelling LOL

20 Nov 2011 17:11

Walkers of St James, St James

If he is the Guv,nor it's his call.

Plenty of bar staff need sacking in my experience.

19 Nov 2011 08:47

The Tom Cribb, Piccadilly

Mbarry, I can only take your word as I obviously was not there.

If that is the sort of treatment they dish out then this ex-squaddie will not be frequenting the pub.

12 Nov 2011 22:47

The Shipwrights Arms, London Bridge

Any chance of sub-titles for the last review.

31 Oct 2011 12:34

All Bar One, Canary Wharf

Love all this "pricks in suits" crap.

Maybe the posters responsible should take a long hard look at themselves instead of slagging others off.

25 Oct 2011 21:01

Three Horseshoes Inn, Sidlow Bridge

Visited today for a quick couple of pints and was impressed.

Bar staff were very friendly and efficient. 4 ales were on plus Aspel cider. Seemed to be doing a good trade on food.

Very pleasant country pub with a very nice beer gardden out the back.

23 Oct 2011 14:34

Madden's Bar, Belfast

Any pub where you have to ring a bell and get vetted is worth giving a very wide berth.

19 Oct 2011 20:19

The Filo (First In Last Out), Hastings

Same complaint from two peps in two days, one of whom has never posted before.


Not visited pub so no rating given.

16 Oct 2011 21:00

The Hand and Flowers, Marlow

The food in this 2 x Michelin stared restaurant is simply fantastic.

Yes the food is expensive but if you want cheap there are many other options. I stayed here in Sept and simply found the place fantastic.

The reception from the staff was excellent, nothing was too much trouble. The food was as you expect top draw.

The only comment I would make is the ale choice could be wider.

7 Oct 2011 23:08

The Crown, Hawes

Had a quick bite of lunch washed down with a couple of pints.

Nice pub, reasonable selection of beers, very good service. Food was very good value for money.

Would like to visit on a evening, but will certainly visit again.

5 Oct 2011 20:24

The Green Dragon Inn, Hardraw

Came across this pub totally by chance when out on a walk. FANTASTIC place.

I will not try to add more comments to those made below but in my view the interior of the pub is stunning and worth making a significant detour to visit.

Three real ales on of which the Theakstone Best was very good. Can't make any comment about the food as we were there pre-12:00 and nobody had ordered.

Will certainly seek this pub out again in the future.

5 Oct 2011 18:25

Thirteen Wine Bar, Settle

Very small little bar with the feel of a cellar bar.

Only popped in for a quick drink on a Saturday evening, pub was fairly quiet.

Only had a pint of Chez Bud which was fine and consequently can't comment on the ales. Would go back if in the area.

5 Oct 2011 18:19

The Albion, Clifton

There is no point moaning about the prices, it is Clifton love get over it.

The Albion is a not really a pub it is focused on food, however having said that I have spent many a happy winters day supping ale next to the fire.

29 Sep 2011 21:51

Tiger Tiger, Croydon

If the report below is true about the way they treated British Soldiers then I for one hope the pub goes bust tomorrow.

As an ex-squaddie myself I find that kind of behaviour disgusting. If true the staff should hang their heads in shame.

29 Sep 2011 20:12

The Greyhound, Charlwood

Good god, reading the review ladybaby the place sounds more like a creche.

What is happening to the great british pub. All very depressing.

28 Sep 2011 16:52

The Smith and Western, Boxhill

This place really does my head in.

It's location at Box Hill is great and they have a huge potential trade because of it. But then you visit the crap hole.

A very crappy theme bar which can't serve decent food and as for beer, don't even think about it.

Poor, poor, very poor. Could be so much better. Save your money guys.

27 Sep 2011 23:27

The Parkway, Stoke Gifford

Always been a crap pub, don't bother.

23 Sep 2011 20:42

The Teddington Hands Inn, Tewkesbury

Wow, what a fantastic review.

Many thanks, not.

21 Sep 2011 22:15

The Red Cross Inn, Reigate

Some geezer got chuked out and returned to fire his nail gun at the pub.

Sounds like a good night out!!

In fairness it has all been blown (as usual) out of all proportion.

9 Sep 2011 22:15

The BreweryShades, Crawley

Not been the greatest fan of this pub in the past, however visited with friends on a Saturday evening and was pleasantly surprised.

The selection of beers and ciders was very good with the Dog Dancer being on good form. Plenty of bar staff which kept waits very short.

The place was also free of some of the dodgy elements whcih Crawley manages to attract.

8 Sep 2011 19:07

The Woolpack, Banstead

Pubs should not have kids in them period.

Too many good pubs are being spoilt by uncontrolled noisy brats. Take the little darlings to a cafe and leave the pubs to the adults.

7 Sep 2011 17:33

The Swan, West Green

First visit to the pub on a quiet weekday lunchtime, so I will have to revisit on a busier day. First thoughts are as follows.

Decent boozer far enough from town to avoid the chav hellhole that is Crawley, good start. Interior is stripped wooden floors and lots of posters on the wall (fine by me) with dart board, pool table and small garden.

Beers included Double Header, Stout and Dark Star. Ciders included the excellent Black Rat and Old Rosie.

Pub obviously caters for bands on a regular basis, and I will be visiting again to check it out with a bigger selection of punters.

First thoughts, well worth another try in the good pub desert that is Creppy Crawley.

30 Aug 2011 01:50

Goffs Manor, Southgate

Very nice building in a quiet out of the way part of town, this is a very good point as it means the pub misses out on the normal chav nightmare that is Crawley.

The garden at the front is huge (20+ benches), inside the place is mostly laid out for the restraunt. The bar area is more of a lounge type arrangement with lots of big sofas and newspapers etc. Point to note if you are eating is that the menu is more pub grub than restraunt quality offering.

4 beers on tap including Tangle foot, Badger and Sussex plus some good bottled ciders. The place will get busy with kids during the summer so be aware of this.

I will pop in again if in this part of town, but would not go out of my way to visit.

Intersting point of note is that the place used to be owned by Peter Vaughan aka the "Genial" Harry Grout of Porridge fame.

30 Aug 2011 01:38

The Golden Lion, Weymouth

Hmmmmmm interesting the last couple of reviews. No previous postings yet such gushing comments.

Now I love Weymouth having spent many happy pub crawling days here, but please if your going to review pubs at least have the courage (no pun) to do it honestly.

24 Aug 2011 20:44

The Angel Inn, Petworth

All I can say "onlythered" is great work work by the pub.

It's a pub for adults, take your brats to a cafe and leave the pubs as a oasis from the screaming hordes.

24 Aug 2011 19:20

Essex Arms, Kingswood

Used to be a cracking boozer many years ago, sadly has now lost it big time.

22 Aug 2011 22:35

The Jack Fairman, Horley

Not normally a great fan of any JDW establishments, I have to say this is one of their better efforts.

It does not appear to suffer from the high level of chav scum / dole dodgers that many of their chain is afflicted by. Even the level of kids is lower then I have found elsewhere.

Beer selection is the usual JDW fare and the food does appear to be a better level than in many other outlets. At the end of the day the Fairman will not blow you away but on saying that I would happily frequent this place in front of any other Horley pub (except the Gatwick).

22 Aug 2011 22:18

The Sun, Redhill

I know JDW's are like Marmite and to be honest I am not a great fan.

However there are some decent exceptions to this, for example the Jack Fairman in Horley is a decent example of how they can be a good pub.

Sadly this brings me to the Sun, for gods sake how the hell can you get a pub so wrong. Poor hygine, tables which never see a clean cloth, beer which is at best below average. Then there is the very poor level of the punters, do they bus in the dregs of society????

Avoid, avoid, avoid. Even in a good pub desert like Redhill there are much better options than this hole.

22 Aug 2011 22:06

The Abbot, Redhill

My god, what a hole.

The only possible reason I can see to use this place would be if you had half an hour wait for your train. DON'T, use the Home Cottage behind the station.

22 Aug 2011 22:00

The Farmhouse, Horley

I will have a pint of whatever Tommo5 has been drinking, he is not on this planet.

22 Aug 2011 21:51

Nutfield Priory Hotel, Nutfield

No reviews, does this pub actually exist?

22 Aug 2011 21:46

The Joshua Tree, Redhill

How can a cardigan have a loud mouth?

22 Aug 2011 21:44

The Causeway, Earlswood

Almost 5 years on from it's demolition and it is still a deralict site with fencing around it.

Makes you wonder how the pubco's make any money with development sites of 1 acre plus just left lying like a wasteland.

22 Aug 2011 21:41

The Parlour Bar, Canary Wharf

Why the hell does the map link show the pub as being in Sweden?

29 Jul 2011 20:02

Janets Bar, South Kensington

Very interesting post lustish, you have never posted before but give this gushing report on what seems to be the best bar in the wrold.

Not the owner by any chance are you????

27 Jul 2011 08:16

The Volunteer Riflemans Arms, Bath

Tried this place several times, beer indifferent, service slow.

23 Jul 2011 11:33

The Sportsman 'Time Well Spent', Mogador

Starting to get hacked off with this now, if I want a bunch of stalkers I will ask for them.

I am not "racing or leaping to the defence" of this or any pub.

I have no conection to it and only occasionaly use it, people have made their observations on it which they are entitled to. I have mmade mine, end of.

Now I would appreciate it if certain individuals stop continually have a dig. YOu have your views, I have mine. Try to get over it.

9 Jul 2011 21:51

The Sportsman 'Time Well Spent', Mogador

I have not "raced" to anybodys defence.

More than happy for people to state their views, I simply wanted to add my comments as a counter balance.

Hardly a crime.

9 Jul 2011 10:24

The Sportsman 'Time Well Spent', Mogador

I am not going to argue with the two posters who questioned the beer and the food, at the end of the day it's all about personal taste.

Having said that I have use the pub about 6 or 7 times and have always found the beer and cider very good with the food likewise.

Try it, in my view it is a great pub in a nice location.

8 Jul 2011 22:51

The Speaker, Westminster

As mentioned it is off the beaten track, you certainly have to seek this one out.

Very good pub with a good selection of beers, the landlord (barman?) was knowledgeable and knew how to pull a good pint, offering to exchange my very slightly cloudy pint for a new one if I didn't like it, it actually setteled very nicely.

Will certainly be back.

8 Jul 2011 19:26

The Cask and Glass, Victoria

Finally got to visit after many aborted trips.

In a word Impressed. As mentioned previously it is a very boozer but for me that adds to it's charm.

My pint of Spitfire was spot on and they obviously take a lot of pride in their beer. Pub is chilled and laid back and frankly stands out head and shoulders above it's rivals in the good pub desert that is Victoria.

8 Jul 2011 19:23

The Fighting Cocks, Winfarthing

"they do not like children in the pub"

Sounds a blood good reason to visit the place.

5 Jul 2011 17:28

The Greencoat Boy, Victoria

Silktork it's a pub, why should it have "child" seats??

4 Jul 2011 23:07

The Four Horseshoes, Long Sutton

Totally with you Triathlongirl -

How the heck people and thier chavy offspring exxpect to use pubs and therir facilities without paying is beyond me.

We need a campaign to kick kids out of our pubs, if you have saucepan lids do us all a favour and take them to a bloody cafe and leave the pubs to the ADULTS

4 Jul 2011 21:51

The Cricketers, Epsom

Spot on wishingwell.

The sooner pubs understand that the way forward is NOT having chavvy little brats running riot in a pub whilst their "parents" stand at the bar getting rat assed the better.

Pubs are for adults, take your brats to a cafe, costa, wacky warehouse etc etc. Leave the pubs to the adults.

23 Jun 2011 20:58

CASK Pub and Kitchen, Pimlico

"where public school boys meet up to remember buggery in the quads".

Sir what a muppet you are, by all means give a fair review of the pub, but do try to keep to facts.

I for one have not been to Uni or been buggered, frankly I am very happy to keep it that way.

22 Jun 2011 18:42

The Saracens Head, Bath

Do not bother, this place always has been and always will be a shite hole. Avoid.

14 Jun 2011 00:48

The Jamaica Wine House, Bank

Paid a very quick visit on my way over to Southwark on a Thursday evening. Consequently the pub was very busy but there was at least four bar staff and little or no wait.

Four ales on tap, I had the Oranjeboom but looking at the pints being pulled the ale certainly looked well cared for.

Having walked down the lane from Cornhill the pub looked very small from the outside esspecially with the current scaffolding, however it was surpsingly big on the inside and there were plenty of drinkers outside where you can stay until 9pm.

Interior is very basic (world away from the Counting House round the corner), but this for me added to it's charm.

Will most certainly be back for a longer visit.

10 Jun 2011 15:49

The Counting House, Bank

Been meaning to visit this place for a while and glad I did.

Only had chance for a quick pint before meeting friends but this was enough to appreciate the magnificant interior.

Pub was pretty busy with fellow suits (17:45 on a Thursday evening) but the service was very quick and efficient. Can't comment on the quality of the beer as I only had a quick larger, but looking at the pints of drinkers around me it looked well conditioned.

Yes it is expensive but it is right in the hart of the City so can't come as a great surprise. All in all impressed with the place and will be coming back for a much more prolonged visit.

10 Jun 2011 15:43

The Old Post Office, Fishponds

"Up market Wetherspoons!"

What on earth makes you think it has anything "up market" about it?

The pub is bog standard and is no better than quiet a few Wetherspoons I have been in. The beer selection in your average Wetherspoons is far better than the usual fizzy pop on offer here.

28 May 2011 16:14

The Robins, Bristol


14 May 2011 16:16

The Princess Of Wales, Bedminster

Poor, very poor.

Crap choice of beers and unpleasant atmos.

14 May 2011 16:13

The Fox Revived, Horley

Made my first visit during the busy Bank Holiday weekend which was the same tiem as the Surrey Life festival at the pub.

Despite the place being very busy the staff were extremely friendly and helpfull and the Addlestones Cloudy Cider was excellent.

Had a simple luch (fish and chips and a ploughmans) both were very good and I would like to try the food at dinner to compare.

All in all a very nice pub that I will be certainly visiting again.

4 May 2011 12:35

The Half Moon, Charlwood

First visit to this nice little pub.

The place is actually much bigger than it looks from the outside and has a good courtyard style garden.

Can't comment on the quality of the beers as I dived straight in for the Addlestones Cloudy cider which was very good. Did not have the food but the menu did look good with some interesting dishes and not your standard "pub grub" type of approach.

Will certainly be visiting again whwn I have more time than just the one pint.

4 May 2011 12:29

The Greyhound, Charlwood

What a complete dive.

I would not eat or drink here if my life depended upon it.

As for the customers, less said the better.

Avoid at all costs.

30 Apr 2011 20:53

The John Snow, Soho

Cracking boozer, with a great selection of beers.

16 Apr 2011 20:09

The Prince Of Wales, Dorking

Dear lord Rousey.

If you get all bent out of shape about comments like 'christ you don't get many women in here' you had better stay at home wrapped in cotton wool as you will find offence to be taken every where.

5 Apr 2011 12:18

Dog and Duck, Outwood

Hello publover101.

YOu would not be the new landlord by any chance? Member for 2 days with no other posts.

29 Mar 2011 20:40

The Market Hotel, Reigate

Still limping along as a going concern when I walked past the other day.

Is this place going to change hands?

29 Mar 2011 12:26

The Cock, Henham

I would add 10 points to any pub which allows dogs and bars all kids.

27 Mar 2011 12:48

The Rat and Parrot, Crawley

Pub was boarded up and firmly closed.

Thank god, one less crap hole it will not be missed.

23 Mar 2011 17:18

The Plough, Leigh

Popped in for a pint and some lunch with the good lady wife on a Monday lunuch time.

Pub was reasonbly quite as you would expect for a village setting. Weather was beautiful so enjoyed sitting outside in the great location in the middle of March!

Food and drink both very good. Have to give extra marks for the very friendly and helpful landlady who even went the extra mile to do table service so we didn't have to come inside from our sun worshipping.

Keep up the good work.

23 Mar 2011 12:12

Ye Olde London, St Pauls

Why so anti with such a short posting history ??????

20 Mar 2011 21:00

The Bulls Head, Reigate

Visited for the first time in a long while at just after 12 on a Saturday lunch time to be greeted by two extremely drunk young males at the bar downing shots at this early hour. Not a good sign.

I "tolerated" their extremely loud obnoixious behaviour for all of 20 minutes, before deciding that enough is enough, esspecially as one of the gentlemen appeared to be someone in charge, landlord possibly of the pub.

Well congratulations sir, you managed to lose two paying customers who were going to order food and spend quite a few hours putting good money over the bar. Something looking at the level of punters in your pub you need desperately.

A big pity this as I liked this pub and have posted supportingly on this site before. Sadly after this performance it will be a long time before I return. My trade will go to the Bell or the Prince of Wales in future.

6 Mar 2011 18:49

The Hansom Cab, Kensington

Owned by Piers Morgan is it.

Well that's this pub removed from my list until he sells up.

16 Feb 2011 18:55

The Bedroom Bar, Swindon

Fits in very well with the rest of the shit hole of a town

9 Feb 2011 20:17

CASK Pub and Kitchen, Pimlico

I love all this "toffs" crap, talk about inverted class snobbery or people with sad chips on their shoulders. Really makes me laugh.

I suppose I must stop drinking here considering I am a council estate boy and proud of it.

Some people really make me laugh.

9 Feb 2011 18:46

Dog and Duck, Outwood

So glad to see this pub re-open, was very concerned that it was going to be turned in to yet more flats when it closed last year.

As previously stated the landlord and his team are very pleasant and have made it a very welcoming pub. Visited at 12:00 on the dot on a Saturday afternoon to be greeted by a warm welcome and I don't mean just from the open fire.

Good selection of ales although I can't comment on their quality as I went for a couple of pints of Stowford which were good.

Had lunch which was good and the service very pleasant and efficient.

Will most certainly be back over the coming weeks.

29 Jan 2011 13:52

The Shield and Dagger, Bristol

Very dodgy pub used by very dodgy people.

28 Jan 2011 16:50

The Colonies, Westminster

Err Purpletia can you please explain how "eastern Europeans" are a nation?????

28 Jan 2011 16:47

CASK Pub and Kitchen, Pimlico

Picasso09 my review appears to have disappeared as well.

Like this pub a hell of a lot, as people have said it is not the best part of town but the huge selection and quality of the beers make it extremely worth the walk from Victoria.

My only issue is it took me to long to make my first visit, all those good opportunities I missed!

15 Jan 2011 14:55

The BreweryShades, Crawley

Ron S, if you find my comment offensive I apologise. I simply found it surprising that someone who had not posted before suddenly gave this pub 10/10, it did make me wonder if you were the landlord/manager trying to boost his pub.

Of course everyone has their opinion and that is perfectly valid, however in my opinion the Shades is not able to hold a candle to establishments like the Harp.

1 Jan 2011 11:51

The BreweryShades, Crawley

Interesting Ron that you give 10 / 10 especially with your lack of posting history, me smells a rat.

The pub IMHO is OK by Crawley standards and trust me that does not mean a lot.

Drank in much better, drank in worse, all I can say really.

12 Dec 2010 19:20

Gordon's Wine Bar, Charing Cross

Love the place, very quirky and a great selection of wines. Always pop in whenever I am in the area.

Davidwin can't disagree more with your comments about the bar staff, I have always found them very helpful and knowledgeable.

2 Dec 2010 15:11

The Gatwick, Horley

Well done to the Gatwick, just won the following award.

"The team at Horley pub The Gatwick are raising a glass after scooping a top beer award. The Gatwick in High Street won the award for Best Beer Quality Pub of the Year in independent family brewer Hall and Woodhouse's 2010 Tenanted Awards".

"The annual awards are open to the brewers' tenanted estate of pubs and are judged across eight categories. The Gatwick is run by Adrian and Carol Beer, and is their first venture in the pub trade".

27 Nov 2010 08:14

The Thatch, Croyde

Been here a few times and boy can it get seriously busy.

Having said that it's a great pub serving decent beer. Always head for here when I am in the locality.

22 Nov 2010 18:55

The Oxford, Kentish Town

First visit on Saturday, it certainly will not be my last.

Popped in for a quick beer on Saturday afternoon, the Aspels was spot on though sadly did run out later on. Pub was nicely busy and they had the rugby on with the sound off. The pub is something a tardis, viewed from the main road it looks a small narrow pub however when inside it goes a very long way back.

Came back later for food before a gig at the forum, by now the pub was very busy but there was still plenty of tables available. Staff were friendly and service good, the wife especially like her bloody mary. Food was excellent, it is not cheap but I don't mind that if the quality is good and our meals certainly were.

A chilled out place that I certainly will be visiting again.

21 Nov 2010 10:38

The Junction Tavern, Kentish Town

Nice place which is both pub and gastro at the same time, nicely decorated and very big.

Addlestones was good, didn't eat here but I guess the food would be good.

Pub was not busy at the time but had a nice feel to it.

21 Nov 2010 10:31

The Pineapple, Kentish Town

Popped in for a quick pint late on a Saturday afternoon, pub was packed but service was very quick.

Pint of Apsalls was very good and the ales looked good too. Bar staff and punters were very friendly and a good relaxed atmosphere in what is a traditional back street boozer.

Will certainly visit again when in the area.

21 Nov 2010 10:26

The Bull and Gate, Kentish Town

Popped in for a quick pint before going to a gig at the forum on a busy Saturday night.

Only had a lager so can't comment on the quality of the beer but from what I could see it looked good quality. Really impressed that despite being busy the service was very good and quick.

Pub itself is nice and had some great banter with locals.

What really impressed me was the response of the bar staff when I managed to drop a full bottle of orange juice I was passing to my my wife all over a bar stool. No moaning or rolling of eyes, there was a fresh bottle on the bar before I could pick up the original and they refused to accept any extra payment. A little touch but very good customer service you don't get in m=other pubs.

21 Nov 2010 10:19

The Marylebone, Marylebone

Pubs are for adults, take your kids to a cafe.

8 Nov 2010 17:23

The Plough, Earlswood

Re Reigate Rover.

Glad to see the Plough is keeping up the standards and not welcoming kids.

One minute fast asleep, the next screaming the place down and running everybody's enjoyment of the pub.

If people need to take their kids out go to a Wacky Warehouse and leave the decent pubs to the adults.

20 Oct 2010 17:28

The Running Horses, Mickleham

GeeCee68 I am so glad you love me dearly, it made my day especially as I was having difficultly sleeping with the worry that you didn't feel that way about me.

Totally agree with some of the comments other posters have made about your Mccann statements amongst others.

As for your comment about children I have none and have no intention of ever having any, not that it is any business of yours. What I do know is when I was a child I was brought correctly and my parents would not have dreamed of allowing me to run riot in public and ruining other peoples enjoyment, but I am sure you are a model parent and your offspring are perfectly behaved angels.

Simple fact is far too many pubs are being ruined by chavy parents who allow their kids to what the heck they like as long as they don't annoy them. Pubs are for adults not screaming brats, any establishment which follows this principle will get my wholehearted support and the benefit of my hard earned.

30 Sep 2010 19:10

The Running Horses, Mickleham

GeeCee68 are you for real?

They have a policy and stick to it, more power to their elbow.

The great British pub is being ruined by selfish parents dragging their (often) badly behaved off spring to the pub.

Any pub that does not allow them in goes up massively in my opinion.

28 Sep 2010 18:20

The Seven Stars, Leigh

whatawasteoftime maybe not all kids misbehave or are monsters, sadly far too many of their parents are that way inclined.

I have lost count of the times a visit to the pub has been ruined by the obnoxious behavior of the illeducated offspring of the local chav breeding program.

I whole heartedly support pubs that do not welcome kids. Take the irritating brats to the local Wacky Warehouse and leave the decent pubs to be enjoyed by the rest of us.

29 Aug 2010 11:50

The Lamb Inn, Mangotsfield

Chav and kid filled hell hole

15 Aug 2010 19:11

The Llandoger, Bristol

As a proud Bristolian living in Surrey this pub really really upsets me.

The building is so historic and beautiful and yet the management and owners of this building should hang their heads in shame.

The interior has been so badly neglected and the quality of the beers is so poor it makes you want to weep.

This "could" be such a cracking establishment is the owners had the slightest concept of what they were doing.

15 Aug 2010 18:14

Ye Olde Six Bells, Horley

Sugarplum24 are you talking about the correct pub???

I assume you visited the pub today (I had Sunday lunch with my wife today as well) and I find the comments that the "staff are so rude" as extremely hard to believe. The pub wwas relatively quiet and I am sure I would have heard any "rude" staff talking to a customer.

Today I was served by two different bar staff and a further two different waiters who were all completely polite and professional. This is the norm with this pub with each of my monthly visits over the last 3 years.

Anyway a review of my visit.
The pub now has three ales on hand pump although I didn't try them as I settled for the Aspels Cider (very nice). The pu does not set out to win any awards for the number of beers it keeps however it keeps a good selection including a very good mulled wine in winter (ask Mrs Kevmac).

Sunday roasts (lamb and pork) were very nice as was the whisky to finish.

Just for the record I have no connection to the pub, it is not my local and I do not personally know any of the staff. The main reason for my post is to try and ensure people do not get put off by what I believe to be an inacurate post below.

15 Aug 2010 17:58

The Jubilee Oak, Crawley

After a recommendation like that Woody90 I am happy to be talking out of my arse.

The pub is a crap hole.

8 Jun 2010 23:14

The Kings Head, Kingswood

Known locally as the swamp.

Avoid it is a shite hole of the highest order.

8 Jun 2010 23:09

The Bulls Head, Reigate

SmartYin are you sure you didn't use a different Bulls Head??

Drank in the pub on Friday 4th (afternoon) with approx 30 people most of whom were eating as well.

No problem whatsoever getting served. As for being lazy and disinterested, not in the slightest.

8 Jun 2010 22:45

The Argyll Arms, Oxford Circus

Visited on a Sunday afternoon / early evening prior to a concert at the near by Palladium. The building itself is very impressive heavy Victorian design, sadly many of these pubs no longer exist.

Because of it's location right on Oxford & Regent Streets plus it's proximity to the Palladium means it can get very busy.

Good range of beers on offer, I think I counted 6. Asked for a pint of Doom Bar, the youngish barman pulled the pint took one look at it before pronouncing it was off and turned the pub clip round without any prompting from me at all. Very good work, I have lost count of the times I have had to argue the point in other pubs, to see this attitude from a young barman is very refreshing.

Plumped for the 7.4% Old Rosie Scrumpy instead (bit of a change I know) which was very nice.

Had food in the downstairs pub rather than the dining room upstairs. Quality was OK, nothing exceptional.

Probably wouldn't spend all night in here but will happily visit whenever I am in the area for a couple.

I can only assume Paris Hilton picked an off day with the toilets, there seemed nothing wrong with them at all.

17 May 2010 19:39

The Plough, Leigh

Have used this pub on quite a few occasions. Nice village location with plenty of tables outside.

It serves good food with generous portions, however it is also that rare thing in the countryside a drinker friendly pub as well.

Usually has four real ales and a nice friendly atmosphere.

11 May 2010 19:38

The Market Hotel, Reigate

This pub really annoys me.

It has a fantastic prime location right in the middle of Reigate and frankly with the size of the building it really could be an excellent pub.

BUT it is a complete and utter tip. The staff couldn't care less, the food is aty best distinctly average, the beer is utter rubbish.

WHy the management let this pub wither and die is beyond me, they are sitting on a potential gold mine if the bothered to stick a really good manager in to the place.

Until that day happens I will continue to avoid it and take my custom to other much better Reigate pubs.

3 May 2010 13:40

The Sportsman 'Time Well Spent', Mogador

VIsited for the first time on a showery bank holiday Monday and have to say I was very impressed.

Certainly the pub is more geared towards food but frankly that is a reality of the pub trade in modern times due to legislation changes.

Clearly a lot of money has been spent on a recent refurbishment and very smart it looks too. A good sign is always the state of the toilets and these are first rate.

Because I was driving I didn't check out the wine list so I can't comment on that. However the beer selection was good with four different beers on pump, I plumed for Sharp's Doom Bar which was very good and clearly well kept.

Menu had a good selection of main meals and snacks. My wife and I both choose bugers from the snack menu and we pleaseantly surprised, the presentation was good and the quantities were generous. Also liked the little touches like a free dip with crackers brought to the table and free water offered as well. Good work.

Staff were very friendly and attentive without being over bearing.

The pub itself is in an excellent location on the edge of the heath and just a very short walk from the North Downs. I would certainly recomend booking as the pub was very busy, although admittedly due to the weather eating outside was not really an option.

Nice to see a walker and dog friendly pub. Will certainly be coming back shortly and bringing friends with us.

3 May 2010 13:32

The Evening Star, Brighton

For some strange reason I have never visited the Star despite my many trips to Brighton. This was put right when Bristol Rovers went to town on the 24th.

What can I say apart from the fact that I was well impressed.

Very good selection of beers.
Bar staff were very knowledgeable and friendly.
Great banter between the Brighton and Rovers fans.

All in all a very good pub which I will be visiting many times

25 Apr 2010 19:05

The Seven Stars, Leigh

Spot on pooying.

I get totally hacked off with these self obsessed parents and the horrifically badly behaved off-spring.

These sorts of parents should be restricted to the Wacky Warehouse type of establishments and leave quality pubs like this to be enjoyed and not endured. Rant over.

Excellent pub pub serving good beer and great food. Keep upthe good work and the brats out.

16 Apr 2010 15:05

The Farmhouse, Horley

Disagree with the last two posts.

I use the pub 2 or 3 times a week despite it being a 2 mile walk. I am not in any way a local but I would say the Spitfire is always very good and well kept. Bar staff are always friendly and efficient.

I have not eaten in the restaurant however the bar food is perfectly acceptable. The best beer garden in Horley by a mile. The have good jazz bands in the garden in summer as well.

Best pub in Horley.

16 Apr 2010 14:55

The Mill House, Salfords

The Mill House could be so much more.

Sadly it is a typical chain with a hotel nailed on to it. Stop in there occasionally for a quick beer as I live in the village but haven't eaten there in a long time.

Beefeater should hang their head in shame at the condition of the pub. Decoration is very tired and much of the furniture has seen better days. As for the toilets!!!

Get your cheque book out Beefeater and redecorate this place and put some more effort in to this place.

16 Apr 2010 14:50

Dog and Duck, Outwood

Drove by earlier this week and it is very much closed. Car park blocked off by concrete bollards.

Hopefully someone will take it over as it does have potential, I do fear it will become yet more housing though.

16 Apr 2010 14:46

Wheatsheaf, Crowborough

In fairness henners I have not marked it down at all, I am just suspicious when a pub suddenly gets shot up the ratings by people with little or no history of posting.

I do look forward to my visit and will post honestly.

19 Mar 2010 17:07

Wheatsheaf, Crowborough


Interesting that a lot of reviewers have very limited postings on this site.

I will visit to try for myself but I have doubts on this one.

18 Mar 2010 18:48

The Bank Tavern, Kingswood

Now it well, that is a proper old school boozer.

14 Mar 2010 23:02

The Old Lock and Weir, Hanham Mills

Great little pub in a lovely location. Sat outside by the river enjoying the early March sunshine, all very civilized.

Good range of beers - Gem, Otter, 6X plus good range of ciders. Only downside is that it does get really busy on summers day with too many local chavs.

Don't let that put you off though it is a cracking pub.

14 Mar 2010 22:42

The Foresters, Horley

Great pub, if you want a fight on a Friday night.

Crap beer and dodgy atmos, avoid.

14 Mar 2010 22:31

The Bank Tavern, Kingswood

Ignore this listing, there has not been a pub in John Street in the last 30 years if ever.

14 Mar 2010 22:28

The Bulls Head, Reigate

Bulls Head is back open for business again.

Good pub that was badly missed, probably the best pub in town along with the Bell.

Welcome back.

14 Mar 2010 22:26

The Albany Arms, Brentford

Horrible pub.

Visited after football and it was dead. Bar staff looked surprised to see punters and the place has the feel of a pub about to close.

Avoid at all costs.

20 Sep 2009 19:14

The Jack Fairman, Horley

It's a Wetherspoons, if you want high quality food and a intimate atmosphere you are in the wrong chain.

As for the clientle I have used the pub on many occasions with no problems at all apart from once when what looked like the biggest bunch of chav scum were celebrating some event or other with their kids running riot, the Gatwick got my trade that day.

Overall it's better than many Wetherspoons I have visited and I will continue to use it when in Horley.

One compliant which applies to most Wetherspoons, get some more bloody bar staff pulling pints the wait has forced me to walk out in the past.

3 Mar 2009 18:13

The Gatwick, Horley

Use this pub occasionally and find it a decent local boozer.

The landlord is trying with live music, poker nights etc. From my own personal experience I have not had any problems with drunks etc as mentioned in other posts.

3 Mar 2009 18:03

The Plough, Earlswood

Recently found this pub so can't comment on the history.

I have to say it's a lovely pub serving decent beer and food with a lovely garden. Even better it doesn't have kids running right, thank god.

The Plough will certainly be geeting more trade from me.

3 Mar 2009 17:55

The Prince of Wales, Reigate

Excellent pub with a great pint of Spitfire.

Only used it on afternoons when it's not too busy, must go there during the evening. Very handy for Reigate station.

29 Apr 2008 12:56

The Priory, Reigate

OK but could be so much better.

The garden though is excellent on a hot summers day

29 Apr 2008 12:54

The Cage Wine Bar, Reigate

Cracking little boozer just off the high street.

Always pop in for a pint when in Reigate

29 Apr 2008 12:49

Ye Olde Six Bells, Horley

Not sure what some of the posts are on about.

Very nice welcoming pub, yes the focus is mostly on food but having a drink in here with no food is not a problem at all.

Service is usually of a high standard. Lovely pub, give it a try.

29 Apr 2008 12:42

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