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Comments by aleman

The Wooden Bridge, Guildford

It is big and spacious unlike some pubs. Can't really fault but it does attract a slightly rough crowd and is a by a busy road. Good choice of ales.

12 Aug 2017 20:40

The White House, Guildford

Nice and comfortable pub with plenty of seating. I can't fault it other than it is much too over priced to eat here.

12 Aug 2017 20:38

Rodboro Buildings, Guildford

It is reliable and will never be massivley let down here. The blue moon is also a good a beer.

12 Aug 2017 20:36

The Lincoln Arms Hotel, Dorking

Dorking is a pretty miserable place. If you go to Dorking station this is the first pub to come across, an average pub, not bad overall with a couple of good real ales. It is probably the best pub in dorking but its still not amazing.

17 Jul 2016 18:30

The Albany, Guildford

It could be friendlier.

Ridiculously prices ales.

Not one of the best in Guildford.

8 Jul 2015 21:05

The Anchor and Horseshoes, Burpham

Visited here 10 years on.

Pub seems nice and smart, with features such as sky sports and a dartboard.

Decent London Pride and a good selection of food.

8 Jul 2015 21:03

Flares, Guildford

Now called 'PopWorld'

28 May 2014 18:20

The White House, Guildford

Came here on Sunday and had a pint of London Pride, the pub has not changed much in around a decade with a fairly light coloured layout and a general mixture of seating places, so the pub is reasonably spacious but it can get quite busy.
Sitting upstairs can be more pleasant, there is an outside seating up there as well which gives views across the River Wey and the bridge heading towards Guildford high street. The beer range does not excite, Fullers seems to produce the same beers all the time, however it is an acceptable pub near the train station for a drink or two.

28 May 2014 18:18

The Stoke, Guildford

A couple of unusual real ales on here, so 10 points for originality. There are a couple of pool tables for £1 per game or £2 for games. They are a bit run down though.

20 May 2014 13:53

The Keep, Guildford

Always seems very empty here, maybe it is a little tucked away compared to other pubs. The garden area is small, but there is plenty of room inside. The 6X was pretty decent, the other beer on offer was the Surrey Hills Shere Drop.

19 May 2014 17:16

The Winton, Basingstoke

Now called The Wheatsheaf.

18 May 2014 19:39

Ye Olde Ship Inn, Guildford

It it ashame that the previous customer had a bad experience. I went there today without any intention to eat and did not have a problem with the service, there is a decent selections of ales available but instead decided on the stella. A nice pub a little out of the way from the town centre but well worth the visit. 8/10

18 May 2014 19:28

The Parrot Inn, Shalford

Visited here today, on a rather splendid sunny day, although perhaps a little bit too hot to be comfortable. We sat outside and luckily were covered away from the sun by those brolleys they put on the tables. I decided on a pint of London Pride, definitely one of the best beers i've had in a while, I could not force myself to have another DoomBar which gets pretty bland.

I had the Jacket Potato with baked beans and cheese, which tasted fine and did not take too long to arrive. There appeared to be a lack of choice on meals overall but I still felt it was a worthwhile place to come during a walk or a nice sunny day. Probably worthy of an 8/10

18 May 2014 19:24

The Kings Head, Guildford

The food here is pretty good value, especially the omelette. The beer is pretty good especially the 6X.

8 Nov 2013 15:29

Bar Centro, Guildford

Now closed

7 Nov 2013 18:52

The Guildford Tup, Guildford

A quick stop off pub for me, i'll have have the TEA or Surrey Hills. Shows sport on TB or go into the big beer garden. Nothing special but its clean and tidy. Worth a visit given it is handy to the town centre.

7 Nov 2013 17:18

The Winton, Basingstoke

Hard to say if this place is open or shut at the moment but does not look inviting from the outside.

14 Jun 2013 15:05

The Great Western Hotel, Basingstoke

Appears to be closed at the moment.

14 Jun 2013 15:02

Poison the Bar, Basingstoke

An interesting place for a night out!

14 Jun 2013 13:38

Platforms, Basingstoke

Believe this is still closed.

14 Jun 2013 13:37

The Maidenhead Inn, Basingstoke

A fairly typical Wetherspoons, as you'd expect there is a decent list of ever changing guest ales. Not much on the tv front, tends to just show the news with subitles, not sure why that is necessary as they don't have music here anyway.

14 Jun 2013 13:34

The Bakers, Basingstoke

Quite a decent Greene King pub, seating is available on two floors. Downstairs tends to show Sky Sports on the TV. The usual Greene King ales as you'd expect.

14 Jun 2013 13:32

The Chicago Rock Cafe, Basingstoke

Now Called Bar Rock, but is currently closed with no sign of opening up again.

14 Jun 2013 13:00

The New Inn, Send

Pub situated on the river, worth a stop when on a walk or a trip of any kind. Beer is good, garden can get busy on a sunny day.

23 May 2013 18:19

Pub, Chilworth

Just like the Percy Arms, but a strange name.

6 May 2013 18:13

The Percy Arms, Chilworth

A reasonable pub to stop off at in Chilworth. Did not eat but the beer seemed of reasonable quality, although the staff were somewhat slow. Inside is your typical modern design but very specious, outside is a wide choice of sitting areas in the summer months with some views of the nearby contryside and St Marthers Hill

6 May 2013 18:12

Three Horseshoes, East Worldham

An excellent pub in Worldham where the staff definitely make an effort for their customers. You'll get a better seat when it is not busy, but the menu has a reasonable selection of meals and the local ales are good.

28 Apr 2013 21:45

The Fountain, Ashurst

A fine location in this Sussex Village. Worth a trip if coming off the Downs Link. Sussex Beer is available, while selection is reasonable but expensive as you would expect.

22 Apr 2013 21:34

The Bridge Inn, Santon Bridge

Believe this pub is just located off Scarfell Pike. They were certainly doing plenty of food here at the time, a nice location.

16 Apr 2013 22:05

The Strands Hotel, Nether Wasdale

One of two pubs in the area. Worth coming here for a drink after climbing Scafell Pike.

16 Apr 2013 22:03

The Swan Hotel, Alton

The Swan Hotel is an excellent place for a good value meal in a relaxed atmosphere. The beer tends to be Greene King Abbot Ale and a guest ale is sometimes available.

16 Apr 2013 21:59

The Golden Fleece, Elstead

A decent pint of Old Speckled Hen to be had here. Thai food seems to be the order of the day, but there is your traditional English food available as well.

16 Apr 2013 21:57

The Nelson, Farnham

This pub has an appealing atmosphere, perhaps because it is such an old pub. It is worth a visit especially for the location.

16 Apr 2013 21:54

The Oatsheaf, Fleet

Plenty of real ales to keep one satisfied here. I rate this pub as an excellent place to go.

12 Feb 2010 23:08

The Evening Star, Brighton

A very popular spot with a good selection of ales. I can why its got an excellent reputation.

23 May 2009 17:13

The Battle of Trafalgar, Brighton

An enjoyable stopping off point after getting off at the station. Nice selections of ales and a large drinks selection all together. Plenty of character to this pub.

23 May 2009 17:12

The Village, Salisbury

One of the more unappealing pubs in the area. A bit run down if the truth be told and does not come across as the most friendly of pubs. Funny names for beer though.

9 May 2009 11:33

Deacons, Salisbury

I think this pub has closed down or now has a new name. Unless I am totally oblivious to what is going on.

9 May 2009 11:31

The Cat Tavern, Salisbury

Quite an interesting pub just by the station. Certainly plenty of modelled cats all around this pub but there were also pet dogs! Felt it may be a little on the rough side but generally ok and has a Jukebox. 3 pounds for a pint seems to be the going rate in Salisbury.

9 May 2009 11:30

The Chequer Inn, Steyning

You'll notice the place seems a little dark inside but there are views out onto the High Street where you can maybe catch a glimpse of what the locals are upto. A fair few real ales on and good sized meals.

14 Apr 2009 12:32

The Chequer Inn, Steyning

You'll notice the place seems a little dark inside but there are views out onto the High Street where you can maybe catch a glimpse of what the locals are upto. A fair few real ales on and good sized meals.

14 Apr 2009 12:32

The Fountain, Ashurst

Inside you'll notice a very old pub - but plenty of real ales on, including the Horsham bitter. It can get crowded however and there can be a long wait for food on a sunny day.

14 Apr 2009 12:30

The Crown, Horsell

Surprisingly empty compared to the Red Lion. Interesting as the beer is actually cheaper here. Nice friendly feel to it and also the good old pub quiz.

6 Mar 2009 16:35

The Red Lion Inn, Horsell

Not sure what to make of this pub, was packed mid-week. I can only believe it gets so busy because its a Gastro Pub. Fairly pricey and very hard to get a seat.

6 Mar 2009 16:33

The Garibaldi, Knaphill

Now has a new name. an Italian name infact. Not quite the most welcoming crowd in the World. The special Rugby themed ale was fine.

28 Feb 2009 17:09

The Anchor, Knaphill

An enjoyable pub to visit and it does still sell Fullers beers. Keen on Sport here, especially Cricket, Rugby Pool and Darts. Certainly worth a visit if in the area.

28 Feb 2009 17:08

The Crown Inn, Knaphill

A good starting point for a pub crawl in the Knaphill area. Quiet early on in the evening but it soon gets busier. Directors pint was not the best, the range of beers is quite good overall and there are also band nights here. Noticed a dartboard as well but did not play a game.

28 Feb 2009 17:05

All Bar One, Guildford

It's changed a little since the latest refurbishment. Inside though it just feels pretty similiar decor wise. Drinks range is different. Just the 3.95 for a pint of Peroni beer, quite a good Peroni nontheless. Good mix of non alcohol drinks.

25 Feb 2009 15:58

The Catherine of Aragon, West Byfleet

Bit of a rough crowd all round. Would not particularly recommend, they do at least sell London Pride and plenty of TV screens to watch also.

8 Feb 2009 12:57

The Exchange, Farnham

No longer called the exchange.

20 Jan 2009 00:13

The Waverley Arms, Farnham

Well, according to this site there are 4 pubs closer to the station than this one, strangely they appear to be hidden away. Were noticeably playing Oasis this evening.

20 Jan 2009 00:10

The Coach and Horses, Chertsey

I did not feel 3.35 for a pint of ESB was especially cheap, but the beer was good. Fairly quiet, was a Sunday evening however. Interesting mixture of music in the background too.

29 Dec 2008 16:30

The Kings Head, Chertsey

Well, I can say the Kings Head is no longer closed down as I was in there yesterday. Felt like a bit of a locals pub, which got quieter as the evening went on. Ok beer with Spitfire and Courage Best the ales on along with the usual mixture of lagers. Were showing the darts on Sky.

29 Dec 2008 16:28

The White Horse, Haslemere

I like it here, infact i'll give it a 10/10. Great range of beers and quite a classy interior. Quite packed on a Saturday evening, mostly a youngish crowd. I did not see any grumpy old men in here.

21 Dec 2008 10:18

The Swan Hotel, Haslemere

Good range of drinks and quite a big pub. More old fashioned than the White Horse over the road.

21 Dec 2008 10:17

The Inn on The Hill, Haslemere

Pub nicely situated just next to Haslemere station. Likes of Black Sheep and London pride for ale.

21 Dec 2008 10:15

The Golden Lion, Kings Cross

All dark and empty now. Looks closed for good.

21 Nov 2008 10:48

The Black Swan, Martyr's Green

Good for beer. Good for cider at the moment as well. Food is pretty good, if a little expensive, but thats the way it goes these days.

7 Aug 2008 21:07

The White Horse, Steyning

More modern of the pubs in Steyning. Is a restaurant area, but you can also eat outside if that is full up.

21 Jun 2008 11:08

The Chequer Inn, Steyning

Looks very old fashioned.

21 Jun 2008 11:08

The Norfolk Arms, Steyning

Appeared like a locals pub. Not sure what it was like inside.

21 Jun 2008 11:07

The Litten Tree, Bath

Not too good! Could not get into the music the DJ played.

18 May 2008 01:15

Revolution, Bath

Considering chain bars can be not all that, i'd recommend this place. Decent beer and also outside sitting space. Also a cash machine which works.

18 May 2008 01:14

The Bath Tap, Bath

Popped in very briefly, appears to be on a tad rundown however, also up for sale.

18 May 2008 01:12

The Royal Hotel, Bath

Just opposite the station so cannot argue with the location. Has the feel of a 1980'2 Holiday camp, so a little on the old fashioned side. Fair play though, they showed the FA Cup Final and selection of beers not too bad.

18 May 2008 01:11

The Keep, Guildford

The name may have changed but that is about it. The pub is just like how it was when called Mustard. The Surrey Hills beer is the only ale, but a good ale!

17 May 2008 12:26

Crobar, Soho

Feel's a bit like coming into a different World in here. Interesting to see a place where they sell canned beers. Very much a Rock and Heavy Metal music venue. Interesting Comic decorations in the back room.

15 May 2008 11:04

The Phoenix, Staines

A place where they have DJ nights, popular with the young crowd. Fairly lively atmosphere. Some ales here too, the likes of Abbot, IPA and Old Speckled Hen.

8 May 2008 14:45

The Robert Peel, Kingston Upon Thames

The Peel has 3 main rooms, the main bar area is quite a small room and has a pool table situated inside. There are a few seats and tables, although not that many. Of the ales there were Spirfire and Adnams Broadside, believe i was overcharged but this could of been an innocent error.

Just next door is the live music venue and if you inspect a little further you shall come across the Blue Bar which is a strip club.

3 May 2008 09:36

The Parrot Inn, Forest Green

Good country pub. Gets quite packed out on a Sunday but plenty of tables outside. Not too long a wait for food.

20 Apr 2008 18:28

The Famous Cock Tavern, Islington

Looks like a neat pub by the underground. Was showing live football. Also the buffalo bar which has live music is just next door.

18 Apr 2008 20:14

Jo Clarks, Guildford

At first there appears to be a lack of seating but once further inside there is plenty, including an upstairs and outside area too.

Minimalist appearance in this place, modern looking though which is alright. More of a cafe than a pub but a few bottles beers too.

5 Apr 2008 06:39

Abaya, Weybridge

This place never used to be �8 to get in, if its �8 to get in i'd say thats a bit riduclous!

It was empty at 8ish on Saturday evening, so i get the idea its just a late night venue now.

30 Mar 2008 12:36

The Hand and Spear, Weybridge

The old Hand and Spear has very much gone to be replaced by an ultra modern styled gastro pub.

Its not the sort of place to go for a good drinks sessions really.

I'd suggest it attracts an upper class of people in general.

Very busy for Saturday night, perhaps that was something to do with a private party that was going on.

Strikes me as a type of place someone would take their other half to for a romantic evening meal, rather than a place someone would go out with their mates.

30 Mar 2008 12:33

The Grosvenor, Stockwell

Agree with Chinny's review of this place

29 Mar 2008 14:35

Slug and Lettuce, Guildford

To add to previous comments, its generally speaking overpriced, I can understand what other people are talking about. It is worth the occasional drink however - as its a big area, seems to be more of a place to visit in groups.

8 Mar 2008 18:25

Farriers, Guildford

Despite the name change, this pub never really catches the eye, it lacks a certain ambience about it. Ok for an odd drink i suppose.

8 Mar 2008 18:23

The Queen Victoria, Aldershot

All sorts of people here, full of people wishing to socialise for various reasons, 2 pool tables and a dart board add to the entertainment. Quite a lot of drunk people too, what do you expect i guess its a pub!

7 Mar 2008 13:36

The Goose, Aldershot

Extremely cheap pints of beer here. Most pints under �2.00's

Is there a downside? Well a few people seemed a little on the rough side, but it wasnt exactly intimidating.

7 Mar 2008 13:35

The Funky End, Aldershot

Rumour has it that this is a gay bar. Although this could merely be a rumour, seemed quite trendy.

7 Mar 2008 13:33

The Warrington Hotel, Maida Vale

No sign of Mr Ramsay himself! The place itself was running good though, �3.85 for 500ml bottled beers was not too expensive given the upmarket area. Interesting range of drinks indeed.

2 Mar 2008 10:51

The Fly, Bloomsbury

To add a few more points regarding pricing...

A pint of Grolsch wheat beer shall set you bet an extraordinary �4.10! a regular guinness is �3.30.

2 Mar 2008 10:46

Wellesley, Waterloo

�1.79 for a regular black coffee and 80p for a packet of ready salted! Well it is a convinient spot.

2 Mar 2008 10:44

The Magpie, Fratton

Some of the crowd may be a little on the rough side, but friendly barlady.

2 Mar 2008 10:42

The Fawcett Inn, Southsea

Appealing place, some live music goes on here. Happy atmosphere.

2 Mar 2008 10:42

John Jacques, Portsmouth

Feels like most Spoons, you get what you expect. As quiet as a library!

2 Mar 2008 10:41

The Nelson, Farnham

Traditional english pub, does soom good food, very dark inside, but quite a relaxed pub.

14 Feb 2008 15:53

The Royal Oak, Guildford

Now has London Porter on the handpump, good to see. Also does an excellent HSB

6 Feb 2008 11:21

The Keep, Guildford

The place is probably very different from how it was when it was the three tuns! Very much a modern styled gastro pub now, pretty good beer prices of �2.50 for an ale from the surrery hills brewery. Very keen on having candles around the tables here!

6 Feb 2008 11:20

The Fiddlers Elbow, Kentish Town

I'd recommend getting drinks elsewhere before going here. They are pricey at �3.20 for a Stella and �2.80 for a Corona, also they tasted pretty poor too!

Ok for live music.

28 Jan 2008 11:22

Wellesley, Waterloo

As station pubs/bars go this is probably one of the better ones. Clean bathroom facilities, they also sell ale here.

12 Jan 2008 17:38

The Reef Bar, Waterloo

An obvious meeting spot at Waterloo, can't see the appeal of going in though.

12 Jan 2008 17:36

The Crown and Cushion, Waterloo

Forgot this was the pub i visited in 05, very different on latest visit though, get the feeling you are expected to spend money here!

12 Jan 2008 17:34

Farriers, Guildford

The likes of Deuchars IPA and Timothy Taylor on tap. Upstairs is just for eating now, so that does mean less room for just going there for a drink.

12 Jan 2008 17:32

Slug and Lettuce, Guildford

Alright once you get served. As you'd expect prices are higher than your average pub.

12 Jan 2008 17:30

The Guildford Hotel, Guildford

I can assure you the place is still open. Think they were just closed around the christmas time!

4 Jan 2008 21:07

Auberge, Guildford

Can be quite empty on a week night, but you may still have to wait a while for the service. Even so, quite a relaxted feel to this establishment, though pricey is worth a visit every now and then

4 Jan 2008 21:06

The Stoke, Guildford

Now a pub which holds live comedy, but book tickets a good deal of time in advance as it can get sold out.

3 Jan 2008 14:30

13, Woking

Never been there, never seen it. Anybody know if the place is still up and running?

24 Dec 2007 16:28

The Guildford Tup, Guildford

This pub gives the unfortunate feeling I am being watched. Maybe it is something to do with how empty if often feels and some of the seats being so close to the windows.

�3 for a bottle of becks non-alcoholic would you believe!

16 Dec 2007 22:51

The Hautboy Inn, Ockham

Apparently the place has closed down now.

6 Dec 2007 15:47

The Lamb, Farnham

Although the pub can get a little cramped on a music night, in general its very good. They clearly make a good effort with the real ales in here, there were four of them on the night, with Spitfire, Kent Bitter, Late Red and Porter. So a good Shepherd Neame pub.

1 Dec 2007 10:46

Iguana, Egham

An enjoyable music venue. Certainly got very popular on a Monday evening, probably because Panic Cell were playing. Good atmosphere

27 Nov 2007 16:35

The Wheatsheaf, Horsell

Feels like a carbon copy of the nearby Sovereigns, well it is an Ember Inn pub after all. I quite like these type of places.

24 Nov 2007 12:17

The Grotto Inn, Weybridge

This has become yet another Pub/Restaurant type place! The pub area itself is a little on the small side, but somehow it creates a nice, small yet warm and friendly atmosphere. Entertaining SjW gig.

23 Nov 2007 00:58

The Plough, Byfleet

Certainly a great pub for different ale range. The place itself was not that large inside, also no music or tv in the background.

Also the whole idea of not allowing mobile phones seems over strict. I guess people can take them outside, but i can't say i see this as a very exciting place.

15 Nov 2007 16:30

The Queens Head, Byfleet

Half restaurant/Half Pub, quite full up on Wednesday this week. Decent beer range and a warm feel to the place.

15 Nov 2007 16:27

The Kings Head, Byfleet

Very much has the feeling of an old traditional pub. Very quiet on a Wednesday evening, but i don't mind that. Friendly enough pub, though not much of an ale range. Good London Pride.

15 Nov 2007 16:25

Scrumptious, Guildford

Stroller is correct, has indeed been closed for refurbishment. It has not even been open that long!

3 Nov 2007 10:45

The White Lion, Aldershot

Popped into this pub after navigating the confusing streets of Aldershot. The place certainly had something unique about it, plenty of choice for real ales and there was no music in the background which made conversation easier.

Sadly i hear its to be closed down in a month or so, which shall be ashame.

3 Nov 2007 10:42

The Royal Oak, Guildford

Feel free to comment as much as you like Biker

I would visit the pubs you've suggested but they're a little bit far out.

29 Oct 2007 19:25

The Castle Hotel, Bramber

Good location near Bramber Castle.

Also a good place to sit outside in excellent weather, can be a longish wait for food however.

23 Oct 2007 14:24

The Corn Stores, Reading

Interestinly styled pub/restaurant, thanks for the info Quinno that explains why it looks the way it does!

The pub area is a bit on the small side, but thats alright. The fairly usual range of fullers drinks available, though no London Porter.

20 Oct 2007 11:42

The Imperial Arms, Farnborough

Very quiet on a Friday evening, in complete contrast to the prince of wales nearby. The Ale tasted ok here to me, interesting decorations around this pub as well, not sure why they have the old fasioned tennis racquets.

13 Oct 2007 11:42

The Market Porter, Borough

Good for real ale, not sure what else.

6 Oct 2007 12:12

Bridge Barn, Woking

Took a while to find this place, but it has a nice warm feeling to the place. A couple of ales were on, Greene King IPA and Spitfire.

So on first impressions, i'd give it a reasonable 7 out of 10

6 Oct 2007 10:29

The Three Pigeons, Guildford

Yes, i believe its now closed for refurbishment and shall open under the new name Farriers. Will become a gastro style pub.

6 Oct 2007 10:26

The Prince Albert, Guildford

Heard someone shout out, 'Get your clothes off!' from this place the other day.

So i get the feeling this place is similiar to about 4 years ago, in which case best avoided.

6 Oct 2007 10:25

O'Neills, Woking

Not always really the most friendly of people in here. Of course i accept you can get that anywhere, but it is off-putting

30 Sep 2007 10:29

12 Bar Club, Soho

Music Venue with some interesting characters, also the opportunity to watch Live Music on the Tv Monitors. Not the best Kronunberg in the World though

30 Sep 2007 10:25

Bar 36, Guildford

Now called, Bar D'or

Strange name!

25 Sep 2007 10:59

The Goldsworth Arms, Woking

The previous comment just about sums up the state of the Goldsworth at the minute.

21 Sep 2007 22:30

The Stoke, Guildford

An interesting night down at the Stoke. Watch out for the barmaids, there is a certain one who may take your money and not serve you! But not to panic, this was soon sorted out.

The pub quiz is still running with a different question master, but there is so much noise elsewhere it does not seem to be a massive event. You can always drinks a few real ales here in the meantime though, the Deuchars IPA was on but it tastes exactly the same as John Smiths cold!

18 Sep 2007 23:23

The Fly, Bloomsbury

Ok live music venue, but is a bit expensive all round. But what do you expect this is London after all

10 Sep 2007 09:24

The Market Porter, Borough

Real Ale. Thats all i can think of

3 Sep 2007 23:28

The Allenheads Inn, Allenheads

Superbly situated pub

31 Aug 2007 12:25

The Royal Oak, Holmbury St Mary

Very large food portions as i remember, though that was going back about 3 years ago now. But lovely area

31 Aug 2007 12:23

The Amsterdam, Shoreham By Sea

Not really the same atmosphere as the Red Lion

31 Aug 2007 12:21

The Red Lion Inn, Shoreham by Sea

Pub situated in perfect place for drinks/food after a cycle trip/walk.

31 Aug 2007 12:20

The Guildford Tup, Guildford

Recently become something of a live music venue. Drinks include 3 ales, deuchars IPA, bombardier and youngs

31 Aug 2007 12:18

Archee's Bar and Restaurant, Woking

Has become a sister pub to the Goldsworth over the road. Both of which have some ridiculous rules.

31 Aug 2007 11:43

The Market Porter, Borough

Real Ale Real Ale Real Ale. Not sure what else is amazing about this place, just the Real Ale

31 Aug 2007 11:40

Dirty South, Lee

Decent music venue. Place is fairly spacious though pub itself is a bit run-down

31 Aug 2007 11:39

The Market Porter, Borough

The choice of ales is what makes the pub so popular i take it. Lots of background noise is noticeable on a busy evening, also appears to be no TV or background music. Either a good thing or bad thing depending on what you're looking for, it is ok but didnt find it as brilliant as rated

20 Aug 2007 13:50

The Market Porter, Borough

They definitely like their real ale here, there was a few real ales i had not heard of before. But its also fair to say there are many other pubs with brands of real ale so i'm not quite sure whats so amazing about this pub. No TV or background music either, so fairly old fashioned style

18 Aug 2007 12:35

The Dog and Bacon, Horsham


18 Aug 2007 10:54

The White House, Guildford

ElDickster, if you are not a fan of lairy pubs, may i recommend you to the Gorldsworth Arms. They have a strict non-lairy policy.

14 Aug 2007 18:48

Project Orange, Battersea

Continues to offer excellent bottled lagers from around the world. However no sign of Grumpy old men bitter... which is a good sign

12 Aug 2007 01:41

The Windsor Castle, Clapham Junction

Alright for a drink near the station, not sure when the Kareoke is!

12 Aug 2007 01:40

The Windsor Castle, Clapham Junction

Alright for a drink near the station, not sure when the Kareoke is!

12 Aug 2007 01:40

The Prince of Teck, Earls Court


12 Aug 2007 01:39

The Prince of Teck, Earls Court

Place has changed a substantial amount since last visit, not is split into two rather like The Windsor Castle in Clapham!

12 Aug 2007 01:39

The Blackbird, Earls Court

Remains a good fullers pub, with good range of Fullers drinks + snacks

12 Aug 2007 01:38

Tumbledown Dick, Farnborough

Baffled by the 'live music' which is meant to take place here. They claim it takes place but does not seem very obvious. Unless the music is played in a special room?

10 Aug 2007 11:00

The Cricketers, Cobham

Pub has not really changed in 2 years. Menu is pretty much the same

8 Aug 2007 16:41

Flares, Guildford

Acually not 2 bad but thats if you go on a Tuesday night when it is free, indeed it may well be free a few nights per week, definitely makes more sense when cheap 2 get in

1 Aug 2007 00:12

Players Lounge, Guildford

Looks like the place has become part of 'Harpers Nightclub'

29 Jul 2007 15:42

The Keystone, Guildford

Place has not changed a great deal since last visit couple of years ago. Still sell 6X also brakspear was the guest ale on

29 Jul 2007 00:07

The Horse and Jockey, Reading

Decent live music venue if a tad small and slightly rundown interior

23 Jul 2007 15:03

The Surbiton Flyer, Surbiton

Not sure what it is with the staff here but they seem to have some kind of sixth sense! The female staff are foreign so can be tricky to get your point across at the bar but is possible if you try.

30 Jun 2007 01:01

The Goldsworth Arms, Woking

This place opens really late in fact, not sure what the place shall be like when the smoking ban comes into force. But in the meantime you can enjoy yourself. Great offer with wine as well on Thursdays where you can buy 2 bottles and get the rest of the bottle free, though it has to be said by the time you have had two glasses there is not a great deal left in the bottle!

29 Jun 2007 01:32

Archee's Bar and Restaurant, Woking

Have to say this place is first class. Very enjoyable atmosphere, though admittedly does close a tad earlier than the Goldsworth Arms down the road. Tends to server lager more than ale really, but its entertaining with a few tv screens so take your choice!

29 Jun 2007 01:30

The Legion, Guildford

Have visited this bar/club. On the whole i do quite like it, downstairs appears to be the main club area, while on the middle floor is the bar area and the top floor they have pool tables.

The bottled beers cost more than buying pints so watch out for that, all the prices are listed on the drinks menu. They do stop selling alcohol about 1am though, on a Friday at least.

23 Jun 2007 11:59

The Britannia, Guildford

Payed a first visit to this pub in about three years.
The differences are the place is more geared up towards food than it used to be, but its a lot smarter also. Not a bad place to be T-Total, the beer range does not appear to have changed much though, who knows if the beer is still crap?!

23 Jun 2007 08:59

The Cricketers, Westfield

Recently half of this pub has been redecorated. Almost like two different pubs inside

20 Jun 2007 07:17

White Hart, Old Woking

Will give this pub a second opinion, is in fact friendlier than first thought. Full of dogs however, so things can't get too out of hand. But flavoured condoms and good songs on the jukebox for entertainment

20 Jun 2007 07:16

The Crown and Anchor, Old Woking

Closing time tends to vary here according to how busy it is, which is fair enough. One slight drawback, they don't sell condoms so try the White Hart down the road

20 Jun 2007 07:15

Mr Bumble, Blackwater

Yes the black dog is still here, but the area called Blackwater is not a pleasant place.

20 Jun 2007 07:13

The Royal Swan, Blackwater

This pub should win most depressing pub of the year award

20 Jun 2007 07:12

The Miners Arms, Mytchett

Only noticed the London Pride of the ales on draught. Like a typical pub in so many ways, found the way the soap in the lavatories has a very creamy texture to it

20 Jun 2007 07:10

The Rose and Thistle, Frimley Green

This pub feels very much like your new modern type GastroStyled place. Not really the place that would appear much fun, but maybe would need to visit more than once to find this out. Full of people doing 'the old pub quiz'

20 Jun 2007 07:09

The Railway Inn, Winchester

Nice pub near the station (as you can probably guess by the title) Interesting range of Ales which i have not heard of before, also obviously a music room round the back

14 Jun 2007 10:19

The Square, Southampton

Was disappointed by the visit here, lack of workers, very basic beer range. Agree it may work better as a nightclub, considering Southampton's night life did seem a tad non-existent

6 Jun 2007 01:43

The Red Lion, Southampton

Just like the last person we went here before the square.. But not for very long. It felt like one of those local pubs where they all stare at you if 'you ain't from around these parts'

6 Jun 2007 01:39

The Five and Lime, Guildford

Nice place for a lunch out as well as a night out.
The menu is resonably priced and has surprisingly interesting choices - how about a spinach burger?

3 Jun 2007 11:07

The Golden Lion, Kings Cross

Found this pub to be ok, buying a pint on the handpumps appears to prove cheaper overall than buying a bottled beer, Just the Adnams Broadside real ale on. Take note its in fact a gay pub, but they won't judge you on your sexuality

1 Jun 2007 13:38

Scrumptious, Guildford

Actually there is something quite unique and amazing about this place, but i won't reveal what it is.

28 May 2007 11:47

Fahrenheit 55, Guildford

Has to be said the queues are often very very long here

22 May 2007 18:56

The Three Pigeons, Guildford

Menu appears updated since previous visit.

Good choice of fruit drinks as an alternative to the alcohol

22 May 2007 18:55

Rosie O'Gradys, Oxford

Quite a plesant Irish themed pub. They showed the cup final which was good. You can try Harp's Irish lager, watch out for the sign that says �500 fine if caught drinking alcohol

22 May 2007 13:36

The Bear, Oxford

An Ale Of Two Cities - the Oxford and Cambridge boat race crawl

20 May 2007 17:12

RSVP, Guildford

Now slug and lettuce

20 May 2007 13:41

The Head of the River, Oxford

You can see why this place is quite popular, its a fullers pub for a start, and plenty of sitting places outside near the river which is the appeal in the nicer weather. Found the ESB to be in good shape

20 May 2007 11:28

The Royal Oak, Guildford

What do you have against this place in particular though Beersupper? I will admit i've never eaten here, but i've always found the beer here to be fine. And the service has always seemed adequate and fairly prompt, feels like less of a locals pub than the Robin Hood over the road

16 May 2007 19:16

The Boileroom, Guildford

Surely one of the top places to go in Guildford.
Excellent bands like The Velvet Hearts often play here.

9 May 2007 18:43

The Jolly Porter, Reading

Appears to have re-opened

5 May 2007 18:29

The Three Guineas, Reading

Place always shows sports, so a good place to get passionate. Anti smoking people won't enjoy it so much

5 May 2007 15:17

The Prince of Wales, Farnborough

So many ales on! And the guest ales change so often as well, you'll also be given a chance to try a sip of a guest ale before ordering one.

Don't seem to play background music here, maybe they are rather old fashioned, but still a pleasant atmosphere. Quite surprising to see rude pictures in here last night, i expect some people didnt approve

3 May 2007 18:03

The Rat and Parrot, Woking

Mutiny, which is meant to take place every Sunday didnt take place this week. Maybe next time

But on the pub itself, massive inside. One of the biggest pubs around. Plenty of pool tables and big screens to watch. Drinks range as you'd expect is fairly basic with fairly average prices

30 Apr 2007 10:09

The Devils Dyke Hotel, Brighton

If you are cycling or walking up here you will probably be relieved to find a pub. It doesnt really matter if the food or beer isnt that great, the location means this pub shall always sell and make money.

There are ales like Sussex best bitter and 6x and plenty of other choices of beer, so its not a bad choice. The food was of a decent standard on visit today. Even if service was a bit slow. But you can't be too fussy when there are no other pubs around

28 Apr 2007 19:09

The Chameleon Bar, Woking

Better than expected on a Tuesday night in fact. Though was a tad put off by the greenish plastic glass my beer was served in, Unusual taste but perhaps it was the hint of Apple. May be better to try the bottled beers though. Be prepared for drunks to chat 2 you here

18 Apr 2007 01:34

The Herbert Wells, Woking

Tom Woods and Wolves Ale are two on at the moment, both taste similiar though Tom Woods is less strong

18 Apr 2007 01:33

The Sovereigns, Woking

This pub has just been awarded pub of the year for the Surrey/Hants border. But don't let that stop you having a red bull despite the splendid choice of real ales

18 Apr 2007 01:32

The Albany, Guildford

Courage directors is one of the ales on at the moment as well as the Greene King IPA

16 Apr 2007 14:45

The Half Moon, Putney

You'll find this to be a good pub for live music. They even have real ale here, the young's bitter may well be to your taste

6 Apr 2007 01:16

Yates's, Reading

Considering other Yates, this is quite good. The food was to a good enough standard though one item wasnt what was ordered, staff a bit on the grim side, but perhaps working here isnt much fun. Can drink John Smiths for ale

4 Apr 2007 17:40

The Pitcher and Piano, Reading

Quite nice interior and comfortable seating. Though a tad posh and that may explain high prices. You don't have to pay when ordering though it seems to all go onto a tab so you could be cheeky and leave without paying, not recommending that really!

4 Apr 2007 17:39

The Varsity Bar, University Of Surrey

The place attracts all kinds of interesting people - from Camra members to nice looking females. You'll probably like the place if you are a fan of Ringwood Ale. Is a bit far out from main town guildford however, aslong as it does not feel much like being at school you'll probably enjoy it. But if you don't behave yourself you may get told off!

24 Mar 2007 00:07

Cafe Aromas, Cobham

Ok this place is actually a cafe but if you want quick food at a cheapish price with good service then its alright

23 Mar 2007 15:47

The Albany, Guildford

Its not so great, why do we have so many bistro type places nowerdays?

17 Mar 2007 23:57

The Hare and Hounds, Claygate

Couple of nice australian barmaids

17 Mar 2007 11:23

The Foley Arms, Claygate

The beer can be server in a rather cloudy texture. But do not be too alarmed it isnt hand-made cream! Just a bit off. They like their folk music here

17 Mar 2007 09:49

The George Abbot, Guildford

Yes the tv screens are better but the place hasnt changed much. But good pub for sports and good food menu as well, for a reasonable price

14 Mar 2007 15:22

The Drummond, Guildford

The refurbishment has dramatically changed this pub, but its hard to say if its for the better. It has another become rather like yet another Gastro Pub.

The quiz machines and dart boards have gone. And here is also no TV so you could be hard pressed for entertainment in this pub.

However there is a wide choice of meals and a good choice of drinks, including the likes of Spitfire, London Pride, Leffe, Strapoman, Hoegaarden, Becks Vier, Marstons, Belle Vue and more!

The price of drinks seems about average while the price of meals is a tad expensive. Also quite strict about who goes here with rules about tracksuits and baseball caps.

Go here for a good drinks range but The nearby Stoke and Kings head shall be more entertaining

10 Mar 2007 17:21

The Albany, Guildford

Place is in need of extra workers at the moment in time

9 Mar 2007 20:45

The Boatman, Guildford

Waited to be served and got fed up in the end. There was more than 2 bar staff but only one of them was doing anything. Maybe a nice place to sit outside by the river. Inside a bit depressing. Greene King IPA and Abbot Ale were ales on

8 Mar 2007 16:16

The Queen Victoria, Shalford

Tried the Bold Foresters beer from Ringwood. Was in good condition. Have to agree it feels like a mature drinkers pub, though not unfriendly just not that appealing to someone like myself - 22 at the moment.

However its handily placed to the station if nothing else.

8 Mar 2007 16:12

The Star Inn, Guildford

The pub has improved to quite an extent.

The Gents have now been fixed and there is also a beam which helps to protect your head when making your way downstairs, very handy.

About three real ales on. Was Wadworth, IPA and Youngs on visit. Good quality

Also music is generally on time and reliable

2 Mar 2007 00:29

The Cricketers, Westfield

Afraid the music was not on this week. Always feels a bit quiet but perhaps the music will return again soon

25 Feb 2007 01:39

O'Neills, Woking

A word about the music. Appears to be only happening on Fridays now

25 Feb 2007 01:38

Jo Clarks, Guildford

An eating place or perhaps a drinking coffee place. I don't know if they even serve alcohol here

21 Feb 2007 22:55

Bar Centro, Guildford

Eating place but from what i can gather its not a place you will visit just for a drink

21 Feb 2007 22:52

The Sovereigns, Woking

Currenly has an ale on called 'Six Nations' To do with the Ruggers of course! Quite nice however

18 Feb 2007 02:25

The Eight Bells, Alton

This may be a very good pub. But finding this pub is something out of a treasure hunt challenge!

18 Feb 2007 02:23

The Barley Mow, Alton

Found the Kareoke night to be a bit not to my taste, the music rather on the Cheesey side. Hogs back TEA was the only Ale on aside from usual drinks and taste decent at least

18 Feb 2007 02:22

The Railway Arms, Alton

Great pub. The beer range is excellent. All sorts of interesting ales to try, the scenery and general entertainment of this pub make it well worth visiting. It even has a special room out the back but we never tried there in the end. 10/10

18 Feb 2007 02:19

The Railway Hotel, Alton

The first place you see for a drink on your way out of Alton station. It is totally understandable that you may get this place confused with the Railway Arms as they are very much alike in where they are located. However, rather like the last comment decided on the Courage Best.

Alright for sitting and watching TV, but not that exciting really

18 Feb 2007 02:18

The Seahorse, Shalford

2 Ales available, Timothy Taylor Landlord, which was off on visit. But they also have a nice London Pride. Decent lager as well, with Amstel on draught.

Quite a nice feel to the place, old and traditional. The food menu was intriguing, does not contain any main vegetarian dishes however. Best time to visit is on a nice day as you can sit outside

15 Feb 2007 17:12

The Key, Clapham Junction

Too off-putting with people asking what you want/what you are doing/what team do you support. Maked leaving an easy enough choice

10 Feb 2007 01:09

Project Orange, Battersea

Its different and certainly comes across as more interesting than some other places in the area. There are many unique beers to try here, however the penalty is the cost. �6.50 for 2 bottles seems extreme

10 Feb 2007 01:06

The Windsor Castle, Clapham Junction

This actually appears more like two pubs. Because you can't get to the other side of the bar through the same entrance. I expect this may incease customers levels. Beer is decent with the likes of Bombardier which was pretty good. One of the few pubs in Clapham where there isnt very LOUD noise playing

10 Feb 2007 01:04

The Live Bar, Deptford

A place where they hold regular live music. Inside it is rather like your usual bar. The drinks range is slightly better with Becks Vier, Strapoman and even cranberry juice. Found the beer to not taste brilliant but drinkable

9 Feb 2007 08:39

The Deptford Arms, Deptford

The place had a cold feel to it - in terms of atmosphere. Felt it was a slightly unfriendlyish locals pub. John Smiths and Guinness was off on visit

9 Feb 2007 01:03

The Cyder House Inn, Shackleford

A while since last visit but good place to stop off in the country. Did do some good beers here before and decent outside sitting area. But better in the spring or summer

8 Feb 2007 14:24

The Star Inn, Guildford

The food side of things does appear to have improved now - not too long to wait and good quality

3 Feb 2007 13:48

The Thatched Cottage, Farnborough

The pub still appears to be running as per usual. With a themed 70's night just next week, well worth a visit and you can even get out of drinking ale by having a becks vier. only downside was the low beams which are painful!

3 Feb 2007 01:49

The Old Courthouse, Cove

Rumours suggest the beer here isnt that good. Ugly rumours perhaps! and i am not even talking about the band Tony Blair used 2 be in. Still good beer. And good atmosphere

3 Feb 2007 01:48

The Potters Arms, Farnborough

Still decent still lively and there are still very few comments about the potters arms. Well the bar area seems to be divided into 2 but there are ales such as T.E.A london pride and Courage best. Also 2 TV screens and an eating section... So better than Cider Master suggests.

3 Feb 2007 01:46

The Plough and Horses, Cove

they sell asahi beer here. something of a bonus. but there is also plenty of ale here as its a sheperd neame pub. though the lager tasted just as good as the ale. decent atmosphere. fairly lively. does not seem like the pub people order fosters on a regular basis

3 Feb 2007 01:44

The Change of Horses, Farnborough

they sell asahi beer here. something of a bonus. but there is also plenty of ale here as its a sheperd neame pub. though the lager tasted just as good as the ale. decent atmosphere. fairly lively. does not seem like the pub people order fosters on a regular basis

3 Feb 2007 01:43

The White House, Guildford

would not bother with the quiz night here. It is unreliable as seems to be the case with most quiz nights. The only reliable quiz night is the George Abbot that i can think of in the area.

However it is still worth coming to for a drink. The Old Winter Ale is one of the seasonal offerings. Pretty pleasant but not quite as pleasant as the London Porter which is always good here.

Entertainment on offer at the moment includes open Mic Nights. Check what date before going it is unlikely to be obvious. Also a questionaire to take part in, special events for Valentines nights. And Six nations rugby to watch.

Also they have become very keen on anti smoking here, appears to very shortly be becoming a non-smoking pub. The ban officially comes into place in the summer of course

31 Jan 2007 00:12

The Fighting Cocks, Kingston Upon Thames

It is perhaps the best pub in the area, somewhere close indeed. At least it is interesting unlike some of the chain bars. The live music nights tend to get rather lively here. The Metal night on Saturday the 27Jan was an example of that. But all in all entertaining.

Only downsides would be slight lack of choice of beers and the toilets are in a poor state, somehow i doubt most people coming here are too worried about these things

28 Jan 2007 01:31

The Kings Head, Guildford

You can dare to try the hobgoblin beer here. Actually does not taste too bad

20 Jan 2007 01:25

The Guildford Tup, Guildford

Currently after bar workers here

20 Jan 2007 01:19

The Herbert Wells, Woking

Actually i should be more fair. Think the door people are only doing their job and sticking to their door times. The empire strikes back beer seems popular here at the moment

18 Jan 2007 16:58

The Rising Sun, Reading

Did not notice the beer being as bad as the previous person has stated. Certainly a lively music venue, also has the bonus of being cheap to get into and staying open until 2am

13 Jan 2007 12:29

The Oakford Social Club, Reading

Looks like the pub has now closed - soon to be becoming an entertainment venue (not sure what type) called Vivid

13 Jan 2007 12:28

O'Neills, Swindon

Typical O'neills to be honest. They basically seem to be good everywhere. This one didnt feel like anything special though. Does do a budvar in the pint format which is a bonus

13 Jan 2007 12:23

Groves Company Inn, Swindon

Very good wetherspoons on visit. Was not too overcrowded which probably made it feel better. But the service was quick and the food arrived fast as well

13 Jan 2007 12:04

The Glue Pot, Swindon

Splendid range of ales with a frendly and unique atmosphere. Don't have a bad thing to say about the place. Top marks

13 Jan 2007 12:00

The G W Hotel Bar and Grill, Swindon

The last post is very correct. Plenty of Arkell's ales here. Tried the JRA which tasted excellent. Welcome to anyone - not just people staying at the hotel.

13 Jan 2007 11:56

The Star Inn, Guildford

Afraid if you are eating here the wait can be a long time. Better for drinking and the music nights 7/10

4 Jan 2007 23:37

The George Abbot, Guildford

Think the place has become a bit tired looking. But the service is still very good 8/10

4 Jan 2007 23:36

The Anchor, Wisley

Very poor on previous visit. Shame considering its lovely location 3/10

4 Jan 2007 19:34

The Cricketers, Westfield

Not that good!.. Just add to the entertainment of a pub

29 Dec 2006 02:01

The New Inn, Send

The atmosphere in this place feels warm and fairly friendly. Not too far a walk from old woking. There isnt much of the way of entertainment in the pub, didnt notice a tv here. However it has the feeling of an old tradional pub, with interesting decorations.

The beer range is very good, with a guest ale changing on a weekly basis. Plenty of other real ales as well. Tried a Weltons Beer (brewed in horsham) which was certainly in good order. 8/10

29 Dec 2006 00:53

White Hart, Old Woking

Has private parties, makes me think of the pub as a local place for local people. Not very inviting place

29 Dec 2006 00:49

RSVP, Woking

Better than RSVP in Guildford i think but that isnt too difficult

25 Dec 2006 14:06

Jack George Phillips, Godalming

Pub quiz is a waste of time here but atmosphere and the drinks range make this pub worth a visit

24 Dec 2006 20:47

The Red Lion, Godalming

Best pub in Godalming for character

24 Dec 2006 20:25

The Rose and Crown, Godalming

Not very spacious but alright for a quick one

24 Dec 2006 20:25

The Sun, Godalming

In my opinion one of the best pubs in Godalming

24 Dec 2006 20:22

Pews, Guildford

Recommend the food here - if you can stand the waiting time, can be over 30 minutes. But all freshly made. so is good.

Good lagers here including Becks Vier, Red Stripe and Amstel

23 Dec 2006 16:59

The Crown and Anchor, Old Woking

Rather run down pub, but inside there is plenty of entertainment. London Pride and Youngs are the main ales they sell. Has as many as four tv screens, very keen on showing football - shows other stuff also. Pretty entertaining crowd in here, you'll probably have a laugh at some of the conversations which go on. Unless you can't stand some of the rude language.

Also a restaurant one side of the pub. Has two sets of toilets. Also meant to be holding a pyjama party soon. Quite bizarre but also unique

22 Dec 2006 02:03

The Goldsworth Arms, Woking

No door people, so may well be possible to come here and get drink if under 25. However with the lack of life decided to go elsewhere

22 Dec 2006 01:53

O'Neills, Woking

The pub quiz on a Thursday takes place at 7.30pm

22 Dec 2006 01:51

The Queen, Blackwater

Believe its closed. Unless any 1 else knows otherwise. But boarded up on last visit

21 Dec 2006 16:16

The Black Swan, Martyr's Green

Gave the place a visit for first time since refurbishment. It has definitely changed. It is much more like a restaurant than a pub now. They still a decent range of beers but the seating places for just drinking is now limited.

Mostly staffed with people waiting to take orders for food. The food menu is very expensive, so not worth eating on a regular basis unless you can afford it. Attracts a lot of visitors for some reason.. Its a bit out of the way so rather suprising. If you are looking for pub food and a put atmosphere this place isnt worth it.

19 Dec 2006 17:08

The Red Lion, Avebury

Overpriced pub, which cashes in on the thousands of visitors it gets in the summer. You'll generally get a decent sized meal however

11 Dec 2006 19:56

The Beachy Head, Eastbourne

Been here a couple of times after the South Downs Cycle trip. You'll basically be knackered if you've done the ride so this will be the only real place to eat or get a drink. Actually a decent choice of drinks, you are unlikely to be stuck for sitting space. But its an extremely busy area because of its location as you would expect

11 Dec 2006 19:48

The Station, Woking

Looks like the station has improved on what it was. Now even better beers available, including the amstel which tastes excellent. Also have a TV to amuse yourself while sitting around, Pool table upstairs as well. Good place to go if starting or ending a pub crawl in fact. Also situated close to the (Train Station)

10 Dec 2006 00:49

Enzo's Bar, Woking

It may not be a pub as such. But its definitely a good place to go for a drink. The beer is a tad pricy but the atmosphere is friendly and they play decent music over the sound system here. The Guinness is certainly in good quality... Bit of an eating place and i would not here as its way too expensive i feel!

However a place to go for a drink every now and then

10 Dec 2006 00:46

The Astolat, Guildford

It is somewhere to go in the area, in an area which can be devoid of life, not great but a pub is better than no pub!

3 Dec 2006 00:48

O'Neills, Woking

Music nights are rather entertaining here. Happening most Friday and Saturday nights.

The drinks range does not have any ale. But the Guinness and Amstel beers here taste more than adequate, so definitely one of the better pubs in Woking!

2 Dec 2006 01:56

The Sovereigns, Woking

Giggly bar stuff, but not to be put off. The ales are top quality and is a rather nice place to go

26 Nov 2006 03:00

The Three Guineas, Reading

Go here if you like nuts! Selling pistachio nuts and other nuts at the moment. Actually its a pretty alright place to go while waiting for a train

26 Nov 2006 02:59

Barracuda, Reading

Sure its closed? Well probably a bit rubbishy, but looked open. Still, there are many other bar/club places in Reading

26 Nov 2006 02:57

The Jolly Anglers, Reading

So this is the place alongisde the canal. Alright if you're a local otherwise can be a tad depressing...

26 Nov 2006 02:56

The Alehouse, Reading

If ever there was a pub for a rather unique atmoshphere this would have to be near the top of the list. Don't have to worry about drinking Wychwood beer here as there is ample choice. Pub is so well decorated with beer mats! Also rather busy, but people obviously like it

26 Nov 2006 02:54

Ha Ha, Reading

Better than other HaHa's?, i'm not quite convinced yet

26 Nov 2006 02:52

The Retreat, Reading

Tucked away, so much so that it will rarely get too busy here. A bit of a specialist place for drinkers. Certainly you'll get a good range here. And also be able to sample the news and ale magazine

26 Nov 2006 02:50

The Orange House, Reading

Is it really full of chavs?! Appears to be full of youngish people having a good time, not to say older people are not welcome. Okay so there is no real ale here, but there is Guinness... Or Lager! All in all seemed alright but didnt try it for very long

26 Nov 2006 02:48

The Allied Arms, Reading

Well, well well. If at first you don't get a drink here try again! The range is in fact alright, without being amazing. But the Jukebox is the main source of entertainment here, play 5 songs for �1 or just 2 songs for 50p. 7/10 for me

26 Nov 2006 02:46

Scratched, Woking

Believe this is where they now do Comedy Evenings

25 Nov 2006 11:28

The Albany, Guildford

Designed as an easting pub, as a lot of tables are reserved for people dining. However is perfectly possible to go just for a drink. Range is rather average but there are a couple of ales. I'll give it a 7

22 Nov 2006 16:51

The Foley Arms, Claygate

Slightly suprised it has reached number 2

People must be very keen on Youngs! Is a friendly and nice pub also

19 Nov 2006 13:00

The Smith and Western, Boxhill

Pub to stop off on a nice walk. Very much had a Western feel to this pub. Though that explains its name. Not really my kind of pub but the area is rather limited

11 Nov 2006 11:35

The Cricketers, Westfield

What has happened to the live music that was supposed to be on Saturdays? Pity that it isnt on anymore, still the guinness is as good as it should be

5 Nov 2006 02:07

The Sovereigns, Woking

I'd have to say this is the best pub in Woking. At least of the ones i have visited. Is a great range of drinks on at the moment. Also has pub quizzes

5 Nov 2006 02:01

The Herbert Wells, Woking

The drinks range makes this place a worthwhile visit. But the people in charge need to get a grip as by not letting people in until 1am (Which is the time they close on a saturday) is ridiculous

5 Nov 2006 02:00

O'Neills, Woking

Well, i would agree the atmosphere isnt as good as it once was. But i havent tried it enough to tell if its always a bit grim.

Still its an alright place to go, the guinness is as good as it is as most pubs

5 Nov 2006 01:57

The White House, Guildford

Improved a lot on a few years ago. Currently selling the seasonal Red Fox. Not going to dare to try that again, at least they do London Porter all year round

4 Nov 2006 11:49

The Star Inn, Guildford

The place to come for live music, as its pretty much on every night. The drinks range isnt the best in the world, but at least they sell a nice Guinness

4 Nov 2006 11:47

The Five and Lime, Guildford

Door staff are very strict at this place. No trainers are allowed so make sure you have shoes. Also got to be careful about what items you take in here. Its alright on the inside

29 Oct 2006 11:03

The Eel Pie, Twickenham

Funny name, but no eel pie on the menu!

Liked this place, has an old fashioned feel but seemed friendly. Good beers such as the sussex bitter

22 Oct 2006 22:13

The Hook, Line and Sinker, Twickenham

Found this place to be good. Actually has a beer list on the menu which is a bit rare, so thats a good bonus. Very much a sports kind of pub, plenty of seating

22 Oct 2006 22:12

Auberge, Guildford

The Word expensive comes to mind.
Food takes along time to arrive as well, not tempted to go back there unless it has improved a lot

16 Oct 2006 18:46

The Boileroom, Guildford

This new music venue has already got very popular.
Most nights starts at 7pm and go onto 11 or 12
Prices range from around 3 pounds to 5.
The downsides would be the drinks range is rather basic. Mostly lager on offer. Also sitting space is minimal, more of a place for standing up or dancing

7 Oct 2006 11:13

Rodboro Buildings, Guildford

The bouncers could do with learning some manners. Getting shoved out of this place after showing valid ID, isnt friendly. They could at least give a reason why, but they clearly make up their minds and decide they dont want you anywhere near the place

5 Oct 2006 14:16

The Three Pigeons, Guildford

Always seems like a pub with hardly any atmosphere. Bit of a place to go if you are short of options!

5 Oct 2006 14:12

Shaftesbury Arms, Richmond

Feels like a real pub, Good drinks as well for you 2 try. Also nice big screen. Good

5 Oct 2006 14:06

The Hope, Richmond

Basically as people have said a rugby pub. And guinness is the most popular of the beers. Shouting lads is basically the main atmosphere

5 Oct 2006 14:05

Orange Tree, Richmond

Place for eating. Does not really have the feel of a pub. The drinks are too expensive. Bit it is Richmond after all

5 Oct 2006 14:03

Princess Royal, Brentford

Quite a large pub. Pretty dead atmosphere on visit, however contains a jukebox. Didnt find out the full range of songs, trouble with them is you never know how long it will take for songs to come on. Bit of a queue this time around

22 Sep 2006 16:34

The Watermans Arms, Brentford

Slightly limited sitting places at this pub. Quite an interesting selection of food on the menu. But only tried the beer, which was good

22 Sep 2006 16:33

The Bricklayers Arms, Brentford

Slightly limited sitting places at this pub. Quite an interesting selection of food on the menu. But only tried the beer, which was good

22 Sep 2006 16:32

The Beehive, Brentford

Run down pub, think it generally attracts people 35+. This pub had a dog on or visit. So watch out for that if you see it around. Pub contains leftlets, but a lot of them were out of date. Watching the tv is fun here

22 Sep 2006 16:30

The Globe, Brentford

Maybe great for atmosphere on band nights yes - but quite a low key atmosphere on weekday visit. Only serve the London Porter during the winter. Not sure whats with the 3 skull's by the bar. Bit unusual to say the least

22 Sep 2006 16:27

O'Neills, Kingston Upon Thames

I didnt eat here but it said on the menu you can get a taste of ireland. The menu looked just about the same as anywhere however, i like O'Niells pubs mostly

19 Sep 2006 14:48

The Blisland Inn, Blisland

If you happen to be in bisland then you may as well pop in here. Food served most of the day until 9pm most days. Try a pint of local Bisland ale if you like

10 Sep 2006 18:24

The Pheasant, St Newlyn East

Pub in the middle of nowhere. You'll possibly find as many horses here as people. Even though its quiet its set in a nice place so you may as well go here because you are stuffed for other places nearby

10 Sep 2006 18:20

The Thatched Cottage, Farnborough

People seem like they know each other a lot here. As with many of the pubs in the area. A more lively pub than some, better atmosphere as well. Drinks are good

1 Sep 2006 14:00

The Potters Arms, Farnborough

Well i don't think Cidermaster's comment is quite fair. Though they may of had a bad experience. The pub is friendly enough, not a great place for groups. As its so small so hard to get many people at 1 table

1 Sep 2006 13:58

The Links, Fleet

A rather nice pub just close to the station so a good 1 to come to at any time of day really. You'll find plenty of seating space which should suit many customers. Drinks are fairly average however, still i cant think of any other low points

27 Aug 2006 02:04

Emporium, Fleet

Has the feel of a place which can get indeed very lively, with live music on quite a lot. Very much a bar but at least you can get abbot ale here

27 Aug 2006 02:00

Propaganda, Fleet

Certainly has that feel of a cross between a bar and a pub but more of a bar actually. You may find getting a seat here hard, but you'll get a nice view

27 Aug 2006 01:58

The Oatsheaf, Fleet

A very nice pub with a warm atmosphere. The drinks are alright with youngs and london pride for the ale drinkers. You will find the toilets if you look hard enough

27 Aug 2006 01:53

The Prince Arthur, Fleet

Basically like any other wetherspoons. But with the additional plus side of having some unusual ales. Also games machines to play on add to the fun

27 Aug 2006 01:52

The Kings Head, Guildford

This pub is still very much open. Late license to 1am on Fridays and Satursdays, although this seems to change on a weekly basis. You are allowed to have fun here to a certain extent, always a good place to go

26 Aug 2006 13:04

The Winning Horse, Claygate

This is an extremely confusing pub. On entrance there are 2 doors, one saying ladies and one saying gents. However you can indeed enter on both sides, the gents side has a jukebox so plenty of choices of music, including that robbie williams

19 Aug 2006 10:17

The Griffin, Claygate

This has the feeling of a very tradional pub, a nice enough atmosphere

19 Aug 2006 10:14

The Hare and Hounds, Claygate

If you fancy a laugh then come here. Seems to be a bit of an eating place as well as a pub. Also you can always invest in some chewable toothbrushes!

19 Aug 2006 10:12

The Foley Arms, Claygate

This place will certainly put some zest into you. Especially if you try Youngs golden zest. It tasted pretty good here. This place mainly attracts a middle-aged crowd.

19 Aug 2006 10:09

The Alma Tavern, Wandsworth Town

Interesting style of bar, unlike your usual pub setup. Bar in the middle of the room with the sitting area around it, the range is a bit typical of most pubs though. still think it is a place which can be very entertaining. you'll have to take a bit of a walk to find the lavatories mind you. 7 out of 10

11 Aug 2006 17:24

The Beehive, Wandsworth

Come here for a fuller's pub. unsuprisingly doesnt sell london porter. can try the pride, but i didnt like the way it tasted here. you can always entertain yourself by reading a real ale newsletter, but not one of the best pubs i've been to 3/10

11 Aug 2006 17:21

The Tournament, West Brompton

Do live music here sometimes, didnt stay long enough to find out how good it was. Good place to go to start or end a pub crawl or just wait for a train as the station is over the road

6 Aug 2006 17:06

The Richmond, Earls Court

Did not see this pub for some reason, it must be well hidden or something

6 Aug 2006 17:04

The Prince of Teck, Earls Court

Well the name is bizarre for a start, but not unusual on the inside of this pub. Reading material as well which is always a good addition to a pub. Decent range of drinks, so i'd say a good place to come to

6 Aug 2006 17:04

The Kings Head, Earls Court

A slightly less busy pub than many of the others in the area. Tucked away down a quiet road, the pub is certainly interesting for its unusual range of beers.
Tried the sleeman, you'll get yourself an unusual glass! Though the beer wasnt anything special in the end. Also plenty of reading material here

6 Aug 2006 17:03

The Blackbird, Earls Court

Being a Fullers pub no doubt a lot of people shall come here for the beer, no london porter at the moment however, still decent alternatives

6 Aug 2006 17:01

O'Neills, Earls Court

The guinness tasted good here, as you would expect with most O'neills and most pubs generally. Very busy pub, but worth a visit

6 Aug 2006 16:59

No.88 Bar and Grill, Kingston Upon Thames

Certainly not a bad place. Contains a pool table as with quite a few of the pubs in the area

9 Jul 2006 11:08

The Fighting Cocks, Kingston Upon Thames

Don't be put off by the title. This is an excellent place, has the most lively atmosphere of pubs tried in Kingston. Seemed like a place people come to have a good time

9 Jul 2006 11:07

The Wheelwrights Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

A tip of you are ordering water. They tend to sell it in bottles, so best to make a point of wanting tap water if thats what you are planning to have

9 Jul 2006 11:05

The Ram, Kingston Upon Thames

I agree with Lawrence17 partly in that there did seem to be a bit of a smell. But around the bar area, who knows why. But it was fine in the seating area. They showed Mrs Doubtfire here, not the sort of thing i expect to see in a pub. Good place to come if you are a fan of real Ale

9 Jul 2006 11:04

The Druid's Head, Kingston Upon Thames

A Hogshead pub, seems massive on the inside. Prepare for a long walk to the toilets if you are sitting downstairs. There are decent ales you can buy here. Good place to go if you are a fan of IPA

9 Jul 2006 11:01

O'Neills, Kingston Upon Thames

As with O'Niells in most places this is a good place to go. Yes they do sell Guinness here of course, but you dont have to go for that. Plenty of seating space. You can also get a taste of Ireland here, though some of the food on the menu doesnt exactly sound Irish

9 Jul 2006 10:59

Mr Bumble, Blackwater

Better than the one across the road in my opinion. Has a bit of a friendlier atmosphere and better drinks as well. Can watch the big screen here. Watch out for the big black dog when you walk in

29 Jun 2006 12:52

The Royal Swan, Blackwater

This place doesnt generate a great deal of life for some reason. The people here mostly seem to be locals. Not many ales available of note

29 Jun 2006 12:51

The Waggon and Horses, Surbiton

A rather nice pub with a friendly atmosphere, come here if you like Youngs Bitter or if you like watching footy

24 Jun 2006 01:12

The Prince of Wales, Farnborough

Everyone seems to like this pub. Yes it is good with the amount of ales they do serve. Definitely about the best pub in Farnborough, though i won't give it 10 out of 10, the interior slightly puts the rating down for me. 8 out of 10

9 Jun 2006 15:39

The Rising Sun, Reading

Well i tried this pub as i waited for a train. To an extent i like it, seems rather cool in its 2am late license. A good place to come in the evening no doubt. in the daytime though, a little bit depressing. Think the people here know each other, the Brakspear is a good beer to try if you pop in

9 Jun 2006 15:36

Good Intent, Petersfield

Place looks lively enough. Watch out because it closes at 10.30 on Sundays

5 Jun 2006 14:35

The Green Dragon, Petersfield

Appears to be closed

5 Jun 2006 14:31

The Market Inn, Petersfield

A good place to look out of the window at the nearby shops and scenery. A slightly cramped feel to this pub, or maybe that is just me

5 Jun 2006 14:30

The Old Drum, Petersfield

This place looked totally dead!

5 Jun 2006 14:28

The George, Petersfield

The pub looks different on the inside than i expected it would. A modern feel to the place, drinks are of decent quality. The T.E.A seems to be good here

5 Jun 2006 14:27

Square Brewery, Petersfield

A pleasant pub in the square. Sells Fullers which is always good for any pub, so a decent range of drinks on offer. Very quiet in the daytime, but the music is certainly loud.

5 Jun 2006 14:25

The Dukes Head, Sandhurst

No comments about this pub so far i see. Well what can you say about the Dukes Head? Certainly fairly quality ales about as its a Greene King pub. Don't be put off by the England flags outside it is certainly worth a visit

21 May 2006 02:46

The Wellington Arms, Sandhurst

Come to the Wellington Arms if you fancy a game of darts or even if you just want a drink. A place to come and watch tv as well. Seems to be 1 of the more lively pubs in the area though a slight walk from the station though not too far

21 May 2006 02:43

The Rose and Crown, Sandhurst

Has an interesting choice of beers available so take your fancy. The seating is alright but be prepared to be moved around a bit incase of live music. Has a jukebox as well if you are tempted

21 May 2006 02:41

The Village Inn, Sandhurst

A pub which is very local to the station. Watch out for the England flags outside, there appear to be lots of them! As its near World Cup season of course. This pub seems a good place to start off a crawl with London Pride being the obvious choice of ale

21 May 2006 02:40

Scrumptious, Guildford

its platform 9 now with a late license and full of very excitable girls. in much contrast to the old plough

14 May 2006 20:06

The Prince of Wales, Wimbledon

Getting a seat is difficult. Gets rather packed even earlyish in the evening. A lot of people must know its a good pub. Seems 2 be mostly female workers at the bar

22 Apr 2006 10:42

The Alexandra, Wimbledon

A good pub. Sells youngs which are generally good beers everywhere. Has a golf game machine where you can win prizes. But most likely to be a waste of money

22 Apr 2006 10:40

O'Neills, Wimbledon

This O'Niells is unsuprisingly biased towards guinness

22 Apr 2006 10:37

Bar Sia, Wimbledon

A very small bar with a lack of sitting space, imagine this place can easily get packed out. There are plenty of bottled beers including becks, slate and tiger. Just like regular bars. Difficult to get
a pint though. Showed music videos on tv which are
always a bit of a laugh

22 Apr 2006 10:36

The Green Man (Harvester), Burpham

Food can be unclear at times. Appears that you can help yourself but also choices on the menu. Pretty slow service in truth. Needs a good dusting over

17 Apr 2006 09:46

The Bricklayers Arms, Ash

I am very suprised that they show Harry Potter films here. Would not of thought it would appeal to most people!

16 Apr 2006 03:03

The Lion Brewery, Ash

An update on this pub. The most lively pub in Ash by a long way. So much live music goes on here plus a nice choice of beers. Good place to go

16 Apr 2006 03:02

The Standard of England, Ash

I have my doubts that this pub is still here. Not much sign of life. Any updates?

16 Apr 2006 03:00

The Fairmile, Cobham

Never saw Alan Partridge here sadly. One of those places that has a gigantic seating area. Seems like a bit hotel, with a big choice of food on the menu and drinks at the bar. Very much off the main road so could do with a car to get to the entrance. It looks posh on the outside but isnt especially on the inside

16 Mar 2006 18:09

The Cricketers, Cobham

If you dont eat meat there isnt a great deal on the menu. A nice place for a drink. Inside is gloomy but very nice outside when the weather is good

28 Feb 2006 21:34

The Black Horse, Gomshall

Well it is certainly a place to eat. But you will have to like Thai food if you are going to eat here! One of 3 pubs in the location, Looks like the best of the 3. Plenty of outside parking should you be driving

28 Feb 2006 21:33

The Stepping Stones, Westhumble

A great pub to visit just after a bike ride or walk. Near denbies the vineyard. The only problem is that it takes ages to get served during the summer, still if you want to stop for just a snack and drink this is a good place with a little garden outside for sitting in

28 Feb 2006 21:30

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Claims to have the longest bar in Britain. But then again so does a pub in Winchester, who can be telling the truth? Good sized places very local to the station so worth a visit

27 Feb 2006 17:40

Project Orange, Battersea

A fine place. Beers from all over the place to be had here and cocktails as well, if you like your drinks then come here. Definitely an orange seem, an unusual kind of bar but better than most

27 Feb 2006 17:38

The Windsor Castle, Clapham Junction

Kind of agree that it did seem a little bit like an old man's pub. Even so it seemed like a decent place, friendly enough and they even play robbie williams tunes

27 Feb 2006 17:37

The Waverley Arms, Farnham

Well a bullet proof vest isnt necessary! Friendly enough small pub, with a good range of beer. Rather cramped but if its not too busy you shall be fine

13 Feb 2006 00:32

The Slug and Lettuce, Farnham

Quite a big hogs head. Decent range of drinks. Can get two meals for �7.95 on any day. Though apparently according to fallendragon its crap food anyway

13 Feb 2006 00:31

The Seven Stars, Farnham

Well if you want a quiet drink this is the place to come! As empty a pub as you will find!

13 Feb 2006 00:29

The Marlborough Head, Farnham

Would say it was my favourite pub in farnham of the ones visisted. Friendly atmosphere + good beers

13 Feb 2006 00:28

The Albion, Farnham

Very passionate about the pub quiz they have here. Decent range of ales

13 Feb 2006 00:27

The Hope and Anchor, Wokingham

A locals pub for local people.. That was the general feeling anyway. However it wasnt unfriendly or anything

30 Dec 2005 01:50

Molly's Millars, Wokingham

This is very sporty. More of a bar than a pub i feel. Quite like it. but over strict about people coming in and not buying a drink

30 Dec 2005 01:49

The New Rose, Wokingham

One of the most interesting pubs i've come across! However i like the place..Quite a youngish crowd and rather spacious

30 Dec 2005 01:48

The Duke's Head, Wokingham

Seems like quite a nice place to for a drink.. Plus a jukebox but as for the songs they take ages to play

30 Dec 2005 01:47

The Crispin, Wokingham

Nice atmosphere. Has a good range of ales and is recommended by Camra.. Suggest you take a look at the books as well..

30 Dec 2005 01:46

The Hole In The Wall, Waterloo

The noice which goes on like every 30 seconds makes this place off-putting. The bridge overhead that is. They do serve decent ales at least. Weird decorations however, only handy as its close to the station and is probably slightly better than the bars located in the station.. (Havent tried them, so cant be sure)

27 Nov 2005 01:44

The Jubilee Tavern, Waterloo

Very quiet early on in the evening for some reason. Didnt notice the gay pub talk thing. Dont know if its true. did seem to play a lot of Jolly music. It may be a 'gay' pub but i think others are welcome anyway

27 Nov 2005 01:42

The Fire Station, Waterloo

Dont know whats with the seating system which states. 'Please wait to be seated' Yeah, well its rather a long wait actually as the staff dont bother to seat you! Kind of makes it off-putting, a mixture of bar/restaurant. Wouldnt touch the restaurant area i dont think. Not a place i want to revisit in a hurry

27 Nov 2005 01:40

The Crown and Cushion, Waterloo

Does seem like a very popular place, which probably does attract locals but doesnt make others feel unwelcome really, So its definitely an OK place to go. Do darts competitions which is quite cool, does seem a lively place

27 Nov 2005 01:38

The Horse Bar, Waterloo

Well, this does seem like a good place to come if you are young. If you are on the pull maybe also good as well, not sure when the best time is for that however.. Maybe weekends or something? Not that i was trying to do that anyway! a good little place

27 Nov 2005 01:37

The Tradesmans Arms, Cove

Not good comments, didnt see the very bad side of the pub that has been suggested here. Though did get the impression that it was a rather run-down place. Not as good as the old courthouse, but i think its not the worst pub in farnborough

6 Nov 2005 01:48

The Old Courthouse, Cove

This is a good pub. Friendly atmosphere and a very good selection of beers available. Not all the people seem old here as hengist suggests

6 Nov 2005 01:46

The Alexandra, Farnborough

Rather different from the Tumbledown Dick. Rather mature crowd indeed, though it does have the advantage of having a friendly atmosphere

6 Nov 2005 01:45

Tumbledown Dick, Farnborough

I am not so sure about the friendly atmosphere that fattyboombatty is talking about! the pub seems good in some ways, very musical orientated pub and a nice guinness. Though the people in here may come across as a tad aggressive, quite intimidating!

6 Nov 2005 01:43

The Wey Inn, Godalming

Didnt seem too bad. 40p to play pool, plenty of pool tables round the back. Not too obvious when you go in as it seems like a small pub

30 Oct 2005 14:58

The Elephant and Castle, North Camp

Never went in here, have to say it can be confusing to know if its actually open given the fact that half of it appears closed. Maybe this pub is just trying to be different?

24 Oct 2005 17:53

The North Camp, North Camp

This is a good pub, people of all ages seem to come here. Designed for the sporty types as well as regular beer drinkers. Though confusion surrounds the pub quiz which i get the feeling isnt running at the moment

24 Oct 2005 17:51

The Squirrel, North Camp

This certainly does have a lot of sitting space available, you do need that many when the quiz nights are on (thursdays and sundays) seems a bit designed for car drivers, dont be put off if you cant find a way to get in at the 1st attempt, its not rocket science just can take a big of logical thinking

24 Oct 2005 17:50

The Old Ford, North Camp

Very handy place to have a pub - just next to the station, this place has some very interesting decorations inside. Seems like a true british pub, lots of ales to buy

24 Oct 2005 17:48

The Bricklayers Arms, Ash

Think the locals here like to chat to the customers who come in. Seems friendly enough, a tad tatty however. Sells Triple Crown

26 Sep 2005 17:54

The Dover Arms, Ash

This place seemed to close for a period of time during saturday evening. Not the way to get more customers! I dont know when people go here most

26 Sep 2005 17:51

The Lion Brewery, Ash

The best pub in Ash, or of the ones i visited anyway. You can understand its high rating. The live music certainly adds to the atmosphere, just unclear about when it starts. Big TV screen as well

26 Sep 2005 17:49

The Slug and Lettuce, Weybridge

Seems like they are strict about people getting in here. Had some sort of fancy dress on this evening. Can imagine Julius Cesear coming here!

18 Sep 2005 01:20

The Queens Head, Weybridge

Next to a local market, bit peculiar it seemed. However it had a decent atmosphere, plus a TV to watch

18 Sep 2005 01:18

The British Volunteer, Weybridge

Not as bad as i thought it would be! Seemed like a rather cheerful crowd in here, probably regulars. Does not mean you have to be passionate about being British or anything, so its alright. Good beers available

18 Sep 2005 01:17

Dexters, Weybridge

A wine bar, so not the place to go for beer especially anyway

18 Sep 2005 01:16

The Jolly Farmer, Weybridge

Quite a mature person's pub. Decent range of drinks, very interestingly decorated place, friendly enough atmosphere for sure. Fair to say that this place is rather JOLLY as the name suggests

18 Sep 2005 01:13

The Hand and Spear, Weybridge

Live Music this Saturday night, a rather lively place it seems. Certainly seems to be more of a young persons place, didnt stay long enough to get a real feel of what this place is like. I'd say its worth a visit, did cost 3 quid to get in for the live music however

18 Sep 2005 01:10

Abaya, Weybridge

Was rather quiet when we went there but that was quite early on, i believe this place gets busier later on. Quite expensive for beer, and a rather limited range.

18 Sep 2005 01:09

Bar Vin, Horsham

I'd say this is more suitable for young people. Expect it gets lively in the evenings. Nice place, very spacious atmosphere. Their side portion of curly fries is rather massive. Good place to watch tv also

13 Sep 2005 00:31

Ye Old Stout House, Horsham

Is this a locals pub? It does seem to be, got a bad idea about it here straight after going in. Seemed very obvious that young looking people are not welcome. I'd say if your not at least over 30 and not from around these parts (horsham) you probably wont be too welcome here. Try it if you want though!

13 Sep 2005 00:29

The Black Jug, Horsham

This is a non-smoking pub. It seems like a nice idea, do not see why they have pipes in their decor. bit of a funny atmosphere overall!

13 Sep 2005 00:25

The Lounge Bar, Godalming

Gave it a very quick visit, seems quite a lively place. Does seem to be decorated in a very eccentric style, with plenty of candles and some unusual lighting

29 Aug 2005 12:03

Hush, Godalming

If this is the showpiece place in Godalming's nightlife its clearly lagging behind Guildford. Its not that its bad, it just isnt all that

29 Aug 2005 12:02

The Leathern Bottle, Godalming

They have a dartboard here with plenty of darts. Seems to be free to play. There was almost no young people here, most people seem to be 50+, so maybe a bit of a retired pub

29 Aug 2005 12:00

The Chicago Rock Cafe, Basingstoke

I think this is where the youth of basingstoke come in the evenings

23 Aug 2005 16:06

The Bounty Inn, Basingstoke

Interestingish atmosphere. The jukebox didnt seem to easy to get to work. Makes it a more interesting an experience if you shout 'ck jeans' when leaving the pub. thats if you are not too embarassed to do so

23 Aug 2005 16:05

The Red Lion, Basingstoke

Closes during the day for a few hours, which doesnt help. Part of a hotel

23 Aug 2005 16:02

Rhu Bar, Basingstoke

As empty as.............. the moon. well not quite bit it was early on a friday

23 Aug 2005 16:01

The Bakers, Basingstoke

Didnt seem to be a problem with sitting upstairs. Good beer in here, wasnt tempted by the games machine on offer

23 Aug 2005 15:59

The Three Mariners, Bagshot

I cant remember what happened in here! Think it was reasonable

22 Jul 2005 01:16

The Kings Arms (Hungry Horse), Bagshot

Difficult to say much about this pub to be honest

22 Jul 2005 01:15

The White Hart, Bagshot

Does seem like a bit of a locals pub, not bad. Doesnt have the best atmosphere in the World

22 Jul 2005 01:14

The Fighting Cocks, Bagshot

seems like a rather quiet pub, though being able to chose your own songs via the jukebox adds to the entertainment

22 Jul 2005 01:13

The Surbiton Flyer, Surbiton

i was slightly put off by an ongoing argument. probably a 1 0ff though, good beers

29 Jun 2005 15:18

The New Prince, Surbiton

interesting beers to try in this pub. generally didnt seem to have a whole load of atompshere. saw no sign of the quiz at all. not sure what time it is held exactly, expect we missed it

29 Jun 2005 15:15

The Goose, Camberley

A good place. Never checked the lavatories i do not know what JJ Akumba suggests by the objects in the lavotories, but it would have been interesting to have found out. Maybe similiar to Yates perhaps

9 Jun 2005 00:52

Yates's, Camberley

This seems like a good yates. The lavatories seem to consist of the most interesting condom machine ever!

9 Jun 2005 00:49

The Claude Du Vall, Camberley

The wetherspoons of Camberley. Generally like most wetherpoons i think, does lack atmosphere on a wednesday afternoon. Then again thats hardly the most popular time for pubs

9 Jun 2005 00:48

The Toad at the Dairy, Camberley

Believe this pub is now the RSVP. So i guess it gets rather popular at the weekends. Seems like a decent place to go. Better than some RSVP's

9 Jun 2005 00:47

Carpenters Arms, Camberley

The comments on this pub seem rather unfair. Quiz night on Wednesday which does seem lively enough. Draws in a fairly large crowd, do take their time reading out the answers but it generates a good atmosphere nontheless

9 Jun 2005 00:44

The Running Horse, Leatherhead

Very little sitting area in this pub. Does generally seem to attract a fairly mature crowd. Not one of the better pubs in the area

20 May 2005 15:49

The Plough, Leatherhead

Fairly entertaining pub - for a Plough at least

20 May 2005 15:47

Penny Black, Leatherhead

Seems like a fairly popular pub this one. Decent range of ales

20 May 2005 15:45

The Edmund Tylney, Leatherhead

Does feel a touch old fashioned. However an excellent place for cheap drinks and also for reading books - which can be most entertaining!

20 May 2005 15:42

The Dukes Head, Leatherhead

This feels like a pub with quite a nice atmosphere. Good for watching sport as well

20 May 2005 15:41

The Pilgrim, Dorking

Watch out for the assholes apparently. Interestingly decorated pub. Seemed alright though you never know what kind of late night entertainment they have. Also there is a signpost for it down the road where it isnt actually located. Why?, one asks

22 Apr 2005 01:09

The Kings Arms, Dorking

The music is quite entertaining in this pub. Does seem like 1 of the more lively pubs in Dorking

22 Apr 2005 00:59

The Star, Dorking

I cant say the atompshere was all that here. At least they did help with directions to dorking deepdene station

22 Apr 2005 00:58

The Queens Head, Dorking

Very passionate about england in here! Seems alright though

22 Apr 2005 00:56

The Cricketers, Dorking

This does seem like a good place to go to in Dorking. Can get interesting characters in here and the pub does have a lot of character. Fullers beers are good, though they could make it more clear cut about what fullers drinks they are selling

22 Apr 2005 00:55

The Anchor and Horseshoes, Burpham

This is a decent place, a little bit of a walk from Guildford. They do serve some good beers. The pub quiz does seem to be for the slightly older generation. You really will need to know your music, if you dont you may as well call yourself the boring team

18 Apr 2005 10:57

The Red Cross Inn, Reigate

They play live music. Didnt really attract much of a crowd, more the opposite effect

8 Apr 2005 11:19

The Bulls Head, Reigate

Not sure that youngish people who are not regulars are especially welcome

8 Apr 2005 11:15

The Market Hotel, Reigate

Dont be too alarmed by the notices outside, its possible to get in even if your not too smartly dressed. They probably do get strict after about 8pm it seems

8 Apr 2005 11:13

The Bell, Reigate

This has the feeling of being a fairly mature pub. There are worse Greene pubs about. Wouldnt make it a regular place to go

8 Apr 2005 11:11

The Tower, Redhill

Seems like its quite a scruffy pub, not a young persons place on the whole. Though it seems alright for a quick drink and watching footy

21 Mar 2005 15:11

The Sun, Redhill

One of the better places to go in Redhill. Very much an open area pub which makes for a good atmosphere. Good place to people watch as well

21 Mar 2005 15:10

Red Lion, Redhill

Gets the feeling of being slightly isolated. Think its one of those places where the regulars tend to go, though i think its a friendly enough place.

21 Mar 2005 15:08

O'Neills, Redhill

The baseball cap message is a little disconcerting. Though its so people can be identified easily, dont know how much trouble they get here. You do wonder!

21 Mar 2005 15:07

Bar Med, Reading

The comments here dont seem too kind. Just by the pretty riverside complex. It isnt anything to write home about, rather tacky looking

13 Mar 2005 17:07

The Sovereigns, Woking

Just a short walk from main town Woking this is a nice place to go for a drink. Its very comfortable to go to and has a nice relaxed atmposphere. They also serve fentimen's drinks which is handy for people wanting a non-alcohol drink

25 Feb 2005 10:23

The Station, Woking

It seems like this place has late opening hours which is quite handy. They do a nice pint of London Pride as well. Not sure why they show extreme sports on the tv. Most people going were pretty middled aged and not really interested in it! Important not to get 'the station' confused with the train station which is very close to it

25 Feb 2005 10:21

The Herbert Wells, Woking

It does feel like this is a rather dated place. Most of the pub is decorated in old fashioned brown colours. Its a decent enough place for a cheap drink, they dont play any music at all it seems. That helps when you want to have a chat, though doesnt really create much atmosphere

25 Feb 2005 10:18

The Star, Godalming

This place seems to have an interesting atmoshphere. Quite a few people with the moustache without the beard go here, thats not always a bad thing unless they are members of forsythism. Didnt seem easy to find a seat here, Its the regular place for Forsythists to go to.

18 Feb 2005 10:58

The Richmond Arms, Godalming

Very much seems to be a place where locals tend to visit. Quite a dry atmosphere really, though there are worse place in Godalming.

18 Feb 2005 10:57

RSVP, Guildford

This place seems alright. The usual sorts of drinks are on offer. Quite a big area for sitting around to. Can attract a bit of an aggressive crowd though. Be careful about what you say

10 Feb 2005 13:12

The Five and Lime, Guildford

A rather small place to go really, not really the most interesting place in Guildford. The Jamaican beer red strike is pretty good though

1 Feb 2005 12:41

The Live and Let Live, Guildford

Not the freindliest place to go. If you look like you are not too sure about this place expect to told to leave in a rather obvious manner

1 Feb 2005 12:40

The Drummond, Guildford

Good for tv screens here, there seems to be quite decent entertainment. They are currently advertising people to join the Guildford Albion football team. The winner takes home the Prince Albert cup - not sure many people want to have their name associated with the Prince Albert

1 Feb 2005 12:38

The Guildford Hotel, Guildford

Good place to go and watch sport. there are also some nice beers to try at this place. It seems quiet a lot of the time, not a likely place to pull ladies. Mostly a male pub really

21 Jan 2005 13:49

The George Abbot, Guildford

The pub quiz is good unless you call yourself Bruce Forsyth's tiny erection. They tend to not forgive you for that

6 Jan 2005 12:34

O'Neills, Woking

This seems like a decent Irish pub. Can get quite busy though. Its quite nicely decorated, especially the balloons. Though im not sure why they would put balloons up in a pub!?

31 Dec 2004 15:43

Yates's, Woking

This Yates is ok. Its pretty quite on a thursday night compared to o'niells over the road however. Usual types of drinks, cant complain about it really. Though watching Yates TV can be a bit boring

31 Dec 2004 15:37

Players Lounge, Guildford

TV star Bruce Forsyth is said to make regular weekend trips here in an attempt to pull. That may either put you off dramatically or turn you on. Just think what could happen if you play your cards right tonight

23 Sep 2004 10:59

Rodboro Buildings, Guildford

No real change from the old version. More or less the same style of furniture. Can now get San Miguel in a pint format which is a bonus. Better TV screens as well. They do seem rather more strict though about how people behave

21 Sep 2004 22:01

The Kings Head, Guildford

Not the best pub for watching football in. The view is likely to be rather blocked. Good outside sitting area. Theres very little pressure on buying extra drinks

6 Sep 2004 19:17

The Stoke, Guildford

The quiz here isnt all that well organised. It is very poor compared to the one at the George Abbot. It was very unclear its marking scheme. Plus the questions go incredibly slowly.

6 Sep 2004 19:15

Heywoods, Guildford

This pub has a tendency to be quite quiet. they also have a lot of round tables which can be a problem for people who prefer square ones.

31 Aug 2004 12:29

Ye Olde Ship Inn, Guildford

This is generally a place to go and eat out rather than going for a drink. Every table was setup for people eating out!

14 Aug 2004 16:02

Jo Clarks, Guildford

They seem to expect a ten pound tip before you leave.

14 Aug 2004 15:59

Scrumptious, Guildford

Anyone under the age of 50 forget it. Expect to be stared at like your David Dickinson when looking in at this place. They are just not friendly with young people!

14 Aug 2004 15:58

The Keystone, Guildford

This is not a bad place. They do a nice 6X. This is a good place to go if you want to finish drinks later than 11

14 Aug 2004 15:57

The Red Lion Inn, Shoreham by Sea

A very good place to stop off at following a cycle ride along the south downs link. Nice atmosphere in what seems a very old building. Food and beer is good

9 Aug 2004 14:13

The Black Swan, Martyr's Green

located in a nice country area. Plenty of gangsters do tend to hand around but if you can ignore that its nice - outside seats are best. There is even an old football pitch just near.

9 Aug 2004 14:10

Pews, Guildford

They used to sell very nice food here. Dont think the place is as good as it used to be. Small area for drinking as well

9 Aug 2004 12:40

The Green Man (Harvester), Burpham

Very good guinness served here. Although the range isnt that great. More of a restaurant than a pub in many ways

8 Aug 2004 19:07

The Kings Head, Guildford

Lack of sitting space really and can feel a little cramped. Off-putting if you dislike smoking. The directors pint here has quite a poor reputation.

7 Aug 2004 16:20

The Stoke, Guildford

This is a quality pub. The new look pool tables are interesting. Nearly always get a good pint here and quality pizza's as well/

7 Aug 2004 16:17

The Kings Head, Guildford

This is a good place. They often serve strawberries and cream in the summer as well, personally i reckon 5pm on a Wednesday is the best time to get a drink here.

7 Aug 2004 16:16

The Prince Albert, Guildford

Decent range of beers are available. Only tried this pub once near christmas time, it was rather well decorated - especially on the inside, interesting atmosphere as well.

7 Aug 2004 16:15

Flares, Guildford

This place can be rather empty in the daytime. Plus there is not the best range of beers in the World

7 Aug 2004 16:11

The Horse and Groom, Merrow

A nice outdoor area and a pub that sells spitfire should always be considered well. Just why wasnt the cigerette ash cleaned off the table. Thats not much of a minus though

6 Aug 2004 12:42

The Hogshead, Guildford

Loud music quite often here.

3 Aug 2004 11:28

The Royal Oak, Guildford

They used to hold darts contests here.

3 Aug 2004 11:25

Rodboro Buildings, Guildford

A nice spitfire. Drink spitfire all day here for a very cheap price. You can never get enough spitefire at wetherspoons

3 Aug 2004 11:17

The George Abbot, Guildford

The pub quiz is indeed great fun. The questions are aimed at people 30+ it seems. Big sitting space

3 Aug 2004 11:14

The White House, Guildford

The honey dew is very nice here. Plus this pub often closes late. Just dont try going upstairs after closing time as you are at risk of being called a scumbag

2 Aug 2004 16:20

The Britannia, Guildford

This is a great place to go for drinks. Well that is if you cant taste what you are drinking properly. Most people generally cant. A cheap Duval is indeed available. only 3 pound 60 a bottle is quality value. Every reason to rate this pub 0 out of 10

2 Aug 2004 16:18

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