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Comments by odbod

Old Vic, Southsea

Sad - another lost pub - flats.

9 Apr 2019 11:29

The Still and West, Portsmouth

Fullers are more about food but it doesn't ignore drinkers. Usual ale available albeit a bit pricey - but its a tourist trap so there you go. Great location.

9 Apr 2019 11:23

The Dolphin, Portsmouth

Well its still around thank goodness. Pricey, but food is fine and ale was in good nick. Staff attentive. Nice old world charm.

9 Apr 2019 11:22

The Wellington, Portsmouth

Just isn't a pub anymore. Ripping the guts out of it and gentrifying it is a disaster. This pub will likely close unless summer trade keeps it going.

9 Apr 2019 11:21

The Bridge Tavern, Portsmouth

well its been a while but its much the same - a food pub with room for a few drinkers. Fullers usual ale. Great location but disinterested staff ruin it. Better pubs nearby.

9 Apr 2019 11:20

The Invincible, Portsmouth

Closed - again. Looked like it could be permanent a they want to build flats I think. sad.

9 Apr 2019 11:16

The Barley Mow, Southsea

its a personal thing i know but I prefer the beer and the legroom that this pub provides but the hole in the wall always gets the awards. Sounds like a fiddle to me. This pub is friendly, great ale choice and interesting both in side and in the garden. best pub in the immediate location.

9 Apr 2019 11:14

The White Horse, Southsea

Part of Saturday pub crawl. V popular. Beer a bit pricey but ok. Food popular. Nice garden. Average pub. Preferred it when it had a traditional bar set up to open plan.

9 Apr 2019 11:13

Ship Anson, Portsmouth

I have visited this pub on and off because of its location for 40 yrs. It was better as 2 pubs but hey ho thats progress. It is a bit rough and the GK beer is seriously rubbish but it has its charm and the view out of the window is great. Food best avoided though.

9 Apr 2019 11:10

The White Swan, Portsmouth

Shame to abandon the White Swan name as it was well known in the town. Ale was good quality although the smell of the malt from the brewery part was a bit overpowering for me. Didn't eat but food i saw looked good.

9 Apr 2019 11:06

The Fleet, Portsmouth

Nine years on - good ale, food fine for the price. As good as the Wetherspoons next door if this sort of large corporate pub is your thing.

9 Apr 2019 11:04

The Royal Standard, Portsmouth

Popped in on a Saturday lunchtime. Landlord very friendly, Doombar on top par, friendly atmosphere.

9 Apr 2019 11:02

Lord Nelson Arms, Winterslow

Pubs is just changing hands - I believe to the landlord who is just vacating The Porton Hotel. He has spent money on refurb and is due to open Friday 7th Sep 18. As the only remaining pub in the village here's hoping he does well. Pub will do food apparently with special curry nights. Will review again when I have visited.

5 Sep 2018 14:32

The Winterbourne Arms, Winterbourne Dauntsey

Food is the strong point here and a friendly atmosphere from staff and locals alike. Ale is often iffy (just my experience sadly). That apart it offers good hearty food at sensible prices.

5 Sep 2018 14:28

The Black Horse, Salisbury

Ale well kept. Food portions at lunch were generous and hearty. Landlord friendly and welcoming. Good local crowd socialising when we visited. Good to see it surviving.

5 Sep 2018 14:26

John O'Gaunt Inn, Horsebridge

1st time at this pub. First pint was off (Palmers IPA), a fella I took to be the landlord just grunted that he wasn't surprised but I wasn't charged for it. Second pint (Razorback) was fine though. Had 2 meals - mine was Pasta which was nice enough but a bit uninspiring, my wife had deep fried Haddock which wasn't great - our nearest co-customer left hers altogether. Bar staff - the young lady serving the bar and food was very friendly and thoughtful, however other than this we didn't experience a particularly friendly ambience. Maybe we just picked a bad day (Friday).

5 Sep 2018 14:01

The Market Inn, Salisbury

Similarly to the Ox Row the pub doesn't have to fight for trade but is good for all that if a bit expensive for ale. Food sampled was pleasant and ok for the money.

26 Feb 2018 15:56

Ox Row, Salisbury

Pub can't lose because of its location and always has a buzz but drinks are seriously overpriced. Ale always in good nick but are just as good next door at the Market Inn which is marginally cheaper.

26 Feb 2018 15:55

The Haunch of Venison, Salisbury

Nice quaint old pub as previously reviewed but the ale sampled was in good condition but pricey.

26 Feb 2018 15:53

The Lion's Head, Salisbury

CLOSED - soon to be accommodation.

26 Feb 2018 15:50

The Silver Plough, Pitton

New management. Friendly enough though and not prejudiced against drinkers. Ale not in the best condition on my visit. Food very nice quality but at the top end price-wise and meagre portions.

26 Feb 2018 15:48

The Plough, Sparsholt

Pretty pub. Well healed clientèle. Ale was in good condition. Staff attentive and friendly. Fish and Chips sampled was expensive, very average quality and a very small portion. Cannot recommend for food and since the pub is pretty much devoted to food there is little point visiting.

26 Feb 2018 15:43

The George and Dragon, Salisbury

Currently closed (Aug15), word is rates were so high they couldnt make a profit. A great shame.

24 Aug 2015 12:56

The Eastfield Hotel, Southsea

I am not a local but when visiting family always pop in. This place is back on track, real effort seems to be going in to the pub again. Ales were very good and on my most recent visit busy in both bars. I hope it continues as so many pubs in the vicinity have closed

9 Apr 2015 19:47

Wig and Quill, Salisbury

Last 2 visits, soo quiet and it's a shame because it is clean, friendly, dog friendly too, great bar staff, nice ale and food looked good but it seems to be overlooked. I wish it well as landlord is trying hard.

9 Apr 2015 19:24

The Duke of York, Salisbury

Nice basic local and friendly with it. Easily the most pleasant pub at the his end of town. Ales were not to my taste but were in good condition and well priced.

9 Apr 2015 19:19

Deacons, Salisbury

Gave the old place another go. Looked exactly the same as last year, just shabbier. Sadly the room bar was going off. We drank up and moved on, probably won't return to this end of town.

9 Apr 2015 19:17

The Cat Tavern, Salisbury

Dirty pub but friendly enough. Ale was off on last
2 visits so that's me done.

9 Apr 2015 19:14

The Old Mill, Salisbury

Nice pub in great location. Car parking limited. Ales good, Lancaster bomber was good. Food average.

9 Apr 2015 19:12

Three Crowns, Salisbury

No longer a pub, becoming a b&b

9 Apr 2015 19:10

The Victoria and Albert, Netherhampton

Superb country pub. 4 great ales. Food was popular. Bar staff friendly. Open fire on on a chilly April evening was welcome. Lots of character.

9 Apr 2015 19:09

Cloisters, Salisbury

Start of a stag pub crawl, pleasant enough, surprisingly quiet, a few thought it a bit pricey. Ale was in good nick though.

14 Oct 2014 13:45

The New Inn, Salisbury

Recent re-visit as part of a stag crawl and worth every minute. Everyone enjoyed the attractive barmaids, excellent condition of the ale and the general happy atmosphere in the beer garden. It made for a better venue than the Cloisters that preceeded it. Incidentaly the Wig and Quill was dead as a door nail so we passed on by.

14 Oct 2014 13:40

The Who'd Have Thought It, Milton Combe

Lovely old pub, filled with atmosphere. All 3 ales were in excellent condition. Lunch and dinner(s) sampled over 2 days were excellent too. Not pretentious at all and local drinkers and dogs were friendly too.

14 Oct 2014 13:33

The Minerva Inn, Plymouth

a must see pub because reputedly it's the oldest in Plymouth, so visited mid week lunchtime - full of surly drunks which spoilt the place despite barmaids best efforts. Old and frankly grotty, ale fair though. Needs a clean up but sensitively as it is still a boozer above all else and the area doesn't need another bistro pub.

14 Oct 2014 13:31

The Kings Head, Salisbury

Since the refurb this pub has a lot going for it. Food is cheap and perfectly reasonable. Ale remains cheap and each of the different 4 I tried were in top condition. This pub is now a staple on any crawl we do in Salisbury. The only shock comes from the price of the succeeding rounds!

22 Aug 2014 12:26

The Rai D'Or, Salisbury

Very popular at weekends, food dominates, the ale sampled was expensive and was in poor condition and a comment to this effect was greeted with profuse denials which was disappointing since they didn't even try it to disprove my comment. Not likely to return for a while after this I am afraid.

22 Aug 2014 12:21

Huntsman, Salisbury

Doombar was well kept, staff and the few other drinkers there were friendly and we had a cracking few games of darts too.

22 Aug 2014 12:18

The George and Dragon, Salisbury

nice ale, nice service, good garden, well worth a visit.

22 Aug 2014 12:16

The Malet Arms, Newton Tony

I am surprised this pub is as popular as it is. Food is overpriced and distinctly average, the signature burger can be found elsewhere cheaper and better. Ales are very nice though as is the pub itself (very characterful).

22 Aug 2014 12:02

The Earl of Normanton, Idmiston

Busy on our mid week visit. Ale in good nick, service a bit unwelcoming, food a bit below average - but cheap to be fair. Another one to visit for a decent pint - pretty sure the beer prices were keen.

22 Aug 2014 11:59

The Black Horse Hurdcott, Salisbury

Nice pint, average price, good to see the pub re open after uncertainty. Dinner average price for area but not that great to be honest. Steak meal reminded me of the 80's. Stck to drinking here I think.

22 Aug 2014 11:57

The Kings Head, Salisbury

Never been before, found by chance, excellent pub, obviously recently refurbished, very good ale (Ringwood sampled) and lunch was very good.

16 May 2014 13:30

The Avon Brewery Inn, Salisbury

enjoyable visit, ale good with choice, friendly locals and landlord, but he lacks taste in football team to support.

6 Mar 2014 14:39

The White Horse, Salisbury

Friendly staff, 1st ale off, 2nd ale off - to be fair I think this pub is aimed at different (younger) drinkers than me.

6 Mar 2014 14:37

The Salisbury Arms, Salisbury

Well it wan't a fluke the 1 ale remains good and staff were friendly.

6 Mar 2014 14:32

The Old Ale House, Salisbury

Not great, ale was off, place looked tired and it was quiet given a friday night. Plenty better pubs in salisbury.

6 Mar 2014 14:30

Deacons, Salisbury

small, dirty, drafty, smelly, cold ini winter - but people love it, never seems to be quiet - ale is ok but nothing out of the ordinary, wait I have it - the ale is cheap! Worth a stop on a crawl as the previous reviewer stated as it is just a pub and doesn't pretend to be anything else.

6 Mar 2014 14:29

The Hook and Glove, Salisbury

Latest visit ran into locals en masse for the first time - I now know where the rumours locally about it being a clicky pub come from, locals rude and unwelcoming, ale still fine however won't be back.

6 Mar 2014 14:19

The White Horse, Bishops Waltham

Converted to houses RIP

6 Mar 2014 14:16

Duke of Wellington, Southampton

Oh dear lightening does strike twice, exactly the same thing happened to me only yesterday, shame because pub is lovely and ale choice plentiful. My pint (Horizon) was cloudy and tasted towards end of barrel.

6 Mar 2014 14:12

The Salisbury Arms, Salisbury

I agree this is not a 'craft pub' not with only one real ale on tap (GEM - very nice though), but it's clean, hospitable and was quite full on my last friday visit. I did have to ask the barmaid to top up our pints though, there was so much 'head' on it and at these process I want a full pint I am afraid! Fine as part of a crawl.

25 Nov 2013 12:29

The Royal Standard, Portsmouth

love it or hate it (I always loved the place) word has it that this institution closes at the end of November for good. So if you want to spend half an hour in a Pompey time capsule and take a look at more naval memorabilia than you can shake a stick at - pop down quick before its too late. It will probably be another Kebab house soon.

25 Nov 2013 12:23

The Greyhound, Wilton

extensive use of farrow and ball paint in evidence, sadly feels just like so many other 'made over' pubs. Ale was fine but nothing special,food was fine on our visit

16 Nov 2013 19:26

The Bear, Wilton

so nice to visit a traditional pub, clean, lovely ale and no problem going to drink without food! very friendly landlady and locals. an oasis in a .

16 Nov 2013 19:22

Royal George Inn, Salisbury

2 recent visits. Great ale, very friendly staff. Recommend as a proper pub.

31 Oct 2013 15:26

The Pheasant, Salisbury

Re visit with my wife, pub smelt of carbolic and the landlord was just bloomin' rude, bade farewell without buying a drink or food. Based on the previous comment all may not be well here?

31 Oct 2013 15:25

Ox Row, Salisbury

no luck as an ale drinker, on both my recent visits there was only 1 ale out of 4 so a bit disappointing. Popular though and good atmosphere (particularly when compared to the market inn next door).

31 Oct 2013 15:21

The Market Inn, Salisbury

Haven't been in since refurb. It isn't a pub as drinkers might like it, but it seems popular with shoppers! Doom Bar was average but too pricey. No character just another banal designer pub but fine if that doesn't bother you.

31 Oct 2013 15:18

Wig and Quill, Salisbury

I don't understand why this pub isn't busier, its been fairly quiet whenever I have visited. The ale is well kept (though Waddies isn't my fav) and I am told the food is pretty good too. Maybe the New Inn and Cosy have dented its trade?

31 Oct 2013 15:16

The New Inn, Salisbury

Every time we visit its is busy, the ale is excellent and a recent foray into the menu resulted in good quality food too. Barmaids make me feel old though! Heartily recommend this pub for drinking or eating.

31 Oct 2013 15:12

Queens Arms, Salisbury

revisit in Oct - landlord was chatty with us this time but a bit dour. Ale was very good and locals friendly. It would seem the pubs days may be numbered though as rumour has it owners want shot.

31 Oct 2013 15:09

The Red Lion Hotel, Salisbury

2 visits a month apart 1st time great service and great ale 2nd time poor service and ale - what can you do?

21 Aug 2013 15:54

The Wyndham Arms, Salisbury

Wide selection of ales (but all Hopback ofcourse) great price, friendly and comfortable - only down side served at CAMRA temperature i.e. too warm on hot sunny days. Great pub though.

21 Aug 2013 15:50

Cloisters, Salisbury

popular, good ale choice but pricey.

21 Aug 2013 15:47

Queens Arms, Salisbury

grumpy landlord, but ale was fine and sesible prices - maybe he was having an off day?

21 Aug 2013 15:47

The Anchor and Hope, Salisbury

ok pub, but pricey and ale was iffy to be honest, but that may be a one off.

21 Aug 2013 15:46

The Five Bells, Salisbury

recent saturday visit - live singer on - V busy, good atmosphere - downside ale was poor and expensive.

21 Aug 2013 15:45

The Pheasant, Salisbury

Really nice pub, clean, friendly and nice ale - but pricey!!

21 Aug 2013 15:43

The Haunch of Venison, Salisbury

I don't get it - pub is genuinly full of charm and oozes old world character, but no atmosphere, beer too expensive, and seating too uncomfortable - just because it is old it could still be made more comfortable). As a quick stopover on a pub crawl fine, but thats about it I am afraid.

21 Aug 2013 15:42

The Eastfield Hotel, Southsea

been disappointed on my last 2 visits as I can't abide Oakleaf beer and on both visits London P had not been deleivered - coincidence? Landlord still accomodating but pub sadly bare of customers on my visits.

21 Aug 2013 15:36

The Hook and Glove, Salisbury

made a return visit for fish and chips friday - good value and just as good as last time. Ale not quite as good but fine.

21 Aug 2013 15:34

Lord Nelson Arms, Winterslow

Good proper pub with local crowd which is nice. Ale good as on every visit. Very nice pie selection on my recent visit but not warmed enough (my fault should have said something). They seem to change the menu to keep interest up.

21 Aug 2013 15:32

The Silver Plough, Pitton

umm... still great for service, beer fine but limited to Badger (no guest ale) and the offering never changes which is a shame with so many good ales out there locally. May be a 'tie' issue? Food still good but the menu never varies so i will have to look elsewhere for a while unti they change things a bit.

21 Aug 2013 15:30

The Old Canal, Southsea

Well the ups and downs have continued but my recent visit was hopeful. The ale was a fair price and was well kept. The pub needs a good tidy up, but this is a touchy sunbject for hard pressed publicans, but lets hope the pubco supports the decent people who are giving the old place a go. If I was still local I would be happy to use it - lets hope the locals come back in numbers and liven it up again.

2 Jul 2013 14:39

Northcote Hotel, Southsea

As part of a usual saturday pub crawl I am pleased to say that this pub remains friendly and pleasant to be in, however it was the most expensive ale we drank that night and I am sorry to say we visited equally good pubs with much lower prices (cheapest was 65p a pint less) that night so will probably knock this one off the list for a while, or I win the lotto and don't care how much I pay for a pint.

2 Jul 2013 14:34

The Red, White and Blue, Southsea

Took a long postponed crawl around the area and took in this pub which we havn't used for some time. Very friendly, though a bit quiet for a saturday. Nice clean pub and the ale was very good too, but limited to Fullers as its a Fullers pub. Only negative was the price of the ale, it was 50p more a pint than the Nell Gwynne. Can't be certain if the Nells ale was on promotion though I suspect Fullers are just a tad dearer. Still a nice pub all the same.

2 Jul 2013 14:26

The Nell Gwynne, Southsea

What a turn around, I havn't bothered with this pub for years because it was pretty dire. Intrigued by littlecon's words my cuz and I popped in and ended up staying for 3. All ales we tried were in great condition and the staff were very friendly. Clearly being used by all generations, the new owners deserve support. The ale was also very much cheaper than other local pubs £2.90 as opposed to £3.40 in the Red/white/blue. Give this pub a go you will be pleasantly surprised at the transformation we saw.

2 Jul 2013 14:23

The Black Horse, West Tytherley

Just moved to the area although having worked in the area for years I have visited all but this one before. All the ales I tried were cracking. Lunch (pie) was one of the best I have had. Locals (farm workers by the sound of them) were a good bunch and added to the atmosphere. It is a bit limited in seating but its worth the effort. My local is the silver plough which is a great pub but it only serves Badger which isn't one of my favourites. The range here was much more to me taste and with a choice pof 4 I was not disappointed.

17 Jun 2013 15:27

The Lion's Head, Salisbury

Nice pub this. Ale well cared for and some brave guest choices! Free roasties on the bar on sunday - rare treat. Local lads were freindly to my and my wife on our visit. Will return for another pint and maybe soem lunch.

17 Jun 2013 15:23

Lord Nelson Arms, Winterslow

Very well kept pint of ale and those around me seemed to like the food. Really nice clean and well run local by the look of it - the bar staff were friendly too.

26 Feb 2013 15:39

The Silver Plough, Pitton

Just revisted for sunday lunch - due to weather (at the time of my visit) they had not had there usual food delivery so lunch was a bit scratch but a decent effort (and they did warn us of the limited menu). Ale (Sussex) was excellent and the service and atmosphere first claas too.

26 Feb 2013 15:37

The Hook and Glove, Salisbury

First trip to this gem of a pub. Friendly landlady, cracking soup for lunch and a well kept pint of Crop circle. The public though very small had a real fire and was just how a public bar should be - even a darts board! Never had a evening meal in the lounge/restaurant so can't comment but looked clean and comfy.

26 Feb 2013 15:35

The Royal, Portsmouth

closed down, probably be flats soon, shame a great boozer in its hey day (a long time ago when Commercial road was busy, the hospital was still there and the ABC cinema.

20 Nov 2012 12:35

The Florist, Fratton

Have visited twice now and the pub was busy and plenty of atmosphere. Ale was Irvings but sorry to say it was the worst kept I have experienced in town. If the new owner can sort this out I would be a regular user.

20 Nov 2012 12:33

The Druids Arms, Portsmouth

What a difference a year makes, ale was not at best, prices higher and a yob element seem to have taken over. Its a pub and swearing is a fact of life but these guys didnt give a darn about anyone around them. Shame for the pub.

20 Nov 2012 12:30

The British Queen, Portsmouth

first visit for years, good corner boozer, piped music was very loud and only 6 of us in there trying to chat so a bit pointless, must be getting old, but that apart well worth trying on a pub crawl (note ale in bottles only)

20 Nov 2012 12:27

The Taw River Inn, Sticklepath

great pub, very friendly, very cheap! def worth a visit if in the area.

20 Nov 2012 12:21

The Devonshire Inn, Sticklepath

this pub is totally out of date - yipee, a proper pub at last, welcoming, friendly, cheap and very traditional. lovely landlady, my wife and I were chatting about the Navy for ages. as previous post visit and enjoy, there are very few like this left anywhere.

20 Nov 2012 12:16

The Cherub Inn, Dartmouth

really enjoyed the atmosphere, ale was very good, lunch very good too and not overpriced, friendly locals and nice ambience - and no kids which made a nice change. Its too small a pub for families and there are plenty suitable for that around Dartmouth. Nice to be in a drinkers pub where adults can relax. I don't think the landlord should be given a hard time for running his pub this way and yes I have kids and look for the right sort of pub at those times.

20 Nov 2012 11:57

The Hole in The Wall, Southsea

I wont be popular here but speaking as i find - my last visit may be my last for a little while - ale good and cheap as always, staff a bit indifferent on this night but the landlord was nothing short of rude to us which surprised and disappointed us, ok maybe he was having a bad day we all get them. Also we got non to subtle looks from customers who obviously were not happy with our having a table they wanted. I realise locals can get like this but I have never experienced this or the landlords attitude in this pub before.

25 Sep 2012 11:19

The Florence Arms, Southsea

sorry to pile on the agony but a recent trip bears out previous comments, a once great pub is now off my crawl list (which is getting ever smaller)

25 Sep 2012 11:13

Lord Arthur Lee, Fareham

No problems, cheap booze does encourage some bozoes, but that apart staff are friendly and ale is sooo cheap. Good as part of a pub crawl as my bladder cant handle the long walk to the toilets!

25 Sep 2012 11:10

The Golden Lion, Fareham

Previous reviewer may well have been correct as the same dog was there so presumably same tenants. Ale very pleasant and pub very clean. Seemed popular and suspect has a loyal clientel.

25 Sep 2012 11:07

The Crown Inn, Fareham

Always pop in on any Fareham pub crawl as the ale is so cheap - no worries the last couple of visits - always a mixed range of ale on offer.

25 Sep 2012 11:04

The Clinkers Tavern, Fareham

2 recent visits have been repaid with friendly bar staff, the Tribute and Doom bar were in nice condition too. Nicer than its been for ages - good mix of customers but it feels expensive next to the nearby Wetherspoons I am afraid. Good to see it open and doing well though, shame about the poor old Gordon Arms closing for business.

25 Sep 2012 11:02

The Florist, Fratton

Word is that the pub will re-open in October under experienced management. Lets hope it works out.

25 Sep 2012 10:57

The Silver Plough, Pitton

Came with bunch of lads for a leaving lunch - landlord/lady were very friendly and accomodating, ale was excellent if at the higher end pricewise, and everybody enjoyed the food which was fine for price. Nice to see the pub has kept a public bar. can recommend if in the area.

13 Sep 2012 09:18

Brickmakers, Swanmore

Ale excellent and generally 4 choices, local and regional. Food very good but not cheap. Band nights and quiz nights make the pub very busy. As a local I am amazed at how gareth and corinne have turned this pub around. Welcoming to all ages and dogs (on a lead). Sorry if this reads like a plug for the pub but it really is that good. To be fair ale is quite a bit cheaper in the Hunters but food isnt as good in quality though also cheaper with much bigger menu, Rising sun nice old pub as it is just doesnt compare i am afraid as it is still a bit clicky - which maybe how the regulars like it.

24 Aug 2012 09:21

The Cricketers Inn, Curdridge

Its still nice, food we had was good rather than great and ale was at the higher price end - but oh how I miss the public bar being exactly that - a few pints and a game of darts - I live in the past obviously hey ho thats rural pubs today.

23 May 2012 15:01

The White Horse, Bishops Waltham

closed and up for sale - I imagine the dead head locals will be happy now - I wonder how many houses they will squeeze on.

23 May 2012 14:54

The Crown, Bishops Waltham

Fullers have done a good job here renovating but its moved up market - the beer though excellent is pricey. Its a shame for the original patrons who will have to go somewhere else to make a nuisance of themselves but its a more pleasant place to be nowadays.

23 May 2012 14:50

The Chase Inn, Waltham Chase

popped in for a couple of pints - cheriton beer so not my taste but was in good condition and priced about right. Clearly there isn't enough profit for the owner to invest as its looking a bit shabby. I wonder if it will last much longer?

23 May 2012 14:47

The Winchester Arms, Portsmouth

Revisited on strength of last review - started at druids ending at rose in june and this was the half way stop - nope still the same I am afraid, won't be bothering again.

23 May 2012 14:40

The Devonshire Arms, Southsea

now closed - its getting harder to do a decent pub crawl in pompey nowadays - sad days

23 May 2012 14:32

The Oddfellows Arms, Wimborne

Nice pub but I don't personally rate Badger beer which lets it down for me. Proper pub though and worth using if your in town.

10 Jan 2012 14:10

The Olive Branch, Wimborne

As visiting local this was first new years eve drink at lunchtime - packed out but found a seat. Pickled partridge was very good but a bit pricey. Atmosphere fine and if we are gonna be 'classist' about it seemed to be aimed at the well healed barbour set. Not a lads of the village type of pub. If I lived here I would probably not use it much but wonder down to the Green man or White hart. For all that though, good beer on my visit but no idea about the food. I noticed that under 21's that day were turned away - don't know if that is a permanent policy?

10 Jan 2012 14:08

The White Hart Inn, Wimborne

Part of a New Years eve crawl - very pleasant - ale (Ringwood best) very nice and staff accomodating. Local youth a bit noisy - but you're only young once and I must be getting old. Seperate bars are a good feature.

10 Jan 2012 14:03

The Green Man, Wimborne

New years eve here as a visitor - made very welcome sorry to leave early but had booked an indian (Red Fort - worst curry ever - sorry). Ale sampled was very good (6x) and atmosphere very good also. My favourite pub in the town.

10 Jan 2012 14:01

The Edinburgh House Of Sounds, Weymouth

'Just crawled the town after an absence of many years'. This pub was always a bit rough around the edges but ok for all that - why an english pub ruins itself with a scottish theme is beyond me - you can go to scotland if you want that. If you like ale this place is a waste of time - not much else to recommend it sadly.

23 Nov 2011 15:44

The Woodbridge Inn, North Newnton

nice ale, food and clean, not masses of character but well worth using.

7 Nov 2011 11:13

The Travellers Rest, Fareham

Had a lunch and a pint with my son - meals were hearty in size and quality was fine - very fresh salad/veg and prices were cheaper than recent visits to other pubs in the vicinity. Ale good choice and well kept. Quite a few pensioers eating there and they know there business!

28 Oct 2011 13:17

The Roebuck Inn, Wickham

Visited the pub for a meal (my understanding is that drinkers are not welcome?) and I can only say it was fine - not special but perfectly acceptable. prices no higher than elsewhere I don't think but the owners do seem to have their favourites. uhm.

28 Oct 2011 13:14

The Kings Head, Wickham

A bit petty of me perhaps but I would recommend people post their reviews without commenting (as I am) on previous reviews - different day different experiences. Having just revisited - ale was good as was the cleanliness of the bar (NOT SO the gents loo). Atmosphere very convivial - food pleasant but not the best around.

28 Oct 2011 13:10

The Wheatsheaf, Shedfield

Have to agree with previous - service is a bit hit and miss depending who is serving I think - not a fan of cheriton beer, but kept well here feels like a proper pub - very informal still.

28 Oct 2011 13:04

The White Horse, Bishops Waltham

Shame for the new guys who are trying but the pub isnt worth the long trek anymore and with it on the market now may soon be 3 houses like the new Inn in Swanmore.

28 Oct 2011 13:01

The Bunch Of Grapes, Bishops Waltham

oh my - walking in the village - tempted to enter for a pint despite previous issues - 4.20 for a pint -I walked on to the Barlycorn. enough said.

28 Oct 2011 12:59

The American Bar, Portsmouth

oh for the happy days when Peggy and Karl ran it a proper pub - never mind - if you like expensive beer and pretentious food or are a visitor going to the IOW and dont know where else to go....

12 Oct 2011 13:05

The Wellington, Portsmouth

Have use this pub on and off for over 30 years and always liked it but my last couple of visits will be my last for a while as its upped its prices too far - i am pretty sure that other than the Pembroke it serves the dearest pint now and the food isnt up to the prices either to be honest

12 Oct 2011 13:03

The Bridge Tavern, Portsmouth

The bridge tavern isnt really much of a pub, more like a harvester in feel - and I have never yet had a decent meal here. Ale is fine though but 50p a pint dearer than the Buckingham in high street. Use it on a pub crawl or try sitting in the corner where the seafaring folk stake their claim - that would make for an interesting 5 minutes.

12 Oct 2011 13:00

The Hole in The Wall, Southsea

Good points - thats easy, friendly staff and patrons, ales in good condition, prices fair
Bad points - getting to sit down - get there early and guard your seat or you will be standing a long time at weekends (pop around to the barleymow if your tired) and the range of ales rarely suit my taste whenever I pop in but obviously popular as the pub sells plenty of them.

12 Oct 2011 12:55

The Barley Mow, Southsea

Nice pub and the ale is always in good nick. A bit expensive compared with the hole inthe wall around the corner but at least you can always get a seat here if you need it and the atmosphere is always convivial.

12 Oct 2011 12:51

Harbour Inn, Porthleven

ale was very good - Trelawny and Tribute - pub pretty clean and staff were friendly - yes noisy - dunno if it was locals or pub crawls from Helston but they were just having a good time and no harm done. Food average/expensive for what it was.

12 Oct 2011 12:47

The Ship Inn, Porthleven

Looked forward to visiting this pub on my visit - but what a disappointment. Doom bar is better in my local 250 miles away, service both beer and food was disinterested at best and food was worst of the 3 pubs there. The pub is quite honestly skanky inside - which is fine if you are local and like it that way but visitors (and this is not a cheap destination to stay/drink or eat locally) expect a bit more and get it in many other tourist locations. this pub needs to spend some of its profits on the pub.

12 Oct 2011 12:44

The Atlantic Inn, Porthleven

just returned from a break at porthleven and previous reviews stand - friendly locals pub and staff friendly to strangers too. Ale good and food fine. would recommend over other 2 pubs.

12 Oct 2011 12:40

The Horse and Jockey, Hipley

Re visit on a family meal. My experience is not shared with the last reviewer I am afraid though catering for Coeliacs is helpful. Soft drinks too dear, ale (if its your thing) uninspiring and food nothing to get excited about - better pubs around at these prices.

6 May 2011 12:49

The Golden Lion, Southwick

Re visited with wife last year and food was good but not exceptional, but..Oh dear the halo has fallen very quickly here - the staff or owners? are not interested in the drinking fraternity as was made clear to us when I recommended it on a stop with colleagues. This place is def all about food now - the Red Lion seems comfortable to offer both at odds to this place.

6 May 2011 12:45

The Kings Head, Wickham

Re visit, still popular, good ale, good atmosphere and comfy too.

6 May 2011 12:41

The Admiral Drake, Portsmouth

Pompey boozer of the oldest kind - last used the pub 30 years ago and it wasnt much different! Not a place for families if you get my drift, but good honest pub with live music. My ale was actually past its best but didnt complain so dont know what reaction would have been though barmaid very friendly. My mates pint of a different ale was perfect though.

6 May 2011 12:39

Ship and Castle, Portsmouth

Re visit - still the same character and good landlord but prices too dear when compared with the Admiral Drake just across the way I am afraid.

6 May 2011 12:36

The Winchester Arms, Portsmouth

Re visit on a crawl. Dire, decor, landlord attitude as miserable as i have experienced, ale fine but not that cheap. It felt like a pub on the way out to be honest which is gutting as it was a rare real ale pub worth making time for in years past.

6 May 2011 12:33

The Druids Arms, Portsmouth

Re visit - much better, ale good, freindly again with good mix of age groups.

6 May 2011 12:28

Black Dog Inn, Waltham Chase

Had a meal which was very nice and no pricier than local rivals. ale was off and the barman was a bit off hand with me although I was very polite. def improvement as a pub in general though.

12 Jan 2011 15:47

Prince of Wales, Southampton

Re visit at christmas - food good and plenty of it - ale good if a touch dearer than some, stove back in which adds to the character, landlord good mine host.

12 Jan 2011 15:45

The Rising Sun, Swanmore

Gave it a year - had a meal - ping went the microwave - not a lot for the money. Ale good but priciest in village. Brickmakers is stealing a lead on the rising sun now in my opinion for food and ale which is at least as well kept and food is better and same price. The pubs character is its best feature but not enough to tempt me back again for a while.

12 Jan 2011 15:43

Old Ship Inn, Sidmouth

Ditto the last, comfortable, great ambience, good ales and pleasant food

4 Nov 2010 13:25

The Turks Head, Penzance

Love this pub, good ale, not overpriced and nice food, but most of all like the ambience here.

4 Nov 2010 13:20

The Pilgrims Inn, Marchwood

Went on a mid week unchtime and found staff helpful and friendly if a little vacant. Ale was in good condition but a little pricey as was the food which was a bit dear but was very nice - none of the problems that charlie encountered.

4 Nov 2010 13:17

Prince of Wales, Southampton

Saturday night - dead but for a few diners, cant see how the pub is going carry on if this is typical. Moved on the Brickmakers in nearby Swanmore which was busy and ale was cheaper.

1 Nov 2010 14:10

Lord Arthur Lee, Fareham

Gave this place another crack on Thur - no better, more like a beer hall than a pub, will stick to the Crown when in Fareham

1 Nov 2010 14:06

The Crown Inn, Fareham

Several good pints of various ales sampled and very good too and 1.95 a pint - nearly fell off my perch! Still feels like a pub unlike the Arthur Lee.

1 Nov 2010 14:02

The Castle in The Air, Fareham

Decent enough locals pub and good luck to them, but as an infrequent Fareham pub crawler its prices cant compare with the town centre but it is a true pub in fairness to it and I will keep coming for the first couple.

1 Nov 2010 14:01

The Ship Inn, Mousehole

Here is my pennyworth, visited this pub a few times over the years when visiting friends nearby (Devonian immigrants!). Recent visit showed that the pub isnt really worth the effort to be honest unless you are a holiday maker staying in the village. Just to fuel the 'locals' debate, as a Hampshire Hog my kids will have to leave their village too but in my experience Paris_H is correct, locals in my village sold out and incommers doubled the size and values! It isnt a 'poor old Cornwall' problem most rural/coastal villages have suffered the same fate throughout the south.

1 Nov 2010 13:58

The Rose in June, Portsmouth

Made a return visit and it was every bit as good as my previous visit so I cant recommend this pub strobgly enough if you are a real ale fan (cheapest pint 2.85 and very nice too).

30 Sep 2010 12:23

The Druids Arms, Portsmouth

character of this pub seems to have changed - it was always a good real ale pub (as a Gales) and though a locals pub was always welcoming. My most recent visit seems to bear out that these qualities have been somewhat lost (unless it was just that evening). Only ale avail was London Pride at 3.00 a pint and it was clean but flavourless - so not sure whats going on there and it wasnt very friendly any more. Lets hope it was a one off.

30 Sep 2010 12:18

The Winchester Arms, Portsmouth

Not a good review I am afraid - Saturdays visit revealed avearge real ale an unwelcoming landlord and a grotty pub. The dart board we tried to use was so knackered as to be unusable - landlord would do better not to put it up in this condition. Beer was no cheaper than elsewhere - well below the Rose in june which i also visited again that night. In 2009 this pub was well regarded, juby my recent visit things have slipped.

28 Sep 2010 08:13

Mermaid, Port Solent

Typical foody pub, not for serious drinking, but if you want a pint by the boats its ok. Friends tell me food varies in quality, but its unimaginative stuff (mostly deep fried).

14 Sep 2010 15:35

Seagull, Portchester

Its about food nowadays and kids, so if you have kids, like deep fried food and dont like ale give it a whirl.

14 Sep 2010 15:31

Fishermans Rest, Titchfield

Nice decor and beer on my visit was good. Touch pricey but with no near rivals not surprising. Food looked good but havnt tasted.

14 Sep 2010 15:29

The Miners Arms, Funtley

Nice pub with a local clientele but welcoming enough to strangers - still keeps a dart board and the beer was good when i visited.

14 Sep 2010 15:28

Jolly Miller, Fareham

Been here for drinks a couple of times while waiting in the area. As mentioned very rock and roll in decor, but thats fine, but the drinks are expensive which is a shame because its absolutely fine and even has a darts board. Landlord

14 Sep 2010 15:26

The Jolly Sailor, Burseldon

Expensive - drinks and food. food pretty good but you pay for it. beloved of the yachty set and you can feel the money in this place. It is a nice place but the nause of getting there defeats the purpose (for me anyway). Worth a go but I do think its a bit overated to be honest.

14 Sep 2010 15:04

The Brewery Bar, Botley

Beer ok on my visit but nothing to shout about - locals pub and a bit clicky, but its their gaff - their rules.

14 Sep 2010 15:00

The Bugle Inn Hotel, Botley

Dunno what food is like but beer was good and a friendly atmosphere pervaded. of the few Bot pubs this seems the best so far.

14 Sep 2010 14:59

Dolphin, Botley

A bit of a dump, rubbish beer the night I visited. Over the road was better and friendlier.

14 Sep 2010 14:57

The Railway Inn, Botley

ok for taking the kids for a meal but not a great pub to be honest. better around.

14 Sep 2010 14:56

The Wheatsheaf, Shedfield

I get the feeling it depends oin the time of the month with this pub! been twice recently, treated off handedly both times - great beer, but they seem to pick and choose who they are going to serve - strange.

14 Sep 2010 14:53

Ye Olde Black Bear, Tewkesbury

First 2 pints of ale were poor and very expensive, rude staff who ignored us for ages as they were 'busy' finishing their chat. Pub dirty - I wouldnt fancy eating anything there.

7 Sep 2010 13:27

The Anchor, Tewkesbury

Cant say anything positive about this visit, beer average and a fight 5 mins after I left (between girls!). Wouldnt return.

7 Sep 2010 13:24

The Nottingham Arms, Tewkesbury

Best pub I tried in this town to be honest, friendly, good ale at fair prices and excluding lounge area felt like a local.

7 Sep 2010 13:22

Tudor House, Tewkesbury

ale good at reasonable price, still not a pub atmosphere - too wetherspoony.

7 Sep 2010 13:21

The Bell Hotel, Tewkesbury

Greene King ale - wont say more than that. Its just a hotel at the end of the day but its ok if there are no pubs open. Needed a refurb when i was there.

7 Sep 2010 13:20

The Brushmakers Arms, Upham

Ale too dear, but good food though no better than the average available at most of the better rural pubs around here (try White Horse in BW or Brickmakers in Swanmore). The pub is a victim of its size to be honest, tables are pretty crammed in. Nice rural retreat for a pint though.

7 Sep 2010 13:17

Jolly Taxpayer, Portsmouth

A pub like most corner pubs in the town used to look like. Beer was fine, seemed a little pricey but there is a definite local click here, which is fine for the locals and if they keep the pub going good luck to them, but it isnt especially welcoming to passing trade.

7 Sep 2010 13:01

The Rose in June, Portsmouth

This was the third pub on a short pub crawl (Graham Arms and Stag preceeded it). What a gem this is, friendly staff, mixed ages drinking there and very good real ale at reasonable prices. It is a proper working mans pub and deserves to stay open while those in the nearby area close at a rate. If you are a real ale fan or just like traditional no nonsense portsmouth drinking pubs give it a go.

7 Sep 2010 12:59

The Prince Of Wales, Dilton Marsh

Many nice old locals who are friendly, ale sampled ok but fairly dear for this area. Landlord came over as a grasping type and def has his eye on the money. Not worth going out of your way, Organ Inn in warminster better.

26 Aug 2010 08:55

Bankes Arms Hotel, Corfe Castle

Miserable landlady and staff - cold welcome, ale expensive, really should be called cold comfort inn.

25 Aug 2010 15:34

The Castle Inn, Corfe Castle

Returned for a meal and drinks. Best pub for value/ale quality/food quality. Try the Fox for old english style but eat in the castle. Deserves a high rating.

25 Aug 2010 15:33

The Greyhound, Corfe Castle

Ok pub - not all that friendly staff - average food and ale was a bit pricey. Ok but not special in any way.

25 Aug 2010 15:31

The Fox, Corfe Castle

Well like all pubs it seems to depend on when you visit as to the reception you get. My wife and I popped in on a break at Corfe and loved the place. The front room was like a sitting room and very cosy. My ale was perfect and our food was fine. Locals were not that engaging but not obnoxious. This is a very old fashioned pub and when it passes Corfe will be a little less quaint.

25 Aug 2010 15:29

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

Have wanted to go here for years and finally got the chance - oh dear my experience was exactly the same as the reviewer TEL3. This is strange because the other reviews are all so gushing (and I have no reason to disbelieve these appraisals). My 1st ale choice was off and I was made to feel like a liar and the 2nd choice was def green but i was too polite to complain. Maybe it is biased to locals because I did get 'looks' when I (quietly) pointed out the beer was not fit. Lets hope my experience was unusual, but I will not bother returning to be honest.

25 Aug 2010 15:25

The White Swan, Portsmouth

Everything the Isambard isnt - well worth the visit, good ale in a nice atmosphere - best pub in Guildhall drinking area

25 Aug 2010 15:17

The Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Portsmouth

To be fair ale is rarely on best condition, but always drinkable. Weths do give value for money but this old Gas HQ is too big to feel like a pub, more like a german beer hall and I am getting to old to keep walking up the flight of stairs for a leek!

25 Aug 2010 15:16

The Fleet, Portsmouth

Poor food and rotten beer, this pub is a missed opportunity. Best left to the students who like it - use the white swan its better in every way and 5 mins walk away.

25 Aug 2010 15:14

The Park Tavern, Portsmouth

Used it when I was in the mob and wouldnt really be tempted back other than for nostalgia, beer isnt great and it was pretty shabby the last time I went in, with the closure of the Shipwrights into another Turk fast food outlet (like thats needed) most drinkers seem to use Yates for the value drinks/food.

25 Aug 2010 15:12

Marthas, Portsmouth

Marthas probably doesnt get as much trade as it could because of the strong Gay reputation. However as the previous reviewer stated, all are welcome and prices are good. i have only had a drink there at a lunchtime and to be fair it is much like any other town centre pub and the staff were freindly. If you are anti-gay you would not use the pub anyway and to be fair I dont think I would be all that comfortable at nightime so i will stick to the Painters. As an aside, it is a shame that such a well known and historical building will be demolished in the re-vamp along with the Dorchester, you would think they could incorporate these great old buildings as a feature. Ho hum

25 Aug 2010 15:10

The Royal Standard, Portsmouth

This pub has always been rough and ready and all the better for that, a working mens pub and doesnt apologise for it. Having said that took my wife to the pub as it is very interesting inside with Navy memorabelia and they couldnt have been friendlier. It is a genuine step back in time and even since old Ruby (long standing former landlady) passed on it has been kept the same. Ifd you are in Portsmouth and want to experience a pub from the 50's give it a go I dont think you will be disappointed.

25 Aug 2010 15:01

The Surrey Arms, Portsmouth

This pub is begging for investment from the pubco as it is well positioned, however as it currently is food is ok for lunches, but ale was ok at best and it needs a refurb. Use it at lunchtime if you are fed up with shopping, lounge on right is a nicer bar to drink in.

25 Aug 2010 14:57

Brewers Arms, Southsea

Another milton pub I have used on and off for years but in the last 6 months I would say it has become a rowdy unpleasant atmosphere rather than the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of old. I dont bother with these 3 pubs anymore as the milton still feels like a fight waiting to happen and now Graham has left the Travellers I imagine that will be closed soon.

25 Aug 2010 14:46

Artillery Arms, Milton

Have used this pub for 30 years as an occasional visitor and although it is very much a locals pub, I have always been made welcome. Public is a bit of a squeeze on busy nights but still worth including in a pub crawl around milton. Seems quieter lately, but then are not all pubs. Ale is generally in good nick but i have been unlucky lately.

25 Aug 2010 14:41

The White House, Portsmouth

Once popular lounge deserted now, public has more than its fair share of undesirables, ale hopeless, home matches keeping this pub alive I reckon

25 Aug 2010 13:00

The Devonshire Arms, Southsea

Seems to be dying a death nowadays - supported by a few locals in the week and survving on revenue form home matches. Its scruffy and souless most of the time. Landlady is nice but I think she is fighting an up hill struggle

25 Aug 2010 12:58

Rutland Arms, Southsea

Pub remains friendly, but almost a ghost town on saturdays and still too exepensive.

25 Aug 2010 12:56

Golden Eagle, Southsea

Shame about this pub, up and down over the years and finally down! Ale very poor and overpriced for a back street local, not as friendly as it was

25 Aug 2010 12:55

The Festing Hotel, Southsea

My buddies local and thats the only reason I use it to be honest - beer not great, prices a bit high and the pub is pretty scruffy - popular though so i dont see any money being spent on it any time soon - a bit overrated.

25 Aug 2010 12:54

Leopold Tavern, Southsea

I have always liked this pub and never had a dodgy pint - ale seemed pricey on my last visit and others have told me prices have risen (with popularity?) that aside its still a good quality establishment and deservedly popular.

25 Aug 2010 12:52

The Bold Forester, Southsea

Umm tried this after a long absence and its best left to drunken powder snorters i am afraid. i am too old for this place now.

25 Aug 2010 12:48

Northcote Hotel, Southsea

This pub is still a good one even if you are not local, 6X and Landlord were in very good condition on this visit and still friendly in atmosphere. Public and lounge equally good.

25 Aug 2010 12:46

The Fifth Hants Volunteer Arms, Southsea

My expeience echoes other reviews - not the place it was, yobs in the public and no chance of seat in lounge unless you get there very early as decent folk have deserted the public which is now part of the yob pub crawl that is this end of the road nowadays

25 Aug 2010 12:44

The Duke of Devonshire, Southsea

Welcoming to occasional drinkers as it is locals, good quality ale and good atmosphere, one of the few left in this popular drinking road

25 Aug 2010 12:42

The Plough, Sparsholt

My wife visited for lunch with colleaugues and said it was great. Food expensive but good quality, very good atmosphere (busy) and good staff. Cant comment on beer quality other than her chums all drinking the ale were happy! Told to rate it a 7!

25 Jun 2010 11:59

The Mayfly, Chilbolton

Pub is ok but is consistently overpriced both for food and drinks, neither of which have ever proved better than average inmy experience. It is well known for this, but its location on the river seems to assure its success. I would avoid and maybe they will rethink their pricing, there are better/cheaper pubs nearby - avoid.

25 Jun 2010 11:56

The Vine Inn, Stockbridge

Used the pub on and off for years when working nearby. Many work do's over the years but a recent one in Dec 2009 was pretty rough and a lunch visit found ale to be pretty expensive with inattentive staff and some surly regulars.

25 Jun 2010 11:53

The Peat Spade, Longstock

Food is variable in quality (owners have another pub somewhere in hampshire). Bit expensive to be honest and my experience has been that they are not too keen on drinkers, food is firmly the emphaisis (this from other people I know who have used recently). At least it isnt just a restuarant like the old Leckford is.

25 Jun 2010 11:52

The Three Cups Inn, Stockbridge

Pub seems to be improving with time but i had to stay in the accom once - very poor dont use it for anything but a drink.

25 Jun 2010 11:49

The Boot Inn, Houghton

2010 and yes it is pricey but never had a bad meal and has a good atmosphere. popular with local army camps for lunches etc.

25 Jun 2010 11:47

John O'Gaunt Inn, Horsebridge

Worked in the area circa 2007 and the pub was a nice one. returned to the area for work recently - revisit - dont reckon this pub will last much longer with the lack of clientele. shame although pub isn't what it was sadly. Use the Boot in Houghton.

25 Jun 2010 11:46

The Moonrakers, Pewsey

Its not so much a pub as a 'gentlemens bar'. Does what it does but not really a pub anymore. still there is plenty of choice left in Pewsey for beer drinking so good luck to the landlord.

24 Jun 2010 10:30

French Horn, Pewsey

seems to be well regarded by some but is overrated to be honest (especially the food). If its food in the area and a better pub feel, try the Seven Stars.

24 Jun 2010 10:29

Royal Oak, Pewsey

Dirty, dingy but friendly and food is less important than its function as a pub! probably end up closing or turning into a house as it is rarely busy.

24 Jun 2010 10:27

The Coopers Arms, Pewsey

It is what it is - a food outlet, a shame as this was a good pub years ago. found it clicky and a litlle unfriendly to newcomers. food is good and that is the best reason to visit.

24 Jun 2010 10:25

The White Horse, Bishops Waltham

I lived along the lane from this pub for a few years and enjoyed it as my local. they say never try to capture your past - having moved and returned to the area a recent visit was very disappointing. it has gone form a pub that extolled the virtues of conversation and geniality to one where loud and brash predominate. Good luck to the crowd who use it at least they are keepin the pub going - but its not for me any more i am afraid.

24 Jun 2010 10:24

The Crown, Bishops Waltham

Popped in for swift pint while wife shopped. Very many years ago this was a nice pub with a cracking atmosphere. Long gone now i am afraid. Terrible beer, 'a fight waiting to happen' atmosphere and rude staff. Strictly for people who are more interested in swearing than talking. Best left to its current clients, try the Barleycorn if you need a pint near the shops.

24 Jun 2010 10:19

The Hawkley Inn, Hawkley

popped in on way to White Horse. Didnt linger as ale was bad enough not to consider food. Not much good to say as no atmosphere at all. Hope this pub improves for the locals sake.

24 Jun 2010 10:15

The White Horse Inn, Priors Dean

Visited last night after a break of 20 years! Same feel, very traditional counrty pub. Not the best or cheapest food around and quality was average to be honest. Ale was excellent but soft drinks prices too high. Clientele generally well heeled enough not to care I suspect. Worth driving 5 miles to visit but if you live further away you almost certainly have as good or better on your doorstep.

24 Jun 2010 10:08

The Cumberland, Doncaster

Food is fine for this family sort of pub - its wont be and why should it be gourmet food, ale has always been in good condition on my visits and after the refurb it is nicer to be in.

22 Jun 2010 11:25

The Pier Inn, Whitby

Not a pub that would make you want to stay all night as it a bit souless. But to have a pint and sit outside on a sunny day it is fine. The ale was in good nick and staff were friendly.

22 Jun 2010 11:22

Golden Lion, Whitby

Not my lucky day - 1st 2 ales were off and no apologies - just a grumble about fussy southerners! My 'Yorkshire' father in law put the bloke straight agreeing with me on this one. I visited because of the high rating this pub had. I notice now (too late) that the reviews were rather old! Not a happy visit.

22 Jun 2010 11:19

Duke of York, Whitby

Overpriced drinks as it is in the tourist trap. Food very poor indeed. 4 different meals ordered shared in common very poor quality. Pub nice enough in itself but in common with all the whitby pubs I tried, relying on thirsty/hungry tourists who wont be back to complain.

22 Jun 2010 11:08

The Jolly Sailors Inn, Whitby

This is a locals pub and best left to them in my opinion. Not friendly to visitors(particularly bar staff) on my visit. Food nothing to shout about either, although the Sam Smiths ale was in very good condition.

22 Jun 2010 11:03

The Bay Hotel, Whitby

Probably agree with previous reviewers on this one - best pub of the 3 in general and food was very popular though the portions I saw were only average in size and the smell of 'old' oil pervaded the pub.

22 Jun 2010 11:00

The Dolphin, Robin Hood's Bay

Didnt seem to pay as much as the previous reviewer but wine and soft drink was pricey, but was welcomed with friendly banter. Dont quite see how this or any of the local pubs rate so high a rating though.

22 Jun 2010 10:58

The Laurel Inn, Robin Hood's Bay

just visited. Beer average and expensive. typical tourist trap I suppose. Not unfriendly but not very welcoming either. Would avoid and try the other 2 pubs nearby. The dolphin was cheaper and better beer despite undergoing work. bay hotel was friendlier and ale was good. Food seemed to be going down well though I didnt eat there.

22 Jun 2010 10:56

Samuel's Rest, Shedfield

Oh dear topsailjon was right - I met a mate for a pint at the weekend and we both had dodgy ale. Never eaten their but have long memories of drinking their. Freindly still but dodgy beer is never good, especially at the price.

15 Jun 2010 13:31

The Chase Inn, Waltham Chase

I like this pub - dunno why as the food is ok but a bit on the pricey side and the outside revamp isnt matched inside, but.... it is like pubs of old, its kept a public bar and the beer is always good. Its a good choice for a group to let their hair down and not worry too much about upsetting diners.

15 Jun 2010 13:28

The Golden Lion, Fareham

Visited several weks ago now, but..oh dear, rates itself as the finest real ales available in Fareham. the three of us topers tried the first 2 ales offered and all were off - the inexperienced barmaid didn't know the difference but was clearly put out that we didnt rate each on in turn. Ended up drinking a quick lager and vacating. They need to sharpen their act up if they want passing trade.

27 May 2010 10:54

The Golden Lion, Southwick

talk my wife for a meal on the strength of the last review. Wed and packed for dining! Couldnt get in but spoke to somebody leaving (while we had a drink) and they raved. Intend booking a table next time. Ale was also very good (Wykham ales?) and the landlady was very apologetic. Also had a darts board! Not the grotty (but friendly) old pub I new so many years ago when I lived in Portchester but looks to be worth a visit. Fell back on the Horse and Jockey (review posted).

27 May 2010 10:47

The Red Lion, Southwick

Visited 3 months ago. Food was ok but unremarkable for the price, ale was good. They were not keen to give me a table as i was on my own (working nearby) which didn't make me feel very welcome, but serving staff were friendly. Re visited Churchillian next day as this experience wasnt enough for me to return.

27 May 2010 10:43

The Horse and Jockey, Hipley

Visited for dinner, my wife had a very nice meal but my pie was just a microwaved re-heat and was pretty nasty to be honest. Deserts were more looks than substance too. I couldnt whole heartedly recommend as food is not cheap and is pretty average. if you go for it you probably need to stick to food that isn't easily pre prepared. My beer (Ringwood) was in good condition but paying 3.10 for Coke was disgusting. This pub is ok and Lanlord/Lady are attentive, but since I didn't complain I don't know how they would behave in those circumstances. Worth a go if you are not that demanding and want somewhere with a garden for kids. Better pubs in the area.

27 May 2010 10:39

The Dolphin, Portsmouth

Ales were no more exepnsive than others in location when i visited so maybe they have realised they were too expensive (see previous reviews). 1 out of 3 pints I had were not at best so maybe there is still a problem there (perhaps trying to keep too many ales on the go). food was very good but not cheapest around. Worth trying as it seems to be getting some of its old personality back.

27 May 2010 10:28

Greens Restaurant and Pub, Wickham

You have to face facts here. it is not a pub at all. You can sit at the very small bar or a comfy sofa nearby but this is a restaurant - a good one, I have never had a meal that wasnt good but you would not come here to drink - go over the road to the recently refurb'd Kings Head (Fullers) which now has a new and welcome lease of life. As a pub this place fails, as a restaurant you will be pushed to find better food.

26 May 2010 10:55

Prince of Wales, Southampton

new owners now in - trying their best, but felt a bit souless. Pubco has much to answer for I would guess. Maybe if people return it will gain atmosphere.

26 May 2010 10:48

The Wheatsheaf, Shedfield

Very good beer, soft drinks were a bit pricey for drivers. Agree this is an unspoilt pub, but felt a bit clicky. if it was walkable though I would go more often.

26 May 2010 10:46

Black Dog Inn, Waltham Chase

Returned on the strength of the last review, after all places can change. Have to say my impression of both beer, food and attitude was much nearer the preceeding review. Something funny going on here that 3 customers within as many weeks have such different service. This is the last time I will return for a while I am afraid, still cant recommend.

26 May 2010 10:43

The Mary Rose, Portsmouth

Not a pub any more and a terrible restaurant! Dodge it or you will have a dodgy stomach!

20 Jan 2010 13:22

The Spice Island Inn, Portsmouth

Used to be 2 seperate pubs and was better for it if drinking was your game! Beer is ok, though staff don't know a good pint from a bad one in my experience. Food only average, but views entice people back I would guess. One to take your visiting relatives to, but not really a 'drinkers pub'.

20 Jan 2010 13:19

The Spice Island Inn, Portsmouth

Used top be 2 pubs and was better for it if drinking was your game! Beer is ok, though staff don't know a good pint from a bad one in my experience. Food only average, but views entice people back I would guess. One to take you visiting relatives to but not a 'drinkers pub'.

20 Jan 2010 13:19

Queens Hotel, Gosport

Very good beer at fair prices. Very friendly - a reminder of how good locals used to be. Visitors made very welcome.

20 Jan 2010 13:15

George & Dragon, Portsmouth

There are only a hand full of pubs left in this long road. On a recent pub crawl this pub turned out to be dirty and desperately in need of a revamp, pretty un freindly. No beer worth troubling with. Needs some investment.

20 Jan 2010 13:13

Prince of Wales, Southampton

Returned to see if things had improved and to be fair the food was reasonable for the money and the beer was beyond reproach - the only down side was listening to the sad tale of woe form the landlady - I understand they (in common with most tenants) are being traeted badly by the pubcos, but i was so weary of her down beat conversation i moved on without having that extra pint! In fact she expressed dismay that I wasnt staying for another. I wonder if this pub will be another casualty before long on the list of closures.

14 Jan 2010 11:41

The Wheatsheaf, Shedfield

Good pub in the 'old fashioned' meaning of the word, not for Cafe Nero lovers! Very good beer, though soft drinks (for the driver - bless her) were a bit hefty in price. Could argue that its a bit clicky, but without regulars pubs fail, so a small price to pay to keep this old un going.

14 Jan 2010 11:38

The Churchillian, Portsmouth

Good beer and service was my experience but very average food and not the cleanest of pubs to eat in. But the views...

14 Jan 2010 11:34

The Hurdles, Brockbridge

Lost the old pub atmosphere and feels like a gastro pub - but thats where the money is around here I guess. Food was a little disappointing for the money when I visited and drinks a bit dear too.

14 Jan 2010 11:31

The Shoe Inn, Exton

Good if pricey food, and well kept beer, more restaurant than pub in some ways though and a wealthy clientel will keep it that way I suspect.

14 Jan 2010 11:29

The Thomas Lord, West Meon

Used it regularly for years before I moved away to Wiltshire, having returned to the area looked it up again. You cant relive the past! No longer the friendly pub I remembered. Staff were off hand and busy warming themselves as the pub was very cold. Waited 40 mins and no sign of food ordered, after enquiry was informed the order had been misplaced, but we were the only other couple in the place! Finished our second drink and left after cancelling the meal. Ale was in good condition though!

14 Jan 2010 11:22

The Kings Head, Wickham

Had a quick lunch time pint recently, nicely refurbed and my ale was very well kept. Service was a little poor, the staff seemd to have their minds on everything but the customers. The former public bar dwellers seemed a bit lost now that the pub is open plan, but with Greens being a restaurant in all but name they have no other traditional pub left in Wickham.

14 Jan 2010 10:48

The Bold Forester, Soberton

I visited on Boxing Day at 8pm and we 3 were the only people in. The barmaid was waiting to shut the place as she was bored out of her skull. More importantly though the beer was very good and all drinks were keenly priced. Dunno about food, but they do have a seperate small lounge. Big pool room which is probably why the locals don't use the pub (waiting for it to become a gastro pub I think). Plenty of character and still relies on drinkers to stay afloat. Give it a try or it may be the next casualty!

14 Jan 2010 10:40

The Bugle Inn, Twyford

Recently popped in to see how it compared with my visit of 4 years ago as i heard it was much changed. To be fair it is a smart pub now - but it does feel like you are in Cafe Nero! Food was good but pricey as were the drinks. Not a drinking pub in my opinion - my wife liked it - which says it all for me! If you like a drink without the snobbery you might prefer the Phoenix opposite to be honest. If you want to treat the wife to a meal (6 average starter) then give it a try - be prepared to tip at least 10% as they seem to expect it there!

14 Jan 2010 10:35

The Travellers Rest, Fareham

Use this pub at Christmas after many years absence. Friendly, very good ale and prices no worse than average for this neck of the woods. Proper public bar, clean but casual and that rare thing in Country eating dominated territory - a Dart Board! Worth a visit.

14 Jan 2010 10:29

Ship and Castle, Portsmouth

This pub hasnt changed much in 30 years. thats not a bad thing, its hard to find tucked away behind the ferry port/whale island but if you want to visit a Portsmouth boozer and not worry about the carpets - give it a go!

18 Dec 2009 12:09

The Phoenix, Southsea

I must be unlucky as i have been 3 times in the evening and found bar staff rude and very biased towards locals when serving, having said that it is a good old fashioned boozer and worth using as there is nothing pretentious here.

18 Dec 2009 12:02

Northcote Hotel, Southsea

Good pub this, fairly traditional and friendly. Worth seeking out as public is large and friendly and lounge feels like a comfortable livimg room - with Beer!

18 Dec 2009 12:00

Old House at Home, Milton

Another oub I always liked that has lost its way. the cosy lounge closed due to lack of use and a public you could hear a pin drop in. Kids running riot in summer and an empty bar in winter. This pub will end up as flats if something doesnt change soon i am afraid. Too many other locals around that are better.

18 Dec 2009 11:58

The Old Canal, Southsea

I have used this pub on and off for 30 years and seen changes a plenty. This pub has had its ups and downs but has improved a lot recently. The locals remain a friendly bunch and the saturday night atmosphere is good. If it carries on this way its future as a local looks good.

18 Dec 2009 11:55

The Sir Loin Of Beef, Southsea

Agree that this pub looks after its beer and its customers - lively and friendly local that welcomes passing trade too.

18 Dec 2009 11:50

The Eastfield Hotel, Southsea

Still a great pub, plenty of atmosphere and reasonable prices. Only used the Lounge, where everybody is welcome. Can't comment on public bar.

18 Dec 2009 11:49

Rutland Arms, Southsea

I have always liked this pub, but last 2 visits bore out how expensive the beer is here compared with locals within staggering distance! Otherwise a nice pub with friendly bar staff.

18 Dec 2009 11:46

The Red, White and Blue, Southsea

Most recent visit was a saturday night at 830 and it was dead as a dodo. Expensive drinks and not surprisigly no atmosphere - decor didnt help. A far cry from its hey days.

18 Dec 2009 11:45

The Bunch Of Grapes, Bishops Waltham

Cosy pub but unwelcoming to infrequent visitors. All drinks are expensive but wealthy patrons seem to be happy with it.

17 Dec 2009 14:17

Prince of Wales, Southampton

Visited recently and ale was beyond reproach, a little clicky, but if you make an attempt to be sociable the barriers come down. Can't testify to food, place a bit to dirty to trust to kitchen hygeine! As a drinkers pub would recommend.

17 Dec 2009 14:14

Black Dog Inn, Waltham Chase

Agree with other opinions, used the pub years ago and returned recently - bad attitude by current tenants, poor food and not welcoming to drinkers (however well behaved). Best avoided until a change of tenant and lick of paint by the pubco.

17 Dec 2009 14:12

The Rising Sun, Swanmore

Used this pub for on and off for years. I agree that ale is always in good condition, if a little expensive. Wine is dear though as is food for the quality - there is better in the locality for less money. The landlord is friendly enough as long as you spend your money but once you have eaten or slowed down in the drinking watch his attitude change. Also can be a bit 'clicky' sit at the round table at your own risk - try it you will soon get surly looks! Good for kids in summer though.

17 Dec 2009 14:08

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