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Username: expertoppinion

Age: 52

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The Seven Stars, Chancery Lane

I have been drinking here for years and always wanted to know what the food was like. Well I found out..... Big time!

I ate the fish pie on a Saturday night and went home about 9pm. At midnight I awoke to feel my body contorting in shivers and I desperately staggered to the loo. Needless to say I threw up more than twice that night, and had the most chronic diarrhea of my life. I fainted at one point and my arms went numb. I spent the next two days in bed in a kind of coma, unable to move or eat and desperately weak.

I am planning to sue the woman who runs this filth hole, who allows cats to eat off the bar and God knows what else in the kitchen! I'm currently taking advice on how to report them for food health violations and how much I can expect to receive in compensation for the hurt I have suffered.

17 Mar 2014 21:54

French House, Soho

This is a nice place to go for a drink if you enjoy some unusual beverages normally not available in your average London pub. From Normandy Cider to some decent claret to Green Chartreuse, you can sit down and get merry on some unusual tipple...... IF....and it's a MASSIVE IF......
you picked the one night of the decade that it isnt rammed to the rafters with silly wannabees and weirdos in fancy dress pretending to have a personality. In addition, you have a river of human garbage flowing by outside. You cant rip up and move the place 3 miles west, so I guess we just have to put up with it... for now.

25 Feb 2011 10:36

The Lamb and Flag, Covent Garden

Like many others who have commented here, I was struck by the smell of this joint, which actually made me sick to my stomach.
I used to come here a lot before the spineless sickos in government banned tobbacco use in public houses. In those days the smokey aroma of cigars and cigarettes masked the evil smell that permeates this place. Either it is a sewer problem, or years of food and drink rotting in the carpet, or the landlord has buried a few disatisfied punters under the floor boards! Either way it needs to be sorted out because it's ruining what could be a great little pub.

25 Feb 2011 10:11

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