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BITE user comments - montie49

Comments by montie49

The Blue Anchor, Blue Anchor

I believe that this pub is now closed as it is falling into the sea.

Some of the photo's I have seen look like it won't be long before it is in the sea!

5 Apr 2020 12:39

The Greyhound Inn and Hotel, Honiton

A cosy and spacious pub on the old a30.

My only real complaint was the price , £4.30 for a pint of Jail ale seemed a bit steep.


30 Mar 2020 18:42

Palk Arms, Hennock

This pub could be a real gem but it appears to have lost it's way a little.

Very cold with no fire on no food and generally messy.

It has everything a pub could need. A cosy fire area a games area a dining area with a view a great garden.

It just wasn't making the most of any of these things.


28 Mar 2020 11:57

Laurels Inn, Petrockstowe

A little strange to find a pub like this in a country village.

The pub would be better suited to a estate pub with the layout inside.

Nice enough place though and very clean but just too remote for me.


26 Mar 2020 18:32

The Union Hotel, Penzance

Much better on the inside than I expected it to be.

Was quiet as it was a week night but a pleasant interior none the less.


24 Mar 2020 18:28

The Kings Arms Hotel, Kingsbridge

I believe that this place is now closed.

Any updates?

23 Mar 2020 18:03

Dodbrooke Inn, Kingsbridge

Nice cosy pub a little out the way.

But felt uncomfortable the whole time we were here as it very a local's pub beyond belief!


21 Mar 2020 12:29

The Crabshell Inn, Kingsbridge

Great location of course.

But just way way too swanky for me.


21 Mar 2020 11:34

The Butterleigh Inn, Cullompton

A very pleasant old country inn untouched by modern life.

Just finding the place is half the adventure to say the pub is in rural isolation would be an understatement!

Cosy inside a pleasant garden a man could drink his life away in a pub like this.

Our light lunch was very pleasant and would recommend this pub to anybody. That is if you can find it!


18 Mar 2020 16:18

King of Prussia, Fowey

Good view above the square as it feels like the pub is on stilts (very wise!)

A little boring inside though and expensive with same old ales.


11 Mar 2020 17:51

The Lugger Inn, Fowey

Place was spotless inside and had a healthy flow of people even on a midweek day.

Worth popping in for a quick one but that's about it really.


10 Mar 2020 17:52

The Galleon Inn, Fowey

The best pub in Fowey and the only one not tied to the Cornish mafia.

Bright and airy inside and of course a cracking estuary view.

We visited on a November weekday so the place was nearly all ours it would be manic in the summer I imagine.


9 Mar 2020 17:30

The Fishermans Arms, Newlyn

Pub has burnt down.

Not sure whether it is going to reopen but as it is a St. Austell pub I would think that there is a good chance that it will.

Any news on this one?

8 Mar 2020 10:07

The New Inn, Goodleigh

The pub is in lovely countryside hidden amongst the hills of north Devon.

Fairly cosy inside but my real gripe was that only sold Doom bar as their sole real ale.

Surely a country pub like this could do better than that.


8 Mar 2020 09:16

The Dolphin Inn, Penzance

Closed up.

Shame as it did look like an old skool corner boozer.

6 Mar 2020 18:46

The First and Last, Penzance

Pub is now closed.

Never got to go in and the place looks like it could have been a fine old boozer.

6 Mar 2020 18:38

The Rum and Crab Shack, St Ives

Great view but the place felt dirty.

I'm glad the girl warned me about the pint I ordered before she poured it as it was £6.00 flippin quid!

Expected better.


6 Mar 2020 18:09

The Union Inn, St Ives

Nice pub really.

Would have scored higher if they had the bloody fire on in midwinter!


3 Mar 2020 17:25

The Wellington Hotel, St Just

Nobody wants to pay £17 for and bottle of wine and sit in a cold pub.

Which is of course exactly what happened to us.

Should have stayed at home.


2 Mar 2020 17:33

The Commercial Hotel, St Just

Good to see a free house at last to escape the St. Austell brewery monopoly of cornwall.

From the outside it doesn't look all the attractive but however the back bar is cosy once inside.

We had a decent basket size lunch in here which was very nice and even my pint of Doom bar was of a good standard too.


1 Mar 2020 10:30

The Western Hotel/Kettle and Wick, St Ives

Had a quick one then left.

Another boring St Austell pub.


28 Feb 2020 17:49

The Godolphin Arms, Marazion

A clinical feel to this place now and borderline restaurant rather than a pub.

Great view of course and handy for the bus stop but didn't really feel comfortable just drinking in here.


23 Feb 2020 10:37

Three Ferrets, St Ives

Would have been better for us if we were five pints in on our pub crawl and not our first port of call.

Yes it does look like a rough local but anything is better than another St. Austell pub rip off place.


21 Feb 2020 17:36

Fire Engine Inn, Marazion

Great view.

Great pint.

Average pub.


20 Feb 2020 17:50

Kings Arms, Marazion

Pretty much agree with the previous post.

Cornwall needs to get rid of St Austell brewery.

Boring ales and always a rip off, the pub however was quite quaint and cosy.


16 Feb 2020 11:49

Kings Arms, St Just

Certainly the cosiest pub in St. Just with a lovely roaring fire.

Slightly strange layout with a small bar area but a lovely pub none the less.


16 Feb 2020 09:58

The Ship Inn, Mousehole

A lovely pub with a lovely view.

Mousehole is a lovely place. We stayed here in the winter and the village and the pub could really be appreciated without all the tourists here.


13 Feb 2020 17:18

The Star Inn, Penzance

I knew it would rough and that a couple of tourists like us would never be welcome.

But please please please why so damn expensive!


12 Feb 2020 17:32

The Seven Stars, Penzance

Awful simply awful.

Felt like a disco in there in the middle of the day with music blaring flashing lights and a drunk old man touching me like I was his brother.

Avoid avoid avoid.


11 Feb 2020 17:48

The Star Inn, St Just

Certainly a locals pub and quite dark and dingy.

Didn't feel like they really wanted us in there so didn't really like the place.

It is however very pubby and has some great old photo on the wall I could imagine it having quite a good atmosphere in here in the evening especially if music is playing.

Sadly perhaps bad timing for us.


10 Feb 2020 17:20

Barum Gate, Barnstaple

Beyond awful.

Place is tatty, service appalling, expensive, no ale on.

Got the hell out of there and went to Wetherspoons.


15 Dec 2019 10:14

Ship Inn, Fowey

One of the better if not best pubs in Fowey.

It was only 1130 on a November weekday that we went in.
Fire was roaring and the Christmas decorations gave it a cosy feel.

No one else in here the whole time so we really managed to appreciate this lovely pub.


3 Dec 2019 17:45

The Cecil Arms, Saltash

When we visited here we were rushed and a little stressed.

The pub is in a lovely setting in what feels like a village pub.

My pint of Doom Bar was very good I would have given it a higher rating if we weren't so flustered here.


27 Nov 2019 17:27

Duke of York, Tavistock

Although the interior has been refurbed to a pleasant standard I just didn't click with the place.

Certainly a decent sort of sports bar and would be on anyone's pub crawl of the town it just wasn't for me.


26 Nov 2019 17:27

Safe Harbour Inn, Fowey

It is the bus stop pub and that was the only good thing about it I thought.

A so so place not helped by the overpowering St. Austell brewery which is sadly taking over Cornwall.


25 Nov 2019 17:56

The Eliot Arms, Saltash

A little disappointed with this pub to be honest.

It is a St Austell pub so yawn yawn yawn.

Also found everyone a little mouthy in here if I'm honest.


24 Nov 2019 14:32

The Dog and Donkey, Knowle

Good selection of real ales and also real ciders too all at a fairly good price for the area.

Didn't eat but the food would have been decent I'm sure.

Trouble was the place was just too cold. A freezing day in November and no welcoming fire or heating on, this is a basic must for any pub in the winter time which is of course one of the main reasons we venture into a pub at this time of year!


24 Nov 2019 11:24

Wyndham Arms, Cullompton

Having walked over three miles to get here thankfully the pub was open.

A very healthy flow of people on a Saturday lunchtime, certainly the hub of the village.

Cosy inside with a lovely inglenook fireplace at one end.

Three ales on but a little expensive really at £3.80 a pint.

7/10 A reasonable village pub

24 Nov 2019 11:14

Bishop John de Grandisson Inn, Teignmouth

Now called The Old Commercial Inn reverting back to it's original name.

To be honest I was expecting better. The fire was not lit and no atmosphere whatsoever.

It does have four excellent ales on but not a pub to go out of your way for.


10 Nov 2019 10:14

Rolle Arms, East Budleigh

I believe that this pub is now closed.

Any updates on what is happening to this pub?

4 Nov 2019 16:59

The Yacht Inn, Penzance

An unusual find I must admit.

But a decent enough place in a good location with fine views.

Did reasonable food too and serves a now rare pint of bass.

The best pus in Penzance are on the quay and promenade area.


17 Oct 2019 17:41

The Dolphin, Penzance

Certainly a lovely pub both inside and out and a fine location.

Being a St. Austell house I knew it would be expensive which it is.

Food also looked very good but again pricey.

Quite a pleasant place.


16 Oct 2019 17:50

Navy Inn, Penzance

Nice enough place inside with huge granite walls.

However we were the only ones in here and I felt very bored indeed so didn't mind leaving at all!


15 Oct 2019 18:33

The Dock Inn, Penzance

A good solid start to our pub crawl around Penzance.

The pub was quiet at noon on a Saturday but still quite liked the place all the same.

7/10 Worth a visit

15 Oct 2019 17:07

Farmers Arms, Penzance

An unusual layout to this pub and a little rowdy too.

Reinforced by the landlady necking Jagerbombs at 3 in the afternoon!


14 Oct 2019 18:31

The London Inn, Penzance

Bloody appalling.

Rough and unwelcoming.

Pint was undrinkable and had bits floating in it.


13 Oct 2019 11:57

The Normandy Arms, Blackawton

This pub has now closed and was in the end more of a restaurant really.

Still a shame though as Blawkawton is a pleasant village and the two pubs suited it well.

30 Sep 2019 15:24

The Tally Ho Inn, Totnes

Fantastic cosy pub with three fireplaces.

A great place for an ale on a cold winters day.

We had a good lunch here and they have the best real ale around on (Dartmoor Legend) plus two more.

One of the finest pubs in Devon a real country pub.


28 Sep 2019 14:43

The Sportsmans Inn, Hemborough Post

A reasonable place for food and a pint high up at Hemborough Post.

A big place inside with a decent beer garden too.

Our lunch was a very good size for a baguette.

Worth a visit.


27 Sep 2019 12:24

The Pig and Whistle, Littlehempston

Very expensive for drinks.

Didn't see or try any food so can't comment on that.

Pub is quite cosy inside though but won't be back the Tally Ho just off the main road is much better.


27 Sep 2019 11:02

The Poltimore Inn, North Molton

A light and airy feel to this pub which is now the only one left in the village.

It was a very quiet Tuesday lunchtime when we visited here with no real sign of locals quaffing ale at the bar which is always good to see.

Had a reasonable light lunch here although they did have a slight problem with flies around.

All in all an average place.


27 Sep 2019 09:25

The Highwaymans Haunt, Chudleigh

It appears that this pub is now closed and the landlord jailed for fraud.

Such a shame and surprise as it is a Greene King house and a very fine looking one as well.

Any news on this one as it must surely be reopening again soon.

21 Sep 2019 12:38

The Kings Arms Hotel, Lostwithiel

Not normally that keen on these types of St. Austell owned pubs, but didn't really mind this one.

The pub is in an imposing position on the main road and was very popular on a Saturday lunchtime.

My pint of Trelawney ale was very good too.


27 Aug 2019 18:03

Earl of Chatham, Lostwithiel

A very pleasant place on the quieter side of the river in Lostwithiel.

We sat out the back which catches the afternoon sun a treat pint of ale was good too.


25 Aug 2019 10:21

The Globe Inn, Lostwithiel

A pleasant pub inside and certainly the best location for the railway station.

My pint of Sharps Original was very good but slightly rushed as we had a train to catch.

Would like to visit again when I have more time.


21 Aug 2019 17:50

The Royal Oak, Lostwithiel

A fine looking place both inside and out with a pleasant tiered seating area.

However my pint of ale was very uninspiring and lifeless so the visit was slightly disappointing.


19 Aug 2019 17:44

The Sir Humphrey Davy, Penzance

Pub closed.

Slightly unusual to see a what was once a St. Austell brewery pub closed.

They normally are quite well run and do ok so not sure what has happened here.

15 Aug 2019 17:38

The Vyvyan Arms, Camborne

Ended up here on a Monday night whilst staying in the nearby Wetherspoons.

To be honest it felt a little creepy in here. Nobody in here at all and felt like the pub was in a time warp.

My pint of Fosters was ok but to be honest I just wanted to get the hell out of there!


14 Aug 2019 18:46

The Mounts Bay Inn, Wherry Town

Such a shame this pub has been closed for many years now.

No longer an indian restaurant and looks to be demolished.

It has survived mother nature throwing storms at it but it can't survive mankind....

13 Aug 2019 18:33

The Railway Tavern, Camborne

It is a shame that this pub has now closed and been converted into flats.

Every railway station needs a railway boozer nearby when random folk from all walks of life can wait for their train.

Sadly this is not the case anymore here....

11 Aug 2019 11:25

The Redwing Inn, Lympstone

It has taken me ages to get round to visit this pub and the place was really quite pleasant.

It is a modern pub with a foodie vibe but there were drinkers in there and plenty of places to sit and have a pint.

Three ales on which is good for a pub this size.

Lympstone is a pleasant village where you can do a mini pub crawl using a very handy train station right in the centre of the village.


11 Aug 2019 09:49

The Sea Trout Inn, Staverton

A huge rambling building slightly off the beaten track.

Inside has two bars and many different seating area. The garden outside is a slight let down but I enjoyed my two pints here, Palmers ales are very good indeed.


8 Aug 2019 17:30

Tyacks Hotel, Camborne

The two bars in this pub are like chalk and cheese.

One bar is like a dingy nightclub and the other like a restaurant.

Just all a bit odd for me, the place is huge though with some outside seating (rare in Camborne) but the spoons across the road wins every time.


7 Aug 2019 18:00

Tyacks Hotel, Camborne

The two bars in this pub are like chalk and cheese.

One bar is like a dingy nightclub and the other like a restaurant.

Just all a bit odd for me, the place is huge though with some outside seating (rare in Camborne) but the spoons across the road wins every time.


7 Aug 2019 18:00

The Turks Head, Penzance

I wouldn't have minded this place but it was just too pushy for food.

The moment we walked in we were ask and waitresses were hovering everywhere.

The pub is a pleasant place with decent ales, but we felt like they didn't really want us there as we were not eating.


7 Aug 2019 17:28

The Admiral Benbow, Penzance

Amazing place.

A little like the Highwayman inn at Sourton near Okehampton but better.

Nooks and crannies, very cosy and artifacts everywhere all with a nautical theme.

I will pop back again when next in Penzance which for me surely has the bast pub crawl ever started from the railway station!


6 Aug 2019 18:05

Fountain Tavern, Penzance

I f you are doing a massive pub crawl of the pubs in Penzance (that I do recommend!) then if walking up from the station it is a slog but make this your first pub as it is the furthest away and it is down hill from now on.

The place was packed on an early summers Sunday evening everyone was in good spirits and had had a few.

It did feel a little intimidating in here but Penzance is a bit like that.


5 Aug 2019 18:13

The Crown Inn, Penzance

It would have been better for me if we could have got a table outside in the evening sun but the place was busy and everyone seemed to know each other so we stayed in the pub.

Inside is ok but a little bland. Ales were good and this is certainly a conversation pub long may it continue.

Will give it another go sometime.


5 Aug 2019 17:21

The Globe, Penzance

A fine looking place from the outside in a very decent location too.

Inside was a slight disappointment being a sports bar but I actually did quite like it in here and would pop in again.


2 Aug 2019 19:12

Lamp and Whistle Inn, Penzance

A quirky corner pub not far from the railway station.

A very different selection of beers on offer most I hadn't heard of.

I would like to have given this place a higher rating but with the ridiculous pricing and lack of atmosphere I'm afraid I can't.


2 Aug 2019 18:38

The Castle Inn, St Ives

I would give this place a much higher rating as the pub is cosy and it has a great selection of ales.

But the guy behind the bar was so rude and off and just didn't want us in there so really couldn't quite relax after that.


31 Jul 2019 17:49

Lifeboat Inn, St Ives

Didn't mind it in here really.

The pub is very pleasant inside and geared up for food in a big way.

Location is of course great but like nearly all the pubs in St. Ives it rather frustratingly lacks any outside seating.


30 Jul 2019 17:54

The Prince of Wales, Falmouth

Good central location although no outside area whatsoever.

The pub inside is very pubby and cosy I just wish it had a few more people in there to get a bit of an atmosphere going.


30 Jul 2019 17:38

Queens Hotel, St Ives

One of the better pubs in St. Ives and does very good lunches.

I'm not normally a fan of St. Austell pubs, but I did like this one.


29 Jul 2019 17:57

Five Degrees West, Falmouth

The day was hitting a bit of a mid-afternoon lull and we were considering getting the train back but did stop off for one more pint at this bar on the spur of the moment.

Pint of ale was very good the place smart but very quiet. It was pleasant sitting out the front watching the world go by.

Needless to say this kick started the day again and many more drinks were has at other bars after this.


26 Jul 2019 18:37

The Golden Lion, St Ives

Felt bored in here and couldn't wait to get out.

Maybe I was unlucky? I will try again some day.


26 Jul 2019 18:12

The Packet Station, Falmouth

Not a bad Wetherspoons to be fair.

The place felt spacious and had many seating areas.

My large mixed grill was fantastic.


26 Jul 2019 18:03

The Seven Stars, Falmouth

Visited on a hot sunny lunchtime so was sitting out the front in the sun trap patio (early in the day).

Would like to visit again maybe on a winters day and then get to really sample the interior of this pub.


26 Jul 2019 17:43

The Front Bar, Falmouth

Cosy old skool drinking den in a converted fish cellar.

A crazy amount of ales on offer, would like to visit again when I have more time.


23 Jul 2019 18:27

The Chainlocker and Shipwrights, Falmouth

Certainly now Falmouth's flagship pub after St Austell brewery have refurbed the place.

The location is of course lovely but I was also impressed with the pub inside too although finding the toilet is a little hard.

Great to sit outside or in.


22 Jul 2019 17:47

Beerwolf Books, Falmouth

Not really for me to be honest.

I liked the look of the place up the alley and the building inside and out is lovely.

Just found the place a little boring to be honest.

Good selection of drinks though.


21 Jul 2019 12:42

The Sloop Inn, St Ives

Of course this place is gonna be a bit of a tourist hell hole and surprisingly this was virtually the only pub in St. Ive's with any sort of outside seating.

Maybe visit again slightly out of season when a little quieter.


21 Jul 2019 11:13

The Swordfish Inn, Newlyn

Found this pub quite amusing listening to the locals bantering on.

I loved the fact that fisherman and dockers were walking around the pub with all there gear on too.

Found it to be a little expensive though which I thought was odd.


30 Apr 2019 18:19

The Longboat Hotel, Penzance

This was one of the last pubs of the day on our visit to Penzance and not long before the train home.

I can't honestly remember that much about it though although I can vaguely recall that it wasn't that great.


30 Apr 2019 17:34

Crown Inn, Sturminster Newton

Pub closed and now flats.

Which does seem a little odd as it is in a prime position right in the middle of the town.

27 Apr 2019 11:20

The Rising Sun Inn, Gunnislake

A great pub.

Lovely views over the Tamar valley and a pleasant garden too.

Decent selection of ales too, by far the best pub in the Gunnislake area.

You can walk down the very steep hill from the railway station, but it is best to get the bus back up the hill from the village (depart's 35 past the hour)

Had lunch here too which was very good pub grub which is what we like.


25 Apr 2019 18:07

Tolcarne Inn, Penzance

This pub was ok but that was because it was very quiet, not sure what it would be like if it was busy as we were only having a pint.

Cosy inside and the ale was good too.


18 Apr 2019 18:06

The One and All Inn, Penzance

Friendly place and cosy too.

Also very handy for the railway station so they are used too random strangers here.


17 Apr 2019 17:56

The White Lion, Penzance

Rubbish dive of a place that I am surprised is still open.

Would have given it a slightly higher rating if the beer choice had been better.


16 Apr 2019 18:05

Tremenheere, Penzance

Everything has been already said about this place is true.

Rubbish building and rubbish staff.

4/10 (That is only because it is cheap!)

16 Apr 2019 17:58

The Crab and Ale House, Truro

Felt like a locals pub but right in the town centre.

Place would have been alright if it had a bit of atmosphere in here.


19 Mar 2019 15:43

The Old Ale House, Truro

Place is quite a good pubby kind of joint with chunky tables and a darkish interior.

I would have rated it higher but the place was just so damn expensive.
Especially if you want a pint of real cider which cost about £6.00 a pint!

Many ales on offer from Skinners brewery but come on why charge the earth?


19 Mar 2019 15:12

Try Dowr, Truro

Pretty awful spoons to be honest.

Always totally rammed with not many good seating areas.

Service was poor too and had only one guest ale on.

I swore we would never be back but on visiting the other rip off joints in Truro we did return with our tails between our legs....


19 Mar 2019 10:06

The Horse Pond Inn, Castle Cary

The pub would have been slightly better if the entire time we were in here on a Sunday afternoon the pub actually had at least one customer in it other than ourselves.

Is it just me or is Castle Cary a little odd.


19 Mar 2019 09:52

The George Hotel, Castle Cary

Certainly the best pub in Castle Cary, but then again there isn't much competition here.

The pub has a few small seating area's and a lovely fireplace in the front bar.

Good selection of drinks at not rip off prices.

Would visit again. 8/10

19 Mar 2019 09:32

The White Hart, Castle Cary

I have been to over 5000 thousand pubs with my wife travelling the length and breadth of the country by train and bus so we pretty much know what to expect in a new place.

However whilst we of course expect the odd glance of "who the hell are they" this had to have been the worse experience ever from the locals, even the barman looked at us funny and tried to walk off as we came in.

Still always a good talking point for day out and onwards we go.


18 Mar 2019 13:41

The Carnival Inn, Bridgwater

Looks like a nice Tudor building from the outside, but inside is the most average typical Wetherspoons going.

Place could do with a refurb, but having said that it is a useful place (as they all are!).


7 Mar 2019 19:11

Eight Bells, Wellington

Now closed but from the outside it does look like it may have been quite a nice little place.

7 Mar 2019 18:55

Ox Row, Salisbury

Busy place with a big emphasis for food.

Expensive but then what do you expect for a Fullers pub.

My pint of ale was fantastic though and it is good watching the world go by out onto the market square.


7 Mar 2019 18:47

The Haunch of Venison, Salisbury

An amazing old building. A proper old pub.

It must be terrible on a busy night in here trying to get served and it is also very expensive.

It is however a real treat to have a pint in here I would recommend visiting here during a weekday when it is a little quieter.


7 Mar 2019 18:38

Cloisters, Salisbury

A lovely beamed interior and fairly large once inside.

However that was about as good as it got. Very quiet on a Saturday afternoon and no food on offer either.

Needs to do better.


6 Mar 2019 18:41

Poulett Arms, South Petherton

Typical roadside inn.

Not surprised that it has closed.

6 Mar 2019 18:31

The Railway, Salisbury

Every railway station needs an old fashioned railway boozer and this place is a classic example of one.

No food whatsoever and a rough joint with dodgy clientele and the odd dog running around.

I do quite like these kind of pubs and you need one like this to allow a two minute sprint for your train!


5 Mar 2019 18:50

Staplegrove Inn, Taunton

Not really surprised this place has closed down. As it is miles from anywhere else in Taunton and looks pretty uninviting.

5 Mar 2019 17:56

Bridgwater Squib, Bridgwater

Another victim of the dreaded pubco.

Now a convenience store.

5 Mar 2019 17:31

Deacons, Salisbury

Small place and felt like a local's local.

Handy for the train station but I probably wouldn't visit again.


3 Mar 2019 10:29

The Admirals Landing, Bridgwater

Pleasant location in an up and coming part of Bridgwater.

Inside is just as good as sitting outside. My only complaint was that this area needs more bars and cafes to make it really thrive.


27 Feb 2019 17:12

The Watchfield Inn, Watchfield

I believe that that this pub is now closed.

Any reports on what is going on here?
I have heard rumours that is will reopen again but nothing as yet has happened.

Looks like it could be quite a nice country pub with a bit of work and the right owners, it is in quite a good location too near to the M5 and caravan sites too.

Any updates anyone?

24 Feb 2019 10:34

The White Lion, Langport

I think this pub has now closed and is now a bed and breakfast establishment.

Langport is certainly a town where pubs are struggling.

23 Feb 2019 10:51

The Great Escape, Bridgwater

An unusual looking great barn like place with not that many windows on it.

However once inside I found the place quite pleasant. Most pubs in Bridgwater are drinking pubs, but this is one pub that you could certainly eat in.

My pint of East Coast IPA was very nice and went down well.


23 Feb 2019 10:42

The Golden Ball, Bridgwater

This pub would have been better if we were 8 pints in, but after 3 pints the place felt rough as hell!

It was only one o'clock in the afternoon but all the old lags in Bridgy were in here off there faces, playing cards, betting you name it!

Don't get me wrong a don't mind a pub like this, I was just too sober at the time to be in there.


21 Feb 2019 17:50

The New Foresters, Bridgwater

The best pub of the day for us.

Lively, good prices and just a real pub.

This is what I love about Bridgwater, it is a real place with real people!


20 Feb 2019 17:34

The Cross Rifles, Bridgwater

From the outside I thought "HERE WE GO ANOTHER TERRIBLE DUMP!"

However once inside I was pleasantly surprised. The pub has a country feel to the place with fireplaces and beams. It is always very spacious inside so you can find a quiet area quiet easily.

One of the better pubs of the day.


18 Feb 2019 18:57

The Cornhill, Bridgwater

Would have been better if it was a little busier.

it is certainly a place where you can have a decent meal and drink without getting ripped off.

Bit like a slightly more upmarket Wetherspoons wioth a few TV's around showing sport on.


17 Feb 2019 11:12

The Bird in Hand, Bridgwater

I should have known better by the bunch of menacing looking locals checking us out as we walked past them on the way in.

A totally depressing hole couldn't wait to get out.


17 Feb 2019 10:03

The Kings Arms, Crewkerne

Another fine looking Crewkerne public house closed up.

I have never seen a town with so many nice looking pubs all closed.

What the hell is going on in Crewkerne?

17 Feb 2019 09:38

The Royal Oak, Crewkerne

Just like going back in time this really is a cracking little boozer.

It is an attractive looking place both inside and out and I swear they could use this bar in a 1960's period drama!

My only complaints were it was a little cold inside and a bit of background music wouldn't go amiss.


14 Feb 2019 17:52

Somerset & Dorset, Burnham on Sea

Bit boozy once inside but this was one of the better pubs of the day.

From the outside it looks like a family eating pub but inside is a lot different.

Pint of Doombar was good and very cheap too, it also has a pretty good juke box as well to use.


13 Feb 2019 18:05

The Railway Inn, Burnham on Sea

Ok place but far too many screens everywhere to enjoy a meal if the football is on.

Good location and worth popping in on a Burnham pub crawl.


12 Feb 2019 17:28

Victoria Hotel, Burnham on Sea

Not really my kind of place, although the lounge bar was the better of the two bars.

I couldn't see any ales on whatsoever so had to make do with Fosters which I didn't really want.

Didn't eat here but I got the impression that it would have been excellent pub grub if we had.


11 Feb 2019 17:26

Reeds Arms, Burnham On Sea

Every town needs a Wetherspoons.

This Wetherspoons however is very dated though and a little dull.

It is however in a cracking location (they always are!) and of course cheap as chips!


10 Feb 2019 11:21

George Hotel, Highbridge

Shame this old styled boozer has now closed.

It looks as if it may have been a good old fashioned place for a pint.

10 Feb 2019 11:07

The George Hotel, Crewkerne

Totally appalling place.

I expected a good little session in this two roomed arched hotel, but both the hotel bar and the newer refurbished "Ale house" were simply terrible.

Staff totally clueless, rude customers, no food and no ale available in the pre mentioned Ale house!


10 Feb 2019 10:50

The Swan Inn, Crewkerne

Is this place going to ever reopen?

With a bit of work and the right landlord it looks like it could be a decent pub.

Any news on this one anyone?

8 Feb 2019 18:07

Coach and Horses, Dorchester

I believe that this roadside inn has now been closed for a couple of years.
With little or no sign of ever reopening again.
Quite surprising really as I'm sure it would make a fine roadside inn again for food or drink.

5 Feb 2019 17:44

The Clipper, Weymouth

How on earth can a pub like this close down in such a great central location in the town?

The answer can only be that the place must be a dreadfully run place run by a pubco with managers that don't give shit!

5 Feb 2019 17:30

The White Hart, Crewkerne

How on earth can this beautiful looking pub be closed?

Surely someone could take it on and make a go of it doing ales and pub grub.

Our day out in Crewkerne was pathetic, nearly all the pub have closed down and they all looked like fine old buildings too.

Could and should be a lovely town but it is not.

3 Feb 2019 10:05

The Rock House Inn, Dulverton

Has this pub closed down?

Surely not? Now I know that Dulverton and the surrounding area has a lot of rich people that would never dream of going to a pub like this.
But there must be enough locals to go round that would support this place.

Any news on this pub?

29 Jan 2019 18:39

Victoria Arms, Wellington

Better than the Dolphin down the road but still nothing to write home about.

My pint of Doom Bar was the best pint I had all day and prices were reasonable too.

Very much a local's pub but that is what you would expect here.


29 Jan 2019 17:30

The Dolphin, Wellington

Dead, boring and only one ale on.

I expected more as it is in the good beer guide.


28 Jan 2019 09:44

The Grapevine, Exmouth

A band was playing on a Sunday afternoon, ale was flowing and everyone was having a good time.

A decent pub in a town where the pubs are disappointing.


21 Jan 2019 18:12

Towan Blystra, Newquay

Every town needs a Wetherspoons and Newquay is no exception.

It is just about the most average Wetherspoons I have been in. Fairly normal in every way. Not great for disabled access though.


20 Jan 2019 12:43

The Kings Arms, Taunton

Average place really.

Feels a bit like an estate pub but is in the town, also was way too light in here for my liking.

Was quite cheap though which is good.


13 Jan 2019 11:33

The Griffin, Newquay

A lot smaller than i was expecting it to be inside.

The place has a great commanding location on the main road and is handy for the railway station.

Worth a visit for a quick one.


23 Dec 2018 09:56

Berties Bar, Newquay

Didn't really mind this place and they were doing a bottle of wine half price on a Wednesday night.

A decent location with a nightclub next door although I would never entertain visiting one at my age!


20 Dec 2018 17:43

The Walkabout, Newquay

Surprisingly this was one of the better places we went to on our day out.

Great view over the beach and they had a very good cheap wine deal on which was need as everywhere else was a bloody rip off!


19 Dec 2018 18:22

The Sailors Arms, Newquay

Place was dirty, girl that served me was rubbish, didn't like it in here.


18 Dec 2018 17:20

The Fort Inn, Newquay

Looks a lot better from the outside than it really is once you get inside.

I was expecting a cosy pub but the place is a huge open plan cafeteria feel to the place.

Yes the view is fantastic and the garden decent but it is a cattle market for the tourist. Then again what the hell did I expect!


17 Dec 2018 16:45

The Hunters Inn, Newton Tracey

Expected better from this pub.

Only two boring ales on (Doom bar and Tribute) although my Doom bar was very nice indeed.

It felt a little cold in here even in front of the fire.

Just wanted it to be a little cosier really but then again I am a fussy git!


16 Dec 2018 11:27

The Central, Newquay


I was expecting Newquay to be a little cheaper especially in mid November in on a weekday but what did I really expect from the evils of anSt. Austell brewery owned pub.

To be fair to them this place has been done up swanky from the Central pub of old and I guess Newquay is trying to clean up it's act as the stag weekend capital of Europe.

Just not for me.


16 Dec 2018 11:18

Scallys, Weston Super Mare

A menacing looking place from the outside but was a lot quieter once inside.

Nothing really wrong with the place it just isn't my kind of place.


12 Dec 2018 18:05

The Quintrell Inn, Quintrell Downs

Pub looks like it is geared up for pubgrub on a large scale.

Not really a cosy pub for a pint we had one then left but I'm sure it would be ok for food.


6 Dec 2018 17:41

Welcome Home Inn, Par Green

As I have said many times before this kind of pub would be so much better if it wasn't a St. Austell run pub.

We didn't have a lot of time here as we had to walk back to the station.
My pint of Tribute was very good but, the place did lack atmosphere and was bloody expensive too!


4 Dec 2018 18:31

The Cribbar, Newquay

Agree about the comment about Newquay's bars.
The sheer size and number of them in this part of town must be quite a site on a summers evening!

I wish this pub was still a Wetherspoons as going out is just so expensive.

Ok inside but was very quiet.


3 Dec 2018 17:31

The Royal Inn, Par

The only good thing about this pub is it's proximity to the railway station.

My pint of Doombar was ok but the place had zero atmosphere. Turn the big telly off with the news on, dim the lights a bit and put some background music on!


2 Dec 2018 10:48

The Red Lion, Newquay

One of the better pubs in Newquay which at times can be a pretty awful place to have a pint.

Fantastic views and very large and surprisingly cosy inside.

Good selection of ales too.


1 Dec 2018 12:45

The Criterion, Weston Super Mare

The staff here were appalling and the place just too local for me.

Don't get me wrong I like an old skool boozer but this place is stuck in the 50's!


27 Nov 2018 13:06

The Burtle Inn, Burtle

Placed is closed and gone forever.

Not surprised really.

25 Nov 2018 10:54

The Old Colonial, Weston Super Mare

A bit boring in a way and very bland and generic.

The only good thing was the drinks offer which was two drinks for £5.00.


25 Nov 2018 09:20

The Regency, Weston Super Mare

All the reviews of this place are spot on.

Our pub crawl was hitting a bit of a low but this place restored some faith.

I agree it does feel a bit like a private club but that was fine. Also an impressive selection of ales too and it was great to see Bass on the pumps too.


25 Nov 2018 09:07

Bank, Taunton

Expensive gastro style pub in the solicitors back street area of Taunton.

However we did enjoy our visit here, inside is pleasant with a good atmosphere, it's just that I am a session drinker and this place is not really suited for that.


21 Nov 2018 18:04

The Winchester Arms, Taunton

Walking across the green this place from afar looks like an interesting old pub, however inside is a total culture shock.

I agree many a tourist must have felt the same as we did and to top it off the landlord said we are closing at 4:30 today on a Saturday afternoon!

However my pint of Henekein was very good and at quite good price.
Was just so shocked to see a place like this.


20 Nov 2018 17:39

The Princess Royal, Taunton

It was ok in here when we visited on a Saturday afternoon.
Fairly busy too although I thought £3.80 a pint for ale a little on the high side.
The pub feels like an estate pub but is actually virtually in the town centre.


19 Nov 2018 18:30

The Racehorse Inn, Taunton

One of the better pubs in Taunton, we enjoyed our visit here.
Not sure whether a would like it on a packed night in here mind.
The pub is actually quite long but the bar area is fairly small.
Very traditional in here and pleasant when quieter.


19 Nov 2018 17:30

The Malt and Hops, Taunton

Now Molly Malone's Irish bar.

Totally awful place. My pint of real ale was appalling, staff terrible and a pointless massive tv screen on with non league football that nobody cared about.

Couldn't wait to get out.


18 Nov 2018 11:15

The White Hart, Taunton

Now renamed as the Victoria gate.

Cheap pub most drinks under £3.00 just a little rough for my liking not really my kind of place.


18 Nov 2018 10:28

The Chichester Arms, Mortehoe

Not too bad a place, fairly cosy inside and warm too.

My only complaint is that I found the bar staff a little rude and abrupt.
Mortehoe is a lovely village and a breath of fresh air from the nearby awful Woolacombe.


11 Nov 2018 10:41

The Blacksmith's Arms, Plymtree

Very hard to find and get to but worth seeking out.

Inside is pleasant beer was decent my only complaint is where are all the locals?
A village pub like this needs locals quaffing ale at the bar putting the world to rights!


4 Nov 2018 11:46

The Merry Harriers, Westcott

Nice enough place on the old main road between Cully and Exeter.

It was pleasant sitting out the front in the autumn sun and inside looked cosy too.

However the service was appalling and drinks quite expensive so it is unlikely to be a destination again for us.


1 Nov 2018 17:50

Wellington Hotel, Boscastle

A lovely looking place from the outside but nowhere near as good once inside.

I don't know whether it was the time of day (around 5ish) or the fact it was October but the place was dead as a door nail with no atmosphere whatsoever.

A few locals at the bar and that was it. Went down to the Cobweb and the place was absolutely heaving!


25 Oct 2018 18:06

Ye Olde Malthouse Inn, Tintagel

Just edging it as the best pub in Tintagel.

Very cosy inside, oldy worldy charm with many nooks and crannies.
Warm with two fires lit as well.


17 Oct 2018 18:01

King Arthurs Arms, Tintagel

A large pub geared up for hoards of hungry tourists!

However inside is quite cosy and the range of beers and ales is impressive.

Not too bad for a major tourist town!


16 Oct 2018 17:47

The Cornishman Inn, Tintagel

A complicated layout inside with many different areas.

The garden is pleasant but overall I found the place pretty awful.

Staff were rubbish and the place looked tired and run down.

The worst pub in Tintagel.


16 Oct 2018 17:12

The Tintagel Arms Hotel, Tintagel

The little back bar in this place is a pleasant place to have a pint or two and the interior is smart and clean.

Oddly there was no real ale on when we visited but Wolf rock Ipa was on tap and that is a very good drink indeed.

One of the better pubs in the town.


15 Oct 2018 15:26

The Cobweb Inn, Boscastle

Was totally rammed in here early on a Friday evening mainly with what must have been locals.

It's a fine old place in a good location and would certainly visit again.


14 Oct 2018 11:45

The Waterman's Arms, Ashprington

Of course a beautiful spot by the water I knew we were gonna be ripped off I just expected the quality of the drinks and food to be better.

The place felt a little lacking in it's attention to detail not helped of course being owned by Palmers brewery which is never good for the wallet.

Not worth going out of your way for but ok for maybe a quick pint by the river if passing.


16 Sep 2018 11:13

Hop and Vine, St Austell

As stated before this place is now permanently closed.
Shame really as it looked like it might have been a decent little place.

27 Aug 2018 17:19

Queens Head Hotel, St Austell

A lively little local and worth a quick one if doing a pub crawl of the town.

You must also visit the toilets here as it feels like you are walking into a castle dungeon!


26 Aug 2018 11:33

White Hart Hotel, St Austell

Very expensive and was dirty too.

3/10 rubbish visit.

23 Aug 2018 18:18

Seven Stars Inn, St Austell

The pub itself was ok and tucked away in a pleasant part of town.

But £4.00 for a pint of Carlsberg is too much and that is why I don't really like these St. Austell brewery owned pubs.


22 Aug 2018 17:52

The Rann Wartha, St Austell

Found the place a very average Wetherspoons really.

Staff were quite poor and the place found a bit tatty, having said that though after a tour of St. Austells other town pubs we were quickly back in this one!


21 Aug 2018 18:09

The Railway, Liskeard

It certainly looks like a fine place looking at the photo above.

When on earth was that taken? As the place is run down and all boarded up at the moment. Can't ever see it reopening again.

20 Aug 2018 17:57

The White Horse, Liskeard

Very cheap place with good drinks deals.

Pleasant inside but was ruined by overpowering football on everywhere with very loud commentary.

Would maybe visit again though.


19 Aug 2018 12:52

Barley Sheaf, Liskeard

Perched high up in an unusual position in the town near the church.

Inside is spacious and quite a cosy place with many nooks and crannies.

However our visit was a poor one. Very expensive drinks (owned by St. Austell)
and just not our kind of people really.


16 Aug 2018 17:43

The Red Lion, Liskeard

This was the best pub we went in all day. A basic old skool boozer with locals at the bar and a very good cheap selection of drinks.

Pubs like this are dying but even with Wetherspoons now in town from what I saw I believe this place could survive.

7/10 (first pint so was sober, would have been rated more later on)

14 Aug 2018 17:46

The Albion, Liskeard

Dark dingy and dirty.

Pint was off too. Place looked inviting from the outside but all in all pretty awful visit.


13 Aug 2018 17:57

The Old Stag, Liskeard

Closed down now but what a fine old place this would have been if still open.

A beautiful old fashioned railway tavern, surely this place would have been a gold mine with people connecting trains for Looe and just having a quick one.

A real shame to see it gone forever....

12 Aug 2018 11:47

The Merry Harriers, Clayhidon

Drove past today and the place is just a derelict car park.

Such a nice part of Devon (just!)

Any news as I have heard it may be rebuilt soon.

31 Jul 2018 18:45

Exeter Inn, Bampton

Drove all the way out here one evening only to find the pub is now closed!
How on earth can a place like this be closed?
It has got everything going for it. Good roadside location, lovely area, letting rooms, the lot!

It can only be the evils of a dreaded pub company that has led to it's failure.

A hidden gem in the right hands.

28 Jul 2018 15:31

Cary Arms , Babbacombe

Of course fantastic location. One of the best ways to visit this place is to use the Babbacombe cliff railway and then walk along the shore to it.
The road was in a ridiculous state and I wouldn't fancy driving up or down it.

Just too expensive though as it markets itself as a boutique hotel more than a pub. Worth a visit on a lovely day though.


23 Jul 2018 18:16

Coach and Horses, Appledore

Is this pub ever gonna reopen?

Every time we visit Appledore the pub is still closed saying reopening soon but it never does.

Any news anyone?

28 Jun 2018 11:59

Six Bells Inn, Payhembury

Nice enough pub in a pleasant village way off the beaten track.

Not really a beer garden but the outside seats catch the sun well overlooking a pleasant village green.

Would pop in again if in the area.


24 Jun 2018 10:23

Ye Olde Globe Inn, Berrynarbor

Lovely pub in a lovely village in a lovely part of Devon.

However what was not lovely was the ignorant lazy couldn't care less bar staff.

Was expecting better glad we didn't aim to eat here.

5/10 for the pub and area

17 Jun 2018 11:25

The Sawmill Inn, Watermouth

The pub has recently had a refurb and is very nice indeed.

I think it is owned by a local chain now and is now very smart. It was very pleasant indeed sitting outside on a sunny Saturday afternoon watching the world go by the stream.

However a word of caution I paid £9:80 for a pint of Heineken and a pint of Korev! The most I have ever paid for Two pints ever in over £30 years!
This is not London this is a tourist area yes but that is ridiculous.

7/10 (Bring a mortgage!)

12 Jun 2018 17:48

Ashill Inn, Ashill

A lovely pub in lovely non tourist countryside.

The pub is compact but cosy and the beer garden is very pleasant too.
My only complaint is £4 for a pint of Amstel seems a bit steep.


3 Jun 2018 12:31

The Tom Cobley, Spreyton

Many well priced ales and ciders on around 10 ales alone I counted.

Decent beer garden and cosy too inside, this is what people imagine a great British pub should be with a friendly landlord and locals at the bar.

It is a shame as there is virtually no public transport to this village so we had an 8 mile round trip to get here (never take the car to the pub!)


7 May 2018 16:42

The Barrel at Bude, Bude

Nobody else was in this pub on a wet midweek afternoon.

If we had visited at another time with a few more people in here and some music on the place I'm sure would have been a lot better.

4/10 Maybe have to revisit on another occasion.

3 May 2018 17:50

The Portman Arms, East Chinnock

Closed up now but has signs on it saying will reopen again as the "Wooden Top inn".

Whether this actually happens remains to be seen as there is no sign at all of this pub reopening in it's present state.

Any updates on this one?

30 Apr 2018 17:39

The Old Station House Inn, Kentisbury

Great beer garden with a view and loads of animals to look at.

Inside is very dated though and felt more like a café than a pub.

Also very expensive and I mean expensive, won't bother again.

5/10 mainly for the garden.

26 Apr 2018 17:35

The Complex, Stoke

Is this place ever open?

Every time I want to go in here I have failed.

I do not go out late in the evening so maybe it is a late night bar.

17 Apr 2018 17:33

The Barrel of Beer, Beer

Visited midweek on a quiet out of season afternoon so the place was almost empty most of the time we were in here.

However with a few people in I could imagine this place having quite a good atmosphere and there are plenty of nooks and crannies to get o bit of quiet too.

5/10 Maybe a revisit is needed.

16 Apr 2018 17:29

The Post Office Inn, Plympton

I guess I must have visited this pub at the wrong time. (3 pm on a Tuesday!)

You can clearly see that this is a pub that with a few people in could have a cracking atmosphere it was also a lot bigger than I thought it would be.

It will be a struggle though for the place with expensive drinks (Enterprise inns!)
and spoons up the road I don't see it lasting much longer.


12 Apr 2018 17:51

The Revenue Inn, Devonport

Pub closed up like most of the pubs in Devonport.

To think Devonport used to have over a hundred pubs we are now down to four or five.

Very sad.

28 Mar 2018 17:38

The Chaddlewood, Plympton

An ok place fairly cheap and quite cosy in a way.

Didn't eat here but the food looked terrible.

Ok for a beer though.


27 Mar 2018 18:47

The Two Trees, Plymouth

Place closed as a nightclub but then reopened as a local pub but has now closed again.

I have yet to ever sample this place either as a nightclub or a pub which is a great shame as the pub is a fantastic looking mean boozer of a building and deserves to be open again.

22 Mar 2018 12:07

The Artichoke, Christow

Place could and should have been a lot better.

The owner looks like he has given up on the place.
No kitchen open pub cold and place felt lacklustre.

Not what we expected!


21 Jan 2018 12:27

The Braunton Inn, Barnstaple

Great location right by the Taw estuary and the tarka trail.

Inside is a disappointment though, very tatty and needs updating, also the toilets are in a ridiculous place up a huge flight of stairs.

This is certainly an outside place where on a summers evening it would be pure bliss.


6 Sep 2017 14:12

Bar Electric, Woolacombe

Ok for a quick one on a Woolacombe pub crawl.

The bar is modern with a decent location and an average view (of the road!).

One of the better bars we visited on the day.


23 Aug 2017 19:07

The Duke Of York, Iddesleigh

One of if not the best pub in Devon.

Fantastic olde worlde cosy place with massive fireplace and many a local character dotted about the place.

The food is also magnificent as so is the ale.

The pub in it''s quiet location is a humbling reminder of what life was once like in the countryside of Britain.

Very hard to get to by public transport but a walk is all part of the fun.


23 Aug 2017 12:46

The Ness House Hotel, Shaldon

A fine looking place a little walk from the village.

Good views from a decent beer garden and inside was pleasant too.

However our ploughmans meal was a total rip off! Nearly a tenner for some salad and two thin slices of cheese!
I know this is a tourist area but it was ridiculous.

5/10 Everything was good apart from the meal.

21 Aug 2017 17:14

The George, Charmouth

Pub is pleasant inside and also has a large garden out the back with a few goats and other animals.

Range of ales ok if not a little common.

My only complaint is that the pub felt like a hectic Wetherspoons with kids buggy''s you name it!

However this was my fault for visiting on an August Saturday on a nice day!

6/10 Would be better at a quieter time.

20 Aug 2017 13:36

The Royal Oak, Charmouth

Nice little pub run under palmers brewery which is ok as I do like their ales.

A few local and tourists dotted around here and there. Only had the one which was nice.

The trouble with the village of Charmouth is that their isn''t really a lot there and is more of a place you tend to bypass.


20 Aug 2017 13:03

The Tides Inn, Woolacombe

Probably the best pub we went to all day.

Place was smart inside and outside has a very commanding view over Woolacombe and out to see.

One of the only pubs that I would go back to if in the area.


16 Aug 2017 17:32

The Queens, Lynton

This place could be so much better!

Slap bang in the middle of Lynton, I lost count of the number of clueless tourist looking for somewhere to eat and drink edging up to the doorway only to be totally put off by the place as it looks like a grotty local sports bar.

Why no one has bought this place and made it into a swanky eatery is beyond me.

We had a quick one and left pretty rubbish really.


9 Aug 2017 18:55

Red Barn, Woolacombe

Visited during the summer holidays which was an obvious mistake from me.

The pub serves the purpose it is there for to serve the massive tourist trade in the area.

Inside is a very bland affair, not muck character at all. Maybe it gets better in the evening but I will be tucked up in bed by then.

Good place for many, just not me.


1 Aug 2017 17:57

Dukes, Sidmouth

Totally agree with all the comments on the previous post.

I was totally bored the whole time I was here, although the place has a great location you just can't really see anything wherever you sit here, just concrete everywhere!

Would have preferred it as a wetherspoons!


30 Jul 2017 13:54

The Talaton Inn, Talaton

Decent solid local village pub.

The prices were good and the drinks were fine.
A good selection of pub grub available too. Also a decent spread of locals too which was a good sign.


30 Jul 2017 12:39

The Embassy Tavern, Paignton

Now rebranded as "Captain Jacks" after captain Jack Sparrow from pirates of the caribbean .

Inside was a bit of a let down and two of the lagers were not on.

A pub like this needs to make more of an effort if it wants to survive. Although we caught the sun in the garden it will always find it hard to compete with places like the Boathouse opposite which has fantastic views from it's location.

Never gonna be a busy place this one.


28 Jul 2017 14:20

Thirsty Farmer, Whimple

From the outside the pub looks very pleasant with a decent garden out front.

However once inside the place is a disappointment, very bland and dull.

Expensive to for what it is and the staff were rubbish.

Won't bother again.


15 Jul 2017 11:53

The Tamar Inn, Calstock

A lovely setting but an average pub.

Quite pricey too. Would go back and try again sometime maybe a little later in the evening.


6 Jul 2017 18:07

The Queens Head, Albaston

A real drinkers pub and not that expensive either.

It is easy to walk to from the railway station (easier to walk to than gunny!)

It is a little tatty and run down but still felt ok in here.


5 Jul 2017 17:46

The Buccaneer Inn, Gunnislake

The best pub in the village of "Gunnie".

Although it has to be said the other two were pretty dire.
The landlady was very friendly to us and gave me a few tips about the area.

It is unlikely we will return though as that walk back up to the station is a beast!
There is an hourly bus at 40 past the hour which is worth it's weight in gold though.


3 Jul 2017 17:49

Disney's Olde Thatched Inn, Ilfracombe

Planned our day around having lunch at this place, only to find out they were only doing food from 6 pm!

This was a Friday lunch time in June and we were not the only ones that enquired about food here.

The place could be a gem but it looked like it had given up on life when we visited.

Very disappointed!!


2 Jul 2017 12:55

The Treasury, Plymouth

Nice enough place, the sort of place suited to giggling hen do girls sipping their prosecco.

The trouble is I just can't bring myself to pay a fiver for a glass of 175ml wine.

Just to trendy for me so we had one then left.


28 May 2017 12:34

Manor House Inn, Croyde

I would say that this is the best pub in Croyde just ever so slightly away from the tourist bit.

Decent inside and a lovely garden outside. We visited in the depths of winter so the pub was very quiet. Had a meal in here which was very acceptable.

Would come back to this one again.


3 May 2017 18:18

The Fisherman's Arms, Plymouth

Hidden away in what has to be not the most attractive place on the barbican but once inside the place has been done up very smartly but still also very cosy.

I did like it in here and the ale was good but I do think that it is just too expensive for where it is.

It need to lower it's prices a little as you can't really say that this is a barbican pub like the others.

Apart from that I quite liked the place.


2 May 2017 18:03

Puffing Billy, Torrington

Place could be a hell of a lot better really.

Once inside it is a bit depressing and more of a café really.
The staff were very rude indeed and we almost turned around and walked out!

The place just felt run down untidy and tired, could be much better than this.


10 Apr 2017 17:43

The Williams Arms, Wrafton

What a disappointment this place was!

It does look lovely from the outside but inside was a bit depressing really.

However the whole visit was spoiled by the appalling language and behaviour of the locals! I am not a prude I have been to some of the roughest pubs in the country but this place for some reason felt very rough a real surprise indeed!

Won't be back.


9 Apr 2017 11:34

The Taw River Inn, Sticklepath

I would say that this has to be a contender for one of the best pubs in the country.

Good selection of ales and wines and fantastic home cooked food, always a good handful of people in here but what I find amazing is the prices of the drinks!
Almost like a wetherspoons price structure but with a better atmosphere!

If more pubs lowered their prices maybe they we be this good.

10/10 Absolutely incredible.

21 Mar 2017 17:59

The Kings Arms, South Zeal

A fine country pub in a lovely part of Devon with many great pubs all on or very near a regular bus route.

This area is as real ale lovers dream and this pub is no exception.
Lovely both inside and out and their Sunday roast was very good value indeed.

Worth seeking out.


20 Mar 2017 17:39

The Farmers Arms, Fishguard

Closed and derelict.

Certainly from the outside it does look like it could be a pleasant place, but who would dare to take it on in a town with many pubs but perhaps not enough customers to go round.

Shame though.

19 Mar 2017 12:38

The Cabot Hotel, Weston Super Mare

As has been said before a complex layout on different levels.

Although it has a good location and view I did find it all a little boring in here.
But then again two o'clock in the afternoon on a wet weekday is a terrible time of day anyway!


7 Mar 2017 17:32

The Old Rydon Inn, Kingsteignton

A fascinating place not what I was expecting at all.

A maze of a place inside with a unusual layout inside and a tiny quirky bar area.
It is fair to say that the place is a foodie destination but it does open all day Fri sat sun so if you just want a drink then go out of food times.

There is also a 50ft well somewhere in the place but I was unable to locate it.

Four good ales on and many wines too.


5 Mar 2017 11:44

Rose and Crown, Calverleigh

Was expecting a little better if I'm honest.

Place just wasn't a good as I thought it would be and not as food led as I thought it would be.

My pint of Otter Amber was very good but it's not a place that I would go out of my way for.


27 Feb 2017 18:03

The White Horse Inn, Launceston

Maybe I was unlucky but we found this place dull and bore.
The interior was bland and atmosphere poor.
Felt like a typical locals town pub and were not really all that welcome.


21 Feb 2017 17:54

The Queens Arms, Slapton

Not a much character as the Tower inn up the road, but this pub seemed to be where all the locals went and was much busier.

Decent pub grub and nice couple of pints of Otter too.
Slapton is very lucky to have two good pubs that compliment each other well.


15 Feb 2017 17:05

The Tower Inn, Slapton

Very cosy and pleasant on a cold winters day.

The place is very hard to find but certainly worth seeking out.
Had a couple of great pints sitting by a lovely fire what could be better than that.

The only thing I found a little odd was that we were the only ones in here the entire time we were in there which was a Saturday lunchtime.


12 Feb 2017 12:45

The Harris Arms, Lewdown

Went whizzing past on the bus and not really sure if this place is open as a pub anymore.

Can anyone confirm this?

8 Feb 2017 18:14

The Westgate Inn, Launceston

I was expecting Launceston to be a bit of a dump but actually I was quite charmed by the place.

This is a decent all round pub with two bars, one a food area and the other a sports bar.

A decent location right by the bus stop and the gents are over the road so anyone could use them!

One of the better pubs in this town.


30 Jan 2017 17:53

The Providence, Plymouth

A cosy little backstreet boozer in the rabbit warren known as Greenbank.

Nice place for a chat and a quiet one, the only trouble is it doesn't open till four or five o'clock which is far too late for someone like me!


27 Jan 2017 18:59

Westward Inn, Ivybridge

A big disappointment.

The place just was not geared up for customers and felt bland and dull.
There are much better pubs in the area than this one.


18 Jan 2017 17:59

The Bishops Mill, Salisbury

Great location outside by the river and a fine looking place too.

However once inside the place is soulless with no atmosphere and TV's on.

Food was an average microwave lasagne.

Won't really bother again.


8 Jan 2017 11:52

The Clifton, Greenbank

A decent backstreet boozer in an area swamped by students.

Pleasant inside with a mixed clientele.

Also fairly cheap too.


7 Jan 2017 17:56

Harry Tates, Plymouth

Also is no longer called Harry tates, it is now a nightclub called Crash Manor.

How things change.

26 Dec 2016 08:42

Harry Tates, Plymouth

Only went in here when it was the conservatory bar.
I think if my memory serves me right it was more of a bar than a club although I am talking 20 odd years ago!


26 Dec 2016 08:40

The Blue Ball Hotel, Bruton

This pub is no more and is now a b and b establishment.

19 Dec 2016 17:13

Cuba, Plymouth

It's just not meant for me.

I am pushing 40 and couldn't wait to get out!


6 Dec 2016 17:46

Goodbody's, Mutley Plain

The downstairs "jazz bar" was closed when we visited so we had to make do with the upstairs café.

To be honest the beer was awful, flat with no taste.

Just had one then left, not our cup of tea at all.


4 Dec 2016 13:45

Sir Joshua Reynolds, Plympton

This pub was well a little rough when we visited on a Saturday afternoon.
However it was one of the better pubs we visited that day and had a good atmosphere too.

The quieter back bar has actually been done really quite smart.

Better than I thought it was gonna be.


1 Dec 2016 18:35

The Royal Standard, Lyme Regis

A pleasant pubby pub interior with a good atmosphere inside.

I enjoyed the range of Palmers brewery real ales and they were at a decent price considering the location

This for me is the best pub of the three at the cobb end of Lyme.


30 Nov 2016 17:25

The Manor Inn, Brixham

So so place hidden in a back street up a very steep slope.

It may have been the time of day (it was early) so the place was lacking a bit.
The interior is pleasant but this place is gonna have it's work cut out to compete with the upteen number of pubs in this town.


28 Nov 2016 17:54

The Nags Head, Lyme Regis

Bit of a blokes boozer but still enjoyed our mini visit here.

Good pint of ale for a reasonable price.

It was lovely to sit in front of the wood burner to kick off the days session!


27 Nov 2016 12:21

The Globe, Brixham

Revisited a couple of months back. The place has been totally transformed and the newly renovated "Roly's bar is very smart and atmospheric.
Nice selection of beers (Sharps wolf rock is fantastic!).

I really hope this place can make a go of it. It's position is in the main shopping street in Brixham and could be useful as a halfway stop gap on a pub crawl.
But once you're in you will find it hard to leave!

I wish the owner well who we spoke to for quite a while and was a decent chap.


27 Nov 2016 12:06

The Maritime Inn, Brixham

Like another world once inside here, bric a brac everywhere but very cosy with a lovely fire too.

There is a parrot a dog (watch your fingers) and still not quite sure of what to make of the landlady.

Many whiskies on and around the bar, but beware this place only opens from 7 o'clock in the evening so for someone like me who likes and afternoon pint it is a little late for me!


26 Nov 2016 15:20

White Hart Inn, Bridestowe

Yes this is a pleasant kind of cosy place with a welcoming log fire on a cold day.

Didn't eat here but I'm sure it is good for pub grub.

Pleasant part of Devon too.


26 Nov 2016 14:50

The Royal Lion Hotel, Lyme Regis

Cosy enough place and was surprisingly cheaper for drinks than I thought it would be.

Staff a little in your face with the yes sir no sir thing. But certainly worth a stop for a quick one if doing a pub crawl of Lyme.


26 Nov 2016 13:49

The Thatched Inn, Abbotsham

Very smart well run place both inside and out.

Our food was very good and we encountered no problems whatsoever.

On a negative point the place got very busy and it was raining so the bar got quite busy and it can be slightly awkward eating with other tables being close by.

Would be great outside on a summers day in their smart garden.


26 Nov 2016 13:40

The Focsle Inn, Combe Martin

Pretty awful weathered looking place right by the sea.

Tack, rundown and looks like it has given up.

If this place were on an estate it would be closed down by now.


17 Nov 2016 17:47

Aylesbeare Inn, Aylesbeare

Drove past today and the pub has been totally demolished with new housing being built on the site.

Such a shame as never got to go in this place and it does sound like it was a proper village pub too.

Website for the new builds on the site says that they are gonna build a wine bar also on this site. That does sound a little strange to me as a modern wine bar here would be totally ridiculous.

Watch and wait on this one.

14 Nov 2016 18:53

The Devonport Inn, Kingsand

Of course people head here for the pubs fantastic location by the sea.
But however it is also quite cosy inside which does get busy.
Worth a visit in a storm or a heat wave.


13 Nov 2016 11:29

The Patch And Parrot, Bideford

Up market gastro pub.

Best suited for families or a place to take your mother for a meal.

Ideal for weddings, christenings or large special occasions.

I felt very underdressed in here and wish I wore my best suit.


This place is a disgrace and should be closed down!

13 Nov 2016 11:20

The Rising Sun, Kingsand

Cosy friendly local.

I could imagine it fills up very quickly in here and getting served may be stressful.

Slightly unusual location just up from the sea.

Nice selection of ales too.


10 Nov 2016 18:16

The Hare and Hounds, Kingskerswell

Nice place both inside and out.

The place is smart and the food is decent, certainly not a boozer of a pub but worth going to for a decent meal.


6 Nov 2016 11:56

The Union Inn, Plympton

Nice enough place.

Good selection of real ales and quite cosy too.
Just a little off the beaten track.


3 Nov 2016 18:01

The Plough Inn, Ipplepen

As previously stated this pub is now closed.

Shame as it is a nice building and must have been a good place.

2 Nov 2016 17:50

The Cyder Presse, Bideford

It is a tight lunchtime window here as it only opens 12 till 2.

Good selection of real ales and real ciders too.

Pub is in a quiet area surrounded by beautiful countryside and a pleasant pub it is too.


30 Oct 2016 10:26

The Reform Inn, Pilton

We have been to the Reform twice now and to be honest we have been disappointed.

Now I know that this goes against the grain of what everyone else says but we found the place a little odd and slightly depressing. Maybe we have been unlucky.

However the real ales (which are brewed on the premises were all very good.


27 Oct 2016 18:26

The White Horse Hotel, Wincanton

Nice enough looking place but the pub is closed at the moment.

Will anyone dare to renovate this place in a town like this?

26 Oct 2016 17:48

The Ferry Boat Inn, Dittisham

When you arrive to ditsum by the ferry there really isn't much else here other than this pub, which is fine by me.

However the drawback is that every other person is doing the same as you and the place can get busy and uncomfortable.

I would love to visit this place on a quiet evening Winter or summer, it wouldn't matter to me as the place is very cosy inside with a great location and views too.


25 Oct 2016 17:59

The Green Dragon Inn, Stoke Fleming

Nice enough place in a fine part of Devon.

Inside is cosy and old fashioned, only had a couple here but would return to this place again.


23 Oct 2016 12:12

The Ship, Kingsbridge

I think this pub has closed now and is maybe a costa coffee as I could not find it anywhere!

20 Oct 2016 17:30

The Cadeleigh Arms, Cadeleigh

The pub is set in beautiful Devon countryside way off the tourist trail.

We walked up from Bickleigh (and back) and were in need of some refreshment.

Pub is pleasant and cosy, however the beer was a little iffy (I think my otter bitter may have been a little off) and the Sunday roast a disappointment .

Maybe they were just having a bad day.

Would go back and give it another bash a the pub and area are really quite charming.


17 Oct 2016 17:47

The Start Bay Inn, Torcross

Much has been said before about this place, fantastic location and mega fish and chips.
It's a pleasant place inside and I have visited twice both out of season and the place was still busy.

If I had to pick a negative it can feel a bit like a café and the tables are very close together but to be fair to them they are only trying to get as many in a possible.

7/10 Would like to visit on a winters stormy night the place would feel fantastic!

15 Oct 2016 13:21

The Red Lion Inn, Dittisham

What a disappointment this place was.

We struggled up the steep hill from the ferry hoping for a lovely country pub and what we got was a mismatch of a pub come café come shop come post office!

I totally understand and admire the place for keeping the community going with all these essential services but for gods sake try and make it a bit more presentable for the customer. Also place had no change and seemed a bit clueless too, although she did admit she was having a bad day.

3/10 (And that was only because they sold Dartmoor Legend)

15 Oct 2016 09:09

The London Inn, Plympton

I really was expecting a much better place than this was.

Inside the place is dated and tacky with a poor selection of drinks.
Also there was no atmosphere whatsoever so just had the one and couldn't wait to leave.

This place could be so much better!


14 Oct 2016 11:11

Courtenays, Tiverton

A quirky little place in a town that doesn't really have any decent pubs.

If this place was in Exeter it would be £4.50 a pint and full of hipsters but as it's in "Tivvy" the place is has great prices and full of real people.

Great for ale and cider buffs and good for conversation too.


8 Oct 2016 08:05

The Coach and Horses, Bideford

I was disappointed with this place and was expecting better as it is in the gbg.

Although it has four ales on tap the way the place was run was a little chaotic.
Maybe the guy was just having a bad day as the place had many locals in it and they seemed happy enough.

We had a light lunch in here but I just felt like everything I did and asked for was an inconveinience to him.

Could be a great little place.


2 Oct 2016 11:31

The Hart Inn, Hartland

This pub must have been having an off day when we visited.

The place is attractive both inside and out and my pint of Otter ale was very good. The problem was there was little atmosphere in here and only one other person turned up the entire time we were in the on a Saturday lunchtime too.

I saw easy was of ordering any kind of food whatsoever and we were hungry at the time.

4/10 Expected more from this place.

26 Sep 2016 17:48

The Halfway House Inn, Kingsand

Probably the most least traditional pub in the Cawsand and Kingsand area.

Nice place to eat I would imagine, we just had a quick one here before moving on.


25 Sep 2016 12:22

The Cross Keys Inn, Cawsand

Nice enough place and was handy for a quick one before we caught the ferry back to Plymouth.

My pint of Legend was good (it always is!).


22 Sep 2016 18:53

The Puffing Billy, Exton

The place is smart and is right on the Exe estuary trail so you can walk or cycle here.

It is more geared up for food although you can have a drink here and they have a decent outside area.

However I just found the whole place soulless (many modern places are) and was really quite bored here so just had one then carried on our walk to Exmouth.

Also very expensive here for a pint (£6.40 for a pint and a half of San Miquel) but I did expect that in a area like this.


13 Sep 2016 18:17

Cockhaven Manor, Bishopsteignton

Smart place (I think it has had a refurb with new owners).

Inside is modern and outside has a lovely beer garden.

My ale was fine although my only complaint was the manager seemed a little pushy.


6 Sep 2016 21:54

The Plucknett, Yeovil

Still boarded up and gonna now be a vets I here.

I don't think we will see this place as a pub again.

25 Aug 2016 18:39

The Haywain, Chelston

I agree with the previous post, not really my cup of tea either.

The place is huge, probably too big as I could never imagine it gets that busy
My ale wasn't that get and the atmosphere was poor.
More music and less sport on tv would have helped.


21 Aug 2016 13:03

The Anchor Inn, Ugborough

The previous review is just so true to what we found when we visited the Anchor.
From the outside the place looks like a cosy traditional village pub, but however once inside and in the small and very strange bar area the place just feels soulless.
Ugborough already has a dining pub in the ship , what this village needs is a locals boozer sadly that is now never gonna happen.


17 Aug 2016 21:22

The Ship Inn, Ugborough

This is the better of the two pubs in the village of Ugborough.
A smart clean modern place with a restaurant and a bar area and a few benches out the front.
My pint of Doombar was excellent but we only had the one here as we had to press on.
Also the village of Ugborough is an absolute gem with it's square and spacious feel to it.


15 Aug 2016 18:00

The Modbury Inn, Ivebridge

We visited every pub in Modbury and this was the best one of the day.
Inside is clean modern and smart. Drinks were cheaper than I had expected and the atmosphere was good.
We will return when in the area again.


10 Aug 2016 18:03

The Dolphin, Dartmouth

A decent place once inside in a pleasant corner of the town.
I liked the layout, it had a decent scattering of clientele in and our drinks were fine.
However the whole experience was marred by some somewhat overpower French café style music on repeat all the time, it would have been a very good visit if this was not on and some decent quieter music was played instead.

Maybe another visit is needed.


4 Aug 2016 18:54

Fountain Hotel, Okehampton

A lovely bar with two bars and a decent beer garden.
One bar is a bit sporty and aimed at younger people and the back bar is a very cosy seating area.
Everything about this pub is perfect whatever the weather, however my only complaint was that there was no atmosphere in here whatsoever (or music) so took the shine off things a bit.


3 Aug 2016 19:19

The Floating Bridge Inn, Dartmouth

Fantastic location and ideal for a quick one if waiting for the higher ferry to arrive.

The fish and chips are fantastic and priced at £6 £8 and £10 pounds obviously depending which size you want.

The actual bar area is quite small and the tables are close together so can feel a little cramped inside.

But all in all it was a good visit.


1 Aug 2016 18:26

White Lodge, Taunton

Seemed like a nice enough place when we visited with a good atmosphere inside.

Didn't eat here so can't comment on the food, also has a nice beer garden too.


31 Jul 2016 12:51

Red Lion Inn, Broadclyst

Broadclyst is a lovely village and this oldy worldy pub with it's setting suits it well.

Lovely inside but looks shabby from the outside and needs a better outside area.

£10 each for an average ploughmans was way too steep, an average place really that could do a little better.


30 Jul 2016 14:26

The Ship In Dock Inn, Dartmouth

A boring place if I'm honest.

The place just had no character or atmosphere whatsoever.

Being in Dartmouth I was expecting a good old sailers inn however this place is more like a café once inside.

Very disappointed. 4/10

24 Jul 2016 21:12

The Harbour Inn, Lyme Regis

Great location and as ever you have to pay for that.

It feels more like a café come restaurant type of place so not really a traditional pub.

However my pint of otter bitter was absolutely fantastic by far the best one I had all day.


11 Jul 2016 18:39

The Foxhound Inn, Brixton

More of a cosy winter pub than a summer place.

Many real ales on (4 or 5 I think) and my pints were very good.

A tad on the expensive side though I hasten to add.


7 Jul 2016 18:22

White Hart, Modbury

Modern St. Austell brewery pub.

The place is a little foodie and upmarket for the likes of us and it has totally ridiculous opening times, literally shoving people out the door at half two in the afternoon on a summer Saturday!
Now Modbury is busy little place in a fantastic tourist area and we saw a number of visitors walking around the village for somewhere to eat at three in the afternoon and nowhere here did any food whatsoever!
Total madness! Stop being so stuck up and get with it.


3 Jul 2016 13:29

The Barton, Bideford

I believe this pub has been demolished and houses built on the site.

Can anyone confirm this?

20 Jun 2016 17:56

Swans Nest, Exminster

Don't really bother with this place especially if you are a drinker.

£4.00 for a pint of Fosters is a joke, the place looks tired and feels dirty and dingy.

Didn't bother with food as just wanted to get the hell out or there.


19 Jun 2016 14:04

The Railway Inn, Yatton

Why is it all pubs named "the Railway Inn" are total rough dives?

We jumped off the train to go in here after a visit to Cardiff and was totally shocked by the place.

At around 5ish everyone in this pub was totally off their faces as if it were midnight at the weekend!

We scurried out to the thankful beer garden which was actually quite pleasant,
but a return visit is extremely unlikely.


22 May 2016 18:32

Dragon Inn, Weston Super Mare

A rough and ready spoons full of low life (which isn't always a bad thing!).

Not all that big inside just a room with a bar really.

However £6.50 for a bottle of wine is insane and gets the thumbs up from me on that score.


30 Apr 2016 15:29

The Pinhoe Hoard, Pinhoe

Nice enough new build pub from Marsdens brewery.

A pleasant place both inside and out in the beer garden.

A very mixed clientele from builders through to families.

My pint of Pedigree was very good indeed.

Worth a visit for food or a drink.


19 Apr 2016 17:53

The Castle Inn, Barnstaple

Poor place indeed.

Cold inside and no real ale on tap!

Had a quick one then left.


12 Apr 2016 18:12

The Jack Russell, Swimbridge

Nice place in a truly beautiful part of Devon.

We only had a couple in here but I would go back on a sunnier day just to sit outside in the pleasant surroundings.


12 Apr 2016 18:10

The Cosy Club, Exeter

Not really my kind of place.

Not many places to sit it not eating and a slightly stuck up feel in the air.

Had a couple then left.


8 Apr 2016 18:26

Totnes Brewing Company, Totnes

This is a fairly new place on the site of what was the Castle inn.

I have nothing against any kind of micro brewery style place, only problem is that they are always full of bearded hipsters trying to be cool.

In five years time they won't give a shit about real ale and be onto the next fad.


6 Apr 2016 18:07

Rumour, Totnes

Not a pub.

Not my kind of place.

Should not be on here.


20 Mar 2016 12:39

Travellers Rest, Crewkerne

Place has been closed for a while now.

Never actually got to visit this pub but by the stories in the local paper it would seem wise to keep clear of the place as it was banned from serving food in the end!

With the right owners this place could be a nice little food joint just outside of Crewkerne on the main road.

But this day and age it would be one hell of a risk to take on.

19 Mar 2016 11:37

The Old Stage Coach Inn, Crewkerne

Slightly creepy look and feel to this place, A bit like going back in time.

Large but quiet inside, the range of ales were ok but all in all the only good thing about the pub is it's location right next to Crewkerne railway station.

Strange visit 5/10

8 Mar 2016 17:41

The Sorry Head, Exeter

Not really my kind of place.

Certainly aimed at youngsters and students the place opens to four in the morning at the weekend.

I was surprised to see four ales on though and a very varied selection too.

A decent bar but lacking a little character.


7 Mar 2016 17:34

The Locomotive Inn, Exeter

Solid rough boozer.

This is a no nonsense cider house where people come to get drunk.

Always some right dodgy characters in here but at least it is real.

There is a charming brutal honesty about the place, if you want to see real people then you must go here!


6 Mar 2016 11:38

Knights Templar, Bristol

It's handy.

It's cheap.

It's bland.

It's Wetherspoons.


4 Mar 2016 19:46

The Bridge Inn, Bristol

Small corner boozer which was handy for us as we needed a sit down and a drink.

Wouldn't want to visit here if it was busy-we are not into that sort of night or day out.

Certainly good for a pub crawl for a quick one if in the area.

Four ales on too.


4 Mar 2016 19:03

Pig & Whistle, Bridgwater

Closed and is set to be demolished.

Hardly suprising really, with it being owned by Enterprise inns and on a nice corner plot ideal for modern housing.

Who's next on the hit list then?

26 Feb 2016 19:05

The George and Dragon, Ilfracombe

Pleasant oldy worldy beamed pub, A bit like going back in time.

Ales were good (three) were on.

The only thing was it was very quiet and lacked a little atmosphere.


25 Feb 2016 17:57

Waterside, Paignton

Solid pub, A boozer that does food.

Not much competition in the area, bit of an oasis in it's location.

Ok for a visit, but nothing special really.


23 Feb 2016 18:51

The Coopers Arms, Highbridge

Popped off the train to check this place out, have to say average at best.

Poor drinks choice and felt a little rough, won't be coming back.


22 Feb 2016 11:59

The Skiving Scholar, Plymouth

Unique little student bar.

Although we are way older than most of the clientele that frequent bars like this we did enjoy out visit here.

We did as always visit in the daytime so got a good seat in the window watching the world go by. A few others were dotted around the place.

One thing that amazed us was a pint of Carlsberg at £1.99!
Surely the cheapest pub in Plymouth.

Better than expected.


22 Feb 2016 10:45

Oscars Wine Bar, Crewkerne

A cosy little place this is.

Our day out needed a lift and this place certainly did help.

It was quiet when we visited but we still enjoyed our visit here.


22 Feb 2016 10:24

The Seymour Arms, Plymouth

Certainly a locals pub and we didn't really click with the place.

It is certainly a football pub which is not to our taste. The food advertised looked very good value pub grub which we like.

Pint of proper job went down a treat, but still only stayed for just the one.


21 Feb 2016 11:32

Bullers Arms, Chagford

Pub now reopened and renamed the Chagford inn.

There is nothing wrong with this pub but it is however probably the least atmospheric pub in the town.

Drinks were fine and seating was ok, just preferred the other places nearby.


20 Feb 2016 07:17

The Bunch of Grapes, Ilfracombe

Managed to finally get to visit this pub the other week and the place was better than I expected.

Much bigger than I thought once inside and A fairly cosy pubby feel to the place.

Pints of ale were good and had a decent juke box too.

One of the better pubs in Ilfracombe high street.


16 Feb 2016 17:54

The Queens Arms, Brixham

Decent corner backstreet boozer (hard to find!)

A few ales on and one was on for £2.60 a pint and was very good.

This is a proper pub way off the tourist trail in Brixham and one of the finest pubs in the Torbay area.


10 Feb 2016 17:37

The Commercial Inn, Plymouth

We were lucky enough to get to visit this pub before it closed down a couple of years ago.

Inside is very cosy with a nautical theme and red plush seating.

The night time view across the water to Mountbatten is stunning with all the boats moored up.

The pub only used to open three nights a week for four hours a night, maybe this didn't help, as the place is now gone for good.

I am proud to say that I have drunk in this pub.


9 Feb 2016 18:06

Ernie Lister Bar, Brixham

A cosy place certainly better inside than it looks from the outside.

Couldn't quite put my finger on it why we couldn't relax in here, maybe it is that the tables are a little too close for comfort.

Still would be a great little bar on a Brixham pub crawl if walking down that way.


7 Feb 2016 11:29

The Old Thatch Inn, Cheriton Bishop

Now the only pub in Cheriton Bishop and a good one at that.

Charming inside and a decent garden out the back this is a good pub serving great ale (Dartmoor Legend!) in a fairly quiet part of Devon right on the edge of Dartmoor national park.

Also really easy to get to just off the A30 trunk road to Cornwall.


4 Feb 2016 17:29

Diggers Rest, Woodbury Salterton

Certainly a food orientated place although there is a bar area and people were coming in just for a pint when we were here.

The food is very good indeed and of a decent quality too.

The pub is a cosy place and huge once inside with many different mainly eating areas.


2 Feb 2016 17:58

Beer Cellar, Exeter

Very small quirky corner bar right in the middle of Exeter.

The range of beers is impressive with many I have never heard of and the most varied variety in Exeter.

The trouble is I am a commoner and can't stand all this hipster nonsense that these kind of places attract.

Couldn't spend all night in here as too crammed and busy.

On a positive note the guy behind the bar was very friendly and knowledgeable about his products.


1 Feb 2016 17:59

Admiral Collingwood, Ilfracombe

A fantastic modern new built place, possibly Ilfracombe's smartest looking building.

Inside is modern with varied seating areas and upstairs is a fantastic rooftop beer garden with fine views.

However I have never felt so board in a pub in all my life. In fact after two drinks we upped and left a £4.50 round and went off to another pub for a £7.00 pound round!
And did not regret it one bit!

Maybe I am just getting bored of Spoons these days.


28 Jan 2016 18:29

The Stannary Court, Plympton

Certainly one of the better modern Wetherspoons I have visited.

The place does have a good atmosphere and feel to the place and also a very good courtyard garden out the back.

Service was ok too.


26 Jan 2016 18:45

The Queens Head, Tavistock

New wetherspoons in the centre of Tavistock.

The place is an interesting yet complicated layout with a number of different areas all with different atmospheres.

Getting served can be a bit of a head ache (like most spoons!) with many people ordering coffees.

Not the best Wetherspoons but far from being the worst.

Would visit again.


20 Jan 2016 17:42

Victoria Inn, Plymouth

This was the last pub we visited on our day out in Turnchapel and Hooe.

The pub if I'm honest was a little rough around the edges and needed a little updating.

It does however have a pleasant quieter back room and a interesting large bar in the middle serving both rooms.

Not really somewhere I would go out of my way to visit again.


14 Jan 2016 18:37

The Royal Oak, Hooe

Pub is in a very good location right next to Hooe lake.

It was pouring down when we visited this pub and once inside it had a very pleasant atmosphere with a roaring log fire to dry ourselves off.

Worth a visit, although my only problem was it was just a tad too local for me and I did feel a little intrusive at times.


14 Jan 2016 18:26

Clovelly Bay Inn, Plymouth

Very interesting place both inside and of course outside.

Bigger than you think once inside with a good selection of ales on too.

Didn't eat in here but the food looked fantastic with very good sized portions.

We were just getting into our stride starting our afternoon session when all of a sudden 3 o'clock came and everyone was kicked out including a group of four who had only just come in asking about food.

I know that some pubs like to keep with tradition but surely all day opening is a must at the weekends these days?

7/10 Would have given higher if allowed to stay.

13 Jan 2016 15:48

The Boringdon Arms, Turnchapel

A bit of a disappointed this place was if I'm honest.

We left the Clovelly bay pub just down the road which oddly shuts at 3 o'clock on a busy Saturday afternoon only to find the Boringdon Arms just down the road on a superb elevated terrace position in the charming village of Turnchapel.

However once inside it was an imeadiate disappointment as the place had no atmosphere whatsoever and we were the only people in here the whole time.

Everyone must avoid this pub for some reason and not sure why it wasn't expensive and although a little dull inside I have been in a lot worse.

A strange place.....


11 Jan 2016 18:04

The Seven Stars Inn, Okehampton

An interesting pub in a lovely village in a corner of Dartmoor with many great pubs.

Quirky and different inside with a small bar area.

A little off the beaten track and would visit here again if in the area.


6 Jan 2016 18:53

The Holt, Honiton

Popped in early on a Friday night for a few ales, all of which were very good indeed.

The place started filling up rapidly and if you hadn't booked for food you had no chance. I saw many being turned away so the place must have a fine reputation.

It is still ok to just have a beer in here and I thought the place was quite pleasant with a good atmosphere.


5 Jan 2016 18:41

The Kings Head, Salisbury

Looks better from the outside than it actually is inside.

Very handy and pleasant location right in the centre of Salisbury by the small river running by outside.

A few undesirables seemed to be hanging around this place here and there and the service was average.

Would drink here again but not sure whether I would risk eating in here.


3 Jan 2016 12:51

The Merriemeade, Sampford Peverell

Not a bad place at all.

The pub feels quite pubby inside with good food and a good selection of ales too.

There is a huge beer garden out the back which was ok but could have done with some tlc.

One of the better pubs in the area.


29 Dec 2015 18:27

Crown and Sceptre Inn, Torquay

A few good ales on which is a rarity in Torquay.

However they did seem a little expensive for the area.

Interesting interior and a pleasant beer garden out the back.

The place was ok not somewhere I would go out of my way for but had for real ale this is the best pub in the area.


28 Dec 2015 12:22

Babbacombe Inn, Torquay

I would say that this is the best pub on the Babbacombe downs strip.

It certainly has the best beer garden too.

Didn't eat in here but food looked good.

Certainly worth a visit.


15 Dec 2015 17:53

Abbots Way, Southway

We were staying at the nearby Toby carvery travel lodge and wanted a proper pub to visit.

We were not disappointed at all!

A great atmosphere, a free juke box, and a very good five pints of Carling!

A fantastic unexpected evening was had in here.


14 Dec 2015 17:42

The Ship, Plymouth

Decent place on the vibrant barbican where a man can find endless drinking holes.

Good fish and chips (£10 each) but was well worth it.

Usual St. Austell ales and the place had a good vibe and atmosphere.


10 Dec 2015 17:43

The Jack Rabbit, Plymouth

Pleasant interior with a cosy feel.

Didn't eat in here but certainly would have done.

My pint of Butcombe was fantastic one of the finest pints I have ever had!

It is a little pricey here (as you would expect) and can be a little pretentious too.


9 Dec 2015 17:28

The Morley Arms, Plymstock

Bit disappointed with our visit to this place if I'm honest.

The building is a wonderful granite looking place with a pleasant cosy interior.

Ales were ok and so was our food (which was way too expensive for what we had).

Place just felt a little tired and grubby.


3 Dec 2015 18:40

The George Toby Pub and Restaurant, Roborough

Pretty awful soulless place, unimaginative interior and felt like a transport cafe.

You just feel like a dimwit sheep whilst in here, queing, waiting to be served or even just acknowledged.

Food looked awful (I had a brekkie the next day and it was ok for £4!).

Just a general sense of disorganisation and despair so we just sat in the corner and watched the chaos unfold!

3/10 (my pint of carling was ok though!)

29 Nov 2015 11:30

Union Inn, Tavistock

Pleasant unusual looking place from the outside.

I had a couple of Doombars in here and generally enjoyed the place.

Felt like a proper pub of yesteryear.


28 Nov 2015 12:52

The Lopes Arms, Roborough

Agree with the slightly poor ale choice just two on when we visited.

Didn't eat here although I would have done as the food looked good and many were eating.

The pub is in Roborough village and isn't really in Plymouth at all and retains a local village feel.

An average place really, not good not bad.


23 Nov 2015 14:54

Three Crowns Hotel, Chagford

An amazing building both inside and out.

St. Austell brewery have done a fantastic job of modernising this place and still keeped it with a bar and log fireplace (more my sort of thing).

We were a little short of time when visited but would certainly come again.


14 Nov 2015 12:42

The Union Inn, Dolton

Pub closed down and now converted in a residential dwelling.

I guess three large pubs were just too many for Dolton....

14 Nov 2015 11:39

Old Skools, Torquay

Pretty awful place really.

Loud music blaring out on a Saturday lunchtime, people swearing, farting and getting really drunk.

Not our kind of place at all. A typical Torquay bar.


6 Nov 2015 18:25

The Minerva Inn, Plymouth

I had high hopes for this pub with it being in the Good beer and it being the oldest pub in Plymouth, but the place just felt rough as hell!

The interior is a pleasant olde worlde beamed place but the atmosphere felt quite horrible.

Been to many boozers in Plymouth and this one felt intimidating.
Maybe I was just unlucky.

A few ales on a couple of real rough ciders too.


27 Oct 2015 17:51

The Agricultural Inn, Braunton

Known as "the Aggi" by everyone this is a large pub just off the centre of Braunton.

Our visit was an average one and I had had quite a few by this time.

The pub benefits having a decent garden that catches the late afternoon sun a treat.

It also has many different areas and a couple of bars too so can cater for all tastes.

All in all not a bad place.


23 Oct 2015 18:01

The Notte Inn, Plymouth

Pub has closed a couple of times and had a couple of different names too.

It is now however back as the original named Notte inn and our visit was a good one too.

The pints were very cheap in here when we visited (around £2.00!) although I believe that it has gone up since then.

This is a traditional Plymouth boozer and long may it remain.


18 Oct 2015 13:39

Porters, Plymouth

Not a bad pub at all and really geared up for darts, pool and sport on tv.

I guess you could say it is a sports bar but does not a traditional sports bar feel.

Always a nice pint of Foster in here.

Worth a visit.


6 Oct 2015 18:25

Launceston Arms, Launceston

A real spit and sawdust boozer this one and I imagine it could get rough and rowdy in here.

Having said that we did enjoy our time in here and the drinks were good.


2 Oct 2015 19:13

The London Inn, Okehampton

Sports bar kind of place so not really my cup of tea.

However it is cheap in here and does have real ale but still not for me.


20 Sep 2015 14:05

Nutwell Lodge Hotel, Lympstone

So so sort of place really.

It was very quiet when we visited on a midweek afternoon but that suited us.

The place has a very good beer garden although I doubt whether it gets used much as most people tend to sit inside here to eat.

Friendly professional chap served us and drinks were ok.

The fish and chips were massive (especially the fish) so that was a plus point.

It was ok in here although not exceptional and not the kind of place I would go out of my way to.


19 Sep 2015 12:14

Prince Of Wales, Exmouth

Certainly not a pub anymore.

Now an Indian Restaurant or something like that.

14 Sep 2015 21:22

The Blue Ball, Sandygate

Certainly a very pleasant looking place and the garden is excellent for catching the evening sun.

However we were a bit disappointed that they didn't start doing food until 6pm and as there seemed to be a few people in the pub at the time we felt this was a waste so we had a few then left.

A decent place in a nifty location, quite expensive though.


9 Sep 2015 09:57

The Lamb Inn, Tintinhull

I think this pub may have gone for good as drove past today and didn't look like a pub anymore.

Any news on this anyone?

6 Sep 2015 06:56

The Old Fish Market, Bristol

Nice enough looking building from the outside but however once in I was disappointed.

The place had zero atmosphere and the price of our drinks was a joke.

Drank up quick then left.


26 Jul 2015 14:55

The Old Court House, Chulmleigh

Great village pub open all day everyday.

The landlord seemed like a nice sort of chap and was friendly towards us.

Obviously a real village pub In a great little town in a lovely part of Devon.

Great ales on too, a real find this place is.


19 Jul 2015 14:41

Boomerangs, Mutley Plain

A very good sports bar indeed if you like that sort of thing.

Always a good atmosphere in here and fairly cheap too.

Not really my kind of place but great for what it does.


12 Jul 2015 05:29

The Dolphin Inn, Combe Martin

Bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside.

Nice bar area and also has a decent suntrap outside area but it was simply too hot for us.

A few ales on although I had Carlsberg.

A decent location too on the sea front.


9 Jul 2015 19:02

The Pack O Cards Inn, Combe Martin

Lovely looking place from the outside, very unique building indeed, although once inside there is only really a small bar area for the real pub goers.

Beer garden is very nice too with a stream at the bottom, my 3 pints of Tribute went down a treat.

Service was poor here though and the way in which you had to order your food put us off a bit so we didn't bother.

6/10 Not a bad place but could have done better.

5 Jul 2015 13:00

Bull & Bush, Ernesettle

Clean enough place inside and my pint of Fosters was good, but it just felt a little bland and boring in here and in all honesty I can't believe this place is still open.


28 Jun 2015 13:19

Weston Mill Hotel, Weston Mill

Nice enough looking place but it really needs to get it's act together.

Totally disorganised, all we wanted was a pint and a half of beer and that was a challenge.

Most beers were off, till was out of action, and the place hadn't been cleaned yet.

No excuse for this kind of service, the girl behind the bar was friendly enough but it was too little too late.


24 Jun 2015 14:24

Bar Me, Plymouth

See the corner house review as this is the same place

16 Jun 2015 15:29

The James Street Vaults, Plymouth

Handy for the train station as it is the nearest pub.

My pint of brains Sa gold was very good, the trouble is though that the place was very busy and full of students and I cannot stand students.


16 Jun 2015 15:25

Yarcombe Inn, Honiton

I believe this pub is now closed which is a real shame as the setting for this place is beautiful.

Someone take this place on it could be great once again!

11 Jun 2015 18:17

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

Nice enough building but found it lacked a little atmosphere in here.

Cheap as it always is, but getting served was hard even though it was quiet, and is it just me or is the bar just damn high! (I'm 6'1!)


10 Jun 2015 19:29

The Phoenix, Callington

Now reopened as the old clink.

Beer was ok and cheap enough at £2.50 for a pint of Carlsberg.

Just felt a little boring in here.


8 Jun 2015 16:06

The Church House, Harberton

The pubs location within the village of Harberton is really quite pleasant next to the church in the square.

The pub too is very traditional with beams and a huge open fire.

However this place really needs to get it's act together first by stop over charging for their beer and wine and second get a decent affordable lunchtime menu, yes I know this is the south hams but this pub is off the beaten track and the whole time we were there we did not see a single local come in and that is never a good sign.

A lot of potential here is being wasted.


8 Jun 2015 15:54

The Bristol Hotel, Weston Super Mare

Old boozer kind of place, handy for the railway station and that's about it really.


2 Jun 2015 18:11

Ker Street Social Club, Devonport

This is a social club not a pub.

However the building is very interesting and grade 1 listed and Devonport is a area steeped in history....oh and A pub or too....

28 May 2015 18:32

Bell Inn, Chittlehampton

A pub this good is very rare these days and if you live in Chittlehampton then you are very lucky to have such a pub in your village.

All the ales had (I had 5) were under three pounds and the Exmoor Ale was fantastic.

The village is a lovely place with a huge square and it is set in proper Devon countryside.

This is a very good pub indeed and in my top ten of best pubs ever.


27 May 2015 18:42

Jack Stamps, Weston Super Mare

As D J C points out this place does have an unpleasant atmosphere.

This was me and my Missus first pub in Weston and it was not a good first impression.

Rough blokes and rough birds, although at the time I did not know but this seems to be the norm in Weston.

Oh and as pointed out earlier now called Tavern in the town.

3/10 AVOID!

25 May 2015 18:10

Woodside, Plymouth

A bland experience in here.

Rather forgetful even boring, had one ale then left.


24 May 2015 12:54

The Rummer Tavern, Cardiff

A decent pub in Cardiff in which is a city becoming more commercialised by the day.

Pleasant oldy worldy interior and a good range of ales on, my pint of Blorenge by a local brewery was fantastic.

I would have stayed for another but didn't have time.


24 May 2015 12:40

Bread and Roses, Plymouth

The place is perhaps a little too cool and quirky for a beer swilling lout like myself.

The wine however (which was expensive) was good and the atmosphere here ok.

I just didn't have a cool beard or skinny jeans to fit it enough.....


23 May 2015 12:50

The Britiannia Inn, Weston Super Mare

Not the sort of place you would spend a session in but was ok for a quick pint on a pub crawl of the area.

Nice pint of Fosters.


21 May 2015 13:36

Yates's, Weston Super Mare

Not my cup of tea really just ended up here on the off chance.

The place is cheap and my pint of Carlsberg was good.

The place felt rough though, with hen parties and gangs of men out like hounds.


17 May 2015 09:36

The Barracuda, Newquay

Giant eyesore of a place which has surprisingly closed in this party town.

It had a fantastic view across the beach and out to see as it is perched on the edge of a cliff.

Now a budget household shop.

11 May 2015 18:20

The Ford Hotel, Keyham

There was nothing wrong with this two bar pub on a corner.

But on the other hand there was nothing right about the place either.

A pretty boring experience if I'm honest and I am surprised that the place is still open.


4 May 2015 16:42

The St Levan Inn, Keyham

Looks like a bit of a dump outside but once inside it is bigger and better than it looks.

Loads a navy stuff inside with pictures, knots and even a massive ships wheel!

Mainly lagers on tap which at £3.00 a pint was ok.

Best pub in the area.


3 May 2015 10:36

The Rock Inn, Georgeham

They pub is a lovely place nicely tucked up a side lane in the pretty village of Georgeham.

There were 4 or 5 decent ales on tap which was good to see however there were also a few negatives about this place.

First of all the prices. What a joke £3.90 for a pint of ale and £4.80 for a pint of Stella!
Now I know that this is a tourist area but there was no real reason for such rip off prices, it's not like it was on the beach or had a great view or anything so I was shocked.

Also the bar staff were over pushy on food and that was the final straw for me we had two and then left.

Having said all that though the time we spent in here was pleasant though and the ales were good.


1 May 2015 18:39

Black Horse, Braunton

Although the pub is pleasant enough inside we found that the place lacked a bit of atmosphere.

It is a locals pub in the older part of Braunton way off the tourist trail but still seemed to be charging tourist prices so just had a couple then left.


26 Apr 2015 10:05

The Crown Inn, West Down

Pleasant place in a pleasant village just off the beaten track.

We did have lunch here and although it was very tasty I left still feeling hungry so felt a little disappointed.

The pub is very good though with a modern feel to the place but still has kept it's traditional feel to it.

Also a decent garden too.


21 Apr 2015 19:00

The Wellington Arms, Ilfracombe

Pleasant two bar pub in the high street in an area with some awful rough boozers.

Amazingly there were 6 real ales on all at £2.40 a pint which is incredible!

This is the best pub in this end of Ilfracombe which if I'm honest is in a pretty awful part of the town.


19 Apr 2015 12:38

The Quarrymans Rest, Bampton

I was a little disappointed with this place as I had hoped for better.

The pub is a nice enough place with a good range of ales and ciders and the interior was cosy enough.

We had hoped to eat in here but it became apparent very quickly that food was not being served.

All in all expected more from this place.


15 Apr 2015 14:53

The Inn on the Green, Paignton

A massive pub inside with seats out the front as many of the Paignton esplanade pubs have.

I didn't eat here but probably would do, the place lacks a lot of atmosphere so wouldn't go out of my way to go here again.


23 Mar 2015 19:20

The Devonshire Inn, Sticklepath

Sticklepath is truly blessed to have two wonderful pubs in the village so close together.
On my many travels i had never been to this place and was impressed.
The pub is like stepping back in time and is about as old school country pub as ever i have seen one, with an open fire, ales from the cask and farmers turning up with wellies and wet dogs!

The problem with the place was me, i was bloated with a meal i had just eaten at the Taw river inn across the road and couldn't relax with my pint as was too full!

I will be back though in the future and plan my day much better!

7/10 (My fault)

14 Feb 2015 14:07

The Berrow Inn, Burnham on Sea

Pub gone and totally demolished.

Any news on what is happening to the site?

I'd like to think that they would rebuild the place, but i fear that may be wishful thinking.....

2 Feb 2015 19:05

The Silly Goose, Dawlish Warren

Decent place that reopened last year.

Was previously known as the sun burnt arms, but this place is much better now.

Had a number of different drinks in here all were fine and our meals too were very good.

This is by far the best place in the area for location (near the station and bus stops) food and drinks. Pleasant inside and seating outside this place ticked all the boxes for us.


1 Feb 2015 12:02

The Queen's Head, Sherborne

Sudden closure and boarded up.

Any news on this?

With all the positive comments about this pub it seems a little strange.

31 Jan 2015 14:22

The Kings Arms Inn, Tedburn St Mary

I was expecting a cracking village local in a place that does have two decent looking pubs.
It was however a bit of a rip off place and the pub was freezing too.
The actual pub is a good looking gem both inside and out but £4.00 a pint and £4.50 for a glass of wine is just ridiculous for a pub like this.

We won't be back!


18 Jan 2015 13:50

The Courtyard Inn, Wiveliscombe

I believe this pub has been shut for many years now.

11 Jan 2015 13:05

Tiverton Hotel, Tiverton

Not really a pub more of a hotel bar.

Should this really be on bite?

1 Jan 2015 16:53

The Waggon and Horses, Castle Cary

What is this place used for now as it is a fair old building and could be still used.

Is it definatley closed?

Any news?

29 Dec 2014 18:09

The Crumplehorn Inn, Polperro

Better than i had expected as it is slap bang in the biggest tourist hell hole ever!

Conviently for a visit before or after a trip down to Polperro.

Inside it is pleasantly laid out with a nice feel to the place.

My only complaint would be our meal which was rather overbearing and the fish a little sickly.


7 Dec 2014 12:05

The Bar, Instow

The location is perfect and this is the first pub when leaving the Tarka trail.

My ales were good and enjoyed quite a few in here!

However the service was the most appalling unprofessional service i have ever seen and not just to us!

People were waiting ages to get their food and the barmaid was struggling to keep up behind the bar.
Just not enough staff here at all and the place could be real gem but it isn't.

The only reason we stayed was because we couldn't be arsed to walk to the other pubs in Instow.

Shocking! 3/10

4 Dec 2014 20:12

Chapel an Gansblydhen, Bodmin

An interesting place converted from an old chapel or something like that.
A bit like the George's meeting house spoons in Exeter, but also like that pub it did struggle a bit with an atmospere.

Upstairs is a decent place to sit and the food we had was fine and drinks very cheap as always.

I didn't see any other pubs in Bodmin on my visit and the town looks a little drab, good for Wetherspoons for investing in this town.


2 Dec 2014 17:50

Royal Artillery Arms, Highbridge

I believe this place has now been demolished and is now houses but please correct me if i am wrong.

Never got to visit this pub and judging by the positive reviews and camra gbg entry i am suprised to see the pub gone.

I guess that there is more money in property than there is pub these days.

What are we all gonna do when all the pubs are gone?
Stay indoors and go on twitter all evening?

Farewell to another boozer

1 Dec 2014 18:30

The Blue Peter, Polperro

A fascinating place it has to be said, this is the pub i want to be in when there is a storm blowing outside.

A very good range of local on tap and strong cider too.

My only complaint is as is the rest of Polperro it can get uncomfortbally crowded and busy as the pub is fairly small.

Probabaly the best pub in Polperro.


30 Nov 2014 13:04

The Nog Inn, Feniton

An odd place indeed, although i did like the old skool 70's interior!

Landlord seemed like a nice enough fellow but the whole visit to this pub was ruined by a few gobby locals slagging off everyone and everything going, it really ruined the atmosphere of this pub, i'm sure on a different day the place may have been better.


26 Nov 2014 18:21

The Royal Naval Arms, Keyham

It is fairly expensive in here although the pints of Carling (£3.45 each) were very good pints.

Suprisingly the place has a small pleasant courtyard garden out the back with trains whizzing past every few minutes or so.

The front of the pub is a has a very impressive tiling style to it although the bars are slightly more disapointing once inside.

Nice visit.


25 Nov 2014 18:07

Prince Maurice, Eggbuckland

You almost forget you are still in Plymouth when in the pub as it feels like you are in a local village pub.

Two bars inside and cosy with it, nice view from a few seats out the front and the range of real ales is very impressive with 5 or 6 on at any one time.

However despite all these good points i had a very poor experience in this pub with locals pushing in and the landlord totally ignoring me.
The ignorance of the situation really ruined what would have been a great visit.
I'm sure it was an isolated incident but nether the less it really wound me up.


24 Nov 2014 19:01

Pub Alibi, Torquay

Pub is now named the York bar after a short closure.

I couldn't fault the 2-4-1 offer on in this place that worked out to £1.50 for a pint of Coors light! Quite unbelivable really!

The trouble was that this place just felt rough and that it could kick off at any minute. Still stayed for 4 pints though just not really my kind of place at all.


23 Nov 2014 13:05

The Hele Bay, Hele Bay

Great location in a stunning coastal area.

The pub has a decent garden although it does get a bit windy sitting outside.
Inside is slightly more disapointing though.
Ploughmans lunch was ok and pint of Fosters was refreshing too.

Not an outstanding place but worth popping in if just been down on the beach.


20 Nov 2014 18:42

The Westleigh Inn, Westleigh

Lovely pub in a lovely village, although the pub is actually quite hard to find in once in the village!

Cosy inside with a couple of ales on (Exmoor ale was very good) and has a great beer garden outside with lovely views across the Torridge estuary.

An unbeliveable roast dinner is what we ate and it was only £6.00!

A very good village pub indeed.


19 Nov 2014 18:11

The Bell Inn, Monkleigh

Lovely country pub in a quiet yet beautiful part of devon.
Inside is cosy and traditional and outside has good views over the rolling countryside.
Pub grub is available which is what we had and Doombar is one of the ales.

Worth a visit if in the area.


16 Nov 2014 12:49

The Mermaid, Eggbuckland

Went past on the bus and a bulldozer was knocking the place down.

Rumour has it that it will be a Tesco.

I guess it is just survival of the fittest same as it always is.

Still sad though.

10 Nov 2014 07:48

The Jolly Sailor, West Looe

The pub didn't look that special from the outside but once in it is a very cosy place my kind of pub with old beams and a real oldy worldy feel to it.

Three or four decent ales on too.

My only complaint is a very rude local who was staring quite a lot at us, surely they must get plenty of tourists in here even on the quieter side in West Looe so not like it was a village pub where i have come to expect that sort of thing.

Still one of the best if not the best pub in Looe.


3 Nov 2014 18:19

The Three Pilchards, Polperro

A pleasant enough place in a lovely village.
It is slightly bigger than the Blue Peter pub next door so feels more comfortable.
A few decent ales on and strong cider too.
Didn't eat in here but this would be the pub of my choice if we did.
Worth a visit in this lovely place.


2 Nov 2014 13:01

The Bullers Arms, East Looe

A tatty boozer but felt ok with it.

I had a good pint of ale in here (can't remember which one though) and generally thought the place was ok.

It was quiet early on on a saturday evening and a band was just starting to set up. Could imagine it being uncomfortabally busy in here later on and hard to get served.

Ok for a pint when quiet.


31 Oct 2014 18:50

The Salutation Inn, East Looe

One of the better pubs in Looe with bags of character and lovely feel to the place.

Great photos on the wall of days gone by with boats and fishermen catching sharks.

We did eat in here and found the menu a little dissapointing to be honest, don't get me wrong we love pub grub but in this kind of place we just expected something a little better.

Also the dogs in here should be a no no with food being served and quite a number of dogs roaming about it should never be.

On reflection this is a truly lovely pub but would only drink in here next time.


30 Oct 2014 18:22

The Brunel, Saltash

An awful place slap right bang in the middle of Saltash fore street.

It is a very big pub and i think it would make an excellent Wetherspoons, at least then they might kick out all the scum bags that we saw on our visit here.

A poor drinks selection too.

Not good 2/10

29 Oct 2014 19:16

The Ship Inn, Polperro

Can't say i was that impressed by this pub.
It all just felt a little bland to me and the only reason we stoped was because it was there really.
There are better pubs in Polperro than this one.


27 Oct 2014 17:56

The Ship Inn, East Looe

Bigger than it looks from the outside but felt a little dissapointed once in.
The pub felt like it should be in the centre of Newquay or somewhere like that as it felt a bit stag do ish when we visited.
Good range of ales though best in Looe i think.
A bit strange on the pricing stucture of drinks though, £3.80 for a pint of Carlsberg and then £2.90 for a 250ml glass of wine!
Definatly on the Looe circuit of pubs for a night out but not really worth going out your way for.


25 Oct 2014 14:21

The Swan, East Looe

First pub you come to on the left as you enter Looe.
Inside is a little on the bland side and felt a bit like a cafe.
I had a couple of glasses of red wine in here from the tap and it was very good indeed.


24 Oct 2014 19:27

The Globe, East Looe

A fine looking place with one of the best outside seating areas in Looe (most have none at all!).

It is the first obvious choice of pub for anyone arrive by train on a pub crawl.
It is a little out of town but only by a bit which means a lot less tourists.

I had a pint of 'proper job' which was very good and made a change from Tribute and Doombar which all the others pubs seemed to love.

Not a bad place and excellent if using the train.


24 Oct 2014 18:22

The Fishermans Arms, East Looe

Not a bad place at all.
Pleasant interior with fireplace, it must get really packed in here as it is quite small.
Ale was fine too.
A very amusing eccentric chap with a cloak and massive green shoes was at the bar drinking and chating to the locals.
My only complaint was that the telly was on a little loud playing awful music.


21 Oct 2014 18:38

The Harbour Moon, West Looe

Not a good place at all.

The place was totally overdone with halloween decorations, not that i have a problem with that but it was the 12th of October! Far too early for that game and it made the place feel awful.

Felt a lttle rough and touristy and no atmosphere whatsoever.
There are far better pubs in Looe than this one, the only thing going for it is the lovely location and views something that almost every other pub in Looe is lacking.

Not a good experience.


20 Oct 2014 18:06

The Admiral Boscarn, East Looe

A pretty awful place to be fair.
We only went in here because we couldn't get into our holiday cottage yet.
It is a youngsters pub so they probably love it.
Saw many people walk in and then walk back out as it is the only pub on Looe seafront.
A real let down for the area, did sell Doombar but still rubbish.


18 Oct 2014 16:32

The Barn Owl, Kingskerswell

The pub is an attractive looking place both inside and out.
However that is as good as it gets.
Yes there did seem to pressure to order food even though we were only having a pint. The real ales were very poor as was my mrs's pint of Fosters.
Expensive too, I've never been that keen on Hall and Woodhouse.

We won't hurry back.


10 Oct 2014 18:57

The Rusty Bike, Exeter

If you love your quirky foody restauranty places you will love this.
However i am a working class man who likes a boozer followed by a kebab so i we felt slighty out of place in here with all the yuppies.
Very expensive wine (just like it's sister pub the Fat Pig) a few ales on too.
Nice interior to the place i could see some people loving it, it is just not my cup of tea.


10 Oct 2014 18:31

Clipper Inn, Torquay

I have been to many back street boozers in my time and some have been great, this one however was a disapointment.
The pub had zero atmosphere, the dinks choice was poor (no wine at all!) and some very dodgy locals.

Not worth bothering with 3/10

9 Oct 2014 18:49

Redwoods Inn, Tiverton

A nice country pub a little off the beaten track in mid Devon.
Good pint of ale in here and the pub lunch we had was decent too.

The only slightly odd and concerning thing was that we were the only two people in the whole pub the entire time we were in there, for around two hours on a summer Saturday lunchtime!


2 Oct 2014 19:15

The Avondale Arms, Plymouth

Right boozer of a pub in the thick of Devonport dockyard area.
Beer was cheap (fosters £2.75 a pint) but no ale on tap.

A real blokes pub how long will it survive though these days?


30 Sep 2014 19:00

Three Ferrets, Devonport

A simply awful place.

Quite possibly the worst pub i have ever been in.
Was threatened on the way in, then abused by the staff.
No real ale, no seating area, no atmosphere, somebody do this place a favour and close it down, why anyone would want to drink here as a local in beyond me.

-10/10 Totally appaling!

29 Sep 2014 18:21

The Fareham Inn, Plymouth

Very small place which has it's own attraction.

You almost feel compelled to talk to the people next to you in this pub as it is that friendly which we did and had a good chat with a local old boy here.
Very cheap pints were £2.50 each when we visited on a Monday afternoon, not sure if it was happy hour or they were always this price.

A handy little place just off the tourist trap of the barbican without the tourists or tourist prices.


27 Sep 2014 06:50

The Plough Inn, Bickington

Although the interior of this pub had a pleasant "pubby" feel the place had no atmosphere whatsoever.
A real locals place we just didn't fit in here.
My glass of red wine was good but in all honestly we just couldn't wait to leave.


24 Sep 2014 20:26

The Thistle Park Tavern, Plymouth

My experience was almost identical to that of pccmp17's all be it six years later!

I had high hopes for this place as it is in the good beer guide.
True enough it had a couple of decent ales on but other that just forget it.
The lady behind the bar was very odd indeed towards us and it was really quite off putting.
The place is more of an evening venue so was very quiet when we visited on a sunny mid week afternoon.

Oh and one more thing where the hell is this rooftop garden thing i keep reading about as the only outside area we saw was a dirty back yard filled with logs!


24 Sep 2014 19:07

The Farmers Arms, Woolfardisworthy

This pub has been closed for a couple of years now and it looks as though it is unlikely to reopen.
Such a shame as a village like this has lost it's local and the is now just a bunch of houses without a proper meeting place.

Any updates?

21 Sep 2014 13:23

The Union Inn, Denbury

Nice pub situated on the huge Denbury green in the village of Denbury.
Three good ales on and the food we had was of a high standard.
Pub pleasant inside, my only complaint would be that that landlord was a miserable bugger, still worth a visit.


15 Sep 2014 18:38

The Manor Inn, Galmpton

A lovely looking place both inside and out just off the tourist trail of Torbay.
Cosy inside with a maze of different seating areas, also a suntrap garden and benches out the front.
Now the bad points. Our sunday roast was ok but the meat tasted cheap and nasty, also the staff just could not cope with a busy Sunday lunch, more staff need behind the bar.


14 Sep 2014 14:22

The Sandygate Inn, Sandygate

Cosy bar area with many different seating areas and log fire too, also a huge garden out the back which i didn't expect.
Good range of drinks including ales.
The pub had many locals coming and going (and also hogging the small bar area!) which is always a good sign.

A nice pub for the winter or summer.


7 Sep 2014 06:47

The Smugglers Inn, Dawlish

You can come here for only a drink if you want, just time your visit outside of meal times.
Having said that we had our meal in the bar area anyway.
It is a busy place and the outside area is limited.
Some decent ales on too.
Decent enough place.


26 Aug 2014 18:55

The Sun Inn, Buckfastleigh

Still looks like a pub from a distance but is no more.
Has been shut for a while now, doubt whether it will reopen again with the evil Heavitree brewery being the owners.

25 Aug 2014 18:48

Avon Inn, South Brent

In a pleasant part of Devon this pub is a must if you love cider and ales.
Up to 10 ciders on of every sort and four ales on too.
The drinks were all of a very good quality and well priced.
The pub is a little rough around the edges and could do with a bit of a tidy up,
But the drinks range is quite unbelievable.


25 Aug 2014 17:47

The Golden Hind, Musbury

Pleasant place in a beautiful corner of East Devon.
It was a hot day so we sat out in the beer garden drinking lager which was good.
Inside is a two bar local pub.
We didn't have lunch here but from what i saw the food looked good for the price.

This is an honest village pub and worth stopping for.


10 Aug 2014 14:52

The Commercial Inn, Bridgwater

The only good thing about this pub is that it is right next to the railway station so handy if waiting for a train.
The pub itself is nothing special, though i don't remember much about it as i was pretty drunk by this stage!


10 Aug 2014 14:30

The Fat Pig, Exeter

The interior of this place is pleasant and quirky with an even more interesting room down a few steps by the gents.
Good selection of ales and ciders, i have to say that the pint of John street ale i had (brewed on the premises) was quite possibly the finest pint of ale i have ever tasted! Seriously!
The drawback of this place is that it is a total utter rip off.
I can understand it being slightly higher than most places but the prices are a joke. This is not the square mile in London, it is a pub down a backstreet in a rough part of Exeter.

7/10 For the ale and pub interior

10 Aug 2014 13:49

The Red Lion Inn, Wincanton

Closed up for a while now.
I really think with the right owner this place could make a go of it, as it is in a good location in the town.

We will have to see when it goes to auction.

9 Aug 2014 15:03

The Steam Packet, Topsham

Been closed for years and has been converted into a characterless cafe bar .
Walked in walked out.

0/10 (for the new place)

9 Aug 2014 11:10

Ebrington Arms, Braunton

Visited here on a wet winters day.
Still cosy enough inside with sun trap decking outside.
The pub feels like it is in the middle of the countryside but is only minutes from Braunton and just off the A361.

Certainly worth a visit.


2 Aug 2014 14:47

White Hart Hotel, Bridgwater

From the outside my hopes were not high. It looks like a dump in a dump of an area.
However inside we did actually quite like the place and it had a good atmospere.
Our wine was cheap and cheerful, the helpful barmaid even let us have a sip beforehand.
One of the better pubs that day.


2 Aug 2014 14:23

The Bunch of Grapes, Bridgwater

Nice enough place and worth popping in if doing a St. John street pub crawl.
Had a pint of Carling outside in a small but pleasant enough courtyard garden.


1 Aug 2014 19:22

The Green Gables Inn, Exeter

A pub like no other.
On my personel mission to visit every pub in Britain i had been putting this one off.
However me and my game bird finally plucked up the courage to give it a go.
From the outside the place just looks ridiculous and falling to pieces, however once inside it is like a tardis and really quite atmospheric.
Very cheap drinks (pint of trad cider £2.10!) and a old school likeable landlord.

This pub is an institution nobody here gives a flying f**k about what the place looks like, a refurb would ruin the place. If half the roof blew off no oner in here would bat an eyelid they would just carry on drinking their cider!

You can shove your gastro pub up your arse!


1 Aug 2014 09:33

The Plume of Feathers, Sherborne

This pub is something of a cider bar with all the loopy juice you can think of.
The interior is like an old school boozer with wooden seats everywhere.
We visited during the day and it was quiet not sure what a Saturday night would be like in here but by the sounds of it busy and rough.


31 Jul 2014 14:17

Cobblestones Inn, Bridgwater

Inside the place is uninspiring, however it does have a reasonable courtyard which we did enjoy.
Bridgwater has some pretty awful pubs and this one was slightly better than some of the others.


31 Jul 2014 09:23

The Malt Shovel, Bridgwater

Big corner type pub on a main road.
The pub is big enough to cater for all sorts from football fans to families having lunch.
The place is cheap and our light meals were good, we also sat out in the beer garden.
The place however could have been a bit cleaner and outside felt dirty.


31 Jul 2014 09:03

Blagdon Inn, Paignton

Nice enough place down a lane in a holiday camp.
The interior has been modernised in the last few years and feels quite smart inside. Also there is a fair amount of decking out the front as well.
We ate here and the food was good, all washed down with a good selection of real ales.

Worth a visit.


27 Jul 2014 13:10

The Castle Inn, Bradninch

Place felt like an right old school boozer with a totally mixed clientele of all ages.
Good selection of real ales on and ended up getting very drunk in here before getting the bus back to Exeter which stops outside the door.
Interesting layout as well.


26 Jul 2014 15:33

Fountain Inn, Bridgwater

Too rough for me, it felt like a Saturday night but was the middle of the day.
Two hot barmaids but other than that no way.


23 Jul 2014 19:32

The Royal Carvery and Hotel, Babbacombe

Great views from the benches out the front, Babbacombe is the best place in Torbay by far.
My Fosters was very good,in hindsight wished we had stayed for another.


21 Jul 2014 18:52

Friendship Inn, North Hill

Place all boarded up although i understand that it was trying to open up as a community pub or something like that.

Any updates for this one?

20 Jul 2014 14:47

Bucaneer Inn, Babbacombe

Of the many places to drink along Babbacombe promanade this was the worst one we visited.
The decking area was dirty and not great for sun worshippers like us.
Also the larger was uninspiring and was the most expensive place we went to all day.

We will give this one a miss in future.


20 Jul 2014 12:37

The River Parrett Inn, Bridgwater

In a pleasant location in "bridgy" by the river.
Inside the interior was ok but our visit was ruined by loud crappy music playing via the juke box and an old traveller looking type dancing around the pub like an idiot.
Ok behaviour for a saturday night maybe but not at 3 in the afternoon.
Also poor selection of drinks i thought.


13 Jul 2014 13:02

The Hope Inn, Bridgwater

Fenced off and closed up when i drove past today.
Not sure of this pubs future at the moment (any updates?)
One thing is for sure is that this pub is a beautiful building and i hope it re opens soon (not as a tesco though!)

10 Jul 2014 18:18

The Black Horse Inn, Bridgwater

Closed and due to be demolished for housing.
Although a rough looking boozer it was still a boozer and now it is gone.

8 Jul 2014 18:49

The Dartbridge, Buckfastleigh

A pleasant looking place tucked away just off the a38.
We had three pints in here and none of which were very good.
The meal deal (2 for £10) was very good though and our fish and chips were excellent value.
On a closer inspection the place is starting to look a little shabby and could do with a refurb.
All in all the place as a whole was very average indeed.


7 Jul 2014 18:22

Ring O Bells, Chagford

Certainly the best pub we visited all day.
Much cheaper than the nearby pubs, cosy inside with a large fireplace and with a decent sun trap courtyard out the back.
Our lunchtime meal with starter was decent and filled us up.
Wish we could have stayed longer here and would visit again.


6 Jul 2014 15:40

The St George and Dragon, Exeter

A pleasant place inside with various different eating areas.
Nice well keeped ales on and strong farm cider too.
My steak meal was good but not great, wish we could have spent a bit longer in here as we were pushed for time.
Nice enough place though, although i wouldn't like to visit here at a busy period.


4 Jul 2014 15:35

The Masons and Mariners, Portland

Pub all boarded up.
Not the greatest first impression when arriving in Portland, which is has an amazing amount of pubs on it!

2 Jul 2014 13:23

The Clifford Arms, Shaldon

A very smart and swanky place, modern and clean inside with a sun trap courtyard out the back.
Good selection of ale and ciders here too.
Didn't eat here but by looking at others the food did look good.
Shame as the place never opens all day even on a summer saturday.


2 Jul 2014 12:39

Ring of Bells, Bishopsteignton

Walked up from the bus stop on the main road so was hoping for a good place.
The interior of the pub is a pleasant one and the front patio garden catches the sun lovely.
However it was just so damn expensive here i suppose being owned by St. Austell brewery is why.
Not a place i would go out of my way too again.


29 Jun 2014 15:06

The Plough Inn, Taunton

I had high hopes for this pub so i saved it till the end of our pub crawl before catching the train.
You can't knock the place for it's selection of ales and especially real cider.
It is however much more expensive than it should be in here and with a somewhat strange lay out, the bar area was difficult to get served.
It almost felt like that this is the pub to be seen in, so sorry folks this ones not for me.


26 Jun 2014 20:24

The Black Horse Inn, Taunton

The place was busy when we visited on a Saturday afternnoon and yes it did feel fairly rough in here.
However it had a good atmosphere in here and the drinks were unbelievably cheap at around £2 a pint.
This was the best pub we visited all day and i would pop back.


25 Jun 2014 19:45

The Castle Green Inn, Taunton

Was left a bit uninspired by this pub really.
It is in a cracking position on castle green yet found it rather dull and seemed to attract a rather unsauvory bunch of characters.
My meal (bangers and mash) was too small and my partners ploughmans terrible.
However the ale here was very cheap around £2.50 a pint which is a price i love!


24 Jun 2014 19:45

The Court Farm Inn, Abbotskerswell

Amazing place in a very pretty village indeed.
Inside is oldy worldy with a bar area and a an eating area.
There are some pleasant benches on a front lawn in a lovely garden with birds tweeting about everywhere.
The two meals for £9.50 (in the week only) were fantastic value.
This is one of the finest pubs i have ever been to.


23 Jun 2014 19:01

The Edgcumbe Arms, Cremyll

Beautiful location with great views across to Plymouth, best to arrive by ferry like we did.
We visited on a weekday in the summer and the place was fairly quiet, can imagine it being a total nightmare on a summers weekend.
Didn't eat here as expensive (no suprise really!).
Drinks range ok and of course expensive again.

Worth a visit for the ferry trip and view alone


22 Jun 2014 14:06

The Globe Inn, Chagford

This place turned out to be somewhat of a disapointment really.
From the the outside it looks fairly posh but was a little rough round the edges inside.
The two bars are cosy enough with a large fireplaces, however the courtyard garden was a let down and could have been made better.
The pub is somewhat of a cider bar which is good to see and also had 3 ales on.
Just didn't do it for us.


19 Jun 2014 10:46

Lord High Admiral, Plymouth

Boozer right in the middle of Plymouths red light district, although you would never think so when we visited.
The place was very busy in the evening and inside it was actually quite cosy with a real good atmosphere.
A good stop off point before heading off into town.


17 Jun 2014 05:36

The Butchers Arms, Newton Abbot

Pub seemed to be all closed up when we walked past, shame as we could have done with a beer here.
Will it ever open again in this lovely village?

16 Jun 2014 21:42

The Two Mile Oak, Abbotskerswell

Lovely oldy worldy pub on the main Totnes to Newton Abbot road.
Cosy inside with many different seating areas and a large restaurant too.
Good selection of ales straight from the barrel behind the bar and also an unusual kids style sweet shop behind the bar as well.
Good outside area with pleasant views across to dartmoor.
Worth a visit for sure.


16 Jun 2014 07:52

The Seven Stars, Kennford

Place looks to be all closed down with some building work going on inside.
Shame really as Kennford is a lovely village and it no longer has a proper pub here anymore.

Any updates?

12 Jun 2014 18:57

The Half Moon Inn, Sherborne

One of Sherborne's flagship pubs and after the reading the reviews on here my hopes were not that good, however i actually did quite like the place.
The interior is huge and has many lovely seating areas to suite all tastes.
Very cheap indeed (£2.30 for a pint of Carlsberg) and our food was adequate enough.
Would visit again.


8 Jun 2014 14:15

The Ferry House Inn, Plymouth

Has a better outside seating area than the Royal Albert Bridge just down the road.
The interior is not quite as good though.
This must be one of the best places to sit outside and have a beer on a long summers evening and watch the world go by.
Not quite the same on a cold day in March though.


8 Jun 2014 13:01

The Kingfisher, Colyton

Nice enough place despite the previous appalling reviews on here.
We only drank in here so can't comment on the food.
Inside is cosy but we sat outside in a fairly large sun trap garden which was pleasant.
Drinks tasted fine to me.


7 Jun 2014 16:00

The Moat House, Taunton

Now known as the apple and parrot pub chain bar.
The building from the outside looks pleasant but once inside i expected it to be bigger.
My pint of ale was awful and was off i should have had a cider as this place is a cider drinkers heaven with all kinds of loopy juice behind the bar.
Just not my kind of place really.


7 Jun 2014 15:38

Devonport Arms, Paignton

Massive old school boozer of a place just like going back to the 1970's once inside.
Three rooms with one big bar make up an unusual layout.
Ale was a good price and tasted ok.


3 Jun 2014 18:37

The Ale House, Taunton

The reviews posted on here are terrible and some perhaps below the belt.
I thought this pub was ok, nothing special but ok.
Taunton is a pretty dreadful town for pubs i had know idea how dreadful until i did this pub crawl.


30 May 2014 21:32

The Crown and Sceptre, Taunton

Nice enough place with plenty of seating areas to get out of the way of things.
It is a large place, perhaps a little too large (or too empty?) and is handy for the railway station and and pub crawl from the station.
Should have stayed for another as we prefered it in here rather than the Plough.


29 May 2014 19:39

The Greyhound, Yeovil

Interesting looking building but sadly a pub no more.

25 May 2014 14:53

Mambo, Taunton

An interesting place smack bang in the centre of Taunton.
It has a rather pleasant outside area and that for me is the main attraction of the place. Inside it is a complicated layout all on different levels.
More of a youngsters place really so we had one and then left.


25 May 2014 14:47

The Three Choughs, Yeovil

Closed now, all apartments and flats.

19 May 2014 18:36

Colcombe Castle, Colyton

Massive block of a building right in the middle of the square in Colyton.
Inside however i have to say it is one of the strangest pubs i have ever been in.
Very limited outside seating so no good on a hot day.
Three decent ales on handpump though although i was drinking Thatchers gold.
In all honesty though we couldn't wait to get out of there!


18 May 2014 13:10

The Junction, Plymouth

Visited in the day so the place was very quiet.
Can imagine it gets very busy on nights when a band is playing.
Quite ironically i had one of the best pints of real ale (Tribute) in here as in a pub like this ale drinkers must surely be a rare thing and forgotten about.


14 May 2014 19:27

Golden Hind, Plymouth

Looks a bit rough from the outside but inside is fine although maybe a little bit bland of an interior.
Drinks were a very good price and they had three good ales on.
Wish we had eaten in here instead of stuffing our faces with mcdonalds earlier on.


13 May 2014 20:22

Stoke Inn, Stoke

One of the better pubs in Stoke village as most of the others are full of drop outs.
Also one of the few places that you can have a reasonable sit down meal in.
A small beer garden out the back and a discount for Camra card holders.
Not a bad place at all.


13 May 2014 18:50

Waterloo Inn, Stoke

I had quite high hopes for this well known popular Plymouth boozer before we visited.
I have to say though i felt a little let down to be honest.
Although there is nothing wrong with this pub i just felt really quite bored in here. The pub is light, spacious and airy inside with a conservortery and small beer garden at the rear.
Place was friendly enough and had a good selection of drinks on tap.
Just couldn't wait to get out though.


12 May 2014 18:49

The Millbridge Inn, Plymouth

Popped in early on a saturday evening and the place was very busy.
Not really a good time for us as we couldn't get a decent seat.
Pint of Doombar was good but for £3.50 a pint i thought that was a bit steep for this part of Plymouth.


30 Apr 2014 19:28

The White Hart Inn, Woodbury

The pub is a cosy place with a front and back bar and a couple a nice open fires.
It does have a rather complex strange layout but still an old school in interior.
However our food was not all that good at all and if i had to eat in Woodbury i would definately go to the Malsters across the road.
This for me would be the place to go for just a pint.


23 Apr 2014 18:40

Hole In The Wall, Brixham

Pub was all boarded up when i went past today.

Any news anybody?

22 Apr 2014 18:43

The George Hotel, Sherborne

Nice cosy place at the top of town.
Decent Ringwood ales, a good place to pop in for a quick one in the amazing pub town of Sherborne.


21 Apr 2014 18:27

The Lord Nelson Inn, Topsham

Now just called the Nelson.
We popped in on a saturday afternoon and we were the only people in the pub for the whole time (2 pints). Not sure why it was so quiet as the interior was actually quite nice with a good mixture of seating areas and given a bit more of an atmosphere i'm sure we would have stayed here for a bit of a session.
My pints i had both Doombar and fosters were great and well priced for Topsham.
This could be a great place not sure why people seemed to stay away from here.


20 Apr 2014 14:15

The Digby Tap, Sherborne

I had high hopes for this place so i kept it until the last pub on our pub crawl before getting the train back to Exeter.
Maybe my expectations were too high as it really wasn't our kind of place.
Yes it is very cheap with decent ales but it was also very busy with a few idiots about.
Perhaps it would have been better at another time of the week (it was Saturday evening after all)
Handy for the station but it is unlikely we will return.


15 Apr 2014 18:56

The Bell Inn, Kingsteignton

A huge place inside perhaps a little too big for the numbers it gets.
It is an olde worlde kind of place with different seating areas and beams thoughout. The trouble was i was bloody freezing in here in April and i couldn't believe the price of a pint of Carling (£3.70!).
However our gourmet burger was fantastic and for that reason only i would give it a 5/10

14 Apr 2014 18:37

The Royal Britannia Hotel, Ilfracombe

Two bars in a hotel right down by the harbour with seating at the rear giving great views across to the cliffs and quayside.
However the barman gave me my pint of ale in a carling pint glass!
So for this very reason i can only give this place a 6/10

13 Apr 2014 14:57

The Kings Arms, Kingsteignton

Basic kind of boozer in a not that interesting town.
The pub is full of sporting memorabilia and sport on tv seemed to be the thing here.
Not really my kind of pub although it did have two decent ales on which i didn't expect to see here.
All in all though a rather forgettable experience.


13 Apr 2014 13:33

The Pack Horse, South Brent

It was freezing outside so when we popped into the Packhorse it was a lovely suprise.
What a cosy place with a huge roaring log fire and a great atmosphere too.
Good prices on all drinks, a very good pub in a largely forgotten village.
Loved the outside toilet area too.


10 Apr 2014 18:52

Vine Hotel, Plymouth

A decent little corner boozer right by the Cremyll ferry.
The atmosphere was a lively one when we visit early on a Friday night, full of friendly locals and visitors.
This is a classic Plymouth pub and a great place to start an evening.


9 Apr 2014 18:54

The Cross Keys, Sherborne

The comments i have read are certainly true.
I found it incredibaly strange that right in the centre of this beautiful town with a quirky market outside it's front door that there was a pub like this.
I would have expected a much more upmarket place here.
We were lucky to get a quiet seat in the corner as the place was full of idiots.
Having said all that we did actually have a good time in here and the Carlsberg was only £2.60 a pint.


6 Apr 2014 13:53

Blockhouse Inn, Stoke

This pub does have a reputation of being a bit of a rough place, however on our visit we felt quite comfortable in here.
A good selection of lagers but no real ale on though and good prices too.
It's actually not a bad looking place from the outside and inside felt clean with a good pubby feel.
Friendly staff too.


1 Apr 2014 18:41

Union Inn, Torquay

We were relieved to find this place just down the road from the dreadful Fortune of war pub.
Inside this pub only one bar area seemed to be in use with all the lights off in the other areas.
Having said that it was nice and quiet with a friendly local feel and the pub actually had some decent ale and red wine as well.
Nice place for us.


30 Mar 2014 15:02

Old Smithy, Ivybridge

The interior was actually quite pleasant and cosy but our drinks were of a poor standard.
My bird's pint of Carlsberg was flat and tasteless and my pint of ale was uninspiring.
A pretty uneventful visit.


23 Mar 2014 12:40

The Boatman, Saltash

A nice cosy place directly below the royal Albert railway bridge.
Lovely interior inside although the place does lack a decent garden.
Didn't eat here but i would do in the future.


21 Mar 2014 20:33

The Union Inn, Saltash

When viewed from the Tamar bridge you always think well that looks like a great place to have a pint in on a sunny day.
So one sunny day me and my mrs went down to the Union and i have to say that close up this pub is not a good as first seems.
A somewhat strange selection of beers here which was not a problem, but the place just felt tired and dirty and pidgeons flying everywhere outside we felt somewhat dissapointed, it wouldn't have taken alot to make this a great place we thought the Boatman across the green was far better.


17 Mar 2014 17:10

Tamar Hotel, Crownhill

A decent place, forget going to wetherspoons this pub has it all.
A good selection of ales at a good price and the food was excellent too.
Spacious inside and the pub is handy for buses into town.
A place i would happily go to again.


16 Mar 2014 13:10

The Royal Hotel, Gillingham

Money always wins in the end.
Whether it is bribeing the council or a poorly run pubco.
The sad fact is that the more money componies make the worse they become.
Another lost pub......

15 Mar 2014 14:34

Royal Castle Hotel, Dartmouth

Busy place when we visited.
We sat in the older style Galleon bar which was nice enough.
For some reason though we just could not settle here and the bar service was pretty bad too.


23 Feb 2014 14:06

The Boathouse, Instow

A decent place that looked like it did good food (we didn't eat here).
As the previous reviews have said it does get busy here.
We eventually managed to get the seat in the window and watch the tide come in on a stormy afternoon as the pub is in a great location with a fantastic view of the beach.
My only complaint is that even on a Saturday the last orders bell chimed at 1500 kicking every one out, we would have stayed for at least a couple more as i'm sure others would have too.


23 Feb 2014 12:52

The Yard Arm, Plymouth

A decent place under a new name (Pub on the hoe)
The interior is cosy with a downstairs seating area too.
Nice selection of drinks and real ales, a bit pricey but so is everywhere in this part of Plymouth.
Very handy for Plymouth Hoe which in my opinion there is nowhere better in Britain on a sunny day.


22 Feb 2014 13:39

The China House, Plymouth

This is a fine looking place both inside and out but beware touristy places like this think they can be rude to customers and this place certainly did that to us.
The layout is somewhat confusing inside as you don't really know where to sit. Is it a pub? Is it a restaurant? Who knows.
Our food was ok but left still feeling hungry after a two course meal!
Wouldn't come here again.


20 Feb 2014 18:55

Flagship, Paignton

This pub is a bit like a Wetherspoons pub but more expensive.
Having said that i would rather eat here than Wetherspoons which we did and it was ok.
If you are only drinking though you may as well go back acoss the road to spoons.
The pub itself is right next to the cinema on Paignton green and there seems to be some sort of play area for kids here so it is ideal for families.


19 Feb 2014 18:54

Newmarket Inn, Launceston

The previous review sounds a bit landlordish.
Anyway this pub certainly looks better from the outside than in, not that is was a dump or anything like that i just thought it had a poor seating arrangement and not much atmosphere.
Pint of Doombar was ok but found the Launceston Arms across the road a better place to be.


15 Feb 2014 14:05

The Prince of Wales, Ilfracombe

The best pubs in Ilfracombe are in this part of the town and this is one of them.
It was busy when we visited the rugby was on and we managed to get a seat by the widow.
My pint of Landlord ale was very good and this pub is one to visit when doing an Ilfracome pub crawl.


9 Feb 2014 15:06

The Three Crowns, Plymouth

One of the few pubs down on the Barbican with a decent seating area.
This does of course mean that every idiot is out down here when the sun is out.
However we visited during the day during the week so it wasn't too bad down here and my pint of Doombar was lovely.


24 Jan 2014 17:53

The Windmill Inn, Plymouth

Big barn of a place in the suburb of Leighham.
Can't say that i particulary impressed with this place, in fact once inside i actually felt quite bored and couldn't wait to leave.
Pint of ale (tribute) was ok though and the place is huge inside with two bars.
Nice views out the window across to Dartmoor and nearby woodland.
Wouldn't be suprised if this place is shut in a couple of years time and sold off for housing as the plot of land it is on is huge!


21 Jan 2014 18:48

The Duchy of Cornwall, Plymouth

Real boozer in the heart of real Plymouth.
It was rowdy when me and my girl visited and with the benifit of hindsight i really should have known better than to take her here.
The most popular drink that that locals seemed to be drinking were cans of 7.5% barnstormer which must have been the local loopy juice.
However i love pubs like this, real pubs with real people in, no gastro pub bollocks here.
I would have enjoyed it more if my Mrs could have relaxed a bit, so in effect my experience was ruined.

Regretably only a 5/10 from me

18 Jan 2014 14:59

The Cowick Barton Inn, Exeter

From the outside this is a fine looking place, A fish out of water from the nearby slums of St. Thomas.
Once inside after opening a huge castle like front door i did feel a little dissapointed.
Not really a pub more like a resturant with a small bar drinking area.
We sat down by a fine looking fireplace but i felt the open plan design didn't do the place justice.
Ales were decent but very expensive.
Didn't eat here as it looked a little posh for us, we prefer pub grub.


18 Jan 2014 13:55

The Old Inn, Kilmington

Kilmington is truely blessed to have two very decent pubs in their village.
The Old inn is equally as good as the New inn up the road.
Inside is a cosy place with different bar areas and a huge fireplace.
Good selection of ales on and our lunchtime food was very good indeed.
It is a little on the pricey side but on the whole i thought it was worth it.
Very handy right on the a A35 as well.


17 Jan 2014 17:17

The Admiral McBride, Plymouth

A fine looking place from the outside and inside was ok although not fantastic.
Had a pint of Doombar in here wich was ok paying tourist prices here, though like all the pubs on the barbican.
Didn't try the food so unable to comment on that.
This is a very handy pub for the marine aquarium and it's bridge and also numerous boat trips and ferries leave nearby.


16 Jan 2014 18:14

The White Horse, Yeovil

Typical Yeovil big brick boozer that is now been converted into flats.
Why do so many pubs in Yeovil look like this?

13 Jan 2014 17:28

The Half Moon, Paignton

From the outside this looks like a pleasant sort of place, however once inside i was instantly disapointed.
The place was empty which didn't help and it felt like a school hall inside.
The two guys behind the bar were clueless one of them looked like a manager.
It had a poor selection of drinks so i necked my pint of Jail ale and got the hell out of there to find a pub with some atmosphere.


9 Jan 2014 18:02

Grand Central Cafe Bar, Paignton

I was dubious about going in this place but we were so fed up with the food at wetherspoons i thought we would give it a go.
What an amazing breakfast we had!
We only ordered a small one which cost £4:00 but it was more than enough and very tasty too.
We popped back later in the evening for a drink and the place had a good atmosphere and very good drinks prices.
You can even get a drink in here at 8 in the morning if you're that way inclined!
Paignton is a boozers dream!


7 Jan 2014 18:43

Lighthouse & Fusion, Paignton

Has been closed for years now maybe they should demolish it and build some apartments here instead.

30 Dec 2013 18:35

George and Dragon, Dartmouth

Looks better from the outside than it is inside.
It does have a large outdoor area so it may be better to visit in the summer rather than when i did.
Another expensive pub but this is Dartmouth.


29 Dec 2013 14:12

Henry's Bar, Paignton

A suprisingly decent place in the heart of boozy Paignton.
From the outside i was dubious thinking it would be another souless modern bar but inside was cosy with some very nice seating areas.
I also didn't expect to seen as many, if any ales in here and at £2.50 a pint quite unbeliveable!
This needs to be in the good beer guide.


17 Dec 2013 18:15

The Windjammer, Dartmouth

This is a decent pub.
I liked the interior especially the bar which is shaped like a ship.
A lovely fire was roaring and the place was quiet.
A good selection of ales too.
This is one of the better pubs in Dartmouth and i would pop in here again.


16 Dec 2013 17:58

Rams Head Inn, Dolton

A delightful looking place both inside and out with nice seating areas and big fireplace.
The thing was though that it was totally dead on a Saturday lunchtime with no background music or atmosphere.
Also a poor selection of pints available with only one ale on (sharps own).

It is a lovely looking place but just was expecting a bit better.


10 Dec 2013 18:57

The Old Mill Pub, Torquay

Now called DT'S bar and a very decent little place indeed.
Not sure what crowd this pub is aiming for but it does certainly cater for all.
Good to see it open on a Monday afternoon in November as didn't expect it to be.
Also a suprisingly good selection of real ales which many pubs in this area don't have.

Nice atmosphere too and one of the better pubs in Torquay


3 Dec 2013 18:37

The Roundabout, Plymouth

First post for this place for nearly 8 years!
We visited on a Sunday afternoon and the place was dead which is the way us oldies like it.
Thought it was cheapish for drinks but was expecting it to be cheaper.
Ordered a bbq chicken melt and it was only just passable knew it was gonna be a risk here though.
This would be a great pub for a student going out with all their mates, but it just is not a good place to have a meal in.


2 Dec 2013 18:52

Pier Hotel, Ilfracombe

A good location for this pub right down on the harbour and near the imfamous "Verity".
A pleasant layout inside and always a good selection of real ale.
Friendly locals as well.


2 Dec 2013 17:49

Printers Elbow, Torquay

Yes this is a clean smart boozer.
It seems to specialise in the courage products and my pint of Courage best was good.
This is a definate place to visit if you are on a pub crawl in the Torre area.


25 Nov 2013 18:34

The Seale Arms, Dartmouth

Didn't gel to this place at all.
Found it souless and very quiet.
Wish we had stayed in the Windjammer across the road.


24 Nov 2013 15:14

The Fortune of War, Torquay

Totally agree with all the comments on here.
My girlfriend and i popped into this pub on what i would have thought was a quite Tuesday afternoon in November.
Not in this place though, all the local villains out getting pissed on the cheap beer, dirty looks, rough birds and little brats everywhere.
Now don't get me wrong me and my bird quite like a down to earth boozer.
This just didn't happen to be one of them.


24 Nov 2013 14:26

The Mariners Arms, Braunton

This is a real village local one of the only ones of it's kind in the village of Braunton.
There were five real ales on many more than i expected and i am suprised that this pub is not in the good beer guide.
We had the steak and ale pie with mash which at £5.20 was a very good meal for lunchtime.


11 Nov 2013 11:16

Sippers, Plymouth

I was hoping to have a beer in this pub as it sounded like quite an interesting place.
However on a closer inspection it is now closed with the front door all boarded up.
I believe that with the right owner this place has a lot of potential for a pub and resturant with all the development going on at Milbay surely someone will take it on as it is a pleasant looking place with some outside seating areas.

11 Nov 2013 09:49

The Wayfarer Inn, Instow

A decent place down a side street in Instow.
Like many of the pubs in Instow it has a modern restaurant feel to the place.
Still a good place to have a drink though, I had Doombar which was good.
There is a suntrap beer garden out the back, didn't eat here but the food looked good.
Would visit this one again as it opens all day unlike the Boathouse pub around the corner.


4 Nov 2013 19:03

The Foxhunters Inn, West Down

Pub has been closed for ages but looks like it has now been sold.
Hope it reopens soon with better management as it looks like a nice place with a lot of potential.

Any updates on this one?

29 Oct 2013 18:37

The Sun Inn, Weymouth

Pub is all boarded up.
Another victim in this part of town.
Big boozers like this are dying out.

28 Oct 2013 18:43

The Mount Pleasant, Plymouth

Popped in this place on a saturday afternoon and there were only two people in there.
The place has been smartend up to a nice standard but i'm just not sure about it's rather odd location.
Drinks were ok and well priced didn't eat so can't comment on that.
Time will tell whether this place can make a go of it.


27 Oct 2013 14:23

The Spinning Wheel Inn, Paignton

The pub itself is in a great location by Paignton green with many seats outside.
Once inside the place it is a real experience, like a magical wonderland with nooks and crannies on many different levels and an upstairs with a balcony.
It does however attract some dross with a group of older guys snorting drugs on a table outside.

8/10 and that is for the interior.

25 Oct 2013 17:41

Tree Inn, Stratton

The building is a magnifecent place both inside and out with many different seating areas in two cosy bars and a decent suntrap courtyard too.
Having the local post office in the pub is most unusual although a great idea.
The trouble was that the place had no atmosphere whats so ever and was really quite expensive too.
It did however have a good selection of ales and we enjoyed our time here.
You can't help but think that Stratton must have been a lot busier many years ago with at least two big pubs like this in the village.


20 Oct 2013 13:58

Kings Arms, Stratton

A nice feel to this place with a lot of character inside and lots of old photographs of the local area.
Good selection of local ales here although we were really impressed by the red wine which was at a good price as well.
A decking area catches the afternoon sun well out the back.
The only let down as the previous post said was the miserable landlord, maybe he only likes locals.


18 Oct 2013 18:18

The Kingsley Inn, Northam

A decent enough pub this one.
It is a fairly big place inside with seating one side and a pool table the other.
We visited on a weekday lunchtime and the place was quite busy mainly with pensioners eating.
We had the two meals for £10 deal which was ok for a lunch.
Doombar was my favourite ale that i had there.
This is a good pub to have in your village.


14 Oct 2013 19:01

The Bull and Bush, Torquay

This is a very good pub indeed and can cater for just about anybody.
It is a large place with lots of different seating areas so there is plenty of space to get out of the locals way if you know what i mean.
Good drinks prices at £7.99 for a very nice bottle of wine.
Didn't have the food but it did look ok.
This was a lovely place to spend my birthday in and one of the best pubs in Torbay for sure.


13 Oct 2013 13:19

The Weary Traveller, Cullompton

We were left disappointed by this place.
The garden was tatty so we sat inside which to be fair is huge with a couple of bars with character.
The main problem was that the only food available was the carvery which we did not want.
So we had the one pint and left.


12 Oct 2013 16:28

The Lamb Hotel, Ilfracombe

Astonished to see another pub closed in the high street.
What the hell is going on in Ilfracombe?.
Any updates please?

2 Oct 2013 18:59

The Otter Inn, Weston

We were slightly put off here when i was given change for a tenner and not the twenty that i handed over, thank god for modern technology as there was a camera by the till and the manager was helpful to resolve the situation.
Putting that behind us the pub is a great find when a massive beer garden by the river Otter, great for kids to play in.
The meal 241 meal deals are fantastic just over a tenner for two great meals!
This is a great pub for all the family more so in the summer i would think.


28 Sep 2013 15:29

The Bunch of Grapes, Ilfracombe

Everytime i go past this place it looks like it is closed or for sale.
I am not local so don't know the ins and outs.
Can anyone explain to me what is happening to this pub?

28 Sep 2013 15:18

The Bencoolen Inn, Bude

A huge looking place on a large plot of land.
I have to say that i didn't feel that inspired by the place really.
The drinks were average and inside the place felt a bit tired and bland.
The beer garden goes 3/4 of the way around the pub with many benches catching the sun from all angles.
The painting of the shipwrecked "Bencoolen is impressive and worth a closer look.

Average pub in town.


27 Sep 2013 19:17

The Bishops Blaize, Exeter

One of the better pubs in Exeter i have to say.
An amazing survivor really as the Exeter Quay has been dying over the past few years with many pubs and clubs closing.
Inside has a nice seating area and a larger back area with a pool table, this is where the bands play which is what this pub is known for.
Also suprisingly a decent outside seating area too.
Nice drinks selection and the wine we had was nice and priced about right.
A popular pub for all sorts and all ages and always people popping in and out.


23 Sep 2013 19:15

The Salterton Arms, Budleigh Salterton

A decent place indeed.
My pint of St. Austell Trelawney ale was very good indeed.
We ate here having the beef curry and chips for £7.95 and it was gorgeous filling us up for most of the day.
The place had a good atmoshere and the decor had a pleasant modern feel to it.
This is a good pub to eat at with fines ales too.


22 Sep 2013 15:39

The Gerrard Arms, Colyton

A great destination pub if you arrive by the Seaton tramway.
Good selection of ales and other drinks too.
We had a sandwich here for lunch and it was lovely and of a very good standard.
Nice simple layout too with a smallish tidy garden.
My only complaint is that they should open all day Saturday in the summer as the place was very busy with tourists and locals and it seemed odd too close when like this.


12 Sep 2013 17:03

The Old Market Inn, Holsworthy

One of the better pubs in Holsworthy i think with the best selection of ales too.
Quite liked the layout of the place and this would be the pub that i would pop back to if i were in the area again.


8 Sep 2013 10:54

Eagle Tavern, Coxside

Drove past today and the pub looked well and truly closed.
It looks like some redevelopment work is going on not sure if it is gonna be a pub again or converted to something else.

Any updates on this please?

5 Sep 2013 17:57

The Oldenburg, Paignton

I agree that this is an old school boozer for sure.
The trouble was that it was the first pub me and my girlfriend went in on our pub crawl so we were sober, had we had had a few by this stage it might have been a different story.
The pub was filthy and was full of foul mouthed drunk alcoholic old men on a summer saturday afternoon.
I wish i had known about the outside area as we would have sat out there.
We felt uncomfortable.

2/10 And that was just for my pint of Fostetrs which was good.

31 Aug 2013 14:52

The Queen's Hotel, Weymouth

I guess that Weymouth just has too many pubs these days.
If you look around the place there are pubs on every corner and people just don't go to pubs like they used to.
The Queens hotel just doesn't look that appealing to go in so maybe these are the reasons for it's closure.
Like the previous post says "money always wins!"

26 Aug 2013 19:15

Ship Inn, Axmouth

Not normally my type of place, but whilst visiting during a heatwave it almost felt like we were abroad as the place has a continental feel as a trendy wine bar.
I did quite like it and we sat in the garden which was a little shabby but still ok.
Didn't eat here but the food looked ok and there was a good selection of drinks too.
Axmouth has two great if not modern pubs and the area is just fantastic too.


23 Aug 2013 18:47

The Thatched Tavern, Maidencombe

An absolute gem of place.
We visited here during a summer heatwave and sitting in the garden it felt like we were abroad.
The garden is beautiful with palm trees and little thatched shelters as is the pub itself.
As you would expect it is a little on the pricey side although it is worth it.
Didn't eat here so unable to comment on the food.
Handy for the coast path too.


18 Aug 2013 15:02

The Steam Packet Inn, Totnes

A decent place in a great location next to the river dart.
We visited on a Tuesday lunchtime in season and the place was busy.
There are various seating areas in the pub which is a cosy place and also a conservatory eating area.
There is a sizeable outside area which is great to watch the boats go by as it is right next to the river Dart, one group of people even left by boat!
Nice ales and ciders on tap didn't try the food so unable to comment on that.


11 Aug 2013 13:25

The Dog and Duck, Babbacombe

Babbacombe is a great place to do a mini pub crawl away from the busy town centre.
This pub is a good place to stop for a pint.
It is fairly large once inside and has a courtyard garden too.
Enjoyed my pint of Fosters here.


7 Aug 2013 19:33

South Pacific Bar, Teignmouth

This pub was all closed up when i looked through the window today.
A woman from the cafe next door popped out and said it will reopen again soon.
I won't hold my breath though this day and age in a town like Teignmouth it would be a risk.
It is however in a great location and the pictures of it on the internet make it look like quite a fun place.
We will wait and see.

5 Aug 2013 19:13

Lime Tree, Paignton

A big rough looking lace that has probably seen better days.
Fairly well priced drinks though.
It has a suntrap outside area and inside is huge i can't imagine that they ever fill it these days though.
Handy for Paignton bus station.


4 Aug 2013 14:39

The White Hart Inn, Colyford

Very handy place if you are doing a pub crawl on the Seaton tramway.
The pub is quite a big place and does have various places to sit outside.
Pint of Branoc was good, we were gonna eat here but we were not getting the right vibes to if you know what i mean.
Would pop back for a pint here.


4 Aug 2013 14:07

The Twisted Oak, Exeter

Nice quiet location for this pub on the other side of the carraigeway from ide.
The interior is a little bland although it is big with plenty of different seating areas and two bars.
The garden is very attractive indeed as are all the pub gardens in ide.
Also we found a pet rabbit living freely in the garden which is good for kids and has a huge climbing frame play area.
This would be a good place to take all your family out for a nice sunday afternoon.


23 Jul 2013 18:43

Oddfellows Arms, Exeter

I am not a fan of the Gastro pub thing but did end up in this pub on the off chance one midweek evening.
Not as expensive as i was expecting and was actually really impressed with the place.
Great atmosphere and music and the place is like being in Narnia if you know what i mean.
Didn't eat here but i could imagine it being great.
This would a good place for a first date with someone.


22 Jul 2013 19:00

The Poacher's Inn, Ide

A simply wonderful place.
Inside is very charming and quirky and outside is a wonderful beer garden with views over fields.
Nice selection of ales too.
Ide is an absolute gem of a place and the Huntsman pub down the road is worth a visit too.


21 Jul 2013 13:58

The Harbour Inn, Axmouth

A decent sized pub inside with an olde worldy interior with a quirky modern design.
The garden is fair although it could have had it's furniture updated a bit.
Good selection of ales and other drinks.
This is a lovely pub in a lovely village.


19 Jul 2013 15:41

The New Inn, Kilmington

A real hidden gem this place is, out of view from the main A35 road which is probably for the best as it would be packed or a rip off if it wasn't.
Lovely thatched roofed pub and the garden is fantastic with lots of shady areas.
We had a ploughmans lunch which was very good at only £5.25.
The drinks were a good price too with the usual Palmers ales on and good prices on wine.
This is one of the best pubs in the area and by far the cheapest Palmers brewery pub we have been in.
Well worth a visit.


8 Jul 2013 19:09

The Anchor, Cockwood

A lovely setting over the harbour and a real gem of a pub.
The trouble is that it is a expensive busy tourist hell hole.
I wish i had visited during the week slightly out of season so i could have appriciated it a bit more.
It is expensive too being a Heavitree pub in a great location.
My ale was good and would visit this place again as both inside and out are a real treasure.


30 Jun 2013 13:47

The Smithy Inn, Charlton Musgrove

Is this pub still open?
It looks a bit run down and closed up.
A shame if it is as it looks like it could be quite a nice place.

30 Jun 2013 13:01

The Dew Drop Inn, Kingsteignton

A nice looking pub both inside and out with a traditional feel.
It has a rather unusual off licence style shop adjoined to it something that i didn't expect to find in such a town.
It was however a total rip off for the drinks and it is all down to the evils of Heavitree brewery.
My wifes wine was digusting as well although my pint of Carling was good (£7.40 for both!).
I was paying these kind of prices at the Anchor at cockwood earlier in the day and at least you get a lovely view and setting there!

4/10 Won't be back

23 Jun 2013 12:58

The Red Lion Inn, Axminster

We visited three pubs in Axminster and this one was by far the best.
It is a fairly large modern place which was spotless.
The drinks prices are some of the lowest i have ever seen with a very decent pint of John Smiths at only £1.90!
All the drinks were very cheap if more pubs could sell at these prices many more places would survive i'm sure.


5 Jun 2013 19:13

The Castle Inn, Axminster

From the outside this pub did look quite a pleasant place in a lovely hilltop position in the town.
A banner outside displayed all the drinks prices all of which were very good indeed (Stella £2.99!).
However inside was a different story, a real rough locals feel to this pub with people off there faces at one in the afternoon.
Did not feel comfortable the whole time that we were in there.

I will give it a 5/10 and that is purely for the decent drink prices.

3 Jun 2013 18:42

The Axminster Inn, Axminster

A fine looking place both inside and out down a historic back street.
I wished i had known that this pub had a lunch time menu as i had just scoffed a sausage roll in the churchyard minutes before.
It is the most expensive pub in Axminster (Palmers brewery what do you expect).
It did also lack a bit of atmosphere.
I would pop in again but only to try out the food as no other pubs in the town centre were doing any at all.


2 Jun 2013 14:03

The Skipper Inn, Brixham

A tardis like place.
The front bar is quite small and shows sky sports.
Go down an alley and you are met with a huge back room bar where the cavery's are served.
There is also a suprisingly large beer garden as well.
Our drinks were rather on the expensive side and we couldn't quite click with the atmoshere.

So just a 5/10

26 May 2013 15:01

The Seagate Hotel, Appledore

Didn't visit before the refurb so can't say what it was like before but it is certainly a smart looking place now.
It has a fairly upmarket feel to the place with prices to match!
It is of course still in a great location in Appledore with a decent beer garden out the front to watch the world go by.


26 May 2013 14:06

The Bell, Yeovil

Will this place ever reopen?
If it does it will be at least a year before it's rebuilt.
As it is a Greene King pub that did fairly well i would think it would be in there interests to rebuild.
A burnt out pub is a sad site to see.

25 May 2013 07:59

The Old Wellhouse, Paignton

Now called the Cork and Bottle.
From the outside it is a pretty smart looking place and inside it is a spacious pub with plenty of different seating areas.
The drinks are the cheapest in the town even cheaper than Wetherspoons over the road.
We paid £2:10 for a pint of Fosters and a 250ml glass of white wine was £2:90!.
It does however enivitably attract some pretty rough sorts in here but we never saw any trouble.


19 May 2013 13:54

Brewhouse and Kitchen, Dorchester

Place is all closed up now due to the building work on the new 'Brewery Square complex'.
Not sure if it will open again as a pub.
Any updates please?

17 May 2013 15:35

The Cat and Fiddle, Clyst St Mary

A huge place at the side of the road just outside exeter near Westpoint showground.
The pub has many different areas some of which are very good for families with kids and a large outdoor play area.
I did feel that the place had a certain tacky feel to it, but it was worth a visit.


17 May 2013 15:24

The Rising Sun, Sidford

A nice interior to this pub with a good selection of ales (branoc was good).
It does suprisingly have a very reasonable suntrap beer garden which when looking at it from the front you wouldn't expect.
Agree about the dangerous crossroads outside, take care when leaving especially when you have had a few!

A good pub.


6 May 2013 18:20

The Royal Oak Inn, Luxborough

This pub has been deleted from the good beer guide stating it has closed.
The pubs website also confirms this.
Surely it will reopen either with new owners or the original ones.
This was a popular well run pub and one well worth seeking out.
A dying breed and part of our heritage.
Any updates on this place?

2 May 2013 19:35

The Vine Inn, Honiton

This is a rather odd establishment, tucked away down a side street.
Half the place is like a tea room the other a small bar area.
My pint of otter bitter was of a very good quality.
I thought it was ok in here my only complaint is that at 3 in the afternoon when the place was busy everyone had to leave as it shuts.
Why do these pubs do this?


26 Apr 2013 13:07

The Crown Inn, Langport

Pub is shut and up for sale when we drove past today.
Not all that suprised really as it is out in the sticks a bit and there are still plenty of pubs around in this area.

22 Apr 2013 11:57

Lanes Hotel and Bar, West Coker

This place is not really a pub and shouldn't really be on bite.
I understand that it is a decent high class place it's just that i am a working class bloke that like a pint whilst wearing walking boots....

22 Apr 2013 11:35

Molloy's, St. Marychurch

I agree with the previous two post.
Had a pint of Fosters which was average but i just could'nt settle in here just not my sort of place really.


22 Apr 2013 10:08

The George Inn, Torquay

I also had a pint of real ale in this pub and it was disgusting.
However i did try a variety of drinks here and the Thatchers gold was good and they do have some very good offers on spirits here (£3.00 for a house double).
The pub is a typical Torquay pub with signs about drugs in the toliets.
It does have a sun trap beer garden and Babbacombe beach is just down the road.
All in all this was the best pub we went to all day and was far better than any we went to in st. Marychurch up the road.


21 Apr 2013 13:24

The Volunteer, Honiton

This is the best pub in Honiton (most are poor) and a real boozer.
It was packed when me and my girl went in there on a saturday afternoon.
We found a seat down the far end of the beer garden that catches the sun a treat.
There were some dodgy looking folk in this place but in my experience these kind of people are more polite and friendly than some stuck up sorts.
Very good selection of drinks on the pumps and not all that expensive either.
A real boozer and would revisit.


14 Apr 2013 13:59

The Castle Inn, West Coker

Such a shame but the whole of this pubs thatched roof caught fire the other day and totally burnt the whole roof off.
Not sure whether it is gonna come back from this and if it does it will be at least a year before the place reopens.

Such a lovely looking place too.

13 Apr 2013 10:35

The Heathfield Inn, Honiton

Me and my wife visited this pub and thought on the hole the place was ok.
My pints of Greene King ipa were of an acceptable level as were the glasses of wine we had too, all at a reasonable price.
We had a jacket with prawns for lunch and that was very good too.
The pub is a huge beautiful thatched building with benches outside and cosy with beams and open fires on the inside.
It is however in a very odd location in a cul-de-sac on a housing estate.
It must have been here long before the estate was and would have been much better off on the main road which is only metres away behind a hedge.


8 Apr 2013 18:23

The Star Inn, Honiton

This pub is closed at the moment and a notice outside says that it will reopen as a Wetherspoons on the 9th of july.
It does seem a little bit of an odd location for a Wetherspoons.
Will revisit when the place is open later in the year.

7 Apr 2013 15:01

The Royal Standard, Shaldon

Pub is now an attractive looking house.
Shame as it actually did look like it might have once been quite a good boozer.

5 Apr 2013 18:12

The Cornerhouse, Plymouth

Place has been closed for years and by the sounds of it a good job too.

5 Apr 2013 18:09

The Well House, Exeter

Wasn't all that impressed with the place really.
It is in a good location with fine views across to the cathedral and you can do a lot of people watching from here.
We visited during the day and it was dead, can't say that the interior of the place did it for me and my pint of Becks vier was very forgettable.

And where the hell is that skeleton!


4 Apr 2013 18:55

The Maltsters Arms, Woodbury

We popped out here for lunch and had a very good experience here.
The drinks are the kind of prices that you would expect for the area and our lunches were very good indeed.
The manager seemed like a quite a switched on fella and we would happily return.


24 Mar 2013 14:13

The Bicton Inn, Exmouth

A decent back street city centre "local".
The opened plan interior didn't do alot for me but the drinks prices were very reasonable and the place had a healthy variety of customers the whole time we were there.


23 Mar 2013 16:11

The Famous Hop'N'Grapes, Torquay

Pub well and truly open now.
Yes it is in a rather odd location but a pint of John smiths was only £2.30!
Many other pints also at this price with cheap wine too.
No ale on offer at the moment although i'm sure that will come.
A decent large circular layout inside with a huge central bar area.
Well worth a visit.


23 Mar 2013 15:42

The First and Last Inn, Exeter

A decent boozer.
Don't come here if you want a meal or a sofisticated drink, this pub does exactly what it says on the tin.
Very good drinks prices too and in some cases even cheaper than the wetherspoons down the road!

Bigger than i expected too.


23 Mar 2013 11:59

The Exeter Inn, Ashburton

This has to be one of the cosyiest oldy wordly pubs i have ever been in.
A fantasic place just like going back in time with two bars and a number of nooks and crannies to suit all.
We sat in the quieter back bar which had it's own bar with a small bell to order!
My only complaint was that they only had two real ales on and a pub like this needs more than that.


22 Mar 2013 13:49

The Bay Horse Inn, Ashburton

A nice enough looking place both inside and out.
But found it a little expensive if i'm honest for what it is.
Not somewhere i would go out of the way to visit.


22 Mar 2013 13:36

The Bell Inn, Cullompton

This is one of the better pubs in Cully.
The drinks are a very good price here (Carling/Worthy/Blackthorn) all at £2.20 a pint at weekends!
We sat in the quieter left bar which was a good size.
The locals all congregate in the busy right hand bar which has a very lively atmoshere.
There is also a patio garden out the back.

Better than expected! 9/10

3 Mar 2013 16:25

The Mermaid Inn, Wells

All boarded up when i went passed today.
From what i can gather it was one of the worse pubs in the area though.

17 Feb 2013 13:24

London Inn, Shaldon

Very expensive Heavitree house pub.
The inside is fairly cosy and it does have a small beer garden out the front.
I doubt whether i would come here again though.


14 Feb 2013 08:11

The Nags Head, Crewkerne

This place does not seem to exist anymore when i had a look in Crewkerne the other day.
Any updates please?

5 Feb 2013 18:45

The Unity, Plymouth

The pub has been closed now for 9 years and is totally demolished without a trace.

3 Feb 2013 15:49

The Railway Tavern, Crewkerne

Drove past it today and it looked well and truly closed up.
From the outside it looks like a very good drinking tavern in the wonderful town of Crewkerne.
Any updates please?

27 Jan 2013 14:30

Seamus O'Donnell's, Torquay

We went into this pub well to be honest expecting the worse.
How wrong we were.
Whether drinks are cheaper here out of season i don't know but prices for Guinness and wine were very good indeed considering the location and "Irish theme".
Our window seat gave a good view of Torquay harbour and the pub also shows sporting events.
A very good pub indeed.


27 Jan 2013 13:41

The Cider Press, Torquay

Was disapointed with this pub.
Inside is a pleasant interior but this is an expensive pub!
Pint of Devon bitter was very forgetable.
Will not be back in a hurry.


27 Jan 2013 13:30

The Star Inn, Liverton

A decent enough place hidden off the beaten track.
Nice inside and also has a large beer garden too.


20 Jan 2013 05:59

The Litten Tree, Barnstaple

I believe that this pub is now a Wetherspoons pub call the 'Watergate'.
Not a bad one at that.
This needs updating.


7 Jan 2013 18:55

Owain Glyndwr, Cardiff

I quite liked this pub.
It is in a very handy central location in the city centre.
I did also like the various seating areas the place had to offer.
Pint was under £3.00


6 Jan 2013 15:18

The North Country, Barnstaple

I could not find this place at all.
Is it still open or trading under a different name?
It is listed as closed on one website.
Can anyone help?

30 Dec 2012 13:33

The Ship, Paignton

A decent place just off the beaten track.
Good value drinks and pub grub.
Decent seating areas inside and out.
I would visit again for sure.


22 Dec 2012 13:25

The Victoria Inn, Exeter

I can see that this is a great pub.
Nice cosy pubby interior with huge hardwearing wooden tables that look like they could sit 20 students at a time.
The trouble was we we visited they were changing brewries so no lager was on!
My pint of Doombar was quite good but my partners wine was awful.
Felt let down by this as a big sign outside clearly stated Otter, Thatchers and Fosters all £2.50 a pint and yet none of these were available.
I'm sure it would be different if we visited on another occasion though.


17 Dec 2012 19:20

Stoke Arms, Exeter

We must have picked this pub on a bad day as it was full of drunken football hooligans. (Exeter had played Plymouth earlier that day).
Felt very threating in there although none of it was directed at us.
Drunk our drinks very quickly then left.
One of the roughest boozers i have ever been in.


16 Dec 2012 14:21

The Hole in the Wall, Torquay

Very cosy olde worlde place with lots of nooks and crannies and alcoves to sit in with a nautical theme.
Bit on the expensive side though (£3.50 for a pint of Jail ale).
This is one of the only pubs of it's kind in Torquay and worth going in for away from the dreadful 'sports bars'.


13 Dec 2012 19:10

The Devon Arms, Torquay

Nothing really outstanding about this pub.
Not as cosy as the Hole in the wall next door.
The only good thing was my pint of ale was excellent.


13 Dec 2012 19:01

The Stopford Arms, Plymouth

Closed and boarded up.
Like so many pubs in Plymouth these days.

10 Dec 2012 18:07

The Lion Inn, Combe Martin

Now a house i think.
This end of Coombe Martin is dying.

9 Dec 2012 15:48

The Trout Inn, Bickleigh

Been in here a few times now and have always sat in the garden which is decent enough although you don't get any river views from here.
Only ever drank in here so can't comment on the food.
Also less stuck up in here than the Fishermans Cot so better for me.

8/10 The best pub in Bickleigh.

9 Dec 2012 15:33

The White Hart Hotel, Holsworthy

Was expecting better from this pub.
It has quite an interesting layout inside with a bar area with a pool table and a also a seating area.
There also appeared to be a couple of back funtion rooms that seemed to be used quite alot.
The wine selection was poor for the Mrs, although my pint of Doom bar was quite good.
Can't put my finger on it just couldn't relax in here.
Prefered the Crown and Sceptre next door.


9 Dec 2012 13:28

The Fisherman's Cot, Bickleigh

A lovely location with this place, but like with so many places like this it's becomes too touristy and a total rip off.
Places like this are all the same in my view they think to them selves 'oh look we have a tourist trap now lets rip everyone one off and give poor customer service!'
Couldn't relax here feeling like a mindless tourist clone, still it's not aimed at a real pub goer like me is it!.

5/10 (Just for the view)

4 Dec 2012 19:05

The Bell Inn, Parkham

Decent enough village pub.
We sat outside but i would say that it is better inside.
Quite a quiet corner of Devon this one.


3 Dec 2012 18:29

Northmore Arms, Throwleigh

Wonderful wonderful place, but why so few reviews?
Totally unspoilt old fashioned pub in a wonderful part of Devon.
Cosy inside and a great beer garden outside.
Real ale is great here, if i lived local i would spend the rest of my life here.


3 Dec 2012 18:14

The Railway Inn, Newton Abbot

Better than i was expecting .
The place had a wild west saloon feel to it when we went in there and we liked the atmosphere of the place.
My pint of Christmas ale was superb and we felt quite at home sitting by the etched windows reading the papers as the winter sun shined in.
Interesting outside toilets.
A good boozer.


2 Dec 2012 14:03

Rolle Quay Inn, Barnstaple

A decent pub (barnstaple doesn't have many) in a nice location a stones throw from the town centre.
We had a couple of glasses of white wine which were good and also at a reasonable price.
The interior is pleasant with eating tables in one area and more of a bar with a pool table in the other, also has some decking outside.
Not sure if this is still a pub owned by St. Austell brewery.
The landlord was a friendly pleasant chap who told us he has spent alot of money on the place and it does show.
A good pub indeed.


1 Dec 2012 13:12

Three Tuns, Barnstaple

Wish this place was still a pub as it looks as though it would have been a very cosy oldy worldy place to drink in.
Just isn't the same being a pizza express in my view.

30 Nov 2012 09:58

The Old Coaching Inn, South Molton

Large open planned place with lots of different seating areas.
Decent wines too at good prices.
My only complaint is that they didn't open all day and we felt like we were being rushed out the door at 1515!


30 Nov 2012 09:40

The Bowling Green, Exeter

Yes it is true to say that this pub does get it's fair share of characters being at what is a pretty rough end of town.
A comfortable feel to the place with various interesting seating areas.
Good prices too my otter beer was £2.70 and a glass of wine for the mrs was cheap too.
One of the better pubs in Exeter.


28 Nov 2012 07:38

R n B Ultimate Sports Bar, Torquay

Better than i expected from a "sports bar place".
My girlfriend and i felt quite comfortable in here.
I can understand the noise from the screens needs to be on but why so loud when it was only sky sports news?
Carlsberg was tasty and very good at £2.50 a pint, i expected to pay alot more than that (like it was at jd's down the road).
Good location as well.


25 Nov 2012 04:56

The Bed Bar, Torquay

Awful place not my cup of tea at all.
Now called jd's bar or something like that.
Strange cafe style tables with sky sports on full of idiots.
£3.40 for a pint of Carsberg was the final straw.

0/10 One of top five worst pubs ever for me.

25 Nov 2012 04:35

The Coombe Cellars Devon, Coombe in Teignhead

My girlfriend and i popped into this place during a walk along the teign estuary.
We did'nt eat here and as it was a lovely day we sat outside drinking in the sunshine.
The setting as said many times before is lovely and if only drinking i would recommend staying outside as inside is more of a restaurant.


14 Nov 2012 18:46

The George Inn, Martock

This looks like it could be a great traditional looking pub from the outside.
Never actually got to go in but Martock is such a lovely place that it's needs pubs like this to keep it's character.

Such a shame.

11 Nov 2012 15:23

The Sloop Inn, Kingskerswell

Certainly a great place to eat and the drinks prices are very good too.
The place is huge perched up over the A380 road and has many different seating areas inside and out.
It is often full of kids though if you time it wrong.
Had a great meal in here although the next time we went it was not quite as good as before.
All in all a good place for everyone i would go again for sure.


11 Nov 2012 14:05

The Picketty Witch, Yeovil

Another big old Yeovil boozer gone.
I am suprised at this one going as it looks as though it could cater for all groups of people and is the only pub at this end of town.
Also with parking and on a main road.

Pubs are doomed!

9 Nov 2012 18:50

The Spice Ship, Preston

Popped in here whilst on a short break at the nearby holiday camp.
Very cosy interior and liked the place alot.
Also a reasonable beer garden to sit in.


4 Nov 2012 13:39

Wellington Inn, Ipplepen

We didn't get a very good welcome from the locals when we walked in this pub with our rucksacks and walking gear.
We quickly took our pints outside and sat on benches out the front, then took the bus back to Totnes and drank there.
We will not be back.


4 Nov 2012 12:55

The Drum Inn, Torquay

The cockington country park is like a fish out of water in the dump of Torquay
and the Drum Inn is a fantastic looking place.
We only drank here so can't say much about the food.
The trouble is with tourist areas repeat trade is rare so pubs don't care as you may not be returning anyway.


3 Nov 2012 11:10

The Chapel, Cotford St Luke

I think it was the pubs poor location that led to it's inevitable closure.
Situated in a souless modern village where people never go out to pubs.
Add that to the way the place was run it's hardly suprising it went under.

31 Oct 2012 19:05

The Shurton Inn, Stogursey

Is this pub still closed?
If it is then i am suprised.
It used to be a busy well run pub with a good reputation for food.
Never thought it would suffer like this.

30 Oct 2012 19:05

The Pen & Quill, Shuttern

Maybe the reason why this pub has closed is it's off beat location?
It is out on a limb and needs to be a pub on part of a pub crawl.
I agree with all the comment though on how dirty the place was.


23 Oct 2012 18:58

Fleur de Lys Hotel, Cranborne

We visited this pub over 3 years ago when the previous owners had it.
It is fair to say that the owners were a little rude and odd but it did'nt stop us eating and drinking here two nights in a row.
I understand that it has now reopened as a gastro pub so we won't be going back.


21 Oct 2012 15:02

The Cerdic, Chard

Opened plan place like an airport lounge.
Guys this is a wetherspoons pub for these prices bad comments are not aloud.
Food is always a risk at these places but just go there for a drink and you just cannot complain.
I love wetherspoons.


21 Oct 2012 14:29

The Dolphin, Ilminster

Average pub really.
We had a couple of pints after a walk in the area.
Ilminster is a nice little town though.


21 Oct 2012 14:10

The Blue Bird Inn, Higher Compton

Bit of a rough boozer sort of place.
My pint of Fosters was of a good standard.
Preferred the Rising sun up the road if i'm honest.


20 Oct 2012 14:19

The Fortescue, Mutley Plain

Agree with all the good comments already written on here.
A different class of pub compared with all the other trouble hotspots on the plain.
Great for ales and good prices too.


16 Oct 2012 18:51

The New Inn, Somerton

Is this pub still around?
I used to deliver the beer here and was gonna pop in sometime.
More updates please.

29 Sep 2012 15:45

The Mandeville Arms, Hardington Mandeville

Closed down and looking overgrown now.
This is a great little part of Somerset but with the fabulous Royal Oak just down the road it is hard to see that any brave soul would dare take it on in this pub climate.

28 Sep 2012 18:34

The Ship Inn, Chard

I believe that this pub is now closed.
Another victim of this doomed trade.

25 Sep 2012 18:53

The Barnstaple Inn, South Molton

I am pretty sure that this pub is now a house as i could not find it anywhere!
Any updates?

24 Sep 2012 19:09

The Turf Locks Hotel, Exminster

A world class setting for this pub.
You can walk, cycle or even arrive by boat but usually cannot drive to this place.
Great in the summer months but the pub is closed in the winter.
The interior of the pub is small but you don't come here to sit inside
The only trouble with this kind of place is it is a right tourist trap so a fair share of morons is possible.
Much better than the double locks though.


16 Sep 2012 15:54

Ralegh's Cross Inn, Watchet

Popped in after a walk in the area.
Huge place with nice garden, looks like a nice place to stay for a quiet weekend.


16 Sep 2012 15:44

The Bell Inn, Bovey Tracey

The best pub in Bovey Tracey by a long way.
A lovely cosy interior and a suprisingly decent beer garden.
A good selection of ales too. I should have stayed here all night much better than the Dolphin or Riverside inn.


14 Sep 2012 19:51

The Globe, Brixham

Walked past yesterday.
Place looks like it has been converted into apartments.
Now renamed 'The old coaching inn apartments'

Still plenty of pubs in Brixham to go round though.

14 Sep 2012 19:35

The Bolton, Brixham

Huge rough looking corner boozer.
It was exactly how i expected it to be on the inside.
A boozer with loud music blasting out at three in the afternoon and dodgy looking clientele to boot.
The only good thing here was my pint of Strongbow which was actually quite refreshing.


14 Sep 2012 19:26

The Blue Anchor, Brixham

A cosy feel to this place and a nice interior.
The bar area is small with a few seats around the area.
We had our drinks in the eating area which still had some charm.
My only complaint was my pint of Carling which was a bit tasteless in hindsight i wish i had an ale instead.


14 Sep 2012 19:04

The Walkabout, Plymouth

A massive opened planed warehouse of a place.
We visited on a Tuesday afternoon and the place was quiet.
I could imagine what this place would be like on a saturday night though, quite different indeed.
We were pleased to be told that all drinks were 0n a 241 offer which worked out to be an incredible �1.65 for a pint of carling!
An unbelievable deal so we stayed for another and orderd some food unfortuantly our burgers were fairly cold and not all that great at all.

7/10 simply for the fantastic drinks offers.

12 Sep 2012 17:57

The Newmarket, Plymouth

A rough looking town centre boozer in a lower class end of the town centre.
Popped in after a days shopping in Plymouth nothing spectacular just nice for a quiet pint at that time of day.


12 Sep 2012 17:04

The White Hart Hotel, Exeter

I have lived in Exeter for most of my life but never bothered with this place until last night.
What a hidden gem!
Endless nooks and crannies in a oldy woldy fashion with huge fire places and pots and pans all over the place a very cosy place indeed.
Drinks were an average price i actually expected them to be more expensive but with a spoons over the road it has to compete a little.
Our food was excellent i had the plaice and chips my partner had gammon and chips and at two meals for �10 very good value.
This is one of the best pubs in Exeter and will be going back soon.


11 Sep 2012 06:19

Heavitree, Heavitree

Bigger than it looks from the outside with a large front bar and a back lounge bar.
Also a suntrap beer garden which i wasn't expecting to see.
Decent range of drinks on draught although my pint of yellow hammer was ridiculously cold.


11 Sep 2012 06:03

Radway Inn, Sidmouth

Average place really.
Small and very expensive with a small courtyard garden.
Don't think i would bother coming here again.


11 Sep 2012 05:35

La Bastille, Ilfracombe

Been closed for many years now.
Was a little off the beaten track maybe that is why.

8 Sep 2012 09:17

Royal Oak Inn, Exminster

Found the barman to be quite rude when we went in this pub.
It is expensive too.
My pint of Bulmers over ice was very good though.


5 Sep 2012 18:59

The Lazy Toad Inn, Brampford Speke

Gastro pub with stuck up foodies in.
You can imagine the looks my girlfriend and i got when we turned up in muddy walking gear!
We took our drinks outside and drank them in the rain.
Not a place for a drinker like me.


5 Sep 2012 18:52

Seven Stars Inn, Exeter

Gone a little up market for me know.
Currently trading as an Ember Inn so now mainly food led.
Used to be ok for a Sunday night pint though.


5 Sep 2012 18:47

Lantokay, Street

An unexciting wetherspoons.
But it does what is says on the tin.

8/10 (just because it's cheap)

5 Sep 2012 18:42

The Royal Oak, Exeter

Popped in here during a walk along the river.
Decent pubby interior with lots of different areas.
It was a gorgeous day so we sat out in the very reasonable beer garden which overlooks the river Exe.
My only complaint were that the pints were a tad on the expensive side.
Then again most pubs charge alot these days and you don't often get good views like here.


3 Sep 2012 18:49

The Halfway Inn, Dunwear

Judging by the reviews on here this was once a great busy food pub.
Why has nobody new come in and took the place over?
Seems like a real shame to me.

2 Sep 2012 13:46

The Watergate Hotel, Bridgwater

Closed for ages now.
Looking unlikely to open now as half the road has fallen into the river Parret!

1 Sep 2012 15:37

The Rising Sun, Plymouth

Quite a cosy feel to this pub really.
Far better than the bluebird down the road.
Pint of carling was refreshing as well.


25 Aug 2012 14:21

The Significant Half, Plymouth

Closed for ages now.
Must have been it's location, it was ok to start your night out in here though.


25 Aug 2012 14:14

The White Hart Hotel, Dorchester

Fine looking place probably gone forever.
Suprising really as it's on the main road in from the east of the town.

20 Aug 2012 18:52

The Church House Inn, Ashburton

We walked up to this lovely pub from Buckfastleigh on a rotten wet Sunday.
A lovely looking building in a sleepy part of Devon like going back in time.
Ales were very tasty.
A hidden gem for sure.


18 Aug 2012 15:35

The Victoria Inn, Ashburton

Local pub far up on North street.
A nice stream runs almost underneath the place, although inside i wasn't particulary inspired with the place.
Not really worth a second visit.


18 Aug 2012 15:29

The King Of Prussia, Bovey Tracey

Has been closed for some time now.
Is it any wonder though with the price that Heavitree pubs charge for a pint these days.
Nice location in the village though and would do well as a free house i reckon.

18 Aug 2012 15:19

The Peter Tavy Inn, Peter Tavy

We stopped here during a 10 mile walk in the area.
Not a good as the Elephants nest we visited an hour earlier and did'nt feel as comfortable either.
It was awkward to get served as locals were hogging the small bar area (happens everywhere!) we managed to find a table out the way and luckily it was very late at lunchtime as it would have been awful if all the tables were taken as we were only drinking and not eating.

Not my sort of place 5/10

17 Aug 2012 18:58

The Elephants Nest, Horndon

Visited here on a walk during a foggy day on the moors.
Place was cosy and fairly busy aimed mainly at the food market.
The beer garden looked good although it was too wet for that.
I would visit again for food or drink.


17 Aug 2012 18:41

Town House, Torquay

Closed and it must have been a right little dodgy boozer in it's day.

16 Aug 2012 18:56

The Hill Park, Plymouth

Pub is all boarded up when i drove past today.
How many more Plymouth boozers like this will we loose?

15 Aug 2012 19:09

The Talbot, Bideford

Pub looked closed.
Just as well really as i think i would have been to scared to go in anyway!

12 Aug 2012 15:13

The Tavern In The Port, Bideford

The pub appears to be not be a pub anymore.
Any news about what is going on here?

12 Aug 2012 15:06

The Three Old Castles, Somerton

Closed nice village though i thought.

29 Jul 2012 15:19

Exeter Inn, Newton Poppleford

Closed now a house.

27 Jul 2012 18:53

The Crockerton, Cardiff

Had a very good experience in this Wetherspoons.
Popped in around 6ish on a thursday night, and could'nt quite believe the prices in here.
They had an offer on a pint of Strongbow was �1.50 and a 125ml glass of wine was 99p!
In 2012 these prices are insane!
The place was fairly quiet though. My curry club meal was excellent and the ice cream for dessert was huge and the best ever and only for an extra �1.99!

Forget other pubs although a little boring inside wetherspoons rule.


27 Jul 2012 16:08

Eli Jenkins, Cardiff

Probably the cheapest pub around the Cardiff bay area.
Great meal deals and drinks offers.
Also a sun trap beer garden.


27 Jul 2012 15:55

The Antelope Inn, Crewkerne

Is this place still open?

24 Jul 2012 18:55

The Clinton Arms, Littleham

I thought the pub and it's surroundings were quite pleasant really.
We had a couple of pints out on the front lawn in the sunshine and also had a reasonable ploughmans lunch each.
My only real complaint was that we found the landlord to be quite rude as he came very near to us to do some gardening and was smoking all when we were eating our dinner.
Not the best selection of beer pumps too.


24 Jul 2012 18:48

Otter Inn, Colaton Raleigh

This place does have a good beer garden but it is ruined by screaming kids and horrible parents.
I am a boring old fart and would like to drink my beer in peace!
Although these days that seems to be a luxury.
A decent selection of ales and ciders though.


23 Jul 2012 19:00

The Black Horse, Exeter

A decent enough place really.
Very busy at weekends and does show sport.
Better to visit at a quiet time i think.


23 Jul 2012 18:48

The Jolly Porter, Exeter

Just had a pint in here today.
The pint of scrumpy jack that i had was good so was my mrs. pint of fosters.
It's hard to see why anybody would ever come in here with wetherspoons up the road.
It is however very handy for the railway station.
The place did look a bit run down and dirty.


23 Jul 2012 18:43

The Heavitree Arms, Bideford

Sorry got this place confused with Crabby Dicks around the corner.
The Heavitree was an ok pub for us, still good prices on pints and my pint of Carling was very refreshing.
The place was clean and had a good atmosphere.


22 Jul 2012 08:20

Crabby Dick's, Bideford

Got this place confused with my Heavitree review.
We liked this place with it's large colourful interior.
Pints of Carlsberg and Old English were very cheap at �2.20 a pint!
We will be back.


22 Jul 2012 08:18

The Heavitree Arms, Bideford

We were dubious to go on into this pub with it's awful name!
However we could'nt have been more pleased with the place. The pub is an impressive size with a unique interior.
Unbelieveable price on drinks, pint of Carlsberg and Old English were at �2.20 a pint and were of good quality.
We were charmed by Crabby Dicks and will be back.


22 Jul 2012 08:13

The Bay View Inn, Widemouth Bay

Decent place.
We sat outside which had loads of benches.
Views outstanding and a great place for an ale or ten!


18 Jul 2012 18:52

Globe, Bude

Did'nt like the place at all.
Thought it was dirty and had no atmosphere.


17 Jul 2012 19:03

The Cavalier Inn, Torrington

After reading the reviews on here i was expecting better.
The place was dirty with gobby locals at the bar and Foster was not on as well.
The only good thing was that my pint of Otter ale was a good one.
Torrington is a dump!


15 Jul 2012 14:57

The Globe Inn, Beaford

A decent enough place in a quiet corner of Devon.
Good to see a place open all day and food all day too.
We were in the pub for nearly two hours and couldn't quite believe that in the whole time we were in there we did'nt see another soul and this was a saturday afternoon in the summer!
The prices for all the drinks (i tried a few!) were very good indeed one of the cheapest around.
People should use this pub more often as village pubs like this are struggling to survive.


15 Jul 2012 14:25

The Twyford Inn, Tiverton

Was left uninspired by this big menacing looking pub.
Pint of doom bar was very forgetable will not be back.


8 Jul 2012 14:35

Dicey O Reilly, Teignmouth

One of the better pubs in Teignmouth.
A well run Irish establishment and one of the cheaper places around.
We sat outside on tables which only just catch the summer sun.
Would go again.


1 Jul 2012 15:25

Cellars Bar, Teignmouth

Nice enough place really, looks a bit like the Courtney pub just down the sea front.
There was a band playing outside when we were there so it was very busy.
We sat inside which is also quite a nice layout.
My only complaint was the lager which was a crappy pint of Carlsberg the primark of the drinks industry.


1 Jul 2012 15:19

Kings Arms, Teignmouth

We found this place to be a dirty rough looking joint.
It is however tucked away in a pleasant corner of the town.
We managed to get a good seat outside on one the benches so in the end it was quite pleasant here.


1 Jul 2012 15:12

Hele Arms, Plympton

This pub is now shut and due to be knocked down for housing

25 Jun 2012 18:44

Castle Inn, Totnes

Full of druggies drunks and hippies when we visited.
We managed to get away from them outside in the small but pleasant beer garden which if you look up is right beneath the impressive Totnes castle.
Pint of Thatchers gold was ok but we won't be going back.


24 Jun 2012 16:50

The Bull Inn, Totnes

A large fine looking place from the outside and one big bar takes care of three sides inside.
Pint of fosters was ok in here but we felt uncomfortable and the place had a dirty feel.
Could have been better


24 Jun 2012 16:46

The Albert Inn, Totnes

A fantastic pub indeed.
Very cosy interesting interior and the back lounge bar is the best part of the place.
We sat outside in the suntrap beer garden which was very pleasant indeed.
Had one of the own Bridgetown ales (lovely jubbly it was called) which are brewed out the back which kept the cost of the ale down.
One of the best pubs in the country and away from the tourists as well


24 Jun 2012 16:39

The Tavistock Inn, Tavistock

Good solid locals sort of boozer.
I would'nt go out of my way to drink here again.
Is it just me or is Tavistock a bit of an odd place?


22 Jun 2012 08:12

The Swan, Abbotsbury

Yes this pub could be alot better and it would'nt take alot to do it.
The landlord seemed miserable to me, must have caught him on an off day.


21 Jun 2012 11:29

Swan Inn, Weymouth

Food has always been ok whenever we have eaten in here.
But it is such a dull place to drink. One large uninteresting room like what a previous poster said "just like being in an airport lounge"
Gets very busy.


20 Jun 2012 09:55

Marquis of Lorne, Nettlecombe

Hard to find place down the complicated lanes of the Powerstock area.
My pint of Thatchers gold was very refreshing and it was lovely sitting out in the sunshine on benches out the front.
The only problem was that we still had three miles left to walk!


20 Jun 2012 09:23

The Three Horseshoes, Burton Bradstock

Lovely pub and lovely area.
Had a couple of lagers in the suntrap beer garden, it was heaven.
Expensive but everywhere round here is.


20 Jun 2012 09:06

The Bottle Inn, Marshwood

Is this pub open or not?
My girlfriend and i visited this pub after a walk on Lamberts Castle.
Carvery was very good and really liked the place.
It is a hidden gem in a Beautiful part of Dorset.


20 Jun 2012 08:33

Spyway Inn, Bridport

A very good place indeed.
Cosy on the inside and also a wonderful beer garden.
My only complaint is that everyone seems to know about this place and i prefer more hidden secret places (fussy i know!)


20 Jun 2012 08:09

Royal Oak, Dorchester

Found this spoons a little boring myself.
I don't know what is was but i just could not relax in here.
The comments are also true about the slow lack of service at the bar which is one thing i just can't stand.


20 Jun 2012 07:56

The George Hotel, Bridport

Fairly pleasant place to have a pint, but as many pubs in this area very expensive.
At least i could get served in here unlike across the road at wetherspoons


19 Jun 2012 14:44

The Wheatsheaf Inn, South Petherton

Closed....shame good pub

18 Jun 2012 14:50

The Sun Inn, Yeovil

Another old school yeovil boozer gone forever....

18 Jun 2012 14:38

The Unity Club, Street

Strange to see a social club on bite.
I have been in the place though although not for drink.
Big enough place with different areas for different people

8/10 (i would guess)

18 Jun 2012 13:25

Porter Blacks, Yeovil


Which is suprising really as it was busy and in a very good location

10 Jun 2012 11:17

The Nelson Inn, Yeovil

CLOSED: Ruff....

10 Jun 2012 11:10

Pennycomequick Hotel, Plymouth

Went in here years ago before an Exeter v Plymouth football match.
This is the only time i could see this place getting busy as it feels very isolated once here.
Needless to say it is now shut and is student accomodation.


9 Jun 2012 06:24

Perkin Warbeck, Taunton

Far better than the other spoons in town.
I really liked the unique interior most be the longest pub i have ever been in!
Food and drinks were fine.


9 Jun 2012 06:13

The Naval and Military, Taunton

Never actually had a pint in this place but used to delivered the beer in here.
It certainly looked interesting enough at 11 o'clock in the morning with the most dodgy looking folk i have ever seen drinking what looked like battery acid.
However this is what this place is all about, boozers like this are dissapearing fast, some might say that is a good thing i think it is a shame.

10/10 for being real

9 Jun 2012 06:05

Trelawney Arms, St Budeaux


6 Jun 2012 19:16

The Avondale Arms, Plymouth


Bring back the tits!

27 May 2012 14:34

The Royal Oak, Dolton

Stopped for a couple of pints here after a walk in the area.
Nice olde wordly kind of place, we sat out the front which caught the afternoon sun lovely. Pint of Carlsberg was very nice too.
This is a lovely area way off the tourist trail.


27 May 2012 13:42

Devonshire Dumpling, Copplestone

Ok place only a couple of minutes walk from Morchard Road railway station.
Did'nt eat here but it does look geared up for food.
Nice outside patio caught the afternoon sun well.


20 May 2012 13:22

Ten Tors Inn, Kingsteignton

Big place with lots of outside seating.
We visited on a Wednesday afternoon so it was quiet.
Nothing special inside the pub and a little expensive too.


17 May 2012 17:29

The Teign Brewery Inn, Teignmouth

Went in here expecting the worst but was very impressed with the place.
This is a rough and ready no frills boozer which isn't trying to be anything else.
It had a cracking atmosphere inside and a friendly (drunk) landlord.
I was on the Cheddar valley cider which at �2.65 a pint was a good price.
The best and cheapest pub in Teignmouth i know of.


17 May 2012 17:23

The Blue Anchor Inn, Teignmouth

I was a bit disappointed with this pub after reading the reviews written on here.
It was lacking a bit of atmoshere inside and thought �3.30 for a pint of yellow hammer (which was very nice!) was a bit steep.


17 May 2012 17:18

Wells Tavern, Exeter

There isn't many pubs like this one in Exeter, a big old school boozer with very good prices.
A good pub for away football fans as well.


16 May 2012 08:25

Rising Sun, Brixham

A bit dirty inside and looks like a right boozer.
My pint of doombar was very nice and it was happy hour so it was �2.40 a pint.


15 May 2012 12:26

Volunteer, Sidmouth

Nice enough place with two bars as you walk in, but �7.00 for two pints is a bit steep for a pub not even on the seafront.


13 May 2012 11:28

Three Tuns, Honiton

This is the worst pub i have ever been in.
We must have caught it on a bad day as other comments don't reflect what i saw.
Very drunk kids in the front market bar, awful langauge, place stunk, flies everywhere, pint was awful and made me feel ill.


13 May 2012 11:24

The Hogshead, Torquay

Been closed for years

7 May 2012 13:15

The Ship Inn, Teignmouth

A great pub ruined by rip off prices and the idiots it attracts.
I think i just summed it up.


7 May 2012 12:16

Endeavour, Teignmouth

We visited this pub on as bank holiday Sunday and live music was playing.
The place was busy but the locals all seemed fine to me.
Pint of carling was nice


7 May 2012 12:14

Ye Old Jolly Sailor, Teignmouth

A pub used on the saturday night circuit in Teignmouth.
We went to so many that night that it's all now a bit of a blur!

8/10 (i think!)

7 May 2012 12:11

The Devon Arms, Teignmouth

Better looking inside than outside.
Luckily for my girlfriend and i we chose the correct left hand bar (the sands bar)
on entering as the lounge bar to the right was full of locals.
My pint of Teignworthy gun dog was fantastic.
This was the best pub we went to all day.


7 May 2012 12:07

Brass Monkey, Teignmouth

A bit dissapointed with this pub really, thought it might have had a bit more character inside than it did.
My pint of Carlsberg was a good one, although expensive at �3.30


7 May 2012 12:01

The New Inn, Eype

We visited this pub during a walk in the area.
Ha a reasonable ploughmans lunch here and a couple of ales, nice enough and would go back.


24 Apr 2012 18:47

The Anchor, Seatown

We had a great time at this pub on a hot summers day after walking the coastpath around golden cap.
We managed to sit outside and it was busy had many pints in the sunshine watching the world go by in a simply stunning location. Ploughmans lunch was great too.


23 Apr 2012 18:55

The Ship Inn, Morcombelake

Now an arts centre.
boo hoo

23 Apr 2012 18:49

The Blue Ball Inn, Sidford

Knew that this place was gonna be a big expensive foody kind of place so my girlfriend and i just bought one pint each and then went and sat outside in the beer garden.


16 Apr 2012 17:25

Golden Lion Tap, Barnstaple

Was called the Inn on the square when we visited and believe that it is now called just the Golden Lion.
This is a youngsters pub that attracts idiots due to it's convient location on the square where every moron can hang about outside in the sunshine smoking and getting off there faces.


8 Apr 2012 12:40

The Hairy Dog, Minehead

An average sort of place really.
Was filling up with the saturday night crowd when we were in so we quickly left.


1 Apr 2012 12:27

The Dartmouth Inn, Newton Abbot

A very cosy little place indeed with a interesting back room down a couple a steps.
The pub feels like it should be on the middle of Dartmoor not in the unattrac tive town of Newton Abbot.
My pint of Dartmoor jail ale was lovely, If i had one critism it would be that they should have had the lovely looking fire going as it was cold inside.


1 Apr 2012 11:47

The Bishop Lacey, Chudleigh

Interesting layout with two entrances to two diferent bars.
Pleasant interior too.


31 Mar 2012 10:06

Brendon Arms, Bude

Yes this is one of the better pubs in Bude with a decent beer garden out the front.

Would go again


26 Mar 2012 16:46

Hyde Park, Plymouth

Ok place in an interesting location on a busy road junction.
It is fair to say that this is one the the only traditional pubs left on Mutley Plain.


18 Mar 2012 20:10

Ship and Pelican, Heavitree

Big rough looking boozer full of football hooligans when we visited.
We kept well out the way of them all in the bar nearest the main road which ironically felt like a back bar at the front of the pub!
Having said all that we did quite enjoy it in here much more than the royal oak across the road and my pint of Blackthorn cider was superbly refreshing.


18 Mar 2012 13:42

The Half Moon Inn, Clyst St Mary

Pleasant interior to this place, friendly locals and pint of carling was tasty too.


18 Mar 2012 13:27

The Maltsters Arms, Clyst St Mary

Pub looked all shut up when we walked past

18 Mar 2012 13:21

The Royal Oak, Nadderwater

Very disappointed with this place.
My girlfriend and i walked out here from Exeter one Boxing day, we had a couple of drinks and then had to leave as the pub was shutting.
Also thought the place was dirty and could do with sprucing up a bit.
It could be so much better with it's lovely location and beer garden, it seems to have gone downhill in recent years to what it used to be.


15 Mar 2012 19:04

Lamb Inn, Longdown

My friend and i cycled out from Exeter one evening to this pub.
It was certainly worth it. The pub has a lovely interior and was spotless.
A hidden gem for sure.


15 Mar 2012 18:56

The Clinton Arms, Frithelstock

The location of this pub is superb. It is set in a quiet village on a green opposite the church. We were doing a walk in the area and stopped here on route.
Also very reasonable prices �2.50 a pint for Dartmoor best ale!


4 Mar 2012 15:42

The Rock Inn, Haytor Vale

Shame about the "resturaunt" feel to this place as inside it has some great olde worldy character in here.


28 Feb 2012 18:43

The Carpenters Arms, Ilsington

Yes this is a lovely little place off the tourist trap.
If you can get a seat in the tiny beer garden it is very pleasant when the sun is out.


27 Feb 2012 14:25

The Cleave, Lustleigh

Lovely looking place in a beautiful part of Devon.
Sadly we found the interior not a nice as the pretty exterior so we had our drinks outside it in midwinter!

A little too touristy too


26 Feb 2012 15:02

The Kestor Inn, Manaton

My father and i visited this pub during a long walk in the area.
The pub is perched on a hill in a dominant way and sadly isn't the most attractive building inside or out.
We sat outside on one of the benches in pleasant sunshine watching the world go by drinking our ale.

I would go back.


26 Feb 2012 14:05

Ferry Boat Inn, Shaldon

We went there in the winter and sat inside. After reading the reviews here i wished we had gone during a hot sunny day and sat outside.
Inside was ok but a little on the cramped side.


24 Feb 2012 20:08

The Sun Burnt Arms, Dawlish Warren

This place appears to be shut or that it is extremely run down!

24 Feb 2012 19:57

The Ship At Cockwood, Cockwood

My friend and i cycled to the Ship at Cockwood from Exeter for Sunday lunch.
We were impressed and although we did'nt book they managed to squeeze us in without a problem.
The only trouble was we had to cycle back!


24 Feb 2012 19:45

Powder Monkey, Exmouth

Ok for cheapish drink but almost every meal i have ordered here is cold, wrong, or just plain rubbish.
I agree with all the points about the awful blue decor.
Drinking only from now on for me.


24 Feb 2012 18:15

The Deer Leap, Exmouth

Now called the Bathhouse

24 Feb 2012 18:07

The Heavitree, Exmouth

Bit expensive in here (pint of carling was 80p more expensive than the Pilot next door)
It was however one of the most refreshing pints i can recall.
Looks like it has had some new furniture in since my last visit (where is the pool table?)


24 Feb 2012 18:04

Viper, Exmouth

Not been in since this place has changed hands.
Has got to be better than it was when i visited as it was packed with pregnant fourteen year old swinging alcopops with crappy rave music on full blast

0/10 for back then

24 Feb 2012 17:52

The Famous Ship Inn, Exmouth

Haven't been in for years but used to pop in on a saturday night whilst doing the Exmouth circuit. Sounds like it has changed alot since then.


24 Feb 2012 17:45

The Inn on the Quay, Goodrington Sands

A monster of a place right by the sea at Goodrington sands with endless outside seating.
We visited on a wet February Wednesday evening so it was dead and we got a good seat by the window.
�7.99 for a nice bottle of white wine and two decent meals for a tenner i have to say i was impressed you can also add a dessert on for a pound (weekdays only)
It must be simply awful here on a summers weekend though.


23 Feb 2012 13:38

Winstons, Paignton

You can't knock this place on price �2.60 for a pint of fosters is good.
I visited during the day and the place was full of old men and benefit claiments with the odd chavvy mum and baby to match.
It does what it says on the tin.


23 Feb 2012 13:29

The Bay Horse Inn, Totnes

We walked up from the very bottom of Totnes in the rain to visit the Bay Horse.
We found it ok although not exceptional. It was quiet on the day we visited.
(Well it was a tuesday afternoon during a wet February day!) I imagine it would have a cracking atmoshere during the evening.
My pint of otter bitter was a good one, I wish i had more time to try the other ales on offer.


23 Feb 2012 13:15

The Wolborough Inn, Newton Abbot

Yes this is a decent place to have an ale. Quite a cosy sort of place and my pint of teignworthy 'reel ale' was of a very good quality.

I would go back 9/10

22 Feb 2012 09:00

Marine Bar, Sidmouth

Much bigger than i expected and if you can get a seat outside on a summers day it's great for watching the world go by.
If you want to watch rugby or football then this is the pub for you.
My pint of scrumpy jack was nice and chilled.


21 Feb 2012 09:04

Black Horse, Sidmouth

We found thid place a little odd too be honest.
It has an interesting layout with a bar on two streets, when we first walked in my girlfriend said this is a coffee shop not a pub!
I thought the interior was fairly pleasant, my pint of otter bitter was ok but my girlfriends pint of fosters was flat.
I would go back.


21 Feb 2012 08:57

The Pilot Inn, Exmouth

This is a great pub. It has a warm and cosy atmosphere just what a boozer should be like.
Pint of carling was lovely and at �2.50 a pint quite unbelieveable!

The best pub in exmouth by far 10/10

19 Feb 2012 10:31

The Burrator Inn, Dousland

I used to love this pub years ago but it's gone way too modern and foody for me.
Ok for some, but not for me. We ended up sitting outside having a our beer.


15 Feb 2012 18:51

The Warren House Inn, Postbridge

Great location and the views outside are outstanding (wrap up warm!)
Saw one old codger drinking his pint in his car!
It is a bit of a tourist hellhole though and getting a table inside was impossible


15 Feb 2012 18:43

The Kings Arms, Winkleigh

We travelled from Crediton to visit this pub but to be honest we were dissapointed.
It felt like a dirty place and we found Winkleigh an odd village to visit.


13 Feb 2012 18:28

The Hartland Quay Hotel (Wreckers Bar), Hartland

WOW! What a spectactcular setting for a pub.
The scenery is world class here and it's far enough away from the busy tacky costal resorts.
My father and i did a nine mile walk one summer evening and stopped here for a few beers on the route. Great memories here and although it was great on a summers day i'm sure it would be equally impressive during a force 10 storm!


7 Feb 2012 18:39

The Lamb and Flag Inn, Ottery St Mary

Popped bin for a quick one after a walk in the area.
Can't really say that this place is anything special really, it's also down a back street and you would never know it was there.
Think it must struggle abit really.


6 Feb 2012 14:23

The London Inn, Ottery

Walked in and it was packed.
My girlfriend and i are not from the town and we felt uncomfortable straight away and went out in the back yard.


5 Feb 2012 12:49

The Volunteer Inn, Ottery St. Mary

Nice enough boozer really right in the centre of Ottery.
Lager was quite tasty.


5 Feb 2012 12:39

The Swan, Noss Mayo

We popped in this pub after a walk in the area.
We thought the other pub in the village looked a bit expensive so we tried this one instead.
Everything was fine about the place, the atmoshere, the drinks, just one complaint though was that it was the middle of winter and the fire was out!
When asked the young girl said they had forgotten to get some logs in.
People will not except a cold pub. It's half the reason to go in on a day like that.


4 Feb 2012 16:36

The Sandy Park Inn, Chagford

A very cosy place this is indeed.
We had a lovely fish and chips dinner here washed down with a few beers.
Lovely area too.


4 Feb 2012 16:09

The Drewe Arms, Drewsteignton

Interesting old school bar serving hatch.
We were only having a couple of beers and were not eating, this was met by a few evil stares from the bar maid.
Still nice pub and lovely area though.


4 Feb 2012 12:00

The Fingle Bridge Inn, Drewsteignton

Great location imagine it must be busy at peak times though.


4 Feb 2012 11:49

The Bottleneck Inn, Sourton Down

I was disappointed with this pub.
Inside felt a bit tacky and like a cafe/resteraunt catering for the hoards of tourists heading for cornwall.
That's fair enough if the ale was ok!
My fathers and my pint of tribute was off for sure.
We won't be back


2 Feb 2012 19:07

The Highwayman, Sourton

Have visited and stayed at this pub now.
It is quite unbeleivable inside like no other pub in the country that i know of.
The selection of drinks is poor though, but you are so overwhelmed by the whole place you won't even notice!


1 Feb 2012 19:00

Fox And Hounds Hotel, Bridestowe

Great pub often full of bikers seemed to be open all night when i last went in.


1 Feb 2012 18:52

The Dartmoor Inn At Lydford., Lydford

Been in before and after it went posh.
Personally i preferred it as a local boozer but if it's posh food and dining you want this is the place for you.


1 Feb 2012 18:50

The Castle Inn Hotel, Lydford

This is an alright place in a lovely part of Devon.
The bar inside is really quite cosy although the beer garden out the back could have been better.
I would visit again.


1 Feb 2012 18:02

Ye Olde Jolly Sailor, Teignmouth

Another great pub on the Teignmouth circuit.
A cosy atmoshere in here and lively too.


29 Jan 2012 14:39

Molloys, Teignmouth

Always a busy regular place on the saturday night pub crawl of Teignmouth.
Bustling with a good atmoshere.


29 Jan 2012 14:35

The Red Lion Hotel, Chulmleigh

Popped in here during a long walk in the area.
To be honest was'nt that impressed with the place. Just could not get relaxed in here. Just had the one then left.


29 Jan 2012 14:07

The Exeter Inn, Chittlehamholt

This is one of the finest pubs i have ever been in.
So cosy inside with knick knacks everywhere. Sunday lunch was fantastic washed down with a couple of ales, then we did a walk in the area, great day.
The pub is miles from anywhere in a forgotten part of Devon.
I hope it can survive these hard times we are in.


29 Jan 2012 12:58

The Rising Sun Inn, Umberleigh

Handy place for the nearby railway station.
Inside was ok, quite a cosy place with a resteraunt to boot.
I popped in after a walk in the area, it was quiet when i arrived then to my amazement 25 young men walked in at midday all on the lash!
All were doing the tarka line rail ale trail, seems quite popular and looks like a laugh.


29 Jan 2012 12:49

The Hub, Exeter

Used to pop in here alot when it was called the Three Fat Fish.
It was ok then but since then it has changed hands many times which is never a good sign.

8/10 (for the old days)

26 Jan 2012 19:00

Kings Arms Hotel, Otterton

A bit dissapointed with this place really.
It was full of yobs when we visited, we were expecting a quiet local sort of place, but it was packed with idiots.


26 Jan 2012 18:51

Sir Walter Raleigh, East Budleigh

What a great little pub!
Hidden away in the village a East Budleigh this was a very cosy little place indeed. It was finally nice to find a traditional local sort of place in East Devon that isn't overated and overpriced.
Pint of ale was superb and my girlfriend enjoyed the house vodka.


25 Jan 2012 18:56

The Bowd Inn, Sidmouth

Huge place on the main Sidmouth to Exeter road just outside Sidmouth.
A bit expensive but then look where you are.
Decent beer garden too.


24 Jan 2012 18:49

The Cannon Inn, Newton Poppleford

Not very impressed with this place at all.
Inside was depressing, beer garden was awful and beer was flat.


24 Jan 2012 18:45

The Feathers, Budleigh Salterton

A sizeable place right in the centre of Budleigh Salterton.
A cosy interior a nd a beer garden hidden around the back for the summer months.
Would visit again.


22 Jan 2012 14:07

Farmhouse Inn, Brixington Farm Estate

Great pub in an isolated position in a housing estate.
Very good value for money (stella was �2.95 a pint) and food great too.
Cosy inside with different areas for different clientele.


22 Jan 2012 14:00

Famous Old Barrel, Exmouth

We popped in here during the day.
It had a reasonable atmoshere, i guess it would be packed of an evening in here with the live music on.
Pint of scrumpy jack was very nice indeed.


22 Jan 2012 13:52

The Yates's, Torquay



19 Jan 2012 18:42

The Tradesmans Arms, Scoriton

Great pub hidden down remote lanes.
Popped in for a couple of ales after an evening walk in the summer.
Could have stayed there all night.


19 Jan 2012 18:35

Old Ship Aground, Minehead

Thought this place was a bit of a disapointment.
Not sure whether it was it's isolated position or it's run down interior, it just did'nt do it for me.


18 Jan 2012 18:55

The Butchers Arms, Carhampton

Had a light lunch in here after a five mile walk.
Nice enough place really, food and pints were fine.
I guess it's just that sort of pub though that people drive on past and never really go in.


18 Jan 2012 18:46

The Luttrell Arms, Dunster

I think we ended up in a side bar or something in this place.
Not really our sort of place. A bit too posh for us.


18 Jan 2012 18:43

The Foresters Arms, Dunster

This is probably the locals bar in Dunster hidden away at the far end of the town.
To be honest we did'nt feel all that comfortable in here in all our walking gear so headed into the tourist area where we belong!


16 Jan 2012 17:03

The Thatch, Croyde

Very busy when we visited on a cold winters day.
Would visit again if we could get a decent seat.


15 Jan 2012 16:25

The General Buller, St Thomas

Haven't been in for ages, but it used to be a real busy st. thomas boozer.
Great to meet up in before hiting the town.
Can get rough.


8 Jan 2012 15:51

Port Royal, Exeter

I think we must have been in the back bar when we visited on a cold January afternoon.
Great location for a pub, pint of fosters was very tasty although fairly expensive.

Would visit again.


8 Jan 2012 15:43

Exmouth Arms, Exmouth

This is a great pub to go in with your mates and watch the football.
The trouble was that the time that i visited i was with my girlfriend and the atmoshere wasn't quite for us.


8 Jan 2012 15:39

The Fox and Hounds Hotel, Eggesford

My friend and i popped in here for a few ales after a walk around Eggesford forest. The ales were very good would have stayed for longer but we had to catch our train.


1 Jan 2012 16:10

The Grove, Exmouth

A very expensive place if you fancy a beer.

The interior is ok and it does have a nice beer garden though. Also near to the seafront which is of course handy.


1 Jan 2012 16:05

The George, West Bay

One of if not the worst pub i have ever been in.

A total rip off and a dump to go with it.

I will never be back.


1 Jan 2012 15:55

The Plymouth Inn, Okehampton

Decent well run pub, the best in okey by a mile.

Great ales and a small beer garden too.
Always locals at the bar.


1 Jan 2012 15:48

The Kings Arms, Okehampton

I can only only echo what humphrey49 says.

Our experience was much the same.


1 Jan 2012 15:44

The Oxenham Arms Inn, South Zeal

Visited here a fews years ago after a long walk on the moors.
Lovely inside very cosy (has a monalith in one of the back rooms).
The building is very old and impressive. The beer garden is one of the finest i can remember seeing anywhere.
Had four pints and loved every minute here.


26 Dec 2011 13:11

The Lymington Arms, Wembworthy

My girlfriend and i popped in here on a 10 mile walk from Eggesford station.
It was a bit too foody for us so we sat outside wich would have been ok if it was warmer!

Not really for us


18 Dec 2011 13:47

The Beer Engine, Newton St Cyres

I used to think this pub was alright but the landlord is a tosser.
I rarely post negative comments about landlords on here as it is unfair, but i will make an exception this time.
Such a shame as it is in such a lovely peaceful setting with the trains whizzing past.

10/10 for the pub and area
0/10 for the landlord and most of the stuck up customers that i saw in there

18 Dec 2011 13:43

The White Hart, Bow

Lovely olde wordly interior with massive old fire place.
Huge beer garden although a bit of a walk.
The only trouble with this pub is that it is in Bow, which must be a contender for the most ugliest depressing village i have ever seen.


18 Dec 2011 13:30

Mare and Foal, Yeoford

Impressive looking place when approaching from the train station.
Huge bar area inside and loads of varied seating areas. Large outside area too.
Pint of ale i had was one of the finest i have ever tasted!
Very handy for the railway station and popular on the "rail ale trail".


18 Dec 2011 13:26

The New Inn, Coleford

Large place set in village in mid Devon countryside.
We sat outside which was a decent beer garden with a babbling stream nearby.
Cider very refreshing.


15 Dec 2011 13:55

The Lamb, Sandford

I was a little wary before going into this pub thinking it would be a stuck up pretentious sort of place.
It certainly is not at all.
Great village local with good choice of ale and cider.
Cosy inside with a small pleasant beer garden.


15 Dec 2011 13:51

White Swan, Crediton

I echo humphrey49 just be aware of the locals huddling around the door smoking on the way in.


15 Dec 2011 13:44

General Sir Redvers Buller, Crediton

Great spoons.
Foods always good and hot, Pleasant interior and suprisingly good beer garden.
And of course great value for money.


15 Dec 2011 13:41

The Crediton Inn, Crediton

One of the best pubs in Crediton, great for real ale and always seems to be open. Popular with locals and visitors too.


15 Dec 2011 13:26

The Lion Hotel, Dulverton

A little to foody and hotel like for me. (yes i know that it is one)
We just had the one as we felt a little scruffy in our wet walking gear.


15 Dec 2011 13:18

The Bridge Inn, Dulverton

It was totally packed when we visited this pub. So busy in fact we had to go outside on a winters day!
I don't like a pub this busy but it must be doing something right.
Can't comment on the inside as i could'nt see it.


15 Dec 2011 13:13

The Anchor Inn, Dulverton

Visited here once a couple of years back.
Can't say we had any bother here. It was very quiet and we sat outside in the garden by the river which is a very pleasant spot indeed.


15 Dec 2011 13:07

The Royal Oak, Withypool

My mate and i stopped off here halfway through our walk.
The exmoor ales were gorgeous, we could have stayed there all day!
We sat outside which as a previous poster pointed out is limited seating but was still pleasant none the less.


15 Dec 2011 10:25

The Crown Hotel, Exford

Certainly the more forgotten of the two Exford pubs. But still a reasonable place none the less.
We sat in the very pleasant beer garden which has a somewhat commanding view over part of the village.
Even a 1960's double decker bus turned up on a tourist route which made the whole experience quite surreal!


15 Dec 2011 10:16

The Exmoor White Horse Inn, Exford

We must have been very lucky the day we visited this pub.
We sat outside on a hot summers day by the river. All our drinks were fine
and our food was great.
I guess that sometimes they must struggle in peak times although that is still no excuse for poor service.


15 Dec 2011 10:06

The Anchor Hotel and Ship Inn, Porlock Weir

The back bar here is an absolute gem with it's fire going in winter.
Most though will only ever see the main bar which is great too.
Plenty of outside seating and endless walking country options.

Fantastic 10/10

14 Dec 2011 11:24

The Ship Inn Hotel, Porlock

Yes this is a very cosy olde worldy pub indeed.
Although i was dissapointed that they closed every afternoon even in the summer months.


14 Dec 2011 11:19

The Prince Of Wales, Princetown

I have always found this pub to be welcoming homely place bustling with people. It is fair to say that this is the locals pub of Princetown but i have never had any problems here.


14 Dec 2011 11:13

The Tors, Belstone

Handy pub for a ale or two after a long walk on the moors.
Belstone is an absolutec gem of a village.


13 Dec 2011 14:38

The Railway Inn, Princetown

When i last visited this pub well over 5 years ago i found it a very depressing place indeed.
It does'nt really stand a chance with the plume of feathers next door.
I doubt whether we will ever see it as a pub again.


13 Dec 2011 14:13

The Skylark, Clearbrook

Not as attractive looking place as you might have hoped for in this beautiful part of Devon.
We stopped here for a couple of beers after walking down from Yelverton and sat in the beer garden.
It was quiet when we first arrived but was getting busier and busier as we were leaving.
Popular with walkers and cyclists.


13 Dec 2011 14:04

The Royal Oak Inn, Meavy

Everything has already been said about this pub has been said and it is true.
World class setting and area, beautiful to sit outside on a summers day.
My father and i just had two pints halfway through our walk, if we did'nt have the car we could easily have stayed for 4 or 5 and caught the bus home!

One of the best pubs and settings in the country


13 Dec 2011 13:53

London Inn, Horrabridge Yelverton

This place is ok really.
We popped in after a walk. I thought it felt quite cosy actually.
Looks better on the inside than the outside.


13 Dec 2011 13:36

The Walkhampton Inn, Yelverton

Did'nt really click with this place, although i think it may have been owned by the previous owners when we visited a few years back.
I imagine though that most tourists never find it with all the other pubs in the area getting the trade.


13 Dec 2011 13:23

Rock Inn, Yelverton

This is a massive place with many different bar areas.
Unfortuantly for us we ended up in what seemed tp be a eating area.
Not what we were looking for and at the time we did not know about the others bars in here, so we just had the one and then caught the bus back to plymouth.


13 Dec 2011 09:51

The London Inn, Molland

Did a massive walk in the area and stopped off here for a ploughmans lunch washed down with a couple of ales.
What a great little place, very cosy with a lovely fire. It's like going back in time to a much quieter era.
I did here a rumour that the pub is now shut i really hope this is not true as it would be such a terrible shame.


13 Dec 2011 09:34

Jesters, Plymouth

This is the roughest pub in the roughest street in England.
But it is real. A no bullshit does what it says on the tinkind of place.
Somewhere for the lower classes.


12 Dec 2011 14:47

Noahs Ark, Plymouth

Very good value for money on food and drink. Cheaper than wetherspoons even and better.
It does however seem to attract alcoholic old men during the day, but then again what do you expect!


12 Dec 2011 14:39

Cromwell Arms, Bovey Tracy

Did'nt really like this place. My girlfriend and i just had the one here and sat in the courtyard outside.
Riverside inn down the road is better.


12 Dec 2011 14:31

The Ring of Bells Inn, North Bovey

Fantastic looking pub in a timeless village.
Only had a couple as we had to continue our walk. Nice pint of ale.


12 Dec 2011 14:21

The Union Inn, Moretonhampstead

The best pub in Moreton by far.
This was the first pub my friend and I went to on our Moreton pub crawl.
We should have just stayed in here all night! We thought all the pubs would be great but this is not so.
This is the only pub i would go back to in this village.


12 Dec 2011 12:49

White Horse Inn, Moretonhampstead

To foody and like a resturant for me. From the outside i expected better.
Alright for a meal but not good for a night out with your mates.


12 Dec 2011 12:35

The White Hart Hotel, Moretonhampstead

One of the better pubs in Morton. Has a pleasant courtyard garden which traps the summer sun. Had a pint of peroni, expensive but very refreshing.


12 Dec 2011 12:21

The Bell, Moretonhampstead

Was very disappointed with this pub.
My friend and i were camping nearby and thought we could do a pub crawl of Morton. We saved this pub until the end of the evening thinking it would be the best. It was probably the worst, dreadful atmosphere, we had one pint then heading back to the tent.


12 Dec 2011 11:58

The Clocktower, Torquay

Good pub only just off the beaten track. It was a saturday night when we went in so it was busy. I think it would be very pleasant in here during a saturday afternoon.


12 Dec 2011 11:49

The Red Cow, Exeter

Went in here many years ago. A great boozer gone foreever.


12 Dec 2011 11:39

Mosaic, Exeter

Used to drink in here with my mates before heading off to the infamous club roccoco. A lively place set out over different level always liked it in here.


12 Dec 2011 11:33

The Golden Lion, Newtown

Closed down i never got to go in but my brother did and he said it was awful and he felt like it could kick off at any moment.


12 Dec 2011 11:13

Vaults, Exeter

Only went in when it was called the pig and truffle (about 15 years ago).
Vague memories of it being a lively little place with a good atmoshere.


12 Dec 2011 11:06

Chumleys, Exeter

Only ever went in when it was Chumleys, can't say that i ever really liked the place don't quite know why just never felt that comfortable in there.


12 Dec 2011 10:59

The Royal Marine, Combe Martin

Popped in for a beer while waiting for the bus back to ilfracome.
Nice enough place thought it felt quite cosy. Beer was ok too.


12 Dec 2011 08:26

The Exmoor Forest Hotel, Simonsbath

My friend and i walked all the way from the doone valley to here to find the pub closed! What a disapointment instead of a hearty meal washed down with plenty of ale we had to make do with soggy sandwiches in the rain!
Have been in before though, it is ok but more of a hotel than a pub really.


12 Dec 2011 08:16

The Rockford Inn, Rockford

From the outside it does'nt look that special but inside is a different story.
Lovely smell of a wood burning stove and a cosy interior. Ale was good too.
I have know idea how this place would survive the winter very remote and many people must never find this place.


12 Dec 2011 07:53

The Blue Ball Inn, Lynmouth

A good place to stop for a pint whilst walking in this fantastic area.
Inside is cosy with a large fire place and ouside has a beer garden.
Also a handy bus stop outside if you can't be bothered to walk back!


11 Dec 2011 16:42

The Staghunters Inn, Lynton

A brilliant pub and a world class location.
Food good, ale good, beer garden fantastic.
Walkers heaven.


11 Dec 2011 16:36

The Crown Hotel, Lynton

Been in a couple of times not a bad place really. Always seems to be a locals place but i cannot find any other pubs in this town.
Is this the only one?


11 Dec 2011 16:32

The Village Inn, Lynmouth

A poor place really.
A lack of atmoshere, rubbish beer garden and flat pint of beer!


11 Dec 2011 16:28

The Rising Sun, Lynmouth

Cosy pub in a fab location.
I drank 8 pints of Exmoor ale here on my girlfriends birthday it was fantastic.
It was never a dull moment sitting outside, watching the world go by and the tide come in on a sunny summers evening.


8 Dec 2011 18:40

The Rock House, Lynmouth

Not really my sort of place (i prefer proper pubs)
However the beer garden is great, beer ok and we thought this was the best place to eat in Lynmouth.


8 Dec 2011 18:23

The Bath Hotel, Lynmouth

Not a very welcoming place.
Expensive, dirty, no atmoshere.

A generous 4/10

6 Dec 2011 18:41

The Hunter's Inn, Parracombe

Despite the area being world class this pub is a fish out of water really.
The interior is bland and depressing the outside ok but a tourist hell hole.
Fox and goose at Parracombe was better.


6 Dec 2011 18:32

The Fox and Goose Inn, Parracombe

Popped in here for a beer just before lunchtime closing.
Pub was very cosy and it seems to be a big on good food too.
The surrounding area is simply stunning.


6 Dec 2011 18:25

The Sawyer's Arms, Exeter

A very basic spoons.
Still love them or hate them they are great value for money.


25 Nov 2011 15:51

Union Inn, Newton Abbot

Another great pub in Newton Abbot.
Great atmoshere and pint of fosters very tasty.


25 Nov 2011 15:40

The Locomotive Inn, Newton Abbot

A very pleasant place indeed.
The log fire is enormous and was roaring when we visited, a real good feel to this place.


25 Nov 2011 15:35

The Jolly Abbot, Newton Abbot

Ok in here really. Fairly dark cosy interior. Pint of foster was a good one as well.


25 Nov 2011 15:31

The Ship and Pilot, Ilfracombe

A very homely feel to this pub when we visited.
There are plenty of old photos and pictures of Ilfracombe on the walls with mainly a maritime theme.
Pint of carling was very tasty would visit here again.


23 Nov 2011 09:04

Crown and Anchor, Brixham

Cosy little pub down on the quayside.
Very little outside space so if you do manage to get a seat outside be prepared for others smoking near you.
Pint of lager was very good too.


17 Nov 2011 18:36

The Courtenay, Teignmouth

About 10 of us popped in this pub on a pub crawl to the area.
We were not from the town and it nearly kicked off with a few locals.
We are not thugs or hooligans, but working men in our 30's.
It seems that some locals are very insecure about themselves and having others in there town.

16 Nov 2011 18:38

Bullers Arms, Brixham

We visited this pub during the day out of season and it was very quiet.
Can't say it was a bad experience like some of the comments say here.
I imagine it is a totally different place on a saturday night though.


16 Nov 2011 18:29

Vigilance, Brixham

Not too bad of a place if you can get a good seat.
Always found the service ok too.


16 Nov 2011 18:23

Bar Med, Torquay

I'm not really a fan of the Llyods bar chain so this place was on a loser for me from the start.
Alright for a bit but once those youngsters start coming out i'm running for the door!


16 Nov 2011 17:55

The Talk of the Town, Paignton

Not the better of the two spoons in Paignton. Very touristy in the summer and awful bar service at times.


16 Nov 2011 17:22

The Royal Oak, South Brent

An alright sort of place but there was a wedding on when we there so we could'nt get a real feel for the place.


14 Nov 2011 16:20

The Old Inn, Widecombe in the Moor

This is an alright kind of place but only go there when it is quiet.
As it is a tourist hell hole when it is busy with coach loads of grannies everywhere.
Garden is alright too.


14 Nov 2011 16:15

The Seven Stars, Kingsbridge

We sat outside here on a lovely sunny day and it was very pleasant.
Pint of lager was good too.


14 Nov 2011 16:11

The Horse and Groom, Bittaford

Was disappointed with this place to be honest.
We found it was expensive and lacked a bit of atmoshere.


14 Nov 2011 16:04

The Sportsmans Inn, Ivybridge

A pub that can cater for all ages and classes.
Whether you just want a quiet pint or a quality meal this pub has it all.
Lovely interior as welll.


13 Nov 2011 16:09

The Exchange, Ivybridge

Fairly large pub in the centre of Ivybridge.
It was fairly busy when we visited around 8 o'clock on a saturday evening.
Found the whole place rather bland really.


10 Nov 2011 18:51

The Anchor Inn, Beer

This pub does have a great location you can't deny that.
Beer garden is good but it can be touristy which rightly or wrongly i will only give it a 6/10

10 Nov 2011 18:42

Duke of Cornwall, Ivybridge

Very cosy pub to be in on a cold winters day it's just like another world.
The best pub in Ivybridge.


9 Nov 2011 17:38

Isaac Merritt, Paignton

Quite a good wetherspoons really. Loads of nice seating and a good atmoshere
Never had a bad pint or meal in here.


9 Nov 2011 17:33

The Olive Branch, Barnstaple

Alright place just had the one then left


9 Nov 2011 17:26

Oxford Inn, Taunton

We were staying in Taunton in the nearby travelodge and after walking back from the town centre we thought what the hell let's risk going in here.
Actually it was alright very quiet and the people were quite friendly.
This is an old school boozer in 10 years there won't be any pubs around like this, just poncy coffee bars.


2 Nov 2011 18:55

The Lighter Inn, Topsham

The pub is in one of the best locations in Topsham right by the harbour with plenty of outside seating.
Inside does get busy with many meals being served.
The trouble is it's a Hall and Woodhouse pub which mean expensive and a poor choice of beers.
So just a 6/10 from me

1 Nov 2011 19:01

The Globe Hotel, Topsham

A decent place really.
A large looking building from the outside and cosy on the inside.
The only trouble was we could'nt get a good seat and had to sit in the back room which we did not enjoy.
So overall just a 6/10 from me

1 Nov 2011 18:53

Exeter Inn, Topsham

Me and my girlfriend visited this pub on a cold winters evening.
We stayed for around 5 pints (i can't quite remember!) and really enjoyed the evening.

Topsham is a stuck up place and this pub was by far the best.
Real people no nonsense boozer loved it.


29 Oct 2011 15:22

The Passage House Inn, Topsham

We certainly think that this is the best pub in Topsham even if others don't.
It's cosy on the inside and the beer garden has some stunning views.
It's also away from all the hustle and bustle of Topshams high street.

27 Oct 2011 23:42

Drakes Bar, Topsham

This pub was very busy when we visited with a fairly good atmosphere.

27 Oct 2011 23:31

The Bridge, Topsham

We must have been terribly unlucky when we visited this pub. After so many good reviews we did not have a good time here.
The landlord was rude to us and my pint of ale was awful.
The pub is however an absolute gem and it is nice to sit outside by the river.

27 Oct 2011 23:27

Maritime Inn, Plymouth

Good boozer nice pubby interior.
Pint of thatchers gold was nice.

23 Oct 2011 16:27

Navy Inn, The Barbican

When we popped in here early one saturday evening the place was packed.
Football was on the telly and it had a really good atmosphere.

23 Oct 2011 16:16

The Cider Press, Plymouth

Yes this is a good boozer but we were slightly put off by a drunken racist yob in here.
8/10 for the pub
5/10 for the experience

23 Oct 2011 16:10

The Red Cow, Honiton

Nothing special about this place really had one pint and then we left.

23 Oct 2011 16:02

The Three Tuns, Silverton

Had a cracking price of Becks vier in this pub which at �2.80 a pint i thought was reasonable. The pub has a fairly cosy interior with beams.
Food looked good value for money although we did not eat here.
My only gripe was the place have zero atmosphere and to be honest we just did'nt feel all that comfortable really.

So all in all i can only give it a 6/10

23 Oct 2011 15:43

The Bridge Inn, Ivybridge

My mate and i popped in this pub after camping on Dartmoor.
Although we felt a little out of place with our ruckasacks and walking clothing on we did enjoy it in here and even had a ploughmans lunch.

20 Oct 2011 19:14

Central Bar, Cardiff

Pretty souless place really. Alright for one or two quick pints but that is about it really.

14 Oct 2011 16:20

The Dolphin, Plymouth

Good old fasioned boozer what a pub should be.
Nice ales. 9/10

12 Oct 2011 08:43

The Rugglestone Inn, Widecombe in the Moor

A real traditional pub in the heart of dartmoor.
The interior is tiny and there is not many tables so i'm not sure how comfortable it would be on a wet day.
The beer garden is great positioned over a little stream.

11 Oct 2011 09:07

The Beach, Exmouth

Not too bad a place really.
We popped in for a pint on a sunny sunday afternoon and sat on the benches outside. Pint of blackthorn was nice. Prices cheaper than the nearby Grove up the road.

11 Oct 2011 08:59

Masons Arms, Branscombe

Another great pub in Branscombe.
Well kept ales lovely inside and out.

11 Oct 2011 08:48

The Fountain Head, Branscombe

Everything a pub should be very homely and cosy a real treat.

11 Oct 2011 08:44

The Exeter Inn, Thorverton

Great pub in a great little village.
Interesting interior with all sorts of guns a and weapons everywhere and also a 28 foot well in the bar!
2 pints were less than a fiver!
Great pub 10/10

9 Oct 2011 07:03

The Jolly Judge, Torquay

Stopped here for a quick pint early one saturday evening.
Pint of carling was good but the pub was totally empty maybe because it was early.

7 Oct 2011 18:54

Kings Arms, Honiton

Visited this place a few years back. Thought it was ok but nothing special.
Is this right that the pub is now closed?

5 Oct 2011 19:04

Courtenay Arms, Newton Abbot

This place had been shut for a bit not sure if it is still open now.
Had a nice pint of carling in here but not really my kind of place.

3 Oct 2011 18:26

The Gardeners Arms, Taunton

Went in this pub whilst waiting for a train to catch.
Quite liked the layout of the place but far to chavvy for us.

3 Oct 2011 18:21

Coal Orchard, Taunton

Awful spoons full of alcoholic old men dingy inside too.

3 Oct 2011 18:17

The Cider Bar, Newton Abbot

There is no point going to any other pub once you have been in here.
Especially if you like cider. This is an old style boozer with a unique atmosphere. Great selection of cider at very good prices.
We saw a whole range of clientele come and go of all different age groups.

10/10 we will be back!

2 Oct 2011 09:40

The Thatched House, Exwick

This is actually a really good pub.
It has everything you could ever want in a pub. Cosy interior, log fire, pool table, different areas for eating and locals, also a sun trap beer garden where you can watch the world go by.

1 Oct 2011 06:52

Kings, Exeter

Rough and ready boozer handy for st. thomas railway station.
Not really my kind of place though.

1 Oct 2011 06:46

Richard Hopkins, Newton Abbot

I would say that this is one of the better wetherspoons establishments.
I liked the open planned layout with plenty of comfortable seating.
Food and drinks have always been up to a good standard too.

26 Sep 2011 18:41

Timepiece, Exeter

A unique bar and club nowhere in the whole world is quite like this place.
Set over various level and a fair amount of outside seating this place just oozes so much character.
With memerbilia all over the place even gravestones outside and also plays a
good variety of music (non cheesy!)
Anyone that ever comes to Exeter (it is popular with students) must come here
It is lengenary in the city.

25 Sep 2011 13:40

Old Timers, Exeter

This is a place with great character. Lots of odds and sods to look at while
supping a pint or eating a meal.
Food is of a good standard and the atmosphere is great like you are in another world and can forget about your worries.
Great place 10/10

25 Sep 2011 13:31

Hole In The Wall, Exeter

Good for playing pool as it has six pool tables.
But a total chav hell hole.
Avoid! 2/10

25 Sep 2011 13:24

John Gandys, Exeter

A busy little place on a saturday night getting served can be hard.
Does get some pretensious personel in here.

25 Sep 2011 13:19

The Beaver Inn, Appledore

Great pub one of the best i have ever been to.
Inside has a great atmosphere with a resturant overlooking the estuary.
The best part of it though is the view from the beer garden right on the sea wall.
I can think of few beer gardens with a view better! It was very relaxing watching the tide coming in over a few pints of thatchers gold which were gorgeous. The place dosen't rip you off as well like alot of tourist places do.
�5.80 for two pints these days is good.
10/10 we will be back!

25 Sep 2011 12:20

The Royal George Inn, Appledore

A nice little pub next to the slipway with the sea literally over the wall.
Inside is cosy too.
Pint of carlsberg was disapointing though.

25 Sep 2011 12:11

The White Hart Inn, Bideford

A lively little place with a mixture of tourists and locals when we visited.
Pint was a good one too.

24 Sep 2011 10:15

Kings Arms, Bideford

One of the better pubs in bideford.
Quite a welcoming atmoshere and a good location near the quay.

24 Sep 2011 10:10

The Old Fire House, Exeter

This is a great quirky bar that opens real late.
It does have some outside seating too. It does get real busy though,
I popped in with my girlfriend and found it unbearabley busy.
Would be nicer if slightly quieter then again it's not aimed at old folk like me!

22 Sep 2011 17:26

The Appledore Inn, Bideford

Good small boozer in the town.

Pint of carling was good. The place is tatty but it kind of suits it.


22 Sep 2011 17:14

Marshals, Barnstaple

Good old fasioned real ale pub.
Nice atmosphere inside. 8/10

22 Sep 2011 17:07

The Swan Inn, Dawlish

We found it very hard to find this pub and when we did we were dissapointed with what we found after so many good reviews.
It may have been the fact that there was a local kids birthday going on in the pub and the place was full of screaming kids.
Still a good beer garden though just bad timing for us 3/10

18 Sep 2011 11:32

The Atmospheric Railway Inn, Starcross

What a total rip off this place is.
I popped in with my girlfriend and ordered a pint of natch and a pint of carling
it came to �6.90! I nearly walked out. The pub itself has alot of character with a big circular bar in the middle which i like. But with these prices i hope it goes bust. 2/10

18 Sep 2011 11:19

The Cherry Grove Inn, Taunton

My girlfriend and i popped in this pub as we had an hour to kill waiting for
our train.

We walked through the front doors with our rucksacks on and to our horror it was totally packed out with young thugish looking men all watching Man united playing on sky!

Nothing against that sort of thing but as the telly was positioned near the door we could feel their eyes following around the room!

I have never felt so uncomfortable in all my life, we would never have gone in if we had known so 0/10 for that experience.

15 Sep 2011 19:16

The Watermans Arms, Buckfastleigh

Was made to feel very welcome in this lively boozer.
Not normally our sort of place with sport on and locals everywhere but we really enjoyed it here.


11 Sep 2011 15:00

The White Hart, Buckfastleigh

A pleasant little pub in a town with great character. It was nice to finally get into a cosy pub like this with the rain lashing down outside.

11 Sep 2011 12:28

The Kings Arms Hotel, Buckfastleigh

My girlfriend and i visited this pub after a long wet day on the moors.
It was probabaly the worse pub we visited that day (I can't believe how many pubs are in this area!)
We felt a little uncomfortable with locals giving us evils the whole time.
Not really for us 4/10

11 Sep 2011 11:31

Abbey Inn, Buckfast

Yes this is a great pub. Cosy on the inside and a great view of the river dart on the outside. Ale was great too.

I imagine most people don't realise that this pub is here.
Although only a few minutes from the A38 road you probably would never find it which is a great shame.


11 Sep 2011 10:59

The Ship, Exeter

Expensive slightly dissapointing pub right in the city centre near to the cathedral. Not bad for a quick visit on a saturday night pub crawl
Tourist prices though 6/10

28 Aug 2011 11:49

The Earl of Portsmouth, Chawleigh

Walked up to this pub through eggesford forest from the railway station.
First impressions were good, reasonabally priced beer my pint of stowford press was excellent.

Could have stayed there all day my dad wanted to push on with the walk!

10/10 great place

28 Aug 2011 11:36

The Famous George, Seaton

This is a good old fasioned boozer situated right in the centre of Seaton.
Not as busy as it once was but i quite liked the place. 9/10

28 Aug 2011 11:27

The Walkabout, Exeter

It's everything you could want from a themed national pub chain like the walkabout. If you like sport, hot women and fighting it's for you.
Not a pub for the older generation i think i'll get my coat....

28 Aug 2011 11:24

Mill On The Exe, Exeter

Totally overated overpriced pub with poor service.
The price we paid for our meal should have had table service.
A total scandal and rip off 2/10!

28 Aug 2011 11:18

Queen Victoria, Exeter

I think that this pub is now closed. It has always stuggled a bit as it is in a just off the beaten track location. Having said that i always thought it was a good place to start youir night off in before hitting the town pubs.
Not too busy and with a small outside seating area 7/10 from me.

28 Aug 2011 11:12

The Farmers Union, Exeter

Haven't been in this pub for years. It has had alot of different names over the years the oldest i can recall in when this used to be an irish bar called o'neills.

It has also been called fermats number then a strip bar called the tower inn.
I think the pubs location dosen't do it any favours really. It is neither here or there and often overlooked on the pub crawl into town.

Also having the imperial down the road dosen't help it either.


25 Aug 2011 17:28

The Imperial, Exeter

This is one of the flagship wetherspoons not like any other one i know.
The layout is superb with different seating areas to suit all tastes. The beer garden is enormous with beautiful trees and catches the evening sun well.

The problem for me is is just too busy and full of young people (i am an old fart really!) so an 8/10 from me because of that.

25 Aug 2011 17:20

Village Inn, Exwick

A bit of a dissapointment really. Used to be great about 15 years ago but is going the way of so many pubs now struggling to get people in.

The price of beer will only go up so can't see it getting much better.

24 Aug 2011 18:45

Seamua O'Donnell's, Exeter

Stange to see it go it was ok inside just the location that made it suffer....

24 Aug 2011 18:39

The Great Western Hotel, Exeter

This is a scruffy establishment full of old men.

It does however retain a rough and ready atmoshere, almost like a pub for the hardened drinker. It stays open extremely late being a hotel (i would'nt want to stay here though) and has a good selection of ales.

24 Aug 2011 18:35

Chaucers Inn, Exeter

This is a very good pub indeed. Situated right in the city centre you would expect it to be heaving and full of idiots on a saturday night. Not at all, me and my brother have had some great nights in this pub. It's very good for a conversation as the music is quiet and relaxing. Also has a big food menu.
A hidden gem. 10/10

23 Aug 2011 18:28

Eyre Court Hotel, Seaton

An average pub in the sleepy seaside town of seaton.
Having said that the nightlife in this town punches above it's weight.
Reasonable pint and ok interior also has a small patio beer garden

22 Aug 2011 18:51

Panniers, Barnstaple

Dreadful wetherspoons.

Always busy and can be hard to get a seat and not enough cosy seating (the other wetherspoons in town is much better!)

Suprisingly getting served was not to bad although the food when came out was pretty awful. 4/10 from me

22 Aug 2011 18:27

Amber Rooms, Exeter

Dark and dingy sort of place. Popular with the young night crowd and does have live bands at times. Not the sort of place for an old fart like me! 3/10

22 Aug 2011 18:22

The Cork and Bottle, Barnstaple

We stumbled across this pub on a day trip to barnstaple. My girlfriend did'nt like it but i thought that it was ok. It was fairly quiet in there but i could tell that this is a busy pub in the evening. The interior was dark and cosy which i like in a pub. Gonna give it 8/10

22 Aug 2011 17:00

The North Bridge Inn, Exeter

Popped in there early one saturday afternoon. Everything seemed to be a bit disorganised this maybe due to the fact that the landlord was setting up a band or something. Iinside the pub it does have character just not my kind of place really. 5/10

21 Aug 2011 10:59

On The Waterfront, Exeter

Best place to drink on the quay. Can get busy outside on a sunny day. Inside has a totally different atmoshere. Nice place. 8/10

20 Aug 2011 09:51

The Quay, Minehead

This is one of the best pubs in Minehead. It is off the beaten track so you don't get all the hoards of butlins mob in there. Nice location near to the sea and has a beer garden out the back. Ale was good too. 10/10

20 Aug 2011 09:47

Kitty O'Hanlans, Plymouth

We popped in here for a quick pint before we got the bus home. It was a sunday afternoon so we were really quite suprised that inside everyone was totally off their faces, dancing around, swearing and being loud. We drank up quickly and left. 3/10

20 Aug 2011 09:33

The Union Rooms, Plymouth

A massive wetherspoons right in the city centre. The pub is set on diferent levels with a reasonable beer garden. The trouble is that this is really a truely awful place full of the usual wetherspoons lot. The food we ordered was a total cock-up, wrong meals, then cold, brought out at different times. We had a refund and went down to the gog and magog on the barbican which was much better. 2/10

20 Aug 2011 09:25

Market House Inn, Dartmouth

This is a bit of a youngters boozer showing sky sports. Having said that we found the interior to be quite pleasant. 7/10

20 Aug 2011 09:15

Dartmouth Arms, Dartmouth

Full of tourists when we visited which was.nt a bad thing. Good location for the lower ferry from Kingswear. 6/10

20 Aug 2011 09:11

The Cherub Inn, Dartmouth

A great olde worldy pub down the back streets of Dartmouth.
It is small inside so getting a good seat can be difficult. We went there out of season and it was quiet I hate to think how busy and cramped it would get in the height of the season. Still a great pub though 9/10

20 Aug 2011 09:07

Steam Packet Inn, Kingswear

Found this pub a liittle odd. It is a small place on the main road in from Brixham. Did have some great photos though of big ships in the river dart on the walls. 6/10

19 Aug 2011 18:25

The Ship Inn, Kingswear

This is the best pub in Kingswear. A decent layout and a cosy feel, also a friendly landlord what more could you want. 10/10

19 Aug 2011 18:21

The Royal Dart, Kingswear

This is the worst pub in Kingswear.
It is in a good location near to the ferry and was full of locals when we visited.
Agree with the comment about it being like a transport cafe. 5/10

19 Aug 2011 18:18

Globe Inn, Newtown

This is a proper old fashioned boozer with real people drinking it it.
It did lack a little atmoshere when i was last in but they used to have bands playing not sure if they still do.
I just wonder how much longer a pub like this will survive it is these sorts of pubs that are closing by the dozen. Selling no food and being an owned by enterprise inns only time will tell. 6/10

15 Aug 2011 17:14

The Clifton Inn, Exeter

I used to live in Newtown and although this pub has a rather depressing feel to it it did have a great carvery and was handy as a pre night out pub with your mates, good for pool too 8/10

15 Aug 2011 17:06

George's Meeting House, Exeter

You can't fault the look of the building but this is actually more of a hinderence. There is no atmoshere whatsoever and it dosen't suit wetherspoons at all. Getting served in here is very frustrating at times, not enough staff and people ordering coffees (i thought this was a pub!).
The beer garden is ok for a city centre pub so a 6/10 from me, mainly for the creative design of the building.

15 Aug 2011 17:02

The Prospect Inn, Exeter

Nice location on Exeter's overated quay.
Beer expensive and food was average.
7/10 just because you can people watch while sitting outside.

15 Aug 2011 16:52

The Hour Glass Inn, Exeter

Quirky backstreet pub that is also a big food place.
Not as pretentious as i thought it would be, can get busy.

15 Aug 2011 16:47

The Double Locks, Exeter

This pub is overated.
Ok so it is in a great location next to the canal but really that is about it.
The inside is tatty, it's often too busy and takes ages to get served and for some reason this pub does attract the lowlife at times.
The ales that i had were average so 3/10 from me!

15 Aug 2011 16:44

Country House Inn, Exeter

Closed never got to go in.....

15 Aug 2011 16:37

Countess Wear, Exeter

This is a good pub. With a choice of places to eat and drink once you are inside the door a resturant one side and more of a pub the other. You can eat in either or just have a pint in the bar.
Food nice and well priced too 10/10

15 Aug 2011 16:34

Mannamead, Plymouth

A right boozer for a wetherspoons pub full of young lads and alcoholic old men. Mind you want more do you want from a pub? 7/10

14 Aug 2011 12:42

The Volunteer Inn, Lyme Regis

A bit pokey inside and the tables are very close together.
It is however very cosy and my pint of ale was excellent. We managed to get a window seat which was great watching the world go by.

14 Aug 2011 12:37

The Rock Point Inn, Lyme Regis

Good position by Lyme bay. We got a good seat outside on a glorious late summer evening. Stella was a good pint (it always is!). As we were leaving it was getting busy inside, I think this is a local for the youngsters so we drank up and left. Great outside though 8/10

14 Aug 2011 12:31

The White Ball, Tiverton

It's a bit hit or miss here especially with the food.
Had some great meals here but recently unfotunatly the food has been bad.
On a plus note this is the cheapest pub in the country!
Ruddles was on at �1.15 a pint and it was gorgeous!
So an 8/10 from me

14 Aug 2011 12:22

The Cobb Arms, Lyme Regis

A total utter rip off of a place.
Nothing special at all apart from it's location near the beach and cobb (hence the name!)
Haven't been in this year yet but a pint must be nearly �4.00 by now.

14 Aug 2011 09:07

The Plume Of Feathers, Princetown

Great pub great location and great campsite at the back. 10/10

13 Aug 2011 16:33

The Pilot Boat Inn, Lyme Regis

Bit of a food place really and of course it is expensive. Handy location for the bus stop and like everywhere full of tourists. 6/10

13 Aug 2011 16:26

Ship Inn, Lyme Regis

Nice little boozer down a backstreet. Bit of a locals place really and like everywhere in this town the most expensive beer in the country! 8/10

13 Aug 2011 16:21

The Angel Inn, Lyme Regis

Never got to go in this place and now never will.

13 Aug 2011 16:18

Culm Valley Inn, Cullompton

Was slightly dissapointed with this pub although it does have character.
Found the landlord a bit odd and rude too. 6/10

13 Aug 2011 15:57

Ostler Inn, Cullompton

Popped in for a pint after a walk along the river.
Good lively village pub pint of cider was great too. Would pop in again for sure if in the area. 10/10

13 Aug 2011 15:54

The Waterloo Cross, Uffculme

Went here on news years eve. Average place really good for food though.

13 Aug 2011 15:38

The Ropemakers, Bridport

One of the better pubs in Bridport i have to say. Had a great pint of Stella here too. 7/10

12 Aug 2011 17:31

Greyhound, Bridport

This is the worst pub i have ever been too. A terrible layout inside understaffed rubbish food. The spag bol meal we ordered was a joke, cold and such a small portion it would have been a insult for a starter.
Went back in a few months later and the place was chaotic and just could'nt get served so just walked out and went to the george opposite and was esstatic to pay �3.30 for a pint of ale my rating -10/10

12 Aug 2011 17:27

Hog's Head, Plymouth

Only remember it as it was before the refurb. Pretty boring genenric place for a pint just a big room with a bar. 5/10

11 Aug 2011 19:08

The City Gate Hotel, Exeter

A fairly quiet spacious pub on the edge of the city centre. The kind of pub you would go to on a sunday night for a quiet drink with your mate.
Good to get away from all the city centre chaos bars. 7/10

10 Aug 2011 19:06

The Duke of Wellington, Minehead

Great wetherspoons pub in Minehead. It is massive inside with a range of different seating areas and bars all with different atmosheres. Food and drink were good at fantastic prices. 10/10 for this place!

10 Aug 2011 18:55

London Inn, Torquay

Awful spoons full of low lifes food awful too

10 Aug 2011 18:46

Hawkins Meeting House, Plymouth

Poped in there one evening before getting the bus home from the bus station.
There was a good lively atmosphere and the landlord seemed like a great guy.
I did'nt know it was a gay bar and quite frankly i don't care. Good pub 8/10

10 Aug 2011 17:40

The Gog and Magog, Plymouth

This wetherspoons is the best one in Plymouth in my opinion although the food can be a bit hit and miss sometimes. It does have some nice seating areas and although a little dark in places i found it to be a comforting enviroment. 8/10

10 Aug 2011 17:34

The Bank, Plymouth

This is a cheap place to eat and drink in the city centre. It does have a bit of a wetherspoons feel to it if you like that sort of thing.
Food is cheap and nasty though all microwaved stuff and it shows. 7/10

10 Aug 2011 17:29

The Exeter Arms Hotel, Exeter

From the outside this place looks dreadful really really run down. Inside is alot better although it really is'nt my kind of pub. The carvery was acceptable though and at a good price . 6/10

9 Aug 2011 18:44

The Barn Owl, Exeter

This is a typical chain pub i think it maybe Mitchell and Butlers however there there is nothing wrong with that.
It is in a good location for the business park and motorway and our food and drinks were quite acceptable. 9/10

9 Aug 2011 18:37

The Welcome Inn, Dawlish Warren

Not the best of places if i'm honest. The interior is boring and bland like a cafe more than a pub. Drinks were ok but the standard of the food was poor will not be gong back. 4/10

9 Aug 2011 18:31

The Mount Pleasant Inn, Dawlish Warren

The best pub in Dawlish Warren by far. A decent interior with a good selection of ales on tap. A little expensive mind but this is a tourist area.
The view as mentioned is impressive it looks and feels like the pub is gonna topple down the hillside! 8/10

9 Aug 2011 17:40

The Boathouse Tavern and Grill, Dawlish Warren

Only ever drank in this pub so can't comment on the food side of things.
The beer was good and it was a cracking early spring day. The pub is in a great location by the sea so all in all we had a good experience here 8/10 from me.

8 Aug 2011 19:02

The White Hart, Dawlish

Lots of the Dawlish characters drink in this pub. I keep meaning to go to the Swan everytime i'm in Dawlish but i only ever get to this pub and never get any futher!

8 Aug 2011 18:53

Teignmouth Inn, Dawlish

A decent lively little boozer with an interesting deep well as a feature in the bar. I agree with the previous post that for some reason it does have an Irish bar feel to it. A good pub 8/10

8 Aug 2011 18:49

The South Devon Inn, Dawlish

We just did not feel comfortable in this Dawlish pub.
Got some stares and bad body language from the locals who seemed to be off their heads on something.
The pub itself is actually quite characteristic with lots to look at but we won't be visiting again i'm afraid 5/10

7 Aug 2011 14:05

Laffinn Pig, Dawlish

When ever we come to Dawlish we always visit this different little pub.
The ale is always good and it does have a cosy feel to it .

7 Aug 2011 13:59

The Hole in The Wall, Dawlish

Is this a pub or not?
It looks like a pub from the outside but the reviews here tend to suggest otherwise.

7 Aug 2011 13:55

Thorverton Arms, Thorverton

My girlfriend and i went to this pub after a walk by the river. We were amazed at the price of the cider �2.30 for a pint of Devon mist and it was gorgeous.
We sat out in what was a fantastic beer garden and ended up having 4 pints each! Such a lovely and peaceful village Thorverton is an absoloute gem.
10/10 for everything!

7 Aug 2011 13:41

The Lansdowne, Dawlish

We watched the World cup in here and it was great. We arrived early and got a good seat it does get rowdy being a sports bar the only bad point was Englands pathetic performance on the pitch!

6 Aug 2011 09:18

Ferret and Radiator, Dawlish

Not sure what has happened to this pub now. It used to be a busy saturday night pub but has been closed for years now. I doubt if we will ever see it open again. Another Dawlish pub gone forever.....

6 Aug 2011 09:13

The Railway Inn, Dawlish

We always pop in here when doing the dawish circuit.
A smallish place but quite lively and they do a great pint of fosters for �2.50 the last time i was in.
Just across the alleyway from the exeter inn so also handy for the railway station.

3 Aug 2011 18:02

The Creeks End Inn, Kingsbridge

A very busy pub in a fab location.
Great if you can get a seat outside can a little cramped inside.
We had a pint before getting the bus back to totnes.

3 Aug 2011 17:50

The Exeter Inn, Dawlish

A well positioned pub if you are using the railway station.
Me and my girlfriend were in there late one night before getting the last train home, I asked the landlady where the ladies toilets were and she gave me a key for my girlfriend, apparantly they are locked up outside in the alley!
Made us chuckle a bit though.
My rating 8/10

2 Aug 2011 17:12

The Lord Nelson, Totnes

A bit of a dark and dingy place but sometimes that's what i like about some pubs.
This is a bit of a locals pub but then most of the pubs in totnes seem to have
a locals asmosphere in them.
Conveniently placed on the main fore street but not really a pub for tourists or

I would give it a rating of 7/10

2 Aug 2011 16:51

Royal Seven Stars Hotel, Totnes

A well positioned place right in the centre of totnes.
Sitting outside is great if you can get a seat and don't mind people smoking near to you.
Was'nt that impressed with inside to be honest and it is an expensive place for a pin.t All in all 8/10

2 Aug 2011 16:44

Watermans Arms, Totnes

This is a friendly little local down the back streets of totnes.
We stumbled across this place by following a sign down an alley.
A handful of locals at the bar on a saturday afternoon. We sat in the corner and played a game of draughts (i think we must have had a few!)
Would visit again if in the area 8/10

1 Aug 2011 18:44

King William IV, Totnes

Visited this pub one saturday lunchtime.
The football was on and it was packed i think it was mainly locals so me and
my girlfriend felt slighty uncomfortable only had one pint then left.

Having said that there was nothing wrong with this pub just wrong time
wrong place for us. 7/10

1 Aug 2011 18:39

Lamb Inn, Silverton

A good well run pub in the popular village of Silverton.
Reseanable prices for beer and food.

31 Jul 2011 13:32

The Dartmouth Inn, Totnes

This is by far our favourite pub in totnes.
We love sitting in the corner by the fire watching the football results come in
on a saturday afternoon.
Never had a bad pint yet and the food has always been to our likening.

31 Jul 2011 13:25

Old Ship Inn, Sidmouth

Haven't poped in for a while but just read the comment about it being
sold to costa coffee.
Such a shame that another traditional pub has yet again lost out to another
charecterless chain cafe bar.
However business is business and the strongest will survive we must use our pubs more or in 50 years they will all be gone

29 Jul 2011 21:21

The Swan Inn, Sidmouth

This is Sidmouths best pub in my opinion.
Tucked away off the beaten track it has more of a local feel.
We popped in on a cold winter day and the log fire was going it was
lovely a good 9//10

29 Jul 2011 21:10

Balfour Arms, Sidmouth

Largish pub away from the town centre.
Very expensive but then again they all are in Sidmouth. Did'nt see if it
had a beer garden all round not too bad a place

29 Jul 2011 21:04

The Anchor Inn, Sidmouth

Not really my kind of place even though there was nothing really wrong with it.
It is in a good central location just not as traditional as i had hoped for.

27 Jul 2011 19:54

The Strand, Exmouth

An expensive low quality boozer.
The only good thing about it is it's location near the the
railway station 5/10

27 Jul 2011 19:48

Holly Tree, Exmouth

A fairly large place with a really good atmosphere.
We stayed till closing time which is rare for us then got the last
train back.
A rating of 9/10 for me

27 Jul 2011 19:45

The York Inn, Exmouth

This is one of Exmouths buseist pubs.
A lively place and not one if you like your oldy worldy kind of pubs.
Good for watching sport and picking up women

25 Jul 2011 17:11

Country House Inn, Exmouth

This is a good pub away from the town centre.
It does have a good beer garden out the back which you don't expect
when you look at it from the front.
I would give it 9/10

25 Jul 2011 17:07

The Bank, Exmouth

Used to drink in here alot when sams nightclub was open next door.
Just a pre nightclub pub back then haven't been in for ages so not sure
what it is like now

20 Jul 2011 16:17

Remedies Bar, Exmouth

Been closed for years but used to be alright if you like fighting and slappers

19 Jul 2011 16:47

The Clipper, Exmouth

A pleasant interior to this place a bit like a posher wetherspoons.
Food is good value for money and ales not bad to i'd give it 8/10

19 Jul 2011 16:45

Bath House, Exmouth

Just a bog standard Greene king pub in a chavvy area.

Having said that it is still worth popping in for food occasionally as it
is reasenably priced.

Not great if you like individuality though and a poor selection of real ales.


19 Jul 2011 16:36

The Swan Inn, Lympstone

A lively pub with a good atmoshere.
Perfectly situated in the village near to the railway station and the front beer
garden catches the early evening sun great.
My pint of carling was ok but at �3.20 a little on the dear side. 9/10

19 Jul 2011 16:12

The Globe Inn, Lympstone

This is the lesser popular pub in the village but centainly the better one.
A cosy feel to the place better in the winter than in the summer.

I would give it 9/10

18 Jul 2011 08:01

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