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Bridge, Bracknell

Please refer to communication below to Greene King for my latest opinion;

I have visited this pub several times. Due to it being just about the only pub within walking distance of my workplace, I unfortunately don’t really have an alternative. The building up of angst over several years and it’s achievement in never failing to disappoint has finally compelled me to write
The “pub” has a dartboard. In order to play darts, the following items are generally needed; a dartboard, darts, lights, chalk & a cloth. I’d say this is quite basic knowledge, especially for a landlord. However, the likelihood of all these items being available at the same time is akin to that of Halley’s Comet being visible from Earth
Chalk seems to be a particular problem. Despite repeated requests, it’s high cost (64p for a box of 12 sticks on Amazon. 64p!!!! Can you believe it???) and it’s scarcity in Berkshire (it must be nearly 100 yards to the nearby shop I tell you) precludes a stick from ever being held behind the bar
Not many people play darts, so bring your own, the ever helpful staff behind the bar say. Thanks for that. If there isn’t that many people drinking wine, will I need to bring my own wine glass to enjoy a drop?
It might be worth considering that not many people play darts there because they simply can’t. I reckon there wouldn’t be that many people playing pool either if there were no balls or cues or if they had to play in the dark
The budget for its “refurb” at the back of end last year also appeared to fall just short of the cost of 2 light bulbs. The cost of the garish wallpaper in the darts corner which makes you feel slightly queasy was well within but 2 new bulbs to light up the board? No chance. That’ll take an extra 2 months. Until then, you can just play when the sun’s out
If they don’t want people playing darts there, then get rid of the board. I personally very much enjoy a game of darts and disposing of the board gives me one less reason (well, the last reason to be frank) to visit said establishment
I have a long list built up over the years of how this pub has failed and disappointed me. On my most recent visit, the person serving my drink referred to it as “disgusting”, which was charming. I wonder how they’d react in a restaurant if a waiter referred to their choice of dish in the same manner. The dart board though remains a particular bugbear. How I yearn for the husband and wife team that were running it back in 2009…
Yours sincerely,
D.Gruntled (Royal Berks.)
P.S. Amazon deliver as well

1 May 2014 16:01

The Lord Nelson, Ipswich

Been here couple of times prior to going to football. Found it perfectly acceptable. Think there were 4 Adnam's being served direct from the barrel. Ghost Ship was very good. Ate here once and had no problem. Only slight negative I can find is sometimes tricky to get to the bar to get served. Like the long wooden tables

6 Jan 2014 12:48

Swan Inn, Arborfield

Stumbled upon this whilst visiting nearby Lockey's farm. Very nice, traditional inn (established 1661). We were there on a Thursday lunchtime and were only customers. Landlady friendly and talkative. Had Doombar. 2 rooms to pub. Can imagine it wouldn't take many to get crowded. Food spot on and all home made. Unfortunately, tenancy changing on January 13th due to increased rent. Didn't get positive "vibes" about new landlord coming but 2 sides to every story I suppose. Hope they don't change it too much

6 Jan 2014 12:43

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