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The Helter Skelter, Frodsham

I visit The Helter Skelter often. Great pub, ale quality is top-notch, staff friendly. The food is excellent, my favourite dish here is the rarebit. A rich cheese sauce with a touch of mustard, on top of bacon, on top of toast, with proper home-made chips and a small side-salad. My main reason for calling in here is still the beer, so once again top marks for quality.
Called in Kass 22 across the road - they were selling a couple of beers in the modern style, deliberately cloudy. Awful, you can taste the cloudiness as a dryish feel on the tongue and teeth. Tried a pint of somethiun else, very bland, left half of it and went back to the Helter Skelter. Best pub in Frodsham.

19 Feb 2017 14:14

The Wickstead Arms, Nantwich

Called in here on Saturday 26th November, as part of what turned out to be a 6-pub crawl around Nantwich.
Friendly staff, good atmosphere, football on the tv but sound off, strange but very welcome!! Had the best pint of the day, Titanic Plum Porter. I have had this ale in many places and it has become a good yardstick by which to assess the pub. It tied for first place with The Dispensary in Liverpool for best plum porter in the last two years. A great way to finish our day out.

4 Dec 2016 20:54

White Horse, Nantwich

Called in here last weekend (26th November) as part of a crawl around Nantwich. Large place, sport-orientated, but a good selection of ales and friendly staff. One of the ales didn't have much information on the pump clip, and when asked for further details the young lad who served us found out a bit more for us.
Good ale, good service.

4 Dec 2016 20:50

Railway Hotel, Nantwich

Called in here last week after getting of the train, as the first stop in a pub crawl around Nantwich. Only Theaksons Best Bitter available on handpump, I hadn't had that for years, it was remarkably crystal-clear beer, served by a very friendly landlord. Tasted fine but it's one of the "Bland Brands".
Nice clean pub.

4 Dec 2016 20:47

Brunswick Hotel, Crewe

Went looking for a good pub near the station in Crewe last weekend as I had some time to spare because the trains were running late; up and down a desolate Nantwich Road but none to be seen.
Called in here. Dark interior, beer just about drinkable. Crewe used to have some good pubs but sadly no longer it would seem.
The only things missing from Nantwich Road are tumbleweed and the sound of howling coyotes in the distance.

4 Dec 2016 20:40

9 Gallon, Warrington

When The 9 Gallon first opened it was a welcome addition to Warrington's Real Ale pubs. However it has gone downhill. The beer quality varies between average and terrible. Frequently, ales are cloudy; sometimes a little, sometimes obviously undrinkable but still being sold. The ale quality used to be ok - what has changed, I don't know. A great disappointment after a promising start. Staff are great, ale awful.

5 Nov 2016 18:55

Piccadilly Tap, Manchester

Made my first visit to The Tap on Wednesday, 28th October 2015, to meet up with friends arriving by train.
When I arrived at just after 1 p.m., very few people meant that the atmosphere was a bit lacking.
The place seems to me to be a bit like a cross between a 1960's coffee shop and a school canteen. Good real ale selection, listed clearly on the blackboard, but served too cold for my taste.
A handy place to meet peopleoff the train, but I wouldn't be tempted to call in otherwise.

31 Oct 2015 19:04

The Halfway House, Edinburgh

Another visit to The Halfway House, this time Saturday 6th June at about 5:30.
Same cosy, friendly place, busier this time, so even more of a good atmosphere - literally as well as figuratively, as the aroma of fresh food was wafting in from the kitchen. Almost like being at home! Very good quality ale. Had a pint of Broughton Dark Dunster, and a pint of A Tsealac Kildonnan.
Then over the way to Waverly and the train home, very satisified with another day out in Edinburgh.

7 Jun 2015 09:50

The Blue Blazer, Edinburgh

Well, here we go again - another day out in Edinburgh, and another visit to The Blazer.
Plenty of people in on a Saturday afternoon (6th June) - good atmosphere. What I particularly liked about this visit was that although lots of people were being served at the bar, the friendly barmaid was aware of whose turn it was next, and asked for our order while just finishing off someone else's. A great way to run a well-attended pub, being attentive to customers. See you again on my next visit!

7 Jun 2015 09:40

The Hanging Bat, Edinburgh

I have been in The Hanging Bat twice, on each occasion I was in Edinburgh on a day out from Cheshire.
The Bat seems to be aimed mainly at the younger end of the market, however it's a modern, clean place with friendly staff and good quality real ale, as well as a range of Craft beers. Serves in two-thirds of a pint measures.
I had two glasses of Pilot Mochaccino Coffee Milk Stout, 5.5% abv. The name says it all, a rich dark full-flavoured slightly sweet stout with strong overtones of coffee.
As I said, my second visit to The Bat - and certainly not the last.

7 Jun 2015 09:30

Thomson's, Edinburgh

Called in here on Saturday 14th March as part of a day out to Edinburgh from Cheshire - our second such visit in 5 months.
Navigated using the Good Beer Guide and found Thomson's.

Good range of ales, had a very nice pint of Anarchy Blonde Star (3.9%). I like the layout as it's one moderately sized room, with lots of people in creating a good atmosphere. A friendly hello from the staff when we arrived, and an equally friendly goodbye as we said thanks and left for our next pub stop.
Put this on your list of pubs to visit in Edinburgh.

15 Mar 2015 10:56

The Haymarket Bar, Edinburgh

Called in here Saturday March 14th as part of a day trip to Edinburgh from Cheshire.
I agree with the previous two reviewers, and I can only add that the points they have made add up to The Haymarket having a friendly warm atmosphere. Had a nice pint of Stewart's 80/-, "a classic Scottish Heavy" according to the pump clip - spot on. Malty and slightly sweet, very drinkable.
Good range of beers too.

15 Mar 2015 10:34

The Blue Blazer, Edinburgh

Called in here again on Saturday March 14th, another day trip to Edinburgh from Cheshire.
Pub was just the same except with more people in this time - even better atmosphere, ale quality excellent. Recommended.

15 Mar 2015 10:29

The Beer Emporium, Sandbach

Martinsh; no, of course it isn't the best pub in the country - if I ever find a "10" then I'll be moving house unless it's near enough to where I live! Also, to score 10 they have to be giving their beer away for free....
I just wanted to raise the average rating, then if anyone browses the entries for Sandbach, they won't dismiss it out-of-hand for having a low score.
As you say, it's much better than a "4" and deserves at least one visit, even if the emphasis on bottled beer isn't everyone's idea of a good time.
I think the current overall rating is ok at 7. For this message, I have selected "don't know" which I assume will keep the score the same.

11 Mar 2015 14:51

The Beer Emporium, Sandbach

Three of us called in The Beer Emporium on 2nd March, 2015. An excellent and varied collection of bottled beers, as well as four hand-pulled beers on the short front-end of the bar as you enter.
Owner Steve himself was behind the bar, he is a very friendly and knowledgeable chap, exactly the sort of person you'd want to be in any bar or pub which you visit. He will also pour bottle-conditioned beers for you if you're a bit out of practice. A few locals called in as well, just as friendly and made for a relaxed atmosphere.
An excellent and varied selection of beers, we took turns to select three bottles, and then pass them around between us to maximise our beer-sampling experience.
We enjoyed the three hours or so we spent there, will definitely go back again, it's too good to miss.
Very highly recommended.
Just one thing about the page for this pub - it's rated at 5.5 out of 10 by two reviewers before me - could only find one review giving 7 out of 10.

3 Mar 2015 10:47

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

Called in The Baltic 22/11/14. I hadn't been in for a good while, and I think they have made good use of the available space by moving the bar to its new place along the centre wall, and putting in a new door where the bar used to be, at the "blunt" end of the building.
Had a pint of Wapping 80/- followed by Wapping Summer Ale - both excellent.
Good, friendly service.
Speaking as a rail user, it's a bit of a walk across the city centre from Lime Street, but worth it.
On the way back, there's The Bridewell and The Hub so it's not as if it's a long way just for one pub.

23 Nov 2014 13:16

The Guildford Arms, Edinburgh

Made a day trip to Edinburgh from Cheshire, 3 hour train journey, well worth it.
Visited 6 pubs in all, called in here before catching the train back, only a few minutes walk from Waverley - we planned it that way so we wouldn't have to rush, which is unusually sensible for a pub-crawl day out!!
Excellent pint of Brass Castle Hazelnut Mild - rich, smooth, the correct degree of sweetness for a mild, full of flavour, including vanilla - almost like chocolate ice cream in a glass.
Pub great, good surroundings, good staff, good ale.
Based on our day out, a characteristic of Edinburgh's real ale pubs seems to be knowledgeable, helpful and genuinely friendly staff. (As opposed to the over-rehearsed, soulless chumminess of some pubs I have visited in other towns and cities).
Looking forward to another trip to Edinburgh before too long.

5 Oct 2014 12:46

The Blue Blazer, Edinburgh

Made a day trip to Edinburgh from Cheshire, 3 hour train journey, well worth it.
Called in here for the last of our six pub visits on the day, basic unpretentious boozer. Ale quality excellent, had a pint of Allendale Mosaic.
Only about a dozen people in, but the atmosphere was typical of a proper pub, friendly staff too.

5 Oct 2014 12:33

Cloisters Bar, Edinburgh

Made a day trip to Edinburgh from Cheshire, 3 hour train journey, well worth it. Visited six pubs altogether, this being the fifth.
The layout and decor were conducive to a very relaxed atmosphere. Friendly staff (a characteristic of Edinburgh real ale pubs based on today's visit) and the manager made an appearance, we chatted about our day out and he was genuinely interested in our feedback about his place and other places we had called in.
Ale was good quality, had a great pint of Tyne Bank Green Hop.

5 Oct 2014 12:24

The Bow Bar, Edinburgh

Made a day trip to Edinburgh from Cheshire, 3 hour train journey, well worth it.
Staff consisted of a couple of Aussie lads, very knowledgable about beer - a couple of people who arrived after us weren't sure about what exact style of beer they wanted, and the lad who served them gave a quick description of each draught ale and the bottles they had in stock - they did their job well, to the evident approval of the customers. Good bar staff seems to be a characteristic of Edinburgh real ale pubs.
An enjoyable visit, and no sign of anyone in blue woad looking for englishmen!!!

5 Oct 2014 12:18

Deacon Brodies, Edinburgh

Made a day trip to Edinburgh from Cheshire, 3 hour train journey, well worth it.
Deacon Brodie's was full but atmospheric. Excellent surroundings, I see from other reviews that it has been restored, but it has been very well done in a traditional style.
No trouble getting served by the friendly staff (a characteristic of all the 6 pubs we visited in Edinburgh that day) had an excellent pint of Harviestoun Bitter & Twisted. Recommended.

5 Oct 2014 12:13

The Halfway House, Edinburgh

Made a day trip to Edinburgh from Cheshire, 3 hour train journey, well worth it.
Halfway House recommended. Small traditional pub, we arrived just after opening time (11a.m.) so only about half-a-dozen people in, but still a good atmosphere. The beer was excellent (had two pints of Strathbraan Look West), the chap behind the bar was friendly and welcoming, and just as friendly as we said farewell to continue our pub tour of Edinburgh.

5 Oct 2014 12:08

Wheatsheaf, Shrewsbury

Nice local-style pub. Worth the short walk across the bridge to sit and relax in the beer-garden with a very nice pint of Three Tuns XXX.
The landlady (I think she was, anyway) was friendly and welcoming, and while we were supping outside, a few more locals appeared. We went back in to return our glasses when we left and said a quick "thank-you", and the locals said "Cheers lads" as we left - always an encouraging sign and we will return on our next visit to Shrewsbury.

7 Sep 2014 10:30

The Coach and Horses, Shrewsbury

I live up in the northern part of Cheshire, but I have called in to The Coach & Horses many times over the last 15 years or so. It never changes - good ale, friendly staff, and a good atmosphere created by the locals. The rugby union was being show on the pull-down screen, but not at all noisy or intrusive, we were in a small area adjoining the main room, got talking to a couple of local chaps, a very humorous and friendly conversation.
Recommended, along with The Benbow which, as described below by lezford will take about 10 seconds to reach.

7 Sep 2014 10:13

The Admiral Benbow, Shrewsbury

I called in here as part of a day out in Shrewsbury. I hadn't been in for a few years but it was the same as my previous visit, friendly staff, traditional surroundings, and a very relaxing, pleasant beer garden, all of which created a very good atmosphere in which to enjoy the equally fine, well-kept ale.

7 Sep 2014 10:05

The Albert Hotel, Shrewsbury

Celled in here to meet a friend yesterday, 7th September. Idea was to have a drink before taking a bus from the bus station opposite. Called in about 11:00 a.m. .
When we first walked in, we couldn't see any handpumps, only fonts. Nearly left straight away until we noticed two handpumps tucked away at the left-hand side of the bar.
Had a pint of Sharp's Doom Bar - excellent quality, the young lady behind the bar was friendly and pleasant.
I would call in again, but not in the evening - with the new name and judging by the appearance one or two people who came in after we did, this place is obviously aimed at the youth sector of the market.
Would be worth calling in under similar circumstances - early doors - to have a decent pint before proceeding to other pubs in Shrewsbury.

7 Sep 2014 09:57

The Sun Hotel and Bar, Lancaster

Called in here yesterday (27th June). In fact, I called in twice, once just after Noon when it was quiet, and again at the end of my day out in Lancaster (taking in The Borough, The John o'Gaunt, and The Water Witch) as my last call before catching the train home, when it was fairly busy (about 6 p.m.) . On each occasion it was a very enjoyable visit, ale very good, staff very friendly, pub very clean.
Despite there being lots of people in on my second visit, I found a seat, ordered some food; I was served quickly and I enjoyed a bit of friendly banter with the young lass who served me - who had a good sense of humour and wasn't just being nice to accomodate a customer.
Food was good (fish & chips) but a bit expensive, however it was prepared on the premises and of good quality - this basic traditional dish is often ruined in some pubs, with the use of excessive oil or fat, but this was very well prepared with proper thick-cut chips and a ball of peas encased in a light, crispy batter. Unusual but tasty. It also came with a small jar of a light version of chip-shop curry sauce which was just right, not too strong. The meal set me up very nicely for my journey home. I would recommend a visit, next time I think I'll have my dinner here too (or lunch if you want to be posh, but I'm from Lancashire originally and it's dinner!!)

28 Jun 2014 09:07

The Water Witch, Lancaster

Called in here yesterday (27th June) as part of a day out in Lancaster. Good choice of ale, but far too expensive. 2 pints of Coniston Special Oatmeal Stout, very nice ale but cost £7.70 - £3.85 per pint!!
Unless of course this is just what they charge the tourists, but as it goes through the electronic till, then it must be the regular price.
Perhaps it's their canalside position which has a high poll tax, or maybe it's to keep the rabble out, but unfortunately it will keep me out too.

28 Jun 2014 08:43

The Borough, Lancaster

Called in The Borough yesterday (27th June) and enjoyed their three own-brewed ales. The place is a sort of cross between a pub and a gentleman's club, although the clientele seemed to be quite varied across both age and gender.
Good quality ale, I especially liked the Pale, a superb pale ale with nicely balanced hops and malt. Not too hoppy, a very nice change from the modern trend for making excessively hoppy beers, this one was spot-on.

28 Jun 2014 08:36

The Inn Beer Shop, Southport

Called in here yesterday, 2nd May 2014. I agree with other comments that more space would be better, however we were greeted by friendly and informative staff, and a huge range of beers from Belgium and Germany. As it was early in the day and our first port of call, we sensibly tried a draught real ale first, which was Southport Brewery Carousel (4.0%). I followed that with a Duchesse de Bourgogne, a flemish sour beer; this style doesn't appeal to everyone but to me it's a great belgian ale. As we were among the first visitors on the day, we sat at the back on very comfortable seats, and left just as the place was filling up a little more during the later part of lunchtime. Will definitely be back, bringing one or two other friends who haven't been here yet, they will appreciate it as they are frequent visitors to Belgium and this beer shop/bar reflects the style and relaxed atmosphere of Belgian bars.

3 May 2014 09:34

The Lower Angel, Warrington

Classic pub.
Excellent quality ales, the beer menu is always a good mixture of the ubiquitous pale/hoppy beers and darker beers, including their own brews.
I agree with other reviewers that this is the best in town, the reason for me being that it has the qualities I like to find - conversation, (music in other bar isn't intrusive) great staff, and whenever I call in there's always someone I know, although that isn't surprising as I've been going in here for about 25 years!!

3 Apr 2014 21:06

Brewery Tap, Lymm

Since my first review (27th January) I have been back here twice more, each time with a different set of friends. All were very impressed!
In one group there was someone who is originally from Warrington but now lives in the Republic Of Ireland, he considered it well worth the visit while here for the weekend for the rugby.
The second group was a couple of mates from Wirral, again they considered it to be time well spent in the pursuit of good quality ale.
Next visit already in the diary.

3 Apr 2014 20:50

Richard John Blackler, Liverpool

Called in here today (Friday 21st February 2014). Person who served us had to "get a beer turned back on", in spite of pump clip being displayed. Asked for a half of one beer, and then another half of a different beer - person serving had a quick whinge about not ordering halves at same time so she could "get the glasses together at the same time" - she had to walk all of six feet there and back to get another glass. I have been in Wetherspoons in various places but this one in Liverpool is an ignorant shambles, they seem to know nothing about basic customer service - i.e. politeness!! I'll give it a 1 for being open. Sorry, best I can do. I'm sure the Richard John Blackler can do better. Shouldn't be hard...!!

21 Feb 2014 21:11

Telfords Warehouse, Chester

Visited Telford's on Saturday 8th February. Never been before, went primarily to see a band. Great venue, beer very good for both variety and quality. Very very busy, 5 deep at the bar for most of the evening, but if you wait your turn then it doesn't take long, the staff were very efficient and even better, very friendly. I plan to come again sometime midweek or earlier at the weekend, when i expect it won't be quite as crowded.

9 Feb 2014 19:00

Brewery Tap, Lymm

Recent conversion of an old Post Office, tucked away in a side street opposite the Spread Eagle Hotel.
Looks like a small shop from the outside, and the interior is tastefully decorated in a modern style - nothing like a traditional pub, it's more like drinking in your front room, but still cosy and very warm on the day we visited, (Saturday 25th January 2014) thanks to the wood fire stove-heater which was very welcome due to the pouring rain and howling gale outside!
Comfortable seats, very clean, staff and locals friendly. Appears to be dog-friendly and child-friendly. Some background music but not noisy.
Toilets exemplary.
Beers excellent, a selection of Dunham Massey and Lymm Brewery. Dunham Dark (Mild, 3.8%, nice subtle roast flavour) and Dunham Porter (5.2%, full-bodies and warmingroasted cocoa flavour) particularly nice; the Lymm Bitter (3.8%, smooth and amber) and Little Bollington (3.7%, slightly dryer refreshing bitter) were also good. The keywords for me to describe the beers are smooth and flavoursome .
Beer range varies, but all from Dunham / Lymm.
A couple of hours very well spent; as I live in Warrington, only 20-odd mins away by Warrington Corporation No 5 bus, I will definitely be back.

27 Jan 2014 17:57

The Swan Inn, Liverpool

I've been in The Swan many times, although less frequently as the years go by. The key word is inconsistent.
Sometimes I think it's a great boozer, good ale and the best juke box anywhere I've been, the next visit I get poor quality ale and indifferent service. The juke box is the only constant, but it's not enough to stop me going elsewhere.
Liverpool is blessed with real ale pubs, so plenty of alternatives.

6 Sep 2013 20:32

The Grapes, Liverpool

Been here a couple of times earlier this year in April and May on weekday evenings, beer very good quality (especially the Liverpool Organic brews) and friendly staff.
Called here last weekend (Saturday 27th July) at 5:45 - it was closed. A couple of locals were outside looking puzzled, I gather it's supposed to be open from 3:30 on Saturdays. Fortunately for us, Ye Cracke, The Pilgrim, The Roscoe Head and The Dispensary are all within strolling distance so we went there instead. A pity to have missed what I was hoping would be a regular addition to our pub list at that end of Liverpool, a nice cluster of ale-houses as mentioned.

4 Aug 2013 11:40

The Carlton Tavern, Handbridge

Paid my first ever visit to The Carlton yesterday (2nd Feb) for their beer festival. A temporary bar was set up for the festival ales, as well as the ones available on the main bar. Good atmosphere, friendly staff, who didn't mind flitting between the temporary bar and the main bar for our drinks orders. Spent a few hours there and watched the Rugby as well, an afternoon well spent. Will go back on my next visit to Chester to see what it's like on a non-festival day.

3 Feb 2013 13:38

The Peveril Of The Peak, Castlefield

Called in here on Wednesday 11th January as we were going to the Bridgewater Hall for a concert. I would like to see the Peveril stay open as it has genuine character in a world of manufactured "plastic" image, but at 3.20 a pint for a low gravity beer, I think will price itself out. The going rate for a city-centre pub seems to be about 3.00 for "session" beers.

13 Jan 2012 07:50

The Wellington, Sheffield

A few friends and I, who live near Liverpool, called in here in November and we came back over on December 29th for another crack at this superb traditional ale-house. Spoilt for choice ale-wise, I went for the Ale Cart and was served with a top-notch hoppy fresh ale. Landlord is a very nice man, I hope to be back fairly soon in 2012.
A trip out from the station on the tram gets us to The Wellington, the Kelham Island pubs and The Gardener's Rest. Always a great day out in Sheffield, great drinking territory and The Wellington is one of the best pubs anywhere, let alone Sheffield. I give it a 9, if they moved it nearer to where I live it would be a 10...

30 Dec 2011 15:09

The Lower Angel, Warrington

The Lower Angel is going from strength to strength. As reported elsewhere on this page, there has been a continuation of traditional pub values and service since the new manager took over. Ale quality is excellent, almost always a new beer or three to try and also some returning favourites. Also their new microbrewery is about to open under the name of Tipsy Angel. Well Done Andy, Andy, and Aidan, and all the staff.

20 Jan 2011 13:01

The Lower Angel, Warrington

I first posted comments about The Lower a while ago, since which time there has been a change of management, yet complete continuity in the atmosphere and beer quality in this classic town-centre pub.
Friendly staff and clientele, beer quality top-notch, always plenty of people in there nowadays, in contrast to a few years ago when closure was forced upon the place. Very good to see The Lower thriving in these difficult times.
Why aren't we more proud of our brewing and pub heritage? This is an example of what a pub ought to be!
When in Warrington, this goes on the "must visit" list.

4 Jan 2010 11:34

The Lower Angel, Warrington

As a frequent visitor to The Lower, I was sad to see it close in July 2007, but extremely pleased to see it re-open in late 2008, in time for Xmas.
A classic pub, with well-kept beer, which we should be proud of, and well done to the new manager, Carsten/Karsten (not sure of the spelling!) and staff.
It's nice to see the The Lower now has a regular and more plentiful clientelle once again.
I really can't understand why we aren't as proud of our brewing industry and pubs, as the germans are of theirs, and the french are of their wines.
As I say, I frequent the Lower so call me biassed if you like, but it gets a 9 from me for tradition and quality.

13 Feb 2009 13:58

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