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Comments by mcroyal

Le Moulin de Lecq, St Ouen

The house beer is Liberation "Moulin Wheel Ale" (play on words!!) It's OK but they do have a guest beer as well. We always go here when in Greve and it is a loveley spot on a warm day with a cool beer and just away from the main touristy bits!

3 Sep 2014 12:30

The Royal, St Martin

A Randalls pub which is geared up for families and diners although they do still retain a "public/games bar". Nice patio and plenty of stuff for the little ones while you enjoy one of 3 beers on pump (Ringwood Best/Bankss Mild and Bass on my visit). Car park; disabled facilities and 3 buses to choose from (3/13/23 all go into the village). Nicely decorated and we were very happy with our visit.

3 Sep 2014 12:27

The British Union, St Lawrence

Thgis village pub has recently had a "makeover" and is now called The Saint Laurent. Its is right opposite the church and on the 27 bus route(from St.Helier) and 25 going back into town. Two bars - a thin narrow public bar where it can be hard work getting to the counter due to the width and the number of bar stools! The other bar "The Noshery" is mainly for food although you can get a drink there. Two handpumps but just the one beer (Black Sheep Bitter) when I visited. Quite pleasant but a bit awkward getting a drink in the bar - however, it was early Friday evening and there were a lot of locals carmmed round the counter. Worth the bus ride out of town.

3 Sep 2014 12:24

The Prince of Wales, St Helier

Looks like its had a refurbsihment. Very pleasant and comfortable inside with a couple of seating areas and a "hidden" patio garden at the rear (no kids). The old porcelain handpumps have gone and have been raplaced by new (but more - 8) beer engines. Good range of fairly standard brews (Courage/Bankss Mild/Ringwood/Spitfire/Doom Bar etc) but nice to see an increase in the beer numbers (they advertise their cask ales on large blackboards). Goodly range of whiskies. Nice little retreat from the bustling market next door.

3 Sep 2014 12:20

The Peirson, St Helier

Sitting next to The Cock and Bottle this is another nice little pub to enjoy a beer and watch the world go by. Liberation Ale was fine but didn't try the Bass. Food available and al-in-all a good little pub. The photo is out-of-date as the pub has been re-painted and usually has the canopies down over the outside seating.

3 Sep 2014 12:15

The Lamplighter, St Helier

I always visit The Lamplighter is only for the beer range! Probably the best selection on the island but I found the bar staff a bit curt and "only here for the wages" kind of attitude. Still the beer is good and place is usually heaving and lively! TV screens everywhere (but no sound) so you can keep with the footie results. Mulcaster Street gets very boistrous at the weekends wiith pubs/venue bars and take-aways so I usually go mid-week.

3 Sep 2014 12:12

The Exeter Inn, St Helier

Tried it again to see if it was any better than my last visit - wrong! The pub was Ok but the beer was totally undrinakable even though the barperson said she had just changed the barrel (I don't know what she chancged it into but is wasn't beer as we know it)

3 Sep 2014 12:08

The Cock and Bottle, St Helier

Another visit as this pub is excellent for a beer a snack and people watching. Always busy due to its location but we got a table OK. Liberation Ale was fine if not spectacular and they now offer a Craft Blonde Beer as well. Waiter/ress service appears only to be for food.

3 Sep 2014 12:06

Bond's, St Helier

Now totally gutted out and called "The Niche" aiming to be a sort of lounge/bistro/cocktail bar/pub - whatever!!

3 Sep 2014 12:03

The Old Portelet Inn, St Brelade

The number 12 bus will drop you off outside The Portelet Inn where they cater for everyone! Lounge bar; great outdoor seating areas with views over the bay; dining room and extensive kid's play area. Food ranges from snacks to full meals (we had a very acceptable beef and horseradish baguette) to go with the Betty Stoggs (or Ringwood Best) Bitter Lovely old farmhouse style of builoding with creeping ivy and loads of hanging baskets. Well worth a visit. Large car park for guests and some good walks from the pub (including down to the little Portelet beach)

3 Sep 2014 12:02

La Pulente, St Brelade

After our walk down the beach from Jersey Pearl we were in need of some refreshment before the bus back to town so it was a return visit to La Pulente. This time we sat outside on the patio and enjoyed the views over the bay as well as a very good pint of Betty Stoggs (huge difference since my last visit - in fact I had a second pint). They do lunchtime and evening food but as with most pubs on Jersey you should check times as they can vary between summer and winter months. This was a pleasant visit and I enjoyed the beer so would recommend it.

3 Sep 2014 11:57

The Rozel Bay Hotel, Rozel

A couple of things have changed at The Rozel - the pub now opens 11-11 (but check during winter months) and the No.3 bus now stops on the main road rather than the old terminus. Liberation Ale and Draught Bass were on tap and they serve food; have a pool table and terraced patio areas. There is a small car park (parking is very difficult in the village so take the hourly bus service). This is a pleasant bar in a pleasant little port and is worth the bus journey (you can visit other pubs as well on the 3 route).

3 Sep 2014 11:54

The Pembroke Hotel, Grouville

I took the bus (1/1a/2) out from St.Helier to have another look at The Pembroke - its' a good boozer with a smarter lounge bar. The main drinking area is plsit into a bar and a games room with pool table; TV and by the looks of the equipment - regular music events. They have a patio area for kids; a car park and a open fire in winter. Beers available were Cocky Blonde from Jennings and Spitfire and I was told by the cheery landlady that the locals pick the guest ales from a brewery list and that they change on a regular basis. The pub opens for breakfast at 9.30 and food is served lunchtimes and evenings.

3 Sep 2014 11:50

The Forresters Arms, Beaumont

This pub is currently closed and is "To Let". However, it and the ajoining property are both available "for alternative usage" so the Foresters may be under threat.

3 Sep 2014 11:40

Little Fifteen, Wigan

First time visit to Little Fifteen after being told about it at Fifteens of Swinley! Similar style of "clutter" decor with different types of furniture at every turn! As was mentioned only two beers on tap and the "house beer" was pretty average to say the least. One of team had Ice Maiden from Hart of Preston which was better. We did eat here and the food was erved quickly and was prefectly acceptable - looks mlike mtheir Steak and Ale is home made as you get a portion of it rather then one of those "individual" pies. Busy but efficient escpecially as 5 of us were all trying to order food at the same time but paying separately (how an nyoing for the staff is that). Anyway, this bar forms part of a nice little crawl in Wallgate and is worth a look.

10 Aug 2014 11:33

Fifteens of Swinley, Wigan

Didn't have any problem with the service and were even offered tasters of the beers - which sadly were very limited and we ended up with Thwaites Wainwright (nothing wrong with it but we expected a beer choice of more local micro beers).
The pub was rather empty this time round (last time it was heaving due to rugby league on the telly). Worth the walk from the town cente - the pub is in Wigan even though the Beer guide lists it under Swinley!

10 Aug 2014 11:28

The Berkeley, Wigan

Friendly welcome on our most recent visit - good range of beers (Copper Dragon Summer Ale plus 2 very good ones from Reedley Hallows Brewery). Didn't eat but just had a pint. Only spoilt by a few very loud Wigan fans who for their age were acting like schoolkids! Shame - this pub does get very busy with music nights etc.

10 Aug 2014 11:25

Anvil, Wigan

Another football match and another visit to The Anvil. As usual a great selection of beers - always start with Hydes and then move onto their own beers and guests. Nice to sit outside on a warm sunny day with a cool tasty pint - however, due to some problem with the council they have stopped doing rolls which threw us as we had always banked on a few pints a nd a couple of their great value rolls (baps). So we had to divert to another pub for food but cam back after the game to finish off what we had started beer-wise.
Don't know how "beerinthe morning" missed the televisions - they are quite prominate in this sports orientated bar.

10 Aug 2014 11:22

The Roundhead, Reading


24 Jul 2014 22:40

The Rising Sun, Reading


24 Jul 2014 22:39

Queen Elizabeth, Reading


24 Jul 2014 22:37

Old Orleans, Reading


24 Jul 2014 22:35

The Malthouse, Reading

How do you get changes made to the pub information given on BITE? Another one which had not been updated. It is quite obvious that BITE does not actually exist and only keeps going because WE put in the details!!!!

24 Jul 2014 22:31

The Maidens, Reading

As noted - this pub shut over a year ago (at least) and is now a supermarket. HOW DO YOU GET BITE TO CHANGE THE INFORMATION !!!!??????

24 Jul 2014 22:29

The Horncastle, Reading

This pub is now under threat of closure and conversion to some other use

24 Jul 2014 22:26

The Granby, Reading

Pub is closed and may still become a supermarket. How do I change the information and keep it updated on the BITE site???

24 Jul 2014 22:23

Polish Gospoda, Reading

This pub is now called The Royal and has its own local trade.

24 Jul 2014 22:21

The Reform Inn, Pilton

A good walk from the station but this was the pub I had come to Barnstaple to try so it was best foot forward and.... The Reform is slightly hidden away off the main road but there is a pub sign high up on the roof to guide you! It's a straightforward boozer with very few frills but a very friendly barmaid and I was lucky enough to tag onto a party who were given a look at the brewery at the back. Not much to see to be honest but the others seemed quite happy with the visit! Three of their beers were available and although they were not stunning they were OK and I had a pint of the Barum Original and one of the EPA both of which went down well enough. If you are ever in Barnstaple you must go to The Reform and try the beer and decide for yourself.

22 Jul 2014 12:25

Panniers, Barnstaple

Long and thinnish bar which was packed when I visited. Yes, there were some very large and noisy people seated near to me whose company I did not want so I got my beers and moved away - several times actually as the place was so busy I had to find a spot without the local oiks being present! That said, the beer range was fine (Teignworthy/Exmoor and others) and it was in good nick. Usual Wetherspoons offerings but quick service this time - they did seem to have enough staff! Sadly I think it is a section of the clientele who let the place down!

22 Jul 2014 12:19

The Anchor, Cockwood

Yes indeed this is the touristy pub of the two but it is easy to see why! Lovely setting by the harbour and if you get a seat outside you can enjoy your beer as you watch the trains speed across the bridge and embankment! There are little boats in the harbour and it is all very pleasant! We didn't eat but they were doing food (all day during the summer by the looks of it) but we managed to get a table on the front patio (next to the old red telephone box and the old red post box !!) so we could watch the trains and on the little narrow lane - the cars; pedestrians and cyclists pushing for position! The pub is a rambling old building with thre or four rooms and some interesting bits and bobs around the walls etc., but it's main feature - on a warm sunny day - is the outside seating where we enjoyed Tintagel Brewery "Gold" whi ch was just prefect as it was light hoppy and very refreshing. They also did Dartmoor beers as well as a house beer from Otter (Otter Amber actually!). The buses - which are very frequent during the day stop and pick-up at the end of the lane on the main road.

22 Jul 2014 12:12

The Ship At Cockwood, Cockwood

It was a nice day so the three of us took the train from Exeter to Starcross and then bus to Cockwood Harbour to enjoy both the Ship and The Anchor. What a good choice - the weather was lovely and both pubs were excellent. The Ship gave us the chance ot try Bays Brewery Topsail which was very nice indeed (2 pints of that one) They also had three other beers and the pub is a nice little "olde-worlde" place with a pleasant patio area to the side. Perhaps a tadge on the low-key side for service (I always give points for a nice friendly welcome to new customers which then makes you feel at home and want to stay). Anyway the beer was fine and we enjoyed the pub in the sunshine.

22 Jul 2014 12:00

The Well House, Exeter

Sitting outside on a warm evening (10 pm and still lightish) we e njoyed a couple of beers - Otter; Hanlon's and a couple of guests. Good condition if not stunningly brilliant, but just the place to sit and watch the comings and goings around the cathedral area. A sort of "alehouse" feel inside and perhaps a bit dark although it has huge front windows if you can get a seta there. Nice place for a beer and always very popular.

22 Jul 2014 11:54

The Old Fire House, Exeter

An interesting and ecclectic place and well worth a visit. Looks like it sells more cider than beer but we had a reasonable choice of local and not so local brews - straight from the barrel. Food is available and they have music nights ( there's a small stage which doubles as seating during the day). This bar is near the main shopping centre and we used it as a stop-off point halfway to the football ground although please don't think about wearing colours in any way - you just won't get in and it's not that kind of place anyway!

22 Jul 2014 11:51

The Imperial, Exeter

Take the trouble to make the short (uphill) journey from St.Davids station to The Imperial - it is worth it. This is a grand manor house with a superb orangery and is definitely one of Wetherspoon's most iinteresting properties. All the usual offers for food etc., but the beer range was good between all the bars, and the beer was in good condition. Plenty of staff on duty when I went which was good to see. Huge garden; car park (you have to pay initially) and some fine fittings inside. Worth a visit.

22 Jul 2014 11:47

The Great Western Hotel, Exeter

As one tourist said as she checked-in "What do you mean you don't have an elevator!" Tried to book a room via internet only to be told they had double-booked me and I had to go elsewhere which I think was actually a good result! Yes indeed the sad old bar does have a tremendous selection of beers and mostly in good nick, but the entire place is in desperate need of some TLC !
and juging by some comments at the bar, the bedrooms are in a pretty poor state. However, this is a beer report and if you are waiting for a train, then wait here as you'll get a good choice and a good pint!

22 Jul 2014 11:43

The Chevalier Inn, Exeter

Handy for central exeter - barmaid was friendly enough. Standard 'spoons offerings. Not much else to be said really!

22 Jul 2014 11:39

The Three Horseshoes, Bradford on Avon

Terrific eclectic little pub near the station. Well kept beers and an intersting selection. Don't come here for designer furniture; a la carte food or classicla music - this is a good honest boozer with good beer and a great mix of customers. Lively brash and boistrious! Excellent! Worth missing a train for.

2 Jul 2014 16:28

The Swan, Bradford on Avon

Greene King hotel with a bar (locals and guests all welcome). We had some of GK's world cup beer (Brasilia) which was very good! It has all the facilities you would expect from a town centre hotel and it was actually a very pleasant visit. Prices are "hotel rates".

2 Jul 2014 16:25

The Rising Sun, Bradford on Avon

Loved it - it is a proper boozer out of the town centre and well worth the long uphill walk. Three beers (Courage Best still sells well here). and great banter with the locals. No frills, this is a great place for a pint or two.

2 Jul 2014 16:23

The Lock Inn Cafe (Canal Side Cafe), Bradford on Avon

I pressed the wrong button so my comments are listed under The Masons Arms if you want to read them but I did like this little bar/cafe/restaurant by the canal.

2 Jul 2014 16:21

The Masons Arms, Bradford on Avon

Sorry folks - pressed the wrong button. This report is for The Lock !

2 Jul 2014 16:20

The Masons Arms, Bradford on Avon

This is The Lock and it's right by the lock; canal bridge and road. Great little place which is a cross between a bar a cafe and a restaurant. Excellent canalside seating and local beers (K&A Brewery). Food looked interesting but we didn't eat.
An intriguing little spot and worth a visit.

2 Jul 2014 16:19

The Castle, Bradford on Avon

I was knackered by the time we reached this pub but it was worth it ! Good beer and they did food up to 10pm (try their tapas style snacks - good value and substantial portions). Well furnished in "modern-traditional" (go and see what I mean). Very busy but we didn;t wait long for a beer or food. Nice garden and great views over the town and valley. Shows what can be done to a an old pub if you try!

2 Jul 2014 16:17

The Barge Inn, Bradford on Avon

Great position - right on the canal by the basin and the lock so you can watch the comings-and-goings as you sup your beer. We had Ringwood Boondoggle which was very good,but they also had another 3 beers available including Bath Ales Bellringer and Jennings Cumberland Ale (beers change regularly). Food available but we didn't eat but many others were. Car Park; patio and canalside garden - all very pleasant.

2 Jul 2014 16:13

The Three Magpies, Sells Green

We had time for a quick pint before catching our bus to Devizes (the pub is handy for the canal and the buses are approx. hourly). Large roadside inn on a bend in the village. Wadworth beers. Comfortably furnished. Landlord was chatty but the beer was average to poor (IPAnema football ale). TV was on but low-key. It is worth a visit if you are on the K&A canal and need a beer but there are better places around.

2 Jul 2014 16:11

The Vaults, Devizes

A new and bold venture in a town dominated ny Wadworths,so it was a nice change to find some local (and some not so local ales on handpump). This is a long narrow bar which does indeed have the feel of a vault and I think they have a basement room as well? Cheery helpful service and our Titanic and Tiny Rebel beers were superb. Newspapers available and they have a large selection of bottled beers as well as draught (the bar is owned by the new Kennet & Avon Brewery whose beers are only available in bottle at the moment. We enjoyed it and went back for last hours as they close early in the evening (around 9pm from memory). Recommended especially as a change from Waddies.

2 Jul 2014 16:07

The Southgate, Devizes

I have to agree with a lot of what TWG says. This is a good boozer with Hop Back beers (which I do like) and friendly locals. We watched the second half of the football and fortunately the beer was far better than the match! Well worth the longish walk from the town. Note the opening hours!!

2 Jul 2014 16:03

Silk Mercer, Devizes

This was one of the better 'spoons with good prompt service; a decent range of beers and a good mix of clientele. We watched the England game (first half) and had one of their steak dinners which whilst not being haute cuisine was filling and very acceptable - especially for the price. Worth a look in but try The Vaults next door as well.

2 Jul 2014 16:01

Lamb Inn, Devizes

A gem of a pub - virtually unspoilt with original fittings and several little drinking areas. Outside seating at the rear and a pool room. We enjoyed Wadworth's IPAnema "world cup" beer which was light and refreshing and not too strong. Very much a locals pub although I suspect that many visitors will pop in to enjoy the interioir of this fine old pub.

2 Jul 2014 15:58

The British Lion, Devizes

Make sure you get to this pub if no others in Devizes. Take the short walk from the town centre to this traditional boozer which keeps excellent ales - a mix of local berweries and guest ales from around the country. It is a place for conversation and beer although there is a pool table if you need it. We were mainly drinking the Otter Ale but there were 3 beers on tap and all were good (you have to try them all you know!) Great boozer.

2 Jul 2014 15:56

The Bear Hotel, Devizes

Grand old market town hotel with some very nice features. There's a bar at the front and lounge and dining facilities towards the rear. It really is a landmark in the town. Wadworth's beer which we found to be in very good condition (the IPA was much better than I've had in other Waddie's pubs). Bus stops are just nearby and the Bear is definitely worth a visit.

2 Jul 2014 15:53

Somerset Arms, Semington

We were on the canal so after doing the locks we were ready for a beer and this was the perfect place to head for. A very smart village pub with restaurant facilities seating at the front and a rear patio and very friendly and cheery staff - and good beer! (My Rudgate Top Spin was excellent - cool and refreshing on a balmy evening). We were going into Melksham but had one pint there and returned for more ale at The Somerset instead! (ps the bus timetable in the shellter is out of date - use the one across the road). Excellent pub and handy for the canal. The sandwiches are very good too. Recommneded.

2 Jul 2014 15:49

Alto Lounge, Reading

It looks like there has been a change of policy with the company who own this and other "Lounges" as the handpulled beer has gone and has been replaced with a "craft" brew called Cruiser. It comes from the Bristol Beer Factory and is described as an Amercian style IPA. It wasn't available on my last visit so I can't comment on the taste or quality but we have lost a real ale .

8 Jun 2014 12:40

The Beehive, Wandsworth

I had a very enjoyable visit to this little Fullers pub ( a good walk up the hill from Clapham Junction station)A friendly atmosphere and I had a half of Fuller's Fools Gold and a half of Liberation Ale (from Jersey) - both of which were in good nick.They do food and have TVs for sport and it was a very pleasant visit and one to be repeated.

8 Jun 2014 12:33

Powder Keg Diplomacy, Battersea

This is one of these new trendy eclectic style bistro bars which are popping up all over London these days. It is certainly worth a visit just for the decor alone but they do have a couple of beers on handpump and several "craft" ales as well. It is not cheap but worth at least one visit (actually I would probably go back again). The beers tended to be on the stronger side so halves were in order but it was an experience and an interesting place (almost next to The Beehive) and a healthy walk up from Clapham Junction station although there are plenty of buses which stop nearby.

8 Jun 2014 12:27

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Always worth calling in to The Falcon and this time they really did have a terrific selection of beers from around the country so I stuck to halves and got through as many as I could. It's a busy place but as with so many large pubs these days they didn't have enough staff on duty. However, I got lucky and was served pretty quickly on each round despite so many customers paying with cards which seems to take forever! Being so handy for the railway station and the buses it would be criminal not to visit The Falcon and missing a few trains for!

8 Jun 2014 12:23

The Royal Bar, Perth

One room; central servery; a few tables and chairs and Inveralmond beer but totally local trade and not very welcoming - we were looking for "the blue beer" which Inveralmond brewery had made for the Saints Cup Final match but the unhelpful and unfriendly barman said he didn't have it even though we were told they did!! Will not bother with this place again unless it changes hands.

20 May 2014 11:13

Dickens, Perth

Too loud! What was the Central Bar some years ago (with fabulous McEwans windows and a central bar servery) is now just anothe boozer with not a lot going for it. OK it did have Inveralmnd Independance Ale wich was drinkable but nothing special (shame is it is a good beer brewed in the City). We had to shout at each other to be heard and I think I will skip next time I'm in Perth - even though they did have St.Johnstone banners and posters up following the team's Scottish Cup success!

20 May 2014 11:11

The Wee Howff, Paisley

I thought I had been here before and recognised it as soon as I walked in - long and thin with basically local trade and I was the only one drinking the real ale. The choice was poor (Old Golden Hen or Black Sheep Bitter - so I had the third beer - Flying Scotsman which was OK but nothing special). I had to leave however as the music was so loud I couldn't hear the barmaid or anything else for that matter. She did try to turn the jukebox down but it was no use - I had to go and headed back to the station and The Last Post before my ears exploded. This is a pub I would class as "been there done it - no need to go back"

20 May 2014 11:06

The Last Post, Paisley

I popped in for a quick couple of halves before my train back to Glasgow and found it OK. The toilets were being upgraded so the only Gents loo was the disabled(enough said). The beer was fine and I didn't wait long to be served - it was lunchtime but not too busy. Standard spoons offerings but good between trains!

20 May 2014 11:01

The Bull Inn, Paisley

Oldboots has pretty well summed up this little gem - Loch Lomond and Eden ales on my visit and both very good. It's in CAMRA's list of unspolit pubs and should be seen. Food is available and the loos have obviously been done out recently as they are modern bright and clean. I liked it and would recommend a visit.

20 May 2014 10:57

The Three Judges, Partick Cross

Take the subway to Kelvinhall - cross the road and go into the Three Judges. That's all I need to say!

20 May 2014 10:53

Esquire House, Anniesland

Right across the road from Anniesland station - a modern style 'spoons which was quite bright and airywith an acceptable range of Scottish beers. Not bad overall.

20 May 2014 10:52

The Toby Jug, Glasgow

A busy wee bar just over the road from Central station but it doesn't have the beer range it used to - Taylor's Landlord is fine but not Scottish and Greene King IPA is - some would say - not worth crossing the road for but I suppose these are "guest" ales in a Glasgow pub.

20 May 2014 10:48

Tennents Bar, Glasgow

This is a large drinking den of the best sort! Lots of beers (though too many standard brands for me) and always rammed! If you find a seat hang on to it! Well-staffed and they do whisky offers as well as the beer. TV screens for sport and a good stop on the Byres Road/Hillhead pub crawl.

20 May 2014 10:46

The State Bar, Glasgow

A good solid pub with a range of ales (most of which came from South of the Border but when they are Oakham and Dark Star you don't mind!) Dark interior which gives it a bit of an atmosphere - central bar with high stools and window shelves as well as some tables and chairs at the rear. Pretty good overall - I jumped between here and the Wetherspoons across the road (they had more Scottish ales available)

20 May 2014 10:43

The Society Rooms, Glasgow

Not a bad Wetherspoons (OK Lloyds) and a decent beer - busy at weekends when they have music and doormen but it's alright alhough a bit young for me.

20 May 2014 10:40

The Ritz Bar, Glasgow

Now called something llike The Black Sparrow? Not what is used to be anyway!

20 May 2014 10:37

The Pot Still, Glasgow

Lovely little pub just off the city centre but worth finding. Four cask ales available -in good form-and over 600 whiskies according to the barman. Didn't notice any whiff from the loos but I just enjoyed the atmosphere and spent hours looking at the range of bottles behind the bar - most of which I had never heard of and I come from whisky country - somebody must be drinking them!

20 May 2014 10:36

The Old Toll Bar, Glasgow

This fine old pub which had some superb architectural features is currently shut and it's future looks in doubt. Hopefully it may be saved.

20 May 2014 10:32

Laurieston, Glasgow

I am going to rate this bar very highly indeed as it had everything I like - it is great example of a Glasgow boozer of the 1960's with all the fittings still there right down to the 2-tier formica tables which are screwed to the floor; the panelling; the photos and even the warm cabinet for the pie and beans! Very cheery;friendly and helpful staff (the guvnor even wears a shirt and tie - as it should be). This is virtually the brewrey tap for Fyne Ales and their "Jarl" was superb. Two of their others beers were also on tap but I stuck with Jarl as it is a terrific ale. This is a pub you must visit to get a true flavour of a proper Sxottish bar. Take the subway to Bridge Street or simply walk over the bridge from the city centre - it's not far and very worth while.

20 May 2014 10:30

Inn Deep, Glasgow

I must have been the oldest person in this pub but that didn't put me off - a very different kind of bar with a different type of beer selection and had it not been well past my bedtime I would have tried more of them. It is very busy; very young and dare I say trendy?; very pleasant by the riverside and very handy for my hotel and Kelvinbridge subway station. Go and have a look and a beer - it is well worth seeing.

20 May 2014 10:21

The Horseshoe Bar, Glasgow

This is a Glasgow institution! The largest continuous bar in the world according to the sign! A mix of Scottish and guest ales from "the South" although you have to look for the pumps as every inch of the bar is covered with beer taps! Don't miss the pie and beans. A very busy bar right in the herat of the city - so handy for Central station and only a couple of minutes walk from Queen Street. The only downside? - there are television screens everywhere (and I mean everywhere)and although there's generally no sound I found them intrusive! Having said that - I'll be back!

20 May 2014 10:16

Hengler's Circus, Glasgow

Agreed that The State bar is a better boozer but I was impressed with the range of Scottish beers in this 'spoons bar. All in good nick and the staff were very helpful although the pub wasnt all that busy so they had a bit more time than usual. Charing Cross train station is just round the corner and there is even a bus terminus in Holland Street at the side so it's easy to get to here

20 May 2014 10:04

Edward Wylie, Glasgow

I liked it - the beer was good (Loch Lomond Ales being particularly nice stuff). I stuck to halves so that I could try a few - one of which was naff but the barman changed it for me without question if though it wasn't "off". CAMRA friendly with a little "information desk" in one corner. It's a good walk up Bothwell Street but a handy stop if your'e walking to Charing Cross from the City Centre.

20 May 2014 09:59

The Drum and Monkey, Glasgow

Sadly I didn't have a beer in here as "gas pumps" had packed up so there was no real ale available (apparently they use gas to help get the beer up the long distance from the cellar). Nice building and Nicholson's pubs are usually pretty good so another visit is required.

20 May 2014 09:56

Curlers Tavern, Glasgow

Friday night, very busy,no grief from the "doorman";decent beer but I didn't see much of the place due to the number of people in the room. Will go again - it is next door to Hillhead Subway station and a part of the Byres Road pub crawl.

20 May 2014 09:53

Counting House, Glasgow

Fabulous building which was an old bank - the safes are still in the wall!. Penty of room inside and of course that magnificent dome! Lots of staff on duty so no queue for a beer - which was probably the largest selection of Scottish ales I saw during my visit to Glasgow - very impressive (around 16 pumps). Usual Wetherspoon's offers on food etc., but this bar is worth a visit if not for the beer then for the architecture alone!

20 May 2014 09:50

The Bon Accord, Glasgow

Great range of beer - from all over the place - great range of whisky - good atmosphere and well worth a visit (take the train to Charing Cross and then get over the motorway!!) Split level drinking areas with a sort of "beerhouse" decor to it.

20 May 2014 09:45

The Blackfriars, Glasgow

I think I went at the wrong time because there wasn't one pump clip on the handpulls and it looked like there was simply no real ale available - so I left! I've been before so know it is good but "bad luck this time".

20 May 2014 09:40

The Babbity Bowster, Glasgow

It's Cup Final Saturday lunchtime and the pub is rammed but there is not one iota of hassle - in fact two sets of supporters were here for just one/two things - the beer and the food. The beer, Fyne Ales "Jarl" was indeed excellent and they also had a Harviestoun and a Deuchars beer on. Haggis,neeps and tatties were being downed like there was no tomorrow and the pub must have made a fortune! Despite it being so busy I didn't wait long for my beer as they had enough staff and even one person who just collected and washed glasses. This is a super little pub (with B&B as well) and it should not be missed. They often have ad hoc music sessions (accoustic) which are popular.

20 May 2014 09:38

Highlander, Scarborough

Missed out on their 2 steaks and a bottle of wine for £20.00 offer so just had a beer instead. Wasn't too impressed with the Wold Top Bitter (not the pub's fault - just not to my taste). Pleasant enough - and busy enough - little lounge bar and very handy for our hotel next door !!

5 May 2014 23:22

North Riding Hotel, Scarborough

The only home-brew they had on our visit was far too strong so we had something a bit lighter from another Yorkshire brewery and then squeezed ourselves into the lounge bar as the main room was packed with people watching the footie (nothing wrong with that of course unless you can't get a seat!!) Had a couple of beers and would go back again on a quieter session when I could judge the place better.

5 May 2014 23:19

Lord Rosebery, Scarborough

We had a disagreement with one of the bar staff who insisted that food finished at 10.45 and not 11 as it states on the posters, so we left and went for a curry!

5 May 2014 23:15

Indigo Alley, Scarborough

Last pub on a brief pub crawl so memory is a bit vague but I seemed to recall it being a music venue with the added pleasure of decent real ale. A bit "eclectic" if that's the correct term?

5 May 2014 23:13

The Golden Ball, Scarborough

Only had time for a quick half of Sam Smith's Bitter but would certainly go back again when I could spend some more drinking time in what seems to be a pretty good harbourside bar.

5 May 2014 23:10

The Alma Inn, Scarborough

Great little back-street boozer which is just off the main centre and very handy for the station. Four of us had a very pleasant couple of pints each (Copper Dragon Best being very good) and enjoyed the friendly atmosphere. Lots of nick-nacks everywhere help to make this a pub not to be missed.

5 May 2014 23:07

The Helter Skelter, Frodsham

We enjoyed this place and had some good food in the upstairs room. The bar was busy and the beer selection excellent. It was a very pleasant evening and we would recommend this little bar to anyone. The one across the road (as mentioned before) is Kash 22 which is a sister pub to one in Chester (BlueBall and RedBall mini-breweries). This one had a great atmosphere with a very good live band playing 1970's rock. They have their own beers on cask and keg and we tried a couple which were not totally to my taste but my friends liked them OK. They do food - burgers etc., but we felt that Helter Skelter had the better menu and we plumped for that instead. Frodsham actually looked quite good for pubs but we didn't have enough tie to do more than two as we had to get a taxi back to our narrow boat on the river (some distance from the town).

21 Apr 2014 10:15

Penny Black, Northwich

This has to be the best pub in Northwich town centre and Wetherspoons have made a decent job of converting the old post office into a bar. We ate there on curry night and for 3 of us a total of just under £18.00 inlcuding pints of real ale was pretty good by anyone's standards. There'splenty of space with sie rooms off at the front and a huge bar area (slightly spoilt by the banks of fruit machines). Local brews as well as a few left over from the recent beer festival but I was all OK.

21 Apr 2014 10:06

The Beehive, Northwich

Looked pretty closed when we passed but that's a shame as it is a very attractive little pub with original signage and stonework. Ex.Greenall Whitley (as were most pubs in the town).

21 Apr 2014 10:03

The Queens Arms, Winsford

It's a Wetherspoons in what must have been an old pub building and it has the usual 'spoons offerings. The beer was pretty good though and it was a good find in a pretty naff town. The view from the front patio is not of glorious summer fields with trees and babbling brooks - it's a 1960's hideous shopping centre (complete with "Chic-o-land" take-away)and a taxi drop-off-point. If you are cruising on the river then this is a good walk up the hill (you may prefer The Red Lion at Winsford Bridge) but if you want a decent [pint and some food at a very reasonable price then The Queens Arms can offer it.

21 Apr 2014 10:00

The Duke Of Wellington, Wareham

An excellent little pub - just of the town centre - which offers a good range of beers included some local brews. In fact we stayed for 2 rounds - the Yeovil Glory being exceptionally good! As with The Kings Arms there is plenty of good banter here and a great atmosphere. Very friendly staff and if we didn't have to catch a train I dare say we would have stopped here all afternoon! Don't miss it.

12 Apr 2014 13:18

Kings Arms, Wareham

Super little pub and well worth ther brisk walk from the station. It retains its genuine "olde-worlde" atmosphere with 2 rooms some corridor seating and a dining are at the back. Lovely feel to the place and very friendly. We just missed out on the Betty Stoggs Bitter so settled for the Ringwood Best and were told that their beer range is slightly limited by the Pubco which owns the place but the beer was in good nick and the banter very enjoyable. (It is such a shame that these pubcos don't allow better local choices for their licensees - Adnams from Suffolk and Shepherd Neame from Kent plus Youngs Special from Bedford were on tap whilst local Dorset brews were absent!) Still ,don't let this put you off - this is a highyl recommonded little boozer!

12 Apr 2014 13:14

The Red Lion Hotel, Wareham

Large imposiing old street-corner building which is now part of the Greene King hotels chain. It has been modernised but still has something of the old charm of a bygone era about it. We sat in the spacious bar area which was comfortably furnished and quite "genteel". Friendly barmaid who offered us a selection of 6 beers which included a couple of GK products as well as as guest ales. Both our beers were in good condition (Cask Marque) and although this is not a "pub" it is the kind of place you could take the wife and inlaws to !

12 Apr 2014 13:08

The Porterhouse, Westbourne

Have to say that our Ringwood best was fine and the pub OK - not much else in the area so you "pays your money and you takes your choice" as they say!!

12 Apr 2014 12:49

The Cricketers Arms, Springbourne

Probably the best pub in Bournemouth and a long-standing favourite of real ale fans. Not far from the station (walkable) and well worth it. The interior is also worth noting - have a look at the old boxing room with its high ceiling and some nice old windows and panelling. A real gem with a friendly landlady and a really good atmosphere. Three beers including one from the new Southbourne Brewery - all beers were in good condition if a bit pricey for the area but this is probably a result of Enterprise Inns taking their rake-off!! This pub is highly recommended.

12 Apr 2014 12:47

Sixty Million Postcards, Bournemouth

Part of a chain (we think it's M&B) but a fun outlet with 3 real ales including the very mind-blowing Shanaker IPA from Great Heck Brewery (6%) Outside seating at the front; plenty of junk around the place which gives it its atmospehere. Food is interesting including macaroni cheese in various guises. I have used the Oakford Social Club in Reading which is the same chain and the beer there has always been good so this place is welcome in Bournemouth. We sat and watched them building the two new Hilton hotels across the road !

12 Apr 2014 12:43

The Moon in the Square, Bournemouth

We just had time for one beer before the bus to the football and it was beer festival time so we had some tasters which were fine. I was told that there is a CAMRA LocAle bar upstairs so another visit beckons.

12 Apr 2014 12:39

The Mary Shelley, Bournemouth

Oddly shaped 'Spoons/LLoyds bar but the beer was fine and that's about it!

12 Apr 2014 12:37

The Inferno, Bournemouth

Apparently they have installed a micro-brewery upstairs but we didn't find it as the pub was shut for refurbishment ! Perhaps next time?

12 Apr 2014 12:36

Goat and Tricycle, Bournemouth

Two pubs in one! The left hand one being an old Whitbread (Strongs or Brickwoods I would guess) with lovely tiling on the frontage. Inside it is pleasant enough and the barmaid was cheery and friendly. However I think they simply have too many beers on and - has already been said - not enough local brews! We had Hydes Bitter which was OK but I had the feeling that this pub is in the Good Beer Guide simply because there's nothing else in town! Hopefully I can be proved wrong.

12 Apr 2014 12:35

Daisy O'Briens, Bournemouth

One of those old Irish-themed bars which I think have had their day! This is small with all the usual bric-a-brac you would expect ! What was different was the Ringwood Best Bitter which if a bit metallic was drinkable and a nice find in a town of very few real ale pubs (especially in this part of the shopping centre).

12 Apr 2014 12:31

The Christopher Creeke , Bournemouth

The picture is obviously old as it is now a Wetherspoons and has their usual offerings. It was beer festival time when we went so we had a couple of tasters which were fine. Nothing much else to say about it really.

12 Apr 2014 12:28

The Branksome Arms, Bournemouth

Closed and fittings removed (apart from some furniture). No idea why but there it is! However, if you are passing the area take a look at the superb Eldridge Pope mural on the outside wall - fabulous!

12 Apr 2014 12:27

The Bakers Arms, Bournemouth

It's closed - what a shame as it was very good once-upon-a-time and must have so much real ale potential in a town of few decent outlets.

12 Apr 2014 12:25

The Barrowboy and Banker, London Bridge

Goldings comments are pretty spot on - massive and impressive bar with a dining area up the grand staircase. Some very elegant (and probably expensive fittings) but why the TVs and screen - totally out of keeping and unnecssary! The guest beer was the very excellent Castle Rock Harvest Pale Ale and it was good - mind you at £4.25 a pint it should be !! Plenty of staff on when we went so we didn't have to wait long for service. Bouncer on the door but no hassle (no entry for football colours) but we had to leave as we had a child with us and we were directed upstairs - but it wasn't suitable for drinking only. Worth a look in as it is a sight to see and perhaps just the one beer?

12 Apr 2014 12:21

The Woodman, Birmingham

The Woodman is now officially in New Canal Street but who cares - it is a super place and well worth the short walk from Moor Street/New Street stations. The beer range has improved beyond measure since our last visit and we enjoyed Castle Rock; Sarah Hughes and Mallisons amongst others. We also decided to eat here this time and I would recommend their burgers but beware of the horseradish sauce - it will blow your head off! Efficient friendly service and if Curzon Street station (HS2) ever gets built then this place will be a little goldmine. Not that it isn't at the moment! Highly recommended.

24 Mar 2014 10:22

The Lamp Tavern, Birmingham

Back in The Lamp again after footie and not disappointed! Great beer and they now have their own little brewery (on the roof). It's called The Rock and Roll Brewhouse and the American IPA we had was called Brew Springstein !! Brilliant.

24 Mar 2014 10:17

Bacchus, Birmingham

First time in here - you have to go just to look at the decor! It is grand; elegant; different; pastiche;genuine; arty-farty - whatever! It's a mix and is worth seeing. It is run by the Nicholson's chain so there was (or should have been) a good selection of ales. However some were not available and their serving policy is wierd to say the least. We stood at the bar waiting to get our drinks whilst staff watzed to and fro none of them serving! One girl appeared to be the only staff member "on duty". however a chap standing next to us got servied before us and when we complained to the young barman who had suddenly turned up he told us that where we were standing was not in his serving area so he served the next gut!! We waited and eventually got our beer. So it's a fascinating place which needs more staff (Saturday 6.30pm). Worth a look though.

24 Mar 2014 10:14

Sir Norman Rae, Shipley

Looks like it has impoved since the last visitor for although it a barn of a place and still feels like an old department store my beer was good and the barmaid was very pleasant and told me not to use my CAMRA vouchers as the ales were on special offer that day so at £1.59 a pint I wasn't complaining.

24 Mar 2014 10:08

Fanny's Ale And Cider House, Saltaire

Enjoyed a couple of good beers in here after the short walk (uphill) from the station. Yorkshire ales take top spot and with the "alehouse" decor and nice little drinking areas this is a pub I could have stayed in longer - in fact I went across the road to The Victoria (GBG2014) to find it up for let and with a very indifferent foreign lady behind the bar but worse the beer was off! Wish I'd stayed in Fanny's.

24 Mar 2014 10:06

Myrtle Grove, Bingley

It's a 'spoons and all that goes with it. However my beer was fine and I got served quickly. They were promoting local breweries which was good to see. i know it's a family pub but I had to leave when the kids started screaming!!

24 Mar 2014 10:03

Off The Tap, Bingley

This is basically a shop unit with a bar but don't let that put you off - if you want a decent range of beer (mainly straight from the cask) then this is the place to go. It is spartan inside but it's the beer that matters. There are pictures and pump clips etc round the walls and magazines to read as well as a couple of tables outside. Handy for the station and town centre.

24 Mar 2014 10:00

The North Bar, Leeds

Definitely eclectic! A little shop-like bar with a range of cask and "craft" ales. Note the old photo booth and the list of beers they have had printed on the wall.
Younger persons bar but I didn't feel out of place even though I am well past it!
I managed not to give in to the very tempting carrot and orange cake on offer!!
Stays open late.

13 Mar 2014 12:35

Mr Foley's Cask Ale House, Leeds

I think I am right in saying this is a York Brewery outlet - it certainly had their beers on when I visited (plus guest ales as well) Spacious enough and very pleasant with upstairs seating areas. Nice old building near the spendid town hall. Makes part of a good pub crawl with the Town Hall Tavern; Veritas and Victoria all close by)

13 Mar 2014 12:31

The Hop, Leeds

Good use of the railway arches but the entrance is on the river/canal side. Within easy walking distance of the station. Good range of the Ossett Brewery beers plus a couple of guests. Mezzanine floor and plenty of room for all. They do food which comes in polystyrene containers!! I have used this bar several times as it is just across the road from the LUFC bus stop (but it doesn't get football rowdies !!)

13 Mar 2014 12:27

Fox & Newt, Leeds

Good little brewpub with an "alehouse" feel to it. I quite liked their Brickyard Bitter but didn't try their other beers. The menu looked interesting with many South African dishes (Crocodile/Kudu etc) Popular with students from the college across the road but not far from the city centre to walk to for a pint or two.

13 Mar 2014 12:24

Cardigan Arms, Leeds

A short bus ride from the station (bus 33/33a) brings you to this superb old building which is sadly in need of some TLC. As you walk in you can see just how fabulous it must have been in its heyday. Central servery with vaults/public bar at the front and a large corridor area with rooms off it. Lots of decorative cornices and tiling much of which is now hidden by fruit machines and a juke box and the ubiquitous posters! However,they do have their CAMRA Heritage Pub poster up so hopefully they are proud of being on the National Inventory of Classic pubs. There is gaffer tape all over the place - keeping the old lino flooring from blowing away!! I wonder what's underneath? Perhaps some genuine tiling ? It does have real ale but the management have got confused between real ale and keg beer as the CAK ALES sign advertises John Smiths and Tetley's Smooth as well as lager! Anyway,this is a pub you should see in case it ever ends up as the very sad Rising Sun a few doors down!

13 Mar 2014 12:14

The Black Horse Inn, Lewes

We were recommended to visit this pub by a local drinker but as I knew it before as a Greene King pub most of my party were a bit aprehensive. However, we made the walk from The Brewers Arms and it was most defintely worth it - what a change! It is still a GK house but is one of their "Local Heroes" bars which offers local brewers beers as well as a couple of GK products. An impressive array of pumps offered Turners/Long Man/Dark Star and Goldmark as well as 2 special GK beers which I reckon came from their new mini-brewery. The pub has had a facelift and is really a great addition to the Lewes drinking scene and it was a nice change to get some others beers apart from Harveys (which as we have said before is excellent beer anyway). There was a TV showing football and they have a local "toss-a-coin-into-a-hole-in-a-seat" game (which probably has a proper name) and had we not been heading off to footie we would most likely have had another beer here - but a return visit next season is definitely on the cards. Well worth the walk up from the town centre and a ppub we would readily recommend.

9 Mar 2014 10:11

The Malthouse, Reading

Dear Lord J - if you enjoy drinking in an aircraft hanger where it takes forever and a day to get served and where the additonal handpumps are simply used to sell more of the same instead of increasing the guest beer range and where the food comes straight from a boil in the bag recipe and where there are more fruit machines than customers then by all means get yourself down to the BOB. However, some of us actually enjoy a good pint of ale in a decent boozer - that's why we use The Greyfriar; Nags Head; Allied Arms; Alehouse; Hop Leaf; Eldon arms etc etc etc et.........

21 Feb 2014 13:05

The Malthouse, Reading

Well - here's a surprise! A new pub will open in Mid-February and it will be a mix of real ale and "craft" beers. It will be called The Greyfriar and wll be run by a young landlady who has had experience with The Nags Head and local Greene King pubs so we wish her all the very best with this bold project

7 Feb 2014 17:57

The Royal Oak, Borough

Another visit to this great little pub tucked away just off Borough High Street (about 3 minutes from the tube station off Long Lane). Great beer - I think they had the full Harvey's range available but I stuck with their excellent Best Bitter. Nice Victoriana-style decor with two rooms served from one bar. Apart from the good beer I really enjoyed my salt beef sandwich which was well-filled and very tasty - kept me going all afternoon. Prices are a bit on the high side perhaps? (£3.80 for Best) but we weren't complaining as the beer was really good. Don't miss this pub - it is well worth seeking out.

2 Feb 2014 12:45

The Mansion House, Kennington

We say an advert for this pub in London Drinker,so as we were not far away we decided to give it a try (it is virtually across the road from Kennington tube station). It is described as a Pan-asian bar with Oakham Ales (The proper name for the bar is Oaka at The Mansion House). JHB: Citra: Bishops'Farewell and 2 seaonal ales were on offer and were in good nick. We had several !! It is mainly a dining bar but they do have a drinking to the right as you enter. Smart modern decor and generally very impressive. We were never hassled to have food but it was there if we wanted it. Beer prices are on the higher side but we thought it was worth it. There is one large TV screen for sport (no sound). Family friendly. CGood toilets (downstairs) and we enjoyed our visit. Note: they do not sell half pints - only pints/thirds or two-thirds !! Well worth a visit if just for the Oakham ales.

2 Feb 2014 12:37

The Beehive, Brixton

It's a spoons - that's it.

11 Jan 2014 11:36

The Lansdown Arms, Lewes

We had just enough time for a quick half each before our train and I plumped for Taylors Landlord which was OK but nothing exciting. This is a lively boozer which makes for a good first or last call bnefore the station. We didn't really get a chance to look round but it appeared more geared up more the younger drinker than our age group.

11 Jan 2014 11:35

Lewes Arms, Lewes

Classic little pub which I think was Beard's brewery tap (the old brewery is across the road). It went to Greene King for a while but is now owned by Fullers who had the decency to retain Harveys Best Bitter and one guest ale (Butcombe on our visit) as well as their own ales. Tiny little fron room and a slightly bigger one at the back of the bar servery plus a side snug as well. Very little unchanged and a super atmosphere with locals and visitors mixing well. Beer was very good and their lamb burgers were brilliant (in fact all the food looked really good but it not a restaurant - simply a great pub with pub grub!!!) Just the place to have a beer and a chat in an historic setting. A "must-visit" pub in this part of the country.

11 Jan 2014 11:32

The Gardeners Arms, Lewes

After you cross the river from ther main town of Lewes (and around 10 minutes from the station) you come to Cliffe High Street and the Gardeners Arms which is a small shop-like pub in the "alehouse" style of decor (very simple and straightforward with the emphasis on the beer). Good range of ales and we tried a couple - they change regularly. My second pint was a bit warm and was probably first one out however it tasted fine so I didn't complain. Our other beers were good and we managed a couple of beers in this cheery little boozer. They do serve Harveys but it was nice to get a different beer for a change (not that we were complaing about Harveys!!) This pub can be built into a little pub crawl in the Cliffe area of town - The John Harvey/Gardeners and a walk to the Snowdrop).

11 Jan 2014 11:27

The John Harvey Tavern, Lewes

I liked it - there was a very nice atmosphere in the bar with Harveys beers available on handpump and also straight from the cask. It is virtually the brewery tap so you would expect good beer and so it was Good mix of age groups when we went. Exposed beams; bench seats with scatter cushions and and effcient service made this a very acceptable little pub. Probably gets realy busy in summer months but well worth a visit.

11 Jan 2014 11:20

The Brewers Arms, Lewes

Impressive building nd worth the walk from the station. Comfortable front bar with a sports room at the back. Good mix of clientele and no hassle with both sets of football supporters mingling well (it is busy with home and away fans on match days). Food looks generous but we decided yo eat elsewhere, however the beer range was good (Dark Star/Harveys and guests) but we stuck to Harveys Best Bitter which was superb. Plenty of staff on duty so no waiting for drinks.
We stayed for two pints and could easily have had a few more - but we had to move on - so The Brewers gets our reccomendations.

11 Jan 2014 11:16

The Star Inn, Lockwood

This pub goes straight into my top ten and "must visit" selection as it is a genuinely proper and fabulous boozer with a good real ale offer (from local brewers mainly); very friendly staff and customers and that lovely old feel of an unspoilt and comfortable pub which is well worth the walk from the town centre. We enjoyed a pint of Mallinsons Jack The Lass which like most of their beers was terrific. I didn't see any signs of food in the Star and the opening hours are a bit awkward (5pm weekdays/12 noon Saturday) but you really should not miss this great pub which quite rightly has won many CAMRA awards.

20 Dec 2013 10:53

Sportsman, Huddersfield

Large corner pub which once belonged to local brewer Hammonds (then Bass) Interesting interior with curved bar and a couple of rooms off the main bar area Very busy on a Saturday evening with most people drinking beer We tried their own ales but to be honest I was not impressed so we stuck to the other local microbreweries (getting a bit squiffy by now though) PLenty of staff on duty so no waiting for a beer and a vibrant busy atmosphere! We found a couple of stools but actually I think this is probably a great standing up pub if you can find the space!! Sadly a young lady opposite us managed to throw her drink on the floor and seat but missed us - she was very apologetic and we all had to moved away while the staff cleaned up the broken glass etc No harm done and we finished our ales and headed back to the station Another good pub worthly of a second visit.

15 Dec 2013 13:17

The Slubbers Arms, Huddersfield

This has to be the best pub name ever ! A good walk from the station but well worth it and it was our last port of call before the football - in fact we liked it so much we called in again after the game (which we won 1-0) Taylors Best was excellent and they still use to old name - not the daft new Boltmaker!!! There was a good selection including a mild and the pub was busy before the match but we did not have to wait long to get served by the very friendly and cheery staff We were almost first in after the game so had more time to choose our beers but we stuck with Taylors as it was so good Single wedge shaped room with a snug at the back Very pleasant feel to it and a good atmosphere where we didn't feel out of place. Head out to The Slubbers and then you can get to The Sportsman on the way back into town. There are buses that pass by but the walk was not that difficult

15 Dec 2013 13:08

The Rat and Ratchet, Huddersfield

Another super pub in a town that's fast becoming a mecca for real ale Large bar area split into different drinking areas (raised flooring etc) Single bar with an impressive bank of beer pumps Like other before we went for the very,very drinkable White Rat which is brewed on the premises (even though the pub is now owned by Ossett Brewery) Not busy when we went in around lunctime but soon filled up and it is not difficult to see why this place is so popular I didn't nptice any food but it's the beer again that you go for Ossett ales as well as their own and the kind of pub you could easily spend a few hours in The new tiled floor (with Rat logo) is impressive - but mind the raised edge whe n you go to the bar - my mate nearly lost his beer! Apart from that this is a highly recommended pub

15 Dec 2013 13:00

The King's Head, Huddersfield

Like previous reviewers this was our last pub before the train home and I would agree that it is basically one huge square room with a small stage at the back but there is also a side room which although not as interesting may be a little more "cosy" ? Anyway, again like many pubs in town - a great selection of beer (we tried Bradfield Farmer's Blond which is a nice easy-drinking golden ale) Very busy at 7pm on a Saturday - probably a mix of people coming into town for the evening and those; like us, heading home. There is no doubt tat it has the feel of a large station waiting room and that,of course,is exactly what it was/now is but don't be put off - the beer is good and it is perfect for the train! ps I'm not sure if they already do this but beer take-outs would be handy for the journey home!

15 Dec 2013 12:53

The Grove Inn, Huddersfield

After a tortuous walk round the new leisure centre site and across the busy ring road it was a sheer delight to walk into the Grove - another of Huddersfield's cracking good pubs Two bars but both similar with an endless bank of handpumps in each (plus some interesting "craft" beers and foreign lagers We opted for the locally-brewed Magic Rock "Ringmaster" - or as they still quite rightly call it "Curious" excellent beer and friendlt staff who knew their stuff They do unusual snacks (olive/garlic bread sticks things!) but it is the beer that you go for and it is well worth the walk from the town centre and station Great boozer and must-visit pub

15 Dec 2013 12:28

The Plough Inn, Radford

We are now talking classic boozers here - this is a terrific pub regardless what previous reviewers might think!! Two bars in the old style (public and lounge) with central servery and home-brewed ales. The Rock Bitter was excellent so I stayed with it while my mates tried the other brews - all in good nick and with our CAMRA discounts very well priced. The landlady couldn't have been more friendly and even guided us to some of the other pubs in the city (we were aiming to get to some new ones this visit). However, we stopped in The Plough for that extra pint as we all enjoyed the place so much. Pub games and
reference books abound (for crossword lovers etv)and there are some interesting old pictures around the walls.
A number 28 or Y28 bus will take you to the Ilkeston Road and you get off at the old White Horse pub by Nottingham Gate retailpark/student flats - it's a short walk up St.Peters Road from there but do make the effort. If you like traditional boozers with good beer then this one has to be recommnded.

1 Dec 2013 14:51

Trent Navigation, Nottingham

Super pub just off London Road and very handy for both football grounds and Trent bridge cricket. Large single bar with several seating areas so it can cope with busy times (football etc)
Staff were excellent and we didn't have to wait to get served even though it was rammed. Tried a couple of the Navigation ales - liked the Pale Ale and the Apus but did also enjoy the new Shipstone's Bitter which was great to see being re-created. We ate here before the match and my Yorkshire Pudding with Cottage Pie was absolutely spot-on for a cold evening before the game. Huge portion and part of the two meals for £12 offer. This is a modern pub inside an old building and it works well. Highly recommended. There are a few pubs I could name who could learn a thing or two from this place.

1 Dec 2013 14:40

The Portland Arms, Nottingham

This back-street boozer still has the old Hardys and Hansons signs but although it is now owned by Greene King it serves Full Mash brewery ales (plus one GK beer which was Olde Trip on our visit). Nothing really wrong with the pub as such but we were not overly impressed with the beers (they were kept OK but not to our palate) so we headed off back to the city centre. We will give it another try next time as it is so close to the other bars around Canning Circus.

1 Dec 2013 14:33

The Organ Grinder, Nottingham

Our first visit but it won't be our last! Good beer and a great bustling,hectic atmosphere when we went (Saturday afternoon). Not to be missed and to be enjoyed along with the other good pubs in the Canning Circus area - people of Nottingham - you are so lucky and so spoilt for great pubs and beers I envy you.

1 Dec 2013 14:30

The Newshouse, Nottingham

Still a Castle Rock pub but now run by tenants (instead of managers) so our "1overthe8" cards were not valid. However they do have their own loyalty card and offer a discount to card-carrying CAMRA members. Two bar pub with a fair selection of ales (not a huge choice but adeqaute) and friendly enough. Handy for railway station and tram stops. Plenty of reading material available while you sup your beer.

1 Dec 2013 14:26

King William IV, Nottingham

Terrific little pub which we always try to visit when in Nottingham. Oakham ales are they standard offerings plus guests from other micro-breweries. Really friendly and chatty even at 11 15 on a Friday night (after a good away win at the City Ground) and the landlady even made me a couple of rolls to take back to our hotel for a midnight snack. Super boozer and well worth the visit.

1 Dec 2013 14:22

Joseph Else, Nottingham

We headed here for breakfast around 09.30 on a Saturday morning only to be met by several lads supping what looked like their second or even third pints!!!! One old geezer was on his third bottle of Stella Cidre - at that time of the day!!! Anyway we had breakfast which is the standard Spoons offering but great value for money but how sad to see people supping beer and stuff at that time of the morning - I wonder what they would be like in a couple of hours time!

1 Dec 2013 14:19

The Globe, Nottingham

There were lights on when we passed en route to City Ground but the pub was most definitely shut. Maybe it is being given a make-over?

1 Dec 2013 14:15

Fellows Morton & Clayton Ltd, Nottingham

Mallard beers appear to have been replaced with Lincoln Green brewery ales (see my comments about The Falcon). Busy pub which is very handy for the station. Always worth a visit.

1 Dec 2013 14:14

The Falcon Inn, Nottingham

This pub has ben completed refurnished both inside and out and is now a super little bar with a small snug off to one side. There is also a room upstairs which I think will be for functions. It is the new outlet for Lincoln Green Brewery from nearby Hucknall but does offer 3 other guest beers. We enjoyed the Marion Pale Ale and the Hood Best Bitter as well as trying the Aviation from the new Doncaster Brewery. Very friendly and chatty barman (who I think is part of the owning company) and told us about the beers and their association with the Fellows Morton and Clayton pub (by the canal and station). No food as yet but they did offer home-made scotch eggs and pickle. We had a good couple of beers each in The Falcon and it adds to the delights of the beer drinking around Canning Circus. A good additional to Nottingham's very impressive real ale scene.

1 Dec 2013 14:12

The Ship Inn, East Looe

Large open-plan style of pub with a raised seating area at one end. It probably needs to be like this to cater for the holiday-makers but I thought it was just a bit too open! Anyway - it was fine otherwise and my Trelawny beer - although being a bit unexciting as an ale - was in OK condition. Nothing really wrong with the pub but we didn't get over excited about Looe as a town so perhaps no need to go back there.

16 Nov 2013 15:23

The Crumplehorn Inn, Polperro

The bus dropped us off outside this pub/hotel but we decided to wait till later to try it and walked down into the village first. A balmy November afternoon and nice and quiet without the hoards of tourists who come to this very attractive fishing village (not difficult to see why it's so popular). Anyway, back up the hill to catch the bus to Looe so we made time for some beer in the pleasant split-level bar. I had a pint of Tintagel Gold which was very good but the have others as well ( seemed to recall seeing Doom Bar) This is an hotel which also has self-catering and the bar does food most of the time by the looks of it. It is virtually the first building you come to when leaving the main car park (no cars in town in high season so you walk or take the "little bus train thingy"). There's an old waterwheel on the way in and outside seating and a small car park which I would imagine is for residents only. We caught the bus to Looe (nothing exciting there) came back and had some more beer before the last bus back to Polruan. The Crumplehorn is well worth a visit before or after your tour of Polperro (which must have more "holiday letting cottages" than any other place in the UK !!)

16 Nov 2013 15:18

The Blue Peter, Polperro

After the helter-skelter bus ride from Polruan (a must do trip) and a tour of the village and hillside walk, we headed off to the Blue Peter for some beer. There were four ales on tap (probaby more at the weekend and in high season) and I had the excellent Sharp's Own which I rated higher than Doom Bar ! Tribute and a Chillie & Chocolate beer were also available and they also had draught scrumpy cider. You climb up a flight of steps to get to the main bar and there is another room upstairs again. Super views over the harbour. Very traditional interior with nauticalia (is that a real word?) all around make for a very pleasing and cosy atmosphere and with good beer and friendly and chatty staff this was a perfect spot for a couple of ales. We didn't eat in the pub but the fish and chip portions looked ginormous ! Apart from the Crumplehorn ( before the bus back) we didn't try any of the other pubs in the village as this one was good enough for us and I can see why it is so popular. However, we went in November and it was nice and quiet - during the summer months it must be heaving so get there early to get a seat! A must visit pub in Polperro.

16 Nov 2013 15:06

Fountain Inn, Mevagissey

After a visit to Heligan gardens and a walk along the harbour wall we were ready for a beer and this was just the place to enjoy one and relax. This is a fabulous little pub tucked away in a side street but still in the heart of this small fishing town. Terrific atmosphere and lovely and warm and cosy! Coal fire benches and stools; local chit-chat and superb beer (my Tribute was the best I had all week and they also do HSD) We stayed for a couple of pints (and a half of the strong HSD to finish with) before heading back to Fowey on the bus. There are two bars but the little one at the front is the best with the counter tucked away round the stairhead. Large flag flooring with traditional furnishings and local-scene photographs etc. We had inteneded to try some of the other pubs in town but this was too good to leave and I would recommend it to anyone. Top notch boozer!!

16 Nov 2013 14:55

Russell Inn, Polruan

After our walk (The Hall Walk) we needed a beer and headed straight for The Russell Inn. Very, very good pub which was warm (real fire) friendly and very comfortable. St.Austell ales in good condition so I had another pint! They do food but we didn't eat here although I think we would not have been disappointed in any way (like many customers do we watched other people's food being served and agreed it looked good - so perhaps next time?). Anyway this is a fine little pub which is very clean, tidy and enjoyable (scatter cushions on the chairs and benches which was nice!) There is a pool table at the back and they open early - presumably for breakfasts? The ferry is just down the hill (about 3 minute walk if that) and the bus stops very close by. Well worth a visit.

16 Nov 2013 14:48

Lugger Inn, Polruan

We decided to miss a couple of ferries back to Fowey as we wanted to try both pubs in the village after doing the Hall Walk. Up the steps and into the Lugger which is a pleasant enough bar with a restaurant area at one end. Not many people in but as I've said before this is well out of season and most pubs were quiet (waiting for the Christmas rush apparently). We decided to eat here and ordered a mix of starters which were excellent - many being home-made. We tried the nachos; prawn cocktail; pate and olives with bread - just what we needed as a substantial snack and all very good indeed. Nicely presented and went well with our beers (St.Austell ales). Chatty landlord and overall we enjoyed our short visit. You can time the ferry from the bar window so I managed to squeeze in that final extra half pint! On a different note - the local 481 bus goes from Polruan to Polperro and Looe - this is well worth the journey as it serves the local community and whisks its way down some narrow Cornish lanes often at what seemed like breakneck speeds but all very invigorating!!

16 Nov 2013 14:40

Ship Inn, Fowey

This is probably the main tourist pub in town although when we went (more than once) it was quite quiet with manly locals and a few discerning visitors. It is a lovely old building smack in the middle of town and has that nice warm feeling which comes from the olde-worlde interior and the open fire blazing away. Fishing and nautical theme as you would expect. There is a pool table in the side room but nobody played it during our visits and they have a restaurant area with a very interesting old decorative window. It's comfortable inside with little scatter cusions on the benches and a nice feel to the bar! Food was very good (their 5 spice belly pork was excellent and a huge portion of meat). Tribute; Dartmoor and Proper Job beers (I like the hoppy Proper Job as a change from Tribute - which is still a fine ale). Very enjoyable though I would imagine you would have to get their early at busy times if you wanted a seat! Recommended.

16 Nov 2013 14:30

Safe Harbour Inn, Fowey

Unless you have just tumbled off the bus (which terminates outside) then you will have to make an effort to get to this pub as it is at the top of the very steep Brown's Hill. This is the local's boozer and there's nothing wrong with that! St.Austells ales again with Dartmoor and Tribute being the regulars. Pool table in the main bar and all very clean and tidy and friendly. They do B&B and food but the quiz machine had all the wrong answers on it when I played!!! I did actually allow some time for a beer before the bus came and you can time this to prefection !! Good pub which is worth the walk away from the main tourist bars in downtown Fowey.

16 Nov 2013 14:23

The Lugger Inn, Fowey

This is The Lugger in Fowey (and not the one in Polruan!!) A single little bar in the town centre with a couple of tables at the front on the roadside. Pleasant enough little boozer with St.Austell ales and they were keen to promote their crab sandwiches. Not many customers as it was a midweek November day but like most Fowey pubs it will get busier in the season (and at weekends and Xmas when there are more tourists). It was an hotel at one time as can been seen by the old sign. Nautical decor and some patterned glass windows add to the feel and the outside is quite attractive overall. Worth a visit.

16 Nov 2013 14:17

King of Prussia, Fowey

Virtually empty when I went but it was a November Monday afternoon after all !
The old buttermarket underneath the steps now acts as their outdoor seating area and you could probably enjoy watching the tourists passing by as you sat with your pint in summertime! My St.Austell beer was OK but I just had the one and maybe I should have given the pub another try later in the week. They do food and B&B and the views from the bar are superb. Nothing wrong with the place and you can easily do a little pub crawl around the town centre from here. Worth a look in.

16 Nov 2013 14:09

The Galleon Inn, Fowey

Large bar which goes through from Fore Street to the harbourside with excellent views across the estuary. It obviously gets very busy in high season but probably has enough room to cater for all!. The light furniture and the many windows made it feel quite light and airy even though you walk down a passageway to get in from the shopping street. Quiet when we were there but still had a reasonable selection of ales on draught - Sharp's Cornish Coaster and Doom Bar as well as Bird's Skull Duggery and another dark ale which I've forgotten the name of. Anyway the quality was fine and the service prompt and efficient. Prices were very good considering that this is a tourist destination.

16 Nov 2013 14:02

Bell Inn, Moreton in Marsh

Whoops - beer range has shrunk and the place was empty (on market day). Perhaps there is something happening behind the scenes?

5 Nov 2013 10:04

The Inn on the Marsh, Moreton in Marsh

Beer still good with a Jennings "guest ale" on tap this time. Plenty of food being served and I seem to remember a Scandanavian selection on the menu? Might try it next time.

5 Nov 2013 10:01

The Black Bear, Moreton in Marsh

Another Tuesday visit to MinM using my Oxfordshire Day Ranger train ticket! First stop is always The Black Bear which was busy on market day and doing a brisk food trade. Donnington beer again - perfectly drinkable and still well priced. Even though it is busy I've never had to wait for a drink and always found a seat. Landlord is an ex.Scottish footballer!

5 Nov 2013 09:59

Harlequin, Sheffield

After a couple of pints in The Fat Cat the five of us made the short journey to The Harlequin having never been before. It is a spacious split-level pub with good amenities but.... we just did not like the beer (Brew Company) so sadly we left them and headed off to the Kelham Island Tavern. I will try this pub again as it does get some good reviews and perhaps a different beer? Sorry guys!

5 Nov 2013 09:53

The Fat Cat, Sheffield

Another visit with some friends who were just as impressed as I have always been. I did try the pork pies this time and they do indeed take some beating! This has to be one of the best pubs around.

5 Nov 2013 09:48

The Devonshire Cat, Sheffield

Always an excellent range of beers in this modern bar which is well worth seeking out (as are most of the pbs in Sheffield - a great drinking city!)

5 Nov 2013 09:44

The Purple Turtle, Reading

In case anyone is actually interested - they now serve 3 real ales at around £3.25 a pint and are in the process of extending the "venue" out the back (including new loos - thank you,thank you, thank you!!!)

4 Nov 2013 23:36

The Hook and Tackle, Reading

After hearing that it had been closed down I went to have a look - bin bags covering the windows; doors locked and no signs of life? That spells "closed" to me.

4 Nov 2013 23:27

Polish Gospoda, Reading

Anybody want it? I hear it's up for sale again .

4 Nov 2013 23:26

Fox and Hounds, Caversham

Harrow Prineappel
Why you speak in funny voice? Is not London cookie boy? Wot pubs you go to? If you no rike pub ren why you go? Can you glive me menny good plubs in Walsall where you clum from?

4 Nov 2013 23:15

The Woodman, Birmingham

First visit following the re-opening and well done to the owners - this is a great example of what can be done to a pub which - on the face of it - probably should have closed years ago! Thank heavens it didn't - we had Harvest Pale as our session beer and sat in the littel tiled snug at the back. It was good to see that there were enough staff behind the bar so there was no rush or panic to get served (I only hope they keep this up). It's not far from Moor Street station and the city centre and also not that far from the great pubs in Digbeth (we will probably use The Woodman when we go to St.Andrews later in the season). I look forward to my next visit.

28 Oct 2013 17:40

The Wellington, Birmingham

Anoher visit to Brum and of course I couldn't leave without going to The Wellington. Still smells of "new" (paint/carpet wood etc etc) but that's not unpleasant and it soon pales in to insignificance once you start on the beer! Terrific range (I always start with HPA) and a great choice of beers from dark to light: weak to strong and hoppy to malty ! Even the most selective drinker should find something to suit them here. The new terrace and first floor bar is a superb addition - you can even watch the drinkers in the Fullers pub across the way!
Do not go to Birmingham without visiting The Wellington!

28 Oct 2013 17:34

The Post Office Vaults, Birmingham

This is one pof the best pubs in town with a great range of beer and a terrific "subterranean" atmosphere. Friendly staff and as a result of it being so good is does get packed (it's not very big anyway!). I have only one gripe - please remove the bar stools when it's busy as I couldn't get to the bar for some oaf sitting on a bar stool with his laptop on the bar counter! Apart from that (a one-off I hope) this is a must visit bar.

28 Oct 2013 17:22

The Lamp Tavern, Birmingham

Super little boozer in an industrial area but only a shortish walk from New Street station and well worth it. Sells Stanney Bitter as well a three other guests and is just the place for a beer and a chat. There is a big "function room" at the back which I think stays open till 4 am!!! Don't give up if you are walking - it is worth the search and it's not too far from other great pubs in the Digbeth area.

28 Oct 2013 17:19

Red Lion, Hockley

Just a short walk from Jewellery Quarter station this is a fine little boozer with a proper public bar at the front and a larger lounge bar at the rear. Good range of beers with Bathams being one of my all-time favourites (not cheap though at £3.70 a pint). They do food - from snacks to full meals and it looked good though it didn't try it. TV was quiet and banter was the order of the day. well worth a visit for the beer and the genuine atmosphere.

28 Oct 2013 17:13

The Sheaf View, Heeley

This was my first visit to this pub and I immediately thought - what has taken you so long!. I had seen it so many times from the train as we came into Sheffield. Terrific boozer and highly recommended. A great range of beer; super staff and large baps to soak up the ale. Breweriana on the walls and daily newspaper to read. The interior has obviously been altered over the years but with a good selection of beer and some genuine tlc it is amazing what can be done with a pub that many would have thought should have closed years ago (it is out of town and up a lane under the railway bridge (the pub on the main road there having closed and become a flooring shop). Anyway, jump on one of the regular buses from the city centre (20/25 etc) and make a point of getting to The Sheaf View - it should not be missed. Thanks to the landlord for the free pint (I answered a quiz quesion correctly as soon as I walked through the door).

3 Oct 2013 11:45

The Joseph Bramah, Barnsley

A couple of the beers I wanted to try were not available yet so I had a soft drink and left. End of story.

3 Oct 2013 11:38

Sheffield Waterworks Company, Sheffield

Impressive building; pretty naff beer range - there are better 'spoons in town.

3 Oct 2013 11:35

Sheffield Tap, Sheffield

It just gets better and better! Not only does it have a great range of beers (Thornbridge/Red Willow etc) it now brews its own ales (The Tapped Beer Co) and you can see the brewery in the old dining room which also has seating; a bottled beer display cabinet and a small bar counter. This place is worth missing a few trains for and the "platform door" was open on my visit so you can walk straight in off the train. Very highly recommended.

3 Oct 2013 11:34

The Old Queens Head, Sheffield

Stunning exterior gives the impression of having a matching interior - wrong! Inside it has been given the "contemporary" make-over and is just not in keeping with the age and character of the building. OK the brewery perhaps decided that olde-worlde was old-fashioned but sorry if I see a pub with an exterior like this I expect it to be reflected indoors. Thwaites beers plus a couple of guests (my Kirkstall Pale Ale was good). Sadly the barmaid spent most of her time on the phone and only put that down to quickly serve me my beer. It seems such a shame that this is not a better pub as it is handy for the buses (next door) and the trains (5/6 minute walk)

3 Oct 2013 11:30

The Kelham Island Tavern, Sheffield

Absolutely terrific pub - definitely in my "best pubs" top ten. You just have to go and see for yourself!
Spooky fact - The Kelham Island Tavern in Sheffield/The Wellington in Hull and The Nags Head in Reading - all great real ale pubs and all in Russell Street!!

3 Oct 2013 11:24

The Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield

I have been to the pub for a beer before but this time I stayed overnight (good honest pub B&B). Large bar area plus conservatory and home-brewed ales - some of which I liked; others I thought not. Guests were from Rudgate; Fugelstou and Dukeries - all at good prices. Yes they use a sparkler but that's how they do it in Sheffield! (ask for it to be taken off if it is a problem). Good pub grub and they have regular live music sessions. Friendly staff and and overall a good visit. very easy to get to by tram - they stop just up the road.

3 Oct 2013 11:21

Henry's, Sheffield

My first visit to this drinking emporium (it is a large room with split-level seating; a beer garden and I think another room upstairs? Loads of beer and my two were fine (White Rose and Clarks). Good range on draught and, as is now quite common in Sheffield pubs, a large selection of foreign bottled beers. service was fine although to be fair the place was quite empty as it had just turned midday. Didn't eat here but would use it again for a beer. One of many bars in the city which offer an extensive range of real ales and an easy walk from City Hall tram stop and other pubs in the vacinity.

3 Oct 2013 11:13

The Fat Cat, Sheffield

One of my favourites and one that we always visit when in town for football. Great beer from the nearby Kelham Island Brewery; hearty pub grub and a super cosy atmosphere where good banter is the order of the day! It is also great as part of a little pub crawl in the Shalesmoor/Kelham Island area (try The Kelham Island Tavern and The Wellington and note the fine architecture at The Ship).
The Fat Cat is high on my "best pubs" list.

3 Oct 2013 11:06

The Brown Bear, Sheffield

I liked it ! Good little two-bar boozer next to the theatres and terrific value given its location. Sam Smith's Bitter was £1.80 a pint. Only the one beer but it was in good nick and you can't go wrong at that price. An older clientele on my visit but still chatty and busy. I will return.

3 Oct 2013 11:01

The Benjamin Huntsman, Sheffield

Not a bad 'spoons but as it is very close to several other real ale pubs we only had a swift one to say we had been in! As has been said - if this bar was in any other town apart from Sheffield then it would be brilliant!

3 Oct 2013 10:58

The Bankers Draft, Sheffield

Imposing building right in the city centre and handy for trams and buses. Guest beer range was a bit uninspiring when I visited but they were about to have a beer festival so perhaps were not buying too much beer in before then. Typical 'spoons offers plus Sky Sports news on the telly!

3 Oct 2013 10:55

Swan Inn, Moreton in Marsh

Dropped in during my latest visit to Moreton. The beer range had improved with 2 local beers on tap (from North Cotswold and Goffs) plus the ubiquitous Doom Bar and the quality was OK. The bar is still a kind of public/games bar with a few younger locals playing pool. No hassle but as I've said before - I probably would skip this one at the weekend.

24 Sep 2013 13:50

The Lamplighter, St Helier

I must have got the wrong page here - I thought this was a website for beer and pub lovers not for drivelling idiots like Mr Sebastian. What the **** is that all about?

19 Sep 2013 14:04

The Queens Head, Wokingham

I understand that this is now one of Greene King's "Local Heroes" pubs which as well as having GK beers can now offer local beers as well. Great idea and about time. Sadly my Good Old Boy (from West Berks Brewery) was not up to scratch and I actually left half of it. This is a fabulous ale when on form and even though it was a very reasonable £3.00 a pint it was really lacking in every respect. Having said that I will return and try the pub again as it was good to see 3 local breweries represented in a Big Boys pub! It is a charming little pub by the way and you can sit outside and watch the world go by - there is also a garden at the rear.

8 Sep 2013 14:21

The Hope and Anchor, Wokingham

Large bar area with a kind of function room off at the side. Garden at the back. Olde-worlde style decor with a mix of furniture. Just three beers on - Brakspear's Bitter' Oxford Gold and Hobgoblin. My Bitter was OK but really nothing to write home about. Another visit will be required - on a busier evening probably.

8 Sep 2013 14:16

The Gig House, Wokingham

Just one comment - terrific value for a Friday afternoon. A pint of Loddon beer and a chicken curry (manager's special) for £5.28 !! Can't beat it.

8 Sep 2013 14:13

The Crispin, Wokingham

usually four beers on tap - I tried one from Ascot and one from Hammerpot. OK but nothing special. Local trade and a lacking in something! Bar billiards; juke box;rear outdoor area quiz machine;beams (but no brasses);whitewashed walls which could do with a few pictures etc. It is always worth popping in to see what beers are on but I never stay longer than one pint.

8 Sep 2013 14:12

Broad Street Tavern, Wokingham

I understand that Clive,thelong-serving licensee, has moved on and there is new management in this Wadworth's pub. Good range of their products including one from their "mini-brewery" Green Shoots. Beer was OK but it was quiet afternoon so I need to go back when it is a bit busier to get a better idea of how it is doing after the change.

8 Sep 2013 14:08

Corn Exchange, Reading

The pub is called The Corn Stores - can somebody (if there is actually anybody there) at BITe please update the information.

3 Sep 2013 22:04

Chronicles Bar and Restaurant, Reading

It's called Valentinos - how do we get these details changed on BITE?

3 Sep 2013 22:02

The Black Horse, Reading

Totally agree with previous comments and reviews - this is a fabulous old pub but ! - it is not in Reading. It is not even in Berkshire. It is up a narrow country lane in the vilage of Checkendon in Oxfordshire and off the A4074 some 10 miles north of Reading. Can somebody in BITE please change the details so that it is at least in the right county.

3 Sep 2013 22:00

Railway Hotel, Preston

As the Old Vic was not yet open we had a quick beer in here before getting our train home - very handy for the station. My Theakstons bitter was thin and tasteless but I expect that's the brewery's fault not the pubs. Modern decor inside with a sports bar at the back and they do B&B and food.

27 Aug 2013 12:57

The Trawl Boat Inn, Lytham St Annes

Two buildings joined to one - an old doctors surgery and a solictors office to make this Wetherspoons outlet. Large outdoor seating area at the front and a large bar inside. usual 'spoons offerings with a range of beers - we tried the local Lytham Brewery but had to send one back as it was definitely "end of barrel" job. It was changed without fuss but the pump clip was not removed so I don't know what happened to it after that! Busy place with a mix of young and old; locals and tourists; drinkers and diners. Open till late so handy for a nightcap after a meal out. Very near the main shopping street and bus stops and not far from the railway station or the seafront.

27 Aug 2013 12:54

The Trawl Boat Inn, Lytham St Annes

Sorry folks - got my reviews mixed up. This one for actually for the Raliway Hotel in Lytham and not the Trawl Boat which I will now post.

27 Aug 2013 12:48

Fifteen of St Annes, St Annes

A conversion of an old bank and worth seeing for the interior - note the old vault which is now a snug!. There were a few decent beers on - the range does appear to change quite often - we tried the Bombay IPA which was OK but not stunning (there are much better examples of this type of beer - Jaipur to name but one). Anyway a few druks at the bars and some kids in the back on our first visit but we did go back and it was a bit better although there are TV screens everywhere and the footie was on (they even have a screen behind the bar so blokes simply hang around the bar coounter watching it and it is hard workt getting to thre counter to get served - but we did! Worth a avisit.

27 Aug 2013 12:47

The Trawl Boat Inn, Lytham St Annes

Contemporary design in this split level bar which has two outside areas at the front (one for smokers). Usual spoons offering but this bar had a nice fresh feel to it (no carpets to be seen). Tried Hawkhead Bitter and Moorhouses Blonde Witch. Good prices and we stayed for a second pint so it was worth the walk along the main street (it is in Station Road but the station was moved some time ago).

27 Aug 2013 12:41

The Taps, Lytham St Annes

Long time since we had been here and we were met with something of a surprise as there was a beach party going on and the entire floor area was covered in sand (and quite deep sand at that!) Goood fun though and as usual the beer was fine (Enjoyed Crouch Vale Amarillo and Osset Silver link). This is one of the best pubs in the area and always well worth a visit. I think it is owned by Greene King who obviously know the value in keeping the guest ales flowing!!

27 Aug 2013 12:38

Thomas Drummond, Fleetwood

Enjoyed a snack meal in here after a stroll round the prom. Good selection of ales from mainly local berwers (Lancaster Brewery featured well). Busy but efficiently run and we didn't have to wait long for food or drinks. Very handy for the tram and one of the better Wetherspoons we have been in recently.

27 Aug 2013 12:32

Mount Hotel, Fleetwood

Not sure how this got into the Good Beer Guide as (a) there was only 1 beer on when we visited and (b) it was like a children's room with adults being allowed in for a drink! You could hardly see the handpumps for themassive keg fonts on the bar.
Some nice old Victorian touches and you could see what this must have been like in its heyday. But tatty seating; screaming kids and lacklustre staff made for an unpleasant visit. (Sunday lunch on the menu but my wife's coffee was a mug of Nescafe from the kitchen!)

27 Aug 2013 12:30

The Ramsden Arms, Blackpool

This used to be a regular watering hole for us when we came to Blackpool but it is now sadly a bit of a dump. Very down-at-heel and only 2 beers on tap (Theakstons Best Bitter and Bombardier!!!!) so left without having a drink as I just did not fancy the place any more. Hopefully somebody will get it back to its old self in time for the new development opening next door! Great shame but I shall not be returning until something drastic changes.

27 Aug 2013 12:24

The Pump and Truncheon, Blackpool

Hadn't been in for many a long year so rectified that before the football (it's an easy walk from the pub to the ground). A range of beers - I enjoyed a Jennings ale and a very good chicken wrap. Busy as you might expect on a football Saturday but home and away fans mixed comfortably - I think the real ale was a common bond! Was originally a Hogshead and still shows signs of their interior decor! Could probably now do with a facelift but is still probably the best boozer in this part of town and always worth a visit.

27 Aug 2013 12:20

Gillespies, Blackpool

One large room with various seating areas - in the town centre and not far from the station (north) and the shops. It is a Greene King pub but does sell guest ales - I had Taylor's Landlord and Dark Star APA - both prefectly acceptable. Friendly enough place whch does food and shows footie matches etc. Would go back.

27 Aug 2013 12:14

The Counting House, Blackpool

No real ale ,a bit grotty and obviously used as a venue bar at weekends when it probably gets heaving! Forget it.

27 Aug 2013 12:10

The Bispham Hotel, Blackpool

Excellent value pub - as has been said it is £1.80 for a pint of Sam Smith's Bitter and very good it was too - I had a second! Art Deco interior and it apeared to be used more by locals than tourists even though it is a very short stroll from the tram stop. Well worth visiting just for the cheap beer if nothing else. Friendly lady behind the bar. I am always amazed by Sam Smiths - everything they sell is their own brand (no Bacardi just White Rum - even the crisps have their own brand on them). Recommended boozer.

27 Aug 2013 12:04

Albert and The Lion, Blackpool

Saturday morning - 11am - packed!! Holidaymakers starting off as they meant to go on. Fair enough beer selection from some local brewers. Big bar but not the size it looks from outside bearing in mind the huge store it was before 'Spoons got it. Preferred the Layton Rakes though.

27 Aug 2013 12:01

Nags Head, Reading

Well spotted Mr F - this pub is now a Witherspons outlet called The Sir Rustle Streete with all the usual spoons trimmings! They were going to make it a LLLoyds No2 but didn't get a lap dancing licence so it's up to the chaps behind the bar to go through the motions and excite the punters who will no doubt be leaving the BOBin their droves in search of new depravity!! .....and if you believe that you are a sadder git than Lord Jason!!!!!!!

16 Aug 2013 23:41

The Exeter Arms, Derby

Didn't notice any tables being reserved for diners - we actually sat in one the several little rooms and had a couple of beers and some food and there was no hassle whatsoever. The staff were cheery and very helpful with the beer range (this is basically the Dancing Duck Brewery Tap). I remember the pub when it was Marstons and liked it then - now it has different beers it has improved again and it is easy to see why it has been Pub of The Year. We even had an impromptu folk music "jam session".
Derby is . of course, a great drinking town with many many good pubs and several breweries and The Exeter certainly rates amongst the highest. Don't miss it.

21 Jul 2013 13:04

The Alexandra Hotel, Derby

I always visit the Alex when in Derby and it never fails to please. Great range of beers with Castle Rock Brewery ever present. Friendly staff who went out of their way to make some baps for my friends train journey home (even though it was late evening). They now have a cab from a class 37 diesel loco in the car park.
You can claim a free pint if you do the "One of the Eight" card. Any pub which offers great beer; a freindly welcome; baps; railwayana and is football friendly gets a 10/10 from me. Super place.

21 Jul 2013 12:58

The Red Lion, Bletchley

First time ever at this pub and we took some friends with us as it was recommended by the Good Beer Guide - what a dump!! Down a side road by the industrial units and although in a potentially great location by the canal lock this is a very down-at-heel boozer and not what we expected. The beer choice was poor with really only one "guest ale" to talk about (An Orkney Pale Ale) the others being standard national brands. We got the feeling that the pub might be in the processs of changing hands? Main bar had blaring music and a bunch of lager-drinking blokes playing pool so we went outside via the grotty gazebo into the canalside "garden" which had a few flowers but as many weeds and nettles around it. Toilets were basic. Shall not be going back unless it gets a complete re-fit.

13 Jul 2013 23:54

The Hollybush Inn, Witney

Looks slightly like a carbon copy of The Three Horseshoes (or is it the other way around?) Anyway, definitely majoring on the food side but offering a couple of beers - I had quite a pleasant drop of a new Greene King beer called Bohemian which was a Czech-style golden ale and not too bad - but pricey (we are looking at the £4 a pint job for some beers here). The owners have obviously agreed to go up-market and good luck to them - you set out your stall and see who buys!! There still are proper pubs in Corn Street.

24 Jun 2013 22:16

Le Hocq Inn, St Clement

We did go back and the beer was better - indeed the whole place felt much better and as we have family just round the corner that was good ! Pleasant patio area even though it is on the main coast road but nice views.

24 Jun 2013 22:08

The Landmark, St Brelade

Sorry folks - it is now called The Tree House and is part of a group who have other pubs on the island (Beach House/Farm House/Spice House etc. )

24 Jun 2013 22:05

The Rozel Bay Hotel, Rozel

Take care as the bar has changed its opening hours as we found out when we arrived on a Tuesday - it didn't open until 3 in the afternoon and our bus back was at 3.05 !! It does appear to open all day from Wednesday ownards so that's the time to go. Great little vilage to visit and enjoy the scenery and the harbour.

24 Jun 2013 22:04

The Lamplighter, St Helier

The pub is now run by Randalls (who used to brew in St.Helier) and they have made a significant change to the beer dispense. The little curved section of counter had been filled in and all the handpumps are in row facing you as you enter. Also the beer straight from the cask has disappeared but the range is still extensive and is easily the best on the island. Can get very busy especially when there is sport on the many tellies. Still well worth a visit though. I tried both the Liberation Herm Island Gold and the Guersney Patois plus the new Liberation EPA and IPA !!

24 Jun 2013 21:56

The Dog and Sausage, St Helier

Has this pub changed hands? Looks like it's had a make-over and some of the old pictures and bric-a-brac appear to have gone. Only one beer on draught which was fine (Skinners"Betty Stoggs").

24 Jun 2013 21:51

Bellinis, St Helier

They have no added a second handpump offering London Pride. I still quite like this place.

24 Jun 2013 21:49

Chambers, St Helier

Popped my head inside as I was passing the other day and was pleased to see 2 handpumps with Skinners "Betty Stoggs" and Shepherd Neame "Spitfire" on draught. Didn't stop but it was an encouraging sign although this place still is more of a nightclub than a pub.

24 Jun 2013 21:48

La Pulente, St Brelade

This was our first visit to La Pulente and it was to be fair quite brief as we only had half an hour between buses (two bus routes stop outside). There is a small bar counter in front of you as you enter and to the right is the dining area in a conversatory style building. There's a small drinking area to the left of the bar and as I understand further dining space upstairs. Pleasantly furnished. It was quiet when we visited but it was just after lunchtime so diners would have gone by then. Patios outside and nice views of the beach and St.Ouens Bay. You can also walk round the cliffs to Corbiere lighthouse. Skinners "Betty Stoggs" was on draught as was Bass and our beer was fine is not spectacular! We didn't have time eat so we can't comment on the food. Not unpleasant at all and if you are walking along the beach then it is a good starting or finishing point.

24 Jun 2013 21:46

The Three Horseshoes, Witney

This is an old Morland pub although it was I beiloive owned by Garne's Brewrey of Burford and then Courage. It now appear to be a free house and it has to be said very food-orientated although I was made welcome when I went just for a beer! Three on tap including XT2 from the newish brewrey at Thame. The bars have been "lightened" by use of paintwork so the traditional old wood panelling has not gone but been altered to give a brighter modern feel although there are still bits of the old pub left - note the ceiling by the bar counter. Well staffed on a Saturday when food is served all day (and Sunday). Worth a stop for a half!

23 Jun 2013 17:59

Robin Hood, Witney

I hear that it is shut!

23 Jun 2013 17:55

The New Inn, Witney

My first visit to this pub - it is I think the last one in Corn Street as you head out of town but don't give up - it is worth the walk. Good selection of real ales including a new one to me "The Hoard" from Backyard Brewery plus Black Sheep;Side Pocket for a Toad; Landlord and the ubiquitous Doom Bar! But a good little local boozer with friendly staff and chatty locals. Single bar with seating areas and a dart board plus outside seating for drinkers and smokers. I think it keeps "normal" hours during the week but opens all day at weekends. Well worth a visit - start her and then visit the others as you walk back into the town centre.

23 Jun 2013 17:54

The Chequers Inn, Witney

This pub is currently closed and its future uncertain.

23 Jun 2013 17:50

Plough, Norwich

I should have allowed more time for this pub as it was a well worth the walk from the city centre. Grain Brewery beers which were in good nick and a very pleasant barmaid who appeared to know the beers made for an enjoyable visit - brief as it was. Wood floors pastel cloours and chunky furniture from memory. Daily papers and I think they did food but I had to move on so couldn't catch everything. Norwich is very luck in having so many great real ale pubs with varying charcaters - this is another that is well worth visiting.

24 Apr 2013 00:44

The Vine, Norwich

Yes indeed - a fine little pub (probably only holds around 30 people) but cheery and just off the market square and shops. Oakham JHB seems ot be their regular ale although there were another 3 available (we stuck with JHB and it's a pretty fine beer). Thai food smelt good as it wafted past us! The decor is more modern than you would possibly expect for a pub looking like this but so what it was very convivial!

24 Apr 2013 00:38

Take 5, Norwich

As we were staying at The Maids Head Hotel it seemed proper to walk across the road for a pint(or two) in this pub. Good mix of customers of all ages and a good range of local beers (I had a St.Peters brew) Busy and chatty by not overpowering - we liked it!

24 Apr 2013 00:33

The Kings Head, Norwich

Probbaly the first ever real ale pub I went into in Norwich many years ago when I first visited the City (remember the days of Watneys?) Small front bar leads into a much larger back room complete with bar billiard table. Small courtyard but no seating outside. Great range of beers - mostly local - from either handpump or gravity. Chatted to some friendly locals and some helpers at the CAMRA AGM which was in town that weekend. They appeared to think this was the best in the city and who am I to disagree! Don't miss it.

24 Apr 2013 00:28

Gardeners Arms, Norwich

Sat outside on a warm end-of April day with a pint of Beeston beer (very drinkable) and watched the world go by. It's very handy for the shops and the castle and makes for a great escape from both! Basically two pubs in one - so go and find out the history for yourself. They do food and coffee so that suited us all. Local beers apart from Doom Bar (why would you want a national brand Cornish beer in Norwich when there are so many good local breweries??) Anyway, this is well worth a visit.

24 Apr 2013 00:21

The Fat Cat, Norwich

What more can you say - this has to be one of the best pubs in the country. The beer range is fantastic (including their own brews) the staff are great they do 60p rolls there is tons of bric-a-brac around the bar it is friendly to both local community and "out-of-town" drinkers;there are buses near by; you can sit outside and watch the coming and goings from the cafe and bike shop across the road to the local residents out with their dogs etc. No blaring music no pool cues in your back just a great atmosphere. Top dog!!

24 Apr 2013 00:16

Bell Hotel, Norwich

Have to give them credit - it is a 'spoons and most suffer from lack of staff but this one was OK and we were even offered different beers upstairs by the downstairs barman so we had a selection from both bars!! Nice old hotel building (ex.Trust House Forte for those who remember) with a Santander bank included!
Very close to the main shops and the castle - worth a look in.

23 Apr 2013 23:43

The Belgian Monk, Norwich

First ever visit - on my own - to see what was on offer. Started with a bolleke (de Konnick) and then decided to come back later with my better half. A couple of beers and we decied to eat here - well, terrific stuff. The starter (mixed ham with bits and bread and more bits) came on a slate and would have been a main course in many restaurants. Ann had the mussels and there were plenty of them even for a starter!
Another beer? OK. Main course - I had a salmon dish which was excellent. Anyway - no need to go on you get the message! This is well established Belgian bar with a great selection of beers and a good mix of customers. Bar staff were great and even though the place was busy they found us a table and gave us good service.
Price wise - worth it, enjoy!!

23 Apr 2013 23:39

The Snooty Fox, Canonbury

First visit to this corner pub which is almost opposite the railway station. Very pleasant interior in the modern "pub/kitchen" style (wood floors;old furniture; large windows;pastel colours and ecletic pictures;theatre kitchen and 4 handpumps (we enoyed the Standard Bitter from the new Cronx Brewery - which apparently is where Croydon meets The Bronx!!) They also had Redemption Trinity; Otter Ale and a beer/whisky brew from Brains. Our beers were £3.60 which I thought was fair considering the lager and speciality beers were touching £5.00 !!
Excellent service and the food wasn't bad either. In fact we liked this pub so match we returned after the walk back from The Emirates (about 20/25minutes away). Friendly home fans. I would recommend this pub - worth missing a train for.

1 Apr 2013 22:30

The Albion, Winchester

After a previous bad experience in this pub I noticed that it had been re-painted outside and looked different so in I went. It has been completed re-furbished inside and although is still a tiny corner bar is now quite bright and airy with modern decor and fittings. Three handpumps with a good selection of ales (micro and min-breweries including Tiny Rebel - new to me). £3.80 a pint was a bit steep but the barmaid was very pleasant and the clientele has definitely changed (much for the better I think). Beer quality was fine. Very handy for the station and bus stops and only a short walk into the city centre. A much improved pub -worth a look.

23 Mar 2013 13:39

The Wellington, Birmingham

A "must visit" pub in Brum with a fabulous selection of real ales and ciders; great staff and you can even bring your own food. My only complaint (if you can call it that) is the way you order the beer - by number off the TV screen. I never do and I don't care if that annoys them - I can easily identify a beer by its pump clip but I have never had real hassle with this and it does give customers an idea of what the beers are like and how much they cost so fair-do's.

6 Mar 2013 10:56

The Villa Tavern, Birmingham

A visit is worthwhile - not for the beer, but purely for the architecture. Have a soft drink; admire and move on.

6 Mar 2013 10:51

Stoodi Bakers, Birmingham

Not surprised with a stupid name like that!!

6 Mar 2013 10:50

The Shakespeare Inn, Birmingham

Martwolves - I frequent this pub and I don't think I'm shifty in any way!!!! Good range of beers on including their own Pale Ale (brewed by St.Austell). We settled for the very excellent Ossian from Inveralmond Brewery. This is a very handy pub for the station and although it is part of a chain (Nicholsons) it is usually OK and we had no problem getting served and there was abosultely no hassle from any of the customers - in fact quite a pleasant mix of people (we don't hang around in pubs where it is in any way "dodgey"). It can probably get very busy at certain times but then again if it didn't get busy it would probably be shut!! If you have time you can easily walk from here to The Briar Rose and The Wellington and even The Post Office Vaults (you may have to miss a train or two though!)

6 Mar 2013 10:48

The Volunteer Arms, Southport

Not quite sure how this got into the Good Beer Guide - only one ale on (Thwaites Wainwright**) and not a place to take your granny unless she likes karaoke!!. However, the barman was extremely chatty - perhaps he was glad to speak to someone instead of having to listen to the pensioners and their karaoke! (I reckon it's the same people every Sunday). TV on but quiet.
** the beer was OK and a pub doesn't have to have a huge range of ales to be good but there are definitely better pubs in Southport.

6 Mar 2013 10:29

The Inn Beer Shop, Southport

What a super little place! I thought it was simply going to be an off-licence but when I got there I saw the tables and chairs (not many) and headed in to see what was going on. Terrific range of bottled beers including some from smaller German brewers but others from Belgium as well as Britain and other parts of the world as well. Simply select your chosen beer and take it to the bar where they will open it and serve you (50p charge for the bottle but each one is priced so you can select at your own price range). Southport beer and two foriegn draught ales - I was so impressed that I stayed for a couple more beers including Andechs Monastry Beer and a pils from Merkendorf. I stayed at the beer where I had a good chat to the owner and several of the customers - many who come specifically for the range of bottles and the genuine ambience of the place. I was offered a small dish of mixed cheeses and pickled onions was was nice! It would be great to see this type of establishment in other towns (but not too many!!) - it is run by enthusiastic people who obviously love their beers and watching customer enjoy them as well. Highly recommended.

5 Mar 2013 18:30

Willow Grove, Southport

I am surprised that Southport can support two 'Spoons pubs - both in the same street but I suppose they get busy at holiday time. This is a LLoyds No.1 bar which means it has music but it also still suffered from lack of staff - I waited quite a long time to get a beer and only the good nature of the hard-pressed barman made me stay. There is a second bar upstairs but only GK beers on here. The Segrave is a better bet.

5 Mar 2013 18:22

Sir Henry Segrave, Southport

Interesting building with an equally interesting history. Standard Wetherspoons fare but a nice range of guest ales - I stopped for a couple. Has a CAMRA Corner for all the local news and the staff were prompt and efficient. Didn't mind it at all.

5 Mar 2013 18:19

Lakeside Inn, Southport

You could spend all day arguing about this being the smallest pub in Britain - I think the Nutshell in Bury St.Edmunds might have something to say about that. Anyway it is a small, cosy, little bar which overlooks the lake as you might expect! Nicely decorated inside but I was very disappointed to go all the way to Southport only to be offered the ubiquitous London Pride (Spitfire was off but who needs Kent beer in Lancashire?) I opted for a soft drink this time. Shame as it is a very interesting little bar.

5 Mar 2013 18:16

The Guest House, Southport

Super pub - a proper pub with bar and lounge ;wood panelling and a very nice feel to it. Interesting name and attractive frontage. Sunday afternoon - not packed but quite a few drinker in the bar and very friendy and helpful staff - help yourself to the cheese and biscuits I was told! It appears to be tied to S&N (Heinekin range of beers in the main) but I enjoyed a half of the local Southport Mild which was very good as was the March Hare from Pheonix. I could have easily stayed longer here as it is just the kind of pub I like. (Just off the top end of Lord Street near the roundabout and a fair walk from the station- but worth the effort).

5 Mar 2013 18:13

Baron's Bar, Southport

Victoriana style of bar at the side of this town centre hotel which is not far from both the seafront and the station. Good range of beers and I went for the Moorhouses but also tried their "house beer" - Flag & Turret. When I asked the young barmaid who brewed it she looked at the pump clip and replied "Flag & Turret" Oh well never mind it wasn't that good anyway. TV was on showing Scottish football and they serve food. Not a bad place and probably worth a second visit some time. Certainly the best range of ales in town.

5 Mar 2013 18:08

The Queens Royal, New Brighton

If you are coming from the station then turn right and head down to the seafront (and the massive new complex down there) turn right - Morrisons opposite and the hotel is a short walk along the prom. The bar entrance is at the side and it is an hotel bar but with a nice pubby feel to it. Nice staff behind the bar and a good range of beers - I tried a blonde ale which I think came from Peerless but then went onto Lancaster Blonde. My visit was only mared by two weird situations - firstly I went to the loo leaving my beer and newspaper on the bar counter. Whe I came back there was a couple standing there drinking Stella and they seemed miffed when I asked if I could get back to my beer, causing them to move.. Then a gentleman approached my - again Stella in hand - and asked if I was drinking the Lancaster Blonde (the barmaid was pulling my beer at the time). I said Yes and he then said what does it taste like! Well as soon as I get it I can tell you ! I replied. He seemed a bit put out by that comment and went away mumbling to himself and his mates. I drank my - very nice - Blonde and left!
Shame as the place was quite pleasant.

5 Mar 2013 18:04

Hoylake Lights, Hoylake

Just a short walk from Hoylake station this pub was a pleasant surprise - it a Wetherspoons with all the usual deals and offers but it was very very friendly and had no less than 6 guest ales out of the 8 handpumps available. I stopped for two beers and enjoyed the cheery atmosphere - it may of course change on a busy Saturday night! More modern interior style. Worth a visit if you are in the area - the train service from Liverpool is very regular.

5 Mar 2013 17:55

The Dee Hotel, West Kirkby

I had just enough time between trains to grab a beer in this Wetherspoons pub which has an attractive exterior and was actually quite pleasant inside. Service was prompt (unlike some I have been to) and they had a acceptable range of guest beers - sadly I only had time for a quick half but I was temted to stay for one more as I felt quite comfortable here. Anyway, perhaps another time?

5 Mar 2013 17:50

Gold Balance, Kirkby

Don't ask me how I ended up in this pub let alone in Kirkby but I did and it is a good walk from the station (I took the bus back). Anyway, this is a standard Wetherspoons bar - probably a conversion of a shop. usual format and offers and has been said caters for a lot of the more elderly residents who appear to be there from the minute the place opens! It does of course offer the very good value breakfast deal and the coffee is cheap so there is an attraction! However, as with so many 'spoons they did not have enough bar staff - in fact just one girl who coped admirably under the circumstances. I got my drink and sat down to listen to the local banter before heading back into Liverpool They did have a couple of guest ales (Peerless) and a CAMRA Corner which had all the local beer news etc!. I have been in worse Wetherspoons!

5 Mar 2013 17:45

The Thomas Frost, Kirkdale

Massive 'spoons which does cope well on matchdays and had a reasonable selection of cask ales though most punters were downing lagers. Like many fans we had a beer in here until the traffic died down and we were able to catch a bus easily back into the city centre. Typical Wetherspoon's offer on a huge scale. So - been there done it don't need to go back (well maybe not til next season)

5 Mar 2013 15:08

Gallaghers, Birkenhead

First time I had been in this pub but it won't be the last - what a fabuous place! Just round the corner from Hamilton Square station and as you enter the whole ambience of the place hits you! It was Friday evening and the bar was busy but I got served quickly (Brimstage beers appear to be regulars but there were guests). Tremendous decor with all the militaria and othe bric-a-brac (I like pubs with tons of pictures and bric-a-brac not just a few here and there) High-ceiling/raised bar area and of course the barber's shop at the back - must be unique in the UK? Well worth the short trip across - or under - the Mersey to find this excellent hostelry.

5 Mar 2013 15:04

Ye Cracke, Liverpool

Another gem of a Liverpool pub with several drinking areas; a good range of beers and efficent staff. Not much more to say that hasn't already been said - except - make sure you go there!

5 Mar 2013 14:58

Welkin, Liverpool

Saturday morning around 11 am and the place is packed solid - most people having breakfast which is one of Wetherspoon's better offers. Several stag/hen parties obviously getting ready for a day round the City's boozers (or perhaps getting over last nights drinking). Anyway service was pretty good with bar staff not nipping off to servce food - they actually appeared to have special waiting staff just serving food. Swift half of Robinson's Road Runner and then onto the main business of the day (proper pubs)

5 Mar 2013 14:56

The Swan Inn, Liverpool

We arrived just as the doors were opening and they were still cleaning up from the night before so there was a niff of stale beer coupled with cleaning fluids. However, we were warmly greeted and the beer was fine (sometimes the first beer out of a pump in the morning can be a bit dubious but ours were OK). It is a bikers/heavy metal bar and I could imagine a different atmosphere on a Saturday night but we found it fine and enjoyed a pint before moving on. (the large baguettes looked good and they do a good range of foreign ales as well as the real beer)

5 Mar 2013 14:52

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

Saturday evening - absolutely rammed so we had to move on which was unusual for us as this is one pub we always visit when in Liverpool. I can recommend it though for the beer range and the food so another visit will have to wait but will not be forgotten.

5 Mar 2013 14:47

The Roscoe Head, Liverpool

Another Liverpool classic - plenty of beer on when we went (twice) and a very friendly atmosphere inside. Jennings and Tetley's are regulars but there was a nice selection of other ales - we did also try the Big Bog beer which was fine. Multi roomed pub which has been a CAMRA favourite for years and really is well worth a visit. Part of a good little pub crawl in this part of the city.

5 Mar 2013 14:44

Richard John Blackler, Liverpool

Massive place with all the usual Spoons offers and problems (lack of staff). In fact although it was only 10.30 they appeared to be shutting up shop and trying to get us all out! A couple of guest beers available but I think I can survive without having to go back here again.

5 Mar 2013 14:41

Raven, Liverpool

I found a good range of beers on when I visited - Peerless and Blakemere - and although the place wasn't packed (Monday lunch) the service was fine and my snack arrived promptly as did my coffee and beer! Typical 'spoons converted-shop unit bar which is only a short walk from Orrell Park station which has a very good service into the city.

5 Mar 2013 14:39

The Philharmonic, Liverpool

What can I say that has not been said before about The Phil? It is stunning and is a "must visit" establishment when in Liverpool. Beer wasn't too bad though I have had a naff pint in times gone by. Anyway, go there and enjoy (the Gents toilet must be the most photgraphed loo in the world!!)

5 Mar 2013 14:36

New Penny Farthing, Liverpool

I thought we had got rid of all these kind of hideous boozers! - but I was wrong. I didn't go in - I didn't need to !!!!

5 Mar 2013 14:34

Ma Egertons, Liverpool

What a shame - super little street-corner pub just by the side entrance to Lime Street station - 2 handpumps but no Real Ale !! That is all that is missing as the interior had obviously just been renovated and is very pleasant indeed with a main bar and a "lounge" off it. Named after Liverpool's "most famous landlady" and a nice cheery little place it is too - shame about the lack of beer. Really handy for a drink before your train.

5 Mar 2013 14:32

The Lion Tavern, Liverpool

A classic little pub with some fine fittings and a large range of ales. A couple of minutes walk from Mooorfields station and right opposite the old Liverpool Exchange station. Friendly staff and they even provided free sarnies! Always worth a visit to admire the architecture and enjoy the ambience and beers.

5 Mar 2013 14:28

The Lady of Mann, Liverpool

I hate long walks between pubs !! Out of Sarah Rigby's and across the courtyard into the Lady of Mann - brilliant. Okells Bigtter and MPA on draught the latter being very enjoyable. I need to go back to this pub to see it when it isn't rammed on a Saturday night.

5 Mar 2013 14:26

Head of Steam, Liverpool

Looked like it was closed as shutters were down and doors locked.

5 Mar 2013 14:24

Globe, Liverpool

I love it - great little pub which has just recently had a sensitive refurbishment but still has cheery staff and good beer and an ever changing clientele as well as many regulars. Right opposite Central station and near the main shopping areas. The floor still slopes; the rooms are pleasant and cosy (especially when it's busy) but service is good and the Liverpool Organic "Bier Head" was excellent as was the 1960's music on a Sunday night! Note the huge Map of the World in the back room (only spoilt by a shelf and some lights screwed to it!). Highly recommended.

5 Mar 2013 14:22

Fall Well, Liverpool

A strange almost subterraineal building which was busy and actually had a couple of decent beers on (Blakemere and Moorhouses) but as with so many Spoons bars they just do not have enough staff and if you get caught up in a coffee queue then you can wait for hours to get a beer! Anyway, I did eventually get served and the beer very good. Usual Wetherspoons offers - handy for Lime Street station.

5 Mar 2013 14:17

The Dispensary, Liverpool

I popped in for my first ever visit on a Friday evening and was met with a smile from one of the barmaids who was clearly enjoying her work! Great range of beers which change on a very regular basis - liked the Blonde ale from Backyard Brewery and stayed for a couple. Not a huge pub but there is a small raised seating section as well as the main drinking area. I didn't get any hassle from the landlord/landlady or customers (as others seem to have) and in fact I thought the staff were great fun. So much so that I recommended that our footie crowd met there next day before the game - which we duly did and enjoyed White Rat as well as Fernandes' beers from Wakefield. There was Sky sports news on the telly but it wasn't intrusive. They have a sign asking customers not to bring there own food but they weren't doing any on a Saturday which was sad as they could have made some money from us (just a roll or meat pie?). Anyway I can only speak as I find and I found this to be a very good boozer with terrific beers and a nice atmosphere - I shall return.

5 Mar 2013 14:13

Crown, Liverpool

Must have got this one on a bad day as the beer selection was very poor for a Good Beer Guide pub (GK IPA being one of them. Fantastic exterior and of course it is very handy for the station - maybe next time?

5 Mar 2013 14:04

Central Commercial Hotel, Liverpool

Yes - I would agree with previous comments. The interior is stunning with sparkling mirrors all around the walls and some other very fine details. My Copper Dragon Golden Pippin was fine and I would suggest that a visit is worthwhile - just to see the fittings. Barmaid was very cheery and customers were fine. Just round the corner from The Globe and opposite Central station.

5 Mar 2013 14:01

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

Hi - could I possibly comment on the pub and the beer? Thank you. This is a landmark building down opposite Albert Dock but to be honest if it wasn't for the beers I could see many people not bothering with it. The beers are excellent and brewed on site but the pub is a little tired and in need of some TLC (although the back room is better than the main bar). They moved the counter some time ago but never quite finished it! (Bare wood and unstained columns etc). Toilets are upstairs and again all these areas could do with a lick of paint and attention. (No doubt somebody will say that it is this basic feel that makes the place iwhat t is - well fine but I think it could be so much better without being "tarty" or "flash"). It is a beer house which is why I was so amazed to find 2 couples sitting in the corner drinking Fosters lager and some other keg product - they were also were loud and mouthy and did not help my visit. I have been to the Baltic Fleet before and will probably use it again because I like the ale but a little housekeeping please!

5 Mar 2013 13:58

The Abbey, Liverpool

Large boozer which does look a bit like a 'spoons with the same type of offers. TVs and music but a pretty unadventurous seleciton of ales. Better pubs nearby.

5 Mar 2013 13:46

White Horse, Emmer Green

I use this pub about once a month (combined with a viisit to The Black Horse across the road) and it is usually pretty good. Often very busy especially at weekends and "after work". Food is serves at most times - it is standard pub grub from the Greene King menu but is well-priced. They often have a guest beer (Titanic; Everards have been seen recently) as well as the GK range - which sometimes includes IPA Gold or Golden Speckled Hen. I'm not sure where a previous reviewer saw a snooker table as (a) there is no room for one and (b) he probably meant a pool table - which I can never remember one being there. Good outside drinkers/smokers patio; Tv for sport and good bar staff - you don't often have to wait long to get served. Although this is a major brewer's pub it is not a bad boozer and the addition of a guest ale will always encourage me to have a look in.

27 Feb 2013 13:02

The Maiden Over, Earley

This pub has improved immensely in recent times (sorry but I didn't eat there so cannot comment on the food as others havedone)but there were 4 real ales available (2 x Loddon/1 x West Berks and LondonPride)plusan ever increasing range of bottled beers mostly from local brewers (Bingham's ales often feature on draught as well as bottle). Two bars - one with an extension which has a pool table. Outside drinking and a hut for smokers. Friendly barmaid and although the locals gave me that "I spy strangers" look they were OK in the end. This bar is worth the bus trip out of Reading (20a from the station)stops outside at Silverdale Road shops and deserves our support.

27 Feb 2013 12:56

The Wishing Well, Reading

Now it appears to be boarded-up so I assume it has closed forever?

27 Feb 2013 12:48

The Three Guineas, Reading

This is always a busy pub as you might expect being right by the station and now overshadowed by the massive new over bridge and main entrance!! There are usually 8 real ales available and often a very good selection from around the country - all at £3.60 a pint. It is basically a rugby supporters(London Irish) pub but does accept away footie fans when Reading are at home - home fans usually avoid it until later in the evening. With regard to the loos - yes it is a bit of a hike to get to them and yes - the locks on the cubicles have been broken for some time now but to be fair it is not the pub staff that wreck them it is the punters!!
I use The Guineas quite often and accepting it for what it is - it's OK.

27 Feb 2013 12:45

The Retreat, Reading

New licensee seems friendly enough and there were free snacks when I visited. Beer range was still pretty good (Loddon/Ringwood plus a couple of others including Sharps - but not Doom Bar!!) The guvnor appears to like Ruddles which seems odd in a pub like this but he'll get over it. Hopefully the pub will prosper and the live music will remain,so best of luck.

27 Feb 2013 12:37

The Corn Stores, Reading

They are obviously having problems here as the bar appears to be shut on a more regular basis now (it had been open now and again but there was never anyone in - not suprising really if punters don't know when it will actually be open!!) Hopefully Fuller's Brewrey are seeking a new and permanent licensee and the pub and upstairs bar can be re-opened - when it was first converted to a bar it was great with two bars; Fuller's beers and a very interesting interior with old corn-grinding machinery etc.

27 Feb 2013 12:25

3Bs, Reading

Closed as a pub but often used for functions (council -run establishment)

27 Feb 2013 12:18

The Glebe, Stoke on Trent

We went to this pub before the football and had mixed feelings. Firstly the positives - it is handy for the station (5 minute walk); it has been well furnished even though everything seems to be new - but it does have the feel of a proper old Joule's pub. The food was excelent - their ham, egg and chips is a really good deal as was the cheese and pickle doorstep sarnie. We arrived at midday and within a very short space of time the pub was heaving. Service was good and empty glasses were cleared away quickly. Sadly, the Pale Ale ran out and the barmaid served us with what could only be described as pond-water. Yes, of course, beers run out and they were changed pretty quickly but why did she serve us the slops and expect us just to accept them? We complained and were given fresh pints in due course. However, these were hazy and not as tasty and enjoyable as the first couple so we decided to cut our losses and move on. Shame really as this is a fine boozer and we were all generally very impressed with the place. Stoke is not a fun place to go to but if I am ever back there then I will give The Glebe another try. It is handy for the football shuttle bus just across and down the road a bit.

10 Feb 2013 17:29

Queen Elizabeth, Reading

Bad news - permission has now been granted for conversion to flats. Apparently nobody wanted the place as a pub and the neighbours complained about it (a) as a pub and (b) as a derelict building so it has now gone for good!!

14 Jan 2013 18:16

The Orange House, Reading

This old bar (wasn't really a pub !!) has now become a furniture and electrical store for The British Heart Foundation.

14 Jan 2013 18:15

The Maidens, Reading

Another pub which has been sold off by a brewery and is to become a Sainsburys Supermarket. Surely there must be some law against pubs being converted to shops without planning permission? (p.s.I know there isn't - it is a retorical question)

14 Jan 2013 18:12

Eastern Pearl, Reading

Closed and boarded up - another pub in the Whitley area which has closed its doors and along with The Maidens (closed and about to become a Sainsburys) now means that only The Sportsman and Upsey Down remain open in this part of town. Customers killing their own boozers?

14 Jan 2013 18:10

The Wheatsheaf, Wolverhampton

We used to go into this pub years ago and even stayed there when they used to do B&B. I remember the back bar still having push-bells for table service. I returned out of nostalgia and was a bit dissapointed. It still sells Bankss Mild and Bitter (handpumps now not the old electric pumps) and my bitter was a bit cold - drinkable but not brilliant. I used the little front snug bar where there were another three customers one of whom was very p***ed but very friendly with it (why do drunk people always tell you things twice?) Anyway, there was a TV on showing a quiz programme with no sound which seemed a bit pointless (that wasn't the name of the quiz by the way!!) Far too many little stickers on the walls advertising their very very cheap food and overall I think I will just remember the pub as it used to be and move on.

8 Jan 2013 11:14

The Posada, Wolverhampton

I would agree that this normally excellent pub now needs a bit of a facelift - some of the fixtures and fittings are in need of repair/refurbishment and some of the afternoon customers reminded me of the worst of Wetherpsoons! However, the beer was good enough and the barmaid was cheery. It is a classic pub of its type and should be seen. Discount for CAMRA members (my pint of Lancaster Blonde was £3.05 without the discount).

8 Jan 2013 11:06

Hogshead, Wolverhampton

I think this was an old Hogshead alehouse which is now The Hogs Head !!! Large street corner pub in the city centre with raised seating areas ;a pool table and TV screens everywhere. That said it does offer a great selection of ales and most from local brewers (I tried Morton Brewery Essington Gold; Enville White and Wye Valley Butty Bach and they had a beer from a new Wolverhampton Brewery - Broughs)There is a discount for CAMRA members and they also do a loyalty card - 8th pint is free. There was no sound on the tellies which were showing Sky Sports news. The pool table doesn't appear to interfere with the drinking and overall this was a very acceptable pub with a very beer-knowledgable barman on duty when I visited. A steady stroll from the bus and train stations. Worth a visit.

8 Jan 2013 11:02

The Great Western, Wolverhampton

This is one of the best pubs around (certainly in the Wolverhampton area). You can get to it via the stairs/path under the station or via the road through the car park. It is a Holden's Brewrey pub but is virtaully a Free House which had on handpump - 4 Holden's beers; Batham's Best Bitter; Kelham Island Pale Rider and Sarah Hughes Ruby Mild - brilliant selection !! Add to this the friendly bar staff; the hot pork and stuffing rolls and the tons of railwayana bric-a-brac then you can easily see why the pub is so popular. A good mix of customers and age groups. I have heard that it gets packed when Wolves are at home but I have never personally never had any hassle. There is a conservatory at the back (with its own bar) and I'm pretty sure they have a car park. This is a "must visit" pub. Highly recommended.

8 Jan 2013 10:57

Bank, Wolverhampton

There is no a "SOLD" sign on the building - could it be a second Wetherspoons or Llyods No.1 Bar ?

8 Jan 2013 10:51

The Waterhouse, Manchester

Large building with many rooms and a main bar serving a good range of local beers as well as the usual Spoons standard ales. We came for food an had a very acceptable curry for £3.99 each (manager's special). It is probably one of Wetherspoons more intersting buildings as it is not simply one huge drinking vault and was very busy with a good mix of people (apart from screaming kids).
This part of town has three pubs next door to each other - this one; The City Arms and The Vine so worth a visit to try them all.

2 Jan 2013 13:29

The City Arms, Manchester

I was going to give a review of this pub but the recent " comments" have put me off somewhat. No reviews - just stupid rantings. Shame - as we actually quite liked the pub.

2 Jan 2013 13:25

The Grey Horse Inn, Manchester

As we arrived (Saturday lunchtime) they were trying to get the pub door open (looked like they may have had an attempted break-in or were just changing the locks) Anyway, we got in and we were served by a local who was helping out during this crisis period! Sadly he got our beer order wrong but redeemed himself by not charging us for the four pints of Hydes Bitter. The pub was freezing mainly because of the front door still being wide open but eventually it was closed and more customers started to arrive and it got warmer. The beer was fine (I like Hydes beers anyway) but we just had the one pint as food beckoned and we were on a bit of a pub crawl before the football. We always visit The Grey Horse when in town but this was a slightly strange and uneasy experience - but we will return another day as it is still a pretty good little boozer (part of the "threepubsnextdoor" crawl).

2 Jan 2013 13:21

The Circus Tavern, Manchester

We made it just before the Saturday lunchtime "rush" (well - as the pub is so small the "rush" would probably involve around 30 people or so!) We were ushered into the back lounge but soon found out that we were sitting on seats normally occupied by regular Man City fans (maturer variety). No hassle however as we all squeezed in and the chat was very friendly. The beer was either Tetley's Bitter (now brewed by Marstons but still tasting OK) or Robinsons Blonde which was also pretty good. The pub is a gem;not only because of it's size (it must have one of the smallest bars of any pub anywhere in the country) but there are loads of old photos all around the walls which make it a very atmospheric place. We had table service - mainly cos we couldn't get out to get to the bar! This is a genuine old boozer of which there are very few left these days so you should make a point of going there to enjoy the beer; the bars and the chat.

2 Jan 2013 13:14

The Old Monkey, Manchester

When this Holt's pub first opened it was a very welcome addition to the local pub scene and we always went for the excellent Holt's Mild or Bitter. Our last visit - on a Saturday in December 2012 - was disappointing to say the least. The bar is one large open space with some seating around the walls and a few other bits of furniture but it had lost all its atmosphere and warmth. The beer was mediocre and was served in plastic glasses (you cannot be serious!!). This used to be part of the "threepubsnextdoor" crawl in Portland Street but I doubt if we will use the Old Monkey again which is sad as I normally love Holt's beers.

2 Jan 2013 13:05

The Argyll Arms, Oxford Circus

It should be noted straight away that The Argyll is in a very busy and touristy part of Central London and attracts loads of foreign visitors who come out of Liberty's or The Palladium, to admire the superb interior while trying a British real ale and some British pub grub (with this Nicholsons could try harder as the portions looked very mean - a bit of fish with about 7 or 8 chips and some peas?? Not brilliant value.) Anyway, we go for the beer and enjoyed an excellent pint of Tyne Bank's Silver Dollar. It wasn't my round so I don't what the price was but I would guess it was nearer £4 than £3. Like I said this is a central London bar so expect to pay more! There were around 8 ales available including Brains/Bath Ales and their own house Pale Ale. I would agree that Nicholson's pubs are springing up on every corner of London these days (and further afield as well) but they usually offfer a decent range of beers and many are very attractive Victorian/Edwardian style pubs - so you pays your money and you takes your choice!!

2 Jan 2013 12:59

The Princess Louise, Holborn

Not sure which beer some reviewers were buying as we had three pints of Old Brewery Bitter and the round cost £8.70 (£2.90 a pint which I think is pretty good for Central London). I have always liked this pub - even before the magnificent restoration works- and I thought the beer was some of the best Sam's I have had in London for a long time. This is a "must see" pub and it still amazes me how a small Yorkshire brewery can manage to sell only their own products in this day and age. (e.g. No Coke - just their own brand cola - all beers; lagers and spirits are their own make so you wont see Bacardi or Bells or Fosters or Stella ! Even the crisps bear the Sam's name !!). Just round the corner from Holborn tube and well worth the visit.

2 Jan 2013 12:49

The Hamilton Hall, Liverpool Street

Huge bar on two levels with tons of gilt decoration around the ceilings and freizes. Usual Wetherspoons offerings but the beer was good (we had Tom Wood Lincolnshire Legend). It is, of course, more expensive than some other Spoons but considering its location it wasn't too bad. Always very busy as it is within the station complex and as such is very handy before or after your train journey. Get's busy with footie fans on Saturdays (especially Spurs). When we visited there were plenty of staff on duty so we didn't have to wait for beer or food.

2 Jan 2013 12:41

The Hare, Bethnal Green

My first visit to this pub. This is a really good East End boozer with a single bar; pool table and TV screens. We found it warm and very cheery with a good atmosphere where different footie fans mixed well. They have a range of malt whiskys and do a regular Malt of The Month feature. The beer range was not over-exciting but the Timothy Taylor's Landlord was fine (they also had Doom Bar/GK IPA and GK Fireside)
although the bar counter is totally dominated by those huge ugly keg fonts. The pub is handy for Cambridge Heath station or buses into the city. No pretentions here - this is a beer and chat pub and we will be back.

2 Jan 2013 12:31

Rockcliffe Arms, Whitley Bay

When you leave Whitley Bay's grandiose Metro station by the main exit, turn right along Clarence Place and after a 100 yards or so you will find Algernon Place and the excellent Rockcliffe Arms. This is a comfortable side-street pub which caters for a good local trade and serves up good local ales. It has a single bar but with a couple of seating areas and a very pleasant atmosphere (lots of timber/carpet and traditonal furnishings). The beer was fine and like a lot of pubs in this area they promote local breweries (although the huge keg beer fonts tend to dominate the bar counter). No food but you can get a sarnie in the station buffet. I didn't go anywhere else in town - no reason to - as this was spot on.

16 Dec 2012 12:45

The Harbour View, Roker

Loved it to bits!! Local real ales; friendly staff and customers (I got talking to an East Fife supporter). No hassle just a good pint and good banter. TV screens and machines but not intrusive. Down near the seaside and on the bus route. A short walk from the football ground. It's a modern building but with traditional values. I don't think they do food - you come here for beer and a chat> Recommended.

14 Dec 2012 11:31

New Derby, Sunderland

Things appear to have changed since Blue Scrumpy visited as real ale is now available in the form of Greene King IPA and Old Golden Hen (this pub is a Greene King tied house but is miles and miles away from their Suffolk brewery - how strange)
Large bar with various seating areas and raised section for pool tables. Local trade; food available most of the time (inexpensive bar snacks plus meals). All the usual machines and tellies. As you come from the Metro station (Stadium of Light) you pass the old football ground site which is now houseing with names such as Midfield Close; Promotion Close etc.

14 Dec 2012 11:28

The Queen Victoria, Gosforth

Well-furnished and comfortable bar on the busy High Street. Local ales were available as well as a couple of "guests" (Wadworth 6X for example). Beer was fine and I stopped for a couple of halves. TV screens but no sound. The snacks looked intersting (cheese board/toasties etc) but I didn't eat here. Wenesday early afternoon so only a couple of drinkers in the bar but I think I would use this pub as my local if I lived in the area. Plenty of bus stops nearby (you can watch the busy traffic from the pub window) and a brisk walk from either Regent Centre or South Gosforth Metro stations. Overall- a pretty good boozer.

14 Dec 2012 11:23

The Job Bullman, Gosforth

Must have changed managers since the last reports - it's a standard Wetherspoons offer with all that entails. The beer selection,though was pretty poor with a lack of lower gravity bitters (it was early december so Christmassy-type ales were prevelant) so I had a half and left.
Service was OK and there appeared to be enough staff - a large party were having Christmas lunch but there were still 2 or 3 behind the bar.
Just off the High Street next to Gosforth shopping centre. I rather preferred the County and The Queen Victoria.

14 Dec 2012 11:18

The New Bridge, Newcastle

I hate long walks between stations and pubs but when you come out of Manors Metro station you are right next to The Kings Manor and next door - The New Bridge so there wasn't a lot of walking involved!!
The New Bridge is a street corner pub in the University (Northumberland) area and is a very pleasant bar with a selection of locally-brewed real ales. Comfortable traditional-style decor in the Victorian/Edwardian style with mahogany fittings; screens and a carpet - and plenty of reading material to enjoy while you sup your ale. Food is available but at limited times so check first. TV screen but not intrusive. Not packed when I went there but I can imagine it does get very busy but it was a new pub for me and I shall return.

14 Dec 2012 11:11

Crown Posada, Newcastle

Another classic pub and one of Newcastle's best - I always go here when in the city and the beer and banter are always good. Fresh rolls available but it is the overall atmosphere (narrow bar area/snug/rear lounge/music selection etc) which make it a great venue. Local beers prevail and there is usually a pretty good selection. You could easily spend a few hours in the Crown Posada without noticing the time - as I have done before!! A "must-visit" pub.

14 Dec 2012 11:03

The Centurion, Newcastle

Very ornate and grand station bar which is just the place to go while you wait for your train or,like me,just after you get off your train. I was served quickly and enjoyed local ale though I though £3.30 a pint was a bit steep for this ppart of the country?
The handpumps are at each end of the bar which is actually dominated by hideously huge keg lager fonts!! Access from the forecourt or the platforms and right next to the Metro station entrance. Worth a look and a pint.

14 Dec 2012 10:58

Bridge Hotel, Newcastle

Visited around 9pm last Wednesday and enjoyed a good pint of local real ale (most pubs in Newcastle appear to sell locally-brewed beers which is encouraging). Fine decor and very busy with prompt service and no hassle. It's always worth a visit to The Bridge and I have usually not been disappointed.

14 Dec 2012 10:54

The Bartons Arms, Aston

Another visit to this wonderful boozer (via the 51 bus) which still rates as one of the best in the country. Superbly immpressive exterior and interior with the "snob-screens" above the bar and the terrific fixtures and fittings. There is a strong emphasis on the dining in the rear room where most of the customers go for the excellent Thai meals although you can eat anywhere in the bar. Very well kept Oakham ales at reasonable prices and we enjoyed at least three of the range with Inferno and Bishops Farewell being particularly excellent. We got chatting to some local Villa fans who guided us to the ground from the pub ( a good 20/25 minute walk) and all in all it was a very pleasant visit - apart from the football score that is - we lost). You cannot go to Birmingham without having a couple of beers in the Bartons - it just has to be seen and enjoyed.

28 Nov 2012 11:23

The White Swan, Digbeth

Another pub which I have only ever visited on a football trip when it was absolutely rammed (in fact a couple of our lads left as it was so busy). This was my first visit on a normal day and what a treat. The Bankss Bitter was on good form and they have a nice little range of ales (from the Marstons portfolio). What I not noticed before was just how soptless this pub is - the floor tiles were bright and shiny the pumps were gleaming and the woodwork and fittings were immaculate. I had a good chat with the landlady as it was quiet and she was very friendly and chatty and I left after a couple of beers feeling very refreshed and cheerful as this is a super pub which does everything right in my book - and that's why it gets so busy!!

28 Nov 2012 11:14

, Digbeth

Most times I have been in here it was on a football Saturday so the place was heaving and you had to maneouver your way round the pool table to get to the bar. The beer board has indeed been re-sited and that confused me intitally but once found I enjoyed my ales from a very good selection. However - this is another of those pubs that charges you extra for a half pint! A pint of real ale ale was advertised at £3.00 but a half was £1.55. OK so the prices were clear and it was my choice but can somebody please explain why I should pay more for a half? Do the glasses cost more to buy? does it take longer to fill them ? do they pay the bar staff more to serve them? Does it cost more for the glass-washing machine to clean them? Please explain!! Anyway the pub and the beer are still good and I will of course return knowing what to expect.

28 Nov 2012 11:09

The Prince of Wales, Moseley

I am probably going to go against the grain with this report as I found the main bar drab and soul-less. It was dark and lacked atmosphere although no doubt when busier it livens up. Some nice wall tiling at the back where there are another couple of rooms. A fair range of beers but again not cheap. The two "house beers" come from Marstons but I wasn;t told which brews they actually were. They had the ubiquitous Doom Bar as well as Landlord; Tribute;Oakham and Purity and a couple of ciders.
Quality was fine but I will have to go back again - perhaps in the evening- to re-assess this pub as I'm sure it must get better than it was at 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon in November!!

28 Nov 2012 11:03

Goose At The Fighting Cocks, Moseley

Impressive slab of a Victorian edifice - you can't miss it! However, inside it has been "modernised" with the now expected sofas; eclectic fittings mixed-up furniture and bits and bobs! And it is not cheap!! I had a half of Ubu from Purity Brewery and was charged £1.75 - that's London prices (in fact some London pubs are cheaper than that). They are obviously catering for the "nouveau reech" in Moseley Village? Staff were curt but efficient. The beer was fine by the way but I moved on.

28 Nov 2012 10:50

Elizabeth Of York, Moseley

Now it's not often that I heap praise of Wetherspoon's pubs but this one does stand out. For a start it is much,much smaller then the normal barn-like emporiums JDW usually offer. This gives it a much more friendly and local feel and the bar staff were terrific - a great welcome and really chatty as well. The beers were from Saddlers and Slaters and were very well kept so I stopped for some lunch and another pint (BBQ Chicken with chips peas bacon and cheese mushroom and tomato with a pint of ale for £4.99 - you cant beat that!). of course this may have been a one-off and another visit may not get the same welcome but I would like to think it would! You can watch the coming-and goings in the "village" centre - a part of Brum I had never been to before. The number 50 bus stops (they run just about every 5 minutes) round the corner and there are plenty of other services back to the city. If only there were more Spoons pubs like this one!

28 Nov 2012 10:44

Old Moseley Arms, Balsall Heath

We are now talking about Proper Pubs - two bars; many original features; great beer; curries in the evening; beer festivals; some music and a genuine feel about it. Read all about the pub's history in the right-hand bar and note the old Ansells sign outside. Didn't come across a dog so can't comment on that. I used the number 50 bus from Moor Street station to get here (get off at Edward Road or Trafalgar Road) and the pub is just off Cromer Road. I did find the prices a bit on the high side for Birmingham (£3.15 a pint or is this the norm these days in this part of the country?)
Anyway, don;t miss this great boozer.

28 Nov 2012 10:37

The Hare and Hounds, Kings Heath

Still some bits of architecture to give you some idea of what this pub must have originally looked like (tiling; plaster ceiling and some woodwork) but there is a lot of "new victoriana" such as the vinyl window decorations and the newer ceiling papers etc. Large bar area with a music venue upstairs (there was a band practising when I visited so I could imagine the noise level could get a bit much for an old git like me!! Three beers on and I must admit my Cross Bay Dusk was very pleasant. they also had 2 beers from Purity Brewery. Worth a visit as part of the No.50 bus crawl.

28 Nov 2012 10:31

Goose on Two Streets, Kings Heath

OPened the door saw that there was not one single real ale available on any of the pumps so left! End of story.

28 Nov 2012 10:27

Pear Tree, Kings Heath

My last stop on the number 50 bus route from the city centre. Typical Wetherspoons with all that entails. A couple of decent beers from Lymestone and Derventio Breweries - a couple of friendly locals chatted to me and that was about it! The bus stops outside so it's quite handy for that and I also tried the other pubs in Kings Heath High Street (see my other comments)

28 Nov 2012 10:26

Anvil, Wigan

This has to be Wigan's best boozer (I've tried a few others but not them all!!) as it has all I could ever want - great beer including their own brews now and fantastic prices; a large supply of rolls; friendly and very efficient barstaff (mostly female) and some really nice and chatty locals. There is no hassle whatsoever and we mingled easily with local Wigan fans prior to and after the game. They have TV but the sound is very low so does not interfere with the conversation. we tried most of the beers on tap (Allgates/Hydes/Marble/Roosters and Ossett) and the Hydes was brilliant at £2.05 a pint! My Barmaid of the Year award goes to the young lady (may even have been the landlady) who bravely went into the Gents loo with a spray can after some oik had stunk out the place so badly you could smell it halfway down the road!! This is a great pub and should not be missed - even though we lost the game. A short walk from the railway stations and next to the buses.

26 Nov 2012 15:21

The Berkeley, Wigan

First time visit to this pub and it has quite an impressive Victoriana style interior with a mezzanine level and what looks like a dance floor at the front. Reasonable selection of well-kept real ales (we had a couple of pints of Copper Dragon "Golden Pippin" - very nice and refreshing.) Sadly we appeared to be the only cask beer drinkers as most of the other punters (footie fans) were downing pints of Fosters - well at least they shouldn't get drunk on that natspiss!!! They do food but they do employ bouncers although we didn't have any trouble. It's worth a visit and it's brilliant for both railway stations.

26 Nov 2012 15:13

Wellington Arms, Reading

This pub has now closed and is up for sale. I would have thought that there should be some trade to be had in this part of town - especially if you did a few real ales and appealed a bit to the student trade from the nearby Uni. There are also quite a few chimney pots around and shops opposite with plenty of buses stopping almost outside. However I suppose the owners just want shot of it to help balance their books.

21 Nov 2012 13:00

The Wishing Well, Reading

I hear that it is shut - but it may just be for refurbishment or perhaps change of licensee? Anyone got more news?

21 Nov 2012 12:57

The Rose and Thistle, Reading

Quick response to jeffisgame - yes it is Greene King but did sell guest beers as well and usually in fair/good nick. Why drive - there are regukar buses at the bottom and top of the road and it is near to Reading West station!! Anyway it's not that far a walk from the town centre and you could visit The Nags Head en route. I hear that Jo the Manageress has been promoted and has moved on so things may have changed but generally it is a pretty good pub which is comfortabel inside and has a large patio area at the rear. TV and darts only and RFC friendly.

21 Nov 2012 12:54

Rising Sun, Reading

Latest rumour has it being turned into - yes you've guessed it - a Tesco store. Great - lets shut down the local pub where the drinking can be reasonably controlled and turn it into a supermarket where anyone can buy cheap booze and get pissed anywhere they like!! Sounds like a responsible idea to me.

21 Nov 2012 12:47

Queens Arms, Reading

How does this place keep going when so many others in Reading are shutting down? I would guess that it is because it caters for the type of customer that the other town pubs would not wish to have through their doors?

21 Nov 2012 12:45

The Red Cow, Reading

With so many pubs closing down or being tarted-up this is a "classic" in its own little way. Not stunning architecturally but retaining much of the 1970's feel of a genuine Reading pub. Once owned by Simonds then Courage it does not sell real ale (but probably has a cellar capable of doing so) and it still has the decor and mementoes of a by-gone era. Worth a visit and a half of courage fizzy Best Bitter (just to remind you why you joined CAMRA) Apparently the Sunday lunches are great value for money. Worth a visit before it -eventually? - get pulled down or converts to another Tesco.

21 Nov 2012 12:43

Old Orleans, Reading

Now re-converted to a restaurant

21 Nov 2012 12:36

Oasis, Reading

It's now a neighbourhood community centre run by the church next door (who bought it) No real ale - in fact no beer at all. At least it's not another Tescos !

21 Nov 2012 12:35

Hatch Gate Inn, Reading

I understand that this pub is now an Indian retsaurant - can anyone confirm or deny this?

21 Nov 2012 12:30

Polish Gospoda, Reading

Now re-opened as The Royal (!!??!!) No real ale that I could see although I'm told they are advertising it. At least it is open and trading so it could improve.

21 Nov 2012 12:28

The Foresters Arms, Reading

I have heard that a new licensee has taken over (ex.The Oasis) but that there was only one real ale now available and that was Greene King IPA !!! Also rumour has it that there is also a pool table in the back bar - looks like we have lost this once fine boozer.

21 Nov 2012 12:26

The Blagrave Arms, Reading

Looks like things are about to get worse!! It appears that the timber and etched glass overbar and other such Victoriana-style fittings have been removed and the pub is going to re-open as a very bright bar and not the traditional ppub we used to know and love. No sign of any opening date as yet but they must surely be aiming to open before Christmas? Several rumours abound about the market they are going for - but we wait and see.

20 Nov 2012 19:32

Bar 38, Reading

Now a restaurant (Browns?)

20 Nov 2012 19:26

At The River, Reading

Now called "Bridges" Modern style bar - no real ale.

20 Nov 2012 19:25

The Guide Dog, Bevois Valley

Great little boozer featuring local ales at very fair prices - and they have rolls available during most of the afternoon. It was being painted when we went so the outside will now look a bit brighter. We had good service and were offered tasters of beers we had not drunk before. As I have said before - this is exactly what a good boozer should be. Don't miss it.

8 Nov 2012 11:09

The South Western, St Denys

Beer was good but as has been said a bit pricey (I heard about the "hike" in beer prices when the Junction closed but that was only pub gossip so perhaps somebody can confirm/deny?) �3.50 for a pint of Swift One sounds a lot but it is probably the going rate in many pubs in my area (Thames Vallley) Anyway, I think the SWA is a bit tired and the old Alehouse theme is a bit old hat now (no - I don't want it changed into a bistro/gastro venue bar but perhaps a change of decor?) Anyway we will use it again as the range is quite good and it is so handy for the station.

8 Nov 2012 11:06

The Junction Inn, St Denys

First visit since the fire and the subsequent re-furnishment. I think they have done a good job - it is bright and airy but still retains the old drinking areas. Purists may disagree but I was impressed. The main thing is that Greene King have given the licensees freedom to choose locla beers as well as GK products so the beer range has improved immensely. They had ales from Bowmans; Milk Street and Oakleaf and they will change on a regular basis. Staff were very friendly and we heard all about the comings-and-goings of other local pubs! They are having a "Meet the Brewer" night soon so there should be some goodies to be had!! Beer prices were reasonable and cheaper than some other pubs in the area !! Well worth a visit for the beer alone.

8 Nov 2012 11:01

The Admiral Sir Lucius Curtis, Southampton

Beer was flat - food came quickly and was OK. Say no more!

8 Nov 2012 10:53

The Wellington, Birmingham

We always visit the Wellie when in town and the beer range never fails to please (although I still cannot on get on with the numbering system and keep wanting to ask for extra rice with my No.12 !!). Anyway, the pub is always popular simply because of the range of beers and ciders and the good quality of each ale. Snacks (crisps;dead pig etc) are available but you can bring your own food and they will even give you a plate and cutlery!! There is usually plenty of staff on duty so service is pretty good and conversation rules in the bar. Highly recommended. Note: If you come out of New Street station via the Temple Street exit the pub is no distance and we often squeeze in a pint between trains.

24 Sep 2012 14:38

The Post Office Vaults, Birmingham

First visit last Saturday - a single doorway leads to a staircase which takes you down to the cellar bar. It is "compact" and can get very busy and you may have to gently push your way to the bar. Don't let that put you off - it says a lot about the place as more and more customers "discover" the Vaults and its beer. We had Abbeydale Moonshine and Salopian Oracle - both excellent beers in very good nick. Pleasant and efficient bar staff so we didn't have to wait long to get served. Several draught ciders are available and there is a good range of bottled foreign beers (and some on draught as well). This is a great little addition to Brum's beer scene and is no distance from the Wellington; Briar Rose; Old Joint Stock and Shakespeare and a 10 min(max) walk from New Street station. Well worth a visit.

24 Sep 2012 14:32

The Black Eagle, Hockley

Do not, in any way, let the location of The Black Eagle put you off from visiting it - this is one of the best pubs around and every serious beer/pub lover should make a pilgrimage to enjoy its terrific beer and wonderful atmosphere. It always sells Batham's Bitter (one of my all-time favourites) plus ever-changing guest beers. There is cider and food (from pub snacks to meals). It has a smalll courtyard for smokers. It is always busy on WBA match days but there is absolutely no hassle and well-behaved away supporters are welcome. (Genuine fans who enjoy their ale - no lager louts here!!) The pub does close in the afternoons and doesn't open till 7pm on Saturdays. It is a couple of minutes walk down the road from Benson Road metro stop which is only a short hop from Birmingham City Centre so well worth the journey. This pub is one of a few which gets my highest recommendations.

24 Sep 2012 14:24

The Defector's Weld, Shepherds Bush

Visited this pub for the first time yesterday. As already mentioned there is a good selection of real ales - often from the newer London brewers - but and it's a BIG BUT !!!! �3.60 for a pint - �1.95 for a half!!!!!!!!! I complained but got the bog-standard answer "It's what comes up on the till Sir!" Let's see what the management have to say to this total rip-off. I may use the pub again as the beer was good and the food looked interesting but I will only have the one pint and certainly no halves. CAMRA please note - you have put this pub in the guide for 2013. I hope you have put some note about the cost of half pints!!

12 Sep 2012 13:38

The Foresters Arms, Reading

Licensee has handed the keys back to Admiral Taverns and they are now looking for a new tenant. Great shame - Admiral are another pubco who will not do deals in order to keep their good licensees. This was a Good Beer Guide pub as well. Let's hope that somebody comes forward to take over this excellent little terraced pub.

9 Sep 2012 17:35

The Brewery Tap, Reading

Closed and probably going to be converted into flats. Shame but nobody wanted it even though it was on the market as a pub for months.

9 Sep 2012 17:32

The Blagrave Arms, Reading

Open- shut- open - shut??!!?? Windows have been blanked-off but rumour has it that new people are about to re-open it again - the previous incumbant having ruined the Mahogany panelling and bar by painting it red !!!!

9 Sep 2012 17:31

The Battle Inn, Reading

The Polish pub has shut but we undestand that the old Battle Inn will re-open soon as The Royal.

9 Sep 2012 17:29

The White Horse, Parsons Green

We always pay a visit to The White Horse when in this part of London and it never fails to please. Great range of beers (they always have Harveys plus several guest ales and foreign draught and bottled ales). BBQ on the patio which is a great place to sit and sup on a warm evening. Very busy and even more so as it was a Chelsea home match but don't let that put you off - these are the decent home fans who like their beer as opposed to supermarket cans!!
Handy for the tube and an easy walk to Stamford Bridge and even down the road to Craven Cottage. Always recommended.

9 Sep 2012 17:26

The Duchess of Cambridge, Stamford Brook

First visit to this pub a couple of weeks ago and we were not disappointed - same people who run the Bree Louise so a good range of beers with a couple of brand new breweries featured. Quite a large building just a couple of minutes from Stamford Brook tube station - it has an outside drinking/smoking area and does food as well as the beer and cider. We used this pub before going to the Chelsea game and will probably use it again before QPR. Worth seeking out.

9 Sep 2012 17:22

The Vine (Bull & Bladder), Brierley Hill

One of the best - Batham's brewery tap with their superb bitter which is one of my favourites. Sit in the "public bar" and watch the comings-and-goings or relax in the lounge (which I think was once the brewery office). The actual brewery is out the back and there is another room at the rear. I will always head for this pub when I am in the area (take a bus to Merry Hill Shopping centre and it's a short walk from there or an X96 will get you even closer). This is a classic pub and should not be missed.

12 Aug 2012 10:28

The Trumpet, Bilston

It's great to see this little pub still going as many of its kind have fallen by the wayside over the years. It's famed for its jazz but I really don't know how they manage to get musicians and customers into such a small space!! Anyway, very friendly but the Holden's biitter was a bit under par - I am putting this down to first out of the pub that morning because I have had good beer in here before. It doesn't open till 12 noon (there is a Wetherpsoons across the road if you're waiting) but this is a pub worth visiting and supporting and keeping alive. If you like a ber and are into jazz - then this is a pub for you. If you're not into jazz then go along anyway and see what it's all about!

12 Aug 2012 10:21

The Olde White Rose, Bilston

I have been in this pub before but my friend hadn't so we jumped off the tram and headed for it. It advertised 11 am opening but at 11.40 the doors were still shut so we moved on to The Trumpet. On the way back we noticed it had now opened but as time was short and the beer range - while extensive - didn't offer anything really exciting, we moved on. (Greene King seem to be getting their beers into quite a few free houses in this part of the country). Another day perhaps?

12 Aug 2012 10:15

Five Ways Inn, Dudley

Situated on a busy main road not far from the bus stops in Gornal Wood and across the road from a closed "Ale and Pie" pub this is a really good little boozer. Excellent Batham's Bitter with Oakham Bishop's Farewell as their guest beer. Friendly bar staff/landlord. We ordered some cobs which were absolutely stuffed full of beef - brilliant !! Shame we didn't have time for another beer as this was one of the best we had been to on our West Midlands pub crawl. Well worth a visit.

12 Aug 2012 10:11

The Old Bulls Head, Lower Gornal

We just had time for a swift half but the beer wasn't really that good. I know it's brewed out the back and is popular in The Wellington in Birmingham,but my summer ale was warm not not very exciting. Met the landlord and had a quick chat with him about this and that - as you do! Not sure about this place. We may go back when it is a bit busier as we were the only customers so it may well improve.

12 Aug 2012 10:05

The Fountain, Lower Gornal

Not bad - but I have been in better pubs. A fairly good selection of beers although the Greene King rep had obviously done his job well!! Just the one pint and then off down the hill. I would probably use this place again but will not go out of my way - it's OK but that's about it.

12 Aug 2012 10:01

The Britannia, Upper Gornal

Top notch pub in every sense. Great Batham's beer; wonderful interior snacks and friendly staff and locals. Say no more!!!

12 Aug 2012 09:57

Bull's Head, Sedgley

I like Holden's beer which is a good start! The bitter was on fine form. The pub is basically just a front room for drinking with a raised area behind where they serve Thai food (I think you could still sit and drink there though). It is just a very good boozer with no frills - always worth a visit.

12 Aug 2012 09:55

The Beacon Hotel, Dudley

Hadn't been in here for some time (although I've had their beer elsewhere). Great pub in typical Black Country style with a tiny serving hatch and rooms off. Beer was fine (didn't touch the Ruby Mild as it was too early in the day). I always like pubs that do rolls and good beer - this is one of the best. Brewery trips are available if you book but there is nothing better than sitting with a pint and listening to the local banter.

12 Aug 2012 09:50

The Union Inn, Cowes

We quite enjoyed this llittle pub which is at the end of the High Street in a narrow lane leading down to the sea (they were setting up for Cowes Week and the area was busy but the pub was a restful retreat and I would imagine gets heaving when the sailing starts. It's a Fullers (ex.Gales) pub and has one bar which serves both sides of the room. There is a dining area off to one side and a smal courtyard at the rear (although a bit too near the loos for our liking). Friendly enough with newspapers to read and a nice pint of Titanic Iceberg which was the guest beer (all others are Fullers ales). Worth a visit.

12 Aug 2012 09:43

The Anchor Inn, Cowes

On the reccomendation of the Good Beer Guide we visited The Anchor but the most I could say about it was "alright". The beer range is pretty standard so I had the Goddards which again was "alright". This is a large pub which has several drinking areas and an outside seating area at the back. The decor is "tired alehouse" and I think we were lucky as we got a seat and had no hassle but I would imagine it would be a bit more "in yer face" on weekend evenings. So overall - "been there done it" No need to go back.

12 Aug 2012 09:38

The Mermaid Tavern, Herm Island

After walking round the island this was a very welcome spot indeed and we sat for a few beers and enjoyed the kid's party - (well done the Lord's Taverners for bringing the disadvantaged kids across from Guernsey for a day out on the beach etc) - and also the deliveries of beer and supplies which seemed endless!! I did offer to test the bottled Badger beers but was told there was a huge queue in front of me !!!
Anyway, the pub is very good with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating and it offers a nice pint of Herm Island Gold (from Liberation) which was lovely and refreshing (I ended up having 3 pints). They also had Weston's Perry on draught although I believe this may change as new guest beers/ciders arrive. The pub has a snack bar across from the main rooms where you can get traditional pub grub and coffee etc.. and they appear to do meals all day. It was not packed and was very pleasant. The island is well worth the short trip from St.Peter Port and apart from the walking there are a couple of nice beaches and just clean.fresh air! The service in the Mermaid was good although I think they will need more than one barmaid during busy periods and I'm sure they have. Excellent pub you would expect, caters very well for the tourists. The Ship down the road does not sell real ale but has bottled Liberation Ale.

16 Jun 2012 13:13

The Tipsy Toad, St Helier

Don't know this place - has it changed its name or closed down? The only bar we found in new Street was The Town House.

16 Jun 2012 13:02

The Royal Yacht Hotel, St Helier

Very disappointed that all the bars (I think there are 5)stock standard national products (the usual lagers and keg beers) and not one local brew. I would not expect real ale in every bar but the "public bar" could at least have had one local cask beer? I would have used it then instead of going to the other pubs round the corner and across the road. Anyway - the hotel is superb for accomodation and position (and a buffet brilliant breakfast )and we really enjoyed staying there. Top class!!

16 Jun 2012 13:01

The Lamplighter, St Helier

I always visit The Lamplighter when in Jersey and it does have a good selection of beers but I do have an issue with the staff. The whole island seems to be staffed by East Europeans and mainly Poles - nothing wrong with that of course but they do (in the Lamplighter at least) seem to have a personality complex. I sat for a couple of pints and watched the two barmaids and really the landlord should organise a "Make the Barmaid Smile and Win a Pint" competition There was no communication between staff and customer apart from the basic ordering and change-giving. Not a smile not a "hello and how are you" or even "have you tried our latest real ale" Nothing (they did chat amongst themselves however). The pub is great and the beer; food and whisky selections excellent - shame that staff couldn't be a bit more cheery and forthcoming then it would be brilliant!!

16 Jun 2012 12:57

The Peirson, St Helier

I was pleased to see that this ppub gained entry into the 2012 Good Beer Guide as I have always liked it and a had a decent pint of Liberation Ale (it had just run out but the landlady soon put on a fresh barrel) Good price and a nice atmosphere. Pubs in St.Helier open at 11 on a Sunday so that was a bonus as I was ready for a beer (at 11.40) after a brisk walk around town to get a newspaper. Small seating area and a good mix of locals and "tourists".

16 Jun 2012 12:50

The Dog and Sausage, St Helier

Another visit and more Skinner's ales which very very good. Local trade mostly but the loud quiz machine was distracting. Still worth a visit when in town.

16 Jun 2012 12:46

Le Moulin de Lecq, St Ouen

I don't know if their "house beer" ever materialised but when we went this time they had Belhaven Golden Bay; Morland Original Bitter and Marstons Diamond Pedigree on tap. The service was much better this time and our drinks were brught out to us in the garden/patio type area at the front. They have a snack food counter outside and a restaurant indoors. Kids play area/the waterwheel feature and the pub is handy for the bus stop and the beach. We always go here when in Greve but sometimes I think it justs lacks a bit of "magic"?!

16 Jun 2012 12:44

The Landmark, St Brelade

This is now called The Bay Tree @ La Marquanderie

16 Jun 2012 12:37

Old Court House Inn, Saint Aubin

We gave this pub another try and sat outside (although the weather was poor). The two beers were Ringwood Best Biitter and Wells Bombardier which were OK but I have had them in better condition elsewhere. (at least they were available!!)
Service was fine this time (very poor on our last visit) so we stayed for another drink. It does a lot of food and the outside areas are very pleasant as you watch the comings and goings in the harbour.
Note: There are another 3 pubs in St.Aubin which serve real ale (The Boat House which is a restaurant really and the beer is not always available); The Tenby which had Courage Directors on our last visit and is a lounge bar type of pub; and The Trafalgar which had a couple of beers (Liberation and London Pride) and as you miight expect has a nautical theme.

16 Jun 2012 12:35

The Forresters Arms, Beaumont

It claims to be the oldest pub on Jersey so I gave it a try. I went into the public bar which is the local's bar with tiled floor and some old bench seating which had been painted white!! A bit spartan but it did have Liberation Ale on handpump at a reasonable price and it was OK. TV screen/pool table and machines. I will try the Lounge next time !

16 Jun 2012 12:28

The Admirel de Saumarez, St Peter Port

We stayed at this hotel and used the bar on a couple of occassions before going out for a meal. No real ale but they do Liberation Ale and Patois in bottle. A mix of old timbers and fittings and some very new false beams but a pleasant enough atmosphere. They had TV for the footie but no sound. However,if we weren't staying at the DofN we probably would not have used this bar.

16 Jun 2012 12:24

The Ship And Crown, St Peter Port

We wanted to watch the football (Euro2012) and as this was the nearest real ale pub to our hotel we gave it a try. Packed solid as you might expect but plenty of TV screens and the landlord let my wife and I sit with him and his French friend so we were OK. Lots of comings and going so it was all a bit fenetic but the staff were great and really quick and friendly and I had a couple of pints of Liberation Ale; one Brain's beer(rev/James)but the Black Sheep had just finished and the next one on was Greene King IPA so we moved on after the footie but we enjoyed the place. I returned another time when it was much quieter and it was fine - St.Austell Tribute was on and again the staff (mostly female) were efficent and polite and quick. I was told that the food was good but we were eating at the hotel that night so didn't try it. It is a busy boistrous pub right on the harbour front but perhaps when Euro2012 is over it will revert to a more passive beer emporium!!

16 Jun 2012 12:20

Cornerstone Cafe Bar, St Peter Port

First visit to this pub and we enjoyed it. 3 beers available (no local brew so I had Everards Tiger but Black Sheep Bitter and Thwaites LancasterBomber were also on). Nice feel to the place and staff were helpful and friendly enough. Didn't eat but the food looked good and there were a few people in even for a midweek late lunchtime. Brewery advertising ion the walls and books; newspapers and magazines availble to read. Didn't get next door as we wanted to visit the little restored sweetshop/parlour down the hill but we will be back and visit both pubs again. Well worth the short walk up from town.

16 Jun 2012 12:11

The Platform Tavern, Southampton

The Platform Tavern has now installed a small brewery and is producing a couple of beers (mainly for sale in the pub but I tried them at the Southamppton Beer Festival). They go under the name of "Dancing Man" Ales (?)and their Pilgrims Pale was very tasty. This is a pub we use when we meet up with frinds from the Isle of Wight and it now can only be better for the addition of a brewery.

2 Jun 2012 12:41

The Churchill Arms, Kensington

Yes it does get packed and yes you have to push your way to the bar and yes it's not cheap but the Fullers beer is good the pub is spotless and very well run and the interior is packed with pictures and bric-a-brac. I got a seat by the door and hung onto it for as long as possible to enjoy the comings-and-goings! It never seems to have a quiet period but give it a try - the Thai food is good as well !!

20 May 2012 13:26

The Uxbridge Arms, Notting Hill

Nice little pub tucked away behind Notting Hill Gate tube station. Very pleasant interior and a good pint of Harveys Best Bitter - but it's not cheap (neither are most of the other pubs in this area). Comfortable and quite friendly with a good mix of locals and visitors. Worth finding.

20 May 2012 13:21

The Malt and Hops, Leith

Looks like a cross between an olde-worlde pub and an alehouse with hopbines and mirrors etc. Real fire which was nice. Fair selection of beers although I didn't go all the way to Edinburgh/Leith for a pint of Youngs Bitter or Courage Directors or the other English ales which were on tap - still I suppose they are guest beers to this part of the world. A nice feeling to the place and you can sit outside in fairer weather. Newspapers to read, beer to drink and a warm atmosphere - that'll do me.

13 May 2012 10:55

Foot Of The Walk, Leith

Strange entrances to this place (was it an old billiard hall or something like that?) The beer was OK and it had all the usual spoons offerings. Not much more to be said really.

13 May 2012 10:50

Wetherspoons, Edinburgh Airport

Very busy; reasonable number of staff on duty so didn't have to wait too long. A fair selection of real ales and they were in very acceptable condition. Not unplasant while you wait for your flight.

13 May 2012 10:47

Turnhouse, Edinburgh Airport

I would agree with the previous comments - a 'Spoons at an airport is a bonus.

13 May 2012 10:45

Thomson's, Edinburgh

This is a top-notch boozer with a selection of beers from either the handpumps or the traditional Scottish font. I had several pints of Fyne Ales "Jarl" which is a fantastic beer. This was quickly followed by their "Avalanche" - again superb. The bar is a single room with "Greek" influenced decor; loads of old brewery and whisky mirrors and bric-a-brac and a great mix of clientele. It was also very handy (a bit too handy at times) for our hotel down the road (Premier Inn) and it is a short walk from Haymarket station. Very highly recommended.

13 May 2012 10:41

Teuchters Landing, Edinburgh

I really liked this place - the old waiting rooms for the Aberdeen steamer service! It's very compact and can get very busy due to the good beer and food and the general atmosphere. There are outside seating areas by the water and it's all very pleasant. Well worth seeking out and highly recommended.

13 May 2012 10:36

The Standing Order, Edinburgh

Impressive building with the usual Wetherspoon's offers. Beer was fine and my steak was actually pretty good. Only one downside - I was pestered by a local drunk who would not go away even after being ushered out by the staff. A one-off experience I hope.

13 May 2012 10:34

Ryries Bar, Edinburgh

This pub should be absolutey brilliant but on recent visits there has been no beer available (cask ales) and I have now chosen the Haymarket as a better bet.

13 May 2012 10:32

The Oxford Bar, Edinburgh

It's a simple little boozer with friendly chatty staff and customers; good beer and a mellow atmosphere. One of the best in town.

13 May 2012 10:30

McCowans Brewhouse, Edinburgh

Can't understand why they built a new pub with a micro-brewery on site and they don't brew !! The Inveralmond ales were fine though but the place although quite busy lacked something - it is not a pub but a bar/diner. There is a pool table and TV screens. Service was slow. I will return if they ever start brewing.

13 May 2012 10:27

Bert's Bar, Edinburgh

This pub is a rip-off and I have reported it to the owners - Maclays Inns. I was charged �2.05 for a half pint of a guest ale when a pint would only have cost �3.80. The beer was average but the barman was helpful and understanding.

13 May 2012 10:24

Mathers, Edinburgh

This is a good stand up and sup type of boozer with a couple of good beers (Stewarts is very drinkable) and a nice atmosphere. It is at the end of princes Street near to where the old station used to be and will have a tram stop nearby (eventually). Impressive frontage which you can't miss. Worth a visit.

12 May 2012 18:16

The Kenilworth, Edinburgh

This is now run by Nicholsons but does not have such an extensive range of ales as others in the chain. However, terrific decor and cheery staff coupled with a good pint made fort a nice visit. Well worth missing some of the other in Rose Street pubs for!!

12 May 2012 18:13

Kay's Bar, Edinburgh

This is a fabulous pub and one not to be missed. One word of warning though - it is not cheap!! and the �4 a pint had arrived. It's just off India Street in the new town.

12 May 2012 18:10

The Haymarket Bar, Edinburgh

Another of the Nicholson's chain with an impressive range of handpulled beers although on my visit they only had two Scottish ales on. However, the manager did say he had more in the cellar. The pub is well-furnished and the staff polite and the service good. Food is available thoughout the day but a previous reviewer obviously had an issue with timing so best to check. This is a very handy pub for Haymarket station and the airport bus stop (and one day the tram - if it ever gets running). I would recommend this bar rather than Ryries which although nearer doesn't always have real ale available.

12 May 2012 18:08

The Halfway House, Edinburgh

We squeezed ourselves into a seat in the corner as this is a very small busy little pub on the steps up from the station towards the Royal Mile so you can imagine how popular it gets. We had a choice of 3 Scottish beers - two from brewers I had not come across before. They do food (I'm not sure how as the place is so small but they have a set menu - Cullen Skunk;Haggis etc) Beer was in good nick and they did a coffee for my missus although it did take some time and coming!! Sometimes it could probably do with another barperson but to be honest I don't know where they would fit in!!

12 May 2012 18:04

The Guildford Arms, Edinburgh

My beer choice was excellent with several Scottish brews available. This is a impressive building with a magnificent interior. It is so handy for Waverley station and Princes Street and is next door to The Cafe Royal - so it has plenty going for it. Well worth a pint or two. Recommended.

12 May 2012 17:59

The Diggers (Athletic Arms), Edinburgh

Make an effort to get to The Diggers - it is well worth it. I was glad to see that noothing much had changed since my last visit many years ago. The beer range has increased and the once-famed and fabulous McEwans 80/- has gone but has been replaced by Stewart's 80/- which is a pretty good substitute!! The bar is bright and clean and there is a back room (no bar). Papers and beer magazines are available and the staff still wear the aprons which a nice touch.
It gets heaving during the football and rugby season as it is very near to Hearts ground and of course Murrayfield. Recommended!!

12 May 2012 17:55

Deacon Brodies, Edinburgh

This is one of the Royal Mile's most famed pubs - see the history notes on the tables. It is now run by Nicholsons who are mainly a London pub company but they have 6 bars in Edinburgh now. Grand interior which has been well restored. Good range of beers although most were from breweries from South of the Border. They do food with a restaurant upstairs although you can get a snack meal in the main bar. Service was very efficient and prompt even though the pub gets very packed - mainly with tourists. Try also The Mitre further down the Mile (another Nicholsons pub).

12 May 2012 17:52

The Dagda Bar, Edinburgh

We called in for a pint (or two) before going to Mother India for a meal. A simple one-bar pub with bright exterior and a boistrous clientele when we visited (why do people shout at each other when they are sitting next to them?) Anyway, beer was good - again mostly Scottish micro-brewers. Worth a visit - it's on a street that runs parallel with Nicholson Street.

12 May 2012 17:48

Cloisters Bar, Edinburgh

Great selection of beers in fine form - most from Scottish micro or mini breweries. They also have a range of these new "craft" beers which are not quite keg but not far from it. However most have more taste than any keg beer you will find and they are becoming popular with quite a few drinkers.
The pub is eclectic with a good mix of customers - mostly younger drinkers but it is lively and has a good atmosphere. Bar staff were quick and friendly so all-in-all a place to be recommended.

12 May 2012 17:44

The Cask and Barrel, Edinburgh

I thought the barman was going to be a bit standoffish and brusk at first, but he mellowed as the beer went down. This is a real ale boozer with all the alehouse trimmings - the beer is good and that's why you go there!

12 May 2012 17:40

The Cambridge Bar, Edinburgh

I skipped it this time as it looked as though it was more of a dining bar rather the old pub I used to know. Hopefully somebody will tell me otherwise and I can give it another go,

12 May 2012 17:38

Cafe Royal, Edinburgh

What more can be said about this stunning interior!! Just go and see for yourself. p.s. the beer's not bad either.

12 May 2012 17:37

The Blue Blazer, Edinburgh

Skip the nearby strip joints and head for this excellent traditional boozer.!!

12 May 2012 17:36

The Bow Bar, Edinburgh

One of the best - simple as that!

12 May 2012 17:35

Bennets Bar, Edinburgh

I always visit this pub when in Edinburgh - nice pint of Scottish beer using the old-style Scottish fonts; fabulous tiling and windows etc. Maps on the table tops!! Just a nice heritage pub. Next door to the Kings Theatre and bus stops.

12 May 2012 17:33

Alexander Graham Bell, Edinburgh

It's a Wetherspoons - nothing wrong with it. Nuff said.

12 May 2012 17:29

The Abbotsford, Edinburgh

I used to like this pub but my recent experience has now put me off it. I was pleased to see Fyne Ales "Jarl" on sale - this is one of my favourite beers - so I ordered a pint. Sadly it didn't taste like the pint I had just had in Thomsons Bar so I suggested that it might be near the end of the cask. I got the usual bumff - everyone else is drinking it; nobody else has complained' it was alright at lunchtime etc etc. Another barperson was furiously pulling off pints of the stuff into a jug but I was not told why. The barman took a sample from my glass (via a straw!!!) and went over to discuss the beer with the manager. Nothing wrong with that he proclaimed. Fair enough I said and walked out (yes I know I should have asked for a nother beer or my money back but I was so annoyed I didn't want any more hassle). This pub has lost my vote!

12 May 2012 17:28

The Auld Hoose, Kinghorne

I managed to visit all three 3 pubs in the centre of Kinghorn and this was second best - mainly because of the rather sad choice of beers (as mentioned before London Pride and Deuchars IPA). The pub advertises itself as a Free House so it seems a shame that they only have two ubiquitous national brands when there are so many good micro-brewers in Scotland now. Still,perhaps that's what the locals want. Having said that I found the pub to be a typical wee Scottish boozer just off the main road and near the railway viaduct. The landlady and the one local in the bar at the time were cheery enough and it was quite a pleasant visit. I need to go back some time when it's a bit busier.

12 May 2012 17:21

The Robert Nairn, Kirkcaldy

I have to say that I got served quickly and efficiently but I do accept that many 'spoons suffer from lack of staff or slow service. The beer was fine the coffee hot and inexpensive and that's about it all really!! If you've been into one Wetherspoons you have probably been in them all.

12 May 2012 14:57

The Harbour Bar, Kirkcaldy

Just as you think you have walked far enough and about to give up, you come across The Harbour Bar (it's a good trek from the station) and the walk is well worth it although sadly they were not brewing on my visit so that was very disappointing. Apparently the brewer left and they are "having a bash" themselves so here's hoping for next time. Any way pleasant two bar pub with friendly staff and locals and always something to read from their "beer library". I had a pint of Srathaven Brewery Clydesdale IPA which was superb and they had 4 beers available altogther. This must be the best ppub in town?
Well worth finding and let's hope they get their brewery up and running again very sooon.

12 May 2012 14:53

The Moulin Inn, Moulin

I persuaded my other half to walk up the hill from Pitlochry as I assured her that the pub was worth it - she agreed! We sat outside in the weak sunshine and e njoyed their home-brewed beers - the Braveheart being my favourite although the Light was also very good. They are brewed as typically traditional Scottish beers i.e. slightly more malty than many Southern brews but they are excellent and the hotel/bar is set in beautiful countryside with some great views around. If you kept on walking for another mile or so you would come to Scotland's smallest distillery at Edradour but if you like your beer - and some interesting food - then you will be hard pushed to beat The Moulin !! Highly recommended.

12 May 2012 14:47

The Greyfriars, Perth

They didn't have their house beer on sale and indeed didn't have any Inveralmond real ale available when we went. However, the guest beer - from Yorkshire - was fine and the pub is a smashing wee place at the bottom of South Street near the river. Recommended. It can get very crowded and if it is then you simply share a table with the locals.

12 May 2012 14:42

The Cherrybank Inn, Perth

Would agree with the comments below - a very good pub and well worth the taxi ride from the City centre. We had a good selection of beers in fine form and the food was good honest grub which was not expensive and we didn't wait long for it to arrive. The main is on the main A9 out of Perth and is next to Buckie Braes if you fancy a walk! Good friendly service and cheery lcoals made for a very pleasant visit. Recommended.

12 May 2012 14:37

The Tavern, Perth

From memory this used to be The St.Johnstone Tavern, then Scaramouche and now simply The Tavern. We had a quick final half in what apppears to be a pub on the City centre pub crawl - nothing more than that really. Did have Inveralmond Ale on sale but it wasn't at its best.

12 May 2012 14:34

The Sandeman, Perth

Popped in and popped out again - nothing to inspire me to stay. Huge pub (an old library) which looks like a Wetherspoons and seems to have the same kind of offers.

12 May 2012 14:32

The Old Ship Inn, Perth

A pub I remember from my younger days when I lived in Perth. It has been opened out (the old "lounge" now being part of the bar) but it is still much as it was all those years ago. No karaoke when we went - we would probably have left if it was on) and the TV was not intrusive. Tucked away in a little Wynd or Close off the High Street this is a very old building which is worth a visit. It's owned by Belhaven (who are owned by Greene King) so I had the Belhaven beer which was fine. A chatty wee pub full of locals !!!

12 May 2012 14:31

The Foundry Bar, Perth

I think I must have been the oldest guy in the pub because this on a Friday night was definitely a oung drinkers mecca. Having said that we got served without hassle, got a seat and they even had real ale available. Interesting layout and decor being an old foundry - I remember it from my youth as I was born in Perth but it has only recently beome a pub. Next to the last remaining cinema (there used to be 4 in town) and handy for the buses and taxis.

12 May 2012 14:26

Capital Asset, Perth

Chose this pub to meet up wiith some old friends and we were well catered for. There was a large Hen Night party butthe staff moved us to the back of the pub and helped us move some tables so we could all sit together. Beer was fine and service was prompt and efficient. I would say that this is definitely one of the better Wetherspoons and is well worth a visit.

12 May 2012 14:22

The Square Bar, Wokingham

They now serve real ale often from the local Ascot or Rebellion breweries. Worth a look-in.

26 Apr 2012 10:59

The Crispin, Wokingham

Again a good selection of beers (3-4) often from local and/or micro brewers. I had Red Hunter from Hammerpot Brewery. They have installed a bar billiard table which is a novelty although I'm not sure about the position (it could cause a traffic jam on busy nights). I always visit The Crispin when in Wokingham and I am usually never disappointed.

26 Apr 2012 10:57

Molly's Millars, Wokingham

The frontage is now dominated by a huge patio/smoking area. This is a large pub with raised area for pool tables and there are at least 5 fruit machines in the bar. Food is served from a typical pub-grub menu but appears to be goood value for money. Three ales were avilable on my last visit - one from Loddon; one from Adnams and one from Brains. Quality was OK (but not outstanding) and the prices were goood - they were even giving a 20% discount to CAMRA members. It is next to the station but looks llike the type of pub where middle-aged men in shorts and foootball shirts congregate so I would imagine it can get a bit loud and boistrous. At least they are offering a range of beer and it is reasonably comfortable. TV screens everywhere reflecting the sports connections.

26 Apr 2012 10:54

The Hope and Anchor, Wokingham

Seems to have picked up recently and is in the Good Beer Guide 2012 which must say something. Marston's range of beers with Brakspear Bitter ever present plus another 3 ales (I had a decent pint of a Bankss' seasonal ale).
They have a garden at the rear with an Aunt Sally pitch and do B&B as well as daily food. There is live music at the weekend and the TV appears only to be used for major sports events. Much improved and worth a pint. Handy for the station.

26 Apr 2012 10:47

Broad Street Tavern, Wokingham

Beer is always good but as has been said is pricey and sometimes the staff can be a bit offhand. It is still worth a visit however. Wadworth's range plus usually one guest and a couple of beer festivals per year.

26 Apr 2012 10:41

The White Horse, Banbury

Keen to find this new real ale outlet I headed up towards Banbury Cross only to find that the pub is actually a bit away from the actual cross and is easier to find if you go to the top of Parsons Street. Anyway, I found the place a bit soul-less and not very friendly (Tuesday early evening - four customers including me). It is a large bar which had been completely re-furnished and looks like a pub owned by a larger pubco chain - not intimate or cosy). It mirrors the other White Horse pub in Oxford in style and decor. Bar staff were chatting to each other but I got served fairly quickly. Huge selection of beers mostly from White Horse (as you would expect) and Titanic. Quality was fine but I left and went down to the Olde Rein Deer which was much more friendly and inviting.
I will probably go back to the White Horse to give it another chance. It is of course a welcome new beer outlet in the town so must be commended for that .

26 Apr 2012 10:39

Ye Olde Reindeer, Banbury

Back again and still excellent. A couple of seasonal Hooky ales on tap as the pub had recently featured in a TV programme. Always recommnded!!

26 Apr 2012 10:30

The Rose and Crown, Charlbury

Another visit - another fine selection of beer and rolls in a great pub in a pleasant little Costwold village. What more do you need - I could move here just for the pub but I don't really want to end up as a London/Oxford bound rail commuter.

26 Apr 2012 10:27

The White Hart Royal Hotel, Moreton-in-marsh

The "Snug Bar" has typical olde-worlde/Cotswold style decor with a modern twist. It is part of the hotel but separate if you see what I mean. Two beers available - one from Hookey and one guest (Natural Selection on my visit - not my type of ale though). This is not a boozer but was OK as part of a pub crawl round town. Staff were friendly enough but it was very quiet considering it was market day and the other pubs were busy.

26 Apr 2012 10:23

Redesdale Arms, Moreton-In-Marsh

Just a quick update - they now have their own "house beer" Redesdale Bitter which is actually Wickwar BOB Bittter but it's still a nice pint. The answers on the quiz machine are still wrong!!

26 Apr 2012 10:18

The South Western, St Denys

OK it was �3.50 for a pint of Bowman's Quick One (3.8%) and �3.60 for Wye Valley HPA but both were in very good condition; the barmaid was friendly;they do food;have a games room upstairs;have newspapers and CAMRA magazines and boxed games; a smoking/seating area out the back; it's right outside the station and not far from other good pubs in the Bevois Valley area. There were about 6 beers on tap when we went so the choice was pretty good (Loddon and Hop Back featuring). By the way - The Junction down the road had a serious fire recently and is closed for re-building.

15 Apr 2012 11:27

The Guide Dog, Bevois Valley

This is exactly what a good boozer should be. Great beers; friendly staff and customers; no hassle; rolls available; papers and board games; clean and tidy buses nearby; a brisk walk from St.Denys station and handy for the football ground. Highly recommended.

15 Apr 2012 11:21

The Giddy Bridge, Southampton

This place scored well because (a) it was halfway between the football ground and the station (b) we got served pretty quickly (c) the Titanic Iceberg was in good nick. Apart from that it was heaving with younger customers drinking all sorts of weird looking things but as I said we got a beer before the short walk to the station and the train home.

15 Apr 2012 11:18

The Platform Tavern, Southampton

In keeping with the 100th anniversary,they had loads of Titanic beers on sale so we were well pleased! It was busy with every table taken and drinkers standing in the main bar and outside but no hassle and a good atmosphere. It does have an eclectic feel to it(try getting into the Gents toilet for example). Very handy for the IOW ferry and the football bus (they use old double deckers which I think are ex.London Transport?) It is a very individual type of pub but every time we have been there it has been good and is just far enough away from the main city centre "venue bars" so that type of clientele doesn't get here. It's a booozer for real ale fans - simples!!

15 Apr 2012 11:14

The Rockstone, Southampton

A friend told us that the old Bevois Castle had re-opened as The Rockstone so we decided to have a look! Brilliant place - an excelent mix of beer and food. It's not a restaurant but a smart modern-style bar with 4 beers and a couple of ciders on draught. They do food but we had no problem just drinking at the bar. Really friendly staff and a good pint (try their house beer - Rolling Rock Stone). A couple of the beers always come from the West Midlands. Comfortable seating; clean toilets and a very pleasant atmosphere makes this a pub to be recommended and it's not far from The Guide Dog (a well-known real ale pub). It's a good 15 minute walk from St.Denys station but the UniBus 6 stops outside. Well done to the new owners and good luck for the future. We'll be back (and we won at footie as well!!)

15 Apr 2012 11:07

The Evening Star, Brighton

We always visit this pub when in Brighton - great beer (Dark Star plus guests) good atmosphere and very handy for the train station. This time was no different with good service, fabulous Dark Star Hophead and American Pale Ale and no hassle even though there were rival footie fans in the bar. Highly recommended.

11 Apr 2012 20:59

Baron Cadogan, Caversham

This is my local Wetherspoons and has been said it is smaller and much more friendly than some of the larger Spoons bars around. There are usually 3 guest beers plus the regular Cadogan's Gold (which everyone now knows is actually Loddon Brewery's Ferryman's Gold under another name - but still a good pint of Golden Ale notheless). It serves the standard Wetherspoons menu which although perhaps not Egon Ronay quality is good value for money (where else can you get a breakfast for �3.10?). Good mix of customers - the pub is often used as a meeting place for a drink before going off to one of the many restaurants in Caversham (especially at the weekend). Buses2/22/24 & 800 will take you from Reading town centre but on a good day it is a pleasant walk across Reading Bridge and through the park to the Baron Cadogan - or Brown Cardigan as it is locally known - (via The Fox & hounds and Clifton Arms on your way perhaps?)

5 Apr 2012 22:07

The Griffin, Caversham

Although the Griffin is part of the Chef and Brewer chain it does offer its own menu as well as the standard fare of the group. There are now usually 5 beers on tap with 2 regularly changing guest ales (the latest being a German-style beer from Marstons). Brains SA and Adnams Broadside appear to be favourites alongside the Courage beers. It is ofcourse mainly a restaurant but there is enough room for diners and drinkers to mix happily which they do. Large car park at the rear with a garden area which leads down to the Thames by Caversham bridge. There's also a covered smoking/drinking area outside the back door which is very pleasant on a nice day. Yes it is part of a nationwide chain but it's not bad at all.

5 Apr 2012 21:57

Fox and Hounds, Caversham

Popped in early one Monday evening. They must have had a good weekend as there were only 2 beers on tap - however they were both from Bingham's so that did me nicely thank you!!
There is now a collection of beer bottles round the wall of the main bar and a few brewery-type mirrors,so the place is getting a much more "homely" feel to it. Always someone to chat to! The TV is on but usually with the sound off (unless there's a game on). The pub is getting bettter by the pint and attracting more new faces every day with the real ales becoming more and more popular. I use the F&H regularly - why not give it a try!

5 Apr 2012 21:51

Red Cow, Caversham

It's open again and selling Doom Bar.

5 Apr 2012 21:40

The Crown Inn, Pewsey

I visited this pub some time ago and found it very friendly with a god pint of beer (mostly Three Castle or Stonehenge if my memory serves me well). Now they brew their own beers under the "World's End" brand - that being the name for the area the pub is in. Very friendly landlord - Vaughan - who does the brewing as well and a very pleasant hour or so before the train home (the pub is 2 minutes from the station - turn right out of the main station entrance/exit and go down a little path and The Crown is on the right). It is open all day and has a garden area for summer days. The open fire was however welcoming as it had turned a bit chilly on our visit (mind you the pub dog hogged most of the fire!!). If you are on the canal then it is straight down the road from Pewsey Wharf, under the railway bridge up the steps and follow the directions above. Well worth finding.
The Wilts & Dorset X5 bus stops in Pewsey (Swidon - Salisbury route)

5 Apr 2012 21:36

Royal Oak, Pewsey

Our pint of Wadworth IPA was fine and at �3.00 a pint was pretty good value. The pub was friendly enough and we really had no complaints. At least it was open (Coopers/Moonrakers closed when we went: Greyhound closed and about to become flats).

5 Apr 2012 21:21

The Coopers Arms, Pewsey

We probably should have phoned to check but after a long walk frm the station we found the lights on but the door closed (Wednesday around 2.30)
So - no report!!

5 Apr 2012 21:19

The Craft Beer Co, City of London

Saturday morning and after a trek round the streets of London looking for a pub which was open! we headed here to meet up with the rest of our party (after a quick pint in the nearby Wetherspoons which you can rely on to be open) Four pubs which advertised opening at 11am were shut - even though I had checked their websites!!! Anyway, Craft Beer house (ex.Clockhouse) was open and ready to quench our thirsts! Only one slight problem - too many dark beers on tap (about 5 stouts/porters) so we settled for a beer from Fyne Ales of Scotland. Not to panic though,for the barman soon had Dark Star Hophead and Marble Brewery Draft ready for our pleasure! Beer prices go by strength and start at �3.40. They do proper pork pies and Scotch eggs although we thought they were a bit pricey. Never mind it was the beer which as usual won the day and we enjoyed a few pints before heading off to the football. Always worth a visit and what a transformation from the previous GK incarnation.

1 Apr 2012 13:26

The Pride of Spitalfields, Shoreditch

Hadn't been here for some time so was pleased to find that it was still busy and still excellent. Popped in for a few pints of Brewers Gold after our famous win at WHU. Bustling little boozer with great staff,very reasonably priced beer and a great mix of clientele - and of course just the place for a beer after (or before even) a curry. 2 Fullers beers and another guest (John Bull) on tap but we stuck with the Brewers Gold. Best pub for miles.

1 Apr 2012 13:16

Ploughman, Werrington

i took the number 1 bus to Werrington but got off in the "Village" so had to walk round to the "Centre" but it was well worth it. A classic 1970's pub linked to a slightly derelict shopping precinct which is now totally dominated by Tescos who as has alreayd been mentioned want to knock the pub down to build loading bays for their lorries. I signed the petition but was told that there is a year's stay of execution so perhaps Joe Public can at last defeat the might and greed of Tesco!!
I met a local CAMRA official and the landlord and I have to admit that this place is a prime example of what can be done to a very ordinary building which nobody would expect to sell real ale let alone a selection! Apparently the licensee likes his beer and installed one handpump for Oakham's JHB Bitter which proved to be so popular that other handpumps were installed and there are now around 6 beers on tap. Well done that man!! It has just been voted local CAMRA Pub of The Year and really is worth the bus journey from the city to enjoy and support this community boozer.They do pub snacks (sausage rolls/pies and filled rolls); there are two bars although the main "public" bar seems the most popular where they have TVs (one featuring pub events and customers). It really is a shining example of how the right licensees with good beer and a positive outlook can change even the most unlikely of pubs into a proper boozer!! You really should make an effort to get there.

21 Mar 2012 13:50

The Ostrich Inn, Peterborough

Took me some time to realise that this used to be called Bogarts and was a bit of a pioneer of real ale in the early days. Good to see it open again and reverting back to its original name. Pleasant "modern" interior with a smoking area/patio at the back; clean toilets and a nice feel to it. A range of ales including a very excellent Barn Ale from Tydd Stream Brewery (a new one to me but an excellent pint) The Ostrich is just of Westgate in the city cnetre and is not very far from the rail and bus stations and is well worth a visit.

21 Mar 2012 13:36

Charters Bar, Peterborough

Oakham ales and guest beers on a boat on the river - what more do you need. Great selection from Oakham and a selection of beers from other brewers. We had no problem getting in even though we had away football shirts although this may change if it was a higher profile Saturday game! Anyway, there is a large outdoor seating area and it is just a very nice place with greta beer.

21 Mar 2012 13:31

The Brewery Tap, Peterborough

Always worth a visit. A massive pub with its own brewery(although I understand that some Oakham beers are also brewed elsewhere in the city).Anyway a great selection - I had the superb Oakham Citra and also the Inferno (wonderful stuff!!). Lunch was Thai and was very good. Service is prompt and efficient. Great place - every town should have one!!

21 Mar 2012 13:18

Red Cow, Caversham

I hear tell that it is open again but I haven't been in yet so a visit is due and I will report back.

18 Mar 2012 12:46

The Elm Tree, Beech Hill

You will definitely need a car to get to this pub (unless you walk from Riseley or Mortimer along narrow roads with no pavements).

18 Mar 2012 12:45

The Bramshill Hunt, Arborfield

Please note that this pub is not in Reading but is a good 8 miles out of town and you will need a bus or car to get there. (Bus 144 stops nearby)
BITE appear to be listing pubs with RG postcodes under Reading when many of them are miles out of town and some are even in different counties.

18 Mar 2012 12:42

Zero Degrees, Reading

The bar is now in need of some TLc as some of the furnishings are gettng a bit tatty. The beer,as always,is fine and recent offerings have included a Stout and a Lemongrass and Chilli beer !!! Happy hour prices have gone up to �2.50 a pint which is still pretty good for Reading. It can get very dark in the bar area and after six the lights get turned down even more so forget about reading your paper!! One other thing,they keep the telly on in the afternoon (no sound) but it is always showing cr+p programmes - switch it off please or just leave the news channel on. Thanks.
Anyway, I use this place very regularly and enjoy the beer (it's not keg but it would take too long to explain).

18 Mar 2012 12:39

Westside, Reading

GONE - it is now a Tesco's Express.

18 Mar 2012 12:34

The Purple Turtle, Reading

Correction - they did sell draught cider for a short while but it looks like it's gone now. Sadly.

18 Mar 2012 12:29

The Oakford Social Club, Reading

Looks like the beer range is getting better again with guest ales on the 3 pumps (and not always the usual LondonPride/Deuchars or Doom bar etc.) You may well find something something interesting on sale these days.

18 Mar 2012 12:28

The Blagrave Arms, Reading

Hoorah! It now appears that they have 2 Andwell Brewery beers on sale. Don't know if the Doom Bar & Bombardier have gone but that sounds a bit more encouraging.

18 Mar 2012 12:18

Sheffield Tap, Sheffield

This place is fast becoming an institution (the type that I wouldn't mind being sent to !!) Always a terrific selection of Thornbridge beers plus a bank of handpumps offering other brewers products. Packed solid when we went (Saturday lunchtime) but don't give up - we eventually found a table and enjoyed a couple of beers before heading to The Rutland. You could easily end up spending the afternoon in the Tap as it is a very pleasant,bustling place for a pint before, after or instead of your train!!

18 Mar 2012 12:15

The Rutland Arms, Sheffield

We headed here for a couple of beers and a snack before our train to Barnsley and as usual it was well worth it. They now have at least two beers from their own Blue Bee brewery (the Nectar was just right - light and tasty). Great snacks (try the Smutty Rutty Butty). Very busy as United were at home and this pub is probably the nearest and best for real ale and "sensible" fans. Looked like the re-decorating was still going but at least the seating was back in place since our last visit. A short walk from the station and another of Sheffield's many recommended pubs.

18 Mar 2012 12:10

The Kelham Island Tavern, Sheffield

Bit of silly trivia - there must be something about Russell Street that attracts good pubs!! The Kelham Island Tavern is in Russell Street as is the Nags head in Reading and The Wellington in Hull!! All great boozers.
Anyway, theKIT once again proved a winner with an amazing range of beers available (we opted for Glentworth beers thhis time). Packed out but we found a seat. Plenty of CAMRA reading material. Ham or cheese rolls. No hassle. No machines or muzak. Plenty of staff on duty so you don't have to wait long to be served. Everything a great pub should be. Use Shalesmoor tram stop and walk down to here and the Fat Cat. Brilliant!!

18 Mar 2012 12:05

The Fat Cat, Sheffield

Another "must visit" pub in Sheffield. Always briilliant and no different this time. Excellent Kelham Island Best Bitter at �2.00 a pint (�1.30 on Monday evenings) followed by Pale Rider. Food available though we didn't eat on this occassion. Great atmosphere even when busy in the main bar. Always highly recommmended.

18 Mar 2012 11:59

The Hallcross, Doncaster

I was heading for The Salutation when I came across The Hallcross but I didn'y have time to go in (perhaps in hindsight I should have) but I remember this place when - many years ago - it brewed its own beers (Stocks Brewery?) They must have been one of the pioneers of the real ale/micro-brewery revolution so perhaps the owners might like to start brewing again?? Just a thought!!!

15 Mar 2012 13:24

The Masons Arms, Doncaster

I hadn't been in The Masons for years so I was pleased to see it hasn't changed very much with the little front bar being the place to be. I understand that the back room has been "done-up" but I didn't go there so can't give an opinion. What was good was that it was cheery with a decent pint of beer (Tetleys and Landlord) and free bar nibblies!! I appears to open very early on market days and has a few tables outside so you can sit and watch the comings-and-goings of the market stalls. I had no hassle whatsoever so perhaps it changes its character in the evenings and at weekends? but I will certainly go back again when next in Donny.

15 Mar 2012 13:21

The White Swan Inn, Doncaster

I would agree about the loss of the "high bar" which I remember from days long ago (I think this was a Ward's of Sheffield brewery pub?) It has a small drinking area at the front and then you go up to the main bar and the long thin lounge area at the back. Local trade/shoppers and handy for the bus and train stations. Good Glentworth ale at �1.95 a pint. Pleasant enough but has lost one unusual feature that set it apart from other pubs.

15 Mar 2012 13:15

The Salutation, Doncaster

Well worth walking out of the town centre for - a spacious bar with a mix of polished timber flooring and flagstones with beams and roughcast plastered walls. Single bar counter with a decent selection of ales (there were 4 availabel but I was told that more were to follow soon). TV (low sound) food looked wholesome and generous and two customers remarked about the great burgers!
Friendly barmaid; a small collection of old keg beer fonts but a quiz machine with all the wrong answers on it !!! I would definitely recommend The Salutation.

15 Mar 2012 13:11

Red Lion, Doncaster

Market place pub and therefore always busy. Best selection of beers of the 3 'spoons pubs in town and I had breakfast there which was their usual offering but was well cooked and quite tasty (and of course excellent value)
Quite a good hustle and bustle atmosphere and not a bad place at all.

15 Mar 2012 13:07

The Olde Castle Hotel, Doncaster

Listed in the Yorkshire edition of CAMRA's Inventory Pubs of architectural worthy this is a reasonably unspoilt market place booozer with many original features. Two bars the front one being the regular's bar - it is right outside the markets and cna get full of traders and shoppers. No real ale on my visit although there were handpumps on the bar. It now appears to major on live music and a full list of events is on view at the bar. It must have been a wonderful pub in its hayday.

15 Mar 2012 13:05

The Nags Head, Doncaster

I couldn't find this pub but would hazzard a guess that it is now The Paris Gate???

15 Mar 2012 13:01

Horse and Jockey, Doncaster

Closed and boarded up.

15 Mar 2012 13:00

Gatehouse, Doncaster

Spacious bar with large windows at the front not far from the main shops and the market and just round the corner from The Old Angel(another 'spoons). Large TV screen can dominate the room. Standard Wetherspoon's fare (I had their Tuesday steak and a drink offer which although not brilliant food is good value). Acorn Brewery beers plus a couple of others but not the best selection I have seen. With a third JDW pub also very close-by you have wonder how they all make money but they seem to.

15 Mar 2012 13:00

Euston Tap, Euston

Just shows what can be done in a very small space!!! Always some interesting cask beers and a selection of "craft keg" beers - not forgetting the vast bottled beers collection. I haven't tried the Cider Tap yet (I prefer beer) but I will take the long walk acroos the road one day!!! Comments about the bogs will obviously vary depending on how busy the bar is but remember - it isn't the staff who pee on the floor or don't flush the loo - it's the customers!!!!

4 Mar 2012 11:16

The Bree Louise, Euston

Sadly we have stopped going here anymore as we had some pretty average beer on our last visit (especially if you get it straight from the cask - stick to the handpumps). Also, as has been said the pies had more puff pastry than filling and were not really worth the money. We have since moved to The Euston Tap for beer or sometimes Mabels down the road.

4 Mar 2012 11:12

The Lamb and Flag, Covent Garden

The thought of a "refurbishment" scares me here as this pub is a classic old boozer and although it is probably a bit "down at heel" it doesn't need any kind of makeover! Just give it a fresh coat of paint and varnish and get rid of the pong! I remember it in Courage days and I seem to recall there was a screen/doorway to separate the front section of the back. If you want to see what can be done properly to a pub's interior then take a look at The Princess Louise in Holborn - it's brilliant.

4 Mar 2012 11:08

The Porterhouse, Covent Garden

You have to go here at least once just to wander round the various areas (upstairs and downstairs ) and enjoy the impressive interior. Beer range is pretty good too and if you don't want their draught beer then the fridges are crammed full of bottled beers from all over the world. Of course it gets packed solid and it can lead to a bit of push and shove to get a drink but make the effort and enjoy this "different"bar.

4 Mar 2012 11:03

The Harp, Covent Garden

You can see why this has won so many awards - it is an absoute institution now with great beer (both quality and range) and a fabulous atmosphere. In the summer you couldn't do better than to sit by the open windows with a pint of Sambrooke's, Harveys or whatever and watching the world go by. In cooler months it is a fabulous retreat from the world outside. Brilliant and always a "must visit" pub.

4 Mar 2012 10:59

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell

Damn - walked up from Farringdon only to find it closed for a private party!! Oh well there's always next time.

4 Mar 2012 10:54

The Flying Scotsman, Caledonian Road

I'm the sad bugger who went in to look at the interior as this is listed in CAMRA's Inventory of Classic London pubs (even though it doesn't sell real ales). You can see what it must have looked like years agao even though it is dark and pretty dingy inside. How boring is that - but yes I did chip in my quid and watch a pleasant little girl take her clothes off!!

4 Mar 2012 10:51

The King Charles I, Kings Cross

I visited this pub on a Friday night and it was pretty busy. I had no hassle from the staff and enjoyed a nice pint of Brodie's beer (Bethnal Green Bitter) It is an eclectic sort of place with a bar billiard table which would be hard to play without moving people away from their stools at the bar (I presume it's only used during quieter moments). Anyway, I took some friends there again on the Saturday and we all had a pleasant visit. Brodie's beer seems to feature on a regular basis and the barman was cheery enough so other reviewers must have been there on an off-night!! The Gents bog is compact and bijou to say the least ! This little pub is a handy stop for a pint before the train/tube at Kings Cross St.Pancras and hopefully other drinkers will have a good experience.

4 Mar 2012 10:47

Ye Old Red Cow, Smithfield

A new pub to me and well worth finding. It's pretty small inside but there is another room upstairs. Tiny bar counter which you have to struggle to get to as the tales are pushed up close to it and when the bar is full you really need to stay put or be prepared to push and shove a bit!! Having said that it was a great atmosphere and the beer was good (Sambrooke's and a couple of others). If you don't know the other drinkers you soon will do as it is "intimate" due to the size bbut it is well worth seeking out.. Recommended.

4 Mar 2012 10:38

Ye Old Red Cow, Smithfield

A new pub to me and well worth finding. It's pretty small inside but there is another room upstairs. Tiny bar counter which you have to struggle to get to as the tales are pushed up close to it and when the bar is full you really need to stay put or be prepared to push and shove a bit!! Having said that it was a great atmosphere and the beer was good (Sambrooke's and a couple of others). If you don't know the other drinkers you soon will do as it is "intimate" due to the size bbut it is well worth seeking out.. Recommended.

4 Mar 2012 10:38

The Fox and Anchor, Smithfield

This is a super building near the market and is very very popular. Beer is usually served in jugs (I think they once used tankards) It's narrow inside especially byt the bar but does open out a bit at the rear and you can stand outside in the road (along with the other venues in this short roadway). However,I was gobsmacked (my gob had never been so smacked) by the �4.05 I was asked to pay for a not quite full pint!!!! Extortionate is the only word I can think of so it will be a while until I consider going back. Shame as I actual quite like the pub but definitely not the prices.

4 Mar 2012 10:34

The Old Fountain, Old Street

My first visit - a Friday lunctime and it was very busy but I got a beer (Oakham Citra) fairly quickly. Not what I had expected when it came to decor (it's not your normal traditional alehouse but smart and modernish inside). Good range of ales with a couple of interesting guest beers and not too badly priced. I will certainly use it again - it's very handy for Old Street station.

4 Mar 2012 10:26

The Star, Middlesbrough

At last - a really decent pub in Middlesbrough!! Well worth the walk from the station and well worth finding (head for Teesside University campus). It's owned by Sir John Fitzgerald Ltd who have several pubs in and around Newcastle and who tend to feature locally sourced real ales. This was no exception - Big Lamp and Wylam ales on and in excellent condition. Full of 'Boro supporters but no hassle whatsoever,in fact it is a handy pub for the ground so just follow the home fans when they leave and you will get to the Riverside in good time. TV was on for football but no sound so it wasn't intrusive. Staff were polite prompt and efficient and for a modern bar I thought this was a real winner. Chip butties too!!!!

27 Feb 2012 13:09

Isaac Wilson, Middlesbrough

Called in just before train time home. Nice old building with the usual Wetherpsoon's offers. Had a pint of Yeovil Star Gazer and Butcombe Bitter (West Country beers in Middlesbrough - how local is that?)
They were OK and at �1.99 a pint I wasn't complaining. Very handy for the station (I would suggest you avoid the pubs right outside the station entrance)

27 Feb 2012 13:04

The York Arms, York

I like this place especially the little front "snug". Sam Smith's OBB was OK but not outstanding but it was very,very cheap!!! The back lounge is fine but the side bar did have a few noisy boozing types which put us off. Stick to the little snug if you can get in. Enjoy this pub with the others in High Petergate - it's a nice little crawl.

27 Feb 2012 12:59

Ye Olde Starre Inn, York

You can spot the pub by the gallows sign which hangs across the street. Historic olde-worlde inn with a a main bar and other rooms off. You get to it up an alleyway and there is some outdoor seating by the entrance. It could do with a new carpet as the existing one is getting a bit grubby round the edges (probably due to the amount of beer being spilt on it). Nice atmosphere inside and I tried the Yorkshire Heart brewery JRT beer (not a great pint;kept well but not a great pint)but I did have the Revolutions Brewery "Milk and Alcohol" Milk Stout was was rather nice!! Stonegate is a small street full of bars (of the nicest type) and this is another one which you should try. Of course it gets popular with tourists but it's still worth a look.

27 Feb 2012 12:57

The Waggon and Horses, York

I understand that this pub still sells Batemans beers but can now get ales from all over the place so that makes it even better than ever!! It has also just been voted Pub of The Year by the local CAMRA branch and quite rightly so. Terrific place which was heaving went we visited. Great selection of beers (Great Heck being very excellent) and live R&B music in the side room. The landlord was obviously well-chuffed with his new award and was in "high spirits" which made the whole place feel good as well. We eventually found a seat and had another beer(I had forgotten the names by this time). Pump clips adorn the walls and this is yet another "must visit" pub when in town - try also the Rose & Crown next door and The Rook and Caskill across the road for a good little pub crawl. Highly recommended.

27 Feb 2012 12:51

The Swan, York

I am not a friend of the owner nor had I been to this pub before but I did have a pen in my pocket so I could keep notes as I wandered round some of the 84 real ale pubs in York!!
This is a another super classic pub with one single central bar servery and rooms and a corridor/lobby off. You can order your beer at the main bar in the corridor or through the hatch in the "Public bar" The "Lounge" is at the back and there is a garden/smoking area at the rear. Traditonal furnishings and a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. Combined with a visit to the Slip down the road this is a "must visit" pub. Highly recommended.

27 Feb 2012 12:11

The Slip Inn, York

Saturday night - beer festival featuring new Yorkshire brewers - packed solid. but we eventually found somewhere to stand. Sadly most of the beers had run out but we still found a couple of local ales from their "normal" list. However it got very hot inside and I finished my beer and headed off up the road to The Swan whilst my friends stayed on a bit longer. The Slip was a Marstons pub which they had closed as a "no-hoper". How things can be turned round - it is now a thriving back-street pub with keen and welcoming management and that magic ingredient for any pub - TLC (they actually care about the pub; the customers and the beer). I will definitely return but on a quieter day. Well worth the walk to find the Slip and The Swan.

27 Feb 2012 11:54

The Rose and Crown, York

I like the layout of this pub - multi-roomed with a central servery offering a few cask ales (I tried Thorne Gold which was OK but apparently they have since stopped brewing) The barmaid(manageress?) was very friendly and seemed to run the place on her own apart from the chef. I had some food which was perfectly edible if not "haute cuisine". (The ice cream was good) TV's were on but sound was turned down.
With the Rook and the Waggon in the same street this makes for a tidy little pub crawl and although CAMRA officionados will direct you to the other two pubs I felt this one was worth a pint!

27 Feb 2012 11:49

The Rook and Gaskill, York

I would agree with the last comment - this place could do with a re-furb as it is a bit down-at-heel. However the beer was in good nick and I had House Sparrow and Elsie Mo from Castle Rock (they do the "One over the Eight" promotion here so I was able to redeem mine from previous visits to other Castle Rock pubs). The guest beer was Bingham's Doodle Stout from Berkshire which I had just left a few hours ago so I gave that a miss.
This is a a boozer and the beer(and cider) is the big draw so don't expect luxurious surroundings - just enjoy the ale and the chat.

27 Feb 2012 11:43

Meltons Too, York

I had never been in here before so this was a new experience for me. It is definitely geared up for the bistro-type trade but I had no problem getting a beer and standing at the bar (this was Friday evening and I really did expect it to be much busier but perhaps people eat out later?) Anyway, the pub menu advertises "locally sourced food" and beers only from Yorkshire brewers so it cam as a bit of a shock to find Greene King IPA on sale!!! I had a local beer which was fine(I think it was another Roosters beer) No idea what the food was like but my fiends from York tell me its good.

27 Feb 2012 11:38

The Maltings, York

It had been a long time since I was last in this pub so it was good to see that it was still in fine form with good beer (Roosters YPA at �3.00 a pint) and a chatty landlord (we discussed "Happy Hour" but it always seems to end just as you walk in the door!!) It still has that alehouse feel to it with timber floors and brewery pictures etc, but even with all the new pubs which have opening recently in York this is still well worth a visit and is probably one of the longest serving real ale pubs in the city. Handy for the river and the station.

27 Feb 2012 11:33

Lamb and Lion, York

Early Friday evening and the place is full of office workers having a varied selection of drinks after work (although they do sell a lot of real ale in here and you can try 3 beers for the �3.30 which is a good idea). It is quite an up-market bar with one main room which gets very packed but there are other seating areas and the garden further down the building. Staff were very helpful and service was prompt. They also offer B&B and meals. I tried Golden Mane from Great Neck Brewery/Rudgate Ruby and Skipton Copper Dragon - all very pleasant and in good nick.
I suppose you could call this The Bar by The Bar as it right under the city wall at High Petergate and it marks the start(or finish) of a city centre pub crawl

27 Feb 2012 11:29

The Guy Fawkes Hotel, York

I popped in for a quick half as it was busy (Friday night) but I didn't wait long to get served and my beer was fine but was �3.20 a pint which I tought was expensive for this part of the country (but it is a touristy pub in York of course!). This is a dark and sultry bar with old furniture and gas lighting and which can get very crowded - I can never understand why busy bars put bar stools out on a weekend evening sesssion - you always end up with a bunch of people hogging the bar!! Anyway it is an atmospheric place and according to the plaque outside Guy Fawkes was born here!

27 Feb 2012 11:22

The Golden Ball, York

A proper pub in every sense of the word! Four rooms off the main entrance corridor and a single bar with a good selection of ales - they manage to get a few local brews in as well as their standard range of "national" cask beers (e.g. John Smiths Cask/Bombardier which I imagine the pubco insist they sell). Anyway it is a classic of its type and well worth finding. It even has a bar billiards table which must be a rarity in these parts. Very much a community pub but welcoming to "strangers" who make the effort to find it.

27 Feb 2012 11:08

Brigantes Bar and Brasserie, York

Market Town Taverns have indeed ben taken over - by Heron & Brearley who run Okells on the Isle of Man but also have pubs in England. We are told that nothing will change and the MD of MTT is staying on with the new owners.
Anyway,all that said Brigantes is a terrific pub with an excellent selectoin of beers (as has the whole of York!!). We ate here for the first time - try the Shank of Pork if it's available. Very efficient and helpful staff and cheery too! Lots of breweriana on the walls but its not a spit and sawdust boozer - it caters for both drinkers and diners in equal measure. Handy for the York Brewery round the corner. Well worth a visit.

27 Feb 2012 11:03

The Blue Bell, York

Absolutely fabulous pub and one never to be missed. Very friendly barmaid; good beer; terrific interior and a great crowd of people (of all ages). One of the best on York and certainly worthy of a place in any Good Beer Guide and National Inventory. Highly recommended

27 Feb 2012 10:59

The Hop Leaf, Reading

The GFB was excellent today and at �2.30 (special offer) was brilliant value.

22 Feb 2012 23:06

Queens Head, Reading

Good stuff - they do have 3 Loddon beers on (Hoppit/Hullabaloo and Ferrymans Gold )when I visited today and they were OK. Also 2 ciders and they do food - all day by the looks of it. Prices were fair (�2.95 - �3.10) and they are on the Ale Trail so let's hope they get good reviews from other punters

22 Feb 2012 23:00

Nags Head, Reading

Obviously chelsea greg and waitrose ernie are either (a) one in the same or (b) trying too hard to chat me up!!

22 Feb 2012 22:56

The Alehouse, Reading

Well hello Waitrose Ernie!!! - I assume you are advertising another pub in Reading and not the Hobgoblin. Now I'm not gay but I've slept with a man who is!! Look forward to meeting you soon.

22 Feb 2012 22:52

The Blagrave Arms, Reading

The previous contributor (summerrivers??) obviously arrived very late in the evening at the Blagrave and didn't notice that (a) they have overpainted the fine mahogany counter front and dado panelling in red and (b) the beer range has reduced to 2 real ales - Doom Bar (yawn) and Bombardier (double yawn).
Sounds like somebody has been given a cheap deal by the Pubco to keep it open and that's about it - it's open!!

22 Feb 2012 22:46

Station Inn, Derby

Excellent pub- spotlessly clean - with very good Bass and a very friendly and chatty licensee. One tiled area in front of the bar with a pool table off to the right. There were a couple of other beers available and it looked as though there were always 2 on tap with the Bass being served from a jug. Handy for the station and not far from the other great pubs in this area (Alexandra and Brunswick). Well worth a visit and note that during the week they keep "old fashioned" hours !!

16 Feb 2012 13:32

Ye Olde Dolphin Inn, Derby

You must visit this little pub for the interior alone - it is the city's oldest pub and has a couple of rooms in the traditional (and genuine) olde-worlde decor. Real fire and a nice beer (Wylam Ales). Staff were friendly and it was a very enjoyable visit overall. Try the snug bar - it's very cosy.

16 Feb 2012 13:26

The Thomas Leaper, Derby

This is branded as Lloyds No.1 bar and it' the first time I have ever seen two Wetherspoons outlets directly next door to each other! Had a good drop of Slater's Haka NZ hopped beer. That's it reallly!

16 Feb 2012 13:22

The Standing Order, Derby

Impressive interior (an old bank). Got served fairly quickly and had a decent beer (Brewsters Decadence). All the usual Wetherspoons trimmings and the usual mix of customers. Worth a visit just to see the inside if nothing else.

16 Feb 2012 13:20

The Old Silk Mill, Derby

Beer was fine but we found the main bar a bit of a barn (looked as though some tables and seats were missing as they only had them round the walls). Good range of ales and I suppose that's what you go there for!!

16 Feb 2012 13:18

Mr Grundys Tavern, Derby

A long walk from the city centre (yes I know there are buses!!) so I was glad of a seat and a beer. Tried two of their own beers and to me they tasted a bit "home-brewish" and in my view not the best of Derby's growing list of brewers. However, that is a personal choice and I did like the bar with all its bric-a-brac and pictures it was very pleasant. Not many customers on my visit and a bit of a food smell but nothing too overpowering. The TV was on showing the news with sound but again not dominating. I would go there again (via the bus) just to see if my views on the beer were a bit hasty.

16 Feb 2012 13:15

The Greyhound, Derby

First visit to this pub - a bracing walk from the city centre!! As with their other pub they have gutted the interior and turned it into a modern bar with food. Very clean and tidy with efficent and prompt service and a range of Derby Brewery beers as well as a couple of guest ales. I had the blond beer (Hop till you Drop) which was excellent. The food looked good but I had already eaten so the beer was enough. Nice and warm inside and all-in-all a very pleasant pub. Buses 28/29 stop across the road if you can't face the walk back into to town.

16 Feb 2012 13:10

Five Lamps, Derby

Very impressed with this pub - looks like it is an Everards managed or tenanted house which has been allowed to stock a range of guest beers and all in great nick too!! We tried Hartington from Whim (or is it Whim from Hartington??) Well-furnished interior with friendly staff and chatty lcoals. Just missed the lunchtime food but will certainly visit this pub again - well worth the walk although it's not all that far from The Silk Mill and Dolphin. Just shows what can be done when a brewery or pubco give the lciensees a free hand in beer selection!! Let's see some more please.

16 Feb 2012 13:06

The Brunswick Inn, Derby

Yes indeed - another "must visit" pub when in Derby and so handy for the station. Great range of home-brewed ales plus a good selection from other breweries. Very good value cobs as well and I like the layout with several rooms to chose from. Excellent boozer!!

16 Feb 2012 13:02

The Brewery Tap, Derby

I would agree with most of the previous comments - light and airy and not what you would expect looking at the pub from outside. We tried a couple of beers and didn't find them to our taste so we moved on, but saying that it is worth a visit as tastes vary and others may enjoy the beer more than we did. (I did however try their other pub the next day - The Greyhound - where I enjoyed their blond beer (Hop til you Drop?). Although the interior of the Brewery Tap may be too modern for some beer drinkers at least the pub is open and trading and I wish somebody had done that to a few of our lost pubs down in the South.

16 Feb 2012 13:00

The Babington Arms, Derby

As far as the beer range goes this has to be Wetherspoons top outlet but it is of course a Wetherspoons and comes with all the usual Wetherspoon isuues (too few staff;some dodgey customers in a vast drinking emporium). However, after a �3.10 breakfast we moved onto the beer and the range is impressive. Tried Stringers from Ulverston but there were beers from all over the place including quite a few local breweries. I just wish my local Wetherspoons could offer such a choice!!

16 Feb 2012 12:56

The Alexandra Hotel, Derby

Superb pub with a great of range of Castle Rock and guest beers;rolls and snacks;railway pictures and newspapers!! They also do the Castle Rock 1 over the 8 promotion and there is a large discount for card-carrying CAMRA members. B&B is also available. Enjoyed Anber Ales Dambuster as well as Harvest Pale and House Sparrow from Castle Rock. Only thing that spoilt the evening was some local (who looked as though he was "ticking the beers") who kept scratching himself at the bar - really offputting!! Still it is an excellent pub and one we always use before after the football.

16 Feb 2012 12:51

The Plough, Doncaster

After the long walk from the Tut'n'Shive we finally arrived at The Plough which is a superb little town boozer which,as has been said before,is something of a time warp. Great atmosphere with two busy rooms full of locals and shoppers and racing on the telly (footie results followed). Barnsley Bitter;Golden Sheep and John Willie Lees Bitter on the pumps and all excellent. Very friendly with efficient staff who seem to know everyone who comes in!! A proper pub and not too far from the station (if you cna dodge the busy dual-carriageway!!) Highly recommended.

6 Feb 2012 14:28

The Tut 'N' Shive, Doncaster

With our game cancelled we headed in here to watch the footie on the big screen. The beer (Black Sheep; Robinsons and one other which I forget) were in good nick and the place was busy and bustling. The decor has probably gone past its "sell-by"date but apparently this was the very first Tut'n'Shive so maybe they want to keep it that way for a while yet. The pub is now owned by Greene King and although their beers are on sale we were told that at least 3 guest ales would always be available. Why can't other GK pubs offer this choice??? Anyway,we had a couple of pints each and then made the long walk to The Plough!!!!

6 Feb 2012 14:24

Railway Hotel, Doncaster

A good pint again on this my latest visit with the new young barmaid eventually getting the hang of the handpulls! Saturday evening - not many in which seems a shame is it is not a bad pub and again very handy for the station.

6 Feb 2012 14:19

The Old Angel, Doncaster

An attractive exterior leads into a standard Wetherspoons outlet although to be fair the beer was good the staff friendly and the breakfast a bargain at �3.10. We had Saltaire and Ossett beers which were fine. The TV's were on showing football focus but with no sound. Typical mix of JDW customers but no hassle and it was all OK

6 Feb 2012 14:17

Corner Pin Inn, Doncaster

Back again (football was concelled due to a flurry of snow!!). Enjoy Geeve's Brewery ales from Barnsley - a new brewery to me. Pleasant barmaid and a good little boozer well worth a visit and handy for the trains.

6 Feb 2012 14:14

Cask Corner, Doncaster

Our first visit here and yes it does not look like a pub but perhaps an old 6O's coffee house or cafe which has gained a beer licence!! Eclectic? Odd and sods of furniture; one large room with a "stage" at one end. Bogs are upstairs (where there is another room as well) p.s. gents bog is basic!
Great range of beers though and all in good nick - we stopped for a couple. Old vinyl records and other such stuff around the walls but the beer takes pride of place. Bar staff were friendly and helpful. Anyway,despite thre rather garish exterior - which makes it easy to spot of course - it is to be recommended. p.p.s Thye sell Seabrooke's crisps!!!!

6 Feb 2012 14:12

The Rake, London Bridge

My first visit to this pub (I usually get stuck in the Market Porter!!) and a good find. Small bar with an outside area through the patio doors (also leads to the Gents). Four real ales and selection of foreign keg beers (Belgian and German ales). I stuck with Oakham's JHB which is an excellent session beer. Prices for the British draught beers were on a par with neighbouring pubs (around �3.40 a pint) but asome of the foreign brews were - well a bit on the high side with one beer sold only in halves at - wait for it - �4.80 half!!!!!!) Mind you it was 10% abv. They sell loads of bottles beers as they are associated with the beer stall in nearby Borough Market. A great selection from around the world. Bar snacks are available and the crisps come in large tubs (�3.20) from Yorkshire (they were good and you get quite a few for your money). I may start using this pub a bit more when in this part of London and it makes a nice contrast and an accompanyment - to the Market Porter !

2 Feb 2012 10:05

King Of Diamonds, Camden

This pub re-opened on Wednesday February 1st as The Argyle - and what a transformation. It is now a very comfortable well-furnished bar (run by The Stonegate Pub Co) and was heaving as you might expect on opening night. The staff although busy were very friendly and helpful and the product range is quite extensive - including 4 real ales (the ubiquitous London Pride and Doom Bar but also they had Sambrook's Wandle Ale and Redemption Hopspur. My beer (the Wandle) was fine and extremely reasonable at �2.90 a pint!! From what I remember of the "old Diamond" this will bar definitely attract a new type of clientele and good luck to it. (It's a handy stop off from Chancery Lane tube station heading towards the Craft Beer Pub in Leather Lane).

2 Feb 2012 09:58

The Clockhouse, Clerkenwell

Yes this used to be a Greene King pub called The Clockhouse but now it is a real ale paradise with shedloads of beers available. On my visit they had brews from Dark Star; Magic Rock and Durham - I supped a couple and they were very good. The bar is not that big but soon filled up with a good crowd - mainly business people after work and there was a very good atmosphere and the bar staff were good with those customers who needed help chosing an ale. There is a room upstairs but you have to come down to get a drink. Excellent change from the previous beer range and well worth a visit - there are I think four tube stations nearby. Note the impressive mirrored ceiling. A welcome addition to the real ale scene in this part of town (try also The Argyle and the Nicholson's pub in the same area).

2 Feb 2012 09:48

The Hop and Berry, Islington

The picture above is quite old as the railings have now gone and there is a decked seating rea at the front. Pleasant pub with a restaurant at the back (only appears to open in the evenings now). 3 beers on when I went (they usually have more) and a good selection of bottles beers as well. I had a very nice pint of Plain Ales "Sheep Dip" and the others were from Otley and Cheddar. The bar has the feeling of a Gastro-style pub but I think they are now majoring on beer rather then the food. Coffee is available. It is a fair walk from Highbury & Islington station (or about the same distance to Angel) but it was a bright crisp chilly day and the walk was worth it.

2 Feb 2012 09:42

Nags Head, Reading

OK - for the help of Beer Spotter and others: Going "Free of Tie" means that the pub can now buy its beers from whichever brewery it chooses and not simply from those previously approved by the Pubco owners. Yes there is a terrific range of 12 beers but the selection will now be even better so watch out for new breweries and a wider choice of brews!! Hope that clears things up.

11 Jan 2012 09:21

The Blagrave Arms, Reading

Sam has now left The Blagrave and the pub is CLOSED until the owners find a new licensee. I only hope they get somebody who will continue with the selection of four real ales.

11 Jan 2012 09:16

The Rose and Crown, Charlbury

Another visit to this first class pub and as before I was not disappointed. Good selection of beers from local (and not so local) brewers - all at reasonable prices. A selection of rolls to soak up the ale and of course it is open all day!! I had Ramsbury Bitter followed by a hoppy beer from Wentworth Brewery. Very friendly staff and the music was brilliant - proper R&B which came from a tape of a pub local who acts as a DJ for a radio station in Kansas,USA - great stuff. Lots of local CAMRA newsletters to read and really just a faultless boozer!! Highly recommended and as I have said before well worth the walk up the hill from the station (go via the church - it's the nicest route).

11 Jan 2012 09:15

Redesdale Arms, Moreton-In-Marsh

I used to pop in for a pint of Hook Norton bitter which was generally Ok but never the best. However, things have changed for the Hooky has gone and has been replaced by 2 beers From Wickwar (BOB and Cotswold Way) plus Bath Gem. The BOB was very good as was the half of Gem. Very friendly ladies behind the bar and a very pleasant visit. Prices are high but it is an hotel bar. Food available as well as B&B etc. TV in the bar (no sound);newspapers;a quiz machine (with all the wronf answers on it !!!) and a mix of locals and tourists/day trippers. Worth a visit and I hope they keep up the range and quality of the beer (it is Cask Marque)

10 Jan 2012 21:06

The Coal Hole, Strand

My first visit although I must have passed it a hundred times. Splendid exterior and interior too. Superb beamed ceiling. Beer was fine (I enjoyed Lia Fail from Inveralmond Brewery of Scotland) - it was too early in the day to start on Jaipur!! Bar staff were prompt and efficient and there was a fairly standard Nicholsons food offer available. Not packed when I went but I could imagine that it would be when the tourist season starts in earnest. It probably gets a good trade from commuters as it is near to Charing Cross station. I liked it and will use it again.

5 Jan 2012 13:04

Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

I'm pleased that the beer range has been kept with guest beers still available (even though it is now a Fullers pub) as this is another of London's little gems and is a classic of its kind. I shall say no more as you should make the effort to find and enjoy it yourselves.

5 Jan 2012 12:58

The Ship Tavern, Holborn

I would agree with catbert - let's keep this one quiet. If you want to visit it then you have to find it yourselves!!

5 Jan 2012 12:56

The Princess Louise, Holborn

This is, of course, a true gem and a wonderful place to see and drink in. However the owners - Sam Smiths - have obviously had to move into the 21st century as they have put their prices up by 70p a pint in the past year!!! It was great having this super pub with beer at �2.02 a pint but sadly economics have caught up with the brewery and they have apparently had two price rises in the past 12 months. Having said that it is still a very reasonable price (�2.72) for central London and is certainly at least �1 cheaper than most pubs (excluding Wetherspoons).
Still worth a visit.

5 Jan 2012 12:54

George IV, Holborn

Very few poeple in when I visited: only one beer on (Everards Tiger): barmaid could have been a bit more "alert" but the worse crime was being comitted by the electricians who were fitting new light pendants and chandaliers and screwing metal ceiling boxes into the wonderfully decorative ceiling thus detroying what the original architects had obviously taken time and care installing!! Absolutely disgraceful. I blame the LSE who are obviously more interested in financial matters than the history and decor of their pub!! Such a shame - I shall not return.

5 Jan 2012 12:50

The Binley Park Inn, Covent Garden

Some error here chaps - this pub is in COVENTRY not COVENT GARDEN !!! Please amend your records and delete from this section of BITE.

5 Jan 2012 12:45

The White Lion, Covent Garden

A Nicholson's house with a good range of beer in fine form but pricey. If you wanted food you had to go upstairs and many people did. Here again the tourists were heading for Guinness or lager as they were not familiar with any of the real ales available. (I'll say it again - please get the bar staff to encourage them to try the cask beer; give them a taster at least).
Barman was efficient and friendly but could do nothing about the prices!! Nice place to watch the comings-and-goings in the area.

5 Jan 2012 12:44

The Sun Tavern, Covent Garden

What was probably a traditional Covent Garden boozer has been "tarted-up" and opened out. Single room on the ground floor now in the ubiquitous pastel colouring with what looks like Laura Ashley funishings. I had a slight problem with the beer as the barmaid poured some of the beer from an old glass into mine!! I complained and she poured a brand new beer for me without any hassle. Thwaites Wainwright golden ale was the beer and it was fine but again very expensive - but I suppose all pubs charge high prices in this part of town.

5 Jan 2012 12:40

Prince Of Wales, Covent Garden

Large corner pub near the Freemasons Hall and the theatres etc. Staff were friendly enough and the beer was OK although the range was a bit limited on my visit. Quite quiet for a Wednesday (late lunchtime) but I would imagine it does get packed in the evenings before and after the shows. Only one real complaint - �3.95 for a pint!!!!!

5 Jan 2012 12:36

The Nell Gwynne, Covent Garden

Skipped it tis time as there was only one beer on and I can get Wells Bombardier anywhere - so noting to get excited about. I will go back again though as it is a nice little pub tucked up an alley just off The Strand.

5 Jan 2012 12:34

The Nags Head, Covent Garden

A rare outlet for McMullens Hertfordshire beers and a very busy pub as you would expect from its location. I've had better examples of their beer but in general it is OK and it's always interesting to see the tourists get confused by the range of ales we offer in our pubs - sadly many of them simply opt for a well-known lager or a pint of black stuff (bar staff - promote the brewery products a bit more!!) Worth a visit but I would probably only have the one pint as there are so many other pubs to visit in the area..

5 Jan 2012 12:32

The Globe, Covent Garden

I must have caught this pub on a good day!! Cheery barmaid (although after she served me she did spend a lot of time chatting to her mates - but to be fair no customers were kept waiting long). I had a half of a guest beer (sorry forgotten which one it was) but it was OK and it looks like I will have to visit again just to see if I really did miss out on the experiences of other reviewers.

5 Jan 2012 12:28

The Cross Keys, Covent Garden

This pub has now become one of my "must viisits" when I'm in London. Good beer from Brodies (even though I still think they brew too many) but the London Fields was excellent and the whole atmosphere is just great. Fabulous exterior and inside - lots of of pictures and hanging bric-a-brac (plus Christmas decorations still up to even further make the place sparkle). If you haven;t been here nefore then ut that right straight away - great little pub.

5 Jan 2012 12:24

The Cove, Covent Garden

I have just discovered that this bar has closed (it appears to be a posh chocolate shop now). Bit of a sad loss - yes it was touristy and you can get the pasties anywhere nowadays, but there was something slightly quaint and individual about the old bar with its Cornish beers and the upper seating area overlooking the piazza.

5 Jan 2012 12:21

The Coach and Horses, Covent Garden

Excellent little pub which is spotlessly clean inside - every bit of glass and brass is gleaming (I would reckon that this pub is run by an professional Irish licensee as they very often have super standards when comes to the appearance and upkeep of their pubs - and of course the Irish bric-a-brac/pcitures reflect this.)
Only two beers on handpump (Courage Best and Shepherd Neame Spitfire) both in good condition. Its amazing what they actually cram into this bar - never mind the beer fonts they have a small carvery area for their very tempting sandwiches. Two barmaids working when I visited and quick efficient and polite service. Beer prices are what you would probably expect for this part of London but this place is well worth a visit and is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of nearby Theatreland and Covent Garden.

5 Jan 2012 12:18

The Goat Major, Cardiff

Just been back and it is still as good as ever. I liked their optomism - January 2nd pouring with rain but they had the outside tables and chairs set up!!! Good beer again and in hindsight we should have eaten here.

3 Jan 2012 12:36

The Gatekeeper, Cardiff

Not much more you can say about this place - its a Wetherspoons with all that entails. Poor range of beer on our visit (more draught cider than ale); usual lack of bar staff but cheap prices for beer and food. Handy for city centre and the stadium etc.

3 Jan 2012 12:33

The Bank, Bristol

Nice little find in the "commercial"end of the city centre. Sadly, I had to wait a very long time to get served as the one barman was having a problem with the change for some other customers! Anyway had a nice pint with St.Georges Brewery featuring on two pumps. This must be a great little hideaway during the day and I can imagine it being popular with office works in the early evening - especially in good weather when you can sit outside. Well worth seeking out.

26 Dec 2011 11:08

The Chelsea Inn, Easton

After a good walk from Lawrence Hill train station via the old rail line and the back streets you come to this unusual little pub in an area where you would not expect a real ale bar! On the corner of Chelsea Street and Bloy Street (read the plaque on the pub wall) with plenty of chimney pots around. Although it was due to open at 1pm I had to hang around for 20 miutes until the front was unlocked and finally allowed me access to what is an eclectic bar. A small counter; 4 real ales a couple of draught ciders and Christmas reggae music being played! Sofas and leopard skin chairs a piano and music turntables all added to the slightly off-beat interior! The door to the Gents sit-down is something to behold. The beer range was OK but as I had the first out of the barrel it was possibly a bit warm and maybe needed pulling through a bit more. I tried an Arbor ale but they also had Jolly Boat and Wickwar. The barmaid was very pleasant and I would imagine that this place has a great atmosphere in the evenings. Well worth going out of your way for and as I found out when leaving it is only a short walk to Stapleton Road station.

26 Dec 2011 11:01

The Victoria, Clifton

My first visit to this pub and what a find. A super little corner boozer with a great atmosphere and a jolly feel to it! My first taste of Dawkins beers (brass Knocker - not totally to my taste but served well) and a pub special - pork pie/cheese/pickled onion and sweet pickle - �3.00 !! They were showing Old Grey Whistle Test on the telly and that brought back a few memories! Several large mirros give a feeling of more space than there actually is and some old Keg Beer fonts to remind you of what was probably sold here a few years ago!
This is a proper pub and is highly recommended. Near the BBC and a short walk down from Clifton Down train station off Whiteladies Road (plenty of buses from the city centre).

26 Dec 2011 10:51

The Berkeley, Clifton

I had passed this 'spoons pub before but never went in so I rectified that this time - needn't have bothered really. The Butcombe bitter was OK but nothing to write home about and they had the usual JDW problem - lack of bar staff! There are better places nearby.

26 Dec 2011 10:45

Old Stillage, Redfield

Made a special journey out to this pub (via Lawrence Hill train station) and was pleased I did. It's on a main road full of second-hand car showrooms and semi-derelict shops - there's a Tesco and Wetherspoon further up the road. Anyway, it gave me the feeling of being an ex -Oirish style pub with the type of furniture,panelling and bits of -bric-a-brac etc. Perhaps olde alehouse?
What ever it had been it is now a welcome Arbor Ales pb with a good range of their local beers available. I tried both the Brigstow bitter and a single hop brew called Bullion. Both were in fine form and I probbaly could have stayed for more! The staff were quite cheery even though they looked as though they were still getting the place ready to trade! (the pub had just opened at 12 noon). There is a pool table and a dart board and although the pub is quite dark inside it is well worth a visit. Several buses stop nearby (44/45 I think). Worth it for the beer alone.

26 Dec 2011 10:42

The Blagrave Arms, Reading

Sadly there could be a change of landlord in the New Year. More news to follow.

21 Dec 2011 12:37

The Hope Tap, Reading

The beer has improved and is generally good with 6 guest ales often on tap and local breweries featuring on a regular basis.

21 Dec 2011 12:36

The Alehouse, Reading

The pub will soon be changing its name from The Hobgoblin to The Alehouse (something to do with ownership of the name). Beers can be pricey but the West Berks range is usually reasonable - �3.00 - �3.20. Good range of ciders and perry.
Beer range is always interesting with new breweries often featuring.

21 Dec 2011 12:35

Nags Head, Reading

The Nags has now gone free of tie so expect an even wider selection of real ale. They've also started doing bottled Belgian beers and even more draught ciders.

21 Dec 2011 12:31

Xensations, Reading

Yep - it's now Lola Lo's and I have not yet met anyone who has been in, so no reports I'm afraid.

21 Dec 2011 12:30

Yates's, Reading

It's just had a major re-fit but is still a town centre venue bar although they do now have 2 real ales(?!) - both from Wells Brewery of Bedford. Bombardier and Yates Bitter which we reckon are both the same beer!! Quite smart inside but definitely one for the "younger set"

21 Dec 2011 12:28

Queens Head, Reading

Apparently they now sell 3 Loddon Brewery beers - and quite a bit of it from what we hear. This needs to be checked but if true then this is good news for this little pub which is the nearest to the University and on bus routes as well.

21 Dec 2011 12:25

Oasis, Reading

CLOSED - GONE - FINISHED - NO MORE - PUB LOST - Head for the Nags Head further along the road.

21 Dec 2011 12:23

The Malthouse, Reading

The proposal - flats above/convenience store below. Another pub lost in Reading and considering where it is situated (near the station and buses etc) this is yet another example of a perfectly good pub closing to become a shop where no doubt cheap booze will be sold to take away. It's wrong you know!!!!

21 Dec 2011 12:21

Hatch Gate Inn, Reading

It's part pub and part Indian restaurant now - but at least it's still open and trading. As said before - you will need a car or a No.2 bus to get there.

21 Dec 2011 12:19

The Granby, Reading

Rumours are that The Granby will become a dedicated music venue while the gay community will move to another pub in the town centre (The Rising Sun?).

21 Dec 2011 12:18

The County Arms, Reading

Planning permission has now been granted for conversion to flats. RIP The County Arms.

21 Dec 2011 12:16

Chronicles Bar and Restaurant, Reading

Surprise - it's now re-opening as an Italian restaurant.

21 Dec 2011 12:15

Becketts Bank, Leeds

Another of Wetherspoons bank conversion jobs. Very very busy but I got served pretty quickly and the beer was fine. Bouncers on the doors of this attractive old building. Standard 'spoons offerings for beer and food but the bar was quite imposing and I will go back on a quieter day to see more of the place.

19 Dec 2011 09:50

Wetherspoons, Leeds

Wetherspoons - station - usual offerings - beer selection fair - beer quality fair - ambience pretty boring - customers? (Saturday evening - mobbed - blokes in shirt sleeves;large ladies in sort skirts - make up your own mind !) Plus points - it's very handy for the trains/they did actually have enough staff !

19 Dec 2011 09:44

The Scarbrough Hotel, Leeds

Perhaps this was not the best time to go to this pub (Saturday evening just after the football) as the place was rammed full and quite uncomfortable. When I arrived there was just the one barman and he was struggling to keep up with demand. However other staff did arrive and I grabbed a quick pint which I must admit I downed pretty quickly so as to leave (it was impossible to stand still and enjoy the beer as I got jostled arround by an ever increasing number of customers pushing into the bar). My beer was fine and I have used the pub before when it was quieter and always found it OK. It is an Nicholsons outlet now so the beer range was quite good but if you are going to the Scarborough (fair) then pick a quieter session. Brilliant for the station as it is right across the road from the entrance.

19 Dec 2011 09:39

Mr Foley's Cask Ale House, Leeds

Lovely old building outside with a very pleasant interior. Split-level seating areas although I preferred to stand at the bar. York Brewery/Mitchells own the pub now and their beers were in fine form. A very good and often interesting selection of beers with a good range of bottled products from the continent. Prompt and efficient service - no chit-chat but the staff didn't have time for that as it was early Saturday evening and the city bars were all heaving although this one was just nicely busy without the "push and shove" you can get in many bars. I had a pint of York Guzzler and then a blond beer from another local brewery - Wharfbank. It's about a 6/7 minute brisk walk from the station (maybe 10 if the traffic lights are against you!!) so well worth the walk.

19 Dec 2011 09:33

The Midnight Bell, Leeds

Saturday lunchtime - a quick pint (or two) Leeds Pale Ale (nice easy-drinking beer). Service was fine I didn't have to wait long even though the bar was very busy. Quite a few LUFC fans in but they were the "nice crowd" and it was all very amicable. I have been here before and enjoyed the beer. The pub is modern in style and perhaps a tadge sterile(?)but I would still visit it when next in Leeds and it's well worth the short walk down from the station (via The Hop and The Grove!!)

19 Dec 2011 09:27

The Railwaymans Arms, Bridgnorth

After our walk around the old castle ruins and other sites in the town we headed off to the Railwaymans for some well-earned beer. The whole of the town had just had a complete power failure so there were no lights anywhere and even the cliff railway and traffic lights had stopped working. However,having handpulls for the beer meant that I would be OK! However just as we got to the station some power returned and the bar had light and the coffee machine was working again. Hoorah for modern technology!! One loco in steam but going nowhere so a quick couple of photos and back to the excellent Bathams Bitter (followed by Goffs Tournament and Hobsons beers). Then all of a sudden we were invaded by a wedding party!! The bride and groom having their pictures taken on the patform - they must have been fozen solid as it was a chilly day and the bridesmaid's dresses were not exactly winter modes!!! It turned out that the wedding party had chartered a train for the day.
However it made for an entertaining hour or so while we enjoyed our beers and our superb pork pies. There were a few other customers in the bar and we were actually surprised to find it open when the railway was shut for the winter. The young lady behind the bar was very friendly and we didn't see any "Basil Fawlty" type gentlemen!! The real fire was blazing away and it was a very pleasant visit until we had to head back into the cold outdoors. This a very good pub and of course when the steam trains are running you can combine a visit here with one at The King and Queen at the other end of the line in Kidderminster.

9 Dec 2011 13:05

Jewel Of The Severn, Bridgnorth

We had just enough time for a pint before catching our bus back to Shrewsbury and as the Golden Lion was closed we headed next door into this Wetherspoons. The beer (three Tuns) was very good and fairly priced and the place was pretty busy - hope this place doesn't harm the trade of the many other pubs in town. Perhaps I'll consider a weekend pub crawl to try the others some day!!

9 Dec 2011 12:50

The Three Fishes, Shrewsbury

Monday afternoon - pub shut (sticks to the "old fashioned" hours during the week). We went back the next day- in the evening but it didn't really "hit the spot" with us. Although there are still some nice features we felt that it had been "opened-out" a bit and lacked a bit of character - compared to the wonderful exterior. [No doubt somebody will write in saying that the bar has been unaltered for 14 centuries] but it wasn't quite there for us.Beer was OK with a mix of local and national cask brands (what is Sharps Doom Bar - brewed in Cornwall - doing in a pub in Shropshire??!!) Anyway, we thought about eating but decided to head off somewhere else. The pub is of course in a fabulous setting with narrow cobbled lanes and passgeways nearby and the imposing church in front and is a welcome respite from the busy shopping areas nearby. I suppose you should pay it a visit when in Shrewsbury and we will probably go back again just to see if our initial views have been changed.

9 Dec 2011 12:41

The Shrewsbury Hotel, Shrewsbury

We made a last minute decision to visit Shrewsbury for a few days and this hotel/pub was available at a reasonable price. The bar is typical Wetherspoons and my pint of Wood's Shropshire Lad was fine (the other beers were the dreaded Christmas ales which tend to be strong and often sweet and sickly). Our room was - how shall I say - straighforward? Small bedroom - with the tiniest double bed we have ever slept in - but good sized bathroom with a very effective shower!! TV and tea/coffee facilities which they top-up every day ( bottled water and biscuits as well). Double glazed so no noise from the busy road outside. It was OK and was very handy for what we wanted - a bed for the night with a hot shower. Breakfast was in the bar and was an extra but at �3.10 you couldn't complain! There is a car park and the hotel is about a 10-15 minute walk from the train station and not very far from the town centre. The Severn is across the road and there is a very pleasant walk round the river (with of course) pubs close to hand!!

9 Dec 2011 12:24

Salopian Bar, Shrewsbury

Enjoyed it - great range of beer. Bathams Bitter and Stonehouse Station Bitter were both good as was the Oakham Citra. Loyalty cards available plus the 10p a pint CAMRA discount. Modern interior with some high tables and low settees. TV screens showing sport (no sound when we went). Snacks available and they do a fair range of foreign bottled beers. Handy for both the bus and railway stations; the river and the theatre and just down the hill from the town centre. Well worth a visit.

9 Dec 2011 12:15

The Nag's Head, Shrewsbury

Terrific pub with great staff and good beer (Ludlow Gold and Beacon Gold were tasted and were on top form). Friendly locals and some nice old fixtures and fittings. Try the pork pies with "wicked" pickled nions and mustard!! The pub is in a street full of little individual shops so it is just the place to have a beer while the women-folk go shopping (to be fair my wife likes her beer as well so this was fine for both of us!!). Didn't get outside as it was a chilly December afternoon but we will return sometime in the summer to enjoy the full facilities of this esxellent little boozer. Highly recommended and I will "twin" it with my local - The Nags Head in Reading.

9 Dec 2011 12:09

Mad Jacks Bar, Shrewsbury

On the spur of the moment we went in to eat and didn't realise that it was a bar as well although food does come first. We had a great meal with a lovely bottle of wine and superb friendly and cheery service. What we didn't know until we entered was that they had one handpump with Salopian Gold beer on tap. It was not very good so we asked for it to be changed - absolutely no problem. The old beer was immediately taken away; a new cask put on and a fresh clear and very tasty pint delivered to our table (and they didn't charge us for it).
I would definitely recommend this place for the food so the real ale was a bonus.
Contemporary furnishings with some nice touches (like the furry seat covers near the bar!!)

9 Dec 2011 12:02

The Loggerheads, Shrewsbury

Of course I meant to say that it has "lost its heart and soul"

9 Dec 2011 11:57

The Loggerheads, Shrewsbury

This is a lovely old pub with several rooms and oodles of character - well it was last time I visited. Something has changed and it felt very cold and impersonal. It looked like the walls had been stripped of pictures and bric-a-brac as it had an air of emptiness about it. The rooms are still there but it just didn't feel the same to me. I got the feeling that it had changed from a tenanted pub to a managed house and when I spoke to the barman at The Salopian Bar he said that's what had happened. So it now has almost the complete range of Marstons beers on tap (including Bankss; Hobgoblin;Brakspears and Jennings) but has its "heart and soul" My Bankss Bitter was OK but I have definitely had better. Great shame as this was one of the country's classic pubs (the CAMRA plaque is still there).
Please put this back to a tenancy and get some TLC back into the place.

9 Dec 2011 11:56

The Coach and Horses, Shrewsbury

We really enjoyed this pub and used it on a couple of occassions. Very good Salopian Oracle but there were about 6 real ales available and the friendly and cheery staff will give you a taster of any beer! They do food - the portions looked very generous - and coffee (which pleased the wife although she did have beer later on). Nice cosy atmosphere with a "snug" area off the main bar. Take care on the rickety stairs up to the loos! The pub opens all day (as opposed to The Admiral Benbow next door)and they have a happy hour when the slected beer was �1.99 a pint!! Well worth a visit - it is near the town centre and major touristy bits and it was a welcome sight after our walk along the river. Recommended.

9 Dec 2011 11:48

The Admiral Benbow, Shrewsbury

First visit to this pub (remember it doesn't open until 5pm during the week). Bit of a square room but pleasant enough. Staff were friendly and polite and the beer range was good - we tried Ludlow Gold. Not many customers in (Wednesday night) so the atmosphere was a bit quiet although I expect it is much better on a busy weekend evening. I would go back - and it is next door to The Coach & Horses so makes for a nice little pub crawl.

9 Dec 2011 11:40

The Dove, Ipswich

Brilliant - always has been and has now been enhanced by having its own brewery across the road (beer shops and B&B are also there). A great range of beers from near and far with their own "Ordinary Bitter" being of very good quality. Prices are reasonable and they do a good range of bar snacks which seem to be available at most times. We met up with some local footie fans and we all enjoyed the atmosphere and the beer. Even better as we won 3-2 !! Only one downside - their golden ale (Summer Late Evening) had just run out and a new cask was obviously put on too quickly as the beer was pretty naff to be honest. That said I will of course be back to try it on another day as this is always a regular pub for us and our friends. Highly recommended.

27 Nov 2011 13:31

The Station Hotel, Ipswich

A recent name change and an internal re-funishment. It is now know as The Riverside Hotel and the bar has been opened out re-decorated and has some new furniture. It is definitely better than it was but saying that - the beer was decidedly average (shame as it was Woodford's Wherry which is normally as excellent ale) and the TV screens and music system were competing with each other for attention! It welcomes away supporters but you have a choice - if you like good beer drink somewhere else and make a late dash for your train or have one here and accept it for what it is!! Next time I'll do the former.

27 Nov 2011 13:26

The Plough, Ipswich

This pub will appear in the 2012 Good Beer Guide but my pint of Adnams was not the best I' ve ever had. It is part of a large chain of pubs around the country so presumably has a limited range of beers - again a lack of local brews from smller breweries in the area. Loads of TV sets and standard pub food being churned out in large numbers. Pleasant enough inside and the service was prompt and efficient. It's probably worth a visit but lacks that magic sparkle that other pubs have (probably because this is a busy managed pubco bar). Handy for the shops and bus station and OK - yes I would probably pop in for one beer as a stop between The Fat Cat/Dove Street Inn and the railway station.

27 Nov 2011 13:21

Robert Ransome, Ipswich

It's a Wetherspoons (branded as LLoyds No.1). It was busy on an early Saturday evening but suffered from the usual Wetherspoon's syndrome - lack of staff! There was one barman serving loads of waiting punters until a "duty manager" finally turned up and I got served (good pint of Adnams IPA). What amazed me was the fact that it is almost directly opposite The Cricketers which is another Wetherspoons pub!! Is there enough trade for both - must be!! Anyway - been there;done it; had the beer and have no need to go back again as thhere are better pubs in town (Dove Street/Fat Cat to name but two).

27 Nov 2011 13:13

Mannings, Ipswich

You can get an idea of what this place must have looked like inside in years gone by and it wouldn't take much to put it back to something like its original layout (a few screens etc to make snugs and small rooms for example). It was very cosy when we went but does not really live up to Good Beer Guide standards and my opinion. The Adnams was very average and the other beer was London Pride which is a shame considering the number of local micro-breweries in the county. Service was brusk and it is annoying when a barperson serves you whilst chatting away to his/her mates at the same time. I would probably goo back again just to verify my views or hopefully have them changed!

27 Nov 2011 13:09

The Fat Cat, Ipswich

We always head for the Fat Cat as our first stop when in Ipswich. Good beer (the Crouch Vale Yakima Gold was particularly nice) and one the largest Scotch Eggs you'll ever see or eat!! Very friendly staff and locals and some interesting breweriana on the walls. Typical "alehouse" decor and a small outside are at the rear. All-in-all a great little booozer. Recommended. (You will need to take a bus or a taxi as it is a fair way out of the town centre).

27 Nov 2011 13:03

The Brew Wharf, London Bridge

It was shut for a "private function" so we didn't even get past the bouncer on the door. I have been here before to try their home-brew which was OK but nothing special. Drinks are pricey and we didn't stop long - headed back to the nearby Market Porter for some great real ales.

17 Nov 2011 11:10

The Mitre, Paddington

We were lucky with the beer as they had Titanic Iceberg on draught when we visited! Food orientated but still worth a visit for a beer as it has retained much of its pubby Victoriana feel and was quite pleasant for a couple of pints. Not that far from Paddington station (7/8 minute stroll)

17 Nov 2011 11:07

The Mad Bishop and Bear, Paddington

Worth missing a train or two for!!

17 Nov 2011 11:05

Caf� Kick, Exmouth Market

I popped into this tiny bar just to say I'd been there,but I ended up having a couple of beers. What a quirky little place. Bottled foreign beers;table football;cheery staff and a kind of "Caribbean" feel to the place. If you are in this part of London then try this bar - it is different!!

17 Nov 2011 11:03

The Doric Arch, Euston

Nowhere near as good as it was when it was The Head of Steam - end of story!

17 Nov 2011 10:59

Euston Tap, Euston

We always visit this tiny bar when we are in town and once again we were not disappointed. Great range of beers at very reasonable prices (my Bristol Brewery Independance was brilliant and only �3.10) Because it is so small it can get packed but once we found a corner at the bar we stayed put and had a couple more beers (Ossett Brewery; Rat Brewery; Dorking Brewery to name but three). Toilets and more seating are upsatirs and even on a chilly november night there were loads of drinkers outside. The Cider Bar (the other gatehouse opposite) is due to open before Christmas. I always recommend the Euston Tap to friends and they all praise it highly.

17 Nov 2011 10:58

Ice Wharf, Camden

It's a Wetherspoons by any other name - so you get what you pay for.

17 Nov 2011 10:53

The Hawley Arms, Camden

As we weren't eating here we got the distinct feeling that we were not really wanted in the bar and we were taking up table space which could be used by diners. The rather "haughty" barman appeared well miffed when we told him we just wanted drinks so we had our beers (average quality) and left. Apparently the food is very good and the pub has a bit of history (famous customers and a recent nasty fire). I would suspect that as there is such a huge "given market" in this part of London, pubs like this can pick and choose their customers??

17 Nov 2011 10:51

The Buck's Head, Camden

Smart pub with contemporary furnishings. Probably catering for the "posher" clientele amongst the hoards around Camden Lock and Market. Three beers on handpump - we tried the Brains IPA (average) and the Westerham Brewery British Bulldog which was quite tasty. The 3rd beer was the ubiquitous London Pride. The prices are steep (�3.70 a pint). Didn't eat but the food looked OK and portions seemed to be fair-sized. The foreign staff were cheery enough and we had prompt and efficient service even though the girl was chatting to her mate in some eastern european language while she poured our beers. Downside - the toilets are all stainless steel and are grafittie ridden which was really wierd considering the type of customers in the bar!! The management need to clean the loos as they do let the place down.

17 Nov 2011 10:46

Inn On The Green, Horfield

Got off the bus at the wrong stop for the football ground but it turned out to be the right stop for the pub!! Extensive range of beers in this large rambling building which has a main bar and then seems to go on for ever. Wood floors and a mix of furnishings give it an alehouse feel. Only one barman on duty so we had to wait a bit to get served but we then tried the Bristol Beer Factory "Sunrise" which was superb. Butcombe was also sampled and the beer was in generally good nick. There has been a change of management so this is pressumably why the pub does not feature in the 2012 Good Beer Guide - but don't let that stop you visiting it. Yes there are things which need "tidying-up" but that's true of many boozers and the new guvn'r may well be dealing with these issues. Food was available but sadly the "mini-meals" weren't on until 5pm (3 snacks for �10.50 looked good value). Cider is sold and the pub is popular with football and rugby fans as the Memorial Staidum is only a short walk away. The 76 bus stops opposite (Horfield Sports Centre) and there is a regular service both ways.

13 Nov 2011 12:43

The Seven Stars, Bristol

Eeverything you would expect from a proper CAMRA style real ale pub! Great range of beers at reasonable prices in a typical "alehouse" setting. Always something going on and a good mix of customers (although I did wonder why two couples came in and asked for 2 white wines and 2 Fosters??). Just off Victoria Street and a short walk from Temple Meads station and close to The Cornubia; Kings Head and Bridge so a nice easy pub crawl!!

13 Nov 2011 12:34

The Orchard Inn, Bristol

Brilliant - nuff said!

13 Nov 2011 12:29

The Kings Head, Bristol

This is a classical gem of a pub with some super fittings and the famous "tramcar" seating area. Loads of old photos and bric-a-brac and lots of sparkling brass give it a very Victoriana style feel and when it gets busy it gets very "cosy". A revived range of cask ales with Hogs Back TEA being a regular. Beer was fine; the staff friendly and the overall visit was excellent. It is just round the corner from The Cornubia and should be added to any pub crawl of this part of town. Recommended.

13 Nov 2011 12:28

The Highbury Vaults, Bristol

My first visit and I don't know why I haven't been here before - what a super little pub! Lovely "dark" interior with a tiny little bar at the front and a larger room at the back (split in smaller drinking areas). Courtyard at the rear; bar billiards table; food and a good range of beers despite being a Youngs pub. We had Bath Gem and Spring Tide from Teignworthy. Very cheery young lady behind the bar and although quiet when we visited this would be a great pub at anytime and will become a regular when we next go to Bristol. It is not that far from Clifton Down station or there is a bus nearby but make the effort and give this pub a visit - I think you'll be pleased you did!!

13 Nov 2011 12:23

The Cornubia, Bristol

Tucked away near the fire station and just off Victoria Road this is a "must visit" pub and can be combined with a crawl ofThe Kings Head/Seven Stars and The Bridge. Much improved pub with a lovely warm feeling inside it has obviously had a recent facelift. There are pumpclips all around the walls - evidence of the beers which have been sold in recent times. A nice little range and some local brewers featured. We tried some halloween beer from Cheddar Ales which was in good nick. The bar is not very big but has a great feel to it. If you like cider then this pub will suit you well. Definitely well worth finding. (mind your step on the decking in front of the pub !!)

13 Nov 2011 12:18

The Bridge Inn, Bristol

Super little pub with excellent Bath ales. Always worth a visit when walking back from the city centre to the station.

13 Nov 2011 12:12

The Bell, Bristol

Sadly it wasn't open on a Saturday morning so can't comment. Don't understand why it was closed as it's near a very busy road with lots of punters around.

13 Nov 2011 12:11

The Annexe Inn, Bristol

As you walk down from the busy Gloucester Road you come acroos a huge slab of a pub called the Sportsman - this can't be right we thought! but carry on round the corner and you find the old pub outbuildings which have been converted into the Annexe Bar which was pleasantly busy with Bristol Rovers fans and others in to watch the England v Spain game. A good crowd and no hassle whatsoever. Real ales feature here and as has been said it was rather sad to see Courage Best and the now ubiquitous Doom Bar on tap although we were lucky to have a good selection of guest ales. I had the Wye Valley HPA which was fine and then we had Dark Star American Pale Ale which was brilliant. There was food being served and the portions looked pretty hefty = so good value for money. Our bus passes got us 30p discount off every pint which was a nice touch for us old fogeys. The three girls behind the bar added that little bit of charm and sparkle to the evening and I would certainly use the pub again when next in Bristol There are plenty buses up and down Gloucester Road - get off at the stop for the County Cricket Ground.

13 Nov 2011 12:09

Griffins Head Inn, Nether Compton

We waited for this pub to open as it had been recommended to us. It didn't open on time so we went to Thornford and then came back. Not all it should have been - as has been said already,there are better examples of this type of pub elsewhere in the county. It was an odd mix of rooms - a carpetted lounge with an ingle nook fireplace;through a sliding door into the "games" bar with huge flagstones on the floor and then into a strange pool room which looked like it had been added on in the 1960's. There didn't appear to be any food available and they just sell the one real ale (St.Austell Tribute - OK but nothing special). However, note the old stirrup handpump under the bar counter - you don't see many of these today!! We had the feeling that the licensees were just seeing out their time before retiring and there is no doubt that the pub has potential - the village is long and straggling and most people appeared to work in either nearby Sherborne or Yeovil - both about 3 miles away. The pub probably does alright in the evening and at weekends. Anyway, we went, we supped and we left!

10 Nov 2011 10:27

The Kings Arms Inn, Thornford

Very excellent village pub well worth its entry in the 2012 Good Beer Guide. We had Butcombe Bitter but Yeovil ales were also available (3 pumps in use). The bar is pleasant fresh and airy with a lsightly modern feel to it (not all beams and brasses) while there is a separate dining area next door. Very friendly licensees so we stayed for a second pint!! Food menu looked interesting but we had to move on so another visit beckons to try their cooking.
We had a local friend drive us to the pub butt you can get to the village by train so that might be the option next time. Well worth a visit.

10 Nov 2011 10:18

The Digby Tap, Sherborne

This was my first visit to this absolutely brilliant pub - great beer from local brewers;four pint jugs available at a small discount; food looked good although we just arrived too late (but try the chip shop round the corner); friendly bar staff; a good mix of customers and a typical beerhouse atmosphere with some very interesting bric-a-brac and pictures. Couldn't fault the pub. We stayed for three rounds!! Otter/Cottage/Wessex and St.Austell beers. There is a pool ttable but it is in another room along with the quiz machine. Old fireplaces; timber panelling; flagstone floors;a mix of furniture styles and a really good feel to the bar. Highly recommended.

10 Nov 2011 09:26

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

The impressive interior is worth seeing and the beer range is impressive but they really do need to do something about the staff ( definitely a couldnt care less or be bothered attitude from both of the two gentlemen we were eventually served by on a Saturday lunchtime - as has been said they appear to be "agency" workers who really haven't cottoned-on to the Real Ale scene - my second beer (Brains SA Gold) was as flat as a pancake but the barman couldn't understand what I was on about when I mentioned this to him). Great shame as this is a good spot for a beer while changing trains. Part of the Nicholsons chain with all that they offer but they really do need to get some more staff on busy days and ones who actually enjoy working in a British pub!!

30 Oct 2011 14:09

The White Horse, Soho

This is now a Nicholson's pub (there seems to be one on every corner in this part of town). Several real ales available - we tried Lotus IPA from Ilkley Brewery (pretty good) and finished with Thornbridge Jaipur (5.9%) - or did it finish us?!? There was obviously a backfitting structure to separate the two serving areas but this has gone and you can see through to the other part of the bar. Very mixed clientele as you might expect in Soho but it was all pleasant enough although we did have to wait a bit to be served (Saturday night and there appeared to be only 2 bar staff on duty).

30 Oct 2011 14:02

The Old Coffee House, Soho

Oh dear Oh dear - what has happened here? Saturday evening - first beer was off and the barman - who looked pi**ed to us - wouldn't change them. We asked the landlord to test the beer and give us his opinion. "I don't drink beer" came the reply. What - you are joking!! This is a Brodies pub which promotes the micro-brewery's products and you employ a manager who doesn't drink beer!!!!!!! Anyway, beer was eventually changed and our money refunded (the barman made us pay for the second choice). Sadly,this ale was also a bit naff so we left.
Now- I have used this pub on several occasions before now and it has always been pretty good but after this performance I shall be re-considering whether I visit again or not. I sincerely hope that this was just a "one-off".

30 Oct 2011 13:56

Maritime Inn, Plymouth

I asked why this pub was dead (2 customers including me) when all around it were busy? We don't do food came the reply !! I rest my case m'lud.
(Beer was fine though)

30 Oct 2011 13:49

The Minerva Inn, Plymouth

Super little pub with mainly local trade as it's just that little bit away from the main Barbican area. My pint of Trubute was fine but it is a shame that they cannot offer beers from some of the local micro-brewers(no doubt this is due to their beer tie). Very,very friendly and one of the locals even bought us all a beer!! (Never found out why - secret lottery winner perhaps??). It is small and it is "cosy" and the beams take some reading. A good pint of beer,friendly chat and a corned beef and pickle roll - what more do you need!! I felt that the prices were a bit high but the ambiance and atmosphere made up for this. Recommended.

30 Oct 2011 13:45

The Dolphin, Plymouth

Always a favourite but slightly spoilt this time by the barperson who seemed more interested in texting her mates than serving. However,Draught Bass straight from the barrel and a cosy open fire still made for a pleasant visit!

30 Oct 2011 13:39

The Horse and Groom, Windsor

First visit to this pub for many a long year and I wasn't disappointed. Local beer - Windsor & Eton "Guardsman" & "Windsor Knot" on draught- plus Taylor's Landlord. Due to its location by the castle it does get heaving with tourists but is still worth a visit and the beer was fine. They appear to do food and coffee all day. Nice traditional interior and the staff were very cheery. Good little pub. Prices do reflect the area.

26 Oct 2011 15:05

The Carpenters Arms, Windsor

Superb location,good beer, friendly barman and a very pleasant atmosphere - what more do you need. A Nicholson's pub in the little cobbled area by the castle gates. (Note the old Ashby's Ales - Staines Brewery - sign on the floor of the entrance porch). Good selection of ales with a couple of rare beers for the area. Only gripe - no local beer - there is a brewery now in Windsor and plenty of others nearby.
However,well worth visiting - it can of course get very busy with tourists and you may have to wait a couple of minutes while they sort out their food orders!!

26 Oct 2011 15:02

The Cobblers Thumb, Brighton

Siituated on a busy road junction near some very old railway viaducts and a scrap yard and originally called The New England Inn (as can be seen if you look up). You can still make out the original layout of this pub which must have had at least three rooms; two bars and a lobby area with the gents out in the back yard(now the smoking area). It is a bit down at heel but they have tried to brighten (brighton??) it up a bit by painting graffitti everywhere - bar counter front and all around the yard area. It's not the usual crap nonsense but quite well done but it is "in your face". The barman and locals were very friendly and there were 4 real ales on when we went - all perfectly drinkable. No food - live music nights. We were told that there had been plans to flatten the entire area to make way for a new road but this was now on hold and probably not going to happen. However, pay a visit soon - just in case...

12 Oct 2011 11:55

The Rose Hill Tavern, Brighton

Well worth finding. It was actually closed on the afternoon we went but the barman was sitting on a bench at the front and let us in and served as an acceptable pint of Harveys (London Pride and Doom Bar were also available). Split level bars - obviously an old pub which has been knocked through into the house next door. Some nice features (timbered ceiling for example)even though it has been altered over the years. Small smoking area at the back. They are obviously trying to make a go of this place and offer live jazz and quizzes etc., although we were told that the neighbours keep complaining about the noise and the council have been round on a couple of occasions. (There's an old saying about this - if you don't like pubs then don't bbusy a house next to one!!!!) Still - come on you customers keep the noise down and don't get the pub into trouble!!. Apparently the Sunday lunches are very popular. Superb exterior as you can see from the photo. This place is owned by Enterprise Inns who restrict the beer choice which is sad as this is the kind of pub which I'm sure would benefit from a greater selection of real ales (especially from local micro brewers). We liked this pub!!

12 Oct 2011 11:48

The Pump House, Brighton

Four of us popped in for beer and it was fine. A good selection of ales (this is a Nicholsons pub which specialises in real ales)with a couple of intersting guest beers as well as Harveys which is always a favourite! I had a quick snack (goujons of fish with chips for �2.95 - they do a limited range of mini-snacks which is just what I wanted mid afternoon) We sat by the front window and watched the comings-and goings in the street - all very entertaining. The bar is very pleasant inside with loads of wood panelling and a very cosy feel to it. No problems with this place so other reviewers must have hit it in a bad day!

12 Oct 2011 11:40

The Evening Star, Brighton

Sets the standard for real ale in Brighton (and probably further afield as well). The Dark Star ales are excellent and there is also a choice of several foriegn beers on draught. Cider too is readily available. They do food and there's always something to read if you've fogotten your paper. A good mix of customers (not just full of CAMRA types!!) A proper straightforward bozer just a couple of minutes from the station and a "must visit" when in Brighton.

12 Oct 2011 11:34

The Lord Nelson, Brighton

Always worth a visit - a traditional little local with good beer and much bric-a-brac to view. 2 rooms with a further area at the back. We've never had a problem here although as has been mentioned the prices are probably a little on the high side but we still go here when in town.

12 Oct 2011 11:31

The Brighton Tavern, Brighton

In a very busy and bustling part of town not far from the station and with quite a few other pubs in the area. Loads of little shops - selling just about everything - nearby. The pub is two bar with two doorways from one front lobby off the street. It is possible to get an idea of how this place must have looked when it was built because,apart from the general fixtures and fittings much remains and it is a pleasant enough little pub (yes it is a gay venue but so what). Two beers - Harveys and Otter were in good nick and the Tavern is worth a visit if you're on a local pub crawl.

12 Oct 2011 11:28

Yard Bar and Kitchen, Cardiff

This bar/restaurant was, of course, part of the original Brain's brewery being the brewery tap known as The Albert (there are old pub signs and photos of its previous existence and have a look out the back in the courtyard to see the old brewery layout and the Brain's clock). The Yard is modernistic and a bit brash but the beer was good and we were served quickly. We didn't eat but plenty of other people were so it must be doing something right. Plastic glasses on the day due to a huge concert at the Millenium Stadium (I'm sorry but real ale just does not taste the same from a plastic glass!!). Anyway, the bar is handy for the city centre and is probably the nearest Brain's pub to Central Station.

9 Oct 2011 11:57

Terra Nova, Cardiff

As we were strolling around the waterfront area my wife noticed that Terra Nova had a mini-beer festival on so in we went. Pretty busy bar with several rooms and a mezzanine area. The staff were quick,cheery and helpful and the young lady serving the festival ales was very chatty to customers - explaining about the different ales (to the best of her knowledge!!). I had a beer and the wife had a coffee both of which were fine but probably a little above normal Cardiff prices though standard for our pubs at home. Nice views across the bat from the outside seating. This is not a boozer but good quality bar in amongst the many chain restaurants and coffee shops in the area. Note: Although the Mermaid Quay etc., has been built/renovated recently, there are many fabulous old buildings between here and Cardiff Bay railway station which are lying empty or derelict. They have much more architectural merit than most of the bars/restaurants on the waterfront and it is quite sad to see them as you head back for the train.

9 Oct 2011 11:48

The Mochyn Du, Cardiff

We strolled through Bute Gardens and across the river to get some food and drink at Mochyn Du - a pub I have used a couple of times before. The food was fine and the portions pretty good value for money. My first beer - Otley 01 - was off so I settled for Brecon Golden Valley Ale which was fine. It can get very busy but there are plenty of seating areas inside and out. Service was sluggish but not too bad - it's another pub where everyone pays by card which takes that bit longer! The one bonus was that we got proper glasses - every other pub and bar in town was using plastic glasses due to a Micheal Jackson Tribute Concert at the Millenium Stadium.
(and most of those pubs were curning out his old hits as well - tough luck if you don't like MJ. I would always visit Mochyn Du as I like its policy of constantly serving Welsh brewed beers.

9 Oct 2011 11:38

The Kings Cross, Cardiff

This pub is closed at present but it looks like it is about to get a re-furbishment under the M&B banner (possibly becoming a Nicholsons real ale outlet). Bearing in mind its prime location opposite the massive Sant David's shopping centre etc., it would be appear to be a good move by the owners. Let's hope it is of a high standard with good beer and a welcome addition to the real ale scene in cardiff city centre.

9 Oct 2011 11:32

Three Goats Heads, Oxford

Message to Sam Smith's Brewery - please,please get your handpulled Old Brewery Bitter back into this pub. It is the only thing missing!

6 Oct 2011 12:37

The Turf Tavern, Oxford

A definite tourist trap (the owners have even put up a sign to direct you down the lane to it now!!). However,it is worth a visit if only for its position and its range of beers. Yes it can get very busy and we nearly walked out after we had to wait while the people in front of us faffed around with their food order and then wanted to pay with debit cards - individually!! Why don't customers go to the pub with cash any more!!! Anyway,we waited and had a couple of good beers (we paid in cash with the correct money - for which the barman appeared very thankful). Two bars and three outdoor drinking areas - always popular and despite the crowds you could not leave Oxford without visiting The Turf.

6 Oct 2011 12:35

The White Horse, Oxford

We always have a couple of beers in The White Horse - the Shotover Brewery "Prospect" being superb. Prices are around the norm for the City Centre but sometimes you have be prepared to pay a bit more or good beer in nice surroundings and this is a great little pub and we didn't mind paying an extra bit for our beer (�3.20 a pint). Inspector Morse photos everywhere alongside old pictures of university sports groups. A good selection of beers,well kept and while the pub is small and can get extremely crowded it is well worth a visit. The fish and chips is the house speciality and apparently has "world-wide" fame !!
Don't miss this pub when in Oxford.

6 Oct 2011 12:30

The Royal Oak, Witney

Now selling Wadworth's beers but you will need to consult your bank manager before visiting!! Expensive, trying to be up-market and not our type of bar at all. There are better value pubs in town.

6 Oct 2011 12:23

The Eagle Tavern, Witney

Excellent little pub with super Hook Norotn beers. We enjoyed a couple of pints here and were soon chatting away with the friendly landlord and locals. The interior is classic Cotswold style stone and timber (dark but certainly not dingey). There is a small garden area at the rear for smokers. Prices for beer were very reasonable and th pub keeps "traditional hours" - it closes at 3pm during the week. Here again the proposed Wetherspoons may affect trade but I would serioulsy hope not as this is a very enjoyable little town pub with local beer and it well worth a visit. Recommended.

6 Oct 2011 12:20

The Talbot Inn, Eynsham

We broke our journey back from Witney to Oxford (the S1 bus stops outside)to have a pint in this pub which was worth the time. Arkells (Swindon) beers served straight from the cask and although the ale looked a bit flat it tasted fine and the lady behind the bar was very friendly and chatty. It would appear to do food (limited menu) throughout the day but please check on this. Open all day and very near Swinford Toll Bridge over the Thames. Dog friendly. The pub is out of Eynsham village centre but the bus service is frequent and we found it very pleasant and would probably go back again.

6 Oct 2011 12:16

The Angel Inn, Witney

Very pleasant little pub which is possibly the Wychwood Brewery tap. The range of beer is from Marstons(who now own Wychwood) with a house brew available at a very reasonable price. Other real ales on sale when we went were Brakspear's Gold; Pedigree and Mansfield Bitter. Good portions of pub grub were being dished up but we didn't eat here. There are a couple of TV's for sports (sound off ) a pool table at the back of the pub and a couple of seats outside at the front. A good mix of llocal trade and tourists. The only worry is that it was rumoured that Wetherspoons were bidding for a siite nearby and this may eventually affect their trade although The Angel would still appeal to those people who want a nice little town pub with personal service and good beer and a enjoyable atmosphere. Give a try.

6 Oct 2011 12:11

The Royal Oak, Windsor

Haven't been into The Royal oak since it became part of The Windsor Pubs group - but we did spend a very pleasant hour or so in their other pub - The River House on Thames Side which is just down from The Royal Oak. Excellent patio area at the front and the bar is done out in the current trend of "modern bistro/cafe bar" style (or whatever you call it). Waiter/ress service which was a tad slow at times but the coffee was good and I had some locally-brewed Windsor & Eton beer which was OK if a little warm. This is a very busy pub in the summer with people swapping tables to get nearer the river or into the sun!! Nice place to sit and enjoy the surroundings.

4 Sep 2011 14:03

The New College Arms, Eton

I don't think Hall & Woodhouse (Badger Beers) gave this place long enough to establish itself as a pub, so now its gone - try the Watermans Arms for a good selection of real ales.

4 Sep 2011 13:55

Crispin, Winkfield

Being a Loch Fyne fish-based restaurant is probably the best thing to happen to this pub which has had several makeovers over the years!

4 Sep 2011 13:53

The Rose and Crown, Woodside

Always was a very pleasant Greene King pub just round the corner from The Duke of Edinburgh. One bar which caters for diners as well as drinkers. I have heard that it has just changed hands so another visit beckons to see if it is still good.

4 Sep 2011 13:51

The Duke of Edinburgh, Winkfield

I've always liked this pub and it is a rare outlet (in this part of Berkshireat least) for Arkells beers. We have had Sunday lunch here which was fine but I take the point made by the previous reporter about the menu.
I haven't been in for a while but if it's the same landlord as before then he is a Chelsea supporter and there was some footie memorablia around the bar walls (and the TV was showing Sunday afternoon live matches). Very limited car parking and the narrow lane tends to get blocked-up pretty quickly. The pub is dead handy for Ascot races and is always heaving during their race festivals. I need to pay another visit soon and hopefully nothing will have changed!

4 Sep 2011 13:49

The White Hart, Winkfield

We met some friends here for lunch on a Saturday and we all had the fish and chips which was very good (my friend even said she has had better so that must have been something special). Nice old pub opposite the church - in fact the vicar was sitting at the bar discussiong some future event with some parishioners! There is a large garden where well-bahaved dogs and kids are welcome and the pub has a car park at the side. The boys had Ascot Ales Posh Pooch bitter - the second pint of which was "off" but was replaced from a new barrel without question so a gold star for that!! There is a dining room but we all ate in the bar which was no problem at all. The only thing I could see which might be a problem (hopefully not though) is that the small bar counter could get packed with locals sitting in front of it and it would be hard to get past them to get served - a minor hassle if any.

4 Sep 2011 13:41

The Watermans Arms, Eton

Didn't see any dogs and the barmaid was pleasant enough!! Six real ales on - and a very good selection as well (we had Thrappledouser from my home town of Perth in Scotland). The restaurant/function room bit was closed-off but the bar was fine and although there weren't many customers for a Saturday evening (7.30pm) we enjoyed the pub and would go back again - if only for the beer range. The pub is just over the pedestrian bridge from Windsor and you turn left before the George.

4 Sep 2011 13:30

The Two Brewers, Windsor

Probably one of the nicest pubs in Windsor - genuine old interior with loads of pictures; wine bottles and other bric-a-brac and some old pieces of furniture. The benches outside get taken very quickly and it is easy to see why - lovely spot next to the start (or finish) of The Long Walk and near Home Park and the Castle.
We didn't eat there but plenty other people were. Beers were Fuller's London Pride; Sharp's Doom Bar and St.Austell Tribute (which was sadly on its last legs). However this pub is a "must visit" and is naturally a bit of a tourist trap - but don't let that put you off - well worth a visit.

4 Sep 2011 13:25

The Slug and Lettuce, Windsor

P.S. Forgot to mention - It is now called "The Duchess of Cambridge"

4 Sep 2011 13:20

The Slug and Lettuce, Windsor

This pub has been through two changes since the last report was written. It is now owned by McMullen's Brewery of Hertford and has been done out ina contemporary cafe bar/bistro style with many tables set up for dining although you can still get a drink without being "encouraged to eat". There is a small terrace at the back (for smokers mainly) and the whole place is quite pleasant and in a superb position right opposite the castle. Bar snacks and main meals are available and there were three cask beers on when we visited (McMullens Cask/Country and IPA). Tea and coffee appeared to be good value as did the menu. If you can get a window seat it is a terrific place to sit and watch the world go by!

4 Sep 2011 13:19

The George, Earley

Run by the same company as The Griffin in Caversham which does offer guest beers and by the sounds of other reports does better food as well.

1 Sep 2011 23:23

The White Lion, Crays Pond

Sorry to go on - but this is yet another pub with a Reading postcode which is actually a long way out of town (no buses so you will need a car). It is more food-led than a beer house but has a lovely setting and will appeal to many.

1 Sep 2011 23:20

The Pack Saddle, Chazey Heath

I haven't been in this pub for some time now so will make no comment at this stage only to say that it is well out of Reading (yes it has an RG postcode but you will need a car or an X39/40 bus to get there) Wadworth's beer and apparently a recent makeover. I will give a try and report back.

1 Sep 2011 23:17

Fox and Hounds, Caversham

Much improved - several real ales now available although on my last two visits there was no sign of Two Bridges beers even though the new pub sign states it is a Two Bridges Brewery Beer house!! Anyway, beer was fine and although there are still a load of lager drinkers it is moving in the right direction and with a bit more support could be a really good ale house and a great addition to the Caversham beer scene. Beatles bric-a-brac innthe games bar (read about the pub's connection with two of the Fab Four)

1 Sep 2011 23:11

The Cunning Man, Reading

On my last two visits there was no real ale available even though it was on the local CAMRA Ale Trail! So no points there. Other reporters comments speak for themselves.

1 Sep 2011 23:06

The Bell Inn, Aldworth

One of Britain's classic pubs but be warned it is at least 9 miles from Reading and you will either have to walk or take a car (the nearest station is at Goring and sadly the summer bus service stopped some time ago). However, please do make the effort as you will be well rewarded in this historic family-run gem where there is no music; no machines; no mobiles allowed - just great beer; conversation and a peaceful setting in which to sit and enjoy your pint. Ducks and geese in the yard; the village well opposite and the church down the road. It can get busy at weekends but it is well worth the effort and it one of my all-time favourite pubs.

1 Sep 2011 23:03

The Old Mill, Aldermaston

Another pub which is listed under Reading but is actually half way between Reading and Newbury (three train stops away from Reading mainline station).

1 Sep 2011 22:58

Wellington Arms, Reading

Rumour has it that this is now doing "gentlemen's entertainment" - does anybody know???

1 Sep 2011 22:55

The Jolly Anglers, Reading

it's not up for sale now!

1 Sep 2011 22:49

Corn Exchange, Reading

Depending on which sign you read this place is The Corn Stores or Il Gusto. It is a Fullers pub which hasd a bar on the ground floor (the beer is pretty good actually) and a Mediterranean restaurant upstairs.

1 Sep 2011 22:45

Coopers Arms, Reading

A pub no more - now a sort of art gallery type thingamejig??

1 Sep 2011 22:43

The Bell Inn, Banbury

Always worth a visit when in Banbury (handy for the train station). Good beer two bars and a great pleasant atmosphere with freindly licensees and staff. We used this when on a canal holiday and have been back again since then sometimes just making the train home. Well worth a visit.

1 Sep 2011 22:37

The White Horse, Banbury

Indeed - for sale/to let sign above the door.

1 Sep 2011 22:34

The Wine Vaults, Banbury

This used to be a "classic" pub with several rooms and a great timeless feel to it (compete with genuine cobwebs on the bottles behind the bar). It was,I think a free house which was sold to Morrells Brewery of Oxford who were then taken over by Greene King. The old lantern outside still gives a clue to its previous existance but I fear it will never return to what it was - there were quite a few youngsters in when I passed by the other night - times change and sadly some pubs have to change as well. At least it is still open and you can get an idea of what it was once was like inside.

1 Sep 2011 22:32

The Woolpack, Banbury

Agreed - although I did hear rumours that somebody had bought it and it may re-open??!! Anybody got any more news on this??

1 Sep 2011 22:27

Ye Olde Reindeer, Banbury

Again with apologies to those who read my remarks in The Coach and Horses - Ye Olde Reine Deer is actually listed although the photo seems to show a pub called The New Flyer!!
Anyway - this is the place to go; super old interior with many historical connections. Hooky Beers in very good nick and I have always had a good time in this pub - talking to the locals and the licensee about this and that and beer and the proposed closure of the General Foods/Knorr/Kraft factory (no more Maxwell House coffee or Birds Custard from Banbury - it will all probably soon be made cheaply in Poland or some other such foreign land). Some lovely old adverts around the panelled walls and some great architectural features. Two bar areas and a patio at the rear (car parking as well). Not too far from the train station and certainly worth the walk. They also do fruit drinks such as elderflower and peach etc. from nice old glass containers. A bit of history and a good pint - we even missed our train to enjoy a second beer.

1 Sep 2011 22:25

The Coach and Horses, Banbury

Whoops - correction I forgot to look on the last page for Ye Olde Raine Deer. Sorry folks - you can read my report anyway if you care to.

1 Sep 2011 22:16

The Coach and Horses, Banbury

First visit for a long time - wow! what a change. I didn't think Hook Norton Brewery went in for this type of bar (it's not a pub any more). Wednesday evening and only 4 people in but I would expect it does get busier at other times. Beer (Hook Norton of course) was OK if not spectacular (Try Ye Olde Reine Deer in Parsons Street - which for some reason is not in the BITE list for Banbury - for really good Hooky Beer and a genuine old interior). Obviously going for a totally different market from before (which actually may not be such a bad thing after all)

1 Sep 2011 22:14

The Three Pigeons Inn, Banbury

Sign outside says "Pub To Let" Make of that what you will

1 Sep 2011 22:08

The Flowing Well, Banbury

I think this place is now closed??!!??

1 Sep 2011 22:08

The Fleur de Lis, Banbury

We went for a pint in another pub while they poured out drinks!!!

1 Sep 2011 22:07

Ye Olde White Harte, Hull

I had been in this pub way back in my younger days so it was nice to visit it again. However,as you would expect,some things have changed. It appears to be a managed house selling only fairly national brands (Deuchars/Theakstons for example). The main bar was busy so went went to the smaller counter where we ordered one beer but asked for two beers from the other bar - that caused a bit of confusion and panic and the manager was summoned. After a bit of discussion with the barman he went off and to be fair came back with our beers. They then had to do a bit of money swapping "to keep the tills right". A bit of faffing about but we all got the right beers in the end. The pub is still a gem and well worth seeing. It is up a little alleyway and apart from some new "olde-worlde" furnishings and machines - it is much as I remembered it. To be honest the beer was not the best in the world but drinkable (if they got this right and perhaps had a bit wider range then this would be a superb pub).

29 Aug 2011 11:32

The Wellington Inn, Hull

Absolutely brilliant!! Everything you need from a proper boozer. Great beer (they now brew their own); excellent service; very friendly locals (we went in before and after the football and had no hassle whatsoever). Real ale cider; foreign beers; two rooms; pump clips and breweriana everywhere. A street corner pub which is around 20 minutes from the football ground and about a 7 minute walk from the train/bus station(from there head for the Travelodge and cross the busy Freetown Way into a small area of terraced housing). Clean.tidy and just the kind of pub we love - in fact we nearly missed kick-off as we downed another pint!!. Very highly recommended.

29 Aug 2011 11:25

Walters Bar, Hull

Loved it - and so did the girls! A modern stylish bar with loads of real ale and a very calming atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of other "old town" pubs and bars. Very friendly locals who don't mind sharing tables with you. Recommended!

29 Aug 2011 11:18

Three John Scotts, Hull

We met our friends in here before moving on to the pubs in the old town. Saturday night and heaving - loads of scantily clad young ladies (and boys!!) Beer range was poor with several pumps having nothing on (much like the women). Not a bad atmosphere though and not intimidating. If Wetherspoons actually go their act together and employed a few more staff they would go up in everybody's opinion overnight and we might all get served a bit quicker. We had a beer and moved on....

29 Aug 2011 11:16

George Hotel, Hull

It was a Saturday night and this part of Hull is thronged with drinkers and pub-crawlers so we expected The George to be busy which it was. Beer was fine and the buidling is lovely (great name for a street too!!) However, I will now have to visit the doctor to have my ears checked as the music was so loud you could have heard it back in Berkshire!! Why,oh,why do they have to do this - nice pub good beer, good company ruined by blaring inane musak. We downed out pints quickly and the girls left theirs just to get out of the place.
Having said that I am sure that this is a terrific place on a quieter occassion! It was so full and so loud we did not really get a chance to appreciate it. So if we are ever in Hull again.....

29 Aug 2011 11:11

Admiral of the Humber, Hull

One of the worst Wetherspoons we have been in! Crap service and I had to send two beers back - we ended up drinking shorts but really we should have left and gone somewhere else (but is was near our hotel and getting late). There are 3 other 'spoons in town and plenty of good pubs so leave this one out!

29 Aug 2011 11:06

Green Dragon, Beverley

p.s. Why aren't the Dog and Duck; Moulders Arms and the Molescroft Inn not listed under Beverley pubs? They are all in the 2011 Goood Beer Guide and the Dog and Duck is certainly worth a mention - it has a good range of beers a very pleasant interior and does good value Sunday lunches (other meals available during the week) It also does B&B and is very handy for the Saturday Market. The other two should also be listed so perhaps somebody from Beverley needs to submit an entry?

29 Aug 2011 11:03

The White Horse Inn, Beverley

My first viisit for pprobably over 20 years and I was pleased to see that it had not,in general,changed from those days. "Nellies" is an absolute classic boozer with stone floors; old benches; gas lighting; ocre walls; an assortment of old furniture and bric-a-brac everywhere. Central servery with Sam.Smith's beer on tap and when I ordered 3 pints of bitter I got change from a �5 note (yes-it was only �1.59 a pint!!!!) According to my mate the chap behind the bar was a new landlord so things seemed to have improved from that side is he and the other customers were all very friendly and had no objections to us taking photos of the pub. They have added a pool room at the back and there are a couple of incongruous fruit machines but apart from that it is superb and is a "must visit" pub - we travelled up from Hull on the train to visit this place and it was well worth it. You cannot to go to the East Riding of Yorkshire without having a beer in Nelleis.

29 Aug 2011 10:58

The Sun Inn, Beverley

The women-folk had gone to look round the Minster so this was a handy pub for us blokes!! Black Sheep Bitter;Taylors Landlord and Old Speckled Hen on tap. Beer was fine and they sell Seabrooks crisps!! Sunday lunches were still being served even though it was 4.30pm and the advertised music hadn't turned up so we had a chance for a chat and a pint. Friendly staff and not too far for us to get back to the station. Look out for the "cellar" door. Beams and wooden floors. Not a bad boozer at all although it may be a bit different when the live bands are playing.

29 Aug 2011 10:52

Green Dragon, Beverley

I always thought that Nicholsons was a London pub chain but it looks as though they have branched out a bit! They had an IPA festival on when we visited so we tried a few - two were excellent and one not so hot. This is a long thin pub right in the market place and an excellent spot for watching the world go buy (especially on Saturday when the market comes to town). Food always available; service was fine with coffee being available for the girls. It's a long walk (you might need a compass and some hiking boots) from the front bay window to the loos! Outside seating and smoking area and a "modernised" traditional feel to this old pub. Definitely worth a visit if only for the beer range.

29 Aug 2011 10:46

Katzenjammers Bierkeller and Restaurant, Southwark

International brands of ""German"" beer. Fake atmosphere which is something I thought we had lost years ago. All a bit keg and touristy.

24 Aug 2011 23:01

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

People who go to a "pub" expecting them to automatically accept cards should be banned from drinking. Did you really go out for a few pints with your mates and have no money!!!!
This is a pub which had been saved from probable closure but has been brought back to life by serving a range of real ales and ciders. It is not posh it is not a bistro/gastro/cafe bar - it is a basic boozer for beer drinkers. Don't expect anything else. Local beers plus a few from further afield. Rolls and proper R&B music played on a record player!!! It's a good walk from Kentish Town stations but probably nearer Gospel Oak - anyway,make the effort it is worth it for the beer and music if nothing else. Live piano playing and a you can nominate a guest beer.

24 Aug 2011 22:53

The Royal Oak, Borough

It's half past four in the afternoon and I have walked through the rain from London Bridge to get here- there is only one other customer in the bar and the barman is doing the crossword. I order a pint of Harveys Pale Ale to start with. It is a very tasty low gravity beer which I wanted as I read my paper. A couple of other people came into the pub and I am content. I then chose Harvey's Sussex Best and it is georgeous. A few more people come in and the beer pumps start earning their keep. Harvey's beer is obviously popular, because this pub is not on the main tourist route nor is it surrounded by massive office blocks spewing out loads of thirsty punters after a hard days graft on the computer,so you have to make a pint of going there. It is, quite simply, a great pub with great beer where customers go to appreciate the ale. Yes they do food but it is just one of those pubs where you go to sit and enjoy a pint and the company of your friends in a traditional London boozer. !!!

24 Aug 2011 22:42

Alto Lounge, Reading

Not sure why this bar is listed under "Reading" and not with the others in "Caversham" but there we go! Very popular and busy little cafe/bistro/bar type place which is great for young mothers who meet for coffee in the morning and diners and drinkers in the evenings. Food is pretty good with regular specials and a nice range of tapas. One beer (Toga Man Bitter from The Bristol Beer Factory) but they also have a range of bottled beers - often from Bath Brewery and some excellent wines. Fresh orange juice and it's very popular for coffee and cakes. Newspapers and boxed games available and overall a good adition to the Caversham scene.

21 Aug 2011 17:04

Grosvenor, Caversham

I did go back and there has been a change (don't know if the management have changed or what it is, but things have improved). The beer range was more extensive than last time - there were 5 real ales available and the ones I had were in good nick at prices between �3.10 and �3.25 a pint. The staff were much more friendly and even quite chatty! However,I would suggest that it still needs monitoring so more comments please!

21 Aug 2011 16:53

The Star, Caversham

Final comment - This pub is now CLOSED and will open in late August 2011 as a Cooperative Food store (but will they change the name of the bus stop??)

21 Aug 2011 16:48

The Sir Loin Of Beef, Southsea

The photo is very old as the exterior has been re-painted as has the inside and much of the garish decor has gone (though it is still quite "bright") They did retain some of the cartoon door signs etc. however. . A reasonable range of beers (we tried Oakleaf/Flowerpots and Plain Ales). No food as far as we could see - perhaps a few rolls would have brought a sale from us? Just the one pint each and then onwards but still worth a visit (there is a good bus service from the stop outside).
I have never been into this pub in the evening so the atmosphere may well change but if you want to sit quietly and chat or read the paper then this is as good as anywhere.

17 Aug 2011 21:35

Leopold Tavern, Southsea

We always head for this pub when we play Pompey. It is a great example of what can be done to a street corner boozer which the Big Boys would probably have closed down years ago. A good selection of beer; clean and tidy interior; rolls available and buses outside. Not too far from the ground and a very pleasant place to meet before (and after) the game. Recommended.

17 Aug 2011 21:19

The Eastfield Hotel, Southsea

First time visit for us. Very impressive frontatge (Portsmouth and Brighton United Breweries) - it really stands out in the street and must have been a wonderful sight in the "old days".
Three beers on when we visited-we skipped the London Pride (it's an OK beer but it gets everywhere these days) so we went for Betty Stoggs and Oakleaf both of which were fine. The landlord came over and chatted to us and even though we dont wear football col,ours and he did, we soon got chatting about the beer and the forthcoming game. It turns out that most of the real ale is sold in the "Lounge Bar" but he brought ours through for us. There was a pool table in the "Public Bar" as well as darts and everything else you would expect to find in a good back-street boozer. We liked it and would probably go back again next time we go to Pompey.

17 Aug 2011 21:14

The Slug and Lettuce, Leicester

Quite a shock to find such good beer (quality and selection) in a bar llike this but I'm glad a popped in for one before dashing to catch my train home! Hopefully other S&L's will follow suit as this is a shining example of what can be done to blend in a contemporary style eating house with a smart bar with real ale. I had Oakham Inferno which is always to be recommended!! Well done to the management and let's see some more like this.

14 Aug 2011 09:50

The Pub, Leicester

My first visit here and it won't be my last. Super pub in a very attractive little part of town. Great selection of beers - on our visit it was mainly Oakham and Full Mash although there were something like 15 handpumps so there must have been other ales which we missed! Beer quality was fine; service was quick and friendly and the vegetable samosas were fiery! Meals are available. TV was on for footie but no sound and there is a pleasant little seating area at the front which was excellent on a fine day especially after we had just won 2-0 at football!!! Highly recommended.

14 Aug 2011 09:46

The Swan In The Rushes, Loughborough

A pub we always visit in Loughborough but sadly this time the cellar cooler had packed up and the beers were warm (not off but warm) so the visit was slightly marred by that. However it's still good value - for beer and food and the range of ales was fine (Castle Rock/Goffs/Milestone/Great Newsome and a couple of others).
You can use your Castle Rock loyalty card in here - "1 over the 8" - a free pint when you buy eight (not all at once!!). Still worth a visit.

14 Aug 2011 09:40

Paget Arms, Loughborough

Get a copy of their Calendar now!!!!!

14 Aug 2011 09:36

The Albion Inn, Loughborough

This is a pub I have visited a couple of times before and been prefectly satisfied with it. However we went there yesterday and the beer (Albion Special) was decidely vinegary - so much so that two of our party switched to lager!! I tried a beer from Blue Monkey which was OK but the pub is not in the 2011 Good Beer Guide and I guess this is the reason why. Same licensee but something has slipped. I do like the place but will be cautious about a future visit.

14 Aug 2011 09:35

Xensations, Reading

Could very soon be open agan as Lola La - which is apparently a Sand and Sangria establisment for the "young and frivolous" (that rules me out then ) But there again I could be wrong

12 Aug 2011 23:08

Westside, Reading

Gone - about to be converted to a Tesco mini-market which will, no doubt, sell cheap booze to people who never used the pub but need a "quick fix"?

12 Aug 2011 23:06

Varsity, Reading

I say it again - is there anybody at BITE who can take note of the changes we send you about pubs on your website???? This pub has not been called Varsity for a couple of years now and you are misleading the public if you don't allow your contributors to change the details!!!!

12 Aug 2011 23:04

The Upin Arms, Reading

Is there actually a human being at BITE who can speak to me about chnages to pubs??

12 Aug 2011 23:00

The Royal Oak, Reading


12 Aug 2011 22:54

The Rising Sun, Reading

BITE - yet another pub which is listed under Reading but is miles away from that town. Please sort this out !

12 Aug 2011 22:51

The Purple Turtle, Reading

now sells westons draught cider on handpump !!

12 Aug 2011 22:48

The Northumberland Arms, Reading

How can BITE give a score for a pub which has been shut for over 3 years!!!

12 Aug 2011 22:12

Hatch Gate Inn, Reading

This pub has changed landlords and is again a long way out of Reading. Please be careful when selecting your pubs as BITEW seems to go by postcodes and not where the actual pub is!!!

12 Aug 2011 22:08

The Fez Club, Reading

Please delete this - it is not The Fez and BITE need to get their act togther on pub changes.

12 Aug 2011 22:06

The Farriers Arms, Reading

This pub - regardless of the comments - is NOT in Reading so please be aware of that. It has an RG postcode but is a good 4-5 miles out of town. BITE needs to get hold of this let people know where the pub actually is!!!!!!!

12 Aug 2011 22:05

The Allied Arms, Reading


12 Aug 2011 21:57

The Barrowboy and Banker, London Bridge

I would agree - well worth visiting if just to view the interior (although the Fullers beers are pretty good as well).

10 Aug 2011 18:46

The Guinea, Mayfair

Well worth finding - a true London mews pub with the famous pies. You could probably sneak away from work and grab a pint here without the boss knowing (although he's probably in there too!)

10 Aug 2011 18:44

The Salisbury, Leicester Square

A must see when you are in London. Great interior (listed in CAMRA's National Inventory of Architectural gems) and the beers are usually OK with a selection as well as the old favourites (Doom Bar and the like).

10 Aug 2011 18:41

The Porcupine, Leicester Square

The barmaid was friendly; the beer was OK and I got another stamp on my Ale Trail card. Say no more!

10 Aug 2011 18:38

The Moon Under Water, Leicester Square

There are, of course, better pubs in the area but this is a typical Wetherspoons which serves its purpose in busy touristy area of town. Beer is usually OK to be fair to them.

10 Aug 2011 18:37

East India Arms, Fenchurch Street

First time I had been back here since it changed from Youngs to Shepherd Neame so that shows you how long ago I last visited !!
My pint of Kent's Best was fine and the pub hasn't really changed much. I'll probably use it again when I'm in the area.

10 Aug 2011 18:34

East India Arms, Fenchurch Street

First time I had been back here since it changed from Youngs to Shepherd Neame so that shows you how long ago I last visited !!
My pint of Kent's Best was fine and the pub hasn't really changed much. I'll probably use it again when I'm in the area.

10 Aug 2011 18:34

The Narrow Street Pub & Dining Room, Limehouse

Correction - it is part of Gordon (the mouth)Ramsey's empire. Apologies to Sir Jamie.

10 Aug 2011 18:30

The Narrow Street Pub & Dining Room, Limehouse

The Narrow is now part of Sir Jamie of The Oliver's pub and restaurant empire and as such is more food led than beer although it did have 3 handpumps offering two Adnams and one Greene King brew. It sits right by Limehouse basin lock (National Waterways) and has an outside seating area with views over the river etc. Up market? Probably, but as the other pubs in the area (Grapes for example) close in the afternoon then this was a welcome stop off on my walk from Excel to Central London.

10 Aug 2011 18:29

The Hamilton Hall, Liverpool Street

It's gone downhill and there are better pubs nearby!

10 Aug 2011 18:24

Woodins Shades, Liverpool Street

Sadly we now live in an age where most of the barstaff in pubs in larger British towns and cities seem to be foreign and they really don't give a toss! This is part of a large chain of Nicholsons pubs and I only went there to get a stamp on my Ale Trail. One half pint was enough - then move on!

10 Aug 2011 18:22

The Lord Aberconway, Liverpool Street

So that's what drinking Fosters does for you!!!

10 Aug 2011 18:19

The William Henry, Weymouth

Good review by Slerpy. We pushed our way through the throngs of holidaymakers to get a beer but decided not to eat there as the wait seemed eternal! You could spot almost every football club shirt in the bar and screaming kids did not enhance our visit. They don't have a ramp between the bar levels so there is a continuous trail of families lifting their buggies up and down as they try to find a table or get to the loos. Wetherspoons must make a fortune out of this place in summer months as it was packed solid. They did appear to have almost enough staff and we didn't have to wait long to get a drink. If you have to feed the kids then this is the place to go as the prices are very reasonable but for a quiet pint - forget it!

10 Aug 2011 11:00

Swan Inn, Weymouth

We popped in for a snack and a beer. At the third attempt I finally got a pint I could drink and I had to remind the Duty Manager that one beer was "dead" even though he had put the pump clip back on!! Anyway,usual Wetherspoon fare with a good value "sharer" dish for the two of us. No kids in this bar which was a change from the other Wetherspoons up the road.

10 Aug 2011 10:53

The Red Lion, Weymouth

Situated in Hope Square and right opposite the old Devenish Brewery this pub has a nice aspect with seating outside at the front it was a very pleasant to be on a warm sunny afternoon. My pint of Jurassic Ale was a tadge warm but still acceptable with Butcombe Bitter and Hop Back Summer Lightning also available (plus a couple of standard brews). I would agree that the service lacked sparkle and enthusiasm and we got our drinks efficently enough but without any passion or commitment to customer service (I hate it when a barman stands and just stares at you,waiting for you to say the first words! He/she should welcome the customer into the pub and help them with their selection of drinks and food - this pub failed miserably on that score). "Could try harder" would be my school report!

10 Aug 2011 10:49

The Duke of Cornwall, Weymouth

Definitely one for the avid CAMRA member and not for the tourists (who are well catered for round the corner on the harbour front). It's what I would class as a "straighforward" boozer in a rather sad part of the street. The "Jail Ale" was OK as was my partner's Yeovil Brewery beer. There are live music events but not much more really - I think the real ale is probably the big draw in this pub and I reckon it's one for the lads rather than the mother-in-law!

10 Aug 2011 10:41

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

As I walked through the door I was greeted by the sight of 6 handpumps and 6 different real ales! I ordered a pint and went to sit in the garden area. When I came back in for my next beer the range had increased to 12 so I stayed for another couple of beers!! Great range even though they have stopped serving Timothy Taylor's beers now. Nice little pub tucked away up a side street just of the main road at Putney Bridge (head for The Star and Garter and turn left). Useful place if you are going to Fulham FC's ground across the river. I only have one gripe about The Bricklayers which was a real shame and probably not a big deal but when a tourist asked if he could buy a glass with the pub logo on it, the barman said he could have one fro free - very generous. However when the tourist came back later and offered �5 for charity for the glass the barman put the money in the till! I thought that was a bit naff but maybe just a one-off and it won't stop me going back to the pub again.

4 Aug 2011 09:32

The Plough, Swindon

After missing out on The Wheatsheaf I ventured round the corner - skipped the Royal Oak - and found The Plough. Very pleasant little Arkell's pub with an acceptable pint of 3Bs. "Olde-worlde" style of interior with a little outside drinking/smoking area at the back. Didn't appear to do any food but had a quiet telly on in the corner. I got the impression that this was a local boozer where conversation took pride of place - and quite right too!! If I am ever back in Swindon I will use this pub again - the "Old Town" still has a few decent pubs left!

31 Jul 2011 12:08

The Wheatsheaf, Swindon

I'd love to give a report on this pub but it didn't open until 5pm so I missed it from my lunchtime crawl! The board outside said "5 cask ales today" - great if you're open not great if you are shut! Strange timing as all the other pubs were open (Saturday)

31 Jul 2011 12:03

Steam Railway Co, Swindon

My first visit to this place which is a very large rambling building with two bars (only one has real ale) and a large outside seating area. Got served quickly and efficiently enough (Hobsons best Bitter/Shepherd Neame's Whitstable Bay and Butcombe Bitter were the guest ales). Beer was OK - maybe a tadge warm. TV screens everywhere but no sound which was fine. Not a bad place and I would probably go back again. A number 11 bus stops nearly outside as it's a good walk from the station and you'll need a beer by the time you get there! Actually, I thought I was in another town when I got the "the Old Town" - so much different from the shops and office blocks down the hill!!

31 Jul 2011 11:59

Sir Daniel Arms, Swindon

One quick pint of Bath Ales Summer's Hare before moving on to meet up with the lads. Impressive interior but as has been said already - terribly slow service. The bar staff seemed more interested in their work rotas than the customers!! A few loud punters but OK outside in the sunshine.

31 Jul 2011 11:54

Savoy, Swindon

Probably the best Spoons in town. Beer range is usually good and the place does have some character (being an old cinema). A fair walk up through the shops from the station but always worth a look in.

31 Jul 2011 11:52

The Plum Tree, Swindon

Still had the Marstons signs up and had their beers on (well I say "on" - actually most of the pump clips were turned round which left just one beer available) so we decided to move on - not too far actually as the Savoy (Wetherspoons) is next door and a much better bet.

31 Jul 2011 11:50

Groves Company Inn, Swindon

Just managed to squeeze in a pint of Bath SPA before dashing for my train. Beer was fine and we got served pretty quickly. Not bad for a Wetherspoons although The Savoy probably just beats it in my opinion.

31 Jul 2011 11:48

The Glue Pot, Swindon

Great little pub with a great range of beers (Hop Back and guests). Very handy for the station and not that far out of the naff shopping centre. Shame about the old Railwayman's Institute across the road (boarded up and looking very sad) however this pub is well worth finding. A couple of benches outside when the weather is good but it's the beer you go for - and they do rolls!! Small bar area but probably the best pub in Swindon (certaily in this part of town).

31 Jul 2011 11:45

Swan Inn, Moreton in Marsh

Popped in for a pint but beer was pretty average and I really don't want Cornish or Suffolk beer in Gloucestershire when there are so many local brews available. A few younger locals in and I would agree with the comment that this might not be the place to be on a weekend evening.

27 Jul 2011 10:02

Bell Inn, Moreton in Marsh

Beer range has certainly improved. On my last visit there were only two real ales available and they were pretty unexciting. However, this time all the pumps were in operational and I enjoyed a pint of Timothy Taylors Best Bitter (quite a rare beer outside of their home territory - you normally see "Landlord" on sale in pubs "down south"). Can't comment on the food as I have never eaten here but the beer was OK.
It was market day but the pub wasn't as busy as I would have expected. Just as a sideline - on a busy market day why was the chip shop next door closed???

27 Jul 2011 09:59

The Inn on the Marsh, Moreton in Marsh

Another pub I regularly visit when I am in town. Marstons beers with a range of usually four (I had Bankss Mild and Marstons Bitter - both fine @ �2.75 a pint).
Pleasant enough little pub next to the duck pond. There is a single bar with a conservatory off it and this is where most people go to eat. A mix of locals and tourists. Landlord plays guitar and the piped music is eclectic to say the least (it is played quietly though). Worth the walk to the end of the town for a couple of beers.

27 Jul 2011 09:54

The Black Bear, Moreton in Marsh

I always visit this pub when I am in Moreton and it forms part of a little pub crawl between trains! Yes,you can get better Donnington beers in other pubs but my pint was fine and at �2.50 I wasn't complaining. Many Donnington Brewery pubs are hard to get to by public transport so this one is useful as there is a reasonable train service from Oxford/Worcester and beyond. Very busy (Tuesday is market day and the main street is very lively with coach parties coming and going). The big right-hand bar does have 4 TVs but the sound was off. However,it is a bit excessive and can be distracting. The food looked substantial although I have still never eating here. Note the collection of football "rugs" on the way to the loos.

27 Jul 2011 09:49

The King's Head, Bledington

I had a very nice pint of Butcombe beer in this pub after a very long walk from Kingham Station (The CAMRA Good Beer Guide states that an entry with a station symbol should be no more than half a mile from the station - well this pub actually has a road sign outside which says Kingham Station 1 mile !!) Sadly therefore I had not enough time to fully judge the pub but the setting is lovely and the interior is a mix of old and new furnishings with a dining room at the back. Three cask ales available (my pint was �3.20). I will try this place again - but perhaps not on foot!!

27 Jul 2011 09:42

The Racehorse, Northampton

How this "pub" ever got into the Good Beer guide is beyond me. What a grotty dump. We sent one beer back immediately and left the rest!! Don't waste your energy and time walking up to this place - it really is just not worth the bother.

24 Jul 2011 10:35

The Malt Shovel, Northampton

Top notch pub and a worthy winner of all those CAMRA awards. We headed here for a pint and ended up having three and some food as well. Beer range superb (they act as the brewery tap for Great Oakley beers) with very fair prices for beer and food. Amazing collection of breweriana around the place - like a little museum of brewing companies! It's opposite the massive Carlsberg factory but don't let that put you off - this is a great pub and better by miles than anything else Northampton has to offer. Live Blues music features quite often. Highly recommended.

24 Jul 2011 10:32

East Gate, Northampton

Popped in here after a very bad experience in a nearby boozer!! What a difference. Good beer (one beer ran out but the barman gave us nearly a pint of it for free while he went to change the cask). Typical huge Wetherspoons interior but all very pleasant and friendly - they even ordered a taxi for us. If you are heading for The Bantam or The Racehorse then I suggest you forget them and use this instead!

24 Jul 2011 10:27

The White Hart, Hamstead Marshall

and just to add - I think this should be Hampstead Norreys? which is a long way out of Newbury town.

21 Jul 2011 23:52

The Queens Hotel, Newbury

This is now a Marstons Inn with food,beer and accomodation. The actual bar is quite a long way away from the font door but they had a good range of Marstons products on draught (Brakspear/Jennings/Ringwood and Pedigree). My Jennings "Cocky Blond" could have been a bit cooler but wasn't too bad. Almost next door to the new Wetherspoons so we shall see who takes the trade!!
The Queens offers cheap food (which seems to be the current trend in these large brewery-owned pubs) but it is a fairly bog-standard menu.
Worth a look in to see what beers are on, but that's about it.

21 Jul 2011 23:51

Berkshire Tavern, Newbury

Now open as The Hatchet Inn (Wetherspoons) with B&B available. It is only about a 3 minute walk from their other pub in town (The Diamond Tap) so they must be trying to corner all the trade in Newbury. Usual Wetherspoons offerings with locally themed bric-a-brac; a patio and a grand mix of furniture. The standard range of beers with a very disappointing guest ale range though I was told that they had Loddon beers on and they had sold out very quickly (then get some more in!!!). It was market day in town and this is a decent place to sit and watch the goings-on at the stalls! Nuff said.

21 Jul 2011 23:45

The Diamond Tap, Newbury

A Wetherspoons/LLoyds No.1 bar with all the standard fixtures and fittings - one of their newer bars (they have also just opened The Hatchet in Newbury). Sad to say they have the usual issue with the guest beers as they don't turn the pump clips round or put a sign on them to say that the beer is not actually available and this can be very frustrating!!!!
What looked like a good selection of beers truned out to be 3 guest ales and 2 of them went "off" as I got there.
Also, the advertising stated that there would be 6 guest ales including Ruddles and Abbot wich of course are standard "always available" house beers and not guests.
Please sort this out!!

21 Jul 2011 23:40

Bird in Hand, Reading

Firstly can I just correct the previous contributor's entry. Doom Bar Bitter is not made by Lodden( Loddon!) but by Sharps in Cornwall. Loddon Brewery is about half a mile down the road from The Bird in Hand and indeed the pub is virtually their brewery tap!
This is a nice little pub which was until recently in danger of being lost as it had gone through a bad patch and was closed for some time. Thankfully it is now up and running again and is open all day for excellent Loddon and guest beers. Food is served until 2.30 and then again the evening and I think it is available throughout the day at wekeends. There is a lovely garden and patio at the back with a water feature; ample car parking and a very cosy atmosphere inside (I think the ingle nook fire gets lit in the winter months) Diners are catered for in the rear room while there is a small drinking area at the front. The number 2 bus has a regular service from Reading and stops just down the lane opposite the pub.
Well worth a visit - my Ferryman's Gold was very good (�3.60 a pint) and the service was very friendly.

20 Jul 2011 12:45

The Three Guineas, Reading

This pub has just undergone some fairly major alterations which basically involve moving the toilets from the ground floor to the first floor at the opposite end of the bar - it's a fair hike up those steps!!
The old toilets are being converted into kitchens/storage etc. The raised setaing/stage area has gone but there appears to be the same amount of seating inside. Outside there is still a large seating area although it is slightly marred by the Network Rail office in front (Reading station in getting a massive redevelopment but the pub will remain). 8 cask ales available at �3.40 a pint and they are usually always in good nick. Accepting that it is a staion bar with TV screens and an ever-changing mix of customers - it is still worth a visit for the beer range. Plastic glasses on match days.

14 Jul 2011 16:08

Kings Tavern, Reading

Another pub bites the dust. This one is being converted into a convenience store which will no doubt sell cheap booze and all and sundry!!

14 Jul 2011 16:00

The Jolly Anglers, Reading

It's up for sale!!

14 Jul 2011 15:59

The Bel and the Dragon, Reading

This interesting restuarant/bar has just been re-furbished and you may now want to consult your bank manager before going there to eat!!

14 Jul 2011 15:56

Grosvenor, Caversham

This large pub has just had a "makeover" by M&B who own it. It now trades as Ember Bar & Dining at The Grosvenor!! The bar areas have been opened out a bit and it is definately more geared-up for dining and boozing. However, it advertises "up to 8 real ales" but there were only 2 on when I went (fair enough it was a Monday afternoon and I was told they had been "hammered" over the weekend and the cask beer had sold out. All that wa sleft was Harviestoun Ameican Pale Ale which after one taste I asked to be put on my fish and chips! This left the St.peters Pale Ale which was nearing the end of its life on this planet but at 5.5% had enough strength to get me through a pint.I had a long chat with the manager about his beers and he told me he had been told to serve 8 but did not have the proper cellar facilities but was trying to make the best of things. The beer range was pretty good (had it been available) with ales from Timothy Taylor; Fullers; Harviestoun; St.Peters and Copper Dragon. I said I would be back again to see if things had improved and I will also check out the food offer. The pub has a huge car park front and rear outside seating areas but the locals were complaining about the noise at the front (noisy smokers??) A number 22 bus runs nearby.

14 Jul 2011 15:48

The Betjeman Arms, St Pancras International Station

I think this is now a Wells & Young's bar after a recent take-over of Geronimo Inns hence the Young's beers suddenly appearing on the bar. The "house beer" by Sharps was still available and the pub is still handy for the station (we used it before going on Eurostar) but it is getting pricey and service can be a bit off-hand (we are so busy sir we don't really need your one pint of bitter) kind of attitude.
Try the "Sourced Market" stall bar at the other end of the terminal (by the National Rail ticket office) This now sells cask beers as well as a great range of food stuffs.

7 Jul 2011 20:54

The Argyll Arms, Oxford Circus

This has got to be the best pub in this part of town - bearing in mind its position in a very busy and touristy street with Liberty's and The Palladium etc all very close by. Fabulous interior with tons of etched glass;little rooms and mahogany panelling. Just the kind of place the tourists would expect a London pub to look like. Beer is usually good (the Nicholsons range is quite impressive these days)with prices at the level you would expect for this location - but not in my opinion overly expensive! I enjoy a beer here and just people watching.

7 Jul 2011 20:48

Mabel's Tavern, Euston

I quite like Shep's beers so this is a favourite pub in an area where the beer range is getting better by the day. There are several good boozers around the Kings Cross/Euston area now and I have missed my tube on several occassions as a result. This is a nice well-furnished pub with good beer and a friendly ambience.

7 Jul 2011 20:43

The Doric Arch, Euston

I think this place has lost its appeal since Fullers took over and I now prefer the Euston Tap or Bree Louise where the selection is better (and a good bit cheaper as well). When it was The Head of Steam it was always a stopping off point for a couple of unusual beers, but now - well there are better places.

7 Jul 2011 20:39

The Bree Louise, Euston

I would agree that the beers which come directly form the cask can be a bit iffy at times so I usually stick to the pumps where Windsor & Eton Brewery featured recently. I have also had Redemption;Sambrookes and Camden ales which were fine. Service can be a bit "casual" at times but overall it is still well worth a visit (combine it with a beer at the nearby Euston Tap).

7 Jul 2011 20:36

Euston Tap, Euston

I always pop in here when I am in this part of London. It has now, of course, become more popular and can get very busy (it is after all - tiny) but there is room to stand outside or sit under one of the huge brollies. The beer range varies from visit to visit and sometimes the beers are very strong and very expensive but I usually manage to find a good British ale at a fair price (Thornbridge Chiron at �3.10 was very acceptable). The bottled beer selection is impressive and it could take ages to chose one. They are opening a Cider Tap in the other gatehouse across the road. I usually combine a visit here with a pint in the nearby Bree Louise before heading for the tube at Euston Square. If you haven't been to The Tap before then I would recommend it - it is someting different.

7 Jul 2011 20:32

The Green Man, Bank

I needed to use their loo but out of courtesy I had a beer as well - Silver Stallion from Cotleigh was fine and the barman was actually quite friendly for a Spoons! Hideous building but it serves a purpose I suppose.

7 Jul 2011 20:21

The King Edward VII, Stratford

Just paid my first visit to this place and was very pleasantly surprised. A super little front bar which looks like it has been there since the 16th century but is probably not that old (1913 according to one of the etched windows). Anyway, split level rooms at the back and a very interesting side corridor with impressive tiling. It was good to see that it still remains fairly untouched but obviously is up-to-date in trading terms with food and music available. There were 4 cask ales on pump and I tried their "house beer" Eddy's Best from Nethergate Brewery. It was fine as was the St.Austell Trubute. This pub would be a great place for ther tourists to discover when the Olympics come round but I doubt if any of them will eveer get to this side of town as all the venues are on the other side of the station - maybe that's a good thing as the pub will remain unspoilt!!
After a long and boring bus journey from The William IV in Leyton this was a great find and one I shall use again. You reach it by going straight through the shopping centre from the station and across the Broadway.

7 Jul 2011 20:17

Duke of Cambridge, Marlow

I got off the bus down the road and made my first visit to this back-street pub. I had known about it for years but had never actually got there before so I was pleased to find a good single bar pub with 3 beers on (the previously mentioned Rebellion IPA and Mutiny with the guest beer being Binghams Total Eclipse Black IPA from the new brewery in Twyford). Quality was fine and they always had a good selection of reading material (newspapers and CAMRA magazines). The pub is a short walk from the town centre (up Oxford Road and turn right) and is well worth the effort getting there as it has a good atmosphere and was friendly enough. I would imagine the trade is fairly local plus beer-lovers who will travel to it for the local ales. Good pub!!

25 Jun 2011 11:23

The Prince of Wales, Marlow

This is a pub I will usually visit when I go to Marlow as the beer is normally good and it's handy for both the town centre; the river and the station. Nicely furnished with a good outdoor seating area. I had an excellent pint of Rebellion "Googly" but they also had Caledonian 80/- and Brakspear's Bitter. Always worth a visit.

25 Jun 2011 11:17

O'Donoghues, Marlow

I was rather saddened to see this had become an Irish pub (I thought that trend had died out) as I remember it as The Carpenters Arms when it was a cracking little boozer with Morrells Oxford Ales and then Greene King beer. I was told that "my crowd" probably now drink in The Cross Keys. Well as I don't live in Marlow and hadn't been to this pub for over 5 years they certainly weren't "my crowd" at all!! So I left - probably never to return thank you.

25 Jun 2011 11:14

The Marlow Donkey, Marlow

Popped in here while waiting for my train. It has been refurbished in the "Laura Ashley" handbook style but it is quite pleasant and was very busy (Friday 5pm). A good mix of age groups (maybe just too many young squawking kids?) Greene King beers although they do have a guest ale - Titanic Iceberg was advertised but to the barman's credit he said he couldn't serve it to me as it was at the end of the barrel! I had Ale Fresco which was OK. They do food; have a patio and outside seating and overall I thought it was an OK pub. One thing though - I couldn't see clock anywhere which to me would have been handy as I nearly missed my train!

25 Jun 2011 11:09

The Monument Public House, Newbury

Still has the trappings of the old Tap & Spile Alehouse scheme from a few years back but now does pool and live music. However it does sell Butts and West Berkshire beers and cider. As they say - you set out your stall and see who comes to buy!! Not a place in general though - but probably not my scene on a noisy weekend.

21 Jun 2011 10:02

The Lock Stock and Barrel, Newbury

Fabulous location right by the canal and lock; very plesant interior with good verhanda and patio areas by the water - but - you will need to take your bank manager with you as the beer prices are well above the average and I think a bit of a rip-off. I was asked to pay �3.65 for Butcombe Bitter - a beer which I can easily get elsewhere for around �3.00 !! The gentleman who served may insisted the price reflected the quality of the pub and the beer! For that price I would have expected my personal waiter with free nibblies and a taxi home!!

21 Jun 2011 09:59

Hog's Head, Newbury

I enjoyed a nice pint of West Berkshire brewery's "Good Old Boy" for �1.95 a pint (Monday lunchtime). A couple of pleasant young ladies behind the bar; nice views over the canal; TV screens for sport and music (only one had the sound on). Food available most times of the days with special offers (a lot of pubs these days seem to be doing the Wetherspoons thing - cheap beer and food in huge pubs).
Anyway the Hogs Head (used to be The Hogshead!!!) is worth a visit but when the new Wetherspoons opens next door (The Hatchet Inn) we will see what the competition brings!!

21 Jun 2011 09:55

Bellinis, St Helier

Town centre bar with a single room downstairs and a popular jazz club upstairs. I don't think they do food. There are a few tables and chairs outside for drinkers/smokers. The bar has a Victorian theme and is spotless inside and they do one real ale- Liberation Ale which was very good on my last visit. Very handy for the shops and other St.Helier facilities.

21 Jun 2011 09:51

The Clifton Arms, Caversham

I was disappointed that the recent CAMRA newsletter missed out on The Clifton in their Caversham Pub Crawl feature - for some reason they walked past it!! I use the pub quite often and it is a good straightforward boozer with a main bar and a games room at the back. It caters for local trade and is good for watching footie on the telly. They do good honest food with specials at extremely reasonable prices and the beer has always been acceptable (if not it has always been changed without question). Give it a try and put your comments on this site.

18 Jun 2011 19:27

The Prince of Wales, Caversham

Good to see this pub back on form even though I don't like the loud music (I don't go when its on). But with Brakspears and Ringwood beers available it should draw the crowds back. I think there are connections with The Rising Sun and Fishermans Cottage in Reading.

18 Jun 2011 19:20

The Star, Caversham

It now looks as though this place will not be a COOP store but one of their funeral parlours!! The Death of the English Pub???

18 Jun 2011 19:18

Red Cow, Caversham

Yes it looks like this little pub is doomed. It was obviously once an attractive country pub before the housing came along but as has been said it has been killed off by the very people who should be supporting it!! With the Millers Arms gone and the Star now closed,there will soon be no pubs in this end of Caversham which is worrying as the naff clientele will head towards Caversham centre for a beer.

18 Jun 2011 19:17

The Crown On The Bridge, Caversham

After a short period of closure The Crown is open again and offers 2 cask beers - Brakspears Bitter and the ubiquitous Doom Bar (there are other beers in Britain apart from this one folks!!!) Still it's good to see the pub open again.

18 Jun 2011 19:13

The Griffin, Caversham

Oh dear - Mr.Lord has been let out of his cage again!!

18 Jun 2011 19:09

Fox and Hounds, Caversham

Watch out for major changes to this pub as we understand that Two Bridges Brewery are to take over the lease and run the bar as a free house offering their own beers plus other local real ales !! It is possible that the actual brewery will also move to the pub at some future date. p.s. Did you know that The Beatles once played in the old upstairs function room?

18 Jun 2011 19:07

Oak Tree, Tilehurst

CLOSED and will probably be demolished.

18 Jun 2011 19:03

The Lincolnshire Poacher, Nottingham

I forgot to mention this one last time we came to Nottingham (Forest 3 Reading 4) so here is our report. Brilliant! Great selection of beers (including Castle Rock) excellent large cob for lunch; sat outside and enjoyed the warmish weather; some good old interesting bric-a-brac;newsletters;papers and mags to read. Staff were OK but I could imagine it being a bit slow when really busy. However, don't let that put you off - this is a great boozer and well worth the walk from the city centre (or take an inexpensive cab as we did). We stayed for a couple of pints and then walked down the hill to the William IVth - you can't beat it!

13 Jun 2011 20:07

The Solent Inn, Ryde

If you've walked to The Simeon then you may as well try this one as well. Another boozer with a selection of ales (I would agree that it could have been more exciting but there we go). Likewise - if you've walked to hre you must as well try The Simeon !!! They both benefit from being locals pubs away from the main tourist ones.

13 Jun 2011 19:51

Simeon Arms, Ryde

Would agree - a good backstreet boozer which is worth the walk from the town centre. Beer was fine - and it was local!!

13 Jun 2011 19:46

The Mill Bay, Ventnor

Always worth a visit for locally-brewed ales and the splendid glass handpump case with Burts Ales still written on it. Was quite friendly on our last visit and we nearly decided to eat but had another beer and a take-away instead.

13 Jun 2011 19:34

The Volunteer Inn, Ventnor

Would agree that the selection of beer was pretty ordinary. No local ales on when we went. As was mentioned used to sells Burts (long time ago) and was always a "must visit" just for that alone, although the pub is still excellent in its own way.
Landlord - how's about an IOW beer on tap please!

13 Jun 2011 19:31

The Crab and Lobster Tap, Ventnor

Quite liked it - nice atmosphere inside. Beer was OK (I had the Adnams, but wuld agree that a locally brewed ale would be nice - it's a strange world when we ship Adnams beer all the way from Suffolk to the Isle of Wight !!) Would go there again.

13 Jun 2011 19:28

The Spyglass Inn, Ventnor

Busy in the summer with hoards of tourist families; good views; very average beer and only worth going to say you've been!

13 Jun 2011 19:24

The William IV, Leyton

I have tasted several Brodies' beers (at their Soho pub and in free houses) and while many were excellent I am a little concerned that they brew too many!! I'm not sure of the exact number but they must have produced over a dozen beers recently. Are they all different and do we really need that many? (Stouts at 12% for eample) Discuss!!

13 Jun 2011 19:17

Bamboo, Reading

Now called Mannakoo Club - underground venue bar.

1 Jun 2011 22:05

The Seacourt Bridge Inn, Oxford

I used to drink here when it sold Bankss'beers (some time ago now I must admit). What's on offer these days?

1 Jun 2011 21:58

The White Horse, Oxford

Another pub I usually visit when in town. Shotover Brewery's "Prospect" is often on and I think this is a fine beer from a local brewer. Yes prices are a bit high but it is right in the middle of the tourist area and will appeal to them because of its location and interior. I will continue to visit.

1 Jun 2011 21:56

Three Goats Heads, Oxford

Most of it has been said - but I do enjoy Sam's Oatmeal Stout (bottled) so will occassionally pop in for one. Suffers - as many other managed pubs do - from lack of service and "enthusiasm". Shame as it's an interesting little bar.

1 Jun 2011 21:54

The Swan and Castle, Oxford

It's always good when you find a bar that the wife likes - that usually means we stop for more than one pint. This is a pleasant enough Spoons with a few guest ales and quite a comfortable interior. Nicely situated by the old castle and not far from the city centre and the shops. Usual Wetherspoons offers with a mug of coffee much cheaper than other bars/coffee shops in town. Had Loddon Ferrymans Gold which is always one of my favourite local beers.

1 Jun 2011 21:51

The Lamb and Flag, Oxford

I go there for the very rare Palmers beers from Dorset although my last pint was not as good as I've had before. Change of management perhaps?

1 Jun 2011 21:45

The Four Candles, Oxford

I usually stop off to see what is available form the guest ale range and often find something of interest. Typical Wetherspoons fare and offers - and sometimes the usual JDW problem - lack of staff!! It is always annoying when you just want a pint and the people in front of you want coffees; teas or pitchers of cocktails but that's how it goes I guess.

1 Jun 2011 21:42

The Eagle and Child, Oxford

As has been mentioned this is now a Nicholson's pub with a range of guest beers. Classic interior with al the connections to the literati. They do mini-meals for around �3.00 which are quite good if you just want a snack and a pint; but yes,it often suffers from lack of staff.

1 Jun 2011 21:38

Duke's Cut, Oxford

A welcome transformation from an "Oirish" pub to a smart bar with Martson's range of beers (Including Brakspear/Ringwood and Wychwood). Very handy as it almost halfway between the train station and the city centre. Nice feel to it and when I've been it has always been busy.

1 Jun 2011 21:35

The Bear, Oxford

I usually pop in for a pint when I'm in Oxford as it is a unique little pub with its amazing collection ties and the "olde-worlde" feel to it. It is a Fullers pub but does offer at least one guest ale - I had Shotover Brewery "Prospect" and it was very good if a bit expensive. You meet all sorts in here - from deans and dons to beer fans to visiting tourists. Worth a visit.

1 Jun 2011 21:32

The Soldiers Return, West Ruislip

Probably the locals pub in the area with one bar and a couple of drinking areas. There is also a "patio" outside for smokers. The staff were very chatty and keen to see us for the football but on the day we skipped the pub and used the others in nearby Ickenham. Perhaps it was because we are real ale drinkers and the only beer available was Courage Best Bitter !! Handy for West Ruislip station. Note: There is another pub opposite the station. The Fairway is part of the Golf Complex but is open to the public. It is a large modern building with a bar and a Lounge/Restaurant at the back. Marstons EPA was the only cask beer but they had lenty of the usual kegs;kagers and ciders. Looked OK although we didn't stop for a drink.

1 Jun 2011 21:26

Tichenham Inn, Ickenham

One of Wetherspoons original pubs converted from an old garage. Quite small inside with seating on the pavement at the front. All the usual JDW offers but when we visited it was obvious something had gone wrong with the beer order as there should have been 5 guest ales but we ended up with just the one,so switched to wine instead. The pub was OK with footie fans and both our supporters and those from Swansea had no problems( apart from the final result!!) Buses stop right outside and there is a public car park by the library. Tube station is a 5 minute walk away and West Ruislip station is just around 10 minutes.

1 Jun 2011 21:20

The Coach and Horses, Ickenham

Definitely a food orientated pub with an extensive menu and daily specials.
Smartly decorated and quite comfortable throughout. Family friendly but only if the kids are eating (under 14's have to go outside where there are heated umbrellas over the tables). Several seating areas around the single bar with some laid out for dining and others for drinking and dining. There were 5 real ales when we visited - Youngs Bitter/London Pride/Doom Bar/Landlord and Purity UBU - all in good nice and reasonably priced. Coffee is available as are daily papers. Pleasant enough pub,but as we found out - no football colours when there is a match at Wembley. (Ickenham is a popular venue for supporters going to the stadium as it has a tube line to the ground and an overground line at nearby West Ruislip).

1 Jun 2011 21:15

Champions, Ickenham

This is the village boozer and music venue and it is now The Old Fox. It is also a football friendly pub with loads of photos; banners; scarves and programmes around the games area. There is a patio area to the side (for smokers) a main bar with games area and a dining room at the back. Sunday roasts were advertised. Beers were the ubiquitous London Pride and Sharp's Doom Bar as well the usual lagers;ciders etc.
I would imagine it is heaving at weekends when there are live bands playing. Look out for the 2 huge (and I mean huge) shaggy dogs - one of wich slavered all over my trousers - yucchh!
Anyway, you pays your money and you takes your choice!

1 Jun 2011 21:10

The Pembroke Hotel, Grouville

Haven't been in The Pembroke for ages so can't really comment but I would recommend The Seymour Inn just down the coast road at Seymour Slip. Excellent Liberation Ales and good snacks and meals. Patio at the side and garden at the rear. handy for the buses (No. 1 and Explorer routes). Apologies to The Pembroke for pinching their space - I will visit on my next trip to Jersey..

26 May 2011 14:00

Le Hocq Inn, St Clement

Two bar pub by Le Hocq tower and beach. Restaurant; bar and patio. Apparently it is rated for food although we did not eat there on this occassion. Nice position and overall it is very pleasant but the pint of Liberation Ale I odered came back flat and a bit naff (not off but just dead!). The barman tried to fob me off with the old "it's real ale mate and meant to be that way " story so after a short discussion I finished my beer and we left for pastures new. I dare say this was a "one-off" and we will probably try the pub again on our next visit to Jersey, but they do need to teach the staff how to pour cask beer - please!

26 May 2011 13:57

The Old Smugglers Inn, St Brelade

Saturday afternoon around 2pm - no food; only 5 customers (including us 2 ) and a bit sad ! Super old building with a strange "conservatory" structure at the front. I'm told it gets very busy during winter months when the atmosphere is more cosy and cheery! I had a pint of a Greene King beer (but the barmaid did put on a new ale and we stayed for one more pint - Jennings Tom Fool.) The pub is close to the beach but the newly opened Beach House looks like the place to go in summer (no cask beer though but superb views; good wine and food). I'm sure other visitors will rate The Smugglers more highly than we did but you can only comment as you find at the time !!

26 May 2011 13:51

The Landmark, St Brelade

It's part of the BoatHouse group (they have The Boat House in St.Aubins; The Farm House at Sy.Johns and The Beach House at Ouisne Bay). Standards should be high on the food and beer side if the rest are anything to go by..

26 May 2011 13:43

The Old Court House Inn, St Brelade

Usually pop in here for at least one beer when we visit the village (the pub is in St.Aubins). Skinners beer on this visit - OK but I've had better elsewhere. Food is available in the restaurant or as a meal/snack in the pub or on the patio. Very popular as you might expect from its character and situation. We have had issues with slow service at busy times but if you are not in a mad rush and it's a nice day, then just enjoy the place.

26 May 2011 13:40

The Royal, St Martin

This is food and family orientated pub in the village centre although it does have a public bar with games. There is a lounge section and a dining area with a menu which features children's specials as well as all the usual pub favourites. Pleasantly furnished inside it also has a patio area; car park and a small kids playground with swings and slides. Beers were Ringwood Best; Draught Bass and Marstons Pedgree was apparently also available. It is popular with locals and caters for all age groups. Bus No.3 stops outside.

26 May 2011 13:34

Le Moulin de Lecq, St Ouen

I would agree about the service (or lack of politeness and interest). The building and location are excellent but there is a feeling that the staff are doing you a favour by being there and it's all a bit of a drag serving you. Two beers on when we last visited (Ruddles County and Old Speckled Hen (both from Greene King) - although they did advertise that they were about to get their own beer "Moulin Rouge" next week (June 2011)
However, considering that they advertise themselves as a "genuine freehouse" we were disappointed with the selection of cask ales. Food is sold from a hut in the forecourt and there are kids facilities on site.
The pub is just a very short walk from the beach and harbour and the bus stop and the village is well worth a visit - although beware - it gets packed on summer weekends.

26 May 2011 13:26

Les Fontaines Tavern, St John

Try also The Farm House (L'Auberge du Nord) just down the road near St.Johns village. Ringwood Best Bitter on draught; good food and a lovely old building which has been pleasantly modernised. Part of the Boat House group who have four pubs on the island.

26 May 2011 13:19

The Lamplighter, St Helier

On a general note about Jersey - real ale availability has improved across the island with Liberation Ales leading the way. Some other pubs in St.Helier which sell cask beers include The Ha'penny Bridge/Bellinis/The Post Horn/Southampton Hotel/Forum (CAMRA Pub of the Year 2010)/Adelphi to name a few. Also Wetherspoons are applying (May 2011) for a licence to open a bar in the old Chicago Rock Cafe on the Waterfront and that could shake things up a bit if they get permission!!

26 May 2011 13:16

The Lamplighter, St Helier

There was a Skinner's Beer festival on when we went this time with almost every ale coming from the Cornish brewer. There is a connection with Jersey and Skinners Brewery as the signs on the pumps said "brewed by Jersey Folk" so I guess Mr.Skinner came originally from the Island?
On my second visit (alone) I actually walked out as one barman took ages to serve his mates before me and another barmaid ignored me completely despite a local trying to attract her attention on my behalf!! Did go back again next day and got served this time and the beer was fine - however, make note that they call last orders at 10.45 and chuck you out at 11.15. I don't think there are any pubs which stay open after 11 unless they have some kind of music/entertainment licence.

26 May 2011 13:11

Chambers, St Helier

It's virtually a night club at the weekends with the usual "issues"that such a place incurs. Felt slightly uncomfortable as we walked past on a Saturday with police everywhere and a lot of shouting and screeming (and that was just the girls!) Appears to have something happening every day - according to the advertising outside. Cavernous inside.

26 May 2011 13:04

The Peirson, St Helier

Still a good pub with a very pleasant interior and outside seating in Royal Square (next to The Cock and Bottle). Beer was fine - I had the Liberation Ale (again). I think the kids rule is a general law throughout the island unless the pub has a "children's licence" (most of the large "eating houses" allow kids in).

26 May 2011 13:00

The Exeter Inn, St Helier

Now sells Liberation Ale on draught as well as the cider but it is a sports bar with all that entails.

26 May 2011 12:57

The Dog and Sausage, St Helier

Very small bar in the town centre. I visited on a Sunday night and it was very quiet apart from a "gentleman" doing the same silly dance to every record that came on !! Very entertaining if a bit annoying after a while. The beers were from Skinners (a Cornish brewer) and they do pub grub during the week. I quite like this little boozer and usually pop in when I'm in town.

26 May 2011 12:56

The Cock and Bottle, St Helier

Returned again this year for a beer and a snack. Beer was fine (Liberation Ale) and the sandwiches were OK but a bit mean on filling for the price. Still I expect you pay for the location and it is lovely on a nice warm day - we sat and watched the world go by, just at the back of the main shopping street.

26 May 2011 12:53

Blues, St Helier

Don't know if this is the same place but there is a new bar in Halkett Place called "The Halkett" which is a smart contemporary style venue with various seating areas and three small bar counters. It has obviously been converted from a previous bar. Food is available and there are real ales from the local Liberation brewery (the Bitter and the Ambree were pretty good). As with many pubs in Jersey the staff appear to come from Poland (or at least somewhere in Eastern Europe).

26 May 2011 12:48

The Original Wine Bar, St Helier

Appears to be open again but the presence of a pool table put me off - the real ales also seem to have gone! Looks like it has changed its style and clientele!!

26 May 2011 12:42

The Old England, St Helier

Interesting old pub with two bars and loads of character. Friendly welcome. Shame it doesn't have any real ale which would have made it even better!

26 May 2011 12:41

The Eastern, St Helier

This is no longer a pub but is a daytime cafe.

26 May 2011 12:39

The Star, Caversham

Gone - another pub bites the dust. This one is being converted into a COOP store even though there already is one just up the road?!

6 May 2011 13:38

The Roundhead, Reading

Rumours have it that this pub is now closed - though mor einformation would be appreciated. It's not a part of town I get to very often.

6 May 2011 13:26

Rising Sun, Reading

yes - it looks like this one has gone. Closed and probably going to end up as flats.

6 May 2011 13:25

The Maidens, Reading

Could well have been a change of management recently in this cavernous pub as "real ale" is now available in the form of Greene King iPA which is served through their new "North or South" pump ( you cna have a "Northern" head or a flatter "Southern" head ??!!??

6 May 2011 13:23

Chronicles Bar and Restaurant, Reading

Due to re-open as Mannakoo Champagne Bar.

6 May 2011 13:20

The Town Wall Tavern, Coventry

Our second pub on our recent football visit to Coventry. Super little pub which still survives despite the building works going on round about. Good public and "snug" bar with a little serving hatch for the lounge. The beer range was a little disappointing (Adnams Bitter is a fine beer but it was a shame that there were no local ales available) but the quality was excellent so we all enjoyed a few pints before heading up to The Gathouse. Some of our party had lunch in the TWT and it looked pretty good for the money.
An excellent little pub which will get our trade again in the future.

6 May 2011 00:55

The Gatehouse Tavern, Coventry

A group of us visited this place before the recent Coventry v Reading game and found it very good indeed. It was a nice day so we sat on the patio and enjoyed a good selection of local real ales and very large and well-filled rolls - all at reasonable prices. The TV was on for football and the landlord even orderd taxis for us to get to the game (it is a long way from the ground so allow a good half-hour at least). Well worth a visit and a recommend pub.

6 May 2011 00:49

The Rising Sun, Reading

They have just painted the outside to a cream colour - what a difference!

6 May 2011 00:42

The Retreat, Reading

Perehaps Lord Jason (yes it's him again) would like to explain exactly what he thinks the "charm" of The Back of Beyond is. The place is a huge drinking cavern with all the charm and subtlety of an aircraft hanger.
I am now wondering if this is a set-up - surely one person could not have had such bad experiences in so many local pubs? (most of which are favoured haunts of a wide cross-secton of drinkers who like other things than the standard JDW offer)
If it's cheap beer your'e after then the BOB is for you but if you want a bit of character; some banter and enjoy being in a proper boozer then Reading does actually have some good pubs worth visiting - despite what the good Lord says!

6 May 2011 00:41

The Hope Tap, Reading

Oh dear - looks like Lord Jason (or should that be Jason Lord) has a little bee in his bonnet. He is, as I understand, the manager of The Back of Beyond - hence all the plaudits for that pub,but as Camra Colin has already said I'm sure Wetherspoons would take a dim view of one of their staff slanging off other pubs (and even other JDW pubs by the sounds of it). We are all entitled to our views of pubs and bars in Reading but it really is quite funny and perhaps a bit pathetic that this contributor has made so many disparaging remarks about other pubs whilst telling us all just how wonderful his place is (if indeed it is that wonderful?!?)
I wonder who has upset him - as if I cared!

6 May 2011 00:25

The Sun Inn, Reading

A warm welcome to the new team at The Sun - it's great to see this historic old pub open again. Three cask ales available on my visit and I was told that there may be more to follow (with the possibility of local brews). A beer festival may also be on the cards. I am told the food is good and resonably priced. The pub has had a quick internal makeover with a mix of traditional and more modern furniture. I noticed one small TV screen for sports (strangely situation by the Gents tolet door!). Anyway, good to have this pub open again and I wish them all the best. The beers are from the S&N range at the moment with Courage/Theakston and Caledonian on tap when I visited.

29 Mar 2011 15:05

The Rose and Thistle, Reading

Visited this pub recvently for the first time in many a long year and was pleasantly surprised with the new decor and the general feel of the place. The pool table has gone but they have kept a dartboard (albeit in a corner). The decor is modern and the large patio area at the rear must be a real bonus in the summer. Beers come from the standard Greene King range but there is often a "guest" or seasonal ale from the brewery. It does food most times of the day with special offers available. If you are coming from Reading West station and heading into town it's worth the very short detour to get to the R&T - you can then head towards the Nags Head after that!!
Good luck to Jo and team - an impressive change of direction for this pub.

29 Mar 2011 14:59

The Rising Sun, Reading

The Rising Sun has risen yet again and is now open once more with a new licensee and hopefully a better future ahead. It's a Brakspears pub which was offereing their Bitter and Oxford Gold as well as Ringwood Best Bitter (all reasonably priced). There is an leaning towards live music at weekends but during the week it is a straightforward pub which is near the station and offer a decent pint. Perhaps a bit spartan inside but a few posters and photos could solve that. Good to see it open again when so many pubs are shutting up shop.

29 Mar 2011 14:54

Queen Elizabeth, Reading

Good news - the council refused planning permission for this pub to be converted to flats,so it is up for grabs as a local boozer. All we need now is a brewer to take it on and make it a proper pub again - no yobbish behaviour/no machines/no loud music - real ale and basic pub grub; pub games and a great atmosphere - simples!!

29 Mar 2011 14:49

3Bs, Reading

Good new (of sorts!) - the bar opens at weekends for live music It would appear to feature "new or up-and-coming" groups. Only bottled beers on sale but I understand that these come from local brewers so that is something. It would be great to see this bar re-open full-time as it used to offer 4 real ales and the beer scene in Reading is much-improved these days, so it would be a welcome addition.

29 Mar 2011 14:40

The Commercial, Chapeltown

My first visit to The Comm although my mates had been here several times before. (it's a great stopping off point if you are going to the footie in Barnsley as we were). The barmaid was very friendly and the beer range (mostly Wentworth) excellent. I had the "Whoppa" and White Rose "Hop on the Band Wagon". We had a pub lunch which was substantial but I would have named it "Potato and Meat Pie" and not the other way round !! Although the pub is almost the last building in Station Road (about a 7 minute walk from the railway) it is certanly worth the effort.
Two bars; popular with older customer for the food and note the unusally table tops!!

20 Mar 2011 09:58

The Orange Tree, Altrincham

My second visit to this pub and nothing much had changed in four or five years! My Copper Dragon Golden Pippin was fine and I sat quietly and watched the Sky sports news and read the local CAMRA newsletter. Not a bad little boozer with a pleasant interior in contrast to the pub next door. Probably just about worth the walk up from the tram/train station.

20 Mar 2011 09:48

The Old Market Tavern, Altrincham

Big slab of a pub with large bar areas and an obvious bias towards live music. I did visit in the afternoon so it was nice and quiet) However, a good range of beer and my pint of Phoenix Arizona was fine. The barmaid was friendly enough but I was virtually ignored once I had been served.

20 Mar 2011 09:44

The Lion, New Basford

The signs still say Batemans but it has changed ownership and no worse off for that. In fact the beer range has possibly improved (selection-wise that is). We had a mix of Castle Rock; Rhymney and Celt brews which were all fine. Easy walk from Shipstone Street tram stop. Outside seating and smoking areas. Forthcoming ales are advertised on the blackboard and prices were about average for Nottingham.
You can easily combine a visit to The Lion with The Horse and Groom just round the corner.

18 Mar 2011 11:36

The Horse and Groom, New Basford

We arrived too early as it didn't open till 12 noon but it was worth the wait. As has been said - it is the old S hipstone's brewery tap with much breweriana around the bar areas. Good selection of beers (a bit surprised to see Fullers London Pride and Deuchars IPA as regulars though). Anyway, we had Titanic and Flipside ales on our visit and it was all very pleasant! From the tram stop to the pub you pass the old brewery which is a majestic piece of architecture and happily has found another use and,I understand, parts have been refurbished internally. Shame it doesn't brew Shippo's fine beers any more.

18 Mar 2011 11:32

The Bread and Bitter, Mapperley

Castgle Rock beers,some interesting bric-a-brac and a plesant old bakery interior. Well worth the bus ride up to Mapperley from the City Centre. I also won some beer here in one of their raffles to perhaps I'm a bit bias?

18 Mar 2011 11:25

The Fox and Crown, Basford

I keep going to this pub to try and get used to Alcazar beers but I still think they lack something although there are about 6-8 to choose from. The Thai food is good though and the barmaid was pleasant enough on our last visit. Not far from Basford tram stop and I'll probably go back again !

18 Mar 2011 11:22

The Vat and Fiddle, Nottingham

All that a good boozer should be. Great range of beers (it's the Castle Rock brewery tap); cobs;friendly,efficient staff and cheery locals. We usually stop off here before going to the footie down the road. Handy for the station and always worth a visit.

18 Mar 2011 11:19

The Sir John Borlase Warren, Nottingham

Well worth the walk up the hill to reach this pub!

18 Mar 2011 11:17

The Salutation Inn, Nottingham

Wednesday night - busy and very very loud with a 5 piece blues band taking up most of the main bar space!! I don't mind bles but this was right in your face,so a quick pint - my friends couldn't even handle one pint - so off somewhere else. Beer was OK (some new breweries to try) but the barman was "unusually kitted out" to say the least!

18 Mar 2011 11:15

The Roebuck Inn, Nottingham

Not a bad Wetherspoons with a couple of interesting guest ales on when I visited. Very busy (it's in a little street with many bars/clubs) but didn't wait long to get served. Usual JDW fare and offers.

18 Mar 2011 11:12

The Newshouse, Nottingham

If you are coming from the station or tram terminus then you have negotiate a very busy road to get to this pub - but perservere! Good boozer with Castle Rock ales and guests. Two bars. Football is shown in the public bar and note the brewery names on the tiling! Cobs and newspapers available. A good, straightforward beer house!

18 Mar 2011 11:02

Langtry's, Nottingham

Popular pub in a busy part of town. Beer range could do with an "uplift" but I usually have at least one pint in here. Very mixed clientele (theatre go-ers; clubbers; passers-by etc)

18 Mar 2011 10:59

King William IV, Nottingham

Good boozer with a reasonable range of beers. Two rooms. Cobs available (every pub should have cobs/rolls available - they are just what you want with a pint).
Just off the main city centre but well worth finding.

18 Mar 2011 10:57

The Keans Head, Nottingham

Another Castle Rock Brewery pub which is a very pleasant place to have a beer and a bite. Not far from the tram and reasonably secluded to be quiet and peaceful.

18 Mar 2011 10:55

Joseph Else, Nottingham

Popped in for breakfast to find loads of blokes drinking pints at 10 in the morning - must say something about the place!! Mind you - the breakfast was good value and the service prompt although I wouldn't reckon on it being so quick at very busy times when I would imagine the place is heaving and you wouldn't notice the worn carpet and torn seats!!

18 Mar 2011 10:53

Canal House, Nottingham

Another favourite pub when visiting Nottingham - interesting old building by the canal and handy for the station. Castle Rock beers plus guest - don't foget to take advantage of their 1 over the 8 promotion!! Beer is always in good nick and it is populat with all age groups. Gents toilet is a good hike up a couple of floors though!

18 Mar 2011 10:49

The Bell Inn, Nottingham

This is a Greene King pub but it does offer a fair selection of guest ales often including one from the Nottingham Brewery. It has recently been refurnished but has keep the three bars - quite pleasant overall. Can be annoying at quieter times as the bar staff appear to have to run the 3 bars between them and you can wait ages for a beer. However,always worth a visit.

18 Mar 2011 10:46

The Hare and Hounds, Manchester

Sunday evening - not many customers in the front bar. Good pint of Holt's Bitter. However, they were have a karaoke night in the back room and it is quite obvious that certain people should not be given microphones!!! I have heard cats screech better!. Anyway, it was all fairly harmless so we had another pint!. It's good to see this pub still standing when eveything else in town appears to be getting "redeveloped".

15 Mar 2011 14:19

The Smithfield Hotel, Manchester

First visit to The Smithfield even though I have passed it many times before (usually shut). Anyway, good beer range with some new and interesting breweries to try. As has been said it is a bit dark and dingy and the pool table tends to dominate, but it was friendly enough and worth another visit .

15 Mar 2011 14:14

Sinclairs Oyster Bar, Manchester

Apart from the heaving crowds and the plastic glasses all this place needs is some Real Ale. Sam.Smith's brewery produce a good bitter at an amazing low price but it was only available as a keg beer in here. Shame.

15 Mar 2011 14:12

The Marble Arch, Manchester

We always have at least a couple of pints in The Marble when we are in town and we are never disappointed. Great pint of "Pint" followed by "3.9%". Food always looks good but as usual it was busy so we sat in the garden (it was not that cold even for March). I love the interior which is a "must to see" and with plenty of staff serving we didn't wait long for our beer so all-in-all a super pub. You can view the little brewery at the back.

15 Mar 2011 14:08

The Manchester and County, Manchester

Still can't work out why its called The Manchester & County when the sign simply says Wetherspoons! It is a bog-standard 'spoons boozer with all goes with it.!

15 Mar 2011 14:05

The Jolly Angler, Manchester

You have to get the opening hours right,but when you do this is one of the best pubs around. What it lacks in interior design it makes up for in beer; atmosphere;friendliness and simplicity! You go to the JA for a chat and a great beer with the occasional jam session chucked in for good measure. Handy for Piccadilly station and well worth missing a few trains for!!

15 Mar 2011 14:02

The Bulls Head, Manchester

Forgot to mention the only downside - �3.00 a pint!! Well over the top for Manchester.

15 Mar 2011 13:57

The Crown and Kettle, Ancoats

Popped in for a quick pint before the football and although the beer range wasn't as extensive as some other pubs the quality was fine. Interesting bar with the ceiling being the obvious feature! The locals were very friendly and veen organised taxis for us. Cheers!

15 Mar 2011 13:55

The Bulls Head, Manchester

It's a long time since I was last in thhis pub,so the change of layout and ownership was a pleasant surprise. Marston's range of beers which included Wychwood,Ringwood and Jennings (the Golden Host was very tasty). Chatty staff and a nice atmosphere and,of course,so handy for Piccadilly station. Good t see this place back to form.

15 Mar 2011 13:52

The Vulcan Hotel, Cardiff

First visit for many a long year and I was glad to have a couple of pints to support this pub as it certainly is under threat again. I was told that it would only survive until 2012 and that the owner of the car park also owns the pub building and wants to (a) pull it down for more parking or (b) convert it into student accommodation. I cannot coroborate this, but judging by pervious attempts at closure it would not surprise me if this was the case. The pub is very sad inside, but you can understand why nobody wants to spend any money on it if it will finally close. The landlady was very friendly and there was a "folk-rock" band practicing in the bar when I was there. In fact I was told that they were recording some tracks for an album and as the pub doesn't open till 2pm and I was the only customer it seemed a good place to play their music! How many times have you been to a pub where there was a gut playing on his banjo in the Gents bog !!!
Beer was Brains Bitter and although it was average I did have a couple of pints at �2.25 a pint. It would be a real shame if this place was closed and demolished for although it may not look much now I'm sure it could be great little boozer with some TLC in the future. It certainly stands out on its own where it is situated!

10 Mar 2011 13:05

The Golden Cross, Cardiff

Majestic and imposing exterior which is slightly lost inside now (although the main bar front is still very striking with its tiling). I should have spotted that it was a "gay" pub by the fittings around the places - light fittings and mirrors etc.,were all a bit twinkley and twee ! Brain's Bitter and their IPA were available - the Bitter was drinkable but didn't blow my socks off. So long as the main structure and integrity of this pub is maintained it will still be valid as a classicly architectural pub but it would be great to see it put back to its original internal condition!

10 Mar 2011 12:53

The Pen and Wig, Cardiff

First visit to this pub and I had a pint of Hydes Bitter which was OK but not as good as in Manchester!! Decided to eat here and had steak and chips with a glass of wine for �5.99. As has been said it all looks like a Wetherspoons menu but the portion was not as big. I finished with a half of Ilkley Brewery Best Bitter which was quite hoppy and not unpleasant. The staff were OK and although the pub could probably do with a re-furbishment it wasn't that bad. Beer prices were in the region of �2.55 a pint which is about 45p cheaper than my locals at home so I can't complain.

10 Mar 2011 12:48

The Goat Major, Cardiff

Excellent pub at the end of the High Street. Spotlessly clean bar with shiny brass fitings and tiled flooring. Efficient and friendly service; very good pint of Brain's Bitter followed by a superb pint of York Brewery's First Light (the pubs guest ale).
Barman offered tasters of all beers if required. Well worth the walk up from Central station and this will be a regular when I'm in Cardiff again.

10 Mar 2011 12:41

The Cardiff Cottage, Cardiff

Good little pub in a street which looks as though it has gone downhill since new shopping centres have been built. Enjoyed a couple of different Brain's beers and was served promptly. Nice atmosphere with a very unique frontage.

10 Mar 2011 12:38

The Birchgrove, Cardiff

The CAMRA 2011 Good Beer Guide has a railway station symbol for this pub which means it should be no more than half a mile from the station. I walked that distance in each direction but could not find the pub so - as it indicates above(see directions) - it is more than half a mile away. I gave up and went back into town. Can somebody from the Cardiff CAMRA branch please make sure that distances are correct and suitable for average walkers (not long distance runners!!!) Ta.

10 Mar 2011 12:36

University Arms, Sheffield

Grand old building which is in contrast to the typical uni blocks surrounding it. Good selection of beers with a couple from The Brunswick in Derby and a Blonde beer from the Coppice Side Brewery in Nottinghamshire (a new brewery to me).
Imposing entrance and interior with a conservatory off the bar and gardens beyond. Busy at lunchtime when we were there and it's the first time I have ever seen customers queueing in line to be served !! (presumably because the bar counter isn't very big). Beer prices were very reasonable - averaging �2.50 a pint. Naturally it's popular with university staff and students though we did not feel out of place (and I never went to Uni). The tram stops just round the corner so it's easy enough to get to. Well worth a visit.

16 Feb 2011 23:56

Sheffield Tap, Sheffield

A great addition to Sheffield's already excellent real ale scene and just the place for a pint before or after (or instead of) your train! One long bar, but with seating rooms off. Thornbridge beers are always available and the Kipling was superb on this visit. The other pumps appear to be reserved for their "brewer of the month" - in this instance it was Saltaire Brewery but Hardknott and Marble were next up. We were told that the room used to be the First Class Refreshment Rooms and we thought they were still "first class". Only addition I would make (and I'm not going to make an fuss if they don't take it on board) is a descrete TV monitor showing train times - it is just too easy to miss a train with such a beer range available.
p.s. If you are in London try The Euston Tap which is run along the same lines (excuse the pun).

16 Feb 2011 23:45

The Rutland Arms, Sheffield

Splendid facade to this corner pub which offers a good range of beers including some from The Blue Bee Brewery (new to me). Popular with Blades fans (but the sensible type who enjoy good real ale) and with cider drinkers - good selection.
Not that far from the station and city centre and well worth the walk. My Bhaji Butty was brilliant - and very filling. Nice cosy atmosphere, prompt and efficient service and overall a very good boozer.

16 Feb 2011 23:37

The Red Deer, Sheffield

Just the one pint in here as it was Quiz night and although we didn't feel uncomfortable, we did feel a bit "left-out of things". Anyway, reasonable selection of beers but nothing out of the ordinary. Nice enough bar, but probably a case of "been there- done it".
Just as an aside - Hippogriff sounded a bit miffed about not being able to use a credit card for his tab (although he did hand over cash) but you really should not go out to a pub and expect it to take cards - I would never dream of going out for a pint without having enough cash on me and would not assume that every pub gives credit!

16 Feb 2011 23:32

Ranmoor Inn, Sheffield

I would totally agree with the last reviewer about this pub which was worth the bus ride out of the city centre. Nice pint of beer (Farmers Blonde), comfortable surroundings and a good feel to the place. Spotlessly clean and tidy. Food available and it looks as though they a piano player on occassions. A good pub!!

16 Feb 2011 23:24

The Old House, Sheffield

Had a decent pint of Real Ale (Abbeydale was nice) in this bar which - as has been mentioned - looks like a shop conversion. A bit foodie and a younger crowd than us old fogeys, but pleasant none the less. The bar staff seemed to spend most of their time making cocktails and the back bar is crammed with all sorts of drinks bottles just for this very purpose. Stays open till 1pm and 2 at weekends so handy for that last beer before heading back to the hotel. Probably wouldn't stay any longer than 2 beers though.

16 Feb 2011 23:20

The New Barrack Tavern, Sheffield

Sadly the photo is well out of focus and does not do any justice to this fine edifice of a boozer. It's a big,solid building on the main road in the Hillsborough area of the city. Castle Rock beers plus guest ales; very friendly staff and a couple of rooms off the main corridor area (where most people seem to drink). Handy for the Owls footie and an easy walk from the Supertram. A great traditional pub which looks much today as it probably did a hundred years ago.

16 Feb 2011 23:15

The Kelham Island Tavern, Sheffield

Another of my "must visit" pubs when in Sheffield. Superb range of beers with Acorn and Farmers usually always available plus guests ales from all over the place. They do food but I always like a pub which has a basket of cheese or ham rolls throughout the day. It has - quite rightly - won many awards from CAMRA and you really cannot go to Sheffield without popping ion for a pint or two. Just round the corner from the Fat Cat and a short walk from Shalesmoor tram. Highly recommended.

16 Feb 2011 23:09

The Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield

Well worth the tram ride out of town (get off at Langsett/Primrose View) to find this hotel-cum-pub-cum-brewery which offers good beers ; B&B and food as well as a traditional pub atmosphere in the bars. Handy if you're on your way to Sheffield Wednesday footie (but not as close as the New Barrack Tavern) but make the effort anyway to visit this bar and try their beers.

16 Feb 2011 23:04

The Fat Cat, Sheffield

A "must visit" when in Sheffield. Super little bar which is always lively and friendly. Good beers (Kelham Island always on of course but guest ales usually available as well). Some nice old breweria. We have had very good food here before but didn't eat this time round. Just a short walk from Shalesmoor tram stop - past some of Sheffield's old industrial sites and some new flats. Then,of course, it's just round the corner to The Kelham Island Tavern - we were spoilt for choice !!

16 Feb 2011 22:58

The Devonshire Cat, Sheffield

Always a favourite when we are in town. Great range of beers; efficient service and usually plenty of room - even on football days. Modern bar with traditional standards.

16 Feb 2011 22:53

The Benjamin Huntsman, Sheffield

Typical Wetherspoons (I think there are 8 in Sheffield now) - and very good value for breakfast. (Much much cheaper than the optional breakfast at our hotel). Local beers were available as well as the usual suspects (Abbot/Ruddles).

16 Feb 2011 22:51

The Bath Hotel, Sheffield

Excellent little corner pub which has been lovingly restored. Nice pint of Zenith from SBW Brewery (also had Idle Brewery and others on as well). Sadly the bar staff were not very friendly which kinda spolit our visit- but we would go back again. (It's also very close to other good pubs in this part of town - University Arms/Old House/Devonshire Cat etc). Get off the tram at West Street.

16 Feb 2011 22:48

The Kings Arms, Norwich

After a very steep climb up from the football ground, we found this pub and I'm glad we persisted - it was excellent with good Bateman's beers and some interesting guest ales (we all enjoyed the very aptly names "Worth the Wait"). Friendly and efficient staff and a nice atmosphere. Good little pub - to be recommended.

13 Feb 2011 11:38

Compleat Angler, Norwich

Managed a quick pint of Woodforde's Wherry before catching our train home. Bouncers on the door but no problem; plastic glasses but the beer was OK and we got served quickly enough. Nice location and handy for the station - that's about it really!

13 Feb 2011 11:36

The Fat Cat, Norwich

We made a special effort to get out to this pub as we had heard so much about it - and we were not disappointed. What a fantistic place,loads of beers on including their own brews; fabulous old breweriana everywhere and rolls at 60p ! We had no problem getting a seat but it does get very packed around the bar especially where it is narrow, but we never waited long to be served. This must now rate among my all-time favourites - absolutely brilliant. Beer on handpump and straight from the cask and even the lager selection was out of the ordinary. Just shows what can be done when so many pubs are closing down - this one is not exactly on the tourist route either!

13 Feb 2011 11:33

The Alexandra Tavern, Norwich

First time visit - excellent little corner boozer with Chalk Hill ales and a guest beer as well. Busy with rugby fans but we were served quickly and the barman even ordered us a taxi to the football. Norwich seems well blessed with good real ale pubs these days. This one is well worth the bus/taxi/walk and is near The Fat Cat.

13 Feb 2011 11:27

Nags Head On The Thames, Abingdon

Sad to this place close - surely there is scope for a good quality pub with a selection of beers and some intersting food on the riverside? Anybody out there?

9 Feb 2011 21:57

Fitzharris Arms, Abingdon

Where is the sense? Local pub closes down. Tesco take it over and convert it into a "local store". They get a licence to sell alcohol. It then flogs off dirt cheap beer and lager for punters to drink at home (or worse still - in the street) and helps kill-off the pub trade and encourage binge drinking. And we wonder why there are problems in our towns!!!!!!

9 Feb 2011 21:55

The Plough Inn, Abingdon

Although the Plough may not have been the best pub in town its closure is part of a growing trend - Nags Head/Fitzharris also gone in recent months. No pubs in Stert Street now! Too many pubs in Abingdon anyway? Only the best will survive? Your pub - use it or lose it? But still no Wetherspoons !!!! So much to discuss.

9 Feb 2011 21:50

The White Horse, Oxford

One of the best in town. Unique little bar with much going for it. Another "must visit" when I am in Oxford. Sadly the excellent Shotover Brewery "Prospect" was not on but we made up for that by enjoying "Pride of Oxford" and "White Horse Bitter". Food available throughout the day; cheery staff and a nice atmosphere (yes it is touristy but so what - it what they come to Oxford for and we should be very proud that we still have pubs like this)

9 Feb 2011 21:41

The Turf Tavern, Oxford

Well said Tebbs! I visit The Turf every time I am in Oxford and will applaud you for keeping a great selection of beers (and as an aside - well done to GK for allowing you the freedom). Of course the place gets busy - it is an extremely popular pub and a recognised stop on Oxford's tourist route so let's accept that and give the staff a chance! Prices are fair considering the pub's status but the beer is always good and interesting. Customers who don't recognise a beer should always ask for guidance or for a taster - it is a great way of introducing people to new beers and, of course, stops punters complaining about beer they just happen not to like without having ever tried it before. Every pub will have problems at some time for many,many reasons (staff not turning up; beer running out; large numbers of customers at one time etc.etc) but overall you cannot visit Oxford without visiting the Turf.

9 Feb 2011 21:34

Royal Blenheim, Oxford

What is all this crap? This website is about beer in pubs and not jumpers or your shaving habits - try Facebook (get it?) or Twitts. I go to The Blenheim for the ales and am usually happy with what I get. That's what it's all about guys.

9 Feb 2011 21:21

The Kings Arms, Oxford

Enjoyed a pint of Slaters Bitter (guest ale) and my colleague suppped some good Youngs Ordinary. Always a good cosmopolitan atmosphere in The Kings Arms with customers coming and going all the time (a good mix of Oxfordians and tourists and students) and the barman was very helpful as he got my pint straight from the cellar. Food counter is separate from the bar so you don't have to wait to be served for beer and it all seems to work well. Very handy for all the major Oxford City sites/sights.

9 Feb 2011 21:16

Far From the Madding Crowd, Oxford

As always - great selection of beers often from new micro-brewers. I would agree with JBGatelad about the oiks at the bar ("can I try this and can I try that and I'll just write it down in my beer-spotters book and all that kind of nonsense) but still well worth a visit. Not all real ale drinkers are nerds!!

9 Feb 2011 21:08

The Crazy Bear Hotel, Oxford

This pub/restaurant is not in Oxford but is some distance away in Stadhampton and you will probably need a car and a healthy wallet to go there.

9 Feb 2011 21:02

Black Boy, Shinfield

There have been several major changes to this pub in recent months and I have only seen a couple of them - all the signage has changed so the picture shown above is well out of date (it now shows a picture of a Black Horse - the Black Boy) and the owners are now doing works to the rear patio area. I think it is still a Greene King pub but it may have been sold with a beer tie. Looks like I will have to go there again to update this report!

9 Feb 2011 21:00

Murdochs Diner and Bar, Calcot

Not a theme bar any more - almost back to a pub. Real Ale now available (I sampled a reasonable pint of Hogs Back TEA for a modest �2.50) The barman told me that they changed the ales on a fairly regular basis and the next beer would be Wadworths 6X. Still lacks a bit in comfort and ambience but in an area short on pubs (and certainly short of real ale) they must be commended. The number 1 bus stops outside.

9 Feb 2011 20:53

The Crown Inn, Theale

I always visit The Crown when I am in Theale and have not been disappointed. Great pint of West Berkshire's Good Old Boy (�3.10 - maybe a bit steep, but I didn't mind paying that for good beer these days). Noticed that they were about to organise a bus tour of the pubs in the forthcoming CAMRA local Ale Trail so there must be a good interest in the beer! Three drinking areas with high tables for serious drinking and low settees for a more "relaxed" approach! They even have their own Chinese take-away ! Best pub in town - discuss!

9 Feb 2011 20:44

The Bull, Theale

Tuesday afternoon - bus from Reading, stops opposite,went in for a pint,friendly greeting from the barmaid;orderd a pint of IPA;she pulls off some beer before serving me (nice touch);beer good;tasty and cool (not cold) not many people in the bar but plenty to keep me occupied(local papers and newsletters/TV without sound - sadly the quiz machine had all the wrong answers on it). OK this place may well change in the evening at at weekends but I liked it when I visited and that's all I can judge it by. �2.70 for the beer was good these days.

9 Feb 2011 20:36

The Victory Inn, Brighton

Can't say we found the beers expensive (but if you will drink so-called foreign fizzy pops then serves you right). Good range of local real ales and a very friendly and chatty barmaid. Nice to see a real fire as well. Some fine architectural features not least the exterior signage which has sadly been a bit damaged over the years (some of the letters are not complete) Nice feel to the place and a welcome little stop-off whilst doing the touristy bit in this part of town.

1 Feb 2011 12:12

The Pump House, Brighton

This place has a very nice feel to it and it has been decorated out with some nice wall panelling which we reckoned was newish but actually helped give the pub its warmth and cosiness(is there such a word?) Anway, a fine range of beers from the Nicholsons cellar and we felt very comfortable in this pub which has a few little drinking areas and is to be recommended.

1 Feb 2011 12:07

The Lord Nelson, Brighton

Another pub which is a "must" if I'm in Brighton. Super little place with much going for it and, of course, excellent Harvey's beers. I agree that there are a few bits and pieces which could be got rid off to help make the place just a bit more special (the large TV screen; the old air filter unit and the muzak), but it still is a wonderful pub and will always be one of my favourites.

1 Feb 2011 12:03

The Heart and Hand, Brighton

This was the first time I had been in this pub although I had passed it several times and always commented on the impressive exterior (the tiling and old brewery lettering as well as the leaded windows - all superb). A good banter with the licensee about the trade in general; his rent and the cost of everything! The Harveys Best was fine and had it not been for our busy schedule we would have stopped for another. Is it a Brighton thing to have as many posters on the walls as is possible? This is not the first pub to have a huge display.

1 Feb 2011 11:59

The Evening Star, Brighton

We always visit this pub when we are in Brighton (it's very near to the station) for the beer alone. Great range and as usual in fine nick. Dark Star Hophead must be one of the best beers around these days - light; hoppy and very easy to drink.
A good bustling atmosphere in what is after all a proper real ale boozer. Don't expect luxury! (apart from the beer that is)

1 Feb 2011 11:56

The Druids Head, Brighton

Got in the door - no cask beer available - walked out. End of report.

1 Feb 2011 11:53

The Dorset Street Bar, Brighton

Can only agree with pocketshepherd about this place - although they do now serve draught Deuchars IPA. Some old windows; counter front and dado lincrusta still survive but the bar has been completely opened out. Not a pub but it was very pleasant none the less.

1 Feb 2011 11:52

The Cricketers, Brighton

Super little pub with a very warm and comfortable feel to it. A good pint of Harveys and some interesting bits of bric-a-brac around the bars. Note the little individual tables for the bench seating. Has a genuine old feel to it although there must have been several alterations over the years. However, well a visit when in town.

1 Feb 2011 11:49

Our Mutual Friend, Stevenage

Visited this pub last Saturday before and after the Stevenage v Reading FA Cup tie and what a brilliant place.
It was, as you would expect, packed to the gunwalls with footie fans but we all got a seat and enjoyed some fine beer. It was a case of taking whatever was available at the time as the beers were running out quickly and be changed by the minute but we enjoyed some Adnams Explorer; Ringwood Best and Dark Satr Hophead amongst others - and Ham/Cheese rolls for a �1 - brilliant. I would imagine it is a bit quieter on a weekday lunchtime but the locals are very lucky to have such a good boozer on their doorstep!

1 Feb 2011 11:46

The Oakford Social Club, Reading

There appeared to be a change of cellarman at this pub which meant that the 3 "guest ales" (often from small brewers, far and wide) were replaced by 3 standard ales (London Pride;Deuchars IPA and Black Sheep Bitter - nothing wrong with those per se but not as exciting as the beers they used to serve here). Anyway the barman told me that they were due to get some West Berkshire Brewery beer and another micro-brewery ale in shortly so perhaps thing are on the up again!

28 Jan 2011 09:27

Bird in Hand, Reading

This pub is now CLOSED.

28 Jan 2011 09:09

The RISC Global Cafe and Bar, Reading

There is talk of real ale becoming available in this place and it may be from a local brewery which would be great news.

16 Jan 2011 20:08

The Pond House, Reading

Sad place! One cask beer available - just and it wasn't very good. Huge interior which would make a great Wetherpsoons in the pubco ever wanted to sell it !!

16 Jan 2011 20:06

The Blagrave Arms, Reading

Gets better and better. Four real ales (Taylors Landlord; Sharps Doom Bar and two beers from local breweries - all at �3 a pint). Real fire; rolls available; no machines;handy for the town centre and the railway station. Well worth a visit - the doormen are only used at weekends (don't let that put you off).

16 Jan 2011 20:01

Bar Risa, Reading

Not called Risa/Jongleurs any more. There is still a retro music bar and comedy club.

16 Jan 2011 19:58

Bar Four, Reading

Now re-opened as BED. Another venue bar on the town centre crawl. No real ale.

16 Jan 2011 19:57

The Royal Oak, Tilehurst

The bus from town (33) drops you at the bottoom of the drive up to the Royal Oak which still has the feel of a country pub even though it has long been surrounded by housing. I was the only customer but to be fair the pub had just opened (2pm during the week). However, the Black Sheep Bitter was fine and Pedigree was also available and the landlord showed me the list of cask ales he can get so the range may vary from visit to visit. (�3 a pint was reasonable as well) The pub has two bars on two levels and a smoking area and garden and is actually in a very pleasant setting. Worth the trouble to get to.

16 Jan 2011 19:55

The Prince Of Wales, Tilehurst

The POW is now run by Dean from The Butchers Arms and things are definitely looking up. The beer was fine (Doom Bar) and I'm told that a second real ale is now available. Only downside was the inane music but I suppose that was just the luck of the draw on my visit. I will return and try this large pub again.

16 Jan 2011 19:49

The Plough, Tilehurst

I popped in here while on a mini pub crawl of Tilehurst and to be honest I wish I hadn't bothered. I ordered a half of "real ale" and was given a glas full of sludge. It was changed for Hobgoblin but I really didn't feel comfortable in here so drunk up quickly and got the bus back into Reading. Shame - it should be a good boozer given its prime position in the village.

16 Jan 2011 19:46

St Leger Tavern, Doncaster

Although I didn't go into The St.Ledger I saw enought through the windows to make me almost cry because I remember this place when it was a Shipstones pub and was one of the best boozers in town. How things have changed !!

16 Jan 2011 19:42

Railway Hotel, Doncaster

Had a very quick half before getting the train home. Copper Dragon Golden Pippin was good but I shall have go back again to get a better feel for the place. As already mentioned it is now run by the licensee of The Corner Pin so things should be looking up.

16 Jan 2011 19:39

The Tut 'N' Shive, Doncaster

I agree with many of the comments from other punters - I only had one beer in here (Toad Brewery Tadpole - average beer!) and opted for The Plough next door. The decor is now a bit "old-hat" but the place was busy with live TV being shown on screens in almost every corner. However,it is good to see this pub still going considering its proximity to the many "venue" bars in the town centre.

16 Jan 2011 19:37

The Plough, Doncaster

I enjoyed all 3 beers in here before my train home! Traditional little local (right next door to the Tut@n@Shive)which features in CAMRA's list of unspolit pubs - although the laminated bar top was a bit out of place. However, great atmosphere with a huge mix of clientele - most of whom were drinking the fine ales (Copper Dragon.Acorn and Kelham Island). �2.50 for the most expensive pint. Well worth visiting and literally 2 minutes frpom the station (although you have to get across the main road). A highly recommended pub.

16 Jan 2011 19:33

The Leopard, Doncaster

Popped in for a quick pint before going to the Corner Pin. Large pub which has seen better days. My friends did enjoy a game of pool though and there were 3 beers on tap (John Smiths Cask Bitter; something from Clarks and Glenworth Lightyear - which was OK). However, I wouldn't want to spend all day in this pub especially as there are better ones nearby.

16 Jan 2011 19:29

Corner Pin Inn, Doncaster

Visited this little street corner pub before Reading's 3-0 win at Donny. Excellent,friendly pub with cracking beer (Great Heck Yorkshire Navigator/Heck's Angel and Super Dave plus York Terrier). Good prices and brilliant chip butties. All a good little boozer should be. Turns out that the landlord used to run The Hook and Tackle in Reading! The Corner Pin is handy for the station and town centre and we will be back again soon. p.s. The landlord now also runs the nearby Railway pub which had 3 real ales on when we visited.

16 Jan 2011 19:25

Baron Cadogan, Caversham

Let's start off by stating the obvious - it's a Wetherspoons with all that entails. However, it is smaller than most and has a good local trade; the beer is usually very good with Cadogans Gold (which is a Loddon brew by any other name) and 3 guest ales. They also do real cider. Prices are low at �2.05 for the real ales although I understand that any ale of 5% or stronger will be charged at �2.20 which is still pretty good value anyway.

2 Jan 2011 19:20

The Travellers Rest, Caversham

Some interesting comments about this pub - which I use quite often. The beer (Fullers London Pride/Brakspears Bitter and one other - which can change) can be variable. The Pride is usually the best bet as they sell a lot of it. I would like to see some local beer on offer (Loddon; West Berks; Two Bridges for example), but the prices are very reasonable. I have never had the need to eat here and judging by the remarks from other people I need not bother. It looks like standard branded stuff and I think Wetherspoons probably do it better (and that's up for debate!!).

2 Jan 2011 19:14

The Star, Caversham

After being on the market for some time, the Star now has a SOLD sign on it and there are rumours as to the buyer. It was reported that Tesco's were after it for another of their Express stores - then there was a story that the Coop had got it for a funeral parlour !!!! I know the pub trade is dying but this is ridiculous.

2 Jan 2011 19:09

The Falstaff, Derby

Visited here recently for the first time - but it certainly won't be the last. Once you've negotiated the back streets to get to The Falstaff you are rewarded with a substantial corner pub; excellent beer (home-brewed next door); very friendly staff and some interesting old pictures and pub bric-a-brac to look at. Gents toilet looked as thought it had just been re-furbished and overall this was well worth the walk from the station (it's actually not to difficult to get to - head for the Derby China factory; arboretum and Normanton Road area of town).

2 Jan 2011 19:05

The Brunswick Inn, Derby

We always visit The Brunswick when we go to Derby for the football and it never fails to please. Good home-brewed beers; great atmosphere (fans mixing very happily); substantial rolls and a selection of rooms to enjoy your beer in. Prompt service and just a great pub to be in.

2 Jan 2011 18:59

The Alexandra Hotel, Derby

Great to see this pub open again with a new landlord who I'm told runs the local CAMRA winter ales festival, so the beers at The Alex should be good - and they were when I visited recently. It's had a coat of paint - outside and inside - and was offering Castle Rock Brewery beers plus a range of guest ales. They also provide good quality rolls and not surprisingly the pub is a favourite with Derby County FC fans (and well-behaved away supporters are made very welcome). Handy for the railway station and The Brunswick is almost next door so both pubs compliment each other. The Alex is always worth a visit. Good luck to the new team there.

2 Jan 2011 18:56

The Good Companions, Woodley

I was pleasantly surprised to find real ale available in this two bar local's pub and to find it in good nick as well. There was the ubiquitous London Pride but I had a pint of Mordue beer from Tyneside which was very tasty and was the current guest ale. It appear that they sell quite a bit of real ale which is very encouraging. The lounge bar is perfectly acceptable although there are 3 TV's to distract/attract you.
Not bad and possibly one of the better boozers in Woodley.

8 Dec 2010 23:46

The Chequers, Woodley

I visited this pub yesterday for the first time in a long time and hopefully will not have to visit it again for another very long time. (My visit was mid-week at around 5p.m - it was reasonable quiet but I would imagine that weekends are a bit more "lively").
Bog standard "unit" in the shopping precinct with two rooms;machines;TV's and music. It did have 2 cask beers available (Sharp's Doom Bar and the local Loddon Brewery - Razzle Dazzle). They were OK but nothing special. I would not want to spend the rest of my drinking life in a pub like this and if Wetherspoons ever opened up in Woodley then this pub would have a fight on its hands to survive. I think it has, however,improved from my previous visit so that's a plus.

8 Dec 2010 23:40

The Robert William Loosley, High Wycombe

Standard Wetherspoons/LLoyds opposite the Eden Centre (and bus station). My pint of Vale Brewery beer was very good and well priced at �1.95.

30 Nov 2010 09:20

The Bootlegger, High Wycombe

Whoops - missed this entry. My comments are listed under The Flint Cottage.

30 Nov 2010 09:18

The Hobgoblin, High Wycombe

Appears to suffer from a continual change of licensee and now looks very sad indeed. It would be brilliant if it could match its namesake in Reading.

30 Nov 2010 09:17

The Flint Cottage, High Wycombe

As has been noted the pub is now called The Bootlegger and is apparently owned by a Kiwi landlord. A bank of handpumps with a fairly good range of real ales most of which are actually served from the cask in a side room (The Tap Room - the old kitchen?) Many keg lagers on tap but a huge range of world-wide bottled beers in fridges clearly on display. However, looking at their beer list some of the foreign bottles were a bit on the pricey side. The barman was very helpful and told me that he "tutors" customers onto the various beers available. On my visit they did not open until 4pm but I think this was just a temporary arrangement for November/December. I would visit this place again (it's on the way to The Belle Vue) and right across the road from the station and it certainly is a welcome addition to Wycombe's limited range of real ale pubs. A brave venture!!

30 Nov 2010 09:16

Falcon, High Wycombe

It's just a typical Wetherspoons!

30 Nov 2010 09:10

Belle Vue, High Wycombe

What a find - great little pub with a good selection of beer (albeit from a limited list). The beer was good ; there was a real fire and although I was the only customer for much of the time, the staff and management were very friendly and keen to chat about beer and the other pubs in town. Look out for the X-rated photo album !! Handy for the station and well worth the walk from the town centre.

30 Nov 2010 09:09

The Antelope, High Wycombe

I hadn't been into The Antelope for some years and on my last visit it sold Rebellion beer and was quite pleasant. I went in again yesterday and was so disappointed. This is probably Wycombe's only pub that bears any resemblance to a proper genuine unaltered classic. Sadly it isn't - it has been knocked about a bit and to me has lost it's charm. There was no real ale available and some of the customers did not enhance the surroundings. Such a shame as this should be a little gem offering some good cask beers; food and a pleasant atmosphere - especially considering its poisiton in town. At least the open fire was lit !!

30 Nov 2010 09:06

Rose and Crown, Bury St Edmunds

Another pub which I always make a point of visiting when in town. Best GK Mild for miles around and the pub is a bit of a "time-warp". Near the brewery and just off the town centre. A couple of bars and what looks like an old "Jug and Bottle". Beers are IPA; Abbot; Mild and guest (Hook Norton Old Hooky on this visit). I got chatting to the landlady and she knew many of the people I worked with in Bury but she was surprised to find I was not a "local" from down the road as she had thought, but actually all the way from Berkshire!

27 Nov 2010 11:10

The Old Cannon Brewery, Bury St Edmunds

I always visit this bar when I'm in BSE and was pleased to see that it was still open despite major refurbishment works going on everywhere! Had time for a pint of Best Bitter (excellent and only �2.50) plus their new beer St.Edmunds Head ( a dark ale at 5% - again very drinkable). I have stayed at the Old Canon on a couple of occasions before and found it very acceptable in every respect. I can't comment on the "slow service" as I have never had a problem, but it does get very busy especially for food so perhaps that's where the problem is. I would always recommend the Old Canon and it is well worth the walk from the town centre.

27 Nov 2010 11:04

The Beerhouse, Bury St Edmunds

I used to quite like The Ipswich Arms as a pub although the GK beer was never brilliant. However, since being converted to The Beerhouse this pub is now a must to visit when in BSE (It's very handy for the train station). I had a couple of new brewers beers (Grain/Brandon) but there was a very good selection and some interesting ales to come. The pub is a sort of mix between alehouse and contemporary - some old pews and some newish fittings - trying to appeal to all types of customers I reckon. Still, well worth a visit and a welcome addition to the town's drinking venues. I just hope they can keep up the beer standards and attract locals down to this part of town. I understand they are planning to brew on site in the future.

27 Nov 2010 10:59

The Dove, Bury St Edmunds

I used to travel to Bury on business regularly but I visited this pub last week for the first time as I had always assumed it was a Greene King outlet. It still is but the licensees are apparently allowed to run it as a Free House. (Perhaps GK would like to extend this idea to other areas of the land where they have a stack of pubs). Anyway, very friendly, very busy and great beer (I had Brewers Gold but there were beers from Nethergate.Woodforde's;Elgoods and Brandon). Very reasonable prices and I can easily understand why it is Suffolk Pub of the Year. Looks like they either make their own pork scratchings or certainly bag them up on site. A highly recommended pub.

27 Nov 2010 10:53

The Three Tuns, Reading

A welcome recent refurbishment of this pub will hopefully turn things round for the trade at a pub which has had mixed fortunes over the years. Adnams Bitter and Shepherd Neame Spitfire on tap at reasonable prices. Both bars look like Lounges and there appear to be no pub games but that may be what the place needs. The 17 bus terminates outside and the pub is handy for the Uni and there are plenty of chimney pots around so it should do well.

24 Nov 2010 23:21

The White Lion, Bristol

A pub I always try to visit when I'm in Bristol and I wasn't disappointed this time round. Good Wickwar beer; chatty locals and staff and very reasonable prices. As has been noted there's not much room inside but that's part of its appeal. Mind you the spiral staircase down to the Gents should only be tackled when sober !!

24 Nov 2010 23:11

The Seven Stars, Bristol

Well worth it's award as Bristol's CAMRA Pub of the Year ! Good range of beer, typical alehouse decor, friendly welcome and handy for the station as well. My Otter Bitter was just right for my first pint of the day and I shall recommend this place to my friends for our next trip to Bristol - another good example of a pub which a big brewer could not make a go of but which has been brought back to life (and thriving) under independent ownership.

24 Nov 2010 23:08

The Orchard Inn, Bristol

This was was my first visit to this little pub which is just round the back of the SS Great Britain. I always like pubs which have a couple of good beers; daily newspapers; local chat and fresh rolls at the bar. I had a pint of perry which,whilst good,probably did me for the rest of the day!! I would imagine that this place once belonged to a major brewer so it just goes to show what can be done when it is becomes a proper pub again!!

24 Nov 2010 23:03

The Old Fish Market, Bristol

A good drop of Butcombe Bitter and I must admit I was very nearly tempted by the smell of Thai food wafting across the bar (but Pieminister pies awaited later). The Sky TV sports news channel was on but with no sound so it was not distracting and overall this is a good pub - worth a visit.

24 Nov 2010 22:58

Grain Barge, Bristol

It was mid-afternoon when I visited recently so not many punters,but still a place to go to for a very decent pint (the Bristol Sunrise being exceptional) and to watch the comings and goings on the water. Very pleasant young ladies behind the bar - this must be a great place to have a beer on a warm summer's evening. I will make a note in my 2011 diary !!

24 Nov 2010 22:54

The Cornubia, Bristol

This place has obviously changed hands since the days of Hidden Brewery ownership and what a difference! Great beer (and cider), very friendly and much more life in the bar than I can ever remember. Enjoyed a couple of Quantock beers. Good mix of customers with quite a few "suited and booted" drinkers enjoyed the atmosphere. A pub I shall always visit when in town.

24 Nov 2010 22:49

The Three Tuns, Hotwells

I was pleased to find this pub as the nearby Bag O'Nails has now closed. Tried Arbor Ales for the first time and was well satisfied. Friendly chap behind the bar and I shall be using this place again when in Bristol.

24 Nov 2010 22:44

The Bree Louise, Euston

Visited her last week to find very under-par beer (my Oakham JHB was mediocre to say the least) and some of our party sent their ales back. I was also disappointed with the food - I ordered one of their "famous" pies which came with a huge mound of puff pastry but not much in the way of filling. Looks like someting serious has happened at The Bree and it is certainly not the pub it was. We,like others, opted for the Euston Tap instead.

24 Nov 2010 22:41

The Roebuck, Reading

Yes - a good boozer with good beer although it is at a price! I think �3.20 a pint for Morland's Original Bitter is a bit steep for this part of town. However, it was in good nick.

10 Nov 2010 10:57

The Pitcher and Piano, Reading

Now sells a form of "real ale" which is Marstons Pedigree and Wychwood Hobgoblin although they have been of very variable quality since the first appeared on the bar. Both are served by a new "fast cask" system which apparently allows cask beer to drop bright very quickly. This may be OK for this type of bar but heaven forbid it becomes the norm and more traditional pubs.

10 Nov 2010 10:54

The Black Horse, Reading

As has been said before - this is a superb pub in the true country inn traditional. However - please be aware that it is a good 8 or 9 miles north of Reading and you will need a car to get there. It is in Oxfordshire despite the RG postcode. Don't let this stop you getting there though as it is well worth seeking out.

10 Nov 2010 10:48

The Upin Arms, Reading

On my last visit they had beers from Shepheard Neame; Keltek; Purity; Everards and Sharps as well as 3 Weston's real ciders on draught. A very welcome addition to the real ale scene in Reading.

11 Oct 2010 09:10

The Blagrave Arms, Reading

Pleased to say that this pub has now re-opened un der new ownership and has 4 real ales (Black Sheep/Landlord and 2 guest beers from the local Loddon Brewery). There are no fruit machiines or pool table but there is a real fire. No food but beer prices are very fair for the area (�3.00 a pint). Needs some pictures on the walls but they will come eventually!! Very handy for the station and town centre and well worth a visit. Good luck to Sam and his team.

11 Oct 2010 08:57

The Upin Arms, Reading

This pub has just re-opened as The Abbot Cook and has been completely transformed from the old grotty Upin Arms. It is now a smart bistro-style bar with a good food offer; comfortable surroundings and very pleasant staff. There are now 5 Real Ales available (which will be rotated on a regular basis)plus a great selection of imported beers and lagers (from Spain; Germany;Czech Republic and America). It has two outside drinking /smoking areas and is an excellent new venue in this part of Reading.

29 Sep 2010 17:11

Zero Degrees, Reading

OK the beer is cold but the selection is pretty good and the quality is fine. Try the seasonal beers at present (Apple Wheat and the excellent Dunkel). Best time is 4-7 Mon to Friday when it is �2.00 a pint. Hoorah.

24 Sep 2010 21:34

The Turks, Reading

Another pub where the price of a half pint is not the price of half of a pint !!!!

24 Sep 2010 21:31

Sahara, Reading

Had been closed for a while due to a "Licensing Dispute" but that has been resolved and is open and trading once again. No real ale but always seems popular. (p.s if you want draught beer try Zerodegrees next door - they brew their own)

24 Sep 2010 21:28

The Horn, Reading

New management trying to attract new customers? The new home of London Irish? Well, please tell me how come a pint of Jennings Bitter is �3.30 yet a half is �1.80 ??!!!??? All they have done is encourage me to go elsewhere - to a pub where a half pint costs half of a pint.

24 Sep 2010 21:19

The Hope Tap, Reading

Beer has been pretty good recently with a varied seleciton of Real Ales. The manager has run both the Baron Cadogan and The Monks Retreat before the Hope Tap and usually keeps his beer well. It is a Wetherspoons with all that entails but I use it on a regular basis and it's generally OK.

24 Sep 2010 21:16

Great Expectations, Reading

Had a couple of decent guest beers recently (including one from Rudgate Brewery). It's just off the town centre (cut off by the ring road) but probably worth a visit now and again to see what's available. Dickensian theme to the bar areas and accommodation available.

24 Sep 2010 21:11

The Four Horseshoes, Reading

This pub is not in Reading but actually some 9 miles north in Oxfordshire !!

24 Sep 2010 21:08

Chronicles Bar and Restaurant, Reading

This bar/restaurant has been closed as Chonicles but looks as though it is about to re-open as Mannakoo which may be a replacement for the existing bar of that name (The old "Jolly Porter" which is due to be re-developed as part of the Sation Hill project). Looks like the may also be opening the underground bar/club next to the existing Mannakoo bar.

24 Sep 2010 21:07

The Blagrave Arms, Reading

Pub has a new licensee who aims to re-open in early October. Pool table and fruit machine have gone. Should be 4 real ales available with possibly 2 from local micro- brewers. Looking forward to this pub being a good boozer once more.

24 Sep 2010 21:04

The Three Guineas, Reading

A few points to bear in mind.
a) The beer range is great and usually in good nick.
b) It's �3.20 a pint
c) They close dead on (or even earlier) than 11pm even at weekends.
d) It's a rugby pub (London Irish).
e) It is designated for away football fans only.
f) It has a big TV screen plus other normal ones. SKY etc.
g) It is great for people watching from the outside seating area.
h) It can get heaving especially on match days when plastic glasses are used.
i) Obviously very handy for trains but buses also and right by the town centre.
j) Bouncers on the doors at peak times.
k) Overall - well worth a visit if only for the beer range.

13 Aug 2010 14:49

The Swan Inn, Reading

Beer has been good on my recent visits - if a tadge on the pricey side. You can get a bus (72) to the pub and it is (or will be once the horendous roadworks are complete) not to far from the Madstad. Licensees have been running this place for ages and must be one of the longest serving in the area?

13 Aug 2010 14:43

Xensations, Reading


13 Aug 2010 14:37

Varsity, Reading

This bar has recently re-opened as The Cape - real ale available but more of a young persons venue bar. South African theme.

13 Aug 2010 14:35

At The River, Reading

Has recently closed and converted to "At The River" which is more food orientated. No real ale now. Try the other pubs nearby (Griffin/Crown/Moderation/Alto)

13 Aug 2010 14:33

The Six Bells, Reading

A good few miles out of central Reading but can be done as part of the No.2 Bus Route Pub Crawl as can The Hatch Gate opposite. Beer can be variable.

13 Aug 2010 14:32

The Shurlock, Reading

You will either need a car or a limited bus service to get to this pub (which is more of a restaurant now) as it is miles away from Reading town. Run by the villagers now it was in danger of closing altogether so we should be pleased about that if nothing else.

13 Aug 2010 13:59

The Royal Oak, Reading

Again, this is a pub which is miles outside Reading - despite the postcode- and is closed anyway. Nobody seems to want it so chances are that it will go for private housing.

13 Aug 2010 13:56

The Rising Sun, Reading

Great to see this pub open again. You can make up your own mind about it but at least it is OPEN !! I was informed that it would be a music venue with live bands and karaoke etc. Brakspears beers (they are now owned by Marstons) with the ordinary bitter at �3.00 a pint when visited.

13 Aug 2010 13:55

Rising Sun, Reading

This is another "postcode" pub which is nowhere near Reading. (the Reading postcode covers many areas away from Reading - Basingstoke for example)
You will need to catch a number 2 bus to get to out as it is well out of town. Good to hear favourable reports about the beer though as you can indeed do a nice little pub crawl using the No.2 bus (it is every half hour and goes past or very close to several decent pubs).

13 Aug 2010 13:52

Queen Elizabeth, Reading

Closed and has an application for conversion to flats.

13 Aug 2010 13:48

The Orange House, Reading

CLOSED. You could try the new Tesco (the 12th in Reading !!) next door. No doubt they will be happy to flog you dirt cheap beer so that you can swig at home or in the street and help to close down more of our pubs !!!!!!

13 Aug 2010 13:48

Oasis, Reading

Closed, sold, gone (looks like we have lost this one) Part flats; part housing part car park part whatever. Rumours had it that a section would be retained as a bar but other rumours said the church next door had been involved so there would appear to be little chance of any licensed premises being on this site in the future. Head for the Nags Head in Russell Street (very nearby) instead.

13 Aug 2010 13:46

The Northumberland Arms, Reading

Closed (along with all the other pubs in this part of town) and is apparently going to be converted to a corner shop - an application for an off-licence has been submitted, so instead of the "locals" having a drink in a controlled environment, they will soon be able to buy cheap booze and go swigging it down the street with all that entails. So much for progress.

13 Aug 2010 13:43

The Malthouse, Reading

Fancy owning a pub? This one is up for grabs (freehold) at around �375K It was closed and boarded up but it looks like squatters have broken in. Try The Three Guineas up the road at the station instead.

13 Aug 2010 13:41

Kings Tavern, Reading

Still closed?? Looks like it.

13 Aug 2010 13:39

The Horns, Reading

This pub is nowhere near Reading and is closer to Henley (forget the postcode).

13 Aug 2010 13:38

Eastern Pearl, Reading

Formerly The Four Horseshoes this has been an oriental restaurant for some time now although it does retain a "bar" which is open to the public in a part of town where all the other pubs have been closed down !!

13 Aug 2010 13:36

Coopers Arms, Reading

The Coopers has been closed and will form part of a new development of the old Bristol and West Arcade. However, due to the current financial situation this could be on hold for a long time. A bar is proposed in the new scheme but details are not available at the moment. Try The Hobgoblin round the corner.

13 Aug 2010 13:33

The Claddagh Ring, Reading


13 Aug 2010 13:31

The Bugle, Reading

The Bugle has just re-opened with "new management" but possibly not with "new customers".

13 Aug 2010 13:31

The Brewery Tap, Reading

This pub is currently closed and up for lease after the council turned down an application for strippers/lap dancers/late night drinking and other such debauchery!!

13 Aug 2010 13:29

Barracuda, Reading

This bar has recently re-opened as The Cape (a so-called South African themed bar). It does sell some Real Ale but when visited had no South African beer !!
It was previously known as Varsity and will no doubt change names and themes again as trends change.

13 Aug 2010 13:27

Bar Four, Reading

Pub is currently closed. It was changed to Muse Bar and is now advertising itself as Poppys Lounge - opening soon - but that was several months ago.

13 Aug 2010 13:25

3Bs, Reading

It would appear the this bar is now closed. It was run by the town council and we have no idea what will happen to it now.

13 Aug 2010 13:23

Isaac Merritt, Paignton

We had just enough time for a couple of beers and were glad to find this Wetherspoons as everything else in Paignton looked "uninviting". Beer was very good and the staff very friendly and helpful. I had O'Hanlons and Bays both of which were in good nick. Worthy of its current entry in the Good Beer Guide.

13 Aug 2010 13:16

London Inn, Torquay

This is a Wetherspoons pub (not one of their Lloyds No1 bars) and has all the usual trappings. Beer was OK on our visit with Bays/Hunters and Exe Valley being available. Handy for the bus stops in the town centre and the harbour area. There is a Lloyds bar (The Green Ginger) in town further along the road - Fleet Walk - which also offers locally brewed beers. Service in The London Inn was a bit slow but it often is in a Wetherspoons when you are queueing behind a shipping order for food and kid's drinks !!!

13 Aug 2010 13:12

Crown and Sceptre Inn, Torquay

I would agree with the other comments - this place is a real find (a 32 bus will take you nearby) - good beer and an excellent atmosphere helped by the bric-a-brac. It's handy for the football ground and Babbacombe Model Village/Cliff Railway. Well worth the effort to get there.

13 Aug 2010 13:05

The Hole in the Wall, Torquay

Excellent little pub up a side street off the Strand area(opposite Debenhams/London Inn). Good range of beer(local brews feature) ; restaurant and pub grub. Outside smoking/drinking area; occasional live music (usually a duo); nice feel to the place and probably the best pub in this part of town. A must when you are next in Torquay.

13 Aug 2010 13:01

The Hogshead, Torquay

This pub is CLOSED.

13 Aug 2010 12:57

The Prince of Wales, St Helier

I like this little pub and think it has quite a bit or character and a welcome retreat after visiting the market next door. Excellent old set of handpumps although two or three are now defunct and have been converted for use for keg beer and lager. However there were 3 cask beers on and the one I had (a World Cup special) was OK. With a bit more TLC (see previous comments) this could be one of the best boozers in town.

7 Jul 2010 15:25

The Village Inn, St Martin

This is another pub which has changed direction and is now called The Bass and Lobster (the Bass being the fish and not the beer). I was unable to visit to check on the facilities but from the outside it looked very "restauranty". As far as the previous correspondent not being able to get local beers - well things have changed and Liberation Ales (Mary Ann/Jersey Brewery) are becoming more widely available across the island. They are generally good and it is encouraging to see real ale making a come-back. Look out for them in the old Jersey Brewery pubs.

7 Jul 2010 15:22

The Trinity Arms, Trinity

Two bar pub with plenty of outside seating a a kid's playground. Liberation Ale and Liberation Blond were available and were good. Lounge bar was set up for dining whilst the main bar was the local's bar. Looked like it catered for everyone. Worth stopping off at if you are in this part of the island or worth heading to if your'e not.

7 Jul 2010 15:17

The Tenby Bars, St Aubin

Busy pub right on the harbour with outside seating at the front and side. Didn't eat there but it looked like a typical pub menu. Directors Bitter was the only cask ale - the second pint was better as it was much cooler than the first. I got the feeling that this was a locals bar as well as catering for tourists. More details on the Randalls (pubco) website.

7 Jul 2010 15:13

The Rozel Bay Hotel, Rozel

A recent visit found Liberation Ale; London Pride and Bass on handpump although the Liberation was hazy but drinkable. I got the feeling that this pub had changed hands. Only a handful of customers but it was a Tuesday lunchtime so perhaps weekends are busier. The number 3 bus stops just up the road and the hourly service allows you time for a pint or two !!

7 Jul 2010 15:08

The Peirson, St Helier

Next to The Cock and Bottle with an outside seating area in Royal Square. I had a decent pint of Liberation Ale and there was Bass on draught also. Not a bad pub at all.

7 Jul 2010 15:04

The Original Wine Bar, St Helier

Looked very closed when I passed by last Tuesday - although the beer fonts were still on the bar and all the furniture was still there. Maybe it only opens in the evenings or at weekends now?? Anybody known anything about it?

7 Jul 2010 15:03

Old Court House Inn, Saint Aubin

We have conflicting views about this place. The outside areas are pleasant enough and the beer was OK (although it was in the back section of the bar and not oon the "boat" counter. I think it is snacks in the bar areas and bistro at the back with a separate restaurant on the upper floor. Still worth a visit and probably the best bar in St.Aubin.

7 Jul 2010 15:00

The Lamplighter, St Helier

I always visit this place when I am in Jersey as it still has the best selection of real ales on the island. Just wish they would put the prices on the "guest beers". Anyway, all in good nick with Skinners "Betty Stoggs" being my favourite.There seemed to be a TV screen at every table during the World Cup.

7 Jul 2010 14:57

The Cock and Bottle, St Helier

Agreed - very pleasant with good beer and a nice cup of coffee for the wife !!

7 Jul 2010 14:53

The Landmark, St Brelade

No longer The Landmark but didn't visit to see what was on offer.

7 Jul 2010 14:52

The Exeter Inn, St Helier

This is now the "Up and Down " sports bar and is one of many pubs on the island which are either being closed or changing from traditional pubs into theme or venue bars/restaurants.

7 Jul 2010 14:50

Gordon's Wine Bar, Charing Cross

Have I got it wrong? BEER in the Evening has a Wine Bar - which doesn't sell BEER - in its Top 40?!!
Surely this is a mistake.

29 May 2010 19:54

The Rose and Crown, Charlbury

A great pub with consitently good beer and friendly locals. A pleasant surprise to find it open all day but thankful it was. Well worth the walk up from the station and a very enjoable couple opf pints between trains (try the Oxfordshire Day Ranger ticket which gives open access between Reading; Moreton-in-Marsh;Banbury ; Oxford and Bicester. Great value and some good pubs en route). Anyway the R&C is highly recommeded.

2 Jul 2009 11:43

Varsity, Reading

Real ale has been introduced to this bar. There were four handpumps when I visited and the beer range was Youngs Bitter; Marstons Pedigree; Wells Bombardier and a local beer - Andwell Brewery's Gold Muddler. (though it is possible that not all beers are on at any one time) The Bombardier was �1.95 a pint which is pretty good for a town centre venue bar these days.

2 Jul 2009 11:28

The Rising Sun, Reading

Good new - according to the local paper, some customers are trying to raise the deposit to re-open this pub so hopefully we will get a successful outcome.

2 Jul 2009 11:25

At The River, Reading

Apologies to all - the correct name of this bar is SAWDY'S SPORTS BAR.

27 Jun 2009 12:00

The Monks Retreat, Reading

Yes it is a large typical Wetherspoons with an "interesting mix of clientele" but with around 6 or 7 guest beers available at under �2 a pint (often from local
breweries) !!!!! I won't tell anyone I saw you in

21 Jun 2009 22:11

The Lyndhurst, Reading

Beer is usually good with a selection of five on handpump. I often pop in for a pint as part of the East Reading pub crawl (which includes The Retreat; The Eldon Arms and The Fishermans Cottage but sadly not The Jolly Anglers any more). The licensees also run The Moderation and The Warwick.

21 Jun 2009 22:03

Kings Tavern, Reading

Has this pub shut?

21 Jun 2009 21:58

Oasis, Reading

Quinno needs to be quick foe his next visit and there are reports that the pub has been sold for (part) conversion to flats. However, it is rumoured that a portion of the bar may remain open and also that the church next door has bought some of the land for car parking? Anyone know any more about this?

21 Jun 2009 21:56

The Oakford Social Club, Reading

Whoops - sorry folks - I put my comments on the entry on the previous page. Anyway, 2 real ales on handpump (I had Mordue and Cains on my last visit); daily papers available but the pub is a music venue on several nights so the atmosphere will change. Handy for the buses ,train and town centre. Worth a visit though.

21 Jun 2009 21:52

Zero Degrees, Reading

Despite the ongoing discussions about "is this real ale or not" I like it and always have at least one pint of their Black Lager (�2 a pint during happy hour). I have eaten here with friends and it was OK but I must admit that they are sometimes short-staffed at the bar often at the busiest times. The latest fruit beer is Apple Wheat (not tried it but it was selling)

21 Jun 2009 21:26

Yates's, Reading

Here's a piece of useless information about Yatess' - a pub which many people don't seem to rate very highly. They had a special beer brewed for them to celebrate their 125th Birthday - this was a cask bitter called (yes you've guessed) Birthday Ale and it was sold for (correct again) �1.25 a pint . As the celebrations were due to finish at the end of June then you only have a few days left to sample this brew,so hurry on down there right now.

21 Jun 2009 21:12

Three Tuns, Reading

I think this pub has been listed in the wrong place. It is near Slough and not Reading.

21 Jun 2009 20:59

The Rising Sun, Reading

The Rising Sun has now closed (yet another one in Reading to shut recently). No known reason but as it is boarded-up it looks pretty permanent. Shame in a way, as this used to be an old-fashioned Brakspear's pub and was handy for the station (almost the only real ale pub near the station in those days). It went downhill when it was turned into a Tut 'N'Shive themed bar some time ago and was more recently an outlet for rock bands and the like. If you ever knew the old Rising Sun, I'm sure you will miss it.

21 Jun 2009 20:52

The Oakford Social Club, Reading

This, of course, is not a social club in the accepted sense but it is a large pub near the station which offers real ale, food and music. The photo must be old as the name changed some time ago. Usually two ever-changing cask beers from 3 handpumps (Mordue and Cains when I last visited). It's generally OK but as it is a venue style bar in the evenings the atmosphere and noise level will change. Not bad for a lunchtime pint - and you can browse through the daily papers as well. Very handy for the station; buses and town centre.

21 Jun 2009 20:34

The Gateway, Reading

I don't mind this pub - the London Pride is usually OK (�3 pint) and the bar staff friendly enough. Worth a visit now and again.

21 Jun 2009 20:15

The Fishermans Cottage, Reading

New licensees - Fullers range plus a guest (Jennings Cumberland Ale when I went). Not a bad place to sit and watch the boats go by, but I used in conjunction with a visit to the Jolly Anglers (now closed) so perhaps I will not get there as often.

21 Jun 2009 20:12

Bird in Hand, Reading

Latest information is that this pub is closed and boarded up.

21 Jun 2009 20:06

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