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The Johnny Pye, Heswall

@wirralwanker - try visiting the inside of a pub for once in your life

22 Mar 2013 20:48

The Johnny Pye, Heswall

@just saying - don't worry about @wirraldrinker - he's only ever been to about 3 pubs in his life. Just look at some of his recent previous "reviews" which include:

"Appeared to have re-opened when i passed recently."

"It must be 30 years since I was last in this classic town center pub but even so I was dismayed to see That it was closed and boarded up When I passed yesterday.",

& the following classic pub "review"

"Went past at the weekend and noticed That as part of the recent refurbishment Ember Inns has painted the outside of the pub and peculiar light green. resembles That The color of a dried cow pat. Not an attractive look."

As you can see the guy can hardly string an intelligent sentence together anyway.

I've never visited your pub, but I promise at some stage in the future I will make the effort & give an honest assessment as I actually visit the pubs I review on here. @wirraldrinker likes to review pubs from the comfort of his car.

21 Mar 2013 19:52

The Poste House, Liverpool

£3.20 for a treble Jameson's. Fantastic value for money.

4 Mar 2013 20:11

The Lion Tavern, Liverpool

Remember to show your CAMRA card for a 10p discount a pint

4 Mar 2013 20:06

Wild Rose, Bootle

I had a few reservations about visiting this place as it doesn't look at all inviting. A very bland frontage on a main road squeezed in between shops. Quite frankly it looks rough & ready. Inside it seemed fairly friendly. Mainly full of older drinkers reading their newspapers or just enjoying a gossip. As has been mentioned before a very good choice of real ales.

3 Mar 2013 11:14

Jawbone Tavern, Bootle

Established in 1802, The Jawbone Tavern claims to be Bootle's oldest pub. The outside doesn't really do it justice as it is a bit tatty looking. Inside its fresh, clean & modern. Multiple TV screens & with lots of different seating options it's surprisingly spacious. 3 real ales on my visit - Cain's Triple Hop, an Adnam's brew which I didn't get the name of & their own bitter - £1.79 a pint 3.8% ABV which was excellent value for money. Also an extensive but simple pub grub menu. Worth a visit in my opinion.

3 Mar 2013 11:01

New Penny Farthing, Liverpool

Knowing the reputation of this place we decided to to visit for a dare late on a Saturday night when everywhere else was closed. Straight away we were "befriended" at the bar by one of the regulars who looked like a cross between a Neanderthal & your archetypal serial killer. As well as being drunk he proudly boasted he was high on cocaine. A quick glance round at the few remaining clientele suggested that the ones who weren't collapsed were probably in a similar state. Needless to say we drank our drinks very quickly, made our excuses & swiftly left. I'm thinking of having a t-shirt made saying "I Survived The Penny Farthing!"

27 Jan 2013 20:14

The Basset Hound, Thingwall

I couldn't really warm to this place. maybe its because my visit getting off to a bad start when the barmaid told me that "You shouldn't serve real ale to the top of the glass" & proceeded to hand me a pint of Abbot Ale with a 3cm gap! I think Trading Standards would be interested to hear that one! Luckily this only happened once as I wasn't served by her again. Other pumps included GK IPA & their own Basset Brew which is a 3.9% bitter. The pub itself is faux country inn style very much geared up for food . Pleasant enough I suppose, but it all felt a bit sterile & corporate to me.

19 Jan 2013 18:00

Packhorse Inn, Keswick

They now do 3 thirds of real ale at £3.30. There was a choice of about 6 on my recent visit.

23 Dec 2012 19:04

Dog and Gun, Keswick

Still the best pub in Keswick. A good range of LOCALES, free wi-fi & 20p per pint discount on cask beers on production of your CAMRA card.

23 Dec 2012 19:01

Red Lion, Chester

Pleasant, clean, traditional style city centre pub situated next door to another great pub The Pied Bull. Nicholson's Pale Ale is their own beer which is made by St Austell Brewery. I think there were about 6 real ales available on my visit. Apparently the building dates from around 1600 & the cellar is haunted. Worth a visit.

31 Jul 2012 15:00

The Crown and Cushion, Birkenhead

Fosters lager, WKD, loud music & drunk teenagers. If that's your scene then you'll love this place.

23 Jun 2012 14:21

Ma Egertons, Liverpool

Closed 21 May 2012

24 May 2012 14:54

The Pump and Truncheon, Blackpool

Pleasant town centre back street boozer. Black & white Tudor exterior. Inside its open plan, rustic & bare with a stone floor & log fire. Decor on the walls as the name suggests is police themed with plenty of shields on the wall from various police forces. 12 whiskies & Belgian beers on offer as well as cask ales. Worth a visit. The only downside was the gent's toilets which absolutely stank on my visit.

4 May 2012 12:12

Albert and The Lion, Blackpool

Surprisingly small Wetherspoons situated almost directly under Blackpool Tower. Good selection of casks & on 2 visits the staff were friendly & efficient. Particularly pleasant if you can sit by the windows at the front & watch the world go by.

4 May 2012 12:01

Gallaghers, Birkenhead

100% my mistake damocles 11. The bad review was for the pub next door to Gallaghers which is The Riverview. Never had any issues in Gallaghers where I always get a topped up pint. I've asked BITE to remove the review - my apologies.

9 Apr 2012 13:06

Gallaghers, Birkenhead

Bad experience. Refused to top up my pint of real ale (please note weights & measures act). Abusive to my partner who was left in tears. Reported to Wirral Trading Standards.

8 Apr 2012 22:31

The Excelsior, Liverpool

Vastly improved since my last visit - large, clean with tasteful wood decor. 3 real ales including Deuchar's IPA & Brain's Reverend James. A nice addition to the Dale Street crawl.

2 Apr 2012 12:46

The Abbey, Liverpool

City Centre Smith & Jones chain pub which is very similar to Wetherspoons. Deceptively large with a variety of seating options. CAMRA card carriers can get Sharp's Doom Bar or Well's Bombadier for 1.50 a pint served in a proper pint mug.

2 Apr 2012 12:42

The Kings Head, Llandudno

The ambience of this pub is totally wrong. Ear splitting pop music blasting out does not fit in with the character of the place. Very expensive too.

4 Mar 2012 13:00

The Three Tuns, York

Popped in during lunchtime for a soft drink & to get out of the cold. Traditional, long, dark, narrow building with low roof beams & bench seating all the way down one side. At the bar there was a rather dull choice of beers from Marston's, Breakspear & Banks. Glad I wasn't drinking.

9 Feb 2012 13:06

Hales Bar, Harrogate

Like most pubs in Harrogate this is very expensive with all real ales over 3.00. My pint of Timothy Taylor's Landlord was 3.30. Maybe I'm getting old but I think this is extortionate. The pub itself was completely empty when we walked in. Cavernous with dark wood, stuffed animals on the shelves, Victorian adverts & pictures, sumptious leather alcove seats & interestingly a bunsen burner built into the bar - don't tell Health & Safety - they'll have a fit! Other beers on my visit were Daleside Old Legover, Bass Cask Ale, CopperDragon Golden Pippin, Black Sheep Bitter & their own Daleside Hale's Ale. The barman was utterly miserable & seemed to grunt a lot. Maybe he didn't speak English - I'll never know. Eventually a few people came in & we got talking to a friendly local who told us its normally quite busy. Apparently its the oldest pub in Harrogate with the lower part dating from the 17th Century. There are also 2 ghosts that haunt the building too. No doubt more friendly & talkative than the barman!

9 Feb 2012 13:00

The Old Bell Tavern, Harrogate

Minamilist, old fashioned wooden floored pub, 2 rooms with large, clear windows which makes it look clean, light & airy. Good choice of handpumps on my visit including Roosters YPA, Timothy Taylor's Best Bitter & York Dark Knight. Nice selection of Continental lagers too.

9 Feb 2012 12:46

The Merton Inn, Bootle

I can remember this place before it was a Wetherspoons & it wasn't a place I particularly liked. Its now been tastefully redecorated in dark wood. A low ceiling & split level floors give quite a cosy feel. Bar staff friendly & overall a nice feel to the place. One of the few Spoons that has a car park, but please note that it's "Pay & Display".

26 Nov 2011 19:05

Firemans Arms, Birkenhead

Now re-opened but not really as a pub. Its more like a chav drinking den. Tracksuits & bling seem to be the accepted dress code. I'm sure Jeremy Kyle find plenty of people for his show in here. Best avoided unless you own a Burberry baseball cap.

31 Oct 2011 14:44

Cat and Fiddle Inn, Macclesfield

Famous, landmark pub at the summit of the road which bares its name they really do have the monopoly. Visited on a quiet weekday afternoon for a soft drink & food. There is a central bar area, a small lounge to the right, & a large drinking, & dining area to the other side of the bar. There were probably no more than 10 people in total. No problems with service or food quality but I doubt they have many locals.

27 Aug 2011 16:39

The Old Clubhouse, Buxton

This building is on 2 floors which was slightly confusing as I approached from the main road side & found ourselves in the top floor carvery. Downstairs which is street level on the other side & opposite the Opera House is the bar area. Multi roomed with a variety of seating options its interesting & comfortable. Thwaite's - Wainwright, Marston's - EPA, Abbot Ale & Sharp's - Doom Bar on my visit. Staff were friendly & efficient - I didn't have to wait more than about a minute despite it being very busy. I've read the previous bad reviews about this place, but on my visit it was excellent - recommended.

27 Aug 2011 09:04

The Cheshire Cheese Hotel, Buxton

From the outside its a traditional looking pub. For some strange reason there are warning signs all over the windows telling football supporters they are not welcome. Inside it has been changed into a music venue. Large, open plan with bare floorboards & music posters. GK IPA & Abbot Ale. Personally I found the place a bit stark & uninviting.

27 Aug 2011 08:49

The Sun Inn, Buxton

Lovely olde worlde pub with small windows & low beams. Dark woods & a maze of interesting rooms give the whole place a cosy, Dickensian feel. Small beer terrace at the front. I think there were about 4 handpumps with Marston's EPA & a couple of other interesting looking ales.

27 Aug 2011 08:39

Wye Bridge House, Buxton

Average Spoons next to a busy main road. Inside its been tastefully decorated making it quite light & airy. Choice of real ales was bland & seemed more expensive than other Wetherspoons. Outside the beer garden is a suntrap, but it is spoiled by the tables which are packed next to each other in unimaginative rows.

27 Aug 2011 08:35

The Everyman Bistro, Liverpool

Closed on 2 July 2011 due to the theatre redevelopment.

3 Jul 2011 17:18

Belvedere, Liverpool

They claim to be the only pub in Liverpool to use oversize pint glasses. Well done The Belvedere.

3 Jul 2011 17:15

Gallaghers, Birkenhead

This former Cain's pub has now re-opened as Gallagher's Pub & Barber Shop - a novel idea in this world of plastic pubco's. Inside it is long, narrow & traditional. Military memorabilia & shipping heritage are the themes & cover just about every wall & shelf. The bar is about 1/3 of the way up on the right, & beyond that is the barber's area. If you carry on out the back there is an outside drinking area. Beers include their own aptly named "Cut Throat". Local breweries Peerless & Brimstage were represented on my visit by "Paxton's Peculiar" & "Trapper's Hat" respectively. Other real ales were available including a mild. Overall I think that this pub is the best for real ale in Birkenhead overtaking The Stork which has become a bit hit & miss recently.

1 Jul 2011 13:29

The Richmond, Liverpool

This pub has deteriorated. Poor attitude by certain staff. Not that friendly anymore.

29 May 2011 20:29

The Royal, Birkenhead

Landlord told me that they are installing a cider pump

24 May 2011 20:30

The Marlborough Arms, Chester

Stumbled on this pub by mistake & am so glad I did. A small, narrow single room pub with bench seats, stone floor & generally a rustic feel. 4 handpumps from Stonehouse Brewery. Found the clientele to be mixed & fairly friendly.

18 Mar 2011 14:39

The Forest House, Chester

This place has a sort of stately home feel about it. Very large, interesting multi-roomed there are plenty of seating or standing options. Had a beer from Coach House Brewery in Warrington. I would have probably spent a bit more time here but it was getting late.

18 Mar 2011 14:31

The Square Bottle, Chester

Fairly standard Wetherspoons. Narrow with a lowish ceiling & generally good atmosphere. If you are a CAMRA member then show your card for a 10% discount on real ales (correct as of March 2011). I've also noticed from the local CAMRA website that the management are pro-active in engaging with branch members over various issues. It was slightly unfortunate that on my visit the Acorn - Challenger IPA was like a pint of vinegar. Fair play, it was swapped without question, however the barman never asked me what was wrong with my beer or even which pump it had come from.

18 Mar 2011 14:23

The Albion Inn, Chester

Quirky back street boozer that is like a living museum of wartime memorabilia. 2 rooms with a central bar. Adnams - Broadside & Black Sheep Bitter. I can see the novelty value but it wasn't really my kind of thing.

18 Mar 2011 14:12

The Bear and Billet, Chester

I really liked this place & its certainly worth a visit. Black & white Tudor exterior. Inside its been modernised but still retains the low beams & classic period look. An Okells pub there was also Phoenix - Hopsack on my visit. At first the building seemed quite small until I realised that there is a large area upstairs.

18 Mar 2011 13:56

The Brewery Tap, Chester

Unfortunately I'm not a fan of Spitting Feather's offerings so I wasn't expecting more than a swift half of orange juice & to move on. Luckily for me there was a good choice of guests including Great Orme - Merlin, Corvedale - Sunrise, Bradfield - Farmer's Blonde, a cider & the remainder of the 8 pumps were from the pub's own brewery. The building itself is very impressive. A baronial type hall, with tapestries on the wall, chandeliers & a stone floor. There's also a smaller room to the side. Interesting building.

18 Mar 2011 13:04

Coach & Horses, Chester

I wouldn't describe this pace as a pub. Its much more of a restaurant with a drinking area attached which is like a hotel lobby. 6 pumps but unfortunately they were all Thwaites. Very modern & clean but also sterile. Not the kind of place for the discerning drinker.

18 Mar 2011 12:45

The Pied Bull, Chester

A must vist city centre pub. Traditional low, dark wooden beams, open log fire & overall cosy ambience. Regular beer festivals & a great choice on my visit with 6 handpumps - Oxford - IPA, Liverpool Organic - Honey Blonde, Frodsham - Buzzin', Adnams - Broadside, a brew from Titanic & their own Pied Pull beer. 1/3 pint glasses is always a nice touch to be able to sample. They are apparently building a 1 barrel plant in the cellar which will turn it into a micro brewery & will open the end of April. Good luck to them.

18 Mar 2011 12:42

Three Tuns, Sheffield

A unique "flat iron" shaped building a short walk away from the city centre I was really looking forward to seeing the interior & sampling a beer or 2. Unfortunately & unusually this pub is closed Saturdays & Sundays.

31 Jan 2011 21:54

The Rutland Arms, Sheffield

A 10 minute walk from the city centre The Rutland Arms is an oasis in a desert of 21st century architectural blandness. The fine tiled Art Deco style exterior is striking. Inside the Smoke Room & Tap Room have been knocked through to create a bright, pleasant interior. Stained glass, dark wood & red velvet seating makes for a very cosy feel. Good choice of both real ales & ciders. Well worth seeking out

31 Jan 2011 21:44

The Bankers Draft, Sheffield

In the heart of the city centre we visited here several times over the weekend for food, soft drinks & beer. Each time the service & quality was fine. Very large, sprawling interior which is oppressively dark. There is also an upstairs but didn't venture up there.

31 Jan 2011 21:17

Harlequin, Sheffield

I don't know why but for some reason I was expecting this place to be a bit dark & dingy inside. I couldn't have been more wrong. Open plan, clean & airy this is a single room boozer on 2 levels. A superb choice of handpumps including their own Harlequin Best Bitter & Harlequin Blonde. However it was their massive selection of mainly American bottled beers that really impressed me - any pub that sells Goose Island IPA is well worth a visit in my opinion.

31 Jan 2011 21:02

The Fat Cat, Sheffield

If you are visiting The Kelham Island Tavern then without doubt you are going to visit The Fat Cat. Out of the 2 of them this is the one I preferred. This pub is the brewery tap for The Kelham Island Brewery next door & as such a pint of Pale Rider or Easy Rider is essential. Inside its traditional & unspoilt. The bar is ridiculously tiny so luckily you can get served from a hatch in the corridor. The main lounge is cosy with an open fire & plenty of memorabilia on the walls. We had sandwiches on our visit which were excellent value. All the staff were friendly & nothing seemed too much trouble. On top of that look out for the pub cat, a friendly tortie called Steffi, who by the way isn't a fat cat :-)

31 Jan 2011 20:47

The Kelham Island Tavern, Sheffield

Its amazing to find such a wonderful, neat & tidy pub in an industrial area. The striking, well kept exterior is in contrast to the starkness of the surrounding area. Inside there is a cosy single room with a bar at the rear. As you would expect its about as traditional as you can get & more real ales than you can shake a stick at. To the rear is a conservatory which has a strange, part oriental theme along with many framed awards the pub has won. My only gripe, which I found irritating was the constant short pint measures. This happened on every drink I ordered & I noticed a few other short measures. The barman never bothered to leave the pints to settle before serving. I would have expected better from a pub with such a reputation.

31 Jan 2011 20:25

The Royal, Birkenhead

Now re-opened as the "Cock & Pullet". A much needed refurbishment has taken place to drag it into the 21st century. 4 handpumps on my visit - Fuller's ESB, Spitfire, Brimstage Trapper's Hat & Liverpool Organic Brewery Bitter. "Happy Hour" 4pm-6.30pm - cask beers 2 a pint

14 Jan 2011 07:44

Clairville, Wallasey

Former Netto/Safeway supermarket as previously noted. Garish orange & brown 70's exterior is far from inviting. Inside its fairly open plan. Almost symmetrical design with raised areas to the right & left & a long bar at the rear. Red decor leaves it feeling a bit dark inside. Overall fairly non descript.

27 Nov 2010 23:29

The Royal, Birkenhead

Closed. Not sure what the future plans are but I've heard it will open again after a refurb.

31 Oct 2010 18:44

The Farmers Arms, Wallasey

Although this is a traditional pub I'm guessing that a few interior walls have been removed down the years which have made the place feel quite spacious without ruining the overall feel. Plenty of dark wood & brass gives a cosy feel. 6 handpumps - 5 regulars - Tetley Bitter, Adnam's Bitter, Ansell's Mild, GK IPA, Jennings Cumberland & 1 guest - Brain's Reverend James. Very much a community pub but no problem with passing visitors.

11 Oct 2010 17:15

The Derby Arms, Aughton

This is an archetypal English pub which has largely been untouched by time. Easy to find as its on the main road between Ormskirk & Melling & stands alone in the countryside. Traditional dark wood paneling, Victorian artifacts, old beer bottles displayed on the high shelves & pump clips attached to the ceiling above the bar. Very cosy feeling. Arran Ale unbelievable value at 1.50 a pint (seemingly also untouched by time). More handpumps available too but the Arran was in excellent form so I didn't take much notice of the other choices. Well worth a visit.

9 Oct 2010 19:10

Saracens Head, Halsal

A traditional coach house situated in a lovely setting on the edge of the countryside & next to the Leeds-Liverpool canal. I was hoping for a traditional English pub, however inside there has been a 21st century corporate, sterile hotel lobby, gastro-pub makeover from hell. Every ounce of personality has been destroyed & a mini Holiday Inn has been created. Fair play however as it's clean & neat, but its just not like a pub should be. The saving grace is Speckled Hen & a guest beer from Saltaire Brewery. Ideal meeting place for sales reps or people who don't really like pubs.

9 Oct 2010 18:35

The Ridger, Wirral

I don't know why you call your self "Wirral Drinker"? Its obvious most of your "reviews" are done from behind your keyboard. You want to get out more mate.

12 Sep 2010 14:54

Firemans Arms, Birkenhead

Boarded up

10 Sep 2010 14:05

The Mockbeggar Hall, Moreton

Uninspiring glass & steel fronted building on a main road in between a row of shops. Inside it is a long single room with a typical Wetherspoon's makeover. Despite 10 handpumps, 8 of them were off leaving Abbott Ale & a cider - very,very poor.

30 Aug 2010 17:50

The Kings Head, Llandudno

Quite liked this pub although I think sitting outside on a warm Summers evening probably helped to form that opinion. Situated at the foot of the Great Orme tram terminus & slightly out of the town centre it seems that this is a meeting place before people move on elsewhere. Didn't spend too much time inside but it was traditional dark wood with split levels & an open fire. GK IPA, Abbot & 2 guests from Mordue & Adnams. Large beer garden/car park its worth the walk out of town.

20 Aug 2010 10:40

The London Hotel, Llandudno

Can't say that I warmed to this place. It seems to have an identity problem as its a cross between a cafe/real ale pub/nightclub. Bouncers on the door are never a good sign. Once inside it is long & narrow. 6 handpumps but nothing imaginative & disappointingly no local ales. Very expensive - a pint of Burton Bitter & a small glass of rose was 6.17. Its funny how these pretentious places think its acceptable to charge over the top. No problems with the staff like previous posters, but then again I wasn't willing to stick around long enough.

20 Aug 2010 10:26

Cross Keys Hotel, Llandudno

From the outside this pub looks very inviting. Low roofed black & white exterior with hanging baskets & small beer terrace. Inside low beams in what is basically a single room with a more modern, narrow annex at the back. The large open brick fire is a feature. Quite tatty with some ripped seats & a dirty carpet made the place feel tired. Flowers Original & Tetley Bitter on draught. Popular music venue.

20 Aug 2010 10:13

The Cottage Loaf, Llandudno

Imagine taking a 17th century farmhouse & plonking it in a backstreet in the centre of a town & you have The Cottage Loaf. Whitewashed with small windows, plenty of colourful plants & hanging baskets make this a very quaint place to be. The front beer garden is a real suntrap & the rear has shelter if the weather isn't so good. Inside the rustic theme continues with a stone floor, low beams & large wood burning stove. There is a slightly more modern upper level next to the bar. Gertie Sweet New World Pale & Conway Brewery Welsh Pride were 2 of the 4 real ales on offer. Amazing this place has survived considering its right next door to Wetherspoons, but I think they've carved out a bit of a niche as it seems to be a popular music venue.

20 Aug 2010 10:06

The Palladium, Llandudno

Once a theatre as the name suggests the building has been tastefully converted & has kept some of the original features including some of the seats in the upper circle. This gives quite a strange feeling as you come downstairs from the toilets at the back because you feel you are entering a stage. The downstairs has the feeling of a theatre foyer. The conversion is very similar to another Wetherspoon's pub The Winter Gardens in Harrogate. Very busy on my 3 visits especially on the food side, however service wasn't too bad. Beer wise there were at least 3 Welsh brews including Brains SA & Conway Brewery Gold n' Delicious.

20 Aug 2010 09:52

The Cheshire Cheese, Wallasey

Deceptively large traditional community pub. Easy to find being on the main road though Wallasey Village. Central bar with several rooms of different shapes & sizes makes it interesting. Liverpool Organic Pale Ale (result - one of my faves), 2 Thwaites brews & another I didn't catch the name of. Regular beer & cider festivals this is what a pub should be about. Highly recommended.

18 Jul 2010 17:38

Arrowe Park Hotel, Woodchurch

Large landmark pub which has recently been refurbished. Multi-screened video jukebox, fruit machines & pool table seems strange in a pub that is marketing itself as a Hungry Horse family pub. Greene King IPA & Abbot Ale 2.25 a pint although unfortunately not well served. Didn't get any friendly vibes from this place & indeed seemed a bit edgy.

14 Jul 2010 22:53

The Ridger, Wirral

Unlike 'wirraldrinker' I decided to give this place the courtesy of a visit before I offered a "review". Situated between West Kirby & Greasby this is not easy to include on a pub crawl. Unremarkable & souless looking 70's building it is not helped by bare, concrete drinking area infront of the main entrance. Inside is deceptively large & open plan only broken up by partitioning & the split level area at the rear & the right. Faux wooden beams add to the tackiness of this place which struck me as being a clique. I can't really think of any reason to want to visit here. There seems to be heavy emphasis on food as most of the right side of the pub is mainly a dedicated dining area which was virtually empty on my visit. Up the steps to the back the ceiling is noticeably higher & I think is used for bands, disco's etc. Period pictures of horses, ships & sports - a real mix & match theme. Beer wise Bombadier on draught which was well served. Don't think I will be back in a hurry, but at least I bothered to properly review it which I believe is in the true spirit of this site.

10 Jul 2010 21:05

The Black Horse, Woburn

My wallet burst into tears as I walked through the door & saw that the main promotion was half-price champagne on Thursdays! This place is not cheap with a glass of ros coming in at 6.40 a glass! 3 handpumps consisting of Greene King IPA, Abbot Ale & a guest which had just finished. More of a restaurant than a pub this place is very, very long & narrow - it seems to stretch forever. By far The Black Horse's outside drinking area is its unique selling point. Stretching down one side are trellises covered in grapevines which give a real Mediterranean feel.

5 Jul 2010 19:03

The Magpies, Woburn

Very pleasant family owned pub/hotel in Woburn high street. Through the main entrance the bar is to the left. Small with traditional low beams. Bishop's Finger & Black Sheep on draught which was a relief from the other pubs which are all Greene King in Woburn. Restaurant is through the main entrance to the right & is slightly more contemporary & very tasteful. Beer garden is through the courtyard to the left & is long & narrow with ivy covered trellises - Great on a warm day. Best pub in Woburn as far as I'm concerned.

5 Jul 2010 17:56

The Bell Hotel and Inn, Woburn

The Bell pub is on the opposite side of the road to the Bell Hotel. Pleasant & clean with a tidy bear garden at the rear. Greene King IPA & Abbot Ale. Top marks to the gents toilets which was immaculate. Food wise we were a bit wary having read some of the comments below however it was above average pub grub & there were no problems. We also tried the wasabi nuts which are a great accompaniment to a beer

5 Jul 2010 17:29

The Running Horses, Lydiate

This was a regular haunt of mine in the late 80's & early 90's when it was a local comminity pub. I've not been back until yesterday when I decided to see what it is like now. 1st thing I noticed is that it has been extended at both ends to make it quite a long, narrowish building. The exterior has also changed colour from white to a pale yellow. Nice setting next to the Leeds-Liverpool canal with a children's play area to the rear & side with benches & tables to the front. Small entrance with a bar to the left & lounge to the right which has a semi-rustic farmhouse feel. Both rooms look like they have been recently modernised. Single horseshoe bar serves both rooms. Beer wise Speckled Hen, Bombadier & Tetleys with another handpump for guests which was off. Certainly geared towards families & food these days its a pleasant place when the weather is good.

27 Jun 2010 14:12

Scarisbrick Arms, Downholland

On the main road between Liverpool & Southport the gable of this large red brick building declares it was built in 1899. Situated next to the Leeds-Liverpool canal it is ideal to visit on a Summers day. Sprawling grassy beer garden/children's play area to the rear leading to the canalside. At the front of the pub there is a paved beer terrace with wooden tables. Inside is completely different to the Victorian exterior. Bright & fairly open planned with a gastro pub feel the food looked very appetising. Real Ales on my visit were White Horse - Village Idiot (2.35 a pint - result!), Moorhouse - Blond Witch & Southport Brewery - Golden Sands which had just run out. A nice place to spend a lazy afternoon, however my major gripe on our visit was the service. All of the staff seemed to be teenagers. Behind the bar were 3 girls who I'm sure should have been doing their homework rather than be in a pub. One couldn't pour a pint of real ale to save her life & complained she didn't like customers ordering these drinks. Meanwhile one other girl was trying to make herself look busy by rearranging classes, & another one was perched on the end of the bar looking bored whilst the queue of customers got bigger - very poor.

27 Jun 2010 13:38

The Chronicle, Bebington

In the centre of Bebington village from the outside you would mistake this pub for a Wetherspoons & I think that's what they are trying to model themselves on. Inside it is a very large single room split up by alcoves & split level flooring. A Smith & Jones pub I get the impression they try & attract the lager & alcopops crowd at the weekends with live music or discos.

1 Jun 2010 21:43

The Pensby Hotel, Thingwall

Massive 20's/30's style 3 storey pub on a main road. Fairly neat & clean inside with a bar & lounge on either side with a bar area in the centre serving both rooms. No real ales but the drinks prices were fairly reasonably priced for the area.

23 May 2010 12:03

The Garrick Snug, Birkenhead

Must rank as one of the smallest pubs in Britain this place is nestled on a side street just off the main shopping area & looks out of place against the modern surrounding buildings. Mainly full of older clientele it is quite cosy & welcoming. No real ales despite a Boddingtons hand pump.

23 May 2010 11:52

The Cockbeck Tavern, Aughton

Large village pub opposite Town Green railway station. Inside it has had one of those plastic gastro-pub makeovers. Bar room at the front but the rest is basically open planned with split level flooring & alcoves breaking it up. Long bar runs down the left of the building. Decor is light wood & there is a pleasant conservatory area at the back. Bombadier was available on handpump with the usual nitro keg bitter & Eurofizz. Overall this place is rather pricey & certainly geared towards food. Didn't eat here but was tempted by fish finger sandwiches. Why is it fish fingers normally only appear on kids menus?

5 May 2010 12:19

Queens Head, Ormskirk

Lovely traditional corner pub in the town centre. An impressive 7 handpumps with an imaginative variety available. 3 large rooms with unfrosted windows that make the dark wood interior look brighter. Didn't eat there but food looked very good. Of all the pubs I've been to in Ormskirk this is the best. Highly recommended.

5 May 2010 11:30

Ropers Arms, Ormskirk


4 May 2010 11:18

Sefton Arms, Aintree

Situated next to the entrance to Aintree Racecourse its now called The Red Rum Bar & Grill. Outside there are posters of some of the food they offer & feeling hungry was tempted in. Walking in I should really have started to get the bad vibes as I passed someone blatantly smoking in the corridor. Enquiring about the food we were told that the kitchens were being refurbished & the only thing available to eat were crisps. Very poor not to state this somewhere outside the building! Inside the ceiling is low & there is a large & long central bar with a room on either serving the usual keg. Atmosphere was sterile with just a few people in including a man having a domestic on his mobile & a toddler playing with her new toys. Smell of smoke was apparent due to our friend in the corridor. Decided on a soft drink & a visit to the toilet & promptly left. Having rated over 130 pubs I have to say that this is one of the worst I've ever been in. Even a score of zero is too high for this dump.

3 May 2010 13:21

The Old Roan Inn, Bootle

Its not very often that you see a pub of this size that's not a Wetherspoons or Hungry Horse etc. Huge landmark pub on a main road next to the railway station of the same name. This is a really tired, grotty & neglected cavernous old place which really needs someone to do something with it. It has loads of potential but needs a total refurb. Nitro keg, alcopops & Eurofizz only.

3 May 2010 12:57

Great Mogul, Maghull

Pleasant location next to Maghull railway station. Seems to be geared very much towards food which looked very nice. The decor has a slight 70's feel with tacky red leatherette seating which is also on some of the walls. Fairly open plan inside which is broken up with pillars & split level floors. Friendly enough & Tetley's Cask was well served.

3 May 2010 12:45

The Railway, Ormskirk

As the name suggests this is very near to Ormskirk railway station. A low building with a weathered looking red & white exterior & quaint Dickensian style windows. Inside as you would expect the black beams are low. There is a bar to the right & the single room is very spacious & open plan with whitewashed walls. There is a pool room at the rear. Unfortunately this place has seen better days. Very scruffy & tired with ripped seats, filthy carpet & chipped paintwork. Cains Bitter & Abbott Ale which was fresh enough but served far too cold.

3 May 2010 12:01

The Buck I'th Vine, Ormskirk

I recently visited The Buck for the first time in 25 years & it hasn't really changed. This pub benefits from both a front & rear outside drinking area, & being on a pedestrianised street it is very pleasant to just sit at the front on the becnhes & watch the world go by. Inside it can get rather busy as you go down a corridor to a serving hatch on the right. The bar area is tiny & if you are slightly claustrophobic then this may not be the place for you. 2 large drinking areas to the left & rear & a snug behind the bar area. Dark woods & low beams add to the cosiness with historic black & white photos on some of the walls. Tetley Bitter, Old Speckled Hen & Bombadier all available on my visit. Toilets were dirty & smelly which was disappointing as the pub had only been open about an hour.

3 May 2010 11:46

The Greyhound, Ormskirk

From the front this pub looks tiny. Very neat brickwork with pleasant maroon window mantels which are reminiscent of it being a former Walker's Brewery house. Inside it is surprisingly large - so much so that there is a tearooms at the rear. There's a mixture of light & dark woods with traditional fittings, several rooms & a large area near the back which has settee seating. Beer wise Tetley's Bitter & Bombadier.

3 May 2010 11:32

The Queen Inn, Ormskirk

I can remember this pub in the early 80's as one of the few Vaux Brewery houses in the north west. I don't know who owns it these days, but on the outside little has changed. Its an ordinary looking square building on a main road. There are 2 rooms at the front, a snug at the back & an area with a pool table with a bar running down most of the right side. The decor is a very strange combination of black & white with chrome & modern window blinds & Al Pacino pictures which has been mixed with traditional wood & old fashioned tables. It simply doesn't work & looks utterly ridiculous. Beer wise there were 2 handpumps with an offering from Theakstons, & Clarks - Classic Blond both at a bargain 2.20 a pint.

3 May 2010 11:15

The Queens Royal, New Brighton

On New Brighton seafront this is a former large Victorian hotel which has been tastefully restored into a restaurant. The bar is located to the left of the building as you look with an entrance from the front or through from the restaurant area. Inside it is tidy but slightly dull with little atmosphere not helped by the same 50's music which as been played on my 3 visits - For goodness sake please change the CD! A mixture of high tables & couches with a horseshoe bar. 2 regular LocAles from Brimstage Brewery & a rotating guest. Friendly enough service & well kept beer but very expensive. 7.30 for a pint of beer & a glass of wine may be normal in a London wine bar, but not in a small northern seaside town.

7 Apr 2010 19:49

The Grapes, Liverpool

Not likely to be a pub you would stumble across at its in a quiet part of town. Outside it is very neat & tidy, however inside I suppose the kindest description would be it has a "distressed" look. High Georgian ceilngs, bare floorboards, tatty paintwork & couches that look like Freddie Krueger has been let loose tearing them up. There is no doubt that all expense has been spared in maintaining the interior. The main reason for my visit was to try Liverpool Organic Brewery - Pale Ale which didn't disappoint & was well served. My only irritation was the barman who decided to take his own tip without being invited - very poor.

5 Apr 2010 15:32

Volunteer Canteen, Waterloo

Fabulous traditional, small back street community boozer that's a little off the beaten track. Old fashioned & inviting black & white exterior the main entrance takes you into a large lounge with a central bar to the right & public bar beyond. Unspoilt interior with dark wood, ornate fireplace, bookcase & historic black & white photos on the wall. Overall very cosy & inviting. Beer wise there was Deuchars IPA, Theakstons, Black Sheep & Tetleys. Seek it out. You won't be disappointed.

5 Apr 2010 15:05

Stamps Too, Liverpool

This has the appearance of a wine bar & is on a main road just a few minutes from Waterloo train station. Inside it is long, narrow & slightly dark with green furniture & tatty tartan carpet. The place could probably do with a lighter & more modern decor to lift it. All over the walls are music memorabilia & hundreds of beer mats/pump clips from all the real ales they have had. It prides itself on being a music/entertainment venue & has a small stage down one side. Beer wise it is a utopia for LocAles. Southport, Wapping, George Wright & Peerless were all represented & well kept. Well worth a visit & being so close to the railway station makes it very handy.

5 Apr 2010 14:50

The Richmond, Liverpool

Narrow single room city centre pub with large, un-frosted windows which is a good idea otherwise it would feel far too oppressive. Modernised inside with chrome handpulls & generally bright. Popular with the older male drinkers infact my other half was the only female on our visit. 6 handpumps although I don't think they were all in operation. Taylord Landlord & Jennings Cumberland Ale were well served. I'm not sure whether this was a special offer but real ales were only 2 a pint.

1 Apr 2010 18:27

The Scotch Piper Inn, Lydiate

One of the oldest pubs in the UK dating from 1320 it is difficult to miss if you're driving on the main Liverpool-Southport road through Lydiate. A whitewashed, barn like building with a thatched roof it has always been a popular watering hole (well being 700 years old it must be doing something right!). You almost feel like you are entering someones house as you go through the tiny wooden door & into a small room with church like seats against the walls. Incidentally the bar is hidden on the left, although it is more of a serving hatch. 2 real ales, Black Sheep & guest (one from Hydes Brewery on my visit). If you are claustrophobic or like to be guaranteed a seat, then this is not the place for you. A small passageway to the right of the entrance will lead you to some more alcove rooms. Decor is rustic, whitewashed with low ceiling & black beams. There can't be many pubs like this so definitely worth a visit.

13 Mar 2010 19:57

The Ship Inn, Haskayne

Although this is only a few hundred yards off a main road it has a real country pub feel. Right next to the Leeds-Liverpool canal this is a traditional looking whitewashed pub. Plenty of outside seating which would be idyllic on a hot Summers day. Inside it is deceptively large. Low ceiling with dark wooden beams. A square bar with several slightly different style rooms all having old style memorabilia. Beer wise there was 3 pumps & all of them were LocAle. Southport Brewery - Sandgounder was available on my visit, & being one of my favourites I was more than pleased. Mrs happytyskie & myself opted for 2 burgers to eat. Superbly served with ample salad & chips we couldn't finish them. I get the impression this is mainly a transient pub due to its location & therefore relies on its food trade. However I think this is definitely a pub that serves good food more than a gastro pub.

13 Mar 2010 19:32

Seven Stiles, Upton

Now re-opened & re-named The Fender. 70's estate pub. Not very inviting.

5 Mar 2010 20:22

Packhorse Inn, Keswick

Down an alleway off the main street this is worth checking out. Narrrow but deceptively large pub with a substantial dining area upstairs. Good choice of at least 3 real ales. Food is excellent & well served. We were lucky enough to share a few drinks with the landlord Matty & his wife Helen. Lovely, genuine people who take a pride in what they do, & it was them who made it a great night for us. Highly recommended.

6 Feb 2010 21:21

George Hotel, Orton

Multi roomed with a good selection of mainly Jennings beers. Nice photos of old Keswick on the walls. Relaxed atmosphere.

6 Feb 2010 20:56

TWA Dogs Inn, Keswick

On the outskirts of the town centre this pub was built in 1966 to replace the original building. It looks out of place in such a nice town as Keswick because it is reminiscent of a 60's/70's council estate pub but slightly posher. Inside it is fairly open planned. Quirky caricatures of what I assume are locals on many of the walls along with other local atrifacts. Faux wooden beams try to disguise the age of the building. There is a games room with a pool table, dart board & football shirts & scarves. Beer wise very poor. 1 real ale - Jennings Bitter which is weak & watery. Landlord was friendly but it wasn't worth the trek out of town on a cold night.

6 Feb 2010 20:38

Ye Olde Golden Lion Inn, Keswick

This pub has had a makeover since my last visit & gone back to its original name after being a dreadful Irish bar for a while. On the main street it is possibly Keswick's largest pub as it stretches back down some stairs. 4 real ales but fairly unimaginative choice. Never been a favourite pub of mine because they seem to have a never ending production line of miserable bar staff.

6 Feb 2010 20:16

Montgomery's Tower, Shrewsbury

brapper = complete & utter fake. CAMERA member???? Idiots like him ruin the credibility of this site.

15 Jan 2010 19:16

The Kings Arms, York

Nice location right on the quayside. Inside is a brick interior & stone floor. Cosy & inviting. No real ales so had a whisky.

30 Dec 2009 22:00

The Slug and Lettuce, York

Chrome & glass & over priced drinks. Why on earth would anyone bother when there are so many good pubs in York?

30 Dec 2009 21:49

The Last Drop Inn, York

Can't put my finger on it but I wasn't keen on this place. Maybe its just because it doesn't feel like a pub. Also the bar staff were quite miserable. The whole place seemed to lack atmosphere & was a bit scruffy. Apart from the fact it has Guzzler nothing to recommend.

30 Dec 2009 21:40

The Maltings, York

From the outside it is a dreary, dark looking square building & not really very inviting. Packed to the rafters on my visit so it must be doing something right. Good choice of beers, fruit wines & ciders. I really enjoyed a superb pint of Knaresborough YPA. I'm not sure whether I would consider the interior quirky or tatty - there is a fine line, & I don't think a wall where you can stick your used train tickets as artistic. However the idea of using a toilet pan as a bar seat is very funny & has a unique novelty value. Can't claim to be as enthusiastic about it as some other reviewers but it was worth a visit.

30 Dec 2009 21:27

The Parish, York

Visited this pub out of curiosity more than anything. If you walked or drove past you wouldn't really look twice as it still looks like a church. Inside it has been converted, & despite some of the negative views of other contributors, I think it works really well. Open planned with hidden lighting. Very quiet when we visited but I imagine it can get very busy. Definitely aimed at the younger drinkers with the usual choice of alcopops & Eurofizz, however I had a well kept pint of John Smith's Cask. Staff were friendly. Worth a visit if its quiet.

30 Dec 2009 21:04

The Artful Dodger, York

Really disliked this place. For a start the shape of the building makes it totally unsuitable to be a pub. Long & narrow its like drinking in a corridor. This makes it very difficult to move around, & the bar area is terrible to try & get served because of the "barflys" who won't move out of the way. Loud music & sports on several TV's. 3 real ales but mine was far too cold. The rear part has large muralled walls featuring Dickensian scenes in keeping with the pub's name. The only thing I did like was when I finally managed to push my way to the bar one of the beer pumps had a tiny built in TV showing football. Quite quirky, but not enough to get me to return.

30 Dec 2009 20:53

Brigantes Bar and Brasserie, York

A chain pub owned by Market Town Tavern but don't let that put you off as this pubco obviously knows how to do things properly & are proud to state that they have no beer tie. This building is a large, square single room on 2 levels. Plenty of beer memorabilia on the walls. Huge variety of European & world beers as well as about 8 handpumps. Very friendly & knowledgeable staff. I had a Hawkshead Jingle Fells & tried a bottle of Goose Island IPA from Chicago. Well worth a visit.

30 Dec 2009 20:39

The York Brewery, York

Being a huge fan of Guzzler it was nice to be able to pay homage to this great beer at the place its made. The visitor centre & bar is a converted loft. Mismatched lounge chairs & wooden seats make it a quirky drinking experience especially as brewery staff are wandering in & out doing various things. Obviously the beer is first class.

30 Dec 2009 20:24

The Punchbowl, York

One of the most un-Wetherspoons JDW's I've been in. On the edge of the city walls this is possibly the smallest Spoons I've visited. Low ceiling & dark wood I imagine it could feel claustrophobic when busy. I tried a Thorne Pale Ale which was OK. Approximately 6 guests altogether. Despite its small size in their November newsletter they claim that they sold 5075 pints (they didn't state the time period). This apparently ranks them at 187th of over 700 JDW's. The Postern Gate (York's other JDW & much larger) sold 4805 in the same period.

30 Dec 2009 20:12

The Punchbowl, York

Olde worlde city centre pub that claims to be over 400 years old & has 2 ghosts. Inside it is a maze of rooms with low beamed ceilings, dark wood & a stone floor which gives a cosy, warm ambience. I liked the idea of putting tasting notes on the handpumps - very helpful. The 2 regular handpumps are John Smith Cask & Black Sheep. 4 other guests on my 2 visits & I was lucky enough to try them all. The Leeds Best was very nice. They will also do tasters too. There is also a "coming soon" beer menu. Extensive food menu & they seem to specialise in pies. Infact they have a pie menu. On the wall there was a display stating that during the last week they had sold 634 pies & 1321 pints. On our second visit we opted for the minature pie tasters. Absolutely superb! Friendly staff & reasonable prices this is one of my favourite York pubs.

30 Dec 2009 19:58

The Winter Gardens, Harrogate

I think this is the most stunning pub conversion I have ever seen. From the main door, which is fairly insignificant, you make a grand entrance into a breathtaking & huge single room down a staircase with potted palms either side. The decor is Victorian & the whole place still has a very grand air about it. The bar runs down most of the left hand side & has plenty of handpumps. As I was here for breakfast I didn't bother to look at what was on. A must visit.

30 Dec 2009 18:35

The Cock and Bottle, York

Pleasant back street community pub. Clean & tidy with a stone floor. Single room but split into different sections. Deuchars IPA plus 2 other handpumps which were not in operation. 2 TV's both showing football.

30 Dec 2009 18:09

Greave Dunning, Greasby

From the outside a long, stone building. Inside it is typically an Ember Inn makeover with the high, ash coloured wooden tables & mirrors to make the place look bigger. Staff were polite & friendly. Wasn't drinking on my visit but noticed Cain's Bitter was an option. Food quality was quite poor with 2 of the meals burnt.

2 Dec 2009 13:49

Vernon Arms, Liverpool

A welcome edition to the Dale Street crawl. 6 handpumps including one of my favourites - Reverand James as well as Fruli Strawberry Beer. Traditional decor with a bar at the front leading to a lounge at the rear which is quite cosy with red velvet seats & large mirrors.

11 Nov 2009 19:08

The Blob Shop, Liverpool

Large single room city centre bar. Full of red-faced pensioners. 1 cask - Bombardier at 1.49. Think I would rather become teetotal than drink here on a regular basis

11 Nov 2009 18:54

The Shrewsbury Arms, Oxton

Now a Spirit pub although luckily the only thing they have altered is the menu. I was not overly enthusiastic with my last review of this place, but having been a regular visitor since I am starting to enjoy the atmosphere. However I still avoid Friday & Saturday nights as its too crowded for my liking. Taylor's Landlord is a permanent plus Bomadier & 2 rotating guests.

16 Sep 2009 20:24

The Royal, Birkenhead

Update - Good things to report about this pub. The people in charge are trying to make a go of it. Doubles bar, entertainment (not personally my kind of thing, but fair play), & more importantly 2 real ales. Taylor's Landlord as a permanent (2.20), plus rotating guest - Courage Directors on my recent visit. Seems they are attracting new people as well. I will be supporting this pub.

16 Sep 2009 20:13

The Telegraph Inn, Wallasey

Insignificant looking back street boozer. Traditional & unaltered. 5 real ales including Copper Dragon - "Golden Pippin" & CoachHouse - "Summer Sizzler" on my visit. Open & pleasant dining area that looks like it was added to the original pub as the ceiling is noticeably higher. Sheltered smoking area that doesn't impose on the rest of the pub, & a pleasant, grassy beer garden surrounded by high trees which is a contrast to the urban setting. Toilets a bit cramped & stinky. Great value food menu Tues-Thurs 6pm-8pm - Meal & drink for 5.

3 Sep 2009 22:27

Queens Arms, Prenton

New owners & now serving real ales for the first time - Timmy Taylors on my recent visit. Apparently they are planning more. Good news. Also new food menu. Things are looking up for this pub.

22 Aug 2009 22:07

The Anchor Inn, Irby

I'm beginning to like "Ember Inns". They try to be all things to everyone, & on the whole they seem to be getting it right. The Anchor is one of those pubs that has been given a classy 21st century makeover by this PubCo. Situated on a main road this pub looks tiny from the outside. Once inside it opens up into a very interesting maze & variety of seating options. Gastro pub set up but pleasant enough to enjoy just a drink. Clean & bright there were 3 handpumps on my recent visit although only 2 were in operation. I had a pint of well kept Ryedale Best. Will be back again at some stage in the future.

19 Aug 2009 20:11

Shippons, Irby

Long, low beamed country style pub. Barn like on the outside & clean & spacious on the inside. Stone floor, wooden tables & alcoves. Pleasant beer garden. 3 Thwaites pumps - Original Bitter, Lancaster Bomber & Wainwrights. Not a "must visit" but nice enough.

19 Aug 2009 19:58

The Three Stags, Bebington

A large landmark pub on a well known crossroads. Pleasant looking building with plenty of parking. Inside it is open plan & very much a gastro pub, but designed for drinkers too. It reminded me of a large, classy hotel lobby with plenty of seating options. Very clean, modern & tasteful decor. Throughout the course of our stay we sat at a standard table & chairs, a corner table by the window, & then to an intimate horseshoe booth. Funny moment (although I shouldn't laugh), an old lady got lost in the labryinth & a member of staff had to be called.

Anyway to the important stuff. 7 handpumps (rotating & imaginative). 5 available on our visit. They offer "tasters" at 1.89 for 3 x third pints. All were well kept & the staff were very obliging. Excellent value, my favourite was Hawkshead Brewery- "Lakeland Gold". Wine (partner was well impressed), cider & cocktail menu as well as hot drinks mean that everyone is catered for. One of the finest pubs in Wirral.

Food was great value & imaginative. Service friendly & speedy

This is an Ember Inns pub, & as soon as you walk in there is a chalkboard with their "Cask Fresh" policy which includes "try before you buy" & they also encourage for your opinions!!! Yes, A Pubco that listens!!!!!

16 Aug 2009 22:05

Mississippi Bar and Restaurant, Bromborough

This is a very easy to miss pub - unfortunately I happened to find it. Situated in a small, concrete, bland shopping complex it does not look like a pub. Its more like a converted video rental shop from the outside. Inside it is fairly small & stuffy. Choice of usual well known keg brands & 2 large screen TV's showing Sky Sports. You would be better off going to the SPAR supermarket opposite & getting yourself a carry-out.

16 Aug 2009 21:12

The New Helsby Arms, Helsby

Large, pleasant gastro-style pub just a few minutes from Chester services off the M56. Very clean & tastefully decorated. Food is on the pricey side, however it is all freshly cooked & good quality. No microwaved rubbish here. Black Sheep plus rotating guests. Worth a visit.

1 Aug 2009 15:07

Irby Mill, Greasby

Pleasant looking sandstone country pub which from the outside looks very inviting. However once inside it becomes apparent that this place is suffering an identity crisis. Despite the low beams & small barnhouse type windows, this place has been given a 21st century minimalist makeover. Large sofas, abstract paintings & whitewash walls mean this should feature on "Makeovers From Hell!" On the positive side there were 4 real ales on my visit which are rotated. It looks like this place is for sale & i would suggest any new owners pay a visit to The Wheatsheaf in Raby Mere to see how a country pub should look.

26 Jul 2009 12:11

The Clarence, New Brighton

I'm in 2 minds whether to rate this pub because it is rare you find such a hidden gem, & I think I want to keep it a secret. On the face of it, this is an insignificant back street pub. However once through the door this is my equivalent of the moment in the film where Charlie enters the chocolate factory. What seems like a relatively small pub opens into a catacomb of clean, well kept rooms with classy wooden decor & for the first time in my life I noted the clean smell - Sorry you traditionalists, but this just reinforces the excellent smoking ban for me. I was lucky enough to visit during their beer festival & went out into the marquee in the well kept suntrap of a beer garden to sample their delights. At this point I was in danger of becoming Augustus Gloop but managed to limit myself to 3 excellent pints of Otter Bitter, Hambleton Stud & Daleside Blonde. Proper pubs like this are rare & luckily you do not need a golden ticket to get in. Please support this establishment & their superb staff. If Carlsberg made pubs it would be nothing like this. Nuff said!

9 Jul 2009 18:48

Cheshire Lines Inn, Southport

Pleasant back street boozer with a patio fronted drinking area. Somewhat narrow with the bar at the front. Once the OAP day centres in Southport close, this is the place the elderly of the town migrate to. On my recent visit there was a septuagenarian, perma-tanned crooner who looked like a reject from "Cruise Ship Idol" as he belted out such classics as "Blue Spanish Eyes" from his ultra-echoey karaoke machine to the adoring "Ethels & Mabels". Not really my scene, but give it a few years & I may just roll up in my mobility scooter & try "grabbing a granny" & half a milk stout.

6 Jul 2009 22:06

The Twelfth Man, Greasby

Easy to find being on a main road. Been here on plenty of occasions for meals. Typical chain pub catering for families. Corporate Spirit Group standard menus. Staff have always been friendly & efficient, food good value & atmosphere OK. Not the type of place I would choose for a night out with friends but fine for a quick meal with my partner & daughter.

4 Jul 2009 14:29

The Figure of Eight, Birmingham

This JDW has a fantastic beer garden at the rear, & on a hot day this really is a city centre oasis. Plenty of green foliage, a water feature, wooden tables, decking & large umbrellas. The pub itself is on one of Birmingham's busiest streets. Tasteful wooden old library themed interior with plenty of seating options including booth & high tables. 3 or 4 guest ales which were local. No problems with service & we went here for breakfast the next day. Certainly one of the better Wetherspoons.

30 Jun 2009 13:31

The Birch Tree, Birkenhead

Although this pub is officially listed as being in Prenton, I can actually tell you that it is in a parallel universe where thirsty customers take on the ability to become invisible. As soon as you set foot over the door the staff find it impossible to see you. Despite standing at the bar trying to make yourself seen you have no chance as they "busy" themselves with trivial tasks like filling ice buckets or gossiping. Apparently there are rumours that some people have been served at sometime in the dim & distant past but I think that this is just an urban myth. Twice I have entered this Twighlight Zone & twice after 10 minutes I have decided that I cannot change the laws of physics & decided to step over the threshold back into the real world where customers are not ignored.

2 Jun 2009 18:54

The Swinging Arm, Birkenhead

If you didn't know anything about this pub then you may just avoid it. Outside there are normally crowds of Hell's Angels, heavy metal types & tattoed, peirced skinheads drinking Newcastle Brown. Don't be put off as this is a really friendly pub. Inside there are bare floorboards & rock memorabilia on the walls along with a large mural of Che Guevara. Large screen TV or Planet Rock radio playing when there is not a live band. Selection of European lagers plus Taylor's Landlord. At the back of the pub fabulous views over the River Mersey. This was my first visit since they moved the bar & like previous posters have said it is far too high.

31 May 2009 10:58

The Waterloo Hotel, Birkenhead

Tidy back street pub. Euro fizz & alcopops. Nothing to make me go back again.

31 May 2009 10:45

Rose And Crown Hotel, Lower Bebington

Traditional pub which is easy to find being on a main road by a roundabout. Clean & fresh with nice wooden decor but tastefully refurbed. Bar & lounge area with the bar having a subtle sports theme. Thwaites dominated & Original in good condition on my visit.

13 May 2009 21:16

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

This pub just keeps getting better. Friendly staff, great food & huge range of beers. Had 2 excellent pints of JW Lee's Coronation Street Ale on my last visit.

4 May 2009 12:15

Welkin, Liverpool

Had a pint of Hyde's Spin Doctor at their recent beer festival. It was watery, flat & acidic. How on earth this pub has cask mark accreditation is beyond me.

4 May 2009 12:08

Seven Stiles, Upton

now re-opened

17 Apr 2009 11:44

Charing Cross Hotel, Birkenhead

Well known town centre boozer that opens for the early morning drinkers. During the day it is full of the "great unwashed" & at night full of scallys & smackheads. 2 rooms with a traditional bar in one & a pool table in the other. Always a very edgy atmosphere. Usual choice of Euro Fizz & alcopops. The toilets are disgusting & are only just preferable to pissing in your pants! I don't mind bad language but it seems that most of the people who frequent this hovel have a very limited vocabulary & have voices louder than a Mersey foghorn. There is absolutely nothing nice I can say about this place

12 Apr 2009 18:53

The John Masefield, New Ferry

I've never been here for a beer as I often go just to eat (normally breakfast), so I can only review the food & coffee which are always fine. This pub is on the main road through New Ferry & has the odd distinction of being next door to one pub & right opposite another! This Wetherspoons opened November 2007 so it is still clean & neat. Nice layout with varied seating options, tasteful decor & low ceiling. I really must try one of the real ales on offer but unfortunately it really doesn't appeal for me to join the early morning, red faced pensioners in their breakfast tipple!

10 Apr 2009 20:28

Sir Henry Segrave, Southport

Quite small for a Wetherspoons. Was delighted that they had Cheeky Pheasant from the George Wright Brewery which they kindly let me have as a drink choice with my curry. I have noticed some of the negative comments by previous posters but I found the staff friendly, efficient & the place was reasonably clean.

10 Apr 2009 18:29

Willow Grove, Southport

Large L shaped pub on 2 floors. Wacky circle designs on the wall along with a multi coloured carpet make you feel that you have entered a 70's nightclub! Alton Pride fff was on good form.

10 Apr 2009 18:12

The Coronation Hotel, Southport

Euro Fizz, alcopops & drunk teenagers. Avoid!

10 Apr 2009 18:07

Baron's Bar, Southport

Love this place! It is part of the Scarisbrick Arms Hotel. Just go through the main doors & turn left. Once inside it is very gothic. Like being in an old church. Dark with very high ceilings & some throne like chairs. They subscribe to the CAMRA LocAle scheme which means that the real ales are sourced locally reducing the number of 'beer miles'. I actually lost count of the number of beers I tried but I think there were at least 10 real ales plus Erdinger on draught - I didn't manage to sample them all!. They also serve Scampi Fries - a great drinking accompaniment. The only downside are the tossers who insist on drinking their beer at the bar therefore blocking people who want to have a look at the choice of drinks. I really hate those kind of idiots!

10 Apr 2009 18:05

The Guest House, Southport

Any place that serves Deuchars IPA will always get a visit from me! A very popular pub in a side road just off Lord Street. About 8 rotating guest real ales with an imaginative choice including porter. I can see why CAMRA rate this pub. Traditional & unspoilt with high ceilings & 3 large rooms this type of pub is hard to find these days. Only downside is that my partner likes Belgian beer & they didn't have any. She chose a glass of ros & apparently it was not good.

10 Apr 2009 17:50

The Windmill Inn, Southport

On a side road between Lord Street & The Promenade there is a large beer garden at the front which I imagine would be an excellent sun trap. Once inside there is plenty of space & seating options. The walls are an old fashioned green & cream & the overall feel of the place is traditional & a little musty. Although I'm sure the locals would disagree, to me, it needs freshening up a bit. Beer choice was Black Cat Mild, Spitfire & Thwaites Bitter.

10 Apr 2009 17:42

Lakeside Inn, Southport

Certified by "The Guinness Book Of Records" as the "smallest pub in Britain" (22ft x 16ft). Outside it looks like a boat hut with no windows & quite frankly a little uninviting. To the left is a small, stepped beer garden. Inside the mirrored walls make this place seem a lot bigger than it is. Unspoilt & full of character the carpet is a very loud paisley red & the tables polished gold. The bar arcs across one corner & there is a large corner window opposite which looks out onto a beer terrace overlooking the marine lake - very relaxing. There is a nautical theme with fishing artifacts as well as plenty of photographs & pictures of Southport in years gone by. The Fuller's London Pride was excellent. I would certainly recommend a visit.

10 Apr 2009 17:34

The Exhibition, York

If I lived in York then this would be one of my regular haunts. Friendly service & good atmosphere. The Guzzler from York Brewery was on fine form on my 2 visits.

5 Apr 2009 08:35

Queens Arms, Prenton

Closed at the moment. Apparently up for sale. Heard some very bad reports in recent months & it seems most people had decided to drink elsewhere. Lets hope the new tenants show more interest than the last ones!

4 Apr 2009 19:57

Yates's, Harlow

As I approached this place on a warm spring evening there were a group of boozed-up chavs sat outside barely aware that their kids were trying to dismantle the market stalls across the town square - Welcome to Essex! Yates is based on the ground floor of one of the many concrete monstrosities that make up this toilet of a place. Inside is actually quite nice & bright with a variety of seating options. Bombadier & Young's Bitters on draught - the latter was more acidic than a pint of malt vinegar. Staff were pleasant enough & I actually think that one may have briefly smiled! I did feel somewhat out of place though as I wasn't wearing a baseball cap or any sovereign rings. I probably won't be back.

2 Apr 2009 16:42

The William Aylmer, Harlow

A souless pub in a souless town. This Wetherspoons is on the ground floor of a tower block. Outside it is not very inviting & inside pretty much the same. You enter through a central door & turn right for the bar & seating area. Left are more seats & comfy chairs. It is a very narrow long pub & reminds me of a library. Beer was OK but the staff seemed to echo the whole mood of the place.

2 Apr 2009 16:28

The Travellers Rest, Bebington

Small traditional pub on a main road between the M53 turn off & Prenton. Inside it has lots of brass artifacts & a low beamed ceiling which gives it a rural feeling. Excellent choice of bitters including Brains, Abbot, Courage Directors, Bombardier, Spitfire, Black Sheep & Taylors Landlord. Also Hoegaarden on draft.

31 Mar 2009 09:05

The Ma Boyles Oyster Bar, Liverpool

This pub is in a lovely location near St Nicholas church. Small bar on the ground floor with with food served downstairs. We went in on a Saturday afternoon to find it full of drunk scallys watching football & small kids running round. The floor was filthy & the bar full of stale sticky beer. Very expensive & poor quality beer. Certainly wouldn't be tempted to eat here! Couldn't wait to leave. Won't be back again.

15 Mar 2009 10:06

The Wheatsheaf, Raby Mere

Out in the middle of nowhere you could easily drive past this pub without noticing it. A white thatched roof building that looks like a barn or farmhouse (only 1 small sign to identify it as a pub). Inside traditional low beams & brass ornaments. Bench type seats & heavy wooden tables. Several real ales including 2 from Brimstage Brewery. As well as that unusually for such an olde worlde place Erdinger lager on draught & another European lager whose name I didn't catch. Worth a visit but if you don't know the area be aware it may be difficult to find.

5 Mar 2009 21:43

Hoylake Lights, Hoylake

This was the first Wetherspoons I ever visited & my regular local in the late 90's. Recently popped in for a late morning cup of coffee . Long & somewhat narrow building with a smallish bar on the right hand side. Pleasant enough place to read the paper & have something to eat. Several real ales available & a few bloated, red faced old men were taking advantage of the cheap prices.

23 Feb 2009 13:27

The Philharmonic, Liverpool

Best visited when it is quiet so that you can relax & enjoy the ornate interior. Limited choice of real ales on my recent visit but the Deuchars IPA was on good form.

15 Feb 2009 11:25

Lime Kiln, Liverpool

Not a single real ale on my visit - very poor. Apart from that food service was quick. Very modern although personally not really my kind of taste. A bit sterile.

15 Feb 2009 11:11

Seven Stiles, Upton

Now closed

7 Feb 2009 08:57

The Loggerheads, Shrewsbury

Small, multi-roomed traditional pub which is slightly confusing when you visit for the first time. Once you have sussed out the geography you realise the bar is central. Choice of real ales is unimaginative. We sat in the small front room & with about 10 people it was absolutely crammed full. Talking to a local he said this pub has remained unchanged for at least 35 years. I'm actually sure it is probably longer than that. Friendly welcome & well worth a visit if you like historic interiors.

2 Feb 2009 14:36

The Three Fishes, Shrewsbury

Located in a small, cobbled & hilly street this looks like a very traditional olde worlde pub from the outside. Inside it is compact with a varied choice of real ales. The Sharp's Doom Bar was in fine form. We would have stayed a bit longer but we got accosted by the pub bore & decided to make our excuses & leave.

2 Feb 2009 14:25

Bar Med, Shrewsbury

From the outside this place looks something like a public building. Inside it has a nightclub feel & is dark. Very large Lloyds No. 1 Bar with plenty of room to sit. Slow service but its about par for the course with most Wetherspoons.

2 Feb 2009 14:16

The Coach and Horses, Shrewsbury

Lovely back street pub. Traditional dark wood interior with a small bar area at the front & a large bar & eating area at the rear. Although we never ate here on the 2 occasions we visited we did sit near the eating area & the food looked stunning. The menu included such delights as emu kebabs & crocodile steak (it seems they have theme nights including Australia, Local Shropshire & Spain/Portugal recently). For those of a less adventurous nature the choice of savoury bar snacks is excellent. They also have a "happy hour" Mon-Fri 5pm-7pm & Sun7pm-10pm- the Shropshire Gold is 1.75 a pint & wines are cheaper too. We found the locals friendly & very welcoming. Overall a must visit.

2 Feb 2009 14:07

Salopian Bar, Shrewsbury

From the outside this looks like a traditional pub. On the inside it is more like a wine bar. Garish red walls, leather sofas & black & white prints of iconic film stars on the walls. However it is very clean & tidy with fresh daffodils on each table on the 3 occasions we went. Good choice of real ales (6 handpulls & I think they were all in use) & Belgium beers. I particularly enjoyed Hophead from DarkStar brewery. I didn't really enjoy the live music sets they had as it is really too small a venue to be able to carry this off.

2 Feb 2009 13:39

The Shrewsbury Hotel, Shrewsbury

Staying at the Wetherspoons Lodge for 3 nights we had ample opportunity to experience The Shrewsbury Hotel. As one of the other contributors mentioned the pump clips were not turned round when the beer is not available. Very irritating especially when we asked the barmaid "Why?" & she just shrugged in a "don't really care" way. Overall though the beer is well kept & the the majority of the staff are polite especially the manageress who is hard working & friendly. The pub itself has a slightly cramped feel when its busy because of the low ceiling & the somewhat narrow design.

2 Feb 2009 13:28

The Kings Head, Shrewsbury

Don't be fooled by the beautiful exterior of this place, this pub is utterly dreadful! It has so much potential but it is run down & tatty. The toilets are disgusting & you can smell them from the bar. I didn't even bother trying their range of over-priced euro fizz & instead had a small glass of orange juice & left swiftly.

30 Jan 2009 21:16

Richard John Blackler, Liverpool

I've never had any real issues with The Richard John Blackler (to give it its correct title), but I can understand many of the comments. I've never had a bad pint or a bad meal. Staff are generally OK & there is always somewhere to sit. As with most Wetherspoons you are never going to get that friendly local feeling, but on the dozen or so occasions I've visited here its been fine. Maybe I've just been lucky!

16 Jan 2009 19:39

The Royal, Birkenhead

Although this pub is on a main road the chances are you would drive past it without even noticing it is there. The outside is shabby & faded & indeed it was closed for a large part of 2008. It re-opened before Christmas but the only real evidence is a barely readable chalkboard placed outside. Inside it is pure 1970's. I doubt this place has had a makeover for at least 35 years.There is a main bar with old TV's at either end & a smaller room to the side. No real ales, no food & no promotions (doubles bar etc). However it is friendly & has a novelty value just for the retro feel. I am intrigued as to how they will survive unless they are willing to invest. However I will probably be a semi-regular as it is near to where I live.

5 Jan 2009 15:51

Crown, Birkenhead

This is a large town centre pub very prominent on a main road. Inside there is a large bar with 11 hand pumps none of which were in operation. There is a large screen TV in one of the lounges & a karaoke machine which was not being used - thank goodness! There are some mirrors on the wall which are all broken or chipped. This place has certainly seen better days. The decor is faded & the gents was a complete mess. The window was smashed, the tiles missing & the hand dryer consisted of some bare wires hanging out of the wall! There was no soap & the water was cold. However having said all of this, I had a pint of Chestnut Mild which is the best Mild I have tasted in years. Completely bizarre to say but if they can serve beer this good, then I may just be back at some stage in the future.

5 Jan 2009 15:40

Welkin, Liverpool

Neat Matthew Street this is not one of my favourite Wetherspoons. It is a bit sterile. Downstairs is a long, narrow seating area with the main bar at the end. Upstairs there is a smaller bar & some booths. Like most Wetherspoons it can take a while to be served.

2 Jan 2009 12:10

Edward's Bar, Liverpool

Have been to this place several times in the hope that I may get to like it. In the Summer when the windows are open upstairs it is nice to look down on the street & enjoy a beer. Unfortunately that is the only good thing I can say about it. It is full of scallys & serves over priced euro fizz & alcopops. Last time we were in we were "befriended" by some crack head Burberry baseball capped brain dead moron trying to flog us some Nokias he had proudly nicked from a local shop. We politely declined his kind offer & left. Apparently the ladies toilets are reminiscent of some third world country.

2 Jan 2009 12:03

The White Star, Liverpool

Near to Matthew Street &popular with tourists. Lots of shipping memorabilia on the walls. Good choice of real ales I counted 6 handpumps.

2 Jan 2009 11:56

The Postern Gate, York

Located slightly off the tourist route this is one of the strangest drinking venues I have ever been in. It is more like an airport lounge than a pub! Sterile, full of chrome & echoey. Very large with plenty of places to sit. No real issues as it is typical Wetherspoons. I had a pint of Raucous Reindeer from Oakham Brewery.

27 Dec 2008 16:29

The Hole in the Wall, York

Very expensive. A pint of Ugly Sisters & a glass of orange was 5.07! We won't be back.

27 Dec 2008 16:17

The Golden Lion, York

Busy pub in the city centre. Very popular place to eat & an excellent choice of about 9 real ales which are rotated on a regular basis. Morrisey Fox Mulled Ale & Wychwood Winter Troll were very good. Worth a visit.

27 Dec 2008 16:08

The Bay Horse, York

This is a large traditional looking pub near to the river. Inside is quite a surprise as it is very modern & clean with large comfy chairs. Tasteful with a good atmosphere. I had a nice pint from Copper Dragon Brewery.

27 Dec 2008 15:59

The Burton Stone Inn, Clifton

If you like eurofizz or alcopops, deafening music & a poor choice of drinks, then you will love this place!

27 Dec 2008 15:50

The White Horse, York

Just outside of the city walls, this is a long narrow traditional pub. Friendly atmosphere with a good mix of people. Thwaites beers seem to be the main offering.

25 Dec 2008 16:24

The Three Legged Mare, York

From the outside this place looks like a cafe. Inside it is very modern but tastefully decorated with natural woods & some brewing memoribilia. Heavy emphasise on real ales with York Brewery being well represented. I had a few pints of Guzzler & my partner had a fruit beer that was also very good. Well worth a visit.

25 Dec 2008 16:20

The Old Grey Mare, Clifton

This place looks quite big from the outside until once you step inside & you realise that a large portion of the pub is now an Indian restaurant. Quite stuffy & crowded I don't think this is a place you could spend a whole evening. Timothy Taylors was fine but not really a great deal else.

24 Dec 2008 20:37

The Bootham Tavern, York

Traditional city pub. Rugby memoribilia on the walls. Black Sheep well kept

24 Dec 2008 20:21

George Hotel, Orton

Large multi-roomed pub/hotel. Choice of Jennings. friendly staff & plenty of room to sit. It gets very busy at the weekend.

21 Dec 2008 21:26

Lake Road Inn, Keswick

Next door to the Dog & Gun this is a traditional small pub with interesting Victorian artifacts on the walls & shelves. Choice of Robinson's & guests. I had an excellent pint of Cumbria Way from Hartley's on my recent visit.

21 Dec 2008 21:22

Dog and Gun, Keswick

This is one of my all time favourite pubs. Small & traditional normally full of walkers & their dogs, there is nothing better than sitting by the fire on a Winter evening with a pint of at least one of 6 real ales on offer from Keswick & Coniston Breweries. It's also traditional to put a few coins into the cracks in the wall at the back of the pub which goes towards funding Keswick Mountain Rescue. At the time of writing they have a superb seasonal ale called "Jingle Fells" which is quite simply one of the best beers I have had in ages.

21 Dec 2008 21:15

The Oddfellows Arms, Keswick

Long, narrow traditional pub with horse racing memorabilia adorning the walls - I think the landlord is a racehorse owner. Jennings real ales in good condition. This place offers the best value for money food of all the Keswick pubs & despite some of the other reviews I have never had a bad meal in here. The smoked Borrowdale trout is superb.

21 Dec 2008 21:05

Bank Tavern, Keswick

Nice pub with a mixture of locals & tourists. Rotating guest ales & good range of food. The toilets are very clean. My only criticism is that on the dozen or so occassions I have been in this pub it is very hot & stuffy.

21 Dec 2008 20:58

The Dee Hotel, West Kirkby

Having once lived in West Kirby, I can vouch that since being taken over by Wetherspoons, this is a vast improvement. Quite small compared with many Spoon's establishments. No real issues over service, beer etc. Will happily revisit next time I am in the area again.

13 Nov 2008 18:39

The White Lion Inn, West Kirby

Small traditional pub that doesn't take many people to make it crowded. Several real ales.

13 Nov 2008 14:23

Fox and Hounds, Barnston

Its a bit like stepping into a traditional farmhouse. Interesting brass decor, china plates & old brewery posters all go to create a cosy atmosphere. 3 real ales & a comprehensive range of other drinks including a good range of low/non-alcoholic drinks. I think this pub won CAMRA WirraI's 2008 Pub of the Year award. I had an excellent well kept pint of Trapper's Hat. Its a bit off the beaten track it your looking for a pub crawl but well worth a visit.

19 Oct 2008 11:56

The Everyman Bistro, Liverpool

Reminds me of a German Bier Keller in the fact that you go downstairs into a large room with rows of wooden tables & a bar at the end. Its actually a very large place with 3 seperate rooms & one can be closed for private functions. The food is superb quality home cooked served buffet style with a large & varied menu to chose from. Great choice of local beers. Betwixt - Sunlight, Cains - Bitter, George Wright - Cheeky Pheasant & Brimstage - Trapper's Hat as well as continental lagers. Good mix of people but mainly students. I can highly recommend this place.

23 Sep 2008 09:56

The Railway, Liverpool

Despite signage stating that this is a Robert Cain's pub it doesn't sell any Cains beer! This is a large pub next door to the Lion Tavern. Clean, light & well decorated with a variety of seating. I didn't spot any real ales so settled for a well kept pint of Bass mild. In my opinion not a must visit pub, seeing that the Lion is next door & has a much better choice of drinks.

15 Sep 2008 14:42

The Turks Head, St Helens

Traditional multi roomed community pub on the edge of the town centre. Excellent choice of rotating guests & Belgian lagers. I enjoyed Centurion's Ghost & Guzzler both from York Brewery. There was also a jazz band playing some great music which was tasteful & not so loud that it drowned out any chance of conversation. Highly recommended & well worth a visit.

29 Aug 2008 16:22

The Nook, Liverpool

Right in the heart of Liverpool's Chinatown, this place has had a major tidy up on the outside & looks a lot more inviting than it used to be. The inside seems to be going through a makeover too. Friendly & relaxed we sat at the bar enjoying a couple of excellent pints of Bass Mild, & would have been happy to spend a few hours in here if time had allowed. As you can imagine you won't go hungry if you get the munchies after a beer or two (unless you don't like Chinese food!).Will certainly be back soon.

27 Aug 2008 19:46

Blackburne Arms Hotel, Liverpool

Pleasant looking pub in the Georgian quarter of Liverpool not too far from Hope Street & The Anglican Cathedral. It describes itself as a "gastro pub", but a cheap hot dog in a stodgy bun was more akin to a Blackpool burger van. I believe that this has changed hands recently & they have a temporary manager. The hotel upstairs is closed & the menu is not the one they had under the previous tenants. I honestly can't remember what the choice of drinks were like as I went in to eat more than drink, however if I don't remember then I guess it wasn't memorable. Apart from that it was clean, bright, friendly & the staff were polite.

27 Aug 2008 19:05

Pogue Mahones, Liverpool

As previous posters have said, a superb pint of Guinness. Great atmosphere with loads of Gaelic Football memorabilia all over the walls. Friendly bar staff. Nice layout with a variety of places to sit. Be careful when going to the toilets as the signs are in Gaelic. "Mna" is the ladies & "Fir" is the gents. Luckily I already knew this!

24 Aug 2008 12:16

The Swan Inn, Liverpool

Dark, dingy & loud, this is a great place. Listening to The Who - Baba O'Riley at full blast whilst drinking a pint of Wobbly Bob, it just can't get any better than that!

24 Aug 2008 12:08

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

Looking at the reviews I know the common consensus is that it is a fantastic place, but I personally can't really see it. Its scruffy, dirty (especially the toilets which are truly minging!) & the glasses are unclean. The Wapping beers were OK (nothing to get excited about - I tried 3 different ones).

24 Aug 2008 11:57

Firemans Arms, Birkenhead

Friendly & quirky! On first impressions it seems a bit "rough & ready". No problems here, you will get a good welcome. No real ales & in all fairness not a great deal of anything special to draw you in apart from the fact its a traditional boozer. Avoid the music night. It is deafeningly loud & completely crap! Look out for the bloke in the immaculate suit who wears sunglasses & a ponytail! Not a great look for someone of the older generation!

16 Aug 2008 22:12

The Halfway House, Birkenhead

Don't even think about going in here! It is dog rough & very unwelcoming!

16 Aug 2008 21:58

The Stork Hotel, Birkenhead

Lovely Victorian tiled decor. Interesting traditional layout with a central bar & adjoining small rooms. Excellent pint of mild.

15 Aug 2008 11:51

Crown, Liverpool

Good central location. Nice & bright with an interesting ornate ceiling. Unfortunately there was a "domestic" brewing with the couple next to us so we didn't stay long! Will no doubt go back at some stage in the future.

15 Aug 2008 11:46

The Vines, Liverpool

Imposing & ornate architecture on both the inside & outside of this pub know locally as "The Big House". There are several rooms decorated with a mixture of mahogany, stained glass & carved plaster it is like stepping back in time to the Victorian period.

15 Aug 2008 11:40

The Roscoe Head, Liverpool

The first thing to say about this place is that it is very clean & well kept - a credit to the staff. Very small & cosy (or cramped whatever your take on it is). Its a bit like going into someone's house.

15 Aug 2008 11:21

The Dispensary, Liverpool

Cains pub but also has guests. Nothing special about this place in my opinion I would rather walk 15 minutes to Dr Duncans.

15 Aug 2008 11:15

The Fly in the Loaf, Liverpool

Love this place! Superb selection of continental lagers & plenty of handpumps on the enormously long bar. Bright wooden tasteful decor, flat screen TV's & a great food menu. Great atmosphere & good service. At the very back of the pub there is a pulpit! Not sure what thats all about!

15 Aug 2008 11:10

Ye Cracke, Liverpool

Good selection of bottled beers & alcopops for the non real ale drinkers & enough handpulls for those who prefer beer. Nice mix of students & older people gives this place a cosmopolitan feel. As mentioned in previous posts, the gents is like something from a third world ghetto.

15 Aug 2008 11:02

Belvedere, Liverpool

Small, slightly smelly & tatty this is a great authentic friendly pub it is certainly worth a visit. Outside seating area in a quiet hidden away street. Just the type of place to enjoy a Sunday afternoon pint & a laugh.

15 Aug 2008 10:51

The Brewery Tap, Liverpool

Deceptively small inside considering the outside is so big. Exclusively Cains & no guests. I think we picked a bad day to visit as there was an air of gloom hanging about the place & the Sundowner was cloudy & yeasty. Lets hope the Cains situation is sorted soon.

15 Aug 2008 10:38

Peter Kavanaghs, Liverpool

One of the most bizarre pubs I have ever been in. Its a bit like having a drink in an antiques emporium! Well worth a visit. I love the room that has antique radios hanging from the ceiling.

15 Aug 2008 09:50

Ye Hole in Ye Wall, Liverpool

Small, dark, traditional back street pub. Nothing special. Looks like it could do with a bit of a clean & redecoration.

3 Aug 2008 16:13

Thomas Rigby's, Liverpool

Very large pub situated on Dale Street it is difficult to miss. We had a meal in the restaurant section which was very expensive (2.75 for a small plate of chips!). Overall for a club sandwich, chips, glass of wine & half an IPA it came to over 15. Staff were friendly & the place is clean but I doubt I could afford to visit on a regular basis.

3 Aug 2008 11:33

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

Stunning selection of beers, this place is well worth a visit. Friendly bar staff, lively atmosphere & a good range of food. I only stayed for 1 drink but will certainly be back again to try some of the interesting drinks on offer. I can recommend the chocolate stout.

3 Aug 2008 11:26

The Pig and Whistle, Liverpool

Compact, clean & tidy with 2 flatscreen TV's downstairs. Small bar with a fairly limited choice. The food looked good & seemed popular at the time of day we went in.

3 Aug 2008 11:17

The Poste House, Liverpool

Tucked away down a side street this is a lovely traditional boozer. Great value for money with house trebles of vodka or whisky at 1.60. I have to say I resisted temptation! Cains Mild was off but they substituted it for a Guiness at the same price. Relaxed atmosphere mainly full of older clientle its well woth a visit.

3 Aug 2008 11:12

The Lion Tavern, Liverpool

Nothing but praise for this establishment. I instantly felt at home in this place with its fabulous ornate decor & relaxed friendly atmosphere. There is a good selection of beers & although we didn't eat there, the pork pies looked very tempting. The landlord John came over & had a chat with us when we made an enquiry about a forthcoming whisky tasting night (possibly the biggest range of whiskys I have ever seen). This pub is an absolute gem & I've no doubt that it will become a regular watering hole. Highly recommended.

3 Aug 2008 11:05

Queens Arms, Prenton

On the outskirts of Oxton Village, this is an historic & well established pub. Inside it is clean, bright & tastefully decorated. The garden is very small but is a fantastic suntrap. Food is straight from the freezer to microwave to plate & is nothing better than sustenance. Choice of beer is minimal & unimaginative. My main gripe though is that at busy times there is a lack of bar staff & at some times there is only one member serving both food & drinks!! I have walked out on some occasions after waiting more than 10 minutes with other disgruntled people. Overall there seems to be an air of indifference at times hanging over this place which is a shame as there is so much potential.

25 Jul 2008 12:33

Oxton Bar and Terrace, Oxton Village

Formerly The Oxton Arms, this has been transformed from a run down pub into a wine bar. Ideal location in the centre of the village with a small but well kept outside drinking area. Inside the decor is a bit oppresive & dark & the lack of natural light makes this even worse. Food is top quality with a great choice. Beer selection is small but interesting with continental lagers dominating. This place really comes into its own with the choice of cocktails. The bar staff have extensive knowledge & are very helpful & happy to explain the choices. Service from all the staff is very good & with some nice leather couches amongst the usual tables & chairs it creates a very relaxed atmosphere. Beware though, this place is heaving at the weekends & if you are looking for a budget night out then this is certainly not the place to go. It is VERY expensive!

25 Jul 2008 12:16

Ma Egertons, Liverpool

Small back street pub behind the Empire Theatre opposite the stage door. Friendly atmosphere & interesting decor with stacks of old theatre photographs & posters adorning the walls. This is the type of pub that would be worth a visit on a cold dark Winters night as it is very cosy & compact. Like the previous poster said, the choice of beer is somewhat disappointing & I don't think they serve food. Worth a visit but I don't anticipate making it a regular watering hole.

20 Jul 2008 10:41

Globe, Liverpool

What an incredibly unique place! Tiny pub nestled next door to Clayton Square shopping centre & one you would almost certainly walk past without noticing. Very small with 2 rooms & a weird sloping floor it doesn't need many people to pack this venue. Very friendly staff & clients I doubt anyone could fail to have a good time. There can't be many of these types of pubs still in existence.

20 Jul 2008 10:34

Doctor Duncans, Liverpool

This is a great pub with a wide choice of Cains beers. I suggest have several half pints so that you can try a little of everything before you are in no state to remember what you've had! Fabulous tiled interior & nice relaxed atmosphere.

20 Jul 2008 10:28

Head of Steam, Liverpool

Poor selection of beers with only 3 handpumps in action. However this pub is worth a visit because of the unique & interesting decor with its very high ceiling. Handy location in between Lime Street Station & the Empire Theatre.

20 Jul 2008 10:23

Fall Well, Liverpool

This is a large city centre Liverpool pub owned by Wetherspoons & is branded as a Lloyds No. 1. Service is normally very good with the normal choice of beers you would expect from this pub chain. My only complaint is that it is sometimes very dirty & smelly, especially the toilets.

16 Jul 2008 20:08

Willow Walk, Victoria

On 2 separate visits to this part of London 1 year apart, my partner & I have made this our local for breakfast & evening meals. Being fans of Wetherspoons (check other reviews), no real complaints about this place. Very busy during peak times with stressed, morbid looking staff, its still cheaper & has a better range of drinks than most of the pubs in this area. We will be back at some stage in the near future.

16 Jul 2008 19:58

The Trawl Boat Inn, Lytham St Annes

Visited on 2 occasions about 4 months apart. The service is absolutely dreadful with nowhere near enough bar staff to cope with the amount of people. Without doubt the worst Wetherspoons I have ever visited!

16 Jul 2008 19:49

The Shrewsbury Arms, Oxton

Since the smoking ban the atmosphere in this pub is much better. Unfortunately this is still not enough for me to be persuaded to visit here on a more regular basis. There is a large clique in here which often means you are invisible to the bar staff who don't seem to have any problems spotting the regulars. There seems to be a lack of tables & chairs in this place which means at busy times you are left stranded in the middle of the pub trying not to elbow the person next to you. The beer garden is large & enjoyable on a sunny day.

15 Jul 2008 18:07

John Laird, Birkenhead

Average age of the clientele in this pub is about 70. Not really the type of place to spend all night in but being a Wetherspoons, a good choice of drinks.

15 Jul 2008 17:55

Brass Balance, Birkenhead

This Wetherspoons pub is beginning to look a bit tired & tatty with ripped seats & wallpaper. Service is generally OK with the usual choice of beers you would find from this pub chain. Large beer terrace at the rear which is an excellent sun trap.

15 Jul 2008 17:38

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