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Four in Hand, Keswick

Formerly the Four In Hand, in the late eighties this pub was mysteriously adorned with pictures of Gloria Hunniford. Now renamed The Wainwright and a CAMRA West Country Pub of the Year.

Seven handpumps including, on my visit, Bowness Bay Steamer IPA, Barngates Goodhews Dry Stout, Fell Brewery Tinderbox IPA and Ennerdale Horseshoe. I had pints of the latter two. When I asked if the sparkler could be removed, the barman responded with 'You're hard work aren't you?' When told that the sparkler kills the beer he replied 'THIS kiils the beer'. I wondered what this charmless individual was doing working in a pub, especially a CAMRA affiliated pub. He's bald, heavily tanned and a Scouser, if anyone is wondering who I am referring to. Hopefully he no longer works there.

Needless to say, the pint was crap. I won't be rushing back.

22 Jul 2018 22:03

Tweedies Bar at Dale Lodge Hotel, Grasmere

Dark, stone-floored bar. Ten handpumps serving among others Tiny Rebel Juicy, Hawkshead Windermere Pale and Coniston Old Man. Seven keg taps serving Hawkshead/Siren Thresher Spelt IPA, Fierce Tropical Tart and Vocation Oak & Dagger. Juicy, Tropical Tart and Oak & Dagger were all superb. Prices are slightly on the high side. I couldn’t understand why the Hawkshead/Siren collab was £6.60 for two thirds, almost double what I paid at the Hawkshead brewery! Having said that, I paid two visits to this pub in a week and it is a great place for a drink after a day’s walking on the fells.

9 Jul 2017 20:51

The Fortescue, Mutley Plain

If you are looking for that mysterious something that makes a pub great, I suggest you visit The Fortescue Hotel as soon as possible. As I entered the pub I immediately felt a great sense of well-being.
The interior is a long, single room with the bar running along the left hand side. There is also a Cellar Bar, which I did not see.
There are ten handpumps, nine for real ale and one for cider. Among the offerings on my visit were Spingo Special, Hanlons Port Stout, Firebrand The Dead Elvis, Tavy Solstice, Skinners Porthleven and Cornish Crown Porter. I sampled these two latter beers and they were not great. I also tried the Dead Elvis, which is based on The King's favourite sandwich of bacon, peanut butter and banana. I was not impressed. I had two pints of the Port Stout, which were excellent.
You will get a discount if you hold a CAMRA card or Spoons vouchers.
On the wall near me a flyer advertised a forthcoming event in the Cellar Bar called Weirdos - 'all things punky, retro'n'rocking' which sounds right up my street.
Despite the absence of a good pale ale or IPA on my visit, this was still the best pub I've drank in for a very long time and I shall be back. I wish it was my local!

6 Oct 2016 22:28

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