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The Royal George, Euston

Quite the most fragrant toilets I have ever had the pleasure of urinating in. Literally 100 years of the good patrons piss left to grow and nuture in to something magnificently horrific. Go on, have a smell.

Decent enough pub though - but the Erdinger tasted like bubble bath.

3 Aug 2007 12:52

Prince Arthur, Euston

This a nice wee place. Interesting interior, lots of seating outside and table service, so you never have to leave your seat - which is a good thing, otherwise you might miss one of the frequent twitching and gurning nut-jobs walking past. Hours of fun.

Standard selection of booze, pulls a nice pint of the black stuff though.

Best pub this side of Euston.

3 Aug 2007 12:49

The Hope and Anchor, Coventry

Used to be full of uni rugger buggers. Now its just full of sad looking, chain-smoking rippers.

30 Jul 2007 20:12

The Oak Inn, Coventry

I only ever used to come here for the decent outside seating area but, dear Lord, the beer is/was atrocious.

30 Jul 2007 20:10

The Spittlemoore, Coventry

My word - I had forgotten about this pub. I used to live exactly opposite in some grim student digs that got regularly burgled, most likely by the fine patrons of this establishment.
Though, on the whole, surprisingly welcoming (in 1999 anyway). 80p for a pint of mild - does this drink even still exist?

Will have to go back and see what has happened to this place.

30 Jul 2007 20:08

Swan, Woburn Sands

Seems to have gone through some extensive renovation since I was last in 3-4 years ago. Now looks like Jamie Olivers kitchen.
Ok though - and a lovely pint of Birra Moretti.

30 Jul 2007 13:10

The Golden Eagle, Bond Street

Blundered in at 11.30am this morning for a very random quick pint. Felt like a 'proper' pub - and the Tribute was very nice indeed.
Rafa Benitez seemed to be working behind the bar - which cheered me up no end.

19 Jul 2007 13:13

The Duke of York, Marylebone

Just completed a quick pint in here - alas, I failed to get to the bar before the sudden rush of office workers and was forced to wait a bloody long time while each said office worker purchased one pint each. Ever heard or 'rounds'?
More bar staff at lunch times please.

Apart from that, the usual Sam Smiths fare - good seating outside being the main drawing point

19 Jul 2007 13:11

The County, Ilford

Apparently vastly improved from its previous guise. Now has an excellent range of continental beers/lagers and a very good wine list. Smart decor, big sofa's and good food too.

Luckily my mate lives right behind it - so plenty of excuses to make a visit.

28 Apr 2007 08:44

The Narrow Street Pub & Dining Room, Limehouse

Located in the middle of a year round typhoon - with cormorant sh*t intermittently dropping out of the sky. I love the Thames.

Good selection of continental lagers - Paulaner was off though. Afflingem was an able substitute. Food looked decent too. Worth a visit.

21 Jul 2006 13:44

The Mariners, Limehouse

Made a visit after the favourable comments posted here and yes, a decent place indeed. Include it a list of Commercial Rd boozers and this would probably come out on top.

Nice interior, decent selection of booze - plus I think I may have been graced with the presence of one of these new fangled kiddy indie bands. Long hair and vests, singing harmonies over a pint of Guiness. The Kooks perhaps? Gawd knows...

21 Jul 2006 13:41

The George, Wanstead

Well, after reading the comments I must break the mould and say it was probably one of the best Wetherspoons I have ever been too. Though that isn't saying much, they are usually pretty bland.
Service was good, even though busy. Garden is quite pleasant and the interior just feels a bit more roomy than usual.

Maybe I was there on a good day? Maybe I drank too many Kozels - who knows....

21 Jul 2006 13:35

The Exmouth Arms, Euston

Nice food - good place for a quick lunch. Not much to report on the alcohol front, incredibly standard.

Pleasant seating arrangements outside on the quiet road - spoiled by mother nature bombarding the hanging baskets with many buzzing, angry insects.

12 Apr 2006 13:16

The Crown and Anchor, Euston

Yeah - I like it. Always busy, seating outside - Staropramen on tap. TV screens and, most importantly, brimming with totty when I was there. Alas, instead of the various lovely specimens on show we were forced to share our bench with a hairy faced Little Mo lookalike. Typical

12 Apr 2006 13:13

The Bree Louise, Euston

S'alright I suppose. Murky and dingy. Seemed happy enough. Most the lager was off last time I was there though - shame, as it does a nice Heineken...

12 Apr 2006 13:09

The, Gants Hill

Very friendly owner and wondefully eccentric clientele when I was in there. Had a very welcoming evening. Must try and go again.

Heineken on tap too.

26 Jan 2006 13:28

The Valentine, Ilford

Typical of this area. Huge old building - standard in everything from decor to clientele.

Needs bouncers on the door though - seems to be a favourite for the 16 year olds of the area.

The barman had horrific dandruff.

26 Jan 2006 13:23

Standard Bearer, Ilford

Wetherspoons - the usual plop. Though the selection of bottled beer is now quite appealing.

Strangely compact for a 'Spoons, very claustrophobic.

26 Jan 2006 13:20

The Lord Napier, Ilford

Its ok. Big, clamourous place - favoured by the younger crowd (though largely confined to the second bar).
Was a live covers band playing when I was last there. The lead singer blatantly didn't know the words to 'Vertigo'. Pub singing at its best - Vic Reeves would have been proud.

26 Jan 2006 13:17

O'Gradys Bar, Ilford

Superb place - always packed. Excellent for sport and a top pint of Guiness. A proper atmosphere, like all pubs should have.

Visit it toute suite.

26 Jan 2006 13:12

The Joker, Ilford

Harmless - though the locals do look quite, erm... hardy.

Standard, slightly manky, largely Irish. Decent enough.

26 Jan 2006 13:10

Cauliflower, Ilford

Insane - it reminds me of The Shining. Almost certainly haunted - wouldn't look out of place on a barren clifftop.
Huge, empty place with glaring red carpets. Worth a visit just to sit there in bewilderment.

Even more mindbending when a Madness tribute band is pogo-ing away in the background.

26 Jan 2006 13:01

The General Havelock, Ilford

Cheap as chips. A complete hole though. Doesn't particularly matter though, does it?

26 Jan 2006 12:56

The Red Cow, Ilford

Renovated and very smart. Friendly clientele - 4X on tap which provides a relief to the the usual (for me anyway).
Best pub close the station - should probably be more popular.

26 Jan 2006 12:55

The Cranbrook, Ilford

Very decent indeed. Always seems a happy place and, importantly, cheap to boot.
Looks bad from the outside, but pleasant and homely inside.

Best pub in Ilford.

26 Jan 2006 12:52

Great Spoon of Ilford, Ilford

Pension day at The Spoon anyone?

Typical Wethers pub, though larger than average. There was also a large turd on the floor of the gents when I last visited. Disturbingly, this provided the highlight of my visit.

26 Jan 2006 12:51

The Square Tavern, Euston

Manky - but agreeable. However, I can clearly see why the views are mixed - which can't be a good thing.

No Youngs Pilsner for some reason. Full of Irish IT geeks too. I never complain about Euro bar staff - I find their comedy accents and stern frowns terribly amusing.

26 Jan 2006 12:42

The Dovetail, Clerkenwell

Bierodrome? Pah! The Dovetail wins hands down. Simply the best place to sample Belgian beer - with probably the largest range to pick from.

Relaxed and chilled, I always seem to get a seat. I can't recommend it enough - nothing better than having two or three strong beers and letting the haze gradually set in. Ahhhhh...

26 Jan 2006 12:34

Quinn's, Camden

Worth a visit simply for the range of German beer. But, bless him, old Mr Quinn insisted on fetching me the wrong one every time. I didn't have the heart to tell him. He reminded me of my own decrepit, alcoholic Irish grandfather.
I was also amused by a man at the bar talking to himself. There were no signs of any new fangled head set thingys, so a bona fide nutter. Always a bonus.

19 Nov 2004 13:22

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