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Dove Inn, Hammersmith

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user reviews of the Dove Inn, Hammersmith

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Visiting old haunts - first stop. Busy on a Sunday lunchtime with tourists, escaped the throng by slipping into the quiet public bar. London Pride had just been put on and was in good nick.
ellisref - 23 Apr 2018 10:17
I did The Dove on Tuesday night with my two best mates, & it was OK! We managed to bag riverside seats, which made up partially for ESB at £4.35 a pint (I think!). Although there were some hoorays & too many foreign tourists for our liking, it was bearable, & the beer was in decent nick. Later on, we moved to The Salutation, which never disappoints me!
renzarov - 18 Aug 2016 15:28
I'll give this place one last chance when next in the area with funds for their hiked-up prices. The problem is with Fuller's, sadly, I think: they seem not to care about ripping off the drinker or eater; but whether this is the tenant's or manager's doing, I don't know.
renzarov - 6 Aug 2016 16:38
A summer's day and it's full of tourists and in keeping with my last visit about 3 years ago the London Pride is woeful - how can a pub such a short distance from the Brewery keep their ale so badly? Part old school pub, part microwaved gastropub food, part suburban conservatory on the Thames. There are better pubs along the Thames and in Hammersmith.
alebarry - 21 Jul 2016 16:41
Charming and has a country feel about it, but on a winter visit on a Thursday night (it might be the season) it looked to all intents and purposes a restaurant. Tiny, though pretty bar area with a nice cubby to the right of the bar. Food emphasis sways it for me though. As local Fullers go I prefer the more spartan Salutation.
R3NW5 - 29 Jan 2016 10:24
Characterful and friendly with a wonderful riverside setting. Good range of ales and the food is excellent. Quite possibly one of the best pubs in London.
strangetorpor - 10 Aug 2015 13:09
Walking from Vauxhall to Kew Bridge, I knew this would be at the half way point and couldn't resist a revist.

If you want a seat, I can recommend 12:03pm on a Saturday.

Superb view from the elevate balcony. Some photos at my walking blog -
Mappiman - 21 Jun 2015 16:20
A good pub on the river, very busy on the Saturday we visited but the service was good and the beer (Fullers) was well kept, tucked down a little lane it's well worth seeking out.
beershot - 2 Jun 2015 17:34
Made a river walk to this pub on a Sunday afternoon. It's a busy place and very foody but has a lovely area outside where you can sit with a view of the river. However, talk about serving short measures. I must admit I have never been served a pint so low down in the glass. I also order half of guinness for my partner - embarrassing! I though the barman was going to come back and top up after taking my money (given that one drink was a guinness) but he just turned his back and ignored me - amazing, Well not if you like short (and expensive) measures!!!
kwis - 30 Oct 2014 21:26
Sought out this pub on a very hot Saturday in late July. No room on the riverside part but a few seats were left indoors and I enjoyed a pint of Pride (3.94) with several hot & happy pedestrians & cyclists. The pub really delivered as a tourist venue: great location, low ceilings, nooks & crannies, conversation & laughter. Next trip I will try to visit midweek, so I can enjoy the view.
Queenslander - 29 Oct 2014 21:26
I simply love places like this. You can smell the history. Like a museum, I would be happy to pay an entrance fee.

Great pint of London Pride and we worked our way to the terrace around the back to get up on the elevated section. Terrific location.

Then a couple came and sat next to us. Thought I recognised a face from work 10 years ago and sure enough, it was him. Shouldn't have been that surprised, as he was also a massive Nick Cave fan and this was the reason we were both in the area.
Mappiman - 28 Oct 2013 17:22
Good to see The Dove has been turned around. Visited yesterday (Sunday), the new manager seems to be enthusiastic, as were the staff. Beer in good order.
Now upgraded my rating to reflect the changes.
ericstadd - 10 Jun 2013 19:04
This pub is a real find! Fantastic location on the river. Great pub food but better than your average. Beers seems in good health consistantly and everyone is friendly and cheerful. You don't go to pubs expecting service like the queen but something half way is good and we have been back here time and time again. Well worth a look in!
j.1983 - 27 May 2013 14:04
So I am not sure if this is the usually done thing but I feel a decent and thought through response to a few recent comments is the right thing to do as a manager who cares about the business, and an active pub lover myself. Firstly, I would like to say I totally respect everyones comments and opinions, good or bad.

Since I have been involved in The Dove, just over a year now, it actually has gone from strength to strength on a number of levels. One of which as a business that really exisits (if we're honest) to financially succeed, sales figures and cover count have dramatically increased and this has to be due to increased popularity, even if the pub has redifined it's offer to customers and thought about where and who has that demand for the pub nowadays.

It's true to say that the whole pub industry over the last 10 years or so has needed to change due to a change in culture, mainly affecting the local, wet led pubs we have. That is a reason why so many in the UK have needed to shut down as the business and trade can't support them anymore. One of the things that has been clear to me is the increased demand for table bookings from those local to us in West London and more so now, further afield. The phone really does ring all day and the email inbox gets fuller week by week for reservations. This could be a result in us spending more effort and care on improving the quality of our food but also the consistancy. I am aware of crossing a line to a "restaurant" style of venue and I make efforts not to do this, just a pub that offers decent pub food. Because the demand for such a small space has significantly increased, it wouldnt make business sense to ignore this demand.

A good point has been made about the increased amount of tourists that frequent the pub. This has been a surprise to us here too, the number of people who had read about the pub in guide books or had it recommeneded to them from others abroad but the main feedback from these customers is that they come and visit that one time they are in London as they want to see a traditional English pub with history and they all leave happy. With this, as well as the increased food direction, it has been us, trying to offer a decent pub experience and then reacting to the demand from which ever customer base wants to visit.

I do really understand your points regarding the "tourist trap" but regardless of the reason for the customers visit, we would like to try our best with everyone regardless of if you live next door, or have travelled from New Zealand!

The points regarding some of the decor, toilets and seating I do actually agree with. With the building being so old there sometimes needs to be a little flexibility but these points have been discussed with Fullers for some time now and I am glad to say plans are very close for a new toilets refurbishment, upgrade in furniture and some company money spent on DIY to bring certain areas back to it's former glory. I am looking forward to this as much as some customers.

The points about the standard of customer service and staff not being behind the bar I will take on the chin and say we will try harder to ensure this area of the business will constantly be improved. If you look in our comments book we have in the pub, so many are about the nice personal experience the staff give but I understand it only takes one or two negatives times to overshadow these so if more training is what is needed, I will take care of that.

I hope this long winded piece is seen the best light and our intentions are positive. The Dove does offer so much to a lot of poeple and we will contnue to do the best we can to stay busy all year round.


TheDoveHammersmith - 14 May 2013 10:39
This pub has a great location but is seriously flawed in many ways. The "barstaff" are regularly absent from the bar forcing customers to wait several minutes even when the pub is virtually empty. I don't know what important engagements they disappear to, but it's inexcusable. It's very tempting to just help yourself. The price of beer here is astronomical considering its close proximity to the brewery. Overpriced food too, simply capitalising on the tourist trade. When I used to frequent this place for 3 years, nothing was done to repair the remains of and extractor fan in the gent's with wires and bits of plaster hanging from the ceiling. Sitting in the conservatory area in the winter is a miserable experience. Polluted by stench from the lavatories with nothing more than a metal drain cover above the sewer! It's freezing and illuminated by depressing bright lights and awful colour scheme. A bit like sitting in a British Rail waiting room circa 1984! Sort it out Fullers! I recommend visiting another pub!

Highpriest - 7 May 2013 14:39
Came back here for the first time in years and was pleased that it was a still a pub full of character but less pleased that its gone for the tourist trade and is less of a pub and much more of an over priced gastro bore establishment. It was difficult to find anywhere to sit and wasn't helped by allowing people to reserve seats for groups of people who don't turn up while the rest of us stand and stare at a load of empty seats. Was amused to see on this topic that dozens of people came and immediately left as there was nowhere for them to seat so the pub is losing a shed load of trade and money to reserve for what turned out to be a group of dizzy tarts who will go home after half a glass of shit white wine.
brenhell - 12 Apr 2013 22:38
Pleasant little Fullers pub which has much of the atmosphere of a country pub, two bars (of which one is the smallest in Britain) and at the time of visit a good range of beers including Black Cab stout and Seafarer (a good new choice between Pride and the often cloying ESB). Food was not tried as it looked expensive and we were on a budget.
Years ago I used to climb the stairs to the little 'upper terrace' and sit there of an evening. I hope you still can.
I do have some sympathy with the people who have said this is now aimed only at diners; tables did seem to be laid out for dinner (this was a Friday at 7pm i.e. dinnertime), but we did not have a problem just having beer.
Re whether this is the oldest pub in the area: it is likely the oldest building in use as a pub, but a relative newcomer pub-wise as it didn't open as such until the late 18th century.
rainlight - 31 Dec 2012 13:13
The Dove seems to be dividing people into food/service & beer camps nowadays! I used to love it when I was young & naive...but my last few trips have convinced me it's over-priced, the beer is less than average (especially so near the brewery, for goodness sake), & overall The Dove is nothing special (bar location).
renzarov - 11 Sep 2012 14:58
What used to be an amazing local treasure seems now to have turned into an absolute disaster. It’s now been re-modelled as a tourist trap, and on a Sunday the entire pub is set aside for diners.

The pub seems now to be aimed at once-only visitors, although it seems to have made enough of a name for itself to survive on this. Somewhat ironically, the worst thing about the pub these days is its clientele. There are many other decent Fuller’s pubs nearby; pleased don’t feed this ugly monster.

elegiac_stanzas - 7 Aug 2012 12:05
I used to like this pub. Great decor, great location, etc. Unfortunately I get the impression the owners are now taking the pish. Today one member of staff serving, an inexperienced young girl who appeared to be incapable of pouring a pint. Staff seemed more interested in getting food to the customers. The beer was poor quality.
ericstadd - 17 Jun 2012 18:55
It's okay. I suppose that if I was a tourist or looking to show someone the quaint English pub experience here would be as good a place as any. Fullers only, and it says a lot about pub prices that £3.45 in a tied house can be considered reasonable. I would guess that at weekend and on summer evenings this place would be heaving .
djw - 18 Apr 2012 00:04
Went there for the first time in ages this evening and started off having a glass of wine on my own as my friend was a little late. As a single female, this can be daunting but the atmosphere was lovely. The staff were friendly and professional and the food was very good, although the peas on the fish and chips weren't mushy - more crushed petits pois. Overall a positive experience and good banter with the new manager. I would definitely go there again.
writerenfin - 12 Apr 2012 23:08
Haven't been in here for close on ten years and made a happy return today to show a NZ brother-in-law a decent riverside pub on his last day in the UK. The fabulous weather might have helped, but the experience was positive from start to finish.

I rang early on to check if our well-behaved & pub-trained five year-old would be welcome & was assured he would be. We arrived just as the place was starting to fill up, but a kindly regular made space for us on the terrace right next to the river.

Chiswick was off, but Front Row made an admirable replacement for a lunchtime pint. A juice for the Boy was very generous sized. Food was not cheap, but this is an expensive part of London and three meals of Fish & Chips, Burger with bacon and cheese and a meat & cheese ploughmans fed four of us very well as portions were large.

The ploughmans was mine & came with pork pie, a huge amount of ham, a rather fighty cheddar, bread, pickles, chutney & salad. All were of good quality. The only complaint about the other meals was that the mushy peas were a little bland, but I do make my own & make them spicy!

Only two minor quibbles - the gents while very clean was a tiny bit smelly and a member of staff was carrying out waste cardboard as we waited to be served which he dropped at our feet in the front bar. Having run a bar I would have prepared to get housekeeping like this sorted before opening!

Having found the Small Boy was allowed in I'll be back, just making sure we're early...
FoggyBalla - 6 Apr 2012 16:36
Went to this pub on 17th March killing time before going on to Twickenham, along with ten colleagues (sorry if you were there we were a bit noisy) and ended up spending longer than we should have, only just getting to the match in time. Excellent choice of good quality ales and rapid service even with a big round. Very friendly. Didn't eat so can't comment on food. Cetainly worth going back to.
Thewriter - 26 Mar 2012 19:43
Very good beer (Fullers Black Cab stout) and nibbles when I went there the other week. My companion certainly enjoyed her ESB. Definitely majors on food tho'
simontheeditor - 28 Jan 2012 18:18
Went on Sunday. Beautiful weather and really in the mood for a few beers with a good pal of mine.

The Dove was awful. Beer not bad at all, but the place was packed with people so up themselves I'm amazed they didn't disappear.

More restaurant than a pub on Sunday's showing. Not my scene. Won't be rushing back.
willesden_seadog - 14 Nov 2011 19:49
I can only echo the comments below. The staff are ill-mannered and badly trained. The beer (especially the ESB) used to be superb, but now is very much adequate to poor. No point in complaining as no one seems to give a sh..., I mean give a damn. This reflects extremely poorly on Fullers (Dove once being the flag ship) and as for the management - is there any?

I never thought I would say this, but please, please bring back the scatty welshman. Although, not always prefect, he at least made you feel welcome and did his utmost to please. Oh, for the good old days.

I also agree, do not bother complaining to Fullers, all you get is a standard fob off letter. Simon Emeny, I thought you were better than that.
8teenboy - 4 Nov 2011 16:52
Went to this beautiful looking pub on the river but turned out to be a disaster. The waitress was unfriendly. We ordered drinks and food upon arrival but the beers took 15 minutes to arrive. The barman seemingly did not get the ticket order. We had to ask the waitress 3 times for the drinks. The food was the worst part. The fish & chips meal: chips were fine, but the fish was the definition of insipid and the mushy peas looked like they had been left out for too long before being served. The canelloni was definitely microwaved and at £10.50 I expected more than that. When I asked the waitress if it was cooked on site or microwaved from frozen (which it evidently was) she obviously lied. Then the managed came to ask if there was a problem, but didn't do anything about it. We just left the food, finished our drinks and tried to enjoy the view. But I would not be going back there and I do not recommend this place. Tacky and cheap.
Star_of_London - 29 Sep 2011 18:00
Good selection of Fullers on tap. Excellent river views can't get much closer unless you jump in. Unfortunate odour of urine flooded the place everytime someone entered the gents so had to move to a different part of the bar. Overall rating reflective of this. If you have no sense of smell add 3 to the rating.
R.Swipe - 16 Jul 2011 17:16
My wife and I had the worst experience at the Dove. We complained to Fuller but despite their claim of excellent customer service they seem to disregard a real problem with the management of this pub. A shame because this could be a great pub thanks to its history and location. But very poor and chaotic service indeed.
bderoulede - 29 May 2011 17:03
Guess everbody has different views...went there with my boyfriend on a friend's recommendation last Sunday and had one of the best roasts we've ever had. Beef was cooked perfectly and the roasts and Yorkshire pudding were to die for. Will definitely be back for the food.

Having said that, the last reviewers are completely right about the service and cleanliness of the place. Think that the manager is one of the rudest people that I've had the displeasure to meet; shame...great pub, great food...fullstop!

Let's hope they sort it out soon. Such a lovely little pub
Layla45 - 21 Apr 2011 04:05
I'm sorry to say I was sadly disappointed by the Dove Inn today having eaten here a couple of years ago and found it pretty good. I went there for Sunday lunch with a couple of friends having booked a table the day before - we got our table by 3 but found the tabletop very sticky, and clearly needed a good clean (the paper napkins were stuck fast to it.) We told the waitress was adamant it wasn't beer, she'd tried to clean it before and would need 'hot water and soap' to clean properly -- not sure if they wax their tables but it seemed pretty filthy to us! However the solution sounded like more trouble than it was worth so we asked here not to bother. We then became aware of several flies buzzing round our heads, adding I'm afraid to the feeling of the place needing a good scrub!

The waitress took our orders for roast beef and lamb -- but didn't ask how my two friends wanted the beef cooked (pretty basic I would have thought). We had to call her back for this. When it arrived the beef was nowhere near the medium rare requested, more like well done school dinner boot leather -- not what you'd expect for nearly £14 a pop! I also asked for some mint sauce that never arrived. (In mild mitigation the parsnips and Yorshire pud weren't bad)

I've now come home to a case of severe indigestion - maybe due to a bad pint of either the ESB or the Discovery I had, or maybe just general dissatisfaction with the whole experience!

I suspect this place might ok for a passing pint by the river but the landlord needs to buck his ideas right up regarding the food and cleanliness.

I won't be coming back.
Pork_and_pickle_pie - 13 Mar 2011 21:12
The most recent reviews are interesting. I'm normally one that goes for the jugular when it comes to bad customer service, but my two experiences in here have been very good. In fact, the last time (May 2010) was exemplary:

It was the day of the CL final and I asked the landlord if he knew where we could watch the game. He named a pub (it escapes me now) and gave us directions. 5 minutes later he comes over to our table and asks if we want him to book us a table in the next place. We say that would be great, and half an hour on our waty out, the same guy walks us out the out and to the underpass.

Once we get to the spot (nr Ravenscourt tube) we find that we have the best table in the place - right in front of the telly; table set.

Perhaps the rest of the staff in there are obnoxious, but the main man is capable of being a gem.
Jim_Baxter - 16 Feb 2011 18:51
As someone else said, this is a charming pub in terms of location and interior, but the service is shocking. Disgraceful.
I went in with three friends at about 2pm on Wednesday. There were a handful of customers finishing their meals, and one member of staff, tidying tables and sorting cutlery. We stood at the bar and tried to get his attention. He saw us. He ignored us. One of my friends went and gestured that we were waiting to be served, and was greeted with a face of thunder and a terse 'five minutes'.
This man was NOT busy serving other customers, he was wiping down empty tables. We were not prepared to reward such rudeness by standing, ignored, at the bar for five minutes in order to spend our hard-earned money.
We left, and will not be returning.
fuzzybee - 27 Jan 2011 12:54
A fantastic site but a horrible experience. I will not return to this pub until they change their management. The manager has serious issues with customer service and turns what could be one of the best pubs in London into a very unpleasant experience. Such a shame... As one other reviewer writes: They really don't care about their customers
Iansala - 20 Jan 2011 12:32
Without doubt one of the worse pub experiences I have had in London.

This is unfortunate as I live so close.

The pub is cosy and the view is enviable from outside.

The four of us ordered our food just before 8pm and at 10.35 it still hadn't arrived. We asked three times where our food was and were told it was a moment away. We asked for bread twice, but were told they couldn't do this. The final straw was when a table of seven who ordered after us shouted the loudest and was served at 10.00. We were polite and civil, but enough was enough and we paid for our drinks and left even though we were promised that our food was on the way ...

They really don't care.

I should have learnt my lesson the first time when I telephoned to book a table for Christmas day as my mother was visiting and we didn't want to cook. I was told that they could not get a chief, but were considering doing some bar snacks in the middle of the day, no booking necessary. They promised to telephone if the situation changed and I left my number.

However, we turned up on Christmas day to find that it was bookings only and the chief wasn't taking any more orders!
steen21 - 19 Oct 2010 17:21
The Dove is an 18th Century riverside inn on the Middlesex side of the river, easily accessible from Hammersmith Bridge along the river front walk. The well known anthem - Rule Britannia - was allegedly composed here and the pub has had many famous literary visitors over the years, such as Ernest Hemingway, A P Herbert etc. Nowadays, it's a popular tourist destination with that rather inevitable transient feel of pubs of this ilk.

Situated in a narrow alleyway, an old heavy duty door leads into the main bar area which has low ceilings, dark old beams and wood panelling.Some of the furniture here looks newish and I'm aware that there was a fire some time last year which did some damage.Over the fireplace here is a framed panel of famous customers who have dropped in in more recent times, including actors and sporting heroes ( eg - Julie Andrews, Godfrey Evans ). Also here is a visitors book with testimonials ( and a few crass idiotic comments ) from people from all over the world.

On the right of this main bar is a very small snug bar with room, realistically, for no more than half a dozen drinkers. This bar holds the Guinness World Record for being the smallest bar area and the framed certificate to this effect is proudly displayed. Note also the small brass plaque indicating the height that the waters reached in the floods of January 1928. The pub is listed in CAMRA's book of London Heritage pubs and these two front rooms are the older parts of the pub.

The main bar leads into a newer food orientated rear room which is decorated with prints and photographs of the pub and the local area in days of old. Passing through this rear room, we reach a small verandah with fine views of the River Thames. This verandah is popular in fine weather and also, especially on Boat Race day in March.

On my recent Sunday lunchtime visit, it was noticeable how much more food orientated the pub as a whole seems to have become. Paper menus were on all the tables in the main bar and the tables on the verandah were laid out for diners. As you might expect, food is not cheap - eg Sunday roasts - £ 13.95p, Cod fillet with chips - £ 11.50p. Unusually, a blackboard outside the pub advertises a take out menu at weekends only which includes New York deli hot dog and Chicago Red hot dog at £ 5 and £ 6 respectively.

Perhaps surprisingly, for a small pub like this where space is at a premium, dogs are positively encouraged and water bowls and dog biscuits are readily visible and available.

On the beer front, it's a Fullers pub and the usual beers are served from a bank of handpumps, oddly positioned in the angle of the L shaped bar servery. The London Pride - curiously described on a chalkboard by the front door as a "top selling premium amber ale" - was in good form at £ 3.25p. The pub is listed in CAMRA's 2010 Good Beer Guide.

This is one of London's most well known pubs and you really should try and get here when you get the chance.

JohnBonser - 14 Jun 2010 17:15
Really nice - went there today for the first time - just after reading about it in the morning whilst searching for historic london pubs - bit of a trek to get there but worth it - very pleasant bar staff - lovely oldy-woldy interiour..........pricey but really nice - outdoors section too - nice to view the river - was very busy there - Friday lunch time but certainly will go back.
adamwalsh - 30 Apr 2010 20:37
A busy pub with a nice veranda overlooking the river. Four well kept Fullers ales, although a bit pricey even by London standards. Worth a visit.
alexw - 29 Apr 2010 20:53
Popped into the Dove last Saturday evening for a quick pint. This has been, and remains, one of my favourite pubs - the mix of the character of the place, the location by the river, and the well kept range of Fullers beers make it my first choice of the riverside pubs in Hammersmith. Does get busy due to its small size, but you just need to pick the time you visit. Two small comments from this visit: (1) we sat in the small front bar and watched the bar staff at work - despite the small bar area, they were totally unable to serve customers in any kind of order, so some customers got ignored for some time; (2) the pub has started taking table bookings, so despite the pub being busy, about 1/3 of the tables were unused. However, still gets 9 out of 10.
Oktup - 25 Apr 2010 14:40
My wife and I plus my in-laws loved this pub.
The food was great and the Manager was superb by talking with us and then by escorting us to the Hammersmith Theatre as we didn't know the way.
On top of that my Sister-in-Law left her spectacles there and the Manager had found them and after we contacted him, he sent them by post with a personal letter.
This is service that you don't often find in the UK.
alanjo14 - 13 Apr 2010 08:02
I too am very surprised by the comments about the management of this pub. i have just been here for lunch on a saturday and they were clearly short staffed, just the manager and one girl to run the bar and about 35/40 covers, they were running about like blue arsed flies but still managing to keep everyone happy....just! The manager later said he had had 2 staff call in sick, which had left them struggling, but the two of them were making such an effort you could hardly notice. The manager still had time to chat for a couple of minutes, which is always nice to see.

The experience was really very pleasant and relaxed, it must be the same guy who was mentioned in the other reviews as the grumpy guy with grey hair, but he was nice as pie today, both to customers and staff. He even suggested a bottle of rioja which was on special for £10 rather then the merlot we had chosen at £13, not many people would do that. The ale seemed well kept, the food was OK, can't say it was amazing, but it was good enough for standard pub fare in London.

I'll be back to see if this was a one off, but i'm hoping it was a true reflection of the way this pub is.
Herbie - 16 Jan 2010 18:54
I am really surprised by the bad reviews of this pub. I went there on Saturday night (Jan 2010) and thought it was one of the best pubs I have ever been to. Obviously a great location on the river but also a gorgeous cosy old fashioned interior, soft lighting, timbered beams and lovely atmosphere. But what struck me most was the best service I have experienced in a pub for years. Although it was a Saturday night and fairly busy, the guy in charge made sure he found us somewhere to sit, although we weren't eating and hadn't booked. During the course of the evening, he came up with brilliant wine recommendations - suggesting a really nice bottle of Rjoja that was also cheaper than our original choice. Plus this is the only regular pub I've been to which offered a carafe of tap water, unasked, AND to top it all the manager ran after me when I left my scarf. Really can't work out how it could have gone so wrong for those who had bad service here, I was totally charmed by the place, and didn't see an ounce of rudeness throughout. We didn't get round to eating but I would definitely go back and try the food. I hugely recommend this place, try it for yourself.
laura1973 - 11 Jan 2010 19:16
I don't normally bother with the Dover because it's invariably too crowded.

However, if you are that concerned about the attitude and behaviour of the manager there is a simple course of action. Write to the MD of the company that owns the pub.

Have a look a the entry for The North Star in Ealing if you want to see the effect of a well targeted letter of complaint.
porcus_volans - 27 Nov 2009 08:39
I liked this place. Only visited once, on a Sunday afternoon. Well kept Fuller's ales (no guest beers). Prices seemed OK given the location. Atmospheric inside, and a pub proud of its interesting history.
Busy with mix of tourists and the beautiful young things of Hammersmith. No obvious local geezers in there. Staff were handling the pressure well and seemed friendly enough given how busy they were.
JonRambo - 22 Oct 2009 14:32
Some of the other comments about this pub make me wonder if they are talking about another pub called the Dove ? It certainly was not my experience of the Dove in Hammersmith. I had Sunday lunch there recently. The food was very tasty and there was plenty of it. I am a vegetarian who fancied the roast Sunday lunch. The manager offered me a huge plate of roast potatoes, Yorkshire pud and vegetables with a dish of the delicious mushroom risotto on the side. Perfect! Staff were friendly and efficient and offered sauces (see the other comments about this issue). The beer was excellent - Fuller's London Porter, and the atmosphere was relaxed. The Dove is such a wonderful pub and judging by my most recent visit I will most certainly return.
JP29 - 12 Oct 2009 12:55
I would have to agree with the comment posted about the grey haired guv'nor of this pub. Whilst his staff were doing their best to serve the punters he was not only extremely rude to them but also to his own customers! The views from the terrace are superb but due to chronic staff shortages be prepared to wait ages for your pint and (ordinary) food. Don't dare ask for any sauces with your meal or the guv'nor will abuse you also!! Other pubs along the River are much more friendly.
TomSauce - 27 Sep 2009 19:35
it's amazing how many old digruntled staff and local competitors
use this web site to slag of other pubs, staff and managers.
the reason i say this is because i visited this pub last sunday and
had an amazing time.i am a bar manager and know good service when i see it.I read the comments below before i posted my comment and was very suprised to see someone giving th guy with the grey hair ( who i believe is the manager), the reason i say this that the manager on duty when i was there was fantastic.( who also had short grey spikey hair)
he was running around doing everything and made our visit very pleasant and memorable .I will definetly be returning when i am
back in hammersmith again- also the food was amazing.
maryj - 21 Sep 2009 22:58
I am sorry to read the latest reviews but have to agree. Fullers normally keep a close eye on customer reviews..I am sure that the customer focus will return soon.
Had a good pint of IPA here yesterday and am pleased to confirm that the beers are now up to scratch!
pubmanstu - 21 Sep 2009 09:55
Surprisingly empty on a Friday evening, and somethong of the old atmosphere seems to have gone. Still has the great views from the balcony, and the Fullers beers remain well-kept. Still worth going to, but I would have to reduce my previous rating (8) to a 7 on current form.
rpadam - 29 Aug 2009 17:26
What on earth has happened in this pub ??? the previous relaxed and happy atmosphere has now disappeared. First of all i couldn't believe how disinterested the staff were. THEN I REALISED when a jumped up grey haired bloke bawled out the bigger of the bar maids, whilst he stood there doing nothing. I am not surprised the staff are now rude. I enquired where the mental welsh manager was only to be told he had left to become a teacher. I think they were winding me up as even though he was extremely charming and always welcoming i always assumed he was thick as pig sh*t. If anyone knows which pub he is running, please post on this.
realaleabonus - 27 Aug 2009 18:21
Popped into the pub this evening for a few drinks, it was a shame the kitchen was closed, but clearly wasn't fault as their was a fire. They have a delli service at the moment which offers some good food, the only problem in this pub was the staff. three barmaids, 1 didn't understand any drink i was ordering, the other was too busy gossiping about her personal issues and sitting with friends to serve any customers, and unfortunately the 3rd wasn't superwoman and couldn't do it all on her own. Lets the hope the new kitchen brings some better service to this lovely pub.
jeremymathews99 - 13 Aug 2009 23:13
Had always wanted to go to this pub, so my bad luck I happened by on 28 June one day before its reopening after the kitchen fire. Better luck next time.
grecian - 29 Jun 2009 10:47
The bar is due to open this monday (29/6), the kitchen will take a bit longer.
anonymous - 25 Jun 2009 16:39
Currently closed following, I believe, a kitchen fire...shame as it's a great summer venue..and they were doing really well.hope they sort it out and reopen soon.
pubmanstu - 24 Jun 2009 11:33
OK Things are looking up furniture on the terrace and a good pint of Discovery, straight from the barrel as it was being changed over...good service and much improved quality of beer! Well done
pubmanstu - 28 May 2009 19:18
A great friendly interesting little riverside pub ......I like Fullers ales and sadly here they are not always at their best,
I always stay safe and drink the draught Honeydew here and save my favourite Chiswick pint for other Fullers pubs. They need to get this right....
pubmanstu - 10 Apr 2009 22:19
If you live in Hammersmith and know anything about a good pint you don't drink in the Dove. If you want to spend over the odds and drink a mediocre pint of Fullers in the company of idiots than this might be for you. I've never eaten the food in here as I'm not insane.
frankblack - 31 Mar 2009 15:01
The pub is quite attractive but the beer/food overpriced and not of a good standard. Worse still, the locals tend to be odious chinless wonders typical of the area.
ericthered - 31 Mar 2009 10:35
People will not be fooled by EnjoysABeer's blatant plug of the pub. He/she has never reviewed a pub before. Neither has touchme. In fact, I think they're the one and the same person.
holbornboy - 31 Mar 2009 09:00

Boat Race Day, 2009 again a dubious occasion of friends and family meeting to enjoy a day in Hammersmith. As always me and my companions started our ever reoccurring pattern at the start of our river stretch at Hammersmith Bridge. As always we favoured this routine as we would pass the "alright" pubs and the "get what you pay for." pubs, no names mentioned of course. But anyone familiar with the area will know of the pubs I refer to. Well that was until we got to the above mentioned The Dove. And as always never a let down. Me and my friends were greeted by 2 charming and polite men on the door who were checking bags and as it was clearly signed that this was occurring we obliged, we then entered the pub which was bursting with atmosphere, great friendly banter bouncing off the walls, laughter and happiness just oozing from this little historic gem of a pub. Although it was packed we were still acknowledged by all bar staff and served promptly and efficiently, and surprisingly was stocked up with everything. Drinks were served with a polite smile and some friendly banter but not an uncomfortable conversation that i had had in a previous pub. We then went to find a place to stand and even though space was limited we found a beautiful spot over looking the river in the conservatory. My friend decided to order a Burger and priced at £4 was happy that he would get on average just a bit of meat in a bun, to which we was surprised that he was served a nice big burger with juicy beef and a relatively good sized fresh salad. Due to time getting on we only stayed for about an hour. But a great hour that was to top off out lovely day. Again another lovely day spent in Hammersmith and another never failing lovely experience in The Dove.

To which I will finish recommending all to visit this lovely place whether it's for a relaxing evening beer or a lovely meal on a hot summer's day.

A great experienced had by all and we look forward to visiting again some tome soon.
EnjoysABeer - 30 Mar 2009 19:56
do you want some vinegar?
touchme - 30 Mar 2009 16:51
You are supposed to comment on the pub not the reviews of other users. Read the rules of the site. My review stands.

But as you started it: Odd, you sound like a vegetable but you can't recognise a frozen one when it's presented in a dire soggy form.
And the pie was £11...what currency do you use? Maybe you're as astounded as we were. Really you should know if you're such a regular, though you sound to me rather over defensive, like you have something to do with the running of the tawdry place?

It's just a rip-off pub by the river. Yes it was nice once, probably when you were elsewhere.

DarkManoeuvres - 30 Mar 2009 12:55
Ok. First of all referring to a persons sexuality is a very cheap and incredibly childish thing to do. Second of all the pie is not £11 and the veg is not frozen. Get your facts right. Thirdly as a regular customer i can honestly say that the staff at this establishment are extremely helpfull and are always happy to tend to a customers needs. This pub does get extremely busy and from my observations the staff are always rushing around trying to accomidate every customers needs (and extremely well might i add). Its unfortunate that you didnt recieve your vinegar but you could always have gotten off your behind and walked the few yards to where it is kept in full view of everyone. And calling the places service a disgrace is a tad over the top dont you think? Im sure i speak on the half of the cliental at this wonderful historic pub when i say its no loss to not have a pompus old twit with nothing better to do than complain about some vinegar on a website. I mean seriously how pathetic. I advise anyone looking to come the dove to not pay any attention to this review and come enjoy the wonderful cask ales and fantastic view from the terrace. Ask the staff about the history of this pub thier knowledge is rather impressive. Its plain to see that are passionate about thier place of work. The nicest thing about this place is that there is not a heavy rotation of new staff coming and going so there is always a familiar face behind the bar. So i have had my say and will leave it at this. Would you like some vinegar for that large chip on your shoulder? Thank you
touchme - 29 Mar 2009 02:59
Visited this pub just after the Friday lunchtime rush on a beautiful spring day.
Ordered a meal from the rather expensive menu...Pie of the Day.
Well when it arrived £11 for a pie dish with a puff pastry topping thrown on isn't really what you'd expect for that price especially as it was served with about ten undercooked frozen chips and frozen veg.
This wasn't helped by the attitude of the 'I don't need to work here' youth on the food counter who we had to ask three times for some vinegar. Think he was more interested in observing the German lycra clad rowers than serving us.
Maybe he wanted German Sausage of the Day!
Well really, it's a disgrace.
DarkManoeuvres - 26 Mar 2009 17:01
Went in on a very busy Sunday. The beer was not bad at all but the atmosphere was a bit too snooty for my liking.

There was a particularly obnoxious tosser in the "smallest bar in the world" who made it quite clear that he presumed it was his own private area.

A place to go early on a nice day and grab a place outside to avoid the food smells and the uppity braying from the Henry and Henrietta's
willesden_seadog - 9 Mar 2009 19:55
Would never have found this little gem of a pub without BITE. Small front bar area with big open fire on a very cold night made for a welcoming arrival. Good friendly atmosphere, great riverside view from the terrace at the rear. Usual range of Fullers ales well served by reasonably friendly staff, albeit a little more pricey than some others serving the local brew. Could get a bit crowded if too many people discover it!
srendall - 11 Jan 2009 23:37
Lovely old riverside pub that seems to ooze history. Low ceilings, wooden beams etc, you enter to a small room with the bar to the right. Further right is the tiny snug referred to by RR earlier and he is quite correct 2/3 people and this is full. From the bar area up a few steps, minding ones head, to a rear drinking area then a small conservatory with a rather sad looking vine growing over the roof, although it is January. Beyond is the terrace with good river views and with another area accessed via a cast iron staircase.

The bar area has a few photographs of the historical locale plus some rowing 8's.

Well kept Fullers, brim full pints, Pride, ESB, Chiswick and Discovery.

A worthy stop in the area or on a riverside stroll.
Maldenman - 11 Jan 2009 18:35
Traditional looking pub with wooden floors, different levels and interesting features. Had four ales from the Fuller's range on our visit: Pride, ESB, Discovery and Chiswick. Couldn't fault the clarity of the beer we had. Menu consisted of mainly starters and main meals but it was a bit limited for snacks. However, the food was delicous and appeared to be home made. A real open fire was ablaze in the middle room (just right for the freezing cold day that we visited) and out the back there was a conservatory and some outside seating overlooking the river (which I would imagine is very pleasant in the summer). Would imagine that it could be a bit of a nightmare getting served when busy though due to the layout.
Rod_Hariga - 11 Jan 2009 09:59
A great pub!
Celtforapint - 30 Sep 2008 15:25
Over the past 5 years I’ve spent quite a few Friday afternoons in the Dove and I have always left in a better mood than I was when I walked in. I think that the staff have improved since my first ever visit and the drink is still of a good standard.

As afternoon turns into evening it can get a little hair raising negotiating all of the stairs to the back off the pub and avoiding the bustling waitresses with plates of food, but it keeps you on your toes.

This is definitely the best pub that I have been into on the North bank of the Thames between Hammersmith and Kew Bridge.
Strongers - 17 Apr 2008 17:45
this place has been a favourite of mine for a few years now tho I don't get to go there nearly often enough. Until recently the food has been nothing better than average. However yesterday I thoroughly enjoyed a meal of stuffed figs followed by salmon. Both were cooked to perfection and it is obvious that food is becoming more of a focus. The Beer also was fresh and well served by friendly staff. I'll definetly return, Well done.
tristanprince - 10 Apr 2008 01:00
Unchanged since my last visit a year or so ago. It oozes history from every nook and cranny of its dark wooden interior. It has what is claimed to be the smallest bar anywhere on the right as you go in the pub – but I have never been in it as there have always been a couple of drinkers already in there, and three would definitely be a crowd! Excellent views of the river from the terrace, and superb Fullers ales make this a “must visit” pub on any visit to the area. Nonetheless, for some reason on which I cannot put my finger, I find this pub a bit pretentious. The food’s not cheap, but it does not pretend to be a backstreet boozer – so you “pays yer money and takes yer choice”! But on the whole I really do like this pub, and would recommend it.
RexRattus - 5 Apr 2008 21:44
Absolutely lovely pub along a quaint little lane lined with old buildings by the Thames . The location is perfect with a terrace overlooking the river, the best seat being up a cast-iron staircase perched on a bit of roof. In fact, it's the only seat in the house which feels safe from the river, which rose until it was well above the level of the pub floor while we were there. Ales include the amazing, organic Fuller's Honeydew, which we drank far too much of, and the food is extremely good (if expensive - but then you're paying for the heavenly location) - pate, fish & chips, pork belly and sausages and mash were all excellent. In summer this pub could be perfect.
Greshon - 10 Mar 2008 13:53
One of my favourite pubs, but the food has gone drastically downhill judging by my last visit. Why should a pint of prawns be cooked in so much lemon, onion and leek (and something else I couldn't determine but was an unpleasant texture added), that you can't taste the prawns? The seafood platter that we used to regularly share no longer has mussels, but is still the same price.
I'll carry on drinking there, but make sure I eat elsewhere.
OriginalMaestro - 2 Mar 2008 23:37
This really is a good pub, with great views from the balcony in decent weather, and always well-kept Fullers beer on tap. Often very crowded, but not too bad in the winter (and can almost forgive the fake 'real' fire on a cold evening...).
rpadam - 1 Feb 2008 23:58
Fab pub, great attitute from all the staff, the beer was good but I think there are some dispense issues. Could you get a better place on the river? I don't think so. Well Done!
good_time_boy - 22 Jan 2008 19:47
Stunning pub! just a shame the manager is an alcoholic.
lezbot - 9 Jan 2008 12:58
Quality pub - get out there and see it as the Dove is unique
BenEd - 6 Nov 2007 00:58
I can't comment on the quality of the ales, as for various reasons I no longer drink alcohol, although the range is good. It was recommended as being good for food. I called in on a Thursday lunchtime, and the food was quickly served and of good quality, the coffee wasn't bad either.
blitzy - 20 Oct 2007 23:04
Absolutely top notch establishment. Far superior to any other pub along this stretch. Had a great Sunday lunch and a tasty crystal clear pint of London Pride. Pleasant staff ensures this place is always busy. Well Done and i will return.
anonymous - 13 Sep 2007 17:13
fantastic pint of pride then some ESB's all of a sudden Albert Finney burst in talking about saturday night Sunday morning then Harris followed with his take on This Sporting Life and Alan Bates wittering on about Women in Love. We knew it was a prank when Nicol Williamson said he cud act.... great esb!!!
hardnoxandurtysox - 25 Aug 2007 02:33
great pub
anonymous - 16 Jul 2007 19:42
What can you say? Excellent location, good food, good selection of Fullers Ales. Gets a bit busy outside when wanting a smoke, but all in all, a well run place.
anonymous - 12 Jul 2007 15:52
Excellent pub for drinking but not convinced on the eating. On the couple of occasions I've eaten here, the food took a long time to arrive and on the second occasion, despite our protests, the plates stood on the serving counter getting cold while the staff were elsewhere.

But to put it down too much is to do it a disservice - I'm sure all pubs have bad days. This is quite possibly one of the best pubs in London to while away summer afternoons and evenings. Top drawer boozing whilst watching the rowers on the river.
Gilo - 15 Jun 2007 15:48
This has to be one the best pubs in London, great food & service, plus a friendly welcome from the manager. I just wish I lived closer to it!
anonymous - 8 Jun 2007 16:33
Went there with a friend last Friday on the strength of its rating. We sat in the Guinness Book of World Records certified smallest bar area and quaffed tasty pints of Fuller’s ESB and Discovery. We didn’t think much of our pint of Chiswick. Have to disagree with the comments below – our pints came in at under £3 – pretty good for London, I think.
ed1000 - 7 Jun 2007 18:50
great pub - yes its ok I am 23 called tristram live in the country and think £3.80 is a jolly fair price for a pint.
anonymous - 29 May 2007 01:03
Always a pleasure to visit. Obviously very busy on nice summer days. Good selection of ales. Food good if a bit pricy. As for the manic welshman (the manager)he always makes you feel very welcome. By the way is the lovely Joanna an essex girl?
robbieboy - 28 May 2007 08:45
We tried to visit on Sunday afternoon (3 adults, 1 13-year old). The 'no-children' policy extends to anyone under 21yrs (though I saw at least one feeding babe-in-arms). And the sign outside says 'Welcome..'.
sgoure - 7 May 2007 12:10
Perfect location in a quiet area by the river Thames. We went in for a pint or two prior to a guided tour at the near-by Fuller's Griffin Brewery. We tried ESB, IPA and Honey Dew, and they were all tasty ales.
As it was a warm and sunny day we were sitting in the outside area overlooking the river. It’s just pubs like this I look forward to visit again.

hgr - 27 Apr 2007 11:25
I was charged £6.40 for two large diet cokes yesterday! I know it was a hot day but that is beyond ridiculous
anonymous - 16 Apr 2007 12:27
Really relaxed pub, very small but worth a visit as most people seem to stick with those next to the bridge. Cosy pub in the winter and also nice in the summer if you can get a seat on the patio in back.
Lots of history and adequate reasonably priced food, last time I ate there.
Try it.
BarnesXV - 13 Feb 2007 12:52
Very decent and cosy, not as posh as led to expect (may differ in Summer. Winter seasonal very good.
mtaylor40 - 26 Jan 2007 18:43
Had a fantastic night at the Dove last night. Hadn't been for a while as the staff USED to be so rude. Well impressed with the difference in atmosphere. The bar staff were friendly and were happy to join in with our banter. Fantastic pint of pride, then persuaded by the young welsh bloke to try the red fox which was superb. Later found out the young welsh bloke was actually the manager and quite surprised how he mingled with every group of customers and made everyone feel like they were the best customers there. Definately going back there, cheers to all the staff for a really memroble night.
joyboy - 12 Nov 2006 22:00
Always a pleasure going to The Dove. Some of the best kept Fullers Beers in London and Home Counties. Staff and management a freindly bunch. Havent been in for a while as not in London currently, but looking forward to a visit soon
RomillyRambler - 8 Nov 2006 15:21
Lovely place but very posh - too posh. Some miscellaneous Europeans who clearly have misinterpreted the "gastropub" concept asked us none too politely if we could be a little quieter (we weren't being rowdy) so they could have a quiet restaurant experience.

Good Fullers beer - whole range - dispensed from tiny front bar by friendly staff.
anonymous - 6 Nov 2006 11:47
This is the best pub on the river in Hammersmith by far in times of setting and beer. It has the ability to be both romantic if there is just two of you or fun if there's a group of you enjoying a lazy Sunday lunch. It can get crowded, so your only really options are to turn up early or be prepared to stand (once people have secured a table they rarely leave quickly). The food has in the past been a hit or miss affair, but it sounds like its improved. This pub is also a really great place to take overseas visitors (especially our American cousins) as its steeped in history and ye olde world style.
Sparky1 - 9 Oct 2006 16:50
Wonderful place. Stiff with history, the whole pub is a dark and comfy nook to retire to in the heat of summer, or the cold of winter. The welcome is always equally warm (although the staff seem to turn over awfully fast...!). Beer selection is usually pretty good with at least a couple of guest ales, and the food is EXCELLENT. Totally packed at boat race time, unsurprisingly, but otherwise usually nice and sophisticatedly humming with regulars. Look out for smallest bar in England ("the snug") and the plaque in the corner of the bar to a long-dead drinker who made that little nook his own for decades. There's even a list of the great and the good who have come through the place on the wall - and its easy to see why. Recommended.
lawrence_owens - 7 Oct 2006 02:52
A lovely lovely pub, with various places to sit - cosy front room, raised back room, vine-covered conservatory and finally, outside space right on the river where you can boat-watch, plane-watch, jogger-watch. Usually a good list of wines by the glass, and guest ales.
therubyslippers - 2 Oct 2006 19:56
Dear beer in the evening. I just had to post a comment about this pub as i went there recently and had such a good night. We came into the bar about 5pm and ordered our drinks, which were served very quickly and efficiently. My friends and I decided to have some food and make the most of our evening as it seemed such a delightful venue. The food came and was to very good standards and was very good value for money, not like most of the bar in the local area. During our meal a young man came to ensure that all was to our satisfaction, which of course it was. We started conversation and discovered he was the manager, after a plesent short conversation he resumed his duties but made every effort to ensure that we had the best evening while at the dove. I have had several friends come from far and wide, as far as Flordia even, whome I have taken there and they all agree that it is a very special pub with great staff and one of the nicest managers I have even met. I would also like to point out that you know a good manager when you walk in and he can remember your drink, I never have to ask he always remembers, not just me but all of us. So thanks to all the gang at the dove and Nick for making night out so enjoyable.
anonymous - 5 Sep 2006 18:15
As a first timer to the dove my experience was one that i wont forget as when i first walked through the door i was greeted by a warm atmosphere and very friendly staff. The manager of the pub is called nick, he served me my drinks and we started talking, for a manager he is a very friendly ana polite person who doesnt mind taking the time to sit and chat with his customers. The food they serve is of the highest standards as it never came out cold or undercooked as too are the drinks they serve, i had a few various pints of lager and they never tasted flat. If your ever in hammersmith id definately pay the dove a visit as if you like to go somewhere for a drink where your not always wondering if a fight is going to start and you enjoy good food then this is the place to go.
rage - 27 Aug 2006 16:06
Excellent little place. History and location and great little bar as you come in. Good in summer and winter. barmaid a little moody, think she wanted to go home. My beer wasn't great either.
mitomighty - 7 Aug 2006 17:35
Nice pub, mainly due to its location. Had a good night apart from the bar staff trying to charge me an extra pound for every round, then apologising for their mistake afterwards.... Quality of tap beer is quite good, but food is expensive for what you get.
foles - 14 Jul 2006 15:35
Lovely as a pub, I once took two Japanese girls here and poured ESB down their throats (not literally). Unlike the other Hammersmith riverside pubs the outside, while not huge, directly overlooks the river without having to negotiate the riverside path. You also have the option of the 'conservatory' with its vine, or the solitary little platform accessed by a staircase above the terrace. Being Fullers you get decent beer also.
I have never tried the food here so I can't comment, but the pub is one of the handful of things I miss about my old home of Hammersmith.
beeronaut - 30 Jun 2006 05:45
Pub heaven. Worth travelling to. Never remember getting home from here.
TheCat - 24 May 2006 12:21
I was eating at the Dove with Katiep and a large group of friends and completely back her comments.

I ordered a steak and ale pie which was pretty good, especially washed down with a lovely pint of Discovery. The vegetables served with it we are mix, the brussel sprouts and cabbage were overcooked and bitter.

Another plus was that the meals were served without much delay. However, a fellow diner ordered the entree special, pumpkin and beer soup, along with a beef roast. For some reason which is completely unfathomable except for the fact the waitress clearly didn't want to be there and was not giving a toss about her customers the soup and the roast came out at the same time. When he complained and asked that the roast be kept somewhere warm whilst he ate the soup the waitress concerned grunted and walked away. I also back Katiep - it seemed that the vegetable curry was simply the vegies that came with the other meals drowned in a pretty uninteresting curry sauce and some poorly cooked rice. For £6.95 this is not good enough.

It's things like this that ruin a meal. I think we would have had a great Sunday lunch if it wasn't for this waitress. I won't be going there again and will be telling all my friends to avoid it too.
ozgirlabroad - 1 May 2006 15:52
Went to this pub thinking it would be great however we were very dissapointed. The roast was over cooked and dry and the veggies were a soggy mess. One of us ordered a vegetable curry that consisted of courgette and brussell sprouts with some sauce tipped over the top. All this could be just bad luck but the attitude of the staff was revolting. The "waitress" had real attitude and when we had the hide to complain about anything she would just grunt and walk away. All in all a crap pub and we wont be going back.
Katiep - 1 May 2006 13:05
I'm wondering if the previous comment relates to another pub somewhere called The Dove and has in fact been misposted ?
JohnBonser - 21 Apr 2006 16:18
Its not just one member of staff in The Dove that has an attitude problem.
Its reached the stage where I wont go here now as on one occassion, the bar staff physically manhandled us despite the fact that we were still within 20 minutes drinking up time and then threatened to call the police.
hardk0ar - 21 Apr 2006 16:11
one of the best pubs in London, once saw a seriously pissed Jimmy White in there, which was good
TSW - 22 Mar 2006 22:21
Outstanding! What a find in a place known for the flyover and the Palais!!
Leeroy2004 - 9 Mar 2006 00:18
A fantastic pub and one I am happy to go out my way to visit when in Hammersmith. They always have a good selection of well-kept Fullers ales and the food is also very nice. I recommend the excellent lasagne. The place has that cosy traditional pub feel with a great real fire in the winter and a riverisde terrace for the summer which affords great views out across the Thames. I sat out here on bonfire night and I'm sure we had one of the best views of the fireworks in London.
djburns - 18 Feb 2006 12:29
My favourite pub so far along the Thames. Lovely warm and inviting pub. It is a bit on the tiny side but offers a fantastic real fire and that lovely Fuller's gem... Honey Dew! Lush! It has a nice oldy woldy feel.
Tiny - 17 Jan 2006 23:05
Lovely little pub with a nice open (gas) fire in the winter and real ales.
Only minor point was a very rude member of staff who when giving us our first suggestion on leaving said 'if you haven't finished in 5 minutes I will take your drinks away'. Poor finish to an otherwise enjoyable night!
rougie - 16 Jan 2006 11:26
As an American on his first visit to London, I can say that the Dove is wonderful. The service and the beer were fantastic. The food was great. I was introduced to mashed peas, we don't have them in the U S, I just loved them. I have recommeded the Dove to friends on their way to London.
Jwambo - 11 Jan 2006 00:01
Lovely little pub with alot of character. As has been said, it often gets too full, but thats because it is so pleasant.
ReneArtois - 12 Dec 2005 18:05
Just an excellent little pub - gets rammed because of this !!!
squatter - 12 Dec 2005 15:30
Used to be very much my local when I lived in Hammersmith - Sunday nights in here and the "Gorilla Round" (tm) were legendary - and I still like to pop in for a pint or two if I'm in the area. Would've rated a 10/10 when Martyn and Dianne were running it a few years back. A fantastic historic pub, riverside location to die for and gorgeous Fullers ales.
tim_eyles - 6 Nov 2005 20:43
This is the best of pubs and the worst of pubs! Overall it's a top pub, excellent beer, good atmosphere, and good food. However, it is not always like this, try to go on a sat evening, or a sunday lunchtime and it's rammed, food goes downhill and gets populated by people not there for the beer, just to say they've been, mugs! Overall, a 7, wish we could leave half marks!
JockStrap - 3 Sep 2005 17:20
Always found it too packed - especially on sat/sun............if you get a seat be prepared that whenever you get up to buy another round/use the bogs 20 or so tourists who've been standing around nursing their diet cokes will rush over thinking yr vacating yr precious table. Food is very average. On weekday evenings not too bad at all for a relaxed beer.
anonymous - 1 Aug 2005 14:37
This is the best pub in Hammersmith. No competition. Any time of year, this shows all the other pubs how it should be done. I'd describe it more, but there's nothing more to say, anything good about a pub is here.
triphere - 31 Jul 2005 16:54
Quite rare in that it is equally good in summer or winter. Good views over the river from the balcony or cosy inside. Gets very busy at times, especially weekends.
rah - 2 Jun 2005 14:44
This pub is great, shame about the staff though as they seem to need group therapy to rectify their sense of humour. Try and get in to the very small bar just inside the front door-its got a capacity of about four people and you can pull your own pints if you charm the gopping barlady.
vurshon - 8 Apr 2005 11:27
Cosy, quite, character filled and historic old pub.
Very nice. A must when on the "Hammersmith Riverside Pub Crawl"....

AusseiMatt - 25 Feb 2005 12:01
Nice Pub,good beer,the bar staff could do with a few lessons in smileing, but would return.Next time get your selfs some glasses !!! not that many people in but when we ordered our night caps we got them in pint pots and half pint jugs ! hate to see what they do when busy?
jono194 - 13 Jan 2005 19:50
Thought that I would buck the trend and actually comment about THE PUB, which is after all what the website is for.
I was there last Saturday afternoon - everything was spot on. Good pint of Pride and efficient, welcoming service. Nice to be able to report this, as the whole experience has been slightly disappointing on earlier visits.
Keep it up !
John - 2 Nov 2004 13:17
My name is Charles Farrow. For some years I was the licensee of The Elephant & Castle in Holland Street, Kensington. Chris Hutt was one of the originals who first promoted CAMRA and many will remember his book, 'Death of the British Pub'. It was Chris who approached me to join a committee to assist in furthering the battle against the brewers. In fact, I was the only working licensee on the committee. Im am now 85 and am writing of events that occured many years ago. Anyone out there that remembers me? My email address is:
[email protected]
Charles Farrow - [email protected] - 7 Sep 2004 22:09
I'm a northerner, but spent a lot of time in the south. Also, I'm one of the founding members of CAMRA (the Campaign for Real Ale) and know a lot about the subject! Concerning a beer's "Head" - this is, frankly, a cosmetic issue. A northerner is used to a pint class with a line 1/2" from the top, with a nice creamy head on top. Most southern beers don't do this at all, and the pint is to the top of the glass. This is custom.

However, the "creaminess" of a beer is frankly nothing to do with the head, but rather a complex mix of flavours and "condition". By conditioning, this refers to the amount of gas in the beer. I find it amusing that northerners will call a beer "flat" but they really mean there's little or no head, but there may be plenty of fizz in the beer!

In general, I find that Fullers beers are not flat, but another thing that people confuse is the type of beer. For example, a keg-conditioned beer is served by gas pressure, often carbon dioxide. These beers are always fizzy and to my taste, undrinkably so. I will only drink a real ale, pulled by beer engine (hand pump) or gravity (tap in the barrel), in this case a real ale is "cask conditioned" in the wood. These beers have much less fizz than those mega-keggery chemical factory beers kept in the steel keg.

Cheers, Ray
Ray Thackeray - 13 Aug 2004 11:28

Thanks for your reply. I take your point about "nitro-keg" smooth beer, but lots of good real ales have creamy heads too, and taste all the better for it!
I guess it's nothing to do with the beer itself but with the way its stored and served, because like I said I once had a pint of Pride with a creamy head and it was gorgeous. Now I also take your point about that not being tradtional in London, but I reckon that if a few places served their Fuller's with a head then most people would soon get to like it better that way. And more people would start drinking bitter instead of lager!

Johnno - 9 Aug 2004 10:08
Johnno - Fullers beer is supposed to be like that. That is London real ale. Clear and tasty, nothing to do with being "smooth" in some horrible John Smiths nitro-keg way. A pint of Pride with a creamy head is not a good pint of Pride. Youngs beer (also London brewed) is slightly creamier although again, should not be overly "smooth".
k - 6 Aug 2004 16:46
Had the Summer Ale here the other day and it was quite tasty. It's just a shame that wherever you go, Fullers beers are served flat. I ONCE had a pint of Pride that had a proper creamy head and it was superb. Do southerners really prefer beer with no head, or do they just not know any different? Can anyone tell me, because I'm genuinely curious about this.
By the way, The Dove was as good as ever! Not even the presence of too many tourists and too many yuppies can spoil this great pub. The service was spot on too.
Johnno - 6 Aug 2004 15:38
A great place with a lot of History and Riverside ambience. One of its old governors from the 50's wrote a book about the place called 'One for the Road' which gives a fascinating insight into the place during the war. Its great on a winters day by the fire before it gets full of tourists.
Aaron - [email protected] - 23 Jun 2004 04:13
Little gem of a pub. Gets packed, unfortunately. Beer is nothing special (mediocre Fullers, but decent Guiness) but you don't go here for the beer, you go for the pub.
Sit on the balcony in summer for views across the river, or sit inside in winter: it's the perfect cosy winter pub.
Or try and get into the miniscule front bar: it's only big enough for about three people at a time!

Johnno - 22 Jun 2004 14:24
best of the hammersmith river pubs. exceptional views over the thames from the lovely back garden. if you manage to get the top metal patio around sunset, you can feel what inspired James Thomson to write"Rule Britannia" there...
ritchy - 16 Jun 2004 10:34
wonderful wonderful pub. history pours from it. you can sit and look over the thames. one of my fave's from the whole of london.
stoichkov - 10 Jun 2004 15:03
One of the best pubs in London I would say. Tiny little place but nowhere better on a summer's evening when they throw open the porch doors and let the punters view the river from their tables. They serve decent beer and OK food as well but beware the food - its sometimes looked like it had been left out in the open air a bit too much.
Great pub though - romantic and relaxed.
fingers_malone - 5 May 2004 06:44
You wish you could stop the time from passing by when you are in this wonderful place.
By far the most romantic pub around London.
Roberto - 11 Jan 2004 18:47
Wonderful 'traditional' pub.
Good beer and good food.
Well worth the walk from South of the river.
Daniel - 30 Dec 2003 20:17
It's great entering through it's tiny door and discovering the split level effect. You can imagine that behind the scenes a building like this ofers up even more clandestine surprises. Only the stafff will know. I want to go here on a cold winters day and get pissed by the fire.
Good for: getting pissed by the aforementioned fire on a cold winters day.
thenationofjames - 1 Dec 2003 13:58
My favourite Hammersmith pub. Lovely old place with balcony seats and well-kept beers. Fantastic views on summer evenings at high tide.

foxski - 9 Aug 2003 14:17
fantastic old pub by the river. only negative can be very very crowded.
millym - 25 Jul 2003 21:50
A very cosy and traditional pub in a wonderful location, by the river thames. Its well worth a vist or two or three.
Martin - 3 Jul 2003 08:43
One of the best riverside pubs in the area. ive been visiting The Dove for a few years and since the new manager last year food and beer quality is excellent! A real winner.
Steve - 20 Mar 2003 13:56
Keep visiting this gem! I know I will. Great to see that London still has some decent pubs. Fullers ESB sometimes varies, though - try the Chiswick Ale - a great session bitter
lad_newton - 21 Feb 2003 18:04
Wonderfull ... I'm from Brazil but when I've been in London, on July (2002) I simply loved it !!
Leandro Lacalle Turbino - 21 Feb 2003 13:23
Great atmosphere, nice beer, top views, friendly staff. One of London's old-fashioned gems. Sunday roast OK but I've had some dodgy food there as well
Snax - 29 Nov 2002 15:27
yeah .... very good
Nigel - 28 Nov 2002 23:12
It's great.
Rob - 11 Oct 2002 12:50

got anything to say about this pub?

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