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Comments by nickthefish

Waggoners Arms, Southampton

Old school locals local. A dying breed sadly.

29 Jan 2018 10:52

St Margarets Tavern, St Margarets

Overpriced, rude ignorant staff. Around 3 people in here at lunchtime on a Friday. The menu laughingly offering pretentious food to non existent customers. What a waste of a lovely pub to be staffed by such imbeciles and to over charge what few customers they get in. Avoid at all costs. The nearby Turks head is a much better bet.

30 Oct 2016 20:42

The Ballymore Inn, Tandragee

Superb pub in a lovely Ulster village. Plenty of Tottenham Hotspur and Northern Ireland memorabilia everywhere. Highly recommended.

26 Apr 2016 16:19

The Weather Vane, Bracknell

Dreadful place pretending to be a pub.

25 Jan 2014 22:13

The Winning Post, Whitton

Service is really bad and so slow. Some staff are ok and are really friendly and helpful. Basically a cheap food place that sells beer. Full of kids and chavs.

26 Dec 2013 11:01

The Dukes Head, Hampton

Looks closed now sadly. Had a good night in here once when Steve Perryman came down for a Spurs evening.

26 Dec 2013 10:56

The Goldsmith Pub and Dining Room, Borough

Horrible place, poncey and overpriced.

9 Dec 2013 20:59

The Libertine, Borough

Pizzas in pubs! Fucking stinks. Vile khazi.

9 Dec 2013 20:57

Ruse, Borough


9 Dec 2013 20:56

The Ship, Borough

Great pub in every way, well run by Mike.

9 Dec 2013 20:55

Bridge, Bracknell

Yet another makeover...still has it's problems but the barmaid Katie makes the place. Best barmaid they have ever had.

9 Dec 2013 20:53

The Admiral Cunningham, Bracknell

Not too bad, a bit isolated and maybe a bit too modern but ok once in a while.

9 Dec 2013 20:51

The Jolly Coopers, Hampton

Superb as ever. Brilliant landlord in a lovely traditional setting. Best in the area by miles and miles.

9 Dec 2013 20:49

The Railway Bell, Hampton

Overpriced beyond belief. Frequented by loaded, local, fat, sad twats in barbours desperately trying to chat up the ugly miserable antipodean bar staff. Truly dreadful place with vile beer at ridiculously high prices. This has to be one of the worst pubs for miles. Never see the landlord or landlady as the have left the running of it to the surly, disinterested student staff. Far better choices nearby.

9 Dec 2013 20:46

The White Hart, Holyport

Two different bars, one modern the other traditional. Ale was fine and staff bright and breezy.

5 Nov 2013 07:33

The Jolly Gardener, Holyport

Looked closed for good yesterday.

5 Nov 2013 07:29

The George On The Green, Holyport

Closed on a Monday so don't bother.

5 Nov 2013 07:28

The Red Lion, Teddington

Decent enough, nice grub, warm welcome too.

28 Oct 2013 07:44

The Masons Arms, Teddington

Decent pub spoilt by the sour faced trout behind the bar.

28 Oct 2013 07:43

The Crown, Egham

Not too bad in here and the staff were efficient.

8 Oct 2013 06:25

The Almamata, Egham

Disgraceful place, bland and characterless and the beer was almost as disgusting as the establishment itself.

8 Oct 2013 06:24

The King Charles Tavern, Newbury

Unremarkable pub within walkable distance of the station. Nothing else to report really.

22 Sep 2013 10:23

The Monument Public House, Newbury

Decent enough pub, unusual for a bland high street so commonplace in England now.
Worth a visit.

22 Sep 2013 10:20

The Danson Stables, Danson Park

Horrid sausage factory, completely out of character with the lovely surroundings.

18 Aug 2013 07:48

Running Horse, Bracknell

Never seen so many chavs in one place. Awful.

18 Aug 2013 07:41

Jagz Bar, Ascot

Dreadful place with a ridiculous name. Have you by the short and curlies due to the proximity to the station. Overpriced and revolting.

18 Aug 2013 07:39

Waterside, Paignton

I rather like this place. Attentive staff and decent beer and nice food for the kids.
By the way Ethel the holiday accomodation wasn't cheap!!

3 Aug 2013 08:43

The Inn on the Quay, Goodrington Sands

Waste of a nice location, horrid modern cash machine. Huge queues for food when all you want is a beer. Filthy tables and disinterested staff. As someone else mentioned there is very little else here so you are trapped. Better to get some cans for the beach!

3 Aug 2013 08:41

The Inn on the Green, Paignton

Large seafront pub typical of the genre. No redeeming features and full of chavs and kids in the summer.

3 Aug 2013 08:35

Lime Tree, Paignton

Can see that this used to be a nice place but sadly indicative of the times it's now very shabby.

3 Aug 2013 08:33

Winstons, Paignton

As others alluded to it's handy for a swift one when waiting for a train or bus.
Was perfectly acceptable.

3 Aug 2013 08:30

The Talk of the Town, Paignton

Handy for cheap kids grub and open early of course being a 'spoons. Not much else to comment on.

3 Aug 2013 08:29

Flagship, Paignton

Typical food orientated characterless large pub on the seafront.

3 Aug 2013 08:26

Saxon Shore, Herne Bay

Stinking hole full of scum.

30 Jun 2013 09:36

The Rose Inn, Herne Bay

Nice smallish pub in town centre. Very welcoming, no invasive music or tellys.

30 Jun 2013 09:35

The Heron, Herne Bay

Above average pub for one so near to the station. Friendly barstaff and slick service.

30 Jun 2013 09:33

The Four Fathoms, Herne Bay

Decent basic pub at far end of the high street. Good music being played. Liverpool fc sign rather spoiled it.

30 Jun 2013 09:32

The Druids Head, Herne Bay

Nasty bright modernised khazi.

30 Jun 2013 09:30

The Divers Arms, Herne Bay

Acceptable old fashioned pub, piano early which is a bonus.

30 Jun 2013 09:29

The Stage Door, Waterloo

Beer is vile but the staff were friendly. Bit of a khazi to be honest.

15 Apr 2013 20:31

The Duke of Sussex, Waterloo

Has the traditional look but sadly all the modern traits inside. Ignorant landlord, indifferent staff and overpriced drinks. Telly was deafening, no chance for a quiet chat. Not a lot else in the area so pissed off home.

15 Apr 2013 20:26

The Fire Station, Waterloo

Overpriced shithouse with ignorant staff.

3 Apr 2013 21:05

The Royal Oak, Windsor

Pleasant staff, telly on but thankfully no sound..but over four quid a pint??

3 Apr 2013 20:58

The Milton Ale Shades, Gravesend

Bit down at heel and grubby but has a certain charm. As mentioned below it's also known as the clean pot house. Have to deduct points for the revolting chelsea shirt on the wall. Good tattooist down the road by the way.

30 Mar 2013 08:30

Canal Tavern, Gravesend

Modern pub with no atmosphere. Felt more like a dentists than a pub. That said, the barmaid was effiecient and civil.

30 Mar 2013 08:27

The Fountain, Twickenham

Disgusting place. No character, rude staff and rubbish beer.

9 Mar 2013 08:36

The Three Crutches, Strood

Decent enough but almost entirely given over to food. Tiny bar and huge barn like eating area tells it all.

22 Dec 2012 22:14

The Steam Packet, Strood

Unremarkable pub but obviously handy for the train.

22 Dec 2012 22:03

The Alma, Strood

Bit of a khazi but not that many decent ones in the area.

22 Dec 2012 21:59

The Sun, Richmond

Staff are indeed a problem in here. They rather pathetically rate themselves, it's laughable. Obnoxious, rude, ignorant bunch of creeps. The pub itself is an overpriced shit hole down a back alley full of turds. Bit like the pub itself.
Just my opinion of course.

12 Nov 2012 13:41

The William Morris, Hammersmith

Dreadful place. Awful staff, a khazi of the highest order. Full of chavs stuffing themselves full of microwaved shite.

1 Oct 2012 12:49

The George, Bermondsey

Decent locals pub, friendly barmaid who was hard working. Better than the modern 'bars' nearby.

1 Sep 2012 05:59

Suchard, London Bridge

Weird place..

1 Sep 2012 05:49

The Woolpack, London Bridge

Looks and smells like a chip shop. Not a pub in the truest sense. Poncey modern and quite awful.

1 Sep 2012 05:47

The Duke of Wellington, Aldgate

Decent back street pub, enjoyed my pint too.

27 Aug 2012 10:19

The Gun, Shoreditch

Only Polish being spoken when i visited.

27 Aug 2012 10:17

The Water Poet, Shoreditch

Khazi. Overpriced filthy horrid place.

27 Aug 2012 10:15

The Queens Head, Chelsea

full of chelsea queers - couldn't think of a worse mixture.

20 Aug 2012 05:23

The Beehive, Tottenham

Nightmare to get served and the bar staff are surly and ignorant. Yes it's busy on a match day but the sour faced barmaids are useless and just serve whoever they see next.

20 Aug 2010 08:45

The Bull, Shepherds Bush

Some nice decor upstairs but it's a shopping centre bar not a real pub. Wouldn't rush back but it's ok for a couple while the wife is shopping if you get dragged here.

13 Jul 2010 09:23

The Edinboro Castle, Camden

Nice buliding and much potential but as others have mentioned completely let down by the childish staff.

12 Jul 2010 07:39

The Robin Hood and Little John, Bexleyheath

Superb pub and one I used way back in 1976. To have this sort of pub in Bexleyheath is very fortunate. A reminder of bygone days.

2 Jul 2010 19:44

The White Horse, Bilsington

Perfectly acceptable pub. Nice pint of mild and a friendly barmaid. Open in the afternoon midweek too which is a bonus these days.

29 Jun 2010 09:30

The Smugglers, Pett Level

Lovely pint of Harveys and served by a polite kindly lady. Saw the aforementioned fat bloke and he was hard at it at the carvery which looked very appetising.

28 Jun 2010 21:14

Ocean Inn, Dymchurch

Fine seaside tavern and a welcome sight on a hot day. As the previous poster mentioned they serve a decent pint of Directors. The sea food stall out front is very nice too.

28 Jun 2010 21:10

The Green Owl, Camber

Adequate pub near the beach. Some modern addtions which rather detract from the pub as a whole.

28 Jun 2010 21:06

The William the Conqueror, Rye Harbour

Pretty dire type of place. Nothing going for it apart from the harbour location. Surly barmaid and odd clientele. Not worth the bother to be honest.

28 Jun 2010 21:04

The Inkerman Arms, Rye Harbour

Superb locals pub. The ale is well kept and the service is spot on. The pub itself retains that 'proper pub' feeling but the food was dire. The kitchen staff seem flustered for no real reason. The ping of the dreaded microwave was telling.
However it is well worth visiting for the atmosphere and the ale.

28 Jun 2010 21:02

The Ypres Castle Inn, Rye

Have to say that despite the previous reviews we still gave this place a go. The women serving were fine and more than friendly. The Harveys was very nice and the grub, although standard fayre was perfectly acceptable.
No sign of the grumpy bloke ?

28 Jun 2010 20:59

The Union Inn, Rye

Closed on Sundays.

28 Jun 2010 20:57

The Ship Inn, Rye

Modern food orientated khazi, staff woeful and no character.

28 Jun 2010 20:55

The Pipemarkers Arms, Rye

Average place with standard beers/lagers. Nothing special and please note that the entry is incorrect. It's the Pipemakers not the Pipemarkers.

28 Jun 2010 20:53

The Phoenix, Edmonton

Fine on a match day but wouldn't travel to drink here if Spurs weren't playing to be honest.

23 Jun 2010 12:47

The White Swan, Twickenham

Kenbabs you presume wrong. I am no one's 'crony'. I am passionate about English pubs as you will see from my many many reviews as opposed to your paltry two. So if someone disagrees with you and your pompous views then we are disgruntled ? What a supercilious attitude. The pub is worse since the new owners took over. That is my opinion ok Kenbabs ?

20 Jun 2010 17:22

The White Swan, Twickenham

This pub has now gone the same way as the country as a whole. Down the poxy pan. Bastards.

16 Jun 2010 19:37

The Swan Inn, Little Chart

Warm welcome from the amiable landlady and a fine pub too. Would recommend a stop here.

31 May 2010 08:21

Black Horse, Pluckley

Popped in for a pint and a sandwich and all was fine. My only gripe was a bloke with a laughable girly pony tail blatantly smoking in the bar and walking to and fro the kitchen. Disgusting.

31 May 2010 08:19

The Sun, Hounslow

To be the best pub in Hounslow doesn't really take a lot !! I walked the length of that disgusting pedestrianised road and only saw something called the Rose which defied belief (not listed on this site). Popped in here and wasn't that impressed. Most of the pub is given over to a Thai restaurant and there was a small pool area. The ales were limited so opted for a cider which tasted of domestos. All rather depressing. ALLPORTSKI1I - people are allowed to have an opinion and malo66 was just expressing his.

1 Apr 2010 08:54

Railway, St Leonards on Sea

Best pub in the area and an interesting exterior.

24 Mar 2010 12:08

The Clarence, St Leonards on Sea

Better than the stranger but not by much.

24 Mar 2010 12:06

The Welcome Stranger, St Leonards on Sea

I was in here recently in my Spurs shirt and I encountered no problems at all. They looked more like a girl guides group to be honest. No ale, just fizzy pop.

24 Mar 2010 12:03

The Coat and Badge, Putney

Terrible service in here on Saturday. Typical scenario...staff serving whoever they see first and not who was next. Beer average and the pub is geared to food and the drinkers come a poor second. Awful.

8 Mar 2010 08:57

The Half Moon, Putney

Popped in here on Saturday to avoid the hoardes of Tottenham fans visiting for the cup tie. Pub was half empty and therefore service was quick. Even when it filled up the bar staff were on the ball. Lots of musical artefacts on the walls. Quite a big pub and all in all it's ok. Only had the cider in here so can't comment on the ale.

8 Mar 2010 08:53

The Betjeman Arms, St Pancras International Station

Worth seeking out if you have time before a train. Adnams was well served and the staff were quick and served people in order which is a welcome change.

15 Feb 2010 08:23

The White Horse Inn, Boughton-Under-Blean

Noisy restaurant more than ancient inn. Beer was average.

15 Feb 2010 08:20

The Dove, Dargate

Food orientated and slightly pretentious. Not the sort of place to go after a muddy walk through the countryside. The late red was lovely though.

15 Feb 2010 08:15

The George Inn, Newnham

Superb pub. Genial hosts, nice beer and a pleasant atmosphere in an idyllic location. Can't ask for more.

15 Feb 2010 08:12

The Shipwrights Arms, Faversham

This place has some weird opening times so be careful when trekking down there. Shut at 5pm Saturday ??

15 Feb 2010 08:10

The Sun, Faversham

Average at best, staff polite though which is a bonus these days.

15 Feb 2010 08:09

The Chimney Boy, Faversham

Pretty awful place. Rude pig behind the bar. Vile pub.

15 Feb 2010 08:07

The Red Cow, Richmond

Winter warmer sold out today but the Tribute was fine. Amiable staff and customers. Almost worth the walk out of town.

11 Feb 2010 20:06

The Roebuck, Richmond Hill

Nice views of the thames (and heathrow on a clear day) but that's about it. The stench of fried food permeates the pub sadly. Nice pint of mild though.

11 Feb 2010 20:03

The Lass O'Richmond Hill, Richmond

Not a beer drinkers place at all. Poncey and food orientated.

11 Feb 2010 19:59

The Tea Clipper, Knightsbridge

South london pussy cat and ginger queer boy are one and the same and are clearly obsessed. I'm flattered. Cheers ! Keep em coming.

11 Jan 2010 18:22

The Railway, Putney

Encountered the same service problems as daveid outlined below. It's a national problem sadly. Although some bar staff are unable to work out who is next to be served some blame also lies with ignorant customers who should have the grace to say 'no, he was before me'..English manners disappearing along with English pubs i'm afriad.
This place is just a typical wetherspoons with little or no character. The bricklayers or the arab boy nearby are a better bet in my humble opinion.

5 Jan 2010 07:54

The Tea Clipper, Knightsbridge

Rex sums it up perfectly below. Couldn't agree more.

22 Dec 2009 19:25

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

First came to this pub in 1978 when Spurs visited Fulham. Went in again the other day and was pleased to see that the place has been saved. There is an article on the wall by the door detailing the pubs history (something all pubs should aspire to) and basically it's future has been assured by the new owners. Sad to report though that I was the only customer at 1pm on a weekday. The characterless 'pubs' on the high street were busy though. I'm sure it will be packed on Boxing day when the famous Tottenham Hotspur come visiting again.

22 Dec 2009 19:01

The Crown, Rochester

Average pub near the bridge. Standard beers and lagers on offer. Staff were quick to serve which is a bonus these days.

22 Dec 2009 18:46

The Spotted Horse, Putney

This used to be a decent traditional pub but has sadly gone the way of so many others. All leather sofas and soft furnishings. More like a wine bar than a pub. So so sad.

15 Dec 2009 20:20

The Mulberry Bush, Lambeth

Plain, bland, uninspiring and sadly the future of Englands pubs. With decent back street locals closing in their thousands throughout the land this is what we are left with. It has a wealth of history on it's doorstep and yet when you shut the door you could be anywhere. That said, the staff were attentive and polite.

11 Nov 2009 08:55

The Sir Loin Of Beef, Southsea

Lovely local pub. Amiable landlord and knowledgeable too. Was in here prior to Tottenham Hotspur beating portsmouth yesterday so all in all a nice day ! Pub was once called the Cambridge and half of it was a post office at one time.
Worth a visit when going to fratton park.

18 Oct 2009 15:37

Northcote Hotel, Southsea

Popped in whilst in town to see Spurs play portsmouth. Nice enough pub with two bars. Decent dart board which is kept apart from the drinking area.
Nice drop of bitter but can't remember the name.

18 Oct 2009 15:32

The Duck On The Pond, South Newington

How strange....three 'reviews' in 24 minutes and by three 'reviewers' all of whom joined BITE today and are 'reviewing' their first pub. Wonder of wonders....they all liked it !!!
Now call me a cynic, but please !!!

22 Sep 2009 21:53

The Mash Tun, Victoria Station

TWG - A perfect summary and 100% accurate.

21 Sep 2009 06:54

The Globe, Moorgate

First went in here in 1978 and although the surrounding area has changed this place looks the same. Although now merged with the Moorgate as TiamariaJim and morganspice correctly pointed out. Busy as you would expect for the City but the staff were efficient and friendly. The Deuchars was a tad vinegary and the young staff don't know what a light ale is. The landlady knew what a mickey mouse was which i hadn't heard in years ! It's not just me getting old.

21 Sep 2009 06:45

The Victoria Tavern, Isleworth

Proper back street pub. Amiable and friendly staff. Dart board too.
Two bars, one of which is in the traditional style. In these days of mass pub closures this one deserves our support.

21 Sep 2009 06:36

The Bridge Inn, Isleworth

Bit down at heel and not a patch on the nearby red lion but it does the job Unremarkable really. It's open early in the week which is a bonus.

21 Sep 2009 06:30

The York Arms, Whetstone

Old fashioned locals type pub and well worth the 40 mile visit. As alesonly pointed out the layout is in the traditional style. Staff were attentive and polite. The only downside was the revolting stench of cannabis floating into the bar from the passageway outside. These junkies should be shot or hung.

19 Sep 2009 08:10

The Three Horseshoes, Whetstone

Not too bad but a bit modern inside. No character to the place. The landlady was nice and friendly and quick to serve. Noticed a photo of the great Pat Jennings on the wall but sadly it was in an arse-nal shirt. Oh dear.

19 Sep 2009 08:06

The Griffin, Whetstone

Proper pub with attentive staff even on a busy evening. Would agree with previous posters that this is the best one in the area.

19 Sep 2009 08:03

The Inn On The Green, Ockley

Funny that Katherinemorgan has only ever reviewed the one pub ? What a stroke of luck that EVERYTHING was so perfect in the only pub she has ever commented on. Bit touchy about race too. Antipodean is not a racist term. Johnwarkestache gave an honest report on what he saw on the day. Maybe katherinemorgan should get out and about a bit more ?
Just a thought.

26 Aug 2009 20:10

The Swan, Bushey

Marvellous traditional English pub. Cloudy cider and a game of darts and Spurs top of the league. Fantastic.

22 Aug 2009 21:13

Le Moulin de Lecq, St Ouen

Was open early which was a bonus. Bit basic though.

8 Aug 2009 19:01

The Peirson, St Helier


8 Aug 2009 18:59

Chambers, St Helier

Bit too young for the old gits like me.

8 Aug 2009 16:20

The Tenby Bars, St Aubin

Again a disappointment for such a lovely island. No character and no atmosphere.

8 Aug 2009 16:17

The Old Smugglers Inn, St Brelade

Have to concur with ericonabike. I too found most Jersey pubs sadly lacking. Huge disappointment after a long coastal path walk. Wouldn't bother going here for a drinking holiday although it is of course a beautiful island despite it's grotty pubs.

8 Aug 2009 16:15

The Swan, Hampton Wick

Another obvious plant. Both the previous 'reviewers' have been members since.....wait for it...TODAY !! Yet they miraculously both review the same pub within half an hour of each other ? This is the only pub that either of them have ever 'reviewed'. Please credit regular BITE members with a bit more nous.
The place is a khazi by the way, made all the more unattractive by the juvenile attempts of the last two 'drinkers'. Pathetic.

1 Aug 2009 22:55

Jamesons, Portadown

Sports orientated pub with the usual beers on offer.

28 Jul 2009 00:28

Miltys Bar, Cookstown

Decent enough pub on the high street. Basic beers on offer. Nice to see a Tottenham Hotspur scarf on the wall with all the Rangers ones.

28 Jul 2009 00:25

The Old Rose, Shadwell

Basic pub with no redeeming features. Wasn't really worth the trip to this part of the world.

9 Jul 2009 09:56

The Lord Nelson, Isle of Dogs

Didn't like this place at all. Beer was vinegary and served by a surly barman.

9 Jul 2009 09:52

The Ferry House, Isle of Dogs

Rex Rattus has it spot on.

9 Jul 2009 09:49

Lord Hood, Greenwich

Fantastic place. Had passed this place over the years and had never felt the need to go in. However it was a pleasant surprise. We spent an enjoyable 3 hours playing darts and chatting the amiable lady behind the bar. Excellent way to spend an afternoon.

9 Jul 2009 09:47

The Dog and Bell, Deptford

Fine example of a proper pub. An absolute gem.

9 Jul 2009 09:42

The Birds Nest, Deptford

Perfectly fine locals pub with clean glasses and friendly bar staff.

9 Jul 2009 09:39

The Victoria, Battersea

I found this place to be dull, bland and characterless. Someone had ordered a coffee just as i arrived so i had to wait ages until being served with a beer. If you want a cup of coffee then go to starbucks and leave the pubs to people who want to drink alcohol. Dreadful place with constant traffic thundering past right outside the door. Awful.

9 Jul 2009 09:36

The Bell, Cannon Street

An old favourite from the 1970's and it has hardly changed in all those years. As Strongers mentioned the landlord is very efficient and friendly.
We used to 'have a couple' after work before the last train left nearby Cannon st station and then have a couple more and then have to leg it across to London Bridge for the very last train to Kent. Happy days.

25 Jun 2009 09:56

The Underwriter, City of London

Agree with Peterwarlock the only difference is my visit was 1978 !!

23 Jun 2009 19:28

The London road, Twickenham

Dreadful place. At noon there are no real ales on as "we have run out" ? This is a common occurrence at noon with no customers. Surely they should know from the day before that the beer is running low and order accordingly. May well be better on rugby could hardly be worse.

23 Jun 2009 19:12

The Olive Branch, Tottenham

Used this in the seventies and it hasn't really changed all that much. The Spurs hooligans gave any visiting fans a 'warm welcome' if they passed by. Some lovely old pictures of White Hart Lane in here along with other Spurs stuff. Not much ale on but the cider is fine. Relatively easy to get served on a match day compared to the heaving pubs on the high road.

23 Jun 2009 10:10

The Earl of Camden, Camden

Far too modern and bland. No character and staff about the same. Khazi in my view. I'll mark it one out of ten just for being open at 11 am.

21 Jun 2009 06:47

The Elephants Head, Camden

Agree with Strongers. On my visit (10 am) it was fairly busy but most people eating which is a bit off putting. Had 3 pints of courage best which were all fine and as mentioned below, the bar staff were affable and quick. Interesting wooden looks like something from a church ? Would recommend this place over most others round here.

21 Jun 2009 06:44

The Bear, Twickenham

Not even open by midday on a Friday.

19 Jun 2009 21:35

The Royal Oak, Isleworth

Superb pub well worth seeking out. Interesting decor with lots of nick knacks, some of which are on the ceiling. Nice pint of Pride and a friendly sociable landlord. Easily the nicest pub in Isleworth.

17 Jun 2009 21:28

County Arms, Isleworth

Banks bitter was drinkable but unremarkable. A rather down at heel depressing feel to this place. Sort of place that you feel you need a wash after visiting.

17 Jun 2009 21:23

The Jenny Lind, Hampton Hill

Hampton 'boozer' i think you need to broaden your horizons. You have only ever reviewed the Jenny Lind apart from once when you were thoroughly rude about the court jester (mind you i agree !!). I think 'very offensive' is a little over the top even for a sensitive thing like you. Cheers.

15 Jun 2009 19:11

The Jenny Lind, Hampton Hill's all about liked the place and some others didn't. I hate to see English pubs closing down. To be honest the Jenny Lind was an average pub at best and in reality was a khazi. It never had any ale on and always smelt of piss. Admitedly i was only there in the daytime and i imagine it could have been more appealing in the evening. However, as i said earlier it's all about your personal view.
Democracy is just about still alive In England and so we can all air our views.

12 Jun 2009 20:26

The Jenny Lind, Hampton Hill

Glad it's closed. Was never a proper pub anyway. Plenty of better places in the area.

10 Jun 2009 22:59

The Jenny Lind, Hampton Hill

Glad it's closed. Was never a proper pub anyway. Plenty of better places in the area.

10 Jun 2009 22:59

Bishop Out Of Residence, Kingston Upon Thames

Nasty concrete monstrosity. Directors was freezing and the staff were awful. Chatting away and chewing gum and disinterested in customers. Just like it's location this place is dreadful.

8 Jun 2009 16:19

The Harp, Covent Garden

Superb small pub near charing cross and handy for the west end. Clean glasses, well kept ale and friendly staff. Well worth a visit.

8 Jun 2009 16:13

The Friend at Hand, Bloomsbury

Run of the mill pub. Speckled hen was fine even though served less than an English pint each time. Staff disinterested really. Average.

7 Jun 2009 13:57

The Turkey, Enfield

Was fine when i went in on a midweek afternoon. Not the nicest interior but a pleasant garden which overlooks a small stream. Handy for the station.

31 May 2009 08:47

The Moon Under Water, Leicester Square

Roger B has it spot on. Not the best 'spoons by a long way. Plenty of alternatives nearby.

31 May 2009 08:31

The Adelaide, Teddington

The best pub in Teddington. The Spitfire was very nice but ran out today so changed to the early bird which was equally as tasty. Was fairly busy when i was in but there was no sense of panic. Despite the amount of people to attend to the landlord still took the time to ask how i was. All in all a pleasant relaxing place to have a few beers.

29 May 2009 21:57

The Victoria, Camden

They served 12 pizzas, 8 cokes a couple of bottles of water and only 2 pints when i was in here recently. Tells you all you need to know. Nice location and decor but was really more of a pizzaria than a pub. Wasn't even open at midday in the week ?

28 May 2009 10:31

The Neptune, Somers Town

Perfectly reasonable pub. Proper estate pub, friendly landlord and a massive dog. There should be more pubs like this.

28 May 2009 10:26

The Wrestlers, Highgate

Made the long trek here after reading the positive reviews on BITE. Have to say was disappointed. A tad too modern for me with sofas and the like so synonomous with pubs these days.

28 May 2009 10:21

The Gatehouse, Highgate

One of the better 'spoons. Nice and clean and plenty of choice of ale. Staff competent and helpful. Interesting facts about the area dotted around the place.

28 May 2009 10:09

The Lion, Archway

Tubeboy has it spot on. The stench of stale piss is awful the service is dreadful and the beer disgusting. Such a shame to see a grand old building being so misused.

28 May 2009 10:06

The Swan, Hampton Wick

Perfectly acceptable public house. Had the Kents best which was fine. Some nice pictures of the pub in olden days (it's hardly changed). Lady behind the bar was friendly and very pleasant. Worth a visit.

26 May 2009 16:08

Foresters, Hampton Wick

Agree with JDchaser..not a traditional pub by any stretch. Bit of a mismatch really. Far too modern with velvet and sofas. Still the Black sheep was nice and the barman was perfectly pleasant.

26 May 2009 16:02

The Hogarth, Teddington

Joeboy...just because i disagree with you about this place doesent mean 'i have no life' does it ? Bit of an unecessary comment i think.
What makes you right and me wrong then ??
You like it and i don't. It's all about opinions.

21 May 2009 08:19

The Archway Tavern, Archway

Have to agree with Tottenham Sean. What a vile place this is.

19 May 2009 15:30

Duke of Clarence, Hampton Hill

Decent enough pub. Limited choice of ale, only pride on when i was in though it was well kept. Barmaid is attentive polite and friendly. My only gripe is that they have a large conservatory laid out for dining which was completely empty and yet allow people to eat their dinners sitting at the bar. Not very nice while you are having a quiet pint to have someone slurping in your earhole.

19 May 2009 04:49

The Shakespeare's Head, Holborn

I'm sure i used to queue up in here for my bosses visas 30 years i'm queueing for a pint. Unremarkable spoons.

18 May 2009 05:59

The Old Goat, Fulwell

Not really my sort of place..would have liked to have seen it in it's previous guise as the Fulwell arms. Still, needs must so took my family in there to eat and drink of course. The grub was top notch and the dark leffe was equally as nice. The staff were attentive and polite and although im not keen on food in pubs this place certainly fits the bill for a family outing.

17 May 2009 20:55

The Hogarth, Teddington

Nothing much going for this place...standard fullers ale and indifferent staff. Has about as much character as a cardboard box.

17 May 2009 20:48

The Fountain, Tottenham

Bit of a khazi and absolutely no real ale. Large pub a few mins walk from Seven Sisters station. Tottenham is my spiritual home thanks to it's glorious football club but even i'd find it hard to praise this place. Shame really.

17 May 2009 16:36

The Alexandra, Wimbledon

Nothing to write home about. Bitter was just about passable and the barman/landlord was indifferent to say the least. Dirty glasses too (the pub not the landlord). Average.

17 May 2009 16:24

Windsor Castle, Marylebone

Great place. Full of Royal nick knacks dedicated to our glorious Queen and her family. Nice beer and frindly genial landlord. Worth seeking out.

13 May 2009 16:24

The Duke of Kendal, Marylebone

Unremarkable corner pub in a nice area but absolutely no atmosphere (just like an arse-nal game in fact...dull and boring)

13 May 2009 16:22

The Masons Arms, Marylebone

Had the hopping hare too and was in fine fettle. Nice enough pub without being outstanding.

13 May 2009 16:19

The Abbey Arms, Abbey Wood

Have to defend the Abbey a bit here. Ok so it's not the most salubrious of pubs but it is an honest locals pub. Just the sort of pub we in England we reknowned for. I'm afraid the shandy and wine drinkers are running scared. Pubs are closing daily at an alarming rate..what would you prefer ? a block of flats ? If you are too girly and scared to come in then simply don't. Leave the pub to the locals.

6 May 2009 09:25

The Churchill Arms, Kensington

Have to agree with's a proper pub completely ruined by the Thai food. It takes over the place in both stench and the crowds that it attracts.

28 Apr 2009 11:04

The Old Kings Head, Borough

Suitably bedecked in English flags yesterday which was nice to see. Lovely pint of Butcombe. Staff welcoming and friendly. Top notch.

24 Apr 2009 11:01

The Royal Oak, Borough

Superb pub in quiet location. Friendly attentive bar staff and mild on tap..
Couldn't fault anything about this place.

24 Apr 2009 10:56

The Stage Door, Dartford

Was once called the Smiths arms if anyones remotely interested.

20 Apr 2009 16:00

The Masons Arms, Teddington

Back open again and rather nice it is too.

18 Apr 2009 09:55

The Lord Moon Of The Mall, Whitehall

Massive 'spoons pub in a prime location. Some interesting fact sheet type things around the place giving some history of the nearby attractions. Not at all bad in general.

12 Apr 2009 14:55

The Clarence, Mayfair

Why is it 'racist' to comment on the useless Polish bar staff ? Its a fact that they are inept in this pub and i couldn't care less where they come from. It is dreadful that visitors to our country are treated with disdain when ordering drinks in this pub as i witnessed yesterday.

12 Apr 2009 06:58

The Blue Posts, St James's

Nice looking pub but completely ruined by the inept staff. Not a word of English spoken in here...what must the tourists think ?

12 Apr 2009 06:49

Coach and Horses, Fleet Street

One of the better pubs in the area. Beer on good form served by friendly helpful staff. They do do food but its bar food and therefore won't stink the place out.
Open Saturday 12 till 6. Well worth a visit..

10 Apr 2009 07:58

The Island Queen, Islington

Interesting decor with lots of etched glass. Staff were fine when i was in. Tried the kolsch which was also ok. Much better than the nearby narrow boat.

10 Apr 2009 07:55

The Narrow Boat, Islington

Disappointing. Far too modern and clinical. Even the view is rubbish.

10 Apr 2009 07:51

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Like stepping back in time and we all love the old days. Superb pub with friendly staff and locals alike. Had the ansells mild which was on top form. Best pub i've been in in years.

10 Apr 2009 07:49

The Rising Sun, Hampton Hill

Under new management and all the better for it.

8 Apr 2009 08:42

Joes Bar and Restaurant, Hampton Hill

Discovered that this used to be called the Crown and Anchor. Theres a photo of it in the nearby Rising Sun circa 1902. No idea when it changed to this disaster.

8 Apr 2009 08:41

The Masons Arms, Teddington

Glad to see this place has survived the chop. Was fine when i was in over 2 years ago.

31 Mar 2009 19:27

The Star Inn, Lingfield

Best approached from the station down a long footpath as the pub then appears on your left. Nice comfortable pub with decent ales and big enough to cope with the hoardes of lager drinkers down for the racing. Had 6 pints in here so couldn't have been that bad.

31 Mar 2009 19:25

The Crossroads, Shepperton

Stinking hole.

26 Mar 2009 17:57

The Jubilee, Sunbury on Thames

Nothing special but obvioulsly handy for the racing. Not much in the real ale department, more a lager place sadly. Not sure how it justifies 12 pictures ?. Two chel#ea flags hanging up which could give children nightmares...and put you off your beer so for that reason it gets a rating of precisely nothing.

26 Mar 2009 09:24

The Sekforde Arms, Clerkenwell

Superb local pub with well kept ales. Just what you want from a pub and more.

23 Mar 2009 16:03

The Longford, Hampton Hill

Lucy75...i never like to see pubs closing down really. I just thought that this place was a poor excuse for a pub. Lets hope it reopens as something better. Heard a whisper that it coud be a wetherspoons ?

23 Mar 2009 07:22

The Ship Tavern, Holborn

Nice traditional pub tucked away from the main drag. Decent pint too...deuchars was particularly well kept. Some of the bar staff were a tad miserable and not particularly welcoming. Sadly a common trait these days.

21 Mar 2009 08:25

Queens Larder, Bloomsbury

Quaint small pub serving passable ales. Friendly barman when i was in. They do sell food but mercifully you can't smell it. Worth a visit as there is a distinct lack of decent pubs in central London these days.

20 Mar 2009 07:32

The Dog and Pheasant, Brook

Lovely traditional English pub and a location to match.

27 Feb 2009 06:08

Monaghan's Tavern, Wood Green

conner.henery if it is Irish girls and irish this and that you want may i suggest you go and live in ireland ? This is England and English girls are actually allowed to drink in England.

23 Feb 2009 14:47

The Queen Dowager, Teddington

Went in at 7:00 last Friday night whilst waiting for a friend and was the ONLY customer. No real surprise to me as to why. The place looks like a wine bar trying to be a pub. No conversation from the bar staff, they were too busy deciding where to put the sickly smelling candles.
When someone else did come in they toe curlingly cringely tried to pull the foreign barmaid. Beer was overpriced and flat.
All in all very disappointing and the Abercorn in Teddington is by far the better bet.
It's just an opinion before i get accused of wearing sandals !! (previous reviewer)

17 Feb 2009 08:23

The Millstone, Old Basing

Nice location, bit slow service wise and a tad food orientated.

13 Feb 2009 14:32

The Dukes Head, Richmond

If i wanted to watch hurling then i'd go to Ireland. This is England and quite frankly I find these irish pubs irksome. In such a prime location and in such a traditional English building to be confronted with images of 'the old country' is frustrating at best.

5 Feb 2009 16:41

The Victoria Inn, Richmond

Strange little pub but very welcoming. Very friendly and polite lady behind the bar. Youngs ale passable. Pleasant location, worth the trip to seek it out.

5 Feb 2009 16:35

The Sweet Green Tavern, Bolton

Went in here after a long journey from London having come up to watch Spurs at the reebok. Was pleasantly surprised and the ale was fine. It was a Darwen brewery bitter with a silly name. Nice photos of the pub in days gone by in one of the bars and we were all delighted to see two pictures of Jimmy Greaves in action for Tottenham Hotspur. Could do with him up front now....

1 Feb 2009 09:42

The Waldorf Hotel, Manchester

Popped in here after watching Spurs lose at Bolton yesterday. Pub was packed with man utd fans but apart from that the pub was fine. Nice pint of Deuchars but could only stay for one as had to leg it for the train back to the smoke. As a previous poster mentioned it is worth seeking out as an alternative to the vile station bar.

1 Feb 2009 09:37

The Windmill, Hampton

I fronted them out as you put it and they have no answer. I would rather spend my hard earned in an English pub in England with English people. Nothing wrong with that.

26 Jan 2009 17:30

The Elusive Camel, Victoria

Dazshort....this site is for British pubs and is called beer in the evening. You say "dont go here if you are looking for an English pub". That is precisely why people use this site.
I think you need a 'cocktails in the evening site'

16 Jan 2009 08:28

The Abercorn Arms, Teddington

Opening hours have now changed. Sadly a sign of the times but not now open till 4.30 weekdays (except Fridays when it reverts to 12.30)
Continues to be a superb pub which deserves some support if you are in the area. Dying breed.

6 Jan 2009 00:25

The Windmill, Hampton

2nd review of this place and i have to agree with pubghost. Was in the other night and heard them all slagging England off which always raises my hackles. I had not noticed the proliferation of paddys before.
i asked one of them why they lived here if they hated it so much. No response..Needless to say i will not be returning.

5 Jan 2009 11:03

The Star, Hampton Hill

Traditional decor inside but not much else going for it. Not the worst pub in the area but far from the best either. It is clean however and the owner/manager can always be seen tidying the place which is a plus these days.

1 Jan 2009 10:18

The Longford, Hampton Hill

Named after the nearby man made river..and therein lies its problem. Its false and not what it pretends to be. Ugly, long, overpriced bar. Only redeeming feature was the helpful polite barman.

1 Jan 2009 10:14

The Man in the Moon, Stanmore

Surprisingly nice pub. Ale was excellent and there was a bird playing classical music on a violin when i was in !! Not an everyday event i suspect but nice to see.

29 Dec 2008 09:40

The Tournament, West Brompton

If you are a fan of traditional British pubs then this is not the place for you. It was like being on the set of an American sitcom. Absolutely disgusting.

29 Dec 2008 09:36

The Lillie Langtry, West Brompton

Vile location, vile landlord and vile beer.

29 Dec 2008 09:32

The Four Horseshoes, Chobham

I used this pub as a meeting place for someone i hadn't seen for over 30 years and both she and the pub lived up to my expectations....exceeded them even.

20 Dec 2008 11:03

The Doric Arch, Euston

Interesting pub with railway related decor. Good choice of ales too. Not bad for an area thats a tad run down.

17 Dec 2008 08:45

The Queens Head, Burley

All very interesting but this is a PUB site not a restaurant guide !!!!

15 Dec 2008 22:45

The Three Crowns, Edmonton

Disgusting. Walked in and walked out. Modern garish and filthy.

14 Dec 2008 13:31

The Crown and Anchor, Edmonton

Marvellous place with not a hint of plastic irish rubbish. This is England in case you'd forgotten. Was in here prior to the Spurs game and was suitably impressed. Genial Spurs/Rangers host and a decent pint of Worthingtons. Surely the best pub in the area.

14 Dec 2008 13:28

The Rising Sun, Edmonton

Near enough to walk to Spurs from here. Not much ale and the cider was 3.60 !! Still worth a visit mind. 2 seperate bars and quick attentive service. Some Spurs memorabillia which is always nice to see.

14 Dec 2008 13:23

The White Hart, Waterloo

Service dreadful in here. The Kings arms in roupell street is a better bet. Its just around the corner.

12 Dec 2008 10:40

The Jolly Miller, Bexleyheath

Remember the pub before the refurb and prefered it as it was before. That said, it still retains a certain charm and is one of the better ale houses in Bexleyheath.

10 Dec 2008 22:03

The Furze Wren, Bexleyheath

Large, impersonal, bit of a factory feel about it. Production line food. Staff chat amongst themselves. However the beer was ok and of course reasonably priced. But a pub should be a place for a chat with the landlord and regulars. Not a prayer in places like this. The rose down the road is a far better bet.

10 Dec 2008 22:00

The Village Inn, Belvedere

Formerly the Queens head and much changed, for the worse sadly.

10 Dec 2008 21:56

The Eardley Arms, Belvedere

Always the poor relation in Belvedere but that said it does have its redeeming features.

10 Dec 2008 21:54

The Leather Bottle, Belvedere

Have been using this pub on and off for over 35 years and have seen different owners come and go and of course many bar staff. Went in the other night and the bint behind the bar was chatting on her mobile phone rather than serving anyone. Naturally when she'd finished gas bagging she served the first person she came to which of course wasnt the person who was next, The disgusting regulars do not have the manners to point out someone was before them and blatantly jumped the queue. What a complete hole this has become. Sad but true of many old haunts im afraid. Glad i used it in its heyday.

10 Dec 2008 21:53

The Volunteer, Tottenham

The landlord here is ignorant. He lets people hog the bar whilst watching the tv and not buying drinks whilst ignoring the paying customers.
We used to spend a lot of money in here on a match day but no more.
Loyalty to your paying customers is surely a pre requisite for any pub owner.

10 Dec 2008 21:46

The Royal Oak, Hampton

Cant share the enthusiasm im afraid. The only handpump was 'off' and only 2 people in. Still dire in my view.

8 Dec 2008 19:05

Crown Posada, Newcastle

Nice traditional local with excellently kept ales.

6 Dec 2008 17:39

The Gosforth Hotel, Gosforth

Was open dead on 11am which is a bonus these days. Had the bottled brown ale and was offered a pint or a half pint glass which is the tradition and nice to see. Other than that it was mediocre and yes the khazi DID stink.

4 Dec 2008 08:51

The Job Bullman, Gosforth

Previously a post office and has about as much charm now. Too many people stuffing their faces with microwaved rubbish to be able to enjoy a drink here. Nasty.

4 Dec 2008 08:48

The County, Gosforth

Best pub in Gosforth. Attentive staff willing to talk about the history of the place. There is a plaque on the wall outside listing the pubs lineage.
Beers were varied and well kept. Highly recommended.

4 Dec 2008 08:46

The Grey Horse, Kingston Upon Thames

Nothing special really. A bit too left wing for me.

28 Nov 2008 11:00

The Wych Elm, Kingston Upon Thames

Can only endorse grecians comments. Couldnt have put it better myself.

28 Nov 2008 10:36

The Willoughby Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

Friendly helpful and knowledgeable landlord. Lovely ale too.
Watched Spurs beat NEC in here yesterday and nothing was too much trouble for the bar staff. Superb pub and would have a 10/10 but for the proliferation of arse shirts. I could even forgive the landlord for supporting them as this pub is so hang on, i can't.

28 Nov 2008 10:33

The Park Tavern, Kingston Upon Thames

Superb back street local. Speckled hen on fine form served by a a lovely lady.
Worth seeking out, i walked from Norbiton station rather than going through the ugly centre of Kingston. Couple it with a visit to the wych elm and the magnificent willoughby, a nice way to spend an afternoon/evening.

28 Nov 2008 10:27

The Barmy Arms, Twickenham

Had avoided this place as i thought it would be some sort of plastic touristy place with rugby shirts all over the walls. To be honest i was put off by the name. However i discovered that it was quite a traditional pub and the bombadier was in fine fettle. Think the manager was out but i saw 3 respectable lads turned away as they were under 21 ??
Surely they could relax that law.
Has been called the barmy arms for over 50 years ?? Anyone know the origin of the name ?

22 Nov 2008 04:08

The Pope's Grotto, Twickenham

Modern, big and as far from an English pub as you can get. Reminded me of an airport lounge. I'd bet that none of the staff could even tell you who Pope was.
The youngs was ok though.

22 Nov 2008 04:00

The Jenny Lind, Hampton Hill

Revisited recently and still don't understand what the fuss is all about ? There were more staff than customers and the doombar was almost undrinkable. May have been the ch***ea shirt on the wall that turned the beer off ! Vile.
Roebuck or the windmill surely the better bet round here. Just my opinion as i know a lot of you like it in here.

19 Nov 2008 10:02

The Albert Arms, Norbiton

Another lifeless place with surly staff.

8 Nov 2008 08:13

The Abercorn Arms, Teddington

Charming back street local. Old fashioned and all the better for it. Opens 12.15 in the week so you have to walk round the town pretending not to be waiting for the pub to open.

5 Nov 2008 07:39

The Crown, Thames Ditton

Not many in when i visited, however has potential. Bit sparse maybe.

4 Nov 2008 15:34

The Albany, Thames Ditton

What a disgusting waste of a site for a pub. The most vile decor, the rudest inadequate bar staff. Food orientated beyond belief. Has to be the worst in the area. God i hated this shit hole.

4 Nov 2008 15:33

The Bull and Gate, Kentish Town

Traditional style with columns and etched windows. One barman for an hour last night ?? However he coped remarkably well on his own. Place was packed but comfortably so. Don't come from this area but if i ever returned it would be to the Bull and gate.

1 Nov 2008 08:08

The Admiral Mann, Kentish Town

Decent enough place. Traditional bar areas and friendly staff. Ale was well kept. Have to mark it as a nought though due to the revolting arse-nal flag.

1 Nov 2008 08:04

The Brewery Tap, Brentford

Best pub in Brentford.

28 Oct 2008 07:56

The Exmouth Arms, Euston

Refreshingly English pub in this sea of chain khazis. Worth seeking out.

20 Oct 2008 07:44

The Haunch of Venison, Salisbury

The solid pewter bar is indeed of interest, believe its the last one in England. This place was allegedly built for the stonemasons who were constructing the nearby cathedral which dates it rather nicely. I try to never eat in pubs but would agree that a microwave has no place here.

18 Oct 2008 08:41

The Morpeth Arms, Pimlico

Horrid place. As previous posters have pointed out the staff are at best disinterested. I used to pop in en route to Vauxhall station, you have to leave at least half an hour now to get served have a lukewarm pint and leg it for the train. Not worth the effort now. The royal oak up the road is a better bet.

18 Oct 2008 08:26

The Woodlands Tavern, Isleworth

Just made my rating a zero for showing chelscum tv.
How revolting.

15 Oct 2008 14:12

The Miners Arms, Mytchett

Closed on a Saturday at 11:45 am. Disgraceful.

28 Sep 2008 18:23

The Railway Arms, Frimley

Decent place, nice pint of Youngs special. Friendly locals/bar staff.

28 Sep 2008 18:18

Ye Olde White Hart, Frimley

Def closed and covered in scaffolding. Had it i reckon. Another one bites the dust.

28 Sep 2008 18:17

The Crown Inn, Lanlivery

Stone floors, ye olde feel to it and a decent pint of ale. Was ok i reckon.

23 Sep 2008 08:16

The Fog, Earlsfield

Proper locals pub. Decent pint of ale too. Friendly landlord. Anyone interested in the name of the pub....the landlord told me that its the Country house first an foremost..the jack beard bit is just the chain and the fog is a nickname as another poster outlined.
If you are in Earlsfield this one is worth seeking out.

20 Sep 2008 08:40

The Wheatsheaf on the Green, Esher

Had lunch and a couple of pints in here today. Was very impressed.Attentive staff, polite and amiable landlord. Nice food and decent pint. Highly recommended.

16 Sep 2008 17:00

The Wibbas Down Inn, Wimbledon

Typical spoons. Unremarkable.

16 Sep 2008 09:01

The Feathers, Budleigh Salterton

Lovely place. 2 separate bars which is a rarity these days. Nice pint of bitter. A traditional ale house in a beautiful English town.

14 Sep 2008 08:47

The Rock Point Inn, Lyme Regis

Bit basic but staff helpful, beer passable. Nice location.

14 Sep 2008 08:43

The Axminster Inn, Axminster

Was open last week !! Was looking forward to this one but ended up disappointed. On the bar was a folder containing pictures and articles on the pub in bygone days - a great idea which other places would to well to adopt. One of the newspaper cuttings detailed how the pub had until recently been in the same family for 125 years and that you could walk in and be transported back 50 years and where in the public bar all you would hear was the murmur of the farmers. It went on to say that they hadnt succumbed to the plague of fruit machines and piped music. Sadly that is now not the case. The racket from the radio in the lounge bar forced us into the public bar. Staff canoodling behind the bar was decidedly off putting. Horrid place now im afraid.

14 Sep 2008 08:42

The Anchor Inn, Beer

Nice location and lovely garden overlooking the harbour. Bitter was a tad vinegary so went on the cider which was passable. Staff were all young and disinterested and sloppy with service. Way of the world these days sadly.

14 Sep 2008 08:34

The Barrel of Beer, Beer

Ale was fine, staff friendly, nice location..but just didnt like the place ? Couldnt put my finger on it.

14 Sep 2008 08:32

The Old Inn, Kilmington

Lovely local ale, traditional both inside and out. Friendly helpful staff. Superb pub.

14 Sep 2008 08:30

The Kingfisher, Colyton

Beer was fine - stayed in the garden as the regulars were banging on about how shit London is..we cant all afford to move to Devon.

14 Sep 2008 08:29

The White Hart Inn, Colyford

More of a drinkers pub than the other one in town, although far too many people eating here. However the ale was excellent and the location picturesque. Odd opening hours so be careful.

14 Sep 2008 08:26

The Wheelwright Inn, Colyford

Decent enough but a bit modern which detracts from the thatched exterior. Open all day which in these parts is a huge plus.

14 Sep 2008 08:23

The Rose and Crown, Southwark


5 Sep 2008 18:36

The Royal Standard, Binfield

Closing to become a restaurant serving foreign muck.
Nothing but a disgrace. Englands future ??

5 Sep 2008 18:34

The Norbiton and Dragon, Norbiton

Speckled hen on fine form..Agree with Beergut however as this is far from traditional. As far as modern pubs go i've been in worse but we all hanker for a bit of olde worlde England....

2 Sep 2008 20:25

The Willoughby Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

Rainlight...the last word of your review 4th June was surely tongue in cheek ?? Or a typo......
Not being picky mate....made me chuckle thats all.

2 Sep 2008 20:22

The Union Rooms, Newcastle

Nicest wetherspoons without a doubt and im usually anti the spoons. Good for away fans visiting st.james park.

31 Aug 2008 12:15

The Three Bulls Heads, Newcastle

Bit of a shit house. Wouldnt want to be disrespectful to someone elses town (or toon) but it IS a shit house.

31 Aug 2008 12:11

The Goose at the Gardens, Newcastle

Not to my taste. Although the Spurs and Newcastle fans seemed to mix well ? They must water the beer down..

31 Aug 2008 12:09

The Hotspur, Newcastle

Popped in last time Spurs were up here. Average (just like our performance).

31 Aug 2008 12:08

The Red Lion, Isleworth

One of the better pubs in Greater London. Have visited many many times and have yet to be disappointed. Highly recommended.

31 Aug 2008 08:42

The Bull, Otford

Took my uncle here for his 80th along with some other elderly relatives. Food was passable (they tell me) and the pints were the same. Nice location and interesting decor inside but somehow lacks something ? Cant quite put my finger on it...

31 Aug 2008 08:30

The Bo-Peep, Chelsfield

Went with the family who ate while i complaints from either. Friendly staff too which is always encouraging.

31 Aug 2008 08:15

The Change of Horses, Farnborough

Decent enough place with passable ale. No bad.

26 Aug 2008 19:52

The Rose and Crown, Orpington

Slow staff. Typical chain type pub. This is the future sadly.

26 Aug 2008 19:51

The Running Horse, Leatherhead

Nice place. Traditional English pub. Decent pint of Youngs. Friendly staff.

26 Aug 2008 19:49

The Oakdale Arms, Harringay

Popped in here en route to Spurs yesterday. Lovely big pub. Beers are superb and the landlord is friendly and helpful. No criticisms other than i wished it opened at 11 am !!
Best part of the day considering our result.

24 Aug 2008 03:17

The Wheatsheaf, Camberley

Typical estate pub in a rough area. Avoid.

22 Aug 2008 19:56

The Dukes Head, Hampton

Nasty tasting bitter. Had to liven it up with a bottle of lager ffs !!!
Wouldnt go back.

21 Aug 2008 21:22

The Rose and Crown, Allhallows

Khazi. Complete khazi.

18 Aug 2008 10:09

The British Pilot, Allhallows

Bottled Bishops finger was fine. Staff welcoming. Yes its a tad old fashioned but who wants modern ???

18 Aug 2008 10:08

The Rising Sun, Hampton Hill

Not too bad once you can work out its opening hours. Gone
past here after twelve on a weekday and no sign of life..mind you it can be like that even when open.

6 Aug 2008 06:31

The Fox, Twickenham

Nice drop of ale in here. Helpful bar staff too. Nice garden area.

6 Aug 2008 06:25

The Anglesea Arms, Chelsea

Its NICK foghorn......the play on words with the fish should be obvious to anyone who uses this site..
Foghorn...wasn't that a cartoon character ?

3 Aug 2008 09:22

The Lass O'Gowrie, Manchester

20 of us met in here for a Spurs game at last season from as far afield as Belfast, Newcastle and London. We went in there on a recommendation and it didnt disappoint. Will be back as soon as Spurs are.

24 Jul 2008 08:31

The Jenny Lind, Hampton Hill

Tippleman...I'l give it another go. Could have been an off day...Cheers

23 Jul 2008 08:09

The Jenny Lind, Hampton Hill


15 Jul 2008 21:45

The Misty Moon, Twickenham

dirty place.

13 Jul 2008 19:54

The White Horse, Parsons Green

Last visit ruined by some violent Spurs fans. Nice pub despite their efforts.

30 Jun 2008 22:29

The Fox and Grapes, Wimbledon Common

Was asked to move from a table because 'people will be eating in a minute' Bit harsh as there was no one in the place and my wife is clearly pregnant. 3 quid for a pint and they place more emphasis on the diners ? Hardly a pub more a shitty restaurant.

27 Jun 2008 07:15

City Arms, Thames Ditton

Lovely pub. Friendly quick service and a blinding pint of bitter.

27 Jun 2008 07:07

The Albion, Hampton Court

Walked in then out again. The stench of stale piss was overwhelming and the two members of staff were too busy stockpiling the fridge with gassy lagers to even notice us arriving. Complete shithole sadly.

27 Jun 2008 07:03

The Cock and Woolpack, City Of London

Used this place back in the late 1970's. Glad to see it still going strong...and without a name change.

27 Jun 2008 06:59

The Effra Hall Tavern, Brixton

Was shut when i passed at half 12 on a weekday afternoon ? Is it being renovated ??

27 Jun 2008 06:45

The Prince Albert, Brixton

Adnams was nice and the polish (for a change) barmaid was pleasant. Only 2 people in and it was one pm. Never been in at night so presume it livens up a bit as per the previous reviews.

27 Jun 2008 06:43

The Canterbury Arms, Brixton

Mixed bag real ale so had a bottle of newcastle brown in what was probably the dirtiest glass ever. Friendly enough landlord but wouldnt ruch back here.

27 Jun 2008 06:40

The Garrick Arms, Trafalgar Square

Bar staf chewing gum and screaming at customers that 'there are no stools at the bar'. There were about three BEHIND the bar...
What a revolting place.

27 Jun 2008 06:35

The Legless Frog, Ham

Is there not an ironing board site for you to review sophiebeckw ? My view of this pub is merely an opinion.

24 Jun 2008 16:37

The New Inn, Ham

I quite liked this place. Nice drop of ale and pleasant bar staff. Lovely from the outside.

19 Jun 2008 18:41

The Legless Frog, Ham

Oh dear. I was in here circa 1986 in its previous guise as the hand and flower. It was a proper pub then but sadly not now. Like many many other pubs its taken the sofa and dried flowers route. Its a worthless souless ugly plastic overpriced shithouse to be frank.

19 Jun 2008 18:40

The Royal Oak, Ham

Nice locals pub. Decent pint too.

19 Jun 2008 18:38

The Ham Brewery Tap, Ham

Sorry but this IS a dump. Just on the cusp of the nice part of Ham but far too near the scum area. Idle bar staff and rancid beer.

19 Jun 2008 18:37

The Cabbage Patch, Twickenham

Revolting beer. Odd place and the second worst in Twickenham after the grand union.

19 Jun 2008 07:46

The Guildford Arms, Edinburgh

Revolving door to the place. Nice range of ales and friendly bar staff.

18 Jun 2008 23:50

The Theatre Royal, Edinburgh

Had a pint in here late one night. Friendly enough but a bit bland.

18 Jun 2008 23:49

The Waterloo Buffet, Edinburgh

Well it was very much open in May ?
Bit of a khazi though. No real ale.

18 Jun 2008 23:48

The Cask and Barrel, Edinburgh

Just had the one in here. Seemed ok and the ale was fine. Quite welcoming actually.

18 Jun 2008 23:47

The Victoria, Tottenham

Slight correction to RogerB's was actually Tottenham fans attacking their Cardiff counterparts that night im sorry to say.

18 Jun 2008 23:33

The Bell and Hare, Tottenham

Traditional pub steeped in the long glorious history of the world famous Tottenham Hotspur.

18 Jun 2008 23:27

The Two Brewers, Tottenham

Landlord does a good job despite the polices best efforts to deny us loyal Tottenham fans a decent pub to booze in on a match day. Still no glasses....

18 Jun 2008 23:26

The Ship, Tottenham

Not too bad. Agree with previous reviwer mostly. Still no glasses on match days thanks to the over zealous police at Spurs games.

18 Jun 2008 23:24

The Beehive, Tottenham

Still no glasses on match days.

18 Jun 2008 23:22

The Ifield, Brompton

Had a smashing time in here with some fellow Spurs fans some years ago.

18 Jun 2008 19:15

The Crown, Chelsea

Saw an actor bloke in here from ever decreasing circles. Thats about the best bit about this place. My mates from Northern Ireland were with me and they thought they must have ordered ten pints by mistake. Not cheap.

18 Jun 2008 19:11

The Anglesea Arms, Chelsea

Horrid, modern and yet another food orientated place. Surly bloke behind the bar who sniffed when i told him i just wanted a pint. Had i murdered someone ?

18 Jun 2008 19:08

The Swag and Tails, Knightsbridge

Agree with most reviews. Went in today for a pint and rather wished i hadnt. Every table had a reserved sign on it. After paying 3.20 for a pint of Adnams without a single word from the 'barmaid' (the price was pointed to on the till) i jokingly said " i take it the bar stools arent reserved" Cue nonchalant stare so evocative of the disgustingly rude east european staff we have to put up with these days.
How indicative of todays standards. They bent over backwards for the diners mind...Christ.

18 Jun 2008 17:49

Royal Oak, Winchester

Nice pint of beer in here with a hint of ginger...
Bit of a confused layout. Some parts ye olde and others a tad grubby. Friendly chap behind the jump which was refreshing.

16 Jun 2008 17:18

The Old Vine, Winchester

The beer was ok but the place is yet another pub more interested in food. I realise they have to make a profit but the emphasis is clearly on the food. I dont come from the area so have no idea what it was like before but if i wanted a pint in someones front room then id have stayed indoors. The eclipse over the road er well eclipsed it really...

16 Jun 2008 17:15

The Eclipse Inn, Winchester

Went in here on a recent day out to Winchester and this is by far the best pub i encountered. Friendly landlord which is a rarity these days and a lovely pint of bitter well served. Proper pub with everything going for it.

16 Jun 2008 17:12

The Royal Marine, Lyne

Lovely proper old fashioned pub. nice ale too

15 Jun 2008 19:23

The Rose and Crown, Thorpe Green

Nice pint of Speckled Hen in here. Bit large and informal.

15 Jun 2008 19:22

The Sailors Return, East Chaldon

Thought that this was ok.Nice pint of ale. As someone who usually baulks at food in pubs i have to admit that the ploughmans were indeed exceptional.

13 Jun 2008 19:33

The Harrow, Charlton Village

Agree with trainman (again) not quite what it appears. More food orientated than a proper pub. Shame really.

13 Jun 2008 16:04

The Happy Man, Englefield Green

Nice game of darts in here. Lovely pint and all in all a nice pub.

13 Jun 2008 15:57

The Estcourt Tavern, Watford

Friendly landlady. Decent pint of ale. Far superior to the welly opposite.

13 Jun 2008 15:36

The Rose, Bexleyheath

First went in here in 1974 and it doesent seem to have changed that much. None the worse for that i might add. If im ever in the area visiting the cemetery opposite i'll always pop in and have a couple of pints and read the paper. Nice place.

13 Jun 2008 15:34

The Bell Inn, Shepperton

I did the same three pubs as trainman in the previous review. Makes for a pleasant afternoon to visit all three however this is by far the best of the three. Could do it in reverse i suppose !!
The landlord kindly drew me a map to get to the other two. You have to use a footpath over the motorway incidentally. What a nice helpful gent he is and it really is a lovely pub. Note the pipe holder on the wall too, not something you see these days.

13 Jun 2008 15:19

British Queen, Tottenham

Gone steadily downhill over the years. Was a fine place to meet a few years back. Wouldnt give it the time of day now.

10 Jun 2008 16:18

The Six Bells, Brentford

If you want Sky sports in a pub then you are not a real drinker. Get a satellite dish and leave the pubs to people who like to have a quiet beer and a chat.

10 Jun 2008 13:59

The Magpie and Crown, Brentford

Proper pub with ever changing ales.

10 Jun 2008 13:57

The London Apprentice, Old Isleworth

Too many children. Ones too many mind.

10 Jun 2008 13:56

The Woodlands Tavern, Isleworth

Had an enjoyable pint and game or two of darts in here.

10 Jun 2008 13:55

The Court Jester, Hampton

Khazi of the highest order.

10 Jun 2008 13:54

Joes Bar and Restaurant, Hampton Hill

Again this is a restaurant.....Is this a restaurant guide ?

10 Jun 2008 13:53

The Roebuck, Hampton Hill

Have to agree with dave the bee. Lovely gaff.

10 Jun 2008 13:52

The Builders Arms, Teddington

I found this to be a pleasant traditional place. Would give it top marks but have to deduct a few for the picture of chel**a on the wall. Please get rid.

10 Jun 2008 13:52

The Park Lodge Hotel, Teddington

Please...this is a restaurant not a pub. Even the picture says bar, cafe, restaurant ???

10 Jun 2008 13:49

The Waldegrave Arms, Teddington

Was glad to get in here for a pint on what turned out to be its last day. Sad to see another English pub go to the wall. This is happening far too often.

10 Jun 2008 13:48

The Eel Pie, Twickenham

Nice pub with lovely ale served in proper glasses by helpul attentive staff.

10 Jun 2008 13:46

The Albany, Twickenham

This is not a pub. Its a noisy restaurant.

10 Jun 2008 13:42

Old Manor, Bracknell

Slow staff and too focussed on food. Nice range of bitters though (when you eventually get served).

10 Jun 2008 09:41

The Plough And Harrow, Warfield

Nasty bitter as previous poster said. Horrible place.

10 Jun 2008 09:40

New Leathern Bottle, Jealotts Hill

I quite liked this place.

10 Jun 2008 09:39

The Shepherds House, Moss End

Revolting place. Pathetic plastic sheep everywhere. Rude staff shouting on their mobile phones. No idea how to run a pub. Avoid.

10 Jun 2008 09:38

Jack O'Newbury, Binfield

Traditional pub. Excellent beers. Friendly staff. Nothing negative to say about this place. Should be more pubs like this around.

10 Jun 2008 09:37

The Royal Standard, Binfield

Lovely pub. Friendly landlord..dart board. No smelly food wafting about. The only downside are the single mothers with brats that sometimes frequent putting you off your attempt at double top...Othwerwise excellent.

10 Jun 2008 09:36

The Stag and Hounds, Binfield

Bit food orientated but not at all bad. Lovely ale.

10 Jun 2008 09:33

Bridge, Bracknell

Quite simply the worst pub i have ever had the misfortune to visit. Absloutely disgusting. Ignorant slow staff. If youre not eating the processed microwaved shit that they sell then expect to be treated with disdain. Cant really be called a pub. Horrid.

10 Jun 2008 09:32

Goose At The Station, Bracknell

Rude staff and filthy glasses. Avoid.

10 Jun 2008 09:29

Red Lion, Bracknell

Oh dear. What a disgusting place this is. Went in with a mate for a lunchtime pint. Woman behind the bar was serving two girls (food order and 2 cokes - why dont these people go to a cafe ?) We were quite clearly next and yet she served 2 other people before us, again they ordered food 'can we have chips as well please'....again they didnt order alcohol. I had the temerity to politely mutter 'excuse me' to the landlady purely to gain her attention that we were STILL waiting. She launched into a tirade which went something like this "you'll get served when IM ready..these people are before you". Apart from the original snackers we were the only people in the pub. The latter couple arrived after us. As we all know there is an art to serving people in order. Indeed there was a chapter in a book called 'watching the English' devoted soley to the very same. Perhaps the harridan in this pub should have a read someday.
So after 20 minutes of frustration we got a bus back to work spitting feathers. Disgrace.

10 Jun 2008 09:29

The Three Compasses, Farringdon


10 Jun 2008 09:17

The Constitution, Pimlico

Please please please turn off MTV. Is a pub not for having a quiet drink and a chat ? This is impossible with gansta rap or what ever the filth is called blaring out. No one apart from the bar staff likes it.
The landlord does nothing when you ask for the racket to be turned down or preferably off. Otherwise ok..

10 Jun 2008 09:16

The Marquis Of Westminster, Victoria

Any pub with a sofa is a wrong un. End of story.

10 Jun 2008 09:13

The Elusive Camel, Victoria

Used to work round here and had the misfortune to pop in for a pint. Had to shout to the half dressed barperson due to the 'music' blaring out. Paid over 3 for a rancid pint of beer and was then presented with my change on a silver tray...
Were they expecting a tip ??
How disgustingly american and brash.
As far away from an English pub as you could possibly get. Glad its closed and hope it never reopens.

10 Jun 2008 09:11

The Railway Hotel, Hampton

Have to be honest...never liked this pub. It was a khazi before and now its a khazi with a lick of paint. Revolting place.

10 Jun 2008 09:05

The Railway Bell, Hampton

Nice bitters available. Half decent boozer this.

10 Jun 2008 08:58

The Worlds End, Hampton

Not much real ale / bitter. That said its not too bad.

10 Jun 2008 08:57

The Jolly Coopers, Hampton

Lovely traditional pub. Decent beers, friendly landlord. Just what an English pub should be.

10 Jun 2008 08:56

The Bell Inn, Hampton

More of a restaurant than a pub. A waste of a prime river location really. Ale was dodgy too.

10 Jun 2008 08:55

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