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BITE user comments - Booze_Allen

Comments by Booze_Allen

Sir Daniel Arms, Swindon

Typical Wetherspoons, very busy on both floors - chips on the floor, rubbish on the tables and the er clientele.... Different beers on different floors - cheap and well kept

1 Jan 2014 15:53

Running Horse, Swindon

Busy when I came here on Sunday afternoon - apparently recently refurbished, it was clean and smart. Decent Sunday roast for £9.75. Three ales were on from the Arkells range - I had the Kingsdown and Noel (both 5%) and they very pleasant. They had footy on on two TV's away from the dining area. A good first impression - I am not local to this area but my hosts lived 4 minute walk away and were aware of it's ups and downs.

1 Jan 2014 15:35

Victoria, Birmingham

Interesting pub, after a few pubs/beers this one seemed 'complicated' - I was aware of other areas here but we stuck to the front of the bar. There were about 5 ales on included two from the Redwillow brewery - I tried the Wreckless - somewhat of a change from all the stouts I had previously imbibed. Very nice.

24 Nov 2013 13:19

The Craven Arms, Birmingham

Another Oasis of a pub, not busy at all - the Square Peg seemed like a distant bad dream. Service instant and a very pleasant place to be in. Several ales were on and I partook of the Summer Wine Barista Espresso Stout - magic.

24 Nov 2013 13:11

The Post Office Vaults, Birmingham

The German market was outside - the streets were heaving. And this pub was a nice little refuge squeezed between big chain shops. Busy but not packed on this Saturday afternoon and we found a table. Good range of 7 independents - I tried and enjoyed the Brightside Darkside Stout.

24 Nov 2013 13:06

The Square Peg, Birmingham

Came here Saturday lunchtime - totally bonkers. Completely packed, staff yes but the bar was so long that there was a long line of punters waiting to be served. Took me about 10 minutes - better time to visit that pub. Dispite the bar length not a large selection of beers - couple of GK and maybe 4 guests - The Nelson's 8 Pieces was cloudy but the Milk Street Zig Zag was perfect. One of the staff people tried to help us find a table - his attempts were applauded but we only got one a few minutes later. This was a food stop but it wasn't worth the 30 minute + wait.

24 Nov 2013 12:57

The Woodman, Birmingham

There are some great pubs in Birmingham and like this one they are an oasis in some very bland areas - skyscrapers, major roads, open spaces and derelict building areas. Not a fan of Birmingham but the pubs yes. This is a lovely pub, the first of the 9 pub crawl at 11:45. Good selection of 6-7 ales. I chose the Castle Rock Black Gold at £3. Worth a visit if you can tolerate the surroundings.

24 Nov 2013 12:35

The Millwrights, Aylesbury

Refurbished yet again about 6 weeks ago. Bright and airy now but still the recognisable as the Millrights. Pub quiz on Thursday(s). 4 ales on including XT4, XT8 and GK Revolution. A previous visit just after it had just opened yielded 4 Rebellion and 2 GK. Beer £3.40/pint. Worth a visit.

29 Aug 2013 22:15

Prince of Wales, Islington

Adnams bitter & Sharps Dommbar were in reasonable nick. Good 'scruffy' locals pub.

1 Jun 2013 11:53

The Charles Lamb, Angel, Islington

South London brewery Clarence & Fredericks, Dark Star, Windsor & Eaton and one other - beer kept pretty well. good pub

1 Jun 2013 11:50

The Coach and Horses, Norwich

My first Norwich pub since the Fat Cat in 2003. Fairly busy on Tuesday night but the Norwich v Forest youth cup tie had something to do with that. 6 brewery beers on handpump - advertised on a chalkboard, but there were so many chalkboards (foody stuff) I missed it - came back 2 more times so had all their beers. The brewery tap beer was £2.40, also tried CHB and Gold - better on a warm Summers day as they were not strong tasting. In total contrast was the Flintknappers, Dreadnought and Old Tackle which were more chewy. They close at midnight (Friday night?) which saved my bacon when I though my drinking was all over.

23 Apr 2013 18:31

The Mustard Pot, Norwich

Ahh, that's I struggled to find this pub - hope BITE people sort this out :-)) Physically it was 600 metres from my hotel and well worth the (short) walk. Beers on handpull & gravity - the Fat Cat Mild 4.3% was £3.10 and the Porter 4.9% £3.20. Nice beer - local as well as further away guests, nice prices, nice pub - similar in layout to the brewery tap. Wonderful.

23 Apr 2013 18:23

The Ribs of Beef, Norwich

Probably the most comfortable pub in Norwich - soft carpeted floor and push-button seating, subtle music - could stay here all afternoon - in the end came here twice. 8 ales on tap with emphasis on local brews especially Wolf - tried the Wolf in Sheep's clothing at £2.75/pint and a pint of Brewers Progress Premium bitter on my first visit. Menu looks good but too late when I arrived after 8pm during the week. Good location by the river.

22 Apr 2013 18:26

The Fat Cat, Norwich

Came in 2003 and it had 27 beers on - nothing much has changed other than it has it's own brews. Probably the best pub in the country - the cheapest beer was £2.40/pint, the Fat Cat bitter. Tried most of their other brews at the 2 other Fat Cats. The Fat Cat IPA was 6.4% but only something like £3.20/pint. Tried the Old Slug Porter as well. Complete paradise.

22 Apr 2013 18:20

The Plasterers Arms, Norwich

Bit of grim walk from Ketts Tavern in the dark - terraced housing, industry, busy roads on the way - but well worth the walk. Pub very quiet on a Tuesday night. 10 ales on - and there were 15 on when I came Saturday afternoon. Bear range impressive, a lot of local brews - Golden Triangle Red Dragon was the best. Beer price was £2.90/pint - the more you drink the more you save. Did have an astringent Wolf Dog Star but it was replaced with Lupus Lupus and the pump clip turned round. One of the best Norwich pubs. Barmaid was friendly and so were the 2 male staff on Friday afternoon.

22 Apr 2013 18:06

The Ketts Tavern, Norwich

Great pub with olde worlde feel and inglenook fireplace. More modern conservatory bit out the back with pool table. 6 Norwich Bear beers on and the Legend and Pooh Bear were imbibed - both at £3.20/pint. Didn't think the beers tested my taste buds enough, wanted something that would fight back. Plenty of viewing screens to watch footy and stuff - managed to see Arsenal v Everton & a youth final between Norwich and Nottingham Forest.

22 Apr 2013 17:59

The Rose, Norwich

Plain looking interior pub with 6/7 Norfolk Bear brews on - knew what to expect after visiting Ketts tavern. A pleasant pub to be in.

22 Apr 2013 17:53

The Murderers, Norwich

Historic pub with plenty of framed prints of infamous murderers/gangsters. Some of the wooden beams looked rather old, hope pub doesn't collapse. Pub a bit ramshackle and there are 4 very annoying games machines at the front of the pub. 7 ales on (inc a lone GK) and I enjoyed a pint of Wilbur Wood Identity (5%) at £3.60 - the 2nd most expensive pint after the Adam & Eve at £3.70.

22 Apr 2013 17:47

Compleat Angler, Norwich

One of the few pubs I've been into not to drink the beer - which I am sure is fine but this was 10am for breakfast - decent enough at £3.60ish for a full English. Pub looks like it's seen better days but I saw a Woodforde's handpull so local beer. Good location by the river Wensum.

22 Apr 2013 17:40

The Adam and Eve, Norwich

Good old fashioned pub by the cathedral and very much in keeping with it's surroundings re the stone walls - I missed it walking down Bishopgate one evening. Likes to advertise it's good beer ceredentials with plaques of various awards won including Cask Marque. 5 ales were on and the Woodforde Sundew was very good, it was also the most expensive pint of my 5 days in Norwich at £3.70/pint, in the other pubs it was nearer £3.20/pint. Worth a visit for the interior, food and beer - just make sure it's not your round.

22 Apr 2013 17:36

The Kingston Arms, Cambridge

Jaipur IPA in a sea of real ales - things got very blurry at this point but I just about remember the pub and I was lucky I wrote the beer name down. Last here 10 years and the beer range was excellent then (and probably the same level of sobriety i.e. not)

10 Apr 2013 20:07

Elm Tree, Cambridge

Lovely pub - very long and narrow inside, lots of Atmosphere and lots of ales on tap - Glastonbury Lady of the Lake, very nice.

10 Apr 2013 20:01

The Hopbine, Cambridge

Good range of real ales - Hellhound Black Shuck. Pub worth visiting again.

10 Apr 2013 19:58

The Maypole, Cambridge

Good range of ale - the Nethergate Priory mild was poor, it was on it's last legs with a bit of astringency - one of those should I take it back or not. I didn't. Tried the Milton Nero and that was excellent. Bad luck on the first pint.

10 Apr 2013 19:50

The Castle, Cambridge

Friendly pub not sure how Gastro it was but as drinkers we were welcome. About 8 Adams ales on tap - possible 1 or 2 guests but otherwise a record for the amount of Adnams beers on tap - there was even a Wheat beer from them. I tried a pint of the Ghost Ship & it was well kept.

10 Apr 2013 19:46

The Pickerel Inn, Cambridge

Woodforde Nelson's Revenge - very nice it was too. Good range of ale in a olde worlde pub. 10 years ago it was Wherry Best.

10 Apr 2013 19:43

The Champion of the Thames, Cambridge

One of the few GK pubs I would visit insofar it's historic character and perhaps the odd unusual (GK) beer - 10 years ago it was Suffolk strong, this times it was the Reserve. Worthy of any pub crawl inclusion even through beer range is a little narrow.

10 Apr 2013 19:15

The Cambridge Blue, Cambridge

What a great pub - a lot of interesting beers and very pleasant to be in. I tried the Mighty Hop Dead Brewers Society. Revisit needed.

10 Apr 2013 18:18

The Eagle, Cambridge

Pub much bigger than it looks & so easy to lose someone in there - it's a good old fashioned pub with a good range of ales - some were GK but I had a good pint of Colchester Red Diesel. Not overly busy on Saturday afternoon.

10 Apr 2013 18:09

The Barley Mow, Bristol

My second visit since 2009. Nothing has changed - good basic pub with filling food (£8.00) and a good range of BBF beers - '7' and Bitter Californian were very good.

8 Mar 2013 16:46

The Duchess of Cambridge, Stamford Brook

Very busy pub on Saturday evening - Standing room only. Excellent range of beer with several on draught and several on gravity - all the draught beers were named after the competing Rugby nations on that day. Had a pint of a gravity beer but it lost it's condition quickly. But hey it's a mini-beer festival so a return visit is a must.

7 Mar 2013 21:27

The Lamb Brewery, Chiswick

Not overly busy for a Saturday afternoon but I'm sure it fills up in the evenings. Good range of local & non-local beer. Only one house brew was on - the Lamb Dark, but it came out ruddy - from looking at the website it was Lamb ale at 4.2%. Not bad but a few more of their brews would be needed to tempt me back - can't believe they were all drunk on Friday night...

7 Mar 2013 21:22

The Bell and Crown, Chiswick

The Empress Tavern was closed, presumably because of the Rugby so we all came here. A sizeable place and easy to get a seat on the Saturday afternoon. Bit annoyed with the vinegar fumes everywhere with peoples chips. Had a pint of London Pride which was Ok - nothing special.

7 Mar 2013 21:16

The Botanist On The Green, Kew

Lovely beer - the strong Maximus, 379 ale and Nemophilia - about 6 ales on tap. Food came quick and was filling. Got here on the Saturday about 20 minutes after it opened - very busy, certaintly a hit with families. Saturday afternoon is one for a quiet pint. Well worth it though for the beer.

7 Mar 2013 21:13

The Britannia, Marlow

What an amazing pub, surrounded by the Marlow snowfields, an oasis with a big neon sign shouting 'Britannia'. A traditional English pub it is not!! Glass partitions everywhere. I liked it a lot & certaintly a bit alternative. Not sure what the paint pots on the side of the wall are - still clearing up? Good range of McMullens beers on - I tried the Elixer. Not a fan of their beers but it was well kept.

20 Jan 2013 16:44

The Victoria, Henley-on-Thames

Good no frills pub with a friendly couple. 2 ales on, both interesting - very nice Windsor & Eaton Windsor Knot.

20 Jan 2013 16:34

The Bird In Hand, Henley-On-Thames

Busy comfortable pub - regulars hogging the bar so had to fight to get served. Excellent range of beer - Church End Winterval was fine. One of Henleys better pubs.

20 Jan 2013 16:20

The Catherine Wheel, Henley-On-Thames

2 bars about half a mile apart so go one - beers so so - Vale is most interesting then over to the other side - 2 GK and a Roosters & a Windsor & Eaton Guardsman - decent beer & £1.99/pint. Pub grub quickly served. Can't knock it.

20 Jan 2013 16:17

The Little Angel, Remenham

Charming pub by snow bound river Thames. Two beer on; Braks Bitter & Oxford Gold, the former was fine - could have been better but I think it was the Latte I had 10 minutes earlier.

20 Jan 2013 16:12

The Edgar Wallace, Temple

A splendid pub - very inpressed with the selection of 5 or ales - had a couple of which one was the Red Squirrel London Porter. the beer was I think £3.90/pint but I had a sausage bap with chips which was extremely filling for £6. Beer expensive but rude not to have at least a couple.

28 Nov 2012 18:29

The Owl and the Pussycat, Shoreditch

Busy Marstons pub on a Monday night with about 4 ales on - decent Ringwood bitter after we'd found a bit of table not occupied by a laptop.

28 Nov 2012 18:24

The William IV, Leyton

What a great pub, nor overly busy on a Monday afternoon but the roaring fire at the back helped. Loads of handpumps spread over quite a distance but a lot were redundant - still there must have about 10 Brodies beers on - I tried the Bethnall Green bitter, Jamaican Stout and the Old Street Pale. Well kept beers at a decent temperature. Prices as per previous comment were £2.45/pint. I will come back here again it's a no-brainer.

28 Nov 2012 18:17

The Crown Inn, Oxford

Came after visiting the GBG Chequers round the corner as we liked it - we were not disappointed with this pub either whose decor and ambience matched it's sister pub. About 6 ales on which were almost identical to the Chequers. A good beer which did not feature at the previous pub was Rudgate Ruby Mild which was served well.

28 Nov 2012 18:11

The Chequers Inn, Oxford

I liked this pub, dark outside and warm and inviting inside. Came here as it was a GBG entry. Good range of about 6 ales of which 2 were 'common' and the rest micros. Had a pint of Wood Hand Black Pearl which was good - not overly cold. A worthy addtion to a town centre crawl. Promptly went to the other Nicholsons pub the Crown round the corner. As we liked this place the other pub must be Ok as well (it was).

28 Nov 2012 18:06

The Gipsy Moth, Greenwich

Saturday night isn't the best time to visit - it was packed - standing room only. I think I would appreciate the pub more if people weren't in the way! I seem to remember about 4 interesting ales on - I tried the Itchen Valley junga ale. As usually for prime tourist area my pint (3.9% ABV) was £4.00. Mmmm.

11 Nov 2012 15:37

The Plume of Feathers, Greenwich

Very cosy and welcoming pub which is certaintly appealing during the Winter months. About 5 ales on including Fullers - I tried the Wj king Horsham best.

11 Nov 2012 15:31

The Pelton Arms, Greenwich

Fairly quiet here when we turned up late Saturday afternoon but a good basic pub with a lot of character in a sea of terraced housing. Good range of about 6 ales with 2 common ones. I had the Mordue All Hallows ale which tasted a bit odd but I think that was the choice of hops rather than any problem with the beer itself.

11 Nov 2012 15:24

The Pilot Inn, North Greenwich

Oasis of a pub in a rather dreary area. Good range of Fullers beers although my Chiswick and I noticed someone else's London Pride lost condition rather quickly. Beer tasted fine though.

11 Nov 2012 15:11

The Hamilton Hall, Liverpool Street

Busy pub as per the usual JDW but discovered the upstairs looking for somewhere to breath & there was another bar plus ales virtually undiscovered. Despite my 50p off token, 2 pints of London Pride was �6.40 - naively thought all JDW beer was under �3/pint. Beer Ok but tasted a bit 'Young'.

24 Sep 2012 22:52

The Blue Posts, Piccadilly

Decent boozer which hasn't anything to recommend other than it was 'decent'. Sat upstairs and supped the only beer available which was London Pride - I noticed Hobgoblin was on as we left. Just improve the beer range a little bit....

20 Jul 2012 18:04

The Tom Cribb, Piccadilly

Decent pint of Shepherd Neame Whitstable Bay here. Nice looking pub with ornate interior - didn't see much though as there was 9 of us so we drank the beer outside. A better prospect than some of the rowdier pubs in the vicinity.

20 Jul 2012 18:01

The Red Lion, Pall Mall

I like pubs like this - tucked down alley and with a very compact and pleasant interior. Looked larger than it was because of the people at the bar and on the side wall with their reflections on the mirrors. Adnams Southwold bitter and St Austell Tribute were the 2 ales on. I tried 2 pints of latter - have tasted better though. About �3.50/pint I think.

20 Jul 2012 17:55

The Cask and Glass, Victoria

Busy pub with nice decor and 4 Shepherd Neame ales on tap - I tried the Kents Best. Despite the gloomy weather we sat outside as there were 9 of us. Worth a place on any pub crawl.

20 Jul 2012 17:49

CASK Pub and Kitchen, Pimlico

What a splendid beer range - approx 9 handpulls and all Micros. Had a good pint of Oscar Wilde Mild. Pub not busy on Saturday afternoon all 9 of us enjoyed the experience. Lots of bottled ales - I should imagine quite expensive but the handpulls got in the way in any case.

20 Jul 2012 17:46

The Golden Cross, Twyford

Basic but homely pub close to station. 2 binghams beers on - one replaced the Youngs. �3.25/pint and beer a little hazy even though a new barrel put on - probably not settle. Shame about games machines - wot they for? Worth a visit for local beer.

2 Jun 2012 12:16

The Red Lion, Little Missenden

Decent ye olde worlde pub with a couple beers straight from the barrel - Doombar was one and they were both well kept. Pub must be popular as the marquee for the overspill was fully occupied. Had the �11 pork dish and it was excellent - at least they had lots of veg. Never knew about this pub until the invite - well worth another visit.

31 May 2012 21:47

The Foresters Arms, Reading

Nice terraced pub with a long narrow beer garden out back. Two West Berkshire beers were on tap & I tried a well kept 'Pig and Tea' beer. Saw a bit of the Liverpool v Everton FA cup match. Seems a little out of the way and maybe half a mile away from our next pub the Nags Head. But well worth the diversion.

22 Apr 2012 13:24

The Bridge Hotel, Buttermere

Good pub in grat location - perfect for a Buttermere pub crawl with er...the Fish being the other pub next door. Pub with 2 bars, one of which of was quite plush and the other more for the walkers. About 6 ales on with usually one from Marstons. Food was also available.

10 Apr 2012 11:38

Fish Hotel, Buttermere

The main events in Buttermere are the Fish & the Bridge inn as the village is so small. This pub was busy on the Easter friday and I visited it 3x in 3 days. It had 8 ales on of which 4 were from Marstons (3 Jennings & 1 Wychwood). They also had ales from Loweswater and Keswick. Beer was on a from a prices reasonable - Snecklifter at 5.1% was �3.40/pint. Decent pub grub and they also have a slightly boring restaurant which is really an overspill as pub grub was served here to. Was told they go down to 4 ales over Winter due to the obvious drop in demand. A nice pub in a convenient location - also next to the 77 bus route to Keswick.

10 Apr 2012 11:34

The Langstrath Country Inn, Stonethwaite

Lovely country pub in a great setting. Decent size pub grub/drinking area as well as a separate restuarant which we visisted. About 5 ales on with a couple from Jennings (Marstons) - tried one of the 3.7% Micros and it was well kept although it should be as It was �3.60/pint. The food was very nice; I tried the lamb, and service prompt and friendly (we had a table at 6pm and they wanted us out by 8pm so obviously!) Prices were a little on the high side.

10 Apr 2012 11:27

Seven Stars, Dinton

Now being run by a consortium of locals. Pleasant welcoming pub with separate eating area and 2 bars. Beer garden between car park and pub. They have been doing locale beers but on this occasion it was Ruddles Best & Youngs Bitter - both were kept well. Hopefully the locals will go local....

16 Feb 2012 18:29

The Dinton Hermit, Ford Village

Vale Hopocalypse & Best Bitter being sold - keeping it locale.

16 Feb 2012 18:25

The One Tun, Farringdon

Pleasant pub with a standard range of unexciting beers - my pint of 6X was kept resonably well.

4 Feb 2012 15:05

Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

My second visit to this lovely pub, unfortunately it was so busy on Friday night that the pub was barely visible. We drank outside in the freezing condtions but I was well wrapped up so ney bother. The tiny loos can't cope so had to wait in a small queue. Decent range of Fullers beers which were well kept.

4 Feb 2012 15:02

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street

Crowded and rather rough looking pub with 2 bars. Sam Smiths beer in better nick than in the Cittie of York. Staff friendly and Ok when prompted for a top up.

4 Feb 2012 14:59

The Knights Templar, Chancery Lane

Rather grand JDW pub and only standing room only on this Friday night. I think the beers had been hit hard with numerous pumpclips turned round - GK IPA & Abbott available of course. I tried the Cottage Tornado and Itchen Valley Hampshire Rose; both were in good nick.

4 Feb 2012 14:56

The Cittie of Yorke, Holborn

Pretty busy on Friday night - not the best time to admire this amazing pub. Sam Smith's only of course - not impressed with beer seemed rather 'tired'. I prefer a variety of beers in a pub so I left after a pint.

4 Feb 2012 14:45

The Queens Head, Aylesbury

Now worthy of some of the better pubs in Aylesbury, but time will really tell. Very pleasant polished interior and good in the long Winter evenings as it is at the moment with the dim lightning giving it a bit of atmosphere. In my previous visits since the 'big refurb' they've usually have 4 beers on; Youngs bitter is the regular & Doombar is the 'occasional' regular (sometimes Landlord), the other two have been a Tring brewery beer/St Austell Tribute or something totally different & interesting - last night there was the usual Youngs Bitter but also 3 ales from the Wolf brewery in Norfolk - I tried 2 of the them & they were well kept, 50/50 if they should have been topped up though. They are experimenting with beer so it's worth taking a look. A nice pub.

8 Dec 2011 18:04

The Old Contemptibles, Birmingham

What a lovely M&B pub, wonderfully ornate inside & fairly busy early Saturday evening. They had 7 interesting ales on plus 2 Ciders - I tried the Mike Hall Furry Black IPA at 5% very nice (BLACK, India PALE ale - it was BLACK!). Must come back & right next to Snow Hill station.

20 Nov 2011 15:28

The Wellington, Birmingham

I think they had 16 ales on & you can see the list on a TV screen. We got here late Sat afternoon & it was very busy but getting served was no problem, although forget about sitting somewhere (Real ale is dying, no one drinks it anymore etc etc). I tried the Elland brewery Whistleblower. Despite the number of beers they do lean somewhat on the lighter side of the ale spectrum - couldn't obviously see any dark beer beers & their colour grading system for beer confirmed this. Still this was only one visit & coming back is a must.

20 Nov 2011 15:19

The Shakespeare, Birmingham

Lovely interior pub which was a little busy when we arrived & so obscured some of the interesting features. Main serving area is by the door so it got a little cramped. Very good range of beer about 7 handpumps - I tried a the Vanilla infused Cropton Blackout Stout. Looking at the comments below I have checked address & this is the place - the beer range has obviously improved considerably.

20 Nov 2011 15:11

The Bull, Birmingham

An oasis in a sea of office blocks & highways. Very welcoming boozer with a small room which was thought to be the living room of the owners & actually turned out to be part of the pub - cat wasn't happy it's space had been invaded. Three ales on; Broadside, Pedigree & Bass - we tried the latter as it's been years since many of us have tried it - not as 'Burtonised' as it used to be.

20 Nov 2011 15:02

The Sack of Potatoes, Gosta Green

Good pub with a choice of 6 interesting ales - I tried the Beer Works Corpse Nailer, was expecting a dark Winter ale & actually got a pleasant citrusy beer useful for a Summers day (it was November) - hope pub didn't mix barrels up. Beer was around �3/pint. Couple of TV's, lots Xmas decorations & a homely feel made it something to saviour in the near future.

20 Nov 2011 14:58

The Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

What a great building - an interior to marvel at. Good range of Fullers ales & I think most of us tried the Black Cab stout at �3.45/pint. Prices are irrelevant when compared to the views inside.

20 Nov 2011 14:54

The Betsey Wynne, Swanbourne

Really nice pub with great food & decent ales - I tried a very nice Vale Gravitas & my friend had Hook Norton bitter with our food (not forgetting the wine). Only one issue is the Hook Norton pint was presented with a head occupying about a quarter of the glass! They topped it up Ok but that's a bit sloppy I think.

13 Nov 2011 17:22

The Corn Stores, Reading

Usual Fullers range; had Seafarers & London Pride. Long thin pub. No problems, perfectly likeable place.

13 Nov 2011 17:17

The Oakford Social Club, Reading

What an interesting pub! dull interior but that was the attraction - whole place is a mish-mash of styles; seems a bit 70's to me. Nice pint Cropton Blackout. Will come here again mark my words!!!

13 Nov 2011 17:15

The Alehouse, Reading

Good range of ales; I had Dark Star Porter which was very good & for my round of 2 pints I was charged �7.50 - that's on a par with the more expensive real ale pubs in London. Why? when all the other pubs are a lot more cheaper....

13 Nov 2011 17:12

Nags Head, Reading

Loads of ales & for my quick visit I had Ramsbury Silver Shadow Stout - very nice indeed.

13 Nov 2011 17:08

The Crown On The Bridge, Caversham

Basic locals pub which would more attractive in the Summer; a bit souless in the dull Winter weather. 3 ales of which I tried the Youngs - drinkable but with a very slight hint of astringency. Would come here again though & see how the ales are coming along.

13 Nov 2011 17:06

The Crown On The Bridge, Caversham

Basic locals pub which would more attractive in the Summer; a bit souless in the dull Winter weather. 3 ales of which I tried the Youngs - drinkable but with a very slight hint of astringency. Would come here again though & see how the ales are coming along.

13 Nov 2011 17:06

The Griffin, Caversham

Very comfortable welcoming pub with about 7 ales on - impressive. Decent pint of Courage Directors. Worth another visit.

13 Nov 2011 17:02

Baron Cadogan, Caversham

Square not not large room which was reasonably comfortable with 'varied' clientele. Very enjoyable Loddon Poppy Appeal - shame no time to drink the Itchen Russian Winter at 5.3%. One other interesting beer plus the usual GK.

13 Nov 2011 16:59

Fox and Hounds, Caversham

2 White Horse, a local Binghams which wasn't on but then turned out it was (they did tell me though) plus one other beer. No brewery beer which was a shame although the WH beer was fine. Pub a bit basic & cold both physical & metaphorically speaking (they were installing a new radiator at the time). Come back when the brewery sorts itself out & it's a bit warmer.....

13 Nov 2011 16:55

The Craft Beer Co, City of London

Very very impressive beer range - about 14 handpumps of which 5 were Stouts & Porters. I tried an Arbor ales bitter then a couple of the Stouts - all were well kept. Eventually found our way upstairs where there was plenty of space ( until about 8pm). Well worth a visit; a superb beer emporium. Yes it is expensive & my Arbor ales beer at 3.9% was �3.70 - the stronger beers (around 5%) were �3.90. Nonetheless the wide range of ales at a variety of styles & strengths (quite a few were about 5% and the strongest was 7.5%) make it a must visit. Just bite your lip & enjoy the beer!!

6 Nov 2011 20:22

The Port Mahon, Oxford

Interesting little pub - came here trying to find 280 bus stop & found out I had 30 mins before it arrived so had a swifter. Pleasant pub with a downstairs restaurant. Think there were 2 beers from the GK stable - I had the Speckled Hen (or maybe it was the Abbot, whatever) & beer was fine. Group locals near me were rather loud but all the same I would pay it another visit.

9 Oct 2011 21:23

The Antelope, High Wycombe

Very rough & ready pub with large beer garden which is certaintly less oppressive than the inside. We tried the only real ale; the Courage Best & it was so-so. Slightly cloudy with a not overly pleasant taste - I would say it was served a bit too soon. Will only come back if part of a crawl, I had heard real ale is not their strong point.

22 Sep 2011 20:54

The Hobgoblin, High Wycombe

Rough & ready pub that stretches far into the distance until you meet a TV or someone playing 'Guitar Hero'. So I stay near the entrance - it's quieter. Good range of 6 or so (common) ales such as 6X, Bombardier & London Pride. Have they got the throughput to warrant such a number? I had the Reverend James at �3.30/pint - it was quite nice so more trips will be planned.

22 Sep 2011 20:51

The Bell, Stoke Mandeville

Pleasant locals pub which was a fizz parlour for a few years but now does real ale - tried the Adnams bitter which was pretty good & the Youngs Special which wasn't bad either. Worth a visit if passing & certaintly if doing a Stoke Mandeville crawl including the Bull & Woolpack.

11 Aug 2011 09:54

The Chandos Arms, Weston Turville

Scotch that last comment - that was the Chequers pub which I notice is not on BITE.

This is a good community pub with 3 ales - can't remember 2 of them because I stuck with Youngs Special which was very nice. Good beer garden in front of pub.

29 Jul 2011 15:10

The Chandos Arms, Weston Turville

I would like to rate this pub properly but I never went in it on this occasion - the weather was warm & the beer was bought out to us - I had London Pride which was excellent & one of my friends commented on how good the Black Sheep was.

29 Jul 2011 15:07

The Village Gate, Wendover

As mentioned below: now called THE VILLAGE GATE. Not been here for a couple of years owing to it's nowhere position between Wendover and Weston Turville. Very pleasant pub to be in, refurbished very well. Certaintly a gastro but plenty of space to drink in & on this Wednesday most of the pub to drink in. 3 ales: Black Sheep, London Pride & GK IPA. I tried the Black Sheep which was fine. Worth keeping an eye on the beers as they were often poor under previous mangement.

29 Jul 2011 15:04

Queen and Albert, High Wycombe

Heard about the change of ownership so paid this pub a visit - been here at least couple of occasions but so inebriated that I could barely remember it; I know the beer selection was not exceptional. Pub pretty much as I can (sort of) remember it but the main issue it has 3 Rebellion ales - Blonde, Mutiny & IPA - the latter kept well. Worth a visit because of that fact alone.

29 Jul 2011 14:58

The Red Lion, Wooburn Green

Came here after the Falcon beer festival. Friendly 'community' pub which despite the comments below I felt perfectly happy in. Just one ale; GK Abbott which was in good nick - need more beer though. Worth a visit & I would say that it's about 7 feet from the bus stop to Wycombe (number 37) which actually didn't turn up (unless he left very EARLY) so sod it I thought & ran the 4.5 miles back to Wycombe - as you do.

29 Jul 2011 14:54

Aristocrat, Aylesbury

Came here on the Thursday night to 'see' Alvin Elvis impersonator. Not been here for a few years & it used to be just London Pride - now they have another Fullers (ESB I think) & Butcombe. The beer was �3.50/pint perhaps because of the music although you had to pay �7 or so get into the side-room. Beer not impressive, felt a bit tired & I tried all three. The pub itself is fine so perhaps worth coming again for another tasting session.

7 Jul 2011 10:47

The Charles Lamb, Angel, Islington

Attractive bright & airy pub with 4 interesting ales on tap - Dark Star Ruby Mild, Hop Head, 'Camden' (not sure of that one) & Triple fff Alton's Pride. Worth more visits.

7 Jul 2011 10:38

Lord Clyde, Canonbury

Comfortable pub, well furnished with 3 ales on tap - not sure about the 'Clydefest' house ale, won't drink it if I don't don't know who brews it, so went for the Harvey's Sussex best bitter. They also did Crouch Vale Brewers Gold. Good pub.

7 Jul 2011 10:25

The White Hart, Aylesbury

Never had a bad pint in here, always kept well. Better decor than the JDW Bell but noisy in late evenings with the DJ & Glitter balls. Still have the annoying practice of 'coming soon' on handpumps. Usual 3 ales of GK Abbot, Ruddles & maybe Pedigree/Pride. Guest ales of which there are 2 or 3 are interesting - slightly better choice than the JDW Bell 200 metres away. Had a really good Kelham Island Pale Rider. Cheap but some pubs in Aylesbury are hurting.

22 Jun 2011 14:47

The Perch and Pike, South Stoke

Had a good pint of Marstons Boondoggle & a half of Braks Bitter. Friendly landlord and a nice pub to be in. Had the fish & chips which was lovely but it should be at �12.95 or so. Food took an hour even though very few people there, but still a good pub.

18 Jun 2011 18:25

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney

What a great pub. Milton Minotaur followed by Pegasus, Sparta then half the Nero stout. All well kept. About 3 guests on but wasn't bothered about them. Barman very good at giving tasters. Excellent.

18 Jun 2011 18:20

The Bernard Arms, Aylesbury

Came here on Weds eve as the first pub in our 5 pub crawl. Fortunately 2 of my friends were in first & I was informed that of the 2 beers there, one was flat & was on the way to being useful for putting on your fish & chips. I did an immediate about-turn. Oh dear.

26 May 2011 14:56

The Plough, Lower Cadsden

Great pub on the Ridgeway path & at the foot of Whiteleaf hill. Place is like a large hall & with loads of bikers outside when we arrived Weds eve. 3 ales - GK IPA, Pedigree & Speckled Hen. Not exactly exciting but the SH is always pretty good.

26 May 2011 14:51

The Red Lion, Whiteleaf

Pub in a very scenic setting at the foot of the Chilterns. 3 ales were on - St Austells Endeavour, Sharps Doombar & Braks Bitter - the latter was well kept. A couple of years ago the room to the left had (and & still has) a large TV screen but the rest of it looks like a rubbish tip - what happened? Not enough customers? Otherwise a fine pub which should be supported.

26 May 2011 14:46

The Old Coffee House, Soho

Great pub with a good range of Brodies beers including one from the Redemption Brewery. Lots to look at with plenty of stuff on the walls & very much Rugby 'themed'.

23 May 2011 18:18

The Hole In The Wall, Waterloo

Rather scruffy but atmospheric pub by the station; reasonable range of about 5 ales slightly more interesting than the normal beer ranges you find in some pubs - had a nice pint of Bank's bitter which was all that mattered really. Yes, the loos are a bit grim.

23 May 2011 18:15

Fox Country Inn & Hotel, Ibstone

Came here for an evening Wedding reception last Saturday. Quite a spacious rambling pub which is good for this sort of thing. They had 3 ales on: Rebellion Blonde, Short Pint (which was eventually replaced by IPA) & London Pride. The beer was pretty good but most of the time had to request top-ups which were done without problem.

18 May 2011 12:21

The Wheatsheaf, Rumbolds Hill

Great traditional Hall & Woodhouse pub serving 2 ales (third handpump was subsequently turned round) - had good pints of Sussex bitter & the Tanglefoot. Mind your head on those ceiling beams. Worth coming again for.

9 May 2011 18:17

The Courthouse, Dudley

16 ales on, an astonishing range. I was only here for 2 pints worth & left with tears in my eyes. I had Northern brewers Two-tone Chocolate stout & Mallinsons Nimbus Rising - both very different & very well kept beers. I have no interest in the decor but it is pleasant pub to be in. Wonderful range of beers 9/10

30 Apr 2011 18:11

The Woolpack, Stoke Mandeville

Came here on the Easter Saturday at about 9pm, very busy & thriving resturant 'pub' - I would never use this as a pub as it's a food emporium, plenty of quiet ones around like the Bull next door. 3 ales were on tap; Landlord, Purity UBU and a 'national'. The Purity was Ok as was the last time I was here, but the Purity at the Jimmy Figgs in Thame is always better. Had a good meal here with the Rustic bread/Balsamic vinegar starter & the Calves liver was good. Decent wine list. A nice place to go but it's a resturant really.

25 Apr 2011 16:02

The Fox and Duck, Broomhill

Plain locals pub which has seen better days but the range of about 5 ales more than made up for it. In GBG so worthy of support.

20 Apr 2011 16:23

Champs, Sheffield

Very large & interesting pub in a sea of shops down the Ecclesall road. Modern it may be but the decor & the twists & turns make it a good place to drink - avoid major sporting events if you want a quiet drink as there are TV's everwhere. Beer range was mostly Thornbridge with a bit of Kelham Island - I think there were about 8 ales on. Had meat & salad wrap for �5.30 which was good.

20 Apr 2011 16:21

The Wellington, Sheffield

What a classic pub, lots beers - I think there were 11 including 5 or so from the Little Ale Cart brewery. The beers were no more than �2.50 from what I tried. The first port of call from Kelham Island refugess. Beer heaven.

20 Apr 2011 16:16

The Bath Hotel, Sheffield

2 bar pub which is in the National Inventory, although the interior didn't really do it for me probably because of the sheer gloominess of the place. I think there were about 6 ales on but well kept with the emphasis on microbreweries. Go during the day when you can see more!

20 Apr 2011 16:13

The Gardeners Rest, Sheffield

2 bar pub in a derelict area by the Sheaf river - useful for connecting up a Kelham Island crawl (via the Wellington) with Hillsborough. Pub is clean bright & airy & the walls covered by world conservation prints of people, animals and plants. There were 8 ales on plus another 5 from the beer festival. Had the Sheffield brewery Seven Hills of which 3 of the brewery's beers were represented (well, it is the brewery tap'). Nice pub.

20 Apr 2011 16:09

The Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield

Gem of a pub by the tram lines - 8 ales on tap including 5 from the Crown brewery - a pint of 'Dislocation' was �2.20. The Traditional Bitter was very tasty. Cheaper than Devonshire with �2.90 for a 5.8% ale. Large pub extended out the back by the conservatory (careful greenhouse effect) with a small beer garden surrounding it. Ale pie, chips & mushy peas were lovely.

20 Apr 2011 16:02

The Devonshire Cat, Sheffield

Very voluminous airy pub with polished wooden railings & a sizeable bar for receiving large crowds. There were 11 ales on tap & all interesting. Cost was �8.55 for 3 pints of nice tasting Salamander Stout. Excellent range of Belgian ales - so much so that they have a beer list to match - look out for the 'stock room' of botted beers to the right of the bar. Could be rammed in the evenings so afternoons are better.

20 Apr 2011 15:56

The Old House, Sheffield

Arrived here mid aftertnoon on a Friday & not busy at all - propped up the bar though for our 2 pints worth. Decent modern pub with lots of record memorabilia and breweriana on the walls including Dead Kennedy's Too Drunk to....single cover. This is pub worth going to but only during the quiet bits. They had 5 interesting ales on including the Hillsborough hotel Crown Stannington stout - the most expensive beer I had in Sheffield but at 5% it was still cheap by southern UK standards where a lot of 4% beers cost more than that.

20 Apr 2011 15:50

The Red Deer, Sheffield

Pub with pleasant non-descript interior which has a lot of space further back. 9 ales were on & all were interesting plus they were about to hold a beer festival later on the day with an additional 6 or so beers. Beer price range was �2.50-�2.90 pint & I tried the Old Mill Traditional Mild & the Nettle Thrasher - both kept well. Had a lovely bangers & mash for �7. Good central location & yards away from Blackwells on Mappin street.

20 Apr 2011 15:15

The Museum, Sheffield

GK pub with a lovely comfy interior & plenty of places to sit. Usual range of GK beers plus 2 from Abbeydale. Good central location & worth a visit.

20 Apr 2011 15:08

Three Tuns, Sheffield

Nice looking pub in historic area with a plush interior & the usual framed prints. Close to Cathedral but I had problems finding it after doing the Kelham Island area pubs & not being 'in touch with reality' somewhat. Still noted there were 4 ales on of which I tried the Bradfield Farmers Blonde.

20 Apr 2011 15:05

The Kelham Island Tavern, Sheffield

Finally sorted out the fact that it doesn't have (not at my time of visiting anyway) Kelham Island beers - it's the Fat Cat for that, even though the brewery is the same name. 7 ales on tap & I think they had a few more on tap 2 days later because of the CAMRA AGM. Good open plan pub with another visible room out back (resturant/overspill?). Lots pub award plaques & framed prints. I tried the Abbeydale Deception & Spire Coal Porter ale.

20 Apr 2011 15:00

The Fat Cat, Sheffield

I thought this was a 'cramped' pub but my second visit 2 days later I noticed another bar on the otherside - also has a small but good beer garden out back. 7 ales on including the brewery's Pale Rider, Best Bitter & a strange beer called 'Ale-Ian' or something like that - apparently it's a blend of their common beers. The Best Bitter was �1.95/pint. Lots plaques of bygone awards & local history. Good pork pies at �1.30 a throw.

20 Apr 2011 14:56

Harlequin, Sheffield

My first experience of a beer in Sheffield. Great pub in a rather derelict area - useful it faces the Sheaf river. Open & airy pub with diffrent sections of seating. 9 ales on tap & the Acorn Darkness was very good at only �2.50/pint. I also tried the Brew group Hop Monster. Large Cider list & a good large of bottled beers - a lot of them span the entire Anchor Steam brewery range. 9/10 has to be.

20 Apr 2011 14:48

The Bankers Draft, Sheffield

As many people have said, 'typical Weatherspoons' & it does what it says on the box - comfortable interior with cheap & varied range of beer. The exterior is pretty impressive, easy to miss as presumably it was formerly a bank of some description. Good range of ales with the GK lot on the far right. About �2/pint & beer was good.

20 Apr 2011 14:37

Sheffield Tap, Sheffield

Clean station pub with lots of seating - a plush bit when I came in & the modern bit in front of the bar. I think there were about 12 ales on & lot of them were from Thornbridge - I tried the Ashford Brown ale. The selection of Belgian/foreign beers either bottled or tap was pretty good too. A good experience coming too or leaving Sheffield.

20 Apr 2011 14:32

The Rutland Arms, Sheffield

Good traditional pub with rather ramshackle seating arrangements. Excellent range of beer (about 10 ales) with extra on I think because of the CAMRA AGM. Don't fancy the toilets much - wait till the next pub.

20 Apr 2011 14:26

King Alfred's Head, Wantage

Pub had 4 ales on - Bath SPA, Black Sheep bitter, Caledonian Wit beer & St Austells Tribute. Bath SPA was fine if a little hazy. Came here after White Horse Half Marathon & all 3 of us stuck with some decent starters - I had the soup which was fine. Lovely sunny day & we all sat outside. Worth checking out to see if any new guest beers.

10 Apr 2011 17:17

Jimmy Figgs, Thame

Been here about 3 times in the last 6 months since it became Jimmy (James) Figgs. The beer has always been good & each time I've chose the Purity Mad Goose. I think there are 3 other beers including Hook Norton and Brakspear. Pub unchanged from when it was the Abingdon Arms with wooden floorboards and the fittings on the wall. Worth a visit.

2 Apr 2011 20:44

The Cross Keys, Thame

Came here on the Thursday night when there was a quiz evening so standing room only. 6 ales on & for the first time in my visits there, there was 2 ales from the Thame brewery - didn't see that initially & my first pint ordered was Vale Black Swan Mild. Both that & the Thame beer were pretty good. What a fine pub this is - I need to go far more often.

2 Apr 2011 20:39

The Czech Bar, West Hampstead

Glad I paid a visit here with a couple of friends, very community orientated pub/restaurant which is bit of an enclave of the Czech & Slovak Republics. Menu was Czech with translations - I tried the Goulash washed down with a Budvar & then finished off with a dark Budvar. Watched the Spain v Czech European qualifier but had to leave in 2nd half to get train - shame the Spanish got two late goals - the Czech goal got a loud cheer. Great place, very friendly.

26 Mar 2011 21:17

The Harp, Covent Garden

Came here to see what the fuss was about - the beer range was around 7 ales and all interesting. I tried the 1648 Ruby Mild and the Admiral's Porter - all were in good nick. I expected a busy pub & so it was at 4pm on Friday but service was quick. Eventually found a seat upstairs after standing up for half an hour or so. Difficult to appreciate the pub with all people in the way but easily worth a half day of anybody's time.

26 Mar 2011 21:10

The Museum Tavern, Bloomsbury

Good historic pub opposite the British Museum, the interior is enough to marvel at. Beer range comprises of 7 ales which are fairly standard but the exotic beer was the Lee Chocoholic, I also tried the Landlord - both beers were kept well. Prices were around �3.40/pint

26 Mar 2011 21:04

The Robert William Loosley, High Wycombe

Excellent pub on 2 levels doing a good choice of ales - sometimes it's better to go straight upstairs to avoid any queue's plus the beer choice is usually different. Last night there were 3 Vale beers on the ground floor & upstairs a Loddon & a Vale beer available - all were in good nick & under �2/pint. Prefer to the decor to the JDW Falcon. About 50 metres from the bus station.

22 Mar 2011 14:05

The Old Thatched Inn, Adstock

Interesting 'pub' which clearly veers towards the food side of things - the starter & the Aylesbury Duck Chinese style were pretty good - prices are typical of a restaurant, with a decent wine list. There were about 4 ales on tap including a reasonable Pitstop Silverstone & Wychwood Paddy's Stout. Nice place to eat & drink. Car park is tiny so expect to park on the side of the road.

21 Mar 2011 00:08

The Bell, Winslow

Came here on St Patricks day eve & on the Saturday afternoon 2 days later - historic pub with the usual 'ye olde bric-a-brac' on the ceilings & walls. Ales were from the Marston's portfolio of Wychwood Paddy's Stout (good pint), Ringwood Old Thumper & Pedigree, as well as a couple of others I think. Worth seeking out for the history & the beers.

21 Mar 2011 00:02

Nags Head, Winslow

Came here on a late Saturday afternoon - busy pub with a 'young' crowd & large TV screen showing the footy results. Had about 3/4 standard ales on & my Spitfire was pretty decent.

20 Mar 2011 23:56

The Doric Arch, Euston

Great pub and well kept ales - unfortunately the days when it had the quest ales (even in conjunction with Fullers) appear to be over - Landlord was the only 'exotic' beer on that Friday evening. Easily worth a visit but Fullers is so ubiqitous these days....

13 Mar 2011 20:54

The Duck In, Aston Clinton

Great pub with lots of rooms & easy to lose people in. Now back as the Bell but the beer choice was disappointing - just the GK Speckled Hen. Food first, ale second which is a pity.

18 Feb 2011 17:37

The Oak, Aston Clinton

Busy and attractive pub visited on the Wednesday evening with a good range of Fullers beers plus Hook Norton; The Jack Frost was pretty good.

18 Feb 2011 17:32

The Partridge, Aston Clinton

Pub with large screen to watch football on - but you can avoid it & the games machine by walking further along the bar. There were 3 ales: Lee's Coronation Street, Courage Best & GK IPA - thought the former beer was rather cold. Not been here for several years & it is still a pleasant local - needs more drinkers.

18 Feb 2011 17:28

The George Inn, Great Missenden

I like this pub with it's cosy atmosphere & fire. The beers on were Purity Mad Goose, Sharps Doombar, and Sharps Cornish Stout - the latter was in good nick & 3 pints were �9.30. Interesting decently priced beer so 7/10.

8 Jan 2011 15:00

The Cross Keys, Great Missenden

A busy pub which was worth a visit, and it had a good selection of Fullers beers, although no seasonals. The beer was good but 2 pints ESB & a London Pride cost (damn my round!) �10.30. The White Swan, Wendover was visited later & it's �9.06 for 3 pints ESB.

8 Jan 2011 14:57

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

Trad pub with Youngs beers on tap - unsure about the Winter Warmer which had a 'rubbery' sort of taste - don't think that should be there? Usually has a guest ale which was absent when we arrived.

28 Dec 2010 14:19

The Green Dragon, Croydon

Dark Star Critical Mass ran out as I was queuing to get it, oh well. Had pint of gravity Hogs Back Rip Snorter instead. Remaining ales were interesting & handpumped. Pub is pretty big & prices south of �3.

28 Dec 2010 14:16

The Oakhill Tavern, Beckenham

Rather plain high ceiling pub with two 'fires' in close proximity. Of the 3 ales on tap, the Westerham 1965 was well kept but even more expensive than the Jolly Woodman at �3.50/pint

28 Dec 2010 14:11

The Jolly Woodman, Beckenham

U-shaped pub with attentive (& hopeful) pub dog. 5 ales on which 2 were 'interesting' - the O'Hanlons Port Stout was very good. Beers rather pricey though.

28 Dec 2010 14:08

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

Busy one room pub with Horse racing a major occupation. Good range of ales - not happy with my Dark Star Winter Meltdown as it was infused with Ginger. Very close to tram stop.

28 Dec 2010 14:06

The George, Croydon

Voluminous JDW pub with 2 bars; beer range was excellent as was my Thornbridge Jaipur IPA - which was free as I wasn't buying the round.

28 Dec 2010 14:00

The Prince of Wales, Merton

Decent enough pub with Youngs beers on tap - unsure about the Winter Warmer which had a 'rubbery' sort of taste - don't think that should be there. Worth a visit is you're passing by & like Youngs beers.

28 Dec 2010 13:57

The Harrow, Aylesbury

Not overly busy pub on the Friday night - wonder how many have decamped to the Bell or White Hart? I do hope it stays as it's a good traditional boozer in the town centre. Ale is variable from past experiences and a little on the Pricy side. Were offered tastings from the ale on offer - GK Right Flanker was past it's best, Bombardier was a little warm & the Broadside was pretty good. Beware the low beams, someone cracked their head after I bought a round (don't think it was related!).

14 Dec 2010 12:41

The Lyndhurst, Reading

Not bothered with food from comments below but beer pretty good (although �3.20 pint) - West Berkshire beer & Taylor Landlord. There was another beer which escapes me. Interior clean & sanitised. Worth popping in if you're nearby.

7 Oct 2010 21:15

The Back of Beyond, Reading

Typical wetherspoon decor with long bar, slow service & a good range (in fact very good) of beer - Old Slug Porter was excellent. only here briefly due to pub crawl but I will be back.

7 Oct 2010 21:10

The Watermead, Aylesbury

Just the Spitfire on tap but it was reasonably well kept & �2.80. Pub is quiet voluminous with outdoor seating in the pavilion and good views of the lake - worth a visit on a hot summers day. Have heard the carvery has gone but it does have a separate area for eating (I think). Bit on a limb in Watermead as only one access road so more for the locals I think.

17 Sep 2010 17:17

The Prince of Wales, Marlow

Really nice welcoming comfy pub with a couple of Rebellion ales - Deflation at �2.90/pint, not bad at all. TV a bit intrusive especially when 'Eastenders' came on, perhaps no one was watching it though? On the Marlow back streets so maybe take a map.

31 Aug 2010 20:59

The Bounty, Bourne End

Great Thameside pub, no bl**dy cars which makes it one of my favourite pubs & 3 or 4 Rebellion beers on tap, beer not cheap but kept well. Despite being here before I asked for directions in Bourne End & ended up in Cookham! Found the tow path at the Ferry pub & they rest they say is history.

31 Aug 2010 20:54

The Bugle Horn, Aylesbury

Vintage Inns gastropub - I was asked if I was eating anything. Pleasant surroundings & a large beer garden. A pleasant but non-demanding Everards Sunchaser was had with the other handpull being Youngs bitter.

Not a classic pub by any means but guaranteed food and an ale if you're passing by.

15 Aug 2010 21:36

The Warwick Arms, Kensington

Good range of Fullers beers with a decent �3.25 Pride. Had a nice pub curry which was a cut above your normal pub curry in terms of taste & presentation. Quite a long narrow pub so a bit of a squeeze as our table was about 3 foot from the bar!

7 Aug 2010 18:59

The Akeman, Tring

Been there twice, eaten twice - big time restaurant (food is good) and can get a bit noisy, there is room for drinkers though just past the entrance & a little way in. Three ales on - Tring Jack o'Legs (as last time), Braks Oxford Gold & Marstons Pedigree. Never had a bad pint here & those first 2 beers were well kept - but then it has the turnover. Ok, far from a pub but 2.3 (before I scored) is very unfair. Go for the food and enjoy the beer.

30 Jul 2010 16:45

Red Lion, Brill

Rather quiet in here as opposed to the Pheasant Gastropub down the road. Definitely one for the locals but it's a pleasant enough PUB and that's good. Beer was GK IPA and Sundance - not exactly an exciting range but the latter tasted pretty good. 'Nell' the cat was very affectionate to me!

17 Jul 2010 16:49

The Pheasant Inn, Brill

Pub is bit 'up market' but still space for the drinkers. I ate there on one evening 3 days ago: Starter was �5; I had Sweet Potato & ginger soup - It was extremely nice. Main course costing �14 was Pork Belly & Black Pudding Mash - that was also nice & very filling. There were 2 beers on: Vale Grumpling which was not bad but not a classic either and St Austells Tribute. I thought the staff were fine and the food was bought out quickly. Worth a visit.

17 Jul 2010 16:45

Chicago Rock Cafe, Aylesbury

This is now Lloyds No. 1 bar (Wetherspoon) which opened July 2010. New pub submitted on this website.

17 Jul 2010 16:26

The Lions of Bledlow, Bledlow

A great pub inside & out, don't know about the food but the Channel Islands Liberation ale was pretty decent, they also had Theakstons Black Bull bitter, Wadworth 6X and I think one other. Price was �3/pint

17 Jul 2010 13:53

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Dusty ramshackle pub with about 8 ales & a Cider on - Dark Star Hophead & Toft brewery Porter were pretty good.

12 Jul 2010 17:32

The Old Fountain, Old Street

Came here on Thursday afternoon, fairly quiet but a pleasant comfortable place to be in. There were 6 ales on tap - I tried the Marble Stout and Dark Star Chestnut; both kept well & only �3/pint. Top pub.

12 Jul 2010 17:28

The Shovel Inn, Lye

More beers than you can shake a fist at - slightly panicked when I was was asked what would I like. In the middle of a pub crawl so couldn't do it justice - the paradise that is the Windsor castle is very close by.

12 Jul 2010 17:23

The Windsor Castle Inn, Lye

What a great pub - almost overwhelmed by the number of ales available. The 'Red House' tasted a little strange but was more of a hop thing, the 'Mud City' Stout was more to my liking. Don't know about food but there's too much beer here to worry about that.

12 Jul 2010 17:10

The Black Boy, Oving

Food orientated pub but with space for drinkers - about 3 standard ales & a cider on tap. Good traditional pub on a hill with lovely views of the surrounding countryside.

7 Jul 2010 10:25

The Crown at Granborough, Granborough

Good village community pub selling a couple of well kept (at the time) ales. Large beer garden where they hold the annual village fete; it was on at the time. Dining room situated away from the bar. Worth a visit if you're in the Winslow area.

7 Jul 2010 10:23

The Bell, North Marston

And now the Pilgrim. Range of 3 or so common ales which I thought were a little on the cold side. The pub is very bright & airy but I thought it a little 'cold', not somewhere I could spend an afternoon in; I miss the dark cosiness of it's previous life. Staff were friendly though. Try it & see what you think.

7 Jul 2010 10:19

Bull, Aylesbury

Good real ale pub in the GBG, get the beers usually in the Sports bar then wander to back bar where it's quiter. London Pride, Tetley's and Adnams - not an interesting beer selection but they are kept well.

5 Jun 2010 15:45

The Swan, Great Kimble

Nice scenic county pub with two bars doing Adnams Bitter and St Austell Tribute - the latter was a good pint. Worth an afternoon of anybodies time.

5 Jun 2010 15:42

The Russell Arms, Butlers Cross

Gastro-pub at the foot of the Chilterns/Coombe hill with a front bar to accomodate the drinkers, beers on were Spitfire, London Pride & GK IPA (I think). I tried the first two and they were pretty good.

5 Jun 2010 15:40

The Bernard Arms, Aylesbury

Pleasant pub on the Aylesbury-Wycombe main road near Princes Risborough. The beer garden is very good complete with trampoline. Unfortunately the beer lets it down badly - the Tring beer was almost on the turn, but not enough to take it back. The GK IPA and Abbott were rather lifeless. I think in the warm weather and with a poor throughput the beer suffers. The beer has been variable in the past.

5 Jun 2010 15:36

The Red Lion, Knotty Green

Nice pub near train station with it's surreal 'Enid Blyton' room, restuarant & Sports bar. Pub clearly gearing up for World Cup with 'Sky Sports' banners outside. Broadside & Youngs Bitter on - latter was Ok but a little warm as not pulled through. Small but functional beer garden.

25 May 2010 13:58

The Royal Standard of England, Beaconsfield

Great rambling pub about 25 min walk from Beaconsfield train station. Easy to lose people inside & out. Food was Bangers & mash at �10. There were about 6 ales on of which I tried the Rebellion Mild & Taylor Landlord - nice beer but prices expensive even for London; Mild was �3.20 & Landlord was �3.60! I noticed the latter lost condition halfway down glass as did my friends beer. Nice pub but a bit pricey & beer not perfect.

25 May 2010 13:53

The Bricklayers Arms, Aylesbury

Very cosy traditional pub that's been unchanged since Eyjafjallaj�kull last erupted. Three ubiquitous beers which have been known for their variable quality - but they were fine on my last 2 visits. Good beer garden at back with 2 curry houses within 100 metres.

17 May 2010 17:51

The Broad Leys, Aylesbury

A restaurant pub with two bar areas and 3 interesting ales for the drinkers - the resturant food is pretty good too. Very welcoming place - I believe it is free of tie hence the beer range.

17 May 2010 17:44

The Water Witch, Lancaster

Canal-side pub not far from the White Cross. Long narrow interior with about 5 (interesting) ales on tap - worth a visit everytime.

24 Apr 2010 12:55

The White Cross, Lancaster

Canal-side pub with plenty of space inside, there were about 8 ales on tap mostly from interesting micros although Mild/Stouts/Porters not evident. Good pub to be pared with the other canal-side pub the Water Witch.

24 Apr 2010 12:53

The Sun Hotel and Bar, Lancaster

Professionally run hotel and pub, 4 ales from Lancaster brewery and the rest from micros - plus an interesting range of Belgian beers. The place was clean and the staff friendly.

24 Apr 2010 12:49

The Penny Bank, Lancaster

Spit and sawdust like pub with some appropriate company put 3 Lake District ales were on and the Bowland was particularily nice - worth a visit to tell them that Real ale is in demand.

24 Apr 2010 12:45

The Borough, Lancaster

Excellent ale house by the town hall & Queen Victoria statue. Stately home-like interior with some big chandeliers which I would not like to stand under. About 6 ales on from different microbreweries. Top notch pub.

24 Apr 2010 12:42

The Sidings, Castletown

Excellent range of beer in a great pub which at the time was packed to the rafters for some Rugby gathering or something like that. On the Douglas-Castletown bus route so easy to get to.

24 Apr 2010 12:38

The Glue Pot (Castle Arms Hotel), Castletown

Good little pub in a great location by the harbour and near the castle - also about 200 metres from the bus stop. Beer was good in a pleasant friendly atmosphere.

24 Apr 2010 12:36

The Woodbourne Hotel, Douglas

Good real ale pub set in the back roads of Douglas - on a dark night in the rain the outside of the pub would do well on a Hammer horror set. Friendly pub though and the Okells was well kept - enough beer 'varieties' to keep oneself entertained..

24 Apr 2010 12:30

The Rovers Return, Douglas

Possibly the most varied range of beer in IOM with Britsh guests & at last..some Bushy's!! Very rough and ready pub with lots of rooms - the nicest and most quiet is actually on the way to the loo and easily missed. The loo is something out of a nightmare, I don't want to know what hides in the shadows. The disinfectant they use is nauseating - hold your bladder till the next pub. Careful of rogue nails sticking out of walls - I cut my finger on one. Dispite all that I would recommend this for the beer and the atmosphere but avoid everthing else - lol!

24 Apr 2010 12:26

The Terminus Tavern, Douglas

Lovely sunny day so I didn't see much of the pub but watched life pass by on the coastal road and the electric railway. Good beers from the ubiquitous Okells.

24 Apr 2010 12:19

The Queens Hotel, Douglas

Busy pub with plenty of room inside and a beer garden outside next to the coastal road - shame about the plastic hedges dividing it from the main road! Beer was good from 3 handpulls.

24 Apr 2010 12:12

The Railway Hotel, Douglas

Pleasant pub with plenty of seating and a 'busy' interior with enough ales to keep me occupied. Chandeliers make the place feel more exclusive than it actually is. Worth a place on any pub crawl.

24 Apr 2010 12:09

The Prospect Hotel, Douglas

My second visit here, with three good ales on. Great pub with a retro-feeling interior especially the bit at the back which looks like you're in a stately home. My first ever taste of an IOM pub back in 2007.

24 Apr 2010 12:04

The Crown Liquor Saloon, Belfast

Great pub architecture with those intimate snugs. Belfast ale was well kept but a bit ordinary, the Belfast Black was a lot more tasty.

24 Apr 2010 11:57

The Bridge House, Belfast

A real ale sanctuary with some interesting ales - It was their annual beer festival plus the usual GK medley. Typical JDW pub which shines in an area where Real Ale hasn't quite caught on.

24 Apr 2010 11:53

Metropolitan Bar, Baker Street

Large W/spoon pub with a good selection of ales - ignoring the GK section. 500 metre walk to Marylebone which suits me fine. Always worth a visit.

11 Apr 2010 11:43

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell

Rough and ready, spit & sawdust pub which ironically I hope they don't rip up one day - pub unchanged from when last went about 15 years ago. Huge list of St Peters beers mostly bottled but with about 4 ales on gravity.

11 Apr 2010 11:40

The Sekforde Arms, Clerkenwell

Decent not overly crowed pub with Youngs beers on tap - the Special was pretty good. Had the run of the rather splendid room upstairs.

11 Apr 2010 11:36

12 Bar, Swindon

Plastic glasses with tired and indifferent 6X - only went there for the bands of course which I enjoyed. Put perhaps a little more cellarmanship might help?

11 Apr 2010 11:33

The Gunmakers, Clerkenwell

Nice pub not so crammed with customers as previous pubs - opens up more at the back. Good range of ale including Purity Mad Goose, a pricey pub apparently.

11 Apr 2010 11:31

Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

Invisible pub accessed by another dimension but once done so it resembles a Souk with it's narrow alleyways and high population density. Able to take in Oxygen on the floor above as it's less crowded. Decent range of ales with Kelham Island Pale Rider. Worth going again when it's a bit quieter and I can see more of the pub (well it was a Friday).

11 Apr 2010 11:28

The Viaduct Tavern, St Pauls

Great Fullers pub with 'historic' interior', beer was good but rather pricey.

11 Apr 2010 11:22

The Blackfriar, Blackfriars

Impressive pub this, feels like rather special - and a good range of ales to boot with Saltaire Cascade ale and Daleside Morocco ale at the more exotic end. Pub not busy but that's because 'thousands' were drinking outside! Beer prices under �3 generally.

11 Apr 2010 11:19

Duke of Cambridge, Marlow

Has the worlds largest pumpclip for Rebellion IPA plus they had the 'Mutiny' and a guest from Burton Bridge. Nice little pub with a beer garden at the back - they have a large aviary there (it was there on last visit) with the Chicken coops. Decent sized screen for sporting events.

10 Apr 2010 14:04

The Glue Pot, Swindon

Rather plain pub but with 8 ales on - mostly from the Hop Back brewery, of which the 'Medley of Hops' was very nice. I've been told this is one of the better pubs in Swindon & from the beer point of view it probably is.

29 Mar 2010 14:49

The Whip Inn, Lacey Green

5 ales on as usual - I tried 3 of 'em including the Vale Ninkasi seasonal and I couldn't fault them. Get a torch when flagging down the bus driver at night (directly opposite pub) otherwise they'll either ignore you or run you over! What a great pub.

23 Mar 2010 17:46

The White Hart, Beaconsfield

A rather frantic place at time of visiting so not your cosy traditional pub and very much emphasis on feeding people. The Bitter and Twisted was pretty good and only �2.60/pint - worth a quick peek through the door on passing by.

22 Feb 2010 20:35

Royal Saracens Head, Beaconsfield

More of a palace than a pub, luckily we turned up before the food really got going and so got the full attention of the staff. Was impressed with the three ales - the ubiquitous Pride, Landlord and the must have Purity UBU which was pretty good. A bit too posh for me but they made amends with the beer.

22 Feb 2010 20:31

The Old White Swan, Beaconsfield

Not sure If I've ever been to this pub before; decent range of three ales and the Adams Gunhill was very good. A very homely place which I had not expected existed in Beaconsfield. Look forward to spending some more time in here again.

22 Feb 2010 20:25

The Charles Dickens, Beaconsfield

Pleasant enough pub, although one end was totally dominated by the football on the large screen (I like footy but I'm thinking of others..). Three ales of which two were Pride & Deuchars IPA - the latter of which was Ok. Worth a visit again but the Swan & Saracens have more interesting beers on.

22 Feb 2010 18:38

The Wine Cellar, Highworth

Bit crowded due to the band being on, although it was more about the band taking up to much space rather than lots of punters - the band were good though and the mainly Moles beers were on gravity and quite tasty - was asked by a staff member later if the beer was good - which it was.

16 Feb 2010 22:18

The Saracens Head Hotel, Highworth

Not often do I taste gravity beers in a pub and this had a couple of Arkell's by that dispense. The pub is split between a comfy bar and a not so comfy bar but both had fires which was nice as the temperature outside was about 4C. Ticks all the boxes.

16 Feb 2010 22:15

The Rose and Crown, Highworth

Reckon on around 5 ales on, although none of them from microbreweries, quality was pretty good and the pub staff were very friendly. Quite a homely feel to the place and they make you feel at home. The Whiskey list was impressive.

16 Feb 2010 22:11

The Three Tuns, Hotwells

Went here as it was mentioned in 'Pints West', was not disappointed - Box Steam COG (spot on beer) and Golden Bolt, Arbor Otster stout amongst the 6 ales on. A pleasant pub which I hope to look up again.

8 Feb 2010 17:32

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

What a great interior with about 6 ales on from Weymouth (Harbour Master), GK (Flankers Tackle), Cotleigh, Courage, Caledonian (Deuchars) and Arbor Oyster Stout - very nice. Good filling WS food.

8 Feb 2010 17:28

The Bridge Inn, Bristol

Small green interiored pub with Bath ales on - all new to me as I'm not a local. Tried the Arbor ales Green Bullet, my first from that brewery and jolly nice it was too! Vinyl playing was a novelty. When I was here 4 years ago I'm sure it was red with b&w prints of movie and pop stars on.

8 Feb 2010 17:23

The Seven Stars, Bristol

What a great pub, minimalist back street boozer with 7 ales on. Good jukebox which was faded as a band took to the stage The Cheddar Potholer was great and they also had beers from Cotleigh, Downton and Sharps. �4.40 for 2 pints. I'm giving this one a 9.

8 Feb 2010 17:18

The Old Fish Market, Bristol

Impressive looking pub which was rather busy due to the Rugby, lot more space round the back though as people more interested in the tv screens. Good range of Fullers beers and the Porter was excellent but �6.50 for 2 pints mind you. Got a taste of the 5% Bengal Lancer beer, will try that next time but you can't refuse the Porter!!

8 Feb 2010 17:13

Knights Templar, Bristol

Voluminous Wetherspoons hidden by office buildings - we stumbled on it looking for the Barley Mow, around 8 ales on including a couple from Pewsey and a very nice Box Steam Funnel Blower which has a distinct vanilla aroma to it. Cheap micro brewery beer and comfortable surroundings is all you need.....

8 Feb 2010 17:08

The Kings Head, Bristol

Bundled ourselves into the pub on opening at 2pm, nothings changed since I last visited 4 years ago - thank god as historic interior. Beer range as before, Sharps Cornish Coaster (not bad), Doombar, Wadworth 6X and Butcombe Gold. Best go when it's quiet as room is a little tight.

8 Feb 2010 17:03

The Hillgrove Porter Stores, Bristol

So Matthews now owned by Dawkins, my GBG out of date - was confused by these 'Dawkins' beers. 10 ales & 2 ciders, sweet paradise - 3 or 4 were from said brewery, the Brass Knocker was top as was the Cheddar Totty Pot porter. Plain wooden pub with a friendly landlady and cellarman. Music was varied but not obtrusive. An excellent pub.

8 Feb 2010 16:59

Grain Barge, Bristol

Last floating pub I went to was the one in Peterborough, downstairs was closed due to a private party so beer was had on top. BBF Sunrise, Stout, Red, Exhibition & No. 7 were on, the Exhibition was good and the views good too. A revisit is on the cards.

8 Feb 2010 16:54

The Eldon House, Bristol

23:01 so no go in the Hope & Anchor but were saved by this pub. Pleasant pub to be in with 70s music in the background. 2 Bath Ales, RCH pitchfork and Arbor Snuffy's Jack at 5.9% which was lovely but a bit heavy for the end of a crawl.

8 Feb 2010 16:49

Colston Yard, Bristol

Somewhat different to the Smiles brewery tap plain interior when I visited some 4 years ago. A pleasant modern pub tastefully redone with the Butcombe beer range, tried the Brunel IPA which was great, didn't realise it was 5% & that was first beer of the day. Small but interesting beer list including some Belgians. Relaxed atmosphere with 80's music in the background - Sunday afternoon.

8 Feb 2010 16:45

The Bell, Bristol

Friendly minimalist wooden interior pub with the regulars eating their Sunday lunches & supping wine. Beer was from the Butcombe stable of which the Gold was excellent plus BBF Sunrise. Music free so a little quiet at times but not a bad thing.

8 Feb 2010 16:38

The Barley Mow, Bristol

In the back of beyond I would think, only the GBG told me it existed. Nice little back street boozer with a warming fire, just BBF Red & Milk stout on but both were excellent. Friendly regulars.

8 Feb 2010 16:35

The Bank, Bristol

Goffs Mordred and White Knight plus a Skinners beer and a Cider - all 3 beers in pretty good nick. A haven on Sunday night as it closed at Midnight. Music was Journey, Europe, Foreigner & Bon Jovi which provoked some debate! Worst loo in Bristol I think....

8 Feb 2010 16:32

The Brewery Tap, Leeds

Great range of beers with not just Leeds brewery represented, pub was a little chaotic but there was plenty of space on the first floor. Very convenient for the train station - a 3 minute walk way.

31 Jan 2010 10:44

Mr Foley's Cask Ale House, Leeds

A good range of York beers plus other micros on tap, I do like the layout of the pub with the sofas. The pumpclips on the walls on way to the loos are a nice touch.

31 Jan 2010 10:41

The King's Head, Huddersfield

10 ales on make it a visit, a bit more working class than the classier Head of Steam but so what - the beer was good and there's lots of it. Do both pubs and enjoy life.

30 Jan 2010 21:02

The Head of Steam, Huddersfield

This is an attractive, 'well-aled' pub with good food and is part of the Summer Rail Ale Trail. I like it.

30 Jan 2010 20:57

The West Riding Refreshment Rooms, Dewsbury

Loads of real ale - how many were there? 8 or so? mostly interesting micros. Been here a number of times on the Summer rail ale trail and the only pub I know that's always busy in the morning with fellow RAT's! Telly (footy) and good jukebox but it up a notch or two. No excuse for missing your train here!!

30 Jan 2010 20:52

Scholars, Scarborough

One of the better pubs in Scarborough with the beer in good condition - there were about 5 on when we turned up. Nice place.

30 Jan 2010 20:48

Valley, Scarborough

This pub had about 5 ales on and the owners were friendly and chatty. We had the Sunday roast buffet on the first floor for �5.50 - help yourself to Pots, Veg & Sausages. Magic! We explored their 100 or so Belgian beers, the prices were around �3 - compare with places in the south where they charge �4-�6. They've also got loads of Cider on. Best pub in Scarborough.

30 Jan 2010 20:44

North Riding Hotel, Scarborough

We stayed here for 2 nights last week, the room was clean and tidy and the noise from the bar could not be hard (not really relevant as we were in the bar more often then not). 6 well kept ales were on including ones from York and T Taylors. Not so sure about the sports bar - the pool table is set in the middle and rather dominates everything around - everyone congregates around the walls. The other bar is better for peace and quiet - some of the elderly folk were turning up about 11pm on Sunday night. A good base for exploring the town.

30 Jan 2010 20:38

Lord Rosebery, Scarborough

Came here one evening and avoided the bouncers by going through the side entrance (they look intimidating), a bit quiet but several interesting ales were on tap as well as the usual GK - I've been here for the odd pint or two on trips up here and I've never had a bad pint plus it's less than �2/pint - I've been to bad Wetherspoons before but this isn't one of them.

30 Jan 2010 13:16

Cellars, Scarborough

About 5 ales and mostly interesting micros - a little bit of a detour from the town centre but well worth it and it's in the Good Beer Guide to boot.

30 Jan 2010 13:03

Bar Fringe, Manchester

Good range of ale but I was a little disappointed with the Belgian beer selection - indifferent to the fruit beer selection on draft and not much in the fridge - unless I'm missing something?

27 Jan 2010 22:44

The Angel, Manchester

I stuck with the Harviestoun Ola Dubh too, just the half pint mind you - nice whisky taste. Pub was full up with the Winter ale festival refugees so I couldn't see much of it but the ale selection was pretty good.

27 Jan 2010 22:39

Whitelocks, Leeds

Turks Head yard looks like a dead end - we had to ask someone and sure enough a alley presented itself, wasn't obvious! Great pub; the interior is something else and maybe 5 or 6 interesting ales of which Leeds and Ossett were represented. Staff were a bit 'laddish' but didn't bother me, beer and surroundings were great.

26 Jan 2010 20:09

The Woodman, Shrewsbury

This was the last pub of our crawl, it was dark & raining (unhappy as I thought it was cold enough for snow). This was a good welcoming pub with a rather basic interior; I had two ales from the 5 or so of which at least one was local - shame I can't remember what they were, one had a pumpclip with what looked like a hop leaf on it and had a name like 'Celeriac' (but not the veg), Shropshire Gold MAY have been the other one. I liked this place but I need a revisit....

11 Jan 2010 18:06

The Wheatsheaf, Shrewsbury

Pleasant traditional city centre pub with beers from the Marstons stable - the XXX Porter was splendid. No local beers but they partly made it up with the Porter.

11 Jan 2010 17:58

The Three Fishes, Shrewsbury

Loads of beers with a few local and a bright airy interior, only time for the Ironbridge stout which probably was the beer of the crawl.

11 Jan 2010 17:55

Salopian Bar, Shrewsbury

This was near the end of my crawl and things were getting a little hazy at that point however the beer range was good and the Stonehouse KPA was top notch. I seem to remember a red interior and not thinking it not very pub like. Worth it for the beer alone in anycase.

11 Jan 2010 17:52

The Nag's Head, Shrewsbury

Yes, bit of a bare boarded feel to it which wouldn't be so bad if they'd had some LOCAL BEER. The Anchor Titanic wasn't a classic and beer in pubs either side were much better. Good jukebox though.

11 Jan 2010 17:47

The Loggerheads, Shrewsbury

Lovely little pub with some filling pork pies. Good range of 5 ales but none of them local

11 Jan 2010 17:44

The Coach and Horses, Shrewsbury

A great pub with a good range of local ales, the Three Tuns XXX was spot on. On the crawl list.

11 Jan 2010 17:40

The Admiral Benbow, Shrewsbury

I think I counted 9 ales and most of them local - tried the Gertie Sweet and Salopian Darwins Origin. The beers had a bit of head on them but they were topped up Ok. Great pub for local ales.

11 Jan 2010 17:37

The White Horse, Parsons Green

Came here during the Old ale festival, don't know what the regular beers are but I caught sight of Thomas Sykes at 10%. My first beer was Sierra Nevada Smoked Porter at 9% - totally mad but Winter is a great time for drinking ales. Pub busy in the evening but we got a seat. Great place.

6 Dec 2009 22:36

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

Was a bit empty on the Saturday afternoon but nothing wrong with that; Christmas and all plus I think they were waiting for the Fulham hoards to arrive after the match - mulled wine was put on. The beer is pretty good - the Taylor Mild and the Downton Chocolate Orange were ace. Nice little boozer - worth an afternoon of anybodies time.

6 Dec 2009 22:31

The Sultan, South Wimbledon

Most of the Hop Back range was served here and the Entire Stout was spot on and only �2.60/pint, A pub for the discerning drinker.

6 Dec 2009 22:26

Trafalgar Freehouse, South Wimbledon

Forget the location, this is a splendid drinkers pub with 6 ales on including 2 from the Westerham brewery. Very quiet on the Saturday afternoon but the pub fire (not the serious type) was welcoming. Worth seeking out.

6 Dec 2009 22:23

The Three Horseshoes, Marlow

Paid a visit here on Friday 13th, no luck was needed, had 4 perfect pints from the Rebellion stable and the portions from the Seafood basket were huge. The beer has always been good on my previous visits and getting served is never a problem (Wetherspoons take note). Probably the best pub in the county imho.

18 Nov 2009 18:41

Masons Arms, Headington

A lovely pub with a good range of handpumped beer including West Berkshire. I went to the 2009 beer festival and the beers were much improved from the 2008 effort where some of them were a little flat. Finally got to try the whole range of Old Bog beers and very nice they were too. Well worth a visit.

20 Oct 2009 18:50

Sweeney and Todd, Reading

Wadworth Malt & Hops was in top form and the 'Sweeny' pie was lovely, I like this place, however beer was �3.40 pint and the pie �5.50 (you can get their pies for �3.50 in the Nags Head) so an all afternoon session wasn't going to happen.

19 Oct 2009 17:41

The Allied Arms, Reading

Two bar 'local' with a good range of interesting and tasty beers, at �6.25 for 2 pints it's not cheap though. Seating is also limited so be prepared to stand (subject to an overspill room I have not come across he said trying to cover himself)

19 Oct 2009 17:37

Greyhound, Maidenhead

This pub doesn't offer much 'warmth' and that's probably due to the dull lighting and the pondlife floating around. This is my second visit and the beer has been good both times - the long bar and the one or two staff serving don't help with the waiting times though. At about �1.90 for a good (& interesting) beer it gets my vote.

19 Oct 2009 17:32

Red Lion, Ealing

First rate pints of Red Fox and London Pride in an interesting pub - staff were friendly too. Will come back again if in the area.

19 Oct 2009 17:26

The Crispin, Wokingham

Drank some beer here with a notable vinegar odour & taste, was told that the locals enjoyed it but that was probably when there was alcohol in it. The barman used that as an opportunity not to refill my glass from one of the other handpumps - the conversation went downhill from then on, not pleasant. A shame as it looked a nice pub. I walked out.

29 Sep 2009 23:20

The Land of Liberty, Peace and Plenty, Heronsgate

Too late for dinner but they did me a pasty & a pork pie which was very welcome. Watched the FA cup from here & they also had the decency to put on a beer festival - a good selection too! Had a couple of their more interesting bottled beers as well. Eleven years or so since I was here (see also 'The Stag') when they were doing draught Belgian beer and I should be ashamed of myself for taking this long to come back..

1 Jun 2009 22:47

Stag, Heronsgate

The weather was magnificent so the beer garden was used, only 2 ales - McMullens AK & Hop Leaf Spring Zing, both on form. Friendly staff. Was last here 11 or so years ago and I remember around that time drinking Benskins bitter & stopping at the last 20 mls cos it was full of sediment, it didn't put me off for 11 years though I just moved jobs!

1 Jun 2009 18:13

The Hop Leaf, Reading

Good range of Hop Back beers plus guests from Downton, can't say much more than that. Came in just as Jenson Button won the Monaco GP which was nice.

1 Jun 2009 18:06

Nags Head, Reading

Not going to grumble about 12 ales - I tried a mild and stout during the last day of the premier league, they had 3 TV's showing 3 games. Such a shame to leave, this pub is a continous beer festival.

1 Jun 2009 15:20

The Retreat, Reading

There are enough 'tidy' pubs out there, so it's nice to go to one that's different. It's got about six well kept ales including Loddon Dragonfly, and that's really all I care about, even some of the graffiti in the loo made me laugh.. Will be back for more (ale).

1 Jun 2009 15:03

Zero Degrees, Reading

As mentioned below my starter and pizza were rather late, this however allowed me to enjoy the black lager and the smoke beer, both of which I enjoyed although they were a bit chilly - however, warmest day of the year at the time so I was happy to let that go! The pizza was quite good and I would come back again - preferably when the weather is hot.

1 Jun 2009 14:33

The Mad Bishop and Bear, Paddington

Good range of well kept Fullers ales and a very handily placed pub whilst waiting for the train. Can't say any more.

20 Apr 2009 22:48

Three Shires Inn, Little Langdale

pub set in a lovely hilly setting and close to Little Langdale tarn. I think there were 3 or 4 beers on including Hawkshead bitter & Coniston Old Man. Beer kept well but can be slow to get served at lunchtimes. Beer garden has nice views although it's next to the car park and the road.

20 Apr 2009 19:09

Savoy, Swindon

They had a beer festival just inside the door & virtually took all the handpumps off which confused some people. A welcoming pub which had some very unusual beers; a Finnish porter, Box Steam porter & Titanic Velvet Curtain which had vanilla in it amongst others. A good experience!

20 Apr 2009 18:44

The Watermill Inn, Ings

Came here ever Easter where they had a beer festival on - over 20 beers but I stuck to the breweries dog themed beers. Loads of individual bars in this lovely pub so I needed some string to find my way back again. Good partner to the Hawkshead brewery near by. A wonderful place.

20 Apr 2009 18:40

Hawkshead Brewery Beer Hall, Staveley

Thought I'd died & gone to heaven - 6 or 7 ales on including 2 stouts. Lots of bottled beer including some Belgians. Brewery can be viewed through the windows. Worth sitting outside by the weir where the scenic bit is. There is a very good cycle shop yards away if you're so inclined.

20 Apr 2009 18:35

Wainwrights Inn, Great Langdale

I think they had 8 ales on, most of them interesting. Great pub with good views around the Langdale valley. Ambleside bus stops here at Chapel Stile, spend an hour here before the next one turns up.

20 Apr 2009 18:19

The Stickle Barn Tavern, Great Langdale

This is the favoured eating destination as it's within one mile of our accomodation, first floor has lots more seating and pub has a good range of ales including one from the local Barngates brewery. Food comes quickly and is filling, entertainment is Ok and very occasionally funny, other times the folky stuff is not to my taste though. Always nice to come here when the walk is over and I do like their Stickle toffee pudding.

20 Apr 2009 18:15

The Earl Of Burlington, Eastbourne

Not a bad pub, an oasis in a er...larger oasis that is Harvey's. �1.79 for Steenbrugge Blonde at 6% and Elgoods CXXX. No Harvey's of course and no other local beers either. Still, beer was cheap, unusual and well kept - enough said.

20 Apr 2009 18:05

Terminus Hotel, Eastbourne

Very slightly grubby pub but when I saw 8 Harveys beers on tap everything became irrelevant. Beer kept well too. They had a DJ on playing what seemed 50's rock 'n' roll but progressed to the 70's - bit loud but it was late and i didn't really care....zzzzz

20 Apr 2009 18:00

The Lamb Inn, Eastbourne

Good range of Harveys beers & well looked after. Liver & onion mash had swede, broccoli & carrots - almost a nutritionally complete meal. Interior was worth admiring and plenty of places to sit. Slightly pricy compared to other pubs though.

20 Apr 2009 17:53

Dewdrop Inn, Eastbourne

So so spit & sawdust pub in my book although I could come again & they put lots of beers on for the CAMRA AGM - however they were all Greene King who are not a local brewery - why not put a local one in? Beer was looked after though.

20 Apr 2009 17:46

The Counting House, Eastbourne

The beer garden is the most noticeable thing about this pub, more so as it was a sunny day and there was a wedding reception on. The pub itself was quite good with three beers of which one was White Gold - it was Ok but we noticed it was very cloudy - end of the barrel as it was turned round shortly after. Worth seeking out next time I return.

20 Apr 2009 17:40

The Golden Rule, Ambleside

Welcoming comfortable pub with a friendly landlord(?) and a decent range of Robinson's beers including the Hatters mild which I tried. Price range went from �2.40 upwards so not expensive at all. Hopefully I'll be back again next Easter.

15 Apr 2009 15:15

The New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel, Langdale

Good pub in a Tolkienish type location with a good (although not overly exciting) range of beer - the Lancaster brewery blonde was the exception, but what the hell, the beer is always good. Always stopped here on route to the Stickle barn for a swift pint or two. Don't mind the staff as they give me beer. Bit too rough & ready to spend an evening in here but still a classic pub.

15 Apr 2009 15:04

The Bree Louise, Euston

Went here twice over a period of three days during London Drinker beer festival - when it had it's own beer festival on. What a great section of beers - from the beer festival & on the handpumps. Whoever decided to get Downton Chocolate Orange & St Peters Mild in deserves a knighthood. Only found out about this pub on the back on the London Drinker festival guide. Can be busy so I'll come back when it's quieter. Very impressed.

15 Apr 2009 14:26

The Falcon, Clapham North

We came here after the Battersea beer festival and found it to be a pleasant inviting pub worth spending an hour or two in. Three or so ales on including one from local brewery Sambrooks.

10 Mar 2009 19:30

The Jack Fairman, Horley

We visited here in the late evening & it was quiet but that was fine with us. Pretty good range of interesting microbrewery ales and that is all I really care about, everything else can go to pot, place though was clean and they had some interesting indie music. My only complaint is the 'coming soon' logo over some of the pumpclips - I was only there for that one evening so I was never going to have them!!!!

10 Mar 2009 19:25

The Foresters, Horley

Decent pint of Black Sheep & they also had London Pride. TV screens were very much in your face - a pub very much for the youthful members of society, although the ales suggest there are exceptions.

10 Mar 2009 19:18

Ye Olde Six Bells, Horley

A decent pint of Harvey's but if that goes how long do you wait for the next barrel to go on? Came here in the evening for a swifter and despite the size the place was packed to the rafters - food, food, food and more food, a diners paradise. Casual boozers avoid at all costs.

10 Mar 2009 19:15

The Gatwick, Horley

Decent pub grub and three ales from Hall & Woodhouse got my vote. Different football games on the two telly's was good and they weren't obtrusive for those not interested in that sort of thing.

10 Mar 2009 19:10

Red Lion, Haddenham

No longer two bars with the pool table & Haddenham's youth on one side as it was some two (?) years or so ago. It's all been knocked through and whether it's a better pub because of it is debateable, still it's nice enough. The 'comfy' bit has a large screen for football games so there's limited refuge. The beer range is pretty good with Vale seasonal beer Bernwode Forest on amongst the 4-5 beers. On the 280 Oxford-Aylesbury bus route.

25 Jan 2009 18:33

The Falcon, Wooburn Green

More Wooburn Marsh and nothing to do with the three pubs on the 'Green', but so what. Very trad pub with the low beams and all that. Three ales were Pride, Youngs and Bombardier - a bit boring but the former was in good nick.

17 Jan 2009 15:10

Derehams Inn, Loudwater

Very pleasant welcoming pub on the Wednesday night, free cake by the bar. 4 ales on, of which Loddon Chantry Cheer, Rebellion & Braks bitter were on. Worth an evening of anybody's time. Yards away from the bus routes on the Loudwater road..

17 Jan 2009 15:04

The Farriers Arms, St Albans

Enjoyed a nice pint of McMullens, good solid drinking mans pub. Thank god for the two fires as it was -3C outside. No stares as we outnumbered the locals. Note CAMRA plaque outside.

12 Jan 2009 17:56

The White Lion, St Albans

Decent pint of Rev James, they also had Youngs Special. Worth another trip.

12 Jan 2009 17:51

The Farmers Boy, St Albans

Farmers Joy was very pleasant, time for only one beer though - looks a nice place but very late in the pub crawl and things were starting to get a little hazy...

12 Jan 2009 17:47

The Lower Red Lion, St Albans

The best pub for beer selection out of the 8 pubs we visited that day. London Pride (yawn) and 5 interesting micros - we tried a nice pint of Tring Mansion Mild. Sat in the rather sparse part in the left bar so not much to write about, but amen to the beers.

12 Jan 2009 17:44

The Goat, St Albans

I like the hop adorned and entwined beams, this is a nice pub. In addition to the Deuchars & Spitfire there was Pot Belly 'Pigs might fly' which was so so. Perhaps the other beers were better but I had to rush....

12 Jan 2009 17:38

The Boot, St Albans

Pub has a hard edge to it, plenty of space and the floor to practice your tap dancing though. The help yourself soup with roll (�3.50) is a nice touch. Decent pint of Bitter & Twisted, worth a stop between pubs. As below, loo didn't win any awards.

12 Jan 2009 17:31

Belle Vue, High Wycombe

Thwaites Nutty Black (re-badged dark mild), Rhymney Bevan bitter and Wychwood Hobgoblin - all beers on top form. 200-300 metres from the station, go pay a visit (to the pub I mean).

11 Dec 2008 00:11

The Sausage Tree, High Wycombe

Closed on Tuesday for private party. Shame, it was very cold outside. Will try again some time

11 Dec 2008 00:06

The Pheasant Inn, High Wycombe

Spartan but very spacious boozer populated by small handful of locals on a late Tuesday evening. Just the solitary handpump of slightly warm Courage best (no one was drinking it). Ok to go for curiousities sake.

11 Dec 2008 00:04

The Turf Tavern, Oxford

A wonderful pub with two bars, a little busy when we arrived Saturday afternoon at the tail end of lunchtime. Bit of a labyrinth of a pub, more so when you've had a few. If it's busy you can always sit outside, just bring some warm clothing. Excellent range of beers, some Greene King infiltration though, but choice is pretty big nonetheless. I had Black Hole brewery Super Nova, very nice.

8 Dec 2008 18:04

Royal Blenheim, Oxford

10 real ales of which 3 were from the White Horse brewery - I tried the Wayland Smithy and the Banks & Taylor Christmas porter. Absolutely gorgeous. Not too busy late Saturday afternoon but it started to pick up as we left. Shame I can't see the footy scores as it's a Rugby shrine but these are minor matters! A worthy rival to the Turf tavern.

8 Dec 2008 17:56

Far From the Madding Crowd, Oxford

Bit of a real ale gem located down an alley in the middle of Oxford - lots of interesting beers to drink. The 'box like' interior feels like you're in a community hall, but the beer always comes first. Only about 400 metres from my bus stop so pretty much perfect.

8 Dec 2008 17:50

The Woolpack, Banbury

This a cracking pub - 5 ales were on tap including Best Mates Vicars Daughter, Hook Norton Twelve days and Teignworthy Climate Change. All four of the beers I tried were in excellent form. One of Banbury's treasures! 9/10

15 Nov 2008 18:38

Ye Olde Reindeer, Banbury

Lovely pub with a traditional feel about it - the Hook Norton beers were on form. A worthy addition to the GBG.

15 Nov 2008 18:33

The Coach and Horses, Banbury

Very modern pub which clearly has had a lot of work done to it - didn't detract from the ambience though. Good range of Hook Norton beers and the two I had were very good

15 Nov 2008 18:30

The Bell Inn, Banbury

Very welcoming pleasant pub and conveniently close to the train station. The beers were interesting and first rate.

15 Nov 2008 18:27

The Sun, Richmond

Interesting pub which is a shrine to Rugby - lost on me as I'm not a fan. Good range of Fullers beers & the HSB was very nice, �3.20 for a pint was a bit stiff though - but that's Fullers houses for you.

26 Oct 2008 11:24

The Fox, Twickenham

Came here after we had a few at the Twickenham beer festival, nice pub with about 4 (?) Twickenham ales on, I had the Grandstand bitter & the original - both spot on & no topping up needed.

26 Oct 2008 11:19

The Plough Inn, Marsh Gibbon

Local outlet to the nearby Oxfordshire Ales brewery but the last two times I was there they only had Greene King IPA which I'm told the locals like - shame, support your local brewer. Friendly couple behind the sports bar (i.e. TV and pool table) with usual bar flies in attendance. There is a seperate room for eating. Nice pub, beer range a bit 'confined' and erratic - blame the locals!

22 Oct 2008 20:07

The Greyhound Inn, Marsh Gibbon

Traditional old English pub which served me a good pint of London Pride, never tried the Abbott though. Too far away from me to consider eating there but the pub is worth a good session despite the beer range. Worth seeking out.

22 Oct 2008 20:01

Gurkha Tavern, Long Crendon

Formerly the 'Chandos', now owned by a former Gurkha as is the Gurkha lodge a few yards further up. GK IPA and Fullers London Pride are the beers on offer here. Large TV to the right of the bar and to the left on the other side of the partition is the Indian/Nepalese resturant.

28 Sep 2008 23:09

The Eight Bells, Long Crendon

They now have two handpulled ales of which one was Spinning Dog Harvester (a bit cold) and four on gravity - we sampled the Fenland 'Rauchbier tasting' Babylon Banks which was spot on. The gravity ales appear to have started last week, perhaps because they are now in the Good Beer Guide. A damn good boozer.

24 Sep 2008 18:21

The Evening Star, Brighton

We were here for the beer and we were not disappointed - the three Dark Star beers were in excellent shape and they also had a good foreign beer selection - my last beer of the day was from the De Dolle Belgian brewery. Not the most atmospheric pub but that was a very minor point.

21 Sep 2008 12:59

The Waggon and Horses, Brighton

Decent boozer by a major shopping area. Harvey's, Fuller's and Adnams ales were on tap and the Broadside was very good (we'd had enough of Harvey's and Fullers). I remember ZZ Top being played.

21 Sep 2008 12:53

The Heart and Hand, Brighton

The Harvey's Best bitter was rather warm and in poor shape - all three of us agreed. Apart from that this is a nice dusty boozer and the retro-juke box was ace.

21 Sep 2008 12:46

Mitre Tavern, Brighton

Compfy pub complete with carpet to make you feel at home. Decent folk and a range of Harvey's beers - the Mild was fine.

21 Sep 2008 12:41

The Lord Nelson, Brighton

Classic boozer with a good range of Harvey's ales - the Mild was so-so but the 'Hadlow' was top notch. Food came within 10 minutes but then my order was at 12. Good wholesome stuff - Brue, Bacon & Avocado baguette - useful for slowing down the absorption of alcohol, and it worked.

21 Sep 2008 12:36

The Battle of Trafalgar, Brighton

Green roomed pub covered in framed prints with Fuller's, Harvey's and Hop Back Summer Lightning beers on offer. Not bad Not bad.

21 Sep 2008 12:30

The Basketmakers Arms, Brighton

Saturday afternoon - very busy, managed to find a position to squeeze three of us into. Decent range of Fullers ales, the Seafarers was an Ok beer for quaffing on a warm day. Nice pub but avoid Saturday afternoon.

21 Sep 2008 12:27

The Bull, Streatley

I visited this pub in July, nicest pub in terms of decor out of both towns - therefore I'd rather be holed up here in the Winter rather than the Summer. The beer selection was a bit limited though, just a couple of Greene Kings but they were quite drinkable.

20 Sep 2008 14:32

The Gate Inn, Bryants Bottom

Pub located where you wouldn't expect it - set in the 'middle' of the Chilterns. Greene King IPA and Abott were the beers on offer here - the former was good, not used to IPA being like this! We hung around the basic boozer on the left, on the right is the plusher bar with the menus for the bar food. Wine is not expensive; �8.50-�19 but mostly lower end.

18 Sep 2008 22:56

The Moon and Spoon, Slough

Busy pub with all walks of life in here. Was warned off one of the beers (and they were still selling it) as it tasted of vinegar. The beer range looked impressive but half of them had 'coming soon'notifications. The beer we had was Ok if a little hazy, however the last 50 mls had a thick haze plus little bits floating around - I left it. The food came within 10 minutes and was cheap filling and wholesome. If only they could get their act together on the beer front....

7 Sep 2008 12:07

The Trooper, Windsor

Quiet one room pub with TV. Pleasant agreeable place to be in. Fullers London Price and ESB were on tap.

7 Sep 2008 12:00

Crosses Corner, Windsor

Nice little pub in the town centre. Rugby on the large telly was the centerpiece when we came in. The only ale on was Theakstons Best, sandwiched between some huge shiny lager fonts and frankly it was looking very nervous.Ok, for for a swifter when you're out shopping.

7 Sep 2008 11:54

The Two Brewers, Windsor

Pub just by Windsor Great Park gates. Old fashioned wooden interior with poor lighting gave it a good atmosphere, beer range of Pride, Courage Best and Wadworth 6X was a little boring though. 7/10 but 8/10 if it had a 'micro'.

2 Sep 2008 18:47

The Vansittart Arms, Windsor

A pub in a 'sea' of terrace housing and very close to the Mitre (not visited) and Duke of Connaught. Decent pub with a functional beer garden which was very busy when we came here on Saturday afternoon. Decent range of Fullers beers plus Adnams Bitter (so so). We were fortunate to meet the local ladies Hockey team in gear just after a game!

2 Sep 2008 18:42

The Carpenters Arms, Windsor

Nice location and pleasant pub to be in. Beer prices were perfectly reasonable, i.e. on the right side of �3. Amongst the beers was Highgate Bee-zone and Batemans Summer Swallow. Would come again.

2 Sep 2008 18:34

The Duke of Connaught, Windsor

Pub located in a 'sea' of terraced housing but within half mile of the town centre. Plenty of chalk boards around with food and entertainment offers. Greene King pub with IPA, Abbott and Titanic White Star, the latter was Ok but passed it's best. The friendly bartender gave us samples of the 'north' and 'south' St Edmunds ale - quite 'quaffable' and colder but clearly aimed at lager drinkers which perhaps isn't a bad thing, but not really for CAMRA-minded people.

1 Sep 2008 23:03

The Criterion, Windsor

Nice little pub and perhaps worthy of a stop but all they had was Courage best so we went elsewhere.

1 Sep 2008 22:32

The Sun Inn, Wheatley

Rather more upmarket enterprise than the other pubs in Wheatley but it was a little quiet. Gravity Black Sheep on but it was rather astringent so we we made our excuses and left. I would come back but it would be nice if they had something in reserve.

21 Aug 2008 21:00

The Railway, Wheatley

Railway themed pub dominated on that Saturday night by the footy on a large screen. Perfectly acceptable pub to be in. Just the London Pride though, so I wouldn't go out of my way as the beer selection was poor.

21 Aug 2008 20:56

The King and Queen, Wheatley

This a good decent pub with two bars, one spilt by a large fireplace. Greene King but the beer was fine. Large garden but I felt sorry for those African Eagle Owls (or whatever they were) sitting there watching the silly humans.Got to see some of the Olympics on their TV and that put me in a good mood.

21 Aug 2008 20:53

The Green Dragon, Haddenham

We eat here once a year, food is nice and beer is excellent if a little pricey. Came here in an afternoon, no problems coming in just for a drink - three ales including Brakspears which as it turned out was coming to the end of the barrel so I won't complain as it was drinkable - replaced by Loddon Hoppit. Very much food orientated but I don't see a problem for drinkers - You wouldn't want to have a session there any way.

18 Aug 2008 18:07

The Swan Hotel, Thame

We came here mid-Saturday afternoon, perhaps everyone was shopping, but there was no one in. Three ales were on tap; Fullers London Pride, a Rebellion IPA and perhaps GK IPA. Not the interesting range of beers it used to have but I'll given it a nod on the Rebellion beer. There were no pumpclips, just a name at the bottom of the handpump. This pub was souless, what a shame, another trip is needed during an evening & we'll see what the pub can come up with...

18 Aug 2008 18:00

The Dinton Hermit, Ford Village

'Isolated' pub in a scenic location. Emphasis is on food but there is a room purely for drinkers - was told (perhaps referring to the Saturday) that it's open all day to drinkers - food after 6. On my own, but more calm before the storm as it was 17:30. Had an excellent Vale Best Bitter, they also had Courage I think.

11 Aug 2008 16:38

Yates, Aylesbury

Yates no longer exists - it's 'La Tasca' a well known chain tapas restaurant. I presume you can't just go in to get a drink! (not been there yet but it sure ain't a pub)

2 Aug 2008 19:49

The Queens Arms, Goring

The last pub out the 10 we did that day, so I can't remember the last beer I had but from previous comments I think GK IPA was right, the 'selection' was poor. Very much a community pub - pool table & all that. Very handy for the train station - only 80 metres or so away & it's all downhill - Worth a pint whilst checking your watch every 30 seconds.

27 Jul 2008 14:59

Miller of Mansfield, Goring

Nice place by the main Goring - Streatley road. Decor is somewhat different to all the local pubs - the room to left was very ornate, very regal furniture, although when I touched the obviously incredibly expensive 'coffee' table the top 'moved' & then I realised it was actually not that expensive. Oh well. The resturant was a bit of an eye-opener, wonder how expensive the food was - but by then I'd a few a few so everything was 'eye-opener'. I seem to remember 3 ales - one was White Horse brewery & another from West Berkshire brewery. I do recommend this pub - it's different. 7/10

27 Jul 2008 14:53

The John Barleycorn, Goring

The second pub reached after the Catherine Wheel - bit of a come down though from 6 beers or so in the previous pub - just Braks bitter on tap. Pleasant pub though with a small beer garden but a little quiet.

27 Jul 2008 12:30

The Catherine Wheel, Goring

First pub reached from the station - down station road. 5/6 (thought 6) ales on offer, heaven. 3/4 Brakspears. Wychwood & Hooky dark - the latter was spot on this time, referencing a previous comment. Don't know about the food but come here for the beer. Mildly amused by the 'hidden' toilet - no signs, great for hiding members of the 'resistance'!

27 Jul 2008 12:26

The Greyhound, Whitchurch on Thames

From Pangbourne was the river, then the Ferryman pub & then the Greyhound. Somewhat less cramped than the former but more busy and looked rather pretty outside. 3 ales on tap of which one was Bombardier and the other a Youngs beer. We asked for the former and the lady disappeared - ah! perhaps this is on gravity - it was! Unfortunately it was a warm day and without any form of cooling in the cellar (or wherever she got it from) it warm - too warm. My advice is to avoid hot days.

27 Jul 2008 12:04

The Ferryboat Inn, Whitchurch on Thames

Worth the walk from Pangbourne and the nice views over the river whilst watching the silly motorists handing over the toll money. 3 ales on offer - Black Sheep, Summer Lightning and Landlord. Are these guys Chinese? Thai? - no idea what they were saying. Small concrete beer garden at the back where we ate - standard pub grub, although nice, my ploughmans could be bought for 'pence' at the supermarket & I paid about �6 - such is life. We both agreed the Black Sheep was going off & was a little cloudy but didn't take it back because it was sort of 'acceptable' (but it wasn't really).

27 Jul 2008 11:58

The Elephant Hotel, Pangbourne

The most 'upmarket' of the pubs, you walk through the door and are greeted (not verbally I mean) by the reception, for this is a hotel - bar is on the right. Very pleasantly surprised by the 3 ales on offer (although previous comments gave me an indication) - 2 from West Berks brewery & Butcombe brewery (near Bristol).We asked for the menu but in these recession bitten times gave it a miss - rather pricey. A pleasant venue - go for the beer, at there's no Greene King there.

27 Jul 2008 11:49

The Swan, Pangbourne

Large rambling riverside within metres of the train station - very busy with all the best seats taking (overlooking the river). Although we didn't have any food I get from the previous comments that is an 'indifferent'pub which judging by the rushed staff this may well be the case. Beers were GK IPA and Speckled Hen. Not my sort of pub.

27 Jul 2008 11:43

The Cross Keys, Pangbourne

Nice pub with 4 ales on offer - Everards Tiger, Titanic, GK IPA, Ruddles. Prompt needed to get the Tiger topped but no fuss. 'Garden' is dominated by the smoking shelter (but no smokers) & if you're a bit hot the river Pang runs by (it's a bit shallow though).

27 Jul 2008 11:37

The Carriers Arms, Watlington

Went here for some 'Aunt Sally' in the garden, backs out over the fields and the Chilterns - very scenic. Don't know about the food but they had 4 ales on including 3.6% Butlers (plus 4.8% Butlers in bottles), Adnams Bitter and London Pride. Well worth visiting.

24 Jul 2008 18:28

The Black Horse, Lacey Green

3-4 real ales from Brakspear, Adnams and Caledonian. Beer quality was Ok but have tasted better. Nice little place, bar area is a bit cramped but they do have a garden - we played Aunt Sally on this visit. 0.45 mile (Wycombe side) from the Whip

20 Jul 2008 22:55

The Whip Inn, Lacey Green

Second last two comments - 5 real ales including one from the Breconshire brewery and Sharps on this visit. Food is good - decent main courses for �6-�10. The 300 bus service from Aylesbury to Wycombe goes past (& stops)here. Beer festivals are held in a large marquee in the garden - the jazz band always makes a bit of a racket though.

20 Jul 2008 22:51

Park Inn, Woodsetton

Good range of Holdens beers as you would expect, the Mild 3.7% is one of the 'chewiest' I have ever drunk. Modern interior with large TV screen and a long line of handpumps curving away into the distance. Nice pub.

5 Jul 2008 14:09

The Coach and Horses, Weatheroak Hill

Always the first stop on our Black Country pub crawl, been here for the last 7 years or so. Great range of micro-brewery beers plus a few guests - Hobsons Mild when I was there recently. Large garden and beautiful scenery. Food is wholesome fare and served very quickly - within 20 minutes I think & that's with a 25 plus coach party. You can't beat the faggots, chips & mushy peas! Highly recommnended.

5 Jul 2008 14:00

The Farmer's Bar, Aylesbury

Chiltern brewery 'brewery tap' owned by the National Trust - does the best beer in Aylesbury, usually has Chiltern ale, Beechwood bitter and another such as Copper Beeches or Three Hundreds - sometimes it's a guest. No dress policy but the staff are very smart. Together with the Hop Pole, Aylesbury actually becomes worth visiting!

5 Jul 2008 13:51

The Vine (Bull & Bladder), Brierley Hill

Cracking pub - try not to get run down crossing the busy road to get to those nice Bathams beers. Bit of a labyrinth in there but partly because it's part way through the pub crawl and things are little blurry. Pork pies should not be missed.

4 Jul 2008 18:22

The Old Swan, Netherton

What a great pub, always part of our Black Country crawl - shame we only get an hour here, so it's 2 pints then we're off. I had the Original & the Dark Mild, both under �2 and both lovely - �2.50 for indifferent GK IPA in Buckinghamshire - I live in the wrong place. Fantastic interior and it's nice to spend some time in the quieter back room behind the bar. Part of some bland looking terraced housing but don't be fooled, inside it's paradise.

30 Jun 2008 18:39

Red Lion, Bierton

Good traditional pub on the main road but a bit gloomy inside.Four ales were on when visited - the 'standard types' but Ansells Mild was a blessing. Beer prices (IMHO)are below average.

24 Jun 2008 18:31

Bob's Barn, Bierton

Part of Aylesbury golf centre, this is the last pub on the right as you leave Bierton in the MK direction - it's hidden behind lots of foliage. You don't have to be a golfer or have anything to do with golf. Couple of real ales are on - Pride & Bombardier although they seem to have dispensed with interesting beers for the time being. Plenty of room to sit but avoid snooker table down the end or you might get the end of a cue in your ear.

24 Jun 2008 18:28

Bell, Bierton

The 'stand-out' pub in Bierton, bright and airy (whatever that means) with a good range of Fullers beers - a little pricey as usual for Fullers pubs in Bucks.

19 Jun 2008 17:37

The Betjeman Arms, St Pancras International Station

Not a bad pub at all-referencing some of the previous posts. There were 3 handpumps of which Sharps was the most interesting - it was �3/pint which isn't a rip-off price any more. If you want something expensive try the Champagne bar 100ft away - �7.50 for the cheapest 125cl glass!

9 Jun 2008 23:43

Brewsters, Aylesbury

You won't be short of seating in this large modern pub. Originally stocked real ale at it's birth then went fizz for a couple of years - now back to real ale with GK IPA and London Pride. Latter beer was excellent but then a new barrel had just gone on. Decent range of food.

5 Jun 2008 23:40

The Hop Pole Inn, Aylesbury

Well done to Vale brewery for making this 'lost' pub into a premier real ale destination & to Stuart and Monia for running the pub so well. Even the font lagers are interesting. When you have 10 real ales on (and none of them from a 'major')do you really need a beer festival! (well, yes - the more the merrier)

1 Jun 2008 20:51

The White Hart, Wargrave

Pleasant airy pub with a couple of real ales, however at 3.4% ABV the Brakspear's bitter was unreasonably priced at �2.90 pint - there are cheaper beers in Mayfair! Nice pub but avoid buying a round at all costs.

1 Jun 2008 20:19

The St George and Dragon, Wargrave

Lots of staff but either clearing up or taking (food) orders so the service was rather slow. Somewhat upmarket and I found the long line of tall silver fonts rather annoying. One of the two ales was Loddon so top marks to them - if both the beers were 'nationals' I wouldn't bother with this pub despite the views of the Thames.

1 Jun 2008 20:14

The Greyhound, Wargrave

Wargrave's 'basic boozer' and whilst it lacks the budget of the bigger pub enterprises in the town I would support this pub. This is the type of pub where it's not exactly clear who's serving! Worth a couple of pints of my time.

1 Jun 2008 20:09

The Bull Hotel, Wargrave

Walking into this pub is like walking into someone's living room - and with three interesting ales on you felt like staying most of the afternoon.

1 Jun 2008 20:01

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