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Top End Bar, Ashton under Lyne

Apparently caught selling booze. Tradervic, Croydon peer,randolf,wealdman brewmason and paul 36 were all in the vicinity when this happened .The police have also arrested a man with multiple split personalities and a touch of bipolar for his own safety and sanity.

7 Apr 2020 14:47

Moss Tavern, Manchester

Has been knocked down and still no building work happening.

16 Feb 2020 18:55

The Gardeners Arms, Droylsden

Now closed

16 Feb 2020 18:53

The Gardeners Arms, Droylsden

Now closed

16 Feb 2020 18:53

The White Lion, Hyde

As previous posters have said full of o.a.p.s who must have some money to spend, Robinson beer isn't the cheapest. On my visit one real ale on. As you walk in you see a fantastic old long bar then you look to the right it looks like a posh transport cafe.

3 Dec 2019 07:58

Cotton Bale, Hyde

This place is no longer a Wetherspoons. I know some may shed a tear on here! It's still open but the new owners are Stonegate. More of a focus on live sports and cheap drinks now.

3 Dec 2019 07:54

The Cheshire Ring, Hyde

Not been in here for years. On the outside it looks a bit shabby but inside it has the look of a heritage pub. Good range of real ales and German/Belgium beers. Opening times are four weekdays and twelve on weekends. Easily the best pub in Hyde.

3 Dec 2019 07:51

Edinburgh Castle, Ancoats

This place reopened this month. A tasteful refurb has been done. The beer let it down as both casks were not on and the craft beer on offer was a bit safe for me. It can get a bit busy so we had to sit at the bar, unfortunately we had to sit next to this weird enlarged pot pourri plant that the barman was rather fond of. Every time I moved it to get my beer he moved it back. Will visit again if beer range improves.

20 Nov 2019 10:55

Green Lodge Hotel, Hoylake

We stayed here and have got to give the staff their due they were very friendly and accommodating, the rooms were pretty decent considering it is an old building. Regarding the pub it's a Marsden s pub so if you like that beer your fine. The food is that little bit better than spoons. If you like something different Try the Thai restaurant on the main road.

18 Nov 2019 19:36

Plasterers Arms, Hoylake

Along with The new micropub The Black toad (not listed on here) this is a great place if you like a decent pint of real ale and a chat with the locals. On our visit we had 4 ales on with the two of choice being from Purple moose brewery and the other white rat brewery the other two beers were from black sheep and some other national one that I forgot. The pub has a nice log fire and if your an animal lover dogs are allowed. Well worth hunting out.

18 Nov 2019 19:30

Hoylake Lights, Hoylake

One of the smallest Wetherspoons I've visited, mostly local ales at a very reasonable price of 1.85. Apparently this is something they do on Mondays only. Like most wetherspoons old boys stood in shit corner protecting outsiders from seeing the delights of fosters and John smiths.

18 Nov 2019 19:24

The Railway, Clayton

Up for sale or to let

4 Nov 2019 23:11

The Whitehouse Hotel, Peel

Probably one of the best ranges of beer I've seen on the Isle of man. It is now run by the guys who run The Two Fellas micropub in Peel (not listed on this site). 9 real ales on a couple from Bushy's and the rest being from the mainland. Blackjack stout from Manchester was on which was one of the favourites of the day.

22 Oct 2019 14:27

The Bridge Inn, Laxey

Friendly old school pub with well kept Bushy's beers on offer. Can see why it's in The Good Beer guide.

22 Oct 2019 14:23

The Rovers Return, Douglas

Proper spit and sawdust place with great local characters to chat to over some great Bushy's ales. Ok it has its faults especially the toilet where a nice hole has been kicked into the bottom of the door to let a Manx Cat in but I've not seen it yet!

21 Oct 2019 19:35

The Moon and Spoon, Slough

Whatever happened to 11 pints? Did he turn into randolf 7 or croydon peer or even wealdman? Lets await the next false account to defend the rest!

7 Oct 2019 17:35

The Grouse Inn, Oldham

Ok did wealdman post this? Croydon peer? 11 pints or the famous Randolf 7?

7 Oct 2019 17:32

Essendine Hotel, Stamford

It must be quite obvious to most that randolf 7 and Croydon peer are the same person or flat share together. Does anyone remember the guy who posted about wetherspoons everyday, Moon and spoon? Well the same two characters are possibly the same two who post under the disguise of 11 pints and wealdman. Very strange individuals indeed or as I've said possibly one!

7 Oct 2019 17:27

Mr Thomas' Chop House, Manchester

Great looking pub inside and out but seriously 4.60 for a pint of Timothy Taylor!

2 Oct 2019 16:00

Whittles, Oldham

Heard the landlord wants to turn this place into another use. Such a shame as its a no nonsense, bullshit free live music joint with good real ale. Local camra branch are you listening?

25 Sep 2019 07:33

The St Austell Brewery Visitor Centre, St Austell

If you want to try some of St Austell breweries more exclusive range visit the visited centre. Plenty on offer plus a nice range of craft beers

19 Aug 2019 09:47

The Western Inn, St Austell

Apart from the St Austell visitor centre one of the best pints of Tribute and Cornish best in the area. If Pool is your game you might struggle to get on the tables as they are usually booked up at night.

19 Aug 2019 09:26

The Western Inn, St Austell

Apart from the St Austell visitor centre one of the best pints of Tribute and Cornish best in the area. If Pool is your game you might struggle to get on the tables as they are usually booked up at night.

19 Aug 2019 09:23

Seven Stars Inn, St Austell


19 Aug 2019 09:21

Shamrock, Manchester

Been closed for at least 5 months. But Joseph holts brewery has taken it on and apparently it will reopen later this year. Walked past today and still no one working on it.

17 Jul 2019 11:16

The Royal Bar, Morecambe

Seeing the clientele outside doesn't inspire you to go in. But the ale is spot on and the food is all home cooked and well worth the price. It's a definite must visit in Morecambe. Friday and Saturday nights bring quite a few hen and stag nights so if your not into that do a day session.

8 Jul 2019 12:01

The Tivoli, Morecambe

Closed and no sign of life. Unusual for a Sam Smith pub.

8 Jul 2019 11:58

Eric Bartholomew, Morecambe

One of the cheapest Wetherspoons I've ever visited. One fifty five for a pint of stout! And to be fair it was spot on. Apparently the locals don't like the dark stuff.

8 Jul 2019 11:57

Dog and Partridge, Morecambe

A Greene king pub with a few guest beers on. Friendly staff. A pub that seems to cater for the cheap food brigade.

8 Jul 2019 11:54

Little Bare, Bare

Cracking micropub with 5 ales and one real cider. Can get extremely busy on Friday and Saturday nights. A great addition to this area.

8 Jul 2019 11:52

The Manchester, Beswick

This place did reopen for at least 2 years but alas it is closed again. It's an ugly estate pub that is facing The Etihad stadium with a lot of land around it. Needs knocking down and replaced with a Wetherspoons or something similar that sells real ale/decent German, Belgium lager.

2 Jul 2019 13:06

The Engine Rooms, Ashton Under Lyne

Poor choice of ales and slightly on the warm side. Management could have gained more of Wetherspoons customers when it was closed last year, but due to the beer being kept badly and variety the Pub failed. Management don't have a clue what is happening on the doorstep.

28 Jun 2019 06:43

Harvester, Ashton under Lyne

So you like real ale? This place has 3 pumps serving Sharps doombar, sharps doombar and sharps doombar. No wonder Harvester pubs are no longer Cask marque accredited.

28 Jun 2019 06:38

The Pig On The Wall, Droylsden

Massive refurb in this place it's been opened out to make it more family friendly and food orientated. There is more choice of beers with two real ales on one from Robinsons and the other from Timothy Taylor. If your into craft beers there is maltsmiths along with your usual lagers.

17 Jun 2019 18:14

The Prince Of Orange, Ashton Under Lyne

Correction to previous post. The Prince is now being managed by the people who run The Snipe in Audenshaw. Yesterday they had two real ales on. One from Robinsons and the other one a guest. Prices seem to have lowered and it was busier than normal.

9 Jun 2019 13:19

The Bier Keller, Manchester

Been closed for at least 10 years I think.

30 May 2019 14:22

The Millpond, Stalybridge

Been knocked down to be replaced by a new build block of apartments.

30 May 2019 11:35

Bridge Beers, Stalybridge

A place where all the Beers are served on gravity straight from the barrel. Bit unique for the Greater Manchester area. Also serves bottles of real ale and cider. One of our party named it The Harry potter bar due to its quirkiness.

30 May 2019 11:33

The Prince Of Orange, Ashton Under Lyne

This Pub is soon to be reopened by the same owners as The Bakers Vault in Stockport.

30 May 2019 11:27

Oddfellows Arms, Ashton under Lyne

Now become residential.

30 May 2019 11:23

Queen Inn, Ashton under Lyne

Think Star wars bar then times it by ten.

28 May 2019 12:42

Beau Geste, Ashton under Lyne

Now owned by the Craft union pub group. £2.20 for a pint of either Thwaites wainwrights or Sharps doombar. Very busy pub that seems to have entertainment on most days.

28 May 2019 12:34

The Grouse Inn, Oldham

Wealdman it's looking that way, but I've tried to add Pubs on this site that are in the Oldham area and the moderators cannot be bothered to add them. Has anyone else had the same problems? Basically takes months for them to add pubs.

22 May 2019 18:07

The Grouse Inn, Oldham

CLOSED converted into a Takeaway

22 May 2019 11:51

The Three Crowns, Oldham

Pub closed. Not sure what it's been converted to. Such a shame was one of Oldham's better places to drink.

22 May 2019 11:48

Baileys, Oldham

Now called Circus

22 May 2019 11:45

The Walkabout, Oldham

CLOSED NOW CALLED Wayra open reach, don't have a clue what they do.

22 May 2019 11:42

The Royal Oak, Oldham

Robinsons brewery has sold this pub to Inglenook Inns & Taverns Ltd. Was selling 2 real ales at the time of visiting.

21 May 2019 21:34

Black Swan Hotel, Oldham

Pub converted to residential in 2017! So moderators please state it's Closed!

21 May 2019 21:31

The Wheatsheaf, Oldham

Pub closed in Autumn 2018 apparently roof has partially collapsed in.

21 May 2019 21:29

The New Thistle, Oldham

This place is now called The Farmers Boy.

21 May 2019 21:25

Cube73, Lees

Can the moderators get a grip of this site. This pub was reported as a curry house over 10 years ago. Can it now be stated as closed!

21 May 2019 21:22

The Grapes, Lees

A listed pub that has now become Cask marque. Two hand pumps but both were selling Thwaites wainwrights which was on good form. Pub sells food and has offers throughout the week. Today was Steak night, to be fair it was value for money.

21 May 2019 17:18

Droysden Catholic Club, Droylsden

No cask in this place but is now selling a craft beer from Brightside who are based in Radcliffe near Bury.

8 Apr 2019 11:34

The Ash Tree, Ashton Under Lyne

Just had a refit and an outside extension. Will be good in the summer. Beer selection was missing millstone on my last visit. Who in my opinion are very good.

8 Mar 2019 14:47

Fairfield Arms, Audenshaw

Now an ember inns pub serving 8 real ales, a craft beer from purity and a couple of ciders. Different decor but still the same type of food. Cask club on monday £2.49 and 20p off for camra members. A bit safe on the real ale side and I would like to see some local beers on cask given the fact that they have 8 hand pulls.

18 Jan 2016 11:57

Boy and Barrel Inn, Huddersfield

You get these kind of pubs in most towns cheap beer,job shy's, alkies and o.a.p's who don't like spending more than £1.50 a pint. From the outside it looks inviting and has a model of a boy with a barrel situated on top of the pub. The inside isn't so great and loses its appeal where so much of the traditional pub has gone to being replaced with cheap furniture. Two real ales on which was actually on form, they also do some unusual craft beers from Ireland in bottles called dungarvon. If you want a better pub nearby try the Parish.

13 Jan 2016 09:24

Bridge Inn, Oldham

Less than a mile out of Oldham town centre this pub is tucked away on an industrial estate. It has Lees mild on cask which is very rare but the one I tried was definitely off,no problem with a swap as the landlord happily change it. It's a a cask marque pub and I believe it is due to host a camra meeting soon. From the outside the pub doesn't look welcoming but inside it's quite a nice pub.

12 Jan 2016 10:56

Gardeners Arms, Stockport

This pub is a locals local but don't let that put you off as they are really friendly and will engage in conversation and talk to you about anything in life. The real ale on offer is from two well known breweries and a guest which was from salopion which was on top form. The girl behind the bar was very welcoming and and knew her ales, this us a cask marque pub but beware the cat park is a pay and display but you get the money back when you buy a drink in the pub.

10 Jan 2016 22:30

New Crown Inn, Newton Heath

isacchiojama well put but did you have an orange juice and speak to amy?

25 Dec 2015 11:25

The Moon and Spoon, Slough

No yours was quite polite saying how you had issues in life and wanted my number so you could tell me the real reason your defending a numpty head. Oh and thank you I am employed and very well in fact but hey ho maybe your trying to explain the lifestyle you lead.

17 Dec 2015 19:18

The Moon and Spoon, Slough

Ive just had a private message from wealdman and one from paul/arsenal fan 36. One quite nice and one slightly abusive, a sort of good cop bad cop situation maybe? Anyway suspicions have been raised and I'm going to have a guess this is his articulate brother or the same person that has a split personality.

17 Dec 2015 15:08

The Moon and Spoon, Slough

Yippee arsenal fan36 is back with a new name and a tougher attitude can't wait to read his next review.

17 Dec 2015 10:02

Brownton's Bottle Shop, Ashton under Lyne

This place is called Browtons not browntons but anyway it will be selling real ale in bottles from this Friday to coincide with Ashton under Lyne Christmas market.

7 Dec 2015 12:19

The Crown, Stockport

Wasn't expecting much from this place although I was told the food was really good, and it was,simple menu but cooked very well. The 3 beers on offer all came from the Robinson range which are not always my favourite but they were well kept.

8 Nov 2015 15:24

Wigan Central, Wigan

Everything lezford said is spot on but just to add the pork pies are great too.

3 Nov 2015 08:47

The St James Tavern, Brighton

Whilst venturing on the cask marque trail we stumbled on this great pub which sold some great thai food. Try the spicy fried rice and the thai fiscakes. The beers were from a local microbrewery which we didn't see in any other place in Brighton. Friendly service and a relaxing feel to it.

1 Nov 2015 15:36

The Abbey, Woodseats

Rumoured to be closed. Landlord asked the brewery to help with repairs but they refused. Think he wants 60k to carry out the work.

1 Nov 2015 13:32

Ye Hole in Ye Wall, Liverpool

Had high expectations of this place but sadly it lacked in every department especially the beer. Tried two of the beers on offer and they tasted metalically. These beers were from two different breweries so I can only suggest that the lines haven't been cleaned properly. This place could be very good but it was a bit of a let down.

30 Oct 2015 11:19

Devonshire Arms, Mellor

New owners so really can't judge but Robinson brewery have a great pub in a good location and could make it something good.

4 Oct 2015 18:43

The Oddfellows Arms, Mellor

Been 5 years since last review and I'd say the food is very good and all homecooked with the meats locally sourced. If anything possibly slightly overpriced.The beers were from local breweries Howard town and tweed with the Howard town being the choice of the day. Well worth a visit if you like walking and not keen on Robinsons beers.

4 Oct 2015 18:41

Piccadilly Tap, Manchester

I was really looking forward to this place opening but for me it has a feel of a working mens club from the 70s not the German beer hall that is trying to impersonate. In terms of tap bars near Train stations this is characterless but in terms of beer it's very good and worth a visit if you are waiting for a late train. If you want to compare it to somewhere visit The Turnpike in Withington

14 Sep 2015 07:04

Brunswick Hotel, Crewe

A greene king pub with two from there range and a guest. Quality was on the warm side but ok to drink. Looks like it has bands on at night which might be worth a visit.

7 Sep 2015 12:51

Imp, Crewe

A cask marque pub that had no real ale on. Pretty poor.

7 Sep 2015 12:49

Gaffers Row, Crewe

Poor choice of ales and a bit scruffy and sticky tables and bar. Usual wetherspoons clients.

7 Sep 2015 12:48

Albert's Corner, Crewe

Decent ale with a feel of the wetherspoons but food extremely better. Worth a visit.

7 Sep 2015 12:46

Hops, Crewe

I really liked this place and would say it's the best pub in crewe (which isn't hard). Anyway great range of beers and bottles but the chubby girl behind the bar is surly and has zero personality. She threw the pack of crisps on the bar towards my girlfriend and didn't thank us for taking the glasses back. Send this wiman to charm school or replace her with a traffic cone.

7 Sep 2015 12:45

Roe Cross Inn, Mottram in Longdendale

This place is now a garden centre/coffee shop place.

7 Sep 2015 12:36

March Hare, Ashton under Lyne


11 Aug 2015 18:06

Royal George Hotel, Greenfield

Now cask marque

11 Aug 2015 16:27

Ye Olde Mustard Pot, Midhopestones

Fantastic home cooked food but the seating seems a bit cramped. The pub is a stone building with a big car park. The beer on offer was from Bradfield brewery which was spot on. Overall a good pub which probably relies on walkers from the peak district or commuters on route to manchester or sheffield. Also this pub is cask marque.

2 Aug 2015 20:39

The Waggon and Horses, Sheffield

A flaming grill pub which specialises in steaks. Two real ales one from Greene king and the other was from thornbridge (jaiper). Ok for families.

20 Jul 2015 12:16

The Smithfield Hotel, Manchester

Have to agree with previous review, vastly improved and a more chilled out vibe with bar games dotted about the pub. The pub itself has been taken over by blackjack brewery who produce some very good beer pus a few guest beers. Great addition and some decent competition for the crown and kettle and fringe bar.

18 Jul 2015 09:01

Oddfellows Arms, Ashton under Lyne

What's it become Mr bob? Was a great pub.

10 Jul 2015 20:12

The George Hotel, Hayfield

After looking at this place on the Internet, reading the menu and finally seeing this pub I was quite disappointed with what it had to offer. A village pub that looks great on the outside but with no character on the inside and food as bland as wetherspoons. Real ales are from the Marston range and was on good form. Won't be going out of my way to try this place again.

5 Jul 2015 15:02

The Blue Bell, Levenshulme

Excellent Sam smiths pub with the cask be in on particularly good form,landlord very friendly. The pub also sell food but cannot comment as I didn't have any.

4 Jul 2015 14:02

Fred's Ale House, Levenshulme

A great addition to an area with very little real ale. This place would not look out of place in the chorlton,didsbury area. 5 real ales plus 3 real ciders,the beer of choice was from spinghead called outlawed which was bang on. This place also doubles up as an art gallery with local artists being encouraged to supply their work. Very close to Levenshulme railway station.

30 Jun 2015 17:34

The Seven Oaks, Manchester

This place is undergoing a paint job which I feel wasn't really needed. Was greeted by an over friendly/drunk scouser who possibly annoyed a few people that day. Otter bitter was the real ale on that day which was nothing special. This place has potential to be very good but is lacking behind great pubs like the vine and city arms in its beer selection.

4 Jun 2015 10:19

The Matchstick Man, Salford

A hungry horse pub,sells 3 real ales Abbot,speckled hen, green king I.p.a with the later being the only one on. The place is more or less next to the metrolink tram stop (salford quays). I'm guessing this pub is rammed on manchester United games.

4 Jun 2015 10:13

Sportsman, Lodge Moor

This pub is owned by ember inns and has been renovated to a high standard, I feel it's looking for the Wetherspoon, sizzler type of characters to visit. It has a good range of real ales with 6 being on at the bar.

2 Jun 2015 10:17

Three Merry Lads, Sheffield

Turned up to try the food unfortunately it was very busy but the young lad behind the bar got another table from the back to accommodate us all. Food was all home cooked and good sized portions. The pub itself is in a scenic area with great views,it caters for weddings and other celebrations. 4 real ales on along with 1 real cider on hand pull and another 6 straight from the boxes. Next time I will reserve a table.

2 Jun 2015 10:10

Snipe Inn, Audenshaw

Closed for a big refit,apparently it will be going down the food route to compete with the Sheldon and new pub called the ash tree farm.

25 May 2015 11:58

Hardinge Arms, Kings Newton

Can the beer in the evening moderators get a grip of all this spam, also can you start adding some new pubs please. I've given you at least 10 and they were in the Good beer guide 2015 so it wouldn't be hard confirming these pubs. Thank you

24 May 2015 09:20

Lakeview, Bowness-on-Windermere

Have wetherspoons took over this place yet? Over to you arsenal fan

20 May 2015 14:06

Bar 15, Ashton under Lyne

Up for sale £75.000

19 May 2015 16:10

The Last Orders Inn, Bolton

Now called Dirty girty's. Full of cheap beer and no real ale. I think you can imagine what the regulars are like.

19 May 2015 14:49

Woodcock Inn, Ashton under Lyne

Being knocked down possibly for housing.

7 May 2015 11:33

The Forester's Call, Ashton-under-Lyne

Beers from tweed brewery from hyde were on the bar today. Very palatable.

6 May 2015 18:39

The Witchwood, Ashton Under Lyne

The same owners as the feathers in Ashton under Lyne have took over this place, kept the same staff but changed the real ale and gone down the safe route. Although I've heard it's selling better due to the fact they have now introduced sky sports and free pool.

6 May 2015 18:37

The Post Office Deli, Levenshulme

Now selling real ale.

5 May 2015 06:46

Pie and Ale, Manchester

If your not from the area you may just walk past this place,and even then as you enter the premises and look to the left you may think you have gone into the wrong place. The place itself has some different ales on with one named as the bars own priced at £2 pound ish a pint which is basically bombardier. Other beers are from around the world in the fridge and can be quite pricey. Overall I wouldn't go out of my way to go to this place, only if passing.

1 May 2015 16:04

The Feathers Hotel, Ludlow

There's only one person who can give this place a decent review step forward arsenal fan 36.

30 Apr 2015 11:26

Thomas Drummond, Fleetwood

Possibly the best pub in Fleetwood which goes to show how crap the others are as this is a wetherspoons.

28 Apr 2015 12:47

The Devonshire Arms, Blackpool

It's a sizzler pub with two real ales, pint was ok but food was average.

28 Apr 2015 12:44

Jolly Tars, Cleveleys

Clean busy wetherspoons possibly a venue that arsenal fan hasn't tried yet.

28 Apr 2015 12:42

Regal Hotel, Cleveleys

Cheap food but better than wetherspoons and good value. Big negative no real ale but cheap lager and draught bitter in the form of fosters and John smiths.

28 Apr 2015 12:41

The Manchester, Blackpool

Shithole! guys snorting coke in the toilets,no bouncers in the day so the deadbeats can play,staff don't look interested. Has big t.v's for football and that's about it.

28 Apr 2015 10:48

Carrion Crow, Oldham

Good local pub with a range of six ales two of them are guests and the others being from the Marston range. A good 15-20 minute walk from Oldham town centre but plenty of buses going that way. Worth a visit.

28 Apr 2015 10:36

Bank of England, Ancoats

Being sold by Edwards and co 0161-833-9991. Cannot understand why it doesn't do well as its on route to man city's ground.

20 Apr 2015 06:51

High Bank Inn, Openshaw

Been sold unsure if it will remain a pub.

8 Apr 2015 17:27

Foresters Arms, Openshaw

Been sold, unsure if it will remain a pub.

8 Apr 2015 17:27

The Lazy Toad, Droylsden

Well the self made man stayed ha ha, I know he's not to everyone's taste but credit where it's due he has started selling real ale and at a fantastic price of £2 a pint. On my last visit he had copper dragon and sharps Atlantic on, both being on very good form. Pie and chips same price as the real ale also so with talk of a wetherspoons coming to Droylsden this is a positive step to go on the offensive.

22 Mar 2015 18:00

Allotment, Manchester

Another bar/old pub that's popped up around the area very close to mother macs. Been in now on several occasions but this time we tried the food which was overall very good and locally sourced. The beer selection is sometimes a bit on the safe side although on the plus side there was one from a local brewery called tweed which is becoming very popular in this area. This place is decorated to give the feel of its name and little bit quirky.

18 Mar 2015 12:25

The Beehive, Droylsden

Now selling a real cider from red bank cider farm from Bolton. Very enjoyable

6 Mar 2015 10:36

Micro Bar, Manchester

Not sure about the new layout of this bar as it seems to encourage bar hogging which was evident yesterday or maybe they were trying to chat the girl up behind the bar. One the plus note the bosses of the and ale have listened and took the misted film of the windows.

6 Mar 2015 10:22

Bar Fringe, Manchester

Oh and every Monday they sell one of their real ales for £1.50 a pint until it runs out.

6 Mar 2015 10:05

Abel heywood, Manchester

Fine dining and boutique hotel is what it says outside about this pub. Well the foods ok and the beer was as well but it is and will be a place for posers. Won't go out of my way to return but a nice clean environment if you want to impress that new girl in your life.

6 Mar 2015 10:03

Q Cavern, Manchester

African bar selling cans and bottles for £3.50 or whatever the landlord decides on the day. Friendly bloke but poor choice of beers.

6 Mar 2015 09:41

The Manchester and County, Manchester

Kristina has left wetherspoons now and moved to wave bar on oldham street now arsenal fan, you should definitely try this bar next time you are in Manchester,they have a great selection of paninis.

6 Mar 2015 09:38

The Ducie Bridge, Manchester

Definitely selling real ale now, 2 on one from holts and a guest beer. Last time I spoke to the landlord he said this place was moving nearer to Victoria station as the Co - op are planning to redevelop the land. £3.50 a pint probably a bit expensive for this area.

6 Mar 2015 09:34

Bar Fringe, Manchester

Always been one of favourite places around here with a good mix of people and a good variety of ales and German,Belgium bottles. Great jukebox and interesting decor and pieces of memorabilia around the place.

6 Mar 2015 09:29

The Crown and Kettle, Ancoats

Agree with wobblybob this place has vastly improved possibly due to competition in the area. 9 real ales on in my last visit with 25 plus ciders in the back room. Friendly and knowledgeable staff and always willing to let you have tasters.

6 Mar 2015 09:22

Fat Lennys Saloon, Ashton under Lyne

More than a dive a place that contributes to the needy and casual layabouts during giro day.

2 Mar 2015 13:35

The Travellers Friend, Woodford Green

I think the only way to solve this argument is to let arsenal fan 36 visit this pub and give his unique views on it.

28 Feb 2015 20:42

The Old Hall Inn, Whitehough

Brilliant pub, went to the beer festival yesterday and it didn't disappoint. Great range of real ales and excellent food. If you are at a loose end today get yourself there.

21 Feb 2015 10:52

The Boar's Head, Stockport

The beer quality is not as good as the Queens,(also Sam smiths), took beer back only to be told everyone else likes it. So that makes it ok then! I've noticed a few Sam smiths pubs are going down the keg road and possibly this is why the cask is going downhill. This place was one of my regular haunts, not anymore.

8 Feb 2015 11:14

Pegs Tavern, Ashton under Lyne

Now called Waterhouse and gained cask marque accreditation. Seems to be heading in the right direction.

26 Jan 2015 20:48

Red Lion Hotel, Malpas

Taken from the book Strangest pubs in Britain.

The chair King James I used is still here and a tradition states that if you sit in the chair you must pay a penny for the privilege, or pay for a round of drinks for everyone.

We tried to go here on the way back from Shrewsbury but I don't think it opens till 4 so check or ring pub.

8 Jan 2015 10:31

Strawberry Gardens Inn, Manchester

Been told good things are happening in the Strawberry so paid a visit and was surprised to find 3 real ales on, a good stuffing from wells,dogs bollocks by wychwood and rocking Rudolph by hardy and Hanson's. I tried the good stuffing which was on form. My dad tried the rocking Rudolf which was also top notch.All these beers were priced at £2.50 which I thought was very reasonable.Landlord said they are always trying new guest beers and the locals are taking to them.

1 Jan 2015 20:57

Via, Manchester

On the cask marque trail now.

28 Dec 2014 20:25

The George, Staines

Today I met arsenal fan 36 and asked him what motivates and inspires him,the reply i got was really surprising. He basically told me that whilst he went to panto one year he was lucky enough to meet his heroes the chuckle brothers and cannon and ball. Now these encounters only happen once he told me so you have to grab it whilst you can and he certainly did as he has started to use a lot of their material in real life. His one goal now is to appear in coach trip but is struggling to find a partner. Any takers?

10 Dec 2014 20:11

The Dog And Pheasant, Waterloo

Now gained cask marque certification,for all you scanners out there.

4 Dec 2014 14:59

The Old Dog and Partridge, Nottingham

You could pick certain pubs up and place them in areas and they won't look out of place. Well folks if you like drinking out of plastic glasses at dinner time,listening to bad karaoke,pissing in a toilet that must have the deepest urinal I've seen well this is your place, god knows how it's gained cask marque certification.

4 Dec 2014 14:52

The Gun Inn, Hollingworth

I think this pub is due and update. Well I've been past thus pub on many occasions but never been in,so I thought I'd try a bite to eat and a nice pint of real ale. As I entered the pub was empty,which was surprising at dinner time. At the bar all 4 handpumps were showing nothing so I asked if any was on but alas no. Anyway I ordered the food to be greeted by a load of Crap music,(played too loud) over the speakers. Microwaved food with extra salt on your chips to make you drink more.
There's a sign outside saying this place is going to have a makeover and is looking for a landlord, well please hurry up as the ones you have in here now are driving customers away.

3 Dec 2014 11:07

New Inn, Hemsworth

Not a bad looking pub from the outside and inside,but the food is quite poor and takes an age to come,even thou it's your wetherspoons type,easy cooked food. Two real ales on,tried the golden hen which was actually spot on. Overall good for ale but Crap for food.

29 Nov 2014 17:47

The Bay Horse, Hade Edge

Not been in this pub but I've drove past for the last 3 months, and it seems to have changed its name to the Algy arms, it says its a freehouse now.

28 Nov 2014 12:04

Alibi, Sale

This place is now called Steamhouse and I believe it's owned by the same owners of the Urmston equivalent. It sells 3 real ales and plenty of unusual beers from around the world. This place is possibly the best place to chill out and enjoy a decent pint, it wouldnt look out of place in Manchester'so called Northern quarter.

12 Nov 2014 08:49

Old Toms Cabin, Blackpool

Looks a bit grim from the outside but inside its quite clean. Sells 3 real ales but nothing out of the ordinary or local. Probably busy during the holidays as it seems to cater for families.

10 Nov 2014 19:20

The Highland Laddie, Mossley

Up for sale or to let.

27 Oct 2014 14:45

Droylsden Football Club, Droylsden

Has no cellar,so trying to sell real ale in bottles. 2 big rooms the upper one being the bigger one which is mainly used for functions. There is also a small room downstairs which is mainly used for the club committee and staff. Good sized t.vs if you like watching the football.

5 Oct 2014 19:33

Micro Bar, Manchester

What have Manchester arndale centre done??? They have made what made people want to sample the beer in this place as they walked past in surprise to misting out the windows and shutting it off because some liberal has moaned about seeing people drinking. Such a shame.

4 Oct 2014 12:05

Kings Head Hotel, Droylsden

The council said the tram would bring people to Droylsden but all it has done to the pubs of Droylsden is send people to the many cheap john Smith's and carling pubs of Ashton under Lyne. This is a real shame because the kings is a great holts pub that has lost its characters due to cheap beer up the road. This pub is in the good beer guide and with Ashton under Lyne only having wetherspoons as there entry it tells you Ashton isn't a big real ale area. If your travelling by tram try a pint in Droylsden for a change.

20 Jul 2014 12:13

Woodcock Inn, Ashton under Lyne

Been closed for at least a year now so I don't know where the chavs or job shy's go now.

4 Jul 2014 15:48

Pegs Tavern, Ashton under Lyne

Being sold by Enterprise inns as a free of tie pub. A pub that would do really well if it was managed right.

4 Jul 2014 13:17

The Friendship Tavern, Gorton

Never been in this pub so I won't rate it. Now up for let by Admiral taverns.

29 Jun 2014 15:04

Strawberry Duck, Manchester

Now serving a beer brewed for the pub called Duck blonde along with holts. This place has had a revamp and it looks good. The pub also gives you a card for when you drink 6 pints you get one free.

27 Jun 2014 14:07

Woodman, Ashton under Lyne

On the busy Ashton/Oldham road,nowt much in the way of good beer and probably only survives due to it being so close to the Coral bookmakers.

25 Jun 2014 18:55

March Hare, Ashton under Lyne

Boarded up at the moment,seems a shame as it's the only pub near Curzon Ashton fc and the only pub that sold real ale.

18 Jun 2014 17:39

The Cheshire Cheese Hotel, Buxton

Without a doubt the best pub in Buxton, 10 real ales on with 6 coming from titanic brewery. The food is also reasonably priced and the staff are welcoming and friendly. The only problem I have with this pub is its not close enough to Buxton town centre. It's really worth the walk and if you like your real ales you should make this a must visit.

17 Jun 2014 15:56

Wye Bridge House, Buxton

We're the staff here shown how to clean glasses by the Ashton under lyne wetherspoons staff? Both me and my dad had dirty glasses. This pub has a cask marque certificate but isn't shown on the app, could it have lost it due to this problem? Quite a small wetherspoons but a good drinking area outside but very close to a busy roundabout.

17 Jun 2014 15:51

The Ash Tree, Ashton Under Lyne

I have no complaints with the selection of beer here but some staff are very surly and not pleasant. I took a pint back because there was lipstick on the top,no apology or offer of a new pint just a pour into another glass. Standards have slipped here and need to get back to what it was originally like.

17 Jun 2014 15:45

The Dockyard, Salford

This place is next door to the new BBC media city complex which is probably why the prices are a bit steep. I expected Dom littlewood to stop me from buying a pint and say "don't get done get Dom". Staff are a bit like robots and seem more interested in filling the fridges than serve customers. The real ale was on form but would like to see more local micro breweries on offer.

9 Jun 2014 12:06

Glassblower, Castleford

Quite a rowdy place when Castleford are playing and it actually shows it on the tv which is surprising for wetherspoons. Good selection of local ale in good form.

9 Jun 2014 12:00

Winter Seam, Glasshoughton

A soulless wetherspoons on a retail park. Only good thing about it is that it sells real ale.

9 Jun 2014 08:44

The Junction, Castleford

This pub is the West riding S.P.B.W branch and serves all its beer from wooden casks. It's a cracking pub and has stayed true to its original roots. Every beer we tried was spot on ,and most of the beers in bottles are from Sam smiths. Another landlord who was friendly and passionate about his beers and the pub. I was surprised that there was no spbw membership forms or magazines. Easily the best pub in Castleford.

8 Jun 2014 11:26

The Boot Room, Castleford

Stayed here whilst we had a mini tour of Castleford, £35 quid a night which was well worth it. The pub itself caters mainly for the rugby league crowd and doesn't sell real ale but the landlord is considering it. Had a good chat with him before we left in the morning and he is considering a beer or cider festival in the next few weeks.

8 Jun 2014 11:14

The Old Three Crowns, Bolton

Not been to Bolton for a few months but thought I'd try this place out again ad it has now gained cask marque status (which doesn't mean much but I wanted my scan). Anyway the ale had improved with 3 ales on rather than the one that was on last time, and they were all surprisingly good. The outside of this place doesn't reflect the inside as it is modern inside with the exterior looking fantastic. Much improved in my opinion.

4 Jun 2014 17:00

The Sweet Green Tavern, Bolton

Visited this pub in the afternoon with my dad and found the girl behind the bar really friendly. I made the mistake of ordering a cider which was not clearly marked by a pump clip and just a homemade paper one(i Wanted real ale). The girl offered to change it but I plodded on and to be fair I'm not a cider drinker but it was nice. This pub can go to another level but I feel it's happy the way its going. Still one of the best pubs in Bolton

4 Jun 2014 16:14

The Guzzling Goose, Ashton Under Lyne

Closed,now a convenience store.

3 Jun 2014 19:13

Church Inn, Ashton under Lyne

Closed,looks like it is going to become a takeaway/restaurant of some kind.

3 Jun 2014 19:11

Lower Turks Head, Manchester

Had to come back and sample the food as it states a certain G ramsey is the chef (no relation,or the man himself) Had the fish and chips which was ok but was surprised to see that the fish was river cobbler and not cod or haddock,it was £7.95 with mushy peas so I will let you decide if you think it was worth it. Still a poor selection of real ales and I find that the staff seem too busy talking to each other behind the bar. A good pub needs staff to be knowledgeable on the real ales and not treat you as a number. It was quite dead for a Saturday afternoon but that may have something to do with the £3.50 for a pint.

20 May 2014 06:10

The Retro Bar, Manchester

Up for sale or to let,which isn't surprising. The real ale they served was a bit hit and miss.Was a big student place but I think they ditched the place for pastures new.

20 May 2014 05:55

Signal Box Inn, Cleethorpes

This is a must visit place in cleethorpes along with willys pub. The range of beers are ever changing and the landlord is passionate about the quality,he doesn't need to ring breweries as they ring him. A real quirky place but well worth the long walk from the town centre.

19 May 2014 07:47

The Wellow Hotel, Cleethorpes

Horrible looking pub from the outside and not much better on the inside. Caters for families mostly and food which is possibly one of the worst I've tasted in a pub. Two real ales which were ok. Don't bother unless your desperate.

19 May 2014 07:39

The Yarborough Hotel, Grimsby

Big imposing old hotel outside Grimsby train station. Better choice of ales than most of the pubs in Grimsby but still has its fair share of wasters inside.

19 May 2014 07:32

The Barge Inn, Grimsby

I Was looking forward to visiting this pub as it's quite unique and is in the good beer guide,but it was a disapointment to see only 2 real ales on and them being hobgoblin and bombardier.I know this side of Lincolnshire has better and more local beers than this. The place itself is on old boat that is on a slant,it is directly behind the new weatherspoons and is in a great area to attract punters. It serves food which I didnt taste but I was told was very good. If anyone has been to charters in Peterborough it's a bit like that. Work on the real ale and I will be back.

19 May 2014 07:22

Lancs and Yorks, Bamber Bridge

Closed and has been for ages.

7 May 2014 13:59

The Forester's Call, Ashton-under-Lyne

Cannot understand the low rating of this pub,Alex and her staff make a real effort here to welcome New customers. It may become the only pub in this end of Ashton under lyne to sell real ale if the witchwood is sold to developers.

1 May 2014 08:49

atre Tavern, Ashton under Lyne

Im guessing this pub is the Theatre tavern by the picture and not the atre.moderators please change. Back to the pub,it doesn't sell real ale,plays loud music and seems to like all day karaoke. On the plus side the pool table isn't bad.

1 May 2014 08:45

The Witchwood, Ashton Under Lyne

This pub is up for sale which is a huge shame as this pub is the best in Ashton under lyne by a country mile. Please someone buy this great institution.

22 Apr 2014 13:59

Bridge Inn, Sheffield

This pub is a flooring shop.

20 Apr 2014 18:03

Magpie, Sheffield

This pub is closed and is a supermarket

20 Apr 2014 18:01

Willy's Pub and Brewery, Cleethorpes

I think if your in an area you should always look for a micropub and it's surprising that this one is in a seaside resort. Came here 5 years ago and was pleasantly surprised and I would say the same now. A great addition to a town that mostly prefers keg. I'd say that the pub needs to get in touch with a few like minded micropubs and share a few ideas and beers. A must if in cleethorpes.

7 Mar 2014 19:59

The No 2 Refreshment Rooms (Under the Clock), Cleethorpes

I probably liked this place better than number 1 because there was a better choice of ales although a few local beers wouldn't go a miss. The clientele seemed friendlier and we're quite knowledgeable on there beers. The landlord made an effort to talk to us and was talking about what kind of impact the wetherspoons (that is due to be completed in the summer) would have on the local pub scene in cleethorpes. It would be a shame to see this place close but I feel a few beer festivals and a beer that could be brewed by the pub itself would help it survive.

7 Mar 2014 11:51

No 1 Refreshment Rooms, Cleethorpes

There seems to be a lot of competition between number 1 and number 2 but I feel people should not be swayed by others opinions. Came in here with an open mind butafter being overlooked twice by the small blonde woman behind the bar in favour of her locals I was just about to walk out until the young gentleman served me. The beer quality was quite good to be fair but the place probably needs a good clean,the locals don't seem to be your buffet bar/station platform kind of clientele and probably more suited to a fosters,john Smith's type of bar. The building is great and would gain a lot more if there was a better choice of ale.

7 Mar 2014 11:45

Grove, Clayton

This pub is probably the best in the Clayton/Berwick area,but there isn't much choice. An old fashioned typical Joseph holts pub with the no frills and spills. This pub is also the only one in the area that serves real ale. It is very close to the velodrome/box centre and Manchester city's new training ground.

23 Feb 2014 13:16

Lower Turks Head, Manchester

After 15 years or more this place has reopened with a stylish interior a hotel to go with it. To be honest it didn't feel like a proper pub and would be more suited to Thomas st where all the trendy bars/pubs are. They have 4 real ales but the choice is quite poor and they dont have any local microbreweries which is just predictable. This place could be potentially very good but let's itself down with the price and ales.

14 Feb 2014 09:22

Nailmakers Arms, Sheffield

The Nailmakers Arms is reputed to be the oldest pub in Sheffield, having held its licence the longest, possibly since around 1627. The Old Queen's Head is the oldest building that is currently used as a pub and is thought to date from around 1475.

Taken from

4 Feb 2014 20:33

Earl of Arundel and Surrey, Sheffield

This pub is now a cycle shop.

2 Feb 2014 17:33

Somerset House, Stourbridge


MYSTERY surrounds the future of a Wollaston pub that was famously known as the place punters could stick their pints on the walls.

Somerset House on Enville Street, which was owned by Marston’s Brewery, called last orders last month.

A Marston’s spokesman said: “We have accepted an offer on the pub and the purchasers intend to apply for planning permission for a change of use.”

But the brewery would not shed any light on the new owners, or what the new use would be.

In its heyday, the pub attracted attention from local and national media due to the ability to stick glasses to the walls.

There were suggestions that the pub was haunted but that was quashed by scientists who suggested it could be down to a mixture of wallpaper glue, old cigarette smoke and grime.

2 Feb 2014 16:25

Time Zone, Ashton under Lyne

If you are felling a bit low or a bit sorry for yourself then enter the Time zone. Once there you will be transported to a parallel universe which makes the star wars war look normal! Be warned to bring your own lightbulb for the toilet as it hadn't been changed since my last visit (1 year ago) and shoes that are anti stick to the floor. It may also be wise to wear overalls that you have previously used for fixing the car,that way the dirt and grime from the pub seats won't show up that much. The clientel are your usual mix of jobless, o.a.p's (that like cheap john Smith's) and freaks that have been produced in a science lab. The landlord seemed normal so I mentioned that there are some characters in here, his reply was you should see it at 9am in the morning. This place should be be visited at least once a year to see if the high standards are being kept up.

31 Jan 2014 09:30

The Beehive, Droylsden

Camra and s.p.b.w members given 10p off a pint of real ale during the Manchester beer festival starting this Wednesday.

20 Jan 2014 10:39

The Pomona Hotel, Gorton

You tell me it was 1974 and I was a twinkle in there eye.

5 Jan 2014 12:53

The Pomona Hotel, Gorton

Due to be demolished,my mum and dad had their reception here.

5 Jan 2014 08:11

The Lass O'Gowrie, Manchester

The Lass O'Gowrie on Charles Street was voted Best Pub in Britain in 2012 in the Great British Pub Awards.

Pub bosses admit they have seen takings tumble since the closure of the BBC's Oxford Road site - but say their pleas for a rent reduction to owners Greene King fell on deaf ears.

After a two-year battle with the brewery chain, landlord Gareth Kavanagh will step down from running the pub this weekend - and all ten employees will be made redundant.

Mr Kavanagh, 41, who took over the pub eight years ago, finally won a battle to reduce his £54,000-a-year rent in August after going to an independent tribunal.

But he told the M.E.N that it came too late to save the pub - and said the nail in the coffin came when the brewery demanded a further £40,000 refurbishment of the venue take place.

Mr Kavanagh claimed that the brewery managers had labelled his award-winning business 'below-average' and said he should be taking £500,000 a year.

He told the M.E.N: "Businesses around us have been closing down left, right and centre. Because we weren't getting passing trade, we had been working on a business plan to become a destination pub.

"But the people who run the brewery don't care that we're an award winning pub. They just look at our location and said we were a 'below average pub' and in their opinion we should be making 30 per cent more revenue."

The businessman said he requested a rent review in 2011 after his turnover dropped by 40 per cent after the BBC relocated from Oxford Road to MediaCityUK in Salford and other local businesses closed down.

When the brewery did not grant the request - the pub boss went to an independent body which ruled the rent was too high and should be slashed by 40 per cent.

But Mr Kavanagh claimed he was forced to quit when brewery bosses mounted a full-scale 'depreciation' review of the pub and demanded that thousands of pounds worth of renovation take place.

He added: "We passed our fire safety tests with flying colours, but despite this Greene King carried out a full scale review of the pub after they lost the case.

"Nothing can be done about it now. We've wanted to keep our own counsel about the problems, even after we won the review. But now we just want to thank everyone who has made the pub a success. I'm out of a job now and have lost a lot of money but I really hope all our talented, fantastic staff get work very soon."

The traditional pub boasts an eclectic mix of theatre and comedy, vintage video games,and live music.

It has also been at the heart of the Greater Manchester Fringe festival, organised and co-founded by Mr Kavanagh and manager Lisa Connor.

Quirky shows to feature at the pub include a play based on the life of Joy Division's Ian Curtis and a festival celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who.

It is understood that Greene King will seek a new licensee for the pub after Mr Kavanagh leaves on January 6.

The annual Great British Pub Awards are given by the licensing trade publication, The Publican's Morning Advertiser.

A Greene King spokesperson said: “We are investing in the Lass O’Gowrie with a major redevelopment to improve this popular ale-house. The pub will remain independently run and the new tenant, a successful local pub operator, will take over shortly.

“The pub will re-open in a few weeks once it has been refurbished, with an even stronger focus on real ale and a wider selection of locally-brewed cask ales alongside our own ales.”

John Rowlinson, the new tenant at the Lass O’Gowrie, said: “The Lass O’Gowrie is an iconic pub and I am very proud to be taking it forward. I am certain that the refurbishment we are planning will firmly cement the Lass’s place in Manchester as a first rate real ale pub.”

This was taken from Friday 3rd Manchester evening news

3 Jan 2014 16:58

Vale Cottage, Gorton

Still a great pub,had the harvest pale ale which was lovely. Hidden gem.

29 Dec 2013 20:17

Royal Oak, Gorton

Got told this place sold real ale so thought I'd give it a try and was pleasantly surprised as it isn't an area known for its ale. I have to report there are 3 real ales on and the one we had (rocking Rudolf) was on top form. The landlady was very welcoming and just gave us a bowl of curry which was bloody lovely. Give this pub a try you will be pleasantly surprised.

29 Dec 2013 20:14

Weavers Answer, Shaw

Went in two pubs in Shaw this one and the new wetherspoons called the shay wake which isn't listed on here.It's due to the latter that this place was very quiet which is a shame because the landlady seemed very friendly and the beer was on form. The only way for this pub to compete with the wetherspoons is to do food. Come on people of Shaw use this pub before you lose it.

29 Dec 2013 11:10

The Anglers Rest, Millers Dale

Came here with my girlfriend and mum and dad and was made to feel welcome as we came in. It has 2 resident dogs who are getting on a bit but seem to he quite placid. The landlady said she would move the dogs if we was bothered but we don't have a problem with dogs. The landlady came over and sat with us all and told us all about the history of the pub and the area and was very chatty. The real ale on offer was all good especially the farmers blonde from bradfield. If you are ever passing this way or want to try a real country pub pop in here.

22 Dec 2013 19:14

The Crown and Cushion, Penketh

Ignore last comment it was meant for the ferry tavern in penketh. Bloody mobile phones!

8 Nov 2013 09:51

The Ferry Tavern, Penketh

A difficult pub to find this one so make sure your sat nav is up to date. When you arrive at your destination you have to park your car on the other side of the railway then cross to get there. The pub is inbetween a canal and the ship canal. Apparently they have a lot of whiskey ,over 300 of them from what I have heard and if you drink so many of them you get prizes. Drink 300! And you get the bottle of your choice. There was 3 real ales on and we all tried each others which were on form. I'd visit this pub again but I wouldn't drive next time.

8 Nov 2013 09:48

The Crown and Cushion, Penketh

A difficult pub to find this one so make sure your sat nav is up to date. When you arrive at your destination you have to park your car on the other side of the railway then cross to get there. The pub is inbetween a canal and the ship canal. Apparently they have a lot of whiskey ,over 300 of them from what I have heard and if you drink so many of them you get prizes. Drink 300! And you get the bottle of your choice. There was 3 real ales on and we all tried each others which were on form. I'd visit this pub again but I wouldn't drive next time.

8 Nov 2013 09:13

White Hart, Wakefield

Thought I'd try this pub so I could complete my cask marque pubs of the Wakefield area. I'd say this pub is in the wrong end of town which is why it was quiet. I had a pint of the silver king by ossett brewery which was on form. There's an open fire which was perfect.on a slightly cold day. The landlady was very chatty and gave us reason to go back. With the beer festival on this weekend I'd have a look in yourselves.

8 Nov 2013 09:00

Moss Tavern, Manchester

Closing in a couple of weeks to become a restaurant or shop. Seems a shame because Ben made a big effort. It's rumoured that Ben is heading to another pub in Rochdale.

27 Oct 2013 16:30

The Cotton Tree, Droylsden

Cannot be sold as a pub no more but it shouldn't stop you budding brewers out there from buying the place and turning it into a brewery. It's a nice building and I think you would get it for a fantastic price given recent events. The people of Droylsden are getting a taste for real ale and this could be a good buy.

27 Oct 2013 16:25

The Rising Sun, Mossley

Like belle vue ace said a great pub with a great range of real ale 2 open fires and knowledgeable staff. I can see where Mr ace is coming from when he talks about the staff thou as I feel it seems to have that feel of a locals local. I never had any problems getting served as we were one of the first in the pub. I want to go back at night and try the homemade pizzas but be warned they only sell them Thursday-Sunday from 4pm. A good walk from train station but well worth it.

25 Oct 2013 18:50

The Church Inn, Top Mossley

Wasn't expecting too much from this pub as i knew it was a Thwaites pub but was surprised to find 3 ales. I opted for the crafty devil which was on top form. The landlord was friendly which is why I couldnt understand why the pub was empty. It's a good walk up the hill from mossley train station but it's worth it to try the rising sun which is close by and this one.

25 Oct 2013 18:43

Mawson, Chorlton on Medlock

The fate of this closed chorlton on medlock pub continues to give great concern. The building has now had the signage removed and a notice on the door claims it is now"deemed to be a residential premise" despite there having been no apparent attempts to obtain formal permission for such a change of use. To highlight the threat to this Grade 2 listed building,which appears on CAMRA national inventory of historic pub interiors,Stockport and South Manchester Camra made a presentation at the pub in August which gained widespread media attention courtesy of The Manchester evening news and the BBC.

This was taken from Opening Times.

19 Sep 2013 14:14

Millgate, Failsworth

It seems Jw Lees are moving in the carvery/food type of places. Within a 5 mile area there is The Boathouse and The Sheldon arms which are pretty soulless places. At least the staff in the Sheldon seem a lot more friendly than this place. I asked the barmaid for a pint of Jw lees New beer called bora and got no reply just a blank look. I then thought I'd ask if she could scan my cask marque app to make a little light conversation and she just took it off me and finally spoke and said why are you doing this? I explained and got that blank look again. I was going to eat here but she put me right off plus the fact 3 people were in the pub. Note to Jw lees inject some personality into your staff.

18 Sep 2013 12:53

The Leigh Arms, Openshaw

This pub is called The Legh arms not Leigh and is in openshaw not Gorton as it faces the old openshaw college campus which is now called Mancat. A pub that's pretty dead during the week unless some lads from the college nip in for a quick pint during dinner. One ale on when I went in but it doesn't seem to be what the locals drink because it tasted a bit warm. Not far from Ashburys train station but is easier by the 219 bus.

12 Sep 2013 09:14

Moss Tavern, Manchester

Up for sale as a freehold. Very close to the new Droylsden metrolink stop it has a good car park and beer garden but it has never sold a decent real ale due to the choice of ales enterprise inns have to the landlords. Has potential with it being close to old aldwynians rugby club.

8 Sep 2013 18:46

Oddfellows Arms, Ashton under Lyne

Now open from 12.30. The only place near to Ashton United's football ground to get a pint of real ale and that's including the clubhouse. Robinsons pub with 3 ales all on good form.

28 Aug 2013 08:37

Bay Horse, Clayton Bridge

Up for sale or to let. Always a smart looking pub inside but never had any real ale when I went in. It's very close to the New 8 mile mountain bike track on Clayton vale so it could appeal to cyclist to buy and turn it into some kind of meeting point.

16 Aug 2013 16:32

Mount Pleasant, Sheffield

You can have a bit of a mini pub crawl around this area now with this one the sportsman,the prince of wales then down to the cross sythes which isn't listed on here. This may be a locals pub but i found the staff and customers friendly and knowledgeable about the ales on offer. Not far from Graves park which holds concerts now and again.

4 Aug 2013 17:01

Prince of Wales, Sheffield

I've been in this pub a few times now and I find the girls behind the bar to be very miserable and not wanting to be here. The real ale on offer was in tip top form so that was the only plus. If you want a better pub try The Mount pleasant up the road.

4 Aug 2013 16:55

Hare and Hounds, Glossop

Went to the beer fest yesterday and although not a great range of ales it was a great festival and the beers were good. The pub itself looks nice inside and sells homemade cakes. As said before great views of the surrounding countryside. If your ever in the Glossop area take a taxi ride which should cost £5 roughly.

14 Jul 2013 13:10

The Globe Hotel, Glossop

I really wanted to like this pub because of its brewery but as most people have said the beer is very poor. I had the blonde beer which tasted like a mixture of fairy liquid and pipe cleaner. I thought it might just be my drink but my missus had the darker beer and it had a similar kind of taste. I don't leave many beers but I left this. I don't want to slag anyone off but I feel the landlord needs to take on board some of these comments.

14 Jul 2013 12:59

The Gardeners Arms, Droylsden

This place is now selling Marble breweries Pint beer. It seems the good people of Droylsden are demanding a decent pint and the pubs are listening.

28 May 2013 12:26

Strawberry Gardens Inn, Manchester

The Strawberry is now selling two real ales. Timothy Taylor bitter and a guest beer which was sharps Cornish coast when I visited. Spoke to the landlord and he seems keen to keep the real ale on. This pub is now heading in the right direction.

21 May 2013 08:02

Bush Inn, Manchester

Now a cask marque pub. It should be in the good beer guide.

3 May 2013 08:38

The Saddle Inn, Douglas

Went in this place on our last day and I found the locals and landlady very friendly. Beer was on form but only two beers on. Asked if i could buy a glass and was treated to 4 all wrapped up in newspaper free of charge. This is a proper pub and a must visit if in Douglas.

22 Apr 2013 14:43

The Beehive, Droylsden

Now selling ringway beers from Reddish,Stockport. Theres a rumour going about that enterprise inns wants to pull out of Droylsden. Any local breweries interested?

28 Dec 2012 11:14

The Royal Oak, Oldham

Sorry folks its the Ashton Arms not Hotel as mentioned in my previous post.

20 Dec 2012 13:50

The Royal Oak, Oldham

Its a shame the 3 best pubs in Oldham are too far apart,these are in my humble opinion The Ashton Hotel,Whittles and The Royal Oak. Yes Oldham does have 2 Wetherspoons and the Up Steps has a good range of ales but if you want to find interesting characters and people who will openly chat to you head to the Royal oak.

20 Dec 2012 13:45

The Alma, Bolton

I like this pub its a bit like the Witchwood in Ashton under lyne but a bit more rough and ready. Its a bit tucked away so id have it as a starting point. Best way to get there is turn left out of the train station then left at the next set off lights and its on your left hand side. Beer kept on form and the lad behind the bar was very friendly.

23 Oct 2012 12:32

Barristers, Bolton

Apologies to the guy with the beard and the baseball cap with a pungent smell of body odour, if you would of put your name on the seats that us day goers were sitting in we would of kindly moved. Maybe next time don't mutter it and speak out its a free world now you know. A quick suggestion would be to make a reserved card and a nice candle and place it on the table. This is still a great pub by the way and has a good selection of beers with most beers priced at 2.20 which is great value for money.Barmaid was friendly and majority of pundits were so dont let being a day goers put you off.

23 Oct 2012 12:28

The Beehive, Droylsden

Just been speaking to the Landlord and he said they will now have Wilson Potter beers on from Thursday.

23 Oct 2012 12:18

Mary Ds, Manchester

Big Man City pub near the ground. No real ale so spend your time in the City Centre if you want a decent pint.

19 Oct 2012 12:32

The Beehive, Droylsden

The Hornbeam beers are selling really well, i wish a few of the other landlords in Droylsden would take a punt and try some local real ales instead of something you can easily get like bombardier,marstons or spitfire.

17 Jun 2012 15:29

The Dry Dock, Leeds

Now selling 3 real ales. Always wanted to go back to this place due to its quirkyness. Not bad mostly full of students drinking cheap beer. It also sells food.

19 Mar 2012 11:02

The Ash Tree, Ashton Under Lyne

Can't understand why this place has a lot of bad reviews its a Wetherspoons which are all basically the same they are like that town in the Simpsons that had a starbucks on every corner. Never had to take a pint back and in a town of very little real ale does us real ale fans a good service.

5 Feb 2012 09:52

Strawberry Duck, Manchester

Been and checked its a freehouse that sells cask holts bitter which was on tip top form. First time ive seen the open fire i dont know whether they have just uncovered it or its been there all the time but it helped on a minus cold day.

2 Feb 2012 18:50

The Station Hotel, Ashton Under Lyne

Nice enough landlord but im sorry guys the place could do with a bit of a clean up. It could become a great place to hold a beer festival outside but it just looks a bit of a mess. The real ale i had was not bad, think it was from robinsons. Also whats happened to the heating? It was freezing the last time i went in there.

19 Jan 2012 20:21

The Ashton Arms, Oldham

The best pub in Oldham bar none mind you there isn't much choice. Good choice of real ales and German and Belgium beers in the fridge. They always serve a local real ale which is always on good form. Good pub grub that is excellent value for money.

6 Jan 2012 09:52

The Lord Napier, Ashton Under Lyne

A bit of a strange one only seems to open after 7.30 at night probably waiting for all the John Smith and foster brigade to go home. Sells moorhouse's bitter which was good. Has a pool table but seems very quiet so your sure to get a game and a quiet pint.

19 Dec 2011 19:12

The Guzzling Goose, Ashton Under Lyne

A goth/rocker/anybody come in pub. A very friendly landlord and landlady who seem to be interested in putting real ale on from local breweries (Hornbeam) They have one at the minute that seems to sell very well which seemed to be on form (can't remember what it was) Doesn't look too inviting from the outside i have never had any trouble and the clientel seem a friendly bunch.

19 Dec 2011 19:07

The Cotton Tree, Droylsden

Possibly one of the worse pubs in Droylsden has a few desperado's waiting outside at 10 in the morning waiting for it to open. No real ale just the bland John smiths and carling lager type of pub.

11 Dec 2011 13:00

The Gardeners Arms, Droylsden

A clean pub that probably struggles to compete in price with The joseph holt pub nearby (The Half way house) Quite a modern feel and seems to target the younger market. Had Grays bitter on last time i went in so didn't bother. No real ale.

9 Dec 2011 20:33

The Lazy Toad, Droylsden

Absolute quality food and all the meat is bought from a local butchers. Got the title of best pub in Manchester by the Manchester Evening News readers in 2010. Packed out at night and is easily the busiest pub in Droylsden. A good selection of beer on offer and mulled wine but was very disapointed that the real ale seems to be not on every time i visit. Crying out for a couple of decent local real ales like Hornbeam or Millstone.

9 Dec 2011 20:24

The Haddon Hall, Droylsden

A sizzler pub so serves your wetherspoon style food. A very family orientated pub which is quite a big size and a car park in front. One real ale on E.P.A which wasn't that great as i think the regulars drink a lot of lager.

9 Dec 2011 20:16

The Forester's Call, Ashton-under-Lyne

A freehouse pub with a hardcore of regulars. One changing guest ale which is always on form which is either from Hornbeam or Hydes priced at 2 10. They sell a lager called Kalt which is only 1 65 but may of gone up since i last went in.

5 Dec 2011 10:19

The Fairy Glen, Penmaenmawr

A nice quiet pub with stunning views of the hillside. 2 guest beers on jennings and ringwoods which were on good form. A good place for walkers to down a few pints and enjoy a massive meal which is well worth the money. I asked what the steak pudding came with and you could of had Rice! which i found a bit strange.Went for the chilli and that could of come with peas! I think the postcode of this place is wrong so try this one LL34 6SP.

4 Dec 2011 14:26

The Buxton, Droylsden

A small pub that that gets very busy during weekends. I believe the landlord is extending his bar to accomodate the locals. Inside its had a good makeover and is serving one rotating real ale which could be 3 when the bar is extended.

25 Nov 2011 19:38

The Pig On The Wall, Droylsden

This place is the oldest building in Droylsden i think and was once a farmhouse. It converted into a pub in the 70s so in a way the newest pub in Droylsden. Legend has it the locals put a pig on the wall whilst they did some kind of walk so hence the name. They have one real ale on (Bombardier) plus home cooked food.

25 Nov 2011 19:36

Bush Inn, Manchester

3 cask beers on now Thwaites original,nutty black and wainwrights. The landlord is trying to get in the good beer guide for next year.

15 Nov 2011 10:37

The Beehive, Droylsden

Got to agree the new beers from Outstanding brewery are very good lets hope the locals take to them.

15 Nov 2011 09:41

Mawson, Chorlton on Medlock

Its up for sale if anyone is interested in making it the next marble arch. No real ale which was a huge disapointment being an heritage pub. Blokes in there 50s at the bar all sozzled and with matching walking sticks as if they have been involved in one scrap to many. They must appreciate carling and fosters in cans from 11am to 11pm at least it keeps them off the streets. The pub has potential as its close to the Apollo and not far from where the students live. Come on someone buy this place and rid it of deadbeats and bland lager fans.

26 Oct 2011 14:30

The Salutation, Manchester

Found a clip in The Manchester evening news that made me want to go here, it was a campaign to save it which im glad they did. 3 Real ales on and a few American bottle beers in the fridge along with a few from Germany. Its a bigger pub than i first thought when i walked in as it has a pool room at the back and an outside smoke area. I had a beer from the little valley brewery in Halifax which was on good form.

25 Oct 2011 13:50

The Howcroft Inn, Bolton

Made a trip to this secluded place and must agree its hard to find if you don't ask the right person. Looks like its up for sale which is a shame because its a nice pub that backs on to a bowling green. Only one real ale on which was Timothy taylor which was ok. Maybe worth a visit if your walking to the beer fest this weekend.

13 Oct 2011 13:19

Barristers, Bolton

Well kept beer in the Best pub in Bolton town centre in my opinion. Has a great range of beers and is a must visit if your going to the Bolton beer fest this weekend.

13 Oct 2011 13:15

The Bulls Head, Tintwistle

Always wanted to try this pub and it did not disappoint. Had a nice pint of Howard town from Glossop and Homemade steak and kidney pudding with homemade chips it was well worth the price. The girlfriend had the spicy pork hot pot and it was melt in the mouth pork. If you see the signs for the pub when travelling on the woodhead pass make sure you make an effort to try it out.

3 Oct 2011 19:14

Half Way House, Manchester

A holts pub on the border of Droylsden/Clayton. Good sized rooms and well kept beers. Seems to have a rotating guest beer on now and again.

5 Sep 2011 13:53

Moss Tavern, Manchester

Now selling Marstons pedigree on cask at 2 pound a pint.

5 Sep 2011 13:50

The Beehive, Droylsden

Heard a rumour that the landlord is considering putting cask back on. Outstanding beers has been muted.

4 Sep 2011 11:30

The Shakespeare, Manchester

Looks a great pub on the outside which is tucked away down a side street near Primark problem is the real ale is off and the people who go in there are dodgy. Must be a haven for the shoplifters because when i went in the toilets some bags and clothes were being traded with a gaunt looking fella who looked like he dabbled in hardcore drugs. Has potential to be a fantastic boozer just needs a few more real ales and the pipes cleaning more than once a month.

20 Aug 2011 12:32

The Gate, Sawbridgeworth

Went to the Bishop Stortford beer fest and was staying at the Jolly brewers and got talking to a bus driver in that pub who recommended this place saying it was involved with the S.P.B.W and had its own microbrewery. So hopped on the bus and made the trip down. It was well worth the visit a friendly landlord and his son who shown us both around the microbrewery and let us try a new brew which was just about ready to sample. Will pop in this place again if im ever down this way.

4 Aug 2011 16:37

The Britannia Inn, Mossley

A great pub serving good home cooked food and quality real ales. Is on the rail ale trail but is not open till 2pm Monday-Thursday and 1pm Friday,Saturday. Not sure about Sunday's but might be worth checking out. Landlord was very friendly as we came in and recomended some beers which were on top form.

20 Jul 2011 14:10

The Cheshire Ring, Hyde

A 2 minute walk from Hyde Central station and well worth it. As people have commented it looks a bit rough on the outside but the beer inside makes up for that. 7 handpumps and a landlord that knows his beer. Had a ginger beartown beer and it was spot on. When my local team played Hyde i went to the Sportsman near the ground i am changing now to this great pub.

30 Jun 2011 14:22

Butchers Arms, Droylsden

Has been knocked down. Had no cellar. Could do with another pub in its place as it is in a prime position behind Droylsden Football club and the guy who had the pub rented the fields to the club Joseph Cropper.

26 Jun 2011 10:40

Ladysmith, Ashton Under Lyne

Best pub in Ashton? Dont think so, no real ale and staff who are not friendly unless you are gay. No cask beer on but would thrive on it if it tried to join the rail ale trail because of its location to Ashton under lyne train station.

8 Jun 2011 18:57

Church Hotel, Manchester

Got to be one of the worst pubs in Droylsden. Its quite clean but the clientel are a bunch of desperados who wait outside half an hour before it opens. No cask beer just the bland lagers and keg bitters.

8 Jun 2011 18:24

Strawberry Duck, Manchester

Not many pubs in Clayton,Manchester these days but id say this was the best and has started to do real ales. As far as i know its a freehouse and not tied with Holts but does have it on. The new landlady has brought a better attitude to the pub and keeps the dead legs out. A lovely pub to sit outside the canal watching the barges go past on a summers day. A major improvement to this pub which is credit to the landlady.

20 May 2011 13:57

Mother Macs, Manchester

This pub is behind The wetherspoons in Piccadilly and if it gets too busy in The Wetherspoons Try Mother Macs. Its supposed to be Haunted and has a few facts about it on the wall. Not a lot of people know about this pub apart from locals and people who dare try something different. Hydes beer is on offer and its ok but nothing special. It really does have a few characters in here and they are friendly enough if you strike a conversation with them.

20 May 2011 12:56

The Railway, Stockport

Another pub thats off the beaton track but well worth it. I believe its getting knocked down due to the new sainsburys which is a real shame. But ive heard they have another place in mind which is good news. A great range of real ales and bottle beers. A place that has loads of rail memoribilia due to the name of the pub and the landlord being a train driver. Its the only place ive seen a billiard table apart from a pub ive been to in Hebden Bridge. Lets make a save The Railway campaign.

19 May 2011 16:28

The Alexandra, Stockport

Im not sure but i think this pub is in the national inventory in Camra being an unspoilt pub and heritage. A pub thats a bit out of the way from Stockport train station but a walk worthwhile. A very traditional bar with 4 different rooms with one being a pool room. A robinsons pub so not much on offer so had the bitter. I believe they had the Ginger Tom on the other day but it seems to have become very popular and it wasn't on. Ithink it could become a regular beer in Robinsons pubs.

19 May 2011 16:17

The Magnet, Stockport

Been in this pub a couple of times and my only gripe is the opening times in midweek but well worth waiting for. I believe that they will be having a brewery at the pub called Cellar Rat in the near future. A very clean place with a good range of beers and a novel idea of take outs in a carton similar to an orange juice one. There is a good beer garden which would be perfect for a beer festival. The staff are friendly and seem well up on the beers. A great pub and well worth putting on your real ale trail in Stockport.

19 May 2011 16:07

The Railway Inn, Manchester

Very much a clique going on in this pub and doesn't feel that welcoming. Seems to want a certain clientel and it feels like that song from del amitri "Nothing ever happens" Yes there is one real ale on but its in the vault and not seen by the eagle eye. Websters green label seems to be still going in this pub so that tells you what kind of taste buds are sampling in this pub. This pub has loads of potential to hold a real ale festival in the back garden but it has not been done for years. It seemed to be a success the last time it held one and had the hot roast pork sandwiches to accompany the fine ale. Needs a kick up the backside this pub and to think outside the box.

17 May 2011 11:27

Strawberry Gardens Inn, Manchester

In my younger days i went in this pub every Friday and Saturday before heading to Ashton Under lyne, It had Marston's on cask and was always kept well. These days it has no cask and youngers bitter for 1.70 a pint. The landlady always keeps good order in the pub and won't allow baseball caps or the tracksuit top brigade. Still quite old school in the vault and crip is still played here. Still has karaoki on and seems to be busy but for me it needs to bring back a real ale.

17 May 2011 11:18

The Beehive, Droylsden

Id love this pub to be taken over by Sam smiths and challenge The Kings Head (Joseph Holts Beers) on price. The Beehive is far to expensive and doesn't have any cask beers. The place has not changed since i first went in the 1990s and according to my Dad since he has known it. My Dad reckons the landlord keeps the prices high to keep the riff raff out but i feel thats a cop out and just panders for certain clients. Apparently the food at dinner time is pretty good which seems to be the busiest time.

9 May 2011 10:58

Butchers Arms, Droylsden

Due for demolition

9 May 2011 10:52

Bush Inn, Manchester

A Thwaites pub that has the bitter and mild on cask and are always kept to a good standard. Very much a local s local on a Saturday night and beware of the daggers you may get if you sit on one of the regulars seats. The landlord is very friendly and always puts a chilli or a curry on for whenever there is a match on. Bit pricey but i feel its the best pint on this side of Droylsden. Buses 168,169 and 231 stop nearby.

9 May 2011 10:42

The Dutton Hotel, Manchester

This has always been a Hydes pub from what i know so the person who had Holt's must of gone to a different pub. If you thought The Jolly Angler was stuck in a timewarp check this place out! Its got 1970s written all over the place and some of the dust must still be from there aswell. As far as i know there are 3 pubs in this area The Derby brewery arms which is very close to the Joseph Holts Brewery, The Berwick which doesn't sell real ale and The Dutton so its worth taking a stroll up there as there is an all you can eat Indian on the main road. The beer was kept pretty well although for our lager drinkers the Harp wasn't on so carling was the second choice. Has two anvils in the window which i bet are worth a bit. Give this pub a try if you like weird and strange pubs.

7 May 2011 09:34

The Bowling Green, Ashton-under-Lyne

This has probably one of the best bars in Ashton its a shame they don't have at least one cask on. 99p for a bottleof Carlsberg being the cheapest drink i think.If it wasn't for The Bowling green wetherspoons would rule the roost in this part of Ashton. Definetly a few characters in here but ive never had any mither. Good pool table but thats about it.

1 May 2011 12:20

The Prince Of Orange, Ashton Under Lyne

My Dad took us in here as a kid for a meal on a Saturday afternoon and back then it was slightly ok.Not sure if they still do it but from what ive heard the rabbitt pie is suppose to be pretty damn good. Its in need of a good clean. Only 1 real ale (Robinsons) on but its not on bad form. This pub is opposite Ashton train station and if given a new lease of life could be a pub for the start of the real ale trail. The entertainment is terrible and similar to the bad acts on the x factor or britains got talent. So if your down in the dumps one day and need cheering up get yourself to the prince of orange and you can have a laugh at the regulars and feel your life isnt that bad after all.

1 May 2011 12:14

The Cask Bar, Castlefield

Don't know if its still open but i Liked the look of this bar when i went in and had a feel of a bar around the northern quarter. Unfortunately had a terrible pint which was sour and too warm. I took it back to the Irish guy behind the bar and he pulled a face and poured it into a half glass and tried it then said there was nowt wrong with it. So i said well i don't think it is so he was a bit reluctant changing it. Im not one to take beer back but i think everyone with a taste of real ale knows a bad pint.

1 May 2011 09:37

The Jolly Angler, Manchester

Love this pub but as one reader has pointed out its worth finding out the opening times. Last time i was in there was some Irish music being played which was at a pretty good standard. Pub has never changed and it wouldn't be out of place in Life on Mars. Make this a must see if your ever doing a pub crawl around manchester.

1 May 2011 09:29

The Marble Arch, Manchester

Was in here last night and i always go for the ginger marble ale but for some reason it wasn't on so had a go at the mild which was 6% so quite strong for a mild. Love the interior of this pub and the sloping floor. If you venture into the back room you will see where they brew some of the beer. All the beers are organic and they had 10 handpumps on last night which included one from Liverpool organic.The marble products are also sold in bottles for gift sets. A must visit pub on the outskirts of town.

23 Apr 2011 15:56

The Engine Rooms, Ashton Under Lyne

Its great to see guest beers on but ive took a couple back due to them being off. Trying to compete with wetherspoons in price but doesn't do it for me. Nice interior and a nice picture of Ashton in the mens toilets. Has some kind of competion on every Monday involving people who play on Playstations playing each other at a football game.

23 Apr 2011 15:42

Kings Head Hotel, Droylsden

A local of mine so im always going to be biased. The Holts is always on top form and the staff are always welcoming. Has started to put a guest beer on but its only found in the small room as the locals tend to go for the Holts. Its next door to the football ground which doesn't serve real ale only bland lager and a poor imitation of mild so make The Kings a must visit if your team ever plays The Bloods (Droylsden F.C)

23 Apr 2011 15:32

Snipe Inn, Audenshaw

A locals local that has started to serve food. Always keeps a good pint of Robinsons. The mens toilets are outside and need a good clean. Its facing the B&Q in Ashton under lyne and only around the corner from the travelodge so a good place to go if you are staying overnight. There is always the Sheldon arms nearby which is a Lees pub but there is not as many characters go in there, they tend to go to The Snipe.

23 Apr 2011 15:26

The Caledonia Hotel, Ashton Under Lyne

A pub thats always busy in the afternoon but dead at night. The food is all home cooked and they always keep a good pint. Worth a visit if you are on a pub crawl of Ashton under lyne and dont fancy the bland food from Wetherspoons.

23 Apr 2011 15:16

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