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The Express Tavern, Kew Bridge

Has had a major coup with Brentford placing their ground right next to it with the added bonus they are now a Premier league club.Naturally it’s packed on match days but the staff cope very well and although there a large queues at the bar you can be served fairly quickly.You need to book a table if you want to sit down but you can still enter if you simply want to prop up the bar.Good selection of beers but they have been known to run almost dry on a match day

13 Sep 2021 19:38

Princess Royal, Brentford

As of 26/06/2021 the pub is boarded up.Wether it will be demolished along with the Brentford Football ground as the pub is very famously located on the corner along with a pub on the other three corners or wether it is struggling due to covid I do not currently know.All I can say is if it does reopen hopefully it will attract a better class of barstaff and customers as this pub was the pits.At one time it was a half decent place,recently it was the most unwelcoming dive within a 5 mile raduis of Brentford. My last visit resulted in an uncomfortable wait at the bar while the barmaid hunted for her mobile phone in her handbag and by the time she had found it and sent a text a very unfriendly looking goon came to the bar.She clearly knew the goon and served the twonk first whilst laughing despite knowing I had been waiting and the goon had a "I've got a load of mates with me what you going to do about it" look so I vacated the premises and won't return.I obviously won't be able to if it has shut permanantly but that will be no great loss.It will no longer be part of the only football club in the land to have a pub on each corner and if it can't be run properly good riddance to it.

28 Jun 2021 15:39

The Approach Tavern, Bethnal Green

Having walked through a council eastate to get here I was expecting a bit of a rough welcome but as I got near I could hear the posh voices of the Tarquins and Henrittas who frequent the place.Very expensive and has a very upmarket clientell but why not.I would rather see a pub thriving and an area fast improving than a closed or run down dive in a dump.A very pleasant couple of pints and another pub on my list when I do my Cockney pub crawls.

28 Jun 2021 14:21

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