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Beehive, Southwark

Now reopened as the Spit and Sawdust. Imaginative eh?!

12 Jun 2018 13:41

Bread and Roses, Clapham

Haven't been there for a number of years so made a special effort this weekend. So sad that two out of three beers were off and only some 5.5 Belgium beer was on. Told the manager who sort of apologised, and then said he'd so something about it in the next hour.
So disappointed and I wont be back again.

7 May 2017 21:50

The Crystal Palace Tavern, East Dulwich

Used to love this place. When I first went it had a front bar that was about authentic as it got. Became a little grotty with time, but the quiz was brilliant, being run by enthusiasts and raising loads of dosh for St Christophers Hospice.

Long since blown away, but thanks as this made me try the EDT after a ten year absence which is much more my cup of tea (or pint of beer).

4 Mar 2017 12:35

The East Dulwich Tavern (EDT), Dulwich

Spot on terenced. I started going here in the early 90s for the comedy upstairs, and at that point SE22 felt like a war zone. I'd avoided durig the 00s after the refurbs, but pleasantly surprised when I came back recently. Antic have got a good balance. Much better than the other places in the area.

4 Mar 2017 12:29

The Perry Hill, Catford

Reviews from 2011 are about right. Surely it is losing money (or involved in money laundering..)
Wont be missed if it does go.

28 Feb 2017 22:08

The Catford Bridge Tavern, Catford

Antic moved out I think due to the increased rent, to the Catford Con Club. Shame after the campaign to save it. Then there was a mysterious fire. But now I understand returning to a pub again.

28 Feb 2017 22:06

Founders Arms, Bankside

I'm getting a tad repetitive. Yet another Youngs pub that has declined. As one who used to visit before this part of the Southbank got popular you were always guaranteed a decent pint, and a reasonable cost.
£4.60 for a pint of Youngs Ordinary? You are having a laff.
A solid 5 (as opposed to the 8 I would have given it 15 years ago)

28 Feb 2017 21:57

The Compton Arms, Islington

Come here once or twice a year, and alternate between pleased and disappointed. Last time was the latter as they only had insipid GK on. Other times the guest ales will be decent

23 Feb 2017 20:23

The Barley Mow, Westminster

OK, decent beer range but prices go up 30p a year. Gets very very noisy.

23 Feb 2017 20:09

The Royal Oak, Westminster

Went in there at Xmas and the beer was flat and soapy.

23 Feb 2017 20:08

The Marquis of Granby, Westminster

Farage drinks there from time to time. Avoid

23 Feb 2017 20:03

The Forest Hill Tavern, Forest Hill

As this is a popular pub it is telling that nobody else has reviewed it.

That is beause the demographic that use this pub are the types who don't post on this site. The sort of demographic who will pay £4.50 for a pint of ale, £5 for pint of traditional cider (OMG this was always cheaper than beer in my youth) and £6 for the craft stuff, don't mind the architectural vandalism, and happy to breath in smoke as the outside fire pits aren't properly vented.

Which expains why I have only been there twice. But if this is your scene it is right for you.

8 Oct 2016 22:47

The Speaker, Westminster

One of my favourite pubs, others posting have got it right, but..... that evil lying barstool Farage drinks there occasionally. That kent should stay in Kent.

Not yet put it to Dennis that it his Farage or me. One has to go.

4 Sep 2016 19:51

The White Rock, Underriver

Nice enough place - lost most of its pub fixtures to make way for the usual gastro set up.
One beer had turned to vineger which was a bit shocking
Others (house beer) was fine enough.
Another pub sadly that thinks it is a restaurant and charges accordingly (you could spend £35 on three course quite easily).
Veg food was pretty awful and if I could find an e-mail address I'd provide advice on what to serve and how to prepare it. Hope you are reading this pub.

31 May 2016 22:05

The Dulwich Woodhouse, Sydenham

Does anyone else have a view?
I returned by mistake. They were surly about kids in the garden after a certain time. I don't want ankle biters annoying me but these were reasonably grown up teenagers. Garden was only half full and we weren't bothering anyone. Use your discretion I say. Oh it is health and safety they say. Bolloxs!
The Sri Lankan waitor was helpful and pleasant. Only plus point
Oh and the police cordon around the woods as they had found a dead body was the most exciting part of the evening. Not foul play.

28 May 2016 11:16

The Northcote, Clapham Junction

I was warned but still shocked to pay £4.70 for a pint of ale, not 'craft fizzy beer' but ale from the hand pump. This set a new record; we have low inflation yet beer seems to be going up 10p a month. Well if only people like me complain then so be it..
Othewise OK, trendy sort of place, Shame that all you could hear was the base notes of the music, which in turn meant everyone spoke louder due to the distracting background noise, which in turn made it louder....

27 May 2016 14:01

The Ivy House, Nunhead

Ordinary? My word this is almost a preserved 19302/40s pub with much of the original decor still in place. I'd turf the diners out and have the billards tables back in again.
On the downside service has slipped and has put me off going more regularly. I think it is also on the pricey side and (odd as this sounds) stocks too many ales and far far too many keg beers. But judging by the weekend crowd the latter brings the 20-30s in in droves, something it couldn't do before us old farts saved it. Also ironic that us old farts saved it to have a refuge from the creches that many other local pubs have turned into, yet what do we see during the day times at weekends? Oh well, it has to bring serious money in.
Still loads of community stuff going on.

28 Apr 2016 12:10

The Forest Hill Tavern, Forest Hill

Judging by how busy this place has become since the refurb I am surprised that nobody has posted yet.

Transformed, renamed - the General Watson General Telegraph General or something like that

Marketing team have been in full force as it is packed, certainly at weekends, mainly 20 - 30 somethings. Not sure where they all come from (are you bused in or have you moved to the area?) considering it was so quiet before. Lost all sense of being a local and feels more of a continuation of Lordship Lane.

Decor has been blitzed, not all bad but the destruction of part of a fireplace surround to graft on a totally out of place fire hood should be classed as a crime, with a custodial sentence. The industrial theme is over the top amd makes other pubs that have done eclectic refurbs seem rather plain.

Beer range is good, bar staff on my one occasion attentive and friendly, the now becoming ubiquitous line of keg beers (aka craft ales) at up to sick squid a pint isn't to my taste (Emporer's new clothes).

I would have come back again but got fed of of waiting for people with mega rounds consisting of mixtures of shots. Made me feel very old, and whilst it brings the punters in the smooth funky jazzy music by the DJ aint to my taste.

One last comment, apart from fighting pubs is there reall any need for two bouncers on the door?

28 Apr 2016 11:58

Morpeth Arms, London

A once magnifiscent pub robbed of all its charm following the change in direction by Youngs/Wells. Such a shame. As Blur once said 'modern life is rubbish'. Probably appeals to the masses.

28 Apr 2016 10:34

The Woodman, Sydenham

Its been an estate agents for the last five years. Perhaps they could stock some beer

23 Apr 2016 16:23

The Bricklayers Arms, Sydenham

10 years and no postings? I see that it is no longer a Youngs pub.

23 Apr 2016 16:22

The Fox, Caterham

Marking this and the Tudor Rose the same and giving the same review.

Large barn like pubs in old buildings, modernised with some faux hint of the past, busy, foodie, so successful businesses.

Dull beer (Greene King type poo, Doom, Pride) and zero charm with nothing that I would expect a real pub to have in terms of ambience and fittings. Coulsdon you are welcome to them.

16 Apr 2016 19:48

Tudor Rose, Coulsdon

Marking this and the Fox the same and giving the same review.

Large barn like pubs in old buildings, modernised with some faux hint of the past, busy, foodie, so successful businesses.

Dull beer (Greene King type poo, Doom, Pride) and zero charm with nothing that I would expect a real pub to have in terms of ambience and fittings. Coulsdon you are welcome to them.

16 Apr 2016 19:44

The Rye Pub, Dining Room and Garden, Peckham Rye

Ummhh where are all the reviews?
Pleasant enough with decent beer. Funny as I ordered the same food as about three years ago, but this time it came on a bread board, with an open not closed burger, everything nicely arranged, with less food but more focus on the presentation. I blame Jamie Oliver...
And an extra £1.50 for the yorkshires, you are taking the pee.
Anyway, a good location for a family and friends treat, with plenty of space in the garden, and probably the best (despite my many whinges about uncessary refurbs) for a few miles.
I met a GK regional manager who told me how they wanted to turn their pubs back into pubs. I listed all the horrid places, where they just served GK soapy IPA. He told me abot the Rye Hotel "No I said it can't be GK" 1-0 to him
Sadly it was full of TV football fans supporting the Arse, rather than locals supporting the Palace. I'd heard you had to wear headphones but maybe that has now changed back. Eagles.

17 Aug 2015 22:52

The Dolphin, Sydenham

Comfortable, would have been nice to retian some more of the pubby features. Beer fine. Not the Golden Lion so rated it as ten to give it a better reflection of the score it should have.

17 Aug 2015 22:40

The Golden Lion, Sydenham

It's taken me a few days to get over my visit. 35 years of drinking and this is my worse experience (and there have been a few bads ones in the past). Refurbished and totally souless. I can only assume that the pubco wants to run it into the ground to develop into flats. Friday night with a few punters in. They had a nice arrangement in the past with the TV in the pool room. Now it is the centre piece in the long corridor of a barn style main room.
Beer like vineger - pointless having four ales on with a pretty slow turn round.
Then some oaf does the loadest burp ever in my face. I tell the bar staff (disinterested), the oaf tells me to kiss his backside, the manager intervenes, sort of. No explanation (pissed or just mental health issues? And that was just the manager ho ho).
It was a bit grotty before, with a little charm, but now.....
Over the road, despite a more 'restaurant' sort of feel has five times the punters, ten times the charm, and infinitissimal the feeling of security, yet it scores lower than this hell hole (a reflection that scores refer to both the good and bad times).
Just bulldoze it.

17 Aug 2015 22:38

The Dulwich Woodhouse, Sydenham

So what could be lovelier on a scorching evening like tonight, than a beer in a traditional English pub with a nice beer garden.


I so wanted this to be right, and some return to what it was like 15 years ago when the ambience and decor suited its great history.

Dunno where to start. The brash barman. The noise. The failure to try to make it look like an 1870s pub interior. All trendy and modern.

So outside, and even worse. Not relaxing but artificial. The grass (wtf), the tables, the boxy squareness of it all. And the artificial grass. I think I will give up now.

Still it was doing a trade, I don't run a pub, so what do I know. Artificial grass? May as well pave over the outside.

29 Jun 2015 20:22

The Dulwich Woodhouse, Sydenham

Rumour has it that the refurb will return the pub to some of its former glory, you know like a front door and bar in the main front room. Always good for a start.

I was going to check it out for my birthday but feel with indifferent reviews on Tripadvisor (oh dear, how bad have things gone if I go there to check a place that isn't a hotel out) perhaps I'll go to a real restaurant instead.

I did like this earlier review though as it sounded as if could have written it.

Looking back a few years when Pete and Jo Henderson were managing "The Woodlouse" as it was affectionately known locally. Was probably the front runner for best pub in London. Frequented by a motley cross section of humanity. Journalists actors Musicians Bikers Doctors Tradesmen of all kinds Bus drivers and Cabbies. The conversations that could be heard covered every subject under the sun. This of course stimulated discussion and on occasion serious debate. To spend an evening in here was a joyous experience. That is until the Brewery patriarch a Mr John Young died. Then everything changed, a new manager was installed and we the merry band of Ale lovers were told we were no longer welcome, as Youngs new owners intend to turn a thriving busy local hostelry into a Gastro pub. The result of this action saw the heart torn out of the historic interior and the once friendly atmosphere sucked out the door. Now its business is slow and locals avoid the once vibrant ale house to sup their pints inn pubs other than this..

17 Jun 2015 23:10

The Forest Hill Tavern, Forest Hill

Wow, all the advertising on this site is doing my head in. I'll scroll up so I can concentrate on a fair review.

Beer is generally pretty poorly kept, I've even decided to do something odd and order orange squash. On one occasion I was poured a flat pint, I jokingly comlained to be told off by one of the bar staff that it was the server's first day. Well that is an issue for you not me.

The attempt to mimic all the other pubs in the area and attract diners in never seems to work.

It was fine to watch the footy, but they have now stopped that as it apparently didn't bring the money in. I enjoyed watching the Chelski European semi against Barce in the Nou Camp as it was full of people generally interested in the sport rather than Johnny Come Lately's. So there was a niche here, but they didn't like it.

The Monday quiz seem decent and they try to get some interesting local music in as well.

I think 'should try harder' rather than 'failed' is the best summary.

11 Apr 2015 12:58

The Rose, Vauxhall

Stunned. Not stunning but stunned.
I rank on the beer (which surely this site is all about) and then the ambience. I can't get as far as the ambience.
I'd give this a negative mark if I could. One of my worst pub experiences in 35 years.
So back to the beer, bloody cold and that Sharps nonsense. £4.10, I can just about live with that. I see they have a Sharp's Australasian IPA. WTF is this? Perhaps compare it with a cumquat (Aussie spelling) cider?
So I switch to Guiness in desparation.
A final half and so I have some blonde beer on tap. That can't be more than a fiver a pint I naievely think, not even considering that I should ask. When they charged me £4.90 a half (ie £9.80 a pint) I naturally thoughh that they had keyed it in wrongly in the till. Cue a rather heated argument involving me refusing to pay, the landlord telling me that it was hand crafted by an Artesan that had lived in the same village for 300 years, and that the yeast was from the armpits of the brewer's spouse. Rather than from some chemical factor. I'll be going to Oslo to drink in future.
Perhaps the fact than nobody has said anything about this pub on this site for five years says something.
I have just got back to find the regulations covering displaying drinks prices have been watered down, so no moan to trading standards for me.

10 Feb 2015 21:28

The Royal Oak, Westminster

I so try to give this pub a chance. Wonderful location, charming building but FM total incompetent management

A PUB SURELY CANNOT RUN OUT OF ALE. It does. Tonight the ales it had on were warm, even the bottled stuff. And they offered me ice in my glass, after in desperation I had gone for the Ramrod, and had to ask them if they had forgotten something. ie the glass.

Perhaps like the government we get the pubs that we deserve. I am quite traumatized by this. Why the Speaker (best pub in Westminster) only scores slightly higher I do not know.

Oh it has had another refurb. Not that it has made it any better.

23 Jul 2014 19:40

The Marquis of Granby, Westminster

Used to be a work local in the 90's. Revisited after more than a decade to find improved beers, yet whilst downstairs was overcrowded they wouldn't let us drink in the upstairs empty dining room.

Upstairs had of course been in separate bar in my day. Chuffing stupid.

3 Jan 2014 18:06

The Blythe Hill Tavern, Forest Hill

I haven't posted for four years to my shame. Still the best pub in SE London and spot on Catbert.

I wasn't tarred and feathered when I found out and shared that my forefathers had been Anglo Irish (protestant land owners in the South)

22 Nov 2013 13:12

The Honor Oak, Honor Oak

Shut pending new owners. I'd heard that it had gone down hill, and recent postings confirmed this. My earlier experience had been as below.

Fortunately you have the General Napier (Old style backstreet boozer), the most wonderful Blythe, and even the Railway Telegraph, in easy walking distance.

2 May 2013 00:55

The White Bear, Ruislip

So my dear reader. I have been searching for a nice pub with nearby parking to take my elderly aunts when I visit NW London. They don't do 'foreign stuff' which is a shame. But this place looks to have potential. Perhaps I should have realised as only Miffed has posted in the last year or so and I don't understand what he/she means.

A bad start in travelling from Sarf London, so many pubs in NW London have been turned into Sainsbury/Tesco 'locals'.

And totally underwhemed. Only the evil Doom bar on and no remotely drinkable cider or lager on tap or out of a bottle.

The Sunday roast was silly portions (half a pig) with hard veg.

The Victorian makeover lost me. It does not ooze charm, not helped by the dead atmosphere and loud piped background music.

Please PM if there is any decent place within three miles of Harrow

30 Nov 2012 13:29

The Victoria Inn, Peckham Rye

This hurt me it was so bad. A horrid mish mash of old school pub with 1950s diner. Who is responsible for such a glaring clash of fashion? Or perhaps I am not seeing the irony (as the many punters no doubt were).
Although the poor quality of the ale is unforgivable.

12 Jun 2012 00:02

The Montpelier, Peckham

Don't understand why such a multi-cultural area attracts such mono-cultural pubs - white, educated, 25ish. Is that the fault of the pub or is it just a market with money to spend. I am being a bit mean and probably not the place for such debate.

In some ways just another gastroish pub, that's lost a lot of its charm, and is becoming oh so typical in such gentrified areas. But there again if it had stayed as a back street boozer then it would have been empty on a mid week evening rather than doing the decent trade, albeit helped by lovely weather (not the durge we are experiencing at the moment). Good beer although the best was quickly off which was a shame.

The intended modest mark was signicantly increased following our subsequent trip to the the Vic. And much better than Lordship Lane.

12 Jun 2012 00:00

The Montpelier, Peckham

Don't understand why such a multi-cultural area attracts such mono-cultural pubs - white, educated, 25ish. Is that the fault of the pub or is it just a market with money to spend. I am being a bit mean and probably not the place for such debate.

In some ways just another gastroish pub, that's lost a lot of its charm, and is becoming oh so typical in such gentrified areas. But there again if it had stayed as a back street boozer then it would have been empty on a mid week evening rather than doing the decent trade, albeit helped by lovely weather (not the durge we are experiencing at the moment). Good beer although the best was quickly off which was a shame.

The intended modest mark was signicantly increased following our subsequent trip to the the Vic. And much better than Lordship Lane.

12 Jun 2012 00:00

The Barley Mow, Westminster

Wouldn't let me in as supposedly 'full' tonight. Shame as it clearly was not that crowded and they could have fitted the odd extra punter in for the footy. I explained to the landlady that this had never happened in 25 years of my drinking in the area. Forced to go to the Royal Oak, which is truly horrid. Situation very much reversed from ten years ago. No mark given as I just want to have a whinge.

11 Jun 2012 22:32

The Royal Oak, Westminster

From best to worst pub in the immediate area in a few sorry years, typical sadly of many (ex) Youngs places. Tonight typified this as I was forced to go there as for some reason they were limiting numbers for the England match in the Barley Mow. That probably says it all, Barley Mow bursting at its seams, Royal Oak half full. There was more atmosphere in my lounge watching the Ireland match on my own last night. And worst was the beer was piss poor. Go back ten years or more and it would have been crowded and the situation reversed. There again I am judging it against its former glories, whereas others will be unaware of how good it was 87 to mid 00's.

11 Jun 2012 22:28

Westow House, Crystal Palace

Excellent beer at an excellent price. Just seen that it is another Antic pub hence that explains the atmosphere they are trying to create. Yet on a Monday when 90% of people where there to watch the biggest premiership match ever, really can't understand why they couldn't turn down the music and have the TV volume on. Odd.

10 May 2012 13:09

The Rye Pub, Dining Room and Garden, Peckham Rye

What is happening? They seem to be doing a massive rebuild. This comes after numerous refurbs over recent years. Surely once you have done a place up, assuming that you have done your home work, you have to sit back to let the returns come in rather than have a merrygoround of refurbs. I think it is called business planning.

I managed to still enjoy this place even though it was constantly changing and despite the criminal change of name.

I assume it will be a further extension of the gentrificaition as Lordship Lane meets Bellenden Road. We shall see.

No mark yet for obvious reasons.

4 May 2012 12:13

Herne Tavern, Forest Hill

I thought that this was a site to talk about the quality of ale and the pub, rather than debate service charge!

Anyway, sad to note that it has got even worse. I promised myself that I would not moan unless they had two hand pumps off and were only serving Greene King or Doom Bar. Imagine my surprise my dear reader when there was in fact two hand pumps off, and they had both GK and DB. The collective beers of the devil. So I went for Westons Perry, albeit at twice the price of Wetherspoons. It was a deathly Monday night but no need to hassle us into leaving at 10.30 because they wanted to shut early. We went on to the Royal Oak, sorry Forest Hill Tavern, sorry the Rose. And despite my issues with the place, they were welcoming, had a reasonable number of punters, and some good ale.

24 Mar 2012 21:16

The Camel & Artichoke, Waterloo

If you enjoy no choice in ales apart from awful Greene King
Pubs that have lost any traditional features
Large screens
Patio heaters warming the amosphere

This is the place fopr you.

I could forgive the second and third, but Greene King really is the beer of the devil.

3 Feb 2012 14:33

The Mansion, Gipsy Hill

Agree with others, the refurb does your head in. A recall it being fairly modern, but relaxing. Now it just gives you a headache. And with all the busy fussy seating arrangement a bloody great plasma screen with the football on. A pub clearly that can't make its mind up.

But in a game of two halfs, despite the Greene King takeover, and their awful beer, a very locally brewed ale was being served. A little too flat for my liking, giving the appearance of coming straight from the cask under gravity, but still to be welcomed. AND a young barman who was very interested in ale, another plus

27 Nov 2011 13:52

The Sir Richard Steele, Belsize Park

Thought this was a smashing place, full of mid Victorian character, beer fine as well (two good guests on) and for London reasonably well priced.

Two out of three times quickly served. Good live music as well. Maybe Hampstead way you are spoiled with too good a selection of pubs!

Only down side is that I still can't get me head around people paying in pubs with cards. Maybe I am stuck in a timewarp (this posting was not done on an i-phone.

PS I was reliably informed that it is not as good under the new management

20 Nov 2011 23:41

The Ivy House, Nunhead

Really pleased it is open again, enjoyed a good night there on Sat for the Wizz Jones gig.

However take exception with one of the comments made by Pat. It is precisely because it remains a traditional boozer that I like it, unlike the ubiquitous gastro pubs where interiors have been trashed such as the Clock, Herne and Forest Hill Tavern (aka the Rose). Why are we throwing all this away?

The Butcombe and 80 shillings weren't to my liking, but this is me being fussy. Prices were sensible.

19 Sep 2011 13:13

The Old Bell, Fleet Street

Have to post something nice after slagging off a couple of my locals. Excellent value for money, and a good range of (generally) well kept beers. And full in a Weds lunch time.

7 Sep 2011 23:42

The Forest Hill Tavern, Forest Hill

I've set them a challenge that they couldn't get any worse.
Well done, they have risen to it. After trashing the outside of a 'heritage' pub, they have now changed the name.

7 Sep 2011 23:41

The Bridge House Tavern, Penge

So disappointed. Decent crowd for a Tuesday night. Interesting guest beers.

But more expensive than central London
Beer warm
Couldn't read the pump clips as a small designer size and barmade couldn't help.
Modern life is truly rubbish.

7 Sep 2011 23:38

The Ship Inn, Dunwich

Had a nice beer when finished the Dunwich Dynamo a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy the occasional drink at 7 am. Good selection and reasonably priced.

Did not order the breakfast as I thought it was a little too expensive. Perhaps a mistake as the breaky in the greasy spoons cafe was probably the worst I'd ever had! Sorry for using this site to criticise a cafe but I've got that off my chest!

30 Jul 2011 13:45

The Forest Hill Hotel, Forest Hill

Rest in Peace. A lovely looking but ultimately unsuccessful pub. I don't know why they failed to keep customers. Yes it is on the main road, but a charming looking place.

30 Jul 2011 13:42

The Compton Arms, Islington

What has happened. This place was lovely. No longer so. Over priced beer and bloody tellies every where. Nobody watching of course.

No worries about showing the footy but in a, what was a characterful pub such as this, it should not dominate. There are pleny of other lager places suitable for this.

And as for the discussion from the Sunderland fans looking for a nice place to drink, a few years ago when I saw my lot, there were no issues about away fans coming in.


30 Jul 2011 13:39

Herne Tavern, Forest Hill

Stunned just how bad this pub was. Stunned that on a Sunday night how loud the music was. Stunned how bad the beer was kept. Stunned how they charged me 4.10 for a pint of Addlestones (which is at the arse end of cider in any case). Stunned why there was actually anyone in the pub. I've never been so stunned (or angry) reviewing a pub before.

24 Apr 2011 23:51

The Hope and Sirloin, Farringdon

A dump

21 Apr 2011 00:12

The Market Porter, Borough

Been an occasional customer from well before the market was trendified. In some respects thought the area was better then, certainly the pub was quieter and full of less objectionable people.

However.... if you can get in .... and then get served, some of the most varied and well served beers in the capital.

20 Apr 2011 21:11

The Grapes, Limehouse

Like the small outside seating area, saw a cormorant catch an eel, wrestle with it and then swallow it whole

5 Apr 2011 10:46

Bootys, Limehouse

A bit like being in a cave (sprayed with some concrete artexy stuff inside). But nice enough and we stayed for another.

5 Apr 2011 10:44

The Prospect of Whitby, Wapping

Ignore my last posting, this was the Grapes further East. Felt too much like a restaurant, and noisy extract fan out back. Beer fine if expensive!

5 Apr 2011 10:42

The Town of Ramsgate, Wapping

Ignore the last two comments, the noisy extract fan was the prospect of Whitby, which also felt much more like a restaurant. The score remains the same!

5 Apr 2011 10:41

The Prospect of Whitby, Wapping

Like the little seating area out back. We watched a comorant catch an eel, wrestle with it and swallow it whole! Nice location, beer fine.

5 Apr 2011 10:36

The Town of Ramsgate, Wapping

Lovely pub, good beer but knocked them down a point for the following: feels too much like a restaurant, the noise of the extract fan as you sit outside, and expensive beer.

5 Apr 2011 10:33

The Captain Kidd, Wapping

Good location, it is Sam Smiths (the beer, not their wonderful characterful pubs), but on the plus side much cheaper than other riverside pubs

5 Apr 2011 10:31

Turners Old Star, Wapping

Lovely old boozer, empty on a Tuesday afternoon (but what do you expect), landlady opened it just for us. Indifferent beer but cheaper than riverside pubs and a nice distraction.

5 Apr 2011 10:29

The Rock, Chiddingstone Hoath

Great pub. Few like this left. glad to see that there are people like Coalhole left who will leave this wonderful legacy (not that I know his age).

Even managed to enjoy it despite the hunt crowd being there. Us townies find it difficult to get over our prejudices!

10 Jan 2011 21:34

The Blue Boar Inn, Chipping Norton

All the ingredients for a brilliant pub, but simply have got it wrong. Indifferent ale, small portions of food, and a telly in every bloody bar, when surely you only need to do this in one. Particularly bad the one by the open fire.

Staff were friendly enough though!

Marks are abot spot on

10 Jan 2011 21:26

The Clock House, East Dulwich

Have to check this out every six months or so to see if it is still as bad. Always amazed that it has managed to get worse!

So the patio heaters on for the handfull who wanted to sit outside. Not smoke, but just sit outside. Beer was warm and flat. Glad to see that a few pence on my pint was going to warming up the planet for no reason what so every.

What a shame.

10 Jan 2011 21:23

The White Horse, Parsons Green

Go here before Chelski matches. Not that I am a fan of the team (a long story) but certainly a fan of the pub. It just seems to get better and the beer selection is amazing.

Can I mark it down? Well some gentrification. And food is probably a bit pricy - certainly the BBQ on match days is.

Last time I had a good look round and to my suprise virtually everyone was drinking real proper English ale. No doubt it attracts proper drinkers!

10 Jan 2011 21:20

The Forest Hill Tavern, Forest Hill

It's got even worse. That must have been a challenge. Funny that it was me who put it on in the first place.

5 Nov 2010 19:37

The Blythe Hill Tavern, Forest Hill

Just posting to put 10 out of 10 to get the score even higher

5 Nov 2010 19:35

The Dulwich Woodhouse, Sydenham

This was such a good pub, serving such good beer, in such a good location. Even the best efforts of mutton dressed as lamb and her hubby did not manage to prevent it being full most nights, even as a non food pub. Almost two decades of drinking there.

In the words of Swiss Tony it needed to be cherished and caressed. Not the total makeover, and succession of short term managers. SHAME ON YOU SHAME ON YOU SHAME ON YOU SHAME ON YOU.

5 Nov 2010 19:26

Scarlet Pimpernel, Harbourne

Did not realise that the 60s was still art deco, well you live and learn

4 Jul 2010 22:41

Dingle, Northfield

Oh dear

4 Jul 2010 22:39

The Austin Sports and Social Club, Longbridge

I was extremely excited that they still used the term 'the Austin'. As a kid growing up in the 60s and 70s just down the road that was the term I was familiar with for BL/BMC (Jonathan Coe, writter of the Rotters Club, no one called it Leyland). I found out that it was still in business but on their web site a picture of a bar with artificial ciders, laaaagers and ultra cold fizzy ale (WHY oh WHY?)

4 Jul 2010 22:36

The Perry Hill, Catford

Aggh what the fingers has happened? Now I wasn't a fan of the make over or even worse the change of name. But the decking and picnic table area now looks very sad. A cavernous pub, with about seven people in. And only me drinking the less than average ale. One pub where the formlaic makeover failed. Maybe they weren't quite ready for this in SE6


4 Jul 2010 22:30

The Harp, Covent Garden

Still brillaint. But I did notice (a) the evil GK and (b) GK but under a different name. No point in debating as there will be another five postive recommendations in a few micro seconds. Only other question is why not a higher score?

4 Jul 2010 22:26

The Captain Kidd, Wapping

As with all SS pubs, amazingly kept place, amazing prices, but I can never stomach their bitter.

Very pleasant on a scorchingly hot day. Only negative comment was not understanding what a J2O is - OK it is a brand but I got a dumb look from the barmaid and then the English barman, or manager, said that they 'don't sell branded drinks". Odd as they had something almost exactly the same. Go into a stationers and ask for 'sellotape' they don't look at you blankly even if they just sell scotch tape.

23 May 2010 17:48

The Sun Inn, Reading


Some GK stuff (aka Ruddles) and a not very nice pint of Spitfire.

Gave it one for the proper full heigh urinals.

Nothing else positive

A bad sign is the number of entries on this pub, about the same number of people who seem to frequent it.

29 Mar 2010 00:08

Rubbing House, Epsom Downs

I take exception to the last comment. It is too easy to deride Iceland, yet they serve a local market and have helped keep the high street going in dire out of town shopping centre times (a bit like generic theme/chain pubs). And if reviewers actually went there they would see it is not all alcopops and white bread, they actually have some quite interesting products and were the first (perhaps foolishly) to champion organic veg.

As for Brake Brothers, that is another thing. Generic, soggy and overflavoured food that is consistently bad from Cornwall to Cumbria. Home cooked (well home heated, but certainly not home made)

I look forward to my visit on Weds to the RH with some entrepidation.... But good viewers, you will be the first to find out whether it rises above a five, or falls to a P&P low

12 Mar 2010 16:21

The Machine Man, Long Wittenham

Worked at Harwell in the 80s and last drank at what was a wonderful unspoiled pub in '91. They featured this as a place where the nuclear scientists would discuss plasma physics from the local fussion experiment at the nearby Culham labs in a documentary many moons ago. Went out of my way to find it in 02 to find it was shut. Returned once more when it was a short lived B&B before the owner developed it, or sold it, for purely residential use. The owner was the former landlord but complained that it was not a great place to run, siting if I recall correctly biker gangs. My memories of biker gangs in the area was not of hells angels but guys who went round on a variety of machines, many of them classic British bikes. All a great shame.

2 Jan 2010 13:41

The Kentish Horse, Mark Beech

A case of the sum of the parts is greater than the whole! Food reasonably priced but nothing special. Not an attractive pub but not ugly. Fair beer selection at a good price. Helpful but not overly friendly barmaid. Yet a cracking atmosphere and from my single experience and other comments sounds like this is one of those rarely seen 'hubs of the local community'

28 Dec 2009 11:32

Lord Nelson, Sneinton

Haven't been back since the brewery wreckers Greene King took over. What a shame.

5 Dec 2009 19:05

The Lord Clyde, Borough

Four beers on - excellent 'Tea'. Slightly pricey but I'll ignore that and the extra handpump with Greene shyte IPA. What a pub should be like. Great relief!

13 Nov 2009 21:22

The Half Moon, Herne HIll

I seem to be only posting nowadays to say "yet another lovely pub that has been trashed by turning into a restaurant" or "yet another pub that has poor stock control"

Some of the first and all of the second in this case. Well let's be positive - a lovely interior, not totally spoiled and a good number for a Thursday night, many for the quiz and even more for the huge brass jazz/soul band. Always has a place in my heart as it was a top music pub during the various golden ages.

Now for the let down - Dulwich ripples so full of nice people and lost some of the edge it had. And many eating the what look like decent pizzas - but tending more to the restaurant rather than pub.

But now the dreadful bit - please CAMRA/cask marque, delist any pubs that can't manage their stock control. Three handpumps but none on. Oh we had a rush tonight and were caught out - you had drinkers 30+ who are more likely to drink the national tipple what do you expect? And that was after a five minute wait as the bar staff were seriving food rather than beer. And surely you are supposed to order beer in advance to condition it ready to put it on. So in desparation Newkie Brown - hello! What about a glass?

Oh , there is an interesting bottled beer. Oh no it isn't - it is pear cider (what?) and raspberry. As Jonny Rotten said, ever get the feeling that you have been fooled.

Wont rate the pub as perhaps saw it in a poor light and seriously do need to encourage great music venues. See my post on the Clyde to appreciate a pub that has beer on.

13 Nov 2009 21:20

The Two Chairmen, St James's

Some of the reviews made me laugh out loud - do spend some time flicking through earlier and very well written comments. It may well have improved which of course is a good thing

5 Nov 2009 22:13

The Hand and Racquet, Covent Garden

Love the postings. Odd place when it was open - quiet, cheap and they hadn't a clue how to keep beer. Warm and flat. Can I have a cold bottled beer then - no they were warm as well. I had to resort to untra cold stongbow, which I hate. But even that was warm. The central European bar maid hadn't a clue - needed a manager who understood how to keep beer!

5 Nov 2009 22:06

Albannach, Westminster

Not a pub

5 Nov 2009 22:00

The Blythe Hill Tavern, Forest Hill

Have to check this pub fairly regularly to make sure it hasn't changed. And everytime I am relieved that it hasn't. Simply the best put in the area. And for a non Guinness drinker I am almost converted

5 Nov 2009 21:54

The Rye Pub, Dining Room and Garden, Peckham Rye

Always liked this quirky place - not the cheapest but some usp's! A reasonable and interesting guest is on. Camra lot I was with had mixed views, a shame as whilst I go for trad pubs (fewer and fewer) this place that attracts a younger audience seems to get it right. Marked down a point for an uncessary change of name IT IS THE RYE HOTEL!

5 Nov 2009 21:51

The White Horse, Peckham Rye

Beer poorly kept - a shame as a popular place

5 Nov 2009 21:47

The Cadeleigh Arms, Peckham

Unfair to rate the place - clearly a locals place but locals tend not to be ale drinkers - I don't inlcude GK or anything smooth as beer.

5 Nov 2009 21:46

St Stephens Tavern, Westminster

Good beer at fair prices and plenty of character. Much better than nearby rip off red lion. High ceilings, light streaming in and a gallery as well. But go when it is quiet.

5 Nov 2009 21:43

The Red Lion, Westminster

Famous for mp watching, my local mp had a fight here. Full of tourists when I was there. Total rip off for indifferent beer - clearly tourists not discerning. Go to the St Stephens Tavern - beer 20% cheaper and better kept. And just as much character. Or go to any of the other pubs in Whitehall.

I challenged their prices, and go a totally indifferent response from the bar maid.

5 Nov 2009 21:40

Bradleys, Fitzrovia

Wonderful dive
Brill juke box
Bring something solid if you are standing outside to batter the taxis with as they hammer down the narrow street.

5 Sep 2009 20:03

Nancy's, Pall Mall

Ouch, miaoowww

To be fair you do have worse pubs in the area - the Sports Bar and the P&P - and the readers of this web-site all seem to agree on scores for this and the other two. Perhaps there should be a cold souless beer in the evening web site for others.

As for doubles - I guessed the round would be about 15 and was shocked when I was asked for over twenty - the spirit was just judged by eye so could have been single, double or whatever.

But I will have to look in again so you may even get some humble pie.

5 Sep 2009 18:26

The Golden Lion, Sydenham

Seriously underated traditional local, good beer (much cheaper and less pretentious than over the road). Still got the feel of a trad Victorian boozer, when most have been horribly redevloped (or turned into houses). Check it out

7 Jul 2009 13:43

The Swan Hotel, East Ilsley

Horrid and bright inside, go over the road. See the pub inspectors comments.

16 Jan 2009 23:44

The Crown and Horns Inn, East Ilsley

Oh, and having only drank Brakespear at a local London pub, and thinking it was awful, it was most fine here. Hadn't had a decent pint of Brakespears since they shut the brewery.

16 Jan 2009 23:42

The Crown and Horns Inn, East Ilsley

Just as I remember it from over twenty years ago, dark, a little cramped, excellent. Beer fine and food good enough. Shame that it is now part of a chain, but perhaps having accommodation will stop it being turned into a house. Surprised over the low score, so I've overmarked

16 Jan 2009 23:41

The North Star, Steventon

Went back for a further pilgrimage nine months later, to find them somewhat surly and "no we don't serve food and we never did" - well you did last time I came "ah that was the last landlord who did a runner" and "all we ever served in the past was ploughmans" (so you did serve food after all).

A disappointing start, as I'd arranged to meet sisters, husbands, kids etc from the West Mids, so they had to go to the Cherry Tree to eat.

But still a remarkable interior and three beers from the barrel. Just shame it wasn't a tad more welcoming.

16 Jan 2009 23:39

Cherry Tree, Steventon

Real fire and not Greene King so there is at least two good things about this pub

16 Jan 2009 23:34

The Clock House, East Dulwich

Another one of my ex-favourite (Youngs) pubs de-characterised (if you get my drift). See my views on the Woodhouse, Morpeth (Vauxhall Bridge), Buckingham Arms (Petty France) and the Royal Oak (Westminster). Oh, do I see a trend here in ruining traditional Youngs' pubs?

5 Jan 2009 20:59

The Royal Oak, Westminster

What have the nearby Morpeth, Royal Oak, Buck, the Clock House (Peckham), and the Dulwich Woodhouse got in common (apart from being once five of my favourite pubs in London).

Just to vary my posts on a character assignation - this was the bees knees, and in the past reassuringly cheap. Just not the pub it was (after twenty years of regularly visiting), fortunately you have the Speaker in easy walking distance and even over the road is better.

Question for some of the older readers, whatever happened to the Regency (the squalid smoky pub not the filmset greasy spoons)

5 Jan 2009 20:56

The Morpeth Arms, Pimlico

What have the nearby Morpeth, Royal Oak, Buck, the Clock House (Peckham), and the Dulwich Woodhouse got in common (apart from being once five of my favourite pubs in London). I think the current reviews say it all.....

5 Jan 2009 20:51

The Buckingham Arms, Westminster

What have the nearby Morpeth, Royal Oak, Buck, the Clock House (Peckham), and the Dulwich Woodhouse got in common (apart from being once five of my favourite pubs in London). I think the current reviews say it all.....

5 Jan 2009 20:48

The Ox and Gate, Neasden

No real ale. None whatsoever.
Largish TVs with different loud programmes on at the same time - footy, darts, music (commercial station so you had the ads as well), no peaceful havens despite being a cavernous place
Cheap but indifferent Thai and british food.

Yet quite full for a Monday night, so they must be getting something right. so still attracts the local community

2 Jan 2009 23:13

The Rock, Chiddingstone Hoath

Oddly I'll post something negative about what was a most wonderful find (Thanks BITE posters). Only a couple of reasons why not a perfect ten - a grumpy barman, who I am told used to be the landlord, and had no interest whatsoever when I told him of the rave reviews and I was a little intimidated by the number of posh stockbroker accents. Oh the third is the classic, victim of its own success (ie it was busy!). Apologies for the whinge.

Excellent beer, well priced food, lovely smell of woodsmoke, looked unspoiled (although I was informed there have been modifications over the last fifty years).

27 Dec 2008 18:38

The Forest Inn, Lickey End

No, that was the one up by Rednal, what was it called?

7 Dec 2008 20:31

The Forest Inn, Lickey End

Did this used to be the Poacher, and perhaps before the Chalet?

7 Dec 2008 20:30

The Stage Door, Victoria

Surprisingly honest pub with surprisingly honest food, and two well served ales. And full sized urinals. Makes a change after all the dreadful makeovers

7 Dec 2008 20:28

The Dulwich Woodhouse, Sydenham

Popped in for a drink after a lovely frosty walk in Sydenham Hill Woods to find that I could not get in. The main front door was locked and so was the secondary front door. There were people inside, rather up market and eating at what looked like a restaurant. Maybe it was a private party or perhaps a film set.

Found myself agreeing with a lot of what you said themanwhowouldbeking but certainly I will not get used to it. SHOCKING

7 Dec 2008 20:24

The Old Bank of England, Fleet Street

Just spent a surprisingly nice (too short) lunch there. Food decent, not too exspensive. Discovery, once it warmed up, was again a fair pint. Good services without being over the top. I grumble about pubs turning into restaurants but this place seems to have got a rare balance. Don't usually reveal my score but the rating is about right/

12 Sep 2008 13:46

The International Restaurant and Bar, Trafalgar Square

Quiet at lunchtime, comfortable seats, interesting view, cheap food deals which are actually nice.

My tip is have a bite to eat, with tap water and then go for a beer afterwards in the nearby Harp.

Clearly not a pub, and not a place that I would go to in the evening.

5 Sep 2008 13:15

Boadicea, Charing Cross Station

The reviews of this pub really cheered me up. I probably went sometime in the 90s, but sounds like it hasn't changed. Those walks of London, maninly frequented by American's shold stop and experience a truly wonderful piece of British history/culture. What suprised me is that there is a worse place in the Traf Sq area than the Two Chairmen.

31 Aug 2008 23:00

Nancy's, Pall Mall

Went there a few years ago and it was baaadddd. Gave it another try on Friday, and it was even worse.
Surprisingly empty at lunchtime, crowded in the evening but only one member of staff on at both times.

Was shocked at the price of a round, as they had given doubles (unmetered) without confirming. Ho ho weights and measures he we come.

But the biggest crime was selling flat bitter, at the temperature of lager, with no head (not that it could have held one anyway).

Sorry nothing good to say about this place. Harp and the Ship and Shovel are less than ten minutes away, go to one of these places, or anywhere down Whitehall, or anywhere else full stop.

31 Aug 2008 22:56

The Rutland Arms, Catford

Sadly still closed and it may be that a rescue package to keep a pub in the new development (they have planning permission) has failed - no doubt not helped by the current economic climate.

Anyone know more?

24 Aug 2008 19:06

The Perry Hill, Catford

Hmm, very quiet for a Saturday lunch time, clearly going for the restaurant trade, thought the prices for food were good until I discovered that it was only a starter size (perhaps explains why it was so empty). So so Bombadier (and Pride on as well, so not particularly exciting).

Like most pubco places that think they are gastro, much of the charm seems to have gone in the refurb, to create yet another generic interior.

Clearly from postings here, and one really amusing one on the Dolphin at Sydenham, there are some fans. I am indifferent, and as far as proper pubs go the Rutland Arms is much missed, but at least the Blythe is in walking distance.

This was in 'Pubspy'in the News Shopper - I am warming to this and loosely agree with their comments (approx 3 stars out of 5)

24 Aug 2008 19:05

The Ship and Shovell, Charing Cross

Warming to this pub. I am such a fan of the nearby Harp, but when there is a crowd this is probably better for standing outside. My memories of ten years ago of incredibly smoky bars now gone. Beers good, and not too expensive and friendly staff

25 Jul 2008 13:21

The Dulwich Woodhouse, Sydenham

A lovely location, and excellent building, that I will continue to visit as I have for almost 20 years.

Yet I get progressively more disillusioned. They have now got rid of all the nice traditional feel to the main bar, getting rid of the characterful banquet seating with those bloody high chairs and tables. The generic Lordship Lane bar has now reached the top of the hill.

Agree totally with Goodfoodie, the food is average yet they charge near gastropub prices for it. It may be twice as nice as Wotherspoons food, but at three times the price?

What really upsets me is that this pub had a near magic formula in any place - lovely traditional pub, with a large garden, on top of the hill. Nowhere within miles could compete with this, it had its regular established clientelle (notwithstanding the general hatred of kids from successive managers). Yet they conintually have to change it (adding ultimately to the price of food and beer). It smacks of short term management. Hope the management are reading. This explains why it scores 6/10 rather than the 9/10 that it should do automatically.

25 Jul 2008 13:19

The Honor Oak, Honor Oak

The comment on Lordship Lane says it all. Lordship lane no longer has any pubs, just trendy bars and restaurants. If you want this sort of thing then move to SE22 (and my comments include FHT).

Having said that the refurb is a bit more sympathetic than most of the places on Lordship Lane. It alays seems to be full of oh so nice people - you are fortunate enought to be near to the best pub in SE23 the Blythe, so you can compare and contrast

22 Jul 2008 23:03

The Princess Louise, Holborn

Bit of a dichotomy here. Wonderful refurbishment here, to the original design. A painstaking job. Spoiled by some of the worst beer in the UK. But then at the best prices in London. Or is that a trichotomy?

13 Jun 2008 22:53

The Morpeth Arms, Pimlico

If you went into this pub for the first time you would think not a bad place, in a sort of flat pack by design clonish sort of way.

If your drank here before summer 2007 you would say why oh why did you try to ruin what was such a charming place, getting rid of the traditional banquette seats, and replacing them with high chairs, redecorating in cool chill-out colours in what should be a brigh and brash typical Victorian pub and unecessarily remodelling the bar.

Some comments after spending some time their tonight - now totally patronised by students from the arts school, unlike the wider mix it used to entertain. Some came their to play on their lap tops (shoot me know, I really am getting old). And whilst the toilets could not match the gradeur of the Princess Louise in Holbourn, they were still magnificent fully height urinals, with highly polished copper and brass work. Now sadly replaced with the diddy ones.

Not the most awful pub, just sad what they have done to it. Check out older postings to see what others thought pre-makeover.

13 Jun 2008 22:48

Herne Tavern, Forest Hill

Actually tried it again after being to the Plough where they had run out of beer.

There was a real ale fest in the garden, but oddly enough it had closed by the time I got there (9pm) - is this sensible drinking gone mad?

To my surprise a full set of Timothy Taylor beers on sale in side, never seen that outside of Yorkshire. It was too hard to price them according to the strength and duty so they were all at 3 each. Odd.

Mainly a bright youngish clientele, probably not that interested in ale so spose I should count my chickens, but on the down side made me feel not at all young or bright!

Still consider it's lost a lot of its charm from its days as a real pub

2 Jun 2008 22:48

The Plough, Dulwich

What is happening? Are pubco's really that bad that they run out of beer? The fifth time in various suposedly decent pubs in the last year and a bit. OK so they make their money on food, but is that any excuse, particularly a place such as this that promotes real ale, to have none?

Went as part of the Dulwich festival. Not been there for years, certainly not when the Goose and Granite. So a gastro makeover, not a surprise, and not totally ruined. But poor service and, did I say already, no ale. Cask marque - my bottom.

Onto the former pub, now restaurant, known as the Herne. You will see a theme!

2 Jun 2008 22:41

The Forest Hill Tavern, Forest Hill

I am really confused. Not a real ale pub as from my experience it is bad (eg IPA) and poorly served. Not really a local's pub, clientelle totally changed after the refurb, but then again when I first went there ten years ago you were careful not to look anyone in the eye (but had much improved in recent years). And losing the front door?

Tries to be a cool late night groove sort of place, but then wants to be a gastro pub, but at the same time big screens so a sports bar.

Before you young cool times, big screen footy fans or affluent gastro couples have a go, I was the one that put it on the BITE map!

16 Mar 2008 11:22

The Golden Bee, Stratford Upon Avon

Cavernous place, without much charm. Beer looked OK but getting on for an hours wait for lets face it hardly freshly made food is poor, even by JDW cheap as chips standards

6 Mar 2008 00:01

The Garrick Inn, Stratford Upon Avon

Unfortunately only saw GK - you will probably find that the 'Guest' is a brewery that GK took over and closed down

5 Mar 2008 23:58

The Lord Moon Of The Mall, Whitehall

After 30 years of drinking beer, suffered my worst wind ever. My poor family. Judge that as you will!

5 Mar 2008 23:57

The North Star, Steventon

After my last posting just had to pay a pilgrimage on Sunday. To my relief it was still as good as I remember, actually better now that it is a true free house and doesn't have to serve that GK rubbish.

Surely the best pub in the UK. Even retained its outside toilets.

5 Mar 2008 23:55

The Woodman, Sydenham

Looked in the window to see what appeared to be another pub chain cloned make over, with all the usual suspects on offer. The presence of Greene King and OSH on tap prevented me going in - I loathe this brewery as much as I did Greenhall Whitley, and at a simlar time Whitbreads when it was taking over and closing down breweries.

Be interested to hear any arguments to the contrary, and a review of the place. Sorry just couldn't go in.

Therefore haven't rated it.

23 Feb 2008 20:40

The Dolphin, Sydenham

Sorry Slider, not quite getting your message. Where is it that you like to drink and eat?

9 Feb 2008 18:55

Midget, Abingdon

Wasn't this called the Magic Midget (after the MG car, made just down the road). I recall it being modern, and nothing special, but OK.

My other local at the time was the Saxton Arms, rough old place, but a proper locals pub (fine, providing you did not stare at anyone). Is that still there?

9 Feb 2008 18:40

The Perch Inn, Binsey

Thanks Palias, I now know to totally avoid. Just going to check reports on one of the few unspoiled pubs left in the world, the Seven Stars in Steventon. I'll be well depressed if I see this has gone the same way.

9 Feb 2008 18:31

The George, London Bridge

Wonderful wonderful folk night first Monday of the month, second if the first week has a bank holiday)

Wonderfully historic pub

Spoiled by dreadful GK dross, hint get the Newkie Brown, on Budvar, or anything else (apart from Bulmers whatever that is nowadays)

5 Feb 2008 00:18

The Punch Tavern, Fleet Street

Fighteningly overpriced, an interesting interior, but not at this cost

29 Jan 2008 22:29

The Old Bell, Fleet Street

Oh dear dear dear dear

And oh dear dear dear dear dear dear dear

My wonderful local for three years until 2004. Stil use it regularly. Interesting and famous interior as used by Chris Wren when building the local church. But oh dear dear dear dear dear dear dear.

"This beer is flat can I change it please". "No, it is bitter it is meant to be flat, no one else has complained." From what I hear this is typical of the place now. Got nothing about sourcing staff from around the world, but please please please know something about keeping and serving beer. And don't be surly to the customers! If it isn't fit for purpose, it isn't fit for purpose. And P off you suits who decided to join in the discussion, bunch of winkers.

Food actually very good, shame really

29 Jan 2008 22:28

The Hand and Shears, Barbican

Fab time following a Smithfields breakfast. Smashing place, go there early (say before 11am) and lovely and empty. And unmodernised. Great.

29 Jan 2008 22:16

The Fox Inn, Tiddington

Total enigma. What should have been a lovely pub spoiled by turning both sides into a restaurant. And empty on a Sat lunchtime when we arrived, so hardly a local clientelle. Actually an old boy and his dog arrived but I think they must have paid for him to give the place a different impression. Beer was too cold (why do I keep getting warm flat beer, or cold and fizzed up?). Lunch snack menu was limited, they ran out of baked spuds, yet what we did get was better than average and not too expensive. I believe that the restaurant is top notch.

Overall a disappointment but not dreadful, if you get my drift

11 Jan 2008 23:01

Moon On The Hill, Harrow

Sort of bland but cheap, which with the lack of decent child friendly pubs in the area a bonus. Beer was fine, which is a bonus for a JDW pub. The first time I'd eaten in a JDW and it was better than my low expectations. With such a lack of decent eateries other places charge exhorbitant prices. Well at least the bill was not a shock. Not that I am a fan I hasten to add!

11 Jan 2008 22:56

Hobs, Forest Hill

Doesn't seem to be any nicer after the refurb

17 Oct 2007 22:41

The East Dulwich Tavern (EDT), Dulwich

Haven't been there since the cabaret moved out. Remember when it was so rough you didn't dare go downstairs. One night there were bouncers on teh door and they were only letting locals in - we naturally thought it was dog fighting or bare knuckle fighting. A relief that it was a 70s disco! Ah those were the days.

17 Oct 2007 22:28

The Hole In The Wall, Waterloo

This place is truly horrid! Probably why I have been going to it for so long. So much for market forces and that we want all our pubs to be designer gastro chrome and glass! This will probably be the last one of its kind standing. Enjoy.

17 Oct 2007 22:24

Richard I, Greenwich

Beer was nice, separate bars and full length urinals so no splash back. What more could you want (and I don't give a monkeys about warm lager).

12 Oct 2007 17:56

The Dolphin, Sydenham

3 for a pint of Tim Taylors. A pound for a packet of crisps. Your having a larf. I pay far less than that in my central London haunts. Too shocked to check out quality of toilets.

12 Oct 2007 17:52

Lord Nelson, Sneinton

Agree with all the positive comments, one of my top ten pubs in the UK, An oasis.

3 Oct 2007 22:40

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Nottingham

I just want to say how much I despise Greene King and what they have done to pubs, beer and regional breweries.

Oh, I have been to this place many times over the last twenty years and did like it in the past

3 Oct 2007 22:38

The Atlas, West Brompton

A gastro pub that still resembles a pub - how unusual and wonderful! Wish the pubs in East Dulwich and Forest Hill would do the same.

And most excellent full sized urinals, not these little individual things where you get splash back

3 Oct 2007 22:34

The Porterhouse, Covent Garden

Confusing mish-mash of styles, floors, copper pipework, industrial. This eclectic mix doesn't work for me.

Beer reminded me of some micro-breweries in the 'States, where they went totally OTT on flavour.

Not a great place to find your friends as it is too easy to get lost.

And the bouncers once wouldn't allow me in because I was wearing shorts - and they were evil with it! It's summer, it's warm, people, including tourists, wear shorts!

Didn't check out the toilets

3 Oct 2007 22:29

The Forest Hill Tavern, Forest Hill

Apologies for doing two similar posts, both primarily aimed at the damage that the refurb had done to the place.

William, see my first posting when I had got this place on the BITE website, and pehaps you would not have been giving your view yesterday. After avoiding it for years I thought that a few months ago it had got it right, a locals pub discouraging undesirables without bowing to the pressure to go the way the East Dulwich places had. Spoke to soon.

Anyway my posting is simple, 2.80 for undrinkable Pride. I thought that was reserved for the West End, where they have transient Eastern European staff and transient clientelle. Nowt wrong with Eastern European staff, I hasten to add, but surely someone must be there who actually knows how to keep beer right.

9 Sep 2007 23:37

The Harp, Covent Garden

I have to post something on this pub as an antidote to all the depressing things I am now saying on many of my other favourite boozers. I over looked it for years - what a mistake. One of the best things about moving up to Trafalger Square for work. Wonderful.

8 Sep 2007 22:48

The Morpeth Arms, Pimlico

Drunk in here on and off for almost twenty years. Had two leaving do's there including one where I spent far too long in the toilets.

I only seem to be posting "why?" (why did you do this to your pub) nowadays, clearly I am prematurely old aged.

See AbeC's posting thtee below, think that says it all. It did not need a make over, it was nice already!

OK I have seen worse, and beer was decent and not too expensive for the area. Doing up the interior seems pointless.

8 Sep 2007 22:44

The Forest Hill Tavern, Forest Hill

Checked it out. The curved bay windows added to the insult of the revamp. Why are there architects out there that are so insensitive?

Inside now pretty generic, with generic, but drinkable beer. Will check out the jazz tomorrow and try and remain impartial.

8 Sep 2007 22:30

Herne Tavern, Forest Hill

Umm, why are people complaining about the food. If you want decent food then go to a restarant - there are a few left.

Oh sorry, silly me, this is a restaurant. Then what is it doing on a pub web site?

And why am I at home on a Saturday night?

8 Sep 2007 22:28

The Fire Station, Waterloo

Food passable, (a fiver for a half cooked piece of halloumi?!)

Atmosphere OK. Beer drinkable.

6.20 for a glass of table rose wine? Taking the P.
Congrats on my first 0/10 (I told the good humoured bar staff that I would have to do this after collapsing over the price of wine)

18 Jul 2007 23:33

The Royal Hotel, Liverpool

Its so long since I went that they had Tetleys brewed at the Walkers Warrington brewery.

What was excellent was the real gas lights - now long since gone I believe

14 Jul 2007 16:45

The Forest Hill Tavern, Forest Hill

Thanks to Eelio for the appropriate comments.

Personally I am confused. Why we need another Gastro pub (and it was pricy) when the Herne and Clockhouse just down the road? Why they actually did vandalism in 'modernising' what was a very characterful exterior and interior. How the local authority allowed them to bring in curved windows in the bays (it is not a deco building!). Removing the carpet would have been good enough for me! The table set our in doors creates a very sterile environment.

Where have the locals have gone? The clientele have changed from a wide mix, to a tight mix of white middle class and 22- 28.

There were more people there than before so clearly they are doing good business (although no one was eating last night).

Not rating it yet, need to give it another go. Black mark for Greene King, I hate IPA. The Adnams before was better, although served pretty poorly. Oh well I've grown to like Pride.

Any chance of any therapy, all advice welcome

14 Jul 2007 16:39

The Jolly Woodman, Beckenham

Wonderful wonderful place with excellent range of proper beer with proper people drinking it. I usually find it very difficult to write things positive about Beckenham due to my views on the lack of cultural diversity!

Only thing that spoils it is the silly pub sign that makes it appear to be a plastic paddy pub (ie a sign that looks like a leprecaun) - hope the manager is reading this!

23 Jun 2007 14:08

The Railway Bell, Crystal Palace

It is been a long time since I visited. So relieved that this was still a wonderful local boozer. Even joined in the karoke - probably a sign that I was enjoying myself too much. Thanks to the locals who let us join in what could have been a private (birthday) party. I hope it is like this every night!

7 May 2007 21:49

The Forest Hill Tavern, Forest Hill

They have painted the lovely 1940s stonework black and lost the original (or original style) pub sign. Why oh why?). Still being refurbished when I last looked, lets see what else the future has in store.

7 May 2007 21:46

The Greyhound, Sydenham

Is it really going to be turned into flats, a sad ending for a once wonderful place - apparently not historic enough for a listing or English heritage. Shame on you Sydenham.

5 May 2007 00:03

Hoopers Bar, Camberwell

A brave attempt in a bid of a wilderness I am afraid - good beer (four on, of which three were small independents), heaps of bottled beer, will hopefully be providing good food in a few months, friendly staff, a modest makeover and they had Weston's to make up for that dreadful ubiquitous Magners. But a little off the beaten track and did not get critical mass of customers tonight. Hope it works out James! TRY IT!! Look forward to Karloff's more detailed review which can't be far off as he alerted me to the place. Website is the name hoopersbar dot co dot UK

4 May 2007 23:58

The Clock House, East Dulwich

Suprised that someone mentioned the Herne, which of course is a restaurant not a pub.

Agree with the general sentiment that this pub aint what it was. Will the refurbishment improve it? - the last one didn't. Have seen the food prices soar, and no doubt they are trying to compete with the likes of the Palmerston. Please tell me I am wrong.

You have the Gowlett for a more trad pub, and the Rye hotel for a pub that has gone trendy but not pushed it too far, for good alternatives.

We will see!

26 Apr 2007 20:23

The Forest Hill Tavern, Forest Hill

Closed for refurbishment. Oh dear, is this going to be yet another gastropub. Any information out there?

26 Apr 2007 20:19

The Honor Oak, Honor Oak

Missed my ending off!

So in conclusion a reasonable place that compliments some of the other drinking establishments in Forest Hill (it is not in Honor Oak). Oh and the most positive point, it is not a carbon copy of the Herne Tavern, phew

16 Mar 2007 17:10

The Honor Oak, Honor Oak

A number of good points good choice of beer (Broadside or Black sheep) prices actually displayed prominently, as by law they should be (but rarely seen), could therefore forgive them for being at the upper levels for the area. Odd to be served in a jug, which was the norm in my youth! Shame that I was the only person drinking proper beer at the time (there should be a law making this compulsory). Food both interesting, non-generic, reasonable in price (opposed to the mass catering rubbish most places serve) and had not gone too far down the gastro route. Compares well with other similar ventures in the area DA, Gowlett, Rye Hotel, Nunshead. (note cant bring myself to mention Lordship Lane)

On the downside, the interior does match the Victorian exterior, and could be located in a building from any era. And the wallpaper hurt my eyes (sad that I am commenting on wall paper). Still think that it should have not changed its name. The pub has certainly been well marketed.

I did post earlier addressing some of the other comments, but either I pushed the wrong button or it got deleted. If you look at Karloffs many other postings there is no thread of misogynistic comments, so perhaps others are being a bit precious (and noting that they have only ever posted about one pub, unlike Karloff who has reviewed dozens). Looking at his age (and mine) we were a generation that made great headway in making the world a fairer place (get my guitar and Joan Baez song book out now) ops, where the rise of the new lads and ladettes and the me-first generation seems to have reversed much of what we achieved. Also on equality, I do not see any of the better drinking establishments reflecting the ethnic mix of the area, not that they have any obligation to do this of course. Clearly in economic terms better to have a pub full of nice gentrified youngish people than providing a community facility for a small minority (as the St Germains did) and not producing the profit margins that are now expected. Lecture over.

16 Mar 2007 17:08

The Westminster Arms, Westminster

Beer fine if expensive, place rather run down particularly downstairs. What a rude barman (possibly the landlord) if you scroll down to older comments this seems to be a common theme. Explains why I work next door yet have been there three times in four years.

Go to another pub. Recommend Speaker, Royal Oak or The Buckingham or the Barley Mow.

13 Mar 2007 18:44

The Two Chairmen, St James's

Well interesting reading RogerB, perhaps you drank all the beer. I am absolutely gobsmacked. This too is a work local, and better than the closer Westminster Arms. Prices are good and it has greatly improved since the obnoxious drunk previous manager went.

But tonight, a Friday night, and they have six handpumps but not one ale on. Are they bothered? Like hell. I couldn't engage any of the staff on this. Dunno who the manager was. Something about problems with ordering. I've been to lots of pubs with a couple of handpumps on for show but don't actually use them by design, but out of incompetence??

So I buy a couple of bottle beers. Both warm. Take one of them back and ask for a cold one. They don't have a cold one. You are offering a service and a product, please please show some professionalism. I am not into name and shame, but if I can't take up my gripes with you what else is left, and by all means take up your argument with me on this site, but it was pathetic! And when I told you that I would resort to this you showed not the slightest interest.

Some additonal comments - the upstairs has a charm like an old fashioned mens club. The fire is clearly very artificial. And the food is pretty dire, along the lines of most pubs in the country.

I really really wanted to go to the most excellent Speaker tonight, particularly as it has a beer festival on but colleagues had already decided to go to the Chairmen. Perhaps my posting will do some good.....

19 Jan 2007 19:15

Crown Posada, Newcastle

Great place, spoiled by grumpy manager. Clearly did not wish to tell me about the name but to get people out after closing time. It's got a strange name mate, people will ask!

13 Dec 2006 12:42

The Forest Hill Tavern, Forest Hill

Spoke to soon guys, the landlord has now departed (or been made to depart). Will check it out and report back.

6 Dec 2006 14:41

The Crown, Catshill

This was rather up-market, when I used to do crawls around Catshill as a 17 year old in the late 70s. Have actually been back in recent years and agree with the view below.

Had a wonderful 19th birthday there.... Memories

4 Dec 2006 13:22

The Ivy Cottage, Catshill

This used to be the smallest pub in the world, but that was in 1978.

4 Dec 2006 13:20

The Plough and Harrow, Catshill

Surprised that no one in the Bromsgrove area seems bothered to rate pubs. I can't score this one, not having been there for over ten years. The last time I went there it was a rather formulaic place, with a bolt on restaurant. The nearby M42 making a right racket.

But scroll back to the late 70s, Catshill is where I started my illegal teenage drinking and this place was my fave. Very much a locals place then, used to buy Gaymers Old English, from the two pint bottle, for 35 p a pint (beer was sub 30 pence), and top it up with a roll for around 30p. It was run by a middle age couple, he had been involved in entertaining the troops in WWII, there was a large cartoon with him parashooting in with his piano. They were the Tromans, and there was also another Troman, the spellings weren't the same, who had taught as my old school, Waseley. Some of you may remember him, as he used to show films at school, including Walkabout (what memories!)

4 Dec 2006 13:19

The Rutland Arms, Catford

OK, very short notice but, as some of you know, the Rutland Arms closes for ever next week. Tonight, (tuesday 28th) is the last jazz night - featuring trombone player Mark Nightingale. Love to see anyone who can make it. If not, there is always the last blues night on thursday ! or SEL Camra's farewell pissup on friday ! ...

28 Nov 2006 17:54

The Forest Hill Tavern, Forest Hill

Pleasantly surprised when I visited this pub last week as I found it a little threatening in the past. Very much locals but at the same time accommodating. None of your East Dulwich types you see down Lordship Lane despite the fact that the owners are now using the initials (FHT).

Reasonably ale on tap (Youngs and others) and prices. After my recent experience in the non-pub down the road (the Herne) and that the Clockhouse has gone down hill, a welcome change.

On the down side, one big room with no quiet places to sit. The ubiquitous large screens and would imagine that you could upset people.

But a wonderful eclectic mix of music, Ian Dury and ELO in one evening.

20 Nov 2006 13:16

The Trinity Arms, Brixton

Great pub, why only 7/10?

16 Nov 2006 12:28

Herne Tavern, Forest Hill

Lovely beer, but as no longer a pub (more of an extension of a Clapham bistro, aimed at families with young kids, cannot rate it as a pub.

13 Nov 2006 16:02

Ye Olde White Horse, Aldwych

After my postings of a few seconds ago about the Seven Stars, mortified to read what people are saying here. Was a wonderful pub, and great beer, but clearly landlady upset people (never me). Will need to check it out. Loved the no students sign, in fact called it the 'no students' pub. Well at least it has generated debate.

And agreed with other posting. Will avoid all pubs that Martini frequents.

Oh and there are also some very sensitive people out there, would love to be told to 'FO, you are a student', being 20 years too old.

10 Nov 2006 20:13

The Hercules Pillars, Holborn

Beer and prices fine, but the freemasons connection is truly wierd. Wierd.

10 Nov 2006 19:59

The Jolly Gardeners, Vauxhall

Pub turned into Cafe/bar, don't knock it for that!

19 Oct 2006 14:34

The Queens Head, Vauxhall

Cavernous real Irish pub close to (the now modernised) Lambeth Walk. No doubt good guinness but shame no real ale.

19 Oct 2006 14:33

The Perch Inn, Binsey

So wonderful in the many times I visited 84 - 05
So horid last time - cold, lost all its ambiance, food awful clearly reflecting the new management.

Hope others can persuade me to go back!

11 Sep 2006 17:42

The Old Anchor Inn, Abingdon

Well Abingdon has changed since I lived there. Doubt whether the loss of the brewery has improved things (in fact GW seem to have cast their brand image spell on many of their acquisitions).

T'was a wonderful place twenty years ago. Now just another bland boozer. What a shame.

11 Sep 2006 17:38

The Lavender, Vauxhall

Always liked this pub, although agree with some of the comments on it's attempts to go gastro. However now that it is frequented by people who whinge about places not taking their plastic will avoid. I'm stuck in the dark ages where people should still pay for their beer in cash.

10 Sep 2006 16:45

The Greyhound, Sydenham

Thank God I left Sydenham and moved to Forest Hill. Another pub that was so great 15 years ago and so awful now. Several bad makeovers and a loss of the famous stone Greyhounds (stolen by builders). Once was a mecca for pub rock, jazz, alternative comedy (where for example Vic Reeves cut his teeth as the compare, although the grumpy man has very selective memory). And a very historic pub as well. Shame

31 Jul 2006 12:26

The East Dulwich Tavern (EDT), Dulwich

Posting as I particularly enjoyed some of the more recent comments. Not scoring as my experiences are out of date. When I went regularly to the Cabaret in the early 90s downstairs was a rough old place. Believe it was a Milwall pub at the time so care needed on a Saturday! Main memory is when there were bouncers on the door and a particularly rough crowd. Was expecting bare knuckle or dog fighting but it was actually a 70's disco (obviously owners were very selective on who was let in). This is a great web-site but shame that scoring cannot start a fresh when there is a major shift as clearly score for this pub reflects older times. Similarly I encourage readers to enter a zero for the Bricklayers in Sydenham to reflect how awful this place has become and overide the previous high score.

31 Jul 2006 12:21

The Dulwich Woodhouse, Sydenham

Updated due to change of management. Location lovely and Youngs beer. Food OK - and trying to be imaginative. Attitude to kids still sucks, and seems even worse. Drank here pre and post kids so think I have a good perspective. When the play area was there at least the ankle bighters had a place to go rather than annoying us parents! (say that tongue in cheek). That said think the management are waking up. As an acredited old fa*t it was actually down hill once they'd knocked through between the bar and lounge, removed the boules pitch and stopped kids playing in the hedge due to a grumpy neigbour

28 Jul 2006 13:01

The Bricklayers Arms, Sydenham

What has happened to this pub. It used to be so good. Now just a few ASBOs playing pool. Clearly the change in management. I am so depressed. Only gave it a mark because it is a Youngs pub

25 Jul 2006 14:34

The Seven Stars, Chancery Lane

Lovely pub, just a shame about the attitude of some of the staff including Roxy, who before I exiled myself served me in a 16 oz glass rather than a pint. Rather than apologising she had a go at me. Shame. Marked for the pub and beer!

On prices when I first went there it was the cheapest in the area but then worked out that they could charge a premium (who can blame them)

10 May 2006 17:45

The Dukes Head, Putney

Following my earlier comment (irrespective of their policy) no issues about bringing the five year old, a few more kids there without spoiling the atmosphere and a friendly mix of drinkers supporting both sides without a hint of rowdiness (save that for the rowing!). And at 2.35 a pint for proper beer don't agree that it is an exspensive pub. Upped my rating!

17 Feb 2006 13:51

The Dulwich Woodhouse, Sydenham

I have a love/hate relationship with this pub. There is no competition in the area - a lovely building, a pretty sympathetic extension, a garden and Youngs. But the attitude of the old and new management always seems to stink. "We are a local pub for local people" (and I've always lived within two miles of the place). The inability to get more staff on, on warm sunny days when the place is crowded. Their hatred of kids, when the place makes so much money out of families. The notices are not polite, they are "kids unwelcome". I came here regularly pre and post kids.
Ate here 4 years ago and it was pathetic, told the staff so but they were pretty brain dead. From all accounts it is so much better now.
And as for progress it was a shame when they knocked through between the bars and they lost their boules court (yes dear readers that was a LONG time ago!
But a lovely area to walk (Sydenham hill woods) the remnants of some fantastic victorian villas and close to where Telly was invented. And they had ITV digital (for lower league football) when virtually all other pubs refused to show it. Not that it is a nasty bland sports pub (telly is in one quarter)
The ex managment are in the Morpeth (nice Youngs pub by the river/ Tate Britain. Have a chat with them about the Wood House

10 Feb 2006 15:54

The Dukes Head, Putney

Have been coming here for years, often pre-football and very interested in others' comments. Youngs used to have a cheap beer policy, maybe ten years ago. Never mind (see comments on Royal Oak in SW1).
Couple of negative points (still think it is a great pub), firstly they weren't very helpful when I asked about taking my 5 year old in tomorrow (his first big football match). So it's sitting outside in the cold for us.
Secondly following a pretty unispiring match a few years ago they shut the pub apart from for regulars. Surely there is never any football agro there?
And a few years ago we were sitting outside when there was a high tide, did we laugh when the water started getting into the 4X4s parked by the river (isn't that what they are there for?). Never thought of the class war aspects until I read this site.
Marked down slightly due to the queues for the bar - a victim of its success!

10 Feb 2006 15:35

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