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BITE user comments - Mappiman

Comments by Mappiman

The King and Queen, Wendover

Good Beer Guide 2020 entry and its a lovely traditional affair.

Door to the left leads to a bar - to the right a bar/restaurant. Nice looking beer garden.

Got to talk about the beer. Amongst the blue plaques to fallen former drinkers there is an award from Timothy Taylors. Not seen one of these before but totally deserved.

One of the best pints of Landlord I've ever had. And there have been a few!

15 Mar 2020 10:25

The Globe Inn, Tamworth

A Good Beer Guide Entry. Quite average, typical pubby interior. Won't be remembered for too long.

8 Mar 2020 10:16

The Navigation Inn, Kingswinford

Well of the beaten track but quite a surprise.

Next to the canal on a country road in the middle of nowhere.

Single roomed. Lunch time and packed out with pensioners - and they always no where the bargains are to be had.

Three real ales on - Enville, HPA and one other. From the branded glassware, it would appear that Three Tuns is the elusive fourth pump turned backwards.

The HPA was as good as I have had it anywhere and my local is a Wye Valley House.

3 Mar 2020 14:36

The Liberty Bounds, Tower Hill

I get they are providing a service and my low rating is purely on the enjoyment that I found during a visit.

Opposite the Tower - its peak tourist location. Every table taken. Queues at the bar, managed well by overworked staff.

The background noise was out of this world. I found a perch, nicked a stool and got a headache.

All this whilst a jobbing high viz jacketed security guard patrolled, with the most bored looking expression on his face.

Here for the Good Beer Guide and won't be returning.

2 Mar 2020 10:49

The Prospect of Whitby, Wapping

Another one of those must visit London Pubs - if you are in the area.

A board traces its history through the monarch's since Henry VIII. Frequented by Captain Kidd. Many stories to tell.

On this visit, it was a relatively quiet Saturday lunch which meant I could have a proper mooch - head to the back for the Thames Terrace or upstairs for the Smugglers Bar.

Seems churlish to talk about the beer in a living museum but my Isle of Rye from the New River brewery was in perfect condition.

Not bad for a Greene King.

2 Mar 2020 10:41

The Exmouth Arms, Exmouth Market

Very pretty ex-courage house - with all green external tiling.

Good Beer Guide 2020 entry and unusually for the area, late opening on weekends until after midnight.

This of course meant it was a bit loud for my tastes - all pumping music for the late night crowd.

1 Mar 2020 12:43

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell

Nice authentic looking ale house that's a modern interpretation, even if the building itself is ancient.

Good beer Guide 2020 entry and here's the rub - easily the worst pint of a 6 pub crawl.

Its the only London outlet for St Peter's brewery. I'm assuming this was a one off, but I won't be rushing back.

1 Mar 2020 12:41

The Hope and Sirloin, Farringdon

Now open - its lost the Sirloin - just the Hope.

Handsome looking pub, with the large bow front window the standout feature.

Inside, its single room, high ceiling, bare floorboards.

Ropey pint of Tribute was a let down.

1 Mar 2020 12:38

The Hand and Shears, Barbican

Exactly my sort of pub.... a real gem that I discovered when completing CAMRA's Pub Walk.

Totally traditional and unspoiled - you could be in any are in the C20th but for me, it had a kind of 1950's feel.

All wood panelling in three rooms around a central bar.

Two Timothy Taylor beers on and I was in heaven.

Instantly into my top 10 london pubs.

1 Mar 2020 12:35

The Butcher's Hook and Cleaver, Smithfield

Fullers Pie and Ale barn of a place. Friday night and overrun by those that hadn't yet gone from from work and those that were making a night of being drunk and lairy.

The bar staff couldn't cope - poor service at bar, tables all dirty.

Like a Wetherspoons, really.

1 Mar 2020 12:32

Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

Must visit pub for those with an interest in pub architecture and history.

Pay attention when looking for it - its hidden down a little alley off either Charterhourse Street or Hatton Gardens.

Once inside you have a two roomed (three if you include Ye Closet), restaurant upstairs. All wood paneled and furniture not out of place from a medieval banquet.

You are in a different world, at a different time.

Fullers house but ESB not on draft and amazingly, the London Pride had gone.

Worth a revisit.

1 Mar 2020 12:29

The Plough and Harrow, Cradley Heath

Goes to show - I found the landlady very friendly.

Oddly located, seemingly in the middle of light industrial estates. A lonely, dimly lit walk from the station.

Plenty of action at the dart board.

2 from Wye Valley and a not seen before Ossett Brewery Excelsior (chosen for the variety) in good condition.

5 Feb 2020 10:51

The Richmond Arms, Richmond

Not often I disagree with the Good Beer Guide but I genuinely dont know how this made it in.

Ignoring the clientelle - all prosecco and wine glasses left on the dirty tables - this had three cask pumps with only one operational. That beer was from Shrewsbury - not a crime in itself - but you would have expected something more LocALE.

The rest was draft - served from a backboard - too far for my elderly eyes to make out what was on offer. I stopped the landlady at Stout - and a serviceable O'haras was dispensed in a funky pint glass.

Then I was charged £6 for the priviledge.

I headed back to Shrewsbury as fast as the train would carry me.

26 Jan 2020 16:47

The Mitre, Richmond

Off the beaten track but the GBG convinced me to come and visit.

The pub is wonderful - freehouse, central island bar, wood burning fire, blood red chesterfields.

Very friendly bar staff.

Beer was a little disappointing. A tired TT Landlord - which when kept well is my favourite ale.

Still - I'd recommend the pub.

26 Jan 2020 16:41

The Roebuck, Richmond Hill

Greene King pub in the GBG.

Enough staff to deal with the hordes of undecided, perusing the options available but clogging the bar.

Mainly setup for dining but a nice row of high stools, with a view over Petersham Meadows. Just had to move the kids trike out the way first.

Beer was very good - perfect Oakham Citra - the colour of which had to be seen to be believed.

26 Jan 2020 16:37

Fox and Grapes, Pensnett

Typical, traditional Bathams Pub - although not done out in the external colouring of their others.

Main bar has a (loud) TV at the far end, dartboard at the other. Plush red leather bench seating.

Typical wares - Bathams Best Bitter and Mild - Massive Cobs.

If you like what they offer, you will love it.

23 Jan 2020 11:30

The Craven Arms, Craven Arms

Huge coaching house from 1805. Despite being the only pub in Craven Arms (there is a hotel/inn by the discovery centre) its seems to be struggling, yet valiantly carrying on.

All neat and tiny inside. Multi roomed with a carvery/dining area, bar, pool room etc.

I was in on a Saturday and the landlord explained the menu was limited as it was January and they were moving to a new menu. No worries, the food was quickly served, good value and homecooked.

Beer wise - just the one real ale on and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Wadworth 6x.

I have no idea where the people of Craven Arms go out.

19 Jan 2020 13:36

The Angel, Rotherhithe

Nothing on the outside indicating its a Sam Smiths pub. All becomes painfully apparent when you wonder in, see the pumps and the huge sign telling you that mobiles are banned.


Outside and inside, its worth checking out for its tradition and of course, its location. A central bar is surrounded by various rooms partition by wood with a 5ft hole to crouch through.

This does of course mean you can find a place where the staff can't see you on your phone.

How else are you expected to work out how to get Charlton on public transport!

13 Jan 2020 15:59

The Mayflower, Rotherhithe

Must visit pub, for those with an interest in history.

Story well told - from this site the Mayflower set sail for American in 1620. The captain is buried in the churchyard opposite.

The pub is completely old world. Leaded windows, door to the. A bottom bar full of nick nacks and nautical pictures. An upstairs terrace for dining. Low ceiling and lighting make you think you are in any century since the mayflower set sail.

Greene King house. Around four handpulls from independent breweries - Redemption Hopspur in reasonable condition.

Cheese board looked intriguing.

13 Jan 2020 15:55

The Three Tuns, Hotwells

traditional pub, single roomed interior. Banksy style artwork on the outside walls.

Beer was well worthy of their inclusion in the 2020 Good Beer Guide. St Austell Cornish in perfect condition.

6 Jan 2020 17:47

The Christmas Steps, Bristol

Good Beer Guide 2020 entry - but I failed to see what the fuss was about really. Multi level pub - with a bar with the real ales on downstairs and a bar with staff actually working, upstairs. Makes for a weird experience for the unwary.

Very dark interior. Beer in good condition but not much to remember the place by.

6 Jan 2020 17:40

The Seven Stars, Bristol

Completely unspoiled pub - very lived in a touch shabby. Pool Table and Dart Board. Unfortunately, only two other punters in - so not much of an atmosphere. We were periodically joined by trampy looking fellas who came in just to use the facilities, to the visible annoyance of the bar staff.

Beer was good and unusual - Cheddar Ales Totty Pott Porter.

Would come back.

6 Jan 2020 17:37

Beer Emporium, Bristol

I do love a cellar bar. Initially greeted by a bar but the action is down a couple of flights of stairs, with a lift available should you need it. A cavernous vaulted ceiling. Very atmospheric. Mainly long wooden tables but a couple of leather sofas for more comfortable seating.

Extensive collection of bottles and hand pulls but £8.80 for a 300ml St Bernardus 12 is taking the mick a bit.

6 Jan 2020 17:34

The Famous Royal Navy Volunteer, Bristol

Historical pub that has been turned crafty - taking the worse elements of a crafty conversion. Pumps with no clips. Beer board to work out what you want but the icing on the cake was the urinals converted from metal barrels. Wasn't funny the first time I saw it.

6 Jan 2020 17:31

The River, Bristol

Now the Number 1 Harbourside. Fine ales from Bristol Brewing Factory but the Sunday Lunch needs a special mention. Stunning.

6 Jan 2020 17:29

The Lamb Inn, Iron Acton

Website says its been in the Good Beer Guide for 5 consecutive years - doesn't say which though! Last time it appeared was 2016.

Sunday lunch and packed - every table taken for food orders. Appears as though there are two roasts for the price of one (£11.95) - although quite what you do if there are 1 or 3 of you, I don't know.

The beer was disappointing. Four hand pulls on and I went for Wickwar Falling Star. Far too cold - far too murky.

Good community boozer though.

6 Jan 2020 10:54

The Kings Arms, Tring

Handsome backstreet boozer that is only a couple of streets back from the main high street.

Impressive external facade and colouring. Inside is separate rooms but open plan, with dining areas and a darts, drinking area. Of course, the locals all sit around the bar.

Beerwise, there was a good selection of LocALES - breweries that I wasn't too familiar with. I went for a Leighton Buzzard Brewery Restoration X. £4.20 sounded a touch pricey and I would have hoped for a better glass than a Marstons 61 Deep.

All in all a decent local pub and worthy of its inclusion in 2020 Good Beer Guide.

30 Dec 2019 11:29

Wye Valley Hotel, Tintern

Good Beer Guide 2020 Entry - so chosen as the starting point for a Boxing Day Walk.

That bit was lovely - up to Offas Dyke Path, the Devils Pulpit and down back through the woodland.

Get back to the pub for post walk refreshment. 2pm and its all closed up.

Unsure if permanently but the people at the nearby Anchor said it had gone bankrupt.

27 Dec 2019 10:13

The Craven Arms, Birmingham

2020 Good Beer Guide Tick thats long been on the list to visit but is slightly out of the City Centre..... although very handy if you are attending the 02 Academy.

Heaving - all the other punters were also attending the 02 Academy :-)

Typical Black Country Ales Pub - classic pubby feel, their signature ales and other rotating guests - all displayed on TV screens.

TItanic Glacial and Oakham Citra in good condition.

Worth seeking out.

23 Dec 2019 10:11

The Lass O'Gowrie, Manchester

Had planned to go when it was in the 2019 Good Beer Guide. Strangely lost its place in the 2020 guide.

Cant think why - I didnt notice any of the Greene Kings Staples - but five LocALE, all lovingly described with further indications provided by the sample pots. My Deepley Dale Optimum was a perfect bitter.

So the beer is great but what about the building?

A delight - all dark tiling inside and out.

Fine traditional pub that should be visited.

16 Dec 2019 13:05

The Paramount, Manchester

Barn sized Wetherspoons where everything is exactly to JDW standards.

Busy. Plenty of beer choice. Cheap. Filthy tables.

16 Dec 2019 13:01

The Grey Horse Inn, Manchester

Struggle to find a more traditional boozer.

Maybe next door - at the Circus Tavern :-)

Single roomed. Good Beer Guide 2020 Entry. Handful of handpulls - I had a Winters Tale and couldn't find anything about it on Untappd, so don't know the brewery. Fine beer for the season.

16 Dec 2019 12:59

Arcadia Ale and Wine Bar, Headingley

GBG 2020 Entry. Sort of a Micro Pub on an epic scale - former bank in a shopping centre turned into a multi room, multi level pub.

8 Handpulls and plenty of Belgian Bottles. Nice atmosphere - full, but not cramped that you couldn't get a seat on a Saturday evening.

Plenty to admire - would have liked to have stayed longer.

16 Dec 2019 12:08

The Coach and Horses, Soho

I was there at the "closing" parties, where they hosted a live theatre event of Jeffry Bernard is unwell, performed by Robert Bathurst.

I was convinced that would be the last time I saw it in the way I had come to love it.

7 months later and I find myself in London and checking it out. Furniture, bar back and general decor - all exactly as I remember. This is a great thing.

Beers - far more choice - and London Pride in fine form.

Fullers have not actually ruined this pub - which was the big fear when they ousted the last tenants.

I am delighted.

12 Dec 2019 10:04

De Hems, Soho

Interesting place, well worth discovering.

Large number of continental beers in bottle and draught.

Delirium Noel a festive choice in December.

Typical large london pub interior - nothing to make it seem unusual.

12 Dec 2019 09:58

The Compass Alehouse, Gravesend

As classic a micro pub as you can hope to meet. Small shop conversation with high seating around the edge of a tiny room. Whilst balancing and trying not to fall off the bench seating, you can either eavesdrop or join in the conversation. There is no choice.

A laminate on the tables described the different European styles - a chance to swat up on your lambics - and presumably there is a bottle menu somewhere. Real ales and Ciders on a chalk board - with the real ales fecthed from gravity pours out around the back.

Intense - like breakfast in a B&B.

8 Dec 2019 11:55

The Jolly Drayman, Gravesend

Odd looking place - think British Legion crossed with a hotel - all in the shadow of the disney-esque Sikh Temple next door.

Once inside, there is a pubby feel of low ceiling, wooden panelling and nautical paraphernalia.

The beers were surprisingly eclectic - and Betty Stogs - easily the best pint taken in the three Good Beer Guide 2020 entries in town.

8 Dec 2019 11:51

The Three Daws, Gravesend

Enviable location overlooking the Thames - and with a beer garden providing a real seaside feel.

ancient building - creaky floors, low ceilings and not a right angle in the place.

In the Good Beer Guide 2020 and some interesting and unusal choices. I went for a Pale Ale Mary from Northdowns brewery. Well kept.

8 Dec 2019 11:48

The Whole Hog, Malmesbury

Much to admire in this GBG 2020 entry.... detailed as a Bar Restaurant.

Separate restaurant to drinking area
Drinking area has a proper old school feel to it
Wooden partitions, large glass windows to watch the world go by
five hand pulls on - all around £3.30
Ramsbury Farmers Best an unusual pint - perfect condition.
Perfectly positioned between the Abbey and the Market Square.

2 Dec 2019 12:16

The Mousetrap Inn, Bourton on the Water

Only Good Beer Guide 2020 Entry in the immediate area - including the larger Stow on the Wold.

Its slightly off the tourist centre - but not far. Hence he reason I'd not found it before.

Gorgeous Honey Stone Building. Single roomed, setup mainly for dining. The drinker has not been forgotten - high stools at the bar and a comfy looking couple of leather sofas. Three real ales on - two locALE and a Titantic that wasn't Plum Porter. I had a perfect stroud brewery Fall - a smoky bitter. Little sample jars showed the colour and all three were a dark brown chestnut. Strange not to see more variety. £4

Friendly landlord and popular for food - so book if you are thinking of eating. many were turned away.

25 Nov 2019 12:08

The Crosse Keys, Bank

former HQ of HSBC and now a Wetherspoons GBG 2020 entry.

The building - if you look up - is stunning. all marble columns and huge lighting rigs in a cavernously airy room.

If you look down, you'll see the usual JDW sticky tables covered in spent glasses and "interesting" carpet.

Beer Choice is beyond comprehension - 24 hand pulls advertised on TV Screens. If you use the app, you can only select the regulars. London Pride was in poor condition.

There is no doubt I would come again. So much to discover, if I actually get to the bar.

10 for the building/choice. 4 for the quality.

4 Nov 2019 11:56

Ship, Monument

Hidden away down a little courtyard and loomed over by the Walkie Talkie.

A pub has stood here since before the fire of london and its still holding on.

Good Beer Guide 2020 Entry.

A Nicholsons in the traditional style - plenty of wood, hint of a Gin Palace, snob screens on the bar. Narrow, with high stool furniture in the main, and wooden seating elsewhere. Upstairs restaurant not investigated but the wall signs suggested they were proud of their pies.

Several cask handpulls and the London Pride was in exceptional condition.

4 Nov 2019 11:51

The Draft House, Tower Hill

Concrete roof, exposed ducting, neon signs, chicken wings and table football.

So damn loud.

I really should have tried the Tankovna of unfiltered Pilsner Urquell but I had failed to notice it. Instead, one of the five hand pulls was a decent London Lush by the London Brewing Company.

Party destination.

4 Nov 2019 11:47

The Railway Hotel, West Horndon

Handy for the station.

Looked like a proper community pub. I'd chosen to pop in at midday on the Saturday when England lost the Rugby World Cup. I'm sure this accounted for the livelier than expected atmosphere.

Imaging if England had won.

Beer wise - there is Cask Marque plague on the front but long expired. A couple of non descript Greene King efforts but I think Guinness is what the locals were on - and it was well served and well kept. A few nods to Irish heritage amongst the railway paraphernalia.

3 Nov 2019 12:09

The Kings Arms, Stow on the Wold

Beautiful Greene King Pub - former coaching house.

Wouldn't choose to drink here - Black Sheep in average condition - a house branded beer (probably IPA) and one other, not noticed. Stuffed into a Speckled Hen pint glass.

Food and service are faultless - if not at the expensive end of the scale. Sunday lunch was superb.

28 Oct 2019 12:11

The Golden Ball Inn, Stow on the Wold

Donnington pub - so knew what I would be getting - delightful location, picture postcard perfect in setting and location.

Terrible beer - and this really was beyond the pale. Donningtons is poor at the best of times but the 1/2 pint of SBA I had was beyond bad. It had only just opened, so I can only assume its either not been pulled through or its very badly kept.

Shame. 7 for the pub, 2 for the beer.

28 Oct 2019 12:07

The Shakespeare, Birmingham

Traditional Victorian red brick boozer - with some fine opulent features. Leather topped bench seating, chandeliers, gilded bass mirrors. All very consumer friendly.

Beers - three from UBU - Purity in fine nick (as you would expect from a Good Beer Guide regular) and Doombar and their won pale ale.

Bit out of the way - neither the Jewelry Qtr or the City - so an effort is required to get there. I would come back if passing.

27 Oct 2019 19:20

The Hillside Inn, Crawley

Busy food pub - think its a vintage. Met by a server at the door.

Tribute and one other real ale.

Food average for the slightly expensive price.

Good service.

22 Oct 2019 16:09

The Wavendon Arms, Wavendon

Gastro to the point of being greeted with a stand handing out menus in the entrance way. Posh interior, large posh/formal dining room, bar area with high stools and sofas but at £4.80 a pint, its not aimed at the drinkers.

Doom bar and TT Landlord on. I asked for the Landlord. The waitress said "I'm just a waitress". I asked again and she said "Do you want me to fetch the Landlord".

I resorted to pointing.

£4.80, but of course, you are paying for the service.

15 Oct 2019 10:19

The Brewery Tap, Brentwood

Unsure why its the brewery tap. Single roomed pseudo wetherspoons pub, offering drinks offers on Carling/John Smiths with a similar advertising.

Very popular - no doubt the friendly staff and prices.

Three real ales on and doom bar was the best choice at an unsniffable £2.50.

13 Oct 2019 12:14

Cherry Reds, Birmingham

Good Beer Guide 2020 Entry - A cafe bar with a very pubby feel inside.

Knowledgeable staff - good beer (Pale Brummie was pefect) and a monthly comedy night in the upstairs room.

We will be back.

7 Oct 2019 10:30

The Castle Tavern, Inverness

Good Beer Guide 2020 pub.

Traditional on the opposite side of the castle to town.

Stand pub interior with lots of wrought ironwork. Few high chairs at the bar and multi level flooring offering nooks and crannies elsewhere.

Orkney Dark Island in perfect condition.

4 Oct 2019 16:24

Hootananny, Inverness

Super live music venue - with decent beer and plentiful whiskies.

A real joy. Highly recommended and best in Inverness,

4 Oct 2019 16:22

The Settle Inn, Stirling

Good Beer Guide 2020 Entry.

Small bar with fierce coal burner. larger back room, with Bingo on a Monday night :-)

Two hand pulls - surprisingly Hobgoblin and Tribute. What happened to national pride?

Tribute nicely kept.

4 Oct 2019 14:02

The Portcullis, Stirling

Good Beer Guide 2020. Practically in the castle grounds - so nice to have a good experience when it could have been a tourist rip off place.

Food, Service - cheap and good.

Beer - a Cairngorms Trade Winds was the best pint I had across three cities and many pubs

4 Oct 2019 13:58

The Ben Nevis, Glasgow

Small but nicely formed traditional pub in the West End of Glasgow.

Two real ales on. One was very cloudy - meant to be like that was how my question was responded to. 2nd one was in good condition but too hoppy for my liking.

Nice collection of whiskies.

Pleasant experience.

3 Oct 2019 19:08

The Three Judges, Partick Cross

Good Beer Guide Pub. Mainly for blokes.

Sunday Lunch Time - all other punters were solo, heads down in the papers. Barely a noise.

Ales hadn't been labelled up on my arrival - landlady was just doing it. A request for a Boring Brown Bitter was met with an adequate Stonehenge Ales Spire Ale. From Wiltshire.

Everyone else was on Tenants. Not sure how they can keep so many real ales on and fresh - but they must do, as its in the GBG 2020.

3 Oct 2019 19:04

The Pot Still, Glasgow

5 years on and I return to the same pub, on the way back from Still Game at the Hydro.

An absolute joy. There are signs throughout the city that say "people make Glasgow". Never is that more true that in here - lovely locals, very accommodating to the people that travel all over the world to sample the reputation.

Loved it.

3 Oct 2019 13:33

The State Bar, Glasgow

Very nice traditional pub - with central bar serving multiple Oakham brews.

All deep mahogany woods and traditional pub furniture.

Good Beer Guide 2020.

3 Oct 2019 13:29

Bar Cini, Glasgow

From the address, I'd say this is now the Raven.

Good Beer Guide 2020 entry - all things to all men/women. Loud music, food, cocktails, beer, foorball on, bouncers outside.

All a bit manic.

Beers from Mobberley Brewery in Cheshire.

3 Oct 2019 13:27

The Babbity Bowster, Glasgow

Good Beer Guide Regular and a perfect introduction to the City.

We were on a city walk and popped in on a Saturday afternoon. Full on orchestra of folk musicians and singers - with many tourists (ourselves included) soaking up the entertainment.

Single room downstairs - garden patio and I believe an upstairs restaurant.

Fyne Ales Jarl in perfect condition.

Worth seeking out. An original.

2 Oct 2019 17:36

The Bull, Theydon Bois

Lovely old pub, in the centre of the village, as short hop from the tube.

Low ceiling, long bar, TV. Very nice beer garden.

Youngs Bitter in excellent condition.

22 Sep 2019 10:35

The Kings Oak, High Beech

Couldn't resist popping into this impressive, rambling pub on the edge of Epping Forest.

A gorgeous day - large beer garden - 8 miles into a ramble with water diminishing.

How unlucky to find a place that cannot even keep Stella Artois properly. Didn't trust the Greene King IPA so went continental - a headless, soapy pint, with a scummy ring on top.

At least it was cold.

22 Sep 2019 10:33

The Crown, Waltham Abbey

A relatively rare 11am opener on a Saturday. Traditional pub, small beer garden, nooks and crannies inside - including some comfy sofas.

As the first in, i had to suffer the first pull of the day. The McMullens Country Bitter was nowhere near as bright and good as discovered last month in Broxbourne.

22 Sep 2019 10:29

The Fox Inn, Willian

Gastro pub with a large bar area for less formal activities.

Surprised (and delighted) to find Church End Brewery Goat Milk on - a Camra Champion Beer. In perfect condition.

16 Sep 2019 11:18

The Standing Order, Stevenage

Typical Spoons... Nice outdoor patio area at the front.

Nothing more to say.

16 Sep 2019 11:15

Bell Inn, Moreton in Marsh

Good Beer Guide 2020 Entry. Allegedly the inspiration behind the Prancing Pony Book in the Lord of the Rings.

Typical Cotswold Coaching House. Beautiful architecture.

Four or Five real ales on - Ubu Purity, North Cotswold Shagweaver, Prescott Hill Climb and TT Landlord. I went for the Landlord, which was tired and quickly lost an resemblance of life.

Also disappointing was a 45 minute wait for food in an empty pub, where the bar staff were nearly equal to the punters. However, it was very good when it came.

Overall, an underwhelming experience.

15 Sep 2019 18:37

The Standard Bearer, Stevenage

Modern Wetherspoons in a Unit in the new part of town.

Just about as far as you can get from a traditional pub experience in a place that serves beer.

9 Sep 2019 12:06

The Angel Vaults Inn, Hitchin

Very busy Identikit JDW, with a bar at the far end of a rambling building that takes a bit of finding.

No need to describe, you could be anywhere in the land.

9 Sep 2019 12:03

The Half Moon, Hitchin

Good Beer Guide 2019 entry.

traditional single roomer that has two regular (enjoyed the youngs special) and six changing beers.

I came in on Tuesday when the pub quiz was in full flight. Not a seat to be had anywhere.

A sign of its success. I will return.

9 Sep 2019 12:00

The Brink, Manchester

Good beer guide 2019 entry.

Cellar bar, very much like the Gas Lamp over the road.

Everything is source from 30 miles of Manchester - from the beers to the excellent music at a decent level.

Enjoyable visit with a friendly owner.

9 Sep 2019 11:58

Bull, Broxbourne

Very chainey feel to the place - catering for standard pub dining.

Large bar - plenty of staff on. Nice patio out the front.

McMullens Country was in very, very good condition - so can't complain about the cellarmanship.

18 Aug 2019 20:19

The White Bear, Broxbourne

Nice external appearance. Tidy insider. Setup for sports - with football, rugby and horse racing all on. At near enough the same time.

Only Doombar on - and as the Cask Marque accreditation was marked as "expired" I went for a stella.

The only thing I will remember of this place was every single man was wearing Ralph Lauren. Is there an outlet in Broxbourne?

18 Aug 2019 20:17

Woodman, Wormley West End

Full on greek restaurant now. Didn't notice any real ales, although some reports of a single McMullens being on. Instead, I went for a £5.20 Peroni. It was lifeless.

Sure the food is lovely.

18 Aug 2019 20:14

The Old Bell, Edinburgh

Quite a beautiful pub...

A flying visit but much enjoyed. Didn't have a beer, but thought whilst in Scotland, it would be a malt.

13 Aug 2019 12:41

Leslies Bar, Edinburgh

Unchanged pub from 1899 - with a central bar that takes some getting too... the snob screens on the left hand side mean you cannot see the beers - the alternative is to fight your way through the bar hangers on stools on the right hand side.

Plenty of old school pub memorabilia to look at.

Was in the 2018 Good Beer Guide but not the 2019.

Timothy Taylor Landlord a lovely find.

13 Aug 2019 12:39

The Abbey, Edinburgh

Nothing too special, corporate pub, with a central bar and seating all around.

Deuchars was the only hand pulled ale noticed - which was in fine condition. Wished I had noticed the Whisky offers before - 3x25ml from a particular region for a tenner and an extensive selection.

13 Aug 2019 12:36

The Dagda Bar, Edinburgh

One roomed tenement pub that is very popular. A (nice) battle to get to the bar for friendly service.

Good Beer guide 2019 entry. Oakham Citra spot on.

Would return if in the area.

13 Aug 2019 12:32

The Black Horse, Bridgnorth

Sprawling low town pub that has been extended into addition buildings.

Three bar areas but only one manned. Nicely decorated rooms with a Mod / Sixties theme - including Who motifs and a full wall mural of Keef from the Stones.

Beer - well, nearly all of my favourites were on - which is unusual as they were all similar types of Pale Ale/Bitters - Wye Valley HPA, Town Crier, Bathams and Three Tuns (Which was in superb condition).

They don't really do food but the cobs were good value.

Worth checking out.

4 Aug 2019 12:46

The Cottage Loaf, Llandudno

Tucked around the back of JDW - came up high on Tripadvisor for food but is also Cask Marque - so thought we would investigate.

Its a holiday pub for tourists. The place is all setup for dining, with the only comfortable place for drinkers on stools in front of the bar.

At least you can listen to the conversations... Punter: Timothy Taylor, is that from Wales? Barman - "I think its from Yorkshire".

It was a nice pint of Landlord - served in unusual branded, handled jugs.

Good for families / holiday makers.

30 Jul 2019 09:42

The Palladium, Llandudno

Unusually, an impressive JDW that hasnt made the Good Beer Guide.

Stunning building - it takes some imagination to turn a victorian theatre into a pub.

So its JDW on a grand scale - massive ceilings. Hundreds of tables - either occupied or filthy. Bar queuing in the centre, rather than making the most of the width.

No belgian bottled beers - so I made do with an Exmoor Stag - exactly the same pint I had in St Albans JDW last weekend.

Worth a look for the architecture.

30 Jul 2019 09:29

The Kings Head, Llandudno

Cask Marque.

Llandudno's Oldest Pub.

At the tram terminus - so catering for thirsty Great Orme goers. Packed then empty in the space of 30 mins. Sign on the Gents loos, stating strictly no women.

Beer was mainly from Greene King - with a Sharps Sea Fury in good condition.

30 Jul 2019 09:26

The Snowdon, Llandudno

I felt this was the best pub in Llandudno.

Good Beer Guide Entry 2019.

Nice covered patio area the front was very present on a summer evening where it was both warm and raining.

Inside, its a couple of houses knocked together with a good bar area and little tables dotted about in alcoves.

Beer wise, I only got as far as the Bass, which was a surprise and in top condition.

Enjoyed our visit.

29 Jul 2019 17:46

The Albert, Llandudno

Good Beer Guide 2019.

All the handpulls are on one side of the L shaped bar and guarded by bar hangers on stools. There is a chalk board above the bar but the font was of a size that rendered it unreadble with or without my glasses!

Instead, a chat with a bar man and a decent Conwy Beachcomber was selected.

Pub all geared up for dining, with an outside patio for watching the world go by.

29 Jul 2019 17:38

The Malt Loaf, Conwy

Renamed the Erskine Arms. Massive, tasteful and expensive make over inside and out by the looks of it.

Good Beer Guide 2019 entry.

Large busy central area but we did find a delightfully quiet "study" at the front of the building. All leather chesterfields and smart decoration.

Food was very good. Beers were limited in choice but the TT Boltmaker was in good condition.

A good pub that caters for many occasions and type of punter and much better than you would expect for a tourist location.


29 Jul 2019 14:00

The Albion Vaults, Conwy

Good Beer Guide 2019 Entry and winner of North Wales Pub of the Year 2016.

Doesn't look much from the outside - some Ansells Branding and a tranditional "old man's pub".

Inside is where the money has been spent - all soft wood furnishings and original tiling. Two roomed - with the a long bar in the bar room.

Knowledgeable and friendly staff.


29 Jul 2019 13:38

The Swallows Nest, Halesowen

Vintage Inn - so smart decor and geared for family dining.

A wonderful terrace around the back, with great elevated views over Birmingham.

Ale wise - there was the usual Doom Bar and other standards. I tried for an UBU purity, but that was off. A Stella for £4.25 was the compromise.

22 Jul 2019 19:30

Woodman, Hatfield

Lovely to find a pub open at 11:40am on a Sunday morning. We fully expected to have to wait for 20 minutes.

A promise on the outside of good food and real ale - a touch disappointed to find the only real ales on were Greene King IPA and Abbotts. Still, it was a continental lager sort of day and the San Miguel hit the spot in their outside garden.

Still see the ghost of the Old Maypole next door. Now a private house.

22 Jul 2019 19:25

The Dragon Inn, Worcester

One of two tied houses for the Church End Brewery (Nuneaton).

Traditional Pub that's had a bit of tidying up over the years but maintains a pubby feel. Outdoor patio area is lovely on warmer days and has a covered glass roof.

Beers were half a dozen from Chrurch End - I went for the 2017 Supreme Beer Winner - Goat Milk. A very nice golden.

Good Beer Guide 2019 Entry.

18 Jul 2019 13:39

The Lamp Tavern, Birmingham

A must visit - as these sorts of pubs won't be around forever.

0.5 miles out of the City Centre - but a world apart. Increasing levels of destitution of dilapidated light industrial units and you find this pub in a most unlikely location.

Good Beer Guide 2019 entry and the Goffs Cheltenham Gold was perfect.

Single roomed - bar decorated with knick knacks and awards going back 25 years.... possibly my favourite thing was the completely empty three bottle white wine chiller.

14 Jul 2019 19:22

Great Western Arms, Moreton in Marsh

Hook Norton tied house and cask marque accredited - which make the pint of soup they sold me for £4.10 all the more incredible. A cloudy, poor Hook Norton Gold.

Two other punters in the place on a Sunday lunch and they were of Coffees.

Slow turnover may have explained the dodgy pint.

Can't really say too much to recommend it based on my visit.

14 Jul 2019 18:46

The Skinners Arms, Kings Cross

Good Beer Guide 2019 entry.

Would expect the bar staff to know a bit more about the offerings - rather than answering the question "what is the Sambrooks Lavender Hill like" with "Its an Ale, innitt".

It was a very good ale.

High seating overlooking a traditional wooden bar with "Skinners arms" in the detail.

Mistakenly, I sat outside. The last time I was hassled by gentlemen of the street this much was outside the Bree Louise.

7 Jul 2019 12:04

The Queens Head, St Pancras

Long, narrow single roomed pub. Mirrors on one wall, bar on opposite side. Piano. Couple of benches outside.

Good Beer Guide 2019 entry but I wasn't massively impressed with the Windsor and Eton Guardsman, served in unasked for handle glass.

Old school pub and worth popping in should be in the area but not really a destination pub.

7 Jul 2019 12:00

The Ship Inn, Styal

Looking for a place for a Sunday Lunch meal for the family and this was perfect. Great food, great service, upper end of the pub dining experience, price wise.

Wasn't on the beer today but did see Black Sheep and TT Boltmaker. It was hard to order a lemonade but a 100 mile car journey beckoned.

Would recommend.

30 Jun 2019 19:27

The Burton Arms Hotel, Manchester

Repeat visit - and I didn't recognise the place from last time. Its now got a new name - I'd need to check my on line banking but I think its the Monkey and Rose.

Bartons Arms still displayed in the porch area.

Smart bar - with fools gold by bootleg brewery.

Very nice outside patio area - complete with TVs showing Glastonbury.

At last, we've found a place with a beer garden in the city that isnt mobbed.

30 Jun 2019 19:23

Lower Turks Head, Manchester

Still searching for a city centre pub with a beer garden/terrace. This has one, but to get to it, you need to fight your way through the kareoke and dancing. At tea time.

Upstairs bar - Timothy Taylor Landlord an unexpected find in such a place. Terrace bar was super but of course packed.

30 Jun 2019 19:20

The Bay Horse, Manchester

Came in the heat looking for Manchester pubs with beer gardens - and not the obvious ones.

This had a small terrace out the back.

Not much going on the ale front, I stuck to a camden hells lager. This was fine - but its the food that I will remember this place for.

Downstairs dining room and top quality nosh.

30 Jun 2019 19:16

The Fighting Cocks, Stottesdon

Quite a find. Smart pub in the village centre - big car park, large beer garden. Inside, a typical country pub - low ceilings, room on room through a series of extensions.

Two wye valleys (butty and HPA) and a Hobsons on. Took one sip if the HPA and thought, this is perfect condition. A check on the Good Beer Guide confirmed its status.

Highly recommended.

28 Jun 2019 10:53

The Great Malvern Hotel, Great Malvern

Good Beer Guide 2019 Entry.

The bar is a good approximation of a pub - with nick nacky decorations, collections of Good Beer Guides, rules of the tavern posters etc.

Horseshoe bar with high stools all around. Wooden tables with 4 wooden seats. Big windows overlooking the road.

Five real ales on - I can remember HPA, Malvern Hills Brewery Bitter and Hopback Summer Lightening (chosen). In decent condition.

22 Jun 2019 17:25

The Cross Inn, Kinver

Black Country Ales Pub - those that know them, will know exactly what they are going to get..... their usual real ales (Fireside, Pig, Hole in the Wall) and a chalk notice board of one-offs that can come from anywhere in the country. Its probably about 50-50 on whether I have heard of the brewery or not.

Traditional pubs - done well - and a winning formula. They go from strength to strength. Just heard they have resurrected the Seven Stars at Stourbridge Junction, which is a lovely pub.

Good Beer Guide 2019

19 Jun 2019 09:57

The Bakers Arms, Broad Campden

Tiny village - and somehow, this pub manages to keep five hand pulls on the go.

Can't complain, as the wickwar bob was in terrific condition. Other choices were Stanney Bitter, 2xWye Valley and a Prescott Hill Climb.

Pub feel, with lots of diners.

Good beer guide 2019 entry.

16 Jun 2019 13:27

Churchill Arms, Chipping Campden

Gastro Pub in the Middle of nowhere. Includes a giant portrait of Marco Pierre White.

There is a bar to sit at, if you don't want to disturb the cutlery and plant pots on the tables.

They had a special beer from North Cotswold Brewery for their pub (Winston - Geddit?) and Purity Gold. Winston was in average condition and £4.20.

Beautiful building.

16 Jun 2019 13:23

The Duke of Cambridge, Shortheath

Black country ales pub - doing more or less what they all do - usual BFG, Pig on the Wall and Fireside and then a few random ales from breweries from around the UK.

Nice building, converted from C17th cottages - bar to left, snug to right and a pool room on the back.

Good Beer Guide 2019.

My Fixed Wheel Shell Corner looked dreadful, completely hazy.

8 Jun 2019 18:18

Lyndon House Hotel, Walsall

Good beer guide entry 2019.

Converted Salvation Army Hostel of all things. No a smart brick and wood pub, with a central bar and seating all around.

Plenty of real ale choice and the Bathams in top condition for £3.30.

2 Jun 2019 16:23

The Rising Sun, Berkhamsted

Good Beer Guide Entry 2019.

Popular canal side location with very scruffy tables outside. Could do with a good clean.

Inside, its wooden interior with a central bar and rather small. The bar is fiercely guarded by bar hoggers who obviously lost their space once, as they won't give up an inch.

Meant it was tricky for me to fully review the beers on handpull. I didn't recognise any of the pump clips but always prepared to try - if only I could have seen what was on offer.

Instead, and as it was a red hot day - I went for a Camden Hells Lager - served in a unique glass from the brewery.

Would certainly revisit....

26 May 2019 18:59

The Blue Ball, Asheridge

Pleasant county pub - seemingly in the middle of nowhere. I was first in at lunchtime and a bit sceptical as to how the first London Pride of the day would be.

It was perfect.

Nice outdoor area. Traditional pub interior setup for dining.

26 May 2019 18:55

The Bulls Head, Wootton Wawen

Building is dated 1317.

Former Cottages/agricultural buildings. Timber framed. Grade II listed.

Mainly setup for dining - but what an environment, with the exposed beams and lovely furniture.

Beers not so impressive - typical marstons fayre - wainwright and pedigree. Pedi a bit tired and this is only a pint that works when kept exceptionally well.

10 for the architecture. 6 for the beer.

12 May 2019 19:11

The Ship Inn, Holy Island of Lindisfarne

Can never go wrong with a ship inn!

Traditional terrace pub. Wooden floored bar area with classic pub furniture and bar at far end.

Nice garden, which appears to be having a new building created in it.

Lovely staff.

Allendale Pennine Pale Ale in fine condition.

11 May 2019 22:14

The Olde Ship Hotel, Seahouses

Staying in Seahouses - so visited a couple of times.

First impressions were not that great but I did change my mind. A myriad of signs telling you everything from "No Dogs" to "Toilets are for Patrons" and my favourite - "Remove Large Rucksacks before entry"

Only pub we visited in Northumberland that had a no dogs policy.

The reason for these signs are a superb bar full of nautical nick nacks. Really is a joy to sit and drink there. The beers were exceptional - I tried the Farne Island and a great pint of Theakstons.

Staff are really friendly and if you have a dog and are lucky, you can sit in a wonderful summerhouse and have extensive views to the Farne Islands.

55 Whiskies on offer.

I definitely warmed to it!

9 May 2019 16:40

The Ship Inn, Alnwick

Amazing place. Quite hard to get to, unless you are walking! There is no parking immediately near the properties and a pay and display car park at the top of the hill.

When you arrive, there is a cluster of white washed former fishermens cottages and the pub is in the corner.

Inside - a lovely log burner, bar at one end and rows of big, six seater tables.

There is a brewery on site, but I stuck with the Farne Island - which I am starting to love.

A great experience.

8 May 2019 18:38

The Craster Arms, Beadnell Bay

Super location - opposite the church. Beadnell itself is delighful - get to the bay for a walk and pop in here for a pint after.

Inside, its mainly setup for the holiday food crowd - huge menu, with some nice looking specials.

Three real ales on - two from Allendale Brewery and a Farne Island. The Farne Island was in lovely condition. The Allendale Wagtail was far too cold.

7 May 2019 17:56

Jolly Fisherman, Craster

Stunning location - over the harbour with the coast path running through the garden.

Beer wise - its Cask Marque accredited, with an old Timothy Taylor Landlord green sign on the front. I was delighted to see it was sold and in super condition. Other beers noticed were Black Sheep.

The food was amazing - crab sandwiches and kipper pate shared between us. High quality.

7 May 2019 17:51

The Red Lion, Alnmouth

Delightful C18th coaching house. Access under the arch and through a porch - where towels are provided for wet dogs. Inside, its low ceiling and narrow - which on a bank holiday led to a cramped feel - with a small bar barely able to cope with the three staff and punters lined up ordering food for many.

Three real ales on and the reason I was here was because its in the 2019 Good Beer Guide. A perfect Allendale Brewery Curlew's Return red ale.

Taken outside to their beautiful beer garden, with views over the estuary.

Just before the rain started :-)

6 May 2019 19:33

Doheny and Nesbitts, Dublin

Beautiful Victorian pub, filled with pub paraphernalia and whiskey mirrors. Nice little snug of the bar bar, opening out to more of a restaurant.

Really spoilt for choice in this area.

23 Apr 2019 10:45

Toners, Dublin

Baggot Street is probably the best for unspoilt pubs, with great architecture and totally authentic.

This small boozer is winner of Snug of the Year! It was empty when I was there but I was damned if I could fight my way across the crowds to get to it.

Lovely pub.

23 Apr 2019 10:44

The Stags Head, Dublin

Just off Temple Bar - upmarket pub with very friendly bar staff.

23 Apr 2019 10:42

O'Donoghues, Dublin

Music orientated bar - as traditional as you can get - from the furniture (all wood) to the gents (proudly standing right next to the bar).

Great place, if you can get a seat!

23 Apr 2019 10:42

John Mulligan, Dublin

Lovely pub, tracing its history back to 1752.

One side of the street looks like it ready for demolition but Mulligans stands on the sunny side of the street.

Traditional and my dublin based colleagues said its one of the best in the City.

23 Apr 2019 10:41

The Colesbourne Inn, Colesbourne

1827 coaching house - Wadworth tied house, set up very much for the Gastro Pub Experience.

Lovely interior and patio.

6x in absolutely perfect condition, so no complaints from me.

22 Apr 2019 17:07

Masons Arms, Long Marston

Handsome looking country pub at the North End of the Village.

Very low ceilings - as it was a lovely day, the front door was held open. This had the warning sign. A teeth jarring head bang on the doorframe is no way to announce your arrival.

All punters sat outside and from what I can see, no-one else on real ale. I had a Theakstons Paradise Ale which looked fine but average condition. Would suggest I was the first to have real ale today in the sunshine.

22 Apr 2019 16:28

Scotsmans Pack Inn, Hathersage

Large pub, set mainly for dining, on the edge of the village.

Marstons Pedigree was in fine condition.

18 Apr 2019 17:37

Little John Hotel, Hathersage

Locals pub - large, multi roomed including a popular pool room, food and sports TV.

Beer was in great condition - not seen the Welbeck Abbey brewery before but I tell the care the barman was taking in changing one of the barrels that it was looked after.

18 Apr 2019 17:35

The Anglers Rest, Bamford

Good Beer Guide 2019 - but I expect its more to do with the community efforts in keeping it going (attache is a cafe, shop and a post office) rather the quality of the beer.

The Chatsword Gold was in average condition.

The pub was nice and busy, with bar and separate dining area. Could do with some comfier seats - but I had been walking 16 miles.

18 Apr 2019 17:32

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Inn, Castleton

My room for the night and an honour to be in a 1660 building, operating as a coaching house for 400 years.

Beers were well kept, with an Acorn Brewery Barnsley Bitter Chosen.

Landlord and staff friendly.

Can only comment of breakfast, which was super.

Castleton has been superb - great beers in all 5 places.

18 Apr 2019 12:23

Bulls Head Hotel, Castleton

Huge Robinsons Pub.

I was there after the diners have left, so a bit spartan with people.

The Unicorn was in perfect condition.

18 Apr 2019 12:21

The Castle Hotel, Hope Valley

Another cracking pub - maybe a bit more modern inside.

Long well lit bar, real fire, black sheep in fine condition.

Loving Castleton!

18 Apr 2019 12:20

The George Hotel, Castleton

Cosy pub - closest to Peveril Castle. Multi roomed around a central bar.


Black Sheep in great condition.

There's a lot of choice in Castleton and the competition is maintaining high standards.

18 Apr 2019 12:18

Ye Olde Nags Head, Castleton

Good Beer Guide 2019 Entry - and well worthy. Like Mr Mallard, I had the a Kelham Island Bitter and it was perfect.

Lovely hob gate fire. Good food. Good Service.

18 Apr 2019 12:15

The Peaks Inn, Castleton

A week walking in the Peak District - on the Inn Way - so I've been to quite a few.

This served the pint of the week - a perfect Theakstons Best Bitter.

The pub was well suited for the tourists, plenty of room for dining and drinking.

18 Apr 2019 12:13

The Royal Hotel, Hayfield

traditonal coaching house with many original features and rooms separated by wooden panelling.

Stancill Brewery had a couple of options on and in good condition.

Nice place.

18 Apr 2019 09:02

The Packhorse, Hayfield

Other end of the social spectrum to the Kinder Lodge.

Posh Gastro pub but the diners are separated from the drinkers - who have some wonderful deep red cheserfields for comfort.

Beer was Theakstons in great condition.

If i had one request - get the posh patrons to keep their dogs on a lead.

18 Apr 2019 09:00

The Kinder Lodge, Hayfield

Last time I was here, it was Strawberries and cream for the Wimbledon Final.

This time, it was a well refreshed man, dancing to Gold on a too loud radio, carrying 6 cans of Stella in a rucksack.

This is the locals pub in Hayfield.

18 Apr 2019 08:58

The George Hotel, Hayfield

Back again and a beer this time. I learnt something new - a well kept Pedigree is a joy to behold. I always thought it was eggy.

1575 coaching house - lots of space and very friendly staff who try to make you welcome.

Food was good again. Lamb Kletiko in Derbyshire!

18 Apr 2019 08:54

The Old Nags Head, Edale

Classic Hikers pub - marking the start of the Pennine Way and being in perfect walking country.

Very quiet at Lunch on a Friday but it fills up as the afternoon goes on.

Classic pub of its type but needed a fire. The Hikers Bar was cold and the Black Sheep freezing!

18 Apr 2019 08:52

Woodroffe Arms, Hope

Nothing I remember noticeable on the real ale front, so I had a san miguel.

Large pub - more for the locals than the Old Hall over the road.

17 Apr 2019 18:49

The Old Hall Inn, Hope

Perfect village inn - lots of rooms, quirky pub decor, friendly staff.

lovely pint of theakstons best bitter.

Highly recommended and easily the best of the two in the village.

17 Apr 2019 18:47

The Miners Arms, Eyam

Waited for 45 minutes for it to open at midday. Wish I hadn't.

Greene King but selling the local breweries "Quarantine". It was murky and I doubt was meant to look the way it did.

Shame really, as its the only pub in the village. Maybe they hadn't pulled it through and i was victim of being first in.

17 Apr 2019 18:45

The Star, Tideswell

Proper locals pubs - tucked away, so the tourist without google maps can't find it.

An odd triangular bar serving three rooms. Meant the barman was never looking for the right way for the thirsty and too polite stranger to be served :-)

Can't remember what ales were on but they were not enticing enough to make me not have a stella.


17 Apr 2019 15:17

The George Hotel, Tideswell

Greene King (surprisingly) next to the Cathedral. Offers accommodation and was my room for the night.

Staff are lovely.

Seemed popular with the locals - various tradesmen commandeering the bar area.

Beers were not the usual greene king. The TT Landlord was off and I remember a Tetley's Cask was on but I had a birra moretti.


17 Apr 2019 15:14

The Horse and Jockey, Tideswell

Traditional locals pub on the way into town from Tideswell Dale.

Only place that has the football on - Sky - but not BT Sports.

Large two roomed - big range in the bar - other tables set up for dining.

Had my first Stancill brewery beer - a Stainless. Would find it a few times by the end of the week.

17 Apr 2019 15:12

Bulls Head Hotel, Yougreave

In a week of around 40 peak district pubs - this was the best of the week.

Great food/Service is a separate dining room.

Front bar full of life - darts team preparing for an away match. Every local with an interest in football watching the game.

Full of joy and banter.

Beer wise - a couple from Marstons - not the most exciting - but a great atmosphere.

15 Apr 2019 08:48

The Farmyard Inn, Youlgreave

Surprised to see a Greene King in the Peak District. But this wasnt the only one.

Timed it wrong - there was a horrible collection of middle class parent who couldnt keep their kids under control and were running riot.

Ban toddlers from pubs now.

When they left, you could see the staff had had a time keeping them under control. Not their job, really is it.

Timothy Taylor landlord OK

15 Apr 2019 08:46

George Hotel, Bakewell

Lovely rambling coaching house - with plenty of rooms to split the diners from the drinkers. Some wonderful red cushioned bench seating.

Theakstons was in fine condition.

15 Apr 2019 08:44

The Devonshire Arms, Beeley

Open at 11am for a drink, which was good news. But bring your money - £4.85 for Timothy Taylor Landlord.

Nice country pub but nothing to justify the costs.

15 Apr 2019 08:37

Rowley's, Baslow

Gastro pub - dining room upstairs. Downstairs more "pubby" with single room and bar. All tables set up for dining.

A few high chairs at the bar for the mainly dog owning locals.

Beers were local - Abbeydale moonshine was chosen - in decent condition.

Food was good. Smallish menu, with good service and a price that reflected the quality.

14 Apr 2019 20:53

The Grouse Inn, Froggatt

Lonely pub in delightful setting. Monday lunch, so surprised to see it so busy. Only seats outside.

Labelled as a banks - which was a bit disappointing, having come all the way from their home ground.

Two ales on and I had a first Mansfield Bitter - which was better than expected.

14 Apr 2019 16:33

The Fox House Inn, Longshaw

Stunning location. Lovely fires and pub furniture. Who can resist a Chesterfield.

Jaipur on draught - a first time seeing this. £4.70 - so not exactly cheap.

14 Apr 2019 16:29

The Coach and Horses, Harvington

300 year old pub - multiple Camra award winning and in the GBG 2019.

Two roomed - dog friendly bar and carpetted dining room/lounge - joined by a single long bar spanning both rooms. Of course, this means the staff are never at the correct side :-)

Chalk board with meaningful information of the 5 real ales on.... Arkells, Green King giving way to more palatable Fullers, Hobsons and JW Lees.

Beer in great condition but the £7.95 Sunday Lunch was a real bargain.

Simple but getting everything right.

7 Apr 2019 16:02

The Black Horse, Mobwell

Cask Marque Accredited - Its called a pub and dining room but caters for both quite well.

Four real ales on - Doombar - two from Rebellion and one other. I had the Rebellion IPA at £3.90 a pint. Great condition.

Nice pub.

6 Apr 2019 19:10

The Waters Green Tavern, Macclesfield

Good Beer Guide 2019 Entry.

Very traditional pub - multi-roomed, with separate Pool table.

Plenty of Cask choice - all with little jam jars so you could get a feel. Barnsley Bitter in good condition.

26 Mar 2019 13:27

The George and Dragon, Macclesfield

Standard Robinsons Pub. Unicorn was in excellent condition.

26 Mar 2019 13:25

The Treacle Tap, Macclesfield

Standard Micro Pub. 3xCask, Several x Keg - all marked up on a chalk board at the far end of the shop.

Friendly bar staff. Free nuts with every order.

26 Mar 2019 13:22

The Masons Arms, Pebworth

This is a pub that I can find no details on.

Google Maps - doesn't return a hit if you type Pebworth Pubs.
No reviews here.
No reviews on pubsgalore.
No reviews on Tripadvisor.
What Pub is awaiting information.

So it is open - just about. I entered through the front porch into someone's living room. Back tracked and found a door to the side which led to a bar.

Slightly unkempt.

No punters. No barman.

Eventually someone came and asked in a friendly manner "what i wanted". Would a pint be out of the question?

Three real ales on - Spitfire, Butty Bach and Butcombe Rare Breed - which was in good condition.

Served and left alone. For a slightly surreal experience.

Only pub in the village, but you know what happens if they're not used.

18 Mar 2019 10:38

The Harewood End Inn, Harewood End

Former coaching inn, tracing its history back to the 1600s.

In the Good Beer Guide 2019 but why, I'm not 100% sure. Tribute and a Swan Gold were the only two ales on and a little similar. The Swan was in good condition.

Mainly geared for dining.

Friendly bar man.

Existing the car park is a life and death experience, regardless of which way you turn. Its on a bad bend and cars come flying down the A49. I bet there have been some thumps.

17 Mar 2019 18:04

The Dolphin, Canterbury

Good Beer Guide 2019 Entry and easily the best of the beer from the four establishments visited on our mini break.

TT Landlord in tip top condition - and topped up from a little half glass after pulling. Nice touch!

Seemed very popular with diners.

Quirky interior - plenty of car related metallic adverts and little Michelin men balanced on the dado rails.

Nice experience.

11 Mar 2019 17:35

Unicorn Inn, Canterbury

Locals pub, just outside the West Gate and City Walls.

No sign of local kentish beers - two handpulls, one was Harvey's Sussex Best. A favourite brew but bang average here.

Good Beer Guide 2019 entry.

11 Mar 2019 17:32

The New Inn, Canterbury

GBG 2019 Entry. Back Street Terraced locals boozer just out the City Walls. You have to go looking for it.

Lovely greeting from the landlady. So easy to provide but so rare.

Six or so real ales on. Played safe with a decent Adnams Ghost Ship.

11 Mar 2019 17:26

The Two Sawyers, Canterbury

Working our way into the City along the back streets and we stumbled on this inviting inn, prompting a chance to get out the rain.

Very smart exterior and interior. Mainly setup for dining but with some seats around the bar and in the front windows. A battle to get through the bar hounds, who were friendly enough.

Three or four real ales on but I was surprised to see TT Ram Tam - very rare to see a mild anyway, but a TT one outside of Yorkshire.

It was decent enough.

11 Mar 2019 11:11

City Arms, Canterbury

An unusual pub that opens at 10am and isn't a JDW.

Down a delightful narrow pedestrian street, dominated by views of the Cathedral.

Single room, mainly wooden furniture but with one low leather sofa. Quirky decor of old metal advertisements.

Four ales on, two turned the wrong way and both disappointing "chain" ales - Sharp's Atlantic and Hobgoblin.


11 Mar 2019 11:05

Swan Inn, West Wycombe

Buckinghamshires only entry in the CAMRA Guide to Heritage Pubs.

Ran by the same family since the 1920s and unchanged since the last refit in the 1930s.

Two rooms - not accessible to each other from inside (although there may be a portal through the gents) - I went into the public bar.

Long bar with no pumps (beer is gravity fed from barrels) and furniture like your nan's house. I loved it.

Rebellion IPA for £2.70 was a result too.

Worth seeking out - they won't be around forever.

3 Mar 2019 11:44

The Bulls Head Inn, Chelmarsh

Decent, unpretentious country inn seemingly doing well on the food trade... popular with Sunday Lunch diners.

Central bar, stone floors, three real ales on - noticed HPA and Butty Bach from Wye Valley.

24 Feb 2019 14:20

The Red Lion, Cricklade

Bit of a gem and not well advertised. The Good Beer Guide doesn't have the brewery down. It does list the one at Lechlade up the road, as being defunct.

Untappd does not have their beers listed.

The pub has room, is a 1600s coaching house and has their own brewery in the sizeable beer garden. All the beers on sale were from there - even the lagers.

Town Wall Best Bitter was a good looking, dark, malty bitter. Home made food was good quality.

A traditional english inn, seeminly a secret.

23 Feb 2019 20:47

Kehoe's, Dublin

Another must visit pub for its authenticity.

Unchanged in years - lovely long thin bar with ornate woodwork. Nooks and crannies. Neon advertisied lounge on the first floor, with a external smoking terrace.

Absolutely timeless.

21 Feb 2019 15:51

The Long Hall, Dublin

Simply superb and must be visited.

Victorian splendour presenting a long thin bar with high stools and a small drinking area at the back room. Walls covered in drinking paraphernalia - whisky mirrors etc,

Professional bar staff looking after everyone and pouring superb guinness.

A real gem.

21 Feb 2019 15:50

The Black Boy Inn, Bridgnorth

Very handsome pub on the Cartway lane that links old and new town.

Central Island Bar, with wooden floors all around and traditional pub furniture. Decking terrace around the back, with views over the Severn.

Great bar staff - and a choice of around 6 real ales on, including two from Three Tuns.

Perfect condition.

Faultless pub.

18 Feb 2019 11:49

The Old Castle, Bridgnorth

Regular GBG Entry.... two C17th cottages knocked together. Traditional low beamed ceiling pub feel.

Famous for its Sunday lunch as well as its beer - an excellent Wye Valley Butty Bach was chosen out the four available.


18 Feb 2019 11:45

The Speaker, Westminster

Quiet corner pub in the back streets of Victoria/Westminster. Cheapest pint of the day in three pubs visited. £4.90 for a good pint of Landlord.

Nice pub.

17 Feb 2019 11:20

The Crown, Soho

Small Nicholsons pubs - instant corporate feel - three or four real ales on - London Pride was added after I had been served. Brew York X Panda was in good condition.

Nothing to really make it stand out from other London Pubs.

17 Feb 2019 11:18

The Scarbrough Hotel, Leeds

Handy for the station. If you removed the Nicholsons clutter from the outside, it would show off its handsome, tiled exterior to the maximum.

Inside, its wooden panelling in a large, airy room with a long bar. A very Nicholsons corporate feel. Transient population, waiting for the trains.

Beer was excellent - good beer guide 2019 recommended and a very fine example of Black Sheep.

13 Feb 2019 16:14

Eight Bells, Chipping Campden

Been to Chipping Campden many times but always missed this gem of a pub.....

The Good Beer Guide told me all about it.

Classic Cotswold Building - originally C14th - honey stoned, low ceilings, complete with a sign on the door warning you.

To the left a posh restaurant - to the right, a bar - less formal but setup for dining.

Coal Fire.

Outside Courtyard.

Four real ales on - and the Old Hooky was in superb condition.

I've been quite underwhelmed with the other pubs in town. This redresses the balance.

10 Feb 2019 19:06

The Gas Lamp, Manchester

Good Beer Guide 2019 entry.

Easy to miss, as its a subterranean cellar bar housed in a building that used to be a children's mission.

Once down the steep steps, it opens into nicely tilde wide spaces with woodend tables.

Bit disappointed with my visit. Two out of the three hand pulls in operation but mainly, its catering for very expensive bottled beers. One of the hand pulls was a port from Ilkley brewery - which was in good condition.

The tables were filthy - a combination of no beer mats and staff not clearing up the debris from the last occupants (who admittedly should be returning their glassware).

4 Feb 2019 11:06

The Peveril Of The Peak, Castlefield

Appears to be keeping to the published opening hours - which is great news for beer tourists.

Must visit pub in a great City. Can combine with other gems, like the Britons Protection and the Temple Bar which also shouldn't be missed.

Grade II listed, C19th Century, exterior and interior tiling. Central bar with wood partitioned bar and a lounge in a separate room.

Great juke box music (Smith and New Order adding to the sense of place), friendly locals and other tourists that can't quite believe their luck to be drinking in a living museum. Superb. Authentic.

Timothy Taylor one of three hand pulls. Great condition.

4 Feb 2019 10:59

Kings Arms, Cookham

Immaculate C17th coaching house. Multiple rooms, roaring fires, friendly bar staff and manager.

It was the Rebellion Brewery signage outside this freehouse that tempted me in. The IPA was in superb condition. £4.40.

28 Jan 2019 11:19

The Bulls Head, Bidford On Avon

Front bar with hard seats and tables set up for dining.

A couple of high tables in a corridor leading to a back room that has more forgiving furniture.

Two real ales on - Doom Bar and Tribute. Tribute appeared looked after and I was pleased that as the 1st punter of the day, the beer was pulled through before serving.

Traditional pub that is functional but won't leave a lasting memory.

21 Jan 2019 11:23

The Ale House, Stroud

Grade II Listed building - impressive high ceilings and loads of space. Like an independent Wetherspoons!

Architecture is where the similarity ends. This is a proper beer lovers pub - with a wide range of beers on offer - all detailed on slates over the long bar. I went for a breakfast stout - which was perfect.

Sunday night quiz seemed impossible :-) Not knowing the height in feet of Angel Falls, Venezuela, we sat on some wonderful Chesterfields in front of a superb open fire.

Lots to admire!

8 Jan 2019 11:17

Golden Fleece, Stroud

Open in Jan 2019 and obviously had an impressive internal make over inside. Very smart decoration but nothing too ostentatious.

Lively on a Sunday night. One real ale on - Tom Long from Stroud Brewery - perfect condition.

An enjoyable visit.

8 Jan 2019 11:14

The Crown and Sceptre, Stroud

Worth the lengthy uphill trek from town to discover this back street classic.

Very pubby feel inside centered around an island bar, with loads of interesting nick nacks all over the walls.

Proper drinkers who had been there a long time, even on a sunday night :-)

A chance to try some of the rarer Uley Brewery Beers. The Pigs Ear needs to be tasted to be believed - so sweet and fruity for an ale. They aslo had the Pigor Mortis and Better on.

Perfect pub.

8 Jan 2019 11:11

The Little George, Stroud

Classic Micro Pub - shop front, enthusiastic owner, real ales gravity fed on the bar, collection of belgium classics, real cider, mismatched furniture.

Unfortunately, came on a Sunday when it was empty. With no music or other background chatter, there was just the hum of the beer coolers to provide an atmosphere.

Tom Long from Stroud Brewery in good condition but of course, headless from the gravity feed.

Hope its a sucssess for them.

8 Jan 2019 11:07

The Bell Inn, Selsley

Very smart country pub that seems to play on the fact that its a little secret.

Interior is immaculate with a bar with high stools - everywhere looked setup for dining.

Wickwar Bob was in super condition and we were offered an 8 pint loyalty card for any location selling the beer.

7 Jan 2019 11:57

The Old Fleece, Woodchester

Grade 2 listed building - former coaching house. Really more of a restaurant and very popular too. The Sunday lunch was more expensive than average but very high quality, with excellent service.

Beer wise, there were four real ales on. The Otter Amber was disappointing, as I know its a good brewery.

7 Jan 2019 11:54

Lock Inn, Wolverley

Canalside pub - Marstons, with Banks, Ringwood and Wainwright availble. Multilpe rooms - with a tiled bar area and a wonderful wood burning stove in the corner.... the highlight of the visit was the baguettes - cheap and delicious.

7 Jan 2019 11:52

The Avon, Southam

Now the Yew Tree and under new tenants from Dec 2018 - along with a fancy new website.

Popped in for a mid walk drink and was greeted enthusiastically by the staff.

Four real ales on - two from Sheffields Bradfield Brewery (strange, as we're a long way from there). I was warned that they would be cloudy as "something had been done in the cellar". Samples offered and the beer was fine.

Lovely location and I wish them every success.

28 Dec 2018 17:06

The Red Lion, Northend

Small hamlet with a scattering of houses, this does have the enviable position of being a short walk from the Burton Dassett Country Park.... downhill to the pub and uphill back up!

This site has the most information on its recent history on the web... It's a simple enough single room pub, offering food and two hand pulled ales - Purity and an Xmas one from wychavon brewery.

Needs punters. Two in on a later Friday lunch time at Xmas doesn't bode too well.

28 Dec 2018 17:01

Walter de Cantelupe, Kempsey

Freehouse - Good Beer Guide 2019 Entry.

Old detatched farm house type building. Front are mainly for dining, with an area to the front for drinking. Wonderful open range fire.

Three real ales on - and a good selection - Wye Valley Bitter, TT Landlord and Three Tuns XXX.

Very friendly owner who came around for a chat. He knows his beer!


23 Dec 2018 17:23

The Waggon and Horses, Halesowen

2019 Good Beer Guide Entry and Stourbridge and Halesowen Pub of the Year 2018.

Part of the Black Country Ales Chain. Like the Wellington in Brum, there's TV screens showing the 11 or so real ales on.

This has a real pubby feel. Multiple houses knocked together, providing some side rooms complete with real fire. Bar is long, thin and has a wickedly sloping floor.

BCA seem to source very unusual brews and I had a fine Black Storm Porter - all the way from Whitby to the West Midlands.

Perfect Pub.

22 Dec 2018 15:50

Vale Inn, Bollington

Looks quite unassuming, along a row of terraced houses on the outskirts of town.

It is a delight.

GBG 2019 entry - a taphouse for the near by Bollington Brewing Co. I went for a pale ale, White Nancy, having just walked there. It was superb. Took a couple of bottles home to try.

Food on a sunday lunch looked and sounded superb.

Great pub.

17 Dec 2018 12:51

The Little Ale House, Bromsgrove

Micro pub thats been in the Good Beer Guide for the last four years.

Very shoppy looking micro pub - with a long bench (under which they store the barrels) and one leather sofa looking out over the street.

Friendly staff manning a racking system offering 5-6 gravity fed barrels. They explained in detail all the beers. I was half thinking off going for a bottle but not that many on offer and unlike others of the ilk, no menu to peruse.

The Woodcote Oatmeal Stout was a local brew - tasted delicious and only suffered from a lack of life from the gravity feed.

I'd come back.

15 Dec 2018 18:11

The Golden Cross Hotel, Bromsgrove

Classic Wetherspoons experience.

Interesting Architecturally. Packed with AM punters. Only spare tables all covered in dirty glasses/plates.

I found a table and went to order. Very inefficient staff managing a 40 ft bar. Waited 10 minutes. Collected my stuff. Walked out again.

If it wasnt for the chance of a decent breakfast and the Good Beer Guide tick, I wouldn't ever bother.

15 Dec 2018 18:08

Seven Stars, Rugby

Final pub of the night in Rugby - a solid, traditional local with staff that care about their beer.

A good example of a well run pub - Castle Rock Midnight Owl in good condition.

11 Dec 2018 14:59

The Alexandra Arms, Rugby

Bizarre pub sign - showing the end of the world.

The door that I entered through led to an empty snug, with an unmanned bar. There was the sign of life from the other room but not immediately obvious on how you get in there.

A sign saying ring the bell. No obvious sign of a bell. When I asked the barman, he didnt know where the bell was.

A poor pint of Hook Norton Hookey - on the turn, and hazy. Disappointing for a GBG 2019 Pub.

11 Dec 2018 14:56

The Squirrel Inn, Rugby

Camra do visit - its in the 2018 Guide.

Tiny pub, low ceilings, not much room but a lot crammed in.

A cracking Sunday night atmosphere - with a three piece synth band belting out 80s hits. You had to be there.

Beer in good condition - a seasonal Red Nosed Reinbeer from Cotleigh.

11 Dec 2018 14:53

Raglan Arms, Rugby

Old school boozer - a little rough looking around the edges and smell slightly of damp on entry.

Bar Billiards and a tiny little snug room, just off a main room that goes back deep.

Good pint of London Pride. Friendly staff

11 Dec 2018 14:47

The Merchants Inn, Rugby

Proper pub that I felt instantly at home in.

Walls covered in brew paraphernalia. Large central area with big screen showing the Rugby, even when football is on. A smaller snug section, with a magnificent chesterfield arm chair.

9 real ale handpulls on - North Cotswold Winter Solstice was chosen, but unfortunately the only gravity fed barrel, fetched from around the back. Would have preferred to have been warned on this.

Cracking pub, nonetheless - possibly the 2nd best found in Rugby.

11 Dec 2018 14:37

Bridgewater Arms Hotel, Berkhamsted

Situated in great walking country - the Chiltern Way runs from the pub car park.

Impressive looking pub inside and out. Very busy on a Sunday Lunch - and not just with diners - a high number of regular drinkerss were at the top part in a separate bar area.

A couple of wood burning stoves.

Beer wise - Greene king - so not the most exciting selection imaginable.

10 Dec 2018 14:33

The Carpenters Arms, Windsor

Another 2019 Good Beer Guide Entry.

A nicholsons pub over three floors. Classic Nicholsons decor - with the Ashbys Ales tiling on the front step pointing to a different history.

Friendly regulars amongst the tourist and friendly bar staff. London Pride was best pint of 3 in the town.

2 Dec 2018 13:12

Queen Charlotte, Windsor

Surprising GBG 2019 entry - looks like a gastro pub and from a chalk board offering Olives and Wasabi nuts to go with the beer, that would be a fair description.

Four hand pulls on - Black Sheep surprising "value" at £3.90. In decent condition.

Lots of dining, lots of tourists.

2 Dec 2018 13:09

The Corner House, Windsor

Proper pub that does what it says on the tin.... it a pub, in the corner.

Sought out as its in the Good Beer Guide 2019. Around 10 hand pulls - some local, others not so. Informed bar man helping with selection and taster available.

Decent Inspector Remorse Porter for just over £4.

Good pub.

2 Dec 2018 13:06

The Bakers Vaults, Stockport

Handsome grade II listed building - big windows, high ceiling, wooden floors.

Didn't realise it was a Robinsons and found an unusual Butcombe Haka which was perfect.

Really nice pub. Would be my local, if I lived here.

20 Nov 2018 14:29

The Angel, Manchester

The new builds looming over the pub only highlight the peeling external plaster and down at heel external appearance. Inside, its fine - all traditional pub seating and wooden floors.

Good beer guide 2019 entry and you can pop in on the way to the more celebrated Marble Arch.

On a Sunday Tea Time, the number of hand pulls outnumbered punters 3-1. 10 ales on. None heard of. Samples provided. Acceptable condition.

19 Nov 2018 15:43

The Earl of Essex, Islington

Unexpectedly interesting... looked like a regular back street pub but its quite the beer experience.

Central bar has many hand pulls and a board explaining the wares. Around the otherside is a full on brewery kit.

Garden looked nice - which might be handy, as they allow all tables to be reserved.

Beavertown Neck Oil sampled for the first, and probably last time. What's all the fuss?

14 Nov 2018 16:56

The Charles Lamb, Angel, Islington

Traditional corner pub in very nice residential area just down from the mayhem of angel, towards the Regents Canal.

Central bar, surrounded by high bar stools. Traditional furniture setup discreetly for dining.

Beer was an below average XT 4 from XT brewing.

14 Nov 2018 16:53

Craft Beer Co., Islington

Proper pub feel - outside and inn. Friendly Bar Staff.

Multiple rooms inside - a bar, a more formal area with leather wing back chairs and a canteen style room with long tables and several posters to the art of brewing.

Unusual Black IPA from Fynes Ales in good condition.

14 Nov 2018 16:48

The Hole In The Wall, Waterloo

air to say that I wouldn't have ventured into this place if it hadn't been in the Good Beer Guide 2019.

But never judge a book by its cover.

Two rooms - with a larger main room exactly what you would expect for a Railway Arch. Setup for sport, with large screen showing Rugby on my visit. Majority of tables occupied, so a perch along the lengthy bar.

Plenty of real ale choices - the Hogsback TEA was perfect condition and served in the branded glass.

Would go back, if in the area.

8 Nov 2018 12:31

Sunningdale Lounge, Sunningdale

Fairly sure that this is now the Broomhall Hutt. There is a distinct lack of pubs in the area. At first, I couldn't even locate one close to the station.

Gastro pub - at first, I thought I was going to have to have a Doom Bar - commanding the eyeline amongst the continental lagers. However, closer inspection showed a Rebellion IPA lurking in the corner.

Alway unsure of the quality in what is presumably a low turn over real ale pub but the generous sample showed perfect condition. Pint ordered and delivered in rebellion branded chalice.

Exceeded expectations. Bar staff friendly too.

Visit blogged at

4 Nov 2018 10:54

The Old Dispensary, Whitechapel

GBG 2019 Tick. Former hospital but you wouldn't know it - feels like a townhouse converted into a pub.

Long bar - a main room set with wooden tables in a row and an alcove on the way to the gents with more comfy chairs.

Greeted on entry by very friendly staff.

Oakham JHB was very wrong and had to be sent back but was swapped immediately for a better pint that I failed to record.

Visit blogged at

2 Nov 2018 16:19

Commercial Tavern, Shoreditch

Good Beer Guide 2019 Tick.

So damn dark inside, I thought it was closed on approach. Not helped by a couple of gentlemen of the street drinking cans and smoking non tobacco cigarettes on the door step.

But open it is, and inside is a traditional pub layout, wooden flooring, furniture, single room, bar at front. Didn't recognise any of the hand pulls on but the New York, New York was worthy of inclusion in the GBG.

Visit blogged at

2 Nov 2018 16:14

The White Swan, Henley in Arden

Good Beer Guide 2019 Entry.

Annoying Gastro pub. There is a large separate dining room, which is half full - but most of the diners are in the bar - leaving no free tables for drinkers.

The drinkers are all sat along the bar on high stools - making access and service tricky.

This probably explained the surly demeanour of the bar staff. Awful service.

The black sheep - £3.60ish - was superb - so there is a reason for its entry!

Visit blogged at

27 Oct 2018 18:04

The Royal Hop Pole, Tewkesbury

Cleaner than average Spoons and the £2.18 Hook Norton Flagship was probably the best pint found in the town.

More one armed bandits than punters.

Visit blogged at

22 Oct 2018 16:48

The Bell Hotel, Tewkesbury

Magnificent building and prime location next to the Abbey.

Its a hotel - so it was a hotel bar experience. Greene King IPA was spotted next to the chosen North Cotswold Brewery Mild. Unusual to have a mild on.

Decent enough but nothing memorable.

Visit blogged at

22 Oct 2018 16:46

The Nottingham Arms, Tewkesbury

Third pub in Tewkesbury and at last a decent pint... Wye Valley Butty Bach.

Low ceilings, olde worlde, goes back a long way - so tardis like interior.

Busy with a broad cross section of age groups.


Visit blogged at

22 Oct 2018 16:43

White Bear, Tewkesbury

Ok - I wanted to really like it. As other have said, a real pub vibe with a high number of well oiled patrons. It was 5pm on a Sunday afternoon.

Five real ales on and several ciders. Most locals seemed to be on cider. I went safe with a Salopian Oracle. It looked dreadful. I gently asked if it was OK and the barmaid asked Ron. Ron said Yes. I did not want to argue with Ron.

Tried a second Uley Pigs Ear. Much better.

Visit blogged at

22 Oct 2018 16:38

The Gatehouse Tavern, Coventry

Large ceiling sports bar - with the volume on a touch too loud. For darts, at least.

All the furniture is around the outside, leaving a barren space in the middle. Tv mounted above the door, so on entrance and if you sit under it, you feel that everyone is staring at you.

The bass was in perfect condition, alongside several other hand pulls.

Looked like it was staffed by enthusiasts who love their job. Always a good sign.

Visit blogged at

1 Oct 2018 13:48

The Town Wall Tavern, Coventry

My favourite of all the GBG pubs inside Coventry's ring road.

Packed bar, full of friendly locals with good banter. More room around the back. The highlight is the little donkey box room, with its own front door and bar serving area that is just about big enough for a.... donkey. Only way to get to the loo is through the front door.

Bass and Purity Ubu in tremendous condition. Perfect pub. 10/10

Visit blogged at

1 Oct 2018 13:46

The Old Windmill, Coventry

Superb pub in a histrionically important street.

Oozing its age inside and out - with the inside a very pleasant experience of individually panelled nooks and crannys.

Several real ales on - at least 5 - most with hand written signs. Hogsback TEA caused confusion as barstaff thought I wanted a cup of tea!

The sort of pub that is a living museum with plenty to explore.

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1 Oct 2018 13:42

The Golden Cross, Coventry

Good Beer Guide Tick #2 in Coventry.

Architecturally stunning medieval building next to the cathedral... somehow surviving the blitz.

Inside its had a posh makeover - making it near gastro.

Four to five real ale pumps on. The Adnams Ghost Ship was in slightly better than average condition.

Nothing to make this stand out.

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1 Oct 2018 13:38

Earl of Mercia, Coventry

Ticking off the GBG 2019 pubs of Coventry. This was #1.

All the bad thing you expect from a JDW - filthy tables, angry queuing at the bar, inexperienced bar staff shouting "who's next" not exactly helping.

What was a real disappoint was the beer. Elliswood Royal Standard was very poor.

Good location.

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1 Oct 2018 13:34

The Greyhound Inn, Longford

Perfect pub - found at the end of the Coventry Canal Art Trail.

Former canal cottages knocked together. Inside - packed solid - difficult to move around and get to the bar and toilet. Plenty of staff on, so queue's not too bad.
Low ceiling with plenty of pub paraphernalia. Outdoor seating available to admire the busy canal junction with plenty of architecture.

Beerise, I saw Black Sheep and went for that. Served in a Bass Glass, so may have missed that. Excellent pint - in GBG 2019 - and the food was even better.

Excellent experience.

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1 Oct 2018 13:29

The Three Tuns, Henley In Arden

Not noticed this pub in the mile long high street of Henley in Arden.

Its in the 2019 Good Beer Guide and as we were finishing a walk in the Heart of England Way, we thought we would check it out.

Decor: Classic pubby feel of dartboard, exposed beams and leather bench seating against walls and little round tables.

Beer: Freehouse - Butty Back turned around, noticed a couple of other but went for an excellent example of London Pride.

Food: Home made cobs.

Decent pub - better than my experiences in other Henley pubs but I will be trying the White Swan again on my next walk on the HOEW.

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29 Sep 2018 18:13

The White Hart, Waterloo

Beautiful, traditional looking pub a stone's throw from Waterloo.

Central bar, surrounded by traditional tables - discreetly setup for dining with flowers, condiments but at least no wine glasses.

4-5 real ales on - I went for Black Sheep Holy Grail which was both average and a round fiver. Meant no hassles with coin change.

Parts are better than the sum.

23 Sep 2018 10:19

The Anchor, Wisley

Only one table in the entire place not reserved for food.

Prime walking, cycling and fishing country too.

Beer is all badger - tanglefoot showing how inflation works - now over £4 since the last review at less than £3.50. Looked good, flat as a pancake.

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23 Sep 2018 10:12

Ship Inn, Tynygongl, Pentraeth

Beautiful old whitewashed buildings - several knocked together to form the pub.

Bar to the left, completely unused, with a sign directing you to the right. Very narrow bar with seats blocking access but once fighting through, service was swift.

Timothy Taylor Landlord Spotted amongst a house brew - Kenneally's.

All was going well until i got the bill for the pint (£4.40 - OK, I can live with that) but the three cokes - where 8 of the 16 ounces was ice - was a rip off at £3.05 each.

This is more than a pint in my local.

My incredulity soon got other talking and I had ten minutes of sharing horror stories. The girls charged £7.95 for a glass of cava, probably had the worst battle scars.

So, not sure what to say - great looking pub, fine pint, felt utterley ripped off by the experience.

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10 Sep 2018 18:34

The Bell Inn, Ladbroke

A flying visit - gastro pub with a very full car park on a Sunday Lunchtime, which must be testament to the food quality.

Beer choice was Ringwood Bitter and a Marstons EPA... Not enough to tempt me away from a pint of Lemonade sampled in the tidy beer garden. £2.50.

2 Sep 2018 16:47

Park Inn, Woodsetton

Stumbed upon this pub whilst completing a walk that I thought was in Dudley.

This fine looking pub is a Tap House for the holdens brewery and it has the 2018 Good Beer Guide Sticker in the Window - turns out I am in Woodsetton and I hadn't noticed its separation in the bible.

Large, clean and airy pub. Central bar. Restaurant in conservatory but had signs saying they didnt do food (maybe temporary).

Golden Glow in fantastic condition - as you would expect.

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30 Aug 2018 11:26

The Air Balloon Inn, Birdlip

Chef and Brewer Chain and packed solid at 12pm on a Bank Holiday Monday with families.

They managed to squeeze us in after some negotiation. Plus side, the staff are friendly.

Only Abbott Ale was available -everything else off. The food was good but not value for money.

A Functional 5.

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28 Aug 2018 11:37

The Old Hunter's Lodge, Whipsnade

Surprisingly in the 2018 Good Beer Guide. Beautiful Building and immaculate inside. With the exception of a small area in the middle, its setup for dining and I was the solo drinker on a damp Sunday afternoon.

Three beers - Tring Ridgeway with the more ubiquitous Doom Bar and London Pride. The LP was in good condition but serving it in a branded glass showed a lack of dedication on the beer front. So did the £5.60 price tag, admittedly including a packet of Salt and Vinegar.

Nice place but not what I would call a beer destination.

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26 Aug 2018 20:19

The Navigation Inn, Lapworth

Perfectly functional canalside pub. Post work crowd a mixture of blue and white collar workers - with plenty of diners coming in.

There is a good drinking bar with a real wood burning stove that I bet is lovely in the winter. Beer wise - a good choice - Brew XI, Mad Goose Purity and I couldn't ignore a perfect pint of Timothy Taylor Landlord.

24 Aug 2018 09:48

The Peacock Inn, Derby

Another GBG entry. This one is more of a locals pub. Good, but unusual music (warm leatherette) greeted my arrival. I left to the Skids Into the Valley.

Traditional feel to the pub with plenty of Derby City Football Nick Nacks around the place.

Good beer - I had a breakfast at Tiffanys - but after a long day, failed to record the brewery!

Visit blogged at

20 Aug 2018 18:14

The Exeter Arms, Derby

Another fine pub - this time promoting the dancing duck brewery.

Decorated to a high standard. Very quiet on a Sunday night.

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20 Aug 2018 18:11

Furnace Inn, Derby

Dont think there would have been any chance of me finding this if it wasnt for the GBG.

It a reasonable walk out of town and sat dead set amongst a mid rise housing estate.

Once again, Derby provides a gem. Its the taphouse for the shiny brewery and the beer was bang on. Only place out of 8 that offered a Camra discount.

Worth seeking out.

Visit blogged at

20 Aug 2018 18:08

Five Lamps, Derby

Very functional, yet perfectly formed, locals pub. I dont know how Derby seems to carry over the quantity of pubs and the quantity of beer they serve. Another 8 available here.

TT Landlord in great condition.

Visit blogged at

20 Aug 2018 17:49

The Golden Eagle, Derby

Very smart estate/locals pub on the periphery of the City.

Tap House for Titan Beer and their Titan Pale was distinctive and in good condition.

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20 Aug 2018 17:47

The Flowerpot, Derby

Another tick from the 2018 Good Beer Guide. Old school feel inside but opens out to a courtyard with a stage. Live music on a Sunday afternoon for my visit, which was where all the punters were.

As seems to be the norm in Derby - many handpulls on. Unfortunately, I had the worse pint of the night in here - a lifeless Blue Monkey that died a headless death whilst enjoying the band.

Good pub though.

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20 Aug 2018 17:44

The Old Silk Mill, Derby

Large dining area to one side and a very smart lounge where people also eat. Not all food based, good selection of ales on too.

Bass Premium selected - in good nick.

Spoiled for choice in Derby.

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20 Aug 2018 17:41

The Brunswick Inn, Derby

Orwell had the Moon Under the Water and I think this would be mine.

Had the whole of the family parlour to myself. Other rooms available.

Brewery at the end - so plenty of their own ales, plus everards. I played safer with a good Timothy Taylor Landlord.

Suberb. Must visit if in the area.

Vist blogged at

20 Aug 2018 17:38

The Alexandra Hotel, Derby

Railway fans heaven - right down to a train engine parked in the car park.

Single long bar - 8 real ales - good music. Burton Bridge in great condition.

No reason to be late - with the huge station digital clock ticking off the minutes.

Good pub - photos at my blog -

20 Aug 2018 17:35

The Cat Inn, Enville

Frequent winner of the Dudley and South Staffs Camra pub of the year. Deservedly so.

Lovely are for walking - with the sheepwalks and Enville Hall nearby.

The pub building is part C16th and can trace its pubby origins to 1718. Its several buildings knocked together and tardis like inside, with multiple rooms leading onto to each other. Demands exploration.

Beer wise, there are 7 real ales marked up on the chalkboard - all midlands based but it is linked to the local Enville Ale Brewery - so I didn't get past the £3.20 Enville Ale.


Walk and visit blogged at

15 Aug 2018 10:31

Waterloo Tap, Waterloo

In the 2018 Good Beer Guide, so I came for the tick knowing its not really my cup of tea.

Hosted in a railway arch it has a beer keller feel to the place. High bences to encourage communal drinking.

God knows how many beers on.... 20? All chalked up above the bar with a one word description. A fiver for a Adnams (one of the few recognised breweries) bicycle kick - described as Pale, more like lager. Decent enough pint.

I've got my tick, so I'll be off somewhere more traditional next time in the area.

Visit blogged at

13 Aug 2018 09:30

The Kings Arms, Waterloo

Well worth seeking out. The road itself is an oasis of calm from the hoardes milling around Waterloo Station. Lovely little terraced houses.

The pub is very traditional on the street corner. Inside, through a door marked Saloon, is all wood paneling and traditional pub furnture. A central bar has four real ales on each side and the only way to find out appears to be to ask - and this caused general panic and confusion with the bar worker. Of the 8 beers, I picked up on a familar XT 3 - which was in fine condition.

Around the back is a lovely conservatory set aside for Thai Dining.

Lovely pub - best in the area?

Visit blogged at

13 Aug 2018 09:27

1000 Trades, Hockley

A bar/restaurant for the Rock and Roll Brewery. Thin, long pub with area separate area for drinkers and diners. Twin DJ Decks hint at the entertainment that might be on during a weekend.

Beers are detailed on a chalk board and the Rock and Roll Bitter was perfect.

Visit blogged at

10 Aug 2018 12:59

Red Lion, Hockley

Really good boozer - both modern feel and traditional feel - decorated to a high standard.

Central bar splits a front bar and a back lounge.

Bathams amongst the beers on.


Visit blogged at

10 Aug 2018 12:57

The Dolphin, Plymouth

Great place for people watching and real ale - although most was gravity fed - which is not my preferred.

Draught Bass and Dartmoor Jail Ale were two on offer and in good nick.

Perfect place to sit outside on a summers evening.

Visit blogged at

8 Aug 2018 10:09

The Fisherman's Arms, Plymouth

2nd GBG Tick and pub of the evening.

Location isn't much to shout about - surrounded by 1960's council flat properties, but the pub is charming inside.

Standout attraction was the landlady who came out an engaged in a lengthy chat with three strangers to make them feel welcome.

Beer was in good nick, from Summerskills.

Visit blogged at

8 Aug 2018 10:06

The Minerva Inn, Plymouth

Ticking off a few Good Beer Guide Pubs in Plymouth.

Not much to make this one stand out, with the exception of a the easily worn title of oldest pub in Plymouth.

Beer was OK - a couple of St Austell on and the HSD was in fine condition.

Worth it for the stories which you can read from their website.

Visit blogged at

8 Aug 2018 10:04

The Crown Inn, Martley

Afraid to say its all boarded up.

31 Jul 2018 20:16

The Orange Tree, Chadwick End

Full on Gastropub with an italian themed menu. No real problem with this but how can a lunch menu have 10 different types of pizza and not a single sandwich!

All tables laid for dining, with glassware and napkins. Outside patio area.

Three real ales - Doombar, Purity Ubu and one other I forget.

28 Jul 2018 17:12

The Roebuck Inn, Burton-Upon-Trent

Another classic looking pub - nothing remarkable but friendly welcome and typical pub interior.

Bass in fine condition.

Visit blogged at

23 Jul 2018 13:01

The Last Heretic, Burton on Trent

I'm not the man to be reviewing Micros but I popped in as it was in the GBG 2018.

Its a shop. The beers are kept on racking in a seperate glassed off airlock room.

I had a beautiful looking Heacham Gold but it was absolutely headless and lifeless.

Not my cup of tea but give it a go if you like micros.

Visit blogged at Classic Pub with good Burton Bridge Beer.

Worth checking out.

Visit blogged at

23 Jul 2018 13:00

Devonshire Arms, Burton-Upon-Trent

Classic Pub with good Burton Bridge Beer.

Worth checking out.

Visit blogged at

23 Jul 2018 12:58

The Coopers Tavern, Burton-Upon-Trent

I'm following the Good Beer Guide 2018 and this isn't listed. It was however in an older Camra book detailing 50 great pub crawls.

Next to a couple of other GBG entries and this was pub of the day. There are some very good pubs in Burton.

Lovely interior and great Bass.

Visit blogged at

23 Jul 2018 12:56

The Dog, Burton upon Trent

Black Country Ales Pub that is a little off their normal manor.

Classic blueprint - proper pub feel, 8 hand pulls, menu on wall.

Bass in great condition.

Visit blogged at

23 Jul 2018 12:54

Derby Inn, Burton-Upon-Trent

Lengthy walk out of town but worth it. Choice of bar or lounge on entry - I went right into the bar. You can tell from the noticeboard how seriously they take their beer....

Choice of Bass or TT Boltmaker. Bass in perfect condition.

Lovely place.

Visit blogged at

23 Jul 2018 12:52

Prince Alfred, Burton-Upon-Trent

Excellent Beer (tied Burton Bridge Brewery Pub), homely pub. Worth a visit.

Visit blogged at

23 Jul 2018 12:49

The Stepping Stones, Westhumble

Country Dining Pub, primarily set out for that purpose.

Four real ales on and a sample was allowed on request. However, after 10 miles in the summer heat, I had to go for a San Miguel.

Nice beer garden and perfectly positioned for the railway station after a days walking in the Surrey Hills.

Visit blogged at

15 Jul 2018 09:56

The Agricultural, Penrith

Not sure about the last review, unless they have had a major change. This is cask marque accredited (I know that means little about quality) and had four ales on.

They allowed a sample and I had an absolutely perfect Allendale Wagtail English Bitter. Never seen this before but it couldn't have been better.

Front beer garden, where you can keep your eye on the time for the train station over the road.

Successful visit.

1 Jul 2018 11:19

The Queens Head, Chesham

Enjoyable visit - right on the banks of the River Chess - so the walk from Ricksmanworth delivered me to the door.

Really nice courtyard full of a pre-wedding party.

Inside was quiet - plenty of tables, all with menus, but still had that low ceiling classic pub feel. The food - mainly Thai - looked exceptional. It was lunch, so I made do with a Tuna Sandwich which was great value.

As a Fullers tied house, I expected the beer to be good - but I would say this is one of the best ESBs I've ever had.


Visit blogged at

23 Jun 2018 18:49

The Unicorn, Wollaston

Perfect Bathams Pub - Perfect Bitter and lovely ham sandwich with change from a fiver.

Nice beer garden which leads to parking around the back - if you can navigate the one way systems.

Perfect 10.

Visit blogged at

20 Jun 2018 14:44

The Feathers, Merstham

Dining Pub... lunch time specials (not on weekends), standard pub fayre.

High number of real ales on and I asked for a sample of an Eton and Windsor ale. It wasn't good.

Stuck to peroni.

One of those places where you know exactly what you are going to get.

Visit blogged at

17 Jun 2018 11:29

The Barnt Green Inn, Barnt Green

Gastropub in an impressive building dating from 1651.

Purity UBU in great condition.

Food - expensive and small portions. Steak Sandwich £12.95 and not great value.

Visit blogged at

9 Jun 2018 17:20

The Kings Head, Aston Cantlow

Liked Steve Law's comment - If i'd have read this before, I would have asked!

Four Ales on - Purity Gold (Chosen), Rarely seen Hook Norton Mild, Brew XI and Abbots.

Purity in top condition.

Gastro pub with good service. Nice beer garden and some great tunes played at a respectful level.

Visit blogged at

2 Jun 2018 17:32

King William IV, Sipson

Doesnt look much but worth seeking out.

Landlord very friendly, talking with strangers who are here for the airport.

The food is the selling point. Its mainly Thai and top quality and great value.

Stuck with San Miguel.

2 Jun 2018 17:28

Plough Inn, Sipson

Just down the road from my pre holiday parking hotel and surely a better option for a pint and meal.

I had the pint bit - a very average London Pride. Colourful locals put me off staying for food. When Nan starts with the C Bomb, its time to move on.

2 Jun 2018 17:26

The Oxted Inn, Oxted

The one positive thing to say is at least JDW are consistent - even in leafy Surrey.

Packed solid with pissed up boozers at lunch time on a Saturday, including one very loud gentlemen in sports gear.

Two tables unoccupied - both filthy.

So why come? Well, its in the Good Beer Guide so thought I'd get a tick. The real crime here is the real ale was very poor. First pint died during pulling. 2nd, a Windsor Knot - was hazy and lifeless. Unsurprising, as in a packed pub, everyone else was on lager.

4 star - and they were for the food - which was quick, cheap and decent.

Visit blogged at

13 May 2018 10:24

The Crown, Old Oxted

Good Beer Guide 2018 Entry - so chosen over the other three pubs in the high street (although George looks closed down).

Four real ales on - London Pride chosen and only in average condition.

Visit blogged at

13 May 2018 10:20

The Carpenters Arms, Limpsfield Chart

Gastro pub but tied to Westerham Brewery - 1965 in good condition. Only place to sit as a drinkers was at the bar.

Visit blogged at

13 May 2018 10:18

Bear Inn, Berkswell

Lovely old building. Chef and Brewer, so you know they are more interested in diners.

Four hand pulls on and amongst the expected Greene King IPA and other dull beers was a rarely in these parts seen Theakstons Old Peculiar. Superb condition - so the brewer bit of the chain is doing his bit.

Visit blogged at

11 May 2018 08:30

Royal Oak Inn, Andoversford

2018 and its up and running again!

Classic Cotswold Pub. Noted for food. A couple of real ales on - I went for a well kept Otter Bitter, taken in a lovely patio area out the back.

Visit blogged at

7 May 2018 16:35

The Malt Shovel Inn, Gaydon

Decent community pub - seemingly running the village shop from the outbuilding in the car park.

Plenty of outside benches and inside is a long thin bar area, with room for dining.

Uninspiring choice of Doom Bar or Tribute but the latter was in very good condition.

6 May 2018 15:41

The Bartons Arms, Aston

Nominated on its own facebook entry as Birmingham's best kept secret.

I'd heard about it but this was my first visit.

A terrifying urban walk from the CIty Centre and met with an impressive victorian classic exterior. But its the inside where all the beauty is. Simply stunning tiled interior with plush red carpets leading to snob screen bars, an opulent staircase, tiling and stained glass windows.

Beer festival on - in addition to the Oakham regulars. Thai food smelled wonderful.

29 Apr 2018 12:17

Queens Head, Coventry

Bit of a gem this one.... you'd think the fact its on a superceded road to nowhere would affect trade but it was very busy.

Four ales on - including Bass in fine condition. No nonsense sandwich menu. Great value for money.

Loved it.

Visit blogged at:

27 Apr 2018 20:23

Sherbourne Arms, Northleach

Looked the more down to earth of the two pubs in the village.

Beer - a below average Marstons 61 Deep - bit lifeless, no head and poured with a lack of love.

Food was very good - just a couple of sandwiches but well presented and good value.

Great location to watch the bustle of market square.

Visit blogged at

21 Apr 2018 17:44

Inn at Hawnby, Hawnby

Currently Closed.

20 Apr 2018 11:56

The Feathers, Helmsley

Nice hotel, good food, and a proper bar attached to the side for the drinkers. A couple from Black Sheep on - including Baa Baa.

Juke Box appealing to the younger members of society. Until I get on it and load it up with Iggy Pop.

Nice place.

Visit blogged at

20 Apr 2018 11:55

The White Horse Farm Inn, Rosedale Abbey

Home for the night. Nice hotel. Bar had no other punters than the staff and decent Theakstons Bitter.

Stunning views - worth going in the summer.

Visit Blogged at

18 Apr 2018 22:32

The Board Inn, Lealholm

Delighted this pub was open at 10:50am, as I had 8 miles of moorland grimness to walk.

Old school pub, with decent Black Sheep and very friendly staff.

Visit blogged at

18 Apr 2018 22:29

The Horseshoe Hotel, Egton Bridge

A week long tour on foot of the NY Moors and this for me was the best pub of the lot.

Wonderful friendly host.

A proper bar, full of drinkers - interacting with one another and including a lonely rambler in the conversation.

Good Theakstons XB.

Visit blogged at

17 Apr 2018 14:12

The Postgate Inn, Egton Bridge

Breaks tradition by being a decent pub next to a railway station.

Beer was uninspiring - just one real ale, well kept, cameron's strong arm.

But its the food that would make you seek it out. One of the best pub meals I've ever had.

Visit blogged at

17 Apr 2018 14:10

The Goathland Hotel, Whitby

Renamed in part to the Aidensfield Arms in a bid to woo Nick Berry Fans.

Mental Busy. Miserable Staff. Terrible Black Sheep beer in awful condition.

Think I'm exaggerating? Have a look at tripadvisor!

Visit blogged at

17 Apr 2018 14:06

The Horseshoe Inn, Levisham

Perfectly positioned at the top of the village, overlooking the green. Would be wonderful on a summer's day.

Accomodation: Not obvious that my room was no en suite on booking but I had the shared bathroom to myself.

Food: Excellent value for money and service.

Beer: Timothy Taylor Golden Best, Black Sheep and North Yorkshire Moors from Cropton Brewery.

Visit blogged at

16 Apr 2018 14:05

The New Inn, Cropton

Brewery Tap - open at 11:30am and filled with punters on a brewery tour by midday.

A couple of pints of their Yorkshire Classic went down well.

Visit Blogged at

16 Apr 2018 14:02

The Plough Inn, Fadmoor

Closed permanently - all boarded up.

15 Apr 2018 20:35

The Royal Oak Inn, Gillamoor

First open pub on the Inn Way to North Yorkshire Moors. Most are closed on Monday Lunch times but the Royal Oak is open.

York Guzzler and Black Sheep on offer. Both in good condition. Nice traditional terraced pub overlooking the village green.

Visit blogged at

15 Apr 2018 20:31

The Kings Arms, Ombersley

C15th black and white timbered building that is as classic an english inn as you could ever hope to meet.

Mainly catering for (rich) diners... two real ales on - Boondoggle from Ringwood was in decent condition.

Visit blogged at

5 Apr 2018 16:52

The Turks Head, Alcester

The only Alcester entry in the 2018 Good Beer Guide.... not going to argue, my TT Landlord was in perfect condition.

Small front bar and very busy on a Friday night. Space can be found down a nicely decorated corridor.

Worth seeking out.

Visit blogged at

3 Apr 2018 15:27

The Three Tuns, Alcester

I'd say this was my pub of the night in Alcester. And there is some choice.

8 real ales with shampoo bottles showing the colours along a long bar.

Good whisky and Gin Selection.

Very friendly patrons. Easy to get in a chat when sat at the bar.

Beams very low :-)

Visit blogged at

3 Apr 2018 15:24

The Royal Oak, Alcester

Handsome looking pub but not much to offer the real ale fan. A single Adnams Southwold Bitter on.

In reasonable condition.

Nice roaring fire.

Visit blogged at

3 Apr 2018 15:22

The Dog and Partridge, Alcester

First pub ticked on a wet night in Alcester.

Think there were three real ales on - Doom Bar, my chosen Purity Mad Goose and maybe one other.

The Mad Goose looked awful and wouldn't settle. They said they had changed the barrell and not pulled enough through and swapped for a better example without complaint.

Functional and busy, Sport on.

Visit blogged at

3 Apr 2018 15:20

The Winged Spur, Ullenhall

Was closed on my last visit to Ullenhall. Apparently an Enterprise Inn victim and it remained closed for a couple of years.

Been done out very stylishly, aiming to cater for the food market.

Service was excellent. Meals reasonably priced pub fayre.

Purity Pure Gold in fair condition.

Visit blogged at

1 Apr 2018 18:54

The Fish Inn, Wixford

Not my cup of tea. All too jolly, with jokey slogan signs, a shark above the door and plenty of mannequins and nick nacks.

Roaring fire that made the place hotter than the sun.

Nowhere for a drinker to sit - mainly setup for dining.

Family play areas.

5 of the 6 handpulls were turned around but no complaints with my Wadworth 6x

Visit blogged at

1 Apr 2018 11:45

The Broom Tavern, Broom

Good Beer guide entry 2018.

Looks ancient but not too much like a pub from the outside.

Noted for its food, rather than drinking.

An average Jumping Jack Flash from North Cotswold Brewery.

Visit blogged at

1 Apr 2018 11:42

The Cottage of Content, Barton

Walked past a few times but first time I have timed it when open.

Lovely country pub. You know the sort of thing, stone floors, ancient furniture, low ceilings.

Excellent Hooky was one of four ales available.

Food looked popular.

Visit blogged at

1 Apr 2018 11:40

The Manor Public House, Coventry

Impressive building. Timothy Taylor advertised externally on a green sign and indeed, they do have landlord on draft.

No lunch served on a Saturday Lunchtime (they do on evening and I believe on Sundays) so didnt stop, as we were looking for somewhere to eat.

26 Mar 2018 11:27

The Gunmakers Arms, Birmingham

Very friendly pub - both the bar staff and the regulars.

Tap House for the Two Towers Brewery. Had a Hockley Gold - first ever - good condition but maybe too hoppy for my tastes. Would need more to give an opinion!

Excellent Jukebox.

Worth seeking out - only 5 mins from Snow Hill Station.

Visit blogged at

22 Mar 2018 10:52

The Queens Arms, Birmingham

Entry in the 2017 Good Beer Guide but omitted in the 2018 Guide.

Well maintained interior and exterior.

Wye Valley HPA in average condition.

Visit blogged at

22 Mar 2018 10:48

The Shakespeare Inn, Birmingham

Fairly standard Nicholsons that I wandered into by mistake, meaning to go to the Good Beer Guide Shakespeare in Summer Row!

Seen it done a thousand times but decent beer and comfortable environment.

Visit blogged at

22 Mar 2018 10:46

Victoria, Birmingham

Nice makeover of a Victorian Theatre Bar by the Bitter and Twisted Company.

Lovely decor inside and good ale - a well kept Salopian Golden Thread.

Worth seeking out.

Visit blogged at

22 Mar 2018 10:43

The Anchor, Sevenoaks

Back in Sevenoaks - just a note to say this is how a pub should be run.

Unlike the Black Boy next door, where I thought I was the invisible man, I was greeted by the landlord who introduced himself, asked where I had walked from, shook my hand. Allowed a try of a fine pint of Franlins English Garden.

Pub as noted before but welcome appreciated.

Visit blogged at

18 Mar 2018 10:58

Black Boy, Sevenoaks

My pet hate.... waiting at the bar, bar staff busy sorting out Ice Cream orders, and they don't even bother to acknowledge you.

Lovely looking external - bright, gastro internal - three beers from Shepherds Neame. I know... I had ten minutes to look at the them, whilst holding a £20 aloft in the hope they might swap it for something.

Left, disgruntled, and went next door.

Visit blogged at

18 Mar 2018 10:55

The Chequers, Sevenoaks

I'm surprised this isn't in the Good Beer Guide.... plenty of historical interest - with it being a C16th coaching house. A proper pub.

Four real ales on - two very local, a Tribute but I went for one of may favourites - Harveys Sussex Best. I would say its as good as I have had anywhere.

Very impressed.

Visit blogged at

18 Mar 2018 10:51

The City Arms, Manchester

Still a great city centre pub. Back for the first time in 5 years and it hasn't changed.

Still doing Moorhouses Pride of Pendle, in great nick.

One of my favourites in the City.

Visit blogged at

12 Mar 2018 12:28

The Marble Arch, Manchester

Must visit Manchester Pub on the outskirts of the City.

Beautiful building and great beer (as you would expect).

Visit blogged at

12 Mar 2018 12:26

The Smithfield Hotel, Manchester

Another quality pub that gets the balance perfectly right between old school boozer and modern hipster bar.

Great beer and meat based snacks.

Visit blogged at

12 Mar 2018 12:24

The Castle Hotel, Manchester

Very handsome grade II listed pub that wears its 200 years well. Shabby chic, I'd call it.

Great jukebox, quality Sunday papers and tiled front bar area. Nice locals. Robinsons beers in decent condition.

Worth seeking out for some old school drinking.

Visit blogged at

12 Mar 2018 12:21

Port Street Beer House, Manchester

Cafe style beer house with an extensive beer menu - including many the strength of wine and £25 a pop.

First in on a Sunday lunch, I had perfect Hawkshead Bitter.

Obvious that there's a lot of beer love here but not really what I look for in a drinking den and the Jazz was far too loud.

Visit blogged at

12 Mar 2018 12:18

The New Harp Inn, Hoarwithy

Smashing community pub with very friendly hosts, who spent some time talking with the two strangers in town.

Very decent pint of Wye Valley Bitter but its the food that will last in the memory. Home made Rabbit Pie for Mrs M and Lasagne for me. Excellent.

Visit blogged at

10 Mar 2018 20:19

The Sow and Pigs, West Bromwich

Massive make over by the Crafty Brewer Group. Maintained the traditional layout but we have light fighting made from bowler hats and many stencils suggesting beards are mandatory.

Not sure the locals have taken to it. Out of 5 visited this was the emptiest by far. Just me and a barman who served a cracking pint of Backyard Brewery Bitter.

Visit blogged at

7 Mar 2018 11:04

The Crown and Cushion, West Bromwich

Have to admit to feeling like the Good Beer Guide had made a mistake.

Mock Tudor pub that looks like a hungry horse or sizzler type place.

Quite brigtly lit with a single main room around the bar. Community local with all ages.

Beer was superb and answered the question. Castle Rock Harvest Pale for £2.90.


Visit blogged at

7 Mar 2018 10:57

The Old Hop Pole, West Bromwich

Doesn't look much from the outside but its a real gem. And not just because of all the WBA memorabilia.

Inside its a main bar with a couple of side rooms. Main room has a wonderful coal burning hearth.

Wye Valley HPA was in absolute perfect condition.

Just wish they'd turn the Chase off on the huge TVs.


Visit blogged at

7 Mar 2018 10:53

The Vine, West Bromwich

Back ticking off the CAMRA Good Beer Guide Pubs... Opens at 5pm weekdays. Curry as good as ever. Bath Ales Prophecy in fine condition.

Visit blogged at

7 Mar 2018 10:47

The Queen Elizabeth, Elmley Castle

Real success story here.. was closed down for quite a while and the community got together to purchase it.

Its now in the 2018 Good Beer Guide - with four real ales on. I tried the infrequently seen Butcombe Rare Breed and it was well kept.

The real story is the food - one of the best Sunday lunches ever had out.

Excellent stuff. Well done. Worth a visit to this charming village.

Visit blogged at

13 Feb 2018 10:10

Platform 3, Linlithgow

Out of the four visited in this town, this was my favourite.

Bustling atmosphere with plenty of friends all in good spirits.

Quirky railway themed atmosphere - right down to the model train running around the walls.

Excellent Deuchars.

Visit blogged at

12 Feb 2018 11:50

Four Marys, Linlithgow

Smart, good food, good beer, good service.

A little bit chainy feel to the place. You can see from the external notice boards the type of place its trying to be and the type of punters it wants to attract.

Does things well.

Visit blogged at

12 Feb 2018 11:48

The Football and Cricketers Arms, Linlithgow

The Linlithgow Tap. Smart enough inside, with an island bar.

Four or five real ales - all detailed on the chalkboard.

Decent pint of Jarl.

Quiet, but it was a Tuesday.

Visit blogged at

12 Feb 2018 11:46

The Black Bitch Tavern, Linlithgow

Nice community pub, smart inside with a good deal of locals banter.

No real ales on during my visit (one was turned around) so a Guinness it was.

Visit blogged at

12 Feb 2018 11:43

Ebrington Arms, Chipping Camden

Greeted by a sign saying its "The Times best village Inn in the Uk". Big claim, but you can kind of see where they are coming from.

Tiny front bar. Long dining room, with a sign saying only for diners.

1pm on a Saturday lunch and no choice but to stand at bar and get in everyone's way. Strange, when there is so much room available.

Beer wise, there was a Mild from North Cotswold Brewery and two of their own brands - Yubberton Yubby and Goldie. The Yubby was good enough to prompt me to buy three bottles to take home.

Worth seeking out.

Visit blogged at

4 Feb 2018 19:24

The Butchers Arms, Mickleton

2nd Visit - also have the lesser spotted Sea Fury on.

4 Feb 2018 19:18

The Kings Arms, Mickleton

Beautiful looking Cotswold Pub that promises more than it delivers.

Let down by an uninspiring beer range - Bombardier Gold and one other. Surely it should be stocking some local brews. Or at least something more inspiring?

Quirky decor, friendly staff and locals, nice fire.

Would have possibly stayed for a 2nd if the Friday evening TV wasn't blaring mindless game shows.

4 Feb 2018 19:17

The Black Horse and Hoodens, Borough Green

A sole real ale, Doom Bar alone.

Looked closed but on arrival, there were three men at the bar end, listening to 70s 80s rock music on the jukebox. Silence, not seen since those two backpackers entered the slaughtered lamb in american werewolf in london. Even the tracks changed on the jukebox.

Doom Bar was not the best.

28 Jan 2018 13:25

The Regent, Edinburgh

Quite a diversion in my Guide to the best of the Royal Mile. I found myself in a previously unexplored part of Edinburgh.

A couple of handpulls on with an excellent Deuchars IPA. Took me a while to twig it was a gay bar - with some rather striking art work.

Good beer and worthy of its entry in the 2018 Guide.

Visit blogged at

26 Jan 2018 14:42

No 1, Edinburgh

In contradiction to Blue Scrupy, I felt this was one for the locals deep in the most touristy part of Edinburgh. Must depend on timing! Large pub with just a handful of regulars. Good whisky choice and a handful of real ales. Deuchars in good form.

Visit blogged at

26 Jan 2018 14:38

Mitre, Edinburgh

Impressive Nicholsons Pub - but they do need to learn that less is more! Like the Haymarket, a quite overwhelming array of pumps greets on arrival.

Lia Fail was in very good condition - so no complaints.

A slightly more chainy feel than the impressive boozer deserves.

Visit blogged at

26 Jan 2018 14:34

The Swan Inn, Whitacre Heath

Cask Marque accredited. Central bar, with a huge dining room attached to the back. Strangely, the Log burner appeared to be pumping the smoke into the pub.

Beer wise, it was a bit uninspired, with just the staples of Doom Bar and Golden Hen available. The Doom Bar was in excellent condition.

Visit blogged at

20 Jan 2018 20:24

The Standing Order, Edinburgh

Grand Wetherspoons that should be visited for the architecture alone. High quality beer at bargain prices.

19 Jan 2018 13:13

The Star Bar, Edinburgh

Very close to the city but very out the way - if that makes sense. You need to know its here, otherwise you wouldn't find it by accident.

Quirky interior - with split level seating, with the bar down low. Table football, nick nacks and jukebox. Friendly locals. Not every pub you enter and are immediately asked if you like "Roller Skating".

Visit blogged at

19 Jan 2018 13:11

The Cumberland Bar, Edinburgh

Very smart pub inside and out. Has a bit of an upmarket chain feel to the place.

Does what it does well - good food, service and the Stewarts 80 shilling was fine.

More "quirky" examples available nearby.

Visit blogged at

19 Jan 2018 13:08

Clarks Bar, Edinburgh

Another great find. Doesnt look much from the outside, but large inside with a couple of fine rooms off the back. Long bar with a selection of English Guest ales first noticed. Excellent Theakstons XB.

Football on discreetly and a selection of newspapers to read through. Comfortable place and would come back.

Visit blogged at

19 Jan 2018 13:07

Kay's Bar, Edinburgh

I'm using various guides to find all the best pubs in Edinburgh and this may well be the one. More work to do, but its up there.

Small main room, bar seating, some tables. Quiet back room where you need to strike lucky. Classic pub interior.

Very high quality Deuchars IPA sampled in a pleasant atmosphere.

Will come again.

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19 Jan 2018 13:03

The White Bear, Shipston on Stour

Good grief - after 6 months, this website is back up and running. Wha's changed?

Donnington Ales Pub - stocking all their range. Lots of people don't like their beer but there was nothing wrong at all with my Cotswold Gold.

Pleasant pub - with central bar dividing a sports bar on one side and a lounge on the other.

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14 Jan 2018 12:01

The Auld Motor Hoose, Kirkwall

Entry in the GBG 2017 and now way I was going to miss getting my most northern tick.

Grim looking from the outside but head in - its fine.

All motor memorabilia, juke box and one real ale - an exceptionally good Scapa Special Pale Ale from Swanney Brewery.

Not much choice in Kirkwall, so if you''re looking here for inspiration, I''m sure you will be heading in.

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19 Sep 2017 11:06

The Mishnish Hotel, Tobermory

Handsome pub inside and out. I was in there on a Sunday lunch time and both real ale pumps were back to front.

I inquired and they said it was a busy saturday night!

Guinness it was - along with good service and a decent meal (although surprisingly, no Sunday Lunch).

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18 Sep 2017 11:44

The Weighbridge, Alvechurch

Sort out as its a previously unclaimed tick in the 2017 GBG.

Well worth it. Packed at midday on a Sunday and still they kept coming in.

Converted house, so small rooms with crammed together tables. Tiny bar, with a chalkboard above detailing the half a dozen ales.

I would have had a Wetheroak Tillermans Tipple but the bar lady wasn''t happy with the quality on pouring. Now, thats a nice change!

Instead, I had possibly the finest Wye Valley Butty Bach ever had. And I''ve had a few!

Photos at

17 Sep 2017 18:43

The Rockmount, Castel

Excellent restaurant (best fish finger sandwich known to man) with a Tap Room around the back.

A couple of real ales on and it must be good, as its in the 2017 GBG.

I had a very hoppy Barefoot Something (soz, can''t remember). Got better the more drank.

Excellent service and an ideal location.

Visit blogged at

17 Sep 2017 17:08

Atlantic Inn, St Mary's

Good pint of St Austell Tribute. Very dark inside, in the low ceilinged bar, but we headed out to the patio for fine sea views and the rest of the punters.

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15 Sep 2017 13:45

The Bishop and Wolf, St Marys

2nd Pub visited on the Island. A bit more for locals that the Atlantic over the road.

Decent pint of St Austell HSD in an interesting old building.

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15 Sep 2017 13:43

The Gloucester Old Spot, Elmstone Hardwicke

Looks hugely popular with diners. Full Sunday car park and battle to get in the door.

There is a bar for drinkers with bar stools and maybe two tables not reserved for diners.

Three real ales on - two from Wye Valley and a Butcombe Gold - not seen on draught before. GB in great condition but maybe served a touch too cold.

3 Sep 2017 17:18

Butchers Arms, Sheepscombe

Open at 11:30am, apart from Bank Holidays when its 12pm. We arrive at 11:20am on the Summer Bank Holiday!

Forced to return once the walk was over.

Very popular with good food. Three real ales on and the barman helped me choose a Prescott Hill Climb. Superb Condition.

Great example of a country pub.

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29 Aug 2017 11:17

The Black Horse, Cranham Village

In the Good Beer Guide 2017. The range of beers has diminished since these reviews and there were just a couple on - not that this is a problem.

The Stroud Brewery Tom Long was in excellent condition.

Soft drinks patrons server less well, with diet coke from a bottle under the bar with no ice available.

We came for lunch, after a long walk and the only things on the chalk board on offer were very hearty full meals. 29 Degrees - who wants Liver Bacon and Mash at a lunchtime. Could do with a sandwich menu.

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29 Aug 2017 11:13

The Frog, Bidford On Avon

No problems here today. Good service, very quick food order.

Purity UBU was in great condition.

Smashing location. Smart Inside and Out. Deserves to be a success.

Visit blogged at

19 Aug 2017 18:35

The Eldon Arms, Reading

New colour scheme since the last visit. I checked on Google Maps!

8 real ales on in a bar with me and two others. Makes you wonder about the turnover.

TT Golden Best was in fine condition.

Sure its great when busy.

16 Aug 2017 11:29

The Hop Leaf, Reading

Had the place to myself at 7pm on a Monday Night.

Decent pub - in the Good Beer Guide. Most of the beers were from the Hop Back brewery. Ever going against the grain, I went for a New Forest Ale from Downton Brewery.

Decent visit blogged at

16 Aug 2017 11:26

George and Dragon, Lichfield

Not too many Marstons pubs in the Good Beer Guide.

Really enjoyed my visit here - Banks Bitter in great condition. Pub is a classic of its type - nice interior, with tiled walls and classic pub furniture.

Beer Garden worth checking out - its not every pub where you can drink on a listed Civil War piece of history.

Visit blogged at

13 Aug 2017 11:08

The Vine (Bull & Bladder), Brierley Hill

2nd visit in 3 years. All perfectly described here.

Only thing to add is the landlord of 28 years (!) is retiring soon.

Things do change.

11 Aug 2017 13:24

The Old Swan, Netherton

A destination visit. Mrs M asked what I wanted for my birthday.

You to drive me to Ma Pardos was the answer.

First visit and it lived up to expectations completely. Pumps are unlabeled but I did notice chalk board and saw that there was Original or something else unremembered. Looks like I should have ordered by numbers.

Now I know where it is, I will be back!

11 Aug 2017 13:20

The Lamp Tavern, Dudley

Had a bit of a tour of Black Country pubs organised for me on my birthday. The Dry Dock was going to be checked out but is now flats. This was a mile on and when I saw it was a Bathams, they was no choice.

Beer - exceptional. If I remember right, it was £2.40 a pint.

A classic looking pub inside, all wooden partitions.

Friendly bar staff.

A great pub.

11 Aug 2017 13:17

The Lion and Unicorn, Kentish Town

Checked out all the GBG entries in Kentish Town and this was the only one that was a disappointment.

Very high prices. No atmosphere at all - like a hotel bar. Beer (Redemption Big Chief) was kept OK but not really my sort of pint.

Plenty of other choices in the area. Visit blogged at

11 Aug 2017 13:13

The Assembly House, Kentish Town

Watched an old Richard Burton Film which had key scenes filmed here - The Villian - and in 1971, this was a spectacular looking pub. Thought I would check it out.

It has changed, but you can see echos of its former glory in the high ceilinged room, with central dome.

A green king pub - the pint of Sambournes Wandle exceeded all expectations.

Lots of competition in the area but a good pub. Visit blogged at

11 Aug 2017 13:09

The Pineapple, Kentish Town

Very handsome back street pub - outside and especially inside, where the central bar is surrounded by a comfortable lounge and side alcoves. The lounge has some wonderful old Bass Mirrors.

There has obviously never been a wild west brawl in this pub.

A few real ales on and I went for a very decent Foundation Bitter.

Worth seeking out. Visit blogged at

11 Aug 2017 13:06

The Junction Tavern, Kentish Town

CAMRA GBG 2017 Entry. Looked through window and could only see dining tables but it is larger than expected, with bar, conservatory and nice garden around the back.

A surprising TT Boltmaker was offer. Genuinely rarely seen outside of Yorkshire.

In good nick.

A decent pub. Visit blogged at

11 Aug 2017 13:03

The Clarence, Whitehall

Saturday afternoon in rainy London. We opened the door to be met instantly by a waitress asking if we were dining. If we had said no, we wouldn't have been allowed to sit at one of the tables that all had reserved signs - although they were just being kept for food eating punters coming in off the street.

This meant that I couldn't see what beers were on and knowing it was a Youngs house, I asked for a special. It was that bad, I had to take it back to the bar, when I found out they dont do Youngs Special - just the standard.

It was swapped without fuss for a Naked Lady (who could resist?) which was in much better condition.

Food was OK. Service was good, seeing as how run ragged she was. Wouldn't necessarily come again.

11 Aug 2017 13:00

The Calthorpe Arms, Holborn

Lovely old school boozer in the heart of Bloomsbury. Young's Special was in good condition.

Outside seating area, where unbelievably for the area, an elderly couple had come for a drive and were having a pint in their classic Citreon DS. I found this quite cute.

Worth hunting out for a classic pub experience.

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9 Aug 2017 13:58

The Crooked Billet, Wokingham

Completed a walk from here. It was in a nineties guide called Pub Walks in Berkshire. The lanes are now more like motorways and the walking was terrible.

The pub itself was pretty decent. Mainly a restaurant but with a separate pubby bit. The food was high quality pub fodder. Had to send a photo home for vegetable identification purposes. Beers - Ringwood Razorback - was also in good condition.

Good example of a country pub.

27 Jul 2017 15:37

The Eagle and Child, Oxford

10:15 on a sunday night and a choice of this or the Lamb and Flag over the road.

Both shut bang on 10:30.

You can feel the history of this place dripping off the walls but the beer quality was dreadful. Old Hooky had to be sent back - dull, cloudy and rank. It was changed with minimal fuss (held to light, which failed to penetrate) and swapped for a brighter oxford gold.

Visit blogged at

27 Jul 2017 15:20

The White Rabbit, Oxford

Best pub out of the five visited tonight.

In the GBG 2017, keeps thing simple with minimalistic produce. Three real ales on and food seemed to be Pizza. The Shotover Oxford Scholar was the best pint of the night.

Great atmosphere during the quiz night. Really liked the place.

Visit blogged at

27 Jul 2017 15:16

Royal Blenheim, Oxford

Not come across White Horse Brewery before.

Went for a Waylands Smithy for the simple reason I had walked past it on the Ridgeway a couple of years ago!

Beer was in good condition. Pub was a nice victorian single room. Only thing not to like was the soft rock piped in for ambiance.

Visit blogged at

27 Jul 2017 15:14

St Aldates Tavern, Oxford

In the GBG Guide. Initially quiet. Big fan of the XT brews but the number 2 I had was in quite poor condition. Not bad enough to take it back but I expected a bit more.

Visit blogged at

27 Jul 2017 15:12

The Bear, Oxford

Really good boozer - just off the main drag. Great atmosphere, plenty of conversation. Great old interior with partioned alcoves and a top pint of ESB.


Visit blogged at

27 Jul 2017 15:10

The Perch Inn, Binsey

Lovely and unique approach from the Thames Path - down a sunken lane, with arches bedecked with fairly lights. Certainly an unforgettable approach.

Large beer garden with its own serving shed. They had gravity fed Old Hooky, which was much clearer than in the Trout but quickly became lifeless, as you would expect.

£8.90 for this and a lager and lime.

Nice place.
Visit blogged at

24 Jul 2017 14:13

The Trout Inn, Wolvercote

Stopping off during a walk. Absolutely packed, as you would expect on a summers day, but the staff did seem to be coping well.

We just wanted a quick pint as refreshment. Not too outrageous £8 for a lager and lime and an old hooky. Old Hooky in poor condition - not clear and poorer than average.

Great location.

Visit blogged at

24 Jul 2017 14:10

Nags Head, Reading

In answer to the last reviewer, probably cause you had had enough :-)

2nd visit. Plenty to admire here. I spent longer than expected due to being trapped by the first thunder storm of the summer.

West Berkshire Old Boy in good form. They now do rolls as well as pies!

Well worth the trip outside the town ring road.

20 Jul 2017 18:37

The Castle Tap, Reading

No previous review and a 4/10 rating.

Just outside the town ring road. One large front room, high ceiling, classic pub furniture. No other punters. Surly barman who barely acknowledged a new potential customer.

Rear sports room to the back with a giant TV. Outside patio area, where I found some other patrons.

Beer was good - a couple of real ales on and I tried Bad Seed Brewery Old Skool. Which just about summed the place up.

Visit blogged at

20 Jul 2017 18:33

The Park Gate Inn, Cannock Wood

Found whilst walking the HOEW.

Did a bit of research and found it was a hot bed of paranormal activity but I dont think Cannock Chase has a Sasquatch.

Pub is an old farm house - again, modelled on "Country Dining". There were four real ales on - two from Sharps - Atlantic and you can guess.

I went for a Lancaster Bomber - which was lively, prompted the bar man to head downstairs to check and ultimately bang average.

Proved with my last review that you can't hyperlink (or delete) here - visit blogged at

15 Jul 2017 19:41

The Nelson Inn, Chorley

Stumbled on this place whilst walking the HOEW.

Country Dining added to the signage, presumably after a make over.

Formal restaurant and bar. Bar full of families dining.

5 real ales. Olde Trip was bang average but looked like it might have the potential to be more exciting than the Abbot.

Visit recoreded at my <a title="Blog" href="">Blog</a>

15 Jul 2017 19:36

The Halfway House, Edinburgh

A rarity - an Edinburgh pub I haven't previously found.

Tiny but perfectly formed. Great pint of Stewarts 80'

Pleased to have found it.

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13 Jul 2017 18:10

The Jolly Judge, Edinburgh

Place to come if you are on the Top of the Royal Mile. Slightly hidden from view, appealing to a different type of pub goer.

Its tiny, so space is limited. The beers are great quality and value and they provide tasters if you need help selecting from unknown local brewers.

One of my favourites in a great city.

Last visit blogged at

13 Jul 2017 18:07

Ensign Ewart, Edinburgh

Tarted up on the outside but still the same on the inside, complete with the huge painting of the battle of waterloo.

Full of tourists ordering from the whisky menu. I should of joined them - my pint (Edinburgh Gold, sampled in great condition over the road) was ghastly.

Still, had live music and a decent atmosphere. Would come again.

Visit blogged at

13 Jul 2017 17:57

The Castle Arms, Edinburgh

Beer was good - I had a perfect Stewarts Edinburgh Gold. Unlike quite a few pubs in the City, this allows families in for food - so rather packed with kids eating at 9pm on a weekday. I would like this if with my family, less so when out for a pint.

Great terrace down the metal stairs overlooking West Bow.

Decent enough pub.

Visit blogged at

13 Jul 2017 17:55

The Malt Shovel, Edinburgh

Here again, following the Camra Pub Walks for completion. Prices have gone up peaking at £4.70 for a Greene King Amplified.

A functional pub.

Visit blogged at

13 Jul 2017 17:51

The Boot, St Albans

Another well known pub to me that I can say has improved.

The beer range is now excellent.... and in a night of great pints at 5 locations, the XT 1 taken here was the pick of the bunch.

Never thought I'd say that about the Boot.

Even more reason to love the place.

Visit blogged at

6 Jul 2017 16:40

The Farriers Arms, St Albans

Small, locals, back street bar.

Good choice of ales.... rarely seen Betty Stogs in great condition.

Found the staff very pleasant!

Visit blogged at

6 Jul 2017 16:38

The Lower Red Lion, St Albans

Another classic pub in St Albans. How spoilt they are!

Two rooms and I always seem to pick the one where the action isn't.

Tonight, I missed out on joining the Hertfordshire Whisky Tasting society!

Made do with an excellent Paradigm Win Win.

Visit blogged at

6 Jul 2017 16:36

The Fighting Cocks, St Albans

Been three years since my last visit.

Beer wise, things have improved - 8 real ales on and a much broader selection. Enjoyed my Woodforde Wherry.

Food Wise, I was a little disappointed to see laminated chainy style menus. I remember when it was ever changing nightly printed out A4.

Everything else as I remember and a must visit pub. Just to say you've been to (one of) the oldest pubs in England.

Visit blogged at

6 Jul 2017 16:34

The Six Bells, St Albans

Beautiful old school pub - doing everything just about perfectly.

Not often I'll turn down a TT Landlord but the Tring Brewery Ridgeway was in great condition.


Visit blogged at

6 Jul 2017 16:31

The Royal George, Euston

The GBG throws up some surprises. Just how did a Chainy Greene King get in the Bible?

It had two extra beers over the usual Greene King range - and I went for a decent Sambrooks Junction but didn't appreciate paying £4.95 for the privilege.

Music far too loud, chainy feel and much better options in the area.

Visit blogged at

3 Jul 2017 15:24

The Bree Louise, Euston

Little point in writing a review of this, my last visit.

Come November 2017, it will be the first notable victim of HS2.

Used to be my regular stopping off point before travelling home until I found the Doric Arch.

A real beer house - with half a dozen on pump and another dozen on gravity fed behind the bar. Not a fan of the gravity fed system, so I always went for a pump.

It was the place I discovered Titantic Plum Porter.

Last visit blogged at

3 Jul 2017 15:20

Hogshead, Wolverhampton

The Good Beer Guide throws up these random entries. You wouldn't think for a minute that this chainy looking pub would be in it.

However, there was a good choice of around 6 real ales on and my wainwright was superb.

Not sure the decor, ambiance or experience is my cup of tea but worth a visit for the tick.

Visit blogged at

30 Jun 2017 15:02

The Lych Gate Tavern, Wolverhampton

Typical Black Country Ales Pub. Large choice of relatively unheard of breweries from anywhere in the UK.

Surprised to see a household name brew in Purtity Mad Goose on offer. Looked fantastic. Smelt not so good.

Good pubby experience and I would come back.

Visit Blogged at

30 Jun 2017 14:59

The Posada, Wolverhampton

Architecturally stunning pub. Perfect example of a Victorian Boozer.

Less than impressed with a cloudy Hobsons though. And I was the only punter, with Cold Play on the PA.

I would give it the benefit of the doubt and come back if in the area.

Visit blogged at

30 Jun 2017 14:57

Moon Under Water, Wolverhampton

A blueprint Wetherspoons. Everything is in order from the over worked bar staff to the dirty tables to the excellent quality beer.

Only came to get a Good Beer Guide Tick!

Visit blogged at

30 Jun 2017 14:54

The Great Western, Wolverhampton

A visit to Wolverhampton to tick off a few Good Beer Guide pubs.

I knew before I left home that this would be the best of the night and it didn't disappoint.

Great Bathams and a really good atmosphere.

Highly recommended.

Visit blogged at

30 Jun 2017 14:53

The Anchor, Sevenoaks

Was open at 3:30pm on a Saturday afternoon in June.

Old school pub with three real ales - Harvey's, Wimbledon brewery and something else unnnoted.

Harvey's best in fine condition. Pleasant pub with a good vibe.

Visit blogged at

4 Jun 2017 11:46

The Lion Hotel, Farningham

Simply couldn't walk past this location. Picture postcard perfect.

Cask Marque accredited with one Real Ale - you've guessed it, Doom Bar.

Decent condition and £3.65 not outrageous for the setting.

Visit blogged at

4 Jun 2017 11:43

The Abbotsford, Edinburgh

Another unassuming pub from the outside which reveals a gorgeous interior.

Again, its the ceiling and the island bar that make this special.

Decent local ales.

Visit blogged at

25 May 2017 13:33

The Kenilworth, Edinburgh

Been here before but it took the CAMRA Pub Walk in Edinburgh to really point out its beauty.

Look to the ceiling. Look to the tiling. Look to the central Island Bar.

A 1st Timothy Taylor Mild consumed in one of the nicer pubs in Rose Street.

Visit Blogged at

25 May 2017 13:31

The Oxford Bar, Edinburgh

Thought for a minute it had been gentrified but the paint job extended only as far as the exterior.

Exactly as I remember it and yes, I am a touristy Rebus fan here for the fiction.

Intimidating, rough around the edges and I wouldn't change a thing about it.

Visit blogged at

25 May 2017 13:29

The Yewdale Hotel, Coniston

CAMRA Regional Pub of the Year. Must have been a tough choice - Coniston has some top boozers.

The beer here (Barngates Brewery) was very well kept.

A great visit blogged at

23 May 2017 20:45

The Crown, Coniston

Seems to have had a big makeover since my last visit.

very smart.

There's some stiff competition for your beer pound in Coniston.

Visit blogged at

23 May 2017 20:43

The Sun Hotel, Coniston

Simply stunning building. Must visit.

Inside was just as good - exactly how you would want a bar to be.

Beers were excellent. I went for Loweswater Gold, having enjoyed it in various locations in the Lakes over the week.

A memorable visit, Blogged at

23 May 2017 20:41

The Black Bull Hotel, Coniston

First time back in nearly 10 years.

Beer - as you would expect from a brewery - is first class.

The rooms have been spruced up to a very high standard too.

Everything was great about our Visit, Blogged at

23 May 2017 20:39

Ship Inn, Coniston

Great location, straight off the fells.

Two of the three real ales were off. We must have timed it unluckily.

Friendly staff and Hartleys ale was well kept.

Visit Blogged at

23 May 2017 20:37

Church House Inn, Consiton

Pick of the two in Torver. Lovely old rambling tardis like pub that goes on and on in the inside.

Lovely beer trap garden.

Enjoyable visit although my partners Barngates Brewery selection knocked my Theakston XB into a cocked hat.

Visit blogged at

23 May 2017 20:35

The Wilson Arms, Torver

One here three times.

Functional pub more geared to diners than drinkers. Fine pint of Loweswater Gold.

Visit blogged at

23 May 2017 20:33

The Manor Arms, Broughton in Furness

Great boozers pub - from the decor, to the furniture, to the CAMRA certifications, where they appear to have cleaned up all the prizes for every year.

Yates Bitter in great condition.

Visit blogged at

21 May 2017 20:04

High Cross Inn, Broughton-in-Furness

Going to be a cafe...

21 May 2017 20:03

Old Kings Head, Broughton in Furness

Very much a gastro pub - we stayed for one and realised it wasnt really what we were after. Keswick Gold gave us a chance to get a tick on the Inn Way to the Lake District.

Visit blogged at

21 May 2017 20:02

Black Cock Inn, Broughton-in-Furness

Our rooms for the night on the Inn Way to the Lake District.

Oozes history and very nicely quality. Even if the door didnt fit in the frame of our on suite :-)

Lots of different rooms and somehow, they managed to squeeze a live band into the main bar area on a Sat Night. I won't forget the Sad Eyed Puffins and their protest song about Pylons.

Beerwise, it was an average Moorhouse Pendle Witches Brew followed by a much improved TT Landlord.

Great community pub.

Visit blogged at

21 May 2017 20:00

The Blacksmiths Arms, Broughton Mills

Best pub chat from friendly locals out of all the pubs visited on the Inn Way to the Lake District.

Completely unspoilt. Three real ales on, I went for a local Foxfields ale.

And learned how much a cow costs at market.

Visit blogged at

21 May 2017 19:57

The Woolpack Inn, Boot

Huge, sprawling pub that caters for everyone. Food, real ale, music and the only place showing the football.

Loved it. Would come back.

Visit blogged at

21 May 2017 09:53

The Brook House Inn, Boot

Probably the pick of the pubs in Boot - mainly because of the Whisky collection and sampler menu.

Its also in the Good Beer Guide 2017, so the ales were in fine condition to.

Ghoulash was on the menu. Wish I had saved myself to eat here :-)

Visit blogged at

21 May 2017 09:51

The Boot Inn, Eskdale

My bed for the night on day 4 of the Inn Way.

On the beer front, it was a couple of real ales. Hartleys Cumbria way was well kept.

Food was excellent - can only think they have had a change of ownership since these reviews.

Rooms decent. Staff very helpful.


Visit Blogged at

21 May 2017 09:48

The Wasdale Head Inn, Wasdale Head

Iconic location and long been a "wanted to visit" destination.

Decent ales on - Yates Wasdale Head Gold was a rebranded Gold and went down fine.

Amusing signs detailing the lack of WiFi. Plenty to look at and explore.

Visit blogged at

21 May 2017 09:45

Fish Hotel, Buttermere

cant beat the place for location and it makes the most of it by having a spectacular beer garden.

Food was quick, good value and quality.

Ales were varied - with Castlerigg IPA and Thwaites Bitter in great condition.

Visit blogged at

20 May 2017 10:49

The Bridge Hotel, Buttermere

My digs for the night (at £159 per room but you do get towels folded in the shape of swans).

A quite down to earth bar for ramblers where the Haystacks Gold was in great condition.

Visit blogged at

20 May 2017 10:46

The Kirkstile Inn, Loweswater

Remote location but has everything you need - including Loweswater Gold. One of the finest beers found on the Inn Way to the Lake District.

Lovely beer garden, rambling rooms, food looked good.

Visit blogged at

20 May 2017 10:42

The Middle Ruddings Country Inn and Restaurant, Braithwaite

Doing 44 Pubs across the Lake District on the Inn Way.

Unfortunately, this was the worst.

Kind of a bar tacked onto the end of a hotel dining area. Three real ales on and I went for a Fell Brewery IPA which was probably too strong (even for me) at over 6%.

It was also cloudy, with a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Not real atmosphere.

Visit blogged at

17 May 2017 19:18

Royal Oak, Braithwaite

Got everything you need here. Does accommodation. Good traditional food. Jennings Tied house and the Sneck Lifter was in great condition. Cheerful staff.


Visit blogged at

17 May 2017 19:15

Coledale Inn, Braithwaite

Possibly my favourite pub in a week's worth of the Inn Way to the Lake District.

At the end of a beautful mountain route from Barrow Door, it sits in an elevate position over the village with stunning views.

The Yates Bitter was absolutely first class.

An unforgettable afternoon blogged at

17 May 2017 19:13

Swinside Inn, Keswick

Great boozer - not least cause it was 5 hours since I set off from Rosthwaite in the morning.

Went for Thwaites Lightfoot - enjoyed in their beautiful beer garden with wonderful views (as you would expect).

Visit blogged at

17 May 2017 19:10

Scafell Hotel, Keswick

2017 Good beer guide entry - deservedly so. Good beers on, I went for a first Gold Wing.

After 13 miles walking and up since 4am, this remained the last pint of the day. Normally, I would have stayed for more.

Visit blogged at

17 May 2017 10:35

Tweedies Bar at Dale Lodge Hotel, Grasmere

Favourite in Grasmere - got everything. Great food, beer, entertainment at weekends, the odd wedding, beer garden.

On this visit, it was a wonderful Coniston Old Man Ale at £3.70. Average for these parts.

Visit blogged at

17 May 2017 10:28

The Plough Inn, Bodicote

Choice of two pubs in the village. I'd have come here, even if I had seen the last review :-)

Empty. Everyone had gone to the wedding.

Decent pint of Wadworth 6X - much earned after a 10 mile walk on the Banbury Fringe.

Nice village, Bodicote.

Visit blogged at

6 May 2017 18:43

Kings Head, Bridgnorth

Wow - C16th Coaching House. #1 for food in Bridgnorth (according to Tripadvisor), in the Good Beer Guide 2017.

Had to be checked out.

Lived up to all expectations. Great staff. Prompt Service. Excellent Food and the best Hobsons Town Crier I have had.

The Stable Bar in the back courtyard is worth checking out - although its nothing to do with the pub.

Visit blogged at

29 Apr 2017 19:02

Crockers Folly, Maida Vale

I'm not 100% sure what this is, but I dont think its a pub. Restaurant maybe?

Peroni and a couple of other lagers on.

Handsome on the outside and in, but it hard to have a look around when you are the only punter and being followed by staff in aprons.

Visit blogged at

28 Apr 2017 14:24

The Warrington Hotel, Maida Vale

Another one that needs to be experienced.

Possibly the most ornate pub I've been to. A real joy to sit on the leather chesterfields and take in the surroundings.

Beer wise - The Sambrooks Junction fitted the surroundings.

Visit blogged at

28 Apr 2017 14:22

The Prince Alfred, Maida Vale

Not prepared for what was inside - what a joyful surprise.

Bar area still has wooden partitions, snob glass and breaks up a very ornate central horsehoe bar. Fun getting through the 3ft doors without looking like a prat. Ornate Tiling.

Lovely to see the period detail.

Best pint of the evening - an exceptional Youngs Special.

Worth visiting.

Visit blogged at

28 Apr 2017 14:20

The Bridge House, Paddington

Not actually sure if this is a pub. Outside, it says "Canal, Cafe, Theatre"

Decided it wasnt really for me and moved on.

Blogged visit at

28 Apr 2017 14:16

The Warwick Castle, Maida Vale

Going through an exterior make over at the moment.... all scaffolded up.

Still open and interior as I remember it. All wood paneling, big Bass mirrors and an ornate fireplace.

Getting to the bar a challenge. Which is a good thing to say, as means its popular.

Trumans Swift was pretty average condition on latest visit.

Blogged visit at

28 Apr 2017 14:15

The Great Northern, Luton

No jukebox but the old boys were jigging along to Kylie that was blasting out of the tv tuned into Heart FM.

Now, I can only report things as I find them but there was an overbearing smell of urine as soon as we opened the door. Enough to a) make you eyes water and b) wonder how anyone could put up with it. Totally overpowering.

Mrs M was not impressed that I had taken her CAMRA pub ticking.

Having visited the loos - I can confirm the smell wasn't coming from there. It was nicer in there than the bar.

Did put a dent (well I had to put up with some serious glaring from Mrs M) in an other wise fine trip to a piece of history.

15 Apr 2017 19:55

The Fox Inn, Monkwood Green

Love the last review.

Went off to find Terry. Lots of dogs, but no sign.

I thought I knew Worcestershire but on spotting this in the GBG, I had no idea where it is. Turns out its less than 10 miles from where I live.

So a walk and a pint. Very remote, yet strangely packed place. 7pm on a Wednesday and we had the last of the traditional wooden tables, next to the hugelog burner.

Wye Valley Butty Bach in superb condition.

13 Apr 2017 12:44

The Watermill, Ogmore by Sea

Large roadside pub - catering for the tourists at nearby Ogmore Castle. We were two of the tourists.

Large patio area, lots of diners and the beer (mainly Brains) was in condition that you would expect from a Cask Marque Pub.

Visit blogged at

9 Apr 2017 15:58

Pelican In Her Piety, Ogmore By Sea

Closed on 08/04/17

9 Apr 2017 15:55

The Robin Hood, Drayton

No longer Katy O' Ryans - who I think rebranded as Worcestershire Ales or something.

Serving Enville Ale, Holdens and a couple from Wye Valley.

Food, family orientated pub with a huge beer garden.

All very pleasant.

Visit blogged at

4 Apr 2017 15:20

The Ashburnham Arms, Greenwich

Immaculate back street (where the houses are no doubt in the millions!) pub.

Saturday afternoon and I was the only punter. Number of humans doubled by the silent barstaff, obviously wondering how she was going to get through the day.

Its a shame, as the decor and beer (shepherds neame) were both first class. You could even save the price of the Times, read theirs and help contribute to the local economy.

My visit blogged at

2 Apr 2017 09:15

The Dog and Bell, Deptford

Looks like its had a make over. Immaculate, inside and out.

Traditional pub - possibly the only London pub with a Bar Skittles Table?

Four for five real ales on. I went safe for a perfect pint of London Pride at £3.80.

Worth seeking out. A near religious experience with the stained glass window and pew type seating. My type of Church.

Visit blogged at

2 Apr 2017 09:10

The Mug House Inn, Bewdley

Location, location, location - Perfect pub. Riverside setting, lovely garden, nice restaurant and decent beer - including a fav Timothy Taylor - which is always on.

For these pleasures, you pay a premium. I never noticed how expensive a pint was (in comparison to the competition). £3.85 is almost London.

Visit blogged at

31 Mar 2017 10:13

The Great Western, Bewdley

Smart pub, with inviting advertising lettered on the outside offering a choice of refreshments - with "Revivers" being the most interesting.

Mezzanine floor makes it a split level pub - upstairs has a couple of comfy sofas and a fine picture of Bewdley, in case you forget where you are.

Beer wise - a touch disappointing on my visit. A couple of speckled hens and assorted Greene Kings and a Worcestershire Way from Bewdley Brewery - which was selected. A lively number that took a long time to settle down so that you could see through it.

Visit blogged at

31 Mar 2017 10:10

The Waggon And Horses, Bewdley

Quite correctly in the Camra 2017 Good Beer Guide. This place doesnt look too much from the outside but its a little oasis on the inside.

Freehouse - so I imaging the beer range changes a lot. Of the six real ales on, the choice came down to a three tuns or a Bathams.

Bathams won and it was superb.

Out of the four pubs visited, this was the busiest. There's a reason for this.

Visit blogged at

31 Mar 2017 10:06

The Rising Sun, Bewdley

Another visit, as I line up the four 2017 Camra Good Beer Guide Pubs into a nice little pub crawl.

A couple of Wye Valleys on - the Butty Bach was in superb condition.

Visit blogged at

31 Mar 2017 10:03

March Hare, Broughton Hackett

Driven past loads of times but never ventured in. Until tonight, after completing a walk in the area and looking for food.

Looks like we found the right place!

Monday night, and the car park was packed. Wondered if it was a some sort of village meeting. Turns out they have launched the £5 monday night carvery and all of worcestershire had come out for tea!

Fair play to them - excellent quality and value.

Three real ales on and I tried a Ringwood Mauler. Found it very odd but not had it before. Very cold and a taste/head like a smooth pour. Big fan of Ringwood but this was more like a John Smiths.

Worth it for the food/service - which were both excellent.

28 Mar 2017 10:18

The King's Head, Bledington

Great place - great location on the village green in a picturesque cotswold location.

Four or five real ales on. Location wise, I should have gone for the Old Hooky, but I spied a new member of the Otter Family - Ottter Bright.

Couldn't resist a chance to try something new and I wasnt disappointed.

Wonderful, timeless place.

Visit blogged at

25 Mar 2017 18:31

The Horse and Groom Village Inn, Upper Oddington

Two real ales on - Wye Valley Bitter and one I failed to notice properly.

All immaterial anyway. Its open at 10am but at 10:06am, i could only convince the bar man to sell me a cup of tea. To be fair, I'd been walking since 7:30am.

Nice looking pub but I will have to come back to experience it properly.

Visit blogged at

25 Mar 2017 18:28

The Anchor Hotel and Ship Inn, Porlock Weir

This review is for the Ship Inn, Porlock Weir.

Sister pub to the other Ship Inn.

Great beer selection. Open at 10am and I hang my head in shame and state that I had a cup of tea.

Visit blogged at

21 Mar 2017 10:41

The Royal Oak, Porlock

2nd of 3 pubs in Porlock.

Two real ales on - Courage and Doom Bar - which was in wonderful condition.

Sunday Lunch is decent.

Best bit around it was a pool table (50p) with plenty of place to pay and a really good jukebox. We commandeered both on a blustery March night.


21 Mar 2017 10:39

The Ship Inn Hotel, Porlock

Stunning multi roomed C13th thatched pub.

Food is simple but well done and keenly priced.

Lovely little bar area for the drinkers. Five real ales on - Tribute, Otter Amber and Dark, Exmoor Ales and Beast. The beast made me laugh - 6.6% and if you order it, they disappear into the cellar for collection. Presumably its no allowed out with the others.

Throw in the wonderful log burners and you have my definition of a great pub.

Visit blogged at

21 Mar 2017 10:35

The Village Inn, Lynmouth

Decided that this would be our post walk watering hole - having walking 5 miles up to Watersmeet and back through the moors.

Nice enough pub - think there were two real ales on - a decent Sharps Atlantic chosen in preference to a Speckled Hen.

Visit blogged at

20 Mar 2017 13:32

Broad Street Tavern, Wokingham

I went to five - and in my opinion, this was the best on offer in Wokingham.

A Wadworth house - it was immaculate, had an entertaining quiz and decent beer - with the full range represented.

Visit blogged at

17 Mar 2017 16:38

The Queens Head, Wokingham

2nd of the Good Beer Guide entries in town. Nice walk through some architecturally pretty streets. In fact, Wokingham is very pretty indeed.

This is a greene king pub but they do offer LocALE brews and I went for a never seen before Twyford Tipple, after being offered an approving sample.

Decent enough pint but the head instantly disappeared, leaving it a touch lifeless.

Visit blogged at

17 Mar 2017 16:36

The Ship Inn, Wokingham

Noticed this handsome looking pub from the Taxi and worth the short trip back out town for.

Fullers range - offering their range. The ESB was as good as I have had anywhere.

Setup for dining and football watching. Even both at the same time.

Good pub.

Visit blogged at

17 Mar 2017 16:33

The Square Bar, Wokingham

Now the Roebuck. Three pumps - two turned round. The Hogsback Tea looked clearer than at the Crispin, had less of a head and tasted worse.

Not really a lot to recommend this place with.

Visit blogged at

17 Mar 2017 16:31

The Crispin, Wokingham

Good Beer Guide Entry - so I suppose I was a little underwhelmed that my Hogsback Tea was slightly metallic and near frothless once a third had been consumed.

Pub was my sort of place (apart from the flags). Old School, plenty of distractions - not least a library of GBG Books.

Would give it the benefit of the doubt and be prepared to try again.

Visit blogged at

17 Mar 2017 16:27

Sticklebarn, Great Langdale

Was surprised to see that I would have a choice of three boozers in the area. Was looking forward to this but not sure what put us off first.

Was it the middle class, yet unsupervised kids throwing the cushions around and running riot? Was it the real ales at £3.90 a pint.

Probably the latter, as they had little control of the former.

Not really for me - more for the glamping families over the road.

13 Mar 2017 20:34

The New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel, Langdale

My review is for the NDG - as the ODG has another page here.

The NDG was our board for the night. Nice hotel, good service and excellent food/breakfast.

For drinkers, there is a hikers bar that's unpretentious . Two real ales were on - Wainwright and a never seen before and little information found on the web Hardy Tup. It does appear as though I have been accidentally been drinking mild again.

Great location and good beer.

Visit blogged at

13 Mar 2017 20:30

Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel, Ambleside

Superb to walk straight off the Cumbrian Way and into this fine walkers bar. 6 real ales on, most local, I went for a Theakstons Old Peculiar and an Estwaite Bitter whilst waiting for the log burner to do its magic on my wet clothes and frozen body!

Visit blogged at

13 Mar 2017 09:07

The Rutland, Chesterfield

Looks a bit rough from the outside, but inside, its an honest beer drinkers pub.

Good selection of real ales on and the otter was in fine condition. All malt whiskeys were £4.25 for a large one - which is cheap as chips and wetherspoonesque.

Worth checking out.

Visit blogged at

20 Feb 2017 12:26

White Swan, Chesterfield

12 real ales on. Bouncers on Door. Busy, with an eclectic crowd of all ages, race and sex.

Could spend all evening here, but there's plenty to explore.

Visit blogged at

20 Feb 2017 12:24

The Royal Oak, Chesterfield

Chosen as we were walking past and seduced by the history.

Three real ales - unique architecture.

Worth experiencing for its age.

Visit blogged at

20 Feb 2017 12:23

The Market, Chesterfield

Very busy pub, showing that if you get things right, punters will come.

Great pub food - ordered off a worryingly large menu. Great quality and all fresh.

Decent selection of real ales - tried a very good Landlord and Copper Dragon.

Good balance between diners and drinkers.


Visit blogged at

20 Feb 2017 12:21

The Devonshire Arms, Baslow

Its now immaculate, so must have had a make over.

Great tourist pub - offering entertainment for kids and typical pub grub.

Three real ales on and my black sheep was immaculate.

Visit blogged at

19 Feb 2017 16:40

The Chequers Inn, Hope Valley

Nice enough coaching inn which we found half way along a way from Baslow and up over the edges. Nice enough inside with log burner and collection of newspapers. Slightly shocked to get on £1.75p change from a tenner for a pint of cider and a bakewell best. Seems rather OTT on the pricing.

19 Feb 2017 16:38

The Ash, Burton End

An alternative to the dining options available at the airport.

Green King tied pub, so the beers weren't massively inspiring. The Old Speckled Hen was ropey, so I moved to the San Miguel. Mainly to get some practice for when in Spain.

Food was very good - great portions and reasonable price.

Good service.

12 Feb 2017 12:37

The Black Bear, Moreton in Marsh

Donnington Brewery house and when in the heart of the Cotswolds it would be rude to not go LocALE.

Carvernous lounge with multiple TVs, Decent looking food, one table free on a saturday lunch.

Whats even more astounding is the £2.70 pint of Donnington BB.


Visit blogged at

12 Feb 2017 12:30

The Inn on the Marsh, Moreton in Marsh

Chosen as it is in the 2017 GBG Guide.

Four real ales on - two from Ringwood, a Hobgoblin and something else.

I went for the RW Bitter and not only was it perfect, I also had change from £3. In the heart of the Cotswolds too.

Stone floored bar area, real fire and dining conservatory.

Trip blogged at

12 Feb 2017 12:28

The Kings Arms, Saffron Walden

2nd of the GBG pubs in town.

This would be my local if l lived there.

Full of charm and rooms, hanging off other rooms.

Bustling on a Sunday Lunch - food looked great, Sunday Newspapers and roaring fires.

What more could you want?

Visit blogged at

11 Feb 2017 19:25

The Old English Gentleman (OEG), Saffron Walden

First of 2 GBG pubs to check out in Saffron Walden.

This was perfectly functional - four real ales on - I can remember seeing Woodforde Wherry but went for a Theakstons XB.

Visit blogged at

11 Feb 2017 19:23

The Peacock Inn, Tenbury Wells

14th Century coaching house. Four real ales and a decent pint of Wye Valley HPA was taken with an equally fine lunch.

Friendly landlord.

Separate dining room and a cost bar with wood burning fire, underneath some heraldic ironworks date 1664.

Soak up the atmos. People have been boozing here for centuries.

Visit blogged at

4 Feb 2017 19:07

The White Swan, Covent Garden

Now a Nicholsons....

An unexpected pint of Orkney Dark Island. Decent too.

Not many in as we got close to the ungodly hour of 10:50.

A typical LDN pub experience that didnt stand out in any way, despite being a GBG entry.

Visit blogged at

2 Feb 2017 09:18

The Cross Keys, Covent Garden

GBG brought me here and what a result.

Perfect levels of pubbiness.

Very good Wadworth 6x at the best price for the area - £3.60.

Loved my visit and will be my destination of choice when in the area.

Visit blogged at

2 Feb 2017 09:15

The Coach and Horses, Covent Garden

GBG entry, so I was here to get my tick.

A locals pub in the heart of Covent Garden - complete with dog walkers.


Irish pub with plenty of whiskies, "the best Guinness in London" and a decent pint of Tribute.

Visit blogged at

2 Feb 2017 09:13

The Globe, Covent Garden

Oh Dear, the reviews on here!

I was actually looking for the Coach and Horses and in biblical rain, peaked too early.

Time was getting on, so I took advantage of the fact its a bar and kitched and ordered food.

The London Pride was exceptional. The food excellent and reasonable value (for the area) and the service first class.

I can only assume its been taken over? In fact, I'm sure it was called the Covent Garden. Google maps still shows it as the Globe.

2 Feb 2017 09:09

The Gate Inn, Honeybourne

Thought I would pop in here to tick off the set in Honeybourne.

At first, unsure whether it was open. Seemed rather dark inside. Opened the door and confirmed with the barmaid that they were indeed a going concern - although I was to be their only punter.

Only ale on was Hobgoblin. Tentatively took a half. It was OK.

At least someone else came in.

18 Dec 2016 09:50

The Cornishman Inn, Tintagel

Huge pub - but a wet evening in November was probably not the best time to visit.

Only two other punters.

Beer in decent condition.

21 Nov 2016 10:58

King Arthurs Arms, Tintagel

best pub in Tintagel. At least four real ales on - the best of which were from the local Tintagel Brewery. Quality Ale.

Food was good and service excellent. Typical pub fayre but very well done.

50p pool table!

21 Nov 2016 10:56

Ye Olde Malthouse Inn, Tintagel

Oh dear. Was given a completely undrinkable Tribute when we came in at 6:15pm on a Friday night. It was as thick as soup, with no head.

Pointed out it was undrinkable and given two excuses - 1) Its always like that when its cold. 2) we're not open until 6:30.

Eventually got a better interpretation. You could nearly see through it.

Put us off eating here and we went to the King Arthurs Arms.

21 Nov 2016 10:54

The Globe Inn, Chagford

Nice pub - there are four in Chagford but we chose this as its in the Good Beer Guide.

Four real ales on - a very decent pint of Otter was enjoyed in front of a roaring fire.

Just what was needed after a good walk on Dartmoor.

Photos at my walking blog -

20 Nov 2016 20:59

The Inn at Freshford, Freshford

Beautiful 16th Century pub in a lovely village. Just as lovely on the inside.

We went for Sunday Lunch..... Pricey at £14 per meal, but great service.

Real Ales were from the Steam Box Brewery - Not seen this before, so hard to comment. Seemed to be in decent nick.

A decent place to go.

14 Nov 2016 19:23

Dog and Doublet, Wolverhampton

Seeing Rob Beckett at the Wulfrun Hall, I checked the Good Beer Guide to see what Wolverhampton had to offer. 14 Entries!

This was the nearest.

Modern Looking Pub from the exterior - four real ales and I went for a decent Oakhams Bishops Farewell.

Exceptionally good music!

4 Nov 2016 09:25

The Merrie Lion, Fenny Compton

Having tried and failed at the nearby carpenters arms, lower boddington, we get a completely different experience.

Welcomed in, sat down, offered table service and a full an interesting menu.

Three real ales on - two from Jennings and one local brew "Fenny Pride" - which, if I heard correctly from the barman, was actually a Ringwood rebrand.

Beer OK but the food was expectional. Best meals out we have had in a long, long time. Very good prices too.

A great pub - especially for diners. I would travel a distance to get here.

29 Oct 2016 18:08

The Carpenters Arms, Daventry

Wow - the front door was open at 1pm on a Saturday afternoon. There was some sort of meeting going on.

We were told that the pub wasnt open.

I asked when it was. Met with conflicting answer but the overriding opinion was "Sunday Lunch". This, despite a sign outside saying "Thursday Night is Burger Night"

Sometimes you wonder why rural pubs are in peril. Sometimes you know exactly the answer.

Millennium Way and a much better pub experience blogged at

29 Oct 2016 18:04

Mabel's Tavern, Euston

B3xter'sr review made me laugh.

I didnt realise at the time that this was both a CM pub and a GBG 2017 Entry.

This required a Cert Scan and a Blog Entry :-) -

Shepherds Neame House - I tried a first Spitfire Gold, which like all of their beers, can be filed under inoffensive. £4.30.

Very typical London Pub, although this is geared up fro showing sport - which is something to keep in the back on my mind should I ever be looking in the future.

21 Oct 2016 11:48

The Argyll Arms, Oxford Circus

Think I have previously under appreciated this place. Its usually too busy to admire the inner beauty.

Lovely deep red decor and glass partitioned snugs.

Beer is OK but I recommend you pick a quiet time to appreciate its grade II listed status.

Fleet Street Pub Crawl at

19 Oct 2016 13:14

The Harp, Covent Garden

Couldnt move when I came last on a Saturday.

Much more sedate experience on a Monday night. Even got a seat.

A must visit london pub for beer fans.

Fleet Street Pub Crawl at

19 Oct 2016 13:10

The Old Bell, Fleet Street

Last review made me smile? When did the smoking ban come in? Maybe you cant smoke outside?

More pubby than the next door Punch Tavern. Four real ales on but the quality of my Hogs Back Tea was poor.

Wouldnt go out of my way to come back and there is plenty of choice in the area.

Fleet Street Pub Crawl at

19 Oct 2016 13:07

The Punch Tavern, Fleet Street

Only one out of the two real ales was on - and this was Doom Bar. It was as good an example of it as I have had.

Really more aimed at diners, with a more formal dining area at the back.

Beautiful marble bar and matching fireplace. Lovely decor.

Fleet Street Pub Crawl at

19 Oct 2016 13:05

The Hoop and Grapes, City Of London

Ok Pub - GBG entry 2017. Full range of Shepherds Neame beers. I went for a well kept but not overly inspiring Whitstable Bay.

Nothing really to make the place stand out or make you want to go out of your way to return really.

Although there was plenty of free reading material, including London Drinker magazine.

Fleet Street Pub Crawl at

19 Oct 2016 13:02

Bank Tavern, Keswick

Plenty of choice in Keswick and anywhere else, I am sure this would really stand out.

In the end, it had the feel of just another pub.

Beer was decent, as it was everywhere!

Keswick pub crawl and photos at

11 Oct 2016 13:49

Dog and Gun, Keswick

Food is king :-)

I knew how popular it was from a previous visit - so booked a table (not easily) for 8pm on a saturday night.

Table nicely reserved.

They had no food.

Keswick pub crawl and photos at

11 Oct 2016 13:47

Keswick Lodge Hotel, Keswick

Ah, now its the Royal Oak. No wonder I couldnt find it here.

Decent range of beer in a very nice bar area. Food looked wondeful. We also stayed here for the night and it was a great experience.

Thwaites Lancaster Bomber in good nick.

Keswick Pub Crawl and Photos at

11 Oct 2016 13:44

Lake Road Inn, Keswick

Saved the day after our experiences at the Dog and Gun.

More geared to dining than drinking. Food was good value and OK quality wise.

3 beers on and Hartley Cumbrian Way in good nick.

Keswick Pub Crawl and photos blogged at

11 Oct 2016 13:42

The Pride of Spitalfields, Shoreditch

A lovely throwback to a different era kind of pub. Just off Brick Lane, so worth checking out before a bang average curry is consumed.

Packed on a Monday Night - people air guitaring inside, sat on the kerb outside.

Excellent ESB.

6 Oct 2016 16:35

Kings Stores, Bishopsgate

perfectly reasonable pub - geared to the after worker crowd. Decent selection of local ales for a greene king house....

Came as it was in the GBG. Probably wouldnt go out of my way to come again. All very typical.

6 Oct 2016 16:34

Williams Wine and Ale House, Hoxton

All decent enough - nice decor, plenty of ale choice - all interesting.

Quiet on a monday night at 9pm - I guess the target audience of after work drinkers had braved the trains.

Photos at my blog -

6 Oct 2016 16:32

The Queens Head, Stow on the Wold

Quite a choice in Stow on the Wold. None in the 2017 GBG, so I took pot luck.

This Donnington Tied house added a nice symmetry to my walk, having passed the brewery earlier.

A quintessential English countryside boozer. Everything you could want.

Walk details and photos at my blog -

2 Oct 2016 18:29

The Firefly, Worcester

Thought I knew worcester but this was only discovered thanks to the Good Pub Guide.

A very decent real ale oasis - more on the trendy side - beautiful interior and good music.

Found on my walk - blogged at

1 Oct 2016 20:18

The Lyric, Soho

Lots of interesting beers - I went for a Harbour Brewery Amber Ale - in fine nick.

With the exception of the beer quality, this is a typical London Pub.

Worth checking out.

Photos at my blog -

30 Sep 2016 13:43

The Queens Head, Piccadilly

Went to most of the Good Beer Guide pubs in soho and this was the best beer.

Very good pint of London Pride.

Nice boozer.

Photos at my blog -

30 Sep 2016 13:41

The Old Coffee House, Soho

Not seen the Brodies range before - but they are all here.

more than could fit onto a single photo.

I found it OK.

Decent enough boozer.

Photos at my blog -

30 Sep 2016 13:39

The Star and Garter, Soho

Old school - in a beautiful way.

Everything about this pub is perfect.

Photos at my blog -

30 Sep 2016 13:38

The Dog and Duck, Soho

Once again, I am up and away in the Orwell room for decent pub food and a chance to gaze down on the mentality of soho, like some sort of judgmental god.

All the good beers are downstairs - so check first before going up - otherwise you will be faced with nicholson pale ales and euro fizz.

Photos at my blog -

30 Sep 2016 13:36

The Newman Arms, Fitzrovia

unchanged since my last visit 10 years ago.

Or there may have been less furniture.

Restaurant currently closed.

Decent London Pride.

Check out the alley along the side - location for an opening scene in the 1960 Film, Peeping Tom.

Photo at my blog -

30 Sep 2016 13:34

Sandford Park Ale House, Cheltenham

I came, like many others, to see if it was worthy of the prize.

National pub of the year 2015. I'm sure it was the Salutation in Ham, so we can only assume that the panel live in Gloucestershire.

Thriving, much beer choice but far to brightly lit for my liking.

Exceptional beer. Excellent Purity Ubu was chosen.

Photos at my blog -

25 Sep 2016 19:26

The Strand, Cheltenham

A GBG Entry in the 2017 edition. Only one review on here? Weird.

It looks like a shop. Fortunately, its a shop that sells excellent Otter Beer - having 3 of their range on. As much as I liked the beer, I wouldn't drink here. For one thing, there is so much quality choice in Cheltenham.

Photos at my blog -

25 Sep 2016 19:23

The Beehive Inn, Cheltenham

My pub of the night - taken in with four others out the GBG.

Exceptional Timothy Taylor Landlord.

Lovely pub.

Photos at my blog -

25 Sep 2016 19:20

The Jolly Brewmaster, Cheltenham

A worthwhile walk from the town centre for this lively residential pub.

A blueprint for how pubs should be.

Very good Betty Stoggs among the choice of up to 7 ales and an equal number of ciders.

Photos at my blog -

25 Sep 2016 19:19

The Quebec, Marble Arch

I had no idea. Blindly followed the Cask Marque App in. Got a tick.

Not my sort of place. The beer was terrible.

23 Sep 2016 13:20

The Three Tuns, Marylebone

Like this pub a lot. Very good tribute.

Just the correct anount of busyness on a Tuesday evening.

About as good as you will find in the area.

Photos at my blog -

23 Sep 2016 13:18

The Carpenters Arms, Marble Arch

Closest GBG pub to my hotel.

Amazing locals feel to a place just off one of the busiest high streets in any City in the world.

Decent pint. Football. Darts!

Photos at my blog -

23 Sep 2016 13:15

The Royal Oak, Borough

Lovely unspoiled Victorian pub that you need to go out of way to find.

Decent beers from Harvey's but go for the experience.

Some photos at my blog -

18 Sep 2016 12:11

The George, London Bridge

Got to come here at least once in your life.

A living piece of history.

Sadly, the beer is usually ghastly. Although on my last visit - the nutty hen was in good condition.

Some photos at my blog -

18 Sep 2016 12:09

The Market Porter, Borough

Been several times. In the week, its been impossible to get onto the pavement.

Much quieter on a Saturday lunch where a) I got to the bar and b) got a seat!

Beer seemed in much better nick than on previous visits. A great pint of harveys sussex best.

Some photos at my blog -

18 Sep 2016 12:07

The George, Belsize Park

£5.20 for a peroni. Couldnt see any exciting real ales on draft but they have a large collection of bottle craft ales.

OK - The only think that stopped it being instantly forgettable was the house mouse that popped out from behind the fire place several times.

If it Pink, i would have called it a night.

15 Sep 2016 18:48

The Flask, Hampstead

A return visit. Noone playing scrabble. Pub quiz not happening on this night.

Instead, I had the front room to myself and a very good pint of Youngs Bitter. Provided the chance to properly survey the victorian surroundings.

Fine pub. Worth a visit.

Photos at my blog -

15 Sep 2016 18:45

The Holly Bush, Hampstead

One of my favourites in London.

This visit was the first time I have eaten here.

£25 for a steak. To be fair, it was delicious.
£12.50 for the cheesboard - but alas, my expense policy was blown on the steak.

ESB served in the proper chalice.

Love the feel of this pub. Photos at my blog -

15 Sep 2016 18:42

The Freemasons Arms, Hampstead

2.8 out of 10 when I have come to do my review..... really!

Large pub on the edge of parliament hill, with a fine beer garden of its own.

Aimed at diners.

I was impressed that the London Pride was "only" £3.60.

Nice pub - great decor - great location - decent pint.

Photos at my blog -

15 Sep 2016 18:39

The Plough Inn, Upper Boddington

Nice village pub that is seemingly unchanged for years.

All stone floors and little nooks and crannies inside.

Three real ales on - including a never seen before effort from the Great Oakley Brewery.

Food and service were both excellent and good value.

A nice country Inn.

Photos at my blog -

11 Sep 2016 16:07

The Grape Vaults, Leominster

Looks like the best of the pubs in Leominster, from the on-line reviews I looked at.

It didn't disappoint.

Two 1650s building knocked into one. All wooden furniture and creaky floorboards.

Four real ales on - my Ludlow Gold was perfect. Very good home cooked food.

Decent pub.

Photos at my blog -

10 Sep 2016 19:14

The Plough Inn, Lower Broadheath

Another dead pub on our visit on 5/9/16 :-(

5 Sep 2016 21:34

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

final pub of our day in Liverpool.

Wonderful location, beautiful building and the monthly sea shanty singalong added to the experience.

Best pint of the night - perfect Brimstage Brewery Trappers Hat.

Loved this and the City.

Photos at my blog -

5 Sep 2016 12:04

The Roscoe Head, Liverpool

Simply had to come, when in Liverpool.

Back Street boozer with very friendly clientele. Instantly engaged in conversation and it was a struggle to get away. Even with four missed calls from the Mrs.

Landlord chosen from the beer board. In good nick.

Would love to come back.

Photos at my blog -

5 Sep 2016 12:02

Ye Cracke, Liverpool

definitely worth a visit to an unchanged back street boozer.

Interesting Cottage Brewing Co Air Supremacy on - all the way from Somerset.

Listen to the constant sounds of the Beatles on the Jukebox.

Photos at my blog -

5 Sep 2016 12:00

The Philharmonic, Liverpool

A must visit pub to anyone with an interest in pub heritage and architecture.

Simply wonderful inside.

Decent pint of Landlord and food was very good and quickly served.

Photos at my blog -

5 Sep 2016 11:57

Doctor Duncans, Liverpool

Passed on my way to Lime Street Station. I had read about this one, so thought it prudent to visit.

Nice interior, especially the tiled room off the main bar.

OK pint of Black Sheep.

Photos at my blog - -

5 Sep 2016 11:54

The Red Lion, Hellidon

Lovely looking pub in a delightful village.

Busy on a bank holiday lunch time.

The food was excellent value and very good.

The beer not quite so good. Courage Directors and Doombar on. The Doombar will be filed under average.

Would go back.

Photos at my walking blog -

30 Aug 2016 17:44

The Old Crown, Uley

Lovely 17th Century pub in an idyllic location.

Six real ales on - including 2-3 from the nearby Uley Brewery. I went for the Uley Bitter and it was in fine fettle.

Lunch time baguettes were taken in the nice beer garden were world class.

A very decent pub this.

Photos at my blog -

27 Aug 2016 18:54

The Queen's Head, Pinner

Only pub in the centre of Pinner that was open on a Saturday afternoon. The oddfellows was closed for a private party.

Lovely old building, nice interior, seven real ales. The Rebellion Mutiny was in perfect condition.

Liked this place.

Photos at my walking blog -

21 Aug 2016 12:23

The Baskerville Arms Inn, Hereford

Off the beaten track.

One other punter.

Decent pint of Otter - well looked after.

Some photos at my walking blog -

7 Aug 2016 12:14

The Morgan, Malvern

Previously undiscovered and a real gem, close to the station.

Great Wye Valley beers (as expected).

Nice pub, with a great beer garden.

Photos at my blog -

31 Jul 2016 12:13

The Unicorn, Great Malvern

Its open now. Pleasant looking pub, covered in hanging baskets and plenty of signs for forthcoming attractions.

Decent pint of Wye Valley HPA and a very good jukebox.

Good pub.

Photos at my blog -

31 Jul 2016 12:11

The Red Lion, Great Malvern

Half pub, half Thai restaurant.

Superb Boondoggle in excellent condition.

Nice beer garden to watch to hikers heading up to the hills.

Photos at my blog -

31 Jul 2016 12:06

The Foley Arms, Great Malvern

One of the more interesting architectural Wetherspoons.

Very decent beer - great condition.

Superb beer garden with exceptional views.

All round successful visit.

Photos at my blog -

31 Jul 2016 12:02

Holly Bush Inn, Priors Marston

Average score - 5.1? What do people want from pub?

This is the centre of the village. Here for the first time and I would have been happy enough with ;

Choice of 4 real ales - my black sheep was excellent
A spacious, stone clad floor, with separate areas for drinkers and diners
Some rather comfy looking sofas
A wonderful open fire.

The fact there was a beer festival on and a great atmosphere in the tidy garden where a decent band were playing was a bonus.

Photos at my walking blog -

24 Jul 2016 18:56

The Ivy Inn, North Littleton

Centre of the village and a timeless feel to the place.

Lovely green outside - so perfect on a summers day.

On a winters day, they have every combination of pub sports you can think off - including a skittle alley.

Two real ales - Doom Bar and Atlantic. Lovely landlady, as long as you don't swear in her vicinity.

23 Jul 2016 19:21

The Albion, Hampton Court

Bit rougher around the edges than you would expect for this part of the world.

I liked it.

Very good pint of Exmoor Silver Stallion.

Photos and story at

17 Jul 2016 12:51

The Mute Swan, Hampton Court

Could have been awful - chain pub, opposite a major tourist attraction.

Was wonderful - six real ales and a barman who knew his stuff. Great pint of triple f moondancer, a decent meal and great service.


Photos at my walking blog -

17 Jul 2016 12:50

Old Crown, Weybridge

Lovely building - wonderfully old school interior. Yes, pricey at £4.30 for a pint of Youngs Bitter.

Enjoyed the experience and the fact its open at 10am is handy for a walker who was up at 5:20am!

Story and photos at

17 Jul 2016 12:47

The Coach and Horses, Weatheroak Hill

Its taken 2 years but we came back!

Tried the Weatheroak Hold today - it was super.

Cracking pub - you should come.

Some photos at my walking blog -

10 Jul 2016 16:21

Ye Olde Crown, Waterhouses

Delighted to find a pub in this area that was open on a Saturday afternoon. In the summer. This was number 3 of the day, having failed at Onecote and Butterton.

Unpretentious pub offering two real ales - one eponymous, the other a decent Pedigree - as recommended to me by friendly locals.

Photos at my walking blog -

26 Jun 2016 11:11

The Folly, Napton on the Hil

Echo the last review.

Rambling farm house - food looked excellent.

Great beer garden.

North Cotswold Shagweaver is fast becoming my favourite pint.

Photos at my blog -

22 Jun 2016 12:52

Crown Inn, Napton on the Hill

Dead as a dodo.

Picture at my walking blog -

22 Jun 2016 12:51

Mr Thomas' Chop House, Manchester

A place to seek out in Manchester. All original Victorian features are in place. TT Landlord and Black Sheep were on - which makes this a holy grail type pub for me. I would settle on either.

Good food and service in the restaurant. Famous for their corned beef hash.

20 Jun 2016 10:06

The Volunteer, Baker Street

Much better than you have any right to expect, next to the tourist hoardes or 221B.

Four real ales on. I went for an absolute superb Redemption Urban Dusk. Easily the best pint of the day and one to look out for again.

Very busy - efficient staff. Good atmosphere.

19 Jun 2016 08:50

The Ethorpe Hotel, Gerrards Cross

Chef and brewer - so you know exactly what to expect. Clean. Decent beer. Expensive.

Nothing to really report. But there seemed such little choice in the centre of Gerrards Cross.

Story and Photos at my walking blog -

19 Jun 2016 08:47

The White Horse, Hedgerley

Hard for me to rate this. The pub is superb - old school, 8 real ales on, full of charming locals with a real buzz.

However, my Little London Pryde was ghastly, in look (flat), taste (vinegar) and price £3.85. Dont like gravity fed beer direct from the barrel. Its needs to be hand pulled to get some life into it.

Maybe it was a bad pint or an ill choice, but it left a real bad taste in my mouth.

A Shame.

Photos and story at my walking blog -

19 Jun 2016 08:44

The Royal Oak, Winchcombe

Unassuming exterior. Delightful beer garden. Drinkers room and two dining areas. Five real ales on and a very decent Wye Valley HPA was consumed.

Gets the balance right as to what a Gastropub should be.

Photos at my walking blog -

15 Jun 2016 12:24

The Beaufort Arms, Hawkesbury Upton

Here, as I am walking from the Top 10 Pubs in various local counties as dictated here. This was #1 in Gloucs when I made my list but has "dropped" to #3 by the time I got here :-)

Nice pub - huge car park around the rear. Evidence of its former name - the Duke of Beaufort. A bar and lounge.

Excellent pint of Butcombe Chinook (never seen previously) and very knowledgeable and friendly locals who were keen to tell me about the history of the village.

A successful day out - Photos at my blog -

12 Jun 2016 12:00

The Inn on the Green, Acocks Green

CAMRA Birmingham pub of the year 2015.

Nice interior - L-Shaped layout with one corner setup for live music/entertainment, the other setup for drinkers. They have regular beer festivals (according to signage/research). On a normal day, they had three real ales. Two from a little brewery in Wales and one American Ale. I went for a welsh Golden Ale and it was superb. £3. Worth checking out and I would come again.

Some photos at my walking blog -

9 Jun 2016 13:42

The Midland, Bearwood

Another quality Black Country Ales Pub.

13 Hand Pulls On and a Menu (+ colour indicator bottles) to help you choose.

Decent music on.

Friendly Locals.

I really liked this place and the 3rd BCA Pub I have been to. None have disappointed.

Photos at my walking Blog - Story and Photos at my [blog](

7 Jun 2016 10:50

Bristol Pear, Selly Oak

Another great pub that appears to have got everything right.

Something for everyone - decent, cheap food. Great beers - the bombardier Burnt Gold was superb - and sports room/pool table.

Busy but well staffed. A great experience.

Some photos at my walking blog -

4 Jun 2016 11:36

The Hare and Hounds, Kings Heath

6/10? Are you serious beer fans of south birmingham?

Not sure what you want from a pub.

Interesting Interior.
Great Beer.
Superb entertainment - from decent bands, to comedy, to sport, to a Pub Quiz.

First visit yesterday and I wish it was my local. already a favourite.

Some photos at my walking blog -

4 Jun 2016 11:35

The Black Lion, Ellesmere

12:30pm on a Bank Holiday and I am the only punter.

Bar on the right hand side of the entrance.

Woods Shropshire Lad was one of two real ales. It was OK.

Hopefully, it gets more trade from the hotel/restaurant part of the business.

Some photos at my walking blog -

30 May 2016 21:43

Market Hotel, Ellesmere

Think two real ales were on during my visit. I went for a Salopian Gold, which was in decent nick.

Old school boozer, with bar (punters), lounge (empty) and games room around the back.

Some photos at my walking blog -

30 May 2016 21:41

The Kings Head, Napton on the Hill

Cask Marque. Gastropub.

Full range of Hook Norton on - I went for a Hooky, which was cloudy but tasted OK.

We were there at Sunday Lunchtime. Although they do offer the full menu, there are no light bites or sandwiches. This isn't a complaint - most places just do Sunday Lunch.

Everyone there was dining.

Photos and story at my walking blog -

30 May 2016 21:39

The Bridge at Napton, Napton

As of 22/5/16 - Closed.

30 May 2016 21:35

The Old Thatch Tavern, Stratford Upon Avon

Ending on a high after a quite indifferent experience in Stratford.

Lovely little pub - fun bar staff - great chesterfields. London Pride in great nick.

Cocktails for Mrs Mappiman.

Photos at my walking blog -

28 May 2016 21:04

The Queens Head, Stratford Upon Avon

First decent pint on the 4th pub visited.

Lovely pub - great jukebox and real punters. Nice little patio out the back.

Would definitely come back.

Photos at my walking blog -

28 May 2016 21:02

The Garrick Inn, Stratford Upon Avon

Loved this pub - full of interest and history.

Beers were all Greene King and avoided. Another pint of Euro Fizz for me.

Worth checking out.

Photos at my walking blog -

28 May 2016 21:00

The Rose And Crown, Stratford Upon Avon

Horrible Pub. Served a pint of Immortal that would have killed me if I had drank it. Couldn't get it close to my mouth before the smell hit me.

Pub building is impressive but the palce is full of litter. Avoid.

Photos at my walking blog -

28 May 2016 20:58

The Dirty Duck, Stratford Upon Avon

Nice pub in a great location. Beer quality suspect - all from Greene King.

I stuck with the theme and went for a Dirty Mallard. I wish I hadn't.

Still, lovely place.

Photos at my walking blog -

28 May 2016 20:55

The Harbour Inn, Bewdley

Unchanged for decacdes - and this I rather like.

Things are quite simple here. 1 real ale on - labelled Harbour Ale but I am sure its Wye Valley Butty Bach. Superb condition.

Nice in the summer and great for ramblers and users of the Severn Valley.

Some photos at my walking blog -

27 May 2016 15:19

Old Crown Inn, Stourport On Severn

No longer a Wetherspoons - sold to Hawthorns Leisure in May 2016.

After a month - it remains the same. Same tired decor, punters.

On a positive note, they still have a wide selection of real ales (8ish) and my Salopian Gold at £2.20 was both superb and a steal at the price.

26 May 2016 14:12

The Woodman, Birmingham

First time in, but it won't be the last.

Remnant from a street that has long gone. Reminded me of the Blackfriar in London. But not quite as ornate.

Tiled victorian pub with at least two rooms, upstairs function and sheltered smoking area.

7 real ales on. I went for the Castle Rock Black Gold. Not because it was £2 a pint but because it was a reminder of past travels in Nottingham.

Well worth popping into - and there is a loyalty scheme between this, Post Office Vaults and Wellington where you get a free pint on your sixth stamp.

26 May 2016 10:04

The Dog and Fox, Wimbledon Village

Can't match the review below. Superb!

Sixth and last of the Wimbledon 8. That stat tells its own tale.

I quite like this place - big, airy, full of paraphernalia , great location and beer as indifferent as the other six pubs.

Photos and more info at my walking blog -

15 May 2016 13:53

The Rose and Crown, Wimbledon Village

Number 5 on the Wimbledon 8 and although this was a nice enough place, there's little here to make it last longer in the memory.

Youngs Special. Again. £2.10 per half. Call the monopolies commission, there is price fixing here.

Some photos at my walking blog -

15 May 2016 13:50

The Swan Tavern, West Wimbledon

Only one of the Wimbledon 8 with a cask marque sign. Not sure why - off the five pumps, three were turned around leaving the uninspiring doom bar and speckled hen

Some photos at my walking blog -

15 May 2016 13:48

The Crooked Billet, Wimbledon Common

really nothing to choose between this and the crooked billet.

Even the prices are the same.

Youngs Special comes without a head.

More info and photos at my blog -

15 May 2016 13:45

The Hand In Hand, Wimbledon Common

really nothing to choose between this and the crooked billet.

Even the prices are the same.

Youngs Special comes without a head.

More info and photos at my blog -

15 May 2016 13:44

The Fox and Grapes, Wimbledon Common

One of Oliver Reeds Wimbledon 8 and now a Gastro-pub.

Would not come again.

More info at my blog -

15 May 2016 13:41

The Prince of Wales, Ledbury

Came here 3 years ago. In anything, my appreciation of this place has increased.

Superb location, atmosphere and ale.

Some photos at my walking blog -

8 May 2016 16:41

The Olde Talbot Hotel, Ledbury

A top 10 county pub, so sort out.

Fine old building. Small bar with Wadworths and a Wye Valley Butty Bach.

Nice sheltered courtyard around the back.

Decent enough boozer. Glad I came.

Some photos at my walking blog -

8 May 2016 16:39

The Crown Inn, Woolhope

Found at 11am on a Saturday morning, 8 miles and 2hours 40 minutes into a walk from Hereford.

Fortunately, there was a stag do on, and the pub was just opening!

Decent pint of Wye Valley HPA in a lovely beer garden.

Some photos at my walking blog -

8 May 2016 16:37

The Bush Inn, Morwenstow

Very interesting pub - more to it than would be suggested from the outside.

All partitioned rooms - nick knacks - roaring fires and great St Austell Beers.


Some photos at my walking blog -

3 May 2016 11:40

Bullers Arms Hotel, Bude

Our local for the weekend - we were staying just out the village.

Hopes were raised when we saw there was a beer festival advertised on the village approach. True enough, we were in luck and a whole room had been dedicated to 15 or so beers and several ciders - all at £2 a pint. It's funny how a single thing can make/break a holiday.

Good atmosphere in the pub and regulars made us welcome. Interesting story about the recent history - taken over by a businessman who wanted to convert it into flats - then sold back as a pub but without the large carpark which remains ringfenced off - priced at £720,000 and earmarked for more flats/retail units.

Sounds like a modern horror story on how the heart of a community can be pulled out by ruthless developers. Shouldn't be allowed.

I hope the place remains a success.

2 May 2016 17:38

The Bay View Inn, Widemouth Bay

Stunning location. Busy, as you would expect, but superb service. The staff do a really good job of making this a pleasant experience. Good beer and food.


2 May 2016 17:29

Old Wainhouse Inn, Wainhouse Corner

Popped in on a rainy sunday - Great service. Great cavery. Great Beer - two real ales on and I had a decent Sharp's Coaster.

Full of locals, tourists, a live singer (on a sunday afternoon) a dog with his own barstool and Worzel Gummage. Honestly. Only in England.


2 May 2016 17:27

Coombe Barton Inn, Bude

Perfectly placed pub, right on the beach and next to the main car park.

Perfectly decent pint of Sharps Special enjoyed with a peerless view of the sea.

Photos at my walking blog -

2 May 2016 17:24

The Fostons Ash Inn, Birdlip

Looks like a pub. Is a restaurant.

Still, they did a wondeful pint of Stroud Brewery Budding - a new one for me.

i will always thank them for this.

Photos at my walking blog -

24 Apr 2016 17:40

The Blue Lias, Stockton

Large canalside pub.

All a bit dark and oppressive in-side. Gorgeous day and the fire was blazing.

Outside is a huge patio area and the place to be on a nice afternoon.

Surprised at the choice of ales on - four on my visit. Went for a decent pint of TT Landlord.

Some photos at my walking blog -

24 Apr 2016 16:24

The Foresters Arms, Grassington

The only place in Grassington that had entertainment (if you exclude eavesdropping). A solo singer entertaining the masses.

Like everywhere, very busy but the staff did well to cope with the numbers. Unusually, Black Sheep Riggwelter was on at £3.40.

Some photos at my walking blog -

22 Apr 2016 14:00

The Black Horse, Grassington

Only place we could get a table to eat on a Saturday night. Very busy place, grassington.

Quality TT Landlord and decent food.

Photots at my walking blog -

22 Apr 2016 13:57

The Devonshire Hotel, Grassington

A timothy taylor hotel. What's not to like!

Five varieties on including the lesser spotted blonde, Ramtam and Golden Best.

Nice rooms, though pricey and top breakfast.

Some photos on my walking blog -

22 Apr 2016 13:55

The Kings Head, Kettlewell

Another gastro pub - how many does one village need?

More space to sit than at the racehorses and the chance to try Dark Horse - previously unseen.

Photos at my walking blog -

21 Apr 2016 17:01

The Racehorses, Kettlewell

We liked the beer in here - superb condition Timothy Taylor - nearly the full range including Ram Tam and a Blonde (previously unseen).

However, it was setup solely for fining and nowhere for the drinker to sit, apart from at a few high stools at the bar.

Strange atmosphere of people murmuring, afraid to not talk too loudly.

Not what we wanted or expected really, but I am sure the food was excellent.

Some photos at my walking blog -

21 Apr 2016 16:59

The Blue Bell Inn, Kettlewell

Best pub in Kettlewell by a country mile.

Food has to be tasted to be believed! We had a lot of excellent meals in Yorkshire and this was the best.

Beers were excellent too - about five on and we had a mixture of the Yorkshire Dales Brewing Company and Black Sheep. Excellent.

Highly recommended.

Photos at my walking blog -

21 Apr 2016 16:56

The George and Dragon, Leyburn

Although not on our Inn Way route - we added this one into our days walking, as one was closed earlier.

What a result - a beautiful pub - smell of home cooked food, roaring fire and black sheep in top order.

Glad we came.

Photos at my walking blog -

20 Apr 2016 18:29

The Palmer Flatt Hotel, Wensleydale

Know open as the Asygarth Falls Hotel.

All pleasant enough but mainly for tourists.

Photos at my walking blog -

20 Apr 2016 18:25

The Fox and Hounds, West Burton

Our destination and home for day 4 of the Inn Way.

Top food - huge portions.

Great beer - I went Copper Dragon.

Lovely people - real community feel and we were made to feel most welcome.

Photos at my walking blog -

20 Apr 2016 18:23

Buck Hotel, Richmond

Our home for the night - perfect for ramblers - the room is equipped with a boot tray.

Best real ale bar of our entire trip in the Dales. They had five different ones on - I started with an excellent Landlord and I never thought I would say this, but the Copper Dragon just about tipped it.

Food was very good too - and the staff were wonderful.

A gem.

Some photos at my walking blog -

19 Apr 2016 18:54

The Kings Arms Hotel, Richmond

Winner of best fire in the dales - a proper inglenook inferno.

Theaskston Ales and a jukebox deliverying 50's sounds.

Photos at my walking blog -

19 Apr 2016 18:52

The Black Bull, Reeth

Perfectly functional boozer - more of the locals one of the three in town.

Decent Black Sheep on.

Very good darts team - frequently scoring in triple figures!

Photos at my walking blog -

19 Apr 2016 18:51

The Kings Head, Richmond

First stop on day 3 of the Inn Way. Nice pub with Askrigg Ales on (we had a gold). An awful lot of signs telling you what you can and cant do. "To avoid further damage, dont touch the fire"

All pleasant enough and perfect for our needs.

Photos at my walking blog -

19 Apr 2016 18:45

The Kings Arms, Leyburn

Local recommended the Drovers Ale and it was the pint of the night.

It was also Pie Night. And so far, winner of the best pie on the Inn Way.

Superb pub - oozing history and class. Highly recommended.

Photos at my walking blog -

18 Apr 2016 18:28

The Crown Inn, Askrigg

The drinkers pub of the town. Found the Yorkshire Dales Brewing Company for the first time and had both pints - remember one was Butter Tubs - unsure of the other.

Decent pub - would be my local if I lived here!

Photos at my walking blog -

18 Apr 2016 18:26

The White Rose Hotel, Askrigg

Our hotel for the evening. World class breakfast :-)

Interesting receptionist. Couldn't tell whether she was teasing me or being serious.

A couple of the Yorkshire Dale Brewing Company ales were on. This was the discovery of the Inn Way and brewed in Askrigg behind the hotel so perfect condition.

Story and photos at my walking blog -

18 Apr 2016 18:24

The White Lion, Cray

Beautiful place to stay - everything was perfect.... Black Sheep - Room - and food.

Recently reopened under new management and I hope they are a success. It deserves to be.

Some photos at my walking blog -

17 Apr 2016 20:27

Buck Inn, Buckden

Smashing pub. Theakstons and I would say the pint of the whole Inn Way - a weeks walking through the dales, stopping at 26 pubs over 6 days :-)

Lovely staff - great food - XB recommended.

Some photos at my walking blog -

17 Apr 2016 20:25

The Falcon Inn, Arncliffe

Stunning location. Not sure about the pouring of the Landlord from a jug. Probably the worst pint we had on a 26 pub walking holiday on the InnWay. We spoke with quite a few locals who we also not fans of this technique.

Still, the pub is so wonderful and unchanged its a must visit. Glorious.

Some photos at my walking blog -

17 Apr 2016 20:19

Ye Olde Anchor Inn, Upton upon Severn

Spoiled for choice in Upton but I ignored the riverside pubs and went for this one - dating back to 1601.

Four real ales - Doom Bar, Tribute, Hobsons and the chosen Timothy Taylor. Perfect pint.

My kind of pub.

Some photos at my walking blog -

10 Apr 2016 10:32

Yew Tree, Clifford's Mesne

Really in the middle of nowhere - its obviously keeping itself going by doing fine food and hosting wine tasting evenings!

We passed it walking May Hill and debooted for a quick half of excellent butty bach. Landlord invited us in, despite our muddy appearance but to be fair, it was nice enough to sit in the lovely beer garden and take in the views.

Looks really good for food.

Some photos at my walking blog -

2 Apr 2016 19:01

The Swan, Kidderminster

Now a pub that sells Bathams is obviously going to get a good review.

And its in perfect condition here.

They have started advertising steaks at good value, so we thought we would check it out after a walk. The food ordering system is bizarre. You cant order food and drink at the same time. You cannot setup a tab. So one of you orders drinks at a central bar and the other goes through room after room looking for the little kiosk at the back where they take food orders.

When they are not serving punters delicious Bathams.

Eventually managed to get served (again) and food was excellent and quick to come out - but there must be a better way!

Some photos at my walking blog -

2 Apr 2016 18:53

The Carpenter's Arms, Miserden

Wye Valley HPA and Butty Bach on during my visit.

Nice country pub. Looks a great place to eat.

Some photos at my walking blog -

28 Mar 2016 20:14

The Duck On The Pond, Long Itchington

I've been to a lot of pubs - and this is one of the oddest.

Huge building - one room to the right on entry looked full of the detritus from last night. The main bar has lots of high stools and maybe three tables and then another room of the left seems to be setup for fine dining.

8 real ale pumps - four completely unused and only two of the other bank of four on. Bombardier and Black Sheep Holy Grail. I chose the later and it was in very good nick.

Got the feeling the place was being run as a hobby rather than a business and could have a lot more to offer. Maybe they don't get too much trade.

26 Mar 2016 18:50

The Pub, Valletta

Got to love GPS Units... out in the capital and wanted to find this place, after looking for a couple of geocaches.

The Pub is only a POI in a Garmin GPS unit. So, knowing where it was meant no excuse not to visit.

As described here - a homage to the Navy and Oliver Read. Football on in the corner. Upstairs not for the feint hearted.

An experience - well worth having.

23 Mar 2016 17:31

The Old Sergeant, Wandsworth

Finishing off the Wandle Trail and the Camra guide to london pubs suggested this was the place in Wandsworth.

Nothing wrong with it - three Youngs Real Ales on and the Special was fine - but nothing that would demand a revisit.

Photos at my walking blog -

13 Mar 2016 17:06

The Surrey Arms, Mitcham

Stopped off on the Wandle Way.

No real ale.

So a very reasonable Stella at £3.60. Very friendly owners, who made me feel welcome.

Photos at

13 Mar 2016 17:04

The Swan Hotel, Alcester

Last pub along the high street and we hadn't found anywhere doing food. This place went a bit too far towards the restaurant end of the scale but did have an absolutely perfect pint of Timothy Taylor Landlord.

Some photos at my walking blog -

6 Mar 2016 11:50

The Holly Bush, Alcester

A top 10 pub in Warwickshire on this site.

I've been before and found it wonderful - great beer, great pub, great food.

Came on a Saturday at 13:25 and not single person in there - and that includes the staff.

Eventually someone came to serve us but as they are "between chefs" we didnt stay.

Strange that a pub so popular can be so sparsely visited.

Some photos at my walking blog -

6 Mar 2016 11:48

The Hawley Arms, Camden

back for a repeat visit. Very quiet at 11pm on a Tuesday.

Which was pleasant.

Worth checking out for its musical pedigree - loads of interest on the walls and great music.

Some photos at my walking blog -

4 Mar 2016 12:40

Tapping the Admiral, Camden Town

Possibly my favourite of the night.

Great interior decoration. Interesting ales - I went for a Mister Chubbs from the West Berkshire Brewery.

Would come back again - worth seeking out.

Some photos at my walking blog -

4 Mar 2016 12:37

The Grafton Arms, Kentish Town

Great pub - loads of room, loads of beer choice and the landlord was wonderfully kept.


Photos at my walking blog -

4 Mar 2016 12:35

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

All a bit much for me - too busy, too small - lots of choice of beer but nothing in the English Bitter category - all seemed to be pale ales and porters.

An experience, but one I would only repeat at a quieter time.

Photos at my walking blog -

4 Mar 2016 12:33

The Bull and Last, Gospel Oak

Restaurant, but as it is listed in Camra guide to best bars in LDN, I thought i would check it out.

Glad I did, as I discovered for the first time, London Session Bitter by the London Brewing Factory. Fine pint.

Food is good, but expensive.

Photos on my walking blog -

4 Mar 2016 12:31

The White Swan, Wendover

The grottiest pub in the village but as is the norm, the keeper of the best beer.

Went to three other pubs in the area and the ESB here was head and shoulders above everything else served and 2 of those were fullers pubs.

Cracking music - never entered a pub with Hawkwind on before!

28 Feb 2016 13:17

The George and Dragon, Wendover

Last review sums it up. Nearly didnt go, as I expected it to be a restaurant in a former pub - but it is all pub.

The beer - Fullers Pride - was OK. The food looked and smelled delicious but we had already eaten.

Very busy with drinkers, a party and people eating.

28 Feb 2016 13:15

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

We stayed here, after completing the Ridgeway. Wendover looked a hot bed of activity.... So, in order of importance to this site

Beer - Four real ales on. The London Pride was dodgy (and every pub in the village is a Fullers) but the Butcome Rare Breed was both unusual and excellent.

Food - Evening meal Average. Strange Service. Nice breakfast. With good service.

Room - Excellent.

28 Feb 2016 13:13

Rose and Crown, Ivinghoe

Well hidden, but as the only pub in the village, you are forced to track it down.

Checked the web site and its said they weren't doing food. We took sarnies on our Ridgeway Ramble and then came here to celebrate the end, to open the door and see everyone eating meals!

3-4 real ales on. I have to say I wasn't impressed with my St Austell Trelawny but that was probably down to taste, rather than condition.

My wife was delighted with her big pot of tea!

Some photos at my walking blog -

28 Feb 2016 13:06

The Red Lion, Hunningham

Number 8 in the top 10 in the county, according to this fine resource.

Gastropub. Gravy with your beef sandwich and an automatic 10% tip added to bills.

All laid out with tables for dining - more formal in the restaurant, more casual in the bar.

Food was excellent to be fair. My partner claimed it the best lunch out ever.

Four real ales on but not the most inspiring of choices. I went for a Belhaven Grand Slam - which looked much better than it tasted.

Some photos at my walking blog -

20 Feb 2016 19:20

The Hoop and Grapes, Aldgate

Great piece of architecture - one of the few surviving wooden framed buildings from the 17th Century that survived the fire of London.

A Nicholson House - so you kind of know what to expect. Had both TT Landlord and Black Sheep on - so it was like choosing between your favourite children.

Been on the wish list for a long time and I will be going back.

19 Feb 2016 12:17

The Albion, Bethnal Green

Sort out, as I am a massive WBA Fan. Just had to come for a look.

As you'd expect, a great pub for the football - including one TV facing out into the street so that the smokers don't miss a thing as they sit under the awning.

Fullers beer noticed - I went for a London Pride and a first ever Olivers Island. Both in great condition.

19 Feb 2016 12:12

The Red Lion, Leek

Looking for the finest pub in Leek and after a couple of false starts (Black Swan had all the real ale pumps turned around. Bird in Hand had some very strange music blasting away), I came to the red lion.

Classy interior. Four real ales - two from Hydes brewery. They let me have a sample of the Crown Golden and it was superb. Then I was equally surprised by the low price - £2.80.

Excellent place.

Some photos on my walking blog -

14 Feb 2016 11:52

The Whitehorse, Brixton

Best pint I've had in London for a long time.

Walking in the area and popped in for something to eat. Decent food, great service but the best thing was the Deuchers Flying Scotsman which was in perfect condition.

Highly recommended.

11 Feb 2016 17:06

The Leinster Arms, Bayswater

Best pint of my trip around Bayswater Pubs. London Pride in great condition.

8 Feb 2016 18:53

The Red Lion, St James

Small, yet beautifully formed.

Lovely interior - all etched mirrors.

Fullers ESB at well over the £4 a pint mark. Should be expected.

Some photos at my walking blog -

7 Feb 2016 13:10

The Blackfriar, Blackfriars

Saturday lunch is the time to go!

Got a seat - in the most elegant part of the pub.

Fantastic building which makes it worth checking out but shocking beer.

First pint of black sheep - the barmaid wrapped a paper towel around the pump. I took one sip and refused to pay. Utter bilge water.

Replacement pint of doom bar was ever so slightly better.

I would recommend popping your head in the door and drinking elsewhere!

Photos at my walking blog -

7 Feb 2016 13:06

The Fox and Anchor, Smithfield

Back for my annual visit. See last review :-)

Some photos at my walking blog -

7 Feb 2016 13:01

The Cock and Bottle, Notting Hill

Next on my Camra Pub Guide and an improvement on the Prince Edward.

Interesting two room pub, laid out for dining in one and drinking in the other. Pretty busy on a weekday night.

Nothing too memorable about it.

7 Feb 2016 12:58

The Prince Edward, Bayswater

Found this in a Camra Pub Guide - but there's not really too much to recommend it.

I normally get on OK with Badger Beer - but the tanglefoot was headless, weak tasting and pretty insipid.

Nothing to make this place worth revisting.

7 Feb 2016 12:54

The Stag's Head, Offchurch

Now just the Stag at Offchurch.

A wonderful example of a country inn. Immaculate old thatched building with log burning fires.

Four real ales on - I went for a superb Hook Norton Hooky (best pint for a long time). The high quality made the £3.70 slightly more palatable.

Some photos at my walking blog -

31 Jan 2016 17:24

The Lamb, Bloomsbury

Long time since I've been in here and pleased to report its exactly as remembered. Vanity screens in tact. Very, very busy.

Managed to get a seat on this visit and on noting they did food and I was starving, thought I would give it a ok.

Really good service and the meal was excellent value. So, pleased with that.

Beer was decent - £4.05 for Youngs Special.

Worth checking out.

Some photos on my walking blog -

22 Jan 2016 12:10

French House, Soho

read so much about it recently that I had to check it out when in the area.

Exactly what I expected - small, expensive, transient clientele (self included), a few regulars and half pints :-)

Some photos at my walking blog -

22 Jan 2016 12:07

The Coach and Horses, Soho

Its always gloriously grim but this time, on my biannual visit, it seemed grimmer than ever.

How is it I always end up in here on a Wednesday when its knees up on the out of tune piano?

No real ales on at all. The last one not turned around was Seafarers and that spewed out froth. Forced to drink very cold czech lager.

22 Jan 2016 12:05

The Salutation, Berkeley

A journey to check out the 2014 Camra pub of the year.

Worth the 120 mile round trip? Well, yeah.

An unspoilt country house with a choice of 5 real ales and 8 ciders. Very friendly locals and staff engaged us in conversation and made for a pleasant hour after a decent walk.

Some photos at

17 Jan 2016 12:10

Old Surrey Hounds, Caterham

This was the only pub that I passed on an 11 mile walk from Caterham. Saved it till the end, when I got back to the train station.

Decent Hogs Back TEA at £3.15 a pint. Typical town centre pub - all meal deals and football.

Some photos at my walking blog -

17 Jan 2016 12:08

The Kings Head, Cubbington

Proper, honest, old school boozer.

Very full, but it was New Year's Eve lunch time.

Four real ales on - I went for the doom bar. I should have gone for the local Warwickshire Lady Godiva brew. I can have that anywhere.

Some photos at my walking blog -

31 Dec 2015 18:13

The Acton Arms, Morville

Lovely Staff - popped in after a Sunday Ramble. They only do Sunday Roasts but were happy to accommodate our non-menu listed request for a sandwich.

Two real ales on - I went for a very good pint of Ringwood Fortyniner.

27 Dec 2015 18:53

The Bell, Tanworth in Arden

Looks nice enough from the outside, but has an interior that is completely at odds. More like a modern kitchen than a cosy rustic pub.

Two real ales on - one from Wells and a Timothy Taylors. Of course, I went for TT. It was in superb condition but quite pricey at £3.70.

Lovely village.

Some photos at my walking blog -

26 Dec 2015 19:56

The Weavers Real Ale House, Kidderminster

Not a traditional pub, being in a new build.

Lots of ales and ciders - including my beer of the year - Three Tuns XXX.

Perfect for beer lovers.

18 Dec 2015 10:30

Boar's Head, Kidderminster

A revisit after four years by the looks of it.

Still exactly as I remember it. Just a lot less people.

Great music on the Jukebox.

18 Dec 2015 10:29

Swan, Kidderminster

Used to be a mad place - furniture all moved out for discos, with full on lighting. Seems to have reinvented itself as a real ale pub. Three on my side of the bar, there may have been different ones on the other side.

I went for a Golden Sheep - being a massive fan of Black Sheep brewery. The beer was in perfect condition but not to my palette. I'm sure it was the way it was meant to be - will have to come back and check out others.

18 Dec 2015 10:28

The Castle Inn, Kidderminster

Passing at 5pm, I initially thought this place was yet to open. The mistake was all mine. It was open and a full on party seemed to be taking place. This, on a Thursday.

Two home branded ales - bitter and mild. I stuck with a Guinness, which was perfect.

Nice to see a busy community pub.

18 Dec 2015 10:26

The Pear Tree Inn, Hook Norton

A must visit for beer fans.

The original brewhouse for the Hook Norton range until they moved to a purpose built brewery up the lane. Also must be checked out.

6 of the Hook Norton range on and a cocktail menu showing you how to mix and match to come up with more options.

Nice open fire. Pub Food - and as you would expect, superb beer.

Some photos at my walking blog -

6 Dec 2015 11:39

The Somerville Arms, Leamington Spa

Oh the disappointment.

I've been taking inspiration from the Top 10 county pubs on this site - so was delighted to find that the 5th best pub in Warwickshire was also close by to the Millennium Way.

The reviews made this seem my sort of pub.

Got there at 12:23, having nearly completed the walk. Place in darkness and locked up tight.

Is it a dead pub? do they have lax opening hours?

I'll probably never know.

Some photos at my walking blog -

28 Nov 2015 16:23

The Newbold Comyn Arms, Leamington Spa

Started my walk from here - stage 30 of the Millennium Way. Also ties up nicely with this pub, which is top 3 in Warwickshire, according to this site.

Strange that the actual pub is the barn conversion to the side of the pictured building - which is available for functions.

Nice enough inside. Four real ales on - 2 from Ubu and 2 from Slaughterhouse Brewery - both based in Warwickshire. I went for the Slaughterhouse Saddleback. It grew on me.

OK pub, but nothing really out of the ordinary.

28 Nov 2015 16:21

The Ship, Erith

Erith seems a bit short on choice for decent boozers.

I knew I would be ending my walk from London Bridge here. Last pub seen along the Thames was the Hope and Anchor near the Thames Barriers. This was 11:43am and closed, so to say I was in desperate need of refreshment was an understatement.

Planned ahead and seen this was the best rated pub in Erith. But what to expect? A den of inequity populated by roaring village idiots? A lesbian pub, patrolled by femi-nazis prone to taking lone ramblers hostage?

Neither, really. Horseshoe bar, solely populated by men of various ages sat on high stools doing what men everywhere at 3pm on a Saturday would do. Watching the scores come in. Reading the papers.

No real ales on - so would not choose to come here. A decent pint of stella for £3.80.

24 Nov 2015 08:49

The Plough, Harborne

RealAleRobUK - I can help you out with that - £4.30 for the Butty Bach.

Let that sink in. We are near Bearwood, not Mayfair.

To top it all, it wasn't even a full pint. With the only other entertainment people watching and working out want Halluomi was, I took my untapped App to record the event.

To be fair, I got a response later offering me a free pint. So decent service.

Packed to the rafters with diners.... I'm not really sure this is my type of place. Although to be fair, having come out of the Harborne Stores, I am probably confused as to what my sort of place is.

Some photos at

16 Nov 2015 17:11

The Harborne Stores, Harborne

A change of pace, having been with the hipsters at the New Inn and the Junction.

Noticed it was packed at 11:30am. What's the reason? Is it the football? Is it the horse racing? Well, they were both on but no - the reason had to be the prices.

This is 2015 and a pint of IPA was £1.75. I commented to the barman that this is the cheapest pint I have seen since the mid nineties. He said I should come back on Tuesday, when its £1.50.


Very lively. I wouldn't bring Mrs Mappiman. Well, I probably would, but she would want to go back to the New Inn.

Some photos at

16 Nov 2015 17:08

The Junction, Harborne

Great location and impressive building.

Huge dining area and a series of little leather seated snugs along the main bar.

Quite a collection of real ales on - I went for the Timothy Taylor Landlord. A favourite.

The pint was fine, even if it did have a slightly odd colour and took a while to settle down to be see through.

Can't fault the place - This would be my local if I lived in the area.

Some photos at

16 Nov 2015 17:03

The New Inn, Harborne

Chosen as the starting point of a 4 pub crawl in Harborne.

May have peaked early.

Tiny front bar, with a sign asking to punters to go in the main bar. At least four real ales on and I went for an Ubu Purity, which was the best example of this brew that I have ever had.

Nice interior - main bar set out more for food - but a nice little drinking area in the small bar around a fire.

Recommended. Apart from the rather loud Robbie Williams swing album.

Some photos at

16 Nov 2015 16:58

The Ship, Soho

In a bid to visit every pub in London, The Ship becomes my latest adventure.

Looks clean enough from the outside and a full selection of the fullers range.

The ESB was not in the best condition - which is a crying shame when its over £4 a pint.

That said, the Who's greatest hits playing just loudly enough to drown out the loud Americans holding court at the bar made up for it. Slightly.

Wouldn't rush back or recommend going out of your way.

4 Nov 2015 15:46

Roebuck, Warwick

Whoops - cut and paste went wrong. Wish you could edit on this site :-)

31 Oct 2015 19:20

Roebuck, Warwick

A little bit chainy feeling but Mrs Mappiman wanted to go here as the food reviews on Tripadvisor were more favourable than the other drinking pubs along this stretch.

It was fine - Barman allowed me to try the Roebuck Ale - which I didn't like, so stuck with an unusual Deuchars IPA - which I was surprised to find in Warwick's oldest pub.

Some photos at my walking blog - 11:43 and its open. Not only that, its been open since 10:30am and its packed.

4 real ales on - I went for Tribute and it was in great nick. Noticed Doom Bar and Purity Mad Goose also on.

Some photos at my walking blog -

31 Oct 2015 19:18

The Millwright Arms, Warwick

Modified my walk from Leamington to Warwick to take in this pub - which has sneaked into the Top 10 pubs in Warwickshire on this site.

11:43 and its open. Not only that, its been open since 10:30am and its packed.

4 real ales on - I went for Tribute and it was in great nick. Noticed Doom Bar and Purity Mad Goose also on.

Some photos at my walking blog -

31 Oct 2015 19:15

Robinsons, Belfast

Main bar is quite disappointing. No real ale, but some Irish Lager. TV Screens, quite brightly lit and nothing really going for it.

The back room is better - where live Irish Music was played. Quite surreal seeing a large group of Asian ladies doing riverdance to the fiddle music.

30 Oct 2015 12:49

Kelly's Cellars, Belfast

Recommended as a must visit pub. Easy to find at night, as there is a thin light in the pavement that stretches for yards - right to the front door.

Irish music on and a large amount of tourists soaking up a traditional Irish pub experience. Myself, included.

Stuck to Guinness. As did everyone else.

30 Oct 2015 12:46

The Duke Of York, Belfast

Easily the best pub on my visit.

Nothing in the way of real ales but the best collection of Irish Whiskies I have seen. Complete with a menu.

Many are labelled NFS - meaning not for sale. An indication of their rarity.

The loudest American I have ever met was banging on about his first real Guinness. It may have been his last, as he was annoying everyone.

30 Oct 2015 12:43

The Crown Liquor Saloon, Belfast

Beautiful pub - unfortunately covered in scaffolding outside, which stopped any photo opportunities.

Inside is just as lovely. A series of vanity alcoves, the likes of which I have not seen in a pub before.

Had a Belfast Ale in here - out of the all the pubs I visited, this was the only draught real ale found.

Definitely worth a visit.

30 Oct 2015 12:40

Bittles, Belfast

Walked down here to go to the Kitchen Bar which is over the road. This looked far more interesting, so headed in.

They don't seem to do real ale in NI - but they do have a fine collection of Irish Whiskies in here.

1 regular - the rest tourists. Myself included.

30 Oct 2015 12:35

The Tavistock Inn, Tavistock

Stayed here - a B&B that doesn't do breakfast. In fact, there was a sign saying the Chef was ill - so no food at all. Tripadvisor suggests the illness has been going on sometime.

Jail Ale was in good condition and for £60 for a family room, can't complain at the prices.

12 Oct 2015 19:13

The Purple Turtle, Reading

Quite a surprise this - I remember going in years ago when it was a live music venue. After looking around the town centre to see if there was life in Berkshire - I couldn't bring myself to pop into the myriad wetherspoons and chain pubs like O'Neills.

Not that there was any sign of life in any of those.

So I though a short walk down to a previous haunt.

Three real ales on at £4 a pop. The Hogsback was in superb condition and poured in a handled jug without prompting. Who would have thought the best real ale of the night would be drunk to the lovely refrain of "Bitch better have my money" by Rhinnana?

8 Oct 2015 12:51

The Turks, Reading

Large pub just out the town centre.

three real ales on - two from Caledonian Brewery and I went for a decent flying scotsman.

Decent enough but not sure its worth the walk out of town.

8 Oct 2015 12:46

The Lyndhurst, Reading

Read an on-line article, showing a pub crawl from the Abbot Cook to the Turks - so over many weeks, I steadily ticked off all the pubs mentioned.

Two attempts at this one. First time, not a soul in there - so decided to save for another day.

Second time - walking in at 7:30. About 4-5 people all queuing and a very harassed looking single barman. All the real ales, bar one - where turned around.

Decided it was not worth the wait and gave it up as a bad job.

8 Oct 2015 12:45

The Elephant Hotel, Pangbourne

Who would have thought it. The hotel I am stopping in, also has the best pub/bar in Pangbourne.

What an odd place (town, not the elephant). Beautiful location but very odd, almost non existent night life.

The elephant bar appeared to be being used by a lot of non-residents. The beers were from West Berkshire Brewery and in top condition. I stuck with the Good Old Boy I'd tried earlier in the evening at the Swan.

A lovely hotel as well. Recommended.

24 Sep 2015 14:21

The Cross Keys, Pangbourne

Well Pangbourne, you appear to be bereft of decent pubs.

Was advised to go here to eat, but was seduced by a curry house around the corner.

In an unusual turn of events, I didnt fancy a beer (although I noticed they had TT Landlord on) and wanted a Malt Whisky.

Had trouble talking with the Polish gent serving - who offered me a Jack Daniels.
His asian counterpart then offered me a Southern Comfort.

After much scurrying around, they found a bottle of Talisker. Unopened, it had a noddy looking label that looked counterfeit. I examined it and decided to give it a go.

It did indeed taste like Talisker - so I am not claiming anything untoward. It did cost £9.

Maybe its been a long time since I ordered a Malt in a pub.

Never again. You do expect people to take a degree of pride in their job and knowing what a Malt Whisky is , is surely day 1 of training.

24 Sep 2015 13:47

The Star Inn, Pangbourne

Oh Dear. Was eating over the road at the Indian and saw the signs saying that it showed all live sports. Was interested in a game that was on, so popped in.

No other punters.
No real ale.
Sky Sports News on.

They kindly did change the channel and I stayed to watch the rest of the game but it was akin to going around someone else's nan's house and commandeering the TV.

24 Sep 2015 13:43

The Swan, Pangbourne

Several rugby themed real ales on (maybe because of the World Cup). I went for a West Berkshire Brewery Good Old Boy - Decent beer - £3.90.

The pub was geared more for eating and there was only a small bar area to sit at a table not cluttered with dining paraphernalia .

Nice old pub, in a stunning Thameside Location.

24 Sep 2015 13:40

The Swan Inn, Reading

Couldn't bare to eat at the Holiday Inn... so programmed Sat Nav to the nearest pub.

On the otherside of the Motorway, I know need to work out if it is close enough to walk to for my next visit.

Food was all home cooked and excellent. Land Lady made a stranger feel very welcome.

Several beers on, but I couldn't miss a Timothy Taylor Landlord - perfect.

19 Sep 2015 19:04

Anchor Inn, Leek Wootton

Nice village pub. Three real ales on, I went for a perfect Butty Bach at £3.10.

19 Sep 2015 19:01

The Horse and Hound, Broadway

Great pint of Old Hooky and a very decent Ploughmans. Nice enough pub, in my opinion.

6 Sep 2015 18:11

The Westgate Inn, Winchester

Last pub on way up the hill to the station.

Nice curved bar inside. A very good pint of Itchen Brewery Gold.


5 Sep 2015 18:49

Royal Oak, Winchester

Interesting pub, playing on its history. Although, it seemed very modern inside.

They had Black Sheep Special on - which was a good find and in decent condition.

Less could be said about the food. I ordered the Steak - which I wouldn't have given to my dog. It had the consistency of a burger and very fatty.

Still, if you don't expect too much, you are not disappointed.

5 Sep 2015 18:47

The Old Vine, Winchester

best pint of the night - an excellent Otter.

I wanted to eat here again, but came in at 5:30pm. They change to the evening menu at 6:30pm, but I had a train to catch.

Shame - as I had a great meal here last time.

I think I may have even been at the same table.

5 Sep 2015 18:44

The Bishop On The Bridge, Winchester

Superb Location and the first open pub I found after completing the South Downs Way.

A couple of Fuller's ESB, whilst sat on the delightful patio - waiting for my legs to start working again!

Some photos on my walking blog -

5 Sep 2015 18:42

The Milburys, Cheriton

Interesting that its in the Strangest Pubs in Britain book. I have that, but didn't realise on my visit, otherwise I would have checked out the well!

This is a rare pub on the South Downs Way - which I was so looking forward to. After 12 miles, I was really looking forward to a pint.

Three real ales on - and I went for a "Ale of Wight". It seemed to explode out of the pump and the landlord did a strange trick with three glasses to get a pint.

He said "Don't worry, it will be fine".

I did and it wasnt.

Tasted ok but cloudy and full of floaty bits. Chucked the last third on the grass outside.

Tried a Kronenbourg. Surely nothing could go wrong with Keg Beer?

You've guessed it - cloudy and full of floaty bits.

Don't think I have ever been as disappointed and a weary 8 miles to go to Winchester.

5 Sep 2015 18:38

The Izaak Walton, East Meon

A bit more down to earth than Ye Olde George - this has pool table, darts and football on TV.

3-4 real ales and I had a couple of Ringwood Best Bitter - which was exceptional.

Decent village boozer.

5 Sep 2015 18:31

Ye Olde George, East Meon

Day 5 on the South Downs Way and this was my accommodation for the night.

Had to wait till 6pm for it to open! But only 45 minutes and someone had kindly left the Times outside.

Beautiful inside. Badger Beer (a rare find) and I tried the First Call and the Tanglefoot - both excellent but my preference would be for the former.

Food superb - evening meal was excellent and breakfast was outstanding!

Recommended. Some photos at my walking blog -

5 Sep 2015 18:28

The Blue Bell Inn, Cocking

My accommodation for the night after walking the South Down Way.

Its more of a restaurant than a pub. What's its got going for it...

Superb Rooms - nicer than most hotels
Good Food - although I gauge a place by the price of the cheese and biscuits. £8.95 would get you a lot of cheese at the Co-Op.
Exceptional breakfast.

Now the bad news - there are no real ales on the pumps. But they do have a barel of Ballards Best Bitter on a shelf behind the bar. It seemed a decent enough pint, but had little life it is - presumably missing the whole pump action effect you get from a hand pull. I moved onto San Miguel. Its a crime to charge so much and not get the ceremonial glass.

Some photos at my walking blog -

5 Sep 2015 18:24

The Leathern Bottle, Lewknor

Nice country pub. Low ceilings. Central bar, several nooks and crannies and most tables laid out for dining.

Decent pint of Brakspear Bitter.

Would pop back again.

1 Sep 2015 15:45

The Shepherds Crook, Crowell

Stumbled across it whilst walking back to Lewknor from the Ridgeway.

Isolated location, with a scattering of nearby houses and a Church. Pub looks like an old cottage. Quirky outdoor decor. Door opens to a flagstone floored country pub.

Five real ales on - I noticed Rebellion, XT and the one I plumped for, Timothy Taylor Landlord. £3.90.

Decent pint.

Some photos at my walking blog -

1 Sep 2015 15:41

The Anchor Inn, Digbeth

Last of four pubs in the Digbeth Area for me.

Very much the sister pub of the Old Swan - same red brick, similar lay out.

Lots more real ale on - to the point of confusion, as some pumps had two clips on!

Decent enough boozer and would come back.

Some photos of my Digbeth crawl at

23 Aug 2015 19:08

The Spotted Dog, Digbeth

Rather enjoyed the on-line spat between reviewee and licencee.

I'd have welcomed a classical performance on my Saturday afternoon - all quiet on the western front.

Nice decor and lovely pork pie!

Some photos of my Digbeth pub crawl at

23 Aug 2015 19:04

The Fountain Inn, Birmingham

Following a recommended pub crawl in Doghouse magazine, I stumbled on this place.

Old world but with a very mixed group of drinkers - who all knew each other.

Bit surprised that the closest to real ale was a John Smiths - not in the mood for Guinness, I went for Stella. With a packet of Scampi Fries - £3.10 for the lot.

And experience that you cannot think will be around for ever.

Some photos of my day in Digbeth at -

23 Aug 2015 18:57

The White Swan, Digbeth

Beautiful inside - A victorian treasure - Long, ornate wooden bar. A couple of real ales on - and I went local with the Banks's. It was wonderful.

Some photos of my Digbeth pub crawl at -

23 Aug 2015 18:52

The Coach and Horses, Soho

Sixth monthly visit to check that it hasn't been gentrified just yet. It hasn't.

Photo at my walking blog -

21 Aug 2015 12:02

Queen and Castle, Kenilworth

3.8 out of 10 on this site?

Don't get it.... yes, its touristy and yes, its more catered for food - but it is exceptionally well presented, has a lovely beer garden and had three real ales on - Doom Bar, Tribute and the Purity UBU that I went for.

Worth at least 6 out of 10!

Some photos at my walking blog -

16 Aug 2015 17:14

The Butchers Arms, Mickleton

Headed off for a walk in the beautiful cotswolds countryside..... which meant this was where I ended up.

Quiet on a Thursday night, with a couple of regulars - whom the barman knew what drink they wanted on sight.

I am merely a tourist, so after looking at the three real ales on offer - went for a superb Doom Bar. I know this brew is omnipresent but when its kept as well as this, its a delight.

Some photos on my walking blog -

14 Aug 2015 17:30

The Royal Oak, Burford

Surprised by the reviews on here - Burford looks a wonderful place but maybe the pubs don't do it justice.

This was the first pub we encountered following our walk in the local countryside.

Quite busy with punters - the barstaff were pleasant and helpful. Several Wadworth Ales on - I had the Horizon, which was absolutely fine.

Food was good as well.

9 Aug 2015 13:58

The Maytime Inn, Burford

Delightful setting in the tiny hamlet of Asthall.

Geared out for food but with some interesting beers on - mainly from the Meantime Brewery in Greenwich. Random!

I had an XT4 from the XTBrewing organisation - which was fine.

Bar staff friendly.

Some photos at my walking blog -

9 Aug 2015 13:54

The Windsor Castle, Windsor

After walking 14 miles from Chertsey, I was desperate for a pint. The advertising on the pub sold it to me - "Great Real Ales".

Courage, Doom Bar and my chosen Brakspear Bitter were on. Decent pint - £4 - but then again, it is her maj's local.

Some photos at my walking blog -

2 Aug 2015 14:33

The Bell Inn, Eckington

Yep - definitely a gastro pub. Lovely furniture though :-)

Two real ales on and I had a very good pint of Thwaites Lancaster Bomber, whilst sat outside in their rather nice patio.

Some photos at my walking blog -

18 Jul 2015 18:01

The Vine, West Bromwich

Superb experience. Looks like a small backstreet pub from the outside and it certainly is with a couple of parlour type rooms.

It then opens out into a maze of covered court yards and a huge function type room at the back.

Popular on match days for obvious reason, but also for the food. We went in at 12pm on a Sunday (outside the football season) and the place was filling up with punters. They don't start food until 1pm.

And what food - one of the best curries I have ever had!

Two unusual real ales on draft (I forget the names) but they also do bottled Bathams - which it had to be.

Will definitely be back.

16 Jul 2015 17:49

The George and Dragon, Swallowfield

Small, low beamed roof, setup mainly for diners.

Decent menu - at the top end of pub dining prices - Cheese and Biscuits was £8 to give you an idea. Good at table waitress service.

Ringwood Bitter was OK - nothing out of the ordinary.

16 Jul 2015 12:02

The Marquis of Granby, Westminster

Nice little find in the quiet backstreets of Westminster.

Came in, got a seat at the bar and ordered a decent pint of Doom Bar.

Then the place went mental as a huge group of young professionals came in at around 10pm.

Nice to see a place overspilling with people.

9 Jul 2015 18:39

The Red Lion, Westminster

Needed food and had looked at the menu on-line before popping in on my walk. I knew they were big on pies.

There's a nice little restaurant upstairs with great service.

My ESB was served in the ceremonial handled jug, which was a nice touch. Damn fine.

Pie was good as well.

All in all - a good experience in a busy part of town.

9 Jul 2015 18:35

St Stephens Tavern, Westminster

One of my LDN favourites, with a superb view of the Houses of Parliament from the front of the pub.

Also, home of Badger Beer - so a decent pint of Tanglefoot to boot.

Worth checking out.

9 Jul 2015 18:32

The Jolly Gardeners, Vauxhall

Nice building - large open plan area. Beers were all unknown german brews (something Hell) served in large tankards (probably still a pint) for £5 a pop.

Only in London.

9 Jul 2015 18:27

Black Boy, Shinfield

Not exactly made to feel welcome at this pub. Came in at 8:25 and asked if they were doing food. A curt check on the till and told to find my table and order at the bar.

I did this, and then realised that a) they have a restaurant around the back with table service and b) they had a specials menu that no-one told me about.

Got the feeling I was in the way.

Food was fine and service good. Thirsty after a walk, so had a Stella and cannot comment on the real ale.

9 Jul 2015 18:17

Tipperary Inn, Honiley

I did indeed complete a circular walk from here.

Nice looking pub - has connections to the song "Long way to Tipperary".

Got back from the walk and had a lovely snack and a very, very good pint of Timothy Taylor Landlord. They also had Sharpe's Atlantic and Doom Bar on.


Some photos at my walking blog -

5 Jul 2015 17:51

The Rupert Brooke, Grantchester

First pub that I came to on entering Grantchester on foot. Liked the look of the Balcony, so made my way in.

Its really more of a restaurant now. Every table laid out for food, with wine glasses.

Damn fine pint of Woodforde's Wherry though. This really is top beer!

Some photos at my walking blog -

Pint finished, I continued my walk through Grantchester and there were two more fine looking pubs.

5 Jul 2015 17:46

The Loggerheads, Shrewsbury

Very interesting pub and worth the visit for the grade II listed status alone.

An adventure just getting in and finding the bar!

Not too impressed with the real ale choice mind. Think there were 3 on and when I asked about the "Snecklifter", the advice was that it was 5.1%.

Not quite the tasting notes I had in mind. Decent enough pint.

Some photos at my blog -

29 Jun 2015 17:01

The Coach and Horses, Shrewsbury

My sort of pub and the pick of a very good bunch on our Shrewsbury pub crawl.

Lovely victorian boozer with wood panelling and little alcoves. Nice pint of Salopian Oracle.


Some photos at my blog -

29 Jun 2015 16:58

Boat House, Shrewsbury

Superb location. As expected on a sunny summer's day, absolutely rammed but the choice of several bars meant we didnt have to queue for long and there was still places to sit outside.

Nice range of Salopian beers and I went for a very decent pint of Gold.

Some photos at my blog -

29 Jun 2015 16:55

The Armoury, Shrewsbury

More expensive than the normal but you do get decent decor, nice looking food and in a rare twist - table service if you are sitting outside in the sunshine.

Nice touch.

I enjoyed my Shropshire Lad.

Some photos at my blog -

29 Jun 2015 16:52

Salopian Bar, Shrewsbury

First stop off in a 6 pub crawl around this fine town. Afraid this was the probably came 6th in the list.

OK - lots of real ale choices but the barmaids spend 10 minutes arguing with each other about the quality of my Stonehouse Station Bitter and then offered free tasters to the regulars to make sure it was OK after ignoring my request to change it for something that required less debate.

The beer was OK - but you know when your suspicions are aroused.

Some photos at my blog -

29 Jun 2015 16:49

Plume of Feathers, Great Malvern

An unspoilt country pub in the southern foothills of the Malverns. Always nice to have a well earned pint after a ramble.

A couple of rickety tables outside and a low ceiling interior. Seemed to be a lot of people eating but this is as much a drinkers pub - with 3-4 real ales on.

I went for familiar ground with a Wye Valley Butty Bach for £3.20. Superb condition.

Some photos at my walking blog -

28 Jun 2015 20:30

The Bell and Crown, Chiswick

After the disappointment of the Bulls Head, this restored my faith in the London boozer. Fair more outside seating.

Much quieter with plenty of staff on. The ESB was as good as I have had anywhere.

21 Jun 2015 16:30

The Bulls Head, Chiswick

Terrible experience. The bar staff were absolutely run ragged. There appeared to be one bloke trying to manage two bars who kept disappearing and various others who would come behind the bar, table service people and then disappear.

After 15 frustrating minutes, I was served.

I came in for a Timothy Taylor and was delighted they had Boltmaker - a rarity (outside Skipton). It was served almost frozen and was pretty poor.

I had fond memories of this place from many years ago, but its either a victim of its own success or run by inadequate staff.

21 Jun 2015 16:27

The Dove Inn, Hammersmith

Walking from Vauxhall to Kew Bridge, I knew this would be at the half way point and couldn't resist a revist.

If you want a seat, I can recommend 12:03pm on a Saturday.

Superb view from the elevate balcony. Some photos at my walking blog -

21 Jun 2015 16:20

The Fox and Hounds, Watlington

Now the Fat Fox and had a makeover since the photo on this site.

Used it as a B&B whilst walking the Ridgeway.

Excellent food - they had a French Themed night on the day we were there and the breakfast was also superb.

Busy on a Friday night, with foodies and drinkers outside. I had one pint of Brakspear with my meal, but wasn't feeling the love, so moved to Kronenbourg to match the mood.

7 Jun 2015 11:30

The Moderation, Reading

Grangoo has it spot on. From the outside, it looked like a wonderful pub - obviously had a bit of money spent on it. From the inside, its a Thai restaurant. Having walked in, it would have been rude to walk out, so I had a Brakspear Bitter. Wonderful colour but chilled to within an inch of its life. Its rather a shame I had eaten, otherwise I would have been tempted.

29 May 2015 18:15

Pavlov's Dog, Reading

Decent place to watch the football. Had an UBU real ale on, but it wasnt hitting the spot. So I had a couple of Stellas, watched the Albion stuff Chelsea 3-0 and left feeling quite content with the world.

23 May 2015 18:45

The Jolly Anglers, Reading

Came here in 2006 on a walk. This week, i am completing a similar walk - along the Thames from Caversham and then onto the Kennet, where this little boozer sits by the gas tank.

Three punters and one of those was a Labrador. Decent pint of Plain Ales.

23 May 2015 18:44

The Gateway, Reading

I wish I had seen the previous review before coming in.

The worst pint of London Pride I have ever had. And its the only Real Ale on.

I only came in as the Greyfriar (complete with its Cask Marque sign) was all closed up at 10pm on a Tuesday.

Dreadful place. Avoid.

23 May 2015 18:41

The Hope Tap, Reading

All roads in Reading seem to lead here. I ended up not finding the Greyfriars, finding the Gateway shut at 10pm on a Monday and coming back here.

So - an average pint of Foddens. Not had it before but it was uninspiring. Then had a large Talisker. For £3.75.

Tried to do the maths to see if it would be as cheap for me to fill a bottle as buy one in the supermarket.

23 May 2015 18:38

The Monks Retreat, Reading

My god - a single Road with not 1 but two Wetherspoons. Suppose you cannot argue about £1.99 for a decent pint of Doom Bar. I have my CAMRA 50p vouchers but cannot bring myself to use them.

I suppose there is the lack of atmosphere. And strange mixture of tourists and tramps. But you know what you are getting.

23 May 2015 18:36

Nags Head, Reading

Found a Reading Pub Crawl on and this took me out of the town centre into the back streets.

Glad it did - a real ale oasis. Lots of beers on, most of which I'd never heard off. Barman helped me make my decision by offering me tasters.

Decent pint was had. Their courtesy papers were read. If only they did food (other than £3 pies) I would have stopped longer.

Worth seeking out.

17 May 2015 14:08

The Alehouse, Reading

Was in here in 2010 when it was the Hobgoblin.

Exactly the same with a new name.

West Berkshire Mr Chibbs Lunchtime Bitter was very, very good.

17 May 2015 14:05

Sweeney and Todd, Reading

Totally bizarre experience and not at all what I was expecting.

I had read reviews of the food and liking a pie, though I would investigate.

Its a supermarket deli in the front, with all the pies in a chiller. No worries, I can see a bar. Unmanned but 4 real ales on.

Then the tables are in the back. I sit down. An elderly waiter ignores me for 5 mins.

I go to the bar where the same elderly waiter is pouring drinks and doesn't even acknowledge that I exist.

I walk out.

17 May 2015 14:01

The Allied Arms, Reading

I liked this pub - seemed like a good jukebox on.

Sat out the back and enjoyed an Jail Ale by Dartmoor Brewery.

Will come back to this one.

17 May 2015 13:56

The Running Horse, Leatherhead

Sought out this pub based on the strength of reviews on this web site.

After an 11 miler in the gorgeous Surrey countryside, I was ready for my 2nd pint of the day.

This is a nice old pub, with a decent beer garden. Took a Surrey Hills Brewery Ranmore. A little too pale for my liking but kept perfectly.

The rest of the beers were Shepherds Neame.

Some photos at my walking blog.

10 May 2015 18:23

The Adelphi, Leeds

Needed a local to bring me to this pub and I am glad that he did.

A superb Victorian boozer. Lots of little rooms to explore.

A decent pint of Landlord.

29 Apr 2015 20:38

The Pack Horse, Leeds

really - no reviews? Surely someone must have popped in from Whitelocks.

Next door - much bigger, including an upstairs seating area.

Decent pint of Copper Dragon Golden Pippen.

29 Apr 2015 20:37

Whitelocks, Leeds

Now I know where it is, there's no excuse not to go. Its been taken over since my last visit and making the national papers.

A couple of Landlords today - in perfect nick.

Just a lot more busy now.

29 Apr 2015 20:35

The Golden Retriever, Bracknell

Looked lovely as I drove past, so I thought I would pop in, not knowing its a vintage Inn. Not really my cup of tea - a barn of an eating area with a typically uninspired menu.

It was functional for my needs of getting something to eat but not worthy of the fine building that it is housed in.

26 Apr 2015 16:15

Queens Oak, Finchampstead

Looking forward to a post walk meal here but when I arrived, there was a sign saying "Kitchen Closed".

Disappointed, I did stay for a very decent pint of Breakspeare Bitter.

Get the feeling I missed out from the reviews.

26 Apr 2015 16:12

The Pelham Arms, Lewes

Last of the night and yet, there was so much to discover in Lewes.

I liked this pub. The only other place I know that sells Badger Beer is the St Stephens Tavern, opposite Big Ben.

The pint was the best out of the 5 pubs I visited and there wasn't a bad one all night.

Liked the papers on the bar and dim lighting. Looked a good place to eat.

Possibly the best pub I found in Lewes.

13 Apr 2015 18:37

The Black Horse Inn, Lewes

A pint of Black Horse - as named after the pub.

Nice looking pub, but I cant be doing with kids running around at 10pm.

Supped up and moved on.

13 Apr 2015 18:35

Rights of Man, Lewes

Dunno about this place - it had everything going for it but the atmosphere seemed a touch like one of those Wetherspoons you get in an Airport.

Harvey's Best was tip top but nothing makes the place stand out.

13 Apr 2015 18:33

Lewes Arms, Lewes

B&B owner recommended this as the place to eat.

Old school pubs where they do food if you can find a table. I did. The Chef brings it to you, shouting out what the meal is. Seems an odd system :-)

Food was good value.

Beer - Harvey's Best was in top condition.

Worth a visit.

13 Apr 2015 18:32

The Brewers Arms, Lewes

A trip around Lewes - this was the 1st stop of the night. No-one behind the bar, which was a struggle to get to because all the locals sit around it. One summonsed the staff with a whistle and a decent pint of Harveys best was purchased.

Nothing really to make it stand out, OK.

13 Apr 2015 18:30

The Anchor Inn, Caunsall

Absolutely packed on a Thursday Lunch time. Everyone is eating Cobs :-).

5 Real ales on - two from hobsons, two from Wye Valley and the 3 Tuns that I had. Beer in superb condition. Noticed three CAMRA certificates on the wall.

2 x Cheese and Onion, 1 x Pint and 1 x Diet Coke for around £8. Can't complain at that.

2 Apr 2015 14:00

The Turls Green, Bradford

Who'd have thought a Wetherspoons would be the best out of 4 pubs visited in Bradford. Initially, I thought it was going to end in disappointment as my first request (Doom Bar and a Steak) was met with the fact they were both off. Drinks wise, I was pointed to the specials and had a wonderful "Monty Python Holy Grail", which I have subsequently determined is a black sheep brew. It was wonderful. And I got a mixed grill. Only thing I couldnt understand was the sound of music. Have Wetherspoons had a change of heart? Oh, it a Lloyds.

20 Mar 2015 19:10

The Castle Hotel, Bradford

I'm afraid today has to be written off as a bad night. This is number 3 on a list of pubs in a crawl from and the cask marque app on my phone. There are two other punters. One of those is a bin man in his work clothes. He has just been headbutted by a foreigner (his words, not mine). To be fair, the pint of Cumberland was OK, but once the headbutted bin man had gone, I felt like I was sitting in someone's front room. I have been to many cities and taken part in random pub crawls but I dont think I have been as scared and disappointed as I have in Bradford.

20 Mar 2015 19:03

The Shoulder of Mutton, Bradford

Oh dear.. next on the list to try out is the shoulder of mutton. Enter and its too late to back out. Its a Sam's Smith and I have a real problem with their beer. Everyone stared at me on entering, so I quickly took my pint and sat down on a table strewn in betting slips. I may not have liked the beer, but it didnt take long to move on.

20 Mar 2015 18:56

The City Vaults, Bradford

Something gone badly wrong with my Trip to Bradford. I used a combination of a pub crawl from and the cask marque app to find the decent boozers. This was the closest one. Not majorly enamoured with the cheap hording advertising 2 for 1 drinks etc. Delighted to see they had Black Sheep on but I seriously doubt it was Black Sheep. It had the creamy texture of John Smiths Smoothflow and was decidedly nasty. Entering mid way through a quiz night is not ideal but the dodgy pint and noise meant I made a hasty retreat. But things got worse. Much Worse.

20 Mar 2015 18:52

The Three Horseshoes, Burton Bradstock

Another quality Palmers House. Quiet on a Sunday Afternoon. In a change from the 200, I went for the Best Bitter. It was also excellent, although I would stick to the 200. A perfect village pub.

17 Mar 2015 18:15

The Cobb Arms, Lyme Regis

A very pleasant experience for a large pub serving so much food. We were looking for a dog friendly pub on Mother's day to eat at after a walk around Lyme Regis. Booking a table was efficient and met with an equally efficient welcome on arrival. Massive menu and the food was quickly served and huge portions. Beer was Palmers and as good as I have come to expect from these parts.

All in all a great experience for a tourist.

17 Mar 2015 18:12

The Clock House Hotel, Chideock

A curiosity visit and the first and only pub visited in Dorset that didn't have Palmers. I went for a decent pint of Otter, but really should have had the local from Burton Braunston.

A few diners but a very reserved a quiet atmosphere for a saturday night.

17 Mar 2015 17:54

The George Inn, Chideock

Another Palmers House. This is a good thing. Much bigger on the inside than you would expect, with front bar, restaurant area and then TV room at the back. They were catering for everyone on a Saturday night. Bar Drinkers, Diners and the England Rugby. Food was excellent value and beer superb. Seemed to be a lot of activities on. A proper village pub.

17 Mar 2015 17:52

Bridport Arms Hotel, West Bay

Great location - dog friendly and a lovely wood burner down the bottom part of the pub. Palmers range on but was surprised at the prices - £4.15 for the 200. This seemed expensive to me.

17 Mar 2015 17:49

The Swan With Two Nicks, Worcester

On pub number 3 of the evening, this was our real find. Loved it.

Three Tuns Rantipole was on - which I have not had before. It was fantastic and only £2.85. Bargain.

Great Jukebox.

Large back room where there was an act on talking into a microphone. I gingerly put my head around the door and thought it was a comedian. There was a long monologue but no obvious punchline. I asked the barman in the main pub what was going on. Wednesday is Poetry Evening.

Clunked my head on the beam when going for Rantipole number 2.

Highly recommended.

26 Feb 2015 15:11

Eagle Vaults, Worcester

Googled Real Ale Pubs, Worcester and this came up. Decided to try it out. Promising enough building - a classic looking victorian corner pub with nice etched windows. Nice enough inside.

Three real ales on - The sunbeam was off but the Mastons was OK. I'm not a fan of Marstons, but this was decent enough.

All OK - but I think New Street is the place to head for.

26 Feb 2015 15:07

Cricketers, Worcester

Good Beers - with Sadlers and Woods on tap - I went for the Shropshire Lass and it was decent enough.

Might have picked the wrong night to go in - but oh the clientèle. Like Jeremy Kyle's waiting room. The couple opposite were debating on whether to get another drink or not. He seemed to think the outcome would be decided on the likelihood of fellatio. At least that would stop them from having children, I suppose.

Don't think there is enough to make me want to come back.

26 Feb 2015 15:03

The Beckets Inn, Glastonbury

In our quest to check the reality of Glastonbury Pubs against the reviews in the Virtual World, we end up here.

From the outside, it looked much bigger than from the inside. An inverse Tardis.

Wadworths Pub - with three on. I've only previously had 6x, which I like, so I tried the Swordfish. It was superb. Very well kept.

Next weekend away - Devizes.

Special shout out for the jukebox, with an eclectic choice of home made mix cds and a select that aligns the bonzo Dog Doodah Band next to the best of the Wurzels.

16 Feb 2015 16:26

The King Arthur, Glastonbury

One of those madcap pubs full of interesting locals.

Four real ales on - three of them turned the other way around. I didnt know whether to risk the fact that this is a high turnover real ale pub or they didn't care much for it.

Went for a Cornish Korev.

Best praise I give it, is that its more appealing than the Mitre.

16 Feb 2015 16:23

The Mitre, Glastonbury

Youths smoking at the doorway.... Male Youth tells his girlfriend to "wait for me, you MotherF*****"

Mind boggles at choice of insult.

We decided that this probably wasn't the place for us and we walked on past.

16 Feb 2015 16:21

The Who'd A Thought It, Glastonbury

Our choice of venue to eat.... Great Steaks.

Great service and wonderful food.

Not really a beer drinkers pub, more a Gastropub, but the Palmers (never seen this before) 200 was absolutely spot on.

16 Feb 2015 16:19

The King William Inn, Glastonbury

Looking for a lunchtime boozer that had the football on - and this ticked the boxes.

The Butcombe was superb. Best I've had.

Decent lunch.

Interesting collection of regulars and tourists.


16 Feb 2015 16:17

The George and Pilgrim, Glastonbury

We were booked into stay here. Online research, including here, provided some very mixed results. Should I cancel the booking and move to the Premier Inn instead?

The lure of the oldest pub in the South West, Henry VIII being a previous visitor and a ghost proved too much to resist.

The Pub - Superb - lovely little alcoves and nooks and crannies. Two real ales on - Superb Golden Sheep and Otter (Which I didnt try). Nice whisky collection as well.

The Hotel - The rooms were fine - ascend a spiral staircase and you are in one of those elderly hotels of all creaking floors, sash windows and a hodgepodge of furniture. I would say it was expensive (£109) for what it was and the breakfast was a single sausage disappointment.

16 Feb 2015 16:16

The Shovel Inn, Lye

Walking back from Lye to Stourbridge, mainly to pop in here and try it out.

Lots of real ales on - maybe around 7 or 8. I tried an Abbeydale brewery ball of snow and then a Golden Hen.

Proper pub - worth checking out.

9 Feb 2015 11:51

The Windsor Castle Inn, Lye

Went on the brewery tour - highly recommended - and now I am big fan of the place and their beers.

Previously, I had tried a peaky blinder as they had it on as a special in my local. Whilst here, I tried the Worcesertshire Sourcery - which was superb.

The tour was interesting, lasted about 45 minutes and then we had a superb lunch and traded in our drinks vouchers.

Great place, and I will be back.

9 Feb 2015 11:49

The Royal Hotel, Purfleet

Friendly staff. Roomy. Hints of former glories.

No real ales. Some interesting light porter from guinness was unavailable. Choice between Worthingtons, Guinness, Grosch and cooking lager.

Only here cause the London Loop finished up here and there was no other pub between here and the station.

1 Feb 2015 17:42

The Antelope, Belgravia

Last of the night from my camera book of pub walks. Another gem a little off the beaten path. Would have liked to eat here but the upstairs restaurant had been taken over by a pub psychology evening. No I dont know, either.

Good pint of ESB in the ceremonial goblet.

21 Jan 2015 20:27

Duke Of Wellington, Belgravia

Another from my camera book. A locals pub selling a decent pint if Spitfire. TVs showing football.

21 Jan 2015 20:24

The Fox and Hounds, Belgravia

My experience was almost identical to the last review.... I came on a Camera pub walk (great book) which keeps leading me to gems like this. Apparently this was London's last beer house, with no spirits licence.

The pint of Young's I had was the best from that brewery I have had.


21 Jan 2015 20:22

The Bulls Head, Barston

Wow. Reviews are a funny thing, aren't they. This is a feature in Camra real ale guide for the last 20 years and the winner of Solihull pub of the year, several times over that period.

And here it gets 5.8 out of 10.

I am here for the walking (in the main) but couldn't resist checking it out.

The decor is straight from the 1930s. Check out the Bakelite Switches behind the bar.

The beer is fine - four real ales and a fine pint of hobsons for £3.40.

Lot of people here for the food, but I cannot comment on that.

Dog Friendly.

Worth a visit to make up your own mind and to drink like the dark clouds of war are forming over a distant Europe.

18 Jan 2015 15:40

Shrubbery Cottage, Stourbridge

Noticed on the Holdens Web Site that they have a number of tied pubs around the Black Country. Got to be worth an explore, hasn't it.

Popped into this one at 6:30pm on a Tuesday night. Quite busy with people having a pint after work. Typical suburban pub - the only frills were a bar mounted hot nut machine :-).

I've only ever seen Golden Glow before, this place had that and two other s - a bitter and a special. I went for the latter. It is better than Golden Glow.

My journey will continue :-)

14 Jan 2015 10:34

Old Waggon and Horses, Ismere

Driven past many times but only popped in for the first time last night.

No other punters in at 9pm but the landlord made us welcome. Sat by the open fire and a couple of other drinkers came in, so there was some atmosphere.

Two real ales on - Banks Bitter (fine quality) and Hobgoblin.

Food offers and dining area looked really good - two mains and a bottle of wine for £20 on a thursday looked a bargain!

14 Jan 2015 10:12

The Royal George Hotel, Birdlip

Impressive pub. Was walking the footpaths around the back of Birdlip and there was a lovely sign suggesting that they welcome walkers. Our path doesn't pass the pub, so we continued the walk and then headed up in the car.

Really its a hotel, but it has a fine bar that had three real ales on. I went for the cotwoldlionbrewery best in show beer, which was wonderful.

Will come back in, if passing.

14 Jan 2015 10:08

The Viaduct Tavern, St Pauls

Found myself walking from the city to farringdon and thought I'd pop back in. Just as I remember it although I would say beer quality has improved. Very nice London Pride at a slightly expensive £4.

7 Jan 2015 13:39

King Harold, Harold Wood

Loved the reviews on here :-)

After completing another stage of the London Loop, I was delighted to find a clean, modern pub with a roaring fire to dry off in front of.

Packed solid for a Saturday Afternoon.

Two beers on - Speckled Hen and Doom Bar. Both were in average condition.

4 Jan 2015 13:14

The Star Inn, Sparsholt

Not geared for drinkers - where the poor service as I sat at the bar and watched the bar staff become waitresses and waiters was something I have not encountered before.

Eventually (T+15 Minutes), when someone was manning the bar, I actually had to ask for a drink!

And the drink was a decent Loose Cannon Christmas Ale. Not heard of it before, but it was well kept and tasty.

Shame I was made to feel like a 2nd class citizen that could be served, provided I asked nicely and didn't upset the diners.

27 Dec 2014 18:45

The Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

Yeah - noticed the prices. Due to the evening crowds on the Thursday before XMAS, we doubled up on our rounds. 2xESB and a Large VAT provided £4 change from a score. Questioned the bar man on the price of the VAT and he said 8 or 9 quid.

I guess we are paying for the maintenance of the Dome. Either that, or the huge Xmas Tree that defied logic on how they got it in :-)

19 Dec 2014 15:04

Bacchus, Birmingham

In the Birmingham Mail top 10 bars in Birmingham to visit.

I simply cannot believe that I have not been here before.

Tucked down below a hotel/shopping arcade on New Street, its an oasis of fine decor - all in the roman style. Columns, water jugs, murals, paintings and so on.

An unexpected joy in the centre of BRM.

Beer was OK as well - say Korev Cornish Lager for the first time outside the South West.

19 Dec 2014 15:01

The Coal Hole, Strand

Nothing really to make this place stand out from a thousand other pubs.

Everything was OK with my visit and it served a purpose.

19 Dec 2014 14:57

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street

A must experience london pub - especially on a winter's night, where the roaring fire and dark wood add a certain dickensian feel to the experience.

Lovely dining room to the left of the main entrance - if you can get in. Tiny bar to the right. Large, Downstairs cellar below.

If only it wasn't a Sam Smiths pub - selling their odd beers.

19 Dec 2014 14:56

The Pied Bull, Chester

I went for an Adnams, as I recognised the brand. It was exceptional.

If they keep guest beers thus well, I probably missed out on what they brew on site. Only noticed the brewery signs after ordering.

Only complaint would be the heating..... Easily the hottest pub I have ever been in. :-)

8 Dec 2014 17:25

Red Lion, Chester

On the to do list... Arrived, looked through the window and saw that every empty table was piled high with dirty glasses. Duely off putting so went next door to the Pied Bull instead.

8 Dec 2014 17:22

The Ship Victory, Chester

My old good pub guide and pub crawl are less up to date than this site.

Mrs mappiman was delighted it was closed as it now looks like a spooky haunted house.

8 Dec 2014 17:19

Boathouse, Chester

Eating pub... Which was handy as we were here for Sunday Lunch.

Good food at £10 for the adult portion. Tip - we booked on line and got a 25% off voucher.

Good service and great location

8 Dec 2014 17:17

The Bear and Billet, Chester

Always looked really busy but we managed to squeeze in on the 4th time of passing whilst in Chester for a weekend away.

Decent pint of Orkells. Nice enough pub.

8 Dec 2014 17:15

The Brewery Tap, Chester

Far and away the best pub we found in Chester.

A good 7 hand pulled pints. Of course, I had never heard of any of them. Staffed gave recommendations and a decent pint of Smoked Autumn was had.

But it's the building you really want to go in for. How often do you get to drink in a mediaeval banqueting hall? Superb.

8 Dec 2014 17:13

The Albion Inn, Chester

A functioning pub or a tourist attraction for people who like WW1. Certainly unusual but after an initial visit, nothing would make me clamour to go back.

Food OK - but I would pass on the Oatcake with various stuffings... Overpriced.

Had black sheep on, but not on my side of the bar. Went for some seasonal xmassy beer which was decent.

8 Dec 2014 17:08

The Northumberland Arms, Fitzrovia

Nearest pub to my hotel, so had to be investigated. Two real ales and I went for the unfortunately named Dogs Bollocks. It was pretty decent to be fair.

To continue the story, two girls came in, sat on the next table and started to kiss. Not just a peck on the cheek, but full blooded snogging.

Well I didn't know where to look.

I am from Worcestershire. This doesn't happen here.

4 Dec 2014 21:39

The Grapes, Limehouse

Been here several times over the years as it is on the Thames path. Made a special visit last night after reading about it in the paper. Nice to see Timothy Taylor Landlord on and had a great meal. Well priced and delicious, even if they did bring the starter and main at same time. Perils of eating alone. Check out the river views from the non smoking terrace if you go. A classic pub.

4 Dec 2014 21:32

The Ship, Fitzrovia

One of the more interesting looking pubs in the area. Nice collection of nautical nick nacks. Think the girl serving me was in training was told by the more experienced one not to pour the Peroni to the top of the glass. For £5.20, I expect my cup to overfloweth

4 Dec 2014 21:25

The Crown and Anchor, Euston

Popped in cause i had to tell someone about the experience in the Drummond villa over the road. Check out TripAdvisor before entering there curry lovers.

Nice beer and attentive staff. Would come again.

26 Nov 2014 23:05

Charlie Wright's International Bar, Hoxton

Jazz Club.... Nice. Decent pint of ashai.

26 Nov 2014 22:55

The Victoria Inn, Eastleach Turville

gorgeous Cotswold pub very much looking like the centre of the community. Unfortunately I am not a fan of Arkells beer, which is a shame as every pub in the area seems to be tied to them. 3b was thin, tasteless and a little cloudy - which is probably how its meant to be. 3.10 a pint.

All the locals on Peroni and I should have taken it as a sign.

23 Nov 2014 07:58

The White Horse, Soho

A little gem really. I was heading up Carnaby Street and thought I would take in a last drink before the tube. I saw this up a side street and went to investigate. Lively, 5 real ales and the London Pride was in superb condition.

A good place and I will be back.

21 Nov 2014 18:12

The Coach and Horses, Soho

Exactly the same as it ever was. What is interesting is that the jars of pickled eggs (and other things) are looking more and more like something out of a horror movie. I keep going in the hope that someone will order one.

Wish they still had Lowenbrau.

21 Nov 2014 18:10

The Bloomsbury Tavern, Bloomsbury

OK pint of Spitfire. I liked the laid back atmosphere and the fact they had a couple of daily newspapers on the bar to read. A very typical London Pub.

21 Nov 2014 18:08

The Princess Louise, Holborn

Architecture still as beautiful as ever. Beer, still as pish as ever. And since when did Sam Smith's go up to £4.40 for a pint of their organic lager.

Well worth a visit for the experience. Better places to drink.

21 Nov 2014 18:07

The Cap 'n' Gown, Worcester

Potentially 4 real ales on, although 3 had run out over the weekend. I went for the one remaining Hooky. And it was superb. Pub is nice enough for a one room open plan building. Would come back for the beer.

17 Nov 2014 21:17

Royal Oak, Ambleside

A revisit, as we noticed they had a singer on a Sunday night. Good choice of unusual ales and I had to try thirst blood at 6%. It was superb. As was the singer.

3 Nov 2014 20:34

Queen's Hotel, Ambleside

Still as bonkers as I remember it. Cellar bar no longer has bluebird, so we went back to the main bar. Great selection of ales. Went Bluebird for 3.30. Was superb. Then there was a public barring of a couple arguing. First time I have seen this happen for an age.

A very odd place.

3 Nov 2014 20:31

The Unicorn, Ambleside

Anothet Ambleside visit. Only beer conumed and the Hartley XB was the best of the weekend.

3 Nov 2014 20:26

The Talbot Arms, Settle

Great pub. At least 5 real ales on.

Most were new to be and I tried a couple in the interest of science. They were both superbly kept. Perfect.

Added bonus - next to my B&B. Which is equally lovely.

1 Nov 2014 22:37

The Royal Oak Hotel, Settle

Terrible beer.

Should have been suspicious that there was only one real on. Theakstons Bitter.

I went for it. It was so cloudy that I left it. And I am as tight as a gnats chuff.

I seriously hope it doesnt cause me problems on the fells tomorrow.

Nice interior.

1 Nov 2014 22:35

Thirteen Wine Bar, Settle

Reviews here are spot on.

Dark Horse Best Bitter was superb.

Mrs Mappiman wasnt so keen on the unisex toilets.

Much better than a wine bar.

1 Nov 2014 22:32

The Golden Lion, Settle

If you come here to eat, I implore you to eat the Settle Pudding. I would say its one of the best meals out I have had. The beer is none to shabby either, with a good collection of Thwaites. The lancaster bomber was the pick.

The service was pretty hopeless for diners. They were just too busy. No sweet offered and a long queue to pay the bill.

All said, a fine pub - with stunning food.

I wont forget it.

1 Nov 2014 22:29

Robin Hood, Orrell

Looking for a good food pub after moving our daughter into the area. Internet based research suggested this was the place to go.

God bless the Internet.

Two rooms, one for the footie and the other for diners. 3 ales on and the Hardybutt I went for was perfect. Super food, well priced.

Great pub.

27 Oct 2014 16:58

Black Star, Stourport on Severn

Grand reopening last night. At last, a pub that has decent beer. Wye valley tied and the butty Bach was spot on. Will be back.

19 Oct 2014 18:38

The Cock and Dragon, Cockfosters

Coming to the end of an 11 mile leg of the London loop - a pub is just what is needed. This is a very impressive building and looks just the ticket. Enter and there is a cacophony of noise.... Little kids screaming at the football. All a bit off putting. It is peeing the harassed bar staff off their work, as they loose track of who is next to be served. Took pint outside to escape the ambiance. Food looked nice.

19 Oct 2014 18:33

The Royal Exchange, Paddington

£5.50 for a peroni. Still, I could have people watched all afternoon. Old fella whoa horse came in at 8-1. Lady with two huge glasses of white wine and a Sunday roast on the go. Gay couple with a baby. Very friendly Asian bar man. Lovely looking joint of beef in a pie warmer behind the bar. All this at 3pm on a Wednesday. Only in Ldn.

15 Oct 2014 19:56

Rob Roy, Paddington

All boarded up. Another dead pub. rip.

15 Oct 2014 19:51

The Golden Eagle, Bond Street

Its one of my last unexplored pubs in the camera book of pub crawls for Marylebone. Classic no frills old school boozer. London Pride decent at £4.25. Liked the fact it advertises itself as an imbibing emporium.

15 Oct 2014 19:44

The Black Bull, Edinburgh

Blimey - nobody reviews since i was last here three years ago.

No band tonight but excellent service in a very busy pub. Guy behind bar even came out to wipe down tables when we took our drinks.

This always gets a extra pint.

Lots of choice down here, but nothing wrong with this place.

6 Oct 2014 21:03

The Malt Shovel, Edinburgh

Glad I wasnt the only one to question the prices. I was quite incredulous that my pint was £4.10 and a diet coke was £2.25. Actually questioned the bar man.

The Loch Ness was excellent and its probably only slightly more expensive than other pubs visited but for some reason It stood out.

Nice enough place and breaks up the stiff walk up Cockburn St.

6 Oct 2014 21:01

The Pot Still, Glasgow

Sort out, having seen that a) it was recommended and b) is on the way from Queen Street to the Hydro - where we were going for Still Game.

What a Gem of a pub. 666 different whiskies. I tried to work out how much stock that was but gave up confused.

Too early for the water of life, so had a very decent Guinness. Super pub.

6 Oct 2014 20:55

Cloisters Bar, Edinburgh

Found because of the Camra Real Ale Pub Walks for Edinburgh. These books are wonderful.

I would have never have found this place otherwise.

Unfortunately, it was a flying visit as we had a table booked elsewhere in the City - as I would have loved to have stayed longer.

There was a choice of many previously unheard of beers. I went for one that was being poured for another punter and was a red beer. Not had one before. I think I need more before knowing whether I liked it.

It was in superb condition.

Will be back.... for no other reason than I need to finish the walk (Bennett's Bar, Doctors and Sandy Bells).

6 Oct 2014 20:52

The White Hart Inn, Edinburgh

What a choice along here. Biddy Mulligans was too busy - likewise, the Last Drop.

Came in here on a Friday and there was a great singer/guitarist doing requests from printed sheets. People made room to allow us to sit down and soon engaged in conversation.

Apparently, I need to go to St Andrews next time I am north of the border.

After a weekend of drinking great beer - the 80 Shillings in here was far and away my favourite.

Great pub.

6 Oct 2014 20:48

The Bow Bar, Edinburgh

Read some recent comments about keeping it down if you are an Englishman. I my most recent visit, I don't think there was a single Scot in there. The barman was Australian and the rest of the Clientele were flatulent Germans.

Beer is always good, even if you don't know the brands.

A wonderful smell of Lapgroig managed to overpower the fellow euro-drinkers.

A great pub. Love it.

6 Oct 2014 20:45

The Guildford Arms, Edinburgh

Unfairly, the only time I seem to come in here is when you cannot move in the Cafe Royal next door. This is not a negative review, as this pub stands up on its own merits. Busy - but not as small as next door.

Still love them both.

6 Oct 2014 20:40

Milnes Bar, Edinburgh

Been in here many times over the years. Its cavernous and seems to be on several levels.

I came in here most recently to escape the rain. A bewildering array of real ales - I went for an Amber Ale, who's name I forget.

All very enjoyable. In any other city, it would be a stand out bar - but there is just so much choice in Edinburgh.

6 Oct 2014 20:38

The Hop Pole Inn, Bromsgrove

A couple of visits over the last year. Handy for the Artrix, with an alley connecting the two. A pair of real ales, both well kept. Very friendly landlord.

24 Sep 2014 15:44

The Hollybush, Stourport

Currently the only pub in Stourport I would go in. Always unusual guest ales. Some have been superb - Cotswold way and Double Header. Usually has a band on a Saturday night. Take your own pegs for the Crib Board :-)

22 Sep 2014 20:40

The Victoria and Albert, Marylebone Station

Railway station pub. Better places to go locally.

22 Sep 2014 20:34

The Windsor Castle, Marylebone

Two Windsor Castles in Marylebone and this is the better of the two. Some outdoor seating and a quaint interior. Decent pint.

22 Sep 2014 20:33

The Rising Sun, Bewdley

Friendly, traditional pub, nice beer garden, good pint of hobsons.

22 Sep 2014 20:28

The Crown Inn, Martley

All up and running now after a major refurb. Selection of Worcestershire ales... Perfectly drinkable. Nice beer garden.

10 Sep 2014 22:43

Marquis of Cornwallis, Bloomsbury

Like this pub. Especially as they Black Sheep on.

7 Sep 2014 19:39

The Fox and Anchor, Smithfield

Sort out for the legendary "city boy breafast". Think FEB crossed with a mixed grill. With a pint of stout. At 9am.

Wonderful building, location and service.

An unforgettable experience.

7 Sep 2014 19:37

The Hammersmith Ram, Hammersmith

To avoid bloating up with beer at the forthcoming Kate Bush concert, I went for a red wine. Please dont revoke my BITE membership. It was a first offence. Suspicions raised when one bar man told the other to use the other bottle. Suspicions further aroused when Charged 6.95. All aleviated on imbiming... It was delicious.

7 Sep 2014 19:33

The Hope and Anchor, Hammersmith

It's in the camra pub walks in london. It is no longer a pub. Another dead soldier.

7 Sep 2014 19:30

The Sherlock Holmes, Charing Cross

Timothy taylor boltmaker on. Not seen it before. Ptobably got the name wrong. Great location.... Not as much tat as I was expecting.

7 Sep 2014 19:26

The Royal Oak, Evesham

I can report to BITE that its is now open. But it won't be for long, unless the people of Evesham start using it.

I have not been to this town before. The location and attractive building tempted me in.

We sat in the Bar alone. There were two diners in the back. And a handful of smokers outside.

Most reasonable round i have paid for in a long time and the Doom Bar was the best I have had of this variety since being in Cornwall.

Really pleasant staff and lovely inside. Recommended.

2 Sep 2014 21:32

The Eagle and Spur, Cookley

Evening walk and a choice of two pubs to go to. I was all for the bulls head but Mrs Mappiman on her trusty smartphone informed me this one had the higher rating.

She got them the wrong way around.

I will have to come back to compare.

Choice of two real ales - one named after the pub and Brains SA.

Looked like a lot of incentives to punters going on - day time cafe, entertainment an food.

1 Sep 2014 21:00

The Wharf Inn, Holt Fleet

Must have picked the wrong night to come in.

Four deep at the bar with one person serving. No sense of order as to who was next and it was just going to get messy.

Gave up and popped over the bridge to a pub that cannot be reviewed here, as its not listed. This was the opposite. An unmanned bar.

Shame - as they had Otter and Butty Bach on and it has a pleasant patio. Maybe one for the winter, when the caravanners have gone home.

28 Aug 2014 20:20

The Tudor Rose, Marylebone

Interesting building. Friendly barman extolling the virtues of Portugal.

20 Aug 2014 18:42

The Gunmakers, Marylebone

Had to check it out when passing. Lived up to expectations.... Very nice inside.

20 Aug 2014 18:39

The Barley Mow, Marylebone

Nearly all the real ales were off.

20 Aug 2014 18:38

The Globe, Baker Street

Its very rare I leave a pint but the London Pride was shockingly bad. Would have taken it back but the post work brigade descended on mass and I couldn't get near the bar.

Handy place to meet up with people.

20 Aug 2014 18:36

The Beehive, Marylebone

Normally, my camra book of pub walks does not let me down. Marylebone is my new station home. Pub 1 poisoned me. Pub 2 is a rib shack. This was pub 3. No longer a pub, an ex-pub.

Should I beg for my old job back?

14 Aug 2014 20:57

The Wargrave Arms, Marylebone

Ribs. Ribs. Ribs ribs ribs ribs ribs. Ribs.

14 Aug 2014 20:53

Windsor Castle, Marylebone

Uhmm. I've been once before. The decor is superb. You could spend an age looking at the photos and knick knacks. I had a pint of 6x. I know its not meant to be this cloudy and should have taken it back. But the cask marque badge lured me into a sense of false security. I don't want to elaborate much more, other than to say I was grateful my train pulled in when it did. Worst pint I have ever had.

14 Aug 2014 20:30

The Allsop Arms, Marylebone

Interesting building. Masses of people outside but they were waiting for the bus. Popped in as I was 30 minutes early for a train from Marylebone which is just along the road. Nice pint of golden hen. Sure I will be back.

11 Aug 2014 22:04

Admiral Rodney Inn, Martley

Go on a Thursday if you like steak. Two for Twenty Quid - or thirty if you have a bottle of red.

Excellent food.

Lovely surroundings - we ate on the patio out the front.

Three or four real ales on - but I was taking part in the higher expensed offer.

8 Aug 2014 13:58

Chequers Inn, Fladbury

Architecturally a strange pub. Looked like new build houses pretending to be a pub.

Obviously setup for food - which looked very nice.

We say outside on a lovely patio. I went in and was offered the choice of two of my favourites - Timothy Taylor Golden (never seen in these parts before) and black sheep (rarely seen).

Went for the TT.

It was superb.

6 Aug 2014 21:46

The Golden Heart, Shoreditch

Superb reviews here. I want to go back! Couldn't pass it by, having been here many years ago. When I saw Tracey.

This time just some five a side footballers.

Super Timothy Taylor and a great jukebox.

Definately coming back.

27 Jul 2014 21:01

The Ten Bells, Shoreditch

Always go in when in th area. This time I had been completing a jack the ripper themed geocache and needed to work out the clue. Barmaid correctly identified me as a JTR tourist but the Connoisseur of beer tgat I am. Manky stella black, not even in the ceremonial glass.

Still, I found the geocache.

Romantic fool that I am, I will be back one day.

27 Jul 2014 20:49

The Good Samaritan, Whitechapel

A flying visit whilst looking for jack the ripper locations. I know how to live. Typical london boozer. All very pleasant.

27 Jul 2014 20:41

The Three Horseshoes, Alveley

I go to a lot of pubs. I don't think I have met a cheerier landlord. Received an hello when I went in the car park after a walk in the beautiful shropshire countryside, another one when I ordered our drinks and a cheery wave goodbye when we left.

A couple of real ales on and I spied Bathams in bottles in the Fridge but after a walk on the hottest day of 2014, I had a lovely pint of Stella and sat in the garden, looking over the severn valley to the clee hills.

This is why I won't emigrate.

17 Jul 2014 20:59

The Talbot, Worcester

Yep, that's a photo of the Talbot in Worcester!

Choice of three pubs in Kempsey. The more extravagantly named one over the road is closed on Mondays.

Good pint of banks bitter.

14 Jul 2014 23:14

The General Eliott, Uxbridge

Who, or what, are the MLC? Walking the London loop, this was the first open pub after 10 long miles. Best Stella I have ever had :-)

Great location along the canal. Perfect for my needs.

14 Jul 2014 23:11

The Eagle and Sun, Droitwich

Entered through the beer garden, where all the tables had empties, through the restaurant, where all the tables were covered with used plates to a bar literally covered in used glasses. This was a Monday night. Either the busiest pub in the world or staffed by people who don't tidy up. Had a pint of real ale works - not seen before - which was excellent.

7 Jul 2014 23:33

The Tavern On The Green, Manhattan

Central park is massive and this makes a natural stop for refreshments. Nice beer garden :-)

1 Jul 2014 21:41

The Dead Poet, Manhattan

Staying near by and put "Irish pubs" into google maps and was led here. I should have used beer in the evening.

This is a classic bar, long, thin, noisey, great tunes. A fine collection of Irish whiskies, one of which - green man - I had never seen and cried out to be sampled.

An experience.

1 Jul 2014 21:39

The Eagle and Serpent, Kinlet

Passing and popped in for a pint. Town Crier was as good as I have had anywhere. Looks like a lot of people using the place for food. Recommended.

16 Jun 2014 14:07

The Friend at Hand, Bloomsbury

Found myself in the at Russell Square tube and popped in as I used to frequent this pub when staying at local hotels. Air condition so its colder than the freezer section of a supermarket, I took my pint out to the relative warmth of the outside seating. And what a pint..... black sheep in central london. Nithing outstanding and nice enough.

8 Jun 2014 12:13

The Stanhope Arms, Kensington

Always busy, which makes for a great atmosphere. Always seems to be full of proper old school drinkers. Often stay in one of the nearby hotels and always make a point of popping in.

29 May 2014 21:08

The Kings Arms, Soho

Me and my adventures. I wanted to get a last pint in Poland St, home of Derek Raymond's classic crime novels. Choice of two pubs and I went for this one as it had the blue cask mark and another sign proclaiming it the home of the druids.

I enter and find myself in a real ale pub for gay bears.

well I never.

Decent real ale. And someone tried to Bluetooth me some pictures. Which was nice.

My 20 year old daughter away at Manchester uni has explained to me the meaning of the rainbow flag. We don't have those in Worcestershire.

An experience and I will be back once I am more hirsute.

29 May 2014 21:04

The Toucan, Soho

Been on the to visit for a while and found myself in the area. Had to be Guinness. When ordered, asked if I wanted to drink outside. For the best part of a fiver, I wanted the full glass experience. So sat inside alone. Investigated downstairs. Barman eating his lunch. Came back upstairs and was entertained by a street band, oblivious to the fact they were upsetting a punters dog. Not sure where it's reputation has come from.

29 May 2014 20:47

The Fleet Inn, Twyning

Can only assume that the place has had a revamp recently. We had Sunday Lunch and found service, beer and food quality excellent. Lovely location. Great experience.

29 May 2014 20:40

The Doric Arch, Euston

Delighted to report that the two leather wing back chairs have survived the make over.

You lot can leave them alone. I have bagsied them.

Still my favourite pub in the area. Superb beer.

19 May 2014 14:27

Bell and Cross, Holy Cross

Can't say too much about the pub, as I only sat in the Garden. In a break from tradition, the Mrs got the drinks in. With only 2 gold coins and some shrapnel left from a tenner, she was dismayed - but then again, when was the last time she bought two pints?

My Timothy Taylor landlord was superb. The food smelled superb from the garden. I think i will come back and have a meal and provide a proper update.

8 May 2014 21:59

The Queens Head, Wolverley

Great village... Lots of interesting buildings. Pub is the focal point of the village, with scores of people heading in to discuss the next panto! Three real ales but after a walk on a warm evening, I went for a very average kronenbourg.

30 Apr 2014 22:31

The Fort Inn, Newquay

Wanted to check it out cause of the high score on here. Cheap food place by the looks of it but an excellent tribute.

22 Apr 2014 18:04

The Sailors Arms, Newquay

Good for the footie. Pity the albion didnt tyurn up. Great skinners ale. Liked it.

22 Apr 2014 18:02

The Central, Newquay

Was it really £6 for a pint of korev and half a rattler. Nasty clientelle. Avoid.

22 Apr 2014 17:59

St Agnes Hotel, St Agnes

We were walking from the coast to the beacon and down intyo the town. A warm, dog friendly welcome and the best breakfast we have had for a long time. The st austell hsd was spot on. Fotgive me, I am on my holidays :-)

22 Apr 2014 17:58

The Smugglers Den Inn, Newquay

Very much a foodie pub..... Which was great, as we were eating. Excellent service and food. Skinners ale in great condition.

22 Apr 2014 17:55

Treguth Inn, Holywell Bay

Thatched pub. When we got in on a rainy night, water was dripping through the ceiling. Turned out this was from the flat roof, not the thatched roof. We had excerllent service andf as decent pint of doombar.

22 Apr 2014 17:54

The Merrymoor Inn, Mawgan Porth

Never seen Sharpes Own before. And I like it. Great location. Friendly Staff. Great Pint. Thanks.

19 Apr 2014 21:56

The Mermaid Inn, Porth

In all my time reviewing pubs, I don't think I have ever been more surprised. From the outside, this does not look much. From the inside, this does not look much. The scores of families, including a Jack Russell being dragged around the pub by a couple of 4 year olds does not inspire much confidence. The fact they don't allow a tab to be set up seems surprising.

But the beer is exceptional. The Betty Stogs was the best that I have had of that particular brand. And the food was exceptional. Absolutely perfect and very good portions. Getting back up the hill was a problem, and I only had three Betty Stoggs.

Best pub meal I have had for a long, long time. Beer was perfect. We will be back for the quiz :-)


19 Apr 2014 21:51

The Fingle Bridge Inn, Drewsteignton

Who would have thought there is a pub at the end of this seemingly narrow road to nowhere? I was here for the walking and a stupendous walk it was too. We parked here early and it was empty, did the walk and people were nearly fighting for a space. And the pub? Fresh Scones... three real ales.... My gun dog was superb (this was the ale). Fantastic.

19 Apr 2014 21:43

Patriots Arms, Chiseldon

A pub that is trying very hard to make a go of it. I only popped in for a pint, but you could tell what it was trying to do. OK pint of London Pride.

19 Apr 2014 21:36

The Bell Inn, Nottingham

Multiple bars and a tardis like interior. A pint of Bell for me. Sat in the window and watch the variety and madness of a wednesday night student fancy dress parade. My god, what a sight.

27 Mar 2014 19:31

The Pit and Pendulum, Nottingham

So a bit of a sense of deja vu, having drank in the jekyl and hyde in edinburgh for a number of years. No real ales on. Stella had just gone. Becks vier was tasteless pish, but that may be how it is meant to taste. Music excruitaitingly loud. Nice burners outside.

27 Mar 2014 19:27

The Orange Tree, Nottingham

Contunuing my exploration of Nottingham Boozers, I stumble on this place. Large, proper looking pub. Couple of real ales on. Decent pub.

27 Mar 2014 19:21

Deacons, Salisbury

After visiting a few in the centre, I came here as it had one of the best scores on this site.

Shows that you never can tell.

It was all the things the last reviewer said. With very broken sofas.

Beer was nothing special.

Not worth the walk.

21 Mar 2014 11:39

Cloisters, Salisbury

Our choice for a place to eat. Reserved table was lovely and service excellent. The place was full and a man came in muttering "That's Just Great", as all the tables were full.

The staff new him. He must come in for his tea every saturday. They plonked him on a table with a couple who were out for a meal. Hope it wasn't intended to be a romantic one!

21 Mar 2014 11:38

Wig and Quill, Salisbury

Huge pub, with hardly anyone in it early on a Saturday night. There was an interesting band on at 9pm but we had a table booked - so had to move on.

21 Mar 2014 11:36

The New Inn, Salisbury

Made with real badger beer. Wasnt that on the side of can of Shandy?

Came in on a Saturday night. Full of leary rugby watcher having farting competitions and talking about what they would do to girls. If only they weren't fat and fatulent.

Mrs Mappiman was not impressed.

21 Mar 2014 11:35

The Market Inn, Salisbury

First pub that we called in Salisbury. Enjoyed a pint of TT Landlord, looking out over the Market Square.

21 Mar 2014 11:33

The Old Mill, Salisbury

Stayed here. Olde Worlde hotel experience. Everything was as you would expect and a decent breakfast.

The pub is perfect - low beams - couple of real ales - Abbot and Speckled Hen. I was hoping for a local speciality. Beer fine. Staff great. Superb location for views across to the cathedral

21 Mar 2014 11:30

The Red Lion, Avebury

A perfect looking pub - in the middle of the stone circles. Very busy but staff coped well and no queue at bar. I had a pint of the Avebury Well. Very decent.

Cant see why this pub has such a low rating

21 Mar 2014 11:26

The Bell, Amesbury

Wetherspoons. You know what you are getting. Unless you are in Wilshire, where there is always cake on the bar to purchase.

21 Mar 2014 11:24

The Grosvenor, Nottingham

Staying at the hotel over the road and needed to escape the teenagers on training courses doing shots.

Came in late. Just as place was closing up. A very average pub in a City with some real gems.

21 Mar 2014 11:23

The Salutation Inn, Nottingham

Nottingham has more than its share of interesting pubs. Somehow, I managed to enter a time warp as I entered this place. The jukebox was belting out Whitesnake. Poodle permed men had bandanas hanging out of their jeans arse pockets.

The beer looked plentiful. My 6x was wishy washy. I came, I saw, I laughed, I will not be returning.

9 Mar 2014 15:47

The Roundhouse, Nottingham

You really are spoilt for choice. Stumbled on by chance, but was intrigued by the inscription saying that this was the place that Charles I asked "Nottingham, are you with me?".

Went inside and spotted my favourite - TT Landlord. Superb, in ceremonial glass. The fact that the had scratching presented in a little bowl, just added to things.

5 Mar 2014 15:03

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Nottingham

A must visit for anyone who likes pubs. I came once before on a saturday and it was mentally busy. Back mid week evening and it was almost empty - allowing me to investigate and yes, take photos. The beer was very good as well, which was almost a bonus. Unique.

5 Mar 2014 15:00

The Malt Cross, Nottingham

Loved this place and am beginning to think that Nottingham does not have a bad pub. Everyone I have been in is a classic of its type. This was a real surprise - unusual architecture - great choice of beers with a little jam pot showing you the colour of the ale for those that dont recognise the name and a band on up in the gallery. Turned out they were a very good band, who had been played on Radio1 earlier in the week. For free....

Will come back.

5 Mar 2014 14:58

The Red Lion, Birmingham

Posh, in a pub chainy kind of the way. The sort of place where the food comes in on the back of a lorry, i would think. Nice pint of pure amber ale. Only problem was the fire was billowing smoke into the pub.

4 Mar 2014 07:16

The Swan Hotel, Alvechurch

Is it open? Wasnt at lunch time on a saturday.

4 Mar 2014 07:13

The Coach and Horses, Weatheroak Hill

What a find! After completing the brummie ring ( we wanted somewhere to celebrate. This was found on the internet, but we didn't know what to expect. How about a board of around 10 real ales, half brewed on site? How about stew and dumplings for 6 quid.

Dead close to m42 j3, so I will be back.

4 Mar 2014 07:12

The Golden Fleece, Nottingham

Good looking pub and the cask mark sign seemed promising. Very ropey pint of doom bar. Disappointing.

1 Mar 2014 07:39

The Forest Tavern, Nottingham

Big sign calling it the Maze, but the window etchings pointed it to its former name. Now a music venue. Mkes a change from a gastropub conversion or tesco direct. First ever castle rock pint and i got a loyalty card. Unique.

1 Mar 2014 07:35

The Lincolnshire Poacher, Nottingham

First pub in nottingham that I have been to for a while. A good choice. Got in early, just as a folk band were setting up. Plenty of real ale choice and i went for something very predictable, london pride. Will come here again.

1 Mar 2014 07:30

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

In the area walking. Did my research using the fancyapint book, who stated it was a little piece of yorkshire, selling Timothy Taylor. Get there, see the bar towells, all proclaiming good old TT. Ask for a pint of Landlord and they only have it at festivals!

Only one real ale bitter on a couple of weirdy flavoured ones.

Nice enough but as an outsider, i cant understand how it had won all the CAMRA awards.

16 Feb 2014 19:12

The White Swan, Solihull

So this is where everyone is on a saturday afternoon. Having tried a couple of places and only had reasonable real ale (everywhere seems to think Hobgoblin is the answer) I decided to give this a go in the hope of a decent pint.

It was absolutely rammed solid. Football on with text. Range of beers but I played safe and went for an Abbott - which was fine.

Wetherspoons in a nutshell.

26 Jan 2014 14:12

The Masons Arms, Solihull

Uhmm.. Not too impressed. Looks fantastic from the outside and in prime location. Inside, there is a nice bar for drinkers and then a cavernous room for eaters - surprisingly complete with the only TV with the football on. So you get loads of fans at the bar, with everyone else eating underneath.

And the eating. Simple fare, reasonably priced but I just hate places that serve you food and then tell you where to find the cutlery and condiments. Surely its part of the experience to be given a knife and fork with your meal.

Interesting pint of Theaskston black mild. I hadn't read the smallprint.

26 Jan 2014 14:10

The Saddlers Arms, Solihull

Chosen as a place to look out for, as I made my way into Solihull for the first time, as I create the brummiering. This place had nearly the highest score here - so needed to be checked out. Large, old school pub - geared up for the football. Had a quick pint of decent real ale (forget which) but it wasnt hobgoblin. This seems to be the favourite solihull tipple.

26 Jan 2014 14:07

The Old Contemptibles, Birmingham

Looked at this place many times from the train, as it pulls into snow hill. Today, decided to visit. Loved the way you emerge from behind the curtain into a full on victorian gin palace. Great decor. Great choice of real ales. I think i picked tge wrong one as the doom bar was grim. Tasted flat and watery. Will give it the benefit and try again.

22 Jan 2014 19:49

The Grenadier, Belgravia

Christ on a bike, going downhill with no brakes.... Please tell me my landlord was not £4.75 a pint. There is a sixnstage multi geocache that brings you here. Would never have found it without that. Fantastic location and packed.... So it must be a little secret. I thought the barman said 4 pound something, but the true amount was lost in the added order for crisps.

21 Jan 2014 22:19

The Lamb and Flag, Covent Garden

Just noticed how much is a pint here.... £4.25 for an ESB.

19 Jan 2014 12:56

The Harp, Covent Garden

Cant believe that I haven't found this one before. Must have read about it somewhere, as its been on my to do list for a while. Went in on a Saturday afternoon. Crowded to the point of stupidity, especially the narrow bit where it is impossible to pass without knocking into someone. Still, there is a reason why it is so busy, the incredible selection of beers. I went for a very good sussex best. Will come back - hopefully at a quieter location.

19 Jan 2014 12:53

The Barley Mow, Marylebone

Distinctive pub that had to be checked out. Very old worlde inside. Reminded me a little of the Coach and Horses in Soho, with the wood interior. My sort of place but the London Pride was edging to the side of ropey. Will try again.

17 Jan 2014 14:20

The Prince Regent, Marylebone

A very typical, well to do, London Pub. Dark ambiance. Relatively empty mid week. Decent pint of Doom Bar.

17 Jan 2014 14:18

Royal Oak, Cardington

We came fir the fidgit pie, having read about it in a travel magazine. Parked up, did a walk in the hills to get a suitable appetite and then to the pub. Beer - choice of 3. Should have gone for the local ludlow beer but couldnt resist the doom bar. Food was excellent, good value and generous portions. Very busy for a sat lunch. Considering how out in the sticks it is, this must be because of their reputation.

Great experience.

12 Jan 2014 14:15

The Talbot, Knightwick

Used as a base to complete a walk. Got back and offered the choice of This, That or T'Other. Made use of the descriptions on the wall to work out that That would be the preferred!

Nice pint, food looked lovely. Great experience.

26 Dec 2013 16:41

The Sovereign of the Seas, Petts Wood

Getting older... I am starting to like Wetherspoons. When in a strange place, they can be relied on to be clean and serve a decent pint. This was no exception.

14 Dec 2013 14:49

The Red Lion, Bromsgrove

Came simply because it is in the top 10 in worcestershire on this site.

Busy at lunch. Bar man knew everyone by name. Decent pint of Ringwood FortyNiner.

Proper pub.

14 Dec 2013 14:47

The Old Millstone, Macclesfield

Quick coffee whilst waiting for family to come back on train.

Friendly staff. They had to make a fuss of me, I was the only punter.

14 Dec 2013 14:46

The Boot Inn, Flyford Flavell

A bold banner claims that its Worcestershire number 1 pub. Not on this website it isnt!

The steaks did look impressive but I was only here for a quick post walk pint.

Excellent London Pride in cermonial glass.

14 Dec 2013 14:43

The Dog and Duck, Soho

My favourite type of London Pub. Heaving downstairs, but I needed some food. They have an upstairs restaurant, called Orwell Bar, which was quiet. Could watch the world of Soho through the window.

Food and pint both excellent and good value.

14 Dec 2013 14:41

The Old Crown, Deritend

Went because I had read it was Birmingham's oldest building. Got there at 11:54 and waited a few mins for it to open. Not much in the choice of real ale (hobgoblin and marstons) so went for an American IPA called Shipbuilder. It was pretty good. Food was very reasonably priced as well.

I would come back.

9 Dec 2013 21:31

The Hostelrie at Goodrich, Goodrich

Nice pub, visited after a good walk in the superb local countryside. Cheery hello from landlord and a decent butty bach. Looked good for food.

8 Dec 2013 21:28

Cafe Royal, Edinburgh

Still the best - Winter Warmer was superb. I never tire of popping in here - a must for any pub lover in Edinburgh.

2 Dec 2013 15:38

The Inn on the Mile, Edinburgh

First time in for a couple of years - its now been rebranded the "Inn on the Mile". Central bar has gone and a major refurb.

All very nice.

Friendly staff, and unlike several other bars/pubs in Edinburgh, they were happy to let my 16 year old boy have a coke. a cola, for the benefit of doubt.

Got a bit fed up of being turfed out of my favourite watering holes for the crime of having teenagers.

2 Dec 2013 15:36

The Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

I haven't been paying attention, I have never noticed a fullers pub outside the smoke.

We could see this from the balcony of the Wellington (another one not to be missed) and had to check it out.

Absolutely heaving, but we managed to get a couple of pews at the bar. We could sit and admire the architecture and the service of the barstaff, which was outstanding in such a busy place.

I never noticed the price - told you I didnt pay attention - but my ESB was superb. Worthy of a photo.

Would definitely come back.

25 Nov 2013 16:22

The Wellington, Birmingham

My definition of a fine pub. Packed on a saturday afternoon, with people escaping the nonsense that is the German Market.

But dont fear, they have added an upstairs bar and a roof terrace. And as I have a new fjallraven alpine coat, I was prepared to pretend it was summer.

Superb beer. Mrs Mappiman went belgium and had a leffe in a cermonial glass and i went for the hearty ale. The bloke before me had it and it looked the right colour. Superb pint.

My place to go in the 2nd city.

25 Nov 2013 16:18

The Bear and Ragged Staff, Crayford

Lunchtime stop off on the london loop. Great pint of old golden hen. Seemed nice enough.

17 Nov 2013 22:52

Cambrinus, Bruges

Another great Bruges Experience. We were lucky to get a seat at the bar at 10pm on a midweek night. I had downloaded a bruges pub walk guide which recommended a brew that is not commercially available elsewhere. It came with floaty bits - but I am sure this was by design.

3 Nov 2013 16:14

The Vine, West Bromwich

Been meaning to come here on match day for a long time. Its mad - they must make all their money on one Saturday every fortnight. The pub has extension upon extension, making it rather a rambling experience but we need somewhere to house all those Baggie fans. Food menu (indian and indoor BBQ) looked very interesting.

An experience.

3 Nov 2013 16:12

The Plough Inn, Kingham

Been meaning to come here for a long time. We were too muddy after our walk to go inside, but there is a nice patio area outside. Boots off, I went in and admired the fine decor before ordering a decent Hookey Lion.

Food smelt too good for a man and woman with only £15 left from their £20 rations!

Quick drink and back out for the rest of the walk.

3 Nov 2013 16:07

't Brugs Beertje, Bruges

Ooh... my first international beerintheevening review. Having got the hang of looking through a menu to work out what beer to order from another pub, I put my new skills into action.

I thought I was being sophisticated by ordering a rare 10% fishing ale, adorned with spices for an extra kick. I didn't know that it was compulsory to pronounce it correctly though. The barman, who was also proud of his lack of Wi-Fi, wouldn't give it me until I got it right!

That's how serious they take their beer in this town and I am all for it. We were lucky to get the window table and try another couple from the menu - although Banana Beer is never going to cut it with me. Great place to listen to the international audience talking about how many steps there are in the Belfy and the locals to just ignore them and get on with practicing their vowels.


28 Oct 2013 17:31

Rutland Arms, Hammersmith

Last of the night before heading to the Apollo. Probably the least special of all the pubs that we visited in the area - but we have been rather spoiled.

28 Oct 2013 17:26

The Dove Inn, Hammersmith

I simply love places like this. You can smell the history. Like a museum, I would be happy to pay an entrance fee.

Great pint of London Pride and we worked our way to the terrace around the back to get up on the elevated section. Terrific location.

Then a couple came and sat next to us. Thought I recognised a face from work 10 years ago and sure enough, it was him. Shouldn't have been that surprised, as he was also a massive Nick Cave fan and this was the reason we were both in the area.

28 Oct 2013 17:22

The Old Ship, Hammersmith

This isn't in the Camra pub walk guide, but looked too imposing to pass on by. What a location. We sat outside and I had a Youngs Golden Something. Not shower, something else. Even finished off our meal started at the Black Lion by sharing a pudding here.

Handsome pub.

28 Oct 2013 17:18

The Black Lion, Hammersmith

#2 of the Hammersmith Tour. We got hit by a rainstorm and needed somewhere to shelter and to eat. Kind of struck gold with this place. Lots of dog and children adding to the bo-ho atmosphere. All the tables were reserved for 6:30pm, but the staff offered to serve us as long as we were gone by then. London Pride was perfect, as was the food. They have some special oven for cooking chicken and it was the best I have ever tasted. And I have been to Nandos.

28 Oct 2013 17:14

The Salutation, Hammersmith

My guidebook for London is the a camra pub walks and today, I am ticking off the Hammersmith walk. Start in reverse, as I want to end up for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, who are on in the Apollo. So this is the first. King Street has little charm but this boozer was a classic of its type. Good pint of London Pride, although when I got around the corner, I saw they had ESB. Sat and watched the results come in. Only bad part of the day, Albion lost 4-1 to Liverpool.

28 Oct 2013 17:10

The Norfolk Arms, Russell Square

Not really a pub is it? A little bit of Spain in Bloomsbury. We had to wait for hotel check in and despite the tramps using the outside tables as a vantage point to drink out of cans, the place looked quite homely. We entered, presented with a nice welcome and made good use of their free papers to pass the time. Oh, and I bought a drink.

28 Oct 2013 17:05

Fountain Inn, Tipton

Little bit of history associated with this pub - there are a couple of blue plaques on the outside commemorating its association with the Tipton Slasher - who has a monument in the park over the road. This was the sole reason for seeking it out.

The beer is excellent - choice of several real ales, but I couldn't resist the Bank's Bitter and I cannot say that I have ever had a better example anywhere.

Sat outside by the canal.


21 Oct 2013 14:49

The Lighthouse, Halesowen

Building looks lovely.... Nice shade of blue. Surprised that its a brains house... We are a long way from south wales... I went for the more local enville ale, which was top draw.

13 Oct 2013 16:56

The Black Horse, Illey

Very typical looking food ased pub. Nice pint of doombar.

13 Oct 2013 16:53

The White Swan, St Albans

Folk night on a Tuesday. Popped in out of curiosity and was greeted to a fella with his organ, a lady and a sax and a young lad on guitar. Vocally, a touch of Robery Wyatt about the singer.

Stayed for a pint and enjoyed the music. I do like a pub with live music.

Also rather enjoyed the update from the lady at the bar who was currently having the best sex of her life.

The folkies were good, but I wouldnt go that mad.

9 Oct 2013 19:13

Keepers Arms, Quenington

Superb. After a 7 miler (what delightful countryside) it would have been rude not to have a post walk refreshment. Genial host - lots of people eating Sunday Lunch and an out of this world pint of Cotswold Way.


9 Oct 2013 19:02

The Oak Tree, Rednal

Nice walk on the Lickeys and literally drop out of a hedge opposite the pub. It would be rude not to investigate.

A foody central place but quite neatly done. I would have had a Banks Bitter - but it had gone. Instead went for a Peroni, which was more complicated to pour than you would expect.

9 Oct 2013 18:59

O'Neills, St Albans

Well continuing my plan of logging a new pub for every visit in St Albans (there are plenty to go at). Tuesday, 8:30pm and i have been in more riotous libraries.

Leave as soon as my pint is finished.

It was the silence. It creeps up on you. And makes you paranoid.

9 Oct 2013 18:57

The Town of Ramsgate, Wapping

Love the location around here. The history is oozing out of the walls. I have been in here a couple of times before - but on a weekend, I had chance to have a meal as well as my pint of pride. The staff were very friendly - talking to all punters - and the food was traditional and tasty.

All in all, a great experience.

9 Oct 2013 18:53

The Sands, Grange over Sands

Now called the Keg and Kitchen. Our B&B owner was less than complimentary about the place, but with only two pubs to visit (Commodore not listed here) it had to be done.

First the chinese. Great food. Decor would suit stalinistic Russia.

Then the pub. Chocked full of blokes from teenagers to pensioners. Strange policy on smoking, where you are allowed to fag away just inside the door.

Stuck to Heineken, so cant comment on beer quality. I can say the bouncer had to eject a youth as we were leaving. It was 10:30.

23 Sep 2013 17:50

The Kings Arms, Cartmel

Suited our needs perfectly.... roaring fire, nice Hawkshead beer and four different national newspapers to pass the afternoon!

23 Sep 2013 17:48

Pheasant Inn, Grange over Sands

We stayed in a B&B in Grange and were told to avoid the pubs in town and head to this one. A fair old walk of ups and down and no street lighting, so a taxi home.

The place was packed with a mixture of locals and diners. We were in the 2nd category and glad to have booked.

The service and food were both excellent. Recommended.

23 Sep 2013 17:47

The Queens Head Hotel, Troutbeck

Popped in after a climb on Sour Howes and Sallows. Lovely looking building and a claim to be the home of the four poster bar. Quick pint of XB, sat in front of a nice open fire. Bet the food is excellent.

23 Sep 2013 17:45

The Royal Oak, Glossop

First pub I hit coming into town from Snake Pass. Popped in. Nice pint of Landlord for £2.65.

28 Aug 2013 20:39

The Rose and Crown, Ludlow

Very nice olde worlde pub in the heart of Ludlow. Nice pint of Town Crier. Would go again if in town.

28 Aug 2013 20:35

The Brewers Arms, West Malvern

Winner of the "best view 2005" pub. Pretty decent views to be fair. Very good pint of Malvern Black Pear. Interesting place, will be back.

17 Aug 2013 17:09

The Paul Pry, Worcester

i always thought this place had closed down. On the wy to the library and we noticed signs of life. Popped in on way back. Half decent pint of ludlow just before the landlord called last orders...... At 8pm. Apparently, this is a new concept in daytime pubs. Architecturally interesting pub.

17 Aug 2013 17:06

The Widows Son, Bow

Get home and a new book that i ordered has been delivered.... This place is on the cover of "britains strangest pubs". What are the chances?

28 Jul 2013 15:26

The Catherine Wheel, Arlington

6 miles into a walk, this place was a joy to find.... Nervous wedding party, frenchies and cmera toting japanese coach parties were my ffellow guests. Nice outdoor patio an great, well earned pint.

28 Jul 2013 15:24

The Roundhouse, Covent Garden

After a team meeting meal, this was a place that had plenty of life as people drank continental style on the street at 11:30. Plastic glasses and people either offering you flyers to clubs or a trip on their rickshaw.

26 Jul 2013 20:56

The Widows Son, Bow

Walk along phase 14 of the capital ring was cruelly stalled because the greenway was shut. So I continued down the Lee Navigation and found myself coming past here to get to the DLR.

Winner of the uniquely named pub of the year. A quick stella to refresh myself and off. An experience.

26 Jul 2013 20:54

Old Gaol House, Winchester

Like every wetherspoons, everywhere.

14 Jul 2013 18:04

O'Neills, Winchester

Thought there might be some life in here on a thursday night..... Sadly mistaken. Although thry did have a spare daily mail. Hoped for fun, got saduko.

14 Jul 2013 18:03

The Wykeham Arms, Winchester

Love this place, having been here in 2009. First time back and exactly as i remember it. To be cherished.... Places like this wont be around forever.

14 Jul 2013 18:01

The Old Vine, Winchester

Texted home to find a recommendation for somehere to eat, and this came up trumps. Excellent food and service. Great location, opposite the cathedral.

14 Jul 2013 17:59

The Hyde Tavern, Winchester

Stop one in winchester.... Decent pint of harveys. Would be my local, if i lived here.

14 Jul 2013 17:57

The Bridge, Manchester

We were lured in by the promise of a roof terrace. Alas, it was closed for a private party.

Instead we watched women of a certain age dance along to disco hits from the seventies that was played just a touch too loud. Even for a saturday.

Decent place.

7 Jul 2013 20:39

The City Arms, Manchester

Following the warm welcome I received several years ago, this is my favourite Manchester pub.

Tonight we had a couple of older bloked doing JaegerBombs, with the Pendle Pride. After getting a fair proportion of it down their shirts, they annouced it tastes like Benylin.

And then moaned about the prices.

Great booozer - in a huddle of three.

7 Jul 2013 20:37

The Briton's Protection Hotel, Castlefield

Mrs Mappiman took a look at the name and the amount of Union Jacks on the bar and announced that it looked like the HQ for the BNP.

At 10pm on a saturday night, it had a strange mixture of lost pirates (hen do gone wrong), lairy drunk men trying to chat up the pirates and some odd choices of hatwear.

The pint - of Briton's Protection - was excellent.

7 Jul 2013 20:34

The Peveril Of The Peak, Castlefield

Closed on a saturday afternoon..... Plenty of alternatives in the street.

7 Jul 2013 20:32

The Temple, Manchester

Well, you are either going to give this a 0 or something much higher.

I had read about it and keen to find out more. We arrived. The music outside is louder than inside, but when Iggy is blasting out "I wanna be your dog" at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon - you do think twice about entering.

Basically, it is a toilet. But a toilet with a fine jukebox and Coniston blue bird that I haven't had since I was last in Coniston.

Weird place. I will be back.

7 Jul 2013 20:30

The Lantern Pike Inn, Little Hayfield

Only a lemonade - which was nectar itelf after the walk on Lantern Pike. The menu looked excellent, but we didnt stop for long.

7 Jul 2013 20:27

The George Hotel, Hayfield

No beer for me - just lemonade. We stopped for lunch, which was really good.

Seems a nice place.

7 Jul 2013 20:25

The Kinder Lodge, Hayfield

Nice pint of Landlord.... And they had strawberries and cream on especially for the Wimbledon Final... Nice touch.

7 Jul 2013 20:24

The Portland Arms, St Albans

Every trip to st albs gets another pub review.... Lovely esb served in handled ceremonial glass. Nice back street pub.

5 Jul 2013 17:37

The Red Lion, Stevenage

Gosh - what a place. Cavernous inside with pool table and a juke box that sadly has no Nick Cave. Or PJ Harvey.

But its outside that all the action happens on a warm summer night.

There is a elderly gentleman that surely isnt with that woman. She appears to be drinking real ale from a pitcher. With no glass.

There are assorted other groups of students, covering all the groups from leather bound Guns and Roses fan to too cool for school hipster. Hipster shouts out and asks if anyone is selling cocaine.

My favorite was the well bearded sandle wearer who everyone called Jesus.

One strange place. I had to stop for another to see what happened next.

4 Jul 2013 19:07

The White Lion, Stevenage

Last time I was in here was when Arsenal were in the champions league final.....

Standard chain pub. Perfectly OK.

4 Jul 2013 19:02

The Chequers, Stevenage

First pub you pass on the way into the old town from the Holiday Inn.

Go in.

The bar person is engrossed in the Tennis.

One of the regulars points out that she has a customer

She manages to server me a san miguel and a packet of quavers without taking her eyes of the screen. Money is exchanged and change is provided.

Should have told her it was a twenty.

4 Jul 2013 19:01

The Antelope, High Wycombe

A very strange place indeed. 10pm on a Tuesday and there is loud music. Is it a disco? Is it Karaoke? Is it some sort of bastard hybrid of the two. I am still not sure.

What I am sure is there were youngsters singing and oldsters dancing. It was always going to end in tears. The oldster dropped his pint in a most spectacular fashion.

One of those places that Sky make documentaries about.

26 Jun 2013 18:13

O'Neills, High Wycombe

terrible place - I needed an oasis of calm after the mentalism of the Antelope. I did not expect such a terrible pint.

26 Jun 2013 18:11

The Hobgoblin, High Wycombe

Not many people in on a Tuesday night. I spied the juke box, did my usual scan for Nick Cave - delighted to see many tracks there - put on "Easy Money".

Everyone left.

Philistines. :-)

This would be my local if I lived here.

26 Jun 2013 18:10

Falcon, High Wycombe

Asked the lady in the hotel where to eat. She asked what sort of food and when I said a pub meal - the only recommendation was the Falcon. It was packed full of people eating. And very busy with drinkers.

You know what you are getting in a spoons.

26 Jun 2013 18:07

The Bootlegger, High Wycombe

In all my travels, I can't remember coming across a pub like this. Fridges in the main area and an impressive display of bottled beers. I hadnt noticed this when I first went in but did notice Lowenbrau on draft - so rarely stocked these days. They had however run out - so I checked the fridge and went for a Kwak. Glad I didnt have the big bottle - £10.50!

Very interesting boozer and rare to have something new.

26 Jun 2013 18:05

White Rose Bar, Leeds

Safe railway bar at the station..... The ones over the road looked well scary.

19 Jun 2013 21:26

The Horniman at Hays, Southwark

Fantastic location. A few decent ales and london pride was fine. My barman looked very tired, but was polite. I was a tourist.

19 Jun 2013 21:24

The Crown Inn, Hallow

Car park packed out on a tuesday evening.... Got to be a good sign. As with all chef and brewers, the service is superb. Food was very good too. A few real ales on but i was hot snd thirsty and went for a kronie...

19 Jun 2013 21:18

The Hatch, Old Basing

Typical chef and brewer.... Good service. Food on my visit was fine. Had a cold continental lager..... Soz ale fans.

19 Jun 2013 21:16

The Brandy Cask, Pershore

Everytime i have been in here has been after a long walk..... Their home made ales, which I am sure are delightful, have been resisted for something colder and more refreshing. Superb garden. Will br back.

2 Jun 2013 20:30

The Golden Star, Norwich

After three attempts to go in a pub but refused because I had a dog - I was welcomed with open arms in here.

Abbot Ale was excellent.

Have 10/10 for being the only pub in Norwich that made me, and my well behaved pooch, feel welcome.

Up yours, the Adam and Eve.

29 May 2013 17:53

The Jolly Sailors, Brancaster Staithe

For once, I am not sure what to say about this place.

Its really, really busy - but the service and staff are excellent and obviously working very, very hard.

It's full of families and you cannot hold the pub responsible for them running around constantly.

The beer is very good - I had the Wherry - which is a new favourite. The food is also pretty good.

My only gripe is that unless you have 14 friends - you cannot book a table. If there are 8 of you and the pub is full, its a bit annoying when suitable tables have only four people on and other tables for four are empty.

I guess they are doing that well that they don't need to change anything.

29 May 2013 17:48

The Hoste Arms, Burnham Market

I have found a new friend and his name is Wherry.

Huge, beautifully decorated monster of a pub. If I told you the ice cream van has a personalised number plate, you can guess what the only pub in the village is like.

29 May 2013 17:44

The Globe Inn, Wells next the Sea

Very busy town and very busy pub... at least when the sun is shining. Nice pint of broadside - which we had to take out onto the green, as there was nowhere else to go.

29 May 2013 17:41

The Brown Lion, Birmingham

A touch smelly. Lots of tvs. Beer ok.

17 May 2013 20:58

Rose Villa Tavern, Birmingham

Superb victorian pub. Great beer and decent food. Wish it was closer to home.

17 May 2013 20:55

The Princess of Wales, Clapton

Worst type of gastropub.... Neither gastro or pub.

17 May 2013 20:53

Cat and Fiddle Inn, Macclesfield

8 miles into an 11 mile walk, it would be an understatement to say I was looking forward to a pint. Busy car park but oddly empty inside. Asked what ales were on and was offered two, with a bonus of old rosie scrumpy. Suspicions aroused, i went for a cumberland way. Not a massive fan of Robinsons but this was cloudy, rank fayre. Disappointing.

6 May 2013 11:18

The Fruiterers Arms, Uphampton

The hidden pub of worcestershire. I've lived here all my life on only stumbled on it on a local ramble. Vowed to come back. Three or four home grown canon royal beers.... The one I chose was fine. Will come again.

6 May 2013 11:11

White Horse, Bourne End

Stopping at the hotel over the road. If you are ever in the area, don't bother with the hotel.

Two pubs right next to each other - this was the best to eat in with a good menu and specials board. I dont think I have ever seen a more effecient landlord either - he was running a very tight ship.

Food was good. Beer was Peroni (soz ale fans, thirsty). The anchor next door was the better drinking pub, but as its not detailed, I cannot add a review :-)

27 Apr 2013 15:56

The Fleece Inn, Bretforton

I had to come to the number 1 pub in my county. Combined with a 7 mile walk, so the pint of pigs ear was very welcome. We got there around 12:30pm on a Saturday and you couldnt get in the door. Obviously, its reputation preceeds it. Didn't spend too much time inside and missed out on having a good look around. Sat in beer garden and food soon arrived to accompany a wonderful pint. On walk back to the car, we we stopped by a motorist. "Could you tell us where the Fleece Inn is please".

27 Apr 2013 15:53

The Swan Hotel, Bridgnorth

Lookimg for a pub with a beer garden.... A massive one through the arch. Doom bar excellent and food very good.

20 Apr 2013 22:40

Waterend Barn, St Albans

Just when you think you have found every pub in st albans, theres a massive one lurking behind the main high street shop fronts. Superb building.... Worth a visit for this alone. Standard wetherspoons... Just on a bigger scale.

18 Apr 2013 20:48

Whitelocks, Leeds

Not the easiest to find, but worth seeking out. My fav leeds pub.

18 Apr 2013 20:40

Blue Boar, Hay On Wye

3.8 rating.... I am staggered. Very nice looking pub on main street. Only went in for a pint after a great walk.... The fella behind the bar was friendly, laughing as we joked about his display cabinet of cakes..... Maybe it was the walk, but the tt lanlord was the best I have had outside skipton. Would love a pub like this in my town. Maybe my 8 rating will beef up the score a touch.

8 Apr 2013 18:29

The Rose and Crown, Stoke Newington

First pub on way into stoke newington that wasnt totally poncified. Decent tribute, sat at bar, watching the north ldn jetset. Would come again.

8 Apr 2013 18:23

Auld Shillelagh, Stoke Newington

Brought here many years ago by a friend who lived in the area.... Keen to come back again. Guinness is superb. Worth seeking out.

8 Apr 2013 18:17

The Beaver Inn, Appledore

Well, when I go to a new town, i always look here to see which pubs to go to. This is marked as the best in Appledore. Tried to get in on the Friday night but just too busy with kids, people eating meals etc. Came back on the Sunday and much quieter. Got served by Captain Jack Sparrows brother. Found the lighting very harsh and much too bright but obviously a popular place, as still bust. Tribute wasn't the greatest but passable.

1 Apr 2013 13:40

Coach and Horses, Appledore

Saturday Night - Quite busy. The beer was excellent, I did a couple of Tributes before trying the Cornish Lager - which was excellent. The food is superb - I have never seen ribs like them - I think they came from a dinosaur. Friendly staff and an excellent juke box kept us entertained - so we stayed all night.

31 Mar 2013 17:05

The Royal George Inn, Appledore

Didn't eat there, so cant comment on the quality but we did look at the menu for future nights. £21.95 for a steak. Christ on a bike, going downhill with no brakes. I have been to London and its not that much there.

There was one beer on - something called Piglet - It was OK. Great location, dog friendly and plenty of space.

30 Mar 2013 18:50

Ye Champion Of Wales, Appledore

Its OK now booze fans. I've not been to Appledore before, so no nothing of its history. This pub was packed on a Friday night - with a band setting up at the far end. A busy friendly man kept bringing out the most wonderful looking Pizza's, but we had already eaten at the next door chipper. Never mind, we contended ourselves with the wonderful real ales that were on. Didn't catch its name - just asked for the "Dark Ale". Band were good, and more and more people of all ages kept coming in. Great pub.

30 Mar 2013 18:47

The Verulam Arms, St Albans

Thought I would tick off another of the 45 or so pubs in St Albans. With so much choice, each one needs a USP and this one goes foraging for its food. And the emphasis is on food, slightly weird being in a pub where everyone wlse is dining. Then again, this isn't really a pub any more.

Would I come again? Timothy Taylor landlord is always tempting, but nah.

26 Mar 2013 23:33

The Bluebell, Henley In Arden

Superb service... We were outside with a dog, who was served with her own doggie treats on a plate by waitresses who actually spoke to you. Pint of hooky was excellent. 6.50 for a ham sandwich is a bit on the "how much" side of a financial transaction.

16 Mar 2013 16:56

Ye Olde Seven Stars, Kidderminster

Has to be the best pub in Kiddy. An award that is similar to being the thinnest woman in the roly polys.

A nice pint of london pride. Interesting concept in providing plates, condiments and letting you bring you own take aways into the pub.

I took my pint into the chipper and was promptly chucked out.

2 Mar 2013 15:59

The Prince of Wales, Ledbury

A bit of a find this. I am trying to visit the top 10 pubs in local counties on my walks. Herefordshire is a little far away from my normal list ticking, but when I stumbled on this gem of a pub, I had a feeling it would be in the list.

Stunning location - nice landlord and I had a decent pint of Otter.

2 Mar 2013 15:55

Thomas Lloyd, Warwick

No one should ever be surprised by a wetherspoons. They are the same across the land. This is no different?

26 Feb 2013 20:54

The Station Inn, Kidderminster

Wow..... The back street boozer is alive and well.... Popped in on a friday night (early) and the place was packed. Nice pint of bombardier and left with half a dozen eggs. I wonder if they have a meat raffle!

26 Feb 2013 20:46

The Blacksmiths Arms, St Albans

Offered a loyalty card.... But you have too many pubs in st albans to buy my loyalty. Looks like an identikit chain pub from the decor, but appears to offer a bit more.

26 Feb 2013 20:40

The Goat, St Albans

Eaten in here and had a pint in here over the years.... It certainly not full of pissheads and cokeheads..... Its full of no one. You simply have too much choice in st albans. There are at least 6 perfectly decent pubs in spitting distance. In any other town, this would be packed.

26 Feb 2013 20:36

The Farmers Boy, St Albans

Been in a couple of times..... Lots of interesting ales but most seem to be IPAs. Always full of blokes.

26 Feb 2013 20:33

The Washington, Belsize Park

Comleting a ldn literary pub walk. Alex garland lived in one of the flats nearby. Popped in on a night..... Where do you buy ultra low wattage bulbs from? This, and the candle light, created a nice atmosphere.... As long as you dont want to read the paper.

17 Feb 2013 17:17

The Holly Bush, Hampstead

You'll need a pint after the stiff walk uphill. Nice landlord offered me a variety of recepicles for my esb.... Unfortunately, none were the ceremonial chalice. Last hampstead pub i tried in vein to find showing football. There was a fella in the king william watching it on his laptop, but he wouldn't budge up.

17 Feb 2013 17:14

The Flask, Hampstead

Handy for the tube, after a walk over the heath. Last visit had a bizarre selection of 1920s music and an awful lot of people playing scrabble. Youngs was ok.

17 Feb 2013 17:11

The Worlds End, Camden

Interesting cavernous pub, with deep bass rumbling from the adjacent live venue. Lowenbrau on draught, which i havent seen since the coach and horses in soho got rid of it. But my god, the toilets. I felt sorry for th cleaners. One of the traps was overflowing and it looked like someone had exploded, leaving nothing but a huge pile of shit. I could have taken a photo and sold it to the tate modern.

17 Feb 2013 17:08

The Rose and Crown, Nympsfield

Stayed here in 2007 when walking the cotswold way. I remember getting my pint just as the local hunt came in. Today, i am back in the area and started my walk from the village. Meant a quick stop after the walk to have a decent pint in front of the fire... My beer was called the cotswold way :-)

17 Feb 2013 16:51

The Mare and Colt, Summerfield

Chef and brewer..... Service is excellent, food is much better than previous and a half decent pint of hobsons. Would only ever go here for a meal....

10 Feb 2013 18:23

The Tottenham, Soho

As typical a ldn boozer as you can get....

10 Feb 2013 18:19

The Porterhouse, Covent Garden

Wow.... On a walk and came up the nell gwyne alley to be faced with this..... Something twigged and i rememered that it is in the camra 100 beer day out book. With all the choice, you could certainly spend a day. A monster of a pub, dont arrange to meet friends there, you'll never find them.

I will be back.....

10 Feb 2013 18:16

The Lamb and Flag, Covent Garden

Been in many times. Its always a struggle to get through the door, but if you can - head for the upstairs bar, which can be quieter. My visits are akin to a museum visit and I never stop for more than 1.... Just want to soak up the olde worlde atmosphere....

10 Feb 2013 18:12

The Bell, Pensax

Combined a lunchtime pint with a lovely walk - I am going to try and combine a walk with all the counties top 10 pubs on this site - this is number 4, but my rating may move it up. Unfortunately, I had picked up a bit too much mud to take advantage of the roaring open fires. I was not short of company, as the landlord came and had a chat to me in the beer garden. Superb pint of Hobsons. Great country pub

2 Feb 2013 17:00

The Barley Mow, Englefield Green

Its all about opinions, and as Dirty Harry says, they are like arseholes. We all have one.

In my opinion, this is the best pub in the village. London Pride was the best on offer and the food was excellent - quality, home cooked and huge portions.

14 Jan 2013 22:16

The Happy Man, Englefield Green

Winner of best named pub ever attended. Looks a decent boozer, but despite all the good pub books behind the bar, the Black Sheep (my fav) was cloudy and very disappointing. Food looked very reasonably priced.

14 Jan 2013 22:14

The Armstrong Gun, Englefield Green

A long walk down dangerous country lanes to find this pub. Average age is 62 and that takes into account the student behind the bar. Big pub - needs some people in it.

14 Jan 2013 22:13

The Sun Inn, Englefield Green

As much as I dont want to knock a pub that has a picture of Tom Jones behind the bar, its always disappointing to walk into a place and find an unmanned bar. What does bar etiquette say about how long to leave it before helping yourself.

Having suffered my one man mexican standoff for 10 mins, the fella comes and serves me a decent pint of doom bar.

14 Jan 2013 22:11

The Banker, Cannon Street

Massive pub. Been before and could hardly get in - by 9:50pm, the staff outnumber the punters. Superb views. And ESB.

8 Jan 2013 19:39

Williamson's Tavern, Mansion House

Wish I read the top tip!

Like the fact that you need a treasure map to find this place. Walked in at 9:30pm on a Monday night to find a smattering of punters and noone behind the bar. I waited. Pulled out a tenner and waited. 10 mins later and no sign of any service.

Seriously considered helping myself - and you can bet they would have come running then. In the end, gave up and walked out.


8 Jan 2013 19:37

Ye Olde Watling, Mansion House

A flying visit for the best pint of landlord had tonight. Sat in window and watched the world go by. The world consisted of the binmen, at this time of the evening.

8 Jan 2013 19:34

The Cockpit, Blackfriars

Once again, my camra real ale pubs of London unearths a gem. In the nicest way possible, this is like going to a working museum. Enter the doors, admire the decor that hasnt changed since the 50s and listen to the bar hangers, with dialogue straight from a Marina Cole novel. Particulalry impressed bu the barman passing around what looked like a bottle of woodward reserve bourbon. It was 7:45 on a Monday.

A real find, in a tucked away part of Ldn.

8 Jan 2013 19:32

The Blackfriar, Blackfriars

A must be experienced pub for the decor and the history. Thank John Betjeman that this wasnt knocked down. Now it is a freestanding pub, with all surrounding original buildings gone. I would recommend looking around inside for the decor, but everytime I go, it is so packed that you cannot move. Last night was classic - packed to the rafters and two bar staff on.

Like it for a visit - couldnt stand it to be my local.

8 Jan 2013 19:28

The Vine Inn, Manchester

Pefect Timothy Taylor Landlord..... Packed. But less packed than the City Arms, which you couldn't get in!

14 Dec 2012 15:15

The Sawyers Arms, Deansgate

Need your whits about you to find a proper pub in the City Centre. They are there, you just need some local intel to find them. Or you'll end up in the living room. Thursday night before XMAS and packed with office parties. Very good pint of Black Sheep.

14 Dec 2012 15:13

The Plume of Feathers, Greenwich

Nice pint of Doom Bar. Went in... all the punters sat around the bar making getting served a challenge. Then "Glad All Over" came on and the place went mental. Nice pub and on the Camra pub walk route for Greenwich.

20 Nov 2012 17:37

The Gipsy Moth, Greenwich

Superb location and nice tidy place. More of a restaurant by the looks of it.

20 Nov 2012 17:34

Admiral Hardy, Greenwich

I quite liked this pub. Lots of students, pop music memorabillia. They had no real ale on when I went to the bar, but did come and give me a free pint of doombar when they got it going again. Good atmosphere.

20 Nov 2012 17:33

The Cheshire Cheese Hotel, Buxton

We did a grand tour of Buxton pubs - not getting past the door of most of them because of the No Dogs rules. This was about the fourth we tried and our enquiry warmly and postively greated. Looks like a great music venue inside and I enjoyed the lunchtime jukebox of "woking class hero". Nice lunch, excellent speckled hen.

12 Nov 2012 16:42

The Shady Oak, Fernilee

Superb sunday lunch... great value and quality. Great service. Great views.

12 Nov 2012 16:37

Shepherd's Arms, Whaley Bridge

A living history lesson. Small (but packed) beer room with a quiter lounge. Excellent beer.

12 Nov 2012 16:36

The Cock Pub & Kitchen, Whaley Bridge

Home of Betty Turpin's hotpot. A really smart pub, excellent decor, food very good. All the real ales were Robinsons and in perfect condition. Great staff and a quiz on sundays. Revise your james bond before attending :-)

12 Nov 2012 16:35

The Garibaldi, St Albans

Top quality Esb in ceremonial glass. Central bar area with everone sat around makes it a tad tricky to finf a gap to get served. Good pub.

4 Oct 2012 20:30

The Horn, St Albans

Hazel O' Connor is always playing. I wish my town had a pub like this. For a music bar, the pint of doom bar was excellent.

4 Oct 2012 20:26

The Peacock, St Albans

Good pint of ldn pride. Quiz night on a weds. Aparrently, the third highest german speaking city is in cornwall.

4 Oct 2012 20:23

The Mermaid, St Albans

Walking past and couldnt resist the lure of live music. The guy was very good. Although there were lots of ales on, the one i chose was the worst of the night of four st albans pubs. Flat and lifeless. The pint, not the band.

4 Oct 2012 20:21

The Camden Head, Islington

Another classic london pub. Central bar area - everytime I try and get served, the barstaff are always on the otherside of the partition. Good Doom Bar last night.

25 Sep 2012 20:03

The Nags Head, Islington

Handy for the tube and always meet my mate here. Seems to have been done up a bit - or maybe the lights were down a bit. Decent pints of Ringwood Three sheets were consumed. Nice pub.

25 Sep 2012 20:01

The Buck's Head, Camden

Ticking off all the pubs in the area. Nice enough. Not sure that anything really stood out.

25 Sep 2012 19:59

The Oxford Arms, Camden

Everytime I walk past this pub there are people dancing. This is surprising, as its a traditional boozer. Went in for the first time and sure enough.... two ladies started dancing. Nice beer garden. Typical london pub.

25 Sep 2012 19:58

The Blue Blazer, Edinburgh

Pub Two on the crawl of Three.

I may have been here once before, but only once. Its kind of in no mans land - not in the old town or new - sort of between the old and the pubic triangle.

Still, its worth seeking out. Excellent beers and plenty of choice - I had an excellent Edinburgh Gold (when in Rome).

The pub was dominated by Suits who had popped in for a pint on the way home - although one of them may have gone home to fetch his scotty dog. Unless he takes it to work.

Nice little alcoves.

Will be back.

10 Sep 2012 19:32

Mathers, Edinburgh

Walked past many times without really noticing. Tonight, I am armed with the Camra book of pub crawls. Its not as detailed as it London equivalent, with tonights crawl having a grand total of three pubs in it.

As the bus dropped me off on the other side, I ventured in. Full of blokes, ranging from the "young but old looking" to those that could probably get a role in the walking dead as an extra.

Quickly served a really good pint of Flying Scotsman.... nowhere to sit, so I went outside to look at the traffic. Quickly engaged in conversation about football, edinburgh life, what I was doing up here and so on.

Very friendly punters, great pint but there are two more to check out, so I move on.

Will be back.

10 Sep 2012 19:28

The Doric Arch, Euston

You know i must have been past this a thousand times. It looks nothing from outside but has a really nice decor and some superb ales, from the fuller range an furthe afield. Not sure about 3 quid for a pot of tasteless scratchings but everything else was brilliant.

The bree louise will no more be my pre train stop off.

Lets keep this pace a secret.

26 Aug 2012 19:59

The Swan, Bloomsbury

Fancied a revisit to the quuens larder but couldnt get in. This was a bit of an identikit london pub but ok.

26 Aug 2012 19:56

The Turks Head, Alcester

Looks like you are spoilt for pub choice in alcester..... All looked ok on high street. We chose this one because of the promise of a nice garden. To get to it meant a walk through the pub, which had an interesting interior. Good service and quite full. Need to come back and do the others in town!

26 Aug 2012 19:53

The Greyhound Inn, Tetbury

Looking for a post walk pint. Made a big mistake in choosing this one. 1pm and no one else in here. My pint (was either doombar or tribute) was rank, had bits floating in it and was chucked on the flowers in the pub garden when half way down.

26 Aug 2012 19:48

The Woodman, Highgate

Maybe Pub landlords read the comments here. The staff were delightfull, even offering table service to people just drinking in the lovely beer garden. I ate here.... Food was good, touch pricey and served on a chopping board. Suppose it sums up the area! Specked hen was perfect. Would come again.

26 Aug 2012 19:44

The Old White Lion, East Finchley

About three hrs into stage 10 & 11 of the capital ring. Having found hampstead borough gardens to be a dry village, this was like a mirage to a man dying of thirst. Decent pint of sussex bitter in a nice garden. Dont remember the price but there was a lot of real ale choice. Very nice pub.

26 Aug 2012 19:40

The Windermere, South Kenton

I can see this from the train as I enter london from Birmingham. A walk in the area had me arriving at South Kenton Tube a quick look on the other side of the tunnel revealed this huge pub. Once I worked out how to open the door, I entered a large saloon type area where an ethusastic drunk irish builder regailing the locals. Toilets smelt.

5 Jul 2012 21:57

The Exmouth Arms, Euston

Tucked away in the bowells of Euston. Went in around 10:30pm. No one behind the bar. One of the regulars shouted the barman that there was a punter. Can sit outside. Probably for the best that you do.

5 Jul 2012 21:53

The Royal Oak, Bromyard

Nice garden.... Lovely malvern hills beer... What more could you want when the sun is shining?

3 Jul 2012 20:42

The Grapes, Hereford

Refurb is still going on..... We liked the old town and thought this would be good for lunch. Good service... A bit of a lengthy wait for food but good quality when it came.

3 Jul 2012 20:40

The Parrot Inn, Shalford

Half way point on a walk..... Stopped for a very quick pint of doombar. Probably not there more than 15 mins. Ok.

3 Jul 2012 20:37

The Kings Arms Royal Hotel, Godalming

Stayed in hotel... Small car park but stadd helped with alternative parking... Room ok.... Two types of cornish ale on.... Doombar was good. Not a bad experience all told.

3 Jul 2012 20:36

The Britannia, Guildford

Bishops finger, decent food and good service.

3 Jul 2012 20:33

Holmbush Inn, St Austell

With the A30 closed, we came down this way trying to get through to Gorran. Put in dog friendly pubs that did food and this one came up - Sat Nav programmed in. Lovely staff - just what you need after a 6 hour drive down. Must get lots of tourists but they were very weloming, pointing out things to do etc. Food at lunchtime was great value..... Her indoors has been banging on about the home made chutney all week.

10 Jun 2012 18:20

The Squirrel, Alveley

Looks like its had a lick of paint and some new signs offering free wifi. Banks ales but on a warm day after a 10 miler, a pint of Kronenbourg was in order. A flying visit but looked good.

10 Jun 2012 18:18

The Galleon Inn, Fowey

Would recommend anyone in Fowey that wants to eat to come here. Excellent location, roomy, excellent service, great food, good prices and the best pint of Doombar I had all week. Came here on holiday last time around 5 years and had a similar experience.

Some pubs are effortless at getting it right. It makes you wonder why so many get it so badly wrong.

10 Jun 2012 18:16

The Buck Inn, Malham

Some terrible reviews on here! We stayed and the rooms was perfect, along with the breakfast. And a bargain for the price. Had a couple of both types of timothy taylors on the evening and played pool, cards and hit the juke box. Staff helpful and friendly. We didnt eat in the evening but i wold say the menu looked expensive.

Imho a fine pub.

19 May 2012 20:53

The Lister Arms, Malham

Excellent service, great food and free wifi. Very nice pub. Thwaites bomber was very good....

19 May 2012 20:48

The Forum, Hexham

I dont like wetherspoons as a rule... But they are good for certain types of cheap meals... Grills, breakfasts etc. This one did the best beer of any spoons that i have been to and staff very friendly...

19 May 2012 20:46

The Globe, Hexham

Bit of a locals pub for locals. Feel everyone look at you when you walk in and then feel like asking for permission to leave.....

19 May 2012 20:44

Tap & Spile, Hexham

My home for the night. I have always wanted to live in a pub! Superbly kept beer, i tried the brains and doombar, both perfect. High speed wifi. Lots of friendly people, not least the owners and staff. Great pub.

19 May 2012 20:42

The Old Mill Inn, Pitlochry

Walked in... looked at a very uninspiring menu - considering that this is basically a restaurant and then went off looking elsewhere.

With little joy, it should be added.

15 May 2012 23:02

Kingfishers Bar, Pitlochry

Very clean inside! After trying three other pubs in town, which were all restaurants, this is the only one I would call a boozer. Not very inspiring beer choice, mind.

15 May 2012 23:01

The Volunteer Arms, Fort William

Walked past on my way into town. The smoking ban makes places look intimidating when you have angry looking, tattooed people blocking the doorways. And thats just the women.

On the way back, I noticed the football was on, so popped inside. Busy for a Monday night - with two exceptionally drunk manchunians trying to outdo themselves with the use of the c word at the top of their voices.

OK place to watch the football, but I wouldnt bring Mrs Mappiman here.

15 May 2012 09:00

Grog and Gruel, Fort William

Restaurant upstairs.... portions are immense - my starter would have done me for a main. Great service.

Bar downstairs is smallish, dark but with plenty of walking related chatter.

The beer was excellent.... I stuck with the An Talloach (excuse spelling), which was perfect.

Highly recommended.

15 May 2012 08:56

Ben Nevis Bar, Fort William

Nice views over the loch. Monday night and all three real ale pumps had the labels turned the opposite way... delivery not expected till Wednesday. Fella in front was having an interesting pint if keg beer which involved the use of three glasses. My guinness was going the same way until there was a splutter, foam and then a disappearance around the back. 3 mins later, it came back out and was perfect.

15 May 2012 08:54

The Lomond Park Hotel, Balloch

I stayed here.... looking for somewhere to be based for an ascent on Ben Lomond, that was centrally located for entertainment. Nice to see a pub put some effort into entertainment. A band on in the bar below and a night club attached to the side. There was nothing for it.... Sopranos DVD off, best shirt on, lets through some goretex clad shapes.

Nice staff at breakfast

13 May 2012 22:16

The Balloch House, Alexandria

Doh... previous review was for a different place and had two browsers open. Cant delete reviews - so set for removal.

Chain pub, too busy to be fitted in for food... popped in for a pint on way back from where I did eat.

Nowt special.

13 May 2012 22:15

The Balloch House, Alexandria

I stayed here.... looking for somewhere to be based for an ascent on Ben Lomond, that was centrally located for entertainment. Nice to see a pub put some effort into entertainment. A band on in the bar below and a night club attached to the side. There was nothing for it.... Sopranos DVD off, best shirt on, lets through some goretex clad shapes.

Nice staff at breakfast.

13 May 2012 22:10

Lake Road Inn, Keswick

One of the few pubs you can get in on a Friday night. One pint of Unicorn consumed. A bit cloudy for my liking. Nice staff and popular.

11 May 2012 21:24

Kings Arms Hotel, Keswick

Every pub is Keswick is packed..... including this one. Trust my first pub here to be one with only 2 star rating! I had a pint of Jennings Cumberland. Looked ok but had an odd metallic taste. Dont really know the beer, so this may be normal.

11 May 2012 21:21

The Howard Arms, Ilmington

A sunday walk from Lower Quinton was 7 miles in when this oasis appeared. Muddy boots removed as I crossed the threshold and that was a good choice. Very posh cotswolds pub, with great decor on the inside. I asked if they did sarnies and was presented with an extensive menu of quality food, which was a bit more than I need to get me the last 3 miles back. Settled on a superb pint of Old Hooky in the beer garden. Nice pub, but pricey - Sunday Roast was 15 and pint of hookey - 3.60.

7 May 2012 19:39

The Railway, Greenford

Stumbled upon it when walking the london ring. I needed somewhere that did food and had the footie on. This met the bill, although I wouldnt normally choose to eat at a flaming grill type place. I got a good seat with all the footie punters but kind of wish I had ordered something less dramatic than what turned out to be a flaming skillet of ribs and chicken wings. Everyone missed Vincent Kompany's premiership winning goal.

3 May 2012 20:09

The Roebuck, Borough

Unexpected gem of a pub, found as I took a circuitous route home to London Bridge. Lots of tables outside for the sunshine - and even some council benches for when those run out. Like this place a lot.

3 May 2012 20:05

The Dublin Castle, Camden

I can't believe how many times I have been in the spread eagle over the road and never ventured in here. A few weeks ago, there was an article in one of the broadsheets about Suggs and his favourite places and this was mentioned. I thought it was amusing seeing a picture of him in front of his own memoribillia. This week, I was looking for somewhere to eat and saw an advert in the tube for a place on the parkway - which led me to here. Great place, very friendly people who spoke to a stranger carrying a large book, with an air of indian food around him. I will be back.

3 May 2012 20:00

The Three Horseshoes, Bourne End

Couldnt resist a walk over the rickety bridge from the other side of the canal. I liked my eagle, it came in a ceremonial glass. All hail the eagle.

26 Apr 2012 00:29

The Rising Sun, Berkhamsted

If i lived here, I would come here. Papers, decent beer. Cider, named after a tramps private parts. You tell me what you want from a pub and I'll tell you what this provides.

26 Apr 2012 00:26

The Boat, Berkhamsted

Nice pub. Superb service. I walked from hemel to here and was made to feel like an all conquering hero. This is an excellent pub and we should cherish it.

26 Apr 2012 00:23

The Royal (Harvester), Boston Manor

You know exactly what you get at a harvester. Very busy for food on a Wednesday night but the service was good - three different people taking orders whenever I looked like I needed any assistance. Good if you want to eat, elsewhere if you want to drink.

24 Apr 2012 18:26

The Brogue, Boston Manor

Walking on the way to the tube and saw they had the barca/chelsea game on. Two fellas smoking in the doorway saw me look, explained the game and what the score was. Game in to read the papers and watch the remainder. Good Guinness and good atmosphere.

24 Apr 2012 18:24

The Burton Arms Hotel, Manchester

Pub number 1 on my guide in 50 more pub crawls from Camra. Doesnt look much from the outside and I entered with some trepidation. Waiting at the bar whilst the barman turned on all the TVs for the Man City vs. Chelsea game. This gave me plenty of opportunity to read all the signs proclaiming that your valuables would be nicked, you musnt take drugs and any suspicious behaviour would result in a life time ban. I hoped that this didnt included attempting the saduko in their complimentary daily mail. The pint of holts was fine but I'm sure it would have better if it was served with a smile.

23 Mar 2012 21:28

The Angel, Manchester

Following Camra's more pub crawls and they have one of North Manchester. This was the 2nd pub of the night and I was hoping to get fed, with it having an upstairs restaurant. In the last pub, they had the City, Chelsea game on several screens. Left they in the shadow of the Blimp and stumbled on this place. Entered and there are a couple of fellas listening to the game on the radio.... They were getting more excited than the fellas who had sky in the last place. Alas, the chef was ill, so I didnt get fed, but the staff were very helpful and assisted in making my choice from a bewildering array of unknown beers.

23 Mar 2012 21:24

The Champion of the Thames, Cambridge

Last of the pub crawl. Great name for a pub. Lived up to its billing in the guide book.

11 Mar 2012 21:33

The King Street Run, Cambridge

Couldnt resist the music coming from it. Went in and immediately engaged in a conversation about Milli Vanilli of all things. This encouraged us to sit at the bar, drink 2 pints and watch the barstaff pull through the doombar for around an hour. The mrs showed me a photo from the ladies. I always thought they were full of scented flowers with flunkies handing you silk hankies to freshen up. Another illusion shattered. Good pub. Veryt eclectic ground, covering all the social groups of the last 30 years.

11 Mar 2012 21:31

The St Radegund, Cambridge

Looked kind of interesting and is in my camra book of crawls. We went in - all very busy and had to share a table with some others, including the winner of cambridge moustache of the year 2012. One cider was on and it looked like dishwater but that is the mrs problem. My pint was OK. Didnt stay for long, wanted to check out the music from the King St Run.

11 Mar 2012 21:27

The Castle, Cambridge

My camra book of pub crawls is out of date. This has had a major makeover and is now a restaurant rather than the classic pub of yesteryear. One ale on and that was green king IPA.

11 Mar 2012 21:23

The Castle Inn, Cambridge

Black sheep and landlord. But which is best? Only one way to find out. Wish it had been a sunday night- there was a bargain on the food on offer.

11 Mar 2012 21:21

The Mitre, Cambridge

First cambridge pub. Stopped after a walk around Jesus College. Lots of choice - on the left were the regular adnams on the right were some wacky unknown beers. Had lunch. It was OK.

11 Mar 2012 21:20

Cock, St Albans

Only came down this end of town because its where you can get a cab. Decided to come for the novelty value of a facebook check in. Mappiman is in the Cock. A few punters, beers was OK. Nothing to mark it up or down.

1 Mar 2012 20:59

The Henry VI, Eton

Very quiet on a wednesday. Looks like the weekend is the time to go, when it all kicks off at kempton.

29 Feb 2012 23:06

The George, Eton

Well this will confuse you. This is a food pub and the food and service were both excellent. The main course was as good as anything I had eaten in this great country and the service was attentive and they couldn't do more for youl. There's a lot of choice in this great town but this is a good place for British food.

29 Feb 2012 23:04

The White Hart, Hartlebury

Agree with last reviewer. This pub has been refurbed in 2011 and bar / dining area has been swapped around. This means that its now a food pub rather than a drinking place. The dining area is spacious and well laid out. The sunday menu was very good value (all mains 9, two courses 12, three 15). The food was very high quality and felt represented value for money. Beer was Doombar and this was as good as the food. Highly recommened and we will return.

20 Feb 2012 13:54

The Mad Hatter Hotel, Southwark

ESB delivered in the ceremonial glass. Breakfast is good. I didnt have these two items at the same time. I am not a tramp.

3 Feb 2012 20:53

White Lion Hotel, Ambleside

Well, this is why you just cant trust review web sites! I wouldnt choose to eat here, as it all looked a bit too delivered off a van. But the pint of Thwaites that I had was the best pint in all of the ambleside pubs (and we went to all of them). Even topped the bluebird at the Queens.

And the last bloke said the beer was terrible!

3 Feb 2012 20:50

Queen's Hotel, Ambleside

Enjoyed the bluebird. They have a club downstaors (cellar bar) that also sells Bluebird. Is there anything better than listening to rappers sing "Riverside MoFo" at a high volume whilst drinking the greatest pint in the lakes? I think not. All it needed was people. And then at 11pm, the chefs from the chinese turned up.

3 Feb 2012 20:48

The Golden Rule, Ambleside

This is where the ambleside characters go. We met a man with an eye patch, several people with dogs and then bizarrely, a group of students dressed as golfers. Is this a university town? The beers were unusual - Hanibals Nectar anyone? but all well served.

3 Feb 2012 20:46

The Unicorn, Ambleside

Looking for decent home cooked pub food in ambleside? This seems to be the recommended place. Lots of traditional pubs in the town but this is the only one that doesnt microwave them. Choice of real ales, which we were able to sample before making a decision. Food was OK. Live music on later.

3 Feb 2012 20:44

Royal Oak, Ambleside

1st of our ambleside tour. Black Sheep had run out. 20 mins to change a barrell, so an ok pint of bombardier. No food on an evening. An underwhelming experience to be honest.

3 Feb 2012 20:42

Golden Lion, Soho

small pub that seems to have a lot of trade. Wednesday night. Watched the business men doing rounds of Guinness with Jamesons chasers. How the wheels of industry are oiled.

Quite like the pub - but there is a lot of choice in the area!

12 Jan 2012 19:31

The Spice of Life, Cambridge Circus

Large place. Full of tourists. Myself included. Interesting selection of herfordshires finest ales. Wouldn't go out of my way to come here.

12 Jan 2012 19:26

The Coach and Horses, Mayfair

After an abortive attempt to get into the Guinea (packed to the rafters), I came in here. Mainly seduced by its architecture. Nothing wrong with the place.

12 Jan 2012 19:24

The Windmill, Mayfair

There was an article in the Times on Londons Top 10 pie pubs. The details have been copied into my phone, so that an alarm can ring if I am ever in the vicinity. There is no way I would have come to this pub, if it hadn't been for the list. Tucked away down a side street. Went straight to the first floor pie room, where they managed to squeeze me in. Service was good - food took a while, but this was due to it being packed. And was the pie deserving of its three times champion winning status. Probably! Beer was good - I have Young's Special. 1 down, 9 to go.

12 Jan 2012 19:20

The Antiquary, Edinburgh

Pub two on our Camra pub trail of Stockbridge and we never got any further. This tells its own story.

The reason for staying put could only be partly down to tiredness from an afternoon sightseeing and shopping. The main reason was as well as an xmas party going on, there was also a very good band called the Decades.

Sat, played name that tune and kept on fighting my way to the bar for another pint of Santa's little helper. By the end of the night, I was asking for Satans little helper.

If a pub down a side street in a suberb of a City is this good, you really are spoilt for choice in Edinburgh. You want to see what passes for entertainment in my locals in Worcestershire. The last time anything resembling a folk band was on was when an old lady in a army jumper danced in the fireplace to the the jukebox.

12 Dec 2011 18:49

Bailie Bar, Stockbridge

We were staying in the area, and armed with my Camra pub walks in Edinburgh book, this was the closest trail. There were meant to be four pubs to go to, but due to the quality of the first two, we only got half way through.

This is deceptively spacious (christ, I sound like an estate agent). Once you fight your way through the smokers who wont budge for love nor money, you enter a central, horseshoe bar with plenty of seating and then a room off to the side for eating.

We sat at the bar and people watched. We saw a man with a waxed moustache and a fat Noel Gallagher.

The beer was good - I was on flying scotsman and the staff were friendly.

Would come back.

12 Dec 2011 18:44

The Guildford Arms, Edinburgh

Been here many times over the years. It just peeks out from the chaos that is Princess Street. This weekend, I sneaked in whilst the family continued down to the shopping centre. Friday afternoon around 4pm and packed out. Fought way to the bar for a decent pint of Engineer (I think).

Come to this end of town and hit this and the cafe royal together. This is the working class sister to the middle class boozer next door.

12 Dec 2011 18:35

The Nags Head, Great Malvern

It was country walking magazine that pointed this pub out to me - coming in the top 10 walkers pubs in britain. I will never, ever drive past this place this again. Everything you could want in a pub. I only wished that I lived close enough that it could be my local and I could try all the different things they have to choose from. A real find.

28 Nov 2011 19:59

Waxy O'Connors, Piccadilly

Every time I have been in here there has been a decent band on. Makes a cracking mid week atmosphere. They just need some lit up beer taps so that you can see what alternative to Guinness there is.

28 Nov 2011 19:55

The Sussex, Covent Garden

In any other place, it would be an impressive building for a pub but there is simply too much choice in this town. Last visit came complete with a mad bloke staring through the window.

28 Nov 2011 19:53

The Garrick Arms, Trafalgar Square

Completely anonymous london pub. Probably been here before, probably would come again. Nothing at all to make it stand out.

28 Nov 2011 19:49

The Enterprise, Chalk Farm

Soz... the service was great. They may have been lesbians, but that may have been my imagination. The only thing wrong with this pub is that the local team seem to play football in argentinas colours. If I want to be reminded of the hand of god and the ugly fizog of Tevez, I can stay at home and watch youtube. Like hundreds of other london pubs, its much better than the one in the town that you live in.

Unless you live in london.

17 Nov 2011 00:03

The Abbey, Kentish Town

Have to own up and say that I came in for a sit down and to log some geocaches. Don't mock me. The beer was OK. It was quite busy. The music made me want to stay and see what the next track would be.,

16 Nov 2011 23:59

The Hawley Arms, Camden

I like this pub a lot. The higher you get, the better it is. Ground level, is full and you cannot get to the bar. Hit the stairs, and you will find another bar. Hit the terrace (when it is warm) and you have a great view of london. This is a good pub.

16 Nov 2011 23:54

The Good Mixer, Camden

Can you complain about Aussie bar staff in London? This pub survives on its indie pop glory. There isnt much else to like, and there are much better pubs in the areas. Still, if you can take a piss where Graham Coxon once threw up, you are living a vicarious dream.

16 Nov 2011 23:51

The Edinboro Castle, Camden

When in North London, I have been coming here for many years. There is a reason it is busy.... its good. In the summer, its impossibly busy. Tonight, in November, it may have beeen the first time I have eaten here. Great value for a tenner - two courses. Lots of interesting beers. There is nothing not to like about this place.

16 Nov 2011 23:47

Black Boy, Bewdley

Best pint of Abbot that I have ever had. Anywhere.

14 Nov 2011 21:01

The Cooperage, Newcastle

Continuing my tour of real ale pubs in newcastle... we came on a thursday, 10pm and the place was near empty. We sat in the window, looking like we were zoo exhibits and laughing at people walking past, trying to lure them in. It didnt work.

Loved the views of the river and bridges, and a good pint, but had to move on looking for some atmosphere in Newcastle.

14 Nov 2011 21:00

The Bacchus, Newcastle

Taken here by a local as it is the winner of camra awards. Bewildering choice of beers - none of them that I recognised. Allowed a sample and made the correct choice. You could lose yourself in here.

14 Nov 2011 20:53

The Robin Hood Inn, Droitwich

Must have driven past this pub 5000 times without going in. What a surprise - more of a dining place than a drinking place. Doesnt look much from the outside, but very sumptuous on the inside. Lovely high leather chairs, an open fire and 6x. Might be a future stopping off point, should I not want to go home for whatever reason.

8 Nov 2011 16:49

The Viaduct Tavern, St Pauls

The original gin palace. Been in many times over the years on my way from the city to farringdon tube. No Esb this time though.

2 Nov 2011 16:45

The Three Blackbirds, Flamstead

Have to agree with last reviewer.... when you go into a pub in herts, you dont expect to be confronted by beers from the west country. Tribute and Betty Stoggs (which I have only previously seen down the Lizard). Nice pub to complement a nice vilage.

2 Nov 2011 16:43

The Bell, Tring

A long tour of tring to find somewhere to eat. Ended up in an indian where I was the only punter. Came in here for a drink after. At least there were people here. Large pub geared for football and pool.

16 Oct 2011 21:25

Robin Hood, Tring

First pub in town as I came in from pendley manor. Nice pub..... offered a straight or goblet glass for my pint of ESB.

16 Oct 2011 21:21

The Tower Arms, South Weald

Three reviews in one...

The bar was full of locals at 6pm and there seemed a good atmosphere. Then more came in after bellringing. Then there is the odd bargame of getting the hoop on a hook. Must be an essex thing. Due to the unseasonably warm weather, I stuck to Kronenbourg. Soz ale fans.

The food was excellent - with great service in a nice area. Just be carful that you order veggies if you want them.

The highlight was the rooms - exceptionally high standard and each looks uniquely presented. Much better than a grotty chain pub for the same price.

Very friendly staff.

4 Oct 2011 20:00

Orange Tree, Richmond

Final pub of the Richmond journey and opposite the station so dead handy. Strange place - biggest TV in the world and very good quality picture make it a great place for the sport. Strangeness came when I went looking for the gents and almost got enrolled in an amateur dramatics production. Just what is going on in the basement? Came back upstairs and a helpful staff member pointed me in the right direction. Norwich won and Leon Barnett, who couldnt hit a cows arse with a banjo when he played for the baggies, scored.

If I lived here, I would come here.

27 Sep 2011 18:52

The Old Ship, Richmond

2nd pub of my evening, walking up from the river to the station. Popped in and checked the menu. They had steak on for 14, so I went for it. Served incredibly quickly and was allright. Service was very good and they checked that everything was ok. Liked the look of the courtyard, which included a TV with the footie on.

27 Sep 2011 18:49

The White Cross, Richmond

2nd visit. Walked down the river in the fading light after completing 7 miles of the captal ring. The neon lights just pull you in! The place oozes character and personality. Had a quick pint. Would have stayed for tea if they had steak on. Great location.

27 Sep 2011 18:45

The Blind Beggar, Whitechapel

Third visit... First was about seven years ago when there was a huge print of the twins with babs at some black tie event. This has gone. Pub plays on its nice garden, particularly liked the magazines you can borrow. Current winner of most expensive pint paid for..... 4.60 for a peroni. When it gets to a fiver, there will be no more mappiman pub reviews.

23 Sep 2011 18:16

The Three Horseshoes, Shepperton

Walking back to my hotel. Looks like a place to investigate and a large sign shows they have tribute. Alas, it hasnt made it from cornwall. Had a ropey pint of adnams. Two nice people playing darts soon left, leaving me with one other punter, the landlord and a barman. Liked the fox with a fag.

20 Sep 2011 11:29

The Kings Head, Shepperton

Well I walked into an unmanned bar. Waiting 5 mins. Someone else started waiting. Decided there was enough choice elsewhere that I didnt have to hang around with my money out and no service. It was 10pm on a Monday. Looked nice.

20 Sep 2011 11:28

The Anchor Hotel, Shepperton

Odd place. A 400 year old pub that looks seeped in history. All the punters on a Monday night were male and intensely watching a nothing game of championship football in total state of unexcitement. I popped to the loos and there was some sort of octogenerian meeting going on, which had more excitement than the football. Would love to know what they were plotting.

20 Sep 2011 11:26

The Red Lion, Shepperton

Stayed in the hotel next door and after a pleasant walk, popped in for my evening meal. One of the best decisions made. Exceptional quality food at a great price. Three real ales - two from Scotland, which is a bit odd. Recommended for food and service.

20 Sep 2011 11:24

The Seven Stars, Chancery Lane

One of the oldest buildings and pubs in ldn. Decent pint. Flies swarming around the bar off putting. Guaranteed a conversation about the toilets.

14 Sep 2011 20:49

Quarryman, Edmonton

Interesting conundrum for me..... Staying in one oaf the ajoining cottages.... Can a pub be too close tqo home? Yes it can, as we dont get there until the last day. Very much a food pub by the layout with every table catering for eaters. Had a decent pint of betty stogs.

20 Aug 2011 13:07

The William IV, Truro

Asked a Traffic Warden to recommend a dog friendly pub on my first visit to the town. He sent me here. Standard family pub, offering good food and good service. Couple of pints of Tribute went down well.

18 Aug 2011 20:18

The Ship Inn, Wadebridge

Sat at the bar why I waited for the mrs and friends to meet up at the indian over the road. Sat and people watched. I have to say the staff were very welcoming to all punters and the level of politeness was over and above what you would expect. I enjoyed reading the list of banned people behind the bar. There are three sentances - banned for life, banned until 18 (!), banned for a determinable period. Very amusing - must say more about the town.

18 Aug 2011 20:16

The Bridge on Wool, Wadebridge

Came in on a wednesday night. Terrific open mic night. The acts were superb. Good pint of Tribute. Wish we had some pubs like this where I live.

18 Aug 2011 20:12

Harbour Inn, Padstow

Dog friendly and I got to sit on the comfy sofas with a great pint of Tribute to wash down my lunch from you know where....

15 Aug 2011 17:40

The Molesworth Arms Hotel, Wadebridge

Our local for our holiday. Open early in the day, so in for a breakfast cup of tea. Sedate atmosphere, people breakfasting. Came back a day later for food in the evening. Its like the wild west. Drunken man and woman doing a bad impression of meat loaf, which included dancing. Drunken man taking shirt of to show off his guns. This was 8pm. The police were probably coming at 10pm. The food was superb - all home cooked and the drinks were good value. Recommended.

15 Aug 2011 17:38

The Nightingale, Worcester

Said I would be back for a meal! If you can get there before 5pm on weeknights, they have a really good value set price menu. We got there at 8pm, after a walk to Spetchley Hall. Service was excellent. Food, great quality, not huge portions. Recommended.

9 Aug 2011 17:25

The Euston Flyer, Euston

Handy to break up the walk from the bus stop at KX to the Train at Euston Home. Cavernous, large bar, plenty of staff. Food is delivered from a 3663 truck that set off from macclesfield some time ago. Probably.

9 Aug 2011 17:24

Founders Arms, Bankside

10 for the views, 5 for the prices, so will settle on a 7. 4.40 for a Heinken seems a bit much. Lovely on a summer's evenings with one of the finest views of any city.

9 Aug 2011 17:22

The Victoria, Swindon

Its all coming back to me after the previous comments! Wednesday night - what do you want? How about a bunch of pissed up students singing "We are the champions" on the Karaoke? How about nudey pics in the gents? Oh go on then! At last, a pub, thats open late with a good atmosphere. I would come back here in a heatbeat.

2 Aug 2011 00:30

The Goddard Arms, Swindon

Nice looking pub that could probably do with a trim (you'll know when you get there). Huge inside and a nice place to meet people in Swindon.

2 Aug 2011 00:27

The Sheeps Heid Inn, Duddingston

first time back in around 14 years. What a history. Had a nice walk from Princes Street over Arthurs Seat and always planned on coming here. Busy for a monday night, but apparently its a Bank Holiday. Just two staff on and they were rushed off their feet. The barman did a great job of staying the right side of abusive as he turned various parties down or talked them into one course only as it was 8pm at night and the chef wanted to go home (!). After my walk, I stuck to the stella black but amazed to see Doom Bar here. When I go to Cornwall on hols next week, no doubt it will be heather ale.

The drinking equivalent of a museum. 600 years of boozing. What is not to like?

2 Aug 2011 00:24

Bannermans, Edinburgh

Everyone should go here once. Just so you can work out if its a fire hazard or not! Recommended for the range of human existence that frequent.

2 Aug 2011 00:19

The Pear Tree, Edinburgh

A bit of a result in terms of the beer garden. Is there anything better to do on a summers day than site outside with a great pint of beer? This place got the first part of the equation spot on, but let themselves down with some very ropey looking hooch.

2 Aug 2011 00:17

Cafe Royal, Edinburgh

I've lost count of the times I have been here over the years, but tonight something unique happened. I managed to get a booth. One day all pubs will be like this. Somewhere that is nicer than your home but where you feel welcome. A great experience.

2 Aug 2011 00:15

The Angel, Woolhampton

Two pubs so close together - but which is the best? I was going to have a Stella Black for the novelty factor but they have run out. So I asked which one of the two real ales were recommended - I forget the name of the one recommended but the other one must have been shocking. Mine looked like dish water, had a really thin greasy head that disappeard and had great big lumps of something in the bottom. Tasted better than it looked, to be honest, but i left the last third - wishing I had saved my pennies for the Rowbarge.

28 Jul 2011 18:11

Falmouth Arms, Woolhampton

Clocked this from the A4 and then walked back from the Best Western to it. Impressive looking building. Had a quick pint of Ringwood and then continued my walk. Perfectly reasonable boozer.

28 Jul 2011 18:06

The Berkshire Arms, Newbury

Tried the coach and horses first for food. Very expensive prices and after being served a 3/4 full pint and having real communication problems with the barmaid, I cam here. Service was good, staff friendly and it was warm enough at 10pm to eat outside, which was a nice experience. Know what you are getting from a chef and brewer.

28 Jul 2011 18:04

The Lion Inn, Winchcombe

Stayed here in 2006 when walking the Cotswolds way. On a local walk around Winchcombe today and after a disappointing attempt at food at the Plaisterers arms came here for a fantastic welcome and great food. Three real ales on and they even popped out with biscuits and water for the dog. She was more interested in our steak sandwiches. Really nice garden and locals that all talk with you.

24 Jul 2011 15:06

The Plaisterers Arms, Winchcombe

Interesting comments from the previous reviewer. I would class the landlady as fiesty rather than rude. I had a robust conversation about whether they did pear cider (pump, no pear cider) or whether they did anything other than sunday lunches (full menu on display outside) and lost both. However, the Timothy Taylor Landlord was the best I have had outside Skipton and I could have gone on an epic tour of Ireland from the variety of whiskeys on display. A proper pub.

24 Jul 2011 15:03

Chieftain, Welwyn Garden City

Interesting history! Its over the road from a really crappy hotel and its very unusual in these days of pubs closing down every week to see a new build. We popped over for a meal. Very busy (good sign), choice of four real ales (good sign), nothing on the menu over a tenners (uhmmm.). The food is shipped in on the back of a truck, which is a shame, the service was good and it was very neat. Hurrah for a new pub.

22 Jul 2011 09:24

The Warwick Castle, Maida Vale

A quandry on how to rate.... I have been here before and its a perfect summer evening pub. Have a stroll down Regents Canal, take in Primrose Hill, Drop back down for little venice and have a pint here before getting the tube from Duffy's favourite tube station. Lovely and airy, with great beer.

I went in for food today and its looks the business - nice trendy menu, nice tables - all geared up. Unfortuantely, the quality of the food did not match the price. If you pay 8 for ham egg and chips, you don't expect the ham to be the skinny stuff from a deli counter in a supermarket. Who want nice honey glazed thick slices.

Black sheep was nice though :-)

13 Jul 2011 18:58

The Dog and Partridge, Didsbury

Nobody told me about the free monkey nuts!

After being taken to the curry delights of Rusholme, we went up the road to this pub. There is a quiz night. The quiz master went around with the papers. Completely by passed our table of two! Would have loved to join in - I knew that Jane Austen wrote Persuasion.

Had a nice pint of Tribute - all the way from Cornwell to Manchester. Looked like one of the better pubs in this area.

Next time I go, I will look for the nuts. And if I dont get invited to the quiz, I will shout out the answers.

13 Jul 2011 18:52

White Horse Inn, Clun

Great pub... We walked the hills with the missus hoping for a steak sandwich and a pint of pear cider..... They had this exact combination and the home made chips were superb.... Landlord and locals very friendly when ordering and a choice of around 4 real ales. my hobsons was perfect.

10 Jul 2011 19:42

The Old Doctor Butler's Head, Moorgate

One of those hidden pubs that you stumble on by accident.... Full of suits in the afternoon.... Don't they have jobs? Service was good, beer was ok, atmosphere not helped by the tour de france on the tv. Would return, if i could find it.

5 Jul 2011 21:31

The Nightingale, Worcester

Drove past it loafs... Popped in for the first time tonight. Very elegant, food looked great and good prices. Will go back to sample the menu.... Only two real ales on, which seemed light for a cask mark pub.

4 Jul 2011 21:13

The Ferryboat Inn, Whitchurch on Thames

Another pub next door to the greyhound.... And here are all the punters! Extensive menu and they were still accommodating enough to let me change the meal a bit without charging extra. Great service. Landlord was a bit ropey (beer, not the fella behind the bar) but I often find it doesnt travel well.

30 Jun 2011 18:52

The Greyhound, Whitchurch on Thames

Lovely walk from goring.... This is my first oasis for refreshment. Opened the door, warm welcome but I am the only punter..... Had a quick pint in the garden but felt a bit awkward to eat there. A nice pub, but it wont survive unless people go there.

30 Jun 2011 18:49

The Catherine Wheel, Goring

First pub i encountered on way from station. My kind of place with a busy beer garden.... Had to ask where the gents were :-) its a conversation starter.

30 Jun 2011 18:45

The John Barleycorn, Goring

A couple of pints whilst doing the standard saduko. Landlord very friendly, ringwood a decent pint. Heard all the gossip in the village and now know how much it costs to heat a pub..... Recommended.

30 Jun 2011 18:43

Miller of Mansfield, Goring

I stayed here on business. I know this isnt a hotel review but room 10 has an open plan toilet in a double room. Ask yourself how well you know your partner!

The pub is full of character, with two real ales on. Girl behind the bar knew her stuff and i tried both anyway.... Good beer.

Nice breakfast.

30 Jun 2011 18:41

Hop Pole Inn, Bewdley

Wow..... No reviews! Popped in after a walk in the wyre forest on a Thursday night. I've drank a lot of banks bitter over the years but this has to be the best I have ever had. A lovely colour, keeping a nice head down the glass..... Looks nice and tidy inside...

26 Jun 2011 19:59

The Marble Arch, Manchester

Going out of my way on a walk around Manchester. Yesterday, I googled "best Manchester Pubs" and this was one in a list of 5 that I haven't been to. Liked the sound of the Micro Brewery around the back. Liked the place a lot - great decoration, not a straight edge in the place and some extravagant tiling on the high ceiling. They had a beer called "Pint" and another called "Bitter". I had the latter and it reminded me of boddingtons a lot. Had a look around my taking a different exit and smelt the brewery part of the business. An experinece not to be missed.

22 Jun 2011 21:51

The Old Wellington Inn, Manchester

Fantastic pub - oldest building in Manc, moved twice, bombed by the IRA and still standing. Great location and when the sun is out (!), a great place to sit and watch the world go by. Came today for the first time in 10 years and was disappointed to be served an OK pint of Lancaster Bomber in a plastic glass! Staggering, really - no warning, no alternative offered - I may not necessarily been going outside either.

22 Jun 2011 21:48

The Coal Hole, Strand

Been in here a number of times, due to its prime location. Last visit was for lunch. Choice of five ales and had a decent doom bar (it seems to be following me around from Cornwall, to London, to the welsh borders this month). Had the fish and chips, which was OK. Only grumble is a pet hate of mine - paid with a card at the bar before receiving any services and the waitress made quite a play of me leaving a tip. We'll decide that when we have had the service.

21 Jun 2011 10:52

The Boat Inn, Whitney on Wye

Liked the story about the bins.... Driving back from the brecons, I looked for somewhere for a post hike pint. This is labelled as Herefordshire Pub of the Year. Liked the entrance, where you are directed to the lounge to the left or the bar (and for cannoists) to the right. Had a decent Doom Bar in the garden at the front... food smelled lovely!

21 Jun 2011 10:49

The Three Fishes, Shrewsbury

My time of place.... Very busy on a sat lunch, had to dive in to get a snug table for four. Station bitter was excellent, with a choice of four more and the food was even better..... Enchillada from the special board. Only gripe is you have to buy the beer at the bar and the food from another kiosk.... Who wants to queue twice? Still, i would trade all the pubs in my one horse chav town for this one.....

18 Jun 2011 22:03

The Greyhound, Streatham

First sign of civilisation on part four of my tour of the capital ring. Avoided mick jaggers pizza restaurant over the road and came to this huge, traditional looking pub. Very quiet on a thursday at 8pm but a very friendly bar man made time for a conversation. One of only 300 pubs selling stella black, in nice ceremonial glasses. Very tempted to add it to my collection :-). Comedy nights and banging tunes on a weekend, by the looks of the flyers.

18 Jun 2011 09:11

Crown Inn, Peopleton

Looks to be the focal point of the village. A little piece of london, with pride on tap and providing sponsorship for all the umbrellas in the garden. Good pint, sat outside on a nice summer evening.

14 Jun 2011 11:17

The Peahen, St Albans

St albans, with the highest number of pubs per capita, votes this as pub of the year 2011. Interesting choice. Worlds slowest jazz band on when i went on a weds night, but at least there was live music.

10 Jun 2011 16:06

The Cross Keys, St Albans

Once went in and there was a good atmosphere. Been back a few times and this has never been repeated. Just a scattering of blokes looking down into their pints. Always have interesring beers on but so do sainsburys and you wouldn't choose that as a destination for a night out.

10 Jun 2011 16:02

The Bull Inn, Redbourn

Three out of the four real ale handpumps had the badge turned around.... Si i thought it best to stick with heineken. Nice looking place.

10 Jun 2011 15:58

Paris Hotel, Coverack

Gets a high rating for its enviable position in my new favorite location..... Coverack, the home of honesty parking and dog friendly beaches. If its too hot, cold or rainy just pop up here for shelter. A couple of the best beers i had all week in cornwall.....

7 Jun 2011 19:06

The Blue Anchor, Helston

What a find! Deceptively spacious, it just goes on and on. Loved the little alcove rooms. Had a pint of middle, which went down well. Recommended to seek out.

5 Jun 2011 08:41

The Witchball, The Lizard

Top pub.... Friday night bbq was excellent. Betty Stoggs and tribute well kept. Grat beer garden. Preferred pub in the lizard.

5 Jun 2011 08:17

The Top House, The Lizard

Yes they do serve hsd. I'm afraid that this was a touch disappointing. The staff are friendly and accomodating... The food is good but on expensive side but the beer was pretty ropey for a cask marque pub. Had 4 pints of either tribute or hsd over the week and all were cloudy, lifeless and by the end of the pint more akin to dishwater.

5 Jun 2011 08:10

The Top House, The Lizard

Yes they do serve hsd. I'm afraid that this was a touch disappointing. The staff are friendly and accomodating... The food is good but on expensive side but the beer was pretty ropey for a cask marque pub. Had 4 pints of either tribute or hsd over the week and all were cloudy, lifeless and by the end of the pint more akin to dishwater.

5 Jun 2011 08:10

The Black Bull, Edinburgh

Don't usually go in here but as I walked past on a Thursday night on, I could hear live music. The band were excellent - lady lead singer and great musicians supporting her. I would have gladly paid to get in and had great entertainment for only the cost of a pint. This was provided by both the band and the dancing canadians. Loved it.

27 May 2011 16:31

Biddy Mulligans, Edinburgh

For historical reasons, my favourite edinburgh pubs. Often, there is a band on. Everyone crowds around the front bar and it then opens into a spacious area. Nearly everytime I go in, I come out with a story.... last year, it was Liam Gallagher was in here. This year, nothing much happened.

27 May 2011 16:29

The Bow Bar, Edinburgh

Impossible to walk past. Impossible to get a seat! I ended up getting a free standing chair and sat like a loon in front of the fire. One of my favourites in the country and on the way down to a couple more favorites as well.

27 May 2011 16:21

The Jekyll and Hyde, Edinburgh

Used to live in the George Hotel around the corner - so this was often a meeting point. First time back in years and its still the same. Worth a visit for its originality and to laugh at the first timers trying to find the loos.

27 May 2011 16:17

Postal Order, Crystal Palace

Ordered an esb and eas asked if i wanted the special glass..... Which was a nice touch. Is it true that jdw buy their beer when just out of date? This no headed, cloudy bilge water was on the cusp.

11 May 2011 20:35

Westow House, Crystal Palace

Looks like you are spoiled for choice in crystal palace..... Looked a really nice place and was tempted to eat here...... Alas a ruby was calling my name.

11 May 2011 20:32

The Grape and Grain, Crystal Palace

How can the best pub in south london (as stated on poster) only have 5.9 here. Sat outside and watched the never ending traffic jam.

11 May 2011 20:30

The Hollywood East, Penge

On the capital ring walk and a welcome pint after the 5 miles from grove park. Landlady pleasant. Sat and eavesdropped to dialogue straight from a martina cole novel. Toilet came complete with a sunken brown trout.

11 May 2011 20:27

Watermill, Kidderminster

Now its a 2 for the Price of 1 chain pub - perfect for a family meal out and they do have the ability to cater for larger groups. Our waitress was fantsatic - offering things that weren't on the menu and taking control of a table of 20 with the authority last seen in the Waffen SS. This is a good thing. Meals seemed good value, drinks seemed on the expenisve side (9.95 for two pints and two soft drinks). Busy trade on a Sunday.

9 May 2011 17:12

Boar's Head, Kidderminster

The good news is that its back open! This used to be a fantastic pub.... that busy that they had a seperate bar at the end of the courtyard to cater for the demand of people who couldn't get into the pub. On a rainy saturday night in May 2011, there were around 10 people in total. I sat there and contemplated the decline in the pub industry - my only ideas were a "bring your own beer" policy, like they do in balti houses. Haven't worked out the commercials yet :-).

Still a terrific pub for atmosphere, great music (Selector, Beat took me back in time) and a little bit of history into pop sub culture, as among the 10 were a punk, rasta and ska boy.

9 May 2011 17:09

The Queens Hotel, Belbroughton

Noticed the old blue cask mark logo on the front when driving through the rat run that is Belbroughton to the m5. Decided to stop on my way home for a pint. Only thing I noticed about the decor was that it had been refiurbed into a complete dining experience with very posh looking table placements. We ate there many years ago but now it seems to have gone up a league. Looking fwd to a revisit to se the scary eye wallpaper. I only had a pint outside in the sunshine and everything was rosy!

9 May 2011 17:04

Crown and Anchor, Brixham

My definition of a great pub. Admitedley it was pirate day....but the atmosphere for a sunday afternoon was great...... Packed with pirates watching arsenal beat man u, then that finished and a live band struck up.... Absolutely heaving and loads of friendly banter.

2 May 2011 21:08

The Royal Oak, Painswick

Perfect Cotswolds pub for me - they are doing lunch and there is a nice little courtyard between the bars where the dog is welcome.

Sit in the shade listening to ladies planning the CW walks and some spanairds.

Food was very nice and the barman and chef bother spoke to me during a solo visit after a 10 miler in the slad valley.

26 Apr 2011 12:49

The Prince Albert, Battersea

An oasis - a food pub afer my walk from Victoria down through Battersea Park. Great food pub - great service. Only complaint is the meal was meant to come with chunky chips and they were decidedly skinny! Liked the location and the signs.

21 Apr 2011 16:41

The Princess Louise, Holborn

Plus Points - location, history and decor. Minus pints - Sam Smiths only. Came in after the theatre - ghost stories, need to find to go and post a review of that pile of poo - and walked back up to the hotel in Euston. Stopped in here for old times sake and it was very busy... managed to get a seat in the right hand side of the bar and took the slagging from my family that the choice of show deserved.

Good pub.

18 Apr 2011 16:55

The Plough, Bloomsbury

Desperately in need of refreshment after a long day in the museum. Chose this one, as there was available seating outside. Like a lot of London pubs - not much that's unique - the beers were good, the food was standard fayre, even the buildings around it all spoke volumes of London.

18 Apr 2011 16:52

The Argyll Arms, Oxford Circus

Dead handy place to meet - come up out of the tube and there you are. Always home for an outside table, never quite make it. Always seem to end up in the middle nook, sat on a bar stool. Had company today - so a pint and two cokes came to 8, I then had to explain that this is not too unreasonable for LDN. Until I sat and thought about it.

Still a great pub.

18 Apr 2011 16:49

The Bulls Head, Alton

Early evening visit, so had the place to myself. Sat outside with a hancocks. Liked the signs about the smoking area outside... available to 12:30am, then if people really want a fag they have to inhale very quietly indeed as it is a residential area. Alcohol will be served at the management's discretion after this time. Indicates a bit of a lively place to me.
Alton is a very pretty little place.

14 Apr 2011 13:50

The Mug House Inn, Bewdley

Ideal location, great garden. The staff do a good job of keeping the queuing punters in check and in order. Always has TT lanlord on. And you can read a copy of their times. Children not allowed after 8.30 and this is enforced with vigour. There was a time when there were a lot of "pack that in" type signs around the place but these seem to have gone now. Probably the best pub in bewdley and recommended.

12 Apr 2011 17:28

The Coach and Horses, Soho

Go for a wee where the great Derek Raymond once had a tinkle. I love this pub. If there was a museum theme pub, this would be it. The decor has memories of long forgotton drinks - inde coope, double diamond and a personal favourite, Skol. They sell Pickled Eggs that look like Derek turned his nose up at them. He died in 1994. I don't think it was related to the pickled eggs.

I have been coming here since the late nineties. Only thing that was a disappointment tonight is they no longer do Lowenbrau.

Make the most of it. You cannot think that it will be here for ever.

11 Apr 2011 23:15

The Essex Serpent, Covent Garden

More of a restaurant than a pub. I have been in here before after a drink and not thought much of it. Tonight, I was after food and was welcomed upstairs to sit with the italians and the french and all their guide books. The food was very good and the service was excellent. Summary - beer, avoid, british food well served, jump right in.

11 Apr 2011 23:08

The King and Castle, Windsor

Only pub we could find open after 11 on a wednesday. Good choice of beers.... Nice pint. No atmosphere. Like every other wetherspoons in the land.

6 Apr 2011 19:56

The Monument Public House, Newbury

This is place of and full of characters. I used to come here on my lunchtimes when I worked in the town (not vodascum). My trip to Newbury would not have been complete without popping in. It was around 10pm and I was met by a wall of noise - Metallica if not mistaken. There were around half a dozen biker types - including one that could have come from the gang in "Any Which Way but Loose" with Clint Eastwood. He demanded (nicely) that I put Voddoo Chile by Hendrix on. I did, and tried to educate their musical palates with a bit of Nick Cave and PJ Harvey as well. Friendly pub, great atmosphere. If its like this on a Monday, I would love to know what its like on a weekend.

29 Mar 2011 18:02

The Lion, Newbury

The crawl is taking me off the beaten track now. Never been down these lanes - pub soon found. This strikes me as a really good boozer. Any pub that has a poster of Julian Cope up must be cook. Not really into his music, but its shows good taste. Barman or Landlord was very friendly - sat at the bar with the Mail and attempted the Saduko. This is an occupational hazard after pint number 5. Good pint of Wadworth 6X.

29 Mar 2011 17:57

The Lock Stock and Barrel, Newbury

2nd pub on my mini crawl in Newbury. This is a gem - great location. Six ales on - including my favorite ESB - so I stayed for 2. Bar Staff were nice and friendly. The Times available to read at the bar. Smelt very much of Thai Fish Cakes.

29 Mar 2011 17:55

Hog's Head, Newbury

Following the CAMRA book of pub crawls and this is stop one. Huge pub. Very quiet at 7pm on a Monday. Nice earing in the barstaff. They really suited him. London Pride was very, very good pint. Sat and read looking out over the river. Nice pub.

29 Mar 2011 17:51

The Stage Door, Waterloo

TT landlord was very good. Unusually busy on this Tuesday night..... Every other time I have been here you can count the linters on the fingers of one stump....

24 Mar 2011 22:53

The Southwark Tavern, London Bridge

thursday nights and everyone seems to be very drunk.... Isn't this what south london is famous for. Queued for a while, sank a reasonable pint and headed off bear baiting with a winchester goose.

13 Mar 2011 21:27

The George, London Bridge

Surely must get a high rating for it's architecture, history and unique courtyard. beer is average and food expensive.

13 Mar 2011 21:21

The Wagon and Horses, Lancaster

Stayed here... Room was beautifully decorated and quiet. pub was immaculate and busy in afternoon but quiet at night. Unicorn at 1.80 per pint (special offer). Breakfast was best I have ever had anywhere. My sort of place.

13 Mar 2011 21:18

Merchants, Lancaster

A gem of a pub... Busy, immaculate, interesting inside.. Busy on our Saturday afternoon visit but we found a table for another great black sheep.

13 Mar 2011 21:14

The John O'Gaunt, Lancaster

Liked Market street..... Popped in cause it's in the good pub guide.... Stayed cause it was raining..... Good black sheep and a thriving pub with atmosphere....

13 Mar 2011 21:12

The Green Ayre, Lancaster

11am..... Excellent value breakfast but do people need to drink bottles of wine at this time of day.... Almost made me choke on my sausages...

13 Mar 2011 21:10

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