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The Barley Mow, Southsea

a good evening with a good range of beers, a very nice pub

25 Aug 2014 22:07

Leopold Tavern, Southsea

So you don't like it lemon(another bogus single post commenter), don't go in everybody else likes it, it's always crowded, and have you ever thought if the staff seem unhappy, it might be how you talk to them, they always seem fine to me

13 May 2014 06:56

Leopold Tavern, Southsea

So you don't like it lemon(another bogus single post commenter), don't go in everybody else likes it, it's always crowded, and have you ever thought if the staff seem unhappy, it might be how you talk to them, they always seem fine to me

13 May 2014 06:53

Old Vic, Southsea

changed hands

22 Oct 2013 11:44

The Alma Arms, Southsea

went in yesterday, a lot nicer, not yet the best pub in town, but a huge improvement, beer very good

9 Oct 2013 10:24

The Lawrence Arms, Southsea

now in Camra's Good Beer Guide, always 4 ales and at least 4 real ciders on tap, definitely worth a visit

17 Sep 2013 11:17

The Queen Inn, Winchester

I don't think sud's comment can be about this pub!(probably works elsewhere, possibly the eclipse), It is now one of my favourite pubs in Winchester, friendly and knowlegable staff, good food, and an excellent ale range, all combine to make an atmosphere of a great pub

17 Sep 2013 11:11

The Alma Arms, Southsea

ignore previous posts, it has reopened and now has no political allegences, could be a good pub again, lets hope so

22 Jul 2013 10:12

The Travellers Rest, Fareham


16 Jul 2013 14:13

The Travellers Rest, Fareham


16 Jul 2013 14:13

The Royal, Portsmouth

Now reopened, selling Oakleaf TSB on my visit, not bad at 2.80 a pint, can only continue to improve now it's not a waddies pub

3 Jul 2013 14:18

The Nell Gwynne, Southsea

re=opened today, ignore previous votes/comments, a great new addition to the Southsea pub scene, 6+ beers, 18+ ciders, looks very promising

20 May 2013 19:33

The Alma Arms, Southsea

closed, the fascist has done a runner sold all of the furniture and owes lots of people money

8 May 2013 09:08

The Nell Gwynne, Southsea

Due to re-open next week, stuck my head round the door yesterday, looks a totally different pub, and a bank of handpumps, looks very interesting, I'll report back soon

8 May 2013 09:04

The Florence Arms, Southsea

in reply to dubaifox( another 1 off poster), I neither wear sandles(correct spelling), or have a beard, for being in the 21st century, replace with corporate, where was I when Greg and Jane had it?, in there a lot more than I am now,busier? not at the times I visit, I stand by my previous comment, once a 9 now a 3, a sad thing

7 May 2013 12:57

The Phoenix, Southsea

Now selling real cider

14 Apr 2013 11:43

The Royal Oak, Rusper

Al, I am not anti this pub, but hardly ever go now, as 1) the beer quality is very variable 2) if you suggest to the landlady that any ale is less than perfect you get the cold shoulder for the rest of the night, not a pleasant pub anymore

23 Mar 2013 12:37

The Florence Arms, Southsea

Oh dear, what's happened here?, it's gone from bad to worse, a lot worse, popped in after the refurb, very corporate, this used to be a pub. lots of deals on food but nothing on drinks, all big company and no individualism, can't see it lasting long like this, shame

27 Feb 2013 10:25

The White Horse, Southsea

less atmosphere than the local mc spoons, beer very average, wander round to the barley or the hole in the wall to see how a pub should be, and enjoy nice beer

9 Jan 2013 19:21

The Fifth Hants Volunteer Arms, Southsea

changed hands, still a rough old boozer, beer still dodgy

20 Dec 2012 15:18

The Queens Head, Titchfield

I have to totally change my comment of 5/7/11, this pub has come on leaps and bounds especially in the local ale department, and at the same time the Wheatsheaf has become VERY foodie, and you don't feel comfortable just popping in for a beer nowadays, this is my pub of choice when visiting Titchfield nowadays

20 Dec 2012 14:14

The Blue Anchor, Portsmouth

I don't know where Janner gets his (mis)information from, but although 1 half is now a pizza restaurant, the other half is re-opening in the new year, it looks quite nice in there

19 Dec 2012 15:00

The Kings Head, Gosport

CLOSED now a spar shop

18 Dec 2012 10:06

The Waterloo Arms, Freemantle

another manager sacked, a pity because this one was good

13 Dec 2012 21:17

The Spur, Slindon

a restaurant not a pub nowadays, run by a really miserable landlord

15 Nov 2012 11:00

The Wilkes Head, Eastergate

What a stunning little pub, hidden away down a small lane, a good range of local ales from small brewers and good food at reasonable prices, with a nice homely comfortable feel, a must if you're in the area

15 Nov 2012 10:42

The Plough & Attic Rooms, Rusper

It's owned by the hotel behind it, who think it's an inconvenience, but aren't allowed to close it

13 Nov 2012 09:21

The Royal Oak, Rusper

the beer is VERY variable, so is the welcome, sells to big a range of ales to keep them all well

6 Nov 2012 14:24

The Bugle Inn, Twyford

very much a restaurant that sells the odd pint of local ale, and they don't really like it if you come in just for a drink, you'll be better off at the Pheonix now it's free of tie, for beer a welcome and atmosphere

30 Oct 2012 10:12

The Fish House, Chilgrove

drive straight past, go to the Royal Oak instead, a better pub, and it'll save you money

25 Oct 2012 10:21

The Royal Oak, Hooksway

Shantyman, another single poster, wonder what failing pub he comes from?

25 Oct 2012 10:20

The Maypole, Yapton

a good pub, but nowhere near as good as when Alan ran it, wonder what happened to him

10 Oct 2012 13:20

The Elm Tree Inn, Swanwick

good pub, reasonably priced food, local ales

21 Sep 2012 15:54

The Silver Fern, Warsash

greede kerching pub, not really worth stopping for

21 Sep 2012 15:51

Ferryman, Warsash

much improved pub, selling doom bore and a couple of local ales

21 Sep 2012 15:50

The Florence Arms, Southsea

once a 9 now a 3, a sad thing

10 Sep 2012 14:47

The Rising Sun, Winchester

re-opened last week, has had a refurb but stilldefinately a pub not a bar, had some Oakleaf beers on, very drinkable

13 Aug 2012 17:27

The Retreat, Reading

it's been given a stay of exicution until November, but the pub co want to close it, as it's "unviable", all they have to do is make it free of tie and give the landlord and landlady half a chance

23 Jul 2012 23:21

West Town, Hayling Island

still a pub not a restaurant, beer ok if unadventurous choice, worth having a pint

21 Jul 2012 12:35

The Maypole Inn, Hayling Island

very average fullers ale, limited atmosphere

21 Jul 2012 12:34

The Rose in June, Portsmouth

annual beer festival this weekend, 25+ beers and several real ciders, plus some great entertainment, a highlight of the year

27 Jun 2012 16:57

The Jolly Sailor, Burseldon

truly awful pub, great location

25 Jun 2012 17:48

The Clarence Tavern, Gosport

much improved pub of late, ale excellent

11 Jun 2012 07:28

The Retreat, Reading

yes jason if you want to drink ice cold ale in a barn, then you'd go to 'spoons, if however you want excellent ale in convivial surroundings you'll fight to save this pub

10 Jun 2012 12:04

Nags Head, Reading

best pub in reading

10 Jun 2012 11:53

The Old Customs House, Portsmouth

only one reason Vic,because gunwharf is full of tw*ts who don't care, take a 5 minute walk into southsea for some decent pubs

9 Jun 2012 09:01

The Fawcett Inn, Southsea

much improved pub, real ale on, now just needs to sell some interesting ones and i'll be a regular

5 Jun 2012 10:30

The Rose and Crown, Huish Episcopi

There is one Hen, The national inventory of pub interiors, and ELI's is listed very highly(as it should be)

4 Jun 2012 21:09

The Retreat, Reading

this pub is a national treasure, it must not be allowed to close

4 Jun 2012 19:50

The Winchester Arms, Portsmouth

beer and cider festival, jubilee weekend, it's usually a great weekend

25 May 2012 16:19

The Old Ale Emporium, Harringay

george, yet another one post poster, ignore

20 May 2012 09:02

The Florist, Fratton


17 May 2012 12:52

The Dolphin, Portsmouth

and recently scored 0 out of 5 in a local council hygene inspection! the only outlet in Pompey to score so low, avoid

17 May 2012 12:44

The Rock, Chiddingstone Hoath

even better, pistolknight posts the same thing twice, (and nothing else), wonder if he's related to scrumpy?, they might even run a(failing) pub together

12 May 2012 01:25

The Rock, Chiddingstone Hoath

so who are you scrumpy?, not quite a one post, poster, You've posted twice! both about the same pub, that is a world classic, that I've never found "hostile", I wonder which failing pub you run

6 May 2012 00:22

Leopold Tavern, Southsea

the beer festival starts today, and runs for 9 days, a good list, I'll be going down, often

20 Apr 2012 17:08

The South Western, St Denys

sorry BM1, I agree about the Enterprise bit, but don't you nowadays mean, second best beer festivals in it's own street, because the Junction is brilliant(even though it's owned by the even bigger bandits, Greede Kerchink)

12 Apr 2012 14:56

Pheasant Inn, Cockermouth

excellent historic inn, sit in the bar and the history just oozes from everything, well kept ales, pleasent staff, and prices no higher than some local pubs, a must visit if your in the lakes

12 Apr 2012 11:57

The Tithe Barn, Cockermouth

more of a restaurant than a pub, but you are still welcome to just a have a beer

12 Apr 2012 11:54

The Swan Inn, Cockermouth

welcoming older style pub, sells mild, and it was in excellent form

12 Apr 2012 11:52

The Kingfisher, Cockermouth

sadly dissapointing, only one ale on, from robinson's, almost undrinkable, spotty youths drinking coke, and playing pool

12 Apr 2012 11:51

The Fletcher Christian Tavern, Cockermouth

no wonder he was mutinous, rough town pub, only had a half, won't be back

12 Apr 2012 11:49

The Cock and Bull, Cockermouth

a pub with the right name!, some great stories being told , early afternoon, sells the more unusual marstons beers, friendly pub

12 Apr 2012 11:46

The Castle Bar, Cockermouth

very good pub, bar in the large room at the front, two or three other drinking areas and good restaurant upstairs, interesting beers, well served

12 Apr 2012 11:44

The Bush, Cockermouth

ok pub, but nothing special, worth a pint, but only if you are passing

12 Apr 2012 11:43

The Brown Cow, Cockermouth

looking at the rabble outside smoking was enough, I didn't venture in, so I haven't rated it

12 Apr 2012 11:41

The Black Bull, Cockermouth

average boozer, jennings ok

12 Apr 2012 11:40

The Bitter End, Cockermouth

very unwelcoming, barmaid texting her mate for ages before she came to serve, only one of there "own" beers on, so I had a pint, very average, asked if they ever had anymore of there own, and was told, "oh that's not our beer, we just get somebody else's in and use our pumpclip"!, avoid

12 Apr 2012 11:39

1761, Cockermouth

Probably the best pub in Cockermouth, good beer, pleasent staff, and even a few belgian beers as well

12 Apr 2012 11:35

The Black Boy, Winchester

losing out to the Hyde nowadays, and I'm not surprised

5 Apr 2012 17:53

Wheelbarrow, Southsea

now a tea room

11 Feb 2012 14:41

Railway Hotel, Ringwood

oh what a change, now a really good pub, with changing guest ales

9 Feb 2012 08:35

The Gardeners Arms, Lewes

stunning little pub, good range of ales, always something dark, worth the wander from the town centre

24 Jan 2012 11:02

The Crown, Bishops Waltham

Fullers?, how is that looking UP???, please tell us malo

17 Jan 2012 09:52

The Alma Arms, Southsea

popped in for the first time in ages, I felt totally out of place, 1 I didn't have a shaved head, 2 I drink beer not strong lager, 3 I don't swear loudly when I go drinking, 4 I never use word's like .... well you get the idea, avoid if you've got brain cells

9 Jan 2012 18:07

The White House, Portsmouth

closed and boarded up

23 Dec 2011 14:34

Rutland Arms, Southsea

recently changed hands, definately on the up, always offers a local ale, that is in really good condition, has started doing proper pub food as well, definately on the up

13 Dec 2011 10:31

The Hole in The Wall, Southsea

excellent couple of pints, and an extended menu of foreign beers, now selling a good range of 15-20 belgian beers.

13 Dec 2011 10:28

The Eastfield Hotel, Southsea

superb pint of cornish knocker, good to see this pub getting busier and better again

13 Dec 2011 10:26

The Florence Arms, Southsea

oh, rainy, another 1 comment poster, I wonder what struggling pub you come from?, the welcome in the Flo is always warm and jovial, and the beer and cider top notch, as is the varied entertainment, a top class pub

13 Dec 2011 10:24

The Harrow, Steep

I'm often in this excellent country pub, and I'm a Camra member, does that make me smelly, Sickslinger?

20 Nov 2011 17:15

The Dolphin, Portsmouth

this pub is a fine example of RIP OFF BRITAIN, all of the real ales are priced at 3.60 (top end but not excessive), but if you only want a half it's 2.00!, a mark up of 80p a pint, for very averagely served ales, avoid there are better pubs nearbye

6 Nov 2011 10:33

The Eldon Arms, Southsea

popped in here after walking past the empty and deserted King st. tavern, although not full(about 20 people), it had a nice atmosphere, good local ales, real cider and a friendly landlord, just how a pub should be

28 Oct 2011 11:16

Alfold Barn, Alfold

i think you are lucky, you've only experience the rudeness(and very snobby) attitude on the phone, not while you are there, giving them money

6 Oct 2011 10:37

The Hole in The Wall, Southsea

Popped in last night, they have already sold 15 firkins in 2 days, only 35 more to sample in the next7, what I had last night was stunning

3 Oct 2011 12:51

The Blisland Inn, Blisland

heaven on earth

25 Aug 2011 10:14

The Fur and Feathers, Herriard

still more of a restaurant than a pub, but beer always in good nick

25 Aug 2011 10:12

The Ball and Wicket, Heath End

I hope it's not over and out, a Landlord as rude and unproffesional as this one should told about it on every occasion possible, keep up the good work

19 Aug 2011 13:56

The Hyde Tavern, Winchester

and so it's not bitter should be good, it's just been voted champion speciality beer of britain 2011 at the GBBF

7 Aug 2011 00:34

The Wooden Spoon, Downton

carlos23, another one off reviewer, I wonder which pub he owns that is not as good or as friendly as this one?

28 Jul 2011 14:00

The Hinton Arms, Cheriton

Very expensive very average beer, no atmosphere, and owen mattia has only ever submitted 2 reviews, both of this pub, and only 3 minutes apart!, I'd say drive up the hill to Milbury's instead of stopping here

25 Jul 2011 13:16

Old House at Home, Milton

New Landlord, definately making a difference, beer choice has gone up, always something local on, and it's always in good nick, also does a range of real ciders, a pub on the way up

19 Jul 2011 07:05

The Queens Head, West Chiltington

don't worry QH, charlotte works at another local pub, just wonder why she's so bitter, is that because your so good?

18 Jul 2011 21:50

First In Last Out, Winchester

up for sale

8 Jul 2011 11:35

The Titchfield Mill, Fareham

average chain rubbish, pity because it's a great building

5 Jul 2011 07:52

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Fareham

small cosy pub, good beer and friendly locals, best pub in the area

5 Jul 2011 07:50

The Queens Head, Titchfield

ok pub, worth a pint if you are local, but the wheatsheaf is a lot better

5 Jul 2011 07:49

The Fifth Hants Volunteer Arms, Southsea

HSB, as flat as a pancake worse I've ever had, will not go back

1 Jul 2011 00:03

The Still and West, Portsmouth

walked in, tried to get served, no we haven't got HSB, no we haven't got pride, ok I'll have ESB, half way through pouring it the barmen yelled, and I mean yelled NO DOGS, why he couldn't have said it quietly to the person behind me I don't know why he shouted, he then gave me a pint with an Inch and a half head (thats 3cm, to younger people), charged me 3.55, then when I asked for a top up, said "I'm busy ", I waited, got a top up, but I won't go back

30 Jun 2011 23:48

The Ball and Wicket, Heath End

as stated on here previously, holsten is the landlord, it comes to something when you can't slip a local a free pint to big your pub up, a visit here is not worth the effort

28 Jun 2011 11:04

The Junction Inn, St Denys

forget the fact that it's greede kerchink, there's lots of other good independant guest beer, great atmosphere, very friendly landlord and staff, and a very nice pub all round

26 Jun 2011 07:48

The Bugle Hotel, Fareham

average beer, poor food very expensive, no real atmosphere

26 Jun 2011 07:46

Euston Tap, Euston

Strange pub, built in a gatehouse, just outside Euston station, huge selection of rare foreign bottles, and beers, and a good selection of real ales, small upstairs seating area, where everybody watches you go into the single toilet, good for a quick visit, but wouldn't spend all night

22 Jun 2011 14:40

The Ball and Wicket, Heath End

i've still never had a decent pint in there

17 Jun 2011 18:05

The Queens Head, St Pancras

Thank you to the Landlord, who after I had posted my previous comment, sent me a message and full apology, they had staffing issues, but thanks to his customer service I am going to make a special journey next time I'm in London

14 Jun 2011 19:15

The Market Porter, Borough

stunning range of beers, staff quick and efficent, all ales tried were in good to very good nick, not homely but a great pub that's always worth a visit

12 Jun 2011 11:03

The George, London Bridge

a london institution, from outside anyway, full of tourists, beer (greede kerchink), very poor, don't stay inside it's crap, outside is good to sit and think about history, (and pour your beer down the drain) and walk round to a decent pub

12 Jun 2011 11:01

The White Hart, Whitechapel

looked quite rough from outside, was ok when your in, only pride and spitfire on tap, a proper pub

12 Jun 2011 10:57

The Pride of Spitalfields, Shoreditch

this pub has gone downhill, still better than anything else in the vicinity, but not what it was, beer quality not good either

12 Jun 2011 10:50

The Rising Sun, Smithfield

oh dear, what's happened here? this used to be one of the best sams pubs in london. Not today OBB barely drinkable, one of our group ordered a wheat beer, served by a snarling landlord, about 3/4 full, that's the best I can do he said, we drunk up and left, a pity because it left a half empty pub

12 Jun 2011 10:39

The Cittie of Yorke, Holborn

another visit to this great london pub, atmospheric and historic, beer was good if a tad cold

12 Jun 2011 10:29

The Lamb, Bloomsbury

Still a good pub, but no longer great, pork pies were good beer was good, service average

12 Jun 2011 10:28

The Queens Head, St Pancras

Phoned up last week to enquire about opening weekend opening times, was told 12.00, got there at 12.45, CLOSED, and no sign of any activity,

12 Jun 2011 10:26

The Eight Bells, Alton

beer quality awful, three of us each had a different beer, none were finished

1 Jun 2011 09:42

Plough, Farnham

how can the same beer be so good in the Lamb, and alnost undrinkable in here?

27 May 2011 16:45

The Highwayman, Yateley

of all the pubs in Yateley this was the best, but I don't think it's worth a rating of 8, more a good 6.5, beer good but food was average

27 May 2011 10:05

Cricketers, Yateley

again why are all the pubs in yateley scored so highly?, greede kerchink ale very averagely served in a corporate pub, there is a lot better than this out there.

27 May 2011 10:03

The Anchor Inn, Yateley

Another on my short Yateley tour, why is it 8.4 in the ratings, average pub average ale, and expensive, yateley folk get out more and see some good hampshire pubs

27 May 2011 10:01

The White Lion, Yateley

As yateley had 3 pubs in the top 10 for hampshire, I thought I'd make the trip, all I can say is that Yateley folks must be very easily pleased, very average indeed, not bad, just average gets a 5 from me

27 May 2011 10:00

Smiffys Bar, Fratton

now closed, and re-opened as a "smoothy cafe"!

15 May 2011 13:05

The Connaught Arms, Fratton

I take it the rating for this pub has been carried over from the previous landlady's time, now dire, worth about 2/10

15 May 2011 12:48

The Hyde Tavern, Winchester

you've still got it wrong, chav, accept that this pub is a world classic, everybody else does

15 May 2011 11:57

The Stag Inn, Petworth

not the pub it was under Hamish

12 May 2011 08:39

Lifeboat Inn, Hayling Island

best of the pubs on hayling island (which isn't difficult), good food and beer, and good views of the sea

24 Apr 2011 07:50

The Stag on the River, Eashing

thought I'd pop in after seeing previous reviews, what a refurb?, no what a cock up is what I'd say, somebody who reads the sunday mags but doesn't go to pubs must have done it, warm flat ale, so decided not to eat

22 Apr 2011 08:21

The Four Chestnuts, Chichester

yes it's definately chesnuts, they are a breed of horse apparentely, and still a great pub, this and the bell are the only reason to come to chi

21 Apr 2011 00:16

The Hampshire Bowman, Dundridge

adwork, another 1 comment poster, where do they all come from? do they all work in other inferior pubs?, the bowman is great, especially now they have got real local cider on draught for the summer

19 Apr 2011 16:34

The Cricketers, Littlewick Green

pity it's badger beer

10 Apr 2011 09:42

Nags Head, Reading

great pub, good range of beer, music was a bit loud to talk though, will be back

10 Apr 2011 09:40

The Allied Arms, Reading

nice pub, good beer, not a lot of atmosphere but good enough for a pint or two

10 Apr 2011 09:38

Zero Degrees, Reading

popped in for a quick one on our tour of reading, it's all keg and brewed on the premises, but it was good tasty beer(makes you wonder why the big brewers can't make fizzy beer this tasty), tried the wheat and the black lager, will be back

10 Apr 2011 09:36

The Hop Leaf, Reading

good pub five minutes up the hill from the horrible centre, has the entire range of hop back beers on, and two guests,

10 Apr 2011 09:33

The Retreat, Reading

what an excellent little backstreet local, friendly landlord and landlady, very good beer, and an old juke box with some stunning old music on it, a range of belgian bottles as well, just wish it was closer to me

10 Apr 2011 09:27

The Alehouse, Reading

well kept ale and a warm welcome, impressive beer selection, and friendly staff and locals, a great little pub

10 Apr 2011 09:24

The Blagrave Arms, Reading

impresive old in side, a little bit bare but lovely old fittings and furniture, interesting beer selection as well, will definately be back

10 Apr 2011 09:22

The Swiss Cottage, Shoreham by Sea

like a licensed mcdonalds, wander round to the Toad it's much better

8 Apr 2011 13:40

The Anchor, Henley-On-Thames

fun???, with that sour faced mare running the pub, your not allowed to have fun in the w*ncher

7 Apr 2011 16:51

The Yew Tree, Lower Wield

a restaurant not a pub

6 Apr 2011 16:58

The Ball and Wicket, Heath End

glad you enjoyed it van, obviously not a beer drinker then?

13 Mar 2011 23:29

The Eastfield Hotel, Southsea

getting busier again, has good a new friendly landlord and good beer, can only get better

13 Mar 2011 20:16

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell

I couldn't disagree with you more basil, one of the most friendly pubs in London, and I've been visiting for years, and always interesting beers, it does get a bit busy with suits on occasions, but you are in clerkenwell

27 Feb 2011 11:10

The Eastfield Hotel, Southsea

Reopened yesterday, lets hope it gets better again

16 Feb 2011 11:08

The Hole in The Wall, Southsea

No don't put this out in the country, it'd be full of hoorays, and the excellent sausage and mash would be about 12, not the great value it is now, a whole review without mentioning the beer sorry

10 Feb 2011 18:02

The Bavarian Beerhouse, Tower Hill

as bavarian as a tesco's frozen black forest gateux, tourist trap, avoid

7 Feb 2011 17:45

The Hyde Tavern, Winchester

well done chav, repeating yourself won't make you right, your still the only reviewer that doesn't like the pub, can't you see it's YOU that is wrong

7 Feb 2011 17:39

The Kings Arms, Emsworth

pleasent locals pub

24 Jan 2011 19:36

The Hyde Tavern, Winchester

Sorry chav, your wrong, I've never had a flat or warm pint in here, just excellent ale and a proper pub atmosphere, a true gem of a pub, so thinks every other poster apart from you

24 Jan 2011 12:22

The Hyde Tavern, Winchester

oh thank you, chav, it's not often that I laugh out loud at this site, but you are a genius, why would you want a cocktail(esp ready mix), in a pub like the hyde? horses for courses, if you want crap drinks go to a crap pub, and leave those of us that are stuck in the 90's to enjoy the best pub for miles, but thanks for the laugh

20 Jan 2011 17:22

The Red Lion, Southwick

dsd another 1 comment poster, did you have roland with you?

18 Jan 2011 14:00

The Eastfield Hotel, Southsea

getting a bit better, 3 beers on had batemans rosey nosey but needs loving back to form

10 Jan 2011 22:49

The Jolly Sailor, Burseldon

what a great location, what a crap pub

10 Jan 2011 22:39

The Eastfield Hotel, Southsea

re-opened today, only london pride on the ale front, looking a bit spartan, will report back shortly

12 Dec 2010 16:53

The Thomas Lord, West Meon

beer choice and quality has gone down hill, really a restaurant not a pub

10 Dec 2010 14:44

The Warwick Castle, Maida Vale

nice pub but ruined by the rugby on the telly, volume on full, only one person seeming to watch it who was swearing louder than the telly, a pity because it seemed a nice pub

21 Nov 2010 11:44

The Warrington Hotel, Maida Vale

cracking building, average service, uninspiring beer range, but still a must if you've never been

21 Nov 2010 11:39

De Hems, Soho

loud and brash as always, but it has got character, good range of european beers, but no ale

21 Nov 2010 11:37

The Dog and Duck, Soho

very small intimate corner pub, excellent pint of centurions ghost, pity the east european barmaid couldn't talk english, and didn't understand what topping up a pint meant, so only gets a 5

21 Nov 2010 11:34

The Argyll Arms, Oxford Circus

nice enough but hectic, beer was ok but not great, nice building but I wouldn't want to clean all of the mirrors

21 Nov 2010 11:32

The Cock, Oxford Circus

nice enough pub, nice sams OBB but hasn't got the atmosphere of the dover castle round the corner

21 Nov 2010 11:30

The Dover Castle, Marylebone

excellent back street boozer, sams was superb, seems to have been done up recentely, still retains a nice atmosphere

21 Nov 2010 11:28

The Coopers Arms, Chadwell Heath

Hey l2s, (another one comment poster,
have you ever thought about going into the pub first?, being polite? and asking if you can park?, and saying that you'll be back in a minute?, having manners does help

11 Nov 2010 14:24

The Selden Arms, Worthing

smells strongly of piss, now it's winter and the doors are closed it's unbearable

11 Nov 2010 14:03

The Alma Arms, Southsea

it's been done up (again)

9 Nov 2010 17:46

Good Companion, Portsmouth

souless lifeless greede kerchink, managed house, avoid if you like pubs

9 Nov 2010 09:11

The Eastfield Hotel, Southsea

closed at present

31 Oct 2010 10:19

The Bunch Of Grapes, Bishops Waltham

there's expensive and then there's really expensive and stuck up, and then there's this place, if you want to chat about green wellies and how well the goverment is doing, whilst being ripped off this is your pub

28 Oct 2010 09:44

The Three Horseshoes, Bighton

it should have a closure order put on it, until doctor death leaves this will always be a dissapointment

28 Oct 2010 09:41

The Bear and Ragged Staff, Wrecclesham

awful awful place, don't visit if you have more than 1 braincell

27 Oct 2010 09:44

The Spade Oak, Bourne End

i've actually been here, very average, i've just counted that ignoring the top 5 (all new all bourne end), 0f the next 35 i've been to 23 and this comes nowhere near any of those

11 Oct 2010 15:29

Old House at Home, Milton

definately a pub on the way up, good pint of pedogree

24 Sep 2010 14:15

The Eastbrook, Dagenham

what an excellent pub, great beer, great decor, will return soon

24 Sep 2010 14:10

The Sun Inn, Bethnal Green

i gave it an 8, before it hit the top 20, purely because i think it's worth an 8, no rodents with me

8 Sep 2010 14:14

The Royal Oak, Rusper

can't see what all of the fuss is about, yes there's a good range of beer, but the quality is very dodgy, and the landlady only wants to talk to her regulars

22 Aug 2010 21:20

The Crumplehorn Inn, Polperro

it's at no1 now, so you can get even more irate, ghosty

17 Aug 2010 14:40

The Barley Mow, Tilford

great location, louzy pub

11 Aug 2010 17:35

The Red Lion, Petersfield

now a wetherspoons, and quite a good one,

11 Aug 2010 17:09

The Cowherds Inn, Southampton

just been on telly saying they don't accept kids, i'll definately stop for a pint later in the week

11 Aug 2010 13:36

The Blue Anchor, Portsmouth

closed and boarded up, aug 2010

10 Aug 2010 09:16

The Railway, Cosham

it's closed

6 Aug 2010 10:46

The Hole in The Wall, Southsea

2210? will john still be there? will he still be smiling?

4 Aug 2010 08:35

The Sun Inn, Bethnal Green

don't think it is a rat, it's a cracking little boozer, very good at what it does, gets an 8 from me

28 Jul 2010 14:33

The Travellers Rest, Fareham

PIKEY CENTRAL, if you want a dodgy deal with no vat added come here

23 Jul 2010 13:08

Taswell Arms, Southsea

closed at present

5 Jul 2010 10:26

Wheelbarrow, Southsea

closed again, but no loss

25 Jun 2010 15:54

The Leopard, Purbrook

average, but pleasent

25 Jun 2010 09:20

The Churchillian, Portsmouth

microwave food, screaming kids(lots of them), like a licenced macdonalds without the charm 1/10

25 Jun 2010 09:16

The Blue Anchor, Portsmouth

no ale now, but selling two real ciders

25 Jun 2010 09:14

The Rose in June, Portsmouth

beer festival this weekend 25+ beers, live music, family day sunday, and good weather as well

25 Jun 2010 09:12

The Crown and Anchor, Old Woking

the c & a in the top 40?, now there is a fiddle going on, it's average but no better than that

23 Jun 2010 08:24

The Great Eastern, Brighton

what a lovely little pub, a gem

23 Jun 2010 08:19

The Merry Harriers, Hambledon

ok it was never the best pub in the world, but it did use to have atmosphere, and it was still a pub, visited today, it was like the first pub on the moon, no atmosphere at all. food was overpriced and luke warm, unfortunatelly so was the beer!, i won't be going back to this "country restaurant"

22 Jun 2010 20:27

The Wellington, Portsmouth

what a differnce to the managed pubs down on the hard, very nice staff good beer and atmosphere

3 Jun 2010 13:13

The Bridge Tavern, Portsmouth

typical soulless managed house, why serve frozen fish when you have 2 fishmongers within 100yds, pting chicken anyone?

3 Jun 2010 13:10

The Winchester Arms, Portsmouth

went to last weekends beer and cider festival, good range well kept, good boozer

3 Jun 2010 10:54

Stag, Portsmouth

average back street boozer, barmaid had a couple of interesting points about her

3 Jun 2010 10:52

Smiffys Bar, Fratton

rough, ruff, bloody ruff

3 Jun 2010 10:50

The Magpie, Fratton

it's closed but no loss, does anybody know what happened to minty?

3 Jun 2010 10:50

The Connaught Arms, Fratton

change of hands, and not for the better

3 Jun 2010 10:48

The Nell Gwynne, Southsea

if anybody wants to know how NOT to run a pub go for a pint here

3 Jun 2010 10:47

Golden Eagle, Southsea

visited last weekend, had a singer/songwriter open nighter, which was ok, which is more than i can say for the beer, how can you not keep london pride, it was awful, flat and lifeless

3 Jun 2010 10:43

The Cabmans Rest, Southsea

fairly quiet estate pub, but ok in it's own way

3 Jun 2010 10:38

The Eel Pie, Twickenham

pity it's hall and twithouse, apart from that it's quite a good pub

3 Jun 2010 08:37

Mr Pickwick, Southsea

8.5 for one of the worse pubs i've ever been in, you stick to the floor, only had greed kerchink ipa on, undrinkable tried a guinness instead, only time i've ever been served it with no head on, left it and the pub forever, how do pubs like this survive when there are so many good pubs in Southsea?

3 Jun 2010 08:24

The Rose in June, Portsmouth

excellent pint in the best pub garden in pompey, keep up the good work

6 May 2010 09:12

The Globe on the Lake, Alresford

re-opened, as much atmosphere as the moon, overpriced microwaved food, bye bye

6 May 2010 09:05

Leopold Tavern, Southsea

has been voted local camra pub of the year

6 May 2010 09:03

The Eastfield Hotel, Southsea

now has a new guv,nor, the beer quality is top notch, does mr. whiteheads cider as well

1 Mar 2010 09:58

The Golden Lion, Southwick

visited on sunday lunchtime, the place was heaving by 12.30, the food looked superb, but I didn't eat, the beer was superb, this place is settling in nicely, and is going to be(if it is not already), the best pub in Hampshire

1 Mar 2010 09:55

Ye Olde White Hart, Hamble

fairly obvious, baxter, the guide dog gets a discount the white hart is tied and doesn't, but who drinks esb in the guide dog?, when he has such a range of small independant beers to choose from

15 Jan 2010 11:32

The Golden Lion, Southwick

now re-opened and being run by Greg and Jane of the great Florence Arms in Southsea, already a really good pub that will only get better

10 Dec 2009 09:41

The Globe on the Lake, Alresford

still closed

23 Nov 2009 20:33

The Eldon Arms, Southsea

changed hands again, but is getting a lot nicer, seem to have kicked the idiots out, beer very good and also doing good pub grub

21 Nov 2009 11:31

The City Bar, Portsmouth

reopened as drift in the city, still crap

21 Nov 2009 11:25

The Filo (First In Last Out), Hastings

i visit about once a year, i've never had a good pint in there, but i'll keep trying

21 Nov 2009 11:18

The Alma Arms, Southsea

it's closed

8 Oct 2009 14:09

The Hole in The Wall, Southsea

quick note for your diary, the beer festival runs from saturday 3rd of october for 9 days, they are trying for 50 different beers in 9 days, i'll help as much as i can but i will need some assistance(big barry, hope your off that week)

7 Aug 2009 14:43

The Bun Penny, Lee on the Solent

now open as a free house, selling lots of local ale and cider, food is very good and well priced, now worth a visit

5 Aug 2009 11:43

The Coal Exchange, Emsworth

why do people like this pub?, overpriced food, very average fullers beers and very cramped

3 Aug 2009 14:45

The Royal Oak, Guildford

i agree with botb, the character of this pub has changed, and the staff are more interested in talking to each other about last nights conquests than serving customers, a pity it used to be a good pub

31 Jul 2009 08:41

The King Street Tavern, Southsea

not a bad pub, but it's only got wadworths beer, food reasonable but overpriced, so i don't visit often

22 Jul 2009 09:26

The White Swan, Portsmouth

Reopen as a wetherspoons, but not as a huge barn of a place, it's much more like a real pub, with local ale and a nice relaxed feel

10 Jul 2009 16:21

The Jolly Sailor, Burseldon

the jolly ajewel, don't make me laugh, it's a very average managed house in a very nice setting, but could be so much better, but it's not, long waits to get served longer waits for microwave food

24 Jun 2009 08:33

The Invincible, Portsmouth

best pub at this end of town, by far

19 Jun 2009 18:38

Ship Anson, Portsmouth

usual managed dissapointment

19 Jun 2009 18:37

Middlecroft, Gosport

excellant back street local

19 Jun 2009 18:36

The George and Dragon, Gosport

under new management

19 Jun 2009 18:34

The Cabmans Rest, Southsea

closed and boarded up at present

3 Jun 2009 08:31

The RMA Tavern, Eastney

when it's open(which isn't often) it's crap

19 May 2009 08:21

The Oddfellows Arms, Falmouth

great pub, but up some very steep steps, worth the effort though

12 May 2009 14:17

Nancy's, Falmouth

suprisingly good once you venture in, the music does get a bit loud though

12 May 2009 14:12

The Seven Stars, Falmouth

not quite living up to it's legend status, but well kept beer and friendly locals

12 May 2009 14:08

Harbour Tavern, Mevagissey

nice to get a change from st. austell ales, but aimed at the tourist, nice bar even so

12 May 2009 14:02

Fountain Inn, Mevagissey

best pub in meva a genuine locals bar, well kept ale and a warm welcome, i'll be back

12 May 2009 14:00

The Kings Arms, Mevagissey

a real dissapointment, only sharps on and it was cloudy, no atmosphere avoid

12 May 2009 13:58

Ship Inn, Mevagissey

excellent pub, friendly people well kept beer

12 May 2009 13:55

Royal Oak, Fritham

for the first time ever i ask about a pub in the top ten, why has it only got a score of 8.7? if one pub in the forest is worthy of a very high mark it has to be this one

11 May 2009 09:24

Artillery Arms, Milton

another new manager, beer quality very good and a very friendly welcome, will start to use it more often again

14 Mar 2009 10:42

Bold Forester, Marchwood

under new ownership, all local beers good value food, get in quick before the grey rinse brigade find it

10 Mar 2009 14:30

The Trusty Servant, Minstead

oh my god what has happened here?, this used to be one of the best pubs in the new forest, and knew what it was, a village pub serving good beer and food to locals and tourists alike, but not now, basically a restaurant that might be ok in the middle of a city, but not here, only one beer on, and only four other people here, so we didn't eat went elsewhere, what a dissapointment

10 Mar 2009 08:52

The Thomas Lord, West Meon

excellent pub, excellent food, excellent ale, yes it is pricey, but that's to keep whinging people like you away,nothing much

6 Mar 2009 09:22

The Hurdles, Brockbridge

more of a restaurant than a pub, beer from bowman was good though

27 Feb 2009 08:33

The Three Tuns, Gosport

good backstreet boozer, selling the locally brewed hole hearted

26 Feb 2009 08:09

The Fox and Hounds, Lyndhurst

oh dear, what has happened to this pub??, a few years ago this was a great pub, good range of ales interesting food, nice staff, but now it's not very average fullers beers and microwave food, won't be going back

24 Feb 2009 08:32

The Hawkley Inn, Hawkley

yes GG the choice of beer has been reduced (slightly), but the quality is higher than ever, and so is the local cider/perry, still a great pub

17 Feb 2009 08:41

Old House at Home, Milton

much improved now paul and paul(from the rose in june) have taken it over

1 Feb 2009 12:00

The White Swan, Portsmouth

it'sclosed at present, and a notice on the window say's that planning permision has been applied for by wetherspoons, but they'vw got a pub about 50 yards away

25 Jan 2009 16:28

The Festing Hotel, Southsea

what a ####hole, no real ale, no atmosphere (half)full of idiots swigging alcopops from the bottle, avoid like the plague

23 Jan 2009 08:31

The Wheatsheaf, Shedfield

but this is an excellent pub, often stop for a couyple of pints, well kept beer on gravity which is rare for the area, and a landlord who is always there, that is even rarerin these parts. i've got no problem in recomending that you stop here for a pint

20 Jan 2009 09:33

Leopold Tavern, Southsea

what are you on about joncrel?, nowhere to lock your bike up, apart from the racks opposite outside tesco, there's even a zebra crossing for you short sighted people, the pub itself is one of the best on albert road with tip top beer

24 Dec 2008 10:22

Painters Arms, Portsmouth

closed at present

16 Dec 2008 14:21

The Eldon Arms, Southsea

A much improved pub, a smaller range of real ales, but a lot better kept, worth a visit

15 Dec 2008 12:11

The Osborne, Southsea

oh my god, it's changed again, now like a 7o's disco of the worst kind, only frequented by over 50's women who think that they are under 25, don't go in unless you like lots of wrinkles and cheesy loud music

10 Dec 2008 14:57

Ye Olde House At Home, Broadwater

children and pubs do NOT mix, if it was my pub they wouldn't be there at all

21 Nov 2008 14:35

The India Arms, Portsmouth

always very quiet now, usually walk past and go into the hole in the wall, decided to pop in last week, what a mistake only one beer on, sharps doombar but not in very good condition, i've also heard that the portion size for the food has been reduced

12 Nov 2008 08:56

The Windmill Inn, Four Marks

don't know what the last comment from pr is meant to be saying, it's a lot better under steve the new manager, especially some of the new beers he's getting in

12 Nov 2008 08:47

The Cricketers, Guildford

four average unexciting ales and very expensive, not worth the trip

10 Nov 2008 17:15

The White Hart, Wood Street

unless you are eating(the overpriced food), don't bother they don't want you in and make it very obvious, go to the royal oak up the road for a genuine pub and a warm welcome

10 Nov 2008 17:13

The Retreat, Reading

absolute gem of a pub, always some interesting guest beers, real cider and a range of belgian bottled beers as well, just oozes atmosphere of being a proper pub

7 Nov 2008 08:49

The Jolly Anglers, Reading

a good all round locals pub, all the better for being slightly out of town, so you don't get too many idiots in, it's a nice 10 minutes stroll along the canal, good range of guest beers as well

7 Nov 2008 08:35

The Rose and Crown, Codmore Hill

another closed and boarded pub

4 Nov 2008 08:57

The Old Canal, Southsea

definately a pub on the up, has recentely been refurbished, but still feels like a good locals pub, three different beers on, the goddards was great

4 Nov 2008 08:34

The Three Moles Inn, Selham

used to be a great pub under val, always something different on the pumps, and we visited reguarly, now the same 4 beers and very little conversation, so we don't visit very often at all now

4 Nov 2008 08:23

The Hole in The Wall, Southsea

oh no, not another beer festival, please tell me i've not got to drink all 40 of them in the coming week, mind you it would be good

2 Oct 2008 18:04

The Eastfield Hotel, Southsea

excellent backstreet pub with a good range of ales, lively public bar and a much more sedate lounge, lots of wood panneling and original features, with a nice enclosed garden, a nice find in the backstreets of southsea

20 Aug 2008 09:18

The Royal Oak, East Lavant

ok pub, but frequented by the type of hoorays that think they own the place, just because your not a regular they try as hard as possible to obstuct your passage to and from the bar, not a nice experience

8 Jul 2008 20:09

The Dolphin, Portsmouth

closed at present

24 Jun 2008 12:22

The Apsley House, Southsea

very grubby pub, don't think it's been cleaned in years especially the gents, very noisy juke box and the pool table dominates, don't know how much ale he sells as everybody else was drinking lager, there are much better pubs than this in southsea

30 Apr 2008 09:08

Phoenix Hotel, Portsmouth

nice relaxed backstreet pub, lots of dark wood and traditional style furnishings, two or three ales, worth a visit

19 Apr 2008 13:33

The Alma Arms, Southsea

just been done up, not worth a visit

16 Apr 2008 09:17

The White Horse, Graffham

stunning location, but since the new manager has arrived the beer choice has been restricted mainly greene king, masquerading as ruddles, ridleys etc.
ok for a quick one but not worth the journey

14 Apr 2008 09:02

The Hole in the Wall, Cambridge

mmm, not bad

12 Apr 2008 12:49

The Compass Rose, Portsmouth

good pub with a nice atmosphere, unfortunatelly located next to morrisons, but they do as well as they can

12 Apr 2008 08:25

The Robin Hood, Standford

now got a new landlady, beer very good, got a HUGE fluffy alsatian dog, didn't try the food but it looked very good

10 Apr 2008 16:58

The Bell Inn, Chichester

great little pub, always a friendly welcome good range of beer, adnams always on and two others rotate frequently, handy for the theatre and only 5 minutes from the town centre, and much better than anything that's there

10 Apr 2008 09:10

The Railway Hotel, Alton

it's closed, and a plannind application for change of use has been applied for

9 Apr 2008 08:57

The Duckstein German Restaurant and Brewery, Henley Brook

good chilli mussels, but beers a bit bland, nice concept

11 Mar 2008 13:25

The Village, Salisbury

had a really good time in here, very pleasent barmaid, and locals the beer was superb, will be back soon

2 Mar 2008 15:16

The Market Inn, Salisbury

the only dissapointing pub on our recent visit to salisbury, only one ale on served in short measures and when we asked for a top up it was such a big sigh we got that we almost awarded an oscar

2 Mar 2008 15:12

The Winchester Gate, Salisbury

a much improved pub under new ownership, has got a beer festival at the end of may

2 Mar 2008 15:09

Royal George Inn, Salisbury

excellent back street boozer, had a really good pint of ringwood best

2 Mar 2008 15:06

The Osborne, Southsea

what a change, now a very nice locals pub, what a difference a decent landlord makes

25 Feb 2008 12:50

The Still and West, Portsmouth

usual clueless staff,very iffy fullers beer, takes ages to get served, and it's only february god knows what it's like in the tourist season, it has a great location but there are so many really good pubs within ten minutes walk of here, enjoy the view but then have a wander for some good beer and atmosphere

14 Feb 2008 08:52

The Gardeners Arms, Henfield

has gone well downhill since the new owners took over so an 8 becomes a 4

30 Jan 2008 09:19

The Ferryboat Inn, Hayling Island

is jdt the landlord because this place is awful, as all the other comments say

19 Jan 2008 09:50

The Wheel Inn, Pennington

sorry fuggle it couldn't have been this pub you were talking about, or a great bloke called pip. if that's what the rude landlord's name is, beer very average no welcome at all, avoid there is a lot better pubs locally

15 Jan 2008 12:28

Brewers Arms, Southsea

for the real ale buffs?? they would be round thr corner at the eastfield oR the sirloin, where you not only get a choice but it's drinkable beer as well, give this pub a miss

14 Jan 2008 17:10

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

good range of beer, reasonably served, but spolit by the scowling swearing barmaid

17 Dec 2007 12:29

The Anchor Bleu, Bosham

good beer, good food, good location, very helpful staff, but go this time of year it's fine cosy and relaxing, if you go in the summer it's jam packed. but still good

6 Dec 2007 09:07

Hogshead, Southsea

now the slug and lettuce, but just as bad

1 Dec 2007 17:36

The Cranley Hotel, Cranleigh

you can buy cheap christmas trees from the local pikeys in here in december, i can't think of any other reason for going in

22 Nov 2007 09:22

The Rose in June, Portsmouth

popped in for a quick pint and stayed for three, very nice two bar pub with a good range of beer and a large garden

17 Nov 2007 10:13

The Ranelagh, Brighton

good pub with four good beers on tap, had a pint of old growler, very nice

16 Nov 2007 09:55

The Horse and Groom, Brighton

great pub great beer, enough said

16 Nov 2007 09:51

The Barley Mow, Brighton

what a nice little pub, great range of ales from near and far, friendly welcome worth a trip up the hill for

16 Nov 2007 09:42

The Albion, Aldershot

Don't "have it on good authority" cider, try it yourself, it's a cracking little boozer.who is this good authority anyway?

12 Nov 2007 13:30

The Anglesea Arms, Chelsea

great pub for the area, nice range of real ales, good food and a nice relaxed atmosphere

10 Nov 2007 07:34

The Magpie, Fratton

new owners, serving the same agressive drunks, avoid at all costs

24 Oct 2007 15:46

The Phoenix, Southsea

yet again another "anonymous" posting rubbishing a very good pub, what do these people get out of doing this?, this is a very friendly backstreet pub, always something going on and always excellant beer

5 Oct 2007 14:02

The Hole in The Wall, Southsea

i've just seen the beer list for the festival which starts on friday 28th and runs for 9 days, it's going to be hard to drink anywhere else for a week or so, lots of unusual ale for the area(as always)

27 Sep 2007 08:55

The Swan Inn, North Warnborough

new landlord has changed this pub out of site, now a nice friendly locals boozer, just introduced a third real ale as well, a pub on the up

27 Sep 2007 08:43

The Bakers Arms, Droxford

more of a restaurant than a pub now, what a pity

27 Sep 2007 08:35

The Clarence Tavern, Gosport

not a bad pub, but could be so much better, only seems to have one member of staff on most nights, and they keep popping out for a fag so it takes ages to get served. beer from oakleaf pretty good.

27 Sep 2007 08:28

Taswell Arms, Southsea

popped in on friday night seemed a nice little pub, reasonable beer, people talking, then the live "music" started, i left about 5 minutes later along with 2/3rds of the other customers, why do landlords do this?

26 Aug 2007 16:20

The Florence Arms, Southsea

Now stocking 12 REAL ciders, a couple of perrys and about 30 different bottled ciders. great choice

24 Aug 2007 13:16

The Royal Oak, Langstone

oh dear, oh dear what has happened to this pub used to be a great pub with real charm, but now it's just like every other big brewery managed house, bland beer slow service from staff that aren't interested, i was just waiting for one of them to say do you want large fries with that. what a waste of a great location

3 Aug 2007 07:42

Ship Inn, Langstone

average managed pub, plastic food, slow service a pity because it's a great location

3 Aug 2007 07:38

The Black Horse, Crookham Village

just reopened after a major refurb, but still a pub that does food rather than a restaurant, really friendly staff and a good atmosphere, with excellent local beers.

2 Aug 2007 08:06

The Kings Head, Alton

what great little pub really welcoming locals and really well kept beer always something unusal for the area, and unlike some so called real ale pubs doesn't have a huge range that sit in the pipe because your trying to sell too many, a real gem

25 Jul 2007 08:49

The Barking Dog, Barking

just don'i go in walk past and go to the dog it's a lot better

23 Jul 2007 20:26

The Fifth Hants Volunteer Arms, Southsea

a real faded star, 10 years ago great, now awful, beer flat and served in short measures

9 Jul 2007 20:32

The Red Lion, Pall Mall

what a cracking little pub, right in the heart of london, everybody friendly, great beer a must when your in this part of london

9 Jul 2007 20:29

The Hole in The Wall, Southsea

popped in last night, the pub was being presented with the portsmouth Camra pub of the year award, and well deserved it is to, a great range of 8 real ales and 3 ciders. A great pub that just goes from strength to strength

30 Jun 2007 13:01

The Greyfriar, Chawton

overpriced and overated

25 Jun 2007 12:21

The Osborne, Southsea

it's been closed for a couple of months now, where are all the dossers drinking now?

24 Jun 2007 13:11

The Spice Island Inn, Portsmouth

what agreat location what a crap pub

27 May 2007 13:38

Sir John Baker, Portsmouth

usual awful wetherspoons, grey haired old drunks one on each table dribbling into there cheap beer, and thats just the women avoid at all costs

27 May 2007 09:10

The Lanyard, North End

awful,just awful no more to say

27 May 2007 09:08

't Brugs Beertje, Bruges

a shrine to good drinking and good taste despite being in a tourist area. this is the pub to go to thanks daisy

15 Feb 2007 07:41

The Lobster Pot, Farnham

mainly a restaurant with very good food but you can stop in for a pint. always has TEA on and in good condition definately worth a visit

15 Feb 2007 07:38

The Ball and Wicket, Heath End

its now brewing again, but the beers undrinkable AVOID

15 Feb 2007 07:35

The Sir Loin Of Beef, Southsea

great free house nit dark and dinghy likr so many other pubs. a range of 8 beers and good belguim beers as well a must when you visit portsmouth

26 Jan 2007 20:27

The Honest Politician, Southsea

full of loud students, six on each table with one bottle of alcopop between them not for anybody over19 avoid

26 Jan 2007 20:16

The Frog on the Front, Southsea

its closed

26 Jan 2007 20:13

The Hole in The Wall, Southsea

great little pub, good range of real ales, real cider and belguim bottles. very good food at a good price. friendly landlord and a nice mix of customers, top hole.

26 Jan 2007 09:50

The Wine Vaults, Southsea

used to be THE place to be but under fullers its now a fading star, overpriced. once the staff where good and friendly and knew about the beers that are available, not now though, try the phoenix round the corner for a genuine welcome

5 Nov 2006 12:39

Goose On The V&A, Southsea

what a nasty pub, idiots swigging alcopops, then throwing the bottles about, smokey with some real idiots and this was at 7 in the evening anybody with a brain will avoid this place

5 Nov 2006 12:35

The Hop Poles, Alton

not much going on in here, barmaid quite stroppy. more interested in talking on her mobile than serving beer not very nice. won't be back

22 Aug 2006 00:54

The Florence Arms, Southsea

Great Boozer, two bar basic public nice comfortable lounge and separate restaurant beer always tip top, just had hogs back englands glory. life doesn't get a lot better than this

16 Jun 2006 16:56

The Barley Mow, Southsea

proper locals boozer, with a good range of guest ales, sunday lunchtime is just great like pubs should be

16 Jun 2006 16:53

The Eight Bells, Alton

yeah, great pub if you don't mind being choked by the smoke, the landlord and staff all smoke and then serve without washing there hands. also good if you like little yappy dogs that get under your feet. used to be good but now a faded star

16 Jun 2006 16:48

The Barley Mow, Alton

a much improved pub, still pool table and darts, selling very good beer always has hogs back TEA on and two others.

31 Oct 2005 17:08

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