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The Duke Of Lancaster, Lancaster

No you are a 100% tsunami dodging shirtlifter.

4 Sep 2011 20:50

The Orchard Inn, Bristol

Eh no.

6 Feb 2011 00:43

The Bank Tavern, Kingswood

Yeah emailed the site owner years ago about this..............

14 Mar 2010 23:08

The Cornubia, Bristol

I am speaking here in a balanced manner(I've crossed swords with Luke in the past!) but the chap has been done up like a kipper by the imbeciles who "own" Hidden brewery. (Is it possible to "own" a bankrupt company???)

While under severe purchasing constraints he has made a reasonable job of the pub and now he gets strewn aside in favour of people who know nothing about ale and less about business. Picture thisa -barrel of (Hidden,ugh) beer is sent to the pub in the morning and the new "landlady" is phoning up asking Luke "how the beer" is on the same afternoon!!! No it doesn't have to be left sit in the cellar madam......

Like the last poster said yes the opening hours have been decimated,closed Saturday days and all Sunday. They haven't got an effing clue. Get out Luke and get away from these fools and hope to see you again somewhere where your "different" style and hard work is appreciated!!!!

1 Feb 2010 11:10

The Star Inn, Bath

Visited many times over the years and I have to be honest and say while the pub is a gem I have never ever found it to all add up for me. On the recent visit I found the barman to be inefficient and bordering on uncouth towards females who as usual didn't know what they wanted. In addition the Lancaster ale I had was only moderate,though not sendback quality. The open fires were also very overpowering on a not exactly freezing day.

It just didn't cut the mustard for me (again) but still ok to visit.

1 Feb 2010 11:01

The Bell, Bath

Reasonable Bellringer ale but all the points particularly about staff and their attitudes made in previous reviews are not far off the mark.

1 Feb 2010 10:55

The Pig and Fiddle, Bath

Visited during a Bath home rugby match,that is when they were all gone to the game so it was quite civilised and the ale was excellent. The staff were young studenty types but were efficient and friendly.(one lad shared his jelly beans with us!!) The lady bar manager was very amicable,however the arrival of a Hidden beer on a pump being changed raised a few eyebrows......

1 Feb 2010 10:52

The Raven, Bath

Visited twice in a week about 2 weeks ago.

First visit found a book club meeting upstairs so downstairs where we ended up was packed,the beer from Butts was only "OK" and was served by a sour barman. Left after one.

Second trip found very good Yeovil beer but again service from another gruff barman who was only interested in watching the clock (We arrived after egg chasing at 1745). HOWEVER the whole atmosphere changed on the arrival of a friendly and industrious dark haired South African barwoman,I wonder is it her who is referred to in the review below(probably). Make this woman the manager Fr Jack says and let her kick the arses of the lazy ones!!! Had several pints!!! Well done lass.

1 Feb 2010 10:47

The Beer Engine, Newton St Cyres

Visited on a bank holiday monday a while back. The place was disorganised on arrival,with some people being told last orders for food had been taken and others arrriving afterwards being allowed to order. The landlady was having a shouting match with a poor lady who was being charged for what she hadn't had,this even admitted by the landlady. And very unprofessionally indeed the landlady was trying to canvass "support" for her rudeness from the customers at the bar (us)!!!! When the dust settled the food we had was very good,however I felt the ale was very "new" and not very well conditioned.

Those in my company often visit but I wouldn't go to the trouble in a hurry again.

26 Jan 2010 22:15

The Mardyke, Bristol

1.80 for Courage Best. Spit and sawdust pub without the sawdust. Hopeless jukebox. Friendly barman. Interesting punters.

23 Jan 2010 10:30

The Bridge Inn, Bristol

Returned,staff more friendly than previous visits. Ale was Teignworthy Neap Tide and was reasonable. Bath ales(zzzz) also available. Several "former" Kings Head and 7 Stars punters in. Hmm.....

23 Jan 2010 10:11

The Kemble Brewery Inn, Cheltenham

Did a route march in the slush to get here and my entourage had surpassed the stage of scepticism by the time we found the place but we were rewarded by a cosy pub. Cricket was on the telly,the landlord and lady were friendly. There were about 6 ales,we had the Wye Valley Butty Bach that was very good and reasonably priced.

23 Jan 2010 10:05

The Sudeley Arms, Cheltenham

Started off badly but delivered brilliantly before long. Walked up at 1350 expecting to have a few but found it shuts at 1400 Mon to Thurs. Grr.

In we go though and ask are we ok for a quick pint,no problem says the friendly barman. The ales were Pride and Box Steam Golden Bolt(aka Rev Awdrys Ale),2.70 a pint. Beer quality was good and the welcome stayed friendly. The barman showed no inclination towards shutting now he had a few in,and his son(the landlord) continued the good work when he took over serving. Snooker was put on the telly without issue when we asked and we fell out the door at 1800,when they should have been reopening!!!!! A job very well done,be proud of your efforts gents.

23 Jan 2010 10:02

Savoy, Swindon

18 handpumps,some doubled up. Not surprisingly (and despite it being 8pm on a Friday evening) there were 7 "coming soons" and all of these were the ales you'd most want to have,including some of the elusive scottish ones. How come Ruddles and Abbot and Pedigree never have "coming soon" on them??????? The Ramsbury Gold was good,as was the Tanglefoot had by the entourage.

23 Jan 2010 09:54

Sir Daniel Arms, Swindon

Reasonable service and good ales,though not a great selection for a McSpoons. As to be expected the Scottish ales for "Burns Weekend" were unavailable.

23 Jan 2010 09:50

The Retreat, Reading

Yep its all aready been said. Great pub,friendly staff,excellent ale(though odd pricing policy),lived in,GO THERE.

10 Jan 2010 11:23

The Mad Bishop and Bear, Paddington

Great Fullers beers but rancid run down bogs.

10 Jan 2010 11:17

The Bank, Bristol

Recent visits have found-
NO ale on but 2 ciders and the normally pleasant older barman rowing with a "customer"(who knows it all.....)
,then next visit 2 Jollyboat ales but NO cider
,then next visit 1 Moor ale at 5% in moderate condition.

Something is amiss,come on guys make this place back into the friendly must visit boozer.

10 Jan 2010 11:08

The Lamp Tavern, Dudley

Me mate had a bash here. Stayed the night. Smelly bogs,excellent Bathams,friendly staff but an overall air of disorganisation throughout. Would call if in the area but wouldn't go out of the way to visit.

10 Jan 2010 11:00

Scholars, Scarborough

The Skipton Copper Pippin was that good here my plan to do several pubs in Scarboro went down the pan. It was that good I had a gallon. We arrived along at 1201 to find gates locked but they were swiftly opened by a friendly barman. The service was good but I kept hearing bells!!!! The landlord was up to something.... quasimodo appreciation society I'd say. Like the previous poster says the tellys were loud and irrelevant-a good rock jukebox would have made this place perfect. But still,definitely a must visit in Scarborough.

10 Jan 2010 10:55

The Prince of Wales, Ledbury

The grinning one has said it all. I will add that the barwoman graciously offered to remove the (wretched) sparklers when she noted our conversation about same,and that the beer was excellent and keenly priced at around 2.60 a pt.

"OUT OF THE STATION AND TURN RIGHT",and don't trust google maps!!!

10 Jan 2010 10:40

Inn On The Green, Horfield

The pro's,well the pro maybe-it was healthily busy,particularly with eaters.

The cons,well see the previous 2 reviews. Been in a few times lately and always had medium quality ale,served by aloof staff,in (still!) dirty glasses. Beer range could be described as lazy. Had 4 different ales,Summer Lightening,Adnams best and Broadside,and Butcombe but left with a fur in my mouth. Still no lock on the bog door.

I just dunno. But definitely no beer guide re-entry though.

10 Jan 2010 10:32

The King and Castle, Kidderminster

Bathams was magic as usual but barwoman was gruff and made it feel like she was doing you a favour serving. A further peg down,if it wasn't for the Bathams who knows.........

4 Dec 2009 18:28

The Hare, West Hendred

A good welcome,EXCELLENT and good value food but moderate ale by both quality and selection. "Morlands" bitter and Abbot Reserve were on,but the Osset guest wasn't ready. Greedy king at its usual standard.

4 Dec 2009 18:24

The G W Hotel Bar and Grill, Swindon

Surly landlord,sulky staff,untidy,cloudy low measured ales and full of office idiots who don't really know why they're there. Still to be avoided.

4 Dec 2009 18:17

The Queens Tap, Swindon

Adnams Bitter and 6X for 2.60 and excellent Titanic stout for 3 a pt. Reasonably friendly welcome and of note is that the same landlord that nobody thought would make a go of the place is still here. Not too bad.

4 Dec 2009 18:15

The Kings Arms, Brislington

Plenty punters were in and a good pint of Yeovil Ale (still 2.65) was served by a pleasant young serving wench. Much conversation was going on although Blue Oyster Cult and Earth wind and fire were coming from the speakers at a moderate volume-it made for a nice ambiance. The overpowering energy saving light bulbs need shades but in spite of that its easy to see where's the winner in this village!

26 Nov 2009 18:28

Pilgrim Inn, Brislington

Still excellent 6X and thankfully a far friendlier (though a little deliberate at it) lad behind the bar on this visit. Alas though,there were only about 5 people in,and several of them seemed they were only having a look. Still gloomy both inside and out with low music and the hum of the kitchen fans adding to the humdrum. Hmmm I say.

26 Nov 2009 18:11

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

Below par lately with a much diminished range of ale because they're "getting ready for the beer festival". There are another 362 days in the year folks when your twice a year festival punters probably won't be in. And I might. I say might......

Pity because they're friendly souls behind the pumps.

17 Nov 2009 17:24

The Kings Arms, Brislington

Festival Emerald ale was very good here last week. Barwoman(different one from previous) was friendly.

17 Nov 2009 17:04

Pilgrim Inn, Brislington

Visited more succesfully last week. A nice job but yes,far too dark. Excellent 6X for 2.80 but range could be more exciting. Civil barman and woman,but they made no engagement with me (the only punter at the time) except when taking the money.

Got busier after a while but was disappointing to note the staff's attitude-food was advertised but the kitchen was shut and 2 sets of people came in,ordered drink only to told afterwards that the food was off. One customer was told "there's a chinky up the street.....". The other lady customer got in a right strop,but only got shrugged shoulders. And no "sorry no food" sign was applied to the door just to prepare the unfortunate CUSTOMERS. It was discussed between the staff that maybe they should but no,couldn't be assed attitude applied. Just why I wouldn't go in the sister pubs the Alma or Hen and Chicken.

Would visit again but can't see it hitting the spot as a "pub".

17 Nov 2009 17:02

The Oxford Inn, Totterdown

NO ale on 2 subsequent visits. Stowford cider while waiting for my kebab. Music still too loud.

17 Nov 2009 16:52

The Seven Stars, Bristol

Not commented on the Stars since we said bye to Steve and Katie but Paul is doing a fine job. The range has expanded and the service is good. Had excellent Kelham Island and Glastonbury ales here lately. All thats needed is a bit of a refurb.

Contrary to rumours circulated from a certain pub by a river not far away(WHERE THIS POSTER WON'T BE VISITING AGAIN YOU FOOLS) the place is open and has been open all along. So come along for good beer and good times. Well done.

17 Nov 2009 16:21

The Rose and Crown, Chippenham

Moles pub,bit rundown,2 halves,one a bar,other an empty restaurant.

1 nice barwoman,1 nice barman but alas 1 over dressed broomstick driving barwoman.

Everything was too much effort for the latter of the above. She hated having to go to the cellar for our beer. Lied about the ale when I told my ticker mate he was having something previously scooped. For info Moles "Trick or Treat" is also Moles"St Elmo's Fire". Although she says it only "nearly the same"??? Yeah work that one out. Strangely 2.50 a pint,but 1.40 a half.

With staff like her the new McSpoons in town will have the shutters reapplied to this place in no time.

17 Nov 2009 16:16

Old Road Tavern, Chippenham

Been in and out over the years,basic but good boozer. Adnams Explorer last week was good and reasonably priced.

17 Nov 2009 16:08

The Quinton House, Clifton

Beatles said it all about Mr Tanner (landlord of the so called pub/private club called the Victoria Clifton for those who don't know) slagging off potential punters. Save that for your own customers mate. The landlord here is well capable of running a pub and doesn't need your "support".

Anyway back to the point,the Doombar I've had here on each occasion has been impeccable and good value. The welcome from Patrick and staff has been good. Agree about the range,after years of only Best and Bass down in the Artichoke I thought Pat would have grasped the nettle of being free of tie a bit more. But the beer on is faultless,and the pub is excellent. Very good show sir.

17 Nov 2009 16:06

The Eldon House, Bristol

Update-few weekends ago the guest was from Newmans,but 3.30 for a 4.6% ale is taking the proverbial a little. Even the Barnstormer which they make themselves was 3!!!! Both were good but........................

17 Nov 2009 16:00

The Three Tuns, Hotwells

After for years being a place you'd hardly want to go into,the Tun's is reopened and much improved. The TT Landlord last night was impeccable. The landlord and the barwoman are friendly sorts,sure why wouldn't they be!!!

For the record the ales are 2.30 to 2.80,with the TT LL being the latter price-HOPE AND ANCHOR TAKE NOTE AND FECK OFF WITH YOUR 3.40!!!! Like the previous poster said worth supporting and I wish them all the best.

17 Nov 2009 15:57

Happy Landings, Hengrove

Nothing changes. Usually there's a skip outside for the current tenants to throw out the remnants of the previous tenants leftovers. Unpolished and untidy,Spitfire ok at 2.40 a pt but change from a tenner in mostly 20ps! Best available but off along with the usual pubco fizzes and Natch on draft! (Classy) Loud pop music and commercial breaks blasting from telly but no one under 30 in,all punters gathered in big groups. More or less a no go.

8 Nov 2009 13:26

Van Dyke, Fishponds

A few beer fest ales on but several blanks with no sign of whats coming-which translates in my book as we don't want you to come back. The Polish Plum beer was good but this is conference league Spoons. But at least its consistent at that level.......

3 Nov 2009 21:12

The Staple Hill Oak, Staple Hill

Last time freezing beer,this time freezing pub with gales of cold air blowing about further reducing the life expectancy of some of the clientelle. Beer was very good though,barmaid was pleasant-but the barman who served subsequently didn't feel the need to respond when asked why the pub was so cold. These pubs wet their pants about getting into the (wretched) beer guide but why not get your pub right first?

3 Nov 2009 18:54

The Kings Arms, Brislington

Bit better this time with Cheddar Gorge Best on at 2.65 and of good quality. Friendly barwoman who started pouring Courage Best in error but offered no complaint when i pointed out the error and actually had a laugh about it. Yes,a bit better.

1 Nov 2009 13:31

Pilgrim Inn, Brislington

Hmmm. End of week number 1 in its new incumbency and despite the sign out saying open 12-5 Sundays it was resolutely shut curtains closed no sign of life etc at 1.20pm today.

1 Nov 2009 13:28

The Butler, Reading

Visited last week and had the best Pride I've ever had but alas a Reading correspondent I met yesterday tells me it was rubbish recently due to the cooling being messed about with. Grr.

31 Oct 2009 12:21

The Turf Tavern, Oxford

I've never been a huge fan of the Turf,for a start its a job to find or direct people to. Its always busy with people I'd rather not be drinking with. Mortar boards and too many people saying "Yaah" to everything. And Greedy King will always be in the back of my mind. However to be sociable I visited on the saturday of their festival,but I came away disappointed. The beer was on stillage and was totally flat,without life or condition. 3 a pint across the board. Actually I couldn't wait to leave. Oh well.

31 Oct 2009 12:19

Royal Blenheim, Oxford

Excellent White Horse beers were quaffed here after the disappointment of the Turf beer fest. Friendly staff and reasonably patronised. The only slight qualm for me would have been that the egg chasing on the gogglebox was a tad too loud for a not very important fixture.

31 Oct 2009 12:14

The Glue Pot, Swindon

Returned yesterday after 2 and a half years self-imposed absence,and it was great to find not much has changed.

The barman was both industrious and friendly,the Honey Blonde and Crop Circle were both excellent and good value. The unsmiling and (still!) less than charismatic landord appeared only after the barman had dealt with the throng who piled in after the beer fest chucked out.

A pity politics and principles would preclude me from visiting again but honestly there's not much reason to miss this pub if in Swindon.

31 Oct 2009 12:11

The Victoria Inn, Westbury On Trym

Blackthorn is a respected and fair Bristol area pub reviewer.
He makes fair points wherever he goes.
You are a "reactor" who will never post again.
You're probably something to do with the landlords etc.
You should learn from his advice.
I will visit soon.
Until then I rest my case,but expect little in his judgement to be incorrect.

27 Oct 2009 21:27

The Grosvenor Arms, Southville

With Thatchers rough for 1.90 a pt you can draw your own conclusions but it had more in it than the McSpoons up the road on the night visited. Colourful characters and friendly staff. Great turned up jukebox. Liberal views on the smoking ban,shall we say. Overall it serves its market so credit where due.

18 Oct 2009 18:47

The Ostrich, Bristol

Visited a few months ago with some publican friends and this was a lesson in how things shouldn't be done. There was Brains and a seasonal from Marstons. The latter was ok but was served with a grimace by a large lunch munching woman. The BOC cellar gas cylinder lorry arrived. There was much clinking,clanging and banging below the floor. And guess what? The next beer we got was hazy-they'd obviously knocked the barrels. My learned companion returned all 3 pints to be told they were ok(though opaque!) and that the pubs "cellar expert" was in the cellar. Needless to say the replacement Brains was offered but was also hazy. A refund was then requested and after much negotiation was granted but rudely slammed on the counter. Yes,a waste of what could be a great boozer.

18 Oct 2009 17:31

The Nova Scotia, Bristol

Presentable pub. My Goffs at 2.60 tasted better than it looked. There was an extremely loud group of people speaking what I think was Czech scaring the punters away and causing your correspondent to apply ipod at a loud volume,the noise being unchecked by unperturbed barman. Needless to say they were on the "orange" juice previously reported. Reasonable place yeah but you wouldn't hurry back.

18 Oct 2009 17:16

The Oxford Inn, Totterdown

Revisited last night and had heard there was a range of ales on.

So. 3 handpumps. First was blank,second had turned around Hobgoblin on,and third had lifeless and flat BBF Gold. Loud 1990s megamix cd was blaring to ear bleed level. Tired ale was 2 a pint if any consolation and was served by a pleasant girl though. However some of the clientelle were "scary",shall we say.

Still wouldn't rush back.

18 Oct 2009 09:56

The Hope and Anchor, Bristol

To Gill in the last review,the only ale I ever noted to be 3.40 was Tim Taylor LL,however I suspect BBF Exhibition may have be the culprit. The LL wasn't on on my recent visit,the Cheddar was 3.10 I believe and was very good. There were 3 bar "boys" and a 50something manager type behind the bar for about 10 punters but none looked anyway interested. The khazi's I alluded to previously were serviceable but by no means clean,although I hear the pub read this site when all that rubbish was going on a while back. Not worth calling in,just go down the Bag,for all its faults its much better.

11 Oct 2009 20:42

The Eldon House, Bristol

Batemans Summer Swallow was recently enjoyed here,served by a pleasant though slightly dipsy girl. Matron of the house was in attendance so either the dipsyness or the girl were unlikely to have lasted long. The refurb is good but the place was a little soulless to the solo imbiber. But overall it is a good place and worthy of a hike. Or get a bus to the triangle and walk down as I do.

11 Oct 2009 20:34

The Shakespeare, Bristol

While the two words "Greene" and "King" would and should be enough to scare most people off,this place is a major exception to the rule. While the bile from Bury St E does hold court a good guest is usually to be had,on this ramble it was St Austell Proper Job. Also available was Davenports Highland Whisky ale. Barman was pleasant and pub was nicely busy. It just galls me to think I'm lining the coffers of GK who don't want anyone else bar them to make a living,but in this case I have to play the hypocrisy card. Well done to this pub,keep up your good work and don't let the bastards grind you down!

11 Oct 2009 20:23

Robert Fitz Harding, Bedminster

Typical Spoons,now with some staff previously noted in other local Mac outlets on the merry go round. Beer range of all the usual suspects,slightly enhanced by 2 from Otter,Head and Amber,the Amber being good. Not much else could be said really.

11 Oct 2009 19:37

Assembly, Bedminster

Despite noting a few hiccups since the Ians moved on the Assembly is still a good pub. Still very tidy with a range of mostly national ales. The nice barwoman/manager with the fair hair is still here,though I've found on occasion that she sometimes keeps the show on the road and stops things descending to MacSpoons standards. Still well worth a visit in a rather grim end of Bristhole.

11 Oct 2009 19:34

The Village, Salisbury

No sign of the landlord on recent visits,a young lad was at the helm on both ocassions. The Downton Quadhop was excellent,though the pub does need a bit of a hosing.

11 Oct 2009 12:07

The Rai D'Or, Salisbury

Odd place. The ale was excellent-Tetnang and Honey Blonde from Downton. The landlord came over and introduced himself(a little too directly maybe), he told us that our 2nd pint would have 50p off if we were CAMRA members but i didn't see this posted up anywhere. The food eating dept was booked out it seemed. But something about the atmosphere wasn't right. The "is it a pub or is it a restaurant?" stigma maybe??

11 Oct 2009 12:04

The Winchester Gate, Salisbury

I would like to echo "ETA"'and Trev's sentiments below. The Tetnang ale from Downton was excellent,but the place is rambling,shall we say. Its like wherever you stand you're in the way. But given the clientelle I wouldn't like to bash into some too often. There was also Bristol Beer Factory (zzzz) and one other. Good pub but needs to have a bit of thought applied to it.

11 Oct 2009 11:59

The Wyndham Arms, Salisbury

Absolutely impeccable establishment. Had been her years ago and remembered it to be good but not as good as this. Full range of Hopback brews available. And at around 2.25 a pint its no wonder the place was healthily patronised,however I'd gladly pay a lot more!!! Loads of both native and continental bottles in the fridge,and the Entire Stout was on keg to nourish the drinkers of the inferior mass produced black liquids.

Very pleasant and welcoming barmen. Spotlessly clean and polished. The pub not the barmen....

Reminded me SO much of the Glue Pot in Swindon a few years back,but that's a different well discussed matter......

Well well done.

11 Oct 2009 11:42

The Chough, Salisbury

Its a long long time since I've had a pint of "vinegar" served to me but this sadly was the case. Hidden "Froth and Nonsense" was the culprit,served by a young though totally disinterested girl. The pint wasn't even full,and neither was my friend's Hidden Potential but I suppose untrained staff pouring ale with one hand in her pocket couldn't be expected to do much better. 2.90 a pint-I emphasise the price because on the return of the said vinegar I was asked to pay for the replacement!!!!!!!!! (I didn't pay let me add.) And the quote of the day from the barwoman to presumably the manager woman(sitting outside the bar munching crisps and reading "Bliss") was "Bloke says the froth and nonsense is vinegar",the reply to which was "Ah just turn it round like..." Said as if they were used to these happenings.........

For the record the Hidden Potential was ok.There were about 10 handpumps but after the condemnation of the sarsons I think only 4 were still in use,all with Hidden brews. There were flies flying everywhere. The place had several unchecked shouting drunks. A nice pub dog was under everyones feet,making the place feel like any other pubco suburban pub. For a big central pub food wasn't being served "this week".

Maybe Hidden need to have a look at themselves,but haven't I said this before..... Very poor.

11 Oct 2009 11:30

Deacons, Salisbury

Gets the coveted 10/10 from Padre J for excellent customer service. Doombar at 2.20 was had. However it was noted on taste to be not great,but before a complaint could be raised the Scots landlord bellowed across the room "Is that not clearing laddie?". It was returned and with apologies and great haste a new barrel was put on and the replacement was brought to the table. This is the way service should be. Well well done. For the record GBF and Summer Lightning were also on,with Tom Robinson wailing from the speakers,and a telly up the back was showing racing.

10 Oct 2009 14:18

The Bank, Bristol

2 visits on 2 consecutive weeks have both delivered excellent beer in a great pub. Star selection on those visits had to be Arbor Ales "Bushcraft" but to single any out would be almost an injustice. A few new faces behind the pumps but good service continues. Its all been said before and what's said has been correct and long may it last!

5 Oct 2009 18:52

Prince Of Wales, Cardiff

The manager of here and of the Great Western need to be sent on a "how to succeed in business by having more adventure in ordering ale" course. Amongst all the usual humdrum was Newmans "Autumn valley flower" though not in great nick,and Hobgoblin predicably "coming soon". Could do better.

4 Oct 2009 20:03

The Great Western, Cardiff

Only 5 handpumps in this outlet with 4 usual MacSpoons suspects on,along with Rhymney Export as guest though surprise surprise it was "coming soon"..... Grr etc. The half of Pedigree was ok though.

4 Oct 2009 19:58

The Cornubia, Bristol

Recent visits have revealed a upturning. The service is more attentive(and the need for same is much agreed with by the landlord). The Old Sarum has been good,the guests noted have been Blindmans,Otter and Vale. Visited with a few fellow BITERs and while they agreed it was quite an experience,there was little to complain about. BTW The stilton and mango chutney rolls are good!!!

Well done lad.

2 Oct 2009 13:53

The Barley Mow, Bristol

Not many punters in on my recent visit,as mentioned in despatches there is now a guest ale,Isle of Purbeck,on this occasion. And good it was.

The place filled up before long though,and enough to keep the pleasant lad and girl behind the bar reasonably busy . It seems the cast of "Casualty" were having a meet up,though the only one I recognised used to be Toyah in Coronation Street.

Of note though is that at present it doesn't open Mondays and takes a break in the afternoon. (I was going to visit with some fellow BITERs). Looking at how trade is going hopefully this will only be temporary.

Like a mould,its growing on me. Yes not bad and seemingly going the right way.

2 Oct 2009 13:30

St Georges Hall, Redfield

Dandillus-your miserable ruddy etc is no longer in attendance.

Ale quality is probably the best in any McSpoons in town at the moment. Guest ales often of high gravity. Recent (strong) ales have been Cottage Normans Conquest,Otter Head,Cotleigh Albatross,Exmoor Beast,GK Abbot get the picture.

Good spot,consistent and worth visiting.

2 Oct 2009 11:08

The White Lion, Bristol

Has never really reached its potential as a Wickwar pub. Another new landlord-another pint of moderate ale(Bankers Draft). Landlord ridiculously sarcastic when one of the party asked who makes the "Screech" cider. Not hurrying back.

2 Oct 2009 10:58

Colston Yard, Bristol

Oh dear dear dear.

Had an email from the local CAMRA branch regarding the re-launch of the previously referred to Brunel IPA last night here. However it was 5pm-8pm and I drifted along about 9pm to see was anything still going on. Outside,the seats were filled with happy souls,all no doubt after enjoying the (free) beer. Inside was busy also,though raucous to say the least,with a wobbly looking bloke doing the "yard of ale" with much shouting and encouragement from his company and the pub staff. However he failed in his quest to finish it-only for his mates to "pour" the remaining beer into his mouth. All great fun until he vomited back into the yard of ale "glass" and subsequently a bucket provided by the no longer entertained barman.

No drink was had and the advice is not to bother.

2 Oct 2009 10:50

The Cat and Wheel, Bristol

Been in and out of here a few times since I last reviewed,but had a more frequent spate of visits lately due to EXCELLENT Hopback Summer Lightning being available for 2.65 a pint!!! Mega friendly,though industrious landlord,and as has been seen before his good nature is reflected in his good humoured punters,when Bristolians can be a bit frosty and unwelcoming. Landlord is also a Billy Joel fan,which is liable to be played loud,but no one can be totally perfect I suppose.

Didn't get offered any dodgy dvds on any visit,Mr Pergola or whoever you are if you get offered any more can you get me "Westbury Wives" Volume 14-its the only one I need for a full set. Ta.

Great little boozer.

2 Oct 2009 09:10

The Limelight Live Music Club, Crewe

Yes both recent reviews are correct. Used to have a great time here a couple of years ago. No crap over membership or paying to get in if you were "with the band",great London Pride (in feckin Crewe!!!) and Salopian ale. Good attitudes all around. Now,they can't even book bands properly-the management are like the Stazi and its far too pricey for Crewe. Ah well.

2 Oct 2009 09:00

The Borough Arms, Crewe

Been to Crewe manys a time,especially when the Limelight was good for gigs and to be honest the town is a bit of an "Armitage Shanks". However the Borough lifts it out of the gutter and well on to the pavement!!! Always good ale served by nice barpeople. Got the end of a barrel on recentest visit but it was changed almost without me asking,as if they knew it was on the way out. And a dearer pint was the replacement without the pettiness sometimes found of asking for the 10p. Good pub.

2 Oct 2009 08:55

The Scotchman and His Pack, Bristol

Reasonable Tribute here though a little warm-2.80 a pt was ok. Doombar also on. Young nondescript barman offered a top up without prompting. Modern music(sickly dance version of Elton John's classic Tiny Dancer) playing for the few students in. A hot and heavy discussion on the essential difference between "being in a fight" and "being beaten up" was going on. Strangely the barman felt the need to waste away a bottle of cider that fizzed up and overspilled about an ounce-instead of knocking say 50p off the price. The buyer (a student) paid for and got a full one but then talked the barman into giving him the slightly spilled one for free. Feck-its Christmas. All in all I wouldn't rush back.

1 Oct 2009 20:22

The White Horse, Twerton

Somehow I rated this place 8 but my review (Aug 07?? when Bath City played Hereford in a friendly) never appeared. The Otter ale was excellent that day and subsequent sporadic visits have never disappointed. Just pick up the place and put it at the bottom of the hill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21 Sep 2009 16:09

The Prince of Wales, Bishopston

The picture is wrong,its of the un listed Prince of Wales in St Pauls,man.

Last time I was in the Deuchars had bits in it. Go to Cat and Wheel.

20 Sep 2009 13:16

The Seven Stars, Bristol

Should have posted this sooner but theres a Scootish beer fest on until this Friday the 4th Sept-

All 2 poond a pint.

Here is the list for the festival...
Atlas - Wayfarer 4.4%
Belhaven - St. Andrew's Ale 4.9%
Cairngorm - Nessies Monster Mash 4.4%
Fyne Ales - Pipers Gold 3.8%
Harviestoun - Game Burd 4.1%
Heather Ales - Fraoch 4.1%
Houston - Blonde Bombshell 4%
Inveralmond - Thrappledouser 4.3%
Kelburn - Dark Moor 4.5%
Orkney - Northern Light 4%
Stewart - Edinburgh Gold 4.8%
Strathaven Ales - Old Morality 80/- 4.2%
TSA - Glencoe Wild Oat Stout 4.5%
TSA - Sporren Warmer Blonde 4%
Tryst - Brockville Pale 3.8%
Williams - Ceilidh Lager 4.7%

Hoots mon.

3 Sep 2009 00:09

The Pipers Arms, Swindon

"Under new management" signs from the ranting hodge's viewing are still displayed,though alas shut again and the steel shutters have returned.......

29 Aug 2009 09:24

The White Hart, Wroughton

Spotless,well groomed thatched pub. Wadworth brews on in the bar,have had the 6X here in the past and it was good but never stayed for more than one due to the range in the Carters being better.

Beer festival was on in a blowing away gazebo in the garden on my most recent visit. It was well arranged with proper cooling but alas the beer was far too "new" even by the pleasant landlady's admission. 3 a pint as well. Fair play for the effort but I dunno.

29 Aug 2009 09:21

The Carters Rest, Wroughton

Tip top on my recent visit. Had a poor beer experience though I've UPPED my rating as a result. I'd had both beers from the Idle brewery which were fine,but I then moved on to one from Millstone. It had a little flavour but no aftertaste and indeed was very flat. I pointed this out to the landlord,who had a half and came up with the same conclusion and swiftly removed the pumpclip and put another beer(Wickwar Station Porter!) on. 10/10 mate.

Aside from that the pub was spotless,there was a cider festival on,with three thirds in dinky little holders available. The natives were friendly. A must visit and obviously prospering in the demise of the Check Inn down under the motorway.

29 Aug 2009 09:17

The G W Hotel Bar and Grill, Swindon

Asked for a 3B's but it was off. New barrel was put on with by surly manager type with several tut tuts as if it was my fault it had run out. Less that adequate amount of beer was pulled through,though with no water to flush out the dregs of the previous barrel. Had to take the pint back because it was cloudy and got questioned and had the whole staff examine it before it was replaced by a clearer though less than full pint. Don't bother.

28 Aug 2009 17:04

John Wallace Linton, Newport

Chaos last saturday evening,Leeds had just mashed Newport 78 nil at Rugby(league?) so there was a party going on.

Better service than previous visit and the Saltaire beer was very good. I must single out though a duty manager type,asian looking chap with curly hair,his name came up as "Sandra(!)" on the till. You broke all the rules of McSpoons mate-YOU KNEW WHO WAS NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Many thanks. Under normal spoons circumstances I would have had to make do with only a half but I got served a pint twice in the limited time between choo choos. Tim should give you a medal,well done.

25 Aug 2009 18:03

The Cross Hands, Fishponds

How the mighty have not just fallen,but totally collapsed. Ted Lowe the snooker commentator would say "oh dear dear dear"....

8 handpumps-1 blank-5 more with boring regional beers turned around-2 beers on,Deuchars(moderate) and a Butcombe(untested). And this was at 8pm on a summer Sunday. Nobody serving,barman outside smoking. Only 3 others in,no background music,gale of wind blowing in through wedged open door.

No point in bothering again,sorry.

25 Aug 2009 17:14

The Old Mail House, Staple Hill

2 old farts and a crisp devouring barmaid were all who were in. Had a half of Doom,got the usual "just a half" routine-yes you dozy mare,but 1.40 in your till is better than nowt etc. No incentive to return.

23 Aug 2009 21:36

The Staple Hill Oak, Staple Hill

Normal McSpoons service is resumed. 2 harassed barpeople,no one waiting their turn and they serving who was nearest. Otter Amber was had but was freezing cold. Barman when less harassed was approached and agreed but couldn't do much. Not worthy of its recent plaudits from the local CAMRA followers. Down pegs.

23 Aug 2009 21:27

The Crown Inn, Staple Hill

Strange place. In the throws of what seems to be a thorough refurb,not a pubco paint job but still going well. Barmaid a bit off but barman ok. People ok also. Doombar 2 quid but ok. Great singer with karaoke tapes doing requests. Worthy of return visit.

23 Aug 2009 21:06

The Barley Mow, Bristol

Been in a few times lately. As usual the Red and No7 were as so interesting they could have been laced with prozac,but the new Stout,as mentioned by the good Mr Dillus,was absolutely delicious each time. On the debit side though the staff were slightly curt,and the appearance of a hotel reception type bell on the counter does not bode well for customer service,or security for that matter.

14 Aug 2009 09:18

The Argyll, Henley-On-Thames

Greedy King at their greediest,over 3 for unremarkable GK IPA. Incredibly hot inside. Didn't see any quiz machine alluded to by the mighty one,just a fruit machine. Wouldn't rush back.

14 Aug 2009 09:10

The Catherine Wheel, Henley-On-Thames

Horrible dark McSpoons,with freezing Loddon beer and surly staff. Don't bother.

14 Aug 2009 09:07

The Queens Head, Henley-On-Thames

Inexplicably shut at 4pm on the Monday of regatta week.

14 Aug 2009 09:06

The Bird In Hand, Henley-On-Thames

Shuts 2.30pm on weekdays which is a shame because this pub is head and shoulders above the rest of Henley. Had Burton Bridge and Hooky Mild. Pleasant landlord and locals.

14 Aug 2009 09:05

The Anchor, Henley-On-Thames

Nice pub,the aforementioned miserable landlady was far from miserable on my visit,indeed she was quite humoured by my "F**K THE GAP" t-shirt!!! The grog was pricey agreed,but was only 3.30 on the Monday of regatta week so obvious profiteering went on later in the week then.....

14 Aug 2009 09:03

The Bridge Inn, Bristol

Boxing matches aside,the Bridge is still ok,the RCH guest beer lately has been good. The music can be only described as rubbish though,not fitting the clientelle so probably the barmans choice. (Thank god for the gramaphone!)Still reasonable overall but not the mecca that the previous poster/business development manager professes.

13 Aug 2009 17:34

The Seven Stars, Bristol

Back to the point-the Dark Star Hylder Blond was impeccable last night and the staff were pleasant. Two other renowned BITE contributors were in and no fault could be found by them either. So shut up and drink up all of ye!!!

13 Aug 2009 17:30

Old Stillage, Redfield

Idiot level seems to have dropped to nearly zero but with the obvious outcome that sometimes there are few in. But in time this pub will get better-the ale is always tip top,the outside is getting a bit of Valspar and the inside is on the menu for a bit of attention. Worth persevering with.

9 Aug 2009 19:56

Old Stillage, Redfield

Idiot level seems to have dropped to nearly zero but with the obvious outcome that sometimes there are few in. But in time this pub will get better-the ale is always tip top,the outside is getting a bit of Valspar and the inside is on the menu for a bit of attention. Worth persevering with.

9 Aug 2009 19:56

Knights Templar, Bristol

Previous poster got lucky in so far as he got served. This morning at 1115 most tables were full of uncollected plates,and rather than collecting them more eagerness was shown by the manager and serving woman towards collecting the breakfast menus while still leaving the plates in situ. So "breakfast till noon" became 1140ish Tim. In fairness Pete who's been there since the year dot was soldiering on at his own pace but the previously mentioned serving woman seemed to think that breaking the crockery was a handy way not to have to wash it up. Same disinterested manager as the children sitting on the bar experience previously alluded to was on duty..... Get a grip folks.

9 Aug 2009 19:49

Bush, Totterdown

Now branded as Marstons since the EP pubs were taken over. Got a "how great this place is" review in the local entertainments rag the Venue that was total twaddle. The ale is keg pedigree,and all lagers were off on a Sunday night when I visited. Getting a pint of cider was an ordeal,it was unwise to interrupt the serving wench from her laptop and her business development program aka Freecell cos it was served with a grunt and with a sharp "you better not eat that here!" referring to my sealed Chinese takeaway.

Don't bother is the best advice.

4 Aug 2009 17:28

Knights Templar, Bristol

EXCELLENT pint of Arbor Single Hop tonight-but.......glasses still filthy and children sitting on the feckin bar at 8pm! Recent visits have found surly female staff selling big head pints. And no-one in charge gives a fiddlers. Grr.

2 Aug 2009 20:44

The Oxford Inn, Totterdown

My first attempt to visit here was in vain due to 6 idiots outside with a large unmuzzled Rottweiler blocking the door. Second effort was successful. The place is tidyed up but looked like the job was done on a budget in parts. Friendly barman/landlord,no ale though. Wouldn't rush back.

2 Aug 2009 19:54

Sublime, Bristol

This" BOG" has been Mulligans,Indigo and is now Sublime since it was last the BOG about 15 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Usually for sale as it is at present and doesn't ever know where its going or what it wants to be. My bottle of lager that I had to drink in the street due to the heat inside wasn't cheap and I wouldn't be ever attracted to revisit.

7 Jul 2009 19:56

The Bunch of Grapes, Bristol

9pm on a pleasant Thursday evening saw Doombar(reasonable quality),Bombardier and Websters Green Label(that was turned round) and no customers. A freehouse???? The music was loud and out of setting on arrival but the pleasant barman had the manners to change it and reduce the amplification without prompting. A revisit by one of our party on the Friday night saw one customer in. Needs something doing........

7 Jul 2009 19:50

The Quinton House, Clifton

Reports coming in state the former landlord of now demolished Artichoke has managed to buy the freehold here,and will open soon.

7 Jul 2009 19:46

The Dragon Inn, Worcester


Father Jack has been rumbled. Excellent Millstone beer here last night served by friendly staff. I'm saying nowt else!!!! Ha ha ha.

4 Jul 2009 11:15

The Talking Heads, Portswood

Bizarre place. A loud rock band were playing in the back,I was ejected to the entrance bar because I wouldn't pay. It was a room of heritage quality,though now unloved. Pewter type bar top that some clown painted over and someone else made a bad job of removing the paint. Handpumps not polished since Adam was a lad. EXCELLENT Flowerpots Goddens I will say,from a barrel behind the bar,amply colled and fresh. Bizarre I say. Should be on CAMRA heritage list.

4 Jul 2009 11:11

The South Western, St Denys

Smelt and looked like a pub with pub company breeding on entry,3 pretty though scatty young women behind the pumps,cackling and shrieking. Had a pint of Itchen Valley Fagins that was ok but needed a well deserved top up,and I had to ask. Ditto the 2nd pint,Keystone Solar Brew. Other ales on were from Downton,Cottage,Ballards,Batemans,Stonehenge and Cheriton,all priced between 2.90 and 3.20. A barman then appeared with a Greg the Bakers sausage roll and ALL the staff disappeared in back for some,leaving the pumps unattended,and there were folks waiting,the place being busy with a railtour leaving town the next morning. The jukebox hadn't been updated since 2003 and was inaudible. A contrast to say the least with the Guide Dog.


4 Jul 2009 11:07

The Guide Dog, Bevois Valley

Cracking pub with cracking people. Was afforded a welcome by the landlady who was keen to talk beer. The ales were Oakleaf Nuptu'ale and "I can't believe its not bitter",Irving Spinnaker,Fullers ESB,Cheriton Goodens,Bowmans Swift One,Milk St Iron Brew and Suthwyck Sunshine,which was on offer for 2.20! No dark ones though,but the landlord was fair in his summing up of the situation that quite correctly there is little demand when its 28 degrees outside. A job well done by all and well worth seeking out. Should have stayed for more and was sorry I didn't after the South Western experience.

4 Jul 2009 10:57

The Kings Fee, Hereford

OH DEAR!!! In a few weeks the Kings Fee has gone from being a better than average spoons to a normal one. The 10 handpumps that previously had had an eternal extravaganza of ales are now 3 cooking ales(Ruddles,Abbot,Ped) doubled up,2 guests of low interest(Rev James and "Davenports" IPA made by Highgate,which was freezing) and 2 ciders!!!! I hope the cider is not actually in the lines as it never cleans out properly. And all this on the weekend of the Hereford Beer Festival. On enquiry the duty manager stated-"ale has to be sold within 2 days and we weren't selling it and cider is more popular". If the ale wasn't selling how come there was never a bad pint of it to be had???


4 Jul 2009 10:50

John Wallace Linton, Newport

Another MacSpoons poor show tonight. Walked in through the traditionally open doors that aircondition the street ,the place was busy with old blokes and lager drinking middle aged's. A solitary overworked looking barwoman was beavering away,a manager type girl was attempting delivery of dinners to idiots that had moved from where they said they'd be. 10 handpulls,4 with 3 of the usual suspects on,6 guests but 3 of the guests "coming soon". Not good though not bad I thought. However I'd thought incorrectly because after a wait of beard growing proportions the pleasant,though as previously mentioned, overworked barwoman delivered the news that the "choice" was Ruddles or Pedigree!!! A bottle of Westons cider had to be had. It appears there had been an "ordering problem" and the beer was in the cellar,not much help to those misled into waiting because of the pumpclips not being turned around. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

30 Jun 2009 21:53

The Great Western Hotel, Exeter

Refer to Jan 09 and 08 reviews,nothing changes. Beer fest in town yesterday and the Gw has 5 ales on,one of which was John Smiths Cask of all things! The Branoc was excellent mind you and was served by pleasant staff,but the last poster is having delusions if there were 18 beers on when he was in. Can i ask-is it laziness or what that makes this pub have such "untapped"(pardon the pun!) potential? Could be SO much better.

28 Jun 2009 14:00

Queen Victoria Inn, Stroud

Made my annual visit today. Last year the pub wasn't listed on the site,but a good welcome and excellent ale was to be had,an experience repeated today. (Last year we banged on the door before opening and got welcomed in!) 5 ales always available though at 2.95 a pt it must be hard to compete with Macspoons up the road-or maybe its a cunning ploy to keep the unwashed of Stroud out. If so its a ploy that seemingly works. For the record the breweries on were-Dark Star.Hook Norton,Warrior,Naylors and Dangerfields. Worthy of visit.

28 Jun 2009 12:33

The Miners Rest, Long Ashton

Up a steep hill but well well worth the heart attack. Not as welcoming as the Bird in Hand but by no means unfriendly. One of those pubs that too much TLC would spoil. It is an understatement to say the Butcombe was stupendous. Pride and Bass were also on,though on stillage so I'm glad I hit the jackpot on the Butcombe. Get on the bus and experience. Well done.

16 Jun 2009 21:27

The Bird in Hand, Long Ashton

Very good pint of Otter Ale for 2.70. Friendly barwoman and pleasant old codgers who made a stranger welcome. Haphazard table layout. Worth calling in.

16 Jun 2009 20:42

The Hope and Anchor, Bristol

STOP PRESS!!! Rating and review downwardly revised,absolutely disgusting gents with urinal full of orange mould,not cleaned for eons. Cubicle out of service,with an ignorant "Consult google maps for alternative facilities" unfunny printed notice on the door. What is the cellar and kitchen hygiene like I ask? Definitely not good value at 3 plus a pint now! Avoid.

15 Jun 2009 20:13

The Portcullis Inn, Bristol

Funny experience here. Lifted (TEMPORARILY!) my self embargo of Dawkins Taverns to meet a pal here. Walked in and a little pleasant barwoman was beavering away,it was my turn but a pompous "regular" demanded service,and being the amiable bloke I am I left him go ahead given his importance. The girl somewhat embarrassedly served him and then served me with apologies. The Matthews Brassknocker was excellent,as was the Yeovil ale had,though both were over (or on) the 3 mark. Nobody knew who spiderpig was. The blokes playing the mini organ upstairs were a pain in the hole. Enough said.

15 Jun 2009 20:02

The Hope and Anchor, Bristol

Most reviews are correct. Nowadays 3.50 though for Landlord-WTF! My Cheddar Potholer was excellent at 2.90. Though the bargirl was bemused somewhat after my response to her "anything else" on ordering my pint being "no thank you,just one at a time please." Strange observation though about Cheddar Ales-why are they only available in pubs in Bristol that make your wallet cry? No grub being eaten but plenty little waifs giggling and making noise over crisps,crunchies and halfs of cider. Could do better,and should do better at the price. But good ale no doubt.

15 Jun 2009 19:49

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

I've been unfair to this pub by not re-reviewing but over about a years worth of infrequent visits there has been little to complain about. The staff are sober and informed about their trade. The canine doesn't moult as much and if he does moultings are swept up. The beer is always good and the value is great,and in honesty you'll probably get the best range in town nowadays here. Keep it up folks,well done.

15 Jun 2009 19:12

The Hauliers Arms, Bristol

Yeah the previous review said it all. Very clean with interesting transport prints from years gone by on the walls but suffers from whats commonly called a pub company. If this was a free house it would be a must visit. Gem and Courage Best were both good at 2.75 but with a spoons around the corner selling it for seven and six a pint you have to feel so sorry for good people working hard. Will revisit but will probably find myself one of the maybe only 2 or 3 in again. A pity.

12 Jun 2009 22:03

The Shakespeare, Totterdown


I visit here I suppose about once a month,usually when Barry the oldies DJ is playing,but its sad to say that he is one of the few positive points to about the place. The ale is usually Bass and Deuchars,which actually isn't ever that bad-although the handpumps have seized up!!! Ale pouring means a barman on his knees under the counter and some kind of a valve being opened!!! The gents that the venerable MisterX alludes to are absolutely PUTRID-however after an absence of about a year there's a light bulb in the cubicle,though I wouldn't risk my bits by getting too close to the porcelain. There are 6 "MAGIC" air freshners in the gents,they must be magic cos it seems they do the same job as mops,buckets,bleach and elbow grease. Or so the management seem to think.

The clientelle are usually zany,on recent visit most people were rat arsed at 9pm,some stoned woman was being told by two blokes they were in Guns and Roses and she was (genuinely!) believing them. Strange though that the place was healthily patronised. Bar staff were hopeless,it seems the landlord was away and had left some clown in charge. Not seen the MONA for a long time,has she gone to an art gallery????

Crazy place.

12 Jun 2009 10:50

Yr Hen Orsaf, Aberystwyth

A very poor example of the chain. 2 little girls with no manners behind the bar. Marstons Old Empire(not exactly made for quaffing!) and poor quality Mordues Radgie Gadgie were the guests. Usual other dross ale offerings available. 300 on a train were in town and despite knowing this no extra staff rostered. Rubbish basically. Don't bother.

6 Jun 2009 14:14

The Tynllidiart Arms, Capel Bangor

Disappointing. The brewery on site hadn't been brewing,and we learned subsequently it hasn't brewed for a while. We came specially as 3 taxi loads,to be eyed suspiciously by staff and locals at the bar. The landlady(?) though was friendlier. The two beers on were only of moderate quality (Wye Valley and one other that escapes me) and were close on 3 a pint. We should have stayed in town in the Ship and Castle.

6 Jun 2009 14:11

The Ship and Castle, Aberystwyth

Very friendly. Opened early due to a railtour being in town,and they were well deserving of custom. Excellent Welsh ales at great prices. Landlord was well willing to discuss his beer. Only quibble from me is that though the jukebox had an excellent choice the sound was way too low,even after being turned up TWICE!!!

The must visit in Aber.

6 Jun 2009 13:54

Bar 28 (Merton Hotel), Hereford

The Spinning Dog Hereford Bull here was actually better than the same ale in the Victory on our visit,though the BOB in the box was very warm. The barwomen were friendly,despite being dressed rather formally. Worth a quick one on the way back to the choo choo.

6 Jun 2009 13:48

The Kings Fee, Hereford

Been here before and again I can still profess to never having a bad visit. In actual fact I've never had a visit that has been less than "very good". Friendly staff,a great range ale and very tidy. Go for it,you won't be disappointed.

6 Jun 2009 13:42

The Volunteer Inn, Hereford

Pubco pub,nice traditional feel though with a boring range of guest ale. One barwoman was a dragon,the other was friendly. Couldn't cope with a group though they had been informed of their visit. Food was good in fairness. But must struggle through its location amongst a load of houses and also with the Barrels up the road leaving no reason to walk any further out of town.

6 Jun 2009 13:40

The Victory, Hereford

I've left the dust settle before posting this review. Interesting though.

Many months ago some friends of mine were organising their bi-annual meet up for ale. Over the years,they have travelled far and wide,Hereford deserved a visit. However on the "dry" run,aka the "reccie" they called here to ask if the pub could cater for up to 80 drinkers on a Friday lunch. Alas the reception from the young barman was a big flat no,they don't open until 4pm. Not even for 80 drinkers??
Do the sums 80 drinkers times at least 3 pints= 240 pints,times 2.60 at least per pint= at least 600!!! Sadly somewhere else,further away with a far inferior choice of ales was chosen.

However on the day of the beer meet up though,around 2pm and after enjoying the ale and welcome at the Barrels,lights on were noticed in the Victory. The door was knocked on and the owner (I'm presuming),a friendly bloke with a busted arm welcomed several people in. Inside though it was like a creche,with kids and teenage mothers and loud pop music. Despite being commanded to serve by his boss a young lad seemed reluctant to continue the welcome. Strangely the beer wouldn't come out of the handpulls,but after the landlord got involved the problem was solved reasonable ale was had. Some of the party got a quick look at the brewery,though one more knowledgable chap did say afterwards that it was a bit of the mess,with spent mash scattered on the mash tuns and the floor.....

This is only honesty above-but there is hope. But its up to the boss here to realise what's wrong. Keep making good beer,but get a top manager for your pub and you'll be far more succesful.

End of sermon.

6 Jun 2009 13:35

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

After an exile of 2 months and 12 days I returned,to say farewell to (another) member of staff leaving. Not much had changed,the chosen ale was hazy but in fairness the duty manager was as exasperated by it as I was. The urinal was full to within a half an inch of the top,and the staff preferred to argue over who was going to try unblock it tahn get on with the job. During which time it reached its capacity and poured out on the floor(ugh!) and then they had a bigger job to do. Drifting rudderlessly it seems. Again I say,a shame.

6 Jun 2009 13:15

St Georges Hall, Redfield

Yes still a good spoons,but as is sometimes the case in this chain it is lifted by the presence of the overall pub manager,in this case the delectable Welshdragon. High quality ale,reasonable service and a friendly welcome. Spotless toilets. Sells plenty Ruddles and Abbot and Directors but doesn't attract too many of the associated stereotypes.

Better than most spoons and worth seeking out 41,43,44,45 buses stop nearby and Lawrence Hill station is 10 mins walk away.

6 Jun 2009 12:54

Nags Head, Reading

Well what can I say. This pub has been better and better on each visit. Incredibly (genuinely!!!) friendly landlords and staff who are passionate about the business they're in,along with an astounding range of ale. And again,good people behind the bar means good people,with no attitude problems,in front the bar. There should be a pub like this in every city in the country-these guys have got it SO right.

For the record-Sat May 30th-THE ALE=
Wolf-Wolf in Sheeps Clothing
Ascot-On the Rails
Triple FFF-Altons Pride,Moondance
Loddon-Rin Tin Tin
Vale-Black Beauty
Marlow-Rebellion Mutiny
Butts-Barbus Barbus
Hopback-Summer Lightning
Art Brew-Tempest Stout
Weltons-Red Cross Mild.

The coming soons-
White Horse-Black Beauty
Downton-Maroon Makers Mild
Ramsbury-Kennet Valley
Triple FFF-Apache Rose Peacock
Hammerpot-Woodcote Bitter
West Berks-Dr Hexters Healer
Downton-Chimera Ipa
Rugby-Egg Chaser.
All 2.80 a pint.

The music-BOWIE to ROXY to U2 to THE DARKNESS to LILY ALLEN. Or who knows thanks Jody!!!!! (SPARKS,CURE,STRANGLERS......)

A must visit as often said before. Might go back today!

6 Jun 2009 12:46

Soapy Joes, Kingswood

Always had an intimidating look about it,gangs of bouncers smoking fags trying to look meaner than the clientelle.

Probably why its gone bust and is shut for now.

6 Jun 2009 12:15

Kingswood Collier, Kingswood

Chav paradise at 8pm on a Friday as you can imagine,absolutely wedged. And "wedged-er" and even "chavvy-er" it will get in the future as Soapy Joes over the road has gone bust.

But I will say the place wasn't too bad. 7,yes SEVEN,behind the bar(surely a rostering error!!) and they were efficient as well. The place was air-conned and comfortable,but the spoons tradition of having the doors propped open as well applied. (Seems the managers LOSE marks if the doors are shut,but does Tim Martin really want to be airconditioning the streets of Bristol at his expense???) The ale was good too,better than previous visits-Exmoor Gold and Caledonian XPA both in tip top condition were enjoyed at 1.89 a pt. Usual others were also on. Khazis need a bit of a hosing but weren't desperate. Overall not bad at all.

6 Jun 2009 12:12

Sir Samuel Romilly, Barry

New build spoons,and a welcome addition to the fairly mediocre Barry pub scene,though Gordon Bennetts isn't too bad.

Been in a few times,the ale is the spoons usuals plus Vale of Glamorgan brewery,though last night there was Bullmastiff on as well. (Same kind of range as Penarth spoons.) Didn't seem to have many of the beer festival brews on while that was running. Sparklers on everything but a top up has always been given when asked for. Gets a bit anarchic at weekends,6 bouncers and you can't use the side door at night. Bouncer tried to "clothes line" me (stuck his arm straight out!) when I tried to get in this way one night,much to the embarrassment of the manager standing beside him,who apologised.

One thing I did notice is that in common with several spoons at present is that the glassware is dirty("stripes" inside the glass when full of beer) and the WIFI doesn't work.

Will do what spoons say on the tin,but little else.

6 Jun 2009 12:04

The Staple Hill Oak, Staple Hill

Have been in in the past and it did what wetherspoons says on the tin. However today I must say the welcome and service was good-the staff were part of a friendly banter with the punters-and my sought out beer "Titanic Velvet Curtain" was on and absolutely 10/10. Well done all.

26 Apr 2009 21:12

Portcullis, Staple Hill

Clean pub with reasonable Doombar and unsampled Butcombe. Pint topped up with good grace. Deafening though competent singer with backing tracks though AC DC would have been quieter.. Punters running out the door to "hearing help"......

26 Apr 2009 20:13

The Red Lion, Bristol

Have passed here a thousand times and decided to call in at long last. Clean and friendly Wadworth's house with very good 6X for 2.30 a pint. Telly with sports on was loud and not many were interested. Major darts house,I wouldn't fancy taking on any of the women at the game let alone anything else! No all jokes aside a pub worth visiting. Oh and they stuck a pork pie under me nose to reinforce the welcome. Will revisit.

26 Apr 2009 19:04

Queens Arms, Basingstoke

Excepting "Old Boots" and the legendary "Quinno" I didn't recognise any of the reviewers here which made me think there might be a bit of a conspiracy going on here-however I visited for a quick pint between trains,the welcome was good,the place was tidy and had the feel of somewhere that seemed to be making a good effort. However 3.40 for a pint of Downton beer was a bit painful. Pubco pub with freedom on ales I presume?? Oh well.

26 Apr 2009 13:30

The Barrels, Hereford

Still one of the greatest in the land,with keen staff braced to fill your glass with incredibly high quality and reasonably priced Wye Valley ale . We were a group with many "southerners" and what I thought was excellent was how the staff asked if we wanted the (wretched) sparkler on or off. Its all been said before. They don't come much better than here.

19 Apr 2009 09:52

Old Stillage, Redfield

Was definitely open Friday night,there was a reasonable rock band playing. The Oyster stout was good though one barman was more attentive the other which soured things a bit. The clientelle was the usual mongrel contingent. I so want this pub to work for the brewery but the jury is still out.

13 Apr 2009 10:42

Rodboro Buildings, Guildford

Reasonable spoons,Ruddles,Abbot and 4 local guests,2 by Weltons,and 1 each from Pilgrim and Waylands. Sticky floors and the wifi didn't work. Ok if you're changing trains.

12 Apr 2009 15:09

The Robin Hood's Retreat, Bishopston

A mediocre performance by this pub last night. There was a Camra neds meet up for dark beer that had been ordered in specially but only 2 staff were provided meaning a 15 minute wait for drink. (As an aside the little barmaid was good but the cool dude barman was poor.) The Hanlons stout was incredibly foamy at first,and well short measures abounded but then went suddenly turned to be as flat as hell like coca cola! The Arbor stout was off most of the night but actually shouldn't have been after investigation in the cellar(the brewer was in attendance and was less than amused). And to cap it the BOB was hazy. And then they ran out of glasses-and the barman showed disapproval when well intended helpers took back the empties. Oh yeah and it was 3 quid a pint. The 75 bus thankfully stopped nearby.

10 Apr 2009 22:16

The Clipper, Exmouth

Came to Exmuff with the intention of doing a few pubs but came here,enjoyed the hospitality and the Tribute and stayed until the last possible train back. Now in the safe hands of Ian and Ian who made a great job of the Assembly in Bedminster Bristol,the foody,coffee and children history of this pub still remains,but drink is becoming the way forward. Roll on the summer and this place will surely reach its potential.

10 Apr 2009 22:00

The Bridge, Topsham

Excellent as olde worlde pubs go. Visited at 1340 so only had a pint of a stout from the Art Brew brewery which was very good,and a half of a bitter from Hanlons (I think) but the 1914 opening hours precluded any more drink. The staff were pleasant in spite of us being the last out,a bloke and a (BR29973 type!) lass. Yeah good overall but probably just not my kind of pub. Met a rather ranting individual on my visit.......

10 Apr 2009 21:51

Exeter Inn, Topsham

Very good pub. Better than the olde worlde Bridge Inn. Got a friendly welcome from the landlord,the Cotleigh Buzzard was tremendous and only 2.40 a pt. Big screen TV but racing was at a low volume level which appears to be order of the day here,or so the friendly native I had a chat with informed me. There were 2 other non big brewery ales on and Thatchers scrumpy. Well worthy of your custom.

10 Apr 2009 21:43

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

Despite being a stalwart supporter and defender of this place I am so sorry to announce that the Commie is now officially rubbish. The contrast from say 12 or 18 months ago is massive. The beer is usually hazy,the good staff are leaving or have left,most of the remaining staff are just misfits who don't care,the place is falling down and the friendly clientelle have been replaced by dirtbags in for cheap beer or kids getting tanked up on stupid cocktails. It was great entertainment for the staff on a recent visit when idiots were "torpedoing" 500ml bottles of cider,but not for the other punters who had to endure their subsequent antics. A sad demise. Oh well.

10 Apr 2009 21:35

Old Stillage, Redfield

Visited a few times while on cat-sitting duties in the vicinity! The staff were pleasant-the ale was excellent,in particular the Arbor Festival Mild. However the clientelle left a lot to be desired. The pub bears no difference to how it was before the takeover so I feel it will be difficult to advance the customer base. I'm brave but it couldn't appeal to many with its current punters. Which is a pity. Close it,paint it,ban Blackthorn,Stella and Kroney and all who have ever drunk the aforementioned products and that'll be a start. Will revisit in hope.

31 Mar 2009 21:30

Colston Yard, Bristol

Down a peg on my recent visits. It was 3 Butcombes and Pride on both visits-the guest ale pumpclips seem to be for historic value only. On the latter visit I asked for IPA-meaning Butcombe Brunel IPA-to get a quizzical look from the barman. Duh,you sell it-wake up! And it was 2.90 a pt and just didn't hit the spot like this fine selection normally does . Going the way of Fullers and Youngs in our pricing as well are we? Good few in,plenty eating grub but it was a mild nite and the heating was on and this only enhanced the smell of cooking previously mentioned in despatches. A try again and hope it gets better case.

31 Mar 2009 21:23

Knights Templar, Bristol

Beer coldness issue seems to be now resolved. Beer quality and range reasonable lately. Never enough competent staff when busy though. Glassware filthy. Sorry if this isn't controversial enough!

29 Mar 2009 19:11

O'Neills, Bristol

Visited yesterday under sufferance because of the day that was in it. All I could say is if I owned a pancake making shop,would I choose to give my worst portayal of my business on Pancake Tuesday??? Because these misfits had to be seen to be believed. On St Patricks day in your stereotypical "oirish" pub you think they would have had enough staff,enough glasses,Guinness that had more black in the glass than white,an irish band................

Some fella even went berserk at the bar cos the barman was serving the nearest tits at all times. I was there 20,YES 20 mins. And he was there before me.

What a shambles. And the Smithwicks was 3 a pt.

18 Mar 2009 08:22

Seamus O'Donnells, Bristol

Great landlords-just don't bother if they're not in attendance. Ale moderate/mediocre lately. "Enterprise Inns" refurb is apparently not going to be as thorough as needed. Oh well.

13 Mar 2009 19:23

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

Wahay,well said snarler. Do you snarl as much as Father Jack? If so see 23rd Feb 2008.

9 Mar 2009 18:45

Old Stillage, Redfield

Been bought by Arbor Ales it seems. Surely only an improvement can occur.

9 Mar 2009 16:53

The Orchard Inn, Bristol

Seems the previous landlord has moved on but the place hasn't diminished. Now 8 ciders and 4 ales(wickwar right flanker,Bath festival gem,Bristol beer factory Red) with the Red good but rather cold. Barmaid a bit "Bristolian" and friendlier to the locals but reasonably welcoming and efficient. Still worth the ferry or No. 500 bus ride.

1 Mar 2009 16:30

The Cornubia, Bristol

Sorry Luke-but I walked in last night not exactly in the best of form after hearing a good ale drinking mate had apparently perished in sad circumstances,didn't recognise any customer at all,saw Hidden,Hidden.Hidden,Hidden and Hidden on tap and nothing else,a big pile of unsold rolls and no one behind the bar. Off duty(I HOPE!) barwoman from previous visits was reading the paper on the customers side of the coalface but showed not even a pulse with regard to my arrival and wait. So alas off I went. I'll say it again-sorry Luke.

17 Feb 2009 21:13

The Cat and Wheel, Bristol

Stopped visiting regularly after Scott and wife(I called him Ian in previous review) left as did those who I'd be here to meet. However was tipped off of an improvement and on my visit found an industrious barwoman serving a good pint of Caledonian Over the Bar at a reasonable 2.65. Smiths were on jukebox at a good volume. I'll be back.

17 Feb 2009 18:17

The Coeur de Lion, Bath

Great on a little wander around Bath. 1 pint only though is probably enough. New room is being built upstairs it seems so will it still be Baths smallest pub??? No canines ever noted here.

16 Feb 2009 12:01

Harpoon Louis, Taunton

I dunno chopin,when I was here I had excellent cider in the company of some amenable locals. It appeared difficult though to see what ales were on given the stillage arrangement. Still,the best in Taunton,don't waste your energy walking any further down from the station.

16 Feb 2009 11:52

The Great Western Hotel, Exeter

Last years comment still applies,though there were more beers on this year and those sampled were good. Worthy of a visit but no longer a "must visit",which is sad because with a little bit of effort/interest this place,given its location,could be one of the best in the land.

16 Feb 2009 11:49

The Imperial, Exeter

Called in before Exeter Winter beer festival,the fry up was good but the ale selection for a high profile weekend was a bit ordinary. The barmen seemed to be trying to outdo one another with broken arms but were still efficient,although the standard spoons coffee fiasco applied. Still what we drank was fine.

16 Feb 2009 11:45

The Auctioneer, Blackpool

Poorest spoons I've been in for many a day. No "Sorry not available" or "Coming Soon" signs on the ales,just little miniscule white handwritten stickers with "not on" on them. But the not on beer may be lurking on the next bank of pumps.....after you have had a Pedigree(ugh!) which was moderate. The Dent(discovered as previously explained) was better but not great. The grub was woeful and took an age to come,the serving woman nearly threw the dinner at me due to the plate being so hot from being under the hot bulb for so long. The 2 medium steaks were like leather,overcooked and untenderised. In fairness the lady serving did come and ask how the meals were but by that stage we'd all eaten as much as we could due to hunger. She offered replacement steaks as if she was used to doing so but we'd seen enough.

No sign of the "goatee-bearded" manager in the previous review,just 2 gormless lads behind the bar but............................guess who emerged from the microwaving area(I daren't call it a kitchen)????? Sums it up. Stay away.

16 Feb 2009 11:40

The Boars Head, Brecon

The ales were very good here and the barmaid was welcoming,but there were 20 of us on a Saturday lunchtime so why wouldn't she have been!! Bizarrely someone was smoking in the lounge,which seemed like a living room full of the cast of the Royle Family. Not a bad grog shop at all.

16 Feb 2009 11:22

The Star Inn, Talybont on Usk

Excellent pub,Punch Taverns house(ugh!) but the landlord takes advantage of the concessions he gets by having good ale. Rhymney was on on my visit so thats 10/10 straight away. Sells Penderyn Welsh whisky from over the hill,yum at 1.70 I think. Attentive and welcoming staff. Friendly natives. Worthy of a visit.

16 Feb 2009 11:20

John Wallace Linton, Newport

Breakfast was excellent here a few weeks ago,washed down by decent ale. Even my spoons hating company was impressed. I call in for a sneaky if changing trains,the nights can be bedlam though,with plastic glasses at weekends. Draw your own conclusions.

16 Feb 2009 11:15

Ye Olde Murenger House, Newport

I visit here every so often,but recent visits have found the place usually empty and soulless,though the ale is good. Can't say much else either way.

16 Feb 2009 11:13

Seamus O'Donnells, Bristol

Yeah the two little girls(boys!!! hee hee) are making a reasonable job of this place. They are sociable and as a result the punters are friendly as well, and the ale is usually ok.

Can't say the same about the bloke/girl/doorman combination on a couple of Saturdays I visited though,utterly hopeless. Manual dexterity test for blondes-how to pour a pint and read a newspaper at 9.30 on a Saturday night. Hmm.......
And a bouncer who tells people to get away from the bar,where they might be standing all the rest of the week when he's not being important. Hmm 2.............

A few P45s and the place would be better!!!

16 Feb 2009 10:59

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

Gill,an excellent contributor I must say,has it right about the place needing a good hosing. But the beer is usually good,and there is still an attention to quality issues from the staff. But yeah come on JDW,the trade here is phenomenal and long may it last if you put something back in!!!!

16 Feb 2009 10:51

Postal Order, Worcester

Still good on last months visit. Best quality and selection of spoons ale I know anywhere in the land. Reasonable service.

16 Feb 2009 10:47

The Dragon Inn, Worcester

Still as great as ever. Surprised some of my beer ticking companions as they hadn't been here before(they "got" 5 new beers!!!). Barman was friendly but should have been doing less canoodling with his woman and more serving. No sign of the landlord. The best in Worcester.

16 Feb 2009 10:45

The Nags Head, Great Malvern

If there was a pub you have to visit before your liver gives out,this place might be it. I counted about 13 handpumps,serving high quality ale. Bathams bitter being the pick,although this was the chingy-est at 3 a pint,where the others were from 2.35 upwards. Has the branding of a Banks's house but has been altered as its free of tie,woo hoo. Massively friendly welcome although the young barmaid broke the no swearing rule after dropping a bottle top into someones drink,TUT TUT!!!! Grub was good and fairly priced. A must visit and not far from Malvern Link station.

For the record the beers on my visit in January-
St Georges-Friar Tuck,Charger,Dragons Blood.
Wells- Bomardier
Festival-Xmas ale
Woods-Shropshire Lad
Enville-Old Porter
???-Spinning Top

2 ciders-Westons 1st Quality and Thatchers Heritage.


16 Feb 2009 10:41

The Beaufort Arms, Stoke Gifford

Ember Inns house,FAR better than the Parkway round the corner. Good balance between eaters and drinkers. Bit too hot actually on a mild day,with a log fire burning like Rome. Normally Butcombe and 2 guests,Hancocks HB and a delicious pint of Dartmoor Jail Ale on my recent visit. Pleasant staff and decent punters. Not bad at all.

16 Feb 2009 10:20

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Good ale here last Friday,10 pumps,a few usual supects but a few which got the tick books out,if that was to blow your hair back. Cute barmaid,though she did struggle as there was a good throughflow due to the beerfest down the road. Worth visiting,London prices though.

16 Feb 2009 10:16

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Father Jack has never much of a fan of the big smoke(too much Youngs and Fullers) but this place is well well worth a visit. It had been about 5 years since I was last in,but not much has changed. The ale was good(was on the way back from Battersea beerfest so the lord alone knows what it was though!!!) and the the sarnies were excellent. I noted a great atmosphere,the people at the next table offered to squash up to let us sit around. There was a friendly and helpful crew behind the bar offering efficient service on a wedged Friday evening. They were latterly joined by a manager looking type who was also well sociable. The khazis were basic but not a pit as possibly previously described. It looks like the negative reviews could be based a little more on jealousy than fact.

Well done to all concerned here.

Ps-the "LAD" was sought out but wasn't in.......

16 Feb 2009 10:01

The Organ Inn, Warminster

I never found Warminster to be much cop,and some would describe it as a toilet. However an exception to the rule definitely exists here. A friendly young landlord and landlady and pleasant punters made my visit to the beer festival here a good one. The Organ Ale is a mystery,but I think it might be made by Downton!!!

8 Jan 2009 18:08

The Wellington, Horfield

Recent visits saw a welcome from the staff along with some excellent pints of Castle Rock,Elsie Mo on the former visit and Harvest Pale on the latter. The usual Bath Ales suspects were on(Spa,Gem,Barnstormer) but trade had been so good the Festivity had sold out for the season. All the tables were full and the atmosphere and ambiance was warm. The temporary "Glastonbury" toilets raised a laugh amongst our party but big plans(to which I got a sneak preview from the manager) are in progress out the back.

I'm going to make an effort to visit here more often for 2009. Fr J has spoken.

31 Dec 2008 11:59

Inn On The Green, Horfield

Down a couple of pegs after recent visits. I've noticed this place slip a bit each time I've visited in the last 12 months or so.

It was still 11 ales(on a Tuesday) but the Wickwar was tastless,the Palmers 200 wasn't much better,the Bob Wall didn't taste as good as I've had and the Summer Lightning didn't just do it. Nothing of "sendback" quality but just limp and tired. For the record,Arbor Ales,Otter,Sharps,Flowers and Weymouth were some of the others available,all around 2.80/3. Noted the glasses were rather dirty with "rings" and big bubbles on the inside. 2 barwomen were on,one slim and friendly though not doing much serving-the other was fuller figured(!) and unwelcoming but at least was selling drink,although with a grimace. No lock on the khazi door despite a repaint about 2 years ago(and no evidence of one ever being there) and the hand drier didn't work.

This now seems to be a place that needs to have a look at itself. Half a dozen good fresh ales,served in clean glasses by pleasant staff in a tidy pub might be a better way to go.

31 Dec 2008 11:44

The Shakespeare, Redland

Unremarkable Marstons outlet selling Pedigree and Marstons Ugly Sisters along with Brakspear seasonal and Bank's bitter as "guests". Ped was good despite sparkler at 2.40 a pt. Friendly staff but gruff looking manager/landlord type. Worthy of a look again. No 9 bus stops nearby.

29 Dec 2008 21:30

The Clyde Arms, Redland

Thatchers rough,Doombar and Butcombe available at reasonable tariff(cider 2.10). Friendly serving wench,(Emma?) BR 29973 type! Decent jukebox,Doors playing. Vicious cellar opening just inside behind the bar! Nice few punters in. Smoking out front by the looks of it. Not bad overall. Yes revisitable.

29 Dec 2008 21:17

The Minerva Inn, Plymouth

Visited once and never again. Had a Doombar that I knew was going. Brought it back and asked was it on the way out. No "its a fresh barrel and no-one else is complaining" was the surly barwomans response. Went and sat down. 5 mins later barwoman disappears out back and guess what? Clink clank and barrel being changed and fresh Doombar being pulled through. Went and asked again for a replacement and was told no. Bye bye. But its in the beer guide so it's a good pub.......

29 Dec 2008 12:33

The Victoria, Clifton

Oh dear dear. A grave disappointment.

It was bad from the start. Is a wretched Christmas tree really needed in a pub with such limited space? Maybe this was why it was in the way of the door and why I got tangled up in it. I made my way to the bar where the barman made me feel I was interrupting his conversation with his pals and landlady. A pint of Matthews was had (2.90) and was very good. I sat meself in the corner next to a lukewarm radiator on a bitterly cold night. There were 2 drunken clowns at the next table bellowing out Trivial Pursuit. The landlord joined the party at and by the bar,welcomes abounded around the room. I had another pint,a good White Horse(3!) though again it served with reserve and even suspicion. (Noted Exmoor Exmas,which was 1.89 in Wetherspoons over christmas on sale for 3.30!!!!!) It was like if you were known you were fine,but a stranger sitting at a table was not welcome. The Trivial Pursuit got louder, and despite the landlord,landlady and entourage sitting 3 feet away the noise went around from Iraqis to Pakis to Irish. After 3 times repeating his opinion on why some f*****g Irish nationalist shouldn't be knighted,I asked one of the drunks quite politely to please keep his opinions to himself,to which he "apologised" but still carried on making his views known to his mate. And off he went to the bar to be served more booze with a smile from the barman,despite being drunk.

Glen-you've lost a punter-from all your pubs. Your landlord and landlady aren't as magic as people say,and actually weren't magic in the Hare either. The place will make the wretched GBG for beer quality but for anything else its a big fat zero.

29 Dec 2008 11:09

The Mail Rooms, Ross-on-Wye

Lout,I only returned because to get from Gloucester to Hereford on that day was 2 buses,changing at Ross!!!! Railways all dug up. I won't rushing back,don't worry!!!

23 Dec 2008 11:30

Assembly, Bedminster

Still as good as ever,although the prices have gone up a little. Now the dearest ale is 2.10. Wye Valley Christmas Stocking was of note(very clove and cinnamon flavoured) on my recent visit. Also I'm sorry to report that the landlord and lady who've been here since it opened are moving on to conquer a Baracuda pub in Exmouth soon,their successor here will have a hard act to follow. Father Jack says well done folks and all the best for the future.

21 Dec 2008 17:02

Robert Fitz Harding, Bedminster

Made my occasional visit to find the usual spoons cross section of society-screaming kids,old alkeys,young students and diners enjoying Brake Brothers microwaved delights. The service was reasonable(all men serving) and the ale was good,although all the guests(Exmoor Exmas,Theakstons OP and Arbor Snuffy Jacks) were all a bit strong. Yeah not too bad this time.

21 Dec 2008 16:24

The Parkway, Stoke Gifford

Cheap and cheerful carvery was washed down by Jennings ales and Pedigree. Beer and grub ok,but like a bomb site around the side where i parked,with spilled potato peelings and cardboard boxes strewn about and no lids on the dustbins. And wait for it-a small hairy animal with a long tail zipped across as I pulled away! AVOID AVOID AVOID.

12 Dec 2008 21:33

The Berkeley, Clifton

These 1/3 of a pint glasses for ale are a fabulous idea. Pity they sell halves out of them in this dump. And the barman couldn't work out the difference when questioned and ran away to get the manager when challenged. I should have photographed the drink and went to weights and measures but what's the point. Father Jacks airgead(money) won't ever go in the jack'n'jill here ever again. They can FECK OFF! Some contrast with St Georges and The Commercial.

10 Dec 2008 22:13

The Bank, Bristol

Best incarnation I have seen of this pub in my 7 years in Bristhole. Decent ale,Otley and Moor at time of writing. Thatchers trad also. Friendlier to those known to it that to strangers,but improving as this stranger becomes a more occasional visitor. Mmm,yes this isn't bad at all.

10 Dec 2008 22:05

The Kings Arms, Brislington

Only Best and Doombar on when I visited despite Bombardier bunting and Butcombe signs. Doom was good though at 2.50. Unwelcoming barwoman,who despite noticing me waiting,still carried on counting her till. Overly loud quizmistress just brought a poor visit to its pinnacle. Overall this pub could not be recommended by this reviewer.

9 Dec 2008 22:05

The Raven, Bath

Gents have been successfully hosed as previously reported. Yeovil and Stonehenge ales on Thursday night were tip top,barman was pleasant. 2.70 for ale which can be described at ample these days.A good place to go.

30 Nov 2008 16:43

Dragon Inn, Weston Super Mare

Fat_beer_badger reports ex-Festival ales were on this wknd for 1 a pt. Including that 8% Carolus stuff. Jesus.

30 Nov 2008 16:13

The Vat and Fiddle, Nottingham

Didn't do this pub proper justice by visiting after Notts beer festival. The Castle Rock ale was excellent and the staff were friendly. My direct comparison to here would be the Brunswick in Derby,ie I'd only visit now and then when getting a train,but the Vat would win hands down. I will return when not pressed for time,definitely.

30 Nov 2008 11:46

The Dragon Inn, Worcester

Visited a few months ago. Ale was magic as usual. Landlord (bizarrely) seems to like me and always has a chat. He asked me would I like to try a pint of ale from his own new brewery. Gee thanks yeah I said and off he went to the cellar. Yes it was a good pint where often new brewery beer can be hit and miss. Yes very enjoyable I said as I drank it. "2.40 please" he said...............heh heh heh. Legendary landlord in a legendary pub.

30 Nov 2008 11:19

The Marble Arch, Manchester

Yes a pub as good as previous reviews have said. The ales were tip top. Beware of the step down on the way in more that the slanty floor I'd say. Jukebox too low for the injection of a quid,and even if it was turned the acoustics would make it inaudible. Nice plates of food were coming out but ale was a higher priority to our party.

30 Nov 2008 11:00

The Smithfield Hotel, Manchester

There was a beer fest on on my visit but half the handpumps ran out at the same time. Had something from Darwen brewery that was quite good. Ada behind the bar had a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp. Juke box was at a reasonable volume level but was low on choice. Still overall a reasonable gaff.

30 Nov 2008 10:55

The Paramount, Manchester

Reasonable ale but the one we all went for was badged up but wasn't on,with neither a "sorry not available" or "coming soon". Manager wasn't interested in our disappointment,but why does that surprise me.

30 Nov 2008 10:42

The Ape and Apple, Manchester

Tidy pub with great ale and a good welcome. Wide range of Holts and plenty punters in at 1pm on a Saturday. 3 nice barmaids,one for every preference......heh heh. Well worth visiting if in Manc centre.

30 Nov 2008 10:39

The Robin Hood, Bristol

I was pleased,though not surprised,to see the pub healthily patronised on my visit. The ale was tip top,Wadworth Henrys and 6X,Great Western Maiden Voyage and Abbey Bellringer were the range,along with Old Rosie cider. The food,which i rarely comment on,was sampled and was both tasty and economical. The landlord and landlady gave a great welcome and if this first visit is anything to go by this will be a great incarnation of a good pub. Worthy of your custom.

27 Nov 2008 18:43

The King of Wessex, Bath

Not a bomb zone on my recent visit-for a change. Traditional spoons staff social club meeting in the washing up area though and only one girl left serving. Bizarrely the guest ales,which included Coach House Cinnamon(excellent), York Centurians Ghost(v good) ,B&T Aragon,Hilden Molly Stout and something from Hanby were all 1.39 while Courage Worst, and draught dogfarts aka Pedigree were 1.89. Football with volume on the telly but no one interested. This place needs a kick in the arse and if it got it it could become reasonable.

27 Nov 2008 18:28

The Victory, Hereford

"jimatvictory" has just PM'd me,and I suppose he's done the same to everyone else who's spoken a dissenting voice. Nothing derogatory mind you,a bit sarcastic about the aged CAMRA awards though. Fr Jack always returns,you never know when.............but its difficult to pass the Barrels. There's a hint or two to be had from there Jim.

17 Nov 2008 22:02

The Wellington, Birmingham

The welly smelt rank about 2 years ago and I said it to the "wonderful" Nige and got told abruptly where to go. The bar flies by the wash up drainer were like a plague of locusts. Never had a bad pint though,but its convenience for a quickie when changing trains at New Street is all that appeals to me. If I'm in Brum its the Anchor or the Lamp for me.

COULD DO BETTER-Not difficult words,please and thank you.

16 Nov 2008 22:27

Start the Bus, Bristol

Kerching-3 a pt for Brains Milkwood and Bath Gem,but both were good. Westons cider on as well but me wallet had cried enough so I didn't imbibe. Probably not everyones cup of tea,but a VAST improvement on Edwards previously on site.

3 Nov 2008 16:19

The Bunch of Grapes, Bristol

Reported that the BOG is no longer free of tie on ales......................

3 Nov 2008 16:16

The Brunswick Inn, Derby

Visited twice a few weeks ago. The beer was good on both occasions and the welcome was fair. The only adverse thing I could say is the gents were disastrous!! If the brewery hygiene is anyway similar it might somewhat put me off drinking the ale....... So buy a new washbasin and a can of paint and you will have an excellent pub,rather than a good one.

20 Oct 2008 12:57

The Robin Hood, Bristol

Due to reopen in the next week or so,will be run by a former landlord of the Reckless Engineer who's a good bloke who made a good job of running the Reckie. Reports also state he will be free of tie on ales. Happy days.

19 Oct 2008 15:32

The Seven Stars, Bristol

This place goes from strength to strength. A combination of economics,quality and receptiveness to the customers needs is applied here. Welcome to probably the best pub in Bristol. And it all came from humble beginnings and hard work. ECONOMICS-2 for most pints weekday afternoons,consistently good Sharps and a guest ale are 1.50 a pt all day Wednesdays!!! QUALITY-well settled and quickly turned over ale at all times-Otley being star of the show lately. Full pints and efficient service. RECEPTIVENESS-it has a landlord and landlady and staff who portray a willingness to take your money.(Its funny how this is how so many pubs let themselves down!) They talk to the customers,they listen to the customers. They want you to be here,they want you to come back,they want you to tell your friends. Great jukebox,though the bandit never pays(ha ha ha!!!!). Just come and enjoy how a pub should be. Father Jack says DRINK.

19 Oct 2008 13:13

The King and Castle, Kidderminster

Had the Bathams here yesterday,absolutely perfect as always. The menu though was everything and chips,and the peas were off-green. Glad the beer was so good. Down a peg though.

18 Oct 2008 12:36

The Flowerpots Inn, Cheriton

Hmm. I turned up in a bus with some beer monsters and associated baglets(Bristol Ex Belfast RE with "Falls Road" on the front!!) and had a great welcome and great beer.

My companion spilled a pint and found no pomposity from the landlord,indeed it was replaced free of charge with a cheerful "Accidents happen". The Goodens and Pots Bitter were sampled and were impeccable. Alas the Elder ale wasn't on,I wanted to try that one after having "Village Elder" from the previous on site at many festivals over the years. In summary,a country mile ahead of the previously reviewed Triple FFF pub in Alton,in every respect.

14 Oct 2008 22:03

The Railway Arms, Alton

Sorry to be the dissentor but I visited the weekend of Alton Bus Rally. Our group could only be described as beer monsters. The pub stank. When the cellar trap was open it stank more. There was yeast in the Moondance,the Pressed Rat was moderate and the the Pride was hazy. The floors hadn't been swept for months. I like "rustic" but dirt is dirt and beer is a foodstuff. Not what i was expecting at all from this legendary pub. The contrast between here and the Cheriton pub out the road was enormous. I will have to revisit but I'd need to find the place to be paradise the next time to change my opinions.

6 Oct 2008 13:30

The Albert Inn, Bedminster

I was among many to give this place a chance. Was in a few weeks ago to find the place empty and moderate Courage Best,as the previous poster has stated. However I visited last night to find idiots and kids running amok,nobody behind the bar,no ale at all and children playing the fruit machine. What a shame.

6 Oct 2008 13:23

The Man of Kent Ale House, Rochester

Trainman has said it all already. Totally real perfect pub. I was first punter of the day and the pint was still impeccable. Unchanged since my last visit about 3 years ago and long may it stay that way. If only it was a bit nearer to Craggy Island. Its not often I say this but DRINK is the word!

1 Oct 2008 13:27

The Lamb, Frome

Agreed that the exterior is a bit grand,but walked in to receive an immediate welcome worthy of a friendly country pub. Found 6 Blindmans brews and Riches cider on handpull,the Mine beer was very good. The Sunday roast for 8.95 was well presented and served. Did note though that I was the only drink oriented punter who ate when everyone else was here primarily to eat. Maybe the facade puts drinkers off but let me assure you the welcome as a drinker was no different to that as a diner,which makes a refreshing change to the norm where if you're not eating you're made feel you should clear off. Well worth a visit and top of the pops in Frome.

14 Sep 2008 14:55

The Lamb, Frome

Agreed that the exterior is a bit grand,but walked in to receive an immediate welcome worthy of a friendly country pub. Found 6 Blindmans brews and Riches cider on handpull,the Mine beer was very good. The Sunday roast for 8.95 was well presented and served. Did note though that I was the only drink oriented punter who ate when everyone else was here primarily to eat. Maybe the facade puts drinkers off but let me assure you the welcome as a drinker was no different to that as a diner,which makes a refreshing change to the norm where if you're not eating you're made feel you should clear off. Well worth a visit and top of the pops in Frome.

14 Sep 2008 14:53

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

Not updated for a while so here goes. Range tonight was Hooky Gold,Brewsters Hop-a-doodle-do,Duchy Organic(made by Wychwood I believe),Triple FFF Alton Pride,Outlaw Wrangler,Ringwood Old Thumper,Woods Wonderful,along with 4 cooking ales. Place was mad busy but top manager was working so service was bearable. Rest of servants were generally at least competent. Serious drinking was going on. Still it was well worth enduring the throng.Overall by value,service and selection still one of the best-if not THE best-in Bristol city centre.

13 Sep 2008 22:24

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

Not updated for a while so here goes. Range tonight was Hooky Gold,Brewsters Hop-a-doodle-do,Duchy Organic(made by Wychwood I believe),Triple FFF Alton Pride,Outlaw Wrangler,Ringwood Old Thumper,Woods Wonderful,along with 4 cooking ales. Place was mad busy but top manager was working so service was bearable. Rest of servants were generally at least competent. Serious drinking was going on. Still it was well worth enduring the throng.Overall by value,service and selection still one of the best-if not THE best-in Bristol city centre.

13 Sep 2008 22:21

The Bridge Inn, Bristol

Yes I've also always had good experiences here but always found it better if the owner,Rab,is on the premises. The Bath ales are always good,and a guest occasionally appears,Tring being a frequent visitor. Record player(with Roxy Music and Led Zepplin lps!!!) available for general use,you can even bring your own records.

10 Sep 2008 08:39

The Bunch of Grapes, Bristol

The BOG has had a refurb,and in fairness sympathy has been applied. Behind the bar seems more spacious and a proper stage has been put in,along with a new("domestic" looking though)carpet,and its had a post cancerstick ban repaint. Some of the theatre 1980/90s posters have survived. The range of ale has taken a severe step back,with Deuchars and Theakstons XB the only offerings,although both were good. The landlady was still fagging out the back door when people were waiting like my previous visits. Gone up a peg by my balanced reckoning but still not as good as a few years ago as mentioned quite vociferously in previous reviews!!!! And I though I could rant.......

10 Sep 2008 00:24

The Boot, Weymouth

Visited on a wet Saturday and found the place healthily patronised by friendly locals and the non bucket and spade type visitors to Waymuff. The barman was friendly,the Ringwood ale was good. There was Pedigree on just to remind us though to cherish the Ringwood beers. Olde worlde but not pretentious with conversation being made between strangers. Very good. Father Jack says "DRINK!"

7 Sep 2008 10:52

The Dolphin, Weymouth

The only jock i met in here was the docile near 100 year old barman and he was sober. The ale was tip top,the Crop Circle for 2 a pt was stunning. The landlady was "TW",to coin a crank term,and pleasant as well. The only criticism i could offer is that the range of 4 hopbacks was 3 on arrival but had diminished to 1 by our departure but there was no sign of replacements. That aside,an excellent pub and along with the Boot one of the best in Waymuff.

7 Sep 2008 10:43

The Cross Hands, Fishponds

Rating has been revised upwards due to an evident worm turning. The ales numbered 8 on my visit but were mostly regional than micro,Bristol boring Beer Factory being the least famous. Plenty of Sharps and Butcombes etc. The Deuchars IPA i had was very good. Gone is the arty farty gastro food,being replaced by Curry and Rice,homemade burgers and sunday roasts. A better atmosphere was about the place,though the staff still don't seem to want to be there. Young girl was trying to text and pull a pint of ale at the same time. Would revisit purely for investigatory purposes and because the ale was good.

7 Sep 2008 10:33

Platforms, Basingstoke

Not bad,clean and tidy. Pleasant staff and reasonably presentable punters. No real ale,just a freezing bottle of London Pride for 3.35. Better than the traditional "pub near the station" dump so often encountered.

7 Sep 2008 10:12

The Redfield, Bristol

Actually I didn't do too bad here. The Thatchers rough was ok for 1.70. Although despite notice behind the bar saying "NO GOODS TO BE BOUHGT OR SOLD IN THIS PUB" shoplifters were in and out. (Not a mis-spelling!) Barwoman was friendly but locals were traditional frosty Bristolians. Didn't notice any overly bad "states". Planning applications are in for flats on this pub and will probably succeed. Alas.

5 Sep 2008 21:41

Old Stillage, Redfield

Visited to shelter from the english summer. Actually a decent pt of Courage best for 2.50 was had. Used to be in Camra beer guide. Sign on khazi door saying illegal substance users will no longer be made welcome. 2 blokes with colds doing a lot of sniffling in the cubicle though. And i don't think they were gay. Exit Padre Jack with pee on pants.

5 Sep 2008 21:32

Tom Taya Lewis, Newport

Welcome to Wetherspoons. 15 punters waiting-2 barmen serving,one good (Matthew?), other a lazy grouchy cnut. Lass serving tables and tidying,place reasonably busy. Loads of ding-ding cuisine being ordered(bloke in front of me paid a bill of 79quid!). Higher grade fools ordering coffee at 8pm-DO FECKIN STARBUCKS SELL ALE? 10 handpulls,2 with Abbot on,1 each of SA-Pedigree-Evan Evans-Orkney Northern Light-Exmoor Gold-Inveralmond Inky Pinky,then Harvestoon Game Burd and Bath Gem "coming soon". Orkney was good in fairness. Would have been a total shambles without aforementioned decent barman,floor woman commandeered him to bring food out and he helped without visible protest.

26 Aug 2008 20:01

Tom Taya Lewis, Newport

Welcome to Wetherspoons. 15 punters waiting-2 barmen serving,one good (Matthew?), other a lazy grouchy cnut. Lass serving tables and tidying,place reasonably busy. Loads of ding-ding cuisine being ordered(bloke in front of me paid a bill of 79quid!). Higher grade fools ordering coffee at 8pm-DO FECKIN STARBUCKS SELL ALE? 10 handpulls,2 with Abbot on,1 each of SA-Pedigree-Evan Evans-Orkney Northern Light-Exmoor Gold-Inveralmond Inky Pinky,then Harvestoon Game Burd and Bath Gem "coming soon". Orkney was good in fairness. Would have been a total shambles without aforementioned decent barman,floor woman commandeered him to bring food out and he helped without visible protest.

26 Aug 2008 20:00

Tom Taya Lewis, Newport

Welcome to Wetherspoons. 15 punters waiting-2 barmen serving,one good (Matthew?), other a lazy grouchy cnut. Lass serving tables and tidying,place reasonably busy. Loads of ding-ding cuisine being ordered(bloke in front of me paid a bill of 79quid!). Higher grade fools ordering coffee at 8pm-DO FECKIN STARBUCKS SELL ALE? 10 handpulls,2 with Abbot on,1 each of SA-Pedigree-Evan Evans-Orkney Northern Light-Exmoor Gold-Inveralmond Inky Pinky,then Harvestoon Game Burd and Bath Gem "coming soon". Orkney was good in fairness. Would have been a total shambles without aforementioned decent barman,floor woman commandeered him to bring food out and he helped without visible protest.

26 Aug 2008 19:54

Red Lion, Newport

6 handpulls but only Pride and an admittedly good pint of Thomas Watkins Cwrw Haf on. Not dirty as previously described. Still Ushers memorabilia inside and out to scare the punters away.

26 Aug 2008 19:19

The Crown Inn, Churchill

The Box Steam "Dark and Andsome" was absolutley scrumptious on Saturday. We went through the whole range and I heard no complaints from my party. A must visit,the 121 bus from Bristol stops nearby. 3 for the beef salad roll was a bit kerching though. So have a sarnie before you set out.

19 Aug 2008 11:09

The Gatekeeper, Cardiff

Had Rhymney Export and Dark on(both excellent) along with 2 from Bullmastiff,Caledonian Lager,Robinsons Olympic Gold,Coach House Inkeepers and the normal other welsh Spoons standards(SA,Best,Evan Evans). After the disappointment of the Mochen Du and the Cayo this was a welcome surprise and definitely top of the 3 visited that day. The manager and staff were friendly and the aircon worked. Enough said.

14 Aug 2008 09:57

The Old College Inn, Llancarfan

Visited cup final day,I know Cardiff were playing but was there a need to have the telly full blast 2 hours before kick off??? All that were in were loads of pensioners who weren't interested. Had a coke rather than marstons ale and hopped in car to anywhere else.

14 Aug 2008 09:46

Borough Arms, Barry

Boring place with all keg beers. Bring a book as the place will be either empty or the barwoman/punters won't talk to you. Why are they nicer in Bennets though???

14 Aug 2008 09:43

Gordon Bennett, Barry


No pool table. Bottled real ales and cider are available(6X,Hobgoblin,Worthington White Shield,Tribute ales-Welsh ciders) Friendly barman who makes an effort(bloke with beard). Comfortably numb is most played song on jukebox!

14 Aug 2008 09:42

Zerodegrees, Cardiff

I suggested this pub,I had come here with high expectations as it was recommended to me by the brewer,Chris,who used to brew for the Bristol(boring!) Beer Factory.

It is table service only-you cannot stand at the bar(licence condition) and I felt the greeter was cool with me when I disclosed I was only a party of one but was led to a twin table and my order was taken. Ages passed(during which i observed loads of people's drinks going up and down in a lift!) but then I stopped a waitress and it then transpired my big 1 pint order had been forgooten. It came straight away(3.20 for the pint though,KER-CHINGGG!) then. The mango beer I had was excellent,not as madly fizzy as in the Bristol branch,but that was when I finally got it!! Noted the happy hour prices,same as Bristol and also 4 pt jug discounts.

The place seemed to follow the Zerodegrees tradition which is 1)Don't go unless you're in a party and 2) Don't expect the staff to be interested.

So 9 for the beer and 1 for the service-an overall 5 from me.

14 Aug 2008 09:38

Flagstones, Treforest

A bit of a surprise here,loads of foreign beers and decent enough Tomos Watkins cask available. Knowledgable landlord who does the cooking behind the bar!!!

14 Aug 2008 09:25

Vale of Glamorgan Inn, Cowbridge

Have visited twice and the ale was excellent both times. Rotating guests all the time. Friendly landlord and punters. Free shortbreads with strawberries and cream were going round due to Wimbledon final being on the silent television. Nice touch!!! Will return.

14 Aug 2008 09:20

The Barley Mow, Bristol

Have had 2 visits,on the first the pub was totally empty,the barman finally emerged from having his cancerstick during which time I could have loaded a van with the stock and the furniture. On the second it was a camra social and the place was good. BBF ales were good both times,but aren't their beers SO boring??? (Except for the elusive Milk Stout!!) With Bath Ales in the area is there room for another boring beer brewery?

5 Aug 2008 20:48

The Crown Tavern, Bristol

Bass is still 1.30 as it was when previous poster visited. If they washed the nicotene off the walls of this place it would fall down. A fine building though when viewed from over the road,except for the 1970s plastic illuminated sign. Irish landlady,and indeed a celtic cross can be seen up at the roof.

5 Aug 2008 20:44

The Duke Of York, Bristol

Visited the beerfest I plugged to find both ales I had to a bit tired. Beerfest ales were on stillage and were slightly cooled but neither tasted great(Arbor Dunkelbeer and Cotleigh Blue Jay.) Tapped too long? Will return though,staff were pleasant,they just should have chosen a better weekend than the harbour festival. Down a tick,though hopefully only temporarily.

5 Aug 2008 20:40

The Miners Arms, Bristol

I know it was Saturday of the Harbour festival but there were only 3 in on our visit. We sat outside with Skipton brewery ale,and something obscure for Kernow,both of which were moderate. There were no mongrels marauding on this visit. The sarcastic(in my opinion) barman decided to play his loud techno music at 5pm thus eradicating his few punters,and deterring us from having another. Like has been said before definitely not the cream of the normally good Dawkins crop.

5 Aug 2008 20:35

The Farm, Bristol

Quinno has said it all below.

The ale was good though (Doombar,Gem and Archers Golden) on my recent visit. BR29975 barwoman. WAHAY.

5 Aug 2008 20:30

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

Reasonable ale in a pub that relies a bit on its huge reputation from the stewardship of 2 old farts called Jimmy and Jeff. Nice old farts they were though. An inch of dog hairs is to be found around each of the table legs. The canine that the said dog hairs were previously owned by is allowed put his paws on the bar. How sweet/unhygenic. Zany regulars,and still a haunt for a beerticker or two,though the range nowadays makes their pasttime FA Conference rather than Premier League. Judge for yerself.

Ok. Just ok.

5 Aug 2008 20:28

The Mochyn Du, Cardiff

WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT. From word of mouth and previous reviews I thought this place would be good but I was to be let down. 3 staff but only one serving,and slowly at that. Idiot tourist taking 5 mins to order 2 halves of lager. Thought Otley ale might have been on,but was presented with 2 from VOG brewery,Brains Bitter and a blank tap. Fruit machine deceptively looks like a quiz machine. Cricket on telly as expected. Ale quality was moderate and bar man was snappy on complaint. AVOID Father Jack says!!

2 Aug 2008 12:57

The Cayo Arms Hotel, Cardiff

Visited after my disappointment of the Mochyn Du,this pub was an improvement but again not what I was expecting. The day outside was quite hot and inside the pub was stiflingly hot. The doors were wedged opened,counteracting any aircon the pub might have had,and letting all the cancer clag blow in. Poorly wiped tables were filled with garish chain pub menus(worse than wetherspoons!).Titanic ale was ok though a little hazy and tired. The barmen and woman just wanted to have their conversation instead of knocking the place into shape. Expected better,had one and left.

2 Aug 2008 12:40

The Duke Of York, Bristol

The 1st D-O-Y annual beer festival will take place from this Thursday across the weekend. Worth a visit.

Wye Valley - Dorothy Goodbody, Butty Bach
Cottleigh - Blue Jay
Exmoor Ales - Fox, Stallion , Beast ( proper trouble that one)
Glastonbury Ales - Pilton Pop
Arbor Ales - Dunkle Bier
Milk Street - Mermaid , Beer
Blindmans Brewery - Mine Beer, Golden Spring
Moles Brewery - Barley Mole
Ramsbury Brewery - Flint Knapper
RCH Brewery - Pitchfork
Stonehenge Brewery - Pigswill , Eyeopener
Timothy Taylor - Landlord
Wadworths - Horizon
St Austell - Tribute
Severn Brewery - Severn Bells , Seven Sins
Camerons - Nimmo's XXXX.

29 Jul 2008 14:56

The Three Guineas, Reading

6.85 FOR A PT OF 3.8% NAYLORS AND A BLUE WKD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KERCHING! Captive audience and all that jazz. Friendly staff though. Grub didn't actually appear to be too expensive but we weren't eating.

14 Jul 2008 16:19

The Cornubia, Bristol

Indeed Mr "Right Boss" and his woman have departed to Stoke,evidently. And thankfully not Bradley Stoke,Chew Stoke or Stoke Bishop but Stoke-On-Trent.

The new man at the helm worked here in the Smiles/"coughing banshee" days,but isn't too bad a bloke. He won't ever in a million years come near Mike or Ross/Karen,but he deserves a chance.

On my visit though the Old Sarum was rather flat,though not Sarsons. Funny the last time I had Hidden beer(Spoons Trowbridge) it was similar. However an acquaintance of mine of good opinion did state that the Great Western Brewery beers on recently have been good.

Good to see the place going the right way again,developments shall be awaited.

14 Jul 2008 14:15

Rudis, Swindon

Usually has a Ramsbury brew on at an economical price (under 2 before 7pm) but quality and supply can be hit and miss. Decent wine and reasonably prepared,priced and served food is available. Attracts the better mannered members of Swindon society of all ages. Djs play at weekends if thats your cup of tea. Probably the best run pub in the area. Not bad at all. But make the ale better!!!!!

8 Jul 2008 23:00

The Woolpack, Slad

Visited on the Sunday of Stroud Bus running day. There was a pong in the air. The "easy-on-the-eye" teenage bargirl put it down to "farmers spreading shite". There were about a dozen in our company. Faces weren't impressed. The Uley Pale Ale was hazy and just not right. The Laurie Lees was hazy and just not right. The Uley Bitter was ok. So we persevered. Had a Sunday roast-12.50,it was good but the veg could have been more adventurous (carrots and green beans only) and a little less scarce. The mint sauce was superb.

But sadly it got worse-the bitter went sour and then ran out and showed little sign of replacement. The gents were visited and found to be rancid. There was(probably still is!) a huge tub of cigarette ends by the kitchen door(opposite the rancid gents) and it was being added to by the kitchen staff. And the pong from the "farmers"-no it was from the pub's septic tank!!!!

I might be tempted to re-visit,but if it disappointed like this again it would be a big fat zero next time.

7 Jul 2008 19:42

Cafe Rene, Gloucester

What a disappointment. Barwoman was pleasant and enthusiastic but the beer was woeful. Barrels were on the bar with no cooling whatsoever except for a long dried wet bartowel. IKB was dire,replaced with apologies by Butcombe (I think). Barwomans enthusiasm ran out after the arrival of a friend with a baby. Sorry folks but Fr Jack is an honest man so AVOID is the word if you're after decent ale.

7 Jul 2008 19:28

Fountain Inn, Gloucester

Sought out this place on old entries in the Good Beer Guide. Main street entrance shut so went down a side alley to fing gates chained and a notice on the wall of reposession. Oh dear.

7 Jul 2008 19:23

The Union, Gloucester

Big "TO LET" sign over the door. Walked in. Music appeared to stop. Only 1 punter in. Fierce looking bird behind bar. Only Doombar on. Felt scared. Pretended to look for someone. Walked out.

Landlord was whingeing on BBC news on the anniversary of the cancerstick ban as to how bad trade is. Enough said.

7 Jul 2008 19:21

Sir Issac Pitman, Trowbridge

Visited for a swifty on the way to getting wet on both the outside and the inside at Devizes beerfest.

Hidden "Ace" was a winner but was only moderate,dunno if it was the cellarmanship or the brew. Gem,Mr Perrets and something from Box Steam were also on,along with the Spoons GK etc regulars. Place was tidy enough,bogs were ok(not up 4 flights!) and the barman serving was swift. Full to capacity at noon on a Saturday so you can draw your own conclusions.

7 Jul 2008 19:15

The Foresters, Bristol

Shut down recently by men in white cars with blue flashing lights. Some kind of issue with white powder that wasn't Daz,Bold or Ariel.

6 Jul 2008 19:45

The Bell Inn, Bristol

It is reported that Glen Dawkins of the Hillgrove,Victoria and Portcullis success stories has bought this pub. Couldn't have been bought by a better bloke!!!!

24 Jun 2008 21:53

The Railwaymans Arms, Bridgnorth

The Batham's on here yesterday was delicious,and was served by a delicious barwoman although my entourage were describing her as "BR 29973"! Don't understand it meself. There was Black Sheep Rigwelter on for my beer monster mate. Top pub.

15 Jun 2008 15:17

The Railwaymans Arms, Bridgnorth

The Batham's on here yesterday was delicious,and was served by a delicious barwoman although my entourage were describing her as "BR 29973"! Don't understand it meself. There was Black Sheep Rigwelter on for my beer monster mate. Top pub.

15 Jun 2008 15:16

The King and Castle, Kidderminster

I'm not a huge fan of preserved railways,they're normally full of the stereotypicals associated with the hobby,along with Hitler volunteers/staff that can't get a job on the real railway. However i visited the SVR yesterday for the Western and had a great time-and the highlight of the visit had to be the Batham's Bitter served here. Reasonable prices too.

15 Jun 2008 15:11

The Regal, Gloucester

Long established Spoons now marketed as a Lloyds. Made out of an old cinema. Not the horror movie it could be-a few decent staff seem to stop it slipping into oblivion. Better kept and better range of ale than the Water Poet. I suppose a mid-range spoons would be the best description. The 3 lasagne was good,and the Mauldons silver adder was a surprise and a delight.

15 Jun 2008 14:34

The Water Poet, Gloucester

Made a few visits recently. A fairly basic spoons with either not enough,or enough but disinterested/useless staff. Goffs ale yesterday was ok,though a little flat. Usual spoons cooking ales and fizz also available. Normal delinquent clientele. Excellent garden-though tables filled with long finished plates and overfilled ashtrays.

15 Jun 2008 14:28

Postal Order, Worcester

Had only 20 mins in Worcester and I know its a heresy to miss the Dragon Inn when here but this wasn't by any manner of means the worst spoons around. The beer range was excellent with Marstons Old Empire and Abbot Reserve on for my beer monster mate and the somewhat lighter Bitter'n'twisted on for me. Service was with a smile despite the place being nearly full. Had 2 pts in the time it would take to get served one in a lot of pubs,let alone spoons! Khazi's were fine. Well done. Ps-the pizza from over the road was rubbish!

15 Jun 2008 14:19

The Avon Packet, Southville

On recent visit the only ale on was Courage Best,there were 2 ciders though-Thatchers and Cheddar Valley(sampled-YUM!). And cheap too.

Nostalgic,olde worlde,unspoilt pub. If they removed the nicotene stains the place would fall down. So leave it as it is please. Nice pub and recommendable. Over a bridge from the Orchard.

13 Jun 2008 10:42

The Orchard Inn, Bristol

Surprised to see no one else has reviwed since I did,a brief recent visit found only 2 ales,Bath Gem and excellent Bath Dark Hare. Most punters were on cider (it was a hot day),both real and fizzy.

A good welcome again from shaved head barman and pleasant regulars. Place tidy. Rating unchanged.

I URGE YOU TO VISIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13 Jun 2008 10:38

The Swan Inn, Swineford

Not bad. Staff very familiar at the bar with regulars though,to the point of not being over keen to serve mere mortals. Probably more atmospheric than some other BA establishments.

Bath Ales times 4 with Butcombe bitter as guest(how adventurous!) was the ale range,Gem was ok but not earthmoving. Menu looked good and food coming out was attracting. Pleasant tidy garden.

Will return. 332 bus stops nearby.

13 Jun 2008 10:33

Goose At The Flyer, Horfield

Got ignored by barwoman on arrival,to be fair a managery type bloke spotted her and came to serve me-I asked for a half of Gem,then Miss Ingnoringone decided she wanted to serve and invaded my order and poured a pint instead. And being an amenable chap I said I'll have it-except 3 a pint was the price!!!! For Gem!!! And the quality was only moderate,not close to the Welly up the road.

Ales on the price list were Butcombe and London Pride(2.60),though Pride was only available. Questioned the price of the Gem to be told "yeah thats right". (Roughly translated drink it or piss off in my book).

Besides that the review of nearly 2 years ago below still more or less applies. Won't return and wouldn't recommend to others.

13 Jun 2008 10:28

The Ship, Barry

Greedy King Hungry Arse chain pub. Looked rough,patio building in progress looked like the only bit of money spent on it for years. Lights on outside at 6pm on a summers evening which I find is always a sign of a badly run pub. Plates and vinegars and glasses uncollected outside with soggy menus that had been left out in the rain. Speckled Hen and Brains Bitter were the ales(Brains turned around) but drip trays were noted to be bone dry so the side of caution was erred on and a Nukey Brown was had. Footy on telly. Desperately short on seats/tables in bar area. Kids squealing in dining area.


13 Jun 2008 09:59

The Park, Barry

Brains pub where an excellent pint of Brains Dark was had. Rest of Brains range available on cask and keg along with usual fizzes. Rotund barman was friendly and locals were polite when asked to get out of the doorway. In need of a post-smokeban repaint. Jukebox and quiz machine noted. I will return!!

13 Jun 2008 09:53

The Robin Hood's Retreat, Bishopston

Good visit yesterday. Pleasant barman and woman. Betty Stoggs from Skinners was the pick-the range was good,Adnams Broadside and Black Sheep Bitter were the best of the rest. Trade was good for Sunday lunch. Yes,an improvement on my previous visit.

9 Jun 2008 18:38

Pranjs Bar, Bristol

Lasted about 3 months.

6 Jun 2008 19:36

The Fellowship, Horfield

Steve the landlord/zoo keeper has moved on.

Normal Bristolian pub by all reports now. Not been in yet but I know what to expect.............

6 Jun 2008 18:44

The Wellington, Horfield

My recent visit was the 1st time I have ever had a good experience in this pub! Always found the staff,management and punters to be surly to strangers. The Bath Gem was excellent and the rarely seen Orkney Dark Island guest was excellent also.

I think the departure of the previous encumbents may have not gone down well with the latter and former reviewers (can we assume they now run one of the establishments described as "fantastic" by the former reviewer...........?)

The place looks clean and tidy,trade seems good and the staff were pleasant. So for now I could only recommend.

6 Jun 2008 13:14

Bears Head, Penarth

Visited on FA Cup final day at 2.30pm. Football wasn't overly loud on the telly even considering the occasion(Cardiff in final.) Service was good in spite of the throng. In the GBG(not always much of a recommendation!) but the ale was good. There was a "scratch"(beer-tickers terminology) on for the match called Bluebird Bitter,the friendly barman didn't know who brewed it but it was thought to be from Bullmastiff,whose other ales graced 3 more of the pumps. Evan evans,Brains and the usual spoons cooking ales were also available. The obligatory 2.99 voucher Lasagne was good. The khazis "needed work". Was frequented by the normal daytime waifs and strays usually seen in daytime spoons cartoons.
Overall not a bad member of the chain.

29 May 2008 21:53

The Wolborough Inn, Newton Abbot

Pleasant pub selling good local ale. Run by vibrant young uns who want to run a pub properly. Worth the walk right down East Street to get here.

26 May 2008 23:06

The Porter House, Dublin

FECKIN RYANAIR!!!! As a result of a flight being late and a bus being missed I was "forced" to have 3 swift pts of Plain here last Thursday night before a through-the-night bus journey. (Pressure was encountered somewhere down in Co Kilkenny and the wheel of the bus had to be watered,thanks driver!!!)

The pints were excellent as usual,4.90 each,not bad at the midnight hour. Usual good service,especially no quibble from the doormen despite big touristy bags being hauled.

Hello to manager bloke,I remember when ya were starting off here,well done on your elevation!!!!!!

Still the best pub in Ireland.

26 May 2008 22:58

Wyndham Arms, Bridgend

1st impression-poor. You walk in a door that says "ENTRANCE" to find its the Hotel entrance. The bar door is further round the corner. GRR!

However it got better-most importantly on a Sunday evening the chav count was low. A big group of jubilant Munster egg chasing fans were in,and were in good form having a laugh with the locals.

Noted only 6 handpumps,low for a spoons,and one was on cider. Usual cooking ales(GK,Pedigree chum,Evan Evans,Brainlesses) were on. The only "guest" was Cairngorm Wildcat but it was excellent. The barwoman was pleasant but in true spoons fashion she was self catering. The wifi worked,and the tellys had Sky News with no sound.
This is getting scary-another spoons I can't rant too much about.

26 May 2008 22:45

Dragon Inn, Weston Super Mare

Excellent range of guests here today,i was recommended to visit by "fat_beer_badger"!! Top of the pops was Atlas Three Sisters with Holdens XB and Everards Sly Fox also sampled and enjoyed,all 1.99 a pt. The 2.99 Lasagne arrived in 20 minutes,not unreasonable in my book,but its delay was unnecessarily apologised for. The place was heaving with Bank Holiday bus trippers sheltering from the monsoon but the service was still good.

Not the worst spoons experience I've had for a long time.

26 May 2008 22:36

The Bricklayers Arms, Luton

Visited recently. 5 ales were on,2 from Everards(Beacon and Tiger),Ramsbury Gold,Nethergate Marys Ruby Mild and Coverdale Norman Pride. Had Ramsbury which was fine,and Coverdale which was slightly cloudy but tasted delicious and proved the old point that you don't drink with your eyes.

Good traditional feel to the pub,and it was noted that the place was incredibly clean throughout,though without the stench of cleaning fluids or air freshners. Barwoman/landlady was pleasant but had little to say except when serving the beer. Reasonable prices,2.50/60 ish.

Overall a good,olde worlde,real pub. Deserving of a spell in the top 10 but not the best in the land. Still there are thousands of pubs all over the country who should take a look at this one. And learn.

26 May 2008 22:22

The Railway, Bridgend

Friendly barwoman but Speckled Chicken(weaker stuff now BAH) was nearly asleep it was so tired. Door needs painting. Proclaims food service "starts" 14th April. Another pubco pub where innocents try hard(and probably invest there own cash) but just shouldn't be in the game................

15 May 2008 19:10

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

Lunchtime on a Saturday saw my visit out of curiosity more than anything else. 4.80 return for the 15 minute bus journey from Swanage(KERCHINGGGGG!!!!) that gave 1 and a half hours drinking.

Wasn't busy but the bar queue was a bit chaotic. Barwoman was overzealously shouting at people as to were they being served. I'd hate to be here in the height of the season. Ale was tip top though-Ringwood Best,Hopback Crop Circle,Iceni and 1 other that escapes me. Hecks Kingston Black couldn't be left undrunk. Saw Yeovil brewery ale in the "cellar" room awaiting its turn to be unleashed. The pastie me mate had looked good and trade in this department seemed efficient enough. Heinz ketchup and HP sauce was a good touch(far better than the usual bitter pub branded shite!)

Place was full of 50 somethings with those pokey walking sticks wearing beige cotton shorts,cotton polo shirts and bum bags(is this the regulation dress for people walking round the country??),men with rancid varicose veins and women with nipples prtoruding from saggy tits.

Visited the "museum" but found it didn't really fit in with the pub,I'd prefer to see the room as somewhere to sup ale. But that's only my opinion. Can see where all the ratings come from though,the clientelle are those who are all computer literate.

Not my cup of tea,but great beer and cider.

12 May 2008 22:36

The Windmill Inn, Portishead

Visited here on a wet winters Sunday evening,got a friendly welcome from the barman and barwoman(landlady?? big blonde?) Had some excellent RCH and Arbor Ales IIRC. Not enough stools at the bar. Plenty people having grub for late on a Sunday afternoon. (None of this crap that you can't get food after 4pm or so on a Sunday which is good.)

Friendly local passed some advice-watch out if visiting on midweek afternoons when busloads of pensioners turn up. (Whether or not they'll be here this summer with this free bus travel mallarkey developed into a great discussion!!!!)

A good pub,only negative I could say is maybe it needs to be a bit kinder to the drinking customers.

12 May 2008 22:19

The Red Lion, Swanage

Decent pub. A couple of very good pints of Deuchars Ipa were had here,barman/landlord had a good giggle when I asked for a "Ducksarse". Friends had Badger which went without adverse comment also. Those who had scoff were satisfied. Arranged the beer for the Swanage Diesel Gala beer festival it seems. Yeah worth a visit.

12 May 2008 21:34

The Check Inn, North Wroughton

10 handpulls,mostly from the Fullers new "empire" of breweries(Gales etc). Had Hidden and Sharps on as guests though. (The Sharps could have been cooler.)Ale was mostly around the 2.80 mark,but the ESB was 3.10(ouch!) Ginger barman from Dougs time here is still on the payroll so it mustn't that bad. Don't like the new layout bar. Nobody in the restaurant but a decent few punters in the bar. No recognisable faces from old. Probably would have had more in at the equivalent time of the week in the previous landlord's time. Not much that could be really complained about(gents could do with a bit more TLC),but no longer the attraction it was.

12 May 2008 21:26

The Carters Rest, Wroughton

A good selection of ale was available on my recent visit. 2 from South Hams brewery and Cotswold Spring were the choices. Friendlier welcome than previous visits. Fine choice of Whiskies. Enough of a range of crisps to satisfy any dose of the munchies.

Reminds me of how the Glue Pot used to be when it was going well for Mike and Bec before Hopback became meanies.

Keep up the good work folks.

12 May 2008 21:19

The Victory, Hereford

Visited to find the place empty,Sugarbabes blasting. The ale was ok but the place could only be described as moderate. The barwoman was more interested in winning the money the punters had lost the previous night. I stuck a pound in the jukebox but never heard me songs due to it being queued up with the barwomans "NOW 69" Britney Spears shite choices. A few punters from Grimsby in town for the soccer came but went,some without even getting served.

Proclaims CAMRA awards but all from years gone by...........A place seriously living on its past reputation.

6 May 2008 21:27

The Barrels, Hereford

Excellent pub,one of the best in the country. Got SEVERELY mashed here on the Stout and the Golden ale,which surely didn't do their quality justice!!!! BTW the Stout was 1.50 a pt. Met some nice regulars who's names I can't remember............. Staff were friendly. Good courtyard for the cancerstick addicts. Soccer on the telly but at reasonable volume. Rock and oldie jukebox.

HEAVEN IN HEREFORD!!! A 10/10. And I'm choosy...

6 May 2008 21:18

The Kings Fee, Hereford

Never had an outrageously bad experience here as described previously by some others(who might have proverbial axes to grind!). Suffers,like has been said by honest contributors,from the usual Spoons problem,of mostly not enough good staff. My most recent visit was fine. There was a good range of both cooking and guest ales and there was efficient service even though it was Hereford United's promotion celebration day and 5,000 home fans were in town.

6 May 2008 21:12

The Golden Cross, Cardiff

Gay friendly I'd say more than a gay pub. Good cheap booze,Brains SA and Dark were on and were both excellent. Friendly staff and punters. Doors on both cubicles in the gents. No fault could be found.

6 May 2008 21:00

Coity Castle Hotel, Bridgend

I have to say I could see the previous posters point of view on my brief visit. There was only 1 couple in the lounge who looked like they got turned down for Shameless. The Worthington cask was ok. The barwoman was eager to please. But yeah there was like an undercurrent of a lack of leadership in the place. Which is a pity because it appeared to be one of Bridgend's better establishments.

6 May 2008 20:52

Glendower Hotel, Goodwick

Cask Marque???? Try selling some ale then.
Barman had a minibus party in on a Sunday lunchtime and all he could do was whinge about not being able to go for a fag. Sad but its no wonder pubs are closing down...............

6 May 2008 20:40

Prince Of Wales, Cardiff

Huge place thats always busy,but sells good ale all the same. Evan Evans and Brains along with the national cooking ales are the usual range but the recent beerfest was good,and a interesting guest can crop up every so often.

Managers seem to be far better at their jobs than the bartenders though.

Said staff were trying to get into the Guinness Book of Records for getting the most Wetherspoons staff into the glasswash area at the one time until they were scuppered in their attempt by one of the aforementioned managers.

6 May 2008 20:29

The Great Western, Cardiff

Yeah was reasonable enough when visited recently,only 5 handpulls which sold the beer festival a bit short. the ale was tip top and the manager with the shaved head serving was pleasant.

6 May 2008 20:23

The Buccaneer, Barry

A disappointment after visiting various Varsity/Smith and Jones/Barracuda around the country. Food area at the back was soulless and deserted,bar area had deafeningly loud noise blaring. Had Brains SA on handpull but drip tray was empty so I settled for a Newkey Brown. Needs someone like the landlord of the Assembly Bristol to knock the place into shape.

6 May 2008 20:19

Gordon Bennett, Barry

No real ale but probably the best place in Barry. Pleasant enough locals and staff. Tries hard with music and darts and pool.

6 May 2008 20:16

The Mail Rooms, Ross-on-Wye

Ok. Here goes.
2 blokes walk in here at 10.30am wide open for drink and order 2 pts of Rhymney Export(YUM!) Served up 90% full and cloudy. Aha-the barrel has gone,that's why they're like mud. Barwoman insists they're ok and its a new barrel. Barman(manager type maybe?) is consulted-yeah the barrel is gone. Fair enough.

2 pts of Festival Gold(?) are ordered as replacement-guess what? 90% full again and totally opaque! Round 2 ding ding. This time the barrels not gone,just maybe someone has played football with it!! Bloke is consulted again-and JOHN SMITHS Smooth is offered as a replacement!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAARGH!!!

Finally 2 pts of Harvestoun Bitter'n'Twisted are had,1 though with a few little bits of yeast swirling round. Consumed rather than round 3 though,and the 2 more had after were better. The worst thing was that the opaque Festival Gold(?) was not taken off sale and indeed still on and cloudy at 6pm on the a later visit the same day.

Hmm. For the record the pub was ok,clean and tidy and healthily busy,but as per spoons tradition appeared not to have enough staff.

The 10 handpulls were 2 Pedigrees,1 each of GK IPA,Abbot,Bitter'n'twisted,Rhymney(Off),Festival Gold(?)(not fit for sale),something by Springhead(turned around),something by Burton Bridge(turned around) and a blank.

Needs a visit from Mulletman before I'd be back for ale at least.

6 May 2008 20:14

Knights Templar, Bristol

It was too good to be true. Had a good pint of Brains Milkwood totally ruined by it being colder than the lager being drunk by the man next to me!!!!

The pleasant (rotund!) barman appeared to be serving booze and waiting tables,so I'd didn't burden him further with my grieveances,but I know he's heard it all before from people compaining about cold ale. I believe he has made representations to his superiors-but has been presumably ignored.

A shame for not the worse spoons in the world to continue to let itself down.

6 May 2008 19:49

The Queens Tap, Swindon

Hosed recently,Adnams is ok,they're making a bigger effort than has been made for years. Mind you it'll probably all go down the tubes in a few months.

16 Mar 2008 11:19

Knights Templar, Bristol

Yes previous poster,the whole town talks about the ale being too cold here. The company know about it,its been the same since the place opened 5 years ago.

However I must admit some non freezing Cotleigh Kookaburra was enjoyed here last week. Place was friendly enough,I didn't recognise many of the staff from previous cartoons. Worth trying again,but I'm sure to be disappointed before long.

12 Mar 2008 21:19

The Shakespeare, Bristol

Had a decent Holdens beer here the other night,was pissed up with Fat_Beer_Badger!!! I'm trying to get him not to be as nice to horrible pubs!!!!!!!!!!!

Pub seemed ok,a bit too bare boarded but the barwoman was friendly.

12 Mar 2008 21:14

Hole in the Wall, Bristol


The Timmy Taylor landlord was "ok" here the other night. Liverpudlian girl was pleasant enough.

12 Mar 2008 21:11

The Sun Inn, Frome

Is this pub known as "Mothers"???

12 Mar 2008 21:07

The Fellowship, Horfield

Actually not bad,the landlord Steve keeps the punters on a tight rein. Reasonable prices. Bar on the right,lounge on the left old fashioned place.

12 Mar 2008 21:06

The Masons Arms, Stapleton

Last year since I was here.the ale was good but mostly national,Courage best,Bass etc. For bristolians the natives were friendly.

12 Mar 2008 21:00

The Old Tavern, Fishponds

Traditional looking pub from the outside right against a narrow road where they drive like maniacs,though somewhat unfinished on the inner.

Good selection of ale,2 ales from the adjoining brewery (which have improved markedly compared to when they started-try SNUFFYS OLD ALE!) and 3 guests. The pub seems to do everything-ale,music,food,pool,darts,sports on telly etc but does none completely right,which is sad because the landlord is a good bloke and the staff are pleasant. Probably suffers from being neither a town nor a country pub,and having a council estate behind it doesn't help. Number 5 bus comes here.

12 Mar 2008 20:58

Mothers Ruin, Bristol

Dunno has it kept it up but when i visited a few months ago there was a friendly barman and Butcombe IPA.

12 Mar 2008 20:50

The Cat and Wheel, Bristol

Ian and wife have moved on,the new bloke started promisingly (loads of ale,vibrancy) but it seems to have dropped off lately(rancid bogs,rancid beer). Goes to show the difference a good landlord/landlady makes.

12 Mar 2008 20:48

The Duke Of York, Bristol

I was unlucky to get the next to last pint of Glastonbury Lady of the Lake from the barrel but it wasn't of sendback quality though I knew it was on the way out. Eclectic but far friendlier than the Miners up the road. Was invited to join in the pub quiz but couldn't stay. The barwoman was friendly,said hello and goodbye. The gents needed structural condemnation but were clean. Not bad overall.

12 Mar 2008 20:45

The Miners Arms, Bristol

I didn't challenge my low pint served by a barman who seemed preoccupied by the arrival of his relief because I thought that it might have been a lined glass(it wasn't). London Pride,2 from St Austell and Cheddar Best(very good) were the range. Cesspit toilets. Dogs wandering all over the gaff.

Maybe a bit over-rated by some and not nearly as good as the Hillgrove.

12 Mar 2008 20:40

Belle Vue, High Wycombe

Not an 8.3/10 but passable enough,Taylor Landlord if I remember correctly was my tipple. Not much chat out of the landlord,it was a lunchtime and only 4 others were in,3 of whom could only use one word that resembled "fork" but with an "uc" instead of an "or" in the middle of it. Typical GBG type pub where they have to put something in the wretched book and this is the best they come up with.

12 Mar 2008 20:33

Falcon, High Wycombe

My Loddon ale was good,place was tidy,black bloke behind the bar was civil.

12 Mar 2008 20:25

The Royal Oak, Bath

Sorry folks but something is never right when I visit this pub. There's are beerfest on the moment aimed primarily at the beertickers of this world,so thats a lot of people happy-but the quality here is always indifferent. The effort is here(year old RCH Firebox and plenty strong ale,paintings for sale on the wall etc) but the place just never seems to hit the spot.

Couple that with slightly surly staff and regulars,and toilets like a cesspit-well whats the point in persevering with subsequent visits? I've said i'll never go back about 10 times,maybe I might mean it this time.

Hamandeggs has it got right.

23 Feb 2008 16:32

Volunteer Canteen, Waterloo

Visited 10 minutes before opening time and was welcomed in by the cleaning lady who fetched the landlord to pour me an excellent Deuchars IPA,sparkler was removed without comment. Friendly bunch of locals watching footie on a not-too-loud telly. Find this pub and enjoy.

23 Feb 2008 15:21

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

Visited few months ago,place was ok. Very ticker-oriented. Barman wasn't particularly friendly but the beer was good,Skipton Brewery I think. Chef chose to have a sneezing fit behind the bar due to accidental ingestion of chilli powder.

However the arrival of an Eastern European barwoman for duty made my visit an augmented one though due to her opinionations on the smoking ban("They will ban f**king sex next"),punters don't need to listen to this crap when they're trying to enjoy a gargle. Wouldn't return specially.

23 Feb 2008 15:16

Zero Degrees, Bristol

Poor service Sunday last,barman rolling cigarettes behind the back of the bar pretending he couldn't see waiting customers. Only the Speciality beer redeemed the visit(Mango). Bit cold and fizzy though.

The physical set up of this "pub" make it seem unwelcoming. Always has big groups of people,making solo drinkers feel alien. Not deserving really of Good Beer Guide entry,the Pale Ale (and Black Lager) were off,advice from barman was-"don't know why they're off,if you want somethin' different you'll have to have the Pilsner..." Run of the mill type lager or piss off then it seems.

23 Feb 2008 14:29

Colston Yard, Bristol

Posted about this pub in the "Brewery Tap" listing.

As I said-"Very good,though a little sterile. 3 Butcombe brews,London Pride,Gem and a monthly guest,Januarys guest was Tring. Pleasant
staff. No complaints."

Good to see Hopback Summer Lightning on. Only nit-pick I could have is no wi-fi.

Well worth visiting.

23 Feb 2008 14:23

The Tap and Spile, Bangor

A good pint of Jennings was had here,Cottage(Argh!) was on as well,plus a couple of nationals. Opinionated regular at one end of the bar caused consumption to have to be moved to the opposite end where conversation was had with a friendlier native.

23 Feb 2008 13:36

The Black Bull Inn, Bangor

The previous review can only be described as legendary-HA HA HA!

Not actually that bad though,the Conwy bitter was very good,and the staff were friendly. Mega cheap.

23 Feb 2008 13:31

Horts, Bristol


Why not have a pint of coke cos the ale's rancid or your car's outside-
that'll be 3.60(!) for Pepsi then-
from a gun with the syrup nearly run out-
with no please or thanx-
with no ask of ice or no ice(so you get loads in it to reduce the capacity)-
served by a scruff in a dirty t-shirt.


11 Feb 2008 23:25

The Cornubia, Bristol

Alas the Cornubia is not a shadow of its former self. Deafening music-ale served with a grunt-intimidating atmosphere-house beer not as good as it was,whether its the brewing or cellarship I don't know.

At a CAMRA social recently the barwoman could only respond with a grunt when asked to top up a seriously low pint. And then when someone else asked the same question,he got a head tossing"jesus christ" response!!!

But what took the biscuit was last week,I visited with some friends,there were around 8 or 10 punters in,me mate went to the bar and there was no one serving. He made enquiries to find both the staff outside smoking,he asked "any chance of being served?" to be told the bar was closed for 5 minutes while the staff had a smoke.


3 Feb 2008 13:13

The Brewery Tap, Bristol

Now called the Colston Yard. Very good,though a little sterile. 3 Butcombe brews,London Pride,Gem and a monthly guest,Januarys was Tring. Pleasant staff. No complaints.

2 Feb 2008 13:06

The Cross Hands, Fishponds

How about "up its own ass" as a review? Harsh-but sadly fair. Been here a few times this place is seemingly directionless. Loads of handpulls but several blank,others showing unprofessionally altered pumpclips ie.badly written pen on crooked labels. Barwoman who doesn't know please nor thank you licks fingers before serving a bluntly moderate pint. She then returns to her book and satsumas and doesn't notice other punters leaving because of the cold. Not worthy of revisit.

30 Jan 2008 19:36

Van Dyke, Fishponds

No fighting here on my visit so make what you want of anonymous's review. A normal Spoons,with the extremities of civilisation in attendance-from young girls and lads drinking cheap shots to middle aged people having a pint on the way home from work to old blokes on wheely zimmer frames waiting to pop their clogs. Decent enough range of ales. Clean toilets,though in obvious need of a refurb. Gormless staff in apology mode due to running out of chips!Jesus.

30 Jan 2008 19:16

Van Dyke, Fishponds

No fighting here on my visit so make what you want of anonymous's review. A normal Spoons,with the extremities of civilisation in attendance-from young girls and lads drinking cheap shots to middle aged people having a pint on the way home from work to old blokes on wheely zimmer frames waiting to pop their clogs. Decent enough range of ales. Clean toilets,though in obvious need of a refurb. Gormless staff in apology mode due to running out of chips!Jesus.

30 Jan 2008 19:15

The Old Post Office, Fishponds

Reasonable enough place,warm on a freezing night. Tellys with Sky Sports news with no sound or pub adverts. Same chain as Assembly Bedminster but only Courage and Bombardier as real ales. Bar left un-womanned on several occasions on my visit. Place was shiny and clean and Bombardier was good I must say though.

30 Jan 2008 18:51

The Old Post Office, Fishponds

Reasonable enough place,warm on a freezing night. Tellys with Sky Sports news with no sound or pub adverts. Same chain as Assembly Bedminster but only Courage and Bombardier as real ales. Bar left un-womanned on several occasions on my visit. Place was shiny and clean and Bombardier was good I must say though.

30 Jan 2008 18:49

Assembly, Bedminster

Beer fest starts tonight 24-01-08.

In addition to the usuals,there will be Theaksons Best and Old Peculiar,Black Sheep bitter,St Austell Tinners and Proper Job,Wye Valley HPA,Dorothy Goodbody's Wholesome Stout and Ruby Ale. 2 on handpump and 6 on insulated and tilting stillage.

I'm positive all will be made more than welcome.

24 Jan 2008 19:06

The Dog Pool Hotel, Stirchley

Been here to see a band who have just informed me that all gigs planned are now cancelled due to a change of management...... Dunno if its the change the last poster means or another change again.

17 Jan 2008 18:21

The Crown and Sceptre, Taunton

Had a swift 6X here during a train changeover and found it to be fine. Punters were tuned to Womanchester Utd hammering hell out of someone. Friendly enough people I must say. Plenty curry,chinky and kebab houses to be found in the vicinity. Yes,not bad when you're changing trains.

13 Jan 2008 09:35

The Great Western Hotel, Exeter

Visited same day as Exeter Winter beerfest,the range was down to 4 by the time we left,when you'd think they'd have made an effort none was apparent.
Yeah the GW now is not a patch on,say,5 years ago.

13 Jan 2008 09:30

Horts, Bristol

ALL ales cloudy last night. Not good enough.

9 Jan 2008 20:57

The Albert Inn, Hitchin

Gruff-ish landlord took a bit of prompting from the fruit machine money man to get him to serve me a drinkable Spitfire,not much else going for this pub.

6 Jan 2008 00:52

Engineers Arms, Henlow

Well what can Father Jack say about this pub other than "DRINK"!!!
Visited specially (Peterborough train from Kings X,get off at ARLESEY,20 min walk,shortcut along a public footpath) and it was excellent to find a tremendously friendly welcome. 10 ales were on,5 were tried (pints,none of your halves rubbish!) and found all to be spot on,with Buntingford Challenger(3.8%) the top selection. Other ales were from-Batemans(Rosy Nosey),Dixons(Goodswill),White Horse(Rudolph the red nosed White Horse),Banks & Taylor(Dragonslayer & Xmas Ale),Milestone(Donner and Blitzed),Buntingford(Prancer) and Stonehenge(Rudolph). 4 Real ciders. Knowledgeable and pleasant barwoman. Excellent cheese pickled onions. Definitely worthy of a visit and absolutely ZERO I could find to be negatively critical of. If every town had a pub like this drinking would be a far better experience. Will return soon.

5 Jan 2008 15:35

The Fire Engine, Redfield

Not been in this pub for about 4 years in spite of its landmark position. Its had a "refurb" in that period-with crappy poems on the ceiling and every half comfortable seat ripped out and replaced by 4 stools around the table. Darts were showing on a big screen(2 Bristolians were playing and none of the natives were watching!) I was eyed suspiciously by staff and punters(I've become immune...). Pride and Gem(range was more adventurous a few yrs ago) were the ale,the Gem was passable. Kid(non shrieking model thank goodness) was going around the pub on a mini scooter,barwoman was munching crisps behind the bar. A lesser pub in the intervening years and no inclination to return.

29 Dec 2007 10:00

The Famous Royal Navy Volunteer, Bristol

Improved range of ale lately,reportedly now a proper "freehouse". Codrington Codger,Cotleigh Reinbeer and Moor Old Freddy Walker along with some cooking ales on the other night. Pleasant staff/manager. Bit like a sitting room yeah.

Strangely,this pub is owned by the council!! Probably the only good thing about Bristol City Council.....

15 Dec 2007 14:22

The Bell, Bristol

When I first came to Bristol in 2001,Clive was manager here and it was a good enough place with music and karaoke(not everyones cuppa tea but not bad),but on subsequent visits since his departure the place is quieter and more run down each time. Dead on last visit. Courage Best was ok.

Ps,the aforementioned Clive evidently is at the Little Grosvenor,by Asda Bedminster.

15 Dec 2007 14:16

The Cumberland Inn, Bristol

Not visited but the Gem was reported by a honest acquaintance of mine to have been vinegar on more than one occasion.

They fed the local newspaper restaurant critic a lump of glass in his dinner....oooooooooops!

15 Dec 2007 14:11

Happy Landings, Hengrove

Nearest pub to my home. Been in bout a dozen times in 4 years. Music stops when you walk in. Stuck in this timewarp where the regulars run the pub and new customers are not welcome. Courage best is the ale,but did have Speckled Hen here one time(when it was the 5.2% version,so a while ago.) Been drug problems,fights and air rifles going off over the years. Proceed with caution if you feel the need to bother with this place. Sad but my favourite word-POTENTIAL-applies.....

15 Dec 2007 14:08

The Shield and Dagger, Bristol

Had a surprisingly good Pt of Butcombe and a decent meal (2 for 6.50!!!) last week. Pleasant staff. Was probably a kipper house before the smoking ban. Worth a return visit.

15 Dec 2007 14:04

The Seven Stars, Bristol

Re my previous posting-

I am reliably informed the khazis will be sorted out for once and for all very soon,and I take the word of my informant as 100% truthful. WELL DONE!!!

Like I said the ale is good and the pub is good. A good area of town for ale,here-Kings Head-Cornubia and Bridge Inn.

15 Dec 2007 11:41

The Glue Pot, Swindon

Thank you for your balance,that is the object of BITE!!!!

But I am far from an "unknown assassin",indeed my own review was rather balanced also.....

13 Dec 2007 00:46

The Seven Stars, Bristol

Had a visit with some good Sharps beer TOTALLY ruined by the disgusting smell from the manky gents. A total health hazard just laughed at by staff. Sorry folks but that just aint on.

10 Dec 2007 21:14

The Fish and Anchor, Llanwnnen

Was this on Gordon Ramseys nightmares? "Jesus!" as the good man himself might say,and actually did say!

10 Dec 2007 01:54

St Georges Hall, Redfield

Made a flying visit last night that lasted 6 pints. The "Hardy and Hansons"/GK Rocking Rudolph was absolutely excellent. A Wychwood seasonal,(in addition to the usual cooking ales),was on and was also reported to be good. Fairly busy but place was staff were well up to the job. Place was neat and tidy. The fire breather(YUM!) was on fine form,full of ould welsh blarney!!

It was good to see a bloke who regularly haunts the pubs of Bristol drinking people's unattended pints being swiftly ejaculated,and was very pleasing to note the manageress checking had the staff washed their hands after breaks.

This spoons is rising in my estimation,and isn't killing itself trying to be what its not. Yes,well done to all last night.

9 Dec 2007 18:49

The Albert Inn, Bedminster

Visited to find Bristol Beer Factory No7 and Exhibition on,in addition to Bath Festivity. Gorgeous Russian barmaid. Alas got served the 1st pt of Festivity of the day which I thought had run out,so it was returned but was graciously replaced(training issue Mr landlord?). The No7 was excellent,(have had a few moderate pints of same in the past.) Pleasing decor. Bloodstained drunken "mong" who decided to grace us with his company was quickly ejected. Decent smoking area. A fine effort,now let the the people of Bedminster arise and savour the place please...........

6 Dec 2007 19:53

Robert Fitz Harding, Bedminster

Vastly improved range last night,(Banks and Taylor and Hidden were v good.)

Quiet for a Wetherspoons.

Alas a kid was screaming the place down-and guess what reader-the staff were unperturbed.

6 Dec 2007 19:46

The Shakespeare, Totterdown

How can I best describe this pub-ENIGMATIC? Back street boozer,often busy,4 good real ales,though sometimes left down by poor service. Landlord/landlady-undecided on what to make of them,the bloke is okish,the woman could eat you without salt for opening your mouth.

Indie type music often played,good rare 70s/80s stuff played by Barry on Thursday nites. Bristolian type frosty atmosphere from some regulars. Like I said an enigma.

5 Dec 2007 10:50

Old Bank, Keynsham

Opened(re-opened?) about 6 years ago in a blaze of publicity,mostly due to it being brewery tap for the adventurous but now defunct Nursery Brewery. Stocked a good array of guest ales and some interesting foreign beers at the time.

However in recent years the place has diminished somewhat but is still good for a reasonably priced and usually fair quality pint. Pretty Slovak staff and moderately friendly regulars. Spartan decor but not the worst pub in Keynsham by any manner of means. Easy for buses and few minutes walk to the railway station.

4 Dec 2007 15:51

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol


Sold 8900 pints of ale at the recent beer festival-6th best in the UK,5th was the Imperial in Exeter which is about 3 times the size and only sold a few hundred pints more.

To quote a scots lady visiting Bristol recently-"I can't believe I'm in a Wetherspoons...........!"

4 Dec 2007 12:18

The Cornubia, Bristol

You'll be missed guys,whoever takes over will have a hard act to follow. Take care. (Have a peep at image 3 above!!!!)

The owner assures me the good work will continue here,and recent reports state its business as usual.

3 Dec 2007 16:34

The Cottage Inn, Bristol

Last poster can we safely assume you are the landlords "representative"?? People are entitled to their opinions,I wonder have YOU got a clue about running a pub or restaurant? Maybe if you did you wouldn't be pissing off potential punters by showing your ignorance towards them...............

1 Dec 2007 08:26

The Ship, Bristol

Courage Best and an excellent pint of Gem were on last saturday night(served in an Otter glass tut tut!).

Sprogs in main bar at 9pm,tut tut.

Barman needs to stay behind the bar,punters were walking in and out,tut tut.

Tightened up,with attention to detail,and a better range of ale and this could be as good as it was 7/8 years ago.

28 Nov 2007 09:53

Assembly, Bedminster

Been coming here since it got un-Fussellsed,my previous posts got lost in cyberspace. An excellent effort has been made here,and the good thing in my eyes is that the effort has been sustained,its open a year next week and it has been the same good quality on all my visits. The ales are Wye Valley Bitter,St Austell Tribute,Bass and Bombardier(which replaced Courage best surprisingly) Ian,the landlord,maintains the range will go up to 6 in the future. The staff are generally civil and interested. But more importantly have the balls to boot any idiots/drunks/beggars/shoplifters etc out,which raises the place miles above most of the other local hostelries.

A "S and D" card can be bought for a couple of quid to give discount on food and beer,ale goes down to as low as 1.55 with this card!!!! Food seems to be less "pierce the packet and ding ding" than Wetherspoons,with more effort applied and served with a smile.

The choice pub in the East St area of Bemmy.

28 Nov 2007 09:41

Robert Fitz Harding, Bedminster

Firstly. It is blantantly obvious that "US the customer" is staff/management,so please don't think people are fools. And don't tell fibs. People will try the pub and judge themselves.

Now down to business,visited Sat nite(prob not the best move!) and Tues eve. Most exciting ale was Wickwar's Long John Silver that wasn't exactly brilliant on the Saturday-it was still on on the Thurs,but ran out when I asked for it,wonder was it the same nine?(Hope not.) However the Archers Wheat beer ordered instead was good,but a bit thin at 3.8%. As for all this selection-well the only other "guest" on Tuesday was Abbot Reserve 6.5%(only for loonies!) Its Spoons,so as usual it had the tradtional 2 "Coming soons" which were Bishops Finger and Courage Best! Oh yeah,2 pumps had Bass on,oh and one handpull had cider in it!!! The range is diminishing....

But thats before I start on the service. The Sat nite was busy,a managery bloke behind the bar was up to it but the staff were a bit spoonsish. The Tuesday,it was 3 girls who prefer their idle chitchat than remembering who they're serving. I wouldn't hold out much hope of getting me change back from anyone in this boozer if the girl gave it to the wrong person!!!
And then as for the customers-strewth,a couple of cans of CS gas and an AK47 might be the solution.

Final verdict. Its a normal spoons,don't try tag on the coat tails of the "abnormal" one in Bristol,the excellent Commercial Rooms. Will return,cos I'm brave. Assembly anyone.

28 Nov 2007 09:29

Sir Daniel Arms, Swindon

Agreed. Had a very enjoyable session of Ramsbury Flint Knapper here a few months ago. Far better the "Cave" (Savoy) and the "Airport waiting lounge" (Groves)!!! Was organised for opening with the help of the manager from the Commercial Rooms Bristol,which is well worth a visit nowadays.

23 Nov 2007 10:14

Nags Head, Reading

Faultless on my current visit,present tense being used thanx to the pubs free whyfi! Great beer,a great welcome and sound punters. Pogues on the stereo,and have even been invited to join the pubs regulars on their xmas bus trip to see them live! The Hogs Back Hop Garden Gold was the winner tonight. Had an excellent Cottage Pie. This pub deserves a visit,there are only a few like it. Up a click to 9/10.

20 Nov 2007 19:51

The Shakespeare, Bristol

In actual fact the landlord and landlady,and family,here are quite nice. But why do they employ such neandarthals?? Fri eve last 6pm,GK Abbot and IPA the only ales on,IPA vinegar.


Have I said it enough times........

19 Nov 2007 11:01

The Kings Head, Bristol

Don't fart...ha ha ha!!!

19 Nov 2007 10:58

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

Highly successful beer festival,even the most hardened whingers and complainers were finding it difficult to fault the beer. Evidently had a double order of everything,and also mopped up any spares left over in the other Spoons pubs in vicinity.

Festival ales will probably be around for a few days more,but goodies like Exmoor and Cotleigh are returning now. (Beats the "cooking" ales GK IPA etc they insist on having in the Shites Templar hands down!)

A faultless performance. Well done again.

19 Nov 2007 10:56

Engineers Arms, Henlow


9.2!!! That takes the cake,well and truly.

Reviews in the past seem to be honest,but the last 3 reviewers have the usual "paralysis-of-the-finger-after-one-review-on-BITE-itis". Think we've been here before................... Not zeroing cos that ain't the solution.

18 Nov 2007 00:55

The Fox and Goose, Bristol

Repainted and emblazoned brightly with "MARSTONS" on its exterior.

15 Nov 2007 16:29

The Porter House, Dublin

Oyster stout was so good today I had to have 3 of them. And a Plain and a Wrasslers. Nice Hungarian girl behind the bar. Was sorry to have to leave. Best pub in Dublin,if not in Ireland by a country mile. Forget about Guinness,come here and be enlightened!!!

13 Nov 2007 23:33

The Merchants Arms, Hotwells

Usual Bath Ales fare,though usual Bath Ales pub "sterility". Usual welcome from Luke I must say though,he'll blow the ears off you but he's a nice chap. Ale top notch. Didn't notice any obtrusive tellys,but there was a rather obnoxious bloke at the bar professing everyone non-anglo-saxon in the country should be sent back,which tainted my visit somewhat.

5 Nov 2007 08:34

The Orchard Inn, Bristol

Visited on a Friday teatime and found this neat and tidy pub healthily full,indeed I don't think there was a seat vacant. Propped meself by the bar to find Bath Gem,2 Castles Witches Brew and Wychwood Hobgoblin on and all selling well for 2.40 a pt,20p off between 5 and 7. Box Steam Brewery scheduled to be next on,an old ale called "Dark and Handsome" at 4.7% for CAMRA old ales month. 3 scrumpys available all around the 2 mark. Filled rolls and hot pies available. Spotless bogs.

Pleasant landlord and staff. Friendly regulars,especially Simon with the beard and wearing the jumper-Simon thinks real ale should lose its stereotype of being associated with men with beards and wearing jumpers!!! CLASSIC!

Well worth the hike. Little to fault on my visit.

5 Nov 2007 08:32

The Imp, Bedminster

Been rubbish since Roy finished as landlord,say 4 years ago. Had a barman/cellarman (Dave?) at the time who was also top notch. Never had a welcome on subseqeunt visits,and the ale range (was 6x,Butcombe,Best and Bass,now just Best and Bass) and quality has gone. Along with the customers it seems.

4 Nov 2007 09:49

The Coronation, Bedminster

Meant to post about here ages ago also,have been coming here off and on for years and can profess that this is a massively consistent pub. Ale has always been good,I believe the manageress has been in situ for many years. Nothing ever has seemed to change,except the bandit going to the skip. Always a big pile of newspapers to read,always someone ready to refill your glass,clean khazis-yes its how a pub should be. Reasonably priced ale and like TWG says yes safely ignore a lot of the dumps in the area,but this is well worth a visit.

4 Nov 2007 09:46

The Albert Inn, Bedminster

Reopened Thursday last. Beer range reported to be 2 from Bristol Beer Factory and "Bristols finest" Courage Best thats made in Bedford via Tadcaster. (Why bother with this when you have a lovely freehouse??) Great to see this landmark pub reopened,well done to all concerned. No rating until visited,but if the Windmill is anything to go on it should be fine.

4 Nov 2007 09:37

The Moat House, Taunton

Returned Sat eve last,a far busier experience,with the "better-heeled" rather than "well-heeled" 30somethings of Taunton having their Pinot Noirs and Voddy and Red Bulls and reminiscing on what school in Marlborough was like. (Sniff sniff,I can smell bullshit....)

3 blokes and one lass behind bar,one barman too fast for his own good,only interested in serving those coming in the door rather than those already at the bar with empty glasses in hand.... Little sweet (polish?) girl from previous visit saves the day,even remembers I was drinking Tribute not Speckled Hen,ale a bit cold,time to turn the cooler up a peg for the winter. Bizarre music blaring,though not unpleasant. Rating unchanged.

29 Oct 2007 10:58

The Air Balloon Tavern, St George

Been here about half dozen times over the years,pleasant landlady,but the pub is a bit ordinary. Not a bad pint of Bass but not a patch on the Phoenix in St Judes.

23 Oct 2007 17:13

The Bell Hotel, Bristol

Big "FREE HOUSE" signs outside but no real ale so had John Shits creamflow. Sells a bizarre stuff in cans called Barnstormer,though not to be confused with Bath Ales finest. CCTV screen is the focal point of the behind bar area!!! Stella in cans,not on tap....... Poor DIY style timber round the walls,friendly barwoman,forthcoming events being written in chalk by customers on the blackboard outside and intense debate ensuing regarding spellings.
Not worthy of the effort to ever visit again.

23 Oct 2007 17:11

The Lord Rodney, Kingswood

Best fitted out pub in the area,they appear to make an effort here,no one in though except for a loud family of chavs with a 2 year old screaming brat,and associated teenage burberry clad papa and playboy ear-ringed mama. Barman friendly enough,seemed a bit reluctant to recommend consumption of the selected Hobgoblin ale,others on were Gem and Butcombe Bitter. Unadventurous previous ales adorn the ceiling-Courage Best,Taylor Landlord,London Pride,Jennings Bitter,Sharps Eden Ale. I might return,only might.

23 Oct 2007 17:01

The Rose and Crown, Kingswood

Passable pint of Courage Best(if there's such a thing.) Not friendly or unfriendly staff and natives,surprised to see about 12 or 15 punters in on a Monday afternoon at 4pm. Freeview big screen loud music channel was a bit annoying.

23 Oct 2007 16:52

Essex Arms, Kingswood

Rough,and the cider is as well.

23 Oct 2007 16:50

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

Deservedly in the new Good Beer Guide,probably the best range of ale in the centre of Bristol nowadays,and the quality is consistent. MILES above the majority of the rest of the Spoons in Bristol. The staff,though hard worked,make a decent effort. I would find it difficult to criticise anything about the place. A job well done folks. Keep it up.

23 Oct 2007 16:48

The King Charles, Bristol

SHUT. Didn't seem to last long under its most recent management,found they were always reluctant to serve people so maybe that's why it closed down.........

23 Oct 2007 16:40

The Phoenix, Bristol

Visited recently,Bass was excellent. This is the only pub in Bristol that actually sells a decent pint of Bass. Surrounded by a building site but is to remain the same as before. Spoke to the amiable landlord,Merv-he was saying they're only selling 7 9 gallon barrels of Bass a week,it used be 10 before the building started. Also,it will have a "sympathetic" redecoration when the new shopping centre is finished,according to the landlord(the gaffer taped seats might even be replaced!!)

23 Oct 2007 16:37

The Volunteer, Bristol

Alas no ale anymore it seems. 2 rough ciders might appeal to some.

23 Oct 2007 16:32

The Earl Russell, Lawrence Hill


23 Oct 2007 16:31

St Georges Hall, Redfield

Visited here by accident due to the pig ignorant bus driver zooming past my stop,quite surprised,an improvement on my previous visits,better for smoking ban.

Beer range was average,a Cotleigh seasonal(New Harvest) was the most exciting exhibit. Appears the range will improve in the near future when beer lines are replaced(2 handpulls are permanently on rough cider and are tainted as a result)

Pleasing to see that the wonderful Welsh manageress who was in the Commercial Rooms for a while a few months ago is in situ here,she can blow her Welsh dragon flames on me any time!!!!(YUM!!!!) I'LL BE BACK.............

23 Oct 2007 16:25

The Carters Rest, Wroughton

Pleasant,plenty well kept ale,a bit of a hike from the Check Inn. Nothing i could fault on my visit,just a bit sterile when I was there.

20 Oct 2007 09:49

The Carters Rest, Wroughton

Pleasant,plenty well kept ale,a bit of a hike from the Check Inn. Nothing i could fault on my visit,just a bit sterile when I was there.

20 Oct 2007 09:48

The Carters Rest, Wroughton

Pleasant,plenty well kept ale,a bit of a hike from the Check Inn. Nothing i could fault on my visit,just a bit sterile when I was there.

20 Oct 2007 09:48

The Porter House, Dublin

Been visiting here since not long after it opened (1996?),regularly at first(my girlf was in college in Dublin),but alas now only about a couple of times a year since I moved to old blighty. A must on a visit to Dublin,far detatched from the touristy rip-off plastic fiddle-dee-dee-my-arse Temple Bar. Have always had a great welcome from the staff over the years-little Frank,Damien,Angus and the cute little English girl(Gemma?)-would spring to mind from the past. The owner can often be seen quaffing a pint with the mere mortals. The old bloke at the bar with the Gandalf beard is always great for a pint and a chat. Gets packed but never uncivilised. Beer(although all "keg") has never left me with any cause for complaint.(Are you brave enough for a PINT of Branblasta?) MILES better than its Covent Garden sister. And yes the price of beer here went DOWN last year-the Irish treasury reduced the duty on microbrewed beer,GORDON BROWN TAKE NOTE............................

20 Oct 2007 08:39

The Cornubia, Bristol

While I might concur up to a point with the opinions of the 2nd to previous poster,I can confirm that Ross and Karen are still at the helm and the place is still as good as ever. I believe the story about the Golden Guinea is correct. Old Sarum from Hidden has recently been delightfully quaffable.

19 Oct 2007 11:56

The Kings Head, Bristol

Tittered to read the previous posting,don't worry the landladys bite is worse than her bark. In fairness what had happened was a knob came off in her hand(!) and entry was unsuccessful to where the light switches are. Normal service resumed later.

Range of beer now is Bath Gem,Wadworths 6X,Sharps Doombar and Sharps IPA. All very well kept.

19 Oct 2007 11:51

Nags Head, Reading

Didn't realise my review and rating yesterday was the 25th for this pub thus putting it No 1,but how sad that someone saw fit to give it a spiteful ZERO,explaining how it went from 8.8 to 8.5 so quickly. (And actually I didn't give it 10,I gave it 8.)

Pub is well worth a visit,yes it was actually better than the beerfest I was on the way to!!!!!!

19 Oct 2007 11:34

Nags Head, Reading

Visited on way to Twickenham beer festival and am sorry I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cos with 12 ales on I need not have bothered with the beer festival at all. My 2 pints were top notch,White Horse Wayland Smithy(a personal fav) and Appleford River crossing. Amazingly clean and fresh. Will be lovely in the winter if the landlord gets the fire fixed.......

18 Oct 2007 15:58

live lounge, Leeds


If I as an honest reviewer gives this pub a ZERO,it drops from 7.4 to 7.2. Does it deserve to be here-probably not,the system has obviously been manipulated.

But I shan't descend to that level,but if others wish to do so well.................

9 Oct 2007 23:44

Hole in the Wall, Bristol

Got absolutely PASTED in the local paper,THE EVENING PISSPOOR,foodwise,drinkwise and everyotherway-wise a few months ago. Anytime I was here the ale,usually Spitfire,was rubbish.

1 Oct 2007 21:44

The Shakespeare, Bristol

Will go back for a visit on the recommendation of the last review but when the ale is Greedy King,Ruddles and New Speckled Hen-and probably 2.70 a pt-it had better be good!! Was perenially disappointing in the past.

1 Oct 2007 21:42

The White Lion, Bristol

Mr Happy Les has departed to bring his sense of traditional English landlordship to pastures new,there's a write-up bout it in the current CAMRA rag. Been replaced by new youngish,chap but on both my visits recently the warm beer problem,which has rambled on intermittently for many years,seems to have returned. Feet voting alas applies.

1 Oct 2007 21:25

The Moat House, Taunton

Have to say before my review that I can understand how this pub could,or should,be in the Top 10,but just can't understand why... Last poster has it correct.

Visited Monday 24th,Old Speckled Hen and St Austell Tribute were the ales,served through excellent (and rarely seen) transparent beer engines. Greeted with a smile by a pleasant (Polish?) young lady,a well filled and high quality pint of Tribute was had (2.60). It was so refreshing to see the barlady and her work colleague industriously cleaning behind the bar-unlike the usual view of the the staff chatting on their mobile or doing a sudoku!!! Good looking selection of wine,along with some fancy lagers. Nice looking sofas around the walls.

However I was the only one in at 9PM on a Monday. Like I said I could fine little wrong with this pub,but Top 10? (If I had to fault the place all I could say is 1) Mind the step on the way out and 2)dont hit the target in the gents urinal or it'll get you back in the eye!!!)

25 Sep 2007 21:56

Lloyds No.1, Lichfield

OH MY GOD................

Arson would be too good for this place and for its staff and chavscum clientelle.

21 Sep 2007 20:13

The Robin Hood's Retreat, Bishopston

Been here a few times,ale was always good,however the "BREWERY OF THE WEEK" concept would put me off a bit-what if you're not a fan of that weeks particular brewery? Was there a few months ago and it was Bath Ales-nothing wrong with Bath Ales at all,but when you have 4 Bath Ales pubs in town and Bath Gem is becoming a more common beer than the ubiquitous Courage Best,well what was the point.

Ate here once and grub was good,though a bit expensive and over glorified. Also in the winter the breeze gusts in the door so at counter boozing can leave u with a chilly ass!!!!!

21 Sep 2007 20:05

The King of Wessex, Bath

Reduction in rating.

Visited yesterday,would have probably stayed but every vacant table was piled high with glasses and plates of long abandoned food.

10 Sep 2007 21:43

The Ship, Bristol

Open again. Best and Pride on. Used always be Butcombe here.

9 Sep 2007 22:05

The Old Green Tree, Bath


Made my return today,Cottage Breast Bitter(2.70? per pt)was served 90% full by a rather pompous and arrogant bloke wearing an idiotic looking tie. In fairness while not ungrudglingly filled up after being asked,it still was too far down at the start by any manner of means for a consistent Good Beer Guide entry. And alas,the quality was distinctly moderate-warm soft and hazy,the adjectives applying.

And any consideration towards entering debate concerning the quality of same was scuppered by the loud conversation between barman and regulars regarding and I quote-"The Old Farts who come in here and all they do is complain about the beer...."

Landlord appears(so i think there may be hope!)-has a quick sup of red wine,but appears to join in criticism of "complaining" customers!!!

Hmm,so off I go-and I won't be back. And I'm not and OLD FART-I'm 34.

9 Sep 2007 22:01

The Trout Tavern, Keynsham

Armour not compulsory though,just recommended. Thatchers excellent but think it comes from a keg.

2 Aug 2007 17:43

The Ship Inn, Keynsham

Been "FULLERS-IZED" but actually not that bad. Beer range now is Pedigree,Burton Bitter,Mansfield Ale and as "guests" I presume,Smiles and Jennings Sneck Lifter. Better for smoke ban,friendly staff/landlord,busy last Monday week when I was there,prices "normal" (2.50ish for ale)

2 Aug 2007 17:42

The Cornubia, Bristol

Tisbury was before my time and I heartily agree with your opinion on the "Smiles"/coughing banshee fiasco,but I couldn't particularly fault the Nick/Mike the manager incarnation of the Cornubia.
Some of the "Mike" ways of running the place that Karen and Ross have brought back have helped make it as good if not better than in the past.
If you want to have a pt and a discussion I'm the one at the bar who sounds like a mix of Fathers Ted,Jack and Dougal!!!

9 May 2007 23:37

The Old Green Tree, Bath

Was here Thurs 12th. Place empty,girl behind bar reading take-a-break. RCH pitchfork ok,2.80 a pt. Mr Perrets stout(my reason for going in) off,house ale also off though. No sign of new barrels coming on,no sign of Tim the landlord either. Deathly silent inside,not a peep from take-a-break woman. Arty-farty type arrives to become my sole companion,served up Pitchfork which appear to run out. "Upset" at take-a-break reading being interrupted barwoman continues to pump pump,bloke gets opaque liquid,but alas never complains. My 1st ever negative experience here in 6 years,hope its a one off. Will revisit soon.

18 Apr 2007 22:03

The King of Wessex, Bath

Good experience here last week,good selection of ales,pleasant managers/staff. Lost 7 in the ITBOX,expected to be given the usual"we'll call the engineer" bull and never see me money but the manager coughed up with apologies!! Not bad.

18 Apr 2007 21:53

The Check Inn, North Wroughton

Rumours were correct. Doug has sold out to Fullers and retired away to Barnstaple. Very "FULLERSISED" already by all accounts.........

10 Apr 2007 15:18

The Glue Pot, Swindon

Bad news. Mike and Becky and Jack the dog are off in May. Hopback should be ashamed of themselves. Can't say too much but if the brewery appreciated their tenants hard work and left them make decent living instead of milking them for all they're worth I think they'd be staying.


10 Apr 2007 15:16

Inn On The Green, Horfield

Visited last night. Busy-and this was only 8pm. Wye Valley Golden Ale was scrumptious. Recommended.

9 Mar 2007 10:21

The Check Inn, North Wroughton

Rumours are about that FULLERS have bought this place for 1.5 million. See ye all in the GLUEPOT when your cheap ale is gone......

25 Feb 2007 00:08

The Long Bar, Bristol

Was here not so long ago and within 5 minutes was offered cut price porn dvds,cheese,coffee and a duvet. My friend was advised to remove his tie by a kind regular in case he was mistaken for a copper.......... Cheap beer though.

20 Feb 2007 22:25

Knights Templar, Bristol

Cottage still on with a vengeance served by ignorant staff. Pedigree cloudy,but in opinion of barwoman "OK". A few of us drink here every Fri after work,there's one particular barwoman,after each round always says "and one for me as well did you say???" CHEEK.

Previous poster seems like staff if the only 3 pubs commented on are wetherspoons.......

20 Feb 2007 09:11

The Hare On The Hill, Bristol

Credit where its due this has always been a good pub. Mr Happy John used to scare people off but the current bloke seems amiable if a little quiet.

The usual Bath Ales boring factor underlies a bit.The ale is ALWAYS good though. With the Hillgrove down the road there's a nice little 2 pub crawl available here.

17 Feb 2007 11:20

The Pipe and Slippers, Montpelier

Was here Thurs 8th. What I can only describe as a TW*T was behind the bar pretending to be Tom Cruise making cocktails. Anyone ordering anything else was not worthy of his interest. Eventually got served an 85% full pint of Bristol Beer factory ale by a disintersted young girl,which was a bit soft. And due to Mr Wonderful showing off it took 5 minutes to get a grudging top up.

Noticed another ale being changed,and not for the 1st time,it appeared they were putting the new barrel on without rinsing out the dregs from the line.

Yeah and it was smoky. JUNE where are you?

17 Feb 2007 11:15

The Cat and Wheel, Bristol

Had several nights in here recently. Sociable landlady/landlord/barwoman with pierced gob. Moles ale was always excellent.Bit smoky.

17 Feb 2007 11:08

The Cornubia, Bristol

Yeah cheeseman,was there last night meself,the friendly staff you would have seen were Ross and Karen,landlord and landlady-they are spot on at what they do. Great range of Hidden brews,plus last nights guests were Jacobi from Carmarthenshire and Country Life from Devon. RCH,Keynsham and Black Country recent visitors. HIDDEN welcome outside breweries in their pubs-JOHN GILBERT HOPBACK TAKE NOTE PLEASE!!!!
Unashamed plug-FOOD STARTING SOON.
Place is a bit of a victim of its own success lately,gets smoky-but roll on July and the outcasts will be outcasted to the street where they belong!!!!
What a difference in a pub compared to its last incarnation(the coughing banshee......),its nearly back to being as good as when Mike Blake was there,and on current form it will surpass that.

31 Jan 2007 10:16

The Hillgrove Porter Stores, Bristol

Yeah visited last night,nice range of ale,Matthews Brassknocker particularly good. Beer of the day (1.95 a pt,even on sundays!) was HIDDEN Potential. The pub supports small local breweries,indeed I think its the policy of the mini-chain that owns it. Not too difficult quiz Sunday nights. Landlady and barman pleasant. Bogs fine.

29 Jan 2007 10:22

MacKenzie's Bar, Swindon

A year passes since anyone has posted and nothing seems different to what the previous poster said.

28 Dec 2006 12:19

The Cartwheel, Hengrove

Nice pt of Adnams Broadside couple of weeks ago.

Alas this pub is rumoured to be getting demolished soon. ASDA next door is expanding,and that the fact that they own the pub too pretty well seals its fate.

28 Dec 2006 12:10

The Reckless Engineer, Bristol

Now (VERY!) blue on the outside!!!

Excellent ale,(and I consider myself a critic!!) Butcombe,Otter Bitter and a guest. Surprisingly good food. Needs the smoking ban to realise its potential. Staff better than the "run-of-the-mill/disinterested" type found in most Bristol pubs. Pleasant landlord. Rock bands fri and sats to put you jumping round the the place when yer mashed,jazz sunday lunch so you can have a nap on the bar.....
Never (in my memory) has there been a pool table. Rock(ish) jukebox.

26 Dec 2006 11:50

Knights Templar, Bristol

Big Wes from Commercial Rooms is evidently the guvnor here now!!!! WAHAY. New undermanagers as well,has there been a worm-turning?
Still COTTAGE,COTTAGE or COTTAGE as guest ales though,maybe a throwback to some arrangement the previous "management" made.
If Tim Martin is tuned in can you fix the sinks in the gents,they've only been broke 4 years,
can you encourage the staff to wake up and serve people and discourage them from canvassing people to buy them drinks and we'll all live happily ever after!

Potential,seems to be an underlying Bristol pub word.

26 Dec 2006 11:40

Horts, Bristol

Has been de-listed from CAMRA Good Beer Guide.

Tasted why.SARSONS,and no interest from staff.

Manager who kept place barely presentable has gone,think he's unwell. Wasn't the worse bloke in the world. Get well soon mate if you tune in.

26 Dec 2006 11:25

Seamus O'Donnells, Bristol

Reality though,well..........

Closes when its likely to be busy. Landlord loves moaning on about how bad trade is when he has only one punter in but still managed to shut at 11pm sharp when the place was full of Munster rugby fans ready to drink the place dry.

Nice northern bloke and cute DD cup barmaid working there.(The 2 reasons the men go in there!!!)

Can get very cancerous,usually cos extraction is crap and the door stays shut for ages when nobody goes in and out. Gents stink.Don't look up at the teddies,they were always that colour honest.....

4/10,could be 9 with a little effort.

26 Dec 2006 11:20

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

Place has been good lately,great range of ale,served and kept well. Started getting better when they got rid of the obnoxious weekday pot man/weekend bouncer. And banned the cancer.

Steve manager is a good bloke,but his mini-me needs to brush up though!!!

BIG Wesley has gone to Temple Meads spoons recently,hope standards here don't fall as a result of his promotion.

Probably close between Fishponds and here for best spoons in Bristhole.

26 Dec 2006 11:10

The Woodman, Fernham

Did a "dry" run one evening last winter as a try-out for a Christmas meal,food was good,ale was good. However on the the day of the said Christmas meal,disappointment set in. We'd been to White Horse brewery for excellent ale,but the same ale here was rotten. The alternatives weren't much better. Barmans attitude was "WHY DON'T YOU DRINK LAGER THEN....." Food still ok in fairness,but vinegar is for chips.

An associate of mine visited for a leaving do recently,same ale problem.

29 Nov 2006 09:40

The Swan Inn, Bristol


The Bath Ales man from the Bridge Inn wanted to buy it but the council sold it to property developers because they offered more. Does a city council not have a obligation to its citizens to keep social amenities open. No pub on this street now,there was another one on the opposite side down towards the railway bridge,a Wadworth house,now derelict.

12 Nov 2006 11:27

The Ship, Bristol


Slowly slipping down the tubes since Steve and Elaine finished up. No ale last few times I was in. Don't let it become flats-but who must we complain to.

12 Nov 2006 11:21

Bush, Totterdown

Don't let the Bath Ales Gem pumpclip fool you when you're going past on the bus-its never on. Is it a cynical ploy to get you in to drink lager?!

There was some kind of a Eldridge Pope special celebration ale on a while back(that all the companys pubs HAD to have on) but evidently it,and the Gem,were reported by a respectable local real ale conniseur as "vinegar",with no sympathy offered from the staff on its return.

Asides-bit smokey,pretty (though not particularly interested girls) at the taps,local chav meeting place weekends before they move off to keep Avon'n'Summerset's gendarmes occupied down town.

12 Nov 2006 11:19

The Knowle Hotel, Knowle

Very well put. The music stops when you walk in and the landlord eyes you suspiciously,wonder why? Was in the Beer Guide a few years ago,how quickly it has "demised". But the people in there are happy being in a dump so that's all that matters. Sad.

12 Nov 2006 11:11

The Crown Inn, Churchill

Visited here last night and well deserving of the local CAMRA runner up award for Pub Of The Year.

Beer from Palmers,Newmans,Cotleigh,3xRCH,Bass and more.
The mega log fires were lighting-excellent all round night.

2 Nov 2006 20:22

The Nelson Arms, Churchill

Great grub.

Eat here and then have lovely ale up the lane at the Crown!!!

2 Nov 2006 20:19

The Ship Aground Bar, Bristol

Sadly DEMOLISHED last week,was an excellent place when John and Pat had it,they must be gutted,I'm sure they didn't sell it to see it knocked down.

30 Oct 2006 12:21

The Apple Tree, Bedminster

Armour not compulsory-just recommended.

Taunton rough scrumpy on handpull,though seems to come from a keg.

Potential is great if it got out of its "Bristolian" timewarp!!!

26 Oct 2006 12:57

The Fussells, Bedminster


Was a dump for many years previous to this,future unknown.

26 Oct 2006 12:54

The Cornubia, Bristol

It was on the way down ever since Mike left-he was cracked at the best of times but kept great ale and ran the place fine!
Smiles (or whoever they ended up as) got involved with a poor effort at a get-rich-quick scheme,management and staff were unwelcoming under their ownership,it was bound to all go wrong-A SHAME.

Try the Bridge or the Kings Head nearby for good ale.

24 Oct 2006 17:02

Groves Company Inn, Swindon

Staff unsmiling yesterday,having to serve customers seems to be an incredible annoyance even when only bout a dozen punters in.
AND BEER FESTIVAL-WHAT BEER FESTIVAL? Ten handpulls,2 regular ales and 3 beer fest ales,5 blanks. Answer from the "duty manager"-the "manager" says that all we're to have on...... Halloween festival should end around mid-December then.
If you want plain Spoons go up the Savoy. Though the staff there as overworked as in every other spoons-they still have manners and still occasionally smile-TIM PLEASE VISIT THE GROVES AND SORT THEM OUT!!!

23 Oct 2006 15:30

The Ostrich, Bristol

Good Guinness,friendly staff-but TURN ON THE AIR CLEANERS-THEY ARE NOT ORNAMENTS!!!!!!!!

5 Oct 2006 11:46

The Glue Pot, Swindon

In a desert for real ale this is a total oasis. 7 ale handpulls but the landlord has the noodle not to have all 7 on early in the week to keep the quality up. People (from a certain 5-lettered organisation!!)occasionally bitch about the range but I don't see what the problem is. Usually 5 or 6 from Hopback/Downton and rest from a monthly guest brewer(alas not chosen by the landlord.) Castle Rock,Brains,Youngs,Caledonian have recently featured. Go somewhere else if you want a wider range of VINEGAR cos you won't get it here!!!! All pints 2.00-2.30. Enormous portions of great value food lunchtime. The nature of the welcoming landlord and landlady is reflected in the good punters. No telly,bandit or jukebox. Nice hound whose friend call in to see him. Just a pub as it should be-10/10.

5 Oct 2006 11:41

The Kings Head, Bristol

Been drinking here a few years,and lets not be under any illusions-tis not cheap.2.55 for Gem and Doombar(blame the bloodsucking pub company not the landlady!!)-but its not the price its the VALUE. 6X and Courage worst on as well,no Stella or Blackthorn,replaced by Grolsch and Thatchers(keeps the loonies out!!) Clean,polished and fresh with friendly people,good beer and prompt service. Handwashed mega clean glasses. Ashtrays often emptied. Giant Haystacks behind the bar!!! A pleasure to drink in,in a town so full of total dumps.

5 Oct 2006 11:23

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