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Half Latvian Poconut with a girlfriend in Colorado.

Username: Martinsh

Age: 58

Sex: male

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The Brandy Cask, Pershore

Now closed and converted into flats unfortunately. Always did seem a bit of a strange palce to me ...

11 Jan 2017 22:52

The Anchor Inn, Shrewsbury

Small pub bang opposite the Theatre Severn, so naturally tending to cater for that trade. Inside it has been done up with 7 or 8 large wooden tables taking up most of the space. With low ceilings, there are various notices (some humorous, some not) on the walls, but not much decoration besides. There is also a large screen TV at the back – unusually not showing Sports !

All the tables had menus on them, but nobody objected when I sat at one, and didn’t order food (I’d already eaten). I did take a look at the menu, and it seemed to be more or less standard pub grub (including jacket potatoes and sandwiches), and wasn’t cheap. Other seating was bar stools round the bar BTW.

And now to the best part – the beer. There were 4 beers available. Naturally I had the Brains Rev James, and had a long discussion about how he was my great great great grandfather. And it was in tip top condition as well – the best kept beer I’d tasted all week. [ Other beers were Castle Rock Harvest Pale, Wye Valley Butty Bach and Hobsons Town Crier ]

The only down side was the place was rather understaffed, with just one girl having to do absolutely everything (except cook the food), and being run off her feet.

7/10 – a good choice for my first excursion into Frankwell – I shall be back.

9 Jan 2017 23:08

The Shrewsbury Hotel, Shrewsbury

It’s been a few years since I last posted about this place, so I thought I’d better bring the story up to date. Although nothing in my previous review was actually incorrect, subsequent visits have shown it in not such a good light. At one stage, it was usual to see unoccupied tables piled high with empty plates / glasses that no-one was bothering to clear away, and (as Wezzielad said), the barstaff always served their own mates before anyone else – and completely ignored people at one half of the bar. Thankfully, a change of management, has meant that things have improved, but quality of service still depends on who is in charge that day.

Beer selection is variable, with less guest ales than some Spoons, but more than others. On my last visit I had the Lancaster Black. Unlike Wezzielad, I thought it was reasonable, but rather too cold for my liking.

Latest development seems to be a lot of normal tables and chairs replaced by high tables and bar stools. Also seemed to be darker than I remembered – but maybe that was just because it was such a miserable day outside.

6/10 – average Spoons, but with potential to be better.

9 Jan 2017 23:06

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