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Username: Hodsthorn

Age: 46

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The Sanctuary House, Westminster

A great setup behind the bar, with a large number of pulled ales available at any one time. The pints I've had there were in very good shape, with little to complain about.

The pub itself is a bit sprawling, but can still get quite crowded. It's quite modern for the most part and not the most characterful place in the front, but things rapidly improve the further back into the seating area you go. I recommend going at a quieter time, since some of the details of the place (like the copies of manuscript illuminations on the back wall) are best appreciated with a clear view. Overall, a very nice pub with an obvious commitment to getting things done right.

22 Mar 2006 19:04

The Cock and Bottle, Notting Hill

One of the best pints of Guinness in London, a friendly staff, and a back room that's all I could ask out of a pub.

Not the widest beer selection--the kind of place where you pick a drink and stick with it. Not the cheapest pint around by a long shout, either--but worth it when a good beer and maybe a chat with the managers or a quiet place to read the paper is what you're after. The pub quiz on Tuesdays is good fun as well!

3 Mar 2006 08:47

The Duke of Albemarle, Mayfair

An unexceptional pub. My pint of Adnam's was so-so (with rather more of a head than I'm used to getting on that particular beer), and the manager left a clearly-still-learning-the-ropes barmaid on her own for far too long on a Friday evening, so that barside was crowded with punters gasping for a drink while the rest of the pub was fairly empty. Fortunately for all, entertainment was provided by a group of drunken lads, one of whom was loudly talking about beating up another for spilling beer on him.

Overall, not a terrible place, but I agree with the previous comment--it just doesn't feel like a pub you'd want to spend more than a half-hour or so in.

3 Mar 2006 08:41

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