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Comments by Hodge1

Hales Garden House, Hales

Closed and boarded last Sunday.

8 Oct 2012 19:58

The Golden Fleece, Wells next the Sea

Deffo a bit rough and ready, looks great from the outside, I bet any tourists who wander in soon leave! Its a real locals pub, catering mainly for the lager trade, although the wherry I had was fine. Not somewhere to come with your great Aunt I would say.

29 Jul 2012 16:39

The Edinburgh Inn, Wells Next The Sea

I enjoyed this pub, good beer, food looked good too, friendly locals and not too many tourists as its set back from the Quay in the town centre.

29 Jul 2012 16:37

The Carpenters Arms, Wighton

Still closed yesterday lunchtime and looking very sad and neglected.

29 Jul 2012 16:35

The Countryman, Tasburgh

Still open unlike many other pubs on the A140 South of Norwich. A nice pint of Wherry on Sunday lunchtime, food looked good, service was friendly and the seating area out the back was pleasant.

23 Jul 2012 22:15

The White Horse Inn, Beverley

This pub is like stepping back in time, a warren of small rooms full of old furniture and bric a brac, still gas lit, no electricity here, just the murmer of conversation, ticking clocks and the clink of glasses makes for a wonderful atmosphere. And the price of a pint oof Sam Smiths old brewery bitter? 1.80! Lets face it if they can make money on that we are beinh ripped off by other brewerys who charge 3 pound upwards. Fantastic pub. Not to be missed.

22 Jul 2012 10:03

Kings Head, Hethersett

A former GBG regular this pub is more of a 'proper' pub than the villages other establishment (the Queens head), its a bit tatty round the edges but the food and beer is good. Could do with a tidy up, lets face it, with window box's full of weeds it can be a bit off putting.

15 Jul 2012 20:32

Mariners Tavern, Great Yarmouth

Along with the St.Johns Head on North Quay (and now the Barking Smack on the seafront) this pub makes a visit to Grt Yarmouth for beers worth while. A great selection of 8 real ales served in a boisterous but friendly bar.

9 Jul 2012 19:05

The Berney Arms Inn, Berney Arms

Visited this Broadland classic in APril this year on a cold windy Sunday lunchtime, it was a welcome haven I can tell you! A bit tatty and run down though, its only open from March to October ( a condition of its licence) and you would think with little else to do they could have tidied up and decorated in the Winter months.Beer was by Humpty Dumpty and good.

9 Jul 2012 19:00

The Kings Head, Belton

Not a bad little pub, friendly enough, open all day on a Saturday in the Summer, selection of 4 ales on offer.

9 Jul 2012 18:56

Pub on the Prom, Great Yarmouth

Great barn of a place on a corner on the prom, not bad for a seaside town, only a choice of 2 real ales Sat lunchtime.

9 Jul 2012 18:54

Pub on the Prom, Great Yarmouth

Great barn of a place on a corner on the prom, not bad for a seaside town, only a choice of 2 real ales Sat lunchtime.

9 Jul 2012 18:53

Plough, Norwich

Cracking pub on St.Benedicts, the proper part of Norwich (along with Magdelan street) all the Grain beers are available, the Blonde, an unfiltered wheat beer is fantastic. The beer prices are a little pricey.

3 Jul 2012 20:35

The Perseverance, Norwich

Cycled past this pub loads of times on the way to the Fat Cat, but haven't dared to go in yet or take a photo of it, it and the clientele look a trifle rough!

3 Jul 2012 20:33

The Sole and Heel, Rackheath

Rather interesting Art Deco building, nice selection of ales, they seem to be trying hard to make a go of this pub, lets hope it works.

2 Jul 2012 19:51

The Swan Inn, Stalham

This pub, like a lot of Adnams pubs now, looks great from the outside, but on entering you will soon realise that the vandals that masquerade as interior designers for the company have been at work here, a cold hard bar, wooden floors, crappy 'designer' seats, blinds in the window and absolutely no atmosphere at all, in fact all the charm and charisma of a dentists waiting room, minus anything to read. The beer was ok. Opposite was a pub called the "Grebe' which looked like the local lager swilling knuckleheads pub of choice.

2 Jul 2012 15:35

The Swan Inn, Ingham

A bit of a difference now to the previous review, the pub has been extensively renovated, and its interior is far more that of a gastro pub with prices to match! A pint of Woodfordes Mardlers Mild was 3.60! I felt out of place just having a drink so retired to the pleasant outside garden area, where an old boy regaled me with tales of when it was a real locals pub etc etc....

2 Jul 2012 15:30

The Nelson Head, Horsey

A bit of a Broadland institution is this pub, its been a regular Good Beer Guide entry for years, situated down a tiny lane in the hamlet of Horsey, its interior is unspoilt and decorated with a large collection of antique guns, the huge duck gun over the mantelpiece needs to be seen to be believed! Beer was good, Woodfordes Nelson Revenge on form, can't vouch for the food, but it looked ok.

2 Jul 2012 15:19

The White Horse Inn, Neatishead

A real traditional locals pub, 3 little rooms, very old handpumps dispense Woodfordes ales, no fruit machines, jukebox's or canned musak, just conversation and atmosphere fantastic, I wish there were more like this in Broadland.,

1 Jul 2012 20:39

The Fur and Feather Inn, Woodbastwick

What can you say? Its the Woodfordes tap, all the beers are on, the gardens are beautiful, the food is excellent, visit it now! Probably the best pub for miles around.

1 Jul 2012 20:36

The Maltsters, Ranworth

Decent pub close to Ranworth Broad so popular with boaters, nice pint of Wherry, also Crouch Vale Brewers Gold on offer, good food too. Camping available in the garden opposite.

1 Jul 2012 20:34

The Ship Inn, South Walsham

Decent pint of Wherry, nice terrace outside, friendly girl behind the bar.

1 Jul 2012 20:31

The Castle, Norwich

Amazing, if you ran a 'hetrosexual' themed bar that was off putting to gay people you'd be taken to court and prosecuted.

29 Jun 2012 19:55

The Red Lion, Eaton

Lovely looking brick built restaurant/pub on the old A11 in Eaton village, as said elsewhere its more of a restaurant than a pub now, but does 3 or 4 local and expensive ales. I have eaten here and the portions are good and its well presented, not the sort of place you pop out to for the footie or a game of darts, for that go to the Cellar House up the road!

24 Jun 2012 16:36

The Red Lion, Eaton

Lovely looking brick built restaurant/pub on the old A11 in Eaton village, as said elsewhere its more of a restaurant than a pub now, but does 3 or 4 local and expensive ales. I have eaten here and the portions are good and its well presented, not the sort of place you pop out to for the footie or a game of darts, for that go to the Cellar House up the road!

24 Jun 2012 16:35

The Cellar House, Eaton

Large pub set back from the old London Road on the approach to Eaton Village on the West side of Norwich, nice pint of Castle Rock beer at lunchtime, food looks good, was quite busy. Newspapers provided for non eaters, and a nice big garden. Worth a visit.

24 Jun 2012 16:31

The Marsh Harrier, Norwich

Seems to have made a few changes for the better if what I saw today is anything to go by. I only popped in for a beer, Hook Norton Bitter in reasonable condition, but was made welcome even though this is mainly a foodie pub. Food looked good and service seemed efficient and the place was very busy. Will eat here one day. Nice gardens outside and the actual building seems very old. At least it is still open, many pubs like this have closed recently.

24 Jun 2012 16:24

The Ship, Reedham

Improved no end since my last visit, maybe its the Summer season. Now does a selection of beers from the villages Humpty Dumpty Brewery (on Church Road open during the day and as I discovered now has a shop), busy with boaters and food, nice garden by the river to view the boats and trains from.

24 Jun 2012 16:20

Duke's Head, Somerleyton

My favourite on Saturdays bike crawl, tucked away down tiny single track lanes about 15 minutes walk from the station. Its a gastro pub really but drinkers were more than welcome, the meals looked and smelt very nice and the lady proprietor fussed over her team of attractive young lady waiting staff in tight black dresses like a mother hen. Service was naturally efficient and very attractive! My first pint was slightly cloudy but drinkable, but the landlady kindly gave me a 2nd pint of a different beer for free. Lovely garden outside for sunshine drinking. Full marks.

24 Jun 2012 16:17

The Bell Inn, Great Yarmouth

Beautifully located pub with a garden running down to the River Waveney by St.Olaves Bridge. Opened at about 1100 last Saturday, which was good as I was thirsty! Nicely kept Woodfordes Wherry and Nelsons revenge. The exterior of the pub looks very old but the interior with hideous swirly carpet and dark pine furniture seems stuck in the 1980's. Food menu looked good. Would visit again.

24 Jun 2012 16:12

Crown Inn, Haddiscoe

Visited last Saturday afternoon, the pub looks like a classic village local from the outside, with a nice seating area for smokers, but the interior.....oh dear. Its a complete mess, mock leather sofa's dumped at irregular angles, piles of tourist leaflets, a bar so dark you can't really see what they have to offer, 2 hideous purple peices of hardboard (?) containing spot lights nailed over a lovely wood beamed ceiling, never was a pub interior in need of a 60 minute makeover than this one. Beer selection poor, Marstons EPA and Adnams bitter. My advice, try the Haddiscoe tavern almost opposite, local Greenjack beers on offer and a nice garden to the rear.

24 Jun 2012 16:09

Eaton Cottage, Norwich

Visited yesterday afternoon, its seems to be a converted terrace of a couple of houses, lots of interlinked rooms, nice selection of ale, and a pleasant seating area outside. Was a bit annoyed at having to wait Wetherspoons style for the barman to appear though.

18 Jun 2012 10:43

Shoulder of Mutton, Strumpshaw

Good beer guide pub, a bit rough around the edges 5 beers available, Greenjach elderflower ale was very good. Would visit again.

16 Jun 2012 19:17

The Huntsman, Strumpshaw

Nice rural pub, I was surprised by the beers available, 4 and one was Caledonian coffee porter which was very good, nice garden outside too.

16 Jun 2012 19:14

Kings Head Lingwood, Lingwood

Bit of a locals pub, they were watching the racing, but ok, 4 beers, and next door to the station

16 Jun 2012 19:11

The Yare, Brundall

Handy for the station (its next door) the Yare seems to be unchanged for many years, its a modern building, the interior being decorated with nautical memorabilia, food is ok, and there is a choice of 4 real ales. Not a bad place to kill time when waiting for a train.

10 Jun 2012 10:20

The Reedcutter, Cantley

Situated down a little lane about 5 mins walk from Cantley railway station the Reedcutters is a classic riverside pub, with a lovely terrace by the Yare to watch the boats from. I beleive it has recently been taken over, lets hope the new tenants make a go of it, its a little run down at the moment and could do with a paint job outside. Beer was fine, Tolly Cobbold at 2.40 a pint.

10 Jun 2012 10:15

The Hill House, Happisburgh

Close to the church and not far from the famous lighthouse the Hill House is a fine village local serving very good home cooked food (proper stuff) and good beer. The WHerry I tried was excellent, nice outside areas for sunshine sipping, try it sooner rather than later, with the way the coastal erosion is going around this area it will soon be on the beach!

5 Jun 2012 15:06

The Butchers Arms, East Ruston

Whilst out cycling I came across this pub purely by accident, but the sign advertising a 'Jubilee Beer Festival' drew me in, even though I arrived at 1145 and had to wait until 1200 for it to open! Fantastic pub really friendly, great selection of about 20 ales, all local, some in a marquee out the back. The food smelt, and looked very good. One for another visit methinks.

5 Jun 2012 15:01

Greyhound Inn, Hickling

When I called in on Bank Holiday Monday the Jubilee party was in full swing, with the pub absolutely packed, but from what I saw it was a great local village pub, and the Wherry Bitter was in good order. Need to visit again when it was less busy, a limbo dancing competition was ongoing as I left....

5 Jun 2012 14:57

The Star Inn, Lessingham

Stopped here on a bit of a cycle crawl of the area, fantastic old fasioned pub situated a little outside the village of Lessingham at a crossroads. Wonderful old fashioned interior, good food and a fine selection of beer. B&B is recommended too, full marks all round.

5 Jun 2012 14:54

The Kings Arms, Ludham

A bit boisterous and locally, but friendly enough, a couple of Woodfordes beers on handpump in good nick. Would stop by again.

5 Jun 2012 14:50

The Dog Inn, Ludham

Great pub, friendly and comfortable, great pint of Tipples Brewery beer, will return this Summer for a nights camping in their adjacent field. Cheers

5 Jun 2012 14:47

Robin Hood, Sheringham

Very expensive for a small Norfolk seaside town, Greene King Abbot 3.60 a pint, they are having a laugh, no wonder the pub was empty on a very sunny day, the Lobster down the road was heaving.

27 May 2012 22:04

Kings Head Inn, Acle

Good basic locals pub, Wherry was on form, very large garden out the back to enjoy on a sunny day, close to the station, came in handy as Network rail were unable to run any trains to Norwich due to 'signalling problems'. Handily the X! bus stop is opposite and the fare was 3 quid single.

27 May 2012 22:01

The Mustard Pot, Norwich

Now the Fat Cat and Canary, Colin Keatleys latest project, just like the other Fat Cat in Norwich the walls are crammed with breweryana, and 17 to 18 real ales are available on draft or from the barrel. No food other than bar snacks, outside drinking areas to the front and rear, top marks all round.

24 May 2012 18:26

The Red Lion, Cricklade

Pubs own brewery opens at the start of June, followed by a beer festival, this pub is the best for miles around and knocks spots off anything in Swindump thats for sure.

22 May 2012 08:24

Trafford Arms, Norwich

Still as good as ever, well kept selection of ten real ales, good food, newspapers to read and a friendly, relaxed feeling to the place, one of my favourites in Norwich.

22 May 2012 08:15

King's Head, Brooke

Visited this pub mid afternoon yesterday, well kept from the outside, and clean and tidy on the inside, 3 beers on offer, newspapers to read. Aimed more at food/gastro end of the market, but if it keeps it open why not. Garden out the back too.

20 May 2012 15:20

The White Horse, Chedgrave

Good small town locals and visitors pub, friendly landlord, good selection of ales on offer, big banner outside advertising a forthcoming real ale festival. Humpty Dumpty and Wolf beers on offer.

20 May 2012 15:17

The New Inn, Rockland St Mary

This pub is directly opposite Rockland staithe and the associated Broad, its more aimed a the foody market but I was surprised to find 5 handpumps dispensing a very good selection of ales including Mordue Workie Ticket, an unusual beer for the area. Nice outside seating area too. In an area thats lost far too many pubs we should all be supporting places like this.

20 May 2012 15:15

The Coldham Hall Tavern, Surlingham

Just around the corner by boat from the Ferry House at Surlingham, and slightly further by road you will come to the Coldham Hall. Its off a little lane between Surlingham and Rockland St.Mary and you can see Brundall on the opposite bank of the Yare. Good food here, well manicured gardens and 2 Woodfordes beers in good nick, 'Once Bittern' and 'Wherry' from the barrel in the bar. Another good bet for a sunny day.

20 May 2012 15:11

The Ferry House, Surlingham

Situated close to the tiny village of Surlingham on the River Yare South of Norwich this is a popular Summer pub with boaters and landlubbers alike. A good selection of Adnams, Woodfordes and Wolf beers was on offer yesterday lunchtime, and it seemed busy. Pleasant riverside gardens too.

20 May 2012 15:08

Beauchamp Arms, Buckenham

If you tried to get here from Buckenham you would be in for a surprise, its on the opposite side of the River Yare! Its a wonderful pub at the end of an unmade lane from the tiny village of Claxston, most people arrive by boat. My pint of Wherry was in good order and the food looked good. A great place to while away an hour or two watching the boats go by.

20 May 2012 15:05

The Queens Head, Long Stratton

Adnams tied house in this long thin village in South Norfolk, no garden to speak of, seemed nicer than the Swan, 2 Adnams and a Humpty Dumpty Brewery beer as a guest.

12 May 2012 20:13

The Swan Inn, Long Stratton

Roadside inn, ok, had a Wolf beer on as a guest, locals seemed a bit leary, wouldnt bother again.

12 May 2012 20:12

Old Road Tavern, Chippenham

Great pub, a couple of minutes walk from Chippenham railway station (upside), five beers on including Otter, Summer Lightening and a guest. Multi roomed interior, friendly locals, newspapers available and a great beer garden out the back, my favourite in the town.

1 May 2012 17:52

The Axminster Inn, Axminster

Called in yesterday afternoon, glad to see this classic back street boozer still open, very good pint of Palmers, seems to be open all day still and looked like it had been recently cleaned and painted up. A must when in Axminster!

20 Mar 2012 13:44

The Royal Standard, Lyme Regis

Visited yesterday lunchtime, sun was out so the pub was busy, beer quality very good but #3.50 a pint it was bloody expensive. Carpet has been replaced, but pool table still there taking up too much room, however I'll forgive then that as on this occasion the 2 birds playing pool had lovely arses.....

20 Mar 2012 13:42

The Cobb Arms, Lyme Regis

Had an ok pint of Palmers 200 in here yesterday lunchtime, very slow service but just one bloke serving on a warm sunny day seems a bit stupid to me. Expensive too.

20 Mar 2012 13:39

The Great Western Hotel, Exeter

Visited yesterday beer ad good as ever but for a Best Western hotel the exterior is shabby and unkempt and the interior sorely in need of a refurb.

14 Mar 2012 14:25

The Baker's Arms, Swindon

Closed after police raid a few weeks ago found firearms and class A drugs on the premises, well done Arkells another sucess.

14 Mar 2012 14:16

The Spot, Swindon

Should be boarded up, shite fizz parlour full of kids.

7 Mar 2012 12:57

The Raglan Arms, Weston Super Mare

Now burnt out and boarded up following a 'suspicious' fire.

5 Mar 2012 16:47

Off The Rails, Weston Super Mare

A leftover from a previous age when warm pork pies and curled up sarnies were the staple of station buffets, the bat side was full of quality old cider heads quietly drinking themselves into oblivion. Northumbrian beer on Handpump was fine. Top, not somewhere to take your Mum but fine all the same.

5 Mar 2012 16:46

The Criterion, Weston Super Mare

Fantastic backstreet trad boozer, a real find in Weston, friendly, good selection of ale and newspapers to read. Full marks.

5 Mar 2012 16:42

The Platform Tavern, Southampton

Decent pub opposite the Town Quay, decor is a bit eccentric, beer ok, from their own brewery on site, Dancing Man.

5 Mar 2012 16:39

Fowlers, Ryde

Walked up the hill, discovered it was a Wankerspoons, looked through the window, usual selection of wasters and derilicts drinking cheap booze, walked back down the hill. No thanks.

5 Mar 2012 16:34

The Solent Inn, Ryde

Consiering this pub is in the 2012 GBG the beer selection was crap, Butcombe or Ringwood best, pub had an air of rundown tiredness, mind you that went for the whole of Ryde to be honest. The cold sea mist probably didnt help my mood either.

5 Mar 2012 16:32

The Ship and Castle, East Cowes

Went here last week, not a bad boozer, but only one ale available, maybe its better in the Summer.

5 Mar 2012 16:29

The Anchor Inn, Cowes

Stayed the night here last week, dull beer selection other than a Goddards offering, accomodation was clean but tired, very overpriced at 55 quid a night and NO breakfast provided. Would not nother again.

5 Mar 2012 16:27

Euston Tap, Euston

Toilet facilities leave a great deal to be desired!

20 Feb 2012 17:25

The Town Local, Wootton Bassett

Closed and boarded, conversion to residential proposed.

13 Jan 2012 11:33

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Cirencester

Went in lunchtime today, the Old Hookey was in good nick, best was available and also Butcombe bitter, food looked ok and was being tucked into by plenty of locals.

10 Jan 2012 21:30

The Cross Guns, Avoncliff

visited today at lunchtime, very busy, beer excellent especially the steam porter, staff not over friendy and the landlord as mentioned before fairly miserable, the toilets here have always been a disgrace, I would have thought that the Box Steam Brewery could do something about it now, improve them please!!!

7 Jan 2012 22:38

The Three Horseshoes, Bradford on Avon

Oh dear oh dear, now a pub full of crusties and idiots with metal bars through there skin, still does a decent pint but seems to be where the low life go.

7 Jan 2012 22:34

The Canal Tavern, Bradford on Avon

Used to be a wonderful canalside beer house, now seems to be a youngsters kiddy parlour, absolute rubbish, dont bother. Some teeny twat was discussing with the bar staff how many fights he'd had over the New YEar.

7 Jan 2012 22:32

The Canal Tavern, Bradford on Avon

Used to be a wonderful canalside beer house, now seems to be a youngsters kiddy parlour, absolute rubbish, dont bother. Some teeny twat was discussing with the bar staff how many fights he'd had over the New YEar.

7 Jan 2012 22:32

The Seven Stars, Penryn

A real ale drinkers pub, in the High street, very much a beer and conversation establishment, the Spingo Middle was in top form, plus 3 other beers. Its about a fast 10 min walk from Penryn station on the Falmouth branch. Well recommended.

7 Jan 2012 10:11

The Royal Standard, Flushing

Slightly up the hill and around the corner from the Seven Stars this tiny pub seems to be more geared towards eaters with a wooden cafe bar style interior. However the Betty Stopgs was on form and the service friendly, I bet its packed in the Summer though.

7 Jan 2012 10:10

The Seven Stars, Flushing

Visited this pub last Wednesday, its a short Ferry Ride from the quayside aat Falmouth. Good selection of well kept ales, very much a locals pub in the Winter, found it to be friendly enough, would be a lovely spot in Summer.

7 Jan 2012 10:08

The Seven Stars, Falmouth

Visited this timeless pub last Wednesday to be greated with the news that the Rev Barrington had passed away on Christmas Eve after a long illness, his funeral was in Truro Cathdral yesterday attended by 3 bishops! The locals had left him a half of Bass on the matlepiece in the front bar. Beer was as good as ever, but there must be some doubt now as to the future of this wonderful relic from another age. After 58 years in charge Barington has called last orders!

7 Jan 2012 10:05

The Sole Bay Inn, Southwold

What Adnams have done to the interior of this pub is nothing short of scandalous, they have ripped out a wonderful collection of old Southwold and seafaring memorabilia and replaced it with a hideous cafe bar interior with all the character of a motorway service station. Plus knocking down half the walls and installing a tasteless new bar. What a bloody disgrace.

2 Jan 2012 16:58

The Lord Nelson, Southwold

Lovely old pub unspoilt by progress, very busy at lunchtime today, the Adnams Old ale was perfect, the meals looked good as well.

2 Jan 2012 16:53

The Harbour Inn, Southwold

Still the best Adnams pub in Southwold, a 15 min walk from the town centre. Its interior although extended retains its multi roomed, multi leveled charm. Good beer and food served, the level marker halfway up the wall at the front indicates the 1953 flood hieght.

2 Jan 2012 16:50

Suffield Arms, Thorpe Market

Closed and boarded up when I passed by on the train a week ago, a sad loss, another rural pub lost.

1 Jan 2012 12:32

Kings Head Hotel, Hoveton

Large pub on the river at Wroxham/Hoveton, good pint of Wherry, looked like it was kitted out for the tourist trade in the Summer when I would imagine its packed, quiet in the Winter though, nice to see the xmas decprations had been taken down!

30 Dec 2011 19:39

Black Boys, Aylsham

Lovely well kept Hotel/bar on Aylsham's little market square, served 2 Adnams, and 2 Woodfordes beers when visited lunchtime today. Packed with people eating what looked like good honest pub food, beer was good, newspapers available and staff friendly. No wonder it was packed!

30 Dec 2011 19:37

The Flintknappers Arms, Brandon

Thoroughly closed and boarded up when I passed today, like much of Brandons shabby 'town' centre. Looked like the locals were having a 'run' on the local branch of Barclays judging from the queue down the road, or maybe its a 'one bank machine' town...

29 Dec 2011 17:30

The Great Eastern Hotel, Brandon

Popped in lunchtime today, seemed clean and tidy, in fact seemed to have had a recent refurb. The bar is actually only a small part of it, there are letting rooms, and a big restaurant too. Only thing is, despite all the new signage outside on the walls one thing is missing, the name! Nowhere could I see 'Great Eastern Hotel' on display. The Adnams Lighthouse was in good order.

29 Dec 2011 17:27

The Railway Tavern, Reedham

Sad loss, remember it originally as the 'Top House' a Greene King pub in the 1980's, shame a sucession of hopeless landlords ran it down. No flats, but with the Railway Tavern sign still extent.

29 Dec 2011 17:24

The Ship, Reedham

The best of the 2 pubs on the riverside, clean and tidy, beers in good order, garden has a great view of the Victorian engineering masterpiece that is the Reedham Railway Swing bridge too. Nice riverside garden. Didn't try the food, looked ok from the menu.

29 Dec 2011 17:22

The Lord Nelson, Reedham

A very strange smell pervaded the whole of this pub when I visited it a couple of days ago, like a mixture of stinking wet dogs and some sort of strange room freshener. Enough Christmas lights for a whole town had been put up and were switched on, a very old lady and a white bearded old man were watching on 'on thee buses' on an old TV in the corner. He struggled up and served me a pint of Humpty dumpty brewery beer from the cellar, although handpumps seemed to be in use on the bar. Really don't know what to make of it, seemed like something out of the 'league of gentlemen'!

29 Dec 2011 17:20

The Ferry Inn, Reedham

For beer and location this a great pub, far better than the two by the riverside and well worth the 1/2 mile walk from the railway station, but the food, dear oh dear. I paid �5.25 for toasted cheese sandwich, fair enough I thought it'll be a couple of slabs of decent bread stuffed full of a strong cheddar nicely melted. What I actually got was a mean toasted sandwich out of a bloody breville sandwich maker, the cheese was non existant and it was served with the usual mound of unwanted rabbit food, and inexplicably some tortilla chips. Pathetic, and a total ripoff. Rate 7 for beer only, 0 for food.

29 Dec 2011 17:15

The Railway Tavern, Framingham Earl

Visited this pub whilst passing on Christmas Day lunchtime. It used to be in the Good Beer Guide, and on this occasion the beer quality was fine, but it definately had an air of decay and a feeling of being unloved and uncared for. Shame. The seats at the tables seemed to be on the point of collapse!

29 Dec 2011 17:10

The Reindeer Pub & Kitchen, Norwich

Now owned by Elgoods, trying to be an up market eatery with expensive beer, I wish them luck, its in the wrong place for that!

26 Dec 2011 19:11

The Beehive, Norwich

Visited again on Xmas Eve, just as good as ever, 7 beers available, and full of friendly locals, a real thriving local.

26 Dec 2011 19:07

The Red Lion Hotel, Cromer

Wonderful old brick built hotel with commanding views of the sea, its enjoying a new lease of life having been refurbished to 4 star standards. That said, however, they have left the beautiful old maghogany bar, open fires and interior of the bar well alone. 6 handpumps dispense local brews and a few from further afield, Roosters liquorice stout on the occasion of my visit last week. Good bar food too.

26 Dec 2011 16:31

The White Horse, Cromer

Nearest to the station, a bit of a rough and ready locals pub, had Courage directors on in good nick.

26 Dec 2011 16:28

The Magpie, Norwich

Closed, boarded up and slated for demolition.

26 Dec 2011 16:26

The Three Boars, Wymondham

Rather fine establishment about 5 mins walk from Spooner Row station, useful if any trains stopped there. A warm and friendly pub standing on a crossroads, with a large restaurant to the rear, a side room again set up for food and a locals bar to the right of the entrance. Warm and cosy, Adnams Bitter, Old and Tallyho were on handpump, meals looked very good, upmarket but popular. Well worth a visit.

23 Dec 2011 17:23

The Royal Marine Inn, Yeovil

Yes very down to earth local, Ringwood bitter was the only offering but in good nick, very much a locals pub, plenty of colourful language but not unfriendly. Worth popping in if waiting for a train, 5 mins walk from station.

16 Dec 2011 20:10

The Great Western, Yeovil

Open last night at 1700, me and one other block in, seemed ok< Wadworth xmas beer on, reasonable pint, pubs like this need supporting, come on locals get drinking or loose it for ever.

16 Dec 2011 20:07

Half Moon Inn and Country Lodge, Mudford

Top pub, superb meal last night, big portions, freshly cooked, beer was RCH East street cream and pitchfork. Very Busy but service was very good.

16 Dec 2011 20:05

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

Proper locals London Pub, open fire, warm and friendly, approx 10 guest ales on and 6 handpulled ciders! Great atmosphere, 2 old boys at the back playing the piano and clarinet added to the entertainment. Very diffecult to leave. 5 mins walk from Gospel Oak station. Can't see how it could be any better.

8 Dec 2011 10:27

The White Hart, Cheddar

The best pub in overtouristy Cheddar, warm comfortable, food fine, plenty of room, not spoilt inside, selection of 3 ales on handpump, Butcombe in excellent condition, have been here in the Summer before and it can be absolutely heaving probably because all the other pubs in the village are so poor.

4 Dec 2011 11:21

The White Hart, Cheddar

The best pub in overtouristy Cheddar, warm comfortable, food fine, plenty of room, not spoilt inside, selection of 3 ales on handpump, Butcombe in excellent condition, have been here in the Summer before and it can be absolutely heaving probably because all the other pubs in the village are so poor.

4 Dec 2011 11:21

The King's Head, Wells

The best pub we visited in Wells, very busy on market day, Cotleigh Old Buzzard from the barrel behind the bar very good, also some cheddar and butcombe on offer. Well worth a visit.

4 Dec 2011 11:18

The Globe Inn, Wells

Closed and boarded on our visit yesterday.

4 Dec 2011 11:17

City Arms, Wells

First pub visited on our boozy bus trip around Somerset, basically because it opened at 1000 and serves breakfasts. No problems with the breakfasts, did have to return the Golden Chalice as it was very cloudy, however it was changed without quibble. Not the best pub in Wells, but didnt experience any of what has been written about this pub. Suspect its someone who has been barred...

4 Dec 2011 11:16

Hunters Lodge, Priddy

Isolated and unspoilt freehouse at a crossroads near Priddy high up in the Mendips. It doesnt look much from the outside but inside its totally unspoilt, multi roomed with open fires, all the beers served by gravity from a stillage behind the bar. Good basic food served (ie chilli and garlic bread), the landlord has been in charge for over 40 years. Can't fault it.

4 Dec 2011 11:13

The Crown Inn, Churchill

Ancient multi roomed interior with cosy log fires, a perfect place to while away a cold December evening. Top Marks!

4 Dec 2011 11:10

The Beehive, Swindon

Should be the best pub in Swindon, quirky multi levelled, unspoilt and unchanging......except for the utterly ridiculous price of a pint there. �3.80 for a pint of guest ale, come the landlors of this pub is having a turkish, will never frequent it again.

13 Nov 2011 23:24

Bridge Inn, Horton

When I first visited this pub 25 years ago it was a basic canal side boozer with beer and cheese rolls. Well its certainly not that now! Seems to becoming a destination foody pub, but I suppose if thats what it takes to stay open so be it. Service was friendly, Wadworth Swordfish, IPA and 6X available from the wooden barrel by gravity. I ate here and the food was under a tenner for a chilli and rice, homemade and quite acceptable. If you like your pubs with old fashioned atmosphere go to the New Inn at Coate a mile away.

8 Nov 2011 15:32

The New Inn, Coate

Situated in a tiny village a couple of miles from Devizes, the pub is still a basic beer house, and the hub of the community, on my visit the landlady was wearing swimming goggles whilst chopping 80+ onions for the communal fireworks party outside later. Its rather like sitting in someones front room, 2 beers on offer, 6X and Henrys IPA, both from the wooden barrel and were in good order. Some basic pub food available. Well done Wadworths for not ruining this pub.

8 Nov 2011 15:27

The Flag, Swindon

Converted into a Cash converters outlet, that just about sums up Swindons Chav town centre.

8 Nov 2011 15:07

The King's Head, Huddersfield

Not sure what this place is about, just seems to be a room with sticky beer splattered floors, second hand school furniture and full of bloody students. More akin to the student bar at a Uni. Rancid. And my pint was off too.

8 Nov 2011 15:03

The Head of Steam, Huddersfield

Good station bar with plenty of well kept ales on offer, a welcome respite from Huddersfields grey windblown and frankly bloody freezing station. Seems to have become a little over popular now thanks to Oz and James, of course most of us knew about this pub years before those two fatheads publicised it.

8 Nov 2011 14:59

The Sair Inn, Linthwaite

Timeless Brewpub high in the hills approx 2 miles from Hudderfield railway station, only started brewing again in October after a fire in June that destroyed the brewhouse roof. I sampled 5 of their beers, all in top form, no food as befits this throwback to a gentler age when a ticking clock, crackling open fire and conversation were the sounds you heard in a pub. Wonderful, just wonderful. Try it soon the landlord now uses 2 crutches and is getting on a bit, talk from the locals is that the community want to buy the pub when he retires to keep it open. Good on them if they manage that.

8 Nov 2011 14:54

The Braeval Hotel, Nairn

Fantastic pub, comfy bar, 3 ales on tap on my visit. Very friendly staff, lovely views over Nairns 10 mile sandy beach. Worth the 20 min train ride out of Inverness.

8 Nov 2011 09:45

The Clachnaharry Inn, Clachnaharry

I visited this pub again last week after many years seems ok, beer was good, shame one was GK IPA, didnt try the food, seemed friendly enough. Liked the log burning stoves.

8 Nov 2011 09:38

Hootananny, Inverness

Great pub, great music, only outlet for Black Isle beers in Inverness. Go there.

8 Nov 2011 09:33

The Blackfriars, Inverness

Great selection of scottish beers, pub a bit rough and ready but friendly enough. Large sign outside pub up for sale/redevelopement as the landlord is retiring. No doubt will become flats etc...

8 Nov 2011 09:33

The Bell, Broad Hinton

Closed down for quite a while, now reopened as the Barbury Inn, not tried it yet but it looks nice from the road. Far more foody than it used to be from the looks of the place.

23 Oct 2011 14:49

Mailcoach, Swindon

Reopened again, now called Unity, still a gay pub, rear entrance only seems to be in use, I kid you not!

22 Oct 2011 13:04

The Flag, Swindon

Something seems to be happening, the builders are in....

22 Oct 2011 13:02

The Black Horse, Cirencester

Came in handy on a cold day whilst waiting for my bus back to Swindon, unexceptional town pub with a 'chain pub' feel about it, beer was fine, pub warm and clean, which is probably all you can expect these days...

21 Oct 2011 06:11

The Drillmans Arms, Cirencester

About a 20 minute walk North of Cirencester town centre will bring you to Stratton where this lovely roadside pub is situated. If this was my local I would think I had died and gone to heaven. Set back from the road the front bar is warm and cozy heated by a fire at each end, 3 handpumps dispense well kept and interesting guest beers, Cotswold Spring, Potbelly and St.Georges Brewerys when I visited. Food is limited to sausage and chips type meals. The locals were good humoured and friendly as were the bar staff. All in all a lovely place to while away an Autumn lunchtime whilst watching the world go by, they even had newspapers to read, that always gets a tick in the box from me.

21 Oct 2011 06:06

The Mad Bishop and Bear, Paddington

Closed at the moment for a much needed refurb.....

15 Oct 2011 20:41

The Kings Head, Salisbury

Its a Wetherspoons, it looks pretty much like all the other Wetherspons inside, serves pretty much the same beer, and exactly the same food. Still it was warm and open at 1030 in the morning so where else was I going to get a pint?!

15 Oct 2011 20:19

The Village, Salisbury

Its been about 3 years since last visited the Village and it seems to have become a little less manky and sticky in that time. The famous 'wall of mould' seems to have gone along with a lot of the rail cranks photos. Good selection of beer on, usual selection of locals and beer enthusiasts in residence, no sign of Uncle Joe though. Still worth missing a train for.

15 Oct 2011 20:17

The Wyndham Arms, Salisbury

I renewed my aquaintance with this pub last weeked and I'm pleased to say the intervening 11 years since I last went have seen no changes at all! Full marks all round, cant think of any way in which this pub could be better. Go there, its a gem!

15 Oct 2011 20:12

CASK Pub and Kitchen, Pimlico

Not sure wether I liked this pub or not, the echoing cafe bar interior reminded me of my old school dinner hall, all wooden tables and chairs scraping on the floor! Having said that the selection of beers on tap was amazing, The 3 Thornbridge Ales were particularly good, huge selection of foreign bottled beers with a telephone directory sized beer menu (rather like Le Vaudree in Angleur, Liege) but for some of them you would need a very fat wallet indeed. Still they are trying hard and its well worth diverting here if on a crawl in London.

15 Oct 2011 20:10

The Jolly Gardeners, Vauxhall

Indeed Bart, a fine establishment serving very good German beer served by real German barmaids, about 10 mins walk from Vauxhall station.

15 Oct 2011 20:06

The Dockle Farmhouse, Swindon

Great idea to hold a beer festival, great idea to put up a rack with 24 casks on it, not such a great idea expecting the one poor overworked girlie behind the normal bar to serve coffees, take food orders, serve ordinary drinks and then every time someone wants a beer from the fest selection have to take a pint glass, leave her bar, walk across the room, go behind the fest bar, serve the beer, walk back with the pint to her other bar then ask the customer to pay. This, of course lead to the service being even more dismal than it normally is, come on Wetherspoons, if you are going to run a festival put some more staff on for gods sake. Its not rocket science.

6 Oct 2011 08:33

The Rosary Tavern, Norwich

Now being converted into flats, another piece of my mispent youth lost for ever, still there's always the Coacn and Horses or the Jubilee.....

3 Oct 2011 09:22

The Railway Inn, Dawlish

Good pint of Otter ale, clientel as mentioned in other reviews are a tad 'colourful', maybe not somewhere to take your granny.

3 Oct 2011 06:29

The Exeter Inn, Dawlish

Dawlish's oldest pub (so it says) down a narrow alley close to the station, full of atmosphere and history and locals. Otter ale was in good nick, seemed to do a lot of seafood on the menu as befits a seaside town. Well worth missing a train for.

3 Oct 2011 06:27

The Smugglers Inn, Dawlish

As the sign at the door says, this is not a pub but a carvery restaurant. That said it does serve 3 real ales and has a very pleasent sunny terrace overlooking the sea, so I guess that in the Winter when its quieter it probably is more like a pub. The pint was very welcome on a hot sunny walk from Teignmouth to Dawlish!

3 Oct 2011 06:24

The Clifford Arms, Shaldon

Visited this Sunday gone, a nice relaxed pub, the beer garden at the rear was a real suntrap. I dont usually eat at pubs (having been disappointed once too often) but the beef and ale pie I had here was superb. Also serves beers from Shaldons own brewery, Ringmore Ales, and at the time of my visit 2 beers from Princetown. Well worth the ferry trip over from Teignmouth.

3 Oct 2011 06:21

Ferry Boat Inn, Shaldon

The beachside beer garden was packed on Sunday afternoon and a BBQ was on the go, 2 attractive young ladies were serving very efficiently and the beer was in good order. A great pub to while away an hour or two in. The little ferry to Teignmouth goes from the beach nearby.

3 Oct 2011 06:18

The Queens Tap, Swindon

Big sign up again 'pub for lease' will anybody ever make a go of this place? Which by rights opposite the station ought to be a goldmine, but it just never seems to get going.....

1 Oct 2011 16:23

The Masons Arms, Taunton

Walked past the pub for old times sake last week, such a shame, it was by far the best pub in Taunton for years, even now its still got all the pub signs up, its almost as if it could open up again. Unfortunately the local ConLib MP has taken it over as his office, what an utter disgrace!

1 Oct 2011 16:21

Euston Tap, Euston

Good beer, shame about the sky high prices and the one overused toilet on the first floor!

20 Sep 2011 09:54

Euston Tap, Euston

Good beer, shame about the sky high prices and the one overused toilet on the first floor!

20 Sep 2011 09:54

Ye Olde One Bull, Bury St Edmunds

As the Brewshed Brewery tap doesn't open until 1700 (the former Ipswich Arms) if you want to try the beers this is your best bet. A lovely old inn more foody but staff were friendly and happy for people just to drink. 3 Brewshed beers on offer all in good nick. About a 10 mins fast walk from Bury st Edmunds rundown and tatty station.

20 Sep 2011 09:36

The Old Cannon Brewery, Bury St Edmunds

Lovely old brewery buildings and yard, tried all 4 of their brews, all good, the brewery is in the bar, food looked ok too. Well worth a visit when in Bury St Edmunds.

20 Sep 2011 09:34

The Nutshell, Bury St Edmunds

Visited this gem yesterday for the first time in 25 years and nothings changed, even the mummified cat is still hanging abouve the bar. Maybe its the pub but even the Abbot Ale seemed to taste better....

20 Sep 2011 09:32

The Three Guineas, Reading

Good selection os interesting guest beers at �3.40 a pint, typical station bar really, comfortable and acting as a waiting room, so not somewhere people linger for long, all in all I can think of worse places to while away an hour.

14 Sep 2011 10:45

The Blagrave Arms, Reading

Years ago I remember this pub being a Courage house, its now a freehouse, friendly enough but a bit bare inside. For the record the Plain Porter was very good, a couple of other guests were on too. Altogether a better bet than the 3 Guinees at the station, and at �3 a pint 40p cheaper too.

14 Sep 2011 10:42

Silk Mercer, Devizes

An unusually small and cozy Wetherspoons, interesting beers and friendly bar staff, would be happy if this was my local.

12 Sep 2011 06:20

The British Lion, Devizes

A real cracker, an honest, down to earth town local, no frills just good beer and conversation and a superb jukebox. Unchanged and long may it continue to be, there aren't many like this left now.

12 Sep 2011 06:13

The Red Lion, Cricklade

The best pub for miles around, 10 ever changing guest beers, local ciders and perry, good quality food served, beautiful old building, lovely back beer garden....if only all pubs were as good as this.

9 Sep 2011 09:20

The Raven, Bath

They must be doing something right here, it was packed when I popped in at 1730 one evening this week, great selection of beer at reasonable prices, most people seemed to be eating, well worth a visit. I still miss the Hatchetts jukebox though.

9 Sep 2011 09:10

The Star Inn, Bath

Classic unspoilt town pub, never changing, not impressed with the spotty faced youth serving though.

9 Sep 2011 09:07

The Old Green Tree, Bath

Used to be much better, middle bar spoilt by the pompous braying arses who sit at the bar making loud purile comments to the bar staff and each other. The bar staff here need to learn to smile as does the landlord who seems to have got more and more miserable over the years. Beer fine though, pitchfork and Slug Porter were in good order. Not the pub it used to be.

9 Sep 2011 09:05

The Bell, Bath

Scruffy and frayed around the edges, great beer, miserable serving wench needs to learn to smile.

9 Sep 2011 09:02

Prince Of Wales, Didcot

Been refurbished again, pool table seems to have gone, open all day, food all day, standard GK beers, still a good station waiting room.

9 Sep 2011 09:00

The White Horse, Oxford

Nice cozy little pub, spoilt by ridulous prices, like all the city centre pubs in Oxford.

9 Sep 2011 08:59

The Turf Tavern, Oxford

Visited yesterday afternoon, half the beers were off with a sign on the pump saying 'beer resting' WTF is that about? That said the Roosters Yankee I tried was in good order and the courtyard garden is a pleasent place to while away an hour. This used to be the most expensive pub in Oxford but all the other city centre ones have now caught up and passed it, god knows how students can afford to drink when all the beer is �3.30 a pint and upwards.

9 Sep 2011 08:57

The Kings Arms, Oxford

Nice traditional pub, shame its now owned by Youngs though. Bloody expensive, �3.40 a pint, would need deep pockets here for a session.

9 Sep 2011 08:53

The Bear, Oxford

At �3.60 for a pint of ESB this pub is seriously taking the p*ss.

9 Sep 2011 08:48

The Swan, Faringdon

Changed hands yet again, after a short period of not brewing this has restarted with staff from the nearby Halfpenny Brewery, now the new owners. Lets hope the fiortunes of this pub now improve.

3 Sep 2011 18:06

The Glue Pot, Swindon

Pub half empty last night (Friday) Entire stout an astonishing �3.30 a pint, you need deep pockets for a session here...

3 Sep 2011 18:05

The Wheatsheaf, Swindon

A disgrace to the Wadworth name, now open only from 1800 Tuesday - Sunday, doesnt open Mondays at all, this used to be THE place to drink in old Town, what on earth has gone wrong? Can see it closing for good soon...

25 Aug 2011 19:52

The George, Swindon

Still closed and boarded up, takeover fell through.

25 Aug 2011 19:50

The Duke of Wellington, Swindon

Still closed and boarded up, George Arkell must be rolling in his grave.

25 Aug 2011 19:48

The Turf Locks Hotel, Exminster

My first visit to this pub last Monday having seen it from the train many times, I walked from Starcross station, about 2 miles along the seawall. What a stunning location, the pub is next to the sealock for the EXeter ship canal with extensive gardens and extensive views across the Exe estuary. 6 beers were available from the Otter Brewery and the Exeter Brewery based in nearby Exminster, food looked good and the service was friendly, altogether a fantastic pub well worth a visit.
In Summer there is an hourly ferry service to Topsham Quay and a less frequent one along the canal to the Double Locks pub nearer Exeter.

14 Jul 2011 16:01

The Swan, Faringdon

Clean and cosy pub on the Western outskirts of Faringdon, reopened last year and now the home of the Faringdon Micro brewery. Usually 4 ales are available, 2 of their own and 2 guests. Seems to be quiet during the day althouth open 1200-2300, food looks reasonable, on the Bus route from Swindon to Oxford. Well worth a visit.

25 Jun 2011 19:01

The Kings Head, Guildford

Visited Monday afternoon this week, good local boozer, beer in good condition, friendly landlord and nice area out the back to sit in the sun, full marks all round.

15 Jun 2011 08:02

The Prince of Wales, Farnborough

I wish this pub was my local, a real cracker, solidly traditional, 10 beers available, some local some from farther afield. Friendly staff and landlord, comfy interior, good lunchtime food trade too, warm and confortable interior and newspapers to read, always a tick in the box for that. 5 mins walk from Farnborough North, the complete opposite of the pub outside the station which looks like a derelict toilet, but still appears to be open.

14 Jun 2011 06:13

The Three Pigeons, Guildford

Well I never realised that Guildford had old fashioned buildings like this! Lovely old wooden framed pub, very traditional inside and a good selection of local beers including 2 from Hogsback Brewery, a great find in the town centre.

14 Jun 2011 06:09

The Rowbarge, Guildford

A cracking riverside pub serving local Ascot ales, its a bit of a hike down the towpath of the river from the centre of Guildford, great beer abd food, more of a locals feel to it, but a proper pub all round.

14 Jun 2011 06:07

The Keystone, Guildford

Looks a bit modern from the front and set on a very busy road this pub is a bit of a surprise, the food looked good, it served local beer and the terraced beer garden at the rear was very pleasent. Apparently it does a good Sunday lunch too.

14 Jun 2011 06:05

The Keep, Guildford

Visited mid afternoon on my crawl of Guildford, nice friendly pub with a walled outdoor area at the back which was a real suntrap and pleasent to while away a hour or two. Good selection of well kept ales.

14 Jun 2011 06:04

The Britannia, Guildford

Lovely riverside pub from the outside spoilt by the antisceptic cafe bar style interior, why do Shepherd Neame do this to their pubs?

14 Jun 2011 06:01

The Boatman, Guildford

A lovely spot for a Summer day with a reiverside terrace overlooking the Wey Navigation, good pint of Otter, on a weekend sunny day I should imagine its heaving though!

14 Jun 2011 05:59

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak


7 Jun 2011 15:33

Railway Inn, Fairford

Had an excellent pint of Butcombe Mendip Spring in here yesterday lunchtime, 3 other beers on handpump, pleasent barstaff, nice patio area out the front with seating, inside is a stone flagged floor, and tables with candles on (for some reason). Still its good to see a proper freehouse in this area. Would visit again. Gets a couple of points from me just for having newspapers available, a nice pub tradition you don't see too often these days.

3 Jun 2011 06:37

The Plough, Fairford

Nipped in here at lunchtime yesterday, comfy town local, Arkells Wiltshire Gold on tap was very good, girl behind the bar friendly and chatty, nice seating area to the side, a bit of a suntrap.

3 Jun 2011 06:34

The Plough, Kelmscott

Visited again last week for the first time in a while, quite busy considering it is well out of the way up a single track dead end road. Two Halpenny Brewery Ales and a guest in good condition, tasty looking food, pleasent garden out front to enjoy the sun in, and a funny second hand bookshop to browse if you get bored in an adjacent building. Its about a 10 min drive from Lechlade.

31 May 2011 01:55

The Five Alls, Filkins

Turned up here about 1415 for a pint on a weekday and found it closed. A handwritten note in what would once have housed a menu by the door says it only opens at 1730 mon - Fri. Looks great from the outside, lovely old stone building with Brakspears brewery signs adorning the walls. Squashing my nose against the window enabled me to spy some handpumps, so I will probably try another visit this Summer.

31 May 2011 01:52

Keepers Arms, Quenington

Popped in here last week at lunchtime, lovely old Cotswold inn just off the bottom of the village green, nice seating area outside, 3 local handpulled ales in good condition and a decent food menu. Well worth a visit.

31 May 2011 01:49

The Swan at Southrop Ltd, Southrop

Beautiful old building set in this pretty Cotswold village, more of a posh restaurant than a village pub, but a small bar dispensing real ales off the main eating area. Very well looked after ales but I didn't feel comfortable having just a pint.

31 May 2011 01:47

The George, Swindon

Article in the Adver says now been bought by a local and reopening as the 'Eastcot' a community pub. We shall see.

31 May 2011 01:44

The Radnor Arms, Coleshill

Mild available now, Old Ted, yum!

17 May 2011 07:34

The George Inn, Kempsford

Lovely old fashioned village pub, Arkells ales on draught, good food, lovely gardens and friendly landlord. Quiet on a weekday lunchtime when I visited.

10 May 2011 18:10

The Old Spotted Cow, Marston Meysey

Another cycling visit today at lunchtime, fine pint of Butcombe Gold, good food available, nice garden, now open all day from 1200, closes 1800 on Sundays. Well worth a visit.

10 May 2011 18:08

The Kings Arms, Stowmarket

This pub, and the fantastic Royal William around the corner in Union street make getting off the train in Stowmarket well worth doing, the only problem might be missing your train home......such a refreshing change to find a decent pub opening for a change.

25 Apr 2011 07:03

Rodbourne Arms, Swindon

So much for the Wetherspoons, article in the local paper tonight says that the pub is going to be demolished and a 'farmfoods' shop built on the site.

14 Apr 2011 21:17

The George, Swindon

Another Enterprise Inns success story, now closed and boarded up.

14 Apr 2011 21:15

The Coach and Horses, Norwich

Everything that a brewpub should be, and the Flintknappers Mild continues to be superb. Is VERY busy when the Canaries play at home though!

8 Apr 2011 11:46

The Rosary Tavern, Norwich

Still closed and fenced off, planning permission for conversion into flats was refused by the council. Only a matter of time though.

8 Apr 2011 11:44

The Ferry Boat Inn, Norwich

Went past last Saturday, still sadly closed and boarded up, although it does have a large baner on the side of the building advertising the coming of the 'backpackers and real ale bar'. When? Nobody seems to know.

8 Apr 2011 11:43

Trafford Arms, Norwich

If this pub had been this good when I was attending Norwich City College in the early eighties I wouldn't have attended any lectures at all! Lovely pint of Adnams Mild last Saturday lunchtime, a great selection of 10 ever changing real ales, cracking atmosphere, and great food. Very popular when the Canaries are playing at home, one of the 'must visit' pubs on a crawl of Norwich.

8 Apr 2011 11:41

The Ribs of Beef, Norwich

I had a fine pint of Elgoods Blackdog Mild in here early last Saturday lunchtime, its been a great pub for some time, comfy friendly and with a varied selection of local real ales on tap. Small and cosy riverside terrace for sunny days. Well worth the short walk out of the city centre for a pint (or three)!

8 Apr 2011 11:39

The Duke of Wellington, Swindon

Now closed and boarded up, shame, another Arkells pub gone to the wall.

27 Mar 2011 13:01

The Halfway House, Edinburgh

Visited last night, this pub is tucked up a flight of stairs opposite the Market street exit of Waverley station. A great selection of ales including Brewdog Alpha dog bitter when I visited yesterday. Great food served from an unfeasably small kitchen too.

23 Mar 2011 18:02

The Guildford Arms, Edinburgh

A not to be missed Edinburgh Classic, great beer, great looking pub and good conversation, a stunningly preserved interior devoid of plastic chain pub instant tat. Lets face it when a pubs this good wht would you want to change anything?

23 Mar 2011 17:59

Cafe Royal, Edinburgh

Stunning interior, with comfy booths around the centrally located bar, buzzing when I visited it at about 2100 last night, good selection of real ales on offer too, well worth tumbling out of the Guildford arms for.

23 Mar 2011 17:57

The Prestoungrange Gothenburg, Prestonpans

Nicely preserved pub on the sea front at Prestonpans, the small Fowlers micro brewery is visible from the bar. Beware only one beer was on, and I get the impression that sometimes none are available. About 15 mins walk from the railway station. Good kebab house closeby too.

23 Mar 2011 17:55

Bridge Hotel, Newcastle

Fine traditional interior, fantastic wooden bar, great selection of beer, food looked good, again another Newcastle institution, friendly serving wenches too.

23 Mar 2011 17:53

Crown Posada, Newcastle

Just fantastic, what more can be said? One of those pubs I could sink into at opening time and be the last to leave at closing time, unspoilt, solidly traditional and long may it continue.

23 Mar 2011 17:51

The Centurion, Newcastle

Visited yesterday morning, only one real ale on, a Wylam beer, in good condition served by the campest barman imaginable, not really sure why this establishment is in the good beer guide, no choice although a great preserved interior. Would only visit it again if I had 10 mins to waqit for a train.

23 Mar 2011 17:49

Rodbourne Arms, Swindon

I hear on the grapevine that this pub is now closed and rumoured to have been bought by Wetherspoons. Time will tell.

15 Mar 2011 23:00

The Jubilee, Norwich

Has been a great backstreet pub just up from the station for years, good selection of ales, unlike the Coach and Horses it wasn't wedged on a football day, warm and friendly, well worth a visit, especially now that the much missed Rosary Tavern has closed.

7 Mar 2011 06:15

The Cutter Inn, Ely

Nearest pub to the station now that the Angel has closed, a bit of a cafe bar style, nice views of the river, can't say it would be worth a detour for, Woodfordes Wherry was � 3.35 a pint, which is ridiculous, but it was open at 1100 on Saturday morning.

7 Mar 2011 06:12

The Salisbury Arms, Cambridge

Great backstreet pub about 5 mins walk from Cambridge station. Warm and friendly, nice selection of ales, Oakham JHB was the best on my visit, didnt try the food but it looked good, large plates of Sunday lunch seemed to be going down well with the locals. Well worth a visit.

7 Mar 2011 06:08

The Harp, Covent Garden

Visited Monday afternoon, lovely old basic beer house with 8 ever changing ales on tap, and amazing survivor from a different age, very friendly service and plenty of regulars too. A must visit if in the area, a couple of minutes walk from Charing cross station.

23 Feb 2011 04:39

Broadwalk, Swindon

Has now reopened as the.......................Broadwalk. Cant see any difference to when it closed 3 years ago.

11 Feb 2011 14:31

The Glue Pot, Swindon

I agree with you SW6, prices far too high now here, I now visit very infrequently, pub often empty at times you would think it would be full. �2.90 for the cheapest beer, I'll stick to the Sir Daniel now an d pay �1.96 thanks. Shame,.

9 Feb 2011 20:14

The Bedroom Bar, Swindon

No changes.

9 Feb 2011 20:10

The Trout Inn, Lechlade

Popped in today about 1130 and had a nice pint of Doombar, shame that Enterprise Inns don't let them stock any local beers, especially as Sharps are now owned by Moulson Coors. Dogs appreciated the rest. Worth a visit. Can be rancidly busy in the Summer.

3 Feb 2011 15:33

The Crown Inn, Lechlade

Took the dogs for a walk down to St.Johns lock and back this lunchtime, needless to say the Crown offered a warm haven with open fires on a cold day, and the Thames Tickler was sex in a glass, what more can you ask for a near perfect pub with its own brewery?!!!

3 Feb 2011 15:29

The Waggon and Horses, Wootton Bassett

Not a bad pub, towards the bottom of the High Street, one roomed , warm and comfortable, 4 beers, I had a nice pint of Wickwar here. Looks like it has a big darts and club following, food at lunchtime, well worth a visit.

1 Feb 2011 16:40

The Five Bells, Wootton Bassett

Fantastic thatched pub set back off the main drag, 6 hand pulled ales including when i was there Leeds Brewery gold, the landlady pulled a whole pint off and poured it away before serving me, a very impressive example of customer service. Nice log fire, newspapers, friendly locals and a great atmosphere well worth a visit.

1 Feb 2011 16:38

The Cross Keys, Wootton Bassett

Interesting pub, obviously an old coaching inn judging from all the separate rooms around a central passageway, fine pint of Otter ale, but a bit rough not somewhere to bring your Mum.

1 Feb 2011 16:32

The Beaufort Arms, Wooton Bassett

Errm get up to speed, burnt out and demolished years ago!

1 Feb 2011 16:29

The Dockle Farmhouse, Swindon

Popped in today not too bad, nice pint of Caledonian 80 shillings, service ok by Wetherspoon standards, quite busy, for you beer cranks its on the stagecoach No7 bus route.

24 Jan 2011 22:48

Savoy, Swindon

Popped in mid afternoon today, seems to have had a change of management, much friendlier staff and a nice selection of real ales, well done, keep up the good work.

24 Jan 2011 22:42

Prince of Wales, Swindon

Closed when I walked past it today at 1230ish. Used to live around the corner many years ago and they did a great pint of Moles 97. Looked like it might be shut.

24 Jan 2011 22:40

Castle, Swindon

Closed when I walked by at 1230 today.

24 Jan 2011 22:38

Steam Railway Co, Swindon

Hmmmm, used to be a regular here but this was my first visit for a year or so, very clean and tidy, nice selection of real ales, shame they were only the boring regulars ie Youngs bitter, wadworth 6x, wells bombardier, fullers london pride etc, maybe they have more interesting beers at the weekend. Still woth a look.

24 Jan 2011 22:37

The Wheatsheaf, Swindon

Well how times change, popped up to Old Town today to have a pint of 6X in the Wheatsheaf only to find it closed. In fact it looks like Waddies have virtually given up on this place, it doesn't open at lunchtime at all (except Sundays) and appears only to open at 1600hrs. What a disgrace, its their only outlet in the town too.

24 Jan 2011 22:33

The Beehive, Swindon

Cracking pub, shame about the miserable unfriendly ginger headed barmaid at lunchtime today, I don't mind paying �3.40 a pint for a 4.2% abv guest beer but when I put the empty glass back on the bar and say goodbye I do expect you to stop talking to your boyfriend and return the complement.

24 Jan 2011 22:29

The Pipers Arms, Swindon

Visited lunchtime today, not my cup of tea, all the atmosphere of a motorway service station. Plain cafe bar style, 4 handpumps, only one beer on 'pig on the hill' allegedly brewed by Hancocks. Fine selection of fizz fonts on the bar, very disappointing especially considering how much fuss the local Swindon CAMRA veg made of its reopening.

24 Jan 2011 22:25

The Plough, Coldharbour

Hmm yes, I see only one review each praising the place to the skys, I wonder perchance if they could be an alias for the owners? Surely not!

18 Jan 2011 18:28

The Railway, Salisbury

Used to serve a great pint of Gibbs Mew Bishops Tipple in the late 80's, I agree with teh comments regarding opening hours, it never seems to open!

16 Jan 2011 12:32

Broadwalk, Swindon

Things are afoot, hoardings are down, windows whitewashed and men working inside, no idea who's taken it over but I expect another here today gone tomorrow identikit vertical drinking hole to appear, it cant be another Wetherspoons with 3 in the locality already, can it?

16 Jan 2011 12:31

The Queens Tap, Swindon

Popped in yesterday afternoon for a quick pint, �3.07 for a pint of 4.2% abv guest beer is well over the top for Swindon, that was probably why, even with the GW opposite closed only 3 people were in here at 1400 on a weekday afternoon. With Wetherspoons etc so near, the people who run this pub need to seriously rethink their pricing policy.....before they go to the wall.

28 Dec 2010 07:06

Broadwalk, Swindon

Walked past the still closed and boarded Broadwalk but heard the unmistakeable sounds of hammering/banging coming from within, maybe its going to reopen?

14 Dec 2010 10:26

Prince Of Wales, Didcot

The station waiting room for those of us who enjoy a beer, green king owned but a nice pint of Fireside whilst I festered for 15 mins for the train to Swindon. Worth getting off the train for.

25 Nov 2010 19:47

The White Horse, Oxford

Great little pub, very cosey bar, small snug at the back, nice pint of local beer, traditional durex machine in the gents bog, a rare sight these days!!!!

25 Nov 2010 19:43

The Watermans Arms, Oxford

Used to be a great canalside pub serving Morland mild with a bar billiards table and decent down to earth food, I'm glad its still open.

25 Nov 2010 19:39

Royal Blenheim, Oxford

What a fine town pub, great beer, warm and comfey, just off the main drag in Oxford, 3 White horse beers and 3 guests, top, what more could you ask for?

25 Nov 2010 19:35

The Turf Tavern, Oxford

Used to think this pub was ott priced but now everybody else has caught up, fine pint of Burton Bridge Porter for �2.90m and also Green King special reserve on draught well. So nice to see high gravity winter ales on draught,

25 Nov 2010 19:32

The Kings Arms, Oxford

Rather fine pint of Burton Bridge Old Expensive for �2.90 good for Oxford. Warm and comfortable, shame its a Youngs pub now, I remember when it was a Morrells house!

25 Nov 2010 19:27

The Brewery Gate, Oxford

Former Morrels brewery tap. Now closed and boarded.

25 Nov 2010 19:24

The Bear, Oxford

Wonderful backstreet pub, great pint of ESB, bare boards and open fire, shame there are not more pubs like this!

25 Nov 2010 19:22

The Flag, Swindon

Big sign up now 'For sale' so even Arkells have given up on this place.....

18 Nov 2010 17:06

The Old Green Tree, Bath

Apologies �3 a pint for pitchfork.

17 Nov 2010 18:19

The Huntsman Inn, Bath

Closed and covered in scaffolding, banner outside advertises opening on December 6th as a Marstons outlet. Boy does it need a refurb!

17 Nov 2010 18:17

Sir Daniel Arms, Swindon

And they seem to have found the 'on' switch for the heating too.

9 Nov 2010 18:02

Sir Daniel Arms, Swindon

Visited again yesterday afternoon as I had forgotton that the Gluepot doesnt open until 1630 on Mondays, had 4 pints of Double Expresso stout for �1.69 a pint in the beer fest, served in excellant condition. Bar service quick, friendly and efficient by Spoons standards, although admittantly it was a quiet time of day. Clean and comfortable definately gone up in my estimation, the Groves and the Savoy remain the same, conplete toilets.

9 Nov 2010 18:00

The Star Inn, Bath

A must on all Bath pub crawls for lovers of the traditional English pub. Completely unspoilt and traditional multi roomed local, now run by Abbey Ales, most beers out of the barrel, even the draught Bass is superb. No food other than rolls and bar snacks. What more does a man want than a good pint of ale, an open fire and a newspaper in a corner in a pub like this? Absolute heaven.

4 Nov 2010 16:31

The Bell, Bath

Again one of Baths stalwart real ale pubs the Bell has been unchanged for many years (I've been popping in occasionally for 20 years and only the ash trays have disappeared!). Always a good selection of ales, yesterday the Moor Brewery Dark ale was superb, as was the Bunces. An essential on the Bath pub crawl.

4 Nov 2010 16:25

The Pig and Fiddle, Bath

On the way back to the station, always been a reliable pint, and was yesterday lunchtime. Nice to sit outside and watch the busy world go by. A bit full of students and rugby yahoos on occasions, especially for those of us who remember it as the Ash Vibe Brewery Tap many years ago!

4 Nov 2010 16:21

The Coeur de Lion, Bath

Tiny pub situated in the centre of Bath tucked away down the pedestrian only shopping area, friendly service, we sat outside even though it was early November and enjoyed a pint of Abbey ALes, food looked ok though we didn't partake. Another cracking little pub on the Bath city centre crawl.

4 Nov 2010 16:18

The Garricks Head, Bath

Thought I'd try this pub as its in the 2011 GBG and I hadn't ever been in before, its situated right next door to the theatre royal so must attract the pre show 'luvvies' but I was quite impressed. I like pubby pubs, but with its comfy sofas and general 'cafe bar ' style it was warm and friendly. Three beers on handpump including one of my personal favourites Cotleigh old Buzzard, and at �2.90 a pint it was the cheapest beer we had in Bath during our crawl. The barman was sociable and engaged in chit chat with the punters and overall I think I'd pop in again for a pint or two.

4 Nov 2010 16:15

The Alehouse, Bath

In such a touristy area it always amazes me that this tiny street corner local survives unchanged, good pint of Bath ales for �2.80 a pint, tiny little downstairs bar and an upstairs one for bust periods. Does food lunchtimes I think.Unspoilt and all the better for it.

4 Nov 2010 16:10

The Old Green Tree, Bath

As a long time occasional user of this fine establishment I love everything about it ........except the prices these days. It seems that the cost of a pint of beer has rocketed here in the last 2 years, Hopback Entire stout here was �3.40 a pint, the house staple RCH Pitchfork was �3.30, a bit steep even by Bath standards. Shame because its such a one off, beautifully unspoilt town boozer otherwise.

4 Nov 2010 16:07

The Ferry Boat Inn, Norwich

Latest gen on the Ferry Boat (Or the Fairy boat as it used to be known as many years ago!) is that it is to be converted into a backpackers hostel with a real ale bar attached. The developer must be serious as he has approached the Norwich Branch of CAMRA for advice and is searching for someone to run it for him. Gen was in the Eastern Daily Press.

26 Oct 2010 22:54

The Rosary Tavern, Norwich

Reading in the local CAMRA newsletter in Norwich last weekend this pub is closed again and conversion to residential use has been requested. A sad end to a once great little pub. Many happy memories of drinking top beer and playing bar billiards.....

26 Oct 2010 22:43

The Beehive, Norwich

Nearest pub to my parents house to escape to when visiting them, a cracking local, one side a public bar with bare boards, the other a lounge with big comfy sofas. Always a friendly welcome from staff and locals alike, does 6 local beers on draught, when I visited they had beers from Humpty Dumpty (Reedham), and Wolf (Attleborough) and very good they were too. Sells bottled Elgood Black Dog mild plus a selection of interesting lagers/ Belgian beers too. It never ceases to amaze me how Norwich can support so many good pubs......

26 Oct 2010 22:40

The Mad Bishop and Bear, Paddington

Still serving ESB in that flower vase - come Fullers what is all that about?!

13 Oct 2010 09:34

The Princess of Wales, Charing Cross

Close to the Ship and Shovell, this pub offers a nice selection of guest ales served in a sort of cafe bar/lounge style interior. Not bad however the pint of Tim Taylors landlord I had was very poor, I suspect that they hadn't pulled the pipes through from the previous night. Worth a look.

13 Oct 2010 09:32

The Ship and Shovell, Charing Cross

Visited yesterday lunchtime, tucked away under Charing cross station, this is a well presented relatively unspoilt Hall and Woodhouse pub. NIce pint of Tanglefoot, albeit at �3.40 a pint, a little steep for a lad from the shires like me. Lots of wood and brewery mirrors inside. In the GBG 2010.

13 Oct 2010 09:30

The Glue Pot, Swindon

Been drinking here on and off since 1987, other pubs come and go, the Gluepot remains steadfastly unchanged and all the better for it. Fantastic pint of White Horse Brewery Black Horse Porter last night, so good I had to have 4! The usual 5 or 6 others from the Hopback stable also available. Still by far the only decent pub in Swindons dismal town 'centre', unless you like overpriced vertical drinking fizz parlours or depressing naer do well filled W*nkerspoons....

29 Sep 2010 08:16

The Flag, Swindon

Still closed and boarded up.

25 Sep 2010 07:10

Broadwalk, Swindon

Still closed and boarded up.

25 Sep 2010 07:09

Big Fish, Swindon

Closed and boarded up.

25 Sep 2010 07:09

The Bedroom Bar, Swindon

Still closed and boarded up.

25 Sep 2010 07:08

The Coach and Horses, Norwich

Nipped in for a quick pint yesterday lunchtime, Flintknappers Mild �2.60 pint was in tip top condition. Just as good as ever, bare boards, good beer, good food and a nice selection of papers to read. Best pub this side of Norwich by far. Pretty smiley barmaids to!

24 Sep 2010 06:12

The Royal William, Stowmarket

In the 80's this pub used to serve the best pint of Greene King Abbot in the area, its still a cracking back street local, serving only sandwiches by way of food, but now a free house serving 2 ales during the week and upto 4 at the weekend, all by gravity from a stillage in a little room behind the bar. Long may this fantastic establishment reign..... try also the newly opened Kings Arms right outside the station, 8 local beers, 2 ciders, Brandon and Harwich brewery beers when I visited yesterday.

24 Sep 2010 06:10

Manningtree Station Buffet, Lawford

When I used to frequent this bar in the 80's and early 90's it was full of character (s) with old railway coach seats, open fire and ever changing beers provided by mad Dirk the Dutch landlord. Now it serves 3 handpulled beers but all seem to be from Green King and the bar has been moved to extend the floor space. Still worth getting off the train for an hour, but sadly not the establishment it once was.

24 Sep 2010 06:06

The Jolly Angler, Manchester

SO glad to see that this pub is still unchanged and unspoilt. Used to work around the corner in Rail House in the early 90's and spent many happy hours in here, including the day the IRA bombed the Arndale centre when with no trains/buses running I and many other people spent a thouroughly pleasent afternoon in here waiting for normality to resume. Used to have a very pretty girl serving here who I fancied rotten, I think she was the landlords daughter, wonder if she still works there?! Long may trad pubs like this survive.....

18 Sep 2010 17:43

The Lamplighters, Shirehampton

I've signed, could be a lovely pub if run by the right people, and not subject to the mismanagment of a crappy 'pub' company....

10 Sep 2010 09:15

The Reckless Engineer, Bristol

Good pint of Otter Ale supped here yesterday afternoon, Butcombe was also available. Not quite sure what or who this pub is trying to appeal to, it takes the word 'spartan' to extremes, still the beer is fine and its handy for Temple Meads station, and better than W*nkerspoons any day.

10 Sep 2010 08:42

Mill On The Exe, Exeter

Quick pint of St.Austell Tribute here yesterday, beer in very good condition and a nice seat in the sunshine overlooking the weirs. Shame I didn't have longer.

10 Sep 2010 08:39

The Great Western Hotel, Exeter

Visited again yesterday lunchtime, O'Hanlons Port Stout, Yellowhammer, Dartmoor Jail ale, Bannoc and something from Northumbria brewery on tap. Quite busy and only one girl serving behind tha bar and shuttling out food from the kitchen which made service a bit haphazard, but still a great hotel bar. I notice that there is a 'budget' hotel being built opposite St Davids station now, lets hope it doesnt take away too much trade from the Western....

10 Sep 2010 08:37

The Royal Oak, Bath

Don't get me wrong I like spit and sawdust pubs as much as the next man, but this pub takes filth to a whole new level. Visited midweek afternoon, not busy, barman sat at a table more interested in his laptop than serving me.Tables dirty and sticky, used glasses lying around, floor was filthy, windows so dirty you would think that they had been whitewashed over, didn't check out the toilets, left my chemical warefare suit at home. Beer was ok, but not brilliant, not worth the walk out of town, try the Chambery arms just up the hill, clean proper locals pub serving Butcombe and Bath Ales.

26 Aug 2010 17:00

The Barge Inn, Honeystreet

Visited a couple of weeks ago, place heaving with crop circle 'enthusiasts' apparently a whopper had appeared in a nearby field starting an avalanche of khaki/home weave/flowery dressed wierdos complete with their dowsing rods etc to the locality..... beer good and staff friendly. The local buyout never happened, but the pub is now under new management. Keep up teh good work.

24 Aug 2010 00:03

The Red Lion, Avebury

Lets hope a new broom here will sweep the place clean, it certainly deserves it, could be such a good pub. Shame.

23 Aug 2010 23:59

The Royal Standard, Lyme Regis

Heaving when I visited one lunchtime last week, but I managed to find a corner to sit in with my superbly kept pint of Palmers Copper ale. Didn't eat here as it was too busy, seemed to be a bit in need of a refurb, the carpet in the back bar was so worn as to be nearly non existant. That said friendly and with plenty of staff, and would definately visit it again.

17 Aug 2010 17:18

The Royal Oak, Charmouth

Solidly traditional Palmers Brewery village pub catering for the local trade, 3 Palmers beers on draught and very well kept. Friendly staff and locals, table skittles in the bar. Food available lunchtime and evening, not open all day though.

17 Aug 2010 17:15

The George, Charmouth

Popped in here last week with the family, no complaints, well kept Otter Bitter and Otter Amber, very busy with holidaymakers, our food came quickly and was perfectly acceptable. Big garden out the back full of stuff for kids to do, yes this pub will never be on the CAMRA list of favourites but so what?! Very pretty frontage covered in hanging baskets. And yes, rather odd they do not accept cards at all, luckily I had enough cash on me.....

17 Aug 2010 17:12

The Radnor Arms, Coleshill

Its now a proper pub and not a poor mans gastropub as it was before. Brewery now up and running, 2 beers so far, should be available in a couple of weeks.

2 Aug 2010 17:37

Unicorn Inn, Canterbury

A bit dark and dingy inside but the beer was fine, only one other person in while I was there, closest to the station for a quick beer. Last call before the train home, to be honest, Canterbury was a big disappoinment beer and pub wise, horrible traffic and tourist choked hell full of tat shops and poncy restaurants/cafe's prtending that they are actually in France calling themslves 'chez nous' and the like, overpriced , I'd carry on to the seaside next time at Ramsgate or Margate.

2 Aug 2010 17:34

Old Brewery Tavern, Canterbury

In the good beer guide yet on my visit at 1130 last Friday had no real ale on at all, and no signs of any being put on. Had to make do with a pint of Biddenden cider which was ok. Wouldnt bother again , its a cafe bar not a pub, surely there must be better pubs in Canterbury to put in the guide?

2 Aug 2010 17:29

The Bell and Crown, Canterbury

Visited last Friday, a haven in the centre of tourist choked Caterbury, great beer selection served in good condition. Only complaint, ordered home cooked ham egg and chips and got 3 thin slices of preformed supermarket 'ham', absolute rubbish and very poor value for money.Keep to the beer and you wont go far wrong. I'll rate it as 7 on the beer quality alone.

2 Aug 2010 17:25

The Crown Inn, Lechlade

Now open from 0730hrs Saturdays and Sundays for breakfast and a pint!

22 Jul 2010 09:18

Woolpack Hotel, Wainfleet

Interesting how 'stingray12' has only reviewed the one pub, methinks I smell a rat here!

17 Jul 2010 12:30

The Barge Inn, Honeystreet

Local paper advised that at the time of my last visit the pub was threatened with closure, which would be a traversty if it ever happened. Fortunately the locals in the village of Alton Barnes were so angry that they raised the �300k odd to buy the lease from 'insert greedy pubco name here', so it looks like this very special pub's future is secured.

19 May 2010 11:03

The Carters Rest, Wroughton

Visited the pub a few weeks ago (first time since Archrs used to own it years ago), great beer, good atmosphere, a true locals pub but friendly with it. The Check Inn's loss is clearly their gain! Can't see the Check lasting much longer.

19 May 2010 10:58

The Crown Inn, Stratton St Margaret

Recently changed hands, now open all day, still Arkells sadly. Dont know any more other than lots of sandwich boards outside now touting offers.....

19 May 2010 10:56

The Mad Bishop and Bear, Paddington

Still a great place to have a beer, but �3.40 for a pint of ESB? Come on your having a turkish! And served in that poncy glass too........

19 May 2010 10:42

The Radnor Arms, Coleshill

Fantastic 3 roomed pub situated in the National Trust owned village of Coleshill close to the Wiltshire border 2 miles from Highworth. Now leased by the nearby Halfpenny Brewery 3 to 4 beers are available at any time from handpump or direct from the stillage, 3 or 4 of their own and an occasional guest.
Extensive gardens out the back for sunny days, along with an 'Aunt Sally' pitch (a local Oxfordshire pub game), ask at the bar for the equipment to play.

Open all day from 1200 every day, good home cooked traditional British Fayre available lunch time and evenings all made with locally sourced ingredients.

The Old Forge Brewery will be up and running by the end of July here in an outbuilding, with 4 beers named by locals in a recent competition, in short this place is everything you'd want from a proper village pub, something thats so diffecult to find these days....long may it continue!

9 May 2010 12:42

Walkabout, Swindon

Noticed the place is being painted up outside, inside given a clean, no doubt will open again soon as another vertical drinking, bland, identikit chav outlet.

9 May 2010 12:21

The Pipers Arms, Swindon

Piece in the Adver last week saying this place is re-opening as the 'Pig on the Hill' imminently, supposedly a proper pub again offering locally sourced home cooked food and decent ales. I will reserve judgment until I've paid it a visit, but god knows this pup deserves a bit of success considering how many different makeovers and names its had over the last 15 years, all of which have failed dismally.

2 May 2010 11:12

The Shepherd's Rest, Swindon

Now opened as 'The Bruj' offering 'high class' Southern Indian cuisine, make of that what you will........

30 Apr 2010 14:28

Walkabout, Swindon

Now closed, looks good down here, Broadwalk - closed, The Flag - closed, the Glasshouse - closed...... what a tip Swindon is.

26 Apr 2010 09:55

Mailcoach, Swindon

Town centre pub popular with 'friends of Dorothy', if you know what I mean.

15 Apr 2010 21:03

The Old Green Tree, Bath

Only opens Sunday lunch, never been open in the evenings as far as I know.

14 Apr 2010 18:18

The Red Lion, Avebury

Could this pub actually be the WORST pub in England?, I've been in a lot of pubs over the years and this is certainly the crappiest run, shabbiest toilet I've ever had the misfortune to cross the threshold of. DO NOT BOTHER.

13 Apr 2010 16:36

The Wine Cellar, Highworth

Has been called the Cellar Bar for a few years now, serves 3 to 4 locally brewed beers from the barrel, ever changing at reasonable prices, does a lot to support local bands with them appearing regularly on Saturday Nights and Sunday afternoons. If you are hungrey the Kebria Tandoori is directly above it!

12 Apr 2010 18:12

The Barge Inn, Honeystreet

We parked our coach up in the woodyard and turned up unannounced at this classic canal side pub deep in Pewsey Vale. Seems to be the headquarters of crop circle hunters, interesting painted mural of the same in the back room. Now doing its own beers, Croppie and another I forget brewed by Three Castles down the road. Have eaten here on previous occasions and not been disappointed. Can get very busy at weekends though. Well worth a visit.

12 Apr 2010 18:04

The British Lion, Devizes

What can i say? A classic basic town centre pub, good selection of ale, big garden out the back (which I dont remember from previous visits in the past), beer good, a real no nonsense boozer (like the Barrels in Hereford), somewhere you could nip into for a pint and emerge 3 hours later! Keep up the good work!

12 Apr 2010 18:01

The Bear Hotel, Devizes

Popped in for a pint on Saturday afternoon, nice unspoilt town pub, with very traditional locals, 3 or 4 Waddies beers on including Bishops Tipple.

12 Apr 2010 17:58

The Crown Inn, Pewsey

Fantastic friendly pub, service prompt and quick even though we arrived in our own bus with 30 odd people. Nice garden out the back for sunny days, landlord justly pround of his own little brewery' Worlds End, the Gold was in fine form. No food as far as I could see other than nuts and crisps. Right by the stop for the Pewsey to Swindon bus, which I guess would be handy and a quick walk to the railway station. Top marks all round.

12 Apr 2010 17:57

The Flag, Swindon

Newly closed and boarded up, shame as many years ago it used to be a proper pub serving decent beer and grub, gradually over the years it has been rethemed and ruined. Surprise surprise its now closed. Fits in well with Swindons dismal half boarded up shopping centre.

28 Mar 2010 11:51

The Rose and Crown, Highworth

The world would be a better place if this muppet sold up and left the trade.

22 Mar 2010 19:30

The Pipers Arms, Swindon

Still closed and boarded up.

22 Mar 2010 19:28

The Check Inn, North Wroughton

Would be acceptable in London as a bog standard Fullers house, beer ok, lots of chunky wooden furnature and sofas, half a dozen people in watching rugby on the TV. A sad shadow of its former self when Dougo ran it, and 10 ever changing real ales were available, the place was always packed. My first visit since Fullers took it over, and my last. Do your self a favour and go up the hill to the Carters Rest.

22 Mar 2010 15:18

The Brunswick Inn, Derby

Revisited this pub yesterday lunchtime after a few years gap, fantastic not changed a bit just as good as ever. 14 ales on, including 6 from their own brewery, Railway Porter at �2.20 a pint was just the job on a cold Sunny Winters day, as was the real coal fire.
This must be one of the best and most consistantly good pubs in the country, long may it continue so. If it was my local I'd live in it!

6 Mar 2010 20:18

The Lamplighters, Shirehampton

Thats a great shame, but no surprise, it seemed to be on its last legs when I visited it last year.

21 Feb 2010 17:58

The Village Tavern, Swindon

Awful estate pub marooned in West Swindons vast legoland housing desert, originally built to provide the areas decent folk with somewhere to go in the evening this area of West Swindon has gone down the pan in recent years, now full of chav scum and their ignorant, thuggish, dope smoking, drug dealing vandalising offspring.

21 Feb 2010 13:06

The Crown Inn, Lechlade

Alan Watkins from the Crown now has the lease for the Radnor Arms at Coleshill (about 3 miles outside Lechlade towards Highworth/Faringdon), Halfpenny beers from the barrel and traditional pub food now available, open 1130-1500 1800-2300 Tues-Fri, 1130-2300 Sat and Sun He is also hoping to install a micro brewery at the rear of the pub (subject to planning permission) which should be up and running by the Summer (the national trust, owners of the pub are very keen on the idea).
Meanwhile the Crown goes from strenght to strength winning South Gloucestershire CAMRA pub of the year last week.

21 Feb 2010 12:55

The Plough, Kelmscott

Visited this pub again a week or so ago as I was passing, now open after completion of the extensive flood damage repairs, seems to be much the same, flagstone floor, open fire, and restaurant at the back. Only one real ale on at the time, Tim Taylors Landlord, but it was in good condition, probably only one on because of its 'out of the way' position in a tiny village near Lechlade during a quiet time of year. Food seemed to be more down to earth and less 'gastropubby' than before and menu looked good, home made steak and kidney puddings etc. Lovely gardens out the front again, lets hope business picks up again in the Summer, and when people get to know its open!

21 Feb 2010 12:48

Sandgate, Stratton St Margaret

Still open when I drove by yesterday, no sign of the thai food any more, front garden seems to have had a refurbishment.

17 Feb 2010 16:55

The Saracens Head Hotel, Highworth

Had an acceptable Sunday lunch here last weekend, nothing special, but for the price I'd say it was good value, and it was served quickly and with plenty of tasty gravy and a big bowl of mixed veg. I dont know about you but pubs that stint on the gravy with a sunday lunch really piss me off!

17 Feb 2010 16:51

The Shepherd's Rest, Swindon

Sadly this pub has now been closed for some time, a shame as it could have been a lovely rural pub if it has been run properly. Looks like its being turned into an indian restaurant now, although it seems a bit out of the way for that. Advert for it in the latest Swindon Advertiser.

17 Feb 2010 16:46

Brunswick Hotel, Crewe

Good Lord, is this place still open? Used to be a rough old dive when I lived in Crewe 10 years ago!

10 Feb 2010 13:28

The Hoop and Grapes, City Of London

Should it not be called something like 'The Pink oboe'?

1 Jan 2010 14:53

The Three Guineas, Reading

I took shelter in here last Monday during the great snowstorm of Reading and watched the traffic grind to a halt outside. A superb selection of rare real ales, including Hawkshead winter ale warmed me up in no time, a much better selection than used to be here (mostly nationals). Plenty of room, warm and comfortable with alert and efficient staff, my only complaint might be the price of a pint, almost all being �3 plus, a bit steep I thought.

27 Dec 2009 23:37

The Bell, Maidenhead

I popped in here when on the way to the station for a quick pint and was surprised to see 3 casks on a stillage at the end of the bar in what appeared at first glance to be a 'real' free pub. Even better was the price of said beer, �2.45 for Vale Brewery Winter Solstice, girl behind bar sociable and keen and interesting selection of forthcoming ales. Local CAMRA veg newsletter available too. Other than that, Maidenhead, what a complete run down toilet.

22 Dec 2009 23:15

The Glue Pot, Swindon

I don't care how miserable the landlord is provided he greats me and serves me with a decent well kept ale, and on and off I've been drinking in the Gloom for 20 years and have never had a bad pint yet. I think 'an ecunemical matter' should stick to pubs in Bristol where he belongs!

8 Dec 2009 16:07

The Queens Tap, Swindon

probably more popular now since some 22 year old muppet was put in as manager of the GW opposite (according to the local paper he's Arkells youngest landlord) hardly a claim to fame. This place is the best its been for a long time, lets hope it stays this way, if only a microbrewery would take it over.

7 Dec 2009 20:02

The Pipers Arms, Swindon

Closed and boarded again.

7 Dec 2009 20:00

O'Neills, Swindon

Reopened a few weeks ago, by all accounts not overpopular, probably something to do with the 'management' banning anyone with visible tatoos, which pretty much excludes most people who drink in this part of town.

7 Dec 2009 19:59

The Wine Cellar, Highworth

Back to its old self, good selection of local and countrywide beers served from the cask, live bands on Sunday evenings, other events from time to time. Still the only proper free house for miles around, and unless you like Arkells, the only place worth trying in Highworth.

4 Nov 2009 19:12

The Marble Arch, Manchester

I remember the curries, I worked in Manchester in the early 90's when this and the Beerhouse were the best pubs in the ciry.

22 Oct 2009 18:56

The Plough, Kelmscott

According to the staff in the Crown the Plough is now open for business, not been yet so cannot comment on the refurbishment.

14 Oct 2009 23:38

The Raven, Bath

Went there yesterday during their beer festival, Wessex Brewery Russian stout 9.0% abv was fantastic. Friendly service and good quality ales, one of the best pubs in central Bath.

8 Oct 2009 08:27

Railway Inn, Shrewsbury

Used to go a lot to this pub when I lived in Cheshire, fantastic totally unspolit beerhouse next to Yorton station, no frills, just beer and conversation, and homemade sarnies on request. Its been in the same family for generations and despite being called the railway hotel, it never has been one.
Open fire, wooden tables, good local beer, conversation and dominoes, what more could a man ask for?

6 Oct 2009 09:13

Railway Inn, Shrewsbury

Used to go a lot to this pub when I lived in Cheshire, fantastic totally unspolit beerhouse next to Yorton station, no frills, just beer and conversation, and homemade sarnies on request. Its been in the same family for generations and despite being called the railway hotel, it never has been one.
Open fire, wooden tables, good local beer, conversation and dominoes, what more could a man ask for?

6 Oct 2009 09:13

The Cross Guns, Avoncliff

I've been coming here for years, and its always been the same, a lovely spot on a Weekday lunchtime/afternoon, but a vision of hell on a Sunny weekend or bank holiday. Its too popular, there's nothing worse than queuing out the door behind a large number of people all ordering different meals at the tiny bar when all you want is a pint, and even worse sitting outside on the terraces surrounded by screaming rugrats listening to the loud speaker constantly blaring out requests for people to come and collect their food from the kitchen.
It could be so much better, leave the tiny bar for drinks and find some other place for people to serve food, I've never eaten here because the meals look like pretty standard pub food, but the beer is great. I say again a great pub for a quiet afternoon on a weekday, but weekends forget it.

6 Oct 2009 08:06

The Hole In The Wall, Waterloo

A fine institution that was the start and end of many of my European trips by Eurostar from Waterloo, never changing always consistant and full of character, this pub deserves to be a London institution and has been serving quality cask ales and food quietly for years. Long may it continue.

4 Oct 2009 12:48

The Archery Tavern, Bayswater

A very sad loss, I spent many happy evenings in this pub when I used to work at Paddington, always a good selection of well kept beers, and a proper back room with a dart board and fire. Another nail in the coffin of the great British Boozer.

4 Oct 2009 08:26

Groves Company Inn, Swindon

Went in here at 1230 on Sunday, about 10 people in, the usual suspects, but even with this few customers W*nkerspoons still managed a queue at the bar. 3 members of staff on, 2 busy doing nothing and one serving. The main real ales seemed to be named 'sorry not available', but hey �4.09 for 2 pints can't be bad.

28 Sep 2009 17:12

Walkabout, Swindon

When it first opened people queued to get in here on Friday and Saturday nights, not so now, word on the street is that it will shortly be joining the 'closed and boarded' section of Swindons pub selection.

26 Sep 2009 06:22

The Crown Inn, Lechlade

Winter Beer Festival December 5th and 6th, 12 local Winter/Xmas beers, one special from the pub brewery, and Winter food promised.

25 Sep 2009 03:35

The Late Bar, Derby

So no rug munchers there now then. Shame.

17 Sep 2009 16:50

The Check Inn, North Wroughton

I see from the Adver that this pub received zero stars for food hygiene in the Swindon Borough Council 'scores on the doors' survey, thats 'very poor' and in need of urgent remedial action to you and me. How the mighty have fallen, would never have happened under Dougo's tenure here.

10 Sep 2009 05:36

O'Neills, Swindon

Will be reopening shortly as something called 'Bushwackers' and 'Sin' (I kid you not) apparently Bushwhackers will be 'an upmarket dining and bar experience' and 'Sin' will be a 'sophisticated' (in Swindon?!!) night club upstairs. Come off it mate, its in Fleet street aka vomit alley, I'll give it 6 months before it closes.

10 Sep 2009 05:23

The Lava Lounge, Swindon

Typical Fleet street toilet full of muffin topped boss eyed chavettes and their knuckle dragging tiny headed chav boyfriends, if you are studying the dysfunctional breakdown in family life, law and order and respect then this might be the place for you, otherwise don't go there!

10 Sep 2009 05:17

Broadwalk, Swindon

Still closed and boarded, nice charity shop opened up next door.

10 Sep 2009 05:12

The Rose and Crown, Highworth

Perhaps its a sad reflection on the quality of the pubs in Highworth but the local CAMRA veg have put this place in the 2010 Good Beer Guide, all I can say is certainly wouldn't gain an entry in the Good Landlord Guide if such a thing existed. Honestly I've tried to like the place but its a dump precided over by an 'eccentric' (for want of a better word) landlord who appears to resent anybody actually coming into the place.
My advice, don't bother carry on 3 miles to the Crown Brewery tap in Lechlade, or turn left a couple of miles and go to the Radnor Arms at Coleshill.

10 Sep 2009 05:10

The Crown Inn, Lechlade

A new addition to go with the Old LEch sausages produced by Cutler and Bayliss the butchers up the road is Beer cheese, a strong cheddar washed in Old LEch produced by the Staffordshire Cheese Company, very nice, went well with a pint of Thames Tickler yesterday lunchtime.

8 Sep 2009 22:36

The Beaufort Arms, Wooton Bassett

Burnt to the ground last night in an arson attack, no doubt by the future developer of the site, another one bites the dust.

8 Sep 2009 22:28

Sun Inn, Lydiard Millicent

Now owned by the same man who runs the Steam Railway in Old Town, 6X and Doombar are regulars plus 2 guests, lets hope this is a success and the pub goes from strength to strength.

30 Aug 2009 08:41

The Crown Inn, Lechlade

Visited the beer festival yesterday afternoon and very good it was too. 30 different beers including locally brewed ales from Adkins and Best mate breweries in Wantage, some from further afield all in good condition. Great hog roast, plenty of brewery tshirts and souvenir glasses for sale plus a festival program. Seemed to be well attended, the driver of the last bus back to Highworth/Swindon at 1708 (!) was rather surprised at the number of passengers waiting for it!
Alan how about a Winter/Christmas Ales Festival in December??

30 Aug 2009 08:28

The Cricketers, Swindon

Used to be a chutney ferrets pub, not sure if it is now.

16 Aug 2009 09:12

Castle, Swindon

I believe its closed now.

16 Aug 2009 09:10

The Crown Inn, Lechlade

Summer Ale (4.2% abv) now available, very nice it was too yesterday.

16 Aug 2009 07:37

O'Neills, Swindon

Still closed and boarded, supposedly 'opening soon' as a new food and entertainment venue. I can hardly contain my excitement.

7 Aug 2009 00:37

The Bedroom Bar, Swindon

Hasnt been the Bedroom for years, and now closed and boarded (as the Glasshouse) in keeping with much of Swindons rundown, tatty and rubbish strewn town centre.

7 Aug 2009 00:19

The Plough, Kelmscott

Reopening next week, alledgedly, though like the light at the end of the tunnel, it never seems to come.

7 Aug 2009 00:17

The Dockle Farmhouse, Swindon

Wetherspoons 4th pub in Swindon is situated on the edge of Stratton, with extensive gardens its a converted farmhouse. There are 2 bars, one cavernous and typically 'JD' with only 3 real ales on but a multitude of fizz fonts, head to the farther flung bar where the more interesting guest beers are found.
Unfortunately the service is also typically 'JD', expect to have to wait a long time to be served when busy. If its sunny the gardens and play area will be wedged with squealing rugrats and their 'chavvy' parents, fortunately another part of the garden is 'adults only', I've not tried the food but Brake Brothers and Microwave come to mind. I suppose it does what it says on the tin.

26 Jul 2009 17:11

The Pipers Arms, Swindon

Drove past it this week and its open again, no gen on beers or orientation of pub though.

18 Jul 2009 07:19

The Crown Inn, Lechlade

Now selling there own beers bottles (also round the corner in Londis), also in 4 pint takehomes, and also pork and old Lech sausages to take away. Late August bank holiday weekend beer and music fest - 30 beers available.

4 Jul 2009 01:46

The Village, Salisbury

Used to go in this pub a lot when there were some trains worth travelling on to Salisbury, but found myself with a hour to spare last week and was delighted to see that it hadn't changed at all, Joe was behind the bar presiding over the locals, the beers were great and the loco air horns still in position for calling last orders. Long may it continue, its not plush, and the toilets are tiny, but unlike other posters below I visit a pub for the beer not to carry out a visual inspection of the bods. The wall of crank phots was also still much in evidence!

30 Jun 2009 23:08

The Avonmouth Tavern, Avonmouth

I popped in here yesterday, no real ale, so a pint of orange juice and lemonade sufficed. The interior is fantastic, a completely unspoilt victorian boozer with an original and very long wooden bar and fittings, and a very high traditionally nicotine stained ceiling. Nice garden at the back, 3 locals in at 1400hrs, drinking Natch cider from tins. A proper pub, no bloody tea or coffee and definately no food.

24 Jun 2009 07:11

Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

A real gem, well hidden away down a passageway, the pub doesn't front a road at all, a small 3 roomed olde worlde pub, all wood panels and wooden chairs, 4 or 5 real ales all all perfectly kept, and as mentioned elsewhere a knowledgable landlord. Not open at all at weekends, except for the GBBF in August. My visit was rather ruined by three moronic lawyers who seemed to think that the pub was actually their office and continually yawped into mobile phones whilst talking shop loudly. I bet their clients would have taken a dim view of them drinking before returning to an office to prepare detailed legal documents.....

21 Jun 2009 16:49

The Carriers Arms, South Marston

South Marston has pretty much been swallowed up by Swindon and Honda, which makes it all the more surprising that this pubs survives at all. I've used it now and then for a pint when out cycling and they used to do 6X and Wychwood beers, always in good condition. I think they are trying hard and now provide sunday lunches etc so are worthy of everybodies support, use it or loose it I say, long may proper local pubs like this survive. The pub has tables outside and is well decorated with hanging baskets, inside its split into a traditional bar and lounge.

21 Jun 2009 14:47

The Beaufort Arms, Wooton Bassett

Still closed and boarded, due to be flattened and flats built on the site. How nice.

21 Jun 2009 14:22

The Wine Cellar, Highworth

Beer prices now in the �2.30 - �2.60 range depending on gravity, real cider (Black Rat etc) always available, still the only 'proper' freehouse for miles around.

21 Jun 2009 11:01

The Plum Tree, Swindon

This place in days of yore was called the Riflemans and was a pretty grim Banks house for a while. To be honest until last week I'd never set foot in the place but a mate and his wife suggested it for a meal so I met up with them. Dissapointing beer selection, just Marstons Pedigree, but its now a 'Chefie' pub according to the sign outside so I expected the worst.
The interior is polished wood floors, wooden tables and chairs and sofas, the menu covered a lot of ground and seemed a tad expensive until I realised that if you bought 2 meals you got the second less expensive one for free. In fact the pub grub was very good, a thai red curry, a steak and kidney pudding and a ham and cheese salad were all pronounced to be excellant, full marks to the bloke who served them even when he spilt a jug of hot gravy all over his hands he still managed not to drop the meals!
Strange place though, closed up at 2100, although this end of Swindons pathetic town centre is even deader than the rest.

21 Jun 2009 10:59

The Old Green Tree, Bath

YEs i've mentioned before in these postings about the miserable Italian bar maid, she's been turning the milk sour with one look in this pub for years, God only knows why they don't replace her with someone who actually enjoys serving people. The atmosphere is alway far better when the landlord is behind the bar.

21 Jun 2009 09:52

The Bree Louise, Euston

I found this a good place to while away a couple of hours last Monday before getting on the Caledonian sleepers. A great pub, with a great selection of beers, I tried a few and had no issues with the quality, yes the pub is basic but so what? Don't knock it there's few enough decent free houses in London these days. I certainly appreciated the CAMRA discount, and also the food, I has sausage mash and onion gravy and it was great. Nice and friendly too. I don't understand why anyone would want to knock it 'Shakespiers', they are doing a great job, if you don't like it go somewhere else, and what is wrong with 'stew with a puff pastry lid' provided its hot and tasty?

21 Jun 2009 09:44

The Lord Nelson, Brighton

I love Harveys beer me! This pub is another Brighton 'must visit' situated on a road that passes under the station forecourt. The Harveys Mild was on fine form and the rest of the range from this local brewery were on offer. Its quite quirky and small, not having been knocked around, the food seemed to be fairly limited to sandwhiches pretty much, but my cheddar sandwich actually contained cheese that you could taste, a rarity in the pub world where tasteless blocks of pap pass as cheese.

21 Jun 2009 09:07

The Evening Star, Brighton

A Brighton institution remaining unchanged for many years, I was here last Thursday lunchtime and surprise surprise the Brighton Train Tramp was in attendance! A good selection of Dark Star ales were availble and the pub was friendly and fairly busy, no food served, but then there's plenty of food options in Brighton!

21 Jun 2009 09:02

The Basketmakers Arms, Brighton

This pub is a Brighton Classic! I had reservations when Fullers took over the Gales Brewery but they have sensibly left the pub alone, and it still retains all its character. A full Fullers range of beers is complimented by a Gales Beer and a guest, I didn't eat here on this occasion but have done in the past and its that rare thing these days, good quality proper pub grub, not brake Brothers microwaved pap.

21 Jun 2009 08:52

Grog and Gruel, Fort William

Cracking pub flying the flag for real ale in Fort William, 8 beers on when I visited all from differing small Scottish Brewers. The pub is basic down stairs, all bare boards, but friendly and served what I thought was good value meals from a limited bar snack menu, proper meals are served in the restaurant upstairs. Try also the Nevis Sport bar near the station (next door to the outdoor shop of that name) reached through double glass doors it opens up into a lovely cosy lounge, with open fire, 4 handpulled ales and good value wholesome meals, its also in the good beer guide.

21 Jun 2009 08:30

The Old Forge, Inverie

Went here last week, don't expect a vast range of ever changing beers, there's just 2 handpumps. When I was there Caledonian Deuchars was on and very acceptable it was too, after all to be able to drink any real ale in Britains remotest mainland pub is a bonus. The views over Inverie bay are spectacular and the location is made all the more exciting to get to by the 45 mins ferry ride from Mallaig.
I stayed overnight in a well appointed bunkhouse, the 'Old Byre' 10 mins walk away, and ate in the pub in the evening where the seafood was fantastic, if a little expensive, but then the costs of bringing in everything by boat are the reason for that.
The locals were friendly and a smattering of walkers made up the rest of the pubs drinkers. I enjoyed watching a selection of the locals rusty and totally non mot'd vehicles come and go outside, once shipped over they must run them into the ground as there is no garage here.
Fantastic place, I will be returning again this Summer....

21 Jun 2009 08:24

Marine Hotel, Mallaig

Typical small town Scottish bar, clean and tidy, didn't appear to do any food, McEwans 70 shilling on fizz tap, and a pool table in the bar. Friendly enough though.

21 Jun 2009 07:58

Chlachain Inn, Mallaig

Definately the best of Mallaigs pubs, a comfortable cafe style bar tucked up behind the station, it serves good food and had Isle of Skye beers available in bottles. I never found any proper real ale in Mallaig, although the McKewans 70 shillings on fizz tap was adequate. Seems that the tourist steam train that runs from Fort William in the Summer has done wonders for the local economy as there are now all sorts of tourist shops, fish and chip shops and tea rooms now open in the village.

21 Jun 2009 07:55

The Lamplighters, Shirehampton

Situated down a quiet lane from Shirehampton station and situated right on the banks of the tidal River Severn, this pub enjoys a pretty idylic location. Its also surrounded by its own gardens, but rather like the pub, they seem to have seen better days. I had a pint of Butcombe which was in acceptable but not terrific condition, it was lunchtime and I was hungrey, so throwing caution to the wind I went for a safe option, jacket potato with cheese and beans.
I should have known better, what I got was a potato microwaved to death, hard in the middle, with the usual crappy side salad, a spoonful of beans and some awful tasteless supermarket cheese. Hardly worth �3.95.
It seemed to be a pensioners lunchtime special day, I heard one of them send there roast lamb back as it was cold, the usual whirring noise from the kitchen followed by a ping saw it return hot. Microwaves, the curse of pub food, whoever invented them should be shot!

21 Jun 2009 07:50

The Goose, Romford

Nipped in here as it was the nearest pub to the station, vast place, much like a W*nkerspoons, but with a garden out the back. I bet its wedged on a Friday and Saturday night, I had a pint of OK LOndon Pride at the very reasonable price of �2.10, Tetley bitter was also available, the huge bar has a staggaring number of fizz fonts, it took me a while to find the handpumps!

8 Jun 2009 21:53

Tollemache Inn, Grantham

W*nkerspoons is W*nkerspoons really, although this one is a cut above the others, six local brewery beers available and clean and pleasent surroundings. They seemed to have missed the delivery of drunken irishmen, dole scroungers, single mothers and na'er do wells that normally frequent the front of these pubs, perhaps the delivery lorry got lost?

7 Jun 2009 10:15

The Beehive, Grantham

I had a very quick pint (of Newby Wyke) in here between trains yesterday and it certainly is a real gem, Granthams oldest building I beleive, and the living sign, a real beehive with real bees is still there too, beer was fine, I think there were about 4 on. I would certainly head here next time for a pint. Worth searching out.

7 Jun 2009 10:12

Woolpack Hotel, Wainfleet

Oh dear oh dear where do you start? Well the outside I suppose, a run down tatty exterior all smeared chalk boards and empty window boxes and pealing paint. This pub ought to be Batemans flagship pub in the village it perports to be a 'Hotel' and in the past I've stayed there, I wouldnt now. The interior is tired, shabby and rundown, the carpets hadn't been cleaned since the previous night, tables were dirty, and the landlord (presumably) was miserable in the extreme, and served me a very average pint of XB. Batemans ought to be thoroughly ashamed of the state of this pub and they need to spend a few thousand getting it up to scratch before the place falls down.

7 Jun 2009 10:08

Royal Oak, Wainfleet

By far the best of Batemans remaining 2 pubs in the village, a lovely small multi roomed pub at the heart of the community judging from all the sporting trophies. Clean and tidy, a bank of 6 handpumps dispensed 4 Batemans brews and 2 guests, one of which was from the towns other brewery Riverside. Didn't try the food but it looked fine. Well worth getting off the train for.
The Angel up the road is now closed, as is the small Batemans pub round the back of the market square (The Ship?), and the Red Lion didnt appear to open either.

7 Jun 2009 10:02

The Plough, Kelmscott

Now heard that the grand reopening will be in July, ie next month, I will take a look and report back in due course.

1 Jun 2009 03:09

The Boatman, Saltash

Nipped in here for a beer as well during the RAB 150 do, cant remember much about it, thinks were getting hazy by then, but I do remember the beer being ok and lots of food being produced. Maybe I need a revisit.

1 Jun 2009 03:02

The Union Inn, Saltash

Went here as well during the Royal Albert Bridge 150 celebrations, pub mostly known for its unusual exterior paint job (eyecatching for passengers passing by on trains above) they had 2 beers on if I remember and they were well kept. Unfortunately there was standing room only inside and a queue snaking out the door, but normally I reckon it would be a pretty nice place to while away an hour or 2.

1 Jun 2009 03:00

The Two Bridges, Saltash

Visited this pub during the recent Royal Albert Bridge 150 celebrations, of course it was heaving, but with its great beer and friendly locals we had a great time, the food looked good as well. The terraced beer garden out the back overlooks the 2 bridges in question over the Tamar and is a suntrap, its right opposite the Plymouth bound platform at Saltash station. A proper local pub trying hard to serve the community.

1 Jun 2009 02:57

The Thistle Park Tavern, Plymouth

Visited here again last month after a long absence with a mate, we intended to start here and visit a few establishments in the city centre, we never got any further. The Sutton Brewery beers were as fantastic as ever, the pub seems to have been extended a bit, but essentially its still a bare wooden floored ale house, we liked the friendly but quite sweary barmaid too, its still one of those pubs that you could sink into for a whole day! Long may it continue.

1 Jun 2009 02:54

Pennycomequick Hotel, Plymouth

You'd have a job to have a quick one here now, its closed and boarded.

1 Jun 2009 02:50

The Cross Keys, Great Bedwyn

Have used this pub quite a few times when photting trains on the line adjacent to the K&A canal, a good proper local in a small village, does exactly what it says on the tin, long may it continue. Try the bakery down the road as well, a real gem.

1 Jun 2009 02:45

The Red Lion, Avebury

I would agree with the posts below, I can only think that Green King take prospective staff to the Red Lion at Avebury and use it as an example of how NOT to run a pub. Its an absolute disgrace and has been for a couple of years now, what the foreign tourists who visit here thinking its a real English pub must think God alone knows, the people who run it are pikeys. It should be so good, and it still could be, why it isn't is anybodies guess by GK management ought to pay a visit and be thoroughly ashamed.

1 Jun 2009 02:41

The Old Spotted Cow, Marston Meysey

I cycled out here last Summer and it was well worth the treck, very friendly staff and locals, a little bit foody, and quite up market, but they were more than happy for me to sit at the bar and enjoy 3 pints and a cheeseplate. Plenty of seating inside and a great beer garden outside. Good selection of 4 interesting ales on tap too.

1 Jun 2009 02:36

The Rose and Crown, Highworth

Still the same, add tumbleweed blowing through the bar, landlord must like his own company thats all I can say.

26 May 2009 22:41

The Wine Cellar, Highworth

Now changed hands and as a result not as good as it was, beers remain ok, but prices gone up a bit, the cider festival here last weekend seemed reasonably busy, although �1.40 - �1.50 a half pint seemed a bit steep. Still worth a look though, Highworth badly needs a decent pub, thats for sure.

26 May 2009 22:39

The Clytha Arms, Clytha

It was the Clytha Arms festival of Welsh Cider and Perry last weekend, I visited for a couple of hours on the Sat afternoon, as well as the 30 or so ciders and perrys they also had four interesting guest beers on in the main pub. The ciders were served in the 'barn' to the rear of the pub and although very busy (it was very sunny) I was always quickly served and offered a taster every time. The field out the back for camping was absolutely full, and I should imagine as a result was rather noisy later in the evening. Fantastic place, everything a proper pub should be, its such a shame so many country pubs find it seemingly diffecult to replicate this, I put it down to the fact that they just can't be bothered.

26 May 2009 22:34

The Glue Pot, Swindon

Worth noting that the pub now opens all day 1200-2300 except for Mondays when it opens at 1630 now for some reason, I got caught out last week. People keep moaning about the landlord being miserable, but I can't say I've noticed and in the evenings the pub is often packed.

16 May 2009 16:46

The Rosary Tavern, Norwich

And I forgot to mention, the beer was hazy and poor, no doubt due to the fact nobody in their right mind would want to drink in here. Try the Jubilee up the hill, or almost anywhere else.

16 May 2009 09:23

The Ribs of Beef, Norwich

I like this pub, its forth going for the location alone, by Fye Bridge on the River Wensum. I nipped in on the way back to the station from the White Lion. Still got a good selction of ales on, and as with so many real ales pubs in Norwich it seems to support local brewers. Worth a look in.

16 May 2009 08:56

The Crown Inn, Lechlade

That should be No74 bus, not No75, sorry!

16 May 2009 08:46

The Crown Inn, Lechlade

Well what can I say? Since becoming the tap for the Halfpenny Brewery (at the back of the pub) this place has gone from strength to strength, it usually has 2 of their own beers on (one also from the wood) and a guest, its open 1200-2300 everyday and talking to the brewer he says he can't keep up with demand for his beer from the locals, and he's already installed another fermenter. They dont do any food (other than rolls) except on a Sunday lunchtime when they produce a sunday roast from their improbably small kitchen!
You can get here by the No64 (Carterton) or No75 (Fairford) buses from Swindon bus station, its a roughly hourly service but packs up at 1830 in the evening making lunchtime visits the only option.

16 May 2009 08:45

The Queens Tap, Swindon

Clarks (of Wakefield) blonde ale on tap this week, maybe the guest ale policy is getting more adventurous here?

16 May 2009 08:36

The Check Inn, North Wroughton

I noticed last week that the Swindon Advertiser had a full page advery for an open day at this pub looking for new tenants, all is obviously not well although I had heard that the guest beers had started to improve again.

16 May 2009 08:33

The Kings Head, Norwich

The owners of this pub have turned it into a fine mecca for ale lovers, with a fantastic selection of locally brewed ales, Norfolk seems to have a new brewery open every week! Its a basic bare boards sort of a place, with a fine bar billiards table at 50p a game. Magdelan street used to be a very run down area, but seems more 'up and coming' and less bohemian these days. Its on the way to the newly reopend White Lion on Oak Street, now owned by the Milton Brewery, 8 of their beers on and so good to see the pub open again and put back to what it was before it was ruined in the 90's as a tap and spile. Well done to all concerned.

16 May 2009 08:24

The Coach and Horses, Norwich

Ever since this pub opened and became the Chalk Hill Brewery its been consistantly good. The ales are tasty and reasonably priced, the staff seemed enthusiastic and helpful, especially when a Norfolk constabulary policeman walked in asking for directions to......the police station! Its a traditional bare boards and chunky wooden furnature type place, well in keeping with its brewery tap image. 5 mins walk from the station, and SO different to the Rosary tavern.

16 May 2009 08:14

The Ketts Tavern, Norwich

When I lived in Norwich this pub was a bog standard Norwich Brewery house, how times change. Went in yesterday lunchtime (after our Rosary disappointment), what a fantastic pub, great atmosphere, fine selection of local real ales, and a booming trade in good honest lunchtime food, well recommended, try the Ketts bakery next door too.

16 May 2009 08:09

The Rosary Tavern, Norwich

This pub in the early 80's was one of the 3 that flew the flag for real ales in Norwich, and has been consistantly good since. Until now. 8 of us went in here yesterday lunchtime, the pub was completely empty, the surly miserable cow behind the bar finished her texting after a while and deemed to serve us, at no time did she speak, or even say please or thankyou, no greeting, nothing. AFter she grudgingly served us she went straight back to texting, god knows who, I cant imagine she had any friends. Truly awful, and a sad shadow of its former self.

16 May 2009 08:04

The Queens Tap, Swindon

Still nice and tidy, food trade seems to have picked up, guest beers still rather dull but a welcome change from the Arkells across the road. Nice walled garden to sit in on a fine day, good effort being made by current landlord/lady, they deserve some sucess.

25 Apr 2009 23:57

Steam Railway Co, Swindon

Visited here one afternoon last week, much cleaner than it used to be with plenty of shiney varnish. Still the same great idea though, the real ale bar for the grownups and a larger seperate creche for the youngsters serving lager and other types of fizzy pop. Good selection of guests. Beer fesrival soon at the end of this Month is always worth a look.

25 Apr 2009 23:53

The Crown Inn, Stratton St Margaret

A real old fashioned coaching Inn, now with rooms mostly in a modern extension. Ian the landlord always keeps an excellant pint of Arkells (much better then the decidedly average Kingsdown up the road). Nice roaring log fire in the snug in the Winter and good value proper meals provided lunch and evening. Well worth the stop off on the No7 bus.

25 Apr 2009 23:41

Sir Daniel Arms, Swindon

Now this is the posh up market W*nkerspoons in Swindon where the Giro Jims etc are not welcome, the Groves is not far away to cater for the likes of those herberts. It was built on the site of a previous Sir Daniel pub which was a really run down hole but which closed after most of its regulars died. Good selection of ales but the pub and the beer always seems bloody freezing to me, you need a coat on in the middle of summer.

25 Apr 2009 23:30

Savoy, Swindon

I must admit I hadn't been in for a couple of years until the beer fest and it seemed ok, interesting selection of ales, but also with an unwelcoming gaggle of drunks and na'er do wells sitting around the entrance. Beer quality fine and service quite good by W*nkerspoon standards. Have you ever noticed how there is always a tattoed waster on crutches standing at the bar of every one of JD's pubs?

25 Apr 2009 23:25

The G W Hotel Bar and Grill, Swindon

Now much improved as Keith has returned to take the helm again after moving back from the Rose and Crown at Ashbury.

25 Apr 2009 20:29

The Plough, Kelmscott

Found out from the Landlady of the Crown in Lechlade that this lovely old pub is still closed, seemingly undergoing a never ending refurbishment. Sad.

25 Apr 2009 06:18

The Victory, Hereford

Always seems to be a bit dirty, rundown and if it had carpets they would be sticky. Long past its sell by date the place needs completely refurbishing, the gents bogs are basic in the extreme. That said, I have never had a bad pint here, but its never brilliant and lets be honest it has to be something special to get you to leave the Barrels, and it isn't, so stay in there.

25 Apr 2009 06:15

The Barrels, Hereford

What can I say? This fine establishment has been one of my favourites for many years, dispensing fine foaming pints of Wye Valley Ales in convivial surroundings. Its nice to see that one or two of the local ciderheads are still welcome here. My visit last week was only marred by the appearance of a minibus full of loud rugby club fatheads who seemed to think braying loudly and painting their faces red made them terribly amusing to the rest of the clientel. It didn't, next time p*ss off down the road to W*nkerspoons where you belong.

25 Apr 2009 06:11

The Plough, Kelmscott

This pub was badly damaged in the summer floods in 2007, not sure if it has now reopened, but shortly into the refurbishment it was flooded again I think. May be open again now, will have to take a look. It was well worth a visit before.

12 Apr 2009 15:25

Mabel's Tavern, Euston

Popped in here as it was in the Good Beer Guide, what a mistake, beer ok but outrageously expensive served by a miserable monosylabic antipodean barmaid. Bliddy TV screens everywhere and almost no atmosphere, why oh why is it in the GBG?

12 Apr 2009 15:19

The Doric Arch, Euston

Still going strong although not as good as it was in the 'Head of Steam' days. Still better than many of the other pubs around this area.

12 Apr 2009 15:17

The Bree Louise, Euston

I had never heard of this pub until I went to the London Drinker beer fest the other week, what a gem (by London standards) a great selection of ales from micros in a comfortable, but basic pub. London needs more pubs like this and less poncy winebar/foodie/pompous pubs. Keep up the good work.

12 Apr 2009 15:15

The Mad Bishop and Bear, Paddington

Often used, but starting to look a little tatty around the edges now. A great place to remind myself of how fortunate I am not to live in London and pay �3+ a pint on a regular basis. That said its comfortable and the beer is well kept and the service prompt even when busy.

12 Apr 2009 15:12

The Great Western Hotel, Exeter

Finished our Topsham/Exeter crawl here, still a fine hotel bar serving a cracking selection of local ales. Amazed to see that Tony Wardle is still alive and was present in the bar, or maybe they have had him stuffed.

12 Apr 2009 15:08

Mill On The Exe, Exeter

Used to sell St.Austell 4X mild here, not any more, but the beer is still good and the gardens over looking the River Exe are fantastic. A great place to spend a sunny afternoon supping ale about 10 mins walk from St.Davids station.

12 Apr 2009 15:06

The Red Cow, Exeter

A sad loss, it was one of the last few proper cider pubs left in Exeter, I can remember the Royal Oak from the barrel and the hellfire jukebox too. Such a shame that there seems to be no room left for pubs like this nowadays, even more of a shame that nothing has been built on the site of the pub yet. Demolished with undue haste I reckon.

12 Apr 2009 15:04

The Well House, Exeter

I've been coming here occasionally for about 20 years and the place never seems to change, it still seems more like a shop than a pub. That said the beer is always on form, we tried the Brannoc ale. Its well worth a detour for.

12 Apr 2009 15:01

The Lighter Inn, Topsham

We started our tour of Topsham here (after a visit to the excellant cheese shop in the High street) beer was fine, and as others have said rather expensive, but its clean and comfortable and I should imagine in the Summer packed with Holidaymakers. Its certainly nice to sit outside.

12 Apr 2009 14:58

The Globe Hotel, Topsham

A nice cosy old town hotel, beer was fine, if a little predicatble, Otter Amber when we visited.

12 Apr 2009 14:55

Exeter Inn, Topsham

Yes I liked it too, despite it having a drunken Irishman on site who gibbered about the racing on the TV and claimed he came from Bristol. A likely story. Good selection of ale, all local brews.

12 Apr 2009 14:54

The Bridge, Topsham

Visited last week, what a top pub, never changing, atmospheric and un spoilt, long may it continue that way. Great selection of local beers from the barrel, still rate the real traditional outside gents bogs, no frills here, not an air freshener to be seen. Its my favourite UK pub without a doubt.

12 Apr 2009 14:51

The Evening Star, Brighton

Whatever happened to the Brighton Train Tramp,Alex?

12 Apr 2009 14:48

The Alehouse, Bath

An often overlooked pub, this establishment is an amazing survivor in the centre of Bath. A small cramped one room boozer, doing exactly what it says on the tin, and its not full of bloody tourists. Well worth a visit, years ago it used to be a Courage House but its now free of tie.

26 Feb 2009 01:04

The Trout Inn, Lechlade

Great pub for a Summer sunny afternoon, try going when the steam fair is on in june. Regular jazz sessions, not tried the food, seems to be a Sharpes Brewery outlet these days, but beer is always good. Not in Lechlade, about 1 mile walk down the Faringdon road.

26 Feb 2009 00:58

The Royal Oak, Lechlade

Nice pub, open fire but seems very small, must be one of the few outlets for Flowers Original (who brews that now?!) anywhere round here.

26 Feb 2009 00:55

The Riverside, Lechlade

It was an awful pikeys pub until Summer 2008 when Arkells bought it and started a long refurbishment of the rundown premises. Unfortunately this was at the expense of the Red Lion round the corner which they closed. Beer seems ok, not tried the food, but its 100% better then before.

26 Feb 2009 00:54

The Crown Inn, Lechlade

This locals Pub right in the centre of the town is well worth a visit now as they now have their own microbrewery called the Halfpenny Brewery on site. They have been brewing since xmas 2008 and have produces 3 beers so far, normally available on handpump and from the barrel at the same time. Its a bare boarded open fire sort of place, just right for a cold Winters day.

26 Feb 2009 00:52

The Baker's Arms, Swindon

I beleive they operate an age bar here, you have to be over 80 to be allowed in.

17 Sep 2008 11:42

The Longacre Tavern, Bath

This pub used to boast Wadworth Brewerys only coloured landlord, for good reason. Its not a pleasent place, stay away.

17 Sep 2008 11:39

The Pig and Fiddle, Bath

This place lost a lot of its atmasphere when they extended it into the shop next door,and the Ash Vine Brewery went to the wall. I still visit from time to time and have never had a bad pint, though the range could be more interesting.

16 Sep 2008 13:03

The Salamander, Bath

I used this pub for years when it was Hatchetts and a Miners Arms Brewery Pub (remember them?), its new incarnation as the Raven seems to have bedded in nicely now and the beers are always ok. Just a shame the superb jukebox disappeared in the refurb.

16 Sep 2008 13:00

The Old Green Tree, Bath

Its been my favourite pub in Bath for years and the Pitchfork is always on form. Shame about the miserable unfriendly never smiling Italian barmaid though, such a contrast to the cheery landlord. Handy for the sausage shop and Bartletts Butchers.

16 Sep 2008 12:50

The Star Inn, Bath

What can I say? Its just a national treasure, long may it continue to be so.

16 Sep 2008 12:46

The Bell, Bath

I think Mattbeer you will find that the bar staff and the punters are spaced out....used to be better than it is now, still got the interesting guest ales in a downmarket tatty atmasphere but the prices are more suited to a London upmarket pub.

16 Sep 2008 12:45

The Check Inn, North Wroughton

Been back once since 'Dougo' sold it, not impressed, expensive beers and predicably the removal of most of the guest ales also removed the punters. What on earth did Fullers think would happen? Personally I would continue through Wroughton to the Carters at the top of the hill.

16 Sep 2008 12:42

Steam Railway Co, Swindon

Great pub offering about 8 guest ales, normally 2 or 3 are interesting the others are of the 'Bombadier/6X/London Pride' ilk. Well worth a visit though for the real ale bar. A great please to while away an our or two supping and reading the paper.

16 Sep 2008 12:39

The G W Hotel Bar and Grill, Swindon

Not as good as it used to be and the beer is FAR too expensive,interiror now looking tired and dated.

16 Sep 2008 12:35

The Queens Tap, Swindon

Much better since its refurbishment, now a proper pub again, food served and 3 hand pumped beers on tap, usually 2 are a guest, from a limited list I suspect. Now a better bet that the GW opposite who's prices are frankly ridiculous now.

16 Sep 2008 12:32

Groves Company Inn, Swindon

Keeps the dribblers out of the other pubs in the town, although the Savoy also has its collection of derelicts who frequent the front of the pub. Would not be a surprise of if they had a counter here for cashing giros.

16 Sep 2008 12:29

The Glue Pot, Swindon

Good basic boozer, it does exactly what it says on the tin. Up to 6 Hopback/Downton beers and 2 guests on tap, good quality basic pub food at lunchtimes ie sausage beans chips etc, open 1200-2300, a oasis in a sea of rancid vertical drinking plastic bars and w*nkerspoons.

16 Sep 2008 12:24

Broadwalk, Swindon

Closed and boarded for months, was becoming 'known' for its Polish customers who seemed to like a good ruck after getting bladdered. Good riddance.

16 Sep 2008 12:22

The Beehive, Swindon

Other than the Gluepot, its the only real traditional boozer left in Swindon. Bags of character, beer fine, if a little pricey, hasn't changed for years, well recommended.

16 Sep 2008 12:19

The Saracens Head Hotel, Highworth

Arkells served from the barrel, ok if you like their beers. proper small town coaching Inn, worth a visit.

16 Sep 2008 12:15

The Wine Cellar, Highworth

The only proper freehouse for miles, 2 or 3 everchanging guest ales from the barrel make it well worth a visit. Opening hours now 1500-2300 Mon-ThuO, 1200-2300 Fri/Sat and 1500-2230 Sun. Handy for an indian takeaway afterwards who's premises are directly above it.

16 Sep 2008 12:14

The Rose and Crown, Highworth

I wouldn't bother unless you like sitting in a dump, scruffy carpets, cheap wooden furniture and piles of mouldering newspapers fill the pub, the beer is ok, if a little uninteresting and the landlord would make a professional mourner look jovial.It could be so much better if he left.

16 Sep 2008 12:12

The Barrels, Hereford

I've been coming here a couple of times a year for over 20 years, its fabulous, one of my top 10 pubs in Britain. Its one of the few that I could spend all day in, superb beer, basic but friendly surroundings and no frills. Long may it continue.....

16 Sep 2008 12:09

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