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The Eaglet, Finsbury Park

Slightly scary locals pub with a distinct Arsenal theme and no ales on offer - won't be coming back here.

12 Feb 2012 19:13

North Nineteen, Holloway

Nice place with plenty of ales on offer and a friendly barman who took the trouble to tell me what had just been tapped. Split into two separate rooms so you can go into the back room if you're just after a quiet drink and chat. Well worth seeking out if you're in the area.

12 Feb 2012 19:11

The Nags Head, Belgravia

Interesting interior with masses of ephemera, and reasonable beer. However, I wouldn't recommend eating here - the food is tinned, microwaved and in very small portions. Treat it as somewhere to drink and you'll be ok.

12 Feb 2012 19:07

The Flower Pot, Maidstone

Six beers from microbreweries; all back-street pubs should be like this. Whole-heartedly recommended, and not that far from the station.

10 Oct 2010 10:49

The Rifle Volunteers, Maidstone

There are old-school pubs; and then there's this place, which feels like it's come straight out of Life on Mars. If that sounds like a place you'd like to visit, then come here; if not, you may find the ambience unsettling. The Goachers beer was excellent.

10 Oct 2010 10:42

The Grove, Cambridge

In keeping with the other pubs in the area, this is a rough-looking place on a council estate with no real ale and no reason for you to come here.

13 Sep 2010 21:22

The Ship, Cambridge

Another grotty estate pub with an absence of real ale. There was a mobile kebab van in the car park as the food option!

13 Sep 2010 21:20

Jenny Wren, Cambridge

Council estate pub owned by Greene King with a total lack of real ale. Featured shockingly poor karaoke at 4pm yesterday.

13 Sep 2010 21:19

The Golden Hind, Cambridge

This pub is making an effort with the real ale, but sadly the clientele left something to be desired on yesterday's visit. Cambridge has plenty of nice pubs for me to bother with this one again.

13 Sep 2010 21:17

Corn Mill, Llangollen

Came here on the way to Snowdonia on Friday night, and was so impressed that I revisited for Sunday lunch on the way home. Food was excellent both times, and five real ales available (presumably from microbreweries as I'd not heard of them). I will say it's quite expensive (at least 3 for a pint and 9 to 14 for a main course), but it's well worth paying for. Interesting old building with fully working waterwheel and lovely riverside views. Probably the best pub I've been to in Wales.

8 Sep 2010 21:29

The Roebuck, Hampton Hill

I feel very disappointed that I don't live anywhere near this pub. Fine range of ales and the most impressive collection of pub ephemera I've ever seen. Anyone with an interest in collectables should visit this place. No sign of grumpy locals yesterday evening either.

9 Aug 2010 21:02

The Falcon, Clapham North

I agree with the previous reviewer - the ale is not good in here. Nice beer garden at the back, which appeared to be full of people drinking lager.

13 Jun 2010 21:38

The Golden Lion Hotel, Horton in Ribblesdale

Not much in the way of ales here - but I did like the back room with its selection of stuffed animal heads. I thought this place has more of a pub feel than the Crown.

19 May 2010 22:39

The Crown Hotel, Horton in Ribblesdale

It's ok - not worth going out of your way to visit, but if you're in the area you wouldn't turn your nose up in disgust. Three ales on, best of which was Old Peculier (although rather expensive). Ate here and the food was standard pub grub - if you've been out walking it's fine; if you're expecting a top quality meal you'll be disappointed.

19 May 2010 22:37

The Crown and Sceptre, Kensington

This place was still shut when I tried to visit last night - and no sign of it reopening in the future.

14 Apr 2010 21:02

Wheatsheaf, Crowborough

Full range of Harvey's ales on offer - good feel to the place too. Definitely worth a visit if you're coming from the station.

31 Jan 2010 19:41

The Coopers Arms, Crowborough

Visited yesterday and was greeted with their dark ale festival - a choice of eleven dark ales! Definitely worth coming here if there's a festival on.

31 Jan 2010 19:39

Victoria, Belvedere

Traditional backstreet local - dartboard on one side and TV on the other. Only two ales available yesterday, but judging by the pump clips displayed there's a big throughput of different beers. Splendid pub dog too.

25 Jan 2010 21:46

The Brockley Barge, Brockley

Came here last night, and was reasonably impressed. Looks like the landlord has got a grip, which seems to me the biggest variable with Wetherspoons pubs. Decent set of ales available, with several from microbreweries.

25 Jan 2010 21:43

The Pride of Pimlico, Pimlico

Dodgy estate pub for dodgy locals. No ales available on tap apart from a strange version of Courage Best through an electric pump. Two pub dogs, one of which isn't long for this world.

30 Dec 2009 23:33

The Surprise at Pimlico, Pimlico

Not recommended unless you're a fan of Greene King IPA or want to join the locals in some serious-looking card games. The connection between front and back bars is via the gents - most odd.

30 Dec 2009 23:30

The Lord High Admiral, Pimlico

Visited yesterday and the pub was open - although as we were the only customers at 8pm it might not be for much longer. London Pride available and the bar staff were friendly - probably glad for someone to talk to.

30 Dec 2009 23:28

Chambers Bar, City Of London

Now a restaurant

11 Dec 2009 23:45

The Honor Oak, Honor Oak

The key point about this pub is that people are encouraged to come here with their kids, so if you prefer to drink in an adult environment this definitely isn't the place for you. Had a couple of ales and a real cider available.

29 Oct 2009 20:52

The Forest Hill Hotel, Forest Hill

Friendly and unpretentious back street local, let down by the lack of real ale.

29 Oct 2009 20:45

The Railway Telegraph, Forest Hill

Visited last night - had a good pint of Masterbrew but I didn't care much for the loud and obnoxious people at the pool table. Judging by the looks I got, they didn't care much for me either...

29 Oct 2009 20:44

Sweeney's Cellar Bar, Keswick

Clean and stark interior in the basement - bit like a smaller version of an All Bar One. Two ales on offer, both from Jennings. One of the few places in Keswick that shows sport on TV, so can get very crowded if there's a game on. I prefer the old-school pub myself, but for those who don't this could be worth a visit.

29 Sep 2009 20:35

J J Moons, Hornchurch

Judging from my visit last night, it's nowhere near as bad as the rating suggests. Good range of well-kept beers sold at 1.89 a pint - what's not to like about that? The pub was busy, but the barman spotted me wanting to order and took his time to recommend one of the beers.

If you have a visceral dislike of Wetherspoons, this place isn't going to change your mind, but I've been to many worse pubs than this one.

13 Sep 2009 18:55

The Morgan Lloyd, Caernarfon

Any pub with only ten customers at 9pm on Saturday is clearly having problems. The sterile atmosphere caused by over-bright lighting and lack of real ale might have something to do with it.

6 Sep 2009 21:49

The Black Boy Inn, Caernarfon

I liked this place a lot - it's an old building with uneven floors, thick walls, plenty of nooks and crannies and a proper fire. Had Mallard IPA for sale, which I'd not seen before and was rather nice. Also proudly displaying a good beer guide 1976 sticker!

6 Sep 2009 21:47

The Padarn Lake Hotel, Llanberis

Unspectacular in the daytime (only ale was Old Speckled Hen) and overrun by local chavs at night. The Gwynedd Hotel down the road is a better bet.

6 Sep 2009 21:43

The Botley Hill Farmhouse, Warlingham

Pleasant country pub at the top of the North Downs - was very busy on the recent bank holiday when I visited. Didn't eat, but did have a very nice Itchen Valley ale. Despite the negative reviews about the food, you've got no problems if you're coming here to drink.

2 Sep 2009 21:02

The Old Ship, Tatsfield

Pleasant enough, but not spectacular. Perhaps worth a trip for a Sunday lunch, but not if you just want to drink. Youngs bitter and IPA were the ales available.

2 Sep 2009 20:59

Peacock Lodge, Lingfield

First impressions weren't good - plenty of staff milling around but it still took two minutes for someone to serve me (at an empty bar). Only London Pride on tap, and it turned out that was off. General atmosphere of discontent amongst the staff and customers - I won't be coming back.

16 Aug 2009 20:06

The Red Barn, Lingfield

Interesting refurbishment of the barn, but like the Brickmakers Arms up the road this doesn't feel much like a pub. Three ales on offer; prices were quite expensive but there were plenty of people inside at 5pm on a Saturday, so there's no reason for the prices to be lower. Beer garden is very nice.

16 Aug 2009 20:03

Brickmakers Arms, Crowhurst Lane End

I didn't really warm to this place - probably because it doesn't feel much like a pub. Another problem is that the outside seating is by a fairly busy junction, so not much opportunity to relax. On the plus side, they had three ales on offer and my pint of Larkins Traditional was very presentable.

16 Aug 2009 19:58

Royal Oak Inn, Staffhurst Wood

Thoroughly impressed by this place - four ales available (three from local breweries), big selection of vintage ports and food was excellent. Coupled with the lovely view from the beer garden this place gets nine out of ten.

16 Aug 2009 19:53

Fifteen05, Monument

Walked down All Hallows Lane and there's no sign of this place at all.

13 Aug 2009 21:30

The Bell, Cannon Street

Went here yesterday evening and was very impressed. Five real ales on tap, including some lovely Harvey's Sussex Best. I'd also recommend the homemade pork scratchings, which were excellent and surprisingly meaty. This has to be the ideal pub for anyone who uses Cannon Street station.

13 Aug 2009 21:27

The Old Oak, West Kensington

Stumbled in here randomly after taking a break from the GBBF at Earl's Court - this is a scruffy locals' pub with no real ale or redeeming futures. We drank up quickly and left.

9 Aug 2009 17:42

The Rose, Bexleyheath

I liked this place a lot - traditional pub feel and a very nice pint of Harvey's.

2 Aug 2009 18:59

The New Cross Turnpike, Welling

This place could do wth more care and attention - how hard is it to turn the pump clip around once a barrel has run out? Was eventually served a pint that was too cold in a dirty glass - ho hum.

2 Aug 2009 18:56

The Royal Oak (Polly Clean Stairs), Bexleyheath

Currently shut after the death of the landlord. Spoke to the bloke who lived opposite, who thought it might not reopen.

2 Aug 2009 18:54

Lord Homesdale, Bromley

This is a local pub for local people. I'm not local and didn't find my visit to be a pleasant experience - the last few reviewers have got this place sussed out.

25 Jul 2009 22:12

White Cross, Sidcup

Pleasant country-style pub with four ales on tap - Harvey's was very good this afternoon. Old-school decoration, with loads of stuff hanging from the ceiling. It is quite isolated so I suspect it's more of a dining pub than a drinking pub, but well worth visiting.

25 Jul 2009 22:07

The Two Brewers, Barbican

Pleasant backstreet boozer. Beer range was nothing special, but it's a handy place to visit if you're taking in a show at the Barbican.

19 Jul 2009 21:17

The Angel, Roehampton

Yipes - I felt a definite air of menace in this place (and it was only 4pm). Very much for locals only, unless you enjoy being in pubs where drunks shout at each other across the room and men with shaven heads and sovereign rings give outsiders dirty looks. Beer was standard Young's offering.

19 Jul 2009 21:15

The Pierhead Tavern, Lamlash

This place felt like the pub where the locals come to drink, as opposed to the other two in Lamlash which are more tourist oriented. Still no ales on tap though, but a nice atmosphere inside.

13 Jul 2009 23:43

The Drift Inn, Lamlash

Not impressed - one of those pubs in a really good location where the owners don't have to try that hard to get people to visit. No ales available and the room is a bit of a barn.

13 Jul 2009 23:42

The Catacol Bay Hotel, Catacol

The nicest pub I found on the island - serving Arran Red Squirrel on my visit. View is spectacular if it's not raining.

13 Jul 2009 23:39

The Brodick Bar, Brodick

Quite a nice place, although most people were there for the food so not much atmosphere in the bar. Beer was good (with Arran ales available in bottles) if a bit expensive - but I couldn't find a pint for less than 3 on Arran. Had a meal there later in the week which was very nice.

13 Jul 2009 23:36

The Lister Arms, Malham

I sampled all four ales at the weekend - thought the Lancaster Bomber was the best and the Wainwright's was a bit too cold. Steak and ale pie was splendid - just what I needed after a ten mile walk. Bit lacking in pub atmosphere though - feels more like drinking in the bar of a hotel.

13 Jul 2009 23:32

Crystal Palace, Glasgow

Handily positioned for the station. Five ales on tap - worth dropping in if you're an ale fan.

13 Jul 2009 23:29

Three Compasses, Hornsey

I'd say this is the best bet for drinking in the area - six ales on at all times, with three 'typical' regulars and three unusual guest ales. Also a good stock of malt whiskies, and plenty of space at the back for the pool table.

22 Jun 2009 22:30

The Lion and Unicorn, Kentish Town

No real ale available when I visited, despite what the painted sign above the door says. I'd suggest a two-minute walk up the road to the Oxford Arms would be a better bet unless you want to watch some sport, as they have a very large screen.

12 Jun 2009 22:05

The Wotton Hatch, Wotton

I'd agree with the recent comments - this place was better before the refurbishment. That said, it's not awful but I don't especially care for this style of pub. London Pride and TEA on offer for the ale drinkers, which were ok but not top quality.

31 May 2009 21:14

The Compasses Inn, Gomshall

Beer was nice (from the Surrey Hills brewery); surroundings were very pleasant but the Sunday roast was average. Wouldn't come here for a meal again, but would certainly visit for more beer.

31 May 2009 21:10

The Rock and Fountain, Well Hill

Currently being reclaimed by nature in a spectacular way.

16 May 2009 23:31

The Five Bells, Chelsfield

I liked this pub a lot; good range of ales, nice location plus friendly staff and locals mean I will certainly return.

16 May 2009 23:30

The Gallery, City Of London

Two bitters on offer at standard City prices. I didn't take to the interior; seemed too clinical and very noisy for a place that was only a quarter-full when I visited. Don't think I'd come here again as there are better places close by.

8 May 2009 21:55

O'Neills, Moorgate

It's an O'Neills - you get exactly what you'd expect.

8 May 2009 21:52

The Scottish Pound, Moorgate

This place had turned into a nail bar when I tried to visit!

8 May 2009 21:51

The Nightingale, Wanstead

Very nice back street local - I thoroughly recommend this place if you're in the area

5 May 2009 22:28

The Mulberry, Ravenscourt Park

Recently done up in trendy / poncy style, with prices to match. Not my type of pub, but there were plenty of people in there enjoying it.

23 Apr 2009 23:03

The Seven Stars, Shepherds Bush

This pub is now called The Mulberry

23 Apr 2009 23:02

The Blacksmiths Arms, Cudham

This is a very nice rural pub (although technically still in London) - beer, decor and pub gardens are spot on. My only gripe is that it was 3.20 for a pint of Harvey's, but if you have deep pockets this is the pub for you.

5 Apr 2009 20:06

TWA Dogs Inn, Keswick

This is a reasonably pleasant pub on the main road into Keswick from the east. From memory it's tied to Jennings and did a nice pint of Sneck Lifter. Being on the outskirts the pub is roomier and less busy than most of those in town, but an awkward one to tie into a pub crawl. On my visit I'd walked from Glenridding via Helvellyn so had quite a thirst on!

30 Mar 2009 23:42

The Blue Anchor, Tadworth

I think this is the best option in Tadworth, although the decor may not be to the taste of those who prefer pubs to have a 'lived-in' look. Landlord and London Pride on offer - well kept too.

29 Mar 2009 20:48

The Inn on the Green, Tadworth

More a restaurant than a pub. I'd suggest visiting in summertime when you can use the outside tables, as there's very little space at the bar. Harvey's Sussex Best and London Pride on offer - bit expensive though.

29 Mar 2009 20:46

The Kingswood Arms, Kingswood

Nice place to drink in with a good range of ales - I'm surprised the overall rating for the pub isn't higher.

29 Mar 2009 20:44

The Elbow Room, Tottenham

I've only visited on matchdays, but I think this place is the best bet for a pint if you're walking to the ground from Seven Sisters. Three real ales available and it's 1.90 a pint. Nice feel to the interior as well.

3 Mar 2009 20:52

Lazy, Tower Bridge

One of those trendy bars that feels obliged to charge you ridiculous prices for a pint. The atmosphere inside is ok, but nothing approximating bitter is on sale. Not my type of pub, but it was fairly full yesterday evening so clearly some people like it.

22 Feb 2009 19:09

The Old Justice, Bermondsey

Frankly bizarre - half pub and half Korean restaurant. Didn't try the food, but I don't rate the pub half too highly as there was a real ale drought.

22 Feb 2009 19:01

The Boatman, Southwark

Looks quite intimidating with the way the windows have shutters on them; was quite surprised to find I was the youngest customer by about 20 years when I walked in. Old school pub decor and atmosphere, but none the worse for that. Beer range hasn't improved from the previous review.

22 Feb 2009 18:57

The Angel, Rotherhithe

I rather like the refurbishment with the way the pub is divided into separate sections, and the river view is splendid. However, the side is rather let down by the absence of any real ale - my tactic was to go for the Taddy Porter, but that's over 3 a bottle.

22 Feb 2009 18:55

The Royal Star, Hoxton

Decidedly ho-hum. Don't think I'll be returning here as there are much better pubs in the vicinity.

20 Feb 2009 20:42

The Old Fountain, Old Street

Came here yesterday and was thoroughly impressed with the beer range - seven real ales on offer, including several from small breweries. It does look a bit grim from the outside but the inside is pleasant in an 'old men's pub' way.

However, don't come here at the weekend as the pub isn't open then.

20 Feb 2009 20:39

The Fire Stables, Wimbledon Village

Definitely somewhere to go to eat, rather than drink. Young's Special the only ale available.

28 Jan 2009 20:16

The Bull Inn, Hull

This pub has now been boarded up.

19 Jan 2009 22:55

The Carpenters Arms, Cambridge

It's got an interesting air of dishevelment, but other than that it's nothing special. If it was near to where I lived I'd go there again, but as an occasional visitor to Cambridge there's no reason for me to revisit.

4 Jan 2009 19:54

O'Reilly's, Kentish Town

As you might expect from this type of place, very much a locals pub. If that doesn't bother you then it struck me as a reasonable place for a quiet pint. Threatening geezers and psychos were not present yesterday evening - Guinness is now 3 though.

24 Nov 2008 22:58

Quinn's, Camden

I'd suggest sticking to the bottles - the pint of real ale I had was served at a ridiculously cold temperature. Other than that, worth looking in as it's got a surprising amount of room and is slightly away from the melee near the tube station.

24 Nov 2008 22:51

John Jakson, Wallington

Pretty rough, and a complete absence of real ale. Not recommended.

26 Oct 2008 23:35

The Cock Inn, Luddesdowne

Splendid - all you could wish for in a country pub. Top marks for the devotion to real ale and getting beers in from all over the country.

14 Sep 2008 11:35

The Globe, Dunstable

12 handpumps tells you all you need to know about this place. Recommended.

27 Jul 2008 22:02

The Chelsea Ram, Chelsea

The pub is in the typical Young's 'smart pub' style; it's nice enough but I prefer their 'old man's pub' look. I can't be the only person who thinks 3.40 for a pint of bitter is a bit steep either.

15 Jul 2008 22:44

Pave, Hull

A pleasant enough place this Sunday afternoon when I visited - live jazz is always welcome where I'm concerned. Five ales and a cloudy cider available and we agreed the beer was well kept. My friend who lives in Hull did mention that it was a place to avoid on Friday / Saturday night if you dislike crowded and noisy pubs. The patio at the front would work well on a sunny day.

6 Jul 2008 23:36

Tollemache Inn, Grantham

As far as Wetherspoons go, this is definitely one of the better ones. The corner location means the interior is surprisingly light and airy, and the tables aren't crammed in the way they tend to be in other Spoons. Beer range was good with six or seven real ales available.

9 Jun 2008 22:27

The Bread and Bitter, Mapperley

Top marks for effort with the beer and food, which are the most important things in my view. Around ten real ales are on offer, with a decent selection of exotic bottled beers too. The menu is unusual and has a Caribbean trend; my lunch was very good. As other reviews have noted, the feel of the pub is a bit clinical with a distinct lack of comfy chairs and no garden and this might dissuade me from settling in here for a lengthy session.

9 Jun 2008 22:15

Flanagans of Battersea, Battersea

Quiet pub tucked between a railway line and an elevated road. Pleasant enough, but only one ale available. Worth considering as part of a Battersea crawl as there are two more pubs within a minute's walk.

6 Apr 2008 12:49

Bread and Roses, Clapham

Unfortunately this place was overrun with small kids when I visited (4:30 on a Saturday), which didn't lead to a pleasant drinking experience. Good range of beers (pricy though) means I would come here again, but only in the evening.

6 Apr 2008 12:43

The Royal Oak, Penge

Thoroughly dodgy pub in the middle of a dodgy housing estate. I can't think of a single good thing to say about it.

30 Mar 2008 21:36

The Flying Pig, Cambridge

Very much a dark candlelit drinkers pub. Doesn't appear to open at weekend lunchtimes, but well positioned for that last pint before the train home. They were offering some Adnams beers yesterday, and I can report the bar billiards table is still in operation. The barman told me that the demolition plan for the area wasn't going ahead, so this place and the Osborne Arms next door will remain open.

17 Mar 2008 22:55

The Rock, Cambridge

Refurbished in a trendy (or poncy, depending on your view of things) manner, giving no character to the place at all. Beers are the standard Greene King range. It's not a bad place, but unless this was your local I can't see why you'd want to come here.

17 Mar 2008 22:51

Queen Edith, Cambridge

I liked this place a lot - certainly the best I found in the Cherry Hinton / SE Cambridge area. Good range of ales (including mild) and well kept too. Also comes with a very friendly pub dawg.

17 Mar 2008 22:49

The Red Lion, Cambridge

Warm Greene King beer does not make for a pleasant experience. The garden at the back looked very nice and I expect it comes into its own during the summer - maybe best to save your visit for then.

17 Mar 2008 22:48

The Five Bells, Cherry Hinton

Not that great to be honest - sadly let down by the lack of real ale. They do have a huge screen to show sport on, and also 'old gits corner', where photos of some more mature customers are displayed.

17 Mar 2008 22:46

Clarendon Arms, Cambridge

Gets a big plus from me for selling beer other than Greene King - I had a very nice pint of Tetley's mild here. Decor and pub type is fairly typical for this part of Cambridge - quite understated and mellow.

17 Mar 2008 22:44

The St Radegund, Cambridge

Always good to discover a new pub experience - unless it's being told by the landlord where to stand. Being a grumpy sod and making customers feel unwelcome means no repeat custom from me.

17 Mar 2008 22:40

The Ruby Grand, Hammersmith

Visited this place yesterday - it's still a pub, but with a restaurant area at the back. I suppose it's pleasant enough if you like that sort of thing (wooden floorboards, large squashy sofas, low tables, candles), but I prefer some more spit and sawdust. They were selling London Pride and Deuchars IPA, so decent beers are available.

6 Mar 2008 23:57

Bill Nicholson, Tottenham

I visited on a matchday; pretty good atmosphere inside but the beers on offer are standard tap lagers / keg bitters and overpriced. Worth a visit if you're a Tottenham fan to take a look at the memorabilia, but there are better places to drink around WHL.

22 Feb 2008 22:05

Ye Olde Mitre Inne, Barnet

One of those old pubs where everything is dark wood, the floor slopes and you crack your head on the doorframe. Nice fire going and decent outside space - I was surprised it wasn't busier on a Sunday lunchtime. Found out why when I had the food - Sunday roast was average and the pudding was dubious. This is definitely a pub for drinking rather than eating - bear that in mind and you should enjoy your visit.

21 Jan 2008 12:23

The Hole in the Wall, Hull

This is in the Good Beer Guide for 2008, but after visiting I'm not sure why. It's an average pub that had three ales on (although there were more taps) and basic decor. Loses a mark for having the football on far too loudly; I don't object to pubs that show sport, but you shouldn't be able to hear the TV from one room in the next one when you're after a quiet drink.

14 Jan 2008 23:12

The Manchester Arms, Hull

I'd say this place falls squarely between the two other comments. I found it to be lacking in atmosphere and warmth, but didn't have a problem with the beer. However, there are much better pubs very close by, so this is only one to pick up as part of a crawl.

14 Jan 2008 23:05

The Elephant Inn, North Finchley

Ideal if you like a quiet pint or two and Fuller's ales kept in top condition.

2 Jan 2008 23:11

The Old White Lion, East Finchley

I made my first visit on New Year's Eve, and was very impressed. Food was excellent and they had a choice of six ales (and I don't class 2.80 a pint as sky high). I'd certainly come here again if I was in the area.

2 Jan 2008 23:09

The Good Intent, Rochester

Beer served directly from the barrel is the main attraction here. As other people have said, worth going to this place along with the Man of Kent if you're in Rochester.

2 Dec 2007 23:05

The Man of Kent Ale House, Rochester

Excellent selection of obscure local ales, and a wide range of interesting looking ciders. Well worth seeking out.

2 Dec 2007 23:02

The Lost Hour, Greenwich

Can't say I enjoyed this place on a Saturday night - but I probably would have done when I was a student.

NB - the range of beer is not very good.

14 Oct 2007 13:01

No 2 Baker Street, Stirling

Seven real ales available - probably the biggest range in Stirling. The decor is fairly bland - this used to be a Hogshead and still has that chain pub feel about it.

30 Sep 2007 22:00

Nicky-Tams Bar and Bothy, Stirling

I'd strongly recommend the quiz if you're around on a Sunday night. The pub appears to be built into an old cellar and is an interesing building - shame they serve a dismal range of beers.

30 Sep 2007 21:59

Rosemary Branch, Cherry Hinton

It appears that the pub had caught fire last year, and was closed for renovations. I'm pleased to say that it's now back open - there's a modern feel to the inside which seemed slightly out of place, but the beer garden at the back is a pleasant place to sit. Only one real ale on, but it was a good pint of Bombardier.

9 Sep 2007 22:13

The Earls Court Tavern, Earls Court

Contrary to the previous review, this pub was very much open when I visited on Saturday. It's ok but nothing special - they do serve a choice of three real ales though.

15 Aug 2007 00:04

The Courtfield, Earls Court

No real ale available and the pub doesn't look like it's cared for by the staff or customers. You would do a lot better by going just up or down the road.

15 Aug 2007 00:00

Yates's, Hull

To quote from Apocalypse Now:

'The horror, the horror...'

30 Jul 2007 21:02

The Wellington Inn, Hull

Cracking stuff - they have at least eight real ales on tap, proper cider and perry for those who like that sort of thing and a fridge with lots of rare Belgian, German and Czech beers. It's also less than ten minutes walk from the train station, so there's no excuse not to go here if you should ever find yourself in Hull.

30 Jul 2007 21:00

The Spread Eagle, Shoreditch

Bewildering decor - sat on a table featuring a church pew and two stools that appeared to come from a Parisian prostitute's boudoir. As seems typical of this area, poor choice of beer and pricy with it.

25 Jul 2007 00:01

Anda Da Bridge, Shoreditch

Expensive beer, poor choice, grim toilet and took far too long to get served food. Not at all recommended.

24 Jul 2007 23:58

The Cricketers, Orpington

Very nice beer garden - well worth a visit in the summer. Beer was ok, but I'm not a big fan of either Adnams or 6X. Certainly the nicest pub I found in Orpington.

15 Jul 2007 11:29

The Oak, Bromley

It's nice enough with a lot of space inside; a bit of a locals pub but given the location that's to be expected. Probably don't get through the ales very quickly as the Young's I was served had turned into vinegar; got it changed for a pleasant Spitfire though.

15 Jul 2007 11:20

The King William IV, Mickleham

Beer very good and location excellent. Food was nice if expensive, but it's probably what you'd expect to pay for in this area. Best to pick a day when it won't rain as there's not a lot of room inside.

12 Jul 2007 22:46

Bootys, Limehouse

Right next door to the Grapes (so views are excellent), but there are only two beers available and my London Pride was definitely on the turn. This isn't a bad pub by any means, but I'd go to the Grapes every time instead of here.

17 Jun 2007 23:21

The Grapes, Limehouse

Very cosy small pub with a great location by the Thames (although there's not much room on the balcony) - beers were very well kept with five on offer. Definitely the best pub on the north bank of the river for a very long way.

17 Jun 2007 23:19

The Cock and Woolpack, City Of London

Was in here yesterday and also got a duff pint, but the bar staff were happy to change it. It's a pleasant pub and worth a visit as you don't see Shepherd Neame ales that often in the City.

14 Jun 2007 23:00

Ye Olde Nags Head, Castleton

I stongly recommend the all you can eat carvery - just what you need after a day's walking. Beer selection was ok if unspectacular.

10 Jun 2007 21:27

The Poachers Arms, Hope

It's clearly had a lot of money spent on it, but the current look struck me as being clinical and more a place to eat than drink. Having said that, they did have three ales on offer and there was nothing wrong with the beer.

10 Jun 2007 21:24

The Old Hall Inn, Hope

Had a nice pint in here yesterday - the barman was very friendly. It does fall down with its beer garden, as this is just a patio and rather too close to the main road running through the village.

10 Jun 2007 21:22

The Monsal Head Hotel, Monsal Head

Very nice pub in a lovely setting. Beers were very good (with a big range on offer); food also good if perhaps a touch on the expensive side. There's not a great deal of space inside, so you may find yourself sat outside when the weather's a bit grim.

10 Jun 2007 21:20

The Library, Woodhouse

Shockingly grim. Aims squarely for the student market - if that's not you then you really should go over the road to the Pack Horse or Eldon.

28 May 2007 21:54

The Hyde Park, Headingley

A grim student pub with not enough staff and no decent beer (draught Tetley's does not count - the brewery's in the same town so why not cask Tetley's?). Cheap prices are the only redeeming factor.

28 May 2007 21:52

Becketts Bank, Leeds

It's a large city centre Wetherspoon's, so you should know what to expect and whether or not you like them. As a plus point, they were selling a good selection of unusual real ales.

28 May 2007 21:48

The Duck and Drake, Leeds

Cracking stuff - certainly the biggest range of real ales I found in Leeds. Just a pity there aren't more pubs like it in the town centre.

28 May 2007 21:45

Whitelocks, Leeds

A must-see if you're doing a pub crawl in Leeds - this place probably hasn't changed in the last hundred years. I'd also recommend this as a place to eat as the meals are in the 5-6 price range and hearty portions are served. Decent selection of beers, although as others have noted not all of the pumps were operational on my visit.

28 May 2007 21:43

Prince Of Wales, Leeds

Currently undergoing a renovation which has ripped out large chunks of the ceiling; will probably be very good once the decoration is complete. Nice selection of ales.

28 May 2007 21:40

The Adelphi, Leeds

Decor is impressive and worth visiting for that alone. I couldn't fault the beer and food for quality (although only two real ales on offer), but this place is noticeably more expensive than other pubs in Leeds. If that doesn't bother you, this place is definitely one to go to. It's also conveniently placed on your way back from the Royal Armouries.

28 May 2007 21:38

Arch One Bar and Grill, Waterloo

Beer choice is Beck's, Beck's or Beck's. The combination of this, high prices and some truly pisspoor music being played at high volume (on a Tuesday!) means I won't be returning.

23 May 2007 22:41

The Water Poet, Shoreditch

The layout of the pub is very good, but I'm concerned about the quality of the beer. My pint of Landlord's was faintly dubious, and my friend's Beck's wasn't so hot either. Sort that out and this will be a cracking place.

19 May 2007 23:41

The Porters Lodge, Monument

Pretty grim really - beer was expensive and not kept well. Not surprised there was only one other person in there.

28 Apr 2007 12:21

The London Regalia, London Bridge

Great place to go when the weather's nice, although the smell isn't too pleasant at low tide. If the weather's bad, go somewhere else as the beer isn't up to much.

28 Apr 2007 12:20

The Oddfellows Arms, Keswick

Very long and narrow pub - first time I've seen a table with a sign taped on one side requesting that nobody sits there. Big beer patio out the back (it's not a beer garden as there's not a trace of grass). Beer was rather nice - I'd recommend the Sneck Lifter.

11 Apr 2007 23:01

Dog and Gun, Keswick

Very nice old building, with an extremely uneven floor and a staircase that doesn't go anywhere. The CAMRA rating seems to draw large crowds to it, and the beer was to the quality you'd expect. Slightly less choice then I was expecting, but my visit was over Easter when the whole town was very busy.

11 Apr 2007 22:58

Keswick Lodge Hotel, Keswick

Could do better - the place has a cluttered feel to it and was rather hot and smoky on my visit. They did serve Jennings dark mild though, which gives them an extra mark.

11 Apr 2007 22:55

Bank Tavern, Keswick

My favourite out of the twelve pubs I visited in Keswick. Beer was very good and the biggest range I found; didn't eat the food but given the way the group next to me scoffed it down I'd say that was very good too.

11 Apr 2007 22:54

Theatre by the Lake, Lakeside

This is not a pub, but the bar of the local theatre.

11 Apr 2007 22:52

The Cambridge, Soho

Agree with the previous comment - five real ales on offer and no blaring music. You probably wouldn't want to spend the entire evening here, but it's a good place to meet people if this is the area you're heading to.

29 Mar 2007 18:56

The Crown And Two Chairmen, Soho

I liked this place - they're clearly trying to sell the expensive foreign lagers but they also offered three real ales and the devilwater that is real cider. Barman was very friendly and the decor looked ok to me. It doesn't have decent ventilation though, so it was rather smoky downstairs. Prices were average for central London.

29 Mar 2007 18:50

The Old Angel Inn, Nottingham

For those about to rock!

20 Mar 2007 22:40

The Fort St George, Cambridge

The beer range must have been expanded since the last comment - they had five ales on offer plus a real cider yesterday. I ate here and felt that the food was ok but overpriced for what it was, but that applies to quite a few places in Cambridge. The building has loads of character, and the views of river on one side and meadow on the other are excellent. Definitely worth coming here for a few drinks.

11 Mar 2007 18:00

The Green Dragon, Cambridge

Very nice pub - they're a Greene King house but they had three guest ales on offer, which makes a nice change in Cambridge. The beer garden is over the road, but is on the riverside and must be a lovely spot in summer. Some very old beams inside helping to hold the ceiling up add to the atmosphere.

Clearly a popular place as I visited at 12:20 on a Saturday lunchtime and there were only a couple of tables left.

11 Mar 2007 17:52

The Hatchet, Mansion House

This is your typical City real ale boozer, but the beer I had was of very good quality. I'd say it's worth a visit if you're in the area.

11 Mar 2007 17:49

The London Stone, Cannon Street

This pub is very different to your typical city boozer. I can't say I care for the horror theme myself, and the lack of real ale is a disappointment, but if you're a goth who happens to work in the City and get a train home from Cannon Street, it's the place for you.

11 Mar 2007 17:47

O'Donoghues, Shepherds Bush

You get spit, you get sawdust and you also get a bunch of Father Jack Hackett lookalikes sat at the bar. If you're familiar with the pubs in this area then you'll already know if this sort of place appeals to you. I'd rather go to this place than somewhere like the Bushranger, but others will violently disagree.

7 Mar 2007 20:54

The Hen and Chicken, Bedminster

Plenty of TV screens on offer, so ideal if you want to watch some sport. If you want a decent beer in pleasant surroundings, best to choose somewhere else.

7 Mar 2007 20:51

The Avon Packet, Southville

Pleasingly retro decor in this place that extends to the prices - nice to get change from 4 when ordering a couple of pints - and free bar snacks.

Front room is pretty much a corridor, but does give you the opportunity to admire an immense selection of key rings and dinky cars. There's more room at the back and the opportunity to watch Sky. Only one ale on offer when I visited, so I'd recommend the Thatcher's cider.

7 Mar 2007 20:49

Lambrettas Bar, Bath

Unusual for a theme bar like this to offer decent real ales - worth a visit as it's one of the first places you'll stumble across if you've come in by train.

7 Mar 2007 20:47

The Huntsman Inn, Bath

This is one of those pubs that has a splendid town centre location, but relies on this to draw in trade rather than making the interior or the drinks on offer nice. I'd recommend finding somewhere else to drink.

7 Mar 2007 20:45

The Old Green Tree, Bath

Very nice real ale pub. It's split into three small rooms, so you're unlikely to get a much space on a busy night, but well worth visiting anyway.

However, severe punishment involving a carp awaits those who smoke...

7 Mar 2007 20:41

The Greyhound, Cambridge

The interior of this pub was so unpleasant that I decided to sit outside, even though it's on a busy road junction. I would not recommend drinking here at all.

7 Feb 2007 00:11

The Bird In Hand, Cambridge

I visited on Sunday, and it is now neither camp nor gay. What it is is a fairly basic one room pub with a couple of screens showing sport, a pool table and two real ales on offer. It's ok, but you can find better places not too far away.

7 Feb 2007 00:09

The Banker, Cannon Street

Large pub underneath a railway bridge - typical range of Fullers' beers, which I found in excellent condition. I'd guess the beer garden with riverside views comes into its own in the summer.

25 Jan 2007 20:57

The White Hart, West Norwood

Plenty of south London grit to be had in here, if that's what you like...

7 Jan 2007 19:52

The Hope, West Norwood

Decent Young's pub - if you've been to a few of these you'll know what to expect. Staff were very friendly; they gave me a free whisky but I'm not sure this is extended to all visitors. Worth a visit if you're in the area.

7 Jan 2007 19:49

The Horns, West Norwood

A sad lack of real ale lets this place down; otherwise it would be a decent local.

7 Jan 2007 19:47

The Only Running Footman, Mayfair

Went in at the weekend before Christmas and I couldn't really recommend it - very expensive menu and beer wasn't up to much.

3 Jan 2007 18:21

The Hoop and Grapes, Aldgate

A big place for the City, and surprisingly cheap given the area it's in. Nothing particularly distinguished about the place, but nothing wrong with it either.

31 Dec 2006 12:43

The Still and Star, Aldgate

It's a bit dingy, but that suits the establishment. Beer was good, which is the important thing. Also bigger than the typical pub in the area, with plenty of room to spill outside, so you're not going to feel squashed.

31 Dec 2006 12:37

The Baron of Beef, Cambridge

It's OK, but I'd suggest a quick walk across the bridge to the Pickerel instead.

4 Oct 2006 21:01

The Southwark Rooms, Southwark

It's a trendy bar - obviously some people like it as it was pretty full when I visited it - but not really to my taste. I'd recommend a short walk to the Lord Clyde instead.

29 Sep 2006 22:52

The Lord Clyde, Borough

Very nice indeed - it's been run by the same family for 50 years and it has that friendly feel to it. Five real ales on offer - a classic 'old school' pub.

29 Sep 2006 22:50

The Belgian Monk, Norwich

They have about 30 Belgian bottled beers for sale, plus another ten or so on draught. The beers are pricey, but no more so than in other pubs that offer them. I visited at 10:15 on a Saturday night and didn't have any problems getting served or a seat.

24 Sep 2006 22:29

The Steam Packet, Norwich

It's a small Adnams tied house. Beer was reasonable, but music was too loud. It has a beer garden at the front, but as this pub is on the ring road the sound of traffic dominates.

24 Sep 2006 22:26

Compleat Angler, Norwich

Atmosphere and service isn't up to much, but the outside seating by the river is good. Five real ales are available, which is a plus.

24 Sep 2006 22:23

The Swan, Bank

This is an excellent little pub tucked away from Gracechurch Street. Beer is very well looked after and the building has plenty of charm. Well worth going to.

24 Sep 2006 22:14

The Star Inn, Bath

Excellent stuff - this is a classic Victorian pub with lots of small rooms and wild west style swing doors on the toilets. Can't fault the beer either.

11 Sep 2006 23:25

The Bell, Bath

Poor beer? Shurely shome mishtake.

11 Sep 2006 23:24

The Orchard, Shirley

They have Harvey's Sussex Best on tap - who needs Fosters?

11 Sep 2006 23:22

The Parchmore Tavern, Thornton Heath

It has a massive screen for sport, and that's the only plus point.

3 Sep 2006 21:56

The Fountain Head, Thornton Heath

It's a below average Young's pub - but above average for the area.

3 Sep 2006 21:53

The Prince Regent, South Kensington

It's now rather bland inside, but their food is good and the ale was acceptable. More a pub to take your parents to lunch to, then to have an evening out with your mates. It's quite expensive, but that's explained by the area you're drinking in.

28 Aug 2006 12:14

The Railway Tavern, Lower Sydenham

Small locals pub, with a very big screen for football and the biggest range of nuts I've seen. Handy for the station, which is always a good thing if you find yourself in Sydenham.

28 Aug 2006 12:11

The Place House Tavern, Catford

I'd agree that this place is in a timewarp - that certainly applies to the baize on the pool table, which must have had twenty years use! I visited at 3pm on a Saturday and doubled the clientele - maybe it picks up in the evenings.

28 Aug 2006 12:08

The Ladywell Tavern, Ladywell

It's an average pub for this part of London - no reason to avoid it but no real reason to visit either.

28 Aug 2006 12:05

The Jolly Farmers (ex jordan), Lewisham

This place is a major improvement on the typical pubs in Lewisham / Catford. Well-kept ales and a pleasant beer garden - worth a visit if you're in the area

28 Aug 2006 12:04

Rosemary Branch, Cherry Hinton

This pub has now been closed down.

20 Aug 2006 20:24

The Crown and Sceptre, Fitzrovia

Beer selection is unusual, but certainly not amazing. They favour lagers, fruit and wheat beers over bitter, and to be fair, the pricing is reasonable considered to what other places may charge. There were 12 beers on tap yesterday; not sure about the bottles.

12 Aug 2006 18:39

The Anchor Tap, Tower Bridge

The ale is dead cheap, but it doesn't taste of much at all. Sam Smith's bitter is fine coming from a cask, but not out of a smoothflow. The pub itself is reasonable, although split into five small rooms which I guess would be how it was originally laid out.

12 Jul 2006 21:41

The Bridge House, Tower Bridge

Excellent Adnams ales. It is a smart place, but why let that put you off? The bar staff were pleasant enough yesterday.

29 Jun 2006 20:31

The Bay Horse, Hull

It's ok in here - they only do Bateman's ales which you may find tiring after a while. Worth combining this pub with a trip to The Whalebone up the road.

25 Jun 2006 22:59

The Whalebone, Hull

This is very much a locals pub, being in the middle of an industrial estate and firmly off the beaten track, but well worth a visit. They brew their own beers on site (which I found pleasant, but not spectacular) and also do at least two more guest ales and real ciders at very reasonable prices. A range of bottled Belgian beers is also available, and they claim to sell food at 'any time'. Decor is very much old photographs of Hull, and they show sport in a non-intrusive manner; screens are there for those who want to watch it but you're not blasted by the commentary.

25 Jun 2006 22:57

The Jubilee, Cambridge

Yipes. It's got two pool tables, and that's pretty much all it has going for it. I suggest a swift walk around the corner to the Empress.

19 Jun 2006 23:56

The Gipsy Hill Tavern, Upper Norwood

To quote my mate, 'this could be a really nice pub if it wasn't for the people who drink in it'. The lack of real ale doesn't help matters either.

11 Jun 2006 23:31

The Mansion, Gipsy Hill

It's pleasant enough, and the beer garden at the back is very nice, but all rather expensive as they're aiming for an upmarket crowd. 2.90 for a pint of bitter and 9.50 for a burger?

11 Jun 2006 23:29

The Ship And Crown, St Peter Port

For the CAMRA pub of the year on Guernsey, this place is a bit of a disappointment. It's ok, but it has none of the old world charm you might expect. Had some decent Old Speckled Hen there, but the choice of beer isn't that expansive.

29 May 2006 23:41

The Mermaid Tavern, Herm Island

It's pleasant enough - and if you're on Herm you don't have a great deal of choice (abstinence?)...

29 May 2006 23:39

The Old Duke, Bristol

You get to relive your student days here through being served in plastic glasses. Apart from that faux pas, it's worth visiting.

12 May 2006 23:26

The Hillgrove Porter Stores, Bristol

Tucked away on a sidestreet, but well worth seeking out for the large range of beers. It makes a handy pair with the nearby Hare on the Hill.

12 May 2006 23:21

The Eldon House, Bristol

Had a splendid lunch here on Sunday - highly recommended as a place to eat. The beer is from the Bath Ales brewery, and is reasonable.

12 May 2006 23:20

The Brackenbury, Shepherds Bush

Soulless and not a place I'd return to. However, I would recommend a quick look at the secondary door to the gents, which appears to have had someone thrust through it head first in true cartoon fashion.

23 Mar 2006 00:05

The White Hart, Crystal Palace

I agree with what everyone else has said; this pub is very impressive. There are 18 beers on draught (including some quite obscure continental ones), plus three real ale taps which I was told get changed every week. Well worth calling in.

15 Mar 2006 21:39

The Railway Hotel, West Wickham

Much of the pub is non smoking; take that as you will. Reasonable choice of beers, with guest beers, but no games. Pleasant for families and codgers. Make up your own mind if you fall into that description.

8 Feb 2006 23:50

Wheatsheaf, West Wickham

Not as pikey as other people make out. Not that great either, but you could do worse if you're in West Wickham. Pool tables, quiz machine and lots of screens, and staff up for a laugh too.

8 Feb 2006 23:48

The White Hart, West Wickham

Could do much better considering the size of the facilities available and the location. Half of the taps were off when we went there; if they had a good selection of ales then these guys could do a lot more business. Didn't stint on the heating though, which was welcome in February.

8 Feb 2006 23:46

The George, Hayes

Your standard chain pub that wants people to eat there, rather than drink. No point going back a second time unless you want to try out the food.

8 Feb 2006 23:43

The Beacon, Hayes

The best thing there was the barmaid. Very sexy, quite flirty and the best thing we found in Hayes. If more people knew she was there more people would go to the pub.

8 Feb 2006 23:42

Henry's Cafe Bar, Bromley


28 Jan 2006 18:03

The Duke Of Clarence, South Norwood

The only pub I've been in that has free play table tennis for the customers. Which is the only reason to go there.

3 Jan 2006 23:46

Oceans Apart, Norwood

Frankly bizarre - what's a bar like this doing in a grotty road in South Norwood? Quite where they're going to get the custom an expensive place like that needs in that area I don't know. Soulless inside, but patio area at the back is quite nice.

3 Jan 2006 23:44

Joiners Arms, Belgravia

This pub has undergone a transformation and is now called The Thomas Cubitt. It's effectively a posh pub where you go to eat, rather than drink. Now down to one real ale, although it was a well-kept Old Speckled Hen. Food is pricey and I didn't have any.

30 Dec 2005 20:55

The Snowdonia Parc Free House, Waunfawr

Can't agree with Cleversaz. It's not a pretty building, but the food I had was fine and they had excellent beers on offer, and those are the most important things. The ambience / locals inside the pub were fine too.

7 Dec 2005 20:26

The Oxon Priory, Shrewsbury

Inoffensively bland. Really a pub for those who want a cheap meal than those after decent beers.

5 Dec 2005 21:26

The Huntsman, Eridge Green

A traditional old country pub - good ales and menu looked excellent (although I didn't sample anything from it). Also a very large (30+) selection of wines. My only fault would be that it's a little cramped inside.

12 Nov 2005 19:40

Ye Grapes, Mayfair

I like this place - decent selection of ales including some direct from the barrels, which is pretty rare for London. Plenty of stuffed animals for those who like that sort of thing too...

9 Nov 2005 20:08

Ye Olde Dolphin Inn, Derby

Certainly the nicest pub I found in Derby.

25 Oct 2005 21:43

The Cricketers, Mitcham

Best beer that I found in Mitcham, but not a great deal else to commend the place (unless you're a fan of black and white photos of old cricketers).

14 Sep 2005 20:10

The Kent House Tavern, Penge

Contained a large selection of juvenile drug dealers on my one and only visit. You have been warned...

10 Sep 2005 23:24

The Old Bell, Old Oxted

Was served a dismal pint of bitter, and my mate got vigourously foaming lager. This pub seems very much aimed for people who want food, rather than some decent beer. If you're not eating I suggest giving this place a miss and heading for The George just down the road.

10 Sep 2005 23:14

The Albert Tavern, South Norwood

This pub is hidden away on a council estate, but I was pleasantly surprised by the interior. Decent bitters available, food looked good (though I didn't partake) and all in all a well run locals pub.

23 Aug 2005 23:31

The Hole In The Wall, Waterloo

Ideal if you want to get away from All Bar One type blandness (and like listening to trains thundering overhead).

3 Aug 2005 22:11

The Maple Tree, Penge

You could do much worse than this place in Penge (The Golden Lion over the road for example). Bitter was limited to the usual Young's / London Pride, but tasted pretty good. Decor appears to be unchanged since 1974 or thereabouts.

5 Jul 2005 21:25

The King and Queen, Caterham

Small Fullers' pub. Pleasant inside and served fine ales.

15 Jun 2005 20:53

The Caterham Arms, Caterham

Scruffy pub for local chavs. No decent beer and not recommended.

15 Jun 2005 20:48

The Rutland, Chesterfield

Did a big crawl around the centre of Chesterfield and this was by far the best place I found. Lots of real ales, good food and good atmosphere in the evening.

4 May 2005 22:40

Blue Pig Inn, Grantham

Old sixteenth century inn - plenty of atmosphere and real ale. Not to be missed if you're in Grantham, and well worth eating in as they do god cheap food.

4 May 2005 22:39

The Jolly Woodman, Beckenham

I really like this pub - you'll almost certainly have to stand in the winter but the beer garden is good and there's definitely something to be said for a pub that doesn't appear to have been refurbished in forty years. Often serves Harvey's Sussex Best which is a lovely pint.

14 Mar 2005 22:17

The Clockhouse, Beckenham

This is definitely one to avoid; the only good point is a large screen but I'd really recommend finding somewhere else to watch the match.

14 Mar 2005 22:15

The Bricklayers Arms, Beckenham

It's a bit of a dump, but the Young's is good and there isn't another pub in Beckenham that regularly serves it.

14 Mar 2005 22:13

The Coopers Tavern, Burton-Upon-Trent

Absolutely unique pub built into the back room of someone's house! This place acts as the tap for the Bass brewery so you can't get your pint any fresher. Big choice of other beers and very friendly staff; didn't eat there but the food looked excellent.

14 Mar 2005 22:08

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