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The North Star Inn, Leonards on Sea

One of the better pubs in the Silverhill area of St Leonard's on sea. Landlord knows his beer & has frequently been praised by CAMRA

10 Aug 2018 16:00

Robert de Mortain, Hastings

Pub is now demolished and is now a building site for 10x 3-bed houses

10 Aug 2018 14:49

The Havelock, Hastings

Good range of beers, a friend of mine from London enjoyed his time & beers in here

8 Aug 2018 14:01

The Brushwood Inn, Hillingdon

Any news on reopening?

That's my photo that is

7 Nov 2016 10:16

The Orange Peel, Uxbridge

Shame, I used to like this one

7 Nov 2016 10:15

The Bristol Ram, Bristol

When you go to the loo, beware of the final step. I missed it and broke my ankle

7 Nov 2016 10:14

The Hope, Salford

Used to drink in here after work, went past it on Wednesday and noted a name change.

31 Oct 2016 10:35

Football, Swinton

The Football is one of Rugby League Football's most historic pub, close to what used to be Swinton RLFC's Station Rd Ground. Sorry to see another of my favourite pubs gone from my youth.

30 Oct 2016 15:08

White Lion, Swinton

Original Home of the Swinton Lions RLFC

30 Oct 2016 15:03

The Clarence, St Leonards on Sea

Awful pub. Too many unemployed zombies.
2/10, only because I wasn't bitten.

30 Oct 2016 13:59

The Dripping Spring, St Leonards on Sea

Under New Management.
Gone are the 1960's style net curtains, and it had a very good refurb. Beer's not too bad either.

30 Oct 2016 13:10

Fred's Bar and Grill, Hastings


30 Oct 2016 12:58

Fred's Bar and Grill, Hastings


30 Oct 2016 12:57

The Barley Mow, Warrington

Was here last week, and had an excellent pint of something or other, friendly staff, nice building originating it the 17th C

30 Oct 2016 12:56

The Five Bells, Horton

Food is all very well and good, but please remember the name of this site is BEER in the evening, not food in the evenibg

13 May 2015 10:52

The Havelock, Hastings

Seems closed again

13 May 2015 10:44

Crown Hotel, Wells next the Sea

Tried the 'KIWI' beer, it tasted like my home brew, slightly too sweet, and flat, otherwise a nice pub.

26 Aug 2011 15:37

The Ark Royal, Wells next the Sea

Wells deserves better pubs than this, however much they raise for ex-servicemens charities, beer was flat and tasted off, returned it, got an apology from the bar staff and a refund, and a different beer as well

26 Aug 2011 15:35

The Globe Inn, Wells next the Sea

a bit poncy, but beer was good, food looked awfuly small portions, but this is a beer website, isn't it?

26 Aug 2011 15:32

The Golden Fleece, Wells next the Sea

Absolute dump, Beer was OK though

26 Aug 2011 15:29

The Bowling Green Inn, Wells next the Sea

The food was very good, lots of it, and reasonably priced, the Beers were well kept and poured, all in all the best in Wells-NTS.

26 Aug 2011 15:15

The Harrow, Hastings

It is a dump, in a dump. I don't mean Hastings itself, because the pub is situated on The Ridge, on the edge of town. The locals are all edge of towners, London/Tunbridge Wells* commuter types, and are therefore up themselves, they really should try to re-market themselves as an middle-market restaurant, rather than a village pub.

*(Sorry, Royal Tunbridge Wells. Before I get an angry letter in "Das Telegraf".

10 Sep 2010 15:57

The Hastings Arms, Hastings

Purpledragonfly posted a nasty review of the Jenny Lind, I want people to read my view of her pub, as I beleive she is the landlady.

Purpledragonfly - I got physically thrown out of the Hastings Arms because my 2 year old daughter got a stroppy on. I don't know of a more family unfriendly pub in Hastings other than the Arms. We were in there at 2pm when we were chucked out, the barmaid even tried to refuse to let my wife in to pick up the buggy.

This happened in Aug 2009, so if the managers have changed since then I apologise.

10 Sep 2010 15:49

The Jenny Lind, Hastings

Purpledragonfly - I got physically thrown out of the Hastings Arms because my 2 year old daughter got a stroppy on. I don't know of a more family unfriendly pub in Hastings other than the Arms. We were in there at 2pm when we were chucked out, the barmaid even tried to refuse to let my wife in to pick up the buggy.

10 Sep 2010 15:46

White Lion Of Mortimer, Finsbury Park

They have Sneck Lifter - one of my favourite Jennings Beers, Yum!

23 Mar 2010 11:55

The Grey Mare, Salford

In school one day, Johnny's class were telling the teacher what their father's job was. Chantelle told the class that her father was a lawyer who helped convict criminals. Kimberley told the class that her dad was a doctor who helped to save lives. Johnny told the class his father was a gay escort who went to mens houses and bummed them for money. When the teacher asked if this was true, Johnny said no miss he plays rugby for Salford but I was too embarrassed to say.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------
In class another day the teacher told the class she supported Salford and asked who else did. All the class members raised their hands except Johnny. I'm a Swinton fan because my Mum and Dad are he said.
Outraged, the teacher asked 'if you're mum and dad were murderers or thieves or tax cheats with no job, would you be one too just because they are?' Johnny replied no Miss i'd be a Salford fan.

28 Jan 2010 20:59

The Fox, St Leonards on Sea


19 Nov 2009 17:49

The Vine, Hillingdon

This place Really is chav-city. It is a place best avoided unless you drive a white van. Bloody awful food, idiots both sides of the bar, and while we were trying to play pool, someone sat on it and refused to move. Avoid.


19 Nov 2009 17:46

The Prince Albert Inn, Uxbridge

martincrichton & (Eastenders obsessed) Lexi 1 had better drink in other pubs then - maybe their own. This part of Hillingdon isn't the West End, it's more a part of a dump. All the pubs in the area are frightening, but not as bad as Lexi & Crichton's attack on another landlords pub. Go to Langly's Toby if you want, why were you there anyway if you live in a souless place like Langley? It's a suburb of Slough, that should be enough to turn you off beer (or maybe turn you into an alocholic)

19 Nov 2009 17:35

Cauliflower, Ilford

Never been in here, but any place these days that has live bands must be a positive given the financial/paperwork involved by the landlord.

Good Luck, London needs more live venues.

26 Sep 2009 19:10

Railway, St Leonards on Sea

Coming from Salford, I think we would notice the difference between real pork and thick pig. Ginger Blear will not be sold again

20 Sep 2009 18:12

Society Rooms, Maidstone

Sorry, Alexboorman, but if you want decent food then why, as ex-kitchen staff are you surprised? I am not ex-KP, but even I know the only things that are cooked on the premises of most pubs are the deep fried stuff, everything else is microwaveable, as everyone knows.

My brother was a chef in a pub/Hotel in Manchester and my brother-in-law delivers frozen stuff to pubs and restaurants in London & South-East so I know about this.

18 Jun 2009 20:31

The Faltering Fullback, Finsbury Park

Been in here before and had a nice pint, but this afternoon was awful. Bar staff were missing, and when she did appear she went straight to the phone and made a phone call, when I did get served it was with a warm pint of disgusting Stella. I walked out leaving nearly half a pint and went to the Old Dairy instead.

15 Jun 2009 16:42

The Fig Tree, Uxbridge

Fruitbat! Who do expect to be in a pub in Uxbridge? People from Swansea?

9 Jun 2009 11:36

Bo-peep, St Leonards on Sea

Nice Beer, crap pool tables, and dart board. Awful looking food, staff friendly enough, told me the pub was named after the nursery rhyme that was written by a bloke who lived nearby about the smuggling trade, sheep being barrels of brandy!

8 Jun 2009 11:28

Nags Head, St Leonards on Sea

Very nice pub, with some of the best darts players in Sussex in on a Friday, or match night. Really good beers, guest ales as well as bog standards. Been coming in here for nearly a year now & enjoyed every time.


24 May 2009 13:34

Railway, St Leonards on Sea

Lovely pub. Real charm in an area not know for it.

22 May 2009 01:08

The Royal Hotel, St Leonards on Sea

Right opposite Warrior Square Station. Please don't go in here. The beer was vile. Go next door to the very quaint Railway. Bar staff are barking mad, but at least you will leave alive.


22 May 2009 01:07

Norman Arms, St Leonards on Sea

Nice pub. Good beer. Don't be put off by it's location next to Warrior Square and all the dubious inhabitants. The landlord keeps a very good eye on his customers as well as his beer. Pool table and dart board


22 May 2009 01:04

Prince of Wales, St Leonards on Sea

I went in just before christmas, and I was the only person in. I actually woke the bar staff up. She was having a little doze behind the bar.

Having critisied, the beer was actually very good.

22 May 2009 01:02

Old England, St Leonards on Sea

Great little pub. Not busy, but a good choice of beers on


22 May 2009 01:00

The Fox, St Leonards on Sea

Went in here just before Christmas, nominated it, as it wasn't on here, and finally found it on.

One of the tackiest chaviest pubs in the area. People give a lot of stick to the pubs in the area, but some of them are all right. This isn't.


22 May 2009 00:59

The Queen Adelaide, Hastings

Still Closed.

4 May 2009 17:11

The Stag, Hastings

Sorry, forgot to mention the beer garden, which is a very pleasant area, including a kids play area (You have been warned)

1 May 2009 09:10

The Stag, Hastings

Shepherd Neame beer was actually nice, Spitfire on draught is usually. Was quite busy, but not with people drinking, dressing the pub up for the annual May day weekend celebrations of 'Jack in the Green'

1 May 2009 09:09

The Dolphin Inn, Hastings

Nice beer, but full of loud sweary locals, effin this effing that.

Nice outside when the weather is warm

1 May 2009 09:05

The Royal Standard, Hastings

If you think the Falklands War was a load of Thatcherite propoganda then avaoid this place, it is a shrine to the armed forces. badges, photos of ships, and flags make it. If it ever burnt down it would go in 10mins given the dryness. Beer is awful

30 Apr 2009 23:33

The Kings Head, Hastings

Dreadfully boring pub, daft Irish piss-head wanting useless Irish drinking songs doesn't help. Dull stupid self important bar staff make me want to vomit.

30 Apr 2009 23:27

The Lord Nelson, Hastings

Real rustic? A pub that has no real seats, benches, fine, if you have drank here for 20 years, you might get a seat, otherwise...
Crap beer too, waitress is nice enough, but the beer wants to make me leave half way through

30 Apr 2009 23:24

The Lord Nelson, Hastings

Real rustic? A pub that has no real seats, benches, fine, if you have drank here for 20 years, you might get a seat, otherwise...
Crap beer too, waitress is nice enough, but the beer wants to make me leave half way through

30 Apr 2009 23:24

The Cinque Port Arms, Hastings

Dark, unpretensious pub. Looks like it is undergoing a makeover, hopefully it is just a paint job. Beer is Nice, not good, beer garden out back makes me want to be sick, 5/10

30 Apr 2009 23:20

The Horse and Groom, St Leonards on Sea

This is not the best in the area, but not far off the worst. Nearly as dreadful as The Fox on North St. Far and away better is the Nags Head on Gensing St, around the corner.
Neither The Fox, or Nags Heads have been entered on this site, or any of the other 6 that I suggested, back in December. Maybe the powers that run the site had a bad memory from a holiday in the 1960's and refuse to put them on

28 Feb 2009 20:24

The Mad Bishop and Bear, Paddington

Not a bad pub at all. Used to pass through Paddington on my way home from work, if my train was delayed I would call in here or the Isambard on Platform 10, although this one was always much better. Fullers beers always kept nicely, staff usually pleasant and efficent.

27 Nov 2008 09:09

County Hotel, Ashford

In yesterday, beer as usual for 'Spoons, very nice. Food - Burger - was garbage. Among the worst I've ever had in a pub - & that's saying something!

27 Nov 2008 08:57

The Harrow, Hastings

Nice little 'up-itself-pub'. Tries to be Olde Worlde on the outside and ultra trendy/modern on the inside, and fails on both. Ghastly 1.5/10

26 Jul 2008 21:33

The Welcome Stranger, St Leonards on Sea

They should name this pub 'The Bugger Off Stranger', went in here for a practice game of pool on a quiet wednesday, and couldn't have been looked at worse if I'd asked to shoot the dog. Lights went on reluctently after landlady demanded to know who I was playing against. When I said I just wanted to practise she asked for 5 deposit. I refused but she still let me play.

It's a Chelsea FC pub, and as I have a Manchester accent, that probably didn't help. especially the week after the Champions League Final!!

2/10 because the beer didn't poison me

23 Jun 2008 15:50

Robert de Mortain, Hastings

Not sure which planet previous reviewers are from, but this is quite a nice quiet pub. Food has improved and the pub was ultra-busy Friday as they were having a barbeque. Featuring loads of local bikers, and friendly locals all having a laugh. 9/10

1 Jun 2008 16:47

The Anchor, Hastings

Went in last night (Saturday) & couldn't get near the bar. A Good sign?

1 Jun 2008 16:31

The Hastings Arms, Hastings

Not too bad a pub, althought the barstaff fancy themselves too much, yes you are pretty. Stop wearing too short a dress if you are paler than milk

1 Jun 2008 16:28

The John Logie Baird, Hastings

Standard Spoons? No. Actually pretty good beer, ususal food (of course, but this site is about the beer), nice local choice, and wi-fi internet too. The ususal old codgers around the end of the bar (Do spoons buy these by the batch?), but otherwise a fine pub, one of the few (as an outsider) I feel welcome in.

1 Jun 2008 16:22

The Clown, Hastings

Dimond is spelt Diamond, wickid is Wicked, nite= Night, spt is spit, or spot not sure. christ_our_saviour is therefore either stupid (75%) or lazy (25%)

1 Jun 2008 16:17

The Clown, Hastings

Dimond is spelt Diamond, wickid is Wicked, nite= Night, spt is spit, or spot not sure. christ_our_saviour is therefore either stupid (75%) or lazy (25%)

1 Jun 2008 16:17

The Good Yarn, Uxbridge

Music wasn't very loud??

Time was when JDW pubs were music free. Bring back those days, & no TV so you can go to the pub on a sunday and not get sodding football on big screens, if you want to watch football, get pissed and scream at the TV stay at home!

13 Feb 2008 17:52

Ye Olde Pump House, Hastings

Nice pub, very quiet when I was in (because it was a Monday) Good pint of Spitfire. Only down here for an interview, which I Got the job, so it looks like I could spend more time here. Just as well it was decent beer.

8 Feb 2008 13:01

The Manchester Arms, Hull

Bloody awful beer. The Landlord should be taken out and shot. The beer is a disgrace to the East Riding!

15 Dec 2007 23:19

The Dover Castle, Marylebone

Nice Interior, beer was lousy last night, one pint of bitter & I cleared off to find somewhere else, shame really coz I usually like Sam Smiths, & I have had better here.
We should keep this a secret, because if it gets too busy, too often the locals might get a petition up to close it as it is in a very quiet Mews.
Landlord looked such a miserable F*** that it made me feel much better being on call and only able to have the one.

2 Sep 2007 17:24

The Marylebone, Marylebone

Reasonable pub, used to drink in here when worked locally. Nice beers, yes, expensive, but look at the postcode!

2 Sep 2007 17:19

The Kings Head, Marylebone

Was in here last night for a quicky, and found the place ameniable enough, bloke on the Piano, and locals having a sing-song passed the time very well. Better than some of the stone-faced, up-themselves type of pubs that are on the main High St.
Local piss-head was hilariously drunk, could barely stand, he could sing though, as could a few of the others, much better than Some alkies singing.

2 Sep 2007 17:17

The Bulls Head, Swinton

I used to enjoy a beer in here before and after a Swinton RLFC match in the 1980's, went in here recently and nearly got into a fight, just because they didn't recognise me as being a regular.

26 Aug 2007 17:09

Inn 1888, Marylebone

Came in here last Sunday, & was very dissapointed. The Stella was vile, my GF's Pineapple juice tasted watered down, and was room temp., the bogs are awful.
I loved the tiles though, and the unusual corner setting for the bar, not as much as to make a return visit though

8 Aug 2007 18:11

The Anglesea Arms, Chelsea

We really need a spell check on this site.

Disoevred? Goo? - lupus
Appartments? Whic? - ranger1485
Pandoraly, please remember the site is called Beer, not food in the evening.

The pub is good, nice choice of ales. Efficent staff too.

30 Jul 2007 20:39

Maze Inn Bar, Oakwood

Oh Shit! Yet another useless North London Muppet who thinks this is a website about food.

F*** Off mirzo, this is about the beer.

Did you actually drink anything other than a bottle of fizzy mineral water & your own self importance?

If you have 90 quid to waste on food, why not do it somewhere else in Oakwood? There must be a Nando's/Harvester somewhere nearby?

20 Jul 2007 21:17

Windsor Castle, Marylebone

Nice quiet pub away from the tourists, took my girlfriend here on our first date on a midweek day & it was lovely & quiet where we could talk without being overheard.
Old fashioned type of pub that is (Sadly) dissapearing fast from around these parts

6 Jul 2007 11:58

The Punch Bowl, Colnbrook

Very nice pub with a nice friendly attitude

11 Jun 2007 14:28

The Five Bells, Horton

Nice pub, been here a couple of times, not for hay-fever sufferers though.
Good place to take the kids and spend an afternoon plane spotting as this place is right on the flight path from Heathrow most of the day

11 Jun 2007 14:19

The Red Lion Hotel, Hillingdon

Regards last comment.....

Yes they were 30 something professionals, but they working to specifications dictated to them by the brewery. I know because my Cousin in Manchester was one of the design team. She apologised.

9 Jun 2007 13:48

The Hogshead, Uxbridge

Note: Name Change, Now Slug & Lettuce

21 Feb 2007 14:01

The Brushwood Inn, Hillingdon

Sorry this is a bit late, but We had a fantastic New Years Eve in here, lots of food, and beer was as good as ever.

9 Jan 2007 14:09

The Queens Head, Uxbridge

Charleymouse says it's one for ale drinkers, yes of course it is, that's what this site is about isn't it? Beer.

Very nice real ales & some nice guest beers too. For charleymouse the fizzy lager is OK according to my friend

3 Oct 2006 12:12

The Fig Tree, Uxbridge

Went in here for the first time at the weekend since it's had a rename/decorate and was surprised at how much has changed. Staff attitudes and beer quality have both improved, a very nice night thank you.

3 Oct 2006 12:07

The Carpenters Arms, Hayes

It's a dump. Went in here for the first time recently, and walked out after half a pint of soapy tasting beer

20 Sep 2006 12:50

The Railway, Finsbury Park

Called in here yesterday, with my girlfriend, she didn't want a drink, Hurling final on TV, beer was fine and the locals busy so it seemed a nice place

4 Sep 2006 15:13

The Hook, Line and Sinker, Twickenham

Holy shit. What are the staff doing? Went in here on RL challenge cup final day and it took my brother nearly 20 mins to get served, bar staff were plainly ignoring one section of the bar.

Get your act together boys and girls.

27 Aug 2006 13:55

The Fox, Twickenham

Nice beer garden, good beers attentive staff

27 Aug 2006 13:52

The Ugly Duckling, Salford

Now closed, for how long no-one seems to know, bill non-payments closed it apparently.

26 Aug 2006 11:27

The Regis, Bognor Regis

What a dump. Typical Brewers Fayre types who think this is a top class reataurant <doh>
Kids running around all night
Avoid, unless you are looking for a pub showing Sky and has a pool table.

14 Aug 2006 19:29

The Waverley, Aldwick

Nice beer at the sea-front. Just what I needed after a 10 mile walk. Feet up, good pint of Youngs and just watch the sea.

14 Aug 2006 19:24

William Hardwicke, Bognor Regis

Nice Pub, looks a bit like Margo's sitting room from The Goode Life, browns and beige's. A bitup itself to serve decent beer. Try the Junction opposite.

14 Aug 2006 19:23

Hatters Inn, Bognor Regis

I have to say that this was one of the blandest of the Spoons pubs I have ever been in. After half a pint I was ready to top myself.

Dull? Nah, beyond that!

14 Aug 2006 19:21

The Isambard, Paddington

Recently opened pub converted from a Boots chemists, Landlord serves a good Youngs and Pride,
and seems friendly enough, nice place to hang out waiting for your train

4 Aug 2006 14:01

The Salisbury, Manchester

Not been in here in years, next time I come home I will definately make an effort, seeing the photos brings back a lot of memories.
Used to be our first port of call when going out with mates from work, glad to see they have kept the charm of the place

Giving it 6/10, until I visit

30 Jul 2006 14:58

The Crown Hotel, Chertsey

Nice pub.

Thats all I can say positively about it.

Shite food, rubbish toilets, dog wandering around and pissed on the carpet (Does she do that at home??)

20 Jul 2006 00:41

The Prince Regent, Chertsey

Service yesterday was a tad slow, No pimms for my friend, but otherwise a very pleasant afternoon watching cricket/ playing pool & relaxing

16 Jul 2006 18:02

Baroosh, Uxbridge

Decent pub that has a Very Good ban on all things football, no games being shown and anyone who turns up wearing a football shirt will not be served!!

Well done to the manager, not everyone is fooled by the great god football!

24 Jun 2006 13:36

Baroosh, Uxbridge

Last post, Anon, this site is called Beer in the evening, not mussels in the evening.

Its about the beer not the food.

Still got idiot bar staff who are trying to flirt with the females instead of serving.

10 May 2006 19:28

The Union, Paddington

Decent gastro-pub. Gets very busy after 5 on friday with suits, big and airy and during the summer all patio size doors are open and even during the winter you have access to a large patio area at the front.
Word of warning. it is right on the canal, so if you have hadd too many, be careful.
No TV/Fruit machines/pool tables

6 May 2006 11:25

Hogans, Barcelona

An Australian Bar, shows Sky, Football, and Rugby League on Big Screens, Small selection of beers, but not been open too long.

30 Mar 2006 14:34

The Godolphin Arms, Marazion

Had a nice afternoon in here last June.
Walked out to the Mount and had a nice couple of pints and a sandwich. Heard good reports of the food from the owners of the B&B I stayed at in Penzance, if staying there have a walk around the bay, visit the Castle on the top of the Mount, tide permitting, and finish your day off with a soothing pint (or two) and catch the regular bus back.

21 Mar 2006 18:20

The Maple Leaf, Covent Garden

Nice place, took my 75yo mother in here and she loved it, she has never been abroad but she now thinks all Canadians are the loveliest people in the world, so much better than the Anzacs in the Walkabout

21 Mar 2006 18:00

The Good Yarn, Uxbridge

Good Pub. Just a little concerned about the comments on its narrowness, since when did that affect the beer? Even better now its gone no-smoking, & still as busy as ever on saturdays

21 Mar 2006 17:45

The White Hart Hotel, Hampton Wick

Stayed here New Years Eve. Dull, Dull, Dull.

3 Jan 2006 23:16

The Whittington and Cat, Hull

Very friendly boozer. Nice pool table (I won), and varying clientele due to the Ice rink just down the road (Players come in for a post-game drink, I beleive) Bar staff attentive and well behaved. Aviod the town centre fights and drink here.
You will feel welcome.

20 Nov 2005 20:10

The Lass O'Gowrie, Manchester

This pub has to be the best in Manchester. Next to BBC, and a short walk from pretentious loud city centre bars that are a disgrace to the name.

20 Nov 2005 20:05

The White Horse, Soho

Soho? Snigger!
Quiet boy!
Sorry sir, it's a nice pub though? Close to the clubs you go to, isn't it sir.
Take that as a yes then, as my Dad saw you on Saturday night.

27 Oct 2005 22:31

The Champion, Fitzrovia

A really nice pub that only Sam Smith's could hold on to in that part of expensive London. It caters for it's cientele. Even though I drink Fizzy pop lager, I love the Bitter.
Stained Glass windows are not just of Champion sports "people" ther is one of Flo Nightingale due to its proximity to the Middlesex Hospital where she worked.

27 Oct 2005 22:24

The Town Wharf, Old Isleworth

Always loved this pub, Went there last night with friend, and she really loved it. You have to go to pubs further along the Thames to get this close to the river, either up, or down-stream, but none of them are as comfortable or as welcoming.

27 Oct 2005 22:18

The Sussex Arms, Paddington

Nice friendly welcoming pub, not far from Paddington station. Would rather drink here than any other pub near the station.

9 Oct 2005 15:33

The Fountains Abbey, Paddington

Recently closed for paintjob and fixing of wall of mirrors, cleaned lead off the windows and the crud too making it a much lighter pub inside, ceilings and walls are brighter too.

Upped my marks from 6 to 8/10

9 Oct 2005 15:15

The Botwell Inn, Hayes

Not a bad pub, for a Weatherspoons. Its quite comfortable, and the locals don't seem the usual bunch of alkies that Hayes can produce.

25 Sep 2005 16:18

Baroosh, Uxbridge

This and the Hogsarse down the road must be trying to become the most expensive Bars in the Whole of the country.
Ignorant bar staff, previous comments complain about wall-to-wall Chavs, what do you expect in Uxbridge?

24 Sep 2005 17:16

The Top House, The Lizard

The most southern boozer in mainland Britain. Furnished with stuff rescued off shipwrecks, and lots of photos around to remind people of what a danger the rocks below are (Lizard Point).
The Beer is St Austells Brewery, so, as usual, very tasty.
Nice little beer garden. Allows dogs, and will give water if asked.

4 Sep 2005 12:41

The Sir Alexander Fleming, Paddington

Normally, a useless bar, with useless staff, but today had football on the TV, so they wanted to serve anyone
Warm Kronenborg anyone?

3 Sep 2005 23:31

The Prince Bonaparte, Westbourne Grove

Over-priced beer, no telly, food was garbage, and why have 3 versions of Staropramen when they all taste the same anyway (Piss, less than XXXX)

3 Sep 2005 23:29

The Earl Percy, Ladbroke Grove

Pretty bar, not quite up-market, not quite down.
Food area seem nice, although the chooice of main bar menu is very standard fare, "Pizza, hand moulded and baked on the premises" seems a bit far fetched.
Amazing breast tattoos on the girl that served me, sorry if I was staring.

3 Sep 2005 23:26

The Colton Arms, Barons Court

All the Customers were moaning about their University days.
Nice pub otherwise, completely unexpected given the area,
Bit pricey though, 3 quid for Stella.

3 Sep 2005 23:22

The Queens Head, Hammersmith

The staff in this pub seem to be reject extras from Eastenders. I called in here at lunchtime, and they were Effing & Blinding and generally taking the piss out of anyone they knew, when I finally got served I had the most miserable peice of shit that should be Stella Artois, and considering Queens Tennis Club (Where the Stella Artois tournement is held 2 weeks before Wombledon)is only beyond the wall, they should serve something a bit more ACE than that s41t

3 Sep 2005 23:19

The Princess of Wales, Charing Cross

Very nice freindly pub for it location, TV is blocked by signs for the bogs, but otherwise an 8/10

3 Sep 2005 23:12

The Orange Peel, Uxbridge

Nice quiet pub next to the Hospital. Pool table is a bit cramped in, but otherwise a very good choice of pub to drink in.

21 Aug 2005 17:05

Steam, Paddington

This place has got an attitude. Myself and a few freinds tried to get in here the other Friday night, for a private party, only to be told that there was no entry after 8.30!!
After ringing the person who's party it was they reluctantly let us in & they then told us there was no draught ale, bottled only, alcopops at 4.50 a shot. Said my goodbyes to the host and quickly dissapeared.
Would give this a -4/10 if I could.

21 Aug 2005 17:01

The Union Hotel, Penzance

Not the nicest of pubs in the area, a bit dark & gloomy. Floorboards are creaky, I wouldn't like to be in here when its full.

21 Aug 2005 16:42

The Peveril Of The Peak, Castlefield

What this site ignores is the Metrolink stops. Nearest to this wonderful pub are St. Peter's Square (200m), and G-Mex (400m)

17 Aug 2005 16:45

The Briton's Protection Hotel, Castlefield

The photo that accompanies this description was taken on the afternoon of the World Cup Qualifier England v Northern Ireland, thats why for the same reason it looks closed, due to its close proximity to the G-Mex tram stop that goes to Old Trafford it will probably look closed to everyone who passes on a saturday afternoon. However, later it is open, as is Peveril of the Peak just round the corner, both superb pubs and if you are going to the Superleague Grand Final this year, or any year, be sure to drop into both.

17 Aug 2005 16:43

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street

Was this open at weekends? If so, visit it.

14 Aug 2005 14:44

The Bell, Hounslow

Nice pub for a quick drink. Wouldn't drink here regularly though. Staff seemed competent enough, got my round right at the first time of asking (5 Drinks).

14 Aug 2005 13:52

The Five Bells, Horton

On the flight path to/from Heathrow nice beer garden, so great for plane spotters. Although the bar staff are snotty, its because they suffer from League of Gentlemen disease, ie they "Are a local pub, for local people", the rest of the passing trade can bugger off.

7 Aug 2005 19:18

The Airport Pub, Manchester Airport

Not been to this pub, but when I have flown from here, the beer garden almost seems to be on the edge of the taxiway. For Kids this must seem great. Beer garden always got kids in due to play area. But if, like me, you love flying & planes this must be a great pub

7 Aug 2005 19:12

The Donkey Stone, Manchester Airport

The problem with this pub is it has a monopoly within the terminals and can charge whatever it wants for crap beer. Even the Boddingtons is dodgey.
But pisshead Mancs will drink anything. I have seen people miss flights because the pub is open and Mancs are transfixed by the flashing lights of the fruit machines rather than watching the departure screens.
It is so funny watching someone who has realised they have missed their flight because they could not resist One More Beer.
And before the Mancs complain, I am one!

7 Aug 2005 19:05

The Longboat Hotel, Penzance

Terrific Bar. Food is the best in east Penzance, the beer is at the right temperature and best of all, they have Sky. They will put any sport on if no-one else objects, I saw the 2nd Australian State of Origin in here, even though kick off was billed before 11am. Plus they had had the Lions v Someone, live, breakfast served

4 Aug 2005 19:37

The Sir Humphrey Davy, Penzance

Bit quiet when I went (although it was a Tuesday). Sir Humphrey was the discoverer of laughing gas which makes my job easier as it was the first general anaesthetic. As well as the Miners Safety Lamp

4 Aug 2005 19:32

The Queens Head, Hammersmith

Every comment about the food is correct, but this is called beerintheevening isnt it? Was here a couple of weeks ago during a very warm friday night and the local Totty use this pub as a warm up for their night out. Amazing legs + short skirts + great bods = chins on tables from me & mates, beer was ok too. Used to have a drink in here regularly when "on-call" at the now closed West London Hospital on Hammersmith Broadway, back in 1990/2. It wasn't like this then, otherwise we would never have got any work done ;)

9 Jul 2005 14:33

The Ship Inn, Mousehole

Nice and quiet, good food, HSD as good as ever (I have never had a bad pint of HSD)

27 Jun 2005 15:41

The Griffin, Brentford

This is a great pub frequented by many Rugby League fans when the London Broncos are at home (Griffin Park). This pub seems to be the only one of the four on each corner to realise that Rugby League matches are being played and bring in enough staff to cope. The one cross-corner over the ground seems to actively discourage any Leaguies from returning by avoiding you.

22 Jun 2005 16:42

The Star Inn, Penzance

really nice pub, some decent beer, cold lagers (for those that like that kind of stuff) Sky telly all round and a nice restaurant attached on the back. Stay in here if you want, Don't under any circumstances be tempted to go further up Market Jew st into JDW's

22 Jun 2005 16:30

Tremenheere, Penzance

Walk around the corner to Chapel St, there are many more much better pubs than this standard Wetherspoons crap, although it is resonably big and you can find a nice quiet area to sit and avoid the local lads on the piss! 3/10

19 Jun 2005 15:43

The Dolphin, Penzance

One of the best pubs in Penzance, nice accurate bar staff, great pint of HSD (5.0%), Tribute(4.2%) and a good 3.7%. Two resonable pool tables, No TV. Easily the best pub in the area

19 Jun 2005 15:39

Skolars Sports Bar, Wood Green

Named after the London Skolars Rugby League team, who play just down the road at the New River Stadium in National League 2. They have Darts, 2 Pool Tables, and Sky. Despite being in the area a freind of mine calls 'Nam (as in Tottenham) I have never had less than a warm welcome in here. They welcome Northerners who are down for the weekend, mostly in 50-100. It's getting a reputation "Up-North" as a decent boozer.

25 Apr 2005 22:49

The Great Western, Paddington

What a dump. Bar staff are the most ignorant arseholes, not particularly busy, but 2 of them preferred cleaning glasses to serving. After 10 minutes I walked out, unserved.

24 Apr 2005 10:56

The Coach and Horses, Salford

This Pub has a sign in the window, No Coaches :) Nice touch considering the name!
Good cold beers, but a bit unfreindly locals looking at you a bit suspiciously

3 Apr 2005 16:37

The Swan and Bottle, Uxbridge

Have lived in Uxbridge for 16 years and I have never visited until today. I will definatly be going back. Nice staff, excellent food, was informed of what was off the menu when handed it, instead of waiting to ask for it as in some pubs, Even feel as though I could take my own Mother in!

3 Apr 2005 16:34

De Twee Zwaantjes, Amsterdam

Nice pub with a very warm welcome on a very miserable wet night. good choice of beers.

15 Mar 2005 15:43

De Beiaard, Amsterdam

Beers are wide ranging, from some 4.5% to 10% super dark brews, there is something for all. Just around the corner from the other shopping area, (Other than the area around Dam Sq.) Some great Restaurants in the neighbouring staats. Go for a stroll around Vondelpark and you will love a beer here rather than the plastic paddy bars in Leidsplein.

14 Mar 2005 18:26

Europub, Amsterdam

It can be pricey, but when I went in on Saturday a bunch of Irish girls on a triple hen night made for great entertainment, & well worth it.

14 Mar 2005 17:58

Cafe Gollem, Amsterdam

Stonking bar, off the beaten track. Very dark with a taste of Goth, but well worth the visit. Some really strong beers, up to 11%, mostly belgian, if you feel up to it. Also has the best barmaid for miles.
Its strange that the best beers in the Netherlands are brewed in Belgium, although a 10 O'Clock tour of the Heineken brewery, with 3 free drinks skewes the thought pattern before lunch.

14 Mar 2005 17:56

De Bekeerde Suster, Amsterdam

Really good bar, serving good food. Some fantastic Belgian beers. Splendid array of beer posters. Nice Place to chill out if the red light district is giving you a headache (it's 5 mins walk).

14 Mar 2005 17:47

Cafe de Laurierboom, Amsterdam

Superb little bar, quiet and freindly. If you have had enough of non-stop partying Amsterdam, and need a real Dutch bar with locals, try this. If you can find it

14 Mar 2005 17:40

Molly's Fair City, Barcelona

A superb Irish bar, set in a side street off La Rambla in the very heart of the old city. Lovely staff and very freindly bar staff serving Local & UK beers. WHEN tou come to Barca, take some time to take some time.

10 Mar 2005 19:41

Zanzi Bar, Uxbridge

Very Chavvy. Disgusting bogs. Vomit. on the floor for 45 mins on a quiet Friday, so no excuse about cleaning up. First glass I had was filthy, so they just poured (now) dirty beer into a cleaner one

20 Feb 2005 15:23

The Hogshead, Uxbridge

How can anyone use the words Hogshead and cheap in the same sentence baffles me. This has to be the 2nd most expensive place in Uxbridge, 2nd only to Baroosh.

20 Feb 2005 15:20

Flynn's, Hayes End

Never been in it, but couple of mates go in there and rave about it.

16 Feb 2005 15:28

The Star, Hillingdon Heath

Fine drinking pub, pool table and dart board, Large screen Tv in bar and normal tv's in Lounge

16 Feb 2005 15:27

The Chapel, Marylebone

Have to agree about the staff, lazy, arogant and unknowledgable. However, the food is pretty good, even if there is no seperate eating area, therefore very smokey on evenings. If you are having a leaving do they will reserve an seperate area where you and your mates can gather without talking to the locals :)

9 Feb 2005 19:40

The Victoria, Bayswater

Lovely Victoriana type pub. If you are in the area visit the Theatre bar upstairs

27 Jan 2005 21:20

The Maple Leaf, Covent Garden

When my Mam visited me from Manchester I took her into pubs around C. Garden to get a feel of the place on a Saturday night. She hated Walkabout, & most of the others, but I took her into the Leaf & she felt right at home.
A great Canadian Pub that shows the Saffas, Kiwis, Septics, and Whining Aussies how to have a great weekend without battering each others heads in (I would use the term brains, but...), if you want cold beer and a warm welcome and atmosphere Visit a small piece of Canada

27 Jan 2005 21:07

Gate, Northwood

Right opposite where I used to live at Mount Vernon Hospital, used to be a real old fashioned Benskins pub with a real fire, stone floors and cosy nooks, now its a rubbish formularic light ash clad piece of S*** that I wouldn't P*** on if it was on fire. (And the beers shit too)

27 Jan 2005 20:35

The Hope, Salford

Used to drink regularly in here when I worked at Hope Hospial, and had a great time, went in at Xmas '04and felt threatened by Bar staff, Bouncers (not doormen, Bouncers) and it had the air of a very dodgy pub in a reasonable area. I cannot give a score of 0.25 rating, but it deserves it.

26 Jan 2005 20:50

The Fountains Abbey, Paddington

Have to say, I am biased. This Pub is right opposite "Work", so a great place to fall out of work for a beer, But even so the food is crap. Staff rotate, miserable at the moment coz they are Aussies and missing their summer. Pool tables are good but need levelling as they have been there for less than 12 months. They have Sky Sports & will change channels if enough people ask for it. Non-smoking area for those who want it.

26 Jan 2005 20:44

The Turning Point, Cowley

Forgot to mention, approached by a very tricky, steep, hump backed bridge that scares the **** out of everyone I have taken there.

26 Jan 2005 20:33

The Turning Point, Cowley

I Love coming here in warmer weather when you can sit outside at the evening and relax. Its my fave pub in the Uxbridge area, food is great, and Sunday Lunch really sets you up. The only downside is the real ale, use your imagination guys!

26 Jan 2005 20:31

The Militia Canteen, Uxbridge

Have to agree with Jeremy, warm Lager and cold staffmade this an embaressing visit. It's not as if I look like a student (it's just round the corner from Brunel Uni) I am 35. On a quiet wednesday it took me nearly 10 mins to get served, bar staff did everything possible to avoid serving me, clean glasses, empty ashtrays, refill washer, go and find some more crisps for the barmans girlfriend. etc. etc.

26 Jan 2005 20:22

The Three Tuns, Uxbridge

My Fave place for secret assignations(!), nice and quiet, great fire good rotating choice of real ales, and a great place to chill out after a saturday shop.

26 Jan 2005 20:15

The Shakespeare, Manchester

I now live in London, but when I come home, this is my 2nd stop to refill my warmth for a great city

26 Jan 2005 20:10

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