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The Railway, Putney

Originally the Railway Hotel it was Drummonds for a while before Wetherspoons took it over in 1993-ish.

18 Dec 2007 05:07

The Magpie, Bishopsgate

A short distance from the hell that is Hamilton Hall on a Friday night, it was a pleasure to come here. Yes, it's very busy mainly with 'suits' but you know that the beer you'll be served with from the efficient staff will be in good order. Timmy Taylors Landlord is always OK, as was the current guest beer Everards Yule Fuel.

15 Dec 2007 09:53

The Angel in the Fields, Bond Street

From the Golden Eagle the next point of call was to have been the Prince Albert, a pub I'd never visited. Sadly it appears to have become a trendy restaurant so we came here instead. None of us had been here before. Coincidentally we arrived as the previous reviewer was posting his comments. Quite agree with everything he says, and the Wheat Beer was superb. Definitely a pub to come back to.

15 Dec 2007 09:46

The Golden Eagle, Bond Street

After leaving the Pontefract Castle it was my choice of next venue and the Golden Eagle it had to be. Horrified by the sight of a lot of scaffolding I was pleased to find the pub still here and unchanged from previous visits. I always drink Tribute here but noticed there was Chiswick available which makes a change from the London Pride found everywhere. A nice local feel to this place.

15 Dec 2007 09:40

The Pontefract Castle, Marylebone

A multi-floored pub, part of the Nicholsons chain as was the Argyll Arms we had just come from. Reasonable selection of beer and in good form. I had been here many years ago and didn't recognize the ground floor bar. Saw meals being delivered which looked fine but didn't try anything. All in all quite a pleasant establishment.

15 Dec 2007 09:34

The Argyll Arms, Oxford Circus

The starting point of a short crawl undertaken yesterday. Interesting pub architecturally, full of nooks and crannies, nicely kept beer. Apparently breakfast is available from 8 o'clock, a fact I've noted for the future. Definitely worth a visit if in the area.

15 Dec 2007 09:27

The Lone Tree, Thornborough

Partially destroyed by fire in the early hours of 26 November.

27 Nov 2007 11:55

The Doric Arch, Euston

An odd comment Biker, your reviews are normally very sensible. The only times I have seen hostility and threatening behaviour [when it was the Head of Steam] was precisely because they weren't being served. You've been there so you know the layout, short of employing a full-time bouncer downstairs how can they stop the already inebriated from entering the premises?

4 Nov 2007 09:58

The White Lion, St Albans

Was privileged to be in here to view the Rugby final. As ever, a decent selection of ales available. Pricey [2.80] but much better ambience in here than in the cheaper Snorbans pubs. Pleased to see the Watneys Red Barrel is still here.

21 Oct 2007 08:38

The White Hart Tap, St Albans

Visited yesterday without any problems with staff, service or beer quality. Nice to see the resident cat is still there.

21 Oct 2007 08:33

The Rats Castle, St Albans

Visited yesterday, pub much improved from previously. Beer quality fine, didn't see any meals served whilst I was there so can't comment constructively about the food, apparently served until 8pm. A fair number of customers in there, not sure what the petition from the locals mentioned in the previous review is about. Nice to see a rat and a castle have returned to the new signage.

21 Oct 2007 08:31

The Nell Gwynne, Covent Garden

Petition now signed. By the way the sandwiches were excellent.

11 Oct 2007 13:03

The Nell Gwynne, Covent Garden

Visited yesterday after a long absence, still as welcoming as ever. Bombardier on good form. Somewhat niffy inside, maybe it was always like that and not noticable in a smoky atmosphere. It would be a crime to destroy an individual establishment like the Nell, I'm off to sign the petition.

11 Oct 2007 12:59

The Engine & Tender, Bedford

It's now named Sobieski.

4 Oct 2007 11:50

The Waterway, Maida Vale


4 Oct 2007 11:48

The Jolly Angler, Manchester

Pleased to discover it's still here and not been redeveloped. Beer fine, the pub's nicer without the smokers. Everyone friendly, Man U was mentioned so I guess I met Ray.

13 Sep 2007 23:33

The Unity Inn, Stockport

Called in here this afternoon having been defeated by the hills of Stockport. Atmosphere pleasant,Unicorn fine

13 Sep 2007 23:30

The Two Tubs Inn, Bury

What a pleasant pub, visited today, fairly quiet, no idea what it's like in the evening. Bomber in good nick.

13 Sep 2007 23:27

The King Edward VII, Stratford

I guess that cohenst, being in America, doesn't know the difference between Stratford and Stratford-on-Avon, hence all the comments posted at 04:something. Never mind, he won't know that the Eddie is really quite a decent pub for the area. It does serve proper ale and has far more character than the Golden Grove.

13 Sep 2007 06:54

The Rake, London Bridge

The Rake has been going for over a year now and has extended its opening hours and seems to attract a healthy amount of punters. Fantastic range of bottles available and always some interesting stuff on the fonts/pumps. Have never had any problems with the barstaff, male or female. I suspect those who have had bad experiences here probably deserved it, I've seen the odd wally come in here. Prices are on the high side but par for Central London. The 3 crisps to my mind are poor value but they had sold out of them on Saturday last. Give it a try!

10 Sep 2007 09:36

The Castle, Holborn

Once upon a time this was my regular lunchtime haunt, also evenings after rehearsals. In those days it was run properly, firstly by Maurice [later at the Punch Tavern] then Colin [later at the Mitre, Barnet]. At this time they lost a superb Friary Meux window during a refurb. It then acquired a manager who was more interested in chatting to her pals than maintaining the ales and thus went down hill. I've not been there of late as all the regulars I used to chat to have long gone. But all is not lost, I heard a rumour yesterday that the Castle has been acquired by a notable Borough Market area personality. If true this will be a GOOD THING.

10 Sep 2007 09:22

The Marquis of Granby, Westminster

Visited for the first [and last] time yesterday. A pub where the miserable staff condescend to serve you if you wait long enough.

25 Aug 2007 10:58

The Bunch of Grapes, London Bridge

Shame about the refurb but still a good place for a pint or two if the Market Porter is rammed. Have always found the staff friendly, and beer OK

24 Aug 2007 10:06

The King and Keys, Fleet Street

How sad to see this place die, used to go there when it was patronised by Tegrelaugh workers. Went downhill once it became a Scruffy Murphys, looks like I've left it too late to re-visit.

30 Jul 2007 18:16

The Golden Eagle, Bond Street

Golden Eagle freaky? By far the best pub in the area, Tribute always good. Discovered this pub when the Phoenix got wrecked beerwise.

30 Jul 2007 18:12

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney

Great to see the place so busy during the festival. All beers sampled were superb.

24 Jul 2007 11:57

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

In reply to fernebranca, breweries who will brew a one-off special, normally a mix of existing beers or done with extra or different hops. This weekend featured beers from Dark Star, Nethergate and Boggart Hole Clough. My own birthday beer last February was by Mighty Oak. Thank Burnley Dave for having excellent relations with these breweries.

3 Jul 2007 09:12

The First And Last, Sennen

The owners of our accommodation recommended that we use the Old Success whilst in Sennen as the other pub was rubbish. How wrong they were. Reading previous comments about the First & Last I can only say that we found the Old Success absolutely soul-less by comparison. The First & Last was visited both daytime and evening and proved to be the pub with ambience, great beers and quality food. Great house cat, Socks. If anyone is aware who brews their house beer I would like to know [yes I know I should have asked at the time].

14 Jun 2007 22:08

Queens Hotel, St Ives

According to a member of staff we spoke to there has recently been a change of owner and there is some planned work in the pub due to take place shortly. Food and drink in good order.

14 Jun 2007 22:06

The Queens Arms, St Just

Called here for Sunday roast. Beef too fatty for me but other homemade food was fine, as was the beer.

14 Jun 2007 22:05

The Star Inn, St Just

A proper pub with good quality St Austell beers. Visited in the daytime, landlord and locals friendly. As others have noted there's no food, we were encouraged to go to a local butchers and bring in our own pasties which we did. Off topic, the stained glass in the entrance doors was exactly the same as that in my grandmother's Victorian house so presumably also Victorian.

14 Jun 2007 22:04

Radjel Inn, Pendeen

A pleasant pub, good beer and interesting menu. Sadly we didn't have time to try the food. Large friendly house dog named Harriet.

14 Jun 2007 22:03

The Castle, Southend on Sea

A cut above most of the Southend seafront pubs, visited in the daytime so don't know what it's like in the evenings.

Couple of real ales available plus all the usual keg and lager suspects.

Bar staff seemed friendly and industrious.

20 Apr 2007 13:20

The Cork and Cheese Ale House, Southend on Sea

It's not closed yet, I visited it on Wednesday last.

Because of the continuing redevelopment of the Victoria Plaza it's difficult to find, particularly if coming from Victoria station as the stairs from there bring you out way above the lower ground floor.

Still an assortment of real ales, always a Nethergate.

According to the Tap Room newsletter it's due to close at the end of June so go there now while you can.

20 Apr 2007 13:16

The Cock, Fulham

As reported recently, this pub has re-opened as a brewpub, renamed 'Cock & Hen'.

The brewing equipment is visible near the entrance but the Bonobo beer couldn't be sampled when I visited as owing to demand there wasn't any available.

Three handpumps, no crap lager sold, continental bottled beers available, now the pub has gone up-market you get your change on a tray.

Didn't notice whether any screens were there.

The pub is nonsmoking, sadly the smell of fried fish pervaded the atmosphere.

20 Apr 2007 13:04

Old Nick, Holborn

In answer to RexRattus the Three Cups was certainly there in 1969. However, only visited it once, my normal pubs in those days were the Princes Louise for the beer and the Three Compasses for darts. Sad to see the latter reduced to being a trendy bar.

22 Feb 2007 10:05

The Station Arms, Southminster

Visited once more for their beer festival, well worth attending. Extra beers out at the back in their ever-improving barn/shed. Not surprisingly some railway relics scattered around the premises [shame their designer uses an American loco image on their website]. At non-festival times we public transport users can combine a visit to this pub with some of the Burnham ones.

1 Feb 2007 10:42

The Star, Godalming

Visited at the weekend during their beer festival which was everything a local pub festival should be. Somewhat crowded with like-minded souls, we were tolerated by the locals. Definitely worth another visit on a normal day.

1 Feb 2007 10:33

The Spice of Life, Cambridge Circus

Usually avoid drinking in this part of town but called in here to see if Festive Stout was available. It was. A busy pub but not heaving, worth a visit if you're happy to drink McMullens range of beers and lagers.

17 Jan 2007 09:36

The Mitre, Greenwich

Visited here earlier this month, once at lunchtime, once in the evening. On both occasions seemed like a civilised pub punter-wise, best of the central Greenwich ones in my opinion. Adnams Old Ale was an unexpected find.

17 Jan 2007 09:29

Il Cicchetto, Farringdon

Passed by here one evening last week and peered in through an open door in the hoardings. Interior seemed stripped to the brickwork but the windows seen in the photo are still intact. No-one around to ask what's going on here.

17 Jan 2007 09:23

The Old Fountain, Old Street

I regularly used this pub when I worked in this area in 1999 and called in here last night on my way from the Wenlock to the station. Virtually unchanged since then, there are two handpumps devoted to guest ales [on this occasion a Titanic and an Archers beer]. The barman seemed very enthusiastic, and having noted that the OF is in the 2007 Good Beer Guide I assume that Paul was the cellarman referred to in that publication. A pleasant visit, normal punters, no chavs visible, will definitely add this one to my regular ale trail.

17 Jan 2007 09:19

The Market Porter, Borough

What amazing comments on 22 December.

"I fail to see how this place gets to be 'Pub of the Year'"

This site is not ScotchInThe Evening or Bars-u-Like, it's BEER. The busyness of the pub has nothing to do with it, it was voted for from a countrywide shortlist of 20, and has undoubtedly only one other London competitor for range and quality of beers.

"There's not much else in the immediate vicinity"

Really? Only the Wheatsheaf, Southwark Tavern, Globe, Beer Wharf, The Rake, Old King's Head, George, Bunch of Grapes and a couple of kiddy-bars within 5 minutes walk. At least this reviewer didn't go a bundle on the George either.

"The place has no soul"

I guess the reviewer didn't turn left out of the front door then, the next pub is the epitome of soullessness.

Admittedly I'm regularly in the MP and have a certain bias, but you can't fault the number and attitude of the staff considering how rammed it can get in there. Well done!

13 Jan 2007 10:34

The Cork and Cheese Ale House, Southend on Sea

Having enjoyed visiting this pub on previous occasions I was unable to locate it this afternoon. With the reconstruction of the concrete hellhole I couldn't find a way to get to the lower level and assumed that it had closed. Glad to hear it's still going though.

25 Nov 2006 01:35

Il Cicchetto, Farringdon

Very sad, now shrouded by hoardings, no clue what's happening behind them. Bet it's not a pub though

24 Oct 2006 22:39

The Wellington, Birmingham

Visited mid-afternoon when it was fairly quiet. Every beer sampled was up to scratch. Old Chocolate Ale @ 3.10 particularly pleasant, well worth the price for this strong beer. Has sometimes been smoky in here in the past but then I was visiting at a busier time. All in all an excellent pub.

28 Sep 2006 09:32

The Undergraduate, Leamington Spa

Having just missed my train popped in for a quick pint. Pleasant place, friendly faces, good beer.

28 Sep 2006 09:25

The Princess Louise, Holborn

Called here tonight. Used to visit here regularly donkeys years ago when it was a Vaux house. Apart from the lack of interesting beers everything appears much the same. Didn't notice the tattiness but it was after dark so probably not so apparent. Sam Smiths Extra Stout at 2.08 a pint has to be a bargain. Not particularly busy, don't know if that's normal for a Sunday night.

17 Sep 2006 23:11

The Marquis of Granby, Covent Garden

Passed by here this evening, sadly pub closed and boarded up.

17 Sep 2006 22:54

The Monsal Head Hotel, Monsal Head

Superb pub, superb setting, superb bitters, superb food. Don't pop your clogs without visiting this place.

15 Aug 2006 06:48

The Old Clubhouse, Buxton

Visited recently during G&S Festival, reasonable food and decent pints of Abbot. Not sure whether the latter is always on, in previous years the bitters here have been disappointing.

15 Aug 2006 03:08

The Market Porter, Borough

Since the change of management it seems that the MP no longer has a computer [I agree there's no point in having a beer list on their website if it's not kept up to date]. Quite where they would put a blackboard I'm not sure, maybe where that stupid cupboard thing is at the end of the back bar. Cheers Stonch I'll start nagging them for such a thing!

25 Jul 2006 11:59

The George, Wanstead

Hello Mr/Ms Anonymous. Since you picked up on one of my comments, OK, mega-decibels a slight exageration but nevertheless very loud if you're at table 55 and there's nowhere to move to. As stated, on that occasion there was no indentifiable management to be found, and the litter and broken glass was outside by the steps so I wouldn't expect your cleaners to deal with it. Didn't look too good to the casual passer-by though. Overall I would agree that the place has indeed improved apart from the usual Wetherspoon thing of having insufficient staff manning the bar most of the time.

16 Jul 2006 08:46

The Market Porter, Borough

The beer you had was brewed near Bury by Leyden.


11 Jul 2006 01:18

The George, Wanstead

Not too bad today servicewise. Amazingly, the radiators in the gents were on full blast although it was 20+ outside, it appears that they have to be on to get hot water [allegedly]

24 Jun 2006 04:30

The Golden Heart, Shoreditch

Amazing! Visited here after a few years absence and it's virtually unchanged. Just what a pub used to be like in my youth. The survival of the Trumans woodwork and mirror is remarkable. Interesting customers and a highly individual landlady. Go there!

13 Jun 2006 01:40

Western Arms, Silver End

Revisited Sunday lunchtime, as good as last year. A friendly greeting and farewell from the lady behind the bar, somewhat of a rarity in pubs these days.

23 May 2006 08:37

The Pullman, Woolwich

Now a hole in the ground.

12 Apr 2006 19:34

The Harlescott Inn, Shrewsbury

Further arson attack last Friday according to BBC.

19 Mar 2006 19:28

The Blue Ball Inn, Sidford

Reported on BBC News website as having been destroyed by fire last night.

19 Mar 2006 12:35

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Regaled with a Guinness and Tia Maria from the Paper Moon it was a pleasure to arrive here on a Friday night with loads of real ales available and a jazz trio playing. Recommended establishment any day of the week.

17 Mar 2006 23:58

The Paper Moon, Southwark

Was able to have my St.Patrick's Day Guinness here, sadly with a Tia Maria in it, that's the way I like it. Since the recent change of management there are now two guest beers on, not the sort of thing for scoopers, but fine for normal ale drinkers. Give this place a try, quite friendly. Thence to the Wenlock.

17 Mar 2006 23:55

The Market Porter, Borough

Well, well, it's 1900 on St Patrick's night and there's no Guinness available. Not that I usually drink it, but quite a few disappointed customers around. Seeing the date I'm off to the Paper Moon ......

17 Mar 2006 23:49

Brigantes Bar and Brasserie, York

Slight correction, it's a Market Town Tavern. Market Taverns pubs are in London and Surrey.

17 Mar 2006 14:50

The Buffet Bar, Stalybridge

Visited for the first time yesterday, certainly won't be the last. A mixture of types drinking here, all seemed very matey, staff very friendly. Real ales up to scratch. The railway memorabilia, reminiscent of the Head of Steam [Doric Arch] at London Euston, is far more attractive than the unrelated junk some other pubs scatter round the place. Well worth leaving your train for, there's normally another an hour or so later. Excellent!

9 Mar 2006 11:47

The White Hart Tap, St Albans

Found this to be a friendly establishment, St.Peter's Golden Ale in good form yesterday. Sadly couldn't stay for the music. Oh dear, changing hands? I hope the delightful Miss Jones will survive any changes [a ultra-friendly black and white longhaired feline]

26 Feb 2006 10:18

The Market Porter, Borough

To all at the Market Porter, congratulations on your BITE award.

5 Feb 2006 23:21

The George, Wanstead

Going downhill fast, visited today, last night's litter and junk everywhere outside, including the front steps. Front door that doesn't close properly still unrepaired from earlier in the week, children running and crawling around the non-family area endagering customers, TV showing rugby with sound turned up to mega-decibels, unwilling to serve one of our number with tea owing to lack of clean cups, and the final insult, a scallie attempting to sell spirits round the tables no doubt newly stolen from a local outlet. No sign of any management anywhere, place a total craphole. Shame, even makes the Walnut Tree seem good.

5 Feb 2006 23:19

The Olde White Rose, Bilston

Great pub close to Bilston Central on the Metro with good selection of beer styles. Good food reasonably priced and beers sampled were 2.10 a pint, very cheap compared with the London prices I'm used to. Punters and staff friendly. Enjoyed the visit and will call again when next in the West Midlands.

28 Jan 2006 22:31

The Goose, Holborn

What's Wetherspoons got to do with anything, it's a GOOSE [Mitchells and Butlers]? Still a grotty pub though.

21 Jan 2006 09:33

The George, Wanstead

Oh dear, a TV screen has just been installed. One of the joys of visiting the George was the fact there was nothing of this kind here. The Duke of Edinburgh has been ruined by this and it seems the George is going the same way. Sorry, must downgrade my rating.

19 Jan 2006 22:23

The Market Porter, Borough

Would have thought the ten beers from lesser breweries would be a pretty good reason to visit.

1 Jan 2006 22:48

The White Lion, Clerkenwell

Seeing the Whitbread sign entered this pub with trepidation. Very welcoming greeting from the bar lady. Only Adnams bitter available beerwise hence lower rating. Nevertheless a nice pub with pleasant regulars, the sort of place I would be happy to have as my local.

29 Nov 2005 22:37

The Red Lion, Snargate

Absolutely wonderful pub, like stepping into someone's home. Super dog as well.

28 Nov 2005 12:54

Il Cicchetto, Farringdon

Was a nice basic little pub selling good Broadside. Calling there yesterday I was disappointed to find it was closed for major refurbishment. I now see from the previous post that this occurred in September so as it's now 2 months later I guess it will never be the same. What a shame!

15 Nov 2005 11:05

The George, Wanstead

Having failed to sample any festival ales in Hamilton Hall at Liverpool Street station I tried here. Being a Monday night not too busy, and a reasonable selection of beers available, what I tried was fine. This being the Wetherspoon I normally use I know better than to be here on a weekend evening when it's packed solid with youth. No problem with that, just too many of them! Suffers from the usual JDW 'not enough staff' problem but those they have are friendly and when I've eaten here everything's been quite OK. Definitely the best pub on Wanstead High Street.

8 Nov 2005 11:23

The Hamilton Hall, Liverpool Street

A true Wetherspoon, few staff when needed. Visited for the current JDW beer festival, one bar person on duty. The usual thing happened, another staff member issued forth from the kitchen and served the first person she saw, needless to say the last person that had approached the bar. Venue great, service crap, can't comment on the beer, never had the chance to try it.

8 Nov 2005 11:08

The Carpenters Arms, Marble Arch

Excellent pub, guest ales all on form. Customers friendly. Same group as the Market Porter, need I say more.

28 Oct 2005 21:41

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Although the area is not particularly inspiring the pub itself is. A real pub, no stripped pine or chrome to be seen here. Always a good range of real ales normally including a mild, also a real cider. If you are one of the beer geeks mentioned earlier you'll probably recognize someone drinking here when you visit. Definitely worth the effort of finding this establishment.

26 Oct 2005 13:49

The Market Porter, Borough

Wetherspooney??? No way, decent food during food hours, excellent turnover of beer sold at a reasonable temperature, they don't sell 'Sorry, not available', normally sufficient staff who know or ask 'Who's next?', and what Central London non-circuit pub doesn't want you out by 2315 on a Friday night?

The good Wetherspoon-like quality is no TV.

Agree with SilkTork though, some character HAS been lost, miss the back bar with darts and sticky carpet.

16 Oct 2005 10:16

The Bath Hotel, Sheffield

Well worth seeking out it's a superb pub a stones-throw from the university student's West Street drinking area. Old-fashioned interior, with some stained glass, also tiled walls and floor. Real ale available including local guests.

25 Jul 2005 13:35

The Atlas, West Brompton

Although now a gastropub none the worse for that. Beers have always been drinkable. Retains the older-style wood-panelled interior of the pubs I learnt to drink in.

25 Jul 2005 13:17

Battesford Court, Witham

Definitely a cut above most Wetherspoons, not at all the atmosphere of an airport lounge as commented by an earlier reviewer. Now a non-smoking venue. Usual JDW food so you know what to expect. Beer range vastly superior to that served in its pre-JDW life as the Batsford Hotel but agree with previous post often served too cold.

25 Jul 2005 13:12

The Market Porter, Borough

Refurb has happened, pub re-opened tonight. Now 10 guest ales plus Harveys as the regular house bitter. General atmosphere unchanged.

10 Jun 2005 23:45

The Royal Oak, Borough

The Royal Oak is as good as ever, particularly now with the weekend opening. Saturdays 18:00 to 23:00 [food served until 21:30] and Sundays 12:00 to 18:00 [food served until 17:00]

1 Jun 2005 01:55

The Market Porter, Borough

For lovers of real ale this is one of London's best outlets for the beers of lesser breweries and microbreweries. Nearly always at least 4 guest beers available plus the house beer Harveys. If in doubt ask for a taster. Out of over fifty postings here only seven are bad, so believe the many good comments. Very rarely will you get a bad pint as the turnover is such that if you had a particular ale last night there'll be none left the next evening. Can be very busy at times, staff do their best to serve all-comers fairly. Despite someone's comment about the bar ladies from Dubrovnik [from Poland actually] I have rarely observed a bad attitude from the friendly bar staff. To be served by the ever-cheerful Leo is a pleasure, and 'Miss Argentina' is a sight to behold! The blokes are OK too! Pay the Market Porter a visit sometime.


It's about to close for extending and refurbishment. If all goes well it will re-open on 9th June, hopefully with the same overall atmosphere.

19 May 2005 12:52

Western Arms, Silver End

I found this to be a pleasant pub with well-kept beer [Green King IPA] and a decent all-day breakfast. Went on a weekday lunchtime when it was comparatively quiet so don't know what it's like in the evening.

19 May 2005 11:07

The Tom Cribb, Piccadilly

Nice to find a proper pub near Leicester Square, not an area noted for quality drinking establishments. Beer fine, food fine, service fine.

12 Mar 2005 20:53

The North Star, Finchley Road

Showing La Liga when visited, not particularly busy. Broadside was spot on though.

6 Mar 2005 09:33

The Lamb and Flag, Covent Garden

A real pleasure to find a proper pub not mucked about with. Ales tried were excellent.

7 Feb 2005 21:27

The Gloucester Arms, Marylebone

Pleasant back street-ish pub. Real ale? Only Bass and Tetley [sometimes none!]. Can get very smoky at times. Good value food. Screen for the better sporting events.

1 Dec 2004 11:34

Bunkers Hill Inn, Nottingham

Visited yesterday for the first time, pleasantly busy, good beer choice. Barman asked whether I wanted sparkler removed for my pints [I did], long time since anyone volunteered to do this!

23 Oct 2004 12:53

The Shipwrights Arms, London Bridge

Have visited this pub over a number of years, it's had its ups and downs with beers and service. The beers on yesterday were nothing special. Worth visiting if in the area just to see the old picture tiling inside.

26 Sep 2004 07:10

The Bridge House, Tower Bridge

Being a Real Ale person I prefer to drink in a proper pub rather than a bar/gastropub like this. But the Broadside and Barley Mow here were in superb nick, and the whole ambience of the place was great. Well worth crossing the bridge for.

26 Sep 2004 07:02

The Duke of Edinburgh, Wanstead

Quick update: Beer still not up to scratch, but fish tank cleaned and fish replaced.

16 Sep 2004 14:35

The Duke of Edinburgh, Wanstead

Although quite a friendly pub the beer quality can be questionable. Surprised that it's got into the 2005 Good Beer Guide. Sometimes suffers from young children running around. If there was a competition for the filthiest fish tank the Duke would win the Gold medal. Still a pleasant pub though.

11 Sep 2004 14:34

The Coopers Arms, Rochester

Visited early afternoon. Good value 'breakfast', well kept GK IPA, civilized patrons, pleasant garden. Well worth finding.

7 Sep 2004 12:07

The Lower Red Lion, St Albans

Great pub with good beer and friendly staff. Real ales from micros available in the left-hand bar. Expect to meet like-minded drinkers within.

5 Jul 2004 09:54

The Crown and Sugarloaf, Bride's Lane

Once part of the adjacent Punch Tavern this pub has been nicely refurbished and has retained the original marble topped bartop. Sam Smith's prices and a non-smoking policy are good for me. On a historical note I believe the name was that of the whole pub before it was named the Punch Tavern.

24 Jun 2004 11:25

The Alexandra Arms, Kettering

Wonderful place for real-ale drinkers, locals very friendly. Definitely looking forward to re-visiting when next in the area.

31 Mar 2004 11:59

The Eight Bells, Putney Bridge

Busy pub served great London Pride, best I've tasted this year.

23 Mar 2004 13:20

The Cat's Back, Wandsworth

Visited at lunchtime, fairly busy, food excellent. Junk everywhere [including gollies!].
Dog very friendly.

23 Mar 2004 13:17

The Queen Adelaide, Wandsworth

Visited during the afternoon, when it's quiet. Certainly appeared fine, pleasant barman, tasty Special.

23 Mar 2004 13:13

The Lord Aberconway, Liverpool Street

Once visited by me every workday, this latest refurb has got rid of its railway memorabilia and has imported fake advertising mirrors and a fake clock. However only old regulars would notice this, and overall the place is vastly improved, as has the beer choice. Will certainly revisit.

18 Nov 2003 12:30

The Golden Eagle, Bond Street

Shame about the 7 pm closing on Sundays. Good Tribute though.

29 Sep 2003 20:29

The Oakdale Arms, Harringay

Although it's at the back of beyond, this pub was well worth finding. An intended two hour visit became seven owing to the bitters, cider and bottled Belgian beers. Intend to tackle the malts another time. Friendly service, friendly punters, the downside was that baked potatoes were the only non-snack food available

15 Sep 2003 22:56

The Vat and Fiddle, Nottingham

As it's listed in the Good Beer Guide I was expecting a down-at-heel local boozer with a good range of real ale. I was delighted to find a light airy pub with interesting beers including bottled Belgian beers. If you're a cat lover, Kipper is a cracker!

28 Aug 2003 14:57

Fellows Morton & Clayton Ltd, Nottingham

Slightly worried by the Whitbread sign outside and expecting fizzy Boddies, a reasonable lunchtime meal and a pint of Samuel Fellows bitter made a good impression. Customers a mix of office workers and tourists.

28 Aug 2003 14:51

The Royal Oak, Borough

Well worth seeking out, always a friendly greeting. The appropriate Harveys seasonal beer usually available, and decent food possible at hours most pubs don't want to know

30 Jul 2003 12:32

The Marble Arch, Manchester

Brilliant mosaic floor, and the tiles [even the ceiling is tiled!]. Is the mirror real or repro? Ginger Marble most enjoyable

30 Jul 2003 12:22

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