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Comments by james55westhead

Hunters Lodge, Priddy

Paid a visit earlier in the year, with yet another stranger to the area, who quietly marvelled, that pubs like this still exist. Still the bees knees in my and many others opinion, and still knocking spots off the new style pubs.

21 Feb 2016 17:00

The Old Inn, Clevedon

This place never seems to get the right landlord/tenants in.? I didn't go before because of the write ups, then it had an exterior refurbish, I finally went yesterday with a friend who said he'd always wanted to try it.
Not much to shout about, I mentioned to my friend that they had Gem ale on, and without a nod or a wink the Barman in T shirt and shorts began to pour out this drink and place it in front of me. ( good job I wasn't a lager drinker) £6.70p for the two pints, then he had to have a chat with the barmaid before returning with our change... About 8 people were dining, the menu nothing to write home about, but the T shirt shorted barman was waiting on also.??? I noted that we were the only two drinking beer, out of the 5 offerings on the bar. The people in there were either in work clothes or sports clothes apart from the diners, and and two other couples. My friend drank up very quickly and asked to leave, enough said.....

21 Sep 2014 06:52

The Poacher, Portishead

Thursday night and the place was heaving, with a disco going also, mind you it was someone's Birthday, so could have been all part of that. Same old array of drinks, and service was quick, My Doombar not bad at all. The refit is questionable, from what I could see, but seems to suffice. The toilets you could get lost in, as compared to the white Lion up the street. Still the big screen TV.? I have my own at home.
So, the locals seem to like the place, the one's that use it that is.

13 Jun 2014 06:52

The White Lion, Portishead

Tables and chairs for outside are placed by the entrances, which are very narrow, the theme continues to the rear where a similar garden area although small is situated. The white pebbles that they sit on, remind me anyway of grave setting.?
Only went downstairs, doesn't appear to be much seating about, and the ever present big screen TV. The toilets on this floor where miniscule for the size of the place, The place has been re-fitted well, but the homogenised bar, with the usual array of drink offering's was there, and at £3.80p for Doombar I could why the place was lifeless and little customers.? and wasn't particular good either. as I was leaving a girl at the bar ordered a pint of cider and a small coke.(from the syrup Pump) and this was £5.40p. First and last visit for me. I don't mind what I pay,(within reason), but the quality and service has to be there. This is just another of those money making factories????????

13 Jun 2014 06:43

The White Lion, Portishead

Now re-opened as a Mezze chain place. Doesn't seem to be doing much, and security staff on at the car park.?

There is nowhere to go on a nice sunny day, except spill out into the car park.

29 May 2014 10:25

The Hall and Woodhouse Bar and Restaurant, Portishead

Mainly as drg8844 said, this also has the downside of very limited parking maybe about 6 cars This place is shoehorned in, and I believe to be expensive, well the pint I bought was. The food is no great shakes at all and expensive. Mainly cluttered with very old furniture and things, looks like the inside of a junk shop in reality.

29 May 2014 10:19

The Castle Hotel, Wem

It's some 5 years since I last wrote about the Castle, I returned yesterday, as they hosted a friends Funeral wake. What a transformation. An excellent turn around by the current incumbents. We were all served with no trouble at all, both food and drink's. Nothing was too much trouble at all, and as I sat there looking the staff were always going round clearing up, and keeping us well satisfied, and all with smiling efficient faces. Various food nights were recommended, which I am told are really very good indeed, from some of the locals I'd spoken too.
Have too give this a 10.

This is what all pubs should be like.

8 Mar 2014 08:36

The White Horse Hotel, Wem

Pub still closed

8 Mar 2014 08:28

The White Lion, Wem

Pub closed for re-furbishment

8 Mar 2014 08:28

The Albion, Wem

Pub Closed under re-furbishment

8 Mar 2014 08:26

Gordano Gate, Portishead

Another visit, having heard it had been done up.? A carvers unit and a few replaced chairs, from what I could see, but still the same basic layout. 04/06/2013 some two years later. If your waiting for hell to freeze over, go too the bar, and try and order a drink. Have you got a Tab.? Have you got a Bonus Card.?, What I haven't got is a DRINK>>>>>>>>>>The Wadsworth 6X not very well kept at all, From experience, I would say just put into place, gas tap on and, away we go, hence the cloudiness. Food is still meagre Portion controlled.....I had the smothered chicken breast, Well, half a chicken breast to be precise at £8.99p I think it was. OK the plate was full, but not with smothered chicken???? everything else but. I complained to Brewers Fayre before, after the last charade. They refunded my money and more, by way of a voucher. I used this at their Sidcot Arms branch. Better service and better portions on the plate.???strangley enough.....If your willing to spend your hard earned, DO NOT GO TO A PUB CHAIN. They are all tarred with the same brush.. Had a successful hit on the Toby Inns group, They performed just has badly. If it wasn't for the Premier Inn next door, this place would be a DODO.....never again

5 Jun 2013 09:39

Greyhound Inn, Staple Fitzpaine

Popped in here for a quick fruit juice with a friend, She opted for a starter off the menu, I abstained. didn't like the look of the starter myself but, bit my lip. Place seemed to be full of the pretentious crowd of hooray henrys sauntering around with wine bottles in hand and, rather loud raucous volumes of nonsense. Didn't appeal 4 years ago an still doesn't. The what I thought were locals were squeezed into the corners or left, Still nil point pour moi.

16 Dec 2012 08:05

The Plume Of Feathers, Rickford

A great place to visit hadn't been for a while, but never the less still as good as before. Plenty of meals being ordered still and plentiful plates came past. I tried a couple of the different ales as usual and both on form. Always a nice place to visit

7 Oct 2012 08:11

The Huntsman Inn, Bath

Still closed at 1200 noon when I went and at quarter pastthe hour on my return, tried all doors..So went elsewhere...Not asking much to open on time especially as the bulk of tourists buses/coaches drop off outside...

24 Sep 2012 08:42

The Alehouse, Bath

Excellent pint of Gem in here Sunday, actually finished of the barrel whilst there. then onto the london pride. Small quaint and traditional the one room I sat in and soon became full with a few regulars and foreigners alike. All drinking the real ale from what I could see. Small selection admited but, then again a small place..I liked it and, the barman seemed very efficeint indeed.

24 Sep 2012 08:37

The Ancient Mariner, Nether Stowey

Paid a vist for a drink, surprise they had Black sheep on and, very nice indeed a few well to do lcals dining on the Sunday carvery, I saw laid out with prepack yorkshires cooked and on display for the rest of the carvery under foil. The menu seemed very expensive 14 to 16 pounds, and the standard dessert menu at 6.00 a pudding for run of the mill stuff, doesn't inspire. A clean and respectable place accent on food looking at the bar staff in chefs gear,but at these prices eat at Ramseys/Steins for the same price.

16 Sep 2012 17:53

Friendly Spirit, Cannington

A warm and friendly welcome,quite a few locals in. very clean and inviting. tried the Doombar and the Butcombe, both in fine fettle, could have styed for more but, distance from home prevents.Nether the less good ale and friendly landlord. Didn't tried the food but specials menu looked good,

16 Sep 2012 17:44

The Longs Arms, Steeple Ashton

First ever visit popped in whilst taking the scenic route back from Devises. Quaint and quiet village . spotted the inn, so made the stop, only one pint of the Cornish Coaster. very nice and prior comments of Lord Jeffers I woulod agree with

2 Sep 2012 18:07

The Crossways Inn, Highbridge

Had a couple of pints of the real ales in fine fettle.. comfy atmosphere and. plenty of diners. Didn't eat but seemed ok from what i could see...

will go back and give it full try later

19 Aug 2012 19:12

Hunters Lodge, Priddy

Just to prove my own self worth on this place.. I took a complete stranger,,, who marvelled at it's basic charm and everything else even tried the food.. I packed him off now and he was still raving about the place BLESS..even placed it on his ebook thingy or whatever.. For me Roger and Jacky are still the Bees knees on the Mendips..Hunters Lodge I give you

12 Aug 2012 17:52

The Windmill Inn, Portishead

Saturday night flop full of diners/drinkers who wouldn't know their own backsides...No atmosphere and the bar staff like zombies..more interested in themselves rather the customer.from the banter I heard..ales dire food wouldn't eat here anymore...Great location but thats all.,......

12 Aug 2012 17:48

The Royal Hotel, Portishead

Well pretty much as before but alas the real ales are DIRE flatas a pancake and just tasteless water....Trading on the pretentious and name I would say now.. got the same chair drying jobby from owner....In all honesty gone down the pan....needs to concentrate on good ale and food to get the real customers in and not the pretentious office jockeys...

12 Aug 2012 17:43

The Fisherman's Cot, Bickleigh

Popped in here today still very busy due to the Sunday carvery portions looked good. Staff still effecient and pleasant, samplede acouple of cockney blonds, The beer that is not bad at all

16 Jul 2012 06:49

The Trout Inn, Bickleigh


16 Jul 2012 06:47

The Three Tuns, Silverton

Well another 3/4 years past before making a sojourn to here..still very much the same..Quite busy for Sunday lunch, nice smell of roasts cooking. The Exmoor was really on form so quoffed a few of those. Food looked very much as before as did the menus but as they say if it ain't broken don't fix it.

16 Jul 2012 06:44

The George Inn, Croscombe

What a surprise greeted by several locals on entry plus the "young Man" Mike the patron I believe..Very nice old world pub, excellent pints of George, and an even excellent sunday roast. All staff very attentive and smiling. What more can one say except another GEM in the Somerset crown of good pubs for it's outstanding all round efforts and quality, It's a big thumbs up for me..Definitely going back to try more of this wonderful establishment...

1 Jul 2012 17:37

The Admiral Benbow, Shrewsbury

A real ale drinkers paradise and pub as it should be. Always go here when in the area. And, in the 15 or so years, can confidently say never had a bad pint , or reason to complain.

22 Jun 2012 11:42

Ship Inn, Portishead

Made several visits over the past year. always had a good pint,this time was the draught Bass and the Otter, Still does basic lunchtime pub grub. All round a decent pub, but, dark inside with a 60/70's feel. Would benefit from taking advantage of the views and better flooded with natural light. Apart from that I find it aok and spotlessly clean.

19 Jun 2012 06:38

The Live and Let Live Inn, Blagdon

Pub now demolished............

17 Jun 2012 09:33

The Prince Of Wales, Congresbury

Long since gone....Now Sousta Greek Taverna...

17 Jun 2012 09:25

The Bell Inn, Congresbury

Pub long since demolished.........

17 Jun 2012 09:15

The Wagon and Horses, Clevedon

This pub in the real heritage pub listings

12 Jun 2012 07:34

The Drum and Monkey, Clevedon

Pub currently closed looks like a refurb going on

12 Jun 2012 07:30

The Clock Tower, Clevedon

No longer a pub.

12 Jun 2012 07:28

Campbell's Landing, Clevedon

Pub is now re-opened

12 Jun 2012 07:27

The Globe Inn, Sampford Peverell

Had a couple of lovely pints of Otter Ale. The Bank holiday carvery looked and smelt very inviting, and appeared very popular as I looked around. A varied menu, so my party opted for the Fish pie very good indeed. Was the all round verdict.. Finished off with the Apple crumble with cinamon and sultanas.Must say, makes a change to have a crumble that isn't sueted stodge or oozing the granulated...The 3 lady members of staff were on the ball and it showed. A very pleasant visit, will return when in the locale..

5 Jun 2012 16:54

The Stag and Hounds, Churchill

Not very impressed at all in all aspects

3 Jun 2012 07:13

The Crown Inn, Churchill

Made several visits since my last review 2010, Still an Alers dream and plenty of food being served to the copius numbers that have discovered this fine watering hole. Still gets my thumbs up

3 Jun 2012 07:10

The Royal Oak, Bibstone

Lovely hillside location, Spotless throughout, only had a couple of edinburg 80,s..Sunday roast looked a treat, wish I could have stayed and sampled the food.Friendly atmosphere and staff very pleasant landlord. This for me is a must have return visit to sample in full.

27 May 2012 18:20

The Masons Arms, Rudgeway

Well been back on a few occasions now and the price has gone up 3.90 or there abouts but, what the heck still a good deal. although I can say at peak times this place is heaving and on occasions the food or some aspects of it can be hit and miss but, a goer all the same.

13 May 2012 17:02

The Anchor Inn, Oldbury on Severn

A good welcome to this Pub albeit children not allowed in the Bar areas,Dining and beer Garden only. A country pub in it's true state no loud blaring music and widescreens to deafen you. A true rural idyll. My otter ale was in good form and the sunday lunches looked a real treat. Another one to try for food later on. Had a good friendly chat with one of the locals and, the place was heaving with food hungry crowd as I left.

13 May 2012 16:58

The Three Horseshoes, Frampton on Severn

Unable to comment on this establishment was closed on the first passing and closed on the second around 12.00. Didn't look too inviting from the outside.But placed in a lovely location just up from the Bell.

13 May 2012 16:52

The Bell Inn, Frampton on Severn

Great first time visit Sunday open at 10.30am for drinks food 12.00.
Got a nice reception from all the staff and the rucking mole was an excellent mornings aperetiff, to whit I tried another. will be back to try the food. Lovely pub and location the locals very hospitable.

13 May 2012 16:50

The Black Horse, Clapton in Gordano

Popped in a couple of times over the past few weeks. Still as good as ever if not better took two strangers to the area with me whom, both thought it was a fanastic place. Needless to say the place was full.............Got to try the pub grub next, which won't be long I tell eeeeee...........

7 May 2012 10:28

Cox's Mill, Cheddar

Think this is closed and boarded up

7 May 2012 10:07

Hunters Lodge, Priddy

Made a couple of more visits since my last report. And everything just the same.
Can,t fault this place. Basic and true to the art of the Aler/s. Was on the Mendip spring this time wonderful drink and crystal clear. Basic fayre still good and cheap. A good allround aleshed has they used to be and unspoilt.
What are you waiting for???????

7 May 2012 10:04

The Full Quart, Hewish


29 Apr 2012 08:55

The Seymour Arms, Witham Friary

Another welcome return to this fine pub. Pubs how they used to be. quite busy again, and was told even busier over the Easter weekend. The landlord,s son has now taken over. Great place to drink and great locals noticed a couple of old stalwarts namely Ray & Terry hovering in the same old seats.Food offerings still being brought in by the locals and you can bring your own snadwiches too.
Long live the Seymour Arms

16 Apr 2012 06:00

The Mitre, Shaftesbury

Looking for a redcoration but, none the less very busy on my visit and, my otter ale was in good nick, noticed several neals come out pub grub pie & chips fish & and chips but all looked well cooked and smelt appetising. Only downfall is the hike upstairs for the toilets. And the people that insist on hogging the bar when things are busy.

16 Apr 2012 05:38

The Rising Sun, Lynmouth

Well finally got back to this hostelry, after a long time. Have read the reviews regards the landlord in all honesty can't say I've seen him or know him.But every visit I've made the staff have been wonderful.The beers, as always excellent and the food although pricey is always good.I had the fish and chips this time round, on a par with Weston supermares Papa's Restauarant price wise etc so no qualms there.
It's still a firm favourite for me and the modern toilets are always a talking point with guests I take there.

2 Apr 2012 12:22

The Moon and Sixpence, Clevedon

A quick visit on Sunday during my drive past, a lovely pint of real Ale. Still on the ball there...Plenty of customers and diners to boot. Saw a variety of dishes coming out, being delivered by the young waitresses. All i all a nice but, all to fleeting visit.

26 Mar 2012 11:31

The Waldegrave Arms, Chewton Mendip

returned today first one of the season, verything as I said before.
Another well done and Thanks.

24 Mar 2012 15:59

Campbell's Landing, Clevedon

Pub is closed

18 Mar 2012 17:37

The Burtle Inn, Burtle

Made a return to this hostelery after a long abscence, looks just the same, saw no physical changes ie. fresh paint etc. saw what was a few in the restaurant part, mothers day I suspect. looked like a few clicky types in one corner. Didn't even hear any semblence of friendliness, was a them and us situation. as I placed my empty glass on the bar, not even a thank you or goodbye. Place looked shabby and unclean. My pint of spitfire was almost flat even from the hand pull and tasted none to good

18 Mar 2012 17:34

The Royal Oak, Portishead

Now closed

15 Mar 2012 06:31

Hunters Lodge, Priddy

An Ale drinkers deilight, never had a bad pint here yet. Sunday was heaving with alers, walkers etc and the food although basic was flying out. Been coming here for years of and on, and it's still as good as ever.

No matter what you can't fault this Aleshed a pub hoe it should be..

27 Feb 2012 06:31

The Strode Arms, West Cranmore

After a long absence popped in whilst in the area, most tables reserved and people already queing to be served at the bar Noon Sunday. We only had a light snack of Ploughmans and a couple of pints. All round excellence throughout. A well desereved 10 out of 10 again from me.

27 Feb 2012 06:24

Bell Inn, Banwell

Pub now closed

21 Feb 2012 13:16

Rising Sun, Shirehampton

No longer a Pub turned into Flats

16 Feb 2012 05:59

White Hart, Congresbury

Another return visit Sunday last. A few more people in than before I must say around 20 plus all dining. From what I saw the same style roast beef dinner came out so assume same chef. There was still the meagre vegetable offerings and my colleague noted that a lot of returning plates had food left on. Never the less, my Firkin Fox and Badger were aok but not quite sure but, think it came from a fixed elctric tap and, not on the hand pull.??
Didn't see the menu but, they had posted Valentines day menus all around. Think myself that due to location, this place would be better off, if it concentrated on a few excellent pub meals and proper pulled pints wether from the pull or the Barrel buts thats onlymy opinion..

6 Feb 2012 05:51

The Red Cow, Brent Knoll

Visited again this Sunday gone and, the place was virtually fully booked for meals with a mixed bag of clientelle of all ages. Staff and service just as good, my Speckled Hen a real treat. Didn't dine on this occasion but, the food looked and smelt very good and, a few classy deserts c oming out also..
A good consistent all round pub..

6 Feb 2012 05:40

The White Hart, Cross

Went today Sunday place in darkness,looks all shut up and desserted.?

29 Jan 2012 16:54

The Plough, Congresbury

Been a couple of times since my last report, 2009...Definitly better on the food front and good selection of ales. Plenty of customers on both visits.
With the old inn down the road, makes Congresbury a nice place for alers/foodies to visit. Even the local chippy was doing business on this Sunday.

29 Jan 2012 16:50

The Old Inn, Congresbury

Well managed to get to this watering hole at last. And, not disappointed either.
Very sociable and good atmosphere nice pint of youngs bitter, Definitly an Alers pub and all the better for it too.. Just the job another of Somersets gems in the Ale crown.
Sunday and very well patronised quite full on entry and on leaving, it gets my vote.

29 Jan 2012 16:41

The Bridgewater Arms, Harmer Hill

Unable to attend last Sunday a friends 90th birthhday.they sent me this account of the day. 7 people in the party. had to ask several times for condiments after the miniscule offerings they gave them. Roast potatoes like marbles. 2 mini yorkshires. Carrots like rubber, one lady asked for extra gravy and what a surprise to find later on the 85.00p bill they'ed charged 30 pence for the miniture jug of gravy. the paultry offering of a roast dinner it seems was not enough of a birthday party insult. looks like a place to avoid..

24 Jan 2012 21:20

The Albion, Wem

Not a good idea to blow your own trumpet in business.? pam/mandy
The public at large will tell all.
The old addage "Quality always sells". in all aspects.

23 Jan 2012 19:01

The Albion, Portishead

Made a return visit with relatives this last wek. My pint of bitter was a bit cloudy. However the 10oz Gammon I had was good and a good price. Mothers sausage and mash was just that, powdered mash though. Sisters meal run of the mill
It was very busy and all in all I'd say an improvement on the pub before it's refurb.

23 Jan 2012 18:00

The New Inn, Blagdon

Had a nice pint of Swordfish and 6x. seemed to be doing plenty of meals. had a good banter with friendly staff. And it was very warm and inviting, with both fires on the go. Quite full when I left just after 1300hrs.

23 Jan 2012 17:54

The Live and Let Live Inn, Blagdon

Yes can confirm this, drove past Sunday 22nd January 2012.
just a bank of soil and diggers.

23 Jan 2012 17:51

The Wyndham Arms, Kingsbury Episcopi

A return visit whilst driving through the area, Landlord still the same old character, Sunday locals popping in all very friendly. had a good pint of cider and the Butcombe was aok also. Always a charming place to visit and, remember during the earlier part of last year on a night time visit, it was heaving with people dining and the band playing. My friends first ever visit rated it very highly in all aspects.

16 Jan 2012 06:34

Royal Artillery Arms, Highbridge

Well finally popped in for a quick pint, whilst driving through the area. A very warm welcome and a free selection of nibbles provided by the various locals I believe.
Tried the Goats Leap very nice indeed, the locals drinking a variety of real ales, all of which were on.
A real alers paradise i think, well at least 30 people in there when I left,not bad for a Sunday afternoon.
Will be back.......

16 Jan 2012 06:24

The Crown, Wychbold

Visited on the 15th december last, was told it was a Marstons house but, didn't see any of there beers..Although the real ale Redbreast was a good drop.
There it ended, the pub food of the plastic card menu dire. The Gammon and pineapple was a pink rasher coated in black speckles. The sticky Chicken crown was the size of a sparrows kneecap, and the poched salmon had been blitz in the microwave leaving the edges fairly rock hard. Basic food fayre not very well cooked and presented. The prices averaging 10 was a joke.
30 not well spent on food. one to avoid if food is your criterion

17 Dec 2011 12:02

The Royal Hotel, Portishead

Had a visit a few weeks ago the food coming from the kitchens look good and well presented. Real ales can be hit and miss but service good and good of the owner and staff member to go outside with their cloths drying off the seats and tables after a sudden shower. Beers can be pricey a mixed bag of clientelle.From what i've seen it's either busy or slack, but, a deluge of clients on sunny weekends.

25 Sep 2011 09:35

The White Lion, Portishead

This pub closed again,? shortly after my last review. and the new phone number cancelled. If the last comments from HOOP DOGG are correct then keep it shut

25 Sep 2011 09:27

The White Lion, Portishead

Passed this morning to note a poster in window stating Pub temporarily closed????

There new phone number is Tel 01275-399790

25 Jun 2011 08:44

The Fisherman's Cot, Bickleigh

Popped in a couple of weeks past, had the chocolate bitter very nice indeed.
Staff and landlady still very pleasant and helpful. Sorry I couldn,t stop due to driving, but the summeres coming what a good reason to return..

15 Jun 2011 15:07

The Whistling Duck, Banwell

Passed a few days ago and this pub turned restaurant very closed down

15 Jun 2011 14:48

The Brewers Arms, Banwell

This Hostelry closes at 2-30pm, as do a lot of country village inns. Unlike some others and the chain fraternity. I fail to see what the problem was. I appeared there the other night with a couple of friends and it was an very pleasant time and busy to boot.

And the 3 different ales we consumed were all in fine fettle.

One must respect the rules of the inn as laid down by the current licensee, just like any other busisness.

26 May 2011 14:43

The Brace of Pheasants, Nr Dorchester

This place has been on my places to visit list quite sometime. The miniscule hamlet of Plush, with it's thatched roofs and a Dorset pleasure. The Brace of Pheasants turned out to be all it says a quaint very old pub, spotlessly clean. I looked in on the 4 double bed accomodation at the rear, better than some hotels I'd stayed in and, at 90 a night a steal for this area. I sampled the Copper Ale and, the Flaxted Manor both from the barrel and clear as a bell and very tasty. The food is restaurant prices but, then agaiin It's of restaurant quality and, worth every penny. The service by the 3 nice ladies was spot on, doing everything from pulling pints to clearing tables etc. Tables were already booked on my arrival and, a staedy stream of clientele appeared untill 1pm, when it exploded into almost full capacity the beer garden also. A very pleasing and friendly atmosphere was the order of the day, which made for amn excellent day out, if your an aler or foodie or both like me, youve' gotta go here

1 May 2011 08:57

The Brace of Pheasants, Plush

This place has been on my places to visit list quite sometime. The miniscule hamlet of Plush, with it's thatched roofs and a Dorset pleasure. The Brace of Pheasants turned out to be all it says a quaint very old pub, spotlessly clean. I looked in on the 4 double bed accomodation at the rear, better than some hotels I'd stayed in and, at 90 a night a steal for this area. I sampled the Copper Ale and, the Flaxted Manor both from the barrel and clear as a bell and very tasty. The food is restauarant prices but, then again it's of restaurant quality and, worth every penny. The service by the 3 nice ladies was spot on, doing everything from pulling pints to clearing tables etc. Tables were already booked on my arrival and, a steady stream of clientele appeared untill 1pm when it exploded into almost full capacity the beer garden also. A very pleasing and friendly atmosphere was the order of the day, which made for an excellent day out if your an Aler or Foodie or both like me, you've gotta go here.

1 May 2011 08:42

The Windmill Inn, Portishead

Popped in a few back with an old friend, In all honesty the refurb is a good testament to th esituation and location making full advantage of the views. This apart just another pub, didn't see much change on the meal front and or menu, apart from the obvious price rises, but there you go still full nether the less, with all maner of people I'll give it 5 for the refurb and views but, not impressed by the rest of it.

29 Apr 2011 15:32

The White Lion, Portishead

Now closed again????????????

29 Apr 2011 15:27

Royal Oak, Clevedon

Clevedons Gem.A must for all serious Alers. A pub how it should be . The quaffing of excellently kept Ales, with good socialising,and excellent hosts. A warm welcome is the first thing you get here followed by the well kept Ales. Light snacks i.e pannini's etc plus the usual crisps/nuts. It's pub of the year 2010 proudly adorned and very well deserved. You can read by the other comments that this place is not a flook. A stones throw from the promenade,and situate where all serious drinkers would expect to find it.

26 Apr 2011 15:02

The Gardeners Arms, Cheddar

With regards to my previous comments and a mention from TOnto. I speak as I find at the time of writing, not what or can be. I have been coming to my family in Somerset for over 30yrs and lived here for over 5yrs. I have worked as a chef/pub landlord and in the food industry for some 30yrs.The comments on this site are purely opinions of the individual at the time. I to have visited places and found the situation totally different from the comments placed. If people wish to make their mark great but, not to the demise and derision of others, past present or future, let them do it in a proffesional manner that befits the trade. And on their own merit. As for being local I didn,t on previous visits see many locals or read of their comments. It would also be fair to say that the "priors" menu taste was not everyones cup of tea. It was different.! And a welcome change in my opinion from the deep frozen stuff I used to send out from the warehouse, during my days with Scottish/Newcastle. enough said....

23 Apr 2011 08:34

Sidcot Arms, Winscombe

Perched on the hillside above Winscombe, the exterior is being overhauled but, the food and service from the excellent staff at this Brewers Fayre is wonderful a real pleasure compared to my experience at their (Gordano Gate) establishment, to which I have already commented on.
I would reccomend a visit to the Sidcot Arms, and, for somone who is not really a chain pub man this praise indeed well done.

24 Mar 2011 15:52

The White Lion, Portishead

Now open again

8 Mar 2011 14:18

Gordano Gate, Portishead

Typical chain pub, dowdy and tatty with cloudy real ale, I had the spitfire on this occasion. More staff than customers it seemed., The fish and chip meal was a farce, turned out to be a battered plaice which was dry and uninviting. I opted for the large yorkie with liver and onions, No large yorkie but 3 smalll as a substitute, a meagre portion of powdered mash and garden peas the liver came topped with an almost rare rasher of bacon. The Liver itself and I do not jest was a 3x2 inch offering covered in onion gravy. what a rip off, have alraedy written complaint to Brewers Fayre. One to avoid i would say judging by the drink and food

8 Mar 2011 14:16

The Royal Oak, Hillcommon

I am saddened to see that this kind of wordage has arisen on the site.
We must be fair, we are all entitled to our opinions, I shall be trying myself the rebranded pub and, will make due comment. I myself value the comments made on this site, I may not agree with some but, there you are.

15 Jan 2011 08:44

The Gardeners Arms, Cheddar

Paid a lunchtime visit prior to the xmas festivities and, alas Nick and jo no longer there. There no heating on and the present incumbents swanning around in Fleece jackest. The service from the lovely barmaid/waitress was very good the food well presented but, definitely nothing to shout about as was the Ale. My vegetarian dish was just some frozen veg in a whitish sauce. My how a pub can change and for the worser. What a sad day for the Gardeners.

9 Jan 2011 14:54

White Hart, Congresbury

First pub visit of the new year, so opted for a Sunday Lunch,Only Pork and, beef on, Pork still cooking. the roast beef dinner was nice, well presented a little stingy on the vegetable front. We where the only two people in and this was the same when we left just after 1pm. The pubs still want too and, do charge ,s for a pint of squash and still looks like insipid water. With the meagre vegetable offering and see through squash let the occasion down. think it;s changed hands since my last visit.

9 Jan 2011 14:43

The Hob Nails, Tewkesbury

Very busy place indeed and extremely well patronised, was given guidance from a local who also helped us get a table has we had not booked. We were found a table within the time it took to purchase a round of drinks and shown to it. the bulk of the meals, Sunday was a very good carvery, which everyone seemed to go for. for the time we were their it was a constant flow of people. The drinks were on form as well, my Jouster providing an excellent lubricant.
The place was very clean and a log fire going also, geared p for the restaurant clientelle in the main, could use an area for social drinking but, all in all a pleasant time had by all..

12 Dec 2010 18:19

The New Inn, Blagdon

A return visit back to the New Inn, and just as good as all the other visits I have made in the past. I still reel a bit about the prior comments, so maybe Blackthorns right. Just a one off sour grapes comment.

The only place in Blagdon for me anyway

11 Dec 2010 08:51

The Bridge Inn, Yatton

Had the unfortunate task of taking a pensioner here, despite my telling him what it was like. But' he found out the hard way in the end. Pile it high and serve it cheap. and in this particular case lukewarm

9 Dec 2010 15:38

The Queen Adelaide, Blagdon

Tried this pub now with an old friend who had been there in the past, He said that it had been cleaned up and enjoyed the experience. Have to agree wih some salient points in Blackkthorns review. And, for me find the doing of paperwork and laptop on the go whilst the clientelle are there very off putting and bad organising.This was situate in the bar area adjacent the kitchen which made it appear a No Go Area.The lack of table menus didn't go down well with some people that came in. The blackboard seemed varied and, crowded. My Butcombe came aok but, the head soon disappeared.On the food side, this came piping hot and of the homemade type.The Dauphinois were turning grey/black needs to be fresh made the potato choice chips or jacket otherwise.All i all a favotable offering but for me over priced for what we had and, whats on offer in other parts of the county.

11 Nov 2010 05:03

The Poacher, Portishead

pub closed

3 Nov 2010 14:43

The White Lion, Portishead

pub closed

3 Nov 2010 14:42

The Allerford Inn, Allerford Crossing

Made a return visit after a year or so, seemed very quiet and new staff the carvery still on but, today had a change ordered the fish,chips peas and salad.
What a nightmare. compared to the fish i'd seen 12 months before????.
A small fish overcooked batter on one side and, under cooked batter on the other. the chips/bits as well were awful and, the salad was just a few mixed leaves dressed in what tasted very much like a curry dressing. I speak as I find and, I find this a disaster.. I noted the roast potatoes being refilled and they were swimming in oil as they were being put on the hotplate..Definitely a swing for the worse on the food front for me..very overpriced for what i had considering the food was from the bottom of the frozen food range.

3 Nov 2010 14:39

The Royal Oak, Hillcommon

Had a meal in here sometime back now with a friend and both food and drink was very good and well served. I have been today with the same friend and find that it is still as before, albeit they are closing for a refurb, I found on both occasions that everything as alright indeed and, compared to a lot i have been in very good.

1 Oct 2010 15:40

The Black Horse, New Haw

This a proxy vote on behalf of my long time drinking friend and his partner, who are currently holidaying in Surrey. He's a biot of a conniseur on the cottage pie, god bless his cotton socks, and has txt me to say to the place is a big thumbs up and 10/10 for the pie. Who am I to argue..

21 Aug 2010 20:15

The Plough Inn, Wrington

It's been quite a few years since I last visited this place. And what a pleasant surprise. Been done up without loss of character. Good ales and wines on offer.
The food although a little up market/restaurant level, price wise were well founded as my Gammon/free range eggs/Bubble arrived. Top notch I've eaten a few gammons around the area this year but, this is the best so far. The place seemed well patronised and the staff and service we found on the ball, most friendly and helpful. I shall definetly be going back. To sample other delights on offer. A big thumbs up from me. Another Somerset Gem

11 Aug 2010 16:48

The Drum and Monkey, Clevedon

Called back here again today with my Wednesday Luncher as he were under the weather. We tried the 2 x courses ffor 9-00 good value, He had the soup which he said as delicious and, I the pate. (the only 2 diners in also) at 12 noon gone.
The pate was straight from the packet fair enough, the salad garnish over dressed.
We both opted for the posh fish and chips, and, if I remember right from the Menu. " Fresh Fish and Mushy peas". I doubt the fish was fresh from the taste and, would have to say that the greasy battered portion that arrived looked grey and tasteless. The mushy peas were a dried up garden pea and mashed. again the salad was iver dressed. I did note a couple of new chefs, whom seemed to like to parade around the pub than the kitchen. The presentation of the food was otherwise good. I had, high hopes for this place a few months ago, bur now am not so sure.

4 Aug 2010 15:29

The Bridge Inn, Yatton

This is the 2nd pub of this chain i have tried, and quite some distance apart.
Both on the decor front are dire and well worn, The best point is the prices are very cheap for what you get but,the processed food that arrives is bland tasteless and, both my occasions lukewarm as is the staff. Geared up for families and food to match. If the food was good then the prices would be a lot higher, having said that my pint of greene king was AOK untill i started on my food then it went flat as the preverbial pancake. one to avoid i think.

28 Jul 2010 13:58

The Crown Inn, Churchill

A real old fashioned Ale shed, but must agree needs a tarting up retaining the olde world charm. Both drinks and food I've had here good. Could see this place as a goldmine done up all round,and upgrade in the menu. Apart from that still a good watering hole.

28 Jul 2010 06:40

The Old Post Office, Wem


27 Jul 2010 06:45

The Albion, Wem


27 Jul 2010 06:44

The Willeymoor Lock Tavern, Tushingham

Overpriced pub grub, and tatty interior, should be better service food etc for the prices. Basic rump steak 11-50 little or trimmings, poor quality for the price.Several people have said it was not a good place to eat,and I can see quite clearly why

15 Jul 2010 14:22

The Nelson Arms, Churchill

My friends and I paid a visit a week or so ago, and have to admit it doesn't seem to be doing as good in my opinion. Two ales where not avaliable and the chickens for the carvery were still being cooked, which limited the choice also, the soup a tasteless green liquid, The plates appear to be the same scratched to death ones as before. Also noted there had been a price drop in the carvery meal, which is also another sign?. All in all one gets the impression that they are just money takers, service and goods mediocre.

14 Jul 2010 06:33

The Clock Tower, Clevedon


14 Jul 2010 06:09

The Red Cow, Brent Knoll

Made a welcome return to this pub with friends I took a few years ago, whilst they were on holiday. I'd heard a rumour it had changed hands but, this proved to be incorrect. The place was heaving the night we went in and in full swing etc. For me and, my friends everything was has good has it ever was and, we had the usual good time. Another Gem. good allround food/drink and very consistent.

8 Jul 2010 20:06

The Ring O Bells, Wookey

My friend and I ex wookian, paid this pub a visit,a nd were told it was under new management of the last 3/4 months or so. We found the drinks aok (Henrys). We feasted on Lamb Henry and the rump steak. very presented and cooked and, enjoyed. Can see this place taking off if this is anything to go by. We shall be returning in the not too distant future.

8 Jul 2010 19:58

Brent Knoll Inn, East Brent

Well, what I consider one of Somersets little gems. as Blackthorn states it is a very welcoming pub. My cohort and I had the Gammon steak, very nice and well presented, nothing seems to much trouble here. We were worried at first being the only ones in but, by 1 of the clock the patronisation started. mainly steaks from what we saw, which looked good also. We sampled the Otter ale and it was rightly on Form. definetly one to go for and a must try if nothing else.
My mother and sister are going there Saturday also so why not spread the good news.

30 Jun 2010 18:29

The Queen Victoria Inn, Priddy

This was my pub of choice today, although still olde worlde, it's in need of a good clean. Locals and barmaid still as friendly and, ale in fine fettle. But, that's it then, we ordered the Priddy burger and the Butcombe ale pie with new pots. At 8-95 for the pie albeit i could smell the ale in it, I expect to get the pots I ordered and, not saute and a Dam sight more veg than just a large spoon of peas.The priddy burger must have just sneezed at the stilton topping and, no side relish appeared.The chips were of differing shades of brown, the salad was grossly over oiled and the only local thing on both plates I would say were the meats. ? Poor presentation all round. Lets face it a nice place to go for a drink but, that's it

23 Jun 2010 14:47

The Drum and Monkey, Clevedon

Three of us popped in here yesterday for a quick light lunch, strangley enough we each ordered a Jacket potato A)cheese and Beans B) tuna mayonaise C) coronation chicken. Sad to say, that the 1st) disapointment came cheese no beans albeit this was corrected and apology given. 2nd on the same potato, was full of blackeyes, considering this had been cut open to melt the cheese over can only be described as a blatant oversight. 3rd) The toppings of the tuna and chicken were very meagre as was the side salad that accompanied it. The 5 plus for these items was surely OTT in the least. So now have to mark you down. Try asking or ensuring that meals served are adequate and up too standard.

23 Jun 2010 14:38

The Queen Adelaide, Blagdon

I think it is now closed

16 Jun 2010 16:43

The Queen Adelaide, Blagdon

pub appears closed

16 Jun 2010 16:42

Gardeners Arms, Alderton

Can't fault the pub and it's environs. Good selection of real ales and a nice selction menu wise. But after 3 pints of daffodil a 10oz steak meal and treacle sponge pudding i expect to be bulging especially at these prices. My son had the char grilled lambs liver and the 2/3 miniscule pieces were a nonsense really. over all well presented and cooked but not enough for the price. The service was hit and miss and we waited a long time considering there were very few people about. Another case of get the portions/prices right and you have a little goldmine. not a greed mine

3 Jun 2010 17:29

The Combermere Arms, Burleydam

Remember this place from a few years ago before the refurb. Couldn't say much then and even less now. An overpriced experience in all aspects. Over 5 for a pub dessert is ridiculous. The over extensive menu means poor quality and minimal portions. One to avoid.

24 May 2010 18:50

The Wellsway Inn, West Harptree

First time i found this place it was closed and, looked like being in a state of refurb. That was quite some months ago now. Drove passed today but, ended totally confused, is it a pub/a restaurant/hotel, who knows a chalked sign saying closed today, and, plenty of paper signs saying private functions only.

19 May 2010 16:16

The Ring of Bells, Compton Martin

Tried the gammon here today along with the Butcombe blond,Have to admit it was the best presented and served gammon i've had in the area and, plentiful compared to some overpriced ones i've had. old style pub, quite large but as the previous writer says it doesn't feel/seem it. So i shall go back and try something else. So a thumbs up for me.

19 May 2010 16:12

The Fox and Goose Inn, Brent Knoll

I wrote here as you can see in April last, we had a surprise visit of relatives and, for ease we decided to go to the Fox/Goose. We arrived to find it fairly empty on a Saturday lunch and a noticable absence of atmosphere, although the staff were cheery and pleasant. A couple opposite had alraedy complained about there meals and duly left most of it and the building. We ordered the cod/scampi/ foxys chicken/sausage mash. 6 meals in total. the drinks were all fine. The scampi run of the mill, the foxys chicken seem to be enormous 2x butterfly portions each..The cod was a small skinned 10oz affair and not worth the price. the sausage and mash dire really definately not worth the money and you couldn't taste the apple or cider in it. The mash tasted like cold baked potato mashed and heated. what a let down, after the previous visit, didn't see the chap we met before either. The lunch ended by a bar person clearing whilst a member was still eating and, to top it all another bar person on the other side of the said member started spraying the table next to him on the other side. All in all a disasterous experience, compared to the last one.. A big thumbs down..

16 May 2010 11:09

The Castle Of Comfort, East Harptree

Visited wednesday for the first time. Quaint olde worlde pub, quite large in some respects.Young but pleasant enough staff, altjough at one point they all seemed to disappear.We had a fairly long wait for our food, although not busy,it was good plentiful and well presented, but let down by the black flecks of the griddle. The beer selection was good and tasted very good. I was informed by my friend that the gents toilets lacked drying facilities were small and not very clean.

13 May 2010 05:30

The Heathgates, Shrewsbury

Return visit some 12months on and, although the building is still somewhat dowdy and in need of refurbishment the service and the Sunday roast i had were really good and topped off with a complimentary pud all in for a 5.
It's good to see people who really try and are not pretentious and try to bluff there way around. This place is more than worth a try,see through the dowdy interior and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

10 May 2010 14:49

The Rose and Crown, Huish Episcopi

A pub goers dream is eli's. popped in there recently after a long absence. A good job done after it's minor disaster. But you got to admit it. it is a friendly place and does good pub grub. lots of, off the cuff entertainment etc, and very well patronised.And it's clear to see why.

6 May 2010 18:06

The Wyndham Arms, Kingsbury Episcopi

Had a very pleasant and well cooked sunday lunch a couple of weeks ago. the real ales have always been decent here. But have never seen the place full. A nice village and pub,well worth going. Can't say really anything bad in my visits or experiences. Perhaps the locals no better ?.

6 May 2010 18:01

The Watchfield Inn, Watchfield

Have heard varied and differnt reports over the years so gave it a try myself. The building although old is somewhat dreary and dowdy, although we did have a very friendly welcome from ye hosts.The food was well cooked and presented but, not what i would call brilliant. although there seemed to be some bargains on the menu and specials board, i thought the price of the baked pots were a bit ott. It didn;t say come back soon or call again to me, but there you are. The pint of Boddingtons though was 1st class. So not all doom and gloom.

6 May 2010 17:57

The Fisherman's Cot, Bickleigh

went here on saturday last to see hoe it was doing after a year or so spell. i found the staff very helpfull and what appears to be a new landlady very pleasant indeed, nothing seemed to much trouble. drinks and food all passed very well indeed from our small party and we were given a cream tea although it was not the times specified on the menu. All in all a good experience.

26 Apr 2010 18:57

The Railway Inn, Sandford

What a welcome change in this pub. A massive differnce from my first ever visit. The staff were very helpful friendly and efficient.It was quite busy with a few reserved tables. I had the Thatchers dry followed by the porter, both very good indeed. I had the somerset pork meal in between, which i must say tasted excellent and, really the best one i've had in somerset so far, I was very impressed and must say shall return with party in tow.

14 Apr 2010 17:52

The Fox and Goose Inn, Brent Knoll

It's been a good while since my last visit here,and the party and i ventured in. not much change in the decor, but still pleasant enough for a comfortable drink/meal.The 3 meals went down a treat and we were offered more vegetables and, i were even offered more of my Kleftico should i wish it. Nice drop of bath ales.and, the service was pleasnt from all concerened, the owner even had time to thank us and wish us well on leaving. Have to admit can't say i've had a bad meal or drink here.Since this guys been there.But our party was well pleased all round.

7 Apr 2010 17:17

The Queens Head, Stow on the Wold

First ever visit last sunday on way back from the north. Liked the atmosphere and drinks/service etc straight away. Booked a table for the Good Friday lunchtime after recomendation from the staff and, was not disappointed, excellent pub grub/drinks/service. Has it says just a pub. No tv's,pool,blasting music. It was a treat to sit and chat/converse with the staff and, regulars all very friendly.And, enjoy good pub food. A real treat was had by all our party and, we shall of course return, but when the tourists are not quite so over taking. Well done the the Queens Head. full marks from me and the party.

2 Apr 2010 17:36

Dards, Cudworth

Visted this pub a week ago and what a dump?. Blasting out music a number of nefarious characters lurking about. Cleaning is not a priorty here. avoid at all costs, is my opinion

1 Apr 2010 14:55

The Waldegrave Arms, Chewton Mendip

returned some 3/4 months later and, have to say everything is as good as before. Friendly service and, atmosphere good food and, good ale. Always seems to be consistent all round . A cracking pub

31 Mar 2010 16:34

The Three Horseshoes, Brierley

I last wrote and visited Nov 2008. Have returned as i said and, were surprised, i tried the pork chop and the pan fried salmon over a couple of days, and it was a pleasure on the plate and, tasty to boot, presented in fine a la carte style, the service was good also, as were the beer, (john Smiths). The only downside was two of our party tried the baked potatoes, which were over done and burnt on one meal. A simple complaint to the waitress fell on deaf ears when she asked how our meals were. The rowdy beer swilling cavalcade of drinkers adjacent the eating area, let the side down. not the sort of thing you want when your having a plesant meal.This apart a fine improvement

29 Mar 2010 15:41

The Plume of Feathers, Shirley

crown carvery, have been to several up and down the midlands area. found this one to be the best and HOTTEST so far.My only gripe is the double price on sunday for the same meal all week?.

29 Mar 2010 14:40

The Failand Inn, Failand

Some 9 months on see's a return to this hostelery.Noticably fewer customers and a glance at the expensive pub menu tells a story. Overpriced pub grub. I opted for the specials board namely the Irish stew with roll.The stew was as dark as plain chocolate highly peppered/tasting strongly of Bouquet garni,The waitress commented how dry my meal looked and, promptly returned with some gravy. The roll a warm ciabatta.? Having had the real thing on numerous occasions this was a blatant disaster. My fellow diner opted for the steak pudding peas and Mash. The peas were over cooked and, wrinkled and, the pudding under/overcooked, the under cooked part being left. Bet the cook didn't even realise it.So one to avoid................

3 Mar 2010 17:32

The Two Henrys, Battlefield

Returned some 12 months on, 7pm Sunday eve, full of parents with children.Not a good start to the evening.Still can't understand why people pay OTT for run of the mill pub grub,As before the real ales are still on the cold side,and staff just milling about. It's nice to be kept waiting with 20 pound note flashing, because their chatting is more important.We asked for a bottle of coke and were slung a bottle on the bar, i asked for a glass which through the Barman, a glass for the coke, My partner asked how she was to drink it, from the bottle was th e reply.were in our 50' 8pm the place was devoid of kiddies and by 9pm of most diners.10pm we were given last orders.Having popped up from Somerset for the weekend,this place was a bad mistake to meet and greet friends. Correction a bad mistake fullstop..Mind you i am biased when i go out for a social event i want to listen to my companies offerings, not those of some Jukebox/Plasma screen and screaming kids..

2 Mar 2010 07:39

The Woolpack, St Georges

Tried this pub again after a long absence. Surroundings and service are ok, but still don't see what they are trying to acheive here. Our table presented 3 x carvery and 1 x pork and stilton pie. At 7-95 for the carvery i expect to get freshly roasted meats not some day befores reheated stuff.The veg combination was neither here nor there. The potatoes roast off the carvery were like rubber and the new pots that came with the pie bland and tasteless. The pie itself had no taste of/or hint of stilton and the 4 meagre pieces of pork that lay within were a nonsense. The quality for the prices was dire. There are better offerings around and this is not one of them.................

20 Feb 2010 17:38

Langford Inn, Lower Langford

well almost a year since my last visit and not much change. Cobwebs still lurking on high. The service was dire slow and 2 of the young girls didn't seem to want to be there,if you get what i mean. We had to deliver our order to the bar nafter giving up waiting for the waitress.we'd already waioted 10mins for the menu etc. we all opted for the 2x course for 7.95. Roast turkey came without it's stuffing yet appeared on other meals served at other tables, also the roast pots on our had seen the better side of fresh i.e frazzled.the other tables fresh. the veg was hard and the carrots were of all different thicknesses (WRONG).The plates were stone cold also.Staff enthusiasm and service were slower and duller than silver citizens that adorned the place. Main menu top prices and if the basic menu is the standard. don't waste your hard earned.

10 Feb 2010 21:38

The Drum and Monkey, Clevedon

A little over 1 years since my last write up and visit and, wasn't very good then.
I have too say in all honesty that i was amazed on my entry, to be greeted and ushered to a table and told that they would take my drinks order also. My party and i ordered bothe drinks and meals, Drinks arrived promptly and were good. The meals arrived piping hot well presented and very tatsy to say the least .An excellent repossed was had by all, and can say i found this a 100% + improvement on my last visit. well done chefs and staff all round can now see why your busy again. although i suspect the previous incumbants are no longer there. I shall now start making visits back here.

3 Feb 2010 15:38

The Brewers Arms, Banwell

Another visit to this pub for ale and food. Seems to be the place to go in Banwell,as the others are now mainly a restaurant (whistling Duck) and a kidspub (Bell). Great all round atmos and good ales and food served here, with consistancy. An excellent location down church lane within a lovely setting.Everyone i speak too have always very good comments and vibes about this place so am not alone. Todays visit was just as expected and as a;lways shall continue to return whenc in the area.

30 Jan 2010 17:06

The Plough, Congresbury

revisted today and can only say that their seem to be little or no change from my first visit. so reallyn cannot add much,although i would have expected an improvement in the food quality, as i note the prices have increased. if your going to charge high make sure the quality is there also, not just a bigger portion.

27 Jan 2010 17:48

The Ring O Bells, Hinton Blewett

Back again to this excellent pub. A fine pint of Butcombe followed by yet another excellent lunch.

25 Jan 2010 17:51

Hunters Lodge, Priddy

Excellent untouched pub, just what the area needs.Visited on many occasions when passing always a warm welcome /good pub fare and ales/ciders etc. Everyone i have taken always comment very highly.If olde worlde pubs are your thing.this is the place for you

10 Jan 2010 13:57

The New Inn, Blagdon

Having read the comments below ha prompted me to write again since my August offering. All i can say is that i have since been twice to this pub since then, My meal of local lake trout was very good indeed,and latterly ith partner in tow we tried the beef and ale which was also very good and plentiful.But at the end of the day people can only speak as they find and, if there findings are such as those written here,there is a problem with the pub, as consistency of good quality and service should be the watch word.

23 Dec 2009 13:59

The Priory Hotel, Portbury

It's been a couple of years now since trying this large establishement. Didn't rate it very highly then and, the same is even lower now. Nothing seems to have changed decor wise,neither the menu really. went for the safe option as we were in a slight hurry Fish/chips (whale on the menu) 2 X scampi the mea; arrived wrong save the fish/chips so whilst my mother ate, sister and i waited..The seasoned chips are a rip of,just cheap frozen fries with pepper on the garden peas alla normal and, the 9 pieces Scampi although looked large were quite small on the inside.My mothers fish was oil soaked batter and tasted awful another cheap comodity when the skin is left on. All in All very basic pub food, highley priced and, if the pretencious crowd keep going in it won't change.More of a place to be seen rather than food/drink orientated. The entrance was a carpet of cigarette ends and the xmas tree a cobwebbed bridge to the ceiling. A thumbs down and, probably another 2 years before i go again.

19 Dec 2009 15:50

The Battle Axes, Wraxall

visited a few weeks ago friend in tow. They were doing a carvery for a 5 but, this was for only one of ther 3 meats on offer add 1 for each subsequent meat.Well cooked and tasty,but you can't get away from the large imposing building in need of major refit/repairs. we were the only customers the hour wwe spent in there from just after noon. only one real ale on and, not best kept.
Pub not really one to shout about, so no need to break yoiur neck getting there.

14 Dec 2009 18:10

The Waldegrave Arms, Chewton Mendip

Already onto my 3rd review of this pub as one can see as the previous scribe has alteady confirmed what i've saying for a while now.Went today the real ale in fine fettle and the meals /service /etc just as good .This is my stopping of point whence in the area

2 Dec 2009 17:30

The Fleece Inn, Bretforton

Excellent write ups, so on one of my Jollys deided to give this a try,Lovely old charm pub with a wealth of antiques and history,And a good range of real ales,But, thats about it really, service quite good and pleasant.The open fires belching out smoke into the bijou rooms. The food is what seems to be a cross between pub grub trying to look al a carte.The chef must have a penchant for sweets as the acompanying sauces and salsa's were very sweet indeed,portion sizes not large. The homemade burger didn't look 6oz it claimed on the menu and ,the bun although well done was on the stale side/dry.The chips weren't of very good quality.And the new potatoes with the other meaals were minimal as were the veg.Get the food right and you have a goldmine, sadly though just trading on it's laurels.

27 Nov 2009 16:13

The Battleaxes, Wraxhall

Large sprawling building with equally large sprawling interior,Somewhat tired both in/out. Not much in the beer offerings and the real ale i had was on the cloudy side. The chef had been there some 29yrs,we tried the carvery as advertised for 4-95p, this is only for one meat selection though and, the choice was Pork/Beef/Turkey all were well cooked as was the veg these were spot on not under or over cooked liked most carveries. The hotplate was minimal but i suspect this was to reduce wastage and as we were the only ones in 1200 till 1310 probably a good move,Another plus was that although the building is large it was warm and inviting and the radiators were doing their part,unlike a few i could mention. A well cooked meal none the less.

27 Nov 2009 05:53

The Albion, Portishead

It's been just over a year since i last viisted this hostelery. Looks just the same although didn't notice any TV screens, the background music still there and, a bit loud. Had a good welcome from the current incumbents (i assume). I tried the Hunters chicken came well presented and tasty, my only critic being a little too much dressing on the salad and the chips need to be crispier. A nice pint of the Green King IPA. my party were very highly commenting on the food/ service/ etc, a thumbs up all round. If todays sample is a yard stick i'd say it was surpassing the Windmill. well done i shall be back shortly to try something else. Hopefully not a fluke..well done all the same.

24 Nov 2009 16:44

White Hart, Congresbury

6 months on and, a return trip for the Sat lunch. Although 1st patrons in the place was very cold no heating on of any sorts as we could determine. Now laid up with table cloths so obviousley geared up fot the foodies although the Ale selection is quite good. On the food front the prices have crept up into the higher price range,for pub grub. We had the Turkish meatballs/Sausage and Mash/Cod and chips with garden peas.The meatballs were packed tight and just tasted of Turmeric and definetly not fresh.The Sausage was dry and had been pre-cooked probably a day or so earlier.The Cod was no special taste and had it's skin on,this to a chef tells me it's of the lower price scale end of purchasing and the garden peas, i pulled out 2 pieces of stork and dried out pea skin,this again from the lower end purchasing scale.All in All, if your going to charge top wack for your food make sure you've got top wack on the plate.Customers are not stupid and notably can see why in my last 2 visits this place has been on the empty side .

21 Nov 2009 15:14

The Allerford Inn, Allerford Crossing

Have now made a few trips this pub and, have seen and, heard comments on various meals. An extremely large salad appeared once on a nice hot day,looked very tempting and the the Jumbo cod looked the part also, in the main the majority of the people i have seen going for the 5 carvery.and the place has been well patronised.As for the plastic menu comments,some restaurants do SET menus others daily specials,plat de jours,or focus on there particular speciality.or even a variety for the area.Thats the way of the marketing world,but then again a lot better than your chain pubs selling overpriced microwave food.How do i know i used to sell it to them and yes they still go in these places and think it's brilliant. However this place is a lovely setting and not crowded and has it's niche in the market place.

20 Nov 2009 08:23

The Fox and Goose, Bristol

A roadside pub,with passing trade is what i could see when i visited ,a small but varied clientelle. However the service was good and the place clean, My food was very good well presented and served.Ther's a slight view of Bristol and the lakes from the back dining area. and it's a bit of a ramblimg building but aok none the less.

17 Nov 2009 04:01

The Windmill Inn, Portishead

Went today first time in a few weeks. yes they have done a lovely job when it gets totally finnished on the building and, a change of long overdue furnishings.
But, have to say the prices food wise have gone up somewhat and ,the quality is definitely not there for the prices charged.We ordered a fish/chips with salad ( instead of peas) and were served it without the chips,so that went back (couldn't see why they just didn't bring a bowl of chips).The peas on my sisters small cottage pie were a shrivelled mass.I had the tuna/mayo sandwich with came no mayo on the tuna and a blind man must have cut the segments,one large /one small and the salad was obviously a day old at least the tomato a shrivelled up mess the lettuces tinged brown.I originlly used to rate the food/drinks/service here but it's going down the pan now and, has a previous writer has put," just a Trendy hangout with prices to match," and i agree. There are excellent places for food and cheaper if you fancy a nice short drive into the countryside...

7 Nov 2009 14:31

The Gardeners Arms, Cheddar

Sorry to hear about Blackthorns experience,but must re-iterate the views of others as i travel round a lot of pubs in the area and, by standards the majority have tired interiors/dirty toilets etc and seem to attract a certain clientele.Personally i would much prefer this sort of arrangement and formality. It's reassuring to know that there is somewhere you can go eat/drink and reccomend without fear or favour.Have tried several of the offerings within this pub and taken various visitors and gusets and all have commented very highly and must say have never been let down in any respect.when you consider the service and surroundings of the majority of pubs today,we can certainly be thankful for the Gardners 10/10 for me everytime

28 Oct 2009 20:04

The Burrington Inn, Burrington

The place as applied to become a hotel and not a reastaurant according to the Chewton gazette. What next

21 Oct 2009 16:22

The Whistling Duck, Banwell

Passed by here today. Is this now Seasons restaurant???????????????????

21 Oct 2009 16:20

The Butchers Arms, Bishop Sutton

Well what can one say taken over 11 months ago with new lease owners.The place is very tired and looks like a village hall with most of the furniture around the walls.The welcome was friendly enough but there it ends.The food was dire compared to whats on offer in the surrounding areas. One to pass by.

21 Oct 2009 16:18

New Inn, Priddy

Nice welcome and good service, clean and inviting on the Priddy green which gives it a quaint rustic setting.If anything i would say the food is of a decent standard Pub fayre and in retrospect,probably a 1.00 or so on the wrong side of the pricing mark.Nothing exceptional but, worth a visit none the less

14 Oct 2009 15:43

The Bell Inn, Caerleon

Nice old world inn,with rear garden terrace pity this was spoilt by a large koi carp water tank.Looked warm and inviting the building that is. The specials board had sausage/bubble squeak/etc on at 8.00p.On perusing the menu the prices were steep,you can get a michelin starred chef at these prices over the smoke.So did not avail of the dining experience which these prices should afford.I probably suspect that this place is one for the executive person and or other persons who are prepared to dole out the high prices,but not me alas..

8 Oct 2009 20:00

The Royal Oak, Ellerdine Heath

If your looking for a good real ale pub in this neck of the woods this is the place,used it weekly when i lived there,well kept beer and not overpriced in fact compared to some in the area under priced.Used to get chocker in the Summer and this is the reason on for Alers..

8 Oct 2009 08:56

Lamb Inn, Lower Weare

Nice large pub with clean interior,very pleasant welcome.My friend and i sat down to eat, after ordering the Beef and butcombe pie and, for me the large portion of scampi.Both meals well presented and large,very good value for the money.A simple menu with pub basics and a few specials.But well worth the visit.It was quiet when we went but, filling up nicely on our departure.well done

7 Oct 2009 16:05

Railway Inn, Shrewsbury

This pub has been a favourite of mine for years,even when i lived in the area i gave it regular visits. This is what a pub should be.. cracking Ale,conversation,darts and dominoes still prevail as do the doorstep sandwiches.If your an ardent Ale fan you will know and have heard of this fine watering hole,even if you haven't been.

6 Oct 2009 08:38

The Albion, Wem

update to the last write up on the 2nd Oct last. I have since heard from my wemonian friend that yet again there is no beer and the present incumbants are leaving this week,

6 Oct 2009 08:31

Horseshoes, Tilstock

Another proxy offering but, am pleased to say that via my Wemonian friend this place is still doing well. I am reliably informed that the Ale is still just as good from my visit in Jan.And look forward to a visit whence in the local again.

2 Oct 2009 11:45

The Castle Hotel, Wem

Another proxy review via my Wemonian friend.This place is not doing to well either and, the filthy state of the toilets is such that my friend went home.No towel/dryer/soap and the smell apparently something dreadful.And thats just the mens.Not much change from my visit in Jan save to say it's getting worse it seems

2 Oct 2009 11:40

The Albion, Wem

Having to make this review a proxy, one as i now live down south but, have it on good authority from a Wemonian, that this place is sinking, on 2/3 occasions now there has been no bitter to drink and, not many clientelle either.The New management team seem to prefer languishing upstairs, rather than try and make ago of it.Sounds like someone else parted with cash for the lease and,now the inevitable is due.

2 Oct 2009 11:36

The Queens Arms, Bleadon

A lovely old charm pub full of character and, spotlessly clean.Had a warm welcome from both chef and barman,who were both very helpful and chatty.My friend and i ordered the homemade Faggots and the homemade Pork balls from the specials board. And we were not dissappointed a well cooked and well presented meal.My friends Butcombe albeit shandy looked on true form. A very worth while experience and another of the little gems that adorn Somerset.We shall be back with other members of our circle to sample the delights of the Queens Arms well done a nice little 10.

30 Sep 2009 14:49

The Hobbs Boat Inn, Bleadon

My sister and parents were asked if they were locals once visiting this place,for a Sunday lunch,being from wsm and clevedon obviously didn't cut the mustard,so no entry gained.?

30 Sep 2009 07:16

The Catherine Inn, Bleadon

Unless you like it piled high and served none too cheap and peoples screaming children ,this is the place for you...

30 Sep 2009 07:13

The Waldegrave Arms, East Harptree

Despite the previous reviews ,eventually went and tried the place for myself .Nice setting olde worlde place,and then it's all down hill.
We made the mistake of sitting in the bar next the entrance door,amazing how many people do not close the door in/out and the smell of Ciggarettes wafting in didn't enhance the food experience.Spanish omelette and a ham,eggs,chips.although the ploughmans we saw looked well presented.Our meals Spanish omelette nothing special to look at or taste the ham did have a warming and a honey taste which i like and the salad garnish well dressed,the frozen chips run of the mill,So on the food front nothing much to shout about at all save the prices (up).And pub of the year 2009 one sign boasted.The J2o's were expensive also.The Draconian service by the one member of staff was painfully slow,even when a rush came in the service was not improved.(still just one person).My partners coffee never arrived and we were amazed to see too people who had just entered the pub given coffee's,Ours did not arrive so we paid and left.All in all a very basic pub experience on both food and service fronts.If your going to charge for high service and goods make sure you can back it up.On a final note the cofee can filled with mustard that came with the meal tasted very much of soap.It's a thumbs down for me..

26 Sep 2009 16:40

The Crown Inn, West Harptree

Tried this place today, my friends Butcombe recieved praise and the two meals alla Gammon & rump Steak were typical pub grub but, well presented and cooked and good value for the money,nothing was left anyway.The place was clean and tidy,and wouldn't think it a food pub had it not been for the signs and the menus,never the less an enjoyable experience.

16 Sep 2009 16:03

Man of Gwent, Newport

What an experience,the inside decor is neither here nor there.The slow service from barmaids,Tables still left with dirty crockery on.The Menu was just a freezers dream albeit fairly cheap.Meals purchased whilst i were there,were left half/or uneaten,as were some drinks.The Menu i picked up on several tables were filthy and stained or sopping wet,end of story...

16 Sep 2009 15:57

The Woolpack, St Georges

I tried this pub quite a while ago and made several visits with the familly over the past 12 mths.We went for the carvery in the main,but have to say wasn't a come back soon experience.If i remember right i was charged 1-90 for my sisters J20,so all though i am writing this very belated i trust that this was an error,but have to mention the barmaid did assure me it was correct.Usual pub fayre on the menu.I wonder if there have been enormous improvements.

11 Sep 2009 14:32

The Bucket and Spade, Weston Super Mare

This is a large what some would say is a plastic pub, Alot of children milling about the Friday i visited.This was my 2nd visit in the past few months,and have to say that i am not overboard with either the drinks or food,wouldn't go out of my way to get there, but obviously geared up for and used by Famillies.

11 Sep 2009 14:26

The Black Horse, Clapton in Gordano

Since my last visit have taken my partner and uncle on seperate occasions to this fantastic pub. I did not say anything but let them make their own minds. Both said it was a top notch watering hole, and doing food aswell albeit basisc bar fayre which looked the business.Never let down down here in any respects, a must visit for the hardened Aler.

11 Sep 2009 14:21

Blue Bowl, West Harptree

A large pub just up from the chew lake,seems to be doing a bit of everything. Several people like myself struggled to gain entrance to bar as it was covered with a fly screen.Didn't try the food but, spied the Menu,seemed a bit pricey nothing out of the ordinary.Enjoyed my pint of Spitfire, and was informed the John simths was alright.Open all day,the interior was a bit dark.Didn't say come back again to me this pub but there you are.

11 Sep 2009 14:16

The Crown Inn, Churchill

An ale drinkers Gem,an old worlde pub in every sense of the word,Didn't try the food,but could have stayed there all day.Will go back to try the food offerings.
The previous reviews say it all and their right on the button.

11 Sep 2009 14:09

The New Inn, Cross

Another little gem of Somerset,I had the ham eggs and, thick chips. must admit it was well cooked well presented and good value for the money,The service from the smiling barmaid was excellent and efficient,she was greeting, serving, waiting, checking all on her own.I was well pleased and enjoyed my pint of mermaid bitter also. My only comment would be that the musty smell on entry,some of the furnishings torn,and an annoying fly but,this was a hot day.apart from that i would say ditch the burger and pizza side of the menu.all in all i'm still giving them a 10,well done...

9 Sep 2009 16:04

The Masons Arms, Rudgeway

Well i popped back with mother and sister in tow and friend .
Like it or loathe it ,The carvery seemed to be very popular indeed,people queing before and during service.You couldn;t cook it yourself for the price.Have been on 3 seperate occasions and it's still the same.So if you fancy a carvery at 3.50 this is the place to be.

4 Sep 2009 07:13

The Smugglers Inn, Dawlish

Go too the Smugglers everytime i'm in the area.been going for a few years now and this place does it for me. Always have the carvery as it's plentiful and tasty and well set out.can always say that it has been busy each time i have visited. The staff are pleasant and efficient and make you feel at home.

3 Sep 2009 14:23

The Carew Arms, Crowcombe

A nice old building,only marred by the varied styles of time, both in decor and furnishings.Have heard several reports on the place,mostly grim over the years,but now have tried it for myself.
I opted for the Somerset pork pie,after checking with chef it would be about 20/30mins just going into the oven now, no probs there.1 hour later the meal arrived although substantial the pie was luke warm and didn't appear to have just come out of the oven,the veg was overcooked and in the main a bland experience. A fresh baked pie it was not,and this for me has dampened my opinion,it is below average and a very long way to go,as was the Exmoor bitter complete with cloud

2 Sep 2009 15:23

The Rodney Stoke Inn, Rodney Stoke

All that glitters is not Gold is the saying and this is certainly true of this place.
An extensive menu with a mish-mash of styles inside.And what seem to be over-inflated prices for standard pub food. This aroused my suspicions and the first meal out of the kitchen was sent back under cooked gammon. My party and i ordered the Golden Goujons Platter, the Mexican Platter, and a cod and chips. My overpriced suspicions were confirmed on the arrival of the food The deep frozen 8/10oz cod spoke for itself..The Mexican platter was just a chilli con carne served in a deep fried tortilla. the Golden Goujons platter was deep fried chicken in batter, this consisted of 6 pieces of uniformed minced chicken reformed into a shape along with the chips salad etc. I'm no mug and will not pay a la carte prices of 9.95. for minced and reshaped any type of food.This is an absolute disgrace. needless to say i shall be reporting my findings to the relevant governing bodies..The food here is no more than highly processed deep frozen, made to look fancy on the plate and A la carte prices charged for it.
If you value your hard earned,and are hungry avoid this place like the plague.

1 Sep 2009 14:49

The Clock Tower, Clevedon

This pub is open and what a dive

29 Aug 2009 10:01

The Ring O'Bells, Ashcott

Returned after a 12mth respite and with my Welsh partner in my mother/sister. Today we tried the oldspot sausage and mash,my sister opting for the braised steak in red wine.Yet again thumbs up all round,we can safley recomend the good quality food of drink, and have not been disappointed in any of our visits.

22 Aug 2009 19:40

The George Hotel, Wedmore

currently closed

19 Aug 2009 03:48

The Sheppey Inn, Lower Godney

Made a viist last week arrived too late for food but just in time for drink,Good to see the Thatchers now on and refreshing too on a hot day,The landlords been there about 3/4yrs now, and has made some nice transformations,looked like he was building a small stage over the river outback in the lovely patio area.

19 Aug 2009 03:42

The Piercefield, St Arvans

Very nicely decorated pub, clean and inviting. Had a good welcome from the Barmaid Karen who was very efficient,informative and polite,as were the other two young girls i met before leaving.My pint of Brains bitter was very good and the ploughmans good also, although my butter portions were still a bit solid. If there was a downside i would say it were,what appeared to be the Manager/bar supervisor,who really only appeared to lord it over the rest of the staff.Oh and why do they always put rubbish hand dryers and cheap toilet paper, in these places.Apart from that had a good experience and would try again..

19 Aug 2009 02:47

The Whistling Duck, Banwell

I couldn't agree more,with The Final Arbiter.This is taking things a bit too far after seeing this i didn't bother at all.There are excellent pubs around with good quality drink and food for a third of these prices.And some of them have wonderful settings to boot.Will i be trying,well got to the carpark and that's it for me.

18 Aug 2009 11:16

Bath Arms Hotel, Cheddar

Fair do's had a decent pint,courtesy of my pensioner friend,Not fond of tv's in pubs anyway,and am always wary when i see a sign saying Breakfast at a pub,i don't want breakfast i want a good pub meal.My friend and i didn't try the food.
but overall impressions fair if you want to drink,not my kind of social centre.

18 Aug 2009 11:07

The Galleries Inn, Cheddar

Always seems to attract the visitors.I dropped my mother and sister of for a lunch,and of i went. They said that first impressions ok and they'd had a good cup of coffee.The meal according to them was nothing to shout about,but nice all the same.

18 Aug 2009 11:01

The White Hart, Cheddar

Tried this place last year and wasn't very impressed then. But did pop back to see how things are going. No change at the oval as they say?. Always looks inviting on the outside but, once inside a different story.Menu looks half decent,but just run of the mill in the end,there weren't many takers for food on my visit,so i declined myself.

18 Aug 2009 10:56

Riverside Inn and Restaurant, Cheddar

Having passed this place on numerous occasions, on visits to Cheddar i at last the other week decided to pop in. I can't say i was impressed ,it looks and feels like a tourist pub,with the hint of minor trouble lurking in the background. Service and the drink i had was fair,but didn't fancy trying the food,so all in all not very impressed.Place could be a goldmine in the right hands.

18 Aug 2009 10:51

The New Inn, Blagdon

Another little gem of a pub, excellent couple of pints of wadsworth 6x great meal of locally caught trout from Blagdon lake,Add to this an excellent reception and service by staff and beuatiful old world interior,with a car park and beer gardens overlooking the blagdon lake itself.Yet another wonderful find well done..

12 Aug 2009 15:20

The Live and Let Live Inn, Blagdon

pub closed yet again

12 Aug 2009 15:16

The Seymour Arms, Witham Friary

My guest and i arrived to find the place brimming over with people,and a few nationalities savouring the delights of this old world hostelery.Met up with some old faces in there locals that is, had a great chinwag catching up on times past.My guest was amazed and couldn't believe the prices..1 pint medium cider.1 J20 and 2 pkts nuts 3-50p .And all the charm you can drink in..

10 Aug 2009 03:19

Hunters Lodge, Priddy

Back again for a visit during the Summer,to show a friend the delights, place filling with tourists all taking advantage of the lounge and beer garden.I as always in the bar smashing pint of Butcombe straight from the barrrel and a couple of cheese/onion rolls, packet of your plain,what a treat..My guest more than pleased with the visitation.what more could anyone want ....

10 Aug 2009 03:13

The Kings Arms, Litton

Now re-opened but the initial local paper reviews not very good so may or may not give it a whirl

1 Aug 2009 15:12

The New Inn, West Town

Pub clod forsale sign up

1 Aug 2009 15:08

The New Moon Inn, Biddisham

Pub looked closed with a forsale sign outside

1 Aug 2009 15:03

The Lamb Hotel, Axbridge

Sorry to disapoint the Final arbiter,but my impression to day Sat 1st Aug not so good.Yes ok? olde worlde place,the Butcombe was very nice indeed, but as for the friendly welcome,were was it,the Barmaid/Man looked as though they were attending a funeral,i dropped a couple of jovial quips,to no avail,the waitress was the nearest person i saw and spoke to with anything like welcoming..And the varied couples of wine drinking locals,with there pretentious hats on was something else..I tried the famous pie meal nice and substantial but at 10 quid it should be and wasn,t anything to write home about, And on leaving, a couple of the pretentious said oh good we can have our seats now..I know were my friend and i can spend the next 35 quid,and it won,t be here, enough said.........

1 Aug 2009 15:01

The Packet, Cardiff

Like this locals pub always pop in when in the area,and always had a good pint of the local Brains tried the bitter this time round very nice indeed,was pretty full the thursday i popped in early evening.

31 Jul 2009 19:30

The Gardeners Arms, Cheddar

After trundling around gwent for a few weeks with a friend i have there, i offered her the chance of lunch at the gardners, For someone who really likes their food this would be yet another test.For me no worries at all..Nick and jo in fine form as ever in all respects.My friend was amazed and ate and drank everything,having just paid 50 at the Celic Manor for evening dinner recently in Newport,she really was surprised..Although these two places are poles apart the gardners pulled it of again,the reviews say it all.....

30 Jul 2009 07:57

Otter Inn, Colaton Raleigh

Visited by my mother and sister recently they were well pleased and enjoyed all there meals that they had,my sister having a steak rare thing there but,said it was perfect,they also said that they enjoyed the service and atmosphere and found it very popular place to be.all round they gave it the thumbs up and scored 8/10

25 Jul 2009 17:48

The Miners Rest, Long Ashton

a traditonal olde worlde pub quaint and welcoming i really liked my butcombe and liked the stillage of ales on the side.tried the ploughmans a large were the other meals in our group.. easily a couple of pounds cheaper than the norm,although they looked abit amateurish they were tasty and plentiful i would say a little too large.but that's no bad thing,,all in all a good place to go as the other writers comments state and would agree.

25 Jul 2009 17:42

The Mitre, Shaftesbury

Food looked good from what i saw but obviously a bit pricey and capturing the tourismo market.Although the place was vitually empty at just gone 2pm with just a couple of locals popping in for a quickie,enjoyed my pint of cornish bitter.The hill climb to the loo,s didn't bode to well,and the scenic patio seemed to be the smokers haven..the pub was clean and service with a smile,but wouldn't break my neck to get there.It should have been buzzing with tourists considering it's locality to one of the most adoring sights in that must mean something..

25 Jul 2009 08:51

The Bell Inn, Leigh on Mendip

Have made a return visit to the Bell and found it to be under new owner/managementship. You can see that changes in the decor are under way and at least a dozen or so people in there this lunchtime. A young chef and friendly bar staff..Lunchtime snacks menu looked inviting all under a fiver,although i found some other known pub dishes a bit pricey..i.e the Lamb shank 10..I look forward to going back when the transformation has taken place,and nice to see someone has taken an interest and trying to make a go of it..Having seen it before and now a definate, directional improvement..

14 Jul 2009 17:28

The Strode Arms, West Cranmore

Almost a year later and back at the Strode and just as excellent as before first class pint wadworths 6X and the beef hash/chips /salad a dream.. my friend went for the wiltshire Ham/eggs and what a portion...As can be expected here, tables were already reserved for the lunchtime sitting and, it's quite clear to see why..Just go and sample the Service/Ales/Food worth every penny in my mind..well done the Strode...........

11 Jul 2009 15:54

The Royal Oak, Hillcommon

the royal oak went in the other day and found the place to be very clean and well set out for diners.had 2pts of the Cornish Tinners very palatble,ordered my food tried the sausage and mash,found it to be well presented well cooked and tasty,if i had any qualms on this my first visit i would say that a bit pricey for sausage and mash as there were no vegetables served with it,this apart a above average meal.

8 Jul 2009 10:56

The George and Dragon, Felton

Gave this one a try with a friend, wasn,t very welcoming,a few i assume locals sitting in the hallway,giving unsightly glances. Has though we shouldn;t be there..we tried the finest cod dinner, the fish was very good,but marred by the tinned mushy peas and the 3/8 cut chips no salad or garnish and 8.95 no wonder these places are going down. Service with a smile is not this places forte mediocre pint of John Smiths.Don't think i'll be going back,i wouldn't rush to get there

23 Jun 2009 01:32

The Allerford Inn, Allerford Crossing

Bigger than you think from outside,but a nice setting and very well done interior. I found the place to be light and airy and plenty of space between tables,The young staff were efficient and polite. The Menu's seem to range across the board from pub to restaurant style standard and price, with something for everyone. I found the over 50's menu idea a nice little touch,although the majority of us in there today were over 50. I enjoyed my carvery meal as we all did in our party of four. yes i'll go back and try something else,but not the high price end,these prices i expect in a Pukka high class/michelin staring type restaurant. Additionally i must agree on the portion size also

16 Jun 2009 15:14

The Failand Inn, Failand

2 pints of Theakstones bitter flat and not very well kept, Four of us sat down for lunch,Pork chop/steak kid pud/steak mushroom pie/veggie chilli.The pork chop topped with sliced tomato and grilled cheese,nothing special and not much taste to the pork.Steak pud had been microwaved,so that half the pastry was dry and inedible,steak mushroom pie looked good,but let down by the gravy grannuled sauce placed atop.Veggie chilli was something you could do better at home,came with 2 different boiled rices plain,and a very pale looking yellow,which i assume to imitate pilau rice.Place busy with 2 coaches and very speedy meal service.All in all just pub grub cooked from frozen with exceptions,to me not apertising and overpriced at an average of 8-00p.certainly wouldn;t go out of my way to go here, Have read and heard mixed reviews about the place,better places around for the money..

9 Jun 2009 15:07

The Gardeners Arms, Cheddar

Another Saturday see's i dragging the crowd,well 3 of us to the Gardners again.
Able to go with the full and confident knowledge of a good meal/drink/and service.
Yet again 10/10 and no qualms whatsoever, i personally tried the Salmon in Filo pastry, a dream to look at and, a delight to eat well done once again.

6 Jun 2009 15:03

Greyhound Inn, Staple Fitzpaine

Good looking pub in nice location,Then it's all down hill,The plethora of wall mountings and beams were coated in dust and cobwebs,quite a contrast from ground level.The wine very nice ,the 3 courses that followed were an overpriced disgrace..

My breaded white bait was dark brown and, jumped of the plate when attempting to put the fork in,It's salad was something i'd just purchased from the supermarket exactly the same and no dressing.

The Greyhound Paella was a yellow gritty stodge adorned with 3 prawns just defrosted and laid a top, 4 see through slices of Chorizo,and 8 small and varying sized chicken pieces..oh yes some peppers and onions.

Summer fruit pudding and custard,it was warm on the outside and icy cold on the inside,was this another microwave job....

I told the waitress about the paella but, nothing came of it,on paying the begrudged bill the landlady i assume asked about the pudding i told her and she commented that it had just come out of the fridge, Did you pour your custard on it,no i did not and i'v left it for you to see.

Results.. this is very below average cooking with sky high prices,nothing was obviousley tasted and checked before leaving the kitchen, perhaps the cook should be checked and leave..Dire experience for the price

1 Jun 2009 07:06

The Ring O Bells, Hinton Blewett

Well as promised made a return visit, 4 of us this time,a scorcher of a day.The same cordial welcome,and nice to see a Range of Salads on the menu/specials board.I opted for the dry white wine,the others the preverbial Shandy hot day wasn't it. 3 Salads and a Quiche later,thumbs up all round again.The Devonshire Ham was a dream..By 1300hrs the place was filling up inside and out, and easy to see why.Always worth the effort to get there,well done...

31 May 2009 07:02

The Kings Arms, Litton

This pub according to the banner sign outside,is to RE-OPEN in June this year 2009.

25 May 2009 06:47

The Ship and Castle, Congresbury

Popped in for a quick drink and, looksy.Have to say well overpriced food. I would like to see a classic trained chef at these prices..Obviously done out alright, Need to canvass the area and get the marketing right????
Better to sell 20 steak ale pies at 10 rather than very few at 14.This old selling addage is Food for Thought

16 May 2009 15:09

White Hart, Congresbury

First time in over 2yrs or so since i went here and wasn't very pleased with any of it..Have to admit this time was a much better experience. Had a couple of nice pints of Badger followed by the Calfs liver lunch and, Blackberry and Apple crumble. Pigged out there then.. Must say a lot better all round with local produce at the fore front, definitely going in the right direction....

16 May 2009 15:00

The Anchor Inn, Hillfarrance

Went here today for lunch,looks a very nice place with all the land and, presume it is a Hot weather goldmine..Had a couple of nice pints of the Exmoor,considering i was the 1st one in. My friend and i settled down and, ordered the Anchor pie, a handsome portion and, very tasty with choice of veg and, potatoes.Clean inside and,a function room plus accomodation.About a dozen or so locals came in whilst we were there and, all very chatty and polite to two strangers amongst their midst. All in all an enjoyable experience..

14 May 2009 21:31

The Brewers Arms, Banwell

The clan re-appeared for lunch and, once again not dis-appointed. Still going for the Cottage pie myself, noted a few tasteful additions to the Menu, which i hope to try later on. Excellent couple of pints of Doombar.As the Final Arbiter says this is a GREAT PUB and an excellent host..W'ell keep coming back..

5 May 2009 20:33

The Rose and Crown, Huish Episcopi


FRIDAY 8th MAY 2009


entertainment by THE GENTS


1 May 2009 15:34

The Red Lion, Draycott

Popped in here today, after passing the place many times.Bang on 12-00 noon .
Clean and fresh although the decor is a cluttered feel one end modern the other. 4 seperate meals and,4 thumbs up. A good plateful with several veg portions on each,We tried the Red ? real ale and it was very refreshing and tasty. All in all a very nice experience. Free wry humour provided by the landlord,and a Visitors signing in book on the bar,with very favourable comments indeed.The place was filling as we left,no doubt to take over the reserved tables in there. we shall be back at some point,to savour the delights.

25 Apr 2009 16:26

The Masons Arms, Rudgeway

A bargain for 3.50p.I arrive around 11.30am and, sure enough the Carvery was there,looking very good indeed.Started off with a pint of the Cornish bitter,a bit to cold for my liking but, O.K nonetheless..
The Carvery boasted ,Gammom,Turkey,Beef, I opted for the turkey and my mate had the Gammon. Fair enough it was dressed with a frozen yorkie and stuffing ball,as were the Garden peas and, green beans but the cauliflower cheese and fresh carrots went down alright Also new potatoes and Roast potatoes..In all honesty i can say for the price/quality it can beat some i know at 7/8-00..The place itself was lovely and clean,together with helpful attentive staff..It,s got to be the bargain of the century,it was pretty full as l left..Will be back to get mother and Sisters approval.I know the answer already....

21 Apr 2009 16:55

The Ashcott Inn, Ashcott

Have made another sojourn to the pub and, found it very much as before.the new people seem to be doing alright. Meals and, drinks as before,saw a few more diners in there last visit and, drinkers in the top bar area,

20 Apr 2009 08:38

The King William, Catcott

Hoping to get in here one day,my last 2 attempts Failed but, only for the fact that Birthday parties had booked in for lunch. Looks very inviting from the outside,now it,s had a refurb,so with luck next visit should prove positve,looking forward to it.

20 Apr 2009 08:28

The Burtle Inn, Burtle

Have visited this pub on several occasions over the past year or so, and ,everytime you can gaurantee to see/find fault..Went for the carvery once,only to find there was little or nothing left,so opted for the other menu,This was slow service and,overpriced child sized portions on arrival.Previous meals were of similar vain..I was chased round the pub once and asked for the drinks money although i had paid.Luckily i had kept the receipt that they are fond of handing out..I could go on...Passed the other day and, saw Tapas signs displayed outside..says it all,not to mention i was given a Flyer "Eat as much as you like" The original and best in Somerset..Are those pink elephants flying passed..Pub Food conoisseurs should try the Packhorse at Mark..Drinkers what about Eli,s Huish episcopi for old world charm..and local brews.I shall continue to drive past...

20 Apr 2009 08:18

The Rose and Crown, Huish Episcopi

GREAT NEWS FOLKS...just heard from Maureen at eli's AKA the above pub..

OPENING on the Friday 7th MAY..

So get yourselves along there and, start enjoying what youv,e been missing..

19 Apr 2009 19:02

The Druids Arms, Stanton Drew

Very old world pub,run by a Nottingham/Rotherham Lass and, equally nice Barmaid.Made very welcome and,served with a smile...Liked the old photo,s of the pub,going back in time..Nice pint of Butcombe.The meal was a fair sized portion and, very tasty indeed.Four different meals and, all received good did the varied drinks.I shall be going back,to try the Lamb shank,yes i know these are pre-done but, the lengthy cooking time being required ,this is acceptable...Nice looking Omlettes also..A place unspoilt by time and progress.......

18 Apr 2009 16:11

The Pheasant, Wookey

Went to go in this place the other day,after a year or so review March 28th 2007...
I was surprised to see the carpark empty and, what seems to be now some sort of chain food pub in place..These i don,t use,so did not go in.
The comments i can only say from experience of other chains read about right,in my opnion.
How come such a good place can be brought down to it,s knees so quickly.
Sounds very much like the, cheap service/drinks/food sold at a high price?
The only survivors this day and age is Quality,, not fast bucks..

13 Apr 2009 08:28

The Harvest Moon, North Newton

Visited just recently and, found the building closed at 11-50hrs,some lights on but, no sign of life.So unable to gain access and,try the food and drink.Looks a bit out of place,a modern built pub in an old village setting..A glance through the windows didn,t really inspire..If your in the selling game you have to be open to do it,even if it was only a coffee and, or the chance to have a look round and browse the menu..Maybe give it another whirl,but with so many opening early in the good weather etc,could be along time..

12 Apr 2009 15:40

The Woodborough, Winscombe

Gave this impressive looking pile a try,The car park full,but alas no one in the pub,Has been refurbished to a high standard,and is very clean and, inviting.
My Butcombe came crystal clear and a nice froth,although the 2nd pint clear,but not as good..Some of the prices were very high,considering the standard of the food,mainly processed/frozen.I don,t mind paying,but to pay top dollar for pub grub that is mediocre is a nonsense..There are better offerings around and ,doing it fresher and cheaper..The menu a hopscotch of countries. If processed food is your forte ok,but sadly not for me..

7 Apr 2009 15:52

The Admiral Benbow, Shrewsbury

My friend and i gave the Benbow a licking,let my hair down tried 3 different brews,all in fine fettle to say the least,never been disappointed here yet

31 Mar 2009 17:15

The Inn on the Green, Shrewsbury

Newish type build pub on large estate,seem to try catering for everyone,but didn,t feel very comfortable in there.wasn,t impressed and hardly anyone in,could that be a sign..

31 Mar 2009 17:12

The Heathgates, Shrewsbury

Tried this pub out on a recent visit to Shrewsbury..What a waste of time ,under recently new management i was told,All i could see,was some barmaid struggling,and the new managers hob nobbing with mates..i was informed the food was ok,but the plate of roast i spotted was swimming in gravy,and didn,t look very apertising,the beer was yuk..

31 Mar 2009 17:06

Langford Inn, Lower Langford

popped into this pub,after seeing an advert in one of the local papers,Liked the beer,and the food wasn,t shall we say ,"yes i,ll come back".but above average,what put me off was the stream of smokers,nipping through the dining area,to the outside,for a puff..the wafting of stale ciggarette hitting the nostrils as they returned put myself of the meal,so for me that was a big let down.Not to mention the draft from the door,as people used this as an entrance/exit also.

31 Mar 2009 16:10

Bell Inn, Banwell

Went to try this pub out not long ago,to find it was shut,I found out that they were closed untill 1500hrs.So carried on elsewhere, a few weeks later i happened to be driving by,and thought well, try it again,12.15hrs no sign of life again.There are plenty of places open here abouts,so thats where i shall be going when in the area,So, no show nil point...

31 Mar 2009 15:52

The Waldegrave Arms, Chewton Mendip

My sister wanted to try this pub,so having just been,made another journey.Liver/bacon.Roast beef..and a couple of steak and Ale pies,what a treat.Whats really got me about the Waldegrave is Fresh mash potatoes/and Boiled salted potatoes.Something trivial you may say,but what a treat,and why don,t many other pubs do the same..Everything as good as before,once again well done

31 Mar 2009 15:43

The Plume Of Feathers, Rickford

Today ,i finally got here, having passsed it on numerous occasions.A great feeling was had ,as the lady writing the blackboard,had the Knowledge and confidence to declare the source and cooking method of the food..The Doombar and Butcombe preceeded,with thumbs up allround,closely followed by the HOMEMADE gastronomic feast,"pub lunch" 1 x Ham egg chips.1 x Beefburger,and 1 x Onion tart etc,all were excellent i know, i tried each and all.And Homemade a truer word ever spoken.Local and fresh just what the real pundits of public house gastronomy want..Thumbs up all round,well done.....

24 Mar 2009 15:03

The Miners Arms, Farrington Gurney

This pub is now an Indian Restaurant,or it was when i passed a couple of weeks ago

16 Mar 2009 10:35

The Nelson Arms, Churchill

Some 6mths have passed,and a return was on the cards.Although everything seemed to be the same .The Butcombe wasn,t a great shout,strangley enough..
Opted for the Carvery,and found the meat,i had the Pork/Beef had very little taste..My friend pointed out ,that there appeared to be more tables than before,and looking around at the sardine of people in there,did make me ponder..After doing Carveries for the ammount of time they have ,i think it should be improving on these comments,not going backwards.or stagnating..this being the case i think complacency has set in..

15 Mar 2009 22:28

The Rose and Crown, Huish Episcopi

Heard today from Maureen Sunday the 15th March.that all being well should be open again 3/4 weeks time..Looking forward to it.and the Big opening....

15 Mar 2009 17:59

The Rising Sun, Lynmouth

Made areturn visit too this lovely pub,with friends in tow.Excellent pint of the Fox Ale and the Exmoor,Full marks on the Beer front.The Food was just as excellent,and well worth the price,and excellent service all round,Just as good as my first visit some months previous can,t wait to go back,,,,very soon.well done the Rising Sun...

15 Mar 2009 17:53

The Waldegrave Arms, Chewton Mendip

Another gem of a find,,very friendly welcome,spotlessly clean,A lovely country pub..good, but small selection of real ales plus the usual array..The food was first class,local and fresh as a daisy.I saw 11 different meals appear in 30mins and all looked good,there were only clean plates anyway,My trio,s meals arrived 1xroast beef dinner..1xLamb caserole..1xTuna steak,all were well served ,well presented and well worth eating,a big well done to the chef..Thumbs up all round.. If you haven,t tried this place your missing out...will we be bet!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

10 Mar 2009 15:14

The Crown Inn, Winford

For a pub in the nowhere region,it certainly got busy as i and the entourage were leaving..We had a very good chatty welcome,from the new Hosts,who have only been there a couple of weeks or so.The real ale selection was good and was the food good sized portions,Steak/kidney pud..homemade steak/ale pie...homemade chilli co carne,all received very reviews..The only qualm for me,would be to replace the chips with homemade or higher quality frozen steakcut ones..Apart from that, the old world decor looked nice,and would say that this going to a good eatery/drinking place if the first 2weeks are anything to go by,,well done good start....

7 Mar 2009 15:39

The Drum and Monkey, Clevedon

A surprise, but quick visit by a relative saw my Mother and i being taken here.It still has no great shakes for me.We were given Menus,and told that the pub had changed but still in the same familly..When it came to the order giving,albeit in part due to the complicated menu,it was like a Catherine Tate sketch..The prices don,t reflect the Quality,and is.. from what i saw and ate,just run of the mill pub grub..Food lukewarm at best,and it wasn,t busy either..If you can,t produce a 5.00 meal i certainly,wouldn,t pay over 10.00 for some of the items on the menu...I think this was and is my final time at this hostelry...and from the preious comments i am not alone........

6 Mar 2009 02:24

The Three Tuns, Silverton

Popped in here again today with familly in tow,Mother saying it,s been 4 yrs since we last came,i didn,t mention that i had popped in,on my way back from Exeter some months prior..Anyhow i digress.We all partook of the sausage and mash dinner.Mine host informed me that it was even better than it used to be,and it was,first class,well presented,well cooked and well served.This gem of a watering hole,does wonderful homecooked food,and it is well worth the effort,to get there,good ales on tap,make this a visit and half,full marks all round here..And also we were directed to the chicken shack down the road,to purchase some of the local delights ,another worthwhile trip.Visitors to this site,if real ale/homecooked food are your thing, then add this place too your list,it,s a must....

3 Mar 2009 16:41

The Ashcott Inn, Ashcott

Have now made a visit tlo this Hostelery,and found the incumbants and staff very pleasing,smiley,and Talkative.Our three party entourage,settled for the otter beer,which were excelent crystal clear,and tasting great.We opted for the specials board,2xham/egg/bubble and 1xhomemade fishcake.all very nice,and well presented,not an overfacing meal..good clean surroundings,and the place seemed to be filling up,as we departed,but all round good show...

28 Feb 2009 16:05

The Ring O Bells, Hinton Blewett

Well finally made it to this pub and was not disappointed.excxellent ales/drinks and the food was all that i had been lead to believe.Spot on in all aspects,great reception and welcoming atmosphere.well worth the trip, of the beaten track visit to go there.3 seperate meals ,3 seperate AOK,s thumbs up all round..Yes a first class olde worlde place to be seen and eat. We shall be going back and doing battle with the rest of the clientelle.albeit quiet at this time of year.Go along and enjoy yourselves the Pub/it,s Food/the surroundings a real Mendip Treat......

10 Feb 2009 18:33

The Kings Arms, Litton

Would viewers note,that info i have received as of today state that this pub is closed and has been since November 2008..having visited today the pub was indeed closed............

10 Feb 2009 18:22

The Kings Arms, Litton

Would viewers note,that info i have received as of today state that this pub is closed and has been since November 2008..having visited today the pub was indeed closed............

10 Feb 2009 18:22

The Plough, Congresbury

First ever visit,nice olde worlde look/feel,and good welcome..Saturday lunch,by about 12-20 at least 15/20 patrons.We sampled 4 different pub meals,and would have to say,it was pub grub,above average and can get better.Good selection of real ales etc.Open fires and little nooks to hide in,all makes the ambience alittle more cosy,I can see us returning to try something else,and would have to say they are definetly,going in the right direction,,My only qualm..ceiling cobwebs need to be removed.but thay apart,it,elooking good..

8 Feb 2009 20:45

The Gardeners Arms, Cheddar

Some three weeks ,since sampling the Gardners.i return with mother in tow and a close familly friend,who was a native of the area.He was more than pleased.and commented very highly,in all respects.Another 10/10 rating from our table,I,ve never been afraid to reccomend,and i certainly reccomend the Gardners,But do not take my word for it,Go and try it for yourselves,you won,t be dissapointed.and hard pressed to find fault..A litle gem....

3 Feb 2009 22:26

The White Lion, Wem

Didn,t even bother going in

21 Jan 2009 20:08

The Castle Hotel, Wem

Another pub i Walked in and Walked out

21 Jan 2009 20:07

The White Horse Hotel, Wem


21 Jan 2009 20:06

The Old Post Office, Wem

Walked in walked out,enough said

21 Jan 2009 20:04

The Raven Inn, Wem

Well refurbished pub,bright light and airy.didn,t try the food,there were only four people eating,We drank one of the real ales and must admit was very good,finnished of with a couple of Brandies,nice to see that someone remembers too warm the glasses first,and also were aksed if we would like to dine, another plus point overall a very pleasant welcome..

21 Jan 2009 20:02

The Albion, Wem


21 Jan 2009 19:57

Horseshoes, Tilstock

New owners have put there mark on this pub,with advice from my drinking partner,they have really cleaned the place up.It is now very inviting with open log fires,it was evening when we went,and a few locals were in full flow.I went straight for the Theakstones,very nice indeed so had to try another two.I can see this place doing well under the current owners,nothings too much trouble..

21 Jan 2009 19:55

The Bridges, Ratlinghope

Well Summer,came and went,but managed too get there with drinking partner in tow.Lovely welcome greeting from Jess the barmaid,still chirpy and efficient.Closely followed by Owners Bob/Maureen,who remembered me,and wondered why i hadn,t been for sometime,but now living 150 miles away realised,why...My mate had his Farmers sausage egg and chips,and took on the Farmers sausage and Mash both excellent reposts.There,s just something about a proper Porker(sausage).Well done i managed to quoff a couple of Woods "Big Nev" real ale still just as good.The accomodation as now taken off,which makes this placve ideal,for the walking fraternity.But not forgetting the DINERS/ALERS .Good all round pub,if you havn,t been ,your missing out,and don,t forgot the nighttime entertainment.1st class all the way here,but don,t take my word for it,,,,Go and see/try for yourselves....

21 Jan 2009 19:46

The Two Henrys, Battlefield

A fairly new built pub,of the green king chain,seems pleasant enough,but pub chain grub,i agree is run of the mill and bland.I treid the horseshoe Gammon,might aswell have done it at home myself,then it wouldn,t have had numerous black bits attatched,Dirty griddle plate.!The plate was cold and, the food luke warm,staff like rehearsed Robots.Not very impressed, had dark mild on,which i drink when i can,but problems trying to pour it,and why does it have to be so cold.English beers where never designed to as cold as there you have it,just another chain pub!!!!!!!!!!!

21 Jan 2009 19:30

The Gardeners Arms, Cheddar

I was given the question is there anywhere good to eat in Cheddar.YES i replied,and we toodle off,arriving early lunchtime at the GARDNER,s.Still we were welcomed,shown in side and furnished with a Menu.A good,yet not overcrowded menu,with something for everyone. Pies were the order of the day.
Ostrich for me,Chicken leek,and cottage for my mother and sister..The whole place looked olde worlde,and very clean.Homemade chips,came with assorted veg and the varied pies,good size portions,At last a pie with filling,well done..
All three received the thumbs up,10/10 i should say easily..3 clean plates tells the story,with my sister filling out the comments card,El Pronto..We shall be back of course,to try out other dishes.Well done the Gardners Arms Cheddar..

13 Jan 2009 16:45

The Rose and Crown, Huish Episcopi

Heard today that the pub was temp closed due too flood damage on the 13th Dec 2008..But everythings on course for a grand re-opening in the next few weeks or so,will keep the site informed/updated for the actual GRAND OPENING

5 Jan 2009 19:56

The Royal Oak, Portishead

popped in/out whilst in the area,nothing to shout about,don,t go to this part of town often,so cannot really say much,except that i wasn,t very impressed,but it,s only an opinion after all..

3 Jan 2009 22:01

Plough Inn, Portishead

I quite agree with last comments,yet another town center pub catering for a limited clientelle.a waste of a good pitch..customers going begging,but not in this direction

3 Jan 2009 21:57

The White Lion, Portishead

Not a place i would reccomend,in any shape or form,another town center pub that seems to cater for a limited clientelle,no wonder everyone i see walks straight passed

3 Jan 2009 21:50

The Royal Hotel, Portishead

well, now have popped back,but can,t say that my initial impression has changed,it was very quiet,considering the time of day,staff seem to appear/disappear as if by will,rather than hover in the background ready to serve.

3 Jan 2009 21:46

The Poacher, Portishead

The ales might be on form,from time to time,but having tried this place on various occasions,it fails to excite,the food i had wasn,t nothing too shout about,another dissater of a town center pub,pity with all that trade passing the door,and the market on your doorstep each Thursday,should be a goldmine...

3 Jan 2009 21:39

The Phoenix, Portishead

A town center pub that has gone the way,of the must have a drink at all cost way.not inviting,you would think they would cater for the masses that frequent the town center.not the other way round.but there you go

3 Jan 2009 21:35

The Wagon and Horses, Clevedon

For years now have passed this pub,on foot,in car etc,just does not appeal,as the impression i get from the outside is ,just like the existing comments,still won,t be going in..unfair i know,but such is life.....

3 Jan 2009 21:26

Regent, Clevedon

Go to the Moon/sixpence.that,s where this landlord is now.A few strange stories suround this closer i believe,wine bar/flats/hotel the list is endless

3 Jan 2009 21:20

The Clock Tower, Clevedon

Remembering my youth,a town center pub,was a great meeting place ,once the shopping had been done.Beer/Coffee/Food,what a nice treat.Unfortunately not today though,how sad..Grim and discerning the words i would use.You can,t stop change,but a least lets see it for the better.Have just read the pictorial history of the town center,my o my what a difference..Another one tpo bypass...

3 Jan 2009 21:17

Crab Apple Inn, Clevedon

This is a typical estate pub,been in pubs like this up/down the country,just the same everywhere,as previously stated overpriced and not good on food.How do these places exist,because they do not appear to be serving the public,that they were originally designed for..What else can one say???????????????

3 Jan 2009 21:08

The Bristol Inn, Clevedon

Tried this pub for food/drink..Guess what the best thing to do here,is close the place. Nobody seemed to give a hoot about you spending your hard earned on food/ale..An influx of suspect individuals,and so forth,tells the tale..Glad i walked out,,sday no more...

3 Jan 2009 20:52

The Drum and Monkey, Clevedon

Agree with the last comments,this pub food wise has gone greatly down mthe hill,and no one seems to care,having said that,having waited for my pint whilst they change the barrel,only to be told that they had run out altogether was a dissater,if friends and rumours are to be believed,i could fill the gigabytes with similar of dismay regarding this establishment,,A no brainer in all depts from what i can see/hear////

3 Jan 2009 20:42

The Moon and Sixpence, Clevedon

Went back to this hostelery as i said i would,and yes it wasn,t a fluke.with familly in tow and comments from friends we had reccomended,it was time for another try.We tried the soup/main meal special and were not dissapointed.homemade soup/cottage pie a rare treat,these days but welcoming and tasty to say the was the real ale/s ??.pleasure to go back and will continue to do so,at this rate..So if a pub lunch is your thing,this is the place to go,and the view is just over the road,or balcony if you prefer..

3 Jan 2009 20:33

The Windmill Inn, Portishead

It,s now some 6months since i last wrote,on the windmill,both familly/friends alike still like to seen,and eat drink there.From my observations there is not much too say, still a good selection of real Ales etc,today i counted 8?..+the usual array of other beverages and lagers ..the menu has changed slightly,but still offers 20+meals lightbites/.sandwiches in it,s selection.The service by the array of young ladies running up/down,is quick, pleasant,effecient,considering the busy place it always seems to be.I still say for the variety of food/ales it serves,the speed and quality,is the best in the area,hence why it,s always busy,this trend is set too continue into 2009,and i can see well why.well done to the staff and all concerned,at least someones on the right track..........

3 Jan 2009 20:21

The Brewers Arms, Banwell

Popped in this pub lately,as i was passing,tried one of the home cooked meals,cottage pie to be precise,lived up to the mark,and was well pleased. 3 comforting thoughts arrived whilst i were there,namely a couple who were visiting the local church and, kindly made a charitable donation,for use of the pub carpark.And two different chaps came in to place an Xmas meal order for 15 people,and a 25 person birthday party.Obviously the locals know whats,what..The John Smiths bitter i believe is to be withdrawn,but, with such good local ales,this is no hardship.A welcome visit and i shall be returning in the new year....................

22 Dec 2008 05:04

The Old Inn, Hutton

Tried this pub a few weeks ago,on my way into the town of Weston,Mid- afternoon,only a couple of what appeared to be regulars in,TV,s talking to themselves,expensive J20,s Placed looked clean and pleasant enough,didn,t go a bundle on the Menu,Their seemed be a hint of try our Burgers etc,,If i want Fast food,i would visit the trilion takeaways that are on every street corner..Not a good sign,that the Barmaid was suffering from the latest Virus that was going round..Why not pass this on,to the dwindling clientelle..enough said.............

22 Dec 2008 04:53

Hunters Lodge, Priddy

Been going to this pub for quite awhile now of/on,having become a resident of Somerset.Have taken other licensecees,relatives,friends and alers aswell,Everytime they have commented more than favourably,on this traditional hostelery.Totally untouched and unfettered,down to earth no nonsense pub.This Ale shed does what it was built for to sell Ales/pub grub,no frills just quality each time,A factor that many new fangled get rich quick at any expense pubs have yet too learn.Trainee managers should be sent to a pub like this to learn,rather than the couple of days training,and plethera of meaningless certificates,Highly recommend this pub if your a true Aler you,ll know and agree.....

28 Nov 2008 18:59

The Red Castle Inn, Harmer Hill

Good old fashioned traditional style pub,good real ales,good pub food,and does accomodation aswell.nicely situated,just outside Shrewsbury,and well worth the time to go for a meal/drink,gets busy on the Sunday lunch front,so best too book.....

24 Nov 2008 13:11

The George Inn, Lacock

Paid this fine old worlde pub a visit, at the begining of Summer?Well patronised,just managed to get a table,with the help of a waitress/barmaid,who whilst giving us the Menu,s took our drinks order.on return,took our Food order,drinks and food well presented and tasty,will be back,but must remember that Lacock can be very touristy and a film makers dream,aswell.Great pub none the less.....

15 Nov 2008 19:27

The Three Horseshoes, Brierley

Visited this pub after many,many years,picked up a relative who lives in the local,who,d informed me that it had been "done up" decorated in other words.Taken over by some company called FGL.Anyhow my uncles John smiths bitter came up too the usual standard,and so did my Speckled Hen from the old pull,very scrumptious.Prices for food very good for the area,and what we saw and had was very well presented and cooked,the only downside was that there was Too much on your plate...Mainly chips/salad in our case,which seemed be the case of everyone we noticed eating..The meal was over portioned by this,and of course duly left by all,who,d had there fill..The place was clean efficient,and a well organised young barmaid,made it apleasure to be in there.We shall be going back,when in the area,but i do hope they cut the chip/salad portion down,and make this a thriving little hostelery,,,,

4 Nov 2008 03:51

The Moon and Sixpence, Clevedon

Paid this hostelery a visit today lunchtime,The Barmaid/landlady was very friendly and polite as was the other Barmaid.My friend and i ordered our drinks which were on the usual good form for real ale/guiness.We had soup and a roll,for lunch which was well above average and not the watery variety one usually gets in the pub food line.Well done to the chef,we have decided too return to try further meals at a later date.If the soup is an indicator,it will be well worth the return,nice casual atmosphere,clean and pleasant surroundings.

30 Oct 2008 22:30

The Snickleway Inn, York

Belated review this,by about 18months.took a friend to York for a day trip,hunger pains for him Ale pains for me,saw ourselves stood outside,in we went,had a light lunchtime snack,just the job,but the ale was something else.Talk about frothing foaming nectar,we had found it,great crowd of people in there aswell,we were singing it,s praises all the way home,and still do,taken till now to remember the name,as the Terminator says well be back,or at least i will as i am travelling to York 1st weekend nov,Yes you got it right,i shall be spending my Sunday here,b4 leaving Mon am,what a treat,my friend will be jealous he,s paying me a visit here in Somerset the same week,will i brag,bet your life i will,

28 Oct 2008 09:35

The Rising Sun, Lynmouth

Todays lovely weather prompted a drive in the country nay coastline of Somerset/north Devon,as lunchtime approached i found myself in the beautiful harbour village of Lynmouth.Having parked up,in the Esplanade car park,i took the little stroll to The Rising Sun,a black/white thatched affair,on the harbour side,Olde worlde interior,looked a bit well used but very clean.I were served almost straight away 2-80p worth of local Exmoor ale,it came crystal clear and tasted everybit as it should,wonderful.The menue was not too big,and obviously well chosen,albeit to the ardent pub goer,s might think this a biot pricey,i can say now it was well worth the price and the wait,Excellent to say the least.(i,d chosen the slow cooked belly pork).I finnished this with another excellent pint followed by a caffetiere,of coffee,which yealded 2.5 cups for 1.80p not bad.I decided to spend a penny before departing,and wow what an eye opener,the toilets were ultra modern and sparkling/spotless.what a delightful treat these days.Will i be going back,bet your life i will and singing it,s praises to one and all..

8 Oct 2008 19:13

The Bridges, Ratlinghope

Great country pub this,as my name sake suggests.excellent beers and the food was really first class,and lovelly scenery aswell,This place must be a beer magnate in the spring/summer.accommodation aswell,very friendly locals,and the owners are passionate about there pub,i will be making a sojourn here in the early summer.

6 Oct 2008 17:44

The Albion, Portishead

Pub that has had a refurb,but why all the tv screens,have tried the food but not what i would say good.Sunday lunch arrived in about 2mins.Why do people who refurb these places,all think,we need loud blaring music/several tv screens/pool tables.....THINKING? if your retailing beers/spirits and food surely this is were the quality and money should be spent on producing first class products,not these glitzy extra,s

3 Oct 2008 18:30

The White Hart, Weston in Gordano

Had a few drinks here one night with a friend,very agreeable,had been before to dine 2 courses for 6-50p,but wouldn,t go out my way for the food in this bracket, I should have to try the main menu before passing comment,pleasant pub though.

3 Oct 2008 18:18

The Star Inn, Tickenham

Called in here some months ago with parents in hand,was just like going into a nursery,drinks were poor/service poor/food appalling,definitly woudn,t reccomend this place,A big fat zero in my opnion.

3 Oct 2008 18:12

The Black Horse, Clapton in Gordano

great little country aleshed,olde worlde style,and not thank you touched by the shopfitting brigade.this is what ale drinking/pubbing is all about,agree about the ale selction,i would like to see a greater offering,and in my case a low grav quaffing job,but enough said,a true little gem..

3 Oct 2008 18:08

The Bell Inn, Leigh on Mendip

The Bell, i found this country local somewhat tired in the decor dept,3/4 seperate rooms,laid out with tables for dining,the bar itself was typical of it,s type.the landlord was watching tv in the pool section,and i was the only customer,the landlord seemed hospitable but,was quick to add that he was leaving due too lack of trade,his spouse commented that only a few locals use the place,.At 3.00 i paid for my lowest gravity real ale,and 8.50 for a carvery,i could well sympathise with the locals.This reminded me of the old sales addage,and i quote"is it better to sell 10 pints at 1-oo or 5 pints at 2-00."It must be remembered that we all have to suffer increases in gas/elec etc,not just the local shop/pub.

15 Sep 2008 18:18

The Knatchbull Arms, Stoke St Michael

lunchtime ,looking for food and drink,just happen to be driving through this village,saw the pub pulled into the car park,and went inside,just a couple of workmen doing the the chimmney,who were quite pleasant,couldn,t comment on the food or drink as there was no one there too sell it,typical village pub inside,wonder should i go back and try it again,it,s some 50miles away could be a possibilty in the future if i,m that way again.i shall rate it low,you can only sell your wares if your there too sell them,N.B i found a pub further on,had a meal 3 drinks 20.00 quid in the till,say no more???

15 Sep 2008 18:03

The Star Inn, Star

Was quite a regular here about a year or so ago,mainly because of the Thatchers draft cider/Carvery.If i remeber rightly i once counted about 6/8 veg on the carvery,and good value,went recently,place appears to have new people,the carvery wasn,t as good and fewer veg aswell.I find it amazing that when a place is doing well on it,s Beer/.Food or both,as soon as a change takes place,rather than build on what they have inherited,they seem too opt for square one ,lets start at the bottom again,the mind boggles

2 Sep 2008 17:24

The Nelson Arms, Churchill

Returned too this watering hole after a couple of years,Carvery in my opinion still as good as before,although prices have risen.And it,s had a splash of paint and general tidy up.Liked it then like it now,A good well cooked carvery,i find is always a welcome sight,not good for the figure but,you have too let your hair down,and it,s always safer than the pre-packed microwave fayre that tends to adorn alot of menu,s these days.

2 Sep 2008 17:17

The Strode Arms, West Cranmore

Another discovery i made,(unable to get a seat at WINSboro,s fish rest)Not too let the familly down who by now were starving.Took a detour and chanced my luck,already busy as we arrived,but got seated,the two ladies serving and doing the bar aswell,were extremely good and pleasing.We deposited our order,all four different meals arrived in due course,and really first class food,this is another of my now hidden gems,Really enjoyed it and will be certainly making return visits..

22 Aug 2008 18:59

The Three Tuns, Silverton

Came accross this watering during a visit to Haggets butchers.A couple of years ago now,treat myself to some good real ale,and a lovely lunch of Bangers/Mash,(provided by haggets,the Bangers that is).Excellent Ale,Service and,food.Popped in today,having nothing better to do and,being 50 miles or so down the road and,yes i was not dissapointed,quite busy but,everything just as before,and of course,had the sausage and mash.Although they do have a very good and extensive menu.Good food,Ale and lovely setting,just the job..

21 Aug 2008 17:31

The Rose and Crown, Huish Episcopi

Unique little public house,having NO BAR,and being in the same familly for some 150 years or so.original features,with it,s individual rooms,skittle alley,etc Meals /sandwiches served daily,and plenty of varied live entertainment,cider and real ales are of course the thing here,and being the focal point for the community,there,s always a warm friendly welcome from licensee/locals alike.great place to chill out or chew the fat.Olde world pub of untouched character,a rarity these days

12 Aug 2008 22:12

The Clock Inn, Bickenhill

Visited the Clock for the first time since the early 90,s.Good ale pub and basic food then.Staff were a little thin on the ground ,considering the place was full.The food when we got it was plentiful,but just run of the mill frozen Fayre.Whilst i were there i did notice that the clientel were not exactly helping themselves,i.e when ordering drinks/or food,they seemed to want complicated concoctions/or differ from the printed menu.and in two cases i noted,tried to pay for a couple of drinks with credit cards.On the whole having read the previous comments i would say,people in glass houses ?.Final note would be to say that i can get far better fayre,down south and 2.00p on average cheaper.

12 Aug 2008 21:52

The Red Lion Coaching Inn, Ellesmere

went too this pub a year or so ago under recomendation of new owners .ordered 2 pints mild which came from a can,yuk meal pasta not vey exciting at all,could do better at home,won,t be rerurning,didn,t make an impression on us at all.

5 Aug 2008 23:51

The Ship Inn Hotel, Porlock

Decided too try this place one Sunday after reading varying reviews,put aging parents and uncle in car and off we went.We were the first recipients,the real ale shandys and pints were nothing to shout about,obvious the pipes hadn,t been pulled through,the sunday roast was run of the mill in my opinion,pork lunches served without the apple sauce,the beef was only half it,s portion once the fat was taken away,the occasion was further marred by some local shouting his comments rather than speaking them to the person in the other bar,And quite frankly i am not interested in what a busy night they had before,the quality of food/drink/service,should still be of merit,after all wasn,t i paying the same..

1 Aug 2008 06:43

The Little Harp Inn, Clevedon

yes,went to this pub a few weeks ago,having heard that it had been overhauled.My instant impression on entering was not good my gastronomic senses dying whilst looking at the boards.There seemed plenty of staff about,but very little work or efficiency.Our three meals arrived,by two waitresses.The Breaded haddock,was Battered Cod,and the two scampi,lets just say the chips and the peas were of equal ammount to the Scampi.which is a new one on me,and no side salad or garnish,the drinks were pricey too,i found that the barperson was more interested in chatting rather than consume the 10-00 note i was flashing.All too often pubs like this appear high prices. frozen food badly presented,and staff that, are more important than the customer,enough said...

31 Jul 2008 19:23

The Royal Hotel, Portishead

Had a meal here with familly,but was,nt overly impressed,especially having been recomemded.but pleasant enough.drove past sometime later on a rare hot day was amazed tha a piny of Grolsch and packet crisps 3-80.i do not let price be my criterion but we are now going to far,will pop back maybe at some later date

28 Jul 2008 19:48

The Windmill Inn, Portishead

This pub was recomended to me long before i moved to Portishead,They described it as a very busy eating place,with good pub food,and a fine selection of drinks on offer.Well have been on many occasions now and the recomendee,s are right and, i have to agree,The previous comments regarding the OAP,s could be probably right,But what i do not understand is,as the pub is open all day,why do people want to eat and drink there fill from 12-00 till 14-00hrs,then moan about it being full or having to wait,They provide an excellent allday service,so why descend in the first 2 hours.Whatever happened to commonsense,Anyhow i find the Windmill very good indeed in all aspects of it,s trade,we could do with more places like this around,well done

28 Jul 2008 19:41

The Admiral Benbow, Shrewsbury

Cracking real ale pub this,several ales too choose from,and all very Quaffable.when ever i return to the area,this place is defintely on the list,and even go out of my way for a pint here.

26 Jul 2008 15:13

The Red Lion, Shrewsbury

Always finnished up here after a day out,pub crawling,liked the mild ale,and a gammon supper.what a treat.Always seemed popular and busy,with diners,friendly young staff aswell.

26 Jul 2008 15:07

The Royal Oak, Ellerdine Heath

This another of next best ale drinking sheds, within the north shropshire area.Good range of ales and always well kept,and keen prices too..

26 Jul 2008 15:02

Railway Inn, Shrewsbury

For me the best pub for ale drinkers in the area,never been let down here,if your into real ale,and country side this is the place.and train service to boot on the doorstep.

26 Jul 2008 14:59

The White Horse Hotel, Wem

pub closed at present time

26 Jul 2008 14:50

The Albion, Wem

pub closed at present time

26 Jul 2008 14:47

The Knowle Inn, Bawdrip

Visited this pub on several occasions over past 6 months,very old inn We found the drinks and service very good ,the food was well presented and tasted as good as it looked.well worth the money,and a very varied menu.I look forward to trying more of there dishes.

24 Jul 2008 14:00

The Ring O'Bells, Ashcott

I have been fequenting this pub for some months now along with various friends and familly.I take the farmhouse cider myself and or the mild when avaliable.We always have a meal from the specials board/menu,every one in our group ,always say how good the meal and service is,none us can fault.

24 Jul 2008 13:53

The Seymour Arms, Witham Friary

Been backl lately with relatives to show them,they were amazed as i was on my first forray here.great the landlord remembered me.He was pleased to tell me since the smoking ban,he,d papered one of the rooms.But the Seymour is still quaint/quirky and legend in it,s own lifetime.I,ll continue to make my sojourns to one of Britains public house of nostalgia.

23 Jul 2008 17:03

The Kings Arms, Shaftesbury

A large town center hostelry.I just happen to be parked oppposite,and feeling peckish my uncle and i went in.We stood there looking at the specials board,and were greeted with a smiling and very helpful barmaid,who quickly put us at ease.We chose the cold meat platter,Wow,it was brilliant.Turkey/Pork/Ham bubble and squeak and 2 fried eggs,adorned the chargers we were served,and by yet another smiling and friendly barmaid.Despite my struggle i managed to finnish.and slowly washed the feast down with a good local ale.what a day that was,i,ll be going back very shortly,when i,ve lost a few pounds of the hips..

23 Jul 2008 16:55

The Gamekeeper, Charminster

Lovelly, to find this pub by accident after a day out in Dorchester.The four of us went inside,to a warm friendly greeting and atmosphere,we opted to dine right away.the meals were very good and plentiful and service too match.And the local brew washed everthing down a treat.Coming from north somerset,i have now decided to make this my port of call,each time i visit Dorchester..

23 Jul 2008 16:43

The Brewers Arms, Banwell

Another hidden gem in the country lanes of Banwell.This pub is being turned around under the auspices,of landlady Sylvia Adams.Food is now being served to the usual high standards that Sylvia demands.Great place for party catering aswell,with a couple of beer gardens and adequate parking,plus its lovely rural aspect.This is the place to go if your in/around the Banwell area.Friendly service and a smile always greet you.

23 Jul 2008 16:33

The Pack Horse Inn, Highbridge

This family owned and run pub is a contryside dream.The food is of excellent quality and a very high standard,as are the drinks.Nothing is too much trouble for the hosts,who make you immediatly welcome,and make your meal and stay a wonderful experience,to say the least.I have now tried several of the dishes on offer,and each one came as good as the last,with the same attention to detail and service.You really must try the Packhorse,if dining out is your thing,

23 Jul 2008 16:23

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