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Yates's, Sheffield

Lotsa competition for the drinkers dosh round here...and I must admit the Sprog & Carrot gets mine....must be the Roger & Out!!
This pub is very much set in the usual Yates` mould...So you`ll already know if you wanna go or not.

27 Jun 2005 20:39

Sandbar, Manchester

Luv this pub!...has to keep its vibe though...and so far its done this by having an everchanging but reliable barstaff-who should all have `chilled` as a middle name...It still has a Victor Meldrew you always get a "I Don`t believe it"moment when you`re waiting for Thats Entertainment to come on & you hear Frankie baby sparking off about New justavta chill!

21 Apr 2005 01:48

The Temple, Manchester

The bog has character!! It proves that I`m not the only one who can miss a 10" diameter hole from 8 inches....The beers good-the Jukeys excellent & the place is so small that the whole atmosphere can change with the addition of 2 new punters!...makes for an interesting stopoff...but the Jukey REIGNS!

21 Apr 2005 01:38

The Smithfield Hotel, Manchester

Nice place to get in for last orders,after an arduous evenings work sampling the beers of central manchester & the northern quarter...lots of beer choice,so buy halves till you hit the gold vein!

21 Apr 2005 01:29

The Seven Oaks, Manchester

Has presently got quite a feel of a locals pubs about it for its fairly central position in town,which is a good thing apart from the fact that it feels a bit cramped when theres a few people in.
My major gripe here goes back a long time(to the early 80`s)-when to my mind-one of Manchesters most beautiful mid 20c pub interiors was ripped out by trhe brewery in favour of varnished wood,to my mind it did to the interior what Greenalls did to the `Tommy Ducks` demolished it!

21 Apr 2005 01:26

The Salutation, Manchester

Bit disappointed on the sundaypre Paddys day.This wasalways my place for a few beers & a listen to a few tunes from various players...this year it was flat as a pancake,no music,no craic & a championship game (ie 1st division)on the box...Nice refurb-but get the basics right!

21 Apr 2005 01:14

Waxy O'Connors, Manchester

I like this pub,it hasn`t got the tardis like space you encounter coming in thru the Rupert st entrance of the west end branch...but the nooks,crannies & assorted stairways,with their baronial hall woody bits keep you entertained whilst your waiting for the head on your (not inexpensive) Guinness to settle...
just try ONE for the experience

21 Apr 2005 01:06

The Manchester and County, Manchester

Not close to being the best wethers in the city,but recently the beers got a bit more consistent...still plenty of people in during the day for the food,you can normally tell if its moody by taking a second to check the place out when you walk through the doors.

21 Apr 2005 00:58

The Lamb Tavern, Leadenhall Market

Full apologies to `John`of the prev comm...getting my Widmark & Wayne mixed up! Brannigan was the cop film,so hopefully I can go back to bed now!...and to tell you the truth the pub is much better-in its layout & locality-than I previously gave it credit it for...My grumpiness has exited the building!

1 Apr 2005 02:05

The Swan, Bank

Love the pub,but only when its not full of `one of you`....Great Fullers brews + the seasonal element...just visit when the country pile is attracting the nannied element!

1 Apr 2005 01:44

The Lamb Tavern, Leadenhall Market

Either empty or full of suits.....don`t like either!...don`t rate the beer....good location & quite a few places locally for a proper pint/atmosphere...MOVE ON...
P.S. prev comment- answer probably Madigan.

1 Apr 2005 01:27

Bob Trollops, Newcastle

Not bad if you want a beer near to the river/bridges....appears to be a lot of competition round here now.

1 Apr 2005 01:19

The Victoria Hotel, Leeds

Love the pub to look the booths,mirrors,layout etc.....just never rated the beer...and thats been over a very long time,I keep going because this pub has everything its on a fairly new pub trail with Lloyds,Hogshead etc....Just hope it makes it!

1 Apr 2005 00:59

Whitelocks, Leeds

Like to celebrate with a pint of Old Pec here if I`ve come out unscathed from Nags Head,Duncan & General Elliot....the last 2 being Sam Smiths houses (so the pain is aided by Blood alcohol level!)...Always a very good standard of beer & its just a case of wondering whether its worth standing around like `a sardine in a tin`if its too crowded..LET BIG WILLY GO!

1 Apr 2005 00:52

The New Roscoe, Leeds

Friendly bar staff during the PM....but the locals had to be pacified!

1 Apr 2005 00:39

The Fenton, Leeds

Bit dingy years ago....went through a refurb where it lost `its soul`....but back to a pretty decent pub now....the last (proper) stop off on the way back to central Leeds from Headingley.

1 Apr 2005 00:36

The Faversham, Leeds

`When I was a lad`.....this was actually a one room hotel....although full of goths! it looks like you should pay a cupla quid for a laser gun as you go in & just shoot the baddies as they appear from the partitions.....ORISITJUSTME...Probably!

1 Apr 2005 00:31

The City of Mabgate, Leeds

I don`t fancy a day in Mabgate if this is an example!!...found the pub quite by chance....There was a tv & me in the bar....Not a bad place if you can develop ESP with the favourite of the 3.20 at Epsom!

1 Apr 2005 00:25

Bricklayers Arms, Leeds

Buzzing student pub....was gonna call it `groovy` but I think thatwas too 2004!

1 Apr 2005 00:21

The Duck and Drake, Leeds

LUVIT!!...Been coming here off n on for 20 years & its one of the few pubs I can say that hasn`t changed!! Years ago it was an oasis in Leeds to the great Tetley desert!....Now with various brews breaking into Leeds -at various boozers- its good to see it holds its own with the variety & quality of its brews (& its back to basics image)...also handy for trhe National buses!

1 Apr 2005 00:14

Haworth Old Hall, Haworth

You`d be expecting to fall into a timeteam trench after leaving this pub as the fireplaces,doorways,nooks & crannies leave any building enthusiast scratching their head whilst drinking their pint...I had a cracking pint of IPA whilst working out which door Tony Robinson would bound out of & whether it was Rowan Atkinson or Phil Harding that was with him......Then again maybe I`d just had an 8 over the 1!

31 Mar 2005 23:58

The Fleece Inn, Haworth

Basic pub years ago....& I LOVED IT...stone floor,draughty pub,wotchaneedaseatfor? kind of place, with proper beer........I made special trips with this pub as the highlight.......The pubs been extended since,the amenites are more modern & its a little bit samey with the other village pubs re furnishings.....but THANKS GOD! -the beer is still top quality...Check out the Timmy Taylors won`t get any better!

31 Mar 2005 23:46

The Black Bull, Haworth

Looks good from the outside...but the beer wasn`t much cop,Branwell Bronte`s chair is halfway up the stairs near the window.....& I can only assume he was looking (as well as going!)downhill towards The Fleece & yearning for the day when all his sisters popped their clogs & he would be let off the leash to get on the lash!.....See the Thunderers headline 1/4/1846...`Beermonster Branwells Boozy Antics-They`re Twisting His Melon`

31 Mar 2005 23:38

The Duke of Cambridge, Islington

Ever played Pacman?..Well the first time you enter this pub & try to get round the slightly large tables on the way to the could well feel the hot breath of the said monster at your neck!!..icy tingle & shiver!!....Its nice to escape with an organic brew, but make sure you only get halves till you find your nectar...even the stouts can be disappointing...but saying that, the atmosphere is spot on & the food is excellent.

31 Mar 2005 23:11

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

BIG beer selection...good atmosphere-you feel like part of the pub scene-even when you`re only planning your next pub stop!...Also its a cracking linking pub for starting from Angel & going via various pubs (including the Duke of Cambridge & the Island Queen) to the delights of Hoxton & Spitalfields

31 Mar 2005 22:54

The Last Drop Inn, York

didn`t enjoy the beer here,its well situated & I`m very enthusiastic normally re smaller brew pubs,but this appeared to be more of a stop for a quick sit down pub for the local shoppers.

31 Mar 2005 22:39

The Loggerheads, Shrewsbury

When I do my 2 day session in Shrewsbury/Ludlow,my 1st port of call-after leaving The Lion Hotel-is the Loggerheads...walk in the door to the left & go into the 1st room on the left & you`ve been transported back to.....God Knows when-but it must have been at least 10 minutes ago & most probably 40 years...(this time travel thingy is a most imprecise science!!).

27 Feb 2005 02:23

The Eldon, Woodhouse

Mondays in the early 80`s we used to start off the week in the Pack-up the road- followed by The Eldon & stagger down to Phono`s in the Merrion for the 50p snakebites...The Eldon was then a fairly dour place...since its been doubled in size(by knocking thru next door)its improved as a pub...Good beer,improved seating & a great place to watch the footy...with a good mixture of locals & students....

24 Feb 2005 22:38

Sinclairs Oyster Bar, Manchester

The DADDY of the city centre pub scene as far as I`m concerned,since I 1st went in it in 1981..Invariably top notch Sam Smiths bitter at a cheap cheap price..When they moved the pub a few years ago they still kept its soul!..Can get pretty full on weekends,due to its proximity to the Printworks...But during the day you can show off your legendary drinking power & amazing love barrel tummy to the suitably impressed Selfridges & Harvey Nicks shoppers!....For Sammy S lovers...Stockport town centre-The Boars(& Queens)Head..Shud b on ur nxt tour!

19 Feb 2005 09:08

Cafe en Seine, Dublin

A MUCH bigger pub than it looks from the outside (Like every pub in Galway City...if you`re going further west!)....Decorated in unconventional style...with lots of plants...Lots of stairs all over the place.....Looks Like Porridges` Slade Prison after its won a makeover competition!!Keep off the shorts...the prices will drive you to drink!!...In short-Well worth a look...Quite different from Dublins usual `bar scene`.

19 Feb 2005 01:19

The Salford Arms Hotel, Salford

Decent Jukey..Lost a lot of the old regulars...handy as on trhe way to the Kings

19 Feb 2005 00:49

The Royal Oak Hotel, Didsbury

Best during the day...You`ve got the famous cheese lunches...but also a whole host of `Characters`..the like of which I`ve only met in the French House Soho.....Everyones got a story & they`re usually bloody entertaining...Excellent Marstons,Pedigree & guest beers (The Owd Roger was spot on)

19 Feb 2005 00:47

The Rising Sun, Manchester

Doesnt get particlarly rammed most of the time...It does look pretty wierd in its position next to the modern offices on the street...but worth a look in.

19 Feb 2005 00:40

Revolution, Fallowfield

On a sunday or summer afternoon,this is a great place to be....(if the 3 people behind the bar can serve the 2 people in front of the bar in under 15 minutes!!)...
Read the papers..and have a proper cocktail...This is when you need to visit....At other times `yous takes your money & (wait a long time)yous spend it

19 Feb 2005 00:36

Revolution, Deansgate Locks

Sound bar...Quite chilled with nice seating-then steps up a gear in the evening.

19 Feb 2005 00:30

The Red Lion, Withington

In the 80`s this was THE first port of call before clubbing in Manchester....always packed to the rafters,with guys n girls practising there comeonlooks for the night ahead...It went steeply downhill for a while...but now appears to be recovering lost ground...It was Marstons best selling pub for quite some time..It even used to have Owd Roger at various times(recently on sale at the Royal Oak, Didsbury)...
Theres been a couple of refurbs & lets hope it continues to climb back to where it was.

19 Feb 2005 00:28

The Rain Bar, Castlefield

I like this pub... Tho Its a stop off rather than a session pub...A few halves of Moonraker are usually enough to help you brave the Manchester weather as you head to your next port of call...Nice in summer when you can stand out the back trying to work out where that bloody canal goes!!...The Brewery did an excellent job did whoever left a bottle of champers on the table the night I walked in for a celebration drink..Your loss was my drunkeness!.Chin chin!!

19 Feb 2005 00:20

The Railway, Didsbury

Its a Holts house so lesson 1 for the uninitiated is....Buy Beer!!!-Letcha divvy mate have a lager!...Holts bitter has always been said to be an acquired taste...but when you`ve got it-the Railway is the place to be...particularly as the Nelson, Didsbury no longer serve it...Get a few downyerneck, then swan in to the Metropolitan in the guise of Lord Westdidsbury -Chief of all you survey....Watch the ladies swoon!

18 Feb 2005 23:55

The Queens Arms, Manchester

Nearly broke my ankle coming here after trying to take a short cut from the Marble Arch..jumping stones aint my strong point!...Good relaxed pub,though, needed a few halves before I found a beer I could hammer! ...Good value...Off to the Derby for a pint of Joeys is the normal next stop...its all pavement-thank God!!

18 Feb 2005 23:43

The Queen of Hearts, Fallowfield

Another Bar moving towards the `student apartheid` angle...Just about managed to get in here last time,due to my younger mates...TTFN

18 Feb 2005 23:36

Pleasure Bar, Withington

Decent laid back place.Some good tunes.usually some budding artist/photographer has their work on the wall...Can be fairly cramped later on...Normally get the Bottled Budvar here...decent bar .

18 Feb 2005 23:20

The Milson Rhodes, Didsbury

Eye Candy...You Betcha!...Service at the bar isn`t as bad as it may appear from the crowds...& its a pretty friendly place.... lager is the ruler here.

18 Feb 2005 23:16

The Piccadilly Tavern, Manchester

OK for a cheap lager in central Manchester...Don`t expect much quality on the beer front....& a strange policy of closing early.

18 Feb 2005 23:12

The Peveril Of The Peak, Castlefield

Top pub for layout,atmosphere...& tiling!....good for a game of pool when its quieter & a decent Jukey....I`ve just never rated the beer here...but its still a Manchester institution.

18 Feb 2005 23:08

Varsity, Didsbury

Its another possible stop off as you pass through Didsbury...Look through the windows & see if its worth trying to get served...the staff are usually quite speedy.

18 Feb 2005 23:05

The Paramount, Manchester

Decent beer,but prefer the atmosphere in other Wetherspoons

18 Feb 2005 23:02

The Oxford, Manchester

The kind of place where your always looking for a chair as you feel uncomfortable standing...But the atmosphere feels better..Handy for Uni gigs...or needing a restorer after visiting MRI casualty!

18 Feb 2005 22:59

Osborne House, Rusholme

Hydes did a beltin refurb in here...Pity its 5 mins from the `curry Mile` as it deserves more passing custom..Good pub

18 Feb 2005 22:55

The Orange Grove, Fallowfield

The last time Iwas in here,Someone from behind the bar raced out to demand a student card & said ta-ra to me...Not Impressed.

18 Feb 2005 22:52

The Old Nag's Head, Manchester

This was the `school pub` a youth....Half the 5th years & 6th formers of 20 summers & 38 winters ago (this is Manchester!)learnt to play pool upstairs at the Nags......Its gone down & up again since..I still think it has the air of a `local`in the centre of town...which isn`t bad at all....Used to hammer the strongbow in here.

18 Feb 2005 22:48

The Old Monkey, Manchester

Recent refurb...More chance of getting served here at night, than the Wethers up the road...Its a Holts house...Its cheap-but decent- beer,cheap-but decent-spirits & cheap & crap serves its purpose,it does the business....You`re then ready for an `all you can eat for 8` chinese buffet from the surrounding restaurants...(try opposite O`Sheas)... You should still have a few quid to put on a few`Lucky dips` the next day... (Heaven -Manchester Style!).

18 Feb 2005 22:39

The Old House At Home, Withington

The beer quality has improved in here in recent years & its a good stop off point between the pubs n bars of Withington village & Lapwing Lane.

18 Feb 2005 22:30

O'Neills, Didsbury

Its lost a lot of the `buzz` it had when it 1st opened & the refurb didn`t do it any still gas a reasonable atmosphere at weekends... but lets have a few proper bands!

18 Feb 2005 22:26

Mulligans, Deansgate

Has had a justified reputation for its Guinness over the years...The food isnt bad either.....Can get pretty cramped at the weekends.

18 Feb 2005 22:22

Mr Thomas' Chop House, Manchester

Recently refurbed again....Years ago the Boddies here was as good as anywhere...but for me the beer standard has slipped in recent years....Now getting an even better name for its food...Competes with the Peveril & Marble Arch in the `Big on old tiling award` in central Manchester.

18 Feb 2005 22:20

Mother Macs, Manchester

a town `local`...the basic layout hasn`t changed much over the years...small one roomer,which tends not to get too jammed...seeing that its only 30 secods walk from Piccadiily Gardens.

18 Feb 2005 22:13

The Moon Under Water, Deansgate

Surprised by the low rating for this get served quickly,the beer is normally available & of very good quality....(a lot of the other Wethers in Manchester have problems getting these basics right!)...The main entrance on Deansgate can look quite depressing...but if you find a seat round the back-in between the stairs & near the stained glass window-its a cheery enough place.

18 Feb 2005 22:06

The Metropolitan, Didsbury

Have a few pints of Joey Holts across the road at the Railway,before venturing in & watching the 2 blue notes in your hand reappear as 3 pints of lager!...Not the cheapest place,but it appears to keep the riffraff out(apart from myself as I`m intrigued by the blue note trick)...handy for a post meal pint after the foodie delights of lapwing lane & Burton Rd...Not a place to come on your own at night as animated groups abound.....Good pub

18 Feb 2005 21:57

Lloyds No. 1, Manchester

Excellent value for the printworks...Chocker at night-whilst very quiet during the day...Sometimes has a problem with beer availabilty....a little bit more `chilled` upstairs....

18 Feb 2005 21:47

The Lloyds Hotel, Chorlton cum Hardy

Good pub,surprisingly quiet at times,considering the plus points previously outlined....The beer is very good(for these parts).

18 Feb 2005 21:44

The Kro Bar, Manchester

excellent range of beers & foreign lagers...Quite an `upmarket`student pub...with good solid seating & tables upstairs.More of a cafeteria atmosphere leading out to the back yard/beer garden downstairs...
Good food as well...not a bad place at all.

18 Feb 2005 21:41

Ye Cracke, Liverpool

top pub...Excellent beer -usually from the lesser known independent brewers from the northwest Jukey...If you hear Villiers Terrace by the Bunnymen-its only me trying to ingratiate myself with the usually fails!...My favourite Liverpool pub!!

16 Feb 2005 23:36

The Shakespeare Tavern, Durham

First pub I always go to in the front bar,....have the crack with the locals & drink some proper real ale...check the other rooms out too.

12 Feb 2005 19:24

The Holly Bush, Hampstead

Firstly trying to find the place is a bind...go up the steps next to the crossing on Heath St....Try to get there during the daytime if poss.Various rooms there which exude warmth & character....The beers not bad either.

12 Feb 2005 19:09

The Magdala, Hampstead

It does have an atmosphere which seems to send you back a few years-when Britain had a (black & white) film industry perhaps......something to do with the pub layout(Not because Jack Hawkins is sitting at the bar with a G & T)....

12 Feb 2005 19:01

The Market Porter, Borough

Top location for the Borough market at weekends...It looks a "proper" pub & has a great selection of beers....I Would try a half 1st till you get the one thats really on form....Harveys beer is usually on.

12 Feb 2005 18:50

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell

Honey Porter......paradise in a pint glass!!..The other beers aren`t bad either!..Excellent if you can find a table....bit of a bind standing outside...but the beers are terrific & if you get there during working hours its not too crowded...One of my favourite watering holes.

12 Feb 2005 18:42

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street

My favourite London pub....But has to be visited at the right when the suits have departed for the weekend.....Saturdays are great...but watch out for the opening hours.....Sam Smiths is superb ale,but it wasn`t upto its usual standards on my latest 2 trips.....A saturday in winter,when the fires on in the front bar,just can`t be beaten for atmosphere.....Drink the Taddy Porter (at room temp) if the beers not top notch.

12 Feb 2005 18:31

French House, Soho

The people make this pub -top characters...If your in conversation with someone,you`ll probably be as entertained by the chat going on next to you....If you can breathe out-its a quiet night!

12 Feb 2005 18:22

The Intrepid Fox, Soho

Spot on pub....Just drink the strongbow &listen to the the company of the pierced, tattoed,goth clientele...And thats just the bar staff!!...surrounded by good music & varied posters...
Soho`s version of what a Hard Rock Cafe SHUD B!!

12 Feb 2005 18:12

The Sun, Faversham

This has been 1 of my favourite pubs,out of the 1000`s I`ve visited....Old pub,(usually)good beer, great atmosphere,large fire with the hops hanging all around it in early september..with a number of nice,quaint(but inferior)pubs nearby...Worth a stop off back from Canterbury.

12 Feb 2005 17:41

The Parrot, Canterbury

Great pub for atmosphere & Theobolds cider!!..Manys the time I came here on the weekend from Teynham during the hop picking season.....It`s very hard to reconcile Theobolds & train travel!!,,,top place...old,beamed pub with beer garden..a Canterbury MUST!

12 Feb 2005 16:21

The Knott Bar, Deansgate

excellent selection of beers.nicely chilled out place for a daytime beer or two.

12 Feb 2005 15:58

The Kings Arms, Salford

Good boozer...Plenty of well kept real ales... increasingly looking like its won a makeover competition...Good atmosphere

12 Feb 2005 15:56

The Hog's Head, Didsbury

Beers normally good,but expensive`you`ve come to pay d prices`Good crowd at the weekends spilling out onto the street...

12 Feb 2005 15:51

The Hare and Hounds, Manchester

Decent `old style` boozer.3 roomed layout,Lotsa tiling,not usually too busy...Excellent Holts & tetleys...Good `linking` pub on a crawl including the northern quarter & Printworks/Sinlairs etc

12 Feb 2005 15:45

The Grand Central, Manchester

The only pub in central Manchester where I automatically buy Strongbow & put on some tunes on the jukey which are LOUD,LOUD,LOUD!!....The Angel is the Nottingham equivalent.....Nice to get away from the usual pub formula!

12 Feb 2005 15:31

Gateway, East Didsbury

Large pub,usually quite empty during the day,which is surprising with its proximity to the entertainments at Parrs Wood.....Hydes beer normally on good form...Pub always looks well looked after.

12 Feb 2005 15:24

The Friendship Inn, Fallowfield

The latest refurb has been the biggest(adding)a back room,but its not taken away any of the pub character & characters....The Hydes bitter & Hydes seasonal beers are normally on top form...decent food as well.
Nice to have a `local` in student Fallowfield,,,(& actually be allowed in without a Union card).

12 Feb 2005 15:16

The Fletcher Moss, Didsbury

Idiot free pub...conservatory added a few years ago actually helped to improve the place.Locals tend to drink the Hydes bitter rather than the Jekylls or other offerings....Well kept beer.Usually not as full as the pubs on the main drag(Wilmslow Rd)

12 Feb 2005 15:06

Dukes 92, Castlefield

Seasonal,out of hours visit it on a nice summers day & the place is the business!Great seating & surroundings inside whilst its a nicely chilled out place...........the criticism comes from visits at other times....but overall a good pub.

12 Feb 2005 15:02

The Dog and Partridge, Didsbury

Good selection of beers...usually in very good nick...Didsbury prices tho` so don`t expect much change...Good place to sup a couple outside normal didsbury choc-a-bloc hours (ie weekend nights)...
Thank God they don`t still serve `Old Rosie`cider...I can now remember going home!....Well worth a look...
Watched England win the rugby World Cup there-top atmosphere!

12 Feb 2005 14:53

The Crown and Anchor, Manchester

Decent pint of Joey Holts....but the pub appears a strange hybrid....The bar side is your normal Holts house...but you walk into the lounge & its a city centre bar....bit wierd that!I`m wondering if I need to bring a change of clothes when I walk in between!..
At least you can work it all out over a top pint..

12 Feb 2005 14:45

test 16, Manchester

Decent selection of real ales for such a small pub,but can be worth having halves till you find your tipple......Mainly suits during the day...Can be quieter in the evenings...atmospheric 2 room pub.Lotsa wood & etched windows.

12 Feb 2005 14:38

The Circus Tavern, Manchester

Splendid little pub,usually only open during the day,2 small rooms rooms with plenty of character/s...
The beer quality can be up & down...but well worth a look....backs on to chinatown.

12 Feb 2005 14:30

Bruins, Fallowfield

With its strange opening hours & lack of custom,it would appear to have little going for it.However the beers very good(Congleton brewery),it does decent continental lagers & the bar staff have ben very helpful whenever I`ve been in.....Contradictions abound!

12 Feb 2005 14:25

The Bridge, Manchester

Manchesters 1st proper gastro pub.....The beers on good form,the food is top notch....Unfortunately the popularity & newfound celebrity status of the owner has led to a decent price hike...although I suppose it was previously too cheap....Top place.

12 Feb 2005 14:20

Big Hands, Manchester

Top jukey....relaxed place(if you can get a seat)...and just get leathered on the Cruzacampo etc....Check the old flyers on the walls near/in the bogs to see if you`ve been to any of the gigs..try not to get your boots wet!

12 Feb 2005 14:13

The Beer House, Manchester

The Beer House is back on form after being out in the wilderness for some time......Good selection of beer, served by staff who know what they`re talking about & a decent Jukey

12 Feb 2005 14:07

Bar Fringe, Manchester

Good Jukey,not a bad mixture of customers-from lotsahair/leather to a normal drinking crowd....I tend to prefer the foreign brews...(Belgian raspberry & peach beers etc...although they aren`t cheap)...The real ales here probably need to be bought by the half to check they`re on form....but overall a very decent bar in the northern quarter.

12 Feb 2005 14:02

The Ape and Apple, Manchester

Decent pint of Holts.Usual holts clientele of middle aged geezers who like a beer or two.....If you`re from outside Manchester then the usual rule stick to the bitter as the lager in these pubs aint wot its about!

12 Feb 2005 13:53

The Nelson, Didsbury

Decent local boozer...the only one in didsbury village where the punters may have calloused hands...
But bring back the Holts` bitter.....It was one of the best kept pints in south Manchester

12 Feb 2005 13:44

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