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I love pubs and travelling, which makes pub crawls my perfect passtime.

Username: Greshon

Age: 45

Sex: male

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The Minster Inn, York

One of the loveliest pubs I've ever had the pleasure to go in. Beatiful interior, friendly locals and staff (the young barman who served us, particularly, fantastic drinks and, best of all, Ali the piano man, who came in and elevated the evening to the next level.

28 May 2010 11:44

The Maltings, York

Had heard great things about this pub and was really looking forward to going. Got in and saw the great range of drinks, and it seemed a friendly enough place. Ordered a round of pints for me and my two friends, after which I asked for half a pint of tap water, no ice. The landlady plonked the water down on the counter in front of me, looked me in the face and said "70p" in quite a defiant tone, which took me back. I genuinely thought she was joking, and asked her if she was. "No, she said, "that's 70p." "We don't get it for free, you know," chirped in the enourmous landlord. Her turn again next: "You can't just come in here for water." At this I had to answer back. "Just come in here for water? We've just spent over �10 on a round and were going to have a couple more. That's not 'just' water, is it?" I couldn't believe it when the landlord then told me to "Shut up". The whole pub was silenced in listening to this little conflict, and the customers then preceded to whisper to each other - the incident seemed to spark off somehting of a debate. Needless to say, we didn't stay any longer after our round (the quality of the drinks was excellent, I might add) and none of us will ever be coming here ever again - and I doubt if the owners care less ("See you lads" said Enourmous, sarcastically, as we left. But isn't this just completely out of order? If we had just wandered in and orrdered a round of waters, then fare enough. Or if one of us was only expecting free tapwater. But we ALL ordered premium priced drinks and, as it was a very hot day outisde and we were lugging heavvy bags, also wanted a glass of water - and didn't expect to pay through the nose for it (70p! Does that mean a pint of water would be... �1.40?). And she didn't listen to me, surly woman: I said NO ICE!

28 May 2010 11:38

McGlynns, Kings Cross

The area immediately around this pub looks almost like a village - very C19. It's a really obscure little corner, the pub invisible until you get very close. First time I went here, on a summer's afternoon, some women were peeling potatoes in the dining room. All very rustic. This time, on a winter's night fast approiaching Christmas the place was dominated by a very loud TV in the corner, even though none of the customers were watching it. We asked them if they could turn it off or turn it down, but we were told it was needed as background noise otherwise there would be 'silence'! Doubt it - the place was full and everybody was chattering. The carpet's horiffic, the barmaid could have done with being a bit more cheery and alert and the the whole place looks pretty grubby but... I still like it. Very old school and they look like they serve 'good honest' food as well - and at cheap prices.

10 Dec 2009 15:09

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