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The Kings Arms, Tring

A change of ownership at the start of 2014, has seen this near legendary Tring boozer take a step forward in its cask beer offering.

Gone is the permanent Wadsworth 6X, to be replaced by Tring Brewery's Moongazing. Four other constantly rotating real ales compliment the house hand pull and these are chosen cleverly with variety in mind. A real cask cider completes the line up.

The beer is definitely as well kept by the new landlord, Rob, but dare I say that the variety on the bar is somewhat better than before.

I haven't tried the food but reportedly it's very good too.

No need to change my 10/10 rating.

5 May 2014 17:25

't Brugs Beertje, Bruges

Name that bar steppedup! (see below)

I've been in a fair few of the bars in Bruges and on my last visit I was inexorably drawn back here.

It hasn't got the biggest beer selection or the nicest toilets (if you're spending enough time in them to be able to form a strong opinion you are either suffering from a gastric complaint or a pervert) in town, but it just all works

I've not experienced a lack of atmosphere at all, just great beer and even better conversation. Look out for my new found chum, "Black Beauty" on his stool by the bar. One of the regulars; pony tail, facial hair and wicked sense of humour!

I could spend the all day in this place, so it's the only bar I've ever given a 10 on BITE.

27 Mar 2013 20:01

The Rake, London Bridge

Had a couple of visits to The Rake last week and I had a different experience to the last poster.

I had a good chat about the merits of Sheffield for a beer tour with the older guy behind the bar and the two younger lads were really happy to chat about the beers and make recommendations for my next drink based on my preferences. Perhaps they respond better to a more chatty approach?

4 Feb 2013 13:36

The Russell Arms, Butlers Cross

After a trip to newly opened Malt Brewery in Prestwood, I popped in here with some pals on the Friday after Christmas.

Owned by Butlers Cross residents (I believe) and run by the people from No 2 Pound Street Deli in Wendover, I would recommend this pub very highly.

It was busy, but the lad behind the bar found time to chat to us about the cask and keg beer that he was serving. This place prides itself on providing local ales and there can't be many better locations than mid-Bucks for choice.

Beers from Rebellion and Chiltern were well kept and served. Beers from the 10 week old Malt Brewery had been on the bar as well. We were offered samples of the beers before we had a chance to ask for them; great service. Further tasters of their Dark Lager and a cask beer from the cellar that was ready, but not on sale yet were brought to the table by the very affable chap behind the bar.

We ordered from the bar menu and it's fair to say the light meals we had were excellent.

Dog friendly and very popular with walkers, The Russell Arms is a cosy bolt hole from the Ridgeway Path or Coombe Hill.

All in all, very nice indeed and it won't be long before I'm back in there.

2 Jan 2013 14:12

The Rising Sun, Berkhamsted

Your two comments on this place are poles apart Ernie. Had a bad experience in there recently?

20 Nov 2012 13:14

The White Horse, Parsons Green

Finally paid a visit to The White Horse courtesy of my mate Max and a free ticket to Stamford Bridge.

As expected the cask ale roster was impressive, with Harveys Best and Oakham (JHB?) as the regular 2. Another 5 or 6 hand pumps were working with London Fields and Bristol amongst the represented brewers.

There is also a great range of keg beer as well ranging from the familiar house lager, Veltins, all the way through to beers from relatively obscure Italian craft brewery Brewfist.

It looked like they also have a good range of Belgian bottles as well - All of the Rochefort trio plus other Trappist and Abbey beers.

There is not as much choice on the bar perhaps as somewhere like The Euston Tap or Craft Beer Co., but The White Horse has something those other beer shrines don't have. That is that its a bloody good, honest to goodness, pub. A boozer, a local, a watering hole; a place where you are immediately comfortable because you've been somewhere like it before.

Add to that a great location, superb outside seating area and excellent service, this place is a winner.

Prices as expected 3.30 and up for cask, a bit more for standard keg and 4.50 plus for a half of some of the more unusual/extreme crafty keg offerings. Standard.

I can't think of anything bad to say about The White Horse apart from it's in Parsons Green and I'm near Aylesbury!

PS Pre-match burger for a fiver from the BBQ run by the pub outside is good too.

7 Nov 2012 13:53

The Sportsman, Croxley Green

Always great beer in this deserved award winning drinking joint. Usually a pretty eclectic selection on the bar - Sharps Hayle Bay Honey IPA for example, a limited edition beer from Cornwall and beautifully kept and served at The Sportsman.

No frills is a good way of describing the place in fairness.

Quite a few of the reviews below, both good and bad, are from people who joined BITE just to post about this pub and they have not posted anything else since the day they joined... Just saying.

Gets an 8 for the beer alone.

15 Oct 2012 14:08

The Feathers Public House and Kitchen, Rickmansworth

3.90 for a pint of cask ale now. It's a nice place and I'll keep going back because it's convenient for work, but that is a stiff price by even Central London standards.

21 Sep 2012 17:29

The Old Fisherman, Shabbington

I always find it useful when a glowing review is posted, to look at the date the reviewer joined BITE and how many reviews they've made. Just saying.

1 Sep 2012 10:08

The Duck In, Aston Clinton

On a recent visit they had a well chosen and nicely cellared guest beer from Otley.

Still not much of a boozer though

1 May 2012 14:23

The Feathers Public House and Kitchen, Rickmansworth

How do prices compare between the two co-owned pubs as you've reviewed them both LFHF?

I like The Feathers, I really do. But they charge ever such a lot for their beer.

1 May 2012 14:19

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

Now a Fullers house, giving the Chiswick giants 3 pubs in the town.

Haven't been in since the change in hands, but despite Marston's beer not being my favourite this does limit the choice of real ales in Wendover.

I'm sure Fullers will do an OK job of running the place.

3 Feb 2012 13:55

The King and Queen, Wendover

Hence the nom de plume, Pick e Tippler! ;0)

29 Nov 2011 17:31

The Farmer's Bar, Aylesbury

Blimey Mr Wenger! You're a hard task master. 4 real ales on at once, puts a pub towards the top of my estimation. I completely agree with you about the atmosphere in the bar though; very sedate. This does have the affect of keeping the pub free for a somewhat more mature crowd.

6 Nov 2011 18:41

The Grand Junction Arms, Bulbourne

Food wise, about as far away from a Chef and Brewer as you can get! It isn't decorated in a traditional pub style, but the term "yuppy" is disparaging, so I would probably describe it as "that gastro pub look". We all know what that means, right?

The comment about the attractiveness of the part of the canal the pub sits on puzzles me a little. Yes, there is an old and slightly dishevelled boat maintenance yard opposite the garden, but this is intriguing (idiosyncratic?) and adds interest in my opinion. Plenty of walkers use this part of the canal, so judge on the attractiveness of the canalside location for yourselves.

As you will see if you read down a bit, the landlord here is a friend of mine since childhood, so naturally I'm biased. I can also see at first hand how hard the team work in the pub, so they deserve credit for the food and drink where it's due, to balance the negative comments about location and interior design.

5 Nov 2011 10:48

The Feathers Public House and Kitchen, Rickmansworth

Ok this is starting to get a bit daft. 3.90 for a pint of ale. Far too much. You don't pay those prices in the West End. Might drive to The Sportsman in Croxley rather than walk 50 yards from the office!

19 Sep 2011 22:41

The Feathers Public House and Kitchen, Rickmansworth

Good beer festival over the Bank Holiday weekend, showing the The Feathers isn't just all about the food. Great selection including beers by Thornbridge, Oakham, Red Squirrel and a few other leading lights of the renaissance in brewing. Particular favorite was Summer Wine Brewery's Diablo. Keep it up guys.

29 Aug 2011 13:37

Rose and Crown, Ivinghoe

Not a bad looking little pub, tucked away opposite the church. Nice interior, clean and well kept. Beer choice a bit limited when I was in, but I saw several Tring Brewery casks outside. The pint of Butcombe I had was in good nick and very drinkable.

Nice paved beer garden hidden away at the back, with cafe style furniture. Shame about the whopping great kitchen extract flue which discharges into the area.

Worth a visit if you're in Ivinghoe.

29 Aug 2011 11:46

Crows Nest, Tring Hill

A Beefeater, with all that entails. Oddly though, it manages to pull off a little bit of pub atmosphere with a separate area for the bar.

Probably more pub like than The Bell down the hill, but still a Beefeater.

29 Aug 2011 11:39

The Duck In, Aston Clinton

As other reviewers have pointed out, this place isn't really a pub at all. On the food front it's actually pretty good in terms of quality. A decent ribeye for 16 is about par for the course, but other dishes were a bit more pricey. Service was good and importantly the kids enjoyed their food.

For 2 courses for 2 adults and 3 kids plus drinks, we got no change from a ton. Which is a little more than I would have expected

As it isn't a proper pub, I never expect decent cask beer, however they did have bottles of Adnams Spindrift, which is a very acceptable beer indeed.

People do use the place as a pub, but it doesn't really work in that way for me.

In summary, you'll get a good feed if you're feeling flush, but walk past to The Partridge or The Oak if you want a pub.

29 Aug 2011 11:30

The Hop Pole Inn, Aylesbury

I was disappointed to see that the guy Edgar didn't make a decent go of The Hop Pole. He was a very nice bloke and he and his staff were very friendly. However, friendly folks only, doth not a good boozer make.

Anyway, I had a few crafty pints in here last week after hearing that new management were in. Beer selection was down to about 6 or 7 I'd say, but pump clips were labelled as if theye were about to become "live".
The beer was in great nick and the three pints I had were all very good. Oakham Citra was the first and it tasted fresh and well looked after. A best bitter and a stout followed, but they were pretty unremarkable (and I've subsequently forgotten the names!).

All in all, it seems that The Hop Pole has returned to form, on the beer side at least.

18 Jul 2011 13:47

Euston Tap, Euston

All the main points on this bar are covered in the previous reviews.

However, I will add that they have held and are planning more, "single style" beer festivals. The last one I went to was an IPA evening. Right up my street.

If you follow them on Twitter, they are very good at keeping the beer list posted.

About time The Euston Tap appeared on BITE!

12 Jul 2011 13:16

The Five Bells, Aylesbury

Friendly and very prompt service. Food OK and reasonable value as you would expect from the Vintage Inns offering. Not great ale choice, but luckily it was a hot day and I was on my bike, so opted for the Grolsch Blond. Suprisingly drinkable.

27 Apr 2011 18:22

The Oak, Aston Clinton

Cheers Pick E. I guess from this little exchange we found out about 2 pubs in Chillworth, Surrey and Taunton that we should avoid!

Joking aside it has made me think more about the Cask Marque accreditation.

Anyway, back on topic, get down to The Oak!

29 Mar 2011 00:13

The Oak, Aston Clinton

A classic case of a point being missed! Irrespective of Cask Marque approval or not The Beer in The Oak is excellent.

The reason I asserted that one post was negative "by the back door" is that it suggested that the quality of the beer at The Oak should be treated with caution because they had bought a Cask Marque badge.

I have definitely had bad beer in CM pubs, but that is not the case in The Oak, where it is just bloody good.

23 Mar 2011 06:22

The Hop Pole Inn, Aylesbury

Under new management since the last time I was in, but still very competently done. Great ale selection as usual.
A really friendly pub, both staff and punters alike were very welcoming of my mates and I when we pitched up for the rugby yesterday.
Congrats to Edgar and Julie for their sterling bar and kitchen work and to Joanie for being Aylesbury's answer to Babs Windsor!

20 Mar 2011 09:30

The Oak, Aston Clinton

Do you know what? Cask Marque is just another badge to collect, albeit quite a nice one which I actually think does mean something. But why make a post which surreptitiously denigrates the pub just because it has the award? Go to The Oak and drink their beer. It really is very very good.

Fullers go to a LOT of trouble to train their cellar men/women, probably more than any other independant brewer in the UK. Credit where it's due for gods sake.

19 Mar 2011 02:52

The Harp, Covent Garden

What a surprise, a troll masquerading as a chav! Go and work on your vocabulary mate, you might be funny one day.

17 Feb 2011 20:28

The Feathers Public House and Kitchen, Rickmansworth

3.70 a pint now, but they are doing good things with the selection and choices of beer that they serve.

4 Feb 2011 14:18

The Harp, Covent Garden

On Chav Man's recommendation, I did go to see this pub for my self.

I know of it's reputation and how highly it is regarded by CAMRA. Neither of these things are important really when it comes to these BITE reviews.

All I can say is, if you like traditional pubs with good beer, good staff and good atmosphere, then look no further that The Harp. It has all these things in spades and, AND... It's in the heart of tourist/theatre land.

For every CAMRA beardy, there are 10 who just want good beer in a good pub. For gods sake there are even women drinking beer in this pub it's so good.

Comments about toilets on BITE are quite frankly an irrelevance. You need a jimmy, you go, it takes 30 seconds and then you get back to the beer. I'm sick of all this "the lavvies are too small, there was a little bit of piss on the floor and the Pope hadn't blessed the bog roll" bollocks.

Go to The Harp, enjoy the best beer and pub staff in this part of London and revel in the fact that the bogs ain't gonna kill ya!

28 Jan 2011 21:29

The Hop Pole Inn, Aylesbury

Tremendous beer range and quality. By far and away the best real ale pub for miles and miles.

9 Jan 2011 16:56

The Old Thatched Inn, Adstock

Winner in the Overall category of the Aylesbury Vale Village Pub of the Year competition.

28 Nov 2010 10:29

The Oak, Aston Clinton

Still pricey.

21 Nov 2010 18:49

The Oak, Aston Clinton

By the way, the beer was quite pricey. 3.60 for the Bengal Lancer and 3.40 for Pride. If this allows them to put in the effort and commitment that makes the place work, I guess it will be worth it though.

20 Nov 2010 17:17

The Oak, Aston Clinton

Popped in for a sneaky pint today and had a chat with Steve (I think). It seems that they are prepared to work hard at making the pub work, which in my opinion is half the battle and the reason that previous incumbents have failed.

Beer quality was truly superb, both Bengal Lancer and Pride were polished and in great condition.

The redec has spruced the place up without detracting form the character of the pub.

I'll definitely be using the Oak again.

20 Nov 2010 16:34

The Grand Junction Arms, Bulbourne

Right. I'm breaking my cardinal BITE reviewing rule here. Normally it's the beer I'm primarily interested in (and let me tell you the beer is well keep at this pub), but the GJA has compelled me to change tack.

After an initial visit on opening weekend to say hello to Mick and generally have a nose round the cellar, I finally carted the family down for Sunday Lunch.

I knew the food was going to be good based upon some of the comments I'd seen about the head chef and the sneak preview of the menu that I had seen. However what we had to eat far exceeded my expectations. The produce used and the standard of cooking are really excellent. My sea bass with chorizo and pea risotto was fresh, tasty and perfectly cooked. The roast dinners were equally good and my youngest daughter had a very nicely done take on good old fish and chips.

Some dishes on the menu are available in children's portions. The kids were also interested in the dessert menu, which for me is where the quality of the food was cemented in my mind!

I'm particularly talking about the chocolate bread and butter pudding, which frankly shouldn't be allowed. I haven't eaten anything quite so heavenly for a long, long time.

I realise that the above sounds like some overblown advertisement from a mate of the bloke who runs the place, but in all honesty this is the best pub food I have tasted in years.

I admire anyone who runs a pub with dedication and a commitment to quality and value for money and that is what you get at the GJA.

Oh and by the way for 5 mains and 3 desserts (yes, I nicked my taste of the B&B pudding from eldest daughter), 7 soft drinks and 3 pints the bill was 76, which I thought was pretty good value.

So my admitted partiality aside, I couldn't recommend GJA more. To paraphrase their own motto - a great summer pub... Bloody good in the winter too!

26 Oct 2010 23:52

The Duck In, Aston Clinton

Closing for refurbishment shortly. Reopening as "The Bell"!! Possibly a Mitchell and Butler job, like The Woolpack in Stoke Mandeville.

19 Oct 2010 21:52

The Rake, London Bridge

Eggyoke has it in a nutshell. Or should that be egg shell ~ahem~

15 Oct 2010 20:10

The Grand Junction Arms, Bulbourne

The gas connection issue has finally been resolved and it's likely that the full food menu will be up and running next week.

I think the food is going to be spectacular having seen the menu and heard of the chef's reputation.

15 Oct 2010 19:50

The Feathers Public House and Kitchen, Rickmansworth

3.60 for a pint of (admittedly very good) real ale is extraordinarily pricy for a provincial town pub. However this seems to be a strategy to discourage a certain element of drinking society; Bodega in Watford run by the same folks has a similar policy.

There you go, I suppose you pays your money and you takes your choice.

3 Oct 2010 17:52

The Akeman, Tring

Surprised at the low rating this place is currently showing. Sure, it's not a pub, but it has good quality beer, you can go there just for a drink if you want and the outside terrace/garden area is frankly stunning.

I have eaten here several times and the food has always been good, not brilliant. I personally find the menu a bit uninspiring.

However, marked on the beer and gardens I give it a 6.

27 Sep 2010 21:28

The Grand Junction Arms, Bulbourne

OK first things first, I'll declare an interest in this pub as one of my mates, Mick is the new licensee.

I never went before the makeover and reopening, so I can't draw any comparisons to what the pub used to be like.

However, I can say that the place looks great inside, a combination of comfy sofas, high stools and tables and more formal dining tables. Although it's a contemporary look there is a very comfortable, cosy feel to the place.

3 beers on at the moment Pride, Spitfire and GK IPA. More interesting beers are promised once things have settled down.

I met chef Jon, who is currently a little underemployed as they are without gas thanks to the last landlord not paying the bill. It would have been easy to stay closed with this set back, but they opened for sandwiches and salads today which went well.

Looking at the proposed menu, there will be a good mix of seasonal and local produce on offer.

Mick has plans for this place, so I would definitely suggest a visit to lend the early support that businesses of this kind need.

I haven't rated the GJA in the interests of fairness, cos I'd give it a ten just for the crap Mick has put up with to get open!

26 Sep 2010 20:16

The Partridge, Aston Clinton

The planning application has been refused by AVDC.

30 Aug 2010 21:31

The Black Boy, Oving

A terrific location and a superb old building, give you a good feeling about this place. The rear garden is spectacular - well kept with excellent views over the Vale.

Really friendly staff and local ale from Vale Brewery. Food good, but beware Monday night when the menu is quite limited.

On the downside, my pint of Vale Best was cloudy, had no condition and (shock horror) I didn't even finish it! I'm sure their beer can't be that bad all the time though.

We worth a visit on balance

5 Aug 2010 14:02

The Hop Pole Inn, Aylesbury

Obviously an oasis in the real ale desert that is Aylesbury (Farmers Bar notwithstanding).

My only real gripe is the lack of any form of cooling (jacket, inline, cellar) for the ales. On my recent trip, I had two pints (one Vale Pale Ale and other unknown), both of which were significantly warmer than they should be. Spoilt the beer really.

If this place really is "Aylesbury's Permanent Beer Festival" then it should start to aim to serve it's ale in the same way as you would get at a decent festival.

I score the place highly though because of what it stands for and not the few summer months when their beer is too warm.

23 Jul 2010 01:37

The Old Red Lion, Great Brickhill

Went here on Fathers Day for lunch; 11 of us all told and without exception we had an excellent time.

My focus in pubs is always the beer and there were two available, Tring Fanny Ebbs and Flowers Original. Both in superb condition. From the barrels outside, it seems that they always have a Tring beer and one other.

That said we sat down for a superb lunch (mussels recommended), after which everyone was really impressed. For 11 of us the bill including 5 bottles of wine was only just over 300 which I think is exceptional VFM.

The view from the end of the terraced garden is spectacular.

Didn't experience any problems with service, which was business-like rather than friendly.

23 Jul 2010 01:29

The Old Fisherman, Shabbington

Driving up to this pub, your heart soars as you see the original old building, the River Thame and the excellent gardens complete with very impressive children's play equipment.

However, inside the place is utterly soul destroying. The larger part of the place is a large, totally incongruous extension which has been fitted out in the Beefeater/Harvester style. We even walked in past one of those "crowd control" retractable tape barriers, which I imagine was there to shepherd the queue for the empty salad bar.

Greene King beers, IPA and Speckled Hen (yes, GK brew Hen these days), not very inspiring, but OK condition.

Food was acceptable (my expectations were lowered by the salad bar and crowd control) and staff efficient and friendly, although you have to place your food order at the bar where the staff have to use a touch screen till that would probably be better suited to a Fisher Price "My first restaurant". Slow pointless and frustrating for staff and punter alike.

Basically this place is saved from utter mediocrity by it's location and great kids facilities.

23 Jul 2010 01:19

The King and Queen, Wendover

Visited this pub last week. Packed at 6 o'clock on a Friday evening. Friendly landlord, mature clientele and a nice relaxed atmosphere.

Not a great choice of ales, but Youngs and Spitfire both in very good condition. If you're a lager boy, they seem to have 4 or 5 to choose from.

Definitely worth a visit.

23 Jul 2010 00:55

The Partridge, Aston Clinton

The pub didn't make it on to the AVDC Village Pub of the Year shortlist for this reason. Trying to think of planning policy reasons to lodge an objection, I don't think the community pub tack will hold water.

10 Jul 2010 22:27

The Oak, Aston Clinton

Fingers crossed that these guys make a go of it. With the possible loss of The Partridge looming the village needs The Oak.

10 Jul 2010 22:21

The Farmer's Bar, Aylesbury

Picture the scene if you will; father and 9 year old daughter in Aylesbury town centre having just dropped "the Teenagers" bowling...

9 yr old: Dad can I get a drink?
Dad: I know, lets slip into the Farmers Bar and get a lemonade and a pint of terrific Chiltern Brewery beer.

Two minutes later...

Dad: Can I have a lemonade and a pint of...
Spotty, yet polite Bar Boy: I'm terribly sorry sir, but we don't allow under 18's in the bar.
Dad: Well I'm just buying the drinks and then we'll go outside.
SYPBB: I'm sorry sir we can't allow the child in the bar.
Dad: Where do you suggest I put her while I buy the drinks?
SYPBB: Outside?
Dad: Come on we're going.

All conducted in the best of manners and politeness, but a stupid, stupid rule from the only town centre pub worth visiting.

I suppose Chiltern Brewery want to create a quieter atmosphere for the mature drinker, but it's hardly going to hurt taking a single child into the pub for 30 seconds while you get drinks.

Oh yes and by the way Farmers Bar, if you have such daft rules it would be useful to put signs up outside to prevent the inevitable confrontation at the bar.

6 Jun 2010 11:47

The Oak, Aston Clinton

Disappointing turn out for the Friday evening session of the beer festival. These events used to be very well attended. I wonder if people are still smarting from the decline over recent years.

The beers were all in good nick, but selection was a little uninspiring - Greene King IPA, Abbot and Adnams Broadside are not really my idea of festival beers. I suppose it's the Fullers influence.

They have a very young and enthusiastic bar manager, who seems to know how to keep his beer.

29 May 2010 12:25

The Oak, Aston Clinton

Second the comments about beer quality - as good as it ever was.

Odd that there are 2 Gales beers (very nice - HSB and Seafarer), but only Pride from the Fullers side of the alliance. Get some ESB in!

12 Apr 2010 14:09

The Feathers Public House and Kitchen, Rickmansworth

Excellent beer on most recent visit.

Risotto heavily overcooked, but tasty.

Nevertheless, as this is BEER in the evening - excellent beer!

30 Mar 2010 19:07

The Clarence, Mayfair

Been in here four or five in the last couple of years and it always seems to be very busy.

The cask ale selection is always pretty good and I haven't had a bad pint on any of my visits.

It certainly isn't a relaxing, quite place to drink in, but perfectly acceptable as a bolt hole for a reasonable pint if you have just come up from Green Park tube.

28 Mar 2010 14:04

The King of Denmark, Islington

One real ale (Deuchars IPA) on when I visited on Friday night, which wasn't what I was expecting based on recent reviews.

Potentially a great pub, but there were only a hand full of people in at 8pm, suggesting that the locals go elsewhere.

I always rate on the basis of the commitment to cask ale, beer snob that I am, so the average is going to fall a bit I'm afraid.

28 Mar 2010 13:59

The Oak, Aston Clinton

Brilliant news that it's re-opened, need to get down there and see for myself. Now where are my shoes...

28 Mar 2010 13:27

The Rising Sun, Berkhamsted

Juke box now gone. RIP. Beer still great, but I must remember to go easier on the free snuff next time I'm in!

17 Feb 2010 13:21

The Oak, Aston Clinton

Cheers Pick_e

I agree about the very good quality of the beer at The Oak and that's why my last couple of attempts to drink there have been so frustrating. It's obvious that Chris is a good cellarman.

I really think that this pub should be so much better that it is, a view that many of my friends in the village share.

My recipe for success? Introduce a much smaller, better quality menu; keep the beer quality good; bring back the beer festivals; be nice to your customers. Simple.

I look forward to seeing what the new team do in there.

11 Jan 2010 14:31

The Rising Sun, Berkhamsted

Second your comments about the beer range BF.

The house brew is indeed Brock (the barrels were out for collection on one of my visits).

Having been in The Riser a fair few times now, the ales have always been a bit samey. Let's see a mild, a real IPA (pale, strong and hoppy) a best bitter and a special bitter for example.

I still love the place though.

24 Dec 2009 09:08

The Partridge, Aston Clinton

Do you know what, I'm really starting to like The Partridge. It's an honest pub, no pretensions of grandeur, well kept beer and a friendly atmosphere.

Interesting guest beers sometimes as well - a bonus when they're on.

As for having been sold, if it has then there's no discernible difference.

24 Dec 2009 08:49

The Oak, Aston Clinton


Oh dear. Several weeks since my last attempted visit and being a bit of an old softie, I thought I'd go back and see what was going on.

After spending 10 minutes cajoling and coercing the others to wrap up warm and leave the FULLY STOCKED and warm Partridge, we set off for The Oak.

On arrival we noticed that the pub was open, with after the last visit was a good start. Only a couple of people in each side of the bar though which I thought a bit unusual.

One of the lads bowled up to the bar and asked for a pint of Stella - "it isn't on" explained the very sweet bar girl... "and neither is Guinness, Pride or ESB"!

Now, I know that deliveries have been difficult in the snow for the last few days, but the Partridge had a full compliment of beer including it's guest ale "Christmas Fairy" (very nice too). I even took delivery of a case of beer yesterday that I had only ordered on Monday, so things haven't ground to a complete halt.

I did email the moderator of this website about my last post on The Oak to have it removed, because I thought I'd been a bit harsh. On the basis of last nights display, it can stay and be joined by this one for posterity.

24 Dec 2009 08:42

The Farmer's Bar, Aylesbury

Great beer, but not very atmospheric on a weekend evening.

Chiltern Brewery beers all in good nick. They also have a tie in with Meantime from Greenwich, which means that there is Helles lager on draught as well as a nice selection of bottled beers.

11 Dec 2009 16:56

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

Bravo Danny!

I'm not a regular visitor to the RL or in anyway related, co-habiting or otherwise connected to any of it's staff past or present.

It doesn't deserve the low score it has currently, based purely upon it's present status as a pub which serves OK beer. My previous posts of 18/9 refer.

No food, no history - just beer.

10 Nov 2009 20:35

The Partridge, Aston Clinton

A bit disappointed tonight, the guest beer wasn't ready which seems odd for a Saturday. Otherwise, GK IPA, Courage Best and Adnam's all OK condition, but no variety.

Normally, the great thing about The Partridge is that the guest beer is very good, so hence the disappointment.

Score given as an average over my visits not just this evening.

4 Oct 2009 01:39

The Duck In, Aston Clinton

As a pub - not the greatest by any stretch of the imagination. Drinkers are relegated to standing at the bar or scrapping for the few seats that aren't set out for diners.

Beer wise, everything is pushed through a tight sparkler, which is OK if drinking Northern beers, but seems anachronistic if you're on the London Pride.

Bar staff far more interested in serving the food customers.

A port in a storm.

4 Oct 2009 01:33

The Oak, Aston Clinton

WTF! This pub was closed on a Saturday night at 10.30pm when I pitched up to finish my evening's drinking with some mates from the village.

Is this just laziness or a more significant problem for The Oak? I suspect the former.

I always look upon this pub as the best (for beer at least) in the village, but come on... closed on a Saturday night with no explanation?!

Very bad news this and I will definitely be thinking twice about The Oak for my next AC pub crawl. For this reason alone I have to score the pub with a zero. Sorry.

4 Oct 2009 01:23

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

Oh by the way, if you are just looking on here to check the rating of the pub before a visit, it's probably worth a 6 as a straightforward high street boozer, rather than the 2.8 currently shown, in my opinion.

A lot of the 140 plus reviews have been from (understandably) disgruntled ex-regulars which means a large component of the score is based upon a comparison with the "old" Red Lion. It was undoubtedly better pre-makeover, but in the interests of a fair trial I thought that this is important to point out.

18 Sep 2009 14:09

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

Had a few pints in here on Saturday night after a period of time avoiding the place for no real reason other than the Marstons makeover.

The beer was in OK, but not excellent nick; I tried the Pedigree (one of the most overrated ales around?), Old Thumper and Wychwood Hobgoblin which was the best of the bunch.

One of the problems that I do have with the beer is easily resolved. They serve all of their ale through a tight sparkler, but they were happy to remove it when asked.

My summary of the vibe in the place - good if you are with mates, but not really a "local".

18 Sep 2009 14:00

The Rising Sun, Berkhamsted

Attended the Beer Festival at "The Riser" at the weekend. Some terrific beers (13 ish) and ciders (8 ish) in excellent condition. I believe there are similar events quite regularly, so it's well worth keeping an eye out for the next one.

Although this is BEER in the Evening, I can also confirm that the Ploughman's is indeed something to behold!

It's refreshing to see a small pub like this going to a lot of effort for it's customers. Subsequently, of course, the place was busy all day and into the evening, which makes good business sense as well. Go figure.

I just wish it was my local...

7 Sep 2009 13:44

The Kings Arms, Tring

I'm afraid this can't be described as an average pub Romanique. It's a free house for starters and the selection of real ale, ciders, lagers and bottled beers is far wider ranging than any other pub I know locally. Nice outside courtyard and good food also raise it well above mediocrity.

The opening hours are a bit... um... eccentric by current standards, I agree. I would definitely pop in here on the way home from work.

If you want really good Fullers or Gales beer (and I quite often do), go to the Robin Hood which is another excellent (but tied) boozer at the other end of Tring. But if you want something a bit different real ale fans, try the KA.

4 Sep 2009 15:32

The Feathers Public House and Kitchen, Rickmansworth

... oh and by the way, it is a liiittle bit poncy!

4 Sep 2009 14:55

The Feathers Public House and Kitchen, Rickmansworth

Having now had the chance to have the odd beer in The Feathers, I tend to agree with the general view that it is a very pleasant place to drink. Pretty good selection of real ales (4 on the bar, in good nick on all of my visits). Good staff and table service if you' like.

I understand the people who now run it are the folks from Bodega in Watford, which has a good reputation as a watering hole for the more discerning drinker.

The inside of the pub is now primarily set out for food. I think the tables are all permanently set ready to eat, which doesn't encourage you to sit inside. The "gastropub" style makeover is a well worn path, but is done as well as the best of them here. That said the outside seating area is (as others have mentioned) extremely and imaginatively well done, which is a great addition.

Overall, a totally different prospect from the "Old" Feathers, but nonetheless very good indeed.

A live and kicking 8

4 Sep 2009 14:52

The Coach and Horses, Rickmansworth

Probably the best pub in Ricky. Nice atmosphere and well kept beer.

Shame that I have to always stay on the guest beer, as Greene King Abbot and the perennially insipid "IPA" are the other two options.

The toilets issue has definitely been sorted with a recent refurb following flooding!

28 Apr 2009 21:34

The Rising Sun, Berkhamsted

Great beer- some locally sourced from The Tring Brewery - all well kept.

All the ale I have tried in my 3 visits so far has been excellent.

Friendly landlord and eclectic clientele. Much more character than the nearby Boat.

Second the comment about the Jukey.

Give it a try!

27 Apr 2009 20:48

The Feathers Public House and Kitchen, Rickmansworth

My regular drinking hole from work. Pat always kept a good pint and indulged my beer geekery with good humour. I fear a poncy makeover...

Posthumously rated 8

27 Apr 2009 20:27

The Kings Arms, Tring

Quite easily the best pub in Tring for it's changing selection of diverse and well kept Real Ales. I believe there is a cask cider as well, along with a selection of draught lagers which are a cut above the Carling/Stella/Heineken norm.

The Fuschia coloured exterior ( a throwback to Rodwells ownership days?) and pea green interior are something to behold!

Nearly always busy, which is a recommendation in itself.

Love it!

27 Apr 2009 20:22

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