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Half Latvian Poconut with a girlfriend in Colorado.

Username: Martinsh

Age: 58

Sex: male

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The Bridge End, Ruabon

I was due to be travelling through Ruabon with possibly time for a stop-off, so I had a look in the GBG to see whether they had anything listed, and spotted this place. Very glad I made the decision to drop in.

As expected it is next to the bridge on the main road – but also about 5 or 6 feet below the level or the road, and the grandly named “Bridge Street” (the official address) is very small and insignificant. On entering through the front door, you are immediately presented with a choice of unmarked doors – to left or right ? Choose the one to the right, as that leads to the main bar, which is long narrow and low beamed with (as per the season), a roaring fire at the far end.

There was a choice of 6 or 7 real ales on tap, most of them of some interest. I went for the McGiverns Matt Black a 5.3% stout, brewed on the premises that was very nice.

There wasn’t any room to sit at the main bar, so I was ushered through another door into a smaller room at the back, on a higher level. This also had a fire, and also a hatchway to the bar, though you weren’t allowed to order there (a notice said so). Both rooms had newspapers, brochures, leaflets and bookcases full of well thumbed books. Very much a living collection.

I’m not sure about food. Nothing I saw advertised any, but when a couple opposite me got up to leave, they cleared some plates away. I suspect the food might be of the “pork pie” variety ?

7/10 – a warm welcome, I will be back

7 Mar 2017 22:55

The Falcon, Chester

A Sam Smiths pub on the edge of the city centre (just the wrong side of the inner ring road). Although genuinely old, it has apparently only been a pub for about 40 years – though I can certainly remember it from the early 1980s, when I started drinking. It’s a bit of a rambling warren of a place. From the main entrance, you pass directly into the room, with the main bar almost immediately on the left, BUT you have to turn sharp left before it and pass through a passageway to get to another room with a smaller bar. On the right from the entrance you pass down some steps into another smaller open plan area (with toilets hidden behind a corner). In season the main room features a large real fire, but unfortunately there is nowhere to sit to take advantage of the warmth !

As I said, a Sam Smiths pub, so I don’t need to say anything about the beer. Except that on my latest visit, my OBB was far too cold.

Not sure about food. They certainly did it in the 1980s, but I couldn’t see any sign of it on my latest visit.

28 Feb 2017 21:52

The Architect, Chester

You can see this pub from a long way away, because it occupies a huge area between the inner ring road and the walls / racecourse. The actual building isn’t so impressive though, and the inn sign is pretty nondescript. Whichever way you come to it you have to pass a large number of outdoor tables before you reach the entrance to the building (must be getting on for 50). And the entrance isn’t immediately obvious – it’s in the join between original house, and the newer extension.

When you find you will see a notice board saying “everything revolves around the bar” (!), instructing you what to find where. The main bar is on the left from entrance, in the newer part. That is open plan and is on two levels, with old prints on the walls and a couple of bookcase eyecatchers. Although large the area gets full very quickly, as there is only a small number of very large tables.

To the right is a smaller bar, and beyond that several rooms that are set out for dining.

There are 8 handpumps on the bar, but the choice is limited because they are almost all 4-4.5% golden ales. On my last visit I did find Tatton’s Ruck & Maul (a porter) available, but I suspect that was only there because of the Rugby related name. And it was rather on the cold side as well, plus rather expensive at £3.90 a pint.

Food is definitely available, but I know nothing else about it – though I suspect it’s hideously expensive !

6/10 – reasonable, but not my cup of tea.

28 Feb 2017 21:49

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