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Comments by hammers101

The Shakespeare, Totterdown

Walked out of here as was greeted with such indifference by a bloke behind the bar who just ignored me and a friend, and we were the only ones in there! Went in there a couple weeks before and tried to engage in conversation with woman behind the bar who was as miserable as sin! Its not my favourite place in Totterdown-The Oxford is far more appealing.

6 Oct 2011 18:39

The New Found Out, Totterdown

A bit rough and ready-had the Natch with some red hot jalapeno pretzels which kept me happy!

6 Oct 2011 18:35

The Star and Dove, Bristol

Decent enough surroundings-but seems a little cold and soulless-good selecton of ales

6 Oct 2011 18:33

The Oxford Inn, Totterdown

I like this place-full of chatacters and open mic nights on Thursdays-a bit off putting at first as some of the customers look decidedly dodgy-but it has always been a welcoming place.

6 Oct 2011 18:31

O'Neill's, Bath

Ok place for a pint of guinness and some cheap grub-reasonably clean and tidy

6 Oct 2011 18:27

The Old Green Tree, Bath

Tiny little pub in Green st-good selection of ciders and full of 'characters'.

6 Oct 2011 18:25

The Coeur de Lion, Bath

Small old fashioned pub-seemed ok

6 Oct 2011 18:24

All Bar One, Bath

A comfortable and welcoming bar with good selection of food and drinks

6 Oct 2011 18:22

The Hophouse, Clifton

Pleasant enough place but nothing special, reasonable prices for Clifton and chatty welcoming barmaid

28 Jul 2011 08:39

The Somerset House, Bristol

Cold and uninspiring pub, very strange how the seating is arranged, makes the place seem empty and a bit bleak

28 Jul 2011 08:37

The King William, Bristol

I used to really like this place, but i have recently changed my opinion. Bar staff are so slow and often surly. I asked for my stout to be topped up because it had a huge head and I refuse to pay todays prices for foam, I was told to lump it and that their policy was not to top up beers!! Wont be using it again.

27 Jul 2011 19:58

The Albion, Clifton

4.60 for a pint of guinness!!!!!!!!! Hence this being my one and only visit to this place-ridiculous.

27 Jul 2011 19:17

The Moat House, Taunton

Went in here recently-hardly anyone in here-tried to engage with the landlord but he was pretty un-engaging-and it became apparent why there was no-one in there. I used to really like this place when it had a good chef and plenty of atmosphere-shame.

10 Jan 2011 09:17

Wine and Sausage, Taunton

Its the Corner House Hotel at the end of Park Street

9 Nov 2010 08:05

The Beaufort Arms, Clifton

Great pub-full of characters-looks a bit rough to start with but you soon realise its just how pubs used to be before the chains came in and sanitised everything.

7 Aug 2010 11:33

The Blackboy Inn, Bristol

Dont know why the owner has plonked tables all over the place-it looks like a 19century workhouse!

7 Aug 2010 11:31

The Jersey Lilly, Bristol

Great fish and chips-fun staff and plenty of drinks on offer-enjoyed this pub

7 Aug 2010 11:30

The Riverside, Saltford

Ridiculously old fashioned! The interior has got to be seen to be believed, with soft cuddly toys adorning an old ships mast-this place is about as tacky as it gets.

17 Jun 2010 22:35

The Boat House, Bath

Food very poor indeed-decor falling to bits-some outside seating was actually dangerous to sit on as it was about to collapse. Only still going because of its lovely riverside location-will not be returning.

17 Jun 2010 22:31

The Castle Green Inn, Taunton

Has improved a lot over the past year-the new manager is a very nice chap and the service pleasant-Had a meal in here with famly and it was very good-they sell a great cider called Rattlers from Cornwall

28 May 2010 11:47

The Swan Inn, Wedmore

Nice beer garden-though strangely empty on a lovely spring afternoon on Sunday-pub itself is pretty uninspiring

19 Apr 2010 21:08

The George Hotel, Wedmore

Nicely refurbed- has potential- had one or two customers though endlessly using expletives which isnt particularly appealing to me and my wife

19 Apr 2010 21:07

The Hankridge Arms, Taunton

Had a lovely sunday dinner in here last week-very nice plae to eat and drink-the staff were particularly friendly and attentive-well worth a visit.

19 Apr 2010 21:04

The White Lion, Bristol

Always has a few characters in here who have obviously enjoyed a few-but its ok and always have a good pint

6 Apr 2010 20:31

The Big Chill, Bristol

An ok place to spend an hour-silly prices for glasses of wine and limited ales on-nice atmosphere, a bit like Start the Bus for ambience

6 Apr 2010 20:29

Horts, Bristol

Went in here to watch the footy on Sunday-Guinness very expensive, but friendly landlady and big screen.Wouldnt go in here though for anything other than a pint and a bit of sport for a short visit.

6 Apr 2010 20:27

Bocabar, Bristol

Fat too expensive- nice atmosphere most evenings but too much of a creche for yummy mummy types on a Sunday.

9 Dec 2009 09:07

The Black Castle, Arno's Vale

Fish and chips for 3.49, nice pint of cider and san watch te fotie without to uch bother- good value for what it is.

9 Dec 2009 09:05

Pilgrim Inn, Brislington

Perhaps the food I had previously was when the chef was having a bad day-the staff are very courteous, already met new people here with a similar desire for a decent pub in Briz, and it will take a bit of time for it to find its niche. Fingers crossed as it is so handy for myself and other locals to stroll down the hill, enjoy a pint or two without the worry of idiots ruining your evening.

27 Nov 2009 11:55

Pilgrim Inn, Brislington

There is definitely something missing about this place- there is no atmosphere or warmth about the place, too dark and cold. We had a meal in here saturday and I am sorry to say the food was dreadful, freezing cold sausages on a plate of mash with cold wet cabbage for 7.50( had tons better at O'neils in town for 2.95) and the fish and chips were the worst I have ever seen-just pure batter with no fish and peas flattened with a fork to look like mushy peas. I am desperate to support this pub and what they are trying to do- but they are not getting it right here yet in my opinion-food too expensive for the area and not up to standard.

22 Nov 2009 16:27

Pilgrim Inn, Brislington

Has potential to be very good and could clean up for the more discerning drinkers in Briz- could something be done about the lighting though as it is very gloomy-i thought it was closed when I went past the other night as it looked very dark inside.

9 Nov 2009 21:50

Pilgrim Inn, Brislington

Seems a bit more inviting than previously-very quiet on Tuesday night but thats probably to be expected. Owner looked a little nervous and jumpy but who wouldnt! Cautiously optimistic that at last Briz has a decent boozer to frequent for the older crowd.

5 Nov 2009 08:02

Mambo, Taunton

Totally agree with previous comments re pub life in Taunton- its shockingly bad for the county town-service always seems to be third rate, staff disinterested and nowhere in the centre of town with a bit of character and atmosphere. It is a dead zone with very little buzz except for a couple exceptons-strange really as Taunton has lofty aspirations with project Taunton being rolled out as the start of a new dawn for growth and vibrancy in the town as a tumbleweed rolls through the centre........

5 Nov 2009 07:58

The Plough Inn, Taunton

A really excellent place for a drink, very comfortable, good ales and ciders, decent company, lively but cordial atmosphere- what more can you ask for really? Great pub for Taunton.

12 Jul 2009 00:37

The Castle Green Inn, Taunton

Went in here tonight, it was quite busy with a very good atmosphere with friendly bar staff, seems like it is beginning to pick up and become a place to relax in again at the weekend-keep up the good work!

12 Jul 2009 00:31

Oxford Inn, Taunton

Apparently doing sunday roasts for 2.95- sounds like a class joint!

28 Jun 2009 16:30

The Perfect 5th, Taunton

Well run establishment that ticks most of the boxes needed for a decent evening out, comfortable surroundings, clean, good music, food if desired, not surrounded by knuckle draggers. Please other bar owners in centre take note and learn how to run a pub successfully.

23 Jun 2009 07:59

The Castle Green Inn, Taunton

7.30 Saturday popped in for in for a pint- empty not a soul in sight-left at 7.45.

14 Jun 2009 13:17

The Moat House, Taunton

Went in here saturday at 8pm and it was empty-perfectly decent venue and chef a pleasant chap- no idea why it is so dead- Taunton seems to be lifeless in the centre why does no-one go out to Moat House, Firestone, Pitcher and Piano etc- answers on a postcard please!

14 Jun 2009 13:15

The Castle Green Inn, Taunton

Went in here on Sunday afternoon-empty at 5pm-refurb looks ok but nothing special. But as I have said before the decor was fine previously it was the management that needed refurbing- havent been in yet in the evening so reserve judgement till then.

31 May 2009 21:05

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

filthy and rapidly going down hill

17 May 2009 07:42

The Three Sugar Loaves, Bristol

Not a very nice place, uninviting and uninspiring, bit of a dump really

17 May 2009 07:40

The Hatchet Inn, Bristol

Good music playing on juke box, service ok, beer and cider fine, mainly goths, and some punks clientele all ok. Some younger idiots were giving passers by lots of grief as they were smoking outside though which was a bit disappointing.

17 May 2009 07:36

The Castle Green Inn, Taunton

Will have to give it a look, sounds promising-fingers crossed!

10 May 2009 18:08

The Cross Keys, Norton Fitzwarren

My wife and I walked in to give it anoter try after a previous disappointing experience. We were the first people in on a saturday early lunchtime and we were absolutely starving as we had been walking for some time. The first person we noticed was the manager sitting at a table reading a newspaper, as we walked in he didnt even lift his head to say hi and he radiated a distinct hostility to anyone bothering him and his red top rag! We sat at a table for 10 mins in and felt we had to whisper so as not to disturb his reverence. The menu was the same as before- not great, so we decided to leave feeling totally unwelcomed and walked passed the manager again who was in the same state of indifference as when we had walked in. I took my wife and her cousin here a few years ago for a evening meal and we had a lovely time, cosy atmosphere, good food, warm service, nice pint. It is now like walking into a war zone with the dictator the only survivor surveying the carnage he has created. Clearly this man has got to go he shouldnt be let near an industry where at least cordiality is a bare minimum.

30 Apr 2009 08:21

The Watershed Cafe Bar, Bristol

Went in here Sunday for a bit of peace and relaxation, and was surrounded by screaming kids running amok whilst parents sipped wine and ignored them- wont be back on Sundays as this has become ridiculous.

27 Apr 2009 07:51

The Pitcher and Piano, Taunton

Seems like the centre of Taunton will soon become a 'dry' area with absolutely nowhere to go for a pint- what is going on in that town?

25 Apr 2009 16:44

The Moat House, Taunton

Brazz is a decent little bar which my wife and I frequent from time to time-cosy atmosphere and a lack of 'doughnuts' invading your space which has been all too common in other places around the town.

20 Apr 2009 21:53

The Moat House, Taunton

I am at a loss to understand why such prime locations such as the Moat House, Pitcher and Piano, Firestone are doing so badly? Lovely old buildings, decent area of Taunton, limited competition now so many other pubs have closed down. It cant just be the recession as other places are ding ok-it must sadly be down to poor ownership/management, no vision or imagination, a total lack of undersatanding what the customer wants-just expecting people to roll up and pay 3 for a lousy pint and poor food and service is not good enough anymore. The Perfect 5th seems to have the right idea and fair play to the two owners for having a bit more innovation than the usual dross served up in Taunton-the town has gone to the dogs!

19 Apr 2009 09:36

The Castle Green Inn, Taunton

Agree with previous comment regarding the managers, there have been a succession of disasters with no idea how to manage a pub, the pub itself was actually very pleasant, particularly with its location next to the Castle Hotel- should be a goldmine in the right hands.

18 Apr 2009 12:01

The Seven Stars, Bristol

Always been ok in here, but nothing special to comment on. Music has been fair, clientele ok with a few drunken individuals on occasions, staff are fine, its as I say ok

13 Apr 2009 18:18

The Cornubia, Bristol

Nice old fashioned pub with some good ales and cider

13 Apr 2009 18:15

The Reckless Engineer, Bristol

always have a great time in here, seen some good bands and the clientele are friendly, nice pint of guinness.

13 Apr 2009 18:11

Start the Bus, Bristol

Becoming yet another place for nerds to stare intensely at laptops, cross legged and sipping a half of cider, or studenty types saying 'so' and 'like' every other word-

13 Apr 2009 18:07

The Pitcher and Piano, Bristol

The staff here were really nice and friendly and gave me a discount when i asked for a wine offer which i had overlooked and knocked some money off the bill as the food was a bit naff!

13 Apr 2009 18:02

Cafe Rene, Gloucester

Great sandwiches at lunch, good atmosphere and worth a look.

10 Apr 2009 08:05

The Pelican Inn, Froxfield

Bit precious inside but the service was good and food excellent, nice stop for a driving break.

10 Apr 2009 07:52

Bristol and Exeter Inn, Bridgwater

Absolute dive-moronic customers dribbling cider down their chins, everything tastes of cider even the crisps.

10 Apr 2009 07:47

Tobacco Factory, Southville

Totally agree with previous comment, the Watershed and the Boca Bar in Briz have the same problem on a Sunday, absolutely useless middle class parents who want their progeny to 'express themselves' whilst totally pissing everyone else off. Can you please choose more appropriate venues for your children or at least make sure they are tended to.

6 Apr 2009 14:56

The Old Duke, Bristol

Absolute tip full of pretend crusties talking shite, ageing jazz fans(nice!), tramps and idiots. The barstaff are rude dirty ignorant and pathetic-besides all that its great!

6 Apr 2009 14:36

The Cottage Inn, Bristol

Decent enough pub, good surroundings, well worth a visit

15 Mar 2009 00:53

The Adam and Eve, Bristol

Lovely atmosphere, pleasant and sociable, good food, excellent place for a chilled night out

15 Mar 2009 00:51

The Rose of Denmark, Bristol

Very nice atmosphere and food, pleasant for a chilled out evening.

15 Mar 2009 00:49

The Horse and Groom, Bristol

a very strange place full of even stranger people, absolutely stunk of stale carpets, a dog was tied up in the back barking, I didnt stay very long, awful place.

15 Mar 2009 00:46

The Plough Inn, Taunton

The Plough is a good pub, always able to chat to people and have a sociable evening in here. Comfortable surroundings, decent ciders and ales, refreshing contrast to some of the dross in Taunton.

11 Mar 2009 08:49

The King and Castle, Windsor

as far as wetherspoons go thought this was ok, quite a nice atmosphere and tidy, although it was a bit cold and did need more heating

9 Mar 2009 21:25

Perkin Warbeck, Taunton

Spent an hour in here tonight and it wasnt the best. The conservatory section was filthy and food on the floor from the afternoon was everywhere, the view to the church on a beautiful early spring evening, a real selling point for any establishment, was blocked by advertising cheap meals on the windows, the clientele were swearing and obnoxious, the barman told me he had been working all day and was f****d and then wouldnt accept my visa card for some bizarre reason. Seriously in need of a shake up, as are most Taunton pubs.

1 Mar 2009 21:08

The Curfew, Bath

Cosy little pub with a nice enough selection of ales etc, has a bit of character.

16 Feb 2009 07:36

The Pitcher and Piano, Taunton

point taken- i did take a bit of a chance!

7 Feb 2009 17:02

The Boot Inn, Chester

Ventured in here not knowing it was a samuel smiths pub and tried the stout-yummee! And so cheap as well, very old fashioned and cosy, well worth a visit.

2 Feb 2009 19:20

Flan O'Briens, Bath

The only thing irish about this place is the name- not particularly nice like many pubs in Bath.

2 Feb 2009 19:08

The Litten Tree, Bath

full of chavs and lowlifes getting bladdered and looking for aggro

2 Feb 2009 19:06

Waggon, Taunton

little local pub for local people a la royston vasey.

2 Feb 2009 18:40

Que Pasa, Taunton

Closed down- agree that many who frequented there will disperse elsewhere. Taunton used to have enough pubs to cater to all types of clientele but it seems that everyone is being gradually forced to drink together with people they would not generally want to be around.

2 Feb 2009 18:35

The Moat House, Taunton

Went to have a look on sunday 1 Feb- closed. Taunton seems to be dying on its backside in the pub trade

2 Feb 2009 18:33

The Castle Green Inn, Taunton

went passed here the other day-looking more sad and run down, can please someone sort this place out

2 Feb 2009 18:30

The Pitcher and Piano, Taunton

Went in here sunday evening, empty at 7pm. We ordered food which came back with some of it missing only to be told that the ingredients were not available-after we had ordered it! The staff were very pleasant and looked fed up with the lack of customers- a karaoke night was planned so we swiftly left. Shame really nice staff, wonderful venue, bags of potential- zero happening though.

2 Feb 2009 18:28

The Hankridge Arms, Taunton

Lovely old 16th Century building, good atmosphere and food, could do with this place nearer to town which is sadly lacking in old fashioned pubs with character.

19 Jan 2009 08:03

The Master Thatcher, Taunton

It is a very pleasant venue, well constructed building, food is pretty good, beer garden- on the downside had a meal here in the summer with a friend and had a drink in the garden only to hear awful language from a table of drunken youths-spoilt the day.

19 Jan 2009 08:01

Arnolfini Cafe Bar, Bristol

Pretty cold and uninteresting atmosphere, hate the plastic looking bar, and it is too expensive. Is it a cafe or a pub, not brilliant

17 Jan 2009 20:55

The Old Fish Market, Bristol

This is a good pub, with decent food(bit pricey) and ales. I always feel though slightly uncomfortable in here as it has a locals feel to it who seem to frequent the same spots each time I go in.

2 Jan 2009 11:02

Revolution, Bristol

Actually not too bad at all in the afternoon, had a very nice meal in here and was served by an extremely polite and attentive member of staff. Hardly anyone in though in the afternoon, but gets very busy later in the evening.

2 Jan 2009 10:58

Lloyds No.1, Bristol

Its an ok bar with usual cheap prices for Lloyds establishment, selection of customers ranging from the middle-aged comb -over brigade to young girls in packs drinking too much. Never had a problem in here though-loo is as mentioned a haul to the top of the building, so leave plenty of time to locate to avoid an accident!!

2 Jan 2009 10:49

The Castle Green Inn, Taunton

Such a shame that this place is not thriving, given its proximity to the Castle Hotel it could be a very prestigious bar-what are the owners thinking about by continually accepting mediocrity and missing out on a potential goldmine??

2 Jan 2009 10:41

The Farmers Arms, Combe Florey

Lovely old thatched place in beautiful setting, very picturesque. Food is fine and interior cosy if a bit cramped. Agree with comments re staff, I made a comment to one of the staff about how beautiful the pub was and was given a shrug and she turned her back-felt slightly offended!

2 Jan 2009 10:37

The Lock Keeper, Keynsham

I thought the clientele were a bit parochial and got a decidedly frost feel when going for a pint in here. Nice food though and pleasant interior.

28 Dec 2008 20:04

The Brassmills, Keynsham

This is a great place to go for a quiet meal and drink. Always very pleasant staff, good reasonably priced food, warm atmosphere. Highly recommended- by far the best pub in Keynsham.

28 Dec 2008 20:02

Tobacco Factory, Southville

Always smells like a loo, and is cold and uninviting. Very pretentious clientele. Totally overrated.

28 Dec 2008 19:44

The Hen and Chicken, Bedminster

Much improved since the refurb- lovely pizzas and chilled atmosphere.

28 Dec 2008 19:43

The Spotted Cow, Bedminster

A nice gastro pub in the newly 'gentrified' Bedminster/Southville area. Barmaid a bit sniffy and getting served at the weekend can be a trial though.

28 Dec 2008 19:42

The Horn and Trumpet, Bristol

horrid, dirty, chavvy, unpleasant, besides that it was ok.

28 Dec 2008 19:37

The Avon Gorge Hotel, Clifton

Have to agree with all the other comments-incredibly slow service, overpriced drinks and food, useless staff. Only redeems itself because of its wonderful location.

28 Dec 2008 19:31

The Mall, Clifton

Quite like it in here- didnt find any of the problems quoted above but have only been in here twice. Not bad really.

28 Dec 2008 19:29

The Somerset House, Bristol

Not a particularly welcoming pub, stark is correct-wont be returning

28 Dec 2008 19:28

The Hophouse, Clifton

used to have a nice old fashioned atmosphere- now ruined by a lousy pretentious refurb, what in gods name do developers think they are doing destroying old pubs and turning them into souless places for the seriously up their own backside brigade!

28 Dec 2008 19:27

Zero Degrees, Bristol

Not impressed with food, beers or state of the interior, looks great from outside but goes rapidly downhill on entering- very disappointing.

26 Dec 2008 18:10

The Moat House, Taunton

The moat house has always had a good atmosphere and great interior, has the chef returned as food used to be great?

15 Dec 2008 21:08

Coal Orchard, Taunton

Its an ok pub, usual wetherspoons fare, but you know what to expect so its fine

15 Dec 2008 21:06

The Ale House, Taunton

Naval and military crowd who seem to herd together, migrating to new pastures, eating all the crops and moving on again!!

14 Dec 2008 10:56

The Pitcher and Piano, Taunton

There are many pubs in Taunton with the potential to be excellent due to location, architecture, history etc such as The Pitcher. However, I fear due to appaling amateur management, with no vision or desire to be different, catering for the 18-30 Ibiza crowd, they all miss the opportunity to create an atmosphere that would attract a more eclectic crowd where customers could enjoy a night out without the preponderance of bad language, aggressive behaviour and served sub standard food. Taunton pubs with character in the centre particularly( The George, Four Alls, The Tudor, The Full Moon, Wood Street etc)have long gone and all we are left with is mediocrity. Shame for the county town to be so poorly represented.

12 Dec 2008 08:28

Oxford Inn, Taunton

Not a place for the faint hearted-wipe your feet on the way out!

12 Dec 2008 08:16

Perkin Warbeck, Taunton

its not that bad for a wetherspoon pub, you can spend a pleasant hour or so in the conservatory bit with a reasonable meal and bottle of wine for under 15 cant be bad!

3 Dec 2008 21:28

Crown, Bristol

very good pub with friendly rocker type clientele, bigger than you might think inside

29 Nov 2008 10:55

The Shakespeare, Bristol

best sunday roast in centre of bristol for reasonable price, good old fashioned pub

29 Nov 2008 10:52

bsb The Waterside, Bristol

nice bar and decor but ever so pricey- 5.20 for a glass of merlot, no thank you!

29 Nov 2008 10:51

The Drawbridge, Bristol

chavvy dive next to hippodrome-

29 Nov 2008 10:50

Seamus O'Donnells, Bristol

One of the best pubs in Bristol, full of characters and great place to chat, Excellent guinness.

17 Nov 2008 20:05

The Pitcher and Piano, Taunton

Another Taunton pub that should be more busy than it is, no-one ever in here at lunch times, it should be buzzing in the setting it has in the middle of town. Is it because the meals are so ridiculously expensive for Taunton, a pub like this in Bristol would be constantly lively. Lower your prices, the food is not that great anyway. Is Taunton dying in the evening, everywhere seems to be quiet!

1 Nov 2008 12:05

The Castle Green Inn, Taunton

This place should be a lot more busy than it is, good setting, very comfortable seating and cosy ambience, why is it always half empty and a different manager every time I go in? Lost potential because of incompetent management?

1 Nov 2008 12:00

The Moat House, Taunton

Back to being called the moathouse again! Had a paint job and tidy up, a decent enough place for a pint, nice decor and ambience

1 Nov 2008 11:57

O'Neills, Bristol

Ok for cheap grub and football, not the worst place in the world

27 Oct 2008 08:02

Start the Bus, Bristol

Ok place to go and chill out on a sunday on the big sofas with paper and decent pint of cider

27 Oct 2008 08:01

The Bunch of Grapes, Bristol

Been in nere a couple of times now and on both occasions found it to be a terrible place. Awful staff, incredibly miserable looking old codgers who stare at you when yoy walk in, depressing place.

27 Oct 2008 07:59

The Watershed Cafe Bar, Bristol

A bit pretentious but always a chilled atmosphere, food is average, good for people watching

27 Oct 2008 07:56

The Greenhouse, Bristol

A very good place to watch the football, lively in the evening, nice bar staff.

27 Oct 2008 07:54

The Plough Inn, Taunton

Excellent pub, great atmosphere and decent drinks available. Sometimes ruined by local tossers who frequent the place mouthing expletives

24 Oct 2008 08:08

Mambo, Taunton

Been in here a few times now and have recently been very disappointed with the staff, they are useless. The place itself is very nice and is let down by incredibly incompetent bar staff

24 Oct 2008 08:05

The Cross Keys, Norton Fitzwarren

Food crap, staff non existent, landlord rude and shouldnt be allowed anywhere near a customer industry. This place was ok before the refurb, now ghastly

24 Oct 2008 08:02

The Old Duke, Bristol

Agree the staff are pathetic, seem to think they are cool by being dirty, ignorant and basically useless, its a bit of a dump really as rifgtly said living on past glories.

25 May 2008 12:15

The King William, Bristol

great pub, shame about the slow service at times, food is a bit hit and miss but lovely stout, and cider, great prices.

25 May 2008 12:13

The Moat House, Taunton

great atmospheric litt;e bar, the chef is coming back soon after a refurb apparently, he was very good before, looking forward to his return

25 May 2008 12:04

The Vivary Arms, Taunton

i went in here recently and then went home to watch paint dry, my home experience was more entertaining

25 May 2008 12:03

Market House, Taunton

Could be a real showpiece pub in the middle of town if taken on by someone with a bit of quality, alas not the case a bit of a dump, shame really has potential for better things with its location.

25 May 2008 12:00

The Kings Arms, Taunton

local type boozer, miserable landlady/barmaid? Not a place for laughter, it may be construed as having a good time and that wont do here

25 May 2008 11:57

The Princess Royal, Taunton

A depressing miserable dive where people go to be even more depressed and miserable

25 May 2008 11:54

Mambo, Taunton

i think this is a fantastic place at the moment, very ingenious to have a cocktail car in the garden area, great atmosphere on a saturday night, loovely old building with nooks and crannies.

25 May 2008 11:52

The Crown and Sceptre, Taunton

football, racing and general sports bar, lots of bald men with slightly sozzled expressions

4 May 2008 11:52

Mambo, Taunton

nice little pub with a decent food menu

4 May 2008 11:48

The Castle Green Inn, Taunton

much better now they have security, friendly staff and the atmosphere is more like it used to be with good music. Hope it maintains the new culture, still a bit pricey though

4 May 2008 11:46

Harpoon Louis, Taunton

Good customers were leaving the other day because of a few drunks allowed to stay and swear relentlessly at the bar, be a shame if they take over as the pub, food and landlady are all very nice.

4 May 2008 11:43

Harpoon Louis, Taunton

Excellent new pub in Taunton, just what the town needs after so many other places closing or being so bad you wouldnt want to frequent them. Hope that the standard can be maintained, congratulations to the new owners, great job.

20 Apr 2008 12:24

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