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Half Latvian Poconut with a girlfriend in Colorado.

Username: Martinsh

Age: 59

Sex: male

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The Smithfield, Derby

Hmm, just discovered this review on my PC, which I wrote back in March, but don''t seem to have uploaded ...

There has been a change of management / ownership here, and the place has been spruced up. There are now 7 or 8 beers on tap and, on the occasions I have been in, has included one or more dark beers. On one occasion it was Ashover Moscow – a 9.7% imperial stout ! [ This wasn’t included in the “Monday specials” – selected beers for £2.50 a pint, though ! ]

There is no more food, except for Sunday Lunch, and the large screen TV has gone as well. Not sure if it was always there, but there is definitely now a “classic rock” jukebox – but volume isn’t too loud.

Having said all this, on my last visit the first person I saw was the previous landlady – now on this side of the bar !

Incidentally CAMRA discount is available again as well.

Bumping this back up to a 7

16 Aug 2017 23:22

Star Inn, Pershore

The final old review of pubs recently added to BITE ...

This Pub occupies what is obviously an old building on the main street, but inside it has been fitted out as a cafe-bar. This must have been a fairly substantial conversion as it looks like they knocked at least one wall down and replaced it with some thin wood panelling. At least there’s still a real fire – we sat next to it !

There were two beers available, Wye Valley HPA, and Wickwar Bob. I had the latter, which was entirely reasonable. However, the drawback is the price ! My pint of beer plus a sandwich (the cheapest thing on a restricted menu) came to over £10 ! Still it was fairly substantial and very nice as well.

6/10 – may be the best pub in town – but I hope not !

16 Aug 2017 23:17

Kraftworks, Alsager

Wrote this after my first visit back in January. Been here a few times since - and it''s about time I went again !

As the name implies this is a newly opened craft ale bar, in the centre of town. The place is long and thin, stretching back from the road. Inside it is dark, but with lighting to give it an atmospheric glow.

The bar is on the right hand side by the entrance, with some shelves of bottled beers further on on that side. The bar itself appears to be made out of old wooden crates. You can either sit at the bar (using the most uncomfortable metal bar stools I’ve ever encountered !), or there are a few tables and benches, further back on the left. There is also a wine rack and several barrels scattered around.

There are usually 4 craft kegs on tap, though the only indication of what they are is the small keg-clip, and no prices are indicated. I didn’t fancy any of the ones available, so took to perusing the shelves. Came up with a bottle of Marble’s Portent Of Usher – a gorgeous 9% oak aged imperial stout. I sat at the bar, and sipped slowly !

7/10 – I like it now – perhaps I’ll learn to love it later ?

16 Aug 2017 23:13

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