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The Express Tavern, Kew Bridge

Has had a major coup with Brentford placing their ground right next to it with the added bonus they are now a Premier league club.Naturally it’s packed on match days but the staff cope very well and although there a large queues at the bar you can be served fairly quickly.You need to book a table if you want to sit down but you can still enter if you simply want to prop up the bar.Good selection of beers but they have been known to run almost dry on a match day

13 Sep 2021 19:38

Princess Royal, Brentford

As of 26/06/2021 the pub is boarded up.Wether it will be demolished along with the Brentford Football ground as the pub is very famously located on the corner along with a pub on the other three corners or wether it is struggling due to covid I do not currently know.All I can say is if it does reopen hopefully it will attract a better class of barstaff and customers as this pub was the pits.At one time it was a half decent place,recently it was the most unwelcoming dive within a 5 mile raduis of Brentford. My last visit resulted in an uncomfortable wait at the bar while the barmaid hunted for her mobile phone in her handbag and by the time she had found it and sent a text a very unfriendly looking goon came to the bar.She clearly knew the goon and served the twonk first whilst laughing despite knowing I had been waiting and the goon had a "I've got a load of mates with me what you going to do about it" look so I vacated the premises and won't return.I obviously won't be able to if it has shut permanantly but that will be no great loss.It will no longer be part of the only football club in the land to have a pub on each corner and if it can't be run properly good riddance to it.

28 Jun 2021 15:39

The Approach Tavern, Bethnal Green

Having walked through a council eastate to get here I was expecting a bit of a rough welcome but as I got near I could hear the posh voices of the Tarquins and Henrittas who frequent the place.Very expensive and has a very upmarket clientell but why not.I would rather see a pub thriving and an area fast improving than a closed or run down dive in a dump.A very pleasant couple of pints and another pub on my list when I do my Cockney pub crawls.

28 Jun 2021 14:21

Carpenters Arms, Stepney

Another old school type East End pub,pleasant barmaid and down to earth customers.No thrills and there aren't meant to be either.

28 Jun 2021 14:15

The Shakespeare's Head, Soho

The ideal place to go if you want to order ham,egg and chips but don't mind getting fish and chips instead by a couldn't careless barman who simply walks off when you say your order is wrong.

2 Sep 2020 13:46

The Builders Arms, Teddington

Lovely old school back street pub with friendly locals and barstaff.Nothing more to be said!

2 Sep 2020 13:43

The Golden Lion, Weymouth

Always good for live music at the weekend (usually rock/heavy bands) but more or less empty the rest of the week.Good beer and not over priced and despite when a decent band are playing and the place is busy the barstaff are pretty quick to serve you.

24 Mar 2020 13:50

The Sailors Return, Weymouth

Complete prawn of a barman who serves you then makes sarcastic comments.Won't use this dump again.

24 Mar 2020 13:47

The St Johns Tavern, Archway

Compared to the competition within a half mile radius either still in business or shut any pub would seem like a palace but this pub is clearly on a par with the Highgate pubs further up the road.A bit too pretentious for me but if your not a drunken unemployed waster and you either live or are in the area then this is the place to go.

24 Mar 2020 13:43

The Mitre, Richmond

I have visited three times recently,once on a warm Saturday afternoon and twice on Saturday evenings.Each time there were no more than half a dozen people in here,in fact on one occasion only two people were present.It seems people simply stop here for a pint now owing to the prices of beer.What was once a lively locals pub has been ruined by charging £5.70 for a pint of lager.Not one other pub in the area or even the West End chargeds this amount.Looks like we'll be seeing the end of this place soon unfortunately.There is no way you can justify charging even the wealthy residents of Richmond that much for a pint.

23 Dec 2019 11:15

The Bald Faced Stag, East Finchley

Very neat and tidy pub within a stones throw of the tube station.It wasn't busy but then again it wasn't quite five on a Friday evening but it did appear to be a nice place to eat or sit and have a natter over a couple of pints.Not a place to go and enjoy a band or have a lively evening,I think you would get bored in there after a while.It's a simple eating pub which is well run.

21 Nov 2019 15:35

The Shakespeare's Head, Soho

It's always nice to drink in Carnaby Street on a weekend evening and sitting outside this pub watching the world go bar makes it a pleasant experience.
The only downside is typically for this area the bar staff are uninterested tourists simply working from one pub to another between sightseeing.They cannot understand what you want to drink and once they have eventually worked out your order it is usually half measured and badly poured and this causes long ques at the bar whilst things are sorted.
Ok for a brief visit whilst in London but don't expect to get drunk in here as you will spend most of your time at the bar waiting to be served by confused foreign barstaff.

30 Oct 2019 12:26

The Prince Edward, Holloway

Two kindly very old gentlemen seem to run the place which seemed quite brave as the regulars on a Friday night did seem to be the type not to take liberties although doubtless they probably sort out their own battles and won't have trouble "in arr boozer."
I enjoyed my quick pint though,no-one bothered me,the pub was well run and clean and tidy with a good pint of Guinness and it was nice to see a pub in London full of down to earth genuine born and bred Londoners.

30 Oct 2019 10:29

The Landseer, Holloway

Like many areas in London,Holloway is strange in that one pub can be a complete dump and the pub down the road can be completely opposite.
The Landseer is clearly a pub aimed at the posh residents of Holloway and is a clean tidy pub and the clientele match this.
It didn't seem very or busy or lively though,people sat in ones and twos at the bar or at the tables.There were even a couple of ladies sat alone drinking wine,this clearly shows it must be a safe pub to visit.
The only downside were the typically non interested bar staff sadly found in many pubs these days.

30 Oct 2019 10:18

The Old Anchor Inn, Abingdon

Absolutely kicking pub last Friday,full of happy people singing along to the comedy keyboard player and having a whale of a time.Superbly located by the river with friendly barstaff and locals.A fantastic end to my evening.

6 Aug 2019 11:48

The Black Swan, Abingdon

I avoided the place early in the evening as the place did have a lower class of clientele than the rest of Abingdon but in the end I gave it a try.I'm glad I did really because it was a nice traditional pub and the locals were not that bad but given some of the areas I've lived in most areas seem better.Also the big Irish fella behind the bar had clearly seen more rougher people than a few Abingdon chavs who think being on the dole,smoking spliffs and having a few pints while their kids run amok makes them gangsters and wasn't taking any nonsense.
Another one to give a try and ignore previous comments.

6 Aug 2019 11:42

The Blue Boar, Abingdon

Seems to have changed as I've been in here a couple of times over the last two tears and the barstaff always seem very friendly and the customers were happy enough sipping their pints and watching the world go by.I must say it was very quiet for a Friday night but perhaps previous comments have given the pub a reputation.
Give it a try,I did and had a pleasant time.

6 Aug 2019 11:35

The Marquis Of Cornwallis, Bethnal Green

This is a smartly redecorated pub where the barsataff and most of the customers treat you as if they've known you years with friendly smiles and nods.
The toilets are clearly no longer the worst in the E2 area either.
I love London,especially the East End and it's boozers.

20 Jun 2019 14:01

The Salmon and Ball, Bethnal Green

Always seems friendly from both the customers and barstaff.Still attracts the genuine good as gold down to earth born and bred cockneys as opposed to the new style of EastEnders.
Well worth a visit and very handy for the tube.

20 Jun 2019 13:55

The Camel, Bethnal Green

Popped in on a sunday lunchtime and found it friendly,clean and tidy with a good pint of guiness.Nice to see the East End on the up and moving away from it's previous reputation.

6 Jun 2019 13:38

The Railway Tavern, Bethnal Green

Definitely closed down and now a sadly a shop.Never went in here but sad to see another boozer die.

6 Jun 2019 13:36

The Gate Lodge, Golders Green

A very Irish themed pub yet on two separate visits I have encountered every nationality drinking in here bar an Irish person.
On the first occasion I visited on a very wet Saturday evening there were around five locals all sat separately and uttered not a word to each other.There was a friendly American barmaid chatting to one customer and the token North London nutter ranting in the corner.
My second visit on a hot Saturday afternoon encountered around ten men as I entered standing separately and of different nationalities each seemingly sneaking a drink as they had one pint each before hurrying off.Again no one apart from a group of young foreign students chatted.
But I enjoyed my two visits and will call in again,it can't be easy attracting customers in such a very highly populated area of immigration as drinking huge quantities of lager is not as religious to these people as it is to the British people.

30 May 2019 14:05

The Bristol Hotel, Weston Super Mare

Old and traditional but slightly unkept boozer but shut as of 03/05/2019.No idea for how long.

7 May 2019 12:12

The Wentworth Arms, Mile End

That should read long may the traditional East End boozer continue.

26 Mar 2019 13:56

The Wentworth Arms, Mile End

They had karaoke when we went in late sunday afternoon and the largely older crowd all mingled and knew each other.When a few Chas and Dave numbers were played they lifted the roof.A great laugh and long live the traditional East end pub continue.

26 Mar 2019 13:54

The Mother Red Cap, Archway

I love this boozer and it's always on my list when I'm in London
Every post on here is true, it's what you see is what you get.I popped in during the Republic of Ireland match and the clientele consisted of three friendly barmaids,three old time Londoners,a couple of passers by stopping to watch the football, a dozen hardcore Irish drinkers, a couple getting drunk while they're poor son begged for his tea, a nutty woman arguing with herself and another lunatic who stuck his head round the door to inform us all Paul Mcgrath was the best centre back Northern Ireland ever had.He was politely thanked by most of the customers and reminded Mr Mcgrath played for the Republic.
A great pub which always leaves you reluctant to leave and wanting to return.

25 Mar 2019 20:04

The Lion, Archway

Pub is now closed

25 Mar 2019 19:52

The Enkel Arms, Holloway

The barmaid was pretty and friendly but the landlord ignored me.The pub hasn't changed since my last post,still full of the lowest form of humans drinking their lives away.
That said the beer was OK and no one was unfriendly, OK for a quick pint but don't expect any thrills in here.

25 Mar 2019 19:50

The Swimmer at The Grafton Arms, Holloway

A very posh boozer which is surprising for the area.Full of city types on a Saturday evening scoffing posh food and drinking trendy lager.
It's absolutely amazing how this pub and the Enkel 200 yards away attract such different crowds.
A much safer place to visit if your in the area.

25 Mar 2019 19:47

The Bancroft Arms, Stepney Green

The pub they couldn't close down has had a coat of paint and is alive and kicking
The landlady welcomed us like old friends and offered us roast potatoes and chatted away merrily.The locals were friendly and the pub had a good atmosphere.The landlady has been there 25 years and is clearly not the rude lady she has been described in previous posts.Well worth a visit.

25 Mar 2019 19:36

Old Rooms Inn, Weymouth

Nice enough pub for a drink especially on a summers evening but although i'm not usually a moaner I feel i have to comment on the appaling roast dinner I recently experienced there.Cold and hard vegetables,brown water for gravy and the toughest gristliest beef I have ever encountered.Shall still drink there but will have my sunday roast elsewhere.

10 May 2017 11:46

Marine, Ryde

This place had clearly had a quick coat of paint to smarten the place up for the scooter rally and bringing in a northern soul DJ to attract the crowds.I didn't have a chance to get a drink because the sound system was so tinny I and most others had to vacate the place after a couple of minutes.What a racket!! Sort that out Mr and Mrs Managers and you may have a few more punters next year.My ears are still ringing now.

1 Sep 2015 14:32

The Thimble Inn, Piddlehinton

Very nice friendly landlady who gave a friendly welcome to the 20 of us "Mods" who made a suprise visit to her establishment and startled the locals.Sorry we shot off before you got your camera out.We didn't eat but found the beer and soft drinks reasonably priced and enjoyed our evening.

24 Apr 2015 13:26

The George, Staines

Next time I am in Staines I shall go to The George and give Arsenal fan my order and he will order me steak and chips and a pint of larger and I will drink the beer and eat the chips and the steak and tell him to stop freaking out the bar staff.

28 Jan 2015 14:46

The Duke of Cornwall, Weymouth

Only busy when a decent band is on otherwise it's dead and you get stuck listening to Bernie the manageress slating the woman who owns it claiming she is the reason no customers are in.

23 Sep 2008 20:35

The Blind Beggar, Whitechapel

Was in here last sunday,no complaints about the beer, staff or the customers.
One thing though-off the wagon please brush up on your history of the east end,i have never read so much tosh in my life.

26 Aug 2008 18:41

The Bell Hanger, Chepstow

As with Misterx I am no big fan of this chain but this was a very nice pub.
I made three visits here last week,for a morning coffee,early evening meal and a beer in the evening,(no pun intended)and have no complaints at all.Even when I had to wait a few minutes to be served due to a load of pensioners dithering at the bar I was continuosly acknowledged by the polite bar staff.Maybe this could be a training centre for wetherspoons staff.

14 Jun 2008 12:13

The Coal Hole, Strand

Very nice little pub,very busy and clean.Only one small gripe as with a previous comment,the real ales were mostly off and the labels had not been turned round.Obviously I then had to call my friends back over to reselect their choice of ale.When we returned the next afternoon the situation was the same.Would still go back though.

28 Oct 2007 20:10

Rendezvous, Weymouth

Have eaten here a couple of times,takes ages to have the table cleaned and the food someone had tipped on the floor remained there until the manager ordered one of the bar staff who had been stepping over it for 20 minutes to clean it.My chicken was frozen in the middle,not exactly how it should be cooked in my opinion.Typical couldn't care less attitude bar staff.

20 Jan 2007 21:40

The Nothe Tavern, Weymouth

Walked all the way up to this place from the kings statue the other afternoon and it was closed,at ten to four!

20 Jan 2007 21:33

The Edinburgh House Of Sounds, Weymouth

This pub is a laugh a minute,always busy with real older characters.

3 Jun 2006 23:05

The Exhibition, Dorchester

Maybe very hard too get a drink in this pub as it closed about four years ago.

3 Jun 2006 21:11

The Royal Standard, Upwey

Must be the smallest pub in Dorset,everybody stared when i walked in but no unpleasantness.A total locals pub but not suprising owing to it's location.Ideal for a quiet pint or chat with the friendly locals but not for a romantic liason as it's impossible to have a conversation without being heard owing to the size of the pub.

3 Jun 2006 21:07

The Market House, Weymouth

Lovely pub,friendly staff and good beer.Nice to see scooterings alive and well thanks to this place.Makes you feel you've walked into a time warp with all the 60's memorabilia.My favourite pub in Weymouth.It's up for sale so get there quick before the planners turn it into a wine bar or flats.

3 Jun 2006 20:38

The New Inn, Upwey

Totally agree with Britrose,new landlady seems to have a phobia about serving and bar staff more interested in chatting to mates than serving.Had to wait 20 mins to get a pint,good job it's open till 2am!Has gone down hill rapidly in last few weeks.Also seem to have no more live music.No where else local around here so I suppose they can get away with a bad attitude.

3 Jun 2006 20:29

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