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Comments by forestwood

The White Hart, Bagshot

Went in one lunchtime. Was empty when I went in the pub. Ok meal

3 Mar 2018 21:55

The Brickmakers, Windlesham

Had my 60th birthday in there.third vist. Great pub with great meals

3 Mar 2018 21:51

The Crossways Inn, Churt

Not the best of pubs.had ham egg and chips. One lunchtime

12 Mar 2017 11:12

Toby Carvery, Frimley

What can you say about Toby carverys apart from they are ace.had a brillant pork dinner with follow my a massive Honeycome Sunday served in a ballon wine glass

12 Mar 2017 11:08

Toby Carvery, Frimley

What can you say about Toby carverys apart from they are ace.had a brillant pork dinner with follow my a massive Honeycome Sunday served in a ballon wine glass

12 Mar 2017 11:08

Toby Carvery, Frimley

What can you say about Toby carverys apart from they are ace.had a brillant pork dinner with follow my a massive Honeycome Sunday served in a ballon wine glass

12 Mar 2017 11:08

The Devil's Punchbowl Hotel, Hindhead

Been in twice recently. Had 2 excellent sandwiches on both occasions.first time with French fries. Second time with crisps. Would go again

12 Mar 2017 11:02

The Mill at Elstead, Elstead

Went on a very windy day.had a brillant saausage on bread bread. Iunchtime menu. Would go again

12 Mar 2017 10:56

The Mill at Elstead, Elstead

Went on a very windy day.had a brillant saausage on bread bread. Iunchtime menu. Would go again

12 Mar 2017 10:56

Chat Moss Hotel, Warrington

went in on a thursday afternoon with 2 friends i had jennings cumberland beer. only the three of us in the pub. brought up as a teenager in glazebury over 40 years ago. this was my father local pub but i have rarely been in the chat moss

20 Sep 2015 18:39

The Grey Horse, Glazebury

went in on a thursday afternoon had a pint of carling as the only beer was black sheep. friendly landlady me and my 2 friends were the only people in the pub. brought up as a teenager in glazebury and this was the nearest pub to where i use to live but rarely been in

20 Sep 2015 18:32

The Cask Inn, Scarborough

when stay in scarborough . for a holiday used this pub a few times a good pint of old speckled hen

14 Mar 2015 18:13

Union Rooms, Batley

the coach tour i was on stop for 2 hours at the nearby retail outlet.4 mins walk to this good wetherspoon. which gave be plenty time for a lunch and a drink.very good pint of phonix wobble bob at £1-90 a pint

14 Mar 2015 18:07

George & Dragon, Leigh

what a diffrence now. one of the best pubs in leigh. 3 cask beers all at £1-85 a pint.

be in only in the afternoons.does not served foods.only over 18s allow in the busy even in the afternoon. i am not into horse racing but at the races is a popular in the pub.

14 Mar 2015 18:00

The Tilly Shilling, Farnborough

expensive for jd wetherspoon £3-00 for a pint of abbott.if using wetherspoon in blackwater valley area would rather use the claude in camberley which is cheaper for food and beer

3 Nov 2014 18:21

The Foxburrow, Lowestoft

pub with premier inn. only had 1 cask beer avaible

16 Jun 2014 22:05

The Joseph Conrad, Lowestoft

eat in a few times in the week early june 2014.typical wetherspoon that i had was adams broadside

16 Jun 2014 22:02

The Ship and Pilot, Ilfracombe

only average beer and cider bar been in better in devon and cornwall

4 May 2014 20:21

The Plume Of Feathers, Princetown

only had time for a quick half pint.looked like a pub which was a food pub and was busy as it was saturday lunch time.pity had not time to stop as the pub had a large menu

22 Feb 2014 20:25

The Prince Of Wales, Princetown

went in on a saturday lunch time had a pint of jail ale.which was ok.

22 Feb 2014 20:21

Kings Highway, Inverness

5 cask beers on sale 2 of which stouts one called harvey which very dark ale,deuchers ipa and acorn brewery ipa. so limted beer choice.not one the better wetherspoons had a pint of harvey which i did not like.then a pint of acorn ipa which was ok

2 Feb 2014 11:55

Squire Knott, Oldham

went in on a thursday afternoon for a curry a strongbow was the drink i the cider was only a pound extra and do not like ruddles bitter.then try a usa craft beer.service was quick.not always the case with jd wetherspoons

11 Jan 2014 16:24

Regal Moon, Rochdale

went in on a thursday lunchtime was busy even by jd wetherspoons standards had a good pint of phoenix spotland then a greene king abbot reserve.the pub being near the new rochdale interchange station made it handy for bus travel

11 Jan 2014 16:17

Tudor House Hotel, Wigan

wen in on a early friday evening a pub i had not been in for nearly 20 years but was a pubi are i went before wigan rlfc home games when they played central park.had a choice of a few cask beers so choose pendle witch.which was ok.only a few customers in the bar.handy for wigan bus i was waiting for a bus

4 Jan 2014 19:02

The Pilot Inn, Lydd

went to the pilot inn 2 plaice and chips and medium cod chips and peas was expensive..the drinks 175ml drink of wine a pint of magners cider and a pint of broadside was over £ a one off vist was ok.being where the pub was. just the price of the meal and drinks spoilt it a bit

10 Nov 2013 16:25

Hard Rock Cafe, Manchester

went in before the rugby magic sunday last game at eithad stadium. found their sold draught lager.soon got served.only reason for going in was near victoria metro link station.found the prices reasonable for a pint

5 Sep 2013 13:06

The Royal George, Euston

went in before the rugby league challenge cup final 2013.stop in for 2 hours.dont know what beer i had.friends buying my round of drinks due to a food injury. found the beer a good cask ale and my friends were served quickly inside a packed pub

5 Sep 2013 12:48

The Crimea Inn, Aldershot

went in early friday evening.tried the jail ale. good pint apart from it was just served to warm from the handpump. maybe its just me but evey time i have visted a aldershot pub i find the beer too warm

5 Sep 2013 12:40

The Railway Arms, Frimley

ok pub had think was youngs special had one pint and then left the pub because i wanted to get back to camberley

5 Sep 2013 12:34

The Prince Arthur, Fleet

went in on a monday afternoon. for a jd wetherspoon pub only a few more customers in the pub which did feel strange even in the afternoon most wetherspoon are busy got served straight away had a pint of lancaster red beer which was a ok beer.pity i only had time for one pint

21 Aug 2013 07:48

The Snowdonia Parc Free House, Waunfawr

was taken to this pub by a friend who lives in the village when staying in north wales on holiday. 3 beers on by the mirco brewery.the beer i that was very good.

18 Mar 2013 14:04

Stanley Arms, Holyhead

saturday afternoon when i went in no cask beers so had a half john smiths and left as the pub was quiet only 2 other customers in the pub

17 Mar 2013 16:33

The George and Dragon, Conwy

went in late afternoon mid week only me in the pub.3 cask beers on average pint

17 Mar 2013 14:04

The Albion Vaults, Conwy

what a change since i last went in 2010. now 9 cask beers on from the local breweries that owned the pub.the review now would rate 9 out of 10

17 Mar 2013 13:59

The Tartan Tavern, Oban

found this pub near my hotel.a small bar but i thought one of the better bars in oban.

24 Feb 2013 00:27

Coasters, Oban

nearest pub to my hotel only had a half of 1664.had a cask beer on which i did not want.average prices for oban

11 Feb 2013 15:53

Aulay's Bar, Oban

ok pub had half of mcewans export a few customers in due to winter mid-week. one of the better pubs in oban

11 Feb 2013 15:48

Lorne, Oban

first pub i went in oban.central bar with all round seating.very expensive £3-50 a pint for a 4.2 vol belhaven cask beer

11 Feb 2013 15:43

The Volunteer Arms, Fort William

only beer was tartan special.a bit of a rough.worse pub of the 3 pubs in fort william i went in

9 Feb 2013 18:50

Ben Nevis Bar, Fort William

pub on the high street.had a tennets lager.ok pub but on the best

9 Feb 2013 18:47

Grog and Gruel, Fort William

went in early afternoon had 3 cask beers on . only 2 other customers in the pub.3 cask beers on tried a peters ale nice pint. best of the 3 pubs i went in fort william

9 Feb 2013 18:44

Sir Thomas Gerard, Ashton In Makerfield

went in mid-week all three times i went to the bar got served straight away.3 pints of phoenix wobbly bob went down well at £2 -15 a pint.a reasonable j d wetherspoon.

11 Jan 2013 22:54

Weavers, Bodmin

just had half and left cannot remember the beer i had

12 Dec 2012 01:30

The Summerfield, Lee

was in the pub before a service at hither green crem. had a wells bombardier beer and adnams beer also had third cask on but cannot remember what it was.ok pub but was expensive for compare to what i used to in north west england but that is london pub prices

12 Dec 2012 01:27

Bird I'th Hand, Wigan

only keg beers so had a pint of 1664.temp landlord in charge who was a great landlord.

10 Nov 2012 14:11

The Hindley Arms, Hindley

only keg beers had a pint of 1664 and then left.notice on the gents door after 1730. only open by key from the bar staff

10 Nov 2012 13:46

The Front Bar, Falmouth

now falmouth has 2 great pubs. the other one is the 7 stars..for my first vist had a pint of proper cider and a pint of skinners. mention to the barman i was going for spingo in the blue anchor that same day.was told within the next 2 weeks middle was on order as a guest beer.sad i was coming to the end my of the finalist in the camra national guide 2013.well of my rare 9/10 in beer of the evening website in over 280 reviews. excellant pub

10 Oct 2012 22:57

Wodehouse Arms, Falmouth

went in mid-week late afternoon.only me in the pub had half then left

10 Oct 2012 22:42

The Queen Victoria, Aldershot

went in the pub early friday evening. only had a half of greene king ipa again warm beer pour in taste and only just a bit better pub than yates.aldershot which was dreadful pub.

27 Aug 2012 21:27

Yates's, Aldershot

very poor pub. the wells bomb beer was a awful pint, warm poor in taste.

27 Aug 2012 21:20

Punch Bowl, Atherton

a pub i first visted in the 1970s. and been in many times over the years until my last vist in 2002.went in mid week afternoon a couple of days ago.only theaksons dark on had a john smiths.the pub has been closed so its nice to see its open again.not really change much in layout of the pub in 35 years.central area with bar and 2 rooms behind the central area facing market street.but a clean newly painted pub inside .

17 Aug 2012 12:03

Letters Inn, Atherton

a pub i first used in the mid 1970s after work..last time was in before my recent vist was in the year 2002. then has a always had be a pub with a long but narrow lounge area, bar in the centre of the pub with a small tap the bar is on one side with the rest being the central one room pub.only keg beer avaible. so just had quick half of stella andleft

17 Aug 2012 11:46

The William Web Ellis, Twickenham

went in before and after london v wigan warriors game at the stoop saturday afternoon served straight not always the case with wetherspoon/lloyds pubs. very good pint of adnams broadside beer at a great price of �1-99 a pint. that would be cheap price in wigan wetherspoon never mind london. a great pub one of the best jd pubs i have been in

23 Jul 2012 22:09

The Kings Arms (Hungry Horse), Bagshot

sunday afternoon vist had a ipa beer. when asked for abbot beer. warm day but only a few other customers in the got straight away.ok pub for first pub vist to bagshot

23 Jul 2012 21:58

Last Plantagenet, Leicester

went in mid-afternoon and 2 pints of old peculier.soon got served on both occasions straight away always a bonus in a wetherspoons pub.reasonable pub and good pints

25 Jun 2012 22:53

Moon Under Water, Wolverhampton

came across the moon under the water when walking from the station and looking for my of my favourite beer was on cask abbot reserve.soon got thing i like this pub part of the bar was service for ordering food or coffees. soon got served and the pint of abbot reserve was very good.

25 Jun 2012 22:44

Bristol Pear, Selly Oak

went in on a late saturday afternoon only had keg beer which was john smiths so i had a quick half of fosters and left.the pub look dark at the back of the pub and a few locals in the pub.would not go again

25 Jun 2012 17:44

The Railway Hotel, Leigh

landlord is jacko ex red brick inn landlord and has run the pub for over 12 months. sadly only sells keg beer and 3 standard lagers but a still apart from that a good pub

red brick inn is now a vets

9 Jun 2012 20:10

The Waterhouse, Manchester

went in mid-week lunch time.on the 3 occasions i went to the bar got served straight away which is not always the case with wetherspoons pubs.the 3 pints of phoenix beer i had was very good pints.also the curry i had was good and great price which also include a pint of of the best wetherspoons i have been in

8 Jun 2012 12:18

The Bridge Inn, Burtonwood

watch 2012 wendyball cup final at the pub as 2 friends wanted to watch the final

2 cask beer on.a great pub plenty of international shirts of the great game rugby league plus pictures on the walls of saints v warrington game. only 1 wendyball shirt.on display liverpool fc.a good pub well worth the vist

5 May 2012 22:12

Yr Hen Orsaf, Aberystwyth

went in 2 weeks ago reasonable wetherspoons only had one pint handy for railway station has rear public outdoor is part of station building

24 Mar 2012 16:50

Compleat Angler, Norwich

had a hour before my train.2 mins walk from norwich station reasonable pint of wells beer. as it was warm march day most customers were sat outside by the seats by the water.ok pub would used again if waiting for train from norwich station

24 Mar 2012 16:40

The Spooner's Bar, Porthmadog

went in after a trip on porthmadog to blaenau ffestiniog rail journey tried a local welsh beer which was a 4.6 vol beer. thought it would be expensive but at �2-50 a excellant pint in a great bar. the ale was as good as the rail journey had been.this bar gets one of my rare votes of nine in over 260 reviews

17 Mar 2012 00:23

Penny Black, Northwich

good pint of west coast ipa at �1-99 a pint a very good wetherspoons. very light inside. even if it was a dark winter mid-day due to 2 big windows at the front and plenty windows and doors at the rear of the pub leading out to small outdoor area.

8 Feb 2012 19:21

Hunters Hall, Galashiels

went in mid week afternoon.for that time of day was busy but soon got ok lloyds pub.the abbot ale was ok but at the price of �1-49 for a pint was a bargain

2 Feb 2012 00:49

Market Tavern, Durham

sunday afternoon when i visted a good pint. it was busy in the pub and seats were hard to find so stoodin the corner by the bar.was soon served even though the pub was busy.had a few cask beeron. was told that it was one of the best pubs for cask beers in durham city centre.the pint i had was tasted and had no problem with the pint.a pub i would again if in durham

2 Feb 2012 00:41

The Shakespeare Tavern, Durham

told by friend who lives in the durham that this was one of the oldest pub in durham.the jennings cumberland ale was a good pint but this was the most expensive of the 5 pubs i went in durham city centre

2 Feb 2012 00:31

The City, Durham

not very busy visted after the half moon vist which had been served straight ok pub

2 Feb 2012 00:27

The Half Moon, Durham

good pint of jennings cumberland ale at just �1-80 a pint was very busy due to the sunderland v middlebrough fa cup tie being on the tv. despite it being busy soon got served and was able to find a seat.overall a good pub

2 Feb 2012 00:24

Bishops Mill, Durham

a big lloyds pub. the workie ticket beer i had was a tasted great and was soon served as their was not many customers in the pub considering it was sunday afternoon. one of the better lloyds pub i have been in

2 Feb 2012 00:19

The Travellers Rest, Belmont

a bar on one side. a restaurant on the other side which used to the main lounge bar sadly only keg beers avaible which was john smiths,.quiz on monday nights. the night visted was quiz night was still was only 20 customers in the pub. and was nearly empty by 22 15 hrs.a good pub would vist again

2 Feb 2012 00:14

Sportsmans Arms, Belmont

good pint of bombardier also had black sheep on when i visted

2 Feb 2012 00:07

Leaping Salmon, Berwick upon Tweed

went in on a friday early afternoon. for a wetherspoons got served easily. the pint of abbot was a bargain at �1-35 a pint which was cheap even by wetherspoons standards. found it a good pub and was busy. for the time of day . would go again if i was in berwick again

1 Feb 2012 19:32

The Auld Hoose, North Berwick

early afternoon when i went in the pub a few customers in,. tried the belhaven best which was ok

1 Feb 2012 19:24

County Hotel, North Berwick

mid week early afternoon when i went in only me and 2 other customers in the pub. one main bar and a smaller room off the main room

1 Feb 2012 19:19

The Ship Inn, North Berwick

a pub i not been in for over 20 years bar on one side with a large open plan drinking area were last time i had been in was 2 diffrent bars with seprate doors

had 2 handdraw beer and a couple of other beer one which i tried a scottish beer from edinburgh a craft brewery beer. only wanted a half but the barman said the beer was very strong strength was very expensive at �3-15 for half a pint..did not try food as not the time but the would have the various cheeses sounded good

1 Feb 2012 18:13

The Golfers Rest, North Berwick

a pub which i last visted 20 years now a central area bar with 2 open plan drinking area friendly landlord a good place pub

1 Feb 2012 18:01

Hazeldene Hotel, Gretna Green

less than 100 yds from the shearings coach interchange. at the old blacksmiths at gretna green had a good 45 mins in the pub.strongbow cider was ok at �3 a pint large room with a smaller dining room off the main room. as the other place to get a drink is at the cafe at the old blacksmiths. made this a handy place

1 Feb 2012 17:57

The Ship Inn, Melrose

went in mid week late monday afternoon only 4 customers in the bar but middle of the winter melrose town was not busy. the juke box was very loud would not go again

1 Feb 2012 17:48

The Borough, Sunderland

went in mid week late afternoon reasonable cask beer at �3-00 a pint pub seem a rough and ready type pub .taped music from the early 1970s music was the back ground music

1 Feb 2012 17:41

The Man and Scythe Inn, Bolton

a pub i have not been in for 19 years . hobgoblin was expensive at 3-00 a pint by other pubs in bolton, wigan areas of greater manchester. was a good pint but would not go in again due to being expensive

10 Jan 2012 17:07

Barristers, Bolton

bishops finger at �2-20 a pint excellant price. a small pub. three other cask beer.the 4 per cent by vol only �2-00. a well poured pint and good in taste will go again in bolton

10 Jan 2012 17:01

General Sir Redvers Buller, Crediton

went in mid-week late morning plenty of customers in the pub but soon got served with abbot which was a fine pint.the pub has a few steps at the front and a small conservatory at the back of the pub.a good jd spoons pub

9 Nov 2011 18:33

Gatehouse, Chichester

went in mid-week late morning pub was quiet but soon got served only sold onlyruddles and abbot ales no rack of handrawn ale pumps which is unusal for a jd spoons. but had a lot of lager pumps ok spoons but hard to judge being so quiet

9 Nov 2011 18:24

Isaac Merritt, Paignton

ok pint of abbot soon got served average spoons

9 Nov 2011 18:14

Dragon Inn, Weston Super Mare

late afternoon saturday when i went in busy but got served straight away abbot ok average spoons

9 Nov 2011 18:12

The Packet Station, Falmouth

went in before going in the 7 stars had a ginger bitter the name of the brewery i have forgot.small drinking area to front of pub.for mid -week october was busy but soon got served

9 Nov 2011 18:06

Richard Hopkins, Newton Abbot

sunday early afternoon soon got served pub very quiet few customers for a spoons.ok pint of abbot

9 Nov 2011 17:14

Tremenheere, Penzance

pub quiet but took 10 mins to get served due to customers in front wanting coffee ok spoons good pint of abbot

9 Nov 2011 17:11

Towan Blystra, Newquay

went in mid-week october soon got served with a pint of abbot which was a ok up a few steps at front large outdoor front of pub.was quiet in pub just like the town mid-week offr season

9 Nov 2011 17:07

The George Toby Pub and Restaurant, Roborough

good pint of butcombe best bitter.good carvery meal ice cream and pint for �11

9 Nov 2011 16:58

The Cider Bar, Newton Abbot

visted in mid october 2011 for the third time in 2011 on diffrent holidays.the 1+2 time was brillant as it always was drinking sams cider and trying 1 of the fruit wines.the third occasions was ok but not as great as previous times in the past.years i had been in.still a great bar and a rating of nine

9 Nov 2011 14:19

The Rann Wartha, St Austell

went in just before noon mid-week tooked 15 mins to get served only 3 customers waiting to be served but only 1 barmaid in the bar and the 3 customers all wanted coffee.jd spoons is a pub and i wish coffee drinkers would used costa,starbucks or even uncle joes cafe.the pub was at the top of a few steps a reasaonable jd spoons

9 Nov 2011 14:06

Society Rooms, Maidstone

went in mid-week afternoon try a st peters brewery goldeneye beer which was a good beer but a slight tang to it.asked the barstaff for directions to travelodge were very good directions and found easily thanks to the bar staff.a 1 room spoons but a good one

9 Nov 2011 13:50

The Blue Anchor, Helston

went in while on holiday in cornwall for a least the tenth time not been in for 2 years and notice 2 new beers bens stout and wnk beer did not try the stout but the wnk beer was great.i never been to helston at christmas or easter i have never tried extra special but this time had bottles of extra special.try it and it was brillant even it was only a bottle and not draught .still my favourite pub in the world and only 1 with a 10 in my ratings

9 Nov 2011 13:43

The Seven Stars, Falmouth

went in the front bar had a ginger beer and for a 2nd pint had a titanic brewery beer.i asked the barman about the place and has not change for 57 years and rev barrington the landlord was unwell and it looked as his grandaughter was going to run the pub. this is one of the best pubs for beer i have been in just for the beer poured from the barrel and way the pub is.i hope the rev has improved in health and all the best because he runs a fine pub

9 Nov 2011 13:31

The Railway Tavern, Camborne

25 mins to killed before i caught the train went in this pub only me and 1 other in the pub.try caledonian beer autumn red was a good pint and �2-50 a pint for cornwall is cheap.handy if waiting for a train being very close to the station

9 Nov 2011 13:19

Devonshire House, Crouch End

reasonable price for a pint in london had a pint of abbot which was ok

30 Aug 2011 18:07

Kings Head, Crouch End

a pub i last visted in 1983 then it was a bit of dump of a pub now a trendy pub only had a half and left

30 Aug 2011 18:04

The Harringay Arms, Crouch End

a pub i have not been in for 24 years. this pub was always the pub i used in crouch end when visting relatives who lived in crouch end.was a youngs pub then. now had 3 cask beers i tried the adnams broadside was an excellent was great pub in 1987 and still is.

30 Aug 2011 17:06

White Lion Of Mortimer, Finsbury Park

ok spoons. had a pint of abbot which was ok. not busy so soon got served one thing i notice was the 4 tables just inside doors was for dining only. as it was sunday i would have eaten but had eaten in southgate spoons

30 Aug 2011 16:58

The New Crown, Southgate

went in on a sunday afternoon soon got served a pint of abbot which was ok. being sunday i decided to try the sunday club. i had the pork roast which was ok, considering that some of spoons food is not the was not busy so got served easily on both times at the bar. a reasonable spoons

30 Aug 2011 16:52

The Bulstrode, Hounslow

went in early sunday lunchtime not many in the pub had 1 pint was ok and left for the tube into central london. this pub is next to tube station. ok pub but not the best

30 Aug 2011 16:13

The Queens Head, Uxbridge

great pub. wood floorboards as which drop a couple of inches by the bar.the couple of 6x beer i had were excellent. for greater london at �2-65 a pint was great price. got served easily and out of the 3 pubs i used in uxbridge this was far the best one

30 Aug 2011 16:09

The Fig Tree, Uxbridge

only had greene king had a pint of stella for a saturday very few customers in the pub so got served easily.ok pub but will not be back

30 Aug 2011 16:01

The Crown and Sceptre, Uxbridge

not very good pub. disco music on a weekend far too loud. beer poor and no taste had quick 1 pint and left will not be back

30 Aug 2011 15:56

The Central Bar, Shepherds Bush

i found this spoons to be one of the better ones. went in twice during my short holiday in london. the adnans ghost ship was excellent beer and in good condition. if i am in london again this is a pub i would go back to

30 Aug 2011 13:56

The William Morris, Hammersmith

expensive for a spoons �3-20 for a pint of fullers esb and a great pint for that price.if in london again will look for spoons than this one

30 Aug 2011 13:47

The Swan, Hammersmith

ok pub only had half,a pub i used to use 20+ years when i saw a few groups at hammersmith odean

30 Aug 2011 13:39

The Stanhope Arms, Kensington

think it was a pint of wells bombardier that i had it was good pint but was expensive at 3-75 a pint. but that central london. this was a pub i used in 1981 when staying for a few days in cromwell road hotel and always to go back was a lot better pub then

30 Aug 2011 13:33

The Lord Moon Of The Mall, Whitehall

went mid afternoon the pub was very busy no seats to be served very quick considering how busy the pub was. just had the one pint a fullers esb which was �3-60 a pint the was good pint. but the price for a spoons pub was expensive even if is in central london

30 Aug 2011 12:28

The Moon Under Water, Hounslow

went in friday afternoon try a few various beers they had which were all fine well served and did not have to wait long to be served.

saturday morning as my hotel was room only i went for breakfast which was ok but not as good as the one i had feltham spoons the previous day.

30 Aug 2011 12:20

The Pride of Paddington, Paddington

went in before the rl challenge cup final at wembley late morning.i order a house beer my friend order a pint of wells bomb. �7-80 for the two pints both were almost undrinkable. their were flat and no taste. my friend has been in a couple times before and told me it was great ale. perhaps we were just unlucky that day

30 Aug 2011 12:09

The Moon on the Square, Feltham

had a pint of abbot which was ok but not the best' has it was 1145 am i asked if they were doing breakfast they were and had a large breakfast which {unlike most} spoons food was good. i found it a ok spoons but far from the best

30 Aug 2011 11:57

The Herbert Wells, Woking

went in friday lunchtime it was reasonable busy but soon got served with a ok pint of abbot. went back mid afternoon and was very quiet. a ok spoons

30 Aug 2011 11:45

The Volunteer, Sutton Abinger

a pub i have wanted to vist. the pint of tanglefoot was a good pint. the ham baguette i had was excellent ,serve with chips was �6-95 was that a ok price

30 Aug 2011 11:38

The Litten Tree, Blackpool

standard litten tree but more expensive than other litten tree pubs i have been in

20 May 2011 16:50

Albert and The Lion, Blackpool

for a spoons, service was fast a good pint of abbot at 2-25 a pint. remember the building from being the big main woolworths shop in blackpool which closed over 20 years ago

20 May 2011 16:47

The Taps, Lytham St Annes

the pub had10 beers on cask.tried stairway to heaven. pint was good apart for the price 2-80 for north west england thats expensive

20 May 2011 16:42

Thomas Drummond, Fleetwood

service for a spoons is very good good selection of beers.when in every few days on my holiday and never saw the same beer from the previous vist apart from their standards beers

20 May 2011 16:37

Strawberry Gardens, Fleetwood

an excellent 2 room pub with a car park and bowling green behind the pub.6 beers on cask. afew of which were fuzzy duck.the fuzzy duck beer i tried was excellent. and 1-80 a pint including my camra discount was great

20 May 2011 16:32

The Wyre Light, Fleetwood

service very poor in this pub.sunday afternoon so not many in the pub.barmaid asked me what drink wanted. pint of wells i said then she went to kitcken area. the other barmaid served me 5 mins later. the first barmaid then asked if i had be serve.apart from the poor service beer was good cask and at 2-25 a bargain

20 May 2011 16:22

Royal Oak, Fleetwood

not a very good pub only had a ipa beer on cask .had a stella had 2-90 a pint.only had 1 andleft

20 May 2011 16:14

The Waterside Inn, Leigh

went in thursday. before easter.first time for 2 years.warm day so plenty customers on canalbank.very very expensive by leigh pub prices 2-90 for a pint of abbot, 3-25 for stella abbot was ok

25 Apr 2011 23:50

The Litten Tree, Leigh

from easter weekend now a yates pub same beer, same prices

25 Apr 2011 21:44

Steam Packet Inn, Kingswear

went in early mid-week evening and tried otter beer which was excellent. had a couple of other cask beers on had the time but did not have the time to try. a small pub with a few locals in who was telling me and a friend all about kingswear. a excellent pub

9 Apr 2011 11:42

Market House Inn, Dartmouth

mid- week afternoon so was the pub was quiet.a one roomed pub which said on one of the windows market house inn public bar. the cask beer was ok

9 Apr 2011 11:33

The Talk of the Town, Paignton

goods spoons pub. the beer and cider festival so had a pint of weston old rosie which was at �2-25 a pint and was ok a pub i would back to if in paignton

9 Apr 2011 11:28

Henry's Bar, Paignton

reasonable prices for devon.had a good pint of bays topsail

9 Apr 2011 11:23

Winstons, Paignton

reasonable drinks prices for devon.midweek lunch time was a few other customers in the pub.a long one bar room it was dark at the back due to no windows. the bays topsail was a good pint and a pint of fosters came to �5-00. very handy for the bus station and oppiste paignton train station

9 Apr 2011 11:21

The Skipper Inn, Brixham

went in mid-week wednesday evening was busy due to chelsea v man utd on tv.the old speck hen was a ok pint. the locals we got talking to were freindly.a good pub

9 Apr 2011 11:04

The Bolton, Brixham

went in mid-week afternoon only me in the pub the adnams bittter was ok and had a 2nd cask beer on.

9 Apr 2011 10:59

The Blue Anchor, Brixham

very good pub. the abbot was a good pint at �3-20 a pint and also have a happy hour between 16-00 and 17-00hrs when it only �2-60 a pint. only slight downfall the bar area does not have much seating area but still a good pub

9 Apr 2011 10:55

The White Horse, Cromer

on the same road as the railway station just before the town centre.only me and another customer in friday lunchtime. the wells bomb was a good pint

20 Mar 2011 16:35

Bell Hotel, Norwich

went in the front lower bar after waiting 10 mins asked for a pint of abbot.was told not being served in that bar and asked to go up to the upper bar. after waiting 5 mins finally got my abbot. a good spoons apart for waiting time for the pint

20 Mar 2011 16:32

The Wilford Bridge, Melton

went in mid-week lunchtime. the broadside was a good pint.try the steak guiness and mushroom pie was expensive at 10-80 for a deep pot pie which was good steak served with thin french fries and peas.good pub but expensive

20 Mar 2011 16:26

The Royal Standard, Ely

wenit in mid-week early afternoon and few in the pub.the pint of abbot was ok and at 3-10 pint was ok by ely prices. the food look good but did not have time to tried. would go in again if waiting for a train from ely

20 Mar 2011 16:18

Our House, Leigh

no it is leigh. most of the pub in leigh are keg john smiths or tetleys.

13 Mar 2011 12:54

Our House, Leigh

now owned by bravro inns.and renamed the hilton park after leigh centurions old beer tetley 1-85 a pint carslberg 2-00 a pint and carslberg export 2-40. real comfortable pub with good seating. pictures of leigh centurions players in the back room. an big improvement from our house pub

13 Mar 2011 12:31

The Musketeer, Leigh

open again about 12 months ago. mo free house so it says on the window but the musketeer pub sign still on pub.
holts beer are the main beers on sale cask and keg and john smiths bitter. cheap prices doing well for customers as mid -week afternoon was very busy

9 Mar 2011 16:08

Brickmakers Arms, Wigan

went in before a game at the dw stadium was packed. but their was 24,000 on at the dw. the tetley cask was very poor. would not go in again even if close to dw stadium due to poor ale

28 Feb 2011 00:58

Devonshire Inn, Skipton

i found this spoons as one of the better ones.was served straight away which is not the case with jd pubs. the pint was excellent and was a local brew. at the bar was a list of the recent guest beers the pub had been in the pub show that the pub had always been a hotel/pub which i think makes better spoons than the retail conversions

17 Feb 2011 19:21

Stanley Arms, Preston

went in the pub midweek afternoon.outside the pub said it was real ale pub. went in and had 4 cask beers on. tried brains sa had a sour taste to the pint.was expensive at 2-80 for north west england. if in preston again would not used. their better and cheaper pub in preston

17 Feb 2011 19:14

The Old Bull, Preston

had a cask bombier at 2-10 a pint was ok.quite busy for midweek afternoon would go again if in preston

17 Feb 2011 18:58

Yates's, Preston

for a yates pub was clean.a large yard at the rear of the pub. no bomdier but had a cask beer called yates which was brewed by wells.but at the price of 2_00 a pint was good.for a midweek afternoon was busy

17 Feb 2011 18:53

The Postal Order, Blackburn

went in curry night. order a pint of abbott which was very good pint. the curry was served within 10 mins of order.choose strongboow as the drink to go with it.which was fine. a good allround spoons which i would again if in blackburn.

17 Feb 2011 18:45

The Moonraker, Leigh

now called the circle.

the dirty horrible out of africa at the moonraker is no more with the africa food menu. dirty chairs and tables and bare wires from the walls and tables has gone

the circle pub is now clean, comfortable chairs and tables and a good pub. one minor draw back is they only have keg beer but the boddingtons i had was good pint at �2-00 and before 12-00 hrs certain beers listed behind are cheaper,as it has open recently i do not know if is a trial. good all round pub

31 Jan 2011 11:29

Hog's Head, Plymouth

went in the pub midweek afternoon under its new name cheap beer prices. was very busy but unlike spoons these days got served straight away without any waiting. the pint of wells bomb was ok and if in plymouth this is a pub i would vist

17 Jan 2011 14:08

Panniers, Barnstaple

average spoons busy but soon got served

17 Jan 2011 13:58

The Ship, Exeter

this pub looks old outside and inside with wood floor only a drink but was soon served. the pint was ok the pub looke very dark inside with not much lighting

17 Jan 2011 13:12

The Vine Inn, Honiton

went do the alleyway to the vine pub door shut. notice on pub door used next door down. went in to next door going through the door straight on for tea rooms turn left for bar

in the pub half the pub was closed. the part that was open only had 2 tables both ocuppied by other drinkers so had to sit at the bar the beer was ok but had 1 and left

17 Jan 2011 13:07

Three Tuns, Honiton

two room pub a front bar and a lounge. the lounge is one i went in. had a pint of draught bass which was poured well and a good pint in taste. the lounge was quiet. went to the toilets and notice their skittle alley at the back of the pub. when i left i notice the front bar was busy perhaps that is bar the locals drink in

17 Jan 2011 12:57

The Grove, Exmouth

being from the north west england i had not young special for years. the young special i tried was very good pint and one of the best drinks in the 4 days in exmouth

this pub is a old type pub with a large front garden. with wooden floors if in exmouth again will visted

17 Jan 2011 12:46

The Strand, Exmouth

worse pub i visted in my stay in exmouth had 2 real cask ale pumps but no cask ale to be had. so had john smiths which took 10 mins to pour. which was a very poor pint with no taste.early evening when i went in the pub and only me in the pub and the bar staff. will not be back

17 Jan 2011 12:38

Powder Monkey, Exmouth

average spoons busy but soon got served

17 Jan 2011 12:30

The Pilot Inn, Exmouth

went in early evening only two more customers in the pub. had a draught real cider cannot remember the name of the cideri had but it was a good pint.would go againif in exmouth

17 Jan 2011 12:27

The Famous Ship Inn, Exmouth

pub i visted on my holday. not keen because of no cask ale but the pub did have carlsberg on offer at �1-00 pint. plenty lounge type seating. would not vist again because of the lack of cask ale

17 Jan 2011 12:20

Exmouth Arms, Exmouth

the best pub i visted on my holiday to exmouth, juke box good cask ale at good prices. the otter ale i had was excellent. this is one of pubs i would vist if i was back in exmouth

17 Jan 2011 12:15

The Clipper, Exmouth

i enjoy my vist to the clipper early evening the drink prices was very reasonable. the pub was quite busy but soon got served.the food prices look cheap but did not eat

one thing i liked about this pub their was a family area at the back of the pub and being single i had a quiet drink at the front of this large pub

17 Jan 2011 12:09

The Beach, Exmouth

early evening plenty places to sit down. in this large room had a otter ale which was a good drink but would go else in exmouth next time

17 Jan 2011 12:03

Premier, Widnes

went in mid week afternoon. their was a few in the pub.but got served straight away.did not want one of the christmas beer that was on sale so had a abbot beerwhich was a good beer .this is a one room l shape spoons with a small beer garden on one side.this is a spoons i liked due to the service at the bar

9 Dec 2010 18:43

The Looking Glass, Warrington

went in early mid week afternoon was quite a few in the pub.had one of the christmas beer that was on sale which was a good pint. the pub looked a good spoons.

the only thing wrong was the slow serving with only one bar staff serving i was third in line to be served and still tooked 10 mins to get served. and in that time the one barman serving left the bar for 2 mins. some people who had come in after left because of the wait to be served

9 Dec 2010 18:31

The Manchester and County, Manchester

this used to be the worst spoons in manchester if not ehgland

went in mid -week afternoon was quite busy and order one of the christmas beers which was dark in colour but a good pint. most of the other people were workers and shoppers which is big improvedment of the kind customers it now attracts and now would go again if in manchester being in piccadilly gardens area of the city

1 Dec 2010 16:38

The Royal Oak, Basingstoke

went in mid-week afternoon only a few in the had a courage best at �3-10 a pint which seem a bit expensive for a locals pub. ok pint but not the best.would not go again if in basingstoke

29 Nov 2010 18:12

The Goose, Camberley

12 months since last in. bargain a barrel of old stella selling for �1-49 a pint. after slow serving in spoons across the high street got served straight away. has i said before better than the jd spoons. not messing about with credit cards for drinks no coffee orders. a ok pub by me

28 Nov 2010 21:58

The Claude Du Vall, Camberley

went in sat afternoon, service very slow only two serving. food orders and other people paying for drinks with credit cards got served first time in 10 mins gave up on secound attempt. left for goose across the high street. pity because it is more than average spoons

28 Nov 2010 21:52

The Beckets Inn, Glastonbury

good pub

12 Nov 2010 12:01

Yates's, Bury

has a wells bomb pump but told by bar staff dont sell anymore so had a lager instead. for a yates pub was clean and busy usally for a yates chain pub. but will not be back

10 Nov 2010 19:18

Wyldes, Bury

holts pub in the centre of town choice of fosters or holts beer try the holts bitter(i dont like holts bitter great for taking paint of wood} but this was ok by holts standards. a ok pub but will not be back due to being holts

10 Nov 2010 19:13

The Two Tubs Inn, Bury

a three room pub oppiste bury parish church.the bommber beer was of good quality and at �2-40 a pint for a local was reasonable price

10 Nov 2010 19:05

The Trackside, Bury

brillant the northern glory and titanic beer i try was fab pints well poured.after over 180 pubs i have review on i rarely give a 9 out 0f 10 but this is one. nine handpull beers 2ciders and foregin beers as mention before on els platform but access is from a bury side street.WILL BE BACK the pub and ale is that good

10 Nov 2010 19:00

The Robert Peel, Bury

next to bury parish church.named after the founder of the police who was from bury.was on a tom woods beer which was a better pint than lloyds the art house. an average spoons which i rate better than lloyds

10 Nov 2010 18:50

The Knowsley, Bury

went in mid week at 500pm was packed but soon got served with greene king ipa which for cask ale was very cold.sat in the small beeryard at the back of the pub.a pub i have not been in for 25 years which was better then will not hurry back to

10 Nov 2010 18:44

The Art Picture House, Bury

good pub oppiste bus station tried when beer festival was on midweek lunch time. was very busy but soon got served tom woods beer which was a good average spoons

10 Nov 2010 18:37

The Beckets Inn, Glastonbury

last in may 2010 john was great despite look ill,but spend a good hour in the beckets inn with john.joan brother went later in the year to see john when staying in weston but due to brigid being very rude left after half hour.joan brother was hoping to spend a couple hours talking to john. brigid is very rude but was ok with me last time was in.the pub was quiet went i went in.john had a good box of farmhouse cider on.i hope john is well and has one of the best pints of real alein glastonbury hopefully i hope to see you in early decmeber.the story raps tells me about brigid teenagers years is unbeliveable and always has been rude all the best john because you sell best real ale in glastonbury but joan was always the best landlady at the beckett

10 Nov 2010 01:48

The Junction Hotel, Dorchester

went in midweek afternoon walking back to dorchester south rail station from town centre.had a pint of hobgoblin which was a good pint. the pub was quiet with only a few in

24 Oct 2010 14:32

Knights Templar, Bristol

thursday curry night.went in at 1730. just in time as the pub was getting busy ever second. soon got a seat.the abbot was a good pint and order a curry 20 min later which arrived within 15 mins which was good service. the curry was well cooked but my mates was lukewarm but good in taste.

this pub looked looked like is a very busy every evening due to being next to temple meads station and their was a lot of workers in the pub who has finsh work.

i found this one of the better spoons pub with the position in bristol

24 Oct 2010 14:15

The Spectre, Cheltenham

went in midweek afternoon and try a micro brewery beer. has they had sold out wells bomb.i cannot remember the name of it but i thad strange tange to it.i found ok but not mate found it not good drunk half of it and gave the rest to me. he said it was well pour pint. but not to his taste

24 Oct 2010 13:48

The Dolphin, Blandford Forum

had a few cask ales on first one tried had a lemon taste but i cannot think of the name of the beer was ok but not the best.the next one was jail ale pour well good head and really good thing which spoiled going to the dolphin was my mate went he went to the toilet his arm brushed against the wood panel on the door into the toilet and got paint on his arm. no wet paint sign warning was not anywhere in the pub

24 Oct 2010 13:29

Greyhound Inn, Blandford Forum

went into the greyhound after brewery trip to hall and woodhouse.the tanglefoot was as good in this pub as in the brewery bar.

found by chance but is next to morrisons sat outside in garden/courtyard. when leaving notice the pub had a cd box on the wall but did not look want was on it

24 Oct 2010 13:17

The Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Portsmouth

found easiy due to directions. next to portsmouth town hall. had a abbot which was ok the pub was quite full due to being very late afternoon

23 Oct 2010 17:08

The Trafalgar, Portsmouth

tuesday night steak night so went in. no cask avaible due to the system in the pub breaking down so had stella and 30 mins had strongbow with meal.good service for food and drink and a good jd pub asked barman if the were any other spoons pub in portsmouth and he was great telling were the other ones were and gave great directions

23 Oct 2010 17:02

The Standing Order, Southampton

went in sunday afternoon and order ringwood old thumper which was a good pint. the pub was packed so it had taken a few mins to get served not the fault of the barstaff being slow. found a seat a averge spoons

23 Oct 2010 16:53

The Moon in the Square, Bournemouth

went in early evening large pub order a pint of abbot which was a good pint.lot better pub than the other spoons/lloyds the nearby mary shelly

23 Oct 2010 16:48

The Mary Shelley, Bournemouth

late afternoon when i went in slow service due to coffee people. asked for a pint of old thumper of which their was 2 pumps none to be had so had a pint of abbot which was ok not the best spoons

23 Oct 2010 16:43

Royal Oak, Dorchester

went in midweek afternoon to get into the pub from the front their are 4 steps with a handrail the service was slow due to a few people wanting coffee (pubs are for drinking soft drinks or alchol go to costa if they want one} pub ok apart from that

23 Oct 2010 16:33

The Lord Nelson, Poole

went in for a quick pint order tanglefoot which was a poor pint wiil not be back

23 Oct 2010 16:26

The Carnival Inn, Bridgwater

an easy pub to find at the end of the high street next to the church went in had a pint of abbot which was ok and went sat in the beer garden at the back of the pub which was a quiet large size. just before i left the pub i notice pictures of the bridgwater carinval which be were spoons got its name from an averge jd pub

23 Oct 2010 15:40

Swan Inn, Weymouth

went in mid sunday morning. had a pint of ringwood old thumper which was ok went and sat in the beer garden at the back which is quiet large.a large pub which i found better than the other jd spoons in town

23 Oct 2010 15:30

The William Henry, Weymouth

a pub on 2 split levels was very busy consider the time was only 1900 and their was no seats were to be found all taking. had a pint old of old thumper which was a good pint

23 Oct 2010 15:23

The Yachtsman, Hamworthy

went in at 1800 hrs midweek had a pint of tanglefoot which at �3-25 was quite expensive. ok pint but not the best very quiet only 4 people in the pub this because how expensive the price of a pint

23 Oct 2010 15:14

The Lord Wimborne, Poole

went in on a friday late afternoon wanted ringwood old thumper just sold out fortyniner not ready for serving so had to settled for abbot which was ok.easy pub to find just off the high street and next to sainsbury ok jd spoons but the quay is a lot better

23 Oct 2010 15:07

The Brewhouse, Poole

went in twice during my stay in poole. first time i had cider which was ok in taste. but tooked 5 mins to served due to being from the celler. the next time i went in i try 2 seprate cask beers both which poured fine but had a strange taste to. not a pub i would hurry back to vist

23 Oct 2010 14:47

Spotted Cow, Poole

went in twice during my stay in poole a large pub with seating area.on the first vist mid october late afternoon the weather was good for that time of year so was able to sit outside and looked at the quay area, the pint of ringwood old thumper was of good quality and taste. i thought one of bettet jd pubs

23 Oct 2010 14:38

The John Logie Baird, Hastings

went in on a monday quite busy but soon got served for a pint of abbot which cost �1-65. the taste of the pint was of good quality. the pub has a small outside area at the front of the building which was great but right in front of the pub was the bus stop to st leonards able to finish my pint and then get on the bus. a great jd pub

23 Oct 2010 14:28

Yates's, Hastings

being a cask drinker when i went in. at the bar it said bombardier on cask.this has the worse pint of bombardier i have had. it was warm poor taste to it and a was flat.the pub is not really that good either

23 Oct 2010 14:19

The Eight Bells, Dover

went in midweek afternoon busy but soon got served not many seat avaible due to a third of the pub seating only avaible to people eating. ok for a spoons but not the best

23 Oct 2010 14:11

The Ship Inn, Sandgate

a pub i had heard of but live 200 miles away. went in the pub had a incudbus beer which was good quality. in the front bar their are quite pictures of rugby union teams and even quite busy mid week afternoon soon found a seat.the back room of the pub lookedf a bit basic but clean. when leaving notice all the camra stickers in the window saying the pub had been in camra guide that year. some going back to the early 1990s a great pub

23 Oct 2010 14:00

The Comet, St Leonards on Sea

went in midweek mid evening.only a few in the pub being ashepherd neame pub was looking forward it but only had masterbrew avaible on cask.the beer was flat and no taste to it

23 Oct 2010 13:49

The White Hart, Basingstoke

yes i did make a mistake i meant the white hart on london road sorry. i have made a mistake before in two pubs in north west england

perhaps beer in the evening should have a change button, cancel because on both occasions i have press review and within 30 secounds i know i have the wrong pub.

4 Sep 2010 16:07

The Berkeley, Wigan

on a friday night over 20 years this is one of the few pubs i went in was a good pub then and despite only been in twice in 10 years went in 2 weeks found it still a good pub in wigan. beer was excellent but the pub was quiet midweek afternoon only a few in but 100 times better than pub across the road. harrys pub

31 Aug 2010 22:28

The Brudenell Hotel, Aldeburgh

went for a meal in the restarant had adnams bitter which was ok

31 Aug 2010 22:18

Savoy, Swindon

went in late afternoon quiet busy. notice the steps down to the lower bar area. the pint was ok. but not one of the better spoons, in fact along with manchester piccadily is the worse jd i have been in. if in swindon again and wanted a spoons would used the sir daniel arms which i last used last time

31 Aug 2010 21:06

The Maidenhead Inn, Basingstoke

went in while waited for bus had a pint of 1664. abbot not on and did not want any of the cask beer that were avaible. average spoons would go in lloyds number one if in basingstoke

31 Aug 2010 20:38

John Russell Fox, Andover

got to andover friday at 1900 wanted a pint so i thought were is the spoons.saw a busy pub the rest being quiet i thought that must be it gussed right. an average spoons. got served quickly with a pint of bishops finger which was good

31 Aug 2010 20:31

The Hole In The Wall, Waterloo

last in the pub in 1981. a pub i had always wanted to goback to again found it a great pub the 2nd time around. had a greene king abbot which for central london the price at �3-10 was great will be back next time catching a train from waterloo

31 Aug 2010 20:21

The White Hart Hotel, Whitchurch

went in mid afternoon on a friday had a pint of arkells 3b. never had arkells before being from north west england but found it very good.going in the pub their was a few steps up to the front door. the pub was quiet and could not see the bar but the barman was in the dining area which was empty told me were the bar was and came to served me. found the pub great and would go again

31 Aug 2010 20:12

The Bell Inn, Whitchurch

ok found expensive. �3-30 a pint, small pub with a few in on a friday afternoon. would not go in again but the locals seem to find the pub good

31 Aug 2010 20:01

Lloyds No 1, Basingstoke

staying in the hilton hotel missed bus another hour wait so called in on a friday mid-day soon got served as it was busy.the bishop finger was good pint plenty area to sit outside. an excellent spoons and would go again

31 Aug 2010 19:46

The Skewers, Basingstoke

walking back to the hilton hotel called in and had a courage best was ok was busy being a fun day for the locals might called in again if staying in basingstoke

31 Aug 2010 19:39

The White Hart, Basingstoke

not a good pub. no real ale.teenagers riding on push bikes in front of the pub doo. seem to be a pub for students has sign in pub said 25 per cent off food with student card had a quick half of john smiths bitter and left the pub. will not being back

31 Aug 2010 19:33

The Parchment Makers, Havant

got off the bus in havant bus station and saw the spoons sign at the back of the pub. never been to havant before but it took me a few mins to find the pub front door being around two corners. again on ringwood old thumper which again was excellent and at 1-99 was cheaper than chichester spoons from which i had come from. pub was ok for a spoons/

31 Aug 2010 19:25

Dolphin & Anchor, Chichester

found it better than most spoons. was on ringwood old thumper which was excellent. sunday afternoon and was busy but soon got served. good position in chichester being across from the cathedral

31 Aug 2010 19:15

The White Horse, Haslemere

seem to be a food type pub. expensive �3-30 for a pint of st austell tribute which was ok but had better. being in surrey it did strange that the other cask beer was sharpe brewery beer

31 Aug 2010 19:09

The Swan Hotel, Haslemere

found ok for a pint of bishop finger. went in the dining part first went back into the street and a door down the street found the bar service was quick and it looked like it has always been a pub. one of the better spoons i have been in and would go again

31 Aug 2010 18:59

The Last Orders, Wigan

years ago when it was the bee knees it was a good pub on several different levels. now a one level to wigan parish church.has it been said before along with harrys pub the worse 2 pubs in wigan if not england. no real ale and if it is cheap ale people want the moon (jd spoons) is less than 50 yds away

31 Aug 2010 18:46

Swan and Railway, Wigan

went in around 1600hrs mid week and tried the ringwool old thumper which was excellent. the pub was very quiet only me and 3 other in the pub. when i was last in 10 years ago and used every other week for a pint it used to be quiet busy. pity it is quiet pub now because the ale excellent

31 Aug 2010 17:54

Hartley's Emporium, Wigan

not been in for 11 years the last being when warriors played at central park being 5 mins walk from the old ground. had a marston pedigree which was a good pint. notice how cheap the food was tempted to try but as it was mid afternoon decided against it. a few in the pub and found the pub to be ok.

31 Aug 2010 17:47

The Cricketers, Ipswich

found it ok had a local suffolk ale which was fine. sataurday mid afternoon a few but got served quickly.i would rather have this type of spoons because i am thinking its always been a pub rather than a conversion from a retail site

31 Aug 2010 17:27

The Coopers Dip, Saxmundham

went it 2 weeks ago no cask ale so had half of john smiths. the pub is in a row of cottages across the rail line from town and now the nearest pub to sax rail station as the railway is shut a few and found it ok

31 Aug 2010 17:21

Harry's Bar, Wigan

years ago went it was the clarence it was a ok a dirty horrible pub only had half and left for one of the better in wigan

31 Aug 2010 05:07

The Beehive, Marylebone

went to the beehive as it is quiet before the rugby league challenge cup final.5 mins walk to baker street tube. meeting friends, not feeling well so had 2 bottles of soda water 200 ml and a small drop of lime �3-40. then half of still water later pour from a large bottle behind the bar from the cold shelf.� frieends were on lager and beer.god knows. what price was �4-00 a pint last year. i know it is central london but this PLACE is a rip off

30 Aug 2010 20:42

The Vic Bar, Fleetwood

only had a half before going back to blackpool. the half was in good condition the pub was quiet only a few in summer mid afternoon. bar ok

12 Aug 2010 11:53

The Trawl Boat Inn, Lytham St Annes

i went in one afternoonand had a few wobbleys bobs which was excellent in quality and taste at �1-85 a pint sat outside were was a few tables and chairs .

at the front is a small gardens and a few steps or pathway to a raised buliding i rate this one of the best spoons i have been in and would go again

12 Aug 2010 11:49

The Number 15, St Annes on Sea

has a beer from idle brewery a 4.6 vol beer for �2-45 which was excellent in taste and in good condition

the pub it on st annes main shopping street so was easy to find. notice their was a staircase to tables overlooking the bar.would go again

12 Aug 2010 11:41

The Town House, Lytham St Annes

near the railway station.wentin wanted a speckled hen to drink but not had green king ipa, which was not of good quality

the pub has a small garden to the front entrance. a modern only looks one room and a the bar few up steps from the bar the seating runs the length of the pub. would not go again

12 Aug 2010 11:31

The Kings Head, Llandudno

over 20 years since i went in. on the door it said the oldest pub in llandudno.their was many few steps to many levels in the pub, notice the level for the dining room which i eat in when i was last in the pub. had a 1664 which was good. would go again.

15 May 2010 17:59

The London Hotel, Llandudno

excellent. the barmaid that served me was friendly and served the pint with a smile. i thought the old thumper ale was not short . but she thought she had served a short measure so filled it up excellent.the pub was very clean.only one downside with the pub was it was one room pub and very new i like a older type pub

15 May 2010 17:53

The Cottage Loaf, Llandudno

had a few cas ales on sale. had a good pint in the pub the cottage loaf did looked like a cottage from the outside and inside. and had to the notice the big old fireplace in the pub. would go again

15 May 2010 17:45

Prince of Wales, Warrington

went in mid- thursday quite real ale so had to have a john smiths which was average

for rugby league fans a very good pub nrl shirts, gb shirts and many warrington shirts in frames.picture of famous rugby league players and a few match balls would go again being across from the bus station when waiting for a bus

15 May 2010 17:40

The Black Bull Inn, Bangor

went in early afternoon and the abbot ale was ok. a bar with a few steps down to the lower seated area. the pub from the outside look like it was a old chapel,church as a spoons average

15 May 2010 17:33

The Albion Vaults, Conwy

early afternoon went in only me in the brains sa was ok even in may in a warm day had a fire on a three room pub with afront and back room. a pool room to one side

a pub i last visted 30 years when my parents and they friends lived in conwy,which then was a dirty unclean pub a lot better now and cleaner apart from in gents toilets empty soap gel hand dryer did not worked and as i was the only one in it looked it as it been like that all day

15 May 2010 17:28

Swan Inn, Rhyl

went in early evening good pint of thwaites original ok pub by early evening standards a few in.

15 May 2010 17:18

The North Wales Inn, Rhyl

no real ale had john smiths. poor pub only me in at 1900 hrs.would not go again

15 May 2010 17:12

The Liverpool Arms, Conwy

went in 2 week ago only for the 2nd time in the last 26 was quite warm so was able to sit outside and being in the harbour was great and unlike my last time was quite busy being late afternoon. this time was drinking draught bass which was a good pint and only 2-75 a pint. after a hour went back in the pub and only notice how dark it was in the pub. quite small inside. good pub and would go again if in conw,

11 May 2010 20:52

Glass House, St Helens

average spoons, quite busy as it was mid-week mid-day. the abbot was ok but it looked a bit small for a spoons and sat near the front of the pub. as i was leaving notice a small outside area at the back of the pub. found the glasshouse ok and would used again if in st helens

11 May 2010 20:39

Rodboro Buildings, Guildford

went in last week mid-day one of the better lloyds/spoons i have been in. abbot ale was good. would go again if in guildford

11 May 2010 20:31

Ye Olde White Hart, Frimley

having seen this pub many times when going fimbley. i tried last week had 3 casks beers on and the place looks great inside clean and i had not time to eat but would like to have eaten in their. would go again

9 May 2010 12:21

The Marlborough Head, Farnham

found this place a good pub and at 2-70 for a 4.5 vol beer was quite cheap compare to queens head were i visted 18 months ago which charge 3-10 for hsd in december 2008. i know which pub i would choose i though the marlborough head was a great pub to drink in. would go again

9 May 2010 12:15

Yates's, Camberley

having been in the goose and the claude in the past i thought i would try yates for a change.this place is not very good the wells bomb was of poor quality and very warm. the place did not seem to be avoided and will not go in again sticking to the goose/spoons

9 May 2010 12:01

Sir Daniel Arms, Swindon

first time i have been in this spoons/lloyds. having been in the other ones in swindon. i would have to say this my favourite,plenty outside place to sit and the abbott was of good quality if in swindon again would choose this lloyds/spoons

9 May 2010 11:55

The Reckless Engineer, Bristol

after my trip to the mendip towns it was great to back to reasonable price for beeri have been in a few times over the years being close to temple meads station.the budcombe bitter was of good quality and at 2-60 pint good price.would go again if using temple meads station

9 May 2010 11:42

City Arms, Wells

quite a wonderful inside,very clean and a few people in mid afternoon only had 15 mins before bus to bristol, wish i could have stayed longer.would go again if in the area

9 May 2010 11:30

Lantokay, Street

went in at 1100 am was quite busy but got served easily.the pint of abbot was a good pint and at the price compare with the rest of the mendip area was brillant. an average spoons and would go again if in the area

9 May 2010 11:26

The George and Pilgrim, Glastonbury

again lunchtime, quite busy as glastonbury pubs are at this time of day.i take most are hotel guests.the beer was reasonable but so it should for the price

9 May 2010 11:21

The King Arthur, Glastonbury

again lunchtime only me in. great drink of directors

9 May 2010 11:14

The Market House Inn, Glastonbury

again lunchtime this time. this must be the most busy pub in glastonbury has their 5 people in. great ale in otter beer i can understand how it could one of the better glastonbury pubs

9 May 2010 11:11

The Mitre, Glastonbury

very expensive 3-10 a pint for john smiths.god were i lived i would get 2 pints and change. only me in and the pub looked quiet even for a friday lunchtime

9 May 2010 11:07

The Crown / Glastonbury Backpackers, Glastonbury

went in last week.only me in had a scrumpy jack hardly change since i was last in 5 years ago apart from the prices 3-30 for a pint

9 May 2010 11:01

The Palladium, Llandudno

when in sunday late april the last day of the beer festival none of which i wanted,so settle for a abbott which was ok the pub was very busy. a average jd pub

30 Apr 2010 22:26

The Town House, Llandudno

visted the town house on a early sunday evening only about 4 people in the pub and had no good beer so i had a pint of 1664 which was of poor quality. would not go again

30 Apr 2010 22:22

The Queen Victoria, Llandudno

went in twice during our stay in llandudno and had 3 beers on of which on both times had marston ped the beer was of excellent quality.if am back in llandudno this pub is the one i would have a beer in

30 Apr 2010 22:15

The Malt Loaf, Conwy

went in for 20 mins while waiting for a train from conwy station being right oppiste the station, bit basic but ok

30 Apr 2010 22:00

The Ferry, Kinmel Bay

went in early evening.was ver quite. the black sheep beer was very good and a good hour in there would go again

30 Apr 2010 21:52

Picture House, Colwyn Bay

had a marston ped which they selling at 1-19 a pint.seem quite dark in the pub. due to be out of season was quiet not many in

30 Apr 2010 21:45

Sussex, Rhyl

went in mid week the abbott was ok.had better in other jd pubs.very quite only about 5 or 6 people in the pub

30 Apr 2010 21:39

The Railway Hotel, Leigh

went in last week first time in 4 years. red brick inn being the pub i used on this side of town. a few people in and found it ok

19 Apr 2010 15:23

The Leigh Arms, Leigh

great pub been shut for 2 years but after refit looks great. busy on friday saturday nights due to middle of town, but seems to quite day time. got this pub mistaken with the moonraker which is a dump (see moonraker) comments. will be going again mid week afternoon, and at 2-00 for a pint for tetley cask,cheap even by leigh prices

16 Apr 2010 01:46

Boars Head, Leigh

great pub cheap for a beer. the most notice in this pub is the staircase in the middle of the pub. this pub was to be knocked down in 1980 but leigh people did not want it knocked down and still is a pub to this day

16 Apr 2010 01:33

The Ale House, Leigh

bit basic but ok and cheap for beer 1-70 a pint for a pint.

16 Apr 2010 01:27

The Moonraker, Leigh

sorry about the report above that was meant for the leigh arms.

this pub has dirty tables and chairs. it was refit in 1982 when it change its name to the moonraker and nothing has been done to its since. bare wires hanging from tables walls and is the worse pub in leigh . known in leigh has out of africa sign above the pub door. i would say that the worse pub in a shanty town in africa is better than this

16 Apr 2010 00:40

The Moonraker, Leigh

went in mid week was quite only about 3 people in. friday saturday night very busy due to being in the middle of town. recemtly re opened after being shut for 2 years. after a major refit of the pub tables and chairs looks great now .will be going in again if its mid week

16 Apr 2010 00:23

The Red Lion, Atherton

been in the odd time in the last 30 years. this always has been a bit of a rough pub on friday, saturday night being with its neighbour last orders the busiest pub in atherton but. ok mid week day time quite. not been in for the last 6 years what a change about 5 people and 10 children in mid week last week day time. the kids were running around the pub and not the quite mid week used to be, will not being going in again

16 Apr 2010 00:13

Atherton Arms, Atherton

went in mid week had holts diamond lager. had cask beer but dont like holts been in a few times in the last 25 years and still have a pool table and snooker table in the back room from when it was the labour club

15 Apr 2010 23:57

The Jolly Nailor, Atherton

went in mid week last week. had a allgates beer which was not the best but ok. only about 4 in the pub. went in the back room and notice all the framed pictures of rock groups and football teams utd city wanderers and wigan athletic.enjoy my time in the naylor. would go again

15 Apr 2010 23:51

Wheatsheaf Hotel, Leigh

went in the wheatsheaf on a saturday night, had a couple hours in the pub from 21-00-2300 and their was more than a dozen people in the pub in all that real ale had a stella pump but no stella so had drink fosters which was ok and at 2 pound a pint a good price.would not go again

5 Apr 2010 20:05

The Lamb Hotel, Ely

my last bar i visted in ely in my afternoon in ely 2 weeks ago. beer ok and the bar was good

30 Mar 2010 21:04

The Town House, Ely

went in friday afternoon a couple of weeks ago. found the ale ok but i cannot climb stairs so well now so i found it diffcult to get into the pub

30 Mar 2010 21:00

The Victoria, Leigh

living in leigh for the last 25 years. a good little pub, bar staff friendly and in recent years if in kirkhall lane area of leigh a lot better than its neighbour our house pub

30 Mar 2010 20:55

Troll Cart, Great Yarmouth

went in mid-week afternoon. the place was full with no seat to be had just had pint of abbott which seem expensive by jd prices at 2-10 a pint. which was ok.average jd pub

21 Mar 2010 20:44

The Green Dragon, Thetford

went in mid week afternoon not my kind of pub reasonable loud music jukebox so had a quick drink and left

20 Mar 2010 23:37

The Red Lion, Thetford

went into the bar and had a suffolk cider in the room on the left their was a lunchtime carvery which looked good at 5-95 but had on the time to stop pity as it looked good food

20 Mar 2010 23:35

The Kings Head, Thetford

went in on a friday afternoon their was about 10 people had a greene king ipa which was a ok pint looked like it was shut till i looked in the pub and it was open ok pub

20 Mar 2010 23:31

The White Hart Hotel, Saxmundham

only me in mid week afternoon bar person was great at serving good pint would go again if more busy

19 Mar 2010 23:42

The Railway Inn, Saxmundham

looking forward to going into when i arrived at sax station being across from station but sadly seem to have been closed for a while

19 Mar 2010 23:37

Bell Hotel, Saxmundham

nothing special hotel bar went in mid week afternoon. few in the bar which surpise me because being march sax town centre was very quiet and was soon served bar was ok

19 Mar 2010 23:35

Wetherspoons, Ipswich

good pub beer prices jd cheap prices had 3 pints of abbotts 6.5 vol beer at 1-89 which was a very well served pint and good in quality would go again

19 Mar 2010 23:28

Hop Pole, Warrington

went in on a friday night early music very loud no real ale had stella not the best would not go again

19 Mar 2010 23:12

The Hereward, Ely

went in mid week afternoon very quiet only 10 people in the broadside was average but my ely prices was cheap

19 Mar 2010 23:08

The Seal, Woodbridge

god food at a reasonable price by suffolk prices. beer prices are very good the pint of adams bitter was great and the beef and guiness pie was very good and plenty of it with mashed and veg made agood meal would go again

19 Mar 2010 23:05

The Thomas Burke, Leigh

average jd pub named after a tenor singer from early 20th century and used to be hipperdome 2 small outside areas and 3 drinking area the beer served is one of the better jd pub beer never tried the food can busy sunday afternoon if leigh rugby league team are at home

12 Mar 2010 00:24

The Red Brick Inn, Leigh

a good pub jacko is a great and friendly landlord quiz nights on thurdays. beer by john smiths and fosters not expensive for drinks a worth going and the people who go in a friendly

11 Mar 2010 04:33

Hilton Arms, Leigh

great little pub on twist lane first open in 2002 sells a couple casks beer and get quite full at weekend evening but still can get served quickly not the cheapest prices in leigh but not expensive

11 Mar 2010 04:23

Anvil, Wigan

i have seen tis pub many times as it right next to the bus station,gave it a try very good cask ale and the pint i had was great. would go again

6 Mar 2010 12:24

Sam's Bar, Wigan

went in last week ok rugby league on the tv had a strongbow which was ok

6 Mar 2010 12:21

The Unicorn, Altrincham

went in on a afternoon mid week had a abbott which was ok the pleasing thing was the bar staff that served me the pint was a bit short and asked me to leave till he had top it up and then when their was a short head on the pint and asked me if i wanted topping up more excellent service would go again one of the better lloyds(jd)

18 Feb 2010 19:00

The J P Joule, Sale

went in midweek afternoon and had a cask winter beer which was very good not many in quite small for a jd but with i was in sale on a afternoon would go again

18 Feb 2010 18:52

The Bulls Head, Sale

went in a few days ago had a speck hen to drink. a good pub with plenty of low seating was for mid week a few people in and the meals mention on the wall of the pub look good and at a good price would go again

18 Feb 2010 18:49

Blue Bell, Warrington

called in for a wells bomb beer ok pub was very quite only about 4 people in there

27 Jan 2010 23:53

Our House, Leigh

went in the pub today had stella and 1664 signs on the bar asked the landord either of the pints he said only had john smiths or fosters did not sell premium lager the landlord was useless and rude PLEASE bring back jim this only gets 0.5 for being open useless pub going bankrupt

11 Dec 2009 18:25

The Claude Du Vall, Camberley

12 months since i went in was on christmas ale ott was a excellent pint at 1-89.only thing service was a bit slow

10 Dec 2009 21:23

The Goose, Camberley

12 months since been in. went in a few times in my short stay in camberley. was on wells bom at 1-74 pint was excellent how locals get is a bit rough i dont know they want to try goose pubs in north west england now rate this better than jd across the road

10 Dec 2009 21:17

The English Lounge, Manchester

went in last week early friday evening quite busy had a couple of ped beers was ok but not the best staff seem a bit rude quite busy so must be ok but i dont rate this pub would not go again

10 Dec 2009 21:11

The Bree Louise, Euston

what a great place l had ipa of a company which was great if i waiting again for a train from euston will be going again

9 Dec 2009 13:30

The Duke of Hamilton, Hampstead

empty apart from me at when i went in midweek afternoon expensive 3-20 for esb would not go in again

4 Dec 2009 06:23

The Farndon Arms, Farndon

not been to since since 2007 but i visted many times over the last 30 years and looking forward to going in december.because sounds a great pub what ever happen to crazy mark the barman from the late70s and malcom the local who was always in the pub

29 Nov 2009 02:50

Our House, Leigh

went in at 2245 pub was empty apart from the landlord and one other. wanted 1664 dont stock. stella had none so settled for a strongbow pint ok. i dont if the pub is always that quiet midweek and living in leigh was thinking how busy when jim had the pub but have not been in since may 2008

25 Nov 2009 21:12

The Pendle Witch, Atherton

best pub in atherton great pint of pendle witch bit pricey by ath/leigh prices but excellent pint not been into for 3 years but the place looked great now

18 Nov 2009 16:16

The Wheatsheaf, Atherton

had a phoenix beergood pint not really change much over 30 years apart open the two back rooms into the bar area but still got two front rooms on market street but is a clean pub worth going if in atherton

18 Nov 2009 16:07

The Mountain Dew, Atherton

no real ale had john smiths bitter was ok not been in for 5 years a few people in was one of fav pubs 27 years ago when it was a spit and sawdust type of place and could be found in their most sat nights

18 Nov 2009 16:02

Bellingham Hotel, Wigan

no real ale had two pints of stella ok handy if you are visting wigan infirmary being righy across the road from the main entrance

14 Nov 2009 14:48

London Inn, Torquay

went in on a thursday afternoon in early october was very busy only called for one ok all busy plenty bar staff on and got served quickly

21 Oct 2009 15:14

Vigilance, Brixham

had a good evening in their early october had a good pint of abbott and couple of local ale which i kind remember the name of but was stronger and cheaper than abbott.the pub was only half full and it was easy to get served and would go again if i was in the area

21 Oct 2009 15:10

The Hole in the Wall, Torquay

visted the pub during a stay in torquay good pub behind the queens found it by chance

17 Oct 2009 22:44

Bullers Arms, Brixham

went in during a recent stay landlord was great talking us about the pub and about brixham had an old speck hen which was a good pint

17 Oct 2009 22:39

The Sir Humphrey Davy, Penzance

went in twice with a group of friends two who lived in penzance and arrange for us to meet in the pub reasonable prices good pint and great rear small yard but ok would go again

15 Oct 2009 15:09

Lifeboat Inn, St Ives

went in twice in recent stay in st ives had a good pint of hsd on the first time (my friend who worked for a short while in st ives 35 years ago) was talking to one of the bar staff about going in the pub all those ago and the young barman spent 20 mins talking about it is now and st ives in genral

15 Oct 2009 15:05

The Devon Arms, Torquay

landlord great and friendly beer prices ok met 2 torquay locals who told about torquay

11 Oct 2009 03:34

Crown and Anchor, Brixham

great pub had a good time on 2 vists bar staff excellent and great to talk to and the locals gave plenty advice about brixham bit expensive but that devon prices

11 Oct 2009 03:31

The Engine Inn, Penzance

had a pint of abbot for 2-70 which for cornwall is excellent good pint. good pub

10 Oct 2009 12:12

The Cider Bar, Newton Abbot

this time early october another good two hours in the cider bar which i enjoy after pints of sams weston rosie i had enough to drink one thing prices have seem to a lot more expensive than 12 months ago

10 Oct 2009 12:00

The Blue Anchor, Helston

went in late september the special was great the middle was the worse pint of middle in 8 vists still a great pub but seems to be going downhill

10 Oct 2009 11:54

The Beckets Inn, Glastonbury

i shall say that joan was a great landlady and never rude unlike john and brigid. weston fan i do not leave my profile because john will known who are am due to clues like knowing him for 20 years in london and glastonbury

10 Oct 2009 11:42

Queens Hotel, St Ives

went to see a great band on sat september 26 pub was ok

10 Oct 2009 10:33

The Sloop Inn, St Ives

was expensive 3-35 for a pint of greene king hen but a great place to sit outside and looked at of the harbour

10 Oct 2009 10:15

The Star Inn, Penzance

great prices for eating and the drink prices were cheap for cornwall not the best food but ok had a mega mixed grill cost 9-95 and i can eat a lot being 16 stone in weight but could not finish this mountain of food drink had a great pint of real ale in the star was cheap price

10 Oct 2009 10:11

Watermill Inn, Lelant

first time we arrived at this pub at 1930hrs on a friday in the small car park their was no room in the car parkso we left unable to park 2nd time we went the following saturday got a parking space beer was not as expensive a pint cost 2-70 ok for cornwall served by freindly barman and went sat in the garden the waterwheel is worth seeing

10 Oct 2009 10:03

Badger Inn, Lelant

went on a sunday late afternoon beer was ok only thing wrong was all the table were set for eating so if you only wanted a beer you sat in the garden or at the bar

10 Oct 2009 09:52

The Beckets Inn, Glastonbury

joan was a wonderful landlady excellent landlady good looking fast at service for a beer and brillant.brigid is a bit rude but so is john who i known of 20 years his abilty to keep real ale is brillant and serve the finest ale. john i think you are i am.who is weston fan and honnkerma i know joan is living in norhern england but was the best landlady of the beckets again joan best landlady good looking brillantfast at sevice and when the beckets was busy due to her

13 Sep 2009 04:27

The Blue Anchor, Helston

sorry wrong month late october still cant wait

6 Sep 2009 00:37

The Blue Anchor, Helston

holiday again in cornwall late semptember this time in st ives but will go in at least once if not pub in the world cant wait

6 Sep 2009 00:34

The Standing Order, Stevenage

ok not the best jd been in

6 Sep 2009 00:11

The Sportsman, Luton

went in on a friday afternoon got a pint of 1664 which at 3-10 was reasonable for the south east was quiet and looking for the new hilton hotel the barmaid did not were it was but asked one of the locals who put me in the right direction thanks

6 Sep 2009 00:08

Metropolitan Bar, Baker Street

went in late saturday afternoon was very very busy due to challenge cup final at wembley first pint was in glass pint 2nd was in plastic glass which did take the edge of the pint but a reasonable pint of abbot even the pub was packed got served very quickly went in a few days later around 6-30 found a seat which was not easy but got served straightaway and again was a reasonable pint of abbott i dont if i was lucky with the service but the bar staff seem to know what they are doing

6 Sep 2009 00:01

The Beehive, Marylebone

not the cheapest of pubs but when in london for rl challenge cups finals at wembley go in before the game as its only from 5 mins walk from baker street tube and is quite and get served quickly.lager was 4-00 pound for a 4 percent lager but that london prices and it is quite good lager even its one i had not heard of

5 Sep 2009 23:49

Moon On The Hill, Harrow

went in on a early saturday evening after 2009 challenge cup final at wembley. got served quickly but not as busy as i thought but still a few rl fans around good pint of tanglefoot and would go again like i used to for many games at wembley in the 90s being 5 mins walk from harrow on the hill and 3 stops on the tube in all that time changed a bit

5 Sep 2009 23:40

The Moon Under Water, Watford

only 2nd time in ten years first time being very busy due to gb rugby league match at watford in 98. this time was a sunday afternoon and busy but not packed and got served quickly pint of spitfire at 1-65 was good value and of good quality not the best jb i have been but far from the worst

5 Sep 2009 23:31

Waterend Barn, St Albans

the best jd i have been in. good pint of abbot and being sunday afternoon was easy to get served was very impressed by the barn. would go again

5 Sep 2009 23:23

The Beckets Inn, Glastonbury

joan was a wonderful landlady unlike brigett who is rude john is a great landlord who have know through his pubs for twenty years his abilty to keep a great pint of real ale is excellent

24 Aug 2009 00:49

The Black Boy Hotel, Sudbury

first ever time in sudbury went in the black boy the home made steak and kidney pie was excellent and well priced at 6-95 not the brakes meals i used to in the pubs of were i lived in north west england. the abbott was excellent and also for a 2 beers and half of guiness was only at 7-10 one of cheaper rual town prices of suffolk a really good pub

21 Aug 2009 22:36

The Bristol Arms, Shotley Gate

the pub is in a great spot for watching ferries and ships. food prices good by suffolk prices two meals one fish and chips and chillie and rice both meals for 9-95 and good meals even at that prices.real ale but expensive two beer 6-40 but good quality

21 Aug 2009 22:21

Friar Penketh, Warrington

went in around 5.oopm quick service was on red rock,good pint excellent service at the bar one of the better jd i have been in.only thing that spoiled was a lot of the people in their had white yellow blue sports shirts and were shouting and singing very loud which is a bit much when i was trying to enjoy a good quiet pint

12 Aug 2009 17:03

Spinning Mule, Bolton

great fast at pouring beer. abbott was excellent one of the better jd pubs again seem dear by greater manchester prices as fosters was 2-30 when its only 2-20 in my local pub

1 Aug 2009 21:30

Hen and Chickens, Bolton

called in last week good pint of 6x. seem a bit pricey by greater manchester pub prices or is it wigan and leigh beer prices are cheap.

1 Aug 2009 21:21

The Beckets Inn, Glastonbury

great landlord pity landlady is so rude the previous landlady of ten years ago was great, good looking, fast at serving and really pleasant landlady what ever happen to her. still a great pub good pint of real ale bit expensive

24 Jun 2009 22:39

The Avenue, Leigh

went in last week was quiet but then again it was 530 pm needed to get leigh infr lad behind the bar served me and rang for taxi of his mobile such service the pub should have more in. not change much in the last 25 years ago when it was the pied bull

24 Jun 2009 22:29

The Litten Tree, Leigh

went in 2 weeks ago but go in a lot. great just put real ale on wells bomb 1-39 a pint not the best but ok

24 Jun 2009 22:21

Moon Under Water, Wigan

went in late april food was poor but the beer was great

14 May 2009 19:31

Old Pear Tree, Wigan

went in late april first time for 5 years. as good has i it was years before

14 May 2009 19:25

The Last Inn, Barmouth

went in twice during stay in barmouth very dark inside candles on tables very busy on friday night hard to find a ok but not best pub in barmouth. barmouth hotel and tal y don better pubs

23 Apr 2009 17:50

Tal Y Don, Barmouth

good pint of cocker hoop most used pub in barmouth

5 Apr 2009 19:43

Barmouth Hotel, Barmouth

went in twice during my stay in barmouth during my short holiday. was very busy but soon serve i rated this the best pub in barmoutha big central area and got a seat even when full busy

5 Apr 2009 19:36

The Liverpool Arms, Conwy

was in for the first time in 25 years in january does not to appear to have change much in all that time had brains sa which was ok but the pub like was quiet

3 Feb 2009 23:05

The Bridge Inn, Conwy

went in the bridge in early afternoon in jan like conwy town very quiet only 5 people in not been in for 23 years beer prices reasonable and got served straight away

3 Feb 2009 23:01

The Alex, Felixstowe

went for something to eat in the downstairs pub part of the building. expensive but plenty food on the plate,reasonable queit may be because on the front in the middle of winter mid week no cask so had stella

19 Jan 2009 18:08

The Station Hotel, Ipswich

had 45 mins to wait for my train so i went in i found the price for a pint of premier beer quite reasonable at 2-70 pub ok espcially if waiting for a train.being a weekday late afternoon was quite busy also must be busy when ipswich town fc with the amount of plastics glasses store above the bar

19 Jan 2009 18:01

The Cutter Inn, Ely

i had over 1 hour to killed in ely. as i had been in the cutter in before i went for a pint of spitfire,it was a good pint but the price of 3-10 was was very quiet about only 6 in the pub

19 Jan 2009 17:51

White Lion, Leigh

went in new years eve afternoon. soon got served, great background music ac/dc and other rock music, cheap stella even by leigh standards 2-30 a pint

7 Jan 2009 10:37

The Blue Anchor, Helston

what i forget to say in my stay in oct 25 till nov1 2008 i have stayed in the new yorker hotel 5 star in the maldives 5 star in arami watergate bangkok but i have better stay in than room 1 at 52 it is that good fab breakfast and next to b;ue anchor i just love this place special is strong but next year i want to try the extra special if you holday in cornwall and love real ale please tried

9 Dec 2008 23:57

The Brookwood, Woking

very handy for brookwood station 30 yds from station entrance was quiet only 4-5 people in wanted hogsback tea which was on the hand pump but off so settle for stella first pint had no head on it and tasted flat 2pint ok great pub when awaiting for lift from station by car or bus

8 Dec 2008 19:43

The Goose, Camberley

had a pint of 1664 which was cheap at 2-29 for the south east because it is 2-09 in my local goose in one of the cheapest area in england it was only saturday afternoon but i found no worse than the goose in my town the only fault being that the only beers being ipa and breakspear because i prefer a 4-3vol upwards for taste would go again because i am in camberley 3-4 times a year but prefer jd pub across the high street

8 Dec 2008 19:28

The King and Castle, Windsor

for a lloyds jd chain pub expensive pub ok not that busy for friday afternoon thence serve straight away marston ped was 2-10 when i looked at drink price list fosters was 2-80 the town i lived in stella is only 2-70 in the most expensive pub and that is expensive

8 Dec 2008 18:43

The Claude Du Vall, Camberley

very good this time went in saturday afternoon order paninis which the freindly staff said it would be in ready in 15 mins was that ok because they quite busy for food yes it was 10 mins later said meal was on the table very good jolly farmer beer bargain at 1-99 considering i was in south east england all the staff were friendly and quick service would go again one of the best jd pubs i have been in

8 Dec 2008 18:35

Queens Head, Farnham

rip off 3-10 for a pint of hsb it was quite a posh pub but because of prices would not go again

8 Dec 2008 18:17

The Goose, Aldershot

cheap for south east found it no worse than every othergoose pubs had a pint of stella which was 2-35 thought it would be a bit rough being in aldershot but it was not would go again

8 Dec 2008 18:13

Our House, Leigh

last time wasin may been in occasionlly over the last 25 years stella was 2-47 for a pint which is ok for leigh local went in at 2230 was very quiet little did i know the pub team was away by 2250 when the team came back was quite busy for midweek not changed much over the last 20 years apart from jim finshing who was a great and friendly landlord

8 Nov 2008 16:37

The Vic Bars, Newquay

spent a week in newquay in october looking forward to going to vics bars as it used my fav pub in newquay first going in 1994 i had a feeling was shut which it was with security notices on the outside of the pub

8 Nov 2008 16:24

The Claude Du Vall, Camberley

last time was in was in september on a sunday afternoon only had 15 mins for a pint i expected to busy but only about 10 people in and 2 serving so got serve straight way beer ok abbott typicall jd type of place

8 Nov 2008 16:17

Goose At Spinning Jenny, Leigh

cheapest prices in leigh can be slow at serving at certain times

2 Nov 2008 14:12

The Sailors Arms, Newquay

went in the pub in middle october midweek very quiet only had half pint prices seem reasonable

2 Nov 2008 14:04

The Cider Bar, Newton Abbot

been in twice this week last time before that about 5 years ago brillant cheap and very good cider the best licenced premises in devon

1 Nov 2008 22:08

The Blue Anchor, Helston

brillant stayed for a week in 52 did not have a bad pint all week still the best pub in england if not the world the bed and breakfast at 52 is has good as the blue anchor great breakfast brillant room i would say one of the best b and b in england plus next door to the blue anchor

1 Nov 2008 22:02

The Red Lion, Helston

very poor pub expensive 3pound 20 for a pint of 4.5 holgoblin would not go again

1 Nov 2008 21:53

The Rose and Crown, Newcastle

went to newcastle in july for city centre prices very cheap 2-20 for stella no real ale but for 3 days stay in newcastle spent most of drinking time in newcastle in this gem of a pub

25 Sep 2008 20:06

The Waterside Inn, Leigh

very pricey by leigh prices real ale not the best but ok great if weather is warm one of the few pubs in leigh that can be sat outside where are you not sat in a pub yard food ok service can be slow in weekend late evening

25 Sep 2008 16:29

The Musketeer, Leigh

sadly shut and appears not to reopen used to best pub in leigh for real ale but pricey even by leigh prices hope someone can take the on and reform to former self

25 Sep 2008 15:48

George & Dragon, Leigh

used to be a good pub years ago when phil had the pub last time i when in male toilets was under 2 inches of water reasonaable cheap prices even by leigh prices

25 Sep 2008 15:42

The Litten Tree, Leigh

a reasonable pub fosters only 1-65 a pint sadly no real ale.gets packed if football is on even more so if man utd are on but still can get served quickly used to be del free sadly not the case now

25 Sep 2008 15:35

The Blue Anchor, Helston

best pub in england spingo are strong and not had a bad pint yet in 8 vists in 2004 stay in the blue anchor bed and breakfast which is next door huge breakfast and coffee served in huge coffee pot every time in cornwall make a trip to helston because the pub and beer is that good

13 Sep 2008 18:25

The Beckets Inn, Glastonbury

very good pub jcb and 6x wonderful and serve well by friendly landlord ever time in glastonbury make this my first port of called for a beer

11 Sep 2008 19:29

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