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BITE user comments - mtaylor40

Comments by mtaylor40

Crown, Liverpool

Started a mini-crawl of Liverpool heritage pubs here on Sunday lunchtime.

Untouristy crowd, good banter, cheap sandwiches, too many beers and the Pride was very average (NBSS 2.5), but worth a visit to see the interior and enjoy the atmosphere.

18 Feb 2019 23:26

The Philharmonic, Liverpool

Visited Sunday afternoon along with The Lion and The Crown.

First visit for a decade, seemed as busy as ever but found last table in the main room. Beers as below, but London Pride was drinking well, NBSS 3.5.

Yes, it's geared up for food, but glad I popped in.

18 Feb 2019 23:24

The Lion Tavern, Liverpool

First visit since the Heineken bust-up on Sunday lunchtime with a fellow Proper Pub lover from Stafford.

Only us, joined later by a younger bloke, but the Landlord was tremendously chatty, even if he is a Liverpool fan (!). Last time here on Friday night it was rammed; that's the best time to come.

The pub itself is gorgeous, one of the UK's very best. Six or so beers seemed ambitious, and Otter & Golden Glow were OK rather than outstanding, but I'd still say this is an essential visit in Pool.

18 Feb 2019 23:20

The Four Ashes, Waterloo

Yet another suburban Merseyside micro. Single room, usual plainish layout, half a dozen locals at the bar on Sunday night.

BUT a range of customers with some quality Scouse banter, a good welcome from the Landlord, and the Heavy Industry Smoked Porter at bargain price was NBSS 3.5 or better.

9 for the beer, 7 for the atmosphere, 5 for the building.

18 Feb 2019 23:14

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

A return visit on Sunday, 5 years after the first, and again I loved the traditional boozer feel as much as very good Tiny Rebel and Millwhite cider. I've been lucky to get a seat, as the pub needs high footfall tomaintain quality over so many casks. Next time I'll eat - the meat counter is part of the appeal.

16 Nov 2015 09:18

The Grapes, Sutton

Clearly a well reviewed pub !

My last London pub in the 2015 Beer Guide and not my best. Busy at 2pm ish and of the "all human life is here variety" which is great, but the Westerham was average at best. I think Spoons cask beer is suffering in some pubs due to the sheer size of the range of drinks offered.

10 Jun 2015 13:03

The Amazon and Tiger, Harvel

As seems the norm around here, friendly and unpretentious country pub. Beer was interesting and OK but really visit for the great countryside walk.

1 Jun 2015 11:00

The Brown Jug, Upchurch

As below, lovely and unpretentious spring to mind. Decent enough Harveys Best and some great coastal walks.

1 Jun 2015 10:58

Summoner, Sittingbourne

It's in the Beer Guide this year but I wasn't impressed with the Jennings seasonal (which I had as it had just been pulled). Was doing good and mixed business on Sunday afternoon so can't be too critical.

1 Jun 2015 10:56

The Paper Mill, Sittingbourne

Very lovely little pub, single room small even by "micro" standards and standing room only at Sunday lunchtime. Chap next to me was friendly and we had a good discussion about the 3 ales (Goachers Mild was very tasty). Cheese tasting was a nice touch. Would go back but probably not a place to read a book.

1 Jun 2015 10:55

Hogshead, Cambridge

Now the Grain Store. Unfashionable but enjoyable Greene King take on a craft bar. Have just had excellent Psner Urquell and Red Squirrel American Red IPA for decent price - very good, as was burger.

28 May 2015 13:29

The Boathouse, Falmouth

Good multi level pub withgreat views and a sensible beer range; my half of Black Rock got better and better. Not the busiest in Falmouth but worth GBG place.

19 May 2015 23:22

Beerwolf Books, Falmouth

I caught it on a good midweek night, with the pub quiz bringing energy and beer turnover to a fantastic pub, characterful, friendly and with superb beer (local Black Rock and Marble featured). Glad its not my local or would be in there all the time.

19 May 2015 23:20

The Seven Stars, Falmouth

Finally visited - the pub interior is truly wonderful and worth the visit as a work of pub art. On the downside, the pub was incredibly (church mouse) quiet in an otherwise boisterous town midweek, and the beautifully served Bass was a bit average. Unmissable though.

19 May 2015 23:16

The Pig And Abbot, Abington Piggots

Rural traditional free house with very high quality beer (Adnams & Mighty Oak) and, on this occasion, good if not cheap food. Previous visits found better beer than food. A good place to a visitor for a proper pub experience. Good walks around the village.

12 May 2015 15:50

The Cardinals Hat, Worcester

Very attractive and cosy pub with good mix of custom in variety of rooms, felt slightly upmarket but still a drinkers pub. Decent beer from enterprising range.

11 May 2015 23:35

The Globe Hotel, Glossop

Visited last month and had a good Stout, curry and pleasant banter with lovely Glossop folk. A wonderful pub, irrespective of Beer Guide listing or lical politics. The beer shop nearby is great too.

11 May 2015 23:19

The Crown and Kettle, Ancoats

Probably my favourite Manc pub, along with Marble Arch. The well judged beer range, excellently served (Tickety Boo superb) and setting all great. Not as busy as some pubs on Sunday matchday, which surprised me.

11 May 2015 23:12

The Rain Bar, Castlefield

A likeable pub, mainly notable for canalside drinking, but with a good pint of the MPA, which seemed to be selling well. Good standards of service and a mixed crowd.

11 May 2015 23:05

Sandbar, Manchester

As good as remembered on 2 previous visits. Mainly students but a few families as well. Really characterful and with good service.

The beer range remains broad, and although there were quite a few real ale drinkers it can mean that cask turnover for some of the range is affected. Of 2 Privateer beers, 1 was good and 1 was average.

11 May 2015 23:02

The Lower Angel, Warrington

Update - the Tipsy Angel beer is outstanding, and less than £3.

27 Dec 2014 20:19

Friar Penketh, Warrington

The service was superb, very clear quality if real ale (Peerless) a big issue. Upstairs craft bar a bit disappointing, but a top Spoons.

27 Dec 2014 20:17

The Lower Angel, Warrington

Return visit a good decade on, still a real proper pub with micros now. The Xmas Angel brewed here pretty good. Cheap as well.Warrington on the up.

27 Dec 2014 20:14

The Pied Bull, Chester

I thought the beer was the best I tried in Chester (the Cross Keys was close) and the pub a superb all-rounder where food didn't dominate. Friendly too.

25 Apr 2014 21:54

Halycon Quest, Prestatyn

I visited on a quiet early afternoon (few old boys from Liverpool on the beer). The pub has quite a bit of character, and the Salopian beer I had was superb, though it was 8.4% !

25 Apr 2014 21:48

The Pack Horse Inn, Stockport

Now the "Cocked Hat".

Very good pub with all round appeal ( except to diners), with pleasant furnishings, sport on TV and a good range of beers including a very good Trappers Hat at £2.30 (poss happy hour price). Good contrast to more boisterous Holts and Sams pubs on the square.

21 Apr 2014 18:21

The Hope Inn, Stockport

The latest gem in Stockport borough is a classic-looking all-rounder serving its own beers (Fool Hardy) and several small brewery guest. I reckon a few too many beers on , and my dark mild was impressive but a tad watery. Very friendly, and my pint was £2.40.

21 Apr 2014 17:31

Euston Tap, Euston

Had a pint of Marble after league cup final that was sublime. Don't know if keg or cask and don't care.

4 Mar 2014 23:46

York Tap, York

can't believe not reviewed yet. Exhibition pub in style of Sheffield tap with fewer keg beers. Good range of cask if not the best quality (Euston better).

4 Mar 2014 23:44

The Volunteer Arms, York

Impressive pub with decent mix of custom supporting food range of local ales, reminds me of Mill Road Cambridge. Saltaire Pride was pretty good. Lots if character and good crisp range.

4 Mar 2014 23:41

The Waggon and Horses, York

Surprised to see so few reviews; as this pub served superb quality beer. A bit quieter tonight than last year but the Yella Belly, which I've never had a good pint of before, is majestic again. Friendly staff who asked if I wanted a top up. Great pub.

4 Mar 2014 21:45

The Station Arms, Southminster

Wonderful drinkers pub which I must have visited by accident a few years ago at their beer rest, as I don't remember the superb interior. As I often go for the last beer pulled, I had the Adnams which was gorgeously flat and tasty, as good as I've had.

2 Mar 2014 09:18

The Barton Inn, Barton St David

Visited last summer but forgot to post. A wonderful proper pub that served some of the best beer I've had in a great village atmosphere. Seen it is for sale which presume accounts for absence from 2014 Beer Guide.

2 Mar 2014 09:15

The Bearded Man, St Albans

Erratic opening hours and availability of real ale, which is why its not in the Beer Guide. Didn't seem interested in craft keg, which has yet to spread from N1 to St Albans.

20 Feb 2014 07:57

The Crown and Kettle, Ancoats

That stout I had was Hand Drawn Monkey - beer of the year and 2.8%!

18 Feb 2014 19:01

The Crown and Kettle, Ancoats

Return visit before City-Barca and not rammed with football fans but impressing me even more than last time. There are some really attractive features, not least the superb local stout which tastes much more than its 2.8% and some good pork pies. Can see why its back in the beer guide this year.

18 Feb 2014 18:50

Talbot Taphouse, Ripley

A great pub with lovely atmosphere and comfortable bench seating; the Amber stout is good if not quite as good a beer as I had on previous visit.

14 Feb 2014 21:57

The Crown Inn, Stockport

A fantastic proper pub. Had visited years ago but made much greater impression today. Incredibly friendly , lovely multiromm pub with impressive beer range. Not the best beer in Stockport but the best pub.

12 Feb 2014 22:00

The Grapes, Hazel Grove

The Mild was fantastic - ask for the cooler version. I had a good natter with City and Wolves fans, but we were only customers on a midweek night. Great pub.

12 Feb 2014 21:24

Winters, Stockport

Visiting now in a short crawl of Stockport. This hasn't been in the Beer Guide to my knowledge but the Holts Bitter at £2.02 is superb quality and this is a very traditional with a lot of drunk characters. Love it.

12 Feb 2014 21:22

The Kings Head, Norwich

Very pleasant traditional beer drinker's pub, with good quality local beers (e.g. Grain) and lots of comfortable seating.

9 Feb 2014 21:16

The Vine, Norwich

My first pub when visiting Norwich for the Man City game, and really enjoyable experience (think I went years ago but don't recall the Thai). Thai looked pricy on the web-site, but lunch-time deals were better, and complemented a super dark beer from Fat Cat. Thai owner(?) was discussing beers with customers.

9 Feb 2014 21:14

The Taproom, Batley

A very good mix of locals pub and specialist beer house, which felt genuinely welcoming and served an excellent Daleside beer, which is to be noted. Very traditional, with lots of events and music on. Competes well with next door Spoons.

6 Feb 2014 19:35

The North Bar, Leeds

Welcomes old codgers in suits like me as well as the new craft beer cognoscenti, which isn't always something I can say about East London. Staff were very friendly helpful, although a botched attempt to pour a Flying Dog Porter meant my £4.50 half was pour value, if tasty. A local strong IPA was even better in taste, and half the price. Very comfortable place to read a book, even in early evening Leeds.

6 Feb 2014 19:32

The Ship, Leeds

It feels very similar to Whitelocks, being an old and characterful alley pub, but was very quiet early evening (lack of food may be a reason). The Leeds Pale was pretty good, and service friendly, but it has a lot of strong competition around.

6 Feb 2014 19:28

The Commercial, Mossley

Typical Tameside pub with good pubby atmosphere early evening, good prices, and a Millstone beer that improved as I drunk it. Very handy for the station, and a good accompaniment to the Britannia.

4 Feb 2014 19:36

The Red Lion, Wheelton

Pleasantly busy late on Sunday with a good pub atmosphere and some pleasant beers and very friendly staff. Coupled with the curries in the Top Lock there is a good crawl from the Premier Inn to be had.

4 Feb 2014 19:34

The Zetland, Southport

Had a decent crowd of mature local early weekday afternoon, in the sort of traditional pub with bowling green you generally find near Stockport. The beer range was short, but the Cumberland was, and the welcome friendly.

4 Feb 2014 19:25

The Lion, Runcorn

Pleasantly modernised locals pub, not to the taste of pub traditionalists perhaps but seemed to be doing enough trade early Sunday evening. 2 standard beers, Jennings of reasonable quality but marginal Beer Guide standard. Friendly.

4 Feb 2014 19:19

The Cross Keys Inn, Chester

Another fabulous Joules pub, on a par with their Wrexham house, and the Pale was superb. This is the pub I'd take a foreign visitor to Chester to see, because the atmosphere, cleanliness and beer quality is spot on.

4 Feb 2014 18:56

The Sportsmans Inn, St Helens

In the Beer Guide and although beer was unexceptional (but OK) this was a very welcoming and traditional pub in the St Helens tradition.

4 Feb 2014 18:51

The Counting House, St Helens

Large, very Spoons-like multi-purpose town pub with surprisingly good local micro beer from what looked like a very ambitious range, though Sunday evening is always a difficult time to gauge beer turnover in St Helens. Friendly.

4 Feb 2014 18:49

The Vine, West Bromwich

Visited before WBA -Man City so BBQ was a bit limited but still excellent, and Bathams in plastic glass was understandable but still disappointing; the atmosphere was absolutely cracking though.

1 Feb 2014 22:11

The Star Inn, Plumstead

Very attractive Victorian pub, very much a drinkers pub and the Courage was, as often, very good indeed. Only paid a lightning visit but lots of great architectural visits and a good place to watch TV football.

1 Feb 2014 21:55

Church View Inn, Widnes

Pleasant locals pub with cheap food and probably best bet for real ale in the area; the IPA Gold was pretty good and the 2 pumps obviously reasonably well used.

1 Feb 2014 21:51

Gateway, East Didsbury

Good, mixed atmosphere late on Friday with very good local beer at usual Spoons prices.

1 Feb 2014 21:48

Star Inn, Rainford

No Bass (Thwaites was very good) but that was only downside to a really good pub meal in an attractive old pub with a mixed bag of locals and friendly staff. Very good value lunch too.

1 Feb 2014 21:45

The Hare and Hounds, Maghull

An Ember Inn so reasonable standards but an even more identikit chain than Wetherspoons is said to be, and their commitment to real ale is let down by low take-up in Maghull.

1 Feb 2014 21:43

The Everest, Maghull

Think this is now the Frank Hornby, a very pleasant Wetherspoons with good beer and lots of Hornby (and Everest) memorabilia.

1 Feb 2014 21:41

Society Rooms, Maidstone

Modern-looking Spoons that we were lucky to get a seat at early Friday evening, but worth persevering as the Whitstable Stout was very good, and staff friendly as plentiful (my usual Spoons experience, to be fair). Food was adequate.

1 Feb 2014 21:35

The George and Dragon, Fordwich

A friendly Brunning and Price pub (the staff, the locals were clogging access to the bar oblivious to other customers), but a poor beer from Canterbury Brewery, which is unfortunately my experience with B&P. They have an excellent commitment to real ale but turnover for some beers appears lowish.

1 Feb 2014 21:33

The Rising Sun, Stourmouth

Friendly modernish dining pub that actually had a good few games-playing local when I visited. Beer selection looked sensible and was pretty well kept.

1 Feb 2014 21:29

Conqueror, Ramsgate

Perfectly good small pub, though hardly stands out from the dozen or so around the area (the one on Margate seafront is my favourite), and beer was good rather than exceptional. Not a place you'd take a book to read either. Ramsgate has some wonderful pubs in the centre.

1 Feb 2014 21:21

The Ale Wagon, Leicester

Conspicuously quiet after the Rugby match (no bad thing), this is the Leicester pub I always end up in despite all the things against it; a few old blokes, rubbish decor, tired beer (Hoskins IPA good today though), sometimes less than welcoming, Bon Jovi on the tape machine. Fantastic welcome tonight, and a classic pub.

18 Jan 2014 21:17

The Sebright Arms, Bethnal Green

Probably the archetypal East London craft beer pub (along with Clapton Hart) - proper working men's pub, shabby look, loads of cask and keg micros, posh burgers, and close to a completely 20s crowd on a midweek evening. Felt very old, but hard to fault.

15 Jan 2014 12:59

Ralph FitzRandal, Richmond

Pretty much as realalerob said - friendly staff and a good Ruddles (always a good measure of Beer quality in Spoons). A lot of children running around. I like to see children in pubs, but this was at Crown Carvery levels and potentially dangerous if they ran into serving staff.

15 Jan 2014 12:48

The Bishop Blaize, Richmond

Pleasant market place pub, geared up for TV football and less food trade than elsewhere. Nice staff offered CAMRA discount on an OK half of Landlord, I doubt I've had a good pint of Landlord anywhere in 5 years though, bit like Wherry.

15 Jan 2014 12:44

Bowes Club, Bowes

Not your normal sprawling CIU club in the Beer Guide, this felt more like a parlour room with fires and a few folk playing cards. Felt a bit odd sipping a very pleasant half and reading local paper, but would recommend visit if on the A66.

15 Jan 2014 12:39

The Old Well, Barnard Castle

Lovely old pub with a good Cameron's, lots of clutter/decor, friendly staff and locals, and live music.

15 Jan 2014 12:35

Hugos, Tynemouth

Visited as Hugo's - high quality place busy with Sunday lunch but localish beer was very tasty, maintaining high standards in the real ale pubs round the coast. Love Tynemouth.

15 Jan 2014 12:33

The Forth Hotel, Newcastle

A new entry to the Beer Guide and a suberb half of a local dark beer, maintaining Newcastle's growing reputation as a place for exceptional quality real ale. Beer turnover on match days clearly helps, but I suspect is high consistently. Looked like a high quality place all round (similar to Defectors Weld in London). Roof garden too.

15 Jan 2014 12:29

The Trent House, Newcastle

Enjoyed a pre-match pint on Sunday, lucky to get standing space near bar. Very similar to Manchester's N/4 pubs in terms of feel, beer range and relaxed atmosphere. Staff were great, toasties and sausage rolls were cheap but so-so, local beer was good enough but must stick to Rivet Catcher next time.

15 Jan 2014 12:24

The Angel, Manchester

Earlier visit on opening was a quick ok half in a packed pub pre-match, so really enjoyed a relaxed hour with a couple of soups and some superb beer - White Lion and a Russian Imperial stout from a superb little range. Pianist accompaniment lovely too. Customers were a mixed bunch, but most enjoying the real ales.

4 Jan 2014 23:40

The County Hotel, Lytham

Another very smart pub, with friendly staff, posh pizza menu and ok half of Lytham.

4 Jan 2014 23:34

Station Tavern, Lytham

Popped in for a lightning quick half of Lightfoot while waiting for trains during storms. Bit of a barn and very different from smarter pub in town centre but perfectly good.

4 Jan 2014 23:33

The Taps, Lytham St Annes

Paid a 3rd visit which again saw a busy pub, mainly serious drinkers, and a slightly better half of something 5ish % from a bigger micro. Hides it's Greene King ownership well.

4 Jan 2014 23:30

The Queens Hotel, Lytham St Annes

Upmarket dining pub with attractive interior and average Theakston/Deuchars range

4 Jan 2014 23:25

The Hansom Cab, Lytham St Annes

Very attractive Spoons (Railway) with superb modern design, and a range of custom that reflects this lovely, slightly upmarket town. House beer was very good.

4 Jan 2014 23:23

The Black Horse Hotel, Preston

Good pint of Unicorn at a good price in a busy pub with a good mix of customers. Visit for that as well as the classic architecture.

4 Jan 2014 23:21

Ale Emporium, Preston

Paid a return visit with my wife, prompted by news of imminent departure of great landlady, and we thoroughly enjoyed the interesting but superbly tasty beers in a quirky atmosphere e.g. Bottle of Fairy Liquid atop the Christmas Tree. Next door Ferret also great.

4 Jan 2014 23:18

The White Horse, Parsons Green

3rd visit on way to Fulham and a different but again excellent experience, with a lovely pint of Purple Moose but I'd have been happy with almost anything on the bar or bottle menu.

23 Dec 2013 23:34

The George Staples, Blackfen

Friendly staff and a passable pint (Brains seasonal) in what looks like a recent children's fun pub but now a cheap and cheerful eateries, definitely not gastro.

23 Dec 2013 23:30

The Tailor's Chalk, Sidcup

Small but cosy Spoons, typical for SE London suburbs conversions, with a particularly tasty example of Spitfire and several of those beers brewed by overseas folk for festivals.

23 Dec 2013 23:27

The Fox and Hounds, Battersea

Fairly typical SW London dining pub, virtually identical to dozens of other Victorian corner pubs around here. Beer range was short and sensible, and the Wandle Porter was good enough, but not a place I wanted to linger, in contrast to Powder Keg Diplomacy down the road.

12 Dec 2013 21:52

The Rockstone, Southampton

Another new entry to the Beer Guide and deservedly so on basis of a superb half (Andwell. I think) in a small, friendly pub. Wouldn't call it upmarket but custom clearly geared to some expensive but superb looking burgers which made multiple reservation signs on tables understandable but irritating.

8 Dec 2013 09:27

The Talking Heads, Portswood

Visited late afternoon and enjoyed ska playlist and an ok micro in a cracking pub atmosphere.

8 Dec 2013 09:19

The South Western, St Denys

Paid long overdue return visit and enjoyed the atmosphere and a terrific Arundel beer. Football crowd meant custom was very mixed and felt less like the beer ticker experience I remember from a decade ago. Having said that, loved the brewerania, less impressed with the flaky sausage roll !

8 Dec 2013 09:18

The Junction Inn, St Denys

Visited on match day when atmosphere, service and beer quality were all very good; a really good local catering to a mixture of visitors, many eating the cheapish grub. Staff seemed very knowledgable about their real ales.

8 Dec 2013 09:13

The Exmouth Arms, Exmouth Market

Very cosy and attractive pub with as good a selection of real ale and particularly keg beers of all sort as I've seen outside of Manchester (PSBH). The Crate Best from up the road was very tasty, certainly not the tasteless home-brew often passed off for "craft", but the price (£2.10 a half) was a shock. I was paying £1.80 and £1.49 a pint for 5% beers in Spoons over the weekend. The German Rauchbier tempted but was well over £6 too. Save up and go.

12 Nov 2013 19:09

The Sandstone, Broxton

Service a bit slow but the Coachouse Mild was excellent and the food looked very good, as they say. There's some good quality beer around these parts.

11 Nov 2013 23:56

Greave Dunning, Greasby

Wetherspoons gets criticism for soulless identikit pubs but Ember Inns like this seem much more samey to me. I don't mind them when they get the basics right, but the real ale here (Liverpool Organic) was poor which is inexcusable given the turnover.

11 Nov 2013 23:54

Lime Kiln, Liverpool

Visited on Saturday evening at 11pm after gig at the Kazimier and the area around Concert Square was joyously busy and well behaved. The Lime Kiln wasn't packed and there were a number of oldies like me enjoying a decent real ale at prices so cheap that CAMRA vouchers couldn't be used !

11 Nov 2013 23:39

The Sun Inn, Stockton On Tees

Had another very decent Bass here yesterday, as I did 3 years ago, though I would pop in he when passing just to see the Bass glasses banked up amid the lovely Bass hand pumps. A classic town pub.

11 Nov 2013 23:34

Cleveland Bay, Eaglescliffe

Pleasant multiroomed corner pub, typical of the area, with lively atmosphere and standard, decently kept real ales.

11 Nov 2013 23:30

The Bluebell, Fulwell

Family-focused dining and community pub, with interesting little corners but sadly below-average real ale despite new Beer Guide listing and football custom.

11 Nov 2013 23:15

Five Quarter, Peterlee

Small Spoons with very cheap beer, usual good service and decent, if strong, real ales.

11 Nov 2013 23:13

Bulls Head, Glossop

Friendly attractive Robbie's pub; beer was first one pulled that evening so average butclearly well conditioned.

7 Nov 2013 17:42

The Globe Hotel, Glossop

I was back in Glossop this week but forgot to visit the Globe as it had dropped out the beer guide. For the record, I wrote a very positive review 2 years ago, I didn't write the apparent disparaging one a year ago - someone has posted with a similar user nam, apparently a feature of this pubs BITE profile. Will definitely return now.

7 Nov 2013 17:39

The Babington Arms, Derby

Return visit 7 years on and the beer quality (Pale Rider) was again superb, with lots of other micros if you like that stuff. Service quick and pleasant. Menu is less appealing since they put the huge calories content on the menu.

1 Nov 2013 19:24

The Nag's Head, Macclesfield

Always a live band, covers normally, when I pass it. Popped in to try the Unicorn which is OK, might have been better to go for Trooper since there's an iron Maiden tribute on. Pleasant enough part of Macc's classic pub circuit.

4 Oct 2013 23:15

The Defector's Weld, Shepherds Bush

In my craft beer mood so went for the US IPA for £5 which to be honest was marvellous. Enjoyed a real ale here last time. Want to hate it but I can't.

4 Sep 2013 20:04

The Central Bar, Shepherds Bush

Only popped in to use my spoons vouchers. Feels like an airport spoons without staff to take glasses off tables, so a bit of a tip. On upside, less than £2 with Camera voucher for an OK pint of Sambrooks Pale from a dullish selection

4 Sep 2013 20:03

Stanley Arms, Preston

Good looking town centre pub, similar in character to those towards Friargate, but the half I had was sour, and I was put off returning it by the reaction to an old gent wanting to return his ( different) beer by the staff.

23 Aug 2013 08:08

The White Lion, Barthomley

Had just noticed closure in What's Brewing so pleased it's reopened. Paid an overdue return visit on a Saturday in March (M6 was blocked) and it was wonderful. Simple but filling food, good Marston's range and not just a foody place for visitors.

23 Aug 2013 08:03

Oak Inn, Staplow

Visited on wed night when babies and dogs much in evidence. Local beer was OK. Visit for food and character.

8 Aug 2013 00:38

Cross Keys Inn, Tewkesbury

Quality little village pub with good welcome, though inaccessible loos. One decent local beer, and odd crowd.

8 Aug 2013 00:35

William Shenstone, Halesowen

A rough and ready spoons, still lively as I write at gone midnight, but then it is the only place open in the town centre ( the famed real ale pubs close early here). Wick war BOB was not good, the Jaipur is excellent, but this is not a real ale stronghold. The Travelodge is rolling distance and always available for £20 odd, so I recommend Halesowen.

8 Aug 2013 00:29

The Haymakers, Chesterton

First visit since I worked next door (25 years ago) and an instant classic; if a little quiet on Sunday evening. Feels similar to the Devonshire in style, beer and food range, perhaps the customer base is a bit wider though ! Nice ska playing; not sure about the live music arrangements. Milton beers good not great yet.

4 Aug 2013 18:27

The Bridge, Cambridge

Have been there a couple of times in July and found the beer variable - good quality Tydd Steam first, then IPA/ Bombadier suffering from the heat. Good idea to offer 3 1/3rds and nuts for 3.99 thought. Food is overpriced but steaks were good. Best in the summer.

29 Jul 2013 19:24

George and Dragon, Sandwich

A very attractive small pub that feels like a back street local but must get tourists. Good welcome, bar snacks and OK beer.

29 Jul 2013 19:19

George and Dragon, Sandwich

A very attractive small pub that feels like a back street local but must get tourists. Good welcome, bar snacks and OK beer.

29 Jul 2013 19:19

George and Dragon, Sandwich

A very attractive small pub that feels like a back street local but must get tourists. Good welcome, bar snacks and OK beer.

29 Jul 2013 19:19

Five Bells, Eastry

Hasn't obviously changed since sefpacific's review; still very chatty and beer OK. Will only add that Eastry is a particularly pretty village.

29 Jul 2013 19:17

The Magnet, Deal

A perfectly good Shepherd Neame local with good quality beer.

29 Jul 2013 19:14

Plough Inn, Ripple

Pleasant and traditional village pub, good mix of customers early Friday evening with unobtrusive pub food. Localism beer was OK.

29 Jul 2013 19:11

The Prince Albert, Deal

Very pleasant corner pub, small areas for drinking and eating. I would say civilised rather than upmarket, though it is in the gorgeous Middle Street. Gadds pretty good.

29 Jul 2013 19:06

Dunkerley's, Deal

Looked like a good bar/bistro with great views but not sure quality of the Tribute quite Beer Guide standard.

29 Jul 2013 19:00

The Red Lion, Soham

Real locals pub with one real ale (Top Totty- good enough but clearly not a bug seller) and a decent welcome for a "foreigner". The Portuguese cafe over the road sells Sages stout, by the way.

28 Jul 2013 17:24

The Lexington, Kings Cross

My sort of music venue small and with really good sound. Brooklyn Summer ale was £5 and I popped into craft which was even dearer. Liked it though.

14 Jul 2013 22:00

The Lord Nelson, Ipswich

Pleasant and unpretentious Adnams pub, Bitter was good enough though couldn't taste difference through being served by gravity.

9 Jul 2013 00:53

Robert Ransome, Ipswich

Clean and pleasant early evening Monday, with good Robinsons Trooper at usual price.

9 Jul 2013 00:51

The Stocks Hotel, Sark

I can't believe this is about Stocks (smart hotel in the woods); it must be the Bel Air inn which is the first thing you come to up the hill and is very good indeed, particularly when full of customers keeping quality of the Doom Bar up.

7 Jul 2013 22:07

The Houmet Tavern, Vale

As with Cobo, worth a trip for the location, though the Doom Bar was passable.

7 Jul 2013 22:05

The Pony Inn, St Sampsons

Seems to operate as a restaurant with a very small public bar selling OK Old Speckled Hen.

7 Jul 2013 22:03

La Fontaine Inn, St Sampsons

Proper locals pub with a lively feel and OK Patois.

7 Jul 2013 22:02

Cornerstone Cafe Bar, St Peter Port

Nice pubby feel and would have enjoyed my visit a lot but the local Mild was below par.

7 Jul 2013 22:01

The Deerhound Inn, Forest

It's a modern-looking family dining pub, better than the chain versions in the UK, and only a bit more expensive (small crab salad under £7), but the Liberation was average at best and, again, I saw no-one else drinking the real ale in Guernsey.

7 Jul 2013 21:59

The Rockmount, Castel

Come here for the sunsets and some acceptable cask Patois (though many locals seemed to be drinking the bottled version). The food looked very popular, though I don't regret opting for the squid and chips ate on the beach.

7 Jul 2013 21:56

Moorings, Alderney

Now called Rea's Bistro, but still selling Black Sheep that was just about worth it's Beer Guide place, and another very pleasant pub on Alderney (the Divers next door was good too).

7 Jul 2013 21:49

Georgian House Hotel, Alderney

Paid a visit after a tip that I'd find real ale, and the Ringwood Best was the beer I had on a recent trip round the Channel Islands (good pubs, average to poor beer). This is an attractive pub which caters to a good mix of customers, and a really pleasant garden.

7 Jul 2013 21:45

The Volunteer Arms, Southport

I agree with pretty much all of mcroyal's reviews, but would just say that I had an excellent Thwaites here last year; I reckon the beer quality on a sample of one was certainly Beer Guide quality, and think the number of pumps is secondary (the Cheshire Lines round the corner did brilliant Tetleys in the past).

I liked the feel of the place, and the lunchtime food was great, although it is competing with a great chippy just up the road.

30 Jun 2013 21:49

The Telegraph, Bridlington

Very pleasant locals pub with interesting beer range, though the Wold Top was only OK. My sort of pub though.

29 Jun 2013 19:42

The Graduate, Cambridge

Seems like I'm the only visitor - don't know how to update name to the Tivoli. Exceptionally consistent spoons, with beer range of 10 including the better regionals such as Nethergate, Oak leaf and Burton Bridge. Good mix of custom.

29 Jun 2013 19:34

The Lands End, Charvil

Large party of diners obviously not drinking the Brakspears, which is often good round here but not today. Shame, because the pub has a decent feel and good location.

I chickened out from crossing the ford.

25 Jun 2013 01:18

The Horse and Groom, Windsor

The pubs close to the castle are surprisingly good, even if prices touch £4 and the typical conversation is about menu options. This was a lovely place to read a paper before the lunch rush, and for a change the local beer was gorgeous rather than dull home brew.

25 Jun 2013 01:15

Kings Head, Hethersett

It's a fairly typical Norfolk roadhouse, in terms of layout, beer range and customers, so friendly enough. Comfortable seating so a good place to read over a pint, although the Woodfordes seasonal beer was only Ok.

25 Jun 2013 01:11

The Park Tavern, Brixton

Set apart from the usual South London trendy pub by the absence of food, I quite liked the beer and atmosphere here, even if it has none of the multiculturalism I might have hoped for. The Ubu was good, though the local keg beets seemed to be selling better. Helpfully told me what real ale was selling best, even if they guessed.

19 Jun 2013 20:30

The Alfred Herring, Palmers Green

Usual high Wetherspoon standards - clean, friendly service, decent Adnams, and quite clearly the only decent drinking house for miles around.

17 Jun 2013 21:49

The Castle Inn, Cambridge

Rambling pubs are great ! Certainly middle class, but its not alone. Beer range was great again, Ghost Ship very good, Broadside average, Konig Pils lovely. The imported (I hope) German beers are a big plus, as are the cheap burgers. Wonderful pub.

17 Jun 2013 21:43

The Castle, Cambridge

Booze Allan is writing about the excellent Castle located north of centre, near the castle mound; this is a mediocre GK pub in the central street.

17 Jun 2013 21:39

Muddle Go Nowhere, Grantham

Visited for quick lunch as close to skate park; 2 for 1 Greene King pub with indoor play area and Cask Marque beer (Ruddles was good).Veg pasta tasty; 2 smallish meals and 3 drinks for £14.

15 Jun 2013 14:09

Oak and Saw, Taplow

Pleasant and unpretentious pub, as much Slough as Cliveden. Brakspears was OK rather than great but I would give it another go. Lovely setting.

12 Jun 2013 22:15

The Bootlegger, High Wycombe

Enjoyed a half of a Rebellion beer in a lively atmosphere and a surprisingly mixed crowd for mid-evening Friday. Its quite an attractive place, with high prices, and the beer range was large but very mainstream (most bottles found in Tescos). Only competition to the Belle Vue in Wycombe though.

Beware opening hours in Beer Guide are (as so often now) wrong.

12 Jun 2013 22:13

The Vine, West Bromwich

Have been there a couple of time this year, primarily for the imdoor BBQ, but also for the fantastic pub atmosphere you get at any visit. The one beer was pretty good rather than spectacular, as on previous visits, which probably accounts for omission from Beer Guide in recent years, but this is still the Midlands pub I take friends to.

12 Jun 2013 22:08

The Black Horse, West Tytherley

Thriving local with a good mix of village custom, although the downside is that there was no-where to sit or stand, and I do get irritated when locals stand at the bar and block you out. Plenty of space to enjoy the lovely evening though.

Excellent all-rounder with pretty good Hop Back and similar beers.

11 Jun 2013 23:55

Parish Lantern, Salisbury

Pleasant village pub in a lovely bit of countryide (walk a mile north), but the local beer was home brew at its worst; would visit again but stick to the Summer Lightning.

11 Jun 2013 23:52

The Red House, Marsh Benham

Incredibly smart country pub, probably described as "civilised" in certain pub guides. The Mr Chubbs was pretty good, despite a foody crowd who were largely wine drinkers. The gardens are gorgeous.

11 Jun 2013 23:50

Le Moulin de Lecq, St Ouen

A genuinely lovely pub, without the upmarket gastro pretentions you'd see at an equivalent part of the English coast, and I can only assume it was quiet because the coach trips go to the modern cafe near the bus stop. The house beer from Liberation was OK, and this was another stop after a fantastic walk from St Ouen.

11 Jun 2013 21:45

The Trinity Arms, Trinity

Very friendly staff at a busy pub (wedding on), and one of the better halves of Liberation I had in Jersey.

11 Jun 2013 21:42

The Rozel Bay Hotel, Rozel

Best thing about this was the 20 mins walk from St Martin down the valley and the bay at the bottom. Liberation was poor (couldn't be bothered to take back halves), despite a pint having just been pulled. Apart from that your standard little picturesque coastal pub.

11 Jun 2013 21:41

The Old Smugglers Inn, St Brelade

An attractive and "unimproved" pub by the glorious beach, with mainly beer drinkers mid-afternoon (surpised it wasn't doing food all day Saturday). I gave in to the Bass having despaired of the Liberation by then, and it was OK. Would definitely walk here again if I come back.

11 Jun 2013 21:38

The Peirson, St Helier

Very attractive pub in the centre, locala only at opening but with good use of the courtyard tables by mid-afternoon. Friendly little pub but the Liberation, as I found a lot, is either a dull beer or routinely badly kept. Should have had the Bass.

11 Jun 2013 21:35

The Lamplighter, St Helier

Another Jersey pub I liked a lot, as I did on much earlier visit. Reminded me of a few good real ale pubs around Leyton. By far the biggest range of beers and ciders I saw, and in the most atractive pub, but quanity was a bit better than quality.

11 Jun 2013 21:33

The Dog and Sausage, St Helier

My favourite pub in Jersey on my recent tour of the Beer Guide pubs. A real boisterous locals pub but friendly enough and the Skinners beer (only saw Betty Stogs) was the best I tasted.

11 Jun 2013 21:30

The Post Office Vaults, Birmingham

Hugely enjoyable, shame it's so small. The Hobson's mild at 3.2% was suberb. Good mix of custom, pleasant staff, great pub.

7 Jun 2013 00:01

The Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

Overdue return, enjoyed the pub but the Beer Geek ale was a bit too homebrew for me; shame the ESB wasn't on.

6 Jun 2013 23:56

The Wellington, Birmingham

Beer quality was the best I've had there tonight, perhaps helped by as reduced range during refurbishment. Black Country Pig, Mad Goose and especially the Wye Valley HPA were superb, and enjoyed on the outside terrace. Busy and mixed crowd.

6 Jun 2013 23:54

The Swan Inn, Needham Market

A typical Greene King local that has probably suffered from the smoking ban, buy had reasonable custom early evening mid-week. IPA and Abbot were OK despite it looking like a lager pub, service perfectly friendly and decent prices.

22 May 2013 22:55

The Bedford, Tunbridge Wells

A real find in a dull drinking town, much changed from visit several years ago. Some excellent service, open plan but characterful pub, mixed custom and as very good pint of something new (recommended by the barmaid).

20 May 2013 20:27

The Flying Pig, Cambridge

Can't really add to the last review. Bit surprised to see it as local pub of the year morea campaigning gesture than a view on beer quality, but that was to be fair pretty good and the range looked well chosen (Hop Back, Crouch Vale). A lovely little pub, particularly if you can get a window seat.

20 May 2013 20:17

Bar Fringe, Manchester

Overdue return visit before City game confirmed this as a real gem. Lucky to get pleasant seat to enjoy superb Black Jack real lager. Most folk drinking from good real ale range, with the keg/continental selection looking a bit low key compared to the Port Street for example. Liked it (again) a lot.

20 May 2013 19:33

The Free Press, Cambridge

Remains a superb basic-looking Greene King house with well-off students and middle class the main custom. Food was exceptional but not cheap, the GK and O'Kelly beers were OK but lacked the quality of previous visits. Still a gem though and a bit overlooked on the Cambridge trail.

20 May 2013 19:24

The Waggon and Horses, York

A bit like the Palmerson Arms in Peterborough is (or was), a fantastic drinkers pub owned by Batemans, selling great quality beers by smaller brewers such as Osset (Silver King fabulous).

13 May 2013 22:39

The Maltings, York

As with the Blue Bell, I made a return visit 10 years aftern not being totall convinced by this famous pub (perhaps it was just too busy ?). On a quiter midweek evening, it was a fantastic experience. The interior, extended or not, is absolutely gorgeous, as was the Black Sheep.

13 May 2013 22:37

The Guy Fawkes Hotel, York

Pleasant old pub, and exceptionally friendly, just let down by average local beer. Well worth a visit and will try again.

13 May 2013 22:33

The Blue Bell, York

First visit in 10 years, inspired by recent CAMRA fuss over admissions policy. Had forgotten how small it was, and was fortunate to visit on a quiet midweek and find a back-room table. Absolutely gorgeous, excellent Landlord (beer) and friendly young service. Surprised and pleased to see modern touches in beer range.

13 May 2013 22:31

The Botanist On The Green, Kew

Interesting restaurant with home brew beer that was not its strong point.

13 May 2013 22:20

The William Web Ellis, Twickenham

Perfectly average Spoons, with quickish service on a busy Rugby day and decent Ghost Ship. I like Wetherspoons.

13 May 2013 22:19

The Sussex Arms, Twickenham

No sign of any imminent change in what I though was a near-classic London opubs, depsite all the usual touches normally found in N1. I thought the pub was very comfortable, friendly, and with an outsanding beer range. The cider on handpump was superb and cheap(ish) as well.

13 May 2013 22:18

Howl at the Moon, Hackney

Slightly more rough and ready version of the North London corner pub to those slightly west of here, and with a pretty good cask/craft keg collection, but the Magic Rock was unpleasantly warm and expensive (half pint premium). Also hard to get to the bar with no space between bar stool drinkers and a table placed a few feet behind.

13 May 2013 22:14

The Snooty Fox, Canonbury

A pleasant but identikit modernised North London pub in the Antic style, with the usual beers (OK but nothing special quality wise), with an interesting chicken spit roasty the only distinguishing feature.

13 May 2013 22:11

The Colomendy Arms, Cadole

A great little pub, with a few interesting beers (Blue Moon superb) and people who engage in conversation. Hard to beat.

9 May 2013 23:06

Glasfryn, Mold

Usual Brunning & Price (I assume) pub with all that means; attractive, food-based, good range of beers, and incredibly busy on a Friday night. Facers beer was decent.

9 May 2013 23:04

The Blue Bell Inn, Halkyn

or food for that matter

9 May 2013 22:34

The Blue Bell Inn, Halkyn

Wonderful little pub showing great enterprise in a number of areas. Shame it doesn't do foo (except chocolate) at moment which might limit passing trade.

9 May 2013 22:34

The Cottage Loaf, Llandudno

Smart old pub, exceptionally on a gorgeous Sunday (Victorian steam engines outside), so only space in the garden. Local beer was among the best I found around here, though a bit cold for some. Nice place to eat if less busy.

9 May 2013 22:30

The Old Whitehouse, Conwy

sorry for double-post !

9 May 2013 22:27

The Old Whitehouse, Conwy

Cheerful road-house just out of centre. Friendly and with varied custom, but local beer very drab.

9 May 2013 22:27

The Old Whitehouse, Conwy

Cheerful road-house just out of centre. Friendly and with varied custom, but local beer very drab.

9 May 2013 22:26

The Castle Hotel, Conwy

Couldn't argue with Paul d102's review; one of the smartest bars in the Beer Guide, and Conwy isn't that posh. Beer was decent quality, but the Conwy beers I tried were an acquired taste, shall we say.

9 May 2013 22:24

The Albion Vaults, Conwy

Great little ale house, wouldn't be out of place in a much bigger city. A lovely building, good beer drinking custom, and a superb beer range only slightly let down by average beer. Will revisit to see if that was a one-off.

9 May 2013 22:22

The Glebe, Stoke on Trent

Paid a return visit this week to try the beer and also the superby cheese board; both were superb. The Joules Pale was better than on first visit, even on a quiet Tuesday afternoon. Welcoming but traditional service.

By the way, am always disappointed to see complaints that it "only" does Joules beers, as there is plenty of variety in the Joules range of 3, and a good Titanic house just round the corner if you need variety !

9 May 2013 22:19

The Old Crown, Shardlow

Not in the current Beer Guide, but on return visit last Friday the Marston Old Empire was fantastic, and this remains one of my favourite traditional pubs. Welcoming to a wide range of customers, and the fish and chips were superb.

9 May 2013 22:15

The Forester, West Ealing

It's a lovely building, but am also a proper locals pubs with a really lively customer base. Fullers beer range good, and decent quality.

15 Jan 2013 21:54

The Plough Inn, South Ealing

Good quality Fullers pub with mixed crowd mid-afternoon and very attractive interior. Beer OK, foody.

15 Jan 2013 21:45

Sir Michael Balcon, Ealing

Following up BeerGutt, I'd say any Spoons that provides consistently better beer than neighbours should be in the Beer Guide, irrespective of the range or the fact that there's lots of Spoons. Actually, this was an average Spoons in terms of beer quality, but still above the Fullers pubs in the Guide.

15 Jan 2013 21:41

The Ragged Trousers, Tunbridge Wells

Can't beat toastboasters review, but also liked this a lot. Modern pub feel, with good localish beers and interesting kegs, and nice nuts. Won't look unusual to anyone who's been in an Antic pub, for example, but the best (along with Royal Oak) I've found in my in-laws town.

15 Jan 2013 21:38

The Dog and Gun, Maidstone

As below, a very traditional back street pub with friendly staff and a decent Sheps, best experienced with a longer visit than I gave it.

15 Jan 2013 21:34

The Sun Inn, Waterbeach

Continues to serve good quality beers from regionals off the Punch list, including a cider at moment. A very good traditional pub.

15 Jan 2013 21:28

The Brewery Tap, Waterbeach

Elgoods Cambridge was OK -pub is pleasant and lively, read what you will into that

15 Jan 2013 21:26

The Maypole, Cambridge

It wasn't really £3.9 million - sorry

14 Jan 2013 21:11

The Maypole, Cambridge

Great pint of Nero (albeit £3.90m - 5%), and the welcome from the long-time owner was particularly friendly; as good a proper pub as you'll get in Cambridge.

14 Jan 2013 21:11

The Bacchus, Newcastle

Paid a 3rd visit late on Friday night, to find it as busy as ever but with a pretty mixed crowd, and for the 2nd time I found superlative beer quality. It was too busy to identify the beer (Goodwood ?), but a wonderful stout. Great pub.

16 Dec 2012 00:01

The Dog and Partridge, Bolton

Very unpretentious music-based pub (indie-ish DJ on to few takers on the Friday night I went); very characterful building, including homage to John Peel. Flat Cap was actually excellent, one of best drops of beer I've had in Bolton central.

9 Dec 2012 23:08

The Graduate, Cambridge

The Tivoli continues to offer a good range of interesting beers, at average to good quality (doubt it will trouble the Beer Guide). Staff are exceptionally friendly and service is quick.

28 Nov 2012 19:24

The Jolly Brewers, Milton

Reopened this year after a few years closure; distinct bar and restaurant area, and Milton Brewery beers, which were good enough.

28 Nov 2012 19:21

The Sun Inn, Waterbeach

Firmly in the Beer Guide now, and beer is often exceptionally good (Adnams Lightship and Mauldons Porter last week). The hub of the village with well-attended quiz, beer festivals and music upstairs.

28 Nov 2012 19:19

Black Cow, Ashbourne

Very definitely in Dalbury Lees.

A very atmospheric simple pub, catering mainly for villagers as outside the Peak tourist area, but friendly. Multi-roomed, with good Pedigree and an interesting guest. Worth a stop.

28 Nov 2012 19:17

The Glebe, Stoke on Trent

Was lucky enough to catch 10 minutes of TV Smith rehearsing ahead of a Friday night gig here, which added atmosphere to the usual attractive Joules pub format and a good if not exceptional pint of Pale. I think Joules have a pretty magnificent pub stock emerging at the moment, but their other pub just up the A500 is a bit better beer wise.

28 Nov 2012 19:12

The Peveril Of The Peak, Castlefield

Still a very characterful boozer with decent quality beers and particularly friendly staff, though the most attractive feature is the outside tiling. By Manchester standards the beer range is a bit "safe", but Everards/Jennings etc are good quality beers, even if they're not local.

28 Nov 2012 18:53

The Old Dog, Herongate

A gem of a pub in most ways; lovely whiteboarded multi-roomed building, unpretentious food menu, easily accesible in attractive countryside. The beer range, much on gravity, also looked good, but a clearly sour pint was very reluctantly changed and the replacement was not much better. This is why I so rarely take a duff pint back nowadays, even at £3.60.

25 Nov 2012 19:25

Coach and Horses, Derby

Friendly locals pub with OK Bass but a warm welcome.

25 Nov 2012 19:20

The Peacock Inn, Derby

Yet another Deby classic, with a slightly less "Beer-exhibition" style and all the better for it. Excellent Pedi, great pub architecture and a chatty landlord.

25 Nov 2012 19:19

The Exeter Arms, Derby

A really great pub, overcoming my preconceptions about the quality of micro beers (Brewery Tap was, I thought, very average quality-wise). TheDark Drake, as noted before, is a marvellous beer, and the pub itself is a multi-roomed gem. Also like the all-day snack menu and the Anti-Pasti memorabilia !

25 Nov 2012 19:17

The Park Tavern, Macclesfield

Pleasant pub with good quality Bollington beers, if not quite as good at their village "tap". Good mix of custom building up and a pleasant feel.

25 Nov 2012 19:14

The Wharf, Macclesfield

A great little drinkers pub, fully deserving its new Good Beer Guide status, and helping to give Macc a really varied collection of proper pubs nowadays. Full of drinkers of all varieties on a Tuesday evening, all sampling the good local beers. This is similar in feel to the Water Green Tavern, but with it's own quirky style.

25 Nov 2012 19:12

Black Dog, Grantham

Vey good Marstons pub (I presume) with cheap but good pub food and above average Pedigree. Grantham has had quite a few pubs of this sort in the Beer Guide to complement the free houses and is a great beer town because of it.

4 Nov 2012 22:40

The Ring of Bells, Shipley

Good all-rounder, in the sense that the decent enough beer was complemented by cheap and cheerful food, allowed my children in, and had Sky (repeats).

4 Nov 2012 22:22

The Kings Head Hotel, Allendale

As below, the Cumberland was OK, and a bit better than the beer in the other 2 Good Beer Guide (none of them would get in the Guide on this showing in most other branches). Saying that, a pleasant pub with Northumbrian hospitality, and Allendale is a gorgeous little town.

16 Oct 2012 22:46

Market Tavern, Durham

I like this sort of high street boozer, and visiting it before the midday food crowd was clearly a good idea. The Great Yorkshire pale was superb.

16 Oct 2012 22:42

Head of Steam, Durham

Reminds me of the Tram Depot in Cambridge, the obviously newer pub in a city with largely historic boozers. I like the feel, but the cheap beer was a bit tired, and the continental bottles were the usual suspects.

16 Oct 2012 22:38

The New Rose, Islington

Small, pleasant, but a bit dull having come from the wonders of E11/E10. 3 Wandle beers, the 2 I tried were OK. Very Islington formula pub.

16 Oct 2012 22:35

The William IV, Leyton

Visited middish afternoon when there was a good mix of customers but service was holding up well. This is a fantastic traditional pub, a bit Sam Smiths meets East London. I was doubtful the beer range quality could be sustained, but the White IPA was lovely and cheap. Deserves its accolades.

16 Oct 2012 22:31

The Red Lion, Leytonstone

Very pubby but also very modern, in the sense of the enterprising cask/keg selection and the astonishing rertro toilets (worth a trip just for those). Even got good advice from dark beers from a local. Leytonstone looks a decently pubbed town if the Birkbeck survives.

16 Oct 2012 22:27

The Walnut Tree, Leytonstone

Typical outer London Spoons, very busy mid-afternoon weekday and with decent beer quality and choice.

16 Oct 2012 22:22

Black Bull, Bishop Aukland

One of the most attractive pubs I've been in, though not really a place for the non-diner. Had just received a cider award from local CAMRA branch, and the perry from the fridge I tried was absolutely gorgeous, but can't therefore comment on beer. Will go back and eat.

13 Oct 2012 19:31

The Craft Beer Co, City of London

Enjoyed it, because what I had was very good, but I still only stayed for 10 minutes, which is typical for my trips to these new beer bars, which just don't seem very comfy.

24 Sep 2012 22:28

The Dog and Hedgehog, Dadlington

Felt more like a restaurant, with few spaces for drinkers so some congrgation round the bar. Not keen on being called sir, but if you are you'll love it. To be fair, it looked like a quality restaurant, the building is lovely, the local beer OK.

24 Sep 2012 21:25

The Lime Kilns, Hinckley

Looks like a canal-side family dining pub like those just east on the A5, but actually a really characterful pub with cheery regulars (on smaple visit at least !), with excellent Pedigree. Worth a visit.

24 Sep 2012 21:22

Kings Head Hotel, Droylsden

Deserves place in the Beer Guide; usual style Holts pub with high turnover of quality Bitter (about �2.20) which is all you need. Good mix of locals, no signs of food but plenty of screens. Next door to the football ground (missing you in the Conference).

24 Sep 2012 21:18

The Ash Tree, Ashton Under Lyne

Very competent and busy Spoons, drinkers outweighing Sunday diners. The Greenfield Stout @ �1.99 was good if slightly sour in a pleasantish way. Decent service and staff.

24 Sep 2012 21:08

The Railway, Stockport

A good pub to nip in during shopping trips, though very quiet on this Sunday lunchtime. An ambitious range of beer, and lots of bottles, made me wonder about turnover/quality, though the Penning (?) I had was pretty good. This is my ideas of what a pub should look like, reminding me of the Malt n Hops in Stoke and the Clarendon in Sunderlands. Friendly staff too.

24 Sep 2012 21:06

The Boar's Head, Stockport

As Snapdragon says, a good place for a social chat and a leisurely couple of cheapish pints (�1.85 for the Bitter), and the busiest pub I saw in central Stockport on Sunday. Beer was OK, though I find Sams a bit sour compared to how I remember it in the nineties. As is normal, this is a lovely (multi-roomed)pub architecturally. Some basic pub food would be good.

24 Sep 2012 21:03

The Brown Lion, Birmingham

Unfortunately closed, despite entry into this years Beer Guide.

24 Sep 2012 20:56

The Taps, Lytham St Annes

Great lively pub (World War II day meant some unusually-attired customers), and lots of beer-house character; the Pendle was only OK though.

22 Aug 2012 20:14

The Hole in One, Lytham St Annes

Will echo John's comments from 2009, though the quality of the Thwaites did justify the Beer Guide entry.

22 Aug 2012 20:12

The Number 15, St Annes on Sea

Wonderful-looking pub; snug is a classic pub room, and friendly staff coping well with crowds watching football. Beer range looked good, though majoring on light ales, which I though were only average. Will try again.

22 Aug 2012 20:11

The Old Black Bull, Preston

A better range of beers than I remember, but well supported by a beer drinking crowd meaning quality was good. Lively but not boisterous.

22 Aug 2012 20:09

The Continental Pub, Preston

Return visit on a Sat lunchtime impressed me even more. A gorgeous Marble house beer and an excellent keg out of the BrewDog school. Very busy by 1pm but friendly staff and fantastic food - in my top 10, just as Preston now is for a pub crawl.

22 Aug 2012 20:06

The Post Office Vaults, Birmingham

Very impressive beer bar, different crowd from the Wellington (you judge whether for better or worse), with a lovely but not too big range of beers. Hobson Mild was good, but afraid I strayed to the Belgian on draft (Maredsous 10 I think) which wasn't wise. Staff very lovely indeed.

9 Aug 2012 23:38

The Olde Vic, Stockport

One of the best places to go if you want a good chat with your beer (see also the Clarendon in Sunderland), with only modest taking out of a southerner. Wonderful pub, beer superb.

9 Aug 2012 23:29

Pig N Falcon, St Neots

On a couple of recent visits the beer ranged from OK to excellent, helped by being served flat and cool from the cellar. Lovely drinkers pub, and a great place to watch the olympics with a pint and scrachings.

9 Aug 2012 23:16

The Black Lion, Consall

The reviews below aren't unexpected but they don't collectively tell you what this pub is and isn't. It ISN'T a canalside dining pub, and on the luunchtime I visited I had to rely on the landlord's generous offer to rustle up whatever was in the kitchen - it was real trencher fare though.

And as for wasting money on makeovers - don't bother. This pub is a classic untouched alehouse along the lines of the Captain Cook in Staithes or the Free Trade.

21 Jun 2012 18:29

The Purefoy Arms, Preston Candover

Would share TWG's views - it's a charming pub that unashamedly aim for the serious foodie, though I felt quite welcome for an (OK) half. Comparatively quiet though.

21 Jun 2012 18:22

The Fox, North Waltham

A fantastic pub, mixing the food/serious drinker custom as well as anywhere. Although very busy (Tues night) with diners, the are set aside for drinkers (and TV football) was a great pub room, and the beer (small regional, - Palmers ?) was excellent.

21 Jun 2012 18:19

The Jolly Farmer, Cliddesden

Pleasant village pub without foody pretensions of nearby Beer Guide pubs. Friendly locals keen to promote localish beers (though drinking lager themselves, which may account for average quality). Interesting enough to merit a return visit.

21 Jun 2012 18:16

The New Inn, Basingstoke

In the Beer Guide but no real on - not sure of pub's status. Apart from that, a good, basic town local.

21 Jun 2012 18:13

Basingstoke Rugby Club, Basingstoke

A well-managed bar attached to the rugby club with good beer quality for the area. Would assume CAMRA membership needed but possibly not.

21 Jun 2012 18:12

The Crown Inn, Stockport

Have just noticed (thanks for nudge) that I haven't reviewed this classic. Just shows how easy it is to take Stockport's pubs for granted. It was a welcoming, multi-roomed ale house with beers for all tastes when I last visited, but a return is overdue.

20 Jun 2012 16:59

The Laughing Fish, Isfield

I tried the (enormous) scotch egg with haggis meat - will always go for the homemade bar snacks in a pub though this was only OK. The pub, however, is a quirky little gem with traditional standards, excellent Hophead from a sensible range, and the Euros on TV at quiet volume. 9 out of 10.

20 Jun 2012 16:55

The Cock Inn, Ringmer

Very attractive and thriving village pub, attractive and multi-roomed, decent Harveys, pleasant staff. Best suited to diners though.

20 Jun 2012 16:46

The Anchor Inn, Ringmer

Average large village pub with friendly staff; a bit too quiet for Sunday evening, even with Euros on., Local micro beer was good enough. Pleasant looking village for a walk.

20 Jun 2012 16:45

The Ship, Eastbourne

Pleasant-looking locals pub in Eastbourne suburb, 20 mins walk from the station. Busy with the pub quiz, which made below -par Beachy Head beer more disappointing.

20 Jun 2012 16:43

The Thatched House, Poulton Le Fylde

Caught it during a beer festival which I presume is why it was rammed, but also why the beer quality was good. Hard to judge normal atmosphere though.

12 Apr 2012 21:32

The Old Town Hall, Poulton Le Fylde

Good basic drinkers pub with very good Moorhouses Pendle from a nice beer range. Friendly locals.

12 Apr 2012 21:30

The Marine, Liverpool

I'm sure I saw a Good Beer Guide 2012 sticker in the window here on my way to the Old Bank (it's not listed in the Guide) - am I imagining it ?

12 Apr 2012 21:10

Top Lock, Heapey

I remembered a friendly, rough and ready but characterful pub with good beer and Indian food. I didn't remember boisterous locals and didn't see them this time either. A really great beer choice (decent sized micros) complemented some real homecooked curry. Fantastic place.

10 Apr 2012 20:44

The Cavendish Arms, Brindle

Wonderful looking old pub with friendly staff and locals and decent enough localish beers. Worth a trip just to see a multi-roomed classic pub.

10 Apr 2012 20:41

The Boundary, South Normanton

Smartened up Marstons estate pub, a very good facility for the area and a good stop off the M1. Old Empire was very good, and the typical pub food was Wetherspoons standards and prices (not a criticism). Near a pleasant park, and with friendly staff as well.

10 Apr 2012 20:40

The Old Fox, Birmingham

I'd thought it very unremarkable on last trip 6 or 7 years ago, but last night it seemed very convivial and welcoming, and a little oasis from the style bars. Opting for the best known beer, I bravely tried the Old Speckled Hen which was an excellent pint (if not quite Post Office vaults standards).

3 Apr 2012 19:28

The Nut Tree Inn, Murcott


Extremely busy upmarket pub, almost entirely dining, so my comment about
below par beerwill be of little consquence. Worth a trip for the picturebook pond though

3 Apr 2012 19:24

The Queens Head, Horspath

Basic two-roomed local with good local beers.

3 Apr 2012 19:23

The Nut Tree Inn, Murcott

Extremely busy upmarket pub, almost entirely dining, so my comment about below par will be of little consquence. Worth a trip for the picturebook pond though.

3 Apr 2012 19:14

The Prince Of Wales, Iffley

Particularly friendly suburban local, with notably engaging 3 and 5 year-olds for company ! (Children often make better company than adults). Wadworths 6X was OK; never good in halves.

2 Apr 2012 11:32

The Bull, Charlbury

Welcoming foody pub, providing a good companion to the Rose & Crown across the road. Friendly and local beer was very good.

2 Apr 2012 11:29

The Rose and Crown, Charlbury

Didn't remember much from first visit 10 years ago, but as described below a fantastic, friendly boozer.

2 Apr 2012 11:28

Ye Olde Three Horseshoes, Charlbury

Anyone know if it's still open - looked very shut at 2pm on Sunday, contrary to Beer Guide opening times and all logic.

2 Apr 2012 11:26

The Worlds End, Hampton

I like basic, but a bit too earthy for me, despite decent Youngs Porter.

1 Apr 2012 09:35

The Albion, Hampton Court

My sort of pub, welcoming to all and full of life, so was surprised to see the Ember Inns ownership (seems much too small a pub for that nonsense. Worthington Red and London Pride were above average, and the overstretched staff were friendly. Rather let down by and hour and twenty wait for the well-priced food (order clearly forgotten) - these things happen.

1 Apr 2012 09:31

The Jolly Brickmakers, Redhill

Perfectly described by ScotchMissed - basic but less intimidating than some of the South London/Surrey pubs I've been in, with a good welcome. Brakspear was well above average, and at �3.10 well-priced for 2012.

1 Apr 2012 09:27

The Fox Inn, Lutterworth

Traditional pub meeting needs of a wide range of pubgoers very well. Pleasant garden complemented an old-fashioned interior. Had the Bass, which was good enough but not inspirational.

29 Mar 2012 18:50

The Packhorse Inn, Sleaford

Pleasant small town Spoons, decent selection of good beer from the Festival range. Quiet late on a Wednesday, so service quick.

29 Mar 2012 18:45

West End House, Ely

The beer range isn't exceptional but the quality is, and its a worthy Beer Guide regular, as well as being a cosy, traditional pub where well behaved children aren't treated as lepers.

25 Mar 2012 22:38

The Fountain, Ely

Unchanged in the 5 years since my last visit (out of the Beer Guide before then). The Broadside was excellent, the pub civilized and relaxing, but the lack of food, restricted opening and relatively plain beer range are reasons I don't visit as often as the beer quality warrant. Worth a trip.

25 Mar 2012 22:35

The Old English Gentleman (OEG), Saffron Walden

Very relaxed pub with grown-up feel, certainly on a Sunday afternoon. Nice place to read the Sunday papers laid out. Adnams (only) �3.10 a pint which is a good 25p below Cambridge prices, but it was only average to good.

25 Mar 2012 20:28

The Crown and Kettle, Ancoats

Consistent drinkers pub with decent range and quality. Only downside is always have to stand as I've only visited on match days.

24 Mar 2012 19:07

Sandbar, Manchester

On rerturn visit for Felice Brothers gig at Academy 2 I tried the Phoenix Pilsner for some reason, and it was very tasty, with the same relaxed feel as on a previous visit. Offers pizzas as well, always a good idea.

24 Mar 2012 18:51

The Last Post, Southend on Sea

Staff were certainly polite but was one of longest waits I've had in a Spoons, not helped by goos weather and football on TV (first for a Spoons too).

The Greene King special was being pulled regularly so I had that that rather than the other offerings from the Festival range, and it was very good, as indeed is most of the real ale I have in Essex - a great drinking county.

24 Mar 2012 18:46

The Bull, Hockley

Very resturanty - packed with diners on a warm March Saturday. The beer (Marstons seasonal) was actually pretty good, but not a place to linger with a drink with groups eyeing your table...

24 Mar 2012 18:43

The Norton, Cold Norton

Basic-looking Essex village pub without the obvious allure of the beer-houses of Stow Maries and Southminster, but a must-visit on the basis of superb beer (Titanic) quality. Particularly impressive as was quiet on Sat afternoon.

24 Mar 2012 18:37

The Waggon and Horses, Oxenhope

Looked like a cheap lunch stop for the area. Quiet early afternoon but the Clarks beer was pretty good (theme for the area). Great views, of course.

23 Mar 2012 21:45

The Old Silent Inn, Stanbury

Only person not eating (my loss I think); the beer was pretty good and the pub was friendly and attractive, if not the place for me to while away an hour reading "Wuthering Heights" on my Kindle (honest).

23 Mar 2012 21:44

The Talbot, Burnley

Lively and friendly, with a good range of localish beers (Moorhouses was pretty decent) on a night when live music was on. Worth a look.

23 Mar 2012 21:41

The Bakers Arms, Harkstead

Quiet (for 8pm) local in an attractive peninsula. The Woodfordes reserve was pretty good and the pub is interesting and friendly enough.

23 Mar 2012 21:39

The Plough, Ipswich

The Adnams was OK but hardly Beer Guide quality in a town where I expect a decent standard of their beer. Very standard pub chain fayre otherwise.

23 Mar 2012 21:38

The Alma, Copford Green

Fairly standard Essex village pub with a very good drop of the local Red Fox beer. Looks to do it's job well. Lovely countryside is bonus.

23 Mar 2012 21:36

The Layer Fox, Layer de la Haye

Enterprising attractive pub with separate cafe area, a good mix of customers, and an OK beer. A good place to come after the zoo, I'd guess.

23 Mar 2012 21:35

The Red Lion, Kirby Le Soken

Didn't notice the smell and didn't eat; the pub remains a cosy, attractive local with well-kept beers.

23 Mar 2012 21:32

The Victory, Walton on the Naze

Agreed with previous posters - very friendly and cosy little pub with good IPA and fish and chips. Have had better IPA but felt very satisfied with a pleasant evening. As with many pubs in Tendring area, little concession to modernisation and all the better for it.

23 Mar 2012 21:31

The Compasses, Stansfield

Pleasant local, no drinkers in on a Wed night though.

22 Mar 2012 13:34

The Dove, Bury St Edmunds

Had a tremendous pint of Maldon Gold last night - beer quality here on 2 visits as good as anywhere. Pub very busy with drinkers, including female drinkers at 10.30, and a warm welcome.

22 Mar 2012 13:33

White Rabbit, Maidstone

Stayed in the hotel (Lodge) which was very good, and the pub has a lot of character. The Doom Bar was OK and well-priced; obviously it does more interesting beers sometimes.

11 Mar 2012 20:09

The First and Last, Maidstone

Extremely traditional and very lovely for it. Genuine welcome on entering and leaving, peaceful but chatty atmosphere, good Harveys from a sensible beer range, a bit small !

11 Mar 2012 20:08

Jolly Butchers, Stoke Newington

Visted as it opened on a Thursday, and was obviously going to be busy by 5pm. Very foody, but I though the beer range was very appealing, and whatever dark beer I had was pricey but very good.

WIll also recommend the excellent Turkish restaurant/takeaway a munutes walk south.

11 Mar 2012 20:04

The Kenton Arms, Homerton

Fun and characterful, even if the chairs weren't comfortable ! Beer seemed a bit of an afterthought but was OK, a place to go with friends rather than to read a book.

11 Mar 2012 20:01

The Talbot, Brockley

Decent enough Harveys but an unremarkable local with gastro ambitions (untested).

11 Mar 2012 19:58

The Castle Inn, Cambridge

Just enjoyed their �5 Sunday night deal (decent Burger, chips & roly poly for pudding) with some excellent Adnams (Broadside and IPA). A very unpretentious pub that changes little from year to year, though perhaps the guest beer range had reduced and I missed the minstrels !

11 Mar 2012 19:53

The Masons Arms, Teddington

A very lovely little local off the High Street, with loads of character, friendly staff, and some very good and interesting beer.

11 Mar 2012 16:24

The Teddington Arms, Teddington

Uncheerful staff soured what would have been a pleasant late afternoon pint of an interesting Fullers seasonal beer.

11 Mar 2012 16:21

The Clock House, Teddington

Well above average for the area, with a very good sample of a Twickenham beer, and pleasant service.

11 Mar 2012 16:19

The Armoury, Wandsworth

A real drinkers pub, and one I liked a lot. I opted for the Youngs, which was very good, as I didn't notice the local Wandle beers round the side of the bar.

11 Mar 2012 16:18

The Whistle and Flute, Putney

I had an exceptional Fullers Porter here a few years back, which redeemed an otherwise uninteresting openplan foodie pub, but the seasonal beer was very average today.

11 Mar 2012 16:16

The Jolly Gardners, Putney

Very typical gastro-type place, utterly unremarkable and average Wandle (I think). I wouldn't complain if taken here with friends for a pint, but would opt for the Bricklayers if I had the choice.

11 Mar 2012 16:14

Sportsman, Huddersfield

Hard to fault - cosy little pub with excellent localish beers, friendly staff and locals, and wonderful pub food (pork pies worth the trip alone).

6 Mar 2012 19:16

Common, Manchester

I like this sort of pub, which serves good beer in a relaxed cafe style, even if it was too busy to get fed when we visited on a Saturday p.m. The Marble (I think) was very good indeed.

6 Mar 2012 19:12

The Cuckoo Inn, Hamptworth

And another thing - the pub has an adults-only garden which is a great idea, even though I came with family.

6 Mar 2012 19:08

The Cuckoo Inn, Hamptworth

Prompted by the last post, I should also plead guilty for failing to post on this classic, which was a highlight of my trip to last year's End of the Road festival. The beers were exceptional, the food was great pub food, and the garden was gorgeous. One of my top 30 UK pubs.

6 Mar 2012 19:06

The Carlton Arms, Cambridge

Update based on a visit last year. On visit today I had lovely pints of Elgoods and Tydd Steam from the barrel - defintely worth a trip for the beer quality even if the pub is not as obviously welcoming as before. Sausage menu is great.

6 Mar 2012 19:02

The Carlton Arms, Cambridge

Has certainly re-opened and still serving a decent range of well-kept beers from small but competent brewers, even though it has lost a bit of the quality it had under the previous landlords. The food is very good pub food.

5 Mar 2012 19:02

The Bull Inn, West Malling

Very pleasant Goachers Dark in a characterful pub with some decent Sunday trade. Attractive little village setting too.

5 Mar 2012 18:56

Crown Point Inn, Seal

Very quiet on a Sunday night, reflected in warmish Harveys and a complete lack of atmosphere. No idea what the food is like, but looked more Brewers Fayre than the smart Kent restaurant I'd expected. Why is it in the Beer Guide ?

5 Mar 2012 18:53

The Bull Hotel, Wrotham

Extremely quiet (and dark) on a Sunday night, which was a shame as the Hophead was good and the pub has some character.

5 Mar 2012 18:50

The Black Horse and Hoodens, Borough Green

Pleasant looking pub, bit too quiet on a Sunday night for comfort, but the localish house beer was pretty good.

5 Mar 2012 18:48

The Old House, Ightham

Long overdue visit due to limited opening hours. A very cosy local, with good beer (Shrimpers) from the barrel and peanuts offered by the regular. Only downside is hard to find a seat or get to the bar, which could make you feel like an interloper, but that's just due to the size.

5 Mar 2012 18:47

The Pilot, Maidstone

Very busy traditional local just outside centre, very good Harveys Porter from a full range. Cosy and friendly.

5 Mar 2012 18:41

The Affleck Arms, Dalham

A regular in the Beer Guide, above-average Adnams (I think), warm and comfortable, decent local.

31 Jan 2012 19:25

The Crown, Ashley

First visit in a decade, and remains a very liable Greene King local, with beer quality well above the average for West Suffolk, GK's home. Simple but functional interiors and a decent welcome.

31 Jan 2012 19:23

Black Lion Inn, Bersham

Location, design and friendly welcome are the highlights; beer was OK (and I like Hydes). Seemed to serve simple, unfussy food through afternoon which is also a plus.

15 Jan 2012 13:25

The Bridge End, Ruabon

Wonderfully characterful pub, with a real sense of a village local used by all. Excellent beer, including darker local ale, with only down side being size and skightly eccentric (inattentive to some) service. A possible new classic.

15 Jan 2012 13:23

Elihu Yale, Wrexham

Typical smaller pleasant Spoons - had decent beer range including local Plassey.

15 Jan 2012 13:18

Leopold Tavern, Southsea

Slightly smarter than the other small but excellent drinkers pubs dotted around Southsea. Friendly staff, decent beer range, only let down by average beer quality.

5 Jan 2012 21:11

The Horse and Trumpet, Sileby

Looked very closed (shut at 7.30 yesterday) with For Sale sign - happy to be told otherwise

24 Nov 2011 19:04

William Wygston, Wigston

Average small suburban Spoons , Milestone beer was very average but sub-�2

24 Nov 2011 18:59

William Wygston, Wigston

Average small suburban Spoons , Milestone beer was very average but sub-�2

24 Nov 2011 18:59

The Slug and Lettuce, Leicester

Would never have visted if not in Beer Guide, but the Inferno was very good even if not a pub I'd linger in if not eating.

24 Nov 2011 18:58

The Ale Wagon, Leicester

Perfectly pleasant reception from the landlady, pub as basic as ever (I'd say unspoilt), Hoskins ESX was OK.

24 Nov 2011 18:57

Queen Edith, Cambridge

Underrated estate pub - traditional and welcoming, excellent beer quality (try the Mild), and cheap pub food e.g. pizzas.

21 Nov 2011 23:04

Dead Poets Inn, Holbrook

Returned without my children, and enjoyed the beer (Pedi and Bass) as much as ever, although the pub was packed on a Thursday night despite any obvious attractions apart from the beer ! I loojk forward to taking my boys here when they reach 18.

21 Nov 2011 22:40

The Horse and Groom, Holbeach

Pleasant locals pub with decent beer (including an unusual guest) and a friendly welcome.

16 Oct 2011 18:56

The Gresley Arms, Alsagers Bank

A wonderful pub, but like many of Stafforshire's rural gems it seems to be ignored by the rest of the country. Foremost, the beer (an Acorn porter) was my beer of the year so far, despite a worrying number of handpumps in a remote pub.

The staff are friendly, the food is secondary but cheap, and the views are fantastic (you're in the bit near Stoke that looks glorious as you charge down the M6). I love the electronic display of beers too - bit like the Wellington but cheaper.

One warning - don't take the short cut between Chesterton and Alsagers Bank if of a nervous disposition (unless in a 4x4). And no entry after 11pm either !

16 Oct 2011 18:52

The Railway, Mobberley

Friendly pub, good mix of young Stockport fans and OAPs, and a particularly wonderful local beer (Mobberley I think) which was as good a drop as I've had anywhere in Cheshire. Nice garden.

16 Oct 2011 18:43

The Bull's Head, Mobberley

Pleasant food-led pub with decently kept beers I'd not seen before. Probably best to visit for the food, but plenty of space for drinkers, and garden area lovely.

16 Oct 2011 18:40

The Magnet, Stockport

Liked it much more on 2nd visit, though still quietish on Saturday lunchtime (though the pleasant outdoors areas for smokers looked busy). Several distinct drinking areas I'd not noticed last year give the pub a more lived-in look than I'd remembered, and the welcome was warm. Beer quality was good if not the best in Stockport.

16 Oct 2011 18:36

The Green Man, Thriplow

Beer good on a return visit, delighted to see it back in the Beer Guide. Welcome as good as anywhere, food loevely but relatively pricey.

12 Oct 2011 23:08

The Salisbury Arms, Cambridge

Made a return visit, and would like to assure the landlady that I still think this is an excellent "proper" pub, as very healthy Monday custom proves.

I scored the pub 8 last year, despite noting that food and beer quality was average in my view. On this visit I thought the fish and chips were good and very reaonably priced. The beer range has always been excellent, but the Bombardier isn't to me as good as I've tasted it. The guest I had (from Nottingham) was very good. The staff are great.

And yes, I've no wish for the Salisbury to be a restaurant either !

11 Oct 2011 12:27

The Waggon and Horses, Branston

Pleasant biker-friendly local in attractive village; beer was OK and wait for service was long, but would recommend a stop.

5 Aug 2011 21:15

The Victoria, Lincoln

Made first visit for 10 years, when it had a legendary status that seems to have diminished in recent years, but seems a lovely place to enjoy very good pint of Batemans Swallow in the sun. I suspect the problem, if there is one, is just that there are far more pubs offering a wide range of beers like the Victoria now so it gets a bit overlooked. Comments, Lincoln CAMRA ?

5 Aug 2011 21:13

The Magna Carta, Lincoln

Clean and comfortable Marstons chain pub, with enough olde attractiveness not to feel out of place against the Cathedral; no Pedigree bu the Jennings beer was very good.

5 Aug 2011 21:10

The Green Man, Thriplow

A really nice village pub that seems to attract just enough dining custom, without it ever feeling like a restaurant. The staff are very friendly and helpful, a small but decent range of smaller brewery beer (Buntingford, Cottage) keeps the pub at Beer Guide standard, and the food is quality pub stuff.

5 Aug 2011 21:07

The Alleyns Head, West Dulwich

Ember Inn looks a bit different from their usual carbon copy, but all the usual standards. Decent beer range, but at �1 a half the Pedigree was unmissable and pretty good too.

5 Aug 2011 20:53

The Hope, West Norwood

Cosy, friendly boozer which I enjoyed more than Youngs more upmarket pubs to the West. Offered a very good Wandle Junction. Nice place.

5 Aug 2011 20:51

The Earl Ferrers, Streatham

Some of the friendliest bar staff I've met (offered a free sample), and a good family atmosphere and good quality pub that is similar in feel to some of N1's finest.

5 Aug 2011 20:49

The Tooting Tram & Social, Tooting

It's a gorgeous looking bar, worth the price of a half alone for a look at the balcony area. Beer was better than in the antelope, staff friendly, though I was visting late p.m.

5 Aug 2011 20:47

The Antelope, Tooting

Liked it a lot, and the comment about successful gastro/proper pub below is fair, although my Adnams Lighthouse was a bit average. I really like the old dining room, far more interesting that the standard Youngs decor, for instance. Staff pleasant.

5 Aug 2011 20:45

The Green Man, Putney Heath

Pleasant Youngs pub, would meet many peoples expectation of an olde english pub, but with usual modern touches. Youngs was above average, staff and customers pleasant.

5 Aug 2011 20:41

The Roundhouse, Battersea

Visited it as a new Beer Guide entry, but instantly remembered the pub from 3 years ago as Freemasons. Typical middle-income London open plan, open-kitchen pub, but with a fair bit of character. Significant refurbishment (?) underway, and welcome at 4pm distinctly muted, but the Wandle was sbove average (although I think at �1.90 a half it ought to have been).

5 Aug 2011 20:33

The Grosvenor Arms Aldford, Aldford

Usual high Brunning & Price standards, and staff are excellent, though the Weetwood beer not great, though I think beer turnover unlikely to be a problem - very busy.

27 Jul 2011 22:23

The Brewery Tap, Chester

Pleasant place with decent mix of drinkers and diners, attractive location, house beer was average, as it often is with the micro-brews. Would try the more established brews next time.

27 Jul 2011 22:16

Stanleys Cask, Wallasey

Very decent locals pub. More impressed with beer quality (Hydes seasonal) than on previous visit, and a cosy suburban feel.

27 Jul 2011 22:14

The Magazine Hotel, Wallasey

It's a gorgeous pub, at it's best when the sun sets beautifully over the Wirral as it did last night. Bass was excellent, the pub has several drinking areas, staff are friendly, prices are good, wish I lived in New Brighton.

27 Jul 2011 22:12

The Maypole, Cambridge

Fantastic pub. Had an excellent Buntingford beer a few months back; today the Brew Dog (5am Saint) was near perfect. Tried the home-made Italian food, which was also great. Lovely bar team as well.

19 Jul 2011 21:22

The Maypole, Cambridge

Fantastic pub. Had an excellent Buntingford beer a few months back; today the Brew Dog (5am Saint) was near perfect. Tried the home-made Italian food, which was also great. Lovely bar team as well.

19 Jul 2011 21:21

The Ship Inn, Haskayne

Pleasant canalside pub catering well for all customers, though ambitious beer range at Monday lunchtime meant real ale was very ordinary. Will try when it's busier.

19 Jul 2011 00:06

The Greyhound, Ormskirk

Ordinary locals pub 2 minutes south of centre. Nice traditional feel (inc a snug), but Jennings was ordinary and dance music felt unwelcome.

19 Jul 2011 00:04

Lakeside Inn, Southport

Very tidy little place, more like a smart cafe but with good London Pride/Tetleys seasonal, cheap rolls and friendly staff. Would be a lovely place to sit outside outside in good weather (April 15th).

19 Jul 2011 00:02

Willow Grove, Southport

Smaller than usual Spoons, good mature custonm base, goodish beer.

19 Jul 2011 00:00

The Windmill Inn, Southport

Good place to escape the storms (July in England) - decent Theakstons in a traditional seaside pub.

18 Jul 2011 23:59

The Queens Hotel, Cliviger

Fabulous old interior and pretty good John Smiths in what was a very quiet pub on Sunday evening, but friendly nonetheless.

18 Jul 2011 22:02

The White Lion Inn, Earby

OK locals pub, making an effort on the real ale front but with seenmingly few takers - worth a try.

18 Jul 2011 21:58

The White Swan Hotel, Fence

Slightly upmarket Tim Taylors pub with decent food trade and mature custom.

18 Jul 2011 21:56

The Cross Gaits Inn, Blacko

Friendly Marstons/Jennings pub (beer OK) with decent Sunday trade and fabulous scenery.

18 Jul 2011 21:55

The Rising Sun Inn, Blacko

Very cosy, friendly local with lovely Black Cat and cheap but good-looking food, being served late afternoon on Sunday which is always a good sign.

18 Jul 2011 21:54

The Wallace Hartley, Colne

Smart, clean, friendly Spoons with a good range of custom on a Friday night. Moorhouse beer good enough.

18 Jul 2011 21:50

The Ministry of Ale, Burnley

Pleasant, no-frills (though with sofa !) pub with a limited beer range on a quiet Sunday.

18 Jul 2011 21:49

Brun Lea, Burnley

Decent modernish Spoons; Moorhouses good, very quiet Sunday night.

18 Jul 2011 21:48

The Bridge Bier Huis, Burnley

Excellent pint of Hydes. Pub was friendly and characterful, if not the beer exhibition the name might imply. Busieset pub on a Sunday night however.

18 Jul 2011 21:47

Nags Head, Sheffield

Beer (Blonde) was fantastic (not always the case with brewery taps), and this feels more like a friendly locals than a destination dining pub, which is also a good thing. Lovely part of the world.

18 Jul 2011 21:44

The Globe Hotel, Glossop

Reminding me a bit of Sheffield's Fat Cat, a wonderful pub in every respect - good locally-brewed beer, lovely food, really friendly staff, interesting and characterful multi-roomed pub, and incredibly cheap. Wish I lived in Glossop (for lots of reasons).

18 Jul 2011 21:41

The Jolly Tanners, Staplefield

Busy drinkers pub, surprising for a village pub. Good beer quality.

15 Jul 2011 22:58

The Half Moon, Warninglid

More like a restaurant than a pub, Dark Star OK, staff friendly enough.

Astonished to hear brucelambert charged �24 to bring his birthday cake in - really ? Sounds like one for the press to me.

15 Jul 2011 22:56

The White Horse, Maplehurst

Very traditional pub; feels like someone's house. Lots of characterful locals and good range of decent beer.

15 Jul 2011 22:52

The Queens Head, Horsham

Reall good village pub catering to nearly all ages and tastes; unpretentios but well-kept beer range.

15 Jul 2011 22:50

The Blue Ship, The Haven

Lovely multiroomed pub, obviously doing a good food trade alongside the traditional drinking area. Sussex was only OK, but still apleasure to visit.

15 Jul 2011 22:48

The Royal Oak, Wood Street

Unpretentious, friendly drinkers pubs in a pleasant Guildford offshoot. Really interesting and good quality beer range; food not much in evidence.

15 Jul 2011 22:46

The Jolly Farmer, Bramley

A busy, entertaining pub that seemed to cater for a wide range of needs - good number of drinkers, families and mature diner. Most importantly, local real ale was very good, and I envied the people eating good looking pub food. The area south of Guildford is very attractive, but pricy.

15 Jul 2011 22:44

The Railway Tavern, Bexley

Thought it was a really friendly, busy little boozer with very decent beer and live music - what a good South London pub should be.

13 Jul 2011 00:11

The Prince Alfred, Upper Hale

Pleasant with intersting range, though the Yeovil was a bit dull.

9 Jul 2011 13:04

The Hop Blossom, Farnham

Pleasant little Fullers pub, though the Chiswick was poor and some of the cutomers loud and boorish (haven't heard as many f-words in all the pubs in Wigan I've been in together)

9 Jul 2011 12:55

The Rose and Crown, Scartho

Another decent Ember Inn, good food trade among older customers obviously ensures decent beer turnover - the Moor Ale was very good indeed.

9 Jul 2011 12:35

The Yarborough Hotel, Grimsby

Not the most inspiring 'Spoons I've been in, average Ruddles reflected local preference for lager.

9 Jul 2011 12:32

Wheatsheaf, Grimsby

Ember Inn with the standard decor, emphasis on food and regional real ale range. Friendly, and the Fullers Summer Ale was pretty good.

9 Jul 2011 12:31

The Butchers, North Kelsey

Very lively village pub, with informal live music, very good real ale range and a good atmosphere. Attractive village to explore.

9 Jul 2011 12:27

The Yarborough Hunt, Brigg

Exceptional smart but pleasant pub, not out of place in Manchester's Northern Quarter. Good, sensible beer range, and particularly liked the imported German beer (Augsberg). Chinese across the road is good too.

9 Jul 2011 12:26

The Harrington Arms, Sawley

Lovely homely food pub; friendly team, clean but not over-smart, with an above-average pub food menu and Greene King beers. A good stop off the M1/A50.

29 Jun 2011 22:57

The Old Mill, Plumstead

Great to see it back in the GBG - one of London's best pubs

29 Jun 2011 22:52

Mount Pleasant, Sedgley

Second visit as wonderful as the first; just a great beer house packed with cheerful drinkers. High turnover ensured that even the Enville (a risky choice) was excellent. Surprisingly overlooked by CAMRA branch trips to the Black Country as it's a classic.

29 Jun 2011 22:51

The Royal Marine, Lyne

Traditional old-fashioned pub with welcoming atmosphere and exceptional Ruddles - doesn't matter what the beer range is if it's kept as well as this.

29 Jun 2011 21:51

The Claude Du Vall, Camberley

Below average Spoons, not welcoming, beer OK.

29 Jun 2011 21:50

The Bull Inn, Bracknell

Only redeeming feature of Bracknell town centre (worse than Cumbernauld), very friendly barman, undrinkable Skinners beer on gravity.

29 Jun 2011 21:49

Zero Degrees, Reading

Likeable modern bar with tasty beer (don't care if it's technically keg); not as dominated by the really young as you might guess.

29 Jun 2011 21:45

The Monks Retreat, Reading

Busy Spoons, not as comfortable as some, and the more interesting beers were tucked in the back bar which meant I had an adequate Ruddles.

29 Jun 2011 21:43

The Butler, Reading

Boisterous and likeable locals pub, with good Fullers (admittedly ESB, always a good bet) - a drinker's pub.

29 Jun 2011 21:40

The Graduate, Cambridge

Sorry - should read "very good example of the chain"

29 Jun 2011 21:35

The Graduate, Cambridge

Tivoli is a very good chain - excellent beer (Moorhouses and Jennings excellent), friendly with quick service, although rather quiet for a Spoons.

29 Jun 2011 21:34

Half and Half, Croydon

I like this sort of small cafe-bar, and this looks a perfectly good example but the beer was very average.

29 Jun 2011 21:31

Red Lion, Cirencester

Any news anyone ?- presume wonderful owner has retired as has dropped from the GBG.

28 Jun 2011 20:15

The Park Tavern, Eltham

characterful South London pub, beer quality excellent, and a good mix of customers

28 Jun 2011 00:21

The Princess of Wales, Blackheath

Tuesday night incredibly busy (quiz), but ensured a decent drop of Wandle in a decent upmarket pub with good views.

28 Jun 2011 00:18

The Barge, Gillingham

Was attacked by a sheep in the garden of this pub some years back; still liked the pub and beer though !

28 Jun 2011 00:16

The Hastings Arms, Rainham

Visited for Sunday lunch and liked it a lot, if a bit basic in parts. Beer in particular (from Fyne Ales) was excellent, staff welcoming and lunch very good. Even sold iced gems from the sweet dispenser.

28 Jun 2011 00:14

The Mackland Arms, Rainham

Not much change since 2005 then; a very traditional small locals pub with a friendly feel and excellent Master Brew.

28 Jun 2011 00:12

The Fruiterers Arms, Rodmersham

Old-fashioned pub with reasonable food trade, but unfortunately no children allowed. Beer (Sheps from a dull range) was adequate. Attractive village.

28 Jun 2011 00:10

Three Hats, Milton Regis

Looked really good from outside but let down by a tired Rudgate. Very quiet on a Saturday lunchtime. Probably worth a 2nd try.

28 Jun 2011 00:08

The Red Lion, Blue Town

Extremely friendly, if basic pub in a very characterful part of Sheerness. Beer was average, but a great drinking experience. Would highly recommend a trip to the Bluetown heritage/info centre very close by.

28 Jun 2011 00:04

Sheffield Tap, Sheffield

It looks absolutely superb, and as long as you can get a seat it's hard to beat. The Brew Dog on draught was sublime.

28 Jun 2011 00:00

57 Thomas Street, Manchester

Yes, it's another cafe bar in the Quarter, but it's very friendly and I rate the Marble 3.9% from the barrel as my beer of the year - gorgeous.

11 Jun 2011 17:50

The Castle Hotel, Manchester

Enjoyed the Old Tom and the friendly atmosphere after recent City match - a real gem.

11 Jun 2011 17:48

White Swan, Conington

Pleasant Greene King local, caters well for diners and drinkers; the GK seasonal (April ?) was superb - they can brew decent beer if they try.

11 Jun 2011 17:46

The Land of Liberty, Peace and Plenty, Heronsgate

Remains fantastic, and particularly enjoyable on a relatively quiet Saturday afternoon (didn't enjoy it when struuggling to get past people drinking at the bar on previous visit).

Surprisingly low marks presumably reflect people judging pubs on lemonade, wine and gastro food. The pasty and the beers were superb.

11 Jun 2011 17:44

The Jolly Cricketers, Seer Green

Very likeable smart pub, with good area for drinking. Friendly staff, lots of interest, good bar snacks, average quality beer from an interesting range.

11 Jun 2011 17:40

The Black Cat, Lye Green

Unpretentious community pub with good custom of all ages; Landlord was promoted but was unexceptional

11 Jun 2011 17:38

Black Horse Inn, Chesham Vale

Nice old fashioned pub, most customers over-50 and eating; Adnams was pretty good but beer and food prices very high.

11 Jun 2011 17:36

King William IV, Speen

Pleasant foody pub; beer very average.

11 Jun 2011 17:33

King William IV, Speen

Pleasant foody pub; beer very average.

11 Jun 2011 17:33

The Chequers Inn, Wheeler End

Pleasant pub with decent Fullers in a pretty hamlet

NB There are 2 parallel roads constituting Wheeler End that don't join, make sure you pick the right one (or walk across the common)

11 Jun 2011 17:33

The Waggon and Horses, Twyford

Very traditional pub in affluent area, reflected in prices. Dull beer range, but I think my Doom Bar is now a bad choice on my part. Friendly regulars.

11 Jun 2011 17:30

Baron Cadogan, Caversham

Feels more like a local than many 'Spoons; on 2 recent vists have been very impressed with the beer (Cotleigh beer gorgeous) and the friendly staff. Relatively quiet on a Friday evening but with regular trade. Would love it as my local.

11 Jun 2011 17:28

The Black Horse, Emmer Green

Average suburban two-roomer, beer (Youngs) good enough but the loud Greene King pub over the road had most of the young custom.

11 Jun 2011 17:25

The Reformation, Gallowstree Common

Wonderful beer (Brakspears) in a very attractive area, let down slightly by a slightly dull interior and piped music, but worth a trip for the beer.

11 Jun 2011 17:23

The Black Horse, Reading

A national treasure, and I can't believe I haven't heard more about it before. For best effect, try finding it without any modern gimmickry.

The feel is like one of the handful of remaining parlour pubs, but it's more akin to the Bell at Aldworth than those pubs in West Wales run by octagenarians.

Apart from the domestic style and outside toilet, I particularly liked the pricing (�3.14 and �3.16, cheap for the area); the beer was good but not great.

11 Jun 2011 17:21

Exeter Inn, Topsham

Boisterous on my visit (Champs League on); very much a local and with OK but not great beer from a smallish range. Might try again when quieter.

9 Jun 2011 22:25

The St George and Dragon, Exeter

Have stayed here a few times; beer was surprisingly good, but quality and quantity of food was poor for what is essentially an eating house.

9 Jun 2011 22:23

The Sun Inn, Waterbeach

Beer is consistently good - hopefully the Sun will get it's deserved Beer Guide place this year. Good to see 2 distinct bars - boisterous tap for TV, quieter lounge for a modest but good food trade.

9 Jun 2011 22:18

The Turf Tavern, Oxford

As I remember it from years back (though with added June sunshine). Very busy, and promotion of real ale ensure good turnover across the range.

9 Jun 2011 22:15

Royal Blenheim, Oxford

Extremely friendly and civilised drinkers pub, good customer mix, and local beer �2.40 a pint (save over a �1 on typical Cambridge prices !).

9 Jun 2011 22:13

The Rickety Press, Oxford

Just opened, a very smart (rather than upmarket and pretentious) Arkells pub. Quite pleasant.

9 Jun 2011 22:10

The Harcourt Arms, Oxford

New landlords just moved in, so a different feel to that suggested by Beer Guide, but very friendly and a relaxing place to read a book - Chiswick beer good. Give them a try.

9 Jun 2011 22:09

The Bear, Oxford

Hard to add to the review below (mcroyal) - perhaps a visit before the evening rush saw it at it's best; a great place to read a book with excellent local beer. Similar feel to the Free Press in Cambridge. Beer prices higher in Cambridge !

9 Jun 2011 22:07

The Plume Of Feathers, Princetown

Remembering it from the '90s, paid a visit mid-week for food rather than with any expectation of the beer since dropped out of the GBG. The Dartmoor was Beer Guide quality, and the food was unpretentious but very tasty (if a bit slow due to volume of custom). Attractive pub as well, liked it a lot.

9 Jun 2011 22:04

The Union Inn, Moretonhampstead

Liked the pub a lot, though beer possibly suffering a bit from early in the day and week syndrome. Friendly, and liked the mini-museum on the way to the loos !

9 Jun 2011 22:00

The Wookey Hole Inn, Wookey Hole

Really good, like one of the bohemian pubs in North Bristol but with posh food. Loads to look at and do, child friendly, and very good local beer and cider. Expensive, but almost certainly worth it.

9 Jun 2011 21:58

Sir Issac Pitman, Trowbridge

Very friendly, if rather tired-looking 'Spoons, with mixed clientele and average standard beers (a sensible range, given local preference for lager).

9 Jun 2011 21:55

The Devon and Cornwall, Millbrook

Very friendly locals pub, Otter OK but might suffer from lowish volumes.

9 Jun 2011 21:53

The Rising Sun, Kingsand

First things first - don't drive, the streets are tiny. It's a good locals pub with pretty good Sharps in a gorgeous village.

9 Jun 2011 21:52

The Elephants Nest, Horndon

Enjoyed it a lot, despite being food-dominated (e.g. service charge added automatically) - Palmers was good-ish, the pub has real multi-roomed character, and food was great.

9 Jun 2011 21:50

The Foxhound Inn, Brixton

Average-looking but pleasant foody village pub but with above average local beer (decent level of business mid-week lunch).

9 Jun 2011 21:45

The Britannia Inn, Plymouth

One of my favourite 'Spoons, certainly based on early evening mid-week visits. The fiercesome local beer (Hunter ?) was superb, and food above average, with a good mix of customers.

9 Jun 2011 21:40

The Ship Inn, Rainhill

Always good to see real ale next to a Premier Inn and in a family pub; unfortunately beer was poor despite apparent CAMRA-friendly signs.

23 May 2011 22:22

Premier, Widnes

Very friendly staff in a typical cinema conversion. Beartown beer excellent.

23 May 2011 22:20

The Lantern Pike Inn, Little Hayfield

Friendly traditional pub with lots of Corrie memorabilia and good Landlord. Also pleased to see NO DOGS !

23 May 2011 22:19

Sycamore Inn, Parwich

Friendly, traditional local in extremely attactive but quiet Peaks village. Robbies beer good, snacks from shop. Worth a trip.

23 May 2011 22:16

The Sun Inn, Buxton

Multi-roomed splendour (albeit modernised), and very good Marstons range.

23 May 2011 22:15

Ramsay's Real Ale Bar (at the Buckingham Hotel), Buxton

Attractive and interesting, but local beer was very average (despite decent turnover).

23 May 2011 22:14

The Magnet, Stockport

It's pretty good, but not a place I felt like lingering on my own (something to do with the seating ?). The Railway over the road felt like a real pub and Holts was great.

23 May 2011 22:12

The Phoenix Inn, St Helens

Excellent - very friendly, traditional decor, and very decent beer, but unmistakably a drinkers pub.

23 May 2011 22:07

The Merton Inn, Bootle

Very good Wetherspoons, catering to a mixed clientele. Beer (at 10am !) was excellent, and even the bacon roll was well above average.

23 May 2011 22:05

Ye Hole in Ye Wall, Liverpool

Only visitor on a Wednesday lunch time, but beer (localish micro) was very good indeed, the landlord friendly, and the pub a gem. A real find when I thought I'd seen the best pubs Liverpool had to offer.

23 May 2011 21:58

The Empress, Cambridge

A very curious pub. Beer quality often very good but occasionally mediocre, beer range varies from Doom Bar/Pride/6X to some ocassional Cambridge micros, and range of customer varies by the hour. These are all good things, I think. Bestb of all, PEDIGREE made a comeback last month and was great - more please. Pizzas and sweets from the jar also good.

23 May 2011 21:55

The Wharf Inn, Welford

Consistently good beer on recent stop-offs from the A14, despite (I think) change of licensee. Very traditional and pleasant atmosphere (well behaved children). Pedigree good, but some interesting guests as well. Good snacks.

23 May 2011 21:48

Waggon and Horses, Alfreton

Reliable and friendly Spoons over a number of visits - average range but good quality beer, friendly staff and pleasant pub.

23 May 2011 21:46

The Queens Head, Heanor

New to the Beer Guide (under Marlpool suburb (?) of Heanor, this is a smart looking pub serving an excellent-looking beer range. Unfortunately, the all-male custom was drinking Carling and the Pedigree was a bit tired; possibly the real ale custom was drawn to the home-brew in the annexe where beer was only �2/pint ! Will try again.

23 May 2011 21:44

The Thorn Tree, Matlock

Exceptional beer-drinkers pub (ignore Greene King sign), Bass excellent, with great views to the hills.

23 May 2011 21:40

Hope & Anchor, Wirksworth

Cerationly central to Wirksworth nightlife ! Very lively with a youngish crowd, but decent beer range and friendly staff

23 May 2011 21:38

The Bear Inn, Alderwasley

Very attractive, good Bass (and some surprising guests), quiet after food service times, but a long way from the village and Wirksworth so hardly a local. Try finding it without a map ! Worth a trip

23 May 2011 21:37

The Keans Head, Nottingham

Very pleasant pub with good atmosphere, though beerb quality not quitre as good as I remember and food more ordinary than I expected given reputation. Having said that, Brew Dog bottled range earns an extra mark !

10 Mar 2011 21:15

The Dragon, Nottingham

Average small city-centre pub; beer quality (Harvest Pale) OK but hardly Beerb Guide quality given competition in Nottingham (I thought).

10 Mar 2011 21:13

The Hand and Heart, Nottingham

Fantastic. Went at a quiet time, but beer (Derby Brewing) was superb, the pub itself is gorgeous, and the barman was very friendly. Should have tried the food which looked different to the norm as well.

10 Mar 2011 21:11

The Black Lion, Consall

No reviews ?! This is a classic that it's taken entry in the current GBG to bring to my attention. A lovely walk from the country park, plain and characterful canalside pub, very good beers from Alton (and several ciders), and cheap filling food.

Add this to the Anchor on Staffordshire's list of great canal pubs.

1 Mar 2011 20:08

The Crown Hotel, Nantwich

Comments on Black Lion apply equally to this upmarket hotel - go to view a fantastic building rather than beer quality (it was OK).

1 Mar 2011 20:04

The Black Lion, Nantwich

It's in the Beer Guide now, but only just merited on beer quality. However, the pub itself is gorgeous, even if it feels more like a restaurant. Very quiet Sunday lunchtime, but that might just be par for Nantwich.

1 Mar 2011 20:03

Hawkshead Brewery Beer Hall, Staveley

Really enjoyable - pleasantly surprised by the informality (Shap FC popped in to drink their lager), the keen pricing and clever food menu. If honest I thought their beers were good rather than outstanding, but I'd give them another go tomorrow.

NB The bakery next door does fantastic bread and brownies.

1 Mar 2011 20:01

Eagle and Child Inn, Staveley

Very enjoyable pub I've wanted to visit for years. Beer (quality and sensible range) was very good, even if Hawkshead Bitter not as great as I remember from 2003. Food not exceptional either, but at �5 not surprising and filling. Pub itself is fantastic. Lots of tourists (like me !).

1 Mar 2011 19:57

The Old Vic, Preston

Average pub of average character; a bit impersonal, though with decent enough beer to warrant GBG entry and a quick visit.

1 Mar 2011 19:52

The Market Tavern, Preston

Very attractive old pub with a treasure trove of miscellaney, though beers were average - doubted real ale turnover that high.

1 Mar 2011 19:50

The Continental Pub, Preston

Fantastic pub, strangely not in current Good Beer Guide so not on my list to visit but stumbled across while walking in the fabulous park. I could have been in Manchester N/4, and the Marble beer was great.

1 Mar 2011 19:48

The Black Horse Hotel, Preston

As good as I remember, though felt like I'd landed back in Stockport ! Old Tom was good, barman friendly, unmissable.

1 Mar 2011 19:45

Ale Emporium, Preston

A classic. Nearly missed my chance as didn't expect afternoon closing. A rich mix of customers enjoying fabulous beers in a characterful if studenty pub. Shame I can't take my children in but that's their choice.

1 Mar 2011 19:44

Crooke Hall Inn, Standish Lower Ground

Excellent Allgates pub, as they all seem to be. A good combination of good, interesting, cheap beer (�1.95 for a gorgeous stout) in an atractive pubby puildingn with chatty locals. Child-friendly too I think. Hope they prosper.

1 Mar 2011 19:40

Crown Hotel, Wigan

Plain boozer worth a visit for good quality (and cheap) Prospect beers; the pub is typical of those selling Prospect I've been to around Wigan. Would hope gets busy late on as very quiet early Friday evening.

1 Mar 2011 19:32

Brocket Arms, Wigan

Stayed in the hotel (good) - beer range and quality remain very good, even if the Wentworth beers not quite as good as I remember. Staff as friendly as I've met anywhere.

1 Mar 2011 19:29

The Star Inn, Copmere End

As stated below, a proper rural pub some way out of Eccleshall. Well worth the visit though; an absolute country gem with as good a beer range as you'll see anywhere - Joules, Titanic (great) and Bass. Presume beer quality has risen sharply recently as I don't recall this in the Beer Guide before.

5 Dec 2010 20:53

The Old Crown, Shardlow

Fantastic traditional pub, with it's own character though reminiscent of several village pub around Derbyshire (e.g. Dead Poets). Excellent beers from the Marston's range, good rolls and snacks, comfortable bench seating and as much pub memorabilia as you could dream of.

5 Dec 2010 20:49

The Ale Wagon, Leicester

Sadly, landlord as grumpy as ever, though to be fair I did enjoy the challenging beer range - a pub for the pub enthusiast !

19 Nov 2010 23:52

Tollemache Inn, Grantham

Consistently one of my favourite Spoons for beer quality, range (some good dark beers) and friendly welcome - what more do you want ?

19 Nov 2010 23:48

The Stagger Inn, Grantham

Congrats to the local CAMRA branch for getting this basic local in the Beer Guide - it would be overlooked most other places. The Wychwood was great - a good place to watch TV football.

19 Nov 2010 23:47

The Rose and Crown, Chorleywood

Old fashioned is the word - beer was OK if not as good as the views of the Common.

19 Nov 2010 23:45

The Three Crowns, Oldham

Pleasant and traditional, though the Old Bailey (Marstons) was a bit average.

19 Nov 2010 23:44

The Upsteps Inn, Oldham

My visit made great by the wit and wisdom the real-ale drinking regular, although the Cains festival beer was a bit average (I suspect more to do with Cains).

19 Nov 2010 23:42

The Limes at Catisfield, Catisfield

Dark and empty, but the HSB was excellent and I can see the attraction of the pub on a busy night.

19 Nov 2010 23:40

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Fareham

Warm and inviting local with good beer in an exceptional village.

19 Nov 2010 23:39

The Wheatsheaf, Shedfield

Excellent traditional country pub; Flowerpots was loevely and felt cosy place to relax. Posher customers (e.g. Bugle in Twyford regulars) might struggle with more relaxed service !

19 Nov 2010 23:37

The Old Vine, Winchester

Poor beer - really no chance of decent beer with such an overambititous range in a wine-led pub. Very busy on a Monday lunchtime, so obviously doing something right !

19 Nov 2010 23:31

The Bugle Inn, Twyford

The food was good, but at �20 for one course, a half of beer, a coke and olives I felt ripped off. Clientele not to everyone's taste, and very loud !

19 Nov 2010 23:29

The Phoenix Inn, Twyford

An excellent pub, only looks tired in comparison with the Bugle. The Greene King IPA was as good as I've tasted in years.

19 Nov 2010 23:27

Lord Arthur Lee, Fareham

Not as good (beer or atmosphere) as the Crown, but not bad.

19 Nov 2010 23:25

The Crown Inn, Fareham

The better of the two 'Spoons on West Street, both because of the character of the building and because the Brew Dog Edge was magnificent.

19 Nov 2010 23:24

The Malt Shovel, Coventry

Traditional pub with a decent pint of Bass; a bit too quiet for a Sat afternoon though.

19 Nov 2010 23:22

The Red Lion, Gilmorton

Friendly, cosy village pub, with good Marstons range and high quality pub food. Nice village too.

19 Nov 2010 23:21

The Society Rooms, Macclesfield

Average 'Spoons, which is a good thing - very good beer quality, as well as the usual decent food. Clean and welcoming as well.

19 Nov 2010 23:16

The Waters Green Tavern, Macclesfield

A great pub- cosy, traditional, good beer, filling food and in a wonderful town.

19 Nov 2010 23:14

The Castle, Macclesfield

Only me and the landlord on a Saturday lunchtime, so hard to judge atmosphere, but this is an absolute classic multi-roomed pub, and the unmarked Ruddles was very good indeed. I love it, but it needs some custome from the Waters Gree et al.

19 Nov 2010 23:13

The Fox, Bar Hill

The food was cheap rubbish, but to be fair I enjoyed the beer (a Tetley variant) very much.

19 Nov 2010 23:10

The Hoops, Barton

Absence from the Good Beer Guide a mystery to me - it just serves great IPA and Abbot in civilised but friendly rooms - what more does it take. Has anyone ever had a bad pint here ?

19 Nov 2010 23:08

The Red Lion, Histon

As good as ever, and as good a beer pub as you'll find anywhere - even had a great Bass recently (not a joke).

19 Nov 2010 23:07

The Lion and Lamb, Milton

Typical locals pub, though with relatively upmarket menu and above-average beer prices. Landlord/Pride were good enough.

19 Nov 2010 23:02

The Golden Hind, Cambridge

It's a mixture of a young person's local and older persons cheap eating house, with no cosy setaing for the casual drinker, but the beer (Moorhouses and Wychwood) was really good.

19 Nov 2010 23:00

County Arms, Cambridge

A rather anonymous pub, overshadowed by the Castle. Visited during their recent small beer fest which seemed to be struggling. Having said that, the beer quality, Everards or otherwise, was exceptional, and I'd go back.

19 Nov 2010 22:57

The Castle Inn, Cambridge

A consistently classic pub; cosy, excellent beer, and cheap filling food. The only downside is �3.50 a pint, and also the fact that Adnams is notr the beer it was, which isn't the Castle's fault.

19 Nov 2010 22:53

Robin Hood and Little John, Cherry Hinton

Recently msrtened up eatinmg place, though I'm not sure food is any better (though one of the better Greene King options). Beer is perfectly good GK range.

19 Nov 2010 22:51

The Maypole, Cambridge

Rarely visted before, but beer quality (Buntinford) was quite superb, can't just be because now free ownership ? Hard to find a cosy seat though.

19 Nov 2010 22:49

The Emperor, Cambridge

Now the Emperor, very good start though higher turnover will further improve quality of the enterprising beer range. Pizzas were very good.

19 Nov 2010 22:45

The Empress, Cambridge

Very enterprising back-street pub, with very good beer and an all-round pleasant atmosphere. I miss the Pedigree under the old ownership; it was the best Pedi in the country. The Emperor is pretty good too.

19 Nov 2010 22:42

The Cambridge Blue, Cambridge

Still one of Britain's great pubs, with atmosphere, great beer and friendly staff, although then food was very drab last time out.

19 Nov 2010 22:39

The Geldart, Cambridge

Interesting and very good in most respects, would not be out of place on a Manchester N/4 crawl. Tribute was excellent, justifying the new GBG listing; food looked expensive but interesting, decor was great. Not the most comfortable pub round here though.

19 Nov 2010 22:38

The Kingston Arms, Cambridge

Consistently good beer, despite very ambitious range, and food was also noticably better than of late on last visit. Cosy, if possibly a bit upmarket in feel for some.

19 Nov 2010 22:35

The Live and Let Live, Cambridge

A consistent classic that any city in Britain would treasure, but now one of many good ale-houses on or just off the street where I was born. Belgian beers are excellent, and food was great the last time I ate there as well. Good place to read a book as well.

19 Nov 2010 22:33

The Salisbury Arms, Cambridge

It's a really pubby pub, with the friendly staff more impressive than the beers from the Wells/Young list or the very average food. It's a very cosy place to with friends though.

19 Nov 2010 22:31

The Devonshire Arms, Cambridge

Beer was good to very good, food (fish and chips) fantastic, atmosphere was so-so. I seem to visit on quietish Mondays; hope it doesn't go the way of the Pembury.

19 Nov 2010 22:29

Artichoke, Bungay

A lovely unpretentious pub. Very well kept beer, with a decent range including several on gravity. Very friendly, unflustered, landlord and staff, and decent pubh food. Worth it's many accolades.

31 May 2010 15:58

The Hopbine, Matfield

A proper adult local with excellent Badger (being drunk by most of the customers). Quite a few tables reserved, so casual drinker might be a bit squeezed out, but welcoming enough and good outdoor area. Worth a visit.

NB - Beer Guide lists this under Petteridge

8 May 2010 22:50

The Halfway House, Brenchley

A great pub, with something for everyone. A characterful multi-room interior with ambitious but excellent quality range from the barrel, wide range of customers (including well-behaving children), and good range of food. Bar staff were very friendly.

8 May 2010 22:47

The Hatchet Inn, Childrey

A classic local in the old style, but very friendly to a stranger and with excellent GK Morlands. Worth a stop.

4 Mar 2010 16:44

The Shoulder of Mutton, Wantage

A fantastic pub, almost on a par with the Royal Oak (interior is a classic). The Butts beer was gorgeous.

4 Mar 2010 16:43

The Royal Oak, Wantage

A fantastic pub, worthy of its many accolades. A really good mix of customers (albeit a quiet night), not the beer-ticking crowd you get in larger places. Landlord was great and even offered around some free quiche - thanks Sir.

The beer range was sensible but varied; my local Mild was great.

4 Mar 2010 16:41

The Beehive, Swindon

The beer was fantastic - still can't work out what it was though it might have been a winter warmer. The pub reminds me of the back-street beer houses diown the road in Reading, but a lot friendlier. Pubs on hills are always a bonus too !

4 Mar 2010 16:37

The Downgate, Hungerford

On a gorgeous Spring day, this pub ticked very box - beer (3B - a classic), warm welcome, multi-room, set between town and countryside. Almost perfect.

4 Mar 2010 16:34

The Magpie and Parrot, Shinfield

In many ways a classic pub, that I'm surprised isn't more revered in the CAMRA National Inventory. A living timepiece, with basic pub amenities, early evening closing, real fires, games and peanuts. Even the beer was reasonably priced by Berkshiree standards, if not the best best London Pride I've ever had.

A must visit though.

4 Mar 2010 16:31

The King William IV, Milford

Looks idyllic (as is much of the area), but Pedigree was average. Went on live music night, which was packed, so turnover shouldn't have been an issue. Worth a trip back though.

4 Feb 2010 22:56

Pattern makers, Duffield

Quite a basic locals pub, but the Bass from the jug was very good, even on a quiet night. Very friendly.

4 Feb 2010 22:54

The Brewery Tap, Derby

Lots to admire - a welcoming interior, good customer mix, great sample and cheese tray, only let down by a very dull (award winning) beer. I've been to quite a few great-looking pubs whose own-brew is poor (Ashover down the road is one) - guess it what wins the awards but would rather have a good Bass.

4 Feb 2010 22:52

Horse and Groom, Derby

Fantastic community pub, hidden away in a pleasant residential areas.

Quiet on a Monday, but exceptional quality Bass and a decent atmosphere.

Good to see Derby CAMRA focuing on beer quality (the Royal Standard is a didfferent story !)

4 Feb 2010 22:48

The Old Crown Inn, Old Dalby

Hard to find once in Old Dalby with usual Beer Guide directions, but I love a challenge. A typical Leicestershire foody pub in a lovely building, but top marks for the Castle Rock beer, upmarket burger, and the best service I've come across in a pub in this country.

Visit, and do the brewery tap as well (if you can find that !)

4 Feb 2010 22:44

The Wheatsheaf, Raby Mere

Quite brilliant, particularly if you stumble across it coming from the Cheshire Oaks. Would be at home on the North Norfolk coast, but didn't suffer from any upmarket pretensions. Felt very at home, even standing at the bar with a pint (local beer - fantastic). Hard to fault.

4 Feb 2010 22:35

Harp Inn, Little Neston

With fantastic views, this feels like a classic country pub, but also a real local serving a large village. Had a sensible but good range of beers, the local one was goodish. The interior is a must for (relatively) unspoilt pubs.

4 Feb 2010 22:32

Bunbury Arms, Chester

I can get the rating up ! A typical pleasant rural food-led pub, with typcal Cheshire decor, and very good Flowers (more exotic choices were available !). A bit quiet, given closeness to shopping centre.

4 Feb 2010 22:27

Hare & Hounds, Ramsbottom

A real find. Thought a beer festival must be on, given number and variety of beers, but apparently this is normal. Quality ( a dark beer too) was excellent, so real turnover must be high. A lot of character too, and a great Lancashire location.

4 Feb 2010 22:25

The Lamb Inn, Bury

Friendly locals pub with good customer mix, decent real ale and a bit of character.

4 Feb 2010 22:23

The Pineapple, Stockport

One of the very best of Stockport's real pubs. Friendly staff, locals who talk to you, and a great pint of Hatters in a pleasant but unpretentious house.

4 Feb 2010 22:19

The Armoury, Stockport

Classic Robbies local, slightly smarter than I remember in early '00s, but still unpretentious and welcoming. Excellent Hatters; didn't see Old Tom on.

4 Feb 2010 22:14

The Devonshire Arms, Cambridge

A fantastic start, especially on the beer front. The dark mild at 3.3% was as good a pint as I've had in ages. Tables taken by 7pm, with the youngish crowd you see around the Mill Road real ale pub much in evidence.

Like Manchester's recent openings, it lacks the lived-in character of the Blue or the Kingston, but time will only improve that aspect, as will simple food.

4 Feb 2010 22:11

The Hand and Shears, Barbican

A proper drinkers pub (Courage Best peroves the point), and a multi-roomed alternative to the single-roomed bordeom of N1. Really good.

16 Nov 2009 20:08

The Fox and Anchor, Smithfield

Wonderful looking pub - quality throughout, and a very decent drop of Adnams Old. The pub (and area) you'd take a visitor to London to see. Expensive though.

16 Nov 2009 20:07

The Gunmakers, Clerkenwell

Feels like a typical small N1 gastro on entry, but the eclectic conversation (symphony orchestras), friendly staff and quite brilliant pint of Harvey's Sussex really mark this one out - great.

16 Nov 2009 20:05

The Hole In The Wall, Waterloo

Decent if not essential pub; bigger than it looks but without the intimacy you might imagine. However, very good pint of Youngs from a good range for the tourist to try.

3 Nov 2009 19:03

The Horseshoe Inn, London Bridge

Tucked away from the usual suspects, the pub was very quiet on a Tuesday p.m. visit, which made the exceptional quality of the Holts Bitter (yes Holts) all the more remarkable, albeit at �3. Only the beer quality would persuade me to return, but deserves it's moment in the Beer Guide sun.

3 Nov 2009 18:59

The Old Wellington Inn, Manchester

Went there before a City match, so plastic glasses meant the beer was a bit lacking - great atmosphere though - shame Sinclairs has given up on cask.

20 Sep 2009 20:48

The Royal Exchange, Stone

Firstly, thanks to Everards for enabling Titanic to operate pubs like this. Pleasantly busy with a good customer mix, very good White Star, pleasnat staff. Good India t/a next door as well !

20 Sep 2009 20:44

The Olde Bull Inn, Barton Mills

The beer from Brandon was decent, and there is a really good riverside walk to Mildenhall from the pub, but apart from that I can't raise much enthusiasm. Very posh, and wither the most expensive pint or J20 I've ever had (�6.50 odd for both).

20 Sep 2009 20:37

The Snooty Fox, Lowick

Very attractive old dining pub without pretensions - food appeared very good, sadly the Wdworths was a bit tired.

20 Sep 2009 20:33

Red Lion, Middleton

New to the Beer Guide, and an absolute gem. The pubs in the Welland valley & around Corby seem to fall into 2 categories - attractive refurbished dining pubs (Snooty Fox, Pepys), and traditional village drinking houses (Cherry Tree, pubs in Litton). The Great Oakley beer was superb, and complemented by greater view over the valley. Hard to fault.

20 Sep 2009 20:31

Beeswing, Kettering

Good Everards estates pub - clean, family atmosphere, decent Beacon, though not a patch on the pubs they've helped finance elsewhere (Titanic, Dead Poets).

20 Sep 2009 20:27

The Piper, Kettering

Remarkably consistent, almost the ultimate estate pub. Always a well kept, friendly house, with an extraordinary beer range (Blue Monkey on today) that would put 99% of London pubs to shame, and the quality to match. Serves it's local community with cheap bar food. Not an obvious classic, but a classic nevertheless.

20 Sep 2009 20:24

Harlequin, Sheffield

Another northern Sheffield classic - great atmosphere and beer range, though rather let down by an average pint of Magnet (I have to have one when in Sheffield !)

9 Aug 2009 21:35

The Wig and Pen by Milestone, Sheffield

A nice modern bar, not pretentious and service decent localish beers.

9 Aug 2009 21:32

The Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield

There aren't many small hotels like this in the big cities. This is a cracker - good beers, lively atmosphere, decent bed and breakfast and a really good location for exploring central Sheffield - highly recommended.

9 Aug 2009 21:28

Union Hotel, Sheffield

A very traditional suburban pub, with decent Tetleys in a typical Sheffield beer range. It gets my vote for the friendliest pub in Sheffield as well, a really pleasant landlord.

9 Aug 2009 21:26

Coach and Horses, Dronfield

A very classy pub, and certainly the best pub next to a football ground I've been to (contrast with those around Griffin Park). Thornbridge Swan was excellent, although I sense might find the pub too food-orientated. Hard to fault.

9 Aug 2009 21:24

Black Swan, Ashover

Basic village pub with very decent local beer and a good welcome - holds it's own against the Poet.

9 Aug 2009 21:19

The Nettle Inn, Milltown

A great pub. Excellent Marstons Burton went superbly with the best and most inventive ploughmans I've ever had (real meat with all its imperfections !). As for comment below about dull beer range, a choice of Burton bitter or the lighter Bradfield seems like a great choice to me - how many different pints do you need in one pub.

9 Aug 2009 21:18

The Old Poet's Corner, Ashover

A good all-rounder, but neither as great in terms of beer quality (Tipple was very dull) or as welcoming as expected. Will certainly try again though, as this is a stunning part of Britain for countryside and pubs.

9 Aug 2009 21:14

The Wellington, Birmingham

I've been critical of this famous pub on 3 former visits (smelly, crowded, lacking atmosphere, average beer, no customer mix etc), but I found it greatly improved on visits early and late evening yesterday. Lively but not overcrowded, no obvious tickers, and most importantly really good quality Worthing "E" (�3.10) and Wye Valley HPA.

Still not a classic, but would go back soon.

5 Jun 2009 22:43

The Old Royal, Birmingham

OK for those seeking a relatively unmodernised pub in the centre, and the Landlord was good enough, but very plain and would not get anywhere near the Good Beer Guide in most towns, Worth a try though.

5 Jun 2009 22:32

The Bull, Birmingham

Really nice community pub with lots of character and a good welcome. Food looked great; Pedigree was only OK. Will go for Broadside next time !

5 Jun 2009 22:30

The Ship Inn, Blaxhall

Very good allrounder with a genuine local feel. Beer range was sensible (though Green Jack not great), and atmosphere preferable to the more middle class pubs closer to Southwold.

1 Jun 2009 19:36

The Plough Inn, Wissett

First impressions count - locals blocking the bar and felt I was being ignored. A shame because I can see the pub has a lot going for it (decent beer range) and will try again.

1 Jun 2009 19:33

George and Dragon, Thurton

Pleasant roadside Norfolk pub with high standards but no pretentious menus. Adnams was very good from a standard beer range. Nice walks from the pub.

1 Jun 2009 19:30

Queens Head, Thurlton

Very much a locals pub (and owned by them); didn't feel that welcome although the beer range and quality was pretty good.

1 Jun 2009 19:29

The Ferry Inn, Reedham

Characterful riverside pub, typical of the better Norfolk country pubd. Worth a visit for the ferry ride alone (from the south). Beer was OK Wherry; fish & chips in particular looked worth the hefty price tag.

1 Jun 2009 19:27

The Soldiers Return, Basingstoke

Seemingly shut (no sign of life at any time on Saturday), and looking like the sort of pub I love too !

5 Apr 2009 11:52

Blue Bell, Scunthorpe

Smallish, old fashioned Spoons, redeemed by very good beer (one from Elland) and pleasant enough.

28 Mar 2009 07:04

The Berkeley Hotel, Scunthorpe

Very pleasing Art Deco inspired basic hotel, with some very good Sam Smiths (�1.38) and a decent relaxed atmosphere. Bet the main room was unpleasant before the smoking ban, though !

28 Mar 2009 07:02

The Jinnie Inn, Rolleston on Dove

Heaving on a Thursday night, though with drinkers rather than the assumed diners (it's quite small). At the eastern edge of a lovely village, worth a trip for decent Pedigree etc.

20 Mar 2009 09:48

The Davenport Arms, Marton

Typical Cheshire food-led village pub; seemed to be hight standards and a decent if not great beer quality.

20 Mar 2009 09:44

The Coach and Four, Wilmslow

Well run large Hydes house, with, I thought, particularly good beer (Original). Very busy on a Thursday, which might relect football on TV as the decent looking curry deals weren't doing great business.

20 Mar 2009 09:40

The Railway, Marple

Sociable is the world - packed with lively pensioners at lunchtime enjoying cheap but warming pub food, and very good Hatters. High standards.

20 Mar 2009 09:33

Hare and Hounds, Marple

Very typical regional brewery foodhouse., with decent enough Hydes and enougfh character to make it worth a stop. Good walks in several directions.

20 Mar 2009 09:30

Cheadle Hulme, Cheadle Hulme

Typical in size but not in price - Mild approaching �2.10. Had read of sastro pretensions but had the typical friendly Holts crowd in. Worth a quick visit.

20 Mar 2009 09:28

The Pack Horse Inn, Stockport

Friendly and pleasant, if a bit quiet on a Thursday night. Decent small beer range, though low turnover meant quality was average.

20 Mar 2009 09:27

The Thatched House, Stockport

Excellent old-fashioned live music venue with decent beers (Black Sheep & Hobgoblin) - decent real ale turnover helps.

20 Mar 2009 09:25

Swan, Liversedge

Decent large 2 roomer with particularly good Daleside bitter, but no obvious real ale stronghold.

4 Mar 2009 22:51

The Tap, Ossett

Decent Ossett pub - not a patch on the cracker in Liversedge, for atmosphere or beer, but decent staff and a proper pub feel. A good example of a small brewery.

4 Mar 2009 22:48

The Cellar Bar, Batley

Very good indeed - the Leeds beer wasn't perfect, but I enjoyed the feel of the place a lot and the cobbled street on the way is brilliant. Decent youngish crowd on a Thursday.

4 Mar 2009 22:45

The Town Street Tavern, Horsforth

All the usual Market Town Tavern standards but aimed at a younger market (compared to, say, the one in Harrogate). Very pleasant.

4 Mar 2009 22:42

The Abbey Inn, Newlay

I visited last year on a Saturday afternoon and thougt it was fantastic - particularly the beer quality (and range). Great location, too.

4 Mar 2009 22:41

The Five Miles From Anywhere No Hurry Inn, Upware

Much improved - paid my first visit for a few years today and found the beer excellent (Nethergate & Buntingford). The food was adequate, the gardens were looking lovely on the first day of Spring.

21 Feb 2009 21:32

The Grafton Hotel, Worksop

A friendly, lively, community pub without much real ale custom and this lack of turnover showed in their beer quality. I still liked it though.

21 Feb 2009 18:49

The Cherry Tree Inn, High Hoyland

As reviewed, a friendly well run place with equal emphasis on decent pub meals and a sensible range of beers (I think the Nettlethrasher tastes a bit odd though). Great views and a good motorway stop as well.

21 Feb 2009 18:45

The Livery Rooms, Keighley

Great toilets . Average Spoons (which is good), though I only spent 50p on a half of IPA so can't comment on the decent looking guests.

21 Feb 2009 18:42

The Friendly Inn, Keighley

Classic - worthy of the wonderful "Rough Pub Guide" - which is a compliment. A small traditional pub with nothing except the best Tim Taylors beer I've tasted, and a really friendly owner (I assumed). Visit.

21 Feb 2009 18:40

The Fleece Inn, Haworth

The Ram Tam was fine though not spectacular, the pub was a very typical small town pub covering all bases - OK

21 Feb 2009 18:37

Haworth Old Hall, Haworth

Extremely friendly barman made this pub, which is a typical slightly upmarket Jennings pub that you might find in the Lakes. The Jennining Bitter was OK, but secondary to the pub.

21 Feb 2009 18:36

The Stubbing Wharf, Hebden Bridge

Lovely pub, great food, welcoming to all - a real must visit in Hebden. The beer range was superb, although quality it must be said was average (not as cool as I'd like), compared with the Goose over the road. Worth repeated visits.

21 Feb 2009 18:33

The Fox and Goose, Hebden Bridge

Interested by the mix of reviews below, as I found this to be a classic, reminding me a bit of Captain Cook in Staithes and the similarly basic pub at the top of Buntingford that esapes my memory. I visited on a Thursday lunchtime withn only a couple of regulars in; the dark beer was exceptional and I enjoyed some very informed beer discussions. I can see how the pub might feel a bit exclusive to some, but I can only urge a visit - a national Top 30 pub.

21 Feb 2009 18:30

The Worlds End, Tilbury

Pleasant pub with friendly staff and regulars; decent Sunday lunch, lots of historical character, ordinary Greene King beers (no local beers). A short stroll from the excellent Fort.

8 Feb 2009 21:32

The Calthorpe Arms, Holborn

A proper unpretentious local with the excellent Youngs beers that keep it in the Beer Guide year after year. Still very good indeed.

21 Jan 2009 23:06

The Cask and Glass, Victoria

Cosy and civil pub you might take a tourist in - didn't find the Spitfire that great and well over �3 a pint.

21 Jan 2009 23:02

Bowling Green, Lichfield

Competent but doesn't inspire me, despite looking a bit more upmarket than the nearby Spoons. The beer is OK, but not good enough to detract from the fact that all Ember Inns look the same (as do the customers in each).

20 Jan 2009 22:37

The Manor Arms, Rushall

Great - one of my favourite type of pubs, a multi-roomed classic (bit like the Sair or the Coachmakers but by a canal). Really good Banks range of beers, so unlikely to attract the CAMRA tickers, but doing decent trade and very hard to fault. Makes youn want to move to Walsall (anyone know if the Four Crosses down the road is any good now ?)

20 Jan 2009 22:34

The Three Guineas, Reading

The beer is pretty good, on a par with the Euston Flyer for example (though the Ascot Ales was a bit tough going for a 3.8%). Open-plan and bositerous, expensive and sports-focused, but worth a vist on a trip to Reading.

13 Jan 2009 22:26

Nags Head, Reading

A great drinkers pub, somewhere between the Wellington and the ale-based pubs in Edinburgh. Some really lovely touches, like games , memorabilia and beer labelling. Beer was good if not brilliant, but I'd like to test further ! Not to everyones tastes - doubt I'd take my children ther, but seems to attract a decent range of adults. Probably in British Top 50 pubs.

13 Jan 2009 22:21

The Foresters Arms, Reading

Nice old-fashioned terrace pub, welcoming enough and with decent beer (small range but makes sense). Certainly worth a diversion from the centre.

13 Jan 2009 22:16

Rifle Volunteer, Wokingham

Excellent community pub with very good Courage as well as more CAMRA-friendly pubs; good place to watch live football.

13 Jan 2009 21:52

The White Horse Inn, Wokingham

Country pub 10mins walk from Wokingham; pleasant and with very good GK beer.

13 Jan 2009 21:51

The Victoria Arms, Wokingham

Cosy and comfortable, decent beer and friendly - needs a bit extra on the beer front to maintain GBG place.

13 Jan 2009 21:49

The Queens Head, Wokingham

Looks like your ideal traditional town pub, but a wide age range of custom, decent GK Morlands and some interesting bar food set it apart.

13 Jan 2009 21:48

The Gig House, Wokingham

Stopped for a coffee - beer range one of the dullest I've seen in a Spoons.

13 Jan 2009 21:46

Broad Street Tavern, Wokingham

I liked it a lot - ticked most of my boxes:- multi-room layout, excellent 6X served flat and a sensible beer range, proper pub food (not cheap) and really nice staff. Hard to fault.

13 Jan 2009 21:45

The Northgate, Islington

Nothing great - its typical of the gastro open-plan style, the beer range is the usual (the guest of 6X was OK), and I guess the locals love it - very busy Sunday late afternoon. The Scolt Head was better and the streets to that are gorgeous.

13 Jan 2009 21:43

The Junction, Harborne

I'm with SGA - it's great, certainly by Birmingham standards. Friendly, intersteing decore, excellent Titanic stout (albeit in one of those horrible handle mugs that weigh a ton), even let children in. A really good allrounder and a real surprise. Shame the excellent traditional Banks pub close by dropped out of the GBG though...

13 Jan 2009 21:39

The Globe Inn, Tamworth

Decent drinkers pub with small hotel; beer range and quality typical of Tamworth (Bass good enough). Tamworth pubs seenm to be consistent in terms of quality and welcome, though unlikely to excite the micro hunter - I quite like the Bass/Pedi/mild range.

13 Jan 2009 21:33

Blue Bell, Desford

Pleasant if typical Everards village pub; good ale and a strong community feel, and strangers not out of place..

6 Jan 2009 20:53

Queen Victoria, Syston

Good quality Everards in a pleasant traditional (3 room) pub - bit quiet but still worth a visit.

6 Jan 2009 20:51

Western, Leicester

Small but characterful and very pleasant traditional local. Billy beers very good, wish I'd tried the food. Good addition to this side of town.

6 Jan 2009 20:49

Marquis Wellington, Leicester

High quality Everards pub. Bar staff talked enthusiastically about cask ale, which was good quality. Very comfortable all-rounder.

6 Jan 2009 20:47

The Rose and Crown, Clapham

Really good - the sort of pub you expect in London but rarely get. Bags of character and decent GK beers, good range of customers.

5 Jan 2009 22:17

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Fabulous looking pub - loads to look at; beer a bit ordinary.

5 Jan 2009 22:08

The Old Nun's Head, Nunhead

Very good - you could compare it directly with the Dolphin in Sydenham and it would win on every count - particularly beer quality and cosiness.

5 Jan 2009 22:07

Windmill, Sydenham

H (below) has called it right - this is an unexpected gem. Bar staff happy and joking, regulars friendly, GK IPA exceptional - you wouldn't believe this was ex-Spoons. Never going to get the serious real ale crowd, but a gem all the same.

5 Jan 2009 22:05

The Dolphin, Sydenham

Refuse to use the G word - this is a typical food-led modern pub, with a typical menu and below-average beer (Pride). Why does every other pub I go to in London offer Pride/Landlord/Adnams ?- I get more choice in Stoke.

5 Jan 2009 22:00

The Albert Tavern, South Norwood

Welcoming and with very decent Greene King (justifying Beer Guide), in an otherwise typical South London local.

5 Jan 2009 21:57

The Ship of Fools, Croydon

Disappointing Spoons; messy, poor beer range and average quality, nothing to lighten the atmosphere.

5 Jan 2009 21:52

The Green Dragon, Croydon

Very good - lots of charcter, beer on gravity (TEA was a bit so-so) and a good range, cheap food; best in town alongside Dog & Bull.

5 Jan 2009 21:48

Elm Tree, Cambridge

Probably already in the top 10 specialist beer pubs in the UK (up there with the Pembury and the Grove), given its fantastic real ale and Belgian range. Not seen the custom to support the real ales yet but hopefully will follow. A lovely homely pub as well, and has now introduced simple but good food. Manager and staff are brilliant. On the down side, expensive Belgian beers reflect Cambridge costs and euro exchange rates, and I can't take my children which limits my visits.

25 Dec 2008 00:49

The Regal, Cambridge

Now in the Beer Guide, but I think due to variety rather than any exceptional quality, though I've never had a duff pint here, or duff food. I use the Regal quite a bit as it's one of few in Cambridge to welcome children to eat, but I don't like the building much.

25 Dec 2008 00:42

The Unicorn, Trumpington

Very good community pub - one of few survivors in area not turned into food-driven pub. Offers good quality and sensible selection of beers (Wentworth at times), good children's gardens and a smile.

25 Dec 2008 00:39

The Sun Inn, Waterbeach

Much improved under new landlord - Broadside, Deuchars and Old Peculiar (from the barrel) on at present and very good. This range of beers would have seen CAMRA members trekking from across the county 20 years ago, now it's nothing unusual, except for Waterbeach !

25 Dec 2008 00:35

Founders Arms, Bankside

A decent stop on the Bankside walk; Winter Warmer was good, coffees were also above average, though expensive. Think of it as a cafe by the Thames and it does that job well.

25 Dec 2008 00:31

The Rake, London Bridge

Expensive, inattentive staff, and essentially a portacabin, but I still chose to have my birthday drink there, because the quality and range is exceptional,and the setting between Southwark Cathedral and Borough Market is hard to top. The Belgian Christmas beers on draft were superb.

25 Dec 2008 00:25

The Boot, St Pancras

It's great, really, even without real ale (I had my first Caffreys in more than a decade, but suspect the Guiness is good too). I visited having seen it in the "Rough Pub Guide" - it's just a great old-fashioned pub. Nice to see well-behaved children enjoying themselves in a central London pub as well. Probably good for food too, and definitely NOT grim.

25 Dec 2008 00:18

The Scolt Head, Islington

A particularly good all-rounder, seemingly catering to a real mix of locals. Usual beer range but Pride was really good. NB The Northgate was closed, on Christmas Eve, which probably says something about it's customer base.

25 Dec 2008 00:13

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

One of the best (of few) traditional pubs specialising in real ale, and it has limited competition in North London in particular. Very pleasant drinking experience, though the Rebellion Mild was not the best I've had.

25 Dec 2008 00:07

The Land of Liberty, Peace and Plenty, Heronsgate

Even better than on a previous visit; one of the very best of the specialist ale-houses and catering to a local community (i.e. better than the Wellington in Brum). Red Squirrel fantastic - just a shame about the lack of pork pies.

30 Nov 2008 23:19

Belle Vue, High Wycombe

Excellent town pub, focusing on drinkers and with a marvellous drop of Old Hooky. Lots of real pub character.

30 Nov 2008 23:12

Black Horse, Fulmer

Very pleasant smart but unpretentious pub catering to all ages. Expensive but goodish IPA, and obvious focus on food but with plenty of areas to drink. Lovely part of the country.

30 Nov 2008 23:09

The Harefield, Harefield

Small local with decent beer (TEA) but not a place to stay long (most tables had reserved signs on). OK.

30 Nov 2008 23:05

The Royal Standard of England, Beaconsfield

I loved it; as interesting a pub as I've been in, even if the fittings aren't as old as they look. Very welcoming and unpretentious, with decent quality beer (even a mild). I didn't eat but the menu looked good if expensive. Just amazed I haven't heard more about this pub before.

30 Nov 2008 23:02

The Half Moon, Putney

Very good, even without the live music. Good Youngs, great music and comfortable seats - hard to fault.

24 Nov 2008 22:37

The Temperance, Putney Bridge

Very interesting. Looks like a barn of a place catering for the young, but actually seems to cover all bases - fantastic beer range, sensible food, very comfortable etc. The Meantime IPA was great, though the lack (temporary I hope) of real ale was a pity.

24 Nov 2008 22:34

The White Horse, Parsons Green

As good as I remember on a visit a decade earlier. I thought the departure of one of the key staff would affect the range, but the Osset beer was fabulous. Less impressed by the food - the fish and chips was only OK. Hard to fault for the bee though.

24 Nov 2008 22:30

The Blackbird, Earls Court

Smallish Fullers pub and food unusually not served all day, but Chiswick wasn't bad (am I the only one who drinks it ?). OK.

24 Nov 2008 22:27

The Scarsdale Tavern, Kensington

Surprising pleasant and unpretentious pub off the high street. Good customer mix, and good Youngs. Friendly bar staff (even said bye when I left) - impressed.

24 Nov 2008 22:25

Gardeners, Southfields

Traditional and friendly, but Bitter was average and little to detain the non-regular.

24 Nov 2008 22:21

The Earl of Spencer, Southfields

Non-one eating, and didn't really strike me as a destination pub. Real ale looked an afterthought, though Hooky was OK. Typically open plan.

24 Nov 2008 22:19

The Jolly Potter, Castle Donington

Fantastic traditional ale-house, typical of this part of the country (between Burton and Kegworth) but rare outside it. Excellent Bass, and a real shrine to Bass in the decor. Hard to fault, though not as welcoming as the GBG says.

24 Nov 2008 22:16

Post Of Stone, Stone

Perfectly good average-sized Spoons, typical of a small-town conversion. Service and standards up to scratch; beer not bad for Sunday morning !

24 Nov 2008 22:12

The Grapes, Hazel Grove

Decent multi-roomed Robbies pub fairly typical of their estate; Hatters average though. Worth a visit.

24 Nov 2008 22:09

The Swan, Buxton

Very friendly, traditional town pub; multi-room, sports TV in keeping with the atmosphere, average Tetleys.

24 Nov 2008 21:57

The Beltane Cafe Bar, Buxton

Pleasant setting, tidy cafe-style, average beer.

24 Nov 2008 21:55

George and Dragon, Belper

A decent enough town pub in a classic town; I always go for what I expect to be the fastest seller (Tetleys) rather than the unusual micro, and the Tetleys was average.

2 Nov 2008 21:47

Dead Poets Inn, Holbrook

On overdue return visit, I noted the relevance of some comments below. I couldn't take my children into the snug, only the rather chilly conservatory, which has nothing of the Poet's famous atmosphere. The Pedigree was still excellent, but the fire was out (in more ways than one). Will return on my own !

2 Nov 2008 21:44

Templar Hotel, Leeds

A proper Tetleys pub with a quality pint of Bitter, and a mile away from the modern bars just up the road. A worthwhile detour from the Headrow.

2 Nov 2008 21:41

The Woodman, Bradford

In many ways a classic City local; aimed at all parts of the community (games, pool, TV, play area etc), and very welcoming. It's entry in Beer Guide is due to a very enterprising range of local beers normally found in the North of the city; I thought the beer reflected low real ale turnover but it was OK and I'll try it again.

2 Nov 2008 21:40

The Harboro Hotel, Melton Mowbray

Liked it very much indeed on a return visit; a very basic hotel bar, but a real ale-house character and warmth. I thought the beer range was ambitious, but the quality of the Mauldons seasonal was very high. In a great street too.

2 Nov 2008 21:34

The North Pole, Canary Wharf

A must-visit, because it's a realy good pace for a drink as much as because it's a survivor of the East End pub tradition, with customers of virtually all types. Very good London Pride in a simpe beer range. Great views from the pub.

19 Oct 2008 00:07

The Burnt Post, Coventry

There's an awful lot of Ember Inns in and around Brum in the Beer Guide - I welcome this as they do provide pretty consistent quality ale whenever you visit, which is GBG criteria. Doubt I'd eat at one though. IPA very good.

16 Oct 2008 20:54

The Lord Clifden, Birmingham

I really liked it, although I was the only custtom I enjoyed a very decent Hobsons in a mini-art gallery. Better than the chain pubs half a mile to the east !

16 Oct 2008 20:52

The Old Contemptibles, Birmingham

One of a number of average chain pubs filling out central Brum's Good Beer Guide contingent. Its not bad, though I don't think beer tastes as good in a "handle" as a straight glass - beer range as dull as you get in central London (Doombar, Landlord, Pride - nothing local).

16 Oct 2008 20:49

The Craven Arms, Birmingham

A nice survival, but distinctly lacking in atmosphere on a late Thursday evening - Banks was OK.

16 Oct 2008 20:46

The Wellington, Birmingham

No coffee, no children, disinterested staff and a smell of urine - what more could you ask for ? Pop down the M5 to the Bell at Pensax and find out !

16 Oct 2008 20:43

Edinburgh, Liverpool

Very lovely little pub in the Cains tradition, and a nice drop of their IPA -hope pubs like these survive curent problems.

12 Oct 2008 21:35

The Foxton Locks Inn, Market Harborough

Decent enough canalside pub; real ales are Scottish & Newcastle-based. Seems pretty busy and turnover benefits beer quality. Lock 61 across the canal is a peculiar little shop-loke place that also serves real ales.

12 Oct 2008 21:32

The Chandlers Arms, Lutterworth

As traditional as they come, and a welcome addition to the Beer Guide for an undiscovered part of the country (even for me). Very good never before heard of beer, great views from the lovely garden, mature clientele, rather disinterested landlord though. Worth a trip.

12 Oct 2008 21:29

The Noel, Rutland

Modernised bar-restaurant with decent Grainstore/Youngs and exceptional Sunday lunch, and really good children's meals. Lovely on a sunny day. Difficult to access via A606 at present.

12 Oct 2008 21:25

The Jolly Brewer, Stamford

Much improved since a visit a few years back; this now has everyting bar customers (on a Tuesday). Proper "local" pub atmosphere , friendly staff and exceptional beer (local micro I think) - betterb than the Nobie.

12 Oct 2008 21:23

The Tobie Norris, Stamford

Based on 2 visits in a week, a mixed picture. The building itself is the star, worth travelling across the country for at least once. Service is friendly, the menu looks ideal (attracting a very young crowd on a weekday evening), and the beer range is a good mix between quality regionals and the local micro. BUT I thought quality was good not great, and the no-children rule spoils my experience a bit too. Still, you must visit.

12 Oct 2008 21:20

The Old Barge, Hertford

A very good allrounder; excellent quality Black Sheep and a Beartown beer in a very friendly riverside pub. Shame there's no really good McMullens in Hertford, but some good beer nevertheless.

29 Sep 2008 21:31

The Bell, Pensax

Marvellous pub catering to a very wide range of customers. Multi-roomed character, with one of the best views from a pub garden you'll ever see. Good Hobsons, though I struggle a bit with their Best - where's that wonderful mild of theirs ?

19 Sep 2008 20:50

The George Inn, Meopham

Attractive but unpretentious coaching inn; can't cooment on food but menu had a good range (not all pricey main meals) Sheps beers were decent, and included seasonals. Lovely villages around here.

3 Sep 2008 22:04

The Ship, Cobham

Very good all-rounder in small, attractive village. Looks a bit chainy but not excessively food-led, and pub menu was good value. Spitfire was excellent.

3 Sep 2008 22:00

The Earl Grey, Northfleet

Good locals pub with very decent Spitfire - Ebbsfleet FC is walkable from here.

3 Sep 2008 21:56

The Royal Oak, Walgrave

Exceptional pub for all in typical Northants village. Good childrens facilities (including ice cream counter), and excellent beer range eg Goffs for adults. Very friendly.

30 Aug 2008 22:45

The Red Lion, Willingdon

Classy suburban local with good pub character and very full-bodied H&W beer - may have been expensive.

30 Aug 2008 00:08

Victoria Hotel, Eastbourne

Excellent pub with a lot of internal character and a full range of Harveys (Dark Mild was good if a bit weak). Loved the bottled range menu too. A real English pub experience.

30 Aug 2008 00:05

The Buccaneer, Eastbourne

Very decent Tetleys (!) in a slightly haphazard-looking old building, with the most surreal customers I've ever seen - virtually all straight off the tennis courts and with over-complex drinks orders, so expect a wait !

30 Aug 2008 00:02

The Horse and Groom, St Leonards on Sea

A real local, but could not have been friendlier to us and our children. Harveys very good, and a classic unchanging pub interior. No food, but the Havana cafe a few yards down the main street does super kebabs and soups.

29 Aug 2008 23:58

White Rock Hotel, Hastings

Well, the beer was superb (great range too), but the hotel/cafe setting is not great and feels very tired - sitting outside is the best bet. Great beer though.

29 Aug 2008 23:55

The Filo (First In Last Out), Hastings

A very fine pub in a truly great street (all of Hastings Old Town in fact). Great mix of characters and very traditional feel. Ginger Tom was an acquired taste though - go for the other one !

29 Aug 2008 23:53

Sir Charles Napier, Brighton

Small, friendly, spotless local with no frills but exceptional Okells - quite a surprise. Great walking in the streets round here too.

29 Aug 2008 23:50

The Waggon and Horses, Brighton

Successful mix of traditional freehouse and contemporary bar (lots of parallels in Islington); London Pride OK; worth a stop on way to Sydnet St etc.

29 Aug 2008 23:47

The Great Eastern, Brighton

Enterprising youthful pub in the best part of town; promoting interesting local beers well if not quite delivering on quality.

29 Aug 2008 23:44

Mitre Tavern, Brighton

The archetypal corner boozer, a bit of E17-type character in Brighton. Essential stop, though the Mild was as weak as its ABV would suggest.

29 Aug 2008 23:43

The Bugle Inn, Brighton

I liked it; a real local with excellent local beer (forget whose - not Harveys !) and no pretensions.

29 Aug 2008 23:40

The Giants Rest, Wilmington

Similar to, but slightly more pubby than, the Sussex Ox in the next village. More drinkers after the food finished, and beer range and quality was pretty good, but I can see why reviewers felt emphasis too much on the food.

29 Aug 2008 23:37

The Sussex Ox, Milton Street

Typical upmarket country restaurant with the expected real ales. Felt identical to an increasing number of restaurant-pubs ie. very small bar area with all other areas set for adult dining. Undeniably a lovely building and setting, beer OK.

29 Aug 2008 23:33

The Cricketers Arms, Berwick

Quite superb; immaculate in every respect, including the best Harveys I've had (outside Plumstead !). Slightly upmarket in a similar way to Queen's Head in Newton.

29 Aug 2008 22:37

Ye Olde Smugglers Inn, Alfriston

Friendly and unpretentious food-led pub, but with very good Dark Star on my visit. Hepworth was less good (there was a beer fest on). Food was standard pub fayre but pretty good; children welcomed.

29 Aug 2008 22:35

The Rose and Crown, Charlton

Very friendly barmaid and a very pleasant foody pub. Food was traditional and good value; Greene King Mils was very good Lovely part of the country, worth a visit.

20 Aug 2008 22:04

The Bull, Horton Kirby

Visited on a lovely July evening (yes, there was one). A classic unpretentious freehouse, with wonderful views from the garden and a great Dark Star. One of the best 50 pubs in the country by my reckoning.

17 Aug 2008 21:56

Ring O Bells, Warrington

Chain (Chef & Brewer) with their usual emphasis on eating, but a fair amount of interior character. Typical C&B beer range - smaller independents, but the Mordue (R.I.P.) was average.

17 Aug 2008 21:46

Penny Black, Northwich

Yes its a barn, but I thought usual high Spoons tandards were maintained - good real ale quality/choice; service bit slow.

17 Aug 2008 21:39

The Vansittart Arms, Windsor

Typical Fullers pub, attracting a youngish crowd on a Sat night. Good example of an English pub for the tourist, though I felt the London Pride was average.

16 Aug 2008 17:44

The Duke of Connaught, Windsor

Typical Windsor back street pub, but very cosy and with a particularly good GK IPA - worth a trip.

16 Aug 2008 17:43

The Carpenters Arms, Windsor

A chain pub, but forgivable in this exceptional location. Doom Bar was pretty good and I liked the different levels and characters of the place. Decent.

16 Aug 2008 17:40

Richard John Blackler, Liverpool

It's no that bad - try Sunday morning if you want service ! A bit untidy yes, but good beer quality and range.

12 Aug 2008 19:17

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

Still a quite wonderful pub, with friendly staff, good mix of custom (more tourists lately), very good steak lunch, and decent if not great beer. Love it.

12 Aug 2008 19:11

Glass House, St Helens

Messy-looking spoons, typical unwelcoming St Helens staff (and no, this is not anti-north, just the welcome is much better in Lowton etc).

12 Aug 2008 19:09

The Turks Head, St Helens

Classic-looking back street corner pub, with a wider range of custom than the legendary beer range would suggest. Busiest pub in St. Helens on a Sat night (even with Saints on TV). Service was iffy and beer wasn't perfect, but I'd go again, if only for the display cabinets !

12 Aug 2008 19:06

The Albert, Liverpool

Recommended as part of a proper Liverpool experience, on one of the liveliest suburban streets. Atmosphere may up for a dull glass of Cains. Cheap and very cheerful.

12 Aug 2008 19:03

The Thomas Frost, Kirkdale

Relatively quiet Spoons, little food trade Saturday lunch, but otherwise what you'd expect. An oasis for real ale outside of L'pool centre, these spoons.

12 Aug 2008 18:58

Wild Rose, Bootle

Very good small Spoons with surprisingly decent real ale range and good atmosphere.

12 Aug 2008 18:56

The Red Lion, Manningtree

Magnificent in (nearly) every respect. Traditional values, welcoming, loads to read, interesting .unpretentious bar food, decent (if not perfect) real ales - visit.

5 Aug 2008 21:34

Engine, Kenilworth

Kenilworth seems to have an exceptional supply of proper real ale locals dottings its back streets; this one is very friendly and the beer range is sensible; I've had better Black Sheep but it was decent enough. The Chinese takeaway in the old High Street is fantastic by the way.

23 Jul 2008 20:45

The Crown and Trumpet Inn, Broadway

Exceptionall unspoiled, lovely old feel, but catering very well for the Japanese and other tourists. Hooky was very good, bit too busy to eat.

23 Jul 2008 20:41

The Plough Inn at Ford, Ford

Barman was friendly, pub is a real gem that should get more attention, beer was OK(the beer's fault not the pubs in this case), and you must visit Snowshill !

23 Jul 2008 20:36

The Inn on the Marsh, Moreton in Marsh

As below, very friendly, bit of character, well-served Pedigree (though not a patch on the "from the jug" variety further north) - worth a stop.

23 Jul 2008 20:33

The Fox Inn, Broadwell

A country cousin to the Queens Head in Stow, and again a fantastic experience. Real country feel, not posh, cheap beer, lovely walks, Donnington beer an acquired taste !

23 Jul 2008 20:30

Bell Inn, Stow on the Wold

A very lively pub, the sole venue for the youth of Stow, shame about the Wye Valley quality.

23 Jul 2008 20:28

Bell Inn, Stow on the Wold

A very lively pub, the sole venue for the youth of Stow, shame about the Wye Valley quality.

23 Jul 2008 20:28

The Queens Head, Stow on the Wold

The sort of 60s pub atmosphere you only seem to find in Donningtons pubs (compare with Sam Smiths for example). A great pub experience, although I don't rate the beer at all (see 25/4/08 post). I applaud their customer ethos though - BB was only �2.20 !

23 Jul 2008 20:26

Mr Foley's Cask Ale House, Leeds

Tried to find the Okells pub (there when I was last in Leeds), soon realised York Brewery had taken over. This seems like a straight swap on the face of it, but I thouht something was missing. Having said all that, the commitment to real ale is absolutely first rate.

23 Jul 2008 20:22

The Brown Cow, Keighley

Very good indeed. Traditional but welcoming, good Tim Taylors plus guests, and decent pub decor. Combine with a trip to Huddersfield (Grove etc) and spot the difference in style.

23 Jul 2008 20:13

The Cricketers Arms, Keighley

Good contrast to the Boltmakers; a mixed crowd and a very interesting beer menu. Close in feel to Sheffields Valley of Beer (or that great music pub near Aberdeen docks). Moorhouses was average I thought, but less than �2 and the pub is a must.

23 Jul 2008 20:10

The Boltmakers Arms, Keighley

Fantastic - about as authentic a drinking-mans pub as you'll find. Small, tidy, polite and excellent Goden Best.

23 Jul 2008 20:06

The Swan, Little Totham

Noticed the recent poor review - BITE is all about honest views reflecting both our different preferences and experiences (a pub that only serves decent beer at busy weekends is not much use). I need to revisit the Swan; on my visit a couple of years back the quality was exceptional, particularly the (sorry) Greene King IPA. It's not as characterful as some, being more traditional than eccentric, but its beer quality that counts.

23 Jul 2008 20:01

The Falkland Arms, Great Tew

The beer (6X) was great, the bar food good if pricey, and the pub is wonderful; however the customer "service" offered to overseas visitors was poor (they walked out) and the pub wasn't busy at 7pm on a Friday night.

20 Jul 2008 00:03

Paddington Packet Boat, Uxbridge

A locals pub, with exceptional London Pride (and Thai food). Well placed for cansl-side walks.

30 Jun 2008 00:35

The Bounty, Bourne End

Utterly brilliant (once I'd found it - Beer Guide decsription as Cookham is very unhelpful !). Characterful and unpretentious, exceptional Rebellion beer, good music and OK if pricy food (but what do you expect given location. Child-friendly as well. A real gem.

30 Jun 2008 00:34

The Anglesey Arms, Bromley

Typical locals back-street pub, bit of character, beer good enough, good crawl around here.

9 Jun 2008 18:54

The Orchard, Shirley

Decent well-run estate-pub,apparently up for sale (?), Harveys was tired (few other real ale drinkers apparent in the bar)

9 Jun 2008 18:51

The General Wolfe, Westerham

A really friendly, traditional pub, without the usual food domination. GK IPA was really good. Good allrounder.

9 Jun 2008 18:48

The Blacksmiths Arms, Cudham

As below, a real country pub, doing all the things pubs should do well. One of many pubs of this type on the Kent/London borders. Superb countryside. Having said all that, Adnams was only OK to Good; well worth a trip out though.

9 Jun 2008 18:46

The Rose and Crown, Orpington

Typical food-led road house, very busy on a Sunday, slow services and average Youngs. Nothing special.

9 Jun 2008 18:42

The Ship Tavern, Holborn

Looked very enticing, tucked away in a back alley with outside drinkers enjoying the sun. Beer festival was on, bit unadventurous, but the Theakstons Black Bull was probably just about Beer Guide standards. Lovely interior and decent staff.

16 May 2008 21:25

The Old Bank of England, Fleet Street

Beer and the pie were both OK, but a plesant enough lunch and worth a look for the interior. Not as good as I remember from years back.

16 May 2008 21:22

McHughs, Belfast

Brilliant pub, modern looking despite its age (almost rivals the Crown for looks). Food was great pub grub, and two beers were on - the beer from Devon (!) was new to me but very tasty.

27 Apr 2008 18:27

The Kitchen Bar, Belfast

Modern bar typical of student-oriented Belfast pubs; had 2 pumps turned around so stuck to Guiness (not over impressed by that either). Fairly busy on a Tuesday night, no doubt helped by opening of the (amazing) Vic Square shopping development.

27 Apr 2008 18:25

The Kings Head, Belfast

Large (by Belfast standards) old pub geared to food, but very atractive and drinker-friendly for that. Belfast Ale was good enough, though I doubt their biggest seller. One of Belfasts most upmarket bars.

27 Apr 2008 18:21

The John Hewitt, Belfast

Very pleasant small bar, close to Catherdrals. Friendlier than some reviews elsewhere suggest. Beer local but average.

27 Apr 2008 18:17

Red Well, Wellingborough

Pleasant Spoons with very decent JHB

14 Apr 2008 21:03

The Hare and Hounds, East Sheen

Typical of Youngs and the area, with only decent beer to recommend it, which is why its in the Beer Guide.

11 Apr 2008 23:17

The Angel, Roehampton

A real pub, decent Youngs,and extremely busy early evening. Not what I expected of Roehampton High Street having never visited before - Streatham felt safer !

11 Apr 2008 23:14

The Whistle and Flute, Putney

Smart foodie pub with the usual modern characteristics, redeemed by the fact that the Porter was superb - beer of the year so far.

11 Apr 2008 23:12

The Wheatsheaf, Wandsworth

Loved the pub - proper friendly local with lots of character. Unfortunately the Youngs was dire.

11 Apr 2008 23:09

The Alma Tavern, Wandsworth Town

Best Youngs pub in their old hometown in my view; gorgeous building makes up for usual open-plan format, and Ordinary very good indeed.

11 Apr 2008 23:07

The Roundhouse, Battersea

Quite nice looking foodie pub, friendly staff, Tiger @�1.70 a half was pretty good but almost Cambridge prices ! Liked the tables.

11 Apr 2008 23:04

The Manor Arms, Clapham

Decent enough smallish local, but little to distinguish - beer was OK.

11 Apr 2008 23:01

The Crown and Sceptre, Streatham

Looks like a proper pub, not a Spoons, if you get my meanning. Particularly untidy and 80s style Spoons styling add to the appeal for me. Very good real ale from the Beer Fest, though you'd think it a lager stronghold. Worth a trip out.

11 Apr 2008 22:59

The Oxford, Kentish Town

Very typical modern North London open-plan foody pub, with very little that stood out and ordinary Harveys. (Yet) another London pub not justifying its Beer Guide entry.

11 Apr 2008 22:55

Coopers Bar and Brasserie, Guiseley

Hard to fault the Market Town concept, though the customer base is a bit on the upmarket side, and they can get to look a bit samey. Black Cat was very good indeed though and they do promote real ale very well.

21 Mar 2008 21:59

Fanny's Ale And Cider House, Saltaire

Classic. Gorgeous specialist real ale pub with mixed custom and a great buzz, even midweek. Compares with places like the Robin Hood in Staithes or the 3 Pigeons; just amazed it's not better known. Beer was superb.

21 Mar 2008 21:55

The Victoria Hotel, Shipley

Very busy on a Wednesday due to quiz night; good beer range but real ale not the dominant feature. Worth a visit but strong competition from Fanny's over the road.

21 Mar 2008 21:50

The Junction, Baildon

Superb ale-house with real character and impressive beer range. For some reason I thought ownership had changed recently but looked every inch the local XAMRA facourite it clearly is. Also sells the great City Gent fanzine.

21 Mar 2008 21:48

The Shipley Pride, Shipley

Very pleasant - mixed-custom local with good Landlord (though not as good as I remember from much earlier visit) and particularly friendly staff. Ideal stop while waiting for takeaway from Aagrah !

21 Mar 2008 21:43

The Palmerston Arms, Peterborough

Very good drinkers pubs, Batemans beer very good (less evidence of guest beers on my visit); very popular with a good mix of custom.

18 Mar 2008 22:46

The Counting House, Dundee

Below-average Spoons, as evidenced by absence from GBG. Rather untidy and lacking character.

18 Mar 2008 22:42

Carriages, Aberdeen

Very plain hotel bar; real ale OK but range seemed much too big (and not interesting enough to attract real ale crowd). Lunchtime buffet seemed a good idea.

12 Mar 2008 21:26

The Grill, Aberdeen

Fantastic unspoilt old pub, though feels completely out of place next to modernity of the West End. Having said that, real ale uninspiring - stick to keg or the fantastic whisky range.

12 Mar 2008 21:23

Under the Hammer, Aberdeen

Smartest pub I found in Aberdeen - almost a wine bar (similar to some of Nottingham's newest real ale bars). Good Ossian, though a bit quiet for me.

12 Mar 2008 21:21

The Prince of Wales, Aberdeen

Cosy and traditional, with lots of attractive drinking corners. Wide beer range; quality average but was first point of the day.

12 Mar 2008 21:16

The Moorings Bar, Aberdeen

Unexpected rock pub with great atmosphere and surprisingly good real ale- loved it.

12 Mar 2008 21:13

The Tilted Wig, Aberdeen

Characterful little town pub with average Deuchars but worth a stop on an Aberdeen crawl.

12 Mar 2008 21:11

The Old Blackfriars, Aberdeen

Wish we had Greene King pubs like this in the South - great beer choice (Ossian excellent), good food and a great building. Even table service !

12 Mar 2008 21:10

Archibald Simpson, Aberdeen

Very average Spoons, nice old buildings, real ale below par.

12 Mar 2008 21:08

The Fisherman's Tavern, Broughty Ferry

Stayed here this week - pub much the same though appears to be Belhaven/Greene King owned (may be wrong) Beer range still looks to be best in Dundee area. B&B vey good.

12 Mar 2008 00:08

The Cock and Bottle, Bradford

Love the atmosphere here - bit like a Black Country local, and a wonderful if slightly shabby interior. Barlady very friendly, customers boisterous but cheery. Only problem was the beer quality, with draught lager @ �1.40 a pint it looked like I was the only person sampling a marvellous looking beer range (Copper Dragon, Abbeydale, Daleside etc). No point acting like a specialist beer pub without the turnover, and I fear the real ale drinkers are sticking to Bradfords GBG regulars. Still, a must visit even if you have to drink lager !

8 Mar 2008 22:46

Queen Edith, Cambridge

Most improved pub in Cambridge, possibly anywhere. A very welcoming local close to Addenbrookes Hospital but a long way from other pubs. The main thing - excellent beer quality and an expanding but sensible range (Deuchars, Youngs, Burton Ale etc). Great.

8 Mar 2008 09:09

The White Lion, Ufford

Cracking little food-based pub with Adnams etc from the barrel. Took ages to get served as Richmond-on-Sea set insist on paying for food with plastic - what's wrong with cash ! Very nice place.

2 Mar 2008 18:52

The Old Mariner, Woodbridge

Convivial local, rugby-based atmosphere, decent Adnams in a good beer range. One of Woodbridge's many above-average pubs; lovely town.

2 Mar 2008 18:49

The Old Ship, Richmond

Lovely looking old pub, less modernised than most Youngs, abover average Ordinary etc

29 Feb 2008 21:35

The Turks Head, St Margarets

Typical looking West London bar; beer very average, though somehow pleasant enough.

29 Feb 2008 21:32

The Old Anchor, Twickenham

A proper pub; less foody than most Youngs pub. Bitter good, though Youngs beer very unispiring to me.

29 Feb 2008 21:29

The Fox, Twickenham

Bit more characterful than the standardised Youngs pubs round here; local beer good.

29 Feb 2008 21:26

The Rose of York, Richmond

No real ale, not very busy, untypical Sam Smiths pub, great views

28 Feb 2008 21:23

The King Street Run, Cambridge

Unmodernised Tut'n'Shive (remember them) which always seems the quitest pub in this famous drinking street. 1 real ale (Hobgoblin) OK but short measure and �3. Decent enough if you need to watch footbal on TV.

28 Feb 2008 21:17

Red Lion, Doncaster

Smallish friendly Spoons; more aimed at the drinker than diner, though food was good. Wentworth beer was OK but the Exmoor Beast was superb. Very good.

19 Feb 2008 21:02

Hind, Rotherham

Typical Ember Inn, very decent beer (Hole-Hearted), not realy to my taste given restrictive entry policy. Village of Whiston down the hill has cracking pubs (or did).

19 Feb 2008 20:35

Blue Coat , Rotherham

Nice-looking Spoons, adventurous beer policy but average quality, understaffed on my visit.

19 Feb 2008 20:32

The Cutty Sark Tavern, Greenwich

Busy - depsite being slightly off the Greenwich tourist trail. Expensive, and beer average. Still worth a look though, and wonderful views on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon.

13 Feb 2008 20:55

The Dulwich Woodhouse, Sydenham

Lovely looking Youngs pub, very much a local, above average real ale, worth a look.

13 Feb 2008 20:52

The Capitol, Forest Hill

Lively ! I like the cinema lay-out a lot as well. Courage OK, very friendly staff.

13 Feb 2008 20:50

The Gowlett Arms, Peckham

Wish I'd tried the pizza now ! ANother children-friendly pub; wouldn't look out of place in Stoke Newington. Beer was the downside - OK but uninspiring Adnams. Once again London's Beer Guide enries don't make the grade for beer quality.

13 Feb 2008 20:47

The Clock House, East Dulwich

Review below is spot-on - delightful and uncomplicated, with very high standards. One of the best Youngs pubs I've found.

13 Feb 2008 20:44

Herne Tavern, Forest Hill

I liked it a lot, but then I like children-friendly pubs, and this is certainly one. Gorgeous multi-roomed pub, beer OK but not as good as reviews below suggested, food looked pricey. Go with children.

13 Feb 2008 20:42

The Jolly Farmers (ex jordan), Lewisham

Atmospheric enough and Directors was OK but hardly Beer Guide quality I think.

13 Feb 2008 20:17

The Brockley Barge, Brockley

Average small London 'Spoons - OK real ale but looked like a marginal product here

13 Feb 2008 20:14

The Empress, Cambridge

NO PEDIGREEE !! No Pedigree @ the Empress = end of an era. However, still Cambridge's most convincing local; good quality Landlord in a standard real ale range, and a very cosy pub.

12 Feb 2008 20:54

The Cambridge Blue, Cambridge

Wonderful pub; a real ale exhibition that rivals the Wellington but based in the community. Terry and Jethro's other pub, the Carlton Rams, is still brilliant as well.

11 Feb 2008 23:27

The Moat, Wrotham Heath

Attractively modernised eating pub with decent beer.

9 Feb 2008 01:48

The Elephant, Faversham

Great looking little beerb house in the Kent style (Man of Kent etc); good beer range although average quality and welcome. Worth a trip though.

9 Feb 2008 01:46

The Elephant, Faversham

Great looking little beerb house in the Kent style (Man of Kent etc); good beer range although average quality and welcome. Worth a trip though.

9 Feb 2008 01:46

The Railway Hotel, Faversham

Very atmospheric and characterful pub with mixed clientele and good Master Brew - a must on a Faversham crawl

9 Feb 2008 01:43

The Chimney Boy, Faversham

Average local with OK Sheps but lacking in atmosphere compared to other pubs in town.

9 Feb 2008 01:42

The Sun, Faversham

Smart, old and spacious; decent Master Brew. Hard to fault except Children not allowed in during evening food session.

9 Feb 2008 01:41

The Bear Inn, Faversham

Wonderful multi-roomed drinking pub (reminded me of Blue Bell in York a bit). Very relaxing, slightly let down by average Sheps Master Brew.

9 Feb 2008 01:39

The Anchor, Faversham

Only a long way from the centre in comparison to the cluster of pubs around the central point - took me all of 3 minutes from the Bear ! Decent atmospheric Sheps bar in attractive part of town - beer OK-good.

9 Feb 2008 01:38

The Old White Lion, East Finchley

Typical openplan modernised North London pub; youngish custom; distinctly average Deuchars. Another very disappointing Good Beer Guide entry from this part of London.

9 Feb 2008 01:35

The Baby Betjeman, Kings Cross

Great little bar with friendly French barman. Doom Bar was OK in absence of Pride.

1 Feb 2008 22:14

The Princess Louise, Holborn

Incredibly busy on a Thursday evening; wonderful pub in every respect, and OBB better than I've tasted of late. Worth a trip for the loos alone ( a Sam Smiths trait).

1 Feb 2008 22:12

The Skylark, Croydon

Above average Spoons - very good beer range and quality, the rest as you'd expect, but take them for granted at your peril.

1 Feb 2008 22:06

The Spread Eagle, Croydon

Typically bland Fullers pub - attractive enough but not very warm. Beer OK.

1 Feb 2008 22:04

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

Wonderful market pub; great Youngs and cheap rolls. Friendliest welcome from a landlord in some time. Visit.

1 Feb 2008 22:02

Whispering Moon, Wallington

Oldish Spoons with the more mature drinking crowd - unusually adventurous beer selection (Pilgrim I think) and usual Spoons standards.

1 Feb 2008 21:58

The Railway Tavern, Carshalton

Another Carshalton pub with high quality beer served flat and not too cool - lovely interior and friendly.

1 Feb 2008 21:55

The Windsor Castle, Carshalton

Unexpectedly good beer (Pedigree) in a typical one-bar pub with lots of interest; great fire too.

1 Feb 2008 21:54

The Racehorse, Carshalton

Great proper local with excellent Courage and proper pub lunches. Very busy early mid-week afternoon.

1 Feb 2008 21:51

The Greyhound, Carshalton

very good Youngs and a typical modernised old Youngs hotel - worth a visit.

1 Feb 2008 21:49

The Hatton Arms, Gretton

Very cosy and unpretentious - good Pedigree and quality but not flashy pub food. Lovely village.

12 Jan 2008 21:15

The Vine, West Bromwich

Blokey is spot on, though several years of word of mouth have made the Vine into a very-well visited secret ! London Pride was very good (prefer the Bathams though); and still hard to beat the kebabs. Real shame about the lack of a play area, but I guess they don't need that to get the custom. NB their restaurant in Darlaston was really good, though we were the only one there on Sunday lunch - no real ale tho'

12 Jan 2008 00:14

The Carlton Arms, Cambridge

Terry & Jethro are concentrating on the magnificent Cambridge Blue, but I have to say that the beer in the Carlton is absolutely magnificent under the current leadership - excellent pub food and great community atmosphere as always. Possibly the best pub in Britain.

11 Jan 2008 23:21

Barley Mow, Leicester

Untypically quirky Everards pub in a quirky part of Leicester. Makes an effort to maintain interest (Warsaw tracks were playing). Decent if unexceptional Beacon, but then I always find that with Beacon.

10 Jan 2008 23:30

Britannia Inn, Queniborough

Pleasant old pub typical of the area. Heavy pub grub focus but very good Pedigree as well - good place for a family meal out.

10 Jan 2008 23:28

The White Horse, Loughborough

As the White Horse now, this is a real find. Decent proper pub (though only a good Landlord on my visit), hiding a fantastic noodle canteen which I didn't try. Loughborough looks a great drinking town.

10 Jan 2008 23:21

The Ward Arms, Guilsborough

Really friendly community pub in a gorgeous village (one of many hidden from the A14 around here). Good beer range even if I'm not sure about Nobby's own. Visit.

10 Jan 2008 23:17

Seven Stars, Derby

Pleasant and unmodernised, but with a youngish crowd. The Bombardier was pretty good, even if it's not a beer at its best when served flat A decent stop on a Derby crawl.

10 Jan 2008 23:10

The Flowerpot, Derby

Not as cosy, for me, as it looks, but a classic ale house, and the Pedigree was quite superb.

10 Jan 2008 23:08

The Kings Head, Lichfield

Very pleasant real-ale driven pub; mature crowd on Staurday (live music); Pedigree very good.

6 Jan 2008 17:59

Acorn Inn, Lichfield

Typical friendly Spoons but Pedigree was unusually poor.

6 Jan 2008 17:57

Sir Henry Newbolt, Bilston

Typical suburban Spoons with a decent Bishops Finger but not really a real-ale driven pub.

6 Jan 2008 17:53

The Rose and Crown, Walsall

Proper community local with several drinking areas; beer not as good as previously on last visit but still worth a trip to experience the pub.

6 Jan 2008 17:48

The Regal, Cambridge

Beer quality check - Titanic seasonal was good (GBG standard anyway); glasses not the cleanest ! The pub is horrible but worth a trip for food & usually good beer.

30 Dec 2007 21:46

The Jolly Waterman, Cambridge

Never visited by me before its recent refurb; now a really friendly food-based pub with exceptional value sunday lunch, warm welcome and decent London Pride.

30 Dec 2007 21:43

The Tram Depot, Cambridge

Disagreement accepted ! Beer range today was tremendous - Everards plus some really interesting small but competent breweries (Burton Bridge & Titanic), decently kept and friendly barman - happy to be corrected.

25 Nov 2007 20:56

The Red Lion, Polesworth

Proper community local (X-factor dominated); decent beer but an odd Beer Guide entry. Chines takeaway opposite was excellent.

25 Nov 2007 14:39

The Anchor, Hartshill

Very good but surprisingly quiet riverside pub; lots of interest, very good Tiger, underused carvery.

25 Nov 2007 14:37

White Swan, Stoke Golding

Very pleasant village local with good Everards. Relatively quiet for a Sat but friendly.

25 Nov 2007 14:35

The Alexandra Hotel, Chatham

Typical Sheps local, open plan local, beer OK

23 Nov 2007 23:01

The King George V, Brompton

Fantastic pub with decor and character transported from SE london, and really good Mild. An urban gem.

23 Nov 2007 22:59

Kings Arms, Upper Upnor

Lovely pub with good beer quality/range in gorgeous hamlet

23 Nov 2007 22:57

The Good Intent, Rochester

It's not that bad to look at ! Good companion to the Man of Kent and would fit in well in the real ale quarters of industrial Sheff/Manc - very good beer from the barrel

23 Nov 2007 22:56

Golden Lion, Rochester

Sunday mornings are best time to visit spoons like this as the beer goes down well with excellent breakfasts - you'll miss them when they're gone !

23 Nov 2007 22:54

Britannia Bar Cafe, Rochester

Pleasant unpretentious bar but Goachers very ordinary I thought

23 Nov 2007 22:49

The Crown, Groombridge

Fantastic-looking multi-roomed pub with goodish Hareveys/Larkins - don't expect value food in Kent !

23 Nov 2007 22:47

The Old Sun, Harlington

Very good Tribute in community-focused old pub; shame it was quiet but interrupted by competing TV and radio blaring.

23 Nov 2007 22:43

The Phoenix, Rainham

Very good roadhouse styled locals; lively mid-afternoon but friendly. Had Maldon Gold on but I had John Smiths Cask which had real flavour - worth its Beer Guide entry

23 Nov 2007 22:40

The Charles Lamb, Angel, Islington

Pleasant on an early evening visit; only an Oakham beer on but very good it was. Typical of the pubs in this part of Islington.

7 Nov 2007 22:08

The Old Doctor Butler's Head, Moorgate

Pleasant little sidestreet pub, though no Mitre ! Beer OK but not the friendliest. Great part of London to explore.

7 Nov 2007 22:05

East India Arms, Fenchurch Street

Decent City pub but Spitfire very average

7 Nov 2007 22:00

White Hart, Puckeridge

Exceptional - high standards but unpretentious. Lots of cosy spaces; best AK I've had, and a good spot to start walks. Didn't try the food but sounds like its good.

29 Oct 2007 20:03

Utopia, Birmingham

One of the most stylish places I've been in; shame the beer was warm and the range so dreary.

29 Oct 2007 20:00

The Prince, Walsall

Plain but characterful town pub with exceptional guest ales from the barrel and a warm welcome - recommended.

29 Oct 2007 19:58

Britannia Tavern, Rowley Regis

Another very pleasant small-town Spoons - friendly staff and good service, excellents Caledonian Promise.

29 Oct 2007 18:57

The Star Inn, Penkridge

Typical but pleasant Banks pub - Beer OK and very welcoming

29 Oct 2007 18:55

The Bird In Hand, Stafford

Very pleasant traditional multi-roomer - decent Courage with old-style pumps

29 Oct 2007 18:53

Great Spoon of Ilford, Ilford

Wobblybob is spot-on about this Spoons (as he is elsewhere) - very friendly staff (Typical of this part of London I find) and a very decent pint of Moorhouses. Not a great building, but recommended.

11 Oct 2007 01:49

The Palm Tree, Mile End

Brilliant. Alf & Val are still listed as landlords of this quite wonderful proper pub. Classic decor and fantastic Mighty Oak, in a beautiful isolated park location. How has this avoided attention for so long. Only caveat - pub overrun by the sort of custom you expect to see in Stoke Newy or the Camel, but still had to fault.

11 Oct 2007 01:42

The Black Swan, Farcet

Extremely friendly Fens local - decent beer though a busier evening would have helped condition.

9 Oct 2007 19:21

The Bell Inn, Stilton

Just got into the Beer Guide, which it (just about) deserves; the building is quite superb, not at all the slightly faded coaching inn I expected - worth a visit as a treat

9 Oct 2007 19:20

The Carlton Arms, Cambridge

Still providing excellent quality micro-beers on gravity in a friendly setting.

9 Oct 2007 19:17

The White Horse, Bedford

Agree that landlord has made effort to modernise the pubs appeal without turning it into an eaterie. Pleasant, but not the best Bombardier ive had and couldnt be more local.

9 Oct 2007 19:11

The Eccles Cross, Eccles

Typical small town Spoons, more drinkers than eaters. Friendly but with rather odd-tasting Pedigree.

22 Sep 2007 16:17

The Queens Head Inn, Harlow

Just in the Beer Guide, and a real gem. The pub is typical untouched old Essex, rather than upmarket foodie pub, and the Websters was sensational for a 3.5% er. Absolutely gorgeous little village only a mile or so from Harlow.

22 Sep 2007 16:15

The William Aylmer, Harlow

It's OK, though disappointed to see the local Squirrel beers seem to have gone; real ale OK but a degree too warm (strangely for Spoons). The noodle bar opposite is very good though.

22 Sep 2007 16:12

The Black Lion, Epping

Decent attractive local with above average IPA - typical of small-town Essex pubs and worth a stop.

22 Sep 2007 15:57

The New Oxford, Salford

Excellent beer house, more in the N/4 than the Salford style. Quieter than the Crescent though.

19 Sep 2007 21:27

Rising Sun, Biggleswade

Boarded up -Has it closed ? Shame in the week it gets in the Beer Guide.

16 Sep 2007 16:46

The Red Lion, Stretham

Just returned to Good Beer Guide after a long break, and very pleasant village pub, but real ale very poor, tasted like had sat in the pipes all day. Almost entirely under 25 crowd - has it changed recently ?

8 Sep 2007 22:37

The Market Porter, Borough

Beer much improved on previous visit - Copper Dragon nearly at North Yorks standards. Hard to knock a pub selling this much quality real ale, and with a great atmosphere.

8 Sep 2007 12:44

Metropolitan Bar, Baker Street

Functional Spoons in agood way - North West London needs all the real ale outlets it can get. Range was about right for the custome; Olde Trip was good.

8 Sep 2007 12:40

The Bree Louise, Euston

Didn't see the beers from the cask (pub was heaving) which was a shame as range was very much the usual, apart from the Bass which was OK but a bit warm. Plesant corner pub otherwise.

8 Sep 2007 12:38

The Doric Arch, Euston

Beer range may not be as good as Head of Steam standards but is probably more sensible given seeming lack of appetite for real ale in most of London (most sales were lager and Magners while I was standing there). Hophead was welcome change from Adnams/Landlord and was very good.

8 Sep 2007 12:35

The Surprise, Stockwell

One of the more atmospheric Youngs pubs and certainly sold a very decent Ordinary, though I sensed real ale not the strongest seller. Very welcoming too.

8 Sep 2007 12:32

Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

The pub you should show tourists as a classic example of a London pub - beer (Adnams) exceptional quality and the bar staff among the best I've met. Atmosphere is only slightly let down by the claustrophobia after work and the current building works !

8 Sep 2007 12:30

The Market Porter, Borough

Beer better than on my previous visit (Ventnor Stout), and it's hard to fault a pub with this beer range and turnover. Impossible to get a seat of course.

8 Sep 2007 12:27

The Royal Oak, Borough

Still a top quality proper pub; Harveys Mild very good but will stick to Sussex next time !

8 Sep 2007 12:24

The Anchor, High Offley

Truly wonderful 6X in a gem of a pub that seems to have escaped national attention. Miles from anywhere (seemingly) but several other pubs round here are also very good - one of Britain's last wildernesses ?

2 Sep 2007 00:04

The Bell Inn, Banbury

Exceptional beer quality rather than unusual beers - huray ! Really good local. Try the Hancocks.

1 Sep 2007 23:52

The Wayfarer, Parbold

Bad pint changed for a slightly better Black Sheep, empty early evening Sat (geared to food bookings)

27 Aug 2007 21:54

The Dog and Partridge, Standish

Unlikely looking real ale champion, but as adventurous a range as you'll see this far from Manchester. Not sure about turnover as the Millstone beer was a bit strange Worth a try.

27 Aug 2007 21:50

The Fat Cat, Sheffield

Absolutely brilliant (still) on my first visit for a few years yesterday. Pale Rider, Sunday Lunch and pud, and a wonderful pub character (never noticed the brewerania really before). How does anyone score it less than 10 ?

27 Aug 2007 21:44

The Queens Head, Gretna Green

Old-fashioned rural pub with very decent Deuchars Visit to experience what most pubs must have been like

27 Aug 2007 21:36

Kirky Puffer, Kirkintilloch

Modern Spoons in an area sorely lacking in real ale. Novelty-sounding Houston beer was vinegar, but Deuchars IPA was truly superb, suggesting drinkers stick to what they know (nothing wrong with that)

27 Aug 2007 21:34

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Falkirk

Unlikely historic bar a few yards from modern shopping centre - quite simply best pint of Bitter & Twisted I've had - a drinkers pub.

27 Aug 2007 21:29

Mansfield Arms, Sauchie

One of best pubs I've been to in Scotland - dark own-brew was tremendous, pub food was suberb and cheap, and it's a real pub with a great mix of custom, busy on a Tuesday lunchtime.

27 Aug 2007 21:25

The Spinnaker Hotel, Gourock

Lovely little pub with decent Arran beer; looked worth a overnight stay.

27 Aug 2007 21:19

The James Watt, Greenock

Average Spoons with friendly staff; just about your best bet (with the Spiinaker) for Scottish beer other than IPA in the area ! Good Orkney Dark too

27 Aug 2007 21:17

The Russian Tavern (Port Royal Hotel), Port Bannatyne

Just stayed there and really enjoyed it - like almost nothing else (Queen's Head at Newton has same ambiance ?). Beer from freshly popped casks was fantastic, but go for the chat and the food (lunchtime seafood went great with the beer). Very friendly to my children, as well.

27 Aug 2007 20:51

The Golden Lion, Newmarket

Not the most attractive of Spoons but a regular eating place and real ale has been very good of late - much better than the (few) other Newmarket CAMRA recommendations (Plough at Dullingham excepted)

17 Aug 2007 21:15

The Regal, Cambridge

Real ales being served too WARM recently, letting down a very decent range of beers. Friendlier than of late, but more a place to eat cheap than to drink.

17 Aug 2007 21:12

The Wrestlers Arms, Cambridge

Beer range varies a lot; quality still OK to excellent. Bombardier always seems to go well with the food. Increasingly restauranty, but still a good drinking pub before Cambridge matches.

17 Aug 2007 21:09

The Greyhound, Cambridge

One of the few remaining traditional community locals, and stopping place for CU away fans; unfortunately one real ale (Archers) was vinegar, even on a match day - a real lager pub.

17 Aug 2007 21:06

The Yorkshire Terrier Inn, York

Incredibly characterful and very busy - beer good but not great, just another great York pub.

12 Aug 2007 16:19

The Frog and Parrot, Sheffield

Perfectly good lively pub with character, decentish beer and cheap food.

12 Aug 2007 16:16

Fagan's, Sheffield

Ticks all my boxes; friendly, unpretentious, full of character, excellent beer and a consistent but small range. Bar menu one of the most eclectic I've seen. Only downside - quiet on a Saturday afternoon (no garden) but a must visit.

6 Aug 2007 23:06

The Water House, Durham

Tiny Spoons, but friendly and with decent local beer.

2 Aug 2007 23:46

The Three Horseshoes, Blyth

A great all-rounder; doing relatively strong real ale trade mid-week (inc. Jarrow beer), excellent unprententious but good food, and a very good outdoor play area - we loved it.

2 Aug 2007 23:44

The Briar Dene, Whitley Bay

Glad to here beer and food still good; one of my favourites for both on previous visits - Fitzgeralds deserve a medal for their quality pubs

2 Aug 2007 23:37

The White Hart, South Mimms

Old fashioned, friendly and great AK - should have been in the GBG before (used to work a mile away but never visted before)

2 Aug 2007 23:33

The Greyhound, Hendon

Quality Youngs beer in a surprising location - look at the harden behind the museum next door

2 Aug 2007 23:32

The Princess of Wales, Primrose Hill

Proper pub; South London feel to it. Decent interesting beer, teriffic interior.

2 Aug 2007 23:30

Spaniards Inn, Hampstead Heath

re: last comment, I may have been there the same Sat. Personally, I saw many well-behaved children and thought the pub had a great atmosphere and character. The Old Empire was below par for a GBG pub; beer quality in London is lamentable given turnover.

2 Aug 2007 23:28

The Queen's Head, Wing

Had London Pride on - OK but hardly GBG material - doing a roaring food trade midweek though. I though the Cock was the Beer Guide regular here ?

2 Aug 2007 23:19

Cross Keys, Epperstone

Pleasant foody pub in lovely village; undoubtedly better in Kimberly beer days but GK IPA was decent

2 Aug 2007 23:17

Hay, Shirland

Pleasant roadside alehouse of the old school in an exceptionally part of the country for drinkers and walkers - good quality and range of beer.

2 Aug 2007 23:11

The Anchor Inn, Oakerthorpe

Decent roadside pub; very friendly, beer good but may suffer from low turnover midweek - worth a stop.

2 Aug 2007 23:09

The Old Yew Tree Inn, South Wingfield

Another wonderful proper pub in the Amber Valley. More foody than the Holbrook area pubs, but the Pedigree was served gorgeously flat on handpump and worth a very long trip for. Great allround pub.

2 Aug 2007 23:08

The Pendle Witch, Atherton

Pleasant and upmarket; beer average at best.

12 Jul 2007 21:38

The Britannia Inn, Farnworth

What used to be called a workingman's pub; plain but lovable. Moorhouses was passable but trade for real ale slow.

12 Jul 2007 21:36

The Eagle and Child, Whitefield

Typically impressive Holts roadhouse; average Mild

12 Jul 2007 21:33

The Devereux, Temple

I liked the feel of the pub but that was late on a midweek in at atmospheric part of London - the Marstons VPA was very average.

23 Jun 2007 22:02

The Old China Hand, Clerkenwell

Ver quiet midweek, only 1 real ale on but OK - probably need to eat to get the feel.

23 Jun 2007 22:00

The Old Fountain, Old Street

Cosy and traditional, a proper drinkers pub. Beer range good and quality decent too - an equal to most in N1.

23 Jun 2007 21:58

Gardeners, Southfields

The usual Youngs local, friendly and spacious with decent Bitter but unemarkable.

23 Jun 2007 21:54

The Prince Of Wales, Tooting

Interesting but relatively down-at-heel Youngs pub, much preferable to some of their more gentrified efforts around the area. Decent Bitter.

23 Jun 2007 21:52

The Hand In Hand, Wimbledon Common

Unpretentious and friendly, in a part of London where thats not the norm. Lovely multi-roomed pub, untypical of Youngs, good beer, lovely garden.

23 Jun 2007 21:50

The Prince of Wales, Merton

Typical but superior Youngs house. The Bitter was enjoyable (if not quite the same as a year ago !), and I particularly enjoyed the gourmet pie @ �2.50 which was a good filling snack.

23 Jun 2007 21:47

Trafalgar Freehouse, South Wimbledon

Very cosy in all senses, interesting and good real ale, friendlier than the Sultan - liked it

23 Jun 2007 21:45

The Sultan, South Wimbledon

Decent beer in a plainish pub; feels like the proper local it is rather than a "CAMRA" pub - worth a visit but the Trafalger is a lot more interesting.

23 Jun 2007 21:42

Sir John Ardene, Newark

On 2 recent visits pub was looking a little unloved (uncleared plates etc) but decent staffing and exceptional beer quality - John Smiths cask as well as the local micros).

13 Jun 2007 23:10

The Boot and Shoe, Ackworth

Tradiotional Yorkshire drinkers pub, with bonus of live music and great outdoor drinking area by the cricket. John Smith cask very good,as always round here.

13 Jun 2007 23:08

The Stratford Haven, West Bridgford

Beer-drinkers pub, with usual high Tynemill standards; I think beer was a notch down on a previous visit, but still worth a detour.

13 Jun 2007 23:05

Vale Hotel, Woodthorpe

Quite wonderful pub, art deco-ish and multi-roomed, very decent beer range (Deuchars good), but very much a community local.

13 Jun 2007 23:00

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Nottingham

First trip there for 10 years, and only the beer range has changed (for the worse), but the Mild was OK. More a museum than a pub but good pub atmosphere even on a quiet Monday.

13 Jun 2007 22:58

The Sir Charles Napier, Nottingham

Friendly basic local, good Nottingham beers, stark but welcome contrast to the trendier pubs on Mansfield road

13 Jun 2007 22:54

The Sir Charles Napier, Nottingham

Friendly basic local, good Nottingham beers, stark but welcome contrast to the trendier pubs on Mansfield road

13 Jun 2007 22:54

The Keans Head, Nottingham

Single room Tynemill pub; very cosy and great beer. Menu looked really good too.

13 Jun 2007 22:50

The Gatehouse, Nottingham

Small single room bar, decent beer but not a stand-out.

13 Jun 2007 22:49

The Drapers Arms, Peterborough

Peterborough CAMRA pub of the year and rightly so, which is saying something when you see the quality of the town;s free-houses - does the important things very well.

1 Jun 2007 23:04

The Four Chestnuts, Chichester

Very traditional pub with mixed custom and decent if not spectacular beer

30 May 2007 23:12

The Prince of Wales, Farnborough

Rightly famed for its beer and proper bub feel. Lots of very good touches, but deeply traditional. Will appeal to anyone familiar with West Norwich pubs.

30 May 2007 23:09

The Ball and Wicket, Heath End

Small locals pub, hard to get to the bar. Beer OK (not their own brew); location is the real plus point.

30 May 2007 23:06

The Garden Gate, Aldershot

Very traditional cosy, definitely above average GK pub and IPA pretty good as well. Recommended.

30 May 2007 23:04

The Three Shires, Stockport

Great pub - modern but cosy, unfortunately beer wasn't pulled thru' first thing in the morning and local mild therefore very sour

19 May 2007 23:52

Farmers Arms, Swinton

Cosy pub with village country-type feel, more what youd expect near Southport than Swinton - decent Boddies cask

19 May 2007 23:43

The Eddington Arms, Hindley

One of the best Holts pubs ive been in - typical decor but exceptional Mild and welcome

19 May 2007 15:58

Moon Under Water, Wigan

Typical spoons, didnt try the beers but looked to have an extraordinary range of micros

19 May 2007 15:57

Anvil, Wigan

Fantastic atmosphere on a Friday - a real customer mix, real beer lovers pub, real ale good if not brilliant.

19 May 2007 15:55

The Barley Mow, Englefield Green

Lovely setting, specially in present weather, with decent beer and facilities for children

28 Apr 2007 12:52

The Bee, Windlesham

Really friendly and with excellent play area for my children. Decent beer (good range), though I always seem to struggle with the Hog Back TEA.

28 Apr 2007 12:49

The Beech Inn, Chorlton cum Hardy

Pleasant multi-roomed boozer, welcome lacking but beer made up for it Good area for a walk.

28 Apr 2007 12:46

The Bar, Chorlton cum Hardy

Comfy bar with decent enough Marble beers, bit quiet Friday lunchtime so turover a sbit slow, food looked good.

28 Apr 2007 12:43

Victoria Hotel, Withington

Lively drinkers pub with exceptional Hydes Mild

28 Apr 2007 12:40

The Didsbury Inn, Didsbury

Decent Chef & Brewer with good range of the organic North Yorkshire beers, but quality not as good as elsewhere

28 Apr 2007 12:39

The Cheshire Line Tavern, Cheadle

Excellent if hard-to-find pub with excellent Banks and friendly staff and locals

28 Apr 2007 12:09

Peacock Inn, Chesterfield

Classic beer drinkers local; proper pub conversation in the tap room, very good beer range and quality

28 Apr 2007 12:02

Arnold MacHin, Newcastle under Lyme

Very busy Sunday morning - stretched staff, adequate beer

26 Mar 2007 21:14

The Blue Bell Inn, Kidsgrove

Wonderful multi-roomed canal side free house Friendly and civilised, excellent and interesting beer Another Staffs classic up there with Coachmakers

26 Mar 2007 21:11

The Lord Nelson, Urmston

Surprisingly busy but unspectacular Holts pub with decent Mild

26 Mar 2007 20:56

The Albert Edward, Eccles

Exemplary example of a Sam Smiths town pub; much better than the many Holts pubs around here. Bitter still tastes a bit sour for my taste in recent years, but I finf Sams do lager than most

26 Mar 2007 20:52

The White Elephant, Northampton

Typical (ex ?) Scottish & Newcastle barn of a pub with sports TV & cheap food, BUT very interesting beer range and high quality with it.

10 Mar 2007 21:36

The Olde Vic, Stockport

Classic traditional town pub, very welcoming even though I looked out of place in my suit. Micro Golden beer not to my taste but this was I think not a reflection on pub cellarmanship. Wonderful.

10 Mar 2007 12:18

The Legh Arms, Sale

Average Holts town pub; pleasant multi-room interior, average Mild.

10 Mar 2007 12:15

Stamford Arms, Bowdon

Very plain pub company pub, though with decent Boddies.

10 Mar 2007 12:14

The Roebuck Inn, Mobberley

Extremely smart looking pub (specialist food evening on my visit); good local beer amongst the usuals

10 Mar 2007 12:13

The Cross Keys, Knutsford

Pleasant old pub with standard but good quality beer. Welcoming enough

10 Mar 2007 12:11

The Black Boy Inn, Bridgnorth

Great local beer and a lovely pub, though a bit too quiet on a Sunday; lots of interest in the pub (and nearby)

5 Mar 2007 19:34

The Fox, Chetwynd Aston

Extremely smart pub catering for National Sports Centre and attractive nearby village, local beer OK but hard to appreciate without eating I think - worth a trip

5 Mar 2007 19:32

The Spittal Brook, Stafford

Proper local's ale house, nice multi-roomed feel, tho' average Pedigree.

5 Mar 2007 19:25

Churchills Bar, Blackpool

Full of character, certainly, but very plain beer range and quality (Bombardier)

23 Feb 2007 22:17

Slyne Lodge, Slyne

Fantastic - very welcoming landlord, decent cheap pub food and excellent Jennings Bitter (the dark one), with great walks nearby

23 Feb 2007 22:15

The Hest Bank Hotel, Hest Bank

On an unexpectedly pleasant Feb day this was gorgeous, Boddies by the canal, a multi-roomed gem

23 Feb 2007 22:14

The White Cross, Lancaster

Very pleasant canal-side bar, same feel as Waterwitch; friendly staff (a Lancaster trait), but again the local Tirril beer wouldn't have converted me to real ale. Still go back tho'

23 Feb 2007 22:08

The Sun Hotel and Bar, Lancaster

Contemporary and upmarket; very pleasant but distinctly average beer (Lancaster brewery)

23 Feb 2007 22:06

The Penny Bank, Lancaster

One of the plainer Lancaster pubs, but the best beer I found (Tirril); very friendly and lively

23 Feb 2007 22:04

The Church Inn, Top Mossley

Locals pub, decent Thwaites, not the most welcoming

23 Feb 2007 22:01

The Railway Hotel, Greenfield

Fantastic feel; lively on a weeknight with good real ale turnover and a very good Millstone beer, good for walks.

23 Feb 2007 22:00

The Diggle Hotel, Diggle

Old-fashioned looking local, very quiet on a weeknight, but the interesting MILD was top qualit, and of course location is fantastic

23 Feb 2007 21:58

The Bobbin, Lancaster

Lots of character and decent live music; good beer range but quality very average as with much of Lancaster

19 Feb 2007 23:57

The Crown Hotel, Standish

Wonderful smart pub offering excellent beer range and good food, better than it looks from outside. Visit

19 Feb 2007 23:54

Middlewich RBL, Middlewich

British Legion offering a characterful experience (multiple snooker taples) and average Hydes.

19 Feb 2007 23:52

The Big Lock Inn, Middlewich

Decent location but very ordinary beer and very quiet on a weekday evening.

19 Feb 2007 23:51

Wardwick Tavern, Derby

Very plain town-pub with only OK Tetleys, saved only by extremely friendly bar staff on a Sat night - bemused by Beer Guide listing in supposed real ale capital (ha !)

11 Feb 2007 23:33

The Falstaff, Derby

A real classic, very friendly and with good own-brew in a classic multi-room pub (bit like the Sair in Linthwaite) - VERY hard to find, even with my Derby A-Z

11 Feb 2007 23:30

The Stables Bar, Denby

Seems to be closed

11 Feb 2007 23:27

Leadmills Brewery Bar, Denby

Closed on my Saturday night visit -try the other Leadmill pub down the road

11 Feb 2007 23:27

Dead Poets Inn, Holbrook

Visited last week and as good as ever; only noted a reduction in the heat of the fire and a more upmarket crowd than before (Holbrook looks like a fantastic village to live in). Pedigree still from the jug, decent range of guests, and nothing from the owners Everards. Still in the Top 10 nationally in my view.

11 Feb 2007 23:25

The Carlton Arms, Cambridge

Still Cambridge's most friendly pub, and best choice of quality beers for some miles. Atracts a wide range of customers across the week - a must visit.

11 Feb 2007 23:11

White Horse, Milton

Friendly local with very decent GK IPA (albeit @ �2.70) with promise of interesting guest beers.

11 Feb 2007 23:07

Kilton Inn, Worksop

Standard local with warm welcome and very good quality ale, shows how good John Smiths is when looked after (also shows local CAMRA are rightly focused on beer quality rather than the range).

8 Feb 2007 21:17

Liquorice Gardens, Worksop

Newer 'Spoons, best real ale range outside the Mallard, interesting art on the walls, decent beer, food wasn't better than average (liver & bacons) but filling

8 Feb 2007 21:13

Sandbar, Manchester

Really relaxing bar with good atmosphere, lots of interest and very good beer (eg Moorhouses & cider)- similar to the N/4 bars if not better

8 Feb 2007 16:54

The Lass O'Gowrie, Manchester

Plesant and youthful proper pub with very decent beer range & quality, looks a bit jaded but probably only in comparison with nearby bars

8 Feb 2007 16:52

Font, Manchester

Busy bar typical of this part of Manc but friendly staff and I didn't feel too old to be there (tho I was) No clips on the pumps but the 1 beer on was pretty good Decent

8 Feb 2007 16:50

The Dutton Hotel, Manchester

Unmissable on a Manchester crawl, more so for the almost unique atmosphere than the Hydes (OK). Like a set from "Life on Mars" - a compliment I think.

8 Feb 2007 15:15

The Goose, Beckenham

Very nice bar staff warned me off the Bass which clearly hadn't been pulled through all day Dark and shabby, and of course not a patch on 'Spoons.

1 Feb 2007 21:00

The Jolly Woodman, Beckenham

A gem - unmissable for fans of small, unspoilt pubs with high quality Harveys and outside loos - reminds me of the Farriers in St Albans but better. In an absolutely gorgeous street too.

1 Feb 2007 20:58

The Tom Foolery, Bromley

Average town centre Fullers pub with modern feel and decent enough Pride - nothing to detain you long.

1 Feb 2007 20:56

The Charcoal Burner, New Eltham

Pleasant locals pub typical of South London surburbia but with a very cosy feel, visual interest and excellent Courage Best. Visit

1 Feb 2007 20:52

The Queens Head, Chislehurst

Busy Ember Inn with poor beer rane and adequate quality - not a place to linger

1 Feb 2007 20:49

The Harvest Moon, Orpington

Busy but uninspiring 'Spoons, average beer from a dull range in Britain's dullest High Street

1 Feb 2007 20:47

The Five Bells, Chelsfield

Very traditional pub, typical of the Kent/London border villages, caters for whole community, OK Harveys Best

1 Feb 2007 20:46

Woolpack, Buckingham

Modern looking, very friendly pub with a local Mild among the good beer range. Childrens Videos and toys in the back room were much appreciated too.

28 Jan 2007 22:17

Mitre, Buckingham

Really cosy local with good beer and decent place to relax or watch football. Lovely part of town as well.

28 Jan 2007 22:16

The Dove Inn, Hammersmith

Very decent and cosy, not as posh as led to expect (may differ in Summer. Winter seasonal very good.

26 Jan 2007 18:43

The Andover Arms, Hammersmith

Really enjoyable and unpretentious pub. Above average Fullers (inc. Chiswick) and a decent Pad Thai. Decent prices as well, and a good crowd in there.

26 Jan 2007 18:33

The Plough and Harrow, Hammersmith

Average 'Spoons, which I rate as a good thing. Some of the best staff I've come across in a Spoons as well. Beer range a bit dull by Beer Guide standards, but Pedigree good enough. They still can't make a decent coffee though, can they !

26 Jan 2007 18:31

The Brook Green Hotel, Hammersmith

Plesant enough Youngs open-plan pub - fairly typical of this part of London.

26 Jan 2007 18:27

The Crown and Sceptre, Kensington

Almost as cosy as the Radnor, but slightly more mainstream. Another interesting beer range, and looks like an ideal place to relax (& eat). Very friendly as well, and very high quality cellarmanship

26 Jan 2007 18:25

The Radnor Arms, Kensington

Really great pub; totally at odds withing most of what I've come across in West London- would look at home in Manchester Northern Qtr. Cosy is the word, and very decent beer range as well. SO WHY IS IT BEING CLOSED IN MARCH ??

26 Jan 2007 18:23

Ye Olde Red Lion Hotel, Market Bosworth

Pleasant and busy pub, caters to all. Beer range very good but quality average. Decent espresso !

21 Jan 2007 20:31

Plough Inn, Loughborough

Wonderful community pub - standard Midlands beer range but top quality Bass; very busy with quiz nights & football. Looks like an estate pub from outside but inside very characterful.

18 Jan 2007 20:46

The Paternoster, City Of London

Very touristy of course (and open-plan) but OK for a decent pint of Youngs.

10 Jan 2007 21:36

The Mulberry Bush, Lambeth

Very average Youngs pub - good for a quick half.

10 Jan 2007 21:34

The Charles Dickens, Southwark

As said below, very cosy and welcoming, a vast difference from many pubs nearby. Good beer range, and a variety of custom.

10 Jan 2007 21:02

Quinn's, Camden

Colourful is the word. Certainly not in the Beer Guide for its real ale (OK GK IPA), so why is it in there at all, but the best range of bottles you'll see outside the great Carlton Arms in Cambridge. Landlord was fine and its a great pub apart from the beer.

8 Jan 2007 23:27

The Junction Tavern, Kentish Town

Very classy, and standing apart from the string of gastros in the area. Beer choice intersting (rare for the area) and very good. You really want to eat there as well.

8 Jan 2007 23:20

The Dartmouth Arms, Dartmouth Park

Atypical of the area; slightly lively as Sunday lunchers competing with the football. Beer choice was the usual lazy options (Adnams) - OK again.

8 Jan 2007 23:18

The Coronet, Holloway

Best beer on my trip round N1 and a lovely pub, and a real mix of customers ! Also beer and coffee about a third of the price of one other pub not far away. We'll miss Spoons when Tim Martin goes.

8 Jan 2007 23:16

The Talbot, Kingsland

Same feel as all the other Islington gastros I've been in; pleasant enough but beer an afterthought and nowhere to sit. I can't believe what gets in the Good Beer Guide in London when I know what gets left out in Yorkshire, Essex etc

8 Jan 2007 23:13

The Eagle, Hoxton

Another really characterful pub, although full of the Sunday lunch brigade. Decent beer choice (Titanic), though more people drinking keg cider ! OK really.

8 Jan 2007 23:02

The Narrow Boat, Islington

Very characterful canal side pub with friendly staff and decent Harveys. Food didn't dominate but would have liked to eat here.

8 Jan 2007 23:00

The Island Queen, Islington

Open plan but interesting looking local. Beer OK. Tables set for Sunday lunch (very typical) but no-one eating. Better than I made it sound.

8 Jan 2007 22:58

The Crown, Islington

Cosy little pub but nearly all tables set for Sunday lunch. Seems fairly typical of the many dining pubs I've been to in the area. Fullers OK.

8 Jan 2007 22:56

Yard Bar and Kitchen, Cardiff

Upmarket-looking Brains flagship (I presume), with very good Dark but uninterested staff. Didn't Mulligans used to be here ? - used to do great oysters.

1 Jan 2007 21:44

Tom Taya Lewis, Newport

Beer (Wye Valley) was pretty good, and this is a typical fairly newish Spoons - bit rushed on New Years Eve (busiest place in Newport by a distance).

1 Jan 2007 21:40

The Windsor, Penarth

Traditional and characterful Brains pub but with several non-Brains guests - good quality beer.

31 Dec 2006 23:58

Bears Head, Penarth

Excellent W'spoons, with several good quality local real ales and some of the best Spoons food I've had (Welsh menu). Also very friendly.

31 Dec 2006 23:57

The Cock Horse, Hildenborough

Missed the landlord; found it a typical old Kent village pub with very good Master Brew - bit quiet.

24 Dec 2006 23:12

The Oak Tree, Sevenoaks

Busier than the Spoons only because Chelsea were on the TV. This S&J pub has a bit of character inside but the beer was poor (in the GBG !) and full of vertical drinkers. Not pleasant.

24 Dec 2006 23:09

Sennockian, Sevenoaks

Fairly small (mid 90s?) Spoons; usual calorific but decent food. The local Westerham beers were better here than at the Smith & Jones across the way.

24 Dec 2006 23:07

The Halfway House, Sevenoaks

Friendly, traditional Kent local with very good IPA; felt very welcoming with nice fire and familes eating (quietly !).

24 Dec 2006 23:05

The Victoria Tavern, Loughton

Very typical of the area - opened out and full of regulars, in a very pleasant semi-rural/suburban setting. Traditional to the core. IPA only OK.

24 Dec 2006 23:00

The Nags Head, Walthamstow

Very pleasing modernised pub in a beautiful little bit of East London (really). Excellent mild, and very cosy.

24 Dec 2006 22:58

The New Inn, Harborne

I thought the Pedigree was superb, and the pub a minor treasure. This is typical of the feel you get in Black Country Banks gems, though this is Brum suburbia. A must.

10 Dec 2006 12:20

The British Oak, Stirchley

Vast roadside pub, typical of south Brum. Hard to see the CAMRA national inventory features (private function in the dining room prevented visit); caters to a wide range of custom, excellent MILD.

10 Dec 2006 12:18

The Acres, Solihull

Now the Golden Acres, this is a quite superb unashamed neighbourhood pub, on a par with the one in Bilton. Very family friendly and with live sport and a Chinese takeaway/restaurant. Beer range sensible and interesting, though I sense low volumes are still a challenge to quality. Best thing about Solihull.

10 Dec 2006 12:16

The Field House, Solihull

Ember Inns seem very consistent, a modern take on Chef & Brewers with a clear anti-family policy. I find them OK, but they're all the same ! Commitment to real ale is commendable though.

10 Dec 2006 12:08

The Drum and Monkey, Dorridge

Chef & Brewer pubs in my experience are not anti-family, they just don't like children knocking over the serving staff ! I thought beer above average, and the pub typical of the chain.

10 Dec 2006 12:06

The Red Lion, Snargate

One of the few "Basic, Unspoilt" pubs that is also immaculate. I also recommend the walks around the pub in early Summer - England at it's best.

3 Dec 2006 21:25

The Jolly Crispin, Upper Gornal

Excellent. Used to be legendary, but I felt it a bit smokey and beer-bore under previous owners, new owners have kept essentially the same formula, but felt much friendlier. Inerested to see if beer quality can stand the tst in a range this big.

3 Dec 2006 21:13

The Roebuck, Rayleigh

I like it. I wouldn't put many Wetherspoons on my list of Top 100 pubs (the Babington apart), but beer and breakfast on a Sunday morning at a 'Spoons is one of life's pleasures. Very good Caledonian Christmas beer, and better than usual cappucino and breakfast, all at absolute bargain prices in a pleasant setting.

3 Dec 2006 21:09

The Punchbowl Inn, Paglesham

Lovely old weatherboarded pub in a gorgeous hamlet. Very friendly and relaxed - no upmarket pretensions (food being eaten on the bar counter!). Nethergate beer good if not briliant.

3 Dec 2006 21:04

The Shepherd and Dog, Ballards Gore

Marvellous interior - typical Essex village pub i.e. hih standards and very friendly. Not totally convinced by the beer (Titanic) - stick to local ales !

3 Dec 2006 21:02

The Chequers, Canewdon

Typical slightly old-fashioned but immaculate Essex estuary pub, but as mentioned beer (Maldon Gold) only average. Still worth a visit and a nice village to walk from.

3 Dec 2006 21:00

Golden Lion, Rochford

Wonderful pub - all the usual ingredients you find in great Essex pubs i.e. top quality local beer, interesting old building, high standards but low pretension. A must.

3 Dec 2006 20:58

Horse and Groom, Rochford

Hard to fault - excellent beer (Porter particularly) and good mix of food/drink. Not the cosiest/friendliest pub though, especially in view of strong local competition.

3 Dec 2006 20:56

The White Hart, Halstead

OK, but amazed it's in the beer guide - Mauldons was average. Very plain pub in an exceptional part of Essex - try Colne Engaine.

1 Dec 2006 00:13

The Reindeer Pub & Kitchen, Norwich

Very good Elgoods pub - probably their best along with Waggon & Horses in Milton. Only suffers against strong competition from free houses. Friendly, and exceptional Christmas display - a must !

1 Dec 2006 00:11

The Shed, Norwich

The comments below show how spoilt Norwich is for great pubs. I really liked the Shed, more so than I do the Fat Cat which is often just too busy !. The Shed is spacious and has a really good mix of custom. There were 10 good beers on garvity/pump tomight - Fat Cat stout was excellent. Very friendly.

1 Dec 2006 00:09

The Kings Head, Norwich

Would be the best pubs in most English towns, but here is one of probably a dozen excellent free houses within a small radius. Stands out as very friendly, with mixed custom, and a more historic building within the city walls than most of Norwich's gems. Beer excellent.

1 Dec 2006 00:05

The Wellington Arms, Bedford

Copy-book back street ale-house, akin to norther Sheffield or Manchester. Good, not great, quality beer in my experience, but a very sensible if (too) large beer range - larger independents. Not the friendliest of pubs, but still a must-visit.

26 Nov 2006 20:30

The Bun Shop, Cambridge

First ever visit this week - always walked past it on the way to Radegund/Champion as it looks awful from outside & beer range is DULL. Inside is actually quite well done, & Bombardier decent.

23 Nov 2006 22:43

Fighting Cocks, Rugby

Model estate pub - friendly, unpretentious, good jukebox, well-judged beer range (1 local beer)

23 Nov 2006 22:39

The Squirrel Inn, Rugby

Small, cosy drinking pub - actually a very good range (good local porter) - very friendly

23 Nov 2006 22:33

The Gardeners Arms, Moats Tye

A classic - excellent combination of friendly rural local and upmarket-looking restaurant. There are several pubs like this in the belt of Suffolk below the A14. Excellent IPA. Very difficult to find in the dark in winter, but worth the search.

22 Nov 2006 20:59

The Donkey and Buskins, Layer de la Haye

Typical Essex countryside local - warm welcome and good local beer.

22 Nov 2006 20:51

The Fat Cat, Colchester

Very pleasant - more like the Ipswich than the Norwich one, and not as busy as the latter yet. Very friendly staff and customers. DON'T try the scotch eggs - they're OK but too large. Beer range and quality is very good, with emphasis on locals. Nice interior.

22 Nov 2006 20:49

The Plough at Bolnhurst, Bolnhurst

Didn't eat there but everyone else was; Huntsbridge chain have good standards but the Batemans XB wasn't up to much - I recommend the pub in Riseley with great steaks and Wells beer.

17 Nov 2006 23:00

The Bell Inn, Trysull

Pleasant traditional pub in lovely village. Very busy with mature trade on a Monday lunchtime, and beer (therefore) very good. Decent pub lunch.

6 Nov 2006 21:29

The Old Bulls Head, Lower Gornal

Very traditional - wonedrful atmosphere, particularly on music nights. My favourite Gornal pub, but not the best beer, as most locals seem to drink lager on my visits !

6 Nov 2006 19:51

Clifton, Sedgley

Nice lokking 'Spoons, remind me of the Stafford/Ponxders End cinema conversions. Highgate seasonal wasn't great, friendly staff

6 Nov 2006 18:57

Mount Pleasant, Sedgley

As essential a visit as the Beacon. A superb, traditional multi-roomed gem, with a mixed clientele and lots of local interest. Superb beer range, and exceptionally kept. Should follow the Rising Sun as National Pub of the Year if there's any justice.

6 Nov 2006 18:45

The Shoulder of Mutton, Tettenhall Wood

Standard-issue open-plan Banks neighbourhood pub. Original was distinctly average - little of interest and better Banks round both corners !

6 Nov 2006 18:35

The Prince Albert, Bexleyheath

Very attractive pub, particularly interesting nautical features (no idea how genuine they are). Quiet on a Sat afternoon. Shep Neame beers never that good by the half, but not bad. Would be very well known if it wasn't in SE London I suspect.

5 Nov 2006 14:32

The New Cross Turnpike, Welling

Well the real ale range has gone - only the JDW regulars were on, but the Courage Best was popular and in good form, and what's wrong with Tadcaster's best ? Cleaner than you'd think.

5 Nov 2006 14:29

The Old Mill, Plumstead

A "real" pub, caterring for locals but extremely friendly. Almost a sister pub to the fanstastic Rose in Woolwich, though more of a family feel here. Harveys BB was one of my all-time top 20 pints, really perfectly conditioned. Visit now.

5 Nov 2006 14:26

The Maidens Head, Whitwell

THE traditional rural village local - AK still good if not excellent, and pub meets all customers needs (except children). Not eaten here for many years but used to be very good indeed.

29 Oct 2006 19:36

The Malta, Batford

Unpretentious local on Harpenden outkirts - ber nothing special but decent all rounder

29 Oct 2006 19:27

The Cricketers, Redbourn

Agree with anonymous - pub is typical attractive Hertfordshire local, with beer range slightly better than quality, not helped by usual lager dominance. Superb location though.

29 Oct 2006 19:24

The Model, Oldbury

Exceptionally friendly local, typical of this part of the West Mids in my experience, and very decent Landlord.

29 Oct 2006 18:32

The Crosswells Inn, Langley

In it's defence , a real community pub that caters for all ages, and still retains nice multi-roomd layout and very good Ma Pardoes.

29 Oct 2006 18:31

The Robin Hood, Stourbridge

Very pleasant local with excellent range and good quality ale in excellent Black Country walking area (really).

29 Oct 2006 18:27

The Windsor Castle Inn, Lye

An instant classic - innovative, high quality and traditional at the same time. The beer (IPA) was marvellous, and the lunchtime hot-pot was real food, even if lacking in vegetables (sorry - wrong web-site). Hard to judge it's success from a Tuesday lunchtime, but it would clean-up in Cambridge or anywhere else. The Baltis in the high street are great too, of course.

29 Oct 2006 18:25

The Green, Shepherds Bush

A real surprise; looks exactly like you'd expect, but very friendly with a good customer mix and very decent pint on one of those Archer's seasonals. Passed a good hour here before the Icicle Works gig.

29 Oct 2006 18:22

The Uxbridge Arms, Notting Hill

Plesant, typical open-plan pub; hard to criticise, but hard for me to enthuse about (sums up many London pubs I find) - Wadworth 6X only OK.

29 Oct 2006 18:20

The Cock and Bottle, Notting Hill

As described - nice, cosy and traditional, but welcoming to all; let down by a dull pint of TEA (what's wrong with Bass !)

29 Oct 2006 18:17

The Prince Edward, Bayswater

Plesant enough single bar Victorian pub, good enough for the area, but beer only OK.

29 Oct 2006 18:15

The Kings Head, Bayswater

Standard pub for this part of London, but very friendly and an interesting Scottish micro beer was very good - certainly well worth a quick stop.

29 Oct 2006 18:13

The Ship Inn, Oundle

Pleasant old pub that seems to cater for a mix of custom, certainly on Sunday. Not tried, the food, but beer only OK (probably representative of the local micros rather than quality of cellarmanship).

29 Oct 2006 18:10

The Freemasons Arms, Covent Garden

Hard to judge since visited with Spurs euro game on multiple screens; though Spitfire very ordinary despite the volume.

21 Oct 2006 22:45

The Pillars of Hercules, Soho

Very plesant and unpretentious Soho pub, with surprisingly good Thwaites. Good value too.

21 Oct 2006 22:41

The Guinea, Mayfair

Another trip without a pie, but the Youngs is still great, and the pub is timeless (and customers monies).

21 Oct 2006 22:36

Adam and Eve, Westminster

A very decent central London pub with excellent beer and a good mix of custom.

21 Oct 2006 22:32

The Woodman, Birmingham

Disappointed to see how far this pub has fallen since its served a world-beating Ansells Mild a few years back. Only 1 Everards beer on, and not great. The pub has also faded from the Victorian glory it had, though a few more customers might help it a lot. The Think Tank across the road is certainly not providing custom !

21 Oct 2006 22:30

The Wellington, Birmingham

Had the Pig in the Wall last week and thought it average - pub seemed quieter than before, though no sign of the famous smog ! Worth a visit still.

21 Oct 2006 22:27

The Sack of Potatoes, Gosta Green

Decent enough "real" pub serving Aston University (tho' mainly older crowd on Sunday) - decent Deuchars and cheap food, attractive pub.

21 Oct 2006 22:25

Bear & Ragged Staff, Bedworth

Good beer in a smallish Spoons - only thing open on a Sunday !

21 Oct 2006 22:20

The Wylde Green, Wylde Green

Not as soulless as the Greene King family eating houses, Kimberley pubs like this always seem to have above average beer, food and children's facilities.
Interesting to see what changes GK make.

21 Oct 2006 22:13

The William Aylmer, Harlow

With all due respect, possibly Harlow's saving grace. Almost worth a visit to the soulless town centre just for the beer and the loos here (noodle place opposite looked good tho'). i'm surprised there's enough real ale turnover to maintain this standard, but Essex pubs are top of the league for quality.

13 Oct 2006 21:25

The Drapers Arms, Peterborough

Smallish 'Spoons (loos especially), but nice concise beer range with focus on micros rather than the regionals. My Mauldons Porter turned oout to be the previous special, a golden beer, but really tasty. By the way, P'boro was absolutely dead at 11.30 on a Thursday night - what do people do there !

13 Oct 2006 21:22

The Railway Hotel, Wymondham

Not the cosiest pub (odd shape & laid out for food), but Adnams was very good.

13 Oct 2006 21:18

The Vine, West Bromwich

How come people have so little to say about this pub - it's one of the best in the world. Nowhere else will you get a combination of multi-racial cusomers, multi-roomed interior, great beer (espec. Bathams when on), and wonderful Indian barbecue. Particularly good before/after Baggies matches. I hope the play area gets fixed soon as my children love this place as well.

13 Oct 2006 21:13

The Red Lion, Hinxton

Incredibly smart (clientele among the richest in the country I should bet), but drinkers welcome as well as diners. Local Saffron Walden beer a bit dull, but well kept. Worth a trip to eat.

13 Oct 2006 21:08

The Green Man, Methwold Hythe

An unexpectedly great pub. If it was covered in dust it would get the same sort of reviews as those pubs in Pontfaen, Leintwardine and Netherton run by old ladies. This was just like being in the licensee's front room, but with GREAT beer (Elgoods Dark). Very quiet midweek, hopefully livelier when locals eat out at weekends. Visit now.

13 Oct 2006 21:06

The Bell Inn, Brandon

Rare to get a GBG entry in this part of Suffolk, and a real disappointment. The very local beer may satisfy tickers, but it was tasteless. Not surprising, since everyone else in the open-plan pub was drinking lager. Go to Methwold Hythe.

13 Oct 2006 21:02

The Church End Brewery Tap, Nuneaton

Outside appearances are deceptive - the vilage hall exterior gives away to a great atmosphere, beer and what looks like ideal accompanying food. A must.

13 Oct 2006 20:58

The Market Tavern, Atherstone

Really nice atmosphere and good beer. Atherstone is a much improved little market town and this is one of a number of excellent pubs in and around the town. Free parking too !

13 Oct 2006 20:57

Blue Pig, Wolvey

In the GBG, and I have to say the further I go from Cambridge the better the Greene King beers get !. Friendly and cosy (though usual GK look).

13 Oct 2006 20:55

The Wharf Inn, Welford

Superbly located but otherwise average riverside pub. Banks beer OK, outide area shabby (pheasant nailed to a pole put me off as well !). Food looked good.

13 Oct 2006 20:52

Waggon and Horses, Oldbury

Thanks John - this pub seems to be off the radar, but it's a real gem. However, on 3 previous visits it's been relatively quiet on a Sat night, a victim of location. This is a gorgeous looking pub, with a beer range and quality that wold be 95% of London Beer Guide pubs to shame.

13 Oct 2006 20:38

Ye Olde Leathern Bottel, Wednesbury

Nice, typical Black Country multi-roomed hidden local. Went for Bombardier as always reliable around here - good if not great. Worth a stop.

13 Oct 2006 20:21

Arbor Lights, Walsall

Only stopped by for a Bombardier - good but not great. Looked like an ideal stop for Sunday lunch. Nice feel, albeit open-plan.

1 Oct 2006 21:08

The Fox Inn, Willian

A real transformation from when this used to be the poor relation to the Horseshoes. First time I've been there since geteing married at the church next door. Wherry was very good - looked very restauranty.

30 Sep 2006 13:27

The Globe, Dunstable

Really good drinker's pub, in the style of Tynemill but without food. Good atmosphere and beer.

30 Sep 2006 13:24

The Nightingale, Hitchin

No Sky now, but extraordinary transformation into real ale giant - 4 Nethergate beers (Mild excellent). Not sure there's a lot apart from beer to keep you here tho'

27 Sep 2006 22:31

Bull Hotel, Barton Le Clay

Old pub spoiled by quotations on the ceiling that make it look more chainy; OK beer (inc. McMullens) but very quiet and no food trade to bolster beer sales.

27 Sep 2006 22:29

Cross Keys, Pulloxhill

Friendly, typical old-fashioned Bedfordshire village pub with decent steaks and Wells beers. Nice garden.

27 Sep 2006 22:27

The Old Coach House, Southwell

Seemingly hard to fault - excellent real ale, interesting snacks from big jars, lovely building, but on 2 trips I've felt it lacked a bit of warmth/atmosphere. Worth a visit on trip to Southwell.

24 Sep 2006 23:02

The Monkey Walk, Coalville

Decent 'Spoons with disappointingly limited local flavour - beer fine.

23 Sep 2006 09:14

The Dressers Arms, Wheelton

Found it extremely pleasant a couple of years back - beer was great. The pub over the road by the canal (forget the name) is great and does lovely Indian food).

15 Sep 2006 19:54

Plough, Great Chesterford

Typical old Essex village pub (lovely pargeting on the houses); Greene King IPA good as nearly always in Essex, unpretentious looking bar food and a particularly good children's playground.

15 Sep 2006 19:49

The Minster Tavern, Ely

Surprisingly good chain pub next to the Minster - only went in as sole option open after 11pm, and full of young Magner drinkers, but the Youngs Special was actually superb. Plesant but unremarkable interior.

15 Sep 2006 19:44

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney

Re: last post - I meant pub crawlers of course.

14 Sep 2006 21:01

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney

This pub seems to have as many reviews as any, shame it doesn't convert into continued business. I was the only customer on a midweek visit a few months back, though I agree it's excellent (similar comment could be made about the Oakdale in Haringey). I live a mile from Milton Brewery and outlets for their beers are limited, but I fear that there just aren't enough great pubs near these 2 to attract crawlers.

14 Sep 2006 21:01

The Fox and Hounds, Coaley

Really friendly main road local that only lacks the location to recommend it higher - Uley excellent

12 Sep 2006 19:15

The George Inn, Frocester

Classic-looking old Gloucs pubs with excellent Butcombe and uncompromising locals (!) - ideal stop-off on the way to Forest Green Rovers.

12 Sep 2006 19:15

The Lattice Barn, Ipswich

A standard main road local, but with very decent IPA and friendly welcome.

12 Sep 2006 19:10

The Emperor Inn, Ipswich

A real, basic local with a good commitment to real ale; the Ansells mild seems a bit tired but the Highgate guest was very good. Worth a visit.

12 Sep 2006 19:08

The Mill, Cambridge

As stated, has a great beer garden by the pond. Beer is good and range is sensible (Fenland, Deuchars, Hobgoblin etc). Pub is actually very cosy inside.

11 Sep 2006 23:08

The Live and Let Live, Cambridge

Local CAMRA branch pub of the year, and deservedly so, even if the beer quality is slightly better in the Kingston and Castle. The Live has all the right "ideal pub" ingredients - different drinking areas, tidy but unmodernised interior, mixed crowd, good beer range and homed cooked food (specials vary from OK to very good @ about �6).

11 Sep 2006 23:06

The Flying Pig, Cambridge

One of Cambridge's most characterful pubs, certainly outside of the Mill Road area. Beer range is a bit mainstream for Cambridge (Speckled Hen, Broadside etc), and beer is good rather than great, but the sort of local many towns dream of.

11 Sep 2006 23:02

The Elephant and Castle, Bury St Edmunds

It may have been rubbish but is now a very pleasant pub with lovely garden and children's area. Greene King IPA, if not the definitive article (try Mellis) is still very distinctive. Try it.

10 Sep 2006 20:19

The Old Coach House, Potton

Really pleasant small hotel with good but not pretentious interior. Local Potton beer very good, and staff friendly. Well worth a visit and Potton is a nice place to walk round (head for the TV aerial).

10 Sep 2006 20:17

The Engine & Tender, Bedford

Visited once, 4 or 5 years ago when in the Beer Guide, when it was a high quality local.

10 Sep 2006 20:12

The Halfway House, Box

Very hard to beat on a gorgeous late Summer evening - great outdoor drinking, and highly impressive local beer range. Quality good if not great, reflecting how quiet the place is. The area around Stroud is really superb for walling and pubs.

10 Sep 2006 09:18

The Gate Hangs Well, Stoke Prior

Exceptional food-driven country pub, in superb walking country. Really like the half-pint glasses, and beer quality was very high. Not as busy as you'd guess.

10 Sep 2006 09:15

The Hop Pole Inn, Bromsgrove

Plesant pub just off the high street; good real ale range, but worryingly quiet on Sat lunchtime.

10 Sep 2006 09:13

The Queens Head, Wilnecote

More lively than other pubs on this road but beer pretty good for that

6 Sep 2006 23:42

The Globe Inn, Wilnecote

Very traditional working mens pub with real care taken over the Pedigree and friendl locals

6 Sep 2006 23:42

The Railway Inn, Two Gates

A really great Midlands local, one of several in Wilnecote/Two Gates that make a trip to Tamworth FC a pleasurable experience. Lovely Bass I think, and an untouched feel you don't get often.

6 Sep 2006 23:40

The Samuel Barlow, Alvecote

Really good canalside pubs with some good walks close by. Beer was very good, though a bit foody.

6 Sep 2006 23:37

The Old Spring, Cambridge

Amazed at lack of reviews; this is a high quality pub close to the river. Slightly upmarket food, but still clearly a pub first. Really good real ale, with the Rev James particularly good. The real treat, however, is the pork scratchings from a local butcher @ �1.30 - worth a trip for these alone.

6 Sep 2006 23:21

The Graduate, Cambridge

Unbelievably dull, and incredibly quiet, even with the England game on. The dullest beer offering you'll find anywhere. Are the Screams chain still going ?

6 Sep 2006 23:19

The Regal, Cambridge

Thought this was now a Lloyds but little sign of showing the England match tonight. Personally, my least favourite 'spoons, tho always busy. HOWEVER, the Schieallion real lager was superb, even if the bar staff havent got a clue. Some really interesting guest beers on as well.

6 Sep 2006 23:17

The Tram Depot, Cambridge

Unexceptional open-plan pub close to more characterful pubs near the shops (Free Press, Elm Tree etc). No exceptional features; limited beer range on a Wednesday night. Tiger OK but real ale not a strong point.

6 Sep 2006 23:13

The Old Bell Tavern, Harrogate

Just brilliant. A Market Town Tavern (I think); one of a small chain that seem to me like a slightly upmarket Tynemill (huge compliment). Very high quality beer and food.

3 Sep 2006 22:57

The Winter Gardens, Harrogate

Nice building and good outside area for a spoons; otherwise what you come to expect from one of their more upmarket pubs ; very good beer & range

3 Sep 2006 22:54

The Flower Pot, Walthamstow

Glad to hear its back to just Bass, which used to be fantastic and have a decent thru'put when I went a few years ago - very traditional (if open plan)

3 Sep 2006 22:52

The Denmark Arms, East Ham

Sorry about this - talking about the Spoons; will visit the Denmark soon though as the brilliant South Indian cafes in East Ham keep drawing me back there !

3 Sep 2006 22:42

Millers Well, East Ham

Probably your only bet for real ale in the area (though that pub on Plaistow is high street is great), but quality was well down on a couple of years ago, and it's out of the Beer Guide. On the other hand, I quite like the East London 'Spoons with their more local feel, and this one is not as shabby as those east of the Circular. Sunday lunches looked really good, don't know about waits !

3 Sep 2006 22:41

The Denmark Arms, East Ham

Probably your only bet for real ale in the area (though that pub on Plaistow is high street is great), but quality was well down on a couple of years ago, and it's out of the Beer Guide. On the other hand, I quite like the East London 'Spoons with their more local feel, and this one is not as shabby as those east of the Circular. Sunday lunches looked really good, don't know about waits !

3 Sep 2006 22:40

The Shoulder of Mutton, Bournemouth

A while since I visited, but I didn't get a good reception either, but since the pub was run-down and the beer very poor, it didn't matter much. Amazed it was in the Good Beer Guide.

30 Aug 2006 22:53

The Horseshoe Bar, Glasgow

One of the great UK pub experiences, particularly if you can get a table at the bar at lunchtime and eat your pie with your (excellent) pint. As cultural an experience as Wong Kei's chinese restaurant in London and a great advert for real pubs.

30 Aug 2006 22:47

The Pot Still, Glasgow

A city centre gem, offering excellent Scottish real ales as well as the main whisky attraction. Quite small, so getting a seat can be a struggle. Glad the glass ban has been averted - well done Glasgow.

30 Aug 2006 22:44

The Chequers Inn, Goldhanger

Really nice pub in the finest rural Essex tradition, high standards, beer excellent, wonderful walks and other classic pubs (e.g. the Swan) close by. Very underrated part of the country.

30 Aug 2006 22:35

The Bacchus, Newcastle

Don't know why but I thought this place was a classic, in the way that the Cumberland or Free Trade are classic pubs, but clearly at different ends of the pub spectrum. Absolutely superb beer in a high quality setting. Should be better known.

30 Aug 2006 22:29

The Free Trade Inn, Byker

Hope it hasn't changed - one of UK's most basic but loveable pubs - beer was good on my visit. Essential part of the Byker circuit.

30 Aug 2006 22:19

The Cluny, Ouseburn

The posh pub (relatively) in Byker - really good beer and lovely lunches. Now getting a real mix of custom due to "Seven Stories" next door. Superb.

30 Aug 2006 22:16

The Cumberland Arms, Ouseburn

Gorgeous, in fantastic location at the top of a hill overlooking industrial area. Very few comparative pubs spring to mind, with its balance of peace and lively custom. Great beer.

30 Aug 2006 22:14

The Old Cross Tavern, Hertford

Really cosy - seemingly always busy, but some of best quality beer tasted anywhere

30 Aug 2006 21:32

The Prince Albert (Rose's), Woolwich

A real gem, hard to beat for beer quality on my visits. Very friendly and rubbish music. Shame the rolls were off today. Not many like this, especially in South London -reminds me of the Cow & Calf (RIP) in Cambridge

28 Aug 2006 23:16

The Fox and Hounds, Romney Street

Another Darenth Valley find, like a slightly less timewarped version of the Rising Sun down the lane.
Caught their beer/music festival; local Westerham beer was majestic, and atmosphere of the place hard to beat today.

28 Aug 2006 23:11

The Rising Sun, Kemsing

Utterly fantastic rural pub, bit like the ones in the Amber Valley, and seemingly miles from anywhere (actually close to the Fox & Hounds). Unfortunately my beer (all the way from Northumberland Brewery) was not great, suggesting beer range over-ambitious, but I'll forgive it !

28 Aug 2006 23:07

The Bell, Kemsing

Not busy on the Bank Holiday Monday - food trade obviously down the road. Greene King pub but all but IPA pumps turned, and IPA not good. Unclear why its in the Beer Guide ?

28 Aug 2006 23:03

The Bull, Otford

Absolutely packed today - all for meals. GK IPA was very good, and beer range was relatively interesting for a Chef & Brewer. Plesant.

28 Aug 2006 23:01

The Olde George Inn, Shoreham

Plesant old pub, typical of many village pubs on southern outskirts of London. Good beer (local micros) but slow business on a Bank Holiday given the attractiveness of the village - the other village pub seemed to have the food trade

28 Aug 2006 22:59

The Stage Door, Dartford

Pleasant enough, and Master Brew OK, but mainly for locals

28 Aug 2006 22:55

The Carpenters Arms, Cambridge

Ordinary but friendly local with nice patio and child-friendly. Landlord was excellent - presume the ordinariness of the range keeps it out of the beer guide.

28 Aug 2006 00:14

The Green Dragon, Cambridge

Although now in the Beer Guide beer qualiy not as good as previously, but still an essential stop (handy for Cam Utd over the bridge as well)

28 Aug 2006 00:12

The British Queen, Cambridge

Good Guiness (I think), but no sign of the Youngs or any other real ales recently sighted. Very basic, but very friendly.

26 Aug 2006 09:04

Patriots Arms, Chiseldon

Great stop for familes just off the M4. Good beer range (Wadworths and a micro I've forgotten), great pirate ship play area and generally a well-equipped pub. Bit quiet late afternoon Sunday, which is a shame.

26 Aug 2006 09:01

The Antelope, Upavon

Comfortable and welcoming coaching inn. Wadworths beer was good, food was relatively cheap but not great.

26 Aug 2006 08:56

The Oddfellows Arms, Wimborne

Ideal place to nip for a quick half while your wife (or husband) is exploring the Minster, which is next door. A lovely little pub, and I thought the Badger was great.

26 Aug 2006 08:54

The Sailors Return, East Chaldon

Idyllic-looking country pub with characterful interior (though not a "Square & Compasses" !). Beer was onl average and very expensive.

26 Aug 2006 08:52

The Wellington Arms, Weymouth

Cosy little pub near the high street with good atmosphere and beer.

26 Aug 2006 08:45

The Queen's Hotel, Weymouth

Previous comment sums it up. I liked it a lot; bit basic for my wife. Surprisingly good garden and a childrens room. Quietish at 7pm on a Saturday.

26 Aug 2006 08:44

The Boot, Weymouth

Fantastic beer (49er) and a lovely pub ,inside and out. Hard to find as a first-timer, since High Street West is not clearl marked on the tourist maps, but I loved the challenge.

26 Aug 2006 08:42

St James Tavern, Winchester

Pleasant smartish pub with really good 6X (forgot how good it was). Seemed to do all the simple things right. All 4 Winchester pubs I visited had excellent beer.

26 Aug 2006 08:38

The Black Boy, Winchester

Fantastic - tremendous atmosphere and a real mix of customers of all ages. Gorgeous building to look at as well. Beer range was superb; not sure I picked the best (Itchen Valley I think).

26 Aug 2006 08:35

The Fulflood Arms, Winchester

Not quite as rustic as earlier revies suggest, but still an essential visit. Looked to be up for sale (?), so may change. Very relaxing atmosphere, and (again) excellent quality Greene King range.

26 Aug 2006 08:29

Bell Inn, Winchester

Good locals pub in pleasant residential south of the centre; unexceptional except for quality of Greene King beer - best IPA tasted outside of Essex !

26 Aug 2006 08:22

The Smithfield, Derby

Location is part of the attraction; a bit like the trek from Sheffield centre to their real-ale specialist pubs. Attracts the friendly types who like to try different beers; quality not quite as good as variety but lovely feel to the place.

13 Aug 2006 23:26

Furnace Inn, Derby

Exceptional Hardy & Hanson pub (comparable with Nelson & Railway). Clearly a local rather than one of Derby's "beer exhibitions", but top quality beer and atmosphere.

13 Aug 2006 23:23

The Babington Arms, Derby

Amazing 'Spoons - a bit like the Wellington in Brum in
a civilised and healthy setting. Beer quality high on my visit, despite my general view that a dozen or so handpubs is not sustainable.

13 Aug 2006 23:19

The White Horse Inn, Swavesey

Does a good job as only pub in typical Cambridgeshire village, though on my visits full of younger lager-drinkers. Deuchars IPA good, other guest ales less so. Friendly, and excellent outdoor play area.

13 Aug 2006 23:15

The Ship Inn, Dunswell

Plain village pub with interesting artefacts and good quality John Smiths. Not child-friendly.

12 Aug 2006 00:51

The Minerva Hotel, Hull

Revisited last week with the family - beer was superb, to complement really good food and an excellent atmosphere. It deserves its re-entry to the Beer Guide, and hopefully the other pubs around the Marina will improve as well.

12 Aug 2006 00:47

The Lion Inn, Blakey Ridge

Visited today as the rain lashed down - very atmospheric (could have done with a fire in August !).
Enjoyable and relaxing, but beer and food only good.
In particular, I doubt beer turnover justifies the full Theakstons range, although Old Peculiar was good.
Puddings were microwaved to death as well. Could do better but worth a visit.

12 Aug 2006 00:40

The Royal Hotel, Runswick Bay

Wonderful setting by a small bay; pub is fairly basic but tidy. Had a lot of tourists on my visit
but I can see would also feel very comfortable for locals. Good John Smiths ( yes really) - hard to leave for the beach.

12 Aug 2006 00:35

The Captain Cook, Staithes

The sort of pub my wife will never go in - looks horiffic from the outside. Exists apparently for the sole purpose of serving wonderful beer at low prices, to distract you from the wonders of Staithes (one of Britain's gems). I loved it.

12 Aug 2006 00:29

The Jolly Sailors Inn, Whitby

Unexceptional Sams house with key feature that real ale is roughly half the price of it's neighbours. Bitter fine but not great. Not an obvious tourist pub, despite location.

12 Aug 2006 00:25

The Elsinore, Whitby

Traditional boozer with welcoming staff - standard Yorkshire real ale range (and why not_ - Tetley excellent.

12 Aug 2006 00:23

The Star and Garter, Middlesbrough

Looked to be closed, or certainly undergoing extensive refurbishment this week. So M'boro has
no Good Beer Guides at present. Any info ?

12 Aug 2006 00:20

The Tudor Oaks Hotel, Stotfold

Actually technically in Astwick, Bedfordshire, but I agree with the previous review. This is basically a motel bar of the highest order. Beer and food under the Belgian landlord are superb. The pub is a Beer Guide regular but never seems to attract much attention. An essential stop on the A1.

1 Aug 2006 23:32

The Doblers Inn, Cambridge

Pleasant but unexceptional, a friendly pitstop but not a place to spend an afternoon (in comparison with the pubs closer to Mill Road). Real ales Ok but (again) suffering in the July heat and thru' lack of turnover. Nice Cam Utd flag in garden.

30 Jul 2006 19:24

The Fox House Inn, Longshaw

Accommodation is superb, as always with Innkeepers Lodges, and there are teriffic walks from the pub door, BUT the Stones and Tetleys were undrinakable, despite what should be high turnover

29 Jul 2006 20:54

Portland Hotel, Chesterfield

Average Wetherspoons i.e. decent cheap food and clean, but high quality beer (Townes and Wentworth) in a sensibly reduced range. Well worth a visit/stay.

29 Jul 2006 18:30

The Cheshire Cheese Inn, Hope

A classic pub of Britain; wonderful beer, characterful interior and superb setting. A pint in the garden or out the front in this summer is wonderful. A sensible beer range (Hartington is good in this heat). Old football programmes too !

29 Jul 2006 18:21

The Three Stags Heads, Wardlow Mires

A must visit, for sure; reminds me of Tucker's Grave but not as friendly, and frankly the beer quality (Abbeydale Matins) suffered as I think the beer range is too big for a pub with limited opening times. These unspoilt pubs, once they're featured in the broadshets, do tend to be full of poseurs don't they ?
Food looked good though, I'd go back for a retry.

29 Jul 2006 18:18

The Star, Tideswell

Decent but unexceptional local in fantastic village; Marstons OK but a bit warm. Opens at 3pm most days (not all day).

29 Jul 2006 18:11

The Red Lion Inn, Litton

Archetypal country pub; good beer (and sensible beer range), although struggling a little in the heat. Very friendly place, with great walks to Tideswell and around - lovely siting outside on the village green.

29 Jul 2006 18:08

The Bridge Inn, Calver

Wonderful friendly Kimberly pub, ideal for the summer. Beer superb, food is definitely not chain pub stuff. A real pub with a local feel as well. Hope Greene King takeover doesn't muck mit up.

29 Jul 2006 18:05

The Bulls Head, Ashford in the Water

Rather upmarket for Robinsons; very pleasant but beer average (suffering in the heat ?)

29 Jul 2006 18:01

The Monsal Head Hotel, Monsal Head

Just about perfect, particularly when the weather is like it is at moment; quite superb beer (Thornbridge in particular), served at right temparature, with superb setting for drinking. Also very friendly, even though very busy.

29 Jul 2006 17:59

The Longbow, Stapleford

Unremarkable but welcoming free house just south of Cambridge - decent garden and one of Camb's more interesting real ale range, although beer a bit warm and may suffer a bit from low turnover - deserves more support

26 Jul 2006 00:05

The Unicorn, Cherry Hinton

Typical Cambridge Greene King local; nice garden and
better than expected IPA. Lively at week-ends

24 Jul 2006 23:02

Chindit, Wolverhampton

Traditional Black Counry local with interesting beer range but a bit quiet

23 Jul 2006 23:43

The Royal Oak, Brownhills

It's a classic, but lack of trade on my 2 visits may damage beer quality (OK for me). Superbly managed house in appearance, welcome and beer range.

23 Jul 2006 23:15

White Lion, Walsall

Fairly typical of Black Country - large friendly and decent beer, not sure if it warrants lavish CAMRA praise

23 Jul 2006 23:13

The Rose and Crown, Walsall

Great Black Country local with superb beer - classic boozer decor

23 Jul 2006 23:10

The Moon and Starfish, Clacton On Sea

Very old fashioned Spoons, but does the job, especially when you need OK food quickly. Real ale range limited but was OK.

15 Jul 2006 21:59

The Red Lion, Kirby Le Soken

Typical unspoilt and largely unmodernised Essex country pub, with a superb garden (particularly for children). Only downside was average quality beer.

15 Jul 2006 21:57

The Queens Head, Walton on the Naze

Plain but plesant pub with above average Greene King.

15 Jul 2006 21:56

The New Bell Inn, Harwich

Fantastic - typical classic Essex pub with top beer (Nethergate), superb ham egg & chips, and no pretensions. Great pub in a great town.

15 Jul 2006 21:54

The Leigh Arms, Openshaw

Actually the Legh Arms. A brilliant pub, worthy winner of local CAMRA awards. Multi-roomed, welcoming to all (had a paddling pool for children in the garden), sensible range of quality beer, and the best corned beef sandwich I've had. Just realised I may have made this sound dreadful ! A gem.

14 Jul 2006 23:25

The Thatched Tavern, Reddish

Decent pub in the old style (e.g. separate Tapn room); unfortunately Boddies not great - probably suffering in our "heatwave" at the moment

14 Jul 2006 23:19

The Star Inn, Glossop

Interesting pub with a mixed clientele; Boddies was only OK but they obviously make an effort with real ale.

14 Jul 2006 23:12

The Old Gloveworks, Glossop

Nice pub in a pleasant setting; the local beer (Howard Town) was very good. Looked to be a lot going on.

14 Jul 2006 23:10

The Danish Invader, Stamford

Typical friendly estate pub; not a lot to say except it served a tremendous pint of John Smiths Cask. Of course it'll never get in the Beer Guide since in general variety counts for more than quality.

14 Jul 2006 23:07

The Regal, Cambridge

Due for a revamp next week - needs it as it looks dingy and soulless now. Real ale range reduced, though given lager focus and limited support from local CAMRA probably to be expected. Food more expensive than elsewhere.

8 Jul 2006 23:43

City and County, Goole

Decent Wetherspoons though based on my first beer (vinegar - willingly replaced) not one with vast real ale turnover.

8 Jul 2006 23:38

Goodmanham Arms, Goodmanham

Nice local in a lovely village for walks - eponymous brewery just closed but Theakstons was decent

8 Jul 2006 23:33

The Hope and Anchor, Blacktoft

Loved it - helped by our balmy weather, sitting by the Humber with a perfect pint of Johns Smiths Cask (try it) was as good as it gets. The pub itself is
friendly but ordinary; food looked good but was fully booked.

8 Jul 2006 23:32

Fox & Coney Inn, South Cave

Adequate but bland, Theakstons was only OK

8 Jul 2006 23:30

The Buccaneer, Brough

Competent village pub with decent Black Sheep, not a place I wanted to stay long though

8 Jul 2006 23:27

Ye Olde White Harte, Hull

Hull's answer to Cambridge's Eagle - a living museum, but with excellent beer and friendly

8 Jul 2006 23:26

Ye Old Blue Bell, Hull

Yet another Sam Smiths classic old pub - what can you say about them - Bitter OK

8 Jul 2006 23:24

Ye Olde Black Boy, Hull

Got it all really - character, classic interior and interesting beer range

8 Jul 2006 23:23

The Whalebone, Hull

In the same league as the Wellington for beer and atmosphere; really liked the old football programmes etc. Loved it, though the home-brew is not it's strongest point.

8 Jul 2006 23:22

The Wellington Inn, Hull

Great - not out of place in Manc's Nthn Qtr. Great range and interesting foreign beers, interesting interiors and very friendly

8 Jul 2006 23:19

Three John Scotts, Hull

Competent 'Spoons in a great part of Hull

8 Jul 2006 23:17

The Old English Gentleman, Hull

Lovely pub (Hull is blessed with them), but beer was off and was offered the same one as replacement - think it's just changd hands

8 Jul 2006 23:16

The Oberon, Hull

Boarded up - another disappointment in the Maraina area

8 Jul 2006 23:14

The Minerva Hotel, Hull

Great setting and lovely, friendly pub - beer range a bit dull though

8 Jul 2006 23:14

The Hole in the Wall, Hull

Really enjoyed this - very friendly atmosphere and Wold Top beer was good. Nothing much to say about the building, probably good place to watch football

8 Jul 2006 23:12

The Green Bricks, Hull

Still no real ale - pumps turned round, a shame

8 Jul 2006 23:10

The Bay Horse, Hull

Friendly and interesting, worth a walk around the area as well, but Batemans a little tired

8 Jul 2006 23:09

The Wrestlers Arms, Cambridge

Certainly still the best place to eat Thai with real beer; suffers a bit at the moment from lack of a garden; beers range from OK to superb (Tanglefoot)

5 Jul 2006 00:31

The Haymakers, Chesterton

Pleasant community pub, similar atmosphere to good East London pubs - beer not bad (Spitfire)

5 Jul 2006 00:29

The Prince Albert, Stow cum Quy

Anyone been here recently ? - was Cambridge Pub of the Year a decade or so back - looks half closed now

5 Jul 2006 00:27

The Kingston Arms, Cambridge

On last vist, food was down a couple of notches (chef went to the Live & Let Live I heard) but beer was absolutely superb, partic Summer Lightning - high real ale turnover here

5 Jul 2006 00:25

The Red Lion, Cambridge

Always a decent local; now under new management offers good IPA/Abbot and really good Thai food (wider menu than Wrestlers) - good for children too

5 Jul 2006 00:16

The Ashton Arms, Oldham

What the Wellington in Brum ought to be liked, relaxed (seats), sensible but ambitious beer range,
and pleasant (not a smoky haze)

2 Jul 2006 20:03

The Queens Arms, Manchester

An absolute cracker - epitomises what I love about Manc's Nthn Qtr (though slightly out). Very friendly and my children enjoyed the pinball, could have stayed there all Sunday afternooon

2 Jul 2006 20:01

The Beehive, Wandsworth

Small pleasant locals pub - had better Pride though

2 Jul 2006 19:52

The Windmill on the Common, Clapham Common

Very pleasant pub; let me have Youngs in a glass rather than the plastic that comes out at the first sign of summer - better than expected

2 Jul 2006 19:50

The Landor, Clapham

Nice pub, shame about the beer (warm)

2 Jul 2006 19:48

The Nightingale, Balham

A real locals pub in a very expensive-looking street;
very busy but Youngs was average

2 Jul 2006 19:47

The Beehive, Brixton

Old-style 'Spoons - treat as a McDonalds for beer,
not that real ale was great

2 Jul 2006 19:45

The Priory Arms, Stockwell

Quiet on a Sat lunch-time but pleasant - good Harveys
Would have liked to have tried food

2 Jul 2006 19:43

The Anglesea Arms, Chelsea

Lovely old pub - won't comment on the locals as England were on TV ! - Brakspear was marvellous (better now than at Henley)

2 Jul 2006 19:38

The Eagle Ale House, Clapham

Pleasant pub just south of Nappy Valley; shame they had to serve Pride in plastic glass when football on

2 Jul 2006 19:35

The Prince Albert, Battersea

OK chain pub (I guess) catering more for those north of the river but quite pleasant - Broadside decent

2 Jul 2006 19:32

The Castle, Battersea

Nothing special to look at, and very quiet (even with football on the TV) but Youngs spot-on

2 Jul 2006 19:30

Red Lion, Stone

Lovely traditional pub - Bass not great

2 Jul 2006 19:24

George & Dragon, Pollington

ABsolutely packed on my Sat night visit, mostly a more mature crowd - good Tetley

2 Jul 2006 19:21

Willy's Pub and Brewery, Cleethorpes

A great feel to the place, modern and airy but traditional values (?) - Wills Original superb

2 Jul 2006 19:18

The Nottingham Hotel, Cleethorpes

As recommended to me, a classic town pub with good Tetley

2 Jul 2006 19:17

The No 2 Refreshment Rooms (Under the Clock), Cleethorpes

Quiet and relaxing, and superb H&H Olde Trip

2 Jul 2006 19:15

Sinclairs Oyster Bar, Manchester

Last visited this in 96 just before unplanned relocation - still brilliant. Don't know why Sams gets knocked for 1 real ale - how many can you drink at once ? Sunday lunch was superb.

7 Jun 2006 00:04

The Travellers Rest, Sheffield

Nice pub - good beer (Kimberley I think)and very pleasant garden - food very cheap and basic

4 Jun 2006 13:52

Blue Bell Inn, Blaxton

OK, looks a decent eating place - hard to park in the "village" if the car parks full !

4 Jun 2006 13:50

Eden Arms, Edenthorpe

Very civilised and pleasant, and Ember Inns are doing a fine job on the real ale front. Just a bit boring to go to so many around the country that look exactly the same !

4 Jun 2006 13:49

The Salutation, Doncaster

Excellent - presumably no longer a Teley's Ale House (nothing wrong with those though) as majors on indies/micros beers and feels much moreof a local - good Donny Rovers stuff on walls

4 Jun 2006 13:47

The Tut 'N' Shive, Doncaster

Shakes off the Tut'n'Shive stigma by appealing to all sites - beer very good

4 Jun 2006 13:44

The Leopard, Doncaster

Lovely pub (for green tiling fans especially); superb John Smiths and micros, I've only seen livel music once but the jukebox is equally good - a must-visit along with Corner Pin

4 Jun 2006 13:42

The Macintosh Arms, Goole

Unsurprisingly, similar to the excellent busy town pubs you find in the Portsmouth area - very busy and characterful - quality of the Tetley's superb.

4 Jun 2006 13:38

Jemmy Hirst at the Rose and Crown, Rawcliffe

A great pub, a rural version of Cambridge's Carlton or Brirmingham's Wellington. Some of the best beer ever tasted (Farne Island) and a very traditional pub atmosphere. Took me 20 minutes to find, but it's a lovely village to explore on foot. The chinese take-away on the High Street is fantastic too.

4 Jun 2006 13:36

The Old Brown Jug, Newcastle under Lyme

Pleasant but a bit dull compared to nearby multi-room gems - mixed crowd, good Marstons Monk

17 May 2006 00:42

Museum, Newcastle under Lyme

Decent rather than classic - beer good but a bit dull compared to Hartshill/Longton gems

17 May 2006 00:39

Jolly Potters, Stoke on Trent

Classic old-style local, like Stockport does so well. I though it was really friendly - Bass was great. Looked like a for sale sign up though.

17 May 2006 00:36

The Coachmakers Arms, Hanley

Classic old-style local with real characters - best beer range in Stoke area but Bass is best here.

17 May 2006 00:33

The Belper Arms, Newton Burgoland

Amazed this pub not better known nationally due to its marvellous interior. Beer very good and food looked good too. I guess this part of Leics is just unknown !

24 Feb 2006 21:07

The Dog and Gun, Earl Shilton

Really characterful local, old-fashioned but attractive, top Pedigree ! Very good Indian take-away at the top of the road too

24 Feb 2006 21:04

The Chequers Inn, Roxwell

A rural classic; you might feel it's a bit too much of a local's pub but I felt very welcome. Classic pub decor and exceptional ber.

24 Feb 2006 21:01

The Musketeer, Leigh

I tried the (Hydes) Boddingtons here and it was absolutely fantastic - beer of the year so far. Nice to see it voted CAMRA Greater Manchester Pub of the Year, obviously beer quality is the key thing (though they do serve an interesting range. Very cosy as well.

15 Feb 2006 22:14

Cloisters Bar, Edinburgh

Fantastic - one of the best of Edinburgh's many great pubs (and GBG entries)- more real ales than many pubs but the volume seems to justify this

8 Feb 2006 22:00

The Blue Blazer, Edinburgh

Another of the string of atmospheric central Edinburgh pubs serving a few real ales well - larger than some as well

8 Feb 2006 21:58

The Bow Bar, Edinburgh

A must-visit for atmosphere and beer quality, though will get very crowded at times.

8 Feb 2006 21:55

The Halfway House, Edinburgh

Fantastic hidden gem - really friendly. Always impressed with a reduced range of quality real ale rather than multiple unused handpumps (e.g. Abbotsford)

8 Feb 2006 21:50

The Guildford Arms, Edinburgh

Lovely pub and beer range/quality excellent - ideal for the station

8 Feb 2006 21:47

The Abbotsford, Edinburgh

One for lovers of great pub interiors, but real ales not great - many better options close by

8 Feb 2006 21:45

The Carlton Arms, Cambridge

Amazed at the comment above - particularly the "fake people", possibly Anonymous means students ? Smoking ban is on it's way anyway, whatever we think, and the public bar remains child-free if that's a problem. The real ale quality and range remains.

27 Dec 2005 16:57

The Wellington, Birmingham

Just like being at a beer festival - amazing choice of excellent beer BUT no real pub atmosphere, perhaps because the customers range appears very narrow. You probably have to visit once, but you're better off in Digbeth for pubs.

3 Nov 2005 21:54

Scarisbrick Arms, Downholland

Looked very foody but well worth a visit - only one beer (from Southport) in good condition -

5 Oct 2005 00:36

The Eagle and Child, Bispham Green

Still really good - beer excellent, food a bit pricy

5 Oct 2005 00:33

The Black Bull, Mawdesley

Very characterful pub - good Cains, excellent food (hotpot cheap as well) - ideal walking country

5 Oct 2005 00:31

The Robin Hood Inn, Mawdesley

Welcoming foody pub (not pretentious) in wonderful countryside - beer OK

5 Oct 2005 00:30

The Prince Of Wales, Chorley

A classic multiroomed pub with lots of character and excellent Jennings - wonderful

5 Oct 2005 00:26

The Temeraire, Saffron Walden

Comments below about weekend nights could apply to most JDWs; visit on Sunday to enjoy the usual quality/choice beer and unusually good sunday lunch

25 Sep 2005 01:12

The Empress, Cambridge

Visit lunchtimes to see a true drinking mans pub at its best, (surprisingly) busy with students when visited at night. Great beers and a wide choice of chocolate

25 Sep 2005 01:07

The Green Dragon, Cambridge

Always busy but friendly old Cambridge pub by the Cam (but no pretensions). Good beer quality (not just Greene King) and some excellent pubby food

25 Sep 2005 01:04

The Carlton Arms, Cambridge

Despite unpromising location, one of Britain's great pubs - friendly, community-focused, best real selection and more importantly quality anywhere, and increasingly good food - my children love its as well

25 Sep 2005 00:58

The Waggon and Horses, Milton

Should be a classic - well-kept beer (Elgoods + guest) and local cider, decent balti nights, good garden, but let down by consistently unfriendly welcome

25 Sep 2005 00:55

Dead Poets Inn, Holbrook

On last visit still my favourite pub - Everards have done a great job in doing nothing ! - great beer and atmosphere - you won't want to leave

21 Sep 2005 21:15

The Boot, Dullingham

An old-style pub - very friendly and top beer, though
not a place I've ever lingered at

21 Sep 2005 21:14

The Rook and Gaskill, York

Now owned by Tynemill but still York beers and still good - small but characterful

21 Sep 2005 21:12

The Golden Slipper, York

Yet another of York's unpretentious gems - even the John Smiths was good here - really friendly too

21 Sep 2005 21:10

The Prince Albert, Ely

Everything below is true - the locals here are the stars - best Greene King you'll taste (best in summer in the garden)

21 Sep 2005 21:09

The Town House, Ely

Famed for late-night music, and also for its Oakham JHB

21 Sep 2005 21:08

The Fountain, Ely

A one-off - no food for the tourist, but immaculate beer and general presntation - perhaps a bit clinical for some !

21 Sep 2005 21:07

The Rose and Crown, Teversham

Takes a bit of time to appreciate this one - very traditional atmosphere, landlord a gent, beers (and Old Rosie) always very good, but not your expected Cambridgeshire country pub !

21 Sep 2005 21:05

The Brewery Tap, Waterbeach

Very pleasant garden if you have children and staff were friendly - IPA not great

21 Sep 2005 21:03

The Sun Inn, Waterbeach

Lounge bar is very atractive indeed and Adnams is fine, but little to hold your attention

21 Sep 2005 21:02

The Free Press, Cambridge

Not as friendly as it should be (lecturing students who take drinks outside etc), and beer not as wonderful as in the past, but still an essential stop on a Cambridge crawl I think

21 Sep 2005 21:01

The Regal, Cambridge

Not a great pub, but beer quality has been brilliant on my vists, and gets students into real ale so no bad thing - Sunday lunches are the best food option

21 Sep 2005 20:59

The Castle Inn, Cambridge

Generally the best kept beer (IMHO) in Cambridge,
despite the ambitious number of pumps - food also
exceptionally good (though beer expensive). A very nice feel and a mixed custmer base

21 Sep 2005 20:56

Millstream, Hitchin

A miserable, soulless place in one of Hitchin's few pleasant settings (ex-resident speaking) - but the McMullens AK was decent if expensive

21 Sep 2005 20:52

The Sunrunner, Hitchin

Used to look good but serve unusual but rubbish real ale, on recent return to Hitchin I was amazed by the quality of the Gales (though I wonder they can keep the other 6 or so as well !) - pretty good

21 Sep 2005 20:50

The Half Moon, Hitchin

One of Hitchin's better pubs (not traditionally saying much) - good Adnams and background music

21 Sep 2005 20:48

The Nightingale, Hitchin

First visit in many years, still a good locals pub and a great place to watch Sky, but amazingly now with
4 real ales (Nethergate especially good) - a real find in Hitchin

21 Sep 2005 20:46

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