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Bridge, Bracknell

Please refer to communication below to Greene King for my latest opinion;

I have visited this pub several times. Due to it being just about the only pub within walking distance of my workplace, I unfortunately don’t really have an alternative. The building up of angst over several years and it’s achievement in never failing to disappoint has finally compelled me to write
The “pub” has a dartboard. In order to play darts, the following items are generally needed; a dartboard, darts, lights, chalk & a cloth. I’d say this is quite basic knowledge, especially for a landlord. However, the likelihood of all these items being available at the same time is akin to that of Halley’s Comet being visible from Earth
Chalk seems to be a particular problem. Despite repeated requests, it’s high cost (64p for a box of 12 sticks on Amazon. 64p!!!! Can you believe it???) and it’s scarcity in Berkshire (it must be nearly 100 yards to the nearby shop I tell you) precludes a stick from ever being held behind the bar
Not many people play darts, so bring your own, the ever helpful staff behind the bar say. Thanks for that. If there isn’t that many people drinking wine, will I need to bring my own wine glass to enjoy a drop?
It might be worth considering that not many people play darts there because they simply can’t. I reckon there wouldn’t be that many people playing pool either if there were no balls or cues or if they had to play in the dark
The budget for its “refurb” at the back of end last year also appeared to fall just short of the cost of 2 light bulbs. The cost of the garish wallpaper in the darts corner which makes you feel slightly queasy was well within but 2 new bulbs to light up the board? No chance. That’ll take an extra 2 months. Until then, you can just play when the sun’s out
If they don’t want people playing darts there, then get rid of the board. I personally very much enjoy a game of darts and disposing of the board gives me one less reason (well, the last reason to be frank) to visit said establishment
I have a long list built up over the years of how this pub has failed and disappointed me. On my most recent visit, the person serving my drink referred to it as “disgusting”, which was charming. I wonder how they’d react in a restaurant if a waiter referred to their choice of dish in the same manner. The dart board though remains a particular bugbear. How I yearn for the husband and wife team that were running it back in 2009…
Yours sincerely,
D.Gruntled (Royal Berks.)
P.S. Amazon deliver as well

1 May 2014 16:01

The Lord Nelson, Ipswich

Been here couple of times prior to going to football. Found it perfectly acceptable. Think there were 4 Adnam's being served direct from the barrel. Ghost Ship was very good. Ate here once and had no problem. Only slight negative I can find is sometimes tricky to get to the bar to get served. Like the long wooden tables

6 Jan 2014 12:48

Swan Inn, Arborfield

Stumbled upon this whilst visiting nearby Lockey's farm. Very nice, traditional inn (established 1661). We were there on a Thursday lunchtime and were only customers. Landlady friendly and talkative. Had Doombar. 2 rooms to pub. Can imagine it wouldn't take many to get crowded. Food spot on and all home made. Unfortunately, tenancy changing on January 13th due to increased rent. Didn't get positive "vibes" about new landlord coming but 2 sides to every story I suppose. Hope they don't change it too much

6 Jan 2014 12:43

The Sun, Richmond

Assume you mean Manchester Bernie but no, I don't. My name on here and locations of other reviews I've done should tell you where my footballing loyalties lie

Found this fitting quote for you regarding the use of capital letters for emphasis;
"Over-use of capital letters has the opposite effect to what your friend seeks -- it risks making him look childish. In fact, in the Winnie-the-Pooh books, this is exactly what A.A. Milne does to emphasise the naivety of the boy and his toys"

26 Apr 2013 11:10

The Triple Plea Inn, Halesworth

A bit odd. We went there to sit in the garden as thought it'd be nice for our child. Barmaid told us it was a bit windy outside though and she'd let the grass get a bit long so we weren't allowed. Bear in mind, it was a sunny April day. She was helpful otherwise but did have a strange manner about her

Nice enough inside I suppose. Sat in conservatory. Very few other customers. Wouldn't go out of your way to visit here and would maybe take a lawnmower if you do visit

19 Apr 2013 16:21

The Kings Head (Low House), Laxfield

Cannot find fault with this pub and can only echo previous comments. Also worth noting the certificate on the wall from the National Inventory of Historic Pub Interiors, certifying that it "has been included on CAMRA's national Inventory in recognition of the outstanding historic importance of its little-altered interior". Never knew such an inventory existed. Would be interested in knowing what other pubs are on it

Staff & other drinkers were friendly, couldn't have been more welcoming and couldn't do enough to help us with our 8 month old child. A good pie too

19 Apr 2013 16:16

The Iron Duke, Crowthorne

Wine bar rumours have re-surfaced. Sort of heard opposite to previous in that there is a covenant in place in that it can only be used as a licensed premise

12 Apr 2013 10:14

Duke of York, St Johns Wood

More of a candelit restaurant than a pub. Staff seemed friendly enough until 2300. The sound of the bell hadn't even finished resonating in my ears when the doors were flung open to the sub zero temperatures outside and stools were stacked up on tables around our ears. Disgraceful. Avoid

10 Apr 2013 15:21

Molly's Millars, Wokingham

I’d heard only negative things about this pub, “rough” and “chavvy” being two of them. I also visited this place many years ago and was of same opinion when I left. However, I recently went in here on a Wednesday evening to watch a football match. Had originally planned to go to another pub at other end of town but the proximity of this place to the station meant we had to have a look. Admittedly, initial impression was the above but after asking someone where nearest cashpoint was (one in there was broken), I discovered they were a polite and friendly crowd. Is perfect for watching football with the main pull down screen and smaller TV’s scattered around (some will see as a negative). Was good atmosphere, nice bunch of people, and prices not too bad either. I was on Guinness and can’t remember the score regarding real ales. Has dartboard too. Not somewhere you’d go out of your way to visit, but done a job, is on the station’s doorstep and maybe has a reputation that isn’t quite deserved

19 Mar 2013 10:39

The Romany Inn, Bampton

Agree with the Mallard that it does have a hotel bar/restaurant feel it. Like a slighty old-fashioned, dated hotel you'd get on the seafront maybe. Has a certain charm I feel though. Thought I shouldn't like this place, but there was something about it. Can't quite put my finger on it. Landlord and landlady both very nice and friendly & the landlord's beard is worth a look. We partook in a Sunday roast which was fantastic and with healthy portions. Homemade desserts on offer too. My wife thought it the best she'd ever had in a pub. Young lad behind the bar could be a bit more attentive towards his customers. If you're in Bampton and want to eat, could do a lot worse. Can't recall any hand pumps, only John Smith's Extra Smooth. I was driving mind, so didn't pay much attention

11 Mar 2013 11:56

The Morris Clown, Bampton

First class. No food, no music, no machines. Just friendly locals, a huge open log fire, some dogs and interesting paintings and articles on walls to amuse yourself with. TV is stood on some old beer crates but wasn't on when I visited. Dartboard, bar billiards and Aunt Sally all present. 3 ales on tap. I had the White Horse, which was nice. Difficult to find fault with this place, other than it's over an hour's drive from my house

11 Mar 2013 11:34

Red Lion, Chinnor

An interesting establishment. Beams, fireplace, brasses etc. All the stuff you'd expect to find in a proper alehouse. A homely and traditional feel to it. Quiet too. I visited with my wife at 1330 on a weekday afternoon and she asked if there was any food. There was, we were told, but they closed at 1400. Limited choice and landlord seemed to take offence when wife tried to order something which turned out to be a child's dinner. (She wasn't that hungry). Bit rushed as well as we were made only too aware they shut at 2. Felt like we were an inconvenience
Exactly my kind of pub but just think it could be slightly more welcoming for non-regulars
3 real ales on tap

8 Mar 2013 10:18

The Sun, Richmond

Mr Matthews. You’ve somehow seemed to miss the blindingly obvious sarcasm in my previous. I was never an MI5 agent. I was merely highlighting that I’d be very surprised if a genuine secret agent would sit on a bar stool in a sub-standard backstreet pub and tell an old sot like you all about it. You are even simpler than I first thought
I wouldn’t consider myself riff-raff, am not a surveyor, and have never been to Hatfield, nor any polytechnic or university. Maybe you should consider school though. They teach you how to spell there, as well as basic grammar
Your insults are different. I’ll give you that but PLEase GET thE CapS Lock KEy on your COMputer Fixed
I wish your establishment all the worst. I am a soccer fan so maybe I will come along and misbehave so you can at least be correct on one point

27 Feb 2013 21:52

The Bay Horse, Chelmsford

Don't be fooled by the pub sign and the sign that says this building belongs to "Chelmer Pubs". This is not a pub and if you have the audacity to treat it as such & go in just for a drink, expect to be banished to the draughty marquee attached to the side, with the gawdy, soft red lighting, as were when asked where we could sit. Unless the one table available to non-diners is free
Tried the Guinness and the Old Golden Hen and both were awful
A snippet of all that is wrong with pubs in this day and age

18 Feb 2013 13:46

Blue Pig Inn, Grantham

Stumbled across this whilst exploring an area of Grantham I never knew existed. Pub mentioned by name in the tourist blurb in front of the nearby large church. Was everything we wanted. Still quaint. Honest food. Nothing pretentious. Young lady behind the bar most pleasant and other clientele equally well behaved. Are two bars & think we were in what you would call the back bar (nearest the church). Only saw 1 pump with Hobgoblin but may have been more in other bar. Good pint though. TV on but no sound so could still talk. Get feeling they wo ld've turned up had you asked. A pleasant little surprise this establishment. Worth a visit

7 Jan 2013 12:06

The Shoulder of Mutton, Hartley Wintney

Superb. Been here twice now and impressed both times. Traditional with log fire, complete with dog asleep in front of it. Walls adorned with old photos and amusing nick-nacks. Were only 2 ales on though. Resolute, which I had and which was more than acceptable, although slightly on the cold side and an Adnams (I think). I had some pheasant, which was delicious. 5 other members of my party similarly impressed with both food and pub. Cows at bottom of garden who stare at you when you walk down there. Smell in the car park a little overbearing
Well worth the trip. Thoroughly recommended and service 1st class

22 Dec 2012 13:19

The Horse and Groom, Great Portland Street

Spent afternoon in here playing darts and can't fault it. Second time we've done this. Friendly barman and nice clientele

19 Dec 2012 16:13

The Ship, Fitzrovia

Not bad but nothing to write home about. Nice pint of Doombar and a nautical flavour to it, as you might expect from the name. Pet hate of mine though; Capital Radio playing in the background

19 Dec 2012 16:05

The Crispin, Wokingham

First class. Been here a couple of times. Once for a works do and once to play darts for the afternoon. A proper pub with great service and nice clientele. Bar billiards also available. Will have to dock one point though for not catching any sight of the eye candy

13 Dec 2012 17:01

The Crooked Billet, Wokingham

I wholeheartedly agree with Phil, in that this place is far more deserving than the current rating. Is split into 2 distinct and separate parts, the restaurant and the pub. This means the pub area remains very "pubby" and not overly "foody". Traditional looking place and a superb snug too, with various knicks-knacks to look at on the walls. Moderate selection of real ales and pleasant, knowledgable staff
Have been here solely to eat and solely to drink and impressed on both counts, as were rest of my party. Just a shame it's location means a drive the only feasible way to get here for most people

10 Dec 2012 15:14

The Prince, Crowthorne

I prefer not to frequent this place but when the in-laws were down for a few days, they wanted to treat us to a meal in here. Our party of 7 sat down, bought ales and a bottle of wine and spent a while perusing the menu under the full gaze of the gruff, young man behind the bar. Having all made our choices, I went to order the food, only to be told they had no steaks or fish, which pretty much rules out half the menu. I did ask if prawns were included in their definition of fish, only to be given a what can only be described as a "No. Don't be so stupid, you th*ck [email protected]@rd" look
Why oh why didn't you tell us before we spent 15 minutes deciding? No apologies so we left and went to Dom Beni's round the corner
On a previous visit, I went after a much heralded re-opening and a front page article in the local rag announcing the arrival of their 3D TV. Maybe it's changed I thought. So I invited a chum over from Camberley to watch the big match in there. The TV was broken though. Never fails to disappoint, although we did have nice chat with John Gorman
Pub is poorly laid out and there is also a very stereotypical, drunken Scot wearing tracksuit bottoms in there. Always on a mobile or smoking right next to the door on Dukes Ride
I can no longer find any positives to this pub. The staff appear rude and ignorant to all but the most hardy of regulars. Such a shame. Crowthorne deserves a decent pub but the British Legion continues to be the best place to enjoy a pint

10 Dec 2012 14:53

The Sun, Richmond

I haven’t been to this establishment for a couple of years but after reading recent comments, I cannot decide whether to continue avoiding as long as Bernard Matthews continues his resurrection from the dead there, or to go along to laugh at the gullible mug. I could meet the SAS man and regale him and Bernie with stories of my MI5 exploits as an undercover agent, saving the world. “Behaving like soccer fans”….. how horribly generalist. “Unwanted riff-raff”…. How welcoming to new customers. And what ‘s wrong with surveyors? Were you abused by one as a child? Oh Bernard, you disgusting, fat, red-faced inbred Norfolk runt. Your comments really aren’t great for business, I assure you

12 Nov 2012 15:02

The George On The Green, Holyport

Good first impressions when I walked in. Low beams and looked olde worlde. Some interesting Hotspur and boxing memorabilia displayed near the toilets and other various signed sporting photos dotted around. 3 real ales on offer; same as 2 years ago. Pride, Rebellion & another I forget the name of
Unfortunately, I was behind a group of 2 adults and 8 children, who must've been having a day out from their shoe, in the queue. The 3 barmaids behind the bar didn't seem too perturbed by my waiting though and took a few minutes to get served
There being a fair on the green, outside drinks were being served in plastic. Hate that but rules are rules and not pub's fault. Or so I thought. Another customer next tome had all their drinks served in glasses which they duly took outside. When I pointed this out, the barmaid asked the landlady if she should go and get them back. The landlady said no, I served them, I know them. I enquired if it was one rule for one and one rule for others, to which the po-faced old bint said yes, without even a hint of embarrassment or shame. I was gobsmacked
The pub then appeared to close in secret, much to the chagrin of the outside drinkers, with no warning or last orders called. No doubt the people drinking from glasses got a phone call or were paged to let them know
Holyport such a nice village and this put a spoiler on whole day. Obviously the staff here don't care too much for outside visitors
Belgian Arms far more welcoming

30 Sep 2012 00:07

The Lord Nelson, Southwold

Nice enough, Popped in for fish'n'schips, which were delicious. Gargantuan portions though. One portion was enough for me and my wife between us, Log fire. Dogs. Good selection of Adnam's and nice clientele. Was busy though and we had to wait for a table. That was on an overcast March Monday so heaven knows what it's like on an August Bank Holiday. Landlord appeared a bit grumpy. Worth a visit though

17 Apr 2012 19:18

The Harbour Inn, Southwold

Fantastic pub. Far more deserving than a 6.6. 300+ years old. Chairs seem to be made of old Adnam's barrels as they have various ales stamped on them. Wooden beams everywhere and a multitude of old photos and nautical nick-nacks to look at. Staff pleasant too and if you like fish, the fish selection on the menu is huge

17 Apr 2012 19:12

The Railway Inn, Saxmundham

Still closed and derelict. Still an improvement on the other 2 pubs I visited in Saxmundham though

17 Apr 2012 19:07

The White Hart Hotel, Saxmundham

Disappointing. Pine been put in everywhere. No character. Loud 50 somethings at bar. Irritating, One real ale on tap (Adnam's Classic I think). No hello or goodbye from the landlord

17 Apr 2012 19:06

The Coopers Dip, Saxmundham

This is an awful place. Occupied by loud, foul-mouthed miscreants and smells of marijuana, No real ale. Can't think of anything positive to say. Terrible. Would rate it lower than zero if I could. How it's scored 7.4 beggars belief

17 Apr 2012 19:02

Kings Arms, Honiton

Closed down

6 Aug 2011 10:47

The Iron Duke, Crowthorne

Still closed and standing empty. Wine bar rumoured now

11 Jan 2011 21:10

The Rose and Crown, Sandhurst

I would like to withdraw my previous comment about the obtrusive TV. If it was bothering me that much, then I should've just asked if it could be turned down slightly. I have no doubt the remote would have been available & the landlord has also subsequently sent me a message, which was also appreciated. Upped my rating accordingly

10 Jan 2011 23:35

The White Hart, Winkfield

Lovely old welcoming country pub. Popped in after a walk round local area. Real fire and proper grub. Slightly cramped or could be called cosy, depending on whether you are a glass half full or glass half empty kind of person. Think I had Guardsman ale from local Windsor brewery. Have no problem with this pub and would recommend it. Deserves far more than it's current rating and, although admittedly I don't have kids, if previously the management have spoken to customers about unruly children, then good on them. And if it is "caught in a 70's time warp" then good as well. Much better than having the flashing lights, Sky Sports, loud music trappings of a more contemporary public house

10 Jan 2011 23:19

The Porters Lodge, Monument

Above ordinary but not brilliant pub. Can't really think of much to comment on. Having said that, played some darts in here during a weekday afternoon and cannot fault it's dart's facilities. A real find in this age of dartboards becoming rarer and rarer. No sign of the 2 dollybirds in the photos though

3 Dec 2010 05:45

The Rose and Crown, Sandhurst

High quality traditional inn with old beer bottles everywhere & a real fire. Popped in for a Sunday roast and although a mountain of veg, disappointing amount of meat. A roast like your Gran would make. Still lovely though. Landlord, bar staff & other customers all very friendly and chatty. Only other criticism is that the TV was a bit loud and somewhat obtrusive. Could easily while away a whole afternoon in here

3 Dec 2010 05:37

The Chequers, Eversley

Can only concur twofold with everything tikkachick says. Staff so friendly, we left them a tip. Has a cracking log fire too

3 Dec 2010 05:26

The Plough And Harrow, Warfield

Been back again and still found this a decent place. New landlord just taken over and very personable. Widescreen TV on the wall, yet fairly unobstrusive still. Liked the fact landlord wouldn't allow the volume to be turned up. Do a good Sunday roast by all accounts and restauranty bit at back looks very nice

4 Nov 2010 22:41

Bridge, Bracknell

Management has changed again unfortunately. Early days yet but judging by their first Friday lunchtime going back towards bad old days of stupidly long waits and general chaos when trying to get served. Let's give them a chance though

22 Oct 2010 20:00

The Land of Liberty, Peace and Plenty, Heronsgate

Great selection of quality ales but when asking for a Guinness for my friend was told "we don't serve any of that sh#t in here". Fair enough but a "Sorry, we don't have any Guinness but would you like one of our ales?"would have been a bit more of a polite response. Lovely looking pub and well worthy of it's many awards I imagine but very much a locals establishment of the Barbour jacket brigade. Would ignore it's claims of having a dartboard, even if confirmed on phone. They do but will be very unlikely to be ever able to play on it. Sullen looking farmer type in world of his own didn't seem willing to shift up one space on his 6 seater table this time. Fantastic ales and fully approve of the mobile phone ban but after 2 visits, not finding it particularly welcoming

22 Oct 2010 19:45

The Stamford Arms, Lambeth

One I won't be frequenting again. Was refused service after having 5 pints and being told I had had too much. Not sure why. Was having lovely afternoon quietly playing darts in the corner. Bar staff were very amicable on the afternoon shift but Manager seemed to not show the same trait. Bit over the top making a pretend phone call to the police when friend asked if he could finish his drink before leaving. Is a shame as had brilliant time on our visit last summer chatting to landlord. Is a decent place but pipsqueak Manager turned it sour. Was never offensive too him or anyone in there or overly loud. Never mind. Just don't come here to enjoy yourself as may be asked to leave (won't get involved any subsequent reply posts saying I was probably off my head, abusive etc etc. I know we weren't but appreciate whatever I say won't persuade those who think otherwise). Bottoms up

18 Sep 2010 17:34

The Up'n'Under, Twickenham

Re-opened as "Coyotes". Seedy cowboy style bar with "gals" dancing on the bar. Encourage you to buy last drink 3 minutes before closing and then at 5 past are telling you to get out and offer you a plastic glass to take your remaining drink outside. 4 a pint. Probably as bad as it sounds but amusing nonetheless

9 Sep 2010 20:06

The Drummond, Guildford

Wikipedia has enlightened me Arbiter. Thank you kindly. Can I ask if there is a local connection?

13 Aug 2010 22:00

The Drummond, Guildford

Forgot to ask if anyone knows why it's called the Drummond and why a bulldog on the pub sign?

12 Aug 2010 19:41

The Drummond, Guildford

Not too bad. I also popped in whilst attending cricket across the road. Wouldn't call it a "proper" pub but good selection of drinks that you don't see very often, including Aspall's on tap. Young, studenty kind of clientele and busy for the Sunday night quiz. One complaint in that they served me a pint in an unstamped glass. Barmaid seemed to think I was being awkward when I questioned it but when it was poured into a genuine pint glass, it was well short. Didn't eat but menu looked good. Minus one point for the glass

12 Aug 2010 19:40

The Green Man, Hatton

It's alright. Can't blame the pub but if it and it's gardens were moved somewhere quieter would be very nice. Sitting in front garden, tend to get hit with a triple whammy of noise from aeroplanes, music & the annoying gate in the airline catering place across the road which squeaks or alarms everytime it opens (can't work out which it is). Don't know it's history but sure it must have one. Play area looks good (if you are a child) but didn't fancy drinking out of plastic. Nothing else in area. Am probably making it sound worse than it is

26 Jul 2010 21:58

The Three Horseshoes, Cheddington

Popped in for some lunch en route between Bedford & Wycombe on a Saturday lunchtime. Landlady been there for 16 years and barman for over 20 years. Both seem to care a great deal about the pub and proud of it and of it's heritage. 2 bars; one with wooden floors and lovely old photos. Very nice and "un-modern". Smaller bar to the left carpeted and more snug. Decking outside and large grassed garden with playground for kids. Ploughmans fantastic and some of the best beef we've ever had. All sourced locally (unlike Swan up the road). Stowford Press on draught. Well worth the visit. Some amateur pub reviewers had visited night previous to us and given it a rare (for them) 10/10. Only slight negative I can say is that it's on a busy road and slightly noisy outside

25 Jul 2010 18:43

The North Star, Ealing

Popped in for one. Average kind of place. Don't think they were serving at front bar again. Some people were propping it up which makes it difficult to ascertain whether they were or not. Is strange as this is the bar you see when you walk through front door. I can imagine a few thirsty people have been fooled into patiently standing there to no avail. Barman nice chap and have Aspalls on draught. As has been previously commented, music was a little loud. Quite a young "hip and trendy guys" kind of clientele. Didn't venture outside but was some seating in what appeared to be an alley next to it. Does a job if you're meeting someone from the tube station

22 Jul 2010 17:41

The George and Dragon, Burpham

Don't be fooled into expecting the ye olde 17th century English inn that the sign in Arundel suggests. A nice looking traditional exterior leads into a modernised restaurant, with a posh bit and a less posh bit. Lady running the place, whilst friendly to us (maybe a little over friendly), made us feel a bit uncomfortable with her condescending manner towards her staff. Good menu and enjoyed food, but don't expect pie and chips. My girlfriend had to send mussels back as most of them weren't cooked though. In their defence, they readily accepted this and didn't charge for them when they were brought back. Possibly OK if you want a meal out, but not if you want a village pub. Shame really, as is lovely village and deserves one. Girlfriend off work, sick, for 2 days after visit

20 Jun 2010 18:12

Crossbush, Arundel

It's a Beefeater and I'm not the biggest fans of Beefeater pubs, but this done a job. Staff were great and food was good. Clientele were fine, apart from maybe one exception, and although I would never have come here if I wasn't camping next door, I can't knock it

20 Jun 2010 17:45

The Shoulder of Mutton and Cucumbers, Yapton

Giving it a mark just for it's name, even if it is closed

20 Jun 2010 17:41

The Kings Arms, Arundel

Oldest pub in Arundel, so the sign says, and well worth a visit. Kind of a games area at the front with dartboard, jukebox and various board games scattered around. Back area more where your regulars gather round the bar and the impressive fire. Jukebox a little bit too dominating for our lunchtime visit, although if you liked your Dad's record collection (Pink Floyd, Status Quo, Meatloaf and the ilk), you'd have been well in. Seemed to ignore our selections when entered. Spent pleasant couple of hours playing darts and drinking Arundel Gold in this ever so slightly out of town pub, which was 10 times more of a pub than the other overly priced ones for the more pretentious tourists

20 Jun 2010 17:38

The Bull, Birmingham

Thank you for BITE for making me aware of this pub whilst I spent a week in Brum working and staying in an area apparently devoid of other establishments. A little oasis in a seemingly rundown area just off a very main road. A warm welcome from Rose to a pub split in 2, with a slightly raised level which was geared towards dining. Don't take this as a negative comment, but reminded me of a Grandmother's living room, with the walls adorned with ceramics and commerative china. The landlady would bring out meals to the regulars, who seemed as grateful for it as you would when going round to your Gran's for Sunday roast. Small garden out the back seemed very popular. Slightly overloud discussions & opining at bar from the regulars on topics of the day reminds you of how pubs used to be before big screens and flashing lights. Well worth a visit if alone in Birmingham on business

20 Jun 2010 17:27

Oak and Saw, Taplow

Looks promising from the outside and from the immediate surroundings but disappointed upon entering. Little bland and modern for my taste. The tables along with mothers and children gave the appearance of an upmarket cafe. Flat screen TV on the wall but not turned on, even on a Saturday afternoon (either have no TV and keep a semblance of an old traditional village inn or if you do have one then use it. Even with no sound). Reading back, making this place sound worse than it was. Barman was very good and it's not that bad. Just promised more before walking through the door. Good to see a St Georges Day menu being proffered though. Give it a go and then decide

4 Apr 2010 17:00

The Gold Cup, Ascot

Not bad. Contrary to previous comment, was packed when I visited. Darts match in one half and some West London team on TV in other half. Is small and made it feel somewhat pokey. More like a living room than a pub. Landlady is good and seems well run. Would like to visit again when number of clientele is a "normal size". Probably very nice

18 Mar 2010 18:57

The Plough And Harrow, Warfield

Went here for a darts match. Nice enough place I thought. Clientele ok, real fire and a dog. Landlady seems to know how to run the place and Arthur the barman bit of a character, although a little hard to understand sometimes. Food put on for the darts team was very good. Giving it 10/10, not because it deserves 10, but because it deserves far more than it's current rating of 3.3

17 Feb 2010 20:17

Royal Queen, Grantham

Wouldn't go out of your way to go here but it certainly does a job in an area bereft of any alternatives. Recently refurbished and split into 2 bars. One with dartboard, pool table and big screen with Sky sports. A little loud and probably inhabited by the younger types in evenings. Other side a pleasant lounge with another fairly big, quieter screen. Nice clientele. 2 x Everards bitter on pumps. Didn't sample but large menu on offer. Decent establishment. Large garden out back

10 Feb 2010 19:11

The Platform Tavern, Southampton

Visited here as an away fan prior to attending match at St Mary's. Not bad at all. Small but good selection of ales. A genuine pub with a bit of character. Was busy but still got served quickly. Sign of a well run establishment. Walked out of pub at 1430 straight on to a free bus right outside that dropped us off at the ground. Recommended and does seem very music orientated for the evenings

24 Jan 2010 22:13

The Wendover Arms, High Wycombe

Sandwich was nice I meant to say

17 Oct 2009 18:21

The Wendover Arms, High Wycombe

Stupidly cold pub unless you stand within a few feet of the real fire. Bizarrely, no seating around it. Decor appears to be some botched attempt to make it appear "modern and trendy". Horrible place. Sandwich was . 1 mark for that and 1 for the fire

17 Oct 2009 18:20

The Fox and Hounds, Chalfont St Giles

Popped in for a pitstop while walking from Amersham to Chalfont St Giles and back. Couldn't have picked a better place. Only wish we had more time. All you hope for in a small village pub. Found landlord friendly enough and had quite a chat with him. Didn't sample food but seemed popular and smelt lovely

7 Sep 2009 19:06

The Jolly Cricketers, Seer Green

Visited over Bank Holiday weekend on both the Saturday and Sunday and pleased to discover beer festival going on in the garden. 16 ales I think on offer from 3 local breweries along with homemade pork pie. Very amiable and knowledgable staff and whole pub had local feel to it. Cricket books, bats, photos etc interesting too, if you like cricket. A little gem of a pub this. Only negative I can add is that roast dinner was a little on the pricey side. Maybe over rating it slightly with my 10/10 but is much better than it's current rating suggests and deserves to be pushed up. Landlord of a nearby pub said The Cricketers had been turned round in the last months 12 or so

7 Sep 2009 19:00

Bridge, Bracknell

Have been frequent critic of this place but will say is worth giving it another go. New husband and wife team running it and as well as being genial and helpful, also actually know how to run a pub. Has had a 4 day refurb and while not massively different, is a definite improvement. More attention being paid to the real ales with the promise of traditional cider to come. Landlord knows his ales too and took the time to send me message on here to outline his plans for improvement

12 Jun 2009 19:14

The Parrot Inn, Forest Green

Disappointed with this place. Went on a Friday evening and full of rich types in 4x4 cars with loud exaggerated false laughs. Quaint old fashioned layout inside with it's low beams mean there is no escape. Offspring of one of the aforementioned types being sick in the front garden whilst sat at her table, much to everyone's hilarity (including hers), was probably the lowlight of the evening. Did have a pie in here, before above incident, which was very good, if a little overpriced. Butcher's shop inside was nice touch. Staff seemed to be overseas students. Bit of a shame really. Think if you changed the clientele, this would be a really nice place. (PS may be just me being naive and coming from a town, but was quoted 25 for a 1 mile cab ride. Stupidly dark roads to walk down. So take your 4x4)

1 Jun 2009 14:50

Bryces, Ockley

Didn't seem quite as restaurant-y as other comments led me to believe, although was quiet on my visit. Was divided in 2 and one section seemed like a fairly normal pub. Helpful staff, although they assume you want to eat. Was OK. Had a nice enough pint outside. Does smell of fish however. Sure it tastes very nice though

1 Jun 2009 14:39

The Inn On The Green, Ockley

OK I guess. Spacious inside, as in garden, with the pub dog wandering around. Has a "house music" evening on Friday nights which I was surprised to see in this area. Staff seem to be mostly young Antipodeans, some of whom could do with investing in a belt. Not bad although would say more family orientated than traditional. Wasn't being used on our visit but BBQ area out back and hog roast too I think. Wouldn't touch the pate again though. Worth a try, especially if with kids/grandparents in tow

1 Jun 2009 14:34

Cricketers Arms, Ockley

Concur with all of below, apart from the one who wouldn't leave his name. Traditional, cosy feel inside with bar billiards. One normal sized TV which, rather than being a constant overbearing noise as in most pubs, was on at a reasonable volume inthe background only when something was on that someone wanted to watch. May be wrong, but no Sky Sports either I think. Just terrestial channels. All good. Locals the kind of locals you'd hope to find in an establishment if this ilk and were 4 vintage cars parked up when we arrived. Garden in tip-top condition and away from road with a picturesque pond containing large fish including one called George (the largest) who was apparently caught by a local and donated. Staff friendly, helpful and knew how to run a bar. Hard to find any fault. I had a roast and it was fine too. Everything I'd hoped to find in a pub in a place such as Ockley

1 Jun 2009 14:27

Bryces, Ockley

Smells of fish

28 May 2009 22:49

The Iron Duke, Crowthorne

Sadly, is definitely closed down now, leaving limited choice in the village. Flats rumoured

22 May 2009 14:07

The Swan Inn, Swinbrook

Concur with chrismouse's comments from 2 years ago. Walked several miles through fields to get here to work up an appetite, only to discover they'd stopped doing food 20 minutes earlier than they'd told me on phone that very same morning. Not even a sandwich offered as others got food brought to thier tables some 15/20 minutes after we asked. Complaints heard from neighbouring tables regarding size and price of food they'd brought. Barely room to move inside with as much London tweed and as many kids as possible crammed in. To rub salt in the wounds, old photos on the wall of working men in flat caps teasingly remind you of what it used to be like. One thing I did like were the toilet signs. A hen for the ladies, a cock for the gents and a chicken in a wheelchair for the disableds. Tickled me even more when after relaying this information, my partner confessed to looking for a drawing of a male member on the door. Got lost on return journey and struggled through fields with electric fences and sheep. Was glad to get home, even if still hungry

8 Jan 2009 19:26

The Fox Inn, Great Barrington

Made a 6.5 mile round trip on foot to get here for a hearty meal and wasn't disappointed. Food and drink served all day. Is a racing pub with the horses on TV and racing pictures around the pub with a good mix of locals and visitors. One barman looked a little short so maybe a jockey. Are some gallops across the road. Is 15th century I think and would love to come back in summer to sip some cider in thier garden. Friendly dog too. Maybe stayed for one drink more than we should of, as took wrong turn on way home and ended up walking A40 in the dark

8 Jan 2009 19:09

The Masons Arms, Fulbrook

Another great find. Only disappointment is we didn't discover it until lunchtime on last day of our trip, due to it being closed over New Year period. Building is around 400 years old, being used as a pub for around 200 years, and is the ground floor of a house with some stairs in the middle. Blazing fire and no flashing lights or music to be heard or seen. No other customers either. Owner very personable and talks a lot. Did go on a bit and struggled to find an appropiate gap in his eulogy sometimes when needing to go to toilet.Or leave. Think he was just glad to have someone to talk too. Lovely pub though. Well worth a visit

8 Jan 2009 19:00

The Carpenters Arms, Fulbrook

A restaurant, not a pub. Think I heard this was under new management and refurbishment has destroyed any character this old building may have once had inside. Walk 5 minutes up the road to The Masons instead. Unless you're trying to impress a lady on a first date

8 Jan 2009 18:52

The Royal Oak, Burford

Sign outside reads "Not gastro, not retro, just a real pub. CAMRA recommended". There is no fruit machine, no quiz machine, no jukebox, no music. Fantastic. Bar billiards stuck away at the back in the corner is only concession. Had enjoyable few "frames" on there. Landlord (Gary) does come across a bit miserable at first but he was only too glad to explain a few of the finer points of bar billiards to us and is a very likeable chap once you talk to him. The other entertainment provided was trying to get a cork out of the bottom of a bottle with a piece of string. My companion managed this to a raptorous round of applause and strangely, the bottle had disappeared on the next visit. Also had pleasure of seeing in the New Year here. A small wireless was brought out for midnight and then every single customer (approx a dozen) wished every other one a happy new year, without fail. They do serve food here, but I sense begrudgingly. Quite a stir was caused when someone asked for mash with thier chop. Didn't eat but looked like decent, basic good food. If you want a proper old fashioned pub when eavesdropping on the locals discussions and then joining in is the entertainment, then is for you. Is shut in the afternoons, between 3-7 and was going to say this is all you can fault it on. However, I have a soft spot for the traditional hours. A rare treat just off the High St and first pub I'm giving 10 out of 10 to. Over 1000 Toby jugs hanging from ceiling by the way

8 Jan 2009 18:42

The Mermaid, Burford

Not sure about this one. Was on a rare forage for food and this was only place serving food during the afternoon. Upstairs cosy, as long as you're not too tall. Conservatory at back more like a playhouse with kids running around everywhere. Main bar OK. Good Ploughmans & nice ale

8 Jan 2009 18:24

The Rose and Crown, Isleworth

Is open again now. Sorry

6 Jan 2009 15:57

The Lamb Inn, Burford

Lovely interior with what looks like original floor. Think this is 15th century. Roaring real fire and would love to sample some cider in the garden one day. Didn't notice a giant hike in price of the ale and was offered in a jug or glass, which is always nice to see. 2 staff on duty, one from Eastern Europe. Both helpful though. English a one little too helpful even. Bit over zealous. Seems to be frequented by 2 kinds of clientele. Caring, elderly gentlefolk & Tim "nice but dim" characters, who struggle to walk 2 yards to the bar to place an order and would rather wait for one of the aforementioned staff to pass by). Room for improvement but thumbs up from me (NB told the decoration in the ladies consists of alarming black wallpaper with yellow birds, akin to a scene from The Birds. The worse type of birds too)

6 Jan 2009 15:54

The Golden Pheasant, Burford

... and that's The Angel, not Nagel, before any fish pick me up

6 Jan 2009 15:44

The Golden Pheasant, Burford

Only pub in Burford that's open where a non-resident can get a drink on New Year's Eve afternoon without a ticket. Don't usually eat but ate here New Year's Eve and was huge meal for reasonable price (less than half of what The Nagel round the corner was charging). Seems a little characterless in the afternoons and too many armchairs for my liking. Has different "vibe" about it in the evenings. Landlord and landlady very personable. Not bad. Rating it 1 higher than I normally would for the food and the fact it was open

6 Jan 2009 15:42

The Cotswold Arms, Burford

Not bad. Pictureseque looking both inside and out. Only had 1 pint on a midweek late afternoon and was frequented with youngsters from town. Not many though and all well-behaved. Didn't wander into back bar. Good for a quick one on the High St

6 Jan 2009 15:33

The Angel, Burford

Walked in and is an overpriced restaurant with a small bar in the corner. Won't rate as didn't stop for drink. Owner a bit camp

6 Jan 2009 15:30

Bridge, Bracknell

OK. Have criticised this establishment before, twice, so feel it only fair to give it a bit of credit when due. Dartboard was somehow stolen without anyone noticing which I thought was typical of this place. However, it was quickly replaced, unlike the nozzle previously mentioned. The bar staff have definitely improved and are much more friendly and attentive to your needs and do remember your round now. Only frequent it at lunchtimes but friend who goes in evenings says it's not as bad as I make out. Not sure of that and heard of at least 2 reports of trouble in evening. Still not my cup of tea really but is improving

15 Dec 2008 19:09

The Lamb Tavern, Leadenhall Market

Very nice indeed. Only been in downstairs bit (Dive Bar) on a weekday afternoon & at teatime but is ideal for any tungsten tossers. 2 boards available which can be reserved as well. Proper old fashioned pub decor and imagine downstairs has changed very little over the decades. Good clientele as well. Dwarf barmaid a bit miserable but can live with that. Concur with previous comments regarding the canopy and are other pubs of similar high standards in the surrounds. Well worth a visit but be warned, karaoke downstairs on first Weds of every month

15 Dec 2008 19:01

The Iron Duke, Crowthorne

This not closed. Had heard only bad reports about this place but was forced to visit on a Sunday lunchtime to watch a football match. Was pleasantly suprised. Despite being the only ones interested in match, it was put on at our request and curtains closed and volume turned up as we had this side of the bar to ourselves. Barmaid both friendly and accomodating & very proud of her pickled eggs. On the downside, was absolutely freezing and were some shady looking characters in other bar setting up for the evening. Done the job though and done it well

15 Dec 2008 18:52

The Rose and Crown, Isleworth

This has closed down now

28 Nov 2008 12:32

The Roebuck, Hampton Hill

Echo trainman's comments. This is a fine establishment. Played darts here on a weekday afternoon. Barmaid kindly let us move table so as we could use the dartboard. Warm welcoming staff, atmosphere and clientele. Old newspaper articles on tables and mounted on walls make for an interesting read too. Good selection of real ales. Would rate it 10/10 but for the fact a half-pint glass wasn't offered when serving a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale. That this is the worst fault I could find with this place tells you what a gem it is

28 Nov 2008 12:26

The Woodlands Tavern, Isleworth

Don't tend to take any interest in food in pubs, but Sunday roasts are the exception. After a hard days graft that took longer than expected, was grateful to find the Woodlands still doing a roast at 1700. Possibly the finest roast I've ever had in a pub, with a keen chef/landlord keen to ensure we were happy as he too appreciated a good roast. Ale not too bad and although front of pub a little too noisy, the back section is fine. Done the job

20 Oct 2008 23:46

Ivy House, Chalfont St Giles

Don't care about the food. It's a pub. Only had the one here and has recently been done up. Nice enough and interesting pictures on the wall but would have liked to have seen what it was like before it was done up

8 Oct 2008 23:33

The Royal Standard, Binfield

Concur with the fish. RIP Royal Standard

8 Oct 2008 23:28

Bridge, Bracknell

Have already reviewed this establishment but felt moved to update. It doesn't get any better. Posters advertise buy one meal, get one free, all day Mon-Fri. They neglect to say they don't serve food after 2. They have one nozzle (still) for both the normal and extra cold Guinness which they have to keep unscrewing and moving depending on the order. When entering pub, we were only customers and there was one barstaff. As we approached the bar, they decided to make a phone call. Continue avoiding. Only go here for the dartboard since the nearby Royal Standard sadly closed down

8 Oct 2008 23:26

The White Hart, Eversley

I visited this establishment on a Sunday afternoon and found it most delightful. This is a proper pub in a quiet setting with a pair of grand old fireplaces, beams and various knick-knacks adorning the walls. Cheese on the bar was also a nice touch, rarely seen these days. Sure, there were a group of locals in there, enjoying themselves watching the Olympics but none were rude and the barmaid done everything asked. Don't be put off by previous comments, this one is worth visiting. I would normally rate it at 8 but to try and re-dress the somewhat harsh previous ratings, in my opinion, I will be rating it 10

PS there were also a small family of American tourists in the garden. Don't be put off by this either. They were not loud at all and I find it refreshing to find our cousins seeking and enjoying a true English inn, such as the White Hart

19 Aug 2008 18:25

The Prince, Crowthorne

Not bad. A little bit too new and shiny looking for my liking, but decent enough. Seemed to have good selection of real ales.. Was in garden and was impressed with barman clearing tables asking if I'd like another and fetching it out for me

8 Aug 2008 15:07

The Wheatsheaf, Camberley

Not sure about this place. Does a job and know of no real alternatives within walkng distance. Tiles on floor remind of those used in public toilets. Nice clientele in general though and cheap enough. TVs everywhere but very substandard picture on them all. Pleasant but soul-less

2 Aug 2008 14:38

The Red Lion, Isleworth

Bar does tend to get a bit crowded with regulars but I generally find them very amicable. Have noticed some bar staff seem slow to serve or ignore the part of bar without pool table, unless you are a local who can call out thier name. Can't get over how many dogs there always seems to be in here. Like to see a dog in a pub but bit like Battersea sometimes having to step over them. Good garden. Not a massive real ale drinker, but can see this is very much a pub for the real ale. Does seem to be live music on every night but can always go in other bar if not agreeable to you. Once saw a man play a banjo in here with a saucepan on his head which had a chipolata dangling from the handle. All in all, I like it

2 Aug 2008 14:32

Royal Forresters Hotel, Ascot

Basic Travel Lodge kind of pub you see length and breadth of the country. Nothing really wrong about it but nothing good either. Done a job. Traffic makes it noisy and kids running about.

2 Aug 2008 14:23

The Bridge Inn, Isleworth

Did think this was a website for reviewing pubs and not Thai restaurants. This is nearest to my house and isn't too bad. Same faces in every night and some characters, including Stella-drinking dog in corner. 2 halves to it; one with your pool table, dartboard and jukebox and the other more quiet half. Is good to have the choice, although the smell from the restaurant can get a bit overpowering in the quiet half. Bar staff ok although licensee has recently changed and not entirely sure of her proficiency in running the bar. Alienated former barman by not honouring drinks bought for him by grateful customers on his last night. Not a brilliant pub but not bad. Handy for the station

2 Aug 2008 14:18

Jack O'Newbury, Binfield

Nice brasses. When thinking about the archetypal English inn, this is what comes to mind. Can't be faulted

10 Jun 2008 19:56

Red Lion, Bracknell

Mistakenly gatecrashed a funeral in here. Served quick, drunk up and left. Average

10 Jun 2008 19:52

Old Manor, Bracknell

Mediocre. Don't ever be tempted by the apparently quieter looking lower bar. Limited range of drinks there and an eternity to get served. Best pub in town centre area, or rather least worse. Cheap

10 Jun 2008 19:49

Goose At The Station, Bracknell


10 Jun 2008 19:44

Bridge, Bracknell

Is awful. Gormless, slow staff with memory of a goldfish who can't even get the basics right. Always bizarre but mostly bad music pumping out of speakers. Usually frequented at lunchtimes by locals eager to spend thier benefits with thier offspring alongside in prams, apart from Fridays when inhabited by irritating office types. Has dartboard but even this is in poor state of repair. Drive the extra 5 minutes to Binfield

10 Jun 2008 19:38

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