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The Hole in The Wall, Southsea

Our bus trip around watering holes of Hampshire last Saturday didn't originally include the Hole In The Wall. Thank God that Mike & Caroline from Havant Brewery suggested it when one on our itinerary was dropped at short notice. We turned up around 2.30 with 31+ people on board our bus and were made exceedingly welcome. Beers were in cracking condition. My favourite? Oakleaf Stout - sublime!!!

9 Dec 2009 00:49

The Rose and Crown, Huish Episcopi

Visited on Friday lunchtime with my 85 year old father and was very pleased we did. The pub had recently re-opened after a 5 month enforced closure due to flood damage but don't worry, I'm sure it hasn't changed much. Beer choice was Teignworthy Reel Ale, Box Steam Rev Awdry Ale or Palmers 200 - the latter two were excellent. Make sure you read the poem and articles in the front room concerning the current licensees great uncles who were both killed at Ypres in 1914 - very touching! Keep up the good work.

23 May 2009 23:55

The Tuckers Grave Inn, Faulkland

Real time-warp pub with all beers & ciders poured straight from the barrel. Beer choice is Bass (a rarity these days) or Butcombe Bitter both well kept. Long-term licensees Ivan and Glenda were away when I visited last Thursday (at the Devon county show) but Mary's welcome was warm enough. Oh and the bantam's eggs I bought for 75p / half a dozen were fantastic for my breakfast. Will try to make a return visit some day.

23 May 2009 23:48

The Seymour Arms, Witham Friary

All the comments on here are true! A fantastically unchanged pub (note the old Ushers sign) with all drinks served in the hallway via a sash window affair at the counter. One beer (Butcombe Bitter) in superb condition at an inflation busting £2-10 a pint. All the locals appeared to be drinking one of the 3 different Rich's Farmhouse Ciders. Beer and ciders all served straight from the barrel. Note the ancient multi coloured handpumps behind the bar which are no longer in use. Landlords John & Jean have been here since 1952 and long may they continue...!

23 May 2009 23:41

The Anchor Inn, Hartfield

Visited on a lovely sunny Friday lunchtime and enjoyed my brief visit. Lots of old brewery adverts on the outside walls ... Fremlins, King & Barnes, etc and a nice pint of Larkins on the inside. Note the unusual stumpy handpump handles.

The entrance has the feel of being in the French Quarter of New Orleans!!!

21 Mar 2009 07:14

The Filo (First In Last Out), Hastings

What a fantastic welcome yesterday from Mike the landlord and his lovely wife. There were 3 of his beers on (Crofters, Gold and Porter) plus Dark Star Saison.

Even though the pub was reasonably busy with afternoon drinkers, Mike was very willing to chat and gave me a guided tour of the brewery as well which is also visible through a window from the bar.

Thanks Mike and I'll see you again in April!!!

21 Mar 2009 07:10

The Kings Head, East Hoathly

Oooops, forgot to mention the interesting double decker urinal in the gents for those who like to 'splash their boots!'
More than 5'10" tall? ....beware the low beam above the steps as you return to the bar!!

21 Mar 2009 07:05

The Hatch Inn, Colemans Hatch

Visited yesterday lunchtime. Lovely setting in Ashdown Forest but with tables set for diners either side of the small bar area it is quite clear what their priority is. That said, the Harveys Old Ale was in top form and a visit to the gents (or ladies) is an eye opener!!!

21 Mar 2009 07:02

The Kings Head, East Hoathly

I visited here yesterday lunchtime and had a warm welcome from the bar staff. The 1648 Smokey Nol was also very pleasant. Will be back soon with a load of mates!!!

21 Mar 2009 06:57

The Royal Oak, Crockham Hill

With the recent change to become a Westerham Brewery house I had high hopes for a pleasant visit. What a shame that the landlord is as welcome as an Arctic winter!! Shame, could be a great boozer. I gave the pub a 10 for the good quality ale and minus 9 for Mr Frosty the landlord. Sorry Mr Wicks, your beers deserve a hell of a lot better!!!

21 Mar 2009 06:54

The Old Bear, Cobham

I drove past yesterday and still looks a few weeks away from re-opening.

25 Nov 2008 11:58

The Ferry , Thames Ditton

Being refurbished with a new name - 'The Cornerhouse'.
Work still in progress.

25 Nov 2008 10:34

The Cricketers, Guildford

Visited Sunday afternoon and frankly I believe the recent reviews are somewhat unfair. Sat in the garden with 2 year old grandson (hot day). Hogs Back TEA was fine and I thought food was good if a tad pricey. Service was fine (agreed the bar wasn't particularly busy). Oh and a Hodgsons Kingston Brewery plate displayed in the fireplace.

12 May 2008 01:02

The White Hart, Tongham

I can only echo the previous comments. I met Allison and her partner at Hogs Back Brewery last night and they are very positive. A short visit to the pub afterwards was also very positive. Good range of ales - the Pilgrim Porter had just finished but a new barrel was back on the bar in a very short time. Altogether a very nice pub. Oh also for those interested it still shows evidence of it's previous ownership - a Hodgsons Kingston Brewery (bought by Courage around 1945) plate in the car park. Keep up the good work!

11 Apr 2008 12:37

The Sun, Redhill

A great barn of a drinking establishment that could be mistaken for the booking hall at Kings Cross with about as much atmosphere. The choice of guest ales was limited to Sheps Spitfire!

I'm afraid this is not one of your better outlets Mr Martin and would have probably been better off left as a Magnet store! On yesterday's showing I won't be rushing back anytime soon.

3 Sep 2007 22:47

The Garland, Redhill

What a fantastic, friendly pub. Superb Harvey's beers in tip-top condition, reasonable prices and an extremely affable landlord that makes first time visitors feel like regulars. During our visit yesterday (Sunday) lunchtime whilst travelling around Surrey by old LT buses, cheese, biscuits, fresh prawns and fresh cockles were hurredly delivered to our table to be washed down by the great beer. Do not hesitate to visit this super pub.

Bob the Binman

3 Sep 2007 22:27

The George, Staines

This JDW is a shining beacon for real ale drinkers in the area. Beers are always top-notch, great value and always a good selection. The rating is unfair and seems to eminate from the previous management style which has fortunately changed for the better during the past year.

28 May 2007 09:14

The Queens Head, Allens Green

Fantastic pub made better if your visit coincides with the Beer Lovers Weekend (3rd w/end of the month). Fortunately ours did and what a pleasant afternoon was had by all. RACS Real Ale Club of Sawbridgeworth were holding a BBQ in the lovely garden, guvnor is friendly, down to earth bloke who loves his ales.

Cannot recommend too highly. Oh and they sell a mild as well!

28 May 2007 09:09

The White Horse Inn and Hotel, Ridgewell

Visited here last Saturday on a bus tour of pubs/breweries from North Surrey. What an excellent boozer - keen and friendly landlord and attractive bar staff (I refer to Charlie). Ales all in top notch form including Oscar Wilde Mild. Try working out the value of the pre-decimal pennies that cover the entire bar. I believe we were told £132 in pre-decimal value - could be worth a lot more now - especially if you can find a 1933 penny in there somewhere!
Oh and they are proud of the fact that they do NOT sell beers from GK!

26 May 2007 12:23

The White Horse, Hertford

A great little old fashioned boozer. Shame about the frosty female bar staff last Saturday. Anybody worried about the effects of global warming should pop in here - don't forget your arctic survival suit!!!

The pub itself would score a 9 but the welcome drags it down to a 2!!!

26 May 2007 10:06

The Phoenix, Staines

Paul, the new landlord, is working hard to restore the Phoenix as a family pub following its 3 year stint as 'chav central' in Staines. 3 handpumps re-installed and serve a decent pint of Abbott and Old Speckled Hen. Hopefully he will have GK XX Mild on during May to celebrate CAMRAs Mild Month.

Keep up the good work Paul!

2 May 2007 13:03

The Pelican, Addlestone

Looked in to this comfortable little pub located alongside the picturesque Wey Navigation whilst surveying the new local Pub Guide. Three real ales on - Marstons Pedigree (very drinkable), Courage Best and Wells Bombardier. Something of a haven of peace from the rush hour traffic nearby.

2 May 2007 08:52

The Barley Mow, Shepperton

Well this place just gets better and better. Don't you ever leave John!

Beers on last night were Cottage Deltic Diesel; Cottage Brunel Great Eastern; Grand Union Honey Porter (yum yum); W J Kings Bullion One Hop (beautifully hoppy) and Hogs Back TEA.

5 Dec 2006 09:31

The Black Horse, New Haw

This pub's been closed for several months. Not too sure if it'll ever reopen again.

15 Oct 2006 09:04

The New Inn, Minster

Wasn't open when I visited but superb old windows from Cobb & Co Brewery, Margate (long defunct).

8 Sep 2006 17:43

The Old Cannon Brewery, Bury St Edmunds

Due to family connections I've been making the 200 mile round-trip journey to Bury and its pubs for 30 years and have seen many changes (and many pubs closed). I would agree that this phoenix has risen from the flames over the last 5 or 6 years (Greene King closed it down during the 1990s) to become the best boozer in town. Excellent value food (huge portions), excellent ales brewed in house and very attractive bar staff - what more could you want?

Yesterday, on my twice yearly homage to Bury, I had the OCB Best Bitter and OCB Gunner's Daughter plus a massive 'Toad in the Hole'. Other beers on the bar included OCB Blonde Bombshell and Adnams Bitter.

28 Aug 2006 11:00

The Barley Mow, Shepperton

No mistaking, this is the best boozer for miles! The long-haired guy behind the bar is the governor John - he came as a temporary relief from Kent about 5-6 years ago and stayed - top bloke. The jazz is usually excellent and of a modern jazz nature, though R'n'B (the real 50's and 60's type) can often be found here as well. The food is good (I'm led to believe) and the beer is always top-notch. Had two luvverly pints this afternoon - Hepworths Iron Horse and Archers Top Brass (very dark) and both 4.8%. His beers tend to be at the stronger end of the Richter scale.

25 Aug 2006 17:02

The Plough, Coldharbour

Visited here again on the 19th August evening - last visit around a year ago. Landlord not present so could not comment. However, the two (continental?) bar maids were pleasant and the own-brewed beer excellent. The Tallywhacker was top-notch! Based on this visit a score of -7-.

22 Aug 2006 20:44

The Hobgoblin, Staines

"the landlord such an improvement on Alastair!".... not on the ale front mate I'm afraid.

The beers were always top notch and with an eclectic choice. Now your lucky to find one mediocre-quality ale on sale.

19 Aug 2006 14:55

The Royal Marine, Lyne

Personally, I think this is a great little gem. The landlord, Pat, and wife Sue are very friendly. Beer is always top notch and often features a mild.

Lyne Mountain Rescue Team? The local charity fund-raising organisation is based in the pub.

18 Aug 2006 10:16

The Lansdowne, Dawlish

Surprised this one escaped the BITE team as it is the best pub in Dawlish IMHO. Several real ales, great landlord who loves his rugby and beer. What more do you want?

28 Jul 2006 19:40

The Swan Inn, Dawlish

I visited first week of July 2006 (just after we got stuffed by Portugal in the WC). They had Otter Ale on as well as Gargoyles Summer Ale (from Roger's brewery a few miles away). Good stuff!!!

28 Jul 2006 19:37

The Turks Head, St Margarets

James's quiz back??? I took a fair few quid out around 10 years ago when Chris Brazier had the pub and Jack (RIP) was still behind the bar. He met the Beatles don't you know!
I visited last Wednesday afternoon and was shocked to see the changes.....two bars knocked into one, living area turned into a third bar, garden opened up. St5ill, the beer was pretty good and if the quiz is back...who knows?

What night is the quiz?>

28 Jul 2006 19:33

The Red Lion, Snargate

If possible I'd score this pub about 15 out of 10!!! Stuck in a 1940's time-warp and all the better for it. I dropped in yesterday lunchtime and had a wonderful chat with 70+ year old landlady Doris. She has lived there since 1947 and took over the pub when her husband died 20 years ago and is ably assisted by her youngest daughter Kate and the real boss 'Sooty', the dalmation. She's hoping that the trains issue is close to being resolved with trains hopefully stopping at Appledore from around June onwards.
The next fight with red tape is the legislation that says a computerised electric cash till is required as they don't trust Doris's £sd cash register!!!
Bring it on I say.....I can't see ex land-army girl Doris giving in to the "men from the Ministry" without a fight.
Beers yesterday were Goacher's Light & Stout and Hogs Back A over T (9%).
"Good on yer Doris!"

24 Feb 2006 10:44

The Magpie and Crown, Brentford

Pandora, glad you know about Dr Feelgood (RIP Lee Brilleau!).
Magpie & Crown is always a good boozer with good beers, good grub and good barmaids. What more can a man want?

Bob the Binman, Egham

6 Feb 2006 10:12

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