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Comments by gdm

The Plough Inn, Hildenborough

Beautiful old pub, all beams etc. but very foodie. We were just there for a drink. Manged to get somewhere to sit, it's certainly popular and had my first pint of Tonbridge Ale as I like to support local breweries and try ones I haven't had before. It was ok but for the second we reverted back to Harvey's, the tried and trusted favourite and it was good. A good pub with potential but not a great one.

4 Dec 2010 20:44

The Rock, Chiddingstone Hoath

I have only ever been an occassional visitor to this pub over many years but will always take any opporunity. It is the classic English pub. I have never eaten there but love the timbers. the brick floors, the Bull on the wall, all of it. Nice atmosphere, Larkins Best and Porter. The other local pubs are also very good but the Castle is very expensive, the Wheatsheaf feels more commercial and I've never found the Greyhound to have the atmoshere. Just my opinion but I consider the Rock to be a lovely pub.

4 Dec 2010 20:35

The Village Inn, Caterham

KIlling time so went in. It was 7pm on a Saturday and there were two customers at the bar and several unoccupied acres. The restaurant area was in darkness and clearly closed. There was no real ale just keg John Smiths. The girl behind the bar and the two locals were pleasant and friendly but that didn't make up for the fact the this large pub was deserted, cold and smelt stale. The toilets clearly hadn't see any sort of cleaning for weeks, the smell of pee was overwhelming. The upside being that the nasty smell in the rest of the pub was a breath of fresh air by comparison. We had our one drink and left never to return.

14 Nov 2010 12:32

Brecknock Arms, Bells Yew Green

Simplicity is the watchword here. This pub doesn't look very inspiring from the outside butI liked it as soon as I went in. There were four Harvey's ales on, Mild, Best, Old & Bonfire Boy. I had the Old which was good. A couple of simply decorated rooms open off the main bar area. We chose the one with the log fire and the menu board. The menu was good pub fare, nothing fancy (simple in other words). The ham was home cured and I had that with egg and chips and it was very good. The steak pie looked homemade and very tempting. The service at the bar and of the food was friendly and efficient.
I have passed this pub many times over the years but had never had a reason to go in and now realise that I have been missing out. Very Good.

7 Nov 2010 18:21

The Sligachan Hotel, Sligachan

It looks as if this is the place that everyone loves to hate so I will stick my twopenny worth in on the other side. I spent a couple of nights in the campsite opposite last week and a couple of evenings in the bar. There were four ales on, all brewed in house and though perhaps not the best beer in the world I have certainly had much worse. Between us we sampled all four beers and thought them all good. I was on the Skye Ales and have no complaints. There was nothing homebrewish about them, It sounds to me as if the last reveiwer has an axe to grind. The food was a touch on the expensive side but not by much and the quality was good. The staff were helpful and pleasant and the atmosphere was good. It also stocked more whiskies than I have ever seen. I don't know if there have been changes to staff or management but I found nothing wrong with the place.

23 Aug 2010 21:41

The Plough, Earlswood

In my last review I said that I would go back but such is the memory of the obnoxious South African that served me it has taken two years. That said, this visit was a pleasure. My pint of Harveys was very nice, my father in law had the Hooky ( I think) and enjoyed it. The service at the bar and in the restaurant was excellent and the four of us enjoyed our lunch. The menu was simple but well done and well priced. All in all it was very good and when I say that I will be back I know that this time it will be much sooner than before.

1 Aug 2010 17:18

MacGochans, Tobermory

Friendly pub with numerous helpful and friendly staff. Several local real ales were on and were good. A good mix of clientel possibly due to being close to the marina. Well worth a visit.

14 Jul 2010 20:19

The MacDonald Arms Hotel, Tobermory

Characterless place with a wide selection of keg beers and a barmaid more interested in chatting to her pals that extending any sort of welcome to visitors.

14 Jul 2010 18:45

The Lochmaddy Hotel, Lochmaddy

The Deuchers was off so had McEwan's 80/- which did very nicely. Staff were helpful and friendly and the place had a nice atmosphere. Didn't eat but the food looked good.

14 Jul 2010 18:42

The Old Inn, Gairloch

Three ales on. all home produced I think and none of them to our tastes so that was a disappointment. Seemed to be run by and for Mancuinans and dominated by televisions.

14 Jul 2010 18:40

Lorne, Oban

Struck me as very much a food pub but we were on our way to the Indian along the road. Had a pint of Oban Bay stout that I didn't enjoy very much. The place was a bit gloomy and the staff were efficient but not particularly friendly. There are worse places in Oban and unfortunately few better.

14 Jul 2010 18:35

Aulay's Bar, Oban

Popular place on a Friday night though I don't really see the attaction. Keg Belhaven and Tennants Ember (I think). Everything about it was okay, nothing was good.

14 Jul 2010 18:31

The Boat Inn, Aboyne

Clearly much has changed. The Boat Inn is a traditional looking building facing the River Dee. It is now more of a restaurant than a pub as the whole of the front bar is set for eating. That said, there were people standing at the bar. There was also a smaller bar at the back where serious drinking could be enjoyed.
We were out to lunch so were in the front bar where the staff were friendly and attentive. There were a number ales on and keg Belhaven too. I had Inveralmond Lia Fail which was excellent and my friend enjoyed the Ossian from the same brewery. These were new to me and I was impressed.
The menu had a range of good standard pub food. Their signature dish seemed to be the Haddock and chips. We had seen a few being carried past and we all opted for that and it was very good. Not on the main road through Aboyne but signposted. If you're looking for a good pint and a good lunch you could do a lot worse.

25 May 2010 13:13

The Rose and Crown, Mayfield

Had a very nice meal and a good couple of pints of Harveys last night. All very pleasant and doing a healthy trade for a Monday night. A lovely old pub with a big open fire roaring nicely in the unseasonable cold Spring. I was curious about the old coins stuck to the ceiling but never got round to asking. Next time.

18 May 2010 22:05

The Great Eastern, Brighton

As casual passerby I liked the look of this pub. It was a relaxed, sunny Saturday afternoon and there were a reasonable number of people in but the service was good. There were four bitters on and mine was very good. There was no bleach smell and the customers and staff, and a dog were all friendly. As one with no preconceptions about the place I thought it very nice.

12 Apr 2010 13:18

The Ferryboat Inn, Hayling Island

We arrived at about the same time as a ferryful but got to the bar first. I was disappointed that there was only one bitter. It looked as if there were usuallu two but the Ringwood was off. However the GK IPA was good. It's not a favourite of mine bit that's not their fault. We sat in the lower bar as we had a dog with us, that was fine. My friend went back to the bar to order the food and I didn't expect to see him for a while as the crowd off the ferry were all ordering but he was soon back. The menu was standard none too fancy pub fare, we both had the All Day breakfast for less that 5. It arrived in good time brought by a friendly helpful waitress. It was just what we needed. All in all, there was nothing to complain about.

12 Apr 2010 13:08

The Kentish Hare, Bidborough

Glad to see that in the nearly two years since my last visit they have stopped chilling the Harveys (and presumably the other bitters) to freezing point. That was my only complaint before so all is now good. There was a good mixed crowd on the Saturday evening I was there and though busy the service way good and friendly and we had a very pleasant evening. A good pub.

4 Apr 2010 19:00

The White Lion, Redhill

New management. A vast improvement. Good beer, good food, nice people and the heating is back on so it's cozy too!!

22 Mar 2010 20:01

The Best Beech Inn, Wadhurst

The Sunday roast had been recommended so we stopped in. It's a lovely old bulding. There were several areas inside, One with sofas, another with tables a traditional brick floor and an actual restaurant area. The bar staff and locals were very friendly so initial imprssions were good and just got better. The Master Brew was well kept and the roast was very very good and the service excellent.
Well worth a visit, I wish I lived closer.

22 Mar 2010 19:57

Dog and Duck, Outwood

Don't know what plans are afoot for the Dog & Duck but it looked very closed when I drove past the other day. The recent reviews suggest that it had it coming.

18 Feb 2010 13:45

The George Inn, Lacock

Great fire going on a cold Sunday. Most of the tables were set for eating and quite a few reserved. We were quickly shown a table and our drinks order taken. The Wadworths JCB was a new one on me and very good. The menu wasn't overburdened with fancy dishes. It was good homemade fare which arrived quickly and with a smile. It was very good. Maybe slightly over priced but it is a tourist trap and that wouldn't stop me going back.

1 Feb 2010 13:24

The Salamander, Bath

As strangers in town the Salamander looked intersting so we chanced it. It was Saturday afternoon and busy without being rammed. Service was good, we had the Gem and Barnstormer. Both were very nice. All dark wood it has a good atmosphere. Could have sat there much longer bat had places to go. The upstairs dining room looked very nice too. A good find.

1 Feb 2010 13:16

The Hillside Inn, Crawley

Certainly a food orientated pub with a 'chain' feel to it. That said, we stood at the bar for a few pints and enjoyed the friendly atmosphere. The Harveys good without being great but all I all it was pretty reasonable

24 Jan 2010 19:58

The Leicester Arms, Penshurst

Good, traditional pub but did see one customer have trouble as the one barmaid assidiusly looked everywhere except where he was and the one whose attention he did attract didn'r speak English. However I did enjoy my Harvey's and the atmoshere was good.

10 Jan 2010 20:30

The New Drum, Tonbridge

As very much a non regular we popped in and found staff and regulars very friendly. A reasonable pint of Harvey's. I hadn't been in since it was Uncle Tom's Cabin but glad that it was doing robust trade.

10 Jan 2010 20:25

The Castle Inn, Chiddingstone

The recession is clearly biting. I was in today and the Larkins Porter had dropped to 4.05 a pint!!

10 Jan 2010 20:19

The Bell Inn, Godstone

More restaurant than pub. Pleasant but lacking in character. Four of us were there on a Friday night and the staff were under pressure but coping well and remaining cheerful. When ordering the food they warned us that they're may be a wait. We order a selection of starters. These arrived quickly and were good and kept us going until the mains courses came. these were good too. we had no comlpaints. All in all the food and service were good and we had a pleasant evening. I was on driving duty so didn't sample the beer and my companions were on wine so cannot comment on the beer but didn't see any hand pumps in the area of the bar we were in.

30 Nov 2009 09:27

The White Hart, Wadhurst

Good standard village pub. Ok it's Greene King buth the Speckled Hen was very nice and the atmosphere was very friendly. It was jam night and was told it was a relatively quiet one but it seemed well supported and we enjoyed the music. All in all a very pleasant evening.

19 Nov 2009 13:25

The Garland, Redhill

We hadn't been in for quite a while but couldn't work out why not. This is a great pub for interesting ales. I had the Old and the Bonfile Boy while my wife was on Best. All excellent.

2 Nov 2009 13:48

The Bridge Inn, Amberley

I liked this pub a lot. My pint of Harvey's was excellent and my friends enjoyed thier Sharp's Cornish Coaster. There was also Skinner's Bett Stogs. The staff were very friendly and dog friendly too. We didn't eat but the menu looked good. Will defintely visit again when in the area.

2 Nov 2009 13:45

The George, London Bridge

As others have said, this is a fabulous building this numerous rooms and loads of atmophere. I also agree that it is expensive but not hideously so and the staff are slow but friendly and pleasant. I would never make it my local but will be happy to dip in again in the future.

7 Oct 2009 17:13

The Duke of York, Victoria

Just when I'm adjusting to paying around 3 for a pint it was a pleasant surprise to be charged 2.50 for a reasonable pint of Pride. It was early evening so it was the pre theatre and post work crowd. I liked the traditional decor so, all in all, no complaints.

30 Sep 2009 21:37

The Cardinal, Victoria

Stumbled across the Cardinal and we were immedately drawn to it. I've always enjoyed Sam Smiths beer so I was double pleased. I was tempted by the stout but went for the Old Brewery bitter instead. I too was curious about the enclosed area at the back but enjoyed sitting on a small sofa taking the traditional decor and pleasant atmosphere. We didn't eat but the menu looked reasonable. Struck me as the sort of place that, if you lived close by you could enjoy a long Sunday with the papers.

30 Sep 2009 21:33

Wattenden Arms, Kenley

As Countryboy says, good simple fare at good prices. Frendly faces behind the bar and efficient with it. I was on the Timothy Taylors Landlord and thoroughly enjoyed it. It wasn't too busy and we got a table ok. Liked the RAF/aviation memorabilia. All in all a really good pub.

21 Aug 2009 11:09

The Swan, Edenbridge

A pleasant and friendly pub with a big garden where the pub dogs invite you to throw tennis balls for them. Pride and Harvey's for the ale drinkers. I went for the Harvey's, several times! Very good. Did think 3.10 a pint a bit on the high side.

21 Aug 2009 11:03

The Star, Godalming

Just popped in for a swift one on our way to a wedding. My pint of Ridgeway was very nice. The staff were friendly and efficient, the atmosphere was friendly and I liked the decor. I would have stayed longer but duty called.

19 Aug 2009 13:12

The Richmond Arms, Godalming

I thought this place nice if unspectacular. The landlady was welcoming and friendly, but she was Scottish and I was in full Highland dress. It was quite quiet on a Saturday afternoon and it looked like all regulars, I didn't notice any unpleasant odours. My pint of Bass was good and there were three other ales on and we enjoyed our fish finger sandwiches which arrived promptly. I thought the prices were ok.

19 Aug 2009 13:09

The Lochavullin Bar, Oban

After my last posting I decided that, in fairness, I had to go in. Chose the Public Bar rather than the saloon. It was much as expected. Lino floor, formica tables, pool table. Three customers were in place, one barely able to stand. Got a couple of questioning looks. A shinty pub (look it up!) with pictures of the local team past and present. No real ales but the McEwan's Export hit the spot and the barmaid was pleasant. Curiosity has been satisfied.
Probably best avoided if you have an English accent.

10 Aug 2009 13:49

The Tigh an Truish Inn, Clachan Seil

Still great. Fyne Ales Highlander was very enjoyable. Does no one else go here?

10 Aug 2009 13:41

The Puffer Bar, Easdale Island

Nice little pub. Tea room at the front, bar at the back. Outside seating for days that the rain or midges permit. Friendly staff. My pint of keg Belhaven was very nice. The guitar by the bar suggests live music.

10 Aug 2009 13:39

The Castle, Bradford on Avon

Stayed here four nights over three weeks and was very impressed by all of it. The constantly changing selection of local beers were all excellent, the menu was varied and the food all very good. The service was very good and I liked the rustic furniture and the assorted portraits on the wall. The rooms were large and very comfortable. Still very much a pub. Couldn't fault it.

9 Jul 2009 16:19

Gemini, Brighton

Enjoyed a lovely afternoon sitting outside in the sun listening to a live band. Despite being very busy the table service was good. The atmosphere was friendly. On the down side, there was no bitter but my Guinness was ok but my wife's cider was warm. The toilets were a mess due overuse.

29 Jun 2009 13:36

The Office, Brighton

I'd have said that the food was just okay. My pint of Harvey's was fine. The service was good when we arrived with three behind the bar but when we left the bar had been completely abandoned by the staff and punters were wandering in then out again as they couldn't get a drink. A bit slack.

29 Jun 2009 13:31

The Lord Nelson, Brighton

Nice traditional pub. Four Harvey's beers on when I was in. Had the Armadfa then Best. Both very nice. Good service and comfortable atmosphere. We worth a visit.

29 Jun 2009 13:28

The Running Horses, Mickleham

I'm always suspicious of a pub where the staff are in bow ties. That said, we were only there for a drink. It was a hot Sunday lunchtime and the outside tables were full so we sat indoors which was cool and comfortable. My pint of Adnams was colder than expected but was ideal for the hot day so I had two. The staff were formal to match their attire so didn't make the place friendly and welcoming but was perfectly acceptable.

15 Jun 2009 13:31

The Marquis of Granby, Redhill

It was a band night so probably not typical but to have run out of bitter by 9pm on a friday night with a band on does seem a bit slack. The apology was pretty perfunctory too. That said the Guinness was fine and the natives were (mostly) friendly. This pub hasn't suddenly leapt to the top of my favourites list but it was okay. The band however were excellent, Jinn House, catch them for some serious rock.

15 Jun 2009 13:22

The Old Inn, Mullion

Enjoyed a couple of pints of Black Prince in the comfortable bar. A friendly and pleasant place. There was a band playing on Sat night so it got busy but not uncomfortably so. Well worth stopping if you are passing.

26 May 2009 13:08

The Cadgwith Cove Inn, Cadgwith Cove

Great find! Walked from Church Cove so stopped for a pint, had three and lunch. Dark and interesting inside with numerous pictures of local/nautical scenes. Very pleasant and friendly staff, good beer and good food, in a lovely little fishing village all tucked into a little cove.

26 May 2009 13:03

The Shipwright Arms, Helford Village

Just had a pint and a pastie while sitting outside by the river. The staff were friendly. Sharp's Doom Bar, Skinners Betty Stogs and bottled Helford Creek cider our group had were very good. The pastie was good too. It did just what we wanted.

26 May 2009 12:56

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

It's the atmosphere I love about it. People seem to go there with an expectation and generally get it. I've had winter evenings when all eight people in the pub sat round the fire chatting, heaving band nights and hot summer days outside and thoroughly enjoyed them all. There may be a scrum in the hall sometimes but I've always found it good humoured and chatty, that alone stands the place apart.

26 May 2009 12:48

Queens Larder, Bloomsbury

Nice little pub. No food in the evening. They had Morlands and Speckled Hen on as well as Leffe Blond and Hoegarten.

15 May 2009 13:23

The Pear Tree, Whitley

The bar has a nice rustic feel and there were a few regulars in. The Speckled Hen was well kept and they also had Pride.
The dining room was very pleasant amd the food was great, as was the service.
The rooms too were very nice.
All in all, a thoroughly nice place.

15 May 2009 13:21

The Bell, Reigate

A pretty unimpressive pint of IPA and dodgy decor. Given the shape of the pub might have been better to go for the dark intimate look. Visited several times over the years and each time asked myself why I had done so.

11 May 2009 13:21

The Dragon, Redhill


30 Apr 2009 12:37

The Three Horseshoes, Bradford on Avon

As a stranger in town I took pot luck having not consulted BITE before my visit. The barman was helpful and friendly and my pint of Spring Loaded was very good. There was a dartboard in use and a large telly for sports and the locals were friendly. I felt comfortable there and would happliy go back.

22 Apr 2009 21:20

Dandy Lion, Bradford on Avon

Pretty quiet when went in, but it was earlyish on a Tuesday. My pint of 6X was good enough and the staff were friendly if a bit dippy. Not much atmosphere but it was warning up when I left.

22 Apr 2009 21:16

The Star Inn, Bath

As a visitor to Bath was delighted to be taken there by a local. Great pub. Was impressed to see the Bass served from the barrel. I loved the small wood panelled rooms with a well used and natural look. Nothing false or pretentious about it. Cosy, friendly and highly recommended.

5 Apr 2009 11:58

The White Hart Tap, St Albans

Thoroughly enjoyed my pint of Thwaites Lancaster Bomber and the four other ales seemed fine judging from comments of others in our group. It was a quiet Sunday early evening and were sitting outside so difficult to get a true impression but overall felt like a very nice pub.

24 Mar 2009 13:16

The Roundbush, Aldenham

This pub looks great from the outside, an unpretentious brick building. perhaps a couple of farm workers cottages at one time. Surprisingly bright inside and very geared for food with a member of staff poised at the door with menus. We were just drinking, got served quickly and went and sat in the garden. My pint of Black Sheep was well kept and no one else in the group had any complaints so I would happily go back for a pint but the earlier comments about the food have made me wary.

23 Mar 2009 13:11

The Admiral, Reigate

Obviously recently redecorated but pretty soulless. Some pictures on the wall perhaps, not just promotional posters. That said, the staff were friendly and the Youngs was good.
Wouldn't avoid it but equally wouldn't go out of my way to go back.

3 Mar 2009 13:37

The Rose and Crown Hotel, Tonbridge

Time moves on so no longer smokey. I found the bar snug and comfortable. Decorated with a criket theme im a style consistant with an old coaching inn. My pint of Abbott was very pleasant and there were another couple of ales on offer. Didn't eat so cannot comment on the food but enjoyed my visit.

10 Feb 2009 08:55

The Frogshole Farm, Maidenbower

First impression was that it had a very 'chain' feel about it but the bar lady was friendly and welcoming and knew her ale. There were three on offer, I had Golden Arrow which was very good. Altogether, quite pleasant.

21 Jan 2009 16:31

The Tigh an Truish Inn, Clachan Seil

Possibly the last pub in Scotland still serving Tartan Special along with Orkney Red MacGregor and Atlas Vital Spark which is what I had and enjoyed.

1 Jan 2009 16:08

The Leicester Arms, Penshurst

Lovely old pub and a fine pint of Harvey's. Popped in during a muddy bike ride and no one objected to our attire. Loved the corridor to the Gents. It was like the Great Escape.

1 Jan 2009 16:01

The Castle Inn, Chiddingstone

Beautiful old pub. I really liked it. We didn't eat so cannot comment on that but the Larkin's Porter was very good. However at 4.35 a pint it should be. To date the most expensive pint I have ever bought. Maybe that explains some of the earlier comments.

1 Jan 2009 15:56

The Greyhound, Hever

Nice and snug on a cold afternoon. The staff were good and so was the Harvey's so all was well with the world.

1 Jan 2009 15:50

Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

I think I was there the night WilberDaForce was there. I had never seen it so busy and they were struggling for glasses, still no excuse. However, despite the large scrum round the bar the service was surprisingly good. As for the chairs, yes, they are always touchy about them but I do like this pub.

24 Dec 2008 13:21

The Grove, Balham

Really enjoyed this pub. The atmoshere was pleasant and we had a nice sofas in front of the fire on a cold night. The staff were efficient and friendly and though I have never been a great Youngs fan the Winter Warmer slipped down very nicely. I wish I lived closer.

30 Nov 2008 20:08

The Home Cottage, Redhill

Have lived in Redhill for seven years and had never been in but with a half hour before our train we popped in. Loved it so much we nearly missed the train. Nice fire going, service was swift and friendly and the Tribute was good. The three old blokes at the end of a long day's drinking discussing when they had last got an erection were fabulous entertainment. A very fine pub.

30 Nov 2008 20:00

All Bar One, Canary Wharf

Maybe I was lucky. A busy Friday lunchtime but got seved quickly by a native speaker of English. It was a lager frenzy, the only bitter being Pride and was too cold to taste.

29 Nov 2008 16:42

The King and Queen, Fitzrovia

Was in for the first time on Tuesday. Quite busy with a friendly atmosphere. Quite a few students by the looks of it but can't knock it for that. Had a nice pint of Adnams Bitter though there were a couple of others I would gladly have had. All in all I liked it.

21 Nov 2008 09:48

1911 Bar, New Delhi

Lovely But expensive. 1 beer, 1 coke and 2 G&T, 37!! Still it is the Imperial.
I also like the Western bar in Connaught Place where all the staff are cowboys and the bar stools are saddles.

16 Nov 2008 12:34

The Fox, Pakenham

A popular food pub with just cause. It was friendly and pleasant and the Broadside was good. A nice old pub with character. They were advertising for more staff and I could see why but the staff they had were doing a good job. If I'm ever in the area again I will happily go back.

4 Nov 2008 13:37

The Mitre, Cambridge

Busy at lunchtime but that would be because the food was good. So was my pint and the service was good too. No complaints.

4 Nov 2008 13:32

The North Pole, Canary Wharf

A great little pub. A refreshing change from the mass of corporate chain pubs around Canary Wharf. They are dropping like flies at present but long live the North Pole!

4 Nov 2008 13:30

The Nutshell, Bury St Edmunds

The scruffiness of this place goes with its quirckiness and thought the choice of beer was limited it was a nce pint. It was odd sitting in what was effectively a shop window having a pint, especially when a girl walked past with two ferrets on a lead!

3 Nov 2008 14:05

The Crown, Groombridge

Lovely old pub. Have been visiting occasionally over the last 20 years and have always enjoyed it. Was in on Saturday and had a fine pint of Larkins.
Haven't eaten there for some time so can't comment.

22 Oct 2008 14:45

The Star Bar, Edinburgh

Seems to have changed little since my student days. A nice little bar, nicely tucked away. I enjoyed revisiting it.

6 Oct 2008 15:21

The George, Croydon

I have frequented this place off and on for a number of year and I'm sure managers have come and gone but it has always seemed much the same to me. Reasonable beer served by inattentive staff at reasonable prices. Did pop in for a coffee at about 10.30 one morning but by Pavlovian reflex found myself ordering a pint. Unless I'm hit by a tram I know I have many evenings in this place in front of me.

5 Oct 2008 16:42

The Garland, Redhill

Great to see that nothing much has changed. The new paint job on the outside looks very smart.

5 Oct 2008 13:23

The Garibaldi, Redhill

Enjoyed my few pints of Pilgrim's Progress the other night. Nice atmosphere, friendly staff. Job Done!

5 Oct 2008 13:21

The Fox And Hounds, South Godstone

Liked the reviews on here so popped in. Liked it as soon as we opened the door. The staff were friendly and the layout is old and interesting. The guest ale was very nice and the home made soup was spectacular. We were vey impressed.

5 Oct 2008 12:47

Elevation 1904, Chamonix

One of life's great pleasures is an afternoon on the pavement outside this bar, in the sun drinking beer and watching the parapents after a hard weekend in the mountains. Food's good too.

25 Sep 2008 15:07

Elephants Head, Hook Green

Have always liked this pub. A fine traditional old building and a good pint of Harvey's, that usually keeps me quiet but have always have enjoyed the food too. Worth a visit.

24 Sep 2008 21:04

Aulay's Bar, Oban

The much travelled JohnBonser just about covers it. The public bar does have a bit of a male only feel to it. A good spot for a quiet pint while the wife is in Tescos!

13 Aug 2008 12:17

The Tigh an Truish Inn, Clachan Seil

Once again I totally failed to drive past, several times! Had lunch, my fresh local mussels were lovely, ny nephew's local prawns were large and plentiful and the home made burgers were highly praised by my son and my father.
It's nice to know that you can still buy Tartan Special though I also enjoyed the Fyne Maverick and the Atlas ale that I had.
You'll get my next update after my holiday next year, unless I've moved there!

11 Aug 2008 13:28

The Oyster Brewery Bar and Restaurant, Ellenabeich

I liked the wood lined look. It gave the place an appropriatly nautical feel and had a pleasant atmosphere. I had dived in as the rain had come on and so had everyone else so the staff were pushed but remained friendly and calm. My pint of 'Old Tosser' stout was very pleasant and the oysters were fresh. The other meals I saw looked good. All in all, I was impressed.

11 Aug 2008 13:21

The Red Lion, Betchworth

Visited on Saturday lunchtime. The Broadside was good and the food was good and it's a lovely pub. The only problem was that they were short of staff. The two barmen were doing their best serving drinks, taking food orders, delivering food to the far end of the garden and clearing tables but two just wasn't enough. This may have been an isolated incident, it wont stop me going back.

21 Jul 2008 11:53

The Kentish Hare, Bidborough

Busy but friendly on Saturday evening. The staff were attentive and helpful and all was good. The one question I have is: Why are they chilling the real ales? I was warned that the Harveys was as cold as a lager. The barman gave me a taste of the Finchcocks. It was icy too so I went fot the Harveys. When it had warmed up a bit it was good but it was a bit offputting.

21 Jul 2008 11:47

The Lochavullin Bar, Oban

Been driving past this pub for 40 years but never stopped. It just looks too scary!

18 Jul 2008 14:33

The George and Dragon, Shipley

Lovely old pub with good beer and great food. Large garden.

14 Jul 2008 10:23

The Plough, Earlswood

Went to eat for the first time since the change over as the menu looked good. At first I was completely invisible to the bar staff but when it came the Broadside was good. On ordering the steak and ale pie I asked if it was a real pie and not a "bowl of stew with a pastry hat on" and was told it was a real pie. Guess what I got? I did comment ad was told "I'm South African. I don't know what a pie is." However it was good. It was all good except the raw broccolli. I had the poor judgement to comment on that too and was told that that was I would more goodness if it's not cooked. We were going to have another drink but that put us off so we had our last pint in the White Lion on the way home.
I will go back but comments and attitude of the South African barman has disappointed me.

14 Jul 2008 10:10

The Waggon and Horses, Batheaston

Popped in for a quick one. Ordinary enough looking pub but the staff were friendly, the beer was good and though we didn't eat the menu looked interesting and reasonable.

7 May 2008 13:40

The Mug House, London Bridge

I always go there to meet friends as you can always get a seat. That is because it's pretty shit.

30 Apr 2008 17:43

The White Lion, Redhill

The White Lion has changed hands again but retains its relaxed, friendly atmosphere. The beer is good and the Sunday roast is very good and very good value. If I were to look for a criticism it would be that the landlord needs to press his vacuum cleaner into service a bit more often.

23 Apr 2008 14:28

The Inn On The Pond, Nutfield

I was never a great fan of this pub before so am pleased with the change. It is very resauranty but there is still a reasonable drinking and sitting area. The staff were helpful and pleasant despite being nervous about a busy Friday night ahead. I thoroughly enjoyed my steak and Ruddles and will be back soon.

23 Apr 2008 14:23

Red Lion, Redhill

Popped in yesterday for a swift one for the first time in ages. I don't know if it has changed hands but the the barman was very friendly and helpful, there was a nice fire and my pint of Old Peculiar was so pleasant I had to have another.

25 Mar 2008 12:09

The Barn, Lerags

Popped in for lunch on a rather driech day last August. It was early in the day but the welcome was warm and as more people arrived there was a pleasant atmosphere. The lunch was good and I enjoyed my pint. It is all in a lovely setting and the chalets looked comfortable.

11 Mar 2008 15:43

The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

Popped in whilst out for a walk at the weekend. Loved it. The beer was good and the natives were friendly. Will go back to eat some time very soon.

11 Mar 2008 13:52

The Heeltap and Bumper, London Bridge

Now a Davy's Wine Bar with all that entails. Food ok.

17 Dec 2007 11:13

The Mudlark, London Bridge

Stinking toilets, sticky froor, rubbish everywhere. Outside the ashtrays were overflowing and empty glasses covered the tables.

17 Dec 2007 11:10

The Plough, Earlswood

Popped in for a swift one for the first time in ages (surprise!). Normality seems to have been restored. The beer was good and the menu looked good and unpretentious.

14 Dec 2007 10:47

Shave Cross Inn, Marshwood Vale

We enjoyed a very fine pint while sitting by the fire one cold afternoon recently. Very snug and pleasant bar. Didn't eat but the restaurant looked very cosy. Well woth the detour.

12 Dec 2007 16:40

The White Lion, Redhill

I'll agree with Spitfire. Quite liked it before, like it a lot now. Five well kept ales at the last count and an unprentious, good value menu. Child friendly too.

20 Nov 2007 13:14

The Skimmington Castle, Reigate Heath

Eat here for the first time in a while. Certainly menu is a lot smaller than before but the four of us enjoyed what we had and the prices were fair. The staff were helpfull and pleasant and the beer was excellent.

17 Sep 2007 13:45

The Red Lion, Betchworth

Had my wedding reception here last week. Management and staff were brilliant. Could not have been more helpful. The Broadside was in great condition and the buffet went way beyond expectation.

10 Apr 2007 13:09

The Star, Waldron

Popped in for a swift pint one Sunday afternoon. Thought it very pleasant.

30 Mar 2007 13:33

The Tigh an Truish Inn, Clachan Seil

Like my father before me it is a rare thing for me to be able to drive past this pub.

30 Mar 2007 13:26

The White Lion, Redhill

Nice interesting pub. Always very friendly. The beer selection is not extensive but does a good pint of Guinness.

20 Dec 2006 14:15

The Garland, Redhill

Great Pub. The selection of Harvey's beers is wonderfull and well kept. Good, reasonable lunches. I just don't find the time to go there enough!

20 Dec 2006 14:11

The William IV, Bletchingley

In last night for the first time. Friendly and pleasant with a good pint of Youngs. Will go back to eat some time soon.

9 Nov 2006 13:16

The White Hart, Reigate

Only pub I've found that didn't sell bitter. The food wasn't worth the long wait. Best avoided.

8 Nov 2006 13:42

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