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Comments by Wirral_RealAlians

The Freed Man, Walmer

Very nice small bar next to a fish and chip shop. It looks like you can go get your fish and chips and bring them into the bar too. There were four beers on tap ranging from a porter to a lemony pale beer but all were very good. Very nice atmosphere well decorated with lots of wood flags pictures maps nautical and aeronautical paraphernalia. High seats around a shelf in the pane glass window make a good viewing g point outside. Only poor point is the large table on the right hand side was totally monopolised by just two people. Should be replaced by two smaller tables then the rest of the space can be used. Would go back anytime.

25 Jul 2017 22:56

The Plough Inn, Pershore

Well it is now going under the name of The Pickled Plum and we didn't go in as it looked rather sterile and non pub like and quiet on Thursday night. It is definitely billing itself as a restaurant and all of the comments on Facebook and Google all talk about the food with hardly a mention of beer. Still judging from the comments that's what a lot of people want. Probably good at what it does.

20 Jun 2015 10:35

The New Inn, Pershore

Called in and asked if there were any real ales on and got the reply, no. A pity as the sandwiches on the bar looked really good. Can't really comment on the pub as we didn't stay but it looked popular.

20 Jun 2015 10:04

The Millers Arms, Pershore

Well not the best pub in Pershore but OK. Wadsworth's was a tad on the cold side for me so a bit tasteless. A bit of a sports TV bar for me, plush leather seating in the back but not my style really. Still each to their own and some will probably love it.

20 Jun 2015 09:58

The Brandy Cask, Pershore

Very good pints of Brandy Snapper and Whistling Joe. The first ones enjoyed in the really impressive garden. On retuning later on having a pint in the bar, for me not as good an experience as the furniture and layout give it the feel of a cafe or tearoom. Still it was busy and friendly and chatty so overall a very good pub.

20 Jun 2015 09:49

The Dog and Pheasant, Shrewsbury

As has been said in other reviews this is a very friendly very local small pub. Very nice indeed. Enjoyed a nice pint of Snecklifter, my favorite, but they also ha Cocker Hoop on along with some other paler ales, a nice mix. There was a small band of merry locals at the bar when we entered and within five minutes we were caught up in the conversation. Have been calling into Shrewsbury for the last 10 years doing various different pub crawls and never knew this pub existed until driving past on the last visit. Will be calling in more often. You can walk into town easily too either along the riverside and under the railway bridge or over the footbridge to the castle.

25 May 2015 10:01

The Eight Bells, Eaton

Called in again here yesterday early evening, handy from the campsite across the road. Abingdon Bridge and Special were very good. The whole pub had been taken over by a group of cyclists, who were on a pub crawl, all with tee-shirts proclaiming "Weir for Cumnor Mayor 2014 Campaign". Great atmosphere sat outside in the beer garden at the front.

8 Jun 2014 11:20

The Plough Inn, Appleton

Popped in from campsite nearby at Eaton, for half of Abingdon Bridge and Morland Original, both very good, a very nice pub although done out in a very modern duck egg blue, which was a surprise, looked a lot less traditional than it might have done but I guess you have to appeal to the majority tastes, which is probably diners here. Having said that there was a large dining area through the back of the pub but a good bar area and small snug area as you enter. A large beer garden at the back, a bit detached the other side of the car park, and a smaller garden in front of the pub with picnic tables against the front wall. The whole pub had been taken over by a group of cyclists, who were on a pub crawl, all with tee-shirts proclaiming "Weir for Cumnor Mayor 2014 Campaign".

8 Jun 2014 11:13

The White Hart, Fyfield

Called in yesterday for a half of Abingdon Bridge and a half of Village Idiot both very nice. Very nice pub, all open plan with a dining area opened up to the rafters and a cozier bar area with large open fireplace. Very nice outside area at the back with quite an ornate long wooden bench which seems to be made from pieces of old farming implements. Arrived just after a group of cyclists had left, who were on a pub crawl, all with tee-shirts proclaiming "Weir for Cumnor Mayor 2014 Campaign".

8 Jun 2014 11:01

The Stork Hotel, Birkenhead

Called in on Sunday evening 27/04/14 had a nice pint of Ringwood Forty-Niner. The new landlord looks like he isn't going to do anything drastic, like sushifying it up, hopefully.
Best of luck to them, this is a really great local pub, would hate to see it loose it's soul.

2 May 2014 21:10

The Old Bull Ring Tavern, Ludlow

Did not call in on this visit to Ludlow as it has suffered from a corporate make over. Looking in it was empty on Saturday night and the whole place looked cold and uninviting, suffering from very bad economy lighting that gave the place a ghostly unfriendly feel. Sad as this used to have a very nice area at the back of the room on the left as you enter which had a bay window and fireplace across the corner. The room on the right used to be more of a bar area but even this was dead.

26 Sep 2012 22:27

The Rose and Crown, Ludlow

Always seemed to have missed this one on previous visits, perhaps because first impression was that it was more of a restaurant, and so it seeemed to be early on in the evening but calling back later on the room a the back has a lovely traditional feel.

Enjoyed a very nice point of Hobsons Town Crier. Must call in again on next visit. Set in an alley off Church Street on the right as you enter the alley is the restaurant but if you go to the end there is the bar (facing you as you enter the alley).

26 Sep 2012 22:20

The Church Inn, Ludlow

Lovely popular town centre pub always with a good selection of ales, all usually top notch. Blindmans Gambit was poor however or at least not to my taste but the Ludlow Brewing Co Boiling Well was excellent. Always one to call into but may be a squash at the bar when the tables are full of diners but usually better after nine.

26 Sep 2012 22:12

The Unicorn Inn, Ludlow

Enjoyed both the Ludlow Best and Shropshire Gold in here. Very nice old fashioned feel in here despite the rather modern bar back. Panelled walls and wood floor with a few rugs on hops hanging from the beamed ceiling and everything on a slant. Catch this at the right time and it can be very good drinking atmospher at the wrong time the barstaff seem streatched. Fortunately there are two dining rooms through the back so dining kept to a minimum in the main bar.

26 Sep 2012 21:55

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Ludlow

Still looks like a traditional old fashioned pub from the outside and inside has a low beamed cieling, old doors, wooden paneling, open log fire, bench seats in the window recesses, and bar stools which retain it's pub feel inside. However, it is obvious on entry that this place is mostly about dining.

Having said that you can still enjoy a nice drink here especially if you pick the right time, and not feel like you are taking up someone's table, as there is a dining room to the left as you enter with the main bar to the right.

Jennings Cocker Hoop was on fine form and I think the other real ale offering was Marston's Pedigree.

23 Sep 2012 19:09

The Charlton Arms, Ludlow

1st called in here when it was still a pub. The side wall looked like it was about to fall into the river and work had already started on shoring it up and opening it up to streatch further up stream (now the hotel restaurant and function rooms). There was a loosly fastened blue tarpaulin sealing off the back entrance and only the front two rooms to the right of the front door off the road were open.

Looks like they have done a good job of restoring this, obviously into a hotel but the front two rooms especially the one with the bar in still has a local, chatty pub feel.

The Three Tuns Cleric's Cure and Wye Valley Brewery's Butty Back were excellent. Stunning situation beside the old bridge with view across the river to Ludlow.

23 Sep 2012 18:54

The Cottage of Content, Barton

Popular enough on Wednesday night with both diners and drinkers. Low beemed ceilinged pub with whitwashed walls and built in bench seating round the walls and flagged floor. There is a stripped stone walled, carpeted and low beemed ceilinged dining room down a step to the right, but food also seemed to be served in the room off the bar to the left. The central room around the bar with inglenook fireplace thankfully more for drinkers.

Hobgoblin and Black Sheep both very good and the atmosphere was very friendly and chatty. Nice pub.

Stayed at the campsite behind and there is a good walk from there along the river into Bidford on Avon.

20 Sep 2012 09:59

The Bulls Head, Bidford On Avon

Well must have been done out recently as it is all open plan not the "tiny pub" as earlier reports. A very chatty local feel even thought there were only six in on Wednesday night.

Enville bitter and Timothy Taylor Landlord were both excellent.

A nice friendly feel even though the open plan, furniture and decor were a bit modern for my tastes, probably does food but nothing noticable or in your face about it. All done out pale blue with distressed wood table tops and a few airport lounge type bucket seets, various rooms run around the bar and a beer garden out back.

20 Sep 2012 09:45

The Plough, Clifton Hampden

After reading the reports here and seeing the sign on the side of the pub saying "Beijing Chinese" had misgivings, however it really does have a pub feel, much more so then the Barley Mow. There was a beer clip for Abingdon Bridge but was told that there was only "Bombshell". Drinker at the bar said it was OK, Loose Cannon Brewery I think, and it tasted fine.

No sign of dining on entry, just a very nice low beemed ceilinged room with black and red quarry tiled floor and all the tables were without condiments. It actually had a very nice traditional pub feel with a couple of locals at the bar. Not bad for a Tuesday night.

It is run by a chinese couple who were very friendly and there is a dining room set out round the back of the bar.
I noticed it is a hotel also as someone was checked in to their room at the bar. Dining wise not sure, beer in the evening wise OK despite the lack of range, but a better drinking experience than the Barley Mow would have been.

18 Sep 2012 20:41

The Barley Mow, Clifton Hampden

This is definitely a dining pub. Greeted by a sign on entry "pick your table in the beer garden then order your food at the bar", got in at 19:00 too cold to sit outside and getting dark, everything set out for eating every where, could have ordered a drink and stood at the bar but got the feeling you would be asked repeatedly if you had ordered your food. So walked out and off up to the plough.

The rooms were nicely decorated and the food may have been good, but did not feel welcoming for drinkers other than the beer garden. I must be getting old. You used to go out to the pub for a drink. Dining wise not sure, beer in the evening wise poor.

18 Sep 2012 20:23

The Fox, Steventon

Brightly lit and clean, this pub has been clearly been done out as a dining pub. Probably good at that though judging by the numbers. Not completely given over to dining there is a nominal area to stand around the bar for "drinkers" or you can sit at the tables amongst the salt and vinegar fumes from the chips.

Didn't note anything "clinging on to tradition" or anything being "a little too much of a throwback" here re: previous poster, it must have been done out since. Pity it lost it.

From a dining or pub lunch perspective probably OK, from a "beer in the evening" perspective, poor. Decided on just halves on entering, wise move as the Morland Original and Everard's Equinox were chilled and tasteless. At least there was a choice though, and another pump clip had been turned round.

Luckily Steventon does have something for all tastes though; back to the North Star it is then.

16 Sep 2012 12:31

Cherry Tree, Steventon

Well this has been done out in a half contempory half traditional way and they seem to have done their best to cover all aspects of the market, dining and drinking and entertainment. Probably good for food, and people that prefer a more contempory feel but for me it has lost all heart.

There is a totally souless feel to the place which may be all down to the lighting. I'm not a fan of brightly lit places and this is not brightly lit but in trying to set the atmosphere they have failed by using low voltage lighting. Teamed up with the green painted interior it felt like sitting in a swamp or being in a fish tank that has not been cleaned for a while.

Warmer lighting could transform it and give it some heart.

The beer could be warmer too. After enjoying excellent beer straight from the barrel at the Morning Star, the Wadsworth's Boundary and Bishop's Tipple were overly chilled and tasteless.

The place is all open plan and rangey mostly given over to dining, but not prohibitively so like some places, and there was some seating around the bar. I don't want to sound too negative as it was not all bad, it depends on what you like and they do seem to have tried to please most people. This is only my opinion, look at my profile and other posts to see where I am coming from, you may like all of the things I did not.

16 Sep 2012 11:57

The North Star, Steventon

Certainly the beer aint shabby anymore (re: previous poster). Lots of people outside on the picnic tables @ 06:30 Saturday getting served through the window of the small room with 5 barrels, that also serves through a door into settle room and a hatch into a lounge at the back. 4 or 5 locals in the settle room which we settled in just to get the feel of the place.

Luddon Russet and Morland Original Bitter and Sharps Doom Bar were all great, served by a pleasant bar maid. Left to sample the other pubs in Steventon but came back to enjoy the better offering of beer and atmosphere.

On our return, were greeted by a local saying "You were here before weren't you? There's only the Morland and Red Ale left, we've been drinking too much, get in there".
Seems friendly enough to me. The big difference was that 4 or 5 that were in the bar earlier was now packed with at least 25 all either sat round in the settles or standing leaning over the settles looking over all chattering away with quite a bit of ribald banter, what a timeless scene.

The Red Ale and Morlands were great. Excellent timewarp of a pub with great beer and great friendly atmosphere, you can see why it is in the Camra Inventory of Historic Pubs and long may it stay so.

16 Sep 2012 11:17

The Eight Bells, Eaton

Great pint of Red Ale and Bath Ales Gem out of a good selection on Friday night. Hidden Gem this one.

Great traditional 2 roomed country pub. Main bar on the right has the bar across the far end with red velvet banqette seating and stools in a cosy bar with small fireplace. The lounge on the left has a lighter feel with the bar in the corner and a large fireplace with wood burning stove.

Nice beer garden out the front and as the pub is gearing up for a charity music night on 24/09/12 with live bands, a hog roast and selection of at least 10 ales, there was a marquee set up on the edge of the car park.

15 Sep 2012 10:12

Bell And Talbot, Bridgnorth

Had a great night here this Sunday gone. Great beer, Hobsons Town Crier and Bathams Best Bitter very good.

Good singer guitarist on, accompanied on some songs by the landlord on bongos, which was excellent. Good eclectic election of covers, but the star of the show has to go to the in house sound system here which is excellent. Every note of the guitar and word of the singer could be heard but none of it too loud to muddy it.

A relaxed pub where you can enjoy the music, still chat and enjoy the beer.

10 Sep 2012 21:03

Kings Head, Bridgnorth

Nice pint of Holdens Golden Glow and Hobsons Town Crier in the yard outside the Stable bar behind the Kings Head.

Both bars have a completely different character with the Stable bar being a long narrow bar with wine bins on the back of the bar, not much seating and windows facing out into a very nice courtyard with picnic tables , can get packed but on Sunday night was quiet.

The back of the courtyard is also home to the Bridgnorth Brewing Company.

The Kings Head itself is more laid out for dining in the left hand part as you enter but in front of the bar to the right and to the back of the bar to the left there is a more pub like layout although quite modern decor and soft furnishings which gives it more of a hotel feel.
Good selection of ales in both.

10 Sep 2012 10:24

Sailors Return, Maryport

Squeezed in when Hooson (great band) was playing on Saturday during the Maryport Blues Festival so can't tell you what it would be like normally, but it was packed and a popular venue as usual during the festival. Only Stones Bitter as I recall. Large room with high ceilings with the bar decked out like a ship.

30 Jul 2012 11:39

Captain Nelson Tavern, Maryport

Squeezed in when Maggie Ross was playing on Saturday during the Maryport Blues Festival so can't tell you what it would be like normally, but it was packed and a popular venue as usual during the festival. Cumbrian Legendary Ales' Loweswater Gold and Langdale on. Large room with high ceilings with the bar decked out like a ship.

30 Jul 2012 11:27

The Royal Oak, Alcester

Can't really say much about this place as I have never ventured in, was put off by the girl urinating in the steet out side the door on the last visit to Alcester and it was close on the Tuesday night 03/07/12. Looks like it just appeals to the binge drinking fraternity that only come out at weekends to get blasted. Music usually blasting out into the street too.

15 Jul 2012 12:11

The Bear, Alcester

Usually walked past this one on previous visits to Alcester (mostly weekends) as there is usually a disco and loud music booming out. However ventured in on a Tuesday night, had a half, whilst looking at the big screens, then left. No atmosphere, not much on offer real ale wise, modern decor OK but I think this place lives to party. Still it's another offering as part of the varied choice of venues in Alcester, but not my style.

15 Jul 2012 12:05

The Turks Head, Alcester

Quite busy on Tuesday 03/07/2012 with a mostly young crowd. Has a more cosy and comfortable feel than the Three Tuns which may account for it being busier. The Three tuns has the better real ale offering although what was on offer was good and well kept.

Flagged floor and big leather sofas by a fireplace on the left as you enter in front of the bar make for a comfy feel but take up quite a lot of room and make the bar a bit congested, might be better with round tables and chairs in this area.

Midway between the Three Tuns and the Holly Bush in lots of ways. The town does have a variety of pubs for a variety of clientel, these three seem to suit me.

15 Jul 2012 11:52

The Three Tuns, Alcester

Enjoed a very nice pint of St Peters Ruby Red ale 03/07/12. Very quiet on a Tuesday night when the Holly Bush and Turks Head were quite busy.

15 Jul 2012 11:35

The Holly Bush, Alcester

Busy on Tuesday 03/06/12 with really good selection of ales and a gathering of folk musicians filling the front room on the right as you enter, had to stand in the corridor to listen. Good night, good beer, good music, good pub.

15 Jul 2012 11:23

The Lord Nelson, Alcester

Closed on Tuesday 03/07/12 with what looked like junk stacked up in the windows, when driving past, saved a walk out to it. May be closed for refurbisment or change of management.

15 Jul 2012 11:17

The Old Swan, Netherton

Only managed to call in at lunchtime, Thursday 5th of July. Well worth the detour on the drive to Sedgley in order to visit, on the recommendation of the reviewers here, and not disappointed in the least.
It really is a gem of a pub with a very good, local, easy-going atmosphere and friendly barstaff. To describe this place as a timewarp would be true but would also do it an injustice as in no way does it feel like a museum, as that phrase might imply, it feels very much alive.
Sampled the Entire which was marvelous and enjoyed a very nice cheese and onion cob to boot, sat in the window of the main bar. A very enjoyable fleeting visit, though must try to engineer a longer visit in the evening sometime, as I would really like to sample all of the range and more of the atmosphere.
Really nice to see that a traditional pub can survive and thrive. Agree with all the glowing comments here, one of the best I've visited.

14 Jul 2012 11:00

The Beacon Hotel, Dudley

Really good to enjoy the excellent Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby Mild on home territory and the Sedgley Surprise was very good too along with a nice cheese and onion cob. I agree wholeheartedly with 'Carlurmston' comments below as I often do, and took his advice to visit.
Very interesting interior and good atmosphere and is a great pub, a Gem too, however I could not call it one of the Best Pubs in the Country as many have on here, maybe I was let down a bit after reading all the glowing reports and planning a visit with high expectations, don't get me wrong this is only my personal opinion and I liked it very much but there are plenty of others that could vie for that accolade. Maybe the fact that you couldn't see the bar staff made it impersonal, I don't know, but it did not gel for me, still a great pub though and fantastic Dark Ruby Mild. Would definitely visit again if in the area.

8 Jul 2012 13:09

Bull's Head, Sedgley

It is what it is a basic local boozer that probably caters well for it's own clientele.
Having said enjoyed a really good pint of Holdens Golden Glow, which is fast becoming a favourite, from a selection of Holdens beers, though not too keen on the Holdens Special, but purely down to personal taste.
This is now also Mee's Thai Restaurant which is through the back part of the pub but does not inpinge on the propper pub feel at the front.

8 Jul 2012 12:33

Mount Pleasant, Sedgley

Great pub with a great atmosphere, easily the busiest place, along with the Beacon Hotel, on Thursday 05/07/12. Really enjoyed the Enville Ginger and the Olde Swan Bumblehole, both well kept, and at the right temp. There was also a realy good selection of other beers.
Realy nice to see a pub that attracts people of all ages and brings them out on Thursday night too, in a very friendly and sociable atmosphere, rather than catering for the fickle weekend binge party drinkers.

8 Jul 2012 11:33

The Five Mile House, Duntisbourne Abbots

This was a lunchtime stop so only a half of beer which was very well kept. I have to say that the Cheddar, Brie and Stilton Ploughman's lunch was the best Ploughman's lunch I've ever had. The staff were very friendly and attentive too.

It took a bit of finding though, from the village of Duntisbourne Abbots, best to head for the services signposted off the A417, its at the end of the old road. Definitely worth the visit though.

It has been very sensitively modernised leaving the bar and tap room that you enter into from the front door, probably exactly as they were, still with bare wood floors, open fires, high backed settles and wooden seating and tables. They have extended the dining areas into the snug and cellar and the Georgian extension, all very welcoming.

8 Sep 2011 11:15

The New Inn, Newport

Still closed 20/08/11 now with "To Let" sign up, hope it reopens.

21 Aug 2011 11:02

Hollyhead Inn, Bridgnorth

Yes as the previous poster said this does have more of the feel of a Hotel bar, very nicely done out in a modern fashion but heartless.
Felt like I should have taken my shoes off as I entered.

The real ale choice was off at the time so made a quick exit.

This is more of a restaurant then a pub but if thats what you like it will probably suit you fine.

13 Aug 2011 14:11

The Railwaymans Arms, Bridgnorth

Bumped into Poirot on the platform once, getting off a steam train. Well OK it was someone dressed as Poirot, apparently the Severn Valley Railway had put on a murder mystery trip.

For me this is the best pub in Bridgnorth. Great selection of ales, all well kept, and a great atmosphere and setting. Tried the Shires Brewery OBJ (O be Joyful), Irwell Works Brewery (Bury) Copper Plate Bitter, Hobsons Bitter and Town Crier last Saturday, all were great.

Yes, as mentioned below, do make sure you replenish your drinks and stake your claim to your seat when you see a train arriving.

13 Aug 2011 13:51

Carpenters Arms, Bridgnorth

Still boarded up Sat 06/08/2011. Once called in but was blasted out by disco and singled out on entry by DJ with puerile 'friendly' banter, got to the bar to find only steel fizz pumps and left.
Obviously aimed itself at the fickle 'youth' market who obviously became fickle and moved on.

13 Aug 2011 12:25

Bell And Talbot, Bridgnorth

Great pub. Ceiling covered in old records and musical instruments, nicely lit and friendly atmosphere. Small room to the left and larger music room to the right L-shaped, going round the back of the central bar, with back courtyard / conservatory. Good choice of real ales.

Previous visits have been on Sundays as I thought that thats when they used to have music advertised it may now be more often as last Saturday was an excellent night not only for the beer (Hobson's Town Crier was excellent) but there was an excellent duo called "Oaken Lee" playing.

I'm not sure whether the sound system is the house sound system or the bands but I suspect it's the house one with it being such a music venue, either way it was crystal clear and not blasting.

13 Aug 2011 11:14

The New Inn, Newport

Closed on Saturday 16/07/11 @ 20:00 not sure if this is permanent but disappointed as it sounded better than most of the others in town.

18 Jul 2011 18:58

The Barley Mow, Newport

Should have known from the bouncers on the door, but hey you've got to try. It's a big open place with atmosphere as warm as the overly chilled half of Deuchars that wasn't enjoyed here.

Just another Party Pub or should I say Party Place, as it is more of a nightclub than a pub, with no corner in it to escape the loud music. Well decorated for those that like this kind of place but didn't stay long enough to notice the damage mentioned in the last review.

18 Jul 2011 18:53

The Chequers Inn, Oxford

Thornbridge's Jaipur IPA and Brakspears Oxford Gold went down well in this oddly rangy pub entered down a side alley.

The pub was busy on Tuesday night and very chatty. Decor armorial with different themed rooms including one room high up at the back where there was a trapped pigeon which had to be shooed out via the emergency exit door. Nice enough place with a good beer yard too.

30 May 2011 22:23

The Turf Tavern, Oxford

Of the choice of ten real ales, Black Country Ales Fireside and Oakham Ales Scarlet Macaw were both well kept (neither were chilled, thankfully, as in some places) and very good although the Scarlet Macaw was at the bitter end of my taste range.

This is a warren of a place inside and out and very popular considering it is very difficult to find, presumably all have given up looking for the way out or don't want to leave. Very good atmosphere and very busy on a Tuesday night at the end of May.

Three courtyards to choose from one seemed to have a quiz going on the other two more laid back and chatty. Inside had various low beamed ceiling rooms.

30 May 2011 14:41

The Kings Arms, Oxford

Good selection of beers of which the Wells's Waggle dance and Young's Special were very good.

The oldest pub in Oxford, although it must have been refurbished a few times by the look of it, it is very rangy, multi roomed open plan place with large rooms at the front and back but a couple of smaller rooms with another entry from the side street.

Woody and eclectic and quite busy and chatty with seating out the front it still has a good atmosphere despite its size, especially in the smaller rooms.

30 May 2011 13:49

The White Horse, Oxford

White Horse Brewery Bitter and Hook Norton's Old Hooky were excellent.

Step down from the street into this very atmospheric pub with low ochre beamed ceilings, stripped floorboards and wood paneled walls. Very enjoyable chatty environment and nice one to pop into on a crawl.

On Tuesday evening it was very diney but also pubby at the same time which shows that you can have dining in a traditional pub without alienating the drinkers, even in a small place like this.

30 May 2011 13:28

The Eagle and Child, Oxford

Enjoyed Butcombe Old Vic, a very nice chocolaty dark porter, and Brakspear Oxford Gold, both well kept, in the back room past the bar.

The front 2 rooms are small and heavily paneled and popular, beyond these on the right is the bar with a small seating area and beyond this is a back room with a further modern conservatory feel dining area.

The back rooms seem to be former outside back yards roofed in, judging by the small pointed roofs which seemed to trap the salt and vinegar fumes (the only criticism). The back was full mainly of students competing with each other at lively loud chatter whereas the front was a quieter chatty affair.

30 May 2011 11:59

The Eagle and Child, Oxford

Enjoyed Butcombe Old Vic, a very nice chocolaty dark porter, and Brakspear Oxford Gold, both well kept, in the back room past the bar.

The front 2 rooms are small and heavily paneled and popular, beyond these on the right is the bar with a small seating area and beyond this is a back room with a further modern conservatory feel dining area.

The back rooms seem to be former outside back yards roofed in, judging by the small pointed roofs which seemed to trap the salt and vinegar fumes (the only criticism). The back was full mainly of students competing with each other at lively loud chatter whereas the front was a quieter chatty affair.

30 May 2011 11:58

The Rose and Crown PH, Oxford

Stripped board floor and a pew in the wide corridor offer a warm welcome as you enter and set the scene for the rest of this pub. Low ceilings throughout the corridor gives entry to a small front room, the central bar, a lovely paneled back room and a courtyard beer garden all with a great atmosphere.

Well kept Boondoggle and Scholar went down very well.

Very chatty pub in a nice out of the way street just a short walk into Oxford. Excellent traditional pub.

28 May 2011 10:12

The Gardeners Arms, Oxford

Small frontage pub on a cozy narrow street with the Rose and Crown further along. Enjoyed a very nicely kept Brains' Rev James sat in the front of the pub. Personable landlord said good evening on entry.

It has one long room going past the bar on the right halfway down. Traditionally styled, it seems to be broken up into niches/alcoves which are very well lit and there are newspapers around to read with one or two punters sat around doing just that; a nice way to relax after work. The television over the door was on quietly and I would guess this would normally be a quiet place. Hurray.

Nice place to start a pub crawl of Oxford as it is only a short walk in via St Giles.

27 May 2011 20:14

The Three Tuns, Bishops Castle

Walked down Salop Street opened the first of the pubs two doors onto the street, came face to face with the ancient fireplace with the bar to the left. For me this is the best part of the pub.

The XXX and the Clerics Cure are on fine form and sitting in the window seat taking in the atmosphere is what it's all about at the moment.

To the right the passage leads through to a more modern and clean pub area leading onto a dining area looking out over the pub/brewery yard.

The second door down the hill opens into a more modern version but nicely done bar equally relaxing and pleasantly done out.

This is a place for everyone, very enjoyable.

23 May 2011 21:12

The Castle Hotel, Bishop's Castle

Agreed this is a bit food orientated bit it is a Hotel and for those who are looking for a meal it seemed popular, but after 9 pm it becomes a very nice place for a pint, particularly the front paneled room which does take you back in time, well worth a visit.

Enjoyed a very nice half of Station Brewery's Cambrian Gold in the garden early on and a nice pint of Big Nev's later in the evening in a very nice chatty, well but not brightly lit atmosphere.

If you are there early evening the best option is to head for the very nice beer garden with superb views over the town to the Shropshire hills. On the first visit here during one of the towns beer festivals there was a marvelous atmosphere in the garden with a band (Destry's Destroyers?) playing what sounded like a modern version of Jewish Wedding music, very entertaining.

23 May 2011 09:40

The Boars Head, Bishops Castle

This resent visit was very enjoyable, a very nice well kept pint in a nice atmosphere. Late evening it had a very traditional pub feel with an inglenook and lots of beams and a group of elderly gentlemen playing cards and a young group chatting away.

Funny how pubs can change character from year to year and at different hours. Previous visits had not left particularly favourable impressions (one occasion full of diners early evening with no room for drinkers and another a noisy big screen crowd).

22 May 2011 10:19

The Six Bells, Bishops Castle

Forth visit to this pub and each has been a very enjoyable experience. The first time was during one of the towns beer festivals a few years ago when this place was really manic, obviously won over by the charms of the town and this pub in particular.

This visit was to enjoy a pint of Ow Do and Cockschaffer both of which were excellent. No sign of Big Nev on this occasion but Sue was jocular and the atmosphere was very friendly and chatty. I do recall someone asking for a pint of Veg Bins before pointing out it was an anagram of Big Nevs, they still got served despite the cheek.

21 May 2011 19:52

Red Lion, Stone

Walked in and the beer looked promising but driven out by overly loud music before getting served. Pity looked nice.

7 May 2011 15:48

The Royal Exchange, Stone

More stylishly done up pub feel rather than traditional pub feel, an attempt to appeal to everyone I guess, a necessity these days, which seems to work.

Overall a very nice place and won over more by the excellent choice of Titanic and guest ales. The Captain Smiths and the mild sampled were very well kept and enjoyable.

It's an oddly triangular shaped corner pub with entrance between two rooms, bar straight ahead and further room passed the bar to the right. Found the atmosphere in the front rooms and around the bar very nice, but the back room does lack something, I can understand the "soulless feeling about the place from brianthelion. The room on the left has lots of chairs and small tables and very nice fireplace, the room on the right had comfy banquettes but around a rather overly large table which made it a bit awkward.

7 May 2011 15:35

The Pheasant Inn, Stone

A very nice traditional multi roomed pub with central bar serving into public bar with dart board through separate door on right as you go in and onto lounge bar on left and straight on past the bar a further room through. Very nice chatty pub early on Saturday night and really enjoyed the Wye Valley HPA. Very enjoyable hopefully will be back.

4 May 2011 21:41

The Rising Sun, Tarporley

OK, used to work with the landlords son years ago and knew it was a little bit of a dining pub, but where isn't these days, having said that this pub is nice enough, very well run and probably caters for the clientele it has, very well.

The front seems to be the main dining part with the end of the bar serving out to it but for the drinkers, straight through there is more like the main bar which was a bit more like a traditional pub. Having said that it was brightly lit with these new energy saving bulbs which stick out of the top of the shades and pierce holes in the back of the retina. This was not helped by the ultra white ceiling and white painted bar back and walls. This room felt a bit like your grandma's parlour but having said that actually had a very nice feel and the Unicorn and Dizzy Blond were very good.

Turning left as you enter and going through the main dining area you can turn right and go into a room that runs down the back of the bar. This seemed to be the best room in the pub but seemed like an inner sanctum, a bit local and possibly a bit clicky but very rightly so, this is their pub.

Overall a nice experience. For the foodies, I would probably choose this pub to eat in and I've heard independently it is the best for food.

28 Apr 2011 21:59

The Crown Hotel, Tarporley

Each to their own but this one doesn't do it for me, although the Deuchars IPA was good but settled for a half only as it felt odd. I can imagine it used to be a very nice traditional pub once but it seems to have been done up to within an inch of it's life. Probably nice to a lot of people but for me it has lost something in translation.

It has a very nice beamed ceiling at the front which has "Bar Parlour" on the glass in the door but there were quite a few diners although there hardly seemed to be any diners in the dining conservatory through the back. The music was playing in the dining conservatory but not in the front room which seemed the wrong way round.

There were very nice vases of flowers but the lighting although thankfully not bright was just badly lit giving the whole place a soulless feel. It just had an odd feel that something was going on but not where you are, a bit remote and cold. Having said that probably very good for diners so don't let my opinion put you off.

27 Apr 2011 21:06

The Foresters Arms, Tarporley

Excellent traditional pub smart and clean and very well lit. It had a very nice atmosphere and barmaid to match. There's a bar/poolroom to the right with a separate entrance and the main lounge entrance had two doors but only the one to the right was working, opening on to the bar. Round the corner to the left there is a nice lounge and further through the lounge there is an area set out for dining. Past the bar to the back there is another tiny sitting area and a door out to the beer garden.

Black Sheep and Hobgoblin of which the Hobgoblin, sampled, was very good.

Very well frequented on the Thursday before Easter with chatty friendly customers. For me it was the best pub in Tarporley.

25 Apr 2011 21:46

The White Hart Inn, Ellesmere

Rather quiet this Saturday gone which is a shame as this place deserves better.
Could have done with a bit of background music to break up the silences when it's this quiet. Talk in the pub of places being killed off by cheap supermarket booze, hope this doesn't happen to this place. The beer selection was excellent and very well kept and tasty.

29 Mar 2011 19:23

Ellesmere Hotel, Ellesmere

They seem to have music on here on Saturdays, the previous visit it was a singer and a very good local guitar duo were on this Saturday gone. Strangely laid out place however with the feel of a hotel foyer and corridors passed the pool table area to get to the bar. Local ale (Griffo - Bridge ales???) was a bit on the sour side for my liking so had a taste of Manns Chestnut Mild while listening to the duo.
Very popular place late on.

29 Mar 2011 19:15

Market Hotel, Ellesmere

Still a very good atmosphere in here, the best in town on this visit. Black Sheep was still on good form, a good barmaid who made up a cheese sandwich and no repeat of the loud-ish music, made this a very good visit indeed.

29 Mar 2011 19:01

The Railway Inn, Ellesmere

Sadly closed now, not surprisingly, perhaps if they had served some customers???

28 Mar 2011 07:33

Gallaghers, Birkenhead

Called in here on a Thursday night after visiting the Stork and thankfully found it open and busy.

Good choice of beers with 2 from Phoenix brewery and 2 from the local Brimstage Brewery 1 of which was Trappers Hat. All were pale beers, however the Phoenix Pale Moonlight was very good and the barmaid welcoming.

There is a lower seating area as you go in then up a couple of steps to the bar area, all wood paneled up to dado hight. Nice feel to this pub and nicely decorated out. If you go further back yes you do pass the barbers chairs on you way to the loo.

There are 2 big screens 1 at either end of the bar but out of the way above head level but the pictures can be a bit distracting when unrelated to the music playing. Only 1 criticism, and a small one, the music was just a tiny bit too loud. Good buzz of conversation though and fortunately another nice addition local crawl.

19 Mar 2011 12:43

The Lord Nelson, Alcester

Very nice pub away from the town centre but worth including in a crawl over some of the others in town. Had a very nice lunchtime meal on the last visit, outside in the beer garden which had rabbits in a run. Music on some nights too.

19 Feb 2011 20:16

The Holly Bush, Alcester

Excellent multi-roomed pub, although it has been done up a bit since first visit, it has not been done too badly, a bit modern perhaps but still OK. Good range of beers on normally but on this occasion there was a beer festival on. What luck.

Good beer garden out the back and occasionally has music on in the back room.
On this occasion there were bands playing in every room as there was a folk festival in the town. Great night, even though a bit packed. Favorite pub in Alcester and quite high on the list for anywhere.

19 Feb 2011 20:08

The Three Tuns, Alcester

Very nice basic pub with large old flag floor, heavily beamed and timbered, with good views out to the street. Enjoyed pints from Fernandes and Wentworth breweries. Quite busy, although there was a folk festival on in the town at the time as well as a beer festival at the Holly Bush. A well timed visit.

19 Feb 2011 19:41

The Kings Head (Low House), Laxfield

Late write up from 29/09/08 visit (looking back through diary).
Looking across the stream from the Church yard this 15th century pub looks the part with it's steep thatched roof. Open the door and to say you step back in time would be an understatement, you look over the top of high backed settles surrounding the fire. Follow the path around the settle over well worn brick and flag floors to find two small rooms off to the right, plain but still original, looking straight on passed an antique varnished hobit-like set of drawers and cupboards and a meatsafe you see the rows of barrels from which the beer is served, no bar in this pub.

Around the settles to the left, through a small cronky doorway, leads you to the dining area which although more modern with a different atmosphere is furnished with sturdy farmhouse tables, high backed pews and photos of the pub and village over a Victorian fireplace and a cronky bell that rings a brass bell in the first room. With a range of Adnams ales and excellent tasty food, this is an historic gem for those searchers of such.

Unfortunately though we had just missed a beer festival in the garden the week before.

15 Feb 2011 22:07

The Lord Nelson, Southwold

Late write up from 29/09/08 visit (looking back through diary).
Yes this is a very "Pub Grub" pub but thank goodness you can find a time of the year and week and day when you can still find this to be a very nice, atmospheric, traditional pub. The end of September, Monday night after 21:00 and this pub will show you what it can be. Excellent range of Adnams (brewery next street) a good buzz of conversation, nicely lit relaxing ambiance, a proper pub.

15 Feb 2011 21:18

Kings Head, Southwold

Late write up from 29/09/08 visit (looking back through diary).
Although the walk from the Harbour into town had developed a thirst, we had to pass this one by, even though there was Adnams on hand pump, we had not brought our sunglasses to counter the megawatt lighting.

15 Feb 2011 21:10

The Crown, Southwold

Late write up from 29/09/08 visit (looking back through diary).
Hidden at the back of this imposing Hotel (through the front door straight back and follow the corridor to the room labelled "Back Bar" a complete contrast to the front dining rooms and restaurants. Again the Adnams Explorer and Broadside were excellent, the brewery is in the street behind. 7 for the back bar.

15 Feb 2011 21:03

The Harbour Inn, Southwold

Late write up from 29/09/08 visit (looking back through diary).
Probably was once approached on a level with the front bar before but now you step down from a raised quay down into what is now a cozy little bar with tiled floor and bricked walls up to the flood level. The back bar is oddly and more sensibly half a floor up, just above the flood line of 1953.

Nice log burning stove in the front bar and a range of Adnams ale on offer.

15 Feb 2011 20:46

The Bell Inn, Walberswick

Late write up from 29/09/08 visit (looking back through diary).
A charming country pub with flag and brick floors wonderfully worn by the passing of time. Inglenook fireplace surrounded by high backed settles and a boarded window seat still retained much character. Full range of Adnams on offer with the Explorer and Broadside very good. Other areas around the newer bar have equal character and seating for diners. This is well worth the walk up and down the creek from Southwold.

15 Feb 2011 20:10

The Malt 'n' Hops, Chorley

Another pub that looks slightly unpromising from the outside but there was a good atmosphere in the nicely done out open plan interior. Mirrored walls opposite the bar and a raised seating area to the right as you go in help to lower the high ceilinged rooms. The bar is in the back right with the long side facing the mirrored walls and the short side facing the front of the pub.

Good choice of beer including alcoholic ginger beer. Very good barmaid offered a taste of the Beartown Peach Melbear when asked about it, but decided to go for it anyway. Also tried a beer from the Idle Brewery, both were very good. The Beartown definitely had a slight peach taste at first sip which gave way to a more traditional bitter taste and the Idle brew reminded me at first sip slightly of of old fashioned milk chews (if anyone remembers them).

Would definitely call in again on a return visit.

21 Jul 2010 22:18

The Potters Arms, Chorley

Called in 17/07/10 and tried the Blackburn brewery Three B's Doff Cocker (never tried before) and the familiar Black Sheep Best Bitter, both were very nice and very well kept.

The slightly plain unpromising looking outside belies the very nice welcoming interior. Although open plan around the central bar it still has a feel of the original room layouts with the bar area on the left and in front as you enter and a more loungey room to the right as you go in. There is a well decorated and lit pool room at the back and a dartboard in another room off to the back left.

The landlady seemed pleasant and atmosphere was very nice and a good start to a very good Saturday night out in Chorley; will definitely call in on a return visit.

21 Jul 2010 20:40

The Running Horse Inn, New Alresford

Called on the way in to Alresford end of May heading for the Real Ale train. Nice plain simple decor bar but quiet (2 in bar) for a Saturday night and compared to the Horse and Groom, although it was early evening.

Sat outside in the sun with halves of Green King IPA which was very good. I think it is because it is on the outskirts of town, although not far, that it was quiet but should be a good middle of the road pub for this (what seems to be a very polarised) town.

6 Jul 2010 21:14

The Fox and Barrel, Cotebrook

Must visit this pub now that I have been tipped off by frankedwards comment below that it is noisy child unfriendly. You see the thing is that it is a pub, not a creche for badly behaved children which others have to put up with. Hope to visit soon.

3 Jul 2010 12:05

The Black Lion, Ellesmere

The name is wrong; it is The Black Lion Hotel" and is more a hotel in look and feel and nature. Went in at 9:50 to find no staff around, no one at the bar not even barman Bill as described by "Boatman". Went through to the back lounge where 2 drinkers at the bar told us to go through to the front room and someone would come and serve us, didn't bother to say that we already tried that but went back to the front bar and asked a passing waitress if anyone was looking after the bar. She said she would send someone. Nearly left but, thankfully someone arrived, don't think it was Bill cause he didn't have any line in banter. Really did feel like the business of the day, the dining, was over so therefore end of interest in public.

However there was a good selection of beer, of which Marstons Dragon's Tale ABV 4.5 which was very good and Marstons Burton Bitter ABV 3.8 which was OK both well kept and at a good temp.

The bar is on the right and a little reception room on the left as you go in. Straight on there is a long dimly lit lounge. It looks the bar and lounge cover an area that was originally the hotels coaching alley. The bar has an ecclectic style with plaster walls, mock beams and modern art neuveau style settles. It has a very nice relaxed atmosphere which made for a very enjoyable pint.

The bar has a curved glass partition which looks through to the lounge at the back with leather covered club chairs which looked nice and relaxed but totally different in style to the bar.

1 May 2010 21:09

The White Hart Inn, Ellesmere

Lovely timber framed building in a quiet side street just a few yards from the centre of town, although the building shows its timber frame on walls and ceilings the decor is very plain, clean and light.

Entrance into tiny hallway with openings through to lounge on the right served by the corner of the bar. Turn left through the bar area with standing room at the bar and a bench seat under the window, which then opens out into a larger bar with tables and chairs and dart board. Very nice chatty local atmosphere in here; talking about cabbages and kings.

Excellent real ale, including a local brew which was really good; what more could you want?

So nice to see pubs like this in full swing. Although a board outside says that the lease is currently up for sale. I really hope whoever gets this place wants to run it make a living, not run it to make a mint, and keeps it as it is.

30 Apr 2010 21:56

The Red Lion Coaching Inn, Ellesmere

Salt and vinegar fumes hit you (really was strong) as you walk in through the door into the bar. Perhaps they should invest in an extractor or bring back smoking or something. Very foody and brightly lit.

A large mahogany effect bar dominates the entrance room with an assortment of vintage repro lighting. Open plan with room "reserved for diners" off to the right as you come in and further rooms to the right at the back. It has a rather hotely winebar feel except for the Turkish carpet which gives it a more traditional feel.

However it has a good atmosphere with a lot of locals drinking at the bar and the beer was good. Thwaites' Wainwright and Original both very well kept at a good temp (not cold at all) Original was good but a bit watery compared to the Wainwright which was excellent.

May have visited too early on in the night as there was a pool table in one area off to the right which may hint at the fact that it reverts to a pub later on.

Pudding and a pint? Yuk! But looking at the food and the portions I think it would be a nice place for something to eat at lunchtime. The staff seemed very friendly too.

28 Apr 2010 23:47

The Railway Inn, Ellesmere

Went in early Saturday evening to find nobody in, but a lot of people out in the back yard making a lot of noise. Hung around at the bar long enough to see nothing but steel pumps of extra chilled, er whatever, not even a bar person.

Still it made it less awkward to go beat a hasty retreat.

Very plain empty minimalist cold decor obviously aimed at the young.
Still; a place for everyone. It wouldn't do for everywhere to be the same.

28 Apr 2010 23:03

Swan Inn, Ellesmere

Good traditional old fashioned basic boozer. Dated decor with red velvet banquettes all round with beaten copper topped tables. Open plan round the bar halfway along the left wall, brightly lit apart from the area at the back of the bar which was unlit as if out of bounds, odd. Covered smoking area out the back with beer yard to the side.

Only Tetley's was on offer but was quite good.

Early Saturday evening it looked like it was gearing up for a karaoke night good local atmosphere early on.

28 Apr 2010 22:51

Market Hotel, Ellesmere

Firstly port of call on this trip to Ellesmere which seems to be a really friendly place. Lounge on the right carpeted with wood panelled walls and banquette seating in the window corner at the front but felt a bit empty towards the back of the room where there was a medium sized screen on the back wall, open plan all round but still keeping the feel of the original rooms.

The bar on the left as you enter has a dark quarry tile floor red fake leather studded banquette seating all round the room and small stools but no chairs. The bar, with a solid traditional style repro pine panneled front, is mostly in this room but serves throught to the lounge and also out to the pool room at the back. This also has a seating area and there is a beer garden out back.

Old Speckled Hen and Black Sheep to choose from the Black sheep was very well kept and the best I've tasted. The Speckled Hen was good too but I'm always wary of it as it seemed to always give a hang over, even if you've only had one. Got off lightly this time.

OK the music may have been a bit loud for my liking but not overly so but seemd to be what the locals wanted as this place was very popular. This is a very good friendly local pub.

27 Apr 2010 21:22

The Red Dragon, Kirkby Lonsdale

A Robinsons pub as can be seen by the large beer signs above the bar. On this visit they had Unicorn and Smooth with 2 guest beers Hartleys XB and Cumbrian way. Tried both Hartleys and preferred the XB as it was maltier, but both were just a little on the cold side.

The open plan especially at the front lets this pub down a bit, perhaps some partitions could help. It feels like you are drinking in a large draughty hallway, looked better through the back if you were eating but still feels a bit open. It also has the feeling of being more of a hotel than a pub. Still a good watering place.

22 Apr 2010 22:05

The Kings Arms Hotel, Kirkby Lonsdale

Very good traditional pub. Open plan with lounge at the front going through passed the bar on the left to the pool/darts/bar area. There is a massive carved stone inglenook fireplace in this back area which could be part of an original old hall by the looks of it especially with the stone window mullions on the back wall which look part of an old hall too. The place has a real pub feel and has people playing pool and darts. Enjoyed a very well kept pint of Theakstons Best Bitter.

22 Apr 2010 21:57

The Gaskell Arms Hotel, Much Wenlock

Definitley a Hotel. Has a dining room, which looks the business, on the corner to the left of the main door which opens onto a small vestibule, right turn takes you to the reception/bar in a very nicely kitted out room with a settle behind the door an open firplace which opens out front and back in the middle of the room. This more like a Hotel lounge area that doubles as a less formal dining area.

There is a back room that is served from a bar which runs from the back of reception, which is more of a local bar. The whole thing has an old fashioned dated feel but that is it's charm. There seems to be a good atmosphere in the back bar which is sometimes used by staff on a rest period, gives it a bit of an "Upstairs Downstairs" feeling at times.

I don't know what the food is like but the, I presume, elderly owner and here daughter sat down in front of us to have what looked like a very well presented meal. In answer to the waiters question "Where would you like to eat this evening?"they chose to eat in the reception/bar area that night saying good night to some of the guests as they passed by, quite odd really.

There is usually a selection of real ales to choose from this visit it was the Courage Director's and the Wood's Parish that was sampled and very good they were too.

This one has to be included with the Talbot and the George and Dragon to make it a pub crawl.

18 Apr 2010 23:30

The George and Dragon, Much Wenlock

Always a favourite on a visit to Much Wenlock, cronky old door split down the middle, that probably has never stopped a draught, to let you straight in off the street into a quarry tile floored room with old fireplace facing you across wooden chairs and tables and settles all the way around the walls. To the right is the bar facing out to the front with a standing area between it and the window, all beamed with a little fireplace in the corner. There are further beamed timbered dining rooms to the back.

Once saw the new landlady trying to stop a drunk local from singing rugby songs in the front, quite amusing at the time, saying she had some diners in the back paying good money. Quite a reasonable request but then it is a pub, in a rural small market town/village, and not good enough money if they couldn't afford to go to a restaurant, I wonder if she managed to attract the locals back in the winter?

All that aside this is an excellent pub and it seemed to have a good crowd in. Very good atmosphere and excellently kept St Austells Tribute and Coors Brains Mitchell and Butlers Brew X1 i think. The village is a gem too.

18 Apr 2010 22:36

The Talbot Inn, Much Wenlock

Visit Much Wenlock once or twice a yearand this pub is usually the first port of call due to being able to sit out in the courtyard for the first pint. This Saturday was raucus as the cricket team appeared to be celebrating and getting ready to head off somewhere more clubby. Sampled Skinners Hunny Bunny and the Bass, both well kept but prefered the Bass.

Calling back in at the end of the night it had settled back down to a nice relaxed country pub feel probably the best place to end the night in Much Wenlock.

The pub is quite diney particularly at the front but spreads through to the back at peak times and the poor waiters have to negotiate throught the room at the back and passed the bar to serve most of the meals. Can't speak for the food but it seems popular. The pub is or was Egon Ronay commended. They are now selling ready made sandwiches for the locals that choose not to dine, cricket teams etc.

The bad bit is I once saw the landlady fire a menber of staff, don't know if he deserved it, probably did from what I overheard, but that was not the point. The point was he was fired in front of me at a time picked by the landlady who must have been watching too much Gordon Ramsay for style and language tips. He should have been fired in private for everyones sake. It spoiled my night and I missed this pub out for a couple of visits to Much Wenlock.

18 Apr 2010 21:10

The Sun Hotel, Kirkby Lonsdale

Did not go in this 'pub' on this trip but went in on the previous visit and found it difficult to find a plce to sit or stand at the bar for a drink as it was full of diners even thought dining rooms are at the back. It does not have the feel of a pub although the beer and food may be good. I think it probably appeals to the more affluent incommers than most of the locals but hey there is something for everyone in this town and it keeps them from turning the other pubs into trendy winebars hopefully.

Remember this is just an opinion and you may read this and like what I didn't which may prove helpful to you.

The pub across the road The Kings Arms Hotel, which does not have an entry on this site yet, is very good and has a massive carved stone inglenook fireplace in the back which could be part of an original old hall by the looks of it. The place has a real pub feel and has people playing pool and darts. Enjoyed a very well kept pint of Theakstons Best Bitter. Rated 5 for the Sun 6 for The Kings Arms Hotel.

18 Apr 2010 18:41

The Snooty Fox, Kirby Lonsdale

The front room by the bar has a cosy warm feel when you can get in after the diners have gone, though has a slight Hotel feel. Going in the front door however the area going down past the bar on the left to the toilets at the back is less cosy and feels like a covered in Coaching Inn lane which perhaps it was once. Round the right and to the back of the bar there is an area less cosy than the front and more popular with younger locals.

Tried the Hawkshead Lakeland Gold 4.4 ABV but found it a bit too bitter. Anyhow slightly cold and too sour for my taste and had to be left. Other beers were on offer and may well have been very good and the place had a nice atmosphere and seemed very popular.

18 Apr 2010 18:17

The Orange Tree Inn, Kirkby Lonsdale

This is a very foody pub early on in the evening although it has a pool table in the front room on the left which makes you think it's a more traditional pub. There's a lounge type area to the right as you go in and to the back left hand side and round the back of the bar there are boothed seating areas that have the feel of railway carriage compartments or boxed pews in a church.
The good thing is that after 8 or 9 o'clock it reverts back to a traditional local.

The best thing is that it is an outlet for the local Kirkby Lonsdale Brewery of which there were a choice of 4. Cherkeby a 5.0 wheat beer was nice but very light. Jubilee and Radical are dark and reminiscent of Jennings Snecklifter. Jubilee being more chocolatey (70% Cocoa) and Radical (50% Cocoa) as a comparison, were very nice , although they both had a slightly bitter aftertaste that Snecklifter doesn't have. Did not get round to trying the Ruskins. They also had Lancaster Brewey's Red which was excellent. I'm not sure about the food here though it seemed very popular.

Overall a great pub the only bad point being the lighting in the room to the right as you go in. Good for eating under I suppose but it felt like being under floodlights at a football stadium and killed the otherwise relaxed atmoshere later on. So much for energy efficient bulbs especially sticking through the tops of the shades to blind you, a bit like going back to gas lighting but harsher, lower wattages could have saved the need for a few powerstations.

18 Apr 2010 17:53

The Grape Vaults, Leominster

This has to be the best pub in Leominster, a small gem, a must visit pub. Visited once when the fair was in the street outside and it was nearly impossible to get in or out. Very popular at other times too though, and always a good atmosphere. I think this is probably down to the Landlord and Landlady.

Sometimes has a fire lit in the small hearth in the right hand side room but this Saturday it was fortunately not lit as the room was tightly packed full of people watching the rugby. Great atmosphere as usual and a good choice of real ales. The St Austells Tribute was excellent and very well kept.

23 Mar 2010 22:32

Chequers, Leominster

First visit to this pub pre-2006 was very disappointing. As a lover of old untouched un done-up pubs this should have been good. True it did have a large fireplace to the left as you go in but there seemed to be ash everywhere probably highlighted by the extra long strip light above the bar which rendered the room totally devoid of atmosphere. There was an extra large TV dominating the bar back and the pub was as dead as a doorknob. There was no way throught to the room at the back. To get to it and the toilets you had to go out of the front and round the side.

This changed about 2006 and was done out very well opening the path through to the back bar which was done out well with a small fireplace with a lit fire but also keeping the large open fireplace with a lit fire in the front room. Total change of atmosphere and usually had very good selection of real ales.

The outside has now changed and has massive jumbrellas and heaters since the smoking ban came into force. There now seems to be a party/function room out at the back of the building which was in full swing this Saturday, which has the effect of keeping the bar quieter and more relaxed, although it can still get very busy at times.

Excellent Wye Valley Butty Bach and Spinning Dog brewery's Mutley's Revenge were enjoyed on the first visit on Saturday in the front room, which has a large screen which was showing the rugby. The same beers beckoned us back for second visit later in the evening sat in the back room sank into a leather settee.

23 Mar 2010 22:17

The White Lion Inn, Leominster

Close to the station, a very popular pub with seperate dining room and bar looking out onto a large beer garden. Early Saturday night and gearing up for entertainment later on. Sometimes has a real fire on at the back of the bar but none of that tonight. Usually has a choice of a couple of real ales which on previous visits have tended to be a bit on the cool side. This time however an excellent well kept pint of Mayfields Auntie Myrtles brewed in Leominster.

23 Mar 2010 21:40

The Golden Lion Inn, Bridgnorth

Friday lunchtime stopped for decent and reasonably priced Veg Lasagne with salad and Broccolli and cheese bake with veg. Good local friendly atmosphere and quite popular. Shandy and coke on this occasion as only passing through.
However looking forward for an evening vist soon to sample what seemed to be a good selection of ales.

23 Mar 2010 21:16

The Loggerheads, Shrewsbury

A lot busier again after being quiet the last couple of visits and a Thursday night too. This is a must visit pub and a favorite in Shrewsbury. Standing in the corridor looking into the smoke room with it's tables scrubbed so much over the years that there's barely any top left. Great to see folk music in this venue again with a show stopping performance from a female singer soloist. What better way to finish the night with an excellent pint of Jennings Snecklifter to boot.

23 Mar 2010 21:04

The Old Post Office, Shrewsbury

Acoustic night last Thursday but a lot quieter and not quite as good an atmosphere as the Wheatsheaf. Beer good, though only a swift half of Banks's.

23 Mar 2010 20:49

The Wheatsheaf, Shrewsbury

Choice of real ales as usual with the Banks's Bitter very good as usual, tight squeese at the bar as usual too.
This is a great place to pop in if there is music on and tonight (Thursday) had a good rockabilly band on that was most enjoyable.

22 Mar 2010 21:29

The Nag's Head, Shrewsbury

Used to be my favorite pub in Shrewsbury when it had the Jennings Cumberland on. Doesn't seem to have this on these days, pity. Still love sitting in the front bar looking out on Wyle Cop though. Great beer garden in the back too with the unused timber frame building giving it a great atmosphere. Deuchars and Black Sheep boh good and very well kept.

22 Mar 2010 21:20

The Coach and Horses, Shrewsbury

This is a very woody, cronky, creaky place on the whole especially away from the front bar which is less so but had an excellent atmoshere as usual. Good atmosphere in the small snug and the area by the bar in the back lounge/dining area. Well frequented by both drinkers and diners for a Thursday night. Thankfully a pub that has managed to keep the dining and drinking areas largely separated and seems to excel at both. On the beer front pleased to recommend the Wye Valley HPA, and Sadlers Mud City Stout which were excellent.

22 Mar 2010 21:06

Ye Olde Bucks Head Inn, Frankwell

Agree with Shropspy it does have a hotel lounge feel, but in a nice way. Did not eat here but the low key music helped give it a very nice atmosphere, making it a nice relaxing pub for a meal or a chat or a pint. The inn is broken into 3 or 4 separate areas by the old room dividing walls but open all along the bar. The Salopian Darwins Origin was OK, but a bit sour/bitter for my taste but the Bass was fine. (Not getting the Salopian Ales so far but I'll keep trying).

22 Mar 2010 20:40

Wheatsheaf, Shrewsbury

Nice enough plain basic decor pub, which was quiet early on Thursday night, although it had a friendly local feel. They have music advertised for some nights which may be livelier.
Choice of 3 real ales I think. The Salopian Oracle was OK but a bit sour/bitter, nothing wrong with it but just not to my taste. The Stonehouse Brewery Station Bitter was more to my liking, very nice, although both were slightly cool in my opinion.

22 Mar 2010 19:38

The Bird in Hand, Shrewsbury

Tried this pub instead of The Woodman across the road this trip.
The bar is plain but has a tap room atmosphere and a friendly landlady. Bench seats around the outside wall with cushions, dart board above the fireplace and a pool table round the other corner of the bar. 5 or 6 locals with a couple popping in, not bad for 7pm Thursday night. The Hookey Bitter was good and well kept. Didn't go in the lounge, seemed a bit quiet, but I presume it is where the advertised entertainment is held. All in all a decent old fashioned friendly local.

22 Mar 2010 19:01

The Stork Hotel, Birkenhead

Called in here again on Monday night 18/01/2010 to find a busy bar with choice of 4 different real ales to try. I popped my head round the corner into the function room to find a projector and screen set up and a gathering crowd. A couple of minutes later the lights inside were dimmed and the curtain to the function room was drawn. Muffled titters followed later by more raucus laughter wafted out through the curtain. Further investigation revealed the event to be a Laurel and Hardy film show.

This pub really has a community feel and puts on lots of events. Interestingly behind the bar there were portions rice with chicken curry advertised at 1.99.

Having just found out that the 216 bus stops outside here, a 10 minute ride each way for me, and goes on to pick up at the Woodside bus station across Hamilton Square outside The River View (ex The Worsley Arms) it looks like the frequency of visits is about to increase.

4 Feb 2010 19:39

The River View, Birkenhead

This pub has now changed its name to The River View. It looks like it has been recently refurbished. Open plan; the entrance takes you to the bar which has a quarry tiled floor and wooden bar with traditional feel. Although it has a high ceiling it has been fitted with modern warehouse style beams and cladding which along with steps running round a large brick column (which continues the warehouse feel) up to the raised area to the right has the effect of lowering the ceiling and splitting the large room into smaller cosier spaces. This raised area (which allows a better view over the river) is carpetted and has cast iron victorian type chairs and an original black leaded kitchen range. There is a larger room at the back of the pub which we didn't explore. Only one real ale beer on but it was the best, Jennings Cumberland (my hometown brewery), and very well kept. It had a welcoming feel with 5 or 6 regulars in, not bad for a Monday night, and the bus station is right outside and Hamilton Square underground station round the corner (one stop to liverpool).

4 Feb 2010 19:13

Gallaghers, Birkenhead

Closed and up for sale or let on Monday 18/01/2010. It used to be OK but only sold Cains which is good when it's Good but not my favorite.
I hope it opens again and sells real ale as it would make a good crawl around Hamilton Square along with The River View (Used to be the Worsley Arms) and The Stork Hotel on Price Street across the square.

24 Jan 2010 18:36

The Stork Hotel, Birkenhead

We called in on the way out to start New Years Eve but were stopped at the door as it was a ticket only night from 10pm onward (Allowed in by the Landlady for a couple of pints who informed us that she was doing a "Hot Pot Supper"). Most enjoyable drink as usual and a good atmosphere, left just as it was filling up with the lucky "Hot Potters". Got the impression that you could have easily stayed if you had nothing planned and had asked. One to consider for next year I think!

23 Jan 2010 20:55

The Sun Inn, Beverley

Had a nice pint of "Landlord" here. Very busy with a nice atmosphere although went there to see the advertised band. I don't know if they just didn't turn up or the advertisment was just meant to get you in there but didn't see any sign of them so moved on to the Oddfellows Arms (not listed here).

3 Sep 2009 00:22

The Monks Walk, Beverley

Went to visit on Saturday 15/08/09 but it was boarded up.

3 Sep 2009 00:12

Ring 'O' Bells, West Kirby

Just heard that this pub has now changed to "Loch Fyne at the Ring O'Bells" and popped my head around the door whilst in the area to verify this. It has changed and has been done out very nicely. I would even consider going for a meal here, sometime soon, especially with seafood tapas on the menu.
I thought it only fair to mention this after my last (negative) review as it has obviously changed for the better. However, sadly, this is now very definitly more of a restaurant and not a pub any longer.

31 Aug 2009 19:35

The Woolpack Inn, Beverley

Very nice double fronted pub a short, worthwhile, walk from the centre. This does have a nice traditional feel especially from the front room on the right just by the bar. Great choice of real ales especially if your a Jennings fan. Tried the Jennings "Yan Tan Tethera" this time which was excellent but not quite as good as my favorite "Snecklifter" or "Cocker Hoop" which were also on. Very friendly feel to this pub, relaxed with nice subtle lighting. Along with Nellies, the Tiger Inn, the Sun Inn and the Green Dragon, a good pub crawl for Beverley.

31 Aug 2009 19:19

The White Horse Inn, Beverley

It realy does hearten you to find places like this still exist and are also still so popular. Hearing about this pub before visiting just does not prepare you for the atmosphere the place has. Gas lit with flag floors (where you can see them), what looks like 50 year old curtains hanging on a wire, dark walls that haven't seen paint for as long, I'm sure I saw some hobbits in one room but it was too dark to make out. There are some small rooms, larger rooms, kitchen with leaded range and coal hoppers, a mase of corridors and a yard out the back.
A new extension with pool tables does not detract and this pub really is popular with all ages. Sam Smiths beer was very good but if this had been a free house with a range of real ales this would surely deserve a 10 out of 10, as it is it is an excellent place and proof that a pub doesn't have to be brightly lit and done out like a "Next" living room, a creche or become wholly given over to food to thrive.
With the Tiger Inn, the Woolpack Inn, the Sun Inn and the Green Dragon, amongst others, with "Nellies" as the highpoint, Beverley really is a great place for a night out. Very impressed.

19 Aug 2009 23:20

Waggon & Horses, Beckhampton

Visited this place as it was on a calendar at home. Nice pint of 6X. Nice traditional feel inside to match the look of the outside, wooden settles, wooden floor, and what looked like old chemist shop drawers at the back of the bar.

19 Sep 2008 00:36

The Red Lion, Avebury

Average, basic pub with picnic tables outside slap in the centre of a stone circle. Is what it is because of the all the tourists I guess, which is, a place to slake your thirst after wandering round Avebury before moving on.

19 Sep 2008 00:27

The Mermaid Inn, St Mary's

On the corner the street with the quay at the side the first building you come to coming off the Scillonian III. Downstairs 'Slip' bar and I believe dining room at the back but enjoyed the main bar so much they didn't get a look in. Main bar is basically one large high ceilinged room with open fire, view out to sea through one window, flags on the ceiling and pool table. Good selection of beers especially the 'Scuppered' from 'The Ales of Scilly' brewery.

25 Jul 2008 00:34

Atlantic Inn, St Mary's

Nice old fashioned style pub with a good choice of beer. Though very busy serving food which was reasonable, still keeps it's pub character and feel. Step down from the street into low beamed open plan pub that opens up at the back with a dining are to the right. Also an umbrella'd patio at the back complete with canon overlooking the beach.

25 Jul 2008 00:22

The White Lion, Barthomley

Thatched, black and white timbered pub dating from 1614 and thankfully feels like it hasn't changed much. Food is available and the menu looked fair but at the end of the day this is still well and truly an old fashioned tavern. 2 rooms with the bar in one and inglenook in the other and picnic tables on the cobbled area at the front. Pews around the walls, pub tables and chairs on traditional old red tiled floors, open coal fire (on July 19th), sturdy beamed ceilings all give this pub so much lovely character. More than that Jenning's "Cocker Hoop" and Marston's "Pedigree" and another on hand pump completes the dream.

21 Jul 2008 22:21

The Bishop and Wolf, St Marys

This pub does seem to be more geared up for eating rather than drinking, the layout seemed a bit poor with wasted space away from the bar and limited area for drinking around the bar but served a good pint of Tinners.

27 Jun 2008 00:44

The Porthcressa Inn, Porthcressa

Good pint of Skinners here and also do a good red wine and the staff are friendly. The popular card game of 'euchre' is played here and the place has the feel of a dominoes and darts type of place. Best though, for its Great views over Porthcressa beach, either sitting inside or from the decked area outside.

27 Jun 2008 00:37

The Woodman, Shrewsbury

Nice pub to start the night. Welcoming landlord who seems to know about his ales and offers samples. Bar on the left, outside sitting area out the back and a nice wood panelled lounge on the right. The lounge is fitted out with cushioned banquettes round the walls with tables and stools and a couple of pews with cushions and open fireplace. Good selection of real ales including local ones.

23 May 2008 00:51

The Lion Tavern, Liverpool

With reference to 'DNADave' comment. I presume he is the Landlord or employee to be able to know when Casque Mark visited and to say 'we' when refering to the pub. If so why not say so, to enable readers to form an unbiased opinion. I am aware that many people are finding beer 'chilled' recently and hoped that you would have prefered to hear everyones views. The views of all those 'experts' that are customers and choose where to drink.

15 May 2008 01:34

The Bridge, Topsham

Excellent unchanged traditional pub. Great selection of beers and very well kept, at least the ones we tried. Fantastic snug, small room with an open fire at the end of the corridor screened off from the corridor with a woodon screen. Strange experience of pirates heads popping round the corner when getting served in the corridor. Turns out there was a party going on somewhere else in the pub.

24 Apr 2008 00:32

The Magazine Hotel, Wallasey

Just re-visited this excellent riverside pub, must be 5 years since the last visit, only because I have to drive to get there. Seems totally unchanged thank God. Bigger than I remember, as you enter from the front the main room (bar on the right) welcomes you with beamed ceilings, cartoon pictures and a glimpse of the fire at the far end. There are three rooms off this to the left, the one at the front a snug, the one at the back quite large, sometimes has music nights. The fireplace is floor to ceiling dark carved wood covered in brasses with a highly polished club fender. Timothy Taylors 'Landlord' and 'Black Sheep' were nice although a little too chilled. 'Abbot ale also on but not sampled. This is a really nice unspoit old fashioned pub. I just wish I lived round the corner. Seek it out if you're in the area.

20 Apr 2008 21:59

The Hare and Hounds Inn, Mirfield

Nice touch having logs piled up in the entrance porch. Greatly extended pub which is now more of a dinery. Timothy Taylor's 'Landlord' was nice although a bit chilled. The Salmon was nicely cooked but the meals were of Nouvelle Quisine portions and for the price a bit dear. The fish pie was disappointing most of the potato topping is probably still being chiselled off the dish. 7pm on Saturday night and the waiters are tripping over children crawling unsupervised by their parents, still that's not the waiters' fault; service was excellent. Although open plan the pub is thankfully zoned with the dining to the left as you go in, which was nicely lit and well laid out, would have had a nice ambience but for the raucus children. The best part however has to be to the right as you go in with great big log fire, subdued lighting and very nice seating. Not traditional but felt like a very plush hotel foyer, probably great at Christmas.

13 Apr 2008 18:34

The Pub At The Pier, Uig

Visited this pub September 2007 whilst staying at the campsite 200 yds away. First impressions not promising with a young Father Ted lookalike with bandana having a cig out of the back door, turned out to be the chef though, not a pirate. Looked like it was going to be a brief visit at first but we were totally won over by excellently kept Red Cuillin and Black Cuillin real ales. One large room with a bar area cum lounge opening onto a conservatory style eating area with views out over the pier. Although a quiet night the music being played was excellent and not too loud, and the staff were very friendly despite first appearances. There were one or two diners, but I can't vouch for the food as we didn't try any. The brewery just happens to be 200 yds away so we could stock up with some bottles of the beer the next day, which was equally as good.

10 Apr 2008 23:31

The Railway, Liverpool

Revisited recently and yes it is as good as remembered. Seemed to be a bit busier and had a good atmosphere. The Flowers I.P.A. was excellent again and not too chilled. Have to raise my rating for that. Marvellous view of the old Liverpool Exchange Railway station out of the windows too.

10 Apr 2008 23:01

The Lion Tavern, Liverpool

Revisited recently. Still love the pub but disappointingly found the cask marque beers a bit over chilled. I do hope it's not a permanent thing.

10 Apr 2008 22:53

Crown Inn, Monifieth

Cosy 2 room pub, chatty and local at the bar with red velour banquettes and red decor scheme to escape to. Good old fashioned pub.

10 Apr 2008 22:46

Globe, Liverpool

Nice little basic pub usually has a few well kept real ales. Standing room near the doors, long bar on one side with seating opposite and at the far end then on further into a little room at the back. Nice enough decor with some original ceiling features and articles and pictures about old Liverpool sites and people.

26 Mar 2008 23:03

The White Lion Inn, West Kirby

Nice little pub with brasses on sandstone walls, split leve with the bar at the back. Quite on a Friday night at 7:30 when we called but the beer was good.

26 Mar 2008 22:43

Ring 'O' Bells, West Kirby

Tried this pub as it always looked so interesting from outside. What a disappointment. Made the decision to only order a half on the way to the bar. Totally given over to food, smelt of stale chip pan fat, thanks to the no smoking policy. The beer was chilled and nearly poured over a child running round the corner of the bar. More like a creche at about 8p.m. with childrens toys, shoes etc. all over the floor and children running from room to room bumping into waiters, parents totally oblivious. Left never to return. Still it suits some people if thats what you like.

26 Mar 2008 22:36

The Bull Inn, Whitwell

Quite nice pub, although not not my style. Looked more of a football TV type of place at first but enjoyed a nice pint there nonetheless.

25 Mar 2008 21:24

The Maidens Head, Whitwell

Nice pub with small hallway leading to lounge on the left with dining adjacent or chatty locals bar on the right. Both feel unspoilt and the landlord and landlady seemed perfectly suited to this place. Didn't try the food but ejoyed a couple of pints of well kept real ales.

25 Mar 2008 21:19

The Railway, Liverpool

Wow. This pub used to be dark and dingy with the carpet sticking to your feet. Not now. Very nicely refurbished, inside and out, with board floors, gilded cornices, expensive looking light fittings and stylish furniture; but has somehow kept true to its original Victorian scheme. Felt how it probably did when it was new. Enjoyed a well kept pint of Flowers I.P.A on St Patricks Day, the pub was quiet, may well have just reopened. Looks like it will do lots of lunchtime trade with meals, but I hope it takes off in the evenings too, must revisit.

25 Mar 2008 20:45

The Shrewsbury Arms, Oxton

Visit this pub probably once a month as it's a local but usually Monday or Tuesday but have visited it on a Friday occasionally. It is usually a fairly busy pub, no music, but loud with chat and has a nice beer garden. There are real ales, usually good and varied. I can see a point to some of the negative comments here, which probably refer to Friday/Saturday night. Unfortunately nearly all pubs are nothing like what they used to be 20 years ago and peoples behaviour is probably not what we would all like, and wherever you go people have accents some more difficult to understand than others. I have to say as a balance to some of these comments that it is IMHO the best you can find in the village.

24 Mar 2008 22:39

The Roscoe Head, Liverpool

Great little pub, traditional layout with bar serving into open entrance hall with 2 rooms off and a screened snug at the end of the bar. Serves Jennings and a few other real ales, look for blackboard on right of bar and food. Agree with the comment about the refurb deserving an OBE, sitting there one night and it slowly dawned, after a bit of discussion about the place, that it had been refurbished.

24 Mar 2008 21:43

The Lion Tavern, Liverpool

Great pub. Large bar fills about half of the room as it also serves through the Victorian wood and cut glass screen into the corridor and 2 rooms behind. Similar in layout to The Stork in Birkenhead. Good selection of real ales, usually well kept, speciality lagers and malts. Serves food but remains a good old traditional pub. Didn't try the food but might be tempted by one of their cheeses. Even on Monday night there is a pleasant buzz.

20 Mar 2008 00:26

The Scotch Piper Inn, Lydiate

Atmospheric, basic, thatched pub with concrete floor, open fire, corner bar under the staircase and timbers of the original cruck building in evidence, all in one small room (2 other rooms, 1 with dart board and picnic tables outside). Once walked in to find five or six of the regulars eating cheese and biscuits and pickles round the table watching the football on a tiny screen above the alcove next to the fire. I thought we'd walked into a farm kitchen. Changing guest real ale. A one off.

13 Mar 2008 20:46

Coach and Horses Inn, Greasby

It is a small cosy traditional local pub with small rooms, exposed stone fireplace and built in settle. Popular with locals.

12 Mar 2008 23:53

The Stork Hotel, Birkenhead

Nice pub with mosaic floor, tiled walls and victorian wood and glass screens around central bar with seating around a fireplace in the main part. Camera listed and usually have 3 or 4 well kept changing real ales (favorite so far was Jennings Snecklifter). Does food, mostly though the day (not sampled) but retains a local pub feel with separate areas including Pool table.

2 Mar 2008 15:22

The Wheatsheaf, Raby Mere

Very nice thatched pub not quite as local as I would like it to be. An example of a pub that can do quite a lot of food (not sampled) but still retains a traditional pub feel in the bar area with settles round the fire. Good varying selection of real ales including some from a local brewery.
Hosted a beer festival in a marquee out the back last August bank holiday that was very good.

2 Mar 2008 15:00

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