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The Kilvert's Hotel, Hay on Wye

A nice stone build in the main square, with dormer windows, front beer patio and rear beer garden.

The interior has a restaurant, which i didn't visit and a pub, which of course, i did. The pub part is one room, with a small bar in the corner. The decor is white, with beamed ceiling and supports, wood panel, along with a stone fireplace at one end and a marble-effect? one at the other. The decoration is a mixture of paintings, caricature/cartoon and the lamented but stunning Audrey Hepburn - oh, and a guitar. There were a collection of wine bottles and an array of real ale beer mats/pump clips. There was a big screen TV, not on.

The service was excellent, "especially the older woman", the clientele mixed and sadly for a miserable person like me, the place was full both at lunch and evening when i popped back. It seems popular with the locals as a couple of the book sellers were in, that i had chatted to, when i returned.

I didn't eat here, but i wish i had. No idea of the quality, but the portions looked decent and nothing can be worse than the Hay Cafe, where i paid £11 for a couple of lamb burgers that were burnt and no thicker than one of the beer mats on the wall here.

Beer; usual tap things, with an excellent Butty Bach,a decent Arkells Moonlight and Brecon Brewery's Kilvert's Gold and an untried Bass on handpull.

I cant really pick much fault in the place, other than its too small for a misery like me - and i probably never bothered before as it is a hotel, rather than pub. I returned to this pub for my last of the trip simply as it was the best - if this place did a MILD, it would be hard to beat.

11 Oct 2009 21:15

The Royal Exchange, Bloxwich

Update:This pub has been taken over so i have given it a few weeks before trying it again.

This is a detached pub, in two buildings, white rendered with black paintwork, with a beer patio at the front and a garden at the back. (The outdoor bar-football and pool table have now gone).

The interior has two rooms. The bar has a white wall and wood panel decor, with lots of old bottles, empty and full, looking tiredly out at the punters. There are two TVs, near next to each other, that had French football on when i visited. The background music was a bit on the loud side and too charty. The lounge has had a bit of a tidy-up, not that it was too bad. The seats have been re-covered and the room has a nice fire place, old prints and has a white and wood decor. Background music was the same as in the bar. Service was fine and the clientele mixed.

Beer; usual tap stuff, with Highgate MILD, which was decent as ever. There was not so good a choice of handpull beers as before; there being Davenports IPA, Pedigree and Tetley Cask Bitter.

The place looks a little better, the beer seems as good, though not such a good selection, the music is awful and didnt try the food. All in all, its still a place to visit in Blocko. Time will tell

17 Sep 2009 15:09

The Volunteer Inn, Lyme Regis

This is a terraced pub , with a pebble dashed exterior, with black paint work and an outside bog.

The interior had two rooms; the lounge was dark and seemingly closed, which was strange considereing the bar was rammed full to the point that i only had a half and necked it quickly, being a miserable person that doesnt like ordering from behind people and having to stand in an awkward space just to drink. The decor was a brick and stone look, which looked clean enough to me, with some brass ornaments. Service was fine and a mixed clientele.

Beer; usual tap stuff, with St Austell Tribute, Yeovil Stargazer and Sharpe's Own, which was very good and made up for the muck i had at the Rock Point Inn.

I would love to try it again, assuming i could breathe. The bar was central, so why that rammed when half the pub is empty?

16 Sep 2009 18:02

The Royal Oak Inn, Great Wyrley

Update: This pub is a detached building with white painted exterior. The pub area is in fact an extension on the front of a house, which remains the living area and the backyard has become a tented area for pool, smoking, summer TV etc.

The interior is open plan around the bar. The decor is mainly white and red walls, with a brick fireplace that has an ornament shelf, in a nice way, worthy of poundland. There are lots of old photos and prints of paintings. There is a traditional feel about the place - there is a dart area, piano and brick pillars to support the roof. The seats have been re-covered and there is Sky TV, which usually only goes on for matches. Service is always fine and clientel mixed - gets busy, especially on the music nights.

Beer; tap tosh, with Banks's Bitter and MILD on handpull. The MILD is excellent. There are usually one, sometime more guests, the latest the familiar Pedigree - so get the Jennings and other Marstons in guys!

This remains the best pub in Wyrley, always a nice pint and decent atmosphere

16 Sep 2009 13:32

The Freemasons Arms, Great Wyrley

Update: A yellow rendered detached pub, with blue paintwork, with beer patio out the front.

The interior has two rooms. The rear room has been completely refurbished recently and is now a dining area, with a new budget kind of menu. The seats have been re-covered and there are a few pictures on the walls. I couldnt see too much as lights were out as they had stopped serving, but the decor was white, perhaps a little clinical. The front room is a bar room. Its quirky in nature, with brick fireplace. A few pictures were about, but looked a little naked. The TV didnt work well. The gaffer was fine but it was totally empty - it is right by the superior Ivy House.

Beer; the usual tap stuff, with Banks's Smooth, which was ok. The Highgate has gone, but GK IPA is now available on handpull.

Sadly, gone down a little in score. Less beer choice, less atmosphere. Ivy is better.

16 Sep 2009 13:21

The Ivy House, Great Wyrley

Update: A white rendered brick built detached cottage type pub, with fake ivy painted up one side and a nice beer garden at the back.

The interior has two areas; an open plan bar area, consisting of two 'rooms' at different levels, decked out with lots of brass ornaments, spoons, plates, old pictures, round tables, bar stools and another area, with lounge and restaurant room. Decor was the white artex and beam look. Service was very good and the small clientele (Monday night) was mixed. Background music was decent level.

Beer; tap tosh of course, with Banks's MILD, bitter and Pedigree on handpull - there is guest, which this time was Marston's Pomp & Circumstance. Had this as never tried it, it was OK, but should have stuck with the excellent MILD they do.

Always a decent visit to this place, i look forward to going

16 Sep 2009 13:13

The Feathers, Budleigh Salterton

A lovely black and white exterior hotel building, at the end of a row of buildings, with central entrance and oriel window.

The interior has a bar, lounge and pool area. The decor was the white wall, with wood panel and beams. There was a stone fire place and lots of traditional trappings, like brass ornaments and tankards. Scary for an archivist, they had old bills and receipts from 1860s etc framed on the wall - scan them guys! Service was good and the clientele, more of the mature kind. They served food, but we didnt eat. There was also a skittle alley.

Beer; usual tap tosh, with Spekky Hen, Bombardier, Branscombe Branoc and Red Rock Brewery's Red Rock, which was fine.

Yes, a nice place and decent beer, even if Spekky and Bombardier are common. I would return.

15 Sep 2009 19:40

Otter Inn, Colaton Raleigh

This is a detached pub, with a part brick and part yellow rendered exterior, with olive green paintwork. There is a beer garden, which also has a children's play area and a bouncy castle

The interior is modern, something i really hate and other love. It has the modern works; sofas, high backed chairs, arty pictures and twigs. It is open plan around the bar; the bar area has TV (England were on) and there was darts as well, so not all bad! The main area seemed to be set up more for dining, though there was nobody in that part. Decor was plain walls in red, green and white. Service was functional and the clientele family based.

Beer; usual tap stuff, with Branscombe's Summer That and Branoc, Otter Ale and Bay Devon Dumpling on handpull, the last being fine.

Modern interiors dont do it for me - the beer was ok, the service so-so. I wont be returning.

15 Sep 2009 19:22

The Harbour Inn, Lyme Regis

A detached pub/restaurant on the sea-front, with tiled front and greenish painted verandah, there was also a beer patio on the beach if that makes sense!

The interior is modern, which is hell on a personal front for me - if you like that kind of thing, i am sure you will love this. The place is generally open plan, but seems all food orientated, so i would class this as a restuarant first, rather than a 50-50 mix. The decor was a green, with the arty pictures. I didnt eat, so i am not commenting here on the food. The service was fine and it was busy, with a mixed clientele, so i guess i am in the minority! I simply headed out to the beach patio.

Beer; usual tap stuff, with Otter Bitter and Ale and St Austell Tribute on handpull. Sadly, it was served in a plastic glass, but secondly it was too cold.

Sorry, but modern interior and beer too cold meant i really didnt enjoy my visit here. I would do the Cobb and try the Royal Standard next time.

15 Sep 2009 19:02

The Cobb Arms, Lyme Regis

A large detached pub on the seafront, with central entrance (with porch), beer batio and in yellow render, with green paintwork.

The interior is in general open plan with partions, around a central bar, executed in green and white decor, with wood floor. Much space is given over to the dining, but there is a bar area as well, where there was a pool table. There are lots of photos of Lyme, other pictures and prints and other ephemera dotted about. The so-so music was supplied through Sky TV channel, but was at a decent level. Service was functional, but it was very busy with a mixed clientele.

Beer; usual tap stuff, with the Palmers 200, Bitter, Copper Ale and one i hadn't yet seen, Tally Ho! on handpull. The Ho! and 200 were fine.

Far better than the modern Harbour Inn, near next door, which left me nauseous. Yes, i would return, sloid enough place.

15 Sep 2009 18:34

Ship Inn, Lyme Regis

A detached back street pub, with yellow render and green painted exterior.

The interior is open plan, with a pool room down on a slightly lower level. The decor was white walls and wood panel. There is a dart board and Sky TV. There is a wood floor, with lots of ephemera around, and a piano in the corner. I found the place clean enough. It is a local's pub and the small clientele all knew each other, not a problem with that, but i was treated a little abruptly at the bar when i asked for drinks.

Beer; usual tap stuff, with Palmers 200, Bitter and Copper Ale, the bitter and ale being fine.

Surroundings and beer were fine, the service a bit off. Would try it again, if treated the same way i would walk out.

15 Sep 2009 18:01

The Pilot Boat Inn, Lyme Regis

A blue and white exteriored, squat corner pub, with a beer patio

The interior is in this new modern style, having two rooms in white and light wood panel and high backed leather chairs. There was a mix of arty stuff and some traditional old pictures and ship memorabilia. It caters in one room mainly for diners, the other a more mixed room. The service was fine, the place fairly quiet and the music subdued.

Beer' tap tosh as usual, but had Palmers 200 Premium, which was very nice, IPA Bitter and Copper Ale on handpull.

The modern look isnt to my taste, the beer and service fine. Wouldnt hurry back, but not as bad as the Rock Point Inn in my view

15 Sep 2009 17:45

The Rock Point Inn, Lyme Regis

Three storied corner pub, with white exterior, black paintwork, arched windows and with beer patios.

The interior was open plan and modern, though it did have darts and a pool table. The decor was light beige and dark beige panel, with arty pictures on the walls, along with a lot of sport memorabilia. There was also Sky TV. Service was ok and the clientele small.

Beer; usual tap stuff, with Sharpe's Doombar and Own on handpull. I had never tried the own and had to go and try it elsewhere after as my quick half was poor.

Not my kind of interior and poorly kept beer, sorry, not for me

15 Sep 2009 15:20

The Royal Lion Hotel, Lyme Regis

The hotel has two adjacent buildings, which have a white exterior, with black painted stone work and a large two story oriel window

The interior of the bar area alone is open plan, with wood panel, partitions and black beams and a couple of dining areas in olive and green. A deer head can be found in the bar, along with brass kettles and other ephemera. There are lots of old pictures of Lyme and when they used the hotel in the making of Frech Lt's Woman. Service was fine and the clientele small and mixed. Music was subdued.

Beer; tap tosh, with Butcombe Blonde (decent) and Oteer Bitter and Amber on handpull.

I was more than happy here and would pop in again

15 Sep 2009 15:02

The Salterton Arms, Budleigh Salterton

A small terraced pub with yellow render and olive green paintwork.

The interior is given over completely to the modern look. Open plan with an upper floor, the walls are salmon and covered with the arty pictures and modern mirrors. Whilst the bar is wood, and some traditional trappings, like books and other memorabilia are dotted around, they feel fake next to the now familiar sofas. I did see a dart board i am sure, but you would have to move the dining tables and chairs to use it. Stone floor. Service was ok and it certainly seemed popular with the large clientele.

Beer; tap stuuf, with Otter Ale, Wyre Piddle Piddle Artist and Dartmoor Bitter, which i had and was fine.

I wouldnt come back as its modern, clearly others love it. Not sure if it is a pub, restaurant, or both.

15 Sep 2009 13:33

The Dog and Donkey, Knowle

A bizarrely nice exterior to the detached pub, it looks like an Austrian cottage - with its gables and flowers - it just needs the Von Trapp family singers! It is in cream and brick and also has the name Britannia Inn outside.

The interior is open plan, with a small side room that had TV. The is a clear dining and bar area. The decor has white walls with lots of pictures and other memorabilia that are mainly horse related. The seating did have that leather chair sofa mix, not quite to my taste. Service was fine and the place busy with a mixed clientele - though there were many locals in.

The Beer; usual tap tosh, with Bass, Otter Ale, St Austell Tribute and Courage The Dogs Bite on handpull. The tribute was fine. The chap went into the back to pour the real ales. For us Midlanders and for those up north, the beer looks flat here, but isnt!

Sofas apart, i liked the place. A nice community bar, worthy of a revist

15 Sep 2009 13:12

The Bicton Inn, Exmouth

A traditional brick built, corner pub, with black paintwork

The interior was open plan with a pool area and dartboard. The decor was cream and red panel. It had a nice wood bar and wood floor. There were nice local photos and prints on the walls. There was Sky TV and the background music was supplied by Heart FM (a little too loud). There wasnt food on as i remember. The service and locals seem friendly enough to me.

Beer; usual tap tosh with Bay's Gold and Branscombe Branoc on handpull - the Bays was a little lifeless.

The pub is traditional and i really enjoyed it - the beer wasnt the best on the day, but i would return.

15 Sep 2009 12:40

Sir Walter Raleigh, East Budleigh

A fine Tudor/Jacobean style black and white exterior pub

Inside had two areas, all in black beam and white. It has a small bar, partitioned with wood panel from what has been set out as a lounge/food area. Lots of local pictures and those of Sir Walter (born a mile up the road) adorn the wall and there are a lot of brass and other ornaments. I found it friendly and quiet, the few clientele were mature patrons. Traditional.

Beer; tap tosh and Otter Ale, Exmoor Ale and a decent Theakston's Bitter on handpull

A really traditional village pub, a delight to visit.

14 Sep 2009 19:12

The Cannon Inn, Newton Poppleford

A large corner pub, with white painted brick and red paintwork. It had a black painted timber framed porch.

The interior had two room. I didnt see the lounge. The bar was small; it had white walls, with a stone fireplace, a Tv, with boxing on, and other ephemera. There was a younger crowd in the corner, watching the fight and nobody else was in. Service was ok i guess.

Beer; tap stuff with Otter Ale on handpull, which was fine. There was also Spitfire on, which i wouldnt touch.

A pub with nothing really to attract me, i cant see myself wanting to go back.

14 Sep 2009 18:51

Powder Monkey, Exmouth

Terraced on one side, with an alley on the other, this white Georgian styled house with dormer windows has a beer patio at the front.

The interior is open plan, with blue and white walls and panel. There are, as in many Spoons, lots of old local photos on the walls to give some interest. There are also skylights in the ceiling. Service is the usual Spoons, too few dealing with too many, even though there wasnt that many in.

Beer; usual tap tosh, with Pedigree, Abbots, Ruddles Country and Best, Exmoor Stag and Blackawton Head Strong on handpull. The Blackawton was ok.

Didnt know it was a Spoons until i walked in, but you could guess. It was so-so, I have seen worse certainly.

14 Sep 2009 17:30

The Beach, Exmouth

A square, detached corner pub with a cream and black exterior and beer patio to the side overlooking the marina.

The interior is open plan, with the bar up one end. There was pine furniture and white walls, with lots of RNLI memorabilia, pictures and models. There is a dartboard. The place was quiet, but friendly.

Beer; usual tap stuff, with Otter Ale and Bass - the ale was fine.

A nice place that i would be happy to return to

14 Sep 2009 17:12

The Dolphin, Ilminster

A detached stone build, in two buildings, with columned entrance and beer patio.

The interior is open plan and simply one long room, with a pool table at one end. The pub did food, but my girls had a bowl of chips thats all, not something that can judged! The decor had reddish panel and white walls, wood floor accept for the dinig area and there were some nice local pictures on the walls, with other memorabilia. A friendly place we found and a mixed clientele.

Beer; usual tap tosh, with Wadsworth 6X and Henry IPA, which i liked.

I would go back here, the best of the three pubs i tried in Ilminster

14 Sep 2009 16:29

The Crown Inn, Ilminster

A terraced pub, half modern stone block and half black timber and white.

The interior had a pool room, in green and white and a open plan bar/lounge with cream walls, black panel and fake beams, with a food area. There were a number of old photographs and other memorabilia on the walls and dotted about, along with a TV. Service was fine, it was quiet with a small mixed clientele.

Beer; tap stuff and Butcombe bitter on handpull, which was OK

A mix of modern and traditional look, that sadly wasn't really my kind of thing and a lack of beer choice means i wouldnt go out of my way.

14 Sep 2009 16:10

The Red Lion, Walsall

Update: A great, late Victorian split facade; brick and stone upper and a deep red decorated bottom.

The interior has two floors, both small, the upper being used for the food side and is accessed by a spiral metal staircase. The main room has a wood floor, white walls, with wood panel and a nice fireplace. There are books and vases arranged on the bookcase, and some arty bits of painting in the corner, so there is sadly a touch of the moderns. There is also a lovely painted mural above the wood bar. The ubiquitous sofa adds to the modern, but is vastly outwieghed by chair and stools. Service is fine, but it was quiet when i went - can get very busy though.

Beer; usual tap stuff, with Banks's MILD, but i had the Banks's Bitter on the handpull, which is about as good as it can be.

Often pop in, especially handy for the train, it is the best of the pubs in its part of Walsall. Worth a visit.

14 Sep 2009 14:19

The Prince, Walsall

Update: The exterior of this pub is fantastic, its brick and green ceramic tile look. Terraced on one side, it has its car-park on the other.

The interior has two rooms; the smaller back one has a pool table, the main one is set up with a DJ rig, despite this being a small pub, for the loud Fri/Sat night entertainment. There is a large screen TV as well. The decor is pinkish/red walls, with prints of paintings on, but the place looks very tired and some of the seating way past its best. Service was functional and it was empty.

Beer; the usual tap stuff - with Youngers Best making a debut since i was last in. The guest real ale, was now Banks's bitter. I had the MILD on keg (there was a MILD pull in the other room - was it working?), which was as black as tar and tasted nothing like Banks's MILD.

Sadly, it will be a good while before i return here - seems to have really gone down hill.

14 Sep 2009 13:39

The Grove, Exmouth

A large cream rendered detached pub, with two facing gable ends, on the sea front, with beer garden at front

The interior was open plan around the bar in the corner, with cream walls and wood panel, with wood floor and some nice old pictures. The music was of a decent level, service good, witha mixed clientele though it was still quiet. They did food, but i didn't eat. There was an upstairs bar as well.

Beer; apart from the usual tap stuff there was Young's Kew, Bitter and Special, Otter Bright and an excellent St Austell Tribute on handpull.

I thought this place was pretty decent, the best of the few i did in Exmouth that day.

14 Sep 2009 12:55

Bath House, Exmouth

What to say, well its a detached sea front, Green King, pub/restaurant, with cream and green exterior and beer patio

The interior has the central bar and open plan look, with the reddish and white walls, with some wood panel. There are some old pictures dotter about, but the place looks tired. There was a tv with Capt Nemo film on, along with subdued music. Service was ok, clientele mixed.

Beer; tap stuff, with GK IPA, Abbotts and Spekky Hen, which was a bit lifeless.

I really wouldn't waste the time again

14 Sep 2009 12:39

Dolphin Hotel, Beer

A large hotel, with stone exterior, with white painted corner stones and around the windows - looks very good.

The interior, as far as i saw, was one room, with white walls, wood panel, great pew seating and nice fireplace. There was a nice wood bar, etched glass and lots of old pictures to have a look at. Muisc was subdued, service ok and a mixed clientele.

Beer; usual tap stuff, with Wadsworth 6X, London Pride and a decent drop of Dartmoor IPA.

Most certainly i would return, a mixed choice of beers in good surroundings

14 Sep 2009 11:04

The Barrel of Beer, Beer

A terraced, cottage like pub, with white render and green paintwork.

The interior is open plan, part of which is given over to a dining area. The decor is white walls and artex, with black beams and there are lots of nice local pictures and brass memorabilia. Traditional look, with pew seats. They do food, but it isnt cheap, i didn't eat. Service was ok, the clientele older, but it was quiet overall.

Beer; usual tap stuff, with Otter Bitter, Eve Valley England Glory, Devon Summer and Devon Heaven on handpull. The Heaven was almost MILDy, just served a little too cold.

I would return again - a good selection of beer and nice surroundings

14 Sep 2009 10:32

The Anchor Inn, Beer

A large, detached hotel, cream rendered with black paintwork, on the sea front.

The interior is open plan, with a bar area and a restaurant area, served by a central bar. It had red and white walls, with wood panel. There were lots of maritime memorabilia around. It had the table and chair/sofa mixed of seating. The service was functional and the staff seemed all to be young - summer jobs maybe? The place was crowded, a mix of young 'uns, families and maturer people. There was a TV with Eurosport on and background music

Not enough beer choice and despite some trappings, it is too soulless for me. I wouldn't bother again.

Beer; usual tap stuff, with Otter Bitter on handpull, which was ok. The Spekky Hen wasn't on the other pump.

14 Sep 2009 09:15

Masons Arms, Branscombe

The epitome of a country pub. A stone build, it is detached, occupying two buildings, with a thatched porch and a beer patio at the front and i think, round the back as well. It has climbing plants up the walls - its all so very English!

The interior has two rooms, a bar and a lounge/dining area, for the food it serves. It is white rendered, with what you would expect, lots of old pictures, memorabilia, an open fire, giving a nice wood burning smell. A central bar serves both rooms. It was very friendly and packed full of a mixed clientele - too packed, thats why i didnt eat here.

Beer; apart from tap tosh, there was Otter Bitter and Amber (very nice), the local Branscombe Branoc and Summer That and Exe Valley XXV on handpull, so a very good choice of very local and Devonshire beer.

I never had a chance to try the Fountain up the road. If it is as good as this, i want to move to Branscombe.

14 Sep 2009 08:38

The Swan Inn, Sidmouth

A really impressive looking detached pub, down a side street, with white painted brick exterior with green paintwork. It also has an impressive beer garden

The interior is open plan around the bar. Decor was white and wood panel, with wood beams. There were lots of brass ornaments and pictures to colour the place, along with a piano. The service was very friendly and the place well attended, with the maturer clientele.

Beer; its a Youngs pub, so after the tap tosh, there were three handpulls with Young's Bitter, Special and Kew. I had a half of each, they were well kept.

A really nice experience, one i would love to repeat. Watch the opening times, i missed it the first time during Sunday afternoon

13 Sep 2009 23:45

The Wellington Arms, Weymouth

A back street terraced pub, with red and white exterior, with some green ceramic tiles - very traditional.

The interior had an open plan main room (there was a dining room off the corridor leading to the bogs, i think it was for families, but nobody was in and our family ate in the main room). The pub is small and there are a few tables in what was the dart area (the board is still there). Decor was cream and wood panel and there were lots of old photos, water colours, model ships, and other curios, like a sewing machine, dotted about. The only modern touch was a few twigs with lights on. The food was fine, the service functional, and the clientele few. Background music was of a decent level.

Beer; its a Marston's pub, so Banks's Bitter, Ringwood Bitter and Ringwood 49 on handpull. The Ringwoods were fine.

Yes, i would happily go back to this pub. Enjoyed it.

13 Sep 2009 23:28

The Crown, Bloxwich

This pub has been closed and boarded up for a while

13 Sep 2009 23:12

The Dorothy Inn, Weymouth

This is a sea-front terraced pub, with red and white exterior, with a small patio out the front

The interior has a sports bar advertised upstairs - i didnt go. The lower floor was open plan and on a few different levels, one of which had a pool table. The decor was a bit scruffy, being white and wood panel. There were a number of pictures and memorabilia dotted about. There was Sky TV and and the music, whilst chart stuff, was at a decent level. The service was fine, but beer was in plastic glasses. Small clientele, youngish.

Beer; usual tap kind of stuff, with London Pride (not to my taste) and Dorset Brewing Co's Jurassic, which was decent enough.

With one beer that i would drink, it really is a younger persons place, so no, i wouldnt go back.

13 Sep 2009 22:49

The Cutter Hotel, Weymouth

Smallish terraced corner pub, now with a black and white exterior and small beer patio.

The interior had two rooms; bar and lounge. The lounge had tables and blinds and looked more set up for food. The smaller bar had coloured glass and old pictures. The music was at a decent level, service friendly, the clientele small. The decor was green and white.

Beer; usual tap stuff really, with a decent enough Ringwood Bitter on handpull.

I wouldnt really seek this place out if back in Weymouth, but would pop in if passing

13 Sep 2009 22:34

The Cuckoo and Bell, Walsall

Update: i returned to the Cuckoo after hearing that it had real ale.

The pub is a terraced, half brick and half white/black beamed exterior.

The interior is one long room that i saw, with pool and and TV up one end and just tv down by the bar end. The interior was looking a bit shabby, with pinky coloured walls, but the wood decked bar looked fresh. There are old prints and pictures to give decoration. The service was fine, but it was quiet, mind you it was 5 o'clock still. Music was rock, and played at a decent level.

Beer; sadly it was all tap tosh - not even the MILD had returned. There was one handpull, with Green King IPA, which i had and got through

Sadly, lack of beer choice and the shabby interior mean i will not been coming back in the near future.

13 Sep 2009 20:00

The Victoria, Walsall

sorry, known as Katz locally - nothing to do with cats - stupid me

13 Sep 2009 19:53

The New Inn, Walsall

Update: The pub has returned to its original name, The New Inns. It is affectionally know as the Pretty Bricks, though it has never had that name officially, so the gaffer told me.

The exterior to this small detached pub has a top half of white render and a lower half of brown ceramic tile. It looks fantastic. There is a beer patio.

The interior has two rooms, either side of a central bar. The decor is a mix of wood panel, wallpaper and red walls. There are lots of old pictures and prints, some nice tiled fireplaces and a mix of pew seating in the bar and red leather in the lounge. Very traditional. The sevive is very good, clientele small that i have seen - most of the young 'uns go to the British Oak near next door. The also do food.

Beer; tap stuff, with Enville Ale (class), Theakston's Bitter and Abbot Ale on handpull. The place used to serve twice as many, but not since it re-opened.

A super little place - it would be great to see it expand again - though three pumps is really enough

13 Sep 2009 19:50

Lyndon House Hotel, Walsall

Update: A fantastic climbing plant covered detached hotel building, with, beer patio and an Italian restaurant at the back.

The interior of the bar is open plan around a square wooden bar area in the middle. The decor is a combination of that horrid nicotine coloured textured wallpaper, wood panel, wood beam and brick, with lots of old pictures of Walsall, prints, brass ornaments and coloured glass. The service tends to be functional, as its so often very busy. The clientele tend to be the mid to maturer type.

Beer; apart from the tap tosh, there are 5 handpulls with; Theakston's MILD (class and the only drink i have here), Abbotts, Deuchars IPA, Courage Directors and a house bitter.

Always visit this great place, one of my favourites in Walsall

13 Sep 2009 19:29

The Smugglers, Wyke Regis

A detached, with a white painted brick exterior and black paintwork.

The interior is open plan. It has a nice wood bar, with darts and pool areas. There were lots of old local pictures, memorabilia and ornaments, with an old piano. The decor was the black beam look. Service was very friendly, with a small mixed clientele. Music was varied but at a decent level.

Beer; usual tap stuff of course, with Adnams Broadside on handpull - decent enough.

It did well enough for a return if i was down there - but as it doesnt do MILD of course, having one real ale is always a gamble - had it been Adnams Bitter i would have walked back out

13 Sep 2009 19:03

The Red Cow, Honiton

I can report that this pub is now open.

The exterior of this terraced pub is in a mock-Tudor stone style. The interior is open plan in a white/light yellow with brick fireplaces and light beams. It has a nice wood bar, with coloured glass and lots of the traditional ornaments, such as plates and brass etc. The place did food, but held a good mix between dining and pub seating. The service was friendly and the clientele maturer, though it was quiet when i visited.

Beer; usual tap stuff, with Otter Ale and Bitter on handpull. Again, a couple of nice halves.

All the pubs that i visited in Honiton would get to return, this as much as the others.

13 Sep 2009 15:43

Three Tuns, Honiton

Terraced pub, with white exterior and black paintwork. There is a beer patio in the alley way.

The interior had two rooms, a small bar and bigger lounge, where a country & western singer struggled with his music machine to knock out a tune or two, which to be fair was fine. The decor was red and white, with black beams and lots of 70s style brass ornaments. The service was friendly and it was busy enough with a mixed clientele.

Beer; apart from the usual tap stuff, there was Butcombe Bitter and Bass on handpull. The bitter was fine.

This is a decent enough place and i would happily return

13 Sep 2009 15:16

The Volunteer, Honiton

A cream rendered, end terrace building, with thatched roof and red paintwork. There is also a beer patio area in the alley, where there was Sky TV and i think, a BBQ area.

The interior had a small bar room area, but was in fact all open plan, as i think the musicians blocked the route between the two areas, rather than a door. I didnt hear the musicians as they were setting up when i visited. The decor was white, with lots of signatures on the ceiling. It was a little scruffy, but i would rather say more lived it feel. Service was friendly, it was very busy with a mixed clientele.

Beer; usual tap stuff, with a decent enough drop of Courage Best.

Would i go again, yes, definately, but with a mate rather than family! Would like to see another real ale on, but worth a visit.

Maybe the low mark is down to the fact that it is desribed as "Widely acknowledged as the best public house in Honiton (& the district)", and people are, like me, saying that is perhaps a little exaggeration

13 Sep 2009 14:57

The Bell Inn, Ilminster

A terraced stone pub, with mock Tudor style windows.

The interior is an open plan long room, with a pool table at one end. The decor sports green and red plain walls, with some nice features, like a stone fireplace (like a Tudor manor house). There are loads of pictures, prints, ornaments and brass bits around, like an old typewriter, to the point that its like a second-hand shop, or antique shop. Very traditional feel. The service was functional, the clientele older and friendly enough.

Beer; tap stuff, with one handpull that had either Otter's Amber Ale, or more likely, Ohanlons Stormsay. Two clips one pump. Whichever, it was on the turn and just passable, hence £2 a pint.

Not a place really for real ale - one pump. Another would help. A place to admire the curios more than the beer.

11 Sep 2009 14:05

Old Ship Inn, Sidmouth

A terraced pub, with black and white exterior with central entrace, with pillasters and pediment.

The interior is again, white, with some artex and black beams. It is open plan, with several areas to explore and a food area upstairs. The bar is of a nice wood panel and there are some nice pew seats. Old pictures and memorabilia decorated the place throughout. It has a lived in feel, without being scruffy. The owner was really chatty and friendly and it was busy enough with a mixed clientele.

Beer; tap stuff, with Branscombe Branoc, Ohanlon's Yellow Hammer and Doombar - i tried all three, the first two decent enough, the Doom class.

I really liked it - i did visit in the day, but would go back anytime.

10 Sep 2009 23:22

Black Horse, Sidmouth

A terraced pub with entrances from two streets. The exterior is a sickly kind of greeny colour, with this crude rusticated look.

The interior was open plan, with a foody area and a bar area. I was in the bar area, where chairs and tables still found room for the vogue sofa to snug into. The decor is wood panel and white, with beams and a bit of brick and there are lots of trophies and model boats around, as well as old pictures and memorabilia. There is a dart board and the background music fine. Service was very friendly and clientele mix and it was popular enough.

Beer; tap stuff of course, with excellent Otter Ale and Bitter on handpull, with the untried Adnams Broadside.

I really liked this place and would be happy to come back

10 Sep 2009 23:06

The Anchor Inn, Sidmouth

A terraced pub, i seem to have noted that it was now grey rendered with black paintwork and a front beer patio.

The interior is open plan, L shaped around the bar. Its become a moderny kind of food/beer place. Walls were white or pinkish, with wood panel. High backed leather chairs and perimeter seating, with part wood and part carpet flooring. There was a TV with Beeb on, nice fireplace and background music to a decent level. Service was functional and clientele mixed.

Beer; tap stuff, with Courage Directors and Best, Everard's Sunchaser and the majestic Doombar on Handpull. I had the Directors for a change, but it was too cold.

Didnt warm to the place and i wish i could warm the beer.

10 Sep 2009 22:57

The Star Inn, Great Wyrley

Update: A tidy looking white rendered pub,with wood windows, consisting of two main buildings and a brick conservatory.

Recently refurbished, the interior is now a mix of the modern and traditional. It is open plan, with a TV area, down to a dining area in the conservatory. There is the green wall, with arty pictures, alongside brick, grandfather clocks and other memorabilia. Service is fine and the clientele mixed.

Beer; tap stuff, with Banks's Bitter on handpull. The bitter is decent enough. No MILD

I preferred it as it was, but the refurb is not garish, nor has it took away the character of the place. What lets it down is the bland beer choice. The Oak has real ale, the Swan has a MILD (i know this is my taste only),though its a nicer building that the Swan, that is why i dont bother

10 Sep 2009 10:35

The Swan, Great Wyrley

Update: End pub in a row of buildings, with car park to the side. Its now white rendered with black paintwork.

Interior has three rooms. A side room with darts, pool and a juke box, a small 'room', used for dominoes etc, but not open much and a central bar. The bar is white walled, with little decoration, just joke pictures and photo board. There is Sky TV. The service is fine, the clientele is made up of friendly enough locals.

Beer; generic tap stuff only, with a better pint of Highgate MILD than it used to be.

The pub is nothing to shout about, the Oak around the corner has real ale, but i pop in now and then.

10 Sep 2009 10:17

Radway Inn, Sidmouth

A terraced corner pub, with a red and white exterior and a strange attempt to give a stone block, or rusticated effect by seemingly running a finger through wet plaster - a number of pubs had the same look around here.

The inside was mainly modern. Open plan, L shaped around the bar, the walls were beige and white, with wood panel. Some arty pictures mixed with decent water colours. There is darts and pool. Service was fine and the clientele mixed, but mainly the more mature and the bar area crowded. There is Sky TV.

Beer; tap stuff with Bass on handpull and the delightful Sharpe's Doombar, which was excellent.

Beer and service etc was fine, the building a little too modern for my taste, but worth stopping for one.

9 Sep 2009 13:50

The Victoria, Walsall

Update: This is a terraced 19th century brick building, with a blue and white frontage seemingly stuck on.

The inside has two rooms; bar and lounge. Decor is white walls, with wood panel and a few pictures and mirrors dotted about.

Know locally as cats - due to a former landlord having loads of them, the place is very traditional. The TV in the bar only gives footy scores on Ceefax.

Beers; tap tosh, with Everard's Tiger and Abbot Ale as regulars. 2 Guests rotating, the last being Rev James and Goffs White Knight that i had. No regular MILD, but ale is always well kept.

A must do place

9 Sep 2009 13:41

The St George and Dragon, Exeter

A large detached corner pub and hotel, with black beams and white rendered exterior belonging to the Vintage Inn group.

The interior is like most Vintage Inns i have been to. It is open plan, a nesting of small areas that are more food orientated. The decor is white wood panel and light walls, with lots of pictures and prints dotted about. There is a stone type floor with some pew seats and some high backed chairs. Service was friendly, the clientele mixed and the background music of a decent level.

Beer; usual tap stuff of course, with an excellent St Austell Tribute, with Sharpe's Doombar and Wells Bombardier.

I will always say that Vintage Inns at least try to give a feel of tradition and difference to their pubs, in an age where many places are going sofa and arty pics. I would go here again and if their food is as good as other VI's then i would eat here too.

8 Sep 2009 23:07

The Bridge, Topsham

Large detached corner pub, half pink rendered, half pink painted brick, with large car park and beer garden, situated by the river and bridge (amazing that) heading into Topsham from Clyst St George.

The interior is a nesting of little rooms, one of which was full of morris dancers, that jingled to look at the new entrant. There is a small bar room, with hatch, which you can walk behind and find yourself in another small sitting area - where were the handpulls i quizzed myself?. I got lost. There is lots of old memorabilia, muskets and such like, as they play on the history of the building - fair play to them. The service was ok, the place was bursting with a mixed clientele - i went to the beer garden where the wife and kids were - i made it out!

Beer, well amazingly i cant tell you. There were several real ales, but i had to find a list with them on - i had a decent Ohanlons stout. Its bad enough writing down whats on the handpulls - but copying off a list is too much!

Great place, really enjoyed it, however, the Exeter Inn in the town is a slightly better place for an all round experience as far as i am concerned.

7 Sep 2009 19:18

Exeter Inn, Topsham

A thatched, cream rendered, multi building pub.

The interior is open plan in blue and white decor, with darts and pool, a large TV that wasnt on and no background music. Lots of memorabilia dotted about. The service was really friendly and had a chat to the landlord, as well as a couple of the locals. The clientele was mixed.

The beer; apart from the tap tosh, there was Hidden Brewery's Old Sarum (that was OK), Teignworthy Beachcomber, which was excellent and Bays Devon Dumpling and Exe Brewery's Exmoor Fox, both of which i didnt try.

Class place, a must visit. Places like this make me pleased i turned to drink in later life.

7 Sep 2009 18:59

Wanderer, Wolverhampton

Detached, undressed, brick built Enterprise pub just outside the Wolves ground.

The interior is open plan, with red, white, cream walls, but mainly brick, with some wood panel. There are a lot of perimeter seats, some sofas, but mainly tables and chairs. Large screen TV for footy (shock there) darts, pool and lots of wolves momentos all over the walls. Service was ok, i was the only one in - no, Wolves were not at home!

Beer; No real ale. Tap stuff and the MILD was only on on match days, so had an iffy guinness.

Not worth the effort

7 Sep 2009 16:52

The Exeter Arms Hotel, Exeter

A large Toby Carvery and hotel perched on a major traffic island. The exterior is of stone, with a salmony colour rendering.

The interior is a little shabby. Open plan, it takes in a bar area and a larger dining area. The walls were of red, green and white, with some wood panel, with lots of memorabilia and pictures covering all kinds of things, including lots of TV (from Dr Who to 60s adverts). The service was a bit slow, due to staff shoratge (they said), but i felt it was OK. The food was actually better than i thought, as it is a cheap enough meal. It was rammed.

Beer; usual tap stuff, with Everard Tiger, Butcombe Bitter and St Austell Tribute (which was a bit lifeless).

A better experience than i thought it was going to be.

6 Sep 2009 21:51

The Walsall Arms, Walsall

Time for an update: A gem of a building. Half brick and half rendered, a terraced pub in a Walsall side street.

The interior has two rooms. The decor has white walls and wood panel, with lots of old photographs of Walsall and other memorabilia. Nice traditional fireplaces. There is also a skittle alley. The service was very friendly, as were the maturer clientele. It was busy in the small bar.

I completely agree with Roy22. What lets the place down is the choice of beers for such a nice place. Tap stuff with the common Pedigree on handpull, Brakspear Gold (not to my taste), along with the rarer Marston's Bitter. Still no MILD. The bitter was great - but one is enough!

Still a place to go.

29 Aug 2009 09:27

White Lion, Walsall

Time for an update: A fantastic exterior to this place. A large brick corner pub, with etched windows, mouldin around doors and windows and timber framed gables.

The interior has two rooms, bar and lounge. The bar has a sloping floor, dart board, various memorabilia and is decked out in green and white. Service is great - we returned a couple of pints that were on the turn and the were replaced after a new barrel attached and served to our table. Clientele is mixed and its often busy, seldom quiet.

Beer; some tap stuff, but Highgate MILD (always a MILD on, not always Highgate), Toll End Bitter, Sharpe's Doombar, GK IPA, Abbot's Ale and Kinver Light Railway were on last night.

A must - only drawback, the loo is pungent and can be detected from the entrance!

29 Aug 2009 09:14

The Wheatsheaf, Walsall

Time for an update: A nice, yet strange shaped buidling - like two Georgian houses pushed together, squashing a small building in between! The exterior has half white render and half cream. It looks neat. Local CAMRA pub of the year for 2008.

The interior is open plan, bar area (stools) gives way to a lounge area (sofas), then onto a dining area (tables and chairs). There are lots of bits of memorabilia dotted about on the plain coloured white and beigey (i think) coloured walls

Beer; Everard's Sunchaser, Bombardier and Hop Back Summer Lightning; i have tasted better Sunchaser.

It remains a decent enough place and does carry off the blend of older and modern. We pop in here on a semi-regular basis.

29 Aug 2009 08:59

The Dog and Partridge Inn, Walsall

Time for an update: A nice looking detached cottage type pub, with with painted brick and red trim. Beer patio at the back.

The inside has been refurbished recently, turning it 'more modern'. There is an open plan room, also in white and red, with strange arty pictures on the otherwise plain walls. For once i saw a sofa that wasnt the brown type! There is a pool table and dartboard. Service was fine, the clientele small and of the mature type. Music played was a tad on the charty side and a bit loud

Beer; all the usual tap stuff really, with Banks's MILD and Younger's Best, which was ok.

Nice from the outside, nothing much on the inside. With the White Lion down the road, Why would you bother?

29 Aug 2009 08:49

Manchester Stores, Oldbury

Plain brick detached corner pub, possibly 40s/50s, with beer patio.

The interior had two rooms and it was like a game of two halves. The bar was modern, with the plain red wall look, pool table and a punchbag machine in the corner. A few old pictures of Oldbury and Villa on the Sky TV didn't ease my slight worry in being caught between to drunks at the bar. I fought my way past the smokers at the front door and entered the lounge. Also modern, with yellow walls and wood panel, it was less scary. A big screen TV had the Villa on. There were leather seats and a brown sofa (a requirement for a publican these days), alas ripped and the carpet was pretty worn. They did food. The service was friendly though and the clientel in the lounge, mature and human.

Beer; sadly just usual tap stuff, with Banks's MILD. No real ale, but Pedigree on keg. MILD was ok.

Not really worth the effort

27 Aug 2009 22:36

The Old Peculiar, Handsacre

A nice black framed, white rendered, detached corner pub, with beer garden. Serves Theakston's beer.

The interior is open plan and has a traditional look, with beams and brick, lots of memorabilia, books, ornamentsold pictures etc on the walls. The music was subdued easy listening stuff, the service was very friendly and the clientele mid to mature! They did food but we did not eat on this occasion.

Beer; tap stuff, with Theakston's Dark Smooth MILD (fine). Handpulls saw Pedigree, with Theakston's MILD (class) and Old Peculier (class).

A sheer delight to visit and will be returning here

26 Aug 2009 15:21

The Windmill, Lichfield

A couple of ratings since this pub has been on BITE, but no comments. A typical 60s bland kind of exterior to this large detached corner pub, with small patio area.

I visited the place to watch Villa play Liverpool, so the open plan interior arranged around the small bar area wasn't really visable, as the lights were out. It seemed to be a red/white decor, with dartboard and a massive screen for Sky/ESPN. The service was funtional, as i got the feeling it was for locals, ironic as i was born around the corner! The clientele were mixed, along with the loud drunk (whom the landlord refused to serve anymore to his credit) gracing us with a performance of Tight Fit's Lions Sleeps Tonight. I left at half-time, not so much that i felt uncomfortable, as that the beer choice was so bad for me.

Beer; No real ale, no MILD, even the tap tosh was limited.

The choice of drink would keep me out of here. If you dont care what you drink and want to watch a game, i cant fault the screen.

25 Aug 2009 11:33

The Buck, Lichfield

Now know simply as The Buck. It is an undress brick corner pub, perhaps 1950s?, with a small beer patio.

The interior has been completely gutted. The central bar area supports two rooms; the lounge was all dark when i visited and i couldn't see it. The bar is decked out in football memorabilia from all the local teams, adorning the plain walls. There is pool, darts and Sky TV/ESPN). The red Chesterfield styled leather seating as yet remains unripped. It seems to be aimed at the slightly younger market, though when i visited, there were some maturer people (the Villa were on TV). The service was friendly enough.

Beer is tap stuff, with Banks's bitter the only handpull, which was fine. No MILD.

The place is ok, i just popped in to watch the Villa. One for the youngies i think, i would watch my next match at a place with more real ale/beer variety

25 Aug 2009 09:49

Duke of York, Lichfield

Joule’s Brewery have purchased The Duke of York pub from owners Punch Taverns. They plan to reintroduce their own beer (after a 30 year absence in Lichfield) before the end of the year.

24 Aug 2009 22:57

The Red Lion, Hopwas

Over two years since this place was last reviewed. A lovely detached brick building, with a date stone of 1903, and lots of flowers and hanging baskets adding colour. There is a large beer garden next to the canal, over the bridge from the Vintage Inn, The Tame Otter. Also a Sunday night music venue.

A central door gives you an outdoor serving hatch, with etched glass doors allowing access to the bar to the left and lounge to the right. The lounge looks as if it has been refurbished recently; having plain walls, wood panel and modern pictures and a history of the pub. The bar is traditional. It has a well trod wood floor, green and white walls that have seen a few better days, cartoons and other memorabilia on the walls and a nice wood bar.

The service was very friendly and the clientele more mature, the locals congrgated in the bar, which is where i went as the lounge seemed a little modern.

Beer; Bombardier and Pedigree are still on, along with Ansells MILD and bitter on keg - i tried the bitter, which was fine.

Best in the bar - to quote the respected tarinman ' proper pub feel', though many would rather go into the lounge. Whatever, its worth the trip.

24 Aug 2009 14:41

The Tame Otter, Tamworth

A large Vintage Inn pub next to the Coventry Canal and over the bridge from the Red Lion; wood beam and white rendered exterior, with hanging baskets, beer garden, as well as an amazing collection of spiders and their webs around the night lights.

The interior, like all Vintage Inns is an open plan nesting of areas, all dining based. There is an attempt to convey some tradition in Vintage Inns; with modernish plain wall and wood panel, stone floor, lots of old pictures and other memorabilia, beams and brick. Music was subdued. The place was friendly, clientele was mixed, with families as well.

Beer; tap stuff, with continental lagers. Handpulls included Rev James (nice), Pedigree and Everard's Tiger.

As pubcos go Vintage are about the best, attempting to blend new and old to some degree, unlike soulless places like the Ember Inns. I would come back here for a beer, and to eat.

24 Aug 2009 13:29

The Fox Inn, Tamworth

No review for 2 years, or so, so i thought i would pop in for the first time in a few years. Its a large, multi-building, white rendered, Ember Inns pub, with beer garden and patio.

The interior is open plan, with plain red and peach walls, with some white wood panel, with arty pictures and stacks of chopped wood! snazzy carpet goes with sofas and stool to create a real soulless interior. There was a quiz going. Service was fine, the clientele younger to mixed, but it was popular. I didnt try the food.

Beer; tap stuff, with Banks's Bitter, Pedigree and Adnams Explorer on handpull.

No U14s were allowed - i did see the sign, but it could be missed to be fair. However, why on Earth would you want to bring them here? Pop up to the Otter or Red Lion in Hopwas, far better

24 Aug 2009 12:14

The Crown Inn, Alrewas

Nice white rendered, multi-building pub, with traditional exterior. It has a beer garden and is also a music venue.

The interior is a nesting of several rooms, an open plan snug, with a dining room on the other side of the pub. Decor is red and white, with some wallpapered walls. It isnt all traditional, as there are pictures of Audrey Hepburn and the brat pack on the walls. Service was friendly, clientele mixed. Used by boat people a lot. Family friendly. We didnt eat.

Beer; tap stuff, with Pedigree, Bass Hook Norton Old Hooky on handpull, the hooky being nice. Also had Leffe, which i had as well.

There is a modern touch to this traditional pub, but it is the best locally for beer choice. I will, at some stage, be back

21 Aug 2009 16:40

Swan Inn, Fradley Junction

An idyllic location, right by the canal, this pub, white rendered in the picture, is a part of a range of brick buildings - former wharehouses and such like, i assume. Has a beer patio.

The inside has three rooms; a larger room, where guitar and fiddle music was being played and had a locals feel. There was a smaller room, with bar serving hatch and a dining area, down stairs, in the former cellar. This sells basic second hand books. Decor was wood panel and white downstairs where we went, didnt really see main room. The place, amazingly, was chock-a-block with canal memorabilia! The service was friendly and the clientele a mix of boat people and locals.

Beer; tap stuff, with Murphys, which is what i had and it was nice, as the two handpulls available were the Black Sheep and Abbot's Ale, which are everywhere.

A very nice place, worth a visit with the family or friends - not a session place, or you might be fished out the canal next morning

21 Aug 2009 16:09

The Old Boat, Alrewas

I have reported this pub as closed to BITE admin

21 Aug 2009 15:31

The George And Dragon, Alrewas

A large brick build with small seating area outside on the street.

The interior, as londinieres says, is a nesting of 5 rooms, in which there were a TV, dartboard etc, but sadly they all seem to be set up for food. You would have killed someone had you tried to play darts! The decor was red and white, with lots of different kinds of picture and memorabilia on the walls, as well as books on the shelves. Lots of ornaments as well, and a nice fireplace in the one room. Service was functional, but i think that was because it was rammed out on a Thu night. Clientel was mixed to the more mature, the only Henley's T-Shirts i saw walked past the place, with bottles in hand.

Beer; tap stuff with three handpulls; Burton Bitter, Pedigree and a fabulous pint of Wychwood Beewyched.

I would have liked this place better if there were less people in, as i am miserable. I would go again though, more than happily. Alrewas is a nice place and the three pubs left in the town are nice.

21 Aug 2009 15:26

The William IV, Alrewas

A large 19th century, white rendered, Marstons pub, looked like a former farmhouse, with dormer windows. It looks neat.

The interior is open plan, with plain white and red walls, arty pictures tempered with some nice photos and other stuff. Has a fake brick fireplace and a fakey beam look. It had perimeter seating and a dart board. It was clean, had friendly service and was family friendly. The clientele was mixed.

Beer; ; usual tap stuff, with Pedigree on handpull (the other handpull wasnt used). Ped was nice.

I liked this place. It did food, but we didnt eat. The mix of modern and traditional works enough for me. I would return.

21 Aug 2009 15:15

The Bell and Bottle, Hednesford

A detached cream rendered pub, with black paintwork. Looks neat, but my heart sank at the Fos*ers and J*hn Smiths sign on the wall offering cheap pints and i nearly didnt go in. Thank God i did.

The interior had two rooms a lounge and a smoke room, with nice etched glass. The smoke room had white and blue decor, with lots of ornaments, signs, pictures etc to give a traditional feel, it also had three nice tiled fireplaces and some patterned glass. The lounge had pool, darts and Sky TV and had wood panel and cream walls, with some beams showing. Not a ripped seat showing that i could see and it was clean. The service was very friendly and the clientele small, as i was in the afternoon.

Beer; tap tosh, without a MILD and two hanpulls on; Jennings Cumberland Ale and Slaters Premium. The Cumberland was ok.

I would happily go back to this pub, loved it

21 Aug 2009 11:04

Shoal Hill Tavern, Cannock

This pub is on the edge of Cannock (thank the Lord!) on the way to Penkridge and is a bit like a country pub and restaurant.

The exterior to this pub is white rendered, but a hotch-potch of a building giving it some charater. There is a beer patio and a garden.

The interior is open plan around the central bar area but forms to clear parts; a lounge and a dining area, separated by a big iron grill/gate. The decor is plain white artexed walls and ceiling, with some fake beams and various kinds of pictures on the walls. The service was very friendly and the place pretty full of the maturer clientele.

Beer' usual bit of tap stuff, but delighted to find it was a Thwaited pub, with 3 handpulls; Thwaites bitter, Wainright (excellent) and Lancaster Bomber (nice)

Clearly the best place in Cannock, as its not in the town. I dont know what the food is like, as i didnt eat, but i would like to go back and try, as its a little remote

20 Aug 2009 10:16

The Knave of Hearts, Bloxwich

It has re-opened. I heard someone may have pinched the fireplace. Hope the police catch them and they get their fingers burnt.

19 Aug 2009 13:05

The Royal Oak, Wolverhampton

ROB has given a nice interior description of this solid pub, one that we always pop into for one or two when in Chapel Ash, which is quite often.

a Banks's pub, which has Bitter and MILD always on handpull, with a guest, last night being Brakspear Honey Bee. For once, the consistent MILD was having an off night, but the Honey Bee, the only Brakspear drink i like, was good.

A nice locals pub, one that everyone feels comfortable in - always worth a visit

18 Aug 2009 14:34

Combermere Arms, Wolverhampton

ROBCamra describes the place nicely, and the photo shows the exterior. Yes, gillhalfpint, there is a tree in the gents, i assume not in case we run out of loo paper.

This should be the best pub in Chapel Ash, yet often when i visit, and that is every couple of months, i find the clientele friendly, but the service is functional.

We go for the beer of course, but the MILD varies to the point that i often have a guest beer instead. Last night, two of the pumps had sold out, leaving Banks's MILD and Hydes Jekyll's Gold, which i thought was OK, but JB loved.

18 Aug 2009 11:34

Chindit, Wolverhampton

Inspired by the ROBCamra roadshow i made a return to the Chindit, especially as i am more open now to drinks other than MILD.

The exterior of this late 1940s pub can be seen in the picture and ROB has given a description of the interior. The music played was of a decent level. The service, again, was functional and the small clientele was more mature, but it is a locals place.

Beer; well tap tosh, still without MILD. The four handpulls served up two Titanics, Iceberg and White Star, along with a decnet Hereford Pale Ale and the superb Enville Ale.

The pub has grown on me a little more, the beer is very good, however, i still feel like i am tolerated rather than welcomed, but score has increased and it will appear on our 'to visit list' a little more often

18 Aug 2009 11:07

The Cottage Spring, Wednesbury

A nice, detached, white rendered pub with black paint work. Has a beer garden at the back with an old red telephone box in.

The interior has two rooms. I didnt see the bar particularly, bu the lounge had red and white decor, with beams and with old pictures and prints on the walls. There was a music area as well. Service was fine and a reasonable and mixed clientele.

Beer; tap tosh with Holdens Bitter on handpull, which was as nice as i have ever had. There was also GK LBW on.

Why oh! why there was no Holdens MILD, or Special on i have no idea and flaws this otherwise excellent pub. The bitter was good enough to warrant a return, but the Prince of Wales, another Holdens pub up the road, also does not do these two fantastic drinks - mad.

17 Aug 2009 16:58

The Phoenix, Oldbury

The Phoenix, is in fact, it is a 1960s estate pub that looks as bland as 60s places do - like a big house. There is a beer patio on the car park amid the broken glass.

The function room was closed, so only went into the bar, where there was a pool table and dart board. The place is a bit run down. The chessboard floor and the bench and stool seats are in need of attention. The decor is salmon and white, with green paintwork.

This place is for locals, and the big plus of this place was that the service and the people seemed really friendly - so in some sense i can appreciate the point made by the other poseter, that it was 'old style'.

The beer is simply the tap stuff, with Banks's MILD - which was ok.

Sorry, not really worth a visit

14 Aug 2009 11:14

The Foaming Jug, Codsall

This pub is a Vintage Inn, one company that at least tries to avoid the bland, modern look. The pub looks like two cottages stuck back to back, with the exterior being in white with green. There is a beer patio

The interior is open plan, again with olive green and white wood and panelling, with the odd wall of a different colour and with some exposed beams and brick. It is all turned over to dining really. There are a multitude of pictures on the walls, from old Codsall, to prints of classic paintings and pictures of birds. There was a mix of the stone floor, and rugs/carpeting. It looked fine.

The beer; well some continenatl lagers, usual tap tosh, with Everard's Sunchaser (pretty good) and Bombardier on handpull

The food was pretty decent two - i just had fish and chips, but it was very good, as was the wife's gammon. Service was fine and it was pretty busy.

Yes, i would eat and drink here again, wouldnt just pop in for a pint as it is a food place really, but Vintage do try to give their places some feeling.

12 Aug 2009 16:15

The Codsall Station, Codsall

The exterior can be seen in the picture above, just need to add there is a beer patio as well.

The interior is open plan; with a smaller lounge, with a nice fireplace and bench seats and GWR carpet; a general bar and a dining area. The decor was plain wall, earthy red, with lots of railway memorabilia as you would expect. It is done out very nicely. I love the place.

My first visit for a year or so and dableywolf and TheCasualDoctor have highlighted the concerns i felt after this visit

The beer; apart from tap tosh this place had Holdens bitter, Golden Glow and Special - No MILD (where has it gone? - swop the bitters, leave the MILD on) the Special was at best mediocre. There was also two guests, Fat Cat Brewery's Marmalade Cat and Cannonball Express i think it was called. However, i didnt try anything else after the Special wasnt that good.

The other point was the, at best, functional service from the chap behind the bar. Not the most welcoming visit i have had. This pub should be scoring in the 8-10 range for many people, alas, painfully, it scores a lot lower

12 Aug 2009 12:00

The Bulls Head Inn, Lichfield

A large, Georgian styled multi-building pub/restaurant, white rendered with green touches and dormer windows. There is a beer garden at the rear as well.

The interior is open plan, but is a nesting of lots of smaller rooms. Unlike a lot of places there days, this one retains some character, with wood panel, brick fire, old pictures, ornaments, beams, red and white walls. Mostly it is decked out for dining, but there is a bar area, with a mounted stags head! The service was friendly and there was a good and mixed clientele.

Beer; usual top stuff, with Everard's Sunchaser, Pedigree and Brains SA Gold, all of which were really good.

I would happily pop in here for a drink, if i were eating, i would go to a place i particularly like, that is not saying anything against the food here.

11 Aug 2009 15:53

The Fox and Hounds, Shenstone

sorry, Pedigree was also on

11 Aug 2009 12:46

The Fox and Hounds, Shenstone

With the exception of Jimbo Smith, everyone else here has currently just a single review on BITE - this pub, so i decided to visit Shenstone to see what i thought. I didnt eat.

The exterior is a nice black and white painted brick. The interior has a smaller snug on two levels and an open plan lounge for dining. The decor in the snug is brick, beam and plain textured walls, with some old memorabilia and ornaments on the walls. It looks nice and tidy.

Service was fine, though he didnt seem the happiest of chaps. He poured me the wrong drink and replaced it without a quibble, evem when i offered to have it. The place felt like a locals pub, but this did not make me feel unwelcome. I enjoyed my visit.

Beer; usual tap stuff, with GK IPA, Abbotts Ale and Adnams Bitter. These were well kept, but are not really to my personal taste. No MILD.

The Plough has gone, the Railway is at best mediocre, leaving this pub as the best in the village.

11 Aug 2009 12:46

The Black Swan, Henley In Arden

A brick and whire rendered exterior, with a beer patio.

The interior is open plan, with the beam, wood panel and white wall look and some nice wooden seating. The floor is a mix of wood and carpet and there are old pictures dotted about on the walls. I agree with the other poster, it is more of a pub than some on the High St, with friendly service and a good, if more maturer clientele.

Beer; usual stuff, with Highgate MILD on keg. There were two handpulls, with Batemans XB bitter and Banks's MILD. The Batemans was fine, the Banks's MILD didnt seem to taste of Banks's.

I liked this place. More a place i would go with mates, rather than the Bluebell.

10 Aug 2009 13:16

The Bluebell, Henley In Arden

Another terraced black bean and white rendered building, with a beer patio.

The interior is an eclectic mix of traditional, modern, gothic and other styles that acctually works. The interior is open plan, with stone flagstones, beams and plain walls adorned with ostentatious mirrors. The tables have candlesticks (and candles) that wouldnt look out of place in a Gothic mansion and there is even a little golden Buddha statue in the corner. The seating mixes leather Chesterfield and dark high-backed wood and whicker chairs. The music was easy listening stuff. It is also an eatery, though we didnt sample it

The service was great; the chap knew his beers, offered samples and was friendly. The clientele was mixed, though it was quiet when we first arrived, it did liven up.

Beers; a few usual thinks with Leffe and continental lagers on tap. There were 3 handpulls; Purity UBU , Weatheroak Victoria Works and Church End Fox Without A Hat; all were good.

Pleased i visited with the wife, rather than friends; i would go back

10 Aug 2009 12:05

The Three Tuns, Henley In Arden

Another small terraced pub, with a white rendered front and black beams at the gable ends. Also has a beer patio at the front.

The interior was open plan, though separated down the middle into a bar type area with darts and Sky TV and a lounge type area. There were a couple of nice brick fireplaces. The seating was stools and leather clad benches along the walls. The place had a nice beam and off-white kind look, with a mix of carpet and stone flagged floor. Muisc subdued.

Service was fine, with a mixed clientel, most outside as it was a nice evening.

Beer; usual tap stuff, with Fuller's London Pride, Warwickshire Beer Co's Shakespeare County and Weatheroak Icknield Pale Ale on handpull. The last two were decent enough.

A nice little pub that i would more than happily return to.

10 Aug 2009 11:18

The Nags Head, Henley In Arden

Small terraced pub, with black beam and white rendered frontage.

The interior is open plan, with the wood beam look. There is a pool area and side area with old beam partitions to the right of the entrance. The main area is wood panelled, with plain red and walls decorated with a few old pictures. There is a nice stone flagged floor and nice fire place.

Service was functional and the clientele consister of a couple of young uns playing pool and keeping themselves to themselves. TV in main area had Top Gear on and there was music coming from the pool area, though not obtrusive. Whilst i felt it was a locals place, I didnt feel to the extent that other posters have, of unfriendliness.

Beer; usual stuff, with Wells Bombardier (fine) and Deuchars IPA.

The other pubs i visited were better, mainly through beer choice. To me, this is bog standard.

10 Aug 2009 10:42

The Chase Inn, Brownhills

A detached, small, Marston's pub that has recently been refurbished, with a cottage style house and low level annex. The exterior is white rendered and looks neat.

The interior has a large serving bar, it is open plan and on two levels, with everywhere looking the same. High backed red and black leather seats, plain white walls all looked a little bland - even the central fireplace looked bland. There was live music, a little loud as its a small venue, but the chap was good enough.

The service was functional and the clientele mixed. The place was reasonably attended.

Beer; usual tap tosh, with Banks's MILD and bitter on handpull. Again, the choice was a little limited - no Marstons, Jennings, Wychwood...... My MILD was a little warm and flat.

The exterior promises much that the interior and beer failed to deliver. Just wouldnt bother again to be honest.

9 Aug 2009 10:41

Hussey Arms, Brownhills

A large pub, a lot older than the recent refurb fake black beam and white look gives it, after the demise of the Spaghetti Factory.

The interior of the pub was gutted in 2005, when the Factory was concieved. It is currently open plan and souless; dining area, modern wood floor, plain walls (white and red), crass arty pictures here and there, the ubiquitous brown sofas. They still do food. The one saving grace for the interior of this pub are a couple of little fireplaces that give a little style to this place.

There was Sky TV, which was knocking out some kiddy kind of dance music, where everyone has as little on as possible. This suits the place, as all the people i saw were young, and despite the pub's attempt to be smart, they were all in tracksuits and Henley Tee-shirts, like the barman (who supplied the only positive thing about the place - an acknowledgment i was there and will be served asap).

Beer; usual tap tosh, with three handpulls, yet two were turned around, so i dont know it they are generally on, or not and i couldnt be bothered to ask. The commonplace Black Sheep was available. It was fine to be fair.

Shake the dust off you feet as you leave

9 Aug 2009 10:20

Waggon and Horses, Oldbury

Its been a godd 5 years since i was last here and nice to see the respected JohnBonser has been in, as well as mtaylor40. The exterior is a superb Victorian example, with Holts etched windows and an old painted sign on the side of the building slowly weathering away.

The interior has two rooms, bar and lounge. The interior is fantasic; ceramic tiles in a turquiose and cream. As JohnBonser says, the lounge is wood panelled. The place does food. Music was subdued and the service friendly. The place was quite busy considereing it was a Thu night, but most were of maturer age.

Beer; Enville White, Rev James, Salopian Oracle, Shropshire Gold Summer Wines Brewery's Helios; with Brains Dark Smooth (MILD) and Smooth (bitter).

I could had sat and drank through the lot, sadly, it was a swift visit. Sheer class and i look forward to returning

7 Aug 2009 14:07

The White Swan, Oldbury

This is a large pub, modern exterior that tries to echo the traditional look, with new Banks's etched windows and a brick facade. I

nside, whilst the bar serving area itself looks quite traditional, the pub decor is modern. It has two rooms, a dining lounge and an open plan bar/lounge, with high stools, some white leather seating (unstained as yet), sofas, brown and red (at last a different colour), red and white plain walls and a mix of carpet and wood flooring. There was a pool table, Sky TV, with the fishing channel on! and subdued music. Service was friendly and the clientele small, but mixed.

Beer; usual stuff, with Banks's MILD, Pedigree and Jennings Cocker-Hoop on handpull, with Banks's Dark MILD on keg, which was very good.

I am not a modern decor fan, but this place was ok to me and the beer choice, with the Dark MILD, as a regular, was good. With the Waggon near enough next door, i will be back in here

7 Aug 2009 12:58

The Bulls Head, Oldbury

Well, it seems like i am the first to actually comment on this pub. The exterior is half black and white timber and half pilaster and brick, though it all looks stuck onto the front of a brick building.

The interior had a bar, with dart board, seemingly dazzling white, as i walked past and went into the two tier and larger lounge. This was red and white plain walls, with a few scattered old pictures, with a pool table and Sky TV for racing, followed by music (though at a decent level). It was a little grubby, but had a nice fireplace. The service was friendly, as were the locals, and the place wasnt empty, with a mixed clientele.

Beer; usual tosh really, though Brew XI keg was on, with Banks's MILD smooth, which was ok

A bog standard kind of place, so I guess, with the ales available in the Waggon & Horses around the corner, you just wouldn't really bother popping in here,

6 Aug 2009 22:58

Old Swan, Stonnall

The exterior can be seen on the picture above, but there is a beer patio as well. The interior is a bit twee, with obvious fake beams and a stone arch inside. The walls are plain, red and white with a few 'old painting' pictures. The bar is large and in the centre of the pub, which is open plan. There is a dining area to one side and a lounge area to the other.

The service was friendly and there was a good clientele, a little more mixed than the Oak nearby.

Beer; usual stuff, with Banks's MILD smooth (which was fine) and Bass and Pedigree on handpull, so not as good a choice as the Oak. However i didnt try the real ale so i cant update the point made by Stevane.

I felt comfortable here, but on a personal level, the Oak was better. I would come back here mainly as i could do the Oak as well, but by no means is that a slight to this place, its worth visiting in its own right

6 Aug 2009 11:23

Royal Oak, Stonnall

Nice little white rendered terrace pub, with central entrance.

The interior is open plan, but has two areas, a bar and a dining room up a small flight of stairs. The decor is the wood beam and white look, though more orange in the dining area, with lots of brass ornaments, plates, mirrors and old pictures, giving it a bit of a 70s look, but very traditional. The actual bar is a nice, small wood one in the corner between the two rooms

The pub is a locals pub, its very friendly, with the more maturer clientele and it was pretty busy for a Wed night. The music was subdued and 80s.

Beer; usual kind of stuff, with Highgate MILD on keg and three handpulls, St Austell Tribute, with was class, as well as BackYard Brewery Royal Oak and Black Sheep bitter.

I really liked this place. A village pub and perhaps more the maturer ones, with the young un's more likely at the Swan. It is the better of the two in my opinion and i will go back

6 Aug 2009 10:12

The Fern and Fallow, Cannock

Former LA Rock Cafe, now given a major overhaul and scrub up. This large pub and old pub sits at the junction of what was once the old Stafford main road and the new by-pass. The exterior is an olive green, white and part timber frame look, which is neat. It has a beer patio.

The interior has the same olive and white scheme, but is modern, with plaster and plain brick. It has two sections, a pool and bar area for the younger market and some arty pictures and candles for taking the wife/gf out. As modern interiors go, its not bad.

Service was very friendly, and the people in charge clearly wanted to make the place work. Clientele amounted to me and some young un's on the pool.

Beer; usual stuff on tap, with keg Marston's Pedigree, which wasnt too bad. The gaffer said they are looking to get in a MILD too.

I actually enjoyed my stop off here and will pop back at some stage

5 Aug 2009 17:01

Roebuck Inn, Cannock

A large, white rendered, Thwaites pub, once painted yellow with black spots, when it was home to the Monster RL Party. There is a beer patio.

The interior is open plan, with a dining area, pool and dart room, small area with quiz machines and the bar. The decor is a mixture of exposed brick and plain white wall, with a lot of rugby memorabilia around the place. The seating has been recently replaced and its looks clean. The bar itseld is a nice wood one and there is a TV. The new chap has scrubbed it up quite well, he was friendly, but there was really no other clientele in when i last visited.

Beerwise, its great to see a pub without C*rling, John Smith, Worthington and Stronbow. Being a Thwaites place, they have their own smooths, and i had the Dark Smooth, which is a MILD really. It was fine. There was one handpull, Lancaster Bomber, but this wasnt on when i visited, though he did assure me it was a regular.

I used to play football for the pub, so it was nice to go back in. I thought the place was fine, though i was near enough on my own. Will be going back to try the Bomber.

5 Aug 2009 16:22

The Clockwork Beer Co., Glasgow

Fantastic exterior, a bit like an old wherehouse, half white and half burnt orange-ish (see image 2). There is a beer patio at the back

The inside is open plan with tables for eatin and a huge spiral stair that takes you to a gallery. The decor is modern, the plain wall look with wood floor and Sky TVs, but as these things go, it was ok. The gallery, however, is worse, the brown sofas and arty pictures live with the light pink walls and more Sky TVs, so stay downstairs. The service was great and the clientele mixed and busy, even for a Queens Park match!

Beerwise; well, pretty impressive. The Clockwork stuff itself, whether its home brew or real ale, is so-so stuff; Amber, lager (not on), Oregon IPA, Red and Ginger (sadly not on). They also had Deuchars IPA and McClay Wallace IPA, the Wallace was fine. Better was the Kelburn, a brewery i got to repect while up in Glasgow. The Red Smiddy was good, the Dark Moor and Carte Blanche, excellent.

Without the Kelburn, it would have been disappointing, with it, i would recommend anyone to go

5 Aug 2009 14:55

The Bridgtown Tavern, Bridgtown

it was dark and closed last night - so, judging by my last report, i assume its shut down

5 Aug 2009 14:34

Bar Sports, Cannock

Youngies place that i was forced to attend for a short period on account of a friend's birthday - till i walked out in search of a drink, birthday or not. It is of course a 4 tap fizz place. Fair play, the kids like it, just not for a misery like me

5 Aug 2009 14:32

The Scotia Bar, Glasgow

Cant believe this place hasnt been reviewed in over 2 years. Sandwiched between to higher buildings, it claims to date from 1792. The upper half of the exterior is black and white stone, the lower half, fake beam and white rendering with nodules that make the building look like it has mumps.

The interior is class; open plan, a horseshoe around a neat looking wooden bar that faces you on entry. The decor is the wood beam and white look, with large parts of the walls wood panelled. There are planty of old pictures on the walls to give it a traditional feel.

The service was fine and the large clientele mixed.

There was a handpull beer - GK IPA, so i left that! they did, apart from the usual stuff, Belhaven Best and the St Andrews Ale, the Ale was excellent.

For atmosphere, the best i did in Glasgow that night, just needed a slightly wider choice, but then, so can many places in Glasgow. I will go back.

3 Aug 2009 20:41

The Blackfriars, Glasgow

Just missed ETA! A corner bar, with a brick faced exterior and large windows.

The interior is open plan, with two central supporting columns plastered in music posters. The place has the now ubiquitous modern look, with plain walls, wood floor, arty pictures, formal tables and chair, sofas, then the odd piano and barrel thrown in. Service was fine and the place was rammed by the younger more than all ages.

Beerwise; Inveralmond Indie Pinke, Strathaven Old Mortality 80/-, Kelburn Red Smiddy, Brewdog IPA and Easy Rider - the OM and the Red Smiddy were very nice.

Definately worth a visit, best choice of beer i had in central Glasgow in the pubs i went in - interior is modern, but apart from Scotia Bar, they all seemed to be

3 Aug 2009 12:04

The Babbity Bowster, Glasgow

Fantastic exterior to the place; a Georgian neo-classical style, with pediment and columned porch entrance. The interior is open plan, like a lot of bars around the area, but there was a nice beer patio outside, which we went to as it was very busy - so cant say much on the interior.

Service was functional, but as i said, the place was very busy. I didn't eat.

The beer was the usual stuff, with Inveralmond Ossian and Kelburn Misty Law - which was nice and the only place i saw it.

Next time i am in Glasgow i would visit here again, happily

3 Aug 2009 10:54

The Blue Bell, Annan

Fantastic pub. Stone built cottage look, with a rear beer patio/yard, as the good doctor mentioned in his review.

The pub is open plan, with a lower floor for darts and pool and the main bar with old pictures, quotes from Rabbie Burns and others painted onto the walls. The main decor was wood panel. There was a TV, with the music channels on (not loud). The service was very friendly and the clientele mixed and the pub was very busy.

The beer choice was superb; usual stuff with Deuchars IPA, Hook Norton Old Hookey, Holts Humdinger and Cumberland Brewery Corby Ale - the last two being nice. There was also Belhaven Best and McEwans 70/-

I could have sat in here for hours and would go back at any opportunity.

2 Aug 2009 23:56

The Station House, Annan

First review for over three years. Stone building that forms a part of the railway station, with columned porch.

The interior has two room linked by an arched shaped into a railway tunnel and there is a lot of railway memorabilia on the walls - so no shock there. The bar, where i sat, has a pool table and Sky TV, with Music on one - a little loud, though not over the top. Decor was plain white, with blue seating i the bar and red in the lounge. The place was clean and carpeted throughout. The bar itself is a fine wooden bar.

Service was fine, with a small clientele when i visited. The beer was the usual kind of thing with Youngers and Belhaven Best - Belhaven is always fine, a little like a keg MILD in Walsall.

Beer is bog standard - for a better range, go the Blue Bell, but the pub though is worth visiting in its own right

2 Aug 2009 23:26

The Central Bar, Newton Stewart

Popped in here to take away the taste of the over-cooked haggis and raw chips i was issued from the local chippy. Like the Star up the road, this is its first comment.

A nice looking black and white exterior, this time painted onto stone, with some nice William Younger's etched windows. The interior was, as footy pundits would say, a game of two halves. Open plan, it had a pool and darts room, with yellow walls, juxtaposed with a more traditional bar, with read and white wood lined walls, leather seats (a little shabby), a tv with Coronation St on, with a really nice looking wooden bar itself. Different.

The service was friendly and the clientele mixed. sadly the bber was as straight forward as the Star - so again, i went for the McEwans 70/-, which was as good.

The exterior is lovely, which is why this pub scores a little better, but the lack of choice of drink in the two pubs was sad. The bonus was that it did take away the taste of the food from the Fish and Chicken Bar, so Lord be praised for that

2 Aug 2009 20:35

The Star Inn, Newton Stewart

Up until now, there hasn't been a comment left about this place. I popped in while awaiting my haggis and chips from the near-by chip shop.

The pub is a terrace pub, with buildings either side. The facade is the black and white traditional wood look, over stone. The interior is open plan, with a pool table one side and the room bending around the bar, where there was a TV on showing 'Friends', though you couldnt actually hear the sound! This part of the room was up a little slope, like they had incorporated a passage between the pub and next door. The decor was burgundy and white.

Service was friendly and the few punters in were mainly the more mature. There was music playing at a fairly loud volume - making the silent TV a little redundant dont you think?

Beerwise; Baisc taps, though Scotland generally has a few extra taps, it was still all keg, so i opted for the rarer McEwans 70/-, which is ok for one to be fair. No real ale.

Sadly, if Newton Stewart were where i lived, i would likely abstain from drinking, as there is no choice - or move.

2 Aug 2009 20:09

The Barley Mow, Walsall

Strange one to rate, this one.

The exterior is a nice green and light yellow look, and the pub has a cottage look, with a smaller annex to the side. The interior is open plan, with a small bar area, with tile floor and an obtrusive music system (though not playing overly loud) and two small lounges, one carpeted on a higher level. There were some nice old pictures on the wall and the beam look wasnt cheesey - inside was quite traditional - apart from the music and TV.

The service i had was mixed - the lad behind the bar was friendly, the gaffer seemed a bit wary of a stranger, though he said bye later. The clientele were wierd, not many were in, but there were two drunken crones cackling away in the corner, that made me wish the crappy chart music playing was actually turned up. One looked at me like i was filth when i walked in, yet, cackled out a 'bye luv' as i left - so i cant work out whether it was friendly or not!

Beer; simply the usual stuff, with Banks's MILD smooth, which was fine.

The pub is a little out of the way. If i return to Blakenall i would simply visit the Kings Head (locally called the Nut). I can get smooth MILD anywhere, so it wouldnt be worth the walk, but if passing in the car, i could think of worse to pop in for a swifty

30 Jul 2009 10:35

The Knave of Hearts, Bloxwich

This pub is closed and boarded up

28 Jul 2009 23:49

The Kings Head, Walsall

A great looking half brick, half white rendered, symmetrical pub, with a slightly jacobean look, flanked by two entrances. The interior was very traditional, with a bar and lounge. The bar had a great fireplace, dartboard, lots of old plates (a bit 70s there), trophies, with a light wallpaper decor sporting a number of old pictures. It looked clean with unripped leather seats! The bar itself was a traditional wood bar.

The service was friendly and the clientele more the maturer type, but it was a Tuesday night.

Beer; usual stuff, with Marstons' Ashes and Banks's MILD on handpull - the MILD was fine

This pub is great, far better than i expected. I will be back, a pleasure to visit.

28 Jul 2009 23:43

The Dog and Partridge, Wednesfield

A multi-building pub, mainly white rendered, that looks really nice as you head into the High St. It had a beer garden.The interior is quite traditional, with the beam look, despite being open plan (even though i think they want to make it more modern). It has a bar area, dining area in its own building and a lounge. It had Sky TV for sport and music (Mungo Jerry!). There is a nice fireplace with strange kiddie dolls around it and a tiled floor.

When i have visited, it always seems reasonably busy, with some 'loud' folk. This time, a nice looking barmaid (not the eye candy type) talked to her mate all through serving me without any real acknowledgement - a bit annoying

Beer; sadly for place with some character, you get the usual stuff, with Banks's MILD smooth, which was cheap, and ok. A real ale would sit nicely here, but until it does, it lacks something

28 Jul 2009 12:55

Cross Guns, Wednesfield

This is a large brick faced pub, next door to the Vine Inn, with a beer garden. The interior is open plan, with plain walls and a few old pictures, however, went straight out to the beer garden due to the karaoke/DJ that was on. The service was fine and the clientele few, and more younger based.

Beer; usual keg stuff, with Banks's MILD smooth, which was fine enough.

I have been in a couple of times now and found this place the toughest to rate, as its just a basic kind of place, nothing i like, or dislike. Truth is, even though its a standard place, you have the Vine Inn next door, which means you wont really go in here

28 Jul 2009 12:43

Noah's Ark, Wednesfield

An absolute rarity, a 60s building that is not a bland box. The facade has a bay window, with a view into the bar, with the entrance to the side. There is a beer patio that has an up-market burger shack!

The inside has a bar, with pool table and a lounge. The decor was green based, but we went outside to the patio, so cant say to much about interior other than there were some old pictures dotted around. The service was fine and it seemed popular.

Beer; usual stuff with Banks's and Ansells keg MILD - the ansells was excellent. On handpull there was Spekky Hen and Pedigree.

This place was a good find, without doubt i will return

27 Jul 2009 22:15

The Swan, Darlaston

Visited again, Enville Ale was superb and went into the lounge for a game of darts - orangey decor was different. Johnny Dukes will be please that 4 years on, Jinka is still strummin' - nice

27 Jul 2009 21:48

Pyle Cock Inn, Wednesfield

A super looking cottage type pub, white rendered, with central door and etched windows. There are three main rooms, with the door to the left opening out into the bar area, where there was Sky TV. The other rooms were quieter lounges, with some nice pictures and a few of the old saucy seaside postcards on the wall. Plainish white interior.

Service was good and friendly, the clientele mainly a more maturer type, 30s upward, but i have seen younger in here.

The beer - well after the usual tosh, there is Banks's MILD and Bitter Cask, on electric pump - the MILD is excellent. There were three handpulls, Marstons Ashes and Old Empire, both of which were fine, as well as Jennings Cocker Hoop.

A great traditional place; with the Vine up the road, you would come to Wednesfield for these two places alone. Class

27 Jul 2009 21:16

Village Inn, Wednesfield

A big 1960s bland pub built, i would guess along with the equally hideous Star (currently closed), to service the blocks of flats that were built around that time.

The interior is equally bland, if it were not for the peeling/ripped wallpaper in the bar (didnt go in the lounge). There was a pool table and a TV, which the gaffer turned onto the music channels and then right up, after we had sat under it - at least it drowned out the F***s from the locals - which ironically, were friendly and wished us well when we left.

Service was functional - we wanted out, so asked for half pints - to no avail - so pints it was. Usual tap stuff, with Highgate MILD on keg. Mine was so-so; JBs better. We didnt wait for the top up, which never seemed likely coming anyhow.

This place is rough; go to the Pyle Cock.

27 Jul 2009 21:05

The Boat, Wednesfield

What a fantastic looking building; it is a white rendered 'cottage' type pub next to the canal, with a series of outbuildings including a brewhouse, all of which date to the earlier part of the 19th cent. Thats where the nice part ends. The interior is an irregulare shaped open plan, with the fake beam and white look. Carpeted, the place has Sky TV and some pictures on the walls. The service was functional, and although the place seemed clean enough, the toilets stank of sick.

The beer was simply the usual tap tosh, with Banks's MILD smooth, which has never been that great in any of my visits.

Oh how the mighty fall - an old brewhouse and fantastic exterior - sadly thats the best bit. Wont bother again.

27 Jul 2009 20:56

The Angel, Wednesfield

Small terraced kind of Banks's pub, half brick, half white rendered, in Wednesfield town centre. The interior is one open plan room, with beige walls and pictures of old film stars, and a pool table and TV. Generally, the place is a little shabby and knocked about. The service was fine and the clientele, the more maturer; a multi-cultural, happy bunch of friendly people.

The beer was the usual stuff, with Banks's MILD on smooth, which was fine.

With the Vine and the Pyle Cock, supplying real ales and cask MILD, i wouldnt really bother with the Angel and many of the other Wednesfield pubs

26 Jul 2009 10:38

Castle Inn, Wednesfield

A large white painted brick building, with a part wood facade. The inside is a typcial gastropuby kind of souless place; open plan, carpeted throughout, salmon and white walls, large central bar area and a DJ booth, from where the DJ knocked out some tune and a lasar show.

The service was very friendly and it was busy enough with a mixed clientele that still looked a bit lost in the place.

Beer; well, usual keg taps, with Banks's MILD and Marston Smooth. The Marstons was as bland as the place.

26 Jul 2009 10:13

The Pheasant, Wednesfield

This pub is currently closed

26 Jul 2009 09:26

The Trident Bar, Burntwood

Nobody has actually reviewed this pub since it was put on BITE in 2004. It has a white rendered exterior, with what appears to be an older 'house' seemingly having had large additions and canopy built onto the existing structure.

This is quite tasteful, unlike the hotch-potch inside. A wooden bar serving area, with a little traditional look is surrounded by a table/chair area, the ubiquitous brown sofa, high stools, leather bench seats (ripped and taped up), a DJ booth, lots of old footy shirts and scarves all over the ceiling, Sky TV and pool table - i couldnt see the lounge as the lights were off. Saying that, it was friendly enough, with a clientele from late 20s upward that i saw.

Beerwise - well usual taps and Thakstons Bitter and Dark Smooth, also on keg. The Dark Smooth sort of MILD was ok.

It was all actually ok, until the gaffer turned on the music from the DJ booth and it was a bit on the loud side. No real ale, strange layout, not again for me, sorry.

25 Jul 2009 10:10

The Cross Keys, Willenhall

last rated four years back by the same person! It is detached and has a part brick and part rendered exterior, with a beer garden and play area for the kids. The interior is more modern looking, with an open plan bar and dining area, with the plain wall look; burgundy and cream (well something like that) - and a few pictures. Despite the more modern look, it still retains some character - there is pool and Sky TV, with mixed clientele and friendly service.

Beer; well, no real ale, but restores something in the fact that apart from the usual tosh, it does Banks's and Highgate MILD on keg - the Highgate was fine.

It could have been far worse, with no real ale and a modern interior, but actually i have seen far worse - i would visit again, though not every time i was in the area

24 Jul 2009 17:15

The Swan, Darlaston

This pub hasn't had a comment left for 4 years. The pub is an end 'terrace' kind of place, half brick frontage and half red and white, with etched windows. It has a traditional look. Also has a beer garden area.

Inside, it has two rooms. The lounge had its lights off when i visited, so cant comment on that, but the bar was a two part (slight partition) room, with a few tv's, one with not on, the other had Sky, i think. There was a nice fireplace, but the furniture was a bit knocked about and the carpet a bit grubby. The walls were red and white painted, with a couple of drawings of the pub hanging. The clientele seemed nice enough - even the loud drunk chap! Service was fine.

Beerwise i was a little disappointed. Only Courage Directors on handpull (though this changed - Enville Ale was next up. Banks's MILD and bitter were on Cask electronic pub and the MILD was nice.

A little spruce up wouldnt come a miss and another real ale would make this a better place, yet retain the traditional feel. Worth visiting.

24 Jul 2009 12:11

The Globe Inn, Hednesford

This pub is a 1960s looking building, though with a more Swiss cottage look than the usual bland functional look. The interior has two rooms, on for dining, set out with the tables and chairs, and the bar thats very Sparatn, with a pool table, two darts boards, Sky TV and lots of motor racing memorabilia. It has a little feel of a working mens club than a pub in this part of the building. The staff were friendly, offering a bit of free food. Clientele was quite mixed.

Beerwise: usual stuff, with a decent enough pint of Banks's MILD smooth. There were two handpulls that had nothing on, though they did have guests in on occasion the gaffer told me; there were a few real ale pumpclips behind the bar.

will visit again and score will go up if i see a real ale and it tastes ok!

23 Jul 2009 11:39

Bell And Talbot, Bridgnorth

As can be seen by the picture, a nice terrace brick Georgain style pub, with green trim. As Carlurmston says, there is a small room, larger back room and conservatory with beer patio/garden area. As ROB says, there are lots of albums, instruments and oth music memorabilia on the ceilings and walls. The gaffer was really friendly, chatting to us in between serving pints. Place seemed clean and with a good clientele.

Beerwise; after the usual tosh, there was Hobsons Town Crier and Bitter, Bathams (class), Kinver Light Railway (fine) and i think Batemans XXXB. Well kept stuff.

Another Bridgnorth delight that washed away the thoughts of having to get the bus back to Wolverhampton. Another must.

21 Jul 2009 23:41

The Black Boy Inn, Bridgnorth

As you can see by the picture, a nice black and white exterior, Georgian style, with central door and a beer patio area. As ROB says, its a nice little two roomed place, with a fantastic fireplace. It is more like two lounges, though one is carpeted, the other tiled. There was a dart board. The service was friendly, though it was quiet, in fact we were the only ones in.

The beer saw Hobsons Bitter, Enville Ale (excellent) Bombardier and Leffe, as well as the usual kind of thing.

This was an excellent experience - and we will be visiting this place again

21 Jul 2009 13:52

The Fosters Arms, Bridgnorth

As the picture shows, this is quite a neat looking black and white corner pub. The inside tries to give the same traditional look, with all the brass ornamentation. It had two rooms and a beer patio area, which is where we walked through to, so didnt spend much time inside. The chap behind the bar seemed friendly enough.

Beerwise, well, usual stuff, with no handpulls. Keg did offer Marston's Oyster Stout and Banks's MILD. The Stout was decent enough. After the Black Horse, the best in lowtown that i had experienced. I would pop in here again, as i like the Black Horse.

21 Jul 2009 13:43

The Vine, Bridgnorth

A small brick faced pub. The interior is open plan, with white plain walls and beam look. There was an absence of tables, due i think to the karaoke guy setting up - which shows how small it is. There was also Sky TV. It wasnt that clean, but the seats were ok. The service was fine and the it was being well used, then there were only 10 seats in the place (no, it wasnt that bad)

Beer wise, well, non-descript. All the usual tosh, no handpulls, just Banks's MILD Cask on electric pump, which was fine.

Lowtown seems to be full of these non-descript places, except for the Black Horse, which is excellent. Wont bother with this one again

20 Jul 2009 18:29

The Bandon Arms, Bridgnorth

Large white rendered eatery pub. Open plan, plain walls a few pictures - in other words the stock boring interior for this kind of place. The place was clean and the service fine.

Beerwise, just as boring i am afraid. Usual tosh, with 8 handpulls it seemed - all with Banks's bitter on; a little overkill. However, unlike the Carpenters Arms, this did taste of Banks's bitter.

I wouldnt waste my time in coming again

20 Jul 2009 18:08

Carpenters Arms, Bridgnorth

No reviews of this pub, well i am not shocked. The exterior can be seen in the above picture and it does look nice. The interior is open plan, though divided into two area, one with Sky TV (got in the place just to see Ponting drag onto his stumps) the other without! The decor was white and red walls and the beam look. It was clean and friendly enough.

What let the place down badly was the beer. Usual tosh only i am afraid. I would have walked out, but we saw Banks's bitter and had a half. It really didnt taste like Banks's to be honest. Indeed, JB must have got the worst of the two "if i wasnt so mean, i'd leave it", he said. I didnt think it was that bad, but cant see us revisiting this place again

20 Jul 2009 17:56

Kings Head, Bridgnorth

Just a little update. Visited yesterday and popped into the Stable bar, where there were a couple of further ales on, not served in the main pub. I was hoping i would warm to the interior of this place a little more than on my first visit - i didnt. In fact, it felt really pretentious.

You have to go for the choice and quality of the beer - but a misery like me retains the right to whinge about modern interiors - indeed, i would rather drink in the beer garden in the rain

BBC Apley and bitter were on, along with Hobsons TC and Best

20 Jul 2009 17:47

The Bear Inn, Bridgnorth

From the picture it may look like two pubs next door to each other, it isnt, its one pub over the two buildings, the bar being in the larger, the lounge in the smaller. White and chocolate brown exterior, with beer patio. The rooms are the modern plain wall with arty pictures used sparingly, fake black beams, twigs in some buckets with fairy lights on (whats that all about?) and a mix of the same brown sofas you see everywhere else and tables and chairs.

There was little in the way of clientele; one chap eating what looked to be a good portion of Sunday Roast, anothe rperched at the bar. The guy behind the bar was friendly enough

Beer wise; usual tosh, with Wyre Valley HPA, Hobgoblin and GK IPA. The Hobgoblin was ok.

Another traditional pub - it was when i last visited some 12 years ago - murdered on the interior with the sofa look. Too many decent pubs in Bridgnorth to waste on uninspiring places - may pop in once in several trips.

20 Jul 2009 17:25

The Crown, Lichfield

A nice brick Georgain facade, with pilasters, that has just re-opened after a refurb and no, isnt the Oak. The interior is an open plan room, very clean and bright, with the mix of brown sofas, high tables, stool chairs and a pine polished floor. Yes, a little souless.

The guy behind the bar was massive - looked like an ex American wrestler, but was actually a nice bloke, so one in the eye for all those that employ eye candy with no customer skills. The clientele was younger based, though i didnt feel unwelcome, or that there was going to be any trouble; lads sporting stick up hair and Henley's shirts, the girls in gold high heels.

Beerwise - usual tosh, with Ruddles, London Pride, GK IPA and Pedigree on handpull - common enough, but i was assured the Pride was good and Ruddles was decent enough, so no complaints there

The place struck me, in some ways, as being an up-market Spoons. Its not my kind of place, so i wouldnt go back, but saying that, there would be a lot worse places to visit

20 Jul 2009 16:55

Vine Inn, Wednesfield

A lovely little 1920/30s brick building, set back slightly off the road, that looks a little like it should be on a model railway. The interior has three rooms, a lounge for dining, a bar for beer (has Sky TV) and a smoke room for darts and other games - still looking like it was in the war, with its slightly worn decor.

The place was packed, so went in the smoke room, where, luckily for a misery like me, there was nobody else - what a bonus!
Service was great and the clientele leaning to the over 35s, as Wednesfield has a large number of pubs - though this and the Pyle are the best.

I have been a few times now and the beer choice is excellent. Usual tosh on taps, with three regular Black Country Ales on handpull; Pig on the Wall MILD, BFG and Firelighter. There are also a number of changing guests; yesterday Rymney's Silver Drum, which was lovely, Wem's Golden Honey. which was ok, Salopian's Golden Thread, Moreton's Merry Mount, Worfield's Dabley Ale and the nicest, Goff's Galahad.


18 Jul 2009 10:22

Dog and Partridge, Calf Heath

A large country type pub, yet it is situated just by the M6. The exterior has part rendered brick, with a nice beer garden area. The interior is a maze of little open plan spaces, decorated with wallpaper, rather than the plain wall look, with a nice amount of pictures. It is a pub with a good balance between the food and the beer, you do not feel uncomfortable visiting for one, or the other. The service was very friendly and there was a good and mixed clientele.

Beerwise, well, its the usual stuff, with Banks's MILD smooth, which was very good after being on a MILD drought for the weekend. On handpull, there was Adnams Bitter and Bass.

My football team's homeground is just by this pub, sadly the team do not operate from there! It's a nice place and i visit when i can.

17 Jul 2009 20:09

The Tiger Inn, Walsall

A large brick 1930s pub, made famous locally by a 'love triangle' that resulted in murder and suicide in the 1940s. The interior has two large rooms, though the lounge bar was the only one open when i visited. It is a shrine to Jack Daniels, with bottles, flags, a moped and guitar amongst the memorabilia. Even the gaffers car is done up in homage to the drink. There is also an iguana (or some other lizardy thing) in a tank in the corner. The service was fine and the clientele ranged from children upward and it seemed popular.

The beer was sadly the usual stuff, with Highgate MILD on keg. It was ok. Quirky as it is, i wouldnt run here, but there are a lot worse

17 Jul 2009 12:58

The Black Horse Vaults, Whitby

Had to make mention of my latest visit.

The pub has a white rendered exterior, with red toucherd. It is terraced and is small, with two rooms, but very traditional. The service is always nice and on these visits was packed with locals and bloomin' tourists!

The beer is great. The nicest pint of the weeked was the Black Dog Rhatas, but there was also Titanic Lifeboat, Alton Pride and another ale on. It even does a good Tetley Imperial, of which i had half.

JohnBonser has mentioned the food. Class, absolute.

14 Jul 2009 19:47

The Station Inn, Whitby

I don't need to describe the place as there are lots of photos on the profile. After another few visits to this place my score has risen. The customer service and friendly nature of all the staff is worth special mention. A good clientele that were also friendly.

Drinks wise - first of all my wife wants to mention the tea - choice and a good pot! now for the less important beer. * handpulls; Adnams bitter, Copper Dragon Challenger IPA and Golden Pippin, T Taylor Best, Everads Tiger, Sharpe's Doombar (very nice) and Black Dog Whitby Abbey. The beers were well kept. Excellent

14 Jul 2009 19:39

The Endeavour, Whitby

Quite a modern brick pub built with a nod to the Georgian look. Small and open plan interior with pool table and lots of Cook memorabilia on the walls. The bar is small, but they often have live music and on our revisits over the weekend, it did get quite crowded. The service is fine and clientele always seem mixed and happy enough

There were five handpulls; Adnams Bitter, Woodford Wherry, Daleside's Pride of England, Harvestoun Bitter & Twisted Ringwood Boondoggle. Whilst none set me alight, they were all well kept and decent enough drinks. Excellent

14 Jul 2009 19:18

The Jolly Sailors Inn, Whitby

Visited again a couple of times over the weekend. A mock brick, wood beam and stone rusticated frontage, which looks ok, with a bit of a basic beer patio in the back. The inside has two large rooms, white, with old Whitby memorabilia on the walls - decent enough. The service was fine, clientele mixed and friendly.

The beer, well, its all Sam Smiths, which i really like. I checked my notes from my last visit as i said it had MILD, it doesnt - so i was on the stout, with a couple of halfs of the bitters (keg and handpull - the Old Brewery Bitter) and even a lager. Very nice. Will be back.

14 Jul 2009 18:59

The Ship, Whitby

Another white rendered terraced pub, that still looks decent from the outside. The inside is fine too - its like the Buck, in that its an open plan long narrow room - with pool and a separate tv room, cut off by the serving bar. The service is fine and there was a good number of people in.

Sadly, beer wise, its just the usual taps and Black Sheep bitter on handpull. It was decent enough, but not enough to bring me back when there are far better places, with more variety of real ale

14 Jul 2009 18:50

The Elsinore, Whitby

Visited a few times over the weekend. This is a lovely little place, with a white rendered exterior, with red touches. The inside is open plan to make most of what little room there is. There is lots of marine memorabilia on the walls and is very friendly. On the first visit, we got a seat, the second, the following night, was jam packed, as there was live music.

The only fault is that, other than Strongarm, there other handpull beer, was the dreary Tetley and John Smiths casks. If the Strongarm ran out, so would I. Score has gone up a mark since last visit.

14 Jul 2009 18:28

The Buck, Whitby

Visited again a couple of times over the weekend. A small brick terrace pub from the exterior, the interior has a small bar and a narrow, open plan bar, lounge, with pool table and sports tv in the far area and quieter by the door. The interior has purple seats and walls that are white and bright - different to last time i visited, when the lights were out apart from by the door. There was the familiar 1890s Sutcliffe photos on the wall, which looked good. Clientele was mixed and most of the service friendly, just one half-miserable bar girl that served me.

The beer was better than i remembered it, TT Best and Landlord, both being fine, as well as John Smiths Cask. My score has gone up, i will pop in here each time i come to Whitby

14 Jul 2009 18:15

The Dolphin, Whitby

The pub sits nicely by the swing bridge and river. The exterior is a nice brick build dating to 1912. It also has a patio area. The interior is large and open plan, a little past its best, with some sofas, that perhaps look a little grand for the place. The patio alsways seems crowded, so the place is popular

It is a pub for those that do not really care about beer, just a drink in general. There are no real ales, just the fizz and bland bitter. Therefore, i wouldnt recommend it, as i do, but i am sure if its fizz you want, then this may be good enough for you

14 Jul 2009 15:55

The Little Angel, Whitby

Visited twice over the weekend, in the day and evening. It is a large place, with the exterior having a nice white rendered look, with Georgian style windows. The interior is open plan, with a tv area. It has a wood floor and thick white artex, which, as another comment says, gives a 70s feel. The service was ok, clientele mixed in dress as in age - a Goth and rock kind of place.

Sadly, the beer was simply the usual stuff, with Tetley and Adnams Bitters on handpull, so no wow factor there. All in all, after latest trip, i would bother only for the fact that the Elsinore was over the road.

14 Jul 2009 13:58

The Board Inn, Whitby

Visited this place a couple of times over the weekend. The picture shows the exterior - the little place with the car outside! the interior has one long narrow room, with a small side room and a downstairs dining area overlooking the estuary. It is a bit twee, with the fake beam look, but still decent enough. The service was fine. In a party of four and we all ate - the food was again, decent enough. It was busy.

Beerwise, the Dark Smooth from my last visit has gone. It had, on handpull, Theakstons XB, Old Peculiar and Deuchars IPA. The OP was fine for a half and the XB very nice. Will go back.

14 Jul 2009 13:46

Rose, Pickering

A white rendered stone and brick building sitting next to the bridge and river. A nice beer patio giving a nice vista of the river. The interior is a mix of modern and traditional, plain white walls, old memorabilia pictures and beams alongside sofas and high backed chairs, rap music and a lighthouse of a jukebox. Other than the choice of music, it worked.The service was firendly and the small clientele mixed.

Beer wise, it was the usual, with Tetley Bitter and TT Landlord on handpull. The Landlord was a little cold, but ok. I would visit again, if in this neck of the woods

14 Jul 2009 13:36

Rose, Pickering

A white rendered stone and brick building sitting next to the bridge and river. A nice beer patio giving a nice vista of the river. The interior is a mix of modern and traditional, plain white walls, old memorabilia pictures and beams alongside sofas and high backed chairs, rap music and a lighthouse of a jukebox. Other than the choice of music, it worked.The service was firendly and the small clientele mixed.

Beer wise, it was the usual, with Tetley Bitter and TT Landlord on handpull. The Landlord was a little cold, but ok. I would visit again, if in this neck of the woods

14 Jul 2009 13:35

The Pier Inn, Whitby

Visited again and had the same feeling, although the place was very popular, as it had a nice beer patio. The exterior has a mock stone frontage, with the top half being white rendered. The interior is a large open plan room

It served Theakstons XB and bitter, the XB was decent enough

14 Jul 2009 13:23

Old Bush Inn, Pelsall

Just over the road from the Red Cow and the complete opposite. The pub has just re-opened, with a touch of traditional, leaning more to the modern. A large, white rendered place, with a beer patio, the interior had two rooms. The bar, with TV, an array of different seating; high stools, chairs, normal stools etc, is painted white, with wood floor. The quieter lounde is set more for dining, with tables and chairs. The service was friendly and the small clientele, mixed. It was clean and felt fresh.

The beer was the usual stuff, with Green King IPA and Pedigree on handpull and Banks's MILD smooth on keg. The GK was pretty dull, but thats what it usually is!

A better choice of beer would be preferable to me and raise my score, but this is a nice enough place. Nothing in Pelsall is as good as the Railway though

10 Jul 2009 20:46

Red Cow, Pelsall

A frustration of a place. A detached pub, with central doorway and Salmon coloured exterior. The interior was open plan around the bar, plain walled, with some nice old pictures on the walls - a slightly traditional look, taken away by the sheer volume of the music (despite it being decent stuff). This resulted in the locals having to shout at each other to be heard, not great, especially when every other word you hear regards copulation. I couldnt tell if the service was friendly, as i struggled to hear, but i think it was - i sat around the corner in the quietest bit.

The beer was usual stuff with Banks's MILD on handpull, which was very good.

I actually liked the building and things, it was just so loud and it was only 5.30ish. If they turned it down, score would be higher

10 Jul 2009 20:40

Old House at Home, Pelsall

Wasnt really looking forward to going in the place when i pulled up on the car park, a large Marstons Pubco foody place, with conservatory built on the side. The inside however did have a little more character then many like it; no so spacious, better decor and memorabilia on the walls. It is still an open plan place, with more dining in the conservatory, but people did come in just for a drink and i didnt feel like i was occupying a food table, as i watched the Ashes on a TV. Service was friendly and clientele mixed.

Beerwise, it had the usual stuff, with Banks's MILD, bitter and Hobgoblin on handpull and the goblin i got was fine.

It was better than the usual bland eatery, and yes, for once i would say i would go back, even without eating, though not on a regular basis

10 Jul 2009 20:34

Spotted Cow, Bloxwich

Nice 19th century brick exterior recently given a lick of paint by its new owners. The interior has been cleaned up a lot by the new owners, it was, till recently HQ for the Man Utd fan club, with Utd memorabilia on the walls and behind the bar, which was really grimey. The place is now fresher and neutral looking regarding football stuff.

There is a central bar area, with an open plan room encompassing it, an a side part that has table football in it. Music was loud when i visited, but i couldnt get in few days before, so despite not being my cup of tea, it is popular for people of all ages. The service was friendly.

Beer, well, usual stuff and Bass and Banks's MILD smooth, so not much to entice. The MILD was fine though

As i say, its not really to my taste, but it is popular, so it has something for the locals. Like several places in Blocko, it's once i pop into infrequently.

10 Jul 2009 14:03

The Spring Cottage, Bloxwich

early 20th century detached pub on the site of an earlier build, near to the site of the former Bloxwich Brewery. It has just re-opened, and has a slightly jaded maroon frontage and beer garden. The interior has two rooms; the bar is in the middle and an open plan room sweeps round it, anding in a dart area. There is a small lounge, which used to be a pool room. The wood floor and fixtures do look a bit tired, despite the pub having a coat of paint from the new owners. The service is friendly and the clientele often mixed.

The beer is simply the usual stuff, with Banks's MILD smooth. However, the pipes have split, so i had to have a J Sm*** shandy, which luckily i couldnt taste, as i had just played footy and just needed a drink.

Pop in infrequently, just to see how it is, but not a regular visiting place by any means

10 Jul 2009 13:46

Shire Oak Inn, Walsall Wood

An icon of a detached corner pub. It looks quite tidy from the outside, the inside, has a couple of areas - a dining one, which i didnt go in and a bar area at the back, which i did - being a miserable person, who likes to avoid others. It was quiet, with wallpaper look rather than plain wall - but the seats and decor did look a bit worn, especially in the dart area. The service was very friendly - i didnt see any other clientele.

Beer wise; it had usual stuff, with 4 handpulls; Banks's MILD, bitter, Titanic Lifeboat and Rev James, which was good.

A place i would quite happily stop at again, especially with the Royal Oak around the corner

8 Jul 2009 22:32

The Royal Oak, Brownhills

Its sad that Jimbo Smith doesnt still review - as he has it spot on with the 1930s exterior, the panelling, gramaphone and display case inside, but the walls are now a peppermint and mustard two tone look. Service was very friendly, clientel mixed, though a little quiet when i visited.

Beers: usual, no MILD, with 5 handpulls; Abbots, Tetley, Titanic Iceberg, Deuchars and TTL - which was very nice.

I liked this place, now looking just a tad tired. Will visit again.

8 Jul 2009 22:28

The Anchor Inn, Brownhills

Not a bad looking building from the exterior, with beer garden and situated by the side of the canal. Sadly, the interior is a pubco two for one kind of place, so lacks charm. Open plan, souless, but good service and mixed clientele - younger for beer, older for food. The TV was playing some music channel, or other, with a pool table and darts for those that want to play.

Beer wise, usual stuff with no MILD. On handpull, there was Banks's bitter, Pedigree and Ringwood Boondoggle, which was fine. I guess, and i find myself saying this a lot, i would come here if i was eating as well as drinking, otherwise the place isn't for me

8 Jul 2009 22:22

Thatched House Tavern, Bloxwich

A large, white rendered, detached pub, with a beer patio in the car park area. The interior has a bar with pool table and a lounge, however, as it was jammed with the football team, we sat outside, so cant report too much on interior.

I havent been in this pub much as it was a younger place, not particularly friendly, never served MILD and didnt have any handpulls.

The ex-gaffer from the Spring Cottage is now running it, so it is a lot friendlier and whilst no handpull could be seen, Banks's MILD smooth is now sold as well as Stones Bitter (blast from the past). The clientele was the footy team, so we caught it at a bad time really for miserable people like me, so still seemed to be a youngies place - God forbid!

7 Jul 2009 16:58

Four Crosses Inn, Cannock

A huge coaching inn on Watling St. The pub comprises of several buildings, in various styles and of various ages; the two main parts being a Georgian style brick tower-house and a Jacobean style pub and dining area. The place does B&B and has beer garden and smoking area.

The interior has all the beams and white walls to go with the exterior and they love to play on the hisorical theme with ghost tales etc. The interior is geberally fine, though a little worn in some places. The service has always been friendly and the clientele mixed, as the place does very cheap food, which is better than the prices may indicate - pasta bake and chips for £1.50

The beer is the usual stuff, with Banks's MILD cask on electric pump and a guest handpull; recently having Hobgoblin and Mansfield Bitter - all of which are good.

Always happy to visit for a pint, and sometimes a bite to eat - its functional food, the beer better.

7 Jul 2009 16:44

The Windmill, Lye

Detached red and white rendered pub and music venue, right by the station, with beer patio at back. We visited this place at lunch and last thing before our train. The interior is open plan and the wood bar and brass taps give it a modern feel. There is a pool table, stool and table area and more comfy seat area. It was clean, but a tad scruffy.

at our first call, the music was being blasted out so the landlord at his mates could hear it on the patio, when we revisited, the music was from live musicians. The service was friendlier on the revisit, where the clientele was younger (not kid) based.

Sadly, the beer was the usual tosh, with smooth Banks's MILD, which was fine.

I would, like the Railway, revisit due to its close proximity to the best pubs, Shovel, Castle and Holly Bush, unless heading up to Quarry Bank/Brierley Hill/Stourbridge, when it wouldn't be worth loosing time here.

6 Jul 2009 16:46

Railway Inn, Lye

A really nice looking detached 'house like' brick build, with central entrance and a beer/smoking patio at the back. There is a lounge and bar, both of which had TVs and two tone walls. Seemed clean enough, but again, we went straight to the patio area as it was nice and sunny. Service was fine.

The beer was sadly just the usual, no real ales, along with Ansell's MILD on smooth. It was fine.

I would visit again for the MILD and that it is right by the Windsor Castle, if it were more of an effort to get to, i wouldnt be sure i would.

6 Jul 2009 16:19

Old Bell Inn, Lye

Wierd shaped modern brick build (a bit like a right-angled triangle, with sloping roof), with a small beer garden, surrounded by a high fence. The inside was empty and dark, and went straight to the garden, but there is a bland kind of bar, with TV and pool table and lounge area. Service was fine and clientele in the garden, mixed.

The beer was the usual stuff, with Banks's MILD on cask electric pump, which was decent enough.

Not the most exciting of buildings, the place seemed decent enough for an odd visit here and there.

6 Jul 2009 16:09

The Top Bell, Lye

Large 1930s looking free standing pub, with a beer patio. The inside had a bar and lounge. The music and TV in the bar drove us to the quiet of the lounge, where there was a pool table. The wallpaper, decor, furniture and carpets all looked very, very tired and shabby. The windows were filthy. The service was ok.

The beer was simply the usual stuff, with Banks's MILD smooth - had half and went, thst was enough. The White Horse in Cross Walks Rd looks as if it has been boarded up for a good while.

6 Jul 2009 16:00

Holly Bush, Lye

A free standing neat looking pub, with a green and white exterior. Inside, there was a bar and lounge, with TVs (Murray in the tennis), with white walls and beam look. Service was friendly, as were the mixed clientele. The place was not packed, but had a healthy number. It was clean oand i felt comfotable here.

The beer, after the usual taps, had Banks's MILD and bitter on handpull. The MILD was fine. There was also Ansell's MILD on keg, which was excellent.

I would definately revisit this place. It finished the day in third place, behind the Castle and Shovel, no disgrace at all.

6 Jul 2009 15:47

Bird in Hand, Lye

Free standing corner pub, looking neat enough from the exterior. The interior was a different matter. An open plan bar, with pool table, dart board and TV. The decor was a light beige colour, however, the whole place was grubby and threadbare. Using a single bottle of Jiff would be as effective as stirring the ocean with a teaspoon. I had sympathy with the mound of expired flies on the window sill - i was dying to get out too. The service was passable, the place empty.

The beer, well, there were no handpulls. The MILD was keg, though he only had cans available at that time. The next choice, Federation Ale, was in fact a fake tap! so it was Banks's bitter, which was ok.

Never again

6 Jul 2009 15:37

The Hadcroft, Lye

A large, bland, eatery pubco kind of place, although it is actually a Banks's house, formerly the Noah's Ark. The interior is the plain wall, souless, with odd bits of various memorabilia on the walls. The service was friendly and clientel mixed, though the size of the place made it look a little empty. Didn't eat.

Beer wise, it had the usual taps, with Pedigree on keg and Banks's MILD and Bitter on handpull - the MILD was fine.

Just not worth the effort, unless you are going to eat - the place is not awful, its just bland

6 Jul 2009 15:24

Station Hotel, Bloxwich

A free standing 19th century pub, which, although called the Station Hotel, had nothing to do with the railway companies themselves, but was place outside of where the original Bloxwich station was.

The interior is open plan, with a large bar as soon as you walk in and seating all around, with a dart eara in once corner.

The pub, a few years back, was a real nice place, friendly, with an olde world jukebox and railway memorabilia on the walls. A succession of gaffers and reliefs has really killed this place. Sadly, the memorabilia has gone, being replaced by some generic art pictures - which gives the impression of brightening the place up (more plain white wall!). The service was at best functional.

The beer had always been the usual stuff, with Theakston's MILD and Bitter on handpull, and Dark Smooth on keg. The handpull MILD was rancid, and i returned it. I couldnt really work out what the bar chap said, but he did replace the pints, but with the keg, as he turned the pump clips around for the MILD and bitter. The keg wasnt good and JB left half of his - i finished mine. We left.

Sadly, during the swapping of gaffers, i had a poor pint here and it will be a long while before i return. I hope it improves, I really do

6 Jul 2009 14:05

The Turf Tavern, Bloxwich

I will make this point about the Turf. There is a difference between keeping a place 'original' and simple neglect.

The following is becoming more obvious to me; firstly, a step into the yard will show that the windows are rotting and more paint has flaked off than is still visible. The back room, that gives views onto the road, has some seating that is not only ripped, but even looks mouldy.

The handpull beers are becoming more static; It seems Pitchfork, Bright Otter and Pardoe's OLD Swan MILD are always on, with Bumblehole, or JHB taking the other slot.

The beer is still fine and i love the place, but there are a few worrying signs

6 Jul 2009 13:48

Lamp Tavern, Bloxwich

The pub is small, but stands on its own as is named after the fact the the land over the road was a colliery last century. It is open plan, with a lounge that includes Titanic memorabilia and a bar that has darts and an area set up for karaoke. As Duckstein says, this can get loud, but i have only been in once when its on. The whole pub seems to shake every now and then, i think they have some generator in the cellar or something - a bit of a weird feeling

6 Jul 2009 13:38

The Shoulder Of Mutton, Lichfield

Again, its been years since i visited this place - it was just a pub back then. The light rendered brick building shows the fact the pub had pedigree, though there is now a conservatory added to the back to make it look for upmarket. There are a few model sheep on a low roof and the place has a beer garden area. The car park needs a little attention.

The place is much more an eatery now, having the sofa, plain walled, trendy interior that lacks a little something for someone like me - others of course will love it. I didnt eat and the price of the drinks was a little steep, but the service was excellent - with samples provided.

Beer wise; not really much of the usual fizz, the lager stuff looked more exotic! Three handpulls, with a really good drop of Black Sheep, and two beers from the Quartz Brewery in Kings Bromley, which i sampled; Blonde and Heart. Heart seemed fine.

Come to eat, or drink, its a nice enough place, just a little souless in its interior for me

4 Jul 2009 15:50

The Scales Inn, Lichfield

A nice enough town pub from the exterior; Georgian facade, pained black and white. It has a beer patio on the street. It has been 10 years since my last visit and the interior looked fine enough, but i was straight in and straight out to the patio area. Service was functional. It was busy enough for a Saturday daytime, but the mystery plays were on in Lichfield, so the town was a bit more packed than usual.

The beer was the usual stuff, with Pedigree and London Pride on handpull. Not ny favourites, so had a swift half and moved on.

4 Jul 2009 15:36

The Shovel Inn, Lye

I can only assume that the previous poster had a really bad experience here, rather than any axe to grind.

The pub is a free house and looks to be a 19th century build to me. It has a large 'cottage type' look, with central door and red/white theme. It has terraced houses coming off the one side and to the other, though separate, is the Bulls Head, which is currently closed. It has a beer garden/patio area.

The inside is clean, painted in a peach colour, with an open plan bar/lounge and a strange statue or two. The clientele was mixed and the service was friendly, even making a point wishing us a good night when we left.

The beer, like the Windsor, is focused on the handpulls in the middle of the long side of the bar. Two Enville's, the Ale and the Ginger, were really good, as ever. There was Spekky Hen, Malvern Hills' Bitter and Wobble, which were fine, Broughs IPA and a couple of others. The beer was kept well, even if all were not to my taste - and i didnt see a MILD on, though i believe they have them as guests.

This pub is quality. Along with the Windsor Castle and Holly Bush to a lesser extent, Lye has some excellent pubs. I do not quote in my report the score i give, only this time, as the last poster rated it as a 1 - i will give it 9/10

4 Jul 2009 11:41

The Windsor Castle Inn, Lye

What an excellent place, the second pub we visited on our Lye crawl, to which we returned before catching the train.

I have no need to describe the extrior, as you can see the pictures, though there is a beer patio/garden area. The inside is a strange mish-mash of old and new, that actually works. Sofas, barrels used as tables, tables usued as tables, chairs, stools, plain walls with olive green touches, different memorabilia here and there. The clientele were mixed and friendly, as were the bar staff.

Beer wise, its nice to see the usually dominant kind of fizz drinks shunted up the bar to make way for a central bank of handpulls, standing like troops awaiting a battle. A battle it was, as you were at war with yourself over which one to try next. Across the range, roughly from left to right; Jack's Ale, Mild, Greenman (lager), Worcester Sorcerer, Hop Monster, Thin Ice Stumbling Badger, Kinver Drop, Mellow Yellow and Mud City Stout

I tried halfs of several and sips of others. The MILD was better later on the evening visit, the stout excellent. The others were all good solid beers. Along with the Shovel, the two best places in Lye (Holly Bush, third). A must visit place.

4 Jul 2009 11:16

Boatmans Rest, Walsall Wood

A fresh, large, free standing place, with patio area at the front, amazingly, close to the canal. The interior has two large rooms with canal memorabilia. The lounge is not used in the week it seems, with the bar having TVs and a pool table. Its clean, the service friendly, with a mixed clientele.

They serve the usual, with Banks's Bitter and Marston's Lord Taverners Ale on pull, Banks's MILD on smooth.

The nicest of the three main road Walsall Wood pubs, i would happily pop in if around.

3 Jul 2009 00:34

The Drunken Duck, Walsall Wood

A free standing pub, maybe 19th/early 20th century, with extension, well painted in black and white and looking fresh. The inside was open plan, with a pool area, and a bar. The music wasnt overly loud and there was sports memorabilia on the walls. It was tidy and the service was functional.

The beer was the usual, with Pedigree and Banks's MILD on handpull. There was a third pull, but the label was turned, so i assume it was used up.

I wouldnt go out of my way to come here, but with the Boat over the road, it would get more use. I dont warm to the place once inside, as it feels a bit of a locals place, unlike the Boatmans Rest - i may warm more to it as i visit more

3 Jul 2009 00:28

Royal Exchange, Walsall Wood

The pub is a free standing, mainly 60s looking building, with the paint peeling and looking a bit tired from the outside. There is a beer garden. I only saw the bar area, which had a pool table, with again, wallpaper, carpets and seats looking a bit tired - It was friendly and clientele mixed. Two TVs played different things (The Bill and Sky Sports News) with little sound.

The beer was the usual stuff, with Banks's MILD smooth. They had ran out of coke, just having the diet version. Whole place feels tired to me, wont bother again.

3 Jul 2009 00:23

Miners Arms, Rushall

A free standing, cottage looking, rendered building that is also a music venue. Inside it has a small central bar, an open plan bar with a pool table and another room, always in the dark when i have been, with tables and chairs. The pub and a stright brick interior. Its friendly enough and the service fine when i have visited.

Usual taps, with the only handpull, Banks's MILD, which has always been decent. I have visited this place a few times and will continue to do so.

3 Jul 2009 00:18

Blowers, Great Wyrley

Blower was founded by Arthur Blower in the 1920s, from coal profits. It was once Landywood Working Men's Club. A large, white rendered, free-standing building, the inside has been gutted out and its all wood, Sports TVs (Setanta once, Sky etc). The place is like Wyrley and Cheslyn's version of a local Bar Sports.

Beer - well, its fizz and nothing much else. If you like beer, you dont go to this place, its a fun meety place to watch matches and get plastered.

2 Jul 2009 23:59

The Wheatsheaf, Great Wryley

Originally dating to the 19th century, there is a modern brick annex and the facade of the pub is an awful fake stone base and wood and daub look. The interior is open plan, with a pool table one end, with TVs and a dining area the other. Its clean enough and the service from ok, to fine. Clientele is usually younger based.

Beer wise; well, fizz and tosh really. No MILD, or real ale. The food is cheap and what you would expect.

It isnt worth the effort, unless you are young and like fizz.

2 Jul 2009 23:51

The Mary Rose, Cheslyn Hay

This place was built on the site of Spring Cottage in 1982, taking the name of Henry VIII's flagship as it was raised at the same time, which was a winning competition entry!

I had not been here for a year or so and had the pub added to BITE generally to say dont go, as i disliked everything about it - but then i revisited as a part of my rating and warmed to it a little more.

The pub, to me, is horribly twee with its fake beams and so forth, others of course will like it, but it is clean with memorabilia of the ship on the walls. Its open plan, with lounge all around and a dining area (with Masterchef on TV!), with a beer patio outside. Clientele is more younger based, mainly on the fizz, but i have never witnessed any problems. I have always found the service functional, but a new landlady has taken over and was very chatty.

Drink wise; usual stuff, but no MILD (another reason i kept away), apparently, they had always had Directors on, but now the landlady wanted to try a rotating guest beer - currently Spekky Hen, but she had put a list up for punters to vote for others - so promise there!

Will keep an eye on it - and now say try it

2 Jul 2009 12:10

The Robin Hood, Great Wyrley

A small white rendered 19th century exterior, with shabby beer garden area, located in a wierd dip due to the building of the Bham Relief Road. It is difficult to get in, as everyone seems to congregate around the entrance. The inside has been hacked about by successive gaffers in the last few years. It has four rooms. A small lounge, which looks like your nan's room, a bar area with stools and TV, as well a pool room, seemingly cluttered up, though the table is still threr and a tired, shabby TV room, with large TV, sofas and wood floor - a mish-mash really.

The clientele has always been mixed at this place, but it has always been friendly enough.

Beer wise; it had the usual stuff, with Banks's MILD smooth and one handpull of the four working, dispensing Waggledance - it seemed ok.

Until this place sorts out its interior once and for all i wont really bother - good to see a real ale, but needs more really

2 Jul 2009 10:36

The Woodman, Great Wyrley

This place has suffered a lot from a succession of gaffers, and the place even experimented with Thai food for a while. The latest have given the outside a lick of paint - so this 19th century building, extensively remodelled in the 60s, now looks a lot cleaner. It has a beer garden.

There are two rooms, a lounge and bar. The bar has been cleaned up, with sanded down wood seating and tables - even got cushions! There is a TV and pool table. Decor is plain, with varios memrabilia and pictures on the walls

Beerwise; usual stuff, but the old Thaekston's MILD has gone from the regular handpull. There was Abbot, Bombardier and Holden's Golden Glow - which was ok.

The place seems to be on the up a bit. It serves its own estate really, so hopefully it will carry on. I will pop in from time to time to see.

2 Jul 2009 00:24

The Railway Tavern, Norton Canes

A 19th century beige pained brick exterior, with a smoking tent that has a pool table and a separate childs play area. The inside is open plan, with a dartboard area, bar area with TV and dining area, which had a nice fireplace. Decor was wood panel (green) with a yellow wallpaper. There are old Norton Canes pictures on the walls. It was a bit cluttered in the dining area, but clean. A dog had run of the place. Service was very cheerful. The radio was on at a decent level. Clientele was mixed.

Beerwise; usual stuff with M&B MILD on keg. Handpulls included; Cumberland ale, which was ok, Banks's MILD and bitter - Broadside had either just gone, or was just being replaced.

i have been to this pub several times now, it is a decent enough place for the beer and am happy to stop off, its just that there is nothing else around, so i dont tend to come much

2 Jul 2009 00:09

The Yew Tree, Norton Canes

A typical example of 60s architecture - looks like a big house, surrounded by a car-park on which the beer patio stands. The interior has two rooms, a smaller pool room and a larger open plan bar/lounge with TVs all over, decorated in plain and garish colours. Souless and definately one for the younger market. Service was ok.

Beerwise; usual stuff, with Banks's MILD smooth, which was ok. No handpulls.

Bland place and bland beer, ok if you like fizz and dont care where you go.

1 Jul 2009 23:51

The Pear Tree Cottage, Brownhills

This pub is closed and boarded up

1 Jul 2009 23:32

The Black Horse, Bridgnorth

Brick and half rendered facade. All that i need to add to ROBCamra's description is that the seats were plain leather - one a little ripped. The service was fine and the place clean. Music was played at a good level.

Beer was the usual stuff with Banks's MILD and Bitter on handpull, along with an excellent Bathams bitter - so good, it could be a mild!

A very good pub, with two of my favourite drinks, so will always visit this place given the chance

30 Jun 2009 21:11

The Old Castle, Bridgnorth

Carlurmston gives a description of the rooms, but this place also has a nice rear beer patio. Service was good and what i saw of the inside was clean.

Beerwise, usual stuff plau Banks's MILD smooth, but on handpull there was GK IPA, Spitfire and Hobson's Bitter, which saved the day to be fair.

Another solid pub for me, but with so many, it would, with its lack of beer choice, be one i may do every other trip, unless a hot day, then patio - here i come!

30 Jun 2009 20:03

The White Lion, Bridgnorth

Neat looking Georgian styled pub, with the wood beam, coloured but plain walled interior. The girl behind the bar was friendly and the place comfotable and clean.

The beer saw Titanic MILD, St Austell Tribute, Oakham Inferno and White Horse Wayland Smithy. Opinion was divided on the Titanic, i liked it JB didnt.

All in all, i liked this place and would return here at any opportunity

30 Jun 2009 19:52

Shakespeare Inn, Bridgnorth

Large white rendered Banks's house, with open plan interior and beer patio in the yard. The interior is a mix of plain wall and wallpapered walls, with some old pictures on the walls. Had a dining area and lounge - the latter with a wood floor. It was clean and friendly, with its own skittle alley.

The beer on offer was Banks's Bitter and MILD cask on electronic pump, with Jennings Honey Bole and i think another handpull. Honey bole was fine.

Another solid pub, to which i would return, but the beer is common enough for where i live, so maybe i would do this pub every other trip.

30 Jun 2009 19:40

Friars Inn, Bridgnorth

Narrow and long pub, with, as Carlurmston says, has several partitions to create near rooms, with a strange mix of piano, Carlos Tevez photo, sofas, tables and stools. All was clean and the service and the food were fine.

Beerwise, Salopian Shropshire Gold and a couple of Old Pardoes made me feel at home a bit; Entire and Original. Both were fine.

A staple kind of place. I liked it and would go back, its just Padoe's beers are local to me and Dark Swan and Bumblehole are better.

30 Jun 2009 19:26

The Swan Hotel, Bridgnorth

Nice Jacobean looking builing from the outside, the interior is very open plan, with several sections within, including; diniing area, sofa kind of wierdy bench things (i know thats not helpful), half backed chairs and more traditional tables and stools. Plain walls are adorned by memorabilia of old Bridgnorth and easy listening music was played at a nice level. The service was functional. It was pretty empty when we visited.

Beer wise, apart from the usual tosh, there was Wood's Shropshire Lad, which was really nice and Summer That. Also Brains Bitter and Bombardier.

I would visit this place again, happily

30 Jun 2009 15:40

The Harp Pub, Bridgnorth

The black and white half timbered frontage, giving an attempted traditional look gives way to a modern, plain, narrow, but long interior. Its open plan but has three stages, dining, at the back, with a lounge kind of feel at the front. It was clean and the service was fine.

The beer was simply the usual stuff, with Banks's MILD on handpull, so that was a bonus. It was fine.

ROBCamra has it well defined - a non-descript place. It finished bottom of the day's list that JB and I did, but it isnt awful in anyway, it just suffers from a plethora of very good places around it

30 Jun 2009 14:40

Kings Head, Bridgnorth

The exterior is in a stunning Tudor style, the interior is a mix of the old beam structure and a new modern style, that i just didnt like, though clearly i am in a minority here as the other posters love it.

There is a nice beer patio area, which i retreated to, as i didnt like the inside and due to the fact is was glorious weather. The Bridgnort Brewing Company are located behing a couple of gates in the yard, closed almost in Wonka fashion!

The beer choice was pretty good, Abbots, Hobsons Town Crier and Best and BBC's Apley. The Apley and the Best were fine.

Will try the stable bar next time if the weather is bad!

30 Jun 2009 14:19

Butlers Arms, Leamore

being demolished as i write this. There are three pubs at this cross roads, two are closed and one up for sale - i cant see this being a rebuild.

30 Jun 2009 13:56

The Railwaymans Arms, Bridgnorth

A pub in a converted part of the station. Inside has two rooms, though in effect it is one large room. Painted in GWR green it seems, the place is covered with railway memorabilia (big shock there then) and World War II replica posters. Service was really good.

Beerwise; Burton Bridge Stairway to heaven; Hobsons Town Crier; Sixbells Big Nevs, Slaters Owzat, 3 Tuns Stout, Bathams best. The stout was fine, the Bathams fantastic. The Hobsons MILD sadly went as we arrived, but we found this replaced by Tring's Mansion MILD - also quality

This place wasnt heaven's waiting room, it was heaven, as far as pubs go for someone like me. We just finished our beers in time to get out before a GWR Pannier Tank pulled in with the next train and they all alighted to pop in the pub.

I must stress this pub hit all the notes for me at that visit so i will score it extremely well

30 Jun 2009 13:53

The Golden Lion Inn, Bridgnorth

Super little place. A nice white rendered front, with window boxes, gives you the feel the place is looked after. Three rooms inside; bar, lounge and dining area, which have wallpaper rather than the plain look that seems to be everywhere these days and a few nice old pictures. Service was really friendly.

The beer gave excellent choice; Hobsons Town Crier, Abbeydale Belfry, HPA, Green King IPA and Tods Blonde. The Crier was nice, the Belfry and Blonde (not the one behind the bar!) were not so nice, thats not to say they were not kept well, just not to my taste.

There is no way you can come to Bridgnorth and not visit here - i can only see my rating for this pub improving

30 Jun 2009 13:40

The Three Tuns, Tamworth

Large, free standing, 1930s, unrendered brick exterior. The inside is almost vulgar with its fake beam look. There were two large rooms, i think - the lounge, were i was, was clean and the service functional. The clientele was mixed.

There is the usual stuff, with Highgate MILD, which was decent enough. The three handpulls had Bass, Ruddles Country and Adnams Broadside.

A staple kind of place really. I am sure i will drift in again at some point

30 Jun 2009 13:29

The White Swan, Wythall

Plain larege free standing carvery place, souless as most are, with beer garden area.Sevice was friendly enough. We didnt eat, so cant comment on the all round experience that this pub is designed for, just on the beer itself.

No MILD, no handpull ale - indeed, Pedigree on keg? and that wasnt even on, so had Guiness in the end. Get something else on, its like going to a music festival to find its nothing but rap music.

29 Jun 2009 08:53

The Globe Inn, Tamworth

Fantastic terracotta Victorian exterior. Large open plan interior that was decorated well - wallpaper and not trendy plain walls! It was clean and i found the service fine.

The Beer was the usual stuff, with three handpulls; Pedigree, Bass and a guest that was handwritten - In Dark 3.8%, i think. Thankfully i took a sojourn to the bogs at the right time, as i passed a Holden's MILD pull! Excellent, as ever.

The MILD would mean i would always pop into this pub, as they said it was a regular beer. However, it was the pub of the day due to the fact we could get in, breathe, get a seat and hear each other.

28 Jun 2009 12:49

The Sir Robert Peel, Tamworth

A busy place that used to be Hamlets back in the 1980s, when i first visited it. Cant say a lot about the interior as it was rammed and with the nice weather, we went out side into the patio area - which is called the street! Local CAMRA pub of the year 2007.

Beer wise; usual stuff of course and i couldnt really see much of the bar. Where i was, there were four handpulls, all of which were on; Oakham's Bishops Farewell and JHB were both decent.

Again, would love to visit when i could get to the bar

28 Jun 2009 12:41

The Market Vaults, Tamworth

This pub is a narrow, but long building that retains a lot of character. It seems to be a Georgian facade, but there may well be older elements in the building. The interior has two rooms, one with a TV and a free jukebox. The furniture and fittings are based on the wattle and daub look, but are tastefully done. There is a nice beer garden as well. Service was fine. Clientel was mixed, and got a bit trendy later as all the youngies were hitting town - well it was Friday night!

Beerwise: usual stuff with Hobgoblin and Jennings Cocker Hoop on handpull - i am sure there was another, but failed to make a note. Both were fine.

The downside to this pub was the volume of the music. It drove us into the beer garden as we couldnt hear ourselves speak. Would love to come back in the week, hopefully when the music is lower - i think it would be really good.

28 Jun 2009 12:29

White Lion, Tamworth

large corner pub with neat brick facade. The interior is one main long room, with a side room containing a couple of pool tables. Plain white walls, with Chesterfield type leather seating. The place was clean, in fact the mop was still in the corner. The service was friendly enough. The clientel was mixed and it was getting busy. It was a Friday night, so the music volume went up a bit too.

Usual taps with Banks's Bitter, Hobgoblin and Church End Hop Gun on handpull. The Hop Gun was fine.

As a miserable person, i would like this pub better had it been more quiet, but would definately return

28 Jun 2009 12:06

The Tamworth Arms, Tamworth

From the outside, this pub looks really nice - blue and white, window boxes, even a George V/VI letter box. It has a patio area with metal and whicker seating and tables; the metal i found a little uncomfortable.

The inside is very modern and wood based, to the point that i wanted to drink outside - but then everybody else was, to be fair. The service was fine and clientele mixed.

Beer was the usual stuff, with a decent enough M&B MILD. Not quite my cup of tea.

28 Jun 2009 11:56

The British Oak, Walsall

large 19th century building, with brick and half rendered exterior. The inside has three rooms, a dart room, where i have played, a lounge and a long bar area, where a large music system is set up. The place was clean and the guy behind the bar friendly. The only other people at my last visit were two 60 year old chaps that could match anyone with their use of the F word. It is a bit of a spit 'n' sawdust place, more or less next to the Tap and Spile pub.

Beer wise; well usual taps with Banks's MILD smooth - there was a handpump or two, but nothing on them.

With the Tap and Spile for real beer and the Crown over the road for a Cask Banks's MILD, this place wouldn't really be used by myself.

28 Jun 2009 11:36

The Wheatsheaf, Bloxwich

The present pub dates from the earlier 19th century, there is a nice photo of the pub, with a copper outside, dating to around 1845, in the pub. The pub is a small detached house type, with a lower roofed annex at the side. It has a decent smoking area at the back.

The interior has three clear areas. A smaller and quieter lounge, bar area and the annex area, set out for diners, although i am not sure if they still do food. Has a dartboard. The pub is clean and friendly, even if some of the language is a little direct at times.

The beer; usual stuff with Banks's MILD and bitter on handpull. It also has two guests; Brakspear's Hooray Henry and Jennings Honey Bole were last on, with the Bole being fine.

Another pub that we always visit, but can be a little inconsistent.

27 Jun 2009 09:51

The Hatherton Arms (Painters), Bloxwich

A 19th century freestanding pub of rendered brick, with smoking area. The inside has two small rooms; the bar is like a working mens' club, with sports tv and football memorabilia of all clubs on the walls - its clean enough and friendly enough. The lounge sometimes has music/karaoke, despite being small. The service is ok.

The beer is the usual, with Banks's MILD - used to have Highgate too, but that has now gone sadly. There is usually a guest beer on handpull.

We always pop into the Hatherton - known as Painters due to it being run by the Painters for 30 odd years. It has stayed consistent, whereas a number of other Blocko pubs have declined over the last few years

27 Jun 2009 09:40

The Knave of Hearts, Bloxwich

I cant make up my mind about the age of this place - it looks 1930s in some ways and 1960s in other. The exterior has been tarted up a bit like a Swiss Cottage, but this now looks tired, as does the interior. Its a big building and i only saw the bar, which too was very tired, scratched up wood and seats with holes, covered by duct tape. It had a big pull down screen, playing some music channel, though not loud.

There were a few down to earth people in, of mixed ages. The girl at the bar and a couple standing at the bar were friendly and laughed about the livelyness of my drink.

Beerwise; usual stuff with Banks's MILD smooth, which was ok, Bombardier was the only handpull.

Not enough variety of beers and too tired a looking place for me to want to go back to in a hurry

27 Jun 2009 09:26

The Queens Head, Bloxwich

Well, this place seems to have been up for sale for ages - something that is happening to lots of Bloxwich pubs sadly. This pub was built in 1974, to replace an older pub of the same name on the same spot. Yes, it lacks charm - having that look of the period - bit like a big house.

The interior, when i visited it - which was a little while ago, was a bar room (i didnt ventre into the lounge) with pool and Sky TV. It was in a bit of a bad state. The seats were those type from the buses in the 70s, filled with foam. Like the buses, half of this had been dug out and the seating split - indeed i had difficulty in finding a posture to allow myself to sit comfortably - perching a cheek at a time.

I didnt see anyone else in the pub, but i do outside from time to time, whatever the weather - whether this is because they can smoke, or its the only seat i am not sure.

The beer was just the usual stuff, with Banks's MILD smooth, that i remember, however i wont go back to see.

26 Jun 2009 20:19

Horse and Jockey, Penkridge

This pub is in Penkridge town centre. It is a black and white rendered building that is believed to date from the 18th century in its current form.

The interior is in the same black and white fashion and looks a touch twee, as well as a little scruffy, with a few holes in seats, but that shouldnt put you off. There was a TV with the u21 footy on and a few younger lads in, but not intimidating in any way. The service was friendly.

The usual beer, with Banks's MILD on smooth, with handpull GK IPA, Abbots and Adnams Broadside, which was fine. Sadly the Hobgoblin was unavailable.

Would visit again, as i would with all the Penkridge pubs other than the George & Fox, as it didn't have my kind of drinks

26 Jun 2009 20:04

Littleton Arms, Penkridge

Huge former coaching in, with very interesting outbuildings, in the middle of Penkridge. Now also a hotel and eatery. The outside has a beer patio. The building is nicely rendered and displays '1793' proudly, ironic as all the internal features have been ripped out to make a trendy place, with sofas, high chairs and meaningless art. The music was tasteful and not too loud. Service was very friendly.

Beer wise, the usual, with more lager choice and Bombardier on keg - eh? Handpulls included; Spekky Hen, Slater's Top Totty and Titanic First Class, which was fine.

This is the sort of place you would take the wife to eat, but not the family. I would quite like to try the food, as a pub its worth a visit

26 Jun 2009 19:54

The Rag, Rawnsley

A little brick cottage looking building, with a new brick extension of the same size, this place is a pub and restaurant, but the pub element is completely different.

The interior - that is the pub part, is modern, with a new looking wood bar, wood panelling and nice brick fireplace. The decor is tasteful, with hose racing memorabilia on the walls. It is very clean and the service was very friendly.

Usual stuff, with Ansells MILD on handpull, which was good; London Pride, Black Sheep Bitter and Spekky Hen were also on. They have another guest beer which rotates and on my visit it was Titanic Nautical MILD, so this place was onto a winner with me - it was very nice

Will definately visit again

26 Jun 2009 19:43

The Cross Keys, Penkridge

A large, former country pub, now swallowed up by the housing developments around Penkridge. It sits by the Filance Bridge over the canal and is far easier to spot by barge than by road, The exterior is beginning to look a bit tired, as the white rendering is peeling away. There is a beer patio by the canal.

The interior has a long room, that is broken into three mini rooms, the last having a TV in. It is clean and there is of course canal memorabilia on the walls. The service was friendly enough and the clientele mixed.

The beer is the usual stuff, with Spitfire, Bombardier and Banks's bitter on handpull and Banks's MILD Cask on electronic pump. The MILD was too cold, so it could have been smooth for all i could tell.

All in all, its a decent enough place and i would visit again.

26 Jun 2009 16:16

Clarendon Hotel, Wolverhampton

A very nice looking Victorian building. The facade is half brick and half rendered, with etched windows and a name board that runs the length of the building. The interior has a large open plan room, where the bar is, with several smaller rooms running off. One area has Sky TV, another is mainly for food. The place was clean and the service was very friendly.

The beer had the usual stuff, with Banks's MILD and bitter and handpull, as well as Wychwood Wizards Staff, Pedigree, Cumberland Ale, which was very nice, and Ringwood Old Thumper.We also ate. The food was cheap and what you would expect.

I think i prefer this to any other place in Chapel Ash, which includes the Combermere.

26 Jun 2009 14:52

George IV, Lichfield

Town centre pub, a brick and half timbered Georgian building (presumably dating, or first licensed around 1820-1830). Sadly the interior has been refurbished so often, all feel of heritage has now gone. An L shaped room, where a 70s/80s disco was taking place in one corner, but not to the level to drive people out. Service was fine.

The beer was the usual tosh, no MILD, with Pedigree and Bass on handpull. The Bass was decent enough. A bit of a muchness place.

26 Jun 2009 13:47

The Feathers, Lichfield

Large, white rendered building with conservatory and large beer garden. The inside has a long bar, with large open plan room, where they do food - indeed, have had an xmas meal here in the past. The service was friendly enough, but as it was so quiet when we visited, it seemed so empty as it is a large place.

The beer was usual stuff with Banks's MILD on handpull and it was very nice. Nothing fantastic, i would pop in, along with the Fountain, just up the road, from time to time, if you can get me out the George & Dragon!

26 Jun 2009 13:35

The Coach and Horses, Wheaton Aston

A local's village pub and music venue. The main room loops around the bar, with a pool section and tv. It was plain but tidy - peach and white decor, but it still smelt of paint. Service was straight-forward, if you follow.

Usual taps, with Banks's Premier on handpull and M&B MILD on smooth, which was fine.

I would go in again, as Wheaton Aston only has two pubs, but wouldn't rush to go back

26 Jun 2009 13:19

The Carousel, Bloxwich

The outside is deceptive, it looks almost like cottage, next to the currently boarded up Bulls Head. I visited this place two or three times when going around Bloxwich, but sadly it it a rough place.

Usual taps, with Banks's MILD smooth, Sky TV. It is better to avoid, like The George and Prince of Wales, which get closed down every few weeks, while the other one re-opens ad nauseum.

26 Jun 2009 10:46

Railway Inn, Walsall

Despite being a cultural town, this is yet another uninspired 60s looking building, that has replaced an older pub of the same name on the same site. The bar was a bit grubby, with Sky racing channel on and a bunch of guys whinging at the outcome, like it was a betting shop.

No real ales and the usual stuff was only complimented by Banks's MILD smooth. Not an icon, not worth a visit in my eyes.

26 Jun 2009 10:27

The Orange Tree, Walsall

currently closed, with shutters up

26 Jun 2009 10:21

The Crown Inn, Walsall

Bizarre. Awful looking fake jacobean kind of place from the outside. Inside, two small rooms; the lounge never really has its lights on and the bar is a bit grimey and threadbare, has silent film star pictures on the wall, old tv with soaps on and a dart board and pool table in about 5 square feet!

The service goes from friendly to ok. The clientele, i am sure, are the same people every time i visit. They are friendly enough, even pointing out to me the price of MILD had dropped!

What makes this place worth visiting is the MILD, no real ales, its got about 5 taps, 2 of which are MILD - both Banks's, one smooth, one Cask but on electric pump. I dont know if it is or isnt, it just comes out great so often. The Lord does indeed move in mysterious ways.

25 Jun 2009 17:07

Duke of York, Walsall

A large 1930s brick pub, with lounge and bar and smoking area. I went into the bar and found when there was a poker night, i couldnt actually get through to the lounge with my drink unless i went outside - maybe i missed something.

However, i felt a little uncomfortable as i think all the locals thought i was a hustler or some thing to that effect. I tried to hide in the corner watching the 20/20 cricket. I would have gone outside, had the bellowing smoke from the fags allowed me. It wasn't awful, i just think i got it on a bad night for me. I think it was up for sale and it had a resigned feel to it

The beer was usual tosh, with Highgate MILD smooth, which was ok. So, all in all i wouldnt say it was worth the effort, at the moment

25 Jun 2009 16:53

The Alma Inn, Walsall

Despite taking its name from a battle in 1854, the pub is a large brick built 1930s pub, with children's outside play area. Inside, Victorian pictures (the pub took the license from the Alma in the Paddock, Walsall) and a lampost in the middle of the bar, sit along 1960s football tops and a hexagonal pool table and large screen TV. The service was ok, but got a feel it was more a locals pub

The beer was all smooth, usual stuff with Banks's MILD and Bass. So nothing special, like the pub really.

25 Jun 2009 16:31

The Finger Post, Pelsall

Self-styled pub and eatery, perched on the canal and road bridge at Pelsall. Formerly the Royal Oak. Just been refurbished so has a nice, new white rendered look on the outside.

The interior is set more for the food than drinkers, i think. Its trendy, but not over the top. The service was friendly and music at a nice level.

The beers were the usual tosh, with a couple of real ale handpulls. I had a good pint of Hobgoblin. I didnt eat. To be honest, i wouldn't really want to drink here, but would come to try the food, as i know i would get a decent pint. If and when i do, i may up my score.

25 Jun 2009 15:54

The Queens, Pelsall

Oh! God, no, you simply don't go to this place.

Names etched in the windows, ripped seats, posters up saying anymore vandalism will result in prosecution; it was like From Dusk Till Dawn the way they looked at me when i walked in. Half a Mansfield Smooth later, i left, like Lot leaving Sodom, which ironically is what i thought.

25 Jun 2009 15:06

Sir Robert Peel, Bloxwich

A much older building than the 1940s brick facade indicates. The interior has a lounge and bar, the latter looking a bit shabby after a succession of recent landlords.

Over the years i have been in several times, sadly, it is now in the worst state i have seen it in. The latest man at the bar stood for several minutes without acknowledging that we were even there, until my wife quizzed him, only to be told that he was waiting for change.

Clearly he was unable to multi-task. When the change arrived, we suddenly appeared in his vision. The choice of beer was poor, just usual tosh, but there was Banks's MILD smooth, advertised outside at £2 a pint. They hadn't got any.

We left. I have no intention of returning. There were no redeeming features to this place.

25 Jun 2009 14:58

The Plough Inn, Lichfield

From the outside, it is a brick built, smart looking, tranditional country pub and restaurant, also sited by the canal. The interior is that treny plain wall, with white painted wood, half arm chair seats. The service was fine. Music was a decent level. The place is a comfy restaurant slightly more than a pub.

The beers were the usual, backed up with Spekky Hen and Landlord on the handpull. I went for Bass MILD, which was fine.

I would happily eat here, but wouldn't go purely for beer

25 Jun 2009 13:52

The Swan Inn, Whittington

The outside of this large pub is brick faced, with white rendering and looks neat enough, with a large beer garden that over looks the canal.

The interior has been recently refurbished. There are two rooms, one with a dartboard, the other, a lounge with an impressive fake brick fireplace separating the room to form almost a 'snug'. It was very clean, has a lot of canal memorabilia and the music was a good level. I found it very friendly.

The beer was the usual stuff, with Ansells MILD, though sadly this had ran out on the day. On handpull there was Bass and Spitfire, but i had the Brew XI for old times sake, which was fine enough for a pint.

I would definately come here again, with friends, or family.

25 Jun 2009 13:45

The Saddlers Arms, Bloxwich

Another 60s estate pub, rather like a big house, little grace and charm, until they demolish a lot of them and it becomes quaint with the passing of time. Also has a beer patio area

Inside, there is a lounge, which i have only seen open once for karaoke (though when i visit it tends to be before 8pm) and a bar, which looks a little tired, but not scruffy, with a TV in the corner. The service was friendly and the clientele on the maturer side when ever i visit - even at the karaoke.

The beer is the usual tosh, with Banks's MILD and bitter on handpull. The MILD is very good. I visit infrequently, as its a little away from other pubs in Bloxwich and its just a muchness kind of place.

25 Jun 2009 11:58

The White Hart Inn, Penkridge

It is Everard's Tiger of course!

23 Jun 2009 23:18

The White Hart Inn, Penkridge

The exterior shows a brick and timber building in mock-Yudor style, dating from the last century, built on the site of a former inn, so it is claimed. The pub has a beer patio area, where a concrete bridge runs over a Penk tribuary (or canal feeder). I sat here in the sun, in the quiet and have to say, loved it. The service was friendly.

The interior has two rooms. The bar has TV, where the regualrs and the racing channel win the day. The lounge has a great fireplace as its focal point, with old pictures of Penkridge as memorabilia and relaxing and not obtrusive music. The rooms were a little twee, but then they sell the place on the historic theme and i have seen it done far worse. All was clean that i saw.

The beer was the usual stuff, with handpull Everade's Tiger, Old Spekky and Banks's bitter. The Banks's MILD was electronic cask and tasted great.

I enjoyed this place, but then a lot of places in Penkridge are good to very good pubs

23 Jun 2009 23:13

The George and Fox, Penkridge

Large 1930s building, with large L shaped open plan room, with sofas up one end, moving to a pool table up the other. There wasnt anyone in when i visited and the bar chap was friendly, even when i said sorry and left, as there was no real ale, or MILD at all.

Clearly aimed for the younger market. It still seemed tidy enough and i would have stayed had they got anything worth drinking

23 Jun 2009 23:03

The Foresters Tavern, Burntwood

A very 60s kind of place, a little large and souless, aimed a little more for the food market i think. Two big rooms inside, clean and tidy enough and the service was fine.

The beer, apart from the tosh, was Pedigree, Banks's MILD and bitter on handpull and the MILD was fine - i guess it was just the lack of vitality when i visited that left me with a feel of a much of a muchness kind of place.

As its a little out the way, i cant see myself going back, but if you live by it, you could do worse

23 Jun 2009 18:40

The Centurion, Burntwood

A nice little place, looks like a little Georgian brick cottage from the outside, with a beer garden. The lounge is straight from the 70s, with an old tv (tele!) in the corner, which gives it a nice feel. The place was clean and the landlady very welcoming.

Apart from the tosh, there was Titanic Steerage on handpull and Banks's MILD - which was fine.

In some ways it seems slightly out of place where it is, but its a nice place to stop off for one, which i will again.

23 Jun 2009 18:34

Earl of Lichfield Arms, Lichfield

I find this pub, known locally as The Drum, very annoying in that it should be better than it is, a bit like the Kings Head, not far away.

The brick facade is partially hidden by an arcade, but the main window is impressive. There is a small beer garden at the back. The interior is nice, wood based. The service was fine, the clientele mixed, from the shouty kids to quiet older bloke.

It won a Parliamentary Award, from the All Party Beer Group, for its real ales - why? it serves the usual tosh, no MILD and Marstons Bitter and Pedigree - ahhhh there is your answer, Michael Fabricant loves Pedigree, which is as common as you can get for a real ale. It has one other guest, the last few i have seen being Jennings Tom Fool, not their best and Brakspear Hooray Henry.

This pub has so much going for it, yet it never hits the mark with me - i really wish it, like the Kings Head, would. It's ironic, i will keep popping in, yet never really look forward to it

23 Jun 2009 18:29

Boat Inn, Stafford

Old pub, allegedly dating back to the 1770s and the building of the canal on which it stands. There is a seating area outside, by the canal, which is nice in summer.

The interior is split between a smaller dining area, a little cluttered with tables and chairs and a more spacious open plan area, more for drinking, where there is a TV and pool table. The floors are wooden and overall the decor fine, even if the music was a little louder.

The service was friendly, the clientele mixed, though it felt like it was aimed at the younger element, more seemed to be of the maturer class like me!

The beer was a tad disappointing for me, as it was Banks's MILD on smooth, with the usual stuff. There were three handpulls; again. like the Railway, suffering from the common, as they were Wells Bombardier, Abbots (again) and Spitfire, which I personally dislike.

Again, i will drop in on another day

22 Jun 2009 22:32

The Star Inn, Penkridge

A lovely looking brick and timber building in the market place, with a beer patio. The inside, while much altered, retains a traditional feel, with a nice fire place and very clean seating and tables. It is open plan around the bar, with a 'quiet' tv (watching England U21s), unobtrusive music and dart board. I took a liking to this place from the start.

The clientele were mixed and decent people from what i could tell, the service was friendly and even when a mix up in a drinks order occurred, it was sorted with a smile.

The Beer range consisted of usual stuff, with Banks's MILd and bitter on cask, the MILD being very nice. As a Banks's pub, it had on Brakspear Hooray Henry and Jennings Cocker Hoop, which are basic at the moment and the only little let down

Will be back

22 Jun 2009 22:24

Railway Inn, Penkridge

Nice half timbred and brick building as you get into Penkridge from Wolverhampton. The inside has a few rooms that are clean, with railway and aircraft memorabilia on the walls. The guy behind the bar was very friendly and i felt comfortable here. Clientele was mixed.

There was Cask Banks's MILD and bitter on electronic pump, the MILD was very nice. There were three handpulls. Sadly, the only thing that let the pub down was that these were the real common ones; Black Sheep, Spekky Hen and Abbots Ale.

Still, this is a nice pub and i definately will return.

22 Jun 2009 22:16

George and Dragon, Lichfield

I used to visit this place quite often some years back, as i worked in Lichfield and it did a good Thursday night quiz. Then it closed. I am delighted to say this nice brick built pub is now back open and doing the quiz again i hear.

The inside has a couple of smallish room, all decked out in a traditional way, with some civil war memorabilia, as the big beer garden is part of the mound built by prince Rupert as a gun platform - some of the finds are on view in the pub. There is also a small smoking area.

The gaffer is friendly and will offer samples if you wish to try a beer. There are always several real ales on including; Banks's MILD and bitter, with a Jennings - the Snecklifter was excellent, other Marston's, the Merrie Monk was superb, as well as a Brakspear. I have been in three or four times since it reopened and the beers do change.

This pub, along with the Wellington and Queens Head, make up the triumvirate of top houses in Lichfield.

22 Jun 2009 19:23

The Samuels, Lichfield

Well, this is a dive

Town Centre building with basic, more tatty interior and an awful set of bogs, where you could buy wipe on pheromones to attract that elusive and classy lady - need i say more. Yes, it was full of loud chav types, enjoying the loud music. Had a pool table as well.

Beer was usual stuff, with Banks's MILD smooth and Cocker Hoop. I couldnt hear if the service was friendly or not.

I will never go in again, more for the kids and chavs really.

22 Jun 2009 16:09

The Junction Inn, Chasetown

Corner pub, brick built, on a forked road. As such, the interior is one long room, comprising of a small dance floor area, past the bar (where the younger people were congregated and were a bit louder), around the bar into a quieter area, with a little sideroom containing military memorabilia and book - including rifles etc - scary really!

Service was fine, with usual taps, including Banks's MILD smooth and three real ales; Pedigree, Cocker-Hoop and Brakspear Gold, which wasn't to my taste. The Crown and The Uxbridge are nicer pubs, but i would visit from time to time, perhaps when less noisy.

22 Jun 2009 15:53

Cottage of Content, Chasetown

Interesting one this.

From the exterior, the pub has clearly seen better days, the car park being as pot-holed as the surface of the moon. Inside, it is equally scruffy, but that is because it is more a bikers pub. The memorabilia being football (all mids teams) and bikes. As its a bikers pub, i didnt feel uncomfortable, as they are generally a friendly bunch, just couldn't work out why Lily Allen was on the music TV channel?

The gut serving was really friendly, despite having more chains than a fetish club. There was no choice of beer - all tosh stuff, so i attempted to ask for MILD so i could beat a retreat. "I can do you one if you want?", he said, for which i didn't have to pay if i didn't like it. Intrigued, i satyed to see what witches brew he could conjure. It was two thirds Guiness to one of John Smiths. I did drink it, and as i had just played football, i was happy to.

top marks for entertainment, but will not be going back.

22 Jun 2009 15:46

The Bottle and Glass, Dudley

I have visited this place a fair bit, for professional reasons - I even appeared on their TV advert last year!

The pub dates to the early 19th cent and originally stood on the canal at the Stourbridge locks. The pub has several rooms, that at the back being an extension. The front of the pub dates to the 1870s. It has wooden seats, as you would expect. The service is friendly and the place aims to capture the historic experience, with sawdust on the floor and landlord dressing the part, although it is perhaps too clean!

The pub is not a place people stay all day - its in a museum, hence the drinks are £3.00 a pint or bottle - not cheap for MILD. The pub had Banks's MILD and bitter on cask, with Holdens MILD, bitter, Golden Glow and Old Pardoe's Bumblehole in bottles (both local breweries). The beer is good and we were served in proper glasses.

If at the museum, you have to pop in for one, as its part of the experience. Just enjoy it.

21 Jun 2009 20:35

The Trent Valley, Lichfield

About time this was due a review. I popped in with some friends yesterday, as he lives over the road from the pub. It had been around 3 years since i last went in.

The pub has had a few gaffers in the recent past and there were boards up when we visited, but it seems that a new gaffer had just took it on. Its a large place that used to do food, but it was near empty, i assume as he needs to rebuild his clientele.

There was an outdoor beer area and a little kids play area. The inside was clean, but with lots of free tables, the few punters electing to drink together by a tv playing, not overly loudly, some music channel. The barman was very friendly, when he poured the wrong order, giving us the next round free. It was an honest mistake, so top marks for customer service.

The beer was usual tosh with keg Highgate MILD and bitter, we had both. The beers were fine, a little cold, but decent enough.

Would i visit again? the customer service and the MILD, balanced with the proximity of my friend's house would say yes. If i visited with other friends, its a little off the beaten track. Whereas the Wellington is worth a walk to, i am not convinved this pub would be, as yet

21 Jun 2009 10:06

The Olde White Rose, Bilston

The pub is basically one long room, with food served down the far end and the pub and bar by the entrance. There is also a cellar, where folk and other music nights have been held. Its often busy, so the service is functional rather than friendly and the food is fine.

I dont think it is as dirty as others have made out. gillhalfpint hits it on the head when she says it could do with a bit of a spruce up, as it doesnt glow like a kid after Ready Break, but talk of rats is unfair, i think.

The choice of ales is excellent, along with Theakston's MILD, always means we visit this place. The MILD is consistantly good, sadly, not all of the other beers are. Last night was an example of this, but in general they are very good.

Whilst i would rate this pub higher than cannockchaser has, he is completely right, as far as i am concerned, in the fact that it should score even higher.

20 Jun 2009 13:00

Sir Henry Newbolt, Bilston

A little worse than a typical Spoons. There is, as always, a choice of ales and the food is the usual standard, but the place has more people in the smoking area than inside, during the day and requires tough bouncers on a night (Friday) as it gets rammed with the local kids getting fuelled up.

Best pop in during the day is my advice, especially if you smoke, you dont have to light up, just go and breathe all the fumes and remember the days before the soking ban.

20 Jun 2009 12:48

The Trumpet, Bilston

This pub is in the town centre. The inside is an education in jazz and music, with all kinds of memorabilia, instruments and ornaments decorating the place. Even if you are not a jazz fan, its impressive. The staff are great and the music sessions are not just jazz. I can take or leave jazz, but last night, they hit the spot for me with a great rendition of 'A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square'.

I loved the fact that other than one C***ling tap, a cider, Abbots Ale, the rest is Holdens, a quality local brewery. The MILD is my personal favourite, but their bitter and Golden Glow are fine too. Last night i tried the Special,at 5.1%, as well. It was excellent.

In all the visits i have made here, i can say i have only had one pint that was not on top form. The local CAMRA lot were in last night to promote the local ale campaign, which the landlord supported immediately.

A beacon in Bilston

20 Jun 2009 12:43

The Wheatsheaf, Wolverhampton

ROBCamra had given a great description of this place.

It can look a little scary in the bar, so we usually go in the lounge. The landlady is always friendly and down to earth

It is a nice stop for a consistantly great pint of Banks's MILD on handpull before we get the metro somewhere - last night being Bilston. It also has the Bitter and usual tosh, but this place never disappoints, its always worth a visit when with mates, perhaps not the kind of place i would take the wife though.

20 Jun 2009 12:35

The Longhorn, Walsall

What to say about this place, well some positves and negatives

On the negative side, its a large Ember Inns place, souless, plain walled, trendy seating and littered with African trendy carvings and such tosh. Three real ale pumps had clips on, but the beer itself was not yet on.

Positives, the service was very friendly, the clientele all seemed decent, slightly well to do people, the food wasn't the be all and end all, with a proper bar area. There were 5 handpulls working, with GK IPA, Timothy Taylor Landlord, Old Mills Willow Wood (decent), Davenports Nuttyjack, Wyre Piddle,s Hey Diddle Piddle.

I would have stayed longer to try more, but a queue formed and i am too miserable to wait. I would return.

18 Jun 2009 21:15

Three Crowns Inn, Walsall

This place is currently closed

18 Jun 2009 21:07

The Swan, Whiston

Excellent family pub and eatery. A great place to drive or cycle to.

The outside looks everything like a country pub should, with a nice beer garden and play area for the kids. The interior is a fair mix for diners and those just wishing an ale. Separate rooms, with a pool area. All well decorated. The staff were friendly.

There were four handpulls in the bar; Holdens bitter, Titanic Look-Out, Jennings Cocker Hoop and Jennings MILD. The MILD was lovely, but didnt quite make up for the fact that Holden's MILD wasn't on.

There is no way on earth i will not come back here either with family, or stopping off when cycling.

16 Jun 2009 20:38

The White Horse, Walsall

I have been in this pub several times over the years, it is an 19th century brick building much added to from the outside. The interior, whilst retaining a nice fire place and windows, has been altered considerably, but the feel is at least an attempt to be traditional.

The landlord is very friendly and we ended up chatting for quite a while on the pub and its history. The two locals in the pub joined in and i spent a nice half hour in chat and banter. Clearly Roballe was right!

The beer is the basic choice, with Banks's MILD and bitter Cask on electric tap. The MILD was fine.

All in all, i would visit again, especially as there are a few other pubs around

15 Jun 2009 18:56

The Chetwynd Arms, Brocton

A nice enough place from the outside, with beer garden and childrens play area. This once pub and eatery, is now more aimed at the food side, though there is a bar area, but as others report, its far less noticable than it used to be.

The interior is tidy, with wood beams and plain walls and lots of tables. The staff were friendly, but pushed, as the place was packed, it being a hot day. The food - its a two for one place - was fine, but not exactly copius amounts and if you were on your own - you would feel miffed.

Beer wise, usual taps, with Banks's MILD on hanpull, along with Pedigree, Jennings Cumberland Ale and Brakspear Hooray Henry. The Cumberland and MILd were very good.

If i were after a drink alone, i wouldnt bother really, as Brocton its out on a limb. Eating with the family is a different thing. It was, over all, fine and a couple of regular handpulls makes it a safe place to go, so yes, i would revisit

14 Jun 2009 20:57

Acorn Inn, Lichfield

I think we all know what to expect from a SPOONS place; cheap beer but varied, food, understaffed, rammed, mixed clientele and so forth.

As Spoons go, this is fine, but you have to catch it at the right time. whereas the SPOON in Wolverhampton seems to be a permanent hole. Yes, you get some chavs in, but i dont think they are as bad as some of the vacuous people that occupy some of the other 'bars' in the town

Beer has always been varied on the handpull front. I cant say i have had a bad pint as a result of the place, just the beer itself was not to my liking.

There are too few staff, but those i have encountered have always been friendly, but it is difficult for them when the place is rammed. The food has always been fine, basic stuff.

14 Jun 2009 14:08

The Fountain, Lichfield

Free standing brick and half-timbered building, with a long and tidy bar room, with a little area for darts. Very quiet when we visited, but friendly enough. The bogs were in a bit of a scruffy state. A standard place really.

Usual beer, with three handpulls; Marstons Pedigree, Brakspear Gold i think and Banks's MILD, which was fine.

Wouldnt go out of my to go, but with Feathers and George & Dragon on same road, would visit again

14 Jun 2009 13:16

Bowling Green, Lichfield

Oh! Lord.

Ember Inn, so pretty souless. A huge pub and eatery on a major roard island. Fake timber look and modern interior - plain walls in different colours. The clientele were mixed. I was forced outside by the fact that three footy fans (Liverpool, Arsenal and Man Utd - so all local then!) were oblivious to their shouts at the Sky Sports News TV debating over £40m for this, or that player. Lots of tot, sunning themselves, improved the view of the cars going around the island. The bar staff were fine.

Usual taps, with London Pride, Banks's MILD and 6X on handpull. MILD was fine. Would only go for the beer and i can get the same stuff elsewhere, so i will.

14 Jun 2009 13:04

The Duke of Wellington, Lichfield

This is an excellent pub. The pub has a beer garden and the brick exterior shows the age of the building, whereas the inside is far more modern, perhaps a little too so. A few TVs are dotted about for the sport. The clientele were of mixed age, but seemingly decent - i agree with doctorpint, a community pub. The lady behing the bar was very friendly and welcoming.

The beer, apart from the usual taps, there was Abbots Ale, Adnams Bitter, Marston's Pedigree, Deuchars IPA and London Pride of the more regular handpulls and Copper Dragon Golden Pippin and the local Enville Ale, which was top notch. One of the top three pubs in Lichfield, a little walk out of the town, but not to be missed

14 Jun 2009 12:49

The Greyhound, Lichfield

The pub itself is a decent enough building and decorated with plain walls, wood floor, with a TV and music. There was a small outdoor area for smoking, where the furnature had seen better days.The chap behind the bar was very friendly

The trouble was the complete lack of choice, just the usual taps with Tetley Bitter Cask. I had Guiness, which proved the point.

Its a few minute out of the town walk and sadly, i wouldnt bother.

14 Jun 2009 12:39

The Spring Cottage, Walsall

This is a large pub, with a fantastic Victorian exterior and tidy interior. As the others have said, its a friendly, mixed race pub and have always enjoyed popping in.

The beer is very limited to the usual stuff and Banks's MILD smooth, which although decent enough, means with better choices elsewhere, i do not go in much. Its the lack of choice which lowers the score, not the place.

13 Jun 2009 07:32

The Bell, Bloxwich

The current pub was built around 1900 to replace an older pub on the same spot.

Outside is tidy enough, with nice walled beer garden. Inside has a nesting of rooms; the bar is functional and there is a lounge, thats seen a better days, with dart board and TV for racing. A lot of the more mature section of the Blocko community meet in this room, as, tv apart, it looks straight from the 1940s - i love it! Staff are always friendly, as well as the budgies in the cage in the corridor.

They do a fantastic Banks's MILD cask, as well as usual stuff. No other handpumps were operating when i last visited. The pub can go from quiet to very lively, but its rare i do not pop in when researching the local history of the area.

11 Jun 2009 09:53

The Hartley Arms, Wheaton Aston

A large traditional and impressive looking place that sits next to the Shropshire Union Canal. It has a patio area and outside tables by the canal, where boats are often moored up. large car-park.

The interior is clean. Wood beams and partitions divide the food, dart and drinking areas. I have not eaten here. The notes about an unfriendly landlord i cant comment upon, all i can say is the lady behind the bar when i visited was very friendly.

The beer had the usual stuff, with Banks's MILD and bitter on handpull, as well as two ales; Marston's Taverner's Ale and Cocker Hoop, so all Banks's stuff. The MILD was pretty decent.

I will be returning, especially when i can sit outside when it isnt p***ing down, like it was today.

9 Jun 2009 22:38

Ye Olde Windmill, Gentleshaw

A very traditional country pub, the does good food. The outside looks fine, though the car-park is a bit worn.

The interior is traditional, with its wooden beams and tables. The service is excellent, even offering me the choice of glasses so i don't end up with a C***ling one and indicating that i have been seen and will be served asap.

Three real ales; Wells Bombardier, Pedigree and a Roosters. As its an endangered species, i had the M&B MILD, which was great.

Always happy to come to this place

9 Jun 2009 19:38

The Redmore Inn, Cannock Wood

A nice country pub from the outside, it has a plague in the wall dating it to 1869. The interior has plain decor, with some old Cannock pictures on the walls. It had a nice feel, with Sinatra kind of music playing in the background. The bar staff just did their jobs really.

There were 4 handpulls; Black Sheep Bitter, Flock (which was fine enough), Abbots and Titanic Lifeboat. Sadly, the Flock was served in a C***ling glass, hardly the world's greatest crime.

Sadly, the peace of the place was shattered by a few guys, who chatted to one of the young barmaids. Their voices just took over. Their particular linguistic skill was to replace as many verbs and adjectives etc as possible with the 'F' word, yet clearly be able still to communicate with each other - not only that, but managed everytime to accentuate the F at the beginning of each profanity. The bar staff didnt seem to realise, or care.

Spoilt a decent enough place

9 Jun 2009 18:48

Royal Oak, Walsall

This pub is actually closed

9 Jun 2009 18:28

The Romping Cat, Bloxwich

A great corner pub originally built in 1900 as the Sandbank Tavern - a good part of the original pub is actually the chip shop next door. The pub changed its name in 1957 to the RC, allegedly for local traditional purposes.

The outside is mainly brick, with a court yard area. The inside has a nesting of rooms inside with a strange semi-circular bar area, which has sky TV. The lounge is quieter, with a dart board and the other lounge has a few quiz machines. The service and people have always been really friendly.

Beer wise, its the usual stuff, with Banks's MILD Cask, which is superb and a guest ale - the last being Hobgoblin, which was excellent. Always visit here when in Blocko

9 Jun 2009 17:12

White Horse, Cheslyn Way

This is 60s building in a 1960s housing estate, so tends to look bland from the outside, but does have play area and small footy goals - so you can recreate your most memorable match assuming you have a ball.

I have visited this pub a lot, as it is local to me. The lounge and conservatry are clean, quiet (depending on numbers eating), plain, with some local memorabilia. The bar has Sky Sports but also attracts the baseball caps, so not always the best, so my advice would be go into the lounge. The bar staff have always been friendly

There are the usual taps, including Peroni lager. Handpulls included Banks's MILD and bitter, Brakspear Hooray Henry, Ringwood 78 and Wychwood Wizards Staff, the last two being decent.

9 Jun 2009 11:34

The Prince Of Wales, Brownhills

This pub has no car-park, making it a little awkward to stop of the dual carriageway, but there is a side street you cant see till you are on it!

The outside is tidy, with a patio beer garden at the back, the front faces straight onto the A5. The inside is a little twee with its fake beams, but is clean, with a large V shaped bar making the interior rooms a little strange in shape. One TV, which the friendly chap was happy to turn onto Sky Sports News to get an update for the cricket for me, despite never seeing me before - so good marks there.

The beer choice was limited to the usual stuff, with Pedigree on handpull. However, the pub had Chestnut MILD, which was fantastic.

Awkward for non-locals maybe to stop, i just know i will be again when i fancy a swifty of MILD

7 Jun 2009 20:52

The Posada, Wolverhampton

RogerB gives a great physical description of the place below. The lady behind the bar was really friendly and i felt welcome

It has been a good while since i have seen MILD in here and has meant i have visited infrequently. There were 6 ales on, as well as usual stuff. JW Lees Gold Digger (decent), Titanic Lifeboat (very nice) and Farmer's Half, Hook Norton's Old Hooky, Deuchars IPA and Bombardier.

7 Jun 2009 12:00

The Newhampton Inn, Whitmore Reans

From the outside, this looks really good. The pub has been repainted, great beer garden with flowers and old style lamposts. Sadly, inside the pub is in need of a spruce up, but the leather seats and tables are clean. The service was fine and friendly.

Usual stuff, though no MILD at all, but I didnt walk out! i tried a few of the 7 real ales they had on; Deuchars IPA, Timothy Taylor Landlord (very nice), London Pride, Wye Valley HPA, Slater's Top Totty (not my cup of tea - get the Monkey Magic on!), Courage Directors and Best.

It seems over the years to have gone downhill a bit, hope it can improve - a MILD would help.

7 Jun 2009 11:41

The Tap and Spile, Wolverhampton

The exterior is very traditional, if painted a little garish and the interior has several rooms, including a 'snug' and old Wolverhampton photos on the walls; though it is fast looking shabby.

In all my visits the choice of beers has been good, sitting along side the usual stuff, there is Banks's MILD and 4 real ales; Butty Bach, Kinver Centurion, Burton Bridge Stairway to Heaven and Holdens Golden Glow. The Stairway to Heaven was decent. The service friendly.

The clientele is unique. A microcosm. An agglomeration of; decent people, the best of Bedlam, the f***ing Tourette's Society and scrapings from the tank at the Sea-Life Centre.

7 Jun 2009 10:56

Varsity, Wolverhampton

I used to go in a lot, when i worked in Wolverhampton years back, especially around 'France 98', as we could watch the games in an upstairs room.

The building exterior is very nice. The place was formerly the George Hotel, (the original hotel dated to the 1750s, i think) and this building has the Georgian style to it. The interior is large, with leather sofas (a little threadbare) and tables.

Service was fine, beer cheap. Usual tosh, with Bombardier and Theakston's Bitter. Had the bitter, not the best. I will leave it another 10 years or so before coming back.

7 Jun 2009 10:21

Moon Under Water, Wolverhampton

For me, slighly under the typical Spoons standard.

The look and layout is the same as the rest and the food the same, served quickly and with a smile. Service at the bar seemed to be left to one happy and helpful guy, while other staff busied themselves doing cleaning and the matriarch watched.

The choice of beers, is again, excellent. Usual tosh, Banks's MILD smooth and several ales; Cairngorm Wildcat was top notch.

The clientele is a good mix, however, there are always plenty of 'dipsticks' around and the scale of the Benson & Hedges guard of honour at the entrance is amazing.

7 Jun 2009 10:10

Hogshead, Wolverhampton

I think i visited this place just at the best time. It had been several years since my last visit and i am not even sure if it was the Hogshead then.

It's a town centre place, sort of in the JDW mould. Here there were a couple of pool tables on top. The place was a little bland and a touch scruffy, bar staff friendly and it was quick service.

Usual tosh with 6 real ales; Bombardier, Jennings Tom Fool, GMT 3 Rivers, JW Lees Game On, Moorhouse Black Cat and Enville's Old Porter. The Black Cat MILD was decent, the Old Porter first rate. All in all a great visit and intend to go again.

7 Jun 2009 09:54

The United Kingdom, Bloxwich

The pub is in Short Heath. The extrior is rendered well enough and there is a car-park (its at a busy junction) and beer garden. The interior still shows the former traditional pub in patches, especially the tiled fireplaces.

The beer was usual stuff with cask Banks's MILD and bitter, which was decent, the girl behind the bar was friendly

The clientele was mixed from kids to old, men, women, hoody to shirt. It felt a locals pub to me, maybe visit again

6 Jun 2009 11:43

The Beacon Way, Bloxwich

A mixed feel to this one

The pub is a very 60's building, even with scalloping decoration like half the houses around, however, the extrior is decorated well enough and the interior, with lots of tables for dining, is neat and clean.

The landlord still retains the policy, reported by jimbo, of no under 21s and smarter dress - no baseball caps and hoods. So fair play to him. The guy serving was friendly enough.

Usual taps really with Banks's MILD smooth and Wells Bombardier. I had the MILD, which went a bit flat

All in all, i will go again, but it wouldnt be a regular as its a bit off the path

6 Jun 2009 10:15

The Poets Corner, Bloxwich

Oh! God, what to say - well i cant really, but i have

This place is a rough looking 60s styled pub in an equally deprived area. I was too scared to stop the car. I felt like Scarecrow, nervously heading to Oz through the enchanted forest awaiting a lion, tiger or bear to leap out and strike me down.

There seemed to be one road in and out and Cerberus should guard it

5 Jun 2009 19:11

The Bridgewater, Bloxwich

The pub has now been demolished

5 Jun 2009 14:43

The Boathouse, Rushall

A large modern pub that sits by the canal. The interior is interesting, with seating made out in the shape of a canal barge, and the decor painted like the 'barge' is about to go into a tunnel. Canal memorabilia also decorates the walls. Staff were friendly, clientele, though mixed, were more to the younger side, perhaps the Manor Arms next door takes more of the oldies!

Beer was the usual taps, with a guest, that being Holdens Golden Glow, but i had the Theakston's Dark Smooth MILD, which i know is fakey, but is still nice.

More a place to visit for one, for me, i would spend more time in the Manor Arms, however, the younger crowd could do a lot worse than come here. They have music nights and plenty of space. Give it a go!

4 Jun 2009 22:57

The Manor Arms, Rushall

The building is a lovely rendered former farmhouse, largely 18th Century brick, but yes, it does reuse late medieval material. Inside is a mish-mash of little rooms all deck-out in the black and white. It lies by the Rushall Canal and the old limepits - its fabulous.

I am not going to get into the age argument, except that if i had a penny for each time i heard oldest pub claims, secret tunnel claims and claims of family trees they back to Nero (yes, i have had it!), i could buy a pint a week, and i dont mean at Spoons prices either!

There are the usual taps, hidden slightly under 6 real ale taps. It's a Banks's house, so it has cask MILD and bitter, Jennings Cocker Hoop, Ringwood Old Thumper, Marstons Lord Taverner's Ale (decent stuff)

Service and locals were friendly. I will be going again.

4 Jun 2009 22:50

The Free Trade Inn, Pelsall

The pub is currently closed and boarded up

4 Jun 2009 22:08

The Robin 2, Bilston

Seen a few bands here over the last few years. Always met with happy staff.

As a small music venue it is fine, you can get served while listening to the music and often quickley. Beer is the usual stuff, but it does have Banks's MILD smooth as well, which has always been decent enough. I wouldnt really visit it just for a pint, but i havent been to many better places to combine music and beer. As LickeyEndBooze says, really you would have a few pints at the Old White Rose or the Trumpet first then go to Robin 2

4 Jun 2009 15:24

The Barrell, Birmingham

The pub is currently closed

3 Jun 2009 10:21

Dog Inn, Whittington

I passed it tonight, and it was all dark

2 Jun 2009 22:29

The Wharf, Walsall

Built when the Walsall town wharf was all revamped in the 90s. The bland building, in and out, is saved by having a nice view of the canal basin. The service i had was friendly.

The pub is a haven for the young, not especially the chav kind, so i stuck out like a sore thumb, as i hadnt used Just for Men. Nobody bothered me and i didnt feel threatened

The beer was usual taps, with three Highgate kegs - MILD, bitter and lager at some cheap price. I cant comment on the beer as i had a coke and sat by the canal. It isnt aimed for people like me, i am sure the young would love it.

2 Jun 2009 16:31

Arbor Lights, Walsall

Had a work Christmas dinner here once and they could'nt cope - too many people, too hot, poor service, as they were rushed about and cold food.

I popped again, finally, to wet my whistle after getting a dry throat - too much talking and this place was right next to the venue i had just been at.

It was clearly more a restaurant than a pub. Clean and decently, if plainly, decorated, with a sofas and tables mix. Service was very friendly

Usual taps, with three ales, Pedigree and Abbots being two, the other a beer done by Morrissey and Fox.

Whilst i dont really want to eat here again, i will bring JB in to sample the place, even though, i dont expect it to become a regular stop off

2 Jun 2009 16:23

The Bull Inn, Shrewsbury

Nice exterior, with a very clean, wood based interior. As ROBCamra says, it is a large L shaped room, with dining more confined to the area past the bar. It was quiet when we visited, but friendly enough.

Usual taps, with 3 real ales when we visited, yet i only made note of two (i am slipping!). These were Jennings Tom Fool and Ringwood 78. I had the Fool, which was well kept, but not to my taste.

Worth a visit

2 Jun 2009 11:46

The Prince of Wales, Birmingham

This is a very good pub, but it frustrates me a little. I have been in when busy and quiet over the years.

The pub is traditional, with good historic photos and memorabilia. I have always found the staff, busy, or not, just do their job, neither friendly, or miserable.

The beer choice is good, but on the real ale side, half of what they put on are safe bets; Timothy Taylor Landlord, Wells Bombardier, Fuller's London Pride, Deuchars IPA. The others include St Austell Tribute, Brains Bitter and Golden Hare. They also do an excellent Ansells' MILD.

At the end of the day, i would never say no to a visit and it is the best place near to the fake-tan mile that is Broad St.

2 Jun 2009 10:32

The Old Mitre, Essington

This place has changed a bit over the years - i remember winning a quiz here once.

Its quite a big, as it styles itself, country pub and dining place. The interior has the sofa experience, as well as wooden tables and chairs area, bar area and beer garden, of of which of sit together as uncomfotably as England, Scotland and Wales. It was clean and tidy and the chap serving was friendly.

The beer was the usual stuff, with Banks's MILD smooth, as well as three real ales, Abbots and Spekky, two regular real ales, as well as Flowers IPA, which was really nice.

Kind of place you take the wife, or girlfriend and family etc. Not bad by any means.

1 Jun 2009 21:41

The Whimsey Inn, Willenhall

Ironic eh?, no comments since its been on BITE, then two in a day.

The pub is also a very traditional one from the outside, even if heavily rendered, with an extension. It clearly has been refurbished on the inside, with some attempt at sympathy to the traditional interior. The floor and bar area are wood and the seating Chesterfield leather style. There is a Sky Sports TV, that simply played the news in silence and the music in the background, despite Lily Allen singing about her 'dumb boyfriends', was at least not obtrusive.

Usual taps, with Enville Ale and Jennings Cocker Hoop, but also had Highgate MILD, which went down very nicely.

I found this, contrary to The Swan, despite being for locals, far more friendly. Served in turn, despite locals being at the bar, a few people, including the lady at the bar wished me well as i left, which is often all it takes.

Its a little out the way for me, but i will go back

1 Jun 2009 21:28

The Swan, Willenhall

This pub is great to look at, very nice exterior, with a clean interior, wood floor, lovely tiled fireplace and nice undamaged leather seats. It has a pool table.

The beer on offer was really the basic tosh, saved by the fact that they had Banks's MILD Cask, which was decent enough.

There was a TV on in the corner - and whilst not loud, it was simply on for the sake of being on; nobody watched as it really wasnt the kind of programme you would expect to be on in a pub - the Burma cyclone aftermath?

It was a locals pub; they all knew each other as they came in, but sadly the service wasnt bubbling with enthusiasm and nobody could be botheres to say anything as i wished them good evening as i left, somewhat disappointed

1 Jun 2009 21:18

The Bridge Tavern, Willenhall

This pub is currently closed

1 Jun 2009 21:10

The City Tavern, Birmingham

Another fantastic Victorian exterior. Several small interior rooms.

Visited on Saturday, when it was hot and the bar was filled with locals in various stages of intoxication, watching two local teams, as you would have thought from the squealing, Everton and Chelsea, fighting for the FA Cup. Maybe they thought Birmingham City were playing, as one team was in blue.

It was much better to go into the quiet lounge, where we were all alone, as the TV was in the bar. The lounge was nicely done out, great fireplace and Chesterfield styled leather seating.

Beer on offer wasnt too bad. Davenports Bitter and Spring Fever, as well as Highgate MILD - which is what i had. I thought it was fine, JB was less sure.

I would come back; it was just a bad time for miserable people like us to go. One has to worry though, as it is close to the fake-tan mile, if the chavs would be out in force after dark, congregating to cross Broad St, like wildebeest at the Mara River.

1 Jun 2009 15:57

The Tap and Spile, Birmingham

An old Victorian canalside brick built warehouse, with a reasonable interior on several different floors. Being miserable by choice, we opted for the canal level, which was quiet and ok.

The usual taps were joined by some basic ales, Greene King IPA, Spekky Hen and Fullers London Pride - all of course were avoided for the Timothy Taylor Landlord (which is springing up all over the place as well). The rarer beer was Thakston's Old Peculiar.

Found this a decent enough place during the day - but its proximity to Broad St would mean when the indefatigable chavs and trendies are hoarding in the twilight hours, one may wish to avoid it.

1 Jun 2009 13:25

The Shakespeare, Birmingham

Another great Victorian facade, with a 2 roomed, well kept interior.

Have been in a number of times over the years and agree with most of what has been said by the other reviewers. The pub does lack something; it can be rammed, or empty; most of the handpulls dont work - just had Timothy Taylor Landlord, which was fine; there is no MILD and the food is reasonable. You could do worse than pop in here.

1 Jun 2009 12:20

The Old Royal, Birmingham

I enjoy a visit to this pub and would always recommend it.

Again, a fantastic Victorian building with nice interior, leather seats and art work on the walls. The service has always been fine, and the food very good.

The fact they serve up Fullers London Pride is offset by the fact they do M&B MILD, which is always decent. The other real ale was Harviestoun Bitter and Twisted.

1 Jun 2009 11:58

The Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

Fantastic former financial building, with a beautiful interior, where an archivist can pass half an hour identifying the historical busts on display - and by that i mean statues! Pericles and Alexander the Great for example.

Sadly, two things let it down. Generally, the bar staff are about as merry as the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come, and a little less talkative to boot. Secondly, its Fullers. They have the full range, with other Fullers owned stuff, like ESB. They do have the usual type taps, with Leffe and often a Beowulf drink, this time, the Dark Raven, a strong MILD. I had the Honey Dew, which was ok, as the rest is not to my taste and had Dark Raven several times in the past.


1 Jun 2009 10:02

Royal Tiger, Wednesfield

I think this is about the best Spoons place i have been in - usually, i say they are what they say on the tin, but this is better. Usually there are no staff around, this place has the same amount of staff as other places, but they are fantasically cheerful and willing to help!

Eaten in here twice now and the food for me has been fine (i keep it simple - burgers!). My wife complained about her dish, which didnt look to great to be fair, but it was whisked away and replaced with a completely different thing with huge apology.

The place is clean (unlike a lot of Spoons that get really cacky with things dropped all over the floor etc). It is also furnished well.

I had several half pints, to try different beers: Slaters Queen Bee, Lymstone Stonefaced and Stone the Crows and Holdens Golden Glow, were all on form. Ruddles Country was fine, as the last taste of it i had was the Leeds Hotel in Scarborough (read the review and you will understand why i wanted to exorcise the demons).

31 May 2009 22:10

The Malt Shovel, Dudley

I thought this was a nice little place, nice beer garden, decent interior, friendly staff.

The usual taps were on along with Cask Banks's MILD and bitter, sadly, the Marstons Oyster Stout wasn't on, a big shame, otherwise would have scored better

31 May 2009 19:10

The Canalside Cafe, Birmingham

Quirky little place, which i have visited a few times. Looks like the old lock-keepers cottage - yes, situated next to the canal! great view!

a couple of beers, we had the Rut, which was fine enough. Worth a visit for a one-off if nothing else - a spot of lunch maybe?

31 May 2009 10:40

The Flapper, Birmingham

Uninspiring 60s canalside pub, where its far nicer to get a beer and drink outside than remain in. Music venue as well.

Usual taps, so equally uninspiring in the drink stakes, saved only by a real ale; Wheel Tappers Ale. I drank it and moved on. With the Prince of Wales nearby, why waste your time?

31 May 2009 10:35

Yard Of Ale, Birmingham

Underground pub, with fakey beams etc, accessed by a flight of stairs from New St. and useful for a quick stop off before the train. A visit will make you appreciate the horror of 1974.

Used to pop in a fair bit - even had a work leaving do here once, but they took the MILD out and i couldnt be bothered anymore. A first visit in a while saw a few real ales on, one of which was a stronger MILD, Merrie Monk, which was decent enough. I think it may reappear on the stop off list again.

31 May 2009 10:30

The Craven Arms, Birmingham

This pub is now open. The extrior is fantastic - ceramic tiles; the inside was clean and the people behind the bar friendly

Has usual stuff, It looks like they are trying to find their feet a bit, as the Banks's MILD wasnt on and the Banks's bitter pump actually turned out to be Hobgoblin - what a bonus!

Good Luck to them and look forward to going back

31 May 2009 09:58

The Keg and Grill, Birmingham

Up for sale yet again. Its been a while since my last visit, as it has been closed. Of interest are the old pictures of Brum on the walls.

I visit for the Theakston's MILD, the rest of the beer is usual tosh, yet, yes, you guessed it, they had been sent the wrong stuff by accident - John Smiths! Very easy to mistake i am sure; almost as big a mistake as my venturing in.

May go again in another 3 years or so - as the Craven Arms is next doorish, so its not a wasted trip

31 May 2009 09:53

The Old Fox, Birmingham

ROBCamera gives a great account of the pub itself. I like the theatre memorabilia, tasteful and not over the top.

St Austell Tribute and Tetley Cask are always on, but they often have 3 or 4 other real ales - but what lets this place down a little is there is no regular MILD. Ironically, after whinging about that, i decided to review the place, as yesterday, a guest one was on. I had Backhouse Brewery's Hobs Hole MILD, which improved as the pint went down.

This place is always worth popping in if you are near

31 May 2009 09:47

Horse & Jockey, Walsall

Fantastic, large, near-symmetrical, what looks like early 20th cent brick styled building. The interior has a pool room, a large bar and a battered old TV in the corner. The gaffer was friendly and the place was tidy enough.

What lets the pub down is the fact that its not in the nicest of areas and that the beer choice is bog standard, with a smooth Banks's MILD, which was decent enough. I would walk down to the Old Crown for MILD though and the Pretty Bricks for beer range.

31 May 2009 09:37

The New Inn, Walsall

Great news, the pub has re-opened

30 May 2009 12:47

The Vaughan Arms, Lapley

Used to pop in a bit, when i had friends living nearby. Quaint country pub, white and black painted brick

The pub is currently boarded up and closed

30 May 2009 09:31

The Bell Inn, Brewood

This is less of a pub, more a restaurant, so i dont think i would stop off just for a beer. The inside is the clean trendy pine look, with a fantastic beer garden with pool. The bar staff were friendly.

Saying that, there were the usual taps with Banks's MILD cask and bitter, along with three real ales including; Kinver Edge and QE2 from the Cottage Brewery. These were excellent and the MILD was spot on too.

Would love to come back and eat here one night.

30 May 2009 09:29

The Admiral Rodney, Brewood

Most of what i want to say has been said already. The nice builing, though the interior is a bit twee - it has a fantasic fireplace and both beer and naval memorabilia - not a shock, considering the pub is named after the famous 18th century admiral. Has a nice beer garden

Beer was excellent and with excellent choices. Hardy & Hansons Old Trip (which is what i had), Everards Sunchaser, Black Shhep, Old Spekky, Deuchars IPA, Timothy Taylor Landlord and Adnams Explorer. No MILD. Good choice of lagers too for those that like stuff.

After all this, a guy still ordered John Smiths!

Will go more often i think

29 May 2009 18:57

Swan, Stafford

Timber framed and quirky shaped wooden interior. The pub has a wierd collection of witch dolls that hang down in the bar area - not seen uglyness like that since the Shakespeare in Scarborough

Great choice of beers; usual taps plus Theaston's MILD and bitter, with several guest ales; Slater's Top Totty, Courage Directors and Oast House Gold. I had the MILD

29 May 2009 18:24

Three Stirrups, Stafford

This pub is perhaps (not including the Lion) the least impressive of the Brewwod village centre pubs.

The pub was fine, but the tables were made of cheap wood and there was an old tv in the corner knocking out Last of the Summer Wine on UK Gold

The bar guy was friendly enough, but has the least choice in Brewood, usual taps, Banks's MILD and bitter and Timothy Taylor Landlord, which is what i had, and it was fine.

Clientele was a bunch of mechanics, free with the language, so all in all, despite it being ok-ish, would go Swan, Rodney and Bridge

29 May 2009 18:12

The Bridge Inn, Brewood

This is a great place, nicely situated alongside the canal. Half timbered exterior, the interior is tidy, well furnished, with some beer memorabilia dotted about.

Usual kind of taps, but with Mansfield Cask and a full reange of Jennings on cask too; Dark MILD, Snecklifter, Cocker Hoop and Honey Bole. I had the MILD of course, at it was first rate.

Bar staff were friendly and there was a mixed clientele

Been in before, will be in again

29 May 2009 17:31

Lion Hotel, Stafford

Score was based on what the place was like when i played footy and visited. It wasnt much to be honest, shabby and run down - it is currently closed, so no idea why someone asked for it to be put on!

29 May 2009 17:25

The Malt Shovel, Chorley

The epitome of a country pub. Large pub and eatery, huge car-park, beer garden and grounds for caravans. Great interior, with sporty memorabilia on the walls. Friendly service.

Did not eat, but the food is excellent, so i have been told.

Usual taps, but having Banks's MILD smooth and 4 real ale taps, that included Abbots and Black Sheep - i had the guest Warwicks Brewery's Falstaff - which was decent enough

29 May 2009 11:20

The Nelson Inn, Chorley

The old Nelson was a bit run down and shabby and the place has been re-vamped, to the point of being a country wine bar, with pine tables and floor, leather sofas, lit candley things in glass bowls etc

Souless as a place, but it clearly was popular on the quiz night

140 choices of lagers it seemed, but there was a real ale tap - a bit of a non-descript Robinson's Nosey Parker, but i was happy enough to have half.

Here if you like trendy stuff and own an expensive car, the Malt Shovel around the corner, is far superior

29 May 2009 10:53

The Nags Head, Burntwood

Large pub, with beer garden and car-parks, with a traditional wood based interior, parts given over to dining. Bar chap was happy and friendly.

More of a place that i would take the wife and kids (yes, archivists have them too!) than go with friends, as it has that kind of feel.

usual taps, though with a larger selection of lagers and a few real ales - just Old Spekky and Abbots when i visited, the Spekky being fine

29 May 2009 10:38

The Drill, Burntwood

A really nice little family orientated country pub, yet just on the outskirts of Burntwood. The 'gaffer' was very friendly, there is a nice beer garden and play area for younger children.

The inside was clean and a little like a hotel in Tunisia, with the alcoves inside - crossed with a 70s pub, with jugs hanging down behind the bar.

Didn't eat, but they do food

The pub had the usual taps, with a couple of real ales, namely Marston's Pedigree - apparently, i missed Hobgoblin by a day!

29 May 2009 10:21

The Swan, Tettenhall

Souless wasteland of a four tap pub

28 May 2009 14:31

First in Last out, Whitby

We visited this pub on the advice of the GBG and have to say i was very disappointed. The pub itself is fine, the interior being very 1970s (which is great as far as i was concerned) and the service being friendly.

It was very quiet when we visited - around 7pm

Sadly, there wasnt much choice in the real ales stakes - Teltley Cask, and, what i had, the Strongarm. The beer was fine.

I think i just hoped for more, so, I may be being unfair to this place - i actually hope i am!

28 May 2009 13:48

The Coach and Horses, Shrewsbury

A great back street corner pub, in spitting distance from the Benbow. Lovely wood interior, with several rooms - with as much space given over to the eatery, as the pub. Staff were friendly.

Several real ales; i myself having the Slaters Monkey Magic MILD and the White Horse Brewery's Black Beauty MILD, both of which were excellent. JB wasn't allowed the Monkey Magic by the bar staff, as it would have been classed as cannibalism!

A must, like the 3 Fishes and the Benbow, for every trip

27 May 2009 16:21

The Loggerheads, Shrewsbury

This building is fanatstic - lovely painted brick extrior, with a maze of little wooden rooms inside, one of which sports the 'gents only (until 1975)'.

I have eaten here before - a nice chilli that the gaffer said was a bit hot - and i can vouch it was - but not to the point of being inedible.

There is no MILD, so opted for the next best thing which was a Merrie Monk, which went down well.

Always worth a visit, just ask how hot the food is!

27 May 2009 14:55

The Wheatsheaf, Shrewsbury

The place itself was decent enough, nice exterior and the wooden framed interior, as many places are in Shrewsbury

There was a choice of real ales; JB going for the Banks's Premier Bitter, whereas i had the MILD, so it did fine on that score

What put me off a little was the misery that greeted us in the form of a barmaid that sported a frown not seen since the Spanish ambassador was invited to speak at the Elizabeth I's armada victory ball.

Will go again, after checking the staff rota

27 May 2009 14:45

Jubilee, Hednesford

Played footy for their pub team last season, yes, even at my age. Friendly enough, but the building is uninspiring and it is a basic four tap pub, not even a smooth MILD. It really just isnt worth the time - which is what my team-mates also said about my footballing ability!

27 May 2009 14:32

The Yorkshire House, Shrewsbury

Bizarre place, a bit like going on a ghost train ride at the fun fair when you were 6. It seems to cater for everything from heavy metal, to Middle Earth fans. Has graffiti art on the walls sporting the names of bands and life-size statues of Orcy looking things (i am not a Middle Earth specialist and i am not sure how life-size an Orcy thing would be) and Wizards.

The interior was pretty dark, so i cant say much about what it was like, but it was a mixed clientele and service seemed happy enough.

No MILD and Green King and Speckky Hen on tap, apart from the usual stuff, so had a drop of cider to refresh.

27 May 2009 12:59

The Nag's Head, Shrewsbury

Nice little place in the town centre, with a smashing beer garden.

Usual taps, with Young's Bitter, however, it serves a cracking pint of Ansell's MILD, which means we always visit.

27 May 2009 12:49

White Swan, Burntwood

This is a fantastic place, best in Burntwood (excluding Chasetown, i know how parochial you lot are!)

The exterior is fake rustication (stone block kind of appearance), but the inside is somewhat bizzarely shaped; indeed, its like stepping into a private house's hallway to start. The place comes straight from the 70s, and i mean that in a nice way), plates adorn the walls and brass ornaments along the fake wooden bar canopy. A nice mixed clientele.

Usual taps, with four real ales; Timothy Taylor Landlord, which is what i had, and was lovely, Titanic Farmers Half, Adnams and Abbots Ale.

26 May 2009 21:31

The Admiral Benbow, Shrewsbury

Nice brick exterior, though the inside is a little threadbare. The memorabilia is naval in theme, which suits the pub - Benbow being an admiral who died during the War of the Spanish Succession, against the French, in 1702.

The pub gives friendly service and a big choice of everything from real ales to bottled lagers (didn't see any French ones!)

I had the Old Castle Dark MILD, which was quality and the Shropshire Stout, which wasn't so nice. Great pub, always to be visited when in Shrewsbury, especially with the Coach & Horses next door.

26 May 2009 15:52

The Three Fishes, Shrewsbury

I love this little place. Timber framed, with stone floor. The girl behind the bar was really nice and chatty.

Several real ales on; i had an excellent Monkey Town MILD and a great Sharpe's Doom Bar

I will have to visit again

26 May 2009 13:06

Salopian Bar, Shrewsbury

As a more traditional pub lover, i would expected to hate this pub and i went in grumbling that the extrior was too boring and the interior to garish, the name should be changed to the Salopian - drop the bar bit etc etc.

The interior was trendy, with a large central bar area.

Thing is, i found i really liked it - the atmosphere was good, several real ales on. I had the Old Castle Rock, which was a quality MILD and other drinks included Dark Star.

Will have to go back

26 May 2009 12:29

The Queens Head, Lichfield

Along with the Geroge & Dragon, one of the best two pubs in Lichfield town centre that i have visited so far.

A 19th centurty, brick facade, wood interior building on the same road that used to house the pre-Union workhouse.

A few real ales, including Timothy Taylor Landlord, Baythams Bitter and Marston's Pedigree. The Bathams was fine

26 May 2009 11:41

The Kings Head, Lichfield

One of the better town centre pubs. Former coaching inn, with brick facade and timber framed interior, allegedly where the first regiment of the Staffs Regiment was formed

I was a little disappointed with the beer choice, which can be found in the Earl of Lichfield - Marstons Pedigree, Marstons Bitter and Ringwood. I found the Marstons and Ringwood Bitters fine. No MILD.

Live music nights - always worth a visit

26 May 2009 10:58

The Hedgehog, Lichfield

Bland place, if fact so bland i hardly remember it! Seriously, we ate here on a special occasion, the food was late and, yes, you guessed, bland

the guy behind the bar, to be fair, did give us a round of drinks in an apology over the late food

Beer was the usual stuff, with Banks's bitter

Will not visit again

26 May 2009 10:02

The Kings Head, Shrewsbury

Lovely wooden facaded Tudor styled building, indeed it has a picture of Henry VII on the outside as 'the king's head', presumably as he passed through Shrewsbury on his way to Bosworth where he defeated Richard III.

The interior is again, Tudor styled and a bit twee, but i didnt find it that run down, nor the bogs that pungent

Usual taps with no real ale, it did at least have M&B MILD, which was decent enough, but again, with a plethora of quality places to drink, why bother with this one

25 May 2009 00:09

The Crown Inn, Shrewsbury

At least the second time i have been to this pub, as it used to be very close to the old Shrewsbury Town ground. Another Georgian styled building, flanked by other buildings.

Clearly a footy-friendly place, as free food was layed on for the Shrews fans coming back dejectedly from Wembley, which was nice and the pub was really busy.

Usual taps, with Fullers (yuk) and Bass, as well as M&B MILD, which was what i had, and was fine.

Another pub that falls into the category of 'its ok, but better places to go'.

24 May 2009 20:38

The Albert Hotel, Shrewsbury

Big corner pub, that on the inside was a very spit and sawdust kind of place, playing music on bit on the loud side to be honest.

Basic 4 tap kind of place with not real ale, saved by the fact that at least they served Banks's MILD smooth.

Again, its just a run of the mill kind of place, that with so many better places, you perhaps wouldn't bother with. People and staff were friendly enough and it had definately improved from the last time i visited a few years back.

24 May 2009 20:30

The Bulls Head, Shrewsbury

Mock Georgian facade, flanked either side by buildings.

A Banks's pub that doesnt sell MILD, or real ales, so had to have a Banks's bitter instead. It was ok.

There was lively music on, despite half the people having just come back from Wembley after Shrewsbury lost to Gillingham (shame, i really wanted the Shrews to win). There was a spinny ball kind of thing and lasery kind of lights that left me feeling more irradiated than tomato soup in a microwave.

Bog standard and planty better places to go, even by the station

24 May 2009 20:14

The Vine Inn, Kinver

Big pub, with large car-park and grounds over-looking the canal. We visited on a hot day and the grounds were packed, sadly hosting some Foster drinking kids that decided their car stereo music should be a gift for us all to enjoy, or not as the case may be.

The pub had at least 6 real ales, though sadly no MILD. I tried a few half pints of Enville Ale, Kinver Edge and May Bug, as well as Butty Bach and all were fine, especially the Kinver Edge.

Cant really say much about the interior as i didnt see anything of it, apart from when i visited the bar. The bar staff were all friendly and without doubt, i would visit again

24 May 2009 18:45

The Rock and Fountain Inn, Shrewsbury

Takes a lot for me not to want to go into a place, and this pub ticked all the boxes with ease! Carlin' and Worthies signs were enough - go to Britannia over the road.

24 May 2009 12:00

The Albion Vaults, Shrewsbury

Has an interesting colour sheme - green and yellow. Never liked that blend of colours, reminds me of my old junior school, Bromford, who used the same on their tie.

The inside seemed clean enough to me, with mock tudor style beams and leather 'chesterfield' styled seating.

No real ale, but we knew that they had a MILD from previous experience. The Burton Bridge MILD had been replaced by a Banks's Dark MILD tap - one of my favourites, however, when the landlady poured the beer, she bizarrely put a little Guiness in each one first and although ok, it didnt taste like Banks's Dark to me - but then with a bit of tar in it, why should it?

Always visit though, and any answers to the above, please drop me an email

24 May 2009 11:22

The Britannia Inn, Shrewsbury

Strange looking pub from the outside - it looks more like it should be serving tea and scones than beer. We only found it by accident. We had popped up to look at the exterior of the Rock & Fountain over the road, only to be scared off by the Carlin' and Worthington signs on it. We dived into the Britannia, for cover, once i realised there were no cakes in the window and i did in fact sell beer.

Sort of a half traditional and half trendy refurbed kind of place with the usual taps, Youngs Bitter and, what turned this place into a nice find, a great Ansells MILD, though it was slightly too cold.

All in all, will definately visit again, purely for the MILD, if that went, i guess, unless a few more real ales came on, so would I

24 May 2009 10:57

Linford Arms, Cannock

Rather garishly painted former town house of the Linford family, with a brick facade. The pub refit still allows a glimpse here and there of older timbers that form part of the structure. Clean, with friendly service

Usual kind of Weatherspoons, with several real ales on, but lacks something in its overall atmosphere. I had the Roosters, which was fine.

Fine during the day, but as its on the High St, the gregarious sub-species known as the 'chav/chavette' will water here while looking for a potential mate, or to display their bling.

24 May 2009 10:47

The Giffard Arms, Wolverhampton

I always visit this pub when in Wolverhampton, which is often enough and thought it was about time that i rated it.

The exterior is fantastic. It is mock stone faced perpendicular (Tudor) styled town house, built in the 1920s, I think (I used to work in Wolverhampton, many years ago)

The pub is known for being a haven for the Goth/Alternative clientele, but its fantastically welcoming to all, even an archivist with waistcoat and fob-watch!

The interior is dark, wooden, with interesting coffin tables and an impressive throne that sits like the judgement of Solomon in the middle of the pub.

Real ales always on, as well as the usual taps, though no MILD. Sadly, on my last visit, the Hobgoblin had disappeared and i had to have the Wells Bombardier, a basic alternative.

Will continue to visit

24 May 2009 10:31

The Stumble Inn, Bridgtown

A pub that has music every Saturday night and jamming sessions on weeknights. It is spacious and clean, with friendly service, though, i hasten to add, i haven't visited on music nights

The pub had the usual taps, though much more choice - 3 draught ciders for example, yet sadly, no MILD was to be found. On the plus side there are 4 real ales, which all tasted fine.

i will drop by more frequently from now on

22 May 2009 20:07

Uxbridge Arms, Chasetown

Really good two roomed pub, with usual taps, several real ales and a good M&B MILD. I could happily stop in this pub to try all the ales. The pub is often busy, with a nice mixed clientele. Friendly service.

22 May 2009 16:51

The Swan, Chasetown

This place has a beautiful exterior and lovely wooden interior.

Sad to say then that is is the epitome of 4-tap pubs. There were half a dozen hand-pull pumps not used, indeed, there were more working taps in the gents bogs than in the bar.

I walked in; looked; asked about MILD; he offered John Smiths (why?) and i left.

what a waste

22 May 2009 16:48

The Miners Rest, Chasetown

Improved since my last visit some years back.

Friendly landlady serving usual taps, with Banks's MILD smooth and a couple of real ales, Deuchars IPA and Wells Bombardier. I had the Duechars, which was fine.

Building has a fair bit of mining memorabilia on the walls as the name suggests. Will go back

21 May 2009 14:47

The Crown, Chasetown

The pub was clean and clearly refurbished recently. A mix of the old, with the dart board, and the new, a big screen tv that looked a little out of place.

The usual taps, with Banks's MILD smooth and a real ale, in this case, Dragons Bite (Wychwood). The landlady let me try if first, and go for the MILD as it wasnt to my taste.

MILD was really nice for a smooth.

Will drop into this pub again, all in all a nice visit

21 May 2009 14:43

The Station Inn, Whitby

A pleasant multi-roomed pub with a good selection of real ales and friendly service. Lots of railway memorabilia on the walls, will definately visit again

21 May 2009 14:40

The Pier Inn, Whitby

A large bog standard pub. Plenty of better places to go to be honest, though the staff were friendly enough and the beer adequate

21 May 2009 14:37

The Little Angel, Whitby

The pub was very quiet when we visited, but there was real ale and friendly service. Would be more than happy to visit again

21 May 2009 14:35

The Railway Inn, Pelsall

Super place, opposite the green, with, as the name suggests, railway memorabilia on the walls (though not too much)

Two nice rooms, with food served in the lounge, with a great atmosphere and friendly staff

Usual taps, with Banks's MILD (Smooth) but 3 real ales. Had time for half, so tried a decent drop of St Austell's Tribute.

Will visit again

20 May 2009 08:50

The Jolly Sailors Inn, Whitby

I thought this was another decent Samuel Smith's pub, scoring well as of course it has a quality MILD on offer and a great stout as back-up. Staff were friendly enough and it was by no means empty. Will definately be going back

19 May 2009 16:14

The Elsinore, Whitby

A classic little pub, with books on the shelves and a nice 70s feel to it. Very quiet when we visited it, so maybe didnt see it at its best.

The barman was very friendly, taking us outside to point the way to the another pub. A choice of real ales and the Strongarm was spot on for a non-MILD drink!

Will definately be visiting again

19 May 2009 15:58

The New Tavern, Scarborough

Bog standard place really, not offensive, more the place i would pop in for one every so often. It has a pool table and a real ale on, which is why i would go in

19 May 2009 13:06

Tap and Spile, Scarborough

Had a great time in here. Friendly bar staff got us to take part in a pub quiz, which amazingly wasnt a chavy Eastenders, Big Brother, celeb pic, who is shaggin' who quiz, but had actual proper questions. Several teams took part. They served a bit of free food and there was a choice of real ales.

I agree with ROBCamra, it needs a little more work, but good luck to them.

19 May 2009 13:00

The Buck, Whitby

Very quiet little place when we visited, a couple of real ales on and would pop in again

19 May 2009 12:55

The Bridgtown Tavern, Bridgtown

First time i had been in for a year, or so. There had been an effort to clean the place up and it looked brighter, but alas the carpet remains threadbare and the chairs and tables in such a condition that Steptoe & Son would refuse them.

Four tap tosh, saved by the fact they had Banks's bitter and MILD. The MILD was so lively it had more head that a 70s porn film, so i was offered bitter instead. I agreed, but it too was lively, so the happy barman fetched me a flatter drink from the back.


19 May 2009 12:50

The Castle Inn, Bridgtown

This is very much a local's pub - when i walked in the piano player stopped, tumbleweed blew in through the door and the silence was only broken by the melody created by spit hitting the 'toon from different distances. All it needed was a toothless ex-miner, with a dusty hat, shouting 'there's gold in them thar hills'.

It is the headquaters of the Cannock Wolverhampton Wanderers supporters club, which is great, despite being a Villa fan, it is good to see teams supported in their area, rather than Man Utd. The walls were as cluttered as an MPs expenses file.

The four tap tosh was helped by Banks's MILD, which although smooth was a decent enough pint

19 May 2009 12:45

The Queens Arms, Birmingham

Pop in here sometimes when going to Hockley.

I used to frequent it a lot when i worked at BT in Newhall St (95 Newhall St is now a hotel, which is probably the target user for this pub) many years ago. The pub then was packed at lunchtimes - as you could drink and go back to work - aaaahhh the mid-80s!

The pub has been revamped and looks fantastic from the outside. Inside, it is sort of neither here, or there - not traditional, as it was, but not too trendy. This leaves me divided; happy to see the investment and clean-up of the place, but missing the character that it had - it is missing something

It served real ales, but sadly, the old M&B MILD had bitten the dust since my last visit. Will continue to pop in every so often.

18 May 2009 16:16

The Prince Of Wales, East Cowes

Very quiet when i visited, but that didnt detract from this place. Friendly service, a cheap but tasty bar snack and a great pint of Hobgoblin, as well as Whitbread MILD.

Popped over the road from Osborne House and couldnt believe that there was nobody in


16 May 2009 10:52

The Crown, Birmingham

Such a beautiful building ..... and shocking pub

I have been in a few times over the years to give it a fair chance and it always disappoints.

I have never really enjoyed the beer and dont take kindly to people asking for a pint under the guise of it being their birthday - by that, they probably meant they had been acquitted again, under a technicality, from the adjacent law courts.

15 May 2009 16:11

The Crown, Birmingham

A very large pub that despite its faults still retains a charm, not least for its architecture.

The location of the pub often sees us visit for the final drink prior to catching the train home. If i didnt use the train, i would use the pub less.

Yes the pub is a little shabby. Yes, you have to fight your way through the smokers that hang around the entrance like vultures around a corpse. Yes, the clientele is a mix of ALL kinds of Brummies. Yes, you need the artistry of Lionel Blair to dodge some of the 'puddles' in the gents and yes, the M&B MILD is a bit hit and miss, but i agree with pablos13, i have a little soft spot for it.

15 May 2009 14:58

The Black Horse Vaults, Whitby

Excellent. One of the top 3 pubs of the day.

Lovely little building with really nice bar staff. Plenty of real ales on and i had a Tetley Imperial and Butcombe Brunel - both of which were nice.

It was quiet when we visited, which i think was a blessing as i can imagine it being on the primrose path for anyone wanting a drink other than Carlin' or Worthingtons


14 May 2009 17:13

Golden Lion, Whitby

and in my rant, i even spelt convertible wrong, just in case the Casual Doctor is reading this!

14 May 2009 17:08

Golden Lion, Whitby

Very cosy little place, but not a great deal of atmosphere when we went - maybe the TV had something to do with it.

Had Tetley's Imperial, which is class (along with the MILD), which leaves me wondering why these two beers, with some taste, are shunted aside for the pretty tastless cask and smooth. There is no Imperial just 20 miles down the road at Scarborough and the last Tetley Mild i saw was in the Harrows in Wolverhampton

The eradication of Tetley MILD in North Yorks is surely the worst decision since JFK said 'lets take the convertable, i need the air'.

Back to the pub - happy enough to go again, but not at the level rated by the first scorer for me.

14 May 2009 17:05

The Board Inn, Whitby

Another pub worthy of a return visit. It had real ales, though i elected to try Theakston's Smooth Dark, as it was as close to MILD as i would get, despite being a bit fake. Another place set up for eating and bar staff were friendly. The music was interesting and i am sure to Bigdex's relief, no longer as loud as a Filey man in the Three Tuns.

14 May 2009 16:58

Duke of York, Whitby

I found the pub to be a delight, but they maybe because i was sat on a bar stool facing a number of old photographs on the wall, having to explain to JB why all people seemed to look grimey in c1890 photos!

There was a choice of real ales and the beer we had was fine.

Other points raised here are justified. As Staaly says, seats are hard to come by and we visited on a Monday daytime - and it is for families and set out for food.

I would return quite happily, maybe after researching grimey people in old photographs a bit more

14 May 2009 16:52

The Old Crown, Deritend

Oh! my Lord.

The Banks's MILD was pretty poor and the place full of ladies exhuding a narcissim far more potent than the beer.

The oldest building in Birmingham of course actually means a few roof beams from the old school, if indeed, anything. It is twee and souless, as they have surgically removed any historic charm

I am sure more will be attracted to the plastic tot, than be upset by the loss of historic charm

14 May 2009 16:27

North Riding Hotel, Scarborough

I really liked this place.

A fantasic exterior. Visited on a Sunday night, so very quiet inside. We elected to sit in the lounge and were the only guests, which i really didnt mind and the barman was clearly a decent chap, chatting to a couple of the locals in the other room.

Had a York Guzzler and would look forward to another visit with relish, even if only to rate the toilets after watching Greek horse-racing

14 May 2009 16:04

Indigo Alley, Scarborough

Visited this place on the way to the North Riding Hotel.

I felt a little let down - despite being half an hour before closing there was nobody in and we didnt really see anyone until the barman politely asked if we wanted anymore as it was closing. The decor reminded me of nicotine stains, but i could plainly see the ghost of better days. The beer was reasonable, JB going back for a final pint. I would certainly go back the next time i was in town

14 May 2009 15:51

The Endeavour, Whitby

Cracking little place, very traditional, though it quiet as it had just openend when we visited. Several real ales, the best by far being Mr Tod, a real gem. The chap was friendly, it was clean and there was even a Double Diamond poster in the loo - quality

14 May 2009 15:38

The Sloop Inn, Wootton Bridge

A bog standard, but very busy carvery/pub, that my daughters affectionately nicknamed the Slop Inn.

Very cramped, but cheap enough and the food was ok. Beer choice was basic, though the Bass was decent enough for a pint. It was there when we needed it.

14 May 2009 12:15

The Prince of Wales, Freshwater

Really friendly pub and locals. I popped in on the offchance they did food, only to find Green King MILD on tap - what did i do? - i drank a swift pint of this lovely MILD whilst the wife and kids were waiting in the car-park, much to the amusement of the landlord

Back on the Isle next year, and will be visiting again

Yes, could do with a little touch-up, but with happy folk and a class MILD, God be praised!

13 May 2009 19:11

Fountain, Walsall

A really nice little Victorian pub, though the interior is modern, but at least adorned with photographs of old Walsall (bit like a busman's holiday for me!), which I have meant to ask to be put on BITE for ages.

I never drink anything other than the Chestnut MILD, as it is a great, and not too common pint, though there are a few guest beers on.

Can get lively, with music and God forbid, younger people, on Friday nights, but always on the Walsall tour for me

13 May 2009 16:38

The Black Country Arms, Walsall

Super place. Always visit when researching in Walsall.

A spacious 18th-century building, that was linked with the old guildhall and at one time served as part of the magistrates' court

A plethora of tasty ales adorn the bar, rotated, with regulars like Pig on the Wall Mild, so there is always plenty of choice, which often means that we stay for a few.


13 May 2009 16:30

Valley, Scarborough

The exterior could have put me off, had it not been for the GBG recommendation. A really great place, with friendly bar staff, a mixed cliental, with a good selection of real ales, made even better by the addition of a strange kind of beer to be found in North Yorkshire called MILD!

13 May 2009 15:27

Cellars, Scarborough

Definately worth a visit, as the real ales were fine and bar staff were happy enough.

There was nobody else in, so very quiet, although there was a big screen showing Gillingham in the play-offs, which, as RobCamra says, seems a little out of place

13 May 2009 15:13

Scholars, Scarborough

I have to echo the worthy comments posted here. There was footy on when we visited, but did not detract from the beer, service and good atmosphere (the game was Arsenal v Chelsea). Quite a mixed crowd. Had a couple of different beers, Strongarm being one, i think.

Would always visit

13 May 2009 15:07

The Shakespeare, Scarborough

This establishment is so bad, it will go down in folklore.

Upon entry, we attempted to drum up a little conversation with the barmaid regarding beer in Scarborough. Indeed, she was a happy enough lady, but alas, although she herself drank MILD, she could only offer Carlin' or Worthington! I pulled a face and asked for cider, as a hint.

We sat and after the dust dissipated, some resettling on my knees, the calm was shattered by the arrival of a semi-drunk chap, so loud he could have been town crier for Filey. After a few minuites, his harping tones left the landlord with little alternative, but to tell him in Anglo-Saxon where to go and vault over the bar like a Russian gymnast.

After squaring-up, in a way that a 70s boxer would have been proud, the town crier was bundled out to cries of 'ya baaaaaaard' from the landlady and her assembled 'guests', 'which is ironic as its the shakespeare. All i awaited was a juggling chimp, followed by a chorus of 'that old gray mare, she aint what she used to be' from the regulars, as the hat was passed around, for donations, to make my night. I would have contributed, had it not been spent on Carlin'

We returned the glasses to the bar, and received a wistful look from the barmaid that screamed an apology.

Would have to go again, if just for nostalgia. But no, best left, unless you are a juggling chimp in search of work.

13 May 2009 13:54

The Golden Last, Scarborough

Different. I did notice the sectarian stuff on the walls, but then i really dont give a flying monkey about things like that, as i know i just pop in to try a beer. You can go to whole swathes of places in Brum that are Irish themed pubs and happily show it, so if thats what the owners want to do, thats their choice, they live with the business decision.

Different is the parrot, who sits in a non-sectarian way, on his perch, unpaid

What i was in turmoil about was the painful strains offered by the karaoke singers, under the guise of popular music. Dulled for just a short period by half of Cameron's Smooth, which again was different to the other pubs, i actually thought it was the parrot that was singing, until he asked me to leave for my insulting behaviour.

Overall verdict - different!

12 May 2009 20:17

The Lancaster, Scarborough

Sadly, seen the best of its days, which wouldnt be too much of a problem if they served a proper drink instead of the 4 tap tosh stuff. If you have no expectations and you wont be disappointed!

Friendly enough and there was a chap singing away in the corner as the paid entertainment, who too be fair, was quite funny - even when the expectant audience, waiting to hum along to another classic hit, shrank from 10 to about 4. This really doesnt help, as its quite a big place.

12 May 2009 20:04

The Golden Ball, Scarborough

Samuel Smiths - and MILD, what more can i say - well, here goes:

Samuel Smiths - quality. So good, and due to the dearth of decent drinking places around, we tried a half of their other drinks - i even had LAGER (the filtered stuff, not the Alpine), I had had the stout before, which is also nice, but was amazed to find i enjoyed the others too.

Cost - dirt cheap and tasty - how come the other breweries charge much more, often for tat - (cough, John Smiths)?

Comedy value - a few top class merries/drunks, which were hilarious, but never were they in danger of being a problem - they were all good natured. Quirky yes, but good spirited

View - sunny day, great view over the harbour, very pleasant.

Best pub in Scarborough for those that like a proper pint

12 May 2009 19:56

The Leeds Hotel, Scarborough

A pretty awful experience to be honest.

We thought we would have a Ruddles, which, after the chap poured off a few pints into a dog bowl, still tasted pretty poor. Indeed, a group of around 12 walkers did more walking to and from the bar, returning bad pints, than on their 20 mile ramble!

Amazingly, there were three regulars up the bar, all of which still appeared to be alive

i do hope it gets better

12 May 2009 19:47

The West Riding Hotel, Scarborough

We only went in here because of a footy match we wanted to see. No real choice of beer; JB had to have the black stuff with a harp on and i had to have a John Smith's shandy (well, had to have something to give it taste). The guy behind the bar was friendly, despite being as deaf as a post! the atmosphere was fine, its just a pity that there was nothing worth drinking - it would have scored higher!

12 May 2009 19:23

The Swan Inn, Compton

The Casual Doctor is correct, after revisiting this place, i realised i had in fact attributed the wrong comment to this Swan, and i did in fact mean that the Swan in Lower St was the awful one.

This pub is in fact a really good place, a good Banks's MILD and a nice surround - my apologies to them

I would like to thank the Casual Doctor for pointing out the error of my ways and advise him on the correct spelling for buffoon - the least i could do, after the help he gave.

12 May 2009 18:58

The Old Vic, Scarborough

Attracted by the 'traditional ales' on the board outside, i stupidly took a small sojourn into this bastion for the purveying of traditional fare. 'Traditional ales' actually means Carling, Fosters, Worthington... blah blah - in other words, tosh. In order not to appear rude in making our escape, we simply asked if they had MILD, to which a reply was made to the effect of 'what's that?'

we left

12 May 2009 18:41

The Castle Tavern, Scarborough

Tetley Cask, almost as dull as John Smiths. Just about makes the average despite having 28 televsions, all tuned to different sports; one corner for the horses, one for the rugby league, another for footy.

There were a few strange people, which helped me to fit in better!

12 May 2009 18:21

The Black Lion, Scarborough

Found this a really decent place, which is pretty hard in Scarborough to be honest, the only disappointment being that the Jennings wasn't on, so had to have Banks's, which at least is a good back-up for a Midlander, when there isnt any MILD in the town!

12 May 2009 17:41

The Angel Inn, Scarborough

A quality little place, with a few real ales and frindly atmosphere. Had a nice Copper Pippin and spent an amusing time reading the postcard collection

If you are having a drink in Scarborough, one of the few you HAVE to visit

12 May 2009 17:33

The Britannia Inn, Scarborough

Shouldn't really rate this as i didnt have a beer, but had to.

Would you believe it? - found the only pub in Scarborough that does a MILD - indeed, a good one, Chestnut, sadly they had ran out and wouldn't have anymore for a few days - 'dont blame me', said the barman, 'its the landlady's fault'.

I simply laughed

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away; He certainly took away all the MILD from of Scarborough.

A happy and friendly enough little place, though it does need a lick of paint on the outside and a few letters of its name hanging back up

12 May 2009 17:29

The Station Hotel, Filey

The first pub of the day, with little choice i had to have the John Smith's cask, which was as dull as an evening watching Big Brother.

The chap behind the bar was really friendly, offering us a sample, which is ironic, as i didnt want it as my half would be more than enough. He laughed when i mentioned MILD, saying he used to drink it too, as apparently have several other publicans i spoke to in Filey and Scarborough, but no body sells it, so WHERE did they get it from?

12 May 2009 16:44

The Imperial, Filey

Another Filey pub worth popping in for one - the interior was nice enough, pool table, happy enough chap behind the bar, but most important, a few guest ales, even if one was Spitfire!

12 May 2009 16:37

The Buccaneer, Filey

This place wasn't the hell hole i expected, although i did visit during the day. The bar staff were friendly and could actually hear me, despite the place having more TV's than Radio Rentals (am i showing my age there?)

All in all, the place after all it offered a few new beers - especially the William Youngers, but not everyone's cup of tea

12 May 2009 16:35

Bonhommes Bar, Filey

A great place, utter delight to drink in - several real ales (which made the Fosters sign outside a bit hard to fathom) with the JPJ the best of the bitters. IT HAD A MILD - 6%, so i hope that does not mean that the place will be forced to close!

The chap behind the bar was friendly and all in all the best place in Filey without a doubt.Its tucked out of the way a bit - but worth finding

12 May 2009 16:30

The Belle Vue, Filey

No MILD, so a Banks's bitter, despite being a shock presence, was fine as it was a safe drink. We didnt eat, but everything looked fine and the portions seemed a decent size from what others ordered.

Overall I thought the pub was decent and the bar staff were very friendly.

12 May 2009 16:24

The Three Tuns, Filey

The pub is nice from the outside, the bar staff were friendly and indeed, the ladies were attractive (yes i know that's sexist, but its the truth). The beer itself was reasonable - sadly, i cant remember what i had, as it wasnt MILD, which is clearly a dirty word in Yorkshire.

Sadly, the experience was somewhat let down by what i thought was a meeting of the Filey Hard of Hearing Men's Club (equally sexist), the three members of which seemed to need to shout to each other in building site fashion, despite being at the same table. JB pointed out the were not hard of hearing just VERY VERY LOUD

12 May 2009 16:19

The Swan Inn, Compton

Sadly, after reading the other reviews, i can say this place has since been gutted. I found it souless.

26 Sep 2008 14:57

The Shoulder of Mutton, Tettenhall Wood

very twee - however the fake beams looks so tacky they could have been purchased off Del Trotter. The Mild was drinkable. There are far better pubs locally - the Oak for instance, but demolition is a bit harsh

26 Sep 2008 14:49

The Royal Oak, Tettenhall Wood

Quality. Even if its like JB's Auntie Lorraine's frontroom, this is a nice traditional place, with a nice beer garden. The Banks's Cask Mild was the best of the day. Will be visited again, I am sure about that.

26 Sep 2008 14:38

The Rock Hotel, Tettenhall

Pubs like this are a great advert for the Temperance Union. No Mild, so a pint and half of non-descript tosh, for £4.45, shocking. My view - if you are ever caught between 'The' Rock and a hard place, go the hard place. I didnt try the food.

26 Sep 2008 14:34

The Light Horseman, York

Nice looking building. Seemed friendly enough when i visited, reasonable selection, but like most places in York, alas, no Mild. Military memorabilia is ok, but decor does near garish. Decent place if you want to watch football, sadly it was full of Man Utd supporters, as York should be???? Didnt feel awkward though.

26 Sep 2008 14:06

The Hogshead, Walsall

this place has closed

27 Aug 2008 16:58

Golden Lion, Walsall

this pub has closed

27 Aug 2008 16:55

Chindit, Wolverhampton

Wanted to visit this place due to the name - the soldiers of the Burma campaign in WII. Very quiet when i visited, but not overly friendly i felt - but it was my one and only visit, as of course, like the others say, there is no Mild i wont be going back. Has a pool table and TV.

8 Aug 2008 12:46

The Talbot Inn, Cheslyn Hay

A roomy, quite friendly place, with a mixed aged clientele. Has basic drinks plus a few guest ales like Flowers. A decent pint of Banks's Mild. Pool and darts available as well.

7 Aug 2008 20:42

The New Inns, Cheslyn Hay

No real ales, basic drinks and a basic kind of pub. Happy enough to stop for one if going through Cheslyn/Wyrley way. Banks's Mild is decent enough

7 Aug 2008 20:39

The Orange Tree, Walsall

A friendly enough place, with a mixed clientele. There is a pool table and dart board, with a decent enough outdoor area. No real ales, but the Banks's Mild is decent enough.

5 Aug 2008 11:22

New Birchills Tavern, Walsall

Looks well maintained from the outside and is tidy, but bland inside. Does food, but i have never eaten here - though i would be happy to try it. No real ales, Banks's Mild is ok though.

5 Aug 2008 10:59

New Navigation Inn, Walsall

A bit of a rough and ready place, right next to the canal. Has a nautical theme on the walls etc - Titanic and pictures of RN vessels. Generally, its one you may well pass on the way to the Rose & Crown next door, but it is worth a try for a one off. The Banks's Mild is fine enough, though there are no proper ales. Not particularly a quiet place - everytime i have been there has been a sound system banging out stuff - but at least it was 70s and 80s!

5 Aug 2008 10:16

The New Inn, Walsall

A great traditional pub, seemingly a bit out of place in its surroundings. Friendly and relaxed. Really good real ale selection, however, no Mild - so for me the rating goes down a bit.

4 Aug 2008 11:08

The Rose and Crown, Walsall

A great Victorian pub, with three rooms and friendly staff. Has a pool table and TV for footy. As others have said, what makes this pub is the fact that it sells Pig on the Wall Mild, but there has been a dip in the quality of late. I always pop in though when touring Birchills!

4 Aug 2008 10:57

The Great Western, Wolverhampton

Sad to see there has been a little strife over the change in ownership. All i can say is that this was and still is the best pub in wolverhampton. The real ales are great and the Holden's Mild top notch. Being a historian, i love the memorabilia. Not eaten much here, so cant comment on that

2 Aug 2008 12:21

The Fox Hotel, Wolverhampton

A very 1960s styled building - which is not a bad thing to me, but others may feel it has a dated look. Very friendly, but has always been quiet when i have visited. The Banks's Mild is always a decent pint, hence i visit, but nothing offered in the way of guest or real ales.

2 Aug 2008 11:05

Combermere Arms, Wolverhampton

I think this is a great little pub, quirky small rooms and friendly. Good outside area where sometimes there are music nights. Banks's Mild is served, as well as guest ales. Been in quite a bit over the years, but i agree with the Doctor, the Mild has been a bit up and down recently

2 Aug 2008 10:53

The Minerva, Essington

A nice pub and very friendly. Always has guest ales on - i had a nice Waggledance the other day - and one of the best pints of Theakston's Mild i have had. Pool table as well.

31 Jul 2008 20:15

The Why Not inn, Essington

Its a reasonable pub, serving food, with a small outdoor play area for kids. No real ales, but the Banks's Mild is ok. A pop in place or a place to eat with a pint

30 Jul 2008 20:05

The Big Bulls Head, Digbeth

Best thing in the pub is the food - cheap and good portions! Mild is M&B i think, its a bit hit and miss, but drinkable. Pop in to eat and have pint then move on - afterall, having a guy throw up in his urinal isnt that nice - at least he said "ok, mate?" after

27 Jul 2008 19:27

, Digbeth

Great pub, great beer selections and Hobson's Mild is quality. Nice little outdoor section and a host of rooms. The comments here say it all.

As it can get very packed, i just have a sneeking regard for the White Swan just up the road - truth is if you do one, you will do the other!

27 Jul 2008 19:22

The Town Crier, Birmingham

First time i went in this rough and ready pub it had Banks's Dark Mild on - and it was decent! this turned into Banks's Mild on the next few visits - all in the daytime i may add - until i got stopped at the door by a beggar asking for cider. Finally went on an evening for some reason - a venture i have no wish to repeat

27 Jul 2008 19:14

The Lamp Tavern, Birmingham

A friendly, small and very quaint pub. Always make a point of visiting the pub everytime i am down Digbeth way. Saying that, it is not the highlight of the trip- feeling it has never quite delivered in some way.

I generally go for the Gravediggers Mild, whereas JB and Mumfieman will also go for the real ales. Generally its a decent enough pint, though last night it was warm.

I would always recommend the pub. Comparing it to the Queen's over the road it is brilliant, but i dont share the enthusiam of the other posters here.

27 Jul 2008 19:06

The White Swan, Digbeth

A very friendly place and whilst it has a smaller selection than The Anchor, it is my preferred choice. The Banks's Mild is excellent and the building truely a delight to visit.

27 Jul 2008 18:42

The Colliers Arms, Cheslyn Hay

I think this is the best pub in Cheslyn Hay, friendly, with TV for sports and area at the front for a beer on a warm night. A really good pint of Highgate Mild

24 Jul 2008 22:08

Lamp Tavern, Bloxwich

Seemed a little frosty whe we first started going in here, however, it now seems very friendly and probably for us, the best pub in Bloxwich. It serves Holdens - the Mild is fantastic and very cheap - what more can i ask for to slake my thirst after a day in the dusty parchment

24 Jul 2008 22:02

The Freemasons Arms, Great Wyrley

Less choice of beers than its neighbour, the Ivy House, but not for me, as it has Highgate and Banks's Mild - both really good too. Very friendly and tables outside. Worth a visit.

24 Jul 2008 21:57

The Red Lion, Walsall

Nice old pub, refurbished in the late Victorian period and survived the chop in the big Town Wharf rebuild in the 1980s-90s. Two floors, decent bar meals and a great pint of Banks's Mild - close to the station.

24 Jul 2008 21:50

Imperial, Walsall

If a pub serves cheap beers, food and £1 spirit shots it is bound to attract large amounts of drinkers, some of which will be students, some chavs, some pensioners and even people like me! You get exactly what is says on the weatherspoons tin - with a few real ales and a really great former theatre building. It does have problems with bar queues and tables etc - but thats what you pay for (or don't as the case may be). I go rarely.

23 Jul 2008 19:29

The Wheatsheaf, Walsall

A strange mix between barstools and sofas! A decent enough place that serves a number of real ales and have tried small beer festivals. Sadly, it no longer serves Mild, if only it did (hint)

22 Jul 2008 14:08

The Dog and Partridge Inn, Walsall

a happy enough little place, with nice outdoor area. Banks's Mild was ok, if a bit lively. I guess it will struggle a bit with the White Lion down the road, but give it a try for one - we did!

22 Jul 2008 13:59

The Crown, Bloxwich

Quite nice from the outside, but the inside is so spartan i expected the '300' to be bloking my way to the bar! a bit rough and ready, but i found the bar staff friendly and the Mild ok - pop in here once in a while just for a change. Nothing much in the way of real ale.

22 Jul 2008 13:48

The Ivy House, Great Wyrley

A great pub, won CAMRA awards i believe. Always has a great pint of Banks's Mild and guest ales for the non-believer, even once, Banks's Dark Mild - though at £2.65, it wasn't cheap. Food is nice and the place friendly.

22 Jul 2008 13:45

The Royal Oak Inn, Great Wyrley

Always a decent pub and now in my opinion the best in Wyrley. Always has a guest ales on and does a cracking pint of Banks's cask Mild - the best around. Has a regular music nights and a good mix of regulars; the more mature, slightly less mature, and young uns! I think a very friendly place.

21 Jul 2008 22:21

The Star Inn, Great Wyrley

A nice enough little pub in general and reasonably friendly, though the barmaid lost interest when i only wanted a half, as it does not have Mild, or real ale. Does reasonable food, which may tempt some. If it had Mild, i would pop in a bit more often.

21 Jul 2008 22:14

Lyndon House Hotel, Walsall

i really like this place, pop in often. Bar is a square in the middle of the room and without too many people it seems to get hot and stuff, but serves real ales and more importantly, Theakston's Mild - and yes, its great

21 Jul 2008 21:08

White Lion, Walsall

A place of true quality to partake in the medicinal waters. Highgate Mild is class and JB agreed the Doom Bar was majestic.

19 Jul 2008 10:36

The Victoria, Walsall

Again, another great pub which i cant score as high as i would wish, as it does not serve Mild. Saying that, every time i have a half of a guest beer, i generally like it. Bumblebee the other week, Tuck's Tipple last night. Oooooh! if only a Mild could find its way to a regular pump, a happy archivist i would be!

19 Jul 2008 10:24

The Walsall Arms, Walsall

What a great pub this would be if it served mild. As it is, it serves guest ales and looks well maintaind from the outside. As there is no mild i cant score as high as i would wish, so please, if i say the Big O is better than Elvis, would you get a mild in????

Do you think i have hinted enough?

19 Jul 2008 10:19

Watering Trough, Walsall

Another great pub to visit in Walsall, if you actually go for beer that is! The Highgate Mild is always consistent. The barmaid changes everytime i go in, but are always pleasant - only downside i find is that the seats in the lounge are a bit painful - like sitting on a bicycle saddle - and whilst that may appeal to many of you, not I

19 Jul 2008 10:15

The Prince, Walsall

Visited this pub several times, as it has a great historic name, and always felt welcome. Exterior is quality, a little plain inside though. The Mild is fine and they always have a guest ale or two - Gravedigger's Mild next week - Yum!

19 Jul 2008 10:10

The Royal Exchange, Bloxwich

A must for any day in Blocko. Everyone seems friendly enough, lots of choice ales, but more importantly, it serves a great pint of Highgate Mild. In the back there is bar football - quality!

16 Jul 2008 20:06

The Swan, Great Wyrley

Suffered a bit under a quick succession of gaffers, however is a very friendly if generally a four tap pub (Carling, John Smiths, Strongbow and Guiness). Lurking in the corner of the bar there is a Highgate Mild tap, which despite not being the best, is better than nothing

16 Jul 2008 00:11

The Cuckoo and Bell, Walsall

The Banks's Mild was ok and the pub fine for playing pool as the footy results came in on the TV, or a swifty - often had a pint there in the past

Sadly, the pub as changed hads/been done-up, which means of course, the Mild has been taken out. Therefore, i will no longer be visiting this pub, but wish them well

13 Jul 2008 20:16

The Clements Arms, Birmingham

It gives me no pleasure to really run a place down, however, as i will never go back in as it was that bad, i can only make this comment based on one visit. The M&B mild was undrinkable. I ordered, paid, sat, tasted, rose and left. That was a 'real time' report.

JB, who could possibly drink strychnine if served in a mild glass, succumbed after managing just a further sip.

13 Jul 2008 20:08

The Lord Clifden, Birmingham

Another quality place. The Ansells Mild is great. Sad to see the Leeds v Sunderland FA Cup Final programmehas gone from the wall! This place is so good, it attracts too many people, which, when you are miserable like me, doesnt help!

13 Jul 2008 19:48

The Bull Ring Tavern, Digbeth

I visit this pub a lot. As Staaly says, it is very 70's and full of real Brummies - and thank God for that! It serves two Milds, Chestnut and Banks's and the Juke Box is unlike any other - one of the few i would invest a coin of the realm in. Everyone is friendly. As its handt for the train, its often the first and last pub of the night for us.

13 Jul 2008 19:40

The Black Eagle, Hockley

Ansells Mild at its very best. A quality, well maintained pub, which stands in stark contrast to the sad, neglected, Soho Tavern over the road. 'A Must' - can i say more?

13 Jul 2008 19:30

Rose Villa Tavern, Birmingham

I often visit a couple of times before posting a view. A revisit to the Rose Villa was eagerly awaited by JB and myself, as it is a quality building. Elated as we were to see Greenalls and M&B Milds, they were a pretty poor pint. I will visit again, as currently the score is 1-1 and i hope the third visit will be as good as the first

13 Jul 2008 19:27

The Jewellers Arms, Hockley

I thought this place was a nice and tidy pub. My mark for it shot up when i found they served a cracking pint of Highgate Dark Mild. JB enjoyed the Mild and a couple of other things on show. We always pop in for one or two when visiting Hockley. God bless Highgate and the Jewellers Arms

13 Jul 2008 19:19

The Old Contemptibles, Birmingham

Reasonably nice interior and the staff seemed friendly enough. Not too bad selection of bitters etc, but alas no mild, so did not stay long

11 Jan 2008 16:03

The Turf Tavern, Bloxwich

If you have no kids with you and own a pocket watch, you will find this place sheer quality for a quiet pint, array of ales (for my mate JB to dribble over)and customers.

They always have a mild on and though I keep missing the Titanic mild, the Dark Swan is still a great pint.

28 Dec 2007 15:47

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