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The Mill Race, Walford

Smart modernised village pub with terrace looking towards Goodrich castle (although mostly hidden by trees). Appears to be food orientated but good pint of Wye Valley Bitter nevertheless

27 Oct 2008 16:11

The Hope and Anchor, Ross-on-Wye

Marston house with boat hanging from ceiling and old photos in boat themed pub. Shame about the stone cladding and the ordinary pint of Banks

27 Oct 2008 16:08

The Mail Rooms, Ross-on-Wye

Walk in mid evening on a Friday needing food. Place stank of it. The decor not much better being a barn with dark blue painted walls.
A Spoon to avoid - Why did 'an ecunemical matter' return later?

27 Oct 2008 16:05

The Crown and Sceptre, Ross-on-Wye

On a Friday night visit we found this the most enjoyable pub. Music from Deep Purple to Oasis which is loud enough you wont miss it if you go for a slash. Besides the 2 Wye Valley ales there was also a good one from Brains which makes a nice change.

27 Oct 2008 15:59

The White Lion, Ross-on-wye

Great location overlooking the River Wye opposite Ross with camping available on the riverbank. Had 2 Wye Valley ales available and 2 large playful dogs who seemed regulars. Found the lighting a bit bright in the evening though

27 Oct 2008 15:43

The Malvern Hills Hotel, Great Malvern

Well situated at the top of the Malverns next to British Camp. Modern style hotel but reasonably priced ales, 4 from Wye Valley plus Malvern Hills Bitter

27 Oct 2008 15:40

Dorset Arms, Lewes

Excellent pint of Harveys strong ale (name? 5.5%) to finish our evening off before the train back to London. Felt like a well kept locals pub which is probably right as its position is just off the lower part of the High St and easily missed.

3 Oct 2008 16:19

Lewes Arms, Lewes

Arrived early evening last Saturday and found a welcoming host who gave us a sample of the guest ale, although can't remember what it was now but I chose HSB anyway (having drunk plenty of Harveys during the day)
We were wanting some food but it wasn't being served in the evening. The landlord suggested various local establishments including the chippy in South St (not the local one)
Would definitely return

3 Oct 2008 16:14

The Giants Rest, Wilmington

Arrived early evening after a climb up the hill with the Long Man. Sat outside with a few others whilst inside was empty with large wooden tables with pub games unoccupied. Lacked the atmosphere of the other pubs but that was possibly due to arriving as the sun was setting on a rare warm day and leaving soon after to get a train back to Lewes

3 Oct 2008 16:04

The Sussex Ox, Milton Street

Good village pub with smaller but similarly priced menu to other local pubs. Good garden area and good pint of Harveys

3 Oct 2008 15:51

Ye Olde Smugglers Inn, Alfriston

Seems as though it has been 3 years since my last visit. Pub frontage restored, Harveys just as good but food prices seem to be standard for the area (£10+ mains)
We were doing a pub crawl this time and didn't want a full blown lunch so tried, and can recommend, the hot snacks from the general store a couple of doors to the right (as you exit)

3 Oct 2008 15:34

The Cricketers Arms, Berwick

Arrived at 11.15am to find we were by no means first in the queue. We recognised one group of 6 that had got off the same train as us and had obviously found a quicker route. Excellent pint consumed in front garden having first checked out the cricket memoribilia inside

3 Oct 2008 15:27

Mabel's Tavern, Euston

A rare Shepherd Neame pub in the capital but on our visit had the choice of Spitfire (over-rated) and the Kentish Best (ok). Where was the delightful Master Brew?
Otherwise had football on 2 TVs and golf on a third. We found a corner table piled high with plates (cleared shortly afterwards) for our well kept but expensive ok pint.

3 Oct 2008 15:20

Quinn's, Camden

Called Saturday lunchtime to find it rather quiet, although to be fair there were punters scattered around the pub but rather hidden from view so it looked empty. Food is of the cheap microwave variety but reasonably priced. Was a great pub but slowly going downhill although has had a paint job on the outside - who provided the paint?

3 Oct 2008 15:10

The Narrow Boat, Islington

Was walking along the canal and this made for a useful resting point before continuing through the maze above the tunnel. Good pint of Harveys to be enjoyed while looking down onto the towpath.

3 Oct 2008 15:02

The Castle, Harrow On The Hill

Visited this pub on a recent Sunday lunchtime. The HSB and Pride were good and at reasonable prices. However the accompanying lunch was expensive. Would I go back? Well probably as there is no choice on the hill

3 Oct 2008 14:53

The Fox, Hanwell

Called in early the other Saturday lunchtime. Had choice of regulars of Pride and Landlord or one of two guests from Archers. we got tasters of both guests but neither appealed (had Archers best bitter in the past which was good) so we both settled on Landlord. A bit pricey beer but good value food offering which made up for it. It then started to rain properly (it was summer after all) so we had a couple pints more.

3 Oct 2008 14:34

Turfcutters Arms, East Boldre

Traditional country pub with scattered large wooden tables and a good pint. Arrived as last diners from Sunday lunch were leaving, but no food Sunday evening otherwise might have stayed longer

3 Oct 2008 12:11

The Kings Head, Yarmouth

Yes this was busy as we tried to eatr here on the BH Saturday before getting the ferry back to Lymmington. To their credit they managed to accomodate us by saying that this reserved table was available until 8.30 from whence it was booked. Another table was similarly occupied nearby. Enjoyed our fish meal and a good pint. Would return

3 Oct 2008 12:03

The Borough Arms, Lymington

Locals pub (none the worse for that) with decent pint of Ringwood. Action in main bar area with second area with more seating, probably for dining being empty

3 Oct 2008 11:59

The Thomas Tripp, Lymington

Mystified by the comments below
We visited on the BH weekend where it seemed to be the only pub with any life. OK we didn't enter to talk to the locals. Band playing, a reasonable pint of Ringwood and a relaxed evening rather than the deathly silence in so many other pubs around town.
And I'm no youngster - agreed not my choice for every night but sometimes.....

3 Oct 2008 11:51

The Mayflower, Lymington

Agree in all respects with k9todd but did get a nice pint from an IOW brewery

3 Oct 2008 11:44

The Waggon and Horses, Lymington

If it wasn't busy before the high tourist season it certainly wasn't on the BH Saturday!! A day on the IOW, pub meal in Yarmouth, roll off the ferry and into here about 9pm. Its a big pub and had one young couple playing pool in one room and at the end of the long bar counter 3 other customers were chatting to the barmaid. It took ages to get served then we played darts (badly) as the 3 left. As we left another couple arrived. Deadly quiet for a BH Saturday

3 Oct 2008 11:42

The Kings Head Inn, Lymington

seemed to be always packed with tourists trying to get food in a pub not realy designed for it. Consequently had a strange feel to it. We headed to the smokers courtyard off the side which was pleasant enough (despite being non smokers) for a reasonable pint of Ringwood

3 Oct 2008 11:33

The Bosuns Chair, Lymington

The most welcoming pub in Lymington when we visied for the BH weekend. I would say quiet but with a couple of exceptions was busier than almost everywhere else. Friendly, good service and decent pint of Waddys

3 Oct 2008 11:30

Fishery Inn, Elstree

Went on a Sunday when most people were having the roasts, however we chose the Red Snapper which was a good sized fillet with mediteranean veg which was a good choice. 2 McMullens ales available, I chose the Country and seemed to have little change from £3

14 Jul 2008 10:23

The Penderel's Oak, Holborn

Went there to see some sport during lunchtime as, unlike most Wetherspoons, has several good screens in the basement. How disappointing!! The ales were frozen, the service awful, and to had to ask several times to get the TVs switched to the right channel. For information your more likely to have sucess in this if you ask the staff serving the food rather than the hopeless bar staff. Talking over food one of our party commented, quite accurately, that his chilli con carne arrived quicker than it took to order.

14 Jul 2008 10:18

The Jubilee Inn, West Anstey

Definitely OPEN although as I previously noted it does keep strange opening hours
Were passing again at Easter (this time Saturday evening) and foud the pub much as before - good cottage pies (now £3), the Princetown Jail ale was spot on this time and we sat in the same comfy chairs surrounded by the 2 red setters. The other bar became busy with youngsters with a themed disco with cowgirls in hats!!

1 Apr 2008 14:20

The Tom Cobley, Spreyton

Charming pub with busy small front room and corridor to dining area. We couldn’t get a table for food but had a choice of 19 ales to go with crisps and nuts. Then were told that some roast beef was spare so tucked into that as well, along with the yorkshire pud and 6 veg. Recommended but book if you want to eat particularly sunday lunch.

1 Apr 2008 14:06

The Drewe Arms, Drewsteignton

For a pub in a very touristy position being close to Castle Drogo on the edge of Dartmoor this maintains alocal feel. Friendly with 2 small serving hatches and choice of ales on gravity. We managed to get a table in the corner of the old kitchen for roast turkey with 6 veg, and speciality pies with mash and peas. Chose ales from Otter and Jolly Brewer breweries. Recommended

1 Apr 2008 14:03

The Whistle and Flute, Putney

Agree about the pump clips - a whole line of London Pride clips trying to hide a lonely Porter.
Not minding too much as both good pints in a sea of Youngs elsewhere. Otherwise large dark wooden tables and chairs designed to assist beer sales as your bound to spill your pint as you sit down

17 Mar 2008 14:17

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

Good to taste full range of Taylors beers - well had 3 of them actually - preference for Ram Tam then Best Bitter then Mild. Didn't try the Landlord (the only one you will usually find) or the Golden Ale (generally prefer the darker ones)
Found it a friendly pub with food being served to tables that rather fill the front section

17 Mar 2008 10:10

The Harrow Inn, Caterham

Arrived early Saturday lunchtime as being only decent stop for miles while walking the North Downs Way (which passes within 100 yards). Were immediately followed by large group of ramblers, most of whom beat us to ordering food, but we did not have to wait unduly. £7.25 for decent ham egg and chips. Seemed to be few locals just walkers.
Had 4 ales on, I chose Ringwood (good), also Pedigree, Speckled Hen and Spitfire.
Decor inside a bit depressing though feeling like an open dance floor with pillars

11 Feb 2008 14:21

The Famous Green Man, Ewell

Were a little disappointed with this pub although friendly enough and nothing to complain about. Just prefered the Star

18 Dec 2007 17:10

The Wheatsheaf, Ewell

Were a little disappointed with this pub although friendly enough and nothing to complain about. Just prefered the Star

18 Dec 2007 17:09

The Star, Ewell

Did a pre Xmas crawl in Ewell and this was the most popular of those we visited particularly the festive ale. The layout is a bit odd - when we arrived a family with young kids occupied the area around the pool table while the other room at the back was empty - probably due to the draught from an open outside door presumably the smokers exit to the garden.

18 Dec 2007 15:03

The Viaduct Tavern, St Pauls

Fullers pub with interesting decor. Last week had Pride, Discovery and Porter on, the later was excellent

18 Dec 2007 14:36

The One Tun, Farringdon

Not much has changed since I first commented almost 4 years ago. Good Thai food in a proper pub. Now has 4 ales on - GK IPA, London Pride, Youngs and Black Sheep. Ale also seems to be kept better and the short pints are a thing of the past

18 Dec 2007 14:33

The Three Compasses, Farringdon

I'll support Topdog Andy. The food is the the only thing worth considering here. To me on a par with the Won Ton (sorry one tun) with a slightly more varied menu. The main differences being atmosphere - this is a restaurant above a pub, the One Tun is a pub that also serves Thai.
The pub downstairs is totally uninspiring serving ale at £3 a pint (slightly more upstairs)

18 Dec 2007 14:27

The High Corner Inn, Linwood

Pleasant pub off the beaten track. We had walked from Brook (nr Cadnam) so were were in need of the well kept pint of 6X and the comfy chairs. Salmon Caeser was very good although the cheesy mushroom pot was a bit over powering.

19 Oct 2007 15:15

The Trusty Servant, Minstead

Called on a Sunday lunchtime. Good choice of ales - chose Otter which was fine. Long wait for food though with fairly uninspiring menu. I chose mushroom and pepper strogonoff which was ok but what rice there was was swamped in the soup of the strogonoff. The roast pork came smothered in gravy (as I feared hence why I avoided it) but with good crackling, veg came separately in two small bowls presumably to justify the price.

19 Oct 2007 14:58

Doggetts Coat and Badge, Southwark

Recently had an invitation to free beer on the top floor. Nice views, Landlord beer - sounds fine but the beer was frozen so as to be unrecognisable and needed the terrace heaters to make it barely drinkable (but tasteless). Did not stay long!!

8 Oct 2007 09:40

The Pulpit Inn, Portland

Drank Ringwood whilst watching the sea from inside - glorious day so most drinkers outside but we needed to cool off having walked the coast path. Food a bit pricey but has a lot of fish available with tasty jacket potato and generous side salad

28 Aug 2007 15:23

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

Pub comproses 2 rooms and a museum plus a bar in the corridor. One room is small and cosy with about 3 tables in it whilst the other is darker but more open. The museum contains fossils. All 3 are empty as the only people inside are in the corridor in the queue to get served on a rare fine day this summer.
Ales excellent and pasties are the only food available.
The garden though was packed with drinkers, kids, dogs, stone tables and numerous sculptures.

28 Aug 2007 15:19

The Nothe Tavern, Weymouth

Pleasant enough pub with good patio garden and close to the fort. Food a bit pricey and the Jennings beer reasonable

28 Aug 2007 15:09

The Duke of Cornwall, Weymouth

Agree with pubgrabber - a mate brought me here for the music (exmate?) - we got lots Abba plus village people and spice girls with overweight locals standing on chairs bouncing all the've got - not pretty. The Princetown Jail Ale (fair) was appropriate not that they all deserve to be locked up but more to keep them from the unsuspecting public

28 Aug 2007 14:57

Swan Inn, Weymouth

Better than usual Wetherspoon serving some local Dorset ale

28 Aug 2007 14:51

The Sailors Return, Weymouth

Reasonable enough pub serving 6X and London Pride with music in one room and pool in another.

28 Aug 2007 14:45

The Boot, Weymouth

Excelent pub just off the main tourist thoroughfare worth seeking out. Old Hookey was a superb guest ale.
I'm sure the ceiling slopes or was that just the ale?

28 Aug 2007 14:39

The Rodney Inn, Little Baddow

Traditional country pub where the ales are well kept Greene King with a guest. We drank a nice pint from an un-named brewery only identifiable by a postcode - suspect it was Tring.
Large well kept beer garden although the grass showed signs of a recent real ale festival and the menu looked fairly standard pub grub but said it was homemade with a few identified exceptions. Called early evening so unable to comment on it and had the garden almost to ourselves.

20 Aug 2007 17:35

The Plough, Coldharbour

Called on Sunday evening having been walking. The Leith Hill beers were not to my personal liking, we had a taster of the Hoppily Ever After and found it very smokey (post ban?) so settled for the reasonable but not exciting Crooked Furrow. The glass of Merlot was described as 'dead in the bottle' despite seeing a new bottle opened and the food at about £12 each was ordinary and well overpriced.
Never met the landlady and had good service from the lad behind the bar. Decor in the restaurant leaves a lot to be desired. Other than those drinking in the garden, we were last to leave (at about 9.10) which gave the whole place an empty feeling.

6 Aug 2007 10:22

The Kings Arms, Dorking

Called on a Friday night fairly early in order to eat. The bar area was crowded with bar stooled drinkers making it difficult to see what ales were available and then to get served. Other than that no complaints with a fine pint and a good meal.

10 Jul 2007 13:56

The Old House At Home, Dorking

Quality pint and Bombardiere available as well as the Youngs but overall on a Friday night did not quite feel right - with TVs and large spaces for upright drinking

10 Jul 2007 13:53

The Cricketers, Dorking

Good pint of Pride here as well as some of the rarely seen pints from the Fullers stable i.e. Chiswick.
Pub itself is fairly small with plenty of darkish wood and, as previously noted pre ban plenty of smokers.

10 Jul 2007 13:32

The Malet Arms, Newton Tony

Returned once more to this fine pub while taking a driving break from the 303. Chatted to a lady who was the daughter of the previous owners (about 20 years ago). She recognised a few faces and the carpet!!!
Not that there is anything wrong with the carpet they just bought a good one in the first place. In her day the menu was standard pub grub, unlike the current menu although sounds as though the real element was alive then as it is now (although probably less micros)

2 Jul 2007 13:26

The Turks Head, St Agnes

Island: the most southerly of the main islands peaceful without being particularly spectacular. We arrived after the tour of Annet, Western Isles and Bishop Rock Lighthouse which can all being easily viewed from the island.
Pub: Spent time outside having arrived with everyone else off the boat. Unlike Tresco the staff were taking orders as fast as they could and food arrived without too long a wait. They are obviously used to people arriving by the boatload as there is a daily boat trip for supper from St Marys. Looked fine inside.
Beer: Well kept from Skinners and St Austell
Food: We had the seafood platter with plenty of smoked salmon, prawns and mackeral. Much more pleasing than the New Inn on Tresco.

26 Jun 2007 17:39

Ship Inn, Mevagissey

Shame only St Austell beers but excellently kept Tribute is worth drinking. Has several room type areas with port holes and other boaty stuff
Had 2 nights here and on the second there was a bloke strumming a guitar and singing pop hits of c60s.

26 Jun 2007 17:31

The New Inn, Tresco

The Island: Noted for its gardens which are a must see (even at £9 and the cafeteria there was bare at 2pm). The North end of the island is also a must with Cromwell and King Charles castles.
The Pub: Bulky furniture fills this pub so there is less room than appears in the space although many will choose to more outside.
Beer: Good pint from Ales of Scilly but at a price £2.90 and no transportation cost from the mainland. Also had Skinners and St Austell available.
Food: Ordered 2 sandwiches £7.50 each, cheapest £6.50, which after 35 mins were requested for take away so as not to miss the ferry back to St Marys. We probably got more crisps that way which is the accompanyment. When visiting Tresco bring your own!!

26 Jun 2007 13:22

The Old Town Inn, St Mary's

The Island: the main island - see the Mermaid.
The Pub: Located in Old Town away from the busier Hugh Town is at the far end of 'town' away from the beach. Basic pub that has plenty of room. England were playing when we arrived and you could follow by watch the text (or similar) on the screen by the entrance.
Beer:decent pint of Sharps Doom Bar
Food: Didn't try but looked like standard pub grub

20 Jun 2007 17:22

The Porthcressa Inn, Porthcressa

The Island: the main island - see the Mermaid.
The Pub: sits on the very pleasant beach the other side to the harbour. Looks ordinary sort of pub but never actually made it inside. Looks worth a try
Beer: Apparently local Ales of Scilly available but didn't get to try it
Food: I've no idea

15 Jun 2007 13:56

The Bishop and Wolf, St Marys

The Island: the main island - see the Mermaid.
The Pub: you avoid entering because it looks so grim and say St Austell outside
Beer: St Austell apparently - didn't try
Food: I've no idea

15 Jun 2007 13:52

Atlantic Inn, St Mary's

The Island: the main island - see the Mermaid.
The Pub: you avoid entering the hotel next door (ok we missed first time) to find a typical low ceilinged none too special pub. Several small sections leading to a sea view and veranda which is a plus that few others have in their bar area.
Beer: best kept pint on the Scillies but unfortunately only St Austell. Go for Tribute the rest are best avoided (blame the brewery not the landlord)
Food: Didn't try but didn't appeal in any way

15 Jun 2007 13:49

The Mermaid Inn, St Mary's

The Island: the main island - all others are 'off' islands. The only place with facilities others have at most one pub and one hotel and no bank.
The Pub: you arrive here before you've left the quay, can't miss it if you've arrived on the Scillonian. Comprises 3 areas - the Slip Inn plush looking downstairs bar that always appeared empty. Main bar with red felted pool table with ceiling covered in flags, and Restaurant at back facing the sea if you've booked or the harbour wall otherwise.
Beer: good pint of Scuppered from Ales of Scilley and also had Sharps Doom Bar (I think)
Food: Good place for fish and the burgers looked impressive

15 Jun 2007 13:41

The Good Intent, Puttenham

Called whilst walking along the North Downs Way and received a warm welcome. Several ales on offer, I chose Surrey Hills a local micro (not sure wether it is always on or a guest) which was in fine condition, worthy of its GBG entry.
Fairly standard pub style menu with generous oportions of tasty food.

22 Mar 2007 13:58

The Greyhound, Enfield Lock

Called in whilst walking the Lee Valley northwards - it is the first pub we came to having passed the 2 near Lee Bridge Road and the boarded up Rifles.
Locals pub with pool table and tv in one room along with most of locals. From the lack of celebrations Tottenham must have lost. The other room is larger but of the few tables occupied there seemed a high proportion of heavy smokers around.
Beer was fine though - McMullens County (stronger than the nondescript AK) was about £2.10 a pint

13 Nov 2006 16:02

The Bucks Head, Godden Green

Pleasant country pub near Knole Park. Serves well kept Shepherd Neame ales. Decor looked comfortable but we stayed outside as the kitched floor was being relaid at the time we called (a couple of weeks ago) - kitchen should have reopened by now

13 Nov 2006 15:52

The Old Spot, Dursley

Called in on a saturday lunchtime of a Cotswold Way walking weekend - although I didn't do much walking as I'd bashed my foot!! Good place to stop this with excellent Uley ale and local bangers & mash. Comprises several rooms in a line facing the road and has many a wooden pig about the place. Will call again when I attempt to actually walk next time.

10 Oct 2006 16:45

The Falcon Hotel, Wotton-under-Edge

Like many of the Wotton pubs this is multi roomed with public and lounge bars and a dining area behind. Good ales include a local micro and Sharps Doombar. The food is on a par with the the Royal Oak and although it is advertised that food is served til late 7 days a week 8.30 was too late on Friday. Probably the pleasantest pub in town and the best ales.

10 Oct 2006 16:29

Selborne Arms, Selborne

The obvious stop when visiting Gilbert White's house that doesn't disappoint. Snack lunches are mostly £5.50 for jacket/ploughmans but with good quality fillings. I had smoked chicken and avocado jacket while my companion's ham and cheese had several proper slices of good ham and plenty of cheese. Mains start at about £7.50. Ales included 2 local micros Triple fff and Suthwyk and Ringwood the nearest regional.

5 Oct 2006 09:34

The Kings Arms, Ninfield

Brewers Fayre pub which turned out better food than we were expecting - reasonable quantity of roast beer, salmon and prawn dish had plenty of fish and Moroccan lamb tasted as I would have hope for.
Ultimate sundae looked only worthwhile pud but had run out of half the different chocolate bits that make it up. 2 were still shared and looked far better than the 2 alternatives that were selected.
Main problem being that half the menu wasn't available despite arriving by 1pm on a wet Sunday.
Only ale was a passable Spitfire.

14 Aug 2006 13:56

The Botley Hill Farmhouse, Warlingham

Good luck to anyone wanting to copy Absolute Chaos and cycle to this pub. It lies at the top of the third highest hill in the South East and neither Leith Hill or Gibbet Hill have a pub so this is (by some considerable distance) the highest pub in the South East and not worth the effort.

14 Aug 2006 13:26

The Cos Bar, London

Refurbished and renamed (previously the Goose at the Castle). Seats are box like things with zebra patterns and the real ale choice of Courage Best or London Pride. I was there for a leaving do on Wednesday night but the place never realy filled up and the beer was too cold

28 Jul 2006 11:57

The Goose at the Castle, Blackfriars

Now re-opened as the Cos Bar

28 Jul 2006 11:53

Telscombe Tavern, Telscombe Cliffs

Was going to walk (and did) from Seaford to Brighton and needed lunchtime refreshment. One of our number suggested the Badgers Watch!! I'm glad I checked out this sight first and visited the Telscombe Tavern instead.
From the cliff the pub is barely noticable - a few tables near the cliff hiding the car park with no pub sign visible. Looks to mostly cater for diners with several comfortable seating rooms. The locally sourced burgers, a speciality, are tasty with plenty of extras and served with chips and salad are recommended. Ales on offer were Greene King IPA, Abbot, Adnam Broadside and Harveys

12 Jul 2006 14:05

The Evening Star, Brighton

Visited after the world cup final (when it just started to fill) for a quick pint before having to head home. Knowing the Beer Circus in Croydon I was not suprised at the drinks range with Hophead chosen by most while the other 'alf went for a bottle of raspberry beer (bit sweet for me, a bit hoppy for her).
The decor was also as expected being basic wooden furniture in fairly plain surroundings although the lighting was warmer and lower than at the Circus

12 Jul 2006 13:57

The Basketmakers Arms, Brighton

Was rather quiet when we called (there being a world cup final on elsewhere). Friendly atmosphere offering a choice of 3 Fullers beers and under threat ales from Gales x2 and Jennings. Was obviously a Gales house before the takeover - mostly wooden interior with lots of old signs and metal boxes covering the walls. The Gales HSB was excellent.

12 Jul 2006 13:51

The Princess Royal, Croydon

Found this when doing a pub crawl of Croydon's GBG pubs - a hidden gem that none of my party knew existed. If I have to make the trip to Mayday again I could easily get diverted...

7 Jun 2006 17:08

The Porter and Sorter, Croydon

Go along with Rich66 best for killing time whilst waiting for next train/bus. Good pint but dull otherwise

7 Jun 2006 17:04

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

Ever reliable Youngs house. Will we be drinking Bombadierre soon?

7 Jun 2006 17:01

The Ship, Croydon

Go for the music with good beer not the venue for a fine pint and a chat

7 Jun 2006 16:57

The Royal Standard, Croydon

This Fullers pub is reliable as always, nothing fancy just a great pint in a good local under the flyover. Usually has one of the less know pints as well.
Good to here that Gales is appearing as well but will it be the same pint for much longer?

7 Jun 2006 16:51

The Half and Half, Croydon

Will be sorry to see this go even if last time I erroneously thought I got a short measure in lined glass but found the pint being thrown away and not getting served. But other than the occassional strop this offers by far the best choice in town.

7 Jun 2006 16:48

The Black Horse, Great Linford

Still known by many as the Black Horse this is now an eaterie sitting beside/below the Grand Union canal.
Had a pint of 6X in the garden but signage suggests that food is far more important here than the beer

6 Jun 2006 15:16

The Nags Head, Great Linford

Agree with Sarah - well worth a visit but the ales could be a bit more adventurous and can get a bit smokey

6 Jun 2006 14:40

Shoulder of Mutton, Calverton

Pleasant country pub with range of ales including Timothy Taylors Landlord and Deuchers IPA when we called.
Noticed fiddle player but barely heard any music from him although this meant easiest access to the loos was to leave the pub and re-enter from side door.

6 Jun 2006 14:38

Ye Olde Swan, Woughton

Either this place has changed in the 2 years since most of these reviews or it was because we had spent all day in Bletchley Park and got there 5.30pm last Sunday.
Food was good although several of our first choices were unavailable (roasts, salmon, duck breast) and did not take too long to arrive. Service at the bar had the big company feel as did the style of the menus but which didn't seem to be advertised. Ales included Deuchers IPA which according to my mate is a regular here

6 Jun 2006 14:29

Wetherspoons, Milton Keynes

Better than norm Wetherspoon with high ceiling so no problem with the smoking cheap pint brigade.
Beer choice ok but less micro offerings than some other outlets

6 Jun 2006 13:32

The Platform Tavern, Southampton

Found this pub having completed a circuit of the city walls and needing a rest. Unusual atmosphere as a result of plenty of african souvenirs. Good ales - I the liked the Goddards from IOW - but difficult to get served as the view of the handpumps is a bit tucked up with bar stools in front.

5 Jun 2006 17:37

Deacons, Salisbury

Wanted to try the Kings Arms across the road but they dont open Sunday evenings so Deacons it was to while away an hour before our restaurant booking. A small locals pub with drinkers usually smoking near the doorway whenever we passed and more of the same inside which was a pity.
4 ales available of which I recognised 3 (2 were Hop Back which I'm not keen on) so I had a taster of the 4th which didn't appeal so settled for an excellent pint of Doombar

5 Jun 2006 17:30

The Greyhound, Wilton

Pleasant pub tucked off the main road at a corner of the main square. On entering there are several large round tables primarily for dining. Were there Sunday lunchtime and roast beef and lamb shank were about £8 with well flavoured meat and reasonable amount of well cooked veg. Ales on offer were Butcombe and 6X. No complaints other than the large wooden chairs which are lethal - 2 of the 4 at our table were coming apart causing one set of bruised fingers - beware!

5 Jun 2006 17:23

The Malet Arms, Newton Tony

Village pub that lies in wide main street to the north of the church. Appears to have a busy local following with a good range of food. Is Good Beer Guide listed.
Had 4 ales available from which we chose Butcombe and the better half had to choose between the wines available by the glass.

27 Apr 2006 14:15

The Jubilee Inn, West Anstey

Arrived here at 2.10 on Easter Monday. Took no notice of the sign that says they are closed all day Monday, and most weekday lunchtimes, (does it change in summer?) to find pub open as it was a Bank Holiday.
We were too late for food orders again (see my entry for Royal Oak, Withypool) but met with a completely different reception. Our friendly hosts checked the fridges and offered to microwave one of a few ready made pies or they had some home made cottage pies. We all chose the latter, £2.75 each, washed down with a pint from Princetown, a touch too cold but fine otherwise.

27 Apr 2006 14:04

The Royal Oak, Withypool

We passed this pub whilst walking the 2 Moors Way on our way to the Tarr Steps - an obvious lunch spot. Easter Sunday was expected to be busy but it was not particularly so in the bar we enter at about 2.10. Waited an age to get served, all serving staff being in the other bar, then got grumpy service in obtaining 3 pints of Exmoor and were told that they weren't doing any more food. Those that were dining suggested that Sunday roast was probably the only option available.
By the time we had finished our pint, with still a fairly full bar, although probably just gone 3, we found we had to unbolt the door both top and bottom to make our exit.
Our vote for unfriendliest pub of the year.
We were told there is now a pub near the Tarr Steps which is better but you may need a mortgage

27 Apr 2006 13:49

The Exmoor Forest Hotel, Simonsbath

More of a restaurant than a pub with only a small bar area mostly filled with prospective diners waiting for tables. Officially opened (on Easter Saturday) at 6.30 but we were invited in earlier and grabbed the last available table. They had to turn away 2 other groups wanting tables before their official opening time. Pricey menu but quality was good as was the ale from Cotleigh. Recommended

27 Apr 2006 13:28

The Rising Sun, Lynmouth

More welcoming than the Village Inn with a lot of its space dedicated to a restaurant, where main meals looked reasonably priced unlike the bar snacks which looked expensive. Decent pint of Exmoor to fill up on but the release in the gents is met with 3 varieties of brown splattered tiles that has to be seen to be believed!!

26 Apr 2006 17:56

The Village Inn, Lynmouth

This pub has a prime position in the main street and looks inviting from outside. Inside however there is one section down the side of the bar that looks reserved for food while the main sector is draped under a fishing net and looks rather tired. Ales were from Torrington and St Austell were passable but the atmosphere dead (ok it was fairly early evening on our way back from Watersmeet) and the barman was not particuarly welcoming.

26 Apr 2006 17:53

The Rockford Inn, Rockford

Had 3 barrels behind the bar for a gravity pulled pint. Availanle were pints from Cottage, a Somerset micro, and St Austell, under a house name and not our favourite, so we opted for the excellent Cotleigh Barn Owl. Lunch menu is fairly standard at sensible prices while more substantial meals are available in the evenings.
Lots of small rooms and woodburning stove helps the atmosphere but is currently up for sale.

26 Apr 2006 17:48

The Crown Hotel, Lynton

Found this bar friendly and filled with a mix of both locals and visitors over Easter. The Exmoor Gold was fine but my mates starting on the St Austell quickly switched (more down to choice of brewery than quality of pint).
Food is served in the back room which was empty on our first visit (Thursday night), had a party of hens on Friday and was packed on Sunday (little other choice).
There is also a little used hotel style lounge and bar which was mostly empty.
Agree with RollerRuss that the Globe and Queens are far from inviting but found the Crown more worthwhile than the climb back up from Lynmouth

26 Apr 2006 17:43

The Anchor and Hope, Waterloo

A gastro pub next door to the Young Vic - you expect gastro prices - £2.90 a pint of Bombadiere, although wine is more reasonable at £10 a bottle. Food is served on the other side of the main door, seperated by a curtain in usual gastro surroundings - basic. The food is good though and worth the visit, despite the prices (and everything is salted to help the drinks sales), especially the rib of beef for 2 (£40) which is served rarish.

26 Apr 2006 17:32

The Windmill Inn, Four Marks

Agree with comments by jampig. London Pride plus 2 ales from the local micro - enjoyed the Moondance

3 Apr 2006 13:31

The Cork and Cheese Ale House, Southend on Sea

This looks like a proper pub once inside (not too promising from outside) with memoribilia and plenty of wood. Had a taster of both the stout (Highgate?) and the Nethergate but neither impressed. The Gem from Bath did though otherwise it would have been the Bass.

13 Mar 2006 14:02

The Princess of Wales, Clapton

Enjoyed the excellent pints of Youngs (bitter and st George) but that was all that was noteworthy. The ploughmans and chips were ok and we were surrounded by smokers whose cigarettes seemed particularly smokey that day. Not much of an atmosphere either so disappointing overall

13 Mar 2006 13:58

The Hare and Hounds, Warlingham

Checked out again just before New Year and again New Years Eve. Returning to its former glory as a locals pub in more plusher surroundings. Still had Westerham and Kings with another micro guest (I didn't like the taster) and a seasonal from Westerham which included cinnamon (ok for 1 pint to finish but wrecked your taste buds otherwise)

12 Jan 2006 13:53

The Good Companions, Warlingham

Good effort by the landlord as this pub had a reputation. Serves ales from the local Westerham micro. When planning the following days activities asked to borrow their Good Beer Guide (there in it) but they couldn't find it and offered me the East Surrey Pub Guide instead which hasn't long been published.
Attracts the younger crowd but noticed the lads being served ahead of us had their IDs checked first.

12 Jan 2006 13:48

The White Lion, Warlingham

Ventured back to check out as was going to be in Warlingham for new year. Same regulars as have always been there but the other 2 pubs on the green aren't inviting. Decor settled in a bit more but have same reservations about the atmosphere of the place. Better of in the Goodies or the revamped Hare & Hounds at opposite ends of town

12 Jan 2006 13:43

The Plume of Feathers, Greenwich

Recently visited the park and museums so after spliting up this was the obvious place to reassemble. Good ales and friendly staff. It is dog friendly as well so you just have to be careful you don't kick over a water bowl an dampen the goods you've just bought in the market.

12 Jan 2006 13:30

The King William IV, Mickleham

Have only called in lunchtimes when walking but always seems busy although the food is overpriced. Beer has always been well kept with Adnams and Hogs Back on last time I visited (although I'm not keen on the later's beers). Shall have to get there in the evening so can concentrate on the ale not the food

12 Jan 2006 13:25

The Richmal Crompton, Bromley

Not sure when bigboy20 was in there but I was there early Saturday evening and the place was a mess. Service was awful and most of the girls in school uniforms.
Wetherspoons by a different name with higher prices and poorly trained staff (something Wetherspoons usually get right)

22 Nov 2005 14:54

Ye Olde Watling, Mansion House

Called in at half time in the Lord Mayor's Show as was one of the few pubs around that was open on that Saturday. Is it usually?
Good pint including a North Yorks micro when we called but food looked a bit pricey.

15 Nov 2005 14:40

The Plough, Bletchingley

Did not venture in - looks like a pub chain eaterie worth avoiding

26 Sep 2005 13:35

Whyte Harte Hotel, Bletchingley

Hotel atmosphere with modern look and comfortable leather settees around an old fireplace. The Charles Wells Bombadiere lack flavour and the menu is expensive.

26 Sep 2005 13:34

The Red Lion, Bletchingley

Non descript pub on main road with blackboard advertising fairly pricy menu. 3 Greene King beers available

26 Sep 2005 13:31

The Prince Albert, Bletchingley

Saw the rambling old locals but not the rambling old pub as we did not venture further than the bar in the small front.
Has a homely feel to it and supports smaller breweries, on our visit we were served well kept pints of Doom Bar from Cornwall and ale from Hampshire's Itchen Valley.
Best place for ales in the village

26 Sep 2005 13:28

The William IV, Bletchingley

Looks as though it is one of a small row of houses hidden away from passing traffic.
The 3 small rooms are seperated by a corridor (through which a cold breeze blew the night we were there) and although the upholstery may be new it certainly isn't modern.
The Harveys was fine but 2 of my mates had Fullers which should have realy been sent back.

26 Sep 2005 13:23

The Crown, Nutfield

This pub on the main road consists of seperate areas for darts, pool and tv with a smaller section with a few tables and ketchup bottles. We sat down and obviously upset the 3 locals who immediately left for an unidentified (by me) room upstairs. Odd place but served a well kept pint of Greene King IPA

26 Sep 2005 12:29

The Hatch Inn, Colemans Hatch

Went Sunday lunchtime but were eating in the evening so avoided the roast beef/pork @ £14 inc dessert and had sandwiches/ploughmans @ £5-7. They were well filled (they need to be at that price) and came with some salsd and fruit.
Excellent beer - we chose local Larkins - in great surroundings

26 Sep 2005 12:21

The Hare and Hounds, Warlingham

This used to be a wonderful locals pub until about 5 years ago when the long standing landlord left. Changed hands many times since then and gone rapidly downhill.
Another new landlord has since repainted the outside (good mual of hare and hounds) and refilled the hanging baskets. The interior also extensively refurbished although the colours not to my taste.
It had 4 ales available including an own label, British Bulldog from the nearest micro at Westerham and Kings from the ex-owner of King & Barnes.
Once more my favorite pub in the village

26 Sep 2005 12:17

The Peter Boat, Leigh on Sea

Arrived last sunday eve to find Regatta on. Chaos!!
3 deep at the bar but the staff (those that were serving) did their best to serve everyone in turn. Had a pint of Adnams Broadside before it ran out then was left Courage (the only ale left) but even this tasted good so being well kept. Nothing special about the food - the last seafood stall had just closed.

23 Sep 2005 10:06

The Horse and Groom, Rushlake Green

This pub sitting below the village green is noted for its food. When we arrived last Saturday, shortly before last food orders at 2, the landlord was busy taking food orders for one group while pulling the drinks for another and adding to their respective tabs. Our bill was correct at least. Food was excellent with both fishes and the duck being well cooked and having plenty of flavour. Well worth the £15 cost. Shepherd Neame and Harveys on offer

14 Sep 2005 17:16

The Spread Eagle, Croydon

This is a Fullers pub in an old bank building which is wooden floored with a smaller upstairs seating area. I visited courtesey of a free pint of Discovery being offered by Fullers but not to my taste though (the pint that is). I suspect it is orientated to the larger drinker as was colder than desired with little resultant flavour. Have been in before but don't recall a cold pint so will try something else next time.
decent pub though and good service (despite the quizical look at my free pint voucher and then the barrel expiring)

14 Sep 2005 17:04

The Queens Head, Maldon

From the outside the QH looks as though it should be posher than the Jolly Sailor but isn't. This appears to be the locals favourite and had a band playing old hits from Elvis to Sex Pistols!! Besides the London Pride and Greene King that appear throughout town they also served from local Burntwood ale.

16 Aug 2005 13:38

The Jolly Sailor, Maldon

Were catching a 7.15am ride on a Thames Barge so was pleased to stay near the quay (rooms cheap and basic). Pub seems mostly food orietated with blackboards scattered around for the menu. We all enjoyed the lemon sole and got a generous discount as we had to depart before breakfast. Plenty of wooden beams in evidence and cockateels out back.

16 Aug 2005 13:30

Swan Hotel, Maldon

Good friendly pub serving excellent local Maldon ale

16 Aug 2005 13:23

The White Horse, Maldon

Basic pub serving the Shepherd Neame range. Master Brew in Kent is a rarity let alone in Essex (you can keep the Spitfire)
Discos Fridays, live music most Saturdays and Sundays. Mostly plain inside with trophies in one corner and blackboards with drawing representing the beers on offer (e.g. Spitfire, Master Brew, Guiness). Pool table available when no music.

16 Aug 2005 13:22

The Blue Boar Hotel, Maldon

Good description from Lee below. Don't be put off by the lack of handpumps (as my mate was) there were 3 homebrews and Adnams on from barrels in the back bar. Although the main bar was a bit smokey the back bar was quieter and obviously more food orientated. Food was reasonable but not sure what happens when it is wet/cold as it appears to come from the hotel accross the courtyard. The toilets are also in the hotel and the brewhouse in the car park.

16 Aug 2005 13:18

The Queens Head, Uxbridge

Fullers, Youngs or a lesser Gales pint? We had the latter by way of a change. Decent beer although surroundings a bit dark with wood and purple ceiling. Back room has art deco glass ceiling adding more light there. Very quiet when we called early Sunday evening

8 Aug 2005 13:19

The General Eliott, Uxbridge

Called while walking along the canal (one of the few pubs that makes most of its canal-side position) and sat under the chestnut tree with our pints of Fullers. Beer ok but not great and service slow.

8 Aug 2005 13:16

The White House, Stockley Park

Walking the LOOP which claims the clubhouse is open to the public, but at 1.30 the 19th was closed and appears to offer no real ale

8 Aug 2005 13:10

The De Burgh Arms, West Drayton

Arrived just in time for the Charity Shield but were more in need of a beer and some food. Only Adnams on, but don't mind that plus a real cider. The girl behind the counter seemed to know little English so only offered fish & chips so settled for that - again ok by me - only later did we see a menu!!
Good beer, reasonable food and surroundings

8 Aug 2005 13:07

The Angelic, Islington

Another Islington Gastro pub serving expensive food and drinks. Unlike the Duke of Cambridge which prides itself with its organic food and drinks, including the ales, I could see no such claim here. The beers at £2.90 were Pedigree and Bombadiere.

15 Jul 2005 16:51

The Cinque Ports, Seaford

Called when fairly quite on a sunday evening but the Harveys was ordinary (also Youngs) and the ambiance scruffy with darts on the unwatched tv.

4 Jul 2005 14:29

The Old Boot, Seaford

Large pub designed with wooden columns supporting fairly low white ceiling and playing muzak at a volume that is unlikely to please anyone - irritating loud if you eating and chatting but not loud enough to listen to.
Besides Harveys has WJ King (ex of King & Barnes) and the food was a reasonable standard.

4 Jul 2005 14:27

Wellington Hotel, Seaford

We called early Sunday evening when public bar was fairly quiet and comfortable lounge completely empty.
Has about 6 handpumps but the choice was dissappointing being mostly Greene King plus Harveys (ubiquitous) and Wychwood (unappealing). Settled for a well kept pint of the Harveys

4 Jul 2005 14:21

Ye Olde Smugglers Inn, Alfriston

Lovely village with 3 pubs. We called in the Smugglers as is a regular entry in the Good Beer Guide (Harveys) and the food reasonably priced (for its location). Ale was up to expectations and the food tasty.
Consists of several rooms and a garden area at the back. The main bar area was a bit dark due to the frontage still undergoing restoration after a ram-raid last year wrecked the front of the pub.

4 Jul 2005 14:11

The Duke of Cambridge, Islington

Agree with Kieran about the excellent food, the good atmosphere and the large tables. The food is organic other than the salmon which is wild as opposed to organic as they can't tell what it has eaten!! I preferred the St Peter ale to my first choice and the wine was fine. All this leaves a bit of a hole in the wallet though: 2.90 a pint 3.60 for small glass of wine, 4.60 for large. £13-14 for Chicken/Lamb/Salmon mains and 5.50 for pud. For these prices would expect a fine dining experience rather than pub style surroundings, having said that fine for a relaxing evening with good food.

17 Jun 2005 13:50

The White Horse, Holtye

Pub next to golf club house and course. Ordinary both inside and out but top prices. Sunday roast £10, other mains £15. Ciabata (not sunday) about £6.50. Good food but not that good.
4 real ales including Deuchers IPA (£2.45)

6 Jun 2005 16:41

The Woodman, Fernham

17th century inn (which is a bit of a maze) but serves excellent meals, mains being about £12-£15 but well worth it for well cooked food and interesting flavours - pork stuffed with peach, venison and fig. Puddings are around £5 for a large slice of white chocolate cheesecake.
Choice of ales including local White Horse (excellent) are served direct from the barrel by Slovakian lasses

31 May 2005 14:00

The Vine Tree Inn, Randwick

This pub is popular with walkers most of whom seem to have trouble finding it (see note below)- 10 arrived after 2 outnumbering those already there!! Hours are short being only 12-2 Wed-Sat, 12-4 Sun and 7-11 Tue-Sun. We arrived at 2.02 on a Bank Holiday Monday (otherwise closed Mondays) when the full menu stopped at 2 but all those arriving after that were offered the snacks menu which featured bagettes of steak & onion and ham & mustard freshly prepared as was my ham ploughmans and all very tasty. Ales were 6X and Greene King IPA.

For those walking the Cotswold Way (and any other walker) ignore maps showing the Bird in Hand as there does not appear to be any pub there.
From Ryeford you enter Standish Wood soon passing a hollow on the right then at next junction with post with lots of waymarks go right through squeeze style gap in wire fence. Go straight over crossing track (this should be about right).
From the north after Haresfield Beacon and following viewpoint spur enter wood. After 2 right turns reach waymarked post - there are 2 paths right down hill and the required left through squeeze posts.

31 May 2005 13:52

The Royal George Hotel, Birdlip

Another Old English Inn which (like the Rising Sun at Cleeve Hill) is mainly a hotel with restaurant bar attached. Still welcome for Cotswold Way walkers with a choice of ales including local Goffs

31 May 2005 13:05

The Seven Springs, Seven Springs

This pub situated in a good location near a busy junction and the Cotswold Way.
You arrive to the sight of 3 handpumps - Greene King IPA, IPA and ....IPA - not too bad. The food is cheap and tastes cheap. The burger was barely touched, the 17" sausage looked as though the would be more meat in a chippalata and whilst the warm duck breast was fine the accommpaning salad was uninspiring and tired. My chicken nachos was probably the best choice but not the chilli version that arrived first. Helpings large but tasteless

31 May 2005 12:58

The Ryeworth Inn, Charlton Kings

Friendly pub serving several beers including local Goffs and a choice of wine by the glass. Mostly food orientated serving fairly simple but tasty food

31 May 2005 10:30

The London Inn, Charlton Kings

A locals pub that is well frequented. On the Saturday night we visited the rear room was hired out for one celebration while another reunion took place in another corner of the bar. Served a good pint of local Goff's Jouster

31 May 2005 10:24

Langton, Charlton Kings

Looks as if now closed - its notice in the car park reads
"Due to lack of trade we closed at 2pm. We open in mid July"

31 May 2005 10:20

The Merry Fellow Inn, Charlton Kings

Nice tucked away pub for locals, friendly with all ages, more basic inside but good garden with aviary and has a variety of beers including on our visit Black Sheep and Sharp's Doom Bar.

31 May 2005 10:14

The Bath Tavern, Cheltenham

We did not quite fit in here being oldies wanting to rest weary feet after an afternoon wandering around town. A good pint of Smiles and Hook Norton helped.

31 May 2005 10:09

The Old Vine, Winchester

Visited Sunday lunchtime to find an empty bar. Well we went in anyway to find a decent pint of Ringwood and had tasty well cooked food (if a tad pricey). My salmon came with pre-prepared 'spring vegatables' mix - not to worry this turned out to be a combination of asparagus, baby carrots, beans and peas and well cooked. A couple of other tables filled while we ate and a couple were playing cards in the public bar area. Deserves more custom

23 May 2005 16:23

The Green Man, Hatton

Pleasantly surprised by this pub as first impressions were not looking too promising - from Hatton Cross station, leaving the aircraft hangers, pass the childrens farm and bouncy castle to find... a white fronted building which looks like a welcoming pub. Inside it lokks like a pub and was serving Bombadiere and 6X. 2 pints of the former requested and we were asked whether we were sitting inside or outside - hot day so outside - on the concrete?. I can only assume that if you choose to sit on the grass you get plastic glasses. Pint was fine no complaints

17 May 2005 09:49

The Roebuck, Hampton Hill

Found this a friendly pub having arrived after walking through Bushy Park. Arriving fairly early on Sunday lunchtime found it light and airy with a good selection of ales available - you do not see Robinsons in the capital very often. Did not look at much of the memorabilia (but noticed several nautical bits on one wall and lots of banknotes elsewhere) as we headed for the small but well cared for garden on one of the few hot sunny days this year. Unfortunately only lunches Mon-Fri but the landlord did not seem to mind when we raided Tescos round the corner for cornchips and dips.

17 May 2005 09:35

The Gardeners Arms, Lewes

Small 2 roomed pub had Harveys and 3 guests. I had tasters of 2 of them before settling down to the local brew. For final pint I had a taster of the 3rd Dark Star(?) at 6.2% was delightfully refreshing and pale in colour.
I now understand the relevance of the Swindon posters, but those for Berwick Rangers?

13 Apr 2005 11:11

The Selden Arms, Worthing

Called in here a couple of years ago and it was easily the best pub for real ale in Worthing. A mate called in last weekend and confirmed that it's not changed. Great news

11 Apr 2005 13:42

The Kings Head, Lewes

Agree with the good beer and excellent food comment below. Although clearly food orientated did not feel as though it had lost the pub atmosphere. The wooden beams help as do the pictures of numerous kings that line the walls. Recommended

11 Apr 2005 13:36

Trevor Arms, Glynde

Good pint of Harveys had in this multi-roomed pub next to the station. Main bar is more a locals area plainly decorated in cream, dark green and wood panelling, whilst other areas seem more orientated towards serving food.

11 Apr 2005 13:32

The Berwick Inn, Berwick

We arrived from the North i.e. from across the level crossing, at about 5.20pm to be greeted by half a dozen garden tables and a locked door, so sat down to wait for the next train. It was only later when somebody could be seen in the darkened back room that we walked round the other side to find it was actually open. Overall doesn't look appealing - exterior, black painted sign, row of lined up tables by the windows that we caught our (now soon to arrive) train anyway.

11 Apr 2005 13:24

The Six Bells, Chiddingly

Situated in small village just North of A22 near interesting church. It comprises several small rooms and snugs with the walls covered with memorabilia - mostly motor bikes and sports teams where we were sitting on narrow benches against the wall. This gives it a good atmosphere and it serves a good pint of Harveys, shame the food (we tried the Knocci and the chicken curry) was uninspiring

11 Apr 2005 13:14

Blackboys Inn, Blackboys

Have not been to this pub but it looked good from the outside (not open at 10.30 am), set behind a pond and who ever suggested it seems to have given it 9/10 without comment (could be the landlord of course).
Will try and get there some day

11 Apr 2005 13:09

The Reservoir, Charlton Kings

This large roadside inn is mostly devoid of atmosphere and devoted to being an eaterie. Entering the door to the main bar every table is laid for diners with a few drinking and smoking thereabouts. To the right is the non smoking area again with cutlery on all tables, so we headed to the left to be met by a pool table, table football game and 2 large kiddy play things then in the corner were 3 tables and a few chairs where drinkers could sit (upon zebra or leathskin designed fabrics) around a table and converse. The Greene King was acceptable but the cab couldn't arrive too soon

29 Mar 2005 15:39

The Rising Sun Hotel, Cleeve Hill

Were out walking the Cotswold Way and were in need for lunchtime refreshment. This was the only choice. Arriving from the hill, which incidentially would prevent any sighting of a rising sun from the pub that looks west, you arrive through the car park (so must be the normal approach) and are greeted by a choice of the hotel reception or steps leading down to a subterainian restaurant (and bar). After that thinks improve considerably. The Greene King is well cared for and the restaurant (besides or due to glarey carpet) is bright with good views over the valley. The food was standard sunday roast for £7 (or more expensive mains)but was better value than most with pleny of meat, potatoes and gravy (too much) filling (silly) bowls with other veg arriving in a seperate dish. Dessert also looked good but we had to climb back up the hill and beyond.

29 Mar 2005 15:26

The White Hart, Winchcombe

This pub? is a right mix up. It is part of a hotel so you would expect it to be heavily food orientated and indeed there are three menus visible. Firstly one with mains at around £15-£20 as you would expect where rooms are around £150 per night. The second is for pizza at £7-£8 and then there is a Swedish menu which is cheaper but I do not know whether these are meals size dishes or a scandinavean version of Tapas.
Decor wise the pizza have there own pizzarie at the back whilst the main bar area was split into 3 one with white painted wooden chairs for eating and pine tables in the other 2. Modern style candles were supplement by dim lighting that reflected light on the ceiling whilst looking like plain light bulbs from below with the walls 'decorated' with a drape of hops. These look as though they have been there so long that they look completely withered on the vine over the matting like carpet.
Beers served were Greene King IPA, Wadsworth 6X and Archers which averaged over £2.50 a pint (one round comprising all 3)
Was surprisingly busy but then we realised a lot of the tarted up girls later appeared in the Sun (not the newspaper but the pub round the corner).
Still confused.

29 Mar 2005 15:14

The Sun Inn, Winchcombe

This is obviously where the local like to spend there time, when all other pubs are catering for the tousrist the locals are in here drinking. No sign of any food being served but heaving to closing time with young and old alike. Serves Fullers London Pride which wouldn't be my first choice having travelled up from the capital.

29 Mar 2005 14:56

The Plaisterers Arms, Winchcombe

Has 2 small rooms either side of the entrance door and central bar. Serves the best pint in town (along with the Corner Cupboard) and the only one that serves Goff's that is brewed in town. Was a bit too quiet to provide a good atmosphere
Below these rooms are tables mostly devoted to overpriced meals. It is always a bad sign when the medium rare steak arrives first, then the duck and chicken, and then the rare steak. Needless to say that this was sent back and the second attempt managed one that was at least medium. The steaks came with mushrooms and tomato but the later was in such a sorry state it is hard to believe that it didn't start life in a tin.
Go for the beer, and eat elsewhere, preferably in the Cupboard

29 Mar 2005 14:52

The Lion Inn, Winchcombe

We had a good pint of Stanway in this pleasant but quiet pub. Unfortunately the Hook Norton I also tried looked fine but tasted like vinegar. It looks as though food is served in a separate area but the menu was reasonable priced. Could do with more custom to give it a better atmosphere as there was hardly anyone there at 7 on saturday evening besides a table of youngsters playing pontoon. We tried again later but was no busier, can't explain why.

29 Mar 2005 14:42

The Old Corner Cupboard, Winchcombe

You enter into a small room with pleasant surroundings including 2 of the corner cupboards that gave the pub its name. Off this are 2 more romms, 1 dark when we called, the other forms the bar area beside the restaurant and has a wall that looks as though it has come from the long torn down abbey.
Serves well kept local Stanway ale plus Greene King and Hook Norton and a choice of wines available by the glass. The restaurant has a standard looking menu but then 2 blackboards arrive with the specials, with fish specials priced around £10 offers good value. For dessert try the meringue roulade - a swiss roll made with meringue instead of sponge

29 Mar 2005 14:20

The Pheasant, Toddington

Large pub at roundabout near terminus of steam railway. Friendly service and good pint of local Stanway ale. Many tables laid out for meal but empty as we were there late afternoon

29 Mar 2005 14:03

The Lobster Smack, Canvey Island

Arrived here Saturday lunchtime having walked round the flood barrier from Benfleet. Hadn't seen a soul until within 100 yards of the pub. Only a handful of houses nearby and a small caravan park all surrounded by oil storage tanks and the sea wall. The view from inside is of the sea wall even from the (closed) upstairs lounge so to see the view you need either to stand or climb over it. It was quite busy with drinkers of all ages and serving reasonable food. Served a good pint of Hancocks.

21 Mar 2005 09:55

The Tide End Cottage, Teddington

Arrived from the other side of the river and across the lock bridges so naturally avoided the Anglers (put off by the climbing frame in particular) and ended up in here. Everyone seems to come for Sunday lunch understandable as choice of 4 roasts with good quantity of meat included.
Ales are well kept Greene King (including those under the Morland label) plus a guest which was Batemans which is rarely seen.

8 Mar 2005 10:56

Hogsmill Tavern, Worcester Park

Beefeater. Nuff said

8 Mar 2005 10:24

The Lamb, Surbiton

I am a bit surprised by the comments below having just revisited with same youngs drinker and (not so) new resident (see Dec 03). Didn't notice much change on our saturday night visit other than the karaoke being truely awful. At least the is still great

8 Mar 2005 10:22

The Horse and Cart, Peasmarsh

Good village local with plain drinking area and pool table at front going back to large blackboard menu and eating area behind. 2 ales on when we called including a good pint of Harveys.
Food choices mostly around £8. I had a large chicken breast wrapped with bacon with stilton sauce, came with choice of spud and 4 other veg.

28 Feb 2005 12:03

The Salisbury, Leicester Square

Historic late victorian pub with etched glass windows and big decoration over the main entrance. Used to be several more rooms than the 3 there are now and has a staicase that goes straight up from the bar like a chimney - which is not too popular with the Fire Brigade so the upper floors are apparently empty. Odd lighting with a mixture of red and amber shades being reflected in the mirrors along the walls which takes a bit of getting used to. Good (although expensive) ales including a guest (St Austell when I was there)

8 Feb 2005 13:50

The Angel, Soho

Interesting pub for its layout - the central bar serving several rooms and snugs but badly in need of redocation. Sam Smiths was awful (even for Sam Smiths) and the Irish Wiskey came from a bottle marked just that i.e. Sam Smiths own brand.
Odd clientele most notably the chap with the pink hair.
Best to avoid except for a quick history lesson

8 Feb 2005 13:42

The Princess Louise, Holborn

Historic Victorian pub with great decor including impressive mirrors along the walls. Although it wasn't always like this - was previously divided into several rooms and snugs (look at the ceiling to see where the partions were) and it was previously a Free House. Shame it now only sells Sam Smiths now even if its probably the best pint you will get of it anywhere.

8 Feb 2005 13:26

The Rampage, Holborn

Decent bar that at times that serves both real ales and good Thai food. Has unusual decor of bright pictures and an overall airy feel.

8 Feb 2005 13:16

The Blackbird, Earls Court

You go to Earls Court get split up from your mates. What else but to meet up in here with a good pint a Fullers. Food looks a tad expensive though

7 Feb 2005 13:19

The Artillery Arms, Old Street

Pleasant local with central bar and several rooms around it. Well kept ale. Chiswick good as an opener before the Pride and Winter Warmer. Was in there mid evening on Friday but it didn't seem overly busy - peresumubly between the early and late crowds or did we mingle into them as we had a few.

7 Feb 2005 13:15

The Printers Devil, Holborn

Forgot to mention that if you order chips as part of your meal to ask for no salt on them. This is definitely a way of getting you to drink more

14 Dec 2004 16:58

The Paternoster, City Of London

Called in one lunch time but didn't fancy £10+ for bar food - didn't stay and the smell of fried fat at the bus stop outside is just as off puting.
Nothing like the old Master Gunner that this Youngs house replaces

14 Dec 2004 16:54

The Printers Devil, Holborn

Fullers aand IPa bitters and yes kareoke and pool table if your so inclined. Upstairs is quieter (more emphasis on food)

14 Dec 2004 16:51

The Sutton Arms, Barbican

Had a good meal upstairs with a decent pint. Can't comment on the main bar as on the day we just walk through to the stairs at the back so as to dine. Are planning an early return (and hopefully more lenghy stay downstairs)

6 Dec 2004 14:03

The White Swan, Twickenham

Spit and sawdust feel covered with Rugby memorabilia Great for a summer pint when the tide is low!! Remember being the other side of the river for a high tide and we could see it was flooded outside hence the high steps (and self flush loos).
Beer fine but we made the mistake of going for Sunday lunch. The meat was ok if not the most generous of portions but the veg was not worthy of the name with roast potatoes (2) that looked boiled, 1 little broccoli floret, droopy cabbage and a few carrots and all this for only £8

6 Dec 2004 13:58

The Ram, Kingston Upon Thames

Met up in here about 6pm last Saturday. Seemed everyone else was doing the same as when we left at 7 having had a pint with the last arrival we left the place almost empty. The Youngs was very good but the Bombadier disappointing - unfortunately I started on the latter and the former ran out. Usually reliable though

6 Dec 2004 13:45

The Park Tavern, Kingston Upon Thames

Fairly busy on Saturday night when we called. Available was Youngs, Fullers, Tim Taylor's Landlord and 2 from Hampshire's Cheriton brewery. Obtained tasters of these whist the darker lacked any real characteur the lighter one (Amber Gambler?) was chosen by all of us and was the best pint of the evening (on a crawl of 6 pubs/8 pints). As a pub second only to the Wych Elm would recommend both

6 Dec 2004 13:38

The Wych Elm, Kingston Upon Thames

Finished a saturday night pub crawl here and am glad we got this far as was easily the best pub we visited (along with the Park Tavern). Pleasant atmosphere in comfortable surroundings with a choice of the full Fullers selection - last pint of the night it had to be the London Porter hardly ever seen elsewhere

6 Dec 2004 13:30

The Norbiton and Dragon, Norbiton

Strange pub when you first enter (from the Park Avenue side) with a long curving bar area. There was no Fullers available so drank so-so pints of 6X. A mate booked a table in the restaurant which comes as a bit of a (pleasant) surprise after the strange bar area. Enjoyed the Thai food and was wondering about the name of the place when the afore mentioned mate gave us his interpretation of the dragon theme by putting paper serviette and candle together. [don't worry the pub is still there]

6 Dec 2004 13:19

The Willoughby Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

Arrived to find everyone packed in one room while two guitarists played in an empty second room. Cally Duechers IPA (and Youngs) available but seemed as though it had just come from the frozen North and had not thawed out enough

6 Dec 2004 13:09

The Canbury Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

Visited on first saturday in December and it was definitely OPEN. However it was also the least memorable pub we visited in the area

6 Dec 2004 13:06

The White Hart, Buxted

Good pub in dark surroundings (can't see the picturesque ones after sunset) 2 mins walk downhill from the station. 4 real ales available - 2 from Harveys and Kings (ex K&B owner). The latter may have been a special and when the barrel ran out on the 4th pint they were quick to check the 3 previous pints they had pulled were up to scratch. Restaurant area looked empty but the side bit to the bar was full of diners in a pleasant atmosphere and comfy seats before we moved to a table to dine. Recommended not to have a starter if like most of us you go for the half shoulder of lamb

11 Oct 2004 13:41

Wattenden Arms, Kenley

Revisited and ate Sunday Lunch - portions not large but then it doesn't blow a hole in the pocket either. Fullers and Youngs also below £2 a pint

11 Oct 2004 13:29

The White Lion, Warlingham

Have now been back to find the old dining area revamped and extended behind the old drinking area. Looks good (but still new) but didn't eat so can't comment on the food. The great old bar with low beams has been wrecked though as the black wooden beams are surrounded in walls covered in (mock?) pine and cheap paint. The bar counter (retained) has also been extended round to the extension adding further light and completely removing an feeling of being in a historic pub. Didn't see the Harvets though

11 Oct 2004 13:25

The Cittie of Yorke, Holborn

Stunning interior to main bar at the back which will surprise anyone who doesn't know it. The other bars nowhere near as good particularly the thin cellar bar. If only it had a choice of beers on offer - the Sam Smith is never an exciting drink with so many others available elsewhere which is why it has to be cheap

1 Oct 2004 11:02

The Fox and Grapes, Wimbledon Common

Proper looking pub with cosy atmosphere. Choice of ales from which I chose Bombardier but wasn't impressed - it should have been a good change from all those pints of Youngs elsewhere. Menu looked expensive but then there still quite a few people eating.

18 Aug 2004 13:40

The Hand In Hand, Wimbledon Common

Good pint but otherwise more standard offering from Youngs in a good setting.

18 Aug 2004 13:33

The Crooked Billet, Wimbledon Common

During food serving hours (up to 9.45) almost all tables taken up by diners (we were no exception) but retains its pub like atmosphere. Beer (Youngs as usual) and food fine but nothing special

18 Aug 2004 13:29

The Rose and Crown, Wimbledon Village

Good beer garden but inside (almost empty when we were there) looks more like standard eaterie with standard Youngs decor. Beer wasn't too great either - better pint of Youngs almost anywhere and better choice at the Brewery Tap

18 Aug 2004 13:23

The Brewery Tap, Wimbledon Village

Couldn't spot the landlord - only girls behind the bar (sounds like an improvement any how). Good selection of beers (no Youngs!!), recognised 4 of the 5 ales on offer so asked for a taster of the fifth option. Got given about 1/3 pint as a taster but didn't care for it much so chose the Cally. This came up rather heady so was left to settle while the second pint was poured, then the barrel ran out! My mate had to settle for Adnams while my pint less about an inch was charged as a half. (I've seen bigger heads than this in other theiving pubs) so great service in a freindly atmosphere. Only minus was that we felt the beer was a touch too warm.

18 Aug 2004 12:16

The Alexandra, Wimbledon

Can't comment on the prices (not my round) but the quality of the bitter was excellent. A bit of a gloomy wood panelled Youngs pub but convenient located near the station

18 Aug 2004 12:04

Wattenden Arms, Kenley

Were out walking on a hot summer day - were desperate and stopped in the Fox on Coulsdon Common (mistake). If only we had continued we would have eaten here instead of having a consoling pint before continuing. Good small country pub worth visiting

10 Aug 2004 13:52

The Claret Wine Bar, Cheam Village

Still the best place in Cheam - I have visited for over 20 years when (occassionally) in the area.
Main part of the bar fairly busy and often sport on the TVs but also has quieter few tables at the back for a more sociable chat with mates. Excellent beers usually includes Master Brew which is always enjoyable.

10 Aug 2004 13:47

The Hamilton Hall, Liverpool Street

Standard Wetherspoon in a wonderful building

29 Jul 2004 14:28

The Ferry Inn, Stromness

Large L shaped bar with large lower area given over to food with cheap early eating offers. Drinking area fairly dark but good pint of Dark Island

29 Jul 2004 13:24

The Hoy Inn, North Hoy

Not sure when McDougal visited this pub but it closes for the winter relying on summer trade. Local tell us it did quite well last year but obviously not well enough as we called in early July and summer still had not started (the weather and this pubs opening). Suspect is closed for good - shame as nearest on Hoy is apparently 17 miles away

19 Jul 2004 17:04

Thomson's, Edinburgh

Odd Greek style to this pub but as Edinburgh's pub of the year last year it certainly is a good pint

14 Jul 2004 13:34

The Oxford Bar, Edinburgh

Unusual bar this with all the locals crammed into the small bar area it is a squeeze to get in. But get your pint climb a couple of step and there is a near empty side room where you can read the pub mag which shows its discust at the arrival of nearby Rangers and Celtic shops.

14 Jul 2004 13:29

Cloisters Bar, Edinburgh

Convertion of former parsonage offers lively atmosphere and good choice of real ales

14 Jul 2004 12:05

The Cask and Barrel, Edinburgh

Large and open pub that appears brighter than most (or was the sun shining that day?) Choice of good ales also.

14 Jul 2004 12:02

The Guildford Arms, Edinburgh

I'll repeat that that was said before - great ale, plenty of real ales, incredible ceiling. Rightly popular with locals and tourists alike. A choir were singing on one visit (no idea why perhaps they like the pub)

13 Jul 2004 17:07

Cafe Royal, Edinburgh

Had a good proportion of well dressed/heeled when we called - there was some display around the castle so plenty of smart kilted types on view. Ales fine but overall seems more faded than the Guildford next door although the victorian tiled panels along one wall are worth the visit

13 Jul 2004 17:03

Milnes Bar, Edinburgh

Has ground floor entrance in Rose St but the vast basement eventually emerges in Hanover St. Decent ales but dull atmosphere if it is quiet in such a cavern

13 Jul 2004 16:59

The Bow Bar, Edinburgh

7 ales to choose from (and another from England) with a excellent tourist position just off/underneath the royal mile meant we kept gravitating there. A useful meeting point when you split up. Lunches are simple toasties or steak pies with gravy (no neepes or tatties). Odd sized tables keeps wasted space to a minimum

13 Jul 2004 16:54

The Blue Blazer, Edinburgh

Of those I visited, and there were many..... (I like this comment). This is a smallish street corner pub with a couple of rooms and 6 hand pumps with beer to match

13 Jul 2004 16:47

The Trafalgar Arms, Tooting

have revisited on hot balmy evening and sat outside which is ok despite the main road. Unfortunately the beer temperature matched that outside (although the second pint was nearer correct temperature). Food still good value

9 Jun 2004 11:58

The Blue Ship, The Haven

Can't disagree with the previous 2 reviews although I am sure the Ham Egg and Chips was a pound cheaper than stated for a good slab of meat with the marinaded fat around the edge, just as it should be. The only cross word I heard were to a couple of girls who parked their horses around the inn sign. Why the Blue Ship? I meant to ask but never got round to it.

17 May 2004 11:11

The White Horse, Parsons Green

Have only visited on warm sunny lunchtimes when there was a choice of seats outside opposite the green or in the comparitively empty interior with its comfy sofas. Good selection of real ales and quality (but pricey) lunches. Ploughmans particularly good

14 May 2004 11:59

The White Lion, Warlingham

currently closed for the afore mentioned renovation. Waiting to see how damaging the changes are

13 May 2004 09:53

The Barking Dog, Barking

Better than average Wetherspoon, convenient for the station

26 Apr 2004 09:21

The Goose, Holborn

Seems to be going downhill rapidly. Although the burger and pint deal advertises 'Tetley' only Tetley Smooth is offered not the hand pumped version.
There is also a promotion on Bombardier this Friday/Saturday/Sunday - 5th pint free of a hat with the 5th pint. However not only is Bombardier not available on the first day of this 3 day promotion but there was no real ale available at all

23 Apr 2004 15:34

The Hogarth Inn, Isle of Grain

I notice the nearest stations are given as Sheerness and Queenborough but you would need to be either a good swimmer or have a boat to cross the Medway

20 Apr 2004 13:51

The Kings Head, Bristol

'Traditional pub, with Victorian decor, dating back to 1660s, retaining all its charm and character. The single, narrow bar leads to a cosy snug; lots of prints of old Bristol and beer memorabilia adorn the walls.' I quote from the GBG2003 and couldn't have put it better myself. Also claims occassional appearances in BBC series

13 Apr 2004 15:49

The Llandoger, Bristol

Good old pub - I particularly liked the carved fireplaces. Supposedly frequented by Daniel Defoe and Robert Lewis Stephenson. Smiles ales and good food from an an extensive blackboard list.

13 Apr 2004 15:42

The Old Duke, Bristol

Music every night when we were there over Easter with good friendly service. Not sure what it would be like otherwise with its dark ceiling covered with bill posters

13 Apr 2004 15:37

The Famous Royal Navy Volunteer, Bristol

Can't disagree with Ian's comment was just surprised to see an overcoated bouncer needed to protect someones front room. Smiles beers

13 Apr 2004 15:34

The Brewery Tap, Bristol

Well designed wood panelled with tiled floor, unusual lighting and hidden heaters. As expected from a brewery tap has full range of Smiles beers, only downside was it also smelt a bit like a brewery.

13 Apr 2004 15:29

The Dirty Duck, Stratford Upon Avon

Reasonable pint of Adnams with actors overlooking the river. It was fairly quiet even on a Friday evening with enough staff to serve plenty more but you could still read a Shakespeare play before getting your beer.
Menu is the same as the Pen and Parchment

22 Mar 2004 13:02

The Pen and Parchment, Stratford Upon Avon

Excellent setting on river for this good looking pub, shame the interior disappoints but the excellent Harvestons makes up for the lack of design.
We got a lecture on TV from 2 girls propping up the bar (surprising they could draw themselves away from their prefered entertainment)
Menu is the same as at the Dirty Duck but served is lesser surroundings

22 Mar 2004 12:57

The One Elm, Stratford Upon Avon

Town house in modern
Scandinavian stlye with popular restaurant extension. Easy listening music (Dido/David Gray) at a volume that doesn't drown conversation. Good pint of Greene King - deservedly popular

22 Mar 2004 12:04

The Albert Arms, Norbiton

Large corner Youngs pub convenient for Kingston Gate entrance to Richmond Park. Reasonable bagette and chips for a fiver

17 Mar 2004 14:05

The Spring Grove, Kingston Upon Thames

Spacious Youngs pub in residential area - took my mate who claimed to know it 2 days (and many pints) to find. Looks to cater for everyone including board games for the bored

17 Mar 2004 13:35

The Ram, Kingston Upon Thames

Long thin pub with river frontage (all 25 feet of it). Was smokey when tried on one evening recently (yes the floor doubles as an ash tray) but good choice of real ales. Have previously called lunchtimes when it is busy with diners.

17 Mar 2004 13:31

The Cricketers, Kingston Upon Thames

For a pub decorated with false beams this one is quite nicely done, accommodating a mix of clientelle. Not the greatest pint of Pride but worth noting that the Thai meals are served until 10 most nights

17 Mar 2004 13:26

The Cocoanut, Kingston Upon Thames

For an oldie I wont complain about the DJ or thevolume and quality of the music (we chose to enter after all) but its fine if all you want are alcopops - the real ale is a different matter. I think it was Fullers but can't be sure but the barrel ran out whilst pulling the first pint, took an age to replace and then the 'fresh' pint had more vinegar than my fish and chips.
The pub name is COCOAnut which is dark in colour and provides us with chocolate but the pub sign shows the far more familiar coconut - interesting

17 Mar 2004 13:22

The White Cross, Richmond

I understand the picture above - whenever I've been there its been dark outside or the tide prevents any view of the front. Can get busy but there is an upstairs lounge if you wish to avoid the post rugby crowd and its lousy outside. Decor also looks a bit past its prime but this is a must for a Richmond Crawl

17 Mar 2004 13:11

The Duke, Richmond

Sports orientated pud with horse racing frieze over the bar. Busy when you can't get tickets for Twickers. Enjoyed good pints of Fullers and Bombadier but England played crap-losing to the Irish

17 Mar 2004 13:04

The Jack Horner, Tottenham Court Road

Agree with Jane but admittedly my visits are usually early evening whilst waiting for a film to start in Odeon across the road. Decent pint of Fullers or on my latest visit Timothy Taylors (guest?).

24 Feb 2004 16:19

The Castle, Tooting Broadway

I never saw it under old management and only tend to visit before 8pm before heading elsewhere but find it a strange place quiet with tables fairly spaced out creating little noise/atmosphere as you don't have to raise your voice to be heard over the next table. Overall doesn't appeal but may be its bettewr later.

20 Feb 2004 13:37

The Star Inn, Edenbridge

This was a great Shepherd Neame locals pub but has obviously changed hands now serving Greene King Abbot. The front door glass was cracked, most chairs/stool were threadbare and had a real fire in a crumbling brick fireplace, and if you can't notice these features you can try the eye test on the wall!!
Friendly Slovakian bar maid had the TV on when we arrived early Saturday afternoon and even offered us the remote control - so its not all bad news. Apparrently due for a (much needed) refurbishment in May/June

17 Feb 2004 16:15

The Stag and Hounds, South Croydon

Large bar with central counter. Good pint of London Pride (also has Youngs pump labels but can not remember when I last saw it available). Retains a locals atmosphere with little seating and none of it comfortable

17 Feb 2004 14:37

Spaniards Inn, Hampstead Heath

Great Historic pub that they claim has been visited by all and sundry and many of whom apparently have hung around as ghosts. This doesn't surprise really as it has so little competition if you are walking on the Heath. Looks the same as my first visit about 15 years ago. Shame about the Sunday lunch it, we opted for toasted ciabatta and tarasmalata snacks instead but still needed a mortgage.

3 Feb 2004 13:44

All Bar One, Islington

Went in there for a collegues leaving do. No rush to return. Agree with David

3 Feb 2004 13:36

The Queens Arms, South Kensington

hidden in mews behind the Royal Albert Hall. Serves good real ale as is the quality of the food, although a bit pricy. Enjoy as you contemplate which car from the garage across the way you wish you could afford

3 Feb 2004 13:33

The Goose, Holborn

Post Xmas - Bass or Tetley, no guest beer

31 Dec 2003 11:43

The Kings Head, Merton

below par and non descript for a Youngs pub. Grumpy barman. otherwise convenient for bus drivers

31 Dec 2003 11:42

The Riverside, Colliers Wood

Other than for a notice in the porch I was surprised to find this a live music venue as it is light, bright and mod. Makes London look cheap though at £2.60 for a poor pint of Spitfire. Menu includes seasonal specialities such as Reindeer and traditional local fayre (kangeroo, crocodile and bison) all at a price.

31 Dec 2003 11:39

The Mad Hatter, Surbiton

You won't look out of place wearing your hat (any hat) in here. An unwatched TV in the corner was showing racing and dogs while the bar area had a large array of lager/keg pumps, fortunately the London Pride handpump was there hiding in the corner

18 Dec 2003 17:06

The New Prince, Surbiton

Excellent Gales beers for which we thought the price was reasonable although the price did go up twice in the time it took my mate to pay for them!! Decor is a bit bright with (not unpleasant) piped music and faked tudor beams.

18 Dec 2003 17:00

The Waggon and Horses, Surbiton

Visited on a dead Monday night, but the steak special compensates, good value for £7. Large split level with mostly black and white prints on dark wood walls. Told its livelier later in the week (wouldn't be difficult)

18 Dec 2003 16:55

The Lamb, Surbiton

Don't agree that it is best in World but I liked this best in Surb. (the youngs drinker preferred the Victoria and the new resident preferred the New Prince)
Had the feel of a drinkers establishment decorated with beer mats and postcards with a freindly barman who shared a joke and helpfully found a stool for my mate whose had too much youngs

18 Dec 2003 16:50

The Victoria, Surbiton

traditional youngs pub with coal fire and piped xmas carols

18 Dec 2003 16:44

The Coronation Hall, Surbiton

the ex brothel decor is its best feature in an otherwise standard wetherspoon format

18 Dec 2003 16:43

The Antelope, Surbiton

Called in on a Monday night after a friend moved into the area (this seems to be the main cause to visit this pub see below). Had a warm feel to it but was also smokey. 3 handpumps, 2 of which had labels but none had any beer. Maybe we were unlucky

18 Dec 2003 16:41

The Cartoonist, Holborn

went for lunch and a pint. Good Adnams and wall entertainment but food very poor value

28 Nov 2003 15:05

The Ypres Castle Inn, Rye

Recently changed hands, has reputation for quality but expensive menu. However when we called on a Friday evening a band was playing with a late bar. Good choice of ale

28 Nov 2003 12:11

The Standard Inn, Rye

New owner/landlord from mid Nov but appears still to care for the ale on offer. Bit quiet when we called in but may have been due to it being early evening (6pm) on a wet Saturday

28 Nov 2003 12:08

The Ship Inn, Rye

large sprawling pub with emphasis on not over exciting menu

28 Nov 2003 12:04

The Trafalgar Arms, Tooting

good pub, 3 real ales, agree that it is more attractive inside than out (but true of any decent pub on a cold november night)

6 Nov 2003 13:26

JJ Moons, Tooting

must be the worst Wetherspoon there is, much more like the usual local - plenty of smoke, smelly loos. Only the cheap beer and food encourage a stay

4 Nov 2003 13:36

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