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Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

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user reviews of Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

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Must visit pub for those with an interest in pub architecture and history.

Pay attention when looking for it - its hidden down a little alley off either Charterhourse Street or Hatton Gardens.

Once inside you have a two roomed (three if you include Ye Closet), restaurant upstairs. All wood paneled and furniture not out of place from a medieval banquet.

You are in a different world, at a different time.

Fullers house but ESB not on draft and amazingly, the London Pride had gone.

Worth a revisit.
Mappiman - 1 Mar 2020 12:29
Excellent little pub behind Hatton Garden. Impressive range of real ales, and ,PROPER pub food;- toasted sandwiches, pork pies, scotch eggs, no sign of pulled pork sun dried tomatoes or olives. Can get very crowded but the atmosphere always remains civilised.
Aztecgoat - 9 Dec 2016 10:48
Went here for a beer one friday evening, one of the oldest pubs in London I was told. Had a good drink, maybe 7-8 pints? Yeah, thats what I sayed.

Got taking to a group of girls, one giving me the glad eye all night. Gets talking to her, one thing leads to another and I’ve only banged her in the gents! Proper opened up the boneyard on her.

What a racket! Nice pint of Broadside.
pissbehindthecupboard - 17 Feb 2016 17:21
Why didn't anyone tell me about this before? An absolute gem of a proper pub. No juke box, fruit machines or telly (at least, not in the small bar) just 4 decent beers (Pride, Oliver's Island, Broadside and Darkstar Hophead) and a hand pulled cider. Propr oak paneling, scuffed benches, ceiling beams and hanging tankards.
It's not trying to be a restaurant (not that I don't appreciate a decent gastropub)so the food is Basic Pub Snack, including the semi-legendary gala pie. The most exotic meal on offer is a Lamb and mint pasty.

And the gents is outside, where a proper pub gents ought to be.

Showing my age here, but seriously, I want to hug this pub and wrap in in polythene for posterity.
Royed - 13 Oct 2015 13:06
Made sure I visited when in London last month as it supports Mild in May.Not disappointed.Three milds on when I visited from Batemans,Enville and Hoskins.Tried the Enville and Hoskins offerings,both most acceptable.Pretty unique for a London pub to have outside gents.

oldandmild - 7 Jun 2015 05:09
An unchanging gem hidden down a passage off Hatton Garden and within really easy range of both Farringdon and Chancery Lane stations. Always a good, changing range of well-kept beers. Ye Olde Mitre has retained the old fashioned pub approach to food for people having a few drinks – things like pork pies and scotch eggs. It is small and can get very busy at times, but equally you can find it pleasantly quiet. Oodles of character and a very long history.
Antiquarian - 29 Apr 2015 10:53
I think that this pub got new management a little while back - I overheard someone behind the bar telling a customer that they weren't planning to change anything. Good thing too. It's a curious place, but all the better for that. Real ale choice almost always good, and usually a hand pumped cider too. Food is snacks - toasties, scotch eggs, sausage (singular!) - sometimes called "English tapas".
JBanana - 8 Apr 2015 15:35
First time you go here you think it is something special mainly because of where it is but on subsequent visits it's okay, does a decent pit but there are better pubs (even in the City).
anonymous - 24 May 2014 21:42
popped in last night for a pint of mild, had a Great Heck brewery Voodoo, from one of my local micro's in East Yorkshire.
Great news that Kathy and Scotty and the Mitre, had won East London and City Camra branch pub of the Year 2014, WELL DONE,
hullcityfan - 23 May 2014 13:05
First time in the ye olde mitre on St Georges Day with friends had a great atmosphere and had a good pint of White Dragon from Brown Cow , after went back on my old favourite London Pride went down well with the pork pies.
Will be back
shillier867 - 25 Apr 2014 12:27
We finished off our short crawl of historic City pubs at Ye Olde Mitre. The beer range was Gales Seafarers, Fullers London Pride & Bengal Lancer, Fyne Avalanche, Caledonian Deuchars IPA & Adnams Broadside. I was also surprised to see that there is now a real cider (I hadn't been here since 2009). On this occasion, it was Gwynt y Ddraig Celtic Warrior. There are 3 rooms - front, back and upstairs. All are cosy. We managed to get upstairs on this visit. There is also the opportunity for outside drinking, undercover. I've always liked this pub and would visit it much more often. But I'm rarely in London on a weekday. The addition of cider gave me a tough decision, whether to upgrade my rating from 8/10 to 9/10. But the gents toilets do let the place down a little. They're not the best you'll ever relieve yourself in!
blue_scrumpy - 26 Jan 2014 18:04
feels a bit like you're in anne boleyn's boudoir! great little place for a few winter evening's beers although I imagine the queues are horrendous on a friday with all the city boys there after work. well kept gales beers.
TommyRogers1979 - 11 Jan 2014 18:16
back in London for a few days and thought of Mitre,had a few Castle Rock Snowhites and some toasties, great night.
Couldn't help but notice previous post,sounds like a jealous licencee to me, a Wednesday night no music or tv's place was packed.......walked past Hook and Gripe on way to Blackfriars for more good ales it was empty ?? Blackfrairs also good ,front bar quieter but not as scenic
william85 - 8 Jan 2014 19:09
thought i'd take my chances back at the old mitre for a swift pint, unfortunately its still being run by that little Scottish Hitler. I would have thought his employers might have put him on some customer service training courses by now.... you'd be much better served seeking out some of the other bars in the area.
tapflaps - 14 Dec 2013 13:52
Haven't beer here since Fullers took it over. Pleased to find it still serving very well kept beer (and not just Fullers) with knowledgeable and friendly staff. Nice old school boozer with character after the soulless vibe of some of the new 'craft' places.
alebarry - 27 Sep 2013 13:15
OK pub. Tiny. Perhaps doesn't live up to its fame.

A handful of session bitters on the pumps, but nothing exciting.

Young barman seemed to know a fair bit about beer though.
catbert - 27 Feb 2013 20:31

Friendly little pub tucked away down an alleyway off of Hatton Garden.

Being a Fullers pub the normal decent range ales were on along with a couple of guests of which I had Harrier from the Cotleigh Brewery.

Standing room only downstairs so we took the winding staircase to the first floor when we could stand and chat in a bit more space.

Great to hear of the award they have been given by the SPBW and even though this was my first visit I can understand why they have been rewarded.

lezford - 4 Feb 2013 13:54
Dropped by last night - was treated to two Wadworth Beers from WOODEN BARRELS! A very nice surprise - it turns out it was in honour of the Mitre being given London Pub of the Year 2013 by the SPBW. Both went down excellently as expected, can only say the award is well deserved.
happycactus - 29 Jan 2013 22:05
Down for the L/Orient game with friends,in for pre-match ales, had Vital Spark by Fyne Ale and some Adnams APA, the Deuchars as well all in great form, scotch eggs and s/rolls for the game too.
Went into bar for some ales at L/Orients ground, also very good too, our compliments to bar team there
hullcityfan - 17 Jan 2013 21:46
Congratulations to Scotty and co: Ye Olde Mitre has been voted London Pub of the Year by the Society for the Preservation of Beers from the Wood (SPBW - 50 years old this year!) Presentation will be on 28 January.
ed.spbw - 17 Jan 2013 10:13
HELLO, We would like to tell everyone that this pub is only open till 11pm Mondays to Fridays and not at WEEKENDS EITHER.
We were there last night for first time in long while and glad to see still had pork pies with scotch eggs and mustard to make your eyes water.The Deuchars IPA was great and my friends thought the Dark Star "smoked porter" was unreal.
william85 - 8 Jan 2013 12:07
Been popping in here for years and, thank goodness, it hasn't changed. Gets very crowded but I'd rather that than it be empty and eventually close like so many other good pubs.
Tewin - 1 Jan 2013 15:30
I am puzzled by 1honeydew's comment - can't imagine why the landlord could upset him EVEN if he did assume the person only drank London Pride. The only trouble with the nearby Craft is the crowds; they are worse than in the Old Mitre!
malo66 - 27 Nov 2012 17:41
the owner decided he didnt like me and assumed i only drank london pride but thats not true i like good beer thats why i wont go in there again i will take my custom to the craft wich actually has amazing beer not just standard beer.
1honeydew - 25 Nov 2012 00:42
Everything and more we had expected from seeing on television. A great pub.
Wisbechvander - 19 Aug 2012 01:58
Being dodgey on my old pins, it was much appreciated, the service of the Glasgow guy who came from busy serving behind the bar and clearing away and finding a seat for me to sit down when I felt wobbley. No over the top fuss, but he took my order and had one of the young kids serving bring it over. And kept coming arund to check that I was okay. Thanks! Nice to see somebody look out for a silly olden like me. Nice pub as well. I'll bring my boys over to have a drink next time, I know that they will enjoy it too.
5thAugustLeo - 17 Aug 2012 21:23
An ever reliable drinking haunt. Hasn't changed in years, if ever so, for the better. No sign of the old boy, "Hello Uncle!", a character of Hatton Garden; I'm assuming he's away on holiday? Clean, busy, but comfortable as ever was. Had an enjoyable chat with the attractive landlady from Hull. Very good beer and toasted sandwiches too.
3Brassballs - 17 Aug 2012 15:56
There are a whole host of London pub "tourist traps" promoted in numerous guides, web sites and magazines. Most, if not all, put forward by people who wouldn't know a decent pub if they went into one. Let alone know the difference between Bitter, Stout or Lager. Sad, but true, say I. However, time after time, there is and always will be, one really good, authentic, colourful, characterful, welcoming tavern in London that tourists or regular British drinkers can enjoy. Ye Olde Mitre, off Hatton Garden and Holborn Circus.
I've been popping in and out for years, and have seen old faces pass away, young ones turn into middle aged drinkers, and many a first time student stand in awe at entering such a real English pub for the first time. It's the sort of memories that English tourism should true to bottle and sell around the world; such vintage travels and sells well. Of course, such legendary pubs as this don't come about by accident, they come about by hard work, care and attention and determined dedication. The present professional publican incumbent is a short in statue, but big in character Scot, by the name of Scottie. Possibly, in my opinion, the very best in the London and English game. His pub is clean in every aspect; tables, windows, glasses, taps and toilets. His staff, wide ranging in ages, attractiveness, nationality, humour and good manners. His beer presentation perfect and always different. A beer drinkers paradise. And a home from home, office to office, for many a London worker, tourist or student. Well worth hunting down for a visit, or bunking off work for the day for a session with friends, or to make new ones. The place is a haven for true characters that are hard to find in bars and pubs these days; good, gut busting banter, and entertaining, wicked wit. Enjoy! I always do.
Limehouselover - 10 Aug 2012 23:56
Popped into celebrate the 4th of July with the rest of the guys from Stateside for a great reception and Anglo-American bonding; good to see some well welcomed faces behind the bar. Particularly Scottie! Great to see that this great British ambassador is receiving some well deserved praise from the American press and television networks with his appearances speaking both English and Spanish. The guy deserves a medal or some other form of recommendation for backing Britain so well in this year of Jubilee and Olympics. Great humour, food, beer and welcome to all as usual. Wish he ran a few bars back East; we wouldn't let him leave. We noticed, prior to coming up and checking out his form here on BEERINTHEEVENING that he was attacked by tapflaps. Strange, as it's the only attack by anyone on this site and obvious that it's from the dirty guy running the dirty bar in Farringdon Street. None of us City Traders would use the place any how; who would unless your into rough trade bars. Isn't that for Soho or King's Cross? Who cares?
Glad to see that YE OLDE MITRE flies the colours of Red, White and Blue outside and within: just the same as the good old stars and stripes; always worth following. We shall certainly return and soon! A Great British Pub and a Great British Publican.
Saw a sign on front of pub today saying the Mitre was going to open at weekends during Olympic from 12 till 6pm,went in and asked the nice French girl behind the bar if its true, she said celebrate and it being 4th July had a quick 1/2 of Phoenix Arizona and 1/2 of Fullers Wild River too !!
william85 - 4 Jul 2012 12:07
Dear tapflaps, this pub has been run by "Scottie" for many years and he's an OK guy. He stars in Youtube videos about real ale. Your loss...
malo66 - 8 Jun 2012 14:37
lovely old pub. Shame its been put in the hands of an awful rude little man. What are Fullers thinking letting this chap run it?? Won't be going back till there's been a change of management...
tapflaps - 7 Jun 2012 17:39
Remains one of the very best pubs in central London. Dropped in last week mid-afternoon (the best time in my view) and thoroughly enjoyed a quiet pint by the fire reading the paper.

As usual the ale selection was excellent - Pride, Discovery, Seafarers, Deuchars IPA (my choice), Broadside, Blue Monkey Evolution and Titanic Iceberg.

A fine establishment.
murgatroyd - 17 Apr 2012 08:18
Previous review based on a visit Thursday 9th February. It was too cold to drink outside. No need to get grumpy if someone has the audacity to criticise your favourite pub!
Green_0nions - 8 Mar 2012 13:55
Found "Mr Onions " comments very funny or maybe not ,we were with friends there last Thursday March 1ST,it was packed but they have 2guys waiting on customers now inside and outside so no "scrums",the beers we had were good
from Wold top,but as Scotty was off from middle off Febuary and wasn't coming back till7th March,the tiny lady running for him told us so who was shouting,,,,,,,,,,,not truthful,,,,,,,,,,,
william85 - 8 Mar 2012 12:36
On our last visit both the upstairs and snug room were "reserved" for bored looking business men. Result? Both sides of the bar unpleasently packed. Very anti-social. Who cares how good the beer is when you spend the evening in a scrum looking at the back of a strangers head?

Talking about the beer, I don't get all this guff about the booze and food. The pies are not good; either from the cash-and-carry or Tesco. The beer is fine, but only as good as dozens of other Fuller's pubs. The Basket Makers Arms in Brighton manages to do it all much better only without an attention seeking Landlord shouting all night.

Grumble Grumble! Anyway, if you are a casual drinker I recommend going early in the day and forget the evening. Also the bar staff are always very good.
Green_0nions - 2 Mar 2012 14:28
Popped in this week, had a pint of Sambrook's Junction and a pint of Fuller's Front Row, both were in top notch condition and very tasty! Enjoyed the atmosphere, will definitely be back soon.
happycactus - 11 Feb 2012 20:06
My second visit to this lovely pub, unfortunately it was so busy on Friday night that the pub was barely visible. We drank outside in the freezing condtions but I was well wrapped up so ney bother. The tiny loos can't cope so had to wait in a small queue. Decent range of Fullers beers which were well kept.
Booze_Allen - 4 Feb 2012 15:02
I'm pleased that the beer range has been kept with guest beers still available (even though it is now a Fullers pub) as this is another of London's little gems and is a classic of its kind. I shall say no more as you should make the effort to find and enjoy it yourselves.
mcroyal - 5 Jan 2012 12:58
Spent a very pleasant hour or so in here. Had a lovely pint of Discovery - not really a winter beer but very refreshing, and then a bottle of Fullers London Porter I saw hiding at the back of the fridge. Service was good, the clientele was varied and friendly and the pub itself is really warm and atmospheric. I wish I lived next door rather than a long train ride away.
a_cheeky_half - 3 Dec 2011 09:35
just been in after footie, had some Oakham JHB then tried a new beer for me Exmoor Dark -brill
Been coming in here for a while now read the posting below -Troll
If you want to upset the Jock, ask about SNP party, do a Taggart impression or say is that all you've got on tonight !!, he's making a fotrtune for Fullers

hullcityfan - 15 Nov 2011 22:58
In Mitre on Tuesday and Thursday for Wiliams Bros.ales, Alloa,[not family],very very busy ,beers good also Seafarers too,sausage rolls hot with brown sauce,was like Christmas,
Too many people wanting to pay for a beer with credit card,
william85 - 13 Nov 2011 15:50
I don't understand the comment below this one.

I've often noticed in this pub, that the staff are super quick to serve everyone. No matter how packed it gets, I've never waited long to get served. And there always seems to be 4 or 5 staff working.

as for the rude little Scottish man, he's just misuderstood by some people. I'm also Scottish. I've came accross many characters like him (usually in London strangely enough) he gives of a harsh exterior, but he's basically a decent bloke with a dry Scottish sense of humour.
Pat_Bateman - 8 Nov 2011 16:16
when i finally found this pub i was really taken back by is beauty a lovely looking little pub!!! but sadly that was very short lived! by the attitude of the staff! they where all stood around laughing and joking when people where waiting to be served
one guy waiting along side me ended up walking out and i was pretty close behind him on that one, put it lightly! they were taking the piss!!! and it wasn't even that busy and they had a few staff on!! when i finally got served i got asked four times if i wanted a pork pie!!! once by the girl who was serving me which i kindly told her no thank you and then three times by a little rude Scottish man , who was shouting over the top of the poor girl, all i can say is that he must have left his manners and Customer Service Skills in the hole that he crawled out off. sadly i left shortly after this and headed to the Sir Christopher Hatton where i had the most enjoyable night where the service and drinks where good and i wasn't getting FORCED into having a bloody Pork pie!!!!
Clivecuss - 8 Nov 2011 12:41
Be sure to explore this one as there are two bars and a small beer yard (not the passage!) to the pub. Can get busy, but the service is good. Excellent beers.
dpaajones - 7 Sep 2011 08:11
in tonight with friends,we had Mauldons Backcurrent Porter and Caste Rock Pale.....sausage rolls and toasties.
Scottish Ales on sale from 22Aug till Sept 6th.We had a sample of Houston Texas before we left.....will be back to try tlhe others
william85 - 22 Aug 2011 21:28
A justifiably popular small, quirky Fuller's pub located in a small alleyway (easiest to find by entering between numbers 8 and 9 Hatton Garden - marked by a sign in the shape of a Bishop's mitre). The pub dates back to 1546 but the present fabric dates to 1772 and is, apparently, technically still part of the County of Cambridgeshire. There are two entrances, that to the left leads to 'The Closet', a semi-private partially-enclosed 'snug' while the entrance to the right gives access to the main bar areas - containing the remains of a cherry tree that Queen Elizabeth the First danced around.

As a Fuller's house you will always find a good pint of London Pride and Seafarers alongside Deuchars IPA and Adnam's Broadside. Also on offer yesterday were Fuller's Discovery, Rudgate Brewery's Ruby Mild and Copper Dragon's Black Gold. Prices are good considering the location and the pub's 'olde worlde' appeal and light snacks are available.
BobOs - 5 Aug 2011 09:33
What a find! Love that it is in a row of buildings behind the new shite buildings in the area! Two sitting areas with bars on both sides. Comfortable is the feeling I got and wanted to stay for hours. Wife and I had the cheese toasties with Deuchars IPA which was good and fresh. Can't wait to return!
richardo - 20 Jul 2011 19:51
we 've just had some great beer and sausages[+hot mustard ] at the Mitre, Ringwood's Boondooggle ,
We'll be back
william85 - 12 Jul 2011 17:17
In on Friday very very busy managed to get some Hophead before it went then came back later for the Blue Monkey....way to go
hullcityfan - 10 Jul 2011 14:30
I heard a lot about this pub and thought the reviews on here made it worth a look, it took a while for me and my friends to find it but was well worth it ! what a lovely little gem of a pub!!! food was great (loved the pork pies) and the real ale was a treat!!! the only down fall to the night was the little Scottish man behind the bar ... we were to say the least.. shocked to see and hear how he treated his staff!!! one member of his staff looked like she's was going to cry and with good reason from the way he was speaking (shouting) to the poor girl , another girl was doing her best to keep out his way !! from what, i can only described as fear, all the staff looked very unhappy and stressed!!! (not a good vibe) One of my friends pointed out that he thought he may have seen this man poke one of the guys working behind the bar in the back!! sadly we won't be going back to this little gem of a bar...
kiggins - 6 Jul 2011 11:55
Managed to find a seat recently at 7 in the evening! Scotty was very helpful in advising on the strengths of some of the various beers.
A gem of a pub!
malo66 - 5 Jul 2011 12:30
visited with friends on a Friday just before the offices emptied out.
Had a tip-top pint of Pride in a delightful beer filled oasis.
With time running on we hastened to our next destination but I look forward to returning to further sample its delights.
DoctorFunk - 6 Jun 2011 22:26
Sausage sandwich for 2.

The Deuchars was spot on.

Can't fault it.
Pat_Bateman - 26 May 2011 11:03
Sqeezeed thru the crowd last night to get a quiet spot upstairs ,Monkey Town mild was top notch and then Orkney Dark Isle to follow ,was like a 2-course dinner in top West -end restruant, cracking night
hullcityfan - 13 May 2011 12:58
re "madders" - please forgive my old age!
malo66 - 22 Feb 2011 13:46
"As this pub gets so crowded, I don't think it madders all that . . . . "

The_Final_Arbiter - 21 Feb 2011 10:49
As this pub gets so crowded, I don't think it madders all that much if the foodservice is strange (or whatever). Expertopinion's aside re. onion was very funny though.
malo66 - 21 Feb 2011 10:39
I stood at the bar with an old comrade and waited to be served by a beardy weirdy barman with a red bow tie that made him look like he was from the Nation of Islam. Some guy next to us asked the Beard for a cheese, tomato and onion sandswich. This is how it went:
Punter: Cheese, Tomato and onion sandwich please
Beard: No Tomatoes.
Punter: Ok, just cheese and onion please.
Beard: No cheese.
At this point the punter looked confused. I shouted to him to just buy an onion and eat it like an apple. The Beardy Barman stared at me with menace.
Great place to lose weight or just get s##t faced.
expertoppinion - 14 Feb 2011 15:54
Totally weird pub. Trying to be a bit too cool but failing miserably! Come on - get real. Staff a bit too hip - no not really. Absolute tossers. Avoid at all costs. The atmosphere was tense and pathetic.
Chav__man - 12 Feb 2011 11:16
Well, the Avalanche is all gone and I think I had the last of the Rabbie Burns a day late as it were, but there have been 2 guest ales on rather than the usual one for the last week or two, which means I actually have to make a choice. Chose right today - Dark Star's American Pale Ale is fabulous. I've no doubt the Harvestoun would've been good too.
I honestly don't think I have found such consistently well kept great beer anywhere else.
It does get crowded - my tip is to get there early.
beer_magnet - 28 Jan 2011 14:15
Just popped in for a couple of Caledonian 80/- before it was all gone,but Old John was telling me that for "Burn's Night" there would be Fynne Ale's Avalanche and Caledonian Rabbie Burns and some more Scottish ales till Friday so I'll be back
hullcityfan - 24 Jan 2011 12:57
Let me say that Scotty, mine host in YOM, is one of the best in his profession. I only visit every few months but he always gives me a good welcome and my impression that he cares very much about his customers, regulars and first timers alike. The Mitre is a pub of great character that serves a good range of draught ales (not just Fullers) with excellent service.
ed.spbw - 14 Dec 2010 22:51
Lovely pub - pity about the publican. I was in there last night and the publican refused to shut the door, despite the cold wind blowing in, stating that he preferred it that way. He refused to even notice people sitting by the fire wearing scarves and hats etc. Fullers have acquired a gem of a property - all they need to do now is get someone in, who cares about the punters to run it.
TheThinkingDrinker - 25 Nov 2010 16:36
despite the lunch time crowd of suits and tourists, there is a wonderfull 'living room' atmosphere to the place. nice small rooms steeped full of history. the building is at a jaunty angle, tucked away down an alley like a hiddenn gem (a secret that everyone knows about though).

really liked my time here, good service, good atmosphere, and from the look of other peoples plates, good pub food. authentic pub. authentic history.
CHELSEA_on_tour - 18 Nov 2010 13:13
Great pub, great beer. Cheap snacks on offer to soak up the beer but not clean out your wallet. A real find.

The only negative: it's a victim of its own success! Massively crowded on a Thursday evening. However I still managed to get served quickly, which was fantastic.
jjsint - 29 Oct 2010 09:58
Good ales.
2AndyGorams - 15 Oct 2010 13:08
Popped in a week ago on a miserable grey day. Once inside here spirits revived - haven't been in for a while but still the excellent gem that it was. Beer in excellent nick, friendly efficient staff and topping it off unpretentious and good value food. Still the toasties are going strong...!! A credit to the manager, staff & Fullers, if only all central London pubs were this well run.
chippysupper - 9 Oct 2010 00:47
Took some visiting friends here Thursday,pleasantly packed and no wonder,seven ales on including Dark Star Festival and Sharps Special,managed to get in the snug later on where we shared some bottles of Golden Pride !!, ......left with my friends wanting to know why I hadn't taken them there before.....well you don't want to tell everybody do you.
hullcityfan - 26 Sep 2010 11:26
To be honest I was disappointed considering the previous reviews that I had read here. Yes, it was old and interesting but not quite up to the billing. Beer selection was good but not great though the beers we had were in excellent form and the staff were pleasant and engaging. Still one of the best inns in the area if not the city but (maybe unreasonably) I expected more?
keith253 - 8 Sep 2010 15:10
Continues to be a gem under Fullers ownership.
BlindTiger - 3 Sep 2010 14:48
The hand of history is very much on one's shoulder as one imbibes here, although not in a laboured way. The historic associations with bishops of Ely are most interesting.

The ten beers on tap wasn't quite as impressive as I'd thought it might be, given that the vast majority were either mass-produced 'usual fare' or members of the mainstream Fullers range. However, one ruby ale and a cider guested, and they were both very nice.

The clientele was a bit pushy, all elbows at the bar - and the service was efficient or brusque, depending on your preferences.

The bar snacks are very traditional (scotch eggs, pork pies etc) and perform the useful function of ensuring that this stays a drinkers' pub.
kid_b - 28 Aug 2010 21:32
As Martinsh pointed out, this pub is in the BITE Top 40. That says it all!
malo66 - 27 Aug 2010 10:42
This pub is alright and I have been here maybe half a dozen times. Why does it generate such bullsh*t reviews? Is it the work of a dedicated team or one sociapath with multiple aliases? The person(s) behind WaterlooWillie (account now suspended or deleted) or any of the other delerious postings from the last couple of years have done nothing to enhance the image of this pub.
Green_0nions - 24 Aug 2010 13:44
I'd heard many good thing in the past about this place, but never ever found the time to come here until last night. What a find!
Surely, this must be one, if not, the best and most unlikely situations for a pub to be? Up an old alley way, off Hatton Garden; but indicated by a handsome, Victorian Street lamp, mounted with a Blue Mitre. As a unique street advert, ''that's what I call cooking with gas.''
And then a charmingly painted black door with the pub's name, tastefully picked out in gold typeface. Gosh! The old tourist trade must love all this? I certainly do. The real thing in being a proper, English pub;(unlike the Disney style tourist trap down Fleet Street way, by the name of the Cheshire Cheese!" Please! That's a moan for another day.)
No sir, Ye Olde Mitre is the bees knees it has to be said.
Clean, charming, colourful (and that's just the customers) the staff are welcoming and great too. A happy family style run establishment, with every age group, sex, shape and size represented behind the small, central situated bar area, covering both front and back areas. The white haired, older gentleman called John is certainly a card of a character; an Ace in this pack. Well worth visiting the place to chat to him alone. A star for Fuller's I'd like to add. I trust head office are aware and reward him accordinly?
And as for the beer selection,all first class,fresh and superbly served. I really enjoyed my HOGSHEAD. As I enjoyed my Scotch Egg, Pork pie and side plate of toasties. They were great!!! Especially with the fresh mixed mustard pro-offered and brought to my table by the young Scottish landlord; (okay, he's young to me, who isn't these days?
It's a pub that I wholeheartly commend you all to visit. I certainly shall again soon.
WaterlooWillie - 12 Aug 2010 16:42
Hey, theyve stuck up signboards in the streets leading here ! I thought the whole point of this pub was that it was impossible to find ? This wont do !! The boards also say it is a Fullers pub, but the beer range is much more varied that that.

For the record you can reach here by covered passageways from both Hatton Garden and Ely Place. Theactual pub seems to consist of three small rooms around a central server (there is also The Bishops Room upstairs, but Im not sure if thsat is open to normal drinkers or just private parties). The pub seems to be much larger than it is because people fill up the surrounding passageways and courtyards as well. The inside rooms are friendly and welcoming with wood panelling, stained glass and beer memorabilia.

Im told it gets very crowded at lunchtimes, but it was reasonable during our visit at 8.30pm on a Thursday. Beware that the pub is normally closed completely at weekends though this year they did open specially on my birthday !!! [ Sunday August 8th] I see previous posters have complained about the service but i could see no problems with that. There were at least half a dozen uniformed staff performing all the normal functions one would expect.

The beer range consisted of around 9 or 10 beers, of which 3 were Fullers. The rest were a mixed bag we had Gales Seafarers Ale, which was nice. One unusual feature was that some of the handpumps had two different clips on them. Im not sure how that works, as I couldnt see anything being served by gravity.

The food is basic, toasties, jumbo sausage roll, pickled egg etc. It is also cheap I think 2.25 for a bowl of olives was the most expensive. [We didnt eat, so I cant report anything more about it. It may even be only served at lunchtimes ]

Yet another interesting feature is the Gents, which has had a wooden modesty screen / verandah built around the normal door !

I really like this place will definitely be going again. Deservedly in the BITE top 40 (or was last time i looked) 9/10.

PS Glad to see that the irrelevant rubbish has finally been removed.
Martinsh - 10 Aug 2010 23:07
Why the shouting in the previous review (all in caps)? But above all why such irrelevant material? Can we please stick to serious views about the building, the drink, the people, the pork pies...just say on subject, please.

Many thanks.
malo66 - 9 Aug 2010 12:14
GAY.TOVEY - 8 Aug 2010 12:25
popped in during GBBF week,as in area, had a few of Black Sheep's "golden sheep" then some Broadside's with the boy's and pork pies who needs anything else......on advert outside says.PUB is open this SATURDAY /SUNDAY from 12-5pm,their list of beers might even make me come back for that....
hullcityfan - 4 Aug 2010 17:39
I don't pretend to understand some of the comments below. There's obviously a bit of, shall we say, friendly banter going on but I was under the impression that this site is intended to be a semi-useful review of pubs and beer so I'll restrict myself to just that.
This was my first visit although I've known of the place for some time and it was very pleasant in my experience.
Beer (Gales Seafarer) was very nice - as was the toasted cheese and onion sandwich !. Nothing fancy about either the beer or the food and there doesn't need to be, in my humble opinion.
The building itself is intereresting, if a bit on the small side and the welcome was great.
No doubt I've breached some kind of weird etiquette by commenting on the sort of things that interest me about a pub but , you know what ? - I don't care.
I liked the place.

Cover_Point - 2 Aug 2010 13:28
Another attempt yesterday to try to get this pub to work for me but it just dosent. Not over impressed last time so wanted to try again. Just the old fella behind the bar trying his best but with four people waiting one side and another three in the saloon as well as juggling with some toasties he obviously needed some help. As my wait entered six mins plus i cut my losses and left.
Picasso09 - 28 Jul 2010 22:17
Interesting, but strange to read mr_anage doggeral listed here once again.
Like many, I thought Beerintheevening had finally banned him from this site; as well as his long term campaign to self promote his expensive, poof's palace down in Pimlico. Now it sadly appears he's up to his old, twisted computer ways once more. How soon will he be attacking the Harp again too. Bridie beware? Gay Fatty Martin's at it again.
FARTINGGHOST - 28 Jul 2010 09:55
I used to visit this place all the time, but now that I have to rely on the iron lung so much I am not so mobile.
Despite my serious illness I nipped in last week and was pleased to be greeted by a roaring log fire, a topless barman and a woman dressed as Suzanne Vega, circa 'My Name Is Luka'.
I had 18 pints of Mountcraft's Old Saucy, 12 whiskey chasers and a toasted cheese sandwich complete with a clump of cress on the side of the plate.
I ate all of my crusts.
Ladhimself - 27 Jul 2010 16:57
A sad old man had a hell of a plan
to get a crap pub to the top
He'd give it a ten
again and again
when will the sad old man stop.

Hes very sad isnt he readers.
mr_anage - 26 Jul 2010 18:38
stropmag, you should clearly loan out your username to Pat_Bateman or stropbat.
rabdes - 26 Jul 2010 16:15
Three cheers for the welcome return and restoration of the pub Mitre sign and lamp stand outside the alleyway in Hatton Garden. This is truely the best run,cleanest and welcoming pubs in the country. And like Man United, it take's a hardworking,no nonsence and friendly Scot in the guise of Scottie to keep standards high.
If there's one and one only pub to visit on your busy schedule, be you a tourist or busy worker; then seek it out today! You won't be disappointed.
anonymous - 26 Jul 2010 11:30
Pat_Bateman, I certainly take your point but I think you should not read too much into the highly subjective points system on BITE. As they themselves say "reviews on this site are purely the opinion of site visitors, so don't take them too seriously." I know nothing of the other pubs you mention but I have reviewed 'Ye Olde Mitre' and awarded it 8 points (the highest I've ever awarded) and I stand by my review. If, as you suggest, there are people manipulating the site to their own ends that is unfortunate. Personally I couldn't be bothered and am surprised that anyone else would be so mean spirited.
stropmag - 24 Jul 2010 20:28
A great little pub. They have a superb selection of bitter that is constantly changing and also a decent selection of whisky as well. There are few better places to settle into on a cold evening next to the roaring fire. It's tucked away location makes for an extra treat.
Also top marks to them for providing unpretentious bar snacks, there are few places in central london where you can get a scotch egg, a pickled onion or a gherkin. Brilliant.
meltwaterfalls - 22 Jul 2010 15:44
Nearly couldn't find this lovely pub tucked away behind Hatton Garden - it's one of the most difficult to find I think I've yet come across in a back alley that is so small you couldn't swing a cat, but on doing so was so glad I did because it's like stepping back in time! A wonderful Holden's Mild signalled the end of Mild Month here - it's a Fuller's Pub "by day" with the usual fare - but the service and the atmosphere was second to none and it's good to know that old pubs like this are still going strong and indeed still being cultivated in the centre of London. Good on you Mitre!! Might not make it back here - don't go that way too often, but a gem found for certain!!
mikeypr - 10 Jun 2010 11:09
Been coming here off and on for years. Always great beer, tasty food and good company. A gem to amaze and delight your friends with that have never been before.
charlescask - 25 May 2010 20:37
Finished early and decided a pint in a shaded alley was what we req'd,had pints of Caley 80/- then some Magpie Midnight mild from Nottingham,was like having a piece of dark carmel chocolate......great
hullcityfan - 24 May 2010 17:39
A gem of a pub tucked away down an alleyway. Well kept Fullers ales and a historic interior. Worth a visit.
alexw - 14 May 2010 08:55
Crowded back ally joint with good beer. I would put it more as a quick stopping off point if in the area. Not sure I'd revisit especially on a Friday night - v full at 7ish
bedfont - 13 Apr 2010 18:53
Invisible pub accessed by another dimension but once done so it resembles a Souk with it's narrow alleyways and high population density. Able to take in Oxygen on the floor above as it's less crowded. Decent range of ales with Kelham Island Pale Rider. Worth going again when it's a bit quieter and I can see more of the pub (well it was a Friday).
Booze_Allen - 11 Apr 2010 11:28
Came here on a Friday evening, it was absolutely packed, could hardly move, there is an upstairs which was slightly better. Does a roaring trade in Scotch Eggs! Well staffed, got served pretty quick, expensive Fullers pub but I had a pint of the very excellent Pale Rider. One slight gripe is there is a covered area just outside the pub that gives the appearance of being part of the pub, used by the smokers, borderline legal if you ask me.
Abteilung - 10 Apr 2010 12:36
Popped in today as I thought Caley 80/- was on, sorry the old guy John said its Leeds Eager Owl,so had a couple of them instead and a Gales job and was informed also that Mitre has been voted Pub of the Year by East London and City CAMRA Branch ....good for them.
for Mr.Hogshead...... ..Fullers took this over in April 09, they let them have a great choice of guest ales every week,including coming soon loads of Milds for May and even if the Pride is 3.20 a pint ,there is 5 other beers on to try
hullcityfan - 6 Apr 2010 17:57
Now its a Fullers pub expect to pay 400p for a pint of London Pride which tastes like water at least you can enjoy one of the guest ales lets face it anything is better than Pride.
hogshead - 5 Apr 2010 09:06
Loved the history of this place and the fact it was hard to find - shame they are closed on Sundays (especially after dragging pal down there for first time on a Sunday to find it closed haha) - but yeah, interesting place, nice and quiet, like the little rooms you can sit, private etc - but more like a library than a pub in some respects.
adamwalsh - 31 Mar 2010 22:29
Another one of those 'olde' must visit establishments. The difference here as opposed to many tourist haunts is that it sells an excellent pint. Ancient pub with bar/lounge set up. Went in the smaller front 'lounge'. Also different was the fact it was a Fuller's pub selling guest beers. The Gales Seafarer and the Elgood Black Dog were both on top form.
anonymous - 24 Mar 2010 18:28
I thought this might have escaped the St Paddy's night rush when I popped in on 17th March but to no avail. However, I was soon cheered up because of the mini beer festival and enjoyed the Shamrock Ale and the Roosters Celtic very much indeed. I hadn't been here for years but I will try to get back more often as it still has a good atmosphere and efficient staff.
Ordinary - 21 Mar 2010 22:34
Everyone knows how wonderful the mitre is, I can't really add anything else. The landlord may be vertically challenged but he's hitting a high mark with his beer keeping skills!
Marquis_of_Lansbury - 20 Mar 2010 10:43
Returned home from an early evening pint with a friend whose work has recently moved nearby. Was in the pub from 1800-1900. Plenty of "suits" and some visiting trade. Staff friendly enough, the lady serving me certainly was. Enjoyed two St Patrick's Day special beers: Saltaire Dublin Stout (4%) and Roosters Celtic (3.9%). Both of these were on fine form, with the Roosters being particularly good. The front room, small and intimate, seems the best drinking area in the pub. I was "lucky" enough to win a floppy green and black Guinness hat in the raffle.

Although my last visit was some time ago, I still remember how enjoyable it was and today was no different. I will return more often in future. Visitors to the Old Mitre may notice the pub is now owned by Fullers, however a keen guest ale policy remains and ale quality has certainly survived the change.
lad_newton - 17 Mar 2010 22:22
Whatever you're drinking you'll need gallons of the stuff. Ian Dowie
bongobilly - 17 Mar 2010 11:46
popping into day for some Saltaire Dublin Stout while pondering on who will be replacing Phil Brown at HCFC,if it 's Mark Hughes ,I might stay all day till the Shamrock ale comes on.....
hullcityfan - 17 Mar 2010 11:25
Always have enjoyed my visits to the Mitre, never had anything to complain about. Friends I have taken there have all loved it.

I'm starting to wonder if the recent non-review was written by the mr_anage of the Pimlico place.
TiaMariaJim - 13 Mar 2010 19:01
Good pub if your in the area, so few places in the central zone serving decent ales, but this is definately one of them.
sadies - 25 Feb 2010 18:20
1st trip back to the Mitre for a couple of years and not changed much, still cheap bar snacks and witty customers. One thing i did notice was the beer selection wasnt as good as a couple of years ago no strange guest ales just the run of the mill Fullers beers... Pride, Seafarers, Discovery ect
superseagulls - 24 Feb 2010 18:42
A brilliant pub with an excellent choice of beers available. I decided on Saltaire Blonde which was on good form. Service was quick and polite. Easily the best pub in the area.
nutsaboutbeer - 22 Feb 2010 16:55
Visited this place on Tuesday afternoon. Or was it Wednesday?

Anyhow, excellent beer and nice atmosphere. I had a good pint of Adnams. or was it London Pride?

Anyhow, place was packed so went to upstairs bar where I bumped into Katie Price, who was drinking pints of mild like they were going out of fashion. Or was it Jordan drinking cider?

Anyhow, top place for of top celebs.
Ladhimself - 10 Feb 2010 15:05
Warm and welcoming pub with friendly staff. I'm not sure it's the best pub in the land, though. Some of the previous reviews could be excellent parodies of pub nutters (and not just chavman!). Worth going to if you're in the area.
Green_0nions - 4 Feb 2010 16:41
A temple of well-kept beer in a great atmosphere. Nice mix of regulars and tourists, though would the latter please shut the door when looking at the cherry tree.

The food is simple but does the job. I recommend a sausage sandwich. I don't recommend the pickled eggs. Contrary to the recollections of Mr Cameron (below), it was a scotch egg not a scotch pie but never mind.

There is a sign forbidding bicycles which, since I have never seen one in there in 5 years, is either very successful or unnecessary.
alecstewart - 27 Jan 2010 20:57
Yes, this is a truly wonderful pub. And thank goodness that Fullers, who own the pub, allow a large variety of guest beers to be served!
malo66 - 22 Jan 2010 15:47
Oh what a pleasure to stagger upon as a tourist to old London;the olde Mitre.
A happy evening was enjoyed by one all of our party.
We shall return.
HarryScarlett - 16 Jan 2010 21:22
A great place for any visitor from across the pond to head to, to experience a true historical English pub,with witty,warm staff and friendly welcoming Brititish banter.
Redindianpowwow - 16 Jan 2010 00:36
One of those few pubs in life that you love to be tucked within, supping good beer, eating a good varity of beer snacks and enjoying colourful, intelligent conversations on all levels, whilst the snow continues to fall outside. Head off there for yourself, before the winters end and sample it for yourself.
OldBaileyHack - 10 Jan 2010 20:26
Jolly nice place, off Hatton Garden;down a narrow passage way. Recommended to me by Boris. How he managed to squeeze down such a narrow old alley, left me wondering;great blond oaff? Noticed the gas lamp at the other end has been mangled, must have crashed against it with his bike.
The pub presently appears to be surrounded by scaffolding, whilst the roof is being replaced I was informed by the Scottish Landlord, who said his name was Scottie. Aren't they all indeed? Germans are Jerries; French are Frenchies? Funny it doesn't apply to the Welsh, their just peasants.
Must say it's a very busy,busy establishment, but very friendly and attentive bar staff; particularly the white haired, old chappie,with one tooth, by the name of John. Very impressed by the way he stood to attention and touched his forelock, addressing me quite rightly as Sir throughout my stay. He even offered to bow down and offer his crouched figure as a seat to sit on, when it was noted that all the bar stools and seating had been occupied by prols. Good to know such British Baldrich spirit still survives amongst the workers after these god forsaken years of new labour.
I enjoyed a good few hearty hours here, sitting in the back side room,named the closet, a place recommended to me by Ozzie; small and select away from the common herd next door. Ozzie at the end of the evening, finally turned up. Said he had ended up in nearby Smithfield market, talking to some roughty,toughty chaps about the meat trade in front of the Bishops finger. A pub I'm led to believe? I kid you not?
It has to be said that this place certainly does an excellent selection of beer and spirits and good old English fodder; toasted sandwiches,pickled eggs and scotch pies, bringing back happy memories of similar feasts at midnight in the dorm at school. Blish! Another good thing about this place, is the unlikely chance of being spotted by some open toed sandle wearing,bad breath,bearded,BO, Guardian journo walking in. Fatty, LittleJohn from the Daily Mad runt,who drinks here on and off, tells me they've all been shipped off from Farringdon road to the back end of darkest King's Cross;best place for them if you ask me. The Mitre gets my vote.
DAVIDCAMERONTORY - 9 Jan 2010 21:54
Great pub, Chavvy is under the illusion he is funny but his humour is flatter than kylies' chest, and as someone who has studied Psychology i would say that he is technically, what is known as " a nob "
Henners - 6 Jan 2010 18:10
Decent enough pub. Surely chav man's remarks are a bit tongue in cheek. He cannot be serious.

Anyone in this area should visit, if only because of the history of the place. That said, the choice of beer is as predictable now under Fullers' control, as it was previously under Punch Taverns. Fine if you like England's most popular beer, Fuller's London Pride, or Scotland's, Heineken Deuchars (yes, it ain't Caledonian any more), but for beer afficionados, there are better places within a few hundred yards.
arihall - 6 Jan 2010 16:34
Now into it's 464 year of British Beer service. Kings & Queens have come & gone; all wars have been fought & won, the Empire has risen & set.
But the Mitre carrys on! Cheers to 2010! Good health to all.
HarryHarryHarry - 31 Dec 2009 22:24
I would read chav__man's "review" in isolation. The Mitre has always been a wonderful pub (indeed one of London's best kept secrets until BITE!) anyhow deservedly popular, delightful building, cheery staff and a good mix of people, not just suits, filling the many rooms of the pub during a lunchtime visit before Christmas. Deuchars IPA was fine when I had it, only had time to stop for one.

If you are looking for a pool table, tv and Fosters/Carling to your liking then London has thousands of ordinary pubs to meet your needs perfectly. The Old Mitre is not one of them, and long may it continue!

First rating based on visit in the 2nd week of Dec 2009: 9/10

Phucough - 31 Dec 2009 21:19
Glad to know that Chav man doesn't like the Mitre; far too well run a pub for such a low life character to understand the true meaning of life. Away and play with the traffic on the M1! Pond life!
An enjoyable, fun time of post Christmas merryiment was enjoyed within these hallowed walls yesterday. No once a year Yuletider to be seen or tolerated, thank goodness. Just good conversation, brillent beer and terrific toasted sandwiches, scotch eggs, pickled eggs and gerkins by the plateful in the most cosey and English of London pubs; run by a Scot and his goodly team. Highly recommended to all!
CityBobby - 30 Dec 2009 12:39
Good pub but no TVs or pool table is a real let down. Also no salt and vinegar flavoured crisps. The Carling and Fosters tasted pretty flat. Not cold enough too.
Chav__man - 22 Dec 2009 10:07
Marvellous old pub down an alleyway just above Holborn Viaduct. The pub is split into several rooms - the rear room I was in had Tudor style wood panelling with pictures to match and somehow chairs that also fitted in.

Ales on offer were Pride, Broadside, Cotleighs Rainbeer, Bank Top Santa Claus, Deuchars IPA and Seafarers. I tried the last which was very good indeed.

This pub deserves all the accolades it has received on here and despite one or two noxious people in the pub is generally a fine place to drink

One for both ale lovers and those who just appreciate fine historic pubs.
murgatroyd - 22 Dec 2009 00:53
The Mitre is the Drinking Diamond in the heart of Hatton Garden; a right sparkler. Christmas lunch/dinner today with fantastic food on the hoof. Wallys, Pickled eggs, sausages, scotch eggs and ever popular rounds of cheese and ham toasties; with genourous dollops of English mastard on the side.
nough Broadside quaffed to float a Fleet. An everfriendly, other office for those in the trade. Anyone want to buy a ring for Christmas?
AlecaDiamondGeezer - 16 Dec 2009 20:55
Good to have a Scot in charge. We had a great leave here. Good Scottish beer. And wee, old English fella who looked like Dick Emery was a hoot. Highlt recommended. Swell guy. Perfect pub.
KingBillyBoy - 15 Dec 2009 23:20
Aye, that be wee Scottie then. .
grahamsherwin - 15 Dec 2009 23:01
A terrific place and great find. Great selection of beers. Great characters both side of the bar. A new found home from home.
GlasgowGuy - 15 Dec 2009 22:50
A very attractive find in historic London. Very pleasant place, Publican and staff. Lovely selection of Bitters too. Great food and well served for a on the hoof Christmas lunch. We shall return.
AngelofRevenge - 15 Dec 2009 19:14
This is like the Jyllands Posten furore with bad spelling.
We have the luxury of free speech in this country. Rise above it eh chaps!

Great pub by the way, always busy, always good service.
Mr_Local - 15 Dec 2009 16:07
I only come here as I have no mates, even my parents hate me! Their old, so I have this thing against old people.
I don't really like Beer or really know anything about it in fact:I hate my job, but Shepherd Neame are nice to me. I'm fond of toasted cheese please. My brain hurts..........
MikeStokesisafool - 13 Dec 2009 21:23
My word! There have been some strong views expressed lately. Hopefully all will now return to strictly pub review. The comments at least tell me that this old favourite is alive and flourishing. It's been a few years since my last visit but I look forward to April when I leave my current residence (Thailand) for a short trip to UK and, almost certainly, the hallowed doors of this great public house.
stropmag - 13 Dec 2009 20:18
Great pub! Terrific beer! With great class and character! Superb staff!

Oxfordblue - 13 Dec 2009 00:54
Look you idiots. It is just a pub. Don't take life too seriously. As long as the beer is reasonable and the toilets clean with at least 2 ply toilet paper, then that is fine. Peace.
Chav__man - 12 Dec 2009 19:42
Ok everybody
this is how it is
i posted an honest and objective review of my experience at Ye Old Mitre, both the good and the bad as i saw it.
In hindsight maybe i should not have criticised someone who could probably be quite happily retired rather than working a busy pub , which is to be admired.
maybe if someone had politely requested i rephrased my posting i would have attempted to do so .
I for one though do not believe in kow towing to someone turning up on my doorstep and threatening me , acting like some sort of BITE secret police.
As a result we now have one person using many aliases psoting all sorts of nonsense and dragging the reputation of both this site and his favourite pub , Ye Old Mitre , into the gutter.

mikestokesambii - 12 Dec 2009 18:34
Was in the mitre last night and had a few wonderful pints of the London Porter!!! If you want some get down there soon. Was very busy as alwasy this time of year but as usual the staff kept on top with there fast and effiecent service!! Uncle John was in good humour as always. While i'm at it i'm gonna put my 2 pence worth in. So mister mikestone you seem to have upset a few people with you remarks about John. It is one thing to critisize a pub in general but another to personally attack a man old enought to be you father, or my grandfather. Its no surprise to me that you have got some peoples backs up. sounds to me you may have a case of sour "Grapes". And to Jay28, I do agree it's a bit over the top but do you really expect people not to retaliate.
Anyway i will continue to enjoy myself here and have great quality food and beer.
fletch11 - 12 Dec 2009 13:47
Good grief, OldBaileyHack, you really need to get out more. I like the Mitre, but this ridiculous over-reaction to any criticism of the pub by some people on this site is getting a tad creepy. I'm actually less likely to visit the pub in future as some of the regulars are coming across as complete swivel-eyed fruit loops.

I think people can judge for themselves the value they place on reviews such as that of 30th Nov by mikestokesambii, within the context of this thread, they don't need some dopey bar room lawyer like you wading in with a load of half baked PC nonsene.
Jay28 - 11 Dec 2009 10:59
It's a very sad reflection upon England's oldest brewery, Shepherd Neame, that they have somehow allowed a piece of pond life such as "mikestokesambii" below to manage their "Hoop and Grapes" pub in Farringdon road.
Is recruitment within the British drinks trade so pushed that such an in articulate and prattish prol can believe that he may pass comment upon one of the leading and professionally run pub's in the country, such as Ye Olde Mitre and get away with it with impunity? Can he in fairness attack the quality of the beer? No. The decor? No. The cleanliness of the place? No. The very Landlord himself, Scottie? No, he wouldn't dare and couldn't for that matter find any true fault. Why? Because he's a gutless coward!
He had to attack "Uncle John" instead. One of the Britain's very best barman and loved City characters of old. Anyone of worthy drinking note, who has ever had the pleasure of meeting John at the Mitre, knows him to be a hard working, well turned out, very pleasant, humourous, knowledable and attentive fellow. On first name familiarity with countless thousands of City workers and visitors over the years, and particularly with the heads, past and present of all the leading brewerys in the land, who treat him with the due respect that he has earned from hard work and service to the trade over countless years.
So frankly, "mikestokesambii", (Manager of the Hoops & Grapes in Farringdon Road), your attack against him as being, "slow and and difficult , the aged barman being deaf as a post and having to repeat everything", is insulting, untruthful, and illegal. As I pointed out to you last week, when I dropped by to ask you, for your sake and that of Shepherd Neame, to quietly remove it from this posting site. You have wrongly attacked John on his age, health and ability; all illegal under the present legislation. And costly to your employer, Shepherd Neame, as you find fit to speak for, without I am sure their true and full awareness, on this web site. My quite and friendly pointing of this simple fact out, you address as a threat. Very true, to the extent that I and other members of the public, will be reporting you to your head office, the media and every other British brewery group to your gross unsuitability for future employment within the drinks trade in South East England.
Having observed you face to face, you certainly have a damned cheek to comment on others in the pub trade; your unshaven and unkempt apperance. Dirty, unironed shirt and inarticulate and badly spoken state leaves a lot to answer for? No wonder "The Hoop and Grapes" is one of the worst managed Shepherd Neame pubs in London. Let's hope it improves with your soon removal?

OldBaileyHack - 11 Dec 2009 00:58
It's a very sad reflection upon England's oldest brewery, Shepherd Neame, that they have somehow allowed a piece of pond life such as "mikestokesambii" below to manage their "Hoop and Grapes" pub in Farringdon road.
Is recruitment within the British drinks trade so pushed that such an in articulate and prattish prol can believe that he may pass comment upon one of the leading and professionally run pub's in the country, such as Ye Olde Mitre and get away with it with impunity? Can he in fairness attack the quality of the beer? No. The decor? No. The cleanliness of the place? No. The very Landlord himself, Scottie? No, he wouldn't dare and couldn't for that matter find any true fault. Why? Because he's a gutless coward!
He had to attack "Uncle John" instead. One of the Britain's very best barman and loved City characters of old. Anyone of worthy drinking note, who has ever had the pleasure of meeting John at the Mitre, knows him to be a hard working, well turned out, very pleasant, humourous, knowledable and attentive fellow. On first name familiarity with countless thousands of City workers and visitors over the years, and particularly with the heads, past and present of all the leading brewerys in the land, who treat him with the due respect that he has earned from hard work and service to the trade over countless years.
So frankly, "mikestokesambii", (Manager of the Hoops & Grapes in Farringdon Road), your attack against him as being, "slow and and difficult , the aged barman being deaf as a post and having to repeat everything", is insulting, untruthful, and illegal. As I pointed out to you last week, when I dropped by to ask you, for your sake and that of Shepherd Neame, to quietly remove it from this posting site. You have wrongly attacked John on his age, health and ability; all illegal under the present legislation. And costly to your employer, Shepherd Neame, as you find fit to speak for, without I am sure their true and full awareness, on this web site. My quite and friendly pointing of this simple fact out, you address as a threat. Very true, to the extent that I and other members of the public, will be reporting you to your head office, the media and every other British brewery group to your gross unsuitability for future employment within the drinks trade in South East England.
Having observed you face to face, you certainly have a damned cheek to comment on others in the pub trade; your unshaven and unkempt apperance. Dirty, unironed shirt and inarticulate and badly spoken state leaves a lot to answer for? No wonder "The Hoop and Grapes" is one of the worst managed Shepherd Neame pubs in London. Let's hope it improves with your soon removal?
made a grave mistan allowing as is a cosy ultra traditional pub.
Service was slow and and difficult , the aged barman being deaf as a post and having to repeat everything.
Ales undoubtedly fine , though the range is less than when it was a free house.
Soft drinks very overpriced .
Go somrewhere else if you want to eat - all they do is toasties and they are absolutely terrible consisiting of burnt bread and cold uncooked filling of horrible processed cheese. Surely a toastie is not difficult to get right ?
at least the quality is consistently atrocious though
OldBaileyHack - 11 Dec 2009 00:54
harryhotspur - i fully take your point on board , the barman " John " despite appearing very hard of hearing when serving me certainly seemed to have a fine rapport going with his other patrons. , im sure many people go to the mitre to enjoy his company as wellas the ales on offer.
maybe he did burn my toastie on prurpose after taking an instant dislike to me !
just a shame that someone elses way of " taking me to task " over my opinion is to come visit me and make threats - this does not reflect well on the Mitre and im sure is not the kind of behaviour an elderly gentleman such as John would expect or appreciate on his behalf.
Should also add that the christmas decorations are the best i have seen in a pub in a very long time ( including my own efforts over the last nearly 20 years ).
mikestokesambii - 4 Dec 2009 21:52
returned to the Mitre today for the start of their Xmas ale festival, its been a few months since my last visit, far too long! Tried a pint of Rosey Nosey, absolutely superb, to be honest though i was spoilt for choice with Adnams Broadside, Deuchars, Phoenix Arizona as well as a selection of Fullers beers.

Had a great chat with John the barman over a pint and a couple of pork pies, what a lovely old geezer, only downside is he supports Chelsea. Which brings me onto my last point; I have to take the previous correspondent to task. John is, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest barmen around in this fair city, he's been working at the Mitre for donkeys years (probably since it was built in 1546!), and knows everything about the pub and the local area. All i can say is, mate, perhaps he burnt your toastie on purpose!!
harryhotspur - 2 Dec 2009 17:46
This is a cosy ultra traditional pub.
Service was slow and and difficult , the aged barman being deaf as a post and having to repeat everything.
Ales undoubtedly fine , though the range is less than when it was a free house.
Soft drinks very overpriced .
Go somrewhere else if you want to eat - all they do is toasties and they are absolutely terrible consisiting of burnt bread and cold uncooked filling of horrible processed cheese. Surely a toastie is not difficult to get right ?
at least the quality is consistently atrocious though.
mikestokesambii - 30 Nov 2009 17:22
First Class Ale every time I visit this excellent traditional pub. I wish that there were more pubs like this.
Greenie - 18 Nov 2009 21:29
Agree with Oakman100: the best pint of Deuchars I've ever had was in here last week. Good atmosphere, friendly staff, excellent well kept beer. What more do you want? 6.10 for a pint of Deuchars and one of Discovery is reasonable for around here.
Sandman1 - 15 Oct 2009 14:50
I have been meaning to visit this pub for some time and I have to say that I was not disappointed as it was better than I had imagined. I think that everything that can be said about it has so I will just add that it is a must visit for any pub goer interested in good beer whilst taking in a bit of history in friendly surroundings.

Ye Olde Mitre is well worthy of the accolade of being my 1000th pub commented on and rated on BITE.
Strongers - 5 Oct 2009 14:25
His grace Cardinal Wolsey recommended this plafe to me. Divers ales and succulent pies were on the bill of fayre which we confumed with relish under the watchful gaze of our lord and sovreign good king Hal VIII as rendered on canvas by mafter Holbein.

Jay28 - 30 Sep 2009 16:08
Great atmospheric pub in a tiny alleyway though plenty enough people find it. The best pint of Deuchars ive ever had and I have tried the toasties and sausage sandwiches which are quite good value for the area. It's also none too expensive given its location.

Open Mon-Fri only but open during GBBF weekend in August.
Oakman100 - 23 Sep 2009 23:37
This is one of those great London pubs that I've been wanting to visit for some time. It's a pity it's not open at weekends. I finally got around to visiting here last night. On the approach to the pub, you feel as if you're discovering a lost piece of London for the first time. But as you get nearer, you realise that a few hundred people have already discovered it before you! The interior and exterior drinking areas are traditional and atmospheric. We managed to grab a table in the front bar, by luck. Real ales on during our visit were London Pride, Gales Seafarers, Discovery, Deuchars IPA, Adnams Broadside and Orkney Dark Island. The landlord has a very dry sense of humour and educated us on our pronunciation of Deuchars! My only real criticism was the lack of a real cider. Obviously the Fullers takeover has meant that the Thatchers has been disposed of. Strongbow is the only draught choice. Despite this, I would still visit again. The atmosphere was friendly with a mixture of regulars and City folk.
blue_scrumpy - 19 Sep 2009 12:16
This place should be high lighted as a Great British treasure. A must visit pub place for all.
TALLTORQUIL - 17 Sep 2009 00:10
Revisited after many years, as atmospheric as ever
Uncle_Dunkel - 8 Sep 2009 17:48
I was lucky enough to sample the Scottish beer festival. It was great to see such a range of beers that you never see outside of Scotland. Inveralmond Ossian is my favourite and I went off proudly with the pump clip (thanks, Scotty!).

Don't miss the alley to find this place, and don't worry if you don't get a seat. Hang around a bit, or risk your life with the stairs, and you should find a spot. It's a pub worth dwelling in. If only it were a bit nearer me!

The food is cheap and cheerful (toasties and Scotch eggs), but it's the beer that's important. In my half-a-dozen visits, don't think I've ever been disappointed.
Roodeye - 19 Aug 2009 18:05
a well hidden back street pub, but well worth visiting. a proper pub
TheGP - 3 Jul 2009 09:33
Popped in on Friday for a swift heart starter and only intended to stop by for an hour; ended up till the very late hour nattering and drinking with Scotty and "wee Robin" from up the road. Had the pleasure of watching a wild Starling gently hop forward to the open front bar door entrance, whilst Scotty was chatting away. He quietly and gently gathered her up, and took her back to her nest above the rafters outside. Very pleasing to see; as Robin looks like he would have bitten it's head off as a pre-luncheon treat, before tackling a round of the famous and fabulous toasties available.
I noticed the sign indicating the forth coming GREAT BRITISH BEERS FESTIVAL on
Monday 3rd - Sunday 9th August - This includes the only weekend in the year that they open. They will be serving Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th August 12noon - 5pm.

Cairngorm Brewery - Trade Winds 4.3% & Black Gold 4.4%.
Broughton Brewery - Green Mantle 3.7% & Oatmeal Stout 4.2%.
Harvistoun Brewery - Bitters & Twisted 3.8% & Dragonfly 3.6%.
Isle of Sky Brewery - Skye Lite 3.8% & Black Cullin 4.5%.
Houston Brewery - Warlock Stout 4.7% & Festival Ale 4.0%.
Kelburn Brewery - Pivo Estivo 3.9% ABV & Red Smiddy 4.1%.
Inveralmond Brewery - Ossian Ale 4.1% & Inky Pinky 3.7%.
Fynne Brewery - Vital 4.4% & Highlander 4.8%.
Orkney Brewery - Raven Ale 3.8% & Dragonhead Stout 4.0 %.
Stewarts Brewery - Pentand IPA 4.1% & Edinburgh No 3 Scotch Ales 4.3%.

I for one shall be digging out my ginger wig, Tam o'shanter, kilt and braces and heading along for a lost weekend of Scottish bevvying happiness. Jock's wahey!

DEPTFORDDUTCH - 30 Jun 2009 21:29
For old and regular drinkers to the Mitre, some very sad news. Sheila (of Sheila & Don fame) who used to run the Mitre for a good many years, passed away a few weeks ago, I was told last night by "Uncle John". She was one of the very best of London characters and many fellas will miss her passing, all to very soon. Here's raising a drink to her lovely memory and thoughts to Don too at his sad loss. One of the best Guvnor's and couples in the business. God bless!
WILLIAMSTEW - 27 Jun 2009 09:52
A real gem, well hidden away down a passageway, the pub doesn't front a road at all, a small 3 roomed olde worlde pub, all wood panels and wooden chairs, 4 or 5 real ales all all perfectly kept, and as mentioned elsewhere a knowledgable landlord. Not open at all at weekends, except for the GBBF in August. My visit was rather ruined by three moronic lawyers who seemed to think that the pub was actually their office and continually yawped into mobile phones whilst talking shop loudly. I bet their clients would have taken a dim view of them drinking before returning to an office to prepare detailed legal documents.....
Hodge1 - 21 Jun 2009 16:49
Astonished to find I've not reviewed or rated this before. Suffice to say it's a gem; a true London institution. Landlord Scotty is top notch. I haven't been in since the Fuller's purchase but hope it hasn't changed things too much. I will return soon.
grecian - 18 Jun 2009 12:05
A more pleasurable place to seek out the perfect pint, one would be very troubled to find I think? This is the gem house of the best beer to be found in London and it's off Hatton Garden, a short walk on the right from Holborn circus on the right. Number 8 I think? Clean, presentable and well run by a Scottish Terrier of a man named Scottie. A Wizard of knowledge of the true art of beer keeping and presentation; and a great asset to Fuller's who have just paid a few million for the place. A bargain at any price I'd say.
This month's Mild campaign has been welcomed and been wonderful! And I write as a convert to the stuff now, having wrongly judged it to be an old man's suppage. How wrong I have been all this time. Oh well, with age comes wisdom I trust. And here's hoping that Fuller's continues to follow Scotties fine judgement in beer choices and wide introduction to the London drinker of unknown, but tasty countrywide tipples; alongside Fuller's best of brew too. A great pub for one and all!
FeeFyeFoeThumb - 28 May 2009 19:04
I travel down to London about 5 times each year and this pub is one of the first I always visit. Good selection of beers and great staff. Scotty and Cath are agreat team.
bernie123 - 18 May 2009 15:48
How pleasing to find on my visit on Friday night that although Fullers have bought the Mitre out, it still continues to host a whole range of guest beers. Long may it continue. And various Milds in May on offer! Lovely Oscar Wilde, along with Ruby. All jolly good stuff. A throbbing, and colourful friendly pub. Do wish that the new owners would get the gas lamp fixed outside in Hatton Garden, it rather lets the side down on appearance for visitors to London trying to find the very best of British bars. Get it sorted Mr Fullers & co please?
SUSSEXSAXON - 17 May 2009 01:46
Time waits for no man. And many a good pub has been ruined by a bad brewery take over or missmanaged by a lousey landlord. Not the case here at the Mitre. A great pub and very well run. A must for all lovers of the Hop. Toasted sandwiches are great too.
anonymous - 14 May 2009 17:10
Small ancient boozer frequented by tourists, pensioners and Hatton Garden jewellers. Worth a visit to see it the once, but I will not be rushing back. I hope that it does not change, but it is not my type of boozer being to cramped.
SomersetChris - 13 May 2009 10:06
I think you will find that Fullers will have the sense to allow a couple of guest beers - I do think however it is unlikely they would be happy for the pub to continue totally as a free house. Some compromise may be necessary!
malo66 - 8 May 2009 19:35
Despite having only been here very few times I can honestly say that this is one of my favourite London pubs - albeit a bit small during it's busier times and not open weekends. They serve some great real ales from all over the UK in tip-top condition. The last time I was there I had both the Caledonian Deuchars IPA and Sharp's Doom Bar, both of which were fantastic. It's a little sad to hear that they've been sold over to Fuller's, but I'd rather them than anyone else. Looking at the website for the pub just now, I don't think that we've got much to worry about on the guest ales front, so I wish them all the best.
littledrummerboy - 6 May 2009 10:23
Well yes, Fullers are a proper brewery, agree with that totally and respect the company greatly.

However they aren't great in terms of their policies on allowing any or many guest ales. Often that doesn't matter, as Fullers beers are better than most. However it is an issue with a pub like this which has always been great for it's range of guest ales kept so very well.

Touch wood Fullers don't spoil it. The Mitre could never be ruined, but if it just ends up selling Fullers beers it would certainly diminish the pub.
mps77 - 30 Apr 2009 11:49
An oh so long overdue return to this fine and noble treasure house of drink, still superbly run Scottie & Kathy and the friendly team. Even old John (how old is he? 90? 100?) is in finest fettle still, and sporting new teeth! Did he purchase them or were they a lucky find, left behind by a customer?What ever, they are with a worthy chap. Truely the best bar man in London. And the pub is a Fullers now! Good show! Finally in the safe hands of a proper brewhouse and not in the powder keg of finacial mismanagement of Punch still. Lets hope a few mistreated London landlords and pubs escape via the Fullers escape route before Punch gets knoked out.
A marvellous time last night, and a very pleasant time drinking and smoking cigars outside. And I'm informed that thiers a Mild beer season coming next week; must return for that. Good oh!
anonymous - 28 Apr 2009 15:46
Great beer (the best pint of 'Pride I've had in a while), interesting snacks and a good atmosphere at this old pub. Unlike so many other places, the staff know their stuff and are friendly. Gets busy on a Thursday and Friday, but well worth a visit. I will definitely be making this a regular watering hole.
lex12 - 21 Apr 2009 09:40
Wonderfull old pub hidden down an alley in hatton garden. Friendly boss who tells you where all the other good pubs are in the area. A good start to a nice pub crawl Good beer served efficienty, will call in again next time I'm in London.
hartlepool - 8 Apr 2009 09:27
Milsonman, it is not a foregone conclusion that the Deuchars will go. It appears that Fullers are allowing guest beers in more of their pubs than used to be the case. So they may keep an evolving choice of maybe 1 guest beer.
Let's email the brewery about this!
malo66 - 27 Mar 2009 18:31
This pub has just been sold by Punch to Fullers so I suspect the Deuchars will be going?
milsonman - 27 Mar 2009 14:41
Wonderful pub tucked away near Hatton Garden. Was in there last Tuesday and the Deuchars IPA was in superb condition.

Due to it's popularity it can get very busy but well worth searching out.
Micky_P - 9 Mar 2009 21:30
Not a place that I visit very often but when I do I'm never disappointed. Went in last Friday afternoon and the Deuchars was on very good form. The service is always polite, swift and generally efficient. Not as hard to find as has sometimes been claimed. It almost feels like a little country local in the heart of the city. Well worth a visit and richly deserving of the high praise that it receives
MINTYBOOM - 9 Mar 2009 11:54
Landlady might not be rude but the landlord certainly is. Beer okay.
ericthered - 24 Feb 2009 15:42
This is the best pub in London - and one of the best in the UK. Only drawback is that the sheer diminutive size of the bar area restricts the range of ales on offer - but what beers there are available are always in prime condition. Visiting here is always a joy, especially if you and your mates are lucky enough to bag the snug.
Albert_Campion - 11 Feb 2009 13:01
I made a long over due visit to a very packed and colourful Olde Mitre last night. The place was buzzing with redundancy parties from J.Sainsbury's Head Office across the way, 250 I was informed, whilst toasting future good luck to a beautiful tribe of female lovelies in the front bar. (Why may I ask are Sainsbury's of all firm doing this; they've just had their most succesfull trading period in their history! Certainly uncalled for at this time of economic unease). However, one man's misfortune is another man's fortune, as I watched Landlord Scottie, his good lady wife Kathy, John Sarah, Chris and the team busily serving, back and forth, with great speed and efficency and ever present coolness and good humoured manner to customers old and new. Whilst your truly was escounced up at the corner bar enjoying pint after pint of lovely Deuchears ale.
And having read the previous comments with regards to WilbaDaforce's visit in December to the Mitre, I too should like to add my tuppence to the defence of the pub and the staff. Having read WilberDaforce's description of his visit, it's clear to see that he is representative of every true Great British Beer drinkers annual nightmare: the seasonal Christmas drinker! Howcould you possibly call yourself a drinker and a man by accusing the glass clearer of swiping your half filled pint of beer whilst you were in the toilet? How long were you in there for and what could you possibly be doing in that length of time to supposedily lose your pint? You say you were with chums drinking around a Hogshead barrel in the passage way. Why didn't your chums stop the glass from being removed? The glass clearer always asks whether a glass is "dead" or not. And what sad chums you have that can't defend another chap's half drunk pint whilst he's in loo? I think you or indeed your chums polished it off for themselves? And how brave and lucky for you that you complained to the Landlady and not to the Landlord or one of the fella's behind the bar about your loss. A soft touch approaching a woman? But even sadder to imply thay she was rude to you, especially as she replaced your ghostly pint. Kathy the landlady is never, ever rude to anyone and always charming and pleasant and pleasing. And I speak as one who has drunk here for many, many moons.
And as the previous chap has mentioned, it's damned silly and bad mannered to move the heavy, oak chairs away from the walls and place them around the main OaK table. It clearly states on the notice on the wall (an antique in itself being over 40 years old) please do not move the furniture. You create a fire risk and impede other customers and staff moving freely around the back bar. In your case WilberDaforce, I take it your one of those fellows for whom rules apply to only other people and always others are at fault; but never me? Thank goodness your a once a year drinker. Why not go to to the Goose or a Weatherspoons pub next year; you'd be well suited. Leave the Mitre for proper British Beer drinkers.

anonymous - 31 Jan 2009 11:46
Was in the mitre tonight and tried the scottish guest, very good it was too. Was told there will be dark island (One of my favs), will be one soon. Must say i'm glad that the seasonal once a year drinkers have left us regular drinkers to enjoy ourselves again!! The run up to xmas in the mitre was horrendous and i don't know how the staff manage to serve us so quickly, well done to them, and how the manager continually served such good quality beer, the man must have spent all his time in the cellar. on that note may i say mr WilberDaForce are you really that surprised and put out by the staff asking you to put the chairs back. they are big, heavy, very old and expensive and take up alot of room when moved out of place. and as we all know space is the one thing that the mitre hasn't got alot of. its hard enough moving around the pub when busy, let alone squeezing past those chairs. and spare a thought for the satff, god knows how many times they have to move them back into place. anyway, the beer, food and service is as always great and i will be returning soon!!!
fletch11 - 9 Jan 2009 00:17
I thought this was a great little find. You have to accept that tiny places serving great beer are going to be crowded although it did ebb and flow so that by about 7.30-8pm it was comfortable. Service was extremely fast regardless of crowds. I suppose you could call the staff "direct" but not rude. The landlord appears to have a good sense of humour and dislikes Wetherspoons pubs so that can only be good. Tried the toasted sandwiches, actually me and my two mates tried two each. I wouldn't call the choice of beers pedestrian, especially given the inclusion of Scottish beers for January. Deuchars IPA was on great form, best I've had outside of Edinburgh, but it's a personal favourite anyway. I think it is well worth seeking out and will do so again.
JustThe1 - 8 Jan 2009 09:52
Beer choice has increased with extra Scottish ones all January. All ales in good nick, new ones come on most nights. Worthy local POTY, could be a contender for London again.
sidderney - 8 Jan 2009 00:38
Nice old pub - the building, tucked away in the alleyway, is the best thing about it. The staff are very strict about moving chairs away from the walls (would the building collapse?) and the beer choice is pedestrian but well kept. Nice for one beer then move on to somewhere less 'rigid'.
chick - 7 Jan 2009 10:56
I think I was there the night WilberDaForce was there. I had never seen it so busy and they were struggling for glasses, still no excuse. However, despite the large scrum round the bar the service was surprisingly good. As for the chairs, yes, they are always touchy about them but I do like this pub.
gdm - 24 Dec 2008 13:21
Went there after work one night recently with colleagues. Nice selection of beers and it was fun drinking around the beer keg in the alley. However people were heading for shelter, I turned to see where they were going, a couple of seconds later I turned round to grab my beer and the uber-efficient glass sweeper had nabbed it and vanished when it still had a half pint in it. I went in and asked for a replacement half and the landlady was quite rude but I did get my half back. I then went outside to find that exactly the same thing had by then happened to another colleague of mine! I have never had it happen to me before in my life. Later on when it was a bit quieter so we moved inside and started to put chairs from the edge of the room around the table in the middle. Uh oh! The bar staff came charging over telling us to put them back. Despite all that nonsense I would go again as I think I may have just caught it on an odd day.
WilberDaForce - 21 Dec 2008 18:11
Went back again today and can safely say its the emperors new clothes to pubs. Its OK, get a grip though.
camraman123 - 24 Nov 2008 18:07
OH COME ON. ITS OK ITS NOT HEAVEN IN HOLBORN. I have gone to drink here, I have visited, I have had Lunch, I have drunk real scrumpy, I have drunk real ale. Whats the big deal?? The best thing is undoubtedly the bishops hat sign on the lamp post on Hatton Garden. This is a bog standard old boozer. How can we, as a nation, let thousands of pubs like this get quashed by big chains and pubcos, not say a word, and then treat the remaining ones like gifts from God?? Really, grow up, its just OK, the food, the beer, the atmosphere, all just OK. Which is one above the service, whilst honest and well meaning, i.e. no chavs texting in jeans, really doesn't set the world on fire.

Imagine you went to Beijing this summer for the olympics and wanted some history, some culture, some real China. You know, a taste of an ancient civilisation, and a local Chinese friend took you to the Chinese equivalent of this. Oh Dear!! In 2012, welcome world, have a warm pint in this unremarkable but unique pub. Is this the pinnacle of Englishness?? No, its a decent pub down an alley, stop talking like its the best pub in heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
camraman123 - 24 Nov 2008 01:30
It is still an absolutely wonderful pub, but as with the Jerusalem Tavern nearby it is usually simply too busy to stay long there now. Possibly becoming a victim of it's own success and/or too many people now know about it!
mps77 - 31 Oct 2008 15:08
To settle arguments over the pump issue at ye Olde Mitre, I enquired off Scotty the goodly landlord the facts? He informs me that there are only 6 hand pumps, so there can only be 6 beers; if one is always Thatchers, then there can only be 5 when all are in use. Just ask either him, Kathy,John or any one of the superb members of staff that man this flag ship of drinking excellence in central London.

anonymous - 30 Oct 2008 00:04
Heaven in Holborn!!!!
anonymous - 25 Oct 2008 17:16
Can I chuck in my two penorth regarding beer pumps? I was in here yesterday. In the front bar they have four pumps, three of them were dispensing ales (Adnams Broadside; Adnams Bitter; and Deuchars IPA, although the Deuchars clip got turned round while I was there, and the fourth Thatchers Traditional Scrumpy. The back bar had two pumps, dispensing Exmoor Gold (and mightily good it was too!) and OHanlons Port Stout. The pumps in the back bar were double-clipped, but not those in the front bar.

So, I dont think they have the capacity to have more than six real ales on at any one time. Nevertheless, five real ales on, plus a scrumpy, yesterday is pretty good going.

RexRattus - 2 Oct 2008 09:40
I'm fully aware of the double-clipping but have never seen the number of beers on offer at any one time that recent reviewers suggest. If sussexsaxon bothered to read my comments properly he'd notice that I mentioned ye closet to be a good place for a group to sit, and never inferred any exclusivity. As for my 'lack of endeavour' getting to the bar, what the fvck is he on about? Try getting beyond zone2 you tosser!
trainman - 28 Sep 2008 10:27
Most enjoyable evening in here. Front bar especially good for free and open chat and shared humour. Staff very nice, especially the old boy, John;"Hello there Uncle!" Tables cleared of glasses and plates, quickly,regularly and well, with no fush. Good after crowd from the theatre in the crypt at St.Andrews across the circus. Best bar in London.
WILLIAMSTEW - 27 Sep 2008 13:19
I'm not saying you're wrong train man but I was there last Friday afternoon and there were 8 beers on. Because they only have (I think) 4 pumps in each room they "double clip" each pump so if you look closely you can see 7/8.

I had Caley Deuchars and Harveys last week - SPLENDID
BobBoiston - 26 Sep 2008 15:06
Hmmm. Let's face it Baron, your inference that the Mitre serves 7/8 real ales at any one time is simply incorrect. Don't get me wrong, I think this a special pub, secretly located (although not sufficiently so for my liking), full of ancient atmospheric originality and serving damn fine beer, but the choice is not as wide as you suggest; I was there last Friday and the Hydes had just gone, leaving Adnams plus a.n.other. Nevertheless, a great pub to include on a tour of other weekday-only openers in the area (Edgar Wallace, Castle, Jerusalem Tav) and very prompt and professional barstaff, how do they fit so many behind the tiny bar? Thank goodness so many punters drink in the ginnel, it gives you half a chance to reach the bar! If you are in a group and manage to secure Ye Closet, youre sorted! Yes, Talltorquil, I think youll find that most of us browsing this site do get it.
trainman - 26 Sep 2008 11:06
I've just seen in article below in this week's Morning Advertiser; "The Bible of the Beer Trade". Heartfelt Congratulations!

Cask Beer Pub of the Year
By MA reporter
Ye Olde Mitre, Ely Court, London EC1.

The panel of judges admired Eamon and Kathy Scott's passion for cask beer and congratulated the couple for making Ye Olde Mitre a real ale haven. When Eamon and Kathy took over the Spirit Group managed house in 2004 ; it only served two ales. Now, there are three permanent ales and four to five guest ales always on offer. The Mitre also hosts a mild ale festival and last May stocked 24 different brews for customers to savour. At Christmas, it's time for the special festive brews from small and regional brewers. The judges were also very impressed with the pub's cask beer sales that accounted for 65% of turnover.

anonymous - 25 Sep 2008 09:12
A night to remember! Lovely time had by all; spent the evening until final orders drinking Oscar Wilde; an unexpected pleasure as I've never been into Mild. Scottie pointed out the rhyming slang connection; Oscar Wilde=Mild. Get it?
Good company from fellow actors within and out. A must have address in anyones little book for good food, drink and friendly conversation.
anonymous - 25 Sep 2008 00:45
I've been coming here years. Wouldn't go any where else. A truly lovely pub, beer and service.
anonymous - 24 Sep 2008 03:09
You want to stay here all day and night. It's fantastic. Great beer, great service and hidden away from the main drag. A pub of the highest order of service and a true find.
A great find, hidden away off Holborn Circus. I will return and return and return. Happy Drinking House! Wicked!
anonymous - 24 Sep 2008 00:23
A happy chappie I honestly can say I am; holding my corner position in the front bar of the Mitre. The array of Deuchers, Adams:Broadside & straight bitter, Olde Bill and Dark Star:-wonderful. Free and friendly, un-PC conversation with proper customers of character; a dieing breed else where, but a bastion of Britishness here. A true old fashioned City pub. Long may it continue. Scottie has to be one of the best; the Alex Fergusion of the pub trade. Always a winner from continued hard work. I trust that Spirit Group appreciate gold chip landlords such as he? Can't they sort the Gas lamp stand out side? It's a unique, antique advertising piece of street furniture. Get it fixed please? No wonder people can't find the place with the lamp smashed shapeless at the top and its drunken slopping state. It's been like it for years and hasn't worked since the early years of Don when he ran the place. Surely someone at Spirit group can get their finger out and fix it. This pub is the best in London and one that the late great John Young of "Young's" brewery always wanted in his group.He told me that years ago in the front bar after a very good days drinking together; along with Major Whitbread.
anonymous - 24 Sep 2008 00:05
Spaceman can I recommend that you do not give Ye Olde Mitre a third chance? It really is not worthy of your custom.

Ye Olde Mitre is what it is, and that has been described adequately by numerous reviewers in the past. As one wanders around London you encounter pubs that are not to your taste all the time, but there are bound to be many that you do like. There is sufficient scope in London for everyones tastes to be accommodated that is one of the main attractions of such a rich and diverse city as London.

As one gains maturity ones tastes change, and it might be that one day you will appreciate the positive attractions of a pub like YOM, even if you dont now, and I hope that it will still be around in its present form for you to enjoy. But at the end of the day its just a matter of taste of course, and if the YOM is not to your taste it's much better if you found somewhere more to your liking rather than continue to torture yourself by inflicting the YOM on your sensibilities!

RexRattus - 23 Sep 2008 16:15
This is a very special pub of character. Although the selection of ale is sometimes unexciting, I've never been served a bad pint. Dark Star made the last visit a particular pleasure.
Amused to note that Citizen Smiff's lager was flat - could have been sour grapes on the breath.
Hopsucker - 23 Sep 2008 11:24
I won't ever understand the lure. I'd speculate that its elitism. Its the home of the arrogant camra squad and the aspirational city-skirters. Its just mind numbingly boring, I gave it a second chance after the slating I got last time but I don't see it. It fits straight into aspirational middle-class England. Its a tank-top, a tweed cardigan, a barbour jacket, tea and scones, Cliff Richard, lawn tennis, anyone who misses the English bar at Disneyworld, theres one in Holborn. Roll on the passing of this generation that pine for 'real pubs'. Bloody awful, lager was flat too.
spaceman - 20 Sep 2008 12:34
I had my 21st birthday party here long ago and I am pleased to say that it is largely unchanged.
I use this as my local when up in London. It is (to me) everything that a proper pub should be - great beer and well hidden from the ever present tourists.
adrianboult - 14 Sep 2008 17:50
What a pleasant surprise to come across down an old English side passage in Holborn;Vunderbar!!!! I didn't wish to leave once I arrived. Lovely beer and what a selection! Adnams, Dark Star and Deuchers. And the landlord, what a pleasant fellow; allowing me a sample of each to taste before selection. All very tasty and well kept beer. A good find. And a very civilized front bar for friendly conversationalists. You don't find many characters in pubs like the very big friendly fellow in the corner. He seems to be well ensconced in the corner bar. Cheers! I will return with others! A good place!
anonymous - 9 Sep 2008 13:24
This has to be the best bar not just in London; but Britain. Hidden away, just off Holborn Circus & Hatton Garden it's a hidden Gem in the heart of the Diamond trade area. Okay, it's a historical building first and fore most. Founded in 1549, rebuilt in 1776 and altered around 1900. However the main attraction is it's superb team running the place, Captained by Scottie & Cathy. If your considering going into the Pub/Wine bar game, then do yourself a favour and visit the Mitre at various times of the day or during the working week. This is how a proper pub should be run in this country; unlike the 99% of lazy, dirty and unwelcoming Herberts that end up behind bars in Britain and wonder why they can't get the trade to return? Firstly it's clean! Carpets, furniture, counter, glasses, toilets and cellar-pipes. Constantly, throughout the day, Scotty and his team are cleaning up around them, serving the customer. A gladening sight to see in these days of grunge. Tables and counters are quickly cleared of dead bottles and glasses inside and out. The staff are clean, well pressed and presentable. Reflecting their personalities as professional and pleasant bar staff. Just consider old "Uncle" John; possibly the best of the few remaining London characters left. Everyone he remembers and welcomes with a friendly comment on arriving and departing. As found with young Sarah & Manuel too. The beers are beautifully presented too! And what an ever changing selection for the lover of Ales! Doombar, Rev James, various Adnams, Deauchers. A beer drinkers delight! And always served with care for the customers enjoyment. Scotty I have often seen take a pint politly away from the grasp of a stranger to replace it, because it hasn't been pulled to his high standard of quality. The fella is always to be seen dashing between cellar and pump ensuring that the beer is served as first class and quickly as possible. If you find yourself having to wait for service at the Mitre, then you don't mind. It's a very popular and liked pub for the many reasons that I have put forward; and because of the professionalism of all the bar staff, every waiting customer is acknowledged quickly, that they will shortly be dealt with. Another great feature of the pub is it's toasted sandwiches. Along with pork pies, sausages, Scotch eggs and pickled. A rare and welcome survival of British beer cultare in central London. They even do small bowels of nuts and olives too these days as nibbles.
If I have to find any faults with the Mitre, then it has to be With it's popularity with pratts with ruck sacks and brief cases. If you bring them into any pub, don't just drop them on the floor or pile them up next to a counter, wall, fireplace. Keep them next to you. Put them on a coat hook or on a coat stand. Put them under a table. Don't put them on a seat or on the floor; it's selfish and dangerous in a small crowded pub. And I for one will kick anybag in my way to and from a bar whilst in search of a beer.
anonymous - 7 Sep 2008 19:36
Visited on a Tuesday evening, I was initially asked for I.D which I though was strange but it could of been something to do with my recent haircut?

Anyway the landlord was actually very friendly and I tried the Darkstar - 'over the moon' which was supurb.

Really nice interior, exceptionally well kept beer and friendly staff.

sethbreaker - 27 Aug 2008 11:24
Dropped by this saturday for their GBBF open day. I had Hopback Summer Lightning - and it was one of the best pints I've ever had. They should give this gem of a pub the OBE.
Albert_Campion - 11 Aug 2008 13:33
was in the mitre last week and had a few pints of very tasty tim taylors landlord. the jock tells me they're having a scottish beer festival this week. gonnna try and get down there this sat and take full advantage of the 1 weekend their open!!
fletch11 - 5 Aug 2008 11:17
FANTASTIC !! Open weekend this weekend and it is the only weekend of the year that this treat of a pub opens... the beer is always brilliant and the staff are a real pleasure! You really should try this pub it's what real pubs are about.
sam2 - 4 Aug 2008 22:48
In two minds whether to post a review - the pub's brilliant and more people should know about it; but it's also quite busy enough already and it's the sort of place you should have to discover for yourself. Top notch Adnams and a good, always changing selection of guest ales; scotch eggs and pork pies for snacks. It's been surrounded by scaffolding for nearly a year now but that's good in a way: it provides shelter from the rain when you're inevitably standing outside in the early evening. Love it. One of the top five pubs in London.
swchairman - 13 Jul 2008 14:43
Still the best pub in London, but don't be telling everyone. This week Dark Star ale's are on. Also found out from the very friendly staff that they are opening Sat and Sun 9th and 10th of August from 12-5pm for the GBBF. Will definitely be worth a visit I'm sure.
firebreath - 1 Jul 2008 16:23
Went here last week - it's great. Really friendly staff, and several guest ales to try.
ONscotland - 1 Jul 2008 12:02
In on Fri 27, had Sulwata KnockenDock(easy for me to say!), which was excellent. Scotty on good form as always.
BlindTiger - 30 Jun 2008 16:19
Like this little pub, lovely service and hidden away and the burning toast is the lovely toasties they do..
morganspice - 26 Jun 2008 09:52
FINALLY FOUND IT! Visited last Friday, Lots of scaffolding outside with a lot of work & noise happening, none of it on the pub im glad to say and it didnt distract from the pub itself.
Had Bathams on, but had Duchars which was a very nice pint.
Busy downstarirs as it was lunchtime so sat upstairs and all we could smell what seemed like toast burning constantly?
Will visit again, hopefully at a quiter time.

Delly_WhoRU - 16 Jun 2008 14:07
Cityboozer - The Scottish Chap who runs the pub is Called Eamon Scott "Scotty"
Great pub, great couple Scotty & Cathy are very friendly. Surprisingly clean for a pub with so many nick nacks & odds & ends.
wallplanner - 3 Jun 2008 16:02
What a great little pub this is. Exceptionally kept beer. Wonderful service from the little family like team they have. Hidden away from street making it a perfectly kept escaoe and without the pretentious food menu that so many other pubs offer and screw up.
CaptainJamesTPint - 23 Apr 2008 15:59
Come on Spaceman, you can't reclaim the Mitre - it was never yours! Go on, be a sport, please leave the Mitre the way it is for us old gits who like these sort of pubs, after all there aren't that many of them left. There really are enough of the sort of pubs you seem to like around without wanting to destroy one of my favourites. And yes, I do suspect that your comments were somewhat tongue in cheek!
RexRattus - 19 Apr 2008 14:29
A hidden gem
Loved it. Great staff and superb beer
BobBoiston - 17 Apr 2008 17:41
Who is "Scotty"? The Scottish chap who runs the place is called Eamon.
cityboozer - 17 Apr 2008 15:50
Great atmosphere on a busy Friday night. Nice, quirky pub but soft drinks are way overpriced. Recommended for beer drinkers.
Rachel2 - 17 Apr 2008 12:12
Great real ale pub in the heart of the city. Welcoming landlord & landlady. Historical pub well worth a visist for great drinks, shortly to be taking part in CAMRA Milds for May. This pub is naturally quirky, not falsly aged. Will visit Scotty & his team again. 10/10
wallplanner - 15 Apr 2008 12:16
Congratulations again to the Mitre for winning the East London & City Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) Pub of the Year 2008. Well done to Scotty and all the team. Thoroughly deserved.
firebreath - 13 Apr 2008 10:18
Lets put things in perspective chaps. If you like cask ale, scotch eggs, the sound/odour of old mens flatulence, 120 decibel Scottish hobbits, cardigans, pipes, other men and without doubt fantastic service, this must be heaven. Whats the fascination with the decor and history? Its a pub. All this pub needs is strong ice-cold continental lager, nachos, some banging techno and a couple of crackers behind the counter and we could enter the 21st century. Great locations like this are wasted on weirdy beardys. Get a bag of home brew, a couple cheese slice sarnies (thats what I got in Ye Olde Mitre) and go sit at the Tower of London. The things we could do with some neon, a couple of bandits and a resident dj. Reclaim the Mitre for us youngsters!!!!
spaceman - 9 Apr 2008 16:28
Superb. Along with the Harp near Charing Cross, one of the best pubs you'll find anywhere - faultless service, excellent beer, lovely interior. Beer last night was Adnam's Broadside, Deuchars and Speckled Hen - every drop in perfect condition. The old-skool bar snacks (toasties, pork pies, pickled eggs) ae a real bargain, and brought to you with a smile. My only complaint is that it's not on the end of my street. Life is cruel sometimes.
Albert_Campion - 8 Apr 2008 23:37
Congratulations to all at the Mitre for winning the Gold Award from also looking forward to your Milds in May Festival particularly Beartown Black Bear, it's a cracker.
firebreath - 1 Apr 2008 03:30
Hidden away (but signposted from the street), this is a classic olde-worlde pub. Was very busy when I went in earlier this week. Good selection of ales - I had the Avalanche (very nice!) which the lady who served me insisted on me leaving it to settle so she could top it up, great!

I didn't eat, but looking at the blackboard that lists the toasties, the prices looked very cheap for this part of London.
Paulaner - 14 Mar 2008 00:42
A fantastic place, a pub full of character in an area of London that has sadly become overtaken by dull lifeless bars and horrible chain pubs. The only thing it lacks is space, undoubtedly due to its popularity. I'm half tempted to give this pub a bad rating to deter people, as I've got enough trouble getting somewhere to sit here as it is. As long as Ye Old Mitre exists, proper 'London pub tradition' exists.
lordbeardy - 13 Mar 2008 00:03
lovely tradional pub hard to find but worth it veery small but it's old with character. toasted sandwiches worth a try. you couldn't say anythng bad about this place love it
daniel234 - 9 Mar 2008 22:58
Lovely old interior in a pub tucked away off of Hatton Garden. Adnams was in good form as well as the pork pies.
mrse1 - 27 Feb 2008 09:59
Its difficult to know what to say about this fantastic place that hasnt already been said in the previous 168 reviews. I think Ye Old Mitre is one of those pubs that isnt just a pub, its an experience, rather like the Jerusalem Tavern, the new Princess Louise or the Brunswick Inn Derby - Im sure youll all have others to add to the list.

Millay - 17 Feb 2008 12:35
A wonderful little pub with a great deal of history - surprisingly spacious on the inside.
The landlord was just like a landlord should be - friendly and chatty - but not too much ;-)
Andy_D - 8 Feb 2008 09:10
There seems to be some debate as to how old this pub is, reading previous reviews.

The guidebooks seem to be in agreement that the current building is a replica of the original building. The original building was indeed built in 1546. The current building dates back to around 1772.

Much of the interior wood-pannelling was put in in the 1930's according to the CAMRA National Inventory guide.

I think we're almost unanimously agreed however that this is definitely a must visit pub - but not at weekends, cos it's shut !
JohnBonser - 29 Jan 2008 13:46
I just love this little pub and I can't imagine why I've never posted a comment on it before now. No point waxing eloquent about it's history, decor and suchlike as it's all been said by previous posters.

Four real ales on:-
Adnam's Bitter + Broadside.
Tim Taylor Landlord.
Deuchars' I.P.A.

I has a splendid pint of Deuchars washed down by an equally good pint of Landlord. The food as it is, is good value. The little old chap behind was very friendly, had obviously been pouring pints for years and is a veritable fount of local knowledge. 8/10

5thearlofwimbourne - 25 Jan 2008 14:01
"I love this place. The beer is always good and the atmospheric history of the place (Queen Elizabeth dancing with Hatton plus its 1546 structure)is enough to pull any but the least tastefulof visitors.

I haven't been for a few years as I no longer reside in London, and the last time I went it was closed (a Saturday evening). However, I wish to visit on a Christmas day out in the smoke."

It closes on Saturday and Sunday and was closed Xmas day but you probably found that out yourself. Watch out for May when apparently as I was reliably informed by the manager, they will have a selection of 18 milds on offer.
firebreath - 14 Jan 2008 00:58
"It was apparently rebuilt externally shortly after 1772 and the interior remodelled in the 1930's."

The Back was built !546 and the front bar in 1781/2
firebreath - 14 Jan 2008 00:52
It was apparently rebuilt externally shortly after 1772 and the interior remodelled in the 1930's.

Older readers may recollect that this pub appeared in an Evening Standard Guide to London Pubs, a paperback book published, I think, in the early 70's. This book deliberately included one fictitious non existent pub and a prize was offered for the first person to write in to the authors correctly identifying the pub.

A good number of people wrote in claiming that Ye Olde Mitre was this fictitious pub as they had not been able to find it !
JohnBonser - 10 Jan 2008 13:38
It's too long since I last went to the Old(e) Mitre, but it hasn't changed a bit - and thus exactly the point of the place...
rpadam - 9 Jan 2008 20:34
Jorrocks I beg pardon , Sir. I think some of the interior may be Tudor, and the outer skin, Georgian.
wbafc_beer - 21 Dec 2007 19:42
Surely the structure is Georgian at best?
jorrocks - 19 Dec 2007 20:27
I love this place. The beer is always good and the atmospheric history of the place (Queen Elizabeth dancing with Hatton plus its 1546 structure)is enough to pull any but the least tastefulof visitors.

I haven't been for a few years as I no longer reside in London, and the last time I went it was closed (a Saturday evening). However, I wish to visit on a Christmas day out in the smoke.
wbafc_beer - 18 Dec 2007 22:45
Very good selection of beers for London - not the usuall Green King, Fullers and Youngs. "Scotty" the land lord runs a very good outfit and keeps his staff on the ball.
bernie123 - 16 Dec 2007 15:13
Fantastic! Walking down the alley to the pub is almost like walking into another world (one that isn't full of bland, faceless chain bars). You could be sitting in a country pub watching the local regulars come in for a quick pint and a chat with the barman.
It is small, but I call it cosy, real fire in the winter and great selection of real ale. Yeah, the food selection is extremely limited beacse they haven't got a kitchen, but toasted sandwichs at 1.50 a pop, or sasuages and pork pies fill the gaps that the beer has left.
pnorton - 5 Dec 2007 12:59
Undoubtedly one of the greatest pubs anywhere (London or Cambridgeshire). Atmos, beer, food (well, cheese on toast and pickled eggs) and polite service from staff that seem to have been here when QE1 did her dance with Sir Christopher Hatton around the tree. Remember once sitting here drinking and chatting about fairly sacriligious subjects (as you do) when we were suddenly surrounded by 6 priests all downing pints of Broadside.....or was that a bizarre Welsh-rarebit induced dream?
speshalbroo - 28 Nov 2007 00:40
Simply gorgeous pub. Ticks all the boxes, good ale, historical interest, warm and convivial. Timbered ceiling, wood panelling, lots of paintings and a small snug off the rear lounge named "Ye Closet". Attentive bar staff (with aprons), my pint was topped up to the brim immediately and without asking, rare nowadays. Adnams, Caledonian, Nethergate Old Growler, and my choice Rooster's Yankee on yesterday, plus Thatchers Cider. I didn't eat but the range of snacks are very well priced, toasties for 1:50,Scotch eggs etc 1:25 and hot sausages for 60p!

As seems to be usual wherever I go, the outside is wrapped in scaffolding so I couldn't judge the exterior however even though the Xmas Decs are up already I'm awarding my very first 9 to this place.
Maldenman - 24 Nov 2007 15:11
Wow! What a place. If you ever needed to have your faith restored in the traditional British pub, this is the place to go. Likewise it's also the fine advert for how great a pub can be if you need to introduce any overseas visitors to the pubs of London (and indeed the UK).

It's both tucked away down an alley off Hatton Garden and tiny. By tiny I do mean very small! If you brought all your football team in, the place would be packed! In terms of atmos, service, beer quality etc, it really sets the standard. Forget plastic here-today-gone-tomorrow gaffs with their thin promise and zero atmos or character: this is the business!
BeerHeaven06 - 23 Oct 2007 10:53
Have been here a few times now. Took some people in last night who couldn't understand how anyone would find it. Friday night and very busy, ended up squeezed in upstairs. Adnams Bitter and Broadside, Deuchars and the guest was Phoenix Arizona. Will definitely be back.
GuideDogSaint - 20 Oct 2007 12:21
London's hardest pub to find? Possibly, but well worth the effort. Very snug and very popular.

The sausages are good, but they always go quickly. The rest of the menu is functional, but uninspiring.

The beers are very well kept. I'm no fan of Adnams, but the Deuchars IPA and guest ale are always good.

Whenever I have overseas guests in town I always include The Mitre on the itinerary (along with The Lamb and The Cheshire Cheese).
surgecommodore - 16 Oct 2007 11:38
Well kept beer and a smashing sausage roll, just needs a resident moggie to make it the perfect pub.
barcelona26051999 - 15 Oct 2007 22:32
Cracking little boozer, full of charm and well worth a visit. It is tiny though, with one small front bar and an even smaller one at the back known as the closet, so no wonder it gets packed so quickly with the luchtime and after work suits. I walked in at 2.30 thursday afternoon and there were only a few people left in there and it was just right.
Ales are really well kept. I started off on Butcombe Gold (the guest ale), then went on to Deuchars IPA, Adnams Bitter, Adnams Broadside then back to the Butcombe which I found to be an exceptionally refreshing light coloured ale. All ales around 3.00 a pint.
Also had a couple of their Scotch eggs at 1.25 each, nice, but only the Peters sort that you get at the local chippy. They also had a selection of toasted sandwiches at 1.50, sausage rolls,porkpies and hot sausages were also available(suits had scoffed all the hot sausages).
Best way to find this pub, is to come out of Chancery Lane tube exit 2 for Holborn Circus and keep walking in the same direction, it's literally only a couple of minutes walk, much closer than it looks on the map. When you get to hatton Garden just look across the road and you will see the alley way in which it's situated, if not you can easily recognise some of the shop signs from the photo.
Grogmonster - 5 Oct 2007 15:23
This place is just splendid,it was very busy when I was there but it's worth the effort to enjoy some Deuchars and Adnams in such a delightful,tucked away location,though it's not really too hard to find.Should definitely be incorporated into any Holborn/Fleet Street/Clerkenwell type crawl,though I think it is shut at weekends
virginiaplain - 1 Oct 2007 15:32
Visited in July, on my second trip to London. Actually visited twice because the first time was so wonderful. The beer was great and the staff were extra pleasant. I especially liked the Scotch eggs. Here in the U.S., they are served warm, if you can find them at all. They were extra tasty at room temperature. I appreciated the type written sheet given to me by the gentleman at the bar about the church next door. I never would have known it was there. Definetly a pub worth visiting on my next trip.
Jwambo - 15 Sep 2007 18:31
The pub you should show tourists as a classic example of a London pub - beer (Adnams) exceptional quality and the bar staff among the best I've met. Atmosphere is only slightly let down by the claustrophobia after work and the current building works !
mtaylor40 - 8 Sep 2007 12:30
In again yesterday - can't find any fault with the place. Beer was on form and it's a pub that deserves the praise it receives.
MINTYBOOM - 30 Aug 2007 19:20
What a fantastic place!! Hidden down a tiny alleyway like something from a Dickens novel! Great beers, ancient surroundings, was a bit stacked with suited types but they all seemed to leave quite quickly. Heaven!
anonymous - 24 Aug 2007 15:25
I was at the Loch Fyne Brewery the other day, and he said that the Mitre had ordered their beer,give it a try it is excellent.This is of course an excellent place to try any beer!
Henners - 13 Aug 2007 15:57
i would agree with the generally favourable remarks made by others, but would point out that this pub is very popular and consequently overcrowded.
recomend visiting earlier in the week if want to get a seat !
mikeholt - 31 Jul 2007 15:08
great location, beer always kept very well, and the selection constantly changing.
did used to think of it as a hidden gem, but it seems much busier these days, think a lot of people have cottoned on to just how good it is!

mps77 - 30 Jul 2007 13:36
in today, butcombe blond, excellent. Tim Taylor Landlord x 5 next and the boss said it is Dark Star Ales after that.

anonymous - 24 Jul 2007 17:08
one of my favourite pubs over the last twenty years, quality beer and a nice last orders scotch egg, pork pie and pickled egg supper, the bar staff certainly have attitude but it's always been good fun attitude that I've enjoyed, as for prices, welcome to London, I have no problem at all if it's for good beer and food
MickyTheHippo - 23 Jul 2007 15:08
Legend has it that because this pub was on the grounds of St. Etheldreda Church, criminals could not be prosecuted inside as they had immunity. I suppose that's how the landlords get away with their prices. (boom boom.......)

Variety show commentary aside, this is a fantastic pub. Unfortunately the laneways surrounding the pub are covered in scaffolding at the moment, which takes away a lot of the charm. Without the scaffolding I wouldn't mind if the pub was busy getting a pint, standing outside, and waiting until it dies down a bit. Now if it's busy I'd just go somewhere else, as it's pretty much a construction site outside.

The beer selection is very good, and given the pub's size/location/age, I can understand the slightly higher than the norm prices. I'm also impressed that a pub as small as this can continually offer a selection of four ales, all in top-condition. I wouldn't go here on a glorious evening, as the surrounding building virtually block out all sunlight, but on an average or gloomy day this place has no peers.
topdog_andy - 20 Jul 2007 11:09
had the pleasure of a few pints of adnams in this fine establishment this week and wonderful they were too! great news for those that are unable to visit during the week, the mitre is open the weekend of the 11th/12th august in honour of the GBBF and the manager has told me he has some great ales from scotland coming esp for the festival. ps toasties tops as always.
annieburger - 19 Jul 2007 21:22
A visit with some friends on Friday night yielded good ale and a good atmosphere - the place was busy without being uncomfortably so and, with the weather not having been too bad, standing outside (which we did anyway) was always an option. I've visited this place a few times now and I would agree with all the positive comments - traditional old boozers like this are worth supporting. Very much worth a visit.
MINTYBOOM - 10 Jul 2007 11:58
Not commenting on any other reviews. This is one of the best pubs in London. I popped in with two mates who had never been and both agreed the Orkney Stout that was on as guest ale was one of the best beers they had ever tasted. Pub food is limited but appropriate. Toasties, pork pies, pasties, and definitely no side salads! As the chain pubs take over, long may this place continue I'd go so far as to say this one of the best pubs in the world.
dry_riser_inlet - 7 Jul 2007 22:36
"The staff had that arrogance that comes with working in what by reading some of the delusional reviews here, is supposed to be a decent pub." Anon.

Surely you jest

jorrocks - 4 Jul 2007 14:19
3.05 for a pint of Summer Lightning? Shocking.
anonymous - 3 Jul 2007 09:22
Great pub. Anonymous sounds like a right clown!!
Chav_man - 8 Jun 2007 09:07
'anonymous' is probably the troll who's being putting unreviews on the Harp's page. Boring. Him, that is - not the pub.
Albert_Campion - 7 Jun 2007 20:49
Mr Anonymous, What planet are you on?

Penderal Oak is poor for a Wetherspoons which is saying something. Dreadful place.

Yes you get the tourists but I'd still rather go here then a Wetherspoons.
TheHorsesMouth - 7 Jun 2007 13:09
Average pub. Ansolutely rammed with tourists taking photos of the natives partaking in their customary activity - getting drunk. I felt like an animal in the zoo. If you are in the area try the Penderal Oaks instead much better. The staff had that arrogance that comes with working in what by reading some of the delusional reviews here, is supposed to be a decent pub.
anonymous - 7 Jun 2007 11:47
Have visited twice in two weeks. Really enjoyed the varied selection of beers on here. Friendly and welcoming bar staff and crowd. The place has great character
mgtzngr - 5 Jun 2007 21:35
Tucked away down a narrow passageway that was officially once part of Cambridgeshire due to its lying on land owned by the Bishop of Ely, this pub is a must-visit on any trip to the Capital. The bar food - toasties , scotch eggs and pork pies - is wonderfully simple, the service friendly and the layout utterly charming. The Mitre edges out other nearby historic pubs such as Ye Olde Cheshite Cheese and Cittie of York by virtue of its comparative lack of tourists.
BoehmBawerk - 31 May 2007 18:00
Could be the best pub in London, and definately one of the best I've ever visited, anywhere. Last night's Adnams was the best pint I've had outside of Suffolk. Cheerful staff who clearly enjoy their work, and the building itself is bursting with character and history. I found the selection of beers on offer to be fine - there's not a lot of pump space on the bar. One of the beers last night was Taylor's Bitter - quite rare to see in London, with Taylor's Landlord being much more common. Toasties for a quid fifty? Brilliant.
Albert_Campion - 31 May 2007 12:22
Great little building in an eccentric location. Not a bad selection of beers and staff are friendly. However, the selection of beers did leave a little to be desired (Deuchars IPA, and 2 adnams beers) considering it is supposed to be a famed ale house. (they also served rather a large head, which was a little dissappointing - needless to say I asked for a top up) It gets very crowded esp. as its a small pub, little on the expensive side too... But its well worth a visit just for the building!
bensonby - 29 May 2007 01:35
Visited this pub this week, they're having a Milds For May Festival - the jock told me he's having Mallards, Spitting Feathers and Oscar Mild ales in the next few days and for those of us who enjoy a dark ale they will be having Orkney Dark Ilse in the 1st two weeks of June.
Don't be put off by the scaffolding that's up outside in Hatton Garden - they're open for business as usual it's just harder to find.
As usual the beer and toasties are fantastic! The staff are nice too.
annieburger - 24 May 2007 15:55
After af few pints during a pub crawl it was not that easy to find for me as a tourist. But ist was definitely worth the search, the pub is a "must see". Staff was very friendly, the beer was nice. Same as I said from "Ye Old Chesire Cheese" ..... keep it unchanged, please !!
Pidley2547 - 21 May 2007 19:27
I'm so tired of walking into indifferent pubs serving the same old shite beer. So what a blessed relief this place is. Charming, friendly with immense character.....AND, most importantly of all, great ales. Oh, Adnams Broadside, I love you so.
Bodger - 18 Apr 2007 01:40
Visited for a second time and this time managed to bag a seat downstairs, which was significantly nicer than the upstairs. The Deuchars IPA was cracking and served with just the right amount of head. It was bustling and busy with a lively atmosphere. I suppose the small, divided nature of the place means that it doesnt quite become the sea of humanity that you can find say in The Harp.

Definitely gone up in my estimation, although it was pretty high to start with.
AleKing - 4 Apr 2007 11:10
I'm a Londoner and never knew this place existed until last week. It is the best surprise I have had in a long time. Once you actually find it, you realise the place is full of character, which is frequented by local suits and discerning customers. It even has an outdoor toilet which adds to the charm. It is very reminiscent of the Cheshire Cheese off Fleet Street with regard to the small hiding places and general decor-I don't think this place has changed for centuries. I reckon this place is up there with both the Antelope and the Grenardier, both in Belravia, for its general feel and ambience.

The staff are professional with regard to their knowledge of beer and service and the Deuchars is certainly one to remember. The place is heaving on a post work Friday evening but it is definately worth a ruck and maul to get to the bar.
Cossack - 19 Mar 2007 16:05
Top pint -sound bar staff....and I've sorted out forgiveneness for drinking the expensive leftovers after inadverdently gaining admission to the rich wino's groupie meeting in the crypt round the corner
EdgarBriggsMI5 - 17 Mar 2007 03:53
As a Daily Mirror ghost I went back recently, for fiurst time in 14 years, and found it hadn't changed a bit... Fab
anonymous - 3 Mar 2007 16:20
I had Deuchars here last week, served with a 1 centimetre head which I consider perfectly right. It was in as good condition as any pint of that ale I have ever tasted. Orkney Dark Island, the guest ale, was not far short of perfect, either. Grand pub.
joegreen - 26 Feb 2007 14:47
Wonderfully ancient and full of charcater, so can't be faulted there. In fact, quite breathtaking.

3 ales on the go on Friday (Adnams Bitter, Broadsie and Deuchars IPA) not a particularly inspired selection really, could and should do better there. Not exactly served a full glass either first time either, slightly disappointing given the hype.

Yes I'm being nit-picky but when there's a wide range of top-quality pubs within a couple of miles, one has to be.

Certainly well-worth finding for the heritage factor, though I'd be a lot more inclined to go to the Jerusalem for a session in Clerkenwell.

I'll be back though.
Quinno - 25 Feb 2007 13:07
More fun in the bars down Kingsway?! If that's your attitude, then please stay down there. In the meantime, I'll keep nipping here for a pint in one of London's best pub. Handily placed for a good crawl too if only it was open on Saturdays!
OldManPub - 15 Feb 2007 15:24
Well deserved entry in the 2007 Time Out Eating & Drinking guide.Calling Scotty's haircut "fierce" though a touch strong
BlindTiger - 13 Feb 2007 20:13
Aleking - I was thinking the same thing about the Wenlock.
IMO I'd have to place the Mitre above both The Harp and Royal Oak though. A fantastic place to have a drink, and despite being in the City has a real friendly atmosphere that is closer to a community based local pub.
The beer is always on top form (despite being served through sparklers - Although the staff are always happy to give you a top up), and the food consisting of toasties, pork pies and pickled eggs is extremely well priced - Gastropubs take note!

anonymous - 20 Jan 2007 14:46
I finally got around to going to Ye Olde Mitre the other day - to complete the fabled London top quadrilogy of The Harp, The Royal Oak and the Jeruselum Tavern (not sure where the Wenlock Arms has disappeared to) - and it was pretty good; based on my first experience.

The friendly staff were chatty enough and the beer was of a good enough quality, although I probably didn't go when the best selection was on (what is the pub's stock beers?). The layout is quite quirky.

However, a small concern was the size of the head served on many of the ales. Sure, there is some ditty on the wall about how Northerners can request a head on their ale, but I am not a Northerner. I dont wish to be short-changed and served a pint of Deuchars IPA that is approaching 10% head (or foamy by-product). I had to ask for it to be topped up, although most people seemed to be Northern in their approach to the head. Of course I couldve gone on an off night, but a supposedly renowned ale house should know how to serve a suitable pint.

Niggling quibbles aside, it is not as astoundingly brilliant as everyone seems to think, but certainly a decent enough pub and one of the best in the area.

Probably have to go: The Harp; Royal Oak; with Ye Olde Mitre and Jerusalem Tavern vying for third.
AleKing - 18 Jan 2007 09:32
This isn't a gripe but says something about a v. old fasioned pub. Toasted sandwiches available and the last time I was there "sausages" available.
"Can I have a toasted sausage sandwich please"
"No sir, not on the menu."
"Can I have some toast on its own - and a bowl of sausages"
"No sir - we don't do toast on it's own!"
All done very politely so had to laugh. Proper English service logic! Priceless.
Lovely old pub nonetheless.
Woodman - 15 Jan 2007 18:21
Actually the current building dates from a fair bit later than the 16th Century - but that would only be nitpicking - there is no doubt that as a genuine old historic pub, YOM is the real deal. You just know you are on to a winner when you look at all the previous postings, of which there are a great many, and have to look hard to find anyone who has anything negative to say.
RexRattus - 11 Jan 2007 23:58
It really is amazing, a date over the bar says something like 1546 - so by my reckoning that must be older than almost every other building anywhere near it. Just think, as St Paul's was opened in 1697 folk had been enjoying their ales here for 150 years!

Anyhow the pub is superb, a great cosy atmosphere with no sense of tackiness - it's all genuine stuff. And the beer is first rate. Splendid.
OldRogue - 10 Jan 2007 19:55
Loevly little pub, once you can find it! Good range of beers and friendly bar staff, the inside is full of character but is also tiny. There are tall tables outside in the alley to rest your beer on so I usually drink out there if its not too cold. Best pub in London by far.
thebozboz - 30 Dec 2006 13:30
London pubs are the best in the u.k, thay have it all.
tintin2000 - 29 Dec 2006 19:13
Lovely pub. Very good range of ales. Great for people watching, as so many different types of people seem to be passing through.
bertee - 27 Dec 2006 23:30
This is what it's all about! You know you are on to a winner the minute you have to walk down the Jack the Ripper alleyway to get to it. Cramped, oldy worldy, the punters look happy to be there and the staff look happy for the punters to be there. I took a couple of Asian colleagues there and it fulfilled their history book fantasy London. Until I showed them the outside Lavs that is.....
campfreddie - 20 Dec 2006 15:26
One of my favourite pubs. It has all the history and character of a 16th century pub (although I believe the current building dates from the 18th century, though a faithfull copy of the original). Both bars are good - the back bar has the old furniture that gives it the atmosphere of a really great pub. Sure it gets tourists (those that can find it), but I have only ever encountered small groups, not coach parties. Met a trio of Norwegians searching out good London pubs - I told them they had made a good start, and was happy to recommend several others for them to visit. In there with 3 chums at around 4.50 PM on Monday - already busy. Couldn't get near enough to the bar to see what beers were on so plumped for the Adnams, which is always good there. Got some seats upstairs. When we left it was heaving inside and outside - but with a real gem like this you can be sure that enough afficionados will know of it to make it very popular.
RexRattus - 20 Dec 2006 12:22
One of my favourite London pubs - hidden away and difficult to find, but well worth the effort. Good range of real ales - the Adnams was excellent last night
JohnBonser - 19 Dec 2006 13:34
This one never disapoints service, well kept cellar and looks the part. The best of the best.
jorrocks - 19 Dec 2006 04:41
What a place!

Tucked away in a narrow alley in the City and therefore easily missed, this is a superb inn in the old style. Forget your nearby tourist traps: if you see any visitors, drag them here to show them a real pub.

Inside it's tiny and as snug as you could wish on a cold winter's day. Excellent ales in top form complete the picture. Any self-respecting pubgoer should visit this house if only once in their lifetime: find it, drink in it and know the truth!
BeerHeaven06 - 11 Dec 2006 22:27
Popped in for a pint early on Friday evening (11/12/06). The pub was packed both inside and out, but luckily managed to get a seat in the small front bar.

4 ales were on offer - Deuchers IPA, Adnams Bitter, Broadside and Everards Sleighbells priced around the 2.75/pint mark. Tried the IPA and Adnams Bitter both of which were on good form.

Outside gents and food is limited to snacks, (toasties seemed reasonable value at 1.50). Will definitely go back, but maybe try and find a quieter time to visit, (unfortunately it's shut weekends).
wee_jock - 11 Dec 2006 14:31
I adore this pub. I have been coming here irregularly for years now and whenever I am in the area (which sadly is not very often) I try to pop in to make sure it is still there. Great Beers, great Wine List, lovely Toasties, great bar staff. I keep on bringing friends down here to make sure they know about this wonderful gem of a pub.

It's the little things I like. Great advice on wine/beers to try if you can't work out what to have, the A4 handout on the history of the pub if you know to ask for it (I always do when bringing new people around), the small fire lit in the downstairs back room on colder nights. All of these things and more add up to make it a wonderfully cozy, intimate little pub and I hope it stays this way for a very long time to come.
erestania - 6 Dec 2006 16:25
Yes excellent place. Hidden away in a manner reminiscent of the infamous Turf Tavern in Oxford. Only I like this place a bit more. You could say that it is claustrophobic, but I'd prefer to say that it's intimate. Solid selection of beer. I also appreciated the fact that toasted cheese sandwiches are avaliable throughout the evening.
Muzthing - 28 Nov 2006 12:27
The only problem with this pub is that the landlod will insist on closing. Other than that, it's hard to fault.
insekt - 27 Nov 2006 20:37
Went in during the week and it was chucking it down; good and proper outside. A very good excuse to remain within and have a jolly good drink; Tim Taylors!

On the way out, Scottie came forth with an umbrella for me to use; told me to bring it back when ever. What service! Carry on old boy.
anonymous - 12 Nov 2006 03:38
First visit and worth going a bit out my way to find. Nice beer served by a charming old barman, looked as though he'd been there 50 years. Not the sort of place for a big boys night out, but one to enjoy with one or two close friends, it could be that good. Another visit will help me decide.
Harlap - 9 Nov 2006 18:56
Ooh that makes you sound like a right old fogey Albert - but you're right of course.
anonymous - 8 Nov 2006 21:50
"nothing wrong with the beer or food but without doubt the most boring pub in the world!"

Presumably the way Shakespeare, Martin Scorcese films or a Spitfire screaming overhead at 30 feet is "boring"
Albert_Campion - 8 Nov 2006 15:58
Visited at lunchtime yesterday with a friend who was unwell and needed to sit down for a while. The Scottish landlord was most friendly, attentive and accomodating. This is indeed a fine pub and one of my favourites in the area.

Enjoyed 2 toasted cheese sandwiches and a pint of Deuchars IPA which was drinkable. Very pleasant atmosphere, and I left feeling very good about the way my friend was treated.

Pub recommended!
lad_newton - 1 Nov 2006 11:43
AR finally made it to YOM, and found it to be on a par with the Bridge Inn, Topsham, and other such delightful timeless unspoiled places...

Clearly a serious pub in every way, The Mitre does not pander to the likes of those who cannot recognise the inherent merit of a bucket full of grass cuttings...

So... Avoid! Discerning drinkers do not need you cluttering up the valuable space in this holy of holies...
Alph_river - 28 Oct 2006 23:55
Horses for courses and all that!

Some people like YOM, some people like All Bar One. Some people are also insane and need to be looked up.

YOM is quite small and i don't want people who don't want to be there taking up space.
Miss_Dinner - 26 Oct 2006 16:03
I am no monkey - if you don't think this place is dull you must be as intetesting as a bucket of grass cuttings...
anonymous - 26 Oct 2006 13:31
Clearly the poster below has a brain the size of a sultana. Off to Lloyds No. 1 with you, monkey. YOM is superb in every way as it was, is now, and ever shall be.

MrLash - 26 Oct 2006 12:14
nothing wrong with the beer or food but without doubt the most boring pub in the world!
anonymous - 26 Oct 2006 12:08
Okay, maybe I was a little strong there. This all happened mid to late evening when the crowd had thinned out considerably though.

Anyway, I'll put it down to a bad hair day or something. The lure of a nice pint of Deuchars wins out ;)
anonymous - 15 Oct 2006 19:30
Got to disagree with your comments about Scotty the landlord. Maybe you don't share his sense of humour. You also seem not to appreciate that to run a pub which gets packed at peak hours you sometimes have to ask people to move furniture if is blocking the way for others in what is a very cramped, historic pub.
anonymous - 15 Oct 2006 18:26
Hmmm. Been here on many occasions. The beer is kept and served well (Deuchars usually on tap) and normally it's an excellent place for a pint or three.

However, as we discovered on Friday, the landlord is an officious, jobsworth plonker. Forget about him being a 'character' - on Friday he was downright rude, busybodying about the pub, taking away one of our stools (?), asking a young chap at the back to take his hood off (the air condition was freezing)...etc etc. All little incidents, but not a pleasant vibe.

Nice pub, but better if the landlord stuck to serving beer and not hassling punters, thank you very much.

anonymous - 15 Oct 2006 17:54
Superb pub. Good food, good beer, great decor, good wine, good service...but I dont want people to come and ruin it for discerning drinkers like in that case, stay away - nothing to see here - just 1070s formica and beer out of plastic cups...!
lawrence_owens - 7 Oct 2006 02:43
I haven't been here for years, not since Fred saw service behind the counter. What days, what a pub, what a landlord. And it's still a great old place, infact better. Obviously no longer the haunt of the Daily Mirror mob, although I did see that big bastard Bill in the front bar. Somebody tell him to go back to work, lunchtimes over. He'll have a shock finding they've knocked the Mirror down across the way whilst he's been having a "quick drink". The hundred year war was quicker. And blimey, old John's still here; "Hello Uncle!" Just goes to show that if you do live long enough, Chelsea would do well one day.
AS for the beer, fantastic. No longer any Burton on tap; used to be famed for it's brew here. Silly sods moved the brewery to Leeds and fouled the taste. Never mind, what a selection to behold. The staff were very friendly as ever in their confined space, serving hither and yon. The landlady a very nice Northern gal served me a nice round of pork pies, pickled eggs and a Wally. Super stuff. And banter between the staff and customers was fast and fruity. The Landlord Scottie's a good old hardworking charcter too. Imagine a cross between a hard Scottish Hobbit with Ronnie Corbett on Speed and you'll get the picture. He's always on the go and runs the best of British boozers well; and he certainly knows his beers. A pub and party never to be missed. Well worth a regular visit for true British beer drinker.
anonymous - 6 Oct 2006 19:07
A truly great pub. Run by Scotty from the Minerva, for any Hull exiles around-Geoff, if you're out there, hope all's well. Superb ale- far better range than under previous management. The Mitre could take the easy way out and trade on its unique location/history, but refuses to do so.
BlindTiger - 4 Oct 2006 20:40
A real hidden gem this pub, well worth checking out.
Agree with Mr Lunch, the bar snacks are the next level as far as I'm concerned. Why don't more pubs have a box of pork pies and scotch eggs to serve up??? Simple.

The Adnam's best and Broadside were well worth seeking out.
Jesus_drinks_Broadside - 2 Oct 2006 13:50
a fantastic unspoilt pub which is well worth a visit. Great beer, great bar snacks and friendly staff. 10/10
mr_lunch - 2 Oct 2006 13:19
They shot part of that London-set film directed by Madonna's uver 'arf in there, Snatch (...I think?) I use to work on Hatton Garden so went in a few times. Really great pub. Old fashioned and traditional, the way a pub should be. The guy behind the bar was a character, my uver alf asked for a glass of wine for me, don't think they had any in...found it really funny :-) Good ambience, general all round good trad pub. Well worth a visit
kiwimaj - 26 Sep 2006 13:45
good old fashioned boozer!
anonymous - 13 Sep 2006 16:46
Cain's Dragonheart is a fairly good dark beer, worth a couple of pints. Is it on at the moment?
anonymous - 12 Sep 2006 14:41
Spoke to that jovial ol' scottish fellow the other night, and he said he's got Abbeydale Moonshine, Cains Dragonheart, and Church End's What the Fox's Hat! (No kiddin! Thats what he said! The cheeky git!)
old_horatio - 12 Sep 2006 13:29
What a fantastic pub.

On warm days you can stand outside and not be bothered by traffic as it is not by a road and if you sit inside there are a number of little rooms tucked away.

The bar snacks are yummy for a pre dinner treat, i have yet to try the extra strong mustard but will keep you informed!

Watch out when you go to the loo girls. The floor and toilet are lobsided and you will find your face slammed against the wall even though sobber. but hey it all adds to the charm.
Miss_Dinner - 11 Sep 2006 13:49
Selling an awsome pint of Cains Dragon Heart ale at present.... oh p.s. quick tip, the landlord is always more than happy to top up, or even remove a sparker for those who prefer a 'southern' pint!
old_horatio - 6 Sep 2006 15:37
Albert is right, though unfortunately there is another thing that this place has in common with a Yorkshire pub - all the beer is forced through sparklers, giving it a head like John Smith's creamflow and drawing a tiny bit of the bitterness out of the beer. I wish they'd take them off. In fact I wish the government would legislate to ban sparklers ...

Don't get me wrong though, this is a cracking pub, one of the best.
anonymous - 6 Sep 2006 13:16
Genuinely deserving of the accolades of this site and others. Service and beer remind me of the standard you get at a good Yorkshire hill pub, and I can't give much higher praise than that.
Albert_Campion - 6 Sep 2006 12:24
As Mr_Flash said "a gem of a pub". Excellent Adnams ales, great pork pies, friendly efficient bar staff, and a lively atmosphere. Only potential downside is it is now an established part of the London tourist trail; lots of people only calling in for one drink and then moving on. My personal favorite pub in the City/East London.
workhard - 4 Sep 2006 12:23
A fantastic gem of a pub, hidden away from the crowds and a real sense of history in the place. Adnams was on top form, the snacks excellent and the Landord perhaps the most welcoming I have met in a central London boozer. I can't wait to return and think this may have clinched the top spot in the rankings of London pubs. Please don't change a thing.
Mr_Flash - 31 Aug 2006 14:05
A genuinely welcoming pub. Full of city people after work, but I strolled in and felt my custom was appreciated. Nice beer and traditional bar snacks made for a brilliant night. I shall go again as soon as I can.
anonymous - 17 Aug 2006 23:52
A cracker- touch gloomy inside but that's a few hundred years of history for you!Excellent beer.
BlindTiger - 17 Aug 2006 19:37
Congratulations! Ye Olde Mitre Tavern recently, and very deservedly, won the 2006 CAMRA award for the Best Pub in the City and East London. The award truly is a testament to the landlord, Scotty, and all of the staff.

Part of what I love so much about the Mitre is it's staunch refusal to bow to fads and trends, instead relying on excellent people, beer, bar snacks (how glorious it is to enjoy a pork pie, gherkins and mustard with my pint instead of the usual crap) and atmosphere to make it what it is.

And, you lucky people, this weekend (5th & 6th August - the weekend of the Great British Beer Festival) is the only weekend of the year when the Mitre opens its doors to it's adoring public. But get there between 12noon and 5pm to avoid tears...
LordRadlington - 5 Aug 2006 03:38
Plates of pork pie with a small pot of acccompanying Colmans. A cheese and onion toastie for a quid fifty. Some lovely guest ales. No music. Fantastic bar staff. A hidden glory, no mistake.
obyto - 31 Jul 2006 23:38
Only the location and the enchanting history lived up to expectations. Beer was decent, ambience a little 'far-off' although quite pleasant. Didn't try food. Will look forward to checking my findings, also another trip to the Chapel in Ely Place.
Goole815 - 12 Jul 2006 08:25
Been looking forward to my fist visit to this pub since reading the reviews and it didn't disappoint. Didn't venture far enough to explore the whole pub, I just went in the first door I got to and sat in a small bar with two gentlemen in suits smoking cigars. Gorgeous pint of Deuchers IPA, could have easily stayed for another one or two but had plans to visit other establishments. Will definitely return
giantelf - 10 Jul 2006 21:24
As a Yorkshireman, I think the use of sparklers is a Good Thing, especially when used on Northern beers. Just my opinion, like.
Albert_Campion - 6 Jul 2006 15:01
Criticisms - they use sparklers and serve short pints, and when they had Banks Mild as a guest in May they served me an off pint.

So the beer needs work. Everything else is perfect.
anonymous - 18 Jun 2006 13:22
Simply an awesome pub. The staff and great, the beers great, the building is great and the customers are happy (especially this one when I got a pickled egg) I hate to say it, but it could well be the best pub in London. Going to give it a 9 but it could well be a 10. Or an 11.
anonymous - 18 Jun 2006 12:22
The best pub in London?

LordRadlington - 18 Jun 2006 04:25
Great pub - don't forget to ask Scottie for half a pork pie
Dynamo1 - 14 Jun 2006 14:43
Great little pub near the Chancery Lane end of Holborn. Spent about 45 mins there, but will have to go again soon.
edrok666 - 11 Jun 2006 17:33
It has already all been said. A top notch pub with decent, well kept ales, toasties or pickled eggs to stave off the munchies and a cracking ambience.
Johnners - 31 May 2006 09:23
Visited last friday on what is becoming an annual pilgrimage. Excellent beer and toasted sandwiches set in a wonderfully period environment. What a Gem!
derekbutton - 23 May 2006 14:55
TOP Pub.This is a proper little secret boozer. I will endeavour to go back there soon. We need more pubs like this in London.
dgriffin - 23 May 2006 09:22
Love it. Quiet, relaxed, good service, outside toilets, Deuchars IPA and pickled eggs. Everything a pub of this type should be. Can't recommend it highly enough.
burnsy - 17 May 2006 13:11
I think the positive comments below say it all.Pity that it is closed at the weekend but do yourself a favour and take a day off work and spend a few hours of it in here.
TonyAle - 24 Apr 2006 20:35
The Mitre is not open on any weekend. Nor, indeed, are the majority of the City pubs. In fact there is only one weekend a year in which the Mitre is open and that falls during the beer festival.

While I'm at it, the Mitre's phone number is 0871 3322 687
Obviously, Scotty and his wife actually live there and do not appreciate being called at 6am in the morning.
kodabar - 2 Apr 2006 22:57
Devastated to find this delightful-looking old-fashioned tavern shut for the weekend when we visited 1st April. Big shame & will definately try again soon.
young_camra_collectiv - 2 Apr 2006 18:12
Love the old-fashioned uniforms for the bar staff. Great pub though made up of lots of tiny rooms so had to shiver outside the evening I went.
anch - 23 Mar 2006 16:21
mike reid goes in here in that guy ritchie film about pikeys. not seen him in here in real life, though. decent.
tanderson7 - 22 Mar 2006 09:39
One of the finest pubs in London. Excellent beer. Cheese and ham toasties and scotch eggs are top notch. Manager is very friendly in a slightly aggressive Scottish way. This pub is a gem.
JohnFrancis - 16 Mar 2006 12:54
I had a scotch egg and a ham and cheese toastie in here on Friday night, excellent. Those together with a pint of Adnams Broadside and a double G&T came to less than a tenner. Obviously for those in the north or devoted customers of Wetherspoons (like my dad, on both counts) that might not sound good, considering this is one of the best pubs on the planet and its situated in glorious EC1, well its cracking isn't it eh. 10/10, would give it more if I could.
anonymous - 13 Mar 2006 20:17
cheers. I look forward to doing that and enjoying a pickled egg, which i think i spied.
mitomighty - 13 Mar 2006 13:13
The cherry tree can be found in the front bar in the corner nearest the door. As you enter the door, it's on your right in a glass case with an explanation beside it. It's no longer a complete tree, I'm afraid, but bloody fascinating none the less. Ask Scotty (ya wee beauty) or Louis behind the bar for a copy of their "history sheet" which details the uh, history of the place including that of the cherry tree.
kodabar - 12 Mar 2006 02:09
mind you i couldn't find much last night, i was in a bit of a way
mitomighty - 10 Mar 2006 13:11
Looked good. excellent toilet facilities but i couldn't find the cherry tree
mitomighty - 10 Mar 2006 13:10
This pub is heaven. Last night they had Deuchers, TT Landlord, Adnams Bitter and Adnams Broadside on. Cheap food, great staff (Scottie the landlord is great). Wonderful, wonderful.
Grinerine - 9 Mar 2006 11:57
A lovely pub. 2.80 a pint for Brains but Deuchars and Adnams were also on offer.
Very busy on the evening we were there and quite a few tourists looking for that traditional English pub.
Staff are excellent and the beer was well worth the money.
Well worth seeking out if you can find it. But once visited i'm sure you will be back.
TheHorsesMouth - 16 Feb 2006 14:00
Professional olde worlde staff, nice chutzpah.
wo2 - 10 Feb 2006 14:45
A really nice little pub, though I sometimes feel like a certain amount of its popularity is that everyone thinks no one else can find the place. It IS tricky the first time, but it's so crowded after work that it's clearly not a complete mystery. I have to admit, even so, there is a certain fun in bringing people there for the first time...
Hodsthorn - 23 Jan 2006 19:50
It doesn't get any better than this. A traditional English pub, the beer tasty and well kept, the staff and patrons warm and friendly. For a small group from the states looking for real ale in a real pub, this fits the bill.
peckg - 17 Jan 2006 12:24
Loved this place for a sneaky pint at lunch times during work. You have to duck under parts of the place it is that low in parts! Old wooden beams and a village like atmosphere - brilliant.
M_Evans - 4 Jan 2006 15:36
Brilliant little pub. If you like old pubs this is the best in the area. Combine this with a visit to the Ye Olde Chesire Cheese and the Seven Stars and you will be in heaven.
anonymous - 3 Jan 2006 13:33
Smashing place that I just have to seek out at lunchtime when I'm up in the City.

Have to judge arrival time to get a seat though. OK in summer - stand in alley and rest beer on barels.
AntonGee - 3 Jan 2006 13:11
Lovely place. Tiny, but lovely. A true find in every sense and a delightful pub for a pint.
roastchicken - 2 Jan 2006 18:37
Blimey, what a gem. Down a forgotten alley off Hatton Garden. I love everything about this place... the atmosphere, the beer, the staff, the history... even that old shop window in the courtyard and the old throne-like chairs made specially made years and years ago.

I think I need a lie down.
Albert_Campion - 2 Dec 2005 18:16
I introduced 3 Irish friends to this fine place. It's an amazing find because you can actually sit down and talk to people without losing your voice. The pub itself is small but the atmosphere is great. Historical, yes but surprisingly less smokey than other places. People are there to drink & chat, not to pose. Scotty told me he wanted the place to be about simple genuine stuff and that's what this place is all about.
anonymous - 23 Nov 2005 17:50
Lovely pub. Staff very professional. They do great little food platters if you fancy it. Nice outside area, not too cold, and sufficient seating inside.

Fascinating history as well. All sorts of things to do with being on land belonging to Cambridgeshire because of the bishops that lived here hundreds of years ago, and apparently there's a tree in the pub or on the outside where Elizabeth I used to dance round the maypole.
steve5312 - 15 Nov 2005 21:34
This is one that everybody must visit. The boss is quite a character, and knows his ale. The pub is ancient and characterful.
joegreen - 15 Nov 2005 13:41
Excellent, proper pub. Indeed a classic. Really glad I found it and will definitely be back.
anonymous - 14 Nov 2005 14:38
Classic old school boozer. When not to crowded it is a great place to spend time drinking well kept adnams and friendly staff.
It isn't near as hard to find as people claim.
This is a must visit.
jorrocks - 22 Oct 2005 04:02
First I have to say "thank you" to kodabar for his/her excellent directions to the pub. I found it with no problem.

I hate to repeat the same line, but this beautiful old pub is a classic. A diamond that shines above the surrounding "coal".

Enjoyed several pints and great conversation with Scotty. Long live the Ye Old Mitre and all who chose to drink there.
beerbum63 - 12 Oct 2005 02:05
Absloutely classic old school London pub that is oozing with character. Reasonable pints at 2.60 and the friendliest staff around!

Tiny little space to hold such a lot of history!
patricksawyer2004 - 29 Sep 2005 14:27
My favourite London pub, it really has to be seen to be believed just what a tiny space it is squeezed into! The only access is down a tiny alley from either Hatton Garden or Ely Place and it's a complete gem! Last visited on a monday afternoon when it was really quiet, it then filled with office workers but I know from previous visits that it then becomes quieter and really cosy later in the evening when all the suits have scooted home on the trains! Well worth a visit.
oxenhillshaw - 23 Sep 2005 16:59
Oh, and ask for their "history sheet" to get an excellent rundown of the last 500 years. City pub, so it's closed weekends.

Don't be put off by the crowds outside in the alley, there's usually a seat inside. There's two rooms and another level upsatirs. You'll get a table; don't worry.
kodabar - 11 Aug 2005 00:37
This is a true classic. It's been there since 1546. The cherry tree which Queen Elizabeth the first danced the maypole round is still there. Cheap, decent, well hidden, a great selection fo guest ales. And a landlord who's a bastard (just as you said, Scotty). Heartily recommended to all, except for the fact that I don't want you there spoiling it. You'll never find it anyway.

Come off the tube at Chancery Lane, head south towards "the Gherkin" and the river. Turn left up Hatton Garden and then cross the road towards the bent lamp-post with the bishop's mitre on it. And there you go. Tell Scotty I said "hello"

kodabar - 11 Aug 2005 00:36
Brilliant pub. I recommend it to everyone, the place must be seen to be believed, a classic
BenEd - 28 Jul 2005 11:18
Of all the pubs I toured in London this year, this was my favourite! The pub itself was a delight and the staff I met, John, Andy and Luis were a pleasure. I would definitely visit this pub again as it's on the top of my list!
tee128 - 22 May 2005 01:33
It took me hours to find this place, this place is definitley a london gem. This olde pub offers the best in real ales. To try the guest ales you must act sharpish because they sell out fast. Anyone heading to this place from afar, try and skip lunch and try John's (Uncle's) infamous Toasties...
andykershaw - 29 Apr 2005 15:08
Fantastic pub, extremely friendly staff, go to try the St.George special ales and Orkney dark Isle. If Homer tried this, Duff wouldn't exist.
anonymous - 26 Apr 2005 15:21
There are few pubs left in London (in fact the whole of England) with the same sense of magic that this place has. I think this must have something to do with the area around Ely Place being originally part of Cambridgeshire - the London residence of the bishops of Ely. Although I'm informed their juristiction has long since elapsed here, there is still a definite feeling of being transported somewhere else when you walk down Ely court and set foot in the Mitre.

I've been a few times now, and have every time found a great atmosphere, well kept beer, and friendly staff and locals. It doesn't get any better than this!
jhawkins - 16 Apr 2005 15:41
It consists of two tiny rooms tucked away off a hidden passage. When you walk in you can imagine the place existing in nearly the same condition generations ago. Very easy to lose track of time here. I hope it never changes.
anonymous - 27 Mar 2005 23:40
Finally found this pub after many attempts over the years (mind I've probably been very, very drunk at the time) and thank goodness it didn't disappoint!!

Down an alley and easily missed (look for the sign like a blue Bishop's Mitre on the lampost)

Sadly places like this are becoming the exception...... a preservation order should be slapped on it immediately, making it illegal to change or deface the place in any way (and on the Red Lion, Crown Passage)
Boothers - 8 Feb 2005 14:01
Hard to find but well worth the trouble. Hidden away down a narrow alley this is one of the best pubs I have found in the area. Good beer served efficiently through a serving hatch - you can just imagine porter being served in the 16 century throught the same hatch. A must for visitors to London. And a present from Santa wioth a mince pie as well on 30th November 2004
writtleman - 14 Dec 2004 09:27
An excellent pub indeed. I visited with a friend at lunchtime on Wednesday 03/11/04, and was greeted with fast, friendly efficient service. The Adnams is in top condition, and the toasted sandwiches here are second to none. This pub is difficult to find, but your efforts will be rewarded.

lad_newton - 4 Nov 2004 13:02
This is a lovely pub.
Excellent service. It would be difficult to find such a quality place, with an old fashioned type feel in London. The staff are nice, the customers are varied. Nice cheap sandwiches & well kept beers. Full marks a perfect ten.

KEVIN - 11 Oct 2004 17:47
Great place - very charismatic, good be, cheapest toasties around - highly recommended! (and if it was good enough for Elizabeth the First...!)
lawrence owens - 30 Sep 2004 14:53
Hidden dwon an alley Hatton Garden lives the pub that time forgot. It's still divided up into different sections and looks like it's not been down up since the '70's.

I love a wood-panelled pub that sells pickled eggs.
MrScott - 6 Jul 2004 12:47
The location alone would make this pub one of the best- access through a blink-and-you-miss-it alleyway into a hidden courtyard- but the top quality beer and professional service (barstaff in collar and tie) make this pub outstanding. They have some unusual beer as well- the only place I've had Friary Meux in London- I thought it was extinct. Very crowded in the evening, the best way to enjoy this pub would be in the middle of the day, when pulling a sickie. Mmm. Tempting.
Seb - 11 Jun 2004 13:28
This is really quite a nice little pub. And they do toasted sandwiches for 1.50!
G - 22 Apr 2004 11:22
Access is through a very discreet alleyway between numbers 8-10 in Hatton Gardens (look for the Bishop's Mitre picture above a doorway between two jewellers). Small, dark and cosy Elizabethan alehouse dating from 1546. The ceilings are low and the rooms are small, dark and crowded with hard wooden seating. The women's toilets are upstairs in the Bishop's Room and the men's toilets are outside in the yard.
anonymous - 5 Apr 2004 03:03
Tucked away down a Dickensian alley of Hatton Garden, this is one of the most atmospheric pubs in the City, although it must be said this is down to the cramped oak-panelled rooms rather than the typical city-slicker clientele.
JohnnyH - 13 Jan 2004 19:39
This used to close at 9:00 or 9:30 as it was running Cambridge rules, it was in the diocese of Ely hence Ely Place.

It normally has 3 beers always in good nick served by very professional & friendly bar staff. Toasties and scotch eggs till 9:30 - 10:00. Often packed as it 5 mins from Holborn offices & Lincolns Inn.
Tim - 5 Dec 2003 12:57
Had a few pints in there and it was OK and only OK. very difficult to get served quickly If busy as it is quite small although it does have two bars one slightly bigger than the other. But a good pub to add into a pub crawl
Gary - 27 Aug 2003 16:18
A neat operation and polite service with a smile. Great ale and the pub scenes of Guy Richies films were shot here. Don and Sheila behind the bar are very welcoming.
emmet - 30 Jul 2003 15:24
Hidden away down an alley off Hatton Garden (next to the bookies) you can buy an expensive but nice pint of Burton or Adnams bitter. Sandwiches include only non-specific cheese. A nice pub though. Recommended if you are in the area.
David Jollie - 2 Jun 2003 13:34
Hard to find in an alleyway between Hatton Garden and Ely Place, this pub is well worth the effort to find. Very old and atmospheric with a number of good real ales. Quite a few suits, not surprising given the location, but well worth a visit. Very cheap sandwiches too.
Ben - 17 Oct 2002 14:44

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