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Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

Popped into celebrate the 4th of July with the rest of the guys from Stateside for a great reception and Anglo-American bonding; good to see some well welcomed faces behind the bar. Particularly Scottie! Great to see that this great British ambassador is receiving some well deserved praise from the American press and television networks with his appearances speaking both English and Spanish. The guy deserves a medal or some other form of recommendation for backing Britain so well in this year of Jubilee and Olympics. Great humour, food, beer and welcome to all as usual. Wish he ran a few bars back East; we wouldn't let him leave. We noticed, prior to coming up and checking out his form here on BEERINTHEEVENING that he was attacked by tapflaps. Strange, as it's the only attack by anyone on this site and obvious that it's from the dirty guy running the dirty bar in Farringdon Street. None of us City Traders would use the place any how; who would unless your into rough trade bars. Isn't that for Soho or King's Cross? Who cares?
Glad to see that YE OLDE MITRE flies the colours of Red, White and Blue outside and within: just the same as the good old stars and stripes; always worth following. We shall certainly return and soon! A Great British Pub and a Great British Publican.

5 Jul 2012 01:47

The Hoop and Grapes, City Of London

This could be and would be a wonderful pub, if only it were run by a Manager who knew the basics of personal hygiene; BO or what? The guy stinks. Ever heard of soap and hot water? Washings been quite well practised amongst most of the British population for at least 500 years; (okay, I know your from Yorkshire, and you think the smell of stale sweat is macho? Well it isn't!) And so it's a sure fire put off in any pub when it comes to ordering food or a pint. Why risk it? The pipes must be dirty. A terrible shame for a great brewery such as SN to waste such a pub on a slutten slob. One assumes that he must be a gay or bi-sexual bed friend of the area manager or someone in the brewery? How else could a fool end up in charge here?

5 Jul 2012 01:18

The Devonshire Arms, Bexhill-on-Sea

Yet another failed venture of Pub makeover as an Italian style cafe in the heart of Bexhill on Devonshire square. Formally the DEVONSHIRE Hotel;again, another handsome, Victorian/Edwardian purpose built pub that was badly run and allowed to run down, a little over a year ago.

Dirty, badly lit and openly allowing drug dealing that would shame any holidaying drug dealer from inner London to witness passing by, it was little wonder this place failed. However it could be a great pub and cafe once more, if only a proper brewery, Fullers, Sam Smiths or even Weatherspoons were allowed to take it over.
It's ideally situated smack in the middle of town, large, opposite the side run of Bexhil station. Loads of space outside for seating and smoking, enclosed by the notorious line of Bexhill balls. An ideal establishment for a good ale house on the lines of the Evening Star outside Brighton station.
And take it back to it's traditional English name; The Devonshire!

The shorted lived change over to ZIPPERS put must people off simply by the name; with suggestions of trouser zips and gay bars. No wonder it was a short term flop.
Again, the Bexhill area is crying out for a decent, clean,safe,welcoming pub for all still; perhaps it might find one, one day? The Bell or The Devonshire would be ideal!

7 Oct 2011 14:04



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