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Express Tavern, Kew Bridge

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user reviews of the Express Tavern, Kew Bridge

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Has had a major coup with Brentford placing their ground right next to it with the added bonus they are now a Premier league club.Naturally it’s packed on match days but the staff cope very well and although there a large queues at the bar you can be served fairly quickly.You need to book a table if you want to sit down but you can still enter if you simply want to prop up the bar.Good selection of beers but they have been known to run almost dry on a match day
wurzel - 13 Sep 2021 19:38
Still continuing to serve decent (if pricey) ales but like so many places in London it seems to miss out on proper bitters. There were plenty of pales and golden ales and a few stouts (the Barton macchiato stout was the one I tried) but no decent bitter on offer.
Snarling_Mallard - 31 Mar 2019 02:08
After a hiatus of over 3 hours, I returned to the Express Tavern. This is part of an ever-expanding chain of well-run pubs with a good ale and cider selection. Sunday evening was no exception. Some of the blackboards were incorrect. But the ale selection was Bass, Harvey's Sussex Best Bitter, Big Smoke Solaris & Dark Wave, Errant Altura Coffee Stout, Hammerpot Harvest Ale, Oakham Citra, Steam Box Ghost Train, Watney's Ray Of Sunshine & Bingham's Rye IPA. Ciders were Sandford Orchards Devon Red, Orchard Pig Marmalade Cider & Navel Gazer, Lilley's Mango Cider & Gwynt y Ddraig Farmhouse Scrumpy. I prefer the Antelope and the Sussex Arms. But this is still a very good London pub. We moved on from here to the nearby Stable for a few more ciders and a pizza. I will request that to be added. But it is just next to One Over The Ait.
blue_scrumpy - 13 Nov 2018 20:20
Sad to see the lawn at the back has been replaced by astroturf and seating, at least the fishpond is still there. Trying to cram too many dining tables into the small lounge. Having said that a good selection of beers and ciders, but had to be a traditionalist and had the Bass - which was reasonable.
ellisref - 14 Sep 2017 07:54
I have to disagree with some off the comments posted, after a promising I think this pub has gone backwards. The main problem is the ales (the first thing you should get right), they are served far too warm. This has been an issue here for some time - if there is an issue with the cellar temperature then maybe they could consider line chillers on their ales? This could be a great pub but they really need to address their key business - The Beer!
urbanteardrop - 9 Jun 2016 13:57
I didn't realise this place was part of the same group that includes the excellent Antelope. This place is even better even though it doesn't brew it's own beers. No matter, the choice of real ales and real ciders was staggering, many from micros and the quality was spot on. Food was brilliant as well. The pub was busy, service excellent and it's highly recommended
Steamer1 - 19 Mar 2016 09:42
Friendly pub with a good selection of beers and top notch food.
SGA - 5 Jan 2016 18:41
The Express Tavern has been recently refurbished and has lots of different beers on and the garden has been opened up. It is a modern take on a real classic pub and being close to the river and on good public transport routes is well worth a visit.
rainlight - 28 Jul 2015 08:48
The Express Tavern has re-branded itself as the Express Ale & Cider House and follows the same formula as the Sussex Arms in Twickenham and the Antelope in Surbiton. This is the smallest of the 3. But it does have quite a nice, large garden. The ale selection was Three Castles Knights Porter, Haresfoot Sundial, Lock Keeper's, Conquerors & Wild Boy, Sambrooks Session & Scrumdown, Brecon Three Beacons, Upham 1st Drop & Bass. Ciders were Sandford Orchards Strawberry Lane, Broome Farm Foxwhelp, Wilce's Dry, Abrahalls Lily The Pink & Barbourne King Crimson. Whilst we were there Broome Farm Dry and Windsor & Eton Zinzan's Drop replaced 2 of the others. So the range rotates frequently. Sunday lunches were being served and were reasonably good. This pub is every bit as good as the Sussex Arms and the Antelope and also shares their buy 9 pints and get the 10th free offer. Excellent addition to this area.
blue_scrumpy - 23 Mar 2015 20:36
This place made my day. Popped in after a transport mix up on the way to my birthday lunch in Chiswick, as didn't have time to go to the river. Was expecting a typical high street geezers' boozer (if any remain in Kew). Not a bit of it: huge range of ales and lagers, interesting refurb, friendly barman. Garden looks good. And old classic R and B and rootsy music playing on a vinyl turntable instead of the horrid old pop musak most pubs assault our eardrums with.Nice touch.

A lot of thought seems to have gone into this place. Loved it. Never hear of any of the beers but who cares?

It's a beautiful early spring day, thank the Lord for pubs!
drunkentiger - 7 Mar 2015 13:01
I have been a regular for many years. And like most of the other regulars was a bit apprehensive about the changes. However the new pub is settling in nicely with an interesting range of ales and ciders. I've yet to have a bad pint.
The only real issue has been with the music which can be obtrusively loud (and they do seem to like Bob Marley), but the bar staff will turn it down if asked.
It is still a good place to go to meet friends for a drink.
simontheeditor - 6 Dec 2014 09:44
Changed a lot since my last visit but the ale is now more varied and was on excellent form. Would go as far as to say it is probably the best selection and quality of ales in the vicinity bounded by Richmond, Chiswick, brentford and Ealing.
anonymous - 26 Oct 2014 20:56
I must admit I preferred it when it was Gods Waiting Room and did not open on Saturday until 6pm.

Bass was cheaper for a start. You could also see what other ales were available in the main bar. Now the chalk board advertises some very expensive "Keg beers".

Antelope, surbiton is fine but I never took to The Sussex in Twickenham.

ArhurPint - 13 Oct 2014 12:08
Not quite as enthused about this pub as some other posts. Yes a good addition to the area but can't help thinking something is missing, the beer is ok without being excellent with a seeming bias towards hoppy /light beers (not unusual these days). The bar staff are friendly and attentive. It could have been laid out a bit better than it is with some tables very awkward to access. The lighting is very subdued to the point of non existent so don't try reading the paper in the evening! Great job on the garden and it will be a real treat in the summer. Decent pub
urbanteardrop - 12 Oct 2014 15:57
So far, so excellent. Renovated without being ruined and lager drinkers are not treated like inferior beings, Camden Hells served at a good price for these parts. Plenty of choice for beer and cider drinkers. Music via a record player just like The estimable Southampton Arms. We have not tried the food yet but the prices again, are very reasonable for this area. I think this has the makings of a really good proper pub and there are not many of those about. Hurrah
bertiebark - 11 Oct 2014 12:48
At last a decent pub in Kew that concentrates on what a pub should do. serve decent booze and not trying to be a creche or restaurant
riddz - 6 Oct 2014 10:55
Visited here last night, great, perfect pint of Bass, which was off when we got there but it reappeared later and we consumed loads of it. Great selection of other real ales, a loyalty card and good staff. We'll be back.
Fulhampete - 4 Oct 2014 11:48
For some reason I'd never fancied going here....exterior looked a bit run down (though that will often get me through the door), somehow I expected it to be a bit rough. Not at all, wonderful place with a lovely beer garden for a sunny Sunday afternoon. Three ales, friendly bar staff...
TheMortyVicker - 1 Jun 2014 21:19
Go there to die
bees4evva - 18 Apr 2013 14:08
Bass is fine in this pub. Pub itself is clean and not too busy when I have visited. Make your own atmosphere. A proper pub though.
ArhurPint - 6 Dec 2012 14:15
I've crossed Kew Bridge many a time and always wondered what this pub is like. It's not quite what I expected. The interior is very comfortable and similar to somebody's front room. There is a small bar to the right hand side and a larger lounge to the left, which leads to a pleasant garden. There were 3 ales on yesterday - Wooden Hand Cornish Buccaneer, Bass & Youngs Bitter. The Cornish Buccaneer was in a poor condition. Nice enough pub. Shame about the beer quality. I'd still give it another chance.
blue_scrumpy - 22 Oct 2012 21:26
Mmm...the Bass was OK, but exactly as insipid as I thought it'd be! :-(
renzarov - 24 Sep 2012 13:44
I really like The Express, & all the stuff about tradition etc is relevant & true to the vibe of the place.
However, Bass is just not Bass anymore, is it? In fact, in my drinking lifetime so far (70s- present), I can't say it's ever lived up to its reputation.
This pub is one of the very few places to stock it- can anyone tell me another in London, even?-, & yet it's an insipid, weak-imitation 'best bitter' to my mind. Charrington's IPA was a better beer by comparison, standard strength though it was at 1039 to Bass's 1044- but whatever happened to that? I shall be checking things out again this Sunday, anyhow!
renzarov - 11 Sep 2012 14:42
A great old fashioned Pub with no Juke Box, Fruit Machine or other modern distractions. Civilised conversation with the Owners Gordon and Liz and a great place to make your local. Good beer, well presented food and spotless toilets (a real rarity these days) and all in all a really good pub to enjoy your favourite Cask ale or other Lager etc. Also very handy for Kew Bridge Station.
GeorgeLyall - 8 Feb 2012 16:17
I'm another one in the camp of having often driven or walked past this pub and had never been in... but I finally got around to it the other day, for a mid-week pint...

As some of the other reviews have said, it's a traditional old boozer which sadly suffers the traditional range in quality of ales. The bar staff were pleasant and the locals seemed fine. We didn't talk to them, mind.

The Bass, which is presumably the house ale was in good condition. I foolishly opted for the Rudolph's Whatsit - the festive ale. In fairness, I should have known better - it was bound to be past its best.

There was no background music or noise when we were there, and patrons were in small numbers, seemingly not talking much, which meant that everyone ended up listening to our conversation whether they wanted to or not. The silence from the surrounding tables was punctured twice. The first comment was something like, "I did my tax return". Obviously this was barely gruntworthy, and that's about the extent of the response it achieved.

The second was a gentleman enquiring of his mate as to whether he had told him the joke about the Reindeer. His mate affirmed that he had indeed, and the pub around us returned to silence.

If they didn't keep old beer on tap and played a bit of background music when it's quiet, it could be a lovely little pub.

I can imagine it being busy when Brentford FC are playing, for example, and it would presumably be a very different atmosphere to the one we experienced.

Would I go back? Maybe, but not in a hurry.
harveydt - 5 Jan 2012 14:09
My first visit to the Express Tavern, and I really wish I had been in before now!
A gem of a pub, and a perfect pint of Bass! £3.35 initially seemed a bit steep, but I don't mind paying for a decent pint.
robhealy - 4 Sep 2011 09:40
Having driven past this pub for years without actually going in, it was quite nice to find out how much of a hidden gem it was. The dťcor is real throw back to pubs of yore with two separate bar areas. I really like to potted history of pub as well as the rules for Sunday drinking from 1888. This does show how times have changed. A great selection of ale and a very nice garden area. Considering how close it is to a busy road, you could hardly hear the traffic. A really good find and highly recommended.
LennyBanter - 5 Jun 2011 12:54
Why closed till 6.30pm on a Saturday??????????
bjbrummiejohn - 14 Dec 2010 12:35
a bit of a "stap back in time" feel to it, and all the better for it! Friendly local with good selection of good ale. A bit of a hidden gem...if you a decent pint / conversation..
The_Speckled_Hen - 8 Jul 2010 13:46
Simply a superb little pub. I only get to go there once or twice a year but it is always pleasant, charming and homely. I usually go in the front-left bar and it takes very little to get engaged in conversation with the regulars. Bar staff are always courteous and friendly, and the beer is always well kept.
Matthew_of_Ham - 26 Jun 2010 14:00
Probably the most civilised pub in Brentford. You can always rely on a good pint of Youngs or Bass. There are usually 1 or 2 guest beers on (generally Scottish) unfortunately, the quality of these can be somewhat variable, possibly due to lack of throughput. Usually full of locals and staff from the steam museum nearby. Excellent homemade food available except on Sunday and Tuesday evenings. No fruit machines, jukebox or pool table though there is a piano if you fancy a tune or a singalong. There is generally a quiz on Monday evenings. My only criticism is that the gents toilets are often quite smelly. In short, an excellent family run pub and only 100 yards from Kew Bridge Station
Ed_Blackadder - 22 Jun 2010 16:25
Great pub, nice beer, no loud music, quiz night on Mondays, Good food except on Tuesday as it's the chefs night off, just what a local should be
KBSM - 21 Jun 2010 19:08
A very agreeable old fashioned bar and lounge set up. The Chiswick Bar (though at the Chiswick end of the pub) is more down to earth 'Brentford' while the lounge on this occassion was very 'Chiswick' in it's occupants (I was the only one who paid cash while there). Tried the 'legendary' Bass -which although as probably good as it gets - just isn't the beer it once was. Man behind the bar not as miserable as the warning sign suggested (maybe a good day).
anonymous - 21 Apr 2010 18:20
Like walking into the golden age where pubs were elegant but unpretentious, and served superbly kept ales to the highest calibre of pub-goers. This gem has everything going for it. HIGHLY recommended!
therichieboy - 2 Apr 2010 11:51
Very nice traditional boozer. Three real ales on Batemans Miss Scotland, Youngs Ordinary and Bass - all very good. Good selection of traditional pub grub at decent prices and what I ate was well worth the money. Seems very well run and the Scottish woman behind the bar, the landlady I assume, was very pleasant. I'd highly recommend this place.
Alfnoax - 20 Jan 2010 22:13
Best pub in Brentford - Simple as.
Perfect beer, good atmosphere, no juke box, no slot machines, no drunken youths - Proper local
Keep it up!
rob6 - 10 Jan 2010 17:25
after suggesting this pub for bite way back in 2003 ( god are we still stuck living in London after so long!!!) its still my fav local, good to see its attracting more & more punters, still great service & lovely old time atmosphere & the patio/garden is always where we head on a sunny day.
millym - 14 Dec 2009 13:59
visited last thursday, pub packed the beer was exceptional a guest beer from Traditional Scottish Ales. Staff efficient and friendly, punters also - very impressed for a first visit will definitely return.
boroboy23 - 8 Dec 2009 15:08
I managed to get up early enough to get to this pub before it closed for the afternoon. And it was worth the effort. Iíve not much to add to JohnBonserís review below. When I was in the other day they had the regular ales of Bass and Youngís Bitter on, plus Brainís SA. I had the Brainís which was on excellent form, and at a relatively wallet friendly price of £2.85 a pint. This is a clean, comfortable pub that has probably not changed much in the past 50 years. Itís rightly on the CAMRA inventory of historic pub interiors, because of the numerous original features still in place. Iím not going to describe them in detail Ė go and have a look for yourself.

The menu features some pretty standard pub grub at pretty standard prices (e.g steak & ale pie at £6.95). I didnít eat there so canít comment on the quality. There are only normal tables and chairs in evidence Iím glad to say. The walls are adorned with all manner of artefacts Ė duelling pistols, hunting horns, bisonís horns(!), various prints as well what looks like an original Royal Warrant for something or other. The service was friendly enough and they even had London Drinker available (a very good sign in my book). This is an excellent pub that is definitely worth seeking out (itís not hard to find!) if youíre ever in this neck of the woods.
RexRattus - 20 Oct 2009 20:43
JohnBonser summed it up pretty well below. I'd just add that the two guest ales the wife and I enjoyed were absolutely delicious. One was Hullabaloo, 4.2%, Loddon Brewery, Oxfordshire and I can't recall the other. I need to make regular stops here. Possibly the best real ale option in my area (South Ealing).
on_tap - 15 Aug 2009 19:51
Splendidly traditional family owned free house situated just over the river at the north end of Kew Bridge and close to Kew Bridge Station. This is a pub that I visit every 3 months or so, but, for some inexplicable reason, have not reviewed properly for BITE previously.

It dates back to 1794 and has been in the Aldington family since 1882.

There's 2 bars either side of the central entrance - a public bar on the right as you go in and a larger comfortable traditional saloon bar on the left. The saloon bar has a rather baronial looking room attached, in which are some dark beams and an interesting framed print detailing the pub's history, which is worth looking out for. There's a pleasant garden at the back for summer drinking.

My early evening entrance in to the pub a week or so ago initially seemed to slightly disconcert the young barman - perhaps he thought I was one of the eco - warriors who have recently taken up residence on the barren plot of land over the road ( which is due for development by St Georges incidentally ). Those BITE regulars who have met me will know that I bear no resemblance to Swampy or any other eco-warrior !

The Youngs Bitter and the Bass are always in excellent condition here. They are usually supplemented by either one or two guests - these being Brains and Harviestoun Blonde on my recent visit.

The pub is a CAMRA Good Beer Guide regular.

This is a fine traditional pub, still retaining a slightly old fashioned and austere feel, but it does now appear to be attracting a wider customer mix than Mr Redriley ( posting in Feb 2008 ) experienced.

It's well worth seeking out, but note that it closes in the afternoon during the week ( as Rex below can confirm, having unfortunately found out the hard way !)
JohnBonser - 1 Jul 2009 12:30
Bad news getting here at 3.10PM on a Tuesday - to be told it was closed. Shame - it looks a pretty good pub with some decent ales on offer. Will have to give it another try, by getting my timing right!
RexRattus - 14 Apr 2009 18:27
Well situated especially now that the Plough has been knocked down, its main rival is the Bell and Crown at Strand on the Green. What the Express Tavern lacks in riverside seating it nonetheless has in a pleasant interior and a relaxed feel to it. Proper beer as well.
rainlight - 8 Dec 2008 19:41
Great pint of Bass, simple friendly pub at reasonable prices.
ioesltd - 16 Jul 2008 15:51
My - is'nt jeweller articulate ? (See its other posts!) By the way, jeweller - what is a 'moomin' ?
simwilliams - 1 May 2008 13:00
I have known this pub for something like 35 years, back to the days of R S Aldington and it's still essentially a good pub but on my last visit I felt it was beginning to seem just a tad down at heel. It always used to cater for a more mature clientelle, but nowadays the customers appear positively geriatric. The range of beers also seems rather uninspired in comparison with other genuine free houses. Food is however reasonably cheap.
Redriley - 23 Feb 2008 12:06
I've intended to visit this pub for ages but it doesn't seem to open Saturday lunchtime which is when I'm in the Brentford area before football.

I managed to fit in a first visit before an evening game and I'm glad I did. It's a cracking pub.
Beer is well kept, a warm atmosphere and friendly staff made me glad I'd made the effort. It was good to see the pub being fairly busy with a constant turnover of customers popping in after work.

It's about half a mile away from Griffin Park so I suppose whether it's a 'long walk' or not depends on your perception. There are however a couple of other pubs en route that are worth a visit if you are here for the football.

All in all, a pub to put on your 'must visit'(and return to) when in the area.

danbert - 30 Jan 2008 17:50
I've driven past this pub 1000s of times and never been in. I was car-less after watching footie at Brentford the other day and was pleased to have set foot inside for the first time to see what it was like.

Excellent range of beer at good prices, and friendly staff and customers. Despite all the traffic outside, surprisingly tranquil inside.

Handy for the Kew Bridge Steam musuem if you fancy a post-visit pint. Quite a long walk from Brentford FC - but it's do-able!
Roodeye - 31 Dec 2007 13:50
We've been going to the Express Tavern for a couple of months now as we have recently moved into the area. My wife and I do enjoy our visits here. It is an oasis of calm, particularly when entering from the busy intersection outside on a weekday evening.

We find the beer always good and enjoyed the food when we ordered once. The guest beers change often and are unusual.

The clientel are friendly but not intrusive. The occasional banter can be joined into though if one feels the need. No Chavs in sight. The Express tends to attract an older, dare I say it, more "professional" crowd but that is fine with me as it tends to maintain a higher level of civilization. Many of the regulars seem to enjoy a quiet pint while doing the crossword in the newspaper.

The Gents are always very clean and my wife has said the same of the ladies.

The staff are efficient, particularly "Rosemary" who tends to run a very tight ship, certainly if there is any hint of bad behaviour she is not slow to scold the offending miscreant.

See you there!
ixion - 23 Oct 2007 13:33
Visited this pub for a 2nd time. The beer was decent without being spectacular. Choice of 5 ales of varying strengths although all fell in that increasingly bland "Brown" beer category. Youngs, some Marstons Rugby linked stuff, Bass and a couple of others.

Been nice to see a hoppy golden beer or a genuine pale ale on for variety.

Nonetheless a solid boozer without any fuss. Seemed to be a clientele who kept out of your business and I will be back as General MacArthur once said.
bedfont - 9 Oct 2007 11:46
A classic free house with a range of excellent well kept beers. Youngs Ordinary (known here as PA) and Bass are always on, with two or three guests normally from Northern or Scottish micros and regionals. I've always found service to be good and Liz, the landlady is one of the nicest people around. Beneath Gordon's dour countenance beats a heart of gold. There's a small and immaculately kept garden at the back. Food is available, and, uniquely, crisps and peanuts come with their own little plate. A real gem.
simontheeditor - 9 Jul 2007 09:28
Another very enjoyable visit recently - but yes, Gordon is not the most welcoming chap around. Words such as "Scotsman" and "dour" spring to mind. Do try the Cains Dark Mild if it's on when you visit - the first ever sighting by yours truly of a Cains Beer outside Merseyside
JohnBonser - 29 May 2007 13:37
The Express Tavern has a great beer garden for the summer months; itís just a pity that Iím not a big fan of Dry Blackthorn cider as have to revert to the Stella.

Iím not a bitter drinker, but my work colleagues think that it is excellent. Many a train has been missed from Kew Bridge station.

(I can vouch for the gents, they are always spotless).
Strongers - 23 Apr 2007 14:55
Informed of pub by a friend.Did not disapoint, very good beer and pleasant helpfull staff who knew enough about there beer to advise us what to drink.Tried several ales all pulled well and drank well.(Normaly a dyed in the wool larger lout I can't wait for next visit.)
the_surrey_beer_nomad - 2 Mar 2007 06:56
Worth a visit, traditional boozer full of locals and office workers at lunchtime getting sloshed.
Great for people watching and to see Gordon look at you with utter distaste for invading his pub.

Beer is kept well, although a little pricey.

strutts - 12 Dec 2006 14:48
Little to add to previous comments, except to say that on Sunday I had the best pint of Bedford - brewed Youngs that I've had to date. This pub is still a must on any Kew / Brentford crawl
JohnBonser - 5 Dec 2006 09:52
The exterior doesn't give much away, but this is a real jewel of a pub. The interior is traditional, but that is not used as an excuse for not cleaning...the pub and the ladies were both clean (can't vouch for the gents).

The real ale is excellent as noted by previous posters. Mr Bunting had lager, fiend that he is, and enjoyed that too.

Nice to see a selection of books around a pub as well.

The Scottish woman serving was lovely, but I'm now disappointed we didn't meet Gordon.
Bunting - 31 Oct 2006 14:44
proper pub - good beer, great atmosphere; one of the best in brentford and better than those of the other side of kew bridge
mozzzzzz - 8 Sep 2006 19:10
My posting below looks a bit petulant on reflection, how did I arrive at the conclusion the pub didn't look very appealing when it was locked up? If I am back in the area I will give it a try.
anonymous - 11 Jul 2006 17:23
Pity you didn't come back when it was open, Stonch, it's a classic - I think you'd have liked it. I certainly do
JohnBonser - 10 Jul 2006 10:32
Always closed in the afternoon apparently - certainly was on Saturday afternoon when we tried to pay a visit. Frankly I find that ridiculous - weekdays maybe, but closing on a Saturday is daft. Grim location, and the pub didn't look too appealing anyway.
anonymous - 10 Jul 2006 10:27
Lovely little pub, right opposite Kew Bridge itself. Nice and cool even on a warm day; good ales; plenty of seats; character. 8/10.
Trev - 9 Jul 2006 18:48
Characterful little pub near Kew Bridge and Brentford, which has a changing small range of Real Ales.
beeronaut - 26 Mar 2006 20:17
This pub has character
NorthernBloke - 20 Feb 2006 13:11
Best pint of Stella I've had. every time I go there the beer is always excellent, good and livley, never flat, always ice cold. But it is a bit werid and and the landlord is a bit unwelcoming to say the least. One last thing they do have a great selection of old school pub snacks such as cockels, pork scratchin, bombay mix, crisp and nuts but very bizarrly the are always served with a small plate.
cutch - 18 Aug 2005 12:36
Interesting traditional place with a beer perfectionist landlord -"Life is too short to drink poor quality beer" he said.I couldn't agree more - well worth a visit
mally - 23 Jul 2005 11:42
Was in there one afternoon last December.
Wonderful old school proper pub, even shuts in the afternoon - which is slightly inconvenient yet utterly charming.
2 pro footballers came (1 Arsenal, 1 Man United), the Arsenal player was chatting up the Scottish Landlady. I think she was up for it but it was gone 3pm.

4moses - 13 Jul 2005 15:55
I paid £3.55 for a gin and slimline tonic which I thought a bit excessive (Okay, it was Bombay Sapphire, but we're not exactly in a London club here!!). There's a nice beer garden out the back which is great for the summer. Food's pretty standard and the service can be a bit hit and miss but there aren't many drinkeries in the area so it's always going to popular with locals and office workers.
Amanda_Fuller - 14 Jun 2005 13:26
Marvellously traditional pub close to Kew Bridge station and virtually just over the road from the Waggon and Horses ( Fullers ). The Youngs Ordinary was staggeringly good - Youngs pubs in Richmond, please take note and copy.
There are interesting photos of the pub in times past and details of the pubs history in the inside room through the main bar area.
JohnBonser - 18 Jan 2005 13:24
Couldn't fault it. 4 real ales on tap, the 2 I tasted were in good nick. Good pub grub served 12-2, the hot baguettes were good value at £3.20. Non-smoking area for those eating, and a small bar for those who just want a quiet pint.
Andy - 27 Oct 2004 15:23
My local of choice, this is an excellent pub that always has a good choice of real ales expertly served. I agree with you about the genuine and friendly staff but presume you haven't yet met the landlord! He's a very strange Scot who doesn't agree with people drinking his beer. Other highlights include the usual assortment of bizarre ornaments, a flag and cannon in the garden, a piano and best of all a child (Gordon jnr) who born in the toilets of the pub in a spooky re-enactment of the nativity. Handy for missing trains from Kew Bridge station.
Agnes - 14 Jan 2004 16:08
I had always presumed this was going to be one of those old man pubs where you are made to feel unwelcome the moment you walk througn the door. Not so, in fact the opposite is true. The Scottish lady who served me was very friendly and the predominantly middle aged clientelle thought nothing of a 28 year old oik invading their ranks. The pub itself is immaculate, to an almost disconcerting degree. There was no music playing when I went there and the lights were maybe a tad too bright , but then it was a Wednesday evening. A quality find I hope to return soon.
Good for: starting off a Strand on the Green pub crawl
thenationofjames - 19 Dec 2003 13:22
fantastic old freehouse. has odd opening hours but worth waiting for. its like stepping back in time in the lounge bar, or like visiting an old aunties house. lovely patio/garden out the back. all staff excellent. well worth a visit for something different. or something from a different era.
millym - 26 Jul 2003 21:19

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