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Username: thenationofjames

Age: 47

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Pavilhão Chinês Bar, Lisbon

You have to ring a bell to be let in here, and on doing so you will be greeted by a man in a smart red coat. You will then be shown to a table of your choosing, presented with a drinks menu and served accordingly. You will then marvel at the wealth of memorabilia filling the glass cabinets that line the walls and observe that most of its contents is war related. When you are done you will receive a bill of higher value than you might be used to in Lisbon but you will understand why. A must for anyone visiting the Portuguese capital.
Good for: feeling like one is made of old money - 9/10.

8 Jan 2008 16:09

The Prince Albert, Brighton

It takes a town like Brighton to pull of a pub like this - not enough seating, an apparent disregard for interior design of any discription and the facade of a south coast B & B (that last observation is in no way perjorative). But it all works and does so in spades. I don't why or how but it just does.
Good for: I've drunk here in Winter and Spring but I imagine it is summer where the place really comes into its own - 7/10.

8 Jan 2008 16:03

The George And Dragon, Acton

There aren't many pubs around these days blessed with an infrastructure like this, and even fewer that haven't then gone and kitted such a brilliant space out in pale paint and Ikea furniture. Yet this isn't merely some old man's boozer; there's room enough for all. The space out back offers respite from the wooden panelling should one need, and offers top notch sound and vision by way of a quality duke box and a rather eccentric mural.
Good for: Right now - get yourself down there before the clocks go back and the weather warms up - 8/10.

8 Jan 2008 15:56

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