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The Bax Castle, Horsham

One of the very few pubs right on the Downs Link. Its looking very tidy and more gastro now and the Badger beers are well kept. The only thing I think was missing on my visit was a guest ale from Sussex (Firebird, Hepworths, Kings, etc etc.).

16 Jun 2014 20:43

The Sawyers Arms, Feltham

Went by today and it was surrounded by fresh wooden hoardings.

17 Dec 2013 20:28

The Three Lions, Godalming

Passed by the other day and it was boarded up.
Is it closed or being refurbished?

8 Oct 2013 10:51

The Richard Onslow, Cranleigh

Had a well kept pint of APA from the new Firebird brewery based in nearby Rudgewick. Service was friendly and despite the cafe/restaurant feel- they do still keep a good pint, and support local brewers.

3 Sep 2013 08:23

Fox and Hounds, Caversham

Facing a thirsty wait at Reading Station I decided to head south and try the F&H. Only a 15 minute brisk walk from my platform across the park. A light friendly pub with a range of ales (Rebellion, Vale, West Berks.) and all in good nick. 20 minutes walk back..

3 Sep 2013 08:14

The Sussex Arms, Twickenham

Cracking pub. Great (cask conditioned) beer of a craft nature, and cider. Most impressed!

28 Apr 2013 21:44

The Hope, Carshalton

I visited for lunch, a significant detour from East Surrey to see if it lived up to the review on "Craft Beer London". I was probably expecting to be unimpressed. How wrong I was. I was bowled over by the prices, the range of beers, and the quality of the food. The bar staff were friendly and knew their beer. It's in my top 10.

28 Apr 2013 21:42

The Kings Arms, Waterloo

Still one of my top pubs, such friendly staff, such a lovely pub, such great beer, and you can still get two pints and a packet of scratchings for a tenner - but only just, mainly thanks to our elected representatives (except those prepared to stand up for real British pubs and breweries). A £4 pint of ale? In 1980 I swore I'd stop supping at 50p (sigh).

7 Feb 2013 20:02

The Rowbarge, Guildford

Sad news. Closed? I made a special lunchtime trip over there today, hoping for a few Ascot Ales and their (maybe too cheap?) Ham Egg and Chips. It's a few buses and a deal of walking so I don't get there often enough ;-(
It was like the M Celeste, fully furnished but all locked up, pump clips turned sideways (is that like half-mast?). A bloke sitting nearby said that they had closed on Sunday. Gloom. Pub of the year only a few months ago. Another pub gone. Somebody should reopen it before the summer boat trade picks up...Ascot Ales ?

7 Feb 2013 19:00

The William IV, Albury

The beer's not cheap but it's largely local brewed (both 2x Surrey Hills and 1xTillingbourne and another when I dropped by ) the location is lovely, the pub is cosy and dog friendly, and the food is excellent value for money, really well cooked and delivered with a smile!

1 Nov 2012 20:34

The Garland, Redhill

A lunchtime trip to check out an old favourite. I found eight, yes 8, Harvey's ales on tap. All in excellent nick and at good prices. Food cracking - HE&C now 6.50 but still the biggest and the best. Lovely paint job on the old place to make up for the unromantic location, it's like a TARDIS of craft brewed ale dropped into the modern world. A PROPER vintage pub.

1 Nov 2012 20:29

The Three Pigeons, Guildford

Thirsts come and go. Like pubs. The 3 pigeons was off my list for about 20 years but recently its excellent selection of really well kept local ales (e.g. Dorking. Surrey Hills) at near Wetherspoons prices have won me over again. A great place for a cheeky two or three while the misses is shopping ;-)

24 Feb 2012 21:06

The Garland, Redhill

What's not to like about The Garland? Lovely staff, excellent ales and the best (the very best) Ham Egg and Chips (ignoring any salad stuff) in Surrey (6.25, two eggs a ton of chips and about a half pound of local ham). If heaven was like The Garland I'd stop my sinfulness right now ;-)

24 Feb 2012 20:50

The Stand Up Inn, Lindfield

Popped in for a quick spot of lunch. Interesting cheap and very tasty menu - plenty of choice under 6 (amazing). Beers and ciders were great. Right by the bus stop. Service was friendly. My only disappointment (compared with the Partridge or the Evening Star ) not enough quirky Dark Star specials, and no ham egg and chips ;-)

24 Feb 2012 20:35

The Kings Arms, Waterloo

Spittin feathers I popped in for a couple of Dark Star Coffee Pilsners a and Sambrook's all in excellent nick, at a busy time (7ish) and was well pleased by the service (with a smile) the ambience (busy after-work London pub, but...mostly old blokes like me) . I found a place to park and by beckoning with a note of the realm I was served very promptly. My only regret? After 40 years of travelling through Waterloo I've not been in more often.

24 Feb 2012 20:27

The Bricklayers Arms, Shamley Green

Always friendly, at least three well kept guests, and a dangerously well stocked annual fest' ;-)

12 Feb 2012 21:12

The Villagers Inn, Blackheath

Somebody please buy this pub! It could do as well as the Billy4!

12 Feb 2012 21:09

The Grantley Arms, Wonersh

For a thirsty boy the Grantley has really upped its game. Regular beers from Windsor & Eton, Arundel, and even the new Tillingbourne. All in good nick. Friendly staff too.
Longer opening hours please! ;-)

12 Feb 2012 21:07

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

Became a touch thirsty strolling down from Parliament Hill. What a lovely intimate pub. Roaring fireplace, friendly staff, excellent "snacks" (no kitchen) including succulent pork. So many many beers and ciders. Right by the bus stop too.

9 Feb 2012 21:29

CASK Pub and Kitchen, Pimlico

If you want to see an afternoon mysteriously vanish..."The Cask Pub and Kitchen" has now become part of my "Beermuda Triangle". If you're thirsty and like hops you can do lunch in the Boro' market, head up to the Euston Tap on the Bank branch of the Northern Line, tear yourself loose and go South to Pimlico on the Victoria line to sup in the Cask Pub and Kitchen...and then work out how to get home...

28 Apr 2011 21:06

The Rake, London Bridge

If you want to see an afternoon mysteriously vanish..."The Rake" has now become part of my "Beermuda Triangle". If you're thirsty and like hops you can do lunch in the Boro' market, head up to the Euston Tap on the Bank branch of the Northern Line,if you can tear yourself loose go South to Pimlico on the Victoria line to sup in the Cask and Kitchen...and then work out how to get home...

28 Apr 2011 21:05

The Sevens, Boston

Popped in again after the marathon. nice pint of "Seven". Friendly local. Glad to see it hadn't changed since 2006.

28 Apr 2011 20:58

The Partridge, Partridge Green

What a nice change from my previous thirst-quencher, dropping in from the Downs link path some years ago - before Dark star took over. It's now bright and welcoming and has a fine range of their ales and others. Tried (Pint) APA, Hop-Head, Partridge, Thornbridge Jaipur, and a cider - all in excellent nick. Friendly service, I'll be back if the legs can carry me there!

28 Apr 2011 20:56

The Richard Onslow, Cranleigh

It is mostly restaurant, but on a hot and thirsty day I had a very decent, friendly, if slightly pricey, pint or three. Dar Star Hop Head, and Surrey Hills Shere Drop were on - to name but two. Reminds me of a couple of other local pubs which have gone gastro but still care to lay on a decent pint and support regional brewers. On balance I'd prefer they go that way than close (like the Thurlow, the Villagers etc.).

25 Apr 2011 16:24

CASK Pub and Kitchen, Pimlico

It must be the widest and deepest selection of beer this side of the whatever heaven beer drinkers go to (Dark Star to Dogfish Head) . In a thirsty mood I'd go a lot further than Pimlico to get decent beer, especially interesting decent beer, served by people who like beer. So this is handy. The food's pretty good too. No sign of the PM when I dropped in , shame - we need some beer-drinking patriots to reduce the beer duty on quality ales :-).

17 Feb 2011 11:35

The Rake, London Bridge

I've passed by The Rake on a number of times on a visit to the Boro' but never been able to see enough through the window into the small bar to stop me going to other pubs to quench my thirst. My loss! The day I called by there was St Peter's on the hand pumps,which I've never had draft except in the Jerusalem', Sierra Nevada Celebration? on tap, and so many top-notch bottled beers (Including Brewdog Paradox) that I could have stayed all day. Staff were very amicable too. I'll be back for a bit more sipping when I've saved up my pennies again and I'm not in a rush.

16 Jan 2010 12:05

The Jolly Farmer, Bramley

Still a great (continuously changing) range of ales including draught Belgians, and excellent cellermanship. What can I say? It rings my bell when the thirst is upon me.

9 Jan 2010 20:14

The Star, Godalming

A bit thirsty so had some a couple of pints of some very decent proper cider (Hecks, Janets, etc.). They had Old Trip and another bitter on but I try not to mix it;-) The Red Lion had nothing interesting on tap thatv day. Mind you half the town was closed by snow. The Star is only a "local" pub in that Godalming is a small town, its customers are a pretty wide mix. It's one of the only pubs around that really cares about being a PUB ;-)

9 Jan 2010 20:10

The Anchor Inn, Godalming

Went by to try it out under its new name but they had no real beer. Just the Much Marcle Cider. I'll need to try again. Left me thirsty.

9 Jan 2010 20:02

The Carpenters Arms, Tottenham Court Road

Had a reasonable pint of Meantime LPA on a pump. It's a guest. Not a bad experience, the staff are pleasant.

9 Jan 2010 20:00

The Holly Bush, Hampstead

On a snowy day it was a lovely lunchtime location. Harvey's at 3.20 but a nicely kept pint. I like the atmosphere, it's still got a scumbled intimacy . Enjoyed it. Not a poncified as I'd expected.

9 Jan 2010 19:53

The Holly Bush, Hampstead

On a snowy day it was a lovely lunchtime location. Harvey's at 3.20 but a nicely kept pint. I like the atmosphere, it's still got a scumbled intimacy . Enjoyed it. Not a poncified as I'd expected.

9 Jan 2010 19:52

The Queen Victoria, Shalford

Definitely open. Nice feel about it Still pretty local. Two ales when we went by, Forty-Niner and Brakspears at 3. The Queen Vic changes every decade but at least it's still a proper pub and dead handy for thirst rail users. I remember some Genesis gold disc hanging on the wall in the '70s when Phil Collins lived across the allotments, showing my age now . No TV or dartboard any more BTW.

9 Jan 2010 19:46

The Queen Victoria, Shalford

Definitely open. Nice feel about it Still pretty local. Two ales when we went by, Forty-Niner and Brakspears at 3. The Queen Vic changes every decade but at least it's still a proper pub and dead handy for thirst rail users. I remember some Genesis gold disc hanging on the wall in the '70s when Phil Collins lived across the allotments, showing my age now . No TV or dartboard any more BTW.

9 Jan 2010 19:46

The Grantley Arms, Wonersh

Dropped by at Christmas when a barrel was being changed. I've never ever seen anybody take so much trouble to purge the lines in order to get the beer through in good nick. Most impressed. Despite my thirst it was worth the wait. A pub that takes beer seriously and favours the darker less modern ales.

2 Jan 2010 20:30

The William IV, Albury

It's a nice location (you can even do train spotting from the garden ;-) but obviously a pub that survives on a very local clientele. A brother of mine used to drive miles to drink there in the '70s and it's still worth a visit. Plenty of pedigree dogs, 4x4s, Barbours, etc etc so they can afford the 6.80 I think we paid for a round of a Ranmore and Shere Drop (Shere Drop costs between 2.85 and 3.00 elsewhere) Tiny bar, but well kept beer, staff brisk and polite. Flowers, two Surrey Hills beers and a Marcle Hill cider on tap when we dropped by.

2 Jan 2010 20:25

The Drummond, Guildford

Still great staff, but for some reason M&B gor bless'm have taken the (apparently very popular) Meantime LPA off and there's no gammon & eggs on the menu any more. I can get most of the draft ales (although not the Sierra Nevada) So I may have to try somewhere else ... very sad. Wetherspoons I think...:-(

2 Jan 2010 20:16

The Beehive, Marylebone

Duh! I know, I should have read the reviews before arranging to go there. It almost took the edge of my thirst..FOUR POUNDS A PINT. . for Meantime LPA and a stout under 5%. I'd expect to pay a smallish premium for some stronger Meantime beers (IPA or Wheat maybe) but LPA shouldn't be over 3.50 surely? Even the hand-pumped ale was 4. It made the Belgian drafts look cheap ..Zot was 5- or maybe that was a half ;-). There weren't many free seats so it must suit the local budget. Did I mention the price?

20 Oct 2009 14:09

Old Plough, Stoke D'Abernon

It's OK. It's friendly and handy for the station. The beers were all drinkable and biased toward low strength ales for drivers I'd guess... but HE&C with rock hard yolks... ?

10 Aug 2009 18:30

The Drummond, Guildford

Not the most rural location (unlike the Drummond Arms in Albury) but when I'm down the cricket ground end of Guildford and thirsting for a lunchtime pint of something different, the fact that it's the only nearby outlet for Meantime beers draws me in (3.30 for LPA). The staff are friendly, the sofa's are comfy and in hot weather the yard is OK. The ham egg and chips is just the job.

10 Aug 2009 18:19

The Sawyers Arms, Feltham

It was a quiet afternoon, baking heat and a driving thirst. I'd not been in the Sawyers before but I fancied that a Fullers' house might have something like Discovery on tap but...blimey I'd also never seen six London Pride pumps in such a small bar before! Just shows what a popular brew it is I suppose, and a couple of slightly warm pints did the job. Efficient service, horse brasses and bhajis, cricket on the big screen. Rated under 4? Of course I've not seen it when it's busy...

6 Jul 2009 20:01

The Black Dog, Ashford Common

A hot day in the pub desert. Friendly service but I'd need to be very thirsty to go back! I was disappointed to find only the various temperatures of Guinness, some lagers and a nitro-keg. I had a well poured Guinness and unhitched the camels...

6 Jul 2009 19:51

The Keep, Guildford

OK so it looks a bit like a coffee shop ! but with two well-kept Surrey Hills brews on tap (Shere Drop and either Ranmore or Gilt) and friendly staff it's on my very short list of places for swift one after a throat parching hike around the shops. This week they've had both Ranmore and Gilt Complex at 2 a pint for me, and its down hill to the bus stop! ;-)

5 Jun 2009 10:34

The Cod and Lobster, Staithes

Basic locals pub with at least three decent beers and a view through salty windows of the sea (only 6 feet away) which has swept it it away a few times. Black Sheep, Jennings, and others for the thirsty visitor.

19 Aug 2006 20:50

The Captain Cook, Staithes

I couldn't agree more. Thirsty Bob's pub of the year. Delightfully sticky, slighty smokey, and what a range of excellently kept beers! I only managed a few swift pints when out shopping for "she who must be obeyed" but of a range that appeared to change daily I supped at least seven exceptional pints, only one failed to please you know who you are "Metatarsel"! Bar staff and locals all friendly as can be - all it lacks is St Peter on the door ;-)

19 Aug 2006 20:43

The Royal George, Staithes

Came over thirsty one evening. Popped in for a swift Black Sheep. It was OK. I'm guessing they use lined glasses (which is good) because it had a big head. At 7 it was quiet and "respectable" but not cosy by my standards; I didn't feel like lingering.

19 Aug 2006 20:37

Rodboro Buildings, Guildford

Before the evening crowds descend it's still just about possible to get served a well kept, well priced pint, and still make it to the bus. Luckily I've never found the staff rude and always been impressed by the trouble most of them take to actually fill the glass!

2 May 2006 20:47

The Jolly Farmer, Bramley

You can certainly work up a thirst on the bus! Nice range of Spinning Dog ales on tap at he Jolly right now. All that I tried were well kept. Not the cheapest ale around but extremely drinkable. Fingers crossed for a return to Saturday afternoon opening in the summer!

2 May 2006 20:43

The Market Porter, Borough

For that late lunchtime quencher its a blissful oasis of warm wood in which to sup, in my case an excellent dark pint of Archers', as the market bustles along outside just visible through the dimpled glass. Ah, a real pub!

2 May 2006 20:32

The New Forest Cider Trailer, Borough Market

Stonking glass of Snake Catcher hits the spot! Remember to get there before 4.

2 May 2006 20:23

The Brew Wharf, London Bridge

After a spot of wine tasting with good ol' Oz Clarke of the vinpolice I was feeling distinctly thirsty. Brew Wharf's character is much like any other steel-shiny brick-vaulted brewpub. The availability of Meantime's brews is the main attraction here, their own bitter is fairly acceptable too. If its open you can also count the New Forest Cider trailer as an extra tap ;-). Over in the Boro' market and reviewed here too. Next stop the Market Porter...

2 May 2006 20:19

The Grafton Street Pub and Grill, Cambridge

A tidy Irish bar. I called in at lunchtime for a pint of Harpoon UFO (with a lemon that I'd hardly call filling if you're hungry - but then there is a good menu at hand, and Mr Bartley's excellent burgers are also not too far away if you just want a nice lump of griddled mince ;-). Beer was good. The place is pretty spick and span - polished dark wood, good view of the street. If you're near Harvard its worth popping in.

24 Apr 2006 21:27

The Field, Cambridge

It's in Cambridge between Harvard and MIT. Very Irish pub staffed by some real Irish people with what look like real Irish road signs... I don't want to make it sound like student digs in Cork - its got a great atmosphere. Apparently they have a few awards for pouring Guinness but I chose to quench an unholy thirst with a couple of Magic Hat "Blind Faith"s, which did me the power of good.

24 Apr 2006 21:20

The Sevens, Boston

A real "local" and small enough to discourage beerophobic tourists. Their own-brand draft 7 ale is, I'm told, a dark Harpoon brew. I first found the pub in a thunderstorm and since then no trip to Boston Common has been too short to drop by for a couple of swift ones. Friendly staff and amiable local locals.

24 Apr 2006 21:06

The Samuel Adams Brewhouse, Boston

OK its off the beaten track, but if you're ever stuck groundside in Logan airport for longer than you'd like, or you're very thirsty and not going near the Harpoon Brewery Tap by A22 (which is the wrong side of security if you're flying from E like I was), then head to Terminal C departures. At the time when I was propping up the bar there was draft SA Lager, Boston (Stock) Ale, Hefeweizen all served in 20oz or small "12 or maybe 14oz" for $6.50 or c.$5.75 a pint. Nice, busy. I'd go back.

24 Apr 2006 20:57

The Barley Mow, Shepperton

Elysium by the reservoir in the early evening. Deceptively spacious, lots of atmosphere, friendly regulars, friendly dogs, gentle scratching of pens on crosswords, and, AND, Summer Lightning (gift of the Gods) in top form. Not a very scenic walk over the M3 from the shops (10-15 mins) but you can't have it all.

30 Mar 2006 15:18

The City Tavern, San Francisco

This oasis in the Marina/Cow Hollow area has a fair range of beers. I had a refreshing pint of "their own" ale. Having trekked miles over there to find the now defunct Faultline Brewery on Chestnut (I should have checked first!) I was in need of a libation. Don't do what I did and then walk to the Magnolia. Please.

30 Mar 2006 15:12

The 21st Amendment, San Francisco

Modern place with a good range of their own beers. Had a nice Potrero ESB and Gn Pippos Porter. It's well worth a visit. My tip for the rushed (like me): its 10-15 minutes from the BART on foot so look at the website map first!

30 Mar 2006 15:06

Magnolia Pub and Brewery, San Francisco

Another lunchtime stop. On the corner of Haight and Masonic, by a bus-stop (handy). Had a pint of Proving Ground IPA so very hoppy it tasted (to my soft Limey palate) like retsina, and a nice stout with real oysters in it, blimey guvn'r! Full of character, very busy, slow and friendly: catching the bar tender's eye seems to take an eternity if you've got a plane to catch! Not their fault.

30 Mar 2006 14:57

MacArthur Park, Palo Alto

More of a family restaurant than a pub, but a good place to start a pub-stroll near the Caltrain station. A decent Sam Adams Black on draft.

30 Mar 2006 14:46

Empire Tap Room, Palo Alto

Just opposite Gordon Biersch and comparatively posh: bar staff in white aprons. Had a palatable Full-Sail, but felt under-dressed for the occasion!

30 Mar 2006 14:40

Gordon Biersch, Palo Alto

I liked it so much I called in twice. Certainly more scope for an extensive tasting during the quiet times of happy hour. I tried a couple of Pilsners, a Marzen and a stout and didn't regret any of them (except maybe the Marzen which at 6% topped-off my jet-lag very effectively).

30 Mar 2006 14:37

Rudy's Pub, Palo Alto

It was early evening when I passed through. It was ver atmospheric (dim) and certainly buzzing - I felt just very slightly too old. A fair pint of Mendocino(?) Red Tail. A good range of draft beers from what I could see.

30 Mar 2006 14:31

The British Volunteer, Weybridge

I hadn't been to the Volly for a few long years. the regulars and staff are still a friendly and tolerant lot, the beers were all too drinkable. Which beers? I think there was TT Landlord on when we beamed in - it was late afternoon, it had been a long day.

30 Mar 2006 14:27

Old Crown, Weybridge

Nice, quaint, slightly smoky in the main bar.

30 Mar 2006 14:18

The Prince of Wales, Weybridge

A top pub. Excellent beer, very friendly!

30 Mar 2006 14:15

The Jolly Farmer, Weybridge

A lovely setting for a lunchtime pint, or four,or five. Bright but still cosy, plenty of staff for such a tiny bar. When we materialised there was (supping from left to right): Hop Back Odyssey, Lightning, Youngs Deuchars IPA, StAustell Tribute, Harveys IPA. Summer Lightning was in particularly good nick (Lewis).

30 Mar 2006 14:13

The Garland, Redhill

A National Treasure. No, honestly. It really is. I had yet another totally civilised slightly scumbled 8 pints of Harveys' (Mild, Hadlow, Best, Old, Armada, including an excellently matured Christmas Ale). It has a juke box but it was unused; the beer is the only music you need. Grubby? that's a pub as(as opposed to a "bar") ... Brilliant.

15 Jan 2006 19:34

Rodboro Buildings, Guildford

Service can be slow when it's busy but the beer (and cider) is nearly always excellent and _very_ affordable. If the beer is off they'll change it, no fuss. It's close to both bus and railway. Food is good value. What a place.

26 Nov 2005 19:16

The Grantley Arms, Wonersh

A bit dark and gloomy and the opening hours can be "traditional" but the beers are generally better than OK (expect at least 4 good ales). Not cheap but reasonable. Its a shame that the Hogs Back "Grantley Ale" has gone but the Horsham Ales are good.
Rather more an eating than an drinking pub (the food is of good repute). N.B. A signficant number of real locals drink in "The Club".

26 Nov 2005 19:12

The Jolly Farmer, Bramley

The 6 or 7 beers are always _really_ well kept and vary on a weekly basis. They're not cheap (I'd head for Weatherspoons in Guildford on bus 63 if you want good and cheap). The food is OK but I cook for myself so ...
The bar staff vary in friendliness (Oz professionals of varying sociability) the atmosphere is potentially fantastic (rustic scumbling and old beer mats on the ceiling to keep you amused when conversation flags)

26 Nov 2005 19:06

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