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Comments by littledrummerboy

The Jolly Sailors, Brancaster Staithe

We attended Jamie's Tuesday Night Quiz on our recent jaunt and had a lovely evening here. The staff and other people in the pub were very friendly and Jamie himself is a very nice young man who sets a bloody good quiz. Beers tried were all good, but I felt a bit let down due to there being none of their own Brancaster beers on. Still, the Wherry and Broadside were in good nick though, so that made up for that.

13 Oct 2018 09:37

Anchor Inn, Morston

Popular pub, mainly given over to food. It contains the booking desk for Temples Seal Trips, so I suspect that this may play a part in its popularity. Had a pint of the Woodforde's Wherry which was in very good nick and we sat out in the area the person below mentions.

13 Oct 2018 09:31

The Vaults, Devizes

Had this place recommended by someone on the local campsite that had been the night before. He had good taste. A great choice of beers from 4-8% on pump and a few crafty ones on tap. Had a couple of the paddles/flights to try them all then went in for pints of my favourites. My one whinge would be that none of them were darker beers. Plenty of cans and bottles to tempt you too.

21 Sep 2018 11:04

Silk Mercer, Devizes

The couple of lads working behind the bar were a bit inept and slow. They looked like they’d both started that night and had been left to their own devices, exchanging nervous glances at each as the queues in front of them grew. Felt a bit sorry for them tbh. As Bluescrumpy has said, this is a basic ‘Spoons with not too much to add. Beers were in ok condition - when I did get served.

21 Sep 2018 10:57

The Raven, Bath

Don’t quite know what to say here after all of the accolades that have been poured upon it. I didn’t particularly like it. Strange, as places like this are ones that I normally enjoy - ie emphasis on beer and cider and conversation. Can’t quite put my finger on what it was. You can’t like everywhere I suppose.

17 Sep 2018 17:48

The Coeur de Lion, Bath

My new favourite pub in Bath. In all the times I have been it’s not been on my radar. It’s a good looking pub, small and perfectly formed, with a friendly welcome, well-kept beers (Abbeydale Bellringer and White Friar plus guests - on my visit Tring and a Bath brewery one) and a lovely interior. If it looks packed in the area outside and in the bar, stick your head up the stairs as it’s usually quieter.

17 Sep 2018 17:41

The Star Inn, Watchet

Beers not particularly well looked after and just an ok place to go. Mainly given over to food these days.

17 Sep 2018 17:25

White Horse Inn, Clun

Haven’t had - what I’d call - proper (friendly) service this good in ages. The young lady in question was very friendly and welcoming from the moment we walked in the door. Great selection of beers and ciders. I opted for one of the stronger offerings from the onsite brewery - Citadel. What a gorgeous pint it was too. We sat out in the nice little beer garden at the rear. Will pop in again when in the area.

6 Sep 2018 16:55

The Four Candles, Oxford

A good place to pop to for a cheap pint and a bit of food before going to the New Theatre up the road. The Purity Pure Ubu was in very good condition. Staff very friendly too.

6 Sep 2018 16:47

The Plough, Rosemarkie

Agree with the review below another four years on. Definitely gone downhill - which is a shame.

19 Aug 2018 17:50

The Camden Eye, Camden

Popped in before a gig at the Underworld opposite as we'd arrived a bit early. Not much to say about the place really. Good selection of Laine beers plus Beavertown Gamma Ray on tap. Expensive and short measures given.

13 Aug 2018 20:31

The Start Bay Inn, Torcross

Friendly guy behind the bar and Otter beers plus others in good condition. Nice place to sit outside of enjoying a lovely day and a beer.

24 Jul 2018 22:48

Charters Bar, Peterborough

A very unique setting for a few pints and a catch up with a friend. The many pints tried were all in very good condition. The entirety of the Oakham range bar Scarlet McCaw was available along with a good selection of guest beers. We went for the burger and a pint deal foodwise which was good, but the Thai food smell wafting every now and again made me wish I’d gone for that instead. The young bar-staff are all very friendly. All-in-all a place I shall definitely come back to.

10 Jul 2018 17:41

The Cheviot Hotel, Bellingham

Nice pub to sit outside on a hot summers day. It became a bit of a youth club at one point, thankfully not for too long. Beers were mainly pale/blonde/ambers in the 3.8-4.5% areas. Two from Hadrian and Borders, one from Wylam and one from High House Farm. All in good nick, but lacking in difference from one another. Service friendly.

27 Jun 2018 09:50

The Halford Bridge, Halford

It’s good to see a hotel maintain a locals bar separate from the restaurant and hotel parts. Had the feel of a pub - which was nice. Beers were Hooky and 6X when we called in, both of which were in good nick. The food was good although the veggie option was a bit flavourless.

7 Jun 2018 10:57

The Barrels, Hereford

Cracking Wye Valley Brewery pub. Good atmosphere, great beers and good music played too. We were planning on having two here then moving on to the Beer in Hand. Instead we stayed all afternoon. The HPA, Butty Bach, Hopfather, Toras and Wholesome Stout were spot on.

23 May 2018 23:00

The Yew Tree Inn, Peterstow

Now owned and run by the Ross on Wye Cider Co. Good selection of beers and ciders at the bar and loads of their cider to be purchased from the building at the rear of the pub. The food is very good too. We sat out the back in the garden on a lovely day with a pint each and a plate of their tempura vegetables.

23 May 2018 22:51

The Six Bells, Thame

Nice enough pub. Beer prices ridiculous and food even more so for what you get.

29 Apr 2018 20:36

The Wyndham Arms, Salisbury

A good pub with lots of areas for privacy. Welcome rather disappointingly gruff. I agree with previous posters about the lack of choice re the range/styles that Hop Back produce and sad to see their Entire stout or mid-brown Fuggle Stone not on the pumps. Still, as a pale beer lover, it was good try the range back-to-back all the same. Favourites of the night were Citra and Taiphoon.

24 Apr 2018 17:37

The Village, Salisbury

Good selection of beers styles represented on the pumps and a friendly welcome. Beers tried were Downton Quadhop and Sambrooks Porter. The jukebox got a tad annoying with auto-tuned b*llocks played a bit too loudly, but that was the choice of a group of early twenty-somethings who must have put a lot of money in because it didn’t relent.

24 Apr 2018 17:19

The Duke of York, Salisbury

A year and a bit on from last review, nothing much has changed - just the prices. Friendly enough, but not worth going out of your way for.

24 Apr 2018 17:09

The New Inn, Biggleswade

Popped in before attending a comedy club nearby. We’d sadly just missed out on their Easter beer festival, with the stillage empty and most of the clips turned around. My lucky find though was that Greene King (a brewery that I really don’t usually have much time for) are now doing a Black IPA. I duly gave it a try and found it to be rather nice. Wouldn’t mind trying the beers brewed at the rear of the pub, so will drop by again soon.

4 Apr 2018 17:50

The Kings Head Inn, Carlisle

This place was dead on an early Friday evening and the selection of beers was pretty poor tbh. It lacked any kind of atmosphere or vibe. The bar lady with the bleached hair needs a lesson in customer service too.

26 Feb 2018 15:45

The White Horse, Edwardstone

Things are afoot here according to the locals. The brewery wants to take back control of the pub and will be kicking the current manager out when his lease expires. It’s a shame as he’s turned the place around in all aspects of the business - food, drink, camping, events etc. I’ve always enjoyed my twice-yearly camping trips here, so will probably keep going back, but if they let it go to rack and ruin like they did before I might have to look for a new place to go.

19 Feb 2018 23:31

The Fishbowl, Brighton

Now called the East Street Tap and (desperately) trying to be like a NYC bar - according to their own website. Having spent a whole lot of time in NY over the years, I can only say it fails big time. The cask selection was very poorly looked after, as they concentrate on the kegged stuff more. Having said that, the keg stuff was a bit iffy too, with the tapped Anchor Steam Porter from SF being a tad ropey and odd-tasting.

4 Feb 2018 15:56

The Victory Inn, Brighton

The all too ubiquitous Doom Bar and Old Speckled Hen were on the only beers on the bar when we called in here. Two other pump clips were turned around. Bloody useless staff. Ordered just a pint of each of the aforementioned beers and had to remind the young lad behind the bar THREE times which ones I wanted - despite them being the only ales on! Too busy having conversations amongst themselves I think. Wouldn’t recommend and don’t know why it’s in the CAMRA GBG to be honest.

4 Feb 2018 12:00

The North Laine, Brighton

Large pub offering both its own beers and quite a few of others. Called in on a Friday early evening, so the place had a nice buzz with the after work crowd and people out for the night. Their 4.9% Ripper “session” pale ale was very nice, if a bit of a misnomer at that strength. They also had a Jamaican stout on which I really enjoyed. Staff were friendly and helpful.

4 Feb 2018 11:49

The Evening Star, Brighton

Cracking pub. A blueprint for many others I’m sure. Simple layout and furnishings. Great choice of beers in keg and cask. The Dark Star APA was - as always - fantastic and the stout I had was lovely too. Nice to see a full range of styles at these times of the hoppy pale beer dominated offerings elsewhere.

4 Feb 2018 11:41

The Craft Beer Co, Brighton

Not as big a range as their other pubs, but still a few well-kept offerings were to be had. We had an American-style pale ale each and a couple of keg beers too - one of which was a saison - so nice to have a choice. Quite a young crowd were in, enjoying a few equally young musicians. A good night.

4 Feb 2018 11:34

Brighton Beer Dispensary, Brighton

Can only reiterate what Bluescumpy has said, as it looks like we may have been there at roughly the same time this weekend going by his list of what was on Lovely place. Beers tried - both keg and cask - were all good, with Siren Soundwave a fave. Possibly my favourite of a boozy weekend away.

4 Feb 2018 11:27

The Oxford, Kentish Town

Considering that the first three reviews below are as old as they are, the bad bits must have fallen on deaf ears because nothing much seems to have changed. I can only agree with them all.

16 Jan 2018 21:53

The Rugglestone Inn, Widecombe in the Moor


14 Jan 2018 16:59

The Rugglestone Inn, Widecombe in the Moor

Lovely, busting Dartmoor pub in a beautiful setting. Great food and beers, with the Teignworthy Reel Ale the best-kept I've had it in ages.

14 Jan 2018 16:58

Crafty Crow, Nottingham

Great selection of beers, both cask and keg. Nice surroundings to enjoy them in. Remember to use your CAMRA card to get discount.

14 Jan 2018 16:53

The Roundhouse, Nottingham

Good selection of beers, both cask and keg. Prices not too bad. Friendly staff. Measures need to be watched, with top-ups asked for for many of the beers ordered.

14 Jan 2018 16:49

A Room With a Brew, Nottingham

Great little micropub with friendly people in charge and lovely Scribblers Brewery beers. The Beyond Reasonable Stout was very more-ish. Remember to use your CAMRA card to get a discount.

14 Jan 2018 16:44

The Fat Pig, Exeter

Hipster bullsh*t reigns supreme here. Whilst it's a lovely pub inside, it's sadly let down by a poor beer selection. Whilst there are actually quite a few beers to be had, they're all of a certain percentage and the same types of hoppy pales with not much to choose between them flavour-wise. I like to mix things up when I'm out for a few beers and would like to see a bit more of a range.

14 Jan 2018 16:25

Argyll Hotel, Ullapool

Nice place for a beer or two. The An Teallach beers were very well kept and the barman amusing.

14 Jan 2018 15:56

The Ferry Boat Inn, Ullapool

A couple of well-kept pints of Deuchars IPA and staff with bad attitudes are what you'll find here, with not much else to say about the place.

14 Jan 2018 15:49

The Ceilidh Place, Ullapool

Enjoyed a lovely strong IPA and a darker brew with a couple of drams of Aberlour A'Bunadh here. The beers were well looked after. Friendly staff too.

14 Jan 2018 15:41

The Badachro Inn, Badachro

Popped in whilst on a scenic diversion from our route along the NC500. Lovely food and an enjoyable couple of well-kept pints of An Teallach Bein Dearg.

14 Jan 2018 15:21

The Eagle Hotel, Dornoch

With Cromarty Happy Chappy and Inveralmond Ossian on the pumps at a reasonable price, we enjoyed our visit here on a cold, wet Tuesday in late summer. Friendly young lady behind the bar too.

14 Jan 2018 14:22

The Dornoch Inn, Dornoch

Bit of a dump to be honest. No real ale and limited choice on keg - mainly smoothflow-type brands and crap lagers. Woman behind the bar - who was looking a bit ill with a cold - coughed into her hands and went on to serve people without washing them. Luckily we were served by the barman who was coming on-shift to relieve her...

14 Jan 2018 14:17

Dornoch Castle Hotel, Dornoch

Nice, welcoming bar for a rainy October Tuesday. Comprehensive whisky list - though most are priced waaay outside the average persons pocket. Beers were in good nick, though 40-60p more than other places in the area. Cromarty Rogue Wave was the fave one tried.

14 Jan 2018 14:10

Bennet's Bar, Edinburgh

Finished off our last night in the city with a pint and a dram here. Very friendly staff and a great selection of beers. The Inveralmond Ossian was on fine form. The interior is lovely too and well worth a look in just for that.

16 Dec 2017 21:15

Moo Bar, Penrith

Now run by the Fell brewery. Good selection of ales and a friendly lad behind the bar. Had the Fell Porter and one called Joker IPA from another brewery. Both were in good nick.

15 Sep 2017 19:32

The Regal, Cambridge

Missed our bus and ended up in here as the thunder and rain seemed to have set in and we couldn''t be arsed to go too far from our stop. As ''Spoons go it''s not too bad. Beer selection was good and I settled for a very nice Brewsters brew. It was a good port in a - literal - storm.

22 Aug 2017 16:33

The St Radegund, Cambridge

Two and half years after my review below I finally got the chance to go back. The place hasn''t changed that much after all. Good selection of beers and a friendly barman. Woodforde''s Wherry and Fuller''s London Pride are the staples with four other guest beers. Remember to use your CAMRA card here as it''s not advertised.

22 Aug 2017 16:27

Pint Shop, Cambridge

Total hipster b*llocks, but I enjoyed my two pints here the other day. Staff friendly, prices ridiculous.

21 Aug 2017 19:28

The Mill, Cambridge

A good range of well-kept beers. I had the Thornbridge Lucaria and the 3 Blind Mice Lady Grey IPA, both of which were gorgeous in their own unique ways. Staff are friendly - if a little worked off their feet at the very peak times, like when we popped in. Remember to use the CAMRA membership discount if you''re a member, as it''s not advertised.

20 Aug 2017 22:21

Bruce Arms, Pewsey

Camped here just recently. Facilities were good, but not great. The pub too was good, but not great. The beers also, with both the Stonehenge Pigswill and Wadworth 6X not looking or tasting quite 'right'. The areas immediately around the bar area are lovely and you can see why it's in the CAMRA National Inventory of Historic Pubs. The other areas like the games room, just feel a bit cold and redundant. Nice to see a Ring the Bull setup.

4 Jul 2017 10:37

The White Hart Inn, Newbold On Stour

Nice enough little pub on the Fosse Way. Beers on this occasion were Adnams Bitter and Hook Norton Old Hooky. These were served a bit too cold and pulled through what looked like a tight sparkler - which, for beers from round these 'ere parts, pummelled all flavour and aroma out of them. Due to this, the measures were s bit iffy too, with top-ups being asked for.
Me and my mate both had a ploughmans each, which were both pretty good. Service was good as well.

4 Jul 2017 10:23

The Angel Inn, Larling

This pub has a llovely campsite - which, considering it's practically next to the A11 - was remarkably quiet. Admittedly it was us and five other groups, but we'd been spread out well by the pub staff.

The pub itself was nice. Friendly service and good selection of beers. Thornbridge Jaipur and Lord Marples, Wolf Coyote, Adnams Southwold and an exceptionally kept Elgoods Black Dog were on at one stage or other over the course of our stay. Food was ok, but not much to write home about.

19 Jun 2017 20:02

The Crown Inn, Sydenham

Despite the sage green paint job (which I normally use as a benchmark for pubs to avoid) this is a great local. We popped in after the Sydenham Fayre for a couple and have a bite to eat at their advertised barbecue. The beers were in good nick, with Rebellion IPA and West Berkshire Gold Old Boy on the pumps. Sadly a third handpull had a Rebellion IPA clip on too, so would have preferred another beer option. Got involved in a game of Aunt Sally which was interesting - and harder than it looked. Good to see a pub going well after a village buyout.

5 Jun 2017 20:54

Acorn Inn, Lichfield

Nice enough 'Spoons to pop in to for a breakfast before heading off to a music festival at Catton Hall up the road. Looked like they had quite a few good beers on. As it was 8am I decided against them and contented myself with a cuppa and a fry-up instead. Maybe next time though as Lichfield looks like a place I might return to.

2 Jun 2017 17:14

The Bell Inn, Walberswick

Why is the Anchor in the CAMRA GBG and not this place? It has bags more atmosphere and character, a better welcome and is much nicer on the inside, with its little snug areas, scrubbed tables and high backed seating. The beer garden is lovely too - and massive!! The beers were well-kept and served the best pint of Southwold Bitter of our recent trip.

24 May 2017 19:35

The Anchor, Walberswick

Can't believe this hasn't been reviewed for five years. It has now been given a light-blue paint job and a modernisation from the above photo and I'm sorry to say I can't understand why it's in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide. The beers were in ok condition, but not outstanding and short measures were given on all of the four of the pints ordered with top-ups asked for and begrudgingly received. For a change it wasn't because of the head size being too large, the guy just wasn't filling the glass anywhere near the top (and not oversized lined glasses used) - almost as if he didn't want to get beer on him.

24 May 2017 17:57

The Lord Nelson, Southwold

Our favourite pub on our recent jaunt to the area. What better place in Southwold is there to be than enjoying a pint on the benches outside looking down to the sea? Ok, prices are steep considering how far they've travelled, but I'd rather spend that money here than any of the other pubs in town that have been stripped of their former character to make them more appealing to the Harpenden-on-Sea set. It would be a travesty to see this place go the same way.

24 May 2017 17:43

The Sole Bay Inn, Southwold

This place has lost all the atmosphere it had the last time I was here due to a god-awful refurb. It's now all light and airy and lacks the character that it had before. The young bar lady wasn't exactly welcoming either. We had just the one each and moved on to the Lord Nelson, where character and friendly staff abound.

24 May 2017 17:36

The Harbour Inn, Southwold

Whilst out on two walks that brought us here recently, we popped in for a couple of beers and sat out the front enjoying the first of the years warm weather. Very friendly service by the young lady behind the bar and beers were in very good condition. Prices not as high as in Southwold town itself, which seems to be the norm, where prices seem to get cheaper the further you are from the brewery. Hence the reason it's £2.90 a pint for Southwold Bitter in my local 100 miles away and not the £3.70 it was here.

24 May 2017 17:29

The Lyric, Soho

Hmmm, looks like this idiot manager is p*ssing a whole lot of people off looking at reviews on other sites (TripAdvisor, Google etc). Surely the pub company that run this place need to take heed and get rid of this waste of DNA.

19 Apr 2017 22:20

The Valiant Trooper, Aldbury

A lovely unspoilt pub serving good food and a good selection of ales. Both Siren and Tring featured a couple of beers each on the pumps today and they were in very good condition. I last came to this pub about 20 years ago and it hasn't changed that much. It was good then and it's still good now - which can only be a good thing in this age of every pub being given the 'sage green' paint job and losing their uniqueness.

16 Apr 2017 20:18

The Stone Jug, Clophill

My first visit here for what must be at least 20 years or more, and - as this his was one of the first pubs I ever went in for a beer at the tender (under-) age of 15 - it made this quite a nostalgic visit.
The beers are very well kept. Hook Norton Hop at it, Cottage S&D, St Austell Trelawny, Otter Amber and another that I can't remember were on and all tried between us all. The food offerings were good value and tasty. Not much at all for vegetarians though.

4 Apr 2017 20:24

The Lyric, Soho

What to say about this place...? Apart from the absolute bellend of a barman that works here - glasses, beard, favours the checked shirt that is... Well, the beers were ok, the prices high, the interior nice. I have never felt urge to really slag the bar staff in any of my reviews, but have never, EVER had to hold in the urge to either punch one of them or just plain walk out before now either. Thank you for a whole new experience.

4 Apr 2017 00:48

Berry, Walmer

Great selection of beers and ciders at very reasonable prices - especially for the area. There were a couple of APAs on when we called in, which were both very nice and the Harvey's Old Ale was on top form. Lad behind the bar could do with a little bit of a refresher re customer service, but all-in-all a good pub.

20 Mar 2017 14:42

The Just Reproach, Deal

Despite not being (at all) local, we were made to feel extremely welcome here last week. Almost everyone else knew each other by first names and the landlord and lady knew everyone too. If had the feel of one of the old parlour pubs, which were basically just someone's front room and used by those nearby. Beers were all good with a Gadd's She Sells Sea Shells and Goacher's stout tried and tested. We really enjoyed this place and would recommend.

20 Mar 2017 14:31

The Foundry, Canterbury

No real atmosphere on our visit here and all-pervasive smell of (line?) cleaning fluids. The staff were friendly enough and the beers that we tried were ok. Prices expensive, which considering they've only travelled across the courtyard from the brewery next door, were the wrong side of reasonable.

20 Mar 2017 07:12

The Bottle Shop, Canterbury

Enthusiastic young man behind the bar/till. Good selection of beers at fairly good prices. The likes of Kernel and a couple of others are always a rip-off wherever in my opinion, but there are a few interesting specials that are worth the extra dosh.

19 Mar 2017 22:59

The Blackfriar, Blackfriars

We chose it as it was equidistant from St Pancras and the Albert Hall, but a beautiful/historic interior makes this a place worth seeking out. Beers were in very good condition. St Peters Golden, Fyne Jarl, Great Heck Christopher - and a wild oat stout that I can't think of the name of - all tried and enjoyed. Customer service pretty good. Prices the higher end of London rip-off.

6 Mar 2017 18:13

Saint Peter's Ale House, Bedford

Now closed.

5 Mar 2017 10:55

Monkey House, Defford

No frills definitely and a true one-off. You'll drive straight past it first time, I guarantee - as there are no pub signs or - indeed - any signs full-stop, to let you know it is there. Two Weston's ciders (medium and dry) and a perry are served through a covered hatchway at the very good price of £3 a pint. If it's a nice day you can sit in the garden. If not, there's an old bakehouse with a fire to keep you warm.

I was hoping to keep this review upbeat, but I think the following must be said: Any pictures you see of it online or in guidebooks do it a justice that, sadly, is a bit of a let-down once you get there, as I t's a bit too ramshackle, messy and greatly in need of a bit of tlc. I absolutely love places like this and wish to see them used and in a good state of repair that ensures their future use, but - save locals and people in the know - I can't see how it can carry on in the way it does without a bit of love and a fair bit of money being spent.

4 Mar 2017 20:47

The Bell Inn, Aldworth

Is it possible to just walk in to a pub and have it immediately shoot into a high position on your mental list of favourites? This one certainly did that for me. A big welcome from the landlord, a great selection of beers (West Berks Maggs Mild and Arkells Kingsdown Ale tried and tested), a nice selection of the type of simple food that goes with a pint from filled rolls to soup and a truly amazing unchanged interior. I've been meaning to come here for years and now I've been, I think I'll be including it regularly on a our voyages down to the SW to break up the journey.

10 Dec 2016 21:18

The Old Ale House, Woburn

Style over substance and not particularly good or friendly staff. Beers were in good nick but expensive. All-in-all I wouldn't recommend.

5 Dec 2016 08:18

The Well House, Exeter

Sadly not too sure when, or indeed if, we'll ever get to drink here again, after a fire destroyed the hotel of which this is a part. A sad, sad sight on the cathedral green at the moment.

7 Nov 2016 18:25

Saint Peter's Ale House, Bedford

Hmmm... I'm always suspicious of people like John K below who write one good review of a pub and then that's it. Friend/relation of one of the owners??

6 Nov 2016 22:49

The Bank, Bristol

Didn't think much to this place I'm afraid. Both beer and cider weren't in great condition. Friendly staff though.

6 Nov 2016 22:35

The Cornubia, Bristol

I'm an easy-going, amiable late-40s year old male and - if pushed - I would describe my personal politics as fairly left-leaning, but anti-fascist first and foremost. This is mainly because I was bought up in a time and place where the hate-filled National Front and Combat 18 et al were at their height and I bore witness to some of their tactics used against anybody "other" in my community. I thought we'd moved on apace from those times, but this place just seems to be a museum to those sentiments. Like others have iterated - overly patriotic to the point of nationalistic, jingoistic, militaristic, anti-European, etc, etc.... Whilst all this is not that overt, you just get a certain feeling of unease at all of the pointers around you on the walls and lying around the place if you take the time to look. If that's the vibe they're going for, then this place ain't for me.
Having said all that, the beers tried were good, with the Ashover Liquorice stout being a favourite.

29 Oct 2016 17:52

Brewdog Bristol, Bristol

Rather like previous reviewers have said, it's a bit too hip for its own good and a bit style over substance - like most things craft/hipster-orientated. However, I was persuaded by Mrs Drummer to go as they had a festival going on with paired-up collaborations of some of our favourite UK craft brewers.
The staff are all very good and friendly and know what they're serving - always able to lead you in the right direction if need be. I opted for a gorgeous 9.2% stout and then an 8.5% saison-styled beer, whilst my wife had her usual Punk IPA and a Beavertown brew. Ok, prices are taking the proverbial, but I'd say the beers I had made up for that in punchy flavour.
The smell of festering dead dog (see previous reviewer below) seemed to have gone now...

29 Oct 2016 17:13

Small Bar, Bristol

I'm not usually one for bars and generally prefer a good old-fashioned pub, so I thought this place was going to be hipster central from the outside. Once inside though, I really liked it. Good, attentive staff who actually know what they're serving and a good choice of beers right from the light and ultra-hoppy through to the dark and strong. Not too sure why beers in the 4 to 5% range of beers are served in two-third pint measures, but it just leaves a bit more room to try some more I guess. My wife enjoyed her two Left Handed Giant USPAs, whilst I stayed on the dark side and had a nice cascadian dark and a milk stout. Both very moreish. Perhaps a bit too moreish...!!

29 Oct 2016 16:56

Beer Emporium, Bristol

A nice place, but shocking service from seemingly undertrained and surly staff, general cleanliness and high beer prices really let the place down.
There doesn't seem to be enough staff and this means that the tables are swimming in spillages and glasses waiting to be cleared leaving people with limited choice as to where to sit. All-in-all it could just be soooo much better.
To the barman with the white ear expander earring - don't get a bottle conditioned Belgian beer out of the fridge and toss it through 360 degrees TWICE whilst walking back to serve it to me, then get sh*tty with me for asking you to get another one - particularly when said 330ml beer costs £7.

29 Oct 2016 16:38

The Druid Inn, Birchover

What a great pub this is. I was staying at the Barn Farm campsite up the road and decided to pop down for a couple. As a few of the previous reviews had said that this place had been turned over almost entirely to food I perhaps wasn't holding out much hope for finding a place where I could just have a drink. I was wrong!! Admittedly it was a Tuesday night at the end of October when i went here and perhaps not representative of other - busier - times of the year, but I went in to find the place fairly full with diners, but also room for persons, like myself, just wanting a pint. The beers were all in very good nick. The friendly landlord is a CAMRA member and knows how to look after his wares. Acorn Barnsley Bitter and Oakham's Bishops Farewell and Citra were on the pumps and all good. Sadly, I'd just missed out on Sarah Hughes Surprise and Abbeydale Moonshine. The landlord and landlady are extremely welcoming and friendly and have a good taste in music too, with Nick Drake, Kevin Ayres, Al Green and Rare Earth amongst a wealth of other goodies played at a nice (ie listenable, but not intrusive) volume. I'm planning another trip here soon with friends, so will pop in again.

27 Oct 2016 10:34

The Queens Arms, Brixham

Good little community pub in an off the beaten track area of the town. Well worth the effort to find it though. Oakham Citra on very good form, plus Branscombe Branoc and a few others.

22 Sep 2016 00:36

The Red Lion, Burnsall

Staying at Masons campsite in Appletreewick up the road, we popped in here whilst on a walk along the Wharfe, thinking we'd find a little pub en route. With this being a hotel, we thought it would have just one or two beers. How wrong were we? We went inside to find a rather large selection of beers: Timothy Taylor Golden Best and Boltmaker, Theakston's Best, Copper Dragon Golden Pippin, Black Horse Hetton Pale and Wharfe Bitter. All the best new tried were on good form, particularly the Copper Dragon. Friendly staff too. Nice little find.

21 Sep 2016 21:18

Duke of York, York

Young bar people who can't pull a pint without it being grossly under measure. Having said that, the beers were all on good form, particularly a black IPA.

21 Sep 2016 14:44

The Bear, Bedford

Has changed hands and had a name change already. Not a good sign...

3 Aug 2016 00:03

The Post Inn, Whiddon Down

Beers were all in very good condition when I called in recently. Teignworthy Reel Ale, Dartmoor Legend, Otter Amber and a Bays offering. Whilst the beers were good, I was very disappointed (as we'd called in mainly to eat) that there were almost no vegetarian items on the menu. A couple of starters, a veggie chilli (that would no doubt be defrosted and microwaved to within an inch of it's life) in the mains selection and a pre-packaged veggie burger. That was it. Whoop-de-doo!

3 Aug 2016 00:00

The Warren House Inn, Postbridge

A Dartmoor classic and one to sit out on the tables over the road to enjoy a pint with a view if you can. Beer selection let down slightly these days by the appearance of the ubiquitous Doom Bar on the pumps. They used to have Summerskills beers from what I remember of past visits. There was also an Adnams as a guest, which I thought odd as they only used to source beers from the SW. Having said this, the Otter Ale was on tip-top form - and served in a jar without having to ask, which is always nice. One person worthy of note is the waitress who deserves a medal for negotiating the road to take people's food orders to them - which on a nice day is almost every order I'd imagine.

1 Aug 2016 10:57

Cambridge Brew House, Cambridge

Really didn't think much to this place. The beers (both in quality and choice) were average, the prices not. Staff seemed to have no way of keeping tabs on who they should be serving next when the place gets busy, leading to the typical Cambridge rudeness of someone saying yes when asked if they're next even though they've just arrived at the bar.

24 Jul 2016 17:09

The Bald Buzzard Alehouse, Leighton Buzzard

Nice atmosphere, very friendly welcome and great beers. Got to have one of the last pints of one of the last casks of Oakhams aged Hawse Buckler, so I left a very happy man. This should be a blueprint for micropubs everywhere.

8 Jul 2016 15:04

The Red Lion, Snargate

Was very sorry to hear of Doris's passing. She got a very nice obituary in the CAMRA newspaper What's Brewing. I hope her daughter/son carry the pub on in the same way she did for the many years that she was at the helm. RIP Doris.

20 Jun 2016 08:22

Bull Hotel, Barton Le Clay

Don't like the refurb, but did like the pint of Oakham Citra that I had in here last week. The Tuesday night quiz was enjoyable too.

16 Jun 2016 21:53

The Bankers Draft, Bedford

Has now been closed down and sold off in line with 'Spoons current cost-cutting measures. If one of the two of their pubs in the town was to go, I would have said that the Pilgrims would be the one. Not quite sure what their reasoning is, but there you go. This will now be a craft beer emporium by the sounds of it, which I'll dutifully give a try as and when it re-opens.

30 May 2016 10:06

Samuel Jones, Exeter

Not too bad a place to meet up with friends. Good selection of beers and ciders both in bottle and on tap. Prices are ok-ish too.

20 May 2016 17:29

On The Waterfront, Exeter

Pizza and beer - what's not to like? A nice place to meet up with friends.

20 May 2016 17:27

Masons Arms, Branscombe

Tourist trap pub a short walk from the very nice beach. St Austell beers figure highly on the bar, with Otter and Branscombe too. The SA Proper Job and Branscombe Summa That were both in good condition. Food looked quite good, but didn't get the chance to try as we'd left it a bit late. Barstaff very good too.

19 May 2016 16:17

Tiger Inn, Bridport

A proper boozer just off the beaten track. A good selection of beers on the pumps and a couple of ciders too. Would have liked to have stayed longer.

19 May 2016 16:10

The Ropemakers, Bridport

Got to have a couple of very well kept pints of Palmers Tally Ho! in here just recently. Bloody expensive at £3.80 a pint, but nice. I almost choked as I sipped my first sip, whilst waiting for my change though, as the person next to me was asked for £4.60 for a pint of Guinness!! How do you justify that price??!!!

19 May 2016 16:06

Kings Arms, Wareham

The usual suspects were to be found on the pumps due to this being owned by a pubco, but the ones tried were all in very good condition - the Exmoor Hound Dog in particular on this occasion. There were also four ciders on too. Good to see that it has kept it's old pubby charm unlike other nearby hostelries (The Quay being a good example of what I mean). The food was pretty good as well.

19 May 2016 15:57

The Quay, Wareham

As below, we thought this place had a fairly good selection of beers and ciders, but I find places like this (that have been set up almost entirely for dining) to be very un-pubby and cold in feel, due to the matching furniture, laminate flooring and whitewashed walls.

19 May 2016 15:47

The Duke Of Wellington, Wareham

We had visited the two CAMRA approved pubs in the town and then happened across this place on our way to the local Sainsburys, deciding to try it on the way back. A very nice selection of beers on the pumps and a welcoming, happy barmaid. This place should be in the GBG rather than the Quay in my opinion.

19 May 2016 15:33

Bankes Arms Hotel and Country Inn, Studland

A pretty good pub in a very nice location. Sadly not as good as I remembered it, with service, beer and food all lacking. Won't be back in a hurry.

19 May 2016 15:26

Royal Oak, Fritham

Called in here for the first time in many years just recently to find it just as we remembered it. Who in their right mind would want to see this place change anyway? It was heaving outside with people having lunch and a drink on a lovely sunny day and we found that the inside was practically empty because of this. As we'd got a bit warm riding our bikes through the forest from Frogham, we decided that sitting indoors with a nice cooling through-draught was the better option anyway. The Double Drop and Dark Star APA were both very welcome - and very good - with the excellent ploughmans that we each had. I hope nothing changes between now and when I get the chance to call in again.

9 May 2016 14:45

The Leathern Bottle, Lewknor

We enjoyed a walk over to here from nearby Chinnor and sat in the garden on one of the first good days of the year enjoying a pint and some well-earned food. Good service all-round and a very friendly welcome. Prices are highish, but not as bad as some in the area. Veggie food options a bit overpriced for what they are, but they are very tasty.

11 Apr 2016 16:04

The Albion, Ampthill

Beer quality of late seems to have gone downhill. Went in earlier this week and had four different pints, all of which were lacking. This isn't the only time this has been the case just recently. Also, why are they charging 30-40p more for beers than their sister pub The Welling ton in Bedford?

10 Apr 2016 09:02

The Plough, Sutton

Called in on a lunchtime with no one else in. Heart FM was blaring out at great volume in the main bar. National brands on the handpumps - the ubiquitous Doom Bar and Old Speckled Hen. Can't quite put my finger on why I didn't like the place, but it must didn't make for a relaxing drinking experience.

3 Apr 2016 08:36

The Sorrel Horse, Shottisham

Nice, friendly pub just down the road from a very good campsite. The stillaged beers were both from Woodfordes - Wherry and Bure Gold on this occasion. The food looked good, but I didn't get to try on this occasion. I'll be back again soon.

3 Apr 2016 08:23

The Red Lion, Snargate

The kind of place that you hope will never change. It's a lovely pub - inside and out - that encourages conversation with those around you and serves up some good Goachers beers. The 1066 Old Ale was fantastic. Wish we could have stayed longer.

29 Mar 2016 09:02

The Wheel Inn, Ashford

Nice, friendly pub on the edge of the North Downs. A couple of pints of Whitstable Bay pale ale were enjoyed whilst warming ourselves by the huge cast iron range.

29 Mar 2016 08:52

The Castle Inn, Bedford

I really have no idea how this has won the North Beds CAMRA pub of the year for 2016. Plenty of better pubs both in the town and surrounding areas that would be more deserving. Still, after 30 years or more of going to pubs, what do I know....?

14 Mar 2016 16:06

St Aldates Tavern, Oxford

Friendly staff and well-kept beers make this a good bet for a pint or several. We liked the Blue Room upstairs in particular. Nice atmosphere and a couple of pints of XTs Animal nano-brewery Shark imbibed.

14 Mar 2016 15:48

The Turf Tavern, Oxford

I keep coming back here despite vowing that I never will again. Its trading on past glories a little bit and hiking prices to the edge of taking the p*ss. Short measures were given out time after time as well, with top-ups asked for. However, on this last visit, the Wadworth 6X was the best I'd had in many a year, so pleased that we did take some friends here for a pint.

14 Mar 2016 15:38

The Grapes, Oxford

Now has its own listing under the Beerd name. Shameful name change, bowing to the current trend in hipster bullsh*t.

14 Mar 2016 15:32

Beerd Oxford, Oxford

I'm getting a bit sick of the hipster b*llocks surrounding beer at the moment and this place is a prime example of its all-pervasive influence. The Beerd name, its beard logo and the bearded so-called "individuals" (you know the types....) who work for places like this get right on my nerves.

This was an ale house run by Bath Ales called the Grapes the last time I was in Oxford and now it's a logo'd, overpriced, hipstered-to-the-max load of the proverbial. For some reason two-third pint measures of beer are dispensed on beers from the taps. I would understand if they were high OG/ABV ones, but many of them were in the 3.5-5% ranges and just quite plain and ordinary when put up against others that are around right now.

For me to pay the inflated prices for these tapped beers I'd want big, bold, punchy, experimental, boundary-pushing, genre-mashing beers at higher percentages. Just whacking them into a keg and calling them "craft" doesn't mean they're good. The Americans are doing it waaay better than us and the UK ones I tried here the other day were just not cutting it.

Didn't realise I was quite so angry about this. Thank you for letting me vent my spleen.

14 Mar 2016 15:27

The Bear, Oxford

An enjoyable and friendly pub just off the main areas of the city. Beers all in good nick, with a very nice pints of ESB and Seafarer enjoyed. The slightly cramped, almost intimate size of the pub, means that you invariably get to talking to other people - which for some is ok, but for others not so much.

14 Mar 2016 09:37

The Bear, Bedford

Has now become a craft beer type of place. I was quite looking forward to having this new addition to the towns beer scene, but it's a bit crap to be totally honest. A good choice of beers in bottle in the fridge albeit at a really over-inflated price - particularly the British ones. The staff seem pretty inept at serving and have no knowledge of what they are selling. The background muzak is enough to do your head in too!

6 Feb 2016 14:52

Saint Peter's Ale House, Bedford

Nice enough addition to the the Bedford beer scene. Beers quite expensive, but with your CAMRA card you get 10% off. Quite a good choice of beers, mainly lighter and hoppier ones. There have been a couple of good strong, dark beers on on the three times I've been in now. The place has a bit of a strange feel to it due to the fact it was a hairdressers before, so the tiling and general decor don't exactly make the place feel "pubby"

5 Feb 2016 17:27

The Ship Inn, Weybourne

Good pub, good service, good food and a nice selection of beers. Wolf Twenty 16, Humpty Dumpty Special, their own house Ship Ale (not sure who brewed by) and Old Stoat Wobbler from the Beeston Brewery - which were all tried and all in good nick. These are backed up by a range of craft stuff on the taps - Goose Island, Adnams East Coast and another that I can't remember. Prices ok-ish for beer, with food prices a bit high, but not extortionate. Perfect if staying at one of the campsites nearby as we were - yes, in January!!

7 Jan 2016 17:58

Best Western Compass Inn, Tormarton

Went here for mother-in-law's birthday recently. The food was very good. The beers could have been better kept.

1 Jan 2016 23:42

The Porterhouse, Dublin

Regardless of the hype that surrounds this pub, it really is a damn good place to go. The beers are all very good - particularly their own Plain, Dublin Pale and Hopped to F**k. Good service from knowledgable staff too.

29 Nov 2015 17:03

John Mulligan, Dublin

A great pub. Possibly the best in the city. Top notch service, very good choice of beers and a lovely interior.

29 Nov 2015 16:57

Fox Inn, Carlton

With its four well-kept beers - CW Eagle and London Pride plus two guests - and good quality food, this is a nice place to come. The decor is a bit too bright and sparse for my tastes and has lost the cosy feel of the pub that it was when I last came here years ago, but he welcome from the bar staff/landlady and the friendly chef more than make up for anything like that though.

10 Nov 2015 21:07

The Old Green Tree, Bath

A classic Bath pub. This is always my first port of call on any crawl around the city - mainly because we've just spent the previous few hours traipsing around the shops. Great selection of beer, with the Palmers Tally Ho in very fine form when I called in last week. A very nice welcome too, so not sure if people have caught the bar people on bad days.

19 Oct 2015 21:47

The Bell, Bath

Always a venue for a pint or two when on my - sadly rare - trips to Bath. Love the atmosphere, the music and the beer and cider. It won the CAMRA local POTY last year.

If I'd have seen a returning Farage, I would have had no second thoughts about losing my pint in that smug face....

19 Oct 2015 21:41

The Trinity Arms, Brixton

Are the staff here trained to give short measure, because they were all doing it when I popped in last week?? The beers themselves were in OK condition and I had a decent pint of the Rugby World Cup charity beer Wooden Spoon, but had to ask for a top-up.

19 Oct 2015 21:31

The Kirkstile Inn, Loweswater

A lovely pub tucked away in a more remote area of the Lakes. Service, food and beer were all very good, particularly the Cascadian dark beer - a very good example of a black IPA. Pity there are no campsites in the area as we would have loved to have parked up the camper somewhere nearby and stayed a bit longer.

7 Sep 2015 23:53

Four in Hand, Keswick

As has been mentioned, this pub is now called the Wainwright pub. We were passing by and saw on the beer board outside that they had a 6.5% American Pale ale on. Prices weren't too bad - and the 10% CAMRA discount helped too. The beer was in very good condition. My only complaint is that when our pints were being pulled, the two girls serving carried on their conversation with each other almost as if we'd intruded on them having a chat.

7 Sep 2015 23:48

Heights Hotel and Crag Bar, Castlerigg

Popped in here on the way back to the campsite next door. Beers in ok condition, but not much to write home about.

7 Sep 2015 23:19

Bank Tavern, Keswick

An old haunt of mine from when I first went to the Lakes some 25 years ago and it hasn't really changed that much in that time. It still serves a good pint of Sneck Lifter and a decent plate of food, so if that's what you're after then head here.

7 Sep 2015 23:12

The Three Tuns, Biddenham

What used to be quite a handsome looking pub has been given the ubiquitous "sage green" re-decoration. It was never a great place for beer, being a Greene King pub and they are expensive and not particularly well kept. Beer garden was quite nice for a sunny afternoon. Not got much else going for it really.

9 Aug 2015 18:45

The Blue Anchor, Helston

Have been wanting to coming back here for years as Ive not had the chance on my last few visits down to Cornwall. Sadly, I found that the beers didn't quite hit the mark as they were a bit too yeasty and ester tasting and hazy. We had the IPA, Middle, Special and Jubilee, so for that taste to be found in all of them was like that was how they were intended to be as they still had a good sparkle to them and weren't flat. Having said that, this is a lovely pub with so many nooks and crannies and a beautiful interior.

25 Jul 2015 20:13

The Kingsbridge Inn, Bourton on the Water

Had a couple of cracking pints of the Marstons New World here last week. Nice welcome from the people behind the bar also. Didn't get to eat, but it looked good. Glad we popped in whilst passing on our way to the Mousetrap Inn.

25 Jul 2015 11:28

The Duke of Wellington, Bourton on the Water

Coming from Bedford it was with some trepidation that I entered this Charles Wells pub. I don't do it at home if I can help it, let alone when on my travels, but as needs must because the Mousetrap Inn was closed for another hour or so. On a warm, sunny day it was nice to sit out the back by the river with a pint of the guest beer - Theakston XB. The lad behind the bar was friendly and the prices surprisingly good for the area.

24 Jul 2015 23:30

The Sawmill Inn, Watermouth

Dead as a doornail when we visited on a mid-week lunchtime last week, but a very well-kept pint of Proper Job was to be had.

24 Jul 2015 23:20

The Thatch, Croyde

Expensive for both food and drink, but the food is plentiful for the money and very tasty. The real ales were well looked after, but you might just have to ask for a top-up due to the young and under-trained bar-staff's pint pulling ability.

24 Jul 2015 23:06

The Blisland Inn, Blisland

A wonderfully friendly pub, with locals saying hello in welcome as you walk in the door and engaging you in conversation. Not something I normally like (the talking, not the welcome), but for some reason I thought it was very nice on this occasion. The 8 or so beers were all in very good condition and very nicely priced - £3-£3.30. I'll be back on our next trip to the area.

24 Jul 2015 21:20

Harbour Tavern, Mevagissey

A nice place to sit in one of the seats in the window and enjoy a pint and some food whilst watching the world go by.

24 Jul 2015 21:09

Ship Inn, Pentewan

The staff here are very friendly and efficient. The food and beer were very good too, both in quality and value for money. The St Austell summer seasonal Liquid Sunshine was particularly nice. Sadly, it started raining after just a few minutes of sitting in the outdoor bit over the road, so we - and the many other people there - scarpered back into the pub rather hurriedly.

24 Jul 2015 21:00

The Cadgwith Cove Inn, Cadgwith Cove

Great little pub in a very picturesque fishing village. Service is a bit annoying when staff can see you waiting at the bar whilst they're preparing coffees and teas out the back through the hatch and they don't even acknowledge you or say 'Sorry, just doing these, I'll be with you in a minute....'. Beers expensive, but in good condition.

24 Jul 2015 20:35

Logan Rock Inn, St Levan

Like the reviewer below, I wasn't sure about this place either. Overpriced for a start, both for beer and food. The beer wasn't in particularly good nick, with the Dartmoor Best, Tribute and HSD all a bit past it. The Proper Job was pretty good though - although it was expensive to get to find this out!

24 Jul 2015 20:23

Cable Station Inn, Porthcurno

After visiting the excellent Telegraph Museum and lovely beach, it was nice to pop in here for a quick pint and some food. Very nicely kept beers - the Skinner's Lushingtons was on very good form.

24 Jul 2015 20:01

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

Popped in for a cider or two the other day. Still one of the best pubs in the UK. Prices keen at £3.50 a pint average, particularly when I pay £4 or more in my hometown for lesser quality ones. The ale turnover is phenomenal, as I nipped in again a couple of days after and they'd all changed. Not bad for a pub that's certainly off the beaten track.

14 Jun 2015 22:22

Kings Arms, Langton Matravers

A pleasant find after we'd heard the village pub had closed. The person who told us this obviously was unaware of the other pub - or just not a fan. We nipped in here after getting off the bus at the stop outside one stop before we were intending. What a lovely and friendly place. The lad behind the bar was welcoming and the choice of ales and ciders was pretty good we thought. All-in-all would recommend.

12 Jun 2015 19:33

The Ship, Swanage

Not a great pub and very poorly kept beers. Don't know why it's in the GBG. The Palmers Dorset Gold and Ringwood Best were very below par. Service not great either. Music - for a Friday afternoon at 4 was too intrusive as well.

12 Jun 2015 16:10

Tapping the Admiral, Camden Town

An excellent pub just enough off the beaten track that only people in the know know about it. Very good selection of beers at not an over the top price - rare for this part of London. Particularly well situated if going to the Roundhouse.

11 Jun 2015 22:23

Church House Inn, Consiton

Have just found out that the pub has opened again. Will be up in September!

26 May 2015 15:43

The Ship, Bedford

This used to be a great little pub back in the day, but I don't like what it's become now. My wife and I stood in the front bar waiting to be served the other day and were patently ignored by the staff. They had even glanced over and made eye contact when serving someone else. We just looked at each other and walked out. Truly appalling customer service.

25 May 2015 15:23

The Castle Inn, Bedford

Agree with the review below. Nothing spectacular, but a nice enough pub nonetheless, with a friendly welcome. Expensive too, with prices around the £3.70 mark for around 3.5%ish beers. Considering the much lower prices and better choice of the Three Cups almost next door, I know where I'd rather go.

25 May 2015 15:14

The Star Inn, Talybont on Usk

A deserved winner of local Camra pub of the year yet again by the looks of the signs outside - and inside you can see why: a friendly welcome, good food and good beer are to be found here - and a good Wednesday night quiz to boot. Will come back if in the area again.

4 May 2015 22:56

The Royal Oak, Pencelli

A rather dull and unfriendly pub serving beers both very poorly kept and through tight sparklers. The interior has a very cold feel to it with its new decor. Landlord and lady barely uttered a word of greeting and were more interested in hearing the lawnmower exploits of one of the locals.

4 May 2015 22:51

Ludlow Brewery, Ludlow

A nicely-done refurb of a an old railway sidings shed serving Ludlow Brewery's rather uninspiring range of beers. Bought two of the third of a pint "bats" so we could try all six beers that were available. Thought that the best and the Stairway were the best of the bunch. The beers will appeal to people who like good examples of the different styles on offer, but are nothing out of the ordinary.

4 May 2015 22:41

Swans Nest, Exminster

A great place to go for their carvery on a Sunday. Well worth the money. Beer-wise very expensive - and not worth the money. Palmers beers at high prices.

21 Apr 2015 08:38

Fox and Hounds, Uffington

A nice little pub that we found whilst out on a stroll in the area. They had a Cottage brewery American Brown ale on which was very nice after the disappointment of the poorly-kept ales at the White Horse in nearby Woolstone. A very friendly welcome from the lady behind the bar and the locals too.

16 Apr 2015 17:54

The White Horse, Woolstone

A lovely pub ruined by the staff, poorly-kept ales and the bloody great big TV screen. The Irish barman is arrogance personified. Shame as this is beautiful pub.

16 Apr 2015 17:50

The Fur and Feather Inn, Woodbastwick

I've been here a couple of times of late and the food has been great on both occasions, with the quality and choice of beer better still. The staff are always very good and friendly. Even though the pub has been quite full on both occasions, you don't feel like you're on top of other people. My only - and usual - gripe with a set-up like this is that the beers are on the dear side despite coming from just next door. Having said that, do pop in the visitor centre and buy yourself a bottle (or several) of their Norfolk Nips to take home and enjoy on a cold night in front of the fire.

19 Mar 2015 12:22

The St Radegund, Cambridge

Currently closed for a refurb. Is this going to be a good thing??

8 Feb 2015 12:07

The Maypole, Cambridge

A very nice community pub down a pleasant side street. My only gripe would be that it is waaay expensive even for Cambridge - £4 a pint average and the foreign bottled beer prices really taking the p**s. Even homegrown bottled beers like Brewdog's Punk IPA were £5.80 for a 330ml bottle, so just imagine the U.S. and Belgian prices! The food was very good, but once again £3-5 more than it really should be. I really liked the place and it's staff, but the prices are a bit off-putting.

8 Feb 2015 12:02

The Hopbine, Cambridge

A nice selection of ales and 10% CAMRA discount make this a good pub to visit if in the vicinity. We popped in for a couple of pints and a game of pool on a Saturday afternoon to find the pub fairly full, with a nice hubbub of conversation. The Buntingford Chinook was a lovely beer and in very good nick. Will return on another trip to the city soon.

8 Feb 2015 11:51

The Travellers Rest, Exeter

Great for food and customer service. However, I don't think they are selling enough real ale for turnover of the three stillaged casks behind the bar. The Wickwar BOB that was on here weekend of 25th January was distinctly past it. Perhaps they should just have two - or even one - casks on instead to give customers better quality.

28 Jan 2015 22:19

The Old Fire House, Exeter

We have been to Exeter to the in-laws quite a bit this year and have met up with friends here for a few beers on all those occasions. In those five visits, the stillaged beer quality has gone down and down. On our visit last week, the three beers tried ranged from flat to vinegar. Has there been a change of ownership/cellar staff this year or something, because this really is not good for a pub renowned for it's beers. I gave up on even trying to find a drinkable ale and went on to cider in the end.

Another bugbear has been when visiting on a Friday or Saturday night and being charged for entry to the pub "to see the band". Most people are not there for the music. They are there to meet up with mates and have a drink or several. Admittedly, it's only a quid, but how much of the easily £300-400 that is made like this do the band actually see? Not even a tenth of that I'd imagine. Why not have the band playing on the top floor, then only people who are there for them can be charged?

I think we need to be looking for a new meeting place.

18 Nov 2014 16:23

The Sun Inn, Dedham

On a recommendation, we took a stroll out from nearby Flatford Mill to come to Dedham for the craft shop at the old chapel. We then thought we'd have a mooch about the village and then decided to pop in here for a pint as it appeared to be more in use than the other pub we passed. A great selection of both handpull and tap beers was on the bar. My wife had a pint of the Brewdog IPA, whilst me and my friend had the Dark Star Skinner's PA - which was in very good nick. We then went into the room to the right from the entrance to drink them. The fire was roaring in the log burner and we sat on the big old chairs and enjoyed our beers. A very nice little find.

18 Nov 2014 16:07

The Eagle, Cambridge

With it's hubbub and wooden panelling I really like this as a pub to go to before heading off to a gig at the nearby Corn Exchange. The staff are always good and pull a good pint. There's a nice selection of beers - albeit GK in origin - with Brewdog Punk IPA on tap. Their own Eagle something beer is obviously a GK beer too, so don't be fooled.

18 Nov 2014 15:56

The New Inn, Kilkhampton

A good little place for a warming-up and a pint after being on the beach at Sandy Mouth Bay, but not much more. The ales were all in good condition. A couple of the locals were a bit unfriendly - especially towards an older lady who had left the door open (despite the poor old girl using a walking frame!). We had a quick pint and a game of pool then left.

18 Nov 2014 15:49

The Black Horse, Woburn

Hadn't been here for 15-20 years and then met up here with friends and family recently. It certainly has changed in that time! Nice place though, nice food, good beer even though GK, expensive-ish.

30 Oct 2014 17:40

The Shepherds Crook, Crowell

Have heard that the landlord has died. Hope whoever takes it on carries on in the same tradition.

2 Oct 2014 17:54

Craven Arms, Appletreewick

Nice to stop here if out on a walk, ride, drive through the valley or staying at Masons Campsite just down the road as we were. It's a very interesting pub inside and out with lots of nooks and crannies and bits of interest. The front left bar is a cosy little room with old pub games - some playable and some not - with Ring the Bull and Bagatelle. We were here on a very nice early autumn day, sitting outside enjoying the last of the sun, but it would be nice to see the pub when the weather closes in and all the fires are lit. I'll bet it's nice then too.

The beers were all good, but at quite touristy prices and the Old Peculier kind of took the p*ss a bit bit at £4.40 a pint (although in very good nick). Yes I know it was "from the wood", blah, blah, blah, but I can get it from the wood in a pub local to me (200 miles away) at £3.60. Masham is only just down the road!!

Customer service from the young girl was a bit poor, with barely a hello and a smile and it did seem like a bit of a youth club at times with lots of young people, who weren't working, but probably did work there at differing times of the week.

That said - nice pub and will be back in the dale again soon.

2 Oct 2014 13:59

Thomson's, Edinburgh

A lovely interior and a simple layout make this pub a place to enjoy a pint of their - usually of the pale hoppy variety - beers. The Dark Star APA was on very good form, as was the Oakham Citra.

29 Sep 2014 23:55

The Oxford Bar, Edinburgh

Following in the footsteps of Rebus/Rankin is why, I'm sure, most people come here; but it is a good old-fashioned beershop and the beers are very well kept. The Inveralmond Ossian was on damn good form and the place has lots of good old dark charm.

29 Sep 2014 23:39

The Jolly Judge, Edinburgh

Friendly welcome from the lad behind the bar. Two stouts on - a bonus after a couple of weeks in Scotland and the plethora of pale hoppy beers and keg crap. There was also a cider fest on with a fave of mine on - Gwatkins Norman. Sadly I couldn't have any as I was on beer and don't like to mix. Bugger!

I first went in here many years ago and I remember it as being nice and dark with lots of little dingy corners. Sadly, it now seems to have been done up in a totally incongruous style trying to brighten it up a bit and losing that little charm.

29 Sep 2014 23:29

The Guildford Arms, Edinburgh

If we hadn't been to a fair few other pubs during our weekend this would have been considered a great pub by all I'm sure. Lovely interior, friendly staff and good selection of beers. I think we were just "pubbed out" by the time we got here.

29 Sep 2014 22:49

Cafe Royal, Edinburgh

An amazing interior, with Doulton tiled murals, stained-glass windows, etched mirrors and beautiful ceiling. The beers were pretty good with a dark Kelburn beer being a favourite.

29 Sep 2014 22:17

The Bow Bar, Edinburgh

Was here probably the same day as the reviewer below and, even though English, got into conversation with a couple of people with no hassles at all regarding the recent vote and found the place to be very friendly indeed.

Anyway, to the beer: fantastic array of ales served by air pressure with a leaning towards the pale in particular. A whisky collection par excellence too. Some 220-odd apparently.

29 Sep 2014 22:09

The Blue Blazer, Edinburgh

Lively corner pub with quite a few nice beers on. Good Saturday night atmosphere and nice friendly service.

29 Sep 2014 22:00

The Abbotsford, Edinburgh

Great pub. Tourist prices admittedly, but damn good beers on. They had a great Black IPA from Alchemy Brewery on and Oakham Bishop's Farewell too plus numerous others. The food was OK too.

29 Sep 2014 21:52

The Clachaig Inn, Clachaig

The veggie haggis with tatties and neeps here was fantastic. Sadly a couple of the pints marred this with a couple of them being a bit past it. Loved the pub though. First time back in a number of years. A classic walkers and mountaineers pub.

29 Sep 2014 21:44

The Martyrs Bay, Iona

A nice place to sit outside of on a gorgeous late summers day with a pint watching the ferry coming and going, but not too much to write home about. The odd seal swims past in the strait between Iona and Fionnphort too.

29 Sep 2014 21:17

The Birdcage, Thame

What to say about this place?? Is it a towny pub trying to aim itself at a younger crowd or is it a pub for people who like their beer? It really couldn't seem to make it's mind up. Nice to have had a Hoegaarden Forbidden Fruits for the first time in years, but didn't like the pricetag either. All-in-all, I didn't like it.

20 Aug 2014 13:31

The Lamb and Flag, Oxford

The Old Peculier was in tip-top form in here the other day and I had to have another just to be sure!! The front bar is a bit nondescript, but then you go through to the back areas and it feels like a whole different pub, sadly with the furthest area being the best place to sit marred by a massive waft of the loos. Between us we tried quite a few of the offerings and found them all to be in good condition. The food was over-priced for what it was. Having said that, the ploughman's lunches were good and for once I feel I actually made the best choice.

20 Aug 2014 13:20

The Eagle and Child, Oxford

Love the front and middle areas of this pub. Reminds me a bit of the Jerusalem Tavern in London. The back bit ruins it all for me, sadly. Beers are well-kept, but expensive - I paid more for a 4.1% stout here than I did for an Old Peculier (5.6%) over the road at the Lamb and Flag. Friendly staff, who know their onions when it comes to beer. Thought there'd be more stuff up about Lewis, Tolkien and the rest of the Inklings too. A bit of a mixed experience for me, as it's a place I've been meaning to visit for a while.

20 Aug 2014 13:09

Churchill Arms, Long Crendon

Had a Thai meal here and thought it was very good. Pricey, but good. Beers were in good nick too.

20 Aug 2014 13:00

The Eight Bells, Long Crendon

What can I say, but a lovely pub serving good beers and good food. Good to play Aunt Sally out the back in the car park too.

20 Aug 2014 12:59

Church House Inn, Consiton

Noooooooooo......!! There I was just sorting out a jaunt up to the Lakes for next month thinking we could stay around the Coniston area - ostensibly to take my wife here as it was my lucky find of my solo trip last year - and I read online that it's now closed awaiting a buyer. A sad day.

20 Aug 2014 12:56

White Lion, Whissendine

Good for a pint and a game of pool to pass a bit of time when in Whissendine, but that's about it. I can't stand the kind of makeovers that it's obviously recently had. The female staff are good, but the floppy-haired lad needs to learn a bit about customer service. Only one thing for veggies on the menu too. Go on, give us a couple more choices....

3 Aug 2014 22:27

The Three Horseshoes, Whissendine

A proper locals boozer, with banter, conversation and table skittles. Very friendly to visiting peeps like us. The beers were in OK nick, with only London Pride and GK (not very) IPA. Looked like we missed out on Woodfordes Wherry as the clip was turned around.

3 Aug 2014 22:15

The Mousetrap Inn, Bourton on the Water

Nice place at the quieter end of Bourton. Beers were all in tried and all good. There was Old Hooky, Wye Valley's Butty Bach and Stroud's Tom Long on handpull with Dark Star's American Pale and Burning Sky's Arise IPA on tap at the craft end of things. The nice young lady behind the bar was friendly. All in all, a good pub. Didn't get to try the food, but most of the people around me were eating and no-one seemed disappointed. Will try next time.

28 Jul 2014 14:37

The Shepherds Crook, Crowell

This place has been nicely refurbed to fit in with the look of the green that it overlooks. Very well looked after beers - the XT and Rebellion in particular. Expensive, both drink and food-wise, but on par with other prices in the area. Got involved in a game of Aunt Sally, which is highly addictive I have to say.

7 Jul 2014 08:23

The Three Tuns, Bishops Castle

Agree with the review below in that this seems to be more of a food than beer place these days, but I do love the little bar area that you get to from the right hand door from the road and we always end up in there instead. The beers were all on good form this last weekend with the stout, mild, Clerics Cure and 1462 all tried and all enjoyed. Couldn't get in for food on this occasion, but will be back again soon.

9 Jun 2014 14:12

The Six Bells, Bishops Castle

Nev's beers are always on top form. Have been in here quite a few times over the years and I have never been disappointed. Nev himself is a great host and landlord. We couldn't get in the main bar this time round and so went and sat in the other bar which is a bit lacking in character in comparison. Still, if that's the only complaint, then he must be doing everything else right.

9 Jun 2014 14:07

The Royal Oak, Borough

Used to love this place. Now it has become an overpriced hole. Why can I get Harvey's beers up the road in other pubs as a guest beer at a cheaper price than in here in a pub owned by them???

7 May 2014 18:40

The White Horse, Edwardstone

Their Dark Ale Days festival was another good one this first may bank holiday. Not exclusively dark ales, but pales and ciders/perries too. Good food. Good camping.

6 May 2014 15:50

Queen's Hotel, Ambleside

Can only talk about the bar and the beer, but we all enjoyed both. The beers were all in good nick and the guy behind the bar friendly. The only detractor - as it seems in most Lakeland pubs - is that all of the beers were pales and all around the 3.5-4.5% ABV mark - as I do like my mid-brown bitters and stronger darker beers. In a town where beer choice and good pubs are in short supply, this pub shines out in my humble opinion.

21 Apr 2014 18:00

The Stickle Barn Tavern, Great Langdale

Went in here years roughly twenty years ago I'd imagine and absolutely hated it, vowing never to return. (Seem to remember it all being set upstairs for some reason??) Went in here again over Easter weekend this year in glorious weather and thought it was very nice indeed. Admittedly, I didn't eat, nor did I sit inside - but I did enjoy my pint of the Barngates stout and the welcome from the chatty barman - going outside to drink my beer on the patio area in the shade of a big umbrella. Would try again for an evening next time I'm in the valley.

21 Apr 2014 17:50

The Cannon, Newport Pagnell

A great comedy night is to be had here monthly on a Sunday night in the rear outbuilding. As for the pub, it's a place that could could be better. I don't know who taught the bar-people how to pull a pint, but they've all obviously been taught it - wrongly. It's not a competition to get the glass filled as quickly as possible! That said, the prices are pretty good and the beers are well kept. Might pop in when passing for a pint when I'm not going to the comedy night to reevaluate.

7 Apr 2014 22:30

Three Cranes, Turvey

Apparently about to reopen after a year-long hiatus. Will look forward to a walk in the area and a pint very soon.

2 Apr 2014 16:42

The Gordon Arms, Bedford

Have been here a few times of late for events happening in the Ent Shed next door. Prices highish, but good choice of ales. Youngs Winter Warmer for the last thing we attended and the CW/Dogfish Head collaboration DNA IPA tonight. Very nice!

27 Mar 2014 23:44

The Lendal Cellars, York

Walked in, looked at beer selection, walked out. This place came recommended. Not sure why.....

23 Mar 2014 09:55

The Maltings, York

Good to go to a pub where it's all about the beer and conversation. Lovely place to while away an hour or so.

23 Mar 2014 09:52

The Cross Keys Hotel, York

This place came highly recommended and I'm not sure why or how. It could be great, but it's just like a Wetherspoons - and with half the atmosphere. We both just quickly supped our beers and made a quick exit.

23 Mar 2014 09:47

York Tap, York

With a beer menu to put most places to shame, this is a great place for a few beers. Today we had everything from bitter to pale ale to strong IPA to black IPA to stout and all in very good condition. Set in a beautiful old tearoom on the station platform we really liked the feel of the place and spent a bit ore time than intended here. The only detractor was the pricing, which I couldn't get my head around as there appeared to be no logic to it with beers of the same ABV and/or distance from the pub being wildly different in price.

22 Mar 2014 17:57

Pivo Cafe Bar, York

A cracking bar with a nice bustling atmosphere and the hubbub of conversation. Lots of good beers on tap and handpull, with an extensive bottled beer selection plus real ciders. Would definitely recommend on a trip to York.

22 Mar 2014 17:39

The George and Dragon, Bedford

A truly awful place. Ended up here on a Saturday night out with friends. Meat market doesn't even come close to describing it.....

17 Mar 2014 16:44

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Nottingham

Like, it seems, many people, I have no big love of Greene King and what they have done to small brewers like Hardy and Hansons who used to own this pub back in the day. Their guest beer policies are crap, with no real choice bar beers brewed by GK themselves under the names of the breweries they have f**ked over. With that in mind, I was really not looking forward to going here recently as I knew I'd have little choice and would be here for the entire night. Imagine my surprise when I found a Nottingham brewery ale on tap! I could enjoy the pub and it's great unique atmosphere and not have a bland GK beer. Yaaaay!

My 9/10 is for the uniqueness, history and feel of the pub and not necessarily for the beer (except the Nottingham one obviously).

11 Mar 2014 17:01

The Navigation Inn, Nottingham

Now owned by Martstons judging by the range of beers on offer - Jennings, Wychwood, Ringwood and Marstons themselves. All in good nick though, which considering the amount of handpulls must mean they have a good turnover. The Sneck Lifter was very good. The guy behind the bar - long hair, beard - was very friendly. Called in on a Saturday night at around 9.30 and the place was only half full, which felt like a bit of a travesty as it's a really good place to go.

11 Mar 2014 16:46

The Keans Head, Nottingham

Great little pub, with a good selection of pubby food on offer to go with your very well looked after pint. The guy working behind the bar - who I've seen working up at the Lincolnshire Poacher - is very good at his job. Great customer service.

11 Mar 2014 16:40

Canal House, Nottingham

Short measures, appalling customer service, and crazy craft beer prices (more expensive than some craft places in London!) make this a place that I used to like going into a place that I have little desire to come back to again. Absolute toss.

11 Mar 2014 16:34

Seven Stars Inn, Exeter

Went here for the quiz night just recently, which was quite a good one. Thought it was quite a nice place, but feels a bit cold in atmosphere. The beers were in pretty good nick, but all the same colour, types and ABVs, so not much choice overall.

11 Mar 2014 16:24

Timepiece, Exeter

What has happened to this place??? It used to to be THE place to go in Exeter. Now it is a sad reminder of those days spent dancing the night away when I first used to come down this way. The loos were always pretty crap, so can't complain there. However, the choice of music and the Ibiza-type chavvy clientele leaves a lot to be desired. Pity it moved from across the way too.

11 Mar 2014 16:19

The North Bridge Inn, Exeter

Has - apparently - been bought by the team who run the Hour Glass, so expect what they've done (very well) there transposed into here too. Look forward to it.

11 Mar 2014 16:12

Ship Inn, Mevagissey

Nice welcome from the young lad behind the bar and a few very welcome pints of Proper Job were consumed. Nice little place to spend a couple of hours catching up with old friends.

11 Mar 2014 16:06

Fountain Inn, Mevagissey

Nice little pub to round off a stroll around the town and harbour. Beers were in good nick - St Austell Tribute and HSD with another (Dartmoor something??) on too. Didn't get to try food, so can't comment.

11 Mar 2014 16:04

The Compasses, Greenfield

A nice pub that Charles Wells seem to have no interest investing in. It's looking a bit tatty inside and out and so they'll probably get rid of it in their next big cull because it's "not doing the right business" for them - despite it being largely their fault - again! We've seen this happen all over north Beds, so watch this space. With it being the last pub in the village, it will be a shame to see it go if it does. The locals do use it and there are many things happening there, but this may not be enough. The quiz nights are always good and the beer is usually on good form. Young's Winter Warmer on for the last quiz night in very good nick.

22 Jan 2014 13:29

The Swan, Bromham

Going from the reviews below, things have not changed here much in the period since they were posted. Went here for dinner with wife and mother-in-law last night. We were ALL disappointed with our food. Things didn't come with what they were supposed to and we weren't informed of this. I whose my meal on the basis of having some fresh veg with it and ended up with chips. Believe me, I like chips, but didn't fancy anything with Chios on this occasion. Complained to the member of staff serving us to no avail about our grievances and manager was "unavailable" due to another staff member going ill. Not a great place by any stretch of the imagination. Avoid - especially if going here for anything special - as from what we heard from the table next to us, they'd had a 21st birthday meal ruined.

24 Dec 2013 14:27

Pheasant, Bedford

An ok place, but more of a family eating affair than a "pub". Expensive - and poorly kept and poured - beers.

9 Dec 2013 22:33

The Cock, Broom

Good to see this place out of the hands of the GK b*****ds and now being run as a freehouse. We were very glad to see it hasn't changed internally with the Northamptonshire Skittles table still there. There were four ales on offer straight from the cask, plus Potton cider too. Friendly welcome too.

9 Dec 2013 22:26

The White Lion, St Albans

Shocking service from the girl behind the bar on the evening of Saturday 30th November. Well-kept beer though, which we drank, then moved on elsewhere.

3 Dec 2013 14:05

The Lower Red Lion, St Albans

Still a good pub, but nowhere near as good as it was 10 or so years ago when we first used to go here. Quite where they get off on charging £3.60 for a 3.5% beer I'm not sure.

3 Dec 2013 14:01

The Harp, Covent Garden

Been here quite a lot of late. Still the best pub in London. Great service. Great beers. Will be back again soon.

3 Dec 2013 13:59

The Strands Hotel, Nether Wasdale

Lovely Lakeland inn with log fires, nice old furniture, warm welcome from the people behind the bar and delicious home-brewed beers that are just what's needed after a hard days walking. Bought a few 330ml bottles of their one-off/special brews to quaff in front of a fire back at our cottage that evening too, with the Russian Stout being a favourite. Might come and stay next time.

10 Nov 2013 21:02

The Bower House Inn, Eskdale Green

The old inn exterior belies a modern and cold feeling interior. A couple of nice pints of Ulverston Laughing Gravy were quaffed, but the food was not great at all. When you see Cumbrian cheese sandwich with old style piccalilli on a menu priced at £5.75, you'd expect a nice doorstep-size slice of artisan type bread, with a homemade pickle and a good tangy cheese. What we got was thin sliced Mother's Pride, Hayward's piccalilli and pre-grated cheese. Feeling swizzed we made an exit.

10 Nov 2013 20:52

The Woolpack Inn, Boot

Has now had a re-fit since my last visit and now lacks any kind of atmosphere. It never had much anyway, but the modern look with settees etc seems a little incongruous for a Lakeland inn in my opinion. The beer prices seemed a little steep too considering the prices in the the other pubs in the valley and it's environs.

10 Nov 2013 20:39

The Boot Inn, Eskdale

A few of the people I talked to whilst on a week long visit recently said that they tried this place, but then never went back again. One couple who were actually staying here went to the Brook House down the road each night for food and drink. As I was staying opposite I thought it would rude not to pop in and see if they were right. I can only say - yes they were. Poorly kept and served beers, not one vegetarian item on the menu and poor staff. Like most other people, I'd say go to the Brook House instead and save time and money.

10 Nov 2013 20:32

The King George IV Inn, Eskdale

Nice little place to stop off for a mid-walk pint, bag of nuts and a game of pool. Well-kept beers and nice people who run it. Seemed popular with people for the food.

10 Nov 2013 20:24

The Fox and Hounds, Great Brington

Lovely looking pub inside and out - stone floors, log fires burning, lots of exposed beams and stonework with lots of little nooks and crannies. Sadly it suffers from the usual maladies of pubs of this type: ie relying on looks alone to get by and ignoring the important stuff like food/drink quality and customer service.

There were too many beers for turnover resulting in poor quality (5 of the 8 beers tried, with only one drinkable and the rest varying from barely ok to vinegar). The food was very stingy for the money. This is sadly the kind of pub that will be bought out by some eff-wit in the near future and given the "sage green" identikit pub makeover and made all light and airy inside. I for one hope this doesn't happen and they buck their ideas up.

28 Oct 2013 22:43

Elm Tree, Cambridge

Great little pub leased to B&T under an agreement with Charles Wells. Beers were in very good condition and the lad behind the bar friendly.

22 Sep 2013 18:01

The Devonshire Arms, Cambridge

First visit here 21/09/13 and have to say I really liked the place. Nice to see Milton beers as we don't get them round our way much. Both of the beers that we had were in very good nick. The Nero was fantastic.

22 Sep 2013 17:48

The Cambridge Blue, Cambridge

Popped back in here after an absence of a couple of years. My god it's changed - and not for the better. The guy (one - on Saturday afternoon!) behind the bar was under too much pressure to serve the beers at all well and not even be courteous about it either. Decided to have the food and can only say we felt swizzed. I was looking forward to this visit and can only say I shan't be back in that much of a hurry. Like the reviewer below said, the beers etc aren't the be all and end all. It's the whole experience.

22 Sep 2013 17:13

George's Meeting House, Exeter

Quite a good little place for a 'Spoons. Beers were in good nick and pleasant staff - even on a busy Saturday night. The London Pride was the best I've had in a long while.

18 Sep 2013 00:08

The Royal Oak, Exeter

Nice enough little boozer by the river Exe. Beers in ok condition and ok staff. Could be better.

18 Sep 2013 00:03

The Hour Glass Inn, Exeter

Lovely little place. Couldn't recommend enough. Beers on good form and nice staff.

17 Sep 2013 23:59

The Victoria Inn, Exeter

Populated by the usual student tw*ts cheating at quizzes and acting like massive tw*ts. If you like a good quiz avoid at all costs. I get the feeling the young ladies behind the bar are employed on looks and not pint-pulling ability. Top-ups requested every time. Abysmal.

17 Sep 2013 23:56

The Royal Ship Hotel, Dolgellau

Rather like the review below, I found this place very disappointing. I've never really liked Robinson's beers and on this occasion I wasn't convinced that they can brew anything decent once again. The beers were in very poor condition with the Unicorn being completely unpalatable and their Cwrw'r Ddraig Aur not faring much better. Not much more can be said than avoid.

11 Aug 2013 22:07

The Pheasant Inn, Brill

An ok place for a pint and a look out at the view over to and past the windmill. The XT 4 was very good, with another from the Aylesbury brewery and Weston's First Quality cider. The young lads behind the bar need to be taught how to pull a pint and about measure, but were happy to top up as per my request.

Agree with the other reviews below about the whole wine bar type of thing going on despite this being a rural pub. Given its position, I was hoping for something better. It needs a couple more veggie things on the menu too.

29 Jul 2013 21:44

Corn Mill, Llangollen

Nice pub for enjoying a pint on the 'veranda' watching the river tumbling by. Good choice of ales, sadly served in too fast a manner by the staff - about three pulls of the pump per second I'd imagine! Nicely kept though. Food looked good, but didn't get to try on the occasion.

16 Jun 2013 22:17

The Sun Inn, Llangollen

Can't believe some of these reviews or that it's in the Good Beer Guide. Not a good experience here Saturday 15th June. Thick as the proverbial girl behind the bar with no interpersonal skills and no idea of what she was serving on the pumps. Asked for my beers and and all I got was a befuddled look and rudely delivered "what?". Asked again and met with the same. In the end I just pointed and repeated the amount required. She seemed to get this and poured the pints. Both were very nicely kept, but the experience at the bar just made us want to quaff them as quickly as possible and move on to a different pub.

16 Jun 2013 22:05

The Fleece Inn, Bretforton

Excellent place full of history and charm - inside and out - and up there as one of the best public houses in the country. Lovely to sit outside of on a lovely summer's day with a pint of cider - or inside with a dark, strong beer on a cold day. Good food adds to it's charms too. Might have to come and stay here one time.

29 Apr 2013 22:14

The Market Porter, Borough

Good pub and beers in good nick. Gets a bit crowded, but just avoid at obvious times to get around this.

16 Apr 2013 22:18

The Pilgrims Progress, Bedford

Was dragged here kicking and screaming the other day to have a pint years and it looked exactly the same - and I mean exactly! Every chip, scuff and crack was where it was from before. The one - yes one (of a list of twenty-odd beers and eight possible handpumps) - of the festival beers that was on was not in good nick at all and returned to the bar for a bottle of Erdinger instead. Won't be going back I have to say. I've somehow ended up in a few 'Spoons just recently and they are all pretty crap, but this one is down there as one of the worst.

12 Apr 2013 19:41

The William Morris, Hammersmith

Popped in here for a pint or two of the 'Spoons festival beers before a gig at the good old Hammy Odeon. The beers were pretty well looked after, but served in a shocking fashion by the staff, who treated pulling pints as a race to get the glass filled in record time. All that resulted was a beer with a massive head and me asking them to top it up. Other customers seemed to accept this as the norm. Come on people - a British pint is 95% liquid and 5% head. That is there to protect us from this kind thing. You're losing money every time!!

12 Apr 2013 19:14

The Wellington Arms, Bedford

Just recently this place has taken a bit of a tumble in my view. Beer quality is going down and down and some of the staff (the narcissistic goth girl in particular) need to cheer the f**k up and be a bit more welcoming to the people coming in through the door. A few of the regulars (more regular than us anyway) need to stop treating the place like their own and let people near the bar to see the wares too, and not get arsey with people as they crane their heads over or around them to look at the clips.

I never thought in a million years that I'd moan about the Welly, but there we go. Sorry to the landlady by the way, as she's always great, but things need to be done before this place goes a bit tits up like it did under Eric's management for the last year or so of his tenure.

5 Apr 2013 00:42

The White House, Luton

Depressing place to go for a pint before - or after - a film in the Vue upstairs in the complex. Not much of an ale selection and what there is is pretty poorly looked after. Generally filled with dicks.

28 Mar 2013 14:13

The Old Nags Head, Edale

Probably the worst pub of my recent jaunt in the Peak. Beers OK, service OK. Used to go in here on my first trips to the area in the late 80s - and was the first place I ever had Old Peculier (a beer that changed my drinking habits to become the real ale drinker that I am now). Now there's just a couple of mediocrely kept beers - one being the watered-down imitation of the great beer that was Old Speckled Hen. Shame, was quite looking forward to returning.

19 Mar 2013 22:10

The Rambler Country House, Edale

Hmmm, reading the reviews from the last couple of years or so, I can't believe I went to the same pub. Rounded off a walk here last weekend with a couple of beers and some food and really enjoyed both. Beer in good nick and food plentiful and tasty. New owners??

19 Mar 2013 21:57

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Inn, Castleton

An excellent selection of Peak District/Derbyshire brews on the bar here. Thornbridge, Peak Ales, Bradfield, Wincle, plus a few others. Good service too. Took a chance on it while passing and it paid off nicely.

19 Mar 2013 21:44

The Old Hall Inn, Hope

Popped in on our way past for a pint whilst out walking on a wet winters day. Enjoyed them sat in front of the fire drying off a bit. Castle Rock Harvest Pale and Adnams Southwold Bitter were on offer, along with a couple of others. Staff were nice, prices high-ish.

19 Mar 2013 21:32

The Cheshire Cheese Inn, Hope

Really liked this place. Went in here on a lads walking weekend, muddy boots and all, and had very nice pints of Hawkshead Bitter and Peak Ales Swift Nick. There was a Bradfield brew on as well, with another pump unused. All of us enjoyed our food. The Yorkshire pud with sausage, mash and veg was very nice.

19 Mar 2013 21:11

The Stan Laurel Inn, Ulverston

8.2/10? Seriously?? A fairly nice place, with a great selection of beers at very good prices (£2.65 average) for sure, but come on - it's not THAT good!

14 Mar 2013 17:19

Church House Inn, Consiton

Excellent pub for a winter's lunchtime pint and a soup of the day. The Torver Bar is a lovely place to relax in front of the fire and warm yourself up for the walk back. Beer prices are very reasonable with Loweswater Gold and Windermere Pale both at £3.10. Nice staff and a friendly new lurcher puppy on the loose.

14 Mar 2013 12:50

The Hanging Gate Inn, Belper

Great staff, beer and food. Met up on a Sunday recently and had the veggie roast which was lovely. The beer was an American-hopped IPA. All the staff were fantastic. Not much more to say. Liked it a lot.

13 Mar 2013 09:45

The Black Bull Hotel, Coniston

Looks like The Black Bull will hit the £4 a pint average before a lot of places in London - where I drink quite often. £3.50 for a pint of Bluebird and XB is fine, but where do they get off on charging £3.80 for a pint of their Oatmeal Stout. It's a very nice pint, but come on - it's only 4.2% (same as the Bluebird XB) and brewed just round the corner! Go to any other brewpubs or places where the brewery is just up the road and you'll find the beers a lot cheaper than average for the area.

Anyway, apart from the above moan - well kept beers, friendly staff and a nice traditional Lakeland pub.

13 Mar 2013 08:54

The Castle, Holborn

Smacks as more of a wine bar than a pub. So-so beer quality, but friendly staff which makes a change for the area.

11 Mar 2013 07:55

The Gunmakers, Clerkenwell

So-so pub just off the Clerkenwell Road. It has no discernable atmosphere and merely ok beer quality. The food was a bit stingy for the price too.

11 Mar 2013 07:46

The Fox and Anchor, Smithfield

Nice little pub near Smithfield Market. A good pint of Dancing Duck Ay Up was had. The only thing I didn't like was being told that we couldn't sit somewhere as it was reserved - but had no sign to tell us so. I could have understood the attitude of the member of staff if we'd sat down blatantly ignoring signage, but we hadn't.

10 Mar 2013 20:53

The Blacksmiths Arms, St Albans

Nice array of handpumps on the bar dispensing beers ranging from light to dark and 3.5% to 6% this weekend from breweries such as Acorn, Thornbridge, Red Squirrel and Dark Star. Staff were friendly. The nacho sharing platter was definitely not worth the almost £7 price tag though, so perhaps avoid the food.

3 Mar 2013 19:08

De Hems, Soho

Rounded off a night out here nicely with a bottle of the Westmalle Tripel for me and a Delirium Tremens for my wife. Good atmosphere with music not so loud you can't have a natter and good, friendly bar staff. Planning to pop in again soon.

24 Feb 2013 11:52

The Poacher's Inn, Ide

Lovely quiet pub for a mid-week afternoon read of the paper and a pint. Friendly lad behind the bar, a roaring fire and good beer selection - sadly all pretty much the same ABVs, but well kept all the same.

24 Feb 2013 11:39

The Great Western Hotel, Exeter

Nice bar staff, well looked after beers and a nice quiet convivial bar to drink them in. What more do you need? There was a group of folkies playing their instruments in the corner too which further added to my liking of the place.

24 Feb 2013 11:20

The Bridge, Topsham

I've been visiting Exeter for 20 years now and have always wanted to go here. Last week I finally got the chance and now rue the fact that I could have been going here for that whole time. What a great - and classic - pub! From the welcome from the lady behind the bar when I first walked in I loved it. The beers that I had we're all in top condition - including a 9% Imperial Stout. The food on offer is just what was needed on a very cold winters day and the root vegetable soup hit the spot nicely. I'm going to be back in Exeter again soon and will be visiting again.

24 Feb 2013 10:53

Billy's Wine Bar, Harpenden

Populated by tw*ts. That's all you really need to know about this place. If you are a patron of this establishment and are offended by this comment, then you are one too....

6 Feb 2013 21:05

Three Cups, Bedford

Right, time to swallow my pride and admit I was wrong.....

Popped back in here again yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by the new look of the place. I must have called in last time in the in-between stages because there were still the two bars and only GK IPA and H&H Bitter on then. Now there's 8 beers and it's been opened out to form one big room.

There seems to be a genuine focus on the beer with local brews given much fanfare. White Park White Gold and GB - both tried, both in good nick - Hopping Mad Patriot too, alongside all the GK beers and GK-owned beers like Belhaven.

Good to see they've kept on the barmaid from before as she was always friendly and welcoming. All-in-all we liked it and plan to pop in again soon.

27 Jan 2013 11:56

The Bedford Arms, Bedford

Not as good as it used to be when it first opened as a "speciality beer house", with a majority of genuine choice now gone - there used to be more guest beers than Wells' beers back then. The Potton Village Bike was on good form on this last visit, but the Hopping Mad Hoppiness was below par though and returned to the bar for another Village Bike. Liked the atmosphere of the place though and was a nice place to end our mini-crawl.

27 Jan 2013 11:28

The Sun Hotel, Coniston

I do like to pop in here on a late afternoon after doing the Old Man or Wetherlam or mountain biking over on the North Face trail in Grizedale. It seems the best and quietest time to go, get a pint and sit on the rear patio dissecting the days action whilst looking at the Lakeland vista surrounding the pub. The beers are always in good nick, with Copper Dragon Golden Pippin a particular favourite. We have stayed for the first food orders a couple of times too and have never been disappointed. It has lost a bit of character since it's refurb a couple of years ago, but still remains a welcoming establishment.

26 Jan 2013 14:34

The Devonshire Arms, Bedford

Further to my last review, the pub now serves real cider and perry from the Weston's stable.

22 Jan 2013 19:52

The Woolpack, Wilstead

Agree with the last but one reviewer about this place being a victim of modernisation. It's now dark, dingy and lacks any kind of atmosphere. They do serve a good pint though. We had a couple of pints of the new GK Yardbird which was very nice and then made a quick exit. Shame, used to be quite a good pub a few years back.

22 Jan 2013 19:34

The Cross Keys, Covent Garden

Nice enough little pub just away from the main drag of Covent Garden. The Brodies Citra was a very nice pint, but sadly all the other four clips were turned around so didn't get to try any of the others. The staff were good and seemed to know who'd ordered what when it came to the food. We just had a quick pint in here before heading off to the Harp to meet friends, so will pop in again soon and spend a bit more time.

14 Jan 2013 14:35

The White Horse, Bedford

Good pub with good quiz nights - some for charity. The beers are nicely looked after. The landlord is a very friendly guy who goes out of his way to see that you're ok. The rest of the staff are alright, but need to look around them a bit more and see if anyone needs serving instead of talking amongst themselves. The young lad behind the bar (Aaron, I think his name was) is an absolute disgrace to the hospitality industry and needs to learn a hell of a lot about customer service. Useless - get rid! Shame, as he marred what was a very nice night out at the Tuesday quiz.

11 Dec 2012 23:23

The Boat Inn, Cromford

Didn't rate this place much at all I'm afraid. The beer was so-so, the locals starey and the place itself a bit shabby. Was hoping for so much more as it looked nice from the outside.

11 Dec 2012 17:49

The Vat and Fiddle, Nottingham

Good brewery tap with almost the full Castle Rock range and good prices too. Had the Black Gold and the Screech Owl, both of which were in great nick. Not much else to add to the other reviews. Good pub.

11 Dec 2012 17:46

The Salutation Inn, Nottingham

Went in here recently to reminisce of my time spent here in my early twenties. Still a good pub, with a good selection of beers - some of which were good, some of which were not so. Enjoyed it, I have to say.

11 Dec 2012 17:41

The Grapes, Oxford

Lovely little pub in a perfect position for a pre-show drink opposite the New Theatre. The Bath ales were all in good condition and the Porter that was on was particularly good. The cider was good too according to my wife. Sadly, I noticed that they had an American IPA on tap just as we were leaving for the show, so didn't get to try it. The food looked good too. Will pop in again when we're in town.

11 Dec 2012 17:36

The Princess Victoria, Matlock Bath

We both found this to be a great - and proper - little boozer. The beers were all tried and all in good condition with the Ashover Rainbow's End being a particular favourite. Good selection of ciders too, although not tried (sadly). Called in on a cold November night and the fire was most welcome and the young landlord friendly. Would recommend if in the area.

11 Dec 2012 17:31

Oddfellows Arms, Caldbeck

A year after the review below, things have pretty much stayed the same. Which is good. This is a nice village local that welcomes visitors too. The food is nice - although fairly uninspiring - and the three real beers are well- kept. It was good to find Sneck Lifter on on my last visit as the last time I called in there was only one beer on.

19 Nov 2012 20:36

The Old Crown, Hesket Newmarket

A great pub that I visit every time I'm in the area to see my old school friend. The range of beers is always good, with some of the stronger ones on in rotation as and when they're brewed. The food is good and hearty in large portions. The place has a really nice feel to it whatever time of day you go in and the locals are more than friendly.

19 Nov 2012 20:27

Three Cups, Bedford

Well, there goes another pub.....

Tony, the last landlord, left here at the start of November and now, just two weeks later, the place is a shadow of its former self. Beer choice has gone, atmosphere has gone, the best quiz night for miles has gone and - to top it all - the prices have gone up even more than the inflated GK ones that they imposed before.

Ignore the Good Beer Guide entry, if you're on here to double-check. That's for the place under the last landlord.

19 Nov 2012 20:19

The Greyhound, Haynes

Lovely little pub tucked away at the end of the village. Nicely kept Greene King Abbot and IPA and very good food. The crackling fire in the main bar area adds a nice touch.

19 Oct 2012 14:05

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Ingleton

Called in here during the 2012 Ingleton folk festival. Two sessions going on at both ends of the main bar - one led by Mike Harding, the other a splinter group doing whatever they wanted to instead. For the festival they had a mini beer and food fest too, with Old Peculier on on the Friday night after we had driven up and this was most welcome. They were having 16 on over the course of the weekend and kept a tally counting down the amount of pints left on a chalkboard behind the bar. Liked the atmosphere of the place and will pop in again when in the area to see if it was just the hubbub of the festival that made me enjoy it or if its always that way.

16 Oct 2012 14:17

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

This surely rates as one of the best pubs in the British Isles to sit outside of on a summers day enjoying both a pint and the view. Massive selection of ciders and perries to be had, with almost the full Hecks range plus Westons and the landlords own. Four real ales too - Palmers Copper on all the time with three others changing almost daily it seemed. We went for three nights on the trot recently and the music nights were all very good too. Definitely in my top 10.

9 Sep 2012 18:58

The Black Horse, Naunton

Haven't been in here for years, so as we were staying in the area decided to go back. Good and friendly staff. The beers were so-so with the Donnington BB in good nick and the SBA decidedly ropey. Not as good as I remember it to be, but good enough. My wife loved it by the way when the local old codger at the bar gave her a disdainful look as she dared to ask for a pint. Aahhh. Quaint.

30 Jul 2012 13:44

The Cross Keys, Harpenden

Nice enough little boozer that still plays on past glories. Very handy that it has the beer garden at the back as it was stiflingly hot when we got here. The young lad behind the bar could do with a few lessons in how to pull a pint (top-ups asked for for all pints), but the beers were all in very good condition so that made up for that negative. This really could be the best pub in town if only it played to it's strengths and it's great location. Have been here many times in the past, but every time it seems just that little touch more drab.

26 Jul 2012 11:28

The Hunter's Inn, Parracombe

I have to admit to being very disappointed with this place. Despite all the good things said and it's Good Beer and Good Pub Guide entries, I just didn't enjoy it. There were too many beers on for turnover and a couple were on the turn, the food was bland and unimaginative and the place itself should have been full of olde worlde charm, but was opened out out inside and too light and airy and full of contemporary (gastro-pub-style) furniture. Staff pretty crap too.

25 Jun 2012 11:06

The Crown Hotel, Lynton

Definitely a locals pub, but we were made to feel very welcome here recently. We particularly liked the choosing and playing of LPs on the deck in the corner. Nicely looked after beers too.

24 Jun 2012 22:26

The Rising Sun, Lynmouth

Nice little pub in a very nice location down by the harbour. Like a few others I found the barpeople a tad condescending, but as it was a nice day on both of the days that we called in here recently, we enjoyed our pints outside and only had to deal with them when we got in the next round. Nice to watch the world go by - smugly watching the envious looks of some of the people walking past.

24 Jun 2012 22:13

The Lethbridge Arms, Bishops Lydeard

Not too sure about what they've tried to do in here with the interior, but it serves a good pint and the barman was friendly - so as we just called in here on spec on a rainy day whilst in the area it was a nice find.

22 Jun 2012 10:52

The Bankers Draft, Bedford

Have been here a couple of times recently and the beers have been consistently good I have to say, particularly for Wetherspoon's. Like someone else has said, the usual (stereotyped) suspects are here in droves, but I've never seen any trouble. The staff are friendly too.

5 May 2012 18:36

The Albion, Ampthill

Has now - deservedly - won the CAMRA Bedfordshire Pub of the Year for 2012. Well done to all involved.

5 May 2012 18:24

The White Ball, Tiverton

Nice enough, but very "local" Wetherspoons. The Otter mild was delicious and the real cider was very good too. Food ok. They need to keep an eye on measure though. Had to ask for several top-ups.

3 May 2012 21:50

The Well House, Exeter

Hmmm. Not too sure about the new decor. Lost a lot if it's character even though it's not changed too much. Beers still good though. The Sundancer was very nice - really hoppy. Will assess again later in the year on my next trip down.

3 May 2012 21:43

The White Horse, Edwardstone

Forgot that we'd camped here last year! Must have been a good weekend!

Great pub well off the beaten track with good facilities for camping. Friends stayed in the little chalets and we may well come back and stay in one of them next time as they were lovely. Food was good - we had Sunday lunch and it was a damned fine nut roast that they do for us veggies. Good for carnivores too.

I wasn't too sure about their beers. I loved the mild, but found the other beers to be a bit antiseptic tasting, particularly the American style Pale Ale. Went onto cider for the second night and enjoyed them all. There was a blues band that night too who were very good.

Will be back......!

12 Apr 2012 21:10

The Half Moon, Hitchin

Note to self: make sure that you're not driving next time you go to this pub! It was my turn though.

Excellent and welcoming pub just out of the town centre. The friendly staff are very good at customer service and knowledgeable about the drinks that they sell. Had a pint of the Tring Mansion mild which was great - and look longingly at the other seven or so beers knowing that I couldn't have them. They had Oakham Attilla (7.5%) which I love as well!! Oh well, next time.... The cider selection was good with a perry on offer too. My wife had Gwynt-y-Draig Black Dragon and her friend had Millwhites Hedgelayer which they both enjoyed.

The food was very good too with a large selection for veggies. I had the Mushroom and Red Bean burger with chili cheesy chips which was very nice.

I'm looking forward to going back again sometime soon - on the bus though.

9 Apr 2012 10:10

The Craft Beer Co, City of London

Expensive beers, but what a range in this good-looking little pub. Went here on a crawl around the Farringdon/Clerkenwell area with friends recently. Massive selection of handpulled real ales plus equally-massive range of keg beers too, priced (I think) by ABV which you need to watch for if ordering any higher gravity product. One of my choices - a delicious American stout at about 7% - came to about �6.40 a pint, but it was well worth it when it came to the drinking! And they did say how much that would come to and "was I sure" before they served it, so that was quite a nice touch of customer service. I'd hate to not know and have to fork out for a round that might just break the wallet.

Recommended, but make a considered choice when ordering and keep an eye on the ABV.

9 Apr 2012 09:52

The Globe, Dunstable

Oh dear. Have been wanting to go here for ages after knowing that they have been up for the Beds CAMRA pub of the year for many years on the trot. What a disappointment....

The general grubbiness and beers served in not very good condition are just the tip of a very big iceberg. The landlady took about seven attempts to get the price of the round right on the two occasions that I went up for a round - despite using the till - for a two-pint round plus nuts! I'm rather not suggest that the reason for this is like some of the other reviews on here, but....

Anyway, I had four pints (B&T Two Brewers, Box Steam Funnel Blower, College Green Belfast Blond and Peerless Red Rocks - all of which I've had before either in the Welly in Bedford or the Albion in Ampthill (owned by the same people - B&T) and they were well below par in comparison of quality to the sister pubs.

The B&T owners must be aware of the situation here and I hope that they do something about it. Will go back again and re-assess once I know that they have.

9 Apr 2012 09:40

The Devonshire Arms, Bedford

Decent little boozer in a nice area of town. Good ale selection (despite the guests being Wells-brewed beers) and I had a cracking pint of the newly resurrected Younger's No.3. The pub has a very friendly landlord who - after she enquired what ciders were on - informed my wife that he's currently trying to get Charles Wells to change their cider policies and allow him to serve real cider and not Strongbow as so many people ask for it. Good to see a landlord trying to give the customer what they want despite being hamstrung by the brewers that he works for.

All-in-all, we really enjoyed our break from the Welly for the night and went here and the Cricketers and enjoyed both of them immensely. Recommended.

2 Apr 2012 14:12

The Cricketers, Bedford

Agree whole-heartedly with review below about the ubiquitous Wells/Young's/Greene King situation in the town and this gets you away from all that. It's a lovely little pub just far enough off the beaten track to be a well-known secret amongst the ale and pub buffs. The staff are always friendly and welcoming and we do enjoy our rare trips here away from the Welly. However, I do find the beer quality here to sometimes be a bit up and down. They're also served through sparklers which, on a match day, you're not going to be the one at the front of the queue asking that they remove it to serve you your beer, believe me.

That said, we called in here on a Saturday afternoon just before the rugby finished and grabbed ourselves a table. Even when the fans did turn up it still had a great atmosphere (probably due their trouncing of Leeds) and we got chatting to a few of them. Addlestone's was the only cider which, although keg, my wife really likes. The beers were Potbelly Best, Adnams Southwold and what looked like the full range of Brain's beers - Dark, SA, Bread of Heaven and a couple more. I had the Dark which was a very nice-drinking pint and then had the Bread of Heaven which was definitely on it's last legs, so went back to the Dark.

I can't see what people mean about the prices - �3.40 seems to be the norm for the whole town now for a pint and this remains just below that at �3.20.

It has now won the 2012 North Beds CAMRA Pub of the Year. All it needs to do - for me anyway - is lose the sparklers and it would be truly great pub that I would frequent a lot more.

2 Apr 2012 13:59

Engineers Arms, Henlow

Can get to this pub from the house by bus, so after attending the recent Cider Festival we'll be taking full advantage of that fact! The festival was very good with loads of ciders to choose from.

I'll be back again soon to try the beers - although when we were there it seemed to be all the same types of beers mid-brown beers with not much of a difference in ABV - 3.8 to 4.2% (ish). Will keep an eye on the website and choose a good time to take advantage of stronger and/or darker beers.

That shouldn't be taken as a criticism by the way - I love all beers, but when out I like to mix it up a bit in what I drink.

27 Mar 2012 18:45

The Gibraltar Castle, Batford

Always pop in here after ordering our meals from the nearby Indian takeaway (recommended) for a beer before heading back and picking the food up.

The beer are always in very good condition and it's nice to find a decent pint of ESB. As has already been said, the prices are on the (very) high side. I think I paid the same at the Old Bank of England in Fleet Street!

Service not too bad - even if we did stop the girl serving from chatting with her mates.

27 Mar 2012 18:38

The Cricketers, Redbourn

Nice setting on the common and a lovely looking pub. The beers and the real cider were on very fine form. Tring's Brock Bitter, Oldershaw's Best Bitter, one from Buntingford brewery that I can't remember (it had Eros on the clip) and Gr**ne King "IPA" with a Rioja cask cider from (I think) Mr Whitehead's cidery. All tasted and all good - particularly the Brock. Will pop back sometime soon as my brother-in-law came here recently for food and thought it was excellent.

27 Mar 2012 18:28

The Sun Inn, Dent

Beer quality much improved. Still not much of a veggie selection on the menu though. What's with the new flooring??? Yuck!

15 Mar 2012 11:21

Kings, Exeter

Went here for a friend's indie night in the back bar recently. Seemed a bit rough and ready, but still a good place to meet up with old friends. Locals friendly enough too.

15 Mar 2012 11:17

The Well House, Exeter

Shut for a re-furb. B**tards! I was looking forward to popping in for a pint here on my last trip down. Should be open again mid to late April '12 according to the sign.

15 Mar 2012 11:13

The Sawyer's Arms, Exeter

Chav central, but a great selection of real ciders make this a place worth starting off at if in the St Thomas area before heading into town. Called in on a thursday night (curry night) and the place was heaving. Definitely a place for people who only do curries cooked by white folks, if you know what I mean... Give me the real deal any day.

15 Mar 2012 11:10

The Imperial, Exeter

A not too bad example of Wetherspoons' better pubs. The beers could do with a bit more looking after, but that's the same at all of their pubs - the beers are almost past their prime when they're put on the bar. The cider - Gwynt-y-Draig's Balck Dragon - was very well kept though and several pints of this 7.2% nectar were consumed on our visit. Like someone has already said, there didn't seem to be that many staff on the many bars, but the staff that were on were all good. One girl even went off to find an - apparently - elusive Leffe glass, so my wife could have it in the right glass. This, I thought, was an example of good customer service.

Much improved since my last visit here a couple of years ago, I'd recommend it. I definitely wouldn't have done so last time....

15 Mar 2012 11:02

The City Gate Hotel, Exeter

Good range of well-kept beers. All-in-all, not too bad a place for a pint. Had the London Porter which was on good form. Food looked quite good to.

Felt sorry for some of the younger staff as the older (managers??) ones all stood at the left-hand side of the bar laughing and joking amongst themselves as the others did their jobs for them - despite there being quite a few empty tables to clear of plates and glasses; plus a load (25-30 at least) of empty glasses on the bar.

Like a lot of places I've been to recently, the customer comes second to their wanting to go to work to socialise and not do what they're paid for!

Rant over.......

15 Mar 2012 10:52

The Station Inn, Ribblehead

Couldn't help but feel that we were stopping the lad working at the bar from watching the sport on the TV on the day that we dropped in here. Even as he was pulling the pints he was looking over our shoulders. Good customer service....

Had the Station Ale - not sure who brews it for the pub. It was a passable beer as we sat and enjoyed the view from the back of the pub over to the viaduct and the snow-covered Whernside peak behind.

7 Mar 2012 18:31

Euston Tap, Euston

Nice little place to while away some time before getting your train home. Good selection of beers - ranging from craft to real to bottled ales from around the world. I had halves of Bristol Southville Hop, Buxton Wild Boar IPA and Fyne Sublime Stout. All were in good nick. My only complaint is it can get rammed due to it's size - both upstairs and down. That's only because it's popularity I suppose, which is well-deserved.

23 Feb 2012 14:21

The Robert Peel, Kingston Upon Thames

Good music venue with quite a few specialist events, especially prog nights. Have seen the mighty It Bites here on a couple of occasions and found the acoustics to be excellent. They also serve a couple of surprisingly well kept real ales - Adnam's Bitter and Shepherd Neame Spitfire.

20 Nov 2011 21:22

The Old Fire House, Exeter

Very unique and quirky pub just outside the city centre with a fantastic selection of real ciders on handpump and ales from the cask on gravity. The place has a lovely dark feel and there are a lot of candles to provide the light. Looked like a nice selection of well-priced food which we didn't get to try (on this occasion). Drinks-wise, we had Sam's medium cider and Otter Amber and Yeovil Posh IPA. All were in very good condition. Best pub in Exeter at this current time without a doubt and well worth seeking out.

20 Nov 2011 21:02

The Castle Inn, West Lulworth

Very welcoming and nice pub this with very nice staff. Stayed recently and enjoyed to massive selection of ciders and good food. Nice array of real ales too, but when I get the chance to try this many ciders in one night, I generally stick to those. The huge veggie breakfast was a great end to the stay and served in a very professional way (unlike in the review below). Would definitely recommend this place - probably out if season, as I'm sure it gets packed otherwise.

18 Nov 2011 16:08

Silver Cup, Harpenden

Friendly staff and pretty well-kept ales. Found the whole 'sports pub' aspect a bit annoying - but then I don't "do" sport I suppose. All-in-all, not too bad a place if you're in town.

2 Nov 2011 21:27

The Engine and Tender, Ampthill

An ok pub with limited beer choices due the usual Greene King "guest ale" policies - i.e., only guests that they produce themselves. Good quiz night though and good staff behind the bar.

2 Nov 2011 21:12

The Sun Inn, Dent

Agree with the last comments about the owners not seeing the potential of the place as it's that rarest of rare things these days - a proper unspoilt pub. This place used to be a destination pub for many years and now it's as if the current licencees couldn't care less.

I called in recently for a couple of beers and some food and both were definitely below par. I have been coming to Dent for many years now and it's such a sad thing to see this happening. It'll probably be a house the next time I go up if they carry on like this and I wouldn't want to see that. Get someone in who knows what they're doing before it's too late.

7 Oct 2011 11:11

The George And Dragon Hotel, Dent

Called in for a couple of well-earned pints of T'Owd Tup after a day's mountain biking in the area and found it to be on tip-top form. The food was very welcome too and came in hearty portions.

I agree with one of the comments below that it's not very "pubby" and I do find it a bit cold, light and open in it's feel. But, it's definitely the better of the two pubs in Dent at this current time as I found the beer and food at the Sun (just up the way) to be very much below par when I called in there the night before in an effort to "share-the-wealth" on my recent stay.

I just want to point out that I have been going to Dent on many, many occasions over the years for the folk festivals and walking/biking trips and always find that one pub will always be considered to be the better and favoured by the locals. Then they get new people in to run them and it swings the other way.

7 Oct 2011 10:57

The Brewery Tap, Chester

My god, what a great place. We called in here during a friend's 40th birthday celebrations recently, and all liked it so much that we stayed in until closing.

Beautiful building, especially the interior with all of it's exposed woodwork, brickwork and tapestries. The beers were great and all in good form. I had a 6% extremely-hopped beer called Kahuna a couple of beers in and stuck with that for the rest of the night as it was absolutely gorgeous. Old Rosie was on too which my wife loves.

Great barstaff, who actually seem to know about what they're selling for a change. Sadly, never actually got to try any of the Spitting Feathers beers, so can't comment on any of those. I'll do that next time!

7 Oct 2011 10:31

Tan Hill Inn, Keld

Sorry to say that I don't agree with a lot of the more favourable reviews about this pub.

We found the place to be a bit shabby, tired and not very well run. Almost all of the pump clips were turned around, which considering it was an unseasonably warm friday, and they'd surely be expecting an influx of people that day for the weekend, I found a bit odd. The only pump that was working was the Old Peculier (which, if you read my other reviews, I have a particular penchant for) and that was on very fine form.

That said and for all the hype that surrounds this pub, I found that the massive detour that we took to try it wasn't worth the fuel.

7 Oct 2011 10:19

Twice Brewed, Hexham

Great place for a pint and some food after a walk along Hadrian's Wall. We called in on a wet and windy mid-week lunchtime to find the place pretty well packed, which given it's relative remoteness says quite a lot about the place. The food was excellent and the beer was a cut above. As I wasn't driving I took full advantage and had a pint of Allendale Pale Ale at 5.5ish percent and a fantastic pint and a half of Maxim at 6 percent. Both were the best beers of our recent holiday. The staff are great too - all very friendly and seemed to be here, there and everywhere; from the bar, to the hotel reception area, to food service and waiting tables. Will definitely be back when in the area again.

7 Oct 2011 10:05

The Old Well, Barnard Castle

Not a great pub by any standards. It's got way too sprawling a layout and a strange atmosphere that is not a particularly relaxing one. The red-faced barman just looks at you with barely a smile in "welcome" and tries his level-best to make no other small talk even when you talk to him. The beers were in very fine form though; which was welcome, but you just don't feel at ease enough to enjoy them. Does not deserve the higher rating that it has.

7 Oct 2011 09:54

The Cottage Inn, Dunstan

Definitely agree with all of Jon Rambo's comments below, so don't really need to add much more. We walked here from Craster on our way back to Dunstan and came in from the woods near the Craster Tower during a heavy bout of rain. What a welcome place this was on such a day - both warm and friendly and not a raised eyebrow at our outdoor gear and muddy boots. Had a couple of pints of Allendale Golden Plover and Hadrian and Border's Secret Kingdom and both were in great form.

7 Oct 2011 09:42

The Black Bull, Haltwhistle

Nice little pub with very a very good beer selection and a welcoming open fire at one end. Slightly annoying that they use sparklers on southern beers in such a highly rated CAMRA pub. We found the landlord a bit rude after we returned our beers to the bar upon leaving and thanking him - he said not a word in return. Nice customer service.......

7 Oct 2011 09:30

The Bedford Arms, Souldrop

Finally got to go here for some food recently when the mother-in-law was here and had a fantastic stilton and mushroom bread and butter pudding. Looking forward to our next visit, so I can have it again. The Taylor Landlord was in good nick that night too.

5 Sep 2011 18:15

The Wallace Arms, Rowfoot

Called in here recently on what was the new owners/licencees first day, so don't know what they've got planned for the place. We can only say that this was a very welcoming pub, with a talkative and friendly lad behind the bar. We had quite a few pints of the Big Lamp brewery's Lazy Daze which were in top condition and sat out on the little benches opposite the pub enjoying what was the sunniest day of our recent jaunt. I wish them all the best and hope that they don't change things too much.

5 Sep 2011 18:02

The Ship Inn, Holy Island of Lindisfarne

Very nice staff and a cracking pint of H&B Secret Kingdom was to be had here on a recent visit. The beer garden needs a bit of work as it's not a great place to sit and have your beer - which is kind of what you want - but the beer more than made up for it..

5 Sep 2011 17:42

Jolly Fisherman, Craster

Enjoyed a cracking couple of pints of Workie Ticket here recently after a walk from Embleton and down past Dunstanburgh castle. We sat up in the windows that overlook the sea and it gives the place a lovely feel. The food looked fairly expensive, but came in good portions and looked good - sadly lacking any veggie food though, so we didn't get to try. Overall, I wouldn't echo many of the previous reviews as we found it quite a pleasant little place.

5 Sep 2011 17:37

The Dolphin, Robin Hood's Bay

Hellishly expensive Old Peculier, but quite a nice little place to enjoy it in once you've taken the mortgage out. Could do with a bit of a spruce-up and the rotund guy behind the bar could do with cheering up a bit, but we have spent quite a few nice evenings here when in the area over the years.

5 Sep 2011 17:27

The Harpenden Arms, Harpenden

Always good service and never a bad pint. Stocks the usual Fuller's range and there's normally one from Gales - which are also brewed by Fuller's. Not bad prices for the area and it's prominent position in the High Street - which is a bonus.

1 Aug 2011 18:55

The Old Bank of England, Fleet Street

A beautiful building where the suits and tourists happily drink side by side. Very well looked after Fuller's beers at not too bad a price.

1 Aug 2011 18:50

The Angel in the Fields, Bond Street

A typical Sam Smiths pub, but what's wrong with that. Good beers at very good prices. The Irish barman provided a great welcome and prompt service. Will pop in again sometime in the near future.

1 Aug 2011 18:44

The Old Sun, Harlington

Very nice place this. Much improved of late, with a good ale selection and a friendly young lady behind the bar.

6 May 2011 20:33

The Rashleigh Inn, Polkerris

Well kept ales and a nice welcome are to be found here - along with hordes of free-range children. Good place to meet with friends before going to the place next door for a very big feed.

6 May 2011 20:18

Three Cups, Bedford

Still a great pub. The licensees are great. The tuesday night quiz is great. Beer quality and choice is great. The prices, sadly, are not great and are getting a tad out of control. Typical of Greeney Kingey I suppose.

6 May 2011 20:12

Carpenters Arms, Dunstable

Oh dear. Please ignore my last remarks. We went in here the other night for the first time since the last landlord and landlady left to find that the place has gone downhill in the hands of the current people. Crap service, short measure, national brands on the pumps.......... Won't be back for a while.

6 May 2011 20:07

The Falkland Arms, Great Tew

A once great pub that is still OK, but lacks it's former quirkiness. The bar and food prices are extortionate for what you're getting, but then the food is tasty and the beers are kept well. The older Scottish guy is very friendly and attentive, but the younger bar-staff need to leave their mobile phones in their coat pockets as they are constantly checking them and not concentrating on their jobs. I wish this place could return to it's former glory, but it seems to be resting on it's old reputations and not trying too hard. I hope that someone sorts things out soon as it's a good-looking pub.

12 Apr 2011 19:45

The Prospect Inn, Exeter

I didn't think much to this pub when I first started going to Exeter, but we went in here recently with some friends and I thought that it had improved greatly. I had one of the best pints of Otter Ale that I've had for a long while and the place had a good atmosphere. Will give it another try next time we're down.

12 Apr 2011 19:24

Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel, Ambleside

Great to see that it's finally got it's own listing back!

One of my favourite pubs in the world and has been since my first Lakeland foray 21 years ago. My most recent visit reminded me of what it is that's so good about it:

Superb selection of very well kept beers (the Old Peculier in particular)
Real cider too
Good staff serving
Good food that is hearty after a long day
No issues at all about muddy boots/wet clothes etc
Best position in the Lakes with all-round good views
Many, many, many other reasons that I can't formulate right now as I'm 250-odd miles away and want to be there NOW!

Long may the ORG thrive!

14 Mar 2011 11:13

Dog and Gun, Keswick

Still the best pub in Keswick by a long way and long may this continue. Beers are always well kept and the food - if and when you can get table to eat it at - is very good indeed.

Sadly, on the last couple of visits, the measures seem to be getting a little out of control. Of the nine pints of (delicious) Old Peculier that we had between a group of us on a recent visit, six were way off and were topped up begrudgingly by a member of staff that I've not seen before. We noticed more people being short measured time after time as we supped ours. This was all beers too and by most of the staff. Considering the CAMRA links with this pub, surely the management need to do something about this.

Having said that, it's the best pint of Old Peculier that you'll find in the North Lakes and no doubt, we'll be back. Might just have to ask for a top up though!

14 Mar 2011 10:54

The Langstrath Country Inn, Stonethwaite

Went here recently after a day of full-on mountain biking and found the place to be excellent for replenishing those energy levels for more of the same the next day. The food was lovely and the staff were very friendly.

The only shame was that on a Saturday night, there was only one ale on (it is still winter in the Lakes after all, I know, before I get blasted for this comment!). However, this one beer - Jennings Cumberland - was gorgeous. It's not a beer that I normally have a liking for, but this was very well kept and tasted so much better than when/where I've had it before. We all kept coming back for more.

Would definitely recommend this place.

14 Mar 2011 10:34

Three Shires Inn, Little Langdale

A nice place to stop and rest your weary legs after a hard day's walk with a lovely little area to sit outside and have a pint on a beautiful late winter/early spring day.

Inside seems a bit cold and clinical for me. I love a Lakeland pub to be warm and inviting, but this place has had a bit too contemporary a makeover and has lost that feel.

Having said this though, we called in on both days of our recent jaunt and found the staff to be friendly and the beer to be very good. Will definitely be back and might try the food next time too.

14 Mar 2011 10:08

The Old Silk Mill, Derby

This was our last port of call on a crawl around the city and it was midnight-ish admittedly, but we both found this place to be lacking in all kinds of things, especially atmosphere. Like I said, it was midnight and we were both half-cut and knackered, so it may well have been us.

Good selection of beers though and the Old Rosie and Sargeant Pepper Stout went down a treat as nightcap.

Will give it another go the next time we're in the city......

17 Feb 2011 16:10

The Flowerpot, Derby

A good pub that could be better. Went in at 7pm on a saturday night and in the front bar only five of the 7/8/9ish (not sure - I didn't count) handpumps were on. Now in my local they make damned sure that all of the handpumps (15 of them too!) are on - especially on a saturday night to give customers maximum choice. By 8pm there were only three pumps and we left and went elsewhere for some choice.

That said, the real cider that my wife had was good though and I thoroughly enjoyed my three pints - a porter whose name escapes me now and two Thornbridge Kipling pale ales.

One complaint that my wife had was that were far too many lechy old men around the bar offering advice about beer/cider because she was a woman - she's from the south-west and knows more than enough about apple-based alcoholic drinks I can assure you. Her advice to any of those guys who might look on here is as follows: keep your f**king noses out and look into a woman's eyes when you talk to her and not at her chest.

Anyway, will check in again the next time we're in town.

17 Feb 2011 16:02

The Brewery Tap, Derby

Found this place to be very convivial - even on a saturday night in Derby. Had a couple of pints of their own Penny's Porter and very nice they were too.

17 Feb 2011 15:43

The Chequers, Houghton Conquest

Don't be fooled by the nice new(ish) exterior decor, this pub is still as bad as it's always been. The food is not particularly good or special/imaginative and is (over-) priced as if it was. The bar prices are the pricey side of extortionate to say the least. Gave it one last go as it was a friend's birthday and have to say it will be the last time.

17 Jan 2011 15:16

The Cambridge Blue, Cambridge

A great little pub a short walk out from the centre and down a residential street off of Mill Road. The walk there will be more than rewarded in the choice of ales that are on the bar and in the small taproom behind - I had the Oakham Citra and the Elgood's Wenceslas which were both on very good form.

The staff here are friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable about the beers/ciders that they sell and will give you a couple of tasters to help you to find the one for you. The food was very good with a quite a lot of veggie options too. All-in-all a pub that's worth the walk and spending an afternoon in.

16 Dec 2010 18:43

The Bedford Arms, Souldrop

Don't know why on earth this pub has got such a low rating. I go in here quite often as part of a circular walk that brings us to the pub just over the halfway stage and every time we go we are made to feel very welcome by the landlord and and his wife (despite the muddy walking boots). The beers are always in very good nick and there's a couple of interesting guest ales every time we go. It's good to warm your bones beside the fire (to quote Pink Floyd) on a cold day and nice to sit out in the beer garden when it's warm and sunny. In all the times that we have been, we've never actually eaten there, but it always looks good and some friends who had sunday lunch there recently recommended that we do (nut roast for us veggies - very nice). Looking forward to our next walk in the area......

29 Nov 2010 17:22

Cambrinus, Bruges

Great place. Busy almost every time that we happened by - which was often! Great beer list and the food is very good too. Would recommend weekday afternoons for the best atmosphere and avoiding the hordes of people that will arrive late afternoon/early evening. Try the Abbaye Des Rocs bruin - bloody lovely.

10 Nov 2010 17:30

't Brugs Beertje, Bruges

Went here whilst in Bruges for my f*rtieth birthday celebrations. Cracking place. Excellent selection of beers on tap and in bottle and decked with in all manner of breweriana. Good service from the helpful staff. Recommend the De Dolle Export Stout (9%) - lovely!!

10 Nov 2010 17:21

The Polhill Arms, Renhold

Popped in here whilst on a charity bike ride and was pleasantly surprised by this little pub. Nice welcome and friendly atmosphere around the bar. Will have to pop in again sometime soon.

7 Oct 2010 10:01

The Bon Accord, Glasgow

Strange atmosphere and starey locals aside (have they never seen a man with long hair before?!!!), this is a good place for a pint or two. Had a couple of Caledonians and my wife had the Thatcher's cider. Had another beer (can't remember which) that tasted a bit green. Was quite surprised to see a pub this highly-recommended using sparklers on all their beers, but that seems to be growing problem again everywhere in the UK.

7 Oct 2010 09:57

The Babbity Bowster, Glasgow

Nice bustling atmos last saturday night. A bunch of fiddlers were fiddling in the corner and we were enjoying them and the ales (which are real, just pumped up to the bar using electric or air). Started to get a bit too tight for space downstairs at about 8ish and so we headed off to the Blackfriar instead. Will try again if in Glasgow.

7 Oct 2010 09:39

The Blackfriars, Glasgow

Good pub this, with 5 handpulls and beers in good nick. Large range of quality draught lagers, Addlestones cider and a large selection of good bottled beers. Can get a bit rammed on a friday and saturday night, but that's a good thing I suppose - I'd be very concerned if a pub was only half-full. All-in-all, a great pub to head to if in the Merchant City area of Glasgow.

7 Oct 2010 09:33

The Anderson, Fortrose

I will happily stick my neck above the parapet and say that this is one of the best drinking establishments that I have ever been in. What a welcome change from the norm to come to a pub with this much character combined with a touch of inspired quirkiness and charm. The man himself (Jim Anderson) and his staff are absolutely fantastic at what they do - hospitality. We went in here for two consecutive nights during our recent trip around Scotland and on both nights walked away very, very happy - if a little wobbly.

Jim is a great man to talk to about all things beer-related and on our 2nd night gave us a free snifter of what was going to come on next as we were moving on the next day. The rest of the staff were all very helpful too with advice of places to perhaps go on our next two ports of call before heading back to "Englandshire".

Where else - particularly in Scotland - can you find a place that does real cider, real ales, belgian beers (on draught and in bottles), numerous other noteable world beers and around 200 whiskies - all with a fantastic welcome like that?


6 Oct 2010 16:38

The Plough, Rosemarkie

What a nice little find at the end of the main street in Rosemarkie. A gorgeous exterior - the sort of pub you take one look at and all of a sudden feel like a pint. One handpump was on, serving Cairngorm Trade Winds in good condition and the fire was most welcome on a not-so-good day in late september. Friendly barman too. What else do you need??

6 Oct 2010 13:22

The Sligachan Hotel, Sligachan

An average pub with a - largely - captive audience made up of the people staying either at the hotel or at the campsite opposite. Would not recommend on a friday or saturday night with everyone getting pissed up and lairy after a days walking/climbing (I was doing the same, admittedly, but somehow can manage to keep my voice below 90db!) The food was good, plentiful and hearty and the beer was OKish - definitely not the best, but not the worst neither. Sunday night was altogether quieter and had a much better atmosphere. The place has the biggest selection of whisky I've ever seen too.

6 Oct 2010 13:13

Steam Packet Inn, Isle of Whithorn

A beautiful setting for a place to have a pint. Sitting out by the harbour on the benches and enjoying a balmy evening as the sun was setting. Had two of the Fyne ales - one a new one called Jarl, which was like being punched in the face with hops; lovely!! No veggie food at all on the menu (starters or mains - WTF??), so we left only having the two and went off in search of somewhere else to eat. Would rather have stayed for more beers and had some food, but there you go........

6 Oct 2010 13:02

The Ben Nevis Inn, Glen Nevis

We walked up to here from the Glen Nevis campsite (directions below*) and it was well worth it. Good food and beer in a very unique and interesting place. Both of the Cairngorm brews were on good form (Stag and Eagle Blond) and the food was imaginative. Went back again the next day on the way back to the campsite after doing Ben Nevis - that pint was most welcome!!

*If staying at the campsite at Glen Nevis: Leave the site and go back on the main road towards Fort William, turning right in to the Ben Nevis visitors centre car park and crossing the footbridge, turn right along the river bank and then up the Ben Nevis path toward the Inn.

6 Oct 2010 12:44

Grog and Gruel, Fort William

A truly great pub. We went here on a dreary mid-week afternoon and spent a couple of happy hours sampling their wares. The Cairngorm Wildcat was the best that I'd had up until then on our journeys around Scotland. Good, knowledgeable staff always able to point you in the right direction if you aren't sure what to have from the array of handpumps. The food looked good, but we'd already had lunch and so didn't get the chance to try it. Would recommend this pub if you're in Fort William.

6 Oct 2010 12:19

The Village Inn, Arrochar

Lovely pub in a beautiful setting right on the loch. We went here on a blustery, wet day and it was a great place to while away a couple of hours waiting for the rain to let up a bit so that we could get out for a walk.

Good selection of ales from the Fyne brewery and one from the An Teallach brewery as guest. Food was very good but, like most Scottish pubs and Inns, could do with more veggie food on the menu.

With the rain not letting up - and on one of the staff's recommendations - we decided to drive later over to the Fyne brewery and spent an hour over there instead of going for a walk.

6 Oct 2010 12:09

The Old Bridge Inn, Aviemore

Good little pub just outside of the not-too-pretty resort of Aviemore. The beers were in very good nick - there was Cairngorm Witches Cauldron, Deuchars IPA and a waaaaaay too-sweet cider, but it's good to see a real cider on in any bar in Scotland. The food was good and very welcome after a hard day's drive across the passes to get to Aviemore and the nearby Rothiemurchus campsite. Would definitely recommend this pub if in the area. Just get there early to guarantee getting a place to sit.

6 Oct 2010 11:58

The Pot Still, Glasgow

This a very nice looking pub - both inside and out. The beers are well-kept. There's a massive whisky selection. Loos are pretty good. All-in-all a very good pub.

HOWEVER, the staff are the one thing that really let the place down as they are not particularly welcoming (at least the ones working the afternoon shift 2/10/10). Get off your mobile phones (two members of staff - one texting and one talking on their phone even though there was a queue at the bar), make an effort to welcome the customers upon their arrival with at least a smile and not just stand there looking completely gormless, stop having expletive-strewn conversations amongst yourselves whilst serving and remember that the customers are the ones that you should be focussing your attentions on!!

To the management: 'Ave a word!! You've got a very good pub there. Don't let your staff screw it up for you.

5 Oct 2010 16:13

Carpenters Arms, Dunstable

A very nice little pub in the middle of the village. I go in here quite regularly and there's always a good choice of ales - it's always good to find a place that stocks Potton beers frequently. The only detractor is that it's a tad pricey but, with this being a commuter village, that's par for the course.

13 Sep 2010 15:47

Black Swan Inn, Much Dewchurch

A very nice little country pub with a good selection of beers and ciders. The food was OK, but could do with a few more vegetarian options. Went on a thursday night before this year's cider festival at Broome Farm in nearby(ish) Peterstow and stayed on after our meal to listen the folk session that ensued after 9pm.

10 Sep 2010 14:59

The Swan, Elstow

Beautiful-looking pub from the outside, but tired and a bit shabby on the inside. Averagely-kept Greene King beers served by not very welcoming staff. The sweary clientele let the place down too and make it feel like it's on an estate somewhere nearer Bedford town centre than in quiet Elstow. Basically, this place needs an overhaul in all areas of it's business to make it a place for everyone in the village.

10 Sep 2010 14:53

The Brewery Tap, Shefford

With a very nice and welcoming young lady behind the bar and 5 ales on - B&T Bitter, Dunstable Giant and Dragonslayer, Everard's Tiger and a Milestone brew (that I can't remember the name of) as guest on this visit, it's a very nice place to while away an afternoon and have a read of the paper with a pint (or three).

Slightly annoying jukebox that auto-selects if nothing has been selected. You're just enjoying the P&Q when it starts up and plays just one song and then is quiet for another few minutes before repeating the process again - and again - and again..........!!

10 Sep 2010 14:40

The Double Locks, Exeter

Just to add my two-penneth to this debate, all that I meant with my earlier comment re:Wells/Young's was that I come from Bedford where Charles Wells have their Eagle Brewery and have thus got a MASSIVE stranglehold on the local beer scene along with Suffolk brewing giants Greene King and it's damned hard to find a pint that doesn't come from either in pubs for miles around. With the merger of Youngs and Wells, I now have a couple more pints that are ubiquitous to almost every pub that I go in in the shape of Young's Bitter and Special. When I go away I like to seek out a good local or regional beer and Exeter has many fine outlets to try these in. Sadly, I now go in the City Gate and The Double Locks which were Smiles pubs back in the day (with their fantastic Exhibition, Heritage and Imperial Porter beers) and now find beers that I've had many, many, many times before in pubs nearer home - CW's Bombardier and Eagle IPA, Young's Bitter, Special etc and I just want something LOCAL. That's it - nothing more, nothing less. The last time that I went in here, ALL that they had on was Well's/Young's beers. (That was my only gripe - I still think that this is a great pub). All of the other pumps, casks on stillage etc on my last visit were not in use and I just missed the old days of asking for a pint of "Old Bastard" (which used to be re-badged Smile's Exhibition at 5.2%) and not having to put up with the over-branded trash that Well's/Young's produce with nothing else as guest beers.

25 Aug 2010 15:43

The Albion, Ampthill

The Albion emerges from a brief shut-down to become a real ale paradise. Like most of the pubs that B&T have taken on over the years (The Wellington in Bedford and The Globe in Dunstable to name two in particular) it has had it's fair share of problems in the past, but when B&T take over those problems disappear. I hope that the same will apply here and that it will remain a great place for a drink. The ciders are good, the ales are good and the staff friendly. I wish them all the best for the future.

1 May 2010 16:33

The New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel, Langdale

Popped in here a couple of times during my last Lakeland foray and it was good to see that things haven't changed much since I used to come here many years ago whilst camping at the nearby NT site. The crackling fire in the old cast iron range, the same good, wholesome and hearty food on the menu to replenish energy supplies after your day on the fells and good beer to accompany it - the Old Peculier was fantastic. The guy behind the bar saw us looking at the printed weather report for the next day and offered to print us off a copy so we could get the full version with the next couple of day's outlooks too - which was very kind of him and something he didn't have to do. All-in-all, I was pleased to see that it was still everything that I remembered it being good for and long may that continue.

31 Mar 2010 14:52

Wainwrights Inn, Great Langdale

A great pub for a pint and food after a long day's walk. Lots of ales to choose from and all well-served. The food is of good quality and good portions. Would recommend getting there early during peak times as it can get rammed - even in off-season periods.

31 Mar 2010 14:29

The Britannia Inn, Elterwater

Whilst staying nearby, we popped in here several times over a few days and loved the place. A nice place to stop off on the way back to your cottage after a long day's walk for a read of the paper and a well-earned pint. All the beers served well and the food that we had was damn good too. The Sunday quiz was worth a go - came joint third (along with half of the pub) in the end.

31 Mar 2010 14:24

The Harp, Covent Garden

What a great pub! Recommended by a friend who knew we'd be in the area and we were definitely not disappointed. Even on a Saturday early evening the place has a wonderful vibe to it - lots of good, old-fashioned hubbub and conversation with not an electronic device in sight. Beers in excellent condition, nice array of real cider/perry and great, happy, helpful staff. Will visit again soon.

4 Jan 2010 13:41

The Double Locks, Exeter

Whilst this place used to be better when it was run by Smiles way back when, it's still a great pub. The beers are always on good form, but it's a pity that - coming from Bedford as I do - the place is now run by Wells Young and the range represents a few more of their beers than I'd like. The food is usually good, but can get a bit iffy when the place is over-run some Sundays and Bank Holiday weekends. It's also a nice place to go mid-week evenings if you fancy a quiet pint and a read of the paper or a book - as I do when the wife and her Mum go out for the evening when we visit. If staying late or going back in the darker evenings of winter I'd recommend a torch.

25 Sep 2009 18:44

De Parys Hotel, Bedford

We went here recently for my Dad's birthday with several other family members and really wished that we hadn't. The food was terrible - two out of ten meals sent back for a reheat and two others sent back completely with not much of an apology from the staff. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone - you'd be better of spending your money in a more up-market establishment like McDonalds.

25 Sep 2009 18:28

The Doric Arch, Euston

We finally dragged ourselves into here last week and were both pleasantly surprised by this great little pub. I'd tried to drag Mrs Drummer in there several times over the years, but she'd always refused because of the area that the pub is in. We ended up staying for 4 hours in the end!! A big selection of Fuller's own and guest beers in great condition, with very knowledgeable staff serving you.

14 Sep 2009 15:06

The White Lion, Ross-on-wye

Went here with some friends the night before this year's Cider Festival at nearby Broome Farm and was very pleasantly surprised considering the things that I'd heard about Ross's current pub scene. Three ales on (Wye Valley's Bitter, HPA and Butty Bach), all of which were in great condition. The food was very good - a bit simplistic, but just what I was looking for after a hard day's work and then drive over to Herefordshire. Nice friendly bar staff too which made for a good evening. Will go back when in the area again.

7 Sep 2009 09:02

The Bricklayers Arms, Luton

I really can't see what people see in this pub. I've been several times now with different friends at differing times of the day and - whilst the pub itself is lovely - I find that the people who run it are unwelcoming to anyone but the regulars. Last friday I recieved short measure after short measure - topped up with me having to ask and done begrudgingly. I can't see myself coming back here again. This may be "Luton's best pub", but that's only because of the quality of the others in the town keeps it so high.

6 Jul 2009 15:12

The Bree Louise, Euston

We went here for the first time over the May BH weekend. On a late saturday afternoon the pub was pleasantly full, but not crowded and we enjoyed a couple of good pints each from the selection of casks. It's a pity we forgot our CAMRA cards as we'd have got 40p/pint off - bugger! I can't understand some people - yes, the interior could do with a bit of an update, but if that's all youve got to worry about, then that surely makes this a good pub.

11 May 2009 15:45

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell

Another of my favourite pubs in London and usually the last stop on our frequent crawls - Princess Louise, Cittie Of York and Old Mitre in Holborn and then a quick walk over to Clerkenwell and here. Lovely pub, with an old coffee shop kind of feel it. The rotating range of St Peter's beers are always on good form and there's usually a darker one on. I'd recommend the Old Style Porter or Cream Stout if they're on when you go. If you can get there either late afternoon or late evening this is a great pub, but it can get a little rammed early evening especially if it's raining and people can't drink outside on the pavement.

6 May 2009 16:06

The Princess Louise, Holborn

An absolute gem of an interior - lots of snob screens, mirrors, etched glass and tiled floors. The Old Brewery Bitter is always well looked after and the staff are usually good at keeping an eye out for anyone who needs serving. It can get rather busy especially during early evening weekdays and weekends, but that's the nature of the area that it's in. A good pub to while away a bit of time weekday afternoons if you find yourself in the neighbourhood.

6 May 2009 15:56

Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

Despite having only been here very few times I can honestly say that this is one of my favourite London pubs - albeit a bit small during it's busier times and not open weekends. They serve some great real ales from all over the UK in tip-top condition. The last time I was there I had both the Caledonian Deuchars IPA and Sharp's Doom Bar, both of which were fantastic. It's a little sad to hear that they've been sold over to Fuller's, but I'd rather them than anyone else. Looking at the website for the pub just now, I don't think that we've got much to worry about on the guest ales front, so I wish them all the best.

6 May 2009 10:23

The Cittie of Yorke, Holborn

This pub is always part of a good crawl around the area (Princess Louise, here, The Old Mitre then onto The Jerusalem Tavern in Clerkenwell). Lovely historical pub with lots of different areas with the main bar area having little booths for a quiet(er) chat with friends. Food not too bad and good staff. It's a pity that Sam Smith's only do the one real ale, but the bottled SS's ales are still a cut above and still not too badly priced. Can get a little packed friday evenings when the offices in the area close, but that sometimes only adds to the atmosphere.

6 May 2009 10:06

The Carpenters Arms, Harpenden

I pop in here with my brother-in-law for a pint (or as many as we can get away with) quite often whilst "popping to the shops" and have never had a duff one. Good range of beers and good staff. Price-wise not too bad either. Definitely the best pub in Harpenden in my opinion.

6 May 2009 09:55

The Brook House Inn, Boot

Lovely place to eat and drink after a hard day on the fells. Great bustling atmosphere and good service from the friendly staff. The beers are always in top-notch condition and represent some of the smaller Lakeland breweries. For me, personally, it's always good to see a Yate's beer after a long walk!! The excellent food comes in good quantities and you'll find it hard to have three courses, so choose if you want to go starter/main or main/dessert beforehand. Can't comment on the accomodation yet as I've not stayed there, but will keep it in mind as a place to stay for our next visit to the area.

6 May 2009 09:35

The Fat Cat, Norwich

After looking at all the other reviews for the place, what can you say that hasn't already been said?

One of the best pubs that we've ever been in? Check.

Great beers at good prices? Check.

Good staff? Check.

Atmosphere? Check.

My wife and I went to Norwich for the first time recently - ostensibly to go here after all that we've heard about the place - and we were not disappointed. Very much recommended.

6 May 2009 09:26

Three Cups, Bedford

After hearing that the pub was the winner of the regional CAMRA award for best pub 2009, we decided to pay a visit after a gap of a few years. Very pleasantly surprised we were too. All the GK beers were in good form and the guest (Bath 'Gem') was a cut above. Nice to see the GK mild on as it's quite a rarity. The following week, we went back for the tuesday night quiz and had a great night again. Highly recommended.

1 May 2009 18:35

Royal Oak, Fritham

This pub fully deserves the praise that's heaped upon it. We keep going back to this pub time after time when down in Hants. The beers are always fantastic and varied, the food is good and you just feel as if you've taken a bit of a step back in time. Go here after a good walk in the forest to get up a good appetite.

22 Apr 2009 14:56

The Wellington Arms, Bedford

I'm proud to say that this has been my local for the last eleven years or so and if I had to move I'd find it hard to find somewhere as good as this. It's like a mini beer festival every time you walk through the door and caters for all tastes - lighter, hoppy ales right through to the darkest of the dark and all served in fantastic condition. Great selection of real ciders/perries, proper lagers and Belgian beers (on tap and in bottle) for everyone else. Come here if you're in town - don't bother with anywhere else. I gauarantee that you won't regret it.

20 Apr 2009 18:18

The Loughpool Inn, Sellack

From the outside this is THE idyllic English country pub in a superb location. Sad to say though that we just didn't enjoy the place at all. Food over-priced, beer OKish (good wine list though) and rude landlord and staff. Must try harder if they want people to visit again, which I will do when I've heard that they've left. (Visited Jun '08, but just discovered this website, so sorry if there are new people in charge there since).

20 Apr 2009 18:00

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