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The Hartland Quay Hotel (Wreckers Bar), Hartland

Spectacular place to have a beer or three, especially when the sea is up.
Great setting, good beer and food. Love it.

22 Jun 2008 19:53

The Rising Sun Inn, West Bagborough

Mainly a dining pub, although drinkers are certainly welcomed too.
Lots of little nooks and crannies for thoses eating, and bar stools and tables for those just having a drink.
Well worth another visit.

22 Jun 2008 16:42

Staplegrove Inn, Taunton

I drove past here today and saw a rather scuffy chalkboard outside saying that the place was under new "management" and all were welcome, so I popped in for a swift one.
Can't say that I noticed any difference from the previous old management. Just as bad as before.

22 Jun 2008 16:38

The Princess Royal, Taunton

The "massage parlour" is further down the road towards the cricket ground.

Terrible pub with virtually nothing going for it.
One might think that being close to the cricket it would be handy for a drink, but really it is a pub to avoid.
I feel the site would be suitable for redevelopment into flats or offices perhaps.

22 Jun 2008 11:48

The Princess Royal, Taunton

The "massage parlour" is further down the road towards the cricket ground.

Terrible pub with virtually nothing going for it.
One might think that being close to the cricket it would be handy for a drink, but really it is a pub to avoid.
I feel the site would be suitable for redevelopment into flats or offices perhaps.

22 Jun 2008 11:48

The Malt and Hops, Taunton

Although there is a bar here, they seem to turn their noses up at anyone going in just to drink, prefering to concentrate on diners.
This being the case I wonder why the owners didn't buy a restaurant instead.
As it happens there are better pubs in town for the drinkers, and better restaurants in town for the diners.

22 Jun 2008 11:44

The Oakhill Inn, Oakhill

Someone's trying to make a silk purse out of this sows ear of a pub.
Looks like a bit of a mess, being a mix of urban chic and rustic simplicity.
For some reason thay have decided to fill one of the walls with about 20 clocks, all showing different times.
The food is fairly routine but way to expensive and the staff are idle.
Nice garden out the back is the one redeeming factor.

22 Jun 2008 11:26

The Angel, Soho

Soho it aint. Neither is it Covent Garden or Holborn, or Bloomsbury or Fitzrovia.
It's St Giles

19 Jun 2008 14:26

The Rat and Parrot, Bath


13 Jun 2008 23:06

The Tram Shed, Bath

Ha Ha. The joke will be on you if you decide to spend your money in this so called pub.

13 Jun 2008 23:05

The Garricks Head, Bath

Nice pub conveniently next to the theatre.Split into two; one for dining and one for drinking. Both very nice.Worth a visit.

13 Jun 2008 23:04

Flan O'Briens, Bath

Third rate plastic paddy theme pub.

13 Jun 2008 23:02

O'Neill's, Bath

There are some excellent pubs in Bath. This isn't one of them.

13 Jun 2008 23:02

The Litten Tree, Bath

Pubscouter got it just about right. Just a more expensive version of a wetherspoons pub.

13 Jun 2008 23:00

The Salamander, Bath

Lovely old style pub. Ales always good, and a delight to visit.
Well done.

13 Jun 2008 22:57

The King of Wessex, Bath

Walk on by

13 Jun 2008 22:55

The Bear, Bath

full of aussie scom bags. Why oh why don'tthese people just go back home where they belong?

13 Jun 2008 22:52

The White Hart, Sherborne

Not a bad pub. Reasonable food (cooked rather than neuked in a microwave) The beer was hall & woodlouse but not bad. Bar man (manager? owner?) seemed to be stressed out for no particular reason, but other staff worked around him.
Generally ok

12 Jun 2008 20:25

The Crown Hotel, Sherborne

A least there trying to make an effort here, which is more than can be said of any other pub in town.
Beer (butcombe) was nothing special, but generally a friendly welcome.

12 Jun 2008 20:05

The Swan Inn, Sherborne

Truly appaling. There must be some good pubs in shermorne but I couldn't find one.This wasn't the worst by any means, but it was still poor in every respect.

12 Jun 2008 20:00

The Cross Keys, Sherborne

Grubby, tatty doss house of a pub, people drunk and asleep over the bar (at lunchtime). Walked in and straight back out again it was that bad.

12 Jun 2008 19:58

The Half Moon Inn, Sherborne

Nice looking pub from the outside, but inside it's just a regular chain pub. Marston's in this case, so it's not even one of the better chains.
Bog standard sort of menu, fried this - mico waved that. Beer was run of the mill stuff- nothing special there. All in all just another boring boozer.

12 Jun 2008 19:56

The Waggon and Horses Inn, Beacon

Very nice looking pub from the outside but disappointing on the inside.
Food seemed very very ordinary.
All very amateurish I'm afraid.

11 Jun 2008 23:18

The Downside Inn, Downside

Don't know if jason (qualified chef) is still there. I didn't eat but the menu suggested the sort of food that is either chucked in the microwave or the fryers or both.
It's a two bar set up. Diners on one side and drinkers and telly watchers in the other.

11 Jun 2008 23:15

The Old Mendip Inn, Gurney Slade

Fairly ordinary in every respect. In the habit of having talk radio playing through the speakers instead of music.
A guy who I took to be the manager (big fat bloke) seemed to have a bit of a strop on tonight. Don't know if this is his usual behavior.

11 Jun 2008 23:13

The Nettlebridge Inn, Oakhill

An old pub with a huge bright orange extention built on the back.
Crappy micro waved food poor service and the atmosphere of a butlins holiday camo circa 1960's
Hi di hi

11 Jun 2008 23:10

The Kings Arms Inn, Shepton Mallet

pleasant enough, but nothing special.
Better than average for Shepton Mallett is about the best I can say.

11 Jun 2008 09:23

The Crown Inn, Shepton Mallet

Full of grunting thugs when I visited. AVOID

11 Jun 2008 09:21

The Wine Vaults, Shepton Mallet

About the best pub in Shepton mallet. That's not saying a great deal but at least the regulars are vaguely human and the beer is OK

11 Jun 2008 09:19

Que Pasa, Taunton

Ripe for closure?

11 Jun 2008 09:09

The Westgate Inn, Taunton

The staff here are just plain ignorant, stupid, lazy and clueless.

11 Jun 2008 09:08

The Vivary Arms, Taunton

Terrible; boring and non descript, rude lazy staff.
Just all round incompetence.
People moan about the number of pubs that are closing down, but in some cases their closure is a godsend.
This is one such example.

11 Jun 2008 09:05

The Pen & Quill, Shuttern

Very poor in every respect. Poor food, poor beer and poor service. Someone here needs to sort this shambles out soon.

11 Jun 2008 09:02

The Waterwitch, Odiham

hampshiregal, you are so wrong.
There are many people who use this site who are enthralled by this budding romance between you and dcdevil69. It's just so romantic.
Why don't you arange to meet up for a romantic dinner at this pub?
Please keep up this affair, and please keep us informed.

11 Jun 2008 08:51

Bell and Crown Inn, Chard

Still remains the best pub in Chard.

7 Jun 2008 23:38

The Happy Return, Chard

quite a nice old style pub. The beer wasn't great, but there was a nice welcoming atmosphere which sort of made up for things.
Not the best pub in chard but not the worse either.

7 Jun 2008 23:37

The Cerdic, Chard

My God, this place is dire. I know it's a weatherspoons pub but even so.
Its current rating of 1/10 is too generous. It should be minus 1.
Isn't it about time someone tried to kill tim martin for what hes done to the townscapes of britain?

7 Jun 2008 23:35

The Royal Oak, Hillcommon

Another thing that rbolwell has failed to mention is that CAMRA members get a discount at this pub.
So if camra do vote this place as their pub of the year you will have a fair idea why. BRIBERY.

7 Jun 2008 23:18

The Drayton Arms, Langport

Pleasant enough place to stop off for a beer or two.
Ales were all satisfactory, and the place was very welcoming.
Don't know what the food was like, but there were plenty off diners there and it seemed ok.

7 Jun 2008 19:03

The Lamb and Lion, Hambridge

Just another village pub out there on the levels.
Not great, but not bad either. It serves a purpose for the locals and the occaisional visitor.
Nice welcome, good beer and cider.

7 Jun 2008 18:37

The Old Barn Owl Inn, Langport

think this is only for a refurb, but to be honest it won't be a great loss to Somerset if closes for good.

7 Jun 2008 18:35

The Wyndham Arms, Kingsbury Episcopi

Just a very ordinary village pub. Good beer, reasonable food and a nice welcome.
What more do you expect?

7 Jun 2008 18:33

The Royal Oak, Hillcommon

"what more can you say"?
well you could start by stating that you work there!

7 Jun 2008 10:11

The Rusty Axe Inn, Martock

Well, you're out in the boondocks here,. but the Rusty Axe is certainly very welcoming. It's all very modern and trendy on the inside, nothing like you would expect.

They have a good selection of local beer which all tasted very nice, and the food is good too.
Worth a visit if you are in the area.

7 Jun 2008 09:40

The Naval and Military, Taunton

Closed now, apparantly for a refurb, but I can't see this place reopening ever again.

29 May 2008 14:10

The Metro Bar, Sidcup

Previous posting was prescient.
Bloke got stabbed (died) there last night in a brawl outside.
Nice place.

24 May 2008 13:27

Harpoon Louis, Taunton

Seems to have become the preferred watering hole for all of the one time regulars of the now defunct Navy & military.

17 May 2008 21:34

The Royal Oak, Hillcommon

CAMRA folk are easily confused. The beer in this pub is as poor as it ever was, and the food.
BASKET MEALS. for those who are too young to remember this 1970's fashion, it was to good food what watneys red barrel was to good beer.
Some might call this retro chic, those with any taste will call it something else.

15 May 2008 23:29

The New Inn, Halse

Used to brew their own ales but not anymore.
It's all a bit pretentious I'm afraid. Beer is ok, so is the food but neither are anything special.
Service is poor, in all there is plenty of room for improvement.

15 May 2008 23:23

Royal Huntsman, Williton

Local environmental health uinspectors have given this place a no star rating after their recent visit. This means "Major non-compliance with food safety law"

In other words NO NOT EAT HERE

15 May 2008 14:29

The Bell Inn, Creech St Michael

In the absence of a listing for the Riverside, this will have to do.
The Riverside is closing at the end of summer to be converted into a house. However the current owners seem to have given up on the idea of running it as a pub already, (not that they had much of a clue anyway).

Meanwhile the Bell seems ripe for redevelopment unless falling house prices and the credit crunch has some effect.

15 May 2008 14:24

The Allerford Inn, Allerford Crossing

Used to be called the Victory (under which name it is also listed)
It's a kind of bland middle of the road dining pub somewhere off the beaten track, and really not worth the effort of going to.
All the charm of an out of season holiday camp bar.

14 May 2008 16:12

The Duke Of Wellington, Portobello Road

What the hell are you damm idiots talking abut red stripe transport costs. Do you really think it comes from Jamaica or somewhere.
Listen you cretins, its brewed in Bedford. Thats Bedford Bedfordshire England.
Get Real

13 May 2008 21:46

The Prospect Inn, Exeter

A great situation for a pub. Food was fairly run of the mill, standard deep fried and microwave stuff. Service was adequate; no more. they seem to go for the student / youth market in the evening which is a shame.
With a bit of effort this could be a great pub rather than just ordinary

13 May 2008 13:11

Port Royal, Exeter

Really nice pubby the riverside, Not quite as packed as the prospect and ather bars on the quay, so it's ok for a more relaxed session.

13 May 2008 13:07

The Barn Owl, Exeter

Terribly bland in every way. It's a bit like the english style theme pubs you find abroad that offers what people think English pubs are like: poor food, poor service, bland beers etc.
worth avoiding.

13 May 2008 13:03

The Woodman, Woodmansterne

O.K. in one of the photos a parasol is open, in the others it is not. Otherwise the three photos seem more or less the same.

10 May 2008 10:36

The Racehorse Inn, Taunton

Now owned by the St. Austell Brewery, perhaps the most southerly brewery in mainland England. Nevertheless, they still pump their beer through northern style swan neck pumps fitted with northern style diffuser sparklers which to my mind is not the way it should be done.
Otherwise a traditional no nonsense old boozer.

10 May 2008 10:33

The Woodman, Woodmansterne

Hello 1973
just checked out the "more images" icon, and guess what? 3 photos all the same showing the pub looking pretty much the same as the old photo.
What gives?

9 May 2008 17:48

The Lamb Inn, Hindon

Yah Yah Yah Bla Bla Bla I could buy half of Wiltshire with this year's bonus bla bla bla
Just a load of peasants down here Bla Bla Bla
I just can't understand why anyone would take a knife to the paintwork of my brand new 76'000 Porche Bla Bla Bla.

8 May 2008 21:22

The Ale House, Taunton

You are right yo yo my friend, the other two on this cross junction are both better. Indeed, the hair dresser on the fourth corner is a better place to spend idle hours than the cricketers ever was, but so what?

8 May 2008 20:51

The Ale House, Taunton

Yep! this ones closed down now.

7 May 2008 17:32

The Royal Oak, Kenilworth

nothing special.

6 May 2008 12:35

The Royal Oak, Kenilworth

nothing special.

6 May 2008 12:35

The Royal Oak, Kenilworth

Nothing special.

6 May 2008 12:35

The Old Bakery, Kenilworth

Nothing very special. Cannot imagine why so many pubs in this town are in the top 4. Could there be a conspiracy?

6 May 2008 12:30

The Ale House, Taunton

This place was closed over the bank holiday weekend.
Can't tell yet if this is a permanent closure but it will come as no surprise if it is.
Watch this space.

5 May 2008 08:40

Staplegrove Inn, Taunton

No. I was wrong. I went past there this afternoon; the lights were on and the doors open.
I guess they just don't keep regular hours.

4 May 2008 19:19

The Rose and Crown, Taunton

Still closed, although only for a refurbishment.
I've heard that one before

4 May 2008 19:17

The Clifton Hotel, Folkestone

A nice hotel bar well worth a visit.
Can't comment on the hotel side of things or the food, but the beer was worth drinking, and for Folkstone it was a nice place.

4 May 2008 10:39

Mangos, Folkestone

When this pub first opened it was one of those awful plastic paddy type pubs; you know scruffy o'reilly's or whatecer it was.
It's changed now of course, but it's still a hole .

4 May 2008 10:37

Perkin Warbeck, Taunton

Recently the BBC sent undercover investigators to various pubs in the west country.

They were checking out beef that was supposedly locally produced.

Tests proved that not only did some of the so called locally produce beef actually came from Botwana, but also that it wasn't even beef!

Guess which pub in Taunton these guys visited for their samples?

2 May 2008 19:43

Richard Hopkins, Newton Abbot

Welcome to "shoot 'n' stab it"
It's a wetherspoons pub. best avoide3d.

2 May 2008 13:00

The Cider Bar, Newton Abbot

Brilliant place if you like cider, and well worth a visit even if you dont.
Just about the only reason for any reasonable person would have for visiting Newton abbot.

2 May 2008 12:59

Cromwell Arms, Bovey Tracy

It's a hotel too, or a pub with rooms. Anyway, the bar always seems a bit souless, the beers are not the best in town. Although Bovey has a number of pubs, most of them are unexceptional except in their blandness. This is a typical example of the genre.

2 May 2008 12:55

The King Of Prussia, Bovey Tracey

Still a bit rough around the edges.
I agree with martinh, the music could be better, or better still, turned off.
Live music is just terrible; I have experienced the kaoroke, nor do I want to so I'll be gicing this pub a miss.

2 May 2008 12:53

The Square and Compass, Ashill

Strange but true.
appearing at this run of the mill Somerset village pub last night were non other than Dr. Feelgood. Good old fashioned rockers that they are, they were nontheless somewhat incongruous playing so far from their Essex homeland.
It's a bit like seeing the Wurzels playing a gig in Harlow new town.
Not the original line up and at 12 a bit pricey.

2 May 2008 11:01

The New Inn, Dowlish Wake

Nice place for a pint or two.
There is a cider farm in the village too, which is usually worth a visit.
Well worth a visit.

2 May 2008 10:50

The Lord Poulett Arms, Hinton St George

First Class.
A great place for a decent meal (I think it was voted 'gastro pub of the year' by some newspaper or other, but don't let that put you off).
A good selection of ales, wines and spirits,(although I'm not sure about any ghosts!)

2 May 2008 10:48

Dinnington Docks, Hinton St George

I wasn't aware that the actual name of this pub is the Dinnington Docks, thought it was just a nickname, although I've never really been sure what the 'real' name is/was.
Never mind, an excellent pub, slightly off the beaten track, but worth going to.
Good beer, simple good value food and as said previously, always well attended. Has a some what eccentric feel to the place.

2 May 2008 10:45

The Kings Arms, Taunton

Must be getting desparate.

1 May 2008 21:08

Reeds Arms, Burnham On Sea

Right down there at the bootm of the scale, a typical spoons hole.

30 Apr 2008 17:34

Somerset & Dorset, Burnham on Sea

Just about makes it as the best pub in the Highbridge / Burnham area, but that's not really saying very much.

30 Apr 2008 17:33

The Coopers Arms, Highbridge

well worth avoiding.
It used to be a favourite with the camra boys tho' I could never understand why.
If you're waiting for a train at the nearby station it's better to just stay where you are.

30 Apr 2008 17:31

The Halfway House, Pitney

I visited this fine perveyor of alcoholic beverages with some co members of the local branch of camra in order to appraise some of the ales on dispense.
Having made our choices from a rather excellent variety of examples of the brewers' skills we retired to a corner tables to compare notes.
I quaffed from a local beer that I must say was in very fine fettle indeed, while a friend drank heartily from his half pint of ale from another brewers stable, which he too considered to be in the most excellent of conditions.
Others from our group joined us to imbibe their libations, some of whom opted to partake in the locally produced fermented apple juice.
All in all a rather excellent time was had by all in this most fine Somersetshire tavern.

30 Apr 2008 16:43

The Admiral Hawke, Sunbury on Thames

Try Paul Newman.

29 Apr 2008 21:27

Drakes Bar, Topsham

Last pub visited on a nice little crawl around Topsham.
Just as well we didn't come here first as might be tempted to get back on the train. It's not the best pub in town that's for sure.

25 Apr 2008 21:07

The Passage House Inn, Topsham

Brilliant setting if the weather's nice and you can sit outside by the river, facinating when the tides coming in.
Food was good and beer ok if you stick to those served by pump rather than gravity.

25 Apr 2008 21:06

The Steam Packet, Topsham

Run of the mill boozer by my reckoning. Nothing wrong in that of course, but didn't strike me as anything special.

25 Apr 2008 21:03

The Globe Hotel, Topsham

Brilliant character filled old pub. The pub itself has character, and it is full of characters too.
The beers all seemed pretty good, and the food, although I did'nt try it looked and smelled nice.
All in all well worth a visit.

25 Apr 2008 21:01

The Lighter Inn, Topsham

A cracking position for a pub, right by the river. Alas thats about the only good thing about it.
It's a hall and woodlouse pub so you can't expect much. The beer was ok considering its origin, the service can best be described as poor, and the atmosphere non existant.
Didn't try the food.

25 Apr 2008 20:57

The Bridge, Topsham

Certainly the best pub in Topsham by a mile; everything about it is just fine, except perhaps the opening hours, but if you want tradition, I guess you have to have the whole thing including traditional hours.

25 Apr 2008 20:54

The Woodman, Woodmansterne

Lyeemoon's main objection to the management of this pub is that swearing, which says he can't stand,is allowed. Very well, I don't like swearing much either.
In all of the cooments made about this pub, only one contains a swear word used gratuitously. 9th April in a posting made by...Guess who.
C'mon mate, if you have to swear to get your point across, maybe this pub is the place for you after all

21 Apr 2008 20:33

Harpoon Louis, Taunton

I feel kind of sorry for the young girl (Pillow? strange name!) She has obviously put in a lot of effort into the place, but runnibg a pub needs more than that.
Trying to be eveything for everybody, the result of which will mean being nothing to nobody.
She needs to set her standards and keep to them rather than pandering to all and sundrie.

20 Apr 2008 23:45

The Bell Inn, Creech St Michael

Another one bites the dust?
Closed up or closed down, either way it wasn't open at 2.30 on a sunday lunchtime.
Looks long term, if not terminal.

The riverside just down the road was also closed too.

20 Apr 2008 15:45

The Plough, Witney

Hash Friendly???
And how old is that photo? or was there a classic car rally in town on that day: Hillman Imp, Austin 1100 and what looks like a Hillman Minx and perhaps a standard in the background. Mid sixties perhaps

20 Apr 2008 11:43

Harrys Bar, Wakefield


Do not confuse Harry's Bar in Wakefield with Harry's Bar in Venice!

19 Apr 2008 00:12

The Old Fish Market, Bristol

The reason for the problems with ESB is that it is not the same beer it once was. I guess that you've been out of the trade for some time. Whenever a brewer has to 'up' production because one of its beers becomes popular, it seems all of the beers from that brewery suffer (Abbott is a case in point).
Also pub managers are no longer employed because of their cellarmanship, but purely on their presentation of themselves (just like politicians, who are selected because of their style rather than ability)

18 Apr 2008 23:42

The Volunteer Inn, Lyme Regis

Mister X why are you sorry?

18 Apr 2008 23:21

The Sandy Park Inn, Chagford

Out in the sticks here for sure.
Very nice pub, mostly locals but I suspect there's plenty of grocks in the season.
Good beer and the food was good too.

15 Apr 2008 22:05

The Woodman, Woodmansterne

I'm with BIKER on this one.
The manager is paid to run the pub as he sees fit, within licensing legislation and other restrictions he can do more or less what he wants.
Of cours the owner (M&B in this case have a say, but it seems Miss hoity toity the area manager has given him free range which is the way it should be (although seldom is in these days of h.q. interference.
Basically if the manager doesn't want you in then you go somewhere else. He makes the rules.
If business goes down hill he'll be out on his ear pretty soon.
As for swearing and generally behaving like a prat, well if you want to do this go to wetherspoons; that's what they are for.

14 Apr 2008 16:14

The White Lion, Bristol

Great little pub.
Just an old fashioned city centre boozer of the old school.
Interesting beers and well worth a visit.

10 Apr 2008 18:59

The Bristol Ram, Bristol

Youngs beer was never to my taste, but now its brewed by charlie wells it seems even worse.
Bombadier isnt exactly one of the worlds greatest beers either.
Nice pub.
poor service.
even poorer beer.

10 Apr 2008 18:57

The Berkeley, Clifton

There aren't that many good bars in this part of town. Nevertheless, there are stillplenty that are far better than this miserable hole.
Worth avoiding. Far better places nearby

10 Apr 2008 18:55

Channings, Clifton

stylish hotel and bar away from the chaos of park street and the pretentiousness of clifton "village".
Nice garden, good service and thankfully free of the prats that seem to monopolise most of the other bars in this part of town.

10 Apr 2008 18:49

The Robin Hood's Retreat, Bishopston

They had eight cask ales on sale when I visited. Didn't try them all, but the ones I did try were all just fine.
Nicely done out with dining area to one side, drinking area to the other. There seemed to be some sort of work on decking for the garden out the back, which would be nice.
Good selection of reading material Independent and guardian for the customers, sun and star for the bar maid.
Food was very good indeed and not at all expensive (10 for 2 course lunch).
Music was a bit naff but otherwise well worth a visit

10 Apr 2008 18:41

The Cross Keys, Norton Fitzwarren

Less than an hour after having a spot of dodgy lunch here (see previous comment) I now have dioria..? diahri..? dhia.?
I now have the shits

9 Apr 2008 15:01

The Cross Keys, Norton Fitzwarren

They have a blackboard outside to recruit staff, which asks "Enthusiastic? Smart? hard working? customer focussed? etc."
On entering the place it was obvious that none of the existing staff seemed to have any of these qualities, and I doubt if anyone with these qualities would want to work in this place.

I ordered a steak roll ( they call it an "artisan baguette ) which took over 30 minutes toarrive and consisted of some pieces of gristle in a stale bread roll, garnished with one lettuce leaf and two slices of tomato.
Beer was ok ish but nothing special, service was abysmall and food revolting.
I noticed that the crab and chilli tagliatelli that someone on this site had complained about was still on the specials board, so the managers obviously do not read this site which is a pity, they might learn something.

Cannot recommend this place to anyone. Not quite shit served in an envelope by Ghengis Khan, but not much better.

9 Apr 2008 14:29

Staplegrove Inn, Taunton

Has this one closed down too?
Went there for a drink today and it was all closed up. Looks like Taunton has lost another pub, although to be honest, in this instance it's no great loss.

9 Apr 2008 14:18

The Princess Royal, Taunton

Interseting to sit by the window with a beer and see if you recognise anyone going into or coming out of the "massage parlour" opposite.

4 Apr 2008 14:53

Hunters Lodge, Priddy

If Landlord Roger Dors is indeed related to the actress Diana Dors, its very distantly.
Diane Dors was born Diana Fluck (1931).
For obvious reasons she decided to change her name.
Dors was the maiden name of one of her grandmothers.
By this rationale, half the population of southern England are also equally related.

31 Mar 2008 10:10

The Alma, Taunton

Knocked down. Flattened. They're building flats there now.

29 Mar 2008 21:32

Bell and Crown Inn, Chard

It's the pub thats old, not the locals,although some of them seemed to ne getting on a bit.

25 Mar 2008 17:25

Bell and Crown Inn, Chard

Nice old locals pub, just away out from the centre of town.
Just about the only pub in Chard worth going to if you're into real ales.
Very friendly and welcoming

25 Mar 2008 17:24

Harpoon Louis, Taunton

Newly reopened and under its old name: the plough.
Considering the odd floor plan of the place, they've done a nice job with the layout, and the jazz being played made a nice change from the usual pop.

They've fallen into the latest trend of putting the casks on stillages behind the bar. At least they've got chillers, but its not the best way to serve beer. Alright if its a beer tent at a garden fete, but pointless when a chilled cellar is available.
The ales all seemed to be over conditioned (stale) which is strange on the first day of opening.
If they can't get it right then I doubt they ever will. Still, the corderoy wearing camra beer bores seemed to be enjoying things.

No food yet available but suggestion of food to come soon. Meanwhile they have crisps at 1.00 per packet. Yes the 1.00 bag of crisps has now reached Taunton.
Might give them a while to settle down before trying it again.

22 Mar 2008 22:49

The Lord Moon Of The Mall, Whitehall

You cannot be serious.
You "dine" at a wetherspoons pub and expect the food to be both hot and tasty?
The chances of it being either is slim, but both?
Thats the most you could expect, not the least.

22 Mar 2008 14:08

The Swan Inn, Crewkerne

One for the kids

22 Mar 2008 10:47

The Old Stage Coach Inn, Crewkerne

Old style station hotel now pretending to be up market.
Up market in Crewkerne has a different meaning to most other places, but at least they are trying to do things right here, even if they're failing.

22 Mar 2008 10:46

The Railway Tavern, Crewkerne

Locals pub.
Must try harder

22 Mar 2008 10:44

Oscars Wine Bar, Crewkerne

This is Crewkerne's attempt at sophistication.
doesn't really work.

22 Mar 2008 10:42

The Royal Oak, Hardington Moor

Great selection of real ales, and seemingly all in good condition which is quite a feat as the place wasn't all that busy.
Good food and well worth the effort of getting there.

22 Mar 2008 10:40

The Mandeville Arms, Hardington Mandeville

Closed, seemingly for a refurb of some sort.

22 Mar 2008 10:39

The Westminster, Yeovil

Awful, just too horrible for words.
The chavs that get in here provide an excellent demostration of the potential benefits of eugenics.

22 Mar 2008 10:36

The Pall Tavern, Yeovil

Nice old style boozer.
Good beer and generally speaking a pleasant enough crowd of fellow drinkers make this place about the best there is in Yeovil.

22 Mar 2008 10:31

Coopers Mill, Yeovil

Terrible. the beers were cloudy but the bar maid refused to change them.
We'd thought about eating here but decided against it.
Might have ok at some time in the oast, but now it's ful of chavy types and kids running amok.

22 Mar 2008 10:28

The William Dampier, Yeovil

Wetherspoon pubs are the same everywhere you go, CRAP.
This one is no exception. Dirty cheap and nasty.

22 Mar 2008 10:25

The Bathpool Inn, Taunton

Souless place catering mainly for diners.
Drinks seemed bland although this may be just a reflection on the atmosphere of the whole place.
Didn't eat but the menus seemed mundane.

21 Mar 2008 13:56

The Merry Monk, Monkton Heathfield

Food orientated pub.
Beers were bland, didnt eat but it seemed to be standard pub fare :- micro waved or deep fried.
Nothing to get excited about.

21 Mar 2008 13:51

King Alfred Inn, Bridgwater

O.K. for a quick one.
kind of run down feel to it which is symptomatic of this whole area really.

21 Mar 2008 13:47

London Inn, Bridgwater

A grubby looking pub from the outside, and equally grubby within.

21 Mar 2008 13:45

The Harvest Moon, North Newton

A short diversion from a canal side walk.
Just about worth it if you're desparate for a drink.
Otherwise a bit of a dump.

21 Mar 2008 13:43

The Admirals Landing, Bridgwater

Nice place to either start or finish your bike ride / walk along the canal.
Not that bad considering it's in Bridgewater although the service can be woefully slow.

21 Mar 2008 13:39

The Falcon, Bury St Edmunds

Standard two bar set up.
The pool tables, juke box and sports t.v. atracts all of the chavs in the area (of which there are many) which makes it a no-no for civilized pub goers.
Some way out of town so the casual visitor is unlikely to make the mistake of actually going in.

21 Mar 2008 11:31

The Nutshell, Bury St Edmunds

Well worth a visit out of curiosity.
Smallest pub in the country and full of interesting bits and pieces as described before.
Just a pity it's a greene king pub.

21 Mar 2008 11:26

The Rose and Crown Inn, Taunton

This pub is (or was) not actually in Taunton itself as the posting suggests but several miles away. Not that this matters much now as it no longer exists.

21 Mar 2008 10:42

Mambo, Taunton

Nice looking pub tucked in behind Debenhams dept store. Used to be called "Millers" and was never any good then.
Giving an old pub a new name suggests desparation, but nevertheless I gave it a try.
Walked in. No real ales. Walked out.

21 Mar 2008 10:32

Prince of Wales Ham Hill Country Park, Stoke-Sub-Hamdon

If you want to find this pub, and it's worth it, don't assume from this website thatit's in Taunton.
I guess that someone has entered to post code incorrectly and it should be BA14. which is near to Yeovil. Great place to go in the summer although it gets crowded.
Nice views, good beer and food.
Can be a bit bleak and desolate on a windy day

20 Mar 2008 14:22

The Holman Clavel Inn, Culmhead

Apart from being too far from home, this is almost perfect.
Wonderful. the way a pub should be.

20 Mar 2008 14:19

The Bell Inn, Taunton

No quite in the middle of nowhere; but somewhere on the outskirts.

20 Mar 2008 14:16

The Hatch Inn, Hatch

poor in just about every respect. poor beer, poor service etc and although I didn't eat (of which I'm glad) the food looked absolutely disgusting.

20 Mar 2008 14:15

The Canal Inn, Wrantage

Much improved. Will return

20 Mar 2008 14:13

The Three Old Castles, Somerton

Not worth stopping for.

20 Mar 2008 14:09

Red Lion Inn, Somerton

Nicely done out village pub, a bit poncy. Trying to be gastro but not quite making it. No real identity.
Needs to find its identity.

20 Mar 2008 14:08

The Rose and Crown Inn, Taunton

Burnt down last week
The word on the street suggests an insurance job.
Expect to see some new houses being built on the site before long.

17 Mar 2008 10:37

The Naval and Military, Taunton

Still open, for a while at least

15 Mar 2008 10:31

Waxy O'Connors, Piccadilly

Typical example of the plastic paddy pubs that were ubiqitous just a few years ago. I thought they had allbeen converted back to ordinary pubs but this one seems to have been forgotten.
Maybe it's being kept as a typical (i.e. poor) example of the genre.

13 Mar 2008 11:53

The Ship Inn, Wandsworth

This, a top ten pub? Shurly shum mishtake.
Possibly one of the top ten pubs in Wandsworth but even that's debatable.

11 Mar 2008 09:59

The Carew Arms, Crowcombe

The food standard agency's inspection of this place gives it zero stars which means: " Poor hygiene standards found. Some major non compliance with hygiene legislation. Follow up action likely"


10 Mar 2008 13:18

The Passage House Inn, Topsham

Another pub that has casks stuck onthe back bar rather than in the cellar.
Bestto avoid these and stick to those on the pumps.
Otherwise a run of the mill food led pub.

9 Mar 2008 19:21

The Bridge, Topsham

A great traditional pub, which unfortunately keeps traditional hours, so check it out before going there for a beer.
Mind you it's worth it. GREAT

9 Mar 2008 19:20

The Rock Point Inn, Lyme Regis

Noisy and full of kids.

9 Mar 2008 19:17

Ship Inn, Lyme Regis

Some might say this is traditional, I'd call it grubby. A small little downstairs room houses a pool table for those that like that sort of thing.
Previous guy is right about the flies: Neverseen so many flies in a pub before and this is only march.

9 Mar 2008 19:17

The Volunteer Inn, Lyme Regis

The beer never seems tobe any good in here which is a pity because otherwise it's not a bad little boozer.

9 Mar 2008 19:14

The Nags Head, Lyme Regis

Certainly the best pub in Lyme by far, even if it is a bit of a walk out of town to get there.
The live music isn't always the best there is.

9 Mar 2008 19:13

The Blue Ball Inn, Triscombe

Meant to sat I would'nt eat here, nor would I advise anyone else to either.

6 Mar 2008 21:00

The Blue Ball Inn, Triscombe

The local hygiene inspectors have given this pub 0/5 stars which means
"Poor hygiene conditions found, Major non compliance and follow up action likely".
In other words I would fancy eating here.
Pity really as the setting is beautiful, and the beer useually good.

5 Mar 2008 22:24

The Avon Gorge Hotel, Clifton

The setting of this pub is priceless, and the view wonderful, but the service is just piss poor.
Gormless bar staff standing around scratching their arses while people a waiting to be served. The food is dire, beer quality below average but the prices are through the roof.
Plenty of people go there but I cant imagine many go back

3 Mar 2008 21:39

The Tom Cribb, Piccadilly

Wasn't this pub bombed by the IRA sometime in the early 90's ?

3 Mar 2008 17:52

Coal Orchard, Taunton

Drinking at wetherspoons is a bit like shopping at lidles or getting your clothes from primark: O.K. for the cheapskates and tightwads.
Don't expect much and you won't be very disappointed

Camra types seem to like this place. They had about 8 ales on sale, and the barman rather bravely let me sample a few but they were mostly undrinkable and I resorted to a bottle of eurofizz of some sort.

1 Mar 2008 08:44

Lantokay, Street

Street is a mecca for all the chavs and cheapskates who come to buy bargain basement third rate tat from the retail outlets in town.
It's hardly suprising then that any pub that also caters for this market sector is going to be a hit, so a wetherspoons pub and Street are made for each other.

As with all spoons pubs the food is digusting, the beer undrinkable, the service abysmal and the whole place is a stinking sh!thole like all their pubs. But as this is Street, this example is even worse than normal, but being in Street means it's always busy.

27 Feb 2008 16:22

The Street Inn, Street

Closed and boarded up, although seemingly for a refurb

27 Feb 2008 16:13

The Ale House, Taunton

There are plans to redevelope this part of Taunton with fancy new shops and apartments.
I don't suppose there's any chance of them redeveloping this place. pity.

24 Feb 2008 00:44

The Cherry Grove Inn, Taunton

The quality of the beers (I mean ales, not the fizz) is poor, and why oh why do they always have that bloody great telly on all of the time.
I like to go to a pub to get away from the t.v., but when I'm at home I can chose the channel I want to watch. Here it's always pop music videos.
And yes, the people unable to speakwithout swearing are still there.

24 Feb 2008 00:41

Slug and Lettuce, Guildford

Should be 50% off meals

24 Feb 2008 00:21

Slug and Lettuce, Guildford

The Daily Telegraph are for some reason giving away vouchers offering 50% of meals at nearly all slug and lettuces.
Considering the sh!t they serve here and call food I would expect to be paid for eating at this chain of pubs (and they'd have to pay me a hell of a lot to do so)

23 Feb 2008 23:46

Ye Olde Six Bells, Horley

Rapist and murderer Mark Dixie, now serving a life sentence was the chef in this pub in 2006.
Says much about the managers recruitment techniques.

23 Feb 2008 23:32

The Ruishton Inn, Taunton

Newly refurbished and still smelling of paint.
The beer (Wadsworth ) was uninspiring, the food wasfairly standard fare.
Just a bog standard two bar set up. Someone needs to try harder.

22 Feb 2008 14:45

The Seedhouse Lodge, Langport

Check out the "Great Western Hotel" in Basingstoke. 0.4/10

22 Feb 2008 14:37

The Carnival Inn, Bridgwater

Normal for Bridgewater

22 Feb 2008 00:43

Panniers, Barnstaple

As someone else has said, "you get what you pay for"
Well you don't pay much, and sure as hell you don't get much.

22 Feb 2008 00:29

General Sir Redvers Buller, Crediton

Terrible pub, avoid the food.
poor staff
poor beer
worst in Crediton (and that means BAD)

22 Feb 2008 00:23

The Kings Arms, Winkleigh

Totally agree with the previous posting.
Poor food, poor service, poor decor.

22 Feb 2008 00:20

The Farmers Inn, West Hatch

Good drink? The ales is foul.
Another pub that seems to think it a good idea to have the casks on stillages behind the bar; kept at room temperature.
There is a good reason for pubs having chilled cellars: beer keeps better in them.
Try using them for what they were meant for!
Food ok

22 Feb 2008 00:07

The Earl of March, Lavant

Glad to hear that this place has changed hands; seemingly for the better.
It used to be run by a stroppy little new zealander who was the sort who would start a fight with himself if there was no one else. Glad to see he's gone (to new zealand with luck.

22 Feb 2008 00:04

Dandy Lion, Bradford on Avon

O Boy has this place ever gone done hill, and fast.
It used to be a great pub with good service and food and ale. Alas no more. shame but all good things come to an end.

19 Feb 2008 19:55

Royal Oak, Somerton

I totally agree. Terrible.

19 Feb 2008 19:51

The Pilot Boat Inn, Lyme Regis

Came in here after leaving the Royal Lion just up the road. A souless place without any atmosphere, beer is expensive and hardly worth drinking.

16 Feb 2008 16:55

The Royal Lion Hotel, Lyme Regis

Fawlty Towers comes to Lyme Regis.
Went here with some friends for something to eat, what a joke.
We ordered our meals at the bar, but when the food arrived some time later it was obvious that we were being given someone elses food,not least because the waiter had 4 meals and there were only 3 of us. Nevertheless the waiter (foreign with limited English)insisted it was for us and even suggested that we had misread the menu, so we took the food anyway, and very nice it was too.
Halfway through our meals another waiter (foreign with limited English) came along with the meals we had actually ordered and insisted that we have them. He even wanted to take away the meals we had started to eat, but eventually he left us alone.
When we had finished, the first waiter returned and accused us of tricking him and said that because the meals we had eaten cost more than the meals we had paid for, we would have to pay the difference L.O.L.
He even threatened to call the police and accused us of stealing.
So we left with him running down the road after us asking for the money.
What a joke.
Pity really, I used to go to this bar last summer quite a lot as it was the best bar in town by far.

16 Feb 2008 16:44

The Seedhouse Lodge, Langport


16 Feb 2008 16:29

The Castle Green Inn, Taunton

"Police have expressed concerns about The Firestone in Castle Green, which has had six different managers in a year, after they were called to a "glass related incident" this month"
(Somerset county gazette 31st Jan)

Seems that even the local Rozzers want this place closed down now!

31 Jan 2008 22:08

Harpoon Louis, Taunton

Walked past here the other day and saw signs of activity within.
Watch this space (but don't hold your breath)

31 Jan 2008 16:03

Charlton Inn, Charlton Marshall

Stopped in here for a spot of lunch.
The bar staff were all playing darts and the place was empty (hardly surprising).
Not wanting to disrupt their leisure activities by actually ordering some food, I prefered to leave them with their darts and walked out.

30 Jan 2008 20:19

The Kings Arms, Taunton

Aspires to be mundane.
Just about manages to do so.
Exmoor not worth drinking

29 Jan 2008 21:02

The Crown Hotel, Poole

Back street pub. worth a visit but nothing special

27 Jan 2008 11:12

The Guildhall Tavern, Poole

Agree with previous posting.
It's a restaurant, not a pub, although they do tolerate drinkers if the rsataurant is quite,

27 Jan 2008 11:11

Slug and Lettuce, Poole

Not the best pub in town.
Not a place for ale drinkers or those who appreciate quality.

27 Jan 2008 11:09

The Antelope, Poole

A very proffessional and efficient set up,but still retaining charactar and individuality.
Worth a visit.

27 Jan 2008 11:08

The Winchester Arms, Taunton

What a dump. How can anyone get things this wrong
3.00 a pint of standard bitter (otter) is O.T.T. in London, in Taunton it's just robbery. Apart from anything else it was undrinkable anyway.
The management here are clueless no worse- brainless.
A lovely pub empty at 10.00 on a Friday night apart from a buch of chavs smoking dope in the toilets whilst the manager is at the bar pissed out of his mind. Otherwise the place was empty. No wonder.
Quite how the worst publican of the year managed to get himself esconsed in this place is beyond reason.
The worst pub in Taunton by a country mile, and yes, that includes the two whetherspoons pubs and even the naval and military. It's that bad.
A thoroughly undeserved zero. It should be a minus score.

25 Jan 2008 23:07

Dolphin, Botley

The pudding challenge involves eating a pudding and not throwing up within 30 minutes.
So far no one has succeeded.

23 Jan 2008 17:37

Market House, Taunton

Another one for the kids, I'm afraid.
They call this a "style bar"
If you consider it stylish to go out wearing a dirty white shell suit, get pissed up on butterscotch flavour vodka, throw up, start a fight and then get chucked out by the bouncers, then this is the place for you.(And that's just the girls).

23 Jan 2008 17:26

The Halfway House, Pitney

Used to be a great pub, and probaly would be still were it not for all the up country yuppie types coming down to their second homes in the country and trying to fit in by crowding out the pubs and telling everyone within ear shot how much they earn and how much their cottage cost and how much petrol their car uses to get down on a friday night.
There was a time when these fools all went to Tuscany; now they seem to be coming to Somerset.
Italy's gain is our loss.

20 Jan 2008 17:28

The Old Rectory, Weymouth

should really be called "The Old Rectum"

18 Jan 2008 09:51

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

"spoons pub of the year" is hardly a reason to visit; more likely an indication of being a pub to avoid.
A bit like "macdonalds restaurant of the year".

16 Jan 2008 16:46

The Castle Green Inn, Taunton

The old manager got the sack, and the new one (understandably) wnts to start off with a clean slate.
I have to say that so far little has changed.
Expensive beer, poor quality and poor service

16 Jan 2008 12:28

The White Ball, Tiverton

Oh my god
One doesn't expect much from a jdw pub but the staff at this place really haven't got a clue.
I think I must have sat at the same table as Marky Marc. The dirt on the table was still there and seemed to have been there since his visit (aug 05) if not longer.
One to avoid

16 Jan 2008 12:25

Walkabout, Bournemouth

Walk out

15 Jan 2008 17:26

The Punch and Judy, Bournemouth

Punch a Judy.
Says it all

15 Jan 2008 17:26

The Inferno, Bournemouth

More like hell

15 Jan 2008 17:25

DNA, Bournemouth

Not much evidence of any human D.N.A. here, that's for sure.

15 Jan 2008 17:24

Bliss, Bournemouth

More like hell on earth

15 Jan 2008 17:22

Bazaar, Bournemouth


15 Jan 2008 17:22

Bar Tonka, Bournemouth

Bar Plonka

15 Jan 2008 17:21

The Bakers Arms, Bournemouth

Sure, it's a gay bar, but just a load of old queens, nothing in your face.
Not bad if you just want a quiet pint.

15 Jan 2008 17:21

Bar So, Bournemouth

Bar so-so

15 Jan 2008 17:19

Bar Me, Bournemouth

No great loss if you do get barred from hear. pretty poor.

15 Jan 2008 17:19

The Oldenburg, Paignton

Terrible. Even if you like karaoke this place is still one to avoid

15 Jan 2008 17:00

Blagdon Inn, Paignton

Mundane old pub in the middle of a holidaycamp.

15 Jan 2008 16:59

The Red Lion, Shirley

The writer of the previous posting hasn't got a clue what he's talking about, and so should shut up.
As long as the licensee doesn't discriminate ongrounds of race gender religiom etc he can choose who he wnats in his pub. It's nothiong to do with the licensing authorites,andis entirely down to the decision of the licensee (apart from the perameters outlined above).
So if he doesn't want certain people in his pub he is under no obligation to have them in his pub. He makes the rules and people who don't like them should shut up and stop wingeing and whining.

20 Nov 2007 20:55

The Crown Hotel, Wells

A truly terrible place. It's where all of the beggers and dosser of Wells gather at the end of a hard day.
God knows what the residents of the hotel have to say but if I'd stayed there I'd want my money back.
poor food
poor service horrible staff and customers.

23 Aug 2007 19:32

The Royal Oak, Withypool

well worth a visit

19 Aug 2007 19:01

The King William IV, Curry Rivel

A grubby little pub, otherwise non descript.
I'm always wary of pubs where, having asked for a pint I see the bar maid scuttle "round the back" to return a few moments later with my beer. God only knows what slops went into my glass, but I couldn't even drink half of it,(It was supposed to be Bath Spa).
I suppose that if you live in Curry, and find one evening that your tv has packed up, your computer has crashed and you in laws have been invited around, then this pub might serve a purpose, but otherwise it's a pub not worth slowing down for.

29 Jun 2007 11:25

The Victory Inn, Allerford Crossing

An ad in the local press states this place will reopen soon under the name the Allerford.
Someones spent a great deal of money doing it all up.
The ad promises live music with tribute stars pretending to be Elton John, Rod Stewart Tina turner etc.
I shall look forward to avoiding this place in the future then.

18 Jun 2007 19:20

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